Womanly Economy

Are women doing better than men (by some metrics) in the modern economy because the corporate and government world has been rejiggered to accommodate female worker preferences?

Reader epoche writes:

The reason that more men are not in college or at least not achieving the way that women might like is that the economy has specifically been re-arranged to accommodate the feminine preference for material risk aversion making it difficult for men to extract status out of working. There are two ways of organizing society – as noted by Victorian Lawyer Sir Henry Maine A) Status (Compulsory cooperation) and B) Contract (Voluntary cooperation) and the modern progressive movement is a giant step backwards towards compulsory cooperation and away from voluntary cooperation. How a group of people determine achievement says nearly everything about how their lives are going to be lived – this is why Kay Hymowitz noted that these degrees “take years” in “preadulthood” but mistakenly blamed the “knowledge economy” instead of noting the shift away from material resourcefulness and towards credentialing as the source of social standing.

Any “rearrangement” of the economy is likely to be organic in provenance rather than orchestrated, but I’m open to evidence saying otherwise. I’m not a big believer in conspiracy thinking; most of what strikes naturally skeptical people as conspiratorial is just the emergent property of millions of minds with shared neurogenetic predispositions coalescing around certain ideologies and policies that then gives the impression to dissenters of calculated malevolence. This is my working assumption, though I allow that conspiracies — even society-wide conspiracies — have existed and may yet exist again. It’s also not outside the realm of possibility that organic social and economic frameworks may eventually morph into self-conscious networks with conspiratorial underpinnings intent on preserving their power.

The flood of Western women into the workforce has had, and will continue to have, massive, heretofore unexamined in an honest way, unintended downstream and upstream effects on social and sexual organization. It was practically preordained. When you fuck with the god of biomechanics, expect uncontrollable consequences to belch forth from the depths and rake at your legs dragging you into its disorienting hellhouse. This was never going to be a simple matter of giving upper class, bored housewives something to do. Female economic self-sufficiency rivals the Pill, abortion, easy divorce and alternative male sexual outlets for the acid bath demolecularization potential each has on the standard model of growth industry civilization.

If the result of feminism, equalism (aka anti-white male “progressivism”) and all these other little earthquakes rattling the very foundation of the Western sexual market is to make various sectors of the economy more risk averse and more status whoring, and thus more pleasing to women’s innate preference for a hidebound, exclusive aristocracy and genteel “makework” in service to the lords, and less friendly to the openness, candor, effrontery, class shuffling and innovation that is the preference of men seeking to make a mark in the world, then we really have to ask ourselves what the end game will look like. Because, right now, the accumulating signs do not point to a happy future.

Executive summary:

Credentialism stifles innovation and risk-taking, and solidifies a de facto corporate, academia and government aristocracy preferred by women. Credentialism is a natural outgrowth of feminism and equalism, which themselves are natural outgrowths of the feminine sensibility. The root of these twin evil ideologies must be destroyed and the ground upon which they grow salted before the West can begin an era of renewal that returns it to the eternal principles enshrined by the gods of the copybook headings.


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    how da university works: feminism = debt & debauchery & divorce & Desecration machine/army lzozlzlzlzlzlgh weo


    univeristies are at the tip (tit lzozlzlzoz) of our debt empire

    over the past thirty years or so univeristies desouled women in prima noctae assocking sessins (some of tehm secretly taped iwthout thei girls conthent as the neocons like it best) and they sent the army forth to 1) transfer assetts form menz, 2) destory the family, 3) murder 50,000,000 unborn innocent souls, 4) hype and sell sub prime loans while wearing short skirts lzozlzlzlzllzlzlz 5) lure men into marriage iwth their coconpirators the ministers who front the legal system that does what no pimp would wever do–charge men for past use of a pussy lzolsoslslslslslslslslsls

    the fembot army;s main corporate state job is to create debt debauchery destiutution debt divorce deconstruction and devastation lzozlzlzlz

    and they have succeeded!! lzozlzlzlzlzlzl

    today our debt deficit will be greater than the gnp!!!!1

    the feminsimt movement cooinnded with the largest greatest increase of debt ever known to namankinds lzozlzlzlzl this is because womenz who stamp their little feet and bitch and complain and tranfer and destory welath and say “me me m em e more material welath for me me me me for my gina!!!! it’s for the children (even though women aborted/killed/vacuumed 50,000,000 fetuss by their choice alone) lzozlzlz it takes a village–fund my village where we get to bang alphas and the betas pay for it whether we cuckold them in tehir homes or via the welfare state zlozlzozlzzlzl” and they bitch and complain and talk about handbags and butthex and twilight vampires and enocurage girls to long for and lust after undead bloodsucking vampire twilight monsters and butthexing douchebags and otehr things which make their bginas tingle repalced menz at univeristies menz who built invent iengineer buuikld invent reason truth write great books read great bookz think lzozlzl eb=engineer lzozlzlzozlzl replaced exaltation eand greatness with bdebt debuachery destitution lzozlz

    short beta men rose fast in teh unievristy as they were handed fiat bernanke cash fronm helicopter ben and they used it to surrpound themselves with syocphantic harems of womenze as all teh betas love honor worship tucker max their ultimate master because he rhymes with goldman sax and also he butthexes girls and films it woithout teh girlths ocnthent and the weekly stanadrd neocns repeat his lies lzozlzlzlzzl that he is six foot tall zlozzlzllzlzlzlzl honoring their #1 butthexual hero lzozlzlzl

    so anyeways teh fiat masters trianed owmen in the arts of divorce debuachery deseefxation destruction lozlzolzlzlz and abortion and debt creation, and as womenze rose to power on teh ffront lines of the epreemptive wars against teh unborn they murdered 50,000,000 since rose vs. wade they deconstructed and debuached tehc ulture on campuses as when yhou put womenze in charge it soons becomes all butthex all the time as priscilia paintion woemnze editor in chief of simon and schuster is publishing tucker max’s next book zlzolslssslslsoslsoslzozlzlzlzlz c hecks che-=checks it out peoples are saying and speaking out about the way womenze are debucahing defiling and butthexing the culture lozlzlzlzlzl:


    Why are Female Executives Publishing Tucker Max?

    Saw this floating around. good question!


    Ms. Priscilla Painton

    Simon & Schuster Editor in Chief

    RE: ASSHOLES FINISH FIRST, Secretive Tapings of Anal Sex without The Girl’s Consent, Corporate Douchebaggery, and the Epic Failure of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

    Despite the fact that teenagers nationwide are going to hear gem pick-up lines like “get away from me or I’m going to carve another fuck hole in your torso”, what truly crowns this film as an epic fail is its apologetic attempt to masquerade gratuity as an Apatovian bromance. –http://www.thelmagazine.com/newyork/we-hope-you-can-still-get-alcohol-poisoning-in-hell/Content?oid=1291260

    “Little Italy is fighting back against Tucker Max ‘s controversial ad campaign . Yeah, that poster on the right says, “Blind Girls Never See You Coming.” Va fan culo, indeed.” –http://gothamist.com/2009/09/21/tucker_max.php

    Dear Ms. Painton,

    I and my colleagues in the ART, FILM & LITERATURE GUILD have a couple questions regarding the direction you are taking Simon and Schuster in. Why are you guys/gals hating on art, literature, culture and America? It was recently brought to our attention that you are intent on publishing Tucker Max’s ASSHOLES FINISH FIRST, and that your company actually gave him a $300,000 advance for his fart art. As the editor in chief of Simon and Schuster, owned the CBS corporation, do you truly believe Assholes Finish First? It is oft said that girls like “bad boys.” Does Tucker’s fart art douchebag wit titillate and excite you? Is that why you are publishing and profiting from it? Did you laugh during Tucker’s recent film flop when what’s-his-name stated that overweight women aren’t real people? Do you smile smugly when your billion-dollar corporation profits from douchebaggery?

    http://gawker.com/5363233/tucker-maxs-campaign-of-hate-against-chicagos-transit-system “The ads were poetic ditties of white text on a black background . Like: “Blind girls never see you coming” and “Strippers Will Not Tolerate Disrespect (Just Kidding).””

    “Over at the Washington, D.C., premiere, Max’s video minion ridicules both Vietnamese and African-American women, the former for being employed as a pedicurist, and the latter for having a name he finds funny.”


    Do you enjoy profiting from making fun of Asians and overweight women? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1220628/board/thread/148314040



    Does this make you laugh Ms. Painton? It is not too late to choose the right direction for Simon and Schuster and CBS and walk away from publishing Assholes Finish First . At most it will bring in a few pennies, which will lead everyone to conclude that you and CBS aren’t in it for the money, but just the debauchery and destruction of the culture. As Tucker Max pointed out, the feminist movement empowered women and gave them the right to choose the art they affiliated with and promote. So now, with all the power in your hands, what will you chose on behalf of women all over the world? Please do us proud and choose the right thing.

    “The ad campaign for the new flick “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” includes slogans like “Deaf Girls Can’t Hear You Coming” and “Strippers Will Not Tolerate Disrespect (Just Kidding!).””


    Why is corporate America, under your direction Ms. Painton, forcing epic “Richard Kelly” fail fart art and film on the common public? Do you also find secretive tapings of anal sex without the girl’s consent to be entertaining and titillating art?


    Let’s talk for a sec about something Tucker glamorizes and pretends is funny in his ‘book’: filming a naked women in his bedroom without her consent. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that while he’s doing this he is coaxing the girl to have anal sex with him, an exploitative act that a guy like him probably especially enjoys.



    “OK, we can try anal sex , but I want it to be special and romantic. …. process: I was going to fuck her in the butt and film it without her consent ,” — http://www.tuckermax.com/archives/entries/date/tucker_tries_buttsex_hilarity_does_not_ensue.phtml

    Do you and the CBS Corporation find this entertaining? As you know, sodomy is a sin in the Old Testament as is sex out of wedlock and fornication. What is your motivation in working with those who promote and profit from secretive tapings of anal sex?

    Do you find such “literature” and “art” to be representative of Simon and Schuster and CBS?

    “In one of his most notorious pieces, he convinces a girl to have anal sex and tapes it without her consent.” — http://www.salon.com/mwt/broadsheet/feature/2009/09/08/tucker_max/

    Despite the fact that teenagers nationwide are going to hear gem pick-up lines like “get away from me or I’m going to carve another fuck hole in your torso”, what truly crowns this film as an epic fail is its apologetic attempt to masquerade gratuity as an Apatovian bromance. –http://www.thelmagazine.com/newyork/we-hope-you-can-still-get-alcohol-poisoning-in-hell/Content?oid=1291260

    Ms. Painton–do you find that entertaining? Is it good literature? Do you consider demeaning stories about having sex with midgets good literature? Do you consider it good business to make fun of Asians, overweight women, and minorities so as to bolster your bottom line?

    What is driving you to publish Assholes Finish First ? What are your motivations? Money? America does not want Tucker Max, as demonstrated this past weekend at the boxoffice. Do you find these signs to be entertaining/a good CBS investment?


    Is Tucker Max’s fan base the group that Simon & Schuster is seeking to serve under your leadership?


    It seems that America believes otherwise as Richard Kelly and Tucker Max’s I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell has proven to be a colossal artistic and financial failure.

    “Not faring so well, however, was the Tucker Max adaptation I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, which took in $369,000 from 120 theaters with a well-below-average $3,075 per-screen average.” — http://www.movieweb.com/news/NEdXykfeBDXwhe

    So Priscilla, please tell us about your douchetastic love affair with Tucker Max and his fart art. Does it really titillate you as a woman and feminist? Say it isn’t so! Is this good Simon and Schuster/CBS branding? Why did your massive billion-dollar corporation reward Tucker with a $300,000 advance?

    “Little Italy is fighting back against Tucker Max ‘s controversial ad campaign . Yeah, that poster on the right says, “Blind Girls Never See You Coming.” Va fan culo, indeed.” –http://gothamist.com/2009/09/21/tucker_max.php

    Does CBS and Simon & Schuster approve of registering fake email accounts to promote stories regarding secretive tapings of anal sex without the girl’s consent?

    ” The lack of traditional plugs forced Max to promote his web site and book via the internet. He would create fake e-mail accounts and then bombard entertainment sites and news aggregators with links to his material.” — http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/03/11/tucker_max_sxsw/

    For this, your billion-dollar corporation rewarded Tucker with a $300,000 advance.

    “Max may have to concentrate on his agent style business moving forward because he’s running out of material. He’s received a $300,000 advance for a second version of his drunken, sexual exploits – a tome that will contain the stories not ripe enough for the first cut.” — http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/03/11/tucker_max_sxsw/

    Are you proud of Simon & Schuster and your corporation? Funding and encouraging hype, failure, douchebaggery, debauchery, lies, secretive tapings of anal sex without the girl’s consent, and making fun of Asians, overweight women, and minorities. Is that what attracts you to Tucker Max, or is it the epic artistic and financial failure of his film?


    “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell fails in its attempts at raunchy humor, and Tucker Max comes across so unlikable and outrageous that the film’s inevitable story arc feels forced.”

    It is not too late to choose the right direction for Simon and Schuster and walk away from publishing Assholes Finish First .


    McCoy Mountain & The ART, FILM & LITERATURE GUILD


    Will Priscilla Painton at Simon & Shuster still Publish *beep* Finish First?

    the title makes no sense. *beep* might finish first in some silly women’s eyes, but they epic fail in reality, as demonstrated by tucker’s epic fart art film fail, which priscilla painton is pretendning not to notice.

    What’s up with women these days?

    It seems the more they run things, the more they try to force douchebag fart art on everyone:

    Former ‘Time’ Exec. Relieves Venerable Editor Mayhew At Simon & Schuster


    Anywho, does Priscilla Painton at Simon & Shuster have a personal vendetta against asians, minorities, overweight women, and little people?

    Does she think tucker’s ads are cute and humorous?


    Does she get off on this?

    “The ad campaign for the new flick “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” includes slogans like “Deaf Girls Can’t Hear You Coming” and “Strippers Will Not Tolerate Disrespect (Just Kidding!).”

    Is that supposed to be funny?” –http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local-beat/New-Movie-Ads-Take-Offensive-to-the-Max-59695522.html


    Is this the new face and culture of simon and schuster?


    Does Priscilla Painton at Simon and Schuster giggle at secretive tapings of anal sex without the girl’s consent and also this:




    “11:17: The girl starts saying something about what a horrible person I am. I stare at her, but I am not listening. I am preparing myself. I am B-Rabbit. This is the final battle rap. I will win the hostile crowd:

    [I interrupt the fat girl] “Ward, I think you’re being a little hard on the Beaver, [as I point to each in turn] so is Eddie Haskell, Wally, and Miss Cleaver.”

    [To the fat guy with greasy hair in the camo vest] “Look out everyone! It’s the Pillsbury Commando! Hey Chunk, when was the last time you washed your hair? Does it give you more hit points to have that grease helmet? I hate to break the news, but +5 defense only counts in Dungeons and Dragons.”

    [To the ugly Asian girl] “Why you no rike me? You want me frip over? You no piss me off! ME FIND YOU IN POCKING ROT!! YOU NO TAKE MING ARIVE!!”

    [To the small frail dork–I notice he has a lazy eye] “Dude–Look at me when I’m talking to you–BOTH EYES AT ONCE. Are you really this ugly or are you just playing? EVERYONE, BE CAREFUL, THIS GUY LURKS UNDER THE STAIRS AND TRIES TO LICK YOUR SHOES WHEN YOU PASS BY!”

    [To the original fatty, pause for effect] “Why do you do this to yourself? WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF? Look, I’m gonna give you some advice-leave the party, take the geek squad with you, go to Denny’s, order about 10 Grand Slam Breakfasts, and eat your pain away. Won’t be the first time will it?”

    11:19: I am finished. The kitchen is quiet, except for Eddie and Rich laughing. The four freaks are completely speechless. Everyone is staring at me. I blurt out, “WHAT? I’m pretty sure it’s what Jesus would’ve done.” Eddie and Rich promptly remove me from the kitchen.”

