I was initially confused about the purpose of this short video Mystery put up for public consumption, until a reader explained that it was about anchoring.

Lawdy I was blind and now can see! But really I’m kind of ashamed I missed the thematic elements, knowing as how I’ve anchored a few beautiful babies in my life.

Anchoring is a game technique that has its foundation in the school of persuasion known as neuro-linguistic programming. It is exactly what the word evokes: a psychological technique that “anchors” an emotion or feeling to a physical, auditory or verbal stimulus. Most people are familiar with Pavlov’s Dog, the experiment which showed that a dog can be conditioned by a ringing bell to salivate in the expectation that food is coming. That is probably the most well-known example of anchoring.

Applied to the science and art of modern seduction, anchoring is a powerful tool that operates mostly on a woman’s subconscious. The intention is to first create a positive feeling in the girl, then anchor that feeling to an object, body motion or turn of phrase, and then elicit the feeling later through the use of the anchored stimulus. The womanizer doesn’t even have to be in the company of the girl for anchoring to work its magic. She could stumble upon the stimulus on her own, and the good feelings she had with him will be evoked in the silence of her own company.

For instance, in Mystery’s video, he’s framed a discussion about how life is short — “pick up the broken glass yourself, because you never know how life unfolds” — and anchored that feeling of fleeting time (and consequently the urgency to live life to the fullest with sexy cads) to a piece of glass — “keep that as a souvenir, it is no longer broken glass, it is now fairy dust to remember this moment” — which, if the conditioning is successful, will cause those feelings associated with him to flood back every time she fondles the glass in her pocket.

Anchoring, then, serves the womanizer in multiple ways: it associates good feelings with himself which can be recalled by the woman any time the anchor is stimulated, it pushes out the influence of competing alpha males (a fondly recalled moment in time will thwart the intrusions of other men, almost like a shadow AMOG), and it fortifies the womanizer’s inner state control.

On that latter point, a self-stimulus that anchors a positive memory to an object or motion can be used by men to summon confidence before doing cold approaches. To set it and later activate it, think of a time you masterfully bedded a high quality woman, and then perform some small hand motion, like a wave or a fist clench. Do this enough times and, so the theory goes, the hand motion alone will induce those same good feelings you felt when you earned that expert level bang.

Effective anchoring uses linguistic tricks like tonality, compliance hoops and future pacing — note how Mystery lingers on the phrase “you never know” and repeats it a few times, and how he gets her to do something for him, which increases the amount of investment she perceives she has put into the interaction and, thus, the “connection” she feels with him. To the male ear, Mystery’s schtick sounds like gibberish; but women have finely tuned antennae that pick up these subtle signals of mate compatibility. The science of seduction is, paradoxically, a blueprint that abandons linear male logic for a journey into female mental landscapes shrouded in mists of vaporous emotion.

By the way, Mystery is now in his forties, still shooting tingles through pink-haired vixen vajflesh.


  1. October Man Sequence uses this and something called Fractionation. Read about it once a long time ago. Not really sure about the details.


      • that sounds like it’s worth a shot, does it not? i’m in


      • This stuff sounds suspiciously like hypnosis.

        Which appears to be a Sassanid/Persian/Indian invention:

        Apparently it was introduced to the West by a Frenchman named Braid, in the 1840s.

        Anyway, I’d put hypnosis down around the general vicinity of spiking a drink with Rohypnol in terms of the dishonorableness of the practice.

        PS: Curious that there’s a “hypno” in both Rohypnol and Hypnosis.


      • hypno- is greek for sleep. most words that begin with ‘hy’ are ancient greek.

        i feel like hypnosis isn’t an unethical way to get laid, but i’m having a hard time making a rational case that it’s any different from rohypnol.

        maybe i should revise my official position on roofies,


      • Easy. Roofies are used by guys who have no skills and no prospects. They are used to date rape and are more numerous than clown masks so it’s completely one sided.

        Conversational hypnosis and nlp only work by giving the target good feelings and charming the shit out of her. She still has a choice.


      • Ethics, schmethics.

        Hell, just chain the bitch to the bed and then ax-murder her ass afterwards.


      • that’s what i’m talkin’ ’bout.

        zombie shane, you ma nigga.


      • Just in case it isn’t abundantly obvious to any ambitious young irony-challenged FBI agents or Justice Department attorneys:



      • ZS:

        Nah, being an ax-murderer is all good. Being un-PC is the unforgivable sin.


      • Lindsey’s friends defended her on social media networks. “My old co-worker, Sparkles Lindsey, killed a girl over a road rage incident. While she was wrong, people need to watch how they drive,” tweeted Natasha Hall.

        Don’t know about y’all, but I’m still waiting for the day when I can judge ’em by the content of their character.


    • on October 14, 2013 at 6:47 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


      dis is ust like da GBFM!!!!

      Effective anchoring uses linguistic tricks like tonality, compliance hoops and future pacing — note how GBFM lingers on the phrase “sucka my cockadzz” and repeats it a few times, and how he gets her to do something for him, which increases the amount of investment she perceives she has put into the interaction and, thus, the “butthextual connection” she feels with him. To the male ear, GBFMS’s dick is too big to fit and it sounds like gibberish; but women have finely tuned antennae in their bunghzozlzozoo that pick up these subtle signals of mate compatibility. The science of seduction is, paradoxically, a blueprint that abandons linear male logic for a journey into female mental landscapes shrouded in mists of vaporous emotion, and vaginas shrouded in mists of GBFM’z zlzloozzizlz gizzlzozlzoilllzlzozoz giz gizzllzozlzoz


      • I think your anchoring routine is olololo.oololzolzolzolzoolzolzolzololzolzlozozolzololzolzolzol

        You are the first to use NLP in written form I always laugh at your posts because of the flavor of truth and sarcasm


      • on October 16, 2013 at 8:05 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)



    • IN10SE is what you want to read if you’d like to try it, but the octoberman sequence is not as good as it sounds, I read everything I could about it and it isn’t very usable.

      – If you’re not already great at NLP (which requires many years of active practice), it just won’t work, not even to a small extend.

      – Even if you’re good at NLP, it isn’t easily incorporable in normal conversation, you can’t make it work without looking creepy.

      99% of the time, classic game (either mystery’s, or heartiste’s more assholish type) will work much better.


