Comment Of The Week: The Parable Of The Gift And The Ass

Famed commenter gig (a Chateau VIP) passes along this story from a friend:

Fun story, not mine, from a friend.

He was in first or second year in college, and dating a girl still in high school. He’d started working, unlike her. So he had much more money than her. And he gave her a very nice gift for Christmas, in her view. But the girl got embarassed because she couldn’t match his gift. And they started talking about how could she “repay” him.

Well, after some talk, he came to the answer. Everything would be settled, and she would have no reason to be embarrassed, if she gave him her ass for his birthday, several months ahead. He argued that her ass was something very special for him that it would cement a very strong bond between them and make their relationship much deeper. If you know what I mean….

So he spent the next months “dreaming” about the day. And the day came. But the girl said that she couldn’t do it, it would hurt her, she was not of that type, she couldn’t do it. He decided to break up with her because of that.

fast forward a couple years. They meet again. He asks her to come to his new apartment. He didn’t ask anything, just went for the kill. And he got her ass. I did try to find some moral teaching here, but I have failed so far….

Moral of the story: You don’t barter for a woman’s sex; you occupy it.

That’s what women secretly want you to do, but they don’t like having to spell it out for you. Unfortunately, most betas are socially dyslexic and need it spelled out, which of course ruins the romance.


  1. Too true. The more I live, the more I learn to NEVER engage a woman’s logical mind in regards to sex


    • I agree with this. I think talking about sex is unromantic and ineffective.


    • Anal is not “a woman’s sex”. Everyone has an anus, and if he wanted anal so much, why didn’t he just find a gay man? Sorry, I don’t mean to engage your logical mind with regards to anal sex.

      [heartiste: i can’t believe this needs saying, but… there’s a qualitative difference between fucking a girl in the ass and fucking a guy in the ass. perhaps you hadn’t noticed, but the body attached to the anus on a woman looks a lot different than the body attached to the anus on a man.]


      • Hahaha, well played CH, you’re an idiot Nadia.


      • on November 10, 2012 at 10:15 am Ed the Department Head

        I think Nadia is angry because you can’t tell her ass from that of a man.


      • on November 10, 2012 at 10:25 am Ed the Department Head

        Hey Nadia, anyone can have a blog. CH and feminists both have blogs. If you really want to write something stupid and feminist, why not go to one of their blogs?


      • Nadia seems pretty anal.


      • Nadia, that guy was just trying to love the inside of the girl’s anus, you know, where true beauty lies.


      • on November 9, 2012 at 9:58 pm blackbird.young

        Thank you Deleuze.


      • on November 10, 2012 at 11:03 am Ed the Department Head

        Anal is about loving a woman in the most personal private part of her body. A woman’s ass, unlike the asses of men or animals (for hostile idiots reading this), can be very a beautiful thing. The inside feels remarkable too.


      • on November 9, 2012 at 9:57 pm blackbird.young

        I’d fuck her in the ass if she were down – and matched my shallow-being’s apprehended perspectivalistic mind’s frame of what’s considered attractive.

        Her Space Invader pink&blue reminds me of playing Atari as a teen pretending owning an Atari & it’s shitty game’s bit-by-bit midi-noise producing cartridges of blipping seizure-worthy games in comparison to PS[II(?)] or Xbox was cool. So, I think her comment on Anal is – as with Heartiste’s response (who I’m beginning to think is a young, wealthy, and probably single/lonely white kid with a lot of time on his hand’s) – indictable of the act itself, anally retentively submissive & prone to being damaged by what goods pass through it’s starfishes whole pleasure-dome of Angered Kenneth’s memory’s recorded sublimely on celloliod for few Axiom-23’er’s to have found alongside the creation of Adam’s Bomb during a reflexively similar time-frame of Hubbardine & Crowlean playtime, setting the stage for our future’s Now, as it’s fucked like mule’s in a dark room resounding the echoes of a forced imbibed libido’s exit-wound trip through the darkness of reviving the experience of what’s considered Sacred via the Profane’s profound insight’s surrounding It.

