Incentives Matter

There’s a great thread going on over at Libertardian Central you might want to read before Cheap Chalupas™ gets the ethnic hives and decides to mass delete impertinent commenters who tweak his mood affiliation.

btw, [david] brooks is wrong. as john stated, men *are* adapting to the new reality. when women start becoming economically self-sufficient and thus price out larger swaths of lower or equal earning men, men respond by competing for their attention by emphasizing different traits where they still can exert a higher value signal that appeals to women’s hypergamy. charisma, for example, is one such alternative trait that women are drawn to in men.

also, the female obesity epidemic is doubtless skewing the mating market against men’s interests (and ultimately against women’s interests). more fat undesirable (but i repeat myself) women means more men turning away from providing for women in favor of pump and dumps and porn. ya know, incentives matters. and men aren’t very incentivized to provide, materially or emotionally, for unattractive, self-sufficient women.

it would also be remiss of me to forget to mention that mass migration of tens of millions of lower iq lower skilled peasants to gut the wages and the spirit of working class american men has not exactly assisted their ability to attract women the traditional, civilization-building way. but hey, to the libertardian, that’s just collateral damage in the great free labor dream of eradicating national borders.

Hanna Rosin and David Brooks are tag-teaming in their claims that women are more adaptable than men, or are better at adapting to the modern economy and culture.

To that, I say magnificent bullshit. Men are adapting. They’re just not adapting in the way that women, and NYBetaTimes pundits, would like them to adapt. The means to acquire a good wage, and the incentive to leverage a good wage to attract women, have both diminished to the point that caddishness and porn have become better alternatives for many men. If feminists and lefties and rinos and tradcons like BIll Bennett don’t like this turn of events, well… they have only themselves to blame. You should have turned back form the brink when you had a chance.

I’ll say it again: Never before in modern American history has there been a time when game was as effective, or as necessary, as right now. Game is no longer just a matter of getting your weekend jollies at the clubs; now it’s a lifestyle. For some, it’s survival of the soul.


  1. I’m not so sure.

    When feminism came about…the goal was to have men submit to the womanly power.

    If you look out there I’d say 90% of the men have. The other 10% are adapting.


    • All men are adapting along the bell curve.

      Let’s assume one of the biggest driving force for men is pussy (i.e., reproduction).

      The bottom 10-20% of guys won’t be affected because nothing they do will help them get more or better pussy. They’ve adapted to playing video games or writing code instead of joining the monastery.

      The middle of the curve is wedded to past social values, but they are indeed adapting. Whereas their fathers might’ve settled for a thin, plain Jane, they’re adapting to fucking land walruses. I see lots of regular guys out there with wives that outweigh them.

      The top 10-20% are the ones adapting MONETARILY. They are devoting more of their time to getting pussy and other non-monetary pursuits that are conducive to getting pussy.

      Whether it’s the trailer/ghetto guy who refuses to get a job because he already has easy access to pussy or the upper middle class college grad who chooses to travel around the world banging Eastern European chicks rather than get a job and settle down, they are both pursuing rational, non-monetary strategies to getting pussy.


      • If a man’s biggest force is pussy…that’s why the feminists win. You are still submitting to one of the woman’s greatest powers.

        If a man’s biggest force is his craft or himself…he can get pussy without putting forth much effort. His power attracts it.


      • Very true, but the myth that when a man’s biggest force is his craft that he will get pussy without putting forth much effort is also why the feminists win.

        Pussy promises are still just pussy promises.


      • “but the myth that when a man’s biggest force is his craft that he will get pussy without putting forth much effort is also why the feminists win.”

        yep. This is why when anti-game guys (or just guys who hate PUAs) spin Game into some kind of pussy obsession and metaframe of supplication and rant about how you should just do your own thing and the pussy will come it’s like, okay good luck with that. I’ll be over here getting laid.

        There’s nothing wrong with wanting pussy. NEEDING it is what will fuck you over.


      • Yup.

        So when are you gonna change your mind about “sluts”?
        That other contingent of the anti game camp (feminists) promises that the slut concept is what prevents pussy from falling from the sky. That too is just another pussy promise. Believing in trickle down pussy is beneath you!

        You can still bang lots chicks, think they are sluts, and sill not miss any opportunities. You know that right?

        Embrace Alphadom.


      • nah. Non-judgement is part of the Secret Society. Long as you hold judgements you’ll always be on the outside of it, even if you still get laid a lot.

        But if you’re happy as is, that’s fine. It’s the guys twisting in the wind who are miserable with their lack of success and haven’t figured out their view on women an slutiness set in stone that need to do the hard looking. Guys like you and I might have reached different conclusions but we both have a solid base for those conclusions that make sense to us.

        It’s like religion or loving a sports team…choose things for yourself instead of letting the people around you choose them for you without ever questioning it yourself. Come to whatever conclusion you come to, that’s fine, the important part is that you actively looked at it and came to that conclusion.


      • “but the myth that when a man’s biggest force is his craft that he will get pussy without putting forth much effort is also why the feminists win.”
        Only if his craft allows him to place resources that he can lease to females for access to sex. Never sell the family silver, and realise that the desperate will have to ante up … or move on.


      • I get it. You’re gay. A hard dick is “one of the biggest driving force” for you, not pussy/reproduction.

        Either that or reading comprehension is tough for you.


      • I think your reading comprehension needs work.

        Focus on craft and yourself then pussy. This is a good mindset…and alpha.

        Focus on pussy all the time without caring about who you are or what you want to do in the world…makes you a slave. That’s beta behavior. Players can be beta.


      • This.
        …and I would go one step further and say that Porn actually gives women undeserved power, and could hurt men. It does this by conditioning to us get hooked on pussy like a drug, and give little consideration to the personality of the woman attached to the vagina. What you end up getting is lots of guys hooking up with the hottest girl they can reasonably find and holding on to her for dear life and putting up with all of her shit in the process, in hopes of maintaining access to the pussy. Game is an incredible tool/lifestyle, but I think Porn may hurt game because it puts women or more specifically, pussy, on a pedestal where it doesn’t belong.


      • If you have what she wants, that nobody else is willing to give cheaper to her … guess who’s calling the shots?


    • “I’d say 90% of the men have”


      I work in sales, and often deal with married men and men in relationships. It is staggering — staggering I say — the constant display of psychological subservience I witness as these empty sacs kowtow to their labian shelords who, btw, will NEVER grant them manumission.

      If these manginas want freedom, they’ll have to take it.


    • on September 12, 2012 at 4:35 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      how da university works: feminism = debt & debauchery & divorce & Desecration machine/army lzozlzlzlzlzlgh weo


      univeristies are at the tip (tit lzozlzlzoz) of our debt empire

      over the past thirty years or so univeristies desouled women in prima noctae assocking sessins (some of tehm secretly taped iwthout thei girls conthent as the neocons like it best) and they sent the army forth to 1) transfer assetts form menz, 2) destory the family, 3) murder 50,000,000 unborn innocent souls, 4) hype and sell sub prime loans while wearing short skirts lzozlzlzlzllzlzlz 5) lure men into marriage iwth their coconpirators the ministers who front the legal system that does what no pimp would wever do–charge men for past use of a pussy lzolsoslslslslslslslslsls

      the fembot army;s main corporate state job is to create debt debauchery destiutution debt divorce deconstruction and devastation lzozlzlzlz

      and they have succeeded!! lzozlzlzlzlzlzl

      today our debt deficit will be greater than the gnp!!!!1

      the feminsimt movement cooinnded with the largest greatest increase of debt ever known to namankinds lzozlzlzlzl this is because womenz who stamp their little feet and bitch and complain and tranfer and destory welath and say “me me m em e more material welath for me me me me for my gina!!!! it’s for the children (even though women aborted/killed/vacuumed 50,000,000 fetuss by their choice alone) lzozlzlz it takes a village–fund my village where we get to bang alphas and the betas pay for it whether we cuckold them in tehir homes or via the welfare state zlozlzozlzzlzl” and they bitch and complain and talk about handbags and butthex and twilight vampires and enocurage girls to long for and lust after undead bloodsucking vampire twilight monsters and butthexing douchebags and otehr things which make their bginas tingle repalced menz at univeristies menz who built invent iengineer buuikld invent reason truth write great books read great bookz think lzozlzl eb=engineer lzozlzlzozlzl replaced exaltation eand greatness with bdebt debuachery destitution lzozlz

      short beta men rose fast in teh unievristy as they were handed fiat bernanke cash fronm helicopter ben and they used it to surrpound themselves with syocphantic harems of womenze as all teh betas love honor worship tucker max their ultimate master because he rhymes with goldman sax and also he butthexes girls and films it woithout teh girlths ocnthent and the weekly stanadrd neocns repeat his lies lzozlzlzlzzl that he is six foot tall zlozzlzllzlzlzlzl honoring their #1 butthexual hero lzozlzlzl

      so anyeways teh fiat masters trianed owmen in the arts of divorce debuachery deseefxation destruction lozlzolzlzlz and abortion and debt creation, and as womenze rose to power on teh ffront lines of the epreemptive wars against teh unborn they murdered 50,000,000 since rose vs. wade they deconstructed and debuached tehc ulture on campuses as when yhou put womenze in charge it soons becomes all butthex all the time as priscilia paintion woemnze editor in chief of simon and schuster is publishing tucker max’s next book zlzolslssslslsoslsoslzozlzlzlzlz c hecks che-=checks it out peoples are saying and speaking out about the way womenze are debucahing defiling and butthexing the culture lozlzlzlzlzl:

      Why are Female Executives Publishing Tucker Max?