    Is Priscilla Painton publishing tucker’s next book for the love of literature, art, or money?

    ‘Cause it seems that those who work with tucker generally hate and lose literature, art, and money.



    “What ensues, according the film’s trailer, is alcohol-fueled misogynistic mayhem. Max has sex with several women, including, to his smug satisfaction, a dwarf.”

    See? That is the clever banker ruse.

    Have women such as Priscilla fund and promote it, while others protest it, enriching the bankers as marriage is destroyed and the state is grown.


    “A Site about the Divorce Regime, Family Court Corruption,
    and Government’s War on Fathers”

    “The divorce regime is the most totalitarian institution ever to arise in the United States. Its operatives in the family courts and the social service agencies recognize no private sphere of life. “The power of family court judges is almost unlimited,” according to Judge Robert Page of the New Jersey family court. “Social workers are perceived to have nearly unlimited power,” a San Diego Grand Jury concludes. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Total immunity [enjoyed by social workers] is absolute power.”

    The divorce regime is responsible for much more than “ugly divorces,” “nasty custody battles,” and other clichés. It is the most serious perpetrator of human and constitutional rights violations in America today. Because it strikes the most basic institution of any civilization – the family – the divorce regime is a threat not only to social order but to civil freedom. It is also almost completely unopposed. No political party and no politicians question it. No journalists investigate it in any depth. A few attorneys have spoken out, but they are eventually suspended or disbarred. Some academics have written about it, but they soon stop. No human rights or civil liberties groups challenge it, and some positively support it. Very few “pro-family” lobbies question it. This is because the divorce regime operates through money, political power, and fear.” — http://www.stephenbaskerville.net/


    Have you seen/read END THE FED by Ron Paul? “Everyone must read this book–Congressmen and college students, Democrats and Republicans–all Americans.”
    –Vince Vaughn

    When you think about it, Tucker Max was the Fed’s ultimate creation–a soulless, debased douchebag:

    “My name is Tucker Max, and I am an *beep*

    Think about it–Tucker’s motto @ http://tuckermax.com could be the Fed’s motto:
    “I get excessively drunk via inflating the currency at inappropriate times, disregard social norms (funding feminism/debauchery & debasement of the family/currency/culture/tucker max(educated at the Fed’s University of Chicago’s School of Economics (school of freakanomics) and Duke scholarship)), indulge every whim/war, ignore the consequences of my actions/bubbles/bailouts, fund idiots and posers and tucker-max-like CEOs, sleep with more women than is safe or reasonable/luring them with fiat currency & a fiat-funded bus, and just generally act like a raging darko/douchebag/dickhead.”

    What do you think of Ron Paul’s new book–End the Fed?

    Amazon.com: End the Fed (9780446549196): Ron Paul: Books

    Review for End The Fed
    “Rarely has a single book not only challenged, but decisively changed my mind. “
    –Arlo Guthrie

    “Everyone must read this book–Congressmen and college students, Democrats and Republicans–all Americans.”
    –Vince Vaughn

    Vince Vaughn is a far, far better actor/director/writer than Tucker Max, so it makes sense that Tucker and his jealous friends at the Fed detest Arlo Guthrie and Vince Vaughan as well as art, film, and literature.

    The book has much better reviews and is far-higher ranked than Tucker’s douchey books/film/trailer–Five solid stars!

    Why do you donnie darko douchos/cbs haterz hate on art, the Constitution, morality, goodness, sound money, peace, prosperity, love, the family, kindness, and Ron Paul so much?

    And like the Fed, tucker privatizes all the profits of his private jet while sharing all the risk with his volunteer employees, who work for free.

    “Feminism which espoused “women’s rights” actually has driven femininity underground, torn the sexes asunder, and stripped woman of recognition for being wives and mothers, roles essential to their own fulfillment, to men, and to children and society.” –http://www.savethemales.ca/


    lzozozozzzozlzbuttehetxtxt alzlzlzoz


    • on September 25, 2012 at 2:52 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


      ben bernanke flies aorund in his heliocprterz dropping debt-based dollarz on womenz that place men and society in debt

      all da goverment and corprate ankersterz womenz create not welath but debt

      so womenz salries rise, but all of this is debt based dollarz which men will have to work and fight to pay offf lzozlzozoozoz

      da bernakez built a welath-sucking pyramid scheme based upon the welath -sucking nature of womenz

      so da beernake bankerz are at da top

      den der is der feminsist movement police state which seizes assets form memn and transferz tem to womenz zllzlzlzozlozooz

      and all da little ladies rejoice in rejoice in their success as millions are aborted and trillions are booorrowed and western civilization is decoctntructed and destoryed as tehy are buttehxted an dit is tsis setcrley tapelld dlzozllozozozozoozozozozo



    • “When you fuck with the god of biomechanics, expect uncontrollable consequences to belch forth from the depths and rake at your legs dragging you into its disorienting hellhouse.”

      I haven’t read through the comments to see if someone has accurately assessed what is going on, but if someone said, lesbianism and exploding vibrator sales and family court cases and MGTOW, they are right on the money.


  2. on September 25, 2012 at 1:04 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


    i can show you the way, neo, but you will have to walk it zlozlzlzozzlozlzlzo

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    at the ned of the matrix neo saw it as


    and when you have walked the path you too will see the butthexing matrix for what it is and how the fed funded the desouling of womenz with massive amounts of douchcock frrom an early age in all tehir orfices and are acting through the soulles temptresses to seize your assetts now when a girl says, “what i really really want is a nice guy, i’m tired of the asswholes (lozlzl who got her younger hotter tighter)” instead of hearing what she says and then trying to be a nice guy you will hear the truth behind the butthexing matrix’s facade lzozlzl:

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    the sublime act of butthex is a beuatiful metaphor for what the fed does to a currency and a country, which is why the neocon weekly standard celebrates butthexers–es[pecially those who taope it without the girkl’s conthent and profit off the act. lzozlzlzlzl!

    [on the war that devastated the Real World]
    Morpheus: We don’t know who butthexed first, us or them. But we do know it was them that videotaped it without our consent while scorching the sky wioth a long trail of butthex lies. At the time, they were dependent on butthex power. It was believed they would be unable to survive without an energy source as abundant as the common man’s collective anushole. lozzllzlzlzzl

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    Neo: What is the butthex fiat Mathrix?
    Trinity: The answer is out there, Neo, and it’s looking for you, and it will find you if you want it to.

    [Neocon sees a black cat walk by them, and then a similar black cat walk by them just like the first one]
    Neocon: Whoa. Déjà vu.
    [Everyone freezes right in their tracks]
    Trinity: What did you just say?
    Neocon: Nothing. Just had a little déjà vu.
    Trinity: What did you see?
    Cypher: What happened?
    Neocon: A black cat went past us, and then another that looked just like it.
    Trinity: How much like it? Was it the same cat?
    Neocon: It might have been. I’m not sure.
    Morpheus: Switch! Apoc!
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    [Neo’s eyes suddenly wander towards a woman in a red dress]
    Morpheus: Were you listening to me, Neo? Or were you looking at the woman in the red dress (woman as temptress in the heor’s journey myth) who was desouled via copious fiat-funded butthex from butthexers celerbated in teh pages of the weekly standard?
    Neo: I was…
    Morpheus: [gestures with one hand] Look again.
    [the desouled, massively-butthexed woman in the red dress is now a bestselling new york times author, pointing a cock at Neo’s ass; Neo ducks]
    Morpheus: Freeze it.
    [Everybody and everything besides Neo and Morpheus freezes in time]
    Neo: This… this isn’t the butthex Matrix?
    Morpheus: No. It is another training program designed to teach you one thing: if you are not one of us lozlzlzlzlers, you are one of them butthexers.


    i wanna start lzozlzlzl media where we have a character based on who sees green streams of streaming data every time a bernankified chick opens her moutrh and throughout every episode all the herbs and betas pay for the meals of the chix butthexes in the end due to his supreme knowelge of being THE ONE lzozlzlzllzzl

    i would be more like one of those minor characters along for the ride in the mother ship stanidng off to the side going lzozlzz zlzozlzozlzozlz zlzozllzozlzlzlz and don’t gte me worng i would score with all the hotties but like woudl get first pick for his lead dick and i’d get the next two as that’s only fair lzozlzlzlzllzlzllzl


  3. Google “the higher education bubble.” Women follow rules because they lack the creative insight of men (see Paglia). And since everyone is going to school nowadays, they are actually pushing down their own earnings because “everyone has a degree” (how do employers know who’s valuable and who’s not if everyone has a degree with a high GPA?).

    Come to think of it, women were nuts about houses too before 2008.


    • on September 25, 2012 at 1:14 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


      the univeirsty concostssist consists of an “alpha” (a short beta in real life) male surrounded by his sycophantic harem of womenz zlzozozoozlzozozoz which he has bought with millions of fiat butthext dollarsz by which he burdens da risinggeneratin with massive, unprecedented debtz zlzozoozozo and ben bernanke rewards him for his desturcition of western cicbililzizations wit his very own harem of buttugly femienist fascsist decocnstrctors debauchers and aborterz as such is da way odf da ebernkakesk zzozolzlzl


  4. on September 25, 2012 at 1:09 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


    ECONOMICS EOCONMY was my favoriete subject in da uneievrietistesz!!!!!

    lzozozozlzlzol !!! herarstsitezz!!!!

    i came up with a scienetigfcici forurlmalalsa forumlaa for which i wielel receieve da nobel prize in eoocnocmizniznzi zkzkzlzozkz eocncomizzz!!

    the gap in the age between the man and the gilr he wants to marrie = the size of the gap of the buttholez of all da benernankified women in his genertaion



  5. You may want to delete the part about alternate male outlets because those were present throughout history up until the feminists got the right to vote and then voted away the existence of those alternate male outlets.

    Think about it.

    Don’t fall into the trap the fake tradcons make when they pretend the alternate outlets, which are now being outlawed for the first time in history, were part of the sexual revolution. Remember the tradcons are dominated by old hags themselves.


    • The closest “Alternate outlets” were, for by far most men, over the hill and far away, in some mythological city noone they had ever met personally, had ever actually visited.. At least unless your “alternative outlets” include sheep.


      • No they weren’t far away except for with lower class men where lack of money made the outlets “far away” when they were really next door. Where there was an economic difference, lower class teens were always available to a married man and especially among the so-called Puritans which were anything but.

        Whether slaves or “the help” the richer tradcon alphas always had these outlets and used them. They just didn’t admit to this in the bullshit writing they may have left behind.

        Prostitution and age of consent were only regulated on this planet after American women were given the right to vote a little more than 100 years ago. Suffrage then spread like a virus around the world but the effects are particularly bad only in the anglosphere, Scandinavia and Israel.

        There never was a tradcon golden age where the patriarchs didn’t have alternate outlets.

        That’s all been made up by the hags who have controlled tradcon ideology since they got their evangelist mangina husbands to give them the right to vote in the late 19th century (Democrat males tried hard to stop women from getting the vote).


      • You miss the point. Distance or money etc are under the umbrella of accessibility. Alternative outlets are more available to the mainstream man now than they have ever been.


      • We’re regressing on this blog from the past where we all agreed on certain things. It’s been agreed that, when women got the vote, the attempts to regulate the male elites reached unprecedented heights.

        That’s what feminism (resulting from suffrage) had done: attempted to regulate male sexuality.

        QED it wasn’t regulated as much in the past (before 1890), including the mythological tradcon golden age. Among the Puritans, everyone was having sex with everyone else behind the barn, including the minister with someone’s 14 year old daughter, all legal and even documented, look it up on Google how the Puritans really behaved. They were much more promiscuous than in modern society with age of consent lower and no DNA testing and no sexual harassment laws.

        Tell what you just wrote evilalpha to a California teacher who was put under the wringer for having sex with an 18 year old student last year. He survived because a Republican asshole congresswoman hadn’t yet passed a law, for the first time in the history of humans living on the territory that is now California, that it will be a felony offense in the future for a teacher to have sex with an adult still attending a high school. Before 2011, it was always legal in most of the world for a man to have sex with an 18 year old.

        In Germany there is now an argument about whether to fire a male teacher for having sex with a 14 year old student. You can google that case as well. German society has not yet reached the heights of American society where a female teacher was just sentenced to 15 years in prison for having sex with 18 year old high school seniors because “she was in a position of authority”.

        The list of feminist regulation of male sexuality goes on and it is particularly high in the US compared to the past and to other countries.. I can discuss this all day. Prostitution was legal and local all over the world for most of the socalled tradcon golden age. Now it’s a flight to Las Vegas for most American tradcons. Things are way more repressed now than ever before in history. Some just think the opposite because there’s less outward religion on the surface.


      • The short answer, evilalpha, is that the outlets are seemingly more available to betas now than ever before.

        Open society is beckoning to the betas that they can go to the desert outskirts of Las Vegas to have sex with a prostitute. Polite society didn’t do that much in the past. Not within the earshot of “good women” anyway.

        But, alphas in the Victorian Era or preacher alphas among the Puritans could seduce or buy for a few pence whomever they wanted right next door or on the other side of the tracks in ways that would now be illegal on several different levels.

        Betas of the time were told that no outlets existed. And they believed this. Beta = Gullible

        Most tradcons are betas and proud of it.


      • Yup. But let’s focus. The original alternate outlet reference wasn’t geared toward just alphas so your comment seams misplaced. Even with feminist meddling and laws mainstream alternatives continue to aggressively move down the stack.


      • But with all due respect, focus on what? The mangina evangelists don’t want the soft monogamy that worked for thousands of years of civilization. They want the hard core laws that the feminists have joined with them to enact. They were the ones who gave women the vote in the late 1800s because they couldn’t outvote the real men who wanted to keep the alternate outlets legal.

        If CH would only take this split between alphas and betas in the Manosphere seriously, he could more clearly explain how he’d like to see western society simultaneously promote a more public social conservatism to keep women and betas on the right path while also repealing the hag-inspired criminalization of alternate outlets for men in general and hatred of big age differences and soft polygamy for alphas.

        What that would mean is more lip service to family values on the surface but, in the background, repeal of harsh laws or at least no real arrests being made like the following story from today.

        One only has to open the newspaper every day to see a more hard-core clamping down on men’s options than ever before in history, at least before women got the right to vote. This madame being deported today, for instance, probably had an interesting stable that the men of Manhattan can no longer access:


        Surely, CH isn’t harking back to a non-existent day in a fictional tradcon past when an upper middle class nordic white woman like this would be deported from New York simply for providing upper middle class and upper class Manhattan gentlemen with hot young white nordic diversions to complement the sexual drudgery they have with their aging wives?

        As I see it and as most American men see it, rules are harsher now against men than ever before. This is why the so-called Mens Rights Movement is going nowhere. Half of all MRAs are tradcon dreamers about some kind of fictional patriarchy that never existed but embrace many of the harsh new laws that women voters achieved. I wish the manosphere could get its act together and reject everything the female sexual trade union would really want you to agree with.

        We have to lose the notion that feminists are all in agreement about promoting permanent hypergamy. Half of them agree with tradcons on that score but further want to reign male sexuality in and put the boot heel down on alphas for the first time in the history of the world.


      • In small villages where everyone knows everyone else, there isn’t much of “economic differences.” Everyone’s a subsistence farmer or hunter/gatherer, with perhaps a shopkeeper here and there; Who has 200 subsistence farmers as his potential customers. That’s how most of the world looked for the first few hundred thousand years of humans.

        “Age of consent” is obviously some nonsense, since it traces it’s origins in progressivism. But parental consent goes back much further than that. And if you think selling your daughter to the toothless neighbor for whatever he could pay with “earnings” from his two cows and a sheep on a subsistence plot, was more common than some schlub today looking up the union of Craigslist, Ashley Madisson, the local progtard community paper or whatnot, I honestly cannot think of anything more appropriate than recommending psychiatric care.

        Go to the places where people are still dirt poor while living under Torah or Sharia law, and then come talk about how much easier obtaining extramarital sex is there than in the contemporary West.


