Women’s Worst Enemies Are Other Women

The Jizzebel hokumguzzlers have built a retard empire on the fantastical premise that demonic men oppress angelic women, and that the end of such oppression would herald a femme utopia for land whales, skanks, proud sluts, transborgs, homonormatives, globular polyamorists, selfie-abusers and really cool smart chicks with pink hair who use the word “douchecanoe” a lot and think that makes them a member of the literati.

Except that, out here in the real world where the rubber hits the hole, it’s about as ass-backwards a belief as one can diligently nurture in the face of contradictory facts. If stepping outside the confines of the gloomy bedroom internet portal and listening to ♥science♥ hold any quarter with the self-delusion set, they would have to recant everything they profess, for the facts show that women are the worst enemies of women.

Who hurts women? Real rapists (as opposed to the phantasm of “regret rapists“) very infrequently hurt women. But the threat to women, as measured by battle effectiveness and sheer force of enemy number, is other women.

The rumor spreading, shunning and backstabbing of “mean girls” may be a relatively accurate picture of women’s social interactions, one researcher says.

Though both men and women use such indirect aggression in relationships, women use backbiting to demoralize competition and take sexual rivals out of the picture…

“Women do compete, and they can compete quite fiercely with one another,” said Tracy Vaillancourt, the paper’s author and a psychology professor at the University of Ottawa in Canada. “The form it typically takes is indirect aggression, because it has a low cost: The person [making the attack] doesn’t get injured. Oftentimes, the person’s motives aren’t detected, and yet it still inflicts harm against the person they’re aggressing against.”

Why do women choose the tactically lower risk method of indirect attacks? Because of the fundamental premise that acts like a brain virus upon everyone’s underlying psychology: women are biologically the more valuable sex.

That led Vaillancourt to hypothesize that the behavior is rooted in humans’ evolutionary past. But why would sneaky meanness have become so ingrained in the female repertoire?

In short, because mean girl aggression works so well.

Because of women’s role in childbearing and rearing, they are less expendable than men and couldn’t risk injury by settling disputes with their fists, said Anne Campbell, an evolutionary psychologist at Durham University in the United Kingdom, who was not involved in the work. Instead, social exclusion and talking behind someone’s back allowed women to work out conflicts without endangering their bodies.

This research lends support to the suspicion that the feminist zeal to cavalierly throw around the accusation of misogyny at men is really a classic case of psychological projection of their own states of mind. Or: only a real misogynist would impute misogyny to everyone else’s motives. You have to be one to know one, right ladies? Heh.

In related crimethoughts, those who drop the “raciss” accusation on the slimmest pretexts are likely themselves raving racists. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Not only does such cattiness make the targeted women too sad and anxious to compete in the sexual market, some studies suggest it can make men find rivals less attractive — provided the badmouthing comes from a cute woman, Vaillancourt said.

Yeah, that last part is the crucial condition. A fug badmouthing a hottie has about as much influence over a man’s judgment of female attractiveness as another man would. That is to say, none. What would be interesting to follow up on would be an experiment that examined the reactions of hotties and fugs to social ostracism by other women. My bet is that hotties can withstand female cattiness a lot better than can uglier women. Because hotties have constant feedback from men that their worth in the sexual market is unassailable.

Women often punish perceived sexual transgressions, Vaillancourt said. Studies in dozens of countries have found that women use indirect aggression against other women for being “too sexually available,” Vaillancourt said.

“It’s women who suppress other women’s sexuality,” because if sex is a resource, then more sexually promiscuous women lower the price of it, Vaillancourt told LiveScience.

Slut walk sloganeering notwithstanding to the cuntrary, most slut shamers are other women. Men may avoid sluts for marriage, but they won’t shame them. Why shame a snatch freebie from landing in your lap?

One way to avoid the most destructive effects of girls’ indirect aggression is to make sexual policing less powerful, Campbell said.

“We want to achieve a situation where that accusation [of promiscuity] had no power, where we don’t have that double sexual standard,” Campbell said. “But how we get there, I don’t know.”

Good luck with that. She may as well try to get humans to subsist on hemlock.

And women don’t compete over things they don’t value, Vaillancourt said. So women who put less emphasis on dating, or women who are past their sexual peak, are less likely to engage in mean girl behavior (at least over men).

The sexual market is the one market to rule them all.

So women backbite, backstab and fall back from attacking other women when the heat comes around the corner. That’s some RealTalk™ the Jizzebelers assiduously sweep under their gnarly rugs.

The fembot soul serrating doesn’t stop there. What other sins against women that feminists routinely accuse men of committing are committed by women in at least equal measure? Welp, how about objectification?

A new study has confirmed something women have been complaining about for years.

The research, out of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and published in the Springer-published journal Sex Roles, essentially corroborates the belief that people tend to focus more on the breasts and figure of a woman when analyzing her appearance than they do on her face. […]

People tend to focus first on the important information about a woman.

Unsurprisingly, women with narrow waists, full breasts and larger hips – the classic hourglass figure – were rated more favorably than their less voluptuous counterparts, even when men were asked to assess a woman’s personality (rather than attractiveness) based on her appearance in the photos.

But perhaps what’s most interesting is that women also tended to objectify other females in the same way that men did. They, too, spent more time focusing on figure than face.

Can you believe the nerve of those men… hold up, wait a sec… hmm… those women objectifying women that way? Ugh, I can’t even… wow just wow… creepers!

Feminism will go down in history (along with her parent ideology equalism) as the stupidest potpourri of delusions ever propagated by a mass of degenerates sufficient in number and influence to dump their poison in the public’s ear. The Chateau stands ancient and true, thwarting the lords of lies at every point of attack.

“Generally speaking, people are more positive towards a more attractive woman than a less attractive one,” lead researcher Sarah Gervais said. “However, attractiveness may also be a liability, because while evaluating them positively, ‘gazers’ still focus less on individuating and personalizing features, such as faces, and more on the bodies of attractive women.”

There’s an important game concept tucked in the crevice of this quote. Can anyone find it?



Answer: Thermal exhaust port. Hot women have weaknesses, primary among them the nagging fear that they’re only loved for their bodies. You, as an aspiring assaulter of the pink abyss, can exploit this point of id entry into the attractive female’s ego. Disqualify and challenge — “I only hang with women who have something going on for themselves besides their looks” — then assuage and connect — “I know people judge you on superficial stuff, and how tough that makes it for you to find someone who can connect with you on a deeper level. I get that”.

A cute girl’s ego is like a finicky vineyard. You must first coax the fruit to their exquisite ripeness by introducing slight stresses to the soil of her self-conception; you must avoid overwatering and over-fertilizing, which can cause the grape (ego) to become too plump and lacking in distinction; and finally, you must pluck her exercised ego at the perfect moment and turn it into a fine wine that she is eager to pour a glass of herself for you to appreciate. Chin chin.


  1. “Misogynist: A man who hates women as much as women hate one another.” – H.L. Mencken

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    • “globular polyamorists”

      Good lord; it was not as long ago as a three (perhaps four) hours that I had the displeasure of discussing the concept of insurance with a pack of these creatures. My meticulously made case may as well have been hieroglyphs; as the crux of the counterargument could be distilled into “fuck you guy; gibzmedat”

      Needless to say, these are not people you want in your social domain, political jurisdictions=, and certainly not any shared risk pools.


  2. I find digging the shivs and daggers of negs like, “Always admired you for your intelligence and argumentative skills” gets the attention of feminist broad chests just as much as hot women.


    • They may say they are different. They are different in terms of what they can achieve in the sexual market. But when it comes to talking about what their respond to, feminists are no different from conservative girls.

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      • While talking to a girl who is known for having a “you go girrll” attitude, and her saying how she is thinking about going to school for finance:
        Me: “I’ve always pictured you being successful at a field like that”
        Her: “Why?” (With a look in her eyes as if she is expecting more ego stroking)
        Me: “You got that bitchiness about you”

        She did not know what to make of it haha.

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      • > “the word “douchecanoe””

        Is there really a word, “doucecanoe”?


        Apparently so.

        > “Unsurprisingly, women with narrow waists, full breasts and larger hips – the classic hourglass figure – were rated more favorably than their less voluptuous counterparts, even when men were asked to assess a woman’s PERSONALITY (rather than attractiveness) based on her appearance in the photos. But perhaps what’s most interesting is that women also tended to objectify other females in the same way that men did. They, too, spent more time focusing on figure than face.”

        It’s what I keep telling you guys.

        I’d much rather settle down with an HB7 who was packing an extra pound or two, but who had a warm, kind, gentle heart – rather than an anorexic HB8/HB9/HB10 with fake tits who was just biding her time before she shoved the knife in your back once and for all.

        And this study is saying that even the women can sense it themselves – even the women know that the scrawny ones are more likely to be the catty hateful bitchy cunts.

        Beware The Darkness.

        Seek out the nice girls from good families.


      • on October 31, 2013 at 8:47 pm North Vinlander

        How could an anorexic with fake tits be a HB10?


      • That’s exactly the question which I would ask.

        But Hollyweird and Television and the Porn Industry all beg to differ.


      • on October 31, 2013 at 11:04 pm North Vinlander

        In other words, the jews beg to differ. I like my women real, healthy and fertile.


      • Dude, we are in complete agreement here.


      • See, that’s a bad neg, if you intended for it to be one. You couldn’t have fucked her later that night. Did you?

        It’s far more effective to let her wonder if your compliment was really a compliment at all.


      • I dunno – as long as you don’t take it out of context – then I think he did pretty darned well.

        I mean, seriously, back when all of us used to be “Nice Guys” [you remember, back when we were the guys who always finished last, right?], would any of us have dreamed that it would ever be socially acceptable to speak a word like “bitch” in a light-hearted conversation with a girl?

        He could have said, “You’ll do great in the world of finance because, deep down inside, you’ve got the requisite cold-hearted take-no-prisoners nihilistic streak to you.”

        But it’s a lot fewer syllables to say, “You’ll do great in the world of finance because you’re such a bitch.”


      • It’s good if the purpose is to strengthen one’s own state of mind. But if fucking is what you want to do, mystery is the way to go. This is an outright insult. Sure it can work, but you want negs, and not insults. Compliments that make them wonder, you know?


      • I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you.

        And remember, after the fact, when you have time to Monday-morning armchair-quarterback the thing in retrospect, you can always think of a slightly better way to have made your point.

        But part of making the move from “Nice Guy Who Always Finishes Last” to “Alpha Who Scores Poontang Left And Right” is having the sense of ease and confidence and mastery of situations that lets you throw a term like “bitch” [or “bitchiness”] into a conversation without even hesitating or flinching or getting so nervous that your voice “cracks” like a pubescent boy when you speak the word.

        Also, in this particular instance, he has the added benefit of being CORRECT: She will go much farther in the world of finance if she’s a bitch like Hillary Clinton than if she’s a saint like Mother Teresa.

        Anyway, for a quick on-the-fly improvisation [presumably unrehearsed], I don’t think that he did bad at all.

        Again, I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you.

        There’s always a more perfect way to put a woman in her place [if only you have time to think it through].

        But in the real world, “good enough even if slightly less than perfect” is a heckuva lotta better than being Mr Nice Guy and swallowing your tongue and backing off and being polite and well-mannered and reserved and never making any impression on her whatsoever.


      • on October 31, 2013 at 5:19 pm Life at Calhoun's Lake

        “I can def see you in finance, you’re really aggressive.”

        Not a homerun line, but certainly a nice bloop single that wakes the hamster from its slumber.


      • “Finance Gal, remind me not to leave my wallet sitting on the bedside table.”


  3. on October 31, 2013 at 12:29 pm PimpinBlueStar

    ive recently come to the conclusion that any “truth” that comes from the mainstream society way of thinking is, in fact, the opposite. just a bunch of lies to keep the sheep in place.

    i call bullshit on everyone, and i feel better.


    • I call BS on everyone, but it doesn’t make me feel better. Ignorance is bliss. Knowing how the world really operates is the opposite of bliss.


      • > “Knowing how the world really operates is the opposite of bliss.”


        And you wanna know what else?

        Most people “CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!”

        You start speaking too many of these HBD / Manosphere / Dark Enlightenment truths to your average man or woman on the street, and they’ll soon get so terrified that either they’ll attack you for your heresy, or else they’ll curl up in the fetal position and start sucking their thumbs.

        These terrible truths have a tendency simply to break people.

        But the fundamental laws of economics and human nature cannot be ignored forever.

        Obama and his Frankfurt School handlers are putting such a terrible stress on our economy and on our way of life that something is going to have to give.

        Bottom Line: Purchase even more ammunition.

        And keep it dry.

        Keep your ammunition dry.


      • I have literally started judging people within a minute of meeting them based on their politics. Most are stupid enough to believe in the blue pill cultural clap trap, and I simply don’t have either the time or the inclination to help them. Then again, you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. And frankly, most people don’t.


      • I have literally started judging people within a minute of meeting them based on their politics.

        My position as well, since last November.

        I used to be generous, but time has become a factor. There is no opportunity or energy to be wasted, and converting souls is above our pay grade.

        And whatever town or village you enter, find out who is worthy in it, and stay with him until you depart. As you enter the house, salute it. And if the house is worthy, let your peace come upon it; but if it is not worthy, let your peace return to you.

        And if any one will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet as you leave that house or town. Truly, I say to you, it shall be more tolerable on the day of judgment for the land of Sodom and Gomor’rah than for that town.

        Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.

        — Matt 10:11-16

        There are enough of us and enough neutrals to lead the polity where it needs to go. There is never a majority; there is only leadership of the disconnected middle. Our job is to make it less of a bother to follow our example than it is to follow the enemy’s.

        We just have to make it past the initial persecution, where the few brave souls rise and are easy targets, but they survive and inspire the masses to join them. Like the end of Spartacus.



      • “Summarizing, the purchasing power of the median household income in 2005 is 84.2% of what it was in 1980.”



