The Left’s Propaganda Machine

The Cathedral (refresher) has many ways of beating you senseless with lies and propaganda until your morale improves. The Cathedral clerisy has won so many victories over the past decades, and their power is so entrenched, that their hubris has made them sloppy. How else to explain laughable, over-the-top indoctrination like this?

Fuckin’ Toronto. Locus of equalist filth. It’s hardly worth the bother to itemize the lies and distortions of reality evident in this classroom activity designed with the purpose of derogating the self-worth of white men, but let’s have at it for entertainment value.

First, if anyone’s gonna be caught smoking at a subway station, it’ll be a Tonto in Toronto. Blacks and whites smoke at about the same rates.

Second, no black woman waiting to ride a bus will gently rebuke a smoker in the King’s English: “Sir, could you please put out the cigarette as the smoke is being blown in my direction? I am very allergic to smoke. The sign on the wall says this is a no-smoking area.” 😆 !! Yeah, what universe does this happen in? More likely: “Yo, get dat smoke outta my face, mufugga, fo I wreck you azz!”

Third, the entire premise is a joke. Any leftoid twit who rides subways and buses, given enough anonymity and truth serum ABV, will admit that blacks are responsible for about, oh, 99% of infractions, annoying and lethal, on public transit. Fuckin’ white SWPLs who ride buses don’t smoke and anyhow wouldn’t be caught dead blowing smoke in the face of some ghetto momma. Toronto whites are probably like amped-up versions of urban striver faggot whites everywhere: bending over backwards to appease blacks and avoid setting off their infamous hair trigger tempers. You want a realistic conversation between a black woman and a chipmunk-cheeked white man at a bus station in SWPLville? Here:

Black woman: snarl

White superSWPL: smiles warmly Cute kid. Hey there little guy!

Black woman: Get yo perv ass outta here.

Fourth, the fantasy reply by the white man is something you wouldn’t hear in the West. Not anymore, now that white men have had their testosterone drained from them by constant brow-beating and the repulsive visage of fat women. But assuming there is a white man who would speak so impolitely, the facts support his imputation: 72% of blacks are born to single moms.

Reflective Questions

  • Was oppression manifested in this situation?

Yes, I feel oppressed by the amount of tax dollars white men have to pay to grease your vocation of shitting on white men with impunity.

  • What type of oppressions can you identify?

The Danegeld.

  • What does this tell you about how oppression works?

If you’re in power, you get to dictate the who-whom terms.

  • How would you have responded if you were the black person?

“That’s real retarded, sir.”

  • How would you have responded as a witness?

Around blacks, never relax.

  • Would you have responded at all?

I’d stop taking drugs if I heard a single black mom at a bus stop speak in coherent English.

You ever get the notion that these blurts of Cathedral brainwashing are revealing glimpses into their deepest and truest feelings? That in fact the Narrative is one big case of mass psychological projection? One day, sooner than the elite think, the white man will WAKE UP, and, if history is any guide, when the slumbering beast of the North is finally roused from hibernation the ground will shake and the heavens will rend with righteous retribution.

Or not, and this beautiful creation of Western whites will slowly decay into a cesspool of encroaching Third Worldism and corn and porn saturated ennui. Place your bets.


  1. in case you can’t read the image, direct link:


    • on November 4, 2013 at 2:06 pm ballsweatsoop

      Related… Why is Google promoting Shakuntala Devi’s birthday? Wikipedia will help you answer.


      • Google is trying to re-write history as though the Goyische Kopf Shkotzim and their “Western” Civilization and their pitiful pathetic abomination of a Messiah never even existed.

        In just the last few days:

        Edith Head

        Shakuntala Devi’s 84th Birthday

        Raymond Loewy’s 120th Birthday

        All part and parcel of the Frankfurt School’s agenda to swamp this country with so much of “The Other” that the nation becomes completely ungovernable and the Frankfurt School will have a one-man/one-vote army of drooling sycophantic morons which can never again be defeated at the ballot box.

        Soap Box – useless now.
        Ballot Box – useless now.
        Jury Box – fading fast.
        Ammo Box – BE PREPARED.


      • Shane man – I don’t know. Been reading this blog for a long time and your comments have gone from “sort of relevant” to “batshit crazy”.

        What’s your problem with Raymond Loewy exactly? Because he was born in France or because his dad is Jewish (but not his mom, making him a gentile like you)?

        Your arguments make no sense. Google is trying to subvert America and Western Civilization by putting a doodle out on a designer who’s most well known designs were for Coca-cola and Lucky Strike? Don’t you think that’s kind of a reach?


      • Don’t you think it’s odd that NONE of the three people I mentioned are of American founding stock?

        When was the last time you noticed the likes of a George Washington, an Andrew Jackson, a Robert E Lee, a John J Pershing, or a Douglas MacArthur on the front page of Google?

        Don’t you find it even mildly curious that the Northwest European Protestants and their tradition of Christianity & Limited Government & respect for The Rule of Law never but NEVER make it to the front page of Google?

        Just YKWs and third-world pagans and assorted kooks and hooligans and megalomaniacal butchers?

        Gosh, it’s almost as though Google were controlled by The Frankfurt School itself.

        Nah, that can’t be right.

        Must be an honest misunderstanding.

        Yeah, that’s the ticket.

        Just an honest misunderstanding.


      • I don’t know about the Jewish thing but there is no denying Google leans very much to the left, (thus is anti-white male)

        Google is in the top ten largest contributors to the Obama campaign both for 2008 and 2012


      • on November 5, 2013 at 11:31 pm The Spirit Within

        Blah blah blah blah.

        Google’s analytics are antiwhite? Stop swimming in the Koolaid.


      • Many of us here and of course CH himself , along the years have provided undeniable evidence that leftism is anti white, more specifically anti-white male ( and it is getting worse everyday )

        and Google does lean left ( it is one of the top donors to the Obama campaign both in 2008 and 2012 … )

        thus Google is anti- white.



      • No time this morning to search and provide links but I clearly remember when Bush was president Google had refused to help the Bush administration spy on suspected terrorists,

        yet Google had said yes to China and this spying on its citizen had caused some Chinese bloggers to go to jail.

        I remember back then many people were shocked by Google’s choices.

        refusing to help your own ( white man) nation but helping a communist nation oppress its people?

        Google is not only anti-white, it is anti-right and anti-USA.


      • Well, we managed to identify two more YKW infiltrators on this thread: “Goose Gander” and “The Spirit Within”.

        Keep it coming, Mr Axelrod, keep it coming.


      • I’m not Jewish Shane. I just think that you are stretching your argument to the point of absurdity which devalues everything else you say (whether true or untrue). My critique is of you and your comments not this thread.

        The reality is that I’ve read many of your comments over the years, some good, some bad. If you want to have a knee jerk reaction because I disagree with you on one narrow point and therefore paint me as some sort of infiltrator that’s your prerogative. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t state the obvious: people who cannot engage with people who criticize them and instinctively degenerate into ad hominem attacks or are unable to view a problem from a different perspective than their own (even if just to deconstruct the other person’s argument) are generally less intelligent than average and their ideas and viewpoints are correspondingly narrow and insular.

        Why? Because they have an inability to view the world form a different perspective and are incapable of buttressing their world view with other peoples’ view.

        Now I’m not saying that’s you Shane – but in calling me a “YKW infiltrators” you certainly acted like that kind of person, especially given the fact that you did not provide me an opportunity to respond to your response.


    • Mainstreaming of Lipstick Lesbianism in the Gubmint Indoctrination Centers:

      The Manosphere cynic could say, “Ah, it’s just a phase that they’re going through. They’ll be back to riding the carousel in a few years.”

      But would any sane guy want his children to discover that their mother was once crowned the BullDyke Queen of her high school homecoming?

      We’re getting into a Sodom & Gomorrah kinduva depravity here.

      And – as the Frankfurt School well knows – it’s encouraging all sorts of pathological mental illnesses to come raging out of the closet and to inflict their furious insanities on society at large.

      This will not end well.

      In fact, given the fairly predictable total fertility rates of the parties involved, it will rather quickly end in outright extinction.

      In the meantime: HOMESCHOOL YOUR CHILDREN.

      If you are not homeschooling, then you are failing completely in your one and only responsibility in life which actually matters.


      • ‘Sex and Culture’ ~ J.D. Unwin


      • You know, technically speaking, sodomy and sapphistry don’t even count as “sex”.

        Simply because a human child can’t possibly be the product of that kinda degeneracy.

        But, otherwise, spot on with the Unwin reference.


      • Technically speaking, sodomy and sapphistry would be more accurately referred to as “anti-sex”.


  2. Wow. About to unsubscribe to this racist bullshit.


    • buh bye


    • Wow, or “wow, just wow?”


    • on November 4, 2013 at 11:30 am the outdoorsman

      Does “racist” now mean someone who tells the truth? Or does “racist” still mean a white person? By the by, fuck off!


    • Wow. Who cares.


      • I, for one, will miss O. J.

        The chateau was becoming a little too white bread.



    • There’s that projection Heartiste was talking about.


    • What? You mean you’re pulling your kids out of Toronto public schools?


      • +1, as our good friend Larry the Cable Guy once told us- “That’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are”


    • Don’t let the door hit you on the way out nigger. You’re from Northwest Indiana and you’ve never seen this kind of behavior before, I call bullshit. Its the American black who has made the entire swath of land from the south side of Chicago to Gary, IN the shithole that it is with their surly attitudes and entitlement mentalities.

      The reason why whites are becoming sick and tired of your ilk is that you constantly demand more welfare, free treatment at hospitals, and more money for your failing schools and then turn around and bite the hand that feeds you by acting in an obnoxious manner and victimizing whites.