      • Stuki-farming has actually only been around about 5k years and we don’t know if it originally began to produce food or if the cultivation of grain and grapes was more for the production of wine or beer.
        And btw, the age of consent was always the same as the age when a female could marry under common law which was 12 in England until it was changed to 16 in the lare 1800’s he age that remains until today as the age of consent. You may be able still to marry if you’re under the age of consent with a parent’s permission.


      • For most of history, and in many parts of the world today, there were/are noone who enforces “age of consent” nonsense. Except parents, the way God and evolution conspired to design it.


      • Giving your daughter to the patriarch, not the toothless bum, was normal at least to guys like Genghis Khan who ran the world for much of history.

        Also, I don’t have the time to find the study of the Puritans online now, but it turns out basically that extra-marital and pre-marital sex was a lot more common among the Puritans and in feudal communities than it is now.

        They had to do it like rabbits in the days when death was looming around the corner.

        Think about it. Back then any young woman could expect to possibly die, get small pox marks all over her face or have her teeth rot out before she reached 18. She had to make hay while the sun shined.

        And the DNA evidence is probably there that they made hay with the alpha leaders of the community before those alphas let them marry a beta.

        That’s the way it always was and always will be. Hypergamy is a fact of life for women younger than 21. What feminism is doing wrong is that it’s trying to extend hypergamy beyond age 21.

        Now Americans are getting married later and publicizing their extra curricular activity more. Before, it was all hidden but, if you think girls are having sex younger and younger now on average, you’d be wrong. They used to get started a lot younger and most fathers were as ignorant as they are now (and they’re very ignorant now).

        Sure, with the short lives people had back then you probably didn’t get large age differences by today’s standards. In the middle ages with bad hygiene and bad teeth, it must have been horrible for a 16 year old milkmaid to have to have sex with an out of shape, ugly old feudal lord who knew nothing of exercise or dental floss. But a battle-hardened lord in good condition and with decent teeth from having better food and exercise than most of the peasants? She’d go for him in a second. My best looking girl is 18 and I fit that description to her.

        Anyway, to show today’s example of how American feminists on the right and left wings are trying to destroy the best regular and alternate outlets for men in a manner never before known in history, ABC News has a poll on whether teachers should go to prison for having sex with consenting adults and the majority of Americans agree that there should be a federal law saying that they should


        It’s about 53% vs 47%. I wonder if it’s mostly Republicans who want to effectively raise the age of consent like this. Because once you establish that “authority makes things unequal”, you open the floodgates for criminal prosecutions of men for having sex with employees, not just lawsuits like the BS we’ve been seeing since the 1980’s.

        Meanwhile did Mitt Romney sign that pledge to “eliminate porn”? Is he playing up to the old hags that don’t want the competition visible?


      • What some here are claiming, and what I’m doubtful of, is that extramarital sexual outlets for the average guy, was somehow more numerous in the olden days of small villages where everyone knew everyone, tons of shaming, no contraception, expectation of virginity on wedding night and God fearing people; than it is now. AVERAGE GUY! Not for Genghis. And possibly not for the upper classes in Sodom and Gomorrah. Or for the owners of a slave powered plantation.


      • Puritans as profligates?

        Man, I knew leftthink tended towards bizarro-world topsy-turveydom and revisionist history… but geez, can somebody put a line in the sand?

        The funniest part is, these are the same folks who just yesteryear were claiming Puritans got so much done because they sublimated their sex drive.


  6. on September 25, 2012 at 1:17 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

    teh feminist movement summed up:

    by encouring tucker maxes rheyems with godlman saxes yto buttehxt and deosul womenz through tehir asses, dey can deouls the womenz and convert thm into bvehicles vehicls of welath transfer instead of mothers wives and grandmotherz, sending womenz forth to tept and take and seize an man’s assetstst and transfer thanm to the fiat bernnake poclice ststatets zlzoozzlo

    “butthetx da womenz in her asses, deosul the, and train them to seize a man’s assetts lzozlzlzoz”


  7. It seems ironic that the article blames the “knowledge economy” for the shift away from material resourcefulness. It seems to me that the knowledge economy, and especially tech entrepreneurship is one of the high risk/high reward areas that looks down on credentialism and provides an arena where men can dominate in.


    • Knowledge doesn’t just refer to IT. It includes things like medicine, law, accounting, and many types of engineering where credentialing makes entry from outside the ruling establishment essentially impossible. IT’s, especially software’s, ease of market entry makes building barriers to entry by credentialing very difficult, but women would certainly create it if the could out of “concerns about safety and protecting the children”.


    • That’s why the left is so keen to ruthlessly destroy that sector.


    • While supply, demand, and scarcity are all universal concepts, different cultures will manifest different economic regulations and responses to the same issue.

      Given that economic responses flow from culture, and given that culture is ultimately rooted in biology, I’d have to say Western whites have an inherent, DISEASED self-destructiveness in their biology. After all, Western whites were the ones who destroyed Western Roman civilization and brought on the Dark Ages.

      Everything from low birth rates to anti-male sentiments to mass importation of non-white immigrants points to the biological self-destructive impulses of Western whites.

      I’m starting to think that Western whites are biologically the same as African blacks who, as a group, are incapable of anything other than sitting on a smoldering pile of rubble, whether in Africa, Paris, D.C., London, or the Bronx. The only difference between Western whites and African blacks is that there is a minority of Western whites capable of enlightenment and creation.


      • The Dark Ages weren’t quite as dark as imagined.

        And Roman ‘civilization’ had become effete and a threat to the racial integrity of Europe.

        As far as the Goths, et. al., destroying Rome, sometimes a radical cancer has to be removed, and it takes awhile for the patient to recover fully.

        The hope is that said patient (Europe) comes back stronger than ever, which she did… due to the racial integrity of those who caused and survived through the so-called ‘Dark Ages’.

        Still, point taken… whites do have a self-destructiveness, often rooted in their either over-glorification of self (liberty, independence w/o responsibility and duty) or strange abnegation of self (worship of -isms)… which is easily manipulated and exploited by those who would play the parasite.

        And, alas, when the West falls, the barbarians at the gates are no longer Goths, Visigoths, Vandals, Allemanni, Angles, Saxons, Danes, etc., etc.


      • “The hope is that said patient (Europe) comes back stronger than ever, which she did… due to the racial integrity of those who caused and survived through the so-called ‘Dark Ages’…”

        Check your history. Europe’s road to revival began as a result of the end of the Black Plague, the end of the divided papacy, the end of the little Ice Age, and new trading patterns.

        You really want to rewrite all of history as “the white race heroically lightens itself and triumphs again”? Be my guest — but you’re utterly wrong.


      • You make the mistake of looking at mere events, rather than the human raw material.

        Common mistake, given today’s education standards.


      • Greg Eliot

        And, alas, when the West falls, the barbarians at the gates are no longer Goths, Visigoths, Vandals, Allemanni, Angles, Saxons, Danes, etc., etc.
        So its alright if you get shot as long as the bullet is white?

        Greg getting attacked while swimming: “its alright, its OK, its a Great White!”


      • As usual, you miss the point.

        But since you brought it up, I believe it’s common in many cultures of the world that, if injury or death comes from “one’s own kind”, it doesn’t hold the same stigma and blood-revenge duties that it would if an outsider had done it.

        Whoever fancies themselves familiar with history should know that.


      • I laughed.

        It is amazing these fluffy fartknockers actually think someone should respect their authoritaaaah when they say these things. They’re slaves more surely than anyone who ever actually wore chains.

        Chris Rock once said that anybody Black and Christian has a short memory. I guess since Europeans have been enslaved longer, it’s more difficult for them to see how stripped they’ve become.

        None of their nobility in the past and none of their rich in the present live by the rules they press on the rest, but it’s okay because their oppressor looks like them. They look down on us for not being like that…for not taking people’s crap no matter what they look like.

        Like I said, the barely human trying to dehumanize others. It’s sad.


      • “Like I said, the barely human trying to dehumanize others. It’s sad.”

        Projection at its finest, folks. You read it here first.


      • Projection at its finest, folks. You read it here first.

        That’s already been established an hundred-fold… I have it on good authority they’re updating the psychology textbooks as we speak.

        Truly, bro, don’t bother. I see she’s now added a bit of the antiChrist to her repertoire, which pretty much puts the final piece to the puzzle of her modus operandi.

        The next sound you hear will be dust getting knocked from sandals.


      • Which one of us is still worshiping the god of his oppressors?

        Accuse me of projection all you like, but like whore, you’re fooling nobody but yourselves.

        I am free. You are the slaves. The sooner you accept this reality, the sooner you will free yourselves and truly become men.

        So long as you’re determining morality by a book written by Jews to justify their elevation of a desert war god named Yahu to the status of El, and later self hating Jews to reel in followers of Serapis to worship their false messiah, that was imposed on your ancestors at the end of Roman swords and still to this day tells your people when and how they’re allowed to shag, while violating their own rules, you are a slave. Period.

        You are a literate person, like myself, and were you interested in freeing your mind, none of this would be news to you. You would seek out the information, find it, and feel disgusted by the years you wasted gauging your morality and manhood by people who just wanted to keep you docile.

        Your slave status is evident every time you condemn others for not being as docile.

        Notice, I never asked you to be nicer or even less racist, just less stupid and less of a fru-fru.

        Shut your ears and la-la-la all you like, but you are not posting in a blog frequented by idiots. Men just generally have less patience to deal with your ignorance. Since I’m getting some work this coming week, I won’t have the time or patience for it either. I’m just trying to do my part to shake you a bit more awake while I can.


      • Oh, and just to be clear, you are barely human because of a lack of will, not a lack of melanin. Some HBD’ers would say this was related, but I don’t think so. I think it’s because your independent thinkers were culled until your societies became self regulating that way. It is one reason why even though the stock in the Americas was a bit better, once things became more stable, high school became a crucible in which you attempt to convince your most creative and intelligent to kill themselves…and many do.


      • We are all slaves to Death as of now… and no one is free when the ruler of this system of things decides to turn his satanic eye upon them.

        Everyone serves some master in this world, and the self is a wily elf, if that be your only lord.

        But whoever says the Lord is an oppressor lies.

        28 Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 29 Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

        Hear the wisdom of Joshua, you people!

        15 And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.


      • Are you referring to Christianity in general, or just particular kinds of Christianity? For being “slaves”, Europeans sure did pretty well. It’s also kind of strange that Europeans started being actual slaves to the Jews in the 20th century when they decided that Christianity was outdated.


      • Very astute observation, corvinus. Well done.


      • Corvinus, I’m not seeing Europeans doing well. I’m seeing a few Europeans, some Arabs, some Africans, and some Asians, etc. doing great, and the rest getting by from paycheck to paycheck as wage slaves, or not doing very well at all.

        The illusion that Europeans are doing well is one of the reasons people outside the U.S. think White Americans are stupid. You can be totally broke, but still think you’re better off than others just because you’re pale. It’s amazing.

        You figure starving to death and living in the sewers in a Moscow winter is better off than starving to death out in the sunlight in Somalia.


      • Nicole, you really have to do some serious history checking. Ah geography checking too. I’m a slav and i don’t worship God of my oppressors since Roman empire’s force was long gone once my ancestors setteled in today’s lands. Germanic kingdoms weren’t forced to became Christians either, they couldn’t be since, strenght of Rome was a ruin at that time – ruined by those Germanic nations who you claim were forced by the Romans to baptise.

        If you would like to point to Africans worshiping a “god of their oppressors” it’s kinda false as well since majority of todays Christian Africa became so AFTER the end of the colonization “Only nine million Christians were in Africa in 1900, but by the year 2000, there were an estimated 380 million Christians.” Even during the colonization years it wasn’t government that converted people(mostly), but missionaries that gone to live throughout all of the problems of the native populations. Different may be said about South America, but they obviously discerned Christianity from their oppressors, seeing they don’t adhere to it, plus it stooped to be “only the religion of the oppressors” but also they gradually accepted it themselves.

        You also say you’re free, but to me you are a slave to yourself, and your passions. Also you’re blind. And really i can’t say i’m a slave to nobody but God. And you know God is quite mercifull.
        By the way what God forbids is bad for me anyway. You know makes you addicted, and a slave… So each to his own.


      • Alexander, after their cultures were ravaged, many Africans didn’t have where to go but either the church or the mosque. As soon as they see this is screwing them up though, they’re back to Mami Wata or in the case of a growing number, Friedrich Nietzsche.

        The Vodun temples from Benin to Ghana even have an official program for at least spiritually repatriating people from the diaspora.

        The vast majority of African “Christians” are actually practicing their indigenous faith under the cover of Christianity because of the benefits like health care at the Catholic clinics. Africans aren’t as stupid as you think. It’s a “enemy of my enemy is my friend” thing, and most know that Muslims are the enemy. In the places where they’re tolerated at all, it’s because they are practicing the indigenous faiths or they’ve killed or intimidated everybody else.

        There is a growing African atheist movement though. They are truly frightening but beautiful all at once. When things happen that make it clear there is no god coming to save you, this is expressed quite differently than it is with those who come to that realization sitting in comfort musing about the Universe.

        Things are not as they seem on the surface. You have to actually know some Africans who will be honest with you.

        As an example of how little westerners know, even those who are studying African cultures, I’ll tell you about something that happened with one of my (White) students of Vodun. I began talking about kola nuts and their importance in hospitality and ceremony, and despite having read many books on Vodun, he had never heard of what I was telling him.

        This is an everyday thing in most of west Africa. You (as a man) go to someone’s house, and part of welcoming you is kola. In many cases, you make an agreement, have a wedding, or just hang out and feel good with your friends, kola. Yet in almost every book on Vodun available, there is nothing but nothing about the actual use of kola. You’d think these writers had never spoken to an African person before, except there was plenty else that was accurate. it dawned on me that though they had spoken to many, they were probably never welcome. So nobody broke kola with them…Well that, and many of the writers were female and that in combination with being viewed as unwelcome would mean that not even the sassy elder women sneaking around being naughty would offer them kola.

        Understand that a good bit of the information about what is happening in Africa is filtered through people (like feminists) Africans will never trust.


      • “Chris Rock once said that anybody Black and Christian has a short memory.”

        Even funnier when they then turn around and become muslim. Slavery central.


      • Anon

        I’m starting to think that Western whites are biologically the same as African blacks who, as a group, are incapable of anything other than sitting on a smoldering pile of rubble, whether in Africa, Paris, D.C., London, or the Bronx. The only difference between Western whites and African blacks is that there is a minority of Western whites capable of enlightenment and creation.

        Come on pink toe, the number of men capable of enlightenment and creation has always been a small minority including those with dark skin.

        For example, do you think black people in ancient Africa sat around and bitched all day like you do today?

        No, everyday was hunting and fishing and fucking while our women got ready for the next festival.

        What more do you crackers want?

        Please do not compare us to white people. The white mans problem is he wants to be God. Therefore, he is never satisfied and very self destructive.

        Just like Lucifer.


      • I’d have to say Western whites have an inherent, DISEASED self-destructiveness in their biology. After all, Western whites were the ones who destroyed Western Roman civilization and brought on the Dark Ages.

        Never underestimate the zeal of a history ignoramus. Great civilizations “die from suicide, not murder.” After repeatedly conquering the world, the British and U.S. empires being only the latest instances, the victors turn on themselves in the absence of challenge. Internal rot, corruption, decadence, and boredom are the killer, not external mastery by brown bronze-age barbarians.

        The historical record is quite clear, despite the fact that our overwhelming dominance has become so universally recognized that we allow our SWPL academics to indulge their anti-white anti-male self-hatred for sport: we can afford to, the margin of victory is that wide.



      • Only if you leave out the ‘5ifth Column’ in the west identified as cultural marxists and funded by the banks as ‘crowd control’. If you overlook that massive end of the spectrum, then yes you could repeat the foolish phrase ‘suicide not murder’


    • on September 25, 2012 at 2:11 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)





    • No way.
      Even though I’m tired scrolling past his tldr posts.


    • Why don’t you like GBFM? Is it because you Likajuze?


      • on September 25, 2012 at 2:55 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        Mises, Moses, Jesus, and my Mom are all Jewish.

