Humiliated In Front Of A Girl

A reader suffered a grievous insult to his dignity when a man caressed his face and recommended masturbation as an alternative to competing in the sexual market.

So here’s my situation … There’s this girl that I like.

The prologue of every beta male lament ever.

I’ve liked her for over 3 years, and made out with her when her and her ex (now current boyfriend) broke up. This guy left her and started seeing her sister for 5 months, yeah he’s that big of a douche bag, and he’s not even that good looking!! See attached pic. (That’s his profile pic on Facebook..)


I’ve tried to AMOG this guy using the information on your site, I’ve tried in school and I’ve tried at clubs. He’s literally patted my cheek and told me to “go jerk off” right in front of her!

Physical contact with the face is a thermobaric dominance move. He may as well have been taking you from behind to the roars of the approving crowd. This dude is a Nimitz class AMOG.

And she doesn’t say anything!

Of course she doesn’t. Her tongue is trapped in a cognitive dissonance dimension where her estrogenic tingles for the douchebag and her oxytocinic pity for your debasement drive her to catatonia.

She just says sorry then asks him to be nicer to her friends, which he shrugs off!

He shrugs it off because he knows her words mean nothing when her vagina is saying something else.

This guys an asshole and doesn’t deserve her at all!

The epilogue of every beta male lament ever.

I’ve tried talking with her secretly and telling her he’s an ass and that she deserves some one better, even if it isn’t me!

Are you pulling our legs?

He didn’t get her a birthday or a Christmas present, and on their anniversary he tried to convince her to have a threesome with her sister!

Didn’t even bother with the bag of Skittles. Alpha.

She stormed off, to my house 😉 unfortunately couldn’t get any, she was too rattelted up, and he went off to her house, where her sister was! This guys not an alpha, he’s an ass hole!

For all practical purposes, one and the same.

I hired a professional “PUA” in [Canadian city] to help me out we went to the club they were at and [XXXX] (the mPUA) approached her at the bar and within a minute one of [XXXX]’s (the douche bag) friends was all over [the mPUA] telling him to “fuck off – she’s taken”. [The mPUA] tried to AMOG his friend by tapping his shoulder and trying to continue conversation and he got punched in the face! I’ve never seen this animalistic behavior before between grown men! How do I AMOG this guy!?

Now that I’ve read through the entire email, I’m 99% certain it’s a variety of troll known as the exaggeratum ad absurdum troll, the intent of the troll being to discredit game blogs by trapping them in long-winded debates about the merits of this or that tactic for dealing with a fabricated crisis.

It’s a good bet none of this stuff ever happened. So why publish it? Because it’s funny. More importantly, because far out on the asshole curve there really do exist men like the guy in this reader’s fantasy story, who will tool you horribly in front of a girl, say by patting your face and telling you to fuck off. You won’t meet these kinds of guys often (if ever), but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared should you have the misfortune of crossing paths with one of them. It therefore behooves the reading audience to use such troll attempts as a springboard into wider discussion about how to handle AMOG antagonists who love to humiliate lesser men in public.

Let’s get the crux of the matter out of the way. If a man malevolently touches your face, that’s grounds to sock him. No question about it. A demeaning face pat is the G-rated equivalent of a cock slap against your cheek. You reply with a hammer blow to his gut or nose. This goes whether a girl is present or not.

If, by some chance, the fighting force is too weak in you to muster it at the moment it’s most justified, then you can try the “agree & amplify” technique for disarming brazen AMOGs. A dude pats your cheek, you look at the girls, then back at him, and say, “Was that like a signal for gay sex? Because I have to tell you, I don’t roll that way.” Or, “You can’t stop thinking about my cock, can you? Don’t worry, I won’t judge. My cock is unforgettable.”

If you really want to fuck with the AMOG, ask him within earshot of everyone what it’s like to date sisters, at the same time. Then direct some of your artillery at the girls themselves, to implicate them in the AMOG’s assholery. Tell the girls you’re really impressed with their willingness to share a man, that it’s very 21st century and open-minded. If you think this is a step too far, recall that the AMOG (allegedly) punched a PUA in the face. (Some readers may get a thrill up their legs about that little detail, but let’s try to empathize with the beta here. He’s the one who wrote for assistance.)

In the meantime, reader/troll, go find a new social group and next the girl. She’s obviously cunt over heels for this lunkhead, so let her be with her Chris Brown. It’s a good life strategy to avoid getting entangled with girls who helplessly swoon for ragebots, if for no other reason than the increased likelihood one of her exes will come back to take what he thinks is his, and his problems become your problems.


  1. Guys who allow shit like that to go down need a dose of man juice.


    • > “He’s literally patted my cheek and told me to “go jerk off” right in front of her!”

      Okay – just playing along with the fantasy – but if that shit ever happened in real life, and if you couldn’t beat the guy in a fair fight, then you need to grab the nearest chair and crack the mother-fucker’s skull wide open.


      • Um, no I would not recommend that. There’s a point where what’s appropriate in a manly sense becomes illegal in a you-could-go-to-jail sense.

        He may win the battle that way. You can’t win every battle. If that’s a non-alpha thing to say, so be it.


      • That’s why, in the Northwest Republic, there will be Code Duello laws on the books and streng consideration for the concept of “fighting words”.


      • Pat on the face? That’s aggravated assault. A punch is definitely legal.


      • Let’s be frank, most men are not actually brave, but opportunistic. The only reason, and I am only playing along with the false story, a man would do that is because he correctly/incorrectly perceives your status to be so beta, you won’t do anything anyways. On the other hand, if you are a very large dude with the appearance of scars from numerous fights, and it looks like he will have to prove himself, he may look else where.

        Besides, if you were that kind of dude, she would have dumped his ass for the “beta” in question anyways.


      • You’re talking about appropriate action in reality. That’s REALLY non-alpha, because all of the comic-book readers here are telling you the stuff they imagine they’d do, but they would never do in reality. Many don’t even realize that reality would be reality and not their fantasy.


      • There’s nothing more beta than worrying about breaking rules. If this story is real and he does nothing then he’s telling every man and woman that hears about this story that it’s okay to mess with him and he’ll do nothing like a sad puppy, it’s not about the girl, it’s about his self-respect. The appropriate response would be a physical response (a hard headbutt to the face would be perfect because he obviously isn’t expecting it) and telling him that the slut is all his.


      • Nah bro… that is not the call for -every- situation. As you know I have a bit of a proclivity for violence but you have to reel that shit in too and use the high IQ God saw fit to bestow on your race to measure. Younger days– I was this way and would throw down instantaneously over something like this. But you do that enough times and the downside starts to remind you that rage is not usually a good emotion. I’ve taken horrific beatdowns by not realizing those other 2 chumps with their backs to conversation were his boys. I’ve taken legal issues, etc.

        I also think most guys can sense “utter chump” and know if/when they can get away w/ this shit. Unless the guy is just shit faced and so his judgement is out the window, he will know whether you are the dude that can be chumped this hard pretty quickly.

        If I’m pretty sure he is alone and I would -only- be bounced and not held while cops were called, I’d drop him right on the spot, or at least make a damn good attempt. You don’t even need to punch him actually though it would be the most dramatic.

        As some others mentioned down below, locks are usually 100% effective at ending drama. The human thumb is an amazingly pliable digit in that it can bend backwards and counter to its normal rotation towards the wrist. I’ve seen dudes on their knees in a second if you get fast at this because it is exceedingly painful as you also break such a small bone with relative ease.

        If I’m not sure he is alone I’d definitely put him on high alert- “You touch me again and (see above for thumb lock) you’ll be on your knees sucking your own dick within half a second”.

        If I’m feeling magnanimous I would just go with the agree & amplify about why he want’s gay sex so openly with all the woman around.


      • Quick followup re: thumb lock– This is a heavily used technique by ABC Agencies because the person you are trying to subdue may be considerably larger than you. The thumb cannot be made huge like a bicep. Since you are using all your hand and forearm strength against something so tiny it is a force multiplier. Punching a much larger man is a risky endeavor, but locking the thumb or a joint is a safer bet. Watch any of the first UFCs to see skinny not very beefy Hoyce Gracie decimate huge guys without taking much in the way of return strikes using this same ideology which is used heavily in Jujitsu and Krav Maga.


      • on November 6, 2013 at 8:09 pm Eliezer Ben-Yehuda

        Thumb lock…. then what? Never release it? The moment you release, he will deck you…. and you committed the first violent act. The bouncer will hold you in “thumb lock” while cops slap on the cuffs.

        Only a bouncer can get away with restraint holds.

        why are we talking about fighting over a vagina? Is she the last cunt on Planet Earth?!?


      • on November 7, 2013 at 10:00 am Kill Deathington

        First you thumb-lock, then you KILL!! With the other thumb!!


      • It isn’t the girl, it is the disrespect to YOUR person and your reply speaks volumes about your testicular fortitude. When you release him, he will know he fucked w/ the wrong one and may not act like such an ass in the future. As for cops blah blah and like the other guy said him poking you in the eye.

        1) I already said that if I -knew- I would only be bounced then I’d proceed with the educational activities.

        2) If you lock him up eye poking shouldn’t be an issue. If he goes off like that then push quickly with full force towards the top of the wrist. It will break and then I can -promise- you that you won’t get further static.


      • So what happens if you do the thumb lock, seriously painful if you get it without question, and he sticks his other thumb in your eye socket and starts gouging for all he’s worth in response?


      • I hate it when that happens.


      • It always goes back to race with you, Jay in DC. You pull the race card more than Sharpton. I smell troll


      • Let’s you and him fight.


      • Settle down bitch boy.


      • A strike on the head with a beer mug is what’s effecive if you think you can’t handle fisticuffs, though any heavy, handy object will serve that purpose.


      • I’m with Shane, go all WWE on the fucker.


    • A fucking men to that. Like our resident mullato Thwack says “act like a nigger”. Smash his jaw or go out to your car and get something to beat him with don’t be a bitch and steam over it.


      • Like our resident mullato Thwack says

        Hold on here.

        Just because I resemble a horse is no reason to compare me to a mule.

        Your woman bends over every time I walk by; you gonna start callin me a train?

        Get it right you inbred fairy.


      • Mulatto? Nay, nay!

        I have it on good authority that our boy thwack is not one drop more melaninous than octoroon.

        Don’t make the night darker than it already is.


  2. uh…what?


  3. Sounds like a fake story.

    Either way the face slapping has to be extremely humiliating. If that happened to me I’d be so in shock I wouldn’t know what to do.

    At least I can change though, mother nature is women’s AMOG, and there’s nothing they can do about it.


    • Maybe it’s the girl’s problem, and choice. We cannot completely control their vaginas, numerous as our tools may be. In this case, if she doesn’t next him, she can keep him.

      To me, game isn’t about fighting other guys for girls anyway.


    • i actually buy the whole story. i could be wrong but at worst it’s 100% plausible and congruent. the winky when he thought he was her escape, the way he explained the face touch twice in different but consistent ways, i think things like that point to truth more than someone checking troll-story-boxes.

      the other thing that is 100% truth whether it happened or not, is that a girl would respond just like that to a guy just like those described.


  4. These are the circumstances for which wrist-locks were made. No beta-rage punching (though I suppose a head-butt might do). just a nice calm reach-and-twist followed by a quiet description of the jackass’ many moral, social, and hygienic failings.


  5. Also, if the nice guy likes the girl in this situation, he should ask her out on a date. If she refuses or says things like “I only see you as a friend,” then he needs to cut all contact with her. Either it’s a date, or nothing. None of this hanging around, being her “friend,” waiting for leftovers BS. Be a man and have the cajones to walk away. By lingering around after she’s said she doesn’t see him as a man, he’s just reinforcing her initial assessment. If I’ve ever liked a guy, and he mentioned liking some other girl, I didn’t hang around to hear about how wonderful she is. There is no point in being spineless, the person telling you about their boyfriend/girlfriend knows they’re torturing you, and they’re having fun doing it.


    • Good god no. You don’t ask a girl like this “out on a date.” She gets tingles by unpredictable bad boy charm, not by beta wooing. Asshole game is the answer here.


      • you are correct, IF he had a time machine. the only path here is away deep into another girl and ignore her. preferably someone she knows, ideally the sister, but i doubt that’s possible for this guy.

        i have been 90% of this guy in the past. my betaness instilled decades of disgust into the heart of a girl that was initially attracted. i did fix myself, i did have asshole bonafides later, i did just about everything that could have been done (get laid by better-looking friends of hers, ignored her for a solid year, etc) but once that biscuit’s burnt, it’s burnt. i doused any pilot light that her vagina had for me.

        i am friends with her now and it’s sort of sad/entertaining watching the wall come for her and seeing her fish for the kinds of compliments i used to dish up daily at work. she’s five years younger but in her thirties now so she just doesn’t have what she had. but at least she reminds me how shitty my instincts are deep down.


      • Same here. Mine is now fat and has six kids. My wife is slim and earns six figures. LOL


      • And two kids = Normal.


  6. Definitely sounds like a troll, had to laugh while reading it.

    Spank his ass (like he was a girl) and say “It’s nice that you’ve finally come out of the closet, girlfriend.”


    • What it sounded like was a flashback to the old days.

      Like 7th grade, but still…


    • Definitely sounds like a troll, had to laugh while reading it.

      Either troll, or hella omega.

      Even a beta wouldn’t be treated like that, unless maybe the guy was either drunk or black. But there aren’t many blacks in Canada, although granted there are lots of drunks.


  7. Cool story, bro.


  8. If you’re not willing to punch a man for patting you on the cheek, there is an potentially effective alternative. Kiss him on the lips then laugh at him. He’ll either have to go to violence, thus allowing you to beat him down, or he’ll be one backing down.

    Agree and amplify.

    Anyhow, my sensei said he did that once at a bar, (didn’t feel the provocation quite merited a beatdown) and the other guy reeled backwards and stumbled away in a panic.


    • do not recommend this tactic, although it absolutely could work. of course this could also happen:


    • Have used the mouth kiss before. Disgusting, yes. Effective? 100 percent, and doesn’t result in jail time.


      • Actually, yeah it does (for all you can’t break the law types, oh no!). And seriously, why go the gross gay route? You wouldn’t kiss the dude for 500 bucks, but you are so socially afraid of confrontation that you would kiss him as a way to one up him in the girly man touching competition? Who the f rack are these people?


      • Key board jockeys are gonna keyboard jockey.
        Look casticv,
        I understand you’re trying to play the hardass route,
        I really get it.
        Afraid of confrontation, huh?
        Stop worrying so goddamn much what other people think of you or at the very least stop spewing your false bravado, you’re gonna get some impressionable newbie killed in a bar. Real fights get people really hurt, and yes, I’d kiss a dude for 500 in cash.
        Especially you, fatboy…


    • on November 6, 2013 at 5:28 pm Lucky White Male

      Vox Day in the house

      By the way, since we are the subject of fighting: I have found what I believe might be the Manliest Beer on the abet right now

      Robert the Bruce Scottish Ale. Killer. On business trip, some guy at hotel bar next to me recommended it

      While I’m at it – let me throw this set out at you

      FIELD REPORT: Yad Stopped 21 yr old in Middle of Airport Terminal

      This morning at 8:00 Am in major metro airport terminal on way to flight , Yad stopped her (I am 38)

      She had given me a flicker of a look as she walked by. When I stopped her she looked surprised but also pleased. Instant smile. Hard 7 , killer ass. I think Rivelino said this recently, that the Yad stop is so effective because girls simply love the dominance involved in being stopped in public by a strande Man. in this Case in the middle of an airport. i swear to god i felt unstoppable when i pulled this off

      So the set: I assumption stacked, teased, then worked off of her answers. Easy Good convo. A few minutes in She asked how old I was , I told her guess, she guessed 26

      I told her my real age, she says: “Wow, just wow. Seriously. You’ve found the Fountain of Youth”

      I said “I told you it’s the Paleo” ( we had gotten on the subject of her being Vegan, me Paleo, she said ” you are one of those meat eaters” I said ” yes I kill animals for sport and then eat them” she laughed)

      Ok, so here is question on this set. I did not get her number. She tells me about 8 minutes in when I say I would love to take you out for coffee sometime ( she is in same part of my home state in turns out). She says I have a boyfriend

      I then pull the Krauser Boyfriend Destroyer:

      ” Hmmm, boyfriend. Is it serious?”

      “Yes, very serious”

      Keep in mind this broad is 21 years old. ” So how serious. Are you living together , are you going to get married, what”

      Here you can see she starts to go on fence. She is eyeing me , smiling. She’s like, I want to be loyal, and we had some problems. He actually cheated on me, but I want to make this work.

      So I go -” he cheated huh? Well you know as a girl you can be pretty covert yourself. So what are the odds that one night… you can sneak out your bedroom window.. Slide down your lamppost… And come and meet me for a drink ?” ( credit Krauser)

      AGAIN you can see this broad was on fence. She starts hemming and hawing. Finally she’s like ” I don’t know. He might find out. He would really kick your ass if he found out”

      Shit test! My response: “Interesting. Does he smoke cigars?”

      We had already talked how I was carrying cigars on my trip because, obviously, only real men smoke cigars. She had told me, ‘ I never knew this that only real men smoke cigars’ I said, “Look at everything I am teaching you about life already and you know me 2 minutes, you are such an innocent babe in the woods’

      So she says ” no he doesn’t smoke cigars” and I say ” well the jury is out- it seems like he may not be quite the man I am”

      She laughs but then says ” this is so quick I don’t know”. I then try for a Third time:

      ” Listen – here’s what we’ll do – I’ll text you. And if you want to come out, you come out”

      She says no a 3rd time because her boyfriend ” keeps tabs on me. He’ll ask to check my emails””

      At this point I feel like I’m crossing line from being Persistent to Try Hard. I tell her I will let her go and she tells me as we part, real sweetheart, ” It was nice talking. Thank you for coming over to talk to me”

      So what does the peanut gallery here think. Was there anyway around this BF issue? I am thinking, as Ya Really said , some girls are simply happy living in the reality of whatever guy they have and you are not going to change it. It appears like this girl – a sweet girl, a Vegan, athletic, classy – gets off on the hard ass guy “keeping tabs” on her – in other words, off a guy with some hard Dominance. He’s got pussy control over her, he’s got hand, and this is hard to break no matter how impressive you are in a daygame set


    • might be able to amplify short of actually kissing him too, like just giving an ‘ooh yeah’ and sidling up to him so at least your face is free to show you’re joking to the audience.


