The Benefit Of Losing Your Cool (Sometimes)

A reader asks:

I got mad at my girlfriend of a year earlier today for something she did, and after I was cooled off I talked to her about it and everything’s good now, but at one point she said “this is why you’re scary sometimes…these rash reactions and the leaping to conclusions…” and I’m not sure if that’s to be taken as a good thing or a bad thing? Could you give your opinion on this?

A good thing. Unpredictability and volatility are male attractiveness traits, in measured doses. (Too much of either and she’ll begin to devalue you as someone who has no state control.) Losing your cool — as long as you do it infrequently — will keep a woman on her toes and her hamster at full throttle, which translates to long-lasting desire for your attention and love. And rumblestick.

Women’s greatest horniness lies in anxiety.


  1. Agreed.

    In a long term relationship, throwing in “random” moments of betadom loving attention really spins then in a good direction.

    To every rule is an opposing correlary: random moments of discipline towards them keeps them knowing they’re not perfect, “yet.”

    I’m naturally long fused, but I also know the dames need – even want – their leader to put them on time out.

    By the way, try specifically that. If a gal violates a boundary you set for her, specifcally tell her she’s on time out for 3 days, whatever. Don’t let her in your pants during her time out. Every woman needs 1% time out periods per annum.

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    • My wife hates it and will do just about anything to reingratiate herself when she hears the fateful words, “You’re on a BAN….”


    • Amen. Call them on their crap, preferably in front of people. Then enjoy the sex. If they really step over the line, though, deny them your presence.


  2. shartoxx


  3. on October 16, 2011 at 1:40 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    Here’s how you know it’s a good thing: you hear many, many times women will dump a guy because he’s “too nice.” But you rarely hear about them dumping guys who got “too nasty.”

    I had more than one woman break up with me in my youth by telling me directly I acted like I had “no passion” because I didn’t get jealous or upset. I learned not to suppress my anger after that — for the better.


  4. A healthy reminder that we are dealing with emotional creatures.
    Learning how to express and convey emotions is a critical part of game. Most betas are not aspies, but they feel compelled to suppress their negative emotions.
    Game is mostly about making women feel good. But the emotional rollercoaster is also a critical element that should not be overlooked.

    When it comes to women, men should act like third world dictators. We all want to be loved, but we need to focus on how to inspire respect and fear.

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    • ur misinterpreting machiavelli, like so many do. u want to be a third world dictator? ask hosni how hes doing. or ben ali. or muammar….

      what u should focus on, is being barack o. pied piper mad-game-having types. the type to fuck you in the ass [more accurately, roofie you w smooth-talk while certain industries & institutions do the fucking], give you aids, and yet so smooth you think they still love you years after they peace on ur slutted ass.


      • I don’t know, my ass is better left out of the equation… 🙂
        But most western leaders seem beta as fuck to me. They’re high achieving betas at best. Obama is married to an unfeminine harpie, the french president was cuckolded before marrying an international slut… They may have power, but they are technocrats who lack the primal alpha characteristics. And even if they may be alpha to men, they are not alpha to women. They may get pussy at will, but it’s only because of their power, just like the rich gameless dude who ends up in love with a golddigger.

        Forget about the fallen dictators, this is not about the contingencies of political life and societal changes. Dictators are relying on propaganda to be loved and worshipped, but they have a sense of unpredictability that grants them respect and fear. My comparison was meant to stop right there.


  5. The crazier, the more the chick is ‘in love’. Had a good female friend, solid 8.5, smart, together, started dating a new guy. He was super nice, they were dating for five months or so, then at one point he just flipped out and beat the crap out of her.

    Not cool.

    Amazing though how afterwards she’s telling me how it was really her fault and she had been totally out of line, etc etc. They’ve been together a year and a half now and he hasn’t done it again … the gleam in her eye though, like an insane person, after all that happened. It was really strange.

