Overselectivity And Anti-Game: Like Oil And Water

Recently, a nerdgirl who works for the nerd site Gizmodo and has a lazy nerd eye and crooked nerd face wrote about her disgust at having dated a nerdguy who, she found out during the course of the date, was a grand champion at some nerd card game called Magic the Nerdering. Dalrock has a good round-up of the nerdy non-affair.

In delicious comeuppance, it turns out our intrepid nerdgirl with her 463 bullet point checklist rejected not just a nerd with nerdy hobbies, but a wealthy hedge fund manager. And if you want to call this revenge (of the spastic sort), brigades of sympathetic nerdboys stormed the Blogstille to throw their venom-tipped Chinese nerd stars at nerdgirl’s soul. (I can’t be bothered to spell out nerdgirl’s real name, such a vapid nonentity she is.) In good nerdy form, she skulked away to lick her wounds.

You might think this is going to be a post piling on nerdgirl’s ridiculously trumped-up standards. After all, nerdgirl is a 4 in beneficially dim lighting, so the only standards she can plausibly hope to meet in men are mental stability and merely intermittent halitosis.

Nerdgirl is the classic entitled American feminist shill and princess wannabe (try squaring that circle — you’ll need a hamster) who suffers from a psychological disorder known as overselectivity (you heard it here first!). She demands for herself from men what she has no ability to give in female value. Result? Dateless, alone, prone to neurotic outbursts on blogs and/or self-mutilation, and a creepy maternal love for all things feline.

Truth, but that is not where your focus should be. Nerdgirl’s public rejection — a type of rejection women only do when they are so thoroughly turned off with a date that they feel a need to lash out in penance for their own lack of judgment — of a man who, on paper at least, is way out of her league, proves a core tenet of game:

Maxim #49: If you have no game, or worse, anti-game, little else will compensate for your unattractiveness.

Nerdiness in style, mannerism and behavior is anti-game. It is even worse than having no game. You can actively repulse a woman who would normally think you a possible match if you run anti-game on her. Men with no game at least get lucky sometimes by steering clear of major fuckups.

Despite his riches, sterling character and good manners, hedge fund nerdguy was a nerd to the bone, and his every verbal and nonverbal tic likely telegraphed that unpalatable fact to his date. The way to bet is that a grand champion of a nerdy hobby is a nerd in most facets of life, and it was his nerdy charmless demeanor — not his involvement with a nerdy pastime — that disgusted nerdgirl and motivated her to libel him, (and inadvertently out herself as an ugly bitch to be avoided).

Need clarity on this point? Sure. Take a guy with game and tell him he has to mention at some point during a date with a hottie that he won a championship playing a nerdy hobby. Do you really think this stipulation will deep six his chances? No, it won’t. If anything, a pickup artist will reframe this tidbit of normally unsexy information in his favor, getting to the girl qualify herself to him that she’s smart enough and adventurous enough to understand the thrill of winning competitions. And she’ll lap it up. Know why? Because everything else about him will be subcommunicating CHARMING BASTARD.

And that’s the moral of this nerd tale of woe. Nn matter how kind you are, how much character you possess, how easy on the eyes you are, or how much money you make, a nerdy personality and anti-game will render you unfit for mating by a pig-faced 4 with delusions of high sexual market value.

PS: Here is a picture of Good Dog Greg, for your amusement:


An astute commenter noted that sometimes these plainer and uglier girls have something to prove that hotter girls, with their more secure belief in their hotness, don’t. So, paradoxically, a high value man might find it tougher to game a 4 into bed than an 8. In this case, that could have happened. Nerdgirl wants the world to know — really, she just wants to convince herself — that she is hot shit, so rejecting nerdguy helped assuage her tattered and frayed ego, giving her an imaginary SMV boost that won’t last past the next pump and dump she endures at the hands of an even nerdier guy.

You can conclude from this theory that men who are beginning to shed their worst beta habits by adopting game would have more success trying to pick up hotter girls than they’re used to, instead of sticking with the nasty little frumps they have become accustomed to thinking that’s all they deserve.


  1. She is ugly.


  2. Love the dog though.


  3. Dog is cuter.


  4. D’awww @ Good Dog Greg.

    D’seven more shots…no, NINE more shots of Tequila @ entitled nerdcunt.

    I heard word that the backlash from her cuntery got her released from Gizmodo, but I can’t find any linkage. This’ll have to do;


    Long story short; guy calls a 6.5 an ‘angel’, proceeds to delete all chances he will ever get to bang her by serenading her with a pedestalizing rap.


  5. Oh man, I am really up to my ears in women who look just like horseface here complaining about their OKCupid dates being beta schlubs. Yes, “beta” is now in the vocabulary of plenty of women in Chicago, and while they STILL don’t understand the definition, they understand that “my twat is dry” equates to going out with a beta.

    “Go ahead and Google away” is an alpha bitch thing to do. That’s all she is, an alpha-style loser who can’t even get on the cock carousel because she’s…too educated, too “successful” and too “known” to lower herself to the standards of a decent chap.

    Did he write a response yet?


    • I saw his interview responses, he handled it perfectly, I’d say. He could’ve been cocky, but why bother, she took the low road publicly.

      I wonder if she’s pissed because he didn’t ask her out on a second date.


      • I can’t be bothered to go through the entire story on all the sites, but surely that’s what really happened – he rejected her first and she tried to save face. It seems to me a more understandable reason for her vitriol than just punishing his pure beta-ness.


  6. What a Satanic whore… pure cunt…


  7. So true. For years I tried to change the nerdy stuff about myself until I discovered game and realized that the core of my demeanor is what matters.

    I’m an accountant and I get along just fine.


  8. She’s stupid and annoying. I don’t know what she should do with her looks though. She doesn’t look fat, maybe new hairstyle would help a little.

    “Dateless, alone, prone to neurotic outbursts on blogs and/or self-mutilation, and a creepy maternal love for all things feline.”

    That’s me! Shit …


    • I know a really lovely girl (in personality) with this problem. We get along great, have the same worldviews, and she’s very successful in her career. Unfortunately, she lacks the qualities that the superficial male within me desires so strongly. And she has a cat.

      My advice to you is hit the yoga mat. Preferably Bikram.


      • The problem with the girl mentioned in the post is mainly her mean personality. She could be pretty, but now when we know how nasty she is, we can’t say anything good about her. She’s not ugly (although I strongly prefer more feminine style), but her personality makes her repulsive.

        “My advice to you is hit the yoga mat. Preferably Bikram.”

        I don’t like yoga that much, but this seems interesting. I don’t really have any problems with my figure though (I care very much about it) if that’s what you wanted to tell me?


      • mrsyme,

        “My advice ….. Preferably Bikram.”

        Are you a fan of Bikram yoga? I’ve been practicing for the past 8 years. Its the best.


  9. Merely Intermittent Halitosis is my band’s name


  10. on September 16, 2011 at 4:28 pm greatbooksformen GBFM


    Greatbooksformen (the lolz dude) offers as good an explanation as any I’ve heard for why women are prone to exaggerate their looks:


    most 3s think they are 9s because now and then an alpha gets drunk and bored and bangs the shit out of them lzozllzlzlzlzlzlzl

    she sounds like a 2 who got banged by 7 drunk alphas so she reasons that 2 + 7 = 9.

    then, later onee she owns 9 catss sc 9 cats in her mid thirtues so she reasons 9 cats = 9 i am a 9 where is my pricene where is my full-time asscoekcer who fundas and feeds me like bebenrkee the cnetral banks f=prmoised me wtheeyr owuld in collegeeege? zlzozozl whahahah wahahah wwhahhaah!!!


  11. What a Satanic whore… pure cunt…

    How so?? It is the same as asking a man to ignore female beauty

    Despite his riches, sterling character and good manners, hedge fund nerdguy was a nerd to the bone

    This has always been my view. The long hours people work in financial markets are mostly due to betaness. Either guys are unable to score non-hookers and fullfill their days facing a Bloomberg terminal, or they married gold-diggers and the less time they spend at home, the lesser the risk of arguments


    • I work in one of the nerdiest fields of trading (technical analysis) and i have to disagree a little. I just started, so don’t blame me for the double-dip, and don’t hate the player…

      You’re assuming that a job defines a man. It’s a little bit more complicated, especially when there are orientation trade-offs on the basis of the expected financial gains. I wanted to be a teacher, now i am a trader… mainly because i’m greedy, but there are greedy bastards everywhere, even in occupations that you would consider more honourable.

      “The long hours” are not that long when you’re sucked into the twists and turns of financial markets. And again, unlike computer programmers, traders spend that much time only for money, in a mercenary style that many find distateful. We don’t really care about the subculture that we operate within. And hell, I work with computer programmers who are far away from the stereotype.

      That these long hours are “mostly due to betaness” is questionable. Betaness in the sense of lack of leadership, or inability to score women? There are too many different profiles in trading, therefore we cannot conclude anything.
      In my desk, there are two aspies, one beta prick that everyone hates and who hates everyone, and 4 others who do quite well with the ladies, and are quite assertive and dominant with men and women. I noticed similar patterns in other desks.

