How The Pill Will Change Your Game

In response to my request for information about the Pill and how it influences female mate choice, Chase Amante writes:

Hey brother,

Just browsing your blog and saw this. I’ve done some research on this before; have a very recent blog post up on it now, referencing a trio of studies on attraction and the pill (including one just published by the Royal Society on the 12th).

The post’s here:

If you want to head over to the abstracts yourself, they’re here:

Fascinating stuff when you dig into it.


So now we have our answer. Basically, what all these studies boil down to is the following: Women on the Pill are put in an artificial state of non-ovulation, which influences their mate choice selection criteria so that they prefer soft, herbly beta provider males throughout their entire monthly cycle and into perpetuity. In other words, women are being brainwashed by the Pill.

The studies are filled with data that support the obvious conclusions we can draw from the central thesis.

– When women in LTRs or marriages go off the pill they will suddenly find their beta boyfriends, whom they met while under the influence of the Pill, very unattractive, for reasons which they cannot articulate except in the loosest female terms like “we grew apart”, or “I just don’t feel it anymore”, or “he stopped being attentive to me”. Surprise divorcerape follows. Corollary: Men whose GFs or wives go off the Pill need to be EXTRA WARY of possible infidelity.

– Women who don’t take the Pill will be more receptive to same night lays with high value men (that is, men who display “social presence and direct intrasexual competitiveness”) during the ovulatory week of their cycle. Game will help you identify these women and quickly lead them to sex.

– Committed women on the Pill will be less likely to cheat on their boyfriends.

– Committed women not on the Pill will be more likely to cheat during their fertility windows.

– Women not on the Pill will go out more to social venues when they are ovulating, driven by a mysterious vajlust to meet men.

– Women on the Pill tend to become Netflix kinds of girls.

– Women not on the Pill will flirt more with men during ovulation. Boyfriends of these women will jealously mate guard until the ovulatory threat has passed.

– Women on the Pill will be less receptive to cocky/asshole alpha game, if they are in committed relationships. But they may be more receptive to beta provider vulnerability game.

– Women in relationships with betas or lower value men will be more dissatisfied with them should they go off the Pill. Women in relationships with alphas or higher status men will be less likely to be dissatisfied with them should they go off the Pill.

– Average looking women not on the Pill will get a chance to experience the thrill of a jealous boyfriend when they are ovulating. Hot women will be with alphas who never get jealous. Ugly women will continue to be ignored.

– Women on the Pill will be more (sexually) appreciative of a beta’s resource investment. Women not on the Pill will be turned off by betas attempting to buy their love.

– A woman on the Pill will likely have longer relationships with the men she dates. This is probably because she will wind up dating betas who like to cuddle and look at baby pictures with her. A woman not on the Pill will have shorter relationships because she will date alpha cads who can’t be tied down for very long.

– Perhaps most interestingly, and a corollary to the above, a woman on the Pill when she met her partner, who then goes off the Pill, will be MORE likely to initiate a separation/divorce should one happen, even when the chance of a separation is lower for her than it is for a woman who met her partner while not on the Pill. What this means for men is that women on the Pill who then go off it while in an LTR won’t agitate for a break-up; instead, they’ll cuckold the poor beta bastards, resorting to dumping them only when they can’t take their supplication anymore. Women NOT on the Pill will simply choose to leave the relationship to hop aboard the cock carousel for another spin. So in one sense, at least, women who don’t take the Pill are more moral than women on the Pill, as the former would choose to end an asexual relationship or marriage over keeping it alive on a resuscitator and cuckolding on the sly.

So what does all this mean for men? How will it change the application of game?

– If you’re a niceguy beta with zero game, your best shot at sex is finding a girl on the Pill during the nonfertile phase of her monthly cycle who is single and owns at least two cats and two fat friends who constantly remind her by their presence how awful it is to be alone.

– The worst prospect for a niceguy beta is an ovulating hot chick not on the Pill who is just out of a relationship with man who became too beta for her. You may as well tuck your junk between your legs, because that is how seriously she will entertain your courtship attempt.

– As C. Amante mentioned in his post, hot ovulating chicks who are natural (sans Pill) will make pilgrimages to clubs, bars and Las Vegas to meet new men as if they were sex Meccas, and they will do so with or without a cluck of hens in tow. A hot chick alone in a bar on a weeknight is virtually guaranteed to be ovulating and hungry for cock. You want to target these spots for increased odds of quick, easy sex.

– It is impossible to efficiently sort out natural girls from Pill girls during the daytime, so day gamers will have to judge which girls are ovulating and horny according to other criteria. Subconsciously recognized odors may help. So will watching her body language for signs that betray unobstructed ovulation, such as hair twirling, leg crossing and uncrossing, heel dangling, and self-caressing.

– As Amante also noted, a chick who is really flirting with you during the day time is a virtual lock to be ovulating and off the Pill.

– If you think a girl is not on the Pill and is ovulating, you want to physically escalate sooner rather than later. Such a girl will become bored with a man who doesn’t make an early move on her.

– A girl on the Pill will be a breeze to talk with if you are a game-less beta, because she won’t bother with any of that messy flirting, teasing or shit testing that so vexes betas. Her non-ovulatory state ensures that she will be a pleasant chat partner who likes talking about puppies and food, and who thinks penises are icky.

– A girl who is not on the Pill and is ovulating will want sex fast, and she will want it hot, so she will shit test you hard in hopes of quickly uncovering whether you are an alpha worth fucking or a beta worth rejecting. If you talk about puppies with her, she will laugh in your face.

Maxim #20: The meaner a girl is with you, the likelier she wants to fuck you.

Corollary to maxim #20: The nicer a girl is with you, the likelier she thinks you’d make a great eunuch friend.

Things are really going to get interesting once there’s an oral contraceptive for men. Or is that, too, part of the masterplan to emasculate the Western male?


  1. on October 19, 2011 at 2:15 pm Rollo Tomassi

    Shhh,..Heartiste,.. or you’ll wake Ms. Walsh and her “women are entirely bio-autonomous, rational, agents” sycophants at HUS.

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    • man oh man!

      Susan Walsh is a self confessed slut. She had her fill of alpha cock when she was “younger, hotter, tighter”. Speaking from memory, she sexed a fighter pilot, a businessman, an athlete, etc. Then she decides she needs a provider beta to have babies with, so she marries her man and now she has a couple of daughters who are of sexable age. She gets worried about their sex life, and so starts HUS. She is now an aged, has-been crone, and she “thinks” her “thoughts” matter! Ha!

      The worst irony is that there are manginas out there who think that this whore is part of the manosphere! ROTFLOL!


      • Did i miss something? Who is susan walsh?

        Can a brother get a link?


      • Here you go, and judge for yourself. I personally find it to be well thought out, balanced, and quite helpful.

        Hooking up Smart


      • @ Asian Seduction Secrets

        Brother: Susan Walsh runs a website called Hooking Up Smart. Her website initially fooled me into thinking – Wow, a woman who gets it! Amazing! – until I learnt better. Here are *her* ideas which slowly helped me learn that she does not “get it” at all:

        First, she does not permit anyone on her blog to use slut-shaming. She thinks that its all relative, that one person’s slut is another’s princess. Naturally, this is because her own self-confessed partner count is around 7 (I speak from memory). So, Susan Walsh does not want you to point out that studies have established (and as our esteemed host has also pointed out) that once a woman’s number is past 3 or 4 or 5, especially once she has got a taste for alpha cock, a woman cannot then pair-bond, especially not with a beta. She is then doomed for life to unfulfilling relationships, and becomes the classic pumped and dumped cat-horder; something Susan Walsh denies.

        Second, she thinks, contrary to all male common sense, that there are both male-sluts and female-sluts (again from memory, I believe these are her terms). She thinks that all the hooking up on campus is between these two slut populations, with 80% of men and 80% of women simply looking on while the 20% male sluts get it on with the 20% female sluts. Whereas the reality is that its 20% of the alpha men on campus getting it on with the 80% of the pretty and so-so sluts (the other 20% are the ugly sluts, all women are sluts). In support of her position, she quotes all kinds of studies, blithely ignoring that all women lie about most things most of the time, and especially lie about their partner counts all the time, especially in surveys. Susan Walsh denies this readily understandable reality.

        Third, she thinks that it is not about riding the alpha-cock carousel, its all about being “strategic” as she calls it. That’s why she calls her blog “hooking-up smart”, she believes that if a woman is “strategic” then she can ride the carousel and still end up with a higher beta. Its the revised version of the “I want an alpha who will commit”, her version is “I want to ride the alpha-cock carousel, and still find a clueless beta who’s not too bad”.

        I could go on and on, but hope the above covers some of the bases. In my view (and I am confident that this would be the view of most of this blog’s readers, once they get a chance to reflect on the matter), Susan Walsh is just a has-been slut who is trying to cover up her past sluthood by denying its undeniable effects, and is desperately trying to help her daughters (who will doubtless be bigger sluts than her) into being “strategic” about their carousel-riding. She cares two hoots about men, and less than two hoots about betas. Many men get fooled by her shtick, as I once was. I hope the enlightened men here are spared that fate.


      • Wow, you REALLY have it wrong. She has mentioned how beneficial “slut shaming” can be. She even did TWO posts on it.

        Also, I have no idea how you come up with your belief of ALL women being sluts. Heck I’m a virgin, how in the world can I be a slut???

        Futhermore, she has NEVER covered up her past. She’s speaks from experience and what she has learned from her past mistakes.