      Saw this floating around. good question!


      Ms. Priscilla Painton

      Simon & Schuster Editor in Chief

      RE: ASSHOLES FINISH FIRST, Secretive Tapings of Anal Sex without The Girl’s Consent, Corporate Douchebaggery, and the Epic Failure of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

      Despite the fact that teenagers nationwide are going to hear gem pick-up lines like “get away from me or I’m going to carve another fuck hole in your torso”, what truly crowns this film as an epic fail is its apologetic attempt to masquerade gratuity as an Apatovian bromance. –

      “Little Italy is fighting back against Tucker Max ‘s controversial ad campaign . Yeah, that poster on the right says, “Blind Girls Never See You Coming.” Va fan culo, indeed.” –

      Dear Ms. Painton,

      I and my colleagues in the ART, FILM & LITERATURE GUILD have a couple questions regarding the direction you are taking Simon and Schuster in. Why are you guys/gals hating on art, literature, culture and America? It was recently brought to our attention that you are intent on publishing Tucker Max’s ASSHOLES FINISH FIRST, and that your company actually gave him a $300,000 advance for his fart art. As the editor in chief of Simon and Schuster, owned the CBS corporation, do you truly believe Assholes Finish First? It is oft said that girls like “bad boys.” Does Tucker’s fart art douchebag wit titillate and excite you? Is that why you are publishing and profiting from it? Did you laugh during Tucker’s recent film flop when what’s-his-name stated that overweight women aren’t real people? Do you smile smugly when your billion-dollar corporation profits from douchebaggery? “The ads were poetic ditties of white text on a black background . Like: “Blind girls never see you coming” and “Strippers Will Not Tolerate Disrespect (Just Kidding).””

      “Over at the Washington, D.C., premiere, Max’s video minion ridicules both Vietnamese and African-American women, the former for being employed as a pedicurist, and the latter for having a name he finds funny.”

      Do you enjoy profiting from making fun of Asians and overweight women?

      Does this make you laugh Ms. Painton? It is not too late to choose the right direction for Simon and Schuster and CBS and walk away from publishing Assholes Finish First . At most it will bring in a few pennies, which will lead everyone to conclude that you and CBS aren’t in it for the money, but just the debauchery and destruction of the culture. As Tucker Max pointed out, the feminist movement empowered women and gave them the right to choose the art they affiliated with and promote. So now, with all the power in your hands, what will you chose on behalf of women all over the world? Please do us proud and choose the right thing.

      “The ad campaign for the new flick “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” includes slogans like “Deaf Girls Can’t Hear You Coming” and “Strippers Will Not Tolerate Disrespect (Just Kidding!).””


      Why is corporate America, under your direction Ms. Painton, forcing epic “Richard Kelly” fail fart art and film on the common public? Do you also find secretive tapings of anal sex without the girl’s consent to be entertaining and titillating art?

      Let’s talk for a sec about something Tucker glamorizes and pretends is funny in his ‘book’: filming a naked women in his bedroom without her consent. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that while he’s doing this he is coaxing the girl to have anal sex with him, an exploitative act that a guy like him probably especially enjoys.


      “OK, we can try anal sex , but I want it to be special and romantic. …. process: I was going to fuck her in the butt and film it without her consent ,” —

      Do you and the CBS Corporation find this entertaining? As you know, sodomy is a sin in the Old Testament as is sex out of wedlock and fornication. What is your motivation in working with those who promote and profit from secretive tapings of anal sex?

      Do you find such “literature” and “art” to be representative of Simon and Schuster and CBS?

      “In one of his most notorious pieces, he convinces a girl to have anal sex and tapes it without her consent.” —

      Despite the fact that teenagers nationwide are going to hear gem pick-up lines like “get away from me or I’m going to carve another fuck hole in your torso”, what truly crowns this film as an epic fail is its apologetic attempt to masquerade gratuity as an Apatovian bromance. –

      Ms. Painton–do you find that entertaining? Is it good literature? Do you consider demeaning stories about having sex with midgets good literature? Do you consider it good business to make fun of Asians, overweight women, and minorities so as to bolster your bottom line?

      What is driving you to publish Assholes Finish First ? What are your motivations? Money? America does not want Tucker Max, as demonstrated this past weekend at the boxoffice. Do you find these signs to be entertaining/a good CBS investment?

      Is Tucker Max’s fan base the group that Simon & Schuster is seeking to serve under your leadership?

      It seems that America believes otherwise as Richard Kelly and Tucker Max’s I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell has proven to be a colossal artistic and financial failure.

      “Not faring so well, however, was the Tucker Max adaptation I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, which took in $369,000 from 120 theaters with a well-below-average $3,075 per-screen average.” —

      So Priscilla, please tell us about your douchetastic love affair with Tucker Max and his fart art. Does it really titillate you as a woman and feminist? Say it isn’t so! Is this good Simon and Schuster/CBS branding? Why did your massive billion-dollar corporation reward Tucker with a $300,000 advance?

      “Little Italy is fighting back against Tucker Max ‘s controversial ad campaign . Yeah, that poster on the right says, “Blind Girls Never See You Coming.” Va fan culo, indeed.” –

      Does CBS and Simon & Schuster approve of registering fake email accounts to promote stories regarding secretive tapings of anal sex without the girl’s consent?

      ” The lack of traditional plugs forced Max to promote his web site and book via the internet. He would create fake e-mail accounts and then bombard entertainment sites and news aggregators with links to his material.” —

      For this, your billion-dollar corporation rewarded Tucker with a $300,000 advance.

      “Max may have to concentrate on his agent style business moving forward because he’s running out of material. He’s received a $300,000 advance for a second version of his drunken, sexual exploits – a tome that will contain the stories not ripe enough for the first cut.” —

      Are you proud of Simon & Schuster and your corporation? Funding and encouraging hype, failure, douchebaggery, debauchery, lies, secretive tapings of anal sex without the girl’s consent, and making fun of Asians, overweight women, and minorities. Is that what attracts you to Tucker Max, or is it the epic artistic and financial failure of his film?

      “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell fails in its attempts at raunchy humor, and Tucker Max comes across so unlikable and outrageous that the film’s inevitable story arc feels forced.”

      It is not too late to choose the right direction for Simon and Schuster and walk away from publishing Assholes Finish First .


      McCoy Mountain & The ART, FILM & LITERATURE GUILD


      Will Priscilla Painton at Simon & Shuster still Publish *beep* Finish First?

      the title makes no sense. *beep* might finish first in some silly women’s eyes, but they epic fail in reality, as demonstrated by tucker’s epic fart art film fail, which priscilla painton is pretendning not to notice.

      What’s up with women these days?

      It seems the more they run things, the more they try to force douchebag fart art on everyone:

      Former ‘Time’ Exec. Relieves Venerable Editor Mayhew At Simon & Schuster–schuster

      Anywho, does Priscilla Painton at Simon & Shuster have a personal vendetta against asians, minorities, overweight women, and little people?

      Does she think tucker’s ads are cute and humorous?

      Does she get off on this?

      “The ad campaign for the new flick “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” includes slogans like “Deaf Girls Can’t Hear You Coming” and “Strippers Will Not Tolerate Disrespect (Just Kidding!).”

      Is that supposed to be funny?” –

      Is this the new face and culture of simon and schuster?