      Concerning the marrying golddiggers thing, it seems to happen to all kinds of nouveau riches. They’re not used to women throwing themselves at them, so they choose the most beautiful one who has enough talent to prey on their emotional leaks. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the hours spent in front of bloomberg.


    • I disagree with this view.

      I’m a programmer who wants to work 40 hours per week. But my boss set an unreasonable deadline for the team without consulting us about how long the project could actually be completed in. As a result, I’ve worked 25 days straight and haven’t had a weekend free for 12 weeks. In the current economy, I can’t just refuse to work overtime because I am pretty lucky to have a job. It’s not a matter of money – I bank so much money due to this overtime that I can’t spend it all.

      One of the consequences of such solitary work is that you lose a lot of friends. I want to make friends, but I simply don’t have the time to do so. By the time you go to work, get to the gym, make a healthy dinner, and shower, it’s time for bed. I found that maintaining a circle of friends requires quite a bit of time nowadays. In the past, you used to be able to turn your friends off when you are doing other things, but now you’re expected to respond relatively quickly with facebook, text messages, and so on. In my job, where I do not have access to an outside phone or Internet access during work hours, it is difficult to participate in this lifestyle and I found that people eventually pass you over for others who reply more quickly.

      It is not a matter of whether I want to be an alpha male or make a lot of friends. The way the economy is, people have very limited control over their circumstances. Traders, programmers, or janitors, we can’t just change our jobs because we are dissatisfied with them. I would love to have more time to find more friends – but the corporate world is a ruthless place, and we are but peons at the bottom of people who are a lot more powerful than we are.


    • on September 17, 2011 at 10:17 pm Obstinance Works

      I know a guy who was a top guy in Goldman Sachs before he found Jesus or whatever. He is pretty damn alpha other than his religious impuissances.


    • (Formerly AlphaAnon)

      A man’s job should not/does not define who the man is, and what the man desire’s for himself in life.

      If you find that your job defines some or all of who you are as a man, fuck, I feel sorry for you.

      Further I don’t buy the shit that “wahhh the economy is so bad, wahhh” bullshit! If you don’t like your situation, your job, your life etc….shut the fuck up and take action. Set an objective, plan a strategy and execute tactics to support your change. Opportunity is at your grasp.

      Sure, there are stereo-types. The jew hedge fund manager, the mexican gardener, the japanese sushi chef, the nerd engineer, whatever etc. My point is if you let a job define who you are as a man, you are living to work, and that is being a pussy.

      When I hang out with my bitches and they ask what I do for a living, if I give them an honest answer, I say “I’m in sales.” That’s it. And they never really know what it is I do. When some airport bar asshole asks what kind of sales I do, I say “I sell coloring books to blind children.”

      Work is to pay the fucking bills so you can have the free time to do what you desire. I choose to spend a lot of time reading and applying game because I enjoy sex with a variety of new women. Fuck work.


      • Amen. This post is actually the first thing I’ve read on this blog that I completely agree with.

        Work is a place to make money so that you can do the things you want to do the rest of the time. You either spend your life trying to find a job you like to do, or you find a decent job and do what you want to do during the rest of your life.

        Since you spend more time outside of work than inside work, I think that the second choice is better.


  12. And yet if I wrote about this on my blog (how her mega-unrealistic expectations will be the end of her), I would instantly be swarmed by tons of angry middle-aged fattening women screaming how “she has the right to demand love” or such nonsense. Do you ban your trolls of that kind the instant they post or something? I mean, this kind of blog HAS to attract that kind of attention.

    [Heartiste: 90% of them. I leave a few around to make examples of.]


    • @Heartiste: I did not know that you had so many of such comments. This place would be unreadable if you let them post. Thanks for keeping this corner of the interwebz sanitary for us men – a sane place for us to hang out.


    • Hi! 🙂

      She deserves love. You’ve never been mean to other people? I’m sure you were, but you still deserve forgiveness and love – or not?


      • She humilated him publically, as opposed to “being mean” merely in private. Thus she deserves all the hate she’s getting. Goddamit, I responded seriously to some dumb broad.


  13. I know nerdguy. Not only is he wealthy, but cashed in the world series of poker a couple years ago.

    bitch is less than a 4, by the way. glad she got pwned


    • Can anyone please answer WHY this dude went out with her? OKCupid lets you post photos, and I can not imagine how her photos must appear to get past even the most beta male’s fuggo filter.

      Someone needs to post a link to that profile. Her Google+ profile pic looks like any 4’s profile photo where she’s trying to hide her features by looking WAY down and hiding her face with her bangs.


      • He probably doesn’t have good real life game, and he has money but he’s not super rich which isn’t too special in NYC.

        Also, you don’t have to put as much effort into internet dates + he took her where he wanted to go anyway + she wrote an article about growing up in some fucked up objectivist family and he wanted to learn about that.


      • No kidding, with his money he should hire some game coaches. In fact he’d better hurry up and do so before some golddigger finds him and destroys him.

        Also, if he has no people skills, how did he raise money for his hedge fund? Plus, nerds tend to have trouble with markets because they’re used to solving problems where they know all the inputs and can simply calculate the outputs. So he’s apparently figured out solutions to his nerd issues in some areas of his life.


      • Underestimate not, the power of MySpaceAngles, a photography technique pioneered by proles in the early 2000’s, frequently involving mirrors, where camera orientations reminiscent of hunting manatees by helicopter, can make scale-bustingly obese hippopotomisses appear merely… fat.


      • Dude, it’s America. The girls on dating websites are usually unattractive and the attractive ones get swarmed with hundreds of emails with guys who want to fuck them under the pretense of “getting to know you”.

        This guy’s a hedge fund manager but is ultimately a nerd, so he thinks he’s like a 4. This guy should just go abroad and look for a woman who will actually appreciate his kindness and ability to provide handsomely. Let this cunts who think they’re goddesses die with their 9 cats.


  14. Feminization of both genders has long been a foundation of geek culture. The male social underclass of nerds, geeks, dorks, etc. by definition fosters a strong white knight mindset with an avowedly feminized undercurrent. Nerds love chivalry.

    Now add to this that nerd guys, in their safe harbor of geek culture, are all fighting for the very limited resource of self-described ‘geek-girls’ in that same safe harbor and you’ll predictably see all the crabs in that barrel brutally climb over each other to prove themselves as the more deserving, feminine-identifying, white knight to earn her favor. My guess is that nerdgirl’s public ousting from the geek tribe has more to do with nerd-sperg white knights seeking to identify with other nerdgirls wagging a finger at our poor litte 4 here (you’re being awfully generous with that 4 too).

    The cold bucket of water poured on them comes in the form of that same feminization biting them in the ass when one of their own actually does get betrayed like the skepchick incident where that atheist nerd girl got her blogging panties in a twist for getting (weakly) sarged in an elevator.

    And as if this weren’t enough there’s the screeching rants of Sady Doyle to add to the nerd-girl-rage cacophony. It’s certainly in keeping with the trend in the nerd-o-sphere for dorks eating their own lately.



    • Really? I’d say your assessment is not entirely accurate, whether when speaking about the motivations behind the vicious attacks on that chick or on the way “geeks” and “nerds” perceive chivalry.


  15. So where does the pickiness come from? It has to have some basis in reality.


    • on September 19, 2011 at 5:21 pm The View From Inside A Hot Chick

      Girls today don’t realize that getting laid is not hard, but getting a commitment from a man is perhaps the hardest it has ever been historically. Their mamas don’t teach them how to be wives anymore. Well, duh, any girl can get laid way outside her numbers, but to get the guy to commit, that’s another matter. Hence pickiness, aloneness, single-momness (or cats), and the cycle repeats.


  16. It’s a classic case of projection. Any warpig with a little fame or power will feel entitled to snag a top quality man. It’s like ugly female CEOs who call themselves alpha. No, bitch, alpha means attractive to the other gender, and therefore only beautiful young females are entitled to have a checklist (which will be flushed down the mental toilet if she meets an experienced seducer).

    Anyway, the guy is to blame too. In the dating scene, there are very few excuses left for autistic social retardation.


    • Maybe i was too harsh, the guy may have to work on his body language and inner game. But he’s not a desperate case.

      Naah, it’s not a lack of game. Maybe she’s just a cunt, or he did not return her calls.


      • If I’m this guy I go to Japan he’s probably bigger than Tom Brady there.


      • Just keep in mind that everyone comes off more confident and secure and alpha when they’re talking about their passions. This is an interview about his Magic skills, so he feels awesome and badass. On a date with a girl where he might be worried she’ll think it’s nerdy, talking about “safe” subjects he isn’t as passionate about, his body language and all might be way worse.

        It’s called “situational confidence”. Like the bartender who can get laid as long as he’s partying in the bar he works in. Or the CEO who rules over an entire office but gets nervous making small-talk with a hot chick.

        No judgement on Finkel, I’m sure he’s a cool guy in general and I hope he finds a chick who likes his hobbies, but the Chateau explanation of “if you don’t turn her on, she’ll actively hunt out reasons to reject you that she would’ve thought were cool if you had game” is very accurate so I’d guess this was a case of situational confidence.