      • Remember that PUA arts and sciences are adaptations and systemizations from naturally occurring behavioral and physiological phenomenon. I just did something like this without thinking. I have told a girls recently that she has two personalities a conservative church going one and a crazy nympho side and she has latched on to this. I’m not a big believer in NLP as a solid science (take for example the idea that a liar will use his eyes in a specific manner; this has been disproven by scientists), but I think it does touch on some human psychology well. A sexual identity is a great way to get a girl into you.

        Fractionation and anchoring are also used in boyfriend destroyers. This is a concept in PUA science that cannot be ignored.

        But yes, you have to have a very strong frame and an advanced knowledge of game and human psychology for this to work or you could mess things up for the both of you.


      • Also nicknames and roleplaying are forms of anchoring/sexual identity manipulations.


  2. I remember in The Game, Ross Jeffries using his hand moving upward to seduce a waitress. Something that simple. To top it all off, I think he put a pack of sugar in her pocket so she could “carry around good feelings all day.”

    Using a pack of sugar to get pussy is…evil? I say fucking brilliant.


    • it really is great, it seems so ridiculous from outside the interaction though. and for me, it’s extremely difficult to keep that many balls in the air without sounding rehearsed. but it is fun to learn, but it always seems like it’s an all or nothing thing, not something you can just pepper in. i may be wrong there


      • I think Strauss said it was absurd to him at the time, but I imagine it’s not that hard to make it seem not scripted.

        People use their hands in conversation all the time.


      • yeah, i think that’s right. i’m not exactly a natural with gestures and being expressive, so the problem is more me than it is the technique. from outside game altogether, game itself would seem absurd. so i have no reason to write this off other than i haven’t been successful with it yet


      • If you think about it, it’s not much different than touching her at a high point and anchoring those good feelings to your touch.

        This is just more evil 😉


  3. If you want to do some dirt, google October Man Sequence pdf. Im out.


  4. the only one you need is the door technique, it’s just plain fun to read


  5. on October 14, 2013 at 11:57 am gunslingergregi

    so is the I want to be with you in afterlife thing anchoring
    cause I think it works pretty good
    but yea that tattoo anchored me to that chick I know that
    give out some cheap rings


  6. Well, at least something in the realms of game that I think I’m good at. Anchoring.

    I even anchored an ex girlfriend in a different way. We had begun dating, broken up, re-start speaking, meet again and other things in the same day on different months and even years. I made her realize that and anchored her: “whenever you see that day on the calender you gonna remember me”.

    Time later she was still teasing me on that particular day.


  7. By the way, it seems mistery got the only decent looking girl on that island …


    • i don’t follow mystery, or haven’t in a while since reading fastseduction’s 101 guide in the old days. but i have to say it’s nice to see him looking semi-normal and still doing his thing. he actually seems like he might be a decent dude.


      • WTF?!!

        Mystery cut his hair & now looks like a “semi-normal” guy instead of furry-hatted, eye-linered, rock star.

        What next? A pair of pressed khakis???

        This is like Ice Cube going from NWA gangsta to driving minivans in some crappy Disney family movie.


      • “Mystery cut his hair & now looks like a “semi-normal” guy instead of furry-hatted, eye-linered, rock star”

        Well, now that he has a child and his own slut he turned “housewife,” someone has to look semi-normal or risk overdoing it.

        No eye liner? He must be running “normal” game now.


      • His game career is now over, but he still earned awesome memories through all those game years and deserves praise for having backengineerd a topic many thought untheorizable.


      • His particular peacocking adaptations were “for make use” in the Hollywood party slut environments where his particular identify branding could materialize in a rapid fashion. I peacock at church by growing my hair out longer and keeping more facial hair than the next guy. It’s just anything that is not thought of as normal, anything that sets you apart in an environment, whereas you can receive and redirect social pressure/provoke and pass shit tests from woman.


      • identity not identify


  8. I often do this with music. Talking about music becomes an important topic in our conversations. It has to be done when the attraction is high and about music that she is into. Every time she hears a specific song she is then reminded of you and those good feelings that music creates are then associated with you…nowadays talk to a girl how one of your favorite singers is “The Weeknd” and you are going to have a easier time with her.


    • Agree with Omar. Music was the first thing that came to my mind after reading this. Although I disagree that she should be into the music or song. If done effectively she will be into the song afterwards. I did this by accident once when I was banging a co worker for a few months. We would mostly do it in my car after work. All my car windows were limo tinted and I would put the windshield sun guard up for more privacy, We were in our own private little world in the parking garage of the companies office. I would put on music, we would smoke a joint and we would then do our thing. This was our ritual. The first few times we hung out, a new album had came out from one of my favorite bands (QOTSA) so naturally I would put this CD in (yes CD). Not necessarily mood music for coitus, but after a few times, she used the song as a ringtone for me on her phone. Our “arrangement” eventually ended (by her, she didnt see us going anywhere). She got a bf and was transferred to a different branch. Fast forward to a few months later, there is a work happy hour at the local dive bar and shes unexpectedly there. She is single now (i think) and we havent really spoken since the garage days. Everyones having a good time and she looks great and of course I want to re enter. Shes tipsy, but not wasted. I go to the jukebox to put “our song” on in hopes to re-tingle, but there was a shitload of songs before the song would come on and I had to leave. I dont say bye to anyone and leave. About an hour later, I get a text from her “you asshole did you put our song on?! 🙂 “, I text her, “our song?, MY song! cruise over”. You can figure out what happens next. true story.


  9. “Three pieces of love.”

    The earnestness of the chick saying this caught Mystery off guard.

    I think you could see in his eyes he was ‘sucking a lemon’ hearing his script fed back to him.


    • Good neg for you: when you see a group of coeds, say, “you guys are bachelorettes.”

      Are they old? Are they desirable (by betas)? Are they too dressed up?

      Lots of juicy thoughts there.


    • The way she looked when she “appeared suddenly” gave me a distinct feeling of “orchestrated”.

      Yeah, yeah… I know… justjealoussmalldickedloserlivesinmom’sbasement.


  10. this is really advanced stuff and isn’t just for the beezy’s either.

    use smell. it’s the only sense tied directly to the amygdala and a fight or flight response…and that’s all i’m saying on the subject. way to powerful for the average dude, and requires pretty intense detachment and processing power to wield responsibly.


    • i agree. it’s the same general direction of thought, but a few steps up. i’d have to work pretty hard to deliver it convincingly.


    • It’s not that simple. Smell is not necessarily gonna create attraction, but it would enhance it. You would have to create that attraction first aka “Game”. At that point you would probably let her borrow one of your shirts to take home with her. I bet you she would be sleeping with it.


