Dancing As A Demonstration Of High Value

The Chateau isn’t a dance hall but occasionally we do like to bust out the moves.

Now word is in from the corridors of scientific inquiry that dancing the right way is a demonstration of high value which women find irresistible. But the white-jacketed fellows went one step further than that — they figured out the exact type of dance moves that turned women on the most.

Male movements serve as courtship signals in many animal species, and may honestly reflect the genotypic and/or phenotypic quality of the individual. Attractive human dance moves, particularly those of males, have been reported to show associations with measures of physical strength, prenatal androgenization and symmetry. Here we use advanced three-dimensional motion-capture technology to identify possible biomechanical differences between women’s perceptions of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ male dancers. Nineteen males were recorded using the ‘Vicon’ motion-capture system while dancing to a basic rhythm; controlled stimuli in the form of avatars were then created in the form of 15 s video clips, and rated by 39 females for dance quality. Initial analyses showed that 11 movement variables were significantly positively correlated with perceived dance quality. Linear regression subsequently revealed that three movement measures were key predictors of dance quality; these were variability and amplitude of movements of the neck and trunk, and speed of movements of the right knee. In summary, we have identified specific movements within men’s dance that influence women’s perceptions of dancing ability. We suggest that such movements may form honest signals of male quality in terms of health, vigour or strength, though this remains to be confirmed.

The Chateau is, to be candid, quite intrigued by this finding. It was always well known that men who were good at dancing signaled health and macho vitality, but here we have new evidence of very specific kinesthetic dance moves that directly contribute to female arousal. If men could identify and mimic those three moves that remotely activate tingles in every woman in a room, then a whole new path of seduction opens up.

But verbal descriptions are one thing, seeing it in motion is another. We are left with some confusion as to what exactly is meant by:

Variability of movements of the neck and trunk.

Amplitude of movements of the neck and trunk.

Speed of movements of the right knee.

Video of examples of these moves in action would be ideal; otherwise, reader contributions with suggestions for what these moves might look like when executed would also be helpful. As it stands, the descriptions are somewhat vague, and thus of limited use for bumpngrind game. The best the Chateau hosts can come up with is that “right knee movement speed” would look like one of those patented Michael Jackson (RIP) one-leg bent knee angular swivels that he was fond of doing.

Let us move the science of seduction into uncharted territory, beyond even what Mystery has accomplished, and lay out a dance move blueprint — a step by step schematic — for aspiring womanizers to learn and apply in the field. In the quest for quality pussy, no stone shall remain unturned. We are, as always, fitness maximizers here.


  1. Try Salsa. Closest thing to having sex while still clothed.


  2. Ah, the Fellows of the Royal Society. After it, lads! Go for her!


  3. Thinking back to high school and college, the best dancers got a lot more sex than the best engineering, physics and comp sci majors.

    Once again, what women reward (with free passes to their vaginas) and what society needs are completely different.


  4. I want to take some dance classes … any suggestions? I have decent rhythm but I don’t know any dances. Salsa, ballroom, hip hop?


  5. Salsa dancing with a strong male lead (one who knows what he is doing and isnt afraid to push the girl around) is one of the most heart-fluttering inducing things to exist on this planet. But it has to be with confidence and a sort of machismo.


  6. I see my regular dancing looks more like the type of moves one shouldn’t do (the ‘Bad dancing avatar’). Guess I should refine my dancing a bit…

    And salsa is great. Unfortunately, I’m not a very good dancer, especially if the floor is crowded.


  7. how did they measure trunk amplitude


  8. You white boys really don’t dance do you?


  9. It’s really nice to see a sense of humor coming out in these posts occasionally. It makes a change from all that Jeremiad stuff.

    My main problem with the vids is that the figure is as neutered as a Ken doll. It also might have been more useful if it had shown it wearing clothes because the clothes a man wears affects how different dance moves can be perceived. For instance, sometimes I notice men wearing suits tend to exaggerated gestures when dancing, presumably because subtle movements are hidden by the folds of the suit. Exaggerated gestures while wearing skinny jeans, on the other hand, could cause serious injury to key parts.

    The dance looks like a mixture of the Charleston and the hokey-cokey.

    Of course as far as the Chateau is concerned its male guests probably dance naked.

    PS: are white and asian men genetically disadvantaged when it comes to sexy dancing?


  10. I feel like a CIA agent learning flawless Arabic. Master infiltrator.

    Also, what percentage of men do you guys think are actively learning the crimson arts? It’d be nice to have an idea of how many other guys out there are in.


  11. Couples dancing went out a few generations ago. Astaire was the acknowledged king, but any serviceable foxtrot would do for the rest of the males, and did. Swing then made dancing an athlete game. Then came the 60s stoners, who not only lowered the bar but stamped it into the muddy earth. Disco tried to pick it up but was easily and deservedly ridiculed. The 80s then inaugurated prancing, not dancing, which moved us all back into some weird Balinese cockpit culture where we perform alone, in front of each other, in a display ritual. Even bumping and grinding is an aspect of a fundamentally solitary display.

    Hence the white-coat interest in particularized individual movements. What they add up to is “dexterity” and “expressiveness.” The right knee bit is just some weird finding to keep you reading.

    Learn to move easily and in rhythm. Learn how to dance simply and rhythmically with a partner. Learn Latin dances but don’t turn it into some ridiculous strained technical exercise. Loosen your hips. Look in her eyes. If you click rhythmically together, if she feels your body to be coordinated and knowledgeable, and you aren’t some limp fish who can’t lead her, you are playing high cards.


  12. Ah dana you beat me to the punch! Here’s the article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-11223473

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  13. Good link for the videos. The “bad” dancer is basically a shuffling, head down, low upper body motion sad sack. Boot scoot boogy? Apparently, the good dancing involves head held high and fun arm movements like Sat. Night Fever.

    Female Hypergamous societies reward the dancer more than the engineer? No reason why engineers can’t dance though.


  14. on September 9, 2010 at 11:55 am The Rational Male

    I’m a white boy and I’ve been told by quite a few women that they like the way I dance. Watching the videos though I’d say my moves are closer to the “bad” dancer than the good.

    Maybe it’s just the ones who already want to sleep with me telling me that. Hmmm…..


  15. how about a naked dancing figure with a big nut sack. happy ?


  16. Lol; white guy dance versus black guy dance.


  17. Dance is a tricky one. Most white guys I have seen dance in a very awkward and gay manner. Actually ALL white guys I see dance in an awkward and gay manner. There are also preconceived notions at play that white men dance bad and therefore even a good male dancer will still be stamped with a seal of disapproval.

    I’m latin, so we have very poor perceptions of white dancing ability (which is not true, I blame the Frankfurt School) and hold ourselves to a higher standard. If your hips don’t look as they are disjoined from the rest of your body, you ain’t doin’ it right mama.

    Sometimes it is more attractive to be the silent, reserved type who says “dancing is for women” instead of making an ass out of yourself on the dance floor.

    If a man wants to try it out I suggest trying something simple like a two step. Merengue and bachata are also very simple. Stay close to the woman. It’s not about expressing yourself, but touching her.

    I don’t know if I’d be attracted to a guy dancing techno or hip hop. It just seems uncivilized…all that flailing.

    Unless they are black guys. I used to LOVE dancing with black guys. Even if they were wearing stupid towels on their head as they usually were. What’s up with that?


