Reader Mailbag: Say My Name Game

A reader promised to donate if his game-related question was answered. That’s one way to perk the overlord’s ears.

I’ve returned with another question.  If you answer it, I’ll donate $50 to your site.

Partly perked.

My preferred game is day game.  While day-game master Krausser seems to hit up touristy/shopping areas for his work, I live in a city with a large college campus and use that.  There are ample young hot women here, but I feel it’s a difficult to get the same-day dates/f-closes because I’m hitting on many of them between classes.

Therefore, I can accumulate tons of numbers during the day and often leave the girls with a warm feeling because of my charisma and bold charm.

Before the coolstorybro.txt crowd chimes in, remember that chicks dig overconfident men. So let’s at least give this guy points for lying with good intentions.

And while I can escalate some of these numbers to dates via text, there’s one test I’ve had difficulty surpassing: girls who demand my last name before going out.  I understand that girls are programmed to try to disqualify men, and I see this is an attempt to do so by using my full name to stalk me on the internet for disqualification material.  Unfortunately, a simple search of my name will bring up that I worked for a company that many women may view as a disqualifier.

RSD? RNC? Brothel? Center for Immigration Studies? PornTube? Animal testing lab? Men’s Rights Advocacy Group? Rockstar Games? The Church?

The tactics I’ve used previously are telling them I’ll give it to them when I see them on the date, which I’ve noticed sounds sketchy in their minds, and calling them out as being “creepy stalkers.”

It’s not so much that it sounds creepy, but that it sounds like a lame ruse to get the girl to go out on a date. Although it does sound creepy, too. But then not any creepier than it sounds to ask a man she just met for his last name.

Your feedback would be appreciated.  Posted below is a recent example of such an interaction with a girl who demonstrated interest, but I couldn’t hit because of the last name game.

Her: “What’s your last name?”

Me: “Trying to stalk me”

This tactic is well and good, and can serve in a pinch, but nowadays chicks are so freaking socially awkward and guarded that implicit disqualifications don’t even cut the mustard. By socially awkward, I mean it’s just downright weird and borderline aggressive to ask a guy his last name before the sound waves from the “hello” have dissipated. She may as well ask for his college transcript while she’s at it.

A better reply would pursue that theme of her social awkwardness:

Her: “What’s your last name?”

You: “You were raised in a barn, weren’t you?”

Tingles are birthed in the defensive crouch, so you should have replies at the ready which force her to account for her weird behavior. If you’re wondering why calling a girl a stalker isn’t as effective a counter-measure as taking a dump on her social graces, know that in the state of nature men are more prone to the destructive kind of stalker behavior than are women. Therefore, hitting that “casual stalker” angle against a hard-nosed bitch won’t rattle her as much as docking her points for speaking like a low class Walmartian. You’ve got to find your foe’s thermal exhaust port if you want to leave an impression that lasts.

Her: “Just answer my question ;)”

You didn’t say if this was a text-based or a face-to-face convo? No matter, the vibe is the same: cunty. You really should take the gloves off when you’re dealing with a woman who asks direct, probing questions in an aggressive male-like manner. Women with this bad habit act like this because they’ve been burned by cad lovers and are therefore emotional basketcases and likely candidates to have cluster B personality disorder, or they have manjaws that can carve ice statues and clits that can double as laparoscopes. Luckily, most chicks aren’t like this. Was she a lawyer, by any chance?

Me: “I’ll tell you tomorrow when I see you ;)”

I get what you’re doing here, but the Assume The Sale redirect won’t work on a bitch in full bitch mode. You’re gonna have to go mano-a-womano. She doesn’t sound flirty, she sounds combative.  Being flirty in response won’t defuse an aggro combatgrrl. You need to fire a bunker buster at her hardened perimeter defense.

Her: “Sorry that’s not happening. You randomly walk up to me but won’t tell me who you are.  I don’t play that way”

Giveaway. She’s played that way; that’s why she feels a pressing need to tell some random guy she just met that she doesn’t play that way. She definitely has a past littered with the detritus of assholes who burned her good and hot. You’re just getting caught in her delayed return fire.

Me: “That’s cool.  I like human interaction.  Not looking for more internet stalkers”

You bowed out here. It was a respectable bow-out that certainly did no harm to your dignity. There was an opportunity to keep this thing going, but it would have required a bolder move. Suggestion:

You: [lie] “My name is von Robespierre. Now… say my name.”

The bitch comes off like a M1 tankskank. A load of double buckshot asshole game to her face is just the systems crash she needs.

Her: “I’m about to go out with you.  Do you even go here?”

This blurb of hers seems out of place in the context of the conversation you have posted so far. Is it a typo?

More internet stalkers?  I’m sorry but I’m a girl and I have to be careful. I like human interaction too but it’s only fair I know more about a random person. I need to know I’m not about to be stalked by some complete stranger who won’t tell me anything about himself”

She won’t flirt, she talks like a corporate mission statement, she’s got a single-minded focus on a (for now) unimportant personal detail about you, and she co-opted your stalker accusation and used it against you. Conclusion: No Fun Girl With Issues. Abort Mission.

(Alternate conclusion: You’re trolling the CH readership. In which case you get points for leading us on until the end of the post. Cocktease!)

I’m surprised you hung in this long. She must be eminently boffable, that is, until she opens her mouth. If she’s still an option, try the suggestions above. Better yet, don’t reply at all. Leave her huffing hamster fumes, wondering why you won’t come out and play her idiotic game of cuntupsmanship.

On a less glib note, you might want to work on your attraction game. If girls are routinely responding to you in this interrogative fashion within seconds of approaching them, you’re probably acting weirdly and pinging their shady character radar. A mysterious charming cad identity is great until you overdo it and set off alarm bells. This is why low energy, aloof alpha game is sometimes less effective in the beginning stage of a pickup with a random girl; that low energy is more apt to be misconstrued by a girl who has never met you as the deliberate affect of someone who doesn’t have much to say otherwise, (or who has to stay silent because he’s a subpar conversationalist).

Day game and street game are especially sensitive to the downsides of mysterious cool cat posturing, because a cold daytime approach 1. is inherently more discombobulating to women than would be nighttime approaches in expected places, like bars, and 2. requires greater verbal investment to capture and hold the woman’s attention. You aren’t sitting on a couch in a hip lounge, beckoning tipsy girls with your curled finger; you’re walking up to them on the street sober as a reformed minister and taking them out of their mindless daily rhythms. The dark, brooding stranger with a mysterious past act isn’t going to fly in that environment. It’s plausible that a condition of this sort of approach is that you be ready for probing questions from girls wondering who you are and why you’re bold enough to hit on them in the broad daylight when every other man has their eyeballs glued to an iPhone.


  1. At some point in any day time approach, a guy has to be aware of two numbers: (1) how much time he’s wasted investing in a consummate shit tester and (2) how many other women are nearby who might not be such drones.

    He definitely bowed out, but he did it too verbally. A cocky smile, a raised eyebrow, a turn of the back and off you go. Always leave them wondering.


    • > ““My name is von Robespierre. Now… say my name.””

      Alternatively: “Da Sod, Marky Da Sod“.


      • “Marky-Mark da Sod”.

        Or “Marky-Mark dass Odd”.

        Might just become my new moniker around here.


    • Beyond just simply wasting his own time, the OP has some major structural problems with his method.

      I have some experience with college campus day game — and based on the shit being thrown in OP’s direction by the girl, he needs some restructuring.

      He should:
      (1) consider gaming on a different campus with more easygoing women,
      (2) say he’s checking out the MBA program,
      (3) focus on girls near the lunch lines and tables, and
      (4) give his mother’s maiden name / his middle name for last name.

      Major problem: venue

      1) Based on the story and the content of the girl’s responses, OP is apparently running game at a top 50 university and is gaming girls who give off an aura of being too exacting and persnickety.

      At that sort of competitive campus, he’s not likely to find a girl who just wants to go with the flow and have fun. During the initial pickup, he probably noticed the girl asking lots of questions, and being very logical-minded.

      I don’t think the girl is intending to be “cunty” per se, but has had too many years of ‘stranger danger’ lessons ingrained into her. She’s the type of girl who tells her BFF and her mom the name of every guy she goes out with, and the location for the date.

      If he chose the campus for the sense of victory under tough circumstances, then OK.

      Otherwise, he should think about relocating to a local community college or third-tier state school. The girls there are much more relaxed, have more time to drink/date/fuck, and are less suspicious (since most druggie losers could get admitted, so no reason to doubt your purpose for being on-campus).

      Medium problem: backstory

      2) OP is either lying and telling girl he’s a student at the college, or is allowing her to believe it. (notice her later question: “Do you even go here?”).

      OP should instead give a partial truth when he’s talking to the girl: “I’m looking to get my MBA here. I’m visiting the campus and going to talk to some of the deans and counselors.”

      This backstory will raise his value in the girl’s eye (‘Oh, he’s going to get his MBA and make a lot of money’ [as if]). It also builds comfort, because it provides an instant story that allows her to fill in the details in her mind.

      And there’s no proof/documentation, because he’s just *considering* applying. All he has to know is the name of the B-school, and maybe the dean of the school.

      Also, many undergrad girls love dating graduate student guys. It gives them a chance to brag to their friends about how ‘mature’ their dating life is. Especially girls who are juniors and seniors like saying how tired they are of college guys.

      The backstory also gives him an excuse to indirect approach. Walk next to a girl who is headed in the same direction as you:

      – “Hey, do you know where Building X is?”
      – She points in the same direction you’re both walking.
      – Continue the conversation during the walk. Fill in backstory.
      – Ramble and drop bait, just like in Roosh V.’s Day Bang.
      – Wait for her to bite on bait. Move to GALNUC. End with: “You seem cool, we should hang out and get a drink.”

      Medium problem: timing / picking his spot

      Many times, even better than finding a girl walking around campus is finding one who’s sitting.

      Good places to find girls:

      * near the snack shop/student store, find a girl waiting by herself, reading a textbook. Grab an adjacent table. Eventually, open with question/observation about campus.

      * in line waiting for lunch, at one of the mini-restaurants in the student union. Usually, around lunchtime, the lines are 10 minutes long. Wait for a hot girl by herself, get into line after her. Use the same pattern: (1) Question/observation about long lunch lines, (2) drop bait about your undergrad school, (3) wait for her questions, (4) GALNUC, (5) invite her to join you to eat.

      * bench near campus building, about 10 minutes before the hour, with girls reading through textbook or checking phones. Again, open with question/observation, then move into the rest of the pattern.

      * college library, in the ‘talking’ / group discussion section. Choose a seat that’s across from her. After a few minutes, open with question/observation, etc. etc.

      Minor problem: identity / last name

      3) When the girl demands the last name and it’s a problem, do not give it BUT do not totally lie. The girl will eventually probably find an excuse to grab his ID when he shows it to the bouncer.

      Instead, use his mother’s family/maiden name or his middle name if it sounds like a last name. That way, if she ever sees his ID, he has an easy and truthful explanation that he uses his mother’s family name for non-government purposes, or that his middle name is less confusing, so he uses that.

      (If questioned: Just like the Kennedy’s — they used Fitzgerald a lot, so see, it’s an upper-crust thing, etc.)

      So, when she asked “What’s your last name?”. He could have said “[Smith]. Stalk away.”

      p.s. For a less-indirect and more-direct way, see Ya Really’s answer on direct game far down this thread. It starts with “OP is playing mysterious stranger game”


  2. Need more info. Why is the Google result a disqualifier? Unless your picture shows up can’t you just say that’s a different “John Smith”. Can’t imagine what company is so bad that “many women view as a disqualifier”


    • There is no trick that completely neutralizes what a man does all day to make him better in the eyes of women. If you’re embarrassed about your vocation, you have bigger problems than how to conceal your last name from floozy dipshits in the age of Google.

      Try building a foundation and a tower before you obsess about the refined inlay on the capstone. This is the long-term consequence of ass-backwardville infomercial guarantees of “5’0″ homeless retard with halitosis? DOESN’T MATTER! HB10 or your money back!”

      PUA blowhards have planted the idea that bubble-teams can skip all the intermediary rounds into the finals. Nobody but nobody gets a bye to the championship game, especially those self-proclaimed “players” who, at their “day job,” barely qualify for the tournament.


      [CH: serious question. if you despise game so much and think it’s a load of horse puckey, why do you read here? is it the evangelist spirit that moves you? the desire to know thine enemy? or does a small part of you fear that the one true god is biomechanical, and by lashing out you hope to quell that gnawing fear and deprive it of its siren song?]


      • Come off it, touchy.

        [CH: i wrote three sentences. you wrote… one hundred in reply. now who’s really the touchy one here?]

        Every criticism of you and your excesses is not a wholesale rejection of game per se. Bafflement is the usual direction of critics with no other way to understand the possibility of disagreement. I get that a lot.

        And I already addressed the “small part of you fear[s]” nihilism idea. It’s not a small part, it is upwards of 90% — well known enough to be the mark of a popular saint, St. John of the Cross and his “dark night of the soul.” Further, it is not “fear,” it is an acknowledgment of the unknowable. You, like a typical spiritually-slothful ignoramus (which surprises me in your case) presume that we must unite our will with fear rather than faith, which creates despair. This is a function of making a primary assumption undergirding your entire foundation of inquiry without a molecule of evidence: that the truth is an existential horror that makes a man flinch from and reject it.

        That is our difference, and I thought you had the mind to grasp the strategy and reject it honestly. Now you reveal yourself to be yet one more online atheist know-it-all who guesses at a man’s motivations rather than observes how a man acts and intelligently absorbs what a man says.

        And what I said in this instance was: game is not a magic “red” pill that washes away all traces of loserism without doing the hard work of improvement generally, in front of women and otherwise.


        [game is a self-improvement, attractiveness-boosting project just like any other status-raising endeavor a man might pursue. and, like any other endeavor, it has its limits. but those limits aren’t a basis for arguing that game alone won’t help absent the removal of all traces of conventionally or biblically defined loserism.]


      • “one more online atheist know-it-all who guesses at a man’s motivations rather than observes how a man acts and intelligently absorbs what a man says”

        I’m not sure which is more annoying: an online atheist wannabe Richard Dawkins know-it-all, or an online Catholic wannabe Thomas Aquinas know-it-all.


      • Matt takes his “acknowledgement of the unknowable” and exalts it into a priniciple by which a person should live his life. Ignorance, in Matt’s case, is a warm cloak that he pulls around him to keep out the cold.

        The rest of us, however, struggle to know the “unknowable.” And as often as not we succeed. Not without cost; after all, it was Matt’s church — and people exactly like Matt himself — who burned Giordano Bruno to death. But then again anything worth having requires struggle.

        Leave our dimwitted Jesuit to his fantasies, presumption, and arrogance. (And we can leave him Feministx of course; after all, Matt declaimed — in one of the most nauseatingly beta-ish posts ever — that he “loved” her. Good. The two deserve each other). The rest of us can acknowledge, discuss, and distill those Truths Matt finds so infuriating.

        Fuck you, Matt.


      • on October 23, 2013 at 1:33 am The Spirit Within


        Girl: Hi.
        MK: (tortured silence, head in hands)
        Girl: Are you okay?
        MK: I jerk off to portraits of Xavier Loyola. I’ve been doing it since I was fourteen. Sometimes I imagine that he’s right here, with us, in this terrible time when the sea of faith has receded and terrible armies clash by night. But you probably don’t get that reference. That was Matthew Arnold. No, not the guy who was married to Roseanne, holy fucking Christ, you’re dumb as a bag of crucifixes. Okay, listen: cogito ergo sum. Do you understand? DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME.
        Girl: (exits)
        MK orders another latte. Opens laptop. Begins ranting on CH.


      • Calm down. Who is Giordano Bruno, and what is his story? I could google, but I’d rather hear you tell it.


      • Calm down. Who is Giordano Bruno, and what is his story? I could google, but I’d rather hear you tell it.

        He was some kind of weird-ass kook like a Scientologist or a Mormon, but he’s routinely held up as some kind of martyr done in by the big bad Catholics.


      • Oh. Thanks, corvinus 🙂


      • _I_ am the most annoying. I am the Subway Masturbator spray-it-all.
        These are mere pretenders.


      • ? is it the evangelist spirit that moves you? the desire to know thine enemy? or does a small part of you fear that the one true god is biomechanical, and by lashing out you hope to quell that gnawing fear and deprive it of its siren song?]

        Heartiste I know this question is not for me… but please could I answer if you don’t mind… I’m a Christian too. Maybe I could give some insight into why Christians comment here.
        It is not the Evangelist spirit here of course.. I post comments here for quite a few reasons.
        1- I don’t think it is better to be ignorant.. We must be in this world, but not of this world, If I don’t know about the unbelievers, but instead live in my own world and never venture out, how will I ever be able to relate to them if I one day have the opportunity to help one? Christians should not be stuck up and refuse to acknowledge anything other than their own ideals, we must also be realists if we ever want to be able to connect with others.
        2- I like many of the posts, I’m a keen learner and I’ve actually been able to take some valuable information about various topics.
        3- I am able to recognize game sometimes now, so if a man has bad intentions with me I will be more able to recognize that. (Thank you so much)
        4- I’m interested in people, and I like to be perceptive about them, people from all walks of life, and I am able to do that with many here, I’m fond of many of the commentors
        5- I must be honest and admit..I also like people to click my name and go to my blog(There are also women commentors here, if my words can touch even one woman I’m happy for this)
        6-It inspires me to be a better person and empathize with people coming from all kinds of backgrounds.