      PS I’ve stepped up and punked out plenty of mandingo warriors so don’t accuse me of being a keyboard warrior.


    • quit finger fucking your keyboard and fly away


    • Wasn’t aware you could subscribe in the first place.


    • on November 4, 2013 at 12:43 pm Theodore Logan

      Negro, please.


    • Dude, I’ve read your blog. I know you’ve got a hard-on for CH.


    • You’ll keep reading it.

      Anyone who has to comment that they won’t be reading it in the future.

      Just LOL


    • Welcome to the White Guilt vacuum of the Internet.


      • ^^^— Where black folk: “come for the game tips to score white pussy, but stay for the abuse because at the end of the day, we can’t shake that slave mentality.”

        [CH: blacks who come here should figure out soon enough, if they’re honest with themselves, that the prime designated target isn’t them, it’s the mincing SWPL hypocrites who use them as pawns in their game of intra-white oneupsmanship.]


      • I actually think that “thwack”, aka “EL NINO,” has a pretty good attitude – all things considered.


      • Because why?!? thwack has power he cannot imagine. He is a black skinned high school dropout. I.E. He is invisible amongst Uncle Tom Niggas. These NINOS, AKA, Uncle Toms have degrees provided by White Man Uni, High school, et al. They dance to all the right tunes, and make all the right steps. All house niggers have been doing this since we brought this plague to our shores. Sad for us, sad for them (but more sad for us)

        My really honest feelings about thwack is, he could cause a revolution, but he won’t. He will do what all niggas do— chant the party line. He could cull the 90% herd for the 10% W.E.B–(White evidence of Black) DuBois. Said a different way. Since the first Africans came off of slave ships they experienced a dichotomy. No African could understand, pronounce, or elucidate such a phrase- Dicohtomy.

        Our brothas sold us, wholesale, into slavery, to the whiteman. Goddamn them for this. But we africans, now live in the world of the European. Grasslands and huts, for plantation and house. Tribalism and strife for structure and accountability. The list goes on actually… in spite of what you have read in adulterated history books about the horrific “Middle Passage”. Everyone was on the take. White, Black, Spaniards, Mestizos. ALL IN!!


      • Your ancestors sold your other ancestors to Jews, not whites. A very tiny minority of whites (prob less than 1%) owned slaves in America.


      • JDC – could you expound on that? You’re obviously skipping through a lot of material and just hitting the highlights – when you get the time, can you add in all the missing filler? Thanks. [Also – WEB Dubois versus Booker T Washington ?!?]

        QB – I have often wondered about that very question. Well, two questions, really:

        1) What percentage of first-generation American chattel slaves passed through Jewish middle men [in Africa, the Carribean, or in the Colonies] before arriving at their ultimate destination, and

        2) Once they made it to their ultimate destinations, what percentage of American chattel slaves were owned by whites in America versus the percentage owned by Jews in America.

        I have long suspected that 1) was very high [maybe even nearing 100%], but you seem to be saying that 2) was exceptionally high, as well.

        Anyway, do you have any good sources which I could read?

        I am very, very interested in this subject.

        Thanks so much.




      • Penis envy. That is all


      • [CH: blacks who come here should figure out soon enough, if they’re honest with themselves, that the prime designated target isn’t them, it’s the mincing SWPL hypocrites who use them as pawns in their game of intra-white oneupsmanship.]

        Good luck with making them figure that out. Blacks only think emotionally, just like women. That’s why they vote 90%+ for 0bama.


    • Get out of my country, savage.


    • the waah-mbulance is on it’s way
      you’ll survive this i promise
      we won’t let the racists get you


    • We whites wish we could “unsubscribe” from this bullshit imposed on us.

      But we can not. The left is the establishment now. They control everything.

      so we can not unsubscribe and you can.

      You have choices that we don’t have.

      I hardly feel you are the oppressed one.


    • Forsooth! Verily, if thou wouldst spend thine hours in meritous and just activity then using the time betwixt sleep to purloin righteous men then thou mayest have right of protest. But, by the by, I beseech thee take thy unrequited hate to those who nary deserve less, thine own people. Endeavor to teach them, henceforth, to not be mad niggerish so that none wouldst have to see or bear the unbridled rage of the Saxon.


      • More evidence of anti-white male indoctrination,

        Shock: Military Manual Says White Men Have Unfair Advantages

        ” …A controversial 600-plus page manual used by the military to train its Equal Opportunity officers teaches that “healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian” men hold an unfair advantage over other races, and warns in great detail about a so-called “White Male Club.”

        Simply put, a healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian male receives many unearned advantages of social privilege, whereas a black, homosexual, atheist female in poor health receives many unearned disadvantages of social privilege,” reads a statement in the manual created by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI).

        The manual, which was obtained by Fox News, also instructs troops to “support the leadership of people of color. Do this consistently, but not uncritically,” the manual states. … ”


      • Whites don’t have any benefit they didn’t earn.

        They’re denigrating White Achievement.


    • Reality is racist, my bra from another ma.


    • on November 4, 2013 at 5:49 pm Lucky White Male


      You can be friends with blacks as long as you don’t favor your own race.

      That’s called “racism”


    • oh noes did someone hurt your precious feel feels?


  3. to the seas, like vikings. seasteading or spacefaring may be the only way i can conceive of getting clear of all of this.

    what the hell kind of class is that and what in the world productive activity, aside from nuisance lawsuits, does it equip you for?

    i still remember 20 years ago an american lit professor at osu telling us the forests don’t regrow after replanting. kerry ahern i think. you would definitely have lost a grade or two had you said “excuse me are you out of your ever-loving mind sir?”


    • If we had space colonies, they’d be bitching that there aren’t enough groids in space. spacefaring won’t free us from political correctness, and political correctness may even stop us from spacefaring.

      it doesn’t matter what kind of class it is, or even the specifics of the page; this kind of shit is mandatory for any goodthinking malchick in this modern world. i took a semester in college with a major in RF engineering, and liberal arts classes were required. i took a psychology class to fulfill that requirement, and it was so politically loaded i became disgusted with the school and dropped out.

      it doesn’t matter where this example is from, because it’s everywhere.

      and professors are still full of shit. that psychology professor, she was off on some fucking tangent in class one day and talking about an experiment she was part of that supposedly indicated a lack of natural gender roles, but it was so fucking obvious that she was just interpreting the evidence to suit her beliefs, yet no one called her on it because she was so fucking hostile to anyone who disagreed (especially men.) still, i gotta thank that professor, because she triggered my anti-feminist awakening. anyway, the point is: she was wrong, your prof was wrong, tons of ’em are wrong, because the truth doesn’t matter anymore. it’s all: “don’t real, only feels” in the hallowed halls of academe, and the voting population is actually pretty content with it, so don’t expect it to change.

      going galt is the answer, in my opinion.


    • Hilarious. Yeah, I had a dope-smoking wigger classmate who told me the US would be denuded of timber within 20 years and Earth would be out of oil in 30. Do leftist fundamentalists ever get anything right? Rhetorical.


    • Future space colonies will be funded, organized, and populated along racial and ethnic lines. Think about it; that’s your private little world, to organize as you will. Would you allow open immigration, or selective?


  4. on November 4, 2013 at 11:14 am RappaccinisDaughter

    Such horseshit. Most smokers are actually pretty polite about their habit. We know that the rest of the world thinks of us, and we know we can’t win.

    There are only two circumstances in which I have ever refused to extinguish my cigarette:

    1. In my own home (I was asked by a party guest who was some friend-of-a-friend who apparently didn’t know it was my house and my liquor they were drinking); and

    2. When I was smoking a cigarette outside a store, at the edge of the parking lot (e.g., about 20 yards away from the door and the flow of foot traffic). Some SWPL lady walked that 20 yards—a distance from which she could not possibly have even smelled my cigarette, let alone be bothered by it—to demand that I put my cigarette out.


    • bitch I was in a park this weekend and could smell a cig from 80 yards away. seriously. smokers in 2013 are pathetic losers. can’t believe I took crap from you here


      • on November 4, 2013 at 1:50 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        You don’t smoke? Awesome! More cigarettes for me!


      • >could smell a cig from 80 yards

        irrelevant, you do not have a right to be free of disagreeable smells


      • You fucking fruitcake, suck it up. You’re like those old SWPL cunts who twitch at the slightest whiff of burning nicotine and force themselves into coughing spasms.

        A SMOKER?!?!?! In 2013!!!!! Uh, really??? Wow, just wow!!! I’m getting the vapors just imagining someone smelling a faint odor from 100 yards away at an open-air park!

        Little pussy tells abound. “Man” reader.


    • You funny, girl.
      I can smell someone smoking in their car on the friggin’ freeway, 300 feet in front of me, both going 70 mph, with my car windows rolled up. I amaze my ex-smoker car pool rider by identifying which car ahead of us has the smoker, and when we finally pass them she is amazed.

      I point out that my sense of smell has never been degraded by smoking, hanging out in closed spaces with smokers, and can easily pick that smell out from the diesal and gas and oil on the freeway.

      As a libertarian, however, I fully support you telling either person in your two scenarios to politely go F themselves, if they were being nasty about it.


      • on November 4, 2013 at 1:13 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        OK, I’ll concede that it’s possible that she may have been able to smell my cigarette from 20 yards away. Still, I think I was well beyond what’s generally considered a polite distance to maintain from a building entrance (if they’re posted, it’s usually 25 feet).

        But back to the main point: I didn’t tell either of them to F off. I just blinked and told them I wasn’t going to put the cigarette out, and why, in a very deadpan voice. “No. This is my house.” “No, I’m outside. This is legal.”

