11 Things You Should Always Say To A Fat Girl

A shambling cloverfield has drawn up a list of pretty lies she wishes people would stop saying to her. As a big beautiful person of convexity, she has accepted her fatness, and she wants you to accept it as well. I agree. We should all accept that fat people are fat, and not mince around it. (Which would take years and grappling hooks, anyhow.) So in the spirit of her post, here are the 11 things you should always say to a fat girl to let her know you accept that she’s fat and you won’t patronize her by acting like you don’t notice her fatness.

1. You’re fat!

You are fat. It’s just a descriptor. If you’re calling yourself fat, I will gladly agree, because lying with a straight face takes energy. Hopefully my refreshing honesty will feel as good to you as it does to me.

2. You have such a fat face.

There’s a chance you have a pretty face, but I can’t tell under all that blubber. You also have a banging body hiding somewhere in there, like a tiny nested doll—it just happens that your outer body is bigger than what any normal man finds attractive on a primal, biological level. Now, do a shimmy for me so I can record it and make a funny gif called ‘Twerking Walrus’.

3. Oooh, let’s go to Lane Bryant!!!

You cannot fit into anything at Bebe. You probably can’t fit into anything at Lane Bryant either, but the only other choice is the REI camping department.

4. You need that candy bar.

It’s delicious, and how else will you sustain your massive corpulence that is the envy of no one anywhere? Open your piehole and accept the candy bar, the same way you accept your hideous visage.

5. You’d look better if you were thinner.

Why beat around the fupa? Yeah, your fat makes you unhealthy, but no one really gives a shit about your blood work or what some fat female doctor reassuringly told you to keep you coming back for more high-priced office visits. Aesthetically, you’re a mess (trust), and the only thing that will change that is losing weight. It doesn’t take a medical degree to know what vomit tastes like at the sight of you.

6. Phew, I’m so thin.

I won’t talk about being fat around a fat person when it’s obvious I’m not fat. Instead, I’ll tell it like it is (the way you like it), and express my utter relief that I don’t look anything like you. So I will talk about how great it is to be thin in your company and the implications should work themselves out.

7. That half mile of slow jogging you do isn’t going to make up for the calorie surplus you regularly run.

Yes, I know you do yoga and swim—that’s where you sit on your ass on a mat and break one bead of sweat and float in a pool like an otter that swallowed a beach ball. Yes, you have a gym membership. Very good, now you’ve found a venue to pound energy drinks and baby walk the treadmill while totally ignoring the weight room. Reward yourself later with a tub of ice cream for your hard work.

8. Nah, I don’t want to borrow your clothes.

You don’t wear clothes, you wear fabric bundles. I suppose if I want to borrow a car cover, I’ll give you a call.

9. Have you gained weight??

I mean, honestly, at your size it’s kinda hard to tell either way.

10. Dieting is for unhappy women who worry about their looks. That’s not you.

Dieting sucks and it doesn’t work the way you do it, before any hunger pangs are actually felt. It’s obvious you’ve stopped that dieting b.s. You just want to be happy and unhealthy, and one of the best ways for you to do that is to not stress so damn much about your repulsive fat folds. Is that a cheeto under your third chin? Embrace it! It’s a victory over dieting and anorexia, a small token that reminds the world what a confident, accepting fat woman looks like. Thar she crows!

11. I’m not trying to help.

When I start offering good advice you didn’t ask for, you don’t feel cared for. You feel humiliated. I don’t want to shame you, so instead I will love you as much as you claim to love yourself. I will shout to the world how gloriously fat you are, and how it doesn’t matter at all because you’re at peace with the rearview mirror you must use every time you have to wipe. I will shake your round belly and say “This belly is accepted by its owner. This belly is loved so much it gets more food than it can handle.” That’s all that matters, right? Your acceptance, my acceptance. Our acceptance. And what’s more accepting than dropping reality on your bowling ball head and not worrying if it will crush your soul?


12. You should be an orbiting space station model.

Acceptance level 99 achieved.


  1. 13. what is your excuse for being fat?


    • Apparently “What’s your excuse?” is all that is required. Fatties can read between the rolls.. er lines.



      • Is this Laura Beck the “my hair is pretty bright” girl? Google reveals a similar looking girl.

        This Laura Beck writes for cosmo? She says she’s fat. At this point, I think even Sir Mixalot is down with that.

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      • Devil’s Advocate here.

        Suppose you threw down all 12 + 1 = 13 of those insults on the chick, and suppose she just laughed and rolled with the punches and kept a good attitude through the whole thing?

        And suppose that you drank a couple of glasses of wine with her, and one thing led to another, and before you knew it you were fornicating with her all night and she came and came and came and came and came – over and over and over again – and that none of them were fake orgasms?

        And then suppose that the next morning, she cooked you the best breakfast you’d ever tasted in your life – arguably better than the breakfasts your Mom made for you when you were a kid?

        I’m telling you, I’d much rather settle into a child-making LTR with a curvaceous HB5/HB6/HB7, who might be packing a few extra lbs, but who had a good attitude, and a kind warm gentle loving heart, than with any anorexic B-Cup/A-Cup psycho witch whose heart had been consumed by The Darkness.

        Granted, fat and evil would be the very worst of all.

        But for my LTRs, I’ll take curvaceous and warm-hearted over stick-thin evil every day of my life.

        I’m just about at the point now where I don’t even know that I can get it up for the Dark chicks anymore.

        Bitch needs to show me just a little basic human warmth and kindness in order to get a rise outta the little fellow.