      • “(There are also women commentors here, if my words can touch even one woman I’m happy for this)”

        Innocence is a wonderful thing to maintain, but a burden for others to protect.


      • Embrace you’re charming, but as far as philosophy… don’t quit your day job.


      • Hahahaha… Okay, I won’t 😀


      • Subway Masturbator

        Embrace you’re charming, but as far as philosophy… don’t quit your day job.

        Give her a break. 90% of women have no philosophy at all; at least she is willing to take a position and stick to it.

        Besides, she is educating women on the benefits of going braless!

        *My name is thwack and I support this message*


      • on October 23, 2013 at 8:10 am Hugh G. Rection

        7. You love the attention.


      • I said I love people to click on my blog. doesn’t that imply I love the attention. I like communicating with people, I think everybody does.


      • I like communicating with people, I think everybody does.

        when you are already in prison, the next level of punishment is solitary confinement.


      • Embracing is an antacid for this site’s dyspepsia.

        The problem with reactionaries is that they are in a state of constant re-action, re-sponse, re-ply to assault, which leads to the temptation of bitterness and a permanent mask of defensiveness.

        Be a warrior, yes, but always be a happy warrior. Ulcers help nothing.



      • > “why do you read here?”

        I post here to try to get some of you [email protected] Peter-Pan-Syndrome Mother-F*ckers to start putting some buns in b*tches’ ovens so that the entirety of Western Civilization doesn’t completely disappear right into the abyss of extinction.

        [CH: well i do enjoy my trips to nether netherland.]


      • I agree with impregnateabitchnow.


      • on October 23, 2013 at 3:11 pm Hugh G. Rection

        How’s that going so far, Shane?


      • @CH — note that our resident dimwitted Jesuit never answered your question: why DOES he post here?

        Consider banning Matt and Lily. This site would be the better for it. Just sayin’…


      • respectfully disagree. the banhammer is not warranted in either instance.


      • +1, I’d vote for a GBFM ban over Matt any day of the week for the same reason which is scrolling 3 pages can be super fucking annoying. But I’d consider neither ban hammer worthy unless they started posting ” My sister made 3000 a week working from home!”


      • The on this site anger leveled against Matt seems way out of proportion? Im starting to suspect it might even be rooted in some kind of fear?

        The Christian position is very compelling when explain by someone who understands it. Is game so flaccid it cannot stand scrutiny?

        Is this not how truth is revealed?

        Whats so horrible about believing in a God?

        Ive always assumed others have also experienced the joy and beauty I have and came to the same conclusion?

        Something is responsible for it and it sure ain’t me, or any person? (Might be that psilocybin but you didn’t hear that from me)

        Look at it this way; this blog has a design and a purpose. That fact in and of itself is evidence of a purposeful designer; one greater and more complex than “its” blog.

        I hafta suspect that.

        Now, whats wrong with believing a greater and more complex “purposeful designer” created


        the whole universe and everything in it?

        Use your imagination. (if you still have one)


      • You are preaching to the proverbial choir. I am not some atheist nihilist. And like many people who have an interest in the scientific I have read mountains of literature about various topics; biochemistry, physics, geologic history, cosmology, etc etc. The more I read my atheism shifted very heavily to mildly agnostic which is where I am firmly planted today. But I do believe in a Prime Mover of some sort, the evidence is nearly incontrovertible if you are in the know.

        As for Christianity it is like white guys now, it is the only ‘safe’ pinata to beat up by all other races, religions, creeds, and peoples. It is also one of the primary things that bound Western Civilization and ideas so the fact that it is now ridiculed makes perfect sense through the lens of the Cathedral.

        Matt catches a lot of hate for the same reason I sometimes do. People come to a “game blog” to read about game. When I turn up the afterburners on racial issues the butthurt flows. I imagine that same subset barking loudest when Matt dials them in on issues of faith/belief.


      • The reason Matt takes so much flak here?

        Primarily, because the chateau crawls with those who hate the name of Christ… hence, anyone who honors Him.

        Secondarily, his formidable intellect is a constant and chafing chastisement to those whose minds are markedly-in-comparison indolent.


      • Thwack, well said. You sound a lot more open-minded than a lot of people here on either side of the debate.


      • gregi, you need to bury your archaic Middle Ages mentality, you religious nutjob. People who don’t believe in Jesus are not hating him. They just don’t believe in him for whatever reason, most of the time because they are atheists. You can’t force a religious belief, you religious fanatic. It either comes naturally and lovingly, or it doesn’t. You can’t scare people into your belief with violent punishment like burning at the stake if they don’t believe in Jesus. You religious nuts do Christianity a great disservice with your religious shit rhetoric. It makes you as backward as Islamic terrorists waging war in the name of their religion. The main reason many people left religion is because of people like you making them hate what it stands for. They don’t like religious persecution. For example, the Catholic Church has a bad name primarily because of its historic religious persecution of non-Catholics. Today it has become more tolerant, thank goodness. People who think like you are also viewed by measured non fanatic believers as throwbacks. You need to lay off the Jesus-hate accusations, you crazed fanatic.


      • “Primarily, because the chateau crawls with those who hate the name of Christ… hence, anyone who honors Him”

        That might be it. It could be that simple?

        I dare say the Christ haters have a better understanding of what the Christ is than the majority of Christians.

        This may be the seat of their fear and thus the origin of their hate.


      • Christ haters, thwack?

        In one comment you sound open-minded over the possibility there is a God, and in another you feed the idea of everyone who doesn’t believe in God is a Christ hater. How about they are just oblivious, or they’re unsure, as opposed to hating?

        Religious bigotry is very destructive. It has the reverse effects of the desired outcome. It’s one of the factors that brought about the current crumbling of Europe, although it didn’t happen overnight and it’s centuries in the making. Europe is mainly irreligious now, as well as suspicious of Christianity, because of historic religious wars that engulfed it for centuries. Many Europeans have reverted to paganism, while Islam is the only religion flourishing in Europe. Europe as we know it won’t exist long without Christianity. Thank you, religious fanaticism.


      • Lily

        Christ haters, thwack?

        In one comment you sound open-minded over the possibility there is a God, and in another you feed the idea of everyone who doesn’t believe in God is a Christ hater.

        Sorry for my ignorance Lily, but my time spent getting up to speed regarding color hate severely limited my study of Christ hate.

        In other words, I had to get black in Kung Foo before I could study Karate; sorry, it wasn’t my choice.

        Indeed, one of the questions Im currently investigating is the true nature of Christ hate?

        At its core is it:

        a) Hatred of the concept of Christ?

        b) Hatred of the actual person?

        c) Hatred of Christ as a proxy for some other aspect of either Christians or white people in general?

        I’ll figure it out.


      • [CH: i wrote three sentences. you wrote… one hundred in reply. now who’s really the touchy one here?]

        You opened up two separate tangential lines of inquiry requiring a full response and having nothing to do with my comment. That’s what’s “touchy.”

        [but those limits aren’t a basis for arguing that game alone won’t help absent the removal of all traces of conventionally or biblically defined loserism.]

        Then it’s good I didn’t argue that. We agree. “Game alone” helps tremendously, especially for those with little else to commend them to women.

        You should criticize me and my words — i.e., not who you wish I were and what you imagine I think. You should criticize me in good faith — i.e., with an aim toward synthesis rather than some Final Conquering that will bury contrary opinion forever. If you don’t have the time or inclination for that, I get it. But you will otherwise keep spinning your wheels intellectually. The grit and grip of criticism is necessary for traction, for an idea to move forward.



  3. I read to the end because I thought I would find out what sort of miserable resume entry would cause a guy to be too embarrassed to be named.


    • Lol, me too. Funeral home? IRS? Ice cream truck driver?

      I don’t understand why it’s a big deal to ask for a guy’s last name before going out one on one with him. I don’t think I’d ask in the above situation (although I’d expect I’d know it if we went out again) but I don’t think it’s way out of bounds. The more this guy objects to giving his last name, the more creeped out the girl is going to feel.

      And just for the “cool story bro” file, I had a first date once with a great guy I met at a concert without knowing his last name. When he finally told me and I googled it, I discovered he was a registered sex offender. Just saying.


      • that’s what i was thinking. and i’m not i’m not i swear i’m not 🙂 but my friend goes to a school here and it was hilarious/sad– they notify all students of the sex offenders in their midst. anyway this girl shows me the notice, it’s one freaking dude, period. the guy’s day game is hosed. and anyone named ‘michael’ will probably be commanded to give a last name now.


      • >>>what sort of miserable resume entry would cause a guy to be too embarrassed to be named.

        – rape crisis counselor… for perpetrators
        – abortion clinic… protest coordinator
        – Speaker of the House

        I used to play up the fact I’m a right wing asshole and that I was (at the time) a cop and it worked really well with lefty chicks. Get ’em presuming they hate you, and it’s half way to really liking you, partly because they are curious and partly because they always want to talk (in their cute little half-informed way) about politics, and there’s a lot of room for mildly negging them about that. So the job embarassment thing sounds like a personal problem to me, unless it’s a status disqualifier (Bob’s Bar Bathroom Towel Dispensers or something). Personally I’d have reframed it: “look, I only invited you to meet me for coffee/a drink in a public place to tell you all about me, and maybe you can tell me more about you. But if you need to run a background check before something as innocent as that maybe you’re not adventurous enough for me to date.”


      • I used to play up the fact I’m a right wing asshole and that I was (at the time) a cop and it worked really well with lefty chicks.

        This has been my experience too, BUT, LEO or any job related to it is still seen as very good (if not terribly high paying) even by lefties. Not to mention the whole man in charge aspect that most nancy boys lack. So I don’t think you can map it 1:1 on what happened to this dude. It sounds more like what you said in the second part that he has been voted most successful janitor 5 years running by Forbes magazine.


      • Leftie females are all about qualifications. Reverse out on them (i.e., big truck instead of 911, pistol instead of dharma beads), smile, presto, How *are* you?


      • on October 22, 2013 at 12:05 pm Hugh G. Rection

        So what did he do? Diddle kids? Public masturbation? Rape (paging whorefinder)?


      • He ran a prostitution ring. It looked like some of the girls were underage.

        So maybe he was trying to recruit me instead of date me. Pimp game?


      • Somebody’s bragging.


      • Lol, he would’ve been recruiting me for prostitution ring, not Ford Models. That’s not too flattering!


      • on October 23, 2013 at 9:06 am Hugh G. Rection

        Wanna bet none of his whores made it on the sex offender registry…


      • That’s a good point. I don’t think women convicted of prostitution have to register. They shouldn’t have to, but the guys who run the rings shouldn’t have to, either. The registries should be limited to sexually violent offenses and sex crimes against children. You can be a pimp without being sexually violent.


      • I went out with someone who shared the same name as a sex offender in my area. I could understand why he didn’t give it out readily.


      • on October 23, 2013 at 8:41 am Jack the Ripper

        Thanks, babe.


      • I don’t see why working at a funeral home would be a disqualifier… nobody’s complained about services rendered thus far.


  4. “She won’t flirt, she talks like a corporate mission statement”

    that’s going in the file


  5. really curious to know that the company he worked for is ha


  6. when I’m getting hard core bitchmode interrogation i ask them, “are you a cop, am i under arrest?” you can also add “am i gonna need a lawyer”. i think you mightbe moving too fast. sometimes they just want a fuck then you might be ok. but sounds like you should be a little more patient. ifthis is a common theme for you use a fake last name and set up a few fake online profiles. use a common last name. i think shes just looking on the sex offender registry and facebook. i think if you spend a few hrs on this it will have a huge payoff.


  7. on October 22, 2013 at 9:23 am Hugh G. Rection

    Also, lose the wink emoticon.


  8. I dunno, the girls here seem pretty reasonable. He’s hiding information (his *last name* for heaven’s sake) because if they learn it they won’t want to go out with him. The girls sense that he’s not doing this to be flirty or whatever, but is actually hiding something. So they wisely balk. Good on them!

    Girls: 1
    Guys-who-won’t-share-last-name: 0


    • on October 22, 2013 at 9:34 am The Burninator

      Because it was demanded up front and immediately. It bespeaks of high insecurities on her part and is a definite tell that she’s paranoid by default.

      Don’t hand me the “in this day and age” crap either, this day and age is no less nor more dangerous than any other age. What she was doing is akin to a girl walking up to a guy, saying “Hi! You’re cute” and the guy demanding a recent STD test from her before he’ll let her say anything else. It’s presumptuous and chock full of hubris and arrogance.


      • If a woman approached me and refused to give me her last name, I might flirt a bit and even have a drink with her. I would not leave the premises with her. I would not meet her the next day. Most of you have not been in handcuffs, I suspect, because of a random female’s, or not-so-random female’s ability to call the cops and say anything she wants without penalty.


      • on October 22, 2013 at 10:10 am The Burninator

        Way too paranoid for the initial approach mode, imo.

        Her giving or not giving her last name in no way prevents her from filing false rape charges against you, btw. That makes zero sense, to the point of non-sequitur.


      • If you don’t think self-identification is not a leading indicator of moral fiber, fine. I do. That’s not a “non sequitor”, in this thread, that is the entire point of this thread.


      • on October 22, 2013 at 10:43 am The Burninator

        You are entirely missing the context. Asking on the first date is fine. While I’m standing there talking about little nothings? Absolute paranoia.


      • Context is quite plain.

        You don’t know what non sequitor means (and it’s not hyphenated, big guy), or you don’t know that the inflection point in the anecdote is his unwillingness to identify himself. Either way, I get it: you’re such a stud that you recruit college girls cold off the street by refusing to identify yourself. I’m not, but then again, I can read, so I have other attributes to deploy to attract women.


      • on October 22, 2013 at 10:36 am RappaccinisDaughter

        If she were a business contact, would you hesitate to hand her a business card? Asking for a last name is not the same thing as demanding an SSN and a credit report.


      • on October 22, 2013 at 10:42 am The Burninator

        So you’re suggesting prostitution is the goal?

        When I meet a girl at the bar, I give my first name. If during the course of the conversation she whips out “What’s your last name” as a demand, all corporate business like, that’s a tell that she’s going to internet anal probe me. A girl who is that un-trusting even before I get to the point where I display my charming personality is somebody who will never trust ME should we ever get into a relationship.

        Business cards are because you actually intend to do business. Meet and greets in public are not the same thing. She can disqualify you, sure, but it should be about your presentation or some other factor, not because she clearly intends to do a full FB and predator search on you before consenting to deign to give you further conversation.


      • on October 22, 2013 at 10:49 am RappaccinisDaughter

        But we’re not talking about further conversation. We’re talking about a date subsequent to the conversation. One of the basic safety measures that women are encouraged to undertake is that, if you meet him alone, you tell a friend where you’re going, who you’re going with, and when you intend to return.

        Not everybody packs a pistol everywhere they go, RappaccinisDaughter-style. Especially not college students, who usually cannot legally do so. (And hell, pistol or no pistol, I still do the tell-a-friend thing. It’s a gun, not a magic wand.)

        [CH: paranoia the destroya.]


      • on October 22, 2013 at 10:59 am The Burninator

        Oh noes, not a date! Why not wait to ask then, as long as the date is in a public setting? All you’re doing is giving me a variation of the feminist “All Men Are Potential Rapists!(tm)” spiel.

        Back in the day a girl would ask for the last name to silently sound out in her head how her first name would sound attached to that last name. Innocent. Fun. Today she asks for the name in order to run the guy’s FB and social media history, do background checks and a thousand other paranoid things she feels she has to do because, again, “All Men Are Potential Rapists!(tm)”.

        A girl who can’t trust me enough after conversation to go get a cup of coffee at a public place will certainly be just as untrusting if we enter a relationship in the future. Frankly I have no time of day for paranoia, and I certainly don’t want to deal with a woman who will be constantly asking to see my internet history, be examining credit card statements for wrong doing and who will always be at the door with a frying pan in her head demanding “Where were you!” if I’m so much as three minutes late. So you get mad that I don’t give you my last name after the first five minutes of talking? Ok, bye, next.


      • on October 22, 2013 at 11:15 am RappaccinisDaughter

        All men ARE potential rapists, in much the same way all women ARE potential whores.

        [CH: no they’re not. rape and slutting around are not equivalent activities. It takes a special kind of bastard to be down with rape. now if you had said all men are potential cheaters, you would have been on more solid ground.]

        Getting a last name is a simple, common-sense way to help ensure her safety before she’s gotten to know you well enough to relax.

        [any girl who asks for a last name during the first few minutes of meeting is a paranoid basketcase. asking later on is fine. but too soon is a red flag that she carries a huge chip on her shoulder and should be avoided or used for pumping practice.]

        It doesn’t make her a coont or a snoop.

        [yes it does. and the word is cunt.]