        Also props to Finkel for handling it like an alpha, he hasn’t talked smack about the chick at all. After this incident he should have no problem getting laid left and right haha


      • Another possibility is that he wasn’t into her, so she looked for reasons to reject him first to save face. The guy is a zillionaire, top celebrity of his craft, good looking, etc. He might have just sensed she was a crappy human being who has no idea she’s crappy, and not been interested. This happens a lot too. “How could he NOT be into me?? He plays MAGIC!! I wouldn’t want anything to do with him ANYWAY!! I’m gonna write an article lol”


      • “Jonny Magic wasn’t always the hip ladies man renowned for his aloof cool he is today.

        In this interview from Nationals 1997, he looks alarmingly like a kid I used to make fun of back in high school.”


  17. On a slightly different subject, I just watched the movie “Bad Teacher” and would definitely recommend it to the readers of this blog. Apart from being just good, it contains a lot of stuff often discussed on this blog – preselection, gold-diggers, alpha and beta attitude, orbiters, one-itis and some other key concepts of game. Definitely worth watching.


  18. Two dog pictures in one post? Aren’t you over your allotment?

    This story really made me sick. What a cunt.


  19. If all the men in my city had sick game, It would be a lot harder for myself to get laid. I commend the gameless nerds!


  20. Ok, in all seriousness, why are these women so dumb? Can they really not see past their own perceived awesomeness what the problem is? Men are not that difficult to figure out. I don’t get it.


    • Why are you such a bitch across all your posts? I know female behaviour doesn’t always advocate for our gender, but you should understand why women think the way they do, you are one, right? It doesn’t make us dumb, it’s just natural emotion and reaction. It’s like you’re blaming a cat for acting like a cat and wondering why it doesn’t do dog things. Praise the Lord you have 20/20 clarity on what you think a ‘woman’ should do, but be damned the rest of us for not having this insight?

      As we learn from experience, we grow from girls into women.

      You sound like you want to grow from a woman into a man.


      • personalize much?

        someone pass the popcorn.


      • When it comes to bitchiness, you are way out of Stingray’s league. It’s like Superman asking a cat: “Why are you such a superhero?”
        I don’t know, some women are blessed with clearheadedness, others are overwhelmed with their hamsterish psyche.
        Try to grow from hamster into a girl, it would be an excellent start.


      • Anon,

        Thank you.


      • Meh, you’re overreacting. I’ve said bad things about women twice in two days. Don’t like it? Don’t read them.

        The women I am talking about are, for the most part, feminists. And no, I don’t understand why they think the way they do. They are ignoring their own natures and and what deep down they know but refuse to listen to. It is NOT a natural reaction to get on the internet and write about your disgust of some guy because you think he is a nerd. It is not natural for a woman to get together with a group of friends and bad mouth their husbands and boyfriends with abandon to make themselves look good. While the emotions may be natural, we are human and humans learn to control their emotions. There is absolutely NO need to react to them in the way women do today.

        If girls were growing into women Jenny, we would not be having this conversation. And, no, feminists want to become men, with zero understanding of who men are. I want women and myself to learn what they are good at and be happy with that.

        Now, if you are here trying to grow, I am thrilled. I wish more would put in the effort.


  21. @ JACKAL, good lord, she really did unleash the Kraken on herself. And with a last name like Bereznek, she’d be an easy Google search for any guy desperate enough to consider a date with her. That stigma will follow her around a lot more than a decade old championship win in MtG.


    • it’s only getting worse with each passing day… can people really be this mindless, bored, & vicious? We are victims of our own realatively high level of civilization…


  22. LOL! its was funny the way you called them nerds.


  23. I’m not buying the anti-game theory on this one. I’ve read interviews with the guy. He seems too cool and aloof to throw down anti-game. And to be a world champion at a card game (even nerd cards) means you need to be able to read people with absolute certainty.

    If he did throw down anti-game, she wouldn’t have gone on a second date with him. The notion of anti-game suggests that a person is so undesirable that contact should be ceased ASAP. Anti-game =/= second date under any circumstances (even if the goal is to extract more unflattering info for a blog.)


  24. And the outfit that girl is wearing looks like something you’d see on a 50+ school teacher a few years away from collecting a pension.


  25. Yeah, I found it amusing that an average at best woman that writes for a TECH BLOG would be bitching about a dude’s nerdy hobbies. But I didnt see this as reflecting on Finkel’s lack of game. Hell, the dude is a hedge fund manager and poker player as well as a MTG champion. I bet he at least has a modicum of social skills.

    I saw this as a average woman getting angry that her hypergamous drive to mate with alphas was going unfulfilled, so she tried to publicly humiliate a man to get some sort of validation that she was so desperate for.


  26. Here’s a recap:


    Includes a link to his responses on Reddit.

    Nerd Queens are highly unpleseant beings.


  27. When are you going to write a book on game and the sociological precursors that have necessitated it? I can almost guarantee it will be massively successful. And it will make you some extra cash.


  28. on September 16, 2011 at 5:26 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    Nice post, but you left out something crucial and I’m surprised you did.

    A lot of the time, if you’re part Beta you’ll get a bigger break from beautiful women than you do from average or below average women. This is because really nice looking women don’t need to boost their egos at anyone’s expense and also don’t need the “perfect” man to make them feel secure — they already are pretty secure. Also, really hot chicks get thrown lines all the time and sometimes can find a lack of social skills endearing. This can backfire, of course, but even if it does you’re better off than with this creepy neurotic chick.

    As a guy in my teens who was short and not exactly a jock I discovered this early on. And my advice to Betas is to shoot for the moon, because you’ll probably have better luck there.

    Ironically, the guy in question who was rejected probably has 9s and 10s all over him now. I wonder how badly this move will cost ol’ crooked nose in the long run (PS — she’s more like a three).


    • Good point. While I have never had the confidence to “shoot for the moon”, I have always been treated better by attractive looking woman than by average to below average looking women.

      This is normal female human behavior. All women want to get fucked and be with the alpha male. Even the average and ugly ones. Some of them get lucky and have flings, and a few of them even have somewhat lasting relationships with them. Most though end up just being a place for an alpha to dump his sperm for a night.

      I blame the alphas for this though. Stick to your own kind and quit giving these women a false sense of their own worth!!!


    • Looking back at my terminally beta days, I can recall that it was the 9s and strong 8s who were less bitchy towards me than the 7s and below. Your incisive explanation would never have occurred to me, though.



    • I’m 5’4, and a former marine. I shoot for the moon a lot, and I get bangs, sometimes hot ones that most guys would probably go for.

      My advice to my lonely friend is to stop trying to be a fucking pen-pal.


  29. I think we should encourage women to do dance more than to take yoga for fitness. Dance doesn’t usually encourage muscular women (unless it’s crappy modern stuff) and shows them the reasons behind the gender roles—they really are shocked at what the men can do that they can’t. Plus its hundreds of years of training.

    Yoga isn’t that old—it’s really just 19th Century gymnastics welded onto a fake-philosophical-new age core. Women can get too stringy or boyish from doing it, and the New Age/Lefty philosophy preached by its leaders (many modern cults begin as Yoga classes) pushes b.s. leftist dogma.


  30. on September 16, 2011 at 5:31 pm johnny appleseed

    “not an attack. more a cautionary tale.” ~ le bereznak



  31. Not entirely off topic:

    The 45 year old wife of the 43 year old millionaire who crashed the White House party two years ago (with her), has been having an affair with a rock star and the cuckold has finally decided he won’t have her back now:


    Now what’s a rock star doing with a 45 year old like that?

    I don’t get it.

    Is it really that hard for an American rock star these days to get what Elvis used to get? Elvis had his bodyguards only let girls into his private rooms who were under 21 with clean fingernails.

    At least nerdgirl is young and homely and can recover somehow (guys don’t Google women before dates). But does this soon to be ex-wife really have SMV left for more millionaires and another rock star or two?

    Why do rich American men have to scrape the bottom of the barrel like that?

    Don’t they read blogs like this?

    [Heartiste: Relax. Exception to the rule. Most rock stars are banging young nubile chicks, just as SMV theory would have it. And it’s not like the occasional horny rock star is gonna turn down a no muss no fuss fuck with a decently packaged 45yo who won’t make any demands of him. Heh.]


    • um, the rock band he’s a member of is Journey.

      I would wager that bands that are 20 years or more past their last entry on to the billboard top 100 are only banging milfs who want to relive the glory days.


    • 1. He was never the star of the band.
      2. He’s old.
      3. He’s out of shape.
      4. The band isn’t the newest hottest thing anymore.
      5. She’s still pretty good looking.


    • Also, Yahoo! Answers rides again on such topics… paging GBFM on this one.

      “My wife had anal sex with another man while married to me should I take her back?”

      It’s “resolved” in that folk decided this was one Captain Obvious had to answer for himself (with less couth folks took the ditch-her,-once-a-‘ho-always-a-‘ho answer… they’ve got a 2-year-old kid, but she goes clubbing w/ her friends and does butthex with a guy she just meets there and then keeps texting/calling him until discovered– sorta the why-let-being-married-interfere-with-your-dating? approach).