      • If you plan on going away for some time, and your girl needs comfort, wear something for a few nights of sleep, I’d say something made of wool, and give it to her before leaving. Of course she will sleep with it.


      • on October 14, 2013 at 1:17 pm gunslingergregi

        chicks always want to steal my Mario brothers blanket lol


      • on October 14, 2013 at 2:22 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        Yup. I’ve actually stolen* a boyfriend’s dirty t-shirt out of the laundry and taken it home to use as a pillowcase.

        *Oh, hush. I washed it and gave it back when he came home from his trip.


      • I’d say it doesn’t have the same effect when you give it to her and you anchor her than when she asks for it and anchors herself.

        Exgf asked for my shirt and used to sleep with it on every night. I can still remember her delivering it back to me perfectly folded upon breaking up like it was a radioactive piece of uranium


      • on October 15, 2013 at 3:52 am Stg58/Animal Mother

        When I left for Iraq in 2003, my girlfriend stole one of my Sergeant’s course skivvie shirts that reeked of sweat, sand and dirt so she could smell me while I was gone.


      • Omar you just made my point for me. I never said smell enhances attraction. like i said, best left to the thinkers and philosophers among us.

        most are just basic muthers that will fuck this up and can do real harm. it’s why Krauser won’t publish “Deep Conversion”.

        females are stupid and easy to trick.


    • Like the girlfriend who insists on “accidentally” keeping a set of your dress-shirt and boxers, because she thinks it’s cute to cover-up with them the morning-after?


      • i have had a girl demand to get her nose in my pits after sex. disconcerting to me, being self-conscious of the pouring sweat. but it was something else for her altogether. really odd. to me,


      • Now that’s what I call a “bitch”.


      • I’ve actually really really liked doing this to a girl, and I’ve had a couple girls really like doing things like this to me. I forgot the study, but for someone’s natural smell, it’s something like 70% of the opposite sex will be neutral to you, 15% will be gross and the other 15% you will absolutely love.

        I think it has something to do with Italian girls for me, because idk what it is, but I absolutely love their natural smell and sweat after sex. It still smells a little musty, but it drives me nuts and turns me on even more. Find that with a chick and it’s a whole new level of pleasing the senses.


      • Sex scents would certainly be an interesting topic to cover.


    • i am confident that for the rest of her life, my woman will think of me every time she smells beaver castor.


    • “use smell”

      Indeed. Women use this tactic with men. Always wear the same perfume with him, and after a couple of times he’ll associate that scent with you.

      Leave an article of clothing with that scent at his home, or borrow his jacket when out with him, while wearing that perfume, and after you give it back to him that lingering scent will trigger those great feelings of being together.

      Women can drive men crazy with perfume.

      I heard old people say, nothing triggers memories like a lady’s perfume. Olfactory is the most powerful sense – years later it still has the power to move you and bring up memories you haven’t thought about in years.

      I think smell works better on men, and sound, like music, works better on women.

      Interesting article.


  11. Anyone see this gem that ran in the USA Today this morning on why American women are not having babies??? The columnist says because we are “Scaring them.” I can’t believe this type of dog shit makes it into print. That’s right boys and girls, women aren’t having babies because we are “scaring them.” I’ll be poolside.


  12. i think something i do naturally might be repurposed for this– for some reason i think about how many times i’ll likely do something again in my lifetime. say your mom’s 70 and you see her 6 times a year. odds are you will lay eyes on your mother 50 or fewer times. f’ing depressing i know but i try to prioritize my time. anyway it’s possibly useful for pickup now 🙂


  13. Isn’t that what we call “memories”?


  14. Anchoring is basically persuasion tactics with some touches of NLP as the article states. Every day we’re fed with stimuli here and there and don’t even know it. A form of anchoring.


  15. “Accepting the God of Biomechanics as your lord and savior doesn’t necessarily have to be dispiriting.…”

    From the twitter role….this is excellent shit.


  16. California girls are way easier than South Carolina girls. Easy Girl map is wrong there at least.


  17. on October 14, 2013 at 3:11 pm RappaccinisDaughter

    RE: the “ladies’ guns” tweet.

    Women’s hands tend to be smaller than men’s hands, so some of them have trouble with large grips. That’s just biology. It’s easy to fix: Many gun manufacturers are now coming out with adjustable/swappable grips. They get to make more money, women who shoot are safer and more effective. Win/win. What’s the big whoop?


  18. on October 14, 2013 at 3:11 pm gunslingergregi

    dam charged permitting dui lawyer says it is same as dui
    how the fuck is that even possible
    I wasn’t driving
    I did the right thing and didn’t drive drunk
    someone else did
    god dam they out to make loot off everyone
    and having is the most important thing you can do
    neither one of us got given breathalyzer or nothing so should be good I guess just loot for lawyer hopefully but its a lot of loot
    they double dippin on that shit


    • on October 14, 2013 at 3:16 pm gunslingergregi

      free country free to pay baby
      not free to do anything


    • WTF?! Did you just say you got charged with the crime of “permitting dui”?! You are hard to read but that is what I gathered. If so… damn. That is a bullshit law if I ever heard one.


    • That doesn’t sound right. Just act like you didn’t know. But there is going to be a National DUI law pretty soon so the feds will get even more leverage over our everyday lives.

      Hey funny story GGG. I found out through my own “research” that it’s most likely a hitman is after me. You never know.


  19. Isn’t Mystery married with a kid?

    [CH: maybe he just likes the practice.]


    • I guess marriage can kow even Mystery. She looks bored and he’s pushing a stroller. WTF is in his pocket?


      • on October 15, 2013 at 5:02 am Eliezer Ben-Yehuda

        What a tooty-fruity gay stroller. Any average beta-schlub in California is nowadays pushing around a stroller that has wheel ensembles that might be seen on an amphibious assault vehicle.


    • This looks HYPER BETA!!!!WTF?


      • No hyper beta is fucking and impregnating a dime like that chick standing next to him. But stroller pushing while she commits death by lung cancer is definitely betaish for certain.


  20. on October 14, 2013 at 3:55 pm gunslingergregi

    domestic violence dui child support vagimony how the fuck anyone get out unscathed
    unending list of shit god dam
    and all to get a bitch who got bernankified
    he he he
    kids need to learn just how fucked up shit is and get the opportunity to go out soyleant green style
    we getting raw end of stick here


  21. Check out these two articles.

    They’re both from a frumpy looking woman named Ally Batista. She advises men not to marry models (among other things), and instead admonishes them to hitch up with a 30-something with a useless Masters-of-Arts degree (I detect some bitter self-promotion here), a woman who has seemingly no feminine attributes and crushes beer cans on her head, or a corporate ice-queen to enact a dominatrix reversal of 50 Shades of Grey.