    • Kiss him on the lips then laugh at him.

      Creative idea! Why didn’t I think of that?

      And if you want to be really aggressive, slip him the tongue and cup his balls.





  9. CH and the commentariat, please evaluate this text game. I think I’ve had a breakthrough. Results posted at the end. I violated a few of y’all’s rules (e.g., dinner at a nice restaurant with chick I have not banged), but I think it’s calibrated for this (shy/nice/latina) girl.

    BACKGROUND: Super hot true HB9 beauuuutiful latina. Age 31, mother of one, looks like she’s 24. 5’5”, 112, tiny little girl, perfect legs and skin tone—super duper hot. Looks like Adriana Lima. Loooong black hair—very feminine as the Latinas still sometimes are. My type. Seriously looks like Adriana Lima as much as one could find in a regular nonfamous person on the street, but even better IMO as I’m 5’11” and Lima is too tall. Met her on match—which I’m no longer even on—about 6 weeks ago. Had daytime coffee date. Went well enough. Texted very sparingly the past 6 weeks. She declined a few offers to hang out with excuses, but never totally blew me off. After about 3 weeks of no contact (not from me either—did a good job of forgetting this girl), SHE reinitiated contact a few weeks ago, asking for another coffee date. I got the idea to do the following yesterday at 11 AM:


    Me: [Her Name] let’s go out tonight

    Her (10 min later): Hey [my name] yes we can go out tonight (she has a cute Spanish accent)

    Me (20 min later): Que maravillosa. I will pick u up at 8 (note: I speak Spanish to her from time to time because I can and latina girls think I’m lindo)

    Her (15 min later): I’ll confirm you the time later ok?

    Me (45 min later): okey dokie

    Me (2 hours later): Ok so 7? I just can’t wait to see you!!!!!! (note: this is sarcasm and I think she gets it; in past texts I have said over-the-top stuff like “mi corazon espinado!!!” –look it up if you don’t speak Spanish– when she has made excuses not to meet up—I actually think she thinks it’s cute and it doesn’t hurt me because I text her once every 4 weeks—she gets sarcasm not beta infatuation)

    Her (1 hour later): Ok, I’ll be in [trendy downtown area] so we can meet there ok?

    Me (30 min later): ok

    Her (90 min later): Where and when shall we meet in [downtown trendy area]?


    Me (20 min later): [cool steak restaurant]. 8. Is your little black dress clean?

    (edit: I swear to god I did this literally because I wanted to see her in a little black dress—for ME, I swear to god, and also little black dress is super fun to slide hands up later on my couch—she has killer legs—FOR ME, I wanted her to wear a little black dress)

    Her (4 min later): Yes it is, but is cold today! So I am not sure if I should wear it ; )

    Me (14 min later): I will keep you warm. But we can do jeans if u want.

    Me (7 min later): wait no u should ; )

    Her (10 min later): Ok… ; ) (note: #winning by me )

    Me (15 min later): Yay! See u soon

    Me (30 min later while walking dog before date): It is indeed weird windy weather, but no te preocupes I will protect you. Meet in front of [other restaurant a few blocks away] and walk or are your heels too high?

    (note: indeed was weird stormy weather, big wind gusts, going on 3 days now…yet she did not flake)

    Her (4 min later): Do you mind pick me uo (sic) at my driends (sic) house that is [nearby fancy neighborhood]?

    Me (20 min later): Even better , getting in elevator will call

    RESULT: That was the last text. Picked her up as planned. She was SMOKIN’ in the little black dress. I told her “I like your shoes.” Had good dinner, good conversation, went back to my apartment after with no resistance from her, maid came yesterday so my apartment was sweet (but my stupid dog was annoying), served her a good beer without asking immediately upon entering, put on music, talked for a while, did some dancing (she’s a latina…did some proper ballroom type dancing on my balcony) (kino, which I had done all through dinner too—touching her hand etc). She grabs some dumbbells on my balcony and starts doing military presses in her heels and dress—kill me… she’s fucking hot. Asks how to train back…told her sorry but the thing she was doing is not it and she has to bend over and do lat raises (as we all know)…she does this in her little black dress and 4 inch heels. Kill me. Waited a bit too long but eventually did go in for the kiss. I actually though would be a bang…she was so hot in that little black dress….she pulled away though, but seemed genuinely apologetic….was first date, she wants to get to know me….. I flat told her you know I had to make a move or she’d wrongly think I was too shy. She was, like, looking in my eyes and gushing what a good time she was having and basically apologizing but sort of saying she just won’t have sex on first date and she’s having a lot of fun getting to know me and basically saying there will be a future date. After that she asked me to play guitar for her which I did until about 1 AM (she was impressed, because I can indeed play guitar), but then she made me drive her home instead of her staying, but she was gushing about what a good time she had, not in the (I think) usual be-polite-to-a-beta way.

    So there it is….thoughts? I plan radio silence for 5 days now.


    • I’m not shitting on you, ’cause you did some stuff nice and solid and it sounds like it was a fun date, but you fucked yourself over by thinking the rules don’t apply to you and ended up in a frame I don’t think you realize you’re in lol:

      “I violated a few of y’all’s rules (e.g., dinner at a nice restaurant with chick I have not banged), but I think it’s calibrated for this (shy/nice/latina) girl.”

      Did you get the lay? No…so what DID you get? Let’s look at it objectively: You got milked for dinner/drinks, teased and left with blue-balls, having to drive her home, and the “chance” for another date where you can spend more money on her while she “gets to know you”.

      You are on the Provider Track. You might still bang her, but she’s probably going to milk a couple dates out of you and try to make you date her as a monogamous BF/GF before putting out, or turn you into an Orbiter.

      The rules exist for a reason. They’re to keep you off of the Provider Track.

      Key points:

      “She declined a few offers to hang out with excuses, but never totally blew me off. After about 3 weeks of no contact”

      She was probably fucking someone else.

      “SHE reinitiated contact a few weeks ago, asking for another coffee date.”

      Shit probably didn’t work out with that dude, so she’s looking for a replacement.

      “I actually think she thinks it’s cute and it doesn’t hurt me”

      Did she fuck you, or is she making you wait?

      “she gets sarcasm not beta infatuation”

      She blew you off a few times until you gave up, then snapped her fingers and you jumped to instantly respond with stuff like “I just can’t wait to see you!!!!!” and offering to take her to expensive dinners. Combine that with how if she’s super hot, most guys she meets say that stuff but mean it for REAL, and, well, you can’t really be sure she’s reading it as sarcasm, esp via text. She’s seeing it from her perspective, not yours.

      I’m not saying this kind of texting specifically killed you, but why roll the dice like that, you know?

      “Me (20 min later): [cool steak restaurant]. 8. Is your little black dress clean?”

      This is super-solid. I approve.

      “I swear to god I did this literally because I wanted to see her in a little black dress—for ME”

      It was a big turning point for me when I started telling girls what to wear and that I expect them to doll-up for me. I was socially conditioned to believe that was rude and shallow, but dolled-up chicks get me rock hard so after hooking up with enough girls who’d show up dressed in plain clothes I decided to start being a dick about it. I tell them it’s because I’m shallow and spent too much time in stripclubs when I was younger lol

      Most chicks like dressing up for a guy. The worry about “will he like how I look? Is this what he wanted??” is fun to them. They stress about it the whole way to the meet, and then when you see them you give them the slow down and up checkout with your eyes, tell them they look gorgeous, and relieve all that tension they had over it. That’s a fun emotional rollercoaster for them that the guy who says “I love all women no matter what they look like” doesn’t give them. And it’s something a high-value man who has options and can BE picky/demanding, would do.

      “Her (4 min later): Yes it is, but is cold today! So I am not sure if I should wear it ; )”

      Solid response. She’s shit-testing to see if you’ll back down or demand she wear it.

      “Me (14 min later): I will keep you warm. But we can do jeans if u want.”

      ergh…that first sentence was beautiful. The second was like going “mmmm when I see you, I’m going to pin you up against the wall and run my hand slowly down your body as I bite your neck…….IF THAT’S COOL WITH YOU! IF NOT WE CAN DO SOMETHIN ELSE?? LEMME KNOW LOLOL!!”

      lol. Like, don’t back down or go wishy-washy when you make demands. Let HER bring up “is it okay if I wear jeans? It’s cold :(” and then you can say “hmmm, alright. But you owe me a night of sexy lingerie in the future. ;)”

      “Me (7 min later): wait no u should ; )”
      “Me (15 min later): Yay! See u soon”

      This just kind of enhances the wishy-washy…”Wear a sexy outfit. Well, it’s okay if you don’t. No wait, you should! You will?? YAY!!!!”

      I know to you the “Yay!” thing isn’t super gay and is just sarcasm, but…well, did she fuck you or is she making you wait?

      “maid came yesterday so my apartment was sweet”

      This kind of stuff, while bad-ass, helps put you on the Provider Track because you’re clearly a guy with money and all his shit together etc. and she’s a single mom with The Wall approaching.

      I actually leave my room a bit messy, to help avoid being seen as a Provider. It’s part of why I don’t mind living with a roommate and not having a car either. Combine all that with not taking them out for dinners etc., and women know not to bother putting me on the slow Provider Track, and I get to skip all that and get right to fucking.

      “Waited a bit too long but eventually did go in for the kiss.”

      Try kissing her as soon as you two meet up, on future Day 2’s, to set the tone. Like she walks out in her little black dress and you can look her down and up, eye-fuck her, tell her she looks gorgeous, cut the space, hand on her cheek, and give her a light kiss, with a “Couldn’t resist. 😉 Let’s go.” and lead her to wherever, arm-in-arm.

      The longer you wait to set a sexual tone, the more awkward it feels to go in for the kiss. In my early days I actually went entire Day 2’s without any action, not even kissing, because I didn’t set a sexual tone fast enough and it felt too awkward lol Of course the girls often wouldn’t bother wanting to hang out again since I demonstrated I was too chickenshit to pull the trigger lol

      “I actually though would be a bang…she was so hot in that little black dress….she pulled away though”

      lol, ya, I figured this would be the result when I read that she came back to your apartment without any resistance and when I read that you hadn’t kissed her yet. She knew she was in control of the situation and that you weren’t really a sexual threat so she knew she could tease you for a bit (the dumbbell stuff) and leave you hanging with blue-balls but dying to see her again. Girls who are worried they’re going to bang put up some resistance going back to the guy’s apartment…this girl knew she wasn’t going to bang you tonight.

      Note that this whole thing is you chasing her. You asked to set up a date, you picked her up, you took her to dinner/drinks (did you pay or split the bill?), you drooled all over her dress, you invited her over and gave her beer, you had your place nice and clean to impress her (at least from her point of view), you leered at her while she did dumbbell moves, you let her dictate how much sex there’d be, you played guitar for her, you drove her home, etc.

      There’s not really a point where she’s chasing you or trying to impress you, aside from throwing on a dress. The whole date is you qualifying yourself to her, hoping she’ll let you have sex.

      Best way to describe it I guess would be a really good boxer VS a defensive amateur boxer…the really good boxer can tell pretty quick that while ya, they’re in a fight, realistically they’re the ones setting the tone/rhythm of the fight. The defensive amateur boxer is never really going to have him on his heels stumbling backwards trying to re-gain his composure. He might even stick his chin out (enter your apartment) and let the guy take a few swings so he feels like he has a shot, but realistically he knows he can end the fight whenever he wants to.

      The situation you want to create is one where she’s on her heels trying to play catch-up and regain her balance as you barrage her with emotional fists of fury. Where she’s reacting to you and scared to give you a free shot because she knows you’ll land a knock-out punch the second she lets her guard down and you plow through that guard like it’s nothing and take her and she gets swept away into a fantasy.

      This date is kind of a good example of how guys come up with the ideas that “you have to have really nice shoes, girls notice your shoes” or “you have to have an expensive watch, invest in a good watch, women notice these things”…cause guys take girls on nice comfortable non-sexually-threatening dates where the girl is having fun but not off-balance or on much of an emotional rollercoaster…she’s on an emotional canoe ride instead lol, so she has time to analyze him and check out his shoes and his watch and quiz him on what he does for work and see his guitar skills and qualify him on how good a Provider he’d be.

      When you go to dinner, you put yourself in a situ where you’re sitting across from eachother so kino isn’t very natural, and putting a bunch of food in front of you, and basically entering a “let’s try to qualify ourselves to eachother” frame, except that one person is always qualifying themselves more than the other person. Compare this to something like taking her to the mall to help you pick out some shit, where you’re walking side-by-side and can physically bump her, kino, lead her by the hand into stores, cause a scene and embarrass her, goof around, role-play in shops together, pull her around a corner to kiss her, have her model sexy outfits for you, pull her into a change-room, etc. She isn’t giving a shit about your shoes or watch or career on that kind of Day 2 because she’s too busy going on an emotional rollercoaster with you. It’s very easy to escalate on a Day 2 like that compared to sitting across a table from eachother in some swank “classy” restaraunt where everyone is acting respectable and mature and seeing who’s business card is made of a higher quality paper.

      I’m not saying you did bad, it sounds like a fun night all-around…but your read on the situation is a little off. You broke a lot of rules and ended up categorized as a Provider Beta to her. You can still probably get the lay, but it’ll likely come with strings-attached.

      This is all a very subtle dynamic…but a 31yo hottie who’s meeting up with Internet dudes knows how to play the game. The way you keep saying “but she seemed genuinely sorry, like not in a being-polite-to-a-beta way” just means that she’s good at it. You’re not supposed to catch on lol

      “I flat told her you know I had to make a move or she’d wrongly think I was too shy.”

      lol, you don’t have to justify making a move to her. This kind of makes it sound like you only kissed her so that she wouldn’t think you’re a pussy, VS kissing her because you’re a man who goes for what he wants. Again, it’s a subtle dynamic…this kind of vibe is what told her she would be able to walk out of your apartment without fucking you, which is why she came there so easily in the first place.

      “She was, like, looking in my eyes and gushing what a good time she was having”

      I bet! It sounds like it was an awesome date! She got everything she could have wanted…driven around, dinner, drinks, validation from a quality dude, musical entertainment, a ride home…that was a great night…for HER. But the important question is: did you get what YOU wanted? 😉

      “she’s having a lot of fun getting to know me”

      lol, of course. It’ll probably take her a few dates to “get to know you”. Try inviting her over for a movie or for a $1 coffee instead of taking her out somewhere nice, and see if she still wants to get to know you.

      “and basically saying there will be a future date.”

      Of course. Why wouldn’t she want another one of these nights? She made out like a bandit while you spanked it to porn after she left. 🙂

      “she was gushing about what a good time she had, not in the (I think) usual be-polite-to-a-beta way.”

      I’m sure she legitimately had an amazing time. And I’m sure she likes you. But she’s put you on the Provider Track.

      “So there it is….thoughts? I plan radio silence for 5 days now.”

      No more spending $ on her. Make her invest in the relationship. Have her meet you somewhere, to do something that doesn’t cost $. It’s not that you can’t afford it or anything, it’s that the more you invest, the more of a Provider you become. You could take her on 3 or 4 expensive dates, shower her with a bunch of stuff, and probably get the lay eventually…but you’re not really using “game”, you’re just doing what every other guy does and you’ll end up having sex on her terms, not yours.

      Radio silence thru the weekend, drop the “can’t wait to see you!!!!!!” stuff, push for a meet-up that doesn’t involve you doing stuff for her or spending $ to try to get out of the Provider frame, and when you meet up again kiss her like a boss the second you see her and get her to qualify herself to you and start chasing you.

      Oooo, or flake on her. That would be solid too. Radio silence thru the weekend, arrange a date, then flake with something like “sorry, have to cancel on tonight. A friend I haven’t seen in years is in town and she’s taking me to dinner to catch up. We’ll reschedule for next week k?” where she knows you’re meeting up with a female but doesn’t know exactly who it is and can think that maybe it’s an ex-GF or something and she might lose you if she plays too many games.

      The general idea is to 1) break out of the Provider frame and 2) flip the script so she’s chasing you. Otherwise you’re just playing the same “keep trying to impress her until hopefully she lets me sleep with her” game that every normal guy plays.

      Good luck!


      • Thank you very much for that great response and advice. I fucking suck. I guess my text game got slightly better. Lol. I did make her wear the dress and heels.

        You know what sucks? I *have* banged girls on the first date (many times and usually, actually—it’s either there is great chemistry and bang on first date or never see them again) and I was *not* as “safe” as she apparently thought (although I didn’t rape her, so I guess I was — lol). In other words, I do have confidence when I get my mind right, and as we were driving back to my apartment I was fully confident that I was going to bang her. Like, I thought “done deal.” And the other thing is that I’m awesome at sex (for real) and it would have been great and *she* needed that, actually. She has issues (of course) re: the father of her kid and being a single mother stress—and I would have made her feel GREAT, frankly. She needs about 3 orgasms. She kept trying to talk about problems during the dinner and I was keeping it fun and light (and there was kino…sat at a both and I sat right next to her and touched her a lot, mostly her hand (made her give me her hand so I could look at her ring but of course it was to grab her hand)).

        Do you think it’s possible that I had *not* already lost it (as you say) before we got to the apartment and my mistake was not kissing her and throwing her on the couch *immediately* upon entering my apartment, or would she have seen that as creepy and demanded to leave because you *know* I had already lost it because of the dinner. I swear to god I sort of took my time because I thought it was in the bag and I didn’t mind watching her lift weights in her heels and dress. I think I should have IMMEDIATELY kissed her upon entering the apartment.

        Also I did do the slow look up and down at the dress when I first saw her. I’m not totally omega pathetic, I swear.

