The Right Game For Your Body Type: The Mesomorph

Continuing our series about identifying the most responsive (or most accessible) game for your body type, today’s post will focus on the mesomorph.

For readers late to the discussion, the purpose of this series of posts isn’t to suggest that if your frame is built a certain way, you must run a certain kind of game, or you will fail miserably with women. The purpose is to point out that, if constitutional psychology is valid and somatotype is associated with personality, certain game techniques and strategies will be easier for you to learn and master than other game techniques. You will naturally excel at applying some game concepts, and naturally struggle applying other game concepts. While the founding principles of game are universal (because female sexual nature is universal), the details of game will vary in accordance with the context within which you find yourself, which can include elements such as race, culture, foreignness, obesity, sex ratio and your own inborn temperament.

Ultimately, this information is meant to be a useful adjunct to well-known game principles. If you know beforehand your innate personality strengths and weaknesses, you can take preemptive steps to shore up problem areas.

The mesomorph is one extreme of Sheldon’s three somatotypes, the two others being endomorph and ectomorph. Mesomorphs tend toward the ideal male physique, and prefer action and risk-taking over thinking and calculation.

The Extreme [Mesomorph] — Action

In endotonia the stomach was the focus of attention, but in mesotonia it is the muscles. The mesotonic is well-endowed with them, or to put it another way, the mesotonic’s muscles seem to have a mind of their own. They are always ready for action, and good posture is natural to them. They get up with plenty of energy and seem tireless. They can work for long periods of time and both need and like to exercise. They like to be out doing things. If they are forced into inactivity they become restless and dejected.

The mesotonic has no hesitation in approaching people and making known his wants and desires. The tendency to think with his muscles and find exhilaration in their use leads him to enjoy taking chances and risks, even when the actual gain is well-known to be minimal. They can become fond of gambling and fast driving and are generally physically fearless. They can be either difficult and argumentative, or slow to anger, but always with the capacity to act out physically and usually with some sort of history of having done so on special occasions.

This physical drive manifests itself on the psychological level in a sense of competition. The mesotonic wants to win and pushes himself forward. He is unhesitant about the all-out pursuit of the goal he seeks. Associated with this trait is a certain psychological callousness.

This outward energetic flow makes mesotonics generally noisy. They bustle about doing things and since their inhibitions are low, the attendant noise does not bother them. Their voices carry and sometimes boom out as if speech were another form of exercise. When alcohol reduces their inhibitions, they become more assertive and aggressive. When trouble strikes they revert to their most fundamental form of behavior and seek action of some sort. Mesotonics tend to glorify that period of youthful activities where physical powers reach their peak, or perhaps more accurately the period of youth that best symbolizes a sense of endless vitality and activity. This glorification of youth goes hand-in-hand with the early maturing of the mesotonic organism, both facially and muscularly. They look older than their chronological age. The extraversion of action that is so strong here goes together with a lack of awareness of what is happening on the subjective level. The quickness with which the mesotonic can make decisions is compensated for by a relative unawareness of the other parts of his personality.

The mesomorph is your classic aloof, asshole alpha male. He’s not trying to be an inconsiderate jerk (well, not always), he just is. Many naturals are mesomorphs, though they may not fit the ideal male body type. (For instance, the best natural I knew was a fairly short mesomorph.) The mesomorph has an innate temperament and psychology that is suited to approach-heavy pickup, and so he will have the shallowest learning curve if he is new to game. On paper, he seems like an unstoppable PUA machine, but in fact his type comes with many flaws, so don’t try to convince yourself that game is useless for you if you don’t have a mesomorphic physique.

First, as should be obvious, the muscular, broad-shouldered, mesomorph body is the most widely appealing to women. Given a roomful of one hundred women, the mesomorph will capture more approach invitations (come-hither eye play) than either the endomorph or ectomorph. But this appeal is shallow. A significant minority of women prefer leaner men than the typical mesomorph, and a smaller minority prefer “huggable bear” endomorphs. Furthermore, women’s initial attraction to men based on physical appeal is not nearly as unshakably hardened as men’s initial attraction to women with sexy figures and pretty faces. A woman will instantly lose her attraction for a mesomorph if he opens his mouth and lameness tumbles out. And women don’t feel near the same urgent, wall-climbing horniness for physically impressive men that men feel for physically impressive women.

Nevertheless, the relative ease with which mesomorphs get approach invitations means that, coupled with their natural extroversion and action jackson mentality, they will have the easiest route to meeting women and inducing an initial attraction, however potentially short-lived. This is an advantage that gradually accrues to a mesomorph’s store of self-confidence, resulting in a feedback loop that makes the meso more confident than his already elevated inborn confidence. Since overconfidence is the Moloko Plus of pickup, the mesomorph goes into each set with his guns blazing.