      Does Priscilla Painton at Simon and Schuster giggle at secretive tapings of anal sex without the girl’s consent and also this:

      “11:17: The girl starts saying something about what a horrible person I am. I stare at her, but I am not listening. I am preparing myself. I am B-Rabbit. This is the final battle rap. I will win the hostile crowd:

      [I interrupt the fat girl] “Ward, I think you’re being a little hard on the Beaver, [as I point to each in turn] so is Eddie Haskell, Wally, and Miss Cleaver.”

      [To the fat guy with greasy hair in the camo vest] “Look out everyone! It’s the Pillsbury Commando! Hey Chunk, when was the last time you washed your hair? Does it give you more hit points to have that grease helmet? I hate to break the news, but +5 defense only counts in Dungeons and Dragons.”

      [To the ugly Asian girl] “Why you no rike me? You want me frip over? You no piss me off! ME FIND YOU IN POCKING ROT!! YOU NO TAKE MING ARIVE!!”

      [To the small frail dork–I notice he has a lazy eye] “Dude–Look at me when I’m talking to you–BOTH EYES AT ONCE. Are you really this ugly or are you just playing? EVERYONE, BE CAREFUL, THIS GUY LURKS UNDER THE STAIRS AND TRIES TO LICK YOUR SHOES WHEN YOU PASS BY!”

      [To the original fatty, pause for effect] “Why do you do this to yourself? WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF? Look, I’m gonna give you some advice-leave the party, take the geek squad with you, go to Denny’s, order about 10 Grand Slam Breakfasts, and eat your pain away. Won’t be the first time will it?”

      11:19: I am finished. The kitchen is quiet, except for Eddie and Rich laughing. The four freaks are completely speechless. Everyone is staring at me. I blurt out, “WHAT? I’m pretty sure it’s what Jesus would’ve done.” Eddie and Rich promptly remove me from the kitchen.”

      Is Priscilla Painton publishing tucker’s next book for the love of literature, art, or money?

      ‘Cause it seems that those who work with tucker generally hate and lose literature, art, and money.

      “What ensues, according the film’s trailer, is alcohol-fueled misogynistic mayhem. Max has sex with several women, including, to his smug satisfaction, a dwarf.”

      See? That is the clever banker ruse.

      Have women such as Priscilla fund and promote it, while others protest it, enriching the bankers as marriage is destroyed and the state is grown.

      “A Site about the Divorce Regime, Family Court Corruption,
      and Government’s War on Fathers”

      “The divorce regime is the most totalitarian institution ever to arise in the United States. Its operatives in the family courts and the social service agencies recognize no private sphere of life. “The power of family court judges is almost unlimited,” according to Judge Robert Page of the New Jersey family court. “Social workers are perceived to have nearly unlimited power,” a San Diego Grand Jury concludes. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Total immunity [enjoyed by social workers] is absolute power.”

      The divorce regime is responsible for much more than “ugly divorces,” “nasty custody battles,” and other clichés. It is the most serious perpetrator of human and constitutional rights violations in America today. Because it strikes the most basic institution of any civilization – the family – the divorce regime is a threat not only to social order but to civil freedom. It is also almost completely unopposed. No political party and no politicians question it. No journalists investigate it in any depth. A few attorneys have spoken out, but they are eventually suspended or disbarred. Some academics have written about it, but they soon stop. No human rights or civil liberties groups challenge it, and some positively support it. Very few “pro-family” lobbies question it. This is because the divorce regime operates through money, political power, and fear.” —


      Have you seen/read END THE FED by Ron Paul? “Everyone must read this book–Congressmen and college students, Democrats and Republicans–all Americans.”
      –Vince Vaughn

      When you think about it, Tucker Max was the Fed’s ultimate creation–a soulless, debased douchebag:

      “My name is Tucker Max, and I am an *beep*

      Think about it–Tucker’s motto @ could be the Fed’s motto:
      “I get excessively drunk via inflating the currency at inappropriate times, disregard social norms (funding feminism/debauchery & debasement of the family/currency/culture/tucker max(educated at the Fed’s University of Chicago’s School of Economics (school of freakanomics) and Duke scholarship)), indulge every whim/war, ignore the consequences of my actions/bubbles/bailouts, fund idiots and posers and tucker-max-like CEOs, sleep with more women than is safe or reasonable/luring them with fiat currency & a fiat-funded bus, and just generally act like a raging darko/douchebag/dickhead.”

      What do you think of Ron Paul’s new book–End the Fed?

      Review for End The Fed
      “Rarely has a single book not only challenged, but decisively changed my mind. “
      –Arlo Guthrie

      “Everyone must read this book–Congressmen and college students, Democrats and Republicans–all Americans.”
      –Vince Vaughn

      Vince Vaughn is a far, far better actor/director/writer than Tucker Max, so it makes sense that Tucker and his jealous friends at the Fed detest Arlo Guthrie and Vince Vaughan as well as art, film, and literature.

      The book has much better reviews and is far-higher ranked than Tucker’s douchey books/film/trailer–Five solid stars!

      Why do you donnie darko douchos/cbs haterz hate on art, the Constitution, morality, goodness, sound money, peace, prosperity, love, the family, kindness, and Ron Paul so much?

      And like the Fed, tucker privatizes all the profits of his private jet while sharing all the risk with his volunteer employees, who work for free.

      “Feminism which espoused “women’s rights” actually has driven femininity underground, torn the sexes asunder, and stripped woman of recognition for being wives and mothers, roles essential to their own fulfillment, to men, and to children and society.” –


  2. This is why our civilization is collapsing and these idiots are clueless as to what it means for society. I have no idea why lefties have such high opinions of themselves. They’re all stupid beyond words. What do you say to David Brooks when he wonders where his grandcchildren are?


  3. Yesterday Steve Sailer quoted Theodore Dalrymple:

    “In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better.”

    Nails Hannah Rosin/David Brooks/that whole crowd. They are propagandists trying to humiliate men.


    • Yes.

      The easiest way to kill your enemy is to demoralize him to the point where he kills himself.

      David Brooks couldn’t care less about the well-being of non-Jewish American men.

      Neocons are facile in “rhetoric” — not truth.

      “What is truth?” the neocons would say, following Nietzsche. “There is no objective truth. Power is all.”

      And the people in power have an agenda…


  4. Also, today the following line popped into my head

    The saying goes why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free, but increasingly, we can’t afford the cow even if we wanted to.


  5. Also worth pointing out that the economic empowerment of women is probably due as much to the relentless bloating of the public sector as to their supposed superiority at New Economy jobs.


  6. on September 12, 2012 at 2:38 pm The Man Who Was . . .

    I see nothing wrong with saying that men are less suited for the modern workplace.

    [heartiste: but are they less adaptable? that’s a different question. men can be less suited to the modern workplace while still adapting to it in ways that benefit their needs.
    anyhow, i wonder how sustainable this modern workplace will prove to be. i’m guessing, not much longer.]


    • on September 12, 2012 at 2:41 pm The Man Who Was . . .

      That is women are more docile and programmable.


    • The modern working place is an artificial construct designed to create the illusion of success for women. Sociology and psychology do not create surplus capital.


      • Farm surplus is what made modern civilization advance as well as building in climates cold enough to not decay buildings etc as fast. Undercutting labor also helped a bit. I think most peoples jobs can be called non essential because most of the economy is non essential in a basic sense. If one’s job isn’t farm/food,energy, transportation,construction, or clothing it’s basically non essential. People in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones which is most people.


      • Too right.


    • i wonder how sustainable this modern workplace will prove to be. i’m guessing, not much longer.

      We keep saying that, but I wonder if self-deceit and lies might not be more robust than we assume/hope . . . if the Matrix might not actually withstand its New Malthusian challenges . . .


      • Vote Obama. Fulfill your patriotic duty to put this country out of its misery.


      • Ironically, it’s been under Obama that the Hispanic tidal wave has started to recede. Mexicans no longer see El Norte as the land of opportunity, although Central Americans still do. The illegitimate birth rate took a dip in 2010 too.


      • So, I assume you’re going to vote for Gary Johnson, correct?

        Romney is as much a puppet of the rich as Obama is, neither of them is good for America.


      • No, I’m serious. I would vote for Obama if I could do so with a clean conscience. Romney’s policies will ruin America too, but they’ll take longer and he’ll probably destroy several other countries in the process.


      • Right-wing Leninism is the best policy.


      • So vote for Gary Johnson.

        If you keep on crying about the future of america and don’t even vote for the one guy who america needs right now as a president (Ron Paul can’t run for president right now) you deserve what’s coming to you.


      • Indiscriminate liberty isn’t the answer, it’s part of the problem.