      • You start speaking too many of these HBD / Manosphere / Dark Enlightenment truths to your average man or woman on the street, and they’ll soon get so terrified that either they’ll attack you for your heresy, or else they’ll curl up in the fetal position and start sucking their thumbs.

        These terrible truths have a tendency simply to break people.

        You underestimate the resiliency of average white men. They are not wilting flowers, they are desiccated husks of their former selves waiting for someone with the balls to speak truth to power.

        There is no power so destructive as white men woken. We would rather sleep, but if you rouse us from our very deep nap, we wake up pissed and enraged and ready to do whatever it takes to get back to our leisure.

        In my experience, white men (and women, if less so) are grateful and relieved, not “terrified” when you start speaking truths. Yes, there is some SWPL-vestigial discomfort in the beginning, but they are soon saying “the N-word” with as much gusto as you.

        Maybe it’s your scowling morose salesmanship that turns people off. I told you, you are useless to us so long as you are anchored to hell by despair.


        [CH: i chubbed a little reading this comment.]


      • > “your scowling morose salesmanship”

        Well now ain’t that the pot calling the kettle black.

        Seriously, though, traditionally you couldn’t dump too much HBD/YKW/Dark Enlightenment/Manosphere honesty into folks’ laps too suddenly – they’d just freak out on you.

        You had to introduce it to them very slowly.

        Although that might be changing now – Obamacare is such a perfect tsunami of anti-Western nihilistic destruction that a large number of folks are either going to have to wake up out of the carefully-woven Frankfurt School fantasy within which they dream, or else the tsunami is going to sweep them right out to sea and they’ll never be heard from again.

        So it will be interesting to see what happens.

        In the meantime, though: PURCHASE MORE AMMUNITION.

        All the Alpha PUA Gamesmanship in the world ain’t gonna do you a damned bit of good if, say, we were to lose the grid for a while, and roving gangs of feral Obama Sons were to start straying into your neighborhood, looking for food and potable water and white pussy.

        At that point, the only thing that will do you any good will be your stockpile of AMMUNITION.


      • We have a similar style, yes. But blunt talk and harrowing images notwithstanding, the difference between my salesmanship and yours is I believe in my product. You are essentially telling young men to fight for a cause you already know to be doomed. Because you’re “romantic” at heart.

        I despise romanticism because I despise escapism. We have work to do. Critical work. That no one else is doing. That no one else will do if we don’t.

        If the goal is impossible to attain, then let’s stop wasting our time and work the areas of the project where we can do some good.

        Pleading with individual men to have babies is like pushing on a string. We have to go the source of the nihilism — which you are good at identifying — and deracinate the evil weed root and branch.

        This means that most elder boys present are already casualties, the walking dead. They have no frame of reference to understand the existential crisis, and by the time they do, it will be too late.

        So concentrate on the youth. Be a happy warrior. Give them a comprehensive philosophy — i.e., religion — rather than just the inevitable action points (“be fruitful and multiply!”) that derive from that philosophy.

        Revolutionaries have to understand why they are doing what they are doing. Paint them a picture of a goal to strive for, not of a dystopia to run away from. Otherwise sacrifice becomes nonsensical to them, loyalty fades, and the status quo (“poolside”) looks like the smarter option. If the whole world is destined to topple into the abyss, might as well be as comfortable as possible during the freefall.

        Those are the poison fruits of despair.



      • on November 1, 2013 at 2:14 pm Berty O'Derples

        Matt: We’re not revolutionaries, we’re reactionaries. I figure if we embrace the label now, we can dull the sting when it’s inevitably applied later. It’s also fairly descriptive. We’re reacting because things aren’t fine. If things were fine, we’d be fine. Contrast to the revolutionary mindset of change for change’s sake.


  4. It’s amazing the responses I get by saying “I don’t date feminists.” It’s an all-purpose button-pusher. I have yet to meet a girl who’s indifferent about feminism.


    • and feminists won’t date you

      [CH: that’s a gain, not a loss.]


      • Right, cause that disqualification crap never works….except that it just does.


      • Feminists won’t date us???

        Darn I was looking for an emotional vampire who is constantly offended by my mere presence. I guess I’ll have to settle for peace and quiet.


      • The reason why they are feminists in the first place is because they can’t get dates from me, or other men.


      • I think I caused a girl to become a complete feminist by rejecting her advances. It was kind of insulting that she thought she had a chance; she was fat.


      • I was just thinking about this chick who was a pseudo feminist when I started dating her. But when I dumped her, she went full on feministic in her ways. Even is getting married to a libturd dude who completely lacks balls within three months from now. She’s hot, I was her first, and the breakup was pretty messy.


      • That’s the point, cupcake.


  5. Converse to indirectitude, I had one girl describe the frequent beatings a cute friend of hers got at the hands of her boyfriend.

    Since I just noticed the other girl 1x & this one went on to kind-of “protest too much” in detail and length about it,

    I got the feeling she was saying as much as any woman is “allowed-to”, that she felt she needed a genuinely-fearsome spanking herself.

    … -So sayeth the one, … so sayeth them all?


  6. I have experienced almost no cattiness from women in my life. I read all of this stuff about mean girls and it has almost no manifesting in my own life. This is part of why I suspect that most women do not experience cross racial attractiveness envy (or if not envy, the instinct to guard against). I grew up in a 99% white area and there was a certain lack of cattiness from women that always felt strange to me.

    It’s created a certain bias in my world because men have been much worse to me than women. Hence, I share the jezebel sentiment. Im not saying it’s accurate. It’s just that I have experience male jerkiness (negs, put downs, desire to control and denigrate, and worst of all by far desire to STR), but I haven’t experienced much at all of female cattiness in my formative years.

    My high school experience with girls was weird because the popular girls (white) all talked to me and seemed to like me (I sat at their lunch table), but they didn’t seem to feel competition from me. The expectation was that I would sit there and not talk much and dress nicely and then I’d be left alone.

    It does say that this is a phenomenon of hot girls guarding against other hot girls to keep male attention. Maybe girls don’t really bother tearing down ugly girls because there is not much need. In my high school, ugly girls sort of knew their place, but they weren’t necessarily made fun of by the popular girls. As long as you didn’t try to be seen with the in clique, they left you alone if you were ugly, right? But if you are an ugly girl, you probably only invite cruel attention from men. They will ignore you till you are quite drunk and then try to have a ONS stand with you and otherwise make fun of you. So, maybe Jezebel girls tend to be ugly girls who have experienced comparitively worse treatment from men than from women.


    • I think the Jezebel girls/feminist girls generally tend to be the more unfortunate-looking girls… but I’m not sure what comes first. Did they gravitate toward feminism because men didn’t find them attractive, or did they let themselves go and become unattractive after they became feminists?


      • Or secrete option #3. Their manly disposition and butch appearance descends from a common biological driver.


      • I agree. I’ve always felt that feminism is a tool women use to compensate for their own shortcomings.


      • on October 31, 2013 at 5:09 pm Eliezer Ben-Yehuda

        It’s a rice bowl. Jaclyn Friedman actually makes a living from talking about date rape. It’s just another religion.

        Those of us who have ==actually worked and lived== in Third World countries, kno that religion persists even in poverty.


      • on October 31, 2013 at 5:35 pm Hugh G. Rection

        Poverty is a perfect breeding ground for religion. The worse off people are the more they try to cling on for some hope that it may get better in the afterlife. Throw in low intelligence and no access to information…


      • More dabbling bourgeois anthropology. Give it a rest. Next you’ll be aping Obongo and telling us how we “get bitter” and “cling to guns or religion or antipathy…” because we are so impoverished.

        Religion is for everyone who is aware of his mortality. That you can only grasp/recognize its least sophisticated varieties is a commentary on you, not religion per se.

        Go back to your community-college survey course on religion and stop buzzing around like a gnat with your faux-elite trifles. I think your mid-term is due.


      • on November 1, 2013 at 2:23 am Hugh G. Rection

        Strange reply Matt. Usually religious type revel in bashing other religions almost as much as the vocal atheists. Doesn’t change anybody’s mind.

        Nothing wrong with holding on to traditions.


      • Religion is for everyone who is AFRAID of his mortality.


      • This is an entire topic that could be posted here by CH and discussed on it’s own merits. I fucking marvel at people who, to all objective and empirical observation are REALLY smart. In some cases, brilliant. They have more knowledge in their pinky than your average person does in their tiny brain. But have this absurd connection to mysticism that they simply cannot shake off.

        I know another guy that works for an “ABC” agency and he is brilliant. The dude is like Macguyver he can make very useful stuff from basically nothing. He literally has a homemade EMP rifle, fucking Star Trek style. But at the end of the day, he can’t shake off that one millstone he drags around his neck.

        Atheism is a sickness of the soul, but blind devotion to one of the manifold pantheon of deities that has ever been worshiped since Marduk fired his lethal arrow into the heart of Tiamat. *shrug*

        It defies rational explanation and so I just don’t put much stock in it. There is significant evidence for a Prime Mover. But who or what it is and it’s goals are merely mental masturbation and speculation.


      • Jay in DC
        There is significant evidence for a Prime Mover. But who or what it is and it’s goals are merely mental masturbation and speculation.

        I agree Jay; but you gotta admit the Christians got game? Their “story” is very compelling when presented by someone who knows what the fuck they are talking about (and this is the key) WANTS YOU TO “GET IT”.

        Why am I NOT a Christian?

        Same reason Im not a high school graduate; Nobody REALLY wanted me to be one.


        I suspect because just like my interactions with white people and women, they could see no clear and IMMEDIATE benefit?

        So now when a Christian theologian talks about “our broken world…” I fuckin get it; cause thats all I fucking see.

        I got “it” not because of but DESPITE all you motherfuckers working to keep me ignorant. Hows that for “evidence?”

        I ain’t thru!

        *flame on*

        I still got a problem with the Christian solution. Turn the other cheek? Fuck you Im mad, I wanna break shit and slam n166as heads thru plate glass windows…a lot of people need punishment and they need it from people who can deliver.

        Why should I waste time with Christianity when most people are fucking worthless scum? Niggas, crackahs, spics, chinks, kikes, dotheads sandn166ers, faggots, retards…

        did I leave anyone out?

        Maybe the world needs to go down the shitter so God can start over with new people who are worth a damn?

        Cause ya’ll suck!


      • Or option 4 – being a hateful person makes you physically ugly.


      • I have dated far too many broken sluts who are hot enough to know this isn;t the truth. They are beaten and broken physically by time though. I don’t know if that’s from sucking and getting fucked by all those cocks, or from being hateful.


      • Actually, the Xtian fairy tale is repulsive to anyone with the inner values of masculinity. Slave morality appeals only to the weak.


      • Explain the Heliand, then.


      • Point, set, and match.

        Well-played, sir… well-played, indeed.


      • It’s wasted on the mental eunuchs, though.


      • Sez you.

        C’mon and get one in the yarbles, if’n ya got any yarbles, eunuch jelly, thou.


      • on October 31, 2013 at 11:09 pm North Vinlander

        Both, plus the fact that physically ugly people probably tend to have more mental problems due directly to biological defectiveness.


      • There’s a fascinating [but – to me, at least – highly believable] new study making the rounds today:

        Left-handers ‘more likely to be psychotic’: Study finds they have ‘strikingly higher’ chance of suffering schizophrenia

        As a very general rule of thumb, I’d place left-handed-ness strongly in the category of “ugliness” and “biological defectiveness”.

        BTW, our four most recent presidents were all left-handers: Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama.

        Our last right-hander, which is to say, our last REAL President, who wasn’t a pathologically-lying anti-Western freakshow nihilist, was The Gipper himself:

        It’s just a little more evidence to support the greater Heartiste theme which holds that your visceral innate intuitive reaction to a person’s physical appearance is an intuition which, by and large, should be paid attention to – should be taken heed of – and if you dismiss it out of hand, then you do so at your own peril.

        In general, God didn’t endow you with your intuition in order to steer you down the path to disaster.

        He gave you your intuition [or your capacity for intuition] as a survival mechanism.

        And, in particular, if you want your nation and your culture and your society and your civilization to survive and to thrive and to prosper and to endure, then you probably shouldn’t be electing left-handers as your leaders.

        Finally – getting back to the immediate concerns of the Manosphere – you damned sure need to think long and hard before getting involved in an LTR with a chick who is left-handed.



      • on November 1, 2013 at 10:19 am North Vinlander

        What if I get to know her pretty well and she seems to have a great personality, but is left-handed? Should I still be concerned just because she’s left-handed?


      • Define “pretty well”.

        I’d want to know a Lefty really really really well before I thought about settling down with her.


      • Ehh… you are reaching on this one. Lefties also tend to be more creative due to that whole brain hemispheres thing. That may correlate to higher intelligence and hence more propensity for mental disorder. There is some truth to the phrase that it is a thin line that seperates genius from insanity.


      • Jay in DC

        Ehh… you are reaching on this one. Lefties also tend to be more creative due to that whole brain hemispheres thing.

        Also, lefties have to live in a right handed world, dominated by “right people”; who have created an oppressive “system of right supremacy”.

        Every time I meet a lefty, I always ax em: “who taught you to hate yourself?”

        Right Jesus
        Right Santa Claus
        all the cartoons and childrens books you read as a kid…?

        Who taught you to hate yourself!


      • on November 1, 2013 at 9:25 pm North Vinlander

        Any good famous examples of this outside politics you could list?


    • general statement meet personal experience filter……….AGAIN

      my god…..its full of stars!


    • My high school experience with girls was weird because the popular girls (white) all talked to me and seemed to like me (I sat at their lunch table), but they didn’t seem to feel competition from me. The expectation was that I would sit there and not talk much and dress nicely and then I’d be left alone.

      You were there “mascot” (sammy) as long as you didn’t steal their boyfriend.


      • > “sammy”


        You she was their Little Black Sambo?


      • Dude, “sammy” was the term white people invented for “Indians” in India; you didn’t know that?

        “Sambo” is the adaption for black people.

        You need to take my White History class.