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      • ”any girl who asks for a last name during the first few minutes of meeting is a paranoid basketcase.”

        maybe she had bad experience in the past? i wouldnt say that a girl like that is paranoid, just very careful. everyone who was raped or almost raped is going to be very careful, you can’t just delete this memory from your brain..

        [CH: that’s what i just said. what do you think “chip on her shoulder” means? and this is a good reason why men should avoid dating women who have been raped. i mean real raped, not regret raped. mean, but true.]


      • [CH: that’s what i just said. what do you think “chip on her shoulder” means? and this is a good reason why men should avoid dating women who have been raped. i mean real raped, not regret raped. mean, but true.]

        ok, sorry, i didnt know the meaning of this idiom.. BUT what did you say, that men should not date women who were raped?! WHAT? Can you explain this … Why ‘regret rape’ is ok and real rape is not?


      • on October 22, 2013 at 12:10 pm The Burninator


        False. Most men are not potential rapists. Potential means something very specific, it means you have the power within you to become something (in this case). The power doesn’t mean physical power, since we could then extend the analogy and say automobiles have the potential to be submarines. Well, sure, they have a motor that creates 110 hp, but that doesn’t mean that they can potentially become a submarine without something else significant being in place. In the case of “rapists!” it would have to be a twisted, bent psychological defect. Most men do NOT have a twisted, bent psychological defect ERGO most men are NOT potential rapists. Just having a penis does not equate to having what it takes to be a rapist.

        Feminist shell game defeated. Check mate.

        So, in essence, by assuming all men are potential rapists a woman is by default declaring that she believes all men are psychotics and could go off and rape her for no good reason. She is incapable of seeing men as anything other than a collective AND as anything other than evil (twisted psychological men being evil for shorthand).

        Again, if you can’t trust me to go grab a coffee at Starbucks, a big honking public place with lots of people around, because you think that somehow I’m going to anal rape you on the counter while ordering a triple latte frappacino, then you are likely not the kind of girl I’m interested in in the first place as you will have demonstrated a huge psychological and paranoid based flaw right from the get go. Ergo, NEXT.


      • “Oh noes, not a date! Why not wait to ask then, as long as the date is in a public setting?”

        Because women run on emotion, not logic.

        The guys who are saying this girl is crazy paranoid socially inept etc aren’t banging <22yo North American chicks. This behavior is completely logical and normal in their world. It's like being mad that they let your phone calls go to voicemail and txt you back instead. You can't take "how things were back in the day" or experiences with 30+yo chicks and apply it to college girls in 2013.

        The OP is letting them enter a frame that he should be preventing from the start. He's basically asking "how do I win a fight that I'm losing" when the answer is "you shouldn't have gotten into a fight you can lose in the first place". The girls are simply acting the way their emotions tell them to, which is "try to be as familiar with the guy as possible".


      • “if you can’t trust me to go grab a coffee at Starbucks, a big honking public place with lots of people around, because you think that somehow I’m going to anal rape you”

        He hasn’t built comfort/rapport with her, so no, she can’t go grab coffee with him. Because he’s just a stranger at this point. A stranger who hasn’t built enough attraction for her to overlook not knowing more about him. It’s not that she thinks he’s going to rape her, it’s that she has too many question marks that he hasn’t diffused.

        This is the result of sloppy/bad game on his end, not some crazy paranoia on hers.

        “Ergo, NEXT.”

        You can’t Next a girl you haven’t fucked. That’s her Next’ing you and an indicator that there are loose screws in your game that need to be tightened.


      • on October 22, 2013 at 12:25 pm The Burninator

        Sorry YaReally, but you don’t get to play the “you’re a geezer” card on this one. The “need” is because they are inculcated with modern feminists creed that “all men are potential rapists”. Accepting that premise on their behalf is ceding the point that somehow “we are”.

        At some point, it’s ok to tell a woman “no”. I could give a flying fuck if she’s 20 or 60, if she assumes that I have the bent psychological problem that requires only me getting her alone to exercise, then she is in fact a paranoid ditz and doesn’t deserve mine, or any other man’s, company.

        Excusing for “modern girls” only goes so far. I didn’t accept the “all men are potential rapists!” crap in the 1980’s before every broad had an iPhone and a complete history of everybody’s life at her vapid fingertips, I won’t accept it today. It has nothing to do with technology and “back in the day!” and everything to do with enabling a very poisonous meme against men. Sometimes you have to tell them “no”.


      • on October 22, 2013 at 12:27 pm The Burninator

        And yes, you can “Next” a girl you haven’t fucked, insofar as you can say “You’re a loon, I’m not even going to bother dealing with your perfunctory paranoia, bye”.


      • You’re free to think its wrong all you want, but that doesn’t change anything. They’re still reacting to the guy’s lack of game and its still possible to avoid triggering this reaction. These are facts. You can think they’re stupid, but that isn’t relevant.

        You’re basically being mad at the bomb for blowing up when you cut the wrong wire. “Fuck this bomb, I’m not even going to diffuse it, it’s not worth my time!!!!” Okay, that’s fair, but you walked away from a diffusable bomb without diffusing it, so you can’t count that as “I diffused it.” So like I say, you can’t Next a girl you haven’t fucked. You can walk away from one, but you didn’t Next her, you just didn’t have the game/skill/effort/time/energy-investment to bang her.

        There’s no shame in that, it’s not an insult to your manhood or anything. There are lots of girls that have seemed like too much effort to me to waste my time on that I’ve bailed on…but I don’t tell myself I’m Next’ing them because that would be bullshitting myself to save my ego face (“it’s not that I couldn’t handle that, it’s that I Next’ed her like a boss!!”)


      • on October 22, 2013 at 12:43 pm The Burninator

        Some history on my finding this obnoxious. I’ve had it happen to me, only I wasn’t even gaming the chick. Just talking, shooting the shit while waiting on a friend to show up, not asking her for any number or even hinting that I wanted to take her somewhere. Get the “So….what’s you’re last name? Do you have Facebook?”. I took it as something odd the first time it happened, of course I don’t have Facebook so I get a rather cold shoulder disdainful attitude from the point I inform her forward. Why? “How can I trust a guy who doesn’t have Facebook?! Are you hiding something?” (sidelong glance to her nearby clucking hen girlfriend who was shaking her head like I was a mass murderer). She was wanting it to check me out.

        Like I was even pretending your ass was worth taking out? Seriously? Chick, you have issues bigger than a church bell.

        Put into context of “street game”, maybe I’m over thinking this a bit. But riddle me this, how is this any different than meeting her in a bar, or even at a social gathering? It may seem pat to say “Well, some random dude, she’s gotta know more” under the assumption that “All Men Are Rapists! ™” in that case, but how wouldn’t it apply to any meeting not arranged by mutual friends? If you want to know about me (generic me), that’s why you go to a coffee house and sit down and chat. If you need to know my full background as conducted by a PI as well as know all of my FB posts before consenting to a coffee, well then, you’re an idiot princess with entitlement issues and a huge streak of feminist inspired paranoia. At what point do we stop feeding this obsessive paranoia?

        What is radical one generation becomes normal the next. I’m not entirely certain why young men, in the name of “scoring pussy!” want to give in to the notion that yes, in fact, all men are psychopaths and can become rapists. Seems like a big concession to the lesbian feminist movement. But hey, at least you get pussy, and your future daughters if you have any get to learn to hold you in fear and contempt as taught to them by mommy as a normal part of her education.


      • kinda contradicts the whole rape is not about sex thing. a female should be able to tellguy if a guy is consumed with power before the needfor a last name… how absurd this hamsterization is


      • on October 22, 2013 at 12:53 pm The Burninator

        Sorry YaReally, but that “wire” is Voyeur Culture and “You are presumed a rapist until proven innocent” feminist indoctrination and “I won’t want to take time to get to know you by bonding and talking, I want your full resume history now!”. If you wish to enable it, that’s fine, I won’t. Best to move on to the next woman. Some chicks in the late 1980’s early 1990’s bought that crap line and spewed it out at me and others, and I happily walked away because I recognize it as a big defect on their part (paranoia and lack of logic and critical thinking skills combined into one neat package). It’s still a defect, there’s no need to help it grow by confirming their bromides and axioms. Plenty of women do not do this, it’s not like it’s a shallow pool here. And I’ve already stated a long time ago that I find vapid 19/20 year olds rather tiresome and boring.

        We clearly use “Next” differently. I use it in the context of not having time for a woman’s bullshit and proceeding to walk away and find better prospects when dealing in the romance department. Apparently you (or this site most likely) means intercourse has to have happened. If so we’re talking about two different things, it’s a syntax disagreement. Mine existed first so I’ll stick with that, heh.


      • You’re letting your baggage/ego cloud your judgement.

        Meeting a guy on a college campus is different than meeting him at the bar. Thinking its the same is like thinking meeting a friend of your family is the same as meeting a stranger in hotel in the Bahamas. The two situations are completely different because of the environment/context.

        You’re looking at this like its some kind of big feminist battle to the death for the virtue of males blah blah blah. It’s not that epic:

        – She’s in an environment (college student) where it’s normal for her to know the people she hangs out with because everyone is socially connected around her.

        – This guy is stepping outside of her comfort zone because she doesn’t know anything about him like she does with other guys (aka her NORM)

        – He isn’t providing her with the feeling of knowing him by providing comfort

        – so she’s naturally attempting to find out about him to build the comfort that he isn’t providing, so that this relationship fits into her norm of what all her dozens of other college relationships fit into (ie – that he is someone socially connected to her world)

        You’re bringing all sorts of weird baggage to this. Take a chill pill yo, it’s nothing to do with the end of civilization or the witch hunt for male rapists. She’s just trying to fit him into her reality in a way that makes sense to her.


      • Burminator, you’re way off on what Rapp means by “potential” rapist. Yes, 99% of men are not “real” rapists. The problem is that we can’t instantly figure out who actually is a real rapist. So we have to stay at least somewhat aware when we’re with a guy we just met. Agreed some women take this caution to a completely ridiculous degree. But you seem to be suggesting it’s feminist paranoia to have any concern at all about a guy, because the odds of being raped/killed are so low. That’s crazy.

        By your logic we should all sleep with our windows and doors open, and walk down deserted streets at night. Most men aren’t violent rapists so what’s the big deal? No offense meant, but I don’t think men understand what it’s like to walk around physically vulnerable all the time. We always have to have some level of awareness because we can’t fight our way out of a bad situation. It doesn’t mean we hate men, are scared all the time, or feel like victims. It doesn’t mean we don’t like being female or feel oppressed. It’s just something we live with. I don’t think men understand the mindset, because they don’t have to have it.


      • Serious Q: have you or a one of your buddies had a false rape accusation scare?


      • “Why ‘regret rape’ is ok and real rape is not?”

        Good point, dont date chicks who have been regret raped either thats probably a worse idea


      • on October 22, 2013 at 1:18 pm The Burninator

        See? The assumption that because I don’t bare all to the world and find it distasteful, dangerous and paranoid and express that in public, there must be something dark lurking in the background? That itself is a tacit assumption borne by this trend, if you think about it.

        No, I haven’t, for the record, nor anything close. If others have, I don’t know about it. I do know a guy who had false sexual harassment charges slapped on him, but that’s not likely in the same vein as what you’re asking, and it had nothing to do with social media in any event.


      • Get off your paranoia-bend holy shit dude.

        No one is saying every guy should be on Facebook and Tweeting status updates while instagramming pics of his dinner. I’m saying you’re overreacting to behavior that has no malicious intent because you have a stick up your ass.

        And that’s fine, you can walk around wearing a tinfoil hat and a scowl thinking you’re winning some imaginary victory over some college chick who asked an innocent question, but that shit is baggage in your head, not actually playing out in front of you.


      • on October 22, 2013 at 1:54 pm The Burninator

        It’s interesting that you’re resorting to ad hominem and invective in what has been until now a civil conversation. You’ve demonstrated in the past to be a cut above most in your intellect, I had expected a bit more from you, to be frank.

        First, attention to detail. I wasn’t trying to pick her up, the question was asked and the reaction was quite negative without even the context of possible romance on the table. I was not at all hinting at a pickup. There was no victory, I found her and her friend and their “what do you have to hide” statements obnoxious and presumptuous. Why would I reveal anything about myself to women I wasn’t even interested in, and further why would I entertain “I must be hiding something” statements from total strangers? Would you? But the cultural expectation was that I submit to the demand for no apparent reason, or I’m shady. That’s bogus on its face.

        You’ve just demonstrated that you’ve bought into the mindset that proclaims that if one protests the voyeur culture and feminist indoctrination that means that the person hints of bad things in that person’s past. Your defensiveness to being challenged on this assumption is not helping deny that whatsoever.

        You yourself regularly spend pages objecting to others, or explaining your positions to others, so I had hoped that you would recognize a similar mind at work. Clearly though, you don’t like being disagreed with in ways you cannot easily schluff off with a few pages of commentary. And if you find the notion of “let me see your entire life’s history before I even know that I like you” as valid then you’ve accepted the meme wholesale and swallowed it like the big ol’ pill that it is. You’re enabling and furthering their axiom that you are in fact a potential rapist. Oh well, your problem to deal with in the future, not mine. I prefer women who don’t make those assumptions and who don’t work from paranoia about a man’s guilt of “potential crimes” before she even knows him.

        Before you hit Post Reply, mull it around from a view other than your own as if you were defending my side of the discussion. It’s a great debate technique, it expands one’s viewpoints, and it helps curb ad hominem before it comes out into the discussion.


      • “Before you hit Post Reply, mull it around from a view other than your own as if you were defending my side of the discussion”

        The part you don’t get is that your view is the view of a guy who bangs 30+yo chicks and is wildly out of touch with the reality of <23yo chicks.

        You're trying to force a square peg ("I want her to not ask stuff about me until we're on a date!") into a round hole ("<23yo people are socially connected more than 30+yo people or people from the 1980s"). I'm telling you that their world is different from what you think it should be. You're taking it as some kind of personal insult when it's not. Technology has created a generation that is highly socially connected and it's weird to them when someone who's pretending to be a part of that world (ie – the Op) isn't open to being socially connected like everyone else male and female that they associate with daily is.

        This is not a difficult concept to grasp. You're doing the equivalent of being offended that "kids these days" text instead of talk on the phone, or watch color TV instead of black & white TV. It's completely illogical. You can be offended by it, but they're not doing anything to purposely attack you, you are simply out of touch with their reality and apparently too out of touch to understand that.

        Spend some time with the <23yo crowd before you press Reply.


      • on October 22, 2013 at 3:28 pm Hugh G. Rection

        “more socially connected” is a strange choice of phrase. Sometimes this social media can be outright antisocial.


      • This conversation is mighty stupid. If someone doesn’t want to have coffee without first getting your last name, go find someone else who wants to have coffee without first getting your last name.

        I’m 6’1″ 185, ex-football player blah blah blah, and I would not have a regular date with a female who didn’t want to give me her name. I definitely do not start thinking about going home with her. Handcuffs will do that to you.

        Though I’m thrilled to be in the presence of a massive masculine presence like Le Burniator, whose balls must be bigger than 3/4 ton trucks. I sure wish mine were.


      • @Hugh
        ““more socially connected” is a strange choice of phrase.”

        I agree. I should have said more SUPERFICIALLY socially connected. Because her getting your Facebook isn’t really to KNOW you or to do sex offender registry background checks etc, she just wants to feel that you’re “real” and a part of her world/reality.

        It’s not that she thinks you’re a possible rapist, it’s that the OP hasn’t fed her enough “I feel like I KNOW him” feelings, so she’s attempting to get those herself the only way she knows how.

        Literally half+ of these chicks would probably be happy if he simply had a Facebook page even if it had one picture of him on it and was locked to Private and he didn’t accept her Friend request (“no, my Facebook is only for people I’m close to, I don’t collect a thousand pretend-friends like girls do, my time is valuable”). It’s not that they need info, it’s that they need to feel like he’s real and exists and is who he says he is.

        That’s why I say, if the OP built more comfort/rapport, sharing stuff about himself that builds an emotional connection but doesn’t reveal stuff he doesn’t want to reveal, she’ll get her fix of “I feel like I KNOW him” and lay off. In absence of providing that FOR her, she tries to find it in the normal common method that <23yo people in 2013 use, which is to connect on Facebook.

        A guy can rally against this "Voyeur Culture" but it's like rallying against people listening to CDs instead of records. Like good on you for fighting the good fight in your head, but the world has changed and you're showing that you're out of touch with the <23 world just like you would be if you called anyone who listened to CDs instead of records mentally damaged and unhealthy and stupid etc. like alright good luck with that but when you quit flipping out about it and actually listen to a CD or two you'll find that it's really not the big deal you're making it out in your head to be.

        I'll be at an 18-25yo college bar this weekend and I can guarantee 99% of the people in there have Facebook and connect on it to feel comfort, not to do crazy sex offender registry background checks lol

        (for the record as I've said before I don't use Facebook, Twitter, etc. and I don't recommend other guys use them…I recommend guys tighten up their game and feed the girl the comfort feelings she needs so that they don't end up with her digging to find those feelings her way)


      • Sorry YaReally, but you don’t get to play the “you’re a geezer” card on this one.

        But it’s his favorite card!

        The snarkboy is blindly grasping his way towards a point, however.