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      • For me 118 lbs is the max allowable. That’s is she’s 5’5″


      • Maybe this could happen, call it statistical error.
        But let me tell you a story. I have this friend who is into game (fairly alpha) and a couple of days ago he told me that a fatso from his work tried to make a highly strong move on him, of course he deflected with genuine disgust – the thing is, the fatty is engaged with her boyfriend that she dates since her 18 years old. After being rejected, the outer monstruosity reveals the inner one: she confessed she *love love* her boyfriend, but when he proposed to her she got desesperate because that would be her last man! So she already sucked a couple of dicks.
        The boyfriend is a classic beta, but a normal and good guy for the description, above the fatty’s SMV – but of course, our “little” girl can’t help herself but feel and unintentionaly and unconsciously think that her lover is a beta chump, a loser, a despisable thing of low SMV for settling with a fatty like herself… because deep down she knows she is not girlfriend, much less wife material. She’s the booze of the homeless, not the fine scotch of the lawyer.
        That’s why fatties cannot be happy, even if a high value man choose one of them, this one is going to despise, is going to feel contempt with such poor choice (herself) for a man who throwns in the garbage his own sexual pleasure, pride with his peers and biological health in the future.
        The ancient greeks were right (like in most social matters going around today once again) to think that just a beautiful body could coup with a beautiful soul (we aren’t counting accidents like war), principally one feature – slenderness – that depends almost entirely on self-value, self-discipline, self-respect and pride.
        Fat people, specially women that have almost all their value jugded by the outside, are broken. Stay away from them in sexual terms *body terms* if you don’t want to be broken too.
        Regards from a white brazilian – I like your race posts, Shane


      • > “The boyfriend is a classic beta… a beta chump, a loser, a despisable thing of low SMV…”

        Look, I agree [as I was saying to Scray recently] that there is no question but that the Betas have got to start upping their Games.

        The future of Western Civilization depends on it – otherwise, as I was also saying to Scray – what had been Western Civilization is going to degenerate back into a primordial barbarian “Big Man Rules” polygamist disaster, where the Alphas hord all the women to themselves, and the Betas are left sucking one-anothers’ dicks.

        That’s African and Muslim and Classical Jewish [Old Testament] society in a nutshell [and probably much of the Pacific Rim, as well] – the Big Man wins, and gets all the best toys, while the little men sit around boffing each other [which quite LITERALLY happens in e.g. Afghanistan, as any coalition forces vet can tell you – all the little boys are for sale in the Afghan market square].

        So I don’t have a lot of sympathy for the Beta Chumps who allow this to happen to themselves, except to urge everyone who has already swallowed the Red Pill that it is absolutely IMPERATIVE that they evangelize all of the Betas in the ways of Game and Neo-Masculinity and the Anti-Anti-Truth of the Dark Enlightenment.

        But getting back to the chicks in question.

        Anorexic Hawt Babe Amy Winehouse?

        Anorexic Hawt Babe Miley Cyrus?

        Anorexic Hawt Babe Tori Spelling?

        No thanks.

        Give me a nice big corn-fed farmer’s daughter, like a Jennie Finch, with a sunny happy smile on her face, who wants nothing more than to make babies with me for the rest of her life [or at least until her ovaries finally shrivel up and her womb goes barren, at which point she can switch over to chasing the grandkids], and who knows damned well how to make me some scrambled eggs and grits and bacon and hash browns the next morning:


        And I’ll be a very, very happy man.


      • on December 7, 2013 at 11:07 am haunted trilobite

        “The ancient greeks were right” – If they were so fuckin’ right, how come they’re so fuckin’ dead?


      • ’cause your momma is so fat that she fall on greece and everybody diedddd


      • on December 7, 2013 at 11:57 am haunted trilobite

        You’ve a bit of movie watching to do. Start with Prizzi’s Honour


      • > ““The ancient greeks were right” – If they were so fuckin’ right, how come they’re so fuckin’ dead?”

        Actually, the Ancient Greeks were so fucking WRONG that they started dropping their seed in one-anothers’ rectums, instead of in their beeyotch’s birth canals, and as a result they went fucking EXTINCT.

        Which is precisely what we’re seeing now in so much of Blue State America and Europe and the Pacific Rim.

        They say that in Japan, the boys and girls are so obsessed with video games and sex dolls and anti-reality fantasies that they don’t even engage in physical copulation anymore.

        Tentacle Porn Game FTL:


        Total Fertility Rate Game FTW:



      • Any woman willing to sleep with you can be taught to make breakfast.
        Beauty has little to do with kindness or warmth.


      • > “Beauty has little to do with kindness or warmth.”

        WTF r u ?

        Like 13 years old?

        Or maybe you’re a Jew in Hollyweird which can hit up its Uncle Mordecai back East in NYC to wire it some fiat electrons whenever it needs to purchase a hawt date?

        Try bedding an HB10 scrawny anorexic Evil chick, and the next morning the whining bitchy cunt is all, “Well, I eat a breakfast of garlic and onion tofu spread on rice cakes, and I wash it down with a raw egg mixed in carrot juice, and I swallow 17 different kinds of vitamin pills, and then I’m out the door for my 6:00AM 50-mile bicycle sprint with the local chapter of the International Society of Ecopagan Triathlon Eurofags – we’re in training for the Planned Parenthood Susan G Komen bike for dykes charity event. Now be sure to pick up your dirty underwear off of my floor, and always flush the toilet after yourself, and I need you to run to the store and get me some new cat litter and some maxi-pads. M-kay? Too-da-loo!!!”

        No thanks, dude.

        No thanks.


      • First, there is no such thing as a 5, 6, or 7 fat woman. Being fat means the highest you can rate is 4.

        Second, in a LTR with a fattie there will come the endless questions about “are you attracted to me”? You can’t just say “no” and continue the relationship. But all women want to be assured that they’re attractive to their man.

        Third, who cares how much she comes? That just means that she fines you much more attractive than she is.


      • “finds” not “fines”.


      • I’m telling you, I’d much rather settle into a child-making LTR with a curvaceous HB5/HB6/HB7, who might be packing a few extra lbs, but who had a good attitude, and a kind warm gentle loving heart, than with any anorexic B-Cup/A-Cup psycho witch whose heart had been consumed by The Darkness.

        Loser talk. Typical sign: creating a false choice between Fantastically Good fatty and Evil Demonic beauty. Zombieshane uses a false choice to derail the discussion, which is, when you get down to it, about whether it is good that women terrorize the eyes of people around them with swollen fat bodies, and about the ridiculous claim that it is those who dislike the fat that are doing something bad, not the Fat Terrorist herself.

        Let’s apply that debating trick to other situations, see how absurd it is. For example:

        “No thanks, I don’t want to buy a leaking boat. I prefer a boat that doesn’t sink.”
        “Bigoted FOOL! I prefer a leaking boat to an un-leaking boat WITH A BOMB attached to it!”

        “Hm, don’t think so. I don’t want a crappy job that doesn’t even cover my rent, I prefer an exciting and well-paid job instead.”
        “You BASTARD! I prefer a low-paying job to a high-paying job where the boss is a SERIAL KILLER!”