        So, Susan Walsh does not want you to point out that studies have established (and as our esteemed host has also pointed out) that once a woman’s number is past 3 or 4 or 5, especially once she has got a taste for alpha cock, a woman cannot then pair-bond, especially not with a beta. She is then doomed for life to unfulfilling relationships, and becomes the classic pumped and dumped cat-horder; something Susan Walsh denies.

        What are you talking about?! She has warned women about this many times, and warns women about alphas that follow the teachings here. For women who want LTR and marriage, she advises women to not be promiscuous


      • Well from the looks of it and how many comments she get for each post, it appears that her thoughts do matter quite a bit.


      • Exactly. I’m sure Heartiste is reading her blog as well.


  2. To add to this: As C. Amante mentioned in his post, hot ovulating chicks who are natural (sans Pill) will make pilgrimages to clubs, bars and Las Vegas to meet new men as if they were sex Meccas, and they will do so with or without a cluck of hens in tow. A hot chick alone in a bar on a weeknight is virtually guaranteed to be ovulating and hungry for cock. You want to target these spots for increased odds of quick, easy sex.

    If you’re out in a bar or club, on a weeknight, and a cute gal who is dressed normally and not displaying tattoos or piercings, with a conservative work haircut, and has disjoined herself from a group of people she probably showed up with, is probably their for sex but doesn’t know it — and she’s not on the pill.

    I’ve discovered this particular (and usually rare) female regularly. They go out because their group of friends invited them, they accepted the invitation because they’re soon to be ovulating and they’re horny, but once they get to the event, their friends are doing nothing to help them mate, so they break off from the group in surreptitious ways and start looking around for their possible egg fertilizer.

    They’re not attention whores (tattoos and piercings and leather corsets), they’re just your typical girl-next-door who is looking for fun, and just doesn’t realize it.

    Also in my experience: underneath the cover of conservative dress and hair style is a tiny sex bomb waiting to go off. They also tend to have really good bodies they’re hiding.


    • Yeah right, women can decide in one night whether the guy they’ve just met is the right egg fertilizer …


      • It has nothing to do with right, it has to do with their subconscious hamster proddings telling their body that it needs something more than singledom, at least for the night.

        I’ve passed on ONS with these very types of gals before, but as the night progresses, their hamsters spin stronger and their outer brains come up with more curious and hilarious excuses as to why I need to check out their apartment or why they’re so curious about my pad.


      • 1. Would sound better if you stopped addressing us in third person.

        [Heartiste: That’s what she said.]

        2. Yes, it has to do with right. Egg fertilizer has to be nothing less then Mr. Right. Why anyone would have sex with some random “alpha” guy she met in a bar?

        [Dunno. Why don’t you ask the millions of girls who do exactly that.]

        OT: 90% of women are not interested in casual sex.

        [If you’re gonna make numbers up, at least have them sound plausible.]


      • I asked them already but everything they told me sounded weird and illogical so I concluded that they might have some issues with themselves. However, as I mentioned before, they say it’s me who has issues so I REALLY don’t know.

        [Heartiste: Not interested in your comment drama. The issue you need to work on here is following a logical argument.]

        About the numbers: There was a post on Hookingupsmart about how 89% of college students hate hookup culture. Can’t link it right now but it’s easy to find.

        [Slippery little eel. Claiming to hate something is not the same as refraining from doing it. But you knew that. Liar.]


      • I’ve never noticed that I have problems with following a logical argument. Do I really have? That’s not nice. Can you tell me where I failed?

        [Heartiste: Everywhere.]

        Btw. You’re right that hating is not the same as refraining from doing it, still you should go and read the post for yourself – you’ll see that the majority of the studends included in the small study mentioned avoid casual sex.

        [If you confront a college girl who banged the star quarterback last night and didn’t even get a soothing good-bye from him, what do you think she is going to say when asked if she likes casual sex?]

        I don’t know why you’re so mean to people commenting on your blog?!

        [I’m only mean to stupid people and liars. The latter getting the worst of my sexytime wrath.]


      • Can’t write much right now, but I’m convinced most women don’t have casual sex because I don’t have any sex at all. I’ll post a study if I find one confirming my personal experience. I’m sorry that you only interact with healthy feminine women and not fucked up headcases like myself so it’s probably hard for you to believe that not everyone behaves like their pussy hasn’t seen daylight since daddy “accidentally” placed his stuffed “toy hot dog” in my panties.

        [Heartiste: Please, woman! This board can’t take much more of your TMI.]

        WTF is ‘sexytime wrath’?!

        [Something you dream about.]


      • What’s wrong with you Heartiste?

        [Heartiste: Your lying, evasive sophistry.
        pip pip cheerio!]


      • What if I just don’t want to write too much personal information on the internet?

        [Heartiste: Evasive cunt. You know very well that’s not the kind of lying you do that I’m talking about.]

        I can’t lie.

        [Another lie.]


      • Wow. I’m really interested now. Tell us, what kind of lying you’re talking about?!

        [Heartiste: Please, do go on again asserting without any evidence how all the girls I’ve been with were stupid, slutty or psychologically imbalanced, just to buttress your insipid cunty agenda. That’s always good for a laugh.]


      • Here’s something a little clearer:

        From this post:
        Overall, most students are unhappy with their sexual lives, and feel that hookup culture impedes both sex and relationships.
        11% of the students enthusiastically enjoy hookup culture.
        50% were having hook ups, but were doing it rather ambivalently or reluctantly, some with extremely negative experiences.
        38% opted out of hooking up altogether.
        Less than 1% maintained a committed relationship.

        From here:
        1. There are more male virgins than female virgins in college. The number of virgins in this study was higher than is normally estimated for college populations, which is 33% at freshman year, 12% by senior year. (The number of male virgins is actually proportionally higher due to the disproportionate enrollment of females (55% and 58% at the subject schools)).

        2. The pattern of women having slightly more sexual partners than men is consistent throughout.

        3. Approximately 92% of both men and women have had five partners or less in college.

        (The vast majority of college students are not promiscuous, and there is no difference between the sexes.)

        4. Only 3% of women and 2% of men have had eleven or more sexual partners.

        (This implies that the number of true “players” in college is extremely small, as is the number of highly promiscuous women.)

        5. Overall, the sexes show very little difference in the number of sexual partners. This would seem to confirm the hypothesis that a small percentage of promiscuous students are engaging in casual sex with one another, while a much larger group has a few partners during college, and well over a third of students have no sex at all.


      • Heartiste,

        [Heartiste: MR. heartiste to you.]

        so not all of them were psychologically imbalanced?

        [Oh you scummy little snake. Notwithstanding your cuntastic insinuation without any evidence to the contrary, the great majority of them were and are far more psychologically healthy than you are, based upon your writings here and what you have admitted about your sorry life.]

        I believe you.

        [I don’t give a shit about your belief. I just want to watch you twist in the wind as my whip lashes find your soft, blubbery skin with each one of your lies I expose to the bloodthirsty crowd.]

        Many girls are just very naive.

        [Is this another proof by assertion? Care to provide your hard evidence that the girls who have loved me were naive? Or are you just talking out of your ballooning ass as per usual?]

        Probably even more in today’s feminist world than they were in the past.

        [The desire of women has not changed in millennia, pre- or post-feminism.]

        Was it fun using them for sex and than throwing them away and breaking their hearts?

        [Was it fun giving your daddy an old-fashioned while the family dog licked peanut butter off your labia?
        Inquiring minds are scandalized!]


      • H, I’m really sorry I assumed that about you. Reading your blog I got an impression that you feel much hatred towards all women

        [Heartiste: Then obviously you are reading what you want to read. Which is a trait in common with all liars and propagandists.]

        so I couldn’t imagine how anyone normal could be in a relationship with you.

        [You lack the imagination to see the world outside your own pinched, desiccated, spiteful existence.]

        Hope you do realize that your blog is often not something that would make a woman feel good, even the most innocent and morally superior of us?

        [It is a blog that does not make liars and the deluded feel good. Perhaps it’s time you held up the mirror to yourself.]


      • OK, I’m really sorry about that.

        [Heartiste: Not surprisingly, you don’t sound sorry.]

        I believe you are a very good person

        [What did I say about how little I care for your belief?]

        under your superficial layer.

        [False premise. Is this cloying, sophistic maneuver part of your apology, or are you just letting shit spew out of your mouth any chance you get?]

        How can I see my delusions and lies?

        [You can’t. You’re too invested in your ego. Only your inevitable death will redeem you. I’m not here to rescue you. I’m here to make an example of you.]


      • I’m sorry that I don’t allow penises near my dusty vagina. I’m also sorry that you care so little about the goings-on of my dusty vagina that I must resort to attention seeking ploys involving drugged gerbils and purple saguaros. You’re here to “”penetrate” my mind only? What about my vacuum sealed clam? Does it not deserve some poking around the bush?

        [Heartiste: It must be confessional time.

        You are repeating yourself using the same tired semantic ploys, and so I grow uninteresed in what you have to say. Therefore, future comments from you will be creatively enhanced by a squad team of mischievous rascals until further notice.]


      • Oh, fuck off. I just said I’m sorry. Sorry if I’m too stupid and boring for you.

        [Heartiste: Now THAT’S more like it! A little bracing honesty from you.]


      • So we’re friends now?

        [Heartiste: In the way that the puppet master is friends with his puppet.]


      • Why are you so full of yourself?

        [Heartiste: Hey, it’s me!]


      • Maya,

        “Hope you do realize that your blog is often not something that would make a woman feel good, even the most innocent and morally superior of us?”