  18. My feeling is that the high energy dancing is just another one of those proof of confidence things. Anyone can do it, but only the guys with the balls actually do.

    Less confidence equals less energetic moves.


  19. on September 9, 2010 at 12:05 pm Prophet Jeremiah your Daddy

    Chateau, what happened with the 12minutes pickup video? Was it a fake? I thought it was very interesting… shame if it is a fake.


  20. I’m learning to dance. The key is, swing the hips (for immediate gina tingles). Learning is not easy. Other gina tingles can be induced by only dancing from your core and leading. only alphas dance. Betas hang on the walls and omegas play video games with roissites at roissys mothers basement chateau….haha. Seriously its a good way of meeting different people and you get high from it. Plus it is what western culture is intended for=higher passion.


  21. Now that’s really weird. I was just watching my Blu-ray of “Eyes Wide Shut” last night! (That’s what the picture for this post is taken from)


  22. on September 9, 2010 at 12:11 pm Prophet Jeremiah your Daddy

    Yeah Tinderbox! What are the odds? Let’s see, it is even on blu-ray and is available worldwide, and is by a famous, very famous director and cast… I don’t know.


  23. jeremiah twas uberfake


  24. The odds are pretty slim that I’d pick a movie no one but me even likes, then see a picture of it on my favorite blog the next morning.


  25. I suspect that “speed of movements of the right knee” would factor in most when grinding up against her crotch while dancing.


  26. on September 9, 2010 at 12:21 pm Prophet Jeremiah your Daddy

    Brant, what a shame. I kinda realized because she was, in the end, so enthusiastic. Like she was already in love with him for some time, I mean days. And the camera is too obviously on their faces. She would’ve noticed.

    Fuck, these guys are imbeciles.


  27. Wait wait wait… are you talking about doing the Stanky Legg?


  28. what about dancing horrible on purpose? 😀


  29. Yeah, it was discovered that he and the girl in the video were already Facebook friends and therefore the thing was staged.


  30. on September 9, 2010 at 12:24 pm Prophet Jeremiah your Daddy

    Tinderbox, maybe you and Roissy are connected in more than those pedestrian simple ways of internet and massive distributed films… I don’t know, I like to call such incredible unsuspected things of destiny by the name of Inverted Occan Razor(IOR). But what do I know?


  31. The “good” dancer is more “out there”; his moves imply a stronger confidence, less reservedness, and a more audacious attitude. Of course, these are all alpha traits – go figure right?


  32. on September 9, 2010 at 12:26 pm Prophet Jeremiah your Daddy

    From Facebook? Jesus, this guy is really stupid. And lame. There are kids going on the video: “man, you really have balls”. Yeah, for facebooking.


  33. It’s not hard to see why women favor one type of dance over another when you view the videos. The “good” dancer dances freely. His wide arm movements and willingness to move demonstrate comfort and a high level of self-confidence.

    In contrast, the “bad” dancer moves in a very constrained manner, almost as if he is afraid of what he is doing. His dancing appears uncomfortable, like he’d rather be anywhere else than on the dance floor. This signals a lack of self-confidence in his moves (and likely himself), and as we all know, that’s a major turn-off.


  34. As someone with a mathematical background and currently writing my dissertation in bioloigy:

    1) Never heard of this journal before. Not very high impact – I looked at the table of contents for this month’s issue and didn’t exactly find anything cutting-edge.

    2) I haven’t read the paper yet, but I can tell you that when you dump a lot of variables into a system like that, you will find some of them correlated. I doubt they tested to see how a background random system of ratings for the videos would have affected the correlation observed for the body parts and variables. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had three variables pop out to meet their criteria. This isn’t junk science but it is weak science.

    3) I had a dream that I asked Shakira (circa 2002) to dance last night to one of her own songs, and I tangoed her. She was suitably impressed and wanted another dance but I declined. I really should have said yes, because I spent the rest of the dream looking for her and flying through tornados in a helicopter with Nikola Tesla.


  35. All true stories from Chateau.

    When I was a young, awkward lad of just 20 – just learning pick-up – I signed up for the Swing & Tango dance club at my university. Learning only a few very basic moves, I had all eyes on me by every pretty girl in the dancehall.

    So, what I’m saying is, get a shower, haircut, and shave, then head down to your local dance studio and let the feet do the talking all the way to wherever you 2 (or 3) decide to go.


  36. Anyone can learn to dance BUT you must take lessons. If you just go out on the dance floor and freestyle it you’ll inevitably wind up looking stupid. Take lessons with your girlfriend or if single, what a better way to meet one, right?

    But if you’re white or asian, please don’t just go out on the dance floor and start busting moves.


  37. on September 9, 2010 at 12:57 pm Gunslingergregi`

    where is walawala on this one?

    ””””’dream puppy
    Dance is a tricky one. Most white guys I have seen dance in a very awkward and gay manner. Actually ALL white guys I see dance in an awkward and gay manner. There are also preconceived notions at play that white men dance bad and therefore even a good male dancer will still be stamped with a seal of disapproval.
    Why I dance like I am killing puppies he he he

    Get my sweat on.


  38. Saw an article on this in The Economist. I’m too lazy to find the link, but I do remember that they speculated that the importance of knee movement is not necessarily confined to the right knee. Most people are right-handed, so it may just be that the test subjects tended to move their right legs a lot more often.


  39. on September 9, 2010 at 12:58 pm Gunslingergregi`

    Dancing as a form of violent artistic expression.


  40. on September 9, 2010 at 12:59 pm Gunslingergregi`

    Which is what white boys do do well.

    Just the panzy clubs don’t normally let you because god forbid someone could get hurt.


  41. With my rediscovered interest in house scene, I stick with
    * 2.5 men episode where Charlie taught Jake before his first party – “less you move your hands less stupid you look”
    * some basic moves I picked up from other guys
    * (probably valid) belief that it is a lot just about confidence
    * being not anglo, may be I do have more rhythm than average cornfed boy. After all, I was “dancing” since I was a teenager. But doubt it.

    “Lessons” sound not even ghey, that’s 40 y.o. virgin territory.

    re: black guys – unless we’re talking about averages, not someone really good, as in “a crowd will form” – Bullshit.


  42. umm, damn, need an editor. I meant the opposite:
    re: black guys – *if* we’re talking about averages, not someone really good, as in “a crowd will form” – Bullshit.


  43. Hey Roissy,

    what’s with the picture from the movie, The Ninth Gate?

    why do you like this movie so much?


  44. on September 9, 2010 at 1:14 pm Gunslingergregi`

    Oh fucking great some fucking pastor idiot has to burn a koran right at the end of ramadon in us. It is on tv where I am at. If I live then we know muslims more tolerant than christians. I am gonna start buying bibles and burning them though. he he he


  45. They made a connection between the kind of good dancing they evaluated, and attractiveness, whereas the female subjects were asked if they were good dancers only.

    There’s good dancing that’s seen as homosexual and there’s good dancing that’s sexy. Which style is which? Does it vary across the demographics of the female population? What about partnered dancing as opposed to observed?

    I acknowledge that the trunk moves are probably valid but…

    We need more research!


    I had a dream that I asked Shakira (circa 2002) to dance last night to one of her own songs, and I tangoed her. She was suitably impressed and wanted another dance but I declined. I really should have said yes, because I spent the rest of the dream looking for her and flying through tornados in a helicopter with Nikola Tesla.