    You’d think somebody who makes a living critiquing Generation Y would have a bit more perspective on the abysmal nuptial misery of the last 3 harpy generations and what caused it. These hamsters are bred to survive.


  22. The October Man sequence in detail:

    It’s quite elaborate and he goes into a lot of detail.

    But one thing I do is develop a nick name or in-joke with a girl I’m gaming. It becomes our secret code.

    With one girl I was dancing with I said “Are you carrying a bag of puppies?” because her balance was off.

    After that each time I saw her she would say “I left the puppies at home”…”I drowned the puppies” “I have fewer puppies” etc etc…

    Girls do this all the time. I usually give a girl earrings as a gift. Each time she wants to send a message she’s thinking of me she wears them.

    The girl I was seeing who came over last night to break up was wearing the perfume I gave her as a birthday gift.

    It was her non-verbal sign that she still had feelings despite this drama she had created.

    Guys can easily do this. Wear a rose when you see a girl you like. When you’re not happy with her, show up not wearing the rose. That would be one example.


    • wear a rose, period. i just want to see more of that going on out there man

      thanks for the video, it’s an interesting topic


  23. The October Man sequence:


    • on October 14, 2013 at 6:25 pm immoralgables

      Hey man I read your update. Please try to dissappear as best as you can, I’d give it a 51% shot tht she comes back. Do no-contact and all that.

      I don’t like using the term “no-contact” with you because it’s usually used for those that are deeply hurt by the end of a relationship. Realize this is something that you have to do though.


      • Thanks Immoral. I think I handled it well. Speaking of “anchoring” she came over wearing the perfume I gave her for her birthday. When I remarked on the brand: she said “Yah”. I took that as “anchoring” feeling that this was about breaking rapport and not losing attraction.

        I suspect it was a combination of me going no contact, her getting jealous of the attention I’m getting from other girls, my unpredictability and just plain being an emotional girl. Basically she left me at a time when my biggest yearly triumph is about to begin

        The whole no-contact thing is an internal concept—moving on.

        Also, on the theme of anchoring….the “disappearing” anchored feelings in her of me being pissed or distracted or sending a message to her. She hated the unpredictability and the arguments that ensued when one of us re-connected.


      • Thanks. It’s tough. Since learning game I’m much more self-aware. I can now see this power struggle we had over who lead created various tensions. When things were good they were great. When she pulled away, I defied her expectations by also disappearing. Then when we reconnected we reamed each other out. On the point of this post….anchoring, when she came over she wore the perfume I bought her. Chicks are great at game. She anchored in my mind the scent of her memories of me. Bit confused now because I was so invested. No contact is the right way.


  24. Mystery is also 6’3″, white with a decent looking face, dresses to convey personality unlike the rest of the drones

    and if that wasnt enough, he has the celebrity status that makes all of the above irrelevant in the first place.


    Being said, a spot on technique. Another easy way is to pick out a goofy looking character at a bar you’ve made a joke of and reference him again in a teasing context.


    • Precisely… this seems to be lost on many. If you are a decent looking white boy over 6′ who isn’t a total a) slob b) beta herb c) indoctrinated libtard faggot you basically are half-way there. If you’ve rejected your programming from the Cathedral, and are not risk aversive, this basically means you can turn yourself into a fucking machine. The Sperminator. Or something like that in fairly short order. Haplotype Game, for the win…


      • on October 14, 2013 at 8:43 pm FuriousFerret

        That’s the one thing that is holding back the concept of ‘Game’ for the masses.

        It’s because people with good attributes that do merely ok with women don’t want to be anywhere near associated with pick up because it’s associated with lower betas and omegas.

        On they simply reject game outright. Saying it’s a scam because they hear the reports of omegas saying they tried it and failed. It’s kind of funny that these body builders would probably clean up if they actually shallowed their pride and learned some basic RSD or CH. Also it’s a theme on BB’s the Misc of having Forever Alone (FA) threads of these ripped dudes complaining that they can’t get laid. They then proceed to blame on attributes they don’t have like facial beauty and money.

        A 5’5 extreme Asian beta that tries pick up and fails and then proclaims that it’s all a lie is like a skinny completely genetically ungifted runt lifting weights for half a year and then crying about that he doesn’t look like a fitness model. Except everyone would tell the runt it’s because you are a runt with extremely shitty genetics and that weight lifting is still a legit way to gain strength and muscles. For pick up they would all just say it’s a scam and that it doesn’t work for anyone.

        So basically the guys that can benefit the most from CH are the ones too prideful to read it. I kind of think that’s a good thing. What if every jacked bodybuilder was into studying Game, normal men would be straight up fucked.


      • that ain’t pride dude. its broken insides.

        jacked up boby builders have emotional glass jaws.


      • Having been a (ex-)member of that community for some time, I can tell you that it used to be filled with a lot of dudes with svelte bodies who were extremely shy growing up and they never really put themselves out there in the first place. Now the forum is filled with frauds who don’t lift and just seek out the advices of other men to help deal with their relationship woes…its almost a dating help site at this point.

        Even among the ones who do lift, are muscular, genuine, who I have consulted with on a one-on-one basis seem to get trapped into some serious negative thinking loops where they talk themselves into being omega.

        Tilikum is very correct here :P.


      • on October 14, 2013 at 10:33 pm PimpinBlueStar

        …then there’s reality, where most people don’t even bother to understand things beyond a superficial level (let alone their own behaviors and motivations) … and the 6′ white guy never reaches anything near potential with the opposite sex because he’s too invested in his ego.

        lol at all you guys leaning on external attributes as a means of establishing a “pecking order.”


      • Anyone who hasn’t seen a short/fat/Asian/poor/whatever guy pimping it in-field with girls up on him hasn’t spent enough time in the field meeting enough of a variety of people.


      • always makes me think of maniac high’s ‘iranian from hell’ story. the only thing he did right is not give up. cosmetics can almost always be overcome.


      • Hello YaReally.

        I asked for some answers from you at:

        Search for ‘Jonathan’.
        I’m really looking forward to your input.


      • Left a reply there for ya


      • ^what he said^

        I would add participation in a sport; especially a team sport, as a technique for building focus, drive and determination in all other areas of life including game. It doesn’t matter how good you are, you will get better the more you DO it.