        But yeah I’m going to try to follow your advice going forward to a T. Thanks again.

        CH please post this.


      • You should have helped her lift the weights from behind. Nice and close.


      • I was actually afraid she was going to drop them or hurt herself. it was kind of bizarre. she’s tiny. but she wasn’t hammered either. now thinking back on that part of the whole thing it was kind of bizarre.
        is it possible that she actually is kind of shy, as she claims to be?

        I do know that mother are self conscious about things like changed boobs and stuff from being pregnant.

        now this girls legs are perfect. I wonder if she had a c section. didn’t ask. if so she’d have some scar.

        is it also possible that girl feels bloated after eating a steak dinner…. could be legit reasons for a blow off?


      • “now this girls legs are perfect. I wonder if she had a c section. didn’t ask. if so she’d have some scar.”

        All of this stuff is possible. Women who’ve had a kid tend to be pretty nervous about their bodies. The lifting weights could be a hint at “I like to workout, so if my body isn’t perfect I promise I’m trying to get it to be” etc.

        “is it also possible that girl feels bloated after eating a steak dinner…. could be legit reasons for a blow off?”

        And this lol. Paul Janka specifically recommends not going for dinner because to paraphrase: “no one wants to get naked and sweaty for the first time in front of someone they’re attracted to, while they have a belly full of steak dinner”. Maybe she had to take a bit shit lol

        I would chalk it more up to the vibe of the interaction overall, but these are definite possible factors. Either way, this kind of gives you a better perspective on why the traditional dinner & movie (get bloated up and fat in an asexual environment, then sit around in the dark unable to talk to or look at eachother for 2 hours) is a terribly inefficient date for getting laid.


      • “I fucking suck. I guess my text game got slightly better. Lol.”

        lol you didn’t do horrible. You just fell into a trap set by a woman who has experience setting traps. A hot 31yo who’s dating online is well-versed in setting the game up in her frame. Compared to like, an 18yo who doesn’t have a lot of life experience or a very strong frame yet.

        Again you could probably still get the lay, but you just need to be aware that you’re on the Provider Track in her mind. It’s like hitting on a waitress or store clerk…once you walk in, she puts you on the Customer Track. To seduce her, you have to first break free of that Customer Track by doing something that shatters that frame so that she sees you as a normal attractive guy she could potentially bang.

        “I did make her wear the dress and heels.”

        This part is important. That’s progress and it’s good that you pushed that boundary and demanded what you want as a man.

        “I *have* banged girls on the first date and I was *not* as “safe” as she apparently thought”

        Irrelevant. You didn’t demonstrate to her that you weren’t safe (took her on a beta style date, txted “can’t wait to see you!!!!!!” stuff, didn’t kiss her during your date till you were at your apartment, etc.), so she doesn’t know. If Michael Jordan goes and plays a game of pick-up basketball with some randoms who don’t know who he is, and he misses a shot, it doesn’t matter how amazing a player he was, that ball still missed the hoop.

        “I do have confidence when I get my mind right, and as we were driving back to my apartment I was fully confident that I was going to bang her.”

        You took a passive approach instead of pro-active. You assumed that logically she would want to bone you because you had impressed her a bunch during the date…but at the end of the day, you hadn’t even crossed into kissing her before driving her back to your apartment. So to HER, you had a vagina and were scared to make a move.

        That’s why I say to set a sexual tone earlier in the date, like right off the bat when you meet up with the girl. Let her know you have intent, be pro-active toward your goal…you played the same game all the rich good-looking dudes with nice cars and condos play: passively impress her and hope it works out.

        And it DOES work out sometimes…but it’s not solid game, it’s just rolling the dice, know what I mean?

        “And the other thing is that I’m awesome at sex (for real) and it would have been great and *she* needed that, actually.”

        All the more reason to have kissed her sooner on the date. 🙂 Don’t worry, she’s getting those orgasms she needs…from another guy (another Internet guy, an ex, a fuckbuddy, etc.). When a girl puts a guy on the Provider Track, she still needs dick, but she doesn’t want to seem slutty to him…she wants him to think she wants to “get to know him” first and she’s “not that kind of girl”. So she slow-plays the Provider Track guy, while getting banged out by the other guy who’s just for sex.

        How do I know this? Because I AM that other guy lol I’ve made girls have their Provider dates drop them off at my place to bang after their date. I’ve specifically told girls that I’m not boyfriend material, but that I know they have to make quality guys wait before they put out so feel free to txt me if they need to get laid while they feel out their boyfriend quality guy and we can stop banging once they make it official.

        It’s not that they don’t LIKE the Provider guy…they might WANT to bang him, but they KNOW if they put out too soon he’ll consider them a slut and not commit to them to date seriously. So they meet a nice good-looking dude who seems fairly boss and takes them to dinner in an expensive restaraunt and drives them around in his nice car to his nice clean place where he plays guitar all super-cool, and they think “omg, I want to date this guy! I’d better not put out tonight or he’ll think I’m not worth dating!!” and you get the classic “I don’t sleep with guys on the first date” and “I want to get to know you better” etc. excuses. Those are common excuses lol And her whole future is invested in making them sound legit and like she means them and to make you feel like you’re different from the other guys she’s gone out with.

        “She kept trying to talk about problems during the dinner”

        Just make sure to run away if she starts talking about how hard it is to pay her rent or how she needs a vacation etc. lol Those are classic “test to see if the Nice Guy will offer to give me $ or take me on vacations” tests.

        “and there was kino…sat at a both and I sat right next to her and touched her a lot, mostly her hand (made her give me her hand so I could look at her ring but of course it was to grab her hand)”

        This stuff is solid. Sitting beside her helps, if you DO have to sit in a table environment. But without a kiss, you’re not really a sexual threat to her.

        The best way I’ve seen it described is that she should feel at all times like she’s in immediate danger of being fucked. Even if you’re just sitting at dinner, she should be thinking “wow, if I let myself be alone with this guy, we are going to fuck eachother’s brains out”. Not rapey obviously, but like, letting her know you have massive sexual intent with her, VS being her dinner date with good conversation and a few light touches.

        “Do you think it’s possible that I had *not* already lost it (as you say) before we got to the apartment and my mistake was not kissing her and throwing her on the couch *immediately* upon entering my apartment, or would she have seen that as creepy and demanded to leave because you *know* I had already lost it because of the dinner.”

        I think she would have freaked out because it would have been incongruent to your vibe up to that point.

        This’ll be a gay example, but take Twilight lol: SparkleVampire is always lookin at Bella like he’s going to devour her. Even if they’re just making small-talk, she’s thinking “omg omg omg the second we’re alone I’m in trouble and I love it”. So that guy can make small-talk for an hour and then when he gets her alone, pin her up against the wall and ravage her in a sexy intense way, because it’s congruent to his vibe.

        Or take someone less intense, like Russell Brand: He’s all high-energy bubbly and bouncey but everything he says is laced with sexual innuendo, so sex is on the table. So even if he just jokes around for an hour, she’s thinking “omg omg this guy loves sex, if we’re alone I’m going to end up banging him and I love it”, and when he gets her alone he can pin her against the wall and ravage her in a fun light-hearted way, because it’s congruent to his vibe.

        Then take someone asexual like Bill Gates: He’s basically a non-sexual entity to the girl and he doesn’t make his intentions known or anything and they have a nice fun conversation but it’s completely friend-zoney compared to the vampire and Russel, and she’s thinking “he’s a nice guy, maybe I’d bang him someday but if not he’d make a good friend, maybe he’d be someone stable to date long-term”…so when he gets her alone, if he pins her against the wall it’s like “woah, hey, wtf is this shit!!” because it’s out of the blue to her.

        Essentially she should “know it’s coming” so that when it happens, it’s natural that it would happen, VS not knowing it’s coming and then being surprised by it.

        So I think in your case, if you had kissed on the hello, dropped some more sexual talk during dinner, made out a bit after dinner, etc., once she got in the door you could (and should) escalate right away. But all your hesitation just told her you aren’t a guy who makes moves, and while you passively enjoyed the dumbbell show, she was basically splaying her vagina in your face going “well? Are you going to do something about it?? I didn’t think so lol”…If you had set a sexual tone to things and been more pro-active, you would’ve been fucking her on your weight bench. I actually legitimately thought that’s where your Field Report was going lol When you said you then eventually kissed her I was like “wait what??” and it went downhill from there lol

        Essentially she went into a lazy bear’s cave, wearing honey and sampling his food and made herself at home and knew she’d be safe to leave whenever she wanted…VS stepping into a hungry bear’s cave, scared but excited about what the bear would do to her as she runs around covered in honey.

        Remember in Jurassic Park when the kids are in the overturned truck as the T-Rex sniffs at it? That’s the feeling you want her to have, but in a sexual way lol That’s why I say you weren’t a “sexual threat” to her. She wasn’t on her heels holding her breath wide-eyed like “omg I won’t be able to control myself from fucking this guy”. Again I’m not talking rape, for the spergs out there lol, I’m talking showing intent through your eyes, sexual conversation, slow sensual kino, low bedroom voice, etc. A lot of this is sub-communicated.

        “I swear to god I sort of took my time because I thought it was in the bag”

        Don’t get lazy. 🙂

        “Also I did do the slow look up and down at the dress when I first saw her.”

        lol good stuff. Next time throw in a kiss on top of it. Basically set the tone up front of “hanging around me means we’ll be having sex, if you’re not cool with that, that’s alright, you can leave and I’ll txt a girl who wants to bang tonight” VS the tone of “I’m cool with just a nice date, hopefully something comes from it but if not I had a good time anyway! :)”

        Lots of subtle shit going on here. Don’t stress it too much. I’m pointing it out more so that you can spot it in the future when you’re falling into it. Hell, even when you can see it happening, you can still end up falling into it. I’ve had dates where I KNOW I haven’t set enough of a sexual tone but for whatever reason I couldn’t get myself to get past that and ended the date the same way yours did…she wants to go out again, obviously, because even when I’m off my game I’m still a cool fun guy to be around, but I know I’m on the Provider Track with her. Sometimes I won’t even go out again because I’d rather just start over with a new girl and run proper game from the start lol

        Give it another go with her, for the learning experience. But like I say: 1) Get out of the Provider frame, and 2) Flip the script and get her qualifying herself and chasing you instead


      • thanks again. ya come to think of it the “friend’s” house I picked her up and dropped her off from is probably the dude she was fucking. I gotta get my fucking shit together. I am inherently beta and don’t learn the lessons about the nature of women. Like I really think/thought that this girl is shy/nice/sweet and not doing that, for sure, and true she wants a provider, but some people, even men, do want to get married and be a family with kids. I don’t mind the provider thing IF I get the right woman. Not that there is a mythical “the one” but I want more kids. The world needs people like me having 8 kids instead of Lawfanwndah from the hood having 8 kids.


    • Ya dissected it quite nicely already. I just wanted to add that having milked for all it was worth you get real hip to the game. She was -definitely- dating and/or fucking some other dude. It didn’t work out so you were her 2nd choice. “Runner up”, never forget that in future encounters, it helps maintain that frame Ya was speaking of.

      Second, he is 100% on point re: cash out lay. I went into match very naive at first and dropped way too much coin at first. Once I tightened up my game I was spinning mad plates off that site. Coffee date. Period. Any chick that won’t meet you for coffee the first time and demands dinner is no one you want to be around.


    • FYI — because the profile of this chick is startlingly similar to a certain she-who-will-not-be-named…a little older, hot body, single/divorced mom, some amount hispanic/latina — I will just tell you that she is bullshitting you. If it’s on you will fuck her within 7-10 hours of face time or less. It really doesn’t matter how chaste or conservative or whatever she is.

      I know because of how much differently mine treated me versus how she treated the men who orbited her — rich, pretty successful, and always. fucking. qualifying.

      I mean, even after all that happened and what she said — she still tried to get in contact with me. She’s been messaging me. She wants to get a drink when she comes back as ‘just friends,’ she misses me, she wishes I was a nice man because she could give so much of herself to me. I haven’t responded….

      But ya. These two women don’t sound -too- different. Look at the hoops yours is making you jump through. Look at everything I did (by being an idiot and reckless) to mine and she’s still just trying to come back.

      Stop rolling out the red carpet. If you must roll it out, wait until she spreads her legs to do so.


      • ok I’ve only got 5 hours with her so far–one date. next one will be right in the range if it happens


  10. All hope is lost, assuming this story is true (a big assumption). Liked her for three years and you only made out with her once? You’ve had her alpha bf touch your face and you looked to her for your defense?

    Reframing/changing how she looks at you is almost impossible at this point. She won’t forget that you’re the pining beta of unrequited love. Either next her and move on, or run some asshole game on other girls she knows and start hooking up with them. Even that’s unlikely to work at this point – like trying to save the Titanic with a bucket.


  11. Still unnerved by the now documentable downward spiral of Toronto, of Ontario, of Canada.


  12. I’m looking for red pill advice on an upcoming 3 day/night assessment that will determine whether i’m suitable for the gig (military police) or not.

    there’s going to be a ‘social event’ probably right off the bat, where i’m sure the testers will be judging us there – along with group dynamics exercises, role play exercises etc. throughout the assessments.

    it’s all going down the last weekend of november. this is my big break if i get accepted, so, with that in mind, i’ve been hitting the archives a bit – yesterday’s pose post was helpful, the national geographic alpha male post is solid.

    5’8, white, built, and been a bouncer the past 3 years (also in sales), so I figure I have everything riding against me.

    been a lurker here for almost a couple years – guidance/advice/tips are appreciated


    • Just be the gray man: polite, professional, and cordial. No need to do anything fancy if you’re trying to get a job. Alphas get stomped by vexatious PR/HR drones even in the military these days. Happens all the time. Look at Tailhook. Just say the party line and shut your trap until you’re in a position to influence things.


    • just stay calm, maintain command presence (google it if you have to) and confound expectations.

      you are a short meathead so the expectation is that you will over compensate. calm the fuck down if you get pushed and if they are testing you they will push hard.

      a trick to get out of an amygdala hijack and keep you thinking is to recite Pi in your head out as far as you can.or times tables. anything to reengage bloodflow to your pre-frontal cortex will keep you less emotional and alot smarter. logic is a mans best friend, his ego and feelings are NOT.


      • “. . .recite Pi in your head out as far as you can . . .”

        “. . . or times tables.”
        What’s the point of memorizing those? It’s not like the trains run on time these days.


      • trains eh? little early on the west coast for jenkum cocktails ain’t it?


      • Ahhhh! I knew there must be a reason for me to stay east. Thanks.


      • No. Alpha-Hulk smash things.

        In fantasy, Alpha-Hulk kills all competitors and woos all the women. In reality, the dopes here would crap their pants, but if the fantasy situation played out, Alpha-Hulk would be nursing a smashed face and broken bones in jail after he gets out of the hospital.

        Why are you people wasting so much time pretending you’re all “alpha”? You’re not.


      • whats your name sweetie?


      • Step aside, sailor… I saw him first.


    • do not drink too much. 2 drinks max.


    • I want to add this does not make a lot of sense. Are you in the US? Now in the military? Typically your MOS gets selected either pre-bootcamp based on your Delayed Entry Program choice or you’re assigned an MOS based on ASVAB and performance post bootcamp. Whoever heard of a 3 day selection? At least not in the US. Am I missing something?


      • Canadian – you’re sent to a M.P. assessment center for a few days.

        Depending on how many they take on this assessment, your percentage of getting in and starting basic, then academy, either falls in or out of your favour.

        For instance, they may only be taking 10 out of the 50 that attend.


      • ah hell, Canadians?

        need to ask this on a Girl Scouts forum eh hoser?


      • I see. Well good luck. It ain’t always about “Game” especially in the masculine world of the military. It’s hierarchical, the hierarchy is built in, and while you can be a bit alpha among your peers, you need to show respect to those formally above you in rank. Show respect above, and show caring and mentoring concern below, and that’s basically what leadership’s about.


  13. I know you advise against wasting time on girls who are pining over alpha boyfriends or exes, but I had one situation where it worked out for me.

    I met this girl the last day of senior year in HS. We texted a bit and I took her out one evening. Now, I knew she had a boyfriend who lived i bit out of town, and she’d bitch to me about how he ignored her and blah blah. Normally you’d recommend to drop her and move on.

    I think what worked for me was frame, though. This was when I first started turning myself around, beginning my journey to alphadom, and frankly, I was and still am alpha af with her. Though she’d try to talk about the guy, I’d often just give off the attitude of not caring, and went on to do my thing. But at the same time, I also planted the idea that, “she could do better.”

    I think there’s a difference between convincing a girl she can do better and whining to her that her bf is a jerky asshole dick and she’d be better off just cuddling with you.

    Also, me sticking around just a bit longer than other alpha types would have probably created a sense of scarcity in her mind. I stuck around, but was by no means an emotional tampon. Had I left sooner, though, she wouldn’t have even realized what she’d have missed out on. You get me?


    • “I think there’s a difference between convincing a girl she can do better and whining to her that her bf is a jerky asshole dick and she’d be better off just cuddling with you.”

      There needs to be the implication that, while she can do better, she can’t do as good as you. “It’ll be all right, kiddo. You’ll do better next time”.


  14. “and his problems become your problems”. I love that last line. There is so much wisdom in that one phrase to warn men about getting entangled with basket cases and morons.


    • I took me years of hard won wisdom to realize this. I am a slow learner apparently… I had the Paris Hilton bitch literally -attempting- to get me into fisticuffs for her enterainment. I had another crazy with an ex that was a roided out rager and that almost ended badly for me as he was fucking diesel and I wasn’t even close to that big.

      And lastly, another ex from my younger days that decided to get a cop boyfriend who was a jealous bastard. I was still bangin her out on the side and the dude ran my name in NCIC and was stalking my house. Insanity.


      • When it comes to serious bodily injury, the threat is not alpha assholes so much as jacked-up betas.


