Another Game-Validating Scientific Study: Make Decisions, Get Laid

It’s been said before on this blog that women are turned off by men who don’t take charge, and are particularly contemptuous of men who relegate the decision-making process to them. Women, contrary the bleatings of the feminism lobby, are more sexually attracted to men who remove some of the need for female independence.

Well, chalk up another scientific validation of a CH game concept: Women who make more decisions have less sex.

A new study published in the Journal of Sex reports that the more decisions a woman makes on her own, the less likely she is to have sex.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University arrived at these results after they surveyed women from six African countries about how intimate they were with their partners. They focused specifically on the last time these women had sex “as well as who had the final say on decisions ranging from healthcare to household purchases.” For women who answered that they were in control of such decisions, researchers found they had less sex and more time had passed since their last encounter.

The usual caveats about racial population group differences apply, but the general finding is, in my observation, applicable to women from all racial backgrounds. As women take control of more of the major decisions in a relationship (or in their lives in general), their ardor for their male partners (or for men in general) decreases.

Here’s the money quote:

Not only were these women having less sex, but “the findings showed more dominant and assertive women had approximately 100 times less sex.”

To bring this closer to home, dominant and assertive Western white women probably have higher testosterone levels than normal women, so there is a good chance they are sluttier as well. It may therefore be the case that women who make a lot of decisions sleep around more. But does that necessarily translate into more sex for them than for women who are in more gender polarized, satisfying relationships with dominant men? No. Within relationships of a given matchup, it could very well be the case that less assertive (read: feminine) women have more sex with their dominant male lovers than more assertive women have with their indecisive beta male lovers. Assertive, dominant women — you know the type, lawyercunts to a T — when they aren’t lashing the whip upon the flayed backs of their beta provider suckups, are studiously avoiding having sex with them. These types of women get more emotional satisfaction out of nagging and berating and using their betaboys than they do out of fucking them.

(And what do the betaboys get out of these relationships? Well, they get a woman. Sort of.)

I think we’ve all scratched our heads and wondered why a particular domineering woman with a high-flying career had a schlubby, charmless milquetoast for a boyfriend or husband. You may rest easy as order is restored to the universe, because a lot of these odd pairings hide demented secrets of sexual aridity and pathological nagging. And now science has shed light on the phenomenon with evidence confirming conventional and PUA wisdom that dominating women really do have less sex than their sweetly submissive peers.

As the reader who emailed this study wrote:

“Has science EVER gone the other way on Game? [Ed: No.] Has msm EVER failed to spin even the most egregious bullshit about female psychology into a positive for women? [Ed: No.]

The advice for men: take decisions away from your woman, take the punch out of her dominant streaks, and you will be rewarded with 100 times more sex.”

You got it.

I’ll relate a pleasant little story from my own life. As my propensity in moments of self-amusement tends toward the satisfyingly manipulative, I have dabbled in the perverse arts of anti-game just to witness and enjoy the predictable reaction it induces from a girlfriend. So this one time, in band camp, my girl asked me what we should do for the evening, and instead of my usual tack of offering a couple suggestions (but not more!) and announcing with royal decree which one I would prefer and she should also prefer, (absent any severely allergic disagreement on her part), I hemmed and hawed and diplomatically dodged “I don’t know” and “What do *you* want to do?” and basically foisted the decision-making process entirely onto her. Priceless to the point of caricature, the expression on her face spoke a million words. And none of them flirty or sexual.

There are some primal forces of nature that were never meant to be meddled with.


  1. A few things to try on your next date with an LTR gal:

    1. Choose and order her meal for her — ask for one menu from the hostess.

    2. Lead her throughout the date.

    3. If she goes on a topic you really don’t care about, forcibly change the topic.

    4. If she wants to hold your hand, hold hers with your palm facing backwards, not forwards.

    5. Hand on her back on the rare occasions she walks ahead of you. You’re guiding her.

    6. Bounce from wherever you’re at the moment you sense boredom in yourself. If you sense boredom in her, it’s too late. Bounce to where you want to go, don’t ask her opinion.

    7. Speaking of #6, don’t ask her opinion on any part of a date.

    This works excellently with LTR girls — and you can use this list for gals you’re not LTR with, just don’t be taking them to dinner just yet.


    • Not sure I agree with #4 as it feels unnatural. I think the Proprietor may have touched on the reasoning in a post a couple of years ago.

      As a very tall guy, I frequently grab girls by the wrist on accident when leading them since I can’t reach a short girl’s hand when it’s at her side. This generally leads to a playful “Does this mean I’m in trouble?” type of comment and puts them in a more submissive frame. Works well for me as a subtle display of physical dominance when used sporadically.


