The Real Reason Why America Is Declining

Over at TCCC’s, (insiders will know who I’m talking about), conversation abounds with explanations for why the American median income is stagnating or falling, and why the country seems on an unstoppable collision course with a protracted recession/depression and diminution of world influence. (Read Peter Schaeffer’s comments for some righteous ownage of TCCC’s libertardian equalist crew and open border nutjob mercenaries, and then read Chris’s comments for the traitorous filth viewpoint.)

However, no one, in my opinion, comes as close to nailing in as succinct a manner as possible, what is really ailing America (and by extension the West) as commenter Charlesz Martel, who broadsides:

In a previous post, I mentioned that real-estate developers own politicians, or end up owning them. In this case, the bankers ended up owning the regulators.

What is happening to this country is simple: We are being re-assessed as to whether we are truly a first world country, or not. For years, America was a first-world country with a third world country inside it. This third world portion has now grown to almost a third of the country. We are now somewhere between a first and a second tier country; we just happen to be the biggest kid in the sandbox.

Read all about it:

And then lay down by the rivers of Babylon, and weep for what was and should have been.

Final note: Anytime you see a situation you don’t understand, look for the financial interest angle. (HT- Karl Marx). or, as Lenin said; “Who? Whom?”

It’s a funny thing. By their actions, every single motherfucking elitist liberal agrees in practice with what Martel wrote above. And yet not a one of them will cop to it. No, they’ll at best speak in euphemism, or they’ll gloat like moralistic hypocrites.

It’s status games all the way down… until the bottom is reached and it’s too late to crawl back out.


  1. I’ve always believed that what makes a country strong is not their intellectuals or educators, but their backbone of laborers who actually find joy in their hard work.

    Today, with every child of any intellect being given not just a grade school basic education but even a college level degree, we have lost our middle class laborers — the very people who keep the engine of my world running smoothly.

    My plumber, who earns a solid 6 figures, is Guatemalan. My electrician, who earns a solid 6 figures, is Polish. My HVAC guy, who earns a solid 6 figures, is Croatian. My car mechanic, who earns a solid 6 figures, is Slovakian.

    My “native” friends all have big degrees, and suffer through mediocre incomes working for someone else. The backbone people in my life, listed above, all work for themselves — and all of them want to return to their birth countries well before “retirement age”, taking their wealth — and knowledge, and hard work ethics — with them.


    • An interesting mirror of this is the movies. I watched The Deer Hunter for the first time (b. 1975) a couple years ago and was struck by how “blue collar” it felt: the guys worked in a steel mill, and when one of them got married, it was done in a VFW hall type-of-place, on a Friday night after finishing his shift, and for the honeymoon the newlyweds spent the weekend at a motel in the Poconos.

      These days, if a movie has a blue-collar protagonist, it’s a safe bet that the whole thing is going to be some mix of voyeurism and allegorical catnip for the SWPLs to engage in Walter Mitty-esque fantasizing about being the oppressed worker for once. It’s like a FOAF who is an acquisitions editor for a NY publisher once complained–all the book submissions she gets these days are about writers and writing. She said she’d kill to get a novel from a truck driver.


    • SWPL education, law, science, engineering, academic, and “business” jobs are killing off whites. And in the long run, Asians. Minorities who drop out and do real work are happier, healthier, and they have the offspring to show for it. The intellectual whitey is “remembered” in an obscure journal that measures the populations of Arctic whales in correlation with global warming. What a legacy.

      Curiously enough (or not, rather), religious fanatics like Orthodox Jews and Amish are the only populations that enjoy both high IQs and high fertility. Secular schools are the death of the West. Women just don’t like the betas who would actually rear kids at home instead of dropping them off at khildren kamp.


  2. TCCC?


    • something something about cheap chalupas. H seems to have noticed a trend towards open-boarders fetishism on the part of libertarian economists. I’ve found that lefties openly admit to craving openboarders as a way to get around that whole western civilization breeding people to yearn freedom thing. just replace the population with easily manipulated newbies.