        On a side-note, would it be illegal for me to post text’s/pictures girls send me for “research” & Game’s sanctified purposes on a blog or forum? Or, if I do so “privately” – so that what I post is not ‘google’-able – does that make it more legal? Or if I put black over their face on paint or photoshop does that make it legal, as they’d then be unidentifiable at first glance, respectively speaking…?

        I feel like I should show you people how easy a lot of this “game” shit really is.

        Perfect timing with the text-game-nude-photo’s post too, ’cause I find that to be the easiest way (even without asking) to get a girl to open up to you now.

        Girls from 18 to fucking 40 eat up photographing themselves as desirable fuck’s for prospective fantastical partner’s or bad-idea’s in their hamsters dead-end-game twirling excitability wheel.

        Remember when we used to tell dog’s to HEEL. Now it seems us dudes are starting to tell women to HEEL. But typically after we’ve anally penetrated their newfound inability to walk comfortably.

        loops & spider webs
        men & women


      • Mind, technically I’m not savvy.

        Characteristically I’m technical.

        I’d appreciate removing ‘blackbird.young’ from your search results.

        Only for the sake of what few anonymously assume a similar name.

        IP seems to be a standard issue nowadays – as it generates robotized lobotomies.

        Consider this null, though adhere to my request. Thanks.



  2. Another pragmatic moral to the story is that you must never pay in advance.


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  4. Sounds like a military strategy to me…negotiations go nowhere…invasions do.

    If you read up on WW2 history Germany tried negotiating with Poland first to get what it wanted.


  5. I like the girl in this story for not sleeping with this repulsive friend of gig. He broke up with her because she wasn’t yet ready to have sex with him … What a loser 😦 Seems that he only dated her because he hoped to fuck her. What a loser, really.

    [heartiste: maya, how much would you pay for my love?]


    • You can’t buy love!

      [heartiste: we all pay for love, one way or the other. now we’re just haggling over price. certainly you don’t expect me to throw you a freebie? make an offer i can’t refuse!]


    • Seems that he only dated her because he hoped to fuck her.

      No shit Sherlock. Why else would any man deal with women?


    • Any guy wants to fuck the girl he’s dating. I think the difference here is that if she was really uncomfortable with the thought of letting him take her up the ass, she should have said so. Up front, direct, with no room for confusion. He was expecting something he thought she’d promised, and of course it’s going to disappoint when she tells him no later. It like getting a guy hard and then telling him no after he’s eaten you out. It’s not a fair exchange, given the expectations that are set up beforehand. We have our own responsibility in situations like this too.

      I’m not saying that we should all sit down and negotiate everything out before getting into bed, but if a guy wants to indulge a kink, his partner should be okay with it. Especially if she’s young and inexperienced

      And guys, seriously, stuff like this isn’t about being alpha or beta. If you have to beg a girl for it, or talk her into it, she is always going to say no later. Maybe because you’re not man enough, maybe because she’s embarrassed, but ALWAYS because she’s not comfortable doing that with you, whatever the reason.


  6. So true. When you start talking analytically about sex you can visibly see the light in her eyes fade, her chest falls, and she starts to look bored. At that point i often find the conversation shifts to her petty complaints or needs.

    Asking for anything usually gets a “no”.

    Telling or taking usually gets a “yes”.


    • on November 9, 2012 at 11:45 pm blackbird.young

      There’s a nugget of wisdom.

      Telling & taking are Act’s, as opposed to asking for permission, which is in question received as a form of substantively offered submission on the “Man’s” part (as seen by the rain-bucket’s other end), in speaking therefrom his preconceived notion of projecting an otherwise respectable & taught kindness of minding one’s surrounding individual’s needs via one’s falsely understood perception of what little fundamentally foundational ground exists on tectonically (emotionally) shifting plate’s to stabilize the falsity of such a pussy-penetrative thought genuinely considerate of it’s performed procession – of masking in Truth a Lie of the linguistically inapt variety – ones true desires become hidden behind the guise of professing one’s lack of self-interest in asking (beyond) the question in the first place, which makes the one who instead tells the audience what they are witnessing a far better storyteller than the one who asks the audience if the story they are telling is one that’d liked to be heard.


  7. @Hero

    OK, I agree, but how do you deal with the possibility of a rape charge later if she has “regrets”?


