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A Turkish newspaper columnist with brass balls wrote an article about the unattractive manliness of female athletes.

A Turkish newspaper columnist has been heavily criticised after writing an article which said the Olympic Games is destroying the female figure.

The piece – called Womanhood is dying at the Olympics’ – was written by Yuksel Aytug and was published in the daily newspaper Sabah and on the paper’s website.

However, it soon spread around the world by saying the Games was distorting women’s bodies and that extra points should be given to female athletes based on how feminine they looked.

According to Hurriyet Daily News, he said: ‘Broad-shouldered, flat-chested women with small hips; [they are] totally indistinguishable from men.

‘Their breasts – the symbol of womanhood, motherhood – flattened into stubs as they were seen as mere hindrances to speed.’

Get this man a VIP pass to the Chateau! He speaks the truth no nancyboy or femcunt would ever dare admit, even to themselves. Who with the eyes to see hasn’t noticed the narrow hips, the grotesque six-pack abs (never a good look on women), the chest “stubs”, the linebacker shoulders, and the manjaws of an inordinate number of the female Olympians? (Synchronized swimmers are a welcome exception to the rule. Of course, proficiency in synchronized swimming doesn’t require a chiseled male-like physique.)

A disturbing number of the women athletes have what amounts to ripped, pubescent boys’ bodies. If you cover the faces and crotches of some of them, you could easily mistake them for lean men. But I bet they fuck like champions! :mrgreen:

[Aytug] was accused of sexism and reducing the identity of women purely to appearance.

Weren’t the Jizzebelers recently objectifying Ryan Lochte’s appearance? Anyhow, the point is superfluous. Feminists are simply unable to come to grips with the fact that double standards in how the sexes relate to and perceive each other exist, are grounded in immutable biology, and won’t disappear just because a few fat sluts organized a pride parade.

In his column, he also said the Olympic Games forced woman to look more like men so they could become successful.

Aytug is right. It’s NECESSARILY true that women must conform more to the male physique ideal in order to compete successfully in sports, and particularly elite sports, because women’s natural bodies are not evolutionarily designed to run, throw, fight or lift optimally like men’s bodies are designed to do. Women’s bodies are — and I know this will get under the skin of the right sort of losers — shaped by the relentless laws of nature to fulfill TWO PRIME DIRECTIVES:

Visually please men.

And bear children.

Everything else women do is commentary.

If you are a woman who wants to long jump, or throw a discus, or box, or run the 100 meter race, you will perform better the FURTHER your body gets from the archetypal female physique and the closer it gets to the archetypal male physique. Hips and boobs and upper body weakness undermine all that Olympian kickassery.

This is why unscrupulous countries (which includes just about all the Western and Communist or formerly Communist ones) pump so much money and, when they can get away with it, steroids into their female athletic programs and athletes. They know that they can get more medal bang for their buck by masculinizing their female athletes and pushing them, however unintentionally, to assume male physical forms, (or by recruiting women with inborn male-like physiques), because there are a lot fewer women who are 1) interested in high-level competitive sports and 2) willing to sacrifice their femininity for a rigorous masculinizing regiment.

Someday a real rain will come and wash away this mountain of gender-bending lies. And when it happens, the world’s femininely-renewed women will sway their child-bearing hips and heave their bounteous breasts as their charmingly soft limbs and delicate hands are raised heavenward in thankfulness for being relieved of the pressure to look and act like men.

PS Isn’t it ironic, then, how the feminist-defined pursuit of sex “””equality””” is essentially tantamount to making women more man-like? You’d almost think feminists believe the male form and male psyche are superior to the female form and psyche. Maybe that’s because most dedicated feminists are ugly, masculine robodykes.


  1. Well, you have to admit, they are rather mannish.


  2. truth. At least 95% of the women at the olympics are mannish and unfuckable.


  3. Lol. Coming from a community of > 6 ft. tall men who don’t go to the gym, but demand hot babes and whine about societal changes that must be to blame for their poverty.