    • RE #5. Hand on her butt.

      Women of quality like a pat on the behind


    • on October 3, 2011 at 6:42 pm Obstinance Works

      I think Coca Cola stole your “And?” locution.


    • Not a bad list


      if don’t naturally do #4 anyways

      and it doesn’t feel extremely weird to hold a girl’s hand with your palm facing backwards,

      you might be a beta

      or even an omega.

      just sayin


  2. What about the alpha types who fall for dominant assertive women. I can’t think of other celebrity examples other than Mike Tyson who talked about his attraction to strong dominant CEO-type women. I don’t know if if it was for pump & dump or LTR.
    One can argue that deep down, he’s just a beta dweeb loser with childhood issues, but he was alpha badass in his prime.

    I think that unfortunately, many natural alphas fall for the feminist crap. They force themselves to think that a real man wants an empowered (dykecunt) woman. And they end up wasting their potential by being betaized and pussywhipped.


    • Tyson said that he was was turned on by the idea of sexually dominating a CEO-type woman. I don’t think he was looking to play the hen-pecked husband; although, he did look pretty beta in that Barbara Walters interview with him and Robin Givens. I’d chalk that up to his lack of sophistication, though.

      I remember an old Howard Stern interview with Givens where she said that Tyson was the only man who’d ever given her an orgasm.


    • “One can argue that deep down, he’s just a beta dweeb loser with childhood issues, but he was alpha badass in his prime.”

      The greatest warriors of all time are alpha/beta manic depressants. They can leave their ego at the gym door for the discipline, and take it with them into the ring for the victory. Best of both worlds.

      Tyson was fortunate to have great boxing mentors, but unfortunate to not have social skill mentors. If he did, he would be a Casanova too.


    • If you’re looking at celebrity level uber-alphas, they tend to move in circles where having quote on quote “accomplished” women, are socially useful. And many of the same traits that makes a woman sufficiently driven, to “accomplish” something in fields nature never really intended for her to dabble in in the first place, also predisposes her towards relative social dominance.

      In addition, How domineering a woman acts, depends on the who she is with. No woman (nor unarmed man) would persist in acting dominant if getting pushback from Tyson. And, while Angelina can come across as quite the femcunt, I’s sure Brad’s got her nicely wrapped up when push comes to show. When you’re perched atop the absolute shimmering peak of dominance, everyone else start seeming like a rather undifferentiated mass of submissives.


      • on October 5, 2011 at 2:57 am The Chrome Microphone

        I think Angelina’s the boss in that house

        Brad Pitt has been aging fastly

        CH even mentioned how broken he looked in a post ages back


    • dominant women are more fun to dominate


  3. Dada, good list.

    Dinner at home dates are good as well. But treat her like the help, not the guest. Don’t start cooking until she shows up. You can even buy the groceries together. Make her prepare a course or two. Make her clean the dishes, set the table, toss salad etc. And don’t be too precious about the whole affair.


    • I did this over the weekend actually — made a kick ass grass-fed veal encrusted with almond meal and parmesan, some sweet potato, etc. Of course, I didn’t do any of the prep work (“Cut me a pat of butter. Bigger pat. Wrap this in foil. Tighter. Clean off the cutting board. Again, you missed a spot.”) Works wonders for the LTR.


      • I stumbled onto this one myself. I always assumed it was that they were just more invested in the dinner if I made them help at the time. The dominance aspect didn’t occure ot me at all.


    • Agree. #1 reason why I live alone. Making dinner with your date at your pad is fun. And as AB mentions…TELL her to do stuff. Its like playing house and chic love that shit. Im always on the grill while I tell her to do the lady crap.

      “Make her clean the dishes, set the table, toss salad etc.”

      toss salad…heh…


  4. This is probably true, but the HBDer in me protests at the use of African women to prove the point.


  5. My current girlfriend has a job which requires her to take a lot of initiative and make a lot of decisions. The pleasure she gets out of my leadership and assertiveness in bed and elsewhere is unmistakable, and I have been (and continue to be) very amply rewarded. Moral of the story: The more a woman must be the boss over others in her professional life, the more you must be the boss over her in your personal lives, if you want to keep her ladyregions tingling.


  6. That goes well with my career advice.

    Take money from strippers while having them buy all your drinks. Maybe it’s not fair since those girls are already naked, and already expecting you to take them home.

    It’s what I’m doing as weekend job right now:


  7. Interesting, b/c I think this applies in the D/s world. The pathetic beta boys who pay the dominatrices to whip them and make them lick their feet are 100% of the time denied sex by the paid “Mistress.” That’s why a dominatrix isn’t outlawed as a prostitute—because she isn’t giving it up. The most beta of boys like when dominant girls deny them all but piddling versions of sexual release.


