Chubby Chaser Olympics: The Most Special

A reader, whom I will assume for purposes of this post is not a troll, wrote:

I wanted to run a theory by you and get your thoughts, since a lot of what is said on your blog resonates with me. Awhile back you posted in “Do Fat Girls Get More Sex?” that 99 out of 100 men would choose a non-fatty over a fatty any day of the week. Now, don’t get me wrong – hogbeasts are a huge bonerkill for me – but (and I know this is anecdotal) I’ve known a LOT of men who profusely claim left and right that they prefer fatties. Your argument was that these guys are losers – and in the general case, I’d agree. But some of these guys have appeared, at least to me, to have a lot of game – they’ll flirt around with skinnier girls and the women will seem very interested. They’ll proceed to leave the hot girl and go home with some chubster.

First, I’d have a problem accepting your premise. I have not known a few men, let alone a lot of men, who claimed to prefer fatties. This sounds like feminist fantasy-speak, which is like Newspeak, except more implausible. Now, of the tiny number of men who I’ve come across who did claim they preferred fatties, all of them were nerdy, fat or possessed some other charmless personality flaw that would sufficiently account for their claimed preference. A classic case of inverted sour grapes as ever existed.

(Sour grapes is when a loser pretends that an unattainable hot chick is undesirable in some ridiculously unbelievable way to salve his ego. Inverted sour grapes is when a loser pretends that the ugly, fat chicks he can realistically get are the bees’ knees of beauty.)

As for these chubby chasers you “know” who supposedly “have game”, taking your word at face value, I have a few explanations:

1. They’re black men.

I don’t care who’s bothered by me mentioning this, if you’ve spent any time in mixed company or at da clubs, you can’t help but notice that black men, especially during end-of-night garbage hour, are the least discriminating race and will hump a fucking dirigible farting explosive helium gas if it meant getting their rocks off. For whatever reason — name your bogeyman: culture, genes, hormones — black dudes can seemingly get it up for the nastiest land whales a white or asian guy wouldn’t shake his flaccid dick at from ten meters. Does this mean black men *prefer* fat chicks? No. The mate choices of elite black men like actors and athletes attest to the fact that they will choose hot slender (dusky-white) babes when they can. But it does mean that, absent the choice, black men are more willing to spelunk belly folds and then rationalize it as a love for BBW, excuse me, curvy women.

(I do think, btw, that black men prefer a somewhat rounder, heftier rump on women. Baby got back, and all that. This is not the same as preferring a grotesque cottage cheese rippled fat rump roast.)

2. They’re men who missed out on the hottie and still have a leftover boner.

Let’s say these guys you know have game, and spent the night delighting slim girls with their charms. Sometimes, they aren’t going to close the deal. But their interactions with all those cute, thin chicks have left them with half-mast bonies, and now they are horny *and* halfway to ejaculating. In that state of groin, some men will be tempted to relieve themselves in chubsters who are 20 pounds overweight with egos which are 20 pounds underweight, and, more relevantly, who are easier to seduce. The men are already on an emotional high, so it’s a hop skip and jump away from positive nonsexual rapport with slender babes to negative sexual rapport with chubby chalupas. Younger men who have no state control are usually the worst perpetrators of the backup biggun bang.

3. They’re insecure men who lack the inner game to believe they really deserve the hotties.

This is my favorite explanation, because I have known men like this, and witnessed them in action. These are the guys who have great outer game, who can jive with the cute girls, get them pumped and laughing, and then….

booop booooop boooooooop


They lack the one necessary ingredient that separates the players from the poseurs: a rock solid belief in their value. They can’t close the deal when it matters. They know the tricks, and are socially savvy, and are probably pretty funny too, but when push comes to shove they balk and retreat to the demilitarized zone where they can practice their target shooting on 4s, 5s and 6s with no fear of territory loss. Why fat chicks? Think about this: One ONE-HUNDREDTH of the outer AND inner game you use on a hard 10 would be overkill on a chubby 4. The path of least resistance is an evil that some men will abide, and in doing so contribute to the plague of fat chicks thinking they will suffer no SMV consequences for their gluttony and sloth.

So my theory is that, evolutionarily, there might be something else going on here. What if this is an evolved response to cuckoldry? Fat women are, I’d wager, less likely to stray because they are inherently aware that they are sitting smack at the bottom of the SMV scale – and, of course, they get approached less. So, while it isn’t ideal to throw your seed into a fatty receptacle, it might be more likely to result in a child that is the product of your own genes. Perhaps some men have evolved to take advantage of this “benefit” in lieu of a different strategy?