        “Hm, nope. I don’t want to eat human-flesh-pie from Congo’s civil-war cuisine, I prefer a gourmet meal from Europe.”
        “You MORON! What if that gourmet meal is POISONED?”


    • 14: Do you have your own moon?


  2. 13. whats your excuse


  3. I.m thin, exercise , eat carefully and probably have good DNA, But I loath really fat people. I guess I’m another type of bigot.


  4. Bwahahahahaha lzozlozlzozlozlzzozozoz. Happy Friday y’all.


  5. I am noticing the very high percentage of fat women on OKCupid (at least in Chicago). I guess the thin ones don’t need online dating.


    • TimeWaster Trev = Almost Every Woman Alive.


    • No, do not check it out.

      Any man, not where he wants to be red-pill wise, should avoid mainstream mindpoison with all his might.

      Only grizzled veterans are sufficietly immune to the MSM mind toxicity.


    • “Friend Zone Fred

      Friend Zone Fred lacks confidence and always ends up as just a friend. He treats women with respect but finds that he is usually the shoulder to cry on. You won’t find Friend Zone Fred on dating websites; he finds them too daunting.
      Spot him: After five dates, he still hasn’t tried to kiss you. Or if he has, he asked permission first.
      Deal with him: He is perfect husband material but his self-confidence just needs a bit of a boost. Try complimenting him – this may just be the assurance he needs to escape the Friend Zone.”

      Added bonus: when you get bored with him you can Eat, Pray, Love and make a killing in divorce court since he probably has $ saved up.


  6. lol, why say anything? Let them sit there, trapped in their bubbling blubber.


  7. I find it much simpler to ignore fat women. If one should talk to me, I generally cut her off and end the interaction with a “sorry, not interested.”


    • Same here. There’s no point in actually talking to a fatty.

      What I like to do is diss fat chicks to any thin attractive women nearby, and if the fat chick(s) overhear me, all the better.


      • And the thin girls participate in it?


      • Who you gonna believe?

        The pedestalized hamster or your betaschlub eyes?

        Careful there, lest yer whiteknight privileges get revoked!


      • on December 6, 2013 at 2:48 pm Hugh G. Rection

        They love it.


      • not outright but sadism sells.


      • It’s the alpha way to compliment a girl for staying thin. Chicks dig cruelty and hate beta suckups.


      • I agree it’s the alpha way to compliment a girl for staying thin. Guys do it all the time. But you can do it without making fun of people who can hear you. I’ve never once talked to a guy who mocked fat people right in front of them. Yes, it is cruel.

        Not all chicks dig cruelty. Sadism is different. Although what chicks actually dig is more like the M than the S.


      • “Not all chicks dig cruelty.” Very true. There’s a line between game and sadism. Because sadism is often as effective in provoking certain kinds of responses, men think they’re gaming, but they’re not. They’ve gone a roll too far.


      • We got your figured out Fatty Amy…
        All the skinny girls hate the chubs.
        You’d have known that if….


      • “All the skinny girls hate the chubs.”

        Lol, now why would we do that? They’re no competition.


      • Ouch


      • Yeah, that thought occurred to me too…


      • Look asshole, I am maybe “fat” by CH standards, but I assure you – the BMI scale isn’t really an indicator of what’s healthy or sexy. I mean, haven’t you heard of plus-size modeling? Do you seriously think fatties like me could model if they weren’t attractive to at least some men? Get real.

        I’ll give you some examples of some such men: the tattooed convicted felon that pumped and dumped me told me that my extra weight just made more to love about me, and Jamal – 6’8 and fresh off the boat from Nigeria – told me that my fat crevices lubricated his trouser-snake really well when he needed the extra moisture to give it to me ass-to-mouth with ease.


      • Amy, even with the new revelation that you’re fat, I still won’t rescind my offer to marry you. GeishaKate, feministx, and that homeless chick from me that lives in the dumpster across the ghetto street in which I live still won’t return my calls, but I think that you are a good substitution.

        My only request is that you raise our future children to behave in my likeness: misquote scripture, spew thesaurus-fueled nonsense in an attempt to obscure my crazy ideas from critical judgment, act like a white-knight in every circumstance even when the girl is wrong, and be a hypocritical fraud that loves ad-hominem attacks and even enjoys making fun of children with down’s syndrome instead of giving a counter-argument to my opponents.



      • BMI is a reliable indicator of what is healthy,obviously.

        Here is the paper for you “Contribution of Obesity to International Differences in Life Expectancy
        Samuel H. Preston, PhDcorresponding author and Andrew Stokes, AM”


        On the basis of our results, the high prevalence of obesity in the United States has reduced life expectancy at age 50 years by 0.88 to 1.54 years for women and by 0.62 to 1.85 years for men. To study the impact of obesity on international differences in longevity, we also estimated the effects of obesity on longevity in 15 other countries. We conclude that even when relatively low mortality risks associated with obesity are used, the high levels of obesity in the United States contribute substantially—in the neighborhood of 30%—to the lower level of longevity in the United States. If the risk factors from the PSC are used, the impact of obesity is substantially larger, accounting for 42% of the longevity shortfall for US women and 67% of that for US men.


      • Nice work.


      • on December 8, 2013 at 8:25 pm Modern Primitive

        Did…Did you just go full hamster?


      • Criticizing fat girls while in the company of slim girls is useful. It encourages the slim ones not to become fat.


      • Fat discrimination is simply men treating fat women in the same manner that thin women treat the chubby Chelsies.


      • … or the way hot women treat betas.


      • Funny how guys like you always regret dissing anyone if more mature Alpha males like me are within earshot. Little boys like you should be seen and not heard. Come to think of it, you probably should even be seen.


    • Most single fat white women put in a lot of effort into their careers since that’s really the only thing going for them. You’re better off becoming friends if they flirt, and using them as recommendations.


  8. I agree with this but I would say that special consideration should be given to children with regard to obesity. Maintaining a child’s self esteem is extremely important. They are our future, and we need to be sensitive to anything that might circumvent a foundation to their maturity.

    That is why I often start children out building a repertoire of fat jokes to give them more confidence in applying humor to social commentary before risking more difficult subjects which might discourage them.

    Ya can just teach em :

    “I see that they have added new payloads to drone warheads when teacher farts”

    “Drop the muffin, fat fuck” is a confidence builder.


    • My dad used to do this with me and my brother. Make fun of fat people with us around. Pissed my mom off to no end, but guess what? He’s got a skinny wife and a skinny daughter and a skinny daughter-in-law. Seemed to be the healthy choice.