      • Well I did a pretty damned good job of guessing, now didn’t I, el NINO?


      • el NINO– LOL! thwack has also once again engaged in a Spontaneous Act of Whiteness by like, “knowing things.” History is for white people thwack, Christ…

        I have this insanely comical mental image of thwack as sort of a reverse Clayton Bigsby. Was raised by a bunch of kindly black folk that found him in a basket probably laid on the doorstep by a 2 dollar white crack whore that couldn’t afford him. Then they just brought him up in a black way never really wanting to break the news to him. 😀


      • I was born a poor black child. – Navin Johnson


    • In my high school, ugly girls sort of knew their place, but they weren’t necessarily made fun of by the popular girls.

      Honey, let me tell you something; if you’re even capable of typing that with a straight face, then you’re one of the girls at whose hands those ugly girls experienced cruelty. Even if you said nothing to them. Perhaps *especially* if you said nothing to them.

      Female cruelty is not an overt thing. It is not necessarily even active. It is practiced through the kind of attitude you’re displaying here. The worst thing for a woman (or a little girl) is not to be taunted, it’s to be ignored, cut out of the pack, not included, forgotten, etc.

      And yes, if the pretty girls kept you around and you weren’t fighting to keep your place amongst them by back-stabbing the other pretty/popular girls, you were some kind of mascot, and I guarantee any sleep-over you weren’t at, they were mocking you hideously.


      • I don’t often think of my meanness, but I was one of those passive mean girls. Like another girl starts the ostrasizing and I quietly play along. I can recall being passive mean to two girls because some other girl roped me into it. One of them was nice but very unpopular. I feel bad for that. The other girl was my neighbor, so this was one of those weird situations where I was mean to her at school because another girl roped me into it, but I’d see her all the time in my neighborhood and I’d be nice to her when no one was looking.

        In high school people have very simplistic reputations. Like there is the girl who is a freak or a dork and those simple definitions become how everyone defines them. I am told that whenever anyone mentioned me in high school I was described as “sooooo nice, but she’s really spacey/ditzy.” I rarely spoke to the girls I was publicly “friends” with in high school. At lunch I almost never said anything. At sleep overs I almost never said anything. On phone calls I almost never said anything. I did not feel like any of the girls were my friends but I stood around with them.

        Mean girls either grow out of it and feel terrible about what they’ve done for the rest of their lives, or they never grow out of it and they are mean girls for their whole lives. Sadly, it’s the least mean of the mean girls who grow out of it and hate themselves forever. The girl who was by far the most popular in my school feels terrible about being a so called mean girl. Meanwhile she wasn’t at all that mean for a popular girl. She joined TFA and sacrifices everything in her life to teach kids in the ghetto. She’s lost relationships over working 80 hours a week and every time I see her she mentions how she feels so ashamed for being mean to this girl or that girl in high school. Another popular girl committed suicide. Another became an anorexic and then an alcoholic who is sometimes employed by her father when she can work at all. And then I saw the meanest girl at my 10 yr reunion. She came up to me and said “I can’t believe stacy is getting so drunk at this party. It’s so trashy. Last month you should have seen her. She got so drunk she was puking.” Jessica is still the 2nd prettiest and Jessica is still so mean.


      • I was one of those girls in HS who defied categorization, so I just got slapped with “insane” and left alone – like, completely alone. Things like that scar like you would not believe. Apologies, at a certain point, don’t help; the damage is done, there are things I lost in high school I will never get back, and there are people I will never be able to forgive.

        But at the risk of having the guys accuse us of turning this into a “women flapping their gums” session, I think there’s an important fact in all of this that gets overlooked quite often. Hell hath no fury, sure, but the majority of feminine cruelty is ignorant of what it’s doing. We’re capable of some horrible things, but hardly ever realize that we’re doing horrible things. Solipsism, maybe, but I think it’s more like a blind spot in our understanding of ourselves; sometimes women honestly, truthfully, sincerely, have no idea how bitchy, mean, or otherwise evil they are.


      • Honestly, my guess is that other girls found your personality intimidating. I have a strong personality and that’s has sometimes happened with me. I think other women would like you if you softened your approach to them, went out of your way for them, and showed a little vulnerability.


      • *shrugs* I’m not a bitch, but I don’t apologize for who I am, and that’s the one thing that’ll ruin a girl’s life faster than anything else. Plus, a decade in the military is enough to strip out the niceness in any woman. Never really seen the need for a gaggle of female friends; usually is just more trouble than it’s worth.


      • “Plus, a decade in the military is enough to strip out the niceness in any woman. ”

        WOW Cynthia..a decade in the military. Are you a soldier? I never met a woman soldier, I am fascinated! Do you like it?? 🙂


      • @eof

        I was an airman, actually – Army and Air Force are pretty different. But the military is… well, male or female right now, the choices for officers tend to boil down to “doing the right thing” or “getting promoted”. It is an incredibly dysfunctional environment at the moment. I didn’t have a good experience (most women over a 6 in looks don’t have good experiences).


      • “We’re capable of some horrible things, but hardly ever realize that we’re doing horrible things”

        Has it ever occurred to you that you may actually be a mean girl?


      • Darling, you don’t know my life story and I’m not about to tell it to you. At least most of the shit I’ve done was in self-defense.

        Has it ever occurred to you, though, that we’re all mean girls?


      • “Apologies, at a certain point, don’t help; the damage is done, there are things I lost in high school I will never get back, and there are people I will never be able to forgive.”

        Cynthia I was bullied quite a bit in school also, I’m sorry to hear about your experience, it’s really horrible. It was a group of girls that didn’t like me, they thought I was weird(I am kind of weird lol), but sometimes they even pretended they were friends with me and then would just take advantage. But what I experienced was nothing compared to a few of the boys, one boy in particular was bullied so much by a group of girls, they were terrible to him.
        But forgiveness is the way forward- there is no point harboring anger and hurt, we must learn to forgive, otherwise that anger will always be inside us and unwillingly it will seep through into our interactions. I try to think “They know not what they do”.. and move past it. It’s difficult I know– but I find the best way is to simply pray for God to bless them. There is so much power in this believe me.. when we ask God to bless those who have blessed us He WILL put forgiveness in our hearts.

        If you are not popular, high school is very tough, my attendance from age 13 to age 15 was about 50%, and I left school at 15.
        You will be surprised at how easily many women can be influenced, even if you just go into a group where the women are not acting so nice, and you befriend them, we can have a positive influence there. Kindness rubs off on people. There’s the underlying “bi*chyness” with women that WILL always be there, it’s how women are.. it’s our job to make sure that bitchyness lies dormant. I know some older women who are such wonderful women, I aspire to be like them…they have passed a lot in life, but they have not let their sweetness leave them.


      • Well… considering that everything culminated in a night where our house was almost burned down (not the worst thing that happened) and everyone at my school thought it was hilarious… yeah, there are some things that cross the line. I went through my last two years of high school with pretty bad PTSD from it. Believe me, I’ve prayed about it plenty, but based on what happened? It’s between those girls and God, and I hope they’re able to find some peace, because I have to believe they walked away from what they did, just as scarred by it as I was. But that’s as far as I can go for them. Some things, literally, are not up to us to forgive.

        Extreme case, obviously, and I don’t really want to get into the detail on that. Most girls won’t stoop to actual criminal activity. I think we’ve all seen and experienced some pretty awful things, though, and to a certain extent, it’s part of growing up. Letting go of it is part of growing up, too.

        I agree that it’s our job as women to manage the darker parts of our own natures. Sadly, however, personal responsibility isn’t something our society really teaches little girls anymore, which is why everything’s gotten so bad lately, imho. We beat aggression out of little boys to an unhealthy degree, but we pretend that girls are incapable of it, so everything’s out of balance.


      • She joined TFA and sacrifices everything in her life to teach kids in the ghetto.

        So she has devoted her life to throwing shit against the wall repeatedly day after day in the hopes that at least a little bit of it will stick eventually? Got it.


    • You’re lucky. Members of the Bitch Brigade are everywhere!


      • Yeah I guess. Every once in a while an overweight woman at work can be very mean to me.

        But there is an inherent double standard in assessing the meanness of women vs men. A lot of women hold on to this idea that women are catty, worst enemies of women etc because girls are mean in middle school. Fair enough, they are, but have you seen what grown men who are long past middle school will do? I never met a girl meaner to me than heartiste has been. Does that surprise anyone? Still, there is a double standard here. He’s not a woman, so his meanness is palatable to me. If a girl is one half as mean as some alpha male personalities get then she will scar another girl for life, but a guy can be a lot meaner without losing much favor with women.


      • Honey, he’s not being mean, he’s being honest. You’re incapable of self-reflection. Or you’re trolling. And if something that somebody is saying to you on the Internet is worse than anything you’ve ever dealt with IRL, you need to turn off the computer and leave the basement.


      • ” And if something that somebody is saying to you on the Internet is worse than anything you’ve ever dealt with IRL”

        It’s not worse because IRL guys have a lot more at stake when they are actually putting their dick inside of you. So Iv’e encountered guys who do plenty more damage than dear heartiste, but in terms of pure intent and actions, I haven’t met a girl that mean to me.

        I just never had that thing happen where you are really tight with girls and then they turn against you almost arbitrarily. The few cases I can recall of girls being mean in to me in HS were from girls I barely knew, not the girls that were supposed to be friends with me.


      • The best way to annoy another woman is to be unimpressed with her husband.


      • “The best way to annoy another woman is to be unimpressed with her husband.”

        Lol’ed. Very true.

        And as a man, the best way to fuck a married woman is to be unimpressed with her husband.


      • Is CH supposed to be your friend now or something? I’m confused.


      • I dunno, he has dropped some pretty harsh venom her way, but that being said, is this a surprise? The analogy would be to walk towards an actively swarming hornet’s nest (this site) with no protective gear and be shocked that you came out of it with some big ass welts and stings.


      • wut.ever. hornets are stupid. throw rocks at them.


    • tl;dr

      “Me me me I me I I me mine me my me I me.”


  7. on October 31, 2013 at 1:21 pm RappaccinisDaughter

    Show me a woman who claims that men are womankind’s worst enemy, and I’ll show you a woman who either a) never went to middle school, or b) was a Mean Girl herself. End of.

    [CH: One goal of the Chateau is to destroy evil, sick ideologies like feminism so totally that there is no space for even the ashes of its immolation to gather in a stiff wind.]


    • on October 31, 2013 at 2:59 pm RappaccinisDaughter

      The original goal of feminism—that women be treated equally under the eyes of the law—was not, and is not, evil.

      [CH: bullshit. except for voting rights prior 1920, women *were* treated equally under the law. feminism has been about a power grab since its inception.]

      What it has become, on the other hand, *is.*

      This is in no small part due to the fact that the original goal has been inverted. Our legal system as it currently exists is “some animals are more equal than others,” and it’s weighted against men, not for them.


      • > “feminism has been about a power grab since its inception”

        I think it was much worse than a mere power grab.

        “Feminism” wasn’t designed to transfer power from men to women.

        “Feminism” was designed by Marx and Engels and Freud and the Frankfurt School as a device for destroying Western Civilization entirely.


      • on November 1, 2013 at 2:25 am Hugh G. Rection

        It’s not really a transfer from men to women. It’s more about taking away power from men and concentrating it somewhere else.

        If you need to invite the government into your relationship to fix your problems, you’re anything but empowered.


      • If I can make be allowed to make an analogy [ugh, yeah, I hate analogies too].

        A Frankfurt School campaign of subversion, such as “feminism”, isn’t so much akin to adding more studs to a wooden wall so as to reinforce it [and to make it more POWERFUL] as it is akin to introducing termites into a wooden wall so as to it destroy it from the inside [and to cause it to COLLAPSE].


      • Serpents gonna serp.


      • >“Feminism” wasn’t designed to transfer power from men to women.

        “Feminism” was designed by Marx and Engels and Freud and the Frankfurt School as a device for destroying Western Civilization entirely.

        The definition of destroying the West is: transferring power from men to women, along with transferring it from Whites to non-whites. And you’re right, the campaign is a Frankfurter. Feminism joins in very neatly with multiculturalism, and religious pluralism.


      • on November 1, 2013 at 7:27 am RappaccinisDaughter

        “Except for voting rights”

        Yeah, and other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?

        [CH: getting shot, or watching your husband die, is not the same as not having the right to pull a lever for a candidate. but you knew that.]

        Voting rights isn’t the important thing, CH. It’s the *only* thing.

        [and look where that’s gotten us.]


      • on November 1, 2013 at 11:25 am Never Mind the Balzac

        The opponents of women’s suffrage argued that – Women were incapable of judging a man on matters of depth or substance. They predicted that allowing women to join the electorate would inevitably result in the celebritization of western politics into a male beauty pageant.

        Would Lincoln or Churchill be elected today?


      • Another aspect of female suffrage is the fact, provable through statistical analysis, that social spending and a leftward drift of the political center always follow in every country after females got the vote.


      • on November 1, 2013 at 10:51 pm ProudFeministGirl

        Even most “submissive” Japanese women would WANT to work, but their culture don’t allow them to, i think a bit more of Feminism in Japan would make them happier.


      • Disgusting video.

        I really hated how she couched her statements in “don’t take me seriously, it’s just my personal oppnions” and then goes on to cite facts.

        She doesn’t have the balls to stand by her selection of facts… cus’ she has a vagina.

        And she ends it with not even standing by concepts such as morality, and makes it a subjective issue. Well, maybe i think rape is awesome. What about then, bitch?

        It’s all bullshit, we know by now that women want the cake and eat it too. We have seen the results of equality in USA and Europé, and it sucks for everybody.

        Female suffrage was a terrible notion, it made the World a worse place to live in for everybody. Well, everybody except those who financed the bullshit, meaning the financial eite.


      • Here is a youtube comment to above video:

        “I think a huge problem that I haven’t seen addressed yet is how gendered the Japanese language is.”

        yeah… that’s a huge problem…


      • on November 3, 2013 at 6:11 pm ProudFeministGirl



      • A good argument for abrogating that ‘right’.