        BTW– Baseball players are much better athletes than they get credit for. They may not look it, but they are very powerful in a “torquee” kind of way. Spend some time at the batting cage and realize just how hard you have to hit that ball to get it out the park.

        You will be sore the next morning even if you think you are in good shape.

        a few things about this clip:

        a) the cop don’t help the guy who fell over the fence

        b) the “bro hugs” at home plate

        c) The look on the pitchers face (some people say walking him was an option, but I doubt it)



  25. You never know when some player will make you walk barefoot by broken glass (tetanus!) just so he can fulfill his lusts.

    This is why sites like puahate exist. I wish Mystery would pretend he actually cares about the girl before seducing her.


  26. on October 14, 2013 at 7:51 pm Operation Reinhard

    All Whites should acquaint themselves with and even go as far as to learn NLP. The White-hating Jew junkmedia uses it all the time to push their agenda of all-out extermination. If you have your TV (TalmudVision) running all day long…You’re going to have a bad time.

    The “inventor” of NLP, Richard Bandler, is a Jew. I encourage everybody to read (and watch) his work. You’ll be shocked at how much you learn.

    Jews cannot invent a single piece of civilization but they are wizards with words (high verbal IQ vs. below average visuospatial IQ). Hand it to them here.


    • True.


      • Not true. Just paranoia and jealousy.


      • ^Marvin Hagler has just entered the building^


      • My favorite instigator has just entered the building.


      • Lily, if I can admit black people are responsible for some foul behaviors, why can’t you do the same with joos?

        Why do you attack any and all criticism of joos?

        Not only do I NOT defend black people for our destructive behaviors; many times Im on point calling nignogs out on our own bullshit.

        Why can’t you do the same?

        You are smart and you have a lot of passion, but its all wasted because you have this chip on your shoulder about joos

        It ruins your credibility?

        Please change.


      • “Lily, if I can admit black people are responsible for some foul behaviors, why can’t you do the same with joos?”

        Some foul behavior? Blacks are responsible for a lot of foul behavior. But first:

        • I admit most Jews are liberal thinking. At least 70% of them vote democrat. This is a fact.
        • Liberalism is destroying society. This is a fact too.
        • Most liberals aren’t Jewish, as there are many more Gentiles than Jews. This is another fact.
        • Jewish and Gentile liberals are both destroying our society so that constant calling out the Jew is turning into a Jew hate agenda, not a saving-society-from-liberal agenda. This is the most salient fact here.

        Jew haters use Jewish liberals to turn hate against all Jews because this is the only thing they are really interested in from the get go. They don’t fool clear rational thinkers.

        Fact – most of the Jew contention on the comment section is beyond ridiculous and has no basis in reality, such as ‘Jews run the world and are out to get white Gentiles’. It’s bullshit. Jews are smart and achievement oriented, and this is why they are envied and vilified; not because they have a scheme to destroy white Gentiles. Furthermore, this argument only reflects badly on the one doing the vilifying. It’s obvious what’s going on here.

        Let me use a sports analogy that most of you might relate to. Let’s take the Olympics and pretend that you are a silver medalist. Deep down inside you are jealous of the gold medalist who triumphed over you. This is normal. But, what are you going to do? Go in the media and vilify him, trash him, bash him, and badmouth him? No, since no one will take you seriously if you do that. Everyone will say that you are a jealous sore loser. You’ll make a fool of yourself, and no brand would give you a contract to represent its products. The only way out of this if you still want to be considered the best is to compete against your opponent the next time around, and be better than him so you become the gold medalist yourself. Thankfully, there is also a side benefit to your struggle. The competition that you have generated by your jealousy and need to challenge your opponent’s gold medal, will also better humanity, since in order to win you have to overtake his record. If you win, you will push human endurance even further.

        This analogy also holds for Gentiles jealous of the Jews’ achievements. Instead of vilifying, slandering, and fomenting hate against the Jews, which only mean these Gentiles are jealous sore losers, Gentiles should compete with Jews. Competition helps humanity. Reinhard says,” Jews cannot invent a single piece of civilization but they are wizards with words, “ If this is true then they should be easier to take on. Yet, all he can do is foment discontent over them. This means he’s a jealous sore loser who has to resort to posting crap like this in the comment section here.

        Hit-ler thought the same thing. Instead of competing with Jews, he thought he could remove them from existence and solve his perceived lowliness of the Aryan race. If he didn’t think the Aryan race was inferior to Jews, he would have competed to win. Instead, he thought Aryans could win only by making sure the Jews don’t exist. However, at the end of the day, winning feels better than removing. It’s more bravehearted and accomplished. However, if you have a low opinion of yourself, and think you can amount to nothing, then murder is the only way out for you. Or, cheap slander in Reinhard’s case.


      • Analogies, like sports, only truly work when they’re apt for a level playing field.

        Let us know when YKW competes fairly.


      • That’s a convenient excuse you use because you don’t want to admit you have the power in your hands to make something of yourself, but you have neither drive nor vision. You rather cowardly blame the YKW for imaginarily preventing you from competing fairly. You sound like nothing but a resentful loser who can’t help better his situation if his life was on the line. Sorry, I don’t buy your argument. No one is preventing you from making it for yourself, just you white trash impotent self. Face!


      • “It ruins your credibility?
        Please change.”

        No. My credibility is intact. I speak the truth and you know it. I called out this abomination. This nutjob shows up every few days to post the same garbage. It’s nothing more than pure paranoia resulting of extreme jealousy and lack of potency. It’s usually displayed by white trash classless losers holding pitchforks and screaming about everything the Jews-the Jews-the Jews, blah, blah, blah…… has no basis in reality. If he thinks he’s better than the Jews, let him take them head on, or forever keep his filthy trap closed.

        And you thwack, don’t compare blacks to Jews. They are not even in the same league. There is plenty of criticism against Black stupidity and crime-ridden life style. There is nothing to envy there. It’s not even remotely similar to Jew hate which stems directly from jealousy, frustration, and powerlessness on the part of impotent losers.

        That said, some of these stupid losers think that black men have large cocks, display alpha attitudes, and fuck white chicks left, right, and center, and they are jealous of that aspect of blacks. How did you once put it? They think they have a kike in their pocket and a nig in their woman. Or, something like that. It was hilarious what you said.

        Point is, they are jealous of everything they think someone else has better than them. Stop feeding them.


      • Lily
        And you thwack, don’t compare blacks to Jews. They are not even in the same league.

