A Woman Needs A Man To Put Her In Her Place

Another stirring affirmation of CH-elucidated sociosexual realities comes courtesy of a peculiar agreement arranged between a married couple and researchers designing an experiment to test whether stubbornness by one or both spouses produces unhappy marriages. (ps: ♥)

It is better to be right than to be happy – at least for one husband on the cutting edge of science.

As part of an unusual experiment, the husband was instructed to “agree with his wife’s every opinion and request without complaint,” and to continue doing so “even if he believed the female participant was wrong,” according to a report on the research that was published Tuesday by the British Medical Journal. […]

Based on the assumption that men would rather be happy than be right, he was told to agree with his wife in all cases. However, based on the assumption that women would rather be right than be happy, the doctors decided not to tell the wife why her husband was suddenly so agreeable.

Both spouses were asked to rate their quality of life on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the happiest) at the start of the experiment and again on Day 6. It’s not clear how long the experiment was intended to last, but it came to an abrupt halt on Day 12.

“By then the male participant found the female participant to be increasingly critical of everything he did,” the researchers reported. The husband couldn’t take it anymore, so he made his wife a cup of tea and told her what had been going on.

That led the researchers to terminate the study.

Maybe the researchers thought that aiding the dissolution of a marriage violated ethical boundaries.

Over the 12 days of the experiment, the husband’s quality of life plummeted from a baseline score of 7 all the way down to 3. The wife started out at 8 and rose to 8.5 by Day 6. She had no desire to share her quality of life with the researchers on Day 12, according to the report.

Translation: The wife was appalled by the revelations into her sexual nature.

“It seems that being right, however, is a cause of happiness, and agreeing with what one disagrees with is a cause of unhappiness,” they wrote. They also noted that “the availability of unbridled power adversely affects the quality of life of those on the receiving end.”

Behaving like a supplicating beta male will increase your unhappiness, partly because it feels unmanly, but mostly because you’ll incite the seething contempt of your girlfriend or wife. CH readers won’t be surprised to read that an overly agreeable husband earned nothing but nagging criticism from his wife. The wife’s self-reported happiness didn’t budge much from Day1 to Day 6 of having her ego relentlessly stroked, but as we all know women are distinctly incapable, as a sex, of honestly and accurately aligning their socialized thoughts with their unsocialized feelings. A woman possesses a deep pool of innate talent for subconsciously reconciling contradictory emotions.

It would have been interesting to see how the wife rated herself on Day 12, but the self-reported result wouldn’t have had much impact on her *true* feelings, as manifest by her compulsion to nag the shit out of her husband for agreeing with everything she said. Never mind the wife’s words; her actions say it all. Women don’t respect, don’t desire, and certainly don’t tingle for excessively agreeable men. We know this from cold hard experience, and we know this from scientific inquiry. What a woman wants is a man who will put her in her place when she’s wrong or being silly. To stand up for himself. To call her out on her bullshit, aka shit tests. Oh sure, she’ll make a show and bitch and moan at first… but then watch her face vulvaically glow with desirous urgency as the life-giving waters of his insistent masculinity pour into her thirsty feminine soul. Yeah, just like that.

The Chateau covered this ground before, referencing a similar study. “Yes, dear” men get nothing but headaches, both their own and their wives’. “No, dear” men get enduring love, bordering on worship, from their grateful wives.

Continuing with the linked study above,

The three doctors think they might be on to something, and they wrote that they would like to see the work continue: “More research is needed to see whether our results hold if it is the male who is always right.”

Happy Whoridays! There has been “research” along those lines. As commenter Trimegistus asked,

Everywhere this article has been reported on they leave out the obvious, critical detail: WOMEN don’t react well to always being agreed with by men. If the experiment had been done with the opposite approach (wife agrees with hubby) it could go on for years because both of them would come to find it satisfying and pleasant.

A wife, writing on PuffedHo about her most intimate personal matters, decided that in order to resurrect her marital lust life she would agree to her husband’s desire for as much sex as possible. She didn’t want to do it, not on a conscious awareness level at any rate, but she discovered that acquiescing in total to her husband’s wishes made her own life a lot… happier! And less stressful. Feminists of course will be delighted to learn that wives who follow the Biblical command to obey their husbands enjoy a much more positive state of mind.

This is where women need to be, even if they will never say so, or are incapable of saying so, outright: Following the lead of their lovers instead of leading them around like a neutered cat on a leash. Anything less would be… unsatisfying.


  1. Fuck that shit!
    We already knew that.
    Contest results!!!!! Now!!!! i am too lazy to read all entries. I entrust the judging to you CH.


      • Rush Limbaugh did this story a few days ago.

        I swear to God that Rush lives as a lurker both here and also over at iSteve.

        Probably Ann Coulter, too.

        [Ann, we want to give you a nice hard spanking for Christmas!!!]


      • Second time you’ve mentioned Rush lurking here.
        Maybe it’s Zombie Limbaugh…


      • This.


      • Shane, it could be simply reading the same sources for news.


      • Man, I swear, lately whenever I’m driving down the road, listening to Rush, I swear it’s like he’s reading straight from The Chateau or from iSteve.


      • Me too, I definitely follows CH.


      • Rush Limbaugh is an octoroon.


      • thwack, you are sometimes a one trick pony, the gift that keeps on giving…


      • Im trying to make a point Jay; no nigrow, not the one on top of yo head!

        When Matt said Jayne Mansfield was an octoroon, I asked for a citation and was ignored. I went and looked her up and could find nothing addressing the issue?

        Why did no one challenge him?

        Is that part of “white privilege?” The ability to accused anyone of being nonwhite and not get challenged on it?

        Or the ability to accuse any white girl of being a mudshark with no evidence?

        Indeed, I do now understand there is/was a rivalry between fans of Marilyn and Jayne; but to try and discredit Jayne by calling here an octoroon is a weak bitch move.

        Why not use the relevant artistic and beauty criteria that all other artists are judged by?

        Im starting to wonder if Matt might be an octoroon because after all, game recognize game.


      • > “Matt said Jayne Mansfield was an octoroon”


        I thought that JM had an IQ of 150+ and read Kant for fun.


      • I was the one who fucked Ann Coulter in the ass


    • Inspired by CH I undertook a similar type of experiment with Lady Savant. I found there’s an optimum point between, obviously, being a doormat. But equally a totally selfish alpha doesn’t do the trick either. At least in my case.


      • > ” But equally a totally selfish alpha doesn’t do the trick either. At least in my case.”

        Nice girls from good families with strong fathers have nough self esteem to know that there comes a point where you have to draw the line as far as the raw naked nihilistic humiliation and debasement in concerned.


      • “nough” = enough

        “in concerned” = is concerned


      • I think you’re right. That’s why it is best to keep the humiliation and debasement relegated to the bedroom; or my van.


    • Is anybody here old enough to remember Cathy Guisewite’s “Cathy” cartoon?



      My [very vague] recollection is that “Cathy” had this beta-herbling manboob loser of a boyfriend, named “Irving”, and that – as we now know, not coincidentally – “Cathy” was always completely miserable.

      In real life, Guisewite had no biological children of her own; it appears that at some point, as a single mother, she adopted a daughter, and then very late in life, after her womb was barren, she entered into one of these lonely old-people saggy-tittied saggy-testicled faux-marriages which has since dissolved.

      I got to thinking about her this morning [for completely unrelated reasons] and I started to realize that during the 34-year run of her “Cathy” cartoon, Guisewite probably left behind a pretty damned good diary [writers only write about what they know firsthand] of the hopelessness and despair and sense of purposelessness which must have been experienced by all of those poor crazy neurotic baby-boomer career gals who were “liberated” by feminism.

      And in this case, “feminism” was certainly a huge win for The Frankfurt School and The Tribe, in that the Cathy’s branch of the Guisewite family tree has now vanished into extinction.

      As have – I would imagine – countless other family tree branches of the legions of boomer career gals who looked up to “Cathy” and Guisewite as role models.


    • > “Contest results!!!!! Now!!!! i am too lazy to read all entries. I entrust the judging to you CH.”

      For the record – as regards the contest – Victor Davis Hanson [who is writing as though he could be a lurker here] sees the big picture, and understands precisely what is at stake:

      Pajama Boy Nation

      “There are lots of revolting things in the Pajama Boy ad. After all, how can you top all at once a nerdy-looking child-man dressed in infantile pajamas while cradling a cup of hot chocolate with the smug assurance that he is running your life more than you his?… The great mystery of America today is how many of us have joined Pajama Boy nation – 20%, 40%, 60%? – and how many want nothing to do with such metrosexual visions of a huge state run by a nerdocracy, incompetently doling out other people’s money. How many were on board for Obamacare, more entitlements, and lectures from the apartheid elite on inequality and fairness, versus how many turn the channel at sound of His voice.”


  2. Never agree with a woman, even if she’s right. If she’s right, disagree with her anyway and then do what she said 30 minutes later, pretending it was your idea. She won’t care as long as she gets her way.


    • That’s an age-old comedy gag: to vehemently disagree with a woman, than later pretend it’s your idea. But there’s a reason it’s age-old.


    • Actions mean more than words anyway.


      • Not according to the conversation at the Christmas gathering I attended about repeating vows. I knew I was doing well when I was branded “unromantic” by a supplicating husband. They never learn.


  3. This reminds me of a program I saw once about a particular church that had its married congregants pledge to have sex at least once every day for 30 days. They filmed the couples at the weekly services/meetings for the four weeks, and it was really remarkable how you could *see* these couples were closer and more connected as the month progressed. It was mostly visible by the way the wives interacted with their husbands… sitting close to them, trying to hold hands, looking lovingly at them, etc.

    I thought it was an interesting way to demonstrate what we’re too PC to say, which is that wives are really happier and better off submitting to sex when the husband wants it, even if she isn’t in the mood right that second. Yes, it’s the same lesson for men who aren’t often in the mood, but I’m sure that’s a lot more rare. It was really directed at the women.


    • I found out the hard way (pun intended) that asking her if she wants to have sex is a huge mistake. I literally can’t count the number of times she wasn’t really ‘in the mood’, but ended up enjoying it a lot.


      • on December 20, 2013 at 3:27 pm Theodore Logan

        “she wasn’t really ‘in the mood’, but ended up enjoying it a lot.”
        Rape game FTW! 😛


      • Don’t ask her if she’s in the mood. Tell her to take her panties off.

        You have to get her trained to where when you say “now” she’ll start looking for a flat spot to lay on.


      • Keep it simple. See Wrecked ‘Em infra:

        Shut mouth. Spread legs.


      • “Shut mouth. Spread legs. You saggy-tittied old nun.”


      • Ha. Try harder, you old Jew.

        Unlike you, I present what I am. My church and her billions is the real enemy to your kind, the true Cathedral is the greatest, most intimate, final threat to the Synagogue. Hedonists and nihilists will snuff themselves out, Muslims will blow themselves up, scientists will serve the enemy, civic liberals will amuse themselves to death. But we will be around forever reminding the world by our very existence that you murdered God.

        For a self-hating member of the tribe, you suck at subversion. You can’t reverse the circumcision, secret Shlomo.

        Or, less likely, but a possibility nonetheless: Hasbara reverse psyops. Alienate the community of real talkers by making a cartoon of it with an exaggerated, monomaniacal, daily barrage of “hate.” Get us on the SPLC radar. The uncalibrated intensity is the tell.

        Either way, you’re as white and Christian as Sammy Davis Jr.’s glass eye. Have you ever defended the faith? What do you even know of it? That’s what I thought.

        Nice try, half-kike plant. Your tassels are showing. We know who you are.



      • Jews didn’t murder God. Christians did when it became a business that recruits instead of a spirituality that heals. You might wanna get that there plank out of your own eye…


      • @Matthew King

        How can one kill that which does not exist?

        Too bad the circumcising cults didn’t die out in the desert. Instead, they got re-adapted onto a mushroom cult:

        (The Pharmacratic Inquisition)


      • Jews didn’t murder God.

        Crikey. It’s an expression, a handy summary for the historical bill of particulars.


      • “But we will be around forever reminding the world by our very existence that you murdered God.“

        I thought you were a smart man, Matt, but you greatly disappoint,

        Let’s think about this for a minute. Killed God? Can God be killed, you simpleton? He’ll put you out of your misery before you can even think of it, moron. Thinking God could be killed is blasphemy.

        First, God is eternal. Second, God is unfathomable. Third, God is immeasurable. Fourth, God can’t be reached physically, only through prayer. Fifth, no pagan or heathen or Roman or human could have touched God, defiled Him, and degraded Him like they did your imaginary god. Jesus was killed like a dime a dozen before or after him, in the most disgraceful manner. Do you think he was God? Do you think God can be treated this way by humans? It’s mind boggling that you Christians think this way about God.

        And, most importantly, in spite of your anger, contempt and loathing for the Jew, he’s God’s chosen. Not you, or your ilk. Unlike you and your kind, the Jew does exactly as God ordered him to do. He worships God, and God alone. Not some fiction forged in the west to appeal to its special kind of pagans. Not some idol whose attributes have been copied form the Jew’s writings about the Holy Creator.

        No, Matt. You worship a lie – something that never was or will be. Flesh and blood, dead or living, is not God. Only God is God, and He will Judge thee and yours when the time comes.

        Meantime, meditate on this simple truth. The Jew, like God, is eternal, because God willed him so. Thus, no kings or empires were or will ever be able to destroy the Jew. God is his ultimate protector. God fights for the Jew, and this is why his survival has defied logic. While all nations live by the laws of nature, the Jew lives by the will of God, which goes beyond nature. God bends nature (which is his creation) according to His will. He clearly chose the Jew and all who honestly believe only in Him to be His chosen.

        You have the making of piety, Matt. But, you’re evil because you worship a lie, an idol, while rejecting the real King of King, the Maker of everything. You believe a forgery. Yes, you have the making of piety, unlike many here. You should explore for the truth. You will discover how you were lead astray into believing a man is God. They lied to your people for 2,000 years, Matt. When God is ready, the truth will come out. Look for the truth and change your evil belief before His wrath hits.

        Only God, is God. He didn’t come to us as man and “died for our sins.” We need to face ourselves, and take responsibility for our own sins to be saved. God doesn’t do it for us. There is no easy way out. He doesn’t forgive without us truly turning away from our sins through our own efforts. Our lives are a constant struggle between choosing good over choosing evil, which He placed within us after Adam and Eve sinned. Every one of us needs to consciously turn away from evil and bad deeds, and embrace goodness, graciousness, love, and kindness to be forgiven by God, and ultimately being saved in this world and the world to come (afterlife).


      • on December 22, 2013 at 3:47 am Perpetual Motion

        “you old jew” oh look, more insults from the resident self-professed Christian fraud. You were insulting kids with down’s syndrome the other day. It’s fun to see mad Matt.

        Is this the behavior of a devout Christian?

        Our ZS hit Matt where it hurts – as CH would predict, his SMV – so Matt’s response is the usual apoplectic response you would get from a woman after telling her rightly that she is an old unlovable whore. Our Matty doth protest too much.

        I am actually happy you made such a toxic post. More people will see you for the fraud that you are (and of course, your partner in shame Greg Eliot will come to defend you and lick your nutsack with his usual incoherent rambling about South Park, “company men”, and fairies because he thinks you can do no wrong, but we know better).

        With that long vitriolic rant, Matt reminds us all why there is a growing chorus of people here sick of his bombastic posts that combine Biblical dystopia with irrational self-righteous anger.

        Remember guys, everybody who calls out this Jesus freak (who. amusingly, posts this sort of shit on a game blog of all places) on his shit gets called by this loon as ‘GBFM’. The sick man’s ego is too sensitive to even fathom that more than one person dislikes him. (We all wait for Gay in DC, his other knight in shining armor, to defend this fanatic nutjob.)