    • Simple. Don’t have casual sex!


    • Lol if a chick is into a guy almost nothing is off limits. The usual post post lust convo, “no guy has ever treated/done that to me” and i reply with a shrug and act like it was nothing unusual.


      • “and act like it was nothing unusual.”

        This is the key to pickup in general, and kinky sex.

        Another PUA saying: “What you feel, she feels”. Dude making it a big deal planning it out for 6 months as a business exchange makes her feel like it’s a big deal. Later on he just goes for it like “that’s what sex is, shrug” and she’s into it.

        Whether its talking to a stranger, talking about sex/kinks with someone you’ve just met (I do this to establish a sexual frame early and screen for what kind of sex she’s into), giving you her phone number, making out in public, going home together, doing kinky shit in bed, the key is to just act like it’s the most normal thing in the world to you.


    • Learn to avoid Buyer’s Remorse. Google should find you some info on it if you need it. A lot of guys fuck this part up or don’t realize there’s even a section of game dedicated to the “after-care” because they think “whatever I just wanna get laid who cares about what happens after that!!!”


    • Bitches are like dogs, they can sense fear. If you believe in yourself and your actions, it’s amazing what you can get away with. Just don’t spend too much time reveling in your triumph because that indicates that you had some fear about it in the first place.

      YaReally stated it: “What you feel, she feels”. If you feel like you are going to win and both of you are going to have fun as a result, so will she. If you feel scared, like you are not sure how she is going to react, then she won’t like it.

      Have confidence in your actions.


      • “Just don’t spend too much time reveling in your triumph because that indicates that you had some fear about it in the first place.”

        lol one of the gayest things newbies and non-gamers do is after we chat with some girls the girls start walking away and he’ll be like “nice!!” and hold out his hand to do the rock.

        And now he’s just signaled to everyone around us including the girls’ friends if they’re nearby, that talking to a pretty girl is such a rare thing for us that we need to celebrate it when it happens lol

        Pickup isn’t about one or two big moves that get you the girl, it’s a hundred little things that all increase your odds by 1% and add up to success.


      • “”Pickup isn’t about one or two big moves that get you the girl, it’s a hundred little things that all increase your odds by 1% and add up to success.””

        The concepts are what’s important One text, one failed opener isn’t an indication of anything.

        Since I’ve discovered game and begun understanding it, i’m banging more decent chicks than ever before—without regret on either my part of theirs.


  8. Is it not just as likely that he ended up being the 4th or 5th person to “occupy it” after a couple o’ years in uni?


  9. One of the oldest PUA rules:

    “Change her mood, not her mind.”


    • Also fuckin go out tonight, it’s Friday. There are chicks out there waiting for you to put it in their pooper lol


      • I’m tired man. My current lay just left. We fucked twice: First when she came here and then after i made her watch star wars episode 4 she begged me to take her again. “You made me watch this boring movie and now you won’t even fuck me?” when i told her i was tired. Well fine then, have it your way this once. Next time i’m gonna make her watch episode 5 before i fuck her even once. Bitch will learn to love star wars.


      • Regulars during the week, new ones on the weekend.


  10. I like the girl in this story for not sleeping with this repulsive friend of gig

    Maya, they did sleep together several times, and it was only for love and for strenghtening and deepening their relationship that he proposed that. He did it for her, and for their everlasting love


  11. “you occupy it”

    what you mean, masstah?


  12. It took me until my early 20’s to figure this out. Get a girl alone behind closed doors, and then just physically escalate.

    The hard part is getting them alone in the first place. So far, online dating’s the only way I’ve been able to isolate girls,, but the message to date rate is so crummy.


    • You don’t even have to get then completely alone. All you have to do is remove whoever they’re worried about judging them from their field of vision and you can escalate.

      So a standard tactic my buddies and I use all the time is when you’re both in a two-set don’t stand there as a group of 4 all talking to eachother, instead as you’re talking to your girl, you take a couple steps to the side while your buddy does the same with his girl. The end result is the girls are back-to-back facing you guys. They don’t panic because logically they know their friend is still around so they’re “safe” but their friend is no longer in their field of vision so despite the cognitive dissonance it registers as “my friend isn’t watching me”, and she allows herself to loosen up and go with your escalation as you game her.