    You bitch about fat women, and now you’re bitching about female athletes as well?

    Game was never about being negative. “Nuclear negging,” aka tearing down young girls, is so misguided it’s pathetic. You’ve lost sight of the magic of it. Go pick up The Game again, read the bit where style makes britney spears fall in love during an interview- there’s no negativity. There’s no nuclear asshole.

    “Visually please men. And bear children. Everything else women do is commentary.”

    You’re getting extreme. Vicious. Must be election season.

    I reject outright your recent positions.

    And I would destroy McKayla Maroney.

    [heartiste: you’ve lost perspective.

    ps i wrote “women’s bodies” are evolved to visually please men and bear children. you, being the stupid feminist suckup you are, stretched that out to smear me as implying women’s minds and habits and personal satisfactions are evolved to visually please men and bear children. which is not what i wrote. i suggest you read more carefully next time, because i am very careful in the words i choose. i have to be to avoid summoning dipshits like yourself.]


    • Oh look The the feminist madonna whore projection applied to female body types. There is a lot of “sexy” in between the undesirable modern walrus and the undesirable 2012 manjawed gold medalist.

      Now fuck off!


    • on August 9, 2012 at 5:02 pm RappaccinisDaughter

      He said that’s what women’s *bodies* are designed to do. Not women. A crucial distinction. The former is simple evolutionary truth. The latter would indeed be vicious and extreme.

      [heartiste: not that i need the backup, but it’s heartwarming to see some people get it.]

      Nor does he appear to imply anywhere that he would like to make it impossible for women like these athletes to pursue their dreams.

      [pursue away. i’m here to warn, in as sadistic a manner as possible, of the consequences of such pursuit. also, i don’t think it’s good for cultures to encourage the masculinization of its women. but that doesn’t mean i would support laws that prohibit those few girls who like to kick balls around from organizing to play a cute game of soccer. or, an islmamic caliphate is not my idea of a sensible corrective measure to feminist malignancy.]

      He’s just positing that fewer women would do it were they relieved of the pressure to compete at this level.

      [and that elite sports participation is not the celebration of femaleness or female empowerment that feminists want the world to think.

      ps since we’re hugging it out bear-style, i should note that it’s not incorrect to assert that women’s, AND men’s, bodies AS WELL AS MINDS are ultimately shaped by evolution to fulfill the prime genetic directives of survival and reproduction. That men are more visually oriented and that fetuses require a womb and wide hip fulcrum to gestate means that women’s bodies are designed to look the way they do, and NOT to perform at optimum levels in elite sports. similarly, it’s also truthful to say that women’s and men’s minds are designed the way they are to facilitate, at the most basic level, the S&R directives. the stuff we do to amuse ourselves REALLY IS commentary that our genes have us do to further their own goals. women love to shop and apply makeup and gossip because it helps them survive, meet high quality males, and bear high quality children who will survive. men love to play sports and fix mechanical objects and run companies because it helps them survive, meet pretty women, and bear high quality children who will survive.

      fembots like ‘the shocker’ either don’t get this, or are too ego-invested in their pretty lies to bother getting it. in fits of ennui i sometimes confront them and they skulk away to lick their wounds. only to return again in a few months to stir up the same old shitstorm.]


      • on August 9, 2012 at 6:16 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        “ps since we’re hugging it out bear-style, i should note that it’s not incorrect to assert that women’s, AND men’s, bodies AS WELL AS MINDS are ultimately shaped by evolution to fulfill the prime genetic directives of survival and reproduction. ”

        From an evo psych perspective, I’d say that’s pretty much on the button. I’ve seen many well-designed studies that bolster several of your points. All I ask is that society continue to provide equality of opportunity for those women who are willing and able to succeed or fail on their own merits.

        Please note–equality of *opportunity*. Not of *outcome*. Where we are right now as a society is leaning more towards the latter than the former, and we’re about to fall into Harrison Bergeron territory. I fear the backlash.