    I’m not advocating any sort of violence, on the contrary … it’s a strong example though how being a little unpredictable, and drawing the line somewhere keeps things going smoothly. Minus the beating up part, of course.

    My own latest post bits – how to get a six figure job you aren’t really qualified for (and then keep getting paid for doing nothing):


    • Yeah, you could interpret it that way, but in truth all women are socialized to think like this, and it’s pretty sad. Be passive, please those around you, take the blame, it’s always your fault, solve everyone’s problems, put others’ needs before your own. That is seriously disturbing, and if he’s beaten her once, he’s definitely going to do it again.

      A good non-physical not-too-serious fight between a couple, a bit of tension, a little heat? Always a good thing. But it sounds like your friend is an abusive relationship, which would also explain her explaining it away. Women are psychologically primed by society to be more vulnerable to abuse for the reasons mentioned above.

      [Heartiste: Right, because VAWA was really a law to help women enjoy the wonders of domestic abuse, and the airwaves are filled with messages to women to stick with their asshole boyfriends.
      What makes more sense? That women are psychologically primed by society to fall for abusers, or that women are innately predisposed to love aggressive, sometimes violent men?
      Really, you can’t make this shit up.]

      This boyfriend sounds like a pathetic excuse of a human being. Most women are just wayyyy physically weaker than men. Men like this are complete scum to me. Even is she did something so awful that his beating the crap out of her were justified it (and it is never justified), he has proved that not only is he not the bigger man, he’s not a man at all.


      • Anonymnous–

        That is seriously disturbing, and if he’s beaten her once, he’s definitely going to do it again.

        That’s pure feminist propaganda and like almost everything they say, a lie. They have zero evidence for this. They have this whole narrative that he starts with shouting, moves to slapping not so hard, then hard, then he beats her up and often (they claim actually kills her — when that’s the pattern in a tiny number of cases where usually the guy has a serious criminal record, rather than the middle class and upper middle class officer worker or professional guy that VAWA really is aimed at going after — in order to neuter physical superiority as a source of domestic male dominance.

        They completely ignore that women yell at men and slap them and sometimes punch them (e.g. in the stomach) a lot more than the reverse.

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    • This place really attracts the sketchiest people. Jake, FYI, I will pick up the phone and call Switzerland to confirm your phony educational credentials. But good luck lying about everything on your resume. You should be able to build quite a career that way.


  6. Women use sex to control situations that are otherwise beyond their control.

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  7. I vouch for this. The other night I location bounced with a girl from a party at my house to a bar. The bouncer was trying to ‘out alpha’ me or something, treating me inferior, etc. He burst my bubble when he asked “are you cursing at me” when I just said “fucking bar”. I was in the middle of explaining myself when I paused, and snapped. Talked mad shit, grabbed my cover charge out of his hand, and bounced with my female friend. This got her excited, as she told me later in the night. At


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  9. Joanie Summers knew this as far back as 1962:

    Johnny, I said we were through

    Just to see what you would do

    You stood there and hung your head

    Made me wish that I were dead


    Oh, Johnny get angry, Johnny get mad

    Give me the biggest lecture I ever had

    I want a brave man, I want a cave man

    Johnny, show me that you care, really care for me

    Every time you danced with me

    You let Freddy cut in constantly

    When he’d ask, you’d never speak

    Must you always be so meek?


    Every girl wants someone who

    She can always look up to

    You know I love you, of course

    Let me know that you’re the boss


  10. The power of emotional outbursts is inversely proportional to how often you have them.

    A man who has complete control of his emotions 99.9% of the time can strike the fear of god into women and men when he loses it.

    Also, the scariest motherfucker of all is the man who can execute a controlled losing it, so it’s not really like he’s losing control of himself, just tapping into the strength and impulsiveness that an emotional reaction offers. Like calling on the power of the dark side of the force.