Your theory is interesting but I think my psychological (and biological) diagnoses above are more directly applicable. For your theory to have traction in the real world, we would have to presume the men who chubby chase are not, in fact, winners with game. Because winners with game would not be afraid of their women cuckolding them. Nor would they resort to fucking fat chicks when they have the goods to fuck hot thin chicks.

Losers, otoh, would be afraid of cuckoldry, at least subconsciously. So for your theory to hold water, chubby chasers would need to be low value men who correctly identify fat chicks as “sure things” from their gene’s-eye view. If anything, the greater likelihood of fat chicks to “accidentally” forget to use contraceptives (because they might not get the chance at sex again for a long while) mitigates against high value men risking a night of sloppy, ham-smashing passion with them.


  1. There’s one guy I went to summer camp with that got first dibs on pussy every year. Shortstop on the softball team, legendary alpha personality, etc.

    One year he came back to camp, otherwise seemingly the same guy, and practically from day 1, gave up the hot chicks and fucked every fattie. I’m not talking 4s. He fucked the 1s, the girls that were thentofore considered completely unfuckable, girls who its quite possible in the 31 years since haven’t even been fucked again, thats how foul some of them were. I didn’t even to go camp that year, and kept hearing the stories from those who were there, and it was still the talk of the camp on alumni day in midsummer.

    He apparently did way too much acid at a Zeppelin concert a few months before. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it, but its the only thing I can think of ..

    Iceman, back me up on this.


  2. My guts ache from laughing at this post.


  3. A YOUNG fattie is one thing; it’s the old ones that are gross.

    Actually, women are supposed to fatter than men since their biological role is the conversion of food into biomass (ie babies). A slight plumpness in a young woman is a sign of fertility.

    If I can easily see a woman’s bones or see nothing but “ripped” muscle, I am NOT turned on.


    • A YOUNG fattie is one thing; it’s the old ones that are gross.

      Problem with young fatties is that they turn into old fatties.


    • We also need to distinguish between a guy who fucks the last call fatties vs. the guy who gets into relationships with fatties.


  4. Was she a great big fat person?


  5. feminist fantasy-speak, which is like Newspeak

    doubleplus ungood.

    explosive helium gas

    nope. hydrogen is explosive (see: Hindenburg) but helium is inert and non-explosive (see: most airships post-Hindenburg). The explosive gas in farts is methane.

    Chubby chasers are real- I think some of it may have to do with childhood experiences or early-adulthood first sexual experiences- which can have a disproportionate influence on sexual tastes thereafter.


    • Actually, farts have hydrogen too.


    • Helium is inert chemically, true, but helium fusion is explosive.

      Helium 3 to Helium 3 fusion is a part of the chain of reactions that powers the sun.

      Helium 4 to Helium 4 to Helium 4 triple fusion is a part of the chain of reactions that eventually drive supernovae explosions.

      And that is as explosive as can be.

      And of course, overfilling a balloon or condom with compressed helium will give one a lovely bang.


    • Nerd out:

      Although hydrogen was publically blamed for the Hindenburg disaster, it was actually the oil-skin rigging which proved to be the safety hazard; the had the necessary safety protocols in place to make the hydrogen safe, but the rigging no so much. Even if it had been filled with helium, it still would have gone down.

      There was a large debate over the two gasses at the time, and the disaster was used by the helium advocates as ‘proof’ that helium was better.


  6. Is the name of the game who can get the 10 or who can get the 10 the easiest?

    Given the parameters you have created in this post you present a valid point. I am validating 6’s and below by interacting with them, lets just make soap out of all of them! D:

    Seriously though. If the sexual market is so visceral, so predetermined, is it not every mans job who cannot forge a perfect inner game to be as tyrannical as possible? Is that not hell on fucking earth?

    Is this not the cost of equidistance? To see your better, hordes of them, fuck every girl you can’t think of approaching and every potential mother of your son?

    Apologetically weeded out of the gene pool with friendzones and zeros in your bank account.

    This makes my heart cold as death bony hands choking the last bit of life out of the american dream.


  7. In general I think you are correct, what people are willing to settle for is not necessarily what they want. But one of my closest friends for many years now has some major game. When he was single he had a small herd of adoring of hot women and devoted strippers, there was in fact an unhappy incident when the ‘weekend women’ showed up at a time ordinarily allocated for the ‘weekday women’. I am afraid by any standard or yardstick I know, the man knows what he is about with highly desirable women. He is also married to a slender blond, yet prefers, by his own admission larger women. We’re not talking some Oprah class warship, but definitely larger. I guess by porn star standards, Kerry Marie, Audra Mitchell, Victoria lane kind of thing going. Not that they cannot be made to look hot with enough work, but this guy was and is, even married, up to his ears in the kind of women virtually everybody wants. Not my tastes personally, but in the end, it should be about what you want, not what other people celebrate you for having.