      • i have no idea if this is accurate across the board, but this has been my experience. it is probably because they need to assuage their ego when a regular guy like me gets chicks and they don’t (DESPITE DOING EVERYTHING RIGHT!?!WJAJEJ!!). i’m also very arrogant and smug, so that may have something to do with it too. lol


  15. AMOG: Puts hands on you.
    AMOG: Doesn’t put hands on your anymore.


    • That was interesting. It’s all too unexpected for you to get blamed for anything that happens to his body.


  16. Consider yourself in Contempt!*
    Kaffee: *Colonel Jessep, did you order the Code Red?*
    Judge Randolph: You *don’t* have to answer that question!
    Col. Jessep: I’ll answer the question!
    [to Kaffee]
    Col. Jessep: You want answers?
    Kaffee: I think I’m entitled to.
    Col. Jessep: *You want answers?*
    Kaffee: *I want the truth!*
    Col. Jessep: *You can’t handle the truth!*
    Col. Jessep: Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Who’s gonna do it? You? You, Lt. Weinburg? I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You weep for Santiago, and you curse the Marines. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know. That Santiago’s death, while tragic, probably saved lives. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives. You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me on that wall, you need me on that wall. We use words like honor, code, loyalty. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon, and stand a post. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to.
    Kaffee: Did you order the Code Red?
    Col. Jessep: I did the job I…
    Kaffee: *Did you order the Code Red?*
    Col. Jessep: *You’re Goddamn right I did!*
    6 of 6 found this interesting | Share this


  17. Taste the rainbow.


  18. Hilarious!Loved the show today


  19. If you ever end up like this ask yourself, What is “inner game”?


  20. Max-level troll alert, without a shadow of a doubt.

    Good advice though.


  21. This is EXACTLY why I lift. I’m all for game tactics but Nothing says AMOG and confidence like the knowledge that you can deck another man if you have to, and you just need to have red lines in your personal life.


    • Lifting = looking tough to avoid a fight
      Taking boxing= actually learning to fight


      • right but size is a deterrent


      • size usually wins.

        pretending this bullshit’s real. There are guys you don’t fuck with. If onesie wants to get with Sheila who dates criminals, then he’s going to accept that there’s a beating in his future.


      • you tough guys are garbage. any decent normal man with a job CANNOT risk a fight and getting arrested for battery. another reason not to fight is to avoid getting a disease from something from your teeth going inside the blood on my knuckle. it is HILARIOUS to see those here who advocate physical violence. I CANNOT do that, at least as a lawyer anyway.


  22. on November 6, 2013 at 1:33 pm The lazy bear

    Women are pretty depraved. study them all you want, thats what it comes down to every single time.


  23. Although the punching part is most likely bullshit, it is not impossible. I have a beta I work with (who Im pretty sure is gay) and some dude punched him for talking to his girl at a bar. He still has the scar almost a year later. Although shit like that is rare, it can happen when a crazy dude senses a guy that won’t retaliate if he punched him. Sounds insecure? Cuz it is. Most crazy alpha dudes are insecure about a lot of things. But shit, most of them get hot gfs.


    • wrong. “Most crazy alpha dudes are insecure about a lot of things. But shit, most of them get hot gfs”

      those are fucked up insecure natural Betas with one of the big three insecurity indicators……excessive tattoos, excessive musculature, excessive rage. gotta act bad because they don’t feel bad. and yes, if this bitch feels like there is no repercussion he will hit you.

      it really must be getting tough out there for the enginerds.


    • Sounds like the dude was probably drunk. Punching a drunk dude is definitely beta.


  24. haha you’re actually right but looking tough actually does avoid fights. besides, my shoulders have a really bad habit of coming out of their sockets when I swing a punch so martial arts is out of the question for me.


  25. on November 6, 2013 at 1:53 pm The lazy bear

    Is it really worth throwing punches though? For some loser and some girl that doesn’t respect you? I’d rather just leave and go find another broad. No time for that drama.


    • It’s no longer about the girl in that moment. It’s about the guy getting proxy mushroom stamped in the face and just passively taking it.


  26. Yeah it’s hard to believe any CH reader could be this retarded.

    Still, I think the next time a girl I am with gets hit on I will try the pat-pat “go jerk off bro” line. Hilarious.


    • hand on the back or gripping the tricep just behind the elbow is better. very little pressure to control a big ass motherfucker.

      it’s instinctual too. watch a dude calm right the fuck down.


      • I haven’t heard that before. I’m trying to imagine a context or situation that would warrant that.

        These guys wanting to punch people are all missing the point. The reason they want to lash out is because they feel powerless and they want to take the power back.

        When an AMOG chumps them in front of women it should be a wake up call. They need self awareness of their actions and behavior that would telegraph weakness to strangers. Some guys are more alpha than others and just like starting at a HB6 before going up to an 8, AMOGING isn’t natural for them either and they need to get skills before tackling the big guys. They may be out of their league with the guys too.

        I’m willing to give the OP/troll the benefit of doubt considering it’s such a familiar story. Plus, PUA’s I know are arrogant enough to try to show off like that.
        The touching the face thing. The reason he wrote/trolled CH is because he isn’t the kind of guy to retaliate and the AMOG knew it. AMOGs aren’t just dumb beasts even though it seems like it sometimes. They are social strategists in their own way and wouldn’t touch another alpha’s face unless they wanted to fight.


      • I don’t mean to start throwing punches is or isn’t the right action. But passively taking it isn’t. Once you do that, it’s a bad path to start down.

        Agreed that not projecting weakness so that you invite this behavior is even better. How to go about that is really it’s own topic.


      • “I’m trying to imagine a context or situation that would warrant that.”

        right off the bat when you are forced to meet the bastard. no such thing as a fair fight, and when you can tell a guy is gonna be a shit, you establish yourself first.

        you think girls are the only ones that appreciate balls? guys today need leadership even more than the hiz-zo’s.


      • “guys today need leadership”

        Agreed. I’ve been doing a lot more of the dominance establishing lately. That national geographic on alphas was an excellent how to. It’s amazing how quickly guys will acquiesce. I’ve been focused on picking up chicks so much that I neglected AMOGs. Pick up is much easier when the guys defer to you.


      • “These guys wanting to punch people are all missing the point. The reason they want to lash out is because they feel powerless and they want to take the power back.”



      • Shithouse psychology…

        Sometimes a punch is just a punch…. because it feels good… and the other clown needed it.

        This isn’t rocket surgery.


      • Sometimes a punch is just a punch, except when greg follows that statement up by implying that the punch is about more than the punch. lol


      • In my mind’s eye I can see you rubbing your mitts in glee, thinking you said something both profound and neener-neenerish.

        Apparently you’re unable to comprehend the nuance of my “just a punch” statement in re overt versus ulterior motive… and haven’t seen or thrown enough punches yourself to know that the deliverer is actually feeling pretty powerful and take charge at the moment… not “lashing out in powerlessness”.

        Of course, I’m talking about fighting amongst men… not you clowns “keeping yo’ pimp hand strong”.


      • lol accepting wat u say as tru he does something to make him feel powerful because he felt pretty powerless for a second. sikk nuance skillz greg. that is to say…lol.


      • Save the n199er-babble for your South Park homies.


      • lol feel free to point out how wat you said is something other than nonsense 🙂


      • They guy is already a chump. He has oneitis for this tramp who shares her boyfriend with her sister. He’s hanging around like a lost puppy and breaking every CH rule in the book.


  27. “I’ve never seen this animalistic behavior before between grown men!”

    No way a hetero male wrote this sentence. Your correspondent is either a chick or a big mo.


  28. I’ve been in the situation where I’ve tried to set up a threesome with a girl that other guys have put on a pedestal. So there’s at least a kernal of truth in this parable. I also enjoy the irony of using a troll’s own story to impart game advice. We non trolls wouldn’t have come up with such a unique and educational scenario.


  29. The end advice is the best advice. If the story is true.. a girl like that is too fucking broken for you to play Captain save a ho. Who would want to deal with a GWC??

    Remember my motto. If you really feel like you gotta rescue something.. go to the pound and rescue a puppy. Don’t waste time rescuing broken women.


    • That’s exactly what the women do. Great advice. Every one of them loves a furry dog but not one of them would even contemplate “saving” a beta man. By saving I mean all she has to do is be nice and have sex with him.


    • Puppies are loyal, it will remember you saved it from the pound.


  30. and this is why you next dem’ ho’s. IF this is real (i agree btw that it probably isn’t, it sounds like a chick troll, or “cuntis Americanus”) then what this goat fucker needs to do is simply walk away in AWE of the man that tooled him and learn why, not bitch about it. we are ALL accountable to ourselves, it turns out.

    oneitus is aptly named in this cas and in all cases where it applies. go unfuck yourself and reemerge the lunkhead. for the motherfucking win.


  31. The pat on the face deserves a response, but I don’t know if I’d go straight nuclear. I’d give him one chance. Serious yet casually I would tell him with strong eye contact “don’t ever touch me again, fag”. And if he does, then its go time. As far as the chick is concerned, its a win either way. Either he gets the message and you show that you can back a guy off with your words, or he doesn’t, and you follow through and show her that you mean what you say. Of course, if that happens, you might end up getting your ass kicked…


  32. lol troll. PUAs don’t hire ourselves out like dick-wielding hitmen. Any decent PUA would’ve told this guy to get over his one-itis.

    No comment on the rest of it except to say that punching the guy out for him touching your face won’t get the girl…she wasn’t attracted to you before, she won’t be after that. You’d be risking jail or death/paralysis/etc. for the sake of some chick who won’t bang you either way and saving your ego in front of people who either don’t respect you already or don’t give a shit about you.

    The reality is that giving a shit about “disrespect” comes from insecure ego protection. If you knew you could turn around after the face touch and go fuck the 3 hottest chicks in the room at the same time you would not give a fuck. But you can’t, so your brain panics “omg everyone including myself will think I’m a pussy if I don’t do something!!”

    Nothing that happens in a bar is worth fighting over. That’s what bouncers, cops, etc. are for. – type “one punch” into the Search form


    • lol troll. PUAs don’t hire ourselves out like dick-wielding hitmen. Any decent PUA would’ve told this guy to get over his one-itis.

      Yeah. In addition, even if the writer is in fact so omega he gets treated like a complete loser by the AMOG, I wouldn’t expect the PUA to get treated like that too.


    • totes. wouldn’t a real person hire a hot chick to fuck the amog to rat him out to his would be smoochie?


      • this would make his smoochie more attracted to him. If he existed.


      • if the guy was one with the red pill, eh? blue pill mindset would be all like “busted”


      • Only if she found out he was in on the setup. The dude already cheated with her sister so some hot hoe is not going to make her flinch. Get him in a situation where he cries for his life and offers to trade her in exchange for it maybe.


    • I can see Bruce Willis getting that famous smirk of his, and then moving to kiss the guy on the lips, staying icy cool the entire time. I can picture Steven Seagal in the same scenario; that calm and certain knowledge that comes from knowing you can rip the other guy’s limbs out of their sockets if you want.

      Hand to hand combat against a superior opponent is a touchy thing. The urge to reach out and kiss face-pat guy in the face with your fists is visceral, and hard to control, but it’s tempered by the knowledge that face-pat guy is a full head taller than you and has served lots of jail time for beating the living shit out of people a lot tougher than you. (True story.)

      When I was in that situation, I did the math and walked away. Face-pat guy was one of my in-laws, challenging me on a matter of family honor, and since it was hugely apparent only a suicidal moron would accept that gauntlet he threw down, I went in the house to the table where all the old women were sitting, and effectively hid in their skirts like a complete pussy.

      It’s an embarrassing memory, but I still have all my teeth and a clean criminal record. I could somewhat get away with this move at the time, because he was like 30 years older than my 22, and I was barely out of the womb as a man anyway.

      Why else would I have married that fat bitch from that clan of insane fat people anyway? She preyed upon me at a vulnerable time of life is all, betting I would grow into a fine man, which I did. These days, that kind of scenario never happens, because I look too dangerous to fuck with.

      On a side note, I have finally accepted that I completely despise fat people.


    • meh i think the viewpoint that you should always shy away from fighting is kinda gay…there are always situations that warrant fighting….when it comes down to it violent fighting is just as much a part of human nature as love is


    • “You’d be risking jail or death/paralysis/etc. for the sake of some chick who won’t bang you either way and saving your ego in front of people who either don’t respect you already or don’t give a shit about you.”

      Dude, let’s be real. Doesn’t matter if what you say makes sense. Doesn’t matter if CH is totally full of it when he claims he would punch a guy for touching his face in condescension. The fact that he made the claim made him sexier.

      Today I read this OP and I was like “I wanna know a story about how Heartsie punched some dude in a fit of rage. I want the story to be full of self aggrandizing flowery prose. I believe this story will make me touch myself. Lots.”


      • “I want the story to be full of self aggrandizing flowery prose. I believe this story will make me touch myself. Lots.”

        My bad. I didn’t realize the Manosphere’s purpose now was to write erotica for solipsistic attention-whores to rub one out to. I thought we were aiming to help men.

        No one gives a shit whether you’re wet or not. Except Matt King.


      • you know what i disagree. matt is one of the most important commenters here at this site. i really value everything he has to say. infact he’s the most important commenter out of all of the blogs in the world.

        screw it might as well be honest he’s the best commenter that has ever contributed to the world wide web.


      • You know, for all your braggadocio about unseen exploits with women, you never seem to actually demonstrate that easy charm you boast about here. Not even accidentally.

        Go on and on about the purpose of PUA websites and the limitations of this medium, but a neutral observer would think that by now you would have shown incidentally and by example some of your famous comfort around women.

        Before you spaz: Let’s not dispute this is a website for dudes trading tips with dudes. Let’s stipulate the girls here are interloping attention whores with little understanding of their own attractions.

        Just tell me this. Why would you go out of your way to deny CH’s online effectiveness? Is it because you don’t know what to do with interloping women, how to talk to them, how to effectively neutralize them and make this place safe for “helping men”?

        The girl just said she is so taken by the world CH conjures out of simple pixelated words that she wants to finger herself. His power projected remotely has an intimate sexual effect on her. Your immediate assumption is that she is damaged, not that he is masterful on this medium, which is corroborating evidence — but perhaps not dispositive — that he is competent in other venues.

        This is a problem for your credibility. The limitations of the venue cannot explain away your complete inability to enthrall anyone the way CH does here, who is subject to the very same restrictions you are.

        One doesn’t have to make it his conscious mission to charm the panties off of every girl he encounters online or otherwise before they start dropping drawers. For some men, it just happens everywhere they go, no matter what method of communication is being used, no matter what limitations obtain.

        In other words, you are so hyperfocused on the nuts and bolts of bar-slut seduction — and simultaneously obsessed with “keyboard” kredibility — that you allow no possibility of a man simply exuding enough of a presence to attract women through every screen and obstacle — by embracing who he is. Your prejudice against “Just be yourself” is so pronounced that you cannot imagine that some fellows’ selves are adequate enough by nature and require little or no “alpha” boost from your street magic solutions. (I speculate that this is the residue of omega insecurity still affecting you, but that is neither here nor there.) The method of seduction is not so wildly different between online conversation and face-to-face conversation that you can maintain wizardry in the latter but demonstrate zero skill in the former.

        Deny it, but women do pick up on the omincompetent vibe — yes, even damaged and broken chicks; yes, even through computer screens, cell texts, and phone signals.



      • I was going to tell #1 FAN that, while his intentions are sound, not to go too hyperbolically overboard, lest credibility suffer.

        But after reading this, your latest pwn (of many) of our resident shithouse psychologist, well… I’d argue that #1 FAN may have been stinting in his praise.


      • It’s just a sock puppet trying out a new tack. You forget: It is not a world of men, Machine.


      • on November 7, 2013 at 1:09 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        “You know, for all your braggadocio about unseen exploits with women, you never seem to actually demonstrate that easy charm you boast about here. Not even accidentally.”

        Oh, holy shit. My sides. My fucking SIDES. Did Matt King just accuse YaReally of not being really charming with women?

        You know, Matt, I’m guessing I could have a 10-minute conversation with YaReally without him accusing my father of having molested me.

        I bet, even if he weren’t the slightest bit interested in me, he’d probably be able to talk to me for 10 minutes without informing me that, without a man to properly interpret Scripture for me, I’m doomed to a life of inconsequential emptiness.

        I bet that, when YaReally talks to women, they never start mentally mapping the shortest route to the exit, or frantically signaling their friends to come and rescue them.

        I bet the last time YaReally made a girl’s skin crawl was when he chased her around the swingset, pretending to swipe her with a booger. And that was in the third grade.


      • Manfully defended, I must say.


      • 😉 = try-hard cool. Who do you think you’re fooling, especially in this place?

        And hello, Rapp. My criticism wasn’t about you (cf. somebody’s comment on “solipsis[m]” above) — nor did it mention me. YaReally was mocking feministx’s response to CH. You inserted two personas into two incongruous roles and indulged a dramatic conniption. I haven’t made any claims about myself, nor would I. The question you have to ask is, would you rather spend ten minutes in flirtatious conversation with CH or YaReally?

        But I’m happy to have afforded you that opportunity to let it all off your chest. I honestly didn’t think you cared that much, nor did I imagine you’d be affected enough to file away such a breathless bill of particulars.



      • “you never seem to actually demonstrate that easy charm you boast about here. Not even accidentally.”

        lol that’s an easy one. You and I use this site in a different way.

        I have friends in real life, and I’m out meeting new men and women in person every weekend. I’m also meeting those women in environments where they’re dolled up and looking their best. I don’t need friends here, and I don’t need to flirt it up with women here. To me the girls here are 7s at best (your lover FeministX is a butterface with serious aspergers who’s fucking a married guy…you keep telling me about all these high-quality women you roll with that you wouldn’t introduce me to in real life, are they as high-quality as her?), and they live in other parts of the world where I’m unlikely to run into them anyway. I don’t care if they like me or not. Hell, I don’t even care if the men here like me. I’m only here to spread game knowledge and help guys who need help.

        That’s why, when the women here write shit that makese sense and aligns with actual applicable game logic, I give them props or back them up if they’re in a discussion. When they write gay attention-whore shit like “I’m so wet right now, doesn’t that factor into your opinion???”, I make fun of them. Because that shit is solipsistic nonsense and sidetracks a legitimate discussion that could help men.