Because the mesomorph is a man of (occasionally thoughtless) action, direct game will be his bread and butter. He will feel most at ease, and most energized, running direct game rather than indirect game that involves a lot of push-pull, palm reading, or meandering chit chat. Mesomorphs will therefore excel at speed seduction — moving a seduction quickly to its sexual denouement — and they will be adept at venue bouncing, kino, escalation, deal closing, and out-AMOGing competition.

But the meso’s greatest strength is also his most vulnerable weakness. Mesomorphs’ love for action and escalation means that they are often bad at calibrating women’s receptiveness. The classic meso is the gung-ho military man who misreads a woman’s interest and bungles the pickup by being too aggressive and obstinate. The meso predilection to act first, think later, tends to make them impatient with women and their particular emotional needs, leaving the door open for a sly ecto or endo to swoop in and rescue the girl from “the meathead”.

The game stages where mesomorphs shine, then, would be the attraction stage and, to a lesser degree, the seduction stage. Their infectious physical confidence, “psychological callousness”, and bravado lure women, and their selfishness and strong will help seal the deal in the bedroom. But in between, mesomorphs risk losing it all. The meso is weakest during the comfort stage of a pickup. This is not the type of man who likes to sit on a couch in a dimly lit lounge, gabbing for hours with a girl about her hopes and dreams, running sequences of qualifications and disqualifications and playing games with his cellphone to increase the perception of his preselection by other women.

A mesomorph has to train himself to be better at reading women’s signals, and to be more refined at the art of manipulative pullbacks. He’s got the body language and the physical escalation nailed down; now he needs to work on his empathy and developing an attitude of scarcity to complement his transparent, take-charge approach mentality.

Mesomorphs in relationships need to be careful about letting their jealously control them, rather than controlling their jealousy to be released in manageable doses that maximally arouse their women. “Bemused mastery” is not an attitude that comes easily to action-oriented, quick-to-anger mesomorphs, and neither is self-possessed state control in the face of female drama. Many women, in fact, find it rather easy to manipulate mesomorphic men to do their bidding, which often leads to boredom for those women.

Mesomoprhs’ low empathy and high self-aggrandizement impulse makes them natural neggers (whoa!) and teasers, and women will eat that up. But the meso has to be aware of the moment when it is time to switch from aloof teasing to intimate rapport, and this means a practiced ability to tame his need for action and results. A mesomorph who can effortlessly segue to showing a soft side is one of the most fearsome seducers known to exist.

Mesomorphs must avoid, at all costs, their tendency to grabass. Every guy I’ve witnessed grinding on some fat bootied slut in a club has been a mesomorph. And rarely do I see these undomesticated mesos going home with their tormentors, unless she’s really ugly and desperate for a jackhammering.

You’d think that a mesomorph would do best in clubs and bars, where the noisy atmosphere and revved-up girls feed his already high energy level. But, ironically, mesos can do very well in, for instance, coffee shops, because there are so few action-oriented, bold men in those environments that the meso will shine in comparison. I rarely — and I mean like one out of one hundred visits — see a man cold approach or cold open a woman in a coffee shop (present company excluded). Most men are pussies. Curled-up, fetal, manboobed, hipster doofuses who can’t bring themselves to do more than flutter their eyelashes at girls they like the look of. The mesomorph with ambition in his heart and results on his mind will not think twice about swooping some babe pretending to type something vitally important to the continuance of civilization on her Macbook Air.

And it is this “living in the moment” — perhaps the gretest natural pickup advantage the mesomorph possesses — which is beloved by women. The underthinking meso never second guesses, never doubts himself and never suffers paralysis by analysis. He’s a doer. He can pass shit tests with ease because his head is locked into the action occurring in front of him. But he has to beware the pitfall of blowing himself out. That same proclivity to spontaneous action can lead him to misgauge women’s interest and overlook emotionally connecting with women. The mesomorph is the worst listener of the three male body archetypes, and it’s no coincidence that many of them are left at the end of the night shaking their heads about the “girl that got away”.


  1. Mesomorphs are less likely to read your blog, you should post several articles on ectomorphs which actually constitute your audience.


    • Perhaps, but there are a few of us that enjoy the chateau nonetheless.

      Although I will admit, these days I have to lift three times a week and watch the snacking if I don’t want to go borderline endo.


    • You don’t want to learn about your competition?


  2. After reading this…I’m glad I didn’t start lifting weights until really the end of high school/beginning of college. I had to work my personality out at first to get ladies so I honed that as my body was becoming more muscular. Now I’m at a point where I’m relatively satisfied with my body and personality (but always looking to improve)…so that I don’t come off as a loser meat head with nothing interesting to say or a guy who has nothing bodywise to turn on a woman physically.

    But yeah most mesomorphs don’t have the humility to improve their tactics. They think muscles is all they need.


    • As someone pointed out in a comment on the endo post, anyone can fake the outward signs of being a meso. The constitutional meso is different. He is the guy that was “born to play sports.” Not the one who sees the former succeed with women, and systematically hits the gym to catch up.