  32. She typifies whats wrong with western women.

    The stupid bitches don’t realise the error of their ways until it’s too late when they are pushng 40, childless and infertile.

    She will look back and regret her decisions with men, but she will never admit it. She’ll spin it to make out she’s a strong sassy women who doesn’t need a man, while on the inside she’s crying.

    How did we get to a world where average women think they are too good for average men?


    • You should move to Asia. Full of expats who want easy women. Was hit on by a group of Germans at Altitude, Singapore clearly moved out there to prey on Asian girls. Creepy factor – high.

      Maybe you should ask yourself: why don’t average men like average women?


      • Interesting assumption, that American women in Asia, begin to approach average. Hint: Asian women don’t use phrases like “creepy factor”.


      • Haha, I know? Creepy isn’t even an issue. I’ve seen short, somewhat below-average looking guys talk to random, beautiful women on the street and there’s was nothing wrong. She didn’t bitch at him and actually enjoyed the witty conversation he engaged with her. This is in Taiwan.

        Even in nightclubs I don’t get shit from girls. The bartenders and girls on the dance floor don’t have big egos. They’re chill and HUMBLE.

        If more American men realize on much value they have on the international dating market, American women are FUCKED… or perhaps I should say lonely.


      • You just demonstrated exactly the attitude she was talking about.


      • I am Chinese, speak Chinese and a lot of my Chinese friends know what ‘creepy factor’ is – basically a guy who feels entitled to perve on you because he’s White. You do well to remember that not all girls are as naive as you think.

        Oh and I’m definitely not American.


      • I’m not talking about myself. I actually saw a local guy who was a bit short and not very good-looking talk to a random beautiful girl on the street, and the girl was very courteous and friendly. No bitching. If I saw that in the US, I would be shocked.

        I’m Chinese-American, btw. And I understand what you’re saying. A lot of the White guys here feel entitled and give off the creepy vibe, but a lot of them are also decent guys. What can be said is that a large percentage of Americanized women have lost their minds. The difference is clear when one travels to a place like Taiwan. The girls here are such sweethearts and are usually humble.


      • Don’t worry snowflake, your days of getting “perved on” are numbered. There are a billion of you after all.

        Lucky Numbers: 23, 48, 39, 53, 31


      • It’s endearing that you want to make me feel a certain way about my looks when you don’t know what I look like. Really, you can presume all you want, but it’s beside the point I’m making.

        Yeah, I presumed that expats are in Singapore for business reasons. (I live in Europe actually, just in SG for work briefly.) It’s nice to know that Bernardo and others alike would really move somewhere to pick up girls. Aiming for the right things in life…


      • You forgot 69.


      • Quick reality sandwich for ya… no sane person would move to Singapore to party & pick up girls. Siberia probably holds more promise. Maybe they were transferred there? Just a thought.

        ‘Creepy factor’ doesn’t really mean a lot. So you weren’t attracted, big deal?


      • Why get average women with entitled attitudes, high standards and masculine personalities, when Asian women, even average women, are far superior?

        –I ex-patted to Taiwan and love it! I’m seeing a girl tonight and she’s cute, feminine and sweet. I think she’s considered “average” here.


      • I’m with you. Miscegenation is a horrible thing.


      • One more guy oblivious to reality…..Great triumph of american’s education system


    • Excellent question.


  33. nerd dude did get a date with a playboy bunny for his troubles…

    [Heartiste: Yep, now that he’s got some quasi-fame and has demonstrated emotional mastery by taking the high road and stepping aside as the nerdmob tore at this chick, he will cash in. Hopefully, he bangs the bunny and it isn’t just a dry date for show.]


  34. So:

    Men get into women’s pants by being confident and charming.

    Thanks for cracking that code.

    [Heartiste: Maybe you didn’t get the memo. Most people labor under strong delusions when the subject of the sexual market is invoked.]


    • Really, Ed, you can’t keep the momentum of conversation flowing when you have to wait for over a day for comments to be edited. Then the responses are disjointed at best.

      The comments are half of what makes this site interesting.

      Really, if I wanted a conversation like this, I would have just emailed you.

      Don’t think I will be commenting when work gets busy again. (I can hear you cheering.)


      • @Jenny: you wont be missed


      • Agreed. The control-freak micromanagement of comments is no solution. The “flow” is bad enough in this format as it is.

        Some “valued commenters'” scroll-fingers got tired and they complained to the teacher. Squeaky wheels get the grease. Meanwhile the greater legions of silent readers who can’t be bothered move on.

        Meh. There is a saturation point after a few months with this material anyway. Fresh people will discover the site and be enthralled for a time. The rest of us have heard and spoken plenty. You can only find so many ways to say, “That’s so alpha” and “That’s so beta” before you start repeating yourself. Some tire more quickly than others.

        This place is caught in a feedback loop, like a bar filled with local sports heroes talking about the senior year trip to states. The fugue could stand a little progression. Thesis + antithesis = synthesis. Thesis + thesis + thesis + thesis = echo chamber.


      • So start your own blog if you have a more successful and entertaining formula. You sound like so many female commenters: “I love this blog now change it!”


      • Having the formula doesn’t mean having the desire. I commend and appreciate the Roissy’s industry towards the cause, especially since I possess a vanishing fraction of it.

        I just got done saying this website is employing a successful formula, attracting enough new readers to (more than) replace the ones who have gotten all they can out of it. Why mess with what works? (If indeed you even define “what works” as a growing readership. I wouldn’t.) He can change it or not change it, fuck if I care. I’ll cope.

        I don’t “love this blog” to the point of allowing it to frustrate me. I’ve been misread. I like the type of men and women who are drawn to interact on a forum like this — you know? smart, worldly people with the constitution to deal with difficult, dangerous truths. I think the vision that animates this site is limited and inefficient, but it serves a happy purpose. I offered advice on how to improve the format because the above commenter expressed a similar sentiment.

        Thoughtful criticism strengthens an enterprise. It’s not something to fear or ban or even discourage. And it’s definitely not exclusively “female,” no matter what it “sound[s] like” to you. Disagreement is not always useless bitchery, especially when it’s man-to-man.

        I’m guessing your mom was a nagger.


      • Wasn’t everyone’s? Lol


  35. Don’t know what you til it’s gone.

    Too bad for horseface, she never allowed herself the opportunity to even try. Won’t be the first and certainly not the last. Shame really, all that need for relationships and men and they do everything in their power to ensure they never get it. Even worse, the dumb broads push away the guys that are the one’s who could support them.

    Bahahahahahahahaha! Jokes on you gals.


  36. http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/352dgc/#by=sp

    there was a better one I couldn’t find, about only that guy could use *this* as a pivot to a playboy playmate.


  37. Psychol Sci. 2011 Mar;22(3):314-9. Epub 2011 Feb 8.
    Eye tracking unconscious face-to-face confrontations: dominance motives prolong gaze to masked angry faces.
    Terburg D, Hooiveld N, Aarts H, Kenemans JL, van Honk J.

    Department of Psychology, Utrecht University, Heidelberglaan 2, Utrecht 3584 CS, The Netherlands. [email protected]

    In primates, dominance/submission relationships are generally automatically and nonaggressively established in face-to-face confrontations. Researchers have argued that this process involves an explicit psychological stress-manipulation mechanism: Striding with a threatening expression, while keeping direct eye contact, outstresses rivals so that they submissively avert their gaze. In contrast, researchers have proposed a reflexive and implicit modulation of face-to-face confrontation in humans, on the basis of evidence that dominant and submissive individuals exhibit vigilant and avoidant responses, respectively, to facial anger in masked emotional Stroop tasks. However, these tasks do not provide an ecologically valid index of gaze behavior. Therefore, we directly measured gaze responses to masked angry, happy, and neutral facial expressions with a saccade-latency paradigm and found that increased dominance traits predict a more prolonged gaze to (or reluctance to avert gaze from) masked anger. Furthermore, greater non-dominance-related reward sensitivity predicts more persistent gaze to masked happiness. These results strongly suggest that implicit and reflexive mechanisms underlie dominant and submissive gaze behavior in face-to-face confrontations.


  38. Yeah I don’t see this Finkel guy as having “anti-game” either. He just seems like a regular guy who has nerdy hobbies.


    • It’s hard to say how a guy is on dates. “Alpha nerds” can be extremely socially dominant amongst nerds and then start to fumble around chicks. His game is probably between 3 and 5 on a 10 point scale around women. The thing is, his status value is much higher then his game value, and that can scare away chicks. I think this one in particular was rather bitchy, he probably has some more success with other girls but it can’t be too much considering he went on a date with this girl.


    • I’m pretty fucking nerdy but not even I would play Magic the gathering.


  39. Besides what you talked about, in the bigger picture this happened because of the way society (men and women), and particularly popular culture treats men of all ages: like the butt of jokes and often less than human. We see it in our media for one, the most common example being TV commercials.