        This is part of why the “thought experiment” above is such a blindingly obvious projection fantasy. Leaving aside how interracial social behavior tends to play out in the real world, this is also not how smokers tend to interact with non-smokers.


    • I can smell your cigarette through my monitor…

      That is your cigarette, right?



    • on November 4, 2013 at 4:48 pm Hugh G. Rection

      There is little to no actual evidence that second hand smoke is dangerous.


  5. I have lived in Toronto for 6 1/2 years. The only three times I have been assaulted were by blacks, and twice it was on the TTC. Upon my arrival to this city my beliefs were fairly PC, but experience has a way of poking holes in the facade. Love it when outsiders write about Toronto.


    • Love it when outsiders write about Toronto.

      Here you go, mate:

      Toronto whites are probably like amped-up versions of urban striver faggot whites

      As it happens, I was in Toronto on business recently. Now, I live in a redneck part of Canadia, and on my trip I discovered that I am even more out of touch with effete SWPLdom than I realized. Walking around downtown was like some kind of extraterrestrial zoo. I kind of knew about the existence of skinny jeans, but – men in dress scarves? When did this faggotry happen?

      Also, the white chicks I saw around were not that hot, but plenty of attractive Persian and desi chicks.


      • I was in Toronto 30 years ago on a business trip and we went to a strip club. The girls were butt-assed naked, not even a G-strong. Fairly attractive too. I ordered a drink which sounded like the South Seas, and it arrived in a tall glass with Hula maidens and a little parasol. My co-worker said “cute drink, Elmer”. Since then I only order a Scotch when I am in front of clients.


      • Now you see why I bareback the lunch room ladies, Elmers.
        The hair on their chest will put hair on yours.


      • You can touch them now Elmer!


      • on November 4, 2013 at 2:19 pm North Vinlander

        Please inform this Ottawa resident of where these “redneck” areas are. Thanks. 🙂


      • Compared to the US, Ontario and Quebec (especially) strip clubs are considerably better. Although there is nothing quite look being able to throw a fistful of “singles” onto the stage…doesn’t work the same way with loonies.


      • on November 4, 2013 at 3:26 pm Ed the Department Head

        Are the lap dance rules… ahem… better in Canada?


      • on November 4, 2013 at 4:14 pm Carlos Danger

        I got laid there that way. Cost me $100 Canadian. Probably too much but I was having a good time and was pretty loaded. C’est la vie!


      • on November 4, 2013 at 3:56 pm North Vinlander

        I’d rather not (literally) throw away my money at girls who are just there for the money.


      • I dunno man… there are some -delightful- strip clubs in Baltimore complete with some dim but pretty Baltimore sluts. Because they are usually supporting a raging heroin and/or coke habit, getting some “extras” is not terribly difficult or expensive.


      • What do you mean? Try getting like an hour outside Ottawa.


      • on November 4, 2013 at 3:51 pm North Vinlander

        What’s so different out there?


      • Bible verse billboards every 2 KM on the highway.


      • on November 5, 2013 at 1:48 pm North Vinlander

        I was hoping to hear about pro-White sentiment.


      • Dress scarves? well…Toronto is known for having a large population of gay men.

        It is kind of the gay capital of Canada.


      • on November 4, 2013 at 4:13 pm Carlos Danger

        Which is better, Quebec or Montreal? Do you date French Canadian women? What is your opinion of them? I must admit, they give me endless woodies. They are the sexiest women in NA IMHO.


      • Yes I date French Canadian women, I am a French Canadian myself.

        Montreal is much bigger but unfortunately more multicultural than Quebec city.

        In other words in Montreal the white population is becoming a minority.

        But you will find good looking French Canadian ( white) women in either city.


    • Baltimore and DC will cleanse you of any PC non-sense as well, unless you are a dedicated leftwinger. And yes, both cities are jam packed with not just dedicated leftwingers, but zealously so. Naturally, both cities are in a state of decay. Parts of DC are okay, but that’s primarly because white people live in those areas and are have their hands on serious tax payer money. Rather than making their own wealth, they exemplify leftist values and take from actual productive people, screaming “YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT!!!!!”

      And a lot of those rich, PC whities move away from the city in just a couple years, as they become very aware of just how dangerous it is to be white in most of the city. The cognitive dissonance really is funny to watch.


      • “Dress scarves? well…Toronto is known for having a large population of gay men.

        It is kind of the gay capital of Canada.”

        True, but sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the them from the effeminate SWPL types.


      • True, but sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the them from the effeminate SWPL types.

        Yeah, without being familiar enough with either of them, I don’t try to distinguish them anymore.


      • I predict, on our current trajectory, DC will be off this list completely within one decade. That is the insanity of the SWPL. They support their pets in theory, but how anything actually happens is not relevant. They know that they are now living in a spiffy new high rise in NE Washington at Florida and NY Avenue.

        Let me say that again FLORIDA AND NY!! That was a fucking open air drug market for fuck’s sake for -years-. McDonald’s drive through was not just for hamburgers son… real talk. Now you roll around there and they have all these clueless libtards wandering around. The very people they love to uplift were forcibly removed from old row houses by rents being raised to levels they couldn’t afford. Landlord cashes in huge by selling property to big commercial developer, and onto the next block…

        The gaping black maw of BigGov is our ONLY growth industry and as it continues to hoover tax dollars with no end in sight I think you will see DC the real capital look much like the fictional “Capital” city in District One. (Hunger Games). This is happening now, the middle class are funding it and it is literally being built on the broken backs of the poor. Ain’t elitism great?!


      • Amen.

        I was recently driving in D.C. at night. Cop cars with their flashers on came by, we had to pull over, and they were escorting two darkened, shaded big SUV’s. Some bigwigs getting an escort. On the next block, a young white girl on a corner with a sign saying “Homeless. Need help.”

        It is here, brother,

        Back in the 1920’s, according to a reliable old reporter, the white house was an open building like a post office. Just walk in, and ask if the President was available. Only three reporters were stationed in D.C. in those days for the national press. (One from NYC, one from Chicago, and one from I don’t know where, maybe a DC national paper.) They covered all of the news in DC by noon.

        FDR changed all of that.

        There is nothing left to respect in that town. It is a black hole for tax money and a source of incredible corruption which has destroyed what was good about this country.


      • They just get pushed out to PG county. Anacostia will go one day too because its prime real estate, among the very nicest in the area. Frankly, this is an outcome I don’t mind so much. DC has been Indian country most of my life. Two or three blocks behind the Capitol and about 7-8 behind the White House is where civilization ended.


      • Truth. I moved to baltimore a braindead SWPL latte sipping leftoid. Moved away 5 years later a confederate flag flying, gun carrying racist. My PC illusions about race (especially blacks) have been erased.

        Even in the “good” white neighborhoods, you’re still a target. just read about the attacks by “youths”.


      • Welcome home to your sanity, brother.


      • Hear, hear.


      • Living in close proximity to large numbers of them is the best cure for that affliction.


      • Lots of people believe that Bill Clinton’s shining legacy, the “Teach for America” program, is going to backfire on him, and turn tens of thousands [hundreds of thousands?] of young would-be SWPL-Hipster koolaid-drinking fools into deeply cynical GOP-voting HBD realists.

        There’s nothing like spending a week or two [much less a year or two] locked up in a 25’x25′ classroom, with 30 young IQ-75 baby orangutans and baby armadillos, if the ultimate goal is to smack the rose-colored glasses right off the face of the most ardent young white leftoid.

        I’ve met dudes who’ve been through those programs, and they’re among the most forthright HBD-aware truth-speakers you’ll ever meet.


      • There is no real cure from K-12 SWPL training, including media exposure, other than direct experience. It really only takes on good, direct prolonged interaction to bring the house of cards down. As you state, teaching is a prime path. Sometimes, living in their neighborhoods can be enough, although most SWPLs will instinctually isolate themselves from interacting with the residents in a meaningful way. Although probably too dangerous in that it can ruin their entire lives, dating is also another path to realization. It’s the culturally isolated SWPL’s that will never give up the ghost. Interaction, in a way that puts SWPLs at real risk, is the key for them to snap back into reality.


      • > “It’s the culturally isolated SWPL’s that will never give up the ghost.”

        That’s a pattern which was commented on over at iSteve, during the 2008 primaries, when it became clear that, by and large, Obama was winning the lily-white states, as opposed to Hillary, who was winning the “mixed” states, where white DEMs actually had to interact with Negroes on a regular basis.

        Sailer thinks that the GOP might still be able to win nationally, but they will have to appeal to the Catholic Blue Collar Union guys, in the heart of the deep-blue rustbelt [Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota], in order to pull it off.

        And that means getting rid of the milquetoast pro-Wall Street losers, like Romney, and their economic policies which absolutely decimate the middle class.


      • Exactly… I was the textbook SWPL up until going through the Army and actually living side-by-side with non-Whites.

        Funny thing, though, is that my two best friends both happened to be “loner” blacks.

        But even they reverted to type when amongst a crowd of their own.


  6. Lolol. So true, 99% of the in your face rudeness I have witnessed on the subway begins with a black person. The other 1% comes from serious drug addicts. Once a black lady even told my boyfriend to go back to the country he came from after she was bumping into him (he was ahead of her) walking up the stairs.

    What’s the best is watching people’s reactions when I am sometimes rude in return towards black people. I think 99% of the rudeness in return to black people comes from non white people. I’ve seen East Asian chicks call out black dudes for being inappropriate. I once told a black guy who was being extremely loud while asking for money on the subway to talk quieter. The white lady next to me immediately gave the idiot 2 dollars (because she couldn’t bear to see a black person called out due to her guilt complex). Of course, I am also not white, so this idiot woman immediately made amends to me as well. She was like “yeah, I know there is no way that money is going towards any good.”