        Project much?

        Everybody knows the joos build fake alliances with nonwhite people in order to dominate white people; everybody that is, except black people (((shakin my head)))

        Note the irony. The one group with the most choice whether to identify as a group CHOOSES to ally themselves with the group with the least choice in identifying themselves as a group; black people.

        Just think about that?

        Thats like the jooish country club members inviting the low income ghetto blacks (to the country club) for a big rally against OPPRESSION!


        Lily, my interest in this dynamic is basically “mechanical”. You must explain to me why every group must take their licks EXCEPT joos?

        Why are they to be considered above suspicion?

        Every other group accepts the fact that from time to time they must take the witness stand and subject themselves to withering cross examination; blacks, whites, Asians, Indians, Muslims, Christians… all have fallen short and need to be called to account for what they have done, and what they have failed to done.

        But when its the joos turn, he shouts:

        “oy ve, this is hate! how dare you! This is a travesty! How dare you call me to the witness stand!

        this is an outrage!”

        And you trick (or bribe) black people into helping you.

        (((shakin my head)))

        Im sorry Lily, but when a crime is this serious, NOBODY IS ABOVE SUSPICION.

        The fact joos work so hard to achieve the contrary is the #1 reason I got my eye on em.

        You can’t play me for a punk.

        I got my eye on you.


      • That’s a convenient excuse you use because you don’t want to admit you have the power in your hands to make something of yourself, but you have neither drive nor vision. You rather cowardly blame the YKW for imaginarily preventing you from competing fairly. You sound like nothing but a resentful loser who can’t help better his situation if his life was on the line. Sorry, I don’t buy your argument. No one is preventing you from making it for yourself, just you white trash impotent self. Face!

        Usual suspect squid ink, along with the vitriol shaming language attempt. (yawn)

        YKW sticks together for their chicanery and dominance of whatever particular endeavor they set their hooks on… and anyone who dares speak up about it never works in that town again.

        It’s become a cliche, fer cryin’ out loud.

        But as usual, the Sunstein shill continues to piss in the chateau’s pool.


      • Gregi, your looserish self is smelling all the way over here. You’re too stupid to compete which is why you’re resentful and jealous. Face!

        Finally, an inadvertent admission :D:


      • Deflection and avoidance (as usual, suspect) noted.


  27. on October 14, 2013 at 8:08 pm Greatest Beta

    Alpha male of the decade: Cristiano Ronaldo
    One of the baddest soccer players. Has dated top models such as Alice Goodwin, Gemma Atkinson and Irina Shayk. That Irina girl is a straight goddess 10 10 10 10


  28. Denying the existence of any Free Will is exactly the same thing as denying any agency emanating from ones “self.” Without agency, there is no self. There is just a non-existent gap between colliding billard balls. Cause hits effect and you are the non-thing in the middle. Since the same things happen whether or not you are there,it becomes hard to claim that you are.
    So stand up and say it proud. “I do not exist!” I am a insentient machine. Killing me would be like turning off a light bulb. I may think, but therefore I am not! Maybe thinking is happening but since I am not actually an existing phenomenon it can have nothing to do with “me” because there is no me.

    I dare you.


    • straws. you are grasping at them.


    • It is cool when people see through the illusion of radical human libertarianism. And then it’s hilarious when they proceed to the non sequitur of atheism.


      • Interesting name choice betaschlub. BTW your “god” is not GOD but the state. Fittingly you and the children you’re rearing (assuming your wife finds you realiable enough to make some children with some alphadude for you to rear) will get to taste the results of yer worship. Unfortunately so will mine.


      • The State where I live is thoroughly atheist. It hates Christianity and is doing all possible to eradicate it. Obama and all of his minions are united in supporting both 1) feminism AND 2) biological materialism. They are also united in hating 1) alpha males and 2) Christianity.

        Darwin and his progeny did not invent the idea that humans have no power to determine their ultimate destinies. That idea comes from the Bible, you dumb motherfucker.


  29. Hey YaReally, when you are rolling solo how would you approach an AMOG that keeps asking you in front of your targets (who he might be friends with, it depends on the situation) where your friends are, to make you look like a loser with no friends? A&a?


    • A&A: “I’m a loser and I have no friends. That’s why these girls hate me. Especially this one. But I think she hates EVERYONE. Why are you so mean to strangers, Jessica? You monster.”

      Burn: “They’re all busy fucking your mom. She likes more than one dick at a time. You probably didn’t know because she thinks your dick is too small to invite you.”

      DHV: “They cancelled at the last minute and I was already showered up so I figured I’d just come out on my own and make some new friends tonight.”

      Social pressure: “They had to bail early tonight. Your friends here seem cool, which one of them is your girlfriend? Oh? Neither of them? What, you don’t want to fuck them? Are you blind, man?? They’re gorgeous. You’re not gay are you? I’m not into sucking cock. Except that one time on New Years Eve. That’s not gay, is it girls?”

      Assume attraction & befriend: “Right here. These girls have taken pity on my lonely soul and are adopting me like a poor unloved orphan. You’re welcome to join us. Oh, you girls know him? Cool man, what’s your name? (put hand out for handshake)”

      YaReally style: “I’m out alone. I don’t like to bring witnesses when I’m raping and murdering slutty girls I meet at the bar. A guy can only bury so many bodies in one night, know what I mean?”

      …I don’t recommend the last one.

      It only makes you look like a loser if you think it makes you look like a loser. Strongest frame always wins. Always.

      If someone else’s frame is stronger, apply social pressure to weaken it until yours wins. Then relieve the social pressure and reward them for caving to your frame by extending an olive branch to befriend him. He’ll reciprocate out of relief and gratitude for relieving the social pressure you applied.


      • Solid. Thanks dude.


      • The key is to reframe whatever he says, and then lead the conversation.

        “I’m a loser with no friends.”
        “Lol ya buddy, you (bla bla bla)”

        This example is gay. You’re letting him lead and you might zing him but you’re just prolonging the “battle” not leading it to a conclusion. Think of it like only blocking in a fight…ya you’re not getting knocked out, but you’re not ending the fight either and you’re needlessly risking him slipping a lucky punch in.