      • Libertarians are not lefties. Libertarians are Classical Liberals and lefties are Marxists. Lefties love the fact that no one can seem to get the terminology correct. it allows them to hide their lies behind false labels, like Liberal.


      • yeah, they get so smugged up over how there’s some sort of magical difference between marxist, communist, and socialist. Nope, they’re all just thugs who want to steal your shit and be in charge of everything. Oh, sorry for failing to see the microparticle sized policy difference between the reasons why you’re starving millions of people and conducting show trials.

        But yeah, libertarians are generalized as cosnervatives who smoke pot, but this open borders cheap chalupas shit shows that they, like liberals, don’t care about our culture or history and would have it washed away because it just don’t matter (whereas to lefties, all that culture and history just stands in the way of their goals, which is another reason why lefties try to appropriate language to their ends…see Joe Biteme’s tax is patriotic idiocy).


      • i would put immigration as one of the three issues that all libertarians dont agree on, the other two being abortion and IP laws. some support, some oppose.


    • Tyler “Cheap Chalupas” Cowen, or whatever the fuck his last name is.


    • Over my head too, even after these good commenters’ explanation. Guess I’m not “inside” enough.


    • Tri County Community College. Thats where CH matriculated.


  3. Very true, but at least we can take comfort in the knowledge that many of these hypocrites will themselves feel the full force of their stupidity when TSHTF. I’m sure many of the true believers you speak of plan to ‘slip through the back door,’ so to speak, when things turn sour, but in all likelihood it won’t work out that way. The Third-Worldization of the US will affect everybody, not just those who can’t afford to postpone the inevitable by fleeing to gated communities. What will the hip, slick, trendy politicians do when their gated communities are being invaded by gun-wielding thugs and there aren’t any policemen or federal agents to protect them?


  4. I spend a lot of time thinking about the differences between Asia and America.

    My observation: In America, a Hulk Hogan can get a date more easily than an Albert Einstein, and in Asia it’s the reverse.

    No wonder our boys don’t study math and science as hard as those Asian boys!


    • I think you hit something. Back when I was ignorant of game, I always studied really hard to impress the girls (with no results, which seemed surprising at the time). Now that I know the truth, I succumb to laziness far more easily than before.

      Get the sexual incentives aligned properly in a country, and you’ll have many more people reaching their full potential. High IQ nerds who accomplish the most should be the ones getting the greatest amount of pussy, because without nerds to do science and invent stuff, a society is doomed. But in our society, politicians, actors, artists are rewarded with pussy instead of the really valuable people.


      • I don’t know why you say ‘politicians, actors and artists’ as though these are equivalents of Hulk Hogan. So you wouldn’t encourage Rembrandt or Mozart to breed? What about good presidents, like Jefferson?

        Scientists aren’t the only ones who make a society successful, nor are they necessarily the ‘brightest’; of course they’re bright, but so are plenty of others, others who are equally shut out of the mating game in the US.

        IMO, the problem in America is that excellence is discouraged across the board; if you excel, you’re seen as ‘elitist’. In America anyone who attempts to lift themselves above the mass is looked upon with great suspicion. The US is what a Nietzschean would call the ultimate ‘herd society’ because people are absolutely opposed to anyone rejecting mediocrity in favor of exceptionalism.

        The problem is not that politicians and artists can get laid, the problem is that phony, incompetent politicians and artists can get laid.

        In fact, there is little reason to want to totally shift to an East Asian societal model, because the emphasis on conformity doesn’t help for innovation, including scientific innovation.


      • ‘politicians, actors and artists’ can be distilled down to ‘fame’.


    • Have you looked at the asian birthrates? The women aren’t fucking their men. Low testosterone is a terrible curse for men who like having sex.


  5. It didn’t start w/ Obama.

    As much as I recognize the damage done to the job market by the requirement to pretend we’re all equal (liberal bs), there is also capitalist bullshit: starting about 1970, the middle class has been under attack, and has been decimated over the past 40 years.