        My Christmas gift to the Chateau:

        Check out http://alphagameplan.blogspot.com/2013/01/banning-matt-aka-king-a.html if you want more information about this fraud and see other people call him out. He is a total clown that employs the use of smoke and mirrors and other such forms of misdirection in his posts.

        The fact he white-knights known shitposting retards like Amy (a fat mudshark trash who gets told off in every thread she posts in and who had disgustingly ridden the thug cock carousel of badboys and felons her entire life) on a fucking game blog does not help his case either.

        Matt, I know it’s the season to be jolly and to be giving, so I will be magnanimous and give you some life-saving advice: put the thesaurus down, the New Testament down, and go seek some counseling. You will thank us later.


      • The “G-d’s chosen people” stuff scares me just as much as the Muslims. Kill in the name of G-d (read the Old Testament). That person is worth less than this person because he doesn’t follow the right G-d. Etc etc.

        I was not raised religious. As a 40 year old adult I read the Bible. My conclusion? I did not see God in there. I saw man. Man constructed God to enforce his political and social order.

        There may be a higher force, sure. But the closest thing I see to it among humanity’s “religions” is Buddhism. There is no dude in the sky who says you can’t eat pork or you must be circumcised or any crap like that.

        Moses was a David Koresh-type character whose cult (Judaism) happened to spawn an incredibly successful offshoot cult (Christianity) that the first cult views as illegitimate.


      • Matt, I meant killing God the same way that you did. Of course, if it exists at all as something other than the Universe itself in all dimensions, one could not literally kill it since anything existing would mean that It existed if it exists. However, one can psychologically distance one’s self from it sufficiently to say that God is indeed dead to that person.


      • Looks like the erstwhile Lily is back, trying another tactic.


      • Our Matty doth protest too much.

        OK folks, it’s that time again! Time to play:

        CAN… YOU… SPOT… THE… IRONY!!!

        Sheesh, another weak sister attempt to stink up the chateau…

        Smells like Sunstein spirit… or perhaps Lily’s chosen scent:

        Foetor Judaicus.


      • Perpetual Motion = GBFM = sockpuppet

        Anonymous = Hasbara replacement

        I do believe the Jews are chosen, but they have constantly chosen against God. Don’t believe me, read your own scripture. “Stiff necked” ring a bell? Even the anti-Christian paid-by-the-word shills like Anonymous don’t even know the holy writings of their employers.

        God-rejecting, God-denying, deicidal breakers of the Covenant.

        “I have seen these people,” the Lord said to Moses, “and they are a stiff-necked people.” — Exodus 32:9

        “Go up to the land flowing with milk and honey. But I will not go with you, because you are a stiff-necked people and I might destroy you on the way.” — Exodus 33:3

        For the Lord had said to Moses, “Tell the Israelites, ‘You are a stiff-necked people. If I were to go with you even for a moment, I might destroy you. Now take off your ornaments and I will decide what to do with you.’” — Exodus 33:5

        “Lord,” he said, “if I have found favor in your eyes, then let the Lord go with us. Although this is a stiff-necked people, forgive our wickedness and our sin, and take us as your inheritance.” — Exodus 34:9

        “Understand, then, that it is not because of your righteousness that the Lord your God is giving you this good land to possess, for you are a stiff-necked people.” — Deuteronomy 9:6

        And the Lord said to me, “I have seen this people, and they are a stiff-necked people indeed!” — Deuteronomy 9:13

        “You stiff-necked people! Your hearts and ears are still uncircumcised. You are just like your ancestors: You always resist the Holy Spirit!” — Acts 7:51


      • Nicole wrote:

        Matt, I meant killing God the same way that you did. Of course, if it exists at all as something other than the Universe itself in all dimensions, one could not literally kill it since anything existing would mean that It existed if it exists. However, one can psychologically distance one’s self from it sufficiently to say that God is indeed dead to that person.

        What’s with the casuistry? Of course I did not mean killing God that way (and, incidentally, neither did Nietzsche).

        Insofar as God was made incarnate, he was most certainly murdered. Even the Christ-hating atheists don’t deny that historical point.

        So, you can now inform me that you reject the Incarnation because this and that and the other thing. But I’m not going to engage in that pointless exercise with outsiders who want to get in the weeds with about doctrines they have already, by definition, rejected.

        If you want to climb the ladder with me, we are many lessons away from the specifics of Christian doctrine. We’d have to start with Baltimore Catechism level stuff, and you’d have to build a foundation based on the One True Creator God of Abraham. You’re into pagan jungle gods or some shit, far as I know. It’s like demonstrating your mastery of arithmetic before we can move onto algebra, much less calculus, much less Ph.D. levels of mathematical theory.



      • @Moses

        “Moses was a David Koresh-type character whose cult (Judaism) happened to spawn an incredibly successful offshoot cult (Christianity) that the first cult views as illegitimate.”

        Not a fair characterization. The latter views the former as illegitimate, which is why Christians have a very long history of persecuting and killing Jews; not the other way around. Jews don’t really care how other people live, as long as they behave morally. Part of that morality means you have to worship the Creator, not a manmade/false god. However, they understand that belief in the Creator must be a voluntary action – a free choice. Therefore, they always kept to themselves, serving only as an example, and never actively trying to convert any people. The group viewing the other as illegitimate is the one insisting on conversion, and when unsuccessful, persecuting.

        Furthermore, other cultures have copied from the Jews; not the other way around. Obviously, other cultures found great wisdom in the Jews’ religion and way of life, which is why today the west is more civilized than any other part of the world, namely because it’s been heavily influenced by Judaism. No place is this more noticeable than the USA. Jewish influence is in everything we do, think, believe, and live. Read Thomas Cahill’s “The Gifts of the Jews” and realize how much influence the Jews have on western culture. The funny thing is that most of it developed unintentionally from the Jews’ perspective. Other cultures copied the Jews of their own choice and not a result of Jewish activity. Even the Founding Fathers based this nation’s government and most important documents on Jewish law, like the Ten Commandments, not to mention on religious Jewish texts, such as the Old Testament and the Talmud. The Founding Fathers found great value in Jewish thought, as they borrowed many concepts from the Jews and made them part of the national identity.

        “There is no dude in the sky who says you can’t eat pork or you must be circumcised or any crap like that.”

        If it makes you feel better, believe this nonsense. However, the reality is that these are laws given only to the Jews as part of God’s covenant with them. Other nations are not bound by these laws. All other nations must only adhere to the 7 Noachid Laws, which are very closely related to the Ten Commandments. That’s why the Jews don’t try to convert Gentiles. They fully realize that most of God’s law as laid out in the Five Books of Moses is binding only on them, while the rest of the nations should adhere to the 7 laws given to the sons of Noah.

        “There may be a higher force, sure. But the closest thing I see to it among humanity’s “religions” is Buddhism.”

        Buddhism is idol worship.

        If you’re not Jewish, God wants you to follow the 7 Noachid Laws, which he gave the sons of Noah after the flood. If you follow these laws, you’re considered a Righteous Gentile according to God and the Jewish view. These laws are:
        1. The prohibition of Idolatry.
        2. The prohibition of Murder.
        3. The prohibition of Theft.
        4. The prohibition of Sexual immorality.
        5. The prohibition of Blasphemy.
        6. The prohibition of eating flesh cut from an animal while it is still alive.
        7. The requirement of maintaining courts to provide legal recourse and Justice.

        Can you see anything wrong or bad in these laws? These laws are not only good, they’re also logical for a civilized society to flourish.

        An early reference to Noachide Law appears in the Book of Jubilees 7:20–28, which is generally dated to the 2nd century BCE:

        “And in the twenty-eighth jubilee [1324–1372 A.M.] Noah began to enjoin upon his sons’ sons the ordinances and commandments, and all the judgments that he knew, and he exhorted his sons to observe righteousness, and to cover the shame of their flesh, and to bless their Creator, and honor father and mother, and love their neighbor, and guard their souls from fornication and uncleanness and all iniquity. For owing to these three things came the flood upon the earth … For whoso sheddeth man’s blood, and whoso eateth the blood of any flesh, shall all be destroyed from the earth. “

        Furthermore, Paul admitted the Gentiles into early Christianity (before it veered too much away from Judaism) only after they agreed to accept The Noachide Code – namely, avoidance of idolatry, fornication, and the eating of flesh cut from a living animal was demanded of the heathen desirous of entering the Church.

        Judaism considers Gentiles as not being under the scrutiny of the ordinances laid out in the Five Books of Moses. Jewish scholar Maimonides (13th century) held Gentiles may have a part in salvation and in the world to come (afterlife) just by observing the 7 Noachide Law.

        According to Judaism, as expressed in the Talmud, the Noachide Laws apply to all humanity through humankind’s descent from one paternal ancestor, the head of the only family to survive The Flood, who in Hebrew tradition is called Noah. In Judaism, B’nei Noah (Hebrew, “Descendants of Noah”, “Children of Noah”) refers to all of humankind. The Talmud also states: “Righteous people of all nations have a share in the world to come” (Sanhedrin 105a). Any non-Jew who lives according to these laws is regarded as one of “the righteous among the gentiles”. Maimonides writes that this refers to those who have acquired knowledge of God and act in accordance with the Noachide laws out of obedience to God. Maimonides goes on to say that anyone who upholds the Noachide laws because they are logical is not one of the “righteous among the nations,” but rather he is one of the “wise among them.” Both are good.

        Do you see how tolerant Judaism is? It’s because it doesn’t fear for its legitimacy as the other religions that are nothing but cheap imitations of it.

        “I did not see God in there.”

        Are you kidding? Do you think human being have the wisdom and compassion to devise such a moral code as the Ten Commandments, or the 7 Noachide Laws? Left to their own devises, human beings are nothing but cruel sophisticated animals. With God’s leadership and teachings, their humanity created in “God’s image” is truly free to express the full spectrum of God’s attributes of whom they mirror.


      • Matt, picking and choosing verses to validate your worshiping a manmade god is not convincing. Your religious doctrine is simply lacking authenticity and reason, as to why your flesh and blood god is the Creator. Furthermore, you also conveniently omitted that even though the children of Israel sinned, they have a covenant with God, which is forever binding on both them and Him. Your supposed christ can’t make that covenant go away, now can he?

        Indeed, the Israelites sinned through following the gentiles and their gods (just as you are trying to convince them to do now), and this is why God punished them. But, He has also secured their survival as a people through the ages. Their survival is nothing short of miraculous – defying logic. He won’t forsake them. He had to punish them, or they would have intermingled with the nations and been lost forever. He will return them to their former glory, as he has promised them through His prophets.

        No. You’re not the “new Israel.” Israel is still Israel, and it’s the chosen nation. The Gentiles are still the Gentiles. God separated Jew from Gentile for His Divine purpose. Each has a role to play. Gentiles must respect God, His chosen, His decisions, and His ultimate plan and purpose for doing all this. Any Gentile that hates the Jew, or tries to subvert God’s plan, is God’s enemy. Whose side are you on? Will you dare go against God?


      • Hello Lilytron 2.0. Sup girl?

        The old Covenant doesn’t mean God is faithful to you while you act any damn way you please. You arrogant, “stiff-necked,” non-shellfish-eating stooges fucked things up so bad that he had to send his Only Son.

        Being “chosen” does not mean “privileged.” It means you were selected to be “a light to the nations” (Isa 42:6-7, 40:6, 60:3). It means you were indeed supposed to go among men and proselytize them about the one true God.

        Therefore, they always kept to themselves, serving only as an example, and never actively trying to convert any people.

        “Arise, go to Nin’eveh, that great city, and cry against it; for their wickedness has come up before me” (Jonah 1:2).

        See, the very attempt to defend yourself in ignorance of your own faith is a good analogue of The Chosen People. Keeping up your end of the bargain never much appealed to your kind. You have wandered far, far from chosenness and have married yourself to the world. Even your nation-state is blasphemously secular, and you squat over the promised land with a decidedly worldly ethos. God did not promise infinite patience while you looted and corrupted mankind.

        Survival is proof of righteousness? Parasites and roaches are the heartiest survivors they are. Martyrs are the proof of righteousness, as they have demonstrated themselves to be faithful unto death. And from that martyr’s blood, Our Lord has grown the mightiest witness to his glory there has yet been: Two Billion Believers. We bear witness while you scurry into your hovels and jerk each other off about your supposed inviolate election. You drink innocent blood to add another hour to your miserable existence, turning your nose up at mankind.

        Why does the Lord keep our elder prodigal brothers around? It is not mysterious. He has already said as much in Matthew 13:

        The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a man who sowed good seed in his field; but while men were sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away.

        So when the plants came up and bore grain, then the weeds appeared also. And the servants of the householder came and said to him, “Sir, did you not sow good seed in your field? How then has it weeds?”

        He said to them, “An enemy has done this.”

        The servants said to him, “Then do you want us to go and gather them?”

        But he said, “No; lest in gathering the weeds you root up the wheat along with them. Let both grow together until the harvest; and at harvest time I will tell the reapers, Gather the weeds first and bind them in bundles to be burned, but gather the wheat into my barn.”

        God permitted your return to the Holy Land, but Western Christian Zionists were his instrument for you impotent ingrates. Just as the Lord himself condescended to clean up your Pharisaical blasphemies, his Bride the Church has had to spread the truth of his sovereignty, and Christendom reinstalled you in Palestine.

        What do we get in return, you stiff-necked, inveterate betrayers of the Lord? A conniving infiltration and sabotage of the gentile nations for your own earthly gain and not even for the greater glory of God.

        He will return them to their former glory, as he has promised them through His prophets.

        He already has, you blind fool. Only this time Noah missed the boat. Like Judas, you looked for the Mashiach through the eyes of men. You did not consider what a true Christ would look like. You keep looking for a Jewish Caesar even though The Anointed One already vanquished that kind of power once and for all time 2,000 years ago. “My Kingdom is not of this world.”

        Did you ever wonder why the line of prophets suddenly ceased? Why you were scattered to the four winds?

        Of course you had a purpose in salvation history. Now you are a malign people of ressentiment, slave morality, and nostalgia, still trading on an obsolete notion of your chosenness.

        Your supposed christ can’t make that covenant go away, now can he?

        With God, all things are possible (Matt 19:26). And thank him for it, because you arrogant asses were steering humanity off a cliff. Still are.

        But praise be to God that his mercy is greater than your perfidy. For he so loved the world that he gave his only son (John 3:16), in whom he is well pleased (Matt 3:17).

        The soteriological narrative has not been frozen in place for the last three millennia. You deign to interpret “God’s plan,” and yet you speak as though the Lord has been absent all this time, allowing billions upon billions to worship a “false god” while your people are still trying to get their act together. The assumption of the Lord’s infinite patience, so central to your theology, is the very definition of presumptuous.

        This is where Occam’s razor does its slicing. Which is the more likely? That the Lord himself would inspire certain Jews like Simon and Saul to actually bring his light “to the nations,” or you wickedly clever people with your stiff-necks rationalize your repetitive spurning of the covenant for the ten-thousand time and this time you’ve managed to fool God?



      • Looks like I was right about shilly Lily… back in full force with the usual suspect folderol… too many points called for refutation, and even then, the tactic is to ignore and spew forth with even greater folderol.

        I will address one egregious claim though… Jews don’t really care how other people live, as long as they behave morally.

        What chutzpah!

        Look at the credits at the end of any MSM (and especially the independent avenues) production, and invariably one finds the Jew.

        Look at any political, financial, or cultural activity which is derogatory, deleterious to the MORAL survival, and ultimately even the physical survival of a host nation, and invariably one finds the Jew.

        As per Scripture, and as per what our own eyes tell us in this world:
        You are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father you will do… further, there are those who say they are Jews, but are a synagogue of Satan.

        Now avaunt, you satanic shill, and take the stench of your foetor judaicus from the chateau’s premises.


      • In both the current Muslim and Christian interpretations of the end times, YKW gets whacked hard by God. This is one of the reasons that evangelical Christians are such friends of Israel, in order to postpone this day of reckoning. I’ve noticed most evangelical Christians worship YKW and YKW laughs in their face for being rubes. In the end, we Gentiles are as beasts of the field for YKW.