      Experiment with this if you don’t believe me lol this is one of THE core basics I would teach a guy who was new to winging me.

      If the group is huge like a 5-7 set, same thing have your buddy occupy the group and stand in-between them and you and distract everyone while you turn your girl away from her group or lead her by the hand somewhere away. You literally just have to get out of sight, even if that’s just being across the dance floor or around a corner or behind a pillar.

      If you’re solo it’s tougher, I like to befriend her group quick and then ask them if I can borrow her for a minute, or take her to get a drink etc. something simple and innocent that they won’t reject because I seem like a nice dude. Then with the group’s approval do you take her to the bar right beside her group or the bar on the other side of the room? Exactly. 🙂

      Try it out, make a conscious effort to work on isolation this weekend. If you have a buddy, open a few sets and stay in the generic “4 people talking” arrangement. Then open a few sets and turn their backs to eachother and see how much easier it is to escalate and how much more intimate and natural it is when she feels isolated.

      Good luck!


      • on November 10, 2012 at 12:08 am blackbird.young

        hey man, i can vouch for what you’re saying.

        Didn’t think about it too thoroughly until now, but you’re right.

        Actually, literally, any theory we may provide based on real-life experience is verifiable only if & as it can be replicated, though technically anything that may be done is apt to be repeated both successfully & not by either those who attempt or those who follow through with their original intent.

        This is why game, like philosophy, politics, the occult, artistic paths, musical hallways, mythical doorways, conceptual window-frames, exegetical tables, semantic nightstands, pluralistic bedrooms, polytheistic barstools, hammered-away painting’s nail’s upholding the image providing a scene of vision, etc…are all equal to (as in relation to the dichotomous male/female presentation of awareness) the male understanding reality as the female – in pure & total comfortable relation with oneself & one’s chosen surroundings as actively reflexive constituents, as that which is everything one is in relation to how one perforce moves to achieve said vision.

        Or we can just believe in a Church’s G-d d & go to their communal gatherings on a regular basis, supporting 10% as a valid donation or payment for the service provided by the propaganda engendered as factual Truth to believe in, for harmonious sanctimonies sacral sake, as I’ve always witnessed others saying in action what they do to remain steadfastly happy with what unhappiness they had prior to observing their newfound chaste existence’s as being’s saved (from none but themselves, a dog’s hair trickling the leaking heater’s water’s drip-drop in the morning in a motel state’s away from where one thought one wanted to be year’s ago that single, soon-to-be-forgotten day, much like the misinterpretation of what word’s I confusedly play with for other’s to disparagingly say “Meh, next,” to today) seems to make them better people in their own eyes & the minds of their wives and first, second, or third families, not to be crippling per se, but it’s how I’ve seen it.

        Nurse With Wound – Black Teeth

        Youtube the song. I can vouch for those words too. Just not the decrepit hobo-spider-wanderer (see: Melmoth) portion of the feeling it imbues.

        I’m gonna miss this manosphere stuff while I am unable to attend these veracious comment boxes, though I know I’ll be all the better for it in the end – and will probably no longer be addicted to women like I am to other things too. Thanks again to Matt King for some words of his the other day, really resonated with me.

        I want to know what all of you people do to make money that write here and other similar areas. That’s the only aspect of life I’ve avoided considering pursuing, though now is what only goal seems accessible & acceptable to master.

        One last thought (in response to an e-mail I got from Travis, as he named himself), I believe the fact that any & all of us have “problems” with “girls” says more about our obvious success with women in the first place. Some people don’t even have issues with women, because women are their issues. Is that considered sensical? I think so. Be glad we here harbor such first-world problems as having to understand the misanthropic dissolution of the harbingers’ modulation.

        See you all on the other side.


  13. The last few girls I have banged bring butt-sex up first. Maybe they think that’s what guys just expect now.


    • Might be that’s all they hear about from shut-in cyber losers who are in such plentiful supply on online so-called ‘dating’ sites, Facebook, various forums…..
      Can’t say I’ve ever wanted to stick my dick into anyone’s anus, but hey, whatever floats your boat, I guess…….