        “I’m a loser with no friends, but these girls have taken me under their wing. Which one of them is your girlfriend?”
        “Huh? Uhh well neither, they’re just my frien–”
        “Really? You can’t tell me you aren’t secretly in love with one of them.”
        “What? I–” (girls going “omg”)
        “Probably not THIS one tho. (Heavy eye contact with the one you have the best vibe with) I don’t think any guy could STAND her. (Slight grin so she knows you’re fucking around)
        (Girl): “hey!! I–”
        “No don’t try to justify it. When I said hi you looked at me like you hated me. Is it because you’re so in love with me that you have to mask your love by pretending to hate me? It’s alright, open your heart and let it out. I love you too.”
        (AMOG): (invisible and silent trying to comprehend what just happened)
        “Come. Lets go get a drink. (Throw her over your shoulder and carry her off)”

        In this example there’s pretty much nothing the guy can do because you put him on the defensive, apply some social pressure, cold read him in a way that makes him stutter, tease the girl, spike her temp and cut him out, then physically isolate her while her emotions are spiking.

        All the guy can really do is stand there in the dust.

        This is why it’s a lot easier to AMOG the James Bond wannabes with their aloof one-word coolness. Chicks don’t give a shit what you say, they care about what you make them feel. You can AMOG with less verbosity but its not as engaging for the girl and the less words you use the higher the initial attraction you need to start with is.

        ie – if she sees you as low value (ie – first approaching), James Bond style AMOG’ing won’t raise your value much. If you’re high value, James Bond is fine because you already have enough attraction. But if you’re low value, verbose AMOG’ing will build/demonstrate your value and make you high-value. And if you’re high value and verbose AMOG, your value goes thru the roof.

        If your personality is naturally very James Bondish silent and mysterious, you’d better have SUPER fucking tight efficient game and fully understand the fundamentals solid, cause if a guy like me comes up, while you’re standing there turning your nose up at my “antics” waiting to get your one-word alpha zing in there, your girls are laughing their asses off as their temps spike and I’m working on isolating them from you before you get that jumbotron word in.


      • Are you suggesting that you’re unlikely to win unless you can match or beat their tempo/energy level? I’m far from an aloof James Bond type but I’m also not the super talkative entertainer type. I’m somewhere in the middle – I can hold a group’s attention occasionally but can’t just yap away endlessly, it’s not my style to want to be the center of attention all the time. And while I can see your point that the typical AMOG would probably respond to “friendly confrontation” or DHV by toning down the hostility, these kind of AMOGs tend to roll in their bro groups and often one of the girls is already in with one of the bros so it makes it harder to either get taken in by the group or to play on their insecurity by pointing out how they can’t stay away from their bros (I’ve noticed that more often than not these type of dudes are very out of their element and borderline shy when alone – but again, they’re always in their group, whether it’s going out, hitting the gym, Sunday football, etc).


      • “Are you suggesting that you’re unlikely to win unless you can match or beat their tempo/energy level?”

        Not unlikely, but it’s a lot tougher when you’re low energy.

        Think about fighting again: if you’re mostly chill and defend 10 punches for every 1 you throw out, you’re giving them a lot more chances to take a swing at you…so you’d better have REALLY fucking tight skills and be able to defend perfectly and that 1 punch better be rock solid on the perfect opening because you’ve got 10 more chances for him to hit you coming up if that punch misses or is too weak etc. If you’re defending 10 punches for each of your punches and your punches are weak/sloppy, you’re probably going to get hit sooner or later.

        VS if the guy takes a swing at you and you defend it then just barrage him with kamikaze shit that he wasn’t expecting or prepared for. You can be a little sloppier because you’re likely to land something before he even realizes the fight just got real. And if on top of going kamikaze you’re also a trained boxer so your punches are tight and finding openings etc, you’re pretty likely to win.

        So you can be lower energy, but if you are, then every word you say, all your body language, your tone of voice, your frame, etc better all be rock-fucking-solid. It can be done, but it’s harder…in certain environments like a social circle outing it’s fine, or in a situ where you have friends with you to back you up and “fight” for you (engaging in the yappy back and forth stuff) it’s fine, but if you’re solo at a bar/club where the girls have ADD and you’ve got some tool with a group of bros with him, you’re now taking 30 or 40 punches for each of yours that you’re throwing, so your shit has to be super tight…like those bros aren’t going to fuck with some boss Mafia don giving off “my men will kill you” vibes sitting in a corner booth with their girls…but the “hey, how’s your night going? Thats cool my name is Jimmy” guy who’s still learning game is probably going to be an easy target for them.

        With a bro group, it’s trickier. Your original question sounded like one guy coming up to fuck around, that’s a super easy situ to handle. Generally with a group you want to not battle the guy directly, you want to do it by tooling him to his friends in a cool fun way.

        The waitress who makes the most money is the one who, when she’s got a big table of dudes, can insult one of them in front of his buddies in a fun calibrated way. So a guy in the group who’s been talking up how he’s gonna totally bang the hot waitress orders and says “we’ll have 5 shots of (some weak shit)” and she quickly replies “oh is this for that table of ladies over there? Or are you just going to pour them into your purse?” The bro getting tooled’s jaw drops because he wasn’t expecting to get served, but he can’t get mad because his 4 bros are laughing their ass off at how the waitress just owned him and because they love it, he has to cave to the social pressure and laugh along with them. He can’t react angry and yell at her because his buddies like her and he’d be going against the group…his buddies would defend her and tell him to lighten up. So he’ll end up changing his order to tequila shots or whatever and in the end that guy will tip her to not look butthurt, and his buddies will tip her extra because she made them laugh and owned their buddy so unexpectedly hard.

        But looking at that dynamic, what’s going on? She’s frame controlling the situation into implying the guy is a vagina, she’s playing to his group, she’s making him stutter because she came over the top and hit him with something he didn’t expect, and applied social pressure from his group on him. By changing his shots to tequila he relieves that social pressure she put on him.

        Now to tool a bro in front of his bros, you have to be pretty fucking sharp and good at group theory. Being able to read body language and vibes to tell what the pecking order is and which guys are likely to be receptive to you tooling their buddy etc. and it helps to be higher energy because you can drop a combination of stuff and juggle the group easier…Russel Brand would have a LOT easier time winning over a group than James Bond because his energy and frame takes over theirs.

        If you want to be a low energy James Bond jumbotron one-word reply guy, but you ALSO want to take on groups of bros trying to tool you, that’s like saying you want to beat Mike Tyson in a boxing match but you only want to swing 3 punches. It’s theoretically POSSIBLE for you to win, but the % odds are really low.