    • And I know a guy who wants to kill himself. Evo psych is good at predicting trends, but there’s always individual variation.


    • Here’s why I cant believe your story. If these women were really hot, they would undoubtedly meet another player within a couple weeks.

      Generally the places your buddy lurked to get at in the first place, so too other guys prey.

      Scoring 9s and 10s relatively frequently is one thing. Having a daily rotation of strippers and pornstars is another which only really Hugh hefners get at.


  8. Q: What do you call a 300 pound woman?

    A: Fat.


  9. on July 6, 2012 at 5:24 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    Isn’t the phrase “chubby chaser” some sort of misnomer? I mean, if the person is that chubby, they probably can’t run too fast so there would be very little actual “chasing” going on. In fact, you could probably outrun them much less catch them.

    On a serious note, has anyone seen this pathetic illustration called “Wrong Century” by Beta artist Tomas Kucerovsky. It “depicts the fate of plus-size beauty in the modern age.” Give me a fucking break. Last I heard, going on a diet was a pretty good way to change “fate.” There are people with serious disabilities and problems; I have little sympathy for fatties.

    Here is a link. Try not to throw up at the description of this overfed fattie, who repulses even in cartoon form:


    • Wrong century huh. Ever seen what smallpox looks like?

      (And if she’d been alive in any other century but this one she’d probably have been thin, too.)


    • Yeah, but all the WNs should love the remark on the board about the anti-Teutonic propaganda of the USA. Yeah, like Germans are fatter than Americans.


  10. Of all place, National Review Online had this pertinent quote from Teddy Roosevelt today, in the “Impromptus” column:

    “Teddy Roosevelt was many, many things in life. He was not a chubby-chaser. Here he is upon viewing paintings by Rubens: “I don’t like a chubby Minerva, a corpulent Venus, and a Diana who is so fat that I know she could never overtake a cow, let alone a deer.”


  11. on July 6, 2012 at 5:37 pm Kim du Toit

    Problem is you are lumping [sic] all overweight women together under “fatties” and there’s a huge range between the overweight (130 – 170lbs, depending on height) and the true porkers (220lbs +).

    Speaking for myself, I happen to think that slender (skinny) girls are a total turnoff — to me, they look like little boys more than women, especially if they have small breasts. Sorry, I have no interest, and frankly, there is no boner. Celebrity examples would include Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Candice Swanepoel, Amy Adams, Mila Kunis and Kate Moss. More bone than meat, more boy than girl.

    Now, show me a plump-ish woman with big boobs and wide hips, and the old testosterone tanks starts to fill quickly. Celebrity examples: Lizzie Miller, Salma Hayek, Christina Hendricks and Nigella Lawson, as well as <a target="_blank" href=""any of these women.

    Yeah, I’m old and overweight now; but even when I was a skinny-but-muscular yoot in my teens and twenties, big women still did it for me. Out of the fifty or more women I’ve dated seriously in my time, only a handful were skinny. And it had nothing to do with whether fat women were easier conquests; they were ALL fairly easy conquests, fat or thin.

    It has nothing to do with beta this or omega that. I have a better time with plump women than with skinny ones, and that’s all there is to it. Your mileage may vary, and to judge from some of the comments on here, most do. And that’s fine.


    • I agree mildly fat isn’t that bad. Problem is, enough time in the lower-rent districts and your turnons will start to shift too. An HB10 I actually find less attractive than a HB6 because I know I have no chance with the 10, so my balls just say ‘waste of effort’ and shut down. Your genes want to reproduce, not stare longingly at the impossible. Chicken and egg can be hard to tell after a while.


  12. A dude that has never experienced steak or had the chance to experience steak, a man who has gazed forlornly at the filet mignon from behind the glass…

    Can talk all day about how much he loves liver and onions. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t want the steak.

    Necessity =/= virtue


  13. This shit is like the hot versus sultry discussion. Some women may be unapproachably hot while sultry girls, though attractive, aren’t as hot but they have that you can maybe have sex with me aura that makes them a. more attainable and b. boner producing because hey sex is possible whereas hot girls may be unattainable, and doesn’t fart or otherwise have bodily functions of lesser mortals.

    So, take sultry theory and extend it to infinity, and you get fat girl game. ” I may be fugs”* but my holes a gaping. If you are high T, from genetics or painful proximity to early teenage years, then the acceptable sliding scale from sultry to fucking god awful warpig slides further and further away from hot.

    * the last girl standing at 3am or declarations of no inhibitions games at work.

    The point is, fat is fat, and aside from 13 year olds who haven’t touched a boob yet, the only outlet for fatties I’ve seen are severly closeted men who decided not to become priests.