    • I think I’ve watched a couple of pornographic scenes with dominatrices in them. Out of sheer curiosity.

      They’re complete nonsense! The guy gets whipped and put on for upwards of ten minutes, and then the dom fucks him. I was thinking: there is no way that any woman would want to fuck that man. When women claim that pornography is unrealistic, I like to think they are talking specifically about that. Keeps me sane.

      The average man is about as far from this fetish as your average woman is from going down on a horse. Maybe farther. But women also seem to think that a significant portion of powerful men harbor dominatrix fantasies. Girl, you’re the one with the domination fantasies. Talk about projection.


    • I was really good friends with a professional dominatrix. She was absolutely disgusted – sexually – with her clients. In her personal life she was extremely submissive, which was probably the reason for her disgust. If there was any woman who epitomized the complete submission to alphas and complete hatred for betas it was her


  8. Biology is god, yo. Wake up white man.


  9. Does being agressive work when one is a short and skinny, smooth talking computer programmer with no glasses?


    • Yes, if your frame is congruent, if you display enough value, if you don’t sound bitter or compensating…

      But you can help your case by bulking up, it’s easier when you’re short (a lot of pro bodybuilders are under 5’7).


    • Yes. One of my peers is an aging tiny asian DJ who programs during the day, and he gets plenty of ass from the nightclub sluts as well as the corporate sluts.

      Sure, some women scream that he has a Napolean complex, but his response is just a cocky smile at them until they back down and cry.


      • Bonaparte himself was short, skinny and without glasses. I’m sure he had other strong sides; but pure, reckless, psychopathic aggressiveness played quite a role in making him who he became.

        Especially in SWPLville, virtually noone will call your aggro bluff, regardless of your (lack of) size.


      • 5’4 marine

        Come the fuck at me



    • theres no clear answer here.

      If you think of yourself as agressive and assertive and those are your natural tendencies – which match your body language, tonality and behavior – then YES of course it would work.

      but if you are naturally not a leader, and it comes off incongruent or unatural (which is displayed in the form of hesitation or mistmatched body language) then it will not ‘work’

      Guys have an advantage in the dating market, its not solely about looks. Its about many other things, Game, being one of the most important.

      We, who know this, are thus enlightened and empowered to sleep with stupid amounts of women at our very whim.

      it requires simply the effort of going out and meeting women (imagine that!) getting numbers, playing follow up game, and closing.

      or SNL – but few players, myself excluded, obvi, are adept enough at this skill to consistently ‘make it happen’

      Those who are not enlightened; are destined for a life of betatude, lonliness and masturbation

      Or worse,



      • i’d argue that learning to be a leader, against natural tendencies, is a better path to take. in the short term it won’t be convincing, and it will probably seem strange and difficult. but it’s a better life.


  10. Yes this post is right, but I’m very indecisive, but I don’t know if that’s alpha or beta. I don’t really care much what we do. When I’m on my own I often can’t decide where to eat for example, so I end up not eating sometimes. I’m often not in the mood for anything, or am indifferent. Why should I pretend to be assertive about things that I don’t really care about? Is it alpha to be very “assertive” about what kind of cup your coffee comes in at a coffee shop? Or is it acting like a middle-aged yenta who nags everyone about everything. I don’t really agree to the places the girl suggests we go, because I don’t like them either, but she can often see me being indecisive about where to eat, where to go, and so on. She has often gotten very angry about this, but she still puts up with it. I’m not fucking changing my habits for a cunt. “Yes I’m going to be alpha about choosing where to have a beer,” wtf


    • You’re confusing making decisions with follow through when those decisions don’t come to fruition how you want them.

      If I don’t like a coffee mug, I just send it back and ask for a different one. I do like ordering my coffee in a pint glass, so this has happened when they forget.

      Why would you let a girl suggest where you want to go? Just go to Yelp and find a place with food YOU will like. If she doesn’t like what you ordered for her, finish her meal yourself.

      If you order a beer and they don’t carry it, tell them to find something similar. No need to be a Yenta about it. Air of uncaring, not aggression.


    • so you have no tastes or preferences of any kind? if not, go wherever’s closest. unless you feel like driving, then try somewhere new. it’s not about nagging, it’s about getting what you want.


    • It’s a fact that being indecisive is beta. The anger your girl has at your indecision is how females react to beta habits; I predict this girl will not put up with it for long unless you’re compensating in other areas.