      • @Anonymous – You are a religious zealot.

        You are no different from Christians or Muslims who smite (they would if they could, and often do/have) others simply because they do not share their beliefs. I find all people with beliefs like yours dangerous, and the source of much strife and misfortune in the world.

        Let’s begin.

        “The latter views the former as illegitimate, which is why Christians have a very long history of persecuting and killing Jews; not the other way around.”

        Erm…ok. Both view each other as illegitimate if that makes you feel better.

        The Jews killed Jesus because they considered him a heretic. He may not have been a Christian at that point but Christians would claim him retroactively.

        Jews left Egypt and killed *everyone* in Canaan, the land that G-d had “promised” them, because those people committed the crime of not being Jews.

        Explain to me again how Jews have never killed in the name of their cult G-d.

        “Jews don’t really care how other people live, as long as they behave morally. Part of that morality means you have to worship the Creator, not a manmade/false god.”

        I love this one for its chutzpah. Allow me to translate: “Jews don’t really care how other people live as long as they conform to Jewish ideas of morality and do not worship gods that we say are false.”

        “The group viewing the other as illegitimate is the one insisting on conversion, and when unsuccessful, persecuting.”

        Fair enough. Jews don’t proselytize. But come on now – that’s because Jews by and large identify by race and not by creed. I was not born a Jew. If I studied Jewish beliefs and “converted” to Judaism only a small minority of Jews would consider me a “real” Jew. Exhibit A – a child born to a Jewish father and Gentile mother is not considered a Jew under Jewish law.

        “Even the Founding Fathers based this nation’s government and most important documents on Jewish law, like the Ten Commandments, not to mention on religious Jewish texts, such as the Old Testament and the Talmud.”

        Ermm…if you say so. No denying the influence of the Bible, half of which is Jewish texts. I suppose you will also claim the ideas of Locke, Montesquieu and Rousseau as Jewish too.

        Re: silly arbitrary list of cannot-do’s such as circumcision: “If it makes you feel better, believe this nonsense. However, the reality is that these are laws given only to the Jews as part of God’s covenant with them.”

        Fair enough but that’s beside the point. All the arbitrary religious edicts about what you can/cannot eat, circumcision etc etc are just a form of compliance (if you are here I assume you understand that game concept). All Western religious have that crap. The religions know that getting you to comply with small, mindless rules gets you in the habit of complying with large, mindless rules and improves your obedience to their authority. Read Deuteronomy for endless examples of mind-numbing compliance rules.

        “All other nations must only adhere to the 7 Noachid Laws, which are very closely related to the Ten Commandments.”

        Wait – I thought that Jews didn’t care how other people live?

        “Buddhism is idol worship.”

        Lol. This is the religious version of the child’s taunt “I know you are but what am I?” Aka “Your beliefs are false if you don’t belong to my cult.” If you say this with a strong frame, others who have a weaker reality will bend to your frame. Jews have a very strong frame.

        “Gentiles may have a part in salvation and in the world to come (afterlife) just by observing the 7 Noachide Law.”

        “May.” That is very generous of you.

        “Do you see how tolerant Judaism is? It’s because it doesn’t fear for its legitimacy as the other religions that are nothing but cheap imitations of it.”

        Have you read the Old Testament? I wouldn’t call Judaism there “tolerant.” Jews were instructed to conquer new lands and kill *everyone* — man, woman, child, beast — there for fear of being infiltrated by Baal and other gods and weakening their cult. Remember that the prophet Elijah became a big deal for railing against the infiltration of the Jews by other “false” gods. A lot of killing happened there. Same with the Books of Kings.

        Back in the day there were many religions competing for mindshare and followers. I view what happened as a kind of religious Darwinism. The religions that had stronger antibodies to identify and destroy foreign religious beliefs were the ones that succeeded over time. Judaism not only had a strong frame, but very strong antibodies. I loved the part in the OT where Jews were told that they must kill anyone (even a family member) immediately who confessed a belief in another god — that such an occurrence was in fact G-d’s test of your belief in Him and by killing that other person you would pass G-d’s test. Goddamn brilliant way to inoculating against invading beliefs!

        “Nothing but cheap imitations…” I wouldn’t argue that Christianity is not a knockoff of Judaism but does differ in quite significant ways.

        “I did not see God in there.”

        “Are you kidding? Do you think human being have the wisdom and compassion to devise such a moral code as the Ten Commandments, or the 7 Noachide Laws? Left to their own devises, human beings are nothing but cruel sophisticated animals.”

        Agreed, humans are cruel sophisticated animals. Not to mention smart. They do have the ability to think up a moral code like the 10 Commandments and Noachide Laws. Give me a break. Many cultures have or have had similar moral codes.

        I encourage all here to read the Bible cover-to-cover, unabridged, like I did. Your Red Pill understanding of human nature will reveal religion for what it really is — a sophisticated, Darwinist-driven, crowd-sourced system to maintain social order, defend against outsiders and favor the privileged at the top of society (see the Levites). Religion leverages key game concepts such as compliance, social pressure and frame to achieve its objectives. I’m not saying that religion is evil because I don’t believe it is. It has its uses, chief among which is giving people a sense of purpose. The Bible also contains some great wisdom and philosophy (see Ecclesiastes and Proverbs, especially the part about what makes a good wife).

        My view is that Judaism, Christianity and Islam have no better claim on God or explanations for creation than, say, the creation beliefs of the Aztecs or Greece’s Zeus and Hera. All these cults were created by man in an attempt to explain why we are here. That is not to say they have no value as philosophical or moral guides. But they foster a helluva lot of violence, feelings of superiority and hate between human beings.

        As far as the “miraculous” survival of the Jews, I suppose so. That is just an improbable development, and improbable things do happen. I credit Judaism’s exceptionally strong frame, exclusionary beliefs and powerful antibodies against other religions for lasting so long. Also, a strong cultural emphasis on and respect for learning.

        Anonymous, I would be interested in your suggestions for further reading so I can understand better the tenets of Judaism.


      • Matt, there is actually no historical proof that Jesus existed. He may have existed, but then he could not possibly be any sort of messiah or even the person the Bible says he is.

        So what he is to me is a legend…quite an important one, like Krishna, but a legend nonetheless. He represents a person who tried to teach people spirituality at a time when state religion ruled, and both monotheistic and polytheistic faiths when twisted by the state were under similar scrutiny. Most Christians today, yourself included, just choose to miss the point.

        When you look at it in the proper context, the New Testament is a cautionary tale in how the oppressed become their oppressors. It is quite a tragedy.

        I find it incredibly fascinating that the writer or Revelations tried to warn you what it would lead to, and you still follow along as if you are powerless to stop yourselves.


      • Matt, there is actually no historical proof that Jesus existed.

        Postmodern do-it-yourself “history” is your god, not mine.

        The church is at least two dozen steps ahead of you. I “find it incredibly fascinating” that you imagine these things never occurred to us in the 1500 years before Machiavelli/the philosophes arrived to declare what’s what, much less in the half-millennium since then.

        Let’s try it like this: if the diabolical church knew how subversive the Book of Revelation was to her mission, wouldn’t she have suppressed it from the beginning rather than celebrating it?

        But your contention is that the church is at once clever enough to effect a worldwide conspiracy for twenty centuries, but can’t help but sow the seeds of their own destruction within the canon it created and promulgated?

        All you can come up with is how “fascinating” your ignorance is, how this inconsistency must owe to a defect in the church’s understanding rather than your own.

        Humility has always been a problem with the church’s enemies, which is one reason the very gates of hell “shall not prevail against her.”

        You people don’t do simple logic exercises, much less know how to wield Occam’s razor without slashing your theses to death.

        You do not even know the gods you serve in all but name.



      • Thanks Anonymous. I find this stuff fascinating for its insight into human nature.

        G-d, God and Allah were created by man to achieve human ends. Put aside your religious orthodoxy for a moment and just consider that idea.

        Occam’s razor.


      • @Anonymous – I just clicked on the first link you sent. Like mana form heaven the below is the first thing I saw. Will read more.

        Should gentiles study the Torah?

        The Torah was specifically given to the Children of Israel to guard and observe, and many of its commandments apply only to those who are members of the people of Israel, whether by birth or through voluntary, lawful conversion. At the same time the Torah is full of teachings that apply to all mankind, especially the Seven Universal Laws, and it is a treasury of eternal wisdom, guidance, love and compassion for all.

        Moses: Eternal wisdom and love and compassion for all. Sounds nice.

        1. Every gentile is obligated to learn and understand the Seven Universal Laws, which apply to all people. Under Noahide law a gentile may be executed for unintentionally violating one of the Seven Laws through ignorance, because he should have learned (Talmud, Maccot 9; Bava Kama 91).

        Moses: I guess Jews do care how other people live after all. Ignorance of cult law is no excuse. Love and compassion for all…until you go against our cult law and we kill you. A poster child for tolerance.

        2. Every gentile is commanded to know HaShem (Introduction to Talmud by Rav Nissim Gaon, 990-1062).

        Moses: Commanded. Nuff said.

        3. It is forbidden for a gentile to study those portions of the Torah that apply only to the people of Israel as members of the Covenant obligated to observe all 613 Commandments of the Torah specifically given to Israel. According to the Talmud, a gentile who studies those portions would be liable to death from Heaven (Sanhedrin 59a). This would apply to depth study of the Talmud and Kabbalah, for the proper understanding of which years of preparation are required. Without these, such study can be dangerous for the student and possibly for many others around him or her. Any gentile who sincerely wishes to make a deep study of Talmud or the original Kabbalistic texts should first convert.

        Moses: Are Jewish beliefs unable to withstand the scrutiny and scholarship of outsiders? I don’t respect any ideology unwilling to let others learn about it.

        This is an example of religion employing game principles to propagate and strengthen itself. In particular, it’s the “scarcity” psychological and framing principles at work – “We know something you don’t. You must adopt our beliefs to find out.”

        If I found these texts and read them would a lightning bolt from G-d strike me down? That would be cool. Or would a zealot shouting “Yahweh akbar!” try to murder me? That would not be cool.

        4. It is permitted for a gentile to study those of the 613 commandments for Israelites that a gentile may observe voluntarily without converting. Later commentaries in this series will set forth what these commandments are.

        Moses: Erm, ok. Forbidden fruit I guess.

        5. Other Torah and works that gentiles may study with benefit and without danger would include the Bible and works on the fundamentals of Torah faith, belief and ethical self-improvement by acknowledged rabbinical authorities, including Rabbi Moses Maimonides (“Rambam”, 1135-1204), Rabbi Moshe Chayim Luzzatto (“Ramchal”, 1707-47), Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, the first Lubavitcher Rebbe (1745-1812), and Rabbi Nachman of Breslov (1772-1810).

        Moses: “Study without danger”? Whoa.

        I think I’ve made my point. Or, rather, the good Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum has made my point for me.

        Religions are cults full of zealots. “Believe what we believe or we will kill you in the name of G-d.”

        Charming. Matt, Anonymous et al — you can have it. Just leave me alone.


      • Matt, you don’t know your minor war deity elevated to supreme status any more than I know any of my deities in their proper context.

        The difference between your religion and mine, which makes the big difference, is that we readily admit that we don’t truly know our gods. We made them up at some point as symbols to help us to reckon with Nature.

        Matter of fact, our history predates Judaism and Christianity by thousands of years. Your god is our gods’ twisted child infected with a heavy dose of human arrogance.

        We’ve been doing it longer and better, and despite your usual arrogance, we will outlast you. Long after nobody remembers who Jesus was, whatever adapts in a way that they need to, will have some sort of Yemaya…and it will still be embodied in the sea.


      • G-d, God and Allah were created by man to achieve human ends. Put aside your religious orthodoxy for a moment and just consider that idea.

        We did. Thousands upon thousands of years ago, newbie.

        Just because it’s new to you doesn’t mean these mysteries-in-your-own-mind weren’t asked and answered by the billions who came before Pseudomoses’ precious little spermatazoa began its fateful swim up Pseudojochebed’s fallopian.

        Such preposterous solipsism. You will never learn a damned thing. And you deign to declare what everybody else must “put aside”?


      • Makes me wonder if it is like when I’m not in the mood to lift weights, but still do it anyway. In the end I’m glad I did…and forget the fact that I didn’t want to.


      • on December 21, 2013 at 1:06 pm Robin Goodfellow

        ^This. I use the ‘one little step’ method to get anything done I don’t feel like doing. Don’t think about the whole process. Just think about one small step. “I’ll just do some stretches.” Then “I’ll just do 1 set of pullups,” then once you’re in state, you’re in the mood to do your whole routine and feel better for it. That’s why the old game adage “Don’t change her mind; change her mood,” is so effective. Maybe we should call this “just the tip” game.


      • Yes. It’s easy for us to say “I’m not in the mood” because women don’t really walk around thinking about sex. But we should at least be open to our boyfriend/husband getting us in the mood. It’s a mindset. Someone told me once that sex is how men show love. I’m not sure that’s true, but I think it’s a good idea for women to believe that it is.


      • Ugh, can’t edit… I meant, I was told that’s how men show love in a relationship. Obviously I know men can have sex without love.


    • Indeed women love sex. But they also have memory loss when it comes to that and have to be taken each new day. That a pastor has to tell married women to have sex shows that.


      • > “But they also have memory loss when it comes to that and have to be taken each new day.”

        That is a very deep and profound thought.

        Srsly – not being facetious.

        Women need constant memory reinforcement to maintain the Pavlovian conditioning.


    • Finally the church is doing something useful.


    • Sources/links please.


  4. Had I only understood this twenty years ago…yep, the surest way to sour a relationship is to give the woman everything she says she wants. As a recovering beta providor nice guy it’s very very difficult for me to alter this behaviour. But it works every time. Every time.


    • on December 20, 2013 at 2:00 pm The Burninator

      The more success you have, the easier it gets brother. Consistency, firmness and the occasional “because I said so” without so much as a flinch works wonders.


    • Me, too. What I have most wanted is a soul mate and life partner. But women don’t want that. They want to be led.


      • > “What I have most wanted is a soul mate and life partner.”

        Not to get too dark on you, but that might be the allure of sodomy for many men.

        > “But women don’t want that. They want to be led.”

        And that might be the allure of violent degrading near-murderous [and sometimes outright murderous] bulldykery for many women.

        I’d say: Concentrate on seeing to it that your woman is your “life’s partner” in MAKING AND RAISING CHILDREN.

        Then it’ll be a win-win for both of you.


      • Lot of wisdom there ZS, how did you get that, you don’t have kids yet do you? Anyway I do and that’s the place I’ve come to.

        Wife is an OK companion sometimes but she has let me down too much in the “soul mate” department, details unnecessary. Let me say I never for a microsecond considered sodomy as the solution to that. It just doesn’t compute.

        Can’t say I understand relationships between lesbians, it’s a continent that to some extent I cannot visit, but your being wrong on the first one (to my way of thinking for sure) makes me doubt your perspicacity here.

        But you’re right on the final conclusion. Women really love one sort of people in this life and that is their own children. Put them in that role raising the children that are yours too, and you’re doing things right.


    • Don’t worry bro. I had an alpha bitchy mom growing up and a nice-guy dad. My behavior was altered from this shit and I’m still progressing to changing the gender roles over for me and any future lovers I acquire.

      Regretfully my mom is still stubborn as fuck and doesn’t want to change. So for my New Years resolution coming up, I’m keeping her away from me and she’ll be alone.

      There was a female friend I had for a while. Stubborn Leo who always wanted to do what SHE wanted. And when I made suggestions she would sidestep it with excuses.
      Last few calls/texts we had, she was vile and bitchy with me. I can see why she treated me like shit to back up the ‘nice guys finish last’ theory.

      It was good that I cut her loose and learned from the same mistakes I’ve been making all my life – stop being beta and stop being so nice.