        Men don’t get a vote on reproduction, so i don’t see why women should get a vote on male matters.


      • RD,

        I’m sure you’re wrong. It’s not the one that matters. It doesn’t even matter that much in terms of improving life quality for women.

        Naomi Wolf has some remarkably insightful quote that says something to the effect of that the most empowering right for women is the right to date.
        Noami was spot on there. It’s not voting that gives us anything all that vital. It’s the right to date, which is not to be taken for granted. In my old country, women have every last right that women have in the western world on paper. They can vote, inherit, work etc. but in reality they are little better than chattel because they completely lack the cultural right to date. The same is true all over the middle east. It’s not poverty that enslaves women, nor the lack of a voting right, it’s arranged marriage and veiling.

        The right we need first and foremost is to be able to walk around and look pretty and pick who we want to date. Then men have to do our bidding. You can shred the constitution as it applies to me. I can still get the boys PWNED so long as I retain only one right: the right to reject.


      • “I can still get the boys PWNED so long as I retain only one right: the right to reject.”

        100% correct. THIS is the true source of all female power. So long as wimmin are given the right to choose their partners and to say no, male behavior and thus all of society will be structured to accommodate female needs. This is the base root at the tree of feminism. If you want to build a society that works in mens’ best interests then you must eliminate the notion of female consent/individual sovereignty and return to treating wimmin as animated property — to be bought, sold and traded for by MEN and men *alone*. No womyn should have any influence whatsoever on the choice of who her partner(s).


      • How you doin’?


      • Voting is a sacrament for leftists. They treat it like the Lord’s Supper. Their devotion to counting noses as a way of validating their stupidity is a vivid revelation of their deep-seated religious presuppositions, and their unswerving faith in Vox populi, Vox dei. So it makes a lot of sense that idiotic women would clamor for the right to vote, and would make that right their raison d’etre.


      • The original goal of feminism—that women be treated equally under the eyes of the law—was not, and is not, evil.

        That is neither the goal of feminism nor the effect of feminism.

        The goal of feminism — which began its “long march through the institutions” with innocuous sounding measures like voting rights — always had to be a destruction of the sexual difference, whether Susan B-word Anthony and Clara Barton knew what the hell they were doing in the political realm. Surprise! They did not.

        They and their distaff ilk were vapid old crones playing their prescribed part in history, i.e., subconsciously acting out the roles already prepared for them by Rousseau and Hegel. If they didn’t do it, some other bearer of droopy gray-pubed labia would’ve slithered right into the vacuum.

        And, as was foreseen and carefully planned for, these standard bearers could only arrive when the collective conscious had forgotten all the reasons to oppose feminist elevation. It was not an initiative of women; it was a failure of men. A brain fart. Let women vote! Hell if I could think of a reason why not!

        Equality “in the eyes of the law” is one thing, far more digestible and less destructive than what we have today. But legal equality was not enough. Second-wave feminism, as you may remember from your Wymynz Studyz degree, was all about cultural equality, the necessary effect of our slapdash, unchecked multiplication of legal “rights.” If we are legally equal, why are we not actually equal, huh, patriarch???

        Again, princess, your superficial thinking in yet another regard makes it impossible to comprehend why you can’t have your cake and eat it too. The good news is, your sex’s addlepated miasma of political thinking was never the problem here. It was man’s capitulation to ditzy theory like yours that created the problem. And early in this century men are beginning to become conscious of the culture-destroying boner made on their behalf a century ago.

        The fuck-up began with the Nineteenth. The unfucking will begin with its repeal.



      • on November 1, 2013 at 12:22 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        I have a comment above (I’m assuming it’s in moderation) that very specifically outlines my belief that it is NOT possible for the sexes to be culturally and physically equal.

        That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy watching you spurt your fantasies of who I am, what I look like, what I think, and whether or not I was ever Chestered, all over my virtual face.

        It’s like being bukkaked with Stupid.


      • You’d better get goggles and a snorkel then, I have plenty more sugar where that came from, sugar.

        I can’t help myself. I like to rile up the girls I want to fuck, even if just conceptually, like you.

        But all pigtail-pulling aside, the point is to identify you as insufficiently radical so that we do not waste time assuming you (and more importantly, women like you) are an ally. Your concessions to sexual reality aside, you are more a double-agent than a friend to the cause.

        Like neoconservatives, you want to retain some trinkets of the welfare state and the liberal world-view, but at a sustainable and non-utopian level. This is respectable, as people like you are a bridge back to sane governance and a livable culture.

        But you are not all in. You are hedging your bets. Meantime, our enemy does not hedge, which is why they win.

        I do not expect much more from a woman — as the weaker of the sexes, her entire psychology is built around hedging. Hypergamy has a lot to do with this. The middle-class is by definition moderate, and this also influences your lack of imagination.

        Unfortunately, your modish take on the sexes has precluded you from ever adopting the shopgirl solution: detach yourself, be pretty, and allow yourself to be remade against the mold of manly hardness. No, our generation has had suspicion pounded into our brain since kindergarten, an abject fear of dependency and a dismissal out-of-hand of the possibility of thriving through a superior partner.

        I still like you, though, no matter how much steam comes out of your ears (and hot air out of your mouth). Like a misguided if cute kid sister I can tease.



      • Excellent. In other words, Dabney: ““It may be inferred again that the present movement for women’s rights will certainly prevail from the history of its only opponent, Northern conservatism. This is a party which never conserves anything. Its history has been that it demurs to each aggression of the progressive party, and aims to save its credit by a respectable amount of growling, but always acquiesces at last in the innovation. What was the resisted novelty of yesterday is today one of the accepted principles of conservatism; it is now conservative only in affecting to resist the next innovation, which will tomorrow be forced upon its timidity, and will be succeeded by some third revolution to be denounced and adopted in its turn. American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves towards perdition….It is worthless because it is the conservatism of expediency only, and not of sturdy principle.” RL Dabney, “Women’s Rights” in ‘Discussions Secular’ (1897)


      • Another way to say this is that feminism, and other lefty -isms like environmentalism, are explicitly derived from Marxism and its dogma of perpetual class struggle and oppression. In this case, the “patriarchy” substitutes for “capital”, and the (impossible) eradication of sex differences for the empowerment of the 19th-c.working class. The label of “women’s liberation” for 60s-70s era feminism was another pretty clear indication of that. The largest damage to civilization and society came as a result of the entrenchments of the most radical feminist views of that era, first in academia and government and then through the courts.

        @Matt- male capitulation to the female power grab represented by feminism is based on a subconscious white-knighting, a lingering belief that, as the nursery rhyme had it, girls are made of sugr and spice and everything nice, and so those bad old boys made of snakes and snails and puppy dogs’ tails must be prevented from hurting them. Certainly angelic creatures made of sugr and spice can’t habitually lie, can they? Or cheat or steal? A surprising amount of male resistance to call feminists and their enablers out on their shit is based on this subliminal kind of thing.


      • on November 1, 2013 at 3:43 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        Your point about the lefty cause celebres (can’t figure out how to do an accent greve or aigu on here, so you’ll just have to imagine they’re there) is well-taken. The problem is that you’ll have a perfectly rational, reasonable, achievable goal that, over time, morphs and takes on a twisted, immortal life of its own.

        Environmentalism is a great example. After all, clean, breathable air and rivers that don’t catch fire are good things, aren’t they? So, people band together and get their legislators to pass some laws, some taxes are agreed upon and paid, and…whaddaya know, the Cuyahoga is no longer flammable!

        But instead of saying, “We did a great job, now let’s just go on ‘maintenance mode’ and make sure stuff like that doesn’t happen again,” all of the people who rented office space and started a fundraising campaign don’t want to just go back to their lives. That’s boring. Plus, it’s gotten more and more fashionable to do what they do; they’re getting interviewed by Playboy and shit.

        For a while, it’s OK. Let’s clean up some SuperFund sites. Let’s reduce the amount of lead in gas. Let’s hold industrial manufacturers responsible when they illegally dump toxic waste. All of these are finite projects, with start and end dates, easily achievable and not ruinous to our economy. But it’s not enough. It’s NEVER enough. It’s so cool, such a trend, all the cool kids are in on this and they’re trying to out-enviro each other. Al Gore makes a movie and all the cool white kids with dreadlocks and trust funds are creaming their pants over it…

        …and the next thing you know, we’re crippling our economy with Cap And Trade, all over some seriously unproven science.

        The modern iteration of feminism is like that. They’re both incredibly stupid and harmful to our society, and they both need to wind up on the ash-heap of history. That doesn’t mean we should repeal the 19th Amendment, or go back to a time when you could light your stogie off the goddamned riverbank.


      • on November 1, 2013 at 10:40 pm ProudFeministGirl

        Korea really needs Feminism, i don’t know if the West was ever like this, but i am pretty sure that only a pro-female ideology such as Feminism would help the opressed Korean women, they are not treated equally at all.


      • So, they have fastest internet in the world, technologically everything, safety & community, little theft, like no drugs at all, rarely violence and vandalism, respect for your elders, a sense of family that is important. Highly conservative and patriarchical.

        But you want to through that away so women won’t need to sneak when smoking?

        Yeah, let women vote on that.

        PS: Note the mangina repeat the same “it’s just my view, don’t take me seriously bro! I’m not attacking anyone!”

        “I’,m not a korean woman, though, i closly resemble one”

        Freaking fuck… at least he knows what he is…


      • Environmentalism is a great example. After all, clean, breathable air and rivers that don’t catch fire are good things, aren’t they?

        No. Not at the expense of liberty. It is far from a good thing. Especially because there are far smarter measures that can be taken without selling our soul to the Leviathan forever in the name of the snail darter. Enlisting centralized encroachment to solve simple local problems is the camel’s nose under the tent.

        This is what I mean. Your principles are shaky and ill-thought-through. You expose yourself as a moderate statist. Your problem with the Leviathan is one of degree, not of kind.

        You have no business opining on these specifics when your general understanding is so weak and easily dismissed as one more product of shitty leftist public education. Instead of being strident against those of us who take the time to teach you, try opening your mind to alternate possibilities.

        But there’s the rub, innit? Your crypto- (and not-so-crypto-) feminist pride disallows such remedial instruction. Your lefty regurgitation is imagined the equivalent of my defensible, sturdy political philosophy, developed over a lifetime of experiment and thought. Because Miss Wormwood in your crapulent little elementary school once said “You Go Grrl!!!” with a particularly resonant vigor in your precious heart.



      • on November 2, 2013 at 8:22 pm ProudFeministGirl



      • @RD- this is an old thread, so you might not see this, but I’d go a bit further with environmentalism, based on my analogy to Marxism above: that one of its chief animating passions, aside from the science and rational desire for clean water/air/etc., is hatred of, and alienation from, modern industrial capitalism. Sometimes this is overt, sometimes it’s subconscious. Much as the Marxists imagined a future worker’s paradise in which the state would wither away because of benign voluntary rule by workers’ councils (uh, how did that work out?) enviros imagine a future in which the excesses of industry- not just pollution but the market and social power they wield- will be vanquished. But your point about the organizations of the environmentalist movement taking on a momentum of their own and not being able to stop once the initial goals are achieved is also a good one. Take the ACLU (please-!): it was founded in the 1920s, after the Sacco and Vanzetti cases, with a specific list of aims, all of which were achieved (and then some) by the time of the Warren Court. So they might have had a victory party to dissolve themselves in 1972 or so. Alas, no.

        One more point about environemtalism, which it shares with feminism- a need to falsify data, to scare voters/donors/MSM into thinking the sky is falling, that the worst is always about to happen. Bjorn Lomborg’s book and articles are required reading on this topic: even though every major ecological indicator has imprived vastly in teh last 40 yeasr, measureably so, the activist groups keep sounding the alarm to raise funds and scare legislators. The equivalent for feminism is the false stats on college rape. provably wrong assertions about unequal pay, etc.


      • Cool vid. about Korea, sounds like I should move there. I had a Korean friend in grad school and his wife was even more subservient than that. But it was in the USA, surely she knew all about feminism. She just rejected it.

        I am sure the bouncers don’t drag foreign girls into their clubs because the patrons don’t want them there and they would be bitches about it. They don’t go along with this friendly little bit of dominance, so forget ’em.


      • I think what the Marxists don’t like is not so much Capitalism, but the Axemaker Mind (look it up) that thinks for itself and uses the resources God has provided here in its own creative way.


      • on November 1, 2013 at 5:22 pm Full-Fledged Fiasco

        “The goal of feminism — which began its “long march through the institutions” with innocuous sounding measures like voting rights — always had to be a destruction of the sexual difference.”

        Matt is absolutely correct. If anyone doubt this, just read the following posts:

        Harriet Taylor Mill & the abolition of the feminine.

        What an early feminist believed.


  8. “We want to achieve a situation where that accusation [of promiscuity] had no power, where we don’t have that double sexual standard,” Campbell said. “But how we get there, I don’t know.”
    Anyone who studies evolution would know that promoting a strategy of altruism would be invaded by selfishness. In other words, in a place where there is no cattiness, cattiness would be all the more of an effective strategy and so spread.


    • > “Anyone who studies evolution would know that promoting a strategy of altruism would be invaded by selfishness. In other words, in a place where there is no cattiness, cattiness would be all the more of an effective strategy and so spread.”

      Remember, though, it’s a dual-edged sword.

      If “Game” ever gets to be as successful as it has the capability of becoming, then there will be so much arrogance and jackassery and obnoxiousness on the part of all the would-be playas that a fellow will be able to set himself apart from the pack simply by having good manners and being a gentleman.


      • looking at the timeline of history though, that is merely reversion to the mean.


      • Which is an outstanding point.

        We’re about to discover what it’s like when the West becomes overwhelmed by the kinds of folks who simply cannot exist in any possible state of grace or elegance or chivalry or magnanimity or nobility of purpose.