        Not exactly true. I’m here for one main reason, and the info is exactly what I’ve been looking for- to affirm my existence. No, seriously. There is not one bit of info here (I haven’t read everything, maybe 25% or so) that is not 100% true and does not affirm everything about my parents relationship. I spent years wondering why my mom made the choices she did, and now widowed she even wonders why herself. I probably shouldn’t exist (and wouldn’t if my mom didn’t make the choices she did-but I’m not complaining), but it’s comforting to have an answer, so I could stop wasting time and energy figuring it all out. And my mom is and was not any of what you say (slutty, psychologically impaired or stupid). Possibly I could say she’s stupid, but not in an absolute sense, just relative to myself.

        Without this blog, I’d still be asking questions like why she married a man that cheated on her while they dated, while engaged slept with his (easily alpha) bosses’ (and possibly super alpha within a multi-state, major coastal region) wife and threatened to kill my mom when she threatened the wife to stop or she’d tell her husband, not only stayed faithful but never even thought of cheating through a prison sentence and major illness (although that one should be a no brainer for anyone decent, although it’s often not). Continued to cheat while married. (and only slept with her enough to have a couple of kids because he was too busy and involved with everyone else) And it was NOT based on economic dependence either since he was never a provider, even though present.

        I don’t have to wonder anymore. I can accept it for what it is. Also, I no longer have to feel guilty (self imposed- because my mom is genuinely happy I have the life she always wanted).


      • so you’re still waiting for your alpha master huh, hachiko?


      • Seems to me, from what’s on display on the streets, at supermarkets, open-air events, restaurants, human services offices, in other cars stuck in traffic, that “deciding” in one night is what most women are doing. I know a few million haughty SWPL chicks prefer to drag out the lugubrious affair of mate selection, and come away handsomely outfitted with wealth they did not generate, but these are a mere drop in a bucket filled to the brim with one-nighters and their filthy bastard progeny peeking o’er like wide-eyed half-castes in Wal-Mart shopping carts.

        And this is because women do not “decide”, they select, which mostly irrational process is skewed by various states of being such as menstruation, Pill-popping, post-breakup agitation, and intoxication. There is no rational right, only approximate, relative right. “Mr. Right” is an illusion conjured to disguise situational hypergamy.


      • Agree – women select emotionally, not decide rationally.

        Btw, situational hypergamy *is* hypergamy. And hypergamy is hamster-powered.


      • on October 20, 2011 at 3:38 am Obstinance Works

        All the others had her misunderstood.


      • Women never evolved circuitry to make that decision, as it has never been their decision to make. in civilized societies, it still isn’t. Once in the company of men, all she has to do, is wait to see which one of them is left standing after the peacocking and jousting is over.

        Her frontal lobe’s only involvement, and the only thing differentiating her from a kitten in heat, is related to venue selection.


      • Who the fuck said that?

        It was stated that they are horny and want to fuck, more so than usual because they’re ovulating.

        Can you not understand this?


      • Someone mentioned quick, easy sex that’s available if you hit on those girls and A.B. Dada didn’t seem to disagree.


      • it’s a pity that women on this blog cannot keep their traps shut.

        Guys (not gals): one more time- listen to women’s actions, not their words. Their words are lies, women’s hamsters do “decide” in a minute or two whether a man is “worthy” of fertilizing her eggs. You don’t have to believe me or anyone who posts here: just see the women around you with your own eyes- game, like any science, canbe tested by any honest man. (women cannot test the truth of game- mother nature has wisely blinded them about their own natures-every woman is both a thieff and a whore. And no, I’m no misogynist,I love these whores, as do all men.)


      • it’s a pity that women on this blog cannot keep their traps shut.

        from time to time, it’s a good thing they can’t, because by the simple act of opening their traps, they prove everything this blog says to be true.

        their occasional presence reminds us to keep fighting the good fight.


      • You are right. And our host properly skewered this bitch in comments above.


      • …women cannot test the truth of game- mother nature has wisely blinded them about their own natures-every woman is both a thieff and a whore.

        Right…..Good to know.


  3. If you are in a mixed-race relationship, the pill (doubled with condoms) is a very good idea. Check out:

    “Problems with Mixed-Race Marriages and Relationships”


    • Naaaaah boss.

      This is why mixed race girls are so fit…


      • Sometimes heterosis works but only if you have superior genetic material to begin with, which is why mutts have only average dog IQs and are less intelligent than the smarter purebreds:


      • WTF?

        Do you even understand what a “purebred” is?

        All dogs started out as non-purebreds. Then humans took the smart ones and bred them over generations. So of course “purebred” dogs are smarter than non-purebreds. Purebreds result from CONSCIOUS, systematic breeding DESIGNED to produce a particular set of traits.

        If anything, BLACK Americans are the most “purebred” Americans. Slave owners would take the strongest, fittest ones and mate them with other strong, fit slaves.

        If you want to argue for white superiority, you are better off pointing out that whites are superior because they are actually the most genetically diverse race, based on number of different phenotypes you can have and STILL be considered white.

        For example, a sample of 100 whites would have a thousand times many more different and diverse eye color, skin color, and hair color combinations than a sample of 100 Africans, or Asians, or Jews.


      • on October 21, 2011 at 5:36 am Reactionary_Konkvistador

        You do realize that natural selection can be just as quick as the “artificial selection” practised by humans ( According to the argument laid out in the book “The 10 000 year Explosion” (who’s authors predicted Neanderthal admixture in modern humans before it was cool) humans have been in constantly changing circumstances (the aforementioned punctuated equilibrium) for the past ~10k years, due to agriculture, not only that the pace of human evolution has accelerated since there is a larger population of potential sources of mutation and thus you get more sweeps of the very rare useful genes (since there is a larger population duh – they take Fischers side on the theory of population size and speed of adaptation).

        The pay-offs between the different climates inhabited by Homo Sapiens are different. Even if they pay-off for intelligence was exactly the same things connected to intelligence like temperature regulation of the brain, parasite load, fraction of expected surviving offspring are most definitely not. We also now have plenty of proof that humans have changed genetically in the past 100 000 years. Not only that we have genetic proof that different peoples across the world have different admixtures from extinct species and subspecies of humans (Eurasians have Neanderthals, Melanesians have Denisovan admiture, Africans from unknown Archaic subspecies, ect.)

        How in the world would would different “races” (populations) not differ on average biologically?

        Sure there might be some hybrid vigour among different stocks of man, but there probably is some out-breeding depression ( between some combinations too.

        As to diversity. “Whites” (European caucasoids) may have a lot of phenotypical diversity, but they are not very genotypically diverse.
        African “Blacks” have the most genotpyical diversity, also they have a fair range of phenotpyical diversity. Compare the average Ethiopian’s body build to that of a Bushman or a West African. Compare the spring dominating West Africans with the Marathon dominating East. Compare the tall Massai with the short Pygmy’s. The lactose tolerant tribes of cattle hearders with the lactose intolerant West Africans. ect. Even 19th century racial scientists usually divided Blacks into at least two subraces.


      • “A new study that involved surveying 90,000 adolescent U.S. students showed that those who considered themselves to be of mixed race were more likely than others to suffer from depression, substance abuse, sleep problems and various aches and pains. Conducted by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the National Institutes of Health, the investigation found that adolescents of mixed race were more likely to have other health problems as well.”


      • All that stuff is weak, I’m sorry to say.

        Kaffir-white hybrids do typically exhibit a “vigor” that is probably traceable to the kaffir component, i.e. high hormones, lowered intelligence, and low impulse-control. There is also the social dimension: Kaffirs are encouraged in their antisocial, dominant behavior by the institutionalized fear and self-effacing, morbid amusement of whites, eager for cachet.

        Moreover, it is obvious that kaffir-white hybrids identity as kaffir by default owing to darker skin, but again encouraged by the anti-white metanarrative of our civilization. See Hail to you’s post on this subject, it’s a start.

        There is a second social value which causes hybrids to identify as their so-called “minority” component at the expense of the other: prestige. One commenter in the discussion linked above says,

        I just want to say this is not only happening in the States. In China we have that too. People with one drip of minority blood in your grand-grandpa could claim to be the minority instead of Han, for the sake of those minority benefits. And nowadays even the gov’t is encouraging the ethnic identity of those minorities, deliberately suppressing the Han identity. Either way, People like WM is probably whiter than 60% of the people who claim to be white in Brazil. And he said he will never pass as a white… hooray for the black culture, whatever it is…

        The benefits may be real (Affirmative Action, immediate cachet, naive white pussy, etc.) or they may be imagined (family myths of “Native American ancestry”, Eastern European or South American myths of marrano / crypto-Jewish ancestry) for more remote prestige value.

        All in all, everything is aligned in favor of hybridism, and I’m afraid there is no real case for the old contention that half-castes are “weaker” or “more vulnerable” if the value is any but high intelligence. In the gathering demographic shit-storm of the advanced welfarestaat, high intelligence won’t be the deciding factor in who dominates increasingly crowded territory. It will be, first, whoever is favored by the Kosher Klub elite (non-whites), second, whoever if that vast plain of brown mediocrity can best outfit their shacks with heat and fix tires, and third, whichever group is simply breeding the most. On October 31 the seventh-billion living soul will be born, and it will be Chinese. Han and Hindoo will win out barring very great ecological cataclysm(s?).

        The future belongs to the darkie and the mutt. The meek have inherited, and abandon their meekness in the mad grab for what whitey hath wrought.


      • If you live at the gym, you will see fit half-castes.

        If you live in North Miami Beach, where I do, you will see naturally diminutive, uneducated, ineducable, loud-mouthed, snaggle-toothed, bitchy little brown tarts with wheat bellies and potato faces.

        If you live in rural Montana, where I did until recently, you will see obese Injun half-castes who think a salad is something next to poisonous. This is not “heterosis”; it is racial degeneracy.