      • Romney IS rich! Obama is a puppet of women.


      • on September 13, 2012 at 3:03 pm Concerned Mother

        Mitt’s a wuss. I want the president to be a leader, not a chief operating officer in charge of the Buick division of General Motors. Mitt wants desperately to be liked. Which is why he arouses such contempt. When did he ever show true leadership, where he convinces opponents and adversaries to do it his way? Oppose/disagree with Mitt and he’s likely to tell you you’re right. What do you expect from a guy who married first girl he ever dated?

        As for Obama, not sure what I think of his leadership. He’s willing to make tough decisions, no matter what others say. Maybe that’s his problem. He’s stubborn. Being unwilling to take advice — like put some effort into schmoozing congressmen and big-$ donors — means everything’s harder than it has to be. And let’s stop calling him a lefty. He an updated version of an Eisenhower Republican. He’s never done a lefty thing in his life.


      • First realize that your vote is meaningless since it’s just one in a hundred million or whatever the number is, and will never decide anything. Your vote is deep down in the margin of error of how many lost, miscast and miscounted votes there will be. If you decide to vote anyway, forget about ideology or jerseys. Vote in your narrow self-interest, like if you don’t like it when one is a feminist suckup and the other is not, or if one hates big gulps and you don’t. If neither choice appeals, stay home. That’s all there is to voting.

        Second, realize that political power and influence for individuals or groups has nothing to do with voting. Voting dem to end Guantanamo ended nothing. Voting repub to control the supreme court, well, give a big hand to John Roberts. Voting third party, at its most effective, put Bill Clinton in power. Democracy is just an inefficient way to blow off some steam.


    • Might it because the modern workplace is a feminist dystopia?? I was previously employed at an internet start up. Most chicks didn’t do well there at all… primarily because it was a non pc hard working, hard partying environment unlike most modern workplaces.


    • I’m with Heartiste, the Modern Workplace is a failure. HP, Kodak, Xerox, Pepisco, Coke, other “diversity” workplaces are failures. Failures to create new, exciting, dominating things people will buy. Meanwhile Alpha A-hole places like Apple, Oracle, Samsung, and Amazon are big successes, with a very male (and pale) workforce that is striking in its uniformity.

      The modern workforce is GM. Bailout-city. The old-line workforce is male, aggressive, striving for excellence, and dominance. Its the only thing that works. Being more docile and programmable doesn’t get it done when you need to compete against low-cost Chinese/East Asian slave-workforces and deal with high energy/commodity prices. Otherwise HP would be a winner and Apple a loser. Instead of the other way around.


  7. Real reason men drop out: women.

    A very select few men in middle schools and high schools figure out how to crack the book on their female peers desires, and garner female attention. Those many who do no are finding less and less of an incentive to seek out education to reach these females. Male fiery spirit, their nature is squelched in schools.

    This has all been scripted in the books of evolutionary psychology. Disenfranchised males either become depressed or seek out… Other means to reach women. And from what I’ve seen in the younger generation it’s get big musically or die trying.


    • Mixity in schools is the source of all evil.


    • True… here in seattle the music scene is oversaturated with really good, interesting bands – many of whom are unheralded. The 20-something generation has already thought of this. It was too obvious to miss. The being in a band to get chicks thing is becoming more competitive. It’s a bubble.

      People say, take up a musical instrument, it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to get chicks. Not really… being in a band combined with extroversion will get you lays, but just “being in a band” does not get you laid. I know plenty of guys who are in bands who do not get laid on the regular. You could do the same thing without the music by just developing your personality and going up and talking to girls. Cut out the middle man.


    • This one struck a chord here. Too accurate, too true.


  8. on September 12, 2012 at 2:55 pm mr.magNIFicient1

    What do Hannah Rosin and David Brooks have in common?


  9. At least the feminists are starting to realize that their victory is hollow: Welcome to the 21st century: the Educated Woman’s nightmare:


    • “nearly 80 percent of people in my breadwinner-wives survey described themselves as happy in their marriages, and rated themselves as having a fairly low chance of divorcing.”

      99% of people who get dumped never saw it coming


  10. The critical way in which women have adapted is by figuring out how to press the levers of democratic government. Universal suffrage is the root cause of our nation’s decline.


    • It is, I’m afraid to say. It invites demagogues. We are at the stage of the Gracci, perhaps 50 years on, shortly before our Sulla comes along.


  11. Most men are killing themselves in the Blue Pill world. women are “seemingly” thriving.

    The men who take the red pill are in the minority – but their ranks are growing.


  12. “Hanna Rosin and David Brooks are tag-teaming in their claims that women are more adaptable than men, or are better at adapting to the modern economy and culture.”

    Specious vajazzleshit. Who is more risk adverse, and therefore less amenable to changes? Men, or women?


  13. Game is a requirement because now more then ever people realize money is fake, marriage is a lie, and lies are lies.

    People are not quite at the stage where they can MAKE anything they want. They just believe they can HAVE it.

    Neither gender is adapting as a whole. They are compromising and feeling good that it’s their very besty best try.

    Fat people are gonna fat because its easier.

    Bitchy girls are gonna bitch because its easier.

    Gamey guys are gonna game…because its easier.

    Its all just new forms of leverage rendered in action. Is it really adaption if the costumes are different but the play is the same? I guess.

    I put guys ahead on that.


    • Women are competing for jobs but are not creating them. Other than providing a mass market for their vanity products, they are not forging new industries or technologies. They are marginalizing that small percentage of men who passionately innovate, destroy, and create ideas and take the risks to drive them to actualization

      Though men shank me and insult me, only men provide me with opportunity. Women can only insult me and deprive me of opportunity. Only men, and only a small fraction of them, take the risks that create industry and opportunity. Women can only serve as mere functionaries in man-created structures. When an organization becomes feminized, priority shifts from efficient and profitable production of goods and services to development of labyrinthine rules for the comfort and security of women. Ossification and organizational death are inevitable.


  14. “@GLPiggy yes. they’re violent weaponized infants who need to be quarantined from the civilized world. ”

    Or they’re right not to let their religion be ridiculed the way christians let theirs be.

    [heartiste: sorry. i’m not a big fan of intolerant infidel hunters. free speech yo.]

    What do we have instead of a religious order? A feminazified dystopia where most people are miserable despite an unprecendented level of prosperity.

    [there is a middle way between deluded feminism and violent islamism.]

    I’m not sure which side needs to be quarantined, the muslim shitholes or the dying civilized world.

    [degrees of bad. we’ll start with the most obvious smelly shit, and work our way to flushing the less pungent turds.]


    • [heartiste: sorry. i’m not a big fan of intolerant infidel hunters. free speech yo.]

      That’s a devotion to principle your enemies DO NOT share.


      • Principles are a strength , not a weakness.


      • Not when you’re only willing to defend them with words… in an environment where your “free speech” is only granted to you when it pleases the ones who are willing to cut your tongue out when they are displeased.

        You think, even during the American Revolution, that someone who went around bad-mouthing the rebels (you know, the ones who were to write the Bill Of Rights) escaped unscathed?


    • Don’t get me wrong, I want to get them as much as any other patriot for killing one of us, for killing the messenger. And I agree that only savages do so. For a seemingly infantile reason at that.

      But our main disagreement is that I don’t believe in a middle way. You can’t build a civilization with evo-psych-red-pill, simply because most people are too stupid and ignorant to grasp it. You yourself constantly argue that the western world is beyond salvation. The truth that you and the manosphere try to teach is too complex to be widely propagated.

      Only religions were successful to maintain civilizations. They’re the ultimate social meme for that purpose. I’m just saying that I can’t blame a bunch of people for defending the mythology that keeps their social order in place.
      Whether we like it or not, their descendents have a better shot at inheriting this planet, mainly because they are hyper-masculine fascist fanatics who can keep their women in check.
      We have the tech to tame them, but in the demographic war, the only war that matters, they have a solid advantage.


      • Cortez and 500 Spaniards toppled the Aztecs.


      • With a considerable help of european diseases brought by the Spaniards.


      • Actually, with even more help from non-Aztec indigenous peoples, who were only too happy to get the Aztec cannibals out of their hair.

        Having your sons’ and daughters’ hearts cut out and fed to the mobs tends to give you a virulent case of the ass.


      • Demography is destiny…Until destiny is altered. North Africa and the Middle East were largely Caucasian/White for thousands of years until the Islamic age. North America was the land of the Indians. Nothing is static and all is in flux.