      If you don’t care where to eat, etc., then it doesn’t matter – to you – what suggestion you give. There’s a difference between being decisive and actually giving that much of a fuck what your decision is. If she asks for suggestions just say the first thing that comes to mind.

      By not making a decision you’re still making a decision.


    • Okay, I’ll buy the fact that your indecisive and don’t really give a fuck where you get that medicore cup of coffee or the generic meal.

      Fair enough.

      But be decisive for the sake of the gina tingle. Arbitrarily choose one of the options and stick with it.

      Yeah, it is vapid and meaningless in the grand scheme of things, but so is most of the shit that turns women on.


  11. Not to be the grammar police, but I think you meant “delegate” not “relegate” right? It just bothers me, seeing that if you actually mean relegate, you’re actually dismissing the girl.


  12. So our current Western culture(and civilized East Asian culture e.g Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore) particularly in the USA is producing both men and women who aren’t getting an adequate amount of sex. Yes, both menand women have a higher partner count of sexual partners than in the past, but this in no way implies that the majority of them are getting as much sex as they used to as in their parents’ or grandparents’ generations. When marriage and family laws and their enforcement were not the sick joke they are today especially against men, all a spouse had to do was go to their spose for sex. People used to get more sex through marriage even though their sex partner count was lower. The past SMP left more men have a higher DHV which also worked in both men and women’s favor. The Current SMP created by our Feminists has destroyed all that. Few realize or admit how bad it truly is.


    • Intereresting way to put it.

      Most men have a crisis of hand, and it’s costing us in how often we get laid.

      This is a good argument for working on income in parallel to game.


  13. 100%. And 1 to AB’s recomendations above.

    A couple of other suggestions to add/augment:

    1) Never apologize for a decission you’ve made regarding venue choice(s). If it sucks, bounce.

    2) TELL her where you are going with assertiveness and when to be ready. Ex. “were going to sushi at [venue]. I’ll pick you up at 8.” Speak as if assuming compliance always.

    3) TELL her what to wear. (I always go for skirt and heels if its a day2, to compliance test, and will downgrade venue choice if she shows up in jeans or something shitty. If she says “I thought we were going to [venue A], I say “ah, changed my mind.” Be decissive, lead.

    4) On a first date drink meetup of sort, and after about 45 to 60 minutes, interupt her thread and get the tab. Continue to chat for another 10m or so. Then pay tab. Standup, say “let’s go.” Keeps her off balance and hamster spinning. At that point decide whether to walk her to her car, or go to venue #2 or whatever, this works great to exhibit control, decisiveness and leadership. And doesn’t give her any clear indicator of validation.

    5) if she gives you an excuse to not meetup, say “no, cancel, meet me instead.” great way to qualify her bullshit generator.

    6) if she invites you to meet up with her friends (and you haven’t fucked her), then tell her “no, meet me at [venue] instead.” Make up some shit about why its better for you. It doesn’t have to be logical.

    7) I love ABs suggestion about ordering for her. I always do this. But to add, I memorize my order, and hers, and put the menu down. Not at dinner per se, but even just an appetizer and drinks. It appears so dominant and decissive to roll out your order to the server with a clear and smooth verbal. “I’ll have a vodka soda, the roasted pig shit skewers and the lady will have a vagina pink martini and an order of cunt musceles.” All without fumbling like a retard and pointing at the menu himming and hawing.


    • #7 – Hilarious, and so true. Nothing like just closing up the menu, putting it aside and then declaring the order when the waiter shows up. Even better if you’re in the middle of a conversation with her, then you just go right back to the conversation without missing a beat.


      • Knowing what your going to be ordering before the menu arrives works pretty well. I do this when I’m meeting someone for breakfast. I’ll order when the server hands whoever I’m with the menu, then just hurry the chic up and suggest something with a commanding frame.


        *chic is hurriedly trying to figure out WTF she wants*
        Me: “Order the chilequiles, the cook here knows what he’s doing”.
        *chic orders chilequiles*


  14. Anti-game is fun. My favourite is grabbing a girl’s hand the wrong way (pretty sure I learned that from a post here) and refusing to let go. The reaction is almost always visceral and immediate, like my hand is a hot coal.


  15. More advice: don’t watch too much TV, especially if you’re under 25. One hour per week tops. Male characters in sitcoms and commercials will sneakily plant beta germs in your psyche.