      • > “Don’t worry bro. I had an alpha bitchy mom growing up and a nice-guy dad.”


        Wow – hang in there, dude.

        PS: Did they get divorced?

        Or did your Dad die at a relatively young age?

        You seem to be indicating that your Mom is on her own now.


  5. wanted to leave an interesting link for all readers and CH
    really interesting

    to the post:
    funnily the more a man submits to a woman the fucking more he will be threated like shit.
    Right know I listed to how my mother shamelessly disses her beta man-friend
    the more he remains calm and does not answer her attacks the more insulting she gets and the more disrespecting her tone.
    It all started with that he said that he did not know how to threat his fuckin immunodefic (health)- the more he asked for help the more she keeps calling him an idiot for being not able to care for his health.
    women are repulsed by weakness in every form.
    They rather be beaten and spit by some ghetto thug than to endure the presence of a lower status male


    • Yes women can tend to be cold bitches. In a marriage sometimes the guy needs help. In mine, I’ve found that help often not there.

      Soul mate and life partner, yes I wanted that too, but I am putting up with wife and mother of my children. I have to talk to a higher source. My wife just geta mad if I ask an honest question.

      When my parents died, she did almost nothing while I was unable to do some things for emotional reasons and turned cold if wanted any comforting words. And she liked my parents!

      This sort of abandonment in the time of need changed my feelings about her.


  6. on December 20, 2013 at 1:49 pm The Burninator

    This brought to us by studies done at the Institute To Laboriously And Tediously Prove Already Known Facts.

    It’s shocking that there even need be a study as even the occasional self-aware woman lubed up on a few glasses of wine will tell you as much.

    Up next, proving that water is wet!


    • It’s a shame we spend so much time trying to learn what our father knew. But the lies have to be countered somehow.


      • > “what our father knew”

        For some of the younger guys at the Chateau, that might need to be: what their GRANDFATHERS knew.

        If you read what some of the guys here are saying, then it’s pretty clear that for large swaths of the population, we are deep into the second generation of nice-guys-always-finish-last Loser-ism.


  7. So what they’re saying is that instead of not needing a bicycle, the fish needs an aquarium with a stove and a vacuum.


    • Tell her that and you got her hooked.

      Then put a brass pole in the livingroom for her to practice on. When she asks what it’s for, you shrug your shoulders. “Fishing pole”.


  8. Mark is taking me out tomorrow night. I don’t know where we’re going or what we’re doing. He isn’t telling me. He’s even picking the clothes I’ll wear. He hasn’t said anything about it since Monday. The only way I know we’re still going is I saw a nice Ralph Lauren shirt in the laundry chute. I’m delighted 🙂

    (Also, CH, as a special Christmas treat for you, I wanted to share another gem of a neg he came out with: “You look really young in the dark.” Bahahahaha!!!)


    • No one cares.


      • Sorry to hear that. I know it can be hard fighting the Foundation, but surely someone cares enough about you to mourn your impending execution 😉


      • nerd cred.


      • I’m nerd and I’m proud! Say it loud!


      • LOL


      • Good times, Kate. Their witlessness is the most annoying part. It’s not the criticism or the mockery so much as the utter boredom they inspire. Show them how it’s done.

        Bring your Pine Sol and your cheer around and give it a once over more often. It reeks like an airless asocial creep chamber up in this bitch. Air, light, and disinfectant, please.


      • You mean no one’s been cleaning this place? Then I suppose there hasn’t been a decent pillow fight in ages either. Alright, I’ve got my Febreeze and I’m ready to spray away the gray 🙂


      • Do tell, I’m currently reading Dr. Robert A. Glover’s “No More Mr. Nice Guy”.

        It’s not what you might think from the title. An alpha male does not have to be a mean jerk to give gina tingles. It’s about being assertive and not being a doormat. It’s about not being boring.


      • An alpha male does not have to be a mean jerk to give gina tingles. It’s about being assertive and not being a doormat. It’s about not being boring.

        Way too complicated for the fortune-cookie method of the “community.” Reduce all wisdom to easily-memorized cliche, and regard nuance as suspicious and probably malign.


      • Yes. It’s what a lot of us try to say. All the ‘omg women just like evil, I just treat them like shit and they love me lololol’ posts can get a little wearisome. Or in the last thread, people were suggesting that all women crave being gangbanged. C’mon, brays.


      • @Bel Riose: Speak for yourself.

        God forbid you could actually be happy for a woman who is sweet and loving and appreciative of her husband. Perhaps you’re jealous.


      • These losers are self-reported lady killers — right up until the moment they demonstrate how they interact with one.

        It’s astonishing what minutely detailed dossiers they keep on internet commenters who claim to be women. These awkward types can mimic the site’s party line, like a good schoolboy, but they are just as socially inept as they always were. The hardline stand against feminism, plus a level of social development arrested at the “Girls Have Cooties” stage, combine to create a particularly nasty little twat of a creature.

        Omega is omega is omega. You smell them coming before they even open their mouths.


      • Matt post your most recent text exchange pls


      • 2:30 AM: jesus: hey sexy u up??/
        2:30 AM Matthew King: It’s astonishing how you keep trying to seduce me away from chastity with your phallic temptations of the flesh. I’ve told you repeatedly that a man needs a messiah to put him in his place, not to put him through the paces.
        3:49 AM: jesus: …
        3:52 AM: jesus: gay


      • lol nice work


      • Post your latest text exchange? Is this your new broken record?

        Geez, could you BE any more of a dweeb?

        Machete don’t text.


      • Is Machete even literate?


      • Matt post your most recent text exchange pls

        And the omegas step forward of their own accord. Who said I was talking about you, Prince Beaner?

        I already went through this exercise with you. You must secretly want my game.

        Me: Wear those boots

        Her: Yes daddy

        Me: Pregnant … I don’t want to get you gay … … … nah … bernanke bux …


      • @obalaux
        shit i loled!!!


      • And how predictable to see Matt King rush to Kate’s defense, just as she is the first to cluck up on his behalf.

        And why not? After all, Matt courted Kate with must have been his most assiduous Big Brother Game ever. Emails, calls, long supportive screeds posted here and elsewhere. And in the end — it came to naught. Kate passed Matt up for an old, twice -divorced geezer on the lam from the IRS.

        How embarrassing for both Matt and Kate! So they make the best of it. Kate springs to Matt’s defense out of a sense of guilt; Matt soldiers on, hoping, no doubt, that Kate will look to him when her marriage to Mark fails.

        I leave it to the readership to decide if the situation is laughable or pathetic.


      • Its certainly embarrassing for someone! I really don’t see any reason why we can’t be friends (aside from the fact you’re a pain in the neck). As you have seen, I’m a very loyal friend. What do you say?


      • OK….


      • The soap opera fever that tortures this schizoid’s brain.

        Who even remembers this level of detail about other dudes? Even I can’t recall half this stuff, and I was allegedly witness to it all.

        Get a hobby already.


      • Thanks, Amy. Fiance. All in good time, wedding bells will chime.


      • Damn it, CH! Stop hogging her! 🙂


      • Thanks, Amy. Fiance.


      • “Fiance.”

        So you and Minter HAVEN’T tied the knot yet, eh?

        Does Matt King still have a chance, then?


      • He can speak for all of us.

        This isn’t Kate’s Facebook page, for fuck’s sake.

        If you and Kate want to cluck about being “sweet and loving and appreciate of her husband,” do it somewhere else.


      • When you say “all” of us, do you mean all of your sock puppets? 😉

        My comment was in direct reply to the article, specifically this part: “This is where women need to be, even if they will never say so, or are incapable of saying so, outright: Following the lead of their lovers instead of leading them around like a neutered cat on a leash. Anything less would be… unsatisfying.”

        I’m not entirely surprised you didn’t get that.

        (ps: Can “Tertullian” come out to play next? He’s my favorite of your personalities:) )


      • is minter a viagra or a cialis man??


      • I know right? The sock puppetry here has reached a fever pitch in about the last month or so…


      • CH has cracked down. What the puppets don’t realize is that their schizo pastime is primarily a disrespect for the host, who doesn’t want the extra bother of identity sorting to glean worthwhile commentary.


      • Wait, is this THE Kate?
        The Mark Minter girl?


      • @Patriarch — yep.


      • Ahhhh, I’ll add this meeting to my list of celebritys.

        The next step is to write a book about the manosphere, and cashout, Kate.

        Best way to get the most money is to put a liberal spin on it, you’ll get more purchases.
        You could name it, “From Pain to Gain, the Minter story.”
        Excellent use of the manosphere. Kudos to the both of you.


      • I’ll pick up a copy of her book, but it MUST contain a chapter detailing Matt King’s Big Brother Game, complete with email excerpts and audio transcripts.


      • It’s humorous to me to watch the women of the manosphere infiltrate and slowly begin the process.


      • @Patriarch: Its a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I can’t tell if you’re serious about the book or not. Anything we do regarding the manosphere should be mutually beneficial: to it and to us. I have no wish to follow in the footsteps of other women you may be referring to. Similarly, anything we do will be done jointly as I think that is the proper way.


      • @Stilicho: Its a very flattering picture you portray: a woman being pursued by two men with one of them beating out the other at the last moment, but it simply isn’t what happened. As complimentary as that is to me, it isn’t fair to Matt to not correct that misperception. I guess it’ll spoil the chapter you were hoping for, but Matt King was never “courting” me as you suggest. He was merely kind to me, and, naturally, people who are kind to me become quite dear. He has never attempted to woo me, and you will notice from his comments, he does not believe in relationships conceived on the internet. It is natural to confuse kindness with interest, but he really does only seek to counsel and reserves his “wooing” for women in his real life.


      • Kate,
        I’m serious.
        Write a book. You have the necessary status to do so, and it will probably sell, which will make you money…nothing to be ashamed of for that.
        If you want it to sell you’ll be better off putting a more liberal, reconciliation type message to it.
        You get the money, (wages for work)
        We get more guys looking into us.
        We all win.


      • Thank you for the encouragement, Patriarch. We’ve brainstormed a couple formats, but I’m curious: what kind of book do you envision? What do you think people would be interested in reading about?


      • Kate,
        You need to ambiguosly demonize us. It’s counterintuitive, like a neg. No one is going to want to read the story of a woman who enjoyed her stay here with us and found happiness, it’s too defensive. They want to read about about how warped we are and how right they are. They want to confirm their biases, just like anyone else would. Whether or not it’s true doesn’t matter. Point the men in this direction, and the manosphere will speak for itself. Allow the message to be ambiguous enough to the point that the reader will put their own interpretation into it. At the end of Neil Strauss’ The Game, was the PUA community good or evil, clever or sadly manipulative? Did it matter? The book sold and now “pick up artist” is a common term. You’ve got a chance to change things in a way that I don’t. Don’t waste it.


      • Hmm. I’ve been mulling. I couldn’t pull off a whole book, but maybe a chapter: Raised by Wolves. 😉


      • But do you ever wonder why Matt King only seems to be “kind” to women who post on this blog, and not men…..



      • I suspect its because he’s straight.


      • @Kate: “I suspect it’s because he’s straight.”

        What difference should that make?

        Unless of course he’s hoping his “Big Brother Game” will help him get laid.

        Which, apparently, is what you think.


      • Kate wrote:

        [I]t isn’t fair to Matt to not correct that misperception.

        It’s more than fair. Anyone who can follow, much less believe, this obsessed fanboy’s convoluted tangle of fantasies will also smell the loser fabulism all over his unsolicited, monomaniacal interloping.

        No, the problem with correcting his “misperception” is you acknowledge his existence, and such acknowledgment is obviously the meaning of his existence.



      • Never really got what the big deal about Mark Minter was. Is it that he dared ask for a woman’s hand in marriage? Is it that the woman in question had a kid? Is it that he wrote a bunch of shit about how marriage is for tools blah blah blah?

        If he found happiness with his newfound knowledge then who cares? Not only that, but this is exactly why I post on here about people not taking the ‘I’ve got to be an asshole uber alles to score chix’ line too far. I believe that a lot of those posts were an illustration of how bitter people can be when they get into red pill stuff (I don’t even like calling it the red pill anymore….to me it’s just growing the fuck up and moving past Disney). People here can sometimes forget that actual, real love is still a thing, and it can exist between a man and a woman.

        I don’t really know Kate well, but she seems fine. If they’re both happy, I’m happy. World needs more love, brays.


      • “People here can sometimes forget that actual, real love is still a thing, and it can exist between a man and a woman.”

        Exactly. And if there is loyalty between friends, people have to imagine convoluted explanations for it. Its none of it all that complicated.


      • Never really got what the big deal about Mark Minter was.

        Cults need Emmanuel Goldsteins to focus the collective mind.


      • I believe the bitterness comes before “swallowing the red pill”. If anything the realizations of redpill lead to ability to do something about the bitterness. Realization is healthy. You cannot tell people they are not supposed to be aware. I fight against such ideologies.

        Some ppl here are working thru bitterness. I still remember bitterness in my past, and some in my present. Say what you want about it. But I think I am fairly effective, and that’s MY definition of mental health. I am able to function fairly effectively to achieve MY goals. I hang out here to promote mental health, my own and anyone else’s that finds what I write to be useful.

        I ask those who seem to be negative to all our women here, why can’t you believe that there can be an acceptable and tolerable woman? If there cannot, why bother, get a fuckdoll and be done with it. Sure it’s a game, but take a higher view. We are all spirits having a human experience, some attached to male bodies, some female. We play this game in our bodies. Let’s really play, let’s play to win, but in the end realize it’s usefully seen as a game.


    • Why she called herself a Geisha? do she likes Anime or Manga? i am a proud Otaku by the way.


      • do she likes calamari? on half shell, yes, of course?


      • The concept of becoming a “living work of art” appealed to me. Also, at the time, I had pen pals from all over the world with whom I practiced the art of conversation.


      • You’ve certainly mastered the art of clogging up manosphere sites with your ramblings. Ditto for your fellow harpies: Amy, Nicole, Neecy, RD, etc….


      • I can’t speak for others because I don’t actually read the comments much lately, but I’m not clogging this blog. Since Paul Elam made his case for women standing down, and I saw the wisdom in it, I’m not posting at all in some sites and maybe once a year in one or two others.

        It’s just that some of you apparently think about me a lot when I’m not around or post infrequently.

        It bothers you that I exist, whether I am posting here or not. Why not just admit that?


      • You serve as a handy symbol for a certain type. If you stay away, eventually you will be replaced by a younger, hotter, tighter symbol.

        Nobody talks about Lady Raine anymore, you’ll notice.


      • How cute, i expected more an answer like that, since that is what Geishas do, though i may have think in the possibility of Anime to be something to do with it n.n


      • Nice feminist sister, but to me the best Magical girl Anime is: Sailor Moon, Sakura is a cute child while Usagi is a sexy teenager.


      • Anime follows a cliche pattern.
        For your amusement:


      • > “The concept of becoming a “living work of art” appealed to me.”

        Don’t lie to them, you filthy stinking self-obsessed solipsistic whore.

        Deep down inside, you know that it was the tentacle rape:



      • OMG!!! Hahahahah! What in the world!?!? A girl can love an octopus, but where would they live?


      • > “but where would they live”

        Not to speak for The Master – who seems to be on an extended hiatus [changing diapers?] right now – but I think it has something to do with eBernankification and Butthextualization LLOLOLZZOLZZers.


      • A girl can love an octopus, but where would they live?

        In a pineapple under the sea.


    • lol I’m calling shenanigans


    • “At night all cats are grey!”

      Augustus II of Poland


  9. Having men in charge and women in a more submissive role has worked damn well for tens of thousands of years.

    why would we need to test this? we know it works

    that is how we built Western Civilization the greatest civilization in the history of the world.

    that is why we have jet airplanes, sky-scrapers, computers, heart transplants and so on and so forth

    had women been in charge for all that time, we would still be living in caves…the curtains would be damn nice but we would still be living in caves…


  10. “vulvaically”

    Made my day, thanks…


  11. Time tested advice from grandmothers to granddaughters going through a rough spot in their marriage:

    Shut your mouth and open your legs.