        Sectriev tapings of butthext without the grilths conthent does not represent JEwish values, no matter what Tucker MAx ehywmees with goldman sax tells you zlozlzlzlzoz


      • “Mises, Moses, Jesus”

        Mises promoted material individualism for the goys. Jesus promoted spiritual individualism for the goys. Moses promoted material and spiritual unity for the Jews. Cui bono?


      • Rarely have such few words communicated such volumes.

        A deep bow of respect to you, sir. Well-played, indeed.


      • I am honored.

        Hopefully I can help revive the laconic arts.


      • Jesus (if he existed) promoted nothing to non Jews. Even in the stories (which may have been complete fabrications) wherein he healed Romans, he never said a word to change their existing beliefs. Were they worshiping the wrong deities, you’d think that would be the time to inform them, but he did not.


      • You’re not understanding some of the complexities of God’s Will and the timelines designated for His plan.

        Jesus came first for the children of the covenant… the times of the gentiles would soon follow… it was foreshadowed by the parable of the Samaritan woman… and quite overtly in His final command to “Go and make disciples of all nations.”

        You really shouldn’t attempt to explain Jesus and God’s Plan without further study and a believing heart… the secrets behind much of it are not given out like candy to the first kid down the fairway… which is why so many people pound their chest in glee at the false knowledge of how “the Bible contradicts itself!”.

        “And the disciples came, and said unto Him, Why do you speak unto them in parables? He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto YOU to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but unto them it is NOT given.” Matt 13:10-11


      • Also, I’ve heard the point made that a doctor comes to visit the sick, not those who are well. The possibility that he had Jews start Christianity because of their peculiar talents and persistence at spreading ideas around cannot be dismissed either.


      • So Greg, you believe that the Jews are the chosen people and that your people are their people’s bitches?


      • Today’s Jews are not necessarily the same Jews of the Covenant… even crica 2000 years ago, writers of the Bible and Jesus Himself spoke of “those who say they are Jews, but are not… they are a synagogue of Satan” and “of their father, the Devil”.

        Ten tribes were lost… back in Noah’s time, the bible speaks of the sons of Japheth, who became “the maritime nations”.

        You’ll do well to stop looking through shit-coloured glasses and referring to people in ghetto-argot as either thugs or their bitches.


      • Greg, you get to lecture me on my terminology when you actually become more educated than me regarding the middle east.

        The bible is not an accurate historical document. The better part of the Jews today are of Semitic ancestry, and that’s about as real as it gets.

        Besides, Jews who aren’t really Jews sounds like Christians to me…people claiming to be some sort of improvement on Judaism, but who are most definitely not. Christians fit that definition better than the odd atheist Semite who has an occasional BLT.


    • If you can find the equivalent of whatever Rosetta Stone it takes to decipher GBFM’s posts, you’ll find they contain more wealth than the ancient treasures of Egypt.


  8. GBFM TLDR: the internet is my only venue to express myself, so please bear with me. I actually do have a point. It’s just that some days the signals get crossed.


    • on September 25, 2012 at 2:56 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)




      • GBFM: Don’t forget the video and audio of rocket scientists Opie & Anthony completely exposing THucker MaxTH as the lying bullshit artist that he is:


      • on September 28, 2012 at 10:52 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        juste rmemeeneer dat butthext is pronounced


        by da master sectriev taper of butthexttetex and neooccnth hero # 1 lzozlzlzol



  9. Easy enough to know what the end game looks like.

    Remember how women love vampires.

    Think of all the vampire stories where the vampires intend to rule the world completely as a permanent aristocratic (all vampires are counts or above) parasite class.

    Now imagine the vampires have won.

    There it is.


    • “The world” does not end at the borders of the free falling West. The only result of people in the West tying their hands behind their backs to look more fashionably progressive, is that those outside will eat them alive. Only in La-la land does anyone bother doing quality work for some self promoting Vampire.

      The end game is Ahmadinejad, or someone of that ilk, getting a nice stash of nukes. And using them to rid the world of the parasites that is most of the people of the contemporary West. While those in the West worth bothering about either being indifferent, or actively cheering him on.


  10. Krauser PUA had similar thoughts that are worth a look. His conclusion says in part that

    Women are solipsistic by nature and thus operate from a “what’s in it for me?” frame. The workplace is an environment to be shaped to suit their tastes and damn the consequences…


  11. on September 25, 2012 at 2:14 pm ThatNorwegianGuy

    Hanlon’s Razor all up in this bitch!


  12. That is the real issue, I think, that among the new feminist intelligentsia, very few of them produce anything of value. The fields that’ve seen more recent increases in female workers (ie outside of the traditionally-feminine fields like nursing and teaching, which actually serve a real use) are those that don’t produce wealth, and normally that’s fine because society needs those jobs to be done, but not at the scale we’re seeing now. It’s not surprising that whenever I meet one of these female yuppies (fuppies, I suppose), she very loudly thinks she’s some incredible success story because she works at some shitty HR or PR department managing other people’s work. Again, nothing wrong with PR or HR but those areas of the economy are bloated far, far, far beyond what’s necessary or even sustainable.

    More generally, I’ve suspected that professional women gravitate to (ha) and excel in the corporate world for a few reasons: first, the “consensus-building” culture of a lot of businesses who want to be touchy-feely is advantageous to women since they thrive on outward conformity whereas men thrive on competition and debate; second, the backstabbing and office politics of white-collar work is incredibly fertile ground for women to unleash their millennia-honed talents of gossip, innuendo, emotional manipulation and social sabotage. Men have no real way to counter any of that and instead have to rely on genuine creativity, skill and dedication; however, in our era of unparalleled superficiality those virtues aren’t as strongly valued by society as appearance is. The end result is that female countenance trumps male industry.

    Multiply that by many workplaces in many companies and you have, as GBFM and christianplayer pointed out, a society drowning in debt. To quote Heartiste, though, there’s nothing left to do but wait for the bulging mess to fall apart…poolside.


    • +1


    • Yup.
      Over my 30+ year business career, I’ve noted that men continue to dominate smaller business organizations, where corporate politics are more likely to take a back seat to competence. Men (manginas excepted) naturally feel less comfortable in the large organization corporate/political realm, and tend to derive more enjoyment in settings where they can see their impact on getting real stuff done.

      And when it comes to pure entrepreneurship, women are just plain rare. I don’t count opening trendy boutiques and galleries that never make a profit with their husband’s (or ex-husband’s) dough.


      • Absolutely.

        I cannot stand corporate politics. As a lone wolf out roaming the forest of 1099s, I keep my various streams of income separate and unrelated.

        But I don’t know a single woman who’s comfortable doing the same. They love the security of groupthink.


      • on September 25, 2012 at 9:21 pm Days of Broken Arrows

        As I like to tell people when they go on about female “productivity:” look around you. Everything you see was conceived, built, and delivered by a man.

        It makes perfect sense women have thrived in corporate and gov’t settings because fewer places are less productive that those.


    • Great points. Could not agree more in the abstract and in my personal experiences in the workplace.

      I think one way to fight back as a society is to promote entreprenuership as a legitimate and learnable alternative to the MBA/law school/med school paths that many middle class men are faced with.

      Heartiste, give us some more posts about this!


  13. Appreciate all the hard work you do putting these posts together, Heartiste, but damn if I can’t stop wanting the simpler concepts like photo-pose posts and you explaining who in the picture is alpha and beta and why.


    • Saw similar EBT = race riot dangeld before here. Hopefully, that’s just another conspiracy theory, as if that was the idea going forward…first destroy black family, second give them govt cheese to quell riots. As in, who decided this was a good idea?


      • libs believe that the moochers will one day magically and voluntarily stop mooching and get off their asses; the irony is that they’ll be compelled (by lack of fried chicken) to do so when the system implodes.


    • Poolside won’t be bad so long as you have proper protection.

      Currently, you can get a decently outfitted AR-15 from Palmetto State Armory for about $1000.

      I have one of these rifles and can speak to their excellent quality. I’ve put about 500rounds through mine without a single malfunction.
      Check your local laws before purchase to verify legality.


      • Calm down white people. By the time niggers get finished slaughtering each other, there won’t be enough left to mount a drive on you and all your stuff.



      • The ones who make through the initial bedlam will be rather well armed though.

        Better safe than sorry.


      • It’s not your folk that we’re arming against… as you say, you fellows pretty much render yourselves hors de combat in SHTF scenarios.


      • unless your pool is

        a) a good distance away from a dense population center


        b) for storing food/drinking water; and the house isn’t too conspicuous of a target for a large mob; and easily defended when attacked


        c)all of the above

        i wouldn’t hang around


      • What’s the point of a SHTF scenario if you can stack a few bodies on your front lawn?


      • I’m bringing mine over to Quentin Tarantino’s house… sign or no sign.


      • on September 27, 2012 at 4:19 am Subway Orgy Organizer

        One thing I heard about which is a highly delightful thing to think about when you’re in a survivalist mood is:

        Be more than one tank of gas away from major population centers.

        Simple, but makes sense when you think about it.


      • If you’re on a tighter budget, you can “roll your own” with a simple set of hand tools… some needle nose pliers, a punch, and a hammer or vise grips and some duct tape to prevent scratches.

        A good bare lower is $125, a parts kit for it about $60, another $50 for a stock, and decent complete uppers go on sale for $350 to $500, depending upon your barrel preference, at Midway.

        Don’t buy cheap magazines, though… read the reviews and stick with the consensus reliables.


      • I actually built my own using PSA’s parts. It still ran over $1000 after I threw a Vortex SPARC on there. Then again, I used Magpul furniture for the entire thing and got a better trigger, so that would add to the cost than just the most basic model.


      • Yeah… the better trigger alone is something like $175… smoke ’em if you got ’em. 😉


      • Actually, I went with an ALG Milspec trigger. A very crisp, clean 6lb break.


      • A wise choice.


      • oooh, gunporn!


  14. No shit sherlock. Of course society wide conspiracies exist. Feminism is the biggest one. Give me a break: all male companies conspired to hold women down and perpetuate a patriarchy? My ass.

    Here is the clearest indicator that the job market has shifted in its preferences:

    Sit a man down and sit a woman down, and let them compete performance-wise for a job. If the job was actually selecting for high achieving individuals, they would do this. If every job was similarly selecting for performance and achievement uber alles, then men would outperform women in a broad stroke and you would see a minority of women who could contribute (more than their vagina) to the productive output of a company.

    Men derive equality from competition. Women derive equality from warm, loving embrace of whoever makes her feel special. To summarize:

    Male equality: “You beat me, and we are relatively equal.”
    Female equality: “Awww, you poor disenfranchised person. Come eat dinner with us.”


    • The fauvist said it perfectly above.

      Male equality = competition.

      Women equality = conformity.

      So tell me: when has conformity ever produced value? When has conformity ever made money?

      Reality proves that competition produces value and makes money. Women simply have no idea how to understand this. Hence the debt.


  15. If I had a dollar for every waitress I banged that had a degree in some useless as shit…


  16. Wonderfully written.
    Hail to the one and only R.


  17. […] guarantee that the answer will depend on your gender. I left this comment over at Heartiste’s Womanly Economy […]


  18. Credentialism is a drain of resources. And bitches seem to love it. Some dumb bitch made a dumb comment, basically, “lolz capitalism suxxxxx! do me, Che!” in response to a friend’s thread decrying QE3. When confronted about how stupid her point was, it was “but I have a PHD how dare you question me?”

    As if raacking up $100K in student loans and avoiding real work is a gateway to sainthood.

    It is true, we’ve never seen the society we’re going to get when the Elizabeth Warrens and Sandra Flukes of the world start telling everyone en masse that you didn’t build that and give me free shit in their lofty positions of power brokering. But we do know what power brokered, credentialled societies look like throughout history?

    Like a group rats scurrying around the deck of a sinking ship as it slips below water, trying to get what’s theirs until everything slips below water.

    Only this time, it’s happening in America.

    That’s why I say, if Romney winz, he needs to punish the credential set and start rewarding merit again. Oh, and stop spending all the $$$ we can borrow.


  19. on September 25, 2012 at 3:21 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

    hey heartistes i luvs ye
    you are da last beacon of
    manliness all da classical manly qualities of
    hard work
    & lotsas cockass zlozozlzozozoozozozoozo

    i luvs ye heartistes
    but not in da buttehctual neoetchcn wayz zlozlzozzlzoozlzlzlzozlozlzoz
    but in da exalated manyly way
    like achilles loved patrocolus
    homer’s ilaid



  20. Just saw a job posting today that hit my trigger word. They wanted a secretary, must have degree.

    Sometimes I feel like I need to get credentials to take a piss standing up.


  21. and all those employed white career women love love love voting democrat.



    • SINGLE white women. They get their resources from the state, so vote Dem. Married white women get their resources from their husbands, so vote Rep.


      • “team woman” VS “team MY man”

        two sides of the same coin. Weemens agency is always through the manipulation of men.

        Indirectly via the state, or directly via the pussy/fertility.


      • They get their resources from the state, so vote Dem. Married white women get their resources from their husbands, so vote Rep.

        I read it twice and then realized there is more wisdom in your comment than first meets the eye.

        Sometimes the most simple explanation is the best.


  22. The corollary is that eventually societies must produce or fail, and defeats and taxes and assaults on wealth to prop up decadent, incompetent aristocracies tend to provoke extreme (French Revolution, Russian Revolution, Mao’s Revolution) reactions. In which women fare, poorly. Not being good at street fighting. All this nice stuff that credentialism rests on depends on wealth generation and men (not women) to protect it. Otherwise its taken away. By outside conquerors or inside revolution.


    • Are these women putting together that if they have all the jobs…they’ll also have to do all the work? Maybe I’m just not motivated enough, or maybe I just think there are some thing men do better. One day, perhaps, there’ll be a Male Rebellion and men will start plundering HR departments spraying their opponents with Victoria’s Secret perfume; a re-enactment of the Rape of the Lock will ensue. Or perhaps, powerful women will subjugate men and have beta armies to protect their wealth. But, ultimately, women will realize work is work, life without real men is boring, and the possibility of an office romance (what probably keeps most of the population who are stuck living in a high school menatily interested in work in the first place) will be obsolete.

      (psst, Ladies, pants burning at 8 tonight! Text it on 🙂 )


  23. What is shocking to contemplate is that not only do the ’empowered’ career b#$ches know they have the upper hand, but they use this knowledge to rub it in co-workers faces. Arrogance at its core.


  24. Spin the narrative on its head. Deadbeat dad=freedom father.


    • While I don’t support this behaviour, if women are gonna sunder the social contract to their advantage, why shouldn’t men do the same?


  25. the feminist agenda was embraced decades ago by corporate america, they wanted to dilute the workforce to keep wages down, and feminist policies were, along with unrestricted immigration, right up their alley. think old lazybones like Gloria Steinhem were responsible for the makeup of today’s workforce? lol, her ilk couldn’t organize a pair of shoelaces or inspire a ball to roll


    • on September 25, 2012 at 9:35 pm Days of Broken Arrows

      Exactly. Also, women tend not to fight back and are more easily taken advantage of — just what corporate America wants, a bunch of wage slaves you can force into long hours with low pay.


  26. When a deadbeat thug can procreate to produce 20 bastard children with decent looking women, while beta herbs has to pick up the tab in taxes or divorce court, while getting forced fed a gag inducing cock meat sandwich daily by their ball busting manjaw BBWs, its a matter of time before men avoid participating the rigged game altogether by not getting married and expatriating somewhere else. Personal happiness and incentives are necessary for sustaining social contracts.

    No one will be willing to work 100 hours a week if they aren’t compensated.

    Once quotas (50% female CEOs), more regulations and placing a time limit on management positions are instituted all dreams of flying cars and other breakthrough innovations will be effectively neutered.

    Was it you that said women can’t invent, but merely copy or mimic men’s work and pass it off as their own after a slight alteration?


  27. This is the best non-game post I’ve read at the chateau.

    Bravo CH, you have outdone yourself here.