  14. I guess I’ll chalk up to something like maternal imprinting the fact that a chubby-by-today’s-standards Anita Ekberg or Jane Russel type will give me a Moh’s scale 10 rod, but a Victoria’s Secret type invariably leaves me absolutely cold.


    • Anita Ekberg, I wasn’t familiar with her. Had to google.

      Holy shit, she didn’t age well.


    • Yep, I don’t get this victoria secret model hype. To me, it’s just cute chicks with no tits nor ass. But I observe that a lot of white men, including the lord of the chateau, are obsessed with skinny chicks. Maybe we’re just outliers.

      I’d obviously prefer a VS model over a ridiculously fat whale. But my boner is intimately correlated with feminine curves, ie meat and fat located at strategic spots.


      • But my boner is intimately correlated with feminine curves, ie meat and fat located at strategic spots.

        Agreed. A 14 year old boy’s body with tits does nothing for me. If your collarbones and ribs are protruding, I’ll pass.


  15. Fat girls are definitely a boner kill for me. I’ve been in shape and naturally so, all my life and fat women- fat people in general- kind of disgust me.
    But I regularly find 7-8 and 9s hotter than the 10s.
    I think it may be bad experiences with the super hot ones. My last GF is a perfect example- actress, singer, absolutely beautiful and BORING as hell. Nice, great heart, faithful, and about as exciting as toast with so many physiological baggage and insecurities that I kept wishing she would come home too tired to talk.
    And so it has been way way way too many times in my life. Hot girl, boring, insecure, narcissistic blah.
    But a good 8 will often be pretty enough to be confident, and plain enough to not be a pain in the ass about how beautiful she is. Motivated to be more down to earth and develop some type of interesting character.
    9-10s are only good for a one night fuck where they do not have your real number. Preferably a stripper or someone passing through town.
    A friend of mine who likes chubby girls says the same about them. Once he said that, I kind of understood his preference.


    • The hottest girl you ever sleep with is always going to have something wrong with her. It’s an optimization problem. There’s always someone more alpha or rich that she could be sleeping with if she wasn’t such a psycho.


  16. A lot of naturals with game who have high sex drives will end up with fatties. The ease of the lay comes before the hotness of the girl to them. So they’ll get a phone number from the smokin’ hottie who’ll be a nightmare of logistics and game-playing and flaking, but take the fatty that’s been following them around all night home at 2am because they know she’ll be an easy lay.

    Most high sex drive naturals I’ve met fuck amazingly hot women most guys can’t get, but will just as soon turn around and fuck an uggo no other guy would touch. The non-needy vibe these guys give off (because they get laid so frequently, whether it’s by hot girls or uggos) is actually what helps them land the super hot girls while the guy not macking on uggos because “I have high standards” end up putting more pressure on the interaction when they DO talk to a hot girl so they give off a needy vibe and she shoots them down.

    This again comes down to the Thrill of the Hunt VS Pleasure of Sex types of men:

    fucking lol’ed at the black guy part. So true. I always laugh when I see the massive 300lbs white chicks dancing in front of the wall of jacked up decent looking black guys, and then those guys are all over it lol I can’t even wrap my head around how that must work in the bedroom.

    I actually find I’ve met enough girls that I can spot girls who are into black guys. Not based on just being fatty fats lol but the way they do their makeup, hair, accessories, etc. usually gives it away…which is a shame ’cause I like their style a lot of the time.


    • on July 7, 2012 at 7:41 pm Dan Fletcher

      Solid post.

      “I actually find I’ve met enough girls that I can spot girls who are into black guys. Not based on just being fatty fats lol but the way they do their makeup, hair, accessories, etc. usually gives it away…which is a shame ’cause I like their style a lot of the time.”

      Yep, I’ve noticed the same thing. Can’t quite articulate what is different about them but I can usually tell.


      • Large hoop earrings are without a doubt the number one telltale accessory of the mudshark species. In all likelihood, the shape of a large hoop earring must subconsciously resemble a giant watermelon rind in the eyes of the negro.


      • You’re an Idiot.


      • You’re a nigger with the capacity to rise to the level of idiot. A noteworthy accomplisment Sambo.


      • You’re a nigger with the capacity to rise to the level of idiot. A noteworthy accomplishment Sambo!


  17. My roommate in college preferred fatties… but they were all chubby and not really fat or obese. Also he was kind of a loser.

    I’ve fucked a few chubby girls myself and I must say, there are times when I felt like fucking me a chubby girl. Not grossly fat, mind you, just chubby. Like Kelly Osbourne when she first got famous chubby. But that’s only once in a blue moon. Same with cougars and MILFs, they’re only good for once in a while novelty sport fuck and not a constant source of poon.