      • “in fits of ennui i sometimes confront them”

        Hey, I thought women were the ones who needed drama to make life exciting? KIDDING! (sorta) 🙂


      • H, I’m sure as hell no suckup, but you just reached inside my cranium and enunciated my own views about women VERBATIM, particularly the second paragraph about women’s sports.

        Cheers. (sound of glass clinking)


  4. At least they’re not fat.


    • And at least trannies have tits??? Have some standards!


      • Give ’em a coupla cheeseburgers and at least half of them will plump back to womanly standards. It’s easier to put a bit of fat on a toned ass than to take it off.

        But forget the dykes… they aren’t coming back.

        The REAL damage these chicks are doing is glorifying the notion that girls should spend their fertile years acting like guys, whether it’s slavish devotion to sports or career. No wonder most of The West looks like an African outpost.


      • Don’t be defeatist about bringing back dykes. I’ve dated three women that continued identifying themselves as “lesbians” while they were seeing and sleeping with me, and too many self-identified “bisexual” chicks too recount. I was aso booty-called down to a lesbian bar a couple of years ago by a 21 YO I had dated, and brought her home, much to the chagrin of the other two she was with who had been expecting to have their usual GGG threesome (one of who then subsequently decided she wanted a BGG threesome with me).

        I’ve also had a lesbian couple, playing primarily with the butch (a cute, tall, thin one).

        Very few chicks won’t take the right dick, or at least a dick from the dick with right approach; lipstick lesbians are the ultimate status whores.


  5. How about sumo wrestling? I think fat hoes can throw down.


  6. what do you think of this chick?

    [heartiste: nice try. she’s the russian chick from the hot russian babe post. she is one of the lucky few women to have a genuinely pretty feminine face despite having a less feminine body. no one said there were NO pretty female olympians, or that it wasn’t possible to find a woman with a pretty face and a hip-less, tit-less body. the take-home point is that female athletes tend to be defeminized and masculinzed compared to non-athletic, non-competing, slender women, because that is the nature of sports and the demands it makes of human physiology.]


  7. Did, you notice in the comment section the white knights, mangina’s and feministas coming to defense of these men in skirts? What was most interesting most of them were not from the UK but from the US…there was even one fellow who was coming to the defense of the female bodybuilders and asked everybody to leave them alone!!!


  8. And the best-rated comment on that article:

    “The Olympic women athletes have the right bodies and the right clothing for their sport – there’s nothing masculine about them.”

    There are no archetypes in the feminist world, because women can be brainwashed into thinking that beating their bodies out of shape is breaking over stereotypes and freedom instead of being stupid copycats of men(and boys being raised into noodly-armed feminist-supporters, helps the delusion), and that this is more natural compared to the domestication of patriarchy.

    “It is not surprising that it seems to be these very masculine women, these mistakes of nature, aided and abetted by their counterparts, the feminine men, who are largely responsible for the feminist movement. Nor is it surprising that ‘they recognize’ as W. L. George puts it, ‘no masculine or feminine “spheres,” and that they propose to identify absolutely the conditions of the sexes.'”

    “But what is surprising, or at least unfortunate, is that these ‘half women’ should achieve a certain leadership over many normal women, women who have all the instinctive, ineradicable feelings of wifehood and motherhood; that these ‘half-women’ should be guides in what, if it is carried to its logical termination, will be the greatest revolution the human race has yet seen.”

    In other words, never give these freaks of nature something to ameliorate their condition in men’s sphere, and worst of all to infect others with their condition.


  9. I have to imagine that, in the off season (or after olympic retirement), many of the athletes assume much more pleasing, feminine shapes.

    [heartiste: structurally narrow hips and man shoulders can’t be restored to more pleasing womanly shapes. well, not without severe medical intervention.]

    I’ve seen this amongst female figure and bikini competitors as well: they’re lean to the point of grotesqueness while competing, but look amazing when they take a break. I’d rather deal with the occasional over-manliness than a FUPA any day.