        All the great virtues which – until the last decade or two – we in the West so foolishly took for granted, are now just sitting there on the precipice of the great toilet bowl of human history, about to be flushed right down into the sewer of extinction.


      • nah brother. men will be men once again and soon. that’s what all the caterwauling is about, after all.


      • on November 1, 2013 at 9:05 am manofthetimes

        This type of contrarian style is already in play sir; by yours truly anyway. It’s basically Captain Save-A-Ho Game. Chicks in the 28-40ish range who are hoping for some sucker – which is to say established guy – to monkey branch to and jump off the carousel dovetails nicely into a niche strategy for a 40’s+, fairly polished, classically handsome, well-mannered playboy. Shelf life of these types of “relationships” is generally 3-5 bangs before it becomes obvious that a veteran seducer is mostly unaffected by post-bang manipulations by the target and that the playboy is not exactly ready to get hitched any time soon – if ever.


  9. Yes, indeed. Women are stupid. You’ve proven it once again Mr. Heartiste.


    • you forgot easy to trick, too.


    • No they’re not. Their intelligence is just directed differently, toward social manipulation. I’ve seen few men who can manipulate the way women do (granted I am in a somewhat technical field). It makes sense evolutionarily speaking…you had to make nice with the other ladies in the tribe while making sure your kids got as many resources as possible.

      It’s also the reason why there are so few women in the hard sciences, etc…even if intellectually curious, their brains incline toward people-things rather than thing-things.


      • Men can play the game too. Consider middle management in a largish corporation or some three letter bureaucracy, or straight politics for that matter.

        In a free for all competition, I think men would still usually win because they strive to get to the top of the pyramid and finish off their enemies, not just keep up the female cold war situation.


      • you overestimate your fellow men


  10. on October 31, 2013 at 1:50 pm Subarctic Hillbilly

    I’ve been called a chauvinist many times. Never a misogynist. Perhaps because the twinkle in my eye belies my love of women. Or because the women I hang with are too oblivious (bless them and note I didn’t say stupid) to know that word.

    Chauvinist I accept with pride. And I tell my feminist-identifying friends that, they, too, should be proud to be called chauvinists.

    Nicholas Chauvin was an uncompromising, passionate patriot of the French cause – which, during the time of Napoleon, meant that he fought and nearly died for the Rights of Man – freedom from tyranny, for self determination and intellectual inquiry — against the Divine Rule of Kings – and the caprice of judgment, unquestioning submission and dull and brutal patriarchy it entailed.

    During the Bourbon restoration, he was made a figure of fun precisely because he didn’t accept that people should just go along with whatever syphilitic, imbecilic inbred hemophiliac was deemed to rule them. It’s not certain, btw, that Chauvin was an actual person, but if not, then the Bourbons and their appeasers would have had to invent him.

    Ich bin ein Chauvinist! (Or, more properly for our German friends, Ich bin Chauvinist!)


  11. What will the truce between men and women finally look like?

    [CH: a hot jizzbomb landing on a pretty girl’s face, forever.]

    Probably like relations between the sexes were for thousands of years before the 1960s.

    [this, too, shall end.]

    Keep men and women separate, have chaperoned mixers where they look for mates. Marry them off young. Things were that way for a reason, long experience showed that to be the best way to avoid all the problems we see now that we’ve abandoned the wisdom of experience.

    [the battle of the sexes is best thought of as creative destruction. or destructive creation, depending which side is getting skewered at the moment of assessment.]


    • It ain’t nobody’s fault. Its about what happened Gros Michel bananas . All the flora around us looks at us as big pile of meat and they are all having sex trying to pick the lock. So, we must join them.


  12. There are times when I appreciate the women, in my life, more, and times when I appreciate the men. As I get older, I tend to identify with women more and men less. Even so, there are a few men/boys who I really care about.
    Once you aren’t in sexual competition with other women, it is easier to get along with them, although you can still irritate each other at times.


    • “Once you aren’t in sexual competition with other women, it is easier to get along with them, although you can still irritate each other at times.”

      Once The Wall hits, misery loves company.


  13. From the tweet about the NYFD:

    “Halfway through the 18-week Fire Academy course, the dropout rate has hit a sky-high 15 percent and could climb to a third of the 318 who started on July 29, according to insiders.

    So far, 48 have dropped out. They include 23 of 123 court-ordered “priority hires,” mainly blacks and Latinos in their 30s and early 40s who took the FDNY entrance exam in 1999 or 2000 but were passed over.

    Four of eight women have also bailed. The eight were hailed as the most in an academy class since 1982, when a lawsuit forced the FDNY to bring on the first female firefighters.”

    I say we charge the dropouts with hate crimes against their own races and genders. Failure is not an option, Comrade.

    “Vulcan Society president John Coombs questioned the FDNY’s commitment to helping minorities succeed.

    ‘Some of those instructors are out to break them,’ Coombs said. ‘It’s psychological warfare.'”

    Right, I forgot. God is a white dude, so inconvenient realities like some diversity hire’s physical limitations are just more facets of His oppressive patriarchal social construct.



    • Good. I am relieved to hear that. I hope the reasons for their washing out are well documented to withstand further legal shit, but it’s the right way.


  14. Related to this:

    Gotta love the Jezebelesque shit-stirring title used when they talked about the article mentioned above:



    Of course, the lying she-crazy author fails to mention that the study applies to both men and women. The level of dishonesty here is not really shocking (really) but it is disgusting and altogether yet one more reason why I’m getting my wife to stop reading this fucking garbage. These people have no sense of right and wrong, it is ideology before almost everything, and self-deception before everything else.


    • “Of course, the lying she-crazy author fails to mention that the study applies to both men and women.”

      You may want to re-read her article because she very clearly mentions that the study applies to both men and women.

      In any case, if that study actually implied what it theoretically seems to imply, that is just about the best news I’ve heard in the last decade. hahaha.


      • The point is that the article title is completely misleading. “Men are looking at your body!!” is used to grab attention and clicks, when the study says that both men and women do the exact same thing. It’s a lie by omission.


      • In any case, if that study actually implied what it theoretically seems to imply, that is just about the best news I’ve heard in the last decade. hahaha.

        LOL! I bet…

        If you ever get tired of being the 2nd stringer to another woman, just wear something skimpy out and you will have betas falling over themselves for a chance to wife you based on the bod alone.


    • Butterface jubilation.


    • on November 1, 2013 at 6:41 am Just another guy looking at your ass

      Just to add to this:

      Here is what’s up when women don’t agree with feminist:

      Sad but Funny


  15. Oh well as a perfect example, I have told girls for years to pay very close attention to those that compliment them on those “cute” bobs and pixie cuts. Rarely have I heard men make such a compliment making quite a skew. Never heard a girl ever compliment another girl on her full, middle of the back do, advertising a good to go womb vacancy . After all what better signal of infertility, malnutrition and disease is there than to have hair falling out? Why not have your rivals simulate this effect? Other girls encourage their rivals to harvest one of their fitness signals , just like they encourage them to eat an extra donut.

    But then its subtle and very finely tuned because groups rub off on each other where two warpigs can bring down a hot girl down a notch. The sweet spot is to be the 8 amount 7s. and the 9 among the 8s. Ifs too close to call , a little frump, bob or hint of sluttiness can tune the social context just right. Yep even from their “very best” friends.


  16. chin chin is the common japanese word for penis, but you knew that


  17. I don’t hate women…I have many logical reasons to not like them.

    Women however…they HATE other women.


  18. You know there’s a pretty decent book out there about this thing, right?

    It never fails to amaze me how many people need to be told that this shit goes on. Like, didn’t we all live this as children? As a female, you can never trust another female, end of story. Basic fact of life.


    • And yet you hang out together in pairs (best friends), cliques, etc.

      If you can’t trust another female, why do you seem attracted. I don’t mean sexually, but think of magnets. If they repel, they would tend to be far apart, not coupled together in a group.

      And if you’re any cute at all, boys are quite willing to spend time with you, and happily friendzoned betas are as trustworthy as you can get … is it really that hard to get guys to sign up for your friendzone?


      • Girls are herd creatures, and being herd creatures, will do anything to find and stay in a herd. We’re scared of being alone. It’s the way we’re wired. We don’t repel each other at all; we need each other. But, you can never be sure when your position within the herd is going to shift, or how, or when somebody is going to throw you out, etc. (btw, this explains about 90% of the behavior men find inexplicable; it all comes back to a fear of banishment from the group for us)

        So we grow up, clumping together in groups with other girls whom we would like to trust and instinctively know we can’t. It’s a fucking nightmare for any girl who’s self-aware enough – or abused by the group enough – to see what’s going on.

        As far as friendzoning betas… I don’t know. Never done it on purpose. I had guy friends in high school who probably fell into that category, but I didn’t think of them that way (hell, didn’t think of myself as cute in high school, I was pushing the high end of healthy BMI). I’ve learned in my adult life that it’s basically impossible to maintain a friendship with a guy, because I always get pushed for sex.


      • Thanks that’s informative. I started drifting away from my HS sort-of gf (cute but not socially popular, I didn’t quite get what a great combination that is) when she asked me to attend some event with her because it would look prestigious to her best friend. She told me that directly. This was too much for me to process, and I should have just done it for her. Small cost to me, large benefit for her. Since I was graduating (she was a sophomore) I didn’t know what to do with the relationship anyway.

        On the final paragraph, it sounds to me like you would not think of being friends with the sort of guy who would not push you for sex. Interesting again, to you those guys are simply invisible! Betas pay attention to this! I have recommended that guys get to the point that a girl is open to having sex with them or at least showing attraction, then stop and become friends. Maybe not “friendzone with benefits” if you don’t want the benefits, but “friendzone with real respect.”

        I have a lot of intellectual curiosity about girls and women, even though I only have sons, because it’s one of those places guys can’t go. Just plain curiosity.


    • You can trust your mother.


    • “As a female, you can never trust another female, end of story. Basic fact of life.”

      I really don’t get this. I have several girlfriends I’ve had since I was a little kid. They’re like sisters to me and fiercely loyal. I trust them completely. Granted, truly good friends are hard to find, but women are certainly capable of it. I’ve generally had good experiences with girls I’ve chosen to hang out with on a regular basis. Even in college when I was in a sorority.

      I think if you choose to surround yourself with quality women, you’ll generally like women. The same with men. Women who dislike men tend to either surround themselves with the bad ones, or they end up doing (or not doing) things that repel the good ones.


      • I will say I have two lovely female co-workers: one is in her fifties and the other is in her twenties. They are both models of femininity, generosity, and grace, and I feel lucky to spend a good portion of my day around them.


  19. You, as an aspiring assaulter of the pink abyss, can exploit this point of id entry into the attractive female’s ego. Disqualify and challenge — “I only hang with women who have something going on for themselves besides their looks” — then assuage and connect — “I know people judge you on superficial stuff, and how tough that makes it for you to find someone who can connect with you on a deeper level. I get that”.

    Game confuses me.

    There are many different types of it and different methods of doing it (direct,indirect), but how do connect without appearing beta?

    The “connecting at a deeper level” line sounds like something a beta would say (I get it, delivery matters more than the line so an alpha gets away with things, and you need vulnerability game too), but still.

    An experienced seducer of women is like water and will bend to his environment and will use whatever type of game he has to get what he wants (pussy), but generally speaking how do players game girls without coming off as having 10 different personalities?

    And how do players live with themselves after using douchey asshole game/bad boy game for one girl and then prince charming alpha game for another?

    How do seducers maintain a consistent personality?


    • ok, i think you might be for real.

      listen, you are focusing on the tactics of how these things are done right now and you gotta start shoring up your frame. what is said isn’t important, its the man saying it.

      you need some gym time and philosophy time, not more if/then analysis time.

      you can and will fix this. you are doing the work. but you have to take the lessons and do the work the right way ILO bass ackwards like most of the guys here do.

      really dig into Rollo for outer game and YaReally for inner game. Stick to CH for the discussion and stay relevant.

      understand and internalize the why you are doing it before you focus on the what you are doing


      • Ya, I have to stay away from tactics and really get it first (ie deprogramming).

        On a side note, I recently tried online dating without using a profile pic, just testing things out, getting used to rejection, and I had some interesting results. I messaged 10 girls and got back 2 replies.

        The first girl I joked around with and she was liking it, and she even wanted my pics but I didn’t give it to her.

        For the second girl I used VERY DIRECT GAME for my opening message. She was younger and good looking and I told her straight up I wanted to take take off her panties and fuck her hard, almost those very words. She basically told me pics or gtfo.

        Of course I didn’t send her any pics and that was the end of that but I don’t care, it’s just shocking how women react to directness. She is no doubt getting hundreds of messages a week yet she messaged back one guy who went straight for her pussy with no profile pic? I’m impressed.

        I still think women are fucked up though, those dirty whores.


      • the experimenting is good. shows balls, keep it up.

        you really need to study Ya. I have very little patience generally, but he seems to enjoy writing very salient and informative replies. i hate making competition even though there is very little of it.

        shit, there are like six guys on this exemplary game site who are competition but i guess im a greedy fuck.(not really, just all my alpha buddies are and cant hunt in packs without the typical poaching so fuck it, i roll solo and tool em out)

        stay on point with the inner game. focus on that. some of Rooshes last year has been god as he seems to really be evolving. study the burnout of tactics before strategy and you wont have to learn it on your own in the painful way he and I and others did.


      • Just for shits and giggles, I use to go “firebombing” on match.com about once a week when I had an active account there. And when I say firebombing I mean full fucking on napalm drops. So much so, that enough women finally got butt hurt and I had enough complaints they temporarily banned me (and then later permanently).

        Most of what I was doing was shredding up wall-hitters in their early 30s with their absurd entitlement profiles and their “kids someday” at 35 while the biological reality was more like “kids 2 years ago”.