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    • That’s how Hitler controlled his generals. For example, in 1939 Walther von Brauchitsch was convinced to complain about low morale due the centralization of the military on behalf of some of the other generals and compared the morale level to the level in 1918 (when Germany lost the first World War). After a tense pause Hitler went berserk; throwing things, screaming, and tearing at his clothes. He accused the general personally and all the commanders in general of being either cowards or traitors. Then suddenly it was over. Hitler calmly smoothed his clothes and hair and politely dismissed von Brauchitsch. By the time von Brauchitsch returned to the Military Headquarters he was still shaking and could only stammer a vague description of what had happened. Hitler didn’t treat von Brauchitsch or any other general differently after that but von Brauchitsch didn’t stand up to Hitler again.

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      • Hitler was a puss. I give you General Dietrich von Sauken:

        A cavalry officer who regularly wore both a sword and a monocle, Von Saucken personified the aristocratic Prussian conservatives who despised the braune Bande (“brown mob”) of Nazis. When he was ordered to take command of the Second Army on March 12, 1945, he came to Hitler’s headquarters with

        his left hand resting casually on his cavalry sabre, his monocle in his eye, . . . [and then] saluted and gave a slight bow. This was three ‘outrages’ at once. He had not given the Nazi salute with raised arm and the words ‘Heil Hitler’, as had been regulation since 20 July 1944, he had not surrendered his weapon on entering….and had kept his monocle in his eye when saluting Hitler.

        When Hitler told him that he must take his orders from Albert Forster, the Gauleiter (Nazi governor, or “District Leader”) of Danzig, Von Saucken

        returned Hitler’s gaze….and striking the marble slab of the map table with the flat of his hand, he replied ‘I have no intention, Herr Hitler, of placing myself under the orders of a Gauleiter’. In doing this he had bluntly contradicted Hitler and not addressed him as Mein Führer.

        To the surprise of everyone who was present, Hitler capitulated and replied “All right, Saucken, keep the command yourself.” Hitler dismissed the General without shaking his hand and Von Saucken left the room with only the merest hint of a bow.[1]


      • The last of the great woolly mammoths.

        The Greeks and Romans let themselves go to seed, and Alexander broke the Persians, but the Europeans committed suicide.

        We laugh now at the pretenses of France, Germany, and even the UK to global leadership, but a century ago, they were full of men like von Saucken. Unfortunately, they were even more full of inbred and buffoonish Hapsburgs. “Lions led by donkeys” as they said after WWI.

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      • Your country is falling apart. Your enemies are running towards your capital unchecked. Your commander in chief gives you a sensible, reasonable order. You refuse out of pride and act like a dick. How the fuck are you a hero?


      • If only those generals had the stones to stand up to Hitler,he mightve won the war! Which,of course,would be awful…


  11. @Frost. Truth!!

    rash reactions and jumping to conclusions are not what i’d be going for.

    controlled outbursts of agression are sexy. and it must be justified anger. not breaking a chair because your girl forgot to put the milk back in the fridge.


  12. Would it dampen the effect at all if you end up crying?


    • not at all. women love a sensitive guy, one who isn’t afraid of crying and showing his tender side.

      i read about this in cosmo, so i know it’s true.

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  13. A rare but strong flash of anger is good for an LTR. It has to be anger at an immediate offense, not uncorked beta rage. And for God’s sake, do not do a voice inflection toward apology-backpedal-pausible deniability.

    You can’t always do aloof-mastery. Only a herb doesn’t thrill his woman with a peak-experience of hindbrain fear.


  14. “(Too much of either and she’ll begin to devalue you as someone who has no state control.)”

    For the real crazy chicks you have to go full retard and be unhinged most of the time.


    • Sad but true. In my last LTR (which went down in flaming ruins because I had no game and, unknown to me, she was full bore Block A PPD) when things went bad I was edgier and more irate with her and the sex just got hotter and hotter. Of course the very hottest sex, at the very end, was at times when I wasn’t sure whether she was going to fuck me or pull out her .38 and try to kill me. Life on the edge with a crazy woman is something everyone should try, once.