    [no doubt. but this isn’t a post about fat chicks. it’s a post about manly chicks. sure, a six-pack on a girl is preferable to a fupa, but a flat, soft stomach is preferable to each of those.]


    • there is some truth to this. the figure competitors are way too lean to be curvy when competing. i rather like how they look with some fat on their bodies like they have 6 months before a competition. they have big butts, small waists, and decent tits.

      the body builder chicks are just way too muscular though.


    • if and buts were candy and nuts…

      Female athletes needing to gain weight is the same a fupa needing to lose weight…. neither is there yet.

      My favorite girl athlete in the Olympics is misty may. She’s a whore. Has an ass like a whore. Has a name like a whore. Dresses like a whore. And has a tramp stamp like a whore.

      Doggie style of course.


  10. “PS Isn’t it ironic, then, how the feminist-defined pursuit of sex “””equality””” is essentially tantamount to making women more man-like? You’d almost think feminists believe the male form and male psyche are superior to the female form and psyche.”

    They seek to have more of themselves, to legitimize their own sorry existence.


  11. @heart
    not hatin’, just sayin’.

    [heartiste: you’re not sayin’ much, but you are trollin’. the stink of troll is all over your comment, which is evidenced by your attempted — and failed — gotcha trap.]

    funny thing is, i was just saying how more physically developed the american women appeared in relation to the rest of the world.

    [i.e., more manly]

    there are also developed women from other countries but it doesn’t appear to be as prominent as it is with americans. i believe weight training is probably much more common with young girls in america across many sports. is it a coincidence that american women are dominating the olympics?

    [ya know, race has something to do with it.]

    [klishina is very facially pretty, but she would be even more irresistible if her hips were wider and her tits bigger.]


    • American women dominate mostly because of population. We are the 3rd largest country in the world.


      • this rational cannot explain why china and india do not have 3-4 times as many medals as the US.


      • Sure it does. China and India have cheap labor… ie they are poor. Sports in those countries are a super luxury. Over here girl sports is a TITLE IX govment funded mandate.


      • Now that makes sense. I thought you were saying it was about population.


      • No. It is about population… in the sense of available women. C’mon don’t be s obtuse. Lots of women in Muslim counties… but of course they aren’t allowed to complete, thus no medals.


    • not trollin’ at all. i happen to agree with what you are saying. i just thought this post was an ironic follow up top your previous one.

      [heartiste: ok. perhaps i jumped the gun. this blog gets innumerable trolls and haters, almost all of them operating from the same tired playbook, so you can understand why a stand-up guy like me would shoot first, ask questions later.]


  12. The US Women’s soccer team. On the dyke meter consider how little the US cares for the sport of soccer and how well the US team does. Thus the US women close the gap of disinterest mightily through their dykness over the competition.


  13. “Visually please men.

    And bear children.”

    While there is a lot to accomplishing both of these feats, this two point list is way shorter than most women’s to do list. Why, women? Why? Really, what else is there to do that is so important?

    [heartiste: to be fair, the men’s list explaining the evolutionary purpose of their bodies isn’t much longer:

    1. defend the tribe
    2. hunt
    3. construct civilization
    3. protect loved ones from poachers and interlopers
    4. perform athletic and aesthetic feats to raise their status and attract women
    5. visually please women (distant fifth)

    naturally, the trolls and dingbats and slanderers will forget i ever wrote this the next time i say something truthful about female biology that bothers them.]


  14. The Olympics should be unigender, which means almost no one women would be competing except in the sports that, due to their subjective scoring, aren’t really sports – like gymnastics.

    Apart for those exceptions, outstanding female athletes shouldn’t be Olympians; they should be circus acts.


  15. It takes 50,000 calories to make a baby, not 5 calories nor 5 million calories. Fat American women have enough fat in storage to be multiparous to a pack of elephants. Female distance runners have enough to make a stain on their shorts. At 20% body fat, the porridge is just right. I can see why the equalists cannot get this right. Its always for the same reason. They are idiots.