        Your analog paranoia does not pertain to a digital world. Many of your misgivings owe to a time when the widespread dissemination of words and photographs was a relatively monumental event — an industry of printers and catalogers and libraries had to be leveraged to yield the physical byproduct of information.

        In this world where everyone is a publisher (and 99% of it is personal trivia), though, the chances of any personal information sinking or even affecting you is approaching zero. This is not just because your bytes and pixels get lost in the ocean-sized document dump — search engine claims notwithstanding — but because low-barrier-to-entry, unfettered, universal, costless, infinite networking is already changing the way we judge the veracity of any piece of recorded information.

        You see this first-hand in the media’s treatment of Obama. The analog mind is flabbergasted that the HNIC is not subject to traditional scrutiny and gets away with serial lying. But both the media and da prezzdint have already intuited the diminishing value of truth in a networked universe where falsehood is the default setting. Nobody expects anyone to tell the truth.

        If there were only three news programs and one city monodaily newspaper, then, yes, a president’s pronouncements would be considered lapidary and treated with the scrutiny that only major institutions can bring to bear. But now we are lied to so often and from every direction that one more instance of it is a snowflake in a blizzard. Therefore, we don’t fret so much about any single snowflake; we prepare for the barrage, we pack a parka.

        “I write a woman’s oaths on water,” is the classic expression of female flightiness. Now everything is written on water, and all communication is flighty.

        “It must be true, I read it on the internet!” was the original sarcastic yawp that acknowledged this new dynamic. Now the entire world is wired. Treat every utterance online as you would a face-to-face conversation. Yes, that conversation is being recorded, and yes, recorded gotchas used to have relevance, but now their power has been diluted to almost nothing.



      • on October 23, 2013 at 8:23 am Hugh G. Rection

        And if she were a dog, would you let her smell your butthole?


      • Disagree…its basically saying he’s a lower value male whose a bit of a decent flirt during the day time.

        He’s not building enough value so they are just curious probably going to google in advance see if he has anything going on.

        Also its a college campus. If its an elite institution (or even one where the students like to think their elite) then they are unlikely to want to associate with outsiders.

        Extreme example why would a Harvard gril want to go out with some bum hitting on her in the courtyard when she can choose from a bunch of rich Harvard kids. So basically they want the last name to make sure he’s A) High Value B) Quick facebook check for mutual friends/normalcy.

        I wouldn’t waste an evening and my time going out with him. Moreso if its an attractive girl who has a ton of options.


      • Christ, if you’re going to pretend to social analysis, learn correct word usage and spelling. Their there they’re; its it’s; whose who’s– you made three usage errors in five paragraphs.


  9. on October 22, 2013 at 9:31 am Life at Calhoun's Lake

    Joe DiMaggio game bro.

    Her: what’s your name?
    Me: Joe DiMaggio
    Her: lolwut?
    Me: I play baseball for the yankees
    Her: oh really?
    Me: just taking a lil stroll before game time
    Her: why are you in [midwestern city nowhere near ny]
    Me: the fuck? this is goddamn manhattan
    Her: no it’s not lol
    Me: your outta your goddamn mind
    Her: if this was manhattan there’d be like tall buildings and stuff
    Me: you’re crazy
    Her: no im not!
    Me: you’re crazier than this goddamn Marilyn Monroe broad I fucked last night
    Her: you didn’t fuck Marily Monroe
    Me: the hell I didn’t

    Of course she doesn’t actually think I’m Joe DiMaggio. She probably doesn’t know who the hell Joe DiMaggio is. That’s not the point. Once the hamster wheels a’spinnin, she’ll roll with whatever frame you’ve set. And completely forget about wanting to know your name.

    If you’re as charismatic and bold as you claim, a simple role play should me minor league shit.


  10. I wouldn’t go out with a girl who wouldn’t give me her last name. What the hell company did you work for? It can’t be that, it must be something else. Is your last name Zimmerman? or Hitler?


  11. college girls, on campus, probably assuming he is in college, want to know full name for facebook — this is the most useful possible info because of pics and they can prob. see if you know any of the same ppl.


    • That’s why this thread is bewildering to me. I get their fb right away by getting their last name first and we connect. But I don’t assume they will dig too deep beyond fb. It’s important to learn if they have a brain or not and their social media wall is the best way to tell. You can learn if they’re a slut and a lot more, saving you time and money. The OP could have just given a fake last name anyway. He can create a fb page with that if he wants.


      • on October 22, 2013 at 2:45 pm Toffee Hammer

        Bingo. If this is really an issue, fake last names and fake profiles are simple enough to create, and there are really no consequences for doing so. (Is your plate really going to leave you because she found out about a fake profile/last name??)

        Girls <23 definitely want to know your full name, but I have yet to ask any to check ID…


  12. “Unfortunately, a simple search of my name will bring up that I worked for a company that many women may view as a disqualifier.”

    RSD? RNC? Brothel? Center for Immigration Studies? PornTube? Animal testing lab? Men’s Rights Advocacy Group? Rockstar Games? The Church?

    Probably something like Monsanto.

    If it’s that much of a problem, perhaps he should have his name legally changed. I’ve known a few people who’ve done that.


    • The National Rifle Association? The Heritage Foundation? The KKK? Who cares! Most college girls “in this day and age” are too ignorant of the real world to recognize a Fortune 500 company anyway. I’ve spent my whole adult life working for companies that support the weapons industry, making stuff to kill people and blow stuff up. It’s NOT a turn off to have a career. What might be a turn off is an older guy coming to college campuses to pick up girls.

      Just tell her your name, and plan a smart way of making it smooth, and putting it back on her. Shit, with half a brain she could probably figure out who you are by your caller ID or phone number anyway.

      Besides, if she’s that much of a twat to not go on a date with you because of her perception of your former employer, she’s not worth a date. Tell her your name and former employer and let her self-select out of your way. Make it a good twat screening process. “Yeah, I work for Bushmaster, and actually hand assembled the very AR-15 rifle that was used in the Newtown massacre. Have you ever fired a gun? It’s pretty damn fun.” If she’s a drone/cunt she’s going to run, and she’s spared you the time of pursuing a dead end. Ignorant twats don’t deserve your attention. If not, maybe she’ll be intrigued.

      Good luck man.


      • I get that. This whole scenario seemed rather odd to me. When I introduce myself to a new woman, I’m kind of one of those “I’m Indy, Indy Jones” (of course I use my real name). Since I’ve spent a bit of effort crafting an online personality through multiple platforms I kinda hope she does google me, find my facebook, website, blogs etc. That helps my game immensely. One chick cyber stalked me for a couple days and then the next time we ran into each other she responded as if I had been running solid game on her for that time, while I hadn’t even spoken to her.

        In this day and age, thou must seize control of your own online identity. That goes doubly if you have adverse info about yourself already out there. As my older sister (and first game instructor) once told me, “Indy, you either create your own reputation or someone else will create it for you.”


      • on October 22, 2013 at 2:46 pm Toffee Hammer

        Indeed; NRA membership or faux-conservative/faux-libertarian opinions did not inhibit my successes with a former Brady campaign staffer in the slightest. If anything, it contributed.


      • ‘Ignorant twats don’t deserve your attention.’
        Translation: Get a passport and leave these shores.


  13. Wherever he worked, he should just own it and reframe.

    “Yeah, I worked for Monsanto. Fulfilled my life-long ambition of getting into soy, but then had to bail due to ethical issues. Ever take a principled stand on something? Feels great.”


  14. on October 22, 2013 at 9:53 am The Burninator

    Now that I consider it though, it’s kind of funny. You Millennials have gotten yourselves into a real pickle here. You’ve spent your life spewing every single inconsequential thought online under (mostly) your real or close to your real identities, and now it’s turning around and biting you in the butt.

    Social media world = chick world. If she wants your name to Facebook search you she can insta-disqualify you right off the bat if you’ve ever, ever said anything not 100% pro-feminist, or if you, say, hunt or own guns or any other “sin” that modern women find you guilty of (where sins are usually freedom oriented acts or opinions). Conversely, if she wants your name in order to do an entire life search of you across several “omg! Sex Predator Becase All Men Are Potential Rapists!( tm)” databases, chances are she’s going to catch something online that disqualifies you. Heh.

    Turns out, sharing is not caring. I strongly advise men, en masse, to disconnect from social media and most non-anonymous online activities, and try to expunge what you can (good luck). Use your name once and you’re toast. It only works if men can grow enough ballage as a group to do it though.


    • Burn speaketh da troof.


    • on October 22, 2013 at 10:27 am Life at Calhoun's Lake

      Goes both ways. Most modern skirts have hacked up their entire lifestory all over twitter. You’d go delirious if you tried reading most of this shit but between the nauseating chick babble you can often unearth some golden nuggets. Never let on that you know the twitter exists and they’ll be spilling their thoughts on you in no time. So cute. And so useful.


      • Plus, many a time and many a seduction have been initiated, and more, because it’s much more efficient if I don’t have to leave my living room to ping a girl’s radar.
        That being said, I’m going through a no-Facebook phase. Because the annoying input has out-risked the reward of my useful output.


      • on October 22, 2013 at 10:50 am The Burninator

        It only takes a decent ten minute conversation to tell if she’s a Full Retard though. It’s not even difficult, with even a passing amount of experience, to pick up the tells on when she’s lying or being deceitful or to sniff out the tell tale hints that she has a really bad past that she’s covering up. As a man I don’t need to search her every vapid LOL Cats! posting on FB or social media to determine her flake factor. She gives it to you up front in those first ten minutes, or at worst case, on the first date/hookup. It’s just not worth the effort to bother.

        Honestly though I come from a vantage point of finding the Voyeur Culture to be absolutely idiotic. Folks are volunteering amazing amounts of shameless stupidity about themselves that any sane person, even twenty years ago, would have demanded a warrant before surrendering to the public sphere. It’s funny to watch, in a way. I just want no part of it, ’tis all. But it’s amusing to see Millennials go through the mind numbing intellectual twisting to justify continuance of this trend.

        Again, men stop participating in social media en masse and these kinds of conversations in the OP would disappear entirely.


      • Heh I’m 25 and have never bothered with Facebook, twitter or any of that crap. Search my name and you’ll find either a random black dude, or some American politician. That’s not through me being uber careful, I’m simply not arsed about wasting my time signing up to social networks to post what sandwich I had for dinner or read that sort of bollocks from others, and I certainly don’t need anything like that to keep in contact with people.

        The result? I’ve had girls actually say “You’ve not got facebook? That’s weird”. Yet when getting them to tell me why I should apparently have it, EVERY single one has come out with no more than “You can talk to your friends and spy on people you know.” ….o..k, and that’s apparently NOT weird?


      • on October 22, 2013 at 1:11 pm The Burninator

        DING DING DING! Winner last paragraph, right there. And yes, that’s what you hear more often than not. All laughing and giggly of course.

        Glad you’re not on the addiction English Dude. And better that you’re younger. Let’s make this a trend, disarm the silliness at its source I say.


      • But you can see what they look like in a bathing suit if you connect no fb before the first date.


      • Don’t forget that you also get to post 1000s of pictures of yourself online, most of which you’re wearing very little and posing provocatively, and at the same time, complain when someone looks at you in public for more than two seconds.


    • Yes…but why would you want to date that kind of woman anyway? You might get disqualified, but that’s not the type of woman you want, so what does it matter? Its better to weed them out from the get go. Rejection is a time saver.


      • on October 22, 2013 at 1:57 pm The Burninator

        Actually we agree Kate. And I found your other post reasonable, that it’s an absurd demand to ask of somebody if you don’t even know if you like them or not. If you go on a second date, then it has some semblance of rationality, as you mention. Not from a social media perspective so much as it would seem weird not to know at that point.


    • on October 22, 2013 at 6:23 pm haunted trilobite

      The communist overlords aren’t going to like this


    • It’s even worse than that. Many names, not just “John Smith,” exist thousands or hundreds of times. My name is not super common but yet there are many men, apparnetly, with my exact same name, including one who is a normal looking white dude and his mug shot comes up if you google “me” it’s total BS and I have no doubt this one stupid chick I met recently googled me and found shit that is NOT me….it is not possible to control “your” online identity by name and this is just other exampe of women running crazy ruining everything.

      In short: they will google you and reach conclusions that are not even supported by the google… yourself and you’ll see that unless your name is Aldkahwn Msuzlhdliufuezz you will see all kinds of men with the same name as you who are not you.

      Women being as stupid as they are are not even smart enough to realize that if you have any kind of normal American English name. They will hold things against you that are pure fiction.

      They also do this in their dreams…they dream you cheated on them and then act as if it really happened even though their mind created the dream.


  15. I had some girl on an online dating site ask me my last name a few days ago. I considered her a weirdo and didn’t respond.


    • on October 22, 2013 at 4:16 pm Cad and Bounder

      Be careful with your pics too. If the pic you have on your dating profile (better not to have one at all in my opinion) is also used on something linked to your name, they can use google image search to find you.


  16. on October 22, 2013 at 10:24 am Cad and Bounder

    Try hitting on non-university girls and I suspect your ratios will improve. You may get loads of numbers, but that’s just what they do. They collect validators. Focus on how many you fuck, not on the numbers you get.

    College girls have limited time (studying) and huge amounts of beta orbiters (young guys with no game) hanging round them at university, trying to get hold of the windows when they are free. They cant think independently and will inevitably insist on socially proofing you. Getting them out of this cocoon is a lot harder than hitting on a graduate.

    These days it’s not weird for girls to ask for last names in order to google/facebook (at least not in their minds) . Facebook is their God.

    And for the record, a lot of the UK daygame guys make up false facebook profiles, and few of them willingly pitch native English speaking student girls, especially in their own country. There is a reason why they ‘hit up touristy/shopping’ areas.


    • And this is why college girls are boring as sin. No personalities. No swag. No softness. Either bitch shield, or even worse, gears stuck permanently on neutral. Tears of joy when I bump into a chick with something to offer these days.


      • True. Plus no man should have facebook.

        Her: You don’t have FB? Why?
        Me: Kind a hard to spin a lot of plates with FB?
        Her: What do you mean?
        Me: Nevermind. You know, I like my privacy and my freedom.
        Her: Yeah, I’m kinda sick of FB.
        Me: You should be.
        Her: That’s cool. So. . . . you gonna tell me your name.
        Me: Maybe.


  17. Here’s what you got to know.

    90% of chicks don’t care for you even if they give you the digits…so they invent questions to disqualify you. They just like the attention.

    If she’s good to go…this stuff doesn’t matter.

    Tell her your last name…and then add your dick size. Agree and amplify, bros!!!!


  18. OP is playing mysterious stranger game in an environment where the girls are submerged in social circle game so he’s triggering red flags.

    They’re literally living day-to-day at college in a “do you know this James guy I met at a party?” “James Jones? Ya he’s my roomie’s brother’s friend’s ex, he’s an asshole you should stay away from him, I have him on Facebook here’s his profile” environment. Like that’s their world right now.

    She’s going to snoop the fuck out of him with his last name, of course. Because she wants to know who this guy is…make sure he goes to school there, see if he’s dated any of her friends, make sure he isn’t married if he’s clearly an older guy, make sure he doesn’t club baby seals for a living or run a PUA blog, etc.

    None of this is relevant of course, in terms of attraction. He could work in a baby grinding factory and, if she’s attracted enough, she’ll say “that’s cool, I don’t even like babies, there are too many of them in the world anyway!”

    His problem is he isn’t building enough attraction/comfort/rapport before she’s giving him the 3rd degree questioning. He’s going for the #-close which gives her too much time to think between the # and the Day2…which would be alright if he built comfort/rapport but he doesn’t, so she asks questions. So here are some possible fixes:

    1) Tighten up your Attraction game and escalate faster. No more #s. Push her through a bigger rollercoaster of emotions, more teasing, push/pull, cocky/funny, spike her buying temperature thru the roof, and push for the insta-date right then and there or for that afternoon after she’s out of class, and go for the pull back to your place on that same-day date. Basically barrage her with emotions and pounce before she can fall back into logical mode or have conversations with her friends who ask for details about you…if you can fuck her quickly, then you can reveal all and she’ll hamster-rationalize it away as no big deal.

    2) Work in more comfort/rapport on the initial meet. A 60 second #-close between classes will get you a # but a ton of this shit to deal with. An 90 min conversation in the college library or a lunch hour together will give you time to build comfort/rapport and share stuff about you that you’re alright with her knowing…share deep personal things that are emotional topics, instead of gay resume info like your last name, job, etc. Make her feel like she’s known you for years and that you know her soul, etc. Still push for the meetup as soon as possible, but if she feels like she knows who you are she’ll be less inquisitive…a friend going “but you don’t even know his last name” will get brushed off with “it’s okay trust me he’s amazing we talked for an hour and he told me about how when he was a kid his parents gave away his puppy and–” lol

    3) Lie. Just give a fake last name that doesn’t pop anything up on the net. Tell her you’re not really a computer guy and don’t use Facebook and Twitter and shit because you’re not a 16yo girl. Then after you bang, if it comes up again, you can tell her your real name and say “I had a few girls stalk me before so I don’t tell girls my real name until I trust them” and then you get the bonus of her feeling special that you trust her to know your real name.