        You don’t really have a social life. At best, you probably have a handful of like-minded guys who also think they’re better than everyone else, but who also chase around average 7s. These guys are your frat bros from way back and you think they’re better than everyone else. But day to day, you don’t really meet new people and socialize, and you’re not the top dog of your frat bros. So you come on here for your social validation. You prance around declaring yourself better than everyone, Greg sucks your dick a bit, and you work your “charms” on the women trying to be some kind of combination of disciplinarian (of course you can’t discipline when they don’t respect you) orbiter because you’re hoping that if the girls here talk and flirt with you, other guys here will be jealous of your “mad online game skillz yo” and you can get that validation you’re looking for.

        The reality is that everyone laughs at you when you hit on the girls here, including the girls themselves. But the girls are polite about it and it’s fun to flirt so they play along…but there is no girl here who would ever realistically fuck you, in a million years.

        “Deny it, but women do pick up on the omincompetent vibe — yes, even damaged and broken chicks; yes, even through computer screens, cell texts, and phone signals.”

        You can have ’em. I’ll stick to girls in the real world.

        This entire thing very clearly demonstrates how much you ping off other people to determine value (this is also what women do). The Manosphere is a popularity contest for you. You are like a chick in junior high, looking at value based on “ya but more people like meeeeee so nyah nyaaaah”. It’s silly and just tells me that people in your day to day life don’t view you as having much value, because you have to come here, a place that you openly loathe and where people openly loathe you, to chase validation and try to bully your way into value.

        …and when you can’t get it here, then you stalk FeministX to her personal blog to vent your “disciplinary orbiter” confessions of love to her. lol

        Srsly Matt, it’s time to get off teh Interwebz. 🙂


      • I don’t need friends here, and I don’t need to flirt it up with women here.

        Not my point, peppy. My point wasn’t about “need[s]” or even wants. I was talking about the incidental, accidental, passive product of being comfortable around women. I even emphasized this in my original post because your retort is always so predictable I can write it myself.

        What is it about having friends that precludes someone from incidentally making limited connections online, and vice-versa? Especially in this day and age when the two realms are quickly converging.

        How is this a zero-sum game? Why can CH walk and chew gum at the same time, but you “choose” not to with such purist zeal that you have never slipped up and flirted a single time? You haven’t said.

        …you keep telling me about all these high-quality women you roll with that you wouldn’t introduce me to in real life, are they as high-quality as her?

        You are confusing me with someone else. Or, more likely, with the phantom in your head you normally joust with. Only confessional fools with no impulse control throw the pearls of personal detail before the swine of insecure children like you.

        You can have ‘em. I’ll stick to girls in the real world.

        See, this right here is the bullshit I am calling you out on. I took pains to emphasize that of course you are not here to flirt. My judgment was based on the complete absence of even an accidental instance of you demonstrating the ability in real time, rather than talking yourself up about experiences conveniently beyond our purview. I am not saying it is hard or that it demands great skill. I am saying it is natural and automatic to flirt with the opposite sex, not something one turns off so completely when he is in online mode.

        I mean, here you are, a legendary, self-promoting pussyslayer. But you act like a bitter MGTOW with every single woman you have ever communicated with on this medium. I find that incongruous. (Remedial winking emoticons notwithstanding, killer.)

        Now can you focus on that incongruity for thirty seconds before you fly into another phantasmagoric narrative about my lack of friends and wisdom and experience and love and all things that are good in this world? I swear I’d even concede all of that if it would get you to just focus and reply straightforwardly for once.



      • @matt. did you miss this part?

        “That’s why, when the women here write shit that makese sense and aligns with actual applicable game logic, I give them props or back them up if they’re in a discussion. When they write gay attention-whore shit like “I’m so wet right now, doesn’t that factor into your opinion???”, I make fun of them. Because that shit is solipsistic nonsense and sidetracks a legitimate discussion that could help men.”


      • @matt

        matt you are in pain? are you alright? are you hurt? who is causing you pain? tell me who it is causing you this pain. i’ll fight them off for you.


      • This-

        ““That’s why, when the women here write shit that makese sense and aligns with actual applicable game logic, I give them props or back them up if they’re in a discussion. When they write gay attention-whore shit like “I’m so wet right now, doesn’t that factor into your opinion???”, I make fun of them. Because that shit is solipsistic nonsense and sidetracks a legitimate discussion that could help men.””

        Srsly? Yareally, I have a neutral impression of you. I am neither attracted nor unattracted to you. I rarely read your posts because they tend to be specific answers to someone’s personal love problems. But how exactly can you understand much about how to specifically react to a situation involving women without having a basic understanding of what drives female attraction? I’m really kind of confused by this. Read the statement in the OP I was referring to-

        “Let’s get the crux of the matter out of the way. If a man malevolently touches your face, that’s grounds to sock him. No question about it. A demeaning face pat is the G-rated equivalent of a cock slap against your cheek. You reply with a hammer blow to his gut or nose. This goes whether a girl is present or not.”

        It turns me on. I don’t have any idea if this statement was written with the intention of turning any woman on or if it was a simple honest reaction. But you’ve got to be batty if you can’t see that the statement would turn a lot of women on (consciously or subconsciously). Rilly? You can’t see that chicks would dig that kind of swagger?

        You’re telling me I am this vapid attention whore. Whatever I am, my reaction to the statement was a sincere one.

        As I said, the point was not that I think fighting the guy is actually the most convenient thing to do. The point was that the vigilance and aggression expressed was attractive.

        I agree with Matt on this issue. You can sit here all day every day and memorize rules about what time to neg and how many hours should pass between texts, but what is the point of you can’t understand that the core state of being that attracts women? First and foremost, I think you have got to develop a genuine and intense will to stay on top. This is the core of being sexually attractive as a guy. Once you have this, the responses to texts that are most effective should come a lot more naturally. Do you get this?


      • Did you miss this part?

        No, didn’t miss it, but thanks for the eagle eye, champ.

        None of it provides a plausible explanation for why he transforms into a middle-aged Men’s Rights Activist whenever he interacts with a woman online.

        I make fun of them. Because that shit is solipsistic nonsense and sidetracks a legitimate discussion that could help men.

        He is a man helper, but he is not someone who can handle a one-comment “sidetrack,” lest some gentle beta student be misled by her egregious female ways.

        What’s with the interjection? That’s all I want to know. Does he not know how to deal with solipsistic attention whores, except to whine about their presence and call them names?

        Face-to-face and online, it’s not that hard to steer a woman’s response with an effortless instance of imagination, particularly when one claims it to be his forte and favorite thing to talk about with other dudes only. You know? riff off of her contribution and enlist it to his original contention, rather than jumping right to the cootie spray.

        Like: “Yes, you’re right that women get off on the ‘let’s you and him fight over me’ thing. Most guys do too. But here is why 90% of the time the risk isn’t worth the reward.”

        You know, instead of jumping right to “whore.”

        Or failing to summon up the requisite wit, he might — get this — ignore her.



      • tell it like it is matt. go show em who is boss.


      • #1 FAN seems to strongly agree!


      • on November 8, 2013 at 11:01 am The Burninator


        “It turns me on. I don’t have any idea if this statement was written with the intention of turning any woman on or if it was a simple honest reaction. But you’ve got to be batty if you can’t see that the statement would turn a lot of women on (consciously or subconsciously). Rilly? You can’t see that chicks would dig that kind of swagger? ”

        Actually that is perfectly reasonable and sound. There is absolutely no question that you, or most women, would be turned on by that kind of thing. The New Metrosexual types may not understand it (and by and large they’re the ones going around caressing other men on the cheek….weirdo interaction if ever there was one) as some kind of “diss”, but your standard man with his balls still intact and a decent amount of self respect won’t cotton to another guy stroking his cheek while belittling him. The lesson that needs to be taught here isn’t “hey, let cheek stroking dorks do what they will, you need to not stop their shit”, rather it should be “put that kind of man in his place with a good solid punch to the gut” or at the “least violent” end of the spectrum simply removing his hand with yours while twisting his arm/hand behind his back in a painful way while smiling and telling him that he’s not your type.

        It’s the lack of violence in modern society that is helping turn men into absolute chestless craven cowards or snot nosed bullies. Reintroducing the bar-fight concept is long overdue, to get these poser metropunk types back in the closet.

        So yeah, like your post feministx, and it makes perfect sense.


      • Matt: Allow an outside judge to tally up the score card and declare a winner. Let’s review the comment timeline:

        Incident 1: YaReally addresses a troll
        Incident 2: FeministX interjects herself into a conversation between YaReally and the troll.
        Incident 3: YaReally hard negs FeministX his disapproval.
        Incident 4: You whiteknight a comment in defense of FeministX and in protest of YaReally (who does more to help dudes than anyone else)

        You can’t debate the timeline. Go look at the comment thread again. Clear winner: YaReally. Clear butt-hurt loser: You.


      • And because you say it, that makes it so.

        And what, pray tell, are YOU doing, except a bit of bizarro-world white-knighting for your dog in the fight?

        It’s to laugh.

        On another note:

        It’s the lack of violence in modern society that is helping turn men into absolute chestless craven cowards or snot nosed bullies. Reintroducing the bar-fight concept is long overdue, to get these poser metropunk types back in the closet.

        Heartily agree. +11


      • you aloof asshole. matt where are you? are you going to take this?


      • on November 8, 2013 at 3:59 pm newly aloof is a troll

        You missed the part where YaReally directly called out Matt King before the aforementioned even said anything.

        Great timeline – too bad it’s a distortion of what actually happened.

        If anyone is a butthurt white knight, it is the person twisting reality to comfort himself after his hero (YaReally)’s integrity has been impugned – you.


      • Dude. You’re doing a play-by-play recap of other men’s conversation and announcing who won the internet. And you call me a “loser”?

        But in a way, I’m glad you did: you prove my point.

        You are an inveterate fanboy — a self-proclaimed “outside judge” and yet preemptively declaring that his hero “does more to help dudes than anyone else” — not that there’s anything wrong with that. I am sure he “provides value” for you. But to characterize YaReally’s reflexive MGTOW attack as a “hard neg” is a sign that your type, of which YaReally is the exemplar, has a fundamental discomfort being around women.

        Don’t lose your shit now. Stay with me. I didn’t say a “certainty.” I said “a sign.” I find your and YaReally’s disconnect curious and would like to know how you explain it. Instead I get pejoratives, which tells me you have nothing.

        If any critic — woman or man — doesn’t fit right into your preprogrammed categories, you expose yourselves as the awkward and still bitter reformed-omegas you are, trying to square the circle between theory and actual encounter.

        To you, every incident must be reduced to the stark battle between PUA’s and nefarious “white knights.” Every interaction with a woman is a flirtation. Every difference and disagreement with a mind-numbingly repetitive, self-declared pussywizard is ultimately because the critic can’t “get the bang.”

        I give the slightest pushback against this dunderheaded mentality, and not only does he double down on it (seemingly unawares), but he attracts D-list, fourth-string understudies like you to repeat for the thousandth time how the world really works.

        The problem isn’t in my transmitter. It’s in your receiver. I get your one-dimension, one-trick-pony social philosophy. My calling it inadequate isn’t a sign of misunderstanding — nor is it even the evidence of rejection. I am simply saying that you can’t apply it to all scenarios. A spoon is great for soup, but don’t try to eat steak with it.



      • yeah. thats right! take that.


      • get them where it hurts most matt.


      • lzozlozlzozlz


      • Permission to revise and extend my previous remarks (slow news day anyway):

        Incident 1: YaReally addresses a troll
        Incident 2: FeministX interjects herself into a conversation between YaReally and the troll.
        Incident 3: YaReally hard negs FeministX his disapproval (((and, yes, takes jab at Matt))).
        Incident 4: You whiteknight a comment in defense of FeministX and (((like a predictable puppet, pound your keyboard))) in protest of YaReally (who does more to help dudes than anyone else)

        There, fixed.


      • feminist(butto)x,

        My buttox are charged up with searing, pulsating spirals of gas, and have ballooned in size. When the gas is released, it will be dense and creamy..

        At that time, it will be your ceremonial honor to….

        …..(wait for it, wait for it)…..

        Detox my Buttox…

        As it is the fall season, the essence you will be using is pumpkin, cinnamon, and cider.

        [CH: lol. that finishing line reminded me of the “resembles size shape color and don’t forget the texture of african megafauna” guy.]


      • llozozozlzlzozozlzlzlzl

        He may be a one trick pony… but it’s a trick that never gets old.


      • I was thinking this very same thing. I don’t know why I still smile when I read the same thing over and over. I think it is the same reason that women never get why men like fart jokes so much. I don’t really know either but the “creamy chocolate mousse” from the last detox was hilarious.


  33. he hired a professional pua? to fuck his girl for him?


  34. The reality is that giving a shit about “disrespect” comes from insecure ego protection. If you knew you could turn around after the face touch and go fuck the 3 hottest chicks in the room at the same time you would not give a fuck. But you can’t, so your brain panics “omg everyone including myself will think I’m a pussy if I don’t do something!!”

    If I knew I could have the hottest chicks in the room it would still bug me (or maybe I’m just speaking from a beta point of view?). He can try and humiliate me all he wants with his words but he should never touch me.

    AMOGS who do that probably size up their victims beforehand knowing that they won’t fight back.

    What’s the best response when this happens? Like CH said verbally try and own him? ie “what is that like a signal for gay sex?”


    • Never mind I’ll do some reading


    • “it would still bug me”


      He didn’t punch you, just touched you condescendingly. Is it being treated like a little bitch by another man that would bug you? ’cause that’s just an ego-based reaction…”aww man, he thinks I’m a pussy, I have to do something to make him not think I’m a pussy!!”

      I’m not saying you have to ignore it, but 1) it shouldn’t phase you, and 2) it doesn’t warrant physical assault or escalating things to a fight…that shit is just trying to save face, avoid embarrassment, etc. which are all just forms of ego-protection which is based in a scarcity/insecure mindset.


      • On top of that, what will you do when you’re too old to physically fight?

        What about when you have 2 kids at home that need you to be able to come home safe so you can take care of them and need you to not spend a month in the hospital or wasting their college fund on lawyer fees defending yourself?

        What about when the guy has 4 buddies behind you watching that you don’t realize are his buddies until they jump you on your way out the door after a couple more beers?

        It’s the same lesson they tried to teach everyone in Back To The Future where Marty tries to not look like a bitch whenever he gets called “chicken”, and then he realizes he would’ve gotten smoked by another car for no real reason in an attempt to save face.

        Sooner or later you gotta’ grow up and learn to handle your shit without violence.


      • Sooner or later you gotta’ grow up and learn to handle your shit without violence.

        So the best case scenario is to tool the guy with words and make him look stupid without getting your ass kicked?

        Or tool him back and then befriend him?

        Or be so self assured that this stuff wouldn’t even bother you and everyone would know the AMOG is an idiot?

        Don’t have to answer these questions btw I’m just putting out thoughts.


      • Any of those are good solutions. Also walking away. What do you lose shrugging and walking away? There are billions of other girls out there, so who cares?

        How would you handle it if it was a 5yo calling you a poopy-head and touching your face? Punch the kid in the face? Or laugh it off because it’s irrelevant and silly to you that a 5yo would think anything he does to “tool” you would affect you in any way?

        If I say “your hair is blue, what a freak, dude why is your hair blue, you look stupid with blue hair”, you would go “uhh, okay? wtf.” and not give a fuck because your hair isn’t blue.

        But if I pick something you’re insecure about and say like “what a loser virgin, can’t even get fuckin laid, what a pussy lol look at the loser virgin”, you might get mad, because that’s something that hits a sensitive spot for you.

        The only difference between the “blue hair” and the “loser virgin” insults are that YOU give weight to one of them and not the other, based on your own insecurities/emotions. If you put no value in what I say or do, it’s as insignificant as the “blue hair” insults.


      • You have an awesome mentality. Do you ever get riled up over anything? Do AMOGs try to rile you up or do they instinctively know they can’t mess with you?


      • What this anonymous guy wrote reminds me of something weird that happened to me while gaming a while back. I’m wondering if any of you believe I handled this appropriately/how to handle it if it ever happens again (not likely).

        A couple of months ago in a foreign club I was chatting with a gal that I found very, very attractive (broken Commadment X… forgive me Chateau…). Fortunately, she knew english and I thought the chat happened to be going quite well. I can’t remember if she touched me first or I touched her first, but there were relaxed, occassional arm touches. Then, out of nowhere some dude randomly pesters me and tells me something in a foreign language. I ignore and plow.

        She smiles.

        We’re talking again and I’m pretty close to her with us trading light gropes on the arms here and there. Her friend to the side looks at her as if trying to guage whether she should step in. The potential blocking-friend continues to look me up and down but we’re left alone. I can’t remember what on earth I talked to the target girl about.

        Suddenly the same dude gives me a push. I look over and he’s rather skinny guy with a bit of a belly wearing a tight pink shirt with a brown satchel. I remember this distinctly because he then reaches up and pats me on the cheek twice, then makes shooing motions, saying something in that language again. He then quickly turns back and resumes dancing wildly. I dead pan stare at him for a moment while he has his back turned – the girl touches me on the arm. I then turn slowly turn back to the girl, stare her in the eye and say

        Me: He’s having fun isn’t he?

        Her: *Broad smile*

        Me: Is that your boyfriend. *said with a slight look of confusion on my face*

        Her: Yes *she nods*

        Me: That’s too bad. You’re…pretty cute. *I hold her arm for a moment*

        I give her a small smile and turn to walk away. She then grabs onto my arm and pulls me towards her slightly. As I look at her through the corner of my eye, I notice that she isn’t looking at me. Instead she’s looking in the other direction. I shake my head and then leave.

        I still don’t know what to make of this encounter but yeah, the face pat has happened to me. I admit I went outside for a bit after that. I was out by myself and definitely got into my ahead about it. The whole thing just felt weird.