    So, she was just following the societal narrative and thought she would get a lot of laughs and agreement at his expense, but instead it backfired badly on her, and I’m starting to see more and more backfires when it comes to women, the great big pedestal reaching up to the sky they collectively reside upon is being knocked down, piece by piece, thanks to blogs like this one and the overall manosphere. I’m seeing a backlash on the internet in unrelated forums and comment sections.

    It’s going to take years, decades, to dismantle the ugly edifice of man-hate feminism has erected, but it’s happening.


    • The Amazon nation, perched on an ivory Olympian mountain in pseudo-sapphic splendor, cocky as hell with nary a cock in sight, has not yet noticed that the collective pedestal has begun to rot. Satyrs, gods and mortals alike have installed plush cinema seating and have handed out the popcorn.


    • I agree with your view on the broader societal context. Quite a double-standard has risen and is quite entrenched. I still hear “typical man” comments/jokes from women in mixed company in the workplace, and elsewhere. I don’t hear men do this in general. (It is rare.) I think men don’t feel a need to be “bitchy” like that in general, and at work the onus is on us to censor ourselves for potential backlash around any statements that could be taken as sexual harassment or contributing to the creation of a toxic-workplace. Yet, we endure the monumental waste of time at meetings with female bosses and co-workers being “nice” to each other to arrive at consensual solutions so that no-one’s feelings get hurt, or no-one appears to be pushy or bitchy. Good lord, I’ll never get that time back that was wasted watching that dance from hell.

      But, closer to home, since I started reading this blog, my wife has stopped these jokes that were at my expense and men in general because I’ve learned to deflect them like the shit-tests they are, and to uncover and enhance my natural alpha tendencies that somewere along the line became cloaked in a coat of beta-schlubitude. Swallowing the red pill was a very good thing.


  40. I’d bust on her face.

    But would forbid eye contact.


  41. Hmm. No, I think you gotta go with the host’s anti-game designation here. It’s pretty much summed up in her blog post: “At dinner I got straight down to it…. series of questions, followed by Strike 1, Strike 2, Strike 3.” (This was the 2nd date, so she had some level of interest or she wouldn’t be meeting him again, Then, he made the “mistake” of actually answering her questions.) She controlled the convo because she asked questions, and he responded. (Although guys aren’t supposed to ask too many questions either?)

    Although the real problem with her is summed up in ” judging people on shallow stuff is human nature.” Do girls really do that beyond the age of 14? If there was ever a time, I’d label myself as shallow, it had to be closest to onset of puberty, +1-2 yrs. post onset. I’m not sure why she never outgrew that phase, considering she’s clearly post college at this point.


  42. Great article. Very accurate. This is really common, and it extends not just to not being ashamed of your hobbies, but to your sense of humor, topics you discuss, the way you dress, the job you have, etc. If you have game, girls will not just accept all of that, but think it’s cool. If you don’t have game, they’ll use it as ammo to reject you.

    I have a buddy who talks about class 6 hurricane formations and shit with girls. He’s passionate about that stuff and has game, so they love it.

    The over-entitled chick in the article reminds me of this fan Joe Rogan runs into. Watch these for an excellent display of a guy with a strong frame not doing what the over-entitled princess wants, and the way she 180s into calling him names and being insulted and completely re-writing events in her head to justify it all, just because he won’t do what she says.

    This is the modern American under 25 chick in action:

    Joe Rogan is awesome. He has amazing frame control and stands up for what he thinks is right and wrong, watch his other interviews. He’s 100% congruent because he’s being 100% honest and tears through other people’s bullshit. It’s great.

    And just to pre-empt the people who can read the subcommunications in the situation in the videos above: Yes, he CAN absolutely fuck this chick, even at the end when she’s calling him a bitch, he can turn it around at any time. But he knows it right off the bat and isn’t interested. The guy parties with pornstars and shit, a girl like this is bottom of the barrel for him. This could be similar to what happened with Finkel and the nerd girl. He may not have been interested, so she looks for reasons to think he’s a loser and types up an article to assuage her bruised ego.


    • I agree with the disinterest on finkel’s part. She took his disinterest as a rejection and she took it to heart.

      Basically, she realized a Magic the Gathering king nerd didn’t even want her. How’s that for reality.


    • I don’t know if JR cared about getting in her pants, but he should have let that topic slide, and say something like “why don’t we make a fresh start? I’m Joe Rogan and you look just fantastic” or some shit. He already established attraction, IOIs were flowing (she couldn’t let go of her hair) and her hamster was in overdrive.
      She’s dumb ass crazy and she has a decent body. Excellent pump & dump material.


    • I skipped your last two paragraphs. You’re right, he’s awesome, amazing BL and frame control, and she’s probably bottom of the barrel for him.
      No reason therefore for him to validate her ego by being less cocky.


    • Wow what a fucking whore. She’s the bottom of the barrel. Period.


  43. To add credence to the Chateau’s assertion, I present Vin Diesel:

    “Diesel has played Dungeons & Dragons for over twenty years and wrote the foreword for the commemorative book 30 Years of Adventure: A Celebration of Dungeons & Dragons. In the 30th Anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons issue of Dragon Magazine, they examine the fact that Diesel played Dungeons & Dragons, and reveal that he had a fake tattoo of his character’s name, “Melkor,” on his stomach while filming xXx.”

    If you don’t think there are millions of women that would still break their pelvises in attempts to fuck him, you’re fooling yourself.


  44. They’re both about 5s in looks — so what. YAWN


  45. Her tirade is so unreasonable that the only source I can imagine is sour grapes from not being asked out again. If his geeky hobby was such a horrific thing then why did she bother going out with him the 2nd time, post-Googling? The guy even described it as “just an uneventful, say goodbye forever kind of date”.


  46. When I first heard about this, that is exactly what I thought: He fucked up somehow… he must have less than zero game. I mean, on paper, he has a ton of qualities he could use to game girls, and his fishing on okcupid for freakshows? then he gets publicly rejected by one of those freakshows? he must have really done something to alienate her and freeze up her vagjuices. Dude needs to learn game asap.
    any guy with even a small level of gameunderstanding could have turned that nerdcelebrity magic championship into a major positive. he has his own wiki page for shitesake.

    when you understand game, you stop getting pissed at girls for shit like this… and really most other stuff. You realize they’re reactive creatures, with predictable behavior. when they do shit like this, its like hearing about a pit bull eating a baby. you can’t hate on the pit bull, thats what they do, they’re fucking babyeaters. Its the parents fault for letting their baby play with the pitbull. it’s magicchamps fault for not stepping up in alphastyle. he fucked up, she did what they do.


  47. This is my interpretation:

    He checks out her pictures on OKCupid and sees a decent looking chick. She took a 1000 pictures and 3 of them were perfect angles and lightning that made her look like a 7.

    Messages are exchanged and they meet.

    When he looks at her his internal dialogue goes “What the fuuuuck!”

    He goes for the date anyway because he doesn’t have anything better to do and its impolite to ditch her on the spot.

    She starts talking shit about his card game and he thinks “What the fuck has she ever done in her life?” and in genuinely disgusted at the disgusting chick.

    He doesn’t show sexual interest because it is not biologically possible unless there is an apocalypse and she is the last female on earth.

    He doesn’t like her shit conversation and doesn’t validate her with smiles and compliments because secretly he wants to punch her in the face.

    Date is ended, he takes her home and doesn’t want to meet her again.

    The entitled 4 is “pissed off” because he didn’t even make a move on her.

    I would be embarassed to be seen in public with a thin like her. Some ugly chicks think that because they look like monsters they automatically have a bareable personality. Hint: There is no inverse correlation between looks and personality.


    • This is the most likely scenario. I disagree with the post above yours which claims he must have had less than zero game. He probably showed up, saw her, did not want, and tried to let her down easy. You just don’t game a 4 if you have other options because it is a no-win situation. You either end up banging a 4 or rejected by one. A game of cards is preferable to either. This was a woman scorned, kicking up dust to hide her own rejection.


  48. Women who practice this sort of tactic are doing it only to appease their own sense of low value. Telegraphing it to everyone in nerddom only guaranteed it would be spread around the internet. She will now be infamous enough to scare off anyone willing to make the slightest bit of investment.


  49. A little background:

    When Finkel burst on the Magic scene ten years ago as a wunderkind in his late teens, he was at least 50 pounds overweight. He was likely a virgin well into his 20’s, and may still be one. Many of the top Magic players these days have serious game – check David Williams (knew him as a late teen and he oozed charisma) – but Finkel is a little older, and nerdier, than that crowd.

    No excuse for how she treated him, but Finkel is far from a natural.

    [Heartiste: I called it. Finkel’s hobby is a leading indicator of a nerdy personality through and through.]


    • You’re slipping, me heartie.

      It’s this guy‘s “hobby” too. Its got its own international jet set crew these days who can be as insufferably alpha as you on your worst days.

      Some of it has obviously rubbed off on Finkel, but he was starting from a pretty omega place.


  50. She’s unattractive and lacks judgement. No game or anti-game required, she should be happy with what she gets.

    Most likely she couldn’t find any reason why HE’d stick around with HER and when her hamster panicked, she invalidated him for the only tangible thing she could find.