  28. The idea that economic activity is something we engage in as a social ritual that ‘sanctifies’ our social rank rather than something we do to cope with scarcity is regressive thinking not representative of progress. Those are the “special ingredients” that Hanna Rosin never mentions. I will say that the problem is not exclusively nor primarily being caused by feminists but it is almost impossible to make suggestions without being labelled sexist. The country is bankrupt, I dont see why it is so hard to talk about these issues. Even someone as bright as Charles Murray never mentions the shift from voluntary cooperation towards compulsory cooperation in his book Coming Apart and blames all social change on the “knowledge economy”. For a libertarian sociologist to not mention Sir Henry Maine is reckless. Taking Charles Murray seriously in this regard along with his comments about “assortative mating” in elite universities and one might be led to believe the elites of one hundred years ago could possibly have been bootblacks. I work currently as a manager for a student loan collection agency and the sheer amount of waste used to achieve equality is becoming absurd. This is money that young couples could have used to buy homes or start businesses instead of asking for permission to work because of 1960s grievance rackets. Either private employers are allowed to hire, train or discharge employees according to mutually agreeable terms and keep the spoils or they are not. Bad ideas hurt real people – the problems caused by a regression from contract to status are plain as day: Its much easier for the average person to get into 100k worth of debt than it is to save 100k. As Heartiste used the phrase Status Hording (one that I really liked) is part of this regression. The will to power does not go away because of false ideas about human nature. Under a regime of status the elite spend an enormous time and effort putting in loopholes and taking them out instead of producing things of value.


  29. on September 25, 2012 at 6:56 pm Full-Fledged Fiasco

    Heartiste, you should read this: Woman and Society.

    This book will kick you right in your ass.


  30. I repost this essay I penned for this blog site sometime ago. I added an update at the end, which readers should find instructive.

    Read, enjoy, and learn.


    Many of the younger men just don’t get the nature of women,
    until too late, that is. I suppose this is because the
    girls put up a good show, and virtually all of the young
    man’s socialization tells him very little but lies. I blame
    testosterone for a lot of male blindness to the female
    personality. It is hard think rationally about anything,
    let alone women, when your testosterone level is high.

    But, clues are everywhere. For example, take book
    dedications. I work in the medical field. Many medical
    books, if authored by only one or two people (an
    increasingly rare phenomenon these days) will have a
    dedication by the author. Almost all medical books have
    been authored by men, and the dedications usually give
    recognition to a person or persons important in their life,
    like wives, fathers, and mentors.

    A common dedication would be:

    This book is dedicated to my wife, my loving companion
    and my constant inspiration.

    Or in the older books, just a plain:

    To my wife: Mary Alice Haagensen.

    Fathers often get mentioned, eg:

    To the loving memory of my father, etc.

    My personal favorite from a giant in his field:

    I dedicate this book to my father, whose love of
    truth inspired me in all my works.

    This particular author was home schooled by his
    father. Just to show they don’t make them like that
    anymore, he was married to a nurse, and they both lived
    into their old age together. When she died, a friend
    asked him if he missed his wife or was depressed over her
    death. His response would be a nice epitaph for anyone:

    To complain about her passing would be poor thanks
    for a lifetime of perfect companionship.

    Often, the books are dedicated to their mentors, sometimes
    by name, sometimes generically. Also, sometimes to their
    students, who are given credit for inspiring the authors
    to greater efforts by their youthful curiosity.

    So, now that women are starting to write books, and have
    been doing so long enough so that it is not a novelty
    and they no longer simply ape the customs of men, what do
    we see?

    Two recent book dedications , from women professors at a
    major medical institution:

    To Andy-my husband, my best friend, my constant
    supporter, and the most decent person I have ever

    Now, let’s look at this dedication. Where does she say she
    has the slightest emotional attachment to him? I could have
    written this about my dog, and with more feeling. And,
    to anybody who knows the female mind, a “decent man” is
    the man who she finds distinctly uninteresting in bed. By
    God, she is advertising to the world that her husband is
    a dud. A complete beta.

    A second example:

    To Michelle, Ryan, Alice, Justin, and Christopher.

    Sounds odd. Who are these people? The first four are her
    kids. The last is her live in boyfriend, who happens to
    be a professor in the same department. No mention of her
    husband(s). Or father.

    These dedications are outrageous, in my opinion, but,
    such is the amoral mindset of women.

    Don’t say you weren’t warned.

    * * * * * * * * *

    As an epilogue to this essay:

    Regarding the last dedication. The authoress has published another book, with the same dedication. Since that 2nd book went to press, her live in boyfriend, an influential professor, who happens to be her superior in the department, has moved out, and taken up with one of his young resident doctors, who happens to be subordinate to him as well, and whom he has allowed to be first author on substantial scientific paper with him. This latter action undoubtedly has helped the young girlfriend to get her first important academic job. She has now moved away to a different city. It will be of interest to see how long before the young lady finds another man more “interesting.”

    Somehow, I doubt Christopher is going to be in the dedication of the old professor’s next book.

    Are there any innocents in this sordid story? I think not. Such is the nature of women and men. Ignore it at your own peril.


  31. Very few women create wealth. They can consume it quite well.

    I would love to be able to run a corporation composed only of straight men, competing against corporations enjoying the benefits of a diverse workforce. My work force would be diverse in the types of skills they bring to the job, theirs would be diversity based on gender and race. I would be able to crush the competition because of higher productivity and lower costs for benefits. (Gays are just too expensive to hire.)

    So, guess which type of workforce is illegal in this country? Does this sound like Kurt Vonnegut got it right in “Harrison Bergeron” ?


    • Great story to go on everyone’s reading list who hasn’t already read it. Very apt.


    • Obama’s the Handicapper General.


    • gramps
      Very few women create wealth. They can consume it quite well.

      I would love to be able to run a corporation composed only of straight men, competing against corporations enjoying the benefits of a diverse workforce.

      Someone should make a list of all the jobs/ organizations that are allowed to skip so called diversity. For example no one has a problem with their basketball team being composed of only tall guys? How come everybody on the supreme court is older than dirt?

      Where are the female paratroopers?

      When and where is it alright to skip diversity to get competence?


  32. you guys know we waste a shitload of power on things that are turned off in standbye
    again on the column of energy not needed
    so really nobody should be fucking working it blows its not needed we do need a major overhaul of the whole world program don’t need people to do all these busy work things not needed anymore ya only really need a few people really working to be able to support the rest just need to figure out how to compensate them if it is they get two virgins each to compensate them so be it and lets do that sacrifice


    • This is so very accurate. Only the reduction of availability of raw materials will bring this about though, or perhaps a worldwide calamity that wipes the majority of the population. There are a lot of people out there without purpose or meaning in their lives. Progression of technology will only worsen this problem – think almost complete automation of any field not requiring anything above an engineering degree.

      Is this gunslinger gregi elite version?


      • I read the universe burns out into grey dust in 1 followed by 200 zeros years. Then there’s nothing. Maybe some Chinese plastic products will survive.


      • on September 26, 2012 at 3:32 am gunslingergregi

        everyone has purpose and meaning in their lives maybe we just need more love rather than more work or a much shorter retirement like say 5 years or so lets explore what the world has to offer. I’m saying with whatever number of people automation still takes care of it just that the rules are gonna change what people find meaning in will change the way we interact will change.
        no need to get rid of people i guess the more the more interesting the interactions could be.
        We have the capability to exterminate mass people or support em just need to get away from the work a job meme and find something else that is fullfilling like other people and spending time together and being like yea ok diferent people need diferent things no need to be jealous or whatever just accept it and drive on.
        if people need mindless shit to keep them entertained they can play games if they need more stimulation can have their very own laboratory or whatever. Play like a child throughout life and explore not to have food but for fun. Instead of more work places more places for things to do together with people more cool shit to do instead of being forced to do work do whatever the fuck you want but yea

        my minds always worked he he he
        elite lolzz


      • Unfortunately I don’t see that happening anytime soon.


  33. epoche what we have now is false scarcity based on bullshit rules of life that no longer apply remove the archaic rules and remove the scarcity


  34. on September 25, 2012 at 8:19 pm gunslingergregi

    fuck facebook like i wanted to post with that


  35. Any “rearrangement” of the economy is likely to be organic in provenance rather than orchestrated, but I’m open to evidence saying otherwise. I’m not a big believer in conspiracy thinking; most of what strikes naturally skeptical people as conspiratorial is just the emergent property of millions of minds with shared neurogenetic predispositions coalescing around certain ideologies and policies that then gives the impression to dissenters of calculated malevolence.
    I do think it would be organic in nature for the most part but remember that women are more sexually valuable than men so women working outside the home would really be impossible without the aforementioned rearrangement. No society can really allow fertile women to fail in the ways that it allows men to fail, what the feminists what is not the right to work but VIP access to higher status positions. When feminists rally against the glass ceiling they are admitting the structures are going to be built by men. Betty Friedan is most certainly mistaken in writing that there could not have been a radical feminist movement without certain hygienic and technological improvements. A feminist movement could have happened at any point in time although it would have made no sense without a welfare state.


  36. Nailed it! Finally someone noticed the “jobs of the future will require more empathy, which women are more adept at providing” bullshit meme. Empathy is required only because government policy mandates it.


  37. Don’t like it? You have to organize politically-it’s that simple and that difficult.


    • Yeah, but at this point only an iron fist dictatorship will solve the problem.
      Competing democratically with baby kissers who promise more government and more handouts to women and parasites otoh and republican whiteknight manginas otoh is just useless.


      • Unfortunately, a dictatorship just drives the disease underground, and it emerges much worse after the dictatorship is gone because everybody now sees the dictatorship was bad, legitimizing the disease.

        Hence why Spain and Portugal are still crazy leftist after being under Franco and Salazar for decades. They just approved gay marriage not long ago. Same for Latin America in general.


      • That’s an excellent point.

        There’s really no way out of the death spiral except through the Apocalypse.

        One out of every three will be destroyed… choose this day where to stand.


      • No need to get into eschatology here. But we’re in a “fall of the Roman Empire” stage of history to be sure. It should actually be easier to 14 once the whole mess collapses.


      • 14? What am I missing?


      • Oh, duh on me.


      • David Lane’s 14 Words


      • corvinus
        It should actually be easier to 14 once the whole mess collapses.
        Does “the 14” require an agreement among white people of what the definition of “white person” is? or Is it enough to just stand around pale and blonde?


        Ive told more than one white man screaming “white power” to take his Chinese/Mexican wife… back to the dollar store.


      • The binary minds around here keep mixing up white survival with white supremacy.

        I mean, it’s understandable… if whites survive, they will always wind up achieving and outpacing those who would deny them their right to survive and begrudge a future for their children.

        But some yahoo shouting “WHITE POWER” isn’t what the 14 words is about…

        And it would reflect favorably upon one’s intellect if one would let that finally sink in.

        Jes’ sayin’.


      • Thwack, I’m sure that there are lots of black nationalists (I mean, most black Americans are black nationalists) who sample outside their race too. Just sayin’…


      • Data are in (not that eyes-open observers needed it):




        See how this works? They take some of our women, we take almost none of theirs. Gene flow. Genetic drift. Get it yet?


      • Have to disagree.

        When WNs, survivalists, and paleo diet enthusiasts — i.e. white people ahead of the learning curve about modern civilization — speak of “collapse”, probably unjustifiably to begin with, the implication is they and theirs will be in the only favorable spot with everything ready to weather the storm.

        This is obvious, unthinking presumption. Those who suffer most on “TDTSHTF” will be poor whites and poor blacks: blacks because they are totally dependent on infrastructure, whites because they are in demographic free-fall and have had blacks forced into nearly everywhere space they inhabit.

        That poor white kids will fare the worst is evident from a tragic fact from which even most WNs seem blissfully insulated: they already fare the worst in the multiracial cesspit. Their mothers are whores who chain-smoke, take drugs, bring home a rotating cast of white or black degenerates, drink Kahlua for breakfast and anxiously await their next anti-anxiety prescription. In the street and at school, “John” and “Meagan” — preposterous names! — are the minority, or becoming the minority, and live in constant fear for their persons and possessions.

        Some are tough and make it through. Most become cultural niggers. The girls become drugged-out mothers of half-castes.

        There is nothing in this to indicate that it “should actually be easier” to protect white children given a “collapse”.

        You can wipe your hands of Wal-Mart shoppers if you please. Many WNs style themselves as elitists who are obsessed with something called “the reign of quality”, and affect to loathe the horrible “mass-man”.

        Fine. What of the middle-class white children? Let’s not be out of touch, here. I look at JB websites every week or so for my erotic titillation. Judge me however you will, but I’ll tell you this: they’re all the daughters of the well-off shaking their asses to nigger music in front of a camera. So the question becomes not how to protect white children, rather: Are such as these worth protecting anymore? All I see are fresh crops of viciously entitled cunts without a single thought beyond texting, shopping, and tanning.

        And I as say: if it came down to it, they’d better not come banging on my door for help — all they’ll hear are my deadbolts ramming home.


      • Yeah right, like you know this detailed cosmology through transcendental knowledge because someone wrote it down 2000 years ago, and you just feel sure it’s true. If it makes you happy to believe it, fine; just don’t go burning any more people at the stake or fly airliners into buildings.


      • The godless build concentration camps and Gulags… where tens of millions die.

        Don’t bother… you’re persona non grata… get thee behind me, Satan.


      • Corvinus, am I a threat to you just by being alive with my dark self? I don’t want your woman. Why can’t you get that through your skull?

        I understand you need to put “Becky” on a pedastal in order to produce some people who look like you, but God damn; thats you!

        Stop projecting your fears onto me and control your cave bitches.


      • Corvinus, am I a threat to you just by being alive with my dark self?

        No, actually, I’ve said it before: in our case, elite SWPL whites are the #1 problem.

        I don’t want your woman. Why can’t you get that through your skull?

        I’m not necessarily saying you do. But a lot of black guys who do sample outside their race are black nationalists. They’re the black version of that white power meathead you saw a while ago with the Mongoloid wife.

        I understand you need to put “Becky” on a pedastal in order to produce some people who look like you, but God damn; thats you! Stop projecting your fears onto me and control your cave bitches.

        That’s the whole reason I’m here.


  38. THEORY: There are 7 levels of social organization of our species:

    7 Ascend
    6 **Commune**
    5 ***Control***
    4 ****Connect****
    3 *****Hammer******
    2 *******Dig*********

    – Level 1 is the most primitive. The focus is on day-to-day survival
    – Level 2 is agricultural/mining
    – Level 3 is manufacturing/industry
    – Level 4 is the service economy
    – Level 5 is command and control (e.g., police state)
    – Level 6 is spiritual development. Can spend all our time meditating/relaxing
    – Level 7 is leaving the 3-D prison of our universe (e.g., worm holes)
    – Each level is, at least, TEN times more powerful than its preceding level. For example, the U.S. military during the 1st Iraq war operated at level 5 vs. the Iraq military which was, at most, level 3 (though the country of Iraq was barely a level 2). The results were predictable.
    – Each level employs an order of magnitude greater degree of technology than the next lower level. For example, 1950s telephone technology in the U.S. used human operators and lots of technicians to run/maintain the switching systems. 2012 we have software calling software and machines calling machines to do the work of tens of thousands of people.
    – Each higher level requires fewer people to run things, because so much technology is being used at the higher levels.
    – Much of Africa is still level 1. Rhodesia was level 2, then slid back down to level 1.
    – Brazil is struggling to go from level 2 to level 3. As is China.
    – The USA and most Anglo 1st world countries are transitioning from 4 to 5 (a societal-wide reorganization)
    – Men rule levels 1-3, because so much physical labor is involved.
    – Women excel levels 4-5, because it’s all about interfacing, talking, and trying to run existing, established enterprises (which women are born to do)
    – Men can excel levels 6-7, because you are connecting with infinity and energy systems at these levels. Men’s minds are uniquely suited to carry out this type of abstract work. Quantum mechanics, the holographic universe, et al.
    – Note, innovation in any field follows the same pyramid. Take building out the internet and world wide web. To do the basic research and link together the first systems was level 1 work. Basic survival trying to get things going, at all. The additional research (lots of trial and error) was level 2 work. Building the systems out was level 3 work. That’s why it was men who created and built out the world wide web. With the basic system established women can tend the machines like women and children were used to tend the yarn and spinning machines in the 19th century. Basically, it is a baby sitting operation, technically speaking. Notice how women always gravitate back to the Babysitting Industrial Complex (BIC). Whether it be taking care of children (schools), employees (HR), or ecommerce systems (customer service).
    – So if you want to get a rung up on the future focus on level 6 activities.