  9. Re: 11

    Try Abercrombie Station by sf writer Jack Vance:

    “Abercrombie Station orbits the Earth and exists as a pleasure resort that caters to the whims of the obese. In space, freed from the demands of gravity, rich, corpulent people frolic in decadent excess. Within the mini-society of the station, obesity becomes the ultimate standard for beauty.”


  10. OT: Five Milisseconds of Alpha:


  11. CH the thing about the wife having sex with her dog cannot possibly be true. Right? Having the dog lick her? Maybe. Letting the dog insert its dog penis inside her? Come on….no way. Right?


  12. I asked a girl I know from around bars: “haven’t you gained weight?” The whole table gasped and she gave me a mean look. I just said: “Don’t look at me like that, you know I’m right.”

    “I know and I’m trying to lose it again, it’s difficult.”

    It was because the first night I met her she talked about how she had lost a lot of weight and that her fat sister looked liked a walrus. What a shame that she gained weight again, she was so cute when she was thin and 16 years old.


    • I did something similar regarding a cat lover.

      A 7.5 I know is really into her cat, and “lost” him, talking about it on facebook and getting all sorts of sympathy. When she recovered him, she got about 20 likes on her status, and I remarked, “all this fuss over a fuckin cat”. She gave a sharp reply back, but based on what I know from here, she was undoubtedly turned on. A couple days later — and one rule of facebook: don’t comment on something that’s more than a few hours old! — a short little hippy guy who knows both of us also chided me saying that cats were important blah blah blah, and unfriended me — a clearer example of beta white-knighting cannot be had, folks. (No, the girl did not unfriend me. Meanwhile, the short little hippy has just started a relationship with a slutty 5 I know.)


      • A man at the table told me, “You can’t ask a girl that.”

        “I ask about what I want to know,” I said, or something along the line.

        She later asked me if I wanted to come to another bar with them. On the way over she said she hated me. How sweet, she liked me. She had a crush on me a year or so before that, but if I don’t fuck a girl the first few times we meet I kinda lose interest, unless if she’s not exceptionally hot. She was cute when she was thin and 16, not hot, but whatever, all 16 year olds are cute if they’re thin.


      • I got bored and Googled that Melissa King slut to see what she’s up to these days. Ya know, the who resigned her state beauty crown after appearing in a porno (in which she was such a dead fish that the guy turned down a second romp with her, btw) for $1,500. Anyway, I was led to her Instagram account, where she posts endless attention-whoring selfies and receives heaps of appraisal from beta herblings, including white knights defending her slutty actions and chiding the few trolls. It’s quite humorous.

        Ignore the source of the following link, as the only important part of this page is the hyperlink to a photo in which she “spoofs [her]self.”


        You can’t make this shit up.


      • Looks like everybody got what they wanted. The end.


      • That’s funny. I have a cat and love her to death, but that comment would make me giggle (especially if the cat was already found and there was no harm done). It shows a wicked sense of humor, whereas the hippie guy’s response shows a lack of humor which is boring to women.


    • ‘I asked a girl I know from around bars: “haven’t you gained weight?” The whole table gasped and she gave me a mean look. I just said: “Don’t look at me like that, you know I’m right.”’

      I bet you delivered it right, too. If you do it like you’re curious and a little disappointed, instead of mocking and cruel… in a way it’s a compliment. You noticed her before and she looked good; you’d like to see her look that way again.


      • It’s all about making a grimace where you get those concerned wrinkles between the eyebrows.


      • I forgot to give an example:

        If someone asks me “Amy, haven’t you slept around with badboys, thugs, and convicted felons with tattoos your entire life, and even worked at a prison interviewing the same kind of such trash that turned you on?” in a mocking and cruel way, I would feel upset and may even cry. But if someone asked me that very same question but in a curious and in a little disappointed way, I would honestly answer that it’s because I am a low SMV mudshark with a low self-esteem that doesn’t respect her body enough to keep it away from Jamal, 6’8 and fresh off the boat from Nigeria.


      • lolololololol


  13. Everyone should watch this video of Adriana Lima jumping rope:


    You’re welcome.

    Also all fat women should be forced to watch this.

    Adriana has had a few kids, too, and she’s about 34 or 36 I think.


  14. Betas Listen! *Never* LTR a fat, plump, overweight, plus size girl. I don’t care how hard up or desperate you are. As sad as you are, doing this will make you suicidal. You’re sure to jump of a ledge if the fattie actually is a decent person inside.

    Tragedy thy names are fat chicks and beta men.


    • This guy speaks truth. My wife is not only a decent person inside, she’s probably the best wife of my generation I’ve ever known.

      It sucks having to be shitfaced drunk to survive seeing her naked.


      • She’s not -that- great of a wife if she won’t lose some fucking weight. Just saying. If I were in your situ, I’d gladly trade 50-100 pounds for more acerbic barbs. At least if she was a nag and you tamed her, you’d feel like you accomplished something as a man. Taming a horse too fat to buck is cheating, and we all know it.


      • Taming a horse too fat to buck is cheating, and we all know it.

        Thread: won.


      • Harsh but true.


      • Guys look, I know I came here only 6 months ago as a sniveling beta that cried about how short he was and how women won’t look twice at him, but I’ve learned a lot in these short few months, okay? This is why I can post so many times on each and every blog post to show everyone my valuable insights into this topic where I am now a self-described veteran.

        Also, since my time is so valuable, this is why I ignore any sort of criticism about my ideas and treat my male opponent’s like girls I am texting and reframing instead of having a logical discourse.

        To those who want my help: I feel ready to give my esteemed advice – on both the macroscopic realm like female sexuality influencing the US political and social landscape, and the microscopic realm on how to get that 9 you are texting to dump her investment banking boyfriend to sleep on your couch instead and wake you up with blowjobs. Or how to treat a woman like shit and be a cool jerk after she miscarried your baby. I spam posts here because I’m the man!


      • If my wife had an off day and gang banged a few truckers… there may be several decent persons inside. None of them would be wife material. Its like bathing. Love me as a I am , and as a choose to stink? These are things, that can be controlled, are out of control.

        Anything else no matter the case , not in her control , will have my loyalty. I esteem loyalty to be one of the highest principles. But then that is the problem in this case. Its loyalty to fucking food . The fat look is not from turning gray by speaking to god visiting the holy mountain. Its not mind over matter. Its fucking muffins over me.