  12. It is the difference between righteous vaginal intercourse and it’s parody, heterosexual pegging.

    The Schwyzers of the world will try and tell you that they are the same thing, but the half life of happiness in the presence of an unnatural dynamic can be measured easily.


    • Dan Savage is a fag, so of course he’d promote pegging. Why straights take anything he says seriously is a complete mystery.


    • What in the ugly fuck is pegging.


      • If you don’t know, don’t google it.


      • Googled it.
        Heterosexual pegging does not exist.
        Pegging, aka being a faggot with a girl, is gay.


      • “Pegging, aka being a faggot with a girl, is gay.”


        Quote of the day, right there.


      • Homosexuality is unnatural.
        Whether you’re Christian or an honest atheist, a man rolling with another is blatant sickness.
        Stay away from them, they carry disease.


      • And “Heterosexual pegging does not exist” is the other quote of the day.


      • The manager of the office next to mine is a plugger.
        His soft effeminate singsong voice, limp wristed handshake and scrotum crunching sashaying around drives my imagination to violence, as it should. His very existence would not have been tolerated in more rational times, lest children see his behavior and question all of existence.
        What good, during a hunter gather era?
        What farm equipment was soft enough for his hand?
        Who would want to share a trench with him as the artillery rained down and the whistle sounded for the enemy hordes to bayonet us?
        No purpose.
        That manager and all his kind,
        Like all the pajama boys, wouldn’t even make good cannon fodder.


      • +1– With this upside downness we live in right now I can only imagine the number of “straight” hipsters like Pajamaboy with their strong indepenent women that let their girls peg them.

        You are a faggot who likes having his shit stabbed. Period. If it is a man or woman providing is irrelevant.


      • Exactly. As far as I’m concerned, staying with a girlfriend who seriously asks to try this is an offense punishable by excommunication in my circle.


      • I should have taken your advice. Fuck this gay world.


      • Yikes.


  13. I spent my whole life trying not to be careless. Women and children can afford to be careless, but not men.


    • on December 20, 2013 at 5:49 pm haunted trilobite

      the amount of tapes in this video really puts the wizard’s sleeve in careless http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNLdLKTYNtw


      • That was REALLY good. Thanks for the link. A perfectly documented view of the hamster in full spin by a hamsteress herself. And yes, that collection of “tapes” there had to be about 40 or so in that case, Jesus…

        Basically when confronted with what most normal human beings come to realize- You must sacrifice some areas in life to add more other areas, the hamster opts out. And then starts to spin the fabricated reality that she is definitely as happy tending to garden snails (Argentinian Cats apparently?) as a mother would be raising her child. Right. Got it.


      • on December 21, 2013 at 3:57 pm haunted trilobite

        Yeah, and the worst thing is that there were commenters on youtube hoping to be the next tape in that box, figuratively speaking. A few asian commentators poured scorn on her behaviour, at least.

        I have a hunch that it illustrates why women are the biggest perpetrators of documenting everything with their cameras/iPhones (obviously feminised men are falling into step in that respect these days too). When they’re in between boyfriends, they can look back over their past pump n dumps, I mean romances, and still get some sort of ego validation salve. Then look through their collection of orbiters “he really wanted to ask me out-how cute!! I would call him buut, tonight’s booty call night, right sistas? so i’m blowing up Rasheed’s fone”. Their collection of photos provides an eternal source of justification (self-delusion) for the levels they feel their entitlement is entitled to be.

        Makes you wonder why no female directors have ever produced movies of the quality that Coppola established in Godfather. Ah well, they might have an oscar for best selfie in the not-too-distant future


    • Senator. You can have my answer now, if you like. My final offer is this:


      Not even the fee for the gaming license, which I would appreciate if you would put up personally.


    • I’m using this.
      Well said.


  14. This study is:
    in a nutshell.

    Now if we could only get, say some Austrians, to conduct a study where the husbands did little else but tease, neg, patronize, disagree-with, & spank their wives.

    -Those would be some interesting study results.


    • I conducted that study. A few years ago when my business was getting going, some interactions with my girl were stressful. I fell into the habit of agreeing just to end the conversation, especially about subjective things like who was responsible for misplacing things. Eventually, she’d get pissed about things that never would have been noticed.

      After my business failed (so, the money isn’t a factor), I started having more time and took back my home. I started telling her what I wanted, started saying things like “no spanking today” when she reported doing something right, and perhaps most importantly, grabbing her head during foreplay and forcing her to blow me. The atmosphere in our home is now nearly ideal.


      • If you’re forcing her to blow you, you’re doing something wrong. If you were doing things right she would want to blow you. Magic 8 ball says you’re full of shit anyway.


      • I don’t think you understand. She likes that. And, of course there is plenty of voluntary lovin’. Can’t do the same thing all the time.


      • “If you’re forcing her to blow you, you’re doing something wrong.”

        Actually…. no he isn’t.


    • Sean Penn must be an anti-Semite for making Jews look so bad through his behavior. I have known many such vicious anti-Semites.


    • He beat her with a bat? Used to hate him. Now I love him.


      • Apparently he was only slapping singles and not going for the fences.

        Can we say he’s merely a gap hitter?


      • But it’s one hell of a big gap.


      • He is also an alcoholic and acting like an ass in private life, which the media barely mention since he is a leftist.


      • Not to mention he is a talentless hack at his “craft.” So of course he is a two-time academy award winner. The hammiest of overacting hams (with a touch of the mongoloid in his face, no?)


        Oscar gold.

        His second “achievement in film acting” was, of course, for bravely depicting Harvey Milk.


      • Fuck you. Mystic River is good.


      • No, it wasn’t… it was a lurid, disturbing flick that merely fed into the “evil white men” approved Hollywood litany.

        And of course, it had the extra bonus of homosexual titillation in the violation of young boys… which they conveniently never seem to mention as such.


      • Mystic River was almost as good as I Am Sam.

        Never go full Penntard.

        Compare his unintentionally hilarious histrionics with the last scene of the pilot of The Killing, a mediocre little show but with the same dramatic content as the clip above — father at crime scene demanding to know if his daughter’s body is in the trunk.

        I give credit where it is due. Sean Penn’s face is due a curb and the heel of a Doc Marten.


      • Penn’s father is of the Tribe.


      • lol name ‘Big Names’ who are out-and-out better actors than Sean Penn. Maybe more obscure names or individuals, sure, but in the pond he plays, Sean Penn is talented by comparison.


      • He’s okay, but Mickey Rourke should have won the Oscar that year.


      • And Bill Murray should have won the time before.


  15. if you havent read the Krauser bit on Celibacy Clubs… you should. Very, very good. I’ve read it three times.


    • Krauser is good shit. A good innner-game recommendation is reading his blog from 2009 and progressing to his current posts. It puts you in the right frame of mind.


  16. on December 20, 2013 at 2:48 pm haunted trilobite

    The priest/pastor should provide the right conditions by getting the bride to say “with this knuckleduster, I thee wed”


  17. “I wonder how newly minted free market-loving leftoids would react if a company fired employees for criticizing Christians? Rhetorical.”

    And they’ll stay “free market-loving” for all of the three days it takes for some card-carrying victim to manufacture an incident of conceivable oppression by some evil white patriarch such as a manager at Chili’s. Then they’ll be shrieking for 18,000 new laws to rein in the evils of capitalism, because This Must Never Happen Again.


    • This nonbeliever wouldn’t say a word if the Christians in the west starting lynching the atheismplus crowd.
      It’s hard for me to take you seriously as a self described rational individual when you shriek like a bitch because someone has the Ten Commandments posted on their property.


      • http://f2bbs.com/bbs/show_topic/918381/1#msg_7129577

        ‘It’s kind of sad watching middle America rally around this Duck Dynasty guy. Not because I have any sympathy for fags, but just because it goes to show how firmly the liberal boot really is planted on the necks of normal people. Rallying around some dumb ass show is the only outlet average people have anymore to vent their rage and frustration at what is happening to this country.’


      • Rallying around some dumb ass show is the only outlet average people have anymore to vent their rage and frustration at what is happening to this country.

        Baby steps, brother. It will take more than a single generation to untangle the clusterfuck. There is a standard fag role on every show, 90% of action films are You Go Grrl lies, fathers are depicted as incompetent boobs everywhere from sitcoms to commercials for fabric softener.

        This isn’t “vent[ing].” This is steady reclamation.

        You are making the same error that the left does: impatience. The need to see “progress” in your lifetime means all kinds of efforts are wasted on incipient causes introduced well before their viability.



      • Isn’t it funny how anti-Christian Christians really are? Their “Christianity” is just another group to belong to for social cuddliness and hopefully a little networking. Yeshua ben Nazareth (in Greek, “Jesus”) said that you should “turn the other cheek”, and “If a man wants your coat, give him not only your coat but your shirt as well”. The Bible also infamously says that you “should not kill” and makes it the most important rule, also confirmed by Yeshua.

        If X-tians actually believed that Earth is just a testing ground to see who will be forever tortured and who will be rewarded with cocaine-grade “bliss” for a billion years, they would do everything they could to follow Yeshua’s rules, since a few decades on Earth are nothing compared to eternity. However, that never happens. X-tians simply use the X-tian preaching as a form of mental masturbation, and something to pay lip service to in order to be included in the church’s social circles, but when the slightest difficulty arises in following Bible doctrine – like when their hate bubbles up to the surface – they drop it instantly.

        All in the name of “Christ”, of course.

        Funny thing: regular churchgoers are fatter than normal people. And we know that obesity in a group always goes with a lower IQ. Not surprising, since it has also been shown that the more religious a group is, the lower its IQ. Those X-tians have trouble thinking.


      • Arbiter

        Isn’t it funny how anti-Christian Christians really are? Their “Christianity” is just another group to belong to for social cuddliness and hopefully a little networking.

        Is it any funnier than how anti-white, white people are ?

        Wake up (and get your priorities straight) white man.


      • And a little negro shall lead them.

        I am mortified by the self-annihilating performance of my race. Atheism is SWPL smugness for the new reaction.


      • when white men get their priorities straight, genocides tend to happen, and not of the garden variety rwanda crabs-in-an-Africa fiasco.

        be careful what you wish for for christmas, else zwarte piet might bring it to you.


      • The Bible also infamously says that you “should not kill” and makes it the most important rule, also confirmed by Yeshua.

        What could you possibly be talking about, “the most important”? Mark 12:30-31. John 1:17. Brush up your bible before you presume to interpret it to those of us who actually study it. The church is blessed to have such ignorant enemies.

        But wait! He called Jesus Christ “Yeshua ben Nazareth”! He must know something deep.

        Who is fooled by your pseudoscholarly shitshow? I mean, besides yourself.

        And it’s known as a “tell” when a hollow chest-thumping coolguy atheist is so obsessive about the way other people live. If you are going to offer a critique, try getting some of the details straight, you insufferable know-nothing doofus. One would think such paranoia would help you become more familiar with the details, but it’s all about selective evidence for the conspiracy theory with your kind.

        If X-tians actually believed that Earth is just a testing ground to see who will be forever tortured and who will be rewarded with cocaine-grade “bliss” for a billion years…

        When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child; when I became a man, I gave up childish comic book conceptions of religion kept laughably immature so I could win an unsolicited internet argument with myself.



      • Arbiter,
        Not all Christians are weak. I count some of the European knights, all Christians as far as we know, as some of the most ferocious warriors ever to curse Mohommads horde with their presence.
        You may disagree with Matt theologically like I do, but don’t make the atheismplus mistake of lumping all Christians in together. Matt is as European as you and me. Leave his sacred books alone and he won’t touch yours.


      • Well Christians are doing a lot of stupid shit today! You guys get mad at the anti-Christians but mainstream Christianity seems to be totally in line with Frankfurt school propaganda and is behaving in way that is hostile to white people.

        An example of this is how the town I live in built government housing, but being that it was almost all white people in this town hardly anyone used it. What did the local churches around here do? They decided they wanted to be good Christians and help people, so they went to St. Louis and East St. Louis to help register and move every worthless nigger from the hood to the nice city I live in. A town that had virtually no crime now has murders, rapes, daily shootings and drive-by shootings.

        I also live by a dumb shit evangelical that “wanted to help some poor black kid” and moved this black teenage boy in his house with his white daughter and the result was a half-nigger baby. This same Christian asshole also spends his vacations building churches in Africa; while he is out helping the Negroes on the Dark-Continent. His daughter is smoking crack and getting rammed by every nigger in the city limits.

        Another example of Christian stupidity is my uncle who is evangelical. I have tried to explain to him about how the Jews control certain industries and the things they are doing. The attempt is always futile because when I say anything negative about the Jews or Israel he goes full on Evangelical retard on me and says “the bible says the Jews are the Holy people”. There is no way to get logic or reason into his thick evangelical head. He literally reminds of movie Idiocracy when the morons kept saying “Because Brawndo’s got electrolytes”.

        I know there are a lot of Christians who are very intelligent and can see the problems that need to be faced, but mainstream Christianity seems to be morphing into a Jew worshipping, Nigger loving religion, and is totally onboard with cultural-Marxism…


      • Your two inane anecdotes notwithstanding, I’ll stick with the faith that built the most advanced civilization by far in history. And number two might as well be number 2,002: the gap is not small.

        Know your origins, white man.


      • Mr.B

        An example of this is how the town I live in built government housing, but being that it was almost all white people in this town hardly anyone used it. What did the local churches around here do? They decided they wanted to be good Christians and help people, so they went to St. Louis and East St. Louis to help register and move every worthless nigger from the hood to the nice city I live in.

        Pardon me, but it was your chamber of commerce, under the cloak of “christianity” who made that decision.


        Because your fiat monetary system REQUIRES infinite growth or it will crash. Money has no value without people because MONEY IS DEBT.

        And debt becomes worthless without people working to pay it off.

        Your town was dying from lack of debt due to lack of people. Your leaders borrowed money (debt) to produce housing for new people to become debtors.

        Since the white people were too smart to take the bait, they imported some nogs to compensate.

        What kind of nogs?

        Nogs that need all of the things the members of the chamber of commerce own and produce; shoes, food, HOUSING, cars, utilities…

        Don’t you get it?

        The bankers make money by lending money; they don’t produce anything like a farmer or shoemaker…

        Imagine if you could make beer by lending piss?

        Come on dawg, you can’t be so obtuse?


      • Arbiter, Matt already tore your screed to shreds, so I won’t reiterate, except to note the glaring misinterpretation of what Heaven and Hell are… and the end result of our lives in this world, heading towards the Judgment Day and the new world.

        Hint: There’s going to be a “new earth”… Man was made to live on this planet, and was created perfect at the beginning… so the concept of Man’s ultimate reward (“perfection” if you will) being some spirit flying around in the ether is unBiblical and just one more of Satan’s lies about God, redemption, torture, etc.

        But back to my point:

        Damn, there’s an awful lot of misguiding interpretation (hence hate) of Christianity here lately… and from a bunch of guys I normally consider allies to the antiCathedral cause.

        Stop telling believers about their own Scripture and concentrate on the task at hand, namely… saving your ire for the true enemy.


      • who’s the true enemy again? Is it women? jews? blacks? leftoids?


      • For this freak, all of the above. However, in reality, the enemy are people who think like him, and when judgment day comes they will be the first ones judged.

        Notice how his “allies” are falling off one by one. It’s a clue that his ilk don’t really have a cause, only hate for the sake of hate. Their entire doctrine is based on worshiping a lie. Therefore, they must create enemies, and hate.


      • The enemy is anyone against North Western European patriarchy.
        You’ll find enemies all around, some even being European males.
        We can sort out our menial issues of nitpicking later.


      • Scray, you’re just a moog, so there’s no point in discussion.

        Anonymous Yiddler, same goes for you.


      • oh, it’s just one of them “self-evident” things, eh? lulz.