        Take your anti-white propaganda elsewhere, “boss”.


      • Have you seen what most half-white half-(asian/arab/indian) look like? Stunning. You’re chosing mesitzos and mulattos to hate on mixed folk. Not really scientifically objective.

        Here’s a link proving half-asian faces are more attractive:


      • I live in Britain, the gym is a foreign country to me, it’s just there are these Eurasian twins that live round the corner… I’ve got two-itis, I admit it.

        Anti-white propaganda, racial degeneracy. Heh. Sounds useless to me, but bark away.


      • Eurasian twins are another animal. I stand with you. Shwing!


    • of course ANY not-on-the-pill-ovulating gilr is,well,OVULATING! So,alphas,break out those Magnum condoms you keep in the wallet! And make sure to dispose of them yourself. Dont want any baby alpha’s knocking on the door!


  4. Not gonna happen.

    Women oral contraceptive are easy to produce because women ovulatory cycle is absolutely controlled by hormones. Give them enough strogen and they’ll dry up quickly, remove that and they’ll need the ocytocine game provides.

    Men produces sperm and spermatozoids regardless. They have no “hormonal cycle” instead, their hormones flow continuously without pause, like their horniness. Mess with that and you may give them a big health headache, and possibly make them quite more biologically beta as well.


    • ” …. and possibly make them quite more biologically beta as well.”

      You just made the enemy’s case for making it happen. What do you think Ritalin was?


  5. Interesting. My ex (sixteen years, three kids) was on The Pill for the first ten, then I got snipped after #3 and she went off. And certainly her discontent increased dramatically during those last few years and it was indeed all along the lines of “I’m not happy” and “I just don’t love you anymore.” After the divorce she did the bar scene / cock carousal for a while – then remarried to a guy who is even more beta than I was. Go figure.


    • on October 19, 2011 at 3:06 pm driveallnight

      Of course she quickly collared another beta-provider. Right after she tested the waters and realized her prospects as a woman her age + kids….


      • What really cracks me up is that when she was in cock-carousal mode one of her suitors was a beta uber-provider (very plain, very boring, very beta, very hard-working, and very rich, as in “has regular use of a corporate jet” rich) but he wasn’t “exciting enough” for her and she turned him down to continue her fling with “Jake” (that’s all she ever called him, never knew his last name) who she met at a bar and couldn’t get enough of.


    • You’re from the Midwest? Never noted that. If you’re ever in Chicago proper, come raise a glass of Scotch whisky with me and we can trade marriage “failure” war stories.


      • My daughter is attending Olivet Nazarene University not far you! Next time I’m up there to bother her I’ll see if I can break away from Bourbonnais for an afternoon and visit the Big City. BTW nice blog you have there.


    • Southern…I had the same experience when my ltr went off the pill. All of the sudden, sexy talk was icky and I was not funny anymore. The thing of it is…I thought I was pretty alpha and we had an awesome sex life. My wounded ego would like to think that chicks-on-pill also LTR with non-betas as well.

      Luckily, she went off months before the wedding, so I got spared divorce butthexs.

      So good advice to all dudes screwing a chick on the pill, make her stop it shortly after proposing, well in advance of the actual ceremony.


  6. This is probably a big part of the reason why Game does so much less with smart, non-prole girls. They’re ALL on the pill.

    [Heartiste: This has not been my experience, nor the experience of any man I know. Smart, educated non-prole chicks fall for game just as much as prole chicks do, if not more because they have so little experience enjoying the ministrations of a charming asshole. The rest of your comment is the usual troll shit that is unoriginal, uninsightful and un-alpha.]


    • A lot of my friends aren’t on the Pill. Most of them don’t like the idea of messing with their bodies’ hormonal cycles, even though evidence supporting detrimental health effects from the Pill is scant. (I’m not on it because I had weird mood swings that I’m sure were completely imagined, but whatever, you can avoid pregnancy without the Pill by just not being an idiot.) And my friends are all educated girls in their mid-20s who live in very “SWPL” neighborhoods in New York City, and they all fall for game….so I don’t know if you are correct.


      • Um…how do they keep from getting pregnant? Condoms suck.


      • I am not really sure how my friends deal with it, but my husband just doesn’t, um, ejaculate anywhere that could potentially cause a pregnancy, and if it’s around the approximate time that I should be ovulating, he will wear a condom just to be safe. Apparently some men do have sperm in their pre-ejaculate ( but the majority of men don’t.


      • what about your boyfriends?


      • There are natural methods for a woman to avoid pregnancy, mostly based on acquiring acute body-awareness and fastidious monitoring of certain bodily functions, I won’t go into the details… ^_^ However, those methods require a lot of motivation and diligence and a fairly regular menstrual cycle-they’re not for every woman. Also, some women (like myself) experience slight pain during ovulation, in my case it’s very distinctive and a great help in knowing when not to when I’m not on the pill, if you get my drift.
        Also, reading about the effect the pill can have on attraction I’m really happy I met my man when I was not on it. Although he’s so perfectly my type that I can’t say I’ve ever noticed much of a difference in how attracted I am to him, pill or no pill!


  7. on October 19, 2011 at 3:00 pm The Chrome Microphone

    “…gamers will have to judge which girls are ovulating and horny according to other criteria. Subconsciously recognized odors may help. So will watching her body language for signs that betray unobstructed ovulation, such as hair twirling, leg crossing and uncrossing, heel dangling, and self-caressing.”

    You’ve mentioned horny ovulating girls in passing before but not gone into depth iirc

    Never seen other game resources mention this

    Any more you want to add? Sounds like very useful stuff


    • Thats how all the honeys behave when I show up,wearing my bicycle shorts.


    • I’m pretty sure this has been covered before because I know the traits but in no way could I have come up with them myself. Maybe it’s an NLP type research topic?

      A few that I recall and have seen regularly:

      * Gal standing, body facing you, one hand straight down, the other hand over her chest on her own shoulder.

      * Gal sitting, body facing you, knees apart slightly, her hands folded on her belly.

      * Gal who puts her hand on your rib cage when she responds to you, especially if she interrupts you.

      * Gal who puts both her hands at the base of her neck and strokes upwards when she’s thinking of a response, especially if she makes eye contact with you when she does it.

      * Gal who pulls her hair back over her ears, especially if she licks her lips at the same time.

      * Gals who blush and look down and away at something you said that hit the mark.

      There are many indicators of ovulation-driven horniness — I’m sure a Google search will bring more up.


      • on October 19, 2011 at 4:25 pm The Chrome Microphone

        I’ve definitely seen most of these before

        Googled it a while back and found nothing, I’ll try again

        Great stuff, thanks


      • on October 19, 2011 at 7:07 pm (r)Evoluzione

        There’s also a study out there that women “dress to impress” more during ovulation. More skin, more cleavage, more eye-catching jewelry, etc.

        A good direct-game opener just presented itself:

        “You must be ovulating today.”


      • on October 19, 2011 at 7:18 pm drunicusequus

        My very attractive ex-boss exhibited these behaviors in the months before she had me fired. It was a weird situation, to say the least. I’ve also learned to never ever never take a job with a female manager. They’re almost always a-holes to work for, far bigger a-holes than most men.


    • Krauser had a video about this which was funny. He saw a girl and just said to himself, she’s ovulating, I’ve got to talk to her. she must’ve been sashaying.


      • Before this was an accepted field of study, my mother used to say this to me or my sister on any day we were looking particularly pretty, or took a little extra trouble with our hair. She always said it with delight and pride and a little mischief.


  8. C. Amante

    If you want to head over to the abstracts yourself, they’re here:

    All I can say is wow, I tip my hat to the research and this report. Fascinating.

    It is amazing, the amount of homework that must be put in before we put it in.
    Women, truly are slaves to physiological forces outside of rational thought. Just when you think you gain a scintilla of comprehending these squirelly critters, along comes a credible report that all must be readjusted into a new context because some obscure pheromone has them baying at a tidal moon in the South China Sea.

    I want to know, just how many females do NOT take the pill, and thus are not under its influence. My bet, is most take the pill and thus modern game situations can all but be explained by this variable.


  9. So basically you’re saying this is too much trouble to fucking keep track of.

    [Heartiste: pretty much. game onward!]


  10. I don’t quite see how this translates to the real world. In my fairly vast experience as a college senior, it seems that almost every girl that I’ve hooked up and/or are simply friends takes te pill on the reg. According the post, this pill popping craze would suggest that college betas are scoring pussy like it’s their job – something we all know is NOT the case.


  11. Awesome post.

    VERY intereresting. Got me thinking about previous experiences and how they correlate with the above exposed.


  12. We are parsing too many details here. If you really want to go there, you need to evaluate all the different types of pills and their level of hormone; there is no one Pill.

    What scientists need to do is to research what happens to men who spend a couple generations drinking from a water supply tainted with estrogen pissed out by women on the pill.

    Oh wait, we already know what happened…


    • “you need to evaluate all the different types of pills and their level of hormone; there is no one Pill.”

      Exactly. There are huge differences between brands and dosages, which most likely have varying influence. Generalizing about this topic makes for innaccurate predictions.


  13. Get fixed and buy a motorcycle with the child support payments you won’t be making.


  14. Sometimes I just think women are not their own beings, but rather dumb animals controlled by hormones and emotions.

    Am I incorrect or just chauvinistic?


    • on October 19, 2011 at 4:27 pm The Chrome Microphone

      We all are

      But females are more reactive by nature so it’s more striking


    • Women are very smart animals, as are we men. However, mother nature wisely has women in her firm grasp, and ensures that women’s sexual behavior is tightly controlled by hormones and emotions. That’s why gamers say: never listen to what a woman says, always listen to what a woman does.