        A fucking muffin.

        However, you have apparently long acquiesced, and so I see little good in putting up a long lost fight now. You must suffer your just punishment which includes not only suffering her appearance, but you ought to refrain from providing any advice on this matter other than serving as an example.


  15. on December 6, 2013 at 1:40 pm Steve Johnson

    8. Nah, I don’t want to borrow your clothes.

    But maybe the circus needs a new tent.


  16. I tells a bitch like dis: “Bitch, it ain’t gonna sucks itself!” lzozlzolzozlzolzozlzozozozoozoz





  17. @ 12. – bah, my geek friend and i (the class outcasts) were that evil back in elementary school, we developed a theory about this one fat chick who had 2 bff’s that the poor girls were now simply satellites trapped by her gravity. she had a heart attack couple of years ago and she’s 24 now. a fucking heart attack.


  18. Obesetron McFattenstein! haha


  19. Twerking Walrus


  20. on December 6, 2013 at 2:00 pm Hugh G. Rection

    Isn’t that original article kinda aimed at girls?


  21. Since I like fat, I think a bit differently. However, I can sense the original article was written by someone rather negative. They are lashing out at people who probably mean well, even if they are wrong.
    If you’re vulnerable and sensitive about your weight, I can understand being so defensive. But I feel one should strive for a true peace and self-acceptance, which would produce different reactions.

    1.”You’re not fat”
    Why thank you for caring about my feelings, but I am fat. It’s ok to say that 😉

    2. “You have a pretty face”
    Thanks 🙂

    6. “Ugh, I’m so fat”
    To this, one should not say anything. The person just has a different goal from you. They are judging themselves by a different standard. They are not necessarily judging you.

    See what I mean?


  22. lzozlozlzolozlzlzozozozozo



  23. “Equality is a great thing. Even if it comes at the cost of a 400% increase in rape. http://www.qatarliving.com/politics/posts/rape-post-apartheid-south-africa … #trollface @Jezebel #rapeculture”

    Nice use of that tag. Be interesting to see heads explode once realization finally dawns (1) that minorities outrank women on the victim pyramid, if the hushing-up of certain politically unacceptable rapes and murders is any indication, and (2) what an actual rape culture looks like.


  24. a picture is worth a thousand words


  25. Nigel would disagree
    Fat girls are for real men!!!
    You guys are so …
    Is that the right word BTW? Fat is becoming a race, you know? So I think “racist” would be acceptable


    • Yes, because minority chicks (other than Asians) are usually landwhales, and white landwhales tend to be mudsharks.


    • on December 6, 2013 at 4:23 pm Days of Broken Arrows

      Agreed. Nigel is the only man ’round these parts that can handle a REAL WOMAN. I do think him standing in Dunkin Donuts, covered in sugar, with boxes of crullers saying “Take me now!!” smacks of desperation, tho.


  26. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/olivia-cole/shannon-gibney-teacher-race_b_4378444.html

    What a revolting piece of shit from a Cathedral Cunt.

    “Let me make something clear right up front: you have no real idea what it’s like to be discriminated against on the basis of race. Neither do I. You know why? Because we’re white. We’re white people in America, and that means almost every aspect of the country we live in is geared toward us: 99 percent of books, television, film, magazines, and even porn, is made for us and represents us. Maybe you read (though for some reason I deeply doubt it) my article on the absurdity of #WhiteGirlsRock. It’s absurd because white people don’t need an extra reminder of their value… because it’s reaffirmed for them (for us) every single day by the people we see in the media, by the people that run this country, and yes, even by the people that act as our educators. American education has long been under fire by people who use their brains over the continued teaching that Christopher Columbus was a great dude and a hero and someone we should all celebrate year after year. But you probably still think that, don’t you?”

    You might laugh, you might get a bit angry, or somewhere in between.

    [CH: best answer to this whackjob: “so?”]


    • “So?” is a fave. Dunno if he was red pill, but my senior year high school econ teacher briefed the class on its power one day. “There’s no way to come back from it.” A superior dismissal, for certain.


    • Another fruitbat begging for her own destruction.


    • What’s funny is that constant reaffirmation of value from external sources is, indeed, the cause of such pussification in America. The beta male is glorified in popular media — he ends up with a hot housewife who dutifully loves him, despite henpecking him every now and again. I guess beta males enjoy beta male privilege too.


      • I actually do know what it’s like to be discriminated against because of race.
        All you have to do is interact with Hispanics or compete for jobs with Arabs, and you’ll find out real quick.


      • Or grow up on the periphery of a black ghetto.


    • Guys look, I know I came here only 6 months ago as a sniveling beta that cried about how short he was and how women won’t look twice at him, but I’ve learned a lot in these short few months, okay? This is why I can post so many times on each and every blog post to show everyone my valuable insights into this topic where I am now a self-described veteran.

      Also, since my time is oh-so-valuable, this is why I ignore any sort of criticism about my ideas and treat my male opponents like girls I am texting and reframing instead of having a logical discourse.

      To those who want my help: I feel ready to give my esteemed advice – on both the macroscopic realm like female sexuality influencing the US political and social landscape, and the microscopic realm on how to get that 9 you are texting to dump her investment banking boyfriend to sleep on your couch instead and wake you up with blowjobs. Or how to treat a woman like shit and be a cool jerk after she miscarried your baby. I spam posts here because I’m the fucking man!


  27. The one thing you should NEVER say to a fat girl: Will you marry me?


  28. Come on bro, I love big women. How about 11 nice things you’d say to big girls, like, “damnnnn look at that ass.”?


  29. CH, have you told fat chicks any of these lines? What were their reactions?


  30. 1. Give my male gaze to the women who are thin and attractive….avoid eye contact with those that are on the wrong side of the BMI.

    That’s all that matters to them. If the manboobs, white knights, betas, and the dregs of men all had this plan…either the fatties would shape up or die alone with their ice cream bars.


    • Agreed. It’s not worth it saying anything to them at all. They will eventually hate you for even being civil when you’re Mr. Friendly&Cool.

      If you see them more than 1x, they will drop hints and then get furious later when you pretend not to notice.

      Same thing with Ugs.

      For all intents & purposes, your target-scale starts at 6 and ends at Monica Bellucci. -Everything less is a waste.