  18. Since we’re talking evolution… here’s a paleo explanation for chubby chasing.

    You know how old / sick preys get hunted down and eaten first by predators? It’s not that predators prefer such low quality foods, but when they’re hungry & desperate, those preys are the slowest, easiest to catch, so they’ll do. When foods are plenty, they only eat the best meat available.

    So perhaps when our tribal ancestors were hunting down a rival tribe, the fat women of the loser tribe were the slowest so they got fucked by the laziest lower-ranked cavemen who couldn’t be bothered hunting the hotter slimmer gazelles down, for they had not a fuck in yonks. They’d leave the rest to the glory hunting alphas of their tribe who had more than enough fucks on with the babes to care. That’s how chubby (literally) chasing was coined and the gene got passed down through the ages.

    The other phrase that was coined around the same time was the “I tripped over and my penis slid in her puss, it was an accident!” excuse that a chubby chaser would give to his lolzing brothers upon discovery of his chubby chasing evidence. It was more believable then when they were chasing them down harsher terrains (than our modern world) where tripping and falling over were regular occurrences.


  19. “They’re black men”



  20. on July 7, 2012 at 1:21 am FucksFatties

    I think the reason I go for somewhat bigger chicks has to do with ‘food issues’ (specifically, an anorexic mother) as a child. Despite my good looks, I feel like my ’emotional set point’ is that I live in an environment of scarcity, and my preferences reflect this.

    As a teenager, I had a lot of anxiety and questioning along the lines of ‘she is into me, she has a cute skinny body, my friends think I should go for it, but her chubby friend is the one that runs through my dreams at night’


  21. I think that a lot of men claiming to be chubby chasers are not into obese women…they’re into women on the edge of being overweight, ie. bmi between 24 and 26. Particularly if these women have big breasts.


    • Agreed. I don’t know anyone who likes grossly obese women, but plump, sure. Also, I would rather take home a fun girl with 20 extra pounds on her than a bitchy ice-queen because the fun girl is usually always a better fuck.


    • Cue Ed McMahon: “You are correct, sir!” (or ma’am, as the case may be)


  22. on July 7, 2012 at 2:22 am Johnycomelately

    Voluptuous women with boobs show most evolutionary fitness, boobs for milk production, hips for child bearing and a reasonable layer of fat for survival.

    The obsession with girls that look like little boys is probably due to social conditioning and homosexuals controlling fashion.


    • Evolutionarily speaking, big boobs are not an indicator of milk production, because even small boobs can produce milk in equal quantities, the difference between the two being fat tissue, not milky glands. Big boobs are actually indicators of youth.

      Breats sag therefore sagging breasts are immediately read like “that chick hit the wall and thus can’t transform my cum into holders of my genetic legacy”. Small tits don’t sag, and thus don’t provide any clue concerning the target’s age.

      That’s why we evolved to squeeze and suck and obsess over glorious racks.


      • Whilst it’s true big boobs are not an indication of milk production amount, that’s actually irrelevant. Men *think* they are, and presumable always have (it’s a reasonable and natural, even if false, assumption). So big boobs would have been selected for even if the supposition behind it was erroneous.
        Hence the evolution of the unusual human female boob shape (compared to other primates).
        And human males’ love of big boobs.
        Not that the youth indicator theory can’t also be true.


  23. That’s some funny shit right here.


  24. I can tell you for a fact that black men do not prefer, or have predispositions to larger women. It simply is incorrect and scientifically unproven. Being a white male, it is presumptuous to claim such a fact.


    • Evidence please? The burning outrage of your noble negro soul is not enough to convince anyone.


      • I myself I’m a black guy and I’m not attracted to morbidly obese women. Thick, (look at Jennifer Lopez if you want an idea of what I mean) sure. But not fat. Making a generalization that black guys love fat chicks (in fact almost none of my friends do) is wrong. It is a matter of personal choice. THOSE black guys you see are into fat chicks. Not all.


    • Good thing such a fact has not been claimed.


    • It’s a simple recipe: two parts “I’ll fuck anything” that is so often evinced in lower species, and one part slaking the racial revenge lust to defile anything white, no matter how grotesque..


    • on July 11, 2012 at 3:20 am Art Vandelay

      Nobody stated it was a matter of preference.


  25. “I don’t care who’s bothered by me mentioning this, if you’ve spent any time in mixed company or at da clubs, you can’t help but notice that black men, especially during end-of-night garbage hour, are the least discriminating race and will hump a fucking dirigible farting explosive helium gas if it meant getting their rocks off.”

    This is a manifestation of Black’s guy’s more r-selected strategy.


  26. The point that women often miss regarding getting fat. (I sometimes spell it P-H-A-T b/c three letters isn’t enough.)

    Getting phat is a deliberate action. A person actually has to choose the fattening food, put it in their mouth and swallow and then choose not to jog five miles.