    That dream was awesomeness!


  46. on September 9, 2010 at 1:20 pm Gunslingergregi`

    Actually I just got told about it being on tv all day and was out all day and no problems.

    TV did say Obama told the pastorfuck not to do it.

    So I guess I owe Obama one he he he


  47. I am gonna start buying bibles and burning them though.

    You know as well as I do that muslims consider the bible a holy book. Even if the Christians are carrying around a “distorted” version. But if they consider it the real one, it deserves respect.

    I wish this priest didn’t get rewarded for his attention-whoring. Holy peoples of both sides should be attending to the alarming amount of strays in their own flocks,.


  48. also, about not moving hands, doesn’t mean you should stand there like a tool, just don’t imitate trying to fly away, move your “trunk” instead. But I admit some of the “good dancer’s” hand moves don’t agree with me, especially that wide-open hands thing at the end.


  49. I’ll vouch for ballroom dancing as a valuable arrow in the player’s quiver. While you still need game to close the deal, learning how to dance can be a powerful way to enhance social proof and initiate touching.

    While I personally enjoy many styles of dance for their own sake, salsa, merengue and bachata will take you the farthest when it comes to getting laid. The goal here is to appear skilled, confident, and amused not flashy, flamboyant, and excited. The way you dance should be an extension of the way you interact with women.

    You’re unlikely to immediately seduce that sexy, sassy salsa girl as she’s accustomed to constant attention from excellent dancers twirling her around all night. However, you’d do well to befriend her and a handful of good female dancers. Eventually you’ll find that dancing well generates the most attraction among girls who are just starting and girls who can’t dance at all.

    If you’re currently a poor dancer, it will require several months of investment in dance class and practice. You will need to learn the basic footwork and develop a firm, gentle lead with a strong frame. As you practice you will slowly get good, but you never want to become a try-hard cheesedick.

    You’ll feel like an idiot at first, but if you can have fun and be swallow your pride the rewards are worth it.


  50. I KNOW les chateu under new management will now enjoy the same successes as our Iranian Romeo’s senorita notch site.

    rooshie’s mad at me –
    so my comment will be
    heavily modded by
    the New Regime

    “He Ran Afoul of Politics”

    oh well:
    Freedom of Speech
    is overrated anyways



  51. “Why I dance like I am killing puppies he he he

    Get my sweat on.”

    Sorry @Guns. Don’t forget I am in the USA. Although most don’t buy into it, a lot of anti-white propaganda gets through. For me, it’s with the dancing. It may be different in places with a larger white population or if the white population controls the media that shapes the culture/perceptions.

    I know in the US Asians are seen as nerds with no moves, but in Korea the guys and girls were amazing dancers. They moved really well. Not like what I expected at all.


  52. re: koran burning.

    I feel the same way about the mosque as I do about the koran burning.

    Of course it’s your right to do it, but it is right fucking rude to do so. So don’t. Both are cases of poor manners.


  53. mandance – salsa, shmalsa, how those moves are applicable in your average night club? If it’s something you like to do, knock yourself out. But for purposes of just scoring it’s a big overkill in my opinion. And I’m sorry but I highly doubt you’ll turn into a Banderas even after few months… Perhaps there’s a niche, sort of a “workshop”, teaching shlubs basic moves in a couple of sessions. Along with another session teaching them how to punch, in case someone makes fun of their dance moves 🙂


  54. on September 9, 2010 at 1:55 pm Gunslingergregi`

    I got tired of bitches telling me I dance like a black guy.

    That place will change a man.

    I used to be white.


  55. Learn to dance like Jamil, and the chicks will line up around the corner.


  56. The video Dana linked was indeed from CNN’s piece on this story, and the computer-generated figurine was doing the moves the females found attractive.

    I seen that story on CNN’s site. Dana was kind enough to cut out the “bad” dancer, so by just mimicking that 16 seconds she posted, one should just about have it.


  57. Theres clearly only one dance you need to know to get laid!!


  58. One word on the mosque opposition: Pam Geller, the face of all this Mosque hysteria, is a radical Zi0nist.

    These people are using a mosque as a proxy to whip up emotions so that the American people see wars with The Middle East as necessary. It is all one big well financed propaganda campaign. This is where neo-cons come from. Very well funded organizations.


  59. what the F? radical zionist? neo-cons? well financed propaganda?

    yeah, they’re running ads during primetime.

    Try out this conspiracy theory, Islamists are assholes and GZM strikes a chord. Also, here’s an even stranger conspiracy theory: in every part of the world, whenever the muslim population gets above 10% or so, violence breaks out against the non-muslim population. Those neocons sure got the Hindus and Buddhists in an uproar.

    Koran burning? You mean the half-assed plagiarism of the bible? It seems to me that the Islamists do a lot of flag burning, throat cutting, church bombing, and Jew Killing.


  60. What’s sad, Whatever, is that out here old people still do the electric slide and think it’s cool.

    I want to get video, but I’m afraid to because even though they will probably pose like they don’t mind, the look on my face might give it away that I think it’s comedy.


  61. This is why the El Chief Academy for Future Alphas will include a dance curriculum. No salsa tho. That’s for gaymen.


  62. Whooo! So many half-assed assumptions here I have lost count. Let’s simplify.

    Firstly Stud Dynamite. Actually basic Salsa and Samba moves work really well in club dancing, the time signatures they play to, adapt instinctively to RnB, Nu-Soul etc. Also, if you deny the evidence that the post presents, why are you posting here? I come to the Chateau to learn, how about you?

    Secondly the racial thing. I am English and very white but I dance really well. How did I learn? Well I came of age with Motown and my buddies and I copied the Temptations and any other soul guy we liked. We were blue-collar guys who went to soul clubs to dance and pull girls. That is pretty much all we did when I was a teenage guy. The best dancers got the best girls. We got good and I dance a lot better than a lot of black guys. It’s a matter of drive, not race.

    Thirdly, there are the Betas. I live in a more middle class world now and most of the guys we invite to parties only know their college-boy dance, which is truly lame. Their wives/girlfriends/partners love to dance. So some of these guys resent dancing and take all joy out of it by mugging furiously and making a fool of themselves flailing around, making it clear that they are too cool to dance (actually they cant). Does this piss off their partners? Hugely. These guys need to learn the Roissy maxim that being married does not take your partner out of the sexual marketplace.

    The other thing about the Betas is that good dancing is Alpha behaviour, confident male show. For reasons I do not fully understand Betas are willing to give you shit when you come off the dance floor and will ridicule your act. They go the route of Stud Dynamite and tell you that men dancing is gay, that you look a fool. Women openly get wet for a man who can dance and the Betas standing around the walls get enraged when they see it happening. It feels like there is some of that in some posts here, “Can’t dance, will resort to calling it gay”

    I threw a party two weeks ago, with a really good dancing playlist. Did my dancin’ fool thing, danced with my wife (very hot girl). I got a huge number of admiring responses from other men’s women. A blonde girl openly told my wife, “that was so sexy”. Preselection (dancing with a hot woman), dancing (dominant male behaviour) and the women are ready for the next move. A man who can dance is never short of good-looking partners.