  51. my guess is she has no sexual chemistry herself, leading him to not push the envelope with her.

    Come on, if anyone met her in real life they wouldn’t be pounding down the door to bang her.

    She got friendzoned and retaliated with fury, like we’ve all seen many times before.


  52. She looks like Perry Lang (Pvt. Kaiser from Big Red One) but I doubt dhe she a big red one ever again.


  53. “So where does the pickiness come from? It has to have some basis in reality.”

    My guess is, an overly inflated ego that is acting to hide a tonne of insecurities.

    In my view, women like her are best treated by feeding her hamster and telling her what she thinks she wants to hear.

    As in “Yes, you’re right, you are amazing and deserve the best. Don’t settle for just anyone, you should be picky, any man should be gratefull that he had a woman like you. You deserve the best… etc”

    Then leave her and her hamster to spin into oblivion.


  54. That’s why whores rock!!!!!!!!!!!


  55. I’d be interested to read your take on some of the more subtle differences between anti-game and no game, because I can see circumstances in which the two could be interchangeable. For example, is a man who approaches a woman in a bar and hounds her with a horde of interview questions practicing anti-game or does he simply have no game? Would the dude with no game just not even work up the courage to approach?


  56. She first put up the nerd hobby matter, stating some of her friends or relatives played, and he just replied “me too” or stuff. It was not him the first.

    And he is not a nerd, just a normal guy. Use Google. Just because he was rejected, he is not a loser, he met her exactly to know her.

    You do not know what you are talking about. Do you must fill these columns periodically for contract or bet even if you do not know what to write?


  57. Women that ugly often over-compensate because they don’t want to be seen or perceived as being any guy’s second choice because they are so ugly.

    I posted here some time ago and it was highlighted. I had an online chat with some older fat war-pig on an dating site.

    I showed my photo…and she showed hers.

    I’m fit, tall, considered handsome…she was fat, bad hair, older and around 35.

    She replied: “No sorry, you’re not my type…”

    My reply: “I’m so glad you said that…

    Her: “really? Why?

    Me: I just noticed your age, 35, a bit old for me, usually I chat and meet up with 26-30 year olds…

    Her: wait……starts trying to chat me up again…


  58. Proof that “beggars can be choosers” and “there’s no such thing as “involuntary celibacy”?


  59. kid’s mother says…livy has always been a girl
    Why the hell then you brought her like a boy. YOu first created a boy and then change her. Real maniacs. How on the earth will people know if someone is boy or girl if their parents not dress them up like one and give some name to him or her.
    Don’t blame people, it is you who to blame.


  60. Because they contribute so much to American industry
    I think ALL Finkelsteinbergold hedge fund types
    deserve gfs that hot


  61. I went and read the post you linked about women’s check lists … So you claim that someone who has game doesn’t need any other qualities? Do you think this works only for ONS/short-term relationships or also for marriage?

    “And that’s the moral of this nerd tale of woe. No matter how kind you are, how much character you possess, how easy on the eyes you are, or how much money you make, a nerdy personality and anti-game will render you unfit for mating by a pig-faced 4 with delusions of high sexual market value.”

    Here, again I could read it like this: If you have game and “alpha” personality, you can be unkind, with no character, ugly and poor. Am I right? What happens when girls find out that you have nothing besides the game?

    [Heartiste: “What happens when guys find out you having nothing besides the beauty?”]


    • ‘[Heartiste: “What happens when guys find out you having nothing besides the beauty?”]’

      What I learned to do. Pump and dump.


      • @Anonymous:
        Hear, hear, buddy.
        Women have huge brains BUT BUT BUT the hamster is waaaay too powerful for them to be able to use their brains for anything connected to sex.
        IF women do want to use their huge brains on matters connected to sex, then they should eagerly seek beta sperm – to put it clearly: voluntarily seek sex with men that women find UNattractive – THAT would be using their god-given brains. But, like some here have pointed out, that’s not likely to happen soon. In the meanwhile, we guys have the only choices that women have left us: life-long celibacy (whether blissfully alone, or trapped in marriage) OR pump-and-dump. I say pump-and-dump brother – as gently as possible, but still – pump-and-dump!


  62. She’s not as bad looking as people are saying. Certainly not a 4. Can’t tell her body but it looks like she’s not fat. I’d do her, but then again I’ve always had a thing for awkward, nerdy girls (as long as they’re thin).

    Of course if her elbows are asymmetrical, it’s a deal-breaker.


    • Go ahead and make babies with her and help raise them. You still won’t be good enough for her. She’s the hottest girl out there man.


  63. Sometimes occam’s razor is called for.

    She is jewish. End of attempts at logic and discussion. This means that her singlehood is a fetish that she can’t shut up about and hamstering over, hyper narcissistic and infantile, rejects capable suitors, marries late and brags about her innumerable rejections as status preening. There are dozens of books written by jewish women bragging about their rejected suitors. Need yenta game (something I don’t know because I haven’t bothered… but being an MD plays a valuable part somewhere). Yenta game is a topic never discussed here that should be explored.

    Anti-game is a worthy discussion on its own and is paradoxical. If you start farting when you are around a girl because you want her to lose interest will it make her more interested? Probably. How do you turn off a woman other than bragging about video game skill? Bad posture, raise your voice, bad fitting clothes. Anti-game is important for getting out of dangerous situations where you don’t want a woman to go after you and is a vital tool for an Alpha.


  64. I can’t count the number of times over the past couple of years a woman has confided that she’s a “dating blogger” or aspiring “dating columnist.”

    The fact that they’ve grown up with “Sex and the City” (a TV show about a woman who trashes her lovers in print), combined with easy access to blogging software or small media outlets, has led many women to believe this is a path to writing careers, even when they have no real talent.

    Of course, you should avoid these women like the plague. They aren’t dating for its own sake, and they certainly won’t sleep with you unless they think it’ll make them look good in retrospect. They see themselves as the protagonists of their own romantic comedies, and men as minor characters who only exist to be turned into heroes (that is, alphas they can “tame” as relationship material) or comic relief.

    You’ll be judged constantly when you know them, and trashed publicly when you dump them.

    On the other hand, if you meet a woman who claims to be a sex columnist (not as is “Sex and the City,” but as in actually writing about sex), you’ve really lucked out. Not only is a hot time pretty much guaranteed (assuming you don’t screw things up somehow), but she’s even likely to teach you a thing or two.


    • Anti-game is trivial:

      – get misty-eyed at emotional shit
      – bore her with details
      – constantly let her re-frame
      – buy her drinks
      – compliment her gratuitously
      – talk about your hobbies with oblivious enthusiasm
      – never ask her a question
      – never look away
      – let her see your shit-eating smile
      – accede to her manipulative horseshit
      – never, ever say “horseshit” in conversation

      The list could go on ….


    • Fashion writers, too. Easy.


  65. You, American Men appreciate our East European women, but Eastern Europe has its own fate, postponed in time. Just read:

    It’s heavily supported by our beta political leaders. It’s official(!!!) event for the Polish Presidency in the Council of the EU

    It’s sad, very sad.


  66. “When I meet a pretty girl and beg her: “Be so good as to come with me,” and she walks past without a word, this is what she means to say:

    “You are no Duke with a famous name, no broad American with Red Indian figure, level, brooding eyes and a skin tempered by the air of the prairies and the rivers that flow through them, you have never journeyed to the seven seas and voyaged on them wherever they may be, I don’t know where. So why, pray, should a pretty girl like myself go with you?”

    “You forget that no automobile swings you through the street in long thrusts; I see no gentlemen escorting you in a close half-circle, pressing on your skirts from behind and murmuring blessings on your head; your breasts are well laced into your bodice, but your thighs and hips make up for that restraint; you are wearing a taffeta dress with a pleated skirt such as delighted all of us last autumn, and yet you smile-inviting mortal danger-from time to time.”

    “Yes, we’re both in the right, and to keep us from being irrevocably aware of it, hadn’t we better just go our separate ways home?”

    — Franz Kafka


  67. Dude, I wouldn’t shed a single for that nerd. He is not on our side.

    I worked at a few high tech companies during the dot.com days and got a chance to work with nerds quite bit and I’d say a big majority of them are strong supporters of feminism. These are the type of guys you nornmally find at weekend breast cancer cure marathons, rape prevention meetings, etc, etc. I am willing to be that 99% of nerdy guys would be totally disgusted with the content of this blog.

    That nerd got what he deserved. It was poetic justice.


    • Some of us don’t, and I don’t think it’s the case for Finkel either. But you do have a point, this article just made me puke:


      Get your barf bags before clicking the link gentlemen.


    • WTF is your problem with breast cancer marathons?



      • When the boobiez is sick
        you can’t play
        with them


      • The problem is that prostate cancer doesn’t get even half the funding or demonstrations.


      • Yep – men are the biggest customers of pro sports, yet still don’t even get those sex-specific cancer bucks when the silly pink shoe season starts.