    A woman could choose to eat a head of lettuce but instead chooses the apple fritter.
    Many people don’t have the time or energy to go jogging and exercise but the choice of getting fat, having another serving of food is a choice we are guilty or not guilty of committing.

    If we are lucky we get old, but we don’t get fat b/c of “bad luck” or “bad genes”.

    Getting fat requires work. I used to joke w/ a young guy who tried to bulk up. If we saw a huge fat person, (male or female)
    I’d say “Take a good look over there. You’re young, with work you could have a body like that. It won’t be easy but it’s possible. Sometimes you don’t want to eat a dozen donuts or eat a half gallon of ice cream but you do it b/c you have a dream.”
    The point was always well taken.


  27. Not trolling or race baiting here but…

    I’m surprised a conversation on the effect of race on a man’s SMV wasn’t discussed in this post or emerged in the comments. It seems obvious that black men are at a disadvantage in the SWPL SMP. Obviously NOT talking about athletes, celebrities and other obvious alphas.

    But your average beta white guy will have a significantly easier time pulling a non obese girl than your average beta black guy.

    Why? Not sure but I’ll hazard some guesses. We know women are more racist then men in their preferences. I suspect this goes further. There is a component of the ‘dominance’ that women love so much that is dependent on larger contexts of power and hegemony. The fact is, black people, en masse, in the US have relatively little money and power and that manifests in many ways.

    I don’t think women make the calculations consciously but it seems plausible that something like this is at work.


    • On the other hand black men are more dominant in the areas of street crime/low level drug dealing/rape/inability to pass exams. Surely that must mean something to all the ladies out there?

      Or is just because white women find white men more physically attractive than black men? Hmmm … that might explain it.


      • “Or is just because white women find white men more physically attractive than black men? Hmmm … that might explain it.”

        You’re missing the point. Pretty much this entire blog is predicated on the idea that physical attractiveness is of limited value to men.

        The archives have many, many relevant posts. Here is the most recent:

        So your explanation of physical appearance highlights that there is something more at work.

        The point is…there must be some deeper factors at work in black men with morbidly obese white women. A site dedicated to ripping the cover off of societal lies in the SMP could address this well.

        For example, I was surprised not to see race mentioned here:

        Any thoughts?


      • I’ve noticed the Black man is far less shy in pursuing ANY woman whom he fancies or finds convenient; regardless such things that often thwart an SWPL, such as odds of success or disparity of social position. No doubt this strategy has its payoffs.

        It is not for nothing that the Southern Man was so infamously brutal in protecting his ladyfolk against such “forwardness”.


  28. I think the definition of fat is not the same here. If you consider “fat” as anything heavier than an anorexic-curveless-boyish looking model, than most men are chubby chasers

    I bet CH’s definition is “any BMI high enough to kill/prevent a boner”


  29. “They’re insecure men who lack the inner game to believe they really deserve the hotties.”

    I.e., they’ve been raised by grumpy feminist Hillarymoms who nomnomnomed on Free Birth Control Pills until their hormones went permanently out of whack and resent their boys from distracting them from their paperpusher jobalob.

    In Latin countries, moms worship and spoil their sons and call them “little prince” and “my love” from day 1, and the effects are there for all to see. Their inner game is glowing. Any boy with a Latin mom is a lucky ducky indeed.


  30. Meanwhile, just a little less than 8 hours before Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen fight and people worry about fat chicks


  31. 3. They’re insecure men who lack the inner game to believe they really deserve the hotties

    How does one change this? I think I might belong to this camp, partially because I believe I don’t have a great body and don’t deserve a hottie. I have started working out and dressing better but apart from this, anything else you guys can think of?


    • agree with ATC. no quick fix just gotta work on it every day.


    • on July 8, 2012 at 9:27 am ImmoralGables


      It’s a bit of a magic rub. Once you start pulling hotties you will start to think that you deserve them as it has become a part of your reality. My friends who have consistently pulled attractive girls growing up continue to do so because they expect it of themselves and have done it before.

      But that doesn’t answer your question and i wouldn’t expect him to go out of his way because he has alluded to the answer before. Keep doing your thing with the gym and personal grooming because no doubt those are helpful either way.

      You need to trick yourself into thinking you deserve the hottie. Doing that last rep on the pushup bar you might psyche yourself up and tell yourself you can do it. About to deliver a big speech in front of co-workers? You might tell yourself in the bathroom stall before hand how you were born to nail this speech, how it is in your professional destiny to wow your audience and later on get that promotion.

      When you’re in the zone with a hottie. Tell yourself that she is lucky to be with you and focus on her flaws. Do those two things verbatim when you’re on your way to hook up with her. Your almost fooling yourself by Doing so but that style of thinking is what’s needed to carry yourself over the finish line.