    This is why Feminism happened: adding a second full-time income earner hid the effects of inflation (the dollar is worth 1/10 what it was in 1970).

    And it’s why illegal immigration keeps happening: to maintain a cheap supply of labor, primarily in food production, to hide the true cost of food today. Americans are willing to work hard, but not work hard AND STILL BE POOR; $10/hr today is like $1/hr in 1970 (i.e., poor).

    The Demos AND Repubs serve the richest less-than-one-percent (and Israel); they ignore and violate what’s in the best interests of the vast majority of U.S. citizens.


    • People have far higher expectations for the good life today than before. Most people in DC could still afford one salary if they grew up like I did in Ravensworth. Feminism wasn’t a disguise as much as an attempt to greatly expand the economy. It was a truism before it actually happened. Its one of the big reasons the Bolsheviks were so in favor of womens’ liberation. They wanted to tap into an underutilized pool of labor, especially since they killed so many people establishing their workers’ paradise.


    • That’s an insightful analysis right there. Raise the price of a Big Mac to $10, and you’d have a genuine mass riot on your hands – one that might actually make a difference.


  6. I disagree, the situation has nothing to do with the intelectually empty third-world / first-world dichotomy. Third-world countries have leaped in their development by simply adopting policies that are inducive to growth, just look at Estonia, from former communist shithole to a really wealthy ‘Baltic tiger’, i.e. labels don’t matter.

    A misguided-policy fueled bubble has burst in the US. Bad investments were made. Had they been liquidated 3 years ago, unemployment would now be declining, the economy would’ve been back in a course of recovery and the guys Occupying Wall St would probably not be protesting Goldman, Citi because they would have gone bankrupt years before and bought by some foreign conglomerate for cheap.

    Instead, the people who fucked up were rewarded because their generous contributions to the administration makes sure they get preferential treatment and trainfuls of newly printed Benjamins while everyone else foots the bill, hence the ‘people getting poorer part’.

    Its just 1929 all over again, a depression lasting for years because the government bases their actions on faulty ideas and wrongheaded theories.


    • “just look at Estonia”

      Estonia has a benefit that most other 3rd world countries don’t have: an average IQ of about 100 or slightly higher.

      As a citizen of Romania, I can tell you that even the difference between an average IQ of 100 and one of 94 – like in my country – is clearly visible. We are poorer than most other ex-communist countries in Eastern Europe, except for our Southern Slavic neighbors that have the same relatively low average IQ.


  7. I’m cool with restricting immigration–though strongly favor the “staple a green card to the cover of every Ph.D. thesis in an STEM field” idea–but hasn’t the US always been a mix of classes? Fifty years ago indoor plumbing and electricity were major advancements in Appalachia and the deep South.


    • Wait for some more time, and no body would come to the US. It enjoyed its glory now it is time for some other country and society….see what happened to Britain!


  8. Can I get a, “Wake up white man”?



    ministers wanted to radically change the country and “rub the Right’s nose in diversity”, had been correct in his account of Labour’s immigration policy.

    Teddy K wanted the same thing here, eh?
    see also


  10. from the preview in my feed I thought TCCC was the council of conservative citizens and you just ultra-DHVed a WN blog… oh well, good post anyway


  11. Charlesz Martel

    What is happening to this country is simple: We are being re-assessed as to whether we are truly a first world country, or not. For years, America was a first-world country with a third world country inside it.

    Pointing out the problem is easy.

    The solution is the resolution at those gates of Vienna.
    Anything else is a pretty word dance.


  12. Roll on the Asian century and the death of the cultural marxist west.


  13. The idea that the Chinese or Japanese or Indians are in any better shape is absurd.

    Weirdly, America has been able to financially opiate itself via export of the US Dollar as international money.

    This mechanism permits America to sustain an immense DoD — otherwise totally unaffordable.

    It’s our top ranked export. It’s also the reason why we keep getting sucked into being the global police — c.f. Libya — even when the populace objects.

    Even a poltroon like the Wan can’t help himself.

    Not mentioned in the screed: the Leveraged Buyout of Congress by alien and crony interests.

    Lacking any way to deal with the DoD in a head to head battle the opposition has shifted to corrupting our control mechanism.

    Hence, the fantastic corruption whereby the Wan received political donations from designated terrorist entities in the Gaza Strip!


  14. Unfortunately, the aggregate economic decline we are experiencing is caused by a perfect storm of dysgenic social, political, legal, and commercial factors. By far the best insight to the malady is the study of human nature. Economic incentives are but a mask for our true desires, which given free reign, will swiftly grind any civilization to dust. There is no one person to blame, as this malevolent symphony is performed by talented men and women, as human as you and I. As long as we live in a society which is built upon the denial and obfuscation of human desires, catastrophe is ensured.


  15. Abolishing public sector unions pretty much fixes all evils. Fixes finances, stops incentivizing more poverty, leninist SEIU, defunds democrat party… a fierce republican president solves this, signaling a turnaround.

    Overall economy is dynamic and incredibly strong, once the shackles of unionism, litigation, unnecessary regulation is lifted. Doom is not at hand… once the unions are tamed in Europe, the EU will be fixed.


  16. Prepare for a storm of hate against Heartiste.

    Heartiste can write about the joys of dating women who cut themselves, the occasional need to slap a woman, or the sexual attractiveness of 15 year old girls and this will bring some mild responses in disagreement.

    But when Heartiste writes about politics (or any issues that displease libtards or libertardians) LOOK OUT FOR THE HATE STORM THAT FOLLOWS!!!

    With that said don’t believe that America’s move to 3rd world status is some accident. It’s a necessary part in the move to global governance. The populations of the West have always been the biggest problem for globalist smaltzfuckers (great word Heartiste). The populations of Europe and America are well educated, independent minded, well armed, and relatively wealthy. These people won’t stand for a global standardization scheme.

    So something had to be done about them. Here’s the basic plan:

    1) Immigrants from the “developing world” would be flooded into the West.

    2) These immigrants and any national minorities would then be forced integrated with the White populations and communities. This would be made law by removing freedom of association, creating affirmative action and quotas. Anyone who objects to this is denied economic opportunities, status, and in some cases freedom itself.

    3) An information campaign is then implemented which demonizes Western culture and history. The old myths that helped form the identities of the West are replaced with new mythologies that make Whites into enemies of humanity and non-whites (like MLK) as morally superior heroes. People who oppose the mass immigration and forced integration are portrayed as mentally ill, evil, and pathological. The people of the West are constantly reminded of the inevitable brown future and that anything short of celebrating this makes you a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    Last, it’s important to remember that so called “anti-racism” is actually a code for anti-White.


  17. Shit looked worse under Carter. No gas for cars, Stagflation, Soviets about to nuke us, a pencil necked cunt President getting tooled by foreingers and balling us out for malaise, revolutions in the Mideast, hostages and military failures. Even Delta took a kick in the face at Desert One. All it took was Reagan, and we were back kicking ass and taking names in just four years, and by ’89 the Soviets were history.

    America is the greatest country on earth. Take out all the backstabbing Liberal pussies, and we will kick any other country’s ass, in about two seconds flat.

    All we need is a real leader, who hates Liberals, and holds them up to be the enemies of our nation that they are. All we need is for the country to realize how disasterous Liberalism is.

    Thanks to 0bama, we’re already well on our way there.


  18. Regarding the comment thread, Geoff Olynyk had the most insightful take on things. He detailed a very profound theory. Peter Schaeffer’s points were of some interest but his points were successfully counter-argued for the most part by a person named Chris.

    [Heartiste: No they weren’t. Chris is an idiot.]

    And the lamest, most simplistic and utterly meaningless points are made by WMD above. WMD-so Liberals are the reason it is taking 10 plus years to kick Afghanistan’s ass? And in just 4 years, how much debt did Reagan add? The Soviets are were not about to nuke us, the Iranian revolution was a result of our government meddling in the overthrow of their government back in the 50’s, and the Soviets are not history-do not for a minute underestimate Putin. What we are finding out and waking up to, is how disasterous conservatism has been to our economy and the average working man.


    • The bottom line is if we didn’t have Liberals in this country, the war against AQ would have looked radically different. Think Grozny. No nation bulding bullshit, just “Fuck with us and you and your family will mysteriously die, and no medical examiner will even know what killed all of you, let alone who did it.”

      I know, too manly for Liberal pussies, but effective, as the Russians have shown. How many Saudi Imams protested Grozny, or any other Russian adventures in the Caucasus?

      Preach hate against the US, anywhere in the world, and you will die, and so will your family.

      I know, too loyal to the US, and not supportive enough of our enemy’s interests for a Liberal, but again, effective none the less.

      Oddly enough, I suspect fewer people would have died in the long term if these policies were implemented, as most of the terrorist leaders would have decided terrorism isn’t that good of an idea. The leaders are always the ones who try to live by hiding out, and without them, the guys in bomb vests wouldn’t be able to string two thoughts together, let alone work out logistics.

      Our economy would look different without Liberals too. No welfare handouts. The leaches who eat up that crap would either begin to work and contribute, or voluntarily move to Canada, Britian, and other welfare states, leaving the productive in the US, to produce greatness unfettered.

      Every citizen would be free, and could strive, without some Liberal loser telling him he is evil for succeeding, or trying to tie the failure of someone who never even tried to succeed around his neck.

      I know, that doesn’t reek with a loser’s envy enough for a Liberal, but again, it would produce a productive nation of producers.

      The bottom line is all the handouts (which Liberals support) are unsustainable. The miracle fairydust 0bama promised, isn’t going to stop the collapse. Let’s face it, 0bama was the birghtest, most competent Liberal Liberals could find. He was Liberalism’s best shot. He was going to fix everything. And all he’s done is turn the country into a laughingstock. Peace in the mideast? Jobs? Obamacare? The only things he’s done right are continuations of Bush policies in Iraq and Afganistan, and bowing.

      As a result, we are on a path where sooner or later the handouts will stop, because the productive won’t be able to support the unproductive. There literally won’t be enough money. What is it they’re saying, by 2040, all the US will be able to pay for is Social security, Medicare, DOD, and debt service?

      Either the handouts are going to be voluntarily stopped, and the government will be shrunken massively voluntarily before 2040, or the handouts are going to be involuntarily stopped, and the government will be shrunken massively involuntarily after then.

      Either way, the Democratic voter in 2040 will be to Canada what the Mexicans are to us today. Bet on it.

      From Rome to the USSR, your model of government is unsustainable. Ruthless, Darwinian Capitalism is the only model which will tool along indefinitely, until Liberalism infects it and begins to undo it.



      • I think it will be considerably sooner than 2040.

        Anyone familiar with Strauss and Howe’s work?

        1946-1963 The High
        1964-1983 The Awakening
        1984-2000 The Unraveling
        2001-? Crisis

        I think ?=2019 at the latest, followed by a High.

        The commie scums will be cleaned out of our institutions by awoken, determined patriots.


    • It only took us a few months, largely using Afgan Northern Alliance and other anti Taliban forces lead by our special forces and assisted by our air force acting as artillery, to topple the Taliban, chase Mullah Omar and Osama Bin Laden and al Qaeda generally from the country, not able to us it any longer as their open training ground.

      What’s taken 10 years is to try to bring democracy to a country that had never known it and had no tradition of it, and to prop up the currupt Karzi government. That hasn’t been worth it.

      We should have left there long ago, but told the Afgans including the Taliban that if they let al Qaeda back into the country again, we’re bombing them again – whoever’s in power.