    I dance latin too. For any guy who cannot dance, invest two months in Salsa/Samba (Tango is much, much harder) lessons. It’s not just the moves. Your body consciousness changes, you move in a more assured, sexy and dominant way, whatever you dance to. As with everything on this incredibly valuable site, knowledge is power. Loved the post.


  63. @Kane- salsa is too hard for someone who can’t dance to get. I’d say bachata and meregue are much easier. Two beats and that’s it. You can also show off a lot with merengue with the spinning and what not, and bachata is really good for dancing close. Its the sexiest….Juan Luis Guerra <3<3<3
    Plus, only older people dance salsa.


  64. @ Nicole

    I was being serious. I do the electric slide whenever the opportunity presents itself.

    I also do the chicken dance!!!



  65. @askjoe- it’s not a zero sum game.


  66. on September 9, 2010 at 2:59 pm Donatien François

    My impression from the “good” vs. “bad” is that what you do with your hands is not as important as long as your hand motions are not detracting from what your trunk is doing. In other words, lead with your body and let your hands do whatever. If you’re leading with your hands and legs, you’re doing it wrong.

    I am not sure if this is related, but when I took tango/blues lessons leading with the body instead of the legs was the most difficult thing to learn. But once I got the hang of it, it was pretty easy. A pleasant side-effect is that my club moves improved by about 100%.

    Even if you don’t see yourself doing a lot of pair dancing, taking lessons helps all of your dancing.


  67. Kane,

    ” knowledge is power”

    That’s true. Went to a dancing class with a bunch of geriatrics. It was socially awkward at the time, but it paid off later.

    Women love good dancers.


  68. Whatever, thank you for reminding me why I’m not having sex until I’m done losing the weight.

    I respect other people’s fetishes, but this isn’t one of mine.


  69. Nicole:

    Clearly he has skill. But belly dancing?


  70. on September 9, 2010 at 3:09 pm The Rational Male

    Bonus points if you’re only three feet tall


  71. Indeed, salsa takes practice. But for “white” dancing, there’s still swing, which also takes practice and has a ton of kino ingredients. Most guys, alpha or beta, just aren’t coordinated enough or have the time to learn these specific types of dance. and that’s ok. The video of the good dancing shows good amatuer moves and that’s all you need.

    Also, if there’s going to be a white vs. asian vs. hispanic vs. black thing going on here for dancing, the easiest way for us whites to stop DLVing it on the dance floor – anywhere – is to stop with the “I’m dancing goofy face” where you bite your lower lip or generally non-verbally communicate that “I am dancing and this is a scary and unusual experience for me,” by biting lower lip, making googly eyes, or other idiocy.

    Once you stop doing that, almost any dance move will look better.


  72. Merengue is….blahh and salsa is way too fast for my taste.
    I prefer bachata.

    It’s a very sensual type of dance.


  73. The Globe and Mail ran this story with a graphic that showed what worked best. There were two examples of good and they were basically Uprocking and doing a Sixstep. The basics of breakdancing. For uprocking I would watch a lot of Ken Swift & 7 Gems. Not sure what to recommend for instruction.This is a excellent video for Sixstep related stuff: http://www.cypherstyles.com/product/STORMSFOOTWORKFUNDAM/Storms-Footwork-Fundamentals-NTSC-DVD.html

    Capoeira would be another thing to check out.


  74. Latin Guy- there is nothing better than un mereguito sped up really fast. The funnest dance there is EVER.

    Capoeira? I dunno…the flailing and offense moves might not translate onto a dance floor. I say for the experienced only.


  75. a woman should be at least half this good before demanding her man to dance with her:


  76. dream puppy: This dog would murder me on the dance floor.


  77. If you can walk, you can dance.


  78. @LATIN

    OMG lo maximo!! I ❤ merengue dog.


  79. I’ve found that a woman’s dance skills are a reliable indicator of how good she is in bed.

    I know, sounds like the oldest “tell” in the world.

    Am I alone?


  80. Kane, what I’m saying, you don’t have to take lessons to avoid being a wallflower or looking like a fool. And that’s what we’re figuring out here – the best way to do it and that’s what my 2c were about.
    Sorry, bud, but between trolling for new pussy, doing hobbies that I actually like, gym and, haha, work, I already can’t sustain more than 2-3 dates/FB visits a week and keep my health and sanity. And oh horror I also like to occasionally just drink beer and shoot shit with my buddies or even watch TV. And now I gotta squeeze in some dance lessons?
    If it’s something you love, by all means. Doing it “to get women” (read not be a wallflower) is past the point of diminishing returns up to the aforementioned virgin levels. How many of your average house club rats of both genders took dance lessons you think?

    Donatien: good point on leading with body.


  81. yeah, really, I think these latin dancists who are posting here are conflating being a member of a scene with the whole alpha vibe.

    Sure, one could devote his time to dancing just as one could spend their time dressing in newsie hates and following whatever crappy music plays at the Black Cat, and get it on with the scene chicks; hipster chick bags or salsa girls. or whatever.

    Or one could pursue things they like and have the ability to dance well enough in their pocket. If pressed, a guy should just AMOG the dancing queens out there who think that their phat moves are enough to seduce every chick out there.

    There’s an old R post making fun of three dudes dancing off at the end of a party as a bunch of girls ignore them. That seems appropriate here.


  82. dream puppy

    You can always askjoe. He knows his shit. You must be an easy sell, the way you bought leftist memes… you buy everything.

    I don’t consider burning korans particularly brilliant, but the freedom of expression covers it, as I m concerned. Kinda shows how really fragile the Islamist religion is and insecure when the adherents get their panties in a wad on a flimsiest pretext.

    Be glad it is in the realm of burning korans. I have a feeling that one day, Islamists will commit such an atrocity that after all is said and done, the 3 million muslims will be a peaceful bunch. Actually, they are. What’s their name… Ahmadiyya.


  83. Mmf.

    I go dancing at clubs frequently. There are two types of smart men there: the ones that learned to dance well, and the ones that know they’ll never be able to dance and do not set foot on the floor. I won’t even attempt to guess at the number of times I’ve had a guy I’ve been checking out all night instantly disqualify himself by how he danced.

    I’m a big believer in the idea that you fuck like you dance. Sense of rhythm and body awareness are key.

    However, on the above comments, I would find a man who could improv on the dance floor of a standard club more attractive than a man who could salsa or tango. The latter is performing a learned rountine or series of steps, the former just knows what he’s doing by instinct.

    Amusing post.


  84. I think Nicole’s gina tingles from the male belly dancer harken back to the paleolithic age when african men on the savanna would do some sort of ritual virtility dance. I don’t see caucasian male belly dancers pulling in the poon anytime soon.


  85. Tim, why not ask one? Male belly dancers can take their pick of women…or men, if that’s what they like.

    What girl wouldn’t fall for a guy who can shake it like a vibrator?


  86. Dude belly dancers?

    I thought we established that peacocking was an outmoded paradigm in regards to Game (read: totally gay). Belly dancing is basically another form of peacocking for a dude, but it also may lead to severe DLV’s if done on a dance floor, especially if you happen to be obese.

    As for dancing itself, it can help if you can do it well, but if you can’t, don’t make an issue out of it.


  87. Who established that peacocking is outmoded?

    Do you not like attention?

    Guys who look like drones and behave like drones get treated as such. The *least* a guy can do is not look the same as everybody else.