      • on December 21, 2013 at 11:11 pm haunted trilobite

        Arbiter, your observations certainly do cut to the quick. Sweeping generalisations aside, I’m sure you respect anyone who’s seriously adhering to upright priciples. Western civilisation was underpinned by Christian ideals, and all of our ancestors, as well as most of the important figures of history that we revere, would have used it as their moral guidance for generations upon generations. They probably would have been better Christians than those who you’re observing now, but the world wasn’t as chaotic back then. I’m certain you realise that if you were to encounter the disciples who cultivated directly along with Jesus, you’d find their righteousness to be soul-stirring. None of them would have dared to kill. Christianity wasn’t founded by Christ, rather, he led his disciples in cultivating their hearts. The righteousness of those disciples caused a stir back then, and the crooked elements that were in power couldn’t bear to be shown up by them. It is said that Jesus didn’t approve of the prevalent religious devotees of the time, criticising them for building temples and collecting money. The religion had become corrupt, and your observations above could suggest that the religions founded after Jesus’ passing have now reached their stages of corruption, being replete with temples, money-collection and outright scandal. That’s not to say that Jesus or his teachings are corrupt though.

        If you want to see a modern day example of genuine cultivators, look to China where 100 million Falun Gong cultivators are subject to a nationwide government-led persecution. These people are cultivating the universal characteristic of Truth-Kindness-Tolerance. As with the examples of righteous cultivators in history, the powers that be cannot bear to be shown up by comparison. When a righteous practice is spread, the unrighteous can’t stand it, and they attack it. “Defame their reputation, bankrupt them financially and destroy them physically; if practitioners are beaten to death it is nothing and shall be counted as suicide; cremate their body directly without identifying the person.” Jiang Zemin, the former head of the CCP, said this. Hardly the words of a righteous leader.

        Since 1999, the CCP have spread lies through the state-run media, brainwashing its citizens, making for a very fearful and dangerous environment for everyone. They’ve viciously tortured and beaten the millions of cultivators they’ve taken into hard-labour camps, with the result of thousands of deaths. They currently use Falun Gong cultivators for forced organ-harvesting, which obviously result in deaths. All this, of course, is a violation of human rights and an intolerance of anything that’s not schematically within the CCP’s totalitarian rule. Lies, viciousness and crazed intolerance – the polar opposite of Truth-Kindness-Tolerance. The contrast is as clear as the nose they’ve cut off to spite their faces.

        You’ll see that they’ve made a grave error. 100 million people have family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues who know that these are good people, and that the persecution is completely groundless. In 14 years of persecution, there hasn’t been any reported incidents of Falun Gong practitioners striking back at the policemen, prison guards and prison inmates who mercilessly beat them. The CCP have completely lost the confidence of the Chinese population at large, and the UN are currently investigating their abominable organ-harvesting practice. It’s only a matter of time before their crimes are fully exposed, and the CCP collapses. Their economy is already in dire straits, since they’ve spent so much trying to prevent the truth of this persecution from reaching their own people and the world at large (great firewall of China, etc).

        Anyone who reads this can lend their support via this online petition: http://www.dafoh.org/petition-to-the-united-nations/ . Given the intelligence of the commentators on this site, along with their American ideals of justice for all, I feel that it’s a good audience.


      • Regular church goers are better educated and wealthier on average than non-church goers. You are dealing in aphorisms..


  18. “but then watch her face vulvaically glow with desirous urgency as the life-giving waters of his insistent masculinity pour into her thirsty feminine soul. Yeah, just like that.”

    Experienced this for pretty much the first time recently. I was working with some girl, probably a high 7 or 8 with a big ass ego to go along with it. We were outside working in the cold, and she was bitching left and right. So I smugly tell her, “well ya know what? You’re just going to have to suck it up.”

    Holy hell I’ve never seen eyes light up like that before.


  19. Puffed Ho….you are killing me man. It is too early in the morning for this kind of lulz. Hehe.


  20. While many men can be master wordsmiths and compose great arguements….there is only one word you need in your arsenal with women.



  21. Women finds spiritual enlightenment through a violent gang bang!



    • on December 20, 2013 at 7:12 pm Hair Slicked Back With Swag So Fresh

      This Christmas season, give the gift of a gangbang to one special lady in your life! Call your bros and let them know they’ll be helping you make a spitroast tonight! Once they see how delicious teamwork can be, they’ll be eager for seconds and thirds!

      Remember, sharing is caring so make sure no man is let out when it comes time to stuff the turkey. Defile with complete confidence knowing that you’ll see tears of joy streaming down her face as she happily recalls the indelible mark you’ve left on her empty soul!

      *No mistletoe required. Plan B sold separately.


    • Religious experience indeed. What a fantastic find (though very NSFW). Maybe the aspiring hedonists need to witness it in porn to believe such experiences to be real.

      Then again, if you have never fucked a woman into tears of joy, you are doing it wrong. And yes, the chief obstacle to achieving that sublimity is “spiritual,” not some thrusting technique or number of cocks or position or vibrating toy.

      Her poor soul was so numb, so abused by the world, that she needed a half-dozen dicks to uncover her spirituality. It’s a shame she hadn’t heard the Good News, that there are rather less frictional paths to the very same enlightenment. And now she has likely paid for that wonderful knowledge with her soul, which will retreat even further into numbness and require still more stimulation/degradation to achieve spiritual arousal again, like a heroin junkie. Bad trade.



      • I don’t think it’s just her poor soul that’s numb. It can’t be normal for a woman to be able to physically withstand all that without major pain and tearing. I will never understand the appeal of a gangbang, even in fantasy.


      • 6 black guys beg to differ….

        ok, i’m sorry. no more fucking around, promise.


      • I will never understand the appeal of a gangbang, even in fantasy.

        Exactly. But the inexperienced chode who gets his education from porn will look at that extreme outlier and conclude it somehow represents something irreducible about her female nature and call it “hypergamy.” How with just the right amount of game, all women can be reduced to soul-destroying depravity, because that’s what they all secretly want.


      • aligned with more primitive tribal/early hominid mechanisms of “we share these hoes”, a potential mechanism for ensuring protection/provisioning from a group of allied competitors.

        reflective of intense desire for sperm competition for the best offspring possible

        wanton manifestation of females’ primary agency, poosy, demonstrating mating power by ensnaring/encumbering multiple potential mates at once

        take your pseudoscientific pick


      • My guess is that to her, it represents submission at its most extreme.


      • Well it turns out these Satori experiences are quite common in gangbangs.

        http://efukt.com/21085_Newb_Gangbang_Chick_Finally_Breaks.html (NSFW)


      • The highway to hell is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose that way.


      • “Her poor soul was so numb, so abused by the world, that she needed a half-dozen dicks to uncover her spirituality.”

        Lots of people talkin’, few of them know….soul of a woman was created below.


      • Very Few Women Are Like That.

        Which is the point. We have lost our perspective of normality, mass media has distorted the ability to compare statistical probabilities with every day life. One graphic presentation of one woman dominates the mind, even though a thousand others around you are nothing like her. The gangbang chick comes to represent female nature because of the intensity of the presentation, not the frequency of occurrence. It is a false preponderance based on ease of access and information overload.

        Her soul was not “created” corrupted. It was made corrupted in the interim. An all-important difference. And at the late stages of decay, they have to perform the most undignifying acts just to feel the epiphany that is much more accessible to the never-corrupted. It is, after all, what we were created for, though we attempt to fill the God-shaped hole with all manner of damaging substitutes, never more on vivid display in that clip.



      • It’s a Led Zeppelin lyric.


      • No shit, Shitlock.

        Is it karaoke night, or did you have a point?


      • on December 21, 2013 at 5:46 pm haunted trilobite

        Rumour has it that someone from Led Zepplin bought the house in Scotland where Aleister Crowley used to sacrifice babies in order to summon spirits. “So let me introduce to you, the one and only Billie Shears”


      • Matthew King

        Her soul was not “created” corrupted. It was made corrupted in the interim.

        She may now convert to Islam:


      • “One graphic presentation of one woman dominates the mind, even though a thousand others around you are nothing like her.”

        AWALT…some just have more self control than others. The ones with self control are becoming fewer and far between what with all the incentives this society gives women for being careless.


      • Or, we can just accept that we are dealing with traits on a bell curve here.


      • Matty, I have no trouble believing that women cry when they have to have sex with you. Though I imagine the money helps.

        “Her poor soul was so numb, so abused by the world, that she needed a half-dozen dicks to uncover her spirituality.” — LOL Weirdo.


      • Don’t expect you to have a frame of reference, slapstick chucklehead. I said as much above.

        And you’ve got it completely wrong about the crying. Truth be told, I’m the one usually reduced to tears after. Sometimes during. I’m the John Boehner of postcoital emotionalism.


    • on December 22, 2013 at 8:23 pm Theodore Logan

      Looks like a variation of Stockholm Syndrome.


  22. I used to be an agreeable yes man who would explode periodically. That cycle of being a doormat who would randomly turn into a raging gorilla is probably what held the marriage together for 20 years. Without the gorilla, it never would have worked. I’ve been trying to figure this out, actually, since if your wife refuses to imagine divorce after 20 years of never being tempted to cash in, you’re obviously doing SOMETHING right, but what could that be given everything I know now? It must be the random bouts of raw animal rage reminding her that I was a caged animal, but I could break out any time I wanted.

    I wish I had known that about myself a lot sooner. I’m still taking baby steps after a year of trying to get my head out of my ass about women, but I finally got to the part where I have a bangable girl answering my text messages. Boy, getting a number isn’t the magic get laid button at all. It’s torture. But “any response is an indication of interest,” right guys?


    • But “any response is an indication of interest,” right guys?



    • I’d say that “any reaction” is a sign of interest. Response and reaction are different.


      • The first convo was tepid, and I’d say I got a response, but not a reaction. I rebooted after a couple days, and stuck my thumbnail directly into one of her most sensitive vulnerabilities. That provoked a reaction:

        “Dude, please don’t get that way with me”

        I’m just going to leave it hanging there for awhile and think about it.

        I’ve come a long way in a year. I just read some stuff I stored away, a snapshot into my past psyche, where I said “[Thinking of myself that way makes me want] to puke, just puke. I don’t want a woman who calls out to my inner abuser and begs for ill treatment. I want a real woman, a whole woman, who doesn’t put up with my shit and won’t let me behave badly.”

        Reading words from the old me makes me want to puke. What a faggot I used to be. Now I’ve got a bangable 22 year old (I’m 41) on the hook. The first of many if I have my way.

        This chick’s best girlfriend is a stripper, incidentally. I am very excited by the opportunities this creates for social proof and back door access to Stripper World. I don’t really want to get divorced. I don’t hate my wife. She’s not standing in my way, it’s just all my blue pill friends who keep telling me, “You’re a nice guy.” Fuck you guys. You don’t get it!


        But NOT as a nice guy.


      • I’d recommend getting away from associating “nice” with “bad.” Focus on just being outcome dependent — that’s the key component of “the attitude.”


      • ahem…independent.


      • Scray dawg. Here is an update on that HB6.5 Cuban/Filipina that you analyzed my text exchange with a couple weeks back:

        1) Part 1: https://heartiste.wordpress.com/2013/12/10/dark-personalities-get-the-girl/#comment-503803

        Part 2:

        Me: So what does miss Vanessa want from Santa this year

        (2 hours later)
        Her: Haha I got everything I asked for. I’m moving to W. Village soon! I got the closing date today

        (3 hours later)
        Me: Damn girl nice work, looks like you made it out the hood. What are your plans Wednesday because we should celebrate over drinks

        Her: Thanks! Lol the hood I wouldn’t quite call it that. I might have a coworker dinner but I will let you know tomorrow! Were still deciding between tomorrow night
        Her: and Wednesday

        (1.5 hours later)
        Me: Look at chu, making moves. sounds good lets talk tom

        [Sent a picture of the Rockefeller tree, lit up at night. Great pic for this gambit]
        Me: I need your help decorating my Xmas tree. Can’t do it alone

        Her: Haha. Beautiful

        Me: Should I have my secretary pencil you in for tomorrow around 6:30p

        (3 hours later)
        Me: I text you: You ignore me. This is so “us”

        Her: I was out with a client, sorry

        Me: Drinks at 7 tomorrow. Lets do La xyz it’s Xst and Y ave.

        Her: I’m not avail sorry that dinner got pushed to tomorrow.
        Her: I just had my company holiday party there on Friday.

        Me: Ya honestly, if ur not 100% up to meet then lets not waste each others time. Take care it was nice meeting ya

        Her: Well I’m not wasting your time I’m busy tomorrow. but if you’re done then I guess that’s that then

        Me: Whoa chill out this ain’t a soap opera audition lol. I just mean most people offer a time to reschedule if they’re still down. You didn’t and I’m trying to read between the lines and make it easy on ya

        Her: Ok well things are crazy for me this week I have a lot going on that I didn’t anticipate at work. I’m off from work all next week for the holidays.

        Me: Hey it’s all good. I’ll talk to ya Saturday and we’ll see if we can make something happen early next week before I go back home for Xmas

        Her: Yeah let’s plan for Saturday or Sunday doing something. There’s a gingerbread house exhibit I wanna see hahah

        Me: Hold up, you gotta tell me where this exhibit is

        Her: [She texts a picture of a screenshot with info on the exhibit]

        Me: Only if we can meet up Saturday afternoon around 3p or so. And I get to choose the next step on our adventure
        Me: If u need a bit more time so u can get dolled up then that’s fine ha

        Her: Lol oh I just threw out that idea did you wanna do that

        Me: Honestly yeah. The ole lets grab a drink and try to impress one another has gotten boring lately. Pick a time and we will meet at xyz

        Her: [texts hyperlink with info. on the gingerbread exhibit]
        Her: It in the lobby so anytime works
        Her: Let’s say like 4, 4:30?

        Me: Yup that works. I’ll text you around noon to see how we’re doing on time

        Her: Alright sounds good

        Her: Hey what are your plans for the day>

        Me: Well I’m having brunch with a friend then going on this gingerbread house adventure with this cute girl around 4p. How about you

        Her: Haha aw thanks 🙂 I’m gonna do the same actually lol. Just wanted to check in with ya

        THE END

        Also note that when she said “but if you’re done then I guess that’s that then” it tells us two things:

        1) the lowercase “b” in “but” shows that she typed something before and deleted it. This shows that she was thinking about the response and doubted herself which you can further extrapolate into the idea that her emotional investment spiked at this point.
        2) The “I guess that’s that then” is a huge sign to me that she was trying to say “I really want you to turn this situation around.” If she truly didn’t care, then she wouldn’t have responded.


      • see that you’re pushing for the meet up, but the sexual intention doesn’t seem present. it”s cool guy talk, not innuendo.


      • woops, saw that this was day game. I withdraw my comment.


      • Hey, looks like you’re kind of in sideways land, where she thinks it’s fun to have a suitor she met on the street, especially one who can be cool over text, but doesn’t really need to move forward to a real life interaction because, well, it’s a little slutty to get picked off the street and go straight to bed with a guy. Problem is , the longer you go sideways, the more likely your identity is solidified as the “virtual flirt”, and for her, she get’s a way to feel sexually and emotionally validated with little investment. If you want a really efficient way of seeing if you can move the ball forward from a street pick up, invite her to an top-level restaurant with some friends in couple weeks. Friends is less scary for a street pick up, and the restaurant associates you with social proof. As it gets close to the date, kill the plans. You’ve got a business meeting out of town or whatever. Then cycle back and get sexual over texts and push for an evening meet up. The texts should be somewhat in jest, but carry a sexual nature. You’re on the right track if her responses are coy: “lol, is this really the guy who I met?” / “you must be texting the wrong woman”. If she does agree to meet up after some sexualized texts – make sure they are nighttime plans, not this 4:30pm bullshit – it’s likely she’ll bring friends. Fine, just make sure you go go directly into strong rapport with her, going for touching and kissing to amp up the sex vibe. If you can get a little bit of a makeout/kiss you can cut the night off because you’ll bang on Day 2 with strong logistics.