    • Even if we excel and master levels 6 and 7, women will come up with a level 8 to asscock the benefits out of us.

      I’m on level 9, poolside.


      • If history is any guide women prefer level 4 and 5 occupations. Prostitution and other service occupations are level 4. Being a housewife, principal, or HR department head are level 5 control-centered occupations (Babysitting Industrial Complex jobs). This appears to hold, based on the evidence, across all times and cultures.

        For example, looking at level 6, I am not aware of many female spiritual leaders (except for Joan of Arc).


      • Maybe Mary Baker Eddy… maybe.


    • Dude, that’s just too, simplistic. Coastal China is probably somewhere betwen 3-4, mainland China is on 2. Brazil is in some segments and in some terittories solid 4, in some barely 3. West is also not that uninoumuos either, but i think it hardly goes below 4. Zimbabwe you say is level 1? How do you connect pre – dig level with tourism, and their litteracy rate? True that their economy had really serious settback after 2000. but to claim that they have returned to stone age economy?

      And what does this 5th level means? Command economy? Communism? lol. Maybe you’re pointing to something like Eropean socialism, and what is America becaming under Obama? That is unsustainable and will be possibile only at level 6.
      Besides what’s with that 6th level as well? Meditation? Really? I get that there will be technology doing most of the work to sustain the civilization, but that people would be just chilling around? Research will still be required to be done by humans(largely by tech, but humans will need to be largely engaged as well), and if nothing else so much of “the spare time” will generate societal breakdown(seriously) and the state will have to come up with something. Panem et circusenses seems to me like a much better alternative to meditaton whatever. And can’t see how will men outpreform women to that since all of the population will be just the odience of the spectacles (which may be dominated by men, but than again, maybe not, it depends how will the PC trend turn out).
      You can count that there will be also chip implants and other devices that enhance streanght, thought process( or whatever necessary) available so humans will not be simply unusable and discarded in favor of machines, also there will be more worlds to colonize, and probably other civilizations to conquer, so we will not just be chilling…

      Another thing is that, we can’t make such a bold statements, about 6th, and 7th epochs(economic or otherwise) but only broad assumptions.


  39. You must read David D. Friedman’s “The Machinery of Freedom”. Or… even better..Bryan Caplan’s “The Myth of the Rational Voter”.


  40. I repeat :

    Women are competing for jobs but are not creating them. Other than providing a mass market for their vanity products, they are not forging new industries or technologies. They are marginalizing that small percentage of men who passionately innovate, destroy, and create ideas and take the risks to drive them to actualization

    Though men shank me and insult me, only men provide me with opportunity. Women can only insult me and deprive me of opportunity. Only men, and only a small fraction of them, take the risks that create industry and opportunity. Women can only serve as mere functionaries in man-created structures. When an organization becomes feminized, priority shifts from efficient and profitable production of goods and services to development of labyrinthine rules for the comfort and security of women. Ossification and organizational death are inevitable.


  41. buh buh buh buh.. the sky is fawling….oooh oooohhh ooohhhh .the ekonomy is doooomed ….noooooooooo.

    YOU’RE doomed. All of you. You will disappear without a trace forever, and no one will remember you after a few miserable years, any more than a grain of sand dissolving away on a beach in Normandy.

    Absolute oblivion awaits. THAT’s what you’re really whining about.


    • So you have mastered this fear yourself, brave atheist. Then why do you fear men?


    • You’re such a nihilist.


    • I plan on living forever through a combination of cryonics and liberal consumption of hot sauce…


      • At my last check-up, the doctor found blood in my sriracha system.


      • True the Nazis, Stalin, killed even more than Catholic church during the Inquisition. But they lacked the technology, maybe they would have had a bigger “party” had they been able.

        But if Naziism, for example, is discredited, why isn’t the Church? How could your God have let any of these lunatics burn people alive in either place? Oh, that’s right-because he wasn’t, and isn’t there. Just keeping people in touch with reality. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. Be happy.


      • national socialism is hardly discredited.


      • Yikes.. you’ve seen the pictures of the soldiers shooting down the defenseless woman holding her child in the field… and you …you… WANT mass murder? When’t the last time you saw a psychiatrist?


      • Yikes.. you’ve seen the pictures of the soldiers shooting down the defenseless woman holding her child in the field…

        You mean the Russians? Who afterwards raped both her and her child?

        Or do you mean Lon Horiuchi?


      • The Big Lie.

        Sure sure, socialism as practiced by russians, germans,koreans, ethiopians, cambodians, etc., all managed to kill, in some cases, 1/3 of their population in immanentizing the eschaton, but we imagine that a Spanish uprising about 400 years ago to be the moral equivalent thereof.

        That might work with the bottom 1% at OWS but not here.


      • Read the book of Job… it’s all explained there… short answer: Satan does the things you blame God for.

        All accounts will be settled… but at God’s Will and timetable… Satan and Mankind challenged Him and accused Him and said “We don’t really need you, we can figure out how to be you on our own, thank you very much.”

        What followed is the history of Mankind thus far… and as you yourself point out, you see how that’s working.


      • You realize that the book of Job represents obedience and faith in your king/owner while he is starving and depriving you, or allowing your enemies to ravage the land while he diverts resources and warriors elsewhere, do you not?


      • What part of “done with you” did you not understand?


      • The part where you don’t finish trying to convince guys to obey their mistress.


      • ?


      • Nic, I don’t think you can trust one’s kings/owners as much as one can trust God Almighty. The former are fallible humans.


      • But corvinus, anything anyone could possibly think about a Supreme Being would be filtered through a fallible human mind and transmitted through their fallible human lips and hands. So if it exists at all, none can be trusted to truly know anything about it.


      • But corvinus, anything anyone could possibly think about a Supreme Being would be filtered through a fallible human mind and transmitted through their fallible human lips and hands. So if it exists at all, none can be trusted to truly know anything about it.

        You’re making the assumption that this little problem hasn’t occurred to God and that he hasn’t taken steps to counteract it.


      • I’m reffering to Nicole here, who said:
        “But corvinus, anything anyone could possibly think about a Supreme Being would be filtered through a fallible human mind and transmitted through their fallible human lips and hands. So if it exists at all, none can be trusted to truly know anything about it.”

        Yes if you’re triing to figure Him out with your own strengths. But if ever you came to feel the fire in your hearth when you hear a man of God speak, and it just enters your soul, and you feel like ther’s nothing you can do…

        And after that experiance your life simply starts to change in a way you never thought it could. You slowly became different person, meaning even though you know that you’ve changed inside, outside change beames obvious only after some time. And all of these changes you find described in the new testament by Gospels or Paul. You feel that to be truth, and start to believe other things you find there, which follow with the inner experiences that you’ve never had before in your life, and are incredible like a drugs…

        And that is only a bit of your new life as a Christian who can now feel his God inside his soul. That is how “i know Him”.

        Lol, one more thing, it’s interesting how among brothers and sisters from very different setting we come about same conclusions about God and His works. Some of the Christians are quite isolated from others, and still come with pretty much same conclusions about God as other Christians that experienced the living God. And it happens regularly, if they for example start talking spmething about a thing that isn’t in the Scripture, or isn’t explained enough or is hidden, if it’s true you start to get goose bumps, and strange feelings and you simply know it’s the truth, if not, even if it makes sense, you just feel something is off, plus you don’t get any kind of the feeling, maybe even get a disgust sometimes(and there on first glance may be absolutely nothing disgusting about it) and the feeling gets shared among many present.

        I can only tell you what happens, but that’s all, you choose to believe it or not, just be open cause i’m telling you this Jesus is that one.


      • Corvinus, I’m not assuming anything. My parents are very devout Christians, and after many years of insane waffling around, they’ve finally settled on a kind of messianic Judaism, which I still consider symptomatic of spiritual Stockholm syndrome, but a far lesser evil than the usual. If one is going to worship a Jew, one may as well emulate him by embracing a somewhat esoteric Judaism.

        In any case, the issue of dealing with the concept of an Almighty Creator was dealt with by Mami Wata and Hinduism thousands of years before Abraham was a twinkle in his father’s eye. No human can hope to understand it, if it exists, and to attempt to, in the west African branch of speculations on it, is something akin to blasphemy. It is a slippery slope down what we’d conceptualize as the dark side of Obatala (closest the human mind can imagine/sense of the Ultimate), that you may be more familiar with in the stories of your legendary Beelzebub.

        So, similarly to Hindus, we chose to deal with the forces of Nature that we can observe rather than speculate overmuch about an Almighty who is so far away from or above us. We feared for ourselves that were we to go too far with that, we would be indulging the worst in ourselves because it is quite obvious that whatever it is, if it exists’s, creation is quite brutal and has no mercy for the weak. It obviously does not care what we want or what we feel, so it behooves a human to learn to understand and flow with Nature rather than override it by praying to a God whose will is obviously that baby polecats are raped in the nest.

        We have seen this play out in both western and Arab cultures who embraced Christianity and Islam. We were no angels, but we weren’t that bad either. Humans who make presumptions about the Almighty degrade, and we are corrupted by indulging them. This is at the root of much of Black nationalism that calls for people of any small bit of African ancestry to separatism. I don’t agree with them since most European Pagans’ faiths worked just fine for them before Christianity. It would be good, in my view, for all to either get back to their roots or, like my parents, become Jewish in practice.

        Still, in bypassing Nature to over focus on a god that cannot be God because a human conceived god will be an illusion that serves human interest, the better part of Christians and Muslims are actually worshiping Beelzebub in place of God.

        I’m not saying this to insult anyone, just to wake up those who can be awakened. Spirituality existed before Christianity, and you do have alternatives that wouldn’t be insulting to Jesus whether you believe he was an actual person, or a useful legend that symbolizes the divinity or sacredness of humanity or material existence.

        It is better to be a total atheist than to worship a god concept whose human vessels serve the interest of an entity like Beelzebub.


      • Job is jewish religious writing. I’m not jewish. Why are you trying to judaize non-jews? Since I’m European-American, what does jewish religous/myths from the middle east have to do with me?

        If I want to learn from ancient texts, I will search for truths from older European sages.


      • The Inquisition has a really bad name. They used gruesome tortures to extract confessions. How many were killed?


        2,000 in all? That was just a day’s work for the our heroic leftist reformers.

        … , it actually had no jurisdiction or authority over unconverted Jews or Muslims, and never claimed to have any; only baptised Christians—in other words, persons who claimed to be Catholics—faced possible investigation. Furthermore, of those called to appear before the Holy Office, most were released after their first hearing without any further incident.

        Interesting, eh?


      • Well done.

        I’ve been saying this for years… I usually compare it immediately to the French Revolution (in the name of Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood… that one!) in which 69K lost their heads.

        One could go on with examples to show it’s not even a contest when you want to talk about man’s cruelties to man in the name of God versus godless ‘other reasons’.

        But given the non-education most of the people have received, and the bombardment of MSM Comedy Central morality, all the jamokes can parrot is the chimera “More people have died in the name of God” bullshit.


      • The Inquisition was smeared by the British because they were trying to cover their asses while killing off and driving underground their own Catholics. (Same with “Bloody Mary”.) It was a case of “See? They did it too! Not just us!” Only problem was… the Protestants — the leftists of their day — were far bloodier.


      • Most of their victims were wealthy too.


  42. Naw, nothing drastic will happen. No matter how bad things will get, women will always have it better than men.

    All these make believe jobs are just an excuse take from taxpayer and give women free money who promptly spend it and it ends up in corporate pockets.

    Even when these jobs are no longer possible, direct welfare will take over.

    When even that’s not possible, women will go back to staying at home and making men work and provide. Vast majority of men are and will stay Beta who will forgive and forget the past for pussy.

    Women will always have it better, everything else is wishful thinking.


  43. on September 25, 2012 at 9:53 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    I just saw this job description on a friend of a friend’s Facebook page and had to share:

    “Business Development for Integrated Brand Communications and Marketing ….connecting the dots to create ‘Brand Clarity.'”

    If anyone can tell me what the hell this means, feel free, because this sounds like useless BS to me. Why didn’t we need these kids of jobs in the 1950s, when brands were actually being developed? Tony the Tiger did just fine…


  44. i’ll be retired in just over a year. i’ll be living on my hunting camp. might have a chick, might not. doesn’t really matter to me. i know game, i get women. but i’ve found as i’ve aged i care less and less about relationships.

    besides, the older guys get, the more access to pussy they have. knowing game gives then a HUGE leg-up.

    stay up.


    • My only response to Robin Quiver’s comment about the interviews of guys from Mississippi made by Nancy Pelosi’s daughter a few months ago. At least the Mississippi crackers understood the question and made no attempt to sound educated. They all had reasonable answers for their opinions and were living honorable, if simple lives. They all had jobs and families too, except for the old guy on disability.


      • I just watched the Mississippi video. The people weren’t that bad. The main thing Bill Maher kept making of them about was their missing teeth, as if that is most important quality about a person.


      • The main thing they seemed to all feel strongly about is that government assistance weakens the character of the population.


      • Yes, and the red states protest as we smarter libruls (blue states) give them I think 50 billion BernankeBux per year.

        But I’m Mr. Kissyface now, so here, take my money! All men are truly brothers!!!


      • So they’re stupid for not wanting to be corrupted? The South has good peasants. The north used to. The Red states’ citizens neither need nor want Yankees to “help” them. I’ve lived in both places as well as Europe and you couldn’t pay me to live in a blue state. I don’t relish being overtaxed in order to pay for a lot of women to have “meaningful employment.” Blue states are run down and mismanaged and full of useless state employees that no longer have a sense of service to the public but rather see them as a cow to milk and mistreat when the milk grows short. Industry is leaving your states and moving to ours because yours have become corrupt and exploitative for them. You can keep your Feminism and faggotry for yourselves.


      • You’re bragging about a deficit??? Blue states “give” Red states money like the US “gives” china money. Now get back to sucking dicks.


      • I’ve yet to meet a single smart liberal, much less an entire state full of them. They are, almost without variation, small-minded, dogmatic herd beasts that have no interests or original thoughts outside the orthodoxy. They are, for all intents and purposes, a religious cult.


      • But with no true god.


      • Exactly…
        In this case some fag ideologue notices that red states in general received more federal money than blue states. Their liberal master then crafts a the self serving “reason” which his minions will then parrot without question. But of course blue DC receives more fed money than any other place…including reds… because there is a “why” behind the money flow that liberals sweep under the rug.


      • By no true god, do you mean godless or false god… because only the latter is correct.


  45. Is GBFM off his meds now? Was unsure there would be any epic post to rival what Ian Ironwood put in the TPM a few days ago. Obviously, I was wrong. Well done GB. If Obama somehow loses I hope Romney considers you for Bernake’s job.


    • on September 26, 2012 at 4:34 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


      If Obama somehow loses I hope Romney considers you for Bukkake’s job.



  46. Nice turn of phrase with the standard model/molecular stuff. Also encouraging is that the “enjoying the decline” stuff sometimes gives way to imagining a restoration.

    But the proper restoration, it seems to me, is not strictly reactionary. The trick is that in order to improve, the restoration must not invoke a god.


  47. What’s happened is that all the accumulated technology and know-how of the last 120 years has eliminated risk and uncertainty in most aspects of daily life.

    Men are hunters, women are gatherers and this is NOT a social construct.

    The technological revolution has made the time required for housework to be only a fraction of what required even 50 years ago. And the revolution has created layer upon layer of complexity in everyday life that must be administered by an army of good administrators lest the whole shebang fall apart.