        Multiple people, from friends to family, even including women I’ve been interested in, have repeatedly asked me if I ever get mad. I tell them “yes of course” and their exact words are usually some form of “I don’t believe you.” Is this them telling me I need some edge?


      • @Patrice

        “You have an awesome mentality”

        Thanks, it’s 100% learned. I had the same low-value thinking as the average AFC before I got into pickup. I had to actively work on rewiring my brain to think more positively and not be so reactive to the world around me. Most things that people consider problems are just silly to me, but they were big problems to me back in the day too.

        “Do you ever get riled up over anything?”

        It’s rare and generally my own shit, like frustrated with myself for fucking up, or like, raging at my computer over work stuff lol Most people I know in real life have never seen me mad. It’s not that I’m bottling it up or anything, I just legitimately don’t give a lot of power to the things that other people do.

        Some people will rage over being stuck in traffic. To me it’s like well, that sucks, time to flip on the radio, guess I’d better leave earlier next time. It’s not THAT big a deal in the long-run, but some people will let that destroy their entire day, maybe even their WEEK. Like, seriously? That’s not a real problem. I’ve had real problems, and they aren’t shit like being stuck in traffic or spilling a drink on your shirt or some guy at the bar tooling you. That’s all silly to get worked up over.

        “Do AMOGs try to rile you up or do they instinctively know they can’t mess with you?”

        I’m a completely average unremarkable looking guy, and I tend to put myself into environments where I clearly don’t belong (only city boy in a cowboy bar, only old guy in a young people club, only poor guy in a rich club, etc.) so AMOGs always think I’ll be an easy target. Like “who’s that city boy talkin’ to that girl, doesn’t he know she’s here for a REAL man?” as some beefy bull-riding cowboy saunters over to try to tool me in front of the girls.

        But I’m sharp as fuck and it only takes a few seconds for the guy to realize he made a mistake lol Most guys, especially good-looking situationally confident guys, rely on you to be intimidated by them, so their AMOG skills really aren’t that good…it’s like an average boxer picking on disabled people. He doesn’t have to be a very good boxer if the other person has a limp.

        So I have the element of surprise because they completely don’t expect me to 1) not be intimidated, or 2) to be able to tool them back, or 3) be able to keep the girls’ attention and turn the girls and their group against them and apply social pressure.

        Usually I end up befriending them because they realize they aren’t going to win and I don’t like to have to watch over my back all night, so I’ll tool them and then back off and offer an olive branch and even give them a girl if I’m talking to more than one.

        Again all of this is learned. I got tooled and owned all the time, by guys AND girls, as hard as the OP’s pretend story, back when I started out lol


      • on November 7, 2013 at 12:28 am ProudFeministGirl

        i live in small city where most men are the type that barely love one girl and have a life of monogamy, therefore they couldn’t teach per se how to do all this of game and be likable to girls in general, they barely try to gain the love of their only girlfriend (or maybe cheat occasionally, but far from what a casanova is) ,wow, i can read tons of stuff online, but i wish that i could knew a man with game in real life, many guys here say that they get better knowing friends that are good at it, it can’t be helped for now, just learn and understand the most from here online and hoping to know a casanova in the future, a master.


      • Ya I have grown to respect you but answer me this, and I’m not “shitting on you”. What about this?

        I care about my health. I simply cannot go out more than once a week and drink or be in bars where there is smoke. You say don’t drink. Well, even if I don’t drink, I also can’t stand not getting enough sleep.

        That date the other night on which you provided me advice? Because of drinking just a few drinks and going to bed at 2 AM (and then not sleeping well) and still having to go to work the next day, I was wrecked and useless at work. Today too….basically takes me longer (I’m 38) now to recover from even one beer and not enough sleep and I simply MUST be sharp at work.

        And I don’t like having a beer gut and I like to have the energy to get to the gym. I’m not an obsessed roid user ripped guy like the guy at, but I like to be fit and it’s obvious I lift. I look like a guy who lifts but doesn’t take roids and eats moderately healthy but not obsessively enough to get really ripped.

        Ok…so my point is, what if I want/need to be a provider. I don’t want to be a PUA (little bit of sour grapes, but I can’t with my career be going out every night..)… so I need oneitus (sorry) and I would provide for a hot girl and get married and have more kids.

        Anyway, rambling but I really cannot go out 5 nights a week and I know I COULD do that and be more successful getting laid if I wanted to fuck up my career. I’m a lawyer.

        I fucked up taking that path 15 years ago, but that’s what I did and now I have golden handcuffs.


      • @manreader

        Go out once a week. Friday or Saturday. Get as many numbers as you can. Call them during the week. In a few months you’ll have enough women coming over to watch a movie or hang out that you don’t need to go out. Weekend for sarging. Weekday for dates.
        You’re not gonna have a hot girl for very long if you don’t get good at this.


      • @man reader

        “I simply cannot go out more than once a week and drink or be in bars where there is smoke.”

        Don’t drink. Do day-game. Game out on the street instead of inside the bars (act like you just came out or like you’re just heading to meet up with friends and #-close). Go out on the patios of the bars where the smoke won’t bother you, or pick bars/lounges that don’t allow smoking. Game in malls, bookstores, coffee shops, parks, etc. Game on your lunch break. Game during Happy Hour after work, and just drink waters. Game online (if you have to, the quality of chicks online is pretty shit). Game at the gym, grocery store, market…walk down your city’s main shopping district and pop into stores and game. Game at festivals during the day. Game on the subway.

        Plenty of options that don’t involve staying out till 2am or ruining your health.

        “You say don’t drink. Well, even if I don’t drink, I also can’t stand not getting enough sleep.”

        Sleep is important. Look into managing your time. I used to wake up at 7am, go to work till 5pm, come home and take a 3 hour nap till 8pm, shower and hit the bars, then come home at midnight if I wasn’t feeling it or my goals were accomplished or I had a # etc., and be asleep by 1am to wake up at 7am. If it looked like things would pan out with a chick, I’d stay out later and push to get her out of there before 2am. If it didn’t look feasable, I’d just grab her # and try to arrange a Day 2 instead because I didn’t want to be slogging at work and I could still get home and be in bed by 3am for 4 hours of sleep. Also I would occasionally take quick 45 min naps at noon at the office.

        Another option would be to keep your same schedule, but do your sarging after work, from 5pm – 9pm. Or from 7pm – 11pm. Or do an hour a day of day-game on your lunch break.

        You don’t have to go out hardcore every single night (tho that can be good in periods where you can afford to do that)…go out for 30-60 minutes a day and do some street approaches, that’s enough time to approach 1-6 chicks.

        If you use these alternate schedules/locations, you’re less likely to land yourself a same night One Night Stand (tho it IS entirely possible to pull to sex off a day-game approach), but you have to juggle how bad you want an ONS with how bad you want to be in tip-top shape health-wise for work etc.

        It sounds like the random ONS isn’t that important to you, like you’re more looking for a solid steady girl or three, so losing the easier ONS for more contact-closes that lead to Day 2’s (arranged to be during your free time), would probably jive well with your schedule.

        “Because of drinking just a few drinks”

        You didn’t have to drink. 🙂 RSD Tyler, Julien, and Brad don’t drink. I went through around 9 months where I didn’t drink at all and was still going out regularly and I’m trying to cut back now as I get older ’cause my body isn’t bouncing back from nights out the way it did at 25 so it’s time to take care of my health.

        “and going to bed at 2 AM (and then not sleeping well)”

        If you had kissed her sooner, you might’ve been banging her by 10 and sending her home by midnight. Now you have incentive to escalate faster. 😉 You chose to play guitar till 1am on a sarge that wasn’t leading to a lay. I’m not saying you needed to kick her out as soon as she said she wasn’t putting out, but here are a couple options to handle it for the future:

        1) slow your game down into a Day 3. Plan in advance for the lay to NOT happen on the Day 2’s…use the Day 2 to do all your comfort/rapport building like you did, and then instead of inviting her over, get her to the point where she’s super attracted to you and WANTS to come over, then end the date and go “well I have to work in the morning and I can’t stay up all night. We’ll do this again sometime. ;)” and leave HER with blue-balls. Then arrange a Day 3 next week (or a few days later or whatever) that’s just “watching a movie at my place” or “cooking dinner at my place” etc., where you know it’s only going to take 30-60 min to get her horny and fucking you. So that’s two Day 2’s, but both start around 7pm and end around 10pm. Kick her out after the bang on the Day 3 and you’re fast asleep by 11. If that’s too late for you, have her meet you at 5pm after work somewhere. If she won’t do it, keep building attraction/comfort until you’re high-value enough to her that she’ll rush over after work for you.

        To help with this, stress the importance of your job to her, and that you’re a busy man with a busy schedule because you have to be sharp in the courtroom. This gives you an out to end the date at any point. Which point do you end it? On a high-note, of course. Right when she’s into you, you cut it off and play the slower-track game.

        2) speed your game up. Kiss her right off the bat, lace your dinner conversation with innuendo and sexual topics, eye-fuck the shit out of her while you two talk, pick an intimate location for dinner instead of a bright loud one (no idea if you did this or not), and escalate as soon as you get out of the restaraunt, makeout in the parking lot, take her to your place, and pin her up against the wall right away to escalate to sex instead of watching her play with dumbbells and shit. If you lay the sexual groundwork during dinner and escalate as soon as you get to your place at, say, 9pm, you could bang and be sending her home by 10:30-11pm so you can sleep. And if you don’t drink anything at dinner or when you get home (don’t need a drink at home, since you escalate in the doorway, I save $ on alcohol this way lol part of why I escalate fast is so I don’t have to give them my alcohol), you should get a nice satisfied night’s sleep with no hangover. If 11pm is too late for you, start dinner at 6pm instead of 7pm.

        “And I don’t like having a beer gut and I like to have the energy to get to the gym.”

        I hear that. Like I say, as I get older I’ve noticed my body is more inclined to go to shit if I don’t take care of it. A bad hangover can wreck me for a few days in general and throw all sorts of shit off track.

        But a lot of the self-destructive choices that you make are a result of 1) YOUR decisions, and 2) social conditioning that tells you “I’m in a bar, so I must have a beer”, “I must have a glass of red wine with my steak”, “she’s at my house so I must offer her a beer”. These are all rules you can break and ignore with a strong frame. If she asks “why aren’t you drinking?” you say “I like to take care of my body. Besides, I don’t need to be drunk to take advantage of you… 😉 And I wouldn’t want you to get so drunk that you don’t remember the things we do tonight. ;)” Like, it’s all in how you frame it.

        “what if I want/need to be a provider.”

        Here’s how you turn a fuckbuddy into a girlfriend: see her more than once a week. Done. You can’t skip the screening process and jump into a relationship. I mean, you CAN, theoretically, but you will end up with a shitty chick who will be a shitty mother who divorces you and takes half of that money you’re working hard to earn right now. It’s important to meet a lot of women and learn what you like and don’t like, and what are dealbreakers for you, and screen for which ones would be quality wives, quality mothers to your future children, etc.

        Social conditioning told us that if we just put our nose to the grindstone and get a good career, that that perfect marriage-quality wife will fall into our lap…I mean, that’s how it happens in all the romantic comedies, right? But the reality is that that generally doesn’t happen. All the universe throws at you are average chicks at best, and that’s depending on what your job IS, and even THEN that comes with a lot of “shit where you eat” issues and drama that the movies forget to mention.

        If you want a quality girl, you have to go out and find her. And if you want to go out and find her, you have to schedule things in a way that works with the rest of your life and build a strong frame to work around the stuff that doesn’t work…whether that means grabbing a # at Happy Hour while you sip on a glass of water, or whether that means going to a lounge or bar from 9-11pm and heading home for a good night’s sleep with a few more approaches under your belt.

        When you think about it, there is literally NOTHING stopping you from going for a walk up and down a busy street in your city, for one hour, and approaching every single woman you see, and trying to get her number. Like, logically there is nothing stopping you from doing that. You could do that every single day for a year. If you approached 6 women in that hour (10 min per chick), in a week you would have met 42 women, and in a year you’d have met 2184 women. Out of 2184 women, odds are a few of those would be long-term relationship and possibly marriage-quality to you. And that’s ONE year.

        That’s in just ONE hour a day, sober, at a time of day that doesn’t interfere with the rest of your schedule at all.

        We have opportunities all around us, we just have to open our eyes to them and get creative.

        “I fucked up taking that path 15 years ago, but that’s what I did and now I have golden handcuffs.”

        You’ll be fine. If you really want it, you’ll figure out a way to get it. 😉


      • @man reader – Cultivate your social circle. I am a 44 year old lawyer and I don’t go out in bars more than one night a week, and even then I’m not typically hitting on randoms, I’m out with friends just having fun. But I have both male and female friends constantly wanting to introduce me to cute young women all the time–even though they know I have no long term interest whatsoever–because I am fun and confident and low-pressure. I also maximize social opportunities by making sure that whenever I am in a social situation I flirt with as many girls as possible–regardless of whether they are bangable or not, or taken, married or single. Cause girls talk, you know, and if you give them tingles but they are not a potential target due to being taken or being below your standards, they will seek out other girls for you because they like the vicarious tingles and because of the potential status bump that comes from being a successful matchmaker. Anyway, I would imagine that if you could cultivate your social circle AND you made it clear that you were looking for a long-term deal, you’d probably see even more success.


      • Lol this shit has actually happened to me. It really depends on context. In private with your bros — like at a kickback or house party — knock yourself out…try to wrestle him or trip him or push him, etc. As long as you know going into it that it’s just going to make you both look like fagchumps lol But hey, that -is- how guys bond sometimes.

        As a little guy I have been AMOG’d hard — literally slapped twice — in social settings. There’s this guy, 6’6 who just likes to tool everyone as hard as he can because of his height. He’s lanky as fuck, and is generally a decent guy — but he’s used to people deferring to him because of his height and when it doesn’t happen, because other people (me or anyone else) slowly prove themselves to be tighter, he starts with very lame obvious AMOG attempts.

        Anyway, after several other attempts (like him taking something I was holding and throwing it away), finally….he slapped me one time. The first time I just turned it into a joke by not reacting and continuing to talk. But then, he did it again about a week later — this is when I was starting to get better at holding court. I didn’t pause, I didn’t flinch, I just threw my drink in his fucking face. (Hilarious visual because it went up in a directed spray) Imagine how the Dog Whisperer does his little ‘psst’ thing. It was like that. I knew he was all bark and no bite, and when push came to shove what did he do?


        And as he does it, I just turn as though a dog is barking. /ignore. Value rises.
        Now, I know this guy pretty well so….lol throwing a drink in his face was a very calculated move based on a LOT of observation. Honestly tho, it’s different in social circle. There’s so much to that.

        See, naturals/lesser alphas/whatever fight with one another all the goddamned time. Always testing one another. That’s all it is lol. Seriously. It’s kind of retarded. But, you have to fight back….because that’s how you get known as ‘one of the group.’ When you get known as ‘one of the group,’ in a group of high status dudes….well, then your status rises and you gain that reputation. Plus, lol….I have a bajillion stories to tell.

        If it was a random who did that to me in a group of randoms? lol. Peace. I ain’t fighting over or with any strangers. Congrats phags, you win.

        So there are the situations. If you’re trying to break in (or raise your status within) a high status social group, prepare to be tested and AMOG’d. In those cases, I’d say that you HAVE to fight back in SOME way. You have to observe the other dudes in the group and do something that you know they won’t come back at you on — which takes skill. Some would say….calibration.


      • Lol’ed at the instant drink in his face then ignore. Solid.

        Ya, social circle is different. Guys play-wrestle and talk shit etc all the time. I’m too old for the wrestling shit with my younger buddies but I’ll verbally tool them as a bonding thing. It’s safe in social circles cause you know it’s not gonna end with a knife in your gut…at WORST it’ll end in a drunken wrestle-fest where you guys vent whatever baggage you have with eachother out and then buy eachother a beer.

        I remember when I first got into pickup and started socializing and building social circles, I just thought guys were mean lol I didn’t understand the whole “test eachother out, establish the order” etc thing. I just thought guys were stupid. I still think it’s dumb when two of my buddies wrestle before the bar and one gets a bloody nose and both are sweaty as ballsacks and obviously the little guy who everyone knew would lose lost, but I understand what they’re doing now lol

        A big part of why I’m able to befriend AMOGs is because I don’t take their tooling personally. I know they don’t ACTUALLY mean to hurt me if, say, they slap me or tool me. They’re just seeing what I’ll do so they can place me in the hierarchy in their mind. So I’m emotionally detached from it. I’m a bit chubby so if they called me fat I don’t defend myself and get mad because I know they’re just trying to guess at what I’d be insecure about…instead I agree and amplify and make the girls rub my belly. Then when the guy is looking puzzled at how that backfired on him, I compliment his 6-pack (since by tooling my weight I know physique is a value to him) and ask for some workout/diet tips and let him feel cool in front of the girls that were rubbing my belly and I tell the girls he’s a cool guy. Now he and I are BFFs and the girls are hanging with two high-value guys. Nice and simple and much better than getting pissed about him tooling my weight and defending myself and getting into a fight over it. There’s legitimately no hard feelings on my end, the same way I don’t hold shit-testing against girls…they’re just acting on instinct.


      • “See, naturals/lesser alphas/whatever fight with one another all the goddamned time. Always testing one another. That’s all it is lol. Seriously.”

        In retrospect, this is so real.

        Man. I’m feeling kind of… herby.


      • @ pulsotic you have not seen my old posts apparently. i have 2 kids and have my 2 kids with me EVERY weekend. so you see it’s not my fault. really tough handicap to not be able to go out on weekends. they even ask me about it (the women)


      • i dunno. if you are too old to fight if you have to then you are probably not in a place where you are getting into fights.

        unless you are shooting for Uncle Wayne status.


      • you should be a shrink bro for real


    • the best response is to withdraw and figure out why other men think it’s ok to touch you.

      if YOU need it, then go take a contact class like Krav or ??

      Not karate though. Not American karate/mma/taikwando/ blah blah blah. for kids. you arent 12 are you?