  15. That’s true Frost. The tempes-fresser eventually gets laughed at and people look for ways to goad him into an explosion. Lotsa laffs.

    Personally I tended to go berserker a lot when I was younger and it never availed me much.

    The other day my wife got up at 2am and called home. The she flipped out screaming for about 10 minutes. Never hear her like that, even when I had really pissed her off. I figured the neighbors thought she was yelling at me. Ast her who she was talking to and she said her sister-in-law, who “made her mother cry”. She was full of rage but I beckoned her close and put her head on my chest. Two minutes later she was buns up for a roguring. It was great.


  16. on October 16, 2011 at 9:06 pm Michael Maier

    Sean Connery sure knows the value of a slap here and there. Probably for the best all around.


  17. Women’s greatest horniness lies in anxiety.

    Greatest horniness??? I can’t imagine getting horny from feeling anxiety. Much less from someone leaping to conclusions.

    [Heartiste: What we have here is…. a FAILURE… of IMAGINATION.]


    • on October 17, 2011 at 11:14 am greatbooksformen GBFM

      lotsa times on dates i start goin


      with my pateneted blank expression stare, especially when we are hanging out at a hispter club with all of her pre-law, post-asscocked college girls sorrostitutes lzozozlzoozzozozozozoz

      it makes them all horneier and hornier translating me going lzozoozozlzozozzllzozoz into my lotsa cockas going gizzzalalaliizziziallziziiziz lzozozozozozoz


    • Women don’t consciously know what they want. Your words are worthless.

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      • on October 17, 2011 at 3:23 pm driveallnight

        Amazing, but dead-on correct.

        Read the book “A Billion Wicked Thoughts.” The researchers place instruments in the women’s vaginas to measure arousal, then show them various images.

        The instruments show conclusively that the women are turned on by *all* the erotic images they are shown (including monkeys fucking)….but all the women steadfastly insist that they are not aroused in the least.

        They really, seriously have no idea what arouses them sexually. And I have no idea whether I should really, seriously laugh or cry.

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    • Women past their prime may be a little bit less receptive to unpredictability.
      But unless one has been married to a woman since her hot, tight, young days, who cares about old hags?


  18. Pardon me, Mick, but I doubt you are Sean Connery. And even if you were, most sensible women would push the ejector seat button and hope your parachute did not open.


    • Sean Connery may talk about striking a woman, but I bet he has never had to do it more than once per girl.

      His Alphaness makes his psychotic grog soaked countrymen seem Beta even in old age.

      He may have just been an actor, but still respect to the old boy.


      • He told Barbara Walters that he slapped his wife once in a while. Not often and only open handed. Not to try to hurt her but to “knock some sense back into her, shock her”. Walters was incredulous but Sean Connery wouldn’t back down and refused to be the least bit apologetic. Walters was completely defeated on the topic. It’s on youtube. Shouldn’t be hard to find.


    • You’d be suprised by real reality.


  19. With the girl I’m seeing, when I lost my cool….she would only shit-test more.

    Then I displayed my anger cooly but firmly.

    I said i was going away for a night to a place with tons of chicks. She would be left out.

    After that…she can’t do enough for me.

    But up to that point, I had been mostly alpha. The shit-testing started shutting me down rather than losing my cool.

    Losing your cool has to be congruent with your personality.

    You don’t want to be angry-man.


  20. on October 17, 2011 at 9:30 am Rollo Tomassi

    Law 17: Keep Others in Suspended Terror: Cultivate an Air of Unpredictability

    Humans are creatures of habit with an insatiable need to see familiarity in other people’s actions. Your predictability gives them a sense of control. Turn the tables: Be deliberately unpredictable. Behavior that seems to have no consistency or purpose will keep them off-balance, and they will wear themselves out trying to explain your moves. Taken to an extreme, this strategy can intimidate and terrorize.

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  21. Calculated rage is a powerful manipulative tool. It’s especially useful against nice people; women can be very good at it as well.