      • Typing from my phone so can’t type a lot.

        TL;DR: met up and she was by herself. We kissed but I didn’t let it get too heavy as she legit had to go home early to spend time with family. Date ended with her qualifying herself and implying she was down to meet up again.


      • ‘(Tuesday)
        [Sent a picture of the Rockefeller tree, lit up at night. Great pic for this gambit]
        Me: I need your help decorating my Xmas tree. Can’t do it alone

        Her: Haha. Beautiful

        Me: Should I have my secretary pencil you in for tomorrow around 6:30p

        (3 hours later)
        Me: I text you: You ignore me. This is so “us”

        Her: I was out with a client, sorry

        Me: Drinks at 7 tomorrow. Lets do La xyz it’s Xst and Y ave.

        This is the key moment right here. You pinged her and she was kind of cold to it, but you kept on trying to make that same thread come alive. When you get a tepid response, DROP whatever it is you did and try something else.

        Also, you re-initiate the conversation — not necessarily bad in and of itself — but instead of calling attention to the fact that she ignored you, turn it into a DHV. ‘was doing x or y, thought of you’ type of texts.

        Then, she gives you an excuse and apoologizes. You have more work to do, but you instead go for the meetup. As a general rule, I don’t push for what I’ve wanted until I’ve changed her mood. She’s kind of cold at the moment, so I would have held off

        ‘Her: Well I’m not wasting your time I’m busy tomorrow. but if you’re done then I guess that’s that then

        Me: Whoa chill out this ain’t a soap opera audition lol. I just mean most people offer a time to reschedule if they’re still down. You didn’t and I’m trying to read between the lines and make it easy on ya’

        Instead of going this route (which, I’m not saying you can’t call her on bullshit, I would just wait til after you guys smash), I’d just pretend like it’s a good thing — ‘oh ya i was actually thinking the same, X day is better…let’s get drinks then.’ That way you don’t really have to go through this rigmarole. Ball’s in your court, and if she flakes on the next meetup, you can just move on instead of having to put her on the spot.

        And I would have done without the ‘this ain’t a soap opera audition’ line. I mean, are you getting real here or are you kidding around? Pick one and stick with it. An ‘ok lol….just making sure…’ would have worked better. Comes across as more chill.

        This chick is into you though, she’s explaining herself, and I’m assuming she didn’t flake on your hangout?


      • honestly, a light makeout and cutting the first meet up off is way better. gets her mind going, no awkwardness that you’re hanging around like a desparate puppy dog trying to get laid, no “did I go too far?” ASD triggers from her. her hamster is going and just make sure to hold strong to lay logistics on Day 2. high probability you close the deal. good sign if she’s reaching out texting you between now and the time you schedule your day 2.


      • @DarkHorse, @Scray

        Many thanks for the feedback guys


      • I’ve decided to seek outside opinions profiling the girl.

        She has piercing, dark eyes that drill straight into mine, and our eyes stay locked while she throws out shit tests like these:

        “It was my fault I was raped when I was 11. Everybody tells me I was asking for it, and I agree. I was asking for it.”

        “I’ve often thought how much fun it would be to call a hooker over and then murder her.”

        “I almost killed myself a little while ago. I cut too deep. That’s why I’m wearing the long sleeves.”

        “I hope I die soon. I haven’t eaten in over a month to lose all that weight, and I’m in danger of passing out. I might pass out behind the wheel and die. I hope it happens.”

        Is that the kind of crap a garden variety scene kid throws out to get attention, or is this chick scary fucked up?

        What am I messing with here?


      • she’s fucked up. tell her what’s really going through your head:
        “it’s amazing how you can say shit like this while holding eye contact like a serial killer. great stuff. love it. what other tricks do you do?”

        meet crazy with crazy. the sex should be incredible. just don’t stick around.


  23. the joke

    your heads


  24. We get the NBC Today Show beamed into OZ here on a Saturday morning. I’m not too familiar with your TV networks, but is this like an overly left-leaning program?

    They had a bloke called Josh Zepps on from the PuffedHo (heh). An Australian, actually.

    Just a hunch, but he seemed like the type of herb who would be regaling us with the perils of “slut-shaming” in his spare time.


    • Yes and no. That show is what is considered ‘mainstream”; very polite and agreeable to non-thinkers and would claim to be moderate. But your suspicions are correct as The TooGay Show is just one appendage of the Cathedral’s media division.


  25. http://www.wsbtv.com/news/news/marta-installs-urine-detection-systems-elevator/ncPgH/

    I wonder how soon we’ll be hearing liberals sob about the racism and disparate impact of this program.

    “It’s going to cost MARTA about $10,000 to outfit each elevator with the urine detection device.”

    Cough up those tax dollars, maggots! Our vibrant utopia isn’t free, you know!


  26. Question: how to distinguish between the situations where the women is being whiny or combative but this is not her overall character, and the new fem-breed who think combativeness, competitiveness, sassyiness etc. is alluring and sexy (the SATC syndrome)? I find in a lot of social circles now that this behaviour is the assumed default model. What level of this behaviour is normal socialisation and what is bred by feminism?


    • I think it’s all fed by feminism / Frankfurt school / abnormal socialization. It’s a sort of carpet bombing whereby you are present with nothing but this sort of female, and you are supposed to give up and choose one from among them. If that doesn’t work out, try harder to appeal to them.

      I suggest you ignore ALL women like that, knowing that in any case 9/10 of the world’s females are NOT like that, go meet them. They’re in foreign countries? You’ve got a passport, use it. Meet foreign women on college campuses. Maybe you’ll even meet American women who have the guts to reject that. I give those women a lot of respect because the pressure on them is quite strong — we men are not supposed to be given any alternatives to the feisty woman and she’s stepping out of line.


  27. There was a person who posted here under the name Lily. Since I figure she continues to read this blog, I figured that I would post this link to a site I recently came across.


    She made some rather ignorant comments about Polish intelligence. While Cracked.com is far from the most authoritative website, the article is completely accurate.


    • “Lily’s” employer stopped paying for “her” to defecate here.


      • The YKW employer stopped paying because the shill cogdis activity was having the opposite of its intended effect… the the voices of RealTalk and YKW-awareness increased and gained momentum.


      • Marvin Hagler has left the building.


    • She made a lot of ignorant comments that sounded authoritative. We still get quite a bit of YKW trolling, some of it quite professional. Lily had obviously been given some training because she followed a distinct methodology.


      • I think the local Citgo is Lily’s employer, if that. In any case, I think Lily is/was a conspiracy-driven, paranoid type masked behind her old Dell computer donated from the local community non-profit. Either that or the regional mental hospital allows their patients an hour of internet use per day. I have spent some time reading older CH posts and I was dismayed at the apparent stupidity found in each Lily post. I would argue that she uses the language of a schizo. Typically, this includes comments that are ad hominem and/or that attempt to convey a special knowledge/understanding/expertise without any related training and/or education. She added absolutely nothing to any discussion. However, she was more than willing to talk about more schizophrenic topics like John Rense and secret societies. I am sure she has a reptilian tattoo painted on her cottage cheese. The comments about Polish people was just one example of her delusional ignorance. At any time, immigrants were described by others as stupid, violent, lazy, etc. Of course, immigration created competition for resources, especially during the late 19th/early 20th century. There was also fear. This triggered animosity among competing ethnic groups e.g. 1919 Chicago Race Riot. This was usually for physical labor i.e. manufacturing jobs. Let me guess, Polish immigrants were called stupid by other groups since they could hardly speak English and/or took “blue-collar” jobs. Obviously, this is no longer 1930. The fact that the Polish of Poland show a rather high intelligence among European populations is information/data that Lily is incapable of understanding. Of course, Lily has enough to worry about already like her prescription for Clozapine or her pet cats and stinky trailer. Intelligence is for the “big boys” Lily. It ain’t for you.


      • I sometimes forget that the Internet is often a proverbial “far-cry” from “real life” interaction. I have also forgotten that even the most low intelligent, illiterate people can use the Internet and make their weak voice heard.

        Now, that this is settled, I am willing to move on.


      • I heard Lily hit the wall at age 17. She reads CH just in case some 400lb pound, trailer-man applies CH’s 16 Commandments
        of Poon onto her.


  28. @YaReally

    Just before I pulled back for the last time my now drama-queen ex gf started to cool towards sex. (3 months ago)

    She claimed she was on her period, something that had never been an issue before.

    I was firm: “What’s up, do I need to start fucking other girls?”

    We fucked. That was the second last time.

    After that I realized something was going on and pulled back and she reacted by breaking up.

    But in hindsight, I realize that while this was brutish, we had a great sex life and I sensed she was starting to get interested in someone else, so this was my way of setting a boundary.

    We haven’t spoken in nearly 2 months.

    She came out to our weekly social–which I’m obligated to attend for a variety of reasons—and a guy who I think she’s seeing or likes came out. Since I know him, he approached me first and I said hi, shook his hand and didn’t let on that I otherwise gave a shit…. He immediately approached her and they danced. I rarely did that, I’d wait until later in the night to build up the anticipation.

    She kept trying to make eye contact to engage me in something.

    I just shook my head in a ‘no’ and smiled with amused mastery, then left for another function after flirting with my other ex gf who offered me beers and kept laughing at everything I said when we talked.

    I see some of the guys in my social circle getting attention from girls–including my latest ex—and I think the temptation is to supplicate.

    As I get more and more into game I realize how conditioned guys are to compliment, supplicate, or give attention—pour wine, etc etc.


  29. Like ol’ Eric Cartman said: “Hey, you get your bitch ass back in the kitchen and make me some pie!”


  30. […] A Woman Needs A Man To Put Her In Her Place […]


  31. This clip is interesting and probably worth its own post.


    • on December 21, 2013 at 3:40 pm cultural marxist

      Leftoid indoctrination is this far already?

      Holy shit, of course people are gonna be fucked in the head if they’re constantly seeing these bullshit messages everywhere.

      I pity the young kids who are spoon-fed this junk today.


    • on December 21, 2013 at 7:40 pm Theodore Logan

      OMFG dude, that motherfucker is so fucking whipped! Wow, just wow! O_o


    • That was actually a great movie. I went in thinking that it was just going to be another look at how men “objectify women” or whatever, but it took an even-handed approach to relationships.


  32. Interestingly, Hot Air has an thread going on the how girls benefits from the absence of men:

    Hot Air Discussion on Time Magazine Article – Are single-sex schools bad for girls?

    Notice the frame here: Single-sex schools are BAD for girls. Why? … because Time Magazine and feminists say so despite massive evidence to the contrary. You can rest assured that anything these two harridans think is good for the country will only fuel the decline. The fact is that all girl schools are slightly better for girls but all boy schools, at a certain age, are massively better for boys. Again, we are not talking about all schools for all ages just mainly high school and possibly middle school.

    In any case, let’s focus on girls (You go girl!) because who cares that boys have been under served at public schools for years to the point that they are falling behind. The article posits that all girl schools are bad for girls because studies claim that all girl schools make girls more, gasping with horror, “girlie.” Here is the pertinent portion of the article:

    A new study has found that girls at same-sex schools feel greater pressure to adhere to gender norms — and were bullied if they didn’t — than those at mixed-gender schools. Perhaps even more surprising, the same researchers say that girls at same-sex schools evaluated their self-worth based more on social confidence than cognitive confidence — while girls at mixed-gender schools weighed academics more heavily than social prowess.

    More interesting than the article are some of the astute comments below it. Here is one from theJackal:

    Who cares if it is? Girls are a bad investment. The ROI on the human female over the past 60 years has been in the deep negatives.
    It is certainly bad for boys, and that’s the problem!
    The Muslims are just sitting, watching, smirking, and rubbing their hands.
    Caliphate in less than 200 years.
    Thanks, fembots.

    Here is another from Rocks:

    It’s very easy to explain. Girls at same sex schools place more emphasis on being girly because they have significantly less interaction with boys. That less interaction means they need to make the interaction they do have really count if they intend to have a mate.
    It’s like this. If I only get to get on a golf course 10 times a year I am going to practice harder because I don’t want to have my time on an actual course wasted with chasing errant balls. If I can play everyday what does a few balls hit the woods matter?
    Is this bad for girls? Only if you think girls placing emphasis on marriage, love and sex with someone they find desirably is a bad thing.

    ,,,and I close with one last comment from the Jackal:

    Actually, this post brings up an amazingly important biological point.
    If human civilization “depends” on males producing more value than they consume…
    …why is the gov’t mandating more privilege to females than they produce?
    I have said it before, and I will die with it on my lips:
    Feminism is the most toxically lethal social cancer this country has embraced since slavery. Literally.


  33. you have to marvel at the brutal efficiency that the female of our species exhibit. perfect predators.

    had a smart ex probe some boundaries like the Viet Cong the last few days, but got caught being a girl lol. xmas desperation im sure.

    im beginning to think that husbandry really does need to be the overriding theme in modern (or maybe old timey, how would I know) relations for a man.


  34. Looks like a beta megathread here from reddit

    Most of the top stuff wouldn’t even bother me. at first i thought it was just a psychopath. then i realised that i have way to high of a self esteem and confidence for most of these to effect me, especially from a woman.

    beta = world crushed when people don’t accept them? world crushed when a “wifey” rejects them in any sort of way?

    It’s pretty funny to read. I always knew reddit was a beta fedora liberal site. It’s just amusing.


    • Good way to be is unaffected. It doesn’t matter what people say or think. They influence your psychology only as much as you allow them to. Works on girls also. The next time some snarky girl throws something ugly your way, just look at her condescendingly and smirk, then continue doing whatever it is you feel like doing. No explanation, no justification, no defensive retort.


    • Ya but if you deaden yourself, you’re just cheating. The triumph would be in allowing yourself to care but gaining control over your emotions to demonstrate grace under pressure. Someone who actually doesn’t give a fuck at all is like an asshole — being an “asshole” is way better than being a nice guy, but it’s not the ideal end. Resilience is most attractive, not “not caring.”

      If you’re becoming intimate with people whose opinions of you, thoughts, etc. honestly don’t matter to you at all…you’re doing it wrong.


      • I’m not dead inside.
        What I’m talking about is realizing that her opinion or feelings towards me and my life are inconsequential.
        It’s like posting here. It can be fun, you can make friends, etc., but it isn’t going to have any bearing on who you are because you’re grounded in your perspective of reality. Not taking their opinions seriously doesn’t mean you have to be a raging ass all the time. On the contrary, if you genuinely don’t care, if you are truly outcome dependent, in both directions whether the relationship fails or works, then at that moment you are free to truly be your dominant, not beta domineering outcome dependent, self.
        She can stay, she can leave. People come, people go. It is a minor sidenote to your existence. It does not affect you or your enjoyment of your life.
        For a man, Connecting with someone is not needing someone, it’s enjoying them despite not needing them.


      • “For a man, Connecting with someone is not needing someone, it’s enjoying them despite not needing them.”
        Wouldn’t you say it’s more “caring about them” despite not needing them? Because you can enjoy some girl you just brought home for a ONS and not need her, I understand that… but you’re not really connecting with her.


      • Amy,
        I fail to understand what you mean by “caring about them”.
        Do I wish them harm? No. Do I worry whether or not they will always be there? No, all relationships are temporary arrangements, even if they last for years. If you mean “care” as in do I want the best for them out of their life, then sure but they obviously come second to my needs.

        Difference of opinion. I’m not able to be harmed by letting someone go because I’m fully aware that at some point everyone eventually leaves, and when that time comes that is simply the way it will be. Do I miss some of my past flings? Sure, I’m human afterall, but it gets easier the more you lose people. It’s just part of the process. I remember Yareally once saying something about laying next to a girl and coming to terms with the fact that at some point in the future he will break her heart by leaving. Something I’ve personally come to terms with.
        Regardless, if you feel that way, then do what you do. I can only speak for myself. I may simply be at a different spot on the empathy (or lack thereof) spectrum in comparison to you.