  35. on November 6, 2013 at 3:23 pm William Munney

    Quinton “Rampage” Jackson goes around slapping other men in the face, sometimes in front of their girlfriends.

    Your chin na, boxing and thumb-locks aren’t going to work. How do you respond?


    • Call the police on that nigger, then sue his ass in civil court. UFC has some $$$.

      Then you can use your winnings to quit work and spend all your time travelling and picking up chicks.


      • LMAO! You chose… wisely.


      • Dat_Truth_Hurts
        Then you can use your winnings to quit work and spend all your time travelling and picking up chicks.

        Hopefully your house won’t get hit by negro lightning (at night with you in it)


    • The point is not how will you respond, but how will you hold yourself so someone like Rampage can sense you’re not a tool beforehand and be less likely to tool you.


  36. Confirmed, “How To Get A Girl To Send Nudes Of Herself” put in Google or Bing turns up the CH post as the top line item. I was wondering why it stayed so high in the “top posts” even though it’s a year old.

    Society already spends half of its waking hours staring at its cell phone… so, of course it makes sense that rather than Putting the Phone Down, you’d just want nude pics of the girlsez there.

    We’re doomed. Completely f’ing doomed.


  37. of course, anyone whose dated hotter chicks may sympathize with the go-jerk-off guy. How many times do you have to deal with weasels trying to pull the good guy, just want be your friend, oops here’s my dick routine before you get pissed off?


  38. on November 6, 2013 at 3:29 pm Jon's Coffee Shop

    I’d turn a man’s family into lamp shades if he condescendingly patted me on the face.


  39. I’d never pat a guy on his cheek and tell him to jerk off – I’d tell him to organize his stamp collection.


  40. “Let’s get the crux of the matter out of the way. If a man malevolently touches your face, that’s grounds to sock him. No question about it. A demeaning face pat is the G-rated equivalent of a cock slap against your cheek. You reply with a hammer blow to his gut or nose. This goes whether a girl is present or not.”

    So manning up in this situation is a-ok, but when a goober ass grabs your date/gf in your presence and she doesn’t immediately slap him, you are supposed to simply walk away (re. post from a few months ago).

    Why not just as a general rule protect your sphere as a man? Do you not see the (non) difference? Oh, it’s my person so I can fight then, regardless of the 75 agruments and examples given by the toads to why you should never fight or you could get killed imprisoned for simply stepping up to another man. And over a girl no less!!!

    An affront to your dignity beyond a certain point requires some action (whether physical or merely agreesive posturing) and while I wholeheartedly agree with your current example, this admission on your part in this instance diminshes ALL of your agruments from last time.


    • on November 6, 2013 at 4:12 pm Carlos Danger

      Most guys won’t. I’ve done this kind of shit too. I never once got called on it. They’ll bitch and whine and get all passive aggressive but that’s about it.


      • by bitch and whine to they cuss at you? What do you do then?
        But all in all if the girl doesnt show any resistence chances are shes willing to cheat behind your back while you fight him.
        if he threatens you directly ..its on.


    • if a guy thinks its ok to touch……you already lost.


  41. on November 6, 2013 at 4:18 pm יהודה בן יוסף

    typical westerners when someone humiliates you in front of a girl you just whine instead of chew his brain


    • I agree with this to some extent, however from personal experience I’ve seen middle easterners punked out so hard without them doing anything. If there are a group of them they feel big and bad, but one or two and they are huge pussies. Bravado about one’s own group is usually unfounded, unless you are Russian or a chicano. I’ve never seen either back down.


      • on November 6, 2013 at 4:53 pm יהודה בן יוסף

        arabs are not middle easterners the real middle easterners are the Jews we fucked both the brits and the arabs although we were outnumbered and outgunned, gentiles cant fight.. and Im a russian Jew my girlfriend is a russian gentile who I stole from a slavic dog


      • on November 6, 2013 at 5:45 pm Lucky White Male

        Jews fight? What world are you living in

        Jews buy their way out of problems. They spend money. In many cases that is actually the smarter option if you can pull it off


      • on November 6, 2013 at 6:31 pm יהודה בן יוסף

        2 americunt iraq war vets get fucked by a girl and young kids in Krav Maga

        you americunts are all talk no wonder the niggers fuck you


      • on November 6, 2013 at 6:38 pm Carlos Danger

        You will eat those words one day and beg for more. It is precisely this kind of hubris which invites negative attention.


      • Reminds me what Gramps used to say about zhyds (and he and his zhyd biz partners made tons of money together): When smart, they’re very smart. When they’re stupid…


      • on November 7, 2013 at 9:27 am יהודה בן יוסף

        Типичний славянский рогоносец я твою мать ебу


      • u’r an embarrassment to ur mom.


      • curious, what nation you from? Cause arabs and other middle easterners or any 3rd worlder are usually ready to throw down cuz they came from a country where they had nothing to lose and lack law enforcement. In 1st world nations you gotta be more witty or smart talker. Otherwise beating someone up will look bad but the group and by law enforcement. Can be frustrating cause it feels like we just mouth off like women.


    • Hebrew Fail Troll is Fail. I give you a 2 out of 10. Try harder…


    • Lighten up, Schlomo.

      I used to fight a lot myself, but now my muscles are for work…

      Because, after all, work makes (you) free.

      You should know this.


  42. All of you shut up. Just shut the hell up.


  43. One guy on my floor in my college residence fucked 3 girls on our floor. I’m good friends with him and I see what an ass he is to all of them. Obviously I see that once he fucked one girl, the rest came running to him. All that amused mastery, asshole shit, to the point of douchey.

    Meanwhile, all of the girls on our floor want nothing to do with me because they all say I’m just an asshole who thinks I’m too good for everyone. I don’t understand – I try the exact same thing but get different results. If anything it’s made things worse than if I was just mr nice.

    Some girls have called me awkward and I always notice my tone doesn’t match my words when I’m thinking long about what to say, but I honestly don’t see my fault that’s holding me back? anyone wanna chime in?


    • He looks better in his own skin than you do, he has a better circle of friends, and finally — it’s college, therefore a bubble. Stuff isn’t nearly reality. If you keep yourself in shape and sharpen your self-awareness, you’ll love post 23….


    • Move forward? “I’m just an asshole who thinks I’m too good for everyone” – aka there’s attraction for you. Maybe try some sensitivity game to soften the edges. You sound young so you should probably look up how to close.



      Your beta nature is transparent to them. You need to truly embody being an indifferent asshole.

      Your words aren’t congruent with your body language and they sense that.

      To them you’re a nice guy trying to act alpha.


    • on November 7, 2013 at 12:40 am ProudFeministGirl

      “once he fucked one girl, the rest came running to him”
      In the small conservative city i live in, i don’t ever imagine that, here most people are the type that almost everyone have their one and only girlfriend or boyfriend, i am in the wrong placeeee ,by the way i live in a small city in Mexico, don’t know if is a cultural difference, maybe in the big cities in Mexico that life of casual sex is more common


    • ‘ they all say I’m just an asshole who thinks I’m too good for everyone’

      You don’t have enough of an effect on the world around you. That’s the translation. Bring more value. My guess is that you’re like 90% cocky and 10% funny. Try being 60% cocky and 40% funny. Better yet, 55-45.

      You have to develop actual tight traits to mix in with the assholish confidence. See, what’s attractive about it is that you’re an asshole, and at the same time, they like you because of some other cool trait. So asshole + cool trait = confidence. Why else would you be an asshole with that trait if you weren’t confident in the trait and yourself — you -know- it’s awesome which is why you don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks (as demonstrated by assholeishness)?

      Now some may say ‘but wait, if you just have that intense confidence ALONE it brings value.’ I would say, ‘ya if you can convey it.’ When you convey that confidence alone — no “asshole” — it brings people around you COMFORT. That is why girls dig it so much. You’re like this rock that they can take shelter under.

      tl;dr focus on giving people good feelings — and act like you’re confident in your ability to give people good feelings.


  44. Such fighting words from a lot of people posting.

    Every guy thinks he can win in a fight, half the time you’re right the other half you lose. You don’t know what this guy is like with his fists and the second you start a brawl over a chick its over for you tonight and probably for a long time no matter who wins.

    If this is the alpha we are led to believe he also knows this and knows he has you in the corner. He probably doesnt fight if hes bedding chicks but is smooth enough to talk his way out of things start turning nasty.

    You fight. Shes pissed off. He acts defensive. You get thrown out. He tells her your an asshole for starting a fight. He gets a bj in the toilet for playing it cool. He leaves early and fucks the sister. At best/worst she comes home and kisses you good night hmmm.

    *Smile with sparkly eyes* ‘Such soft hands’.

    Just try and standabove it and enjoy the rest of the night without getting beaten to a pulp. scout for a replacement.


    • Sometimes you win and you still lose. I just had the middle knuckle on my left hand replaced, after two operations to clean out bone fragments and infection.


    • * With scout for a replacement I don’t mean for that night just try to play it cool and keep her but make sure in the weeks to come you’ve got options.

      Maybe even consider fucking this girl over with a friend or sister just to get the frame of reference to try and help build that inner asshole in you.


  45. OT
    Ski season is rapidly approaching. Any fellow CH boys that are down to do some local big bear half day trips let me know
    email at [email protected]

    big mountain skiing and riding at mammoth mountain coming soon in a few weeks. I swear dropping in some 50 degree chute is better than sex at times 🙂
    but why not throw some game at the deck during lunch time as well


  46. troll or not, this guy uses the ‘!’ like a girl telling a story


  47. This happened to me once.

    I was gaming a girl in a bar. She was responding well. Then a muscle-head AMOG friend/lover/whatever decides to put a stop to it, comes over and touches me on the face and says [don’t remember] condescendingly. No idea how to respond except to be non-reactive, say some comment then exit. I’m not the start-a-fight-with-musclehead-dude-in-a-bar kind of guy.

    I do remember the look on the girl’s face. She loved every second of it, lapping up every drop of the delicious and precious gina tingles it produced. No doubt her panties were soaking.

    I learned something about women that day.


  48. Squeezing the cheek or patting the head is classic alpha moves. It instills submissiveness or anger in rivals and makes women go tingly. Occasionally a beta might pretend to want to fight you. In that case you slap his face like you would a naughty child. The humiliation is paralysing.

    Obviously this takes elite level asshole game to pull off. Use with caution.


  49. […] A reader suffered a grievous insult to his dignity when a man caressed his face and recommended masturbation as an alternative to competing in the sexual market. So here’s my situation … There’s this girl that I like.  […]


  50. A similar thing happened to me at a bar once. Very bizarre. I went to order a drink and all of a sudden I felt someone caressing my right cheek. At first I thought it was a friend, but when I turned my head it was a random giggling dude with his chick. Honestly I was stunned but just stared him down without any comment until he stopped laughing. I the proceeded to order my drink as the girlfriend told him he was a “drunk asshole.” I could give a care about the dude but I still wonder to this day what prompted the cheek caress. Preemptive AMOG? Was his chick leering at me? Maybe he was just fucked-up, or on mdma. Or quite possibly he is, in fact, a homosexual. The real question is: who won here?


    • You… I’ve been that guy I’m not proud to admit. He was hammered out of his gourd and just doing absurd shit. Every once in a while I’d be on an all out bender and just fuck w/ people. Thankfully, I grew up…


  51. One ive had trouble responding to is the shoulder slap. Recently this has happened within my Masters program. A certain clique,all from the same country, like to see themselves as the dominant group of the program.

    Generally one-on-one they act tentative with me, but in group situations they have tried this. There is alwaysplausible deniability with the shoulder slap as it can be passed off as just being friendly and joking around and its not the face. Is the best response to friendly shoulder slap back, but harder (i.e. mirroring)? Its hard to call a shoulder slapper ‘gay’ or whatever.


    • @blogster

      Your question brought to memory something from school. You don’t have to explicitly call him gay.

      I’m assuming you and this accoster are white, so try saying this to the shoulder slapper next time: “You’re really touchy dude. You must be italian? I heard Italian guys hold hands sometimes….” *said with a wise ass smile while you tap him in the belly with the back of your hand, then not so casually start reaching for his hand*

      There was an (alpha) kid in my class in highschool who would always randomly leave his hands, wrists or forearms – yes, his wrists or forearms – on people and say nothing while staring at them to see what they would do. Usually people, including women, just get incredibly confused and don’t move. I used the italin thing on him and the result was tons of laughter and him yelling “gay!” and pulling WAY back while laughing his head off. Never had to deal with it again.

      Notice in the clip with rampage Jackson posted above. Handling something as audacious as 4:07, I don’t know/

      Lets be real, if this were in a social circle you were part of, it would have to be nipped in the bud in a very astute, socially calibrated way….

      The only riposte that truly seems worthwhile is the oldschool nipple twister followed by “Name three cereals!” If a guy goes that low , you must go comical.

      For strangers interrupting your sets…nipple twisting may not prove wise.


      • Some good thoughts there. Yeah, within the program we are in different social circles but occasionally will inevitably interact (assignments etc). There is a characteristic of hyena/jackal style behaviour to it I noticed – they needed numbers and support and need a context where its inappropriate to go physical (they know I can handle myself).

        One on one or within the broader program (say in class) they lay low. What they do has a more ‘hit and run/sniper’ characteristic to it. They are a few years younger and generally a bit childish.

        Being introverted and in my head, it can be difficult to swiftly respond. A lot of the time I have exhausted the mental energy necessary for the witty riposte. I guess more mindfulness and more practice until it is Samurai like.


  52. on November 7, 2013 at 9:06 am Young Journeyman


    I’ve seen you post stuff from , I’ve almost finished their principiles101 and it certainly makes sense and “feels” true but right at the end they basically plug their own subscription .

    Now I’ve looked a little into their courses and I do like that they cater to international people buuut just to be sure I won’t lose my money, what is your opinion on them?

    Also is it possible to apply all that stuff without actually getting an instructor? I ask because I live with other people that i’ve known for 10+ years and it would be embarassing as fuck to get ‘social training’ over skype especially when they can hear everything I say / do in my room.


    • Don’t pay for shit. You can learn everything you need to learn on your own with free stuff online. Hit up RSDNation and watch their free videos, tons of good free content there.

      The key is making an effort to go out and apply what you’ve learned in your day to day life. Cause even if you took a course with an instructor, sooner or later the course would be over and you’d be left to rely on yourself lol

      I’ve never taken a bootcamp or had an instructor…I just put a lot of time/dedication in.


      • First, ygm.

        Any tips for knocking down bitch shields faster? Shit I should read or vids to watch?

        I’ve hooked up with a couple 6s and 7s the past couple of months through social circle and dates following cold approach, and pulled one girl same night. I get bored of them really fast and I want hotter girls.

        My biggest sticking point is approach anxiety, and I’m dependent on getting a positive reaction within the first minute of the initial approach and if a girl doesn’t give me that I’m out.

        Especially out at hopping bars, the 8+ girls have bitch shields that I don’t have the state or testicular fortitude to plow through. I often I get a backturn, or I say some shit that comes out as tryhard and cliche and within 45 sec she’s back to her friends. That mentally cascades and I find I can’t approach at all by 12:30 or 1am.

        Ultimately I’m working at having fun and liking talking to people more (mad props for context switching between computer work and girls, I do software and I basically hate fun after a day of work. :P). Until then I’m dependent on tricks to buoy my state. Sooooo, any tips on handling bitch shields more quickly, before anxiety eats me and I eject? I’ve avoided any sort of conscious negging. I’m not sure I have the social calibration to pull them off without insulting the girl. I’m open to working on them, but any other approaches would be great too.



      • ‘I’m dependent on getting a positive reaction within the first minute of the initial approach and if a girl doesn’t give me that I’m out.’

        Lower your standards for what counts as a positive reaction. Ultimately tho, I agree that if they are cold fish at the 5 minute mark — move on.

        As for how to handle it? All a bitch shield is is another form of social pressure. The best way to learn is to just. stay. in. set. Literally stay until shit gets so fucking awkward that you’re not even sure if breathing is okay. Over time, you will get more comfortable, and you will realize that the best way to punch through a bitch shield is to smirk and ignore it. Pretend she’s just about to suck your dick and act accordingly. Why? Because chicks really dig that. Like, some girls LOVE to just fucking rip on you and be total bitches, and after you take the abuse without flinching for a few minutes, they start to REALLY warm up to you.

        And actually, regarding shit tests….may seem counter-intuitive, but try being smirkingly polite in response and ignoring the test altogether.


        Me: Ya I like old rock a lot, like Van Halen before they got lame.
        Her: They’re like 30 years old, you’re lame (assume a bitch tone)
        Me: (smile, head tilt) Oh, so you’re a fan of newer music (just pleasant as fuck)
        Her: Yeah, I tend to like music that came out in the last decade.
        Me: Yeah a lot of people think that’s more relevant to them. (pleasant as fuck)
        Her: (will start to get ‘irritated’) Uhhhh yeah….(you keep talking to group, while she slowly realizes she can’t phase you, will probably laugh at your reactions from here on out)

        You don’t have to get into a verbal tit-for-tat if you don’t want to — altho that’s a great way to get some good attraction going, too. I’m just saying you can be pleasant and still build attraction and destroy shit tests.


      • Will dig some videos up for ya, check back in a few days. Here’s one to get ya started:

        Watch this one in full (it’s pretty short) but pay particular attention to the last section of it, where he describes his mentality of “go ahead, TRY to reject me, I DARE you. Cause it won’t work. :)”

        Scray’s comment is on the right track, you have to stick in there and reframe bitch-shields as a positive thing instead of a negative. She mistakenly thought you were one of the normal loser guys that hit on her all the time so she’s trying to brush you off, but that’s cute, she just didn’t realize you’re not like the other guys so now you show her by sticking in and keeping your cool and grinning like you know you’ll turn it around.

        And passing a shit-test and bitch-shields builds attraction, so she’s actually giving you an opportunity to build attraction. So when she tests you, your first thought should be “ahh, here we go, NOW it’s gonna be fun” instead of “fuck this suuuucks just be nice to meeee” lol

        Girls have to have bitch-shields, just to get thru their day. If they were nice to every guy who wanted to fuck them, they wouldn’t get anything done lol So they put up a shield to weed out the guys who don’t have enough intent/confidence to brush past it.