    4) Social proof. If she knows or thinks that you know people she knows or who know people she knows etc., you’re less of a stranger. But you probably can’t do this since you don’t actually go to school there lol

    Once you allow her to enter the inquisitive frame, anything you do that isn’t answering her questions will just make it look more and more like you have something to hide. I’ve run into girls who’ve told me they won’t meet up until they’ve seen my Facebook because they’ve run into guys who have wives/kids and I tell them “I don’t use Facebook” and we simply reached an impasse where I had to bail on the sarge because her rule was too strong in her mind, anything I did was looking more and more suspicious to her because of her past experiences, and I was communicating via text so I wasn’t in a position to build enough attraction to diffuse that (if she had asked me that stuff in person, I could use game to work around it, but it’s harder to build value from a deficit via text).

    I’ve fucked girls who have no idea what I do for a living, what my last name is, how old I am, etc. I had a fuckbuddy for like 8 months of bi-weekly banging who basically only knew my first name. None of that stuff is relevant to get the lay if your game is tight (either you can Attract hard and escalate fast, or build solid comfort/rapport, either way), and once you’ve gotten the lay she’ll hamster-rationalize away your flaws…because she only sleeps with high-quality men (in her mind), so if she slept with you, you must be high-quality otherwise she’d be a slut, so you must not be old, you must be mature, you must not be jobless you must be a free-spirit, etc. lol

    The jist of all of this is: feed her shit to keep her hamster busy (hard fast Attraction or lots of customized comfort/rapport) and escalate to the lay before the hamster settles down and starts digging for details.


    • on October 22, 2013 at 11:19 am Lucky White Male

      Well said as usual


      • on October 22, 2013 at 11:30 am Lucky White Male


        One other thing: can you enlighten me on – what is this thing with Twenty- something girls and whether a guy is married?

        My impression is that these girls think they are somehow entitled to have a perfect situation approach them – a Mr. Right neither married or even attached. My take is, maybe I still have some Gamma delusion going on, is that I am top 5 if not best offers they will ever get in their fucking life – whether I am married with kids, or in a LTR, or have 5 other girlfriends.

        The reaction I get is puzzling: these girls act pissed off and angry, and then if I pursue, they are trying to play the angle that I am a creepy stalker making then feel uncomfortable. This is about a good 50% -80% of mid twenties girls.

        I take it as: they are really actually “into” me but cannot accept the fact I’m married or otherwise involved

        So to assuage their egos, they rationalize it as – this creepy older guy is showing sexual interest in me. This is not all, but a good percentage. Meanwhile every single one of them are giving me IOI’s out the ass – and the existing guys they are hooking up with (I know first hand) legitimately could not hold a candle to me social status wise.

        These girls are not exactly hot for their present options : otherwise why would you be flirting with me?


      • Sounds to me that they like what they see initially, but you turn them off. Older guys need to be more alpha than younger guys. They tolerate n00bish beta behavior from younger guys, but they expect an older guy to be as suave as James Bond, and if he isn’t, they figure he’s a social reject who’s continuing to try and fail to get a woman.

        Also, it’s not clear to me if you’re saying that you’re divorced, or married and separated, but either way, divorced men have some of the worst game out there.


      • It’s possible you’re confusing politeness and friendliness with IOI’s.

        Liked by 1 person

      • on October 22, 2013 at 12:25 pm Lucky White Male

        Hair twirling when i’m talking, preening, lingering looks, the giggle when I am merely in their presence, the inevitable laugh after a cocky-funny line, looks out of corner of eye, innuendo about not being an ” open book just yet”, personal questions about me one after another, what my relationship with my mother is like, ” I wore my hair down for you today”,

        Textbook IOI’s

        The tide changes when they learn I’m involved , or, I actually pursue doing something with their obvious attraction


      • They are being playful and flirtatious. Enjoy it for what it is, and then go home to your wife.


      • on October 22, 2013 at 1:00 pm Lucky White Male

        They get angry because they think they are “above” being the third-wheel to a “taken” man.

        It seems like you are arguing hard for the Feminine Imperative here Lara. You want me to play by your female rules like a good little boy

        How old are you?


      • It’s our attraction to the unavailable. They flirt with you because you’re married and seemingly unavailable. You’re intriguing and a challenge.

        But then when you act available and interested… you lose the allure.


      • If they are 20 something and attractive, they actually do have a lot of options. Why would they settle for a married guy? Maybe they don’t want the bad karma.


      • My boyfriend told me he was married within 30 min of meeting him. Married is good. Don’t hide that stuff.

        I ask for last names early. I ask and I say “it’s so I can google stalk you.” If I am feeling flirtatious I might say “so I know what my son’s name will be when I go home and fantasize.” Goes like this-

        fem- “John what?”
        poor fellow- “Why?”
        fem- “so I know what my son’s name will be when I go home and fantasize.”
        poor felllow- “What? How about we have dessert before having children?.”*
        fem- “You look like a hunter. Maybe you are John Hunter”
        poor fellow- “It’s Davis.”
        fem “middle name?”
        poor fellow “Robert.”
        fem: “oh very nice. John Robert Davis II will be a good name for our son.”

        Fem talks like this on first dates.

        * a real comment a guy made to me against this line of inquiry.


      • on October 23, 2013 at 9:44 am Hugh G. Rection

        Very creepy, femx.


      • You might be the most awesome guy that has ever existed, but you’re off the table for them because YOU’RE MARRIED. And for some reason that is completely counter-productive to your efforts, you told them of your situation, and continued to try to seduce them, triggering massive ASD. You’re like defcon 2 on a 20-something’s creep-dar.


      • Plus, if you really are married, isn’t having sex with you your wife’s job?


      • on October 22, 2013 at 4:32 pm FuriousFerret

        Lara, Go to another blog. This obviously isn’t the one for you.

        You are looking for a trad con Christian blog apparently.


      • I’m just wondering how much an older, married man has to offer a woman in her prime. There isn’t any shortage of men looking for young women. We can afford to be selective.


      • She does have a point. If Lucky White Male is getting it regularly from his wife, why hit on other women?


      • I’m just wondering what advantages a married man offers over an unmarried one. If they are equal in other ways, I’d prefer the unmarried one.


      • on October 23, 2013 at 3:21 pm Hugh G. Rection

        The married man has to be discrete, which a slutty girl might appreciate, lest her sluttiness become a matter of public knowledge.


      • “what is this thing with Twenty- something girls and whether a guy is married?

        My impression is that these girls think they are somehow entitled to have a perfect situation approach them – a Mr. Right neither married or even attached.”

        Answered your own question. 🙂

        “My take is, maybe I still have some Gamma delusion going on, is that I am top 5 if not best offers they will ever get in their fucking life – whether I am married with kids, or in a LTR, or have 5 other girlfriends.”

        This is probably an accurate assessment. But you’re using logic, and girls make decisions based on emotion not logic. Essentially all they care about is that you being taken triggers their social conditioning and instincts to feel “icky” about it. It doesn’t matter how logically positive a net outcome being with you would result in. It’s the same mechanic that makes people not want to go to the dentist and risk feeling pain/fear/etc even tho logically going to the dentist is a beneficial thing. Your frustration is the same frustration the dentist feels when he has to remind you to come in for a check-up. “I’m trying to HELP you here, goddamnit. Quit making this difficult, can’t you see the net positive??”

        I can tell girls I have a GF and still bang them because I know how to diffuse the parts of my being taken that make them feel “icky”. I don’t hide having other girls, because being surprised to find that out makes them feel icky. Same time I don’t talk about other girls much because dwelling on it makes them feel icky. When I talk about relationships everything I say comes from the attitude that I view monogamy as silly and unnatural and that all I offer is casual no-strings fun and if it turns into more, cool, but I’m not actively looking for that, because all of that helps make it feel less icky to fuck me because she’s not doing anything “wrong” since in my frame/reality, it’s not wrong and what I feel she feels since women ping off their environment for how they should feel about things.

        I’ll also talk about how my girlfriend knows I fool around now and then and we have an open relationship and she’s alright with it. She doesn’t want to know the details but I’m allowed to have fun if I meet someone I have chemistry with etc etc. again this removes the “icky” factor because we’re not sneaking around and I’m removing worries about my GF being an angry psycho who will kill her etc. (some girls legit worry about this lol)

        Once I’ve disarmed all these “icky” points, there’s basically nothing left for her ASD to react to. I’ve removed all the red flags and he ASD basically goes “well shit, I got nothin’. I guess you might as well go ahead and fuck him”

        I also like to stress the hierarchy after the first lay, so that the girl understands my Primary GF is more important than her and that I love her etc. like so she knows she’s a Secondary. Women will accept this if your frame that its normal/okay is strong and if she’s attracted to you. They just want you to know with certainty where they stand. Like the Joker says “nobody panics when everything goes “according to plan” even if the plan is horrifying.”

        Girls have recommended restaurants to take my girlfriend to and wine to try with her etc while we’re cuddle-talking after banging. That was a mind-fuck at first lol but it’s logical. They respect me for having boundaries etc and because I treat my GF high-value by not talking bad about her (I’ve told girls who talk smack about her that they don’t get to talk like that about her or they can GTFO) and because I’m up front about everything etc.

        To be fair this doesn’t work on every girl. Some will simply not be able to be okay with it. But the % it works on is a LOT higher (50-70% probably) than I expected before I started trying it (I figured only like 10% would be okay with it). And I’m alright with it screening some girls out because it means the ones I do get won’t bring me much drama.

        “The reaction I get is puzzling: these girls act pissed off and angry,”

        They’re not mad because you’re taken, they’re mad because you don’t know how to make you being take not feel “icky” to them, so they want to bone you but your lack of diffusing their ASD/LMR/etc is preventing them from getting to bone you.

        This is similar to when a girl wants a guy to just “get it” that she likes him without her having to tell him. She gets frustrated because she likes him and wants him to know she likes him but she can’t expressly SAY she likes him because that triggers her ASD so she’s frustrated and mad at him for not “getting it” and making it happen.

        Understand that this isn’t their fault, they aren’t retarded and acting irrational. They are acting perfectly rational just like the girls in the OP’s question. The problem is that your game needs tweaking/work to diffuse this, just like the OP’s game needs work to diffuse his situ.


      • I can tell girls I have a GF and still bang them because I know how to diffuse the parts of my being taken that make them feel “icky”. I don’t hide having other girls, because being surprised to find that out makes them feel icky.

        Having a girlfriend is not the same thing as being married. A “girlfriend” could be some chick you go bang on weekends but otherwise have little to do with. But having a wife is a whole ‘nother ball game: he invested a lot of time, effort, and money in this one woman and they’re in a contract that, in theory, is supposed to last until one or the other dies. Totally different.


      • on October 22, 2013 at 6:03 pm Lucky White Male

        Thank you, great analysis. You are like a Svengali of Game – I dont know how you know all this shit

        So just to make clear – It seems like you think this kind of game IS doable even with twenties girls, but you need to remove the “ickiness” to it, correct?

        In comparison, I see that Jay below thinks “married man game” is basically complete non-starter. So I’m curious whether you agree or disagree with this


      • Quickly, our two comments are not incongruous. I’m just telling you that you will have to jump through mad fucking hoops needlessly if you run it the way you are now. Ya is a bit of a Svengali so he probably could do all these mental gymnastics with married man game, but my question is, why bother? When you can simply L I E. Three letters that have served me well throughout the years.

        “Just got out of a nasty divorce, yes I was rich but said I wasn’t free enough with giving her money…” (see: Lamborghini prank for instant DHV +1000) Particularly for a 20 something bitch in this uncertain economy where even a college degree still portends a dark and murky future, at best. All women react to cash so if you are the “catch of the century” your wealth should reflect this. If not, I’m not sure what you bring to the table to make you “is that I am top 5 if not best offers they will ever get in their fucking life –”

        Money talks, bullshit walks. Ya won’t agree but he just wants to hypnotize chicks into fucking and he is probably good at it based on his posts but not everyone has that ability. What DOES work even if you never have to produce a single dime is the promise of never having to work for a living. No women can resist this, even the rather wealthy attractive but utterly combative lawyer cunt. Because she wants a man who is as successful as she. Your game for her and the bimbo 20 something is no different. “I stack paper.” — Pavlov’s dog, but the salivating will be from the panties not the mouth. Pump and dump in both cases, and move the fuck on.


      • “I’m curious whether you agree or disagree with this”

        I agree it’s a thousand times more difficult with “marriage” than with other arrangements, but the principle/concept still holds: ie – if you can remove the “icky” factor for the girl, she’ll be okay with it.

        The problem here, which I agree with, is that like someone said the 20s-something’s still have the romantic Disney view of marriage that 30+yo’s with more life experience don’t, so the married label carries a thousand times more “icky” factor to them that you would have to diffuse…to the point where it could be either too difficult or feel like too much work for you to diffuse, or she may not give you enough of an opportunity TO diffuse it because of it triggering too much “icky” feeling.

        BUT, it’s not impossible. That part I disagree with. Your options are basically:

        1) figure out how to massively diffuse the defcon 2. It’d take a shitload of frame control and practice and choosing the right words and shit to learn how to calibrate presenting your situation but its possible…you won’t get 100% of the girls obviously but you could probably increase your success rate from 0% to 10-20%. To contrast, if you were just “in a relationship” this could get you 50-70%.

        2) screen hard for girls who’s “icky” reflex isn’t triggered at defcon 2, like girls who don’t believe in marriage or who have had LTRs go sour or who get off on “being bad” or who are in shitty relationships etc. before mentioning it. These chicks are out there, but they’re probably going to be headcases in general so keep them at arm’s length. Again this is like a 10% thing and if you were just “in a relationship” you’d get more of a 30-50% rate with this (most chicks need some convincing).

        3) tell the truth sarcastically lol this a little sneaky but you can agree & amplify and exaggerate shit so that it sounds silly. Like “oh you wouldn’t want me, I’m obviously married with a kids and cheating on my wife. I mean I’m an older man so clearly I have a ton of baggage and drama. My wife and kids are hiding in a bush watching us right now as I destroy their lives and our happy home. I want a dozen more kids but my wife doesn’t put out because I’m fat and ugly and hideous so I need you to be my second wife and pop out babies for me. We’ll all live together like a reality TV show.” and just keep making it worse and worse but technically admitting truth that she doesn’t realize is true, and then when you bang her and she eventually realizes you’re married you can say “ya I told you at the start duh” and cross your fingers that you’ve built enough attraction with her and can minimize the blowout enough that you can chill her out about it. This is pretty underhanded and will probably lead to drama. Girls sometimes ask me if I’m married because I’m clearly in my 30s and I use agree/amplify like this to neutralize it, but it works for me because I’m congruent to not being married (ie – there’s no sub-communications that I’m hiding something) and there’s no “surprise, I wasn’t kidding!” reveal at the end so I don’t get drama from it.

        4) lie. Don’t use the words marriage/married/wife, don’t wear your ring, don’t admit to it, sneak around, say you have a GF not a wife, don’t ever let them know the truth. This is probably the highest % play, but it comes with the most drama because if she DOES figure it out she’ll feel massively betrayed and used and like you’re a scumbag and you could end up with her telling your wife etc. to me this isnt worth the possible consequences.

        5) omit telling her about it or lie, and simply go for the quick ONS followed by never seeing or talking to her again. Pretend to be on vacation or like you travel for business and can’t actually date etc so you disqualify yourself from building any kind of bond with her where she’d start digging for more info on you.

        6) work on your Attraction game till its SO tight and involves so many fast Buying Temp spikes and an emotional rollercoasters and shiny objects and shit and escalate so fast that she doesn’t have time to think and just goes with her emotions in the moment. Watch some in-field footage by the guys at RSD for their style of game, where it’s fast and in-her-face and cuts the space and escalates quick etc. VS classic Mystery Method game where you invest in a few hours of comfort or go on a Day 2 etc and she has time to get curious. If you do this tho, and she finds out after the lay that you’re married, you’ll have to minimize the blowout and chill her out…you’ll have her “i want to rationalize away this guy’s faults” hamster slightly leaning toward your side because your dick was in her, but it’ll be a super volatile situation that’s likely to blow up in your face.

        So like I say the principle is the same: “remove the “icky” and she’ll fuck you”, but I agree that actual marriage triggers a LOT of “icky”. You handicapped yourself by getting married so you put the game on Expert mode lol

        But no, I wouldn’t say it’s impossible. You can transport nitro-glycerin, it’s just a lot harder to transport than water.

        Also “marriage” is the only one that I would say is a problem. Being divorced = no big deal cause maybe that wasn’t your fault maybe you married a shitty chick. Hell these days they may have a mid-20s friend who’s divorced already. Also having a kid = no big deal. Same thing, they probably have friends with kids already.

        That said, divorce/kids aren’t things you need to bring up before sex because neither of those mean you’re not single. A legit marriage is something you’d probably want to either air before sex or never ever admit to ever, just because banging her then turning out to be married will trigger all sorts of sleazeball triggers and Buyer’s Remorse and shit which can bring drama to your life.