    • …and stay off beta websites like Reddit

      Reddit is a festering pool of beta-tude


    • If you must watch a sitcom, I highly reccomend How To Be a Gentleman on CBS on Thursday nights with David Hornsby playing Andrew Carlson and Kevin Dillon playing Bert Lansing. I saw the pilot last week. Even though the reviewers gave it bad reviews saying it had too many cliches for such talented actors, It hits closer to the bone than Two and a Half Men about the current SMP. It’s funny, but not as funny as the first 8 years as Two and a Half Men when Charlie Sheen was on. How to Be a Gentleman is certainly a good show though. Bert tries to teach Andrew how to be a “REAL MAN” first and “Gentleman” second and even says so. Bert is harsh, but effective. Andrew also slaps a douchebag in the face who steals his date while he is on a date. Bert is also a Douchebag, but he seems to have fewer problems with the ladies. Andrew on How to Be a Gentleman seems to have more problems with the ladies than Allen on Two and a Half Men. I reccomend the show How to Be a Gentleman based off the pilot last week.


  16. I have dabbled in the perverse arts of anti-game just to witness and enjoy the predictable reaction

    Talk about a Pavlovian reaction!


  17. This is definitely true in my experience. My woman ALWAYS wants my input and opinion, even for the most trivial things. It used to bother me that I had to help her with dozens of decisions every day, but I learned that she just wanted me to make a decision, whether it was a good one or a bad one. If she wants to know whether she should wear the blue sweater or the red sweater, I just grunt and point to the red one. Problem solved: she’s happy, and I don’t have to think about it.


    • I don’t think our esteemed blogger is talking about the same thing you’re talking about. You should make the decisions that are in YOUR interest to be made, and leave the rest to her. The reason she’s probably asking you to make all of her inconsequential decisions is so she can blame you when anything goes wrong. She’s exhibiting the classic female impulse to avoid responsibility.


  18. Dating a woman who was a solid 9.5 when she was younger, and is still easily an 8.5-9 (though that may be skewed by just how bad most younger women really look these days). I learned a while back (from sites like this) to just tell women what we’re doing. If there’s a legitimate conflict, they say so. But I was surprised early on just how rarely that happens. I just got the following in an email from the former 9.5.

    “I LOVE that you plan our “stuff.””

    The more assertive I am, the more compliant she seems to get. I wouldn’t even know where to start with her stories of all the guys over the years that would try to “friend zone” their way in. She said she even tried getting really drunk to see if a spark would happen with one, because he was a “great guy”, but she didn’t feel even the slightest bit of spark. Meanwhile, she’ll complain one minute that I’m such a jerk/asshole, and then practically tackle me a little while later.


    • You need to take the phrase “I love how you plan stuff for me” and use it going forward.

      When I finally get to a dinner date, if I *don’t* hear that from a broad, she’s usually toast in terms of LTR going forward. Call it external validation that I’m doing something right, but every gal I date long term usually spews that repeatedly after the first time I do it — be it ordering her a drink (I always pick, never ask) or ordering her dinner.

      Plus, it’s nice when there are words associated with hamster dances.


  19. “The advice for men: take decisions away from your woman, take the punch out of her dominant streaks, and you will be rewarded with 100 times more sex.”

    Umm no, there could be a third, unmeasured variable skewing the results. It’s likely that naturally submissive women just have more sex anyway, even if they did make their own decisions.

    Correlation is not causation, I thought that was common knowledge at this point.


    • I have more than a few years dating the “alpha” women (alpha in a masculine sense, not alpha in a hot gal who gets what she wants sense), and they all fall into place when a man dominates and leads. All of them.

      Submissive women can sometimes crack under too much dominant behavior (it’s rare, but I’ve seen it happen, and thankfully it’s usually a signal to GTFO because she has other issues in her head), but I’ve never seen a typically dominant woman fight back.

      Nature’s little trigger: you lead, she’ll follow, if she’s attracted to you. This is one major area where it’s EASIER to date really hot women over average women — the hot women are begging for a man to lead, versus the average gals who are just begging for masculine attention and swing at most pitches.

      If you want an 8+, you need to lead. It doesn’t even have to be aggressive, just matter-of-fact.


      • A domineering hottie can be a bigger-they-come-harder-they-fall type of situation. It takes more work to get her under your thumb, but then she’ll have no choice but to stick with you, because no man ever had the balls and she can’t imagine another who would.


      • I’ve heard that low-dominance females prefer low-dominance males, so I can relate to not feeling comfortable under the pressure of dominance. I don’t believe it’s a sign of mental issues, just a different preference. Just like the way there are people who are energized by large groups of friends, and people who are drained by them. But I don’t know what your submissive women were like, so maybe they had issues. All I know is that non-dominant women are not necessarily made for their opposites, which is dominant men.


      • I think a less dominant women will be better able to tolerate a low dominance male, even if secretly preferring a more dominant male.