  31. Sex with a fat chick is like fucking uphill.


  32. http://www.upworthy.com/bully-calls-news-anchor-fat-news-anchor-destroys-him-on-live-tv

    Look at this lady go insane when someone tried to help her out in a pretty nice tone.


    • Amazing they would dedicate a spot to that. I can just imagine some young boy sitting with his fat single mother being brainwashed into behaving like a good little slave….all these rules you can’t break in regard to women.

      Here’s a bitch who probably thinks she’s competing as men do with each other. I compete everday in every facet of life. Be it work, with women, in the gym…its how it is. If I don’t get a promotion its usually outlined via objective criticisms why I’ve fell short…I’m not insulted. I don’t get a fucking news segment in my honor or hundreds of Facebook posts showing support from complete strangers. In fact if I dared complain I might get the opposite….sack up, man up, stop whining! If a girl turns me down in a not so polite way …says I’m ugly, beneath her, weirdo, breath stinks, dick is too little..whatever….I take it on the chin. I don’t get a fucking news segment!

      They claim they want to and DO compete equally with men then we see shit like this time and time again. They don’t really compete the same way, they aren’t built for it. They all have this safety net to fall back on when hey actually start to experience what its like with true male competitiveness. It ain’t pretty.

      One example is in my shop, we have a female that’s usually in the office that management tries to involve in shop matters. I’m lead man in certain times and my demeanor changes given certain circumstances. She has never seen me get stern. This particular day I had to get on an employee for something and she tried intervening, it wasn’t pretty. She thought I.was about to shoot up the place Columbine style because she has never seen me ticked off. I wanted to physically pick her up and take her back to her office and lick the door while the men handled our shit. It would’ve been a more apt expression of how I felt about her interruption than the explanation I gave her. Something as simple as a man getting irate but functional women cant even understand.


      • It reminds me of watching the local gaggle of concerned attention whores around here desperately try to take control by dishing out criticism and advice. Arguing with them can be fun but is ultimately unproductive as they are meant to follow, not lead as per natures blind design. At least they demonstrate to some newer posters the theories in action.


      • Patriarch – the “local gaggle of concerned attention whores” come and go with the season around here. This group will be around until the attention dries up, and then flitter off for others to replace them.


      • Gross.


    • That’s because he threatened her gravy supply.
      Have you ever tried to pull a half chewed up chicken bone out of
      A German Shepards mouth?
      There is much snarling and frothing.


  33. Have you seen my #uncomfortablefacts series of tweets?

    Just sayin’…


    • Actually I remember that interview.Very good!Zhirinovsky says all the truth about the miserable situation of russian men in russian society.

      Very recommended to watch.Not only for russians.

      ps: the translation there is crappy.”Coats” =fur coats (used to be quite a staqtus symbol for russian women,still is in province). “Step brother”-wrong translation,it’s Father-in-law he talks about.”Step sister”-it’s his Mother-in-law (mother-in-law in Russia often takes active part in betaisation of a husband).

      When the mentions that his Father-in-law was a leader outside of the family,he really says he was a Captain of the 1t rank in the navy (meaning a alpha in professional life).But than he was coming home and his wife kept calling him “fool”and “moron”constantly and betaised him.


  34. “I’VE GOT FUDGE!”

    Is that #17 or #15 on this list?


  35. Flame me, make fun of me, call me an asshole, blah blah blah, but I am

    -> totally convinced <-

    that maybe 80% of the obesity epidemic is related to GMO poison in the food, chemicals in processed food, and stuff in the water supply like estrogens. NO ONE really knows what this stuff does to you long term.

    If there was going to be a nationwide obesity epidemic based on just personal behavioral changes, it would have started to happened in the 50's when the country's jobs started to transition from farm and industrial jobs to office jobs. The statistical trend would be clear from the 50's on, but it's not, the trend started in the 90's.

    There needs to be some real hard science and statistical analysis done on this topic by someone with an open mind!!!


    • The trend did not start in the (19)90’s.
      As far back as 1917, the relatively few American soldiers who were sent to tip the balance in World War I – the European powers having pretty much fought each other to a stalemate – were known as ‘dough boys’ because of how well fed they were, compared to the skinny Europeans.
      You don’t have to go looking for weird chemicals or construct off-the-wall tinfoil hat conspiracy theories to know what’s going on.
      Americans have a STRONG tendency to eat every single day of the year as though it were Christmas, the average meal at a ‘family restaurant; such as Applebee’s, Chili’s or TGI Friday’s could feed a Somali family of 6 for a week in terms of calories, and that’s not counting all the sodas, candy bars, bags of chips, etc. they eat in-between.
      Couple that with the fact that no one walks or bikes anywhere, not even if the destination is just around the corner, and there’s your reason for why 300 lbs. is the new normal.


    • There’s a much simpler Occam’s Razor style answer for ya:

      There’s a lot more processed food than there was back then, it’s relatively cheaper than it was then, there’s a greater variety of it, and it’s even tastier now than it was back then thanks to the microwave oven. Preparing food was once time-consuming and laborious, and even then the results weren’t as immediately perfectly tasty as modern processed microwave chow. Ergo, folks who would have been circus freaks back then are now commonplace.


    • Yeah…i think you’re right. There’s *something* in the modern environment that is fattening the genetically vulnerable (not everyone gets fat of course), this vulnerability only expressed now because of a situation unprecedented in human history.

      Even gary taube’s claim that carbs being more fattening and less satisfying leads to weight gain doesn’t explain everything. Think about it: you eat when you are hungry and eventuall lose interest in food when full. Even fat people do that. Maybe there’s something in the western diet that disables or somehow interferes with the hormonal signal to the brain that one is full, again only with the geneticcally programmed.

      I know that Our blog host ascribes most outcomes to genetics, but makes an exception here. Maybe because it’s too much fun to mock the afflicted.


  36. 14. I’m saving myself for marriage….


  37. NEXT!!!!


      • @immoral another great HK girl story. I met a 25 year old nurse online last year. short, cute, just this side of fat, more kind of chubby but not in a bad way. She was up for EVERYTHING…wanted to be dominated in every way.

        Then….one day she “disappears” and texts me to say something like: i’m afraid of falling in love with you so we can’t see each other.

        Now, had i been more invested i would have been quite hurt by this. But at THAT time i had a small harem so my abundance mentality prompted me to reply simply: “Gay.”

        Time passes, I open her again, this time I have a more serious steady girlfriend. No worries, Nurse obliges, comes over….Bang her senseless again.