      For the constitutional meso, muscles, along with the personality the post postulates go along with it, really are all they need. At least for the first half of their life, until those who have always had to work a bit harder for it really starts enjoying fruits of their hard work through career advancement, wealth accumulation, a workout regimen and learned, non-natural, game.


      • “The mesomorph is your classic aloof, asshole alpha male. He’s not trying to be an inconsiderate jerk (well, not always), he just is. Many naturals are mesomorphs”

        Mesos tend to be extroverted. That comes from being good at sports, which draws adulation from other boys, which then naturally draws attention from girls. Approval, confidence, and sex come at an early age.

        Stuki: I disagree that “anyone can fake the outward signs of being a meso”.

        While a muscular guy may not have the swag of a pro athlete, a muscular guy will have the swag of a muscular guy. And if anyone could “fake” being a meso, every guy would have pecs and abs galore.


      • Pretty much anyone can have pecs and abs galore. All it takes is determination to do what’s required.

        Anyway, what I meant to hint at, is that the personality traits our host ascribed to mesos, are a lot harder to fake than the outward appearance. Cocaine does “help” in some instances. As does the added confidence that can go along with self awareness of one’s own hardwon meso appearance.

        But some people are just much more naturally aggressive and action oriented than others, and have higher time preference. Dilligent Ectos who have packed on some muscles don’t tend to change much in those respects.


  3. This shite is better than Linda Goodman’s “Love Signs”!

    Seriously, empirical observation and corrolation can be a very insightful. When a “scientific study” contradicts you’re own lying eyes, than go with the empirical.

    Some put down the mesomorph/ectomorph/endomorph generalizations, just as they do astrological birth signs, as “not scientific” guides to personality. But, hey, these careful and thoughtful observations do good work in the field.

    One issue is that few people perfectly fit the archtypical body types or astrological signs. Some care is required to see your personal balance which will involve some internal conflicts in motivations and styles.


  4. Bit odd how well this post describes me. Last girl that “got away” I met at a party last week of mostly software engineers. I tried a friend’s suggestion of giving a false time constraint to leave after I got the girl’s number which led to her aggressively making out with me. Then my dick started thinking and I took her to some room at the house. Halfway through taking off her dress, party host walks in and throws a titty fit. Made the move to get a taxi to my place when the ASD started kicking in and the girl mentioned she should probably stay with her friends since she’s visiting.

    Have had all too many nights like this. Wake up the next morning look up the girl on facebook, see she’s hella hot, and regret that all I got was the one-night stand or a sloppy make out.


    • I would name this the classic meso-night, this happens to me all the time, but usually by her not answering by the number she gave me. Still I think the standard-semi-alpha meso gets more ladies than the other semis, but it’s darn irritating.


  5. Is there any evidence to support this theory of somatotypes, of constitutional psychology? It’s an interesting exercise to go through the three types, and has some clear (if vague and general) points of validity, but it would be good to know if scientists (perhaps of the same stripe of the Science Validates Game! posts) can actually back any of it up with hard and reproducible data. Otherwise it’s sort of like the humorism medical/psychological theory of the ancient Greeks: based on the limited scientific knowldege of the day and considered inaccurate amd misleading (though still interesting) today.


  6. Intriguing read. I’m a meso and have been in the military since I was 17 (25 now) , but I also had the contrast of doing a engineering degree (over analysis, busy and had to seek out women outside of both my work and my school environments). I was red pilled until I broke up with my ex of 4 years when I was 23, and have been learning about game continuously since then — its been a long awesome road.

    Direct game was solid to hit once I started, but always fucked up on the rapport building and comfort stages. I could tell they were attracted, but just couldn’t focus my caring into that bs with some sloot I want to bang. I’m continuously improving though and can’t wait till I move to a new and bigger city.

    I’m not a huge fan of clubs, although I have success in them.. I nail it at pubs, coffee shops and library’s where I know my physical appearance and attitude is rarer.


    • I was red pilled until I broke up with my ex of 4 years when I was 23, and have been learning about game continuously since then — its been a long awesome road.

      I think you mean, you were red pilled WHEN you broke up with your ex.


  7. on August 15, 2012 at 2:53 pm Lucky White Mesomorph Male

    “Most men are pussies. Curled-up, fetal, manboobed, hipster doofuses who can’t bring themselves to do more than flutter their eyelashes at girls they like the look of.”

    Can you please, for the love of all that is Christian, write an ebook already.

    DO NOT charge less than $97. Repeat: DO NOT charge less than $97.00. Your audience WILL pay this price.

    You should also make this blog subscription. IGNORE the pussies like Roosh who are charging $19 for his books – he is UNDERSELLING himself big time.

    The reason is that people have a primal urge for your information – how to get laid, how to save their fucking marriage. You should throw in some politics, and societal opinions ( but not make it the focus of the book).

    Steve Sailer does not charge money, because no one is going to really pay money for opinions on things like geopolitics. Sailer is not the example you should be following, my two cents

    You can bang out an e-book in a 3 day weekend, what the hell are you waiting for.