    • on October 18, 2011 at 4:29 pm The Chrome Microphone

      Tony Blair to his most trusted aide: “Never lose your temper again. Unless it’s on purpose”

      Not an alpha, but a solid source.


  22. I’ve found you have to be careful about this in a feminist country like Canada, because our women are very, very quick to cry ‘abuse’ as a control mechanism, and all her friends will pile on you.

    You can’t win here, because you’re damned either way.


    • No you aren’t.

      If a woman cries ANYTHING to me, all I do is stare at her until she’s done with her god damned blubbering.

      There is no reply to emasculating behavior by women, except silence, let their tirade run its course. Then, ask “Are you done?”, or even better, just change topics.

      You win by not caring about their idiocy. You win by not apologizing.

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      • I think what he’s concerned about is not the woman crying abuse to HIM, but crying abuse to the GOVERNMENT.

        You can “not care” and “not apologize” all you want, when the bitch says “He hit me!” or even “I was afraid he would hit me” (you don’t even have to hit her) that’s all she wrote, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

        Men have to walk on eggshells around women in the United Feminist States Of America.


      • Citation needed.

        Seriously, I’d love to hear some stories that you yourself experienced regarding this situation.

        Guys physically abuse women for months or years and the women end up loving them more — time and again.

        The only guys who get the cops called on them seem to be beta stalkers who actually act manipulatively creepy. I don’t know ONE alpha in my entire life who had the cops called on him.

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      • this.

        alphas can get away with saying and doing things that betas can’t. a display of anger from an alpha brings out the gina dripping, the same display of anger from a beta brings out the cops.


      • I’m a douchebag and even I think you’re scum.

        OMG why hasn’t a single PUA created a following around Dada’s foolproof methods?? Is he an undiscovered genius? Or is it more likely his cuntery doesn’t fucking work?

        If you’re taking advice from a guy that looks like this:

        shoot yourself.


      • Jealous much?

        Drawing lines in the sand behind an anonymous identity is so alpha. So very alpha.

        Your father would be proud of you.


      • Well, what fun is the Internet without lies? I suppose it doesn’t really matter whether you are actually telling the truth, as that is irrelevant to the entertainment quotient.

        In any case, you seem less fullashit than some of the super obvious liars around here. But the amount of time you spend posting here, and especially your ability to write at length, near post #1, on every thread, seems more than a bit incongruent with your claimed lifestyle. I think that’s what is being expressed by certain, umm, less articulate posters.

        So I guess it boils dowm to this: Are you somehow monetizing your presence here?
        If so, fine. If not, why? Isn’t your time more valuable than that?


      • You could theoretically say I am monetizing it, indirectly.

        I’ve been writing and commenting around the web for ever, using my own name for many years. Over time, thanks to Facebook and just my own inherent talent for knowing which sites will probably gain popularity, I’ve had the luck of building a reputation for myself by not backing down from my opinions or hiding behind anonymity.

        That reputation has turned into income, mostly through pure interpersonal relationships. “Oh, I read what you posted on, and I really agree but I could never say it in public” I hear that commonly: from clients, friends, family, women I date, even the friends of women I date.

        It’s a small world, quickly becoming flatter by the day. Reputation in one’s community is important if you’re a business owner, but if your community is bigger than a small city ward, you do what it takes to try to not just earn your reputation, but springboard yourself into a stronger one.

        Whether or not I am telling the truth doesn’t matter; if a guy is on the edge of being a higher beta/lower alpha, or even on the edge of being a lower alpha/higher alpha, and he understands what I’m saying, I feel confident it WILL make a difference. I’ve seen it make a difference in the guys in my life who ask for advice, and learn from taking a risk.