    Once I saw a white guy do the same thing- call out a rude black beggar on the subway, and 4 other white people around him gave him a lecture about how it was hard to get by in the city. I believe one even told him to “check your privilege.” It is the complete opposite reaction I get from white people when I call out black people.


    • Once I saw a white guy do the same thing- call out a rude black beggar on the subway, and 4 other white people around him gave him a lecture about how it was hard to get by in the city. I believe one even told him to “check your privilege.” It is the complete opposite reaction I get from white people when I call out black people.

      Yeah. Most white people deserve the abuse they get. SWPLtard idiots.


    • Good comment, Femx. I don’t know what metro area you live in, but your experiences are congruent with those of ours in the DC area.


    • when aggressive black people ask me for money (5 times a day in the downtown where I work) I STERNLY tell them “you do NOT want to mess with me today” and scare them. not even kidding. or I’ll say “I did not come down here today to feed the world”


    • That “check your privilege” motherfucker should have been punched in the mouth as those words were being uttered.


      • Heh… I recently grabbed a dude by the scruff of his shirt (when preparing to leave a movie house after the show ended) and lifted him from his seat… merely because he rudely remarked about me drinking from my cup and balked when I told him he should have been more polite… it appeared the ice cubes were making too much noise for his sensibility.

        As he was pretty much dangling with toes an inch or two off the ground, he impotently kept repeating “GETYOURHANDSOFFMEGETYOURHANDSOFFME!!!”

        I finally dropped him roughly back in his seat, to a cry of “WHATSYOURNAMEWHATSYOURNAME??!!!”… it was so pathetic, none of the other theatre goers even intervened on his behalf.

        I’m not proud that I suddenly lost my temper like that… it’s the first “involuntary rage” I’ve felt in awhile… hammering home the feeling that I’m getting too old for the bullshit of the world anymore.

        The least little show of contrition calms me down right away, but defiance when someone is already wrong seems to drive me into berserker mode.

        Anyway, the point of this short story made long is that I can just imagine what I might have done upon hearing this “check your privilege” character.

        That’s the trouble with the West today… there’s no penalty for being an asshole.


  7. Too easy. One wonders how this stuff gets approved for use, it’s so ridiculously over the top.


    • They are so blatant because they think they have it all wrapped up and there’s nothing anyone can do about it; they are also gloating on left-wing forums, almost giddy, because of the IRS targeting of tea party groups.

      To them, it isn’t evidence of corruption, it’s evidence that they are finally taking over the government to an extent where there’s nothing anyone can do to stop their power accumulation. Remember, to them, only their views are logically legitimate so to them it is perfectly legal and moral to destroy the people who are “intolerant” and disagree with their policies.

      How do you make a collective omelette without breaking a few individual legs? The true leftist understands this, and that is why they are permitted to tell individual lies for a greater collective truth.


  8. “Place your bets.”

    We are going out with a wimper.


  9. The only white (non-mythical southerner) male in pop culture who would/could say something as insulting as the white guy in the question would be Pauly Walnuts or another Sopranos lieutenant.

    What level of PC white male bashing is this? College level?

    I mean, all hail diversity and all that, but here in the states, crackers be getting killed on the subway and buses all the time.

    Perhaps Canadians have a racism problem?


  10. Dude… Socioeconomics, man! Sociology class says so!


    They really believe all that shit!


  11. Notice how the uppity black slut demands consideration for her bullshit “allergy” and the white man’s signs, and doesn’t give a shit about her baby. The proper response is to shove her onto the tracks.


  12. I am going to cancel cable. Youtube provides great free content minus the ubiquitous diversity lessons that must accompany every product advert. I told ForeignBride it’s a plane ticket home every year.

    But watch a string of commercials and the self-emergent parody of back-to-back diversity spots is almost entertaining if not infuriating. One would think blacks invented everything, sell everything, repair everything, provide product support for everything, all in snazzy clothes and while driving the latest consumer-cars about their pristine neighborhoods. And those cute, sassy black girls in their afro-puffs.

    Do the ad agencies get directives to do this or does it just spew out of the brains of their indoctrinated young female graphic-arts staff? It’s as if every division of Encorpera is terrified that they will be labeled racist if they don’t feature blacks prominently in their commercials.How many blacks work at the ad agencies anyway? Were they to dominate ad agencies the way they apparently dominate all other aspects of civilization (as seen on TV), their commercials would likely scandalize the earnest anti-racists who actually do work in that industry.


    • on November 4, 2013 at 12:46 pm ProudFeministGirl

      In United Kingdom the Blacks or part Blacks are just the 3%, not the sizable 13% of United States, yet Blacks are kinda overrepresented, in Girl Groups like Spice Girls or Little Mix, one member is part Black, and in some British TV series the cast is too Black for them to be just the 3%, saddd, that is why i have interest in Russia again, i am a Feminist girl and also pro- LGTB rights, and i know Russia is a little homophobic by Western standars, but still i take their side because they are free of multiculturalism : /


      • FYI, the main characters of Misfits are young offenders, so it figures that urban yute are over-represented (much as they were in the 2011 London riots).


      • on November 4, 2013 at 4:03 pm ProudFeministGirl

        Lol true, to be honest i have only watched entire episodes of 3 British TV series: Misfits, Skins, Queer as folk (apart from YouTube clips of others) ,so i don’t know well if the Black over-representation is common in British media, I have also Watched 3 Spanish TVseries (Aqui no hay quien viva, La reina del sur, El internado) and i didn’t see any Black character, thats why my shock.


      • on November 4, 2013 at 4:55 pm Hugh G. Rection

        You must be an expert then.


      • Do you even proof read the stupid shit you type or you just get a clitoral stiffy talking about how pro-whatever you are?


      • on November 4, 2013 at 10:51 pm ProudFeministGirl



      • Never let a good “clitoral stiffy” go to waste.


      • Now Patriarch, that’s just Not Nice.



    • Do the ad agencies get directives to do this or does it just spew out of the brains of their indoctrinated young female graphic-arts staff?

      Good guesses. I think both, but mostly the latter. You can just picture them.

      Someone, somewhere (here? in summertime, ha), pointed out that ad agencies are made up of just those demographics, which is why every major TV ad depicts a black American family occupying what is plainly not just a white American family’s home, but the white family’s lifestyle: clothes, both parents present, talking quietly one at a time, eating dinner together. Mm hm.

      A related item. Remember the recent dustup over that Cheerios spot depicting a white mom, a black dad, and their biracial child? I’m among many who just rolled his eyes in indifference, but I will ask this much: How similarly enthusiastic would the ad’s target market of SWPL women be had the husband been Asian American?


      • Typically TV ads feature emasculated, feeble-minded white males as foils for the urbane black gentleman providing product advice to hip white females.Though the mad maiden will mix this up a bit to be provocative. I just walked past the TV while my wife was ironing cloths and the commercial had sassy black mom waking up the family for school and work to discover a white man in her kitchen selling cable TV services. Usually it’s the handsome black guy showing up in white people’s bedroom or lurking at the end of the driveway as their daughter drives off.

        Personally I suspect that the companies funding the advertising are requesting the black/white dichotomy, and you will find the same perps in charge of PR at every one of them. Hence happy, snowshoe-wearing blacks in Subarus.


      • Do the ad agencies get directives to do this or does it just spew out of the brains of their indoctrinated young female graphic-arts staff?

        It’s too ubiquitous these days to be mere coincidence… I’m convinced there’s a concerted in-yer-face effort by the handful of machers in the ad agencies.

        I don’t mind the all-black family ads… but let’s face it, things like that Cheerios commercial can’t possibly be the sponsor’s idea of expanding market share.

        I’m almost to the point where, when I see the rare retro-style fresh-faced tow-headed commercial of yesteryear, to congratulate the sponsor(s) for their courage.


      • Greg, Elmer, have you considered that the reason they do those kinds of ads is because they get your attention? Thats mass communication 101.

        I could teach an entire semester on nothing but the historical role of black people in commercials and advertising. It goes back a far longer time than most of you realize.

        Where do you think the concept of finding a “lamp” and rubbing it, and a big black genie coming out to grant you 3 wishes came from?

        “move along here… nothing to see…”


      • Somebody shitting in the middle of the road would likewise get attention… don’t attribute to shrewd marketing what can be explained by nefarious agenda.

        And for the record, I never saw no negro genies. Saw a purple one once though..;. but he weren’t no moulinyan.


      • on November 4, 2013 at 4:08 pm Carlos Danger

        I also think many of them think they can broaden their appeal while not alienating white people or rather, white men. Remember, some 80% of households let the woman control the money. Women and minorities also watch the most TV, so they figure that they have little to lose and much to gain by directing advertising as they do.


      • Coming from a guaranteed 100% slavery-free background, I have zero horses in this race and zero ‘White guilt’.
        Speaking of British TV series, I only remember 1 Black guy (minor detective) and 1 Black woman (visiting American minister) on *Inspector Lewis*. US TV does portray a very skewed picture of actual society, but on the plus side, America is also the only country I’ve ever been to where TV and movies take such a very central role in people’s lives.
        I recommend y’all take a gander at Spanish language TV, channels like Telemundo, Univision, etc., political correctness never made much headway into the Latino community, and boy, does it show…..


    • What amazes me is the shabby treatment of black women on TV, ads, and in the movies.

      A black woman is never the prize, only the white woman. Any ad with a black couple has a black woman no darker, and usually much lighter, than her back husband/boyfriend. The more expensive the item, the lighter the black woman. When the ads get really edgy, they show a black guy with white girls. Never with girls blacker than him. It is so consistent.It is not an accident. I wonder which demographic the advertisers are trying to appeal to with that? Why no lawsuits about the color bar in TV and advertising against truly black women?