  8. I still am not sure what type I am. My guess right now is ecto-meso, since I have a lot of mesotonic traits, but very few endo ones. (For example, I don’t think much of eating, only doing so if I’m actually hungry, and am not very good with small talk.) This meso column was far more relevant to me than the endo one was, and I’ll be looking forward to the ecto.


    • Are you me?

      I naturally have no desire to eat, but am always physically active. When I force myself to eat, I pack on muscle quite easily.

      I’ve found many of the strategies listed here, like Direct Game, etc. to work for me. Indirect game I fall flat on my face, but I approach a girl and say I think she’s cute and introduce myself she’s swooning right off the bat.

      Here’s a tip that I’ve learned from experience: people who have found this post relevant, you often find yourself grinding with hot girls, making out with them, but the interaction goes nowhere afterwards.

      For you, I have two words: Venue change.

      Venue change, venue change, venue change. Remember that.

      Dance with her for a little bit, grab her by the arm and take her someplace else in the bar club or party.

      Thats when you build the “comfort” phase we often miss out on.

      I’m still waiting on the ecto post too.


  9. on August 15, 2012 at 3:18 pm RappaccinisDaughter

    You know what would be a good read? A piece on short-guy game. There are things a man can do to modify (not completely change, of course) his somatotype. But there’s nothing to be done about height.

    Not that the above isn’t a good read; sweet “Clockwork Orange” reference. Just a thought.


    • Yeah, one of my BEST FRIENDS that also reads about game is VERY short and skinny. He had put some muscles on but he is naturally skinny, so it has been real hard for him.

      I want to make him my wingman, but his shortness is something I think can be a significant drawback, because I am 6’8″ tall. It looks just funny.


      • on August 15, 2012 at 4:29 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        I know a guy who is maayyyybe 5’4″ and he’s a total babeslayer. Only dates 8s and up. So I know it can be done. (And no, I’ve never asked him how…there’s kind of an implied insult in the question. I’d feel rude asking.)


      • I know a 5’2″ guy who regularly attracts hot girls (even tall chicks lol). He’s not a PUA, more of a Natural, but he has shitty endgame so while he gets a bunch of attraction (that objectively you wouldn’t expect him to be able to get, esp from the girls he gets it from), he has trouble closing the deal because he fucks up a bunch of game principles and gets ASD/LMR and doesn’t know how to handle flaking. If he learned just a bit of endgame stuff he would be unstoppable but as most gamers know you can’t teach someone game unless they WANT to learn it.

        I’ve picked his brain a bit and we go way back so I’ve observed what he does and his general mindset. I also have another buddy, same height, who actively wants to learn game but is starting from the complete opposite place as the first guy, so I’ve looked at the contrast between how the two of them act and why one gets attraction from girls while the other doesn’t and it’s all pretty consistent/logical.

        I’ll write some shit up when I get some free time.

        Also for the record I’m 5’9″ and my friends who game with me are anywhere from 5’2″-6’6″, and a variety of body types/shapes, as well as a variety of races.


      • Game is BS. It’s all about looks with females are they are hardwired to find a certain look sexually attractive.Your little buddy strikes out because he’s short not because he doesn’t know some pickup lines.
        I figured you were a short ecto like most on here along with your friends and perhaps 1 geeky looking Howard Stern type 🙂


      • Game is only roughly 80% BS. 😉

        Yes, looks and status count first and foremost. Two different men pulling the exact same moves, one attractive and one not, will yield two completely different sets of results. If game were not largely BS, this would not be so.


      • Highly doubt it unless we’re talking about the over 25 crowd, in which case those “8’s” need to be qualified as “8’s by over-25 standards”.

        What’s his profession?


      • Bartender. That should tell you a lot right there lol

        Bartending has basically given him a shitload of practice 1) building comfort quickly with strangers, 2) flirting, 3) teasing/negging/qualifying girls (for being/saying dumb stuff while drinking), 4) not taking girls seriously (he’s surrounded by hot girls including his co-workers thanks to his environment so they’re not a scary intimidating thing to him), 5) leading/ordering/scolding (he works in a pub where he’s basically the top dog of the chain), 6) tons of social proof cause the guys at his pub all think he’s cool and lots of regulars give him props all night, 7) shit-tons of practice both befriending guys and AMOGing them to encourage them to drink more and not be pussies, and to tool them back with a barrage of Russell Brand style wit if they dare try to tool him about his height (he’s already heard every joke you can make about it and he’s got a dozen killer comebacks that will leave you stunned and looking like a retard in front of your girl and your buddies (who will all cheer for him and laugh at you with him because we love when our friends get owned unexpectedly)), and 8) he has practice expressing himself 100% from swearing when he’s mad to having deep philosophical convos over a beer to making dirty jokes etc no censorship at all and 9) he has no approach anxiety at all because he expect people to like him and he’s had hundreds of thousands of conversations with people from all walks of life so he knows there’s nothing to be scared of or have anxiety over.