  88. on September 9, 2010 at 5:51 pm gunslingergregi

    ””””el chief
    This is why the El Chief Academy for Future Alphas will include a dance curriculum. No salsa tho. That’s for gaymen.

    If I would have continued my monied lifestyle in younger days dance classes I am sure would have been included in the package.


  89. on September 9, 2010 at 5:59 pm gunslingergregi

    Course everyone has seen the guy who doesn’t move at all and his bitch does all the dancing work right?


  90. I would recommend starting by learning how to pop lock. While busting out with those types of moves isn’t always warranted, learning how to pop lock teaches the coordination and relaxed fluidity you’ll need to look good dancing in a club. Lines are also very important. For men, the most important line is the shoulders. Also, move your feet in time when you dance. It will make everything better, even arm position.

    Whatever anybody says about Michael, he had mad swag with his moves. Check out videos for ‘Billie Jean’ and ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ to see what I mean. Check out his body language and position. It’s amazing how an effete 150 lb male soprano could embody the essence of cool.

    Though he’s no Michael, Usher is another one to watch:


  91. on September 9, 2010 at 6:02 pm gunslingergregi

    dream puppy

    You can always askjoe. He knows his shit. You must be an easy sell, the way you bought leftist memes… you buy everything.

    It is like ya got to throw them some kind of bone but go ahead and kick some truth.


  92. @Nicole: It says something that Mystery is probably the only seductionist that ever used peacocking. Everyone agrees that you should wear genuinely interesting clothing. Not everyone agrees that you should wear platform boots, bizarre hats, aviator goggles, fur coats (I’ve seen pictures of Mystery doing this), and strange accouterments.

    Basically: a little peacocking is good. A lot of it is gay.


  93. If only this was a softsell by the left! But it seems like most pols don’t want to discuss the violent side of the RoP. I wish that the west had the cultural awareness and confidence to push back against this 20 year surge. I think that because these adherents come from, ah, diverse areas, many leaders are afraid to confront it. To some, people with darker skin are never at fault for their acts, even if those people come out and say, we want to kill you because you don’t believe in our god. And some idiot lefties, of course, assume that there’s always some vague justification or provocation by the West to cause the aggression.

    They’re at war with us not because we’re not sensitive but because they sense we’re weak.


  94. Fuck “The Crow”, I’m going to be a Chateau Proprietor for Halloween = more chics.

    Black looks good on me.


  95. on September 9, 2010 at 7:31 pm gunslingergregi

    ”””of course, assume that there’s always some vague justification or provocation by the West to cause the aggression.”””’

    Yea but you got to look at number of people who want to kill the west it is miniscule in that area or I would be dead.


    All the fuck over kuwait muslims are cool people.

    But yea even the couple iraqi’s I met cool people.

    So yea the west is killing them to prove a point but more like the last desperate acts of a dieing man.


  96. @Morse-
    Hmmm. It’s true I am impressionable. However, I do spend a significant amount of time reading non fiction, mostly historical texts sometimes with conflicting evidence and ideas. I am not someone who buys into any ideology but merely follows evidence to where it leads.

    I do not like Muslim or actually any non-European immigration into this country. I want a country that values freedom of speech and is libertine, and this cannot be accomplished with warring tribes. I want this to be a European country.

    However I also do not like neoconservative groups dictating foreign policy in my country. No blood for oil my ass. Almost all oil companies (unsure about Halliburton) lobbied AGAINST the war in Iraq and ALL oil companies are lobbying agaist war with Iran now. So I ask you, why did we do it? Because of the bleeding heart liberals? What is going on? Who did we go to war for then?

    I do not agree with the left, the socialists, the centrists, or the right, the neocons or anyone else.

    I just follow the evidence where it leads and make informed conclusions. Apparently you were not able to make an informed conclusion about me as you just labelled me a liberal despite anti-immi discussions we’ve had in the past.


  97. on September 9, 2010 at 7:39 pm gunslingergregi

    We used to go down the highway in kuwait and go a fast as the trucks could go.

    To me that is some cool people.

    No seatbelt laws.

    No problem with smoking inside a building any building.

    Man place.

    You could be a man.

    Dudes would be on four wheelers doing tricks and shit.

    And also going fast as fuck.

    Dudes going on vacation by camping in mass groups of tents in the fucking desert with their families when they lived in giant fucking air-conditioned houses.


  98. on September 9, 2010 at 7:40 pm gunslingergregi

    Something tells me it might be a little bit of jealousy that they are not as gay as the us despite the rumors perpetrated otherwise.


  99. on September 9, 2010 at 7:43 pm gunslingergregi

    For instance I just had someone buy a shitload of fireworks and set them off and had a pretty darn good time with a crowd of people.

    I was “allowed” to do that.

    So then I went out and personnaly bought some even bigger fireworks for tonight because I know what the fuck to buy.

    And won’t be a problem.


  100. Poetry of Flesh wrote:

    “I’m a big believer in the idea that you fuck like you dance.”

    No Poetry. A guy who is uncomfy on the dance floor might pile-drive you to tears at home in bed. He might feel ridiculous out there dancing and move around with contempt for the excercise just to appease some woman he wants to fuck or to get some attention. The same guy might be well hung and can fuck you like a jackhammer for two solid hours. It has nothing to do with how hard or fast he can pound flesh.

    Jesus! That someone would believe that! Its as if a guy said something like, “I believe a woman will service me like she cooks, cleans house, (or whatever)”. She might hate to cook, but love to fuck.


  101. guns, interesting. Mark Steyn points out that the really radicalized guys are the ones living on the dole in the West and certain Sauds.


  102. on September 9, 2010 at 8:08 pm gunslingergregi

    Well no not really I kind of went to war because it was the patriotic thing to do and it was a legal way to die to escape american style oppression according to catholicism.

    The only problem is we are killing people who are not evil.

    We are the evil entity.

    I do not know much about muslim religion except my proof that I am not dead.


  103. on September 9, 2010 at 8:26 pm gunslingergregi

    And not living off of government dole.

    Am living off of my own dole through my work.


  104. This guido is getting laid:


  105. Matt, you’re right that there are limits…or are there?

    There are a few Gothic male belly dancers who look very flamboyant, but are very straight, so I’m told. Sometimes a guy can pull off gender-bending.

    For more butch or less…graceful guys, there are other ways to peacock. Recently, the Warren Beatty/Charles Manson/Jesus hybrid worked for me. I knew the kid for five years, but never found him physically attractive at all until he looked like the Antichrist.

    (Every Christian raised woman wants to shag Jesus. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I hear the Sisterhood assassins coming to get me.)


  106. Ive taken ballroom for three years now; Im a slow learner but have improved over the years. You have to be extremely good to meet a hot-looking and good female dancer that already knows ballroom. But what REALLY works is teaching moves to attractive beginners–If you can teach the basic steps for the woman’s part it looks very alpha.

    The night I did that with a girl I starting to date, she became my present LTR gf.

    No regrets about paying for lessons—well worth it.


  107. on September 9, 2010 at 10:32 pm gunslingergregi

    ”””’For better or worse, protectionism will be the dominant political paradigm of the coming two decades.”””’

    Sounds good if it was the case.

    I don’t see it I see world war iiii in the next two decades and moot point about everything.


  108. on September 9, 2010 at 10:34 pm gunslingergregi

    We are in world war iii sanitized for your protection.