      A recent repugnant example was the latest Riddick movie. A young brown woman at the start of the movie has been sexually abused and then is just brutally murdered and left to die slowly, while Riddick watches her die, not lifting a finger, just to establish the bada$$ nature of the main bad guy in the film. Shortly thereafter, the sex symbol for the movie shows up, a nice looking white blond.

      And, there doesn’t seem to be any outcry from the usual suspects. Are they that blind?

      Just pure hypocrisy. No respect is possible for these people.


      • Once blacks/browns are the majority, you will see the situation reversed. The aspect of multiculturalism that Marxists can never really circumvent is human instinct. Human instinct is such that people really aren’t motivated to see movies that depict or pedastalize people who are different than them. That’s why white people don’t go to see all black movies, either. Movies cost a lot of money to make. The producers aren’t going to handicap their profit margin by casting a heroin, for instance, that is less of a draw for the majority of people than a person whom they could otherwise cast. As soon as casting a black woman in the primary heroin role is more profitable, it’ll happen. Until then, start a production company and cast who you wish. Lamenting this situation is useless, as white guilt is powerful but not so powerful that it’ll cause that white family of four from Indiana to get in the car, drive to the theater, and spend ten dollars a pop on a black movie.


      • That’s why white people don’t go to see all black movies, either. Movies cost a lot of money to make.

        Black movies are THE most profitable movies to make because:

        1. the talent is cheap.

        2. the plot/storyline is unsophisticated (you don’t hafta pay writers)

        3. “Going to the movies”, watching tee-vee is something black people can and will do a lot of because they are doing nothing else with their lives…

        The reason white people will not go see an all black movie is the same reason I won’t; we don’t wanna deal with an all black audience.

        I remember when the movie “The Best Man” came out and black people were all over themselves claiming it was academy award/Oscar material…

        Then I saw it (on DVD) and realized that all it was, was pretty black people all dressed up, with decent jobs, there was drama, but nobody got shot; and the production qualities (camera shots, sound, lighting) were almost as good as a white movie.

        Thats all that made it a “good movie” for black people.

        Hollywood is a cartel, and yes they will support a Spike Lee to be the one all black big budget filmmaker; but most of us have to compensate for lack of funding with content/storyline/plot; the very items that tend to go over the heads of most black people.

        The ancients used to argue about what the perfect art form was.

        Its the motion picture.


    • on November 4, 2013 at 9:41 pm Eliezer Ben-Yehuda

      Said it before, and I’ll say it again. Negroes spend their paychecks, not save them. So networkss kiss their asses. Networks need advertisers/sponsors, and advertisers need a target audience that spends every last penny.


      • Heh. So whites are richer than blacks because blacks blow all their money. Kind of a “duh”… but sounds a little like the man-woman Pay (Pseudo-)Gap.


      • Which is why you’d probably expect to see this more on low-end stuff like deodorant than on high-end stuff like cars…but I haven’t watched TV in a while.


  13. What’s the source of this document? The school?


  14. White Canadian men should stop supporting an education system that is obviously hostile to them.


  15. on November 4, 2013 at 12:16 pm Lucky White Male

    Everything that has occurred since the end of World War 2 in America and Britain is:

    A soft genocide against White Male Gentiles through PC Brainwashing

    Nietzsche opened the door to the “true game” of human nature – how to respond in the face of Darwin Evolution Natural Selection

    Hitler was the first to try it real time. Note he never wanted to attack Brits – he saw the English as natural allies of Germans

    Hitler was defeated. And the Zionist Jews decided: now it is our turn. This is who is driving Elite Western soft genocide of “white males”

    In a Nietzsche worldview, only one player will rule the world. You must therefore kill your enemy, or make him self-destruct. Kill or be killed

    You tried to take us out? Now, it is our turn

    Non-Whites are being massed against White Gentile Males at the behest of Zionist elite puppet masters. The Non-Whites will never rule – they are too dumb and too weak. They will be herded down into mass dumb brutes

    No surprise that “Democracy” is the front for “Totalitarianism”. Roosh twitter earlier today how all these programs to do away with something only create more of it. No child left behind leaves all kids behind. War on terror creates more bogus terror and police state.

    This is Machiavelli acting out Nietzsche.

    Michael Ledeen Neocon was fired by Irving Kristol and made persona non grata overnight when he said too much in a documentary.

    Namely – the greatest heroes to Zionists and Elites ( one in the same?) were the Nazis and Totalitarianism. Kevin MacDonald is on record that the greatest threat Jews ever faced in 2,000 years were the Nazis because they were their mirror image

    Fighting fire with fire


  16. There is a crisis coming. The last Great Awakening, which amounts to absolute worship of Blacks by religious Whites … and yes that DEFINITELY means SWPL … is incompatible with living in a city to hook up with the Alpha male of SWPL “feisty” (which means slutty) women’s dreams. You can’t hook up with that tatted bad boy bike messenger who is a singer/junkie if you’re dead.

    And the Fourth Great Awakening, worship of Blacks, means every city turns into Detroit or Mogadishu on the Thames. See the late Lee Rigby. Or the late Colleen Ritzer. Dogma means worshiping at the Church of Oprah and Obama. Reality means a 14 year old Black boy can follow his cute SWPL teacher into the faculty restroom, punch her out, attempt sexual assault, and cut her throat, dumping her body in a dumpster and hauling her out to the woods where he changes clothes and then goes to a movie (Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine) where he’s the only Black guy to establish an alibi.

    If that’s a 14 year old Black boy, nothing special, with a White mother btw (calling Oedipus, calling Oedipus!) imagine full on diversity from an 18 year old!

    White people need something to believe in. The old religion of Black-worship has failed. Is failing. Undeniably.


    • This. They’re not letting details out about that case. Serious damage control going on there. We know what really happened, though, don’t we?


    • on November 4, 2013 at 12:48 pm Holden Caulfield

      It is still shocking to me to watch/hear about whites perpetrating white genocide. What the fuck are they thinking?


      • they’re thinking “fuck you, fiat dollar slave, i very much like this yacht and the way my opulence will make your daughter’s gina tingle for a pump and dump”


    • on November 4, 2013 at 5:31 pm Lucky White Male

      The way to get Whiskey out of Whiskey’s Place and commenting on CH:

      Mention the word “Jew”

      I love the hysterical, desperate attempts at ridiculing any comments that- God forbid – would mention what is actually going on in the world.

      You are a pussy in this department Whiskey, and I guarantee you I am drinking higher quality whiskey than you right now


      • It’s long been acknowledged, here at the chateau, that you can’t spell Whiskey without Y-K-W.


      • OH. MY. GOD.


        Maybe even Komment of the Decade.

        Greg Eliot pwns the innert00bz for Tuesday, November 5th, 2013.



      • on November 6, 2013 at 1:14 am Carlos Danger

        Whiskey works in California in the film industry or closely with it. It’s a good survival strategy in that environment.


    • Reality means a 14 year old Black boy can follow his cute SWPL teacher into the faculty restroom, punch her out, attempt sexual assault, and cut her throat, dumping her body in a dumpster and hauling her out to the woods

      As lead detective on the case, one of the first things I would try to determine is if she had engaged in a long term sexual arrangement with the 14 year old boy and was now trying to end it?

      Im not saying the boys behavior is justified; but it needs to be measured against the context of other women who are murdered by males they are familiar with.

      Just sayin.

      You white knights are too quick to give Becky a pass. White women are not as innocent as you wish they were.


  17. Wouldn’t the smoker be the oppressed one? I mean, they tell him he can only smoke outdoors, but then when he’s outdoors they give him hell for smoking, before they know it you see see signs that say “no smoking within 25 feet”. The poor bloke is smoking in the street, and the SWPLs are laughing at him while the wogs bash their heads in


    • on November 4, 2013 at 2:07 pm RappaccinisDaughter

      I smoke. Having to go outside to do it isn’t oppression. The dangers of secondhand smoke are real enough that it makes sense.

      Now, when people give me shit for smoking my e-cigarettes indoors…that’s another matter. I’m exhaling water vapor, it can’t hurt anyone, and it doesn’t smell.


  18. Finally wasted the time to watch “The Hunger Games” yesterday. What garbage, no? So basically the Cathedral is trying to scare the sheep into thinking something like this could happen?

    Also it depicts the present. The DC class sheep (the audience) with their pink and purple fashion lzozlozzloo it’s maddening


    • See my post farther up this thread, be careful what you discount as fiction… it can be bad for your posterity.


    • The book is nothing but typical bad-female-writer male-emasculation fantasy. Some dumbshit woman had an interesting idea and wrote it in the most PC way possible.

      I think it’s more of an insipid, teenage girl, Occupy Wallstreet kind of thing.


    • on November 4, 2013 at 10:38 pm ProudFeministGirl

      The Jap versión is better.


  19. Aha, ha, ha…I’ll try to answer though. The smoker in question clearly is out of line. Finding a man in Toronto is highly unlikely, that city gave up its man card long ago. Unless of course ol’ Rob “crack pipe” Ford is available


  20. Hi, I’m a black person.

    Feel free to provide a case example of a fictional story written by a church (lowercase ‘c’), as something you would “expect me to do”

    and then throw all the hate you want towards me under the guise that it’s Human Bio”Diversity”.

    I see no bio diversity here. I see the same empty souls posting the same studies day in and day out. There is a brilliant case study available in the comment section of CH race-bait posts on the behavior of the human male who has “lost” at the sexual market.