      • For a man, Connecting with someone is not needing someone, it’s enjoying them despite not needing them.

        To truly connect with someone they must be special to you in one way or another. Fucking girls != connecting with someone. But if you have a “she can stay, she can leave’ attitude, I’d honestly wonder what the point is….

        Sure, you should have the ability to leave, should she step over a few set lines — but you shouldn’t want to do it, it shouldn’t be easy, and you know that serious pain will be involved. That’s the balance. You have to put yourself out there….


      • Scray
        Answered above with answer to Amy.


  35. […] A wife, writing on PuffedHo about her most intimate personal matters, decided that in order to resur… […]


  36. Never struggle with inner game again by changing your core beliefs. Here’s how –

    Take the fact you have to do “chores” in life. You can hold the core belief that certain activities are in fact tedious “chores” that have to be endured with suffering, such as mowing the lawn, are you can say to yourself “awesome, can’t WAIT to mow the lawn”.

    Now I bet you are saying to yourself, “but wait a minute, mowing the lawn IS tedious and boring. I can’t convince myself to believe something that isn’t true. I can’t convince myself of a placebo if I know it is a placebo” However, is that statement TRUE? It’s actually an irrational belief since it leads to unhappiness!! Think about it. A decision to hold a belief that leads to an unhappy state MUST be illogical.

    Nobody says,” I want to be happy because…”

    They say “I want to be happy”.

    No one says” I make rational decisions because I am happy.

    They say “I am happy because I make rational decisions.”

    We are seeking an emotional state as a result of rational thinking, not the other way around, therefore it is extremely rational to choose to believe that in things will make you happy.

    This is the rational thought process behind optimism

    This is the rational thought process behind inner game.

    This is the logic behind the “act as if” theory.

    Act as if mowing the lawn is the greatest fucking thing ever.

    Act as if the girl in front of you that you want to bang is the sexiest fucking thing ever.

    Act as if today is the greatest day the world has ever known.

    Act as if you are the handsomest, most charismatic, most charming, most thoughtful, most interesting, erudite and intelligent motherfucker who has ever graced this planet. You should see that it is extremely illogical to believe otherwise since it will lead to a state of lesser happiness.

    The fact that you not be all those things is totally irrelevant. It is, quite simply, illogical to believe otherwise.

    Now get busy.


  37. @yareally

    Acquired a new FB from a Day 2. Thanks for your guidance on the process.

    This girl was part of a “revival project”. To see if applying sexualizing to dying “sideweays” interactions would revive interest and result in lays. I had gotten some strong IOI from this girl in the beginning of our interaction, but the texting was going sideways and we never met. Once I sexualized the conversation (see here: http://tinyurl.com/k8tvl34 ), she was down to meet up.

    (Day 1 details are here http://tinyurl.com/mx9t9ey if you need context)

    Setting up Day 2, she presented me with bad logistical options (let’s do lunch; surprise, I’m in your neighborhood tonight. Can we meet?). Rejected all her logistical input. Told her exact day we were meeting up and held firm. She expressed a little hesitation that we were meeting up late on a week night, but just told her I was working late that day. (She actually showed up 40 minutes late to the bar, so maybe it wasn’t such a concern, lol). Days before the meet up, she drunk texts me and gets a little slutty, so it’s a total tell that she’s DTF in her mind. My thoughts are to keep things really non-sexual from herein because she might catch strong ASD after getting randy over text and change her plans. So I got a little nervous about this.

    Also felt a little nervous about the logistics of the lay since my primary was at home in my bed, so was just wondering if this was going to be “game masturbation” and end up as a road to nowhere. A girl can cocktease and a guy will go beta and still chase, but a guy who pussyteases will look beta, in my opinion, adn the girl will lose interest if she’s DTF and can’t get off. Sends mixed signals and gives off a lack of confidence vibe.

    Since she was running late, I had opportunity to change the venue. (Actually think showing up early to make sure the venue’s vibe is congruent with the direction of the date is kind of not so bad.) The spot I initially picked was too low-key, and it didn’t give off a fun vibe, so tell her to meet at a more fun, livelier dive bar. Like the fact that there was a couple making out when I arrived so it wasn’t such a big deal to get sexual in the place. Think it’s important to be in a boisterous environment before the date, so you acclimate socially by the time your girl arrives.

    She arrives. We make conversation at the bar. (Again, recommend standing at the bar, rather than booths. Easier to establish physical intimacy that way. See this analysis if you want to know why I hate booths: http://tinyurl.com/mx9t9ey.) We drink. Direct eye contact, confident tone of voice, hands around lower waist, light make out. Can feel she’s wearing some kinked-out lingerie through her mini-skirt. She came to fuck. After an hour of conversation, she playfully asks me if I’m going to punish her tonight, so it’s on. We leave the bar, keys to my workplace, bang her there against a wall. Body was pretty tight. She’s thankful girl, ends the night trying to pencil me in for another night of banging, already arranging the sexual logistics (can we get a bed next time?).

    Total time invested in this was 5 minute chat at the bar. About 100 lines of sporadic texting over a couple of months (most of it boring, then sexual). A 30 minute Day 1 meet up, and then a 1 hour Day 2 meet-up.

    Closing Thoughts…

    – Sexualizing a text interaction separates the girls who are looking to fuck you from the girls who are looking to play games or aren’t sold. Gets rid of time-wasters. Creates a an “awkward-less” environment. Both parties know what they are getting into.

    – When you start to sexualize over text, be prepared for a coy rebuttal. Most frequent example: “you must have the wrong girl”. Even if a girl has sent you pictures of herself in a bikini with ice cream dripping on her tits, there’s still a good chance that she is going to react coyly to your first attempt to sexualize a conversation over text. But eventually there are really two outcomes: she’s either going to cut off communication and go radio silence or acquiesce. If she acquiesces, it might be really subtle. (See first link in this post for an example of subtle acquiescence.)

    – Guys need to relax a bit on the “buy me a drink” symbolism. If there’s any form of physical escalation, it’s fine to buy drinks. Don’t buy drinks pre-escalation. If she wants to bang you, she’s not going to think less of you for buying the drinks. And actually, if she she’s DTF, she will think less of you if you try to pose as an alpha and impolitely suggest to go Dutch of that she needs to pay you because you’re such a prize. If she’s DTF, there’s a good chance she’ll get next round anyway.

    – Tell her to dress up and get sexy before the date. Sets a frame that the meet-up is about fucking. By telling her to dress up, I sent her my expectations coming into the date that she needed to take the meet up seriously or she’d be rejected. And what happened? She dressed up like a fuck doll down to the tiniest details. Post-bang, she even said that she wanted to make sure that she was done up properly for me.

    – Because of the sexual nature of the texts, this girl already has it in her mind that I’m fucking other girls. She drunk texted me one night to hang, and when I told her I was busy, she told me to leave whatever girl I was with for the night. So she appears fine knowing I’m fucking other girls, and the next date we’re setting up is all about fucking, she won’t be trying to push me to a dinner.

    – Most of the “shit tests” that she introduced throughout our interaction were little plans to desexualize the logistics (lunch vs. late night meet-up). But I held firm throughout. If I hadn’t it would have been awkward and the lay wouldn’t have materialized as “ok, I’m DTF now, so just lead me wherever to consummate.”


    • Bonus round for @yareally…

      Met a 9…get number. Text goes like this

      Me: Me hey it’s Darkhorse

      Her: Who is this?

      (Thinking well that’s great, she gave the number but doesn’t remember. If I press, I look like a crybaby or fool. If I didn’t make a strong enough impression, that’s on me.)

      Me: Ok, well mysteries are fun I guess.

      Her: Oh, yea, I remember you! We met at Club X when I was out with my girlfriends.

      Me: Sweet. Did they mention my plans to tie you to my bed?

      Her: lol I have a boyfriend.

      Then sends an smiley face emoticon.

      Me: I’m not looking to be your boyfriend. He’s safe. Let’s meet up tonight.

      Her: What do you have in mind, babe?

      At this point I really didn’t have a plan and was kind of surprised it got this far. Just ended the conversation. I always take “babe” as a bad sign. Pet names from women seem to be their trying to assert control of the situation.


    • Nice work on the lay and the actual write-up. I will chime- in with my thoughts later, thanks for sharing.


  38. When I finally get my shit squared away from a slob to having a nice bod’, I am going to score so much with chicks just to dump them off when I’m done.

    Like the ignored baby in the crib gets all fucked up, your ignorance of me created this monster!


  39. Happy Soulstice; ya’ll got 3 days to take your best shots because this is the weakest I’ll ever be.

    Protect yourselves at all times and good luck.


  40. In my own marraige, I find the more aloof, indifferent or outright domineering I am, the more my wife wants to fuck and fuck hard. I stumbled on this dynamic by accident a few years ago. Long story short, we got in a particularly bad fight on night when our kids weren’t home. In anger, I reached for my son’s baseball bat. My impulse was to throw the bat, not at my wife, but across the room in the opposite direction from where my wife was standing. But she had no way to know this. When she me grab the bat, I guess in that instant she assumed the worst. She shrieked back, raised her arms and covered her face. I set down the bat, and, to make a long story short again, we put the matter behind us. But later that night, she fucked like an animal. No bullshit. That was the exact moment I realized the worse I treat her, the more she seems to want to fuck. I find something deeply disturbing about this.


    • Well said and very true. I’m in my thirties and have dated both younger and older women and have noticed this phenomenon is true with all of them. There is a difference between being nice or “sweet” and being a supplicating ‘yes dear’ man. So don’t make the common mistake of conflating dominance with just being a dick for no good reason. Dominance is simply unwavering, genuine self-assurance and the confidance to match. It’s hard to fake and women are hardwired to spot it and crave it (that’s why game is a challenge boys). Dominance can be as simple as handling a social interaction – such as handling a complex order at a restaurant – with grace and confidence. More broadly its about understanding the value you bring to the relationship equation – it should be equal to or greater than hers – and behaving accordingly. The yes dear man acknowledges or at least believes his value is lower – and believes that being extra nice or supplicating will make up for it. Unfortunately, this only digs a deeper hole. You look weak and no womaon wants the man who is weak against other men.

      The sweetspot is being able to effectively do both: be ‘sweet’ (i.e. hitting her romance button and make her feel special) while also being ‘the dominant man’ to trigger her attraction button.


  41. We’d do well to take a page out of the Arabs’ book (The Arabs are certainly a cruel race but also a very advanced one. We’d do them a terrible injustice to relegate them to the strata of prehistoric people, alongside Africans, Aboriginals, New Guinean cannibals, etc.) Western media has us believe Arabic women are living hellish lives under their bed sheets. This isn’t true. They go about their business merrily and are quite happy under there. They share their husbands with other women, but this comes in handy in dividing chores and providing the children multiple mother figures rather than one overburdened mother pulling her hair out. The Arabess has no other purpose besides being a good wife and mother. She isn’t a “you go, girl!” career bitch. She doesn’t balloon into a 400 lb hippo a few months after marriage. Her duty is to keep her husband happy and she takes it very seriously.

    Seeing these women peering out of the post-box slits in their bedsheets, one might feel the Arabic treatment of women is too harsh (I don’t advocate the worship of Allah or the adoption of Islam, anyway), but look at what Western women have become as a result of us granting them total freedom. Her body desecrated with tattoos and her face caked with make-up, the modern young Western woman is barely distinguishable from a prostitute. I sometimes wonder if I approached one sitting on a bench and shot a load all over her whether she would be offended or giggle and take it as some sort of compliment.


    • One Yiddler already posted this Jewess’s fairy stories…

      I thought you shekel grubbers were supposed to be smart.


  42. American Women in one photo: http://imgur.com/0zFjtOe


  43. If you got this far into the comments, I have some bad news; the BMJ study which started all this is a fake. A con. A Christmas joke.


    Come on, a sample size of one couple. Really?


  44. Seriously gay shit for me… Some of our enemies have just cause, when you can spend a weekend in the basement on any given weekend. Bad for us. Bad for them. But— your realization of real talk, can destroy this busted angle for men….


  45. Somewhat related…this is what happens when guys don’t screen their girlfriends or game them to ensure they maintain hand…


  46. on December 22, 2013 at 3:56 pm FuriousFather95

    Can somebody please tell me how I can get the support of MRAs and MSM attention for my story? Here it is, to summarize:
    When I was 17 I was seduced by a 30-year old woman (legal in my home state). She became pregnant and in her final 3 weeks of pregnancy went down to Florida to visit her mother, a woman who had previously encouraged her daughter to abort my child.
    I had no control or input in her decision, but based on how she’d previously described her mother (as a sociopath and alcoholic) I thought it was a bad idea.
    My daughter was born in Florida, three weeks before my 18th birthday. The maternal grandmother had banned the mother of my child from contacting me and encouraged her to put “Unknown” for father’s name on the birth certificate. I had wanted to be named on the birth certificate. I wanted my daughter to have my last name. The mother of my child and our baby were supposed to return to our home in Pennsylvania, but this didn’t happen.
    The grandmother took control of the situation and held her daughter a virtual prisoner in her home, telling her that if she attempted to leave she’d be forcibly restrained by herself and her 23-year old boyfriend. She was told that if she succeeded in leaving with our daughter the grandmother would issue Amber Alerts. The grandmother took possession of her daughter’s identification while she was recovering from the birth in the hospital. She had no car, no job, and no money, except for what me and friends of hers sent her via snail mail. The grandmother’s 23-year old boyfriend, who was unemployed, was recruited to supervise my child’s mother and to monitor her calls. He slept on a couch 10-15 feet from the nursery door where mother and baby slept. My baby’s mother started planning an escape. I told her to have somebody take her and my daughter down to my cousin’s place in Hollywood Florida where she was to wait for my mother and me to rescue them and bring them back home in PA. She escaped without incident and waited at my cousin’s. The maternal grandmother immediately filed two missing persons reports, in Florida and in our home town in PA, presumably to smoke out her location, which she did, with the help of her law enforcement connections. She hired a pricey attorney and filed a petition for emergency temporary custody of my daughter, alleging that by ‘absconding with the infant the mother had placed her in imminent danger’. My mother and I were driving a rental car down to Florida and were three hours away from my cousin’s place when my daughter was taken from her mother’s arms (literally as she was nursing her) and transported to her grandmother’s residence following a judge’s order. Emergency temporary custody has been granted to the alcoholic, sociopathic grandmother. I am only 18, but I want to be recognized as this child’s father. I want rights to MY child. In what reality does a grandparent’s rights to a child supercede the biological father’s rights?? Apparently in Volusia County this is the case. The entire thing is so bizarre and uncommon that we are speculating that this judge is a friend of the maternal grandmother. Maybe some media attention on my situation will put some heat on this judge to re-consider denying me my rights to my child. I do not want this woman, an unmarried alcoholic who is involved in some bizarre occult practices which is another story entirely, to win custody of my daughter. There will eventually be a hearing, but the date hasn’t been set yet. I work after school as a part-time mechanic but I don’t earn enough to afford a good Florida attorney, and this is where I’m hoping media attention can help me out.


    • I work after school as a part-time mechanic but I don’t earn enough to afford a good Florida attorney, and this is where I’m hoping media attention can help me out.

      But you understand that you have no legal standing until you get an order of paternity. Media attention won’t help you with that; you are going to need a Florida lawyer. I don’t see how you can battle this yourself from another state.


  47. […] n’a bien sûr qu’une validité toute humoristique mais, comme le remarque Chateau Heartiste, ses résultats sont compatibles avec tout ce que l’on sait par […]


  48. I do have some ability to spot a pattern, and I also have a bit of a temper. So after a few rounds of nice -> turns to shit -> get pissed off -> fixed….That is why I sought out a more formal recognition of it here.

    No need for that. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A firm, unrepentant attitude maintains order. Great for use on the kids as well.


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