      Imagine you are on a 30min jog in sweatpants and sweatshirt in 90 degree weather. You promised yourself you wouldn’t walk at any point in the jog but your breath is short, your knees ache, your lower back is taut, etc. Science has shown that by deliberately telling yourself you have enough energy to jog those last two minutes that it essentially gives yourself a small boost (say ~10%) of energy to carry yourself across the finish line.

      Apply that same tactic during times whEn you feel you are coming up short. Just find different phrases to use as they depend on the situation. You really got to believe it when you say it as if your future progress depended on it…which it does.



    • Do some hookers, and when a couple soak your balls with their cum, you’ll feel a little better about yourself. Then think of all the derelicts they and other hot chicks have dated that are in prison – yes, those guys mighta been a better fuck, but all around, you would be a better partner in the long run – even if most women are too stupid to realize it.


  32. “Because winners with game would not be afraid of their women cuckolding them….Losers, otoh, would be afraid of cuckoldry, at least subconsciously.”

    I find the more I learn about game the less trusting I am of any woman’s chastity. Learning game has shown me up close how ANY girl can be a complete, utter cock sword swallowing slut when the right buttons are pushed.

    And aren’t all men subconsciously afraid of cuckolding?…that’s why we prefer virgins, why a lion kills off young that aren’t his and runs other mails out of the pride, etc…


    • on July 7, 2012 at 8:10 pm blackbirdyoung

      Yeah, it’s a tough pill to swallow. And with this knowledge comes power. And part of this power is an increase in the amount of your hellspawns swallowed by these now transparent whores. Use it wisely (meaning, take care to not get STDs, right?).

      The one thing lacking in Game I’ve found is a way to deal with this “trust” issue that Game itself essentially creates, and in a way promotes. I’m gonna look into this area a little more. ‘Cause it is hard to trust women after you’ve seen their true colors. But, it’s hard to trust anyone, at that. Trust yourself first. You’re all You really have anyway.


  33. on July 7, 2012 at 7:49 pm Dan Fletcher

    I much prefer a little meat to my women. The hottest girls I’ve ever seen have had a bit of thickness to them.

    However, I no longer share this preference in public as feminist NewsSpeak translates this as “I like fat girls”.

    Some girls carry a little extra weight quite nicely. Though some don’t and it is better for them to remain super skinny.


  34. on July 7, 2012 at 7:57 pm blackbirdyoung

    I don’t understand how dudes go for less attractive women at the end of the night. You’d think that by then, with more alcohol in one’s system, one would be more inclined to tread the waters with hotties that are actually out of their league vs. fat-fucks. Plus, how do these chubby-chasers manage to even get it up, or stay hard, while inside these gigantic blubbery butter balls sweating out of every pore bacon grease & the three diet cokes they downed their extra slice of pie with…?

    I have trouble staying hard with hot chicks sometimes, and I’m young and virile. But, I have found that the chubbier they are (not fat by any means, just a little extra, like five or ten pounds extra – enough to make them self-conscious, but not too much to make me consciously aware of some underlying fatty phenomena nastiness) the longer they’re willing to gargle my goods. I’d say every extra five pounds a chick has allotted = 30 min to an hour longer she’s willing to polish your nob. But, with every incremental five pounds blurring the line between hot & fat, comes an exponential decrease in the likelihood of getting or maintaining an erection. If that makes any sense.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if half the guys that don’t fuck chubbier girls simply don’t do it because they, like me, literally are incapable of getting themselves revved up enough in order to do so. In other words, they know her fat-fat’s gonna repel him from her, despite the strong gravitational pull she may be exerting.

    How fat is considered fat vs. chubby vs. a little extra (but good extra…how I would say I prefer women – curvy but not too curvy)?

    bklasjdjkads FAT People.


  35. Im gonna put a bullet in that white hampster if you honkies don’t slow it down.


  36. on July 7, 2012 at 11:18 pm darin williams

    Troll city…


  37. on July 8, 2012 at 2:03 pm cuckooclock

    I have a cuckold fetish/fantasy but I only want the hottest girls to satisfy it. Of course they have no interest in doing so. At least not so far. I have no interest in fatties and can’t get it up for them.


  38. I hate it when “bbqs” have gorgeous eyes


  39. As always, the dreamers want to dream.

    The hamster always spins: “I am not at the bottom of the social totem pole”

    More to the point:
    “I’m a special snowflake.”

    This is the byword of the last three generations of Americans in every conversation ever had.