    Your tears taste delicious, comment section. Never change, CH commenters, never change. 😀


    • I know you’re flattering yourself that it’s all about you, but it’s more about skewering white liberals and their retarded ideas and feelings.


    • that being said I am the most sinister person who comments here, though.

      Its more of an incentive for me to donate to this site to keep the same crabs in the bucket because all of this race hate fills me with immense pleasure.

      Anyone who has been on the Internet for more than 3 months knows that people who expend so much time spewing hate across a pseudo-anonymous fora uses that hate as a proxy for their real life problems

      And I love this. Sometimes ill pretend to be a cuckold fetishist and bait the hate that way. Other times ill play the white supremacist, it’s quite easy to play the roles as so many of you say the same shit over and over again.

      And it always ends the same way. You end up messaging me, telling me your life story. I feign sympathy, provide condolences when really the only solution to your problem is to get the fuck out of your house. Some of you literally only need sunlight to fix your pineal hormones. Some of you are literally depressed self-inflicted because you’ve gotten so accustomed to not doing anything.

      But I keep you chasing your tails like the dogs you are.


      • lol


      • And I love this. Sometimes ill pretend to be a cuckold fetishist and bait the hate that way. Other times ill play the white supremacist, it’s quite easy to play the roles as so many of you say the same shit over and over again.

        This ain’t news buddy. Kneegrows have always been outstanding actors and entertainers. So I’m glad you have found one of the only actual talents, racially, your people possess. But that being said, I am tired of typing so go get your fucking shine box boy. See, that was fun to say wasn’t it? I see why you like wearing that mask.


      • on November 4, 2013 at 9:06 pm Reservoir Tip

        And you’re saying WE need to get out of the house some?


    • I actually donate to this site to keep the same hateful crabs at the bottom
      of the barrel.

      It’s hilarious really.

      I’m also the most sinister one here. The dark lord CH has nothing on my ability to play as a faux white supemacist/cuckoldist and have people across forums opening up to me for me to just laugh at them from behind the screen.

      I’m a sick fuck.


      • You’re also pretty sad and ultimately irrelevant.


      • cool story, datbro.


      • “my ability to play as a faux white supemacist/cuckoldist and have people across forums opening up to me for me to just laugh at them from behind the screen.”

        “hate across a pseudo-anonymous fora uses that hate as a proxy for their real life problems”

        And you’re telling people to get sunlight to remove themselves from depraved realities?

        What, were you not hugged enough as a child or was it some good touch/bad touch that fuels your cries for attention?


      • God almighty…datbro is GBFMZZZ


      • on November 4, 2013 at 6:12 pm Carlos Danger

        I wish I could be like you.


    • Ni66er say wut?


    • Only males who are incapable of survival have a vested interest in believing and promoting that they are the same as males of differing groups, so that they may parasitically blend in to the differing group as a means of survival.

      You won’t catch any conservative Jews or Chinese sincerely disassociating themselves from HBD ideals. They can survive on their own and would be hindered by a parasitic group worming their way into their society.

      Why do some groups distance themselves from whites while others do everything that they can to close that distance?

      Your racial admission and immediate assertion of your ideals says all that we need to know about you.


    • lmao butthurt black talking about *our* tears


  21. lol racists.

    “First, if anyone’s gonna be caught smoking at a subway station, it’ll be a Tonto in Toronto. Blacks and whites smoke at about the same rates.”


    “Yo, get dat smoke outta my face, mufugga, fo I wreck you azz!”

    lol racists.

    “Toronto whites are probably like amped-up versions of urban striver faggot whites everywhere”


    “But assuming there is a white man who would speak so impolitely”

    White people: Polite since forever.

    “Or not, and this beautiful creation of Western whites will slowly decay into a cesspool of encroaching Third Worldism and corn and porn saturated ennui. Place your bets.”

    lol racists/wat? (tie)


  22. We forget that Rednecks are just domesticated Vikings.

    If they ever go feral, the Cathedral is in big trouble.


    • Technically, aren’t they Celts (Scots-Irish)?

      Of course, the Celts were pretty fierce on a man-to-man basis, but the guidos still whipped their butts.


  23. Was oppression manifested in this situation?
    What type of oppressions can you identify?

    They are both being oppressed economically if they are forced to use public transportation.


  24. “Michael Ledeen Neocon was fired by Irving Kristol and made persona non grata overnight when he said too much in a documentary”
    Lucky White Male, can you expand please? Links?


    • on November 4, 2013 at 6:07 pm Lucky White Male

      Who is this Bill Kristol? You want me to give you Links, are you paying me?

      I am enjoying an exquisite Whiskey right now- far more Manly than any found in Whiskey’s Place

      YouTube “Power of Nightmares”. Ledeen was interviewed – he went a little too gung-ho about “neocons loving democracy”. Ledeen was fired by AEI shortly after – very unusual, this was Irving’s stable, the “godfather”

      Neocons love “democracies” because it is the best way to “break” the masses by promoting “tolerance” and “diversity”. Ledeen let a little too much out of the bag- he came up studying Fascism, and the Neocons idolized the Italian Fascists and the German Nazis

      They understand this is the way to run a society and secure power. Fascism. They and the Zionists are coming in the back door- Fascism fronting as Democracy. Following Machiavelli, you front with your “opposite”. Conceal your intentions. Textbook Robert Greene

      The War on Terror was a cooked up fabrication to open the door to “Homeland Security” and to a Police State of NSA, etc

      Do you think this was all a coincidence of history? Rhetorical. The Zionists are funding the neocons and the left. They are controlling both Dems and Repubs – this is why whatever party you vote for seems to push the same policies from both directions.


      • Truth. And seeing as how both Irving Kristol and Norman Podhoretz and other neocons were open and ardent Trotskyites prior to their convenient conversion, none of their Zionism/Letism is surprising today, nor that of their progeny.


  25. on November 4, 2013 at 2:12 pm Jon's Coffee Shop

    “Why don’t you find yourself a man and go back to your country with your baby”

    I LOL’D hard. It’s a good thing i have never been subjected to any type of diversity of sensitivity training, my troll humour is going to get me in trouble one day.


    • I step on my own dick in this area frequently, but way less than I use to. It is hard to completely hold one’s nausea down completely when attempting to be programmed to outright lies.


  26. on November 4, 2013 at 3:01 pm Half Canadian

    In case you wanted Canadian numbers, the ‘First Nations’ dominated territories have smoking rates through the roof.


  27. CH is a little off here.

    “More likely: “Yo, get dat smoke outta my face, mufugga, fo I wreck you azz!”

    There actually would be a charming infusion of Jamaican patois into the (in our case) imported American negro dialect seen above. For instance, rather than being called a “mufugga”, it would be probably be more like “bloodclot”, “pussyclot”, or “boti boy”.


    • on November 4, 2013 at 4:13 pm North Vinlander

      I’ve never actually heard the classic “ebonics” dialect here in Ottawa. I’ve heard everyone from Jamaicans to little Pakistanis saying “Yo nigga” but I’ve never heard “I be” or “da hood” or the American blaccent.


      • on November 4, 2013 at 4:20 pm Carlos Danger

        Ebonics varies by region too. Black dialect is different in Alabama versus Detroit, for instance, although all of it works with about a 200 word vocabulary.


      • on November 4, 2013 at 4:32 pm North Vinlander



      • You ought to hear the local variant of ebonics here in New Orleans. Barely recognizable as human speech.


      • Ebonics is usually cleaned up whenever white people are around or are meant to hear it (ie: on TV). However, real ebonics is pretty much unintelligible to even initiated white ears wherever you go. To hear it, make friends with some black people and follow them into their ghetto hoods to hang out for a bit (but I don’t recommend it).


      • True.

        NYC ebonics is different from Miami ebonics.

        Both are equally grating to the ear, I’d lose no sleep if I never heard either again.


      • And everywhere they pronounce ” I asked her” ; ” I axed her”


      • > “although all of it works with about a 200 word vocabulary”


        Still chuckling.

        Man, I tell you, good humor just doesn’t work without an underlying kernel of truth to it.


  28. Jesus Christ. Is this Troll Monday or something? Thank god this shit is rare on CH. Can we please go back to the rational discussion now?


    • “rational discussion”? Pointing out outright anti-white propaganda in western education IS rational discussion. If you can’t handle all aspects of it, dont swallow the red pill.


    • Durrrrrrr only white countries are experiencing mass immigration but this is perfectly okay and pointing it out is RAYCISS


      • Exactly.

        And only white nations are bending over backward to accommodate non-whites,

        only white nations welcome non-whites as “refugees” and provides them with a monthly fat check,

        only white nations have given billions of dollars to Africa,

        Only white nations self impose race replacement trough “immigration” and make their own race slowly fade away ( don’t take my word for it, pay a visit to the United nations site )

        only white nations have laws in place to punish racism against non-whites

        Only in white nations can a black person obtain insane levels of success such as Obama or Oprah

        (and this is the short list…)

        yet everyone hates whites and calls them racists

        and they wonder why some of us – whites – are fed up with this shit.


  29. on November 4, 2013 at 5:15 pm FuriousFerret

    The Jews did this. It’s all their fault. They ruined everything.

    However I could be wrong. If only there was a woman to set me straight. Preferably in a comment so long that it resembles a novel. Also it would be cool if said woman used a some type of flower as her handle.

    But where would such a virtuous woman be? Does this mythical being even exist?

    If you’re out there listening Madonna. Please for the love of heaven show yourself!


  30. on November 4, 2013 at 5:16 pm Sredni Vashtar

    Great post on PC running amok in Canuckistan.

    One thing though- isn’t it time to drop the Cathedral term? Three reasons:

    A. The people who built Cathedrals held back the spectre of crazed liberalism for 10 centuries. Those knights and kings and bishops don’t deserve this fate of being linked to SWPL hipster-fascists.