  16. They very thought process of getting a boy haircut is practical rational logic- the domain of men. That’s not inherently bad, but it means that we are preferentially selecting that over beauty, adornment, and emotion, since girls have to swallow their emotion to lop off the locks.

    PS “Would all the nines and tens step up to recieve your medals. We love and appreciate what you do for us (and what you don’t do, cough cheeseburgers cough). Enjoy it! Until next year when you win silver and the new 18 year olds win gold.”


    • Why short hair is often proffered in me? In women long shinny hair shows fitness. So why not in men? Shaped by violence also of course:

      “There being then a custom for the Grecian youth, upon their first coming to man’s estate, to go to Delphi and offer first-fruits of their hair to the god, Theseus also went thither, and a place there to this day is yet named Thesea, as it is said, from him. He clipped only the fore part of his head, as Homer says the Abantes did. And this sort of tonsure was from him named Theseus. The Abantes first used it, not in imitation of the Arabians, as some imagine, nor of the Mysians, but because they were a warlike people, and used to close fighting, and above all other nations accustomed to engage hand to hand; as Archilochus testifies in these verses:-

      “Slings shall not whirl, nor many arrows fly,
      When on the plain the battle joins; but swords,
      Man against man, the deadly conflict try
      As is the practice of Euboea’s lords
      Skilled with the spear.-”

      Therefore that they might not give their enemies a hold by their hair, they cut it in this manner. They write also that this was the reason why Alexander gave command to his captains that all the beards of the Macedonians should be shaved, as being the readiest hold for an enemy. ”



  17. Well I guess it’s ‘horses for courses’ guys. I’ve been fapping away relentlessly to the Olympics. I usually adhere to a strict once a week wank diet (high testosterone, intent and clarity all being important to me), but seeing as it’s only once every 4 years that my TV is choca-bloc with bright-eyed, super-fit, horny (or so I tell myself) babes I thought ‘fuck it, what the hell’ and bought a family-sized pack of Kleenex. You guys are so old-fashioned!


  18. on August 9, 2012 at 6:18 pm ThatNorwegianGuy

    About your last comment, feminists tend to be pretty dedicated to the feminization of males as well; it’s fundamentally a blurring of those supposedly evil, patriarchal, oppressive gender roles that is their beef.


  19. True, but they’re going to have a hard time winning any medals in burqahs.


  20. on August 9, 2012 at 7:10 pm spelling nazi

    regimen (not regiment)


  21. on August 9, 2012 at 8:15 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    It’s an amusing column, but all told it’s not the Olympics that have “destroyed womanhood.”

    It’s Krispy Kremes.


  22. I’ll submit to the Chateau jury evidence of the female body pushed so far that even the judges were in doubt of what sex she was and forced her to ‘prove she’s a woman’. Though how they did that leaves some interesting conjecture.


    • Why, those rassiss bastids.

      I have no problem seeing here the daughter of Eddie Murphy and Whoopie Goldberg.


  23. “Visually please men.

    And bear children.

    Everything else women do is commentary.”

    CH while standing on one foot. I like it.


  24. High-T women are preferred as athletes? Who knew? By the same token you don’t see sissy-boys in the Olympics either. However looking at old-timey photos show that ye olde women weren’t particularly feminine at all either.


  25. I’ll admit that some Olympic women are just too athletic to be attractive.

    But I suspect they have a positive influence on the typical Western woman. Increasing exercise by 30 minutes per day is going to make the vast majority of women sexier (not too manly).


    • But I suspect they have a positive influence on the typical Western woman.

      i don’t think most western women, while seeing these female olympians as role models, will be motivated to exercise more.

      they’ll cry ‘grrrrrlll power!’, but the only heavy lifting they’ll do is shovelling more edy’s into their yapholes.

      it will take much more than that to motivate women en masse.


      • Almost would expect some criticism about how the athletes’ physiques might negatively affect girls’ “body image”, but of course that argument is reserved for models who get male attention since it’s just a jealous rationalization.


  26. Hows this for discrimination

    Virgin defends policy of separating men from children


  27. Have been watching the games at lunch in a nearby restaurant. Today it was “rhythmic gymnastics” on all the screens. HTF that cirque du solei razz-ma-tazz (sp?) ever got into the Olympic Games I’ll never know, but I will say many of the chicks were beautiful, long-legged dancing girls, of mind-blowing flexibility. Tall, nice faces, and with what appeared to be breasts. The were mainly of Eastern European stock, btw. (The lone American was the least attractive and skilled of the ones I saw.) Not like the dwarfish floor tykes that couldn’t get on the rides at Disney World because they are knee-high to any of the seven little fellers.


    • Competitive rhythmic gymnastics began in the USSR and got popular in the then Baltic republics and Russia. Their lobbying got it into the Olympics starting in 1984 — ironically, since the Soviet Union and its satellites boycotted the 1984 Los Angeles event. A lot of the competitors are from Estonia, Finland, Russia, Lithuania, Sweden, et cetera — pretty much Babe Central, as our host noted in another recent post.


  28. I think you’re not leaving enough variation for personal preference. Do I want a girl that’s super ripped? Not particularly, but I know that I prefer girls that are in better shape than most men. Does a girl in very good shape behave any less feminine off the court? Not really. I have many female friends who are very good athletes and their bodies range pretty widely (just like female olympic athletes). Some can be a little more manly in their behaviour, but by and large, highly active/athletic women can still be plenty feminine.

    Olympic gold medalists Kerry Walsh and Misty May both have or plan to have kids and have vastly different body shapes. How is that negative?

    If you insist that female olympic athletes don’t do anything to affect the fitness levels of women worldwide (versus being fatasses), then how does it do the opposite?

    Heartiste, you state:

    “heartiste: structurally narrow hips and man shoulders can’t be restored to more pleasing womanly shapes. well, not without severe medical intervention.”

    So what is a woman that wasn’t blessed with wider hips and narrower shoulders? Die quietly?

    [heartiste: no, nothing so drastic as that. there are plenty of betas who will forgive her manly shape, if she’s willing to settle for them. and, you know, there are other jobs in the world besides olympic athlete.]

    What does it matter if she competes in the Olympics?

    [the morality of competing in the olympics is not the theme of this post. no one cares if some manly swole she-beast hoists 400 lbs above her head, nor is any moral law being violated. the point here is to remind the losers and equalists and assorted anti-realists that there is nothing empowering about female sports participation unless one were to define empowerment as “becoming more man-like”. it is also to point out, honestly and truthfully, that a lot of female athletes are just quasi-men, in appearance, musculature and temperament. therefore, the encouragement of women into elite sports needs to stop, because it mostly succeeds by denying women their feminine essence. cultural incentives then need to be realigned to their proper balance, reflecting innate biological reality, so that sports programs and funding return to what they once were: mostly geared toward men. at the very least, the feminist propagandizing of female sports empowerment has to end.]


    • heartiste be careful with aneroidocean and DON’T trust his judgement. I just went through the link on his name and I saw a post about “going out with a tranny”. Horrifying. This dude thinks that castration or genital mutilation carried out by a physician is good. Yikes. This man has little authority on this subject and is going to obviously support the mannish looking Olympic women through the disguise that “they all have different body types”, while believing that there is no such thing as a men and women at the same time in his own internal world. Double-think much?


      • Your reading comprehension is lacking. The post was called “What is Sex with a Tranny Like?” and was a re-post of an article by Danger & Play which was a story written by a reader. My intent was to warn men of the existence of trannies and them being much harder to spot than they might think (which is why I linked the TuckerMax story as well). The only part you’re right about, is that the stories were horrifying, like your reading comprehension.


  29. Google East German Shot Putter Heidi Krieger.

    Hint: She goes by the name of Andreas now.


  30. I think runners have great porn ass and legs. Also swimmers. I would bang them without thinking twice


  31. The olympics has degenerated into a nigga and feminist propaganda bonanza in lockstep with The Agenda.

    Follow the funding. Athletes are made not born.
    White Men ask pesky questions, want pesky rights and living standards.
    Get them off TV, off the starting line, off the planet.


  32. “american olympic gold can be measured in negro sweat” – Dr Goebbels in Inglorious Basterds

    olympics are a joke, they belong to the 20th century. i just don’t understand the fetish over breaking stupid records like running the fastest 100m dash or lifting the heaviest weight over your head. who cares. if you think about it, its kinda ridiculous just on the face of it – a bunch of rich fat people watching these uber-athletes compete with eachother over some shiny objects. and if someone on “our side” wins we are supposed to feel some national pride? for what? fuck that


  33. totally agree dude


  34. I think Allyson Felix is sexy as hell.


  35. Christopher, I agree. Olympics at some level is just a crazy “look what I can do” parade. There are only a few events that impress me and involve skill and cunning, Typically these are not televized in the US prime time. Only the repetitive training and endurance events really get favored.

    Note: Watching Womens floor dancing (ribbons, flexability, dance) these girls are nice and feminine and beautiful. Kinda like iceskaters in general.


  36. In college there was a girl who I’d known casually for a long time who had pretty low self esteem. I was never attracted to her physically or mentally, but she had a good heart. She was perpetually 10-15 pounds away from being comfortably slim. These girls seem to have it even worse than true behemoths in the esteem department. Probably because they can’t comprehend how they can be so close and yet so far.

    Anyway, at one point she got big into fitness and diet. Because I wanted her to succeed in life and she was pretty slow academically, I hoped the best for her plan to work on her body and was fully prepared to lend some support if it looked like she needed it. Unlike many girls, she stuck with her plan in the long term and dove into the world of high fitness.


    The program was crossfit, and posts started cropping up on facebook of her doing power cleans and other manly exercises. She began to brag regularly about how much she was lifting, and sycophants on her feed were cheering her on. My heart sank in the same way it would have if she gained another 10 pounds. In a way, she did–her shoulders started filling out from all the lifting. She was still ten pounds overweight, too. A year down the road she didn’t look a single bit better, and the fact that she could probably lift more than a lot of less athletic guys on campus trashed her smv even further.

    The tragic part is that she and all of her friends (including and especially the male ones) were in the grip of this grand delusion that all of this was somehow good and attractive, and a perfectly legitimate and normal thing for a woman to do to her body. When she started talking in my presence about her routines I spoke my mind and told her that I didn’t find that sort of thing attractive, and neither did men in general. But I really didn’t stand a chance of disabusing her of something false that everyone around her was parroting. You can’t fit the big lie on your lonesome.


  37. I agree with most of text’s content, but … generally, I despise sport & find it boring. As did most men from times primeval, men who hadn’t been – one way or another – into military profession. Plato (who was broad shouldered naturally), Aristotle, Epictetus, Galileo, Shakespeare, Beethoven, Hegel, Darwin, Marx, Balzac, Wagner, James C. Maxwell… hadn’t shown – as far as we know from their biographies- any interest in jumping, running & similar stuff. Even in the 20th century, best minds- Proust, Von Neumann, Schroedinger, Heidegger, ..or worst tyrants- Lenin, Stalin, Hitler- were indifferent to sport.

    Sport is a childish game for adults who haven’t mentally-emotionally grown up, not some innate biological imperative for “manly men”.


  38. What’s crazy is how the Mainstream media feeds into the idea that the manjaws are ideal women with all the attention they get. You’ll see more stories about women than men, even having won only a bronze or nothing at all. I saw a local New York news story about a female boxer that won the bronze. She received cheers from the crowd as though she had won gold and broken the record.

    This coverage reflects what’s happening in this country as a whole. Super alpha males like Phelps, Lockte, and Usain Bolt get the lion share if attention, followed by mostly unremarkable women who are patted on the back just for showing up. Men who fall short as super alphas are forgotten.


  39. Talking (arguing) with a feminist Olympic wannabe girl, she had the illogical position that men and women are equal, but they should NOT be in the same sport at the same time. (Meaning guys race girls) So somehow guys and girls are exactly equal, but for whatever reason, they should not race each other.

    Seriously, how could anyone try to justify this? I cant even fathom what might pass for logic how this could be justified.


  40. Honestly, I don’t get why we should shame the women themselves. They are doing what they want to do.

    My real beef is the brouhaha, the trying to have it both ways and getting upset when they can’t. It’s more the media, especially NBC then anything else.

    The shaming against the Men’s Olympic team has gone way overboard though. To some extent we can blame this being the anniversary of Title IX, so it’s all the media can think about.


  41. Some women athletes are way too manly. Some sports should not sanction women’s participation (judo, boxing). However, many female athletes are sexy and probably great fucks. Many of the runners, field hockey players, soccer players, and tennis players fit the bill.


  42. Read this on a turkish newspaper on the flight home to motherland the other day. Can’t believe it’s reached here so quick


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  44. Yeah, they’re disgusting. The commentators talking about their snatch never gets old though.

    Is it a reflection of modern society that we award women and girls for looking like dudes? Maybe. But you have to admit, it takes a lot of effort to look that masculine, so they deserve some sort of recognition. It’s televised world-wide so people think its a big deal. It’s not. It’s just sports bullshit. Humans do all sorts of dumb shit to their bodies for ridiculous reasons.

    For instance, male drag shows are much more common- dudes dressing convincingly as chicks and winning awards and trophies for it. It’s also inconsequential bs, like most fashion based events, but no one cares because its not on their TV.

    If it makes you feel better, think of female weight lifters as a tranny show. “Congrats, here’s your gold medal in the “Looks like a dude competition.”

    As to what feminists think or say about the olympics (or really anything), it should be given little to no credibility. What they call themselves doesn’t even make sense. Imagine explaining to a foreignier what Feminism is. You’d end up saying something like “Femanists are girls or women that believe they should be equal to men, so they don’t act feminine. They act masculine, like men.” The foreigner would then logically respond with: “Then, why don’t they call themselves Masculinists?”


  45. I could not agree more with this. I was with one of these “women”. Her face was a hard 8.5/9. Heads would turn when she entered a room. And this not by my judgement alone. She was a sought after “face” for modeling spots, both because of victories (triathlons) and her hot looks. But alas, her body…was well…too manly–for me; even though she was a pure sex freak–as Zambo, correctly notes. BUT: Zero breasts, zero fat. While I’ve never been with a man… she felt like she had, what in my mind was a boy’s body. In the end I ditched… just too creepy–despite the freakiness. And to be clear: the training was making her sick. She had anemia that was supposedly brought on from the crushing training (and –lack-of– eating) regimes.


    • I had a similar experience. I had a date once with an olympic diver in her 20s; she was more broken physically than the 85 lb hooker I dated after she’d already had 6 kids.


  46. […] Heartiste made a post about women Olympic athletes being men like in physique after a brass balls journalist finally said what everyone knows to be true. In order to compete with men, in a mans world, women are forced to become masculine. But nature is not to be trifled with, there must always be balance, and thus many men now find the need to act feminine because of the void left by the increasing masculinization of women. […]


  47. […] Heartiste made a post about women Olympic athletes being men like in physique after a brass balls journalist finally said what everyone knows to be true. In order to compete with men, in a mans world, women are forced to become masculine. But nature is not to be trifled with, there must always be balance, and thus many men now find the need to act feminine because of the void left by the increasing masculinization of women. […]