    • It’s really not up to you, but rather to the grandchildren of those who happen to have the most of them. You figure out who that is most likely to be.


      • Two possibilities:

        People with “game” or “intellect” will be supplanted by evangelicals, Mormons, and conservative catholic Latinos leading to an ideological, reactionary, primitive society (As seen in in the middle east)

        Women being able to supply their own resources will select for men who only offer a slight reproductive advantage “alphas”, leading to polygamy, and large group of losing males who are best idol and at worst violent culminating in noncivilization (basically Subsaharan Africa throughout most of its history) because the creators of society are disincentivized to participate

        Enjoy the spoils while we plunge to the bottom boys


      • Muslim countries’ natality is not as strong as some may think.

        But 3 kids per woman is still better than 1.5. And their family units are on average stronger than ours.

        It’s not the natality per se that bothers me in the western world, it’s single moms and shattered families. Only when you add this to the weak natality and massive immigration, you get the disaster of a probable whitey extinction in 1 or 2 centuries.


    • Defending your nation from imperialists or other foreign invaders = alpha

      You’re off base on this one Heartiste.


    • “Free speech” is one of the lies this country was founded upon.

      Even in the West, you piss off the wrong person with your “free speech” and you’re denied a livelihood, black-balled, even beaten or jailed.

      I side with the Muslims on this one… there are too many assholes walking around the West suffering no consequences for their assholery and disrespect.

      You can’t defend yourself, your family, your culture with pieces of paper or principles… that takes men and arms.


      • There is no problem for which Dregs Eliot does not see a violent or fascistic solution. Now he’s allying himself with the cavemen who murdered our Ambassador.

        If you think it sucks so much, you are free to leave this country, bright boy. Why stay here when you can live in a real religious tyranny as you seem to favor?


      • Keep yapping from the safety of your keyboard, schmuck.


  15. Rosin, Brooks, et al don’t realize how bad things are right now. Just look at the article by Peggy Noonan saying that things “look the same” around her tony UES neighborhood, even though we are going through another Great Depression.

    What these people don’t realize is that there are a lot of people suffering in this country, and especially a lot of men. Of those men, young men are especially hurting. If you don’t understand the reasons why young men are hurting, you won’t come to the next very logical conclusion: you don’t really change the way you look at the world and how you act in it until you reach rock bottom. The more men hit rock bottom, the more men will ask: what did I do wrong? Once men decide to do things differently (because what they did before wasn’t working) things start to change. There is a sea change happening across this country, starting with every man who is trying to dig himself out of a hole he is just beginning to learn why he was placed in.

    But you wouldn’t know that, because a journalist reports not reality, but his reality.


    • “you don’t really change the way you look at the world and how you act in it until you reach rock bottom. The more men hit rock bottom, the more men will ask: what did I do wrong?”

      PUA now is pretty mainstream so a lot of people run across it…but back when I got into it, it was so underground that the only way you found it was if you had hit absolute rock bottom and were humiliatingly typing “how do I get a girlfriend?” into Google and stumbling across it.

      Then the first thing you do when you find it is you try to show all your buddies it because obviously your friends who aren’t good with girls would LOVE to have information that would help them get good with girls, right? Maybe one of them takes a bit of a curious interest, but he tries a few things out and maybe even has some success, but then he meets a girl and reverts back to his socially conditioned default stage of mediocrity.

      Around this frustrating point is when you learn that people won’t truly change their view of the world and their actions to their core until they hit absolute rock bottom the way you did. Until you’ve hit rock bottom you will ALWAYS cling with a death-grip with just the very tips of your finger if you have to, to your old, safe, comfortable beliefs and identity.

      Now I don’t even bother to bring game up to friends in real life, because I know the vast majority of them will never hit rock-bottom enough to really get into it. They’re happy with the “10 Tips For Getting That Girl Of Your Dreams!” article on MSN lol

      It’ll be interesting to see what the result of the PUA/MRA/MGTOW movements do to society in the future. Before PUA I was legitimately one of the beta schlubs that the NYTimes would love, I just wanted to get a good job to impress some future girl who’d be sweet and kind of love me and we’d get married and pop out kids. Now I’m legitimately happy just making enough money to live comfortably by myself, I bang girls via casual non-committed relationships, and I have no intention of getting married, buying a house and white-pickett fence, and quite frankly while I might someday want to have kids it’s too fucking terrifying to because I know a lot of girls are nuts and that they can take half my money and then burn me for child support on top of that (with the threat of actual jail-time if I can’t afford it) AND keep me from even seeing my kid.

      So my outlook, as well as thousands of other men, has completely changed. There’s no “this is an idea I’m toying with but eventually I’ll go back to how I used to be and want to settle down with a nice girl and chase that career that’s good for the economy”.


      • @YaReally

        When do you think PUA shifted from something that was happening among forums to something that became a movement?

        I realize what The Game and Mystery’s VH1 show did in bringing it mainstream but I feel like there was a point where the foundation underneath it all shifted.

        Kind of like how TD went from routines –> inner game.
        Or how the manosphere is shifting from routines, inner game and now to evo-psyche.

        I’d like to hear your thoughts on when this movement started occuring. Maybe it was The Game being released but I’m not sure that quite answers it.

        I feel like the manosphere has solidified in the past year or two. I can see it in my own eyes when I go through archives or at the nature of the content that is being posted by new bloggers.

        Something is changing. Maybe it’s these ideas hitting mainstream or maybe it’s some point of “rock bottom” amongst men in society (due to economical, societal) pressures that is causing this.


      • I think in with regards to PUA stuff there were two timelines: The timeline of PUA stuff becoming mainstream/acknowledged by the general public, and the timeilne of PUAs internal development as an art-form and the two timelines intersect at a few different points.

        MSM timeline: PUA was underground, then The Game made it more well-known but still pretty underground, then a bit of MSM started using PUA theory without crediting it (like Maxim giving tips type stuff), then Mystery’s VH1 show and Keys to the VIP came out and launched PUA into the spotlight for a while, but it stayed pretty “look at those fuzzy hat weirdos”. Now with the re-organization/re-marketing of companies like LoveSystems and RSD, and with groups like Simple Pickup spreading in-field footage and seminars around via YouTube, PUA is no longer underground but I find that a lot of outlets (like the Manosphere or MSM) still spread a pretty watered down version of PUA to the masses…which is understandable, no one wants Boyfriend Destroyers or LMR-Busters hitting the masses, it would be a PR nightmare for whoever reported about it in anything but the most vilifying light. Look what happened with the Neg, and that was just for playfully teasing girls.

        PUA timeline: PUA was heavily based on NLP and hypno type shit which is kind of what spawned story-telling (where you lead the girl through various emotions) and kino (touching her to anchor emotions and to sub-communicate, etc.) and all that. I wasn’t in the community at that point, thankfully, most of the NLP guys come off as weird as fuck vibe-wise, especially in group situations. Then when Mystery and Style, came in, the community went into heavy routine-based game and everything was broken down into a solid structure/formula to follow. This was pretty excessive and complicated, BUT it was really solid…Mystery Method is still an incredible breakdown of social dynamics, especially for working group/public situations. DavidD’s stuff got popular around this time too…it was sort of a more accessible/fun version of hardcore serious overly-analytical PUA stuff. DavidD made the whole cocky/funny thing popular and was actually more along the lines of Natural game compared to Mystery Method. Now if you studied both MM AND DavidD, and understood how to combine the two, you had a pretty fucking potent combination going on.

        Then Tyler Durden came in and shit all over everything lol He pretty much took what everyone was doing and ran it to the extremes, and encouraged other people to do the same. If you said “I tried skipping talking to the girl and just kissing her in 30 seconds and it worked!”, he was the guy who went out and tried that on 100 girls in a weekend, in different types of situations and sets, and then came back with a 10 page post/article called “How to make out with a girl in 30 seconds” breaking down every possible nuance involved in it working or not working and linking it to 5 different pickup systems/concepts in a totally understandable (if you had the patience to read all his writing) way. Mystery created the main structure system, DavidD focused on the fun stuff, and Tyler sort of combined the two and fine-tuned a lot of nuanced areas of the combo with crazy experiments. This was around the time I found the community.

        Then The Game hit and everyone panicked that girls would know all our moves. The book demonized Tyler specifically, so he had the most to lose compared to some random guy in some podunk down. This started a chain reaction of sorts…As the crazy experimenter type he is, Tyler forced all his instructors to focus on converting to Natural game with no routines or anything (which was a new concept at the time, it was like a complete 180 from everything PUAs had been doing up till then, and SUCCEEDING with, so it was even more ridiculous/frustrating to throw it all out the window).