    B. The term Cathedral needlessly antagonizes Tradcon allies by implying religion is somehow behind this. And hivemind is a way better word.

    C. It was coined by Mark Minter, the Jim Bakker of the Manosphere. Every time the phrase its used it recalls how this would-be firebrand swore war on marriage and feminism until he hooked his first lady fan and got hitched.

    Cathedral was a mildly amusing metaphor whose time is as past as a fifty-something cougar in a cheerleader outfit.


    • One thing though- isn’t it time to drop the Cathedral term? Three reasons:

      A. The people who built Cathedrals held back the spectre of crazed liberalism for 10 centuries. Those knights and kings and bishops don’t deserve this fate of being linked to SWPL hipster-fascists.

      B. The term Cathedral needlessly antagonizes Tradcon allies by implying religion is somehow behind this. And hivemind is a way better word.

      Traditional Catholic speaking. It doesn’t bother me since libtards took over the Vatican in the 1960s, so I can’t go to church in a cathedral anyway since they only have leftoid pseudoservices anymore.


    • I thought it was Moldbug, drawing from Raymond’s The Cathedral and the Bazaar (about software engineering)?

      People here have suggested Neo-Synagogue. I think that’s a bad idea–you’ll turn off way too many people who aren’t ready to take the ‘racism’ plunge–but I’m biased. 😉


    • Cathedral was a mildly amusing metaphor whose time is as past as a fifty-something cougar in a cheerleader outfit.

      Let’s not go crazy now.

      The reason “Cathedral” is apt was discussed at length a few months ago in another thread… I don’t feel like slogging through the interminable territory right now, so flip back and check out some of the reasoning behind sticking with it.


  31. More racist garbage from the post-modern version of the Chateau after it went down the crapper with the new writers and the domain change.

    Fire this idiot. I don’t come here for badly written opinionated bigotry. You can do better than this.


  32. About 15 years ago a group black teenage males were sitting on the stairs that led to my apartment. I said “excuse me” but they didn’t move an inch. So I attemted to walk up the stairs without touching them. As I carefully walked up the stairs one of them said “White…if you step on us we gonna whip yo ass”. When I safely arrived home I remember thinking they were a pretty nice group of black boys.Afterall, If they were that bad they wouldn’t have given me a warning and just started the beating.


    • Ex GF lived in Harlem, had a similar problem. Folks would literally mob around the front door of her apartment.

      I solved the problem by buying a bunch of “stink bombs” from a novelty shop and smashing them at the front door before I’d leave. no one in the building could smell it, out front it was bad for a few hours, but it kept the door clear and free.


    • I’d have gotten “supplies” and come back down again to take out the trash, literally, and figuratively. And when passing I’d have asked which one wants to be forcibly moved first. You’d be shocked at how fast you can disperse a pack of roaming jackals w/ non-lethal means. The ONLY thing that would have stayed my hand was that they know I live in this building. Had it been anywhere but home, would have gone down like above.


  33. on November 4, 2013 at 5:32 pm Sredni Vashtar (concern troll)


    Our civilization is in a deep pit, and we need to urgently correct the big problems:

    A. Collapsing western birth rates.
    B. Runaway government spending on liberal vanity projects.
    C. Increadingly dysfunctional products of failed parenting and schools- a tidal wave of sociopaths in the offing.
    D. Culture lurching towards a soft tyranny courtesy of SWPL militants in academia etc.

    So, ease up on the racist garbage- all it does is drive our allies away.


    • So, ease up on the racist garbage- all it does is drive our allies away.

      What allies?


      • Allies?

        Almost everyone hates heterosexual white males.

        Non-whites hate us and are happy we are a race that is going almost extinct,

        feminists hate us,

        gay and lesbians hate us,

        even white liberal males hate us

        Allies? where?

        The main stream media, every tv show and tv ad and Hollywood have anti-white male messages embedded

        They teach kids in school to hate us,

        Even the US military teaches its staff to hate us ( if you have not seen my link from yesterday here it is again )

        The whole fuck’n planet hates white heterosexual males

        where do you see allies???


      • You are far too defeatist. All the progressive foot soldiers are fair game for defection. You can study the progressive playbook and use their own tactics against them.

        The reason the media is full of such negativity is precisely because not enough people do hate you for the progressives’ liking.

        For example, a few decades ago the progressives gained a lot of ground by deriding the mainstream by positioning themselves as cool rebels. The term “subversive” was thrown around uncritically as a compliment. You will need to find your own language that works in your milieu, but the same avenue is open to you.

        Complaining that people hate you is beta. Laughing at progressive lies and their exaggerated concern for gays is alpha; this is captured in Chateau Heartiste’s recommendation of the one-word comeback: “gay.”


    • So many people “concerned” on this thread. It is so fascinating to me that we can slaughter all the other sacred cows most anywhere on the interwebs. Organized faggotry, liberal elitism, feminism, etc. but man when you put your crosshairs over race people’s nuts just retreat back into their bodies.


    • So, ease up on the racist garbage-


      It’s BECAUSE the West eased up on the “racist garbage” that we’re in the current malaise.

      Geez, Louise… I’m starting to feel the weariness and sickness unto death again that calls for an hiatus from you numbskulls and numbnuts.


  34. the outdoorsman –

    “Does “racist” now mean someone who tells the truth? Or does “racist” still mean a white person? By the by, fuck off!”

    It depends…but, generally, it means a person from a demographic with a mean IQ a standard deviation above, say, 83, who tells the truth. Most of this demographic are afraid to tell the truth. Those that are brave enough to tell the truth are generally ridiculed.

    Alinsky’s Rule #5 – “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon”. Hey, it has worked pretty well, hasn’t it?


    • Alinsky’s Rule #5 – “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon”. Hey, it has worked pretty well, hasn’t it?

      True. Libtards don’t quite know how to handle people laughing at them and calling them and their retarded ideas retarded.


  35. […] The Cathedral (refresher) has many ways of beating you senseless with lies and propaganda until your morale improves.  […]


  36. I can’t believe a lot of people are trying to blame the current state of the country on Blacks, Jews, etc.

    Economic cycles happen all the time and the people losing out the most (Heartiste et al) ie. failing to adapt, will generally blame it on the caste they deem inferior.
    This is normal and predictable, that is why racist organisations rise in times of low economic performances.
    That is why you see the hate/hurt coming from this blog.

    As a black male when it comes to game there is no doubt we win by a country mile. We know how to game chicks. Hand on my heart game topics on this blog are just common sense and I’m sure every other black male feels the same.

    However for game to truly work, one has to have that ‘I don’t give a f*** other than myself’ attitude.
    That attitude is great for gaming chicks but it destroys society. That’s the problem we see with Black society, it severely lacks beta males.
    Every black man is out for himself, no one thinks about how we use resources.

    This blog is about:

    Treat women like how black men treat women and blame your problems on the man.
    Treat women like dirt and blame your problems on the libtard.

    Heartiste and friends; you’re all black men trapped in a white men’s bodies.


    • I’ve heard the average black man game women dozens of times. It’s generally characterized by begging and the p0or use of a limited vocabulary. “Damn girl, just your number!” Sound familiar? Some black guy was doing that to a girl in voice that you could hear a block away walking up my all-white street the other day. We’re moving soon.

      An 85 IQ hood rat may fuck you with that game but the girl from UPenn won’t, unless you dress up in your best Polo and hope that white guilt and the immature impulse to piss off Daddy wins her over. However, we can’t exactly attribute that kind of victory to ‘game’, can we?

      The truth is that most middle class and above white women won’t fuck black men.

      If you think that the innate and stark difference between black and white society comes down to percentages of alpha and beta males, then I feel bad for you as your clueless about what it takes to get off of the plantation. Thriving white societies are and have always been led by alpha males. Beta males have contributed much, but they have never led except in the current decline.


      • The hoodrat game you hear probably works on ghetto women only, just like wolf whistling will probably work on Italian women.
        Lower class women will date lower class men and middle class women will date middle class men etc.
        A hoodrat will never date a middle class white woman. Just as much as a trailer trash white guy will never date a middle class woman.

        But a middle class black guy will certainly fuck a lot more white women than a middle class white guy.
        We are great at social circle game, it’s very rare to see a black guy being LJBF zoned.
        Average black guy game, be friends with everyone in the circle and then spend one on one and charm her.
        Then fuck her good!!

        I guess it stems from we have black women and white women to choose from hence we lack the fear of scarcity.
        If you can’t get a fat black girl there is always a fat white woman :).

        As to my Alpha statement, I guess you didn’t understand my point.
        For a society to function well, it needs a few Alphas and a lot more betas willing to follow the Alpha.
        Too many cooks.


    • “As a black male when it comes to game there is no doubt we win by a country mile.”

      you’re good at getting black chicks. Thing is, though, white guys dont really go for black chicks cos we dont want them.


    • Heartiste and friends; you’re all black men trapped in a white men’s bodies.

      Ken, you can call it that if you want, but a more accurate explanation is that black culture is prison culture. To ridicule white people or try to punk white men for lacking a prison culture mentality is just a weak attempt by us to inflate our bruised egos.

      we wish we could live like them; but we don’t want to admit it.

      And don’t get me started about black women. They got some good bodies and they know how to fuck; but they will also get you killed, arrested, put on child support, set up to be robbed… they are some aggressive creatures.

      Anytime you drive past a cemetery or a prison understand most of the black males inside of them are there because of black women.

      White people (even strangers) have always been more constructive and helpful to me than black people; including those related to me. Black culture is truly dysfunctional, and making fun of white people is not compensation. You can say Im a hypocrite for doing it, but thats because white people know how to take a joke.