        As for the time, I’ve gotten that question a ton, especially by those who find me on more than one blog or news site and wonder how I can write some much. I’m in the business of efficiency consulting (to explain in the easiest way), and I spend quite a bit of time traveling. Since my hourly rate is pretty solid, I don’t spend as much time actually working as a 9-5 person does (but when I do work, it’s grueling and exhausting). I also spend an inordinate amount of time in airports (some weeks as much as 4-5 hours), so I generally browse around on the old iPad and see what’s new and interesting.

        When I’m not working my real job, I’m usually at an office of a project company I’ve invested in — I don’t do much work in these seed ventures, I’m more of a manager and advice giver, so I have plenty of time to spend online or on the phone, looking for new opportunities. When my RSS feeder glows red (new post), I hop over, read it and leave a comment. It’s not that time consuming.


      • Dada: good stuff. Makes sense.

        My problem with the internet is that it never “doesn’t take much time” because the web is, well, a web. Two hours of links later, I suddenly find that it’s two hours later.


      • Btw, if you like efficiency, you should use dictation programs (if you don’t already). I can email you some recommendations for the best mics, etc. if you want; 180-200 wpm is your friend.


      • I have a personal assistant/attaché who handles most of my business correspondence, letters, certain email accounts, etc.

        As for the Internet taking time, that’s true — it can get away from you, but I grew up with information overload (I was a BBS SysOp back in 1986 and it was one of the largest in Chicago, so we had tons of information and I was only 12). One thing that helps handle the onslaught of information well is workflow management integration. Picture the “Priority Inbox” of Google Mail, but in terms of ALL your information.

        Since I have a small team of programmers at hand, my in-house information flow is managed by our proprietary solution. I can tag RSS feed updates, Google Talk incoming messages, even Google Voice texts with varying levels of priority (and then groups beneath that). This way, an email from a friend doesn’t get as much priority as my client who is known to pay triple overtime.

        If I leave a comment on any blog, that RSS link for the blog is tossed into my workflow — as well as any RSS feeds for comments. In addition, that workflow app searches my RSS comment feeds for things like “Dada” or “AB” or things like that, so I generally know if someone has mentioned me and I should peek (those get a slightly higher priority bump). I use search queries within emails and texts as well (SMS priority 1 for things like “heart attack” or “pregnant”).

        Sure, my solution is proprietary (and we do offer it to our customers at a price), but Google and other information aggregators are starting to offer information workflow management solutions freely.

        Check out — it lets you look for RSS feed updates, even search those RSS feed updates for text strings, and then set off a response mechanism. Example: if a comment is left on Roissy’s blog that contains the word “Dada”, send me a Google Talk message. This information workflow is rudimentary, but it’s really a time saver. Since I spend 80% of my time visiting blogs who I subscribe to an RSS feed to, I don’t waste so much time just randomly browsing the web — letting 2 hours get away from me.


      • You’re a good and definitely alpha looking dude, no homo.

        And that’s a real good looking chick on your arm. Still seeing her? Is she your current main squeeze?


    • This is fairly true. Most Canadian women will cry abuse if you go overboard with the rage. However, the controlled and directed anger that some alpha males can unleash will have the vast majority of them wetting themselves and begging for your cock in a few minutes.


      • The problem is when they get around their friends and you aren’t there. Maybe its a jealousy thing, I don’t know, but when a woman starts complaining about alpha behavior to her friends, they almost to a T all recommend that she leave the guy. Its weird. Since you can’t police them 24/7, i’m inclined not to commit to any one woman because I’ve seen how toxic their peers can be. They all think they are “supporting” the girl too, while they are actually pressuring her into doing something she doesn’t want to do, which often ends up ruining her life. It really is odd, ahistorical and unnatural. women are no longer the keeper of the home and family traditions…their current social conscienciousness is to destroy.


      • I don’t think things were fundamentally different 50, 500 or 5000 years ago – by nature women always a) want to waffle to their nearest and dearest about how hard their life is (whether they are married, involved or single) and b) are biologically programmed to believe there is something better for them out there somewhere. There’s no point giving that any of your thought. After finishing her gossip therapy session with her friends she’ll come back to you and realise she’s complaining about nothing. Or she’ll realise her friends are right.