        Case in point: herbs and asian chicks

        On the other hand, a high dominance women needs a strong man to subjugate here and cringes at the thought of an herb.


      • You just haven’t encountered it yet.

        You’re a classic unbroken filly, and there is an air of haven’t been fucked yet that fills everything you write.

        The shrugging indifference of the ill-fucked girl: that’s you.


      • If I wanted that, I would have fucked that guy who had a criminal record, a wife and kids, a mistress, and still hit on me. How about you? Have you ever been dominantly fucked by a woman with a strapon, n/a? If no, how do you know you won’t enjoy it?


      • Good to see your blood pumping. But it doesn’t change the truth of what I wrote.

        Women need to be fucked right and be relieved of words.

        BTW. Use the phrase “had sex with,” b/c any form of the verb “to fuck” sounds wrong from you. Affected.

        I’m not trying to be a dick to you, Emma — I’m just remarking on the strong not-well-fucked impression you make.

        It’s as much the fault of the feminized men that surround you.–


      • Why does the word “fuck” sound wrong from me?
        I do often create false impressions about myself involuntarily – I know this as I’ve seen myself on video. Horrifying. I was talking about some guy I didn’t give a shit about, and it SOUNDED like I was in love with him or something. Regardless of what impressions I make of myself, you don’t really know me. You don’t know what lights up my mind like a Christmas tree and what leaves me cold, and what turns me off. I have yet to find another woman with the same desires as me. YOu don’t know what it’s like to be me!!! IT’S HARD TO BE THE ONLY ONE, DAMMIT! Thanks for pissing me off. I’ll write a blog post about it. After I cut myself for an hour.

        What you’re witnessing is not shrugging indifference. I’m far from indifferent to dominant men. When I’m near one, I imagine how his muscles would taste like with bernaise sauce. I don’t want to harm them, I just want to know what it tastes like. I asked one alpha once if he’d let me eat his muscles if he got killed in a car crash or something, but he said no :C. Another dream, unfulfilled, just like everything else in my life…


      • Also, I forgive you for assuming all these things about me, as they are probable in your worldview, as well as for making me cut myself. But I won’t forgive you for calling my boyfriend feminized. It’s a grave insult.


  20. “they surveyed women from six African countries”

    That speaks aloud about our civilization state.


  21. It’s likely that naturally submissive women just have more sex anyway, even if they did make their own decisions.

    You know there is some contradiction between “naturally submissive” women who “did make their own decision”, don’t you? I mean, either the first holds, or the second.

    That’s the greatest problem in any debate about game. One side tends to operate free from any logical constraint.


  22. At a post of his elicited this related comment from me yesterday;

    …And difficult to overstate the incomparable manly pleasure of being the decision maker in all things. Not a follower, barely even any sort of compromiser. Monogamy is not what you trade for sex – not even with a live in mate who wants your babies.


  23. How do you state which option you prefer? The “Let’s do ____” technique?


  24. Going “anti-game” then pulling back at the last minute making it all look like a joke is a great tactic too. Did it just a few weeks ago with an LTR. We ended up throwing an unexpected but awesome late night dinner party. Whipped up some gourmet shit with what she had in her fridge and went through like a case of wine. Everyone had an awesome time.

    In the morning she kept on talking about how much fun it was and that is when I went beta. I started talking about how there is so much synergy between us, how we should have dinner parties all the time, and even suggested inviting some of her “friends” (which she hates, but pretends to like). The look on her face went from that of love basking in the shine of her alpha male to bitter disgust in about two minutes.

    Just as she was about to unleash on me, she blurted out, “are you serious?” To which I responded, “fuck no I hate those bitches, psych”. She let out a burst of relief, giggled, tossed her hair, and I turned her around and bent her over the bed.

    Yeah…..that was fun.


  25. OT:
    Who’s up for the sloppy thousands of half hollywood:

    The march toward catladyhood. Priceless.


    • A-Rod must have quite a lot of beta in him to be dating old used up hags like Madonna and Cameron Diaz. I never thought either of those women were attractive at all. And they are both way too old.

      This guy is a filthy rich sports star with looks many women consider ideal…so why isn’t he banging a steady stream of 20-year-old tarts?

      I think it’s the classic case of the guy who always got treated so well by women that he never learned game and never broke the white knighting habit.


    • The old-age truck hit her at a relatively young age.


  26. Amanda Knox has just been cleared. Thank God! She is clearly the worst kind of hot-entitled American Princess available, and this blog and many of the same kind have posted tons of critis on her kind

    But she was as guilty of that murder as I am guilty of Lincoln’s assassination.