        Girls will be hanging on their BFs arm up doing a shot and my buddy will tool the guy a bit and the guy will love him for it because that’s how drunk guys work (now he has status, and the admiration of her BF) and the girl will start flirting with him and completely ignore her BF and occasionally slip him her number etc. Its a mindfuck every time I see it but it’s makes sense when you analyze it through game goggles.

        Would he be able to take down a loud nightclub full of jersey shore douches solo? Probably not. But he can cause a helluva scene at a pub and when he goes to restaraunts and in daytime environments (grocery store, mall, running errands, etc) which are where he meets most of the girls he meets. Hell by default he’s peacocked being that short so he’s already one-up on the generic average guy in terms of being noticed when he walks into a room.

        Most of the stuff he gets from bartending translates to daygame. He’ll walk into a relatively quiet pub mid-afternoon and he knows eyes are on him. He’ll be loud and start cracking jokes and building comfort with the bartender and whoever’s on a stool beside him. From there other people wonder “who is this guy?” and start trying to get on his radar just out of curiosity. He tools a girl for doing something dumb (like ordering a gay drink or wincing after doing a shot with her BF) and then she starts wanting his validation so she starts qualifying to him. Now everyone is seeing a girl validating herself to this little guy so naturally out come the AMOGs to try to take her but he owns them with his wit because he’s run into tools like them all his life and he tools them in a way where they love him after, so now he’s got the girl qualifying, the guys buying him drinks, the girl’s girlfriends asking her about him, and the whole time the hot bartender chick from the start is watching his status rocket up through the roof and starts flirting. Now everyone sees the hot bartender flirting with him and hypergamy kicks in…

        Etc etc etc. it’s pretty amazing to watch. It’s like this huge snowball effect. Everyone, even myself, falls into his frame and he sets the tone of the room and socially takes over. He’s just like a social tornado going through the room and everyone else ends up swept up into it.

        If you’re super short, you don’t have to become a bartender but if you can develop the same attitudes my buddy has through other means (like massive field experience doing pickup), pick specific types of environments to game in, and learn to work a crowd, you can structure a lifestyle where you’re getting girls other guys wouldn’t expect you to be able to get.

        Compare him to the short guy with a big chip on his shoulder about his height and a bunch of insecurities who thinks you need tons of money to get girls so he works 80hrs a week at his office job (when he’s not at the gym getting overly jacked which just highlights his Manlet insecurity) and occasionally makes it out of his mansion for happy hour where he’s surrounded by his boss who he has to behave in front of and play beta to, and his rich confident co-workers who barely know him because he works too much, in a loud bar environment where he doesn’t know anyone and has to compete with a bunch of other guys and he orders his drink meekly and quietly from the waitress in his big group of guys who are all awkwardly trying to hit on her.

        Like I say tho, he gets beautiful opportunities but he’s still socially conditioned enough (never taken the red pill) to often fuck up the end game by getting white-knighty when the girl is hot and he realizes he has a chance lol. If he tightened that up he’d be killer. He still gets laid, but not as much as he COULD be lol


      • The shorty doth protest too much, methinks 🙂


      • on August 16, 2012 at 2:10 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        He’s over 25, but the women I’ve seen him with are not. I’d rather not reveal his profession because he could potentially be identifiable if I did, despite the fact that he is not “famous.” It’s just…this is a small world that he and I occupy. (We are colleagues.)
        I will tell you it’s kind of badass, although not particularly lucrative.


      • on August 16, 2012 at 2:28 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        Oops, I thought you were asking me, not yareally. Self-centered female or honest mistake? You be the judge!


      • Lol he probably was, the formatting on this gets hard as fuck to follow on my iPhone. But I planned to write about my buddy anyway and that Q make a good starting point so hey lol


    • He really needs to organize a reference manual, including advice for body types, different heights, bald/balding guys, poor guys, lower education guys, age…basically addressing all real and perceived weaknesses to a guy’s ability to pick up girls. He has done so in many of these posts, but I have yet to see them organized in a useable format.


    • Completely agree. Standard distribution means that half the guys who read this are shorter than average.

      Short or tall, game helps all. But yeah, recalibrating game to optimize it for your height could only help.


    • Unless you are a midget (who is not named tyrion lannister) being short guy is not as big a handicap as it seems. Short guys can develop charm and wit. Also, they need to have realistic goals. As a short guy you are not going to attract legions of fans (unless you are rich or famous), but having game will increase the odds of attracting the sort or partner you desire. Ego is a weird thing, it can drive you to move mountains, at the same time, it can be your worst enemy. A person with good inner game can use his ego, instead of his ego using him.

      Attraction is but the first stage of dating. One needs to be skilled at managing all stages….building rapport, comfort, seduction and if you are interested, sharing your wonderful life with her without compromising your essence.