    So, women, being naturals at caretaking, stepped into this role of administering society and getting paid for it. New wealth and new freedom. Women almost always take on jobs where there is an existing roadmap or play book and do their jobs in great safety.

    The hunting part, where discovery and audacity are required, is now shrinking. This is lost horizons for men, except in the dirty dangerous work. When men see a field taken over by women (even many professions) they naturally devalue the activity. If women can do it, its really not a challenge. If they do work in the field it’s for an expedient paycheck.

    Those boys playing engrossing video games are engaging the brain in the same way as hunting. Make no mistake – they are hunting, if only in the mind.

    Where are the new horizons to entice the hunters?


    • Good question– waiting, patience while maintaining alertness, why it’s a recipe for a good computer programmer!! That’s why all the innernet Buhbuhbuhbillionaires are mens.


  48. The key for guys to remember is that all women are net energy sinks; you will never get more out of them than you put into them (so don’t waste your energy on them).

    Therefore, the only valuable position they can occupy in your life is one of employee; employed to help you do what you decide is important.

    If you put your life in the hands of a woman, she will suck all the energy out of you and you will have nothing to show for it.

    Being a man means never being afraid to tell a woman: “you’re fired”.


    • The key for guys to remember is that all women are net energy sinks; you will never get more out of them than you put into them (so don’t waste your energy on them).

      Or it may just mean you have to fuck the shit out of them to keep their batteries charged.


    • on September 26, 2012 at 11:23 am MenDiscontinued

      Exactly. Someone gets it.


  49. Slate.com article on Game:


    I know you’ve dealt with these criticisms before, but would love to see you rip this biatch apart.


  50. on September 26, 2012 at 12:31 am scipio africanus

    Love the page and you can run it as you like, but if you’re interested in feedback, that ad for the page that blocks one from reading the first part of the piece is annoying.


  51. Womanish economy is more like it, since it’s been destroyed by reality.


  52. on September 26, 2012 at 1:06 am scipio africanus

    Great post. Great comments.


  53. on regard to this post i suggest to take a look here: https://theprivateman.wordpress.com/2012/09/24/this-story-must-be-read-its-long-too/ that’s a “microcosmic” exemple, but has good hints… has i’ve wrote there as part of my reply “…that’s why we see more and more women in places of power, thanks to their solipsistc paranoia, they’re constantly in a state of fear, so they just… obey”. “…Because, right now, the accumulating signs do not point to a happy future.”, yap… we’re living interesting though gloomy times.


  54. Countries with feminism prevalent have the highest national debt


  55. Dude…could you not use like, so many big words…er something?


  56. Hypergamy is the very reason for religion.That and to warn against other culture/society killing threats.
    It’s pretty much an extension of natural order,made manifest in the context that *something* is greater than the individual.Just what the doctor ordered to cure narcissism.
    The courts need to recognize that a man owns his children and wife.
    (Christian nation!)
    If not,the Muslims will take over with Sharia courts.And they should.At least they keep their wives and children,the crazy bastards are smart enough to bet it all to win it all.
    No pain no gain.


  57. “The key for guys to remember is that all women are net energy sinks; you will never get more out of them than you put into them (so don’t waste your energy on them).

    Or it may just mean you have to fuck the shit out of them to keep their batteries charged.”

    Negative energy sinks,yep that applies to sexual energy too.
    A guy can never out-fuck a woman she can take it all day long with no effort.Not the same for him.All the performance/energy demands are upon the male,again-a negative energy sink.But it is enjoyable to flush a *certain* amount of energy down there,just be aware too much is never enough.They are consumerists in all manners.


    • Reminds me of that funny monologue from Dr. Strangelove, ending with:

      “I don’t avoid the company of women, Mandrake… but I do deny them my essence.”


  58. Too many people are quick to think there is some conspiracy – there isn’t, it’s just that in any situation, there are always ways to “game” the system and use it to your advantage. Smart people – and there are always smart people – will find out how to use it to benefit them. That is to the detriment of others because all of these laws, rules, certifications, etc. are geared to stifle innovation and guarantee a static system where in order for one to win, another must lose. (Only true Capitalism circumvents that – but we haven’t had a true capitalist society for 100+ years.) Unfortunately, the system today is set up so the winner is based on color of skin, ethnicity, or sex – so how is a straight, white, male to benefit? Simple – “game” the system to benefit you. The government keeps trying to stop it, but the more regulations put in place, the more money is to be earned by playing it, because they cut out more and more of the little guys that didn’t get in early.

    That is what Solindra and other scams were – just another case of playing the system. But that is what is rewarded. Heck, I do it to a certain extent – but everything is legal, I pay lawyers a lot to be innovative and stay legal. So I have a lot of “fill in the minority” heading companies I’m pulling in the profits from – they get paid for being “fill in the blank minority” – which is what the government wants. So why shouldn’t I take advantage of it? If I’m smart I will… It isn’t a conspiracy – it’s called common sense…

    Women and the dating market is exactly the same – it has rules. So you figure them out, and figure out a way to game the system – that is what “Game” is to a certain extent. Of course, I didn’t call it that when I was younger – now that I’m older and still enjoy the young stuff, I have to play a slightly different game. It still uses women’s basic nature against them, to get what I want. And I love that there are more and more women with money coming into the system – of course I don’t want their money, I still want their bodies, but the money makes is so that they will pay for their own trip, and all I have to do is have a bed to use them.

    It’s not a conspiracy – just using the system to maximum benefit. Would I change it if I could? Probably not since I make too much, and have too much invested in the present screwed up system.


    • That “solution” may work fine for you but it’s not scalable.

      A “man” who only cares for his own welfare is not worthy of respect. A true alpha male is like Plato’s philosopher-king. He cares not only for his own welfare but the welfare of those beneath him (since there are more of them than him and he is only one person).


  59. When did you start writing about MRA subjects?


  60. I own my own business. I will never work for a woman again. Many think their idea of working is talking in meetings while they men do all the work and support them. Of course, they delude themselves that it’s not true.


  61. Comments are closed on perfect woman, but reading about a girl with a 28G bust size makes me happy.
    Trying to find an image but it’s a slate reporter so probably a soulless lefty harpy. But still, awesome!


    • I mean, come on! Is her haircut a symbol of please don’t find me attractive, love my mind femmy bullshit, or a bad pixy cut? She seems so…Canadian.


  62. This is so true. Worst boss I ever had was a woman. Walked into her office for an introduction the first day of work, and in about two minutes had her pegged as a BPD divorcee single mom who was going to make my life difficult. Turns out I severely underestimated her ability to make me miserable. Emotional, reactionary, verbally abusive, dressed in a complete inappropriate manner for our office… horrible experience. She loved holding meetings – endless, endless meetings in which nothing was accomplished, except shoving all the work she didn’t want to do off on me and my section. She even threatened to slap me with a sexual discrimination charge a couple of times, and gave me a hideously bad performance review because one of my people hurt her feelings when he didn’t want to have her at his re-enlistment party.

    My dad, when I asked him for advice on how to deal with the sweathog, said she was probably just jealous she had a younger, prettier, pre-wall woman working in her office (did I mention that I’m female?), and that anything I tried to do to correct the problem was only going to amplify it, since it wasn’t based in anything logical. To take it one step further, I think she was psychologically unequipped for the job she was being asked to do, and lashed out against all the “unfairness” of hard-and-fast standards/mission requirements in the most predictable way possible. I’ve worked with and under other women who weren’t nearly this bad, but there are definite patterns in how my sex deals with workplace stress (especially obvious in the male-driven environment in which I work).

    From what I’ve seen in the eight years I’ve been in the military, there are fairly standard female reactions to workplace problems. For every one that manages to adopt a more masculine followership/leadership strategy and be successful, nine are going to revert to standard female stress responses/behaviors. When that doesn’t work (because it never does, not when you’re dealing with a system that doesn’t give a crap), they resort to tears, discrimination threats, bullying, and general manipulation of the system to favor their own position. In situations where a man might adapt to unfavorable conditions, a woman’s going to try to remake them to suit herself. Not all men make good commanders or followers, but the vast majority of women can’t handle it at all. Some women definitely abuse their female tendancies (like that monster of a boss of mine), but I think most do it because they just can’t help themselves – without considerable training/awareness to help prevent it, nature’s going to take over, especially in stressful or difficult situations. Heck, I find myself fighting those “comfortable” reactions from time to time, and I actively try to keep myself from behaving that way.

    Not that a woman can’t still be feminine and a productive member of a workplace environment, but most of us do seem to turn into bitches at the first sign of difficulty, and then try to find a way to rearrange the situation, rather than change ourselves to fit into it better.


    • I SADLY have to agree with the difficulty in having female bosses. I know a lot of women who feel the same way and everyone I’ve known (yes including women) have hated having a female boss. The one time I did have one – I HATED! We didn’t get along so much that she brought in a male friend of hers to help her and he ultimately was placed as my direct supervisor. Lets just say that was the best thing she could have done while I planned my exit.

      He was great, drama free, practical and encouraged me where she didn’t and saw my value to the business where the ungrateful bistch didn’t. After leaving that job, Lets just say I’ve lucked out in most of my jobs where I’ve had male bosses – who have been great.


    • I SADLY have to agree with the difficulty in having female bosses. I know a lot of women who feel the same way and everyone I’ve known (yes including women) have hated having a female boss. The one time I did have one – I HATED! We didn’t get along so much that she brought in a male friend of hers to help her and he ultimately was placed as my direct supervisor. Lets just say that was the best thing she could have done while I planned my exit.

      He was great, drama free, practical and encouraged me where she didn’t and saw my value to the business where the ungrateful bistch didn’t. After leaving that job, Lets just say I’ve lucked out in most of my jobs where I’ve had male bosses – who have been great.


    • Does a female working in the type of environment, you describe, have their femininity systematically destroyed?

      Just curious about any observations, you may have, on long-term, work-based stress upon the feminine Psyche.


      • I know your question was directed at anon, but I wanted to chime in b/c it’s a relevant question that you asked and needs to be addressed.

        Honestly, I think it’s over compensating that goes on most of the time as well as it simply as you suggested certain areas in the word force are not conducive to a woman’s feminine psyche.

        I’m gonna catch heat for this but I really have never felt women should work in the military. I never understood its appeal to women – especially battle ground work. How can a woman not become psychologically destroyed in such a profession? Even the men sometimes cannot mentally handle what is involved with being a part of the military. And while I think some professions do cater less towards a more feminine ideal and more masculine (honestly the military is not a place for women IMO), yes it can create issues with a woman b/c of our nature vs. men.

        Women don’t *HAVE* to be horrible to work for, but many are b/c they are trying too hard to prove something. A lot of times in certain positions (and the higher up a woman is) there is a lot of pressure (be it in her own mind or reality) to perform in more traditional roles that were geared and held by men. Therefore if she fails, she feels it could be part of her “womaness” and not simply practical issues. Or rather she may feel that her failure would be looked at by others as her being a woman who couldn’t handle the job. So she overcompensates to the point she actually turns people off and makes people feel that women cannot handle high stress without becoming total nightmares – even to OTHER WOMEN.

        I see it everyday.

        Also, anxiety is a Huuuuge issue with a lot of professional women these days (yes I have some as well as a lot of other professional friends and women I know). I can’t imagine the level of anxiety a woman in a super high position must have (in a corporation). I have read recent articles in where more and more YOUNG professional women are turning to medications like Xanax, Adderall and other forms of medications that help her stay focused, deal with anxiety in high pressure positions or just traditional jobs where men have dominated. I’m in outside sales and I have yet to turn to anxiety meds, but man do I know a lot of female peers who are on anxiety meds b/c of work and stress. It’s clear that women feel they have to over compensate and its leading to unhealthy habits (like using meds) to stay afloat.

        Remember too, women even in high stress or high pressure positions OFTEN (not all the time) have desires to fulfill her “womanly” needs (maybe kids and family) and this can also add a great deal of strain and stress and anxiety in where she is trying to manage both a high stress career and personal life that requires much time as well.

        So you have women trying to straddle the fence on being a woman and delivering in her professional life.

        I think with most men, they don’t have the same need to “prove” themselves in the workforce b/c they have been doing it much longer and when it was mainly men who controlled the workforce.

        I clearly see the way men handle stress and issues in the workplace much different from women.

        Honestly, as a professional woman myself, I feel more and more women should not have to feel like they need to do traditional male jobs to feel accomplished. I am at the point in my life (as well as other women I know) where we just want to do something that allows us to enjoy our life and something we are passionate about. We don’t feel we need to be in high pressure top positions to feel accomplished as women.

        Actually more women would do best to seek out more entrepreneurship in things that we love and enjoy most – things that are closer to our feminine nature.

        I have no probs letting men take on the more traditional male roles b/c there is a place for everyone to be successful – both men and women.


    • “Most of us do seem to turn into bitches at the first sign of difficulty.”

      Precisely why women shouldn’t be in the military in the first place.


    • Great post.


  63. We have had a massive influx of women into the American workplace. And at the same time we have seen:
    * outsourcing
    * declining worker wages
    * a debt driven consumer economy
    * mass importation of third world workers
    * the disintegration of the union movement
    * the disintegration of the traditional family unit
    * Bread & circuses as the national political program
    * CEOs making humongous salaries and benefit packages

    All of this works against the middle class.
    All of this works toward enhancing the power of globalist mandarins.
    All of this promotes feminizm [yes, spelled with a “z” as in feminazism] as an ideological front.

    Thing is, would the mandarins have been able to get away with globalization, etc., were it not for the fact that the men who might have resisted being driven out of the workplace–and their families? I don’t think so.

    A workplace full of females cringing in terror of “sexual harassment” and competing for a diminishing number of “alpha” males gives the people at the top of the feeding chain a compliant work force, as well as their growing seraglios. Meantime, Americans watch 500 channels of cable and swallow those Blue Pills.


  64. I wouldn’t get too excited about that Prison Rape initiative. Just look at the number of times the word “women” appears vs. “men” in the article. They’re seriously addressing prison rape as a women’s rights issue. Three guesses where the lion’s share of the funding is going to go.


  65. “Why buy the whore when you can get the porn for free?”

    – Lord Valtrex


    • Because sex with a woman is different emotionally and physiologically from self-flagellation.

      It’s MSM BS that masturbation is healthy and promotes prostate health. Normal sex which exchanges chemicals and trigger various neurological chemicals is beneficial to health.


      • If the virtual sexual experience (a practical definition of porn) was realistic enough, for the man (through virtual reality with full tactile response OR sexbot androids), could his subconscious discern a difference?

        Would his brain start producing the neurochemical cocktail, you allude to, generating the requisite orgasmic placebo effect?


      • “Realistic” porn is such an oxymoron, since the medium of exchange is inherently artificial and can never be comparable to real sexual intercourse.

        Sure your brain will won’t discern the visual stimuli and produce dopamine from both sex and masturbation, however since the latter lacks the release of prolactin, oxytocin and dopamine which aids mental health by fighting depression and anxiety, the end result is a disturbed natural cycle and imbalance in the brain’s homeostasis that leads to mental and eventually addiction.

        Fluid exchange during normal intercourse negates the loss of vitamin and fluids from self flagellation. This could explain why married couples are happier.


  66. The hunting part, where discovery and audacity are required, is now shrinking. This is lost horizons for men, except in the dirty dangerous work. When men see a field taken over by women (even many professions) they naturally devalue the activity. If women can do it, its really not a challenge. If they do work in the field it’s for an expedient paycheck.

    Those boys playing engrossing video games are engaging the brain in the same way as hunting. Make no mistake – they are hunting, if only in the mind.