    The whole world almost vs iraq afganistan.


  109. Good grief! Didn’t any of you ever see Saturday Night Fever???!!!!!!


  110. I’m by no means a great dancer but a substantial amount of my same night pulls are helped by grinding. Not a great dancer per se, but I make sure to lead, dominate, and escalate.

    These are, however, with freshmen-sophomore college girls (I’m in college). Even juniors and senior girls are very averse to getting grinded on (anti-slut defense). I couldn’t imagine trying to persuade a late-twenties or early-thirties harpy to get on the dance floor.


  111. Tango has the elements of attraction:

    1) it’s male-lead, so if the guy can lead, he is the “leader of men”

    2) it requires a strong but supple embrace and in the lead, requires the man to navigate through the dance floor, so the “protector of women and children” criteria fits

    3) pre-selection helps. If you can be seen doing it properly or at least better than some beginner, women will accept dances with you or more importantly want to dance with you.

    In Buenos Aires, this was obvious. The guys who were fat, and looked like they couldn’t make it up a flight of stairs were often with hot babes only because they could fulfill the aforementioned criteria: they could lead, they could protect their partners from being bumped and they had other chicks lining up to dance with them.

    A good knowledge of game if vital to moving things forward. You’ll note that if you can pull off the criteria for the first dance, the chick will begin giving major IOI’s: staring at you, giggling at everything you say, often sighing at the emotion of having been moved in a musical way.


  112. Dancing? Really?

    Why not just sit with her at the bar, drink your vodka tonic and gossip about reality tv….geez…


  113. Damn, that video namae posted made me a little squeamish. Absolutely hypnotic.

    I wouldn’t mind getting her number — and calling her in about 8 years.

    (PA: snake vs. bunny)


  114. Seriously, have you ever wondered why dancing is traditional at weddings? Instead of paintball or shooting hoops?


  115. Gun,

    I see world war iiii in the next two decades and moot point about everything.

    How about within this decade? Mid-2010s.

    The stratification of nations sort of parallels the stratification within human society.

    “Nobody likes us”, was heard from the libs. Well, nobody still does, after groveling and mea culping everyone ad nauseum. Now they are stating to think US is pansies.

    Once US has been betaized by neo-comms and removed from the role of a world policeman entirely, who is to keep the other nations in check?

    Mayhem ensues.


  116. @gunslingergregi

    “We are in world war iii sanitized for your protection.

    The whole world almost vs iraq afganistan.”


    Have to disagree, WW 3 ended when the Soviet Union had it’s going out of business sale. They lost. Still not sure who won …

    This going on now is a proxy war like Viet Nam but who we’re really fighting is murkier …


  117. ‘Sure did enjoy the Soviet Union’s going out of business sale, you should see all the cool crap I got for almost nuthin’.


  118. sam mother-fucking rockwell.


  119. old guy, not so sure about SU losing. The old guard (granted, the younger members) of the KGB turned their coats from red to tri-color, and embraced a pseudo-capitalism as they thought they can milk more from it than the dysfunctional command economy, but they still have the same spots.

    Poooty wants his 3rd term and who is to say no and accept a polonium flavored tea?


  120. I dance salsa, tango, rumba, waltz et cetera and I swim in the pussy.

    I pity every man who will not dance. I pity the sorry man who is not intrested in dancing, is afraid of it or avoids dancing by prejudice that it is unmanly.

    There is no thing manlier than leading a women in dance. Women crave it. That is the ultimate foreplay. Salsa is sex with clothes(or almost no clothes).

    I pity dancing haters and unbelivers as much as game haters and unbelievers.

    Game has ascended me one level above average human being. Dancing has done the same. Thus I stand two levels above average human being or you could say this way my DMV was increased by two points minimum. I would dare to say more than two points since game and dancing synergise each other and add new heights to each other.

    I have no car. Via dancing+game I have stolen chics with DMV from 7 to 9 from guys taller than me and owning sports cars. What is cheaper? A car or dancing classes?

    All my woman’s girlfriends are jealous of her because she has a man(me) who can dance! I dance and flirt with all of them while their boyfriends watch. I wonder do they have cuckold fantasies? I could fuck most of them easily, I just do not because my GF is already the hottest of them all.

    My only concern is that there are so few places left nowdays where you can dance pair dances. If you know these dances you understand that the common club dancing is shit. But maybe that is good. That makes them more unique.

    I believe back in day of chivalry and arranged marriage when dating was regulated by society, parents and various rules, dancing was the only form of game allowed and maybe even only game needed.


  121. Ballroom dancing (Tango, Rumba, etc.) is not much good in a general club setting when the women in the club dont know how to do these dances. What really works, however, is bringing an attractive woman to the club who knows ballroom and doing ballroom dances to modern beats. You can do ballroom to just about any kind of beat, even hip-hop. Even if you are not that good at ballroom, you really stand out and look good to everybody else. Its excellent social proof.

    One summer I went out and did ballroom with an older 8 who is a much better dancer than I am. We got tons of compliments from everybody…lots of women in the club were watching. Again, Im not that great of a dancer by Ballroom standards, which can be quite high.

    If you want a structured way to improve your SMV learning how to dance is a great way to go.


  122. I can attest to good dancing being a good thing. I’m 38 and white as can be, met a chick at a bar who was 24. Things were going ok until we got to the dance floor. I’ll save the pain for you and cut to the chase. I got swooped on the dance floor by a *very* good dancing black guy. Ouch, heh.


  123. Just watched that “good” vs “bad” dancing videos. The “bad” dancing is what many beginners might look like when they are just trying beginning ballroom dancing lessons. As a beginner, you are thinking where to place your feet on the floor to the appropriate timing. When you are focusing attention on foot work then you are probably not loosening up with your body, and not using appropriate (sexy to women) arm and hand placement. If you keep practicing ballroom, however, you will soon get proper footwork done subconciously and, when this happens, be able to loosen up your body and do good arm and hand placement, then start looking more like the “good” dancer.

    It does not matter if you are a slow learner or a fast one. Its all about practicing enough and you will eventually approach the “good” dancer. Some men can be “good” with one months worth of lessons, others take a couple years. But just about any man can do it.

    Also, I was thinking about this; with me, I enjoy the mechanical aspects of dancing and the leading but I am not sexually turned on by having a woman dance with me (although I can get a little stiff watching a hot girl in high heels dance from afar). Women are different: if you are really a good, smooth lead, they do get the gina tingle, although few women would probably admit to this.

    Once you know how to exploit the ways to a woman’s gina tingles you are in.


  124. The video shows solo dancing. While it signals something to the female. This is not comparable to pair dancing, where man leads woman. This tells woman much more.

    I do not waste my time with solo dancing, that is just a waste of time.

    Nowadays, clubs where people generally dance solo are more common than venues where pair dances take place. But if you are looking for a decent LTR and not just some ONS than you should try to seeksuch places as women there are more traditional and all overall a class above.

    It generally tells much good about a women if she preferes classical rythms of waltz than the modern popular club music that is quite a trash to be honest.


  125. Here’s one om favorite dancing videos (from 0:00 to 1:50):


  126. @dazole – its true. black guys really are the best to dance with.


  127. Lot of comments so I skimmed, but I didn’t notice anyone discuss the findings or videos.

    I’ll have a crack at it.