    This is what I want to say in response to all this whining:

    – You’re not special. In fact ,there are so many more attractive, more interesting, smarter and frankly better people than you. yo umight as well just forget pretending you’re special.
    – No matter how good you are, there’s someone better.
    – Many people don’t like you. If everyone likes you, then you’re probably not interesting enough to care about.
    – Your life is so utterly irrelevant, not one grain of sand would be perturbed were you to never have been born.
    – Whatever meaning your life has is the meaning you give it yourself.
    – Treat yourself with respect, because no-one else has to and nobody may.
    – Don’t blame other people for your own faults.
    – If you’re an adult, any further trouble you have is entirely your own responsibility. If you’re a child, remember: You must become an adult, therefore start thinking about it sooner than later.

    These things shoudl be drilled into the heads of all scholchildren.
    Today, we pretend everyone is wonderful, unique and irreplaceable. That’s just not the case.


  40. on July 9, 2012 at 6:27 am ScarletKnight

    I hate seeing a thin guy with a fat girl.

    It’s like he is telling the world that he gave up.


    • Its more art than science. I have an acquaintance that did the same by marrying a woman 15 years older than he where he became quite obese. It too has its fashions just like the black ties for a tour of Europe’s opera houses. Shall I wear this mustard stained T-shirt for this evening?


  41. I am not exactly skinny as I work out(we could say that the celebrity with the most similar boy type is Anna Paquin ) but I have called skinny so many times by men. “I prefer curvy women”, etc… Maybe it’s because I live in Latin America.

    Seriously, I’m getting scared of taking my clother off in front of a men nowadays. It’s all about fat women.


    Sorry for my poor English


  42. I was at the new Good Stuff Eatery in Crystal City on 4 July and I was appalled at the young lasses with lard asses. These chicks all had straight-looking guys with them too.
    If you’ve got that weight on now how are you going to look in five years? Obviously they should stick to sweetgreen or Whole Foods salad bar for Chrissakes. My diet is not fun but at least it keeps me thin. So easy to be fat in this country, so hard to be thin.


  43. If you’ve got that weight on now how are you going to look in five years?

    If I were Dictator-fr-life, I would tax diabetes’ at 200% rates, exactly what I would do to A.ID S And would start studies about the consequences of banning them altogether.


  44. it’s the “I’ll have the leftovers”-gene

    the guys who do so ensure that others (their offspring) will continue doing so….duh


  45. Great post and funny too! I hate chubby chicks and won’t do them. I grew up when most of American chicks were not fat, so I have no attraction to chubby chicks. I actually like thinner chicks so it even makes things even more difficult as the world gets fatter. With the average American girl at 160 pounds, I don’t think I’d do her so, I’m left w/ only about 10% of the girls that are of the right weight and less that I think are good looking. I travel overseas and find what I’m looking for there usually.

    Believe it or not many younger guys today are intimidated by thin good looking chicks so they are really not playing on them that hard! How many times have you seen a thin mother with a whale of a daughter? The guys that do lots of chubby chicks seem to be younger that grew up accepting this body-type. Also guys with lower self esteem. Most of the guys that tell me they prefer chubbies, all seem to like sexy thin celebrities on TV. I usually say to them, I thought you like thick chicks and they’ll say something like, well she’s different! Yeah, right!


  46. Chubby chicks are like Tricyles.
    They can be fun to ride for a little while but you don’t want your friends to see you doing it.


  47. Have you ever read Leonard Cohen’s “Beautiful Losers?” The whole book is essentially a dialogue between the beta narrator, and his alpha friend (who cuckolds him, then comforts him in his grief) “F.” Anyway, there is a key section where F. scolds the narrator for assuming that his immense sex drive was limited to attractive women. I believe his line was, “at 16 I stopped fucking faces.”

    Whatever else Cohen is, he’s an Alpha.


  48. Actually it’s pretty well known that chubby girls tend to be a good obvious proxy for low self control (if she eats too much it’s more likely she can’t resist other men either)
    Still I keep mine, for her tits and her character.


  49. educated eugenics, very interesting discussion, race plays a factor, but poverty plays a bigger factor, out in the po’ country, there are more ugly & fat people (due to health/education issues) and in America they are more poor whites than any other race, for every black guy with a chubby white girl, there’s probably a white guy and a third cousin friend goin’ out to the moving pictures


  50. on July 11, 2012 at 7:30 pm Mainkaracter

    I’d have to disagree with the Black guy thing..It’s actually the unattractive (out of shape) or poor (uneducated) Black guys that go for the fat white girl. It’s usually a socio economic thing. Im in Cali and the brothas I see with white bitches are usually a 7s and up. I usually don’t go for pale skin but when I do, she’s definitely not gonna be a fatty. A little meat..sure ..a chubster….ummm it depends on the occasion, but you won’t see me walking or driving with her. Personally, I think there was a little playerhation goin on here.


  51. Here’s a game blog written by a chubby-chasing player. Check out my man Nigel for some insight into the world of fattie fucking: