How To Inure Yourself To Beautiful Women

A thinking sort of reader writes:

The hedonistic treadmill concept says you’ll get reduced satisfaction from expanded consumption as you adjust to it. You won’t appreciate a Ferrari if you drive one everyday and the same applies to a steak dinner.

When I’m on a winning streak with girls, I feel they all get less hot. I find myself turning my head less often. I see pictures of girls that I thought were flawless and I see flaws. I find myself thinking about other areas of my life. Conversely, when I’m not longer with a girl, and I go into a slump, I find my ex was hotter than I remember.

Girls can definitely tell when a guy is not impressed. I read football practice is often harder than the real game. I’m not sure we’ve invented a way to expose normal guys to beautiful women the same way that Tom Brady and Brad Pitt are exposed. Strippers, porn, movies, etc don’t work since they all work to raise the woman on the pedestal. [ed: correct. there’s good exposure and self-limiting exposure. alpha males are exposed to women’s desire. johns and gawkers are exposed to women’s mercenary indifference.]

I’m thinking a picture gallery of women as they age, or a picture gallery of models without makeup might be a good start.

Definitely something to this. While filet mignon will always taste better than ground chuck, and a hot girl will always be a better lay than an ugly girl, the pleasure that can be extracted from the tastier choices will, with enough familiarity and dopamine receptor scorching, succumb to diminishing returns. (Although it will never bottom out as low as the scant pleasure one receives from cheap cuts of meat or girls.)

The blowback from dopamine-blasted beauty immunity is that all women, even the ones you aren’t fucking, start to seem less desirable, or at least less worthy of sustained effort to earn their interest. And this is how ecologically self-perpetuating alpha males are made:

Maxim #12: The cumulative experience with hot women imbues the womanizer with a genuinely aloof aura that attracts even more women to him.

Corollary to Maxim #12: If you don’t have an adequate amount of aloofness-inducing experience with hot women, act like you do.

Think about when you were, or how you are now, comfortably ensconced in a secure relationship with a girl. Objectively, she’s cute. When you first saw her, your heart leapt upward in sync with your cock.

But damn if you don’t espy
that as the days tick by
your wandering eye
roves wide as the sky.

In graphical form, this is known as the Beauty Power Law, and it looks like this:

Beauty immunity is real, and it affects every man, relative to his beauty capture starting point. That is, a low value man will quickly tire of low value women if he manages long-term relationships (or long-term consecutive hook-ups) with those low value women he fears he is fated to match. He will still want hot chicks, but the additive experience with unattractive chicks will create in him an aloofness toward all unattractive chicks that is similar in psychological composition to the aloofness a high value man will feel for the hot chicks he routinely bangs and even the ones he hasn’t banged.

THIS IS A GOOD THING. That aloofness is catnip to women. You may as well prop a neon sign over your head that says “Preselected by women who have come before you, and who are standing right next to you.” Aloofness is one of those male characteristics that women are finely tuned to discover, isolate, and hone in on, because it tells them, subconsciously of course, that THIS MAN, this one right here, has a lot of choice in women. ERGO, this man, this one right here, must be high value.

I can attest to the tangible effects of the beauty immunity power law. When I’m in a solid relationship, or when I’m on a hot streak dating multiple concurrent or consecutive women, then all women in general start to feel more approachable, less insurmountable (heh), and, tragically, less tolerable. The effect of familiarity with females and their foggy furrows is a steady glazing of my perception of their beauty, until they seem as if their faces are an indistinguishable mass of downy cotton balls. Worse, the tolerance, even enthusiasm, I would have just talking and spending idle time with women yields more frequently and submissively to competing distractions, like reading alone, hanging with buds, pursuing hobbies, or elevating my status for a potential trading-up of lovers. Her charming little tics I loved during the first few months soon become swarms of buzzing annoyances, and my mind begins the unstoppable drift to ELSEWHERE.

THIS IS A BAD THING. That transcendental stirring rocketing up from the groin and ricocheting off the sternum when you first set your post-pubertal eyes on hot high school girls weakens in proportion to your success bedding them. The bloom on the rose wilts with too much fertilizer.

But enough of that sentiment. The fact remains that inuring yourself to beautiful women, and to beauty itself, will make you a more lethal ladykiller.

So how do you expose yourself, as the reader suggested, to beautiful women such that they hold less power over your faculties and their flaws are more evident to your senses?

1. Bed a lot of them.

Guaranteed to work, and that’s why it’s the most difficult solution to the beauty immunity puzzle.

2. Train your mind away from pedestalization of female beauty.

Remember Poon Commandment X?

X. Ignore her beauty

The man who trains his mind to subdue the reward centers of his brain when reflecting upon a beautiful female face will magically transform his interactions with women. His apprehension and self-consciousness will melt away, paving the path for more honest and self-possessed interactions with the objects of his desire. This is one reason why the greatest lotharios drown in more love than they can handle — through positive experiences with so many beautiful women they lose their awe of beauty and, in turn, their powerlessness under its spell. It will help you acquire the right frame of mind to stop using the words hot, cute, gorgeous, or beautiful to describe girls who turn you on. Instead, say to yourself “she’s interesting” or “she might be worth getting to know”. Never compliment a girl on her looks, especially not a girl you aren’t fucking. Turn off that part of your brain that wants to put them on pedestals. Further advanced training to reach this state of unawed Zen transcendence is to sleep with many MANY attractive women (try to avoid sleeping with a lot of ugly women if you don’t want to regress). Soon, a Jedi lover you will be.

Starting today, stop flattering women’s looks, whether out loud or in your head.

3. Get into a line of work where you are ordering beautiful women to do your bidding.

If you can’t get sex with hot babes, the next best thing is authority. Fashion photographers are not known as casanovas for nothing.

4. Hang out with hot girls when they’re wasted and pissing themselves and vomiting.

This is a pretty good cure for one-itis. Don’t worry about supply. America is churning them out like cheap factory products lately.

5. Never stop macking.

The life of the lady’s man is always in forward motion. The day you slow down is the day you start misremembering your ex as hotter than she really was. By keeping women forever in your orbit, by hitting on them day and night and year after year, with intention or without, you remind yourself of the corporeal, earthly nature of women’s greatest asset, of their insufferable and dispiriting interchangeability, and your heart is steeled for the endless battle.


  1. OT- we need this game in the US…


  2. The Chateau always save the best prose and most laser-focused charismatic axiom for the end. Great piece.


  3. on October 17, 2012 at 1:21 pm Matt Strictland

    Speaking from experience, even when I had virtually no game at all, aloof and detached works.

    For whatever reasons I can, save with a few smoking Euro blonds manage fairly high level detachment (working on them too ) and that skill gets them interested.

    My only caveat is that you have to push a bit, the macking you mentioned or just make it clear you are straight or they’ll think your gay.

    Just the right level is essential.


    • European women are much easier for me to approach and hit it off with. American women are just not worth the effort usually.


      • If you’re in Europe – especially as a non-European – you’re playing in easy mode. People in general are much more easily met/approached. And women’s attitudes tend to match their attractiveness and/or social levels. A legitimate 10 (or an actual Princess) in Europe will have the attitude of a 10. A 6 shoe sales girl will have the attitude of a 6, and so on.
        In America, 8-10’s have attitudes that have left the atmosphere, 6s and 7’s see themselves as 10’s or better, and even 4’s and 5’s still produce piles of shit not even an 8 could get away with.


      • i disagree. it might seem easier to a foreigner, but that’s because you’re more of a rarity, which will increase your value.

        i’m a euro guy and i find american, australian and south african women to be the easiest lays for me.


      • I am (or was) a Euro guy, too, and had little problems with European, American, Australian, Indian, etc. women in Europe,
        Then, I took my love life behind the dumpster in a dirty back alley and shot it in the back of the head execution style by moving to the States. Stupid move.


  4. Some of your readers would probably benefit from hearing your definition of “aloof,” or at least the context in which it is used. Some guys will think it means “ignore.” But most of the time, you gotta get the girl’s interest before you can give her the indifferent treatment.


    • on October 17, 2012 at 2:40 pm Thasswhatimtalkinbout



      While a man may think he’s being cool/aloof/indifferent, from a performance perspective, a girl may read him as shy, reserved, into cock not pussy, even autistic and catatonic.

      Which is why I always recommend acting/improv classes to anyone looking to improve his game. Whether game with girls or game with customers and clients.

      Acting lessons teaches your body and voice to do what your head wants them to do. You learn amazing things — say yes when you really mean no. Say no when you really mean yes. (You also learn that what sounds terrific when Brad Pitt or Samuel L. Jackson say it is probably not likely to work when you repeat it to a girl in a bar.)

      Improv forces you to stop scripting not just your own lines but the other person’s, too. You learn to go with the flow, always keeping the conversation moving, and with some practice, steering it to the conclusion you want.

      Once you can modulate your public presentation of self, all sorts of good things start to happen.


    • This is where the false time constraints and instant disqualifier come in handy. But yeah, for most men, the problem is mentally grasping, “why would she like me if I’m ignoring her,” when being aloof. most guys don’t have status and aren’t getting approached. Or, sorta like ignoring the target in a set. It, aloof or ignoring, don’t make no sense. But it works better than gushing game or compliment game.


    • “Some guys will think it means “ignore.”

      Those guys should get the fuck out because they can’t understand a damn thing.
      WTF are guys like that doing on CH? This ain’t a fucking asylum for die-hard aspies.

      H, don’t explain shit. Let natural selection operate. Those who are unable to understand aloofness in a game context (despite tons of archives and seduction stuff everywhere) are unfit for reproduction.

      [heartiste: it does get repetitive. there are posts in the archives that explain clearly the difference between having an aloof attitude and sitting on your thumbs doing nothing.]


      • I take it to mean, “say just enough.” Or, at least, “Treat the smoking-hot blonde the same way you would if she was like potato-face in last week’s post.” The smoking-hot blonde will know you want her, while potato face won’t hopefully be so deluded. You don’t need to advertise it.


      • “Everything she does is ‘cute’.”


  5. 3. Get into a line of work where you are ordering beautiful women to do your bidding.

    This is brilliant advice.

    I know a fashion photographer whose marriage was nearly ruined by his dalliances, though. On overnight shoots, he had 19-year-old models literally sneaking into his room and jumping into his bed like it was an X-rated slumber party. He’s not particularly attractive either. It’s an occupational hazard.


    • “This is brilliant advice.”

      Actually it’s the one part of the article I disagree with: rearrange your job/career just to get some tail…really? Ultimate Chump Move.


      • It’s a thin line between chump and champ. You have to know what you’re doing for it to actually work. I see plenty of guys on motorcycles all the time who know nothing about bikes or proper riding technique.
        Trying to look cool=chump. Actually being cool=Champ.


      • Trying to look cool = poser. Actually knowing what you are doing and not making a big deal of it (or even better, continuing the conversation while you are doing it) = demonstrates value.


    • Sounds very jewy


  6. on October 17, 2012 at 1:29 pm FuriousFerret

    Does anybody think that being ‘nice’ when you have a high status reputation that precedes you is demonstrating high value?

    When a guy is simply so awesome that he can afford to be ‘nice’ to people and they still respect him.

    It’s sort of the pixie hair cut for males. Being nice usually is a shitty submissive behavior that is unattractive however an extremely high status male can pull it off and not be seen as a pussy.

    Maybe that could actually explain some ‘nice guy’ behavior in that the guys are delusional to their actual value and think they can get away with being a ‘nice guy’.


    • “Does anybody think that being ‘nice’ when you have a high status reputation that precedes you is demonstrating high value?”

      I do, but I see it like this: when you don’t *need* to be nice for any especial reason, but you just *are*, that shows high value.

      [heartiste: your gravatar looks quite lovely today.]


  7. I’m more interested in knowing how to make a relationship last after the “time to disenchantment”… or does that mean you just can’t have relationships longer than 1 year max?


  8. Man this post could not be more timely, nor more accurate. In my past (pre-Game) the streaks of hottest girls came when I was least concerned with bedding hot girls. I would discard them for fairly trivial matters, or to get with the next one. Can definitely relate to the reader’s sentiments that when you hit a dry spell you start thinking, “man that girl (or the other one) was really hot/cool/down/whatever”. Disbelief and doubt start to creep in, that you could have tossed them away so nonchalantly. This is also a problem with LTR’s with hot/great-in-bed girls…there may come a time when you know you should walk but the grass is already so green right where you’re at, without lifting a finger. I recently went through that with the hottest HB/LTR I ever bedded, and it wasn’t easy. Of course, a lot of guys get married at that point (and then suffer accordingly). I had to decline that fate, much to HB’s devastation.

    “The life of the lady’s man is always in forward motion. The day you slow down is the day you start misremembering your ex as hotter than she really was.”

    Just what the doctor ordered, much obliged H.


  9. on October 17, 2012 at 1:50 pm immoralgables

    Always say “Meh” either out loud or to yourself when it comes to evaluating a hot girl.

    It works for me. Even if they are so, the fact that you say Meh instead of OMG knocks them off the fucking pedestal in your mind.


  10. Agree with 4, but a girl pissing herself is kind of a turn-on…


  11. >>>and a hot girl will always be a better lay than an ugly girl

    I don’t buy that. I would buy “will always be a more attractive candidate for a lay.” I’ve had some mindbending sexyfuntime with mediocre looking women, particularly the ones that that kept fit. No show, all go. Ugly girls: the rat rods of the SMP.


  12. Sugar daddies, by the way, don’t fit the definition of john if they tend to talk a virgin or novice into an understanding. The same effect happens as described in the post. Maintenance prices go down, the quality of new sugar babies goes up. You will find yourself not being in the mood for this 19 year old or that one tonight, preferring to watch a video or hang with an older woman you really like as a person. You get inured to beauty.

    What makes real johns so they are not inured is that they deal with professionals who require no persuasion and so, when they meet the nice girl barrister at Starbucks, they know this girl wouldn’t be a professional and so they desire her and feel she is unattainable. If they could learn to game the barristers to become sugar babies, they would get inured.

    But feminism doesn’t allow all this.


  13. Ah, this is my specialty. Known far and wide I am naturally and subconsciously aloof from years of training and from being raised correctly. I can attest to this but what the chateau does not realize is there is a satiety point for fucking hot, young, easy to deceive women. Why keep doing it if you feel nothing from any of it?

    Game should only be a part of your life when its your main focus. Like seven years or so max – then never stop macking.

    Eventually you find frighteningly powerful women that you can’t scale. That’s where game led me, you find the ugly girl that strings along 9 or 10 guys, or you find the 10 that dates 3’s and 4’s or you find other oddities. That’s where I left it, I collect oddities in my life now. Girls ranging from dead fish to sexual predator eventually that’s all that’s worth keeping.

    If you don’t want that then don’t go too far down the rabbit hole 😛


  14. My social psych professor once told the class that looking at unattractive women before going out primes you to see your typical girl as more attractive. I’m unfamiliar with the research so I don’t know if it’s actually a valid concept but I’ve been doing the opposite for a bit over half a year and it’s served me well as far as getting me into a good state of mind.


  15. on October 17, 2012 at 2:19 pm The Man Who Was . . .

    It is one of the saddest facts of life that you only get to bang hot girls once your ability to appreciate them has decreased.


    • And banks only lend money to those who don’t need it… The principle is universal, so perhaps Nature’s way of ensuring the survival of the strong.


  16. Always look for a flaw on a girl, one that works allot is that allot of girls have mustaches.


  17. mignon is not a good tasting steak example, even against ground chuck. obviously nitpicking, the rest is great. just hate when we hit a steakhouse and someone gets a medium petite filet.


  18. Mildly OT. Proof that the red pill has been around for a while. A 1932 article on Anthony Ludovici, British philosopher, art critic, and ‘anti-feminist’. All the quotes from Ludovici could easily be written on the walls of the Chateau.


  19. Good stuff, men need to break through their own female beauty glass ceiling, where he can no longer act normal around a girl of a certain level of beauty. I like step 1 because once a guy has done it, slumming it is less likely to happen. It helps to also pick a flaw. 3. is funny to me since many AFC betas in nice office jobs ostensibly have female underlings who may be hot but can’t even do that, order or boss them around.


  20. Something that might help you to ignore a woman’s beauty is to just wrap your head around how fleating and in the long run useless it is. Imagine your a nerdy guy who just found this blog and is just learning game. Your probably smart. And shes hot. In 40 years you’ll still be smart, and if you’ve leveraged that intellect and had a just a bit of luck along the way you’ll probably be sucessful too. And she will be the woman who used to be hot. Thats just one sort of example. You want to get over her beauty, remember men actually do stuff, women just sit there and look good.


  21. “I’m thinking a picture gallery of women as they age….”

    This is what the Buddha recommends for a monk who’s been distracted by female beauty (which is after all in the eye—and hormones—of the beholder): Imagine her in fifty years. Or better yet, a hundred. A good dampener.


  22. It’s also player ennui from too many women. I’ve been shocked how bored I sometimes get with a new girl. Last one was a solid 8 and I was bored before I’d finished fucking her the first time


    • Women aren’t sexually selected by evolution to have a sparkling wit. No news there.


      • I’ve heard a lot of people say that, but I’ve met as many funny women as funny men. People have different senses of humor, though, so sometimes two people won’t have a sense of humor that clicks.


      • Horseshit. Women are not funny. They may think each other is funny and cackle to each other’s *livelaughlove*potpurri humor, but any man with a broad appreciation of real humor and wit knows that women have none of either.
        Any guy I’ve heard claim otherwise has invariably been a beta manboob with no wit himself, thus rendering his opinion invalid.
        The limiting factor on whether a girl can appreciate real humor is usually intelligence, in fact toning down more cerebral wit is a necessary game tactic for some of us when dealing with younger dumber chicks.


      • Maybe you’re hanging out with the wrong crowd.


      • Women can be amusing at times… but never funny.

        They try hard to be funny nowadays by acting like men or doing toilet humor, and we laugh at the shock value (e.g., Bridesmaids, Lisa Lampanelli, etc.).


      • Subtract the cuteness and see if they’re still funny


      • A woman’s wit — in terms of reproductive success — is about as necessary as men’s nipples. OTOH, a man’s wit is almost as necessary as a woman’s nipples.

        In other words, it’s more costly from an evolutionary perspective to have only one sex to have a trait, so evolution (personifying heavily here) gives what’s necessary for only one sex to both.


      • check out the big brain on AB…


      • women can be funny in the laughing at them category, not so much the laughing with them category.

        the only funny woman i know, is a butch dyke comedian. she has great game and only beds young, hot bisexual girls. but to be fair, she’s almost like a man in most ways.


      • women can be funny in the laughing at them category, not so much the laughing with them category.

        Women show no symptoms of mirth… they’re merely carriers.


      • Funny women are about as commonplace as intelligent women – pretty fucking rare. I have met one or two in my life though.

        Also, people love to cite Sarah Silverman as a “funny chick” for some reason. That B ain’t funny.


  23. It isn’t an option for a lot of guys, but many of my most important (unconscious at the time) lessons in game were taught when I worked as a bouncer at a local strip club.
    I was 22 at the time, and had a notch count in the 12-15 range. Up until then, I basically lucked my way into pretty much every pussy I’d had by way of my appearance (6’2/215, long hair and tattoos, etc).
    Until my job entailed being around hot naked women on a regular basis, they seemed like these mythical creatures that held the power to turn me into a stammering fool with little more than some strategically exposed flesh and a few flattering words.
    But 6-8 months of constant exposure to hot stripper ass and being able to observe how they gamed the suckers willing to spend a pile of money on these bitches just to be able to suspend disbelief and pretend that these women REALLY liked them sure cured me of that.

    Even if you’re not the kind of guy who can get that kind of gig, it would be a great idea for any freshman at Game U to spend a little time in your local titty bar just watching the dancers ply their trade. Outside of professional models or Hollywood starlets, they’re probably the most polished practitioners of female manipulation around. Watch and learn.


  24. one that works allot is that allot of girls have mustaches

    Are you sure about the “girls” part? Did you hit at any of them in the men’s toilet?


  25. I have to ask because I have zero knowledge about “urinal game”


  26. I’ve had some success in game and some failures since getting going about a month ago. So far, I’ve ran game on 5’s, 6’s, and 7’s in real life and online with some promising results. I decided today to give a shot at an 8 online. From what I read, the online shit bumps her own estimation to 10. Hence, I went with a neg to open. I didn’t go with a nuclear neg, though.

    Her profile led me to believe that at 28, she is probably looking for the settle and a sperm donor. The word “serious” came up three or four times. She actually wrote that she was giving the online thing another try and she realized that she “may have to do some dating.” I was undeterred because I wanted to test the power of game. Here is my opening salvo:

    Subject: Wow you are serious

    I’ll bet you don’t even write guys back

    My expectation was either 1) nothing or 2) a inquiry of “what do you mean” along with a defensive stance on writing guys back )”I do too! See!.”). I thought this was a pretty minor neg that would put her in the frame of mind to prove her value.

    My email dinged about 5 minutes later (Got her going!, This game shit works, I thought.). Her response:

    I won’t even give your profile a look through. I will say really? You are 38 years old, do you have nothing better to do with your time than to pick on someone? Maybe I am fucking serious but you know there’s this little thing called individuality motherfucker 🙂 it is a wonderful thing. Use yours to go fuck yourself!

    At that point, I’m thinking this must be dude. But not sooner did I finish reading the first email than did I get a second shot from her along similar lines. It was clear that she looked at my profile in the intervening few minutes:

    You are fat, bald, divorced, and have kids. How much luck are YOU having? Ass hole.

    I shot back the first thing that came to mind:

    Subject: Glad to know you write back

    Nothing wrong with being serious, usually. Being adventitious with others is not for everyone. I appreciate that you spotted my best qualities 😉 I’m pretty happy that all of these profiles aren’t just fakes.

    I think I composed myself well from what was the virtual equivalent of a drink in the face. I need pointers and criticism. My first thought is that this was just a poor target. This is a numbers game without a doubt.


    • She’s just a rude, unmannerly bitch. I’m sure you could find a way to game her, but why bother?


    • At 28, a lot of men start panicking about finding a husband, so its a window of opportunity for betas to be betas; in the wake of their first good alpha pump and dump after turning 30, the panic goes away.


    • There is no such thing as an 8 who is online, particularly at 28 years old. I bet she’s a six. When trying to kill time once I surfed POF for hours, at best saw a handful of 7’s and those girls were 23 and under, profiles themselves were questionable.


  27. That’s why “don’t chase game” is so devastating.

    Women have low self-esteem. Even the hot ones think there are other women hotter than she is, or at least the men she cares about have hotter girls.

    When you chase, you’re saying she’s better than anything going on in your life. Hypergamous women may rack up a number of partners, but its one guy at a time, and then another guy and then another guy. They chase one guy at a time. You might be chasing 5 girls at once, but she thinks you’re only chasing her and she runs.


  28. on October 17, 2012 at 5:37 pm gunslingergregi

    of their insufferable and dispiriting interchangeability
    99.9% i agree but the ones that have mad chick game and are actually special are fucking easily onitised and hard to get out the brain. Not just looks but the whole package it is fucking ROUGH


  29. on October 17, 2012 at 5:45 pm gunslingergregi

    but yea when ya got one better it helps ease the pain but still yea i guess just keep getting more of the spezial ones become a drooling vegetable he he he


  30. It’s easy to tell where a guy falls on the alpha/beta continuum by which types of girls he considers to be “hot” in the field.

    Some of my former friends go on about how desirable these aging single mother warpigs are and I just have to cut them out. Other guys ramble on about the cutie they gamed in the bar and then you see her and she’s a 5 at best.

    Many self-styled “players” are content living in podunk locales where the average “8” is more like a Los Angeles. 4. The real player moves to where the hottest tail is.

    An alpha doesn’t get flustered by L.A. 8s or lower. If he gets excited with 9s and 10s, he does a damn good job of hiding it.

    Women, of course, know all of this instinctively, and judge you on it, without even realizing they are doing that.


    • You’re full of shit.

      I bet you are still a virgin.


    • “The real player moves to where the hottest tail is.”

      Players, who are in reality insecure little boys, do this. Alphas don’t. Alphas move to wherever makes them happiest as their ego and pleasure isn’t derived from the attention of some siliconed out club skank. I’ll take my Alaskan 8’s who I can fuck on top of a mountain over your LA pump and dumps any day of the week.


    • Oh god, I grew up in LA. Most of the “talent” there is bought and paid for. LA 8s or higher are ALL on some (or multiple) sugar daddies’ payroll. If you’re fine tag teaming with fat old Arab businessmen, more power to you. But I think some of the guys who choose to live in more “podunk” areas are willing to sacrifice a modicum of hotness in exchange for a less…umm, polluted pool.


      • In other words some guys would rather fuck swamp donkeys in bumfuck than step up their game to compete for high-quality women in the big cities. Those guys are called betas.

        LOL at the notion that girls in the sticks are less prone to slutiness and hypergamy.


    • Exaggerating slightly but you have a point. Beta males have hamsters. It’s a self defence mechanism.

      Low status male -> powerful hamster

      High status female -> powerful hamster


  31. THIS IS A BAD THING. That transcendental stirring rocketing up from the groin and ricocheting off the sternum when you first set your post-pubertal eyes on hot high school girls weakens in proportion to your success bedding them. The bloom on the rose wilts with too much fertilizer.

    But enough of that sentiment.

    Wait. Why “enough of that sentiment”?

    You have just hit up against one of your ceilings: the ennui that inevitably accompanies success. The “is that all there is?” letdown after achieving one’s goal is a well-rehearsed phenomenon in the classics, which is why your destiny is art or literature or philosophy (evo-psych cotton candy doesn’t count).

    You are at the end of the basics course. You have already said everything that needs to be said about fundamentals. But here you are on the cusp of an advanced concept, and you immediately retreat back to the old comfortable shoe of reiterating commandments to the n00bz. “Enough of that sentiment,” let’s revisit “Poon Commandment X” again!

    Beauty in fact is one of the few qualities not subject to the ennui you speak of. Beauty is infinitely replenishing. It is your misuse and maltreatment of this infinite good that wears you down. You seek to possess the object of beauty like an art curator or consume it like a gourmet. But beauty is contingent on moments and angles, not physical material that can be hoarded. The way the first sunlight hits dew on a misty apple orchard, or the way you caught a glimpse of her neck craning just so, or the power of those pianissimo bass strings at the start of the Unfinished Symphony lifting you out of a gloom into a rarefied state of bliss: these are not possessable things. They cannot be recreated. They can only be observed and remembered.

    Even John Mayer knows how to speak of this phenomenon with some poetry (a reason why he is an extraordinarily accomplished pussy wizard):

    Something ’bout the way the hair falls in your face
    I love the shape you take when crawling towards the pillowcase …
    One mile to every inch of
    Your skin like porcelain
    One pair of candy lips and
    Your bubblegum tongue …
    I know you’re mine all mine all mine
    But you look so good it hurts sometimes

    “Mine all mine all mine” is the impossible desire. And when you’re an omega looking at beauty from such a great distance, you imagine that bliss must coincide with your closing that distance. Then when you get there? The destination does not equal the journey, the reward is not commensurate with the effort, and the expectations are impossible to fulfill because they are infinite.

    Ultimately, the philosopher, achiever, artist, and alpha converge upon the same ennui at their respective apexes. They all are in pursuit of the same infinitude of beauty through idiosyncratic means, and by definition can only have scratched the surface. If they are perceptive, they quickly realize from the pinnacle of human achievement that there is no finite answer to infinity. “All that I have [done] seems like straw compared to what has now been revealed to me” (Aquinas).

    So the pursuit must continue in light of this new wisdom, as finite means and memories decay. The final step is theology — the deliberate contemplation of the logic (logos) of the infinite.

    In other words, you bumped against your ceiling and decided to retreat rather than continue evolving. The instruments of investigation and achievement are only good for the level you’re at, and you’re at the top of it. You require new tools for new goals. But first you need to understand that there is something beyond the limits you have placed on your exploration. If the goal is to collect pussy pelts, the law of diminishing returns kicks in like a junkie chasing more dope for the same high: going from 1 lay to 2 is a 100% increase; going from 632 to 633 is a fraction of a fraction.

    The old hedonist Augustine of Hippo, having run out the string on this increasingly petty pursuits, put it this way:

    I held that Epicurus had, in my judgment, won the palm, had I not believed that after death there remained a life for the soul, and places of recompense, which Epicurus would not believe.

    And I demanded, “Supposing us to be immortal, and to be living in the enjoyment of perpetual bodily pleasure, and that without any fear of losing it, why, then, should we not be happy, or why should we search for anything else?”— not knowing that even this very thing was a part of my great misery, that, being thus sunk and blinded, I could not discern that light of honor and beauty to be embraced for its own sake, which cannot be seen by the eye of the flesh, it being visible only to the inner man. …

    Nor could I, even in accordance with my then notions of happiness, make myself happy without friends, amid no matter how great abundance of carnal pleasures. And these friends assuredly I loved for their own sakes, and I knew myself to be loved of them again for my own sake. O crooked ways! Woe to the audacious soul which hoped that, if it forsook You, it would find some better thing!

    It is past time to channel your erotic yearning for immortality into better vessels than the mortal vag: “Do not lay up for yourselves [pussy] on earth, where moth and rust consume and where thieves break in and steal.” Directing your energy to the lasting things, such as the creation of immortal art, doesn’t mean the pussy goes away, it just gets put in its place. Napoleon Hill called it “Sexual Transmutation.” Socrates called it eros. When a man of even enormous talents does not control this yearning, the yearning eventually controls him. You are at the point — or past the point — of limitation, and for the last few years have been going in circles. Time to matriculate to the Ph.D. program.



    • loveknoxx: + 1. Matt that was one the most poignant disertations for the necessity of control of the male sex drive. You’re right, Heartiste has hit his “ceiling”, and possibly his damn mind on his ongoing quest for new poon. Everybody on this blog needs to re-read what Matt just so eloquently put out: Control your your pecker, and get a life and do some productive shit with it. That Napolean Hill’s Sexual Transmutation comment summed up everything men could do to better their lives. Sad part about it is that most of these dudes will not put much effort into getting quality pussy, women, or a higher standard of living. Ya Really stated something a couple of weeks ago, to the effect that alot of these guys are key-board jockeys. Not willing to invest the time to really go out and expose themselves to real life situations, and build up their resistance to rejections, shit tests, and so forth.


    • Whenever our resident Jesus Freak quotes Augustine, John Mayer, and Napoleon Hill in a breathless post, you know it’s time to scroll down and find a comment by YaReally or Greg Eliot — or, if you’re really lucky, GBFM.

      Can anyone imagine what “KIng A game” must be like?


      • Reading King A on this forum is about the only chance most of you guys have at getting a real education.

        We all emerge from the womb… but devoting one’s life solely to getting back in is not what makes a man.


      • @ Greg Eliot — Greg, I love ya, but you missed the boat on this one.

        Of all the commenters on this site, you are one of the few I’d have expected to see through King A’s schtick: surely you, of all people, are capable of separating rhetoric from substance.


      • I’m growing kinda fond of you to, bro…

        But King A is substance par excellence… merely because it’s generously slathered with rhetoric doesn’t detract from it.

        It’s a matter of taste… some like Henry Fielding, some like Hemingway.

        I often scrape the icing off of my cake, ere the eating… admittedly, you can’t do that to posts, ere the reading.


    • Hail to the King! 🙂


      • ….says our resident chubby – faced groupie.

        Go back to your own website and leave the Game sites to the men, please.


      • A little cherubic chub is good on a girl’s face, like it’s good on the chest and ass. Baby fat is a sign of youthfulness. Your bitter beta face, on the other hand, is good for nothing and no one at any time.

        I know you have a crush on me because you only pop your head out of the omega-hole to make wildly incongruous remarks at anything I say. I also know that it makes a rug rat’s day when I reply to ankle biting, if only to punt him out of my purview. But such are the costs of minimal house cleaning.

        Now go beat off to the thought of me cuckolding you with your mother.



      • Matt,

        I may not agree with everything you say, I’m not a religious man at all but I am not anti-religion,
        but most of what you say is what I would call top quality comments for lack of better words.
        ( although some are a bit long )

        And anyone who is a ” master” of the English language ( such as Chateau Heartiste ) has my respect.
        well…unless they are liberals, then I usually despise them

        Even in my first language – French – I am not half as good as CH or you (or a couple of other people here like Greg. )

        That is all I had to say


    • Hey. Outstanding observations.

      I’d say the goal should be:
      1. work hard on game
      2. set a goal
      3. achieve said goal
      4. realize “is that all there was?”
      5. move on the other things

      It’s one thing to say “I’m liberated” and it’s another to be truly liberated. You don’t need 600 lays to achieve this realization. You can get this freedom at notch 10 if Miss 9 and 10 are hot enough.


  32. OT:
    More proof that Men remain fertile until they die while a Women’s biological clock is a time-bomb attached to a hamster.–abc-news-topstories.html

    A 96-year-old farmer in India says that he has set the record for the world’s oldest new dad – for the second time.

    Ramjit Raghav and his 52-year-old wife Shakuntala Devi, who live in Haryana, 31 miles northwest of Delhi, welcomed baby Ranjeet earlier this month. The healthy baby boy was born on Oct. 5.

    This guy comment creates a beta lapdog shit-storm:
    “What the story barely mentions is the more astonishing fact that the wife is 52 and had a healthy baby. Men are pretty much fertile until they die, so that isn’t to surprising.”


  33. on October 17, 2012 at 7:38 pm Rihanna Deserved It

    OT: Cute feminist chick from last night gets put in her place by frat bros. At least these douches get it.


    • How did that brainless whore get to sit in on that debate? She was the only non-Jew there!
      You want to earn more brainless cunt? Then major in something other than the liberal farts!


      • How did that brainless whore get to sit in on that debate? She was the only non-Jew there!

        You’ve answered your own question. Brainless, loose shiksa = Jew catnip.


  34. Anyway to get to stop acting like idiot with hot girls is good advice.

    Was wondering though, for all you alphas getting hawt 10’s who at 19 are like 15 years younger than you, does the age difference, like them remembering the songs you liked in college as being shit they heard when they were in kindergarden, affect your frame stuff?


  35. OMG how did you do that graph?! Its hilarious – especially the “white nose”. LMAO!


  36. This is what the Buddha recommends for a monk who’s been distracted by female beauty (which is after all in the eye—and hormones—of the beholder): Imagine her in fifty years. Or better yet, a hundred. it.

    Female aging is one of the greatest tragedies of mankind. This way of thought is akin to visualizing people dying from cancer of sclerosis. It is sick

    Besides, Buddhism is a freakish religion, freakish even for the already high standards of freakiness of eastern religions. My bet is that this Buddha guy was some sort of reverend moon who got famous in his time, got some followers for a few centuries until less freakish cults wiped out his own and was relegated to the ash bin of history until Californian and British hippies dug him back.


    • Buddhism started in India, and spread to China and the rest of Asia. It is mostly extinct in India. But it has been the traditional religion in the Himalayas, China, Japan, Korea, and SE Asia for over 2,000 years. Central Asia too until Islam supplanted it. It is “weird” to Westerners coming from low population density places, but abnegation of desire is a social adaptation to extremely high-density Malthusian trap societies. Which explains its long-term success in high density places and extermination in Central Asia.


      • Great comment.

        I’ve read that Eastern religions such as Buddhism feature more internal deities (“God is within you”) because those societies actually controlled their food production, e.g. rice paddies that can be monitored and fussed with.

        Western religions such as Christianity feature external deities (“God is above you”) because they DIDN’T control their food production, e.g. fields of wheat and barley that depended upon the whims of the natural weather patterns. Which is how prayer to a “lord” (read: “lord of rain”) evolved.

        Now, back to the girls.


    • Eastern Philosophy/Religions gel very well with PUA, since a lot of PUA is about learning to control your own destiny and seeking answers from within and breaking away from external validation and material things, instead of waiting around for someone else to fix things for you or blaming someone else for your troubles (aka “god will save us” or “god has a plan” or “that was the devil’s work”). Relgion in general is pretty silly to me, but I like parts of Bhuddhism/Taoism.


    • “Female aging is one of the greatest tragedies of mankind.”

      LOL. I can’t believe I read such fem-centric garbage on this website of all places.

      The delicious irony is that female aging is only cruel in an atomized feminist society such as ours. In traditional society, a woman has already married and raised children who love her by the time her beauty fades. ie: she is fulfilling a sacred role that makes her life meaningful.


  37. Many self-styled “players” are content living in podunk locales where the average “8″ is more like a Los Angeles. 4. The real player moves to where the hottest tail is.

    And still you are the one who felt the need to communicate to the whole world about their sexual affairs.


  38. Every time you see a uber hot looking chick that you might feel intimidated to approach and talk to, instead of putting her on a pedestal; picture her in your mind squatting and straining to take a shit.


    • This only works until you’ve been with a real thoroughbred when she’s shitting. My 21 year-old-stripper recent ex decided to shit in front of me a couple of weeks ago. It didn’t smell at all – the latest in a line of hot chicks I’ve fucked whose shit doesn’t smell like shit – and she looked hot doing it.

      Better than shitting, picture her with the meth head she’ll probably end up getting knocked up by – and the ensuing trailer-park-type-lifestyle – if a beta doesn’t manage to fool her into thinking he’s an alpha and give her a comrfortable lifestyle.


      • on October 18, 2012 at 12:36 am gunslingergregi

        thats what i need a 21 year old to improve my mood


      • I’m not buying the “It didn’t smell at all” part. 21 year-old women in general and strippers in particular are, in all likelihood, going to sustain themselves on a dietary wasteland devoid of fiber. In other words, that fermenting fecal matter will be sitting there slowly inching its way through her large intestine with a target release date of 3-4 days after its solidified formation. Upon its rectal liberation, the accompanying aroma will make a week-old Taliban corpse roasting in the Kandahar sun smell like a broken bottle of aqua di gio!


      • Charcoal capsules.

        Your welcome.


      • It didn’t. I can’t rule out that she pinched an object or two between her legs and let them drop in the bowl to make me think she was shitting.

        Anyway, she only shits about once a month, so maybe that has something to do with it, just like how calcified dog shit stops smelling after a while.

        When the other hot chicks had [supposedly] shit, it kind of smelled like salad.


      • “Anyway, she only shits about once a month, so maybe that has something to do with it.”

        Wow, really? Ask her how her colo-rectal cancer is coming along.


      • Wow! Many of you are fucking such quality. You a stripper who shits in front of you leaving nothing hidden about her “feminine mystic” and Larry has a ho talking about screwing a lot of guys on vacation in Indonesia. The caliber is really up there.


      • on October 18, 2012 at 2:10 am gunslingergregi

        hugs nitelily it will be allright babe lifes a bitch come to terms with it


      • LOL! I can’t come to terms with such disgusting skanks. I swear, I can’t blame a man who says he won’t marry ever after seeing such work in action. Women are really helping their cause aren’t they?
        Meant feminine mystique as opposed to feminine mystic. Come to think of it, both could be correct here.


      • Some would say that the concept of the lady is a step in the wrong direction…that women should be feminine but unpretentious, laying themselves open to men’s voyeurism and scrutiny all at once.

        Problem is that only works out well if a man is really in love. If not then it’s like jumping into a shark tank on your period. Some women don’t feel they have anything to lose though. If you consider a woman who lives to please men and has nothing else to do with herself, whose profession is doing whatever they tell her to, then it’s not really such a bad thing to shit in front of a man who doesn’t love you, if he wants you to.

        As a not hot older woman, I feel freed by the idea that nobody is ever going to love me and be sexual about me at the same time ever again. I can do all sorts of crazy stuff I didn’t do when I was younger and had dignity to lose and was interested in protecting my lover’s ego. I suppose this is how strippers feel all the time, only they’re hot enough to get away with doing it basically in public.

        Since nobody cares, nobody cares…


      • And they think they are men… sad.


      • The last thing I want to see is my woman having a bowel movement

        I know we all do it, I do not want to know about it.


      • NiteLily loves to jump on the shametrain.


  39. on October 17, 2012 at 8:30 pm Lucky White Male

    It’s official: Hugo Schwyzer is now Manosphere Public Enemy #1

    What solidifies a cause is a tangible enemy to attack.

    Gentleman, This man (ahem, Manboob) is a GIFT.

    It would be highly amusing to see Heartiste, Roosh, Private Man, and KRAUSER all continuously call Schwyzer out on Twitter … in an ever-tightening doom circle of MANLY TRUTH

    Publicly ridiculing and shaming this guy will also bring more viewers to Manosphere blogs, because it will inevitably wind up infiltrating Schwyzer’s media channels and viewers, drumming up more publicity

    [heartiste: i just like watching him squirm.]


    • Did you read his article about pulling out his ex-wife’s tampon? He’s more depraved and damaged than anyone knows, I think.


  40. K I need some advice here. Girl I’ve been flirting with off/on for a month (she’s been doing most of the flirting and maybe I erred on the side of being too aloof and not acting soon enough) invites me to dinner party. The topic of travel comes up and she says,

    “Yea I can’t wait to go to Indoneisia and screw a lot of guys on vacation”.

    I don’t respond and just let it slide off of me. I know her and her friends pretty well and she doesn’t have that sorta reputation, so it kinda came out of the blue.

    Shit test? IOD?


    • “That’s sure to make your parents proud.”


      • Hell… “watch out, then, for [make up some weird horrible-sounding -itis]… it’s a strain…”


      • Anon – i thought the same thing, but all her body language up to that point said “interested” and it’s the first time i had ever gotten any ljbf signals from her.


      • It’s obviously a shit test. Only way to deal with shit tests is to make it clear you can FTOW.


    • “Yeah? Heh,,. watch out, then, for … it’s a new strain of incurable STD they got over there… it even gets spread by the bedbugs in damn near every hotel.”

      Even if she meant it only as a shit test, if she does go, she won’t get a peaceful night of sleep… every little itch… every tiny black speck on the sheets or in the bathroom, even if inanimate… will give her the heebie-jeebies.

      And then run, don’t walk, away… for good.


    • If she really was into you, she would be embarrassed even for you to see her making out with a guy in real life, let alone talk about fucking one in the abstract. NEXT


      • So true. What woman talks like that when she wants to attract a guy she is interested in? Obviously, she could care less about him. On top of it, she is also a major ho, the walking STD petri dish kind. Not fun. Next is right.


    • How does it feel to be a eunuch?


    • She’s probably talking about those Western grad students you meet in hostels, or the local, richer, older ex-pats, not the local men.

      I wouldn’t, man. But I suppose you could always give her shit about being the common American slut abroad.


      • Older expats?
        No’ bloody loikely mite! That’s wishful thinking very common on online forums.
        Western hostellers, yes, especially the shaggy dreadlocked White guy who claims Brazilian ancestry(= ‘sexy’) but is actually from Switzerland (= not ‘sexy’) and plays guitar. Well, he strums 3 chords and goes ‘Oooohhh, bay-bee…’
        Local guys? Maybe, if they have drugs or she’s the ‘Save The World’ post-Hippie type.


    • It’s a friend zone notification. People who are interested in you don’t discuss sex with other people with you.


      • Nicole,

        “If you consider a woman who lives to please men and has nothing else to do with herself, whose profession is doing whatever they tell her to, then it’s not really such a bad thing to shit in front of a man who doesn’t love you, if he wants you to.

        Sorry, it’s always a bad idea.

        I usually don’t believe in the idea of telling your man NO, ever. But there are a few things where I draw the line. Giving a man one or two boundaries that he can’t cross if he wants you in his life is not bad for him. It will make him realize that unlike his usual hos, you do have standards. This will garner some respect from him. Giving him lots and lots of boundaries, however, is a relationship killer.

        Ask any of the married men here if they had absolute no respect for their women, would they have stood at the altar? I doubt it. At the same time, these women know their place and their men wear the pants.

        “As a not hot older woman, I feel freed by the idea that nobody is ever going to love me and be sexual about me at the same time ever again. I can do all sorts of crazy stuff I didn’t do when I was younger and had dignity to lose and was interested in protecting my lover’s ego.”

        I am sorry, but I don’t understand how you justify doing all kinds of crazy things, like shitting in front of people, because you are older and no man is going to love you and feel sexual about you at the same time?

        One should have dignity at whatever age and at whatever situation they are in life. Really, I just don’t understand this kind of rationalization.

        Don’t make excuses to being stupid, having low/no standards, and lacking self-respect.

        Bottom line, the quality of women some of these men fuck is the lowest of the lows. In addition, I think they look for these exact types of women because they are easy to bed and provide cheap entertainment. i.e. shitting in front of you.

        Look, I hate to say it to these guys, but to get such women to sleep with you you don’t need to work hard and have special game abilities. All you do need is to look somewhat good (not a fat slob), have a few witty lines and moves, buy a couple of drinks (even though they say they don’t spend money on these hos and I don’t believe it), and these women have no problem in sleeping with you an hour later.


      • on October 19, 2012 at 1:17 am gunslingergregi

        dignity goes out the window with lust
        but yea i believe my wife doesn’t shit never seen it.

        ”””’I usually don’t believe in the idea of telling your man NO, ever. But there are a few things where I draw the line. ”””’

        depends until its smexy time then no line
        but yea feminine mystique is good i don’t want to know about female problems and such


      • Agreed, dignity goes out the window with lust, but shitting in front of your man is not about lust. In fact, it’s a lust killer.

        Your wife has it right. She preserves her feminine mystique, that’s why you never seen her shitting, and as far as you’re concerned you don’t even know if she ever does LOL. That’s the way it should be. Out of mind out of sight, and that’s how she always retrains her femininity in your mind.


      • Lily, what exactly is there to preserve with someone who doesn’t love you, who you’re probably not going to see but once or twice in your life?

        Or even if you are going to see them more than once, and they love you, what does it serve you or them to deprive yourselves of any and all pleasures your twisted minds can dream of?

        Dignity, in my opinion, is for people who are not really fucking or not really in love. I don’t shag for dignity. I do it to fulfill a hormonal need or as an expression of love.


    • Two possible scenarios, both bad:

      1) Yeah, dude, she doesn’t want to sleep with you at all.


      2) You claim she’s been doing most of the flirting and you’ve been aloof. Sometimes, a girl (with her friends egging her on) thinks the best way to get a guy who’s out of reach is to be seen dating other guys. It’s a fucked-up idea that basically comes from females projecting what would make an out of reach girl like a guy chasing after them—social proof.

      But social proof doesn’t really work with guys. We don’t want Roseanne Barr no matter how many fat losers and gay admirers-as-dates want her. In fact, it may work in the opposite—dating a nigger, or a drug addict, or the campus lefty faggot, or some other depraved creature just makes a woman look like a flighty dumbass only worth a pump-and-dump.

      Then, the most depraved girls will think that sleeping around or appearing to sleep around is some kind of social proof to guys—projecting, again, the bad boy who gets ass turning women on. Feminism and bad girlfriends will encourage them to do this—feminism to “prove” how women are “equal” (lol) to men, and bad girlfriends to make them appear sluttier than said bad girlfriends, thus raising the bad gf’s social standing relative to her now-slutty friends (remember: men have friends, women have enemies they keep close).

      In either 1) or 2), this woman isn’t worth your time other than a pump-and-dump.


      • Also a bit of detail I left out – she said this in front of another girl who she had only known for a week. In the same conversation, also talked about dating “much older guys” when she was younger (I’m a bit older than her) and was also a bit flirty with me earlier in the night.

        I’m nexting her no matter what, but I’m leaning towards #2.


  41. on October 17, 2012 at 10:06 pm gunslingergregi

    just tell her they kill people there for doing drugs should solve the problem he he he
    why do american bitches need to travel take away all their passports


    • I don’t think that’s a deterrent for most of these crazy hos. They really do want sex with “exotic” radomes. They get off on danger and perversity. STD central.

      The best way to “punish” a ho like her is to stay away. She should be able to put 2 and 2 together eventually that even a man thought she was disgusting. That should break her feminist attitude and entitled behavior. Stupid ho!


    • We don’t all travel for the sex.

      Although yes, I’ve seen enough American girls living up to our lovely national reputation overseas to completely understand why this is the stereotype.


      • National reputation? Which nation and what reputation? Scandiavians go legendarily hog-wild even if they only do a weekender on a ferry to Germany or Poland (liquor being vastly cheaper on the boat than in Scandinavia). Imagine them for 3 weeks on Ibiza…..The 2 basic requirements for a German woman’s vacation to be considered a ‘success’ are getting a tan and getting laid by someone who does not carry a German passport, the more ‘exotic’, the better.
        Arabs, especially around the Mediterranean, consider pretty much all White females(European, American, Australian, etc.) to be whores and all White males to be dickless wimpy losers, which is why they hit on White women 24/7 and with aggressive impunity, often even with the boyfriend/husband present.


  42. Watch women read this and go berserk!

    If you showed photos of average girls ages fifteen or fourteen to the average man and did not label them with the girls’ ages, then all normal men would find them attractive and would react sexually. [This can be measured physiologically, so there is no need to rely on possibly dishonest verbal responses.]


    • I totally agree that normal men are going to respond sexually to anything that looks good and has the shape of a mature, developed female – whether it’s 14 or 34.

      I’m still not sure how that relates to a celebrity violently groping young girls confined to wheelchairs and hospital beds. But maybe my lady pea-brain just doesn’t understand the adamantine logic.


  43. I’ve found that most women have a picture or 2 of themselves with their family somewhere near them that is easily accessible to the guy interested in them. Whether it’s on a desk at work, their facebook page, or an online dating profile, most times all it takes is one good look at the picture of their mother to serve as a portent of future things to come.

    Most young women, they learned how to act from their mother, and if they’re the product of a single mother, this counts double. Frequently, and there are exceptions (exceptions of which might serve as an indicator for long-term fitness but shouldn’t be relied upon as the sole indicator), the apple doesn’t fall that far from the bush.

    When one sees what is in one’s future, one becomes less enamoured with the present. That’s enough to kill any pedestalization, not to mention squash any thoughts one might have as to the future mateability that may occur.


    • If even just a fraction of what Vince, Tommy, Nikki and Mick write in their Motley Crue biographies is true, all women eventually turn into their mothers. Even Pamela Anderson. Scary. I pledge that before I turn into my dad, I’ll take a LONG swim off of Oahu and hope the shark makes it quick.


  44. on October 18, 2012 at 1:52 am gunslingergregi

    I don’t think that’s a deterrent for most of these crazy hos.

    you are right crazy ho’s push the envelope cause they want to die but want someone else to do it for them


    • I don’t think they are even smart enough to know how to push the envelope. They are simply stupid hos with no common sense. I mean, what woman goes to third world countries where women are humiliated so that she could have sex with multiple cocks? Aren’t there enough peens in the good Ol’ US of A? Honesty, I am perplexed.


      • Girls don’t go to Thailand to sleep with Thais. They want the German physics PhD on his gap year who’s staying at their hostel. And that German guy knows that. The hint of a female American accent in a crowded backpacker bar is blood in the water.


      • If American women are this despised everywhere we go, I think we should just save our money and stay home.


      • Now that’s a thought I can agree with. If you need to go on vacation, why not do it in your own country? God knows there are so many places to see just in the US alone, in relative safety too. Why not spend your money supporting Americans? But I guess it’s the exotic and the danger they want.


      • I beg to differ.

        First, who cares who she is after? She is still going to a third world country where women are demeaned. Just to get a cock, mind you.

        Second, I doubt these women have any standards. They can’t discern the difference between the indigenous lowlife and the visitor physicist. Most of them are liberal hos who think everyone is on the same level, equality, and social justice crap.

        Third, I think the stranger and more exotic it is, the more they are interested in it. The physicist doesn’t inspire the pussy deluge for these hos who think that because they are college graduates they have freedom to go crazy. They are not free and not smart. They’re the stupidest generation of women in history. At least trailer trash don’t chase monkeys in the rainforest, albeit they have other issues.


      • Having encountered a few of the borderline psychobitches who actually do that kind of crap in my travels, no, there are not enough peens who will treat them as they feel they deserve to be treated in the U.S. The crazy ramblers who backpack through wherever and have legit “raped by a Black guy” stories, usually got done by a Brazillian or Nigerian or somesuch while temporarily working as a “waitress”.

        They take this nearly self inflicted trauma and use it to emotionally extort betas back home who will want to save and heal them. One of my friends nearly fell for that crap this year. I knew one too many scary type soldiers who’ve run into one too many of these chicks at bars one would never think they’d see a White woman in, to let it pass without a warning. Saved him a lot of grief, but he still got far enough to actually see one of her psycho outbursts the second he hesitated to do something she wanted.

        For this type of women, painful as their experiences may seem to have been, the dark guys who brutalized them abroad are the real men, and White guys are suckers, or supposed to be.


      • ” The crazy ramblers who backpack through wherever and have legit “raped by a Black guy” stories, usually got done by a Brazillian or Nigerian or somesuch while temporarily working as a “waitress”.”

        Tell that to Channon Christian, you lying, fat nigger cunt.


      • When it happens some 30K times a year, a few of the accusations are sure to be disingenuous.

        Of course, in Dark World, one lying white woman cleans the slate on the thousands or tens of thousands who have actually suffered.


      • Greg,

        Cui bono?

        Who benefits MOST from the proliferation of negro hood rats?

        When the smartest most powerful white people want to solve a problem, do they contact niggers and clear it with them first?

        There is no such thing as a “black community” as long as we have to answer to white people for: food, water, medicine, electricity, fuel… should I go on?

        I know you put a black man in the white house, but the truth points to itself: NIGGERS DON’T RUN ANYTHING.

        Let me put my “white man hat” on for a minute:


        1. Cash rewards for violent negro criminals with the nigger criminal forced to pay for the reward with prison labor as a condition of his sentence. Today in the age of youtube, facebook, twitter and texting… a nigger can’t hide if white people REALLY want to find him.

        You know that.

        2. Pay per view executions — victims Family picks the method of death or sells the rights to people with the creativity to draw the biggest audience

        To sum up–

        White people = the worlds greatest problem solvers (when they aren’t causing the worlds greatest problems)


      • We used to have a cure that worked… or at least kept as tight lid on things as was possible.

        And we really didn’t have to do it all that often for the message to be clear. Less than a few thousand times over a period of 100 years.

        Then something happened.

        Now they show the postcards in social studies classes as imply the miscreants were innocent… whilst white children are made to read ‘Strange Fruit’.

        Fail more, thwack.


      • Eat a dick pink toe.

        Niggers get murdered by niggers all the time; so why is it “nooz” when a pavement ape kills whitey?

        Control your white hampster.


      • Kill your own, for all we care… let wolf rend wolf that the lamb of God may live in peace, as it were.

        But I would think that even the dimmest of the alleged human brotherhood would understand the white man’s rage at abominations like the Channon Christian/Christopher Newsome rape/murders.

        Keep up the smarmy “pink toe” jibes when white victims of horrendous negro crime are mentioned… all accounts will be settled.


      • Not aimed at you Greg, but at “Uh”. Point is, you think these pavement apes just got started robbing and killing when they do a white person?

        We suffer these fools daily until they kill a white person.

        Then something gets done. Same thing with dirty needles; they are all over the street, but if they start washing up on the beach, all the sudden its a tragedy?

        (((shakin my head)))


      • Maybe if your folk didn’t shield their miscreants against The Man, choosing race over righteousness, you wouldn’t have to put up with their predations.

        As it stands, the community itself is first line of defense… and it goes without saying that the vast majority of whites have historically policed their own… often with extreme prejudice… especially of late, when it’s the rare instance of white-on-black crime.

        You won’t see any white students cheering like it’s a damn football game when an obviously guilty white double-murderer goes free.

        Nor are any police afraid to go into any white areas to do their investigations… where they will invariably get vast majority cooperation.

        So spare me the whining about how it only matters when white folks are on the receiving end of black swinery.


      • Sorry to burst your bubble, but black women have their issues too, albeit different from their white counterparts. Get off it already.


      • Yes, we do have our issues, but assuming anybody gives a shit is not one of them.


      • on October 19, 2012 at 1:28 am gunslingergregi

        naa it legitimatly fucks em up when they get gangraped for real


      • I assume she was referring to Bali. Plenty of first-world guys with drugs there.


      • the guys women bang on vacation don’t count towards their number.


      • That’s how they count them.

        In the end, no 1-night stand counts either. Just their serious relationships. That’s how they end up with, ‘I slept with only two guys before you’ Bullshit. Stupid hos!


      • It may well be true that she only SLEPT with 2 of them.Her brother (once, when he was 2 and scared of thunder) and her gay uncle on vacation in a cabin that only had 1 bed.


      • I have said this in another trhead and I will say it again,

        feminism promised us female engineers and female jet fighter pilots but instead it got us millions of stupid drunken filthy whores

        Everything that is related to leftism produces decay and ends badly


      • on October 19, 2012 at 1:22 am gunslingergregi

        third world countries where women are humiliated””””

        where would you of ever thought that the real troll of blog lol
        every cliche in the book no evidense
        indo woman marry virgins and the guys too usually so is that humiliation i think it is beautiful.
        then if the marriage doesn’t work out they can become ho’s but at least they had something special in their life


      • I am all for women remaining virgins until marriage, as you know. I have said it often enough here. But women are humiliated in these societies. You can’t overlook that. But then again, most anyone is in these societies who doesn’t conform is shamed.

        And I agree; it’s beautiful to wait until marriage. My ideal sexual society would be America in the early 1950s, or Victorian England. I’m not too keen on Indonesia or Bangladesh. SORRY!!!


      • on October 19, 2012 at 2:00 am gunslingergregi

        if by humiliated you mean work side by side with the men then i guess so
        please enlighten me how the fuck they are humiliated


      • For example, raping women – the real thing – not buyer’s remorse. If you are a girl who doesn’t have a father or brother to protect you, they know they can rape you and do it with impunity. No one will punish them. The authorities run by the religion punish the girls instead.

        In places like Pakistan now, they have a new trend. Young guys on motorcycles trolling the streets and hurling acid at random teenage girls, horribly disfiguring them. One girl said she wished she were dead than have no face. It was heartbreaking. The authorities do nothing to the men. This serious woman hatred, not controlling women for their own good like we discuss here.

        C’mon, these people have no sense of right and wrong. Just because they are protective of girls’ virginity doesn’t mean they are paragons of virtue. I rather live in a country inspired by Judeo-Christian values, than live in these backward ass places. I have no desire to visit them either. Believe me, these places aren’t good for men either. You can’t amount to anything there. You have to conform to their backward ass religion and its practitioners or suffer serious consequences. No freedom of speech, no due process, no anything. Stop idealizing these societies.


      • on October 19, 2012 at 6:31 pm gunslingergregi

        got chicks in states getting acid thrown in their faces by other chicks.
        and your talkin pakistan like its same as indo please stop the madness and isolated cases of things do not a all woman humiliated make
        i’d rather think the american chicks who give up their virginity on a hundred to two hundred dollar prom date are more humiliatted after since they just cheap ho’s rather than getting a marriage at least like the places you are trying to say are bad.
        There is less government involvment in other places because they don’t have the layer upon layer upon layer of beurocracy like the us has to be able to enforce every little law that gets passed poor places equals more freedom not less


      • on October 19, 2012 at 6:34 pm gunslingergregi

        and the woman always have family to protect them cause they know what family is not away at college all alone where they wander around drunk alone and nobody gives a shit about them.
        you don’t know a fucking thing about what you talk about really seriously just shut the fuck up about it you have no fucking clue


      • Sorry Guns, but I think you don’t know what the hell you are talking about. You need some education about politics and culture, but let’s start with you writing one grammatically correct sentence before you proceed to preach to me about things you don’t understand; things of a backward ass place you have romanticized in that infinitesimal brain of yours.

        Do you have any idea about that part of the world? Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, these are all similar societies with the same religion (Islam) in the same part of the world. They treat everyone who doesn’t conform with contempt, not just women. But for women especially, these are crappy places. Maybe I shouldn’t have used the word humiliating and said instead ‘women are mistreated’ in these societies. When I say mistreated, I mean basically, if a woman doesn’t have protection from male family member she will be approached beaten and raped. Contrary to what you believe, this doesn’t happen once in a while; it happens all the time. Get off your fantasy world. Now you don’t sound better than some of these delusional feminists that don’t understand the first thing about men and preach stupidities to younger women. You too, don’t understand the first thing about these societies, and yet you preach about their imaginary virtues. Men, women, and children should be thanking their lucky stars they are living in the greatest country on earth, and so should you.

        If you think you don’t like this society, why don’t you move to one of these countries, and take your wife and your children (if you have any) and go move over there? I’m sure you’d like the Imams in the Madrassas teaching your sons and raping them every day after evening prayers, and your girls too. I am sure you would LOVE it there without “all that government intervention,” where you can reach your full potential and make your dreams come true, with only the imam issuing a fatwa against you if you don’t conform to his authority. Or how about letting the Imam sleep with your wife before you marry her if this is her second marriage, because he has to be the barrier between her first husband and the second husband (you). Nice work if you can get it. Not so nice for you or the women you are marrying

        One more thing, didn’t Barak Obama grow up in Indonesia, studying the Koran and praying to Allah in the minaret every day? That explains everything, doesn’t it?

        Nuff said! Time for you to shut up and stop making a fool of yourself. I don’t want to hear anymore romanticizing of these societies. Preach to an idiot who doesn’t know any better, not to me.


  45. on October 18, 2012 at 1:53 am gunslingergregi

    then unlike as seen on tv how you supposed to be scared of all these things killing you most people find out that no matter how much they abuse that body they won’t die


  46. I would like to think that porn actually works in this sense. It doesn’t often pedestalize women that much. It’s quite egalitarian in fact.


    • Except most guys will never be with a girl that hot, and none will ever be with the novelty of 100 girls in 10 minutes. Then the end result is that they can’t get it up.


      • Except most guys will never be with a girl that hot
        —A quibble. Most guys will never be with a girl who appears as hot as a pron girl and is as sexually entranced by him as pron girls seem to be.

        Most pron girls aren’t that hot up close or in bed (banged a few)—they merely have 1) production values helping them; 2) a captive audience (men watching pron are usually horny and therefore more into them right then; 3) have the look-but-don’t-touch appeal (b/c most guys never go to LA or rent one); and 4) scenarios and personas on screen that excite men (slutty teacher, submissive asian, etc.)


      • Right. Beauty has more to do with context than we have the ability acknowledge, at least in the moment of judgment. Just look at the cankerous fuglies infantrymen hook up with (and marry!) coming off a long deployment/sausagefest.

        A sudden sighting of sexual opportunity within an asexual context turns vinegar into wine. The most beautiful girl you have ever seen at a library would blend unnoticed into the background at a strip club.

        Contrast skews our ability to make good comparisons. No single Miss Teen USA contestant will stand out on a stage filled with her peers. Now put the ugliest one of them into frumpy skirt without makeup and throw her into a biker bar… and watch the magic happen.



      • on October 19, 2012 at 6:27 pm gunslingergregi

        if being with 100 girls in 10 minutes is your goal you can make it happen


  47. OT

    “Women who make false rape claims should be thrown into a male prison, maybe next time they will actually know what being sexually assaulted is.”


    • I hate to admit it but that’s a befitting punishment for women who can’t control their urges or behavior and have buyer’s remorse after the fact. How is that the male’s fault?

      The best rule of thumb if you don’t want to have casual sex is don’t get drunk around guys who aren’t your BF or husband (not that seeing a woman past the buzz stage stimulate his love, mind you). Otherwise, you’re just opening yourself to get hurt if you really didn’t want sex. What part of that don’t women understand? I think many of these girls from troubled backgrounds really want to become victims. But those usually don’t press charges. It’s the feminist types that are likely to press charges because they got it into their head that it’s the man’s responsibility to be able to read their mind, even if he doesn’t know her that well and just met that night. Stupid bitch!

      They were taught in colleges that as females they can behave in various lascivious manner and not pay the consequences, ever. Or that even after the point of no return she can still say no, and if he can’t stop himself then it’s rape. In what imaginary world are these women living? You can’t change men. All you can do is be self-preserving and protective of your virtue, not putting it on the line and crying rape after the fact. Feminists take away all responsibility from women and put it in men’s laps. Well, where I come from if you play with fire you get burned. There is no one that could make the booboo go away after the fact.


    • or hand them over to the Taliban for their training program.


      • Hey nigs….what does “averagely” mean?

        lol 3/5ths.


      • What kind of self respecting white man names himself “whorefinder?”

        Are you looking for whores because they remind you of your mother?

        You should try to respect yourself and people who look like you instead of pretending to be “superspade”.

        Then again, maybe you are 16.


      • What kind of self respecting white man names himself “whorefinder?”
        —The kind that’s met your momma.

        Are you looking for whores because they remind you of your mother?
        —Projection is a bitch, ain’t it, jigaboo?

        You should try to respect yourself
        —-lmao. A typical meaningless, vague nig phrase: “respect yourself”. What’s next, boy, you going to ask for a “national conversation on race”?

        No wonder this boy thinks “averagely” ain’t a word.

        and people who look like you
        —I respect the shit outta the civilized. It’s you darkies I can’t stand.

        instead of pretending to be “superspade”.
        —lol. I would never pretend to be a nig, except maybe for halloween. Sub-human impersonation ain’t my thing.

        Then again, maybe you are 16.
        —-What does “averagely” mean, boy?


      • Don’t bother, thwack. Whorefinder (total omega tell, BTW) has all the hallmarks of a prostitute killer. Especially black ones. He hasn’t denied it either.

        The glory of the Internet. But my money is on him being either 1) half black, which he probably learned late in life, 2) a victimized dweeb who was brutalized by black people early in life, 3) a PTSD war case, or 4) all of the above.

        But he serves a useful purpose. Like Scarface said, we can point our fingers at him and say, “There he is, the bad guy.” And he loves it that way.


      • Whorefinder is trolling the comments section harder than Maya. And for that he earns my grudging respect, although his schtick does get tired.


      • 2) a victimized dweeb who was brutalized by black people early in life

        So you’re admitting that blacks brutalize young whites?

        Heh, heh, that’s progress… we’ll have you humming the Horst Wessel Lied yet.


  48. It is “weird” to Westerners coming from low population density places, but abnegation of desire is a social adaptation to extremely high-density Malthusian trap societies.

    It is weird, dude. Period. And having returned from a week in China and Japan, I now completely understand both societies and they are buddhust my a**

    They worship ancestors, Buddha and the State and the budha is probably the least important of the three. It is a mix of buddha, Amazonian indian beliefs and bolshevism.


  49. War has been declared on American men and now the most damaging part of the enemy’s efforts are upon us (the war is approaching its peak). The male police in the faggot state of Maine are now publicizing to the world all the alleged customers of a 29 year old call girl in an attempt to ruin their lives in order to warn other men not to disobey the fembot sexual union.

    Gawker, sister pub of Jezebel, is at the forefront of this “outing frenzy”.

    Last week Gawker exposed the name of a reddit moderator they didn’t agree with, which will probably get him fired from his real life job.

    If the manosphere responds to this provocation properly, we can help all this to backfire and change some of the laws.

    In Germany, for instance, privacy laws would prevent this type of “outing” by corporate publishers.

    This is why it was always important for PUAs to avoid siding with the feminists by calling men losers for paying for sex. It always served the feminist sexual cartel to say that. Now they want you to applaud the outing and ruination of the so-called “losers”.


    • I will note that those of you who continue to live in the land of least freedom and the Home of the Cowards (American men are not brave in the face of left and right wing feminism – did you see Romney cravenly beg a young fembot to like him in that last debate), are just begging to be abused.

      There is no way I can sing the Star Spangled Banner again with those lines “the home of the brave.”


    • Dude, Maine *is* a faggot state. Lesbians and kikes control Portland, no qualification.

      Bored in central Maine in summer, I’d watch some talmudvision, and every commercial break the local stations ran a simpering ad about “violence against women and children”. It featured a roomful of middle-age men, cops, firefighters, and officials, looking grave and concerned as one actual manboob recited his script.

      Funny thing is, Maine has one of the lowest birthrates in the nation, having one of the highest percentages of seniors relative to population size. There are hardly children to abuse. What children there are seem mostly to be in the care of the Single Mom Army.

      There was a Maine journalist, young white man, who was fired from his job a few years ago when the news organ discovered that he was signed up at Stormfront or something. He had taken a very mild stance against ongoing African immigration to Lewiston. He has since disappeared from the public sphere.


  50. I’m going to just look up porn of fat chicks all day every day for a month without leaving my apartment. Then when I go out, all the 5s will seem like 10s and I’ll be in heaven. lol

    On a more serious note, to paraphrase Tyler:

    “Entitlement is how attractive she can be while you’re still comfortable being at the cause (“You. Come here. Give me your number.”), not the effect (“Do you LIKE me? Is this OKAY? Can I have your number??”). Freedom from outcome is how attractive she can be while you can just act NORMAL. (lol)”

    How to use momentum to build your sense of entitlement (an exercise you can do this weekend):

    And here’s a short clip describing another exercise you can do this weekend:

    I actually don’t mind the nervousness. I just try to reframe it in my mind as “this nervousness is just a sign that I have good taste. If I wasn’t nervous, that’d mean I was talking to an ugly chick.” It still chokes me up, but I’d rather build reference experiences of conquering my nervousness than think of her being disgusting and gross ’cause if I do the latter then when I take her home how am I supposed to get a boner? I made her disgusting in my mind lol That’s no fun.


  51. My 21 year-old-stripper recent ex decided to shit in front of me a couple of weeks ago


    In other words, that fermenting fecal matter will be sitting there slowly inching its way through her large intestine with a target release date of 3-4 days after its solidified formation

    This is probably the worst comment exchange I have ever read in this blog in 4 years. Seriously, I thought you bozos would hibernate outside of normal society for at least a year after the release of Diablo III


    • HaHa….The merchandise is really low here.


    • DIABLO III IS OUT???!!!!!

      All seriousness aside, I heartily concur.


      • There is one of those (fun) pie-charts asking: “why you don’t get laid”. And the pie-chart says:

        – because you are ugly (5%)
        – because you are poor (5%)
        – because you are fat (5%)
        – because you are a Level 85 Paladin (85%)

        I have to confess that I played Diablo II like that,

        [heartiste: in medieval england, a real life level 85 paladin would have cleaned up with the ladies. in contrast, a modern day level 85 paladin transported back to medieval england would have been just as shunned by the ladies then as he is now. and the real life paladin would have used the video gaming paladin’s flabby cheetoh-fed ass as a flesh cover for the point of his joust.]


      • When my sons were younger, I saw a few Diablo CDs near the computer, but I never got past looking at the cover.

        They were baseball players and wrestlers in high school, and were limited to one hour a day on the computer, because there was plenty of school work and they also were advanced in music lessons from a very young age, so the time factored in as well.

        I didn’t really like the look of most of those games.


      • ROFLMFAO!!!!!
        Tru dat.


      • Diablo II was one of my most destructive habits in my teens, leading to an abysmal notch-count. And by what I see today Diablo III must be even more destructive. Smoking would have been a much better habit, specially since anti-smoking laws

        Obviously, Diablo is an example, but WoW, FInal Phantasy, Counter Strike are all the same. Diablo is speciall because is the one I played

        And in medieval England the paladin would have married one noble woman, placed her into a chastity belt, and impregnated a dozen lower class chicks, thus making the English people a few centuries later almost entirely descended from medieval upper classes.

        And people make economic theories why England ruled the world. Hint: England won’t rule the world a hundred years from nwo. And some question if England will London


      • “in medieval england, a real life level 85 paladin would have cleaned up with the ladies.”

        lol’ed. Next time a girl asks my hobbies I’m going to tell girls I play Warcraft and deadpan that. Love it.


    • Thanks! I came across this blog several months ago and can count on one hand the number of comments I’ve made. Being a contributer to the “worst comment exchange” as determined by a 4-year blog veteran and avid gamer is an honor.

      p.s. – Haven’t played a video game since Atari came out in the early 80s.


  52. “This is a pretty good cure for one-itis. …”

    Oneitis is not always a bad thing. It’s a bit desperate to be obsessed with one beautiful girl who is not your girlfriend/wife, but when you are in a relationship, isn’t it beautiful to have oneitis? I think it’s necessary to feel like that. I would never sleep with a man who was not in love with me.


    • Maya, you will never sleep with a man period. Breathe, accept, relax.


    • So, this is the famous Maya.

      I thought Maya is Christine.

      How old are you? You sound like a teenager.


      • I’m almost 30 actually 🙂

        when she was 9
        i pulled her ponytail
        a feckless time
        of whim and dare
        when was was 12
        i wrote her name on paper
        my pen unquelled
        the letters capered
        when she was 14
        i adored from behind
        her skin in sunbeam
        glistened me blind
        when she was 20
        my center quaked
        gripped by fury
        frenzy to slake
        when she was 25
        i lay in her eyes
        our threads entwined
        our moments a rhyme
        when she was 30
        awareness accrued
        and poetry’s duty
        buckled in ruse
        when she was 40
        the fervor was gone
        the ardor was dirtied
        the compassion held on
        when she was 50
        we loved through a gauze
        ghostly ecstasies
        haunted our flaws
        when she was 70
        i wrote her name on paper
        my pen shook terribly
        the letters labored
        when she died
        i was at last free
        to remember her at 9
        for eternity.]


      • Haha, I love when multiple personalities talk to each other. It’s almost like they’re real people!


      • “I would never sleep with a man who was not in love with me.”

        That’s how it should be. You have high ideals.


      • on October 18, 2012 at 1:50 pm first time caller



      • Anyway, I hardly think you should settle when your dream guy Heartsie is head over heels for you. He’s even writing you love poetry! I’ve never seen him do that for another girl. 🙂


      • OMG … CH, this made me cry for five minutes … I feel so old!


      • That’s because you let him get to you. You should know by now that he lives to taunt girls. Just have fun with him; don’t take what he says too seriously.


      • Don’t cockblock the H man… nor awaken Maya from her wonderful dream.


      • John Donne allusion?


      • … and in this carnality, of no poetry … and in this banality, of no coquetry … the fog of war, now a sigh upon a mirror … and the man-o-war, now a “hi” upon a server …


      • This is probably the cruelest post you have ever published, Heartiste. Stop toying with this wounded mouse, it’s overkill. It’s wifebeating without the consolation of wifehood.

        On the other hand, your poem is exhibit A of why you should shade over into fiction — assuming this is your original work. Poesy beats prose ten-to-one. Onward and upward, ladykiller.



  53. Having read more of this blog, I guess I can add my bi-racial-ness to the list of disadvantages. This is a new one! I’d never thought about it before. I’ve never even been with a black, or mixed, girl. It’s weird, the more I read and become aware of the dynamics of the sexual marketplace, the harder it is for me to ‘inure myself’ to beautiful women. I guess I’m just in a stage of mild shock at how much the deck is stacked against me.

    Quick question….
    Is there anywhere on this blog that details how a short guy needs to build attraction versus a taller guy?


  54. How far can white women push their shakedown of society?


  55. I think we need to re-define ‘short’. In the interest of full disclosure, I’m 5’10, which is supposedly right around average. Never thought of myself as ‘short’, but had to re-visit this attitude over the past few years. It appears as though American women seem to consider any man who isn’t at least 6’2 a worthless hobbit.


    • If you become as tall as your dad, thats all that matters; as long as your dad is an alpha.


      • I’m somewhat taller than my dad. Not sure if I would describe him as an ‘Alpha’, we’re talking about a somewhat different culture here where these definitions aren’t quite as harsh and narrowly defined as they are in the US.


    • It ain’t your height that’s the problem.


      • Maybe in a global, life affirming sense, sure, but in a nuts and bolts on the ground in the field sense? I think it’s a liability I have to compensate for in some way. I’m just asking how…and what type of routines or game helps to make up for whatever short height lacks.


      • Lift weights. Practice alpha posture that expands into the space like you own it. Other than that, don’t think about it. Stay relaxed and confident otherwise people will notice you are compensating.


    • Actually, 5-10 is not a bad height, and 6-2 is way too tall for most average-height chicks. Unless a girl is a Giraffe, she’s not going to think 5-10 is too short for her.


      • Sadly, this does not match real life observations and experiences. Doesn’t seem to matter if the girl is barely 4’10 on tippytoes, they ALL want a man 6’2 or better. Once in a blue moon, you might come across a very tall girl (5’10+) who has started to realize (very, VERY grudgingly and with megatons of misgivings) that finding a very much taller mate may forever be in vain. There simply aren’t that many men who are 7′ or taller and becoming an NBA whore carries some….penalties…….not everyone is willing to pay. Sometimes, these gals throw in the towel and stoop so low (heh) as to date men closer to their own height, or, in very, VERY rare cases, even (GASP! The Shock!! The Horror!! The Abomination!!) shorter.


      • I don’t know. You also have to look good as a couple, and a 4-10 girl looks funny with a 6-2+ guy. Even a 5-0 girl looks funny with a 6-2 guy. further, I doubt 5-10 girls want 7 feet men lol. I assume you are exaggerating a bit, but really, I think your description is over the top. Do you like tall girls? What’s your preferred height in women?


      • I think he is right

        I don’t date much but I have read a lot of women’s profiles on dating sites , and a lot of them do mention they prefer men over 6 or 5’10” even if they are themselves only 5’1″ or 5’2″

        I guess women like tall men the way men like large breasts, the more the better?

        For what it is worth,

        I’m 5’8″ and my ideal woman is 5’2″


      • Definitely, women desire height in men and men desire large breasts in women. However, I just can’t see short girls dating over 6 footers. I can still see a 5 footer with a 6 footer, but over 6 feet the height difference looks funny and only serves to amplify how short the woman is. That’s why I said you have to look good together. At least your taste is aesthetically correct (if there is such a thing) – 5-8 and 5-2 look right together.

        Another thing, I doubt most 5-10 women like being that tall, unless they were models and had the figure of one, and were making their living from their height. I think many of them would wish they were a dainty 5-4 or 5-5. I can’t blame them if they look for super tall guys. A 6-5 man makes a 5-10 look short.

        Interestingly enough, some average-height men (especially 5-10’s) like taller girls. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wolfie65 tells us he likes his women on the tall side.


      • You need to get out once.

        Two words: Eva Longoria


      • Dating sights tend to attract the picky, but high heels don’t help the situation, let alone platform high-heels.


      • ‘Dating’ sites make me puke, but they’re funny as a sort of research project and to read all the wacky BS people write in the forums.
        Anyway, I go out on average 3 times a week, night clubs and other social environments, and the advantage a VERY tall man has is MASSIVE and blatantly obvious. Example: There’s a couple who regularly goes to the largest night club in the state for Country dancing. The girl is maybe 5’2 in heels, the guy is easily 6’8. He literally sticks out of any crowd. In the Napoleonic wars, he would have been the first to get shot out of his line regiment. Nothing special about him, he’s a stick of a Redneck boy, not good looking (to my eyes, anyway), does not dress or act like he has any money beyond the bar tab (maybe), and judging by what I hear him say, he did not finish High School and has zero ‘game’. They do look ridiculous together, when they’re dancing, the girl is basically looking at his belly button. Looks like an extremely young dad dancing with his weirdly old looking little daughter. She has to literally fight off women of all ages, sizes and descriptions who are constantly throwing themselves at Hick Stick Boy. As soon as she goes to the ladies’ room, they are on the hunt. One of many examples. I do not have a height preference in women (most guys don’t), things do get a little awkward sometimes if she’s A LOT shorter and I will admit that dating a girl who is taller does feel a little odd. If I find a girl attractive, I’ll hit on her, knowing full well that my chances are essentially zero if I cannot easily see the top of her head.


      • I find this talk of height interesting. I just found out that I’m considered “short” at 5’7″. I have never once thought of myself as a short guy, and my success rate with tall females reflects that. When I was in college, I used to fuck a volleyball player who was 6’1″ and had what seemed like 40+ inches of the hottest legs and ass, plus a big mane of blonde hair that came down to meet them. The only time I remember noticing the height difference was when I told her to wear 4″ heels to a formal I took her to. Didn’t bother me a damn bit.

        Honestly, I think this is because I graduated from the Benning School for Boys when I was 17. I’ve been carrying myself like a face-shooting 11B for so long I don’t know what it’s like to be a little guy.

        It’s all in the head, dudes.


      • Would you tell fat chicks its all in the head because some manage to sleep with alphas?


  56. No, I think you’re in like flynn at 5′ 10″. As long as you’re hwp, that’s all that matters You have access to both short and tall chicks – you can bang up and bang down.


  57. An intelligent, clear thinking person cannot go on living with a full-blown case of existential ennui. No amount of distractions or attempts at self-delusion will work for very long.
    Augustine went a little crazy in his old age but so what? Most people go their whole lives and never say anything worthwhile.
    Sidhartha Gautama, like Yeshua ben Yeshua, was quite a bit un-worldly and not really a political figure. Later figures did the politics, for better or for worse.


  58. Off-topic, but a new book by Doug Giles called “Raising Boys Feminists Will Hate”:


  59. Lately I’ve developed the ability to imagine how a girl will look once she ages, 5,10, 20 years on. If you’re more than a couple years out of high school take a look on Facebook at the girls you thought were gorgeous at 18 but not so much just a few years on in many cases. I remember a girl from college who was a 9 in my mind at 19, but when I saw her when she was 24 or so, she looked like a burned out 7 at best. Once you can see through women’s beauty as a temporary, ephemeral condition, it’s a bit disillusioning since you see that the “hot” pedestal you used to put women on was a sham, but it’s the more realistic view you need to run good game without trying to fake aloofness.


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  61. on October 22, 2012 at 7:16 pm Edward Ebeling

    Good advice!! Keep up the good work!!


  62. Good call on the photographers.

    And to your point, there was this Victoria’s Secret special, and an ex-model-turned-photog was the guy taking pictures of Candace Swaenpoel, Alessandra Ambrosio, etc. for the shoot.
    He said more or less, this about them:
    ~”I don’t tell them they look good or talk about their beauty at all. Because that’s their life. It’s every single day for them. It’s much more interesting if I ask them about their vacation or what they did down in Miami and how their family is doing. It’s more natural.”