        Fortunately, it worked out well and actually unlocked a whole world of new concepts and shit to explore and merge with the old systems. At the same time this was happening, the VH1 show was on the way and everything, and the MSM was doing the “look at the fuzzy hat guys” thing and other companies realized the same thing Tyler did, that marketing Game the way they did when it was underground wasn’t going to work anymore…it needed to be less “creepy”, so a general shift across the community happened as 1) old companies changed their marketing and revised their instruction, and 2) new intermediate/experienced PUAs realized they could cash in on the influx of curious newbies all this publicity was creating, and people stopped calling themselves PUAs or using lingo like Sarging, and they softened it from “bang hotties left and right, get pussy like a rockstar!!” into “work on your overall life and social skills and improve your romantic love-life!” which is much more marketable.

        Oddly enough, this is actually the point where the MRA/MGTOW and PUA communities should be getting along because their view of the world converges at this point in the timeline (the present).

        The problem is the MRA/MGTOW guys don’t realize it because they’re retards who skimmed a couple PUA articles or read The Game at some point and have filed away PUAs as what we were in like 2004 when The Game came out. That’s why guys like King A and xsplat will attack me with stupid shit like “PUAs think this and this” and it’s completely off-base, exaggerated, or totally out-dated and they’d realize it if they took their head out of their ass long enough to study some modern PUA tech with no bias. Then throw the bitter angry MRA/MGTOW hostility on top of it, and that side has no interest in getting along with PUAs despite the similarities in their views of the world.

        Then on the PUA side, we just don’t give a shit about the MRA/MGTOW/Manosphere crowd. The SoSuave guys do, but the SoSuave guys aren’t PUAs lol There are no discussions about you guys on our message boards, and most of us don’t even know the Manosphere exists, let alone that it has little sub-communities (“the three Rs”) and in-fighting and shit (hi, Susan!). I actually found it all pretty funny when I first ran across it, but CH and Rollo’s tight writing kept me around long enough to figure this community (and the MRA/MGTOW/Manosphere communities in general)’s dynamics out and I find it pretty interesting that there’s a middle-ground between PUA and the MSM. I’m here to connect PUA to the middle-ground.

        Part of PUAs not giving a shit is that they tend to be coming from a different place than MRAs…they’re younger and got into game before having a woman shit inside their heart and destroy their lives the way older MRA types have. I’d guess the general age range is 20s-40s for PUA sites and more like 30s-50s for MRA/Manosphere sites. There’s some overlap in the middle, but for the most part the concerns of both communities tend to be different.

        I actually think the MRA community has a lot of valid concerns/points, and as I get older more of them could actually affect my life so I pay a little more attention to them. The problem is the MRA has probably the worst PR in the universe lol The same way MRAs think PUAs are a bunch of snotty kids who don’t know what “real life” is and shit all over them, EVERYONE looks at MRAs as a bunch of bitter crabby old loser men with a chip on their shoulder because the type of people who are the most vocal are extremely socially inept and come off really angry and unpleasant.

        No one really wants to identify in real life as a hardcore PUA, BUT if someone asked “have you read The Game?” or “hey, what was that opener you used?” there’s not much social stigma to admit you’ve read some Game stuff or seen the VH1 show etc. It’s more of a “boys will be boys, always chasing tail lol” aw shucks thing to most people (unless you’re a super uncalibrated creeper). Because, quite frankly, really good PUAs come off as just cool, social, fun guys that everyone WANTS to be friends with and spread good emotions to everyone around them. So becoming a good PUA makes you pretty likeable to most people, especially now with the community’s wider focus on general self-improvement instead of just getting pussy…that’s pretty good PR/representation in itself.

        Meanwhile if you identify yourself as an MRA, even in a minor form like “I kind of think those guys sort of have a point about…” you will get shit on and raped six ways from Sunday by feminists, women in general, men in general, etc. And a hardcore MRA brings up visions of just angry, bitter, rage-filled old men growling and snarling “GET OFF MY LAWN…” style. Guys have been fired or ostracized for supporting MRA stuff, it’s pretty bad. No one looks at an MRA and thinks “man that guy would be fun to grab a beer with sometime” except other MRAs. Meanwhile a good PUA is the guy you want on your sales team and to invite to your parties.

        So there’s the two timelines and a summary from my point of view. I don’t really know how the MRA movement has solidified or anything…I literally had never heard of it until like a year or so ago (whenever my first post on Heartiste was). I think it could use some serious PR tuning if it hopes to ever be accepted. Like if you look at the PUA community, the top companies don’t identify their instructors as PUAs anymore, they’re “Love Coaches” and shit lol “Sarging” is now “going out to socialize”, “getting laid” is “improving your love-life”, etc.

        I think guys looking to improve their love-life or their LTRs, marriages, etc. will find a lot of useful stuff in the Manosphere, but it’s sort of the PUA-Lite version of Game…The McDojo MMA Muay Thai VS training in Thailand kicking tree trunks lol It’s good and useful, but there’s a more lethal version of it out there for the guys who want to go that route.

        If you want to read more, specifically my view of the PUA VS Manosphere in terms of pickup tech, I did a post over at Rollo’s:

        If you read all this, do yourself a favor and turn off the computer and go out tonight lol It’s the weekend, there are girls and adventure out there waiting for you.


      • Anyone who speaks on game and has any opinion MUST read The Game and The Mystery Method. If one has not, they need to just STFU, because they don’t know what the hell they are talking about. Almost every relevant category and theory of game came from those two books, or was brought up in those two books.

        I constantly read comments that belie that fact.


      • Mystery method is enough.
        I read the game afterwards and it doesn’t rival the MM in terms of insights and epiphanies.


      • The Game ties a lot of lose ends together.


  16. The fallacy is to believe women adapted better. It just happened to be that the economy suited their service oriented skill level, so anywhere you see the results of work only much later after having paid for said service. This includes govt. But now the underlying real productive sector has been wiped out or disincentivised.


    • “The economy” didn’t just “happen.”

      Women are less likely to challenge supposed “authority” than men, hence thrive as functionaries in totalitarian societies.

      That’s all there really is to it; the more cockamamie laws rules and regulations, preventing those who do not want to simply kowtow to massa this-or-that, from not doing so, the more the scales tip in favor of a few male massas, and their female groupies.

      Nothing some Somalia style sanity can’t fix, but it looks like the average American loser would rather waste the only life he’s given crawling on his knees mindlessly lapping up the nonsense that “we” are better than “them” because my massa is richer and more powerful than your massa. Instead of realizing there never were, and certainly ain’t now, such a thing as “we.” It’s them, the opressors, whom the rest would be better off with blown to smithereens for kicks, and then there’s you; an impotent slave with a few years left you’re slaving away so massa can enjoy himself kicking you around for fun. That’s it.


  17. “women start becoming economically self-sufficient”

    Women aren’t economically self-sufficient. Many if not most of them are parasites who work for the government i.e. on the taxpayer dime. The real jobs (mostly STEM) are dominated by men and always will be.

    When more and more governments become bankrupt, and more and more women lose their jobs, they’ll find out just how economically self-sufficient they are.

    Men created civilization. I use two examples: the humorist P.J. O’Rourke commented that without men civilization would last until the next oil change, and Camille Paglia, although a lesbian is not a man hater, wrote that without men, women would still be living in grass huts.

    Of course, some women will claim that all these female geniuses aren’t there because of “oppression.” They want to see real oppression? Move to places where they are encased in head to foot in burkas and suffer female circumcision.


    • a comment that makes sense is the one above.
      Thats right STEM will always be dominated by men. can’t wait for government jobs to bankrupt. without men, there is no civilization, without women, probably still a civilization (grow us in bottles or something).


  18. Hey Heartiste,

    I’m amazed to see the amount of anti men theories around. While I agree that sitting on a chair and listening is not the best of our abilities, we compensate with others. What about PERFORMING UNDER STRESS. In today’s society, everything has became so confrontational, so zero-sum, that often human interactions at work are stressful. The occasions where you have to leave your feelings aside, focus on a goal, resist stress are so numerous in high paying jobs that most women refuse to engage in those kind of careers.

    Although I agree that the job market has been feminized, those women who succeed best at it are the masculine ones. You have to be tough, insensitive, etc. to really suceed.