  10. Very interesting post, been a reader for the while. Commenting time.

    I am a meso and I recognize alot of this. I grew up with a very old father who, I learned later, was a cold cut alpha in his hay day but to old and lazy to bother raising me to be one. I had very little success with girls until the age of 20, and the “comfort stage” was exactly my problem. And still is, at times, my only problem. Catching someones eye is easy, so is fucking the brains out of the bitch. It’s innate to me. Listening to woman talk, not so much. Also, since my hobbies and intellectual interests have always been manly it makes it even harder to listening to nonsense when all you wanna do is play sports, ride and fix the Yamaha and happen to excel at the “logical” subjects.

    Mind you, being Swedish (har har handball girls, laugh it up furballs) It has helped me, in the long run, to be high-T because I have always felt there was something wrong in femcunt propaganda, it was so counter intuitive to my nature.

    Lastly, I would say that if the pro-white people on this site (to which I count myself in a european sense) think only kind-at-heart-by-nature whites suffer from the competition from the alpha guys from the glorified races, think again. If you’re a manly white young fellow who happen to be a sensible guy as opposed to a bad-boy-dark-skin-hooligan-I-dont-give-a-shit-what-happens-to-this-community-Im-an-invader-lets-get-poon-meathead, you’re really struggling within your “market”. Maybe the US is different, but there are certainly hot women who swoon for the sensitive guys over here. Something, along with exotic and foreign, I could never be.


  11. Loving this series. Just from common sense/empirical observation one can easily tell personality types are high correlated with bodily somatotype, even if they aren’t absolute hard and fast rules. I think part of it is a feedback loop; our hindbrains are wired to expect certain behavior from the way people look and people subconsciously pick up on this and start taking on some of those tendencies. I remember a few months ago you posted about a study that wider faced fat individuals are less trustworthy.


  12. dang this post is good. Is this what girls feel like reading their horoscopes?


  13. What about ecto-mesos?

    I fit right in the middle between both ecto and meso psychological profiles, and physically my thin frame is coupled with broad shoulders and packs on muscle easily, despite a fast metabolism.

    My mother was a sprinter, my father a long distance runner type.

    What say you for people in the middle?


  14. The Smoking Gun web site posts “Rule’s 2 Da game of Hoez!!!” recovered from a Long Island pimp and drug dealer.


  15. Hey its me. Probably 80 meso 20 endo. I guess I should try more direct game. Everything I read says indirect works better, but Ive always gotten kind of uh…bored doing that. I just want to cut to the chase. This is a really great idea for a post btw.


  16. The writing here has improved dramatically. This post is gold.

    This description fits me perfectly.


  17. sigh lol

    Body type != personality type. Go out and interact with a wider variety of people.

    Mental masturbation. This is just one huge cold read based on cartoon stereotypes.

    Psychic/PUA: “I bet that a lot of people underestimate you, but I think you’re the type of person who likes to hold back and let other people shine in the spotlight before having your turn.”

    Every girl in the universe: “OMG that is SO me!! Wow how do you know my SOUL???”

    It’s exactly the same as assigning vague applicable-to-pretty-much-anyone stereotypes based on completely arbitrary things like the month you were born, the color of your hair, etc. except that this crowd is more looks-obsessed since it involves new low self-esteem red-pill’ers still trying to detach from social conditioning, so while basing your day on a horoscope or assuming blondes are dumber seems “silly” this seems like “obvious science”.

    Chicks will respond the same way too, “oh it’s OBVIOUS if you just observe people that horoscopes are totally real.” except that we’d rightly laugh at them for that.

    Next article’ll be the ecto one so I’ll probably just be back next week, I can’t take reading this or reading the comments lol so don’t worry no more YaReally rants on this.


  18. I would think mesos suffer from too much pioneering and “man stuff”. Any time I did things of action, it usually meant a drop in female ratios or simply doing it alone. I would think a big weakness for certain meso types is not going where the women are. Call it “Meso in Alaska”.


    • Been the same for me, though I would say it just points out cultural downfall yet again. Since most men, including mesos, have become so beta, women no longer seek out guys in the manly environments you describe. Rather they go for the more feminine guy who’s running game with whom they can “connect”


    • Alaska – where the strange is good, but the goods are strange.

      The sausage fest thing is a problem in a lot of action sports (I’m an endo who paddles/bikes/hunts/fishes/sails, but if you are confident and rocking good game, you can do really well because a lot of the guys doing action sports are actually nerds at heart, picked on in high school & etc., and they haven’t lost that chip on their shoulder. The insecurity comes through. Being good at climbing mountains doesn’t mean you have the heart of a lion, it just means you’re good at climbing mountains. You’ll still have more on the ball than 90% of the population… but you’re a beta to the core. The place to work the game is not on the bleeding edge of action sports – there are very few women there and most of them don’t seem to be looking for an equal, but for a guy who is accomplished but at something totally different. But if you maybe go to the bleeding edge a little bit yourself, then back it off and hang out with people at the introductory / intermediate level of whatever sporting thing you are doing, you can score. In other words, get good at mountain climbing over a few years, take a couple instructor classes, then come back and lead the climbing classes at your local REI, and only do the bleeding edge shit once in a while. There are a *lot* of women at the entry level, and if you’ve done the hard stuff, you’ll be more impressive than the entry level hobbyists and middle aged Noobs who are also operating at the entry level. You can make it work for you, instead of pre-selecting out every girl who hasn’t summited the top peak on at least three continents…