        If you want to stay low energy and aren’t willing to step it up when you’re in that situation to handle it and increase your % odds, then either expect to have your girls taken or just walk away and find new girls. Just cause you CAN box like Mike Tyson if your friends or family are threatened, doesn’t mean you have to go around swinging fists at everything 24/7…just cause you CAN step up your energy to handle a group of bros, doesn’t mean you have to always be a high energy dancing monkey. Know what I mean?


      • “I’m a loser with no friends, but these girls have taken me under their wing. Which one of them is your girlfriend?”
        “Huh? Uhh well neither, they’re just my frien–”

        I don’t get AMOGed a lot but I really don’t see him replying that.

        He’s just going to say “OK buddy now get the fuck off or I’ll punch you in the face.” How do you handle confrontational AMOGs?


      • “I don’t get AMOGed a lot but I really don’t see him replying that.”

        Before I had experience negging girls I really didn’t see them responding by being attracted.

        “He’s just going to say “OK buddy now get the fuck off or I’ll punch you in the face.””

        How many times has this response actually happened to you? Zero? The only people who respond to basically a friendly “your friends are nice, which one of them are you dating?” with “IM GOING TO PUNCH YOUR FUCKING FACE IN IF YOU DONT FUCK OFF AGGGHHHHGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!” are literally mentally unstable psychopaths. Mentally unstable psychopaths tend not to get in the bar because the bouncer says “ID, please.” and they respond with “I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU AGGHGHHH!!!”

        “How do you handle confrontational AMOGs”

        Pace and lead them down out of their angry state, the way cops etc learn to do (cops don’t just jump out guns blazing, they try to de-escalate the situation peacefully first)…but it’s easier/faster/safer to just away. There are other girls. No one is going to high-five you for spending 6 months in the hospital learning to walk again after you get stomped by a group of angry dudes over some random bar chick when you could’ve simply avoided the situ.


      • honestly your tactical excellence is what really got me over the top to have the mental processing time while interacting to look at why the tactical stuff was working while it was working if that makes sense. i feel like i’ve moved past you in philosophy a bit (mostly based on personality and what i perceive is a different goal), but only because you lit the way.

        a big thank you my brother.


      • All good, I fully admit my goals/values are a lot different than a lot of people.

        People think its impossible to be managing this stuff on the fly, but when you go out a lot and you’ve studied proper and you’ve gamed a bunch of girls, and you stay sober or buzzing instead of getting hammered, it’s really not that hard. Your brain adapts and a lot of stuff you had to consciously analyze at the start becomes unconscious instinct with practice. Michael Jordan is lining himself up and obeying the same laws of physics as anyone else shooting a basketball, but he doesn’t have to consciously think about it to the extent the guy in high school does, because his brain has adapted and processes everything related to that a lot faster…he might have to consciously think out how to swing a golf club step by step, but Tiger Woods doesn’t.

        “Field experience is king” as we say in the PUA community.


      • absolutely agree on brain adaptation. it helps to already be smart and ABSOLUTELY sober, but you grow in exponential leaps and bounds as your synaptic connections start to tree out.

        you get so fucking good at it you can literally watch thoughts and feelings form in front of you. your cold read ability gets scary fucking good. like people think you are a psychic so you learn to down calibrate.

        it’s profoundly changed and grown me personally and professionally in less than 3-4 years. I was always good and a natural but now i get told i come off almost like royalty.

        anyway, I appreciate the bump.


      • Rock solid, although the burn I’d be a little leery about because when you start talking about someone’s mom taking multidick… eh. I’ve seen people immediately throw down over shit like that so I’d nix that one, but the rest were really good.


      • Yeah, get off mothers… I got off yours about an hour ago.


      • lol’ed.

        Don’t use confrontational shit unless you can smooth over when it goes wrong. I’m just giving a variety of ways to handle it to demonstrate that the test itself is irrelevant…as long as you don’t fall into their frame of “ya, not having friends with me IS weird”, you can spring off it to DHV yourself, or to tool them, or to relate to the girls etc. there’s no one proper response, it’s more a mental shift and following a general formula of reframing what’s happening.


      • Thanks for taking the time to write up that great analysis. I appreciate it, man.


  30. Eh, I’ve never believed this stuff. It’s just window dressing. As long as you have that alpha attitude, it doesn’t really matter what you say. You could talk about the weather and still get laid.

    Moreover I live abroad and you can’t do this crap with an English-speaking girl. She won’t understand. I can speak the local language but not nearly at this level of sophistication.


    • on October 15, 2013 at 3:48 am Cad and Bounder

      Part of the anti-NLP feeling comes from highly analytical type guys who read this stuff and then try and integrate a replicable formulaic phrase/routine with which they can ‘do NLP on a chick’. In the end it just sounds stilted and rehearsed and the timing is all wrong.

      Much better to understand the principles of anchoring, state-shifting and framing and then apply them spontaneously. Consider the following. Am alone with a chick on a park bench. A plane goes overhead. “I wonder where that plane is going?”. There followed twenty minutes of alternately discussing where we would like the next plane to be going.

      Plane-Travel-Holiday-Partying-Out of her normal state-maybe a time when she got laid on a beach in Ibiza etc etc. Think about how her mental frame was adjusted by this. Alternatively you can look at the plane, and start ‘DHVing’ with your superior knowledge of air pollution regulations. I know which approach I’d rather take.


  31. Harrison Bergeron, updated for 2013


  32. on October 15, 2013 at 3:48 am Stg58/Animal Mother

    This is absolutely legitimate. When my wife was pregnant with our first son, the smell of Gain detergent made her nauseous. Four and a half years later, if she smells Gain, it reminds her of being pregnant and she gets nauseous instantly.


    • Yes. Saw this after posting on the links article.

      Notice the vituperation that it immediately attracted, the vituperation that is so noticeably absent from every other demonstrated moral abscess in the popular culture today. It’s a war out there.


  33. I loved THIS “what’s your excuse” photo.


    • Work-outs are a lot easier when you only have to work out one leg.

      (what is this hand basket, and where are you taking me?)

      That said, kudos to the fellow… his detractors wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.


  34. I’m reminded of a scene from the Deuce Bigalow movie. The one with Ruth, a date with tourette’s syndrome:
    Ruth: BALL-HAIR!
    Deuce Bigalow: Yeah, ball-“hair”, what we need is a strike “here”!

    Nice deflection. But seriously? Mystery looks as bad as Charlie Sheen, and sounds like a person with wet brain.


  35. […] I was initially confused about the purpose of this short video Mystery put up for public consumption, until a reader explained that it was about anchoring. Lawdy I was blind and now can see!  […]