  27. So the lesson is to stay away from “career” women.


  28. The shit-test surrounding this is “You’re so selfish”….

    The girl I’m seeing resisted for months, pushing back on everything i did and said.

    Suddenly, after I bounced back and said “Change that attitude….”

    She’s become a kitten and the easiest girl in the world to get along with.

    Any idea, suggestion or thought is the easiest one.

    At first there was incredible resistance.

    The fact I have options coupled with keeping frame and remaining assertive has helped.

    The deal-breaker…I went on a holiday weekend without her.

    In other words, I decided for her she wouldn’tbe going and that she would have had a crap time anyway…because she complained too much.

    She stopped complaining.

    These studies don’t lie.


  29. Option A: White Women

    A high testerone masculine western woman who is likely to cheat on you… yet has less sex with you overall


    Option B: Asian Women

    A feminine Asian woman who is extremely loyal and who despite her somewhat timid public behavior, is an absolutely unihibited sex fiend


  30. {six African countries about how intimate they were with their partners. They focused specifically on the last time these women had sex “as well as who had the final say on decisions ranging from healthcare to household purchases.” }

    African betamale: what do you want for dinner?

    African alphafemale: roast dung beetle

    African betamale: how do you want me to prep it?

    African alphafemale: wash them in the mud hole to get the shit off of them.

    African betamale: want to have sex later?

    African alphafemale: no. (Then she finds an AIDS-infested African alphamale.)


  31. Band camp?


  32. I have to put this out there every so often, because it’s the elephant in the room… Roosh is taking in at least a little cash from Bang and DayBang and all his other business… and what are you doing? Working your 9 to 5? No offense to Roosh, I think Bang is a solid work… but I’d much rather have a compendium of your mentalnuggets over his. Fundamentally, I think you’re a writer with game, he’s a player whos writing about it. Get on the fucking boat man, publish some shit so I can stop trying to organize your archives into a paperback I can give to my nephews. I’m sure you get this enough, and I’m sure you know already… I just don’t get why you haven’t gotten down to it. Is it a hipsteresque too-cool-for-school attitude like you don’t care about making bank? Or are you honestly that worried about your real name getting out there? I’m sure you can publish it anon. Get to it man, for real, this blog is ephemeral, it won’t last forever. Once you stop writing, it’ll dissipate into the ether and be gone forever. Every turn of phrase and interesting word usage will be gone, forever. But you publish something, it’s down, forever. That’s your fucking immortality. You deserve it, and humanity deserves your gift. Give us your gift, mang. Do eet.


    • It’s probably for privacy reasons. But maybe he can self-publish on Kindle or something and maintain anonymity, not sure how that works. I personally have archived some 2007 articles. Some of the best writing was done in that period (some of the best writing on the internet. yep.).


    • know who else didn’t compile their own advice?



    • on October 4, 2011 at 3:39 am Obstinance Works

      Fucking nag.


    • on October 4, 2011 at 11:04 am So, Do the Zonk

      A book would be (1) brilliant, (2) a smash hit, and (3) possibly a major cultural event.

      But, hey, the guy (or guys) can do whatever he (they) want.

      It would be Beta to get uptight about it.


    • I prefer the confidentiality of this blog. It’s like being part of a secret society. We’re the fucking Illuminati around here, just by knowing about this blog and sticking around long enough to absorb the wisdom.

      A book won’t change shit about the ambient obliviousness to sex differences and human nature. There are enough manginas and femtards to block it from the mainstream.

      But i dig the immortality part, Heartiste is a great author (even Gbfm agrees) and should be remembered as such.
      But hey, H is also an evolutionist. A successful man on this planet is someone whose genes are remembered. And since we’re not consciously trying to pass on our genes, an indecent amount of notches on one’s bedpost will do…


      • super top secret with a billion hits a month


      • You’re sweet. Stage the real numbers or gtfo.


      • well, if you look at or one of the other web statistics sites, you can see that… at the very least, he’s getting more hits than roosh… and before the sudden domainchange; more than twice as many hits as roosh… you know, they guy who makes a living from his writings. I have a feeling that this site is secretly popular with people who would never admit that they read it.


    • H, you can do whatever you want, but if you ever put a book together, I’m buying it. It doesn’t have to be a manual. It can just be a collection of articles.


  33. Can you be sure that the study does not show that men don’t want to have sex with dominant women ? It could be that the guys don’t find them attractive rather than the other way around, especially if this is a long term stable relationship.


    • I’m sure it goes both ways; it’s a bit like how identical electrical charges ‘repel’ each other, and opposites attract. Men don’t like dominant women, and women don’t like men who can be dominated.