      • “Can’t say I’ve ever wanted to stick my dick into anyone’s anus, but hey, whatever floats your boat, I guess…….”

        Here come common sense. It’s a sure way to increase your chance of getting a disease.

        Also, someone told me that men with this fetish have homosexual tendencies. I don’t know if it’s true. Just sayin’.

        Doesn’t that Chris from Dublin guy always speaks about fucking his BF in the ass, and that’s the only sex he likes? Maybe there is something to it.


  14. Potential alpha troll move: Next time a girl asks you to buy her a drink at a bar order a rum+coke for yourself and a tap water for her, then pretend to give her the rum+coke and give her the water instead.

    Thoughts? too rude/mean?


    • I heard of that somewhere….


    • Actually, I doubt that it’s assholish enough. Lots of women order tapwater type drinks at bars. (You can exploit this: for example, if she orders a Shirley Temple, give her shit about being a little girl. My ex last spring liked those, although I didn’t give her shit because I was looking for better.) It’s like ordering a salad at a restaurant.


    • You can do it and it’s a good burn and you can high-five your buddies after because you “showed that bitch” lol and on really hot turbo girls it’ll either work as a neg and get her chasing your validation or piss them off but that’s pretty much a roll of the dice.

      More productive tho, is to pull her in, wrap her arms around you and yours around her, and stare her down and in a bedroom voice tell her “I can’t buy you a drink…” “Why?” “Because then you’ll be drunk when I take advantage of you tonight…” and just go for the makeout.

      You still probably won’t get her, she’ll likely giggle and run away (usually girls approaching guys for drinks have some kind of competition going on so she can’t stay to flirt because she has to find a sucker to win this thing) but you can re-open later in the night and whether you get the makeout or not, the girls around you that see it are like “lol wow who the fuck is that guy??” so it’s good social proof and the whole situ will probably put you more in state which adds to the momentum of your night.

      If she’s a cool chick that you’ve been talking to for a while, go ahead and buy her the drink, it’s no big deal. She’s earned it by being cool and fun to talk to VS the drink whores just trolling guys for free drinks.


      • For as much hate as you get around here man, I can tell you are one of the few dudes on here that actually gets out there and does it. A lot of times I’ll be reading your comments going “yup, yup” and then sometimes it’s “holy shit! Why didn’t I think of that!?”

        Unfortunately a lot of what you attempt to expound can’t be stated in words and has a lot more to do with “vibe”. That’s what I think a lot of these dudes don’t get. Don’t over-analyze it, just charge in to any situation not giving one fuck and be THAT GUY.

        Small example. Last night I met my hopelessly afc (and single of course) friend at a local bar. I walk in and he’s sitting at the bar, two seats away from the hottest girl in the whole place, who is sitting by herself, with the look of please-someone-talk-to-me. My friend is sitting there like a goon, doing nothing. So I set down, initiate some casual talk with the buddy for a minute and ask him what the hell is he doing ha. He shrugs his shoulders so I look over, wait for her to see me, she gives a huge smile and I tell (order) her to come sit by us, and she happily complies. 20 minutes later this girl (hb8.5 easily) and I are dancing (despite no one else in the place dancing, but soon other broads joined in whilst guys still wall flowered) and I got the kiss close and the digits. Might’ve tried for the f close but had plans elsewhere. Oh, and she’s married ha. My buddy and every other dude in the place stupidly leered like they were watching Jesus walk on water. Female staff got a lot smilier toward me. The key to shit is to not give a fuck. That’s it. I turned the bar into an entertaining party in 30 minutes total. It sucked when I walked in. Chick crack.

        YaReally, I’m near LA man, let’s hit it sometime.


      • “For as much hate as you get around here man, I can tell you are one of the few dudes on here that actually gets out there and does it.”

        lol thanks. I’ve said before that the guys who actually go out and hit it up generally agree with the shit I say. The people who hate on me tend to be the guys who are playing out keyboard jockey fantasies in their head of how they think things would play out and what jives with what they want to believe, etc. based on limited to no experience (or no recent experience).