        Basically she’s the jury, you’re the defence, the friends are the prosecution and your game is the irrefutable evidence which clears your name time & time again. Or your way of bribing the jury, whichever way you want to see it.


  23. […] the weekend, The Chateau had an interesting quick-hit post extolling the Game virtues of a man losing his cool. This is an interesting concept from a behavioral psychology perspective in that it unexpectedly […]


  24. Female architect falls in love with random felon on death row…

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  25. on October 17, 2011 at 2:54 pm The Chrome Microphone

    These ideas make me think of The Godfather.

    Michael Corleone is supremely calm, understated and low-key throughout, even when his father is shot. He never raises his voice; never loses his cool even when he’s enraged below the surface

    But at the end of the film when his wife is demanding answers of him, he snaps and slams his hand on the table, a look of fury on his face.

    Then he composes himself and returns to normal.


  26. Controlled volatility is good. Complete discipline is better.

    Your relationship is a suspense thriller. If you show the killer in every frame, the audience becomes inured to the thrill. If he hides in the shadows, then his power to enthrall is ubiquitous, potentially lurking under every micro-expression, every subtle movement, every covert sign.

    The loud crack of the movie gun is most effective only after long periods of silence. But the longer the silence, the less loud it has to be to startle. That’s why if you’re depending too much on displays of volatility, you are likely being lax in other areas. Her understanding of your power — your controlled power — should be a given, told in small ways that she dare not explore too deeply.

    Her imagination will multiply your power on its own the less you have need to resort to it. Otherwise the lion of her perception might one day open his mouth to roar… and out will come an aura-destroying meow.

    Also, if you’re bouncing your girl off the walls — physically, verbally, or psychologically — it’s a mark of impotence. Direct your strength against men if you have to prove yourself. The trick is avoiding the necessity of proving yourself.

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    • Excellent and concise, King A.


    • This advice is useless.

      Display the exact amount anger as required.

      With some girls in some circumstances, that will be a lot.

      With other girls it will be none.

      The dog decides the training.

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    • This philosophy can be used as a crutch to avoid confrontation.

      Better to have a healthy relationship to anger than one where anger is seen as a negative. Anger is not a negative. Anger is a tool. Anger is a great tool, that every man needs to know how to use, and to use effectively.


  27. Anger is a tricky emotion. Like alcohol, it’s a disinhibitor, and it can lead to poor choices.

    But a man can become experienced with alcohol and anger, and learn to function to a high degree while under the influence.

    Anger does not automatically mean a loss of control. Expressing anger is not equal to “losing it”. You can express extreme anger on purpose, with accuracy and force.


  28. Just be careful, unjustified butthurtness is one of the most beta moves ever


  29. I can think of many examples in my life where a show of extreme anger made led to a major positive course change in a girl.

    It’s a pity men refuse this knowledge.

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    • It’s a class thing. Proles live with anger and violence every day; middle class guys are scared bagless; and the rich can get effectively pissed.

      It’s a miracle for a beta to slap a girl hard; alas, he’s more likely to shoot her. 😉


  30. Michael reblogged this on Alpha Swag and commented: Hmmm…interesting. I was recently told, “I love that I never know what you’re thinking…or what you’re going to do.”

    Probably one of the best compliments I’ve ever gotten.

    I seem to be getting that in many aspects of my life. Perhaps being undependable in certain dosages is actually a good thing?

    The “do what you want; no apologies; don’t care” mantra is the thing that seems to stand out. It’s actually gotten me a lot of success recently and even spurred me on to do things I’ve been pushing off for a while.

    It’s funny how many of these concepts just start drifting into every area of your life.


  31. Tyler Durden (dude from The Game) would start a fight and dump his girlfriends when he had to travel for long periods of time so that their hamster would be so busy freaking out and obsessing over him and their relationship and how to get him back that they wouldn’t fuck other guys. 🙂