    *Alpha body language*

    At first glance, the ‘bad dancer’ might be thought to have more ‘alpha’ body language…he’s keeping to a stereotypical ‘manly’ posture which makes him look like he has broad shoulders and making small movements, attempting to look cool.

    The ‘good’ dancer is more fluid, and looks more feminine to western eyes in some ways…he is swaying at the hips a little as he moves. This may subtly convey sexuality as well.

    However, the ‘good dancer’ is more alpha. Some of the bad dancer’s moves may be more masculine under certain circumstances, but girls spot a mile off if a guy is stilted and trying to look manly.

    This relates to a post I think Roissy made a while ago, the uncomfortable guys in a club will stand in a ‘grounded’ manly pose, whereas the comfortable guys will stand with legs at different angles and shoulders moving and relaxed.

    I can’t find it, so post it if you can, but this post is similar:


    Basically dancing is dancing with it’s own body mechanics and if you’re relaxed and into it, what you might think of as a manly posture doesn’t apply. Have a look at videos of tribesmen dancing..they sometimes have the same fluid movements of the torso and hips, and loose relaxed quality.

    *Variability of movements of the neck and trunk*
    *Amplitude of movements of the neck and trunk*

    As discussed the good dancer, moves his torso around from the hip. He also moves his neck a lot, tilting it to either side, and occasionally sliding it forward. This also may seem feminine, but shows a great deal of relaxation – it’s pretty impossible to do this if you’re tense and nervous.

    He also takes up space with his torso, arms and body as he moves around. This is alpha peacocking, he’s not afraid show off and not bothered about who’s around him.

    *Speed of movements of the right knee*

    I think this is something of a red herring. I can’t observe any particular difference in the good dancers left and right knees and how they move.

    I think this might have come into the results because the bad dancer steps with his left knee and then slowly moves the other leg, so when comparing them the good dancer’s right knee seems faster. Possibly the other subjects were broadly similar. No need to think about your knee speed if you’re dancing well!

    *Other factors*

    Fluid relaxed movements show off lack of physical defects and an ability to cope with the life of a hunter gatherer much better than being stiff and trying to look big.

    The ever changing movements of the good dancer show coordination, and also possibly show off creativity and intelligence.

    Being able to let go and get into the music both shows that you’re not scared of other male threats, and shows that you’re a part of the communal music/dance that is going on…social belonging.

    *Take home messages*

    I don’t think there’s much to be gained by overanalysing the good dancers specific moves…I don’t think there’s one magic amplitude of movement and speed of knee that’s going to be attractive, and his feel is more important than specific moves.

    I would just take the general principles I’ve discussed and make them your own.

    The good dancer is moving about creatively, but looks ‘cool’ and relaxed, not shocking out like an epileptic.

    Move your arms in different positions, don’t be scared to take up space, try and get the fluid movements of the torso and hip, and subtly project sexuality without using crude masculine movements.


  128. I’ve always enjoyed dancing and am a good dancer. Back in the day I danced a lot at Limelight and Webster Hall in NYC.

    I almost always wore my signature dance outfit, which was black trousers, tight at the waist and loose around the crotch, a white silk shirt, a skinny black leather tie, and my pièce de résistance was what one girlfriend called my “Liberace Jacket”, which was a black, boxy jacket, with silver thread paisley designs all over it.

    I danced like some of these guys:

    And as for “Right Knee flexing” movement, something like the leftmost guitarist, in this – 2:50 onwards:

    I always got a lot of attention, and comments like:
    “Where did you learn to dance”
    “I’ve never seen a White guy dance like that”

    Black women would stop dancing to watch me…


  129. In terms of dancing today, I like to dance to Reggaeton, as the beat is awesome!

    BTW, here’s a good Reggaeton dancer – maybe how Pupu dances in her off time 😉


  130. Chateau,

    Why did you pick a photo from the movie “Eyes Wide Shut” for this post?


  131. Bugger that. Yeah, I just let my groins become my brains and the rest just happens but do you want to make a woman really go gah-gah over you? Damn, sing to her. Spontaneously. Single her out in the mob, tell the band leader you just have to dedicate this song to that (point her out) chickie over there, open your gob and let it all out. I did it to a married chick (former Miss South Africa finalist if you don’t mind) I was scening it up with earlier this year not too long ago and well you go figure the rest.

    Sorry for going off topic.


  132. on September 10, 2010 at 4:23 pm Prophet Jeremiah your Daddy


  133. Speaking of dancing in Soul Train Lines….


  134. @Morsellaux

    I’m quite sure. I’ve got the Soviet swag to prove it, also go to the big American cities, we got their chicks.

    Sure, they have now embraced a modified watered down Dengism, so has the White House, this too shall pass.


  135. Ubermind and the guy after him spoke the truth Ruth. Everyone stop reading and backtrack and read again. And again those two posts are the meat and taters of this silly thread. bleh. So few posts on this thread. No wonder.


  136. on September 10, 2010 at 10:24 pm gunslingergregi

    Ballroom dancing (Tango, Rumba, etc.) is not much good in a general club setting when the women in the club dont know how to do these dances. What really works, however, is bringing an attractive woman to the club who knows ballroom and doing ballroom dances to modern beats. You can do ballroom to just about any kind of beat, even hip-hop. Even if you are not that good at ballroom, you really stand out and look good to everybody else. Its excellent social proof.

    One summer I went out and did ballroom with an older 8 who is a much better dancer than I am. We got tons of compliments from everybody…lots of women in the club were watching. Again, Im not that great of a dancer by Ballroom standards, which can be quite high.

    If you want a structured way to improve your SMV learning how to dance is a great way to go.

    Here is the truth nugget. When I spin my woman around in a techno club yea she is happy and gets to feel diferent.

    When I pound her down and other woman see it she is happy and center of attention.

    When other woman come up in a line to say hello she is happy to have someone who can dance.


  137. Sorry Dream, but as much as I love the Black man, Turkish guys are the best to dance with.

    They’re actually dancing with you, and not at you, and still have the sexy moves.


  138. Important comment here:

    I went to the bars last night for my friend’s 22nd birthday and decided to test the instructions here.

    Normally I am physically awkward and feel uncomfortable dancing. However, after a few minutes of moving my right knee a lot, I could sense myself dancing much better than I normally do. This made me more comfortable, so I decided to start doing some chest and head movements to the beat. At first this was extremely uncomfortable, and I had to force myself to keep going. After a few minutes, I started to feel more comfortable and began even more dramatic right knee movements. This was when the ladies started dancing with me and my ego soared. Later on I saw myself in a wall mirror and noticed that my dancing looked great. This gave me even more confidence and pretty soon I was dancing better than any other guy in the bar and was actually enjoying dancing for the first time in my life.

    My advice to the PUAs is this:

    If you’re uncomfortable dancing, start with right knee movements because it feels less awkward than chest or head movements. For some reason, moving the right leg is less of a hurdle than moving your upper body, perhaps because it is smaller.

    Because body language is both an effect and a cause of your mentality, you will actually start to feel more comfortable as you dance like an alpha. As your confidence increases from the knee movement, you can start doing the chest and head movements to the beat. This will be uncomfortable at first, but keep at it. Pretty soon you will feel like an alpha because you are dancing like an alpha. The women will notice this which will boost your ego and make you feel even better. Finally, you can notice the dancing of some other guys. The chances are that they are making very small chest movements because they don’t feel comfortable. The fact that your dancing is better than their’s will make you feel even better.