  15. on October 19, 2011 at 4:10 pm (r)Evoluzione

    One scenario not discussed:

    An ovulatory woman dating an aloof alpha who then goes on hormonal birth control. They go loopy needing more beta supplication & comfort. This is especially true for the big-dose injectable BC methods like depo-provera.

    I’ve seen this firsthand; it’s not pretty. The tingles self-destruct, and she went from a sexy, self-confident woman to a labile, sobbing mess prone to crying jags at the drop of a hat. I told her not to fuck with her own hormones, but she did anyway. What a wreck.


    • QTF, happened to me, too.

      I was traveling a lot (3 out of 4 weeks) and said if she wanted to go and bang some dude, it’s fine. I didn’t care about her at all, but she was really pretty and gave me tons of leeway, freedom, and external SMV kicks when we’d go out together.

      So she does end up with some dude — I figured he’d be a bar bouncer or a rock star or whatever.

      Nope. Some schlub. Who lived with his mother. In the burbs. And borrowed her car to go see the gal.

      And they’re still together, and her life is OVER.

      Happened within 3 months of her getting on the pill — from hilarious, sexy and sexual little rocket, to couch potato wanting to be with a doormat.


    • I second (r)Evoluzione’s comment.

      Aloof alpha early on, girl goes on pill, tears twice a week and hard core shit testing for beta supplication and comfort.

      Live and learn, but it can get ugly.


    • This was my experience when my wife went on the pill. After a few months, I got her to stop taking the damn things. These days she is a happy wife again – does housework, has a part-time professional job, looks after our son, and keeps my nuts well drained. She has even started trying to find me some, in her words, concubines to live with us.


  16. This makes a lot of sense. Every girl I’ve fucked who’s had a boyfriend was on the pill.

    ~17% of women are on the pill:


  17. bisphenol a has already done its job.


  18. So we should run beta game to fuck girls on the pill? Aren’t a significant percent of girls on the pill?


  19. on October 19, 2011 at 4:19 pm Charlesz Martel

    I commented on this a while back, but was ridiculed by some (not all) for it.

    What is the effect of the pill on men? No studies, to the best of my abilities to find them, have been done. The average man wanders through the world smelling women who are artificially pregnant. He normally would smell too young, too old, ovulating, non-ovulating, pregnant.

    My friends and i always found European women much sexier. I always felt this was partially due to their much lower likelihood of being on hormonal birth control (This was years ago- I’m the old dog here). I have had the experience of finding certain women incredibly sexy, although i could never figure out why, until I realized it was pheromonal.

    Of course, another reason European women were sexier is that they liked being women more than most American women did. A culture that embraces unisex roles for the sexes will soon be a sexless culture, at least as far as reproduction is concerned. We have managed, here in the West, to make our young people so unattractive to each other that they are no longer interested in perpetuating the species. Nice job, guys.

    We have embarked on a 50 year experiment where we put our breeding-age females in a state of artificial pregnancy (pregnant women are legendary for being irrational) and then are surprised at the bizarre mate choices they make.

    Sic Transit Glorea Munde.


    • We orthodox get made fun of for sticking to the unchanging truths of human nature. The problem is our vindication comes long after the assertion, measured in lifetimes, not publishable on the instantaneous news cycle that keeps people in the thrall of half-baked theories of life.

      Heartiste wrote in his earlier post: “The pill exerts a psychological and a physiological effect on women. How much emphasis to give each effect is up for debate, but that there is an influence seems to me unassailable. You just can’t fuck with the primal forces of nature without some kind of blowback.”

      I return to my gut reaction since originally encountering this site’s review, “Beta Valentine.” Deep spiritual sickness is legion. It manifests itself in billions of ways, like a dish sponge on a petri dish.

      Until you address the reality of soul-rot, you’ll be nibbling around the edges of the shit sandwich. Take a big bite instead: We eventually will have to digest the whole thing anyway.

      All of these breakdowns are not coincidental. There are far superior hermeneutics than the tinker toys you’re playing with. Contradicting studies? How many of those do we have to encounter before we start challenging the received wisdom of their absolute authority?

      Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind. We can’t simultaneously promote chaos for selfish purposes while criticizing the effects of chaos. It’s intellectually dishonest, not to mention transparent. Not to mention utterly unsustainable and self-destructive.

      Don’t you know there’s a war on, son? We all must to choose up sides. The Alcibiades act just pisses off every would-be ally you might have.

      “Does anyone have clear, updated information on this topic?”

      Yeah. Some of us picked up on this when the pill was invented. (And earlier.)

      Carry on. Nothing to see here.


      • King, you should take the truths that you learned about game straight up to the vatican.
        Maybe they will come up with less laughable arguments in their opposition to sexual promiscuity.


      • Ooh. Zing.

        Another droll riposte from that wag “Anonymous.” You’re everywhere! How do you do it?


  20. Almost every girl I’ve been friends with has consistently been on the pill. We’ve dated alphas and betas alike. I’ve never noticed a solid pattern of preference for betas. There’s also been cheating and faithfulness alike. In other words, from my personal experience, it hasn’t seemed like being on the pill has caused any kind of consistent behavior amongst us.

    However, there are many different brands and dosages of the pill. I wonder if the differences between them are strong enough to influence us to all behave in different ways?

    My friends and I have always noticed that we are horniest in the few days right before we get our periods. Not sure why, but that is about the only consistency I’ve noticed.


    • We don’t give a fuck about your slutty ways.
      Damn, there’s always a slut around here who doesn’t understand the male duality.
      We’re only interested in banging sluts, not listening to your slutty stories about dicks and cum in all your orifices.


      • “We don’t give a fuck about your slutty ways.”

        -If you are trying to bang as many sluts as possible, I would think it would be useful to hear an honest observation from a female who has definite experience with the topic at hand. It may help you in some way. I think it’s worth giving a fuck about.

        “Damn, there’s always a slut around here who doesn’t understand the male duality.”

        -Not sure what you exactly mean by “male duality,” but if you mean the general themes of this blog, I agree with almost every one of them. Did anything I say contradict what you accept about game?

        “We’re only interested in banging sluts, not listening to your slutty stories about dicks and cum in all your orifices.”

        -I know that’s what you’re interested in. Again, I don’t know why you wouldn’t be interested in what a person with actual experience pertaining to the topic would have to say. This post was more scientific in nature, so usually, when science is concerned, you test your hypothesis through observation. And this is what I’ve observed.

        Simply put, there are going to be female readers of this blog who have some direct experience of what’s being discussed. Sometimes that experience will conflict with what they’re reading on this blog. I’m not trying to deliberately piss off any of the men here. Don’t make the mistake of grouping together those women with reasoned statements and those who are deliberately instigating.


      • “I would think it would be useful to hear an honest observation from a female who has definite experience with the topic”

        Right, interesting to finally understand the difficult art of being swept off your feet and spreading your legs.

        “Male duality”

        Hatefuck and put down sluts/Have a relative respect to the virginal ladies.
        Madonna/whore complex.

        “I don’t know why you wouldn’t be interested in what a person with actual experience pertaining to the topic would have to say.”

        As a general rule, men here don’t want to hear anything a woman has to say. We are simply polite or indifferent toward those who don’t disgust us with all the cum they had to swallow.
        This is a war room, not some cosmo-like forum where betas and women exchange about their sexuality.

        “Don’t make the mistake of grouping together those women with reasoned statements…”

        Then keep it scientific. Your personal experience is irrelevant and far from unique. We know how sluts operate, other men have figured them out. We don’t need more evidence.


  21. before the trolls come crawling out of the toilet to misinterpret this post to fit whatever their agenda du jour is, here are a few critical premises:

    Only 17% of women age 15-44 are on the pill at any given time. this means whatever physiological influence the pill exerts will affect only a small percentage of the total number of women you approach.

    thus, game and assholery are still relevant. low class and upper class girls alike respond to game in a positive way, just as low class and upper class men sport wood for hot chicks with T&A; often the exact same hot chicks.

    women on the pill — or women during the non-ovulatory stage of their cycle — will not suddenly prefer mincing dweeb betas over cocky aloof alphas. it doesn’t work that way, because the hindbrain sex drive is far too entrenched and powerful to be dislodged so easily. whatever effect the pill has on female mate choice, it operates at the margins. so a chick who loves hardcore assholes might love a slightly less hardcore asshole when she’s on the pill.

    i hope the readers by now recognize when the authors here post for effect and dabble in a bit of the ol’ ultrahyperbole. if not, it’s called creative license. no, i don’t seriously think a girl on the pill is going to want to have sex with betas who talk about puppies and their neuroses and have zero game.

    final note: the pill exerts a psychological as well as a physiological effect. so while it may influence a girl to prefer slightly more beta men (relative to the men she normally dates), the upside (or downside, depending on pov) is that the security and reliability the pill provides may consciously influence girls’ choices to slut it up because there is no fear of pregnancy restraining them. this may shift women’s desires back toward a sexual choice median that partly negates the pill’s biological effects.

    since it’s very hard to disentangle these various inputs and their effects, it stands to reason that you should continue gaming women based on the ancient impulses that guide their mating decisions. or:
    tl;dr: chicks dig jerks.


    • Now I feel guilty.

      All we’re saying is that you’re too brilliant, insightful, and detailed. Keep smashing idols.


    • The hamster must be fed regardless of the Pill. Women crave attention more than they crave c0ck. A central tenet of Game is to associate this craving with YOUR attention the same way that a drug dealer gives just enough of a “sample” to hook a new customer. Once hooked on you, a woman will do pretty much anything to keep receiving her “fix”. Her hamster will make her want sex with you just to get more attention.


    • I’m sure it’s much, much, much higher than 17% for the women that really matter (non-poor, unmarried white women between 20-35). Talking about “women 15-44” includes a lot of wives, mothers of big families, ghetto welfare queens, and high school virgins.

      Most 20something educated women in major cities (i.e. the biggest game targets) must be on the pill.


    • Only 17%?!
      How come they all claim to be on the pill?
      Psycho bitches.


  22. on October 19, 2011 at 4:48 pm greatbooksformen GBFM


    THEY have invented the pill for men!!!!!!! zlozlz

    it is the chehehsszburger and pizza and french fiess!!!!

    the womenezz eat theme eat them eat theme and gete fattatstsged fatties and the

    men beocme importent zolzlzoolzozozoz impotanete etetet impotent zozllzozo


  23. on October 19, 2011 at 4:50 pm Charlesz Martel

    I remember a conversation I had with a female employee about 13 years ago where I suggested she try another form of birth control, as she had TERRIBLE taste in men. I told her about my sister’s experience with the pill (70’s- the pill was stronger then) where she would suddenly start crying, while thinking- “Why am I crying? I’m not upset!” Sis decided it was due to the pill- went off it, and was back to normal.

    I ran into my ex-employee a few years later- she told me I was right, that her taste in men COMPLETELY changed post-pill. Anecdotal evidence, sure. But interesting, nonetheless. What amazes me is how we don’t even consider, as a society, what we’ve been doing to ourselves. Phyto-estrogens in our food are not good for males in large doses.(Soy milk for boy babies gives them the equivalent dose of several birth control pills a day, and should NEVER be given to male babies). Read “The Crazy Makers” for more on this, as well as “Neurotoxins” by Blalock.

    As for the comment about hormones in our water from women’s urine- yep, he’s right. Frightening stuff.


  24. The scientists are showing what we already know: that bc pills have been imbued with the essence of Bernanke, the essence of fiat counterfeit money, liberal misandry, and socialist pro-female wealth redistribution. The pill, like a demon on their little shoulders, encourages them to marry provider betas so they can divorce them and steal their money when they stop taking the pill. The pill is a harbringer of divorce court butthex, for neocon and liberal alike.


  25. “Maxim #20: The meaner a girl is with you, the likelier she wants to fuck you”

    … if you’re alpha enough. Or am i missing something?


    • dead on, you usually get the full blunt of her shit an hour or so before the fucking starts for the first time.


  26. I dont know. I consider myself beta and I have had the best relations with women when they were not on the pill.


  27. So what the scientists are saying, is that bc pills have been imbued with the essence of Bernanke, the essence of fiat counterfeit money, liberal misandry, and socialist pro-female wealth redistribution scams. Like a demon on their little shoulders, the pill encourages women to marry provider betas; once they stop taking the pill after marriage, the spell wears off, and then the disillusioned provider receives Bernanke-mandated butthex in divorce court.


  28. Not only that but in my experience there is a miniature war going on between girls on the pill versus me not on the pill 🙂

    My girlfriends on the pill would put me down and hate on me for the type of guys I like. At one point, I lost all of my girlfriends over this and I am convinced it was because of my friends going on the pill.

    When you are not on the pill the best way to describe it is…Watch the first 30 minutes of “Last of the Dogmen” (before Barbara fucks the movie up)

    That’s the type of guy a girl wants when she is Not On the Pill.

    Chest Hair, Facial Hair, a certain ruggedness. It’s not about beta or alpha or attitude….It’s just About The Appreciation of Raw Man, preferably with a manly dog like a boerbull.

    It’s so much better not to be on the pill. I love man. Man is good.

    Down with the pill!! No more British dude in Twilight whatever the fuck name he is!


  29. on October 19, 2011 at 7:22 pm (r)Evoluzione

    It may also help men here to understand a few basic concepts of ovulation.

    Timing–it generally occurs 12-16 days after the first day of menstrual bleeding, with the mean being 14 days.

    Healthy ovulating women secrete a clear, slippery, viscous liquid from their cervix, whether they’re aroused or not. It’s often enough to seep out. It’s called ‘egg-white mucous’ because it has the same texture and consistency as raw egg whites. This is easily noticeable when you finger her, it’s much different than the normal vaginal fluids.

    Most healthy, ovulatory women will menstruate every 26-32 days, with the mean being 28 days–one lunar cycle.

    You can keep track of this if you’re rawdogging, and avoid nutting in her to keep her from getting knocked up. This is the “fertility awareness method,” which is different from the rhythm method, because the rhythm method just uses timing. One study showed that when people actually know what to look for, and avoid risky behavior during ovulation, this method has a pregnancy avoidance rate as high as condoms, about 98-99%.

    As I said, ovulation can occur over a range of days in mid-cycle, so it’s better to look for the signs. If you really want to be sure, you can have her take her body temperature with an accurate thermometer every day when she wakes up. At ovulation, her body temp will spike by about one degree F.

    It’s worth noting that a sizeable portion of American women arent’t actually healthy enough to ovulate. Thus we say that are anovulatory. Most commonly in thin women, the lack of ovulation is usually because they don’t have enough progesterone. Ovulation is driven by progesterone, which also gives women those sexy curves. Fat women who are anovulatory are usually so because…..hold up, no one cares about that here. But I will tell you anyway–they have too much estrogen, which poisons the uterus. Yeah, ironic I know.

    Women who don’t ovulate will also show very long or very short periods, with erratic timing of periods in between, as well as either very heavy or very light bleeding, and/or the presence of clotted blood. Yes, again, TMI. But we are scientists and artistes, man. Thus we must stare the devil in the face.

    Menstrual irregularity is a red flag for LTR, IMO, because it’s a sign that she’s not well adapted to stress and has poor endocrine regulation. And she’s probably crazy. Lots of endocrine problems also manifest with significant emotional swings, a permanent sort of PMS. Healthy diet (adequate protein and good fats plus plenty of cruciferous veggies) regular exercise, and controlling stress will *usually* balance all this stuff out, but there are some women who are just hormonally whacked, and can’t seem to balance out without pharmacological intervention.


    • Pulling out is an efficient contraceptive method. The only risk is precum and it can be avoided by taking a piss.
      It’s frustrating and many chicks are too good to pull out from, but it beats every other method. Condoms suck, trusting a bitch over the pill has started the downfall of many guys, and you can easily make a mistake with fertility awareness.
      Coitus interruptus, it’s the only way


      • on October 20, 2011 at 1:04 am (r)Evoluzione

        As an alternative, men can learn to have orgasms without ejaculating. It sounds outlandish, but Taoists and Tantrics have been doing it for millenia. Turns out that there are two different mechanisms at work, orgasm and ejaculation, and they typically occur simultaneously in men, but it is possible to learn to orgasm without ejaculating. The added benefit is you can go for hours, she will tire out before you nut. No loss of energy, no drowsiness, just clean energy, and a feeling of pwning the pussy. It is a challege, and takes a while to learn, but it is a significantly rewarding skill to cultivate.

        It’s not as hard to learn as it sounds; pick up a book on Taoist sex by Dan Reid or Mantak Chia.


      • not to mention, the fact that you didn’t cum will have her hamster spinning in overdrive.


      • Yep, i wanted to get into that but i stopped because it requires discipline. I’m gonna start it again once i overcome my laziness.
        Kegels are a fantastic exercise for men. Old dudes definitely want to try that (along with some light jelqing exercise) before considering viagra.
        The erections are stronger, the orgasms are (sometimes) more powerful, and when one takes a piss, there is no leaking at the end.


    • Sheesh. You know women’s biology better than the average woman. Certainly better than me, I’m ashamed to say.

      “Menstrual irregularity is a red flag for LTR, IMO, because it’s a sign that she’s not well adapted to stress and has poor endocrine regulation. And she’s probably crazy. Lots of endocrine problems also manifest with significant emotional swings, a permanent sort of PMS. Healthy diet (adequate protein and good fats plus plenty of cruciferous veggies) regular exercise, and controlling stress will *usually* balance all this stuff out, but there are some women who are just hormonally whacked, and can’t seem to balance out without pharmacological intervention.”

      That’s not just your opinion, that’s fact. I’ve had severe anxiety for years and it is only this year when I became acutely aware of my own psyche (along with lifestyle changes) that my periods have begun to normalize.


  30. In dire need of dissection:

    I believe one could make a full time hobby of explaining female behavior from such examples. Alas, introspection is not their forte.

    I shall add my voice to yours in producing masterclass satire once my core ideas are penned in draft. Entertaining as such trollop may be, it cannot distract us from investing in the future. Hedonism is but a hobby for man, unlike woman for whom it is life’s sole purpose. Man’s passion has always been the pursuit of transcendence through art, whether it be literature, technology, or drama.

    Alas, it shall be we who guide woman to tame her primal impulses, and train her to unleash it only at our command. And she shall love us for it.


  31. Obama tells single guys to “marry up” like himself. Apparently the concept of hypergamy is lost on this dufus.


    • “I hate following Michelle. She’s so good. How lucky am I to be married to Michelle Obama?”

      he’s so beta it’s not even funny.


  32. Too much to keep track of.

    Though I have to say, I can’t wait for the male birth control pill to come out. No more worries about being “oopsed!” Children will only be born when both parents want a kid. Women no longer call the reproductive shots. How wonderful will that be?


    • It will be very difficult to produce a male birth control pill, especially one without significant side effects.I asked one of my professors of reproductive endocrinology why there was no pill for men. He quoted another source that said that making a drug to stop the egg versus the sperm is like the difference between making a weapon that would stop the Hindenberg vs. one that would stop the Viet Cong.

      That said, there’s a trial out for synthetic testosterone—you read that right–synthetic testosterone as a birth control pill for men. You see, it shuts down your nutsack due to the negative feedback loop. So if you went off the drug, you’d be effectively a woman.

      No thanks, I’ll pull out and hose down the patio with my prodigious load, rather than take some chemical.


      • Most studies have shown Testosterone to be not effective enough, especially in pill form. There are steroids which are more effective at suppressing sperm production but these usually also have side effects on libido and may cause erectile problems.


  33. Fellow patrons of the chateau

    I compel you all to read the post written by doclove(79th commenter) on Roosh’s latest post

    “Then of course there was the soldier in my company who had a baby with his wife and she sent him streaming videos via internet of her having sex with other men while his baby son was in the house”


    • A painful comment that goes somewhat beyond the matter of errant women. But nevermind. I have a bit of news for the honest Christian soldier. Those anecdotes?

      The femme fatales in them are not “outliers”.

      They are the average.

      I spot a white child abused or murdered by Mr. Thug Life stand-in every other week on the usual media. I see them in their cars, in the stores, the white woman with this look of utter misplaced euphoria, Mr. Thug Life looking sullen and uppity as always, the tow-haired child oblivious, wanting to play with its worthless Happy Meal toy from Chinastan.

      What’s fascinating to me is that every player in this sick, unnatural combination is transparently acting a part that does not correspond to the other — the white girl gabs and gabs to the black, who ignores her between thoughts of “bitch” and “muhdick”, he of course ignores the child, who doesn’t know what to make of the black, and mommy’s too busy trying to impress the beastly alpha salvage to worry much about the child, who then perishes for crying because it’s malnourished.

      You can see this every day in many parts of the country. Again: no outliers there. It is a robust norm in American society. Every time you see a news story about some white dude who got drunk and hit someone with his car, it is a photo negative designed to fill in for a suppressed story of one of these holy multiracial unions that help us all overcome “hate” by allowing us to forgive the savage for murdering one of our own. Remember Rudy Guede, yes?

      The weirder women become, the colder men have to be in using them for pleasure only.


      • Sieg Heil,

        This is not about interracial dating and big black dicks. This is about women humiliating betas to slut it up with alpha interlopers (whatever their race may be).
        Keep your neonazi stuff for the white supremacist forums. Your prose is fine when it doesn’t fall into Skinhead on LSD mode.


    • You mean, I can SEE hundreds of videos of America’s Best n’ Bravest soldiers dancing in halfdrag to lady gaga…

      but NO videos of pouting, cuckholded troops sharing their pain of betrayal.



  34. How about we take their vote away and stick them back in the kitchen so we don’t have to deal with all this bull?


  35. Does this shit make anyone else just want to run away from chicks sometimes?


  36. Such a pile of horse shit. Absolutely useless post.

    [Heartiste: Another sterling commenter heard from.]


  37. Re Soy. Japanese eat a LOT of soy, and always have. The Samurai in particular. They were not exactly beta male types. But … the soy the Japanese ate and still eat today, mainly, is fermented. Which produces vast chemical changes and takes away the estrogen compounds by the very process of fermentation. In the way that beer is not bread.


  38. on October 20, 2011 at 1:52 am Obstinance Works

    Things are really going to get interesting once there’s an oral contraceptive for men. Or is that, too, part of the masterplan to emasculate the Western male?<<<

    Yeah buddy. It's called Corn Flakes.


  39. Hey you touched on my metagame a little bit. But really after reading Dan Fletchers recommended post over at roosh’s place it also brought up some interesting points:

    The pickup community knows very little about the actual “game” of life but are starting to see into it. CH, Roosh, and the great commenters on these blogs give me hope. The menstrual rhythm is one of the first universal adjustments men made, by tribe and locale but that’s a topic for another day. Just keep grinding class (social economic or expressive) and youll be fine.

    Look into the concept of an infovirus and connect some of your other pieces. You know a lot already — lifetime channel emotional pornography, swipples and the transmogrification of man to manchild to woman all of these things point to the one place most people won’t touch on themselves: every new task you take on that you have to defend against is another breach on your subconscious. You take one step away from being complete and one step further in being a response to the system.

    If you act this way, your no different then the girls who stole your hearts and made you the devils you are today.

    If you guys want to stop hurting from the insanity that is dealing with peoples surface thoughts you have to delve deeper. Outside of request and response. What is under all of these movements? That’s where I am looking and it’s working. Hack yourself first.


    • If you act this way, your no different then the girls who stole your hearts and made you the devils you are today.

      Horseshit. Men who unfucked themselves and conquered the game are vastly and qualitatively different from girls who never had a thought that wasn’t drilled into them by alpha dick. Don’t bring in this Monday morning quarterback garbage and pour scorn like the rest of the unreflective haters. We can observe the extent to which the game, even when won, still plays against our deepest “meta” interests–this is wholly true and the Rooshes of the world certainly having growing up to do. But they’re getting there. These things have to be lived through with all of their ugly flaws and toxi qualities. It won’t do to say, “Nyah, nyah, you don’t know the game of life.” You learn by playing, bravely and directly, not listening to knowing bitches. Stay on the sidelines and STFU.


  40. on October 20, 2011 at 11:00 am So, Do the Zonk

    The most important insight here is the impact on LTRs. Women who get into LTRs when they are on the Pill, will find their man to be too Beta-ish when they get off. If they got off just to get pregnant, this may not sink in right away. Some time after the kid or kids are out, the now post-Pill lady will take a good look at the guy and say “what was I thinking.” The answer is: That was your brain on drugs. Result: Divorce epidemic.


    • You need to mix in the economic incentive of still getting the guy’s money to support the kid to really complete the scenario. Plus she gets to move in her new boyfriend, who may also help with the bills, for another bonus.


  41. omg, there is so much truth in this post! it’s kinda scary.


    • “Women on the Pill tend to become Netflix kinds of girls.”

      i have been on a 2 netflix movies a week schedule. for the rest of the evenings, i fry, bake or make meat stews. i once thought this was a sign of age and maturity. now it all seems to be the effect of chemicals!


  42. Women more and more turn out to be more animal than human. Even a trained gorilla has more impulse control than a hormonal woman. We really should take away their right to vote – society has Stokholm syndrome – we’re being held hostage by whim and feelings – and the adults in the room are nowhere to be seen.


    • Women are NOT “more and more turn[ing] out to be more animal than human”. Women have always been more emotional than rational, its just that many men were brainwashed before as to women’s intellectual pretensions (as opposed to women’s emotional reality). When these men wake up to the truths of women’s nature, they want to take away the right to vote which women should never have had in the first place. Our host has said that the downfall of modern society started with granting women the right to vote (logically this means that no hope for society is possible unless this is reversed).

      I am not quite in our host’s camp on this one. While I believe that making women into property (i.e. sex slaves and beasts of burden) is both rational and moral, it is my opinion that this is but one solution to the issue. Other solutions remain possible, especially in the brave new world of science where it seems anything is possible. If women willingly give up hypergamy (i.e. stop lusting after alpha cocks, and sleep instead with betas), then a concord between the genders is possible. Doubtless there may be still further solutions also. If there are, there is every possibility that the community on this blog will be among the first to hear of them, and perhaps bring into being a new world.


  43. If I understand it correctly, these psychologists are advocating the hypothesis that women are interested in alphas during ovulation and are content with nice guys on all the other days? This makes sense if you are in a relationship with someone who you don’t really like so you want better genes for your kids. In that case it might be good (evolutionary, not morally) to secretly obtain some alpha DNA. What if you are not in a relationship – wouldn’t it be smarter to have an average-DNA baby with a man who will take care of you when you’ll be pregnant and who will bring food for you and your little baby? Sleeping with an alpha can result in single motherhood which has never been a good idea (even less in the past than today). Or is it possible that single women who slept with alphas counted on the possibility that a baby will turn the biggest alpha into their own beta? (Doesn’t always happen, I still can’t get over the fact how little men care about their children 😦


    • I hereby declare you a certified troll.
      (Or a very, very confused young lady).


    • “I still can’t get over the fact how little men care about their children :-(”

      The ones that do are of course invisible to you, nice apex fallacy you got going: “if thew alpha dicks I know don’t care then that’s all men”
      No it’s just the 10/20% of the male population you’re attracted to.


    • you don’t understand it correctly.

      there isn’t this much logic when a woman decides who to sleep with.

      the lure of the alpha is too strong.


      • I’m not saying that reproduction is left to our logical part of the brain to make decisions about it. But there has to be some evolutionary logic. How did the babies of single girls who had sex with alphas survive?

        [Heartiste: Many didn’t. Do you always spout off unsupportable premises?]

        Maybe those alphas turned beta and took care of them?

        [Many didn’t. More than ever that is true today in our decaying society. The only thing keeping these single moms and their bastard spawn alive is the largesse of big daddy government and arm-twisted corporations, funded on the blood and sweat of beta males still playing by the rules. But once that well dries up, it’ll be right back to the state of nature, with a vengeance.]


      • But once that well dries up, it’ll be right back to the state of nature, with a vengeance.

        This is better than Viagra.


      • Many didn’t survive, but many found a beta to take care of their bastard spawn, or simply cuckolded a beta.
        They still do it by the way.


  44. Nothing has changed – either you’re an awesome guy worthy of a root or you a nice guy with whom she wants to be friends with. Its business as usual.


  45. Someone up top mentioned a term that is really important to delve into: situational hypergamy.

    That’s something I’d like to really dig my teeth into, because I’ve given it plenty of thought the past few years, but especially so this morning after pondering the contents of the study at the top.

    When I have an LTR (and I am typically one to prefer LTRs, although not oneitis LTRs), I almost always try to take a stab at what the woman actually wants and needs in her life, external to her job. I made the mistake a few times of getting together with someone I worked with (customer, supplier, employee, business partner) and the short term gains are not worth the long term struggle. You can’t alpha-dump a gal who also provides you with a source of income or labor without the shit hitting the fan. Women have long memories.

    Without a doubt, every gal I’ve had in my life in a long term supportive role has wanted adventure, excitement, thrills, a good fucking consistently, and leadership. That’s it. I have rarely (at least in 10+ years) been with a woman who solely wanted me so that she can walk on me, except…

    100% of the time that a gal I date long term comes up with nesting situations, it’s always a shit test. Always. Pulls out her cousin’s baby pictures? Shit test. Asks me to spend the night even though I said in advance that I would have to bounce at a certain time? Shit test. Wants to introduce me to friends or family before I am willing? Shit test.

    I prefer calling them testosterone tests, because that’s what they are: a woman’s inner hamster desiring to prove that her man is a Man. Unlike most guys, I am thankful for the occasional shit test because it provides a few glimpses into the relationship:

    1. She is uncertain as to my masculinity and needs a reminder,
    2. She is seeing if she can doormat me,
    3. She needs validation that she’s not the only one who has to make decisions (usually a fall-out from work headaches or family/friend drama), and/or
    4. I screwed up and beta’d myself without realizing it.

    Looking backwards in time, though, I can modify these beliefs pretty consistently when the gal in question was on the pill: either when I met her, or during our relationship.

    Women on the pill, who I was engaged in a long term relationship with, confound the facts above because they’re NOT testing me for testosterone but seemingly/possibly testing themselves for progesterone: i.e., their feminine nature. Their outer desire to betafy me came directly from their own inner desire to settle their own hormonal imbalance(s) that may very well have come from being on birth control. I think the evidence, looking back, is beyond convincing — I can say that it’s fact.

    Women never get mad at me unless I’ve beta’d myself, or if they’re insecure about their own abilities. Since I play the role of Man in every relationship, they’re not angry at themselves for not being equal to men, they’re angry at themselves internally for not being women, accurately correlated to if they’re on birth control or not. “Why don’t I have a kid yet?” or “Maybe this is the guy I should settle down with and marry” are probably common thoughts that arise out of the hormonal imbalance between her estrogen and progesterone. Women not on the pill have never shown an inkling of thinking these thoughts.

    It’s a nightmare, looking forward, because I prefer women on the pill, even though I’m 100% a-OK with condom use.


    • Wow this is very insightful.

      “Since I play the role of Man in every relationship, they’re not angry at themselves for not being equal to men, they’re angry at themselves internally for not being women, accurately correlated to if they’re on birth control or not.”

      I’ve found myself getting irate when a guy has told me “you make all the decisions in the relationship” or “you are so in control” or “you are so strong and secure”. These were all said as compliments but they all make me rage and act out towards the guy even though I know that they technically didn’t do anything wrong. I’m just upset at myself for not adequately portraying a feminine persona. I guess I was upset they weren’t man enough to make me feel and come across as feminine.

      That’s probably the real reason women don’t like super-betas. Not because they want an asshole alpha, but because they want to feel like a woman and betas are encroaching on their territory.

      [Heartiste: No, it’s mostly because women want an asshole alpha. The problem with betas isn’t that they’re too feminine, it’s that they’re too nice. They need to be more callous to snag the really hot babes.]


      • ^ and nice is feminine; callous is masculine. Not sure what the disagreement is.

        [Heartiste: Incorrect. Niceness crosses sex boundaries. Femininity is a demeanor. Many a masculine-acting chivalrous beta has found his dick high and dry after getting rejected by chicks who claimed to want a decent fellow but actually wanted an aloof asshole.]


  46. I’m convinced most women don’t have casual sex because I don’t have any sex at all.

    Correlation does not equal causation….

    Or something like that.


  47. The commentary about stopping the pill to get married, leading to divorce and whatnot reminds me of one of my natural friends…in his prime when he was hooking up with a different girl nearly every night he went out, he had a lot of bitches out there who were engaged. I don’t know if they were bachelorette partying or just hanging out, but chances are, it coulda been going off the pills leading these girls to stray into his bed.


  48. when readers wonder why CH doesn’t just ban annoying posters, see the above conversation with maya

    he nukes them from orbit when he tires of their nonsense


  49. 17% of females on the pill sounds backward.

    Because they’d lie to the interviewer so as not to appear “slutty” I don’t buy it.

    More like 17% of females DON’T take the pill.

    Almost every girl I’ve known, her sisters, aunts, moms, friends ALL took the pill.


  50. What about when you hook a girl not on the pill, and then she starts the pill because of you?

    [Heartiste: She’s going to cry a lot because she’ll be paranoid you’re cheating on her.]


    • Here’s a real life example of the situation you decribed:
      My current LTR started like this.
      Some variables for consideration: She’s a 7, but gets bonus points from cooking well, being feminine, cheerful and supportive. I can tell you that she was a virgin and 19 when we met. Banged by 3rd meeting.

      She was off the pill for the first 3 months of our now 17 month relationship. Around that mark, she started taking it and I noticed a slight increase in her clinginess.
      Somewhere around the 10 month mark, she went off the pill for a month due to some logistical issues. I noticed no attraction decline during that time and sex was constant as usual. However, once she got BACK on the pill, she’s been clingier than ever and what Heartiste wrote is pretty much spot-on. She is in mate-guard mode pretty much all the time and constantly afraid that she’ll fuck things up.
      How ironic that I have to up the beta after years of having to avoid treating a girl with a speckle of niceness to keep sand from flowing down her vaj.


  51. You could substitute “lesbian lover” for beta in many places in the post and it would be equally as true (primarily because lesbianism is just another shit-test for us):

    “Lifestyle website reports that researchers at Boise State University in the US have found that in a group of heterosexual women, 60 percent were sexually attracted to other women, 45 percent had kissed a woman, and 50 percent had fantasies about the same sex.”

    Yes, that’s of the HETEROsexual women.

    Wake up, guys. Realize what’s out there, and, yes, capitalize on it. Right after a fucked an ex-stripperSaturday night – a non-pro, for the record – she tried selling me on herself, “if I ever want a girlfriend …. and you know I’d be great at finding us other girls to play with.”


  52. Into the rabbit hole er we go. What will become of the spawn of the ‘pill generation?’ born to beta?
    Perhaps we are in thier midst now, and I may be one of them! Shit


  53. Lotta hate against women here! I love women, I have 4 I’m screwing semi-regularly now. I don’t understand all the hate.
    But then again, I’ve never made the crap decisions that a lot of men have — getting married, having kids, etc. I don’t particularly want that shit anyway though, never have.


  54. In addition to the sage notes on pill vs. non-pill behavior, there is another
    factor at work. MHC! That is “Major Histocompatibility Complex”, the
    chunk of DNA that the species uses to keep track of who is who (and
    reduces the risk of major epidemics by some bug that mimics the
    body’s own proteins, by insuring that everybody is different). Think
    of it as the DNA version of social security numbers or their non-US

    Experiments have been made with sniff tests, used sweaty T-shirts
    worn by men and sorted by preference by women. It turns out
    that non-pregnant, not-on-the-pill women prefer smells from men
    who are as different as possible from themselves (presumably, this
    reduces the risk of inbreeding, see e.g. the scene in the first Back to
    the Future movie where the future mother of the time-traveling son
    kisses him, and then pulls back saying “it feels like kissing your
    or women on the pill – they prefer men who are much like themselves.
    So when a relationship gets to the point of the woman planning
    to get pregnant and she goes off the pill, the man (if too similar
    to her) suddenly does not SMELL right – to her. Presumably,
    this process would work in either direction – if she goes ON
    the pill (say, because they now live monogamously and no
    longer worry about STDs but she still does not want to get
    pregnant), the LTR might fail because he smells to much
    like her. Of course, the same phenomenon might kick in if
    she gets pregnant, but pregnant women losing interest
    in sex is common anyway….



  55. I got on hormonal contraception (the one that has no estrogen), and it totally made me weepy and emotional, but I have a hard time seeing if it’s the hormone or I’m naturally like that… :(. Didn’t change my preferences though…


  56. If you met your girl while she wasn’t on the pill and then she starts taking it, the level of beta provider game that you would normally have to provide doubles.


  57. […] male extended adolescence? I would expect bred females would be past this. My guess is that they are freshly off the pill – so, of course, it isn’t their fault at all. It’s hormonal. And that’s why […]


  58. this is absolutely the stupidest thing I ahve ever read in my entire life. how can you honestly post this crap? sure, you probably had a super hot girlfriend who cheated on your beta ass, and you are now looking for a way to comfort your secret late-night-hallmark-channel-movie-growing a beard because maybe you’ll look more manly-coping methods. Obviously you are an uneducated female-fearing, only-got-laid-once in high school, and it was an accident (she was drunk) but lied about it to your friends kind of guy. You’re the reason women like me get so pissed off at men like you. It’s not the hormones, it’s the strong scent of asshole douchebags like you that sets us off. So next time you are pathetically trying to hook up with someone way out of your league, and blame your failure on the fact that she’s “just probably on the pill, that’s why she’s no fun anymore” remember that I’m on the pill, and in t-minus 20 minutes a soccer player from Spain is coming to my dorm room to let me have my way with him. and trust me, his alpha ass shits on your beta.

    [Heartiste: I didn’t know you were into alpha ass shitting. Takes all kinds.]