    The real problem and explanations lie elsewhere,,,


  19. Far as adaptation goes, I’d say look at who’s happier.

    All my guy friends are happy as clams. Occasionally they’ll have a bad day here and there but for the most part if they have a beer, wings, and an X-Box they’re loving life. And since a lot of them have taken themselves out of the rat race of chasing the “man up” lifestyle, they don’t beat themselves up about not being “good enough” and are generally pretty happy with themselves.

    Meanwhile I could probably count on one hand the number of women I know who aren’t taking various medications (bi-polar, anti-depressants, meds related to stress/health issues (since they eat shitty diets and don’t work out)) and who aren’t miserable and feel like the universe is against them pretty much 24/7 whether it’s job stress, social circle drama, body issues, etc.

    Even if the girls make more money, I’d say the guys are winning the adaptation race.


    • Yes. Fact: Three times more women than men suffer from depression. And lots more women seem less happy with themselves overall.

      It’s a mystery why. Any psychiatrists want to weigh in?


      • I don’t know why exactly women are less happy today than men. Maybe feminism did screw women over. But keep in mind that there may be other explanations. For example, have women ever been happier than or as happy as men? The truth is that we don’t know. Public health and psychology are relatively new fields, and the combination of the two is basically in it’s infancy.

        We know that women have always had more problems with their reproductive systems. Female reproductive anatomy is just more prone to defective development and disorders than that of males. Could it be that women are simply more prone to mental illness and emotional disorders by their very nature? It could have something to do with the female hormonal balance and cycling.


      • They tend to have unrealistic expectations and need a sense of euphoria near constantly. This is possible in some relationships, but most never even see it. Its the need for glamor that goes unfulfilled. TV caters mostly to women for this reason, I think.


    • That’s funny but men aren’t on medications quite as much because they don’t go to the doctor as much although they self medicate more. Most of the chicks I know are happy except the baby boomer ones who married d-bags.
      I think it’s about individuals making the choices that suit them best though from what I’ve seen. It’s always been that way. Society is not a one size fits all proposition.


  20. on September 12, 2012 at 7:20 pm 3rd Millenium Men

    Your last paragraph speaks unbelievable truth.


  21. Take consolation in this. The fact that Mr World is Flat David Brooks is even starting to weigh in on this topic and the Main Street Media flagship media outlet, the New York Times is beginning to have more and more articles on topics like this, shows that they are realizing that men sitting down is starting to bite.

    I study energy, coal, and petroleum production like you all read the manosphere. I have been doing it since 2005. There is whole other Red Pill crowd that follows this topic and that crowd has the same attitude about panty waist David Brooks as you do now. These guys are engineers, economists, scientists, and mathematicians and they debunk bullshit that it written in the MSM by jerkoffs like Brooks all the time.

    I know almost everything about what energy is being produced, where it is being produced, by whom, and the geological, financial, and political factors involved. I am not surprised at all the the average price of unleaded is $3.87 and I am actually a little surprised it isn’t $4.25. But it will be next year. And the year after it will go to $5.00 a gallon.

    And everything is based on the price of gasoline. It takes 1 gallon of diesel to mine 1 ton of coal. If gasoline goes up then coal goes up, then electricity goes up, everything goes up. Today there is almost no beef in the supermarket for less than $5,00 a pound other than hamburger. Milk is regularly 50 cents a gallon more this year. And in a stagnant, contracting economy when energy costs increase, the value of something else, like land, like houses, has to decrease because a stagnant economy has a zero sum gain. It someone gains, someone loses.

    In 2005 you regularly saw billboards with $200 round trip flights to Las Vegas. Today on Orbitz with a two week notice, that flight is $500. Las Vegas has multi-million dollar houses that have been for sale for years and even when the prices have been reduced by 20%, they still don’t move. The same can be said for Malibu, Miami Beach, lake houses in Austin, Texas, Los Angeles, and every other major market that I have studied for the past five years.

    Last year Continental Airlines disappeared, absorbed by United. This year the Wall Street Journal predicts that American Airlines will disappear. There is talk of a merger with US Airways, meaning US Airways absorbs American. There is prediction that in 3 years there will only be 5 airlines in the United States. The newer, heavier grades of petroleum being produced that contain more sulphur produce less jet fuel per barrel of petroleum than older lighter forms of crude oil. And that’s just one sector of the economy. And women work in that sector, and the hotel sector, and the tourist sector.

    This other Red Pill crowd, the energy version, believes somethings gonna pop sometime between 2013-2015. A major petroleum service company gave a presentation to some big oil company execs. They predicted a net decline worldwide in the production of petroleum of 2.5% per year. That is all of the decline in production from existing fields factored against any new wells that come online and also factors in an increase in internal consumption by oil producing nations as they get richer with the rising price of oil. There is around 87 million barrels per day produced. So for the sake of simplicity assume that around 2 million barrels per day is going to be lost. This is an oil company saying this, not a tin foil hat wearing environmentalist. So in 2012 you lose 2 million, in 2013 you lose 2 million more, 2014, 2015, the same thing, so by 2015 there will be 8 million barrels of production lost. That includes all this new oil that has been found through hydro fracking, horizontal drilling, advanced recovery technique and all this ballyhoo you have been hearing about. Every major oil producing nation other than Canada is producing less oil than last year. You do the math. When you lose almost 10% of all oil produced in a world with more and more people being born every day and more and more people that used to not use a drop of oil are now outbidding you for oil. China increases the number of new cars on the at a year on year increase of 22%. General Motors sells more cars in China than in the United States.

    The last major recession was a “Mancession” as construction, investment banking, and manufacturing jobs were lost that haven’t returned. The next time will be far more broad based. The next time will be more global. City and state governments are squeezed to the limit from the last recession, they have cut all they can cut. The federal government has borrowed all it can to rescue cities and states. Government workers, teachers, are going to lose jobs and that is where lots of wimminz work.

    So yeah, women are very adaptable as long as government is their daddy and their husband, and corporations have ways for them to get money and healthcare.

    But this time, when the shit hits the fan again, and this time, when women are tossed out on the street, and a slow inexorable economic decline begins to set in that will last until 2035,

    Let’s see who is more adaptable.


    • Good post.

      Why all the talk of an energy boom in the US? So what I’m understanding is that production elsewhere will decline by a greater amount than the new US production. Why won’t that give the US a greater advantage when we’re bringing more fuel on line than other nations? If our production partially replaces lost production elsewhere, and the price goes up commensurately, our revenues from oil sold abroad will also increase. That would benefit the US in two ways, less money leaving the economy to buy Saudi oil and more cash coming in from foreign sales of oil.

      What impact can nuclear power have on this? My guess is huge.

      How much coal does it take to make a gallon of diesel fuel in these coal conversion plants?


      • An oil engineer recently informed me that based on current known and probable reserves, and expected future consumption rates, the amount of oil currently assumed to exist in the world will be consumed within 31 years. He all but begged us to raise the gas tax, which was amazing to me considering his employer. In so many words he basically said either we voluntarily raise the gas tax to push us off oil, or we will be pushed off involuntarily. After witnessing the financial costs of the health care fiasco our nation faces due to poor planning, I have no faith the gas tax will be appreciably raised anytime soon. Therefore it is likely there will be substantial involuntary changes to the American standard of living over the next three decades. One wonders which gender will be more adaptable to these severe changes.



        Human beings are pretty clever. This is innovative multi-fuel engine above is one way to get away from oil. Nuclear is another. Without nuclear power, electric cars will just consume oil and natural gas indirectly instead of directly. Its also the only non fossil fuel source that is capable of industrial power generation.


      • Except that most of it is bullshit.

        I can fly from BWI to Vegas for only 240 via Southwest this coming Monday!


    • Very interesting post Mark Minter. As a guy in his early 20s with a sizable amount of money, I’m curious what you recommend I do to prepare for the future? From all the stuff I read, it seems quite freighting to imagine what 2020 will be like.


    • Did you mean to post here or did you forget to take your meds today grandpa?


    • Awesome post. Glad we’re all thinking about peak oil. Do you have links to this other Red Pill crowd?


    • So what’s your take on the boom in alternative energy sources?


  22. on September 12, 2012 at 8:05 pm Johnycomelately

    Whiskey used to talk about this a long time ago, he called it the race to the bottom where men would be incentivized to become chavs.


  23. How many times I gotta tell these broads?

    A man wants a wife, not a co-worker.


    • What about the wife who is his co-worker?
      ‘Cause paying for everything means you are getting worn out,
      and need to work twice as hard for the same lifestyle.
      If she’s not willing to put down money to show she loves you … she doesn’t.