  139. […] – “Brits Voted Ugliest Women in the World“, “Dancing as a Demonstration of High Value“, “Tough Times are a Bounty for Betas“, “No-Call […]


  140. Advice question. How do you handle that rationalization chicks give the day after you bang them the first time when they say something like: “I was really drunk last night sorry if I was a little out of control”.. or some such rationalization?


  141. Chainring

    Thinking back to high school and college, the best dancers got a lot more sex than the best engineering, physics and comp sci majors.

    Once again, what women reward (with free passes to their vaginas) and what society needs are completely different.

    Society does not need more technology and engineering. It needs less.

    You think you are making a big picture statement about social benefits, but you’re thinking is narrow, and misses the risks and downsides of solving problems with tech solutions.

    You have to be smart to invent a gun. Any stupid idiot can buy one. The same goes for all technology. So smart people fuck things up.


  142. Technology is only a net positive in Utopia. Anywhere else, and we’re better off killing the scientists.


  143. “Technology is only a net positive in Utopia. Anywhere else, and we’re better off killing the scientists.”

    Science and technology are what allow humans to live more comfortable lives that are less stress and pain-free you moron.

    Go ahead–you die of cancer without oxycontin or other powerful anaglesics, that science created.


  144. NMH, in my enthusiasm to make a point through the use of overblown polemic, I may have overshot the mark and blown away all chance at making my point.

    Either that, or you are blinded by the good of technology.

    My point was that technology has incredibly huge downsides, that threaten our very existence.

    Which is better, another 100,000 years of living as hunter gatherers, or going out in a technological blaze?

    Notice again that technology is only neutral or a NET positive in Utopia. In the real world, this world, it is a NET negative.

    Of course I use medicine.


  145. xsplat,

    In the real world, this world, it is a NET negative.

    Please, don’t be shy to support your assertion with specifics!


  146. walawala

    Advice question. How do you handle that rationalization chicks give the day after you bang them the first time when they say something like: “I was really drunk last night sorry if I was a little out of control”.. or some such rationalization?

    They say: “I am not really such a slut.”

    Response (if you do want to bang her more): “You were actually quite charming.”

    Then use some impromptu negs (nothing nuclear), so she does not get too comfy with herself.


  147. Salsa (Bachata Merengue Chacha) are gold.

    To all guys who want to improve their SMV: Get the fuck out there and dance, dammit.

    Learn the moves. Take dance classes. Just do it.

    Latin dancing, once you get reasonably good, is the shortest, cheapest and easiest route to sex and dating interesting women.

    No exaggeration.


  148. Morselleaux, if you are ignorant of the existential threats that technology has gifted us, then you remain willfully ignorant, and nothing I can say will persuade you.

    You also believe in the afterlife.


  149. I don’t have conversations about mortal threats with people who refuse to believe in death.



  150. Morse, I’m sure you consider the phrase “so far so good” as predictive.


  151. xsplat,

    No denial that there are inherent risks with technology. I suppose that was clear when an ancient precursor started using fire and burned his hand occasionally, or his hut caught fire and burned to the ground, sometimes with people in it.

    However, going back to hunting-gathering or buccolic pastoralia and the brutal short life span is not a solution.
    I remember my grandpa using a horse drawn plough. After he got together with other people and they bought a tractor, he could finally start to fix his house.

    He also bought TV later on, but he never had time to watch it. It was up to us, grandkids, but we preferred to roam outside until exhaustion, playing an equivalent of indians and cowboys.

    I know… the threat of grey goo, a swarm of nanobots disassembling anything whether inorganic or alive–you are losing a sleep over it.

    Though I think that the technology sometimes is far ahead of our maturity to use it wisely, I think we do have a capacity to adjust and manage it and mitigate negative aspects.

    I guess it is time for you to power off your computer now for good, dust off an old loom and produce some cloth for the next season wear. It is still a tech, but maybe not as threatening to your sensibilities.

    We don’t have much choice. The way of technology is the only way… one day for a part of us to leave this piece of rock and spread our seed throughout the stars. Because if we don’t, our goose is cooked. We swim in asteroids soup. For real. And it is not if but when we get hit.

    White: discoveries
    Green: “Safe” orbits
    Yellow: Nearbys
    Red: Crossing orbits

    Regarding afterlife. Believe what you will. When you die, you’ll have the opportunity to get to the skinny of it (or not–as you presently think). I do not adhere to any religious systems. I simply base my conviction on my own experience. I had several NDEs, and in one I was clinically gone for 7 minutes (12 minutes total–7 minutes of EEG flatline). But I was not “gone”, I was functioning in another layer of physical reality, governed by different laws. Our concept for what represents physics is very limited. Due to our makeup–a functioning vehicle through 3-d space, we are not capable of transcending the constriction of it during our mode of being that we call “life”. Except in rare borderline circumstances.


  152. Morse, I don’t lose any sleep over impermanence.

    Time dilation happens in several flavors, one of which is the NDE.

    I was not remarking on your belief system so much as your bias. You like the idea of safety so much it informs your belief of reality.


  153. By the way, some people recount not only their real lived lives, but “past” lives. Some have experiences of expanding in size infinitely and seeing the cosmos.

    Read up a bit on time dilation. The brain can fire up all at once, and miraculously pieces the information together temporally.

    A lifetime in a moment happens. It’s a brain event.


  154. You are not safe Morse.

    So far so good is not predictive.

    You will die. For real.


  155. xsplat, yea, I will die at some point, but though it is a form of an end, it is a doorway to another form of beginning.

    Did you have an NDE (you seem to be an expert)?


    When I flatlined (0 EEG), I got close to ceiling and watched the whole thing from above. I looked towards the EEG monitor and thought “yep, I am dead.” I heard the communication between 2 doctors and a couple of nurses and later could recall it not only word for word, but also in the context of their actions and spatial positions. One doc, a tall 6’3″ man, had a budding tonsure and in it there was a birthmark that I couldn’t possibly see any other way. My body got disconnected from a respirator after about 2 minutes after flatline start and the nurse was about to disconnect EEG connections, when they all were called to another emergency, I followed to the next room and saw a man with a badly cut hand by a belt saw (the cut was narrow, not like a circular saw cut, I thought).

    I got bored and immediately I went through some sort of rip in a spacetime that for the lack of the better word could be described as a tunnel. What followed is kind of private, but yes, the time acquired a different quality and I experienced an equivalent of a couple of hours in that state.

    I was told–or better say I understood–that it is not my time and I have to go back. Emotionally, I did not want to, but I understood it is an imperative. Passed back through another rip in spacetime, much faster, like a drop from a plane towards a massive body with an extreme gravitational gradient. Found myself in my body, with all the shitload of pain hitting me at once. Heard the EEG beep.

    One of the docs and a nurse ran back to the room I was in and I opened my eyes, cringing in pain. The doc said “We thought we’ve lost you. You shouldn’t be alive… You are one lucky fellow, you know?” I replied: “I am not so sure about being lucky.”

    Later I were talking to this doc describing my experience, in a minute detail.

    He was quiet for a while. Then he said: “You know, I am an atheist. But I have to admit that I may have to adjust my notions about what is the nature of reality.”