        [Heartiste: Co-yepped. Breast cancer and prostate cancer kill about the same number of peeps each year (41K for titties, 38K for semen supplier), but breast cancer research gets almost double the gov’t funding than prostate cancer (remember kiddies, men are the expendable sex) and if you add in private funding then breast cancer research gets upwards of 12X the money that prostate cancer research gets. I say boycott those stupid fucking pink ribbons until there is a semblance of fairness in the funding distribution channels.
        nothing to see here folks, move along…]


      • Now, come on. While everything you said is true, there is no way that prostate cancer is going to get the funding needed until men start advocating for it more. I am by no means criticizing as men typically don’t want anything to do with talking about stuff like this. But women have gotten out there and talked about breast cancer ad nauseum. They LIKE to talk about their breast and they get lots of drama (which women crave) and attention (which we also crave) in the process. Until men learn to go out and do this same thing, or allow the women who love you to do it for you, you will never get the same amount of funding.


      • (formerly AlphaAnon)

        There is one value to Breast Cancer events: great for pickup. I don’t mean marching around like an asshole or spending time handing out pamphlets. It probably varies location to location, but where I’m at, young hot bitches volunteer at these things. There is one this weekend that a friend of mine and her bullshit bible study group are going to (they’re all 8S with eat for breakfast asses). And they all party and wear tight slutty clothes.

        Might as well suck on them boobies before they get cancer…


      • Guys generally don’t like to admit they have this sort of cancer, let alone do fundraising for it.


    • “I worked at a few high tech companies during the dot.com days and got a chance to work with nerds quite bit and I’d say a big majority of them are strong supporters of feminism. These are the type of guys you nornmally find at weekend breast cancer cure marathons, rape prevention meetings, etc, etc. I am willing to be that 99% of nerdy guys would be totally disgusted with the content of this blog.”

      I work with a fair bit of nerds myself. And I would say this is entirely accurate.

      I loathe to admit it, but this once described myself as well.

      Feminists beliefs are entranced deeply in nerd culture. Go to a site like Reddit and post something that even suggests that the feminists world view has any sort of flaw. You’ll be waylaid by white knights.


  68. CH’s update rings true in my experience. pre-game + body transformation i had been dating ‘nice and cute’ 6s. i was fine with that because subconsciously i knew that i was punching within my weight class. plus, both of my ltr’s were with sweet, feminine, smart artsy types with low-drama, which pretty much sums up “my type”.

    post game and body-transformation i will try and hook those same type of girls, thinking its in the bag and lo and behold they have not gotten easier to attain. now its “easier” to date 7’s and 8’s, they open me and give ioi’s and i go in for the kill. i try not to get into the alpha/beta dichotomy too much, but something certainly changed.

    subconsciously, women know where they stand and they do prefer to be within their weight class, looks wise. status, money and game -wise, they certainly will shoot for the moon, but when it comes to looks and sex-appeal women do not want to be out-classed.


    • Definitely a point that should be highlighted — when you raise your DMV, you can sometimes find yourself overpriced for the types of gals you dated when your DMV was lower.

      I’ve had those situations happen where an average gal or even an above average but not gorgeous gal ends up backing away because she thinks she can’t compete with hotter women. It’s still a shit test, of sorts, but it’s one that makes sense when a guy hangs out with (and sleeps with) really hot women and the average/cute ones find out.


  69. *off-topic – comment moderation vote*
    I posted my two cents about the comment moderation deal back in the Hillary Clinton post. I said, basically:

    “Maybe you can raise the cost of commenting by making people register or … isn’t there some sort of system where comments can be voted up or down?

    the last thing you want to do is moderate the comments yourself… because the whole point is to get new, different angles on your posts. if you’re moderating them, everything will get filtered through you. plus it seems like a lot of work.”

    Another thing I just realized… there is less new material on the site to read between the time you post. granted, I come here to read what YOU write, but reading random bullshit comments is still entertaining when there are no new posts. Now I have to wait until you are online and you moderate the comments. People constantly commenting means that I can visit this site any time of any day and at least read something on a topic I’m interested in.


  70. So you’re telling us that as long as we learn game we can keep our geeky/nerdy hobbies and still land the hotties?


  71. Tell me this isn’t exactly what Mean Girl is gonna look like when she’s older


  72. on September 17, 2011 at 6:46 pm Recovering Nice Guy

    I think the “UPDATE” is the real story here. Judging from the magic-card guy’s looks, success, and his very smooth handling of this situation, he is WAY out of her league. She knew she had no chance with him, so she preemptively did the rejecting.

    Writing it up apparently made her a lot of cash because she gets paid per hit, I believe. I hope I am misunderstanding that deal.


  73. “If you have no game, or worse, anti-game, little else will compensate for your unattractiveness.”

    Sounds true in theory, but not necessarily accurate.

    Such is true in a social environment, where superficiality is arguably necessary for screening purposes.


  74. Didn’t know you could make money playing Magic.

    As for comment moderation – no need. Let anarchy reign.


    • If you’re actually good at it and dedicate a lot of time and effort to it sure, otherwise it’s just a massive money sink.


  75. Nerds are likely to value intellectual stimulation over visual and physical stimulation. Occasionally this preference is so strong that our host’s generally sound advice, to compartmentalize and avoid nerdy behavior with girls at all costs, is utterly useless. I’m a case of this: I genuinely have zero interest in sleeping with, or even really talking to, any girl who I can’t develop *some* deep intellectual connection with; this connection will inevitably have a nerdy component.

    What, exactly, am I supposed to do? Move to East Asia and plan on staying there? Actually, I’ve done that, and it’s helped a lot; seems like I have to reject another girl every month now, even though I haven’t been doing any approaching. But general advice on attracting a very smart girl for a somewhat nerdy LTR is welcome.

    Full disclosure: I once developed a US Nationals-winning Magic: the Gathering deck.


    • “I genuinely have zero interest in sleeping with, or even really talking to, any girl who I can’t develop *some* deep intellectual connection with; this connection will inevitably have a nerdy component.”

      Guess what? You are not going to develop a deep intellectual connection with women because women are largely incapable of such. There are women who can imitate the deep intellectual faculties that men can develop, but none who truly possess them to the same extent men do.

      I too once sought an women who I could connect with on an intellectual level. It’s a fools errand. Save the deep discussions for male friends and places like this blog. Save the game for the women. Don’t bring up nerd topics as they will dry out a women’s vag quicker than a spineless man.


      • “Don’t bring up nerd topics as they will dry out a women’s vag quicker than a spineless man.”

        Let me qualify this.

        Though if you are famous, have strong game, etc…. you can get away with a lot if you have bribed the vagina with enough tingle. For the common fella like myself, stay away from such topics.


      • “Attraction is not a choice.” My life would be quite a lot simpler if I could derive any satisfaction from a more conventional male-female relationship. But I can’t.

        I guess I’ll pursue the bribery route; I’m in a position to achieve a reasonable amount of fame, and with some effort I should be able to find not-totally-boring English-speaking girls to practice game on.


      • I agree, and this is even more the case if you are a male sitting somewhere on the tail end of the bell curve.

        Even smart girls still think like girls. Women can seem to get logic, and some can acrobatically contort their thoughts into logical forms, but women are not logical.


      • I will strongly second this.
        One of things that most improved my happiness was to let go of my idealistic fantasy that I’d find a woman who served as hot date, lover, best friend, intellectual jousting opponent, co-pilot, etc. That is all just so much equalist hogwash. I was willing to sacrifice looks for intellect, and even then, I was unable to find any true female intellectuals. Trying to find a woman like that filled me with a sense that I was in a totally unwinnable war, or made me feel defective because I couldn’t find it. The closest I got was these ball-busting left-wing political types who are all bluster and no real substance. They are only parroting moronic viewpoints that they heard from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

        You will end up tired, cynical, and disappointed at the end of your quest to find a mental equal in a woman. Take Fletcher’s advice: use male friends for intellectual stimulation, and date women based solely on how physically attractive they are to you. This sounds superficial to the uninitiated, and it is, but unfortunately women ARE only superficial. I wish it weren’t so, but it is.


      • Yes. Life is easier when you focus on attainable goals.


    • I know I can’t develop intellectual faculties to the extent that men can, but I’ve been told I hold up pretty decently for a girl. In fact, intelligence (well, the level I was able to perceive, anyway) has probably been the number one hindrance keeping me from considering certain men even though I was fond of them in others ways. Sometimes I get the impression that part of “girl game” is suppressing displays of intelligence because it can be a repellant to the average male.

      Fortunately, I’m not interested in the average male. I would be happy to meet someone who demonstrated the faculties necessary to figure out how things “really work”, relationship dynamics included. That’s why I have respect for men who become involved in this community in order to improve their lives, even though some of their subsequent lifestyles may not appeal to me in any way.

      I know it’s standard fare around these parts to reject advice from women, so take the following as you will. My suggestion to nerds is not to give up on the idea that you can find a woman who’ll be able to appreciate and reciprocate your nerdiness, but to instead develop the personality traits that will make such nerdiness irrelevant to her perception of your overall status. Otherwise you’ll be missing out on girls like me who are into men like you! A fit, confident man who admits to being into Star Wars/WoW/evo psych/quantum physics/whatever is endearing; an unhealthy, socially awkward man who shamefully reveals the same is not.