        At the end of the day, the only reason you’re having these conversations about your life is because you’re giving them time to think or allowing the frame of that stuff to happen. ie – if you ran tighter Attraction game and escalated faster, to where she doesn’t have time to ask a lot of questions, you could bypass all of this. The problem there is that after the emotional high wears off she’ll start asking questions and then you have a high risk of drama. That doesn’t mean that running fast Attract game is the way to go, I’m just saying the logic under this all is consistent.


      • A buddy if mine goes as far as to call his girls: side chicks and bottom bitches to their faces


      • My experience has been that “married man game” is a complete non-starter on 20 something chicks. They still have some vague notion of the sanctity of marriage and their white knight riding up, etc. So you look like a black knight disgusting creeper unfaithful cocksmoker of a cad. Their delicately imagined bubble world is perforated most thoroughly by your very existence. I’d recommend you LIE you ass off per #3 above in Ya Really’s approach options. In fact… #3 is my only game. The rest leave too many variables. Fake it ’til you make it because like Ya said, once you have her in your frame and into you- most transgressions will be conveniently hamstered away.

        Now 30 something women– different animal. They are no strangers to the utterly cruel nature of existence itself and usually have had their false sense of righteousness and morality peeled away by then. They probably have been on the initiating end of extramarital affairs, and are facing the soul crushing reality of Wall Death at age 40, so the fact that you haven’t been cast aside in a no fault divorce means you must REALLY be valuable.


      • To expand, and I’m quite sure we haven’t met at Milano, to 50% of the 20-somethings, a married man is Daddy. They don’t want to have drinks with Daddy.

        It’s the other 50% (the girls of divorce) who have a Daddy thing going on. It would be easier if they would wear nametags identifying their “No Daddy Erotica” and “Daddy Erotica” preferences.

        I’m not married so I just say hello to all of them.


      • +1.

        Having a GF != being MARRIED. It’s like renting an apartment versus owning a house.


      • I was 26 when I met my married boyfriend. For a guy I think it’s good to be married if your identity is otherwise non conformist. Like being a married banker is worse than being a single banker. A married banker is like a sleazy dude looking for an affair. But being a married surfer or a married sculptor is good, possibly better than being a single version of those things. Marriage sort of gives you credibility. Like you have a career that does not in itself imply stability or the ability to get by in mainstream society, but being married and a homeowner sort of shows that you don’t need to be on the margins. It shows you have aspects of stability in addition to being a creative or non conformist type.


      • Like being a married banker is worse than being a single banker. A married banker is like a sleazy dude looking for an affair. For a guy I think it’s good to be married if your identity is otherwise non conformist.

        To rehash a recent post— you seem confused as most women are who don’t have a fucking clue about what they want.

        Let me regurgitate for you– 1) Being “the other woman” is ok. I’m willing to take sloppy seconds after he has busted in his wife. I have every reason to believe you boyfriend is European, am I wrong?

        2) You don’t date / fuck an uber-patriarchal “married banker” congrats!

        3) Surfers and sculptors generally are both artists and idealist / dreamers with no clear way to alpha. They produce nothing of value in any time or place in history. They are living in a fantasy world. Particular the surfer. Artists can at least cut their ears off and try to equate relative value, post mortem.

        4) “Marriage sort of gives you credibility. It shows you have aspects of stability in addition to being a creative or non conformist type.”

        FemX— take this in the only way I can ever speak— RealTalk™ you are a fairly intelligent brown chick with a body to die for, but your brain still suffers from the Hamster. You are, was, and always will be the “other woman”. From the neck down he knows you B U R Y his wife, period. From the neck up, there is still something there. Maybe guilt, maybe a beautiful European girl’s face? I dunno… and don’t care. He will fuck babies into her and you will grow old and childless.

        I once knew a very successful Persian womanizer who had this same scenario. His wife was very feminine supplicating and loyal to a fault. His girlfriend was a bad ass trollop. He had a mistress and a wife for 2 decades. At the end of the day, guess who won? Ya feel me? Send me some naked selfies and like CH I -might- consider adding you to my harem. For men with options and means, it is all you got.


      • on October 22, 2013 at 2:51 pm Toffee Hammer

        Married men cause a slut-shield to raise at lightning speed. There aren’t many things left to slut-shame about; getting caught having sex with a married man is one of them.

        Meanwhile, the preselection is high. They’d sleep with you if there were some way they could guarantee they’d never get caught.


    • OP is playing mysterious stranger game in an environment where the girls are submerged in social circle game so he’s triggering red flags.

      They’re literally living day-to-day at college in a “do you know this James guy I met at a party?” “James Jones? Ya he’s my roomie’s brother’s friend’s ex, he’s an asshole you should stay away from him, I have him on Facebook here’s his profile” environment. Like that’s their world right now.

      She’s going to snoop the fuck out of him with his last name, of course. Because she wants to know who this guy is…make sure he goes to school there, see if he’s dated any of her friends, make sure he isn’t married if he’s clearly an older guy, make sure he doesn’t club baby seals for a living or run a PUA blog, etc.


      I’ve found that for some reason, friending on Facebook can make girls more comfortable and at ease with you. Note that I keep my own Facebook completely clear of politically-charged topics, unlike a few people I know who vomit all their (usually liberal) feelings and thoughts about this or that. Facebook is only for stupid social shit. If you take that attitude, nobody (girls or employers) should be able to DQ you due to your public dossier.

      And I hardly ever post anything on it anyway. I don’t keep the Facebook chat open either. I also closed FB completely during the summer when nothing was going on. It is really handy for getting invites to stuff, and it cuts down on the problem of being too mysterious which can make girls feel uneasy about you. And you can still keep mystery by simply not posting status updates, except perhaps for major life events. Also, let girls tag you in photos. And if you put up your own photos, remember that dudes take pictures of cool things and places, not people. Chicks photograph people.


      • Facebook is only for stupid social shit.

        I find more and more you are like my doppleganger in your thought patterns. I had to get my dick burned off basically on this issue and then learned to adjust quite quickly.

        Talking about politics or true issues on Facebook is like explaining particle physics at the special olympics basically. And I am -not- exaggerating at all.
        LOLCatz, recipes, stupid ass pics of you kids no one cares about, “I dare you to repost this if you care about (insert cause here)”, etc etc. ad nauseaum.

        What I have now realized is, that if you wanted to remake A Clockwork Orange for the 21st century it would be much easier. Instead of the toothpick propped up eyelids and sleep deprivation to watch egregious acts of violence and depravity you would simply do the same but put ol’ Malcolm up to a HDTV with a constant real time feed of 24×7 status updates. Problem solved.


      • I wasn’t thinking so much for torture purposes, but rather to bore anybody who tries to snoop on you. “Yawwwn… nothing here…”


      • No, you don’t want to bore them. Your wall and the likes and comments you got should be a DHV. Your sense of humor, sense of style, your emotional IQ are all on display. You can keep it minimal of course to be alpha. You don’t want anything beta or inane like a “I dare you to post this if you care about cause x”.

        I’ve found the main problem is just how stupid many of your prospects will be by comparison. Many over 22 will fail to provide decent photos of their butts. They may post the inane stuff I advised above not to post yourself. Too many reveal in their walls and photo albums that they are too experienced for me. Drunk shots in night clubs are all too common.

        They will often also fail to like or comment on anything on your wall, showing that they haven’t read it. This is often because women 18-21 can be incredibly self-centered. Then you’re supposed to date them seriously despite clear proof that they didn’t read anything you posted? Good advice is to take this selfish behavior as a green light to pump and dump.


      • They will often also fail to like or comment on anything on your wall, showing that they haven’t read it.

        Yeah, I don’t really like that. Although, I’ve had girls who “liked” everything on my timeline, even from a couple years ago, which weirds me out and makes me kick ’em away.


      • I use facebook to tell people when I’ve taken a satisfying shit. That’s about all it’s good for as far as I can tell.


  19. Just say your name is Kuntenbanger. It’s German dont’cha know?

    Or, “I don’t like to give that out. I have warrants.”

    She sounds like a load of laughs.

    Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to realize in mid conversation that the person you’re dealing with is a horrible wretch, and while it’s fine to have pity on such people, if they persist in vomiting up their oddities upon your shoe, turn the conversation into a game for your amusement. Have a laugh. Cat playing with mouse.


    • I think making a joke out of it initially is fun. Ask her to guess your name, give her hints, etc. I think there may be some sort of unspoken rule about no last names on a first date when you’re just meeting for a bit in person to see if you like each other, but, after that, you really should know the name of the person you’re involved with. To make an analogy, it’d be like asking a man to go out with a woman whose picture he hadn’t seen. Each side would feel like the other was hiding something, even if they weren’t.


      • There’s also unspoken rules about no Ex’s, no medical details, no kids, no divorces, no incomes, none of the heavy shit on first dates.
        Sadly, women do not seem to know these rules.
        I’m not their pharmacist, doctor, lawyer, counselor or broker, for fuck’s sake.


      • I had a first ‘date’ where I was asked in the first half hour:

        About my car and potential other cars I own.
        Where my offices are.
        If I wore suits for business.
        What size house I have.
        Couple other odds and ends of that nature.


        I was laughing the whole time. I never gave a straight answer much to her annoyance. She never seemed to catch on that I knew what she was up to. I guess her areas of interest in “getting to know me” were perfectly normal to her. People are funny and fun.



      • “I had a first ‘date’ where I was asked in the first half hour:”

        This happened because you let her control the conversation/frame. It’s the same way women screen men out based on their watch or shoes or if their belt matches their socks…be more emotionally captivating to her and lead the interaction and you won’t end up in these situs.


      • “This happened because you let her control the conversation/frame.”

        That is certainly a possibility. Or, it’s possible that she didn’t dig me, sniffle, it happens, rarely – but it does.

        Or she’s a social retard without manners. Having been present I’m really leaning towards the social retard theory with a dose of baby rabies attached to a stable provider heat seeking warhead for this one. I certainly note your advice and I can always improve in the area you mention.

        No biggie. She wasn’t for me nor I for her. I’m sure she’ll make some poor guy a nice second wife. (Gag.)


      • I had men ask/tell me about those things on first dates. I think it pretty much guarantees there won’t be a second date. I would just sort of inwardly sigh and be like, well, this person is not really ready to date, so I guess I go into helpful listener mode. I specifically remember a date with a man whose daughter was an alcoholic. This was not the man of my dreams or anything, so, I figured, I’m more help to this person sharing experiences for a few hours than anything else. I also remember thinking that if I was going to be dating in the future I would have to learn a way to politely nip these kind of conversations in the bud.


      • on October 23, 2013 at 8:57 am Jack the Ripper

        I just tell them I’m a cut above the rest.


  20. Despite your views on marriage as a deal for men, you should enjoy ripping apart this piece of Cathedral garbage:


    • on October 22, 2013 at 2:54 pm Toffee Hammer

      #5 is cogent: “We’re at liberty to break up in an instant if things become unbearable. What sweet, paradoxically empowering knowledge this is! During our saddest, ugliest, most hopeless moments, I have taken comfort in this fact, which has given me the willingness to re-dedicate myself to us.”

      Ding ding ding!


    • What the heck is wrong with any of that? She’s right.


  21. “Every other man has his eyes glued to an iPhone”


    Sometimes I think that dudes are hitting on women during the day like we are. But this sentence reminds me of the reality that most people are too afraid to say hello.

    What I’ve found is that by frequenting the coffees shops near your place you will start seeing the same people. I’ve become mister popular at these places as the staff now know me by name. Just keep working on the social skills.


  22. perhaps he taught at a clown college. or worked at a male rights nonprofit. dang, i can’t think of any disqualifying occupation. was he a female impersonator?


  23. I don’t understand how some guys perceive a mission of day game is to get the number and bounce.

    Why not use the occasion of you gaming her to have that first encounter to be your first date?

    Get the number and bounce is silly to me…


    • on October 22, 2013 at 12:32 pm The Burninator

      That I agree with. If it’s on the street and you’ve built some conversation of fun with her, ask her to the corner coffee store. Ta da. Now that this is out of the way, by all means, feed her hamster since it’s a “first date” of sorts.


      • Because chances are if she’s walking around outside, she has somewhere to be. Highly unlikely that someone is just meandering around improvising her plans for the next couple hours.


  24. Her: How old are you?
    Him: Oooold.
    Her: How old?
    Him: Well, I got my start as a Roman Legionnaire. (pause) For reals.


    • on October 22, 2013 at 1:08 pm The Burninator

      Funny! But, a minor problem. We’re surrounded by historically illiterate dillweeds. Nothing makes a good joke fall flat faster than having to explain it to somebody. heh

      Personally I’d love it if I could crank up the intelligence level of witty discourse to Dennis Miller rank or above, but these days most people find references to Spongebob Squarepants as almost too sophisticated. Dare to bring up something even mildly intellectual and you’re given blank, confused stares.

      But, that’s a good line, if I happen to run into a chick who displays intelligence higher than bat guano I may swipe it from you! Big if there, btw.


    • I like this just fine. Here’s the trick: when it goes over her head, laugh at her as though she were stupid. If you’ve done it right, she will feel stupid, and she will realize and VALUE the fact that you are smart.

      If you pull that Jon Favreau “Swingers” shit, you just come off as tryhard. Treat her non-laughter as a shit test.

      You: Got my start as a roman legionnaire (pause) (also, say nothing after the pause)
      Hot-21-y/o-dummy: Ummmmmmmmmm……okay
      You: Oh sorry (as if realizing you are dealing with a slow child), I mean my friend sat on a whoopie cushion then slipped on a banana peel then ended up legitimately farting from the shock of it all.

      You’ll know you’re doing it right when, during the course of the interaction, she’ll say something like ‘well, I mean, just cause you’re smarter than everyone else doesn’t mean you have to be rude about it.’ Trust. Shit like that is good, esp when she’s still talking to you. Also, comments like that (about any awesome attribute you have that you’re making her value) are shit tests.


  25. o/t, not sure if it got through last time.

    Man accused of throwing girlfriend to death from 15th floor balcony is accompanied to court by new girlfriend.


    • And like moth’s to a flame, the next hottie lines up to date the charismatic handsome murderer…

      Though what he pitched off the side was vastly superior to the 2nd stringer he has now.


  26. Twitter Update had this older post from CH:

    CH concludes post with this comment: “In a future post I will explain why intelligent men need to learn game and start marrying and having kids with dumber but hotter chicks in order to save Western civilization. Not joking.”

    Can you tell me if/where this post appeared?


  27. “Say my name”



    • Are you sure?


      • Which would be lost on 99.999% of vapid American broads. The one one thousandth of a percentile left may be the sort of nerdy cute chick from the physics department that is already elbow deep in beta herbs. Go rescue her!


      • Hm- not many “Breaking Bad” fans here I see


      • CH is clearly a fan since we have a reference but I’ve been busily reading advanced theoretical physics books attempting to find a way to create a quantum entangled message sent back to 1965 which would tell them that Heisenberg was right and that the MOMENTUM of the so called Civil Rights act is not as important as the position of the movement in any future timeline.

        I got C’s in physics mostly, never claimed to be a genius in all realms, but I did learn much about kinetic energy which has many real world applications in particular vocations.


      • Jay, you can’t go back in time. The moment you will, you’ll create a parallel universe. Any alternation will create a new reality, since past, present, and future, exist simultaneously and already exist and have already happened. Our reality, is just reaching us now. Same thing will happen if we go forward in time – a new reality will be created in a parallel universe, not this one. So none of your messages will reach anyone in this universe.

        Then you’ll ask, how do we have free will then? Because what we choose now, is how that future that already exists is written. All possible outcomes are open before us, and we have to choose. We are making that choice in the present, but someone with a larger scope of view can see what we have chosen way into the future. No one has this power, just the creator of time, if he exists.


      • ask the cat; he’s in that box


  28. on October 22, 2013 at 1:43 pm Greatest Beta

    Watch yer gfs fellas

    At the gym today doing crunches I make fun of the girl hb6 next to me we start chit chat says her bf surprised her took her to weekend getaway we continue chit chat she runs to her car gives me her card says to visit her at the smoothie place she works at.

    Just testing hb6 reactions to my flirting fucking fuck these hypergamous creatures will dispel any “commitment” the moment a sexy man gives them sober attention.

    Guard yer wimmin


  29. If you are significantly older than the girl, girl will want to qualify you. Some girls asked my surname, “After why are you asking”, I just gave her and said that “hope you will not do anything bad on the date”.


  30. Great info here. I can recommend the apocalypse opener, google it. Very powerful.



  31. Considering this is the age of of women getting pregnant just to collect child support, no guy should give his last name out to a girl he plans to pump and dump. In fact one should carry a fake id as self protection. It’s not illegal as long as you don’t show it to the police

    So in answer to the OP, lie.


  32. lol Americans are so formal. This sounds like she is trying to qualify him for a job interview, not a potential suitor.


    • I didn’t think of this earlier….. If I’m going to ask a man his last name it will be a little bit later, maybe after we have been out at least a few times. Perhaps because I will be fantasizing about what my last name will be if we marry. hahahaha. Maybe she liked him so much at first sight and got excited…and just wanted to know for this reason.