        When I presented these uncomfortable truths to them they would fucking go ballistic. -Sometimes-

        Interestingly, like your message above that was crass and crude some of my messages were very harsh. And I got ALOT of replies. Not just hate mail, though that was the majority. Some women even though I had just eviscerated their entire persona and being started flirting with me straight up. I’d even continue insulting them in messages and they’d come right back for more. Fascinating shit.

        It was yet again proof of the pathology that I first learned about at 19 years old when I had to slap a bitch and drag her out of a car by her hair screaming. Only to have her come back 6 months later and fuck me one last time before saying goodbye.


  20. Hey all, I need help with a situation. Last night I was talking to a chick who liked my accent and wanted me to say banal things or just talk to her. One of the other chicks who’s in Europe and on my FB heard from this chick how she wanted to fuck me because of my voice.

    This EE one sent me a voice message on FB today asking “what do you do, speak to me, I want to hear”. So she wants to hear my voice. I am not going to respond on her terms but I do need to respond. This EE chick is a very flakey one. I would be keen to get any pointers on how to proceed from here. Thanks in advance.


    • Not at all sure, but it’s strange that this “EE one” heard about you second-hand from another chick. Are you being handed off to a friend? If so I am guessing (others may disagree) that the EE one is ugly.

      In any case it doesn’t hurt to treat her as if she is. Call her up or however you speak to these girls, and just talk about nothing for a while, assume a whale is on the other end of the phone.

      You’ll have her wet in no time, that’s my feeling. What you do with that, up to you.


      • She is a Russian 8.


      • What was the friend that referred you to her, a 9? Anyway it sounds like you’re excited by this, she probably has a good picture and you’re thinking visually. Here’s an idea, I never do this online stuff because I’ve been married 15 years and really don’t need the hassle a gf would bring my family so take this for what it’s worth, I think it’s what I would do …

        Take an ugly picture, a fat girl, and put that in front of you. Think of that as the pic of your 8. Your mission is now to get the girl wet — but she’s the 4 in your picture. Keep that picture of the 4 in front of you as you talk to her on the phone, and get her wet.

        Then say you gotta go and hang up. Go do something else, check back in here, whatever and think about what to do next.


      • Think of her as a 3. Put a pic of a fatso in front of you as you call her up on the phone and just experiment, think of getting her wet. Then when you hear the signs of it, say you gotta go to an appointment or something.

        And think. Because what are you going to do with a girl over in Russia anyway?


      • She’s coming back in next couple weeks.


      • Well then meet her for coffee near your place, just you and her.. She’ll be the nervous one but you can make her happy.


      • And think. Because what are you going to do with a girl over in Russia anyway?

        If he is lucky and she isn’t a ruthless mercenary mail order bride, marrying her and making white babies. Ruskies are phenomenally un-PC so I always love talking to them because that European guilt thing is just not on their radar whatsoever. They are also use to men that, outside of nigs, don’t exist too much in the West anymore. Controlling, utterly dominant, with anger management issues. I think this is part of why I score so much EE ass it is pervasive in their culture too due to heavy Russian influence.


    • on October 31, 2013 at 5:02 pm Lucky White Male


      You are being made into a Dancing Monkey. Kind of like a girl sees you have a big cock, won’t touch your cock, tells her friend you have a big cock, she wants to see it , but she’s in Europe so she can’t touch it anytime soon

      You look like you need the validation of these girls admiring your voice. Also why do you say you “need” to respond to Europe girl? For what reason? Again you look a little less than man with abundant options.

      Tell broads “My voice is in demand. Call ME on Skype, my female admirer schedule is getting crowded”

      Cue YaReally in 3-2-1


      • Nah. I don’t need validation. I couldn’t care less abt her. But as a student of CH I am curious on hearing thoughts on how to proceed for my learning.

        She is a Russian 8. Coming to my town in next few weeks.


      • “You can hear it in person over drinks when you’re here in a few weeks.”

        No calling or voice chat for her. She’s making you her dancing monkey but not giving you anything in return. She legit will probably bone you just off your accent, but that’s why you don’t give her your accent till shes within boning range lol

        She won’t buy the cow if she gets the milk for free, nommsayin?

        Soon as you get her out in person, you escalate to sex fast as fuck. Whisper in her ear and shit and just escalate it to makeouts and sex right away. There’s no benefit to playing it slow cause your voice is hitting a weak spot for her.

        (no calling to set up the date, she doesn’t get to hear your voice till you’re meeting up and in the same room…she’ll try to test you with “I’m not meeting up till I hear your voice” and you just say something like “ok have a nice visit. Txt me when you get bored of the lame accent-less guys here and want to meet up lol” where you aren’t afraid to not meet up with her)


      • Yeah, I wasn’t going to dance to her tune. I replied “stand in the line me lady” she came back with “I’ve been waiting” to which I responded “out drinking, talk later.”

        She is been to the motherland for 6 months but she is coming back in couple weeks. So it’s not the odd online stuff. It’s legit if I can lay it.


      • I sent her this voice message. “This is your friendly neighbourhood phone sex line, where all your imagination come true. Please put your hands down your pants and begin a journey. … Talk later”


      • “(no calling to set up the date, she doesn’t get to hear your voice till you’re meeting up and in the same room…”

        “Yeah, I wasn’t going to dance to her tune.”

        “I sent her this voice message”


      • In the past I’ve tried not replying when she was sending irrelevant texts and throwing spanner in the wheel stuff. I ended up being a 6 months silence when I knew she was keen. She is Russian and well versed in the art of aloofness. I may not have done myself a favour by replying but I do need to find a balance where I am not the guy who’s is too laconic. Russians require a very brutal frame control but I think I do need to still engage them sooner than what I tried last time.


      • I didn’t say don’t interact with her, I said don’t leave her voicemails where she gets to hear your voice, especially not voicemails where you say sexy things to her. You’re just giving away the milk for free every time you let her hear your voice. Stick to text communication.


      • Done thanks heaps mate.


      • I replied with “stand in the line ;)”


    • on November 1, 2013 at 2:32 am Hugh G. Rection

      Tell her she should call your sex line, and have a credit card ready.


  21. Yes, women hate each other, there’s an instinctive depersonalization. Men complain about it, that once taking the red pill, they see that women aren’t soft and loving, but cold and run by their hamsters. Now imagine no other way of being. You have just imagined what it’s like to be female. At least I think so.

    So, suppose the ugly women were looking at a way to fight against their sexual superiors. Talking to men wouldn’t work. They are simply ignored by the cuter women, who generally aren’t even bothering to be mean but simply have men (and competing with other cute women) on their minds.

    But then they invented feminism! Use the political power structure to fight the men and the schools to reduce their masculinity, spread a cultural message that the cuter women are not better, and so on.


    • “… women aren’t soft and loving, but cold and run by their hamsters. Now imagine no other way of being. You have just imagined what it’s like to be female.”

      The only way out is “to fall in love” — infatuation that is. Over and over, because after a year it runs out. Need higher dose of alpha to feel good again.


  22. ~50% of shitty people are women. Absent any other considerations, this fact alone ought to logically dismantle the great majority of contemporary feminist claims. Once additional considerations are brought forth concerning HOW female shittiness differs from male shittiness… well, then you’re just in straight anti-feminist territory.


  23. Yes we gals can be quite nasty to each other. But there is still nothing like a good solid circle of female friends. But one has to vet wisely and constantly to ensure this.


    • Have to vet constantly. Yep, that’s what groups of women seem to spend a lot of their time doing, checking each other out, making sure the bill is split exactly evenly, etc. Equality.

      How good feelings can arise within that setup is hard for to imagine, I guess just belonging itself is enough of a thrill, or something, that it’s worth it.


  24. on October 31, 2013 at 5:52 pm Reservoir Tip

    Man women are nuts.

    I never hooked up with anyone in high school, but now I’ve got girls back home that I see regularly when I go back home. I tell one that I’m hanging out with the other to make the first girl a little jealous, and suddenly there’s rumor going around the high school that I fucked her LOL.


  25. I love the smell of Truthtalk in the morning …. It’s the smell of Victory.


  26. I see this only anecdotally, but in my experiences the friends of several girls I had been seeing were constantly talking shit about me, all of it rumours and innuendos: “he’s a playboy”, “he’s no good” etc etc. It would often manifest itself in things like “xxxx says you’re xxxx”. In some cases I would agree and amplify, other times, the nature of the comment was so shitty I became defensive.

    I began thinking why would these girls deliberately try to sabotage my relationships?

    Then after reading through various manosphere posts it becomes clear: women are hyper-competitive, perhaps this stems from the idea that women don’t want their friends to be with alpha guys because it means THEY THEMSELVES are not able to access those guys.

    So misery loves company. In several cases my girl’s friends were with “nice guys” or betas or it was clear they had emasculated their boyfriends and were trying to do the same with mine.

    It would drive a wedge between us and became a source of tension.

    It’s now something I’m keenly aware of in dating women or banging women especially within a social circle.


    • I never did this, but I guess it’s why one often hears the advice to bang her friends too. Might as well, esp. if the main relationship is no longer satisfactory or she’s made you angry.

      After all you never promised fidelity. You’re not even engaged let alone married. You are both still on the market.


      • You had might as well bang the entire social circle.
        Not only will it boost your reputation of being dangerous but the social circle is going to be split concerning you. Those girls under your ex will hate you, and those competing against your ex will never be more ripe for the picking.
        Then you need to get the hell out of dodge before they lynch you.


      • When I said entire social circle I meant as many as you can get away with.


  27. this doc is 2 years old, exposes the bullshit of the Nordic Gender institute, and the theory of gender as a social construct

    so this guy, a comedian goes asking some high ranking feminists why there are still a majority of men in construction and engineering and majority of women in nursing,stylist,hairdresser,etc . in the most gender equal county in the world

    i had to pull out my eye movements patterns charts to keep up with the lies these bitches fabricate , these people are neurotic as fuck


    • on October 31, 2013 at 6:46 pm Reservoir Tip

      Can you imagine CHOOSING to live a lie your entire life?

      Maybe leftists see it as playing make-believe or something. They know they’re wrong. They are just too deeply involved in their little make-believe worlds to admit it. At the Alice in Wonderland all-you-can-eat buffet, why go back to reality?

      They’d rather prance around in anime outfits with Skrillex haircuts and art degrees than live for anything larger than themselves in this world, let alone be held accountable for anything in it.


    • on November 1, 2013 at 2:35 am Hugh G. Rection

      This is how this particular kind of scam works. This “equality” is ever eluding, so you always can demand men do more, give in more etc..


  28. “Hot women have weaknesses, primary among them the nagging fear that they’re only loved for their bodies.”

    Great insight.

    My ex gf was always getting stopped by dudes on the street to “ask directions” and chat her up. When I mentioned that a new notch was only reason they talked to her she got super pissy and upset.

    The truth hurts.

    Someone once said that being born a beautiful girl is like being born rich then growing inevitably poorer every year.


    • ““Hot women have weaknesses, primary among them the nagging fear that they’re only loved for their bodies.”

      You think this is a fear of women? That’s weird to me. I would think that basically all women know this either consciously or subconsciously. That’s why they “feel great” when they lose weight.

      My baseline assumption is that a guy’s chief reason for lovin me is for my body. Beyond that their attraction to elements of personality is pretty obvious to me. It’s easy to tell when a guy is into this or that element of your personality.

      “Someone once said that being born a beautiful girl is like being born rich then growing inevitably poorer every year.”

      i hear it doesn’t matter if you marry someone you love and have babies.


      • I think it’s the ebb and flow of attention. The other day I noticed a new behaviour: a girl taking a super quick glance at me, not enough to check me out but probably sufficient to see if I was looking at her. That, I thought, is what it is to be a mere attention object.


  29. There`s one point in life where you make a mistake and it feeds the hamster, once that nigga is spinning it gains momentum, so you become more comfortable with making the wrong decisions

    After some time of living a bullshit life you clash with reality and you keep delaying handling with the truth,
    i guess that the hamster is so strong in these deluded women because if it stops it`s total system meltdown, a neurophysiological shitstorm

    it`s like building a criminal career, people can learn how to be a psychopath by becoming too distant from themselves and not checking their behaviour. being too much ego driven…

    only game makes real use on being a remorseless asshole, but game involves a lot of self development and self critical mindset so it`s a win/win for everyone


  30. Ah, men trying to interpret female to female interactions. Yes, females “Fitness Test” each other. Most survive it, accept it and are stronger because of it. Nature prepares us for part of our true calling: tormenting, er, motivating men to build civilization. So, stop acting appalled at the cruelty. You’re welcome.


    • You need to test the fat girls harder.


    • Right. Female “cruelty” was a way of either shaping up or running out females who are a drain on the group. It’s not like any of these guys would ever choose a weird, socially ostracized girl over the homecoming queen.


    • nigga please.

      is that why the hot girl has ugly besties? why the last jen in my life had a best friend the ex porn star? what a self serving fantasy.

      your friendships are about two things…..1. not feeling judged for your shitty, slutty behavior and 2. feeding your esteem by being prettier.

      fitness test. good lord.


    • ” Yes, females “Fitness Test” each other.”
      That might be part of it but there is more to it:

      Do human females use indirect aggression as an intrasexual competition strategy?
      “Indirect aggression includes behaviours such as criticizing a competitor’s
      appearance, spreading rumours about a person’s sexual behaviour and
      social exclusion. Human females have a particular proclivity for using indirect
      aggression, which is typically directed at other females, especially attractive
      and sexually available females, in the context of intrasexual competition for
      mates. Indirect aggression is an effective intrasexual competition strategy. It
      is associated with a diminished willingness to compete on the part of victims
      and with greater dating and sexual behaviour among those who perpetrate
      the aggression”


  31. You know, Chateau, I feel like absorbing all this cold information you dish out is turning me into an even more cynical, sacrilegious, amoral hermit-child than before. Lately, I’ve begun to just tell ridiculous lies/half truths in order to open sets or keep plowing through conversation. I can feel my inner Disney world dying.

    Part of me wants to stop, but I get good reactions.

    Guess I’ll see you all in hell.