    Where are the new horizons to entice the hunters?
    I am libertarian but most of our problems now are not necessarily economic. They are moral, cultural, philosophical and spiritual. The most pressing issues we face are to be discovered now are in these fields (in short the existential) and I would agree with heartiste’s issues being raised in his article about middle class quiet riot. The main one of relevance is this:

    High-minded ideals must fall when they are proven unworkable, or millions will die, soul or body, in service to their continued justification.
    I would add another if we dont stand up for ourselves as men and specifically as white men we wont have a future anywhere. Medievel serfs didnt pay as much tax as the average man in a welfare state and the government still cannot balance the budget. The demands being made upon the current generation of young men are not reasonable in my opinion. There are limits to which the “weak” should be allowed to oppress the strong. The purpose of law should be to encourage men to build things of value so they can have wives and pass on wealth to their own children not to pay for the bread, circus and fornication of the left half of the bell curve. A grown man should not have to apologize for wanting this. Other purposes to law such as integrating minorities into corporate america, breaking the glass ceiling, closing the donut hole for seniors who have taken much more than they have made, redistributing self-esteem to those who live according to principles long despised by judeo-christian morality, in short the slave morality of the progressive religion really are ancillary purposes to the law and must be treated as such.


  67. And the candy-ass risk-averseness has spread to military things, too…


  68. In my line of work, the flood of mindless credentialism worship plus the expansion of stupid-arbitrary rule tyranny have been seized on by some of us as a gold plated opurtenity to leap frog over the flat footed competition, — to steal their markets, and steal their women, and then sell their children in the markets of Mogudischu. For the Best Price.
    See, the more arcane bullshit rules that get put up for enforcement the wider the gap opens up support and encourage free-range killing.


    • on September 27, 2012 at 4:49 am WalMart Whale Fetishist

      Stupid, stupid college degrees!!! Today I was in my favorite whaling spot-WalMart- and working in the pharmacy there were all these little brown women!! And I get they all had those stupid, stupid DEGREES. Some stupid, thing about giving out the right pills if I’m sick. I’m a MAN , and I don’t need a stupid brown girl telling me if it’s the right medicine.

      I bet W would have made a good pharmacist!! He would know which things were, you know, dangerous, which things were full of toxic dangerous weaponry grade toxins and stuff. Cuz he’s not a Librul.

      You can’t trust a gurl, let alone a brown girl!!!!!!


      • on September 27, 2012 at 5:55 am gunslingergregi

        the chicks at the pharmacy in walmart do not have degrees or training they are former cashiers i was shocked to find that out since i did pharmacy school in army and actually had to memorize drugs and contraindications and such and i could not hand out pills to civilians only army if i would of finished.


      • thats because the pharmacy schools don’t want the competition. They want you to take on the same huge student loan debt the brown girls have.


    • Notice that the Muslim Brotherhood “supports” her action. They’d put her ugly ass in a burkha the second they could find a tent big enough to cover her.

      Mona = useful idiot


      • Rick Derris=useful idiot for Israel.

        Rick Derris=lets invade more countries for Israel! More white men should die for Israel.


      • Where did I say anything about invading other countries? Did I even MENTION Israel? I hate Mona because she’s a tool of the Muslim Brotherhood – a group who wants people like me dead or to submit to their Pedophile “Prophet.” I don’t want these creeps in my country. And no, I’m not Jewish. And yes, I happen to like Ron Paul and would’ve voted for him had he won the nomination.

        You’re a fucking retard.


  69. The best way to improve a womanly economy is to remove niggers from it.

    And any little bitches who complain about it as well.


    • on September 27, 2012 at 4:51 am WalMart Whale Fetishist

      Such a CHARMER. And SO MANLY. If I were a hot cheerleader, I’d think “Ooooh, I can’t wait to find a big racist man to fertilize my creamy white snatch.” I mean, after I met that guy from the basketball team.

      I don’t think the white guy would want to know about him.


    • And Jews from local and federal government, yes? or would you have a problem with that?


  70. Poll of assholes, otherwise known as Americans, majority voting for a federal law that will make teachers criminals for sex with 18 year old adult students:


    No mention of feminism being at the bottom of this. No recognition that the American right wing is not distinguishable from feminism anymore.

    In Germany the same debate is going on but in reference to a 14 year old student, not 18 year old students.

    This “but they abused their authority” bullshit will also apply to police and a host of other positions older people will have when they have sex with 18 year olds, thus qualifying them for prison and destroyed lives.

    Soon it will be criminal for employers to do it with employees, especially if those employees are 18.

    Keep your eyes on the ball CH. You’re not getting any younger. Your homeland is controlled by the feminists now.


  71. Saw the new film “Think Like a Man” which is mostly all black actors and actresses.

    Feminist black woman producer. Bunch of PUAs, mostly black but some white men, tamed by early to late thirties black women older than the men.

    Complete denial of the reality that alphas assume a fast aging process will happen, rapidly changing the power structure of any relationship. This is why they insist that women date younger hunks, a continuation of the SATC idiocy.

    Even the unemployed characters were living like upper upper middle class whites.

    Do not pay money to see this propaganda.


  72. Heartiste posts like this put him above most game bloggers in my book. Many game blogs spend a little too much time giving tips on how to pick up that bimbo at the bar or off that internet dating site. For our civilization to survive, we need to understand and reverse the trends of the last eighty years. Basically, since women got the vote they’ve been using it to transfer directly and indirectly economic resources from beta males to themselves so they no longer have to marry them and can chase the alpha males they lust after instead. Once this is understood and stopped then guys won’t have to study “The Mystery Method” to get women. They’ll be able to get women the same way our grandfathers got women, because the women are looking for good husbands and fathers for their children.


    • I agree with this. While I stand for protecting the interests of alpha males over beta males, it’s in the interest of both types of men that women aren’t given big college loans and encouraged to take the types of careers that launch them onto a carousel that hurts them in the long run.


  73. For those who really feel that civilization would be better off if “alternate outlets for men” are further curtailed for the first time in history now that older hags control politics for the first time in history, take a look at what the Mittwitt wants to do to your freedoms:




    I was for Romney this morning but this convinces me not to care who wins the election. I don’t have to use porn because I live where women are cool, but I take a lot of offence at big government telling me what I can look at.

    There are arguments that can swiftly cause male voters to switch their preference.

    And, CH, you will NEVER convince more than a small clueless core that your opaque “I’ll be poolside because civilization is going downhill unless it reembraces tradcon values” philosophy even makes sense. A lot of men are aware that it’s debatable if “tradition” really ever existed like the moralists want to believe it did.

    You either embrace tradcon betatude or you don’t.

    If you don’t, then for God’s sake don’t throw the betas bones by implying that the world would be better off if you, as an alpha, were blocked more. You don’t have to be a libertarian to look out for your own happiness over the next 30 years.

    Nobody seriously advocates against his own interest.

    Especially when you are living in a feminist country where the powerful are against you having fun into your old age where the opposition are beta tradcons who are also against you having fun into your old age. To you, the current GOP moralists should get out of the way in favors of alphas like yourself who should be running the Republican Party by 2016 or 2020 and working to give men back their freedoms.


    • “A lot of men are aware that it’s debatable if “tradition” really ever existed like the moralists want to believe it did.”

      Once upon a time, a black man could be killed for even speaking to a white woman, with no great consequences for the culprit(s).

      Once upon a time, a woman could be put into the street for infidelity, and find no succor from courts, other women, much less other men.

      Once upon a time, Jews weren’t in government, and there were sane immigration laws.

      Once upon a time, there weren’t thirty-million Mesoamericans in the United States.

      Once upon a time, a husband could slap his wife for being disobedient without fear of arrest or a law suit.

      Once upon a time, a man could do as he saw fit with his own children, without the input of local courts.

      Once upon a time, bilingual was not a “plus” when looking for work.


      If you truly believe this world never existed, you’re only kidding yourself.


      • “Once upon a time, a black man could be killed for even speaking to a white woman, with no great consequences for the culprit(s).”


        “Once upon a time, Jews weren’t in government, and there were sane immigration laws.”


        “Once upon a time, there weren’t thirty-million Mesoamericans in the United States.”


        “Once upon a time, bilingual was not a “plus” when looking for work.”



      • J’ai appris tout de ce qu’on a besoin de t’informer en n’importe quel langage que t’es con typique du peau blanc.

        But so you’ll understand me: Is the dispossession, and possible extinction, of my kind “WRONG”, too? or only what you deem to be so, you anonymous moral authority?


        Bad news. There weren’t nearly thirty-million of them at the time of European expansion into the Americas. Nevermind that you just conflated a few dozen very diverse and mutually hostile indigenous tribes into a unified political entity. LOL.


      • I agree with you uh but there was no need to conflate the real world that existed and that you described with the idea that men back then couldn’t pay for sex with hotter and younger women than most alphas are now getting at bars 22nd hand in today’s feminist society. I doubt fathers back then were more attentive than they are now. This blog promotes men getting what they want but the alphas of the past used to get a lot more. The age of consent, for one, was lower back then, in say California, and this was taken advantage of. Now in California and Texas you can be thrown in jail for having sex with an 18 year old if you are a teacher. That is because of feminist progress, not because tradcons are trying to bring back a fake traditionalist past. Don’t conflate what the feminists want (higher age of consent laws, anti-john laws, sex harassment laws) with a desire to get back to a “morality” that never existed before because there never were laws of this kind in the past.


  74. Also, CH, the phrase “What’s good for the individual isn’t necessarily what’s good for the civilization as a whole” is a SOCIALIST philosophy.

    A real conservative would say that, if you’re poolside and enjoying it, it’s because the world is better off that way.


  75. Holy moly you guys, read this:


    This woman is a MESS. Pushing 40, complaining in all her columns about not being able to land a handsome, stable, brilliant husband while simultaneously being completely batshit insane.


    • She might have a chance if she just found a halfway decent guy and was DTF (and stopped whining about not getting any on her blog)… “settling”? Maybe , it’s called “life” babes– get one!


  76. I went to Yahoo Finance this morning to check the indices and there is an article/interview by harpy fug Hanna Rosin about wimmin in the workplace.


    Postmodern effete America is so meh 😦


  77. Tertiary sector is the largest in America. Government forced Americans off the land (Democrats), Republicans put non-whites to work in the big corporate fields. American service economy depends on a facade of inoffensive, slavish order, which depends on women as waitresses, cashiers, receptionists, operators, held desk agents, nurses, counselors, advisers, etc. The public face is always going to be a cunt; men are short, ugly, hairy, smelly, temperamental, too straightforward, etc.

    “Postmodern effete America is so meh ”

    Women must be subordinated. All rights rescinded. Only way.


  78. Jesus, these comments are unwieldy.

    Meat (lolzlozz) for a post: http://www.realtree.com/hunting/realtree-hunting-blogs/the-realblog-with-stephanie-mallory/ladies-love-a-meat-eating-man

    Women are twice as likely to be vegetarian (probably due to lower calorie/protein requirements in h-g ancestral environment and higher “empathy”)
    – They associate vegetarianism in itself with goodness/virtue/intelligence
    – Yet they view vegetarian men as less masculine

    This double standard brought to you by: white women who hate “double standards”!


    • That’s not surprising at all. I’m female, a fitness instructor and a vegetarian. I have to be very careful to get enough protein to maintain any kind of lean muscle mass. I can’t imagine a man, with much more muscle mass than I have, easily maintaining a good physique on plant-based protein alone.

      That’s why most male vegetarians tend to be kind of slim and soft – qualities that are attractive in women but not in men.


    • yes i’m actually a vegetarian male and will never eat meat. i started drinking protein shakes not too long ago.


  79. Romney was right… vote Democrat, they give you a phone and stuff!


  80. For those of you that haven’t already seen it.

    Alain Soral ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alain_Soral ) on why feminism is Bullshit. (subtitled)


    • He’s got it right on women, but he’s also a marxist lunatic.
      He tends to explain everything with social class communist bullshit. I wouldn’t listen to him when he stops talking about women. Actually I wouldn’t listen to him at all.


  81. A heart warming twist on the old economy.


    I hope its some fat, banker fuck because this kind of contrast would, I think, be memorable. On the one hand you have the dirt bag ,asshole behind poverty. Then you have the naive babe who makes herself his love toy who is ostensibly trying to reverse it.

    That is the opening narrative of the human condition. Poor bastards who occasionally produce beautiful daughters will occasionally get free flue shots because of rich fuck ass bastards who want to fuck them at their most tender. Imagine how much they will love getting a hot ,young mother Teresa on her knees and jizzing inside her knowing she is submitting herself because of the poor bastards he impoverished. You squeeze and squeeze
    that mud road, corrugated tin roof ghetto for the sweet drop of juice from the fruits of your cruelty. The only agony they know will be of their flaming cocks just before they are so sweetly doused by her weeping for the poor.

    An oooohhhh yeaaaahhhhhh moment for humanity in its…


  82. This was in NYC where half of the people are either from some foreign country or another State.When people are in another area they tend to have a false sense of security for some unknown reason. You’ll notice that this Negro “pick up artiste” targets the most vulnerable girls and the ones who are not likely to just tell him to get lost nigga as a real New Yorker would to any black approaching them or trying to talk to them on the street. Interactions with Negroes usually end up to the detriment of the White person and everyone knows it.
    So the Negro in this video is just playing to the fact that the girl is a foreigner and doesn’t want to look “racist” to the negro. More hip girls would walk away from him and not give a rat’s arse what this street person thinks. And btw, does this guy have a real job that pays at least $150k that allows him to even live in Manhattan? I notice that he pulls his little spiel down on Union Sq, why doesn’t he try it uptown around Rockefeller Center or the upper east side.
    We can’t see the girl’s face on that video and besides females don’t walk around alone at night unless they’re hookers in NY. How much did the negro pay her? Prostitutes won’t go with negro men so all of that talk was just to get the whore to go with him for money. What a loser!


  83. Alain Soral is what he is, Marxist or otherwise.
    At least you know what he is and where he stands unlike those kryptofascist pseudocapitalists that have done such a fine job running the western economies.


  84. Here is a cogent remark about Kay Hymowitz and her insistence that we man up: I think the male-female perspective confuses the issue. We’re talking about virtues traditionally associated with masculinity, sure, but one could abstract the sex and the virtues would remain intact, wouldn’t they? I don’t think the infantilization of people – everything from health warnings to sumptuary laws to the prolonging of adolescence into the late 20′s has as much to do with misandry as it does with a political philosophy that requires adults to understand themselves and others as children. It is philosophy that has advanced paternalism, that has confused liberty with license, and has elevated the egalitarianism of the playground to the status of singular civic virtue.I guess it’s fun to watch that dynamic play out along the axes of sex. But it’s pointless, this is all so much piss into the wind. Unless you’re confronting the foundation upon which all this garish rot is built, you’re just wasting your time contributing to the wrong side of a signal-to-noise ratio.

    Or as Libertarian Thomas Szasz noted:
    “If…the state assumes the roles of parent and therapist, the citizens will be forced to assume the complementary roles of child and patient. This is bound to lead to the parentification of the government, and the infantilization of the governed”


  85. […] Heartiste – Get Lost, Womenly Economy, Laying Down The Law, From Pickup To Date To […]


  86. I’ve been researching paleo diets and have found your post to very informative on the subject. What do you think of these Paleo Diet Recipies? Would they be safe for someone just starting out on the diet and could there be any side effects?


  87. There are many and diverse factors at work here.

    Credentialism – largely a product of fear (uustified) of lawsuits, as credentials are “objective”. Judging somebody’s career up till now constitutes judgement, and somebody may sue you for racism/sexism/whatever if you use judgement.

    Mechanization – obviously jobs that require lots of brawn are on the decline

    Expansion of make-jobs – jobs that are not in any normal sense productive, such as most government jobs (exceptions in health care and education – many of those jobs would exist even if the government did not hire). The make-jobs are mainly held by women.

    Education – women, to a much larger extent than men get toy educations in underwater lesbian macramé – and then insist that jobs be created to suit.

    And of course Affirmative Action. Large employers have quotas to fill.
    It helps if you are a two-fer or more, e.g. 1/16:th Indian, or something,
    or can cook up some real or phony disability. (Of course, these games can be played by men too, but women are ipso facto ahead here).



  88. “…most of what strikes naturally skeptical people as conspiratorial is just the emergent property of millions of minds with shared neurogenetic predispositions coalescing around certain ideologies and policies that then gives the impression to dissenters of calculated malevolence.”

    Learn how to write.