      • Unless the dude is 6’4, 10 years younger than she is, looks like Tatum Channing and drives a Lambo, she did NOT ask him his last name because she wants to marry him.
        Pretty much every conversation with an American woman is like a job interview these days.
        One time, I made the mistake of going to a ‘speed dating’ event, by invitation, for ‘professionals’ – their definition, not mine.
        Present: 2 women, 1 attractive but married hostess, 7 guys (including myself). Comparing notes with some of the guys afterwards, the 2 ‘ladies’ basically asked everyone how much he made and left, disappointed over not having found Donald Trump Jr.
        One example of thousands.
        If I’d have known this, I might have stayed in Europe.


      • “Pretty much every conversation with an American woman is like a job interview these days.”

        Control the frame:

        Fuck, it’s like you guys get the girl out or approach her and then stand there waiting for her to pick herself up for you while you ask “so uhh what do you want to talk about?”

        Be more engaging. Lead the interaction. TAKE it somewhere, don’t sit there letting her rattle off job interview questions. Change her emotions, change her mood, change the frame, and lead it toward the lay.

        You guys are catching the football and then standing around waiting for the touchdown line to come to you, and surprised/annoyed that the other team tackles you. Run with that shit, get active, take charge, make her react to you instead of you reacting to her.


    • If by “formal” you mean militant and utterly combative, yes. The closer you get to the Northeast in any major city the worse this becomes. Also be sure to multiply by a factor of 3 if you are on or near a law school campus of any sort.


  33. Oh yea, and have fake facebook profiles. My friend makes up a facebook profile every time he goes to a new city. This way when the girls google him, he appears local to the area. It’s the new fake social id


  34. on October 22, 2013 at 2:46 pm Amos & Gromar

    Me: “I’m not gonna tell you my name.”
    Her: “Why?”
    Me: “So if we have a baby, you can’t find me.”


  35. What do you have to hide?

    That’s my first question? What are you ashamed of? Sex with a billy goat, as a child? Got busted by the farmer who owns the goat and made to take special-problem classes?

    Have no facebook! That’s for fags anyway!

    Have nothing online, with your pic or name on it.

    Then, she can search all she likes and the only thing she will find is a schoolteacher in Toledo who is 25 years older than you are!


  36. “My last name?”

    “Don’t worry, you won’t find me in any sex-offender registry! And, in bed, you’ll be getting your ass paddled, but you will definitely arrive home safe and sound! That much is certain!”

    “So, don’t spend all morning searching google, hoping to learn some details about my life! Just come and ask! I’ll tell you what I think you deserve to know!”

    “So, what else are you worried about? Are you wondering if you’re just going to be pumped and dumped, is that it? Maybe, you felt something more, and wanted to know how to make it last for a while? Is that what you’re wondering?”


  37. Her: what’s your last name?
    U: o great nother gold diggr
    Her: …
    U: wan chill or what
    Her: affirmative

    Call her when u rdy to go lunch. She’ll b more likely to pay


    • If you really want to play this Clark Rockefeller game (pretending to be wealthy and protecting the family name), there’s a better way.

      But beware, because you won’t have the proof when she starts digging around…

      Her: what’s your last name?
      You: let’s talk about that when we get together. Sometimes it gives people a prejudged idea.
      Her: how so? (blah blah blah)
      You: people have a preconceived idea of who I am from seeing the name in the news and at events, but I’m a person, not just a member of my family
      Her: oh okay I totally understand. we can do that. blah blah


  38. Don’t want to tell her your name? Easy. Use the “We’re you raised in a barn?” dodge. If she insists give her a false name.

    “Whatever. I’m John Boombachi.”


  39. Her: “Sorry that’s not happening. You randomly walk up to me but won’t tell me who you are. I don’t play that way”

    I’ve got zero game, but at this point why not just let her go and calmly give her an ultimatum and walk?:

    “ive got 50 other women lining up to see me i dont have time for this kthxbye”

    And then you genuinely walk away fully not giving a shit. I’m an older virgin, but there have been many times in my life where during any type of negotiation/power struggle if I get pissed off enough I immediately and legitimately lose interest and walk.


    • Yeah, sounds like that’s really working out for you.


      • i don’t hit on anybody, game girls, date, or have sex. doesn’t mean whatever i say is automatically wrong. critique what i say instead of using ad hominems.


      • Your suggested response to the girl comes off as whiny, lying, needy, and try-hard.

        Think about it — would a guy who truly has 50 other women bother with getting angry at one girl who’s being a minor pain in the butt?

        Like Heartiste said, the guy would either have a fun flirty line, or cut conversation, or mildly express puzzlement.

        When a girl is being difficult – but not a ridiculous bitch – a seducer knows how to gently flip her behavior until he gets what he wants.


  40. “Fuck me, talk about socially retarded.”

    I kinda like Patrice’ too: “I don’t have time for this crap.”

    An aside: Interesting the amount of hamsterbation going on in here from the women commentors. Their drivel and nonsense is starting to get to me though.


  41. i personally* would just act shocked and insulted and say something like “Holy shit. You JUST met me and you’re demanding to know my last name. I can’t believe you’re that rude.”

    when I can get a girl engaged in a conversation, I like to do something along those lines. I don’t know all the pua lingo but it’s like a neg. Bait her into saying something that you can use and then twist it around.
    Start talking about bad neighborhoods and the moment she says the word “black” call her a racist.
    Start talking about jobs and if she says something related to salary or benefits at your job, call her rude for asking how much money you earn.
    If you are a skilled conversationalist/actor/psychopath you can even make up rules of etiquette for her to violate and it still works: “WTF. are you seriously eating your salad with a shrimp fork?”

    it works because almost everyone (except for the top alphas and the lowest assburger omegas**) goes out of their way to NOT call people out for making a social faux pas ESPECIALLY when it’s a hot girl who makes a mistake. when I do precisely that it demonstrates my higher value, better social skills, and abundance mentality, while also knocking her down a peg. And it gets her in a submissive mindset of trying to keep me happy. Just don’t go too harsh for too long. push and pull.

    *The troll discussd in the OP must stink of discongruity if chicks really are demanding his last name like that. His real error probably relates to coming in hot spitting PUA game that doesn’t match his awkward non-verbal actions and attitude. ends up looking like a creepy stalker.
    **don’t try this if women ever perceive you as creepy. this is a way to demonstrate that you aren’t just a normal dude but one with the kind of alpha juice that lets you be a dick without repercussion.


  42. on October 22, 2013 at 10:42 pm Lysander Spooner

    New BOTM candidate: Kanye West. “PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!” to a 33-year-old fattie on the scoreboard at AT&T Park. Dafuq?


  43. YaReally, I’ve been reading more of your posts/blog and you’re a super smart motherfucker and in some ways protective of us nerds and betas at the same time. You give your knowledge away like it’s nothing.

    For some of us betas/omegas, it’s all we have. I wish I had a protective dad/male role model like you growing up.


    • on October 23, 2013 at 1:55 am Maniac from a High School Playground

      “YaReally, I’ve been reading more of your posts/blog and you’re a super smart motherfucker and in some ways protective of us nerds and betas at the same time. You give your knowledge away like it’s nothing.”

      Nothing’s free. The guy is a propaganda shill for commercial PUA company.

      And, “Really”, aren’t you tired of toting yer own horn man?


      • You do have to wonder about someone who describes himself as a gung-ho chick magnet who effortlessly pulls 20-year old 10’s in his bald, fug 5’2 50’s, yet spends an AWFUL lot of time posting mega-long ‘Game’ missives and one PUA video after another online, which generally does not bode well for any kind of social life.


      • Nonsense.

        YaReally basically describes himself as ‘the hardest working man in PUA-dom.’

        It’s clear he puts in a shit-ton of work. And after a couple years of it, he’s internalized the behavior and strategy and gets solid results.

        But being able to pull younger 8s or 8.5s, in a repeatable way, is NOT “effortlessy pulling 20-year old 10’s”.

        Also, he’s not going out *every* night. How much sex and how many women can one man have in rotation?

        Clearly, for him it’s a hobby that he likes to practice *and* talk about. Spending 4 minutes each to type up a few long responses on a subject he cares about? I think you’re mis-portraying that as some sort of “AWFUL lot of time…missive”.

        Instead of watching TV for hours each day, in the way most fat American men do, he uses some of the time to read and post.


      • Never seen him link to or promote and PUA company here. Embellishment may be part of his shtick but most alphas generally toot their own horn. I’ve read enough of his shit now to know that if he is a phony he is epically good at being one because he has mastery of the subject matter. From the perspective of a Patrice even if “Ya” himself is an illusion the advice is rock solid. Just my unsolicited .02….


      • on October 23, 2013 at 10:48 am Pervert From a High School Playground

        He really is good, but he is still a marketing shill for a long-standing commercial PUA enterprise. He doesn’t have to direct link to anything; the proof is in how and where his content (mentions) skews. Speaking of which, ya all realize that this blog was also purchased by the same company? Nothing is by accident.


      • ooooo, my lover avd is back with his conspiracy theories about RSD buying the Chateau and master-minding the destruction of the Manosphere. I forget if I’m supposed to be Tyler or one of his brainwashed minions, which was it again? Am I also CH? lol We missed you.

        As I’ve said before, and I’m only qualifying myself here ’cause I plan to link to this post when this “how does YaReally post so much if he’s supposed to be this super pimp?!??!” nonsense comes up in the future from haters again:

        – I only promote RSD because they have the most content out that covers the most topics and their videos are the best explanations/breakdowns of concepts…most other companies are still teaching old-school game and wearing eyeliner and black nailpolish and shit

        – Writing about game and helping guys is a hobby for me because some very generous guys in the PUA community helped me out of the kindness of their hearts back in the day so I know first-hand that it can make a big difference to men trying to fix their lives. I also love the psychology involved in pickup/social dynamics. It’s like a chess nerd who likes analyzing chess games, I think it’s fascinating that human interactions can be broken down into highly consistent patterns of behavior.

        – Because this is a hobby, I specifically make time for it. While you play X-Box, watch movies, surf YouTube, practice the guitar, hit the gym, play golf, study, or do some other hobby, I write.

        – I have solid time-management skills (from juggling the double life of learning PUA and having a full-time job back in the day actually) and a very lax desk-job where I work my own hours. My weekly schedule is pretty strictly divided up into work time, writing time, going out to bars time (weekends only right now), and sexxin-time (specific times of the day on specific days of the week that don’t interfere with other shit) I’m also shifting focus to my work/finances for the winter because I feel like it’s time to get that part of my life handled.

        – I don’t go on dates anymore, I just go for the same-night lay on the weekends and sometimes turn those into fuckbuddies, or if I have to go for a # I build enough comfort/rapport via text messages to set up a fuckbuddy arrangement ASAP so I don’t have to waste half my week going on multiple gay dinner-dates with girls. I actually did that shit for a while when I was starting out but my game is more efficient now and I’m focusing more on work than women right now so I just don’t want to waste time going for dinner

        – Right now I have a Primary GF I see once a week who knows I fool around on the side, and I recently ditched my 2 main Secondaries because one of them brought me too much drama and the other was cool but I feel like I’ve gotten too lazy/passive in the field lately so I wanted to burn my ships Viking style so that I can get my infield skills back up to par for next summer. Plus fuckbuddies can be a pain during the winter season where you have Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day and Easter all in a row…the girls tend to get attached because most of those holidays re-enforce that they’re alone (family questioning why they don’t have a BF yet at turkey-dinner and xmas, no one to kiss on New Years, no romantic gestures on V-Day, more questioning by her family about why she’s going to be a lonely cat-lady on Easter, etc.) and they end up pushing for relationships and it’s a pain in the ass to deal with that lol

        – I juggle a variety of social circles because I get along with everyone, but they all know I’m a “bar star” and that they’re basically only going to see me on the weekends. In the summer I make more time for general hanging out, but they know that I’d rather catch up over drinks at a Friday Happy Hour than chill in a basement playing X-Box together on a Tuesday night. I also have a core group of very solid friends (mostly non-pickup-related friends) that I go way back with and that I talk to daily.

        – I’m a completely average looking dude (with amazing hair, no balding sorry lol) with a bit of a beer belly. I get better-than-average (and better than anyone who knew me could have ever imagined when I was an AFC, and better than more handsome guys who meet me expect me to get lol) results, but I also spend a lot of my gaming time fucking around and trying new things out instead of just going for a high lay-count because messing with new techniques and pushing boundaries is fun to me…I know I can get laid when I need to, so I don’t care if I lose some sets trying stuff out ’cause I like game as an art-form, not just as a way to get pussy. I’d also rather go for a hotter chick in a harder set where I know I’ll probably get blown out and go home solo, than take the easy ugly/average girl guaranteed lay, just based on my own personal standards

        So I’m not claiming to be a superhero. There are lots of guys who get laid more than me…but my lays are generally smoother/faster and more efficient than theirs because I’m more consciously aware of the game, and I handle obstacles/logistics/etc. better than most guys do because I spend more time infield in a year than the average “go out twice a month” guy does in like 5 years lol My reflexes are sharper, my skills are more flexible, and I’ve dealt with and purposely put myself in a bigger variety of situations than most guys

        – All of my advice holds up infield. Even if I was completely full of shit about my lifestyle, the knowledge bombs I’m dropping would still be blasting truth shrapnel in people’s faces. Go out enough, push your game/skills enough, and you’ll see for yourself

        Now that all that qualification is out of the way, it’s time for me to go get some work done. 🙂


  44. on October 23, 2013 at 2:32 am Greatest Beta

    Field report:

    Went out alone tonight. Picked up 2 girls. Worked them for 90 mins, seperated the 7 from the 6. Took the 7 to a bar with live band. Hard kino and even got some make out…going well then I get AMOGd by some punk 25 yr old. Straight jacked her from me…so pissed but that’s the game from 23 yr hb7.

    He tried to shake my hand after AMOG me I said “fuck you for the cockblock” and took off. Watching her take pics with this guy and give her number to him was enough for me to say late.

    This was cold approach 3 hours of work plus drinks and make outs I was so sure of the close but the AMOG got me. First time this has ever happened to me…first for everything. I pulled all stops but there was no stopping it this guy connected with her in a way that I couldn’t.

    Not bad for a night out alone


    • on October 23, 2013 at 4:14 am Pervert From a High School Playground

      You bore stinging witness to a hypergamy in action.

      But you’re also at fault for believing that you’re unique snowflake.

      Even more so for believing that the night was still a partial success.

      That’s why all males are always losers when compared to young, attractive females. All this obsessive over-scheming and hyper-analysis on our part clearly shows who’s more important gender.

      Hence, the MGTOW exists precisely because deriving life’s identity from getting a “success/fail” with a random pre-programmed hypergamous machine (aka “slut”) is no way to live life for a thinking man.

      Japanese men know what’s up. If the society’s pendulum has swung so much against them that the best they can hope for is a life of perpetual sloppy seconds, then they’d rather love anime/manga pussy. It’s cheaper, cleaner, healthier.


      • on October 23, 2013 at 7:52 am Greatest Beta

        I have my needs dude as a man. The only way to take care of those needs is by GOING OUT and putting in work.

        Same way I put in hours at work, hours at the gym, hours sleeping, hours cleaning. I put in hours picking up so I could get laid dude. This has nothing to do with my “identity” I know who I am very well.


      • on October 23, 2013 at 8:32 am Pervert From a High School Playground

        You have your needs, wow, again, very unique.

        It has EVERYTHING to do with your identity because you’re classifying women on a numerical quality scale, which by default then makes it all about your WANTS, not needs. So, no, you don’t know yourself very well.

        If it were just about needs you’d be content in fucking low-hanging fruit that comes to you. I’m talking about the online 5s; tall girls; girls with MS, black girls; illegal immigrants; older women; freaks; druggies, fatties; paid talent, etc.

        Instead, you are chasing a random bar inventory because on some blog somewhere you’ve read that “putting in work” makes you a playa.


      • on October 23, 2013 at 8:57 am Greatest Beta

        Lol you’re funny. So because I have standards I have no identity? Excellent reasoning skills.

        No I will not bang whatever comes my way. That’s equivalent to saying “I’m gonna eat McDonald’s because its cheap” whereas working a bit harder to buy organic eggs and chicken breasts is a bad thing? No, anything in life of value takes work. Pure and simple.

        Finally, with regards to the numerical value i place on a woman I eat well, work out on a regular basis and take good care of myself. I expect the same in a woman I plan on having relations with


      • on October 23, 2013 at 9:26 am Pervert From a High School Playground

        You sound 100% like a woman.


      • Nice work man! Wish I could right more, but I’m lurking at work. Keep at it, ignore the haters, they’ll be on these blogs forever lol


      • @hunter

        thanks playa. Yea I give no value to the haters because haters gonna hate. I should have ignored in the first place as I lost time debating with a loser.

        Shifting from a natural to PUA has its challenges but definitely the rewards are sweet. PUA has more of a scientific approach (thinking about the process while its going on) whereas before it was just your hot im going to sex u lets keep drinking and see what happens. Now Im limiting the drinks and focusing more on flipping her switches which is odd because it becomes mechanical and i catch myself in mechanic mode and then have to force the smoothness. I think with time flipping the switches becomes natural itself while at the same time you know that each switch that gets triggered gets you closer to the bang.