        I don’t see her for another 2 months i get a text “How are you feeling?” or some such…she texts to tell me she has clamydia and I should get tested.

        She’s all very matter of fact about the whole thing. I have no symptoms and no problems but get tested. She tells me she’s not sure if she gave it to me, caught it from me or from her….get ready…”boyfriend”.

        Since we used condoms i couldn’t be me. i get tested, there’s no issues.

        Just another HK girl story. Haven’t seen her since then.

        What is interesting to note however is that with their local Herb counterparts these HK girls are very “conservative” (their words) sexually.

        They feel they can open up with foreigners because they won’t be judged.

        So if you have game and can escalate, you can probably get girls to do stuff they wouldn’t dream of doing with their beta, herb provider.


      • Legit curious, do you set a frame with these girls that you aren’t provider material and prefer to be a guy they fuck and not one they marry? I feel like if you do that up front, then they know what to expect so why do they get all crazy and try to gain hand when they ought to know the score?

        Or is laying your intentions on the table like that a bad idea?


      • With the Nurse…it was just about fucking. With the girlfriend, I was interested in something more long-term. But in that case I was broadsided. She started out in the BPD/Cluster B pattern putting me on a pedestal, turning clinger, then withdrawing/devaluing, then disappearing.

        I’ve met both types here. I’ve gone out with 4 of these psycho chicks. This last one ended badly but I wasn’t nearly as beta as before I knew game and understood the pathology. It’s a big surprise for any guy with game to be in effect gamed by the master player.

        Basically the girls here love drama. They also believe they have a right to be “chased”…

        They’re also more pragmatic. They often prefer and demand OVERT communication.

        For example: When I withdraw and soft-next or go quiet, several of these girls would go nuts and demand “Why aren’t you talking to me!???”

        It’s better to be straight: “You act nuts I disappear”. That’s because most local guys would never do this and in fact just become more clingy.

        Being pissed at a girl here seems to be acceptable. In several cases when I lost my shit with them after we broke up, they actually respected me. I have 2 ex gf’s who are the most loyal sweet girls in the world—but only after we broke up did they realize what they lost.

        That sort of thing is not pure game but it is direct.


      • Thanks for sharing man. In regards to your last comment:

        “In several cases when I lost my shit with them after we broke up, they actually respected me.”

        It’s quite okay to blow up and show emotion, on the condition that you follow some kind of 95/5% rule. 95% of the time you are stoic and in control, but when you outlay that 5% to show emotion then I think it is a hell of a lot more potent.

        One thing my Grandfather would do is that he is always a cool guy, but when you upset him you would definitely fucking feel it. He’d show anger and withdraw his approval. It kept a lot of the family in fear of his disapproval but in reality, you never saw it happen more than once or twice.

        Let’s expand that into buying a girl a gift. If you do that as your modus operandi then you will eventually have her lose attraction for you. But if 95% of the time you don’t give her anything, rarely offer a compliment and are generally self-centered, the 5% when you do the opposite it will be a lot more powerful and meaningful.

        What you spoke to was you probably showing that 5% side.


    • on December 7, 2013 at 4:39 am Sucky Sucky 5 Dolla

      Don’t worry Wolly – fat (but not landwhale fat) white chick > Asian chick.

      Yeah fat chicks suck, but at least I won’t feel like I am fucking an amoral being devoid of feelings that aren’t of the gold-digging type, as I would if I were to fuck one of those dog-eating slanty-eyed Aliens with no tits, ass, or compassionate warmth.


    • By the way Walawala. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this since you previously mentioned living in HK. Sounds like a dream



      • @immoral

        This is an interesting article. The situation here in Hong Kong is complex. This is really the “Blue pill” crowd. There is a shortage of men and “men”…

        But as in every situation that shortage doesn’t make it easier. You need game because among that crop of women are: the ugos, the fatties, the oldies and the entitled princesses.

        In my social circle I’ve just finished a disastrous relationship with a nutcase entitled princess whom I gamed but then who turned out to be basically Borderline/Narcissicist whatever. I think I must have awakened some sexual beast in her. Then she tried to betacize me through her horrible guilting, shaming, withdrawing etc.

        This is not the first time I’ve gone out with such a cunt.

        So despite the “shortage” it doesn’t mean women are actively looking. On the contrary most of the girls I know are content to get involved, bang their brains out, sabotage the relationship, then complain there aren’t enough men or “men”.

        The bottom line is you need game. Since I learned game I’ve banged more hot women. But these relationships tend not to last because they’re with crazies.

        In one case, I was gaming this 25 year old, tall, slim kind of cool girl. She was up for it. She invited herself to my place, I finger banged her and she wanked me. Then…I never saw her again. Next I see on Facebook she married some local Herb…

        The mainstream media picks up on these trends and Chinese society tends to pressure girls to marry up. But the flipside is the local guys are scrawny, betas who pedestalize their women.

        I have had several situations where I successfully game these chicks, bring out the best in them sexually, then suddenly they start trying to dominate the relationship because that’s what they know and the idea of a strong man freaks them out and then it dissolves.

        That’s my experience and jaded viewpoint.

        There are no “nice” girls in this city just girls who are more open to game and those who aren’t.


      • Thanks for sharing your insight to me. What’s interesting about Hong Kong is that if there is ever a time to be a man that knows game and how to dominate, it would be NOW.

        In Greater China, women want to marry up. But the “leftover” women with financial success want men who are on their same playing field, unfortunately for them, those same men can afford to marry down and scoop up younger women who will appreciate their success. It’s kind of a catch 22

        Add that to the fact that the gender ratio is 118 men vs. 100 women and shit is eventually going to boil over.

        On another subject, I left a texting break down and dropped some ellipsis game on this girl i picked up the other day. Would love to hear any feedback or analysis that you got:



      • Considering how much you like to white-knight men on this site, and your flaming icon with gay-face, wouldn’t that shortage of men in Hong Kong be a nightmare for you?


      • Please comment when you have something valuable to add. Until then…


      • Well, in my defense, I thought you weren’t a totally useless human being, so outing your closet homosexuality would be a valuable thing. Obviously I was wrong.

        Nice text game you posted in the next thread. Your own words “I know I fucked up”. White-knight can’t get chicks? What a surprise! LOL.


  38. Save some for me… (when she’s eating a whole pizza by herself)

    I’m saving myself for marriage…really.