  24. oops, wrong thread


  25. Funnily enough, the Economist posted three articles in its latest edition covering the rising female (or conversely the devolving male). I presume a female editor headbutted the editorial staff in order for these three articles to be published.

    The first article reviewed a new book titled “The End of Men” by Hanna Rosin, an editor at The Atlantic. To sum up the review and book, Ms. Rosin puts forth that the male’s condition is deteriorating in the new, service-based economy that rewards communication and adaptation, qualities that women more favorably possess than men. She’s trying to argue that the world is turning towards matriarchy. I’m sure Hillary Clinton has already devoured this book, then made sweet, sickening love to Janet Reno:

    The second article focuses in on a new book by the feminist Naomi Wolf called “Vagina: A New Biography”. Ms. Wolf is attempting to argue that the female sexual organ is seriously misunderstood and disrespected in light of reports of Western women witnessing fading libido and an inability to reach orgasm. Or maybe it’s because guys are slapping asses and pulling hair less during coitus?

    The last review is on a book of short stories portraying the Latin male libido and how it is ultimately a curse for the Latino.


  26. A major problem is that the well-paying jobs that men of average or below average intelligence but adequate work ethic could hold, such as skilled manufacturing jobs at a company that pays a living wage, are virtually nonexistent. Women have adapted better to a service economy, as they make better accommodating office proles. A college educated girl of any major can easily get a job as a legal secretary or administrative assistant. She can make good money waiting tables in major cities and get hired mostly based on looks or the mannerisms of the appropriate class.

    However men have adapted much better to the sexual marketplace. Even the dumbest men I meet are aware of the shifts, and capitlize on them whenever possible. Women look around and wonder why all men want is sex after they give it away, and why there are less appealing men around (those who out-earn them).

    As for weight, I’ve always considered myself pretty average, and at 25 I’m treated like a knockout for being the same weight as I was in high school. Nothing has changed about me… even young women are steadily getting fat and blaming it on their maturing metabolisms.


  27. Western civilization is bending over backwards to accommodate women; of course women “adapt” to this; who would not “adapt” to being handed more and more unfair privileges?

    It is not that men are less able to adapt than women, it is that what Western Civilization is becoming more and more hostile – HOSTILE – to males ( well… to be precise; white heterosexual conservative males) ; why should men adapt to that???

    It is healthy to resist changes that are detrimental to you, not a flaw or defect.


    • Yep. A man gets publicly chewed out at work over a small flaw by a boss who wants to show girls “I’m in charge”.
      A woman publicly gets tissues and sympathy for the same mistake “I understand the challenges women face”.
      Of course, he isn’t interested in sex with the guy, which explains the disparity in treatment.


  28. This society does not incentivize beta male builders to build or alphas to lead them to build. Instead, it incentivizes parasitic alpha behavior and discourages betas from doing anything.

    And we wonder why other nations burn our embassies on 9/11.

    Fuck that President Nigger.


  29. “Over the years, many of us have embraced a certain theory to explain men’s economic decline. It is that the information-age economy rewards traits that, for neurological and cultural reasons, women are more likely to possess.”

    Well, David Brooks, you sure were FUCKING FAST to throw that one out there. Amazing how suggesting men are neurologically more inclined toward STEM fields gets a man fired from being president of Harvard. Talk about double standards. Sex differences that favor women=totally fine and acceptable, those that favor men are sexist and misogynist.


  30. on September 13, 2012 at 12:44 pm Robert in Arabia

    Can someone verify the translation from Hebrew?


  31. Men adapted long ago – just not in the way that women or others expected them to. For instance – these days, women pay for their own way when we go on a trip – sure I’ll pick up the room and car (my company usually pays for it actually) as well as almost everything else that I can legitimately write off as a business expense, but I’ll invite a woman along to warm my bed – so from that perspective I haven’t changed – I expect and demand a woman warm my bed to be with me… But if the woman isn’t in college (and some are) then they pay their own way for the privilege of being my sex-companion for the trip. The only exemption is if she is in school, and then travel is so limited that it precludes much in the way of expenses anyway. And I like getting them young so they don’t have many bad habits that need to be broken.

    But these days, women pay their own way… That allows me to take more of them places. And since I ALWAY mix business and pleasure, my company ends up writing off most of the expenses anyway. A thank you to the American people for subsidizing my sex life… So, I’ve adapted a lot… Just not the way the feminists thought… 😀


    • Really? I was taught in school and by my feminist professors that a woman must always pay for herself. And I thought to myself, “Well, that makes sense. After all, I don’t want the guy to feel used when we’re both looking for love and trying to enjoy each other’s company”. However, nobody ever lets me pay for anything. Some of these guys aren’t even my dates. They just insist on paying for my coffee at Starbucks during a busy lunch hour. On dates, I’ve assumed I was going to pay for my own dinners/movie tickets/laser quest admissions/museum tickets and the like. each time, I got the impression that the guy was about to get seriously offended. After insisting 3 times with my own debit card already in my hand, I just give in and thank the guy. From my experiences, women aren’t expected to pay for anything.


  32. one way our another at some point in a womans life the attraction of a mate is a social symbol, so no matter what they earn or how they earn it, if they have no man they are seen as lessers to themself and their peers because they are part hardwired for it and the status symbol it creates. No matter how much feminists rail against this it wont change. In business you have to be first, smarter, better or break the law to make money, the same is true in dating. As the pool of guys who want to be bf’s or husband’s go down women will do more and more to get them and keep them. *evil grin*


    • Sure, the higher quality women will (those with higher IQ, emotional stability and from good, stable families), and they are very conscious of their value as potential wives already. These women tend to be very much into domestic arts, physical fitness, grooming, education and developing their sweet/nurturing traints. However, the more numerous lower quality women will just see the whole thing as hopeless and drop out. A lot of them have already dropped out. That’s what the fat acceptance movement, fantasies of unrealistic idealized romance and increased consumption of media are all about. A bunch of women who know on some level deep down that men don’t want them just go home after work and watch TV, hoping that someday their prince will find them. Losing 80 pounds, learning how to dress/cook/hold a conversation and overcoming issues from childhood just seems to daunting and down right impossible to them. And anyway, even if they managed all that, the pay off would still be something less appealing than the glamorous lives they dream about. It’s very much like what happens with certain men and porn.


      • lol @ “traints” You can take the girl out of the white trash, but you can’t take the white trash out of the girl


  33. on September 13, 2012 at 2:23 pm Abelard Lindsey

    If women are doing better than men these days, on average, it is due exclusively to the massive growth of the “Eds and Meds” economy, which has far more women than men as employees. The problem with the Eds and Meds industries is that they are not outwardly-oriented industries and do not create wealth in the same manner as such. These industries require the outwardly oriented industries (manufacturing, technology, consumer goods) to sustain them. Thus the Eds and Meds industries are not sustainable long-term.

    When the system self-corrects (in the Austrian economic context), which is inevitable, the recent “end of men” trends will reverse themselves and go away. Rosin and Brooks are describing a temporary trend, not a permanent one.


    • Exactly. The health care complex and education-as-big-business complex are both incredibly inefficient machines resting on large swaths lower income women doing low skilled, superfluous jobs.

      When the health care and higher education systems collapse under their own weight, there will be a brutal market correction placing many women in the same position men are in today: facing dwindling opportunities in fields that suit their biological dispositions.

      Surely things will get worse before they get better but at some point in the future hundreds of thousands of women who are no longer independent and cannot afford to waste years of prime fertility with alpha males will flood the sexual market place.

      Perhaps 20 years from now, the beta provider will make a triumphant return?


  34. on September 14, 2012 at 4:14 am gunslingergregi

    how are woman self suficient now not true there are shitloads of em working at the minimum wage jobs so uhh yea try and get an apartment and pay bills working part time at that riiighhhtttttttt


  35. on September 14, 2012 at 4:20 am gunslingergregi

    so yea certain jobs female dominated but at my grocery store now they got rid of cashiers at night and have self checkout same with fast food it can be automated as well


  36. on September 14, 2012 at 4:25 am gunslingergregi

    peak oil is a load of crap build bunkers to live in no bils for heating and cooling can have no oil and be comfortable


  37. Finally, real research, women really are as fat as your lying eyes would have you believe, contrary to the BMI studies which had rated male and female obesity rates about the same:


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  39. Hannah R
    osin and David Brooks are Jewish.


  40. […] Heartiste has already written about this, and so has Stuart Schneiderman (HT: Paleo Retiree), but a closer look is worthwhile, as Rosin’s own reporting does a better job of destroying her thesis than anything else I’ve read. […]