Newsflash! Feminists Are Ugly

For proof, grope your way through the slide show at this NewYorkBetaMagazine link. *shudder*

This pictorial revelation should come as no surprise to guests of the Chateau. Ugly, ambitious women who feel entitled to ambitious men instead have to flatter themselves with the attention of desperate beta and omega males. Their romantic and sexual frustrations lead them to lash out at illusory boogymen like the patriarchy.

Then there is the fact that a not inconsiderable number of these feminists are bulldyke lesbians. It must suck to have a man’s mind trapped in a gross, quasi-woman’s body, so it’s easy to understand why they take their misery out on real biological men.


  1. #1 isn’t terrible. Check out that cupid’s bow.


    • I agree, but it’s downhill from there. Telling that they put their best physical foot forward. They know the truth, they can’t handle the truth.

      First one also has DSLs.


      • LOL, they put the pic of the only bangable chick first on the slideshow!

        I saw her pic & thought what the hell is CH talking about? Then I clicked on the next pic, and the next, and the next…


    • on November 7, 2011 at 2:43 pm Rant Casey - BR

      I second that.

      But… just wait for her to start talking, and Mercedez the cleaning lady, will start to look more appealing.


    • on November 7, 2011 at 2:50 pm driveallnight

      +1. But all the rest?

      There isn’t enough tequila in the bar for me to go home with one of those, let alone take it on a “date.”


    • The last one is actually the hottest of the bunch, the 1st girl simply has the best photo… which is why is the cover girl


  2. The slideshow leads off with the only one of the lot who has any appeal at all.

    When you can’t be beautiful, be difficult:

    Feminism is where penis envy meets cargo-cultism.


  3. Feminism of course is the nexus of lesbian liberation and hypergamy opportunism.

    Lesbians and related malcontents are founders and intellectual vanguard of feminism. They are the ones we refer to ad “man haters.”

    Straight women who are feminists are opportunistic freeriders who piggyback on the movement because they like the economic independence from beta men that it promises. They are also known as sex-positive feminists.

    Fun symmetry: lesbian feminists hate alphas but tolerate betas. Straight feminists live alphas but hate hate hate beats.

    Camille Paglia is an interesting case as a lesbian who likes alpha masculinity.


  4. Someone needs to take all of these photos and mash/morph them into one.

    Then, they need to take that photo and have a web app that lets you upload photos of chicks and see the correlation.

    I’m a firm believer that the measurements of one’s face can be correlated to their demeanor and social grace rating.

    Great find. I wouldn’t even give any of these “women” the back turn, in the rare case that it might trigger their tingles. Instead, just do the smile and sideways slide-and-fade maneuver to reduce the likelihood of hamster dancing from the uggos.


    • Sadly, if you averaged these photos together the result would be far more symmetric and attractive. It’s their deviation from normal that makes them ugly.


    • “Someone needs to take all of these photos and mash/morph them into one.

      Then, they need to take that photo and have a web app that lets you upload photos of chicks and see the correlation.”

      And then they need to take an ice pick and jam it in their eyes.
      After viewing those pics, I need to put an ECG machine on my dick. I think it’s dead. It didn’t even twitch.


  5. To be fair while most were in the 1.2-3.1 looks range a few were approaching 4.88 (repeating of course) with one notable flaw universally. Angry eyes are not attractive so knock 3 points off all of them for that sour puss.

    Take away the I was perved on young so I became a lesbian and your still left with a pack of women who look like they could take the fun out of the fair.

    All would bore you to death with pillow talk about the patriarchy after giving up some very mediocre poonanny. RUN FORREST RUN.


  6. I don’t understand how New York Magazine is “beta”.

    [Heartiste: It’s self-evident.]

    Your stating an inanimate object is “beta”.

    [Are human beings writing the words that go into the magazine? I suppose a case could be made that the stories are algorithmically generated.]

    Ny Times is beta, New York Mag is beta…hell the Economist, New Yorker, the Atlantic and Columbia Journalism review might as well be “beta”.

    [Yes. Columbia Journalism is omega.]

    Blogging on the ‘net is beta.

    [Beyond this net is another dimension… a dimension of alpha.]


    • The Economist used to be Alpha, but turned Beta when 1) the Financial Times bought them out and 2) when Labour became the death knell of Britain. The Economist used to skewer Lefty Shibolleths, now it perpetuates them. I still subscribe after 25 years only because the alternatives are far worse.


      • Too true.


      • Thank god. I thought that I was the only one.

        Also, Bill Emmott, who was the chief editor, left around the time it went down hill. I get the feeling that he kept otherwise leftist reporters there in line. The lunatics then took over the asylum after he left.


      • on November 7, 2011 at 9:18 pm humansocialdynamics

        Dude, The Economist is fucking awesome. Don’t confuse your narrow-minded right-wing ideology for alpha.

        Not to say that I agree with the left wing much either. However the great thing about The Economist is that they’re intellectually honest enough to admit that there usually *aren’t* good solutions to social problems. That and their continued coverage of evolutionary psychology (the foundation of all game) gives them huge street cred.


      • They went from a polished product in 2003 to a magazine full of typos and factual errors by 2007. If they get facts wrong that I can spot, how am I supposed to trust them when they discuss complex financial derivatives and intricate socio-political events?

        Also, it’s not about just the point of view – what they have to say just isn’t as insightful and interesting as it used to be. The Christmas issue went from being the best thing of the year to read to just sucking.


      • on November 8, 2011 at 1:01 am humansocialdynamics

        Yes, I know, the world is slowly decaying and collapsing. So they make a few mistakes, so does everybody in the media these days. It’s been a tough decade for everyone. You show me another newspaper that’s equally as balanced and wide-ranging and I promise you that I’ll add it to my reading list.


    • Lol, I can see it, a new TV show:

      “You’re entering another dimension, a dimension beyond the barriers of time and sound… of mind and matter… A dimension in which the boundaries and laws of our known universe no longer apply. It is a place where disagreeableness, unpredictability, and all around cockiness are held as the highest virtues… You see a sign up ahead! It reads… The Alpha Zone!!


      • on November 8, 2011 at 1:06 am humansocialdynamics

        I believe what you’re describing is the alpha-striving anteroom to the alpha zone. To be perfectly honest, if you can be fucked reading this blog then that’s probably where you are.

        Even the residents of the ante-room tend to be confused about it’s true nature. Common mistake.

        The alpha zone is actually quite a friendly, hospitable place. When you’ve got nothing to prove it’s easy to be agreeable.


      • But does that mean that ‘being agreeable’ is held as the highest virtue? Just because one could be agreeable doesn’t necessarily mean one also values agreeableness highly.


  7. let us not forget that these photos were altered to make them look as good as photoshopically possible.

    that’s scary.


  8. I’m not sure I follow this post. I agree with the comments about the dog-face slideshow, but I’m not really seeing where it anywhere says that these women feel entitled to ambitious alpha males. I agree with much of the blog’s content, but is this actually just a “have a look at these warpigs” post? Am I missing something?


  9. Not sure that this works. I was at a class for how to teach dyslexic children to read this weekend that was attended mostly be mothers who home school their children, plus a few teachers. And if you averaged the 1-10 rating of that crowd I think that you’d get a lower average that you did with that slide show. The average American woman just is not that hot.

    [Heartiste: The first chick is the best. She’s a 5 or maybe a 6. The rest are between 1 and 3. Most men would agree with me and not with you.]


    • I’ve worked on this problem since I was about 25, and I discovered the following:

      1. Most American women are too fat. A 5 who loses 20-30# can easily become a 6 or a 6.5.

      2. Most American women have no sense of style. A 5 who grows her hair out, removes any odd piercings, hides her tattoos with feminine clothes that accentuate her curves and reduce the appearance of a thick waist can bump her to a 6 or a 6.5.

      3. Most American women hate their lives because they’ve been chasing work success. This puts a permanent scowl on their faces, and increases their hypergamy AND their level of maintenance. Finding low maintenance women with an associate’s degree who actually like their jobs means less chance of scowl lines, which decrease a woman’s rating by up to 2 points.

      4. Most American women drink too much, which leads to aged skin AND to reduced sleep time, as well as the beer belly.

      My #1 was a 6 when I met her. In a year, she went partial paleo, dropped a solid 10-15# (size 0/2 now versus 6/8 before), started dressing hot, wearing better make-up, grew her hair out, and is happy all the time with all of the fresh attention she gets for being hot. I’d bump her up to a 7, although she finally met a few of my insider friends and they all said she’s an 8.

      Women can be more attractive, but it requires a return to conservative feminine nature. They inherently know what it takes to be beautiful, but they’ve forgotten. You can find a diamond in the rough, and motivate her to be beautiful, which will make you happier, too.


    • Ha, that just means that the professional/social/other circles that you move in contain on average hotter women than mine do. It might just be a big city vs smaller town, or DC vs MN thing. But most women of an equal age to those pictured that I run into I would say are in the same range.


      • No way. Those girls are abnormally ugly. There can’t be a place on earth where such freakish abnormality is the norm.


      • Except Australia.


      • your mom’s


      • For contrast, look at the women in the yale music department faculty. Are they any better? True some of them are older, but some of the women in the NYT article where older to.


      • Sarita isn’t all that bad, but the one thing you DO notice about all of them is that they are all SO MUCH HAPPIER than those girls in the feminsts slide show. They have real smiles (which, as per common knowledge, are nigh impossible to fake). Happy is attractive. A real smile on a girl is attractive.

        Whatever your ranking is for those music faculty women, you can be sure most people will bump them up by a point or 2 just for their happy appearance. The feminist slideshow girls look like scowling dragons by comparison.

        Disclaimer: It may be true that many feminists are attractively challenged, or it may not. I’m merely pointing out that the happiness factor is impossible to miss. (Well – they DO work a job they love I assume). I’m just pointing out the facts. Reach whatever conclusions you will.


      • you’ve not heard of a little country called england?


      • “There can’t be a place on earth where such freakish abnormality is the norm.”

        Any suburb outside of Dallas, Texas, excepting Highland Park/University Park. Especially Denton, Texas. Home to Texas Women’s University, aka Texas Dyke University.


      • The women’s studies majors on college campuses are on average noticeably uglier than their peers.


    • “Heartiste: The first chick is the best. She’s a 5 or maybe a 6. The rest are between 1 and 3. Most men would agree with me and not with you.”

      A 5? Come on now. No argument that the other girls are beasts, but the first girl is at least a 7.

      The pose and lighting are harsh in the picture, but if you took model-quality girls and put them in the same harsh lighting, makeup, and expression (her lack of smile doesn’t help,) you could very well have the same picture.


      • on November 7, 2011 at 2:45 pm So, Do the Zonk

        The first young lady is a 6. If she has a terrific body, which is not shown, maybe she touches 7. The others are somewhere in the nether darkness commencing at level 4, not worth the risk to explore.


      • She’s a 6. Google her videos.


    • Okay, I looked again at the slideshow and I might modify my opinion and downgrade her a bit. The main page view (which is what I was focusing on) is cropped and significantly more flattering than her full slideshow picture.

      I still wouldn’t reject her completely just yet, though. (I’m the optimistic type.)


    • After all the comments (and not clicking on the link) I thought I’d see a true parade of horribles. And the last seven didn’t fail in that expectation.

      But number one is not terrible.

      Even in a feminist puff piece, even if she is only slightly above average, the prettiest one still makes the cover. The cognitive dissonance is fantastic.

      And pan down, by the way. Upward-moving assessments are conditional until we get the full body shot. Irin Carmon can be anywhere from 100 to 200 lbs.

      [Heartiste: I dunno much about the oeuvre of these fembots, but according to a commenter the first chickadee is a “sex-positive” feminist, which, given her comparatively cute looks, doesn’t surprise.]


      • [Heartiste: I dunno much about the oeuvre of these fembots, but according to a commenter the first chickadee is a “sex-positive” feminist, which, given her comparatively cute looks, doesn’t surprise.]

        It’s a good thing I have a good memory and can search the internetz.

        Here’s confirmation that the lady in the first picture is a sex positive feminist, from her own words:


        A few years ago, a friendly acquaintance came up to me at a fairly lively party and asked me if I remembered attending another event, years before. I told him I did; he said he remembered it too, and also the tank top I wore, because he’d been jerking off to the memory.

        There is nothing wrong with a fantasy. The creepy, potentially violating part is letting someone else into it without their prior consent or interest.

        “It’s OK to jack off to me but don’t tell me about it.”.

        Also, here she is discussing the garbage Jersey Shore.

        I highlighted some key parts. Doesn’t sound like a real hardcore feminist to me.

        More like one out of convenience.


        Of course, there is plenty about the Jersey Shore sexual aesthetic that is broadly familiar. The worst insult is to call a woman fat (or a “hippo”); big, exposed boobs are a baseline requirement, and the men are judged by the attractiveness of the women they acquire. (The other guys repeatedly mock The Situation about the looks of the women he brings home; Ronnie taunts him that he hasn’t brought home a girl anywhere near as pretty as Sammi).

        And yet it’s oddly refreshing how much artifice itself is celebrated, with everyone participating mightily, and openly, in becoming the ideal Guido. No one is just born one, or supposed to make it look effortless. There are communal visits to tanning salons and unblinking references to fake breasts, and everyone takes hours to get ready. Vinny describes a girl admiringly: “Fake boobs, nice butt, said she was a model.”

        Heffernan, writing about regional accents being reinforced by the show, uses Sammi as an example: “Every part of Sweetheart’s identity – including her skin color, which on the show is not an inborn marker of ethnicity but a badge of achievement (in the tanning bed) – is the product of intense calculation.” And Heffernan didn’t even get to Sammi’s hair extensions, which are brandished for emphasis.

        No character more desperately self-produces than The Situation and his third-person pronouncements. Men are not inscluded [sic] from all this ritual artifice. In the last episode, J-Woww practically goes into heat when she sees some “juicehead gorillas” on the beach, and she lists “Human Growth Hormone” among the attractions. This, by the way, leads The Situation to mumble defensively, “Big is out and lean is in.”

        That’s because on The Jersey Shore, men’s bodies are just as scrutinized as women’s, and their beauty rituals are as elaborate, expensive, and time-consuming as those of the women. Maybe even more so — in addition to blowouts, tanning sessions, and agonizing over which appliqued shirt will set them apart from the gelled masses, they spend hours at the gym, something we never see the girls do.

        As much as the cast performed all this around the clock during the show’s taping, the audition tapes seen here and in the video below are even more extreme, mixing ethnic calculation with the general famewhoring savviness reality producers have become accustomed to.

        Looking at this through what we know now: Sammi calls herself a “hookup slut” but aside from a few flirtations, turned out to be conventionally monogamous on the show. Vinny, in straight-up costume, claims he has to take off his pants “to really show you the magic,” but turned out to be the mildest-mannered cast member, one who unashamedly adores his doting mother. Underneath playing to the producers, though, is a more personal kind of construction, and a more particular one. And ironically, although the cast members’ self-creation was one of the most entertaining parts of the show, some underlying sense of unembarrassed authenticity, even wholesomeness, made it most worth watching.


      • “The worst insult is to call a woman fat (or a “hippo”)”

        I thought it was cunt. At least that’s what my ex said.


      • on November 9, 2011 at 2:52 am Bobby Henderson

        It seems to me that “fat” would be worthless as an insult except against borderline cases. It’d come off as sour-grapes if the woman in question is skinny and it wouldn’t be worth the trouble to actually bother using if the woman in question is fat.


      • on November 9, 2011 at 11:04 am Dr. Van Nostrand

        I never criticized a womans looks, didnt have to far. But I would imagine to do so effectively one would have to follow the same tactics as praising her looks.i.e specifics..I started dating this 8.5 chick upper management(technically my boss) chick who had a boyfriend after I mentioned that she had Slavic cheek bones and I said it more as an observation than a compliment.she asked me out.
        Actual unambiguous heartfelt compliments I save for MILFs(attractive ones only)
        Coming back to calling someone ugly, point out to a feature she is most uncomfortable with- her long nose, stained teeth,crooked lip ,heck even her calves! I remember one girl actually started crying when I asked if she was an athlete as her calves looked so muscular(I was young and stupid)


  10. Feminists Are Ugly?
    THIS is the kind of hard-hitting, groundbreaking crucial information males need.

    Golly, I was even lectured by wizards telling me that males like girls for their bods, and – get this – girls like guys for money!

    America is saved!


  11. Wow, i actually laughed while looking at the pics…I wonder, being a photographer myself, what kind of answer would the guy who did the pictures get out of the newspaper assignment context.

    Would the phrase “hey ima photographer, and i want to take your picture” turn him into a rapist in the eyes of those…hum…ladies?


  12. I don’t think I could even get it up for the first one. Those dead eyes are just freaking creepy.


  13. the first girl has a look on her face that says ‘please rape me some more’. the faces of all the subsequent beings say ‘why won’t anybody rape me?’


  14. I will respect feminism when it starts building its own base of wealth, power, institutions and such without always insisting that they are being held out of such things by men and women not agreeing with them.

    If they are so talented and equal, what need have they of others to help them develop this parallel society, where feminists run as fast and as long as any patriarchal creature?

    But yet, whenever I look, I see feminists insisting that the centers of power and influence must be remade to afford them, the feminists, greater benefits for less effort. As though, as though…they cannot do things on their own. Hmmmm….


    • It never will. No *ism really does. They’re all simple excuses for compelling others to do for their proselytizers, out of some abstract mockup of what is supposed to be “good”, what noone would do out of simple concern, love and gratitude for them uncompelled.

      A good woman will be taken care of and protected by someone. If they want to go somewhere but are afraid of rape, someone stronger will accompany them willingly. This loudmouth rabble gallery needs professional, paid for by others; cops, lawyers and politicians to do so. And from that springs the entirety of every *ism rationalization movement.


  15. [Heartiste: The first chick is the best. She’s a 5 or maybe a 6. The rest are between 1 and 3. Most men would agree with me and not with you.]


    I always heard feminists were ugly but I never knew THAT ugly.

    Thanks for the enlightenment.

    I always wonder why there where no good looking feminists.

    And, as for the first feminist in that slideshow, I find it not too surprising that she is a “sex-positive” feminist, meaning she wants the dick but none of the consequences.

    At least the hardcore dyke feminists admit it when they say they want to conrtol their prettier younger women into doing what they want.


  16. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to ugly feminist. I sense much feminism.


  17. In addition, I bet if these women could magically get prettier and go from a 3 to an 8 or higher all of those feminist ideals would #1 go out of the window and #2 they would all of a sudden start embracing the “patriarchy”.


    • The ‘movement’ is nothing more than a protest from ugly women to be accepted into mainstream society.


  18. To be fair, a lot of these bitches only went to school through the complaint and entitlement-establishment route, A’s for commies, science is sexist, and math is racist. Their blogging activities are little start ups in the cottage industry of complaining about reality. Which one of these chicks blogged a lot about teh anal sex?


  19. on November 7, 2011 at 12:31 pm Ardepithicus ramidus

    It is important to remember that feminism is yet another bastard spawn of
    Communism: Marxism, Marxist-Lenininsm, Stalinism, Maoism, Trotskism, Feminism, etc.
    (All of which rymes with “bad jizm.” Hhmmmm…….)

    Thus feminists are both Communists and lesbians; Bolsheviks and bulldykes.



    • Note that there is a male sexual communist movement as well. It’s called social enforcement of lifetime monogamy.


      • That system at least allows for civilization. The female version undermines it.


      • I would argue that’s more monopoly capitalism. Male oriented sexual communism would be to outlaw monogamy, and to require women to be sexually available to any man who wants her at any time, no matter how omega the man. All men would be required to share all of the women with all the other men, and women’s “consent” would be irrelevant.


      • Fair enough as a definition.


      • Think in terms of a trade union. Socialist.

        Enforcers of social rules of power are limiting and distributing power.


      • Marriage is a bourgeois institution. Marxist support free love and society taking care of all the communes children.


      • Sorry. If I wasn’t participating in the screaming & yelling when making it, don’t expect me to be there for the screaming & yelling while raising it.


      • Two different flavors of socialism. One liberal, one conservative.


  20. A picture says a thousand words.

    Look into their eyes. They all seem….dead inside. Like they had their souls sucked out them. Creepy, dead stares.

    And look at those fucking jaws. Could cut granite on those chins.


  21. After that slideshow I am going to need to waste about thirty minutes looking at girlie pics online to get those disgusting images out of my head. Thankfully football is on tonight so I can further wipe these putrid pixels from my mind.

    These are the kind of pigs that drove Al Bundy nuts and led to “No Ma’am” (National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood)


  22. Jess Coen could probably clean up to about a 5.5 and Irin Carmon has big eyes, dick-sucking lips and is young and skinny, I’d call her a 6.5 (though she does have something funky happening in the chin-jaw area).

    The rest need to be killed with fire.

    But yes, this is generally true. Pretty girls when I went to university identified themselves as feminists, but I never saw or heard of them attending protests, Take Back the Night rallies or organizing fundraisers for women’s groups. What they did do was take a WS course and think it made them feminists. The Eternal Solpisism of the Female mind.

    Pretty girls don’t need or even want feminism in my opinion; you think your average 8/10 would rather work 40 hours a week running the HR department dealing with crybabies than find a man on the upswing, marry him and stay home doing the easiest job in the world (motherhood)?

    It’s the fuglies, who if they get fucked only happens once per guy and he doesn’t call, who men don’t stop and chop on the streets, who have to compete with men in the workplace, men they’re attracted to, and men who are always dating some sexy young thing, that ruin it for everyone.


  23. A lot of guys are saying feminists are ugly because they’re the losers in the dating market.

    And while there’s definitely truth to that, in general, almost everything intellectual draws the uglier girls. Check out the chicks in math, science (but not bio), engineering (besides maybe chem). Same goes for masculine or nerdy interests. Remember that atheist chick claiming harassment in the elevator? Masculine mind masculine features –> (usually) ugly.

    There are girls that are simultaneously masculine and attractive, but they’re usually the athletic type, and not intellectual.


    • on November 7, 2011 at 9:26 pm humansocialdynamics

      Dude, I’ve met plenty of smart attractive girls. I once even went on a date with a model who used Linux and wanted to start moonlighting in computer consulting. (Totally threw my game off, I completely fucked it, ended up dumping her by txt message to avoid getting completely dominated. Good times!)

      Smart pretty girls do exist. It’s just that for whatever reason they’re not drawn to letting it define them, so you usually don’t notice unless you ask.


  24. That should be masculine mind –> masculine features


    • Disagree. I’m a college student at 1st-tier private university. Some of the hottest girls on campus belong to our Honors program — most are pre-med, but several are math/physics/engineering as well. And their personalities don’t seem any more masculine than average.


      • affirmative action. also, a lot of women go into advanced studies to meet high quality men, and don’t progress into the workforce after they get hitched.

        of the few women that are actually in the stem fields (as in, actually doing something productive), only a small handful are hot. the rest often do look like men.


  25. Another thought on this topic.

    What about these women:

    Is it fair to say that while they are good looking women who claim to be feminists they dont actually follow the “teachings”, if you can call it that?

    [Heartiste: She’s not bad looking, but jesus she has a fukin lantern jaw. High T seems to be a common thread with feminists.]


    • She does, but here is a more important question:

      I remember you (or another writer on this site) said that the best way to confront feminism is to separate them. That is, point out in no uncertain terms that feminists are ugly, angry, etc.

      When the feminists point to women like in the picture, then what?

      [Heartiste: She’s not the one bloviating on feminist blogs.]


      • [Heartiste: She’s not the one bloviating on feminist blogs.]

        True, but she and others like her will be the ones that they point too if folks said that feminists are ugly.

        What’s a good counter?

        [Heartiste: That’s the counter. She’s not the feminist they’re looking for. Also, I’d point out her huge manjaw as indicative of masculinization. She’s not all that.]


      • [Heartiste: That’s the counter. She’s not the feminist they’re looking for. Also, I’d point out her huge manjaw as indicative of masculinization. She’s not all that.]

        Right. Point to her “non-feminist” ways as well, I might add.

        You could nickname them the “FINOs” (Feminist in Name Only).

        So everytime someone calls a good looking woman a feminist we could point to some random thing they did that is totally against the feminist doctrine.


      • When the feminists point to women like in the picture, then what?

        the exception that proves the rule. they’re not pointing at themselves.


    • I read her article, Arterton is alright, nice body but that chin is absolutely Irish. I remember her role in Quantum of Solace (hey, I remembered something from that movie!) and thought ‘Yeah, she’s kinda cute…but this is James Bond here, I bet he fucks her once.’ (and he did)

      But anyways, the article; I am so sick and tired of hearing ‘The media and the arts are chauvinistic because women are underrepresented!’

      The media and the arts are a capitalist meritocracy; he or she with the best (or most potentially lucrative) idea, wins.

      Maybe…just MAYBE, there is (and has historically been) a dearth of acclaimed female directors, painters, musicians and screen writers because…pause for effect…they just aren’t as good at it as men are!

      [Heartiste: Feminists will never agree to such a sensible explanation because it would crater their sick little ideology overnight.]


      • The real insanity of it is that this article perfectly encapsulates how women argue and how they get their way;

        – Shame (shaming is like a rookie gamesman using a neg improperly), Blame (‘The evil patriarchy!’), Maim (Call NOW, whine, shame, blame, get article published in NYBT). If you practise game and have spent a prolonged period of time around any woman, you know this is their MO.


        – ‘As a woman I am a special snowflake who is always kind and believes that no one is better than anyone else…but at the same time women need more protection under the law than men do, as well as more government assistance…’


      • “- ‘As a woman I am a special snowflake who is always kind and believes that no one is better than anyone else…”

        My reply? “Then what makes you think you are special, snowflake?”


      • [Heartiste: Feminists will never agree to such a sensible explanation because it would crater their sick little ideology overnight.]

        Another thing to add here is that feminists generally never agree to the corollary of the arguments they make for “women are just as good as men in x”.

        For example, how many feminists say proudly that men are just as good of breast-feeders as women? Gossip? Style? We can go on and on here.

        When those things are pointed out, they will simply say the obvious: “Women are BETTER at those things than men.”

        But they won’t return the favor.


      • And that’s the way you get fired from Harvard.


      • “There are no female Mozarts because there are no female Jack the Rippers.”
        -Camille Paglia


      • on November 8, 2011 at 5:36 am Dr. Van Nostrand

        Being a bit of a film buff, Ive conducted an exhaustive research of the most of the creative and talented lady filmmakers in mainstream cinema.
        Below is the rather lengthy compilation of female directors who did anything worthwhile

        1.Leni Reifensthal
        2.Julie Taymor
        3.Kathryn Bigelow

        Leni Reifenstahl was a Nazi propagandist.Julie Taymors best movie was a rather macho rendtion of Shakespeare’s attempt at a Michael Bay type production- Titus.And Kathryn Bigelow well she deals almost exclusively with macho men as well( she recieved a well deserved Oscar IMO for Hurt Locker).

        Sorry ladies, Nora fucking Ephron,Nancy cunt Myers or which ever other broad whose output makes the average Lifetime movie look like Citizen Kane in comparision doesnt count!


  26. There are non-ugly variants of feminists and that’s status-seekers with a token interest in feminism at best, and neurotic daddy-issues sorts who’ve had lots of soured relationships with guys and realised no man in his sane mind will put up with her for more than a short time.


  27. Some ugly ones,

    {Heartiste: yes.]

    some cute ones,


    but the majority are what you see on the street every day.

    [no. they are uglier than the average.]

    Kind of average. Although it seems the average goes up and down depending on what part of the city you are in.

    [you wanna bet that a line-up of feminist blog writers would be uglier than a line-up of similar-aged chicks strolling down main street usa?]


  28. “British, American* actresses can’t be sexy, they’re too inhibited says Hollywood producer”


    • on November 9, 2011 at 12:58 pm Dr. Van Nostrand

      Check out the catty comments by some of those limey broads made about the Hollywood,the producer and the French woman who was chosen for the role in question(Uday Husseins mistress)


  29. Oh come on now, they can’t all be bona fide lesbians. I’m sure some are just Sexually Fluid.


  30. The incredible irony of the situation is that these ugly women all would have had much, much better chances at snagging a high-status mate under the old rules that they supposedly hate so much. Back in the day, it was common for very high-status men to have plain-Jane or even unattractive wives because men were heavily pressured to avoid playing the field and marry relatively young. A look at the marital companions of big movers and shakers from the pre-feminist days will reveal this to be true. Look at Charles Lindbergh’s wife for goodness sake! A man who with the same amount of fame/celebrity today would be banging 9s and 10s like there’s no tomorrow married a woman who can be mercifully described as below average.

    Remember, the old rules restricted men just as much as they restricted women…


  31. There’s nothing quite as unpleasant as a feminist alpha whale.

    At least most of them won’t breed.


  32. first picture: It’s Paul McCartney!


  33. You sure all those chicks are women? I coulda sworn #7 was a man.


  34. on November 7, 2011 at 4:10 pm Manuel Dexter

    All of those women I feel sorry for. As long as there is a human race, women will judged by their looks. There is no getting around it. And men will always be judged by their success. I accept it.

    Those poor poor women. Feminists sold them down the river…and they are destined to live lives of misery. All of their ideas, their thoughts, their blogging, their grandiose designs…will be flushed down the toilet in due time.


    • So what. Stupid, tyrannical ideas deserve nothing else. The vast majority of so called intellectuals will suffer this fate too.


  35. Funny line on the Family Guy the other day.

    Peter Griffin: “Hey, did you ever notice that lesbians and blind women dress the same?”


  36. on November 7, 2011 at 4:30 pm Johnny2good4u

    the last time any of these chicks saw any dick was on a porno.


    • Doubtful…these kind of chicks only watch “feminist porn”, which is all soft and romantic, and probably full of women.


  37. In the future when these womyn are all over 40, they will be able to regale their myriad accomplishments of value to a cat.


    • In the future when these womyn are all over 40, they will be able to regale their myriad accomplishments of value to catS.



  38. LOL! #1)Like everyone says,she is bangable. Until she starts talking. #2)Like the girl from Full House,you know the friend of Tooties! #3)Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha #4)OMG Hide the steak knives! This is a true psycho bitch! #5)They have fat broads in uhm,India or whatever? #6)Angry dyke. #7) Hey whens the womyns music festival?? Is that amale puppy? You cant have that here!! Ugly sack of shit freak!! #8) Nome sayne?? 9) Really ugly and mean looking. Whoa. I dont see her fucking Justin beiber


  39. You know, the thing about a feminist … she’s got lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll’s eyes.


  40. The first girl is very pretty.

    [Heartiste: Women always exaggerate another woman’s looks when standards of beauty are discussed. The first girl is not “very pretty”. She’s decent. Easy on the eyes. That’s about it.]

    She’s a bit old (maybe late twenties) so her eyelids are drooped and her nose tip looks old as well. Otherwise she’s still very beautiful,

    [Neither is she “very beautiful”. Jesus troll, if she’s very beautiful, how would you describe a young monica bellucci?]

    can’t believe some of you said she’s only a five.

    [6 in good light.]

    Why would you give her such a low number? She’s almost perfect for me …

    [If you were a lesbian you would be the equivalent of a drunk fatty fucker.]


    • I don’t understand what you wanted to say … I noticed that her eyelids are droopy, her nose tip is aged and she has some wrinkles around her mouth and maybe her whole face is drooped a little. Otherwise her face is PERFECT, definitely not a 6.

      [Heartiste: This is like saying “if you just removed all the trash, graffiti, criminals and crumbling buildings, Detroit is PERFECT.
      Anyhow, you’re still far wide of anything resembling a reasonable opinion. Beauty is defined by more than just an absence of wrinkles and misshapen noses. Beauty requires the right facial bone structure, and the right symmetries between face parts. The girl in question is a 5 or a 6, based on her overall facial composition.]

      “[If you were a lesbian you would be the equivalent of a drunk fatty fucker.]”

      I don’t get it.

      [You’ve got not standards.]


      • Her facial bone structure looks perfect.

        [Heartiste: No it doesn’t, and saying so fifteen million times in a row won’t make it so.]

        She also has beautiful lips.

        [That’s her best feature. And that’s not saying much.]

        So you wouldn’t make love to her?

        [Probably, But she wouldn’t be in my first tier.]

        She’s too ugly for you?

        [Back to putting words in my mouth, eh troll? What don’t you understand about “she’s a 5 or a 6”? Seriously, what is your fucking issue? I’m curious. You seem to have an autistic-like handicap comprehending the substance of people’s views when they don’t affirm yours. “Ugly” is 3 or lower. A 5 or a 6 is a chick who is easy on the eyes, but not beautiful.]

        And please stop changing my name every time I write a comment.

        [You get the name you deserve. Listen up, troll, I have a word of advice for you. Since you have a spergtard affinity for getting the last word in like some retarded child on a jellybean bender, you should set up your own website where you can say with utmost sincerity that femcunt #1 is “very beautiful” over and over again, post after post, to your heart’s content. Because, you know what? You are not getting the last word here.


      • So what’s wrong with her bone structure? I really don’t get it.

        “Seriously, what is your fucking issue? I’m curious. You seem to have an autistic-like handicap comprehending the substance of people’s views when they don’t affirm yours. “Ugly” is 3 or lower. A 5 or a 6 is a chick who is easy on the eyes, but not beautiful.”

        Oh, I didn’t know. I thought 5 is still ugly. I thought cute and pretty are 7-10. So 5 is still quite good-looking then …

        [Heartiste: Troll say what? No, troll, 5 is not “still quite good-looking”. 5 is plain jane. Not good-looking, not ugly. Get it yet, or shall I call in an army of kindergarten teachers to practice reading comprehension drills with you?]


      • on November 7, 2011 at 9:34 pm humansocialdynamics

        Dude, it’s a basic feature of conscious female cognition that you’ll overstate the beauty of other women. It prevents you from going around insulting them. Also, because female status is linked to looks, you’ll probably do it moreso. I say this because you seem like a not very high status female, given the way you interact with everyone around here. Therefore having a bias towards thinking other women are prettier/higher status is a useful defense against making poor status-related decisions.

        I’m not saying that to be mean, you seem like a really nice person. I haven’t always been the most alpha person in the world either. But it’s important to be honest with yourself about your own nature and subsequent cognitive biases. Your brain will lie to you otherwise.


    • How the hell can one’s NOSE TIP look old in their 20s???? I can understand when you have wrinkles on the nose, but old nose tip?… That’s a new one to me xD
      Off topic, but this woman is 55 or so:
      Not a great beauty, but that’s seriously good inspiration for those of us who want to look young for as long as possible.


      • It means that her nos tip is sharp and drooped. Not too bad though. But she does not have a cute baby nose tip anymore.


      • I don’t think it’s an effect of aging… People often start out with sharp drooped noses, but I could be wrong. Never noticed anyone’s nose changing much until they are 60-70 though.


      • And yes, Emma, the problems with aging become serious after 25 and no one can completely escape it … Please find a husband before 25, 26 🙂


      • ema has ten (gregorian) years before she reach that expiration date.

        Nose tip problems are found to be common in slavic peoples whose ancestors flee Chernobyl


      • on November 7, 2011 at 9:37 pm humansocialdynamics

        Hahaha it’s so funny, because Slavic people live near Chernobyl, and radiation could hurt your looks lolz

        Sorry dude, couldn’t resist.


      • meh, I don’t think ‘funny’ is quite the proper term for a genetic mutation caused by a disaster, but I am impressed you understood a reference to an event that happened a decade before your birth.


      • You’re a woman of poor character, and that’s more of a problem for you than aging.

        You have astonishingly bad character. Your posts smell.


      • on November 8, 2011 at 10:05 am humansocialdynamics

        Shitting on people because you think you’re better than them is ultimately a beta, or at least almost-alpha trait. Not that it matters how you represent yourself around here, but it’s worth keeping in mind for real life.


      • Getting shit on (after you’ve provoked it),
        by somebody who,
        actually is better than you
        is called enlightenment.
        If you want to promote your blog
        make sure you keep your big nose
        out of my posts about
        big noses


      • she looks young but I wouldn’t fuck her.

        there’s a difference between the way women appreciate each others’ beauty and the way men do. for men, it’s almost all in the groin unless you’re an artist or photographer or something.

        I’m only saying that half-sarcastically.


    • poor old maya sat on the wall
      poor old maya had a great fall
      all the world’s alphas and all the world’s femmes
      couldn’t put maya together again


    • on November 9, 2011 at 12:02 pm Dr. Van Nostrand

      “Heartiste: Women always exaggerate another woman’s looks when standards of beauty are discussed. ”

      True but with qualifiers- if said woman is plain AND the other woman is plain as well,only then does the sisterly solidarity kick in.

      Haha I remember listening to Commentary on Spiderman 2(yes thats how bored I was) and Kirsten Dunst was going on and on on how “beautiful” that 100 year old woman who played Peter Parkers aunt was!

      Yes when women are all dressed up ,they would say “OMG you look so pretty” no matter fat,wart laden she goblin their friends are.
      However they would go easy on the compliments for genuinely hot women ,ESPECIALLY in front of men.ANd if they do compliment her it would be backhanded.

      Women of course love compliments from men(Newsflash!) but are deeply uncomfortable when you criticize a womans looks,plain or lesser women especially take offense.Mayaistroll is most likely a 4.5 or less


      • “Women of course love compliments from men(Newsflash!)”

        No we don’t. We think it’s creepy. What we love are negs(Newsflash!).

        “… but are deeply uncomfortable when you criticize a womans looks,plain or lesser women especially take offense.”

        Yeah right. Especially when lazy losers comment on how all women are too ugly for them.

        I think most women would accept constructive criticism from men but if someone I like said that I’m ugly I’d be disappointed, of course (and probably deeply uncomfortable because my looks are declining …).

        When men criticize other women’s looks I feel offended only when they criticize things girls can’t do anything about. If they criticize their fatness, I’m very glad about it. Fat people should lose weight and should be constantly reminded about that.

        “Mayaistroll is most likely a 4.5 or less.”

        Do I write like an ugly woman?

        (I wrote somewhere that I’m a 3 or 3.5 but the comment got lost I think).


  41. I don’t know what’s worse, the gorgons in the slide show, or the garbage in the article. Must every article written by some uppity velma-clone ramble aimlessly on for no less than 20 paragraphs before she actually starts making her point, if there is a point to be made?


  42. My God, Amanda Marcotte is a pug fugly bitch. The only thing that would improve that look is a ball peen hammer and 20 minutes.


  43. On the subject of radical feminism and slightly off topic, but here’s a bit of a manifesto to their final solution concerning their defined problem, IE, Men:

    I’d be scared if I thought they actually had the power to pull it off.


    • Nothing to fear. For every “radical” feminist there is ten to twenty girls giving a massive blowjob or shouting out a massive orgasm to the “patriarchy”.

      Learn game/charisma, and you too shall laugh at these bloviators.


  44. The pics weren’t so bad, really. No worse than what you see on the street.

    [Heartiste: No, they were definitely worse than what you see on the street. At least the streets I ramble on.]

    But the text of the article — God preserve us! Such a morass of whining, self-congratulation, petulance, solipsism, neediness and raw hatred! They demand to be praised for their courage in whining about how everything is someone else’s fault, they insist on being indulged in their ‘right’ to live without consequences, they shriek like steam calliopes at anything which offends them, and everything is an excuse to act out and demand attention in public.

    Worse still, the alledged “journalist” writing the piece does nothing but flatter these idiots, praise them for their self-declared courage, and parrot their inanities.


  45. on November 7, 2011 at 10:17 pm Cock o'the Walk

    “My God, Amanda Marcotte is a pug fugly bitch. The only thing that would improve that look is a ball peen hammer and 20 minutes.”

    You know, I saw a picture of her once on her blog that was supposedly from years before. It was apparently from some family gathering and she had a dress on, and this was, I think, before she went full vegetarian so her skin looked a lot better and her features were a bit softer and rounder, and it didn’t appear that her hair was done by a comedian at the time.

    She wasn’t a looker by any stretch but at least a little bit cute in a way that would be marginally appealing to men. But ten years or so of unmitigated self-hatred projected outward, together with a voluntary regime of malnutrition has made her look like that picture. Sure, feminism attracts ugly women, but feminism makes women ugly as well.


  46. My favorite is girl number 6.


  47. A recent study shows that the self-esteem levels of Blobfish have reached an all-time high thanks to this slideshow.


  48. Holy shit, what a bunch of fugly warpigs.

    Our ancestors should be ashamed of themselves. Seriously, how did these bitches make it into the gene pool?

    This joke has to stop. And warpigs should be wiped out. Game is our tool, only hot chicks shall make it.

    Think about the children! Our descendents will probably have to deal with fembots, but at least they will be attractive fembots.
    That should partlially compensate the environmental challenges and the declining energy resources.


  49. #1 is much more attractive when seen here in this video on her website:


    • Not really “much more” attractive.
      And she talks like a typical fembot. Anti girl-game.


    • I dunno, she looks kinda like a demented coke-snorting cunt in that video. But yeah, not an ugly girl.


    • She’s got crazy eyes.


    • Her website????

      So in other words she’s below average but photoshopped, airbrushed and professionally adorned she’s not that bad.

      She’s a 6. Not that pretty, but not hideous. Decent BMI, but no tone.


    • I definitely don’t consider her to be beautiful or anything, I just thought the the rating of a 5 or 6 was a little high until I saw other pictures of her. The picture in the linked slide show is kind of ugly to me. Seeing other pictures, I would agree with the 6.


  50. I remember watching Samhita’s Youtube vid few years ago. Judging from the picture, she has gained about 40-50 pounds since then.


  51. old, but this guy is a badass mofo

    I wonder why noone has mentioned him here yet… I’ve read through his website and he seems to be in line with alot of CH theories


    • That woman heard him on his treadmill comment. It shut her down and, whether one agrees with him or not, she was out of line to imply that his opinion about feminism would effect whether he could get a date or not. It was interesting that she accidentally implied that she would be on line to date him even if it was “at the end of the line.”


  52. Yea this is definitely true; most of them are fugly. But three of the biggest feminists I know are hard 8s. No surprise, one has her MBA, one’s in law school, and the other getting her doctorate. So they do exist, but do you really want them??


  53. Not going to be a lot of tad poles in that pool of women.


  54. and not one of them is smiling!


  55. I love this “CH theories” guy!!


  56. I’m a plain woman, and frankly, it doesn’t matter a whole lot. I appreciate beauty, but not everyone can be beautiful — it’s a bell curve, right? Most people are in the middle. And most of us get on with our lives.


    • Good point here.

      I think its alot easier for women to cope with being sexually unattractive than it is for men – mainly because women are communal and not wired to base their self-concept and esteem on their sexual status.

      Ugly women have feminism and the “sisterhood”

      Loser men get to insult each other on anonymous blogs.


  57. I bet half the people on here are fat douchebags who hate women because they can’t get any. I guarantee you go through a slideshow of the commenters and they would likely be far uglier than any of the (average looking) women on that slideshow.


  58. on November 24, 2011 at 11:59 am Thin-Skinned Masta-Beta

    Without knowing their character, I find the faces unpleasant.

    Perhaps I’m imputing too much “political” attitude, stridency and general disagreeableness based on the fact that I think I know what kind of opinions they hold. Nevertheless, none shows any kind of open smile that one could deduce sunshine in their personalities.

    Objectively, these ladies don’t need to look as objectively unattractive as they do here, but they choose to. Why do they hold that facade of tough? I don’t suppose they are trying to appeal to us by being open or friendly. They think that they can force us by scaring us with their appeal to legal or “ethical” authority.

    In that they succeed all too well.

    I don’t know who said it, but he was right; “With 40 everyone has the face he deserves.”

    No, not even on “successful and influential” ladies does a scowl of bitterness become attractive.