      • OK, but…

        1) Are you hot?
        2) Do you do anal?


      • Will you respond to “Bring the K-Y”?


      • Mr. Mod won’t let me give a flippant response to cheeky questions, so:

        1) Enough to not expect my inner nerdiness to take precedence over a man’s naturally corporeal inclinations.
        2) n/a
        3) n/a


      • It’s not the intelligence in a woman that’s repellant. It’s the use of it by her as a weapon, the unfunny sarcasm, and the noxious political views that all too often come with it that are repellant.


      • That’s a useful clarification Tinderbox.

        It occurred to me after I submitted that comment that it’s masculine manifestations of intelligence that would be particularly repellant in a woman. True feminine intelligence would present itself in behaviours that would best suit her ends (eg: finding a great guy and having a family), so that might include being supportive, nurturing, calm, domestic, resourceful, graceful, fit, tastefully dressed, etc. A woman expressing her intelligence in manly ways by trying to dominate conversations and score points could very reasonably be a turn off. If it’s in a man’s nature to dominate and a woman’s to submit, why would a straight masculine guy want a woman who emulates his own kind?


      • Trying to dominate every useless argument (+ sarcasm, noxious political views as Tinderbox mentioned) is not intelligence. It looks dumb on men as well.

        “… why would a straight masculine guy want a woman who emulates his own kind?”

        Um, because he’d like to have smart kids?


      • I don’t think anyone is saying those things are intelligence – more like frequently observed ways of expressing it. Technically you could say that displaying intelligence in counterproductive ways makes you “dumb” and that’s actually true in one sense, but you have to remember that many conventionally smart people (read: nerds) often lack the social savvy to figure out that they’re making a poor impression.

        I’m not sure that manly men + manly women = smart kids.


  76. Men, take a good look at this girl’s picture. Even a girl that low on attractiveness thinks she deserves a man with good game. Why waste time on her?


  77. Excellent post, if everyone could only disconnect from their inner nerd and be beautiful, have better game, etc., they might find it becomes a regular healthier place to be in.

    The guy she was with was probably her best match in terms of two 5’s or 6’s making a go at it. I am never sure what the references are, as I am hopelessly untrendy but magic the gathering is……….well…..some fun. But somewhat anti-game. I think its still avail on PS3. It made for excellent art work in the 90’s but today its like a world of warcraft or something.


  78. Kai, that article was indeed puke-worthy. Jesus, you rarely see such concentrated delusion in one place!


    • I’m pretty sure that the author had never seen pussy in his entire life until he ran into a domineering feminist who sucked him dry in the most comprehensive way and then shoved her propaganda down his throat.


  79. Western men give way too much attention and love to ugly women.

    Its completely skewed the dating market the wrong way(Hint: muscular guys are dating fatties)


  80. “And they try to pick me up? EWW!”

    “you’re quite the pickup artist”


  81. this could lead to some interesting discussions….


  82. on September 18, 2011 at 10:18 pm Large Hardon Collider

    Finkel’s already packing the right mindset. “Failed” date with this 3 segues into solicitation from a playboy bunny? Women are like artifacts – you Tinker away the old junk into newer and better things!


    • Or Reshape them into better things :D. Nice reference bro.


    • on September 21, 2011 at 12:12 am The Lolz of Physics

      Jesus girl you’ve really become a Sundering Titan.


      I have someone you should meet. Her name is Chimeric Idol.

      Don’t worry, I’m sure we can still be allied colors.


  83. awwww the sweet little puppy! oo oo awaw oo oo awaw soooo sweet. : )


  84. “Take a guy with game and tell him he has to mention at some point during a date with a hottie that he won a championship playing a nerdy hobby. Do you really think this stipulation will deep six his chances? No, it won’t.”

    Well said. Agree 100%. This was the point I was trying to make when we were discussing WoW on the Elway post. I’m just not as good at articulating as this site is. I think I sided too much with the hopeless nerds, but the statement above makes much more sense. I’ll admit, I was wrong.


  85. the fugly chick is dead on with respect to her dating market value. lots of handsome successful guys = lower market value approaching zero in many cases. she has probably blown off dozens of hotter guys than this.

    she is not obese so her market value is somewhere between a stripper and a porn start in most urban dating markets.

    the relevant ratio is skinny chicks to handsome guys. in most cases the handsome cashed up guys outnumber the skinny chicks 8 or 9 to one.


  86. Blah. I don’t think her dissing him had really anything to do with him being a nerd. She just wanted people to know some hedge fund manager found her attractive. Otherwise, Who feels the need to make a blog post on ONE DATE she got from an online dating site that she felt went bad? DUH! Anyone doing online dating will more often run into crazies or those they find they didn’t connect with than the opposite. There are quite a bit of attractive sought after women who go on a plethora of dates with half of them consisting of crazies and funny annoying stories. They could write (and sell) novels on the stories they have. But many don’t do that b/c its not that serious and frankly, they move on and simply laugh it off (maybe because they are activly dating).

    What’s with some of these women writing blogs dissing the ONE guy who asked them out on date or who approached them? Its a bigger reflection on them that they have to focus on ONE bad online date. Reminds me of that other chick who did a whole big post on some “creepy” guy asking her out in an elevator. WHO CARES!


  87. Has anyone seen this? Please tell me its a joke


  88. A little off-topic but not much…

    Susan Walsh breaks down the current dating/mating scene.


    • Lame.
      She basically tells girls to go for betas. That’s never going to happen, and even if it does happen, it’s not a path towards happiness. The girl will cheat and divorce, that’s what women do to betas. Women are hardwired to seek alpha sperm, betas can suck their fellow betas dicks…
      She’s assuming that women are better off using their neocortex/frontbrain, and repress their hindbrain desires… That’s going against nature, never gonna work.

      And Susan Walsh is a self confessed reformed slut. It’s easy to tell young hotties to not slut it up, when she had her share of alpha cocks and is comfy (for now) with a beta husband.

      Susan Walsh ain’t shit. Heartiste is the real deal. Advising betas to man up. Either becoming alpha douchebags, or alpha good men.
      And very very few women deserve alpha good men…

      [Heartiste: It sounds like she has her heart in the right place, but, yeah, telling girls to go for betas is like telling guys to fall for fatties. Ain’t gonna happen without some serious authoritarian incentives.]


      • Too bad “alpha” and “good men” are mutually exclusive concepts. Anything “good” is beta… abiding by someone else’s rules, even God’s, trumps alpha-anything today.


      • It’s a bit like the book “Marry Him – The case for settling for Mr Good Enough” by Lori Gottlieb.

        She coped a roasting from the femcunts for daring to suggest that women settle for good guys. I suggest all the entitled trolls who lurk on here and the trollop in the main article read it.


  89. The fuglies define themselves by rejecting men. This is because pre-emptive rejection is the only gambit they have.


  90. (Formlery AlphaAnon)

    I want to point out a possible motivator for googlie-eyes’ cuntified blog rant. I am referencing an OKCupid study done on the response rates that male and female online daters receive.


    The main point I’m making is derived from the “Female Messaging & Male Attractiveness Chart”: Un-fucking-believably, the women rate that 80% of men are less attractive than the median attractive male. In my estimation, what this means is that women believe they are ~2 to 3 SMV points higher than the male suitors they are rating. So a female with SMV 4 (our nerd friend above) believes she is ~7 SMV, and can safely stand on her vagina stool and blog about how her date was a dork and how she is better than that.

    Further at the macro level, I submit that this “overselectivity” rationalization that women make is symptomatic of the larger problem at hand, and is another scientific data point that supports the notion: western culture is too feminized.

    Now after reading Alyssa’s (aka Sloth from the goonies) blog, it seems clear that Finkel nerded himself out. He did let her piss right on his head for being super nerd the champion.

    However regardless of the anti-game / no game discussion of Finkel (who really cares now anyway, he’s going out with the playboy slut) it’s clear that overselectivity is rampant among females these days.


  91. You can conclude from this theory that men who are beginning to shed their worst beta habits by adopting game would have more success trying to pick up hotter girls than they’re used to, instead of sticking with the nasty little frumps they have become accustomed to thinking that’s all they deserve.

    I also suspect that she may have been a 6 or more in her younger and tighter college years, and just hasn’t realized or come to terms yet with her drop in SMV due to ungraceful aging.


  92. As someone who knows her personally, that’s a bad picture of her and she’s actually more of a 6.5


  93. Many thanks for the linkage Heartiste!


  94. […] Need I say more? If that didn’t make you cringe, then you’re as clueless as they are. Women are on to you bro. In fact, that crap you’re running is actually anti-game. […]


  95. […] for that.  The post When Judging the performance goes wrong was popular in its own right, and then Heartiste linked to it the other week sending almost 3000 hits my way.  Should I divorce him is evidently a commonly searched term, and […]


  96. The point is that even nerd girls don’t want nerd guys. Never be nerdy if you want to get laid.


  97. great wisdom on the website, like it.