      Again, these studies are really just confirming the obvious. A cursory glance at our evolutionary history will show that our ancestors were involved in relationships which were anything but ‘equal’ or ‘feminist.’ These facts may be politically inconvenient, but they are facts nonetheless.


      • The dominant women, as in all else, are trying to emulate men by finding submissive partners. Having grown disgusted with the herbs, many are opting for fem-fem relationships as far as I can tell. They’ve found some pretty hot partners too, but both seem to always look miserable.


      • Not all people are meant to breed. Think of it in evolutionary terms: if you stray genetically too far outside of the norms of the group, you aren’t going to find a partner.

        It’s a bit like IQ: masculinity and feminity exist on continuums, and if you are too far outside of the normal range (in either direction) there will be problems, if for no other reason than you won’t be able to develop normal interpersonal connections. There is nothing too shocking, for instance, about a High-T woman; it’s statistically improbable, but it happens. When such a woman can’t find an even more dominant man to ‘submit’ to (a man worthy enough in her mind), this is nature’s way of saying: ‘sorry, you’ve strayed too far; you shouldn’t breed because the species shouldn’t genetically move in your direction.’


  34. If the rumors are true, the best thing Ashton Kutcher did was cheat on Demi Moore, who is starting to look “long in the tooth”

    Sara Leal at 23 is HOT – and perfect.

    Demi – is old, worn, and aging badly. Older women/younger man relationships are always temporary and soothe the ego of “former hot young babes”.

    Good move Ashton. Congragulations on getting rid of “grandma” before she gained total control. The loss of $$$ is worth getting rid of her.


  35. @ senseiern

    The fact that the study was done in Africa does not make it false. Time to grow up.


  36. “Can you be sure that the study does not show that men don’t want to have sex with dominant women ? It could be that the guys don’t find them attractive rather than the other way around, especially if this is a long term stable relationship.”

    They’re so afraid that this is true, that they’ll find an excuse to shoot down any man within two points of them on the SMV scale. See Finkel.

    They’ll hook up with players, because they can tell themselves that the player dumping her has nothing to do with her value, its all the player’s fault.

    That’s how they wind up with Herbs.* Not the only areas of their lives where they shy away from any possible risk…

    * – a big source of anger among (greater beta) men. Those men are often raised by strong women and are thus attracted to the same sort of woman. That woman today is often wussing out of opportunities with those men.


  37. on October 4, 2011 at 2:19 am greatbooksformen GBFM

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    • I knew you had the soul of a poet.

      Gbfm ftw.


    • Souls are made, not born. We all start feral. There is no such thing as desouling. What contemporary feminism does is block the traditional soul-making process, especially for women.


      • on October 5, 2011 at 1:17 am greatbooksformen GBFM

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  38. @gig
    It was a joke. Time for you to lighten up, Francis.


  39. I love a good CH post that offers some excellent game advice…now where is King A?

    *Paging King A*

    I volunteer King A to offer some additional commentary on his own experience with using decisiveness that has lead to banging hot women. I respectfully request a bullet point list with some suggestions that he has found successful.

    I’m not patronizing…well I am, BUT I am genuinely curious. King A has made several assertions and implications of his supposed knowledge of game, yet never shares the secret sauce with the rest of us.

    C’mon man, show us what’s up. Bestow us with your wisdom. (rhetorical wordiness is not necessary. Just give us the juice.)


  40. I had another conversation last night with the same 8.5-9 woman that I mentioned earlier. I’ve been getting her into some surprisingly honest moments at times. Last night I asked if she’d ever cheated on someone. This is the story I got.

    When she was in college, and for a little while after, she was dating both a model/bartender and an engineer. Both of them thought they had an exclusive thing with her. Each of them caught her more than once. Every time she’d swear that she was going to end it with the other one. Her words:

    “I meant it when I told them it was over. Yet I kept seeing them both after. I don’t understand why I did that.”

    She ultimately left the model for the engineer, then grew bored with the safe/stable guy and left him. When she was telling me all of this, it was very hard to not start laughing a little at how stereotypical her behavior was.


    • Civilization was built by alpha females and beta males. Western Civ recruited the alpha males and became great, but it all starts with the alpha females.

      They’re the ones who need the red pill the most.



    “LSU Empowering Women Summit”

    See this page if you like looking at bullshit statistics and the chunky moo cows that drop it.


  42. You would not believe how many gorgeous SWPL guys kill every tingle dead by asking women what they wanna do for a date. You can tell they were trained by suburban moms who micromanaged their playdates and never had any masculine role modelling in Not Giving A Fuck About What Women Think, which is the most attractive male trait.