  19. If you’re a natural meso, get some ecto friends, and maybe one (but no more) endo friend. It’ll help slow your roll, so to speak. I’m a natural meso, and when left to my own devices I’m an over escalating, ass slapping, meat head, but when tagged with some ecto friends, they slow me down just from their natural self restraint. And, I force them out of their approach anxiety by being my meat head self. You could also get yourself a fag, as Mentu says: They’ll pull a lot of compliment and cuddle game for you.


  20. “NSFW. And not safe for your digestion. Behold cultural diversity. You know you want to look. 3 hours ago”


  21. The fallacy that Supermanesque mesomorphs are the only guys that can get poon can be refuted with a simple logical deduction: If it were true, wouldn’t we all be mesomorphs?

    No, because the other two more “beta” types have other advantages, like sneaking poon away from the alpha male’s harem. We can see this demonstrated in our close relatives (and thus away from the long arm of PC), where, even though an alpha male gorilla may beat the snot out of a beta if he catches him canoodling with his women… The betas do it anyway (and mostly get away with it!).


    • I’d say male ectomorphs (along with male introverts, come to that) exist largely because those traits aren’t unattractive in females, who will then pass them on to their unfortunate sons. That’s a less salient aside to the effect of the controls on female reproductive choice that existed until recently, of course.


      • Wouldnt be so sure, look at all the hipsters (where I come from 80%+ of them are ectos). Hipsters are basically ectos who have learned not only to use their mental powers to score girls but also attract a lot of girls into the subculture and thus shelter them from other guys.

        Of course, as anyone knows, if you can present an exciting alternative to a hipsterchick you can bang her in an instant, but the hipsters dudes are still pretty good at keeping their subculture harem.


      • To further elaborate: I think hipsterism has always been around in different form. It’s basically the really cunning low-T guys running game throughout human evolution and history.


    • Wilhelm, your “simple logical deduction” is an utter fallacy. Who says the meso/endo/ecto gene is only on the Y chromosome, and can only passed down to off-spring from the father? What nonsense!

      Clearly many attractive women carry ectomorph genes, which can be passed down to offspring, regardless of sex. I personally would much prefer a slim, slender, graceful, brainy, smoking hot ecto-babe over a squat, thick, square shouldered, man-jawed, masculine meso She-rah.


  22. Good job, there have been times where puppy dog bowl eyes gets turned to ASD or I beta-d myself out of orbit. So, work on rapport it is.


  23. on August 15, 2012 at 7:58 pm Is this really that hard to understand?

    The right game for your body type – endomorph
    -> Diet and exercise to approach mesomorph as best you can.

    The right game for your body type – ectomorph
    -> Eat and exercise to approach mesomorph as best you can.

    And anyone who says it isn’t possible is either lazy or a liar.


    • You cannot change your body type, it is all genetically determined. Even the fat distribution is genetic and this goes double for females. Fat females will sometimes lose weight only to find that they are still pear shaped just slimmer. And some girls like Lohan if they gain weight it’ll be in their boobs.
      Most people are a combination of the body types with only some that fit one of the 3 types clearly. But you can always tell an ecto if you know what to look for esp. in the long bones and fingers. This type also has a hard time getting muscles and won’t retain the little he might get from exercise if he stops while the meso is solid even with no exercise.Ecto’s are frequently high strung nervous types with little tolerance for alcohol, it just makes them dizzy after a drink or two.I can always identify the ecto but many people misindentify this type and put people in this class who really are not ecto’s.
      Many people would say Woody Allen is an ecto but that’s wrong, he’s a meso. I used to see him at Elaine’s and he moves like a meso and is atheletic like one, just a bit scrawny.And doesn’t have the bone structure of an ecto.
      Abe Lincoln? Narrow shouldered,skinny, geeky looking. He’s a meso just a taller version than Allen and was a strong man.Kris Kristofferson who played Lincoln, he’s a meso.Bruce Dern-meso.
      I’m trying to think of an ecto type but in males they are not that common because they are the most effeminate types in bone structure and the ones that females like the least.
      Just being a skinny wimpy looking guy (esp if young) does not mean you’re a natural ecto.


      • Fucking rubbish, Whammer. It stands to reason that 33% of ALL guys are have significant ectomorph traits. What do you mean “they are not that common”?