    Very recently I met a fat girl online. She is 23 and in her photo covered herself up well. She had a super cute face. The first time we were supposed to meet she flaked so I didn’t know she was “fat”… I told her if we meet again she’s buying.

    So we did meet again. She was FAT….short, cute face, BIG tits.

    I just couldn’t go any further. I actually stopped gaming her. But that in itself was a kind of push so she came on even stronger.

    She’s been texting me inviting me to lunch etc.

    I think fat girls are great to practice game with.


  39. Jane Mansfield was an octoroon?

    Are you sure?

    How do you know?

    White people so cray cray


  40. on December 6, 2013 at 9:50 pm Full-Fledged Fiasco

    O.T.: Another “Wickedest link”:

    1. I Hate White Men.


    2. Nelson Mandela was a secular saint for the whole world.

    “Comments are closed.”


  41. #7 my favorite, quite catchy.


  42. 13. I don’t want to get close lest I get ripped apart by gravitational tidal forces.

    On the other hand, #10 would probably work in making her feel happy about herself.


  43. […] You are fat. It’s just a descriptor. If you’re calling yourself fat, I will gladly agree, becaus… […]


  44. 13. “I only ask for advice from experts. May I ask where you shop? See, I’m trying to stretch my grocery dollar and it’s obvious that you’ve cracked the code…”

    Don’t just accept her. Profit from her wisdom and know how…

    What’s more, the crowd’s reaction to your question – instantaneous silence and leaning in to hear what happens next – will only add to the “E.F. Huttonesque” quality of her proud moment in the spotlight…

    When Shamu talks, people listen…


  45. The monster with the mic in the article pic knows that lots of men find realistically sized (fat) women to be beautiful, that’s why she has two normal sized pieces of eye candy as her backup singer/dancers.


  46. It’s not often that Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo is apropos, but there are three things you should say to a fat girl: “Freak! Behemoth! That’s a huge bitch!”



  47. You guys are big meanies. You should stop picking on all the independent confident empowered curvaceous BBWs. Otherwise they might resort to self-pitying caterwauling like this one did when a five-year-old told her she had fat legs—a FIVE-YEAR-OLD. I’m guessing the child didn’t have some insidious “fat shaming” agenda and was just innocently pointing out the obvious—that the lady has some damn fat legs. Either way, she could address the self-loathing triggered by the horrific insult with some squats, jogging and substituting cheese fries for salad for a couple months; ORRR, she could just whine dramatically about it on an internet echo chamber of fat chicks. Door A or Door B? I know the suspense is killing you!:



    • I’d really love to see their reactions to the ideas slung around these parts, but strangely apart from manboobz I don’t see alot of criticism of the Chateau on the net.


      • They’d just tune it out I think. If you read those fat girl sites, the air over there is thick with hamster-spinning delusion (and bacon grease!) They ALL claim to be Olympic triathletes who subsist on protein shakes and air, whose doctors have deemed them the healthiest people alive, who have alpha GQ model billionaires fighting to the death to have sex with them…but who just happen to be clinically obese because of genetics or something.



      • Billionaires Fighting to the death hahaha
        Amy, come read Spiralinas post.
        This is what thin women (read normal) think of chunky Chelsea.


      • I don’t hate them; I just don’t want to end up like them, which is why I work really hard not to. If anything I think the article shows the immense toll it takes on her psyche trying to maintain the delusion that “fat” looks and feels good. In contemporary Western culture it’s easy to be fat and and hard to be thin. That tells you all you need to know about the mindset and mentality of people in each state. Keeping a lean body and working hard to stay in peak health almost seems countercultural lately. Oh well 🙂


    • It’s unfortunate. I had so little clue about how bad being fat is for anyone’s SMV. Putting on about 10-15 pounds of muscle and cutting your fat into the 12-13% range, as a man, is like a night-day difference. Some of it is physical, but the extra testosterone from working out changes your behavior…markedly.

      Not really a game post, but I’d recommend working out to all the introverts who just won’t go out and approach. Maybe you build enough confidence to do so after a month or three of dedicated workouts.


      • Working out is one of the smartest things you can do for yourself. The effect on your sleep quality, testosterone and stress levels, and appearance not only make you feel better physically but raises your confidence.
        There’s no reason not to work out.


      • Duh I’ve lifted since I was 8 and never was a flabaass who needed to discover weights at age 22.


      • Yeah I mean I still have a long way to go in terms of losing weight, but posts like this reminds me why I came here as a sniveling crybaby beta who couldn’t pay women to talk to him. Can you imagine what it is on a man’s SMV to be a dumbass half-nigger with nothing worthwhile to say, short, fat, and posting 100 times over the last 5 days to try to look cool on an internet blog and compensate for my low self-esteem and problems? Talk about a chick repellant.


      • on December 7, 2013 at 8:21 pm Scray is Male Nicole

        “I had so little clue about how being fat is for anyone’s SMV”

        LOL. The dumbassery of Scray continues. Why do we let this retard spam our blog?


      • Because then you would lack a screen name?


  48. Is it really so bad to tell a taken woman to get back to you when she and her guy breaks up? Sure it tells her you’re interested, but at least it saves time/energy from playing “long” game on her. And, hey, if she is interested and eventually they break up, she’ll come to you.


    • Do you need to? And would you need to? And why would you need to?

      I think it’s bad. “When you’re doun ridin’ the carousel, I will still be ready for U”



      • That’s not what I said. I said when she gets sick of him, get to me and maybe we’ll see. Definitely did not insinuate I was going to be sitting there waiting.

        Better to do this than be best buddies, I think.


  49. 13. Sorry, I don’t have anything to eat.


  50. I just started dating a girl whos got some extra Lbs on her. At this point I don’t really give a fuck, because it’s going to lead to sex soon, and I’m a virgin. I’ve been tossing some subtle hints at her like, sharing dinner, talking about excersize. She has more fat in the hips and butt, which is somewhat tolerable, but its still a warning. She’d be so much cuter if she lost 20-30.


    • Keep going with those hints. Its ok if they are not so subtle. It will make it known that her current state is not really acceptable to you.


  51. I’m willing to accept your ok with the fact you are fat the minute you are OK with the fact I have zero desire to sleep with you, or anyone that looks like you.






  54. test

    I remember when I had my first beer.


  55. what is to be said to a fat guy you durb ass bitch

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