        Always remember that at its core you want to bang these girls and they have to know it. It is a dance between I want to fuck you vs i could really care less if I fuck you because you arent that hot and I have others. This “game” turns on her hypergamy switch which is probably the most important switch of them all. Good thing for me is that I dont get attracted to a woman unless I feel some connection to her so this has always worked in my favor as I dont give off the creeper im so horny I need to bang u vibe. After a couple of hours if I feel the connection i begin to escalate. Last night I started feeling that but got cockblocked lol.


    • You have many more things you could be doing to lock in the girl earlier in the night, and hustle her out before competition can steal her away.

      Read through “The Same Night Lay Guide”. Early in the night, you should have added in more isolation, more logistics maneuvering, and more strong sexual talk.

      Within the first hour, you should have already been talking about going back to her place or yours.

      If it was clear that wasn’t going to happen, then you get the number and move on. Don’t place all your eggs in one basket.


      • on October 23, 2013 at 7:57 am Greatest Beta

        It seemed pretty clear, very strong IOIs. The vibe changed once we went to this lounge with the band. These indie rocker dudes spurred something inside I noticed it I’m perceptive as fuck. I saw her vibe change pre and post lounge. Plus the booze probably didn’t help.

        I haven’t been out alone since 2006 so not bad…there will be more nights that’s for sure 🙂


      • on October 23, 2013 at 10:40 am Pervert From a High School Playground

        “Yea I give no value to the haters because haters gonna hate. I should have ignored in the first place as I lost time debating with a loser.”

        Oh let’s get this straight; so you’ve spent three hrs and countless drink$ on this chick only to have her throw herself all over the first dude that came by. And this happened despite you, as you say, “eating well, working out on a regular basis and taking good care of yourself. ” And now I am a loser? Some of you idiots are more delusional than chicks on crack.

        “Always remember that at its core you want to bang these girls and they have to know it.”

        Jesus Christ, the guy left house for the first time since 2006, gets blown out, but that STILL doesn’t stop him from dishing out expert pick-up advices. These anon blogs def bring out worst in male ego,


    • if 3 hours with a girl feels like work to you, then dont do it. find some other girl. most girls know within seconds or minutes of meeting a guy if they want to fuck him,


      • on October 23, 2013 at 8:02 am Greatest Beta

        That’s true but cold pick up ALONE takes time to build rapport/comfort. I was in hour 3 and was making out. Then fuckface AMOG me.

        These douche was relentless man. He literally bumped me out of the way on the dance floor TWICE. With 3 of his boys there the last thing I wanted was to get jumped plus all of them where bigger than me. Not worth it let him have her.


    • Way to go GB. you singled to left field and stole second base.

      You can’t score if you don’t get on base!


      • on October 23, 2013 at 8:32 am Greatest Beta

        Thanks dude! And you are right no scoring without playing the game 🙂

        Was really excited about going out alone will be doing it again soon


      • in my opinion its a conflift between spending time to raise your value in her eyes and not spending time with a girl, because you are looking to get laid and the girls knows this, so spending too much time on her is going to lower your value in her eyes, you are qualifying yourself. if brad pitt was looking to get laid what would he do? he would simply go into the club, walk up to the hottest chick in the room take her hand and say lets go.

        for me its easy, i have absolutely no game and can´t hold a conversation with a girl if my life depended on it so i get in there, make my intentions known and then get the fuck out of there, much prefering leaving her curious rather then bored.


      • that makes sense. If you have no game then work on it. If you can hold a conversation with a dude there is no reason why u shouldnt be able to hold a convo with a woman. Remember they are just people after all, except instead of a shlong they have a hole.


      • i can´t hold a conversation with a dude..or i can for short periods of time if i must or we have something in common but i dont *want* to talk to a random dude. like me talking for hours with a guy i just met (or someone i know for that matter), thats simply not going to i have to take this reality into account when picking up girls. the good thing is when it comes to talking is quality always beats quantity. you just have to be comfortable shuting the fuck up, let her do the talking and then just be there and preferable make something interesting up when she asks you questions about you.


    • It is just like watching a reel in the locker room after the game you lost. You see where your mistakes were and patch it up for next time. Even getting shot down is a learning experience. I also like anyone willing to talk about it in the public space. For as much as RooshV annoys the piss out of me in some ways one thing I have always given him props for is that he’d routinely talk about near misses or out right fails. Lends at least some credibility.


      • Critique of last night is this:
        less logic talk during slow time (this is when I get bored and start talking about shit that I care about but are total pussy dryers)
        more escalation of sexual topics
        a little less rigid at times but this takes practice. 100 sets from now i can only imagine 🙂


      • on October 23, 2013 at 11:02 am Pervert From a High School Playground

        “100 sets from now i can only imagine :)”

        Haha, sarging 100 sets, and “studying” countless of staged infield videos produced by a commercial PUA company. God you sound like an archetype “drone implant” that increasingly permeates the sphere.


      • on October 23, 2013 at 10:57 am Pervert From a High School Playground

        Credibility for whom? For the easily swayed. Roosh only exposes his flaws and misses so he could reel in the newbies and keep the roster of idiot followers. Anyone who knows anything about life knows Roosh is not only a misleading phony, but a straight-tongued liar.


    • “I pulled all stops but there was no stopping it”

      Nah. You did good, but that situation was handle-able/preventable. Some tips for the future:

      1) If you manage to venue change her OUT of the bar, away from her friend, like you did, take her for food or for a long walk, or to a QUIET low-key dead (empty) lounge with dark shadowy booths in corners (do some research, scope the venues around your area out, learn the lay of the land) or into a 24hr grocery store or a quiet McDonald’s or a walk in the park or some shit.

      You basically went “whew, I got her away from her friend and out of a noisy bar full of guys who want to fuck her! …now I’ll take her to a noisy bar that might have more of her friends and is full of guys who want to fuck her!” lol

      Plan this shit (“where will I take her once I get her out of the bar, and how will we end up back at my place or her place?”) out in advance. Not planning out the logistics will fuck you out of SO many lays.

      2) “These douche was relentless man. He literally bumped me out of the way on the dance floor TWICE.”

      There shouldn’t have been a second time. Don’t give guys the opportunity to be relentless. The instant you sense something is wrong, you get the fuck out of there. You see a random dude try to chat her up, or bump you on the dance floor, or the bartender gives her a free shot or she runs into some orbiter-chode who has a crush on her, etc., you go “oh shit, we have to go.” “what? why??” “I see my ex over there, she’s fucking crazy I don’t want her to see me, c’mon, leave your drink we’ll get one up the street!” and lead her out of there.

      You shouldn’t have still been on the dance floor for the second bump, or anything after that because, well, you saw what happened lol

      Once you have the girl leaving a bar with you, you protect that shit. If you go to a quiet lounge where you can build more comfort/makeout, you make sure to pick a corner booth out of sight of everyone else…you don’t pick a table in the main area in the middle of a crowd. You stay in that booth and escalate in it, you don’t take her onto a dance floor to show everyone “look at this horny girl who wants to get fucked tonight!!” lol

      If you walk down the street with her and there’s another bar letting out for last call, you tell her “let’s cross the street, I don’t want to run into drunk guys fighting” and walk her on the other side of the street instead of through the crowd of drunk sexually frustrated sausage. If a dude stops you to ask a question or for a light you interrupt him and go “sorry man, we gotta’ go, good luck!” and drag her away before he can finish talking and just tell her “oh that guy was hammered, I could tell he was trying to pick a fight” “but he seemed like–” “did you know your nose wrinkles when you talk lol no, it’s cute. Anyway let’s go grab some food at this awesome place I know–”

      I’ve literally picked my target up over my shoulder or by her waist and carried her away from AMOGs mid-sentence before. If you have enough attraction to lead her out of the bar, you have enough attraction to get away with shit like that. If she’s like “wait why did you do that I was talking to him and–” you just interrupt, act like nothing weird happened, joke/tease and change her mood/state, and continue from there as you walk her away from the scene…ESPECIALLY if it’s guys she doesn’t know and not close social circle dudes where you have to engage.

      You did good, I’m not shittin’ on ya, but you relaxed too soon is all. So keep this shit in mind for the future.

      Here’s a super old-school PUA running super old-school game AMOG’ing a couple black dudes in Leicaster Square, which was/is notorious for having to get your girl through a gauntlet of AMOGs trying to take her from you at last call:

      The chicks run away cause he spiked their Buying Temp too high*** but the black dudes’ mistake was letting this guy say anything and engaging him. As you can see in the video, they basically become invisible to the girls once he starts doing his thing, especially with the added draw of the camera. If they had moved the girls away from him as soon as he opened, they might’ve kept the girls. But they figured they could “win” against this little skinny weiner white boy and allowed the girls to engage him and tried to hold court, which was a mistake.

      This is all on-the-fly shit, but it makes a big difference. If you had picked ANY other venue than that one, or if you had led her out of there ASAP as soon as you noticed guys taking an interest in her, you probably would’ve been sticking your dick in her that night. Stay sharp, don’t relax until you’re both alone somewhere where you can have sex. This is why we encourage guys to go out a lot…even if you’ve studied all the game in the world online, your reflexes will be sharper if you go out regularly.

      ***the girls go through too many emotions too fast, so they have to get away from the source of those emotions so they can calm down and use their logical brains again, we call it “frying her circuits”…this is often the reason a cockblock friend will grab the girl you’re hitting on and say “we need to go to the bathroom!!” and drag her off, she senses her friend’s temp is spiking too fast if you’re running high-octane Attraction game and the friend knows she’ll start acting on her emotions, so she has to get her out of there to cool off. When that happens, you’ll sometimes find that when your girl comes back she has a totally different cold-shoulder vibe and you’re like “wtf?? I thought this was on!!”, because she’s had time to calm down and reset and basically tell her brain “wait we have to screen this guy, we’re supposed to have the upper hand here!! Be cool, girl!” and put the bitch-shields back up.

      You can watch the full step-by-step breakdown/analysis of that vid here:

      Also here are a couple examples of RSD Tyler handling these situs:

      Specifically at:

      – 7:05, where he pulls a girl over and immediately finds out how she knows the guys talking to them so he has the strategic edge and knows he doesn’t have to engage those guys…and when they come over to try to AMOG him and are shocked that she doesn’t choose them over the balding nerdy ginger, he uses that opportunity to instantly physically carry her away from them while the dude throws his hands up like “shit, I give up!” Then he calls over her sister and pulls them both in to exclude the AMOG and keep the set’s attention.

      – 11:11, where his wing comes in to try to take his girls off him to fuck with him. Notice how he keeps his body between the girls and his AMOG buddy instead of letting them engage him. And all his buddy is doing is making eye-contact and casually pulling one of their arms. Then he gives his buddy one of the girls and walks his girl away from him and faces her away from him (“it’s time for a dance…”) so they have isolation…his buddy does the same, pulling his girl back and facing her away from them, so that they have isolation as well.

      And RSD Julien:

      Specifically at:

      – 0:34, where he physically carries the girl away, saying “It’s okay. It’s okay.” and turns her away from her group, putting himself physically between them…and as he’s doing that, Tyler steps in to engage the friends to give Julien isolation time with his target. The smoothness of how guys like Julien and Tyler work in tandem is why a good wingman is worth a thousand girls, especially if you both have a solid understanding of PUA game…everything flows beautifully as you work in sync to take down sets.

      Anyway, hope this gives you some ideas on how to handle your shit next time. It sucks to lose a done deal like that right at the last minute, but it happens to all of us lol


      • on October 23, 2013 at 11:12 am Pervert From a High School Playground

        So much for not direct linking, lol.


      • on October 23, 2013 at 11:18 am Pervert From a High School Playground

        I only watched Leicester Square video. Again, more staged crap. The dark-haired girl’s behavior looks fake/facial expressions subtly insincere.



        you rock man i know we started on the wrong foot a few months back but i really appreciate the help you throw out there. Yes, I could have been more aggressive by protecting the lay my thing has always been if shes down shes down but this is a new ball game shes was tight 23 yrs old in the prime of her hypergamy and i saw how fierce the competition is (this dude was a player straight picked her off me the fucker!)

        I’ll try those protective measures in the future.

        For reference sake, I SPECIFICALLY chose that lounge because it was dark and had couches and shit EVERYTHING was going my way until the band came out completely fucked up my shit.

        On to the nextttttttt


      • “I could have been more aggressive by protecting the lay my thing has always been if shes down shes down”

        Ya that’s most guys, especially Naturals. And that’s great and totally works…as long as you don’t run into any obstacles. You can be more passive doing day-game, but if you want to beat other guys, especially other players, in the “battlefield” of the night-life, you gotta sharpen your fangs and be pro-active and cut-throat.

        “I SPECIFICALLY chose that lounge because it was dark and had couches and shit EVERYTHING was going my way until the band came out completely fucked up my shit.”

        The band coming out was the red flag to drop a quick “ah shit, the drummer of this band hates me, I banged his girlfriend a few years ago, let’s get out of here” extraction.

        But lesson learned, like I say we all lose sets. You file the reference experiences away for future use. Now you know that on whatever night of the week that was, that lounge has a live band and competition. Time to find a new venue to extract to, no biggie.

        This is also why PUAs tend to have very planned out Day2’s that seem spontaneous to the girl but are actually completely routine by-the-books dates that hit the same places in the same order at the same times where they do the same things with the girl etc. Because we want to control as many variables as possible…so if I take a girl to a lounge that’s great at 7pm, but I know they have a live band that starts at 9pm, I get her out of there by 8:30pm before she realizes there’ll even be a band lol

        Anyway, like I say, you did good, esp for being out solo…but you’re gonna’ run into this situation again in the future so I just want to make sure you aren’t going into it blind next time ’cause we’re not moving chess pieces around a board randomly hoping to hit Checkmate lol Predict possible issues and prevent them or snuff them out before they escalate.


      • so if I take a girl to a lounge that’s great at 7pm, but I know they have a live band that starts at 9pm, I get her out of there by 8:30pm before she realizes there’ll even be a band lol

        I don’t know how you guys trick women like this. Are they this fucking stupid? She’ll see posters advertising the band on the walls, she’ll hear people talking about it, she might hear the hostess talk about it when they first show up, she’ll see people setting up the stage for the band, and you can STILL somehow convince her that ‘there is no band’ and get her out of there 30 minutes before they start playing???

        This is what I don’t get about PUA, how are women tricked so easily?

        It’s like tricking a girl into thinking that the sky is green.


      • on October 23, 2013 at 1:13 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        It’s not that they’re really “tricking” the girls. It’s that they’re managing the situation. The girl probably knows damn well there’s going to be a band, she can read posters as well as anyone else. But he suggests they leave, giving any number of reasons: “The acoustics in here suck, it’s going to be super loud and we can’t hear each other talk,” or whatever. She goes along with it because she’s more interested in him than in the band.


      • Specifically at:

        – 7:05, where he pulls a girl over and immediately finds out how she knows the guys talking to them so he has the strategic edge and knows he doesn’t have to engage those guys…and when they come over to try to AMOG him and are shocked that she doesn’t choose them over the balding nerdy ginger, he uses that opportunity to instantly physically carry her away from them while the dude throws his hands up like “shit, I give up!” Then he calls over her sister and pulls them both in to exclude the AMOG and keep the set’s attention.

        Aren’t you ever afraid that you’ll get punched in the face by alpha brutes as you’re stealing their women????

        Have you ever been attacked? If so, how many times??


      • Ya has covered this before. You need to be situationally aware at all times. You are 100% correct that “alpha brutes” and alcohol + you stealing their potential for dick-wetting can end very badly. That is why you have to defuse them and get a quick exit strategy.

        You’d be surprised how few men actually truly want physical violence. They will posture like a gorilla beating his chest but most dudes just don’t want to go balls out bare knuckle brawling. 1) Potential for arrest is high. 2) Getting punched fucking hurts, I don’t care how tough you are or how many scraps you’ve been in. 3) You will almost 100% of the time lose the girl because she will want to escape any harm herself.

        It is generally a lose-lose proposition. I have very low risk aversion but I can count on one hand the amount of times I had to really fuck someone up out in a public space and those were because it was a girlfriend they wouldn’t let up on despite my attempt to defuse, not some pump and dump. You think I’m going to put myself out there for some bar slut? Yeah, no…


  45. Last name is Vann. Speaking of which, I just bought an awesome black Econoline, want to take a ride in it?


  46. CH, can I please be “unmoderated”? I swear to fucking god I’m not trolling.


    • You are paranoid. The moderation is WordPress, not CH. I have had some of my posts sent to the moderation memory hole too.


      • Oh ok. What triggers moderation?


      • WordPress seems to be very fickle because some days I use certain words that appear to pass others not. Basically “Thought Crime” words tend to do the most damage:

        ni66er, J00, fagg0t, etc. Other times I have experienced what you are describing which is basically a fairly normal comment that just gets eaten for reasons I can’t describe. CH usually releases them later but it is still annoying.


  47. As predicted, the push to raise the age of consent to 21 starts


    • Don’t worry, in another decade of out on control feminism you will only be able to see “Sexy Cougar and MILF” porn, if at all.

      I’d LOWER the age of porn to 16 if I had my way. Women are generally physically peaking between 16 and 18 years old.