      • True ecto’s are not that common because that effeminate bone structure is on the far end of the masculine spectrum.
        And if you’re an undeveloped 18 yo you need to wait until at least 25 to see what your true body type is. Everyone is skinny looking at 18, or at least they were in my day.
        Many boys today may look like endo’s and have that butterball look but that’s because many are brought up in female households where animalistic eating is the norm and where there is no Patriarch around to keep the wife and kids in line and disciplined.
        Put these boys in the army for 6 months and you’ll see what their true body types are. And btw, endo does not always mean fat, it’s just a certain body type. Sor tof like a female who is her right weight but just has that pear shaped look.


      • I disagree. Ecto males are not effiminate in bone structure at all. Their bodies (like Mesos) are the furthese from womanhood. No curves or fat. If anything Endo’s would be more effiminante in bone structre. An ectos bone structre is long, lean. Most women are not long lean in nature.

        Actually ecto males are ideal when they put on a little muscle mass which is very possible with work. And also typically and ecto male is tall which is one of the biggest desirability traits a male can have.

        Supermodels have the body types and bone structres of ecto males and I do not believe the averge person sees a true cat walk supermodel as effiminate in bone structre or stature.

        The term ‘shaped like a teenage boy” when referring to a woman is certainly referring to the ecto male type which is most furthest from having an effiminate structure.


  24. The hardest thing about being this body/personality type is that my biggest perogative is to party like I’m playing call of duty on easy: I like to run around and fuck shit up.

    Gets chicks interested: check
    Keeps chicks interested: usually not


    • I hear ya, annoying especially when you know if they only “gave it a shot in the sack” you’d have a booty call for as long as you wanted. Shame girls don’t work like that.


    • Well I’ve been told when it comes to keeping chicks interested it’s the same thing as getting chicks interested. Most of the time the guy changes his personality because he starts liking the gal by telling her or outwardly showing it through body language and that’s where the relationship goes south.


  25. Rarely am I a grammar nazi but the correct term is “most gret” not “gretest”. 🙂


  26. I have never felt the inclination towards jealousy, let’s just say I’m a lot better at keeping girls and turning them into flooding-pussy stalker zombies than I ever am at picking them up in the first place.

    I’ve always wondered why so many hunks are jealous, to me it’s the most beta thing in the world and if you can’t make sure about your womans loyalty without spelling it out you’re basically asking for infidelity just by the power of suggestion. Even a LTR should be one long string of “assume the sale”. So, anyone else’s take on the fact that you see a lot of guys blow it by being paranoid? Once very helpful evolutionary traits that aren’t as helpful what with the liberated woman and all? Do some dumb ass chicks actually like it?


    • Jealousy is the worst thing for a man to do. If the gal likes him, she wouldn’t want to be with other guys anyway. Really it’s probably a deep seated trust or insecurity issue with the guy and he basically produces his intended result by being jealous…she leaves him for another guy because she gets that he doesn’t trust her.

      On the other side of the coin…if you didn’t react to her interaction with guys, it confuses her. Having muscles doesn’t mean you still can’t be insecure.


  27. Judy the Life Size Inflatable Doll from 1970

    1960 model


  28. I’m like 50/50 ecto/meso. Tall, broad shouldered, naturally strong and with a deep voice that carries well (I work at a supermarket but get away with telling off bad customers, despite my lower social status due to the job). But I’m also quite skinny. Looking forward to combining the knowledge dropped here with the upcoming ecto article. Nice work.


    • You work at a supermarket? Then you’re probably a kid so I’d say wait until your body is fully developed. I doubt very much you’re an ecto.


    • Tall, broad shouldered, naturally strong and with a deep voice that carries well

      DAYM!!! 😛


  29. Like

  30. I fit in both the mesomorph and ectomorph categories , I like action but I like thinking , lean but chunky muscles , confident but in my head, sensitive but callous. So… I needed both the articles thank you.


  31. Pure meso here. Nailed it. Great post.


  32. […] – Beta Males Settle For Fat Chicks, The Right Game For Your Body Type: The Endomorph, TRGFYBT: Mesomorph, TRGFYBT: Ectomorph, Defying Your Body Type Temperament, Hamster Of The […]


  33. I’m a mesomorph and the only thing that hinders my pickup is excessive substance consumption.


  34. Been reading your blog for several months now, and I finally had to comment. I find that this post really sums up my attitude at the time.

    The fact that aloof alpha attitude feels most comfortable to the meso, is what stood out the most. After reading your eloquently written definition of aloof alpha attitude several months ago and then integrating it with my actions, the outcome was just as you expect. What’s more interesting is that it feels natural and is my regular frame. Unfortunately, switching it off or adjusting it when needed becomes impossible sometimes.


  35. Just for the record – brain is muscule too, and (some) of us also use it as well as other muscules,
    cheers – mesomorph.


  36. Mesomorph in every sense of the word. To the point where i’ve always been uncomfortable with my shirt off because people stare. To the point where I had to stop lifting heavy weights because my veins will be popping all over my body like i’m on steroids.

    But I’m usually pretty quiet and anytime I open my mouth girls run the other way. So it has been a slow learning curve for me at least