  32. on October 31, 2013 at 8:34 pm North Vinlander

    How do you pronounce ‘heartiste?’

    [CH: like ‘artiste’, but with a hhhhhhhhuuuuhhhhhhhh added. >} ]


  33. “So women who put less emphasis on dating, or women who are past their sexual peak, are less likely to engage in mean girl behavior (at least over men).”

    You sure about that?… I know the woman hit the wall the moment she calls normal men “pedo” for liking a 16 year old.


  34. People look more at the figure and less at the face? This should be good news for butterfaces everywhere.


    • on October 31, 2013 at 9:38 pm FuriousFerret

      Which also means that all you really have to do to be ‘hot’ in the US is be skinny and in shape and the majority of women refuse to do the one thing the exponentially multiplies their power in this world.

      It’s be like if someone offered me a million dollars if I simply kept to 13 percent body fat and dressed up properly and I told that guy to go fuck himself.


      • Yeah but womens don’t like the logic or what men like. They like Oreos and sweatpants because it makes them feel haaaaaaaaaaaaaaapy.


    • on November 1, 2013 at 1:23 pm North Vinlander

      I’ve read that men look more at the body when just looking to pump and dump, but look more at the face when looking for something long term.


  35. Very timely post and I would like to share 2 things. First a new game text I adapted and have used with interesting results. Let’s call this “The power of “…”
    this: … three periods. It’s now my go-to response for girls who I want to alert that their behavior is not on, that I’m expecting a response, or that I want to trial text them but have nothing to say. This … gets the hamster going.

    Background, girl I’m gaming, and have maintained a clear sexual vibe with has her hamster in over-drive. We went out a few weeks ago, good time major make out, then a flake. But I didn’t get upset, just kept a positive vibe.

    Here’s our text exchange from last night and “the power of …”

    her: I wanna be up front. I am looking for someone ready to settle down..i u just want some fun.. we shud just be friends.

    Me: …

    Her: I am being ridiculous. Yesterday I met my friends for dinner..bf of one of them joined us. they just started…I think I am jealous. I also wanna bring someone special to join the dinner but no one to bring.

    A few learnings:

    one, note how I maintain my frame and while I dont’ really know what to say I use “…” and get this huge hamster barf. I may set up drinks later. she’s up for something.

    Secondly, if you’ve been following my other story, my ex gf who’s fairly hot has been chasing me since she broke up with me rather cruelly 2 weeks ago. I also maintained my frame. No beta butt-hurt crap, no lashing out, just “ok”…and ignore her.

    She deleted my on FB yesterday. I considered ignoring it. Then I considered confronting her..Both are bad moves. But at the same time dead silence is kind of lame. She has tried to reach out in her angry girl butt-hurt way.

    So I shot off a text late last night: ,…

    This was my way of sending an ambiguous message to get hamster spinning knowing full well the deletion was aimed at pissing me off.

    Ok, two things to consider there for you guys: girl who wants a guy to piss off her friends and ex gf crying out for attention and getting “…”

    In both cases “…” is the common game tool that is more ambiguous than “gay”.


    • on November 1, 2013 at 12:47 am Young Journeyman

      Might be the culture but “lol” works better in eastern europe. It looks like it would work in both your situations.


      • I think “lol” is too generic. “gay” is a bit too cocky…it may not work with some girls.

        I’ve used … in a few situations today. If I don’t hear from someone… I got a long qualifying response about how “I was out later and blah blah blah”

        So … is ambiguous enough that it allows a girl’s imagination to do the work: “he’s mad” “he’s impatient” “he’s referring to xxx” “oh, I should respond” or whatever the context of the situation could inspire.


      • LOL is terribad. Awful. I use it here or w/ dudebros ONLY. Gay is better but doesn’t work in all instances. As you can see from my own writing I’m a huge fan of the ellipsis myself so … is fine. I’ve even used it on occasion w/ chicks when I wanted to show them that I am 100% not interested or invested in whatever inane shit they just sent me.


    • “So I shot off a text late last night: ,…”


      Ahhhh shit. You were doing SO good. I really thought you’d make it.

      “This was my way of sending an ambiguous message to get hamster spinning knowing full well the deletion was aimed at pissing me off.”

      Which is exactly why she did it. Congrats! You are now reacting to her and have taught her that, in the future, the bare minimum amount of crazy she needs to execute to get you to react is STARTING at deleting you off her Facebook.

      And I know, in your head you’re rationalizing this as “I’m totally making her hamster spin” but deep down in the back of your brain, you txted out of a fear of loss and her chick-brain is tuned to understand that.

      Realistically, like totally objectively, what would have happened if you didn’t txt? Like she deletes you and you don’t txt? You still have her number so it’s not like you can never contact eachother again. As long as you have that # (or know where she lives/works), you have the ability to re-stoke the relationship after she gives up.

      But now you’re sucked back into her game.

      The thing is you can get her back. That’s not in question, you could’ve taken her back a couple weeks ago. But you’re letting her back on her terms instead of yours. So right now you’ll get the short-term reward of her validation and interactions with you, but long-term you have created a dynamic that WILL result in escalating crazy and more drama because she knows you aren’t willing to cut her out entirely if she misbehaves, except the next time she pulls it she’ll do it when you’re locked into the relationship harder.

      Damn. I really thought you were gonna pull this off…it’s hard tho, hey? People think a Soft Next is no biggie but when it’s a girl you legit care about it hurts on your end as much as hers so it’s hard to hold strong thru its execution.

      This is why we recommend “GFTOW” (go fuck ten other women) in these situs and in one-itis situs, to distract the guy from thinking about her too much during the Soft Next so he doesn’t cave.

      Well hey, you tried at least. You did really good, so props for that. I hope she doesn’t bring drama your way again and you guys have a solid relationship but I also hope a pitbull that’s been trained to attack doesn’t maul a child’s face off and just licks it instead lol. Good luck!


      • Some follow-up:

        It’s like how they say no press is bad press. Whether they’re saying good things or bad things, they’re at least talking about your product.

        Same with opening a hot chick and getting on her radar…it doesn’t matter if you get her to emotionally react in a good positive way or in a bad way like by pissing her of or offending her…in both situations, you are on her radar and that’s the important part.

        Girls don’t shit-test a homeless guy because he’s not on their radar and they don’t want to interact with him at all. But they’ll give a guy who their brain knows they would potentially sleep with, a bunch of shit because he’s emotionally relevant to her.

        So the fuck up here isn’t what you said, it’s that you reacted to her stimulus of bad/immature/bratty behavior. The reply about “I thank everyone who helped” was okay because that’s not reacting to her shitty behavior, that’s just you coldly explaining an action you took.

        Basically your “…” here gives her the impression that 1) you noticed she de-facebooked you, which means that 2) you are still paying attention to her and her life, and 3) her de-facebooking you is relevant to you and caused an emotional reaction in you, good or bad.

        The point of a Soft Next is to demonstrate that you are 100% okay with her not existing if she misbehaves. You’re not angry at her, because that means she has emotional relevance to you, you simply turn her existence off like a light.

        When she accepts and understands that you are willing and able to make her emotionally irrelevant to you, and she gives up and stops writing to you, stops trying to re-initiate contact, stops trying to piss you off by de-friending you, once she gives up COMPLETELY and accepts that to you, she no longer exists…THEN you can re-open communication and take her back.

        So basically you undid everything the Soft Next was accomplishing and rewarded her with your attention (whether you bitch her out, be ambiguous, or proclaim your love, it’s all the same to her: she is emotionally relevant to you…no press is bad press style).

        So in essence you might as well have begged her to come back right after your fight because this action has cancelled out the Soft Next work you put in and all those weeks of frustration and suffering you put yourself thru, and simply taught her that you won’t pull the trigger.

        She won’t use that information right away. She’ll put on all sorts of “I’m sorry baby!!” shit and tell you exactly what you want to hear…but make no mistake: she will file this away in the far back dark corner of her mind to pull out in the future when she needs it.

        It’s like when a wife and husband fight and the wife calls the cops and learns first-hand that they’ll always believe anything she says and cart him off to jail for a couple days because they’re required to arrest someone by law…they may smooth things over, but that wife has learned that she has ultimate Hand and one day, when she hits a tipping point of not getting her way or a divorce etc, that dude is FUCKED.


      • great insights. I never thought of this that way. She did come out and looked like hell. Is there any way of mitigating this?


      • @YaReally, but she came out to our weekly latin dance party. I blanked her and built up competitive anxiety. I’m also gaming other girls.

        Doesn’t the “…” constitute a pull after weeks of push?

        Doesn’t this sudden “…” ambiguous response spark a surprise?

        isn’t that why she came out and tried to make eye contact?

        My game has gotten good at scooping up girls, but I’m keen to understand more about LTR or using game to keep it going.

        Is “…” really undermining as seriously as you suggest?

        I saw it more as throwing out a diversionary re-frame.


      • @walawala

        “but she came out to our weekly latin dance party.”

        …to try to get a reaction out of you. Ignore WHAT she’s doing and look at the overall concept: her coming out to the party, her de-friending you, her txting you shit-test angry stuff, etc is all HER taking actions to get you to react in some way, good or bad, to her.

        “isn’t that why she came out and tried to make eye contact?”

        This is her taking action to get you to react to her.

        See what I’m saying? Whether she cries, threatens suicide, de-friends you on Facebook, begs you to take her back, stares at you from across the room in her sluttiest dress, messages you drunk, threatens you, guilts you…ALL of that = her taking action to get you to react to her.

        If you blow up at her, coddle her, apologize, bitch her out, send an ellipses, it doesn’t matter, no press is bad press and she instinctively knows “okay he’s bluffing and won’t REALLY get rid of me if i misbehave, and since this time he responded to me threatening him (or guilting him, or de-friending him) next time I start with threatening him (or guilting him, or de/friending him$ and go from there.”

        You can’t take her back until she gives up and stops “taking action to get you to react”. There’s no push/pull here, you are not “gaming” her, the game has gone into an alternate mode when you’re punishing her. It’s like the game is on pause until this situation is resolved. So you unpaused it ahead of time to keep playing the game, and the reason you unpaused it with your ellipses is BECAUSE she de-friended you so she KNOWS 100% that her action of de-friending you caused you to react and that is now her baseline and tells her “okay so if I walk away then he’ll chase, so that’s how I handle him in the future. The guilting and eye contact didnt work so I have to strike right at his fear of loss”

        This make sense? You gotta zoom out a bit and look at the overall structure of the dynamic going on, VS focusing zoomed in on “but she looked sad” and “but I used … instead of “hey” so that’s better right?” You have to boil it down to:

        1) is she taking action to get you to react?


        2) are you reacting to her actions?

        You need the answer to both of those to be “no”, before you can take her back.

        She attends a party to stare at you = “yes” to question 1…you ignoring her to dance with other girls = “no” to question 2.

        Right now the de-friend = “yes” to question 1, and your “…” = “yes” to question 2. And this one undermines and nullifies all the “no to question 2″s you did up to that point because now she KNOWS that was all just a front and that the whole time you still had a fear of loss…she just had to try a thousand different tactics till she hit the one that changed question 2 to a “yes”. So that tactic that changed that question 2 to a “yes” will be the baseline she starts from in the future.

        You need her to give up so that she has a legit fear of loss and knows you will cut her out of your existence so that the answer to question 1 is “no” and the answer to question 2 is also “no”…THEN you can re-open communication and take her back.

        Again you can take her back now. 100% she would come back and you might even go a few months or a year or two with no problems. But you will be teaching a bulldog to bite people and then inviting it to play with children…sooner or later in a stressful situation it’s gonna fall back on it’s training and do what you trained it to do.


      • @YaReally, excellent. Your read on this is pretty much spot on.

        The “…” was a hiccup. From that point on I just carried on as normal, blanked her, gamed other girls etc. But, from your coaching that was a set-back that needs to be mitigated with continued no-contact

        But any outright “reaction” is ceding frame or acknowledging her bitchiness which up to that point I hadn’t done.

        Girls, especially hot girls used to getting what they want resort to various methods.

        The “De-friending” is a perfect vehicle for this. To “Re-friend” I would have to “send request” which then puts the request for her to “accept”…from a hot-girl bitchy perspective, it’s the ideal format to gain frame of some kind.

        So I haven’t done that.

        Dancing is also the perfect vehicle for her to gain frame: she gets the instant intimacy, she gets “lead”, she gets a kind of “forgiveness”–all the instant aspects of a relationship without any investment on her part. So again, this is something I’ve not done. It’s the reason for the eye contact and for coming out.

        For her part it’s “plausible deniability”-she comes out to be with her friends but by trying to get eye contact and invite me to dance she has that ability to simply say “it was just a dance”….the “longing” and dread that I’ve gone that has slowly been building up…would vanish.

        My ability to game and bang girls has improved. But this incident has now given me insights into how women think overall. The way they intuitively use “game” to get what they want.

        When she did this before, I gave in too soon. She came back, we got back together, it was awesome for a couple of months, then she pulled this stuff again, this time with even MORE DRAMA.

        Some girls live for DRAMA and when things are good or get too good, they try to mind fuck you to get that rush.

        This is a struggle for me (less and less each day as I do game other chicks and get busy with my work). But for her, it’s a way to relieve the boredom of her job and day and crappy life.

        This is why she would react in seconds to any angry text but in some cases take hours to reply to a “hey, how are you?” text. The rush of the interaction keeps her going. She’s getting what SHE wants.

        The “all press is good press” is a great analogy. “Any attention is good attention” to an attention-whore.

        Thanks again, will keep you updated if anything game-worthy appears.

        I’m away on a business trip and have a girl visiting me next weekend so won’t see her at our weekly party if she comes out. I may bring my visitor out.


      • @walawala

        “But, from your coaching that was a set-back that needs to be mitigated with continued no-contact”

        Ya. Basically what you’ve done with the “…” is you’ve extended the Soft Next. Because now no matter what you do she will always remember “but that OOOOOOONE time he responded so he still cares a little…” So it’s a lot harder now for her to forget that and give up.