      Black people are like adult sized retarded children; you might get stabbed if you hurt their feelings.

      I want to go on record predicting that some black person is going to try to kill Tommy Sotomayor if he doesn’t stop telling the truth about black people. Truth is like kryptonite to n166ers and no black person is safe as long as Tommy is on the loose.

      They can’t seem to shut him down or get him banned off youtube so I suspect, at some point, they are going to have to kill him?

      Black culture is prison culture.


      • ” … White people (even strangers) have always been more constructive and helpful to me than black people; including those related to me. Black culture is truly dysfunctional, and making fun of white people is not compensation. You can say Im a hypocrite for doing it, but thats because white people know how to take a joke.

        Black people are like adult sized retarded children; you might get stabbed if you hurt their feelings…. ”

        Who are you and what have you done with Thwack???????


      • Black people have such a huge chip on our shoulders that we get defensive even when someone is trying to help us.

        We think everybody is out to get us and everything is some kind of “attack”.

        Thats why I ain’t got no mirrors in my house.


      • Don’t mistake me for hating white people.

        Just the hurt/hate from this blog is transparent.


      • [i/]Just the hurt/hate from this blog is transparent.[/i]

        You’re just projecting your own butthurt. Deal with it.


  37. 1. Asses the situation

    The black male was clearly out of line using his privileged government sponsored education and oppressive heavy handed anti smoking laws to bully an innocent blue colar mechanic who simoly wanted a ciggarette after a long and grueling day working for the oppressive ruling classes.

    I could tell this because it was obvious from the black males initial comment that his education was good, it was so good that the blue colar worker probably thought he was a gay man with an adopted child from England. Chances are, this poor factory worker is so oppressed all he can do is ask the seemingly foreign born gay black male to take his child and go home leaving him to smoke in peace

    2. What type of oppressions?

    The black man is clearly in the privileged socio economic bracket, hes probably a racist as he is picking only on white proletariats to oppress, and doesnt even have the decency to point out this is not because of race.

    3. How would you ahve responded?

    Sir, thank you for acknowledging my homosexuality and my privileged education created on the back of working class men such as yourself. I can understand how you would view my oppressive use of overly restrictive government smoking laws as a tool to grind you into the ground. Hwever, I want you to know that I also believe these laws are disgusting and vicious, which is why I asked you to refrain from smoking because I am allergic. Please know that despite my priveleged upbringing, I am one with your struggle against the ruling classes. And to show you I understand how the proletariat needs tobacco to get through a day under the heavy boot of the oppressive government, Id like to buy you a pack of ciggarrettes.

    4. How would you have responded

    Gentlemen, fellow oppressed men of various genetic backgrounds, socio economic statuses and sexual orientations, please let us put aside our bickerings as these division only serve the ruling classes who seek to grind us into the ground! Sirs, I propose that we unite in a spirit of unity against those who would oppress and enslave us using lunatic laws. At the same time my brothers, we must remember that it is the cowardly men and their women who are the true enemy of honest men such as ourselves!


  38. oh my,, such littel fat white cry babies here, if you guys spend couple of hours with any hooker you will all be calm and quiet, pluse complaining about poor blacks makes you look like the littel bitches you’re,,,considering all these hbd and the supposed high IQ’s that never get you laid with the horse face white bitches you worship so much ,,, viva cuba,, bitches


    • Comedy: watching an anti-white use overwhelmingly white technology to bash whites. Too funny.


    • Ok, then, of course, if there’s much to do about nothing then you’ll be perfectly happy living in Cuba with your people and abstaining from white society. Thanks for checking in, though.


    • “pluse complaining about poor blacks makes you look like the littel bitches ”

      illiterate retard

      “horse face white bitches you worship so much”

      Black men are obsessed with “horse face white bitches”. based on okcupid data, all men prefer white women, but white women prefer white men so non-whites like you get sour grapes.


  39. on November 5, 2013 at 6:56 am captain shadow

    I haven’t read the other comments because I am addressing this to the author of the article. I like this website it is insightfully renegade with enough immature humour. Yet can you stop with the black people attacks, I understand you live in america and due to your own policies have a underclass black population in a perpetual cycle of crime and social welfare expenditure. It is not the people of the world with a high melatonin number in their skin’s fault that the white man of america has kneeled over and become emasculated by the state in a gangbang of immigration, tax, social and environmental levies. I am assuming a white author constructed this ridiculous class exercise for a white student in a predominately white institution. Ostracizing blacks in america achieves nothing because they are not the ones to blame, slow runner liberal pc feminist pushing a lopsided short term agenda are. How can the percentile with the least influence be at fault? Most go to prison and die young. I can see you are a reasonably intelligent person not an inbred hill billy, the worst thing is you then get a dick ride off kkk wannabe losers who are pathetically upset their girls like kirko bangz music and are insecure. Continue with the HBD racial posts but ease up the bullying of black people at least they keep it real.


    • …at least they keep it Marxist.

      Fixed it for you.

      The problem with your comment can be summed up with the following: There is no such thing as a “cycle of crime”.

      Crime is a choice and/or instinct.

      There are hundreds or destitute societies in the world, societies who live far poorer
      than do American Blacks, who do not begin to approach the crime of American Blacks (or African Blacks).

      To disassociate your predictable “blame the white man” response for Black crime in America, we can look at any homogenous nation that you want for inter-society comparisons. Any African country, any European country, and Asian country…take your pick.


      • on November 5, 2013 at 9:32 pm captain shadow

        black people in america are to blame for their crimes as everyone should be accountable for their actions. I’m saying white people are to blame for this foolish class case study. I love how you used a quote from my response, I found this cute. Yet you took it and ran in a completely different direction to the true theme of my comment. To answer your random moot point about crime being an instinct/choice not a cycle is pure speculation from you.


    • bullying? The picture in the OP is the real bullying.

      White complain about blacks for actual thing i.e. the observed higher crime rate etc

      whereas liberals are inventing entirely fictional scenarios specifically to demonise whites


    • What’s the excuse for the sky high crime rate of blacks outside of the US?


      • Some of them pretend that before they came into contact with Europeans there was no violence in Africa, that everything was rainbows and unicorns…

        That is about as likely as Santa Claus passing a 52 inches flat screen tv down an 8 inches chimney.

        The 4 year old kid has an excuse for being that gullible, but the white liberals and the “whitey made me do it” blacks? They are either malicious – lying trough their teeth – or too dumb to know how dumb they are.


      • Actually there is no evidence to show there was much violence in Africa.
        Battle lines where established quickly, but the main reason is there were plenty of resources.


      • Actually there is little evidence because no one in Africa ever invented a written language, paper, pencils, books or the printing press, thus they have no written history, no one ever kept track of anything.

        that does not mean that nothing ever happened

        they never had any census done either before Europeans showed up, but the fact they did not have census numbers does not mean Africa’s population was zero.

        All people on this planet have been at war at some time, why would Africans be the only pacific people, that is beyond absurd.


      • on November 11, 2013 at 7:17 am captain shadow

        You’re so ignorant.
        There are a couple more. It is hilarious watching whites clutch at the success of their colonial ancestors whilst simultaneously patting themselves on the back acting like it was actually them who helped shape the white man’s identity. When in reality it is these individuals who have allowed white’s to decline. It is like a modern black man taking credit for the discovery of fire.


      • A few caveman primitive drawings here and there…big deal!

        Show me where the history books written by Africans are that tells us what has happened over there in the last 500 years or 2000 years?

        Show me where the population census are?

        Show me where they have noted in great details, date, location, number of soldiers, weapons used , how many wounded, captured or dead in the war they waged?

        They have no written history, they have no real written language, they have no paper, no books, no printing press

        a few caveman primitive drawings are not a written language, a written history

        what about African music? do they have musical scores in Nsibidi?

        Nope, they don’t.

        Only white man came up with a way to write music to paper so other musicians could play it.

        The fact some Africans made some little primitive drawings that had a meaning before white man ever did create an elaborate written language does not take away any of white man’s merit.

        The fact the first musician was a black skinned Afdrican 150,000 years ago does not make Mozart or the Beatles less of musical genius.

        We are not taking credit for having invented fire, but we do take credit for having used it to make steel alloys and building sky-scrappers and rockets that go to Mars.

        It is not us white men who refuse to admit anything, it is you who refuse to admit what we did is far more advanced, far more evolved , far more absolutely mind blowing than anything and everything that was ever done in Africa.


  40. […] Fourth, the fantasy reply by the white man is something you wouldn’t hear in the West. Not anymore… […]


  41. “Non-whites hate us and are happy we are a race that is going almost extinct”

    We have a glimpse of a future where we are extinct. It is called…Detroit. ROFL


  42. on November 5, 2013 at 9:36 am captain shadow



  43. This is why Canucks from outside Toronto all hate on Toronto. Toronto is a haven for metrosexual manginas, fembots and other degenerate leftoids. Toronto best exemplifies the decadence of contemporary Western civilization.


  44. Here’s an interesting read for you:


  45. […] Leftist propaganda in Toronto. […]


  46. […] The Left’s Propaganda Machine ( […]


  47. “Second, no black woman waiting to ride a bus will gently rebuke a smoker in the King’s English: “Sir, could you please put out the cigarette as the smoke is being blown in my direction? I am very allergic to smoke. The sign on the wall says this is a no-smoking area.” 😆 !! Yeah, what universe does this happen in? More likely: “Yo, get dat smoke outta my face, mufugga, fo I wreck you azz!””

    I laughed for a good while!


  48. […] – I za kraj, školstvo po mjeri progresivaca. Primjer 1: […]