        The reason for this is because as Tyler says: “People always want to challenge based on “ideas” we’ve learned…These aren’t my IDEAS. I have almost no IDEAS about how to meet girls. All I have are experiences, and repeated experiences that are in the hundreds and thousands and tens of thousands between all my students, friends, Natural friends, and myself. That’s where the view comes from. Your opinion means SHIT.”

        Part of how I can tell how much game a guy has and how much he goes out is based on whether he agrees with me or not. It’s not because I’m trying to paint them in a bad light to feel superior, it’s because I’m not attached to any of these concepts at all, I’m literally just reporting what works or doesn’t work and any guy who goes out a ton will run into the same patterns…that’s the whole basis of PUA.

        Guys in the Manosphere have a deep emotional investment in a lot of their beliefs. PUAs, one of the first things we learn is basically “all your feelings are going to fuck with your learning/progress, ignore all that shit and look at this logically with no emotion”.

        If tomorrow everyone started reporting that only guys who were 6’5″ were getting laid, and we had hundreds of thousands of reports of that happening and hundreds and thousands of reports of guys under 6’4″ not being able to get laid, I would literally change what I write and start espousing “Hey everyone, height matters, you need to be 6’5″ to get laid.” and start figuring out how to grow like 8″ lol

        “Small example.”

        lol good stuff. One of my favorite things I see with guys learning game is that often a lot of AFC guys won’t even realize that girl wants to be approached. Like, it’s not on their radar that she’s giving any signals at all that she’d be receptive etc. She could be sitting on his lap and he’d still think “I wonder if she likes me” lol

        But then when he learns game and really gets into it, the reverse happens and it’s like “oh man, this chick lined up right behind me in line at the grocery store. I chatted her up because OBVIOUSLY she wants to fuck me.” lol Like you walk in and you’re like “wtf, why isn’t my buddy talking to that girl?? It’s so OBVIOUS she wants to be opened! Jeeze!!”

        It’s almost like you’re talking to her out of pity lol like “fine, fine, hot girl, I’ll rescue you from the boring hum-drum existance that is your mundane life, god you’re lucky I’m here.” Good mindset in general. 🙂

        “YaReally, I’m near LA man, let’s hit it sometime.”

        I don’t live in LA but I’ve been there a few times over the years. Love it, tho it was a super intimidating nightlife scene the first couple times I partied there. Guys who live in friendly little podunk towns have no idea what a bitch-shield REALLY looks like lol


      • Ah my comment finally emerged from the depths of moderation. For some reason I could’ve swore I read you were in LA at some point. Ah well.

        “One of my favorite things I see with guys learning game is that often a lot of AFC guys won’t even realize that girl wants to be approached.”

        Yeah man, you’re spot on. The second I walked in it was like there was a huge flashing neon invitation over her head, and yet somehow in this bar full of mostly dudes there were no takers. Although I think it’s just as much intimidation and fear of being blown out that stops guys in their tracks, The way I figure it is rejection is always preferable to regret. I know from experience that even if you get nowhere with a HB – heading home after you almost didn’t approach but did it anyway is a much better feeling then heading home kicking yourself the whole time that you pussied out.

        “Good mindset in general.”

        For sure man. Girls don’t sit around scheming about all the guys they’re going to reject before they head out for a night on the town. They’re just hoping to have a good time, and a release from all the turmoil of living a mundane and stressful existence in girl world. If you can be the source of that escapism, then you’re good. Ironically, usually just by having a good time yourself you will project massive good vibes and sweep others up in your tidal wave of positivity.

        Also YR, thanks for posting all the RSD vids man, your posts were how I first found out about those guys and they are way ahead of the curve.


      • “If she’s a cool chick that you’ve been talking to for a while, go ahead and buy her the drink, it’s no big deal. She’s earned it by being cool and fun to talk to VS the drink whores just trolling guys for free drinks.”

        Well, well, well….I didn’t realize you had a civilized side to you after all.


    • Fuck that.
      I wouldn’t even bother making the effort.
      I’d rather look her right in the eye and say;
      “Sure, but first tell me what is in it for me” ?