        “But any outright “reaction” is ceding frame or acknowledging her bitchiness which up to that point I hadn’t done.”

        Right, so you were doing good there. And she was going thru her Rolodex of “how do I get what I want” behaviors…guilt, attack, shame, crazy, respectful, de-friending, etc. Once she runs out of approaches and you haven’t reacted to any of them, she gives up. But you got caught on the de-friend so like I say now she’ll know “ahh don’t waste time on guilt, shame, etc, go for his fear of loss, THAT makes him react” and start from here.

        It’s like the joke about how women know how to just cut to your core as a man and say that one thing they know will make you fly off the handle, poking that ONE insecurity she knows you have…well how did she learn about that? She went thru her Rolodex on you over the years and you reacted when she said your dad was a loser or your hair is balding etc. she knows which card to pull out and only narrows that down further in each fight where you react.

        “Girls, especially hot girls used to getting what they want resort to various methods.”

        I have a girl who’s 2 months into a Soft Next lol she is massively high drama so unfortunately I have to be extra cruel about the Next. I literally don’t expect to see or contact her again till mid-winter maybe spring.

        She is txting me pretty much daily right now and the texts jump all over her Rolodex. Like I’ll get a sequence of txts spaced out over an hour that go:

        “YaReally don’t ignore meeeeee!!”
        “I know you want me.”
        “Fine then fuck you I’m deleting your number have a nice life”
        “YaReally why are you being so meeean?? :'(”
        “(a row of heart emoticons)”
        “Drunk…I miss you :(”
        “Look at this funny animal picture!!” (lol)

        I don’t respond at all and haven’t in two months lol. But you can see how she goes thru the Rolodex trying to find something that will get any kind of reaction even a “…” or a “go away” or a lol out of me.

        But while she’s being this rabid spazzy, I have to keep ignoring her. Once she’s gone thru the Rolodex of “behaviors that have gotten me, a hot girl who’s used to getting her way, what she’s wanted in the past with everyone else in my life ESPECIALLY men” and finally gives up, then I can re-initiate and re-stoke the interaction.

        She may find another guy in the meantime but because its colder out and harder to meet people in the winter, she’s not going to be meeting a lot of guys…plus she’s obsessed with cracking me right now so right now I am the most high-value guy to her. She’s even sent pics of her txt convos with other dudes (way better looking than me lol) where she tries to demonstrate to me that she wants me and not other guys by telling them she misses YaReally and the dudes are like “uhh who’s that?” and she sends them a broken heart emoticon Lol

        Also I’m not real worried about her meeting a dude because what other dude could handle a chick like this? Lol none of this behavior pisses me off because I understand why she’s doing it. Honestly to me it’s just cute and feminine to go all emotional like this. It has zero effect on me. “Be the solid oak tree, rooted and firm, while she’s the skittering little squirrel zipping around your branches” dynamic type thing. But most guys would have no idea how to handle this girl and she knows it. I’m the only one who’s really kept a solid frame with her and even I’VE slipped up here and there.

        But I’m very good at handling this dynamic and it’s something that I learned thru experience. So you WILL naturally get better at Soft Next’ing and detaching from it and viewing it as a necessary short-term loss for a better long-term situation, for BOTH of you. ie – not allowing your kid to eat cookies for supper. Or a hot stove burning a kid when he touches it. The initial punishment sucks ass, but the long-term result is not having s tummy ache or burning your hand.

        Now anyone reading this is probably going “holy shit she’s psycho, run!!!” But she’s not…she IS a special case in that she’s the extreme end of this personality type and most girls are waaaay less stubborn/determined to “win” or have smaller Rolodexes…but at the end of the day she’s just 1) high drama and enjoys the whole emotional rollercoaster I’ve put her on, and 2) she’s simply instinctively doing what has worked for her on other guys in the past…she’s not crazy, she’s just super frustrated because she can’t figure out which key on the ring of keys unlocks the lock. Eventually she’ll realize none of them do. Then she’ll be allowed thru the door.

        “When she did this before, I gave in too soon. She came back, we got back together, it was awesome for a couple of months, then she pulled this stuff again, this time with even MORE DRAMA.”

        Yep. This is exactly what I mean. You taught her that, in a way.

        No one tugs on a motorcycle gangleader’s nose-ring because you KNOW there will be consequences lol but jocks will stuff a nerd in a locker.

        “This is a struggle for me (less and less each day as I do game other chicks and get busy with my work). But for her, it’s a way to relieve the boredom of her job and day and crappy life.”

        Ya. This is why a lot of guys have trouble and get frustrated with shit-tests and bitch-shields…the girl is in her comfort zone just making her day interesting, but the guy is like “WTF DO I DO?!? WOMAN Y U SO CRAZY????!?” Lol

        Some girls will start drama in perfect relationships because the relationship is TOO perfect and they NEED to experience a FULL RANGE of emotions. Not just the good ones. This is why stories/movies have conflict as well as victory. No one wants to watch a movie where everyone is happy and everything goes along without a hitch. There’s no emotional rollercoaster there. Contrast that with watching a scary Freddy Kreuger movie or an epic like Gladiator…ya you feel scared or depressed and shit which are bad emotions, but you literally PAID to experience those because it makes you feel alive. Some guys advocate actively picking a (safe) fight now and then just to let her get her drama fix…like letting your dog run its extra energy off in the park or relieving the pressure in a steam valve (I don’t know anything about steam valves lol).

        “I’m away on a business trip and have a girl visiting me next weekend so won’t see her at our weekly party if she comes out. I may bring my visitor out.”

        This could be pretty solid. It’s hard to recommend advice on what to do because you went off-track so now we’re doing damage control, but her knowing you have a chick around could help speed up the “give up” process because she sounds like the “watch sad-eyed from the sidelines” type not the “scratch the other bitches hair out and fight for your man” type lol

        If you didn’t attend the party, you could throw a Facebook pic up of wherever you’re traveling to, if that’s a thing that’s congruent to you and how you normally use Facebook, and have the girl be in the picture at all. Even calling her your tour guide or something would be enough, you don’t have to be like, hugging the girl lol

        …oh right she de-friended you lol nvm. But the just still applies:

        Basically you would just want to create the notion in her head that “he’s off having fun with other girls and isn’t even thinking of me anymore.”

        BUT you want to create that notion in a congruent non-try-hard way (which is what radio silence does) because if it looks like you’re just posting pics or bringing the girl out to make her jealous or rub it in her face or SHOW her “see I’m fine without you!! :P”, that would be you reacting to her which is like a “…”

        This is a tricky situ. I can’t guarantee what’ll happen cause you went off-rails so we’ll see how it goes. I don’t think you’re in danger of legit losing her, like to another guy…even if she started dating one, you could probably take her from him or let her date him for a couple months and realize he’s boring and come back to you.

        Remember because it’s important: you can take her back at ANY point. You could have her back tomorrow. So if you’re scared to risk losing her, you can DO that…BUT you will be teaching the pitbull that biting people gets what the pitbull wants and down the road that could be a bad situ for you.

        Good luck!


      • @YaReally, all good. The biggest surprise was my lack of respoinse to her threat of blackmail.

        She said “I’m picking up my stuff and not coming to your event.”

        I replied angrily: Ok. Immature princess.”

        But she never figured that once she picked up her stuff….I would go cold and off the grid—so now she’s trying to re-stoke the initial feelings we developed through dancing.

        But that would give HER the control of the frame and I would basically be too needy and expecting something. So I haven’t engaged.

        That has surprised her.

        In any case, I am moving on and pipelining other girls. My event was a huge success and there were a ton of party photos on facebook which must have pissed her off because she knows she deliberately didn’t come, I called her bluff and now she missed out and FEELS bad.

        I also blew off a class we were supposed to take together AFTER she blew off my workshops. She wrote some FB post about it: ‘great class”….for my benefit.

        So the dynamic is interesting. I’m not feeling great about it, but the new game-fueled me isn’t doing anything outwardly needy or psycho.

        Interesting, this happened years ago and I blanked the girl who did come back and we’re great friends now. But it’s on my terms.

        She said “I didn’t think you cared so I wanted to make you jealous”.

        She never expected me to shut her out.

        Great posts! Love the advice and coaching!


      • Got a reply in mod for ya, check back later this weekend, not sure if shit gets approved on weekends


      • Thanks YaReally, appreciate the feedback and coaching. As an additional follow up.
        She did come out to our 2 weekly parties. she gave me the longing looks signaling her willingness to dance.

        I ignored her all night and danced an flirted with other girls—hot ones–including another ex my recent one was always jealous of.

        The ex I flirt with innately gets what’s going on without having ever had to explain it so she loves touching me, laughing at everything I say etc in front of the most recent case.

        Perhaps all this mitigates the “…”


  36. […] The Jizzebel hokumguzzlers have built a retard empire on the fantastical premise that demonic men oppress angelic women, and that the end of such oppression would herald a femme utopia for land whales, skanks, proud sluts, transborgs,…  […]


  37. “psychological projection of their own states of mind”

    When Lily claims Jew envy, she’s projecting her White Envy.


  38. “Men may avoid sluts for marriage, but they won’t shame them. Why shame a snatch freebie from landing in your lap?”

    I think you drifted away too far from the mainsteam slutshamer -the buttheart Mr Roosh.

    ps:I agree with this thought completely.99% of slut-shamers are women.And I love sluts.They are the only women who treat men like their equals.


  39. Ok I’ll bite.

    For my precious Lily.


  40. “The suppression of uncomfortable ideas may be common in religion and politics, but it is not the path to knowledge; it has no place in the endeavor of science.”

    Carl Sagan


  41. Last night I went to some line dancing bar where I met up with this girl that works at a local coffee place. She is 23 years old and is a virgin.

    So far we are friends as she is fully aware of my recent situation (she knows I recently broke up with my ex) she would actually serve us coffees once in a while lol.

    Watching how she carried herself last night was so cool. Absolutely zero slut vibe whatsoever. She was talking to my buddy he asked her about how much she needs to get drunk she responded “I have never been drunk before I don’t let myself reach that point.” She had two cocktails and ended it there.

    Girls such as her are a true rare gem. She is a solid 7.5 with excellent features. Is a good Christian girl with super strong character and morals. Going back to the chart comparing sex partners to marriage risks, it made it so abundantly clear the power that virginity has over a woman’s soul.


    • err, don’t you think its funny how you found the exact, precise, to the letter thing/girl/personality/behaviors you were looking for? quelle surprise.

      did she know you were a lawyer (you mentioned it here, so why not there too?)

      bro. dude. come on man. you are here to focus on the tactical ways to find your strategic “worthy girl” and get her and keep her. you oooze it.

      like Ya says you are trapping yourself in a slightly different reality but it is still a prison.

      quit being around single girls for 60 days. you need it.


      • “You are trapping yourself in a slightly different reality but its still a prison”

        I lost you there. Please elaborate.

        With re to the virgin girl, just pointing out how refreshing it was to spend time with a pure soul. As we all know there aren’t many out there.


      • “As we all know there aren’t many out there.” that’s my point brother, the odds are 99% that she isn’t either and how anyone who has done the work and asked the questions you have cant see it is really disturbing.

        Lets look at what she DID and not what she SAID..

        2 drinks but “never gets drunk” sure.
        virgin but a hot 23 yo at a bar. uh huh.
        zero slut vibe, good christian girl……

        dude. this time of year is tough for the newly unplugged. believe me I know.

        but you gotta choke that red pill down all the way or confirmation bias is going to rule your life.


      • Tilikum is telling you the ugly cold truth, Mission Man.
        The more girls you nail, the more you’ll see that they’re naturally people pleasers. Her personality will become whatever you want and need, until she is no longer able to get what she wants from you.
        All of my exes were exactly what I wanted them to be, until we broke up and the mask came off.


  42. Chateau Heartiste’s worldview is so powerful, so incontrovertible that eventually it will become as accepted as the heliocentric solar system, evolution, and plate tectonics


  43. […] [Women’s Worst Enemies Are Other Women] […]


  44. I could be wrong, but I disagree with one little detail of your post. I normally wouldn’t mention it except I find so few things I disagree with hear so I will.
    Feminism won’t ever be seen for as stupid as it is, because there will always be women around.
    Female hypergamy will never be widely accepted, the greater population will never understand what women *really* want, and feminism will never be seen as the destructive force that brought down empires, super-economies, and national powers.


  45. One point in the main post I might quibble with is the assertion is that women compete through backbiting and gossip rather than through physical force because they are more valuable evolutionarily, becuase they have the wombs that bear the next gebneration. I’d say it’s more about fear at being harmed by the males, who were and are more physically powerful, who would be affected by this rivalry. If the goal of female backstabbing and related behavior is to harm mating rivals and so elevate their own status, the alpha male at the head of the herd might not take kindly to his favorite sow in the harem being cast out due to direct rivalry. Hence the adaptation for indirection and manipulation. This is also of a piece with female agency, in the Pleistocene and subsequently, largely being through manitupation of the male. This is a little oversimplified, but I think readers here will get my point,


  46. “That’s some RealTalk™ the Jizzebelers assiduously sweep under their gnarly rugs.”

    Damn…. no wonder why that box tastes nasty when she wants me to go down on her.


  47. […] Another aspect of female suffrage is the fact, provable through statistical analysis, that social spending and a leftward drift of the political center always follow in every country after females got the vote. [källa] […]


  48. Anonymous –

    “…feminism will never be seen as the destructive force that brought down empires…”

    IMO, socialism is the destructive force currently bringing down western empires. Feminism, in its current form, is a logical consequence of socialism because socialism drastically alters social and economic incentives. Friedrich Engels, in particular, wrote about the “consequences” of unconstrained sex being redistributed in society. So, the Ghetto is one real world example of socialist utopia…


  49. […] Where have all the good women gone? Related; Women’s worst enemies are other women. […]


  50. they are not more biologically valuable, they are probably more tender but they are not more B.V.