        It’s kind of like the dress code at a bar…that only applies to ugly people. If you’re a boss, you can wear whatever you want. When a girl has a bitch-shield up it’s like oh that’s cute, I bet that’s scary to other guys, but I’m one of the VIPs so it doesn’t even phase me. 🙂

        Sometimes I’ll even call them out on it like “awww, don’t be mean. I know, I know, you get hit on all night by creepy guys so you gotta’ scare them off lol (to the friend): she must scare half the guys that talk to you away hey?” (work the group, be unphased, turn them against her being a bitch, etc.).

        It takes a lot more work than an easy 6 who doesn’t have any shields up, but every man hits the point where he’s banging a 6 but thinking about all the 8+s he saw that night that he’d RATHER be banging lol

        If it’s any consolation, over time the less power you give the bitch shields and the less reactive you are to them and the more you just brush them aside expecting to succeed, the less tests/shields you get, because it starts to come out in your sub-communications.

        Personally I try to instigate shit-tests and bitch-shields because I know I’ll pass them and I know that’ll spike their attraction when I do. 🙂


      • faze


      • @Lumpy

        Looks like you have 2 key issues:

        1) Needing a positive reaction early on, aka a green-light to continue

        2) Dealing with bitch-shields and not letting them destroy your state

        Both can be fixed with a combo of internal and external game, so you have a lot of options. Let’s start with internal:

        Interally, most of this has to do with your own frame in your head. Like in that Cajun video, where a girl isn’t receptive right away, you might get thoughts in your head like “ahh shit, this isn’t going well” and “damn, I’m looking stupid here, she’s not into me at all”. Whereas I’ve trained my head to reframe a lack of receptiveness as “aww, that’s cute, she’s playing hard to get” and “lol I bet this scares away most guys…good thing I’m better than most guys. She just doesn’t realize it yet, but she WILL, in time. :)”

        I’ve used the analogy before that a lot of guys look at pickup as a traffic light where “green means go”, but “yellow and red mean stop”. The trick is to look at it like “green AND YELLOW mean go” and “only red means stop”.

        A lot of girls, especially hot girls, won’t give you any encouragement…because they instinctively want to see if your confidence is based internally on your own solid oak-tree internal beliefs in yourself and your previous successful reference experiences as a man…or if your confidence is based on their approval and opinion of you.

        Because if your confidence is externally based, like you ping off her reaction to feel confident and in state, that means that you’re basically acting like a woman lol It means you aren’t sure of yourself or the value you bring to the table, and that the approval of some silly girl in a nightclub can shake your entire core…and if some silly girl can affect your self-worth that way, how in the world are you going to be the guy that can handle dating an 8+ hottie when guys are trying to steal her from you and she needs to rely on you when she needs support and you have to be tearing up that board-room in your office like a boss landing promotions to provide for the kids you guys have, and how are you going to discipline your guys’ kids when they act out or defy you when you don’t even really believe in yourself?

        I know girls who purposely just stare at guys who approach them. They won’t say anything, they just stare the guy in the eyes for a minute or two…JUST to see what he does. Does he panic and stammer and apologize and explain himself? Does he get nervous and run away, assuming she must not be interested? Or does he stand his ground with a confident smirk and tease her for being quiet/shy, KNOWING that he’s attractive and that she’ll like him?

        This comes down to the old-school David Deangelo concept of “assuming attraction”. Right now you don’t assume attraction, you assume the opposite. Assuming attraction is where you look at a yellow light and assume it’ll turn green instead of red.

        You might look at the interactions right now as you “taking value” from her instead of “giving value”. ie – when you approach or fuck a 9, who do you view as getting the reward? You, because she’s a gorgeous 9? Or her, because you’re so awesome she should feel grateful that you would even interact with her let alone allow her to fuck you?

        This is a tough mental shift to make because it’s hard to say “I deserve a 9” when you’ve been mostly banging 6s, and we have a lot of social conditioning tha elevates that 9’s value, ESPECIALLY in a bar environment where she is queen of the universe.

        So part of it is faking it till you make it…affirmations, catching yourself when you’re in negative thought loops and purposely trying to reframe them, deluding yourself (“oh that girl told me to fuck off? that’s just cause she wants me so much she can’t stand to be around me” “oh those girls are standing in line behind me? ya that’s ’cause they’re dying for me to make their night better by gracing them with my attention for a few minutes, they could’ve lined up at any other point in this line but OBVIOUSLY they picked right behind me on purpose…sure they aren’t looking at me right now, but that’s just ’cause they’re too shy because they know how awesome I am”), etc.

        Another thing that helps is being around a lot of hot girls in general, but this can be hard to pull off if you don’t have hot girls in your social circles to hang with. When I started out, I was so scared of sexuality because I was so inexperienced (I had never been to bars before, with chicks dressed all slutty and shit), that I would spend time at strip clubs just learning to be comfortable around hot half-naked chicks and trying to hold conversations or eye-contact etc. trying to de-sensitize myself to it. Now I could walk into a stripclub and see two chicks fucking eachother and not even bat an eyelash lol That kind of comfort with women/sexuality tells women that I must have reference experiences of being around hot sexual women.

        Over time it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and you “make it” after “faking it” and you start getting hotter girls and it starts to actually become no big deal to you…you might not get them every night or anything, but like, it’s become a part of your reality that you over value even to a 9, so when you approach and she isn’t immediately receptive, your brain goes “that’s silly, she’s just playing hard to get, think of all those reference experiences we have where hot girls were lucky to have us” and it’s easier to plow through into attraction.

        The same internal concepts apply for bitch-shields…as long as you fully believe you’re offering value, a bitch-shield shouldn’t faze you.

        But another internal concept you can apply with bitch-shields is to fully understand that:

        1) girls only shit-test or put up bitch-shields with guys they could potentially fuck…it’s a screening mechanism. She isn’t telling the homeless rapey looking guy covered in his own piss “sorry, I don’t fuck short guys” or “that shirt is gay”. She just avoids him completely or runs away or calls the cops lol So the fact that she’s testing you at all means “in the back of my mind, I could see myself fucking you, but first I have to make sure you’re worth fucking”

        and 2) every time you pass a shit-test you spike her Buying Temperature and spark attration. The act of passing a shit-test is, in itself, attractive to women, because it says all sorts of good things about you (like you’re dominant, confident, you have experience with hot women and know to call them out on their bullshit the same way their Daddy or older brother did, etc.). So look at shit-tests as an opportunity to increase attraction, rather than an obstacle to building attration.

        An interaction where the guy passes 3 shit-tests will spark more attraction in the girl than an interaction where she doesn’t shit-test at all and they just have a pleasant conversation.

        This is actually a large part of my game. Because I fully understand this concept, I purposely instigate shit-tests, because I know that if I can make her shit-test me, then pass that shit-test, I’ll get more attraction than if I approached in a way where she wouldn’t shit-test me.

        Peacocking works off this same concept…Mystery walks in wearing a fuzzy hat and the girl can’t help but make fun of it. He’s instigating a shit-test from her. But he already has a million witty lines prepared for when people make fun of his fuzzy hat, so he shoots one off at her and obliterates her shit-test and she’s attracted. If he had just approached dressed normal, with a normal conversational opener, she might like him, but he wouldn’t get that high attraction spike that passing her shit-test got him.

        I don’t peacock at all, but I instigate shit-tests through my abrasive openers and sexual conversation topics etc. I’ll say stuff like “hi, you girls looked bored and I’m a virgin so I thought I’d come over and try to fuck you. So how’s your night going?” The girls basically can’t NOT shit-test me on that because I said something so offensive and inappropriate…but that’s exactly what I WANT. They say something like “omg I can’t believe you just said that! That’s terrible!” and I use good ol’ Agree & Amplify to pass the shit-test with “oh it only gets worse from here. I’m not even drunk yet. A couple more beers and I’ll be dancing on this table naked.” and they crack up because my frame is solid.

        I get way more attraction from that (and set a much more sexual tone) than I would from a nice “Hi, you girls look fun, so how’s your night going?” approach where they don’t shit-test me. I’m also displaying more of my personality faster when I pass shit-tests, VS a “pleasant conversation” zzzzz…

        So when a girl shit-tests me or has a bitch-shield up, I don’t care at all, and now my brain looks at it like “oboy, this is going to be fun, she has no idea what she’s in for because she’s giving me this great opportunity to build massive attraction quickly, silly girl”.

        So that’s internal.

        Externally, I’m just gonna link some videos where the guys describe stuff that relates:

        Here’s Julien talking about how to break out of an identity that holds you back from the hotter girls:

        Penetrating her auto-pilot responses and making her react to you:

        There’s no such thing as rejection, just “unfinished business”:

        Not waiting for her responses/validation, just plowing and assuming you have value:

        Pickup isn’t smooth, it’s messy, be okay with it not going smooth right off the start:

        Next up is Tyler on Environmental Hypnosis. This can be a big issue because a lot of approach anxiety is based in “I don’t want to look lame in front of the people around me”:

        Tyler on congruency and being real VS being fake, putting on a tryhard/cliche “shtick”. Also at the end you can see Julien when he was new, before he became an instructor, and how nervous and unconfident he seems on camera…compared to his other recent videos where he’s super dominant and comfortable. You can always become more solid in yourself, it just takes going out and gathering reference experience:

        An exercise to try…the jist is learning to treat a 9 the way you’d treat a 4:

        Freedom from outcome…bringing your own passion to the interaction to suck her into your frame instead of letting her determine how interesting the interaction is:

        Hope some of this helps lol. It’s a lot to take in, I recommend watching the videos over a week or two so you don’t get overwhelmed with too much shit at once…this is a long-term thing you’re working on. You’re not gonna fix this in a weekend, it could take a few months or a year+ before you’re fully congruent to it and rewire your brain. So don’t pressure yourself too much, just accept that your goal is a long-term goal and that you’re going to take action toward it and eventually achieve it. 🙂

        Good luck!


    • What are looking to get from manhood 101? I’d recommend talking to them before you buy. Make sure they have the background to get you closer to your goals.

      Starting out in pickup a couple of years ago I spent $4k on 3 months of in person coaching. Borderline suicidal from being dumped by the only girlfriend I’d ever had after she cheated on me, I needed someone to help. This guy wasn’t a complete fraud, he got me out and approaching, and improved my style of dress. Still, his personality and coaching style was not at all compatible with me or my goals. He was monogamous with a girlfriend of a couple years. I want a guy with skills that are still sharp, and I don’t particularly want monogamy.

      After that ended, I went hunting for another teacher. I found a guy that actively goes out and maintains a harem. *Teacher 2 has several dozen publicly posted crazy lay reports.* Skype coaching with him was a bit over 1k for three months, although I worked with him for quite a bit longer than that. Our personalities meshed real well, and he remains a friend.

      Also is it possible to apply all that stuff without actually getting an instructor?

      Working with an instructor regularly stepped up both my motivation and the rate I learned at. Shrug.

      I ask because I live with other people that i’ve known for 10+ years and it would be embarassing as fuck to get ‘social training’ over skype especially when they can hear everything I say / do in my room.

      Lol, I was at work after hours (about 7pm) in a meeting room that I thought had good sound insulation, on skype with teacher 2. We’re talking about how to finger strippers and get them to play with your dick. Someone knocks on the door. It’s my 55 y/o boss’s boss. The walls were thin and he had been listening for a few minutes. He was quite offended, haha. It was a good chance to practice frame control. Step 1: don’t act guilty, otherwise he’d sense that and go for the kill. Step 2: Get counter-offended that he’d “eavesdrop on a personal conversation” of mine. lol


    • Ya. Even if you had never heard of RSD or pickup or the Red Pill, if you went out and just talked to girls for a few years, you’d start noticing patterns. The concepts just speed up the process so that you can go ‘okay X keeps happening, oh ya that’s because of that concept A I read about, okay this is what it looks like in reality.’

      It just comes down to time spent in the field getting your ass handed to you. The funny thing is, while it feels like you’re getting your ass handed to you at first….down the line, it’s hard to care. When your FIRST EVER cold approach set rejects you, it’s shitty. But when it’s like…your 4-500th set? (Btw, I STILL haven’t even made it to 400 sets opened in about a year, so the instant-blowout fears are way exaggerated) You won’t care.

      Plus, once you get out there, there are several logical reasons to care less. There are many reasons you will not get the girl: 1) She just isn’t attracted (I would actually call this ‘doesn’t respect you as a man’ because what a woman defines as ‘attraction’ is way different than what I or any other PUA would define attraction. Like on the continuum of ‘positive emotions’ a woman probably would have to be at about 50-70 to say she’s ‘attracted.’ For me to say it, she has to just be at about like lol a 5-10….just enough to REACT to you) — fair enough, and that one blows. 2) The logistics just suck donkeyballs — this one happens all the fucking time. 3) She likes you but there’s too much social pressure on her — if you’re the crazy atheist guy hitting on a nice conservative christian girl who is sitting nicely with her conservative christian friends (assuming they all know you’re a crazy atheist), you’re not going to get far in that setting even if she likes you. You’ll have to isolate, and a lot of times because of 2) that just won’t happen. 4) You fuckup — this will happen. If your set sticks with you for longer than 5 minutes but then just peaces out some time after that, chances are you tanked it.


    • on November 8, 2013 at 12:48 am Young Journeyman

      Thanks a lot you guys, I read a little more on their site and they even have ‘scholarships’ so it would be totally free. Haven’t had a lot of time to check their site in depth but from what i can gather their ‘courses’ focus a lot on expression which won’t help me much since I can’t use english to pick-up, I’ll have to learn that one on my own.

      Regarding what you guys said about not paying for shit and you can just learn this stuff by going out.. I agree that you can have success without instructors if you just allocate enough time and are persistent with going out.

      But I also agree with the instructors that if you just go out alone without any guidance whatsoever you’ll accumulate a lot of bad habits that will fuck you up later on because they become like muscle memory.

      This is why I work a lot more on internal stuff than going out because internal stuff helps me in every aspect of my life, gives me confidence to approach and interact better with people from my social circle.

      Where as the 3-4 times i did approach… it fucked me up for 2-3 days. My first approach ever shocked me for 3-4 days, i had cortisol running through my veins day and night for half a week, even though i got a good reaction lol. Second approach was a little less shocking but I was pale as fuck after it, or so my friends told me, and my feet were shaking. Third one lasted about 20 seconds because i hadn’t learned how to stop a moving girl down the street.

      And that was it, from there on out i didn’t approach for 5-6 months but I worked a ton on my internals and it payed off. I made good impressions on new girls I met through my social circle, something that hadn’t happened in my entire life.

      So long story short, my current buffer is the fact that I’m very busy and even though i know I could devote an hour a day to daygame I’m afraid that the emotions that will create inside me will hinder my progress in other areas of my life because I won’t be able to concentrate on anything else other than what i did right/wrong in the interaction.

      But right now I’ve made a decision to self-discipline myself so if I don’t approach atleast one girl (between faps) I won’t let myself fap. I’m really curious how this will pan out.


  53. on November 7, 2013 at 5:56 pm Sredni Vashtar

    It sounded halfway plausible until the hiring of the PUA- who in God’s name would be omega enough (apart from John Scalzi) to pay an alpha to approach her?

    Still basic scenario is common as mud


  54. I don’t know how you guys get the time to write on here. I wake up, go to work from 9 to 5, and then approach and then come home around 9 or 10, read a bit and then sleep.

    I can only leave a few short comments, not super long insights during the day.

    I know Scray is in grad school and YaReally works his own hours, but doesn’t everybody else have day jobs (Immoral?)… or go game?

    I guess I’m just curious because I feel like if I don’t post insights/FRs I’m not adding a lot of value.


    • I’m actually done with grad school now and work a 9-5. And ya, recently I’ve been kind of sticking to myself. I’ve actually been on a roll though, sarging alone and going light direct. Some solid attraction and numbers. I’ll put another FR up in a few days.

      Just keep slogging, man.


      • Aww sweet, man, congrats! Yeah I hear ya man (honestly couldn’t give much advice on your situation… never been in a relationship before, only massively weird one-sided crushes).

        Nice, that’ll be great to read. As soon as it’s 5, I’ll be hitting the streets again. A player’s work is never done…


      • Awesome stuff. Once you start letting go and just start putting in the time (and the courage to royally fuck up lol), you’re going to get a lot better really fast. Come spring you’ll be knee deep lol


  55. on November 8, 2013 at 4:04 am josephthunter

    The main problem here is that the guy was acting like a bitch and got treated like one. He should have never been trying to win a girl like this. Seriously, she is with a guy who fucks her sister on occasion. Some people might want to praise the alphaness of the AMOG here, but this really comes down to the girl being pathetic. It doesn’t matter how dominant the guy is, a woman who is worth a shit wouldn’t put up with that, and trying to compete for her is simply ridiculous. “He doesn’t deserve her!”. On the contrary, she deserves him. Let it go. The AMOG, his girlfriend and her sister are all trash, only separated from the trailer by an accident of birth.


  56. There is a method to avoid humiliations like the one described in the OP. A man should be able and ready to protect his personal space. Particularly in inevitably tense situations involving men competing for women. This is not about being violent, by the way, but merely firm and alert. If another guy gets close to you then you should at least keep him at an arm’s length. Don’t back away, but don’t let him roam freely either. His hand has no business reaching anywhere near your body so if anything like that is attempted, just bat his arm away. The same method can be used to prevent other similar attempts of dominance projection like back slaps or shoulder punches. It’s fine to do with good buddies, but strangers and especially competitors need to know proper distance.


    • I maintain a personal bubble instinctively. I have to remind myself to let it down around women. But I think this guy was asking for this. My guess is he was pestering either the girl or the guy, so the guy patted him on the cheek and told him to go jerk-off. I’d probably do the same thing, and I’m not even a douche.


  57. Face touching is immediate grounds for “putting on the foil”. There is no other action that needs to be discussed here.