    • on November 10, 2012 at 8:03 pm Rihanna Deserved It

      A magician never reveals his secrets, so consider this my donation to the Chateau:

      1. Befriend the bartender (pay for drinks in cash and tip nicely).
      2. Find a group of hot girls by the bar.
      3. Buy them “shots” of water. Let them assume it is vodka. The bartender will only do this if he likes you and you have tipped well.
      4. They will see that you bought them shots and categorize you as a Nice Guy Beta Male Provider (NGBMP).
      5. Watch hilarity ensue as they take the shots. Most of them will have no idea that they didn’t just take a shot of alcohol.
      6. Their reality will change. Ginas will tingle. What was once vodka, is now water. What was once a Beta, is now an Alpha.
      7. Laugh in their faces as THEY open YOU and call you a jerk.


  15. This is a wonderful, touching story about buttTHexing. It warms the cockles of the heart far more than the Tucker Maxth thory about buttTHexing (which is bullshit anyway).


  16. The burning issue of our time, however, is:

    Did he secreted tape it?


    • Hell, secretly


      • on November 10, 2012 at 4:38 am blackbird.young

        Hell is a secret, only the devil’s are let in.

        Greg, your contribution’s are always enabling. Thanks.


    • on November 10, 2012 at 8:33 am gunslingergregi

      without the girls consent goes without saying he he he

      chick like you need to get me drunk and have the stars aligned and has to be the perfect day in order to butthex me

      i didn’t even bring it up
      said you will be the one to beg me to do it


  17. The Dark Triad ain’t just for seducers. It works in real life too.

    From the WSJ book review on “The Wisdom of Psychopaths” by Kevin Dutton:

    “Mr. Dutton, with his tongue not entirely in his cheek, develops a skill set he calls the Seven Deadly Wins, “seven core principles of psychopathy that, apportioned judiciously and applied with due care and attention, can help us get exactly what we want; can help us respond, rather than react, to the challenges of modern-day living; can transform our outlook from victim to victor, but without turning us into a villain.” His seven are: ruthlessness, charm, focus, mental toughness, fearlessness, mindfulness and action.”

    This is absolutely correct. In my business career I’ve seen people with these traits win again and again, often by screwing others over.

    I’ve employed a few of these traits myself to great effect.


  18. “No woman will ever respect a man who pays for her affections and/or services” – Old Wise Man


  19. Yeah one peep from her and you’re down the policehouse getting grilled and yer reputation is in tatters. What’s the ratio between just doing the do, and getting slapped,rape-accused, etc….am I basically to ignore the 31 years of being made to feel like a man-monster and actually just treat their flesh like it’s mine?


  20. Some of you aspiring players are going to take this story on face value, and go trying to jack hammer innocent female butt.

    If he said, “she refused, anal sex then I met her couple of days later, I went for her ass” I would say yep. Player player, but she refused and he met her couple of years later. Many things could have happened

    1) She tried kinky sex with someone else, & she liked it so she’s up for it again. I’ve met girls who said “Let’s do anal” during regular vanilla sex, I didn’t even ask for it, so it shocked me. + I’m not putting my dick in a random girls ass without a condom.
    2) She felt cleaner, if a girl thinks she’s going to make a mess, there’s no anal. this time around
    3) He was more confident and went for it because he recognized the moment. Strike when the iron is hot.



    and then one day he gets out, and he gets it……


  22. “Moral of the story: You don’t barter for a woman’s sex; you occupy it.”

    Moral of the story: A woman should never try to match a man’s generosity (masculinity). Her boyfriend had more money than her, which I am sure suited him just fine, and he wanted to show it to her by buying her something special. She didn’t need to match him tit for tat or be Even Steven. She just ruined everything.


  23. […] Famed commenter gig (a Chateau VIP) passes along this story from a friend: Fun story, not mine, from a friend. He was in first or second year in college, and dating a girl still in high school. He’d started working, unlike her. So he had much more money than her. And he gave her a very nice gift for Christmas, in her view. But the girl got embarassed because she couldn’t match his gift. And they started talking about how could she “repay” him. Well, after some talk, he came to the answer. Everything would be settled, and she would have no reason Source: Chateau Heartiste   […]