      • Why on earth is this comment like all my others lately going to moderation. This is a new development for me here. Heartiste you never diss my comments and have never not any of them (eventually) recently and for the last three years. Please tweak things so this doesn’t happen to absolutely everything, not just stuff with lots of links.

        [Heartiste: Doug1, your comments are not moderated, or not for very long at any rate. No idea what’s going on if you think some of your comments are not getting through.]


      • @ Doug1 and Heartiste

        I don’t know how the moderating tool works on WordPress, but it would be nice if regulars could be put on a safe list, with moderating only instituted for unknown quantities and female trolls.


      • Okay, two of those went up because the first one vanished into thin air when I posted it, not even showing the “in moderation” notice. Maybe something’s up with WP today.


  19. WMD

    Shit looked worse under Carter.

    I agree with you in spirit. But, no – it was not worse under Carter…

    All it took was Reagan, and we were back kicking ass and taking names in just four years

    …because Reagan had factories with jobs to put Americans back into. Now, it is WE who are the Soviets; close to collapse due to Governmental mismanagement.

    All we need is a real leader, who hates Liberals, and holds them up to be the enemies of our nation that they are.

    Don’t you see? The black, the Illegal, the SWPL and all their supporters will prevent that as passionately as you believe your own ideology.

    This time, voting alone will not save America.


    • Practical day to day was worse under Carter. I mean 2 mile lines at the gas pumps, to get a ration of gasoline?

      The outlook may be worse now, but it doesn’t have to be.

      “The black, the Illegal, the SWPL and all their supporters will prevent that as passionately as you believe your own ideology.”

      There is one difference. Liberalism can’t win. The logic of nature won’t allow it. If Liberals get everything they dream of into law – the government collapses. No handouts, no social programs, nothing Liberals want will survive.

      Liberals live in a fantasy land of unlimited money, that never runs out. A government which is always there. a world where a small productive class manages to work ever harder to support an unproductive class that is exploding in number exponentially.

      Liberals did the same thig in Rome, where they increasingly taxed agriculture to provide welfare – to the point all the farmers stopped farming and went on welfare.

      Opps. No food. Liberals back then never thought of that. And today, none of them can see the day, just around the corner, when the whole system will collapse becasue there simply isn’t enough money to pay all the apparatchiks they need to administer all their cherished social programs.

      What will reemerge after the collapse will be a smaller government, more local in nature, and a self regulated economy, where people trade things of value for things of value. Don’t have anything of value? Well you better get your ass moving, as nobody will be in the mood to support you.

      There is no realistic means by which Liberalism can persist in mankind.

      It may get ugly for a while, but the US will always be free, and real (non-Liberal) Americans will always find a way to make it great.


  20. “To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”

    -Thomas Jefferson to John Taylor, Monticello, 28 May 1816.

    “when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.”

    -Declaration of Independence


    • Tommy would do well to revivify and study some modern military armaments. Laser rifles, sound cannons, bio-bombs, robot aircraft & tanks …. there will be no throwing off of anything.


  21. Oh come on:

    Blue collar jobs began to decline in the 80s with power assistance on assembly lines, robots plus computer assisted inventory. That, plus the new generation of super efficient cargo ships meant that blue collar labour became priced internationally.

    Therefore in the 90s politicians restructured the US banking system to give the working class jobs by stimulating building. The trouble is, you only need so many houses eventually the thing ran out of steam.

    That, plus computerization meant that many white collar clerking jobs have vanished forever.


  22. “The Gods of the Copybook Headings,” by Rudyard Kipling

    As I pass through my incarnations in every age and race,
    I make my proper prostrations to the Gods of the Market-Place.
    Peering through reverent fingers I watch them flourish and fall.
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings, I notice, outlast them all.

    We were living in trees when they met us. They showed us each in turn,
    That water would certainly wet us, as Fire would certainly burn:
    But we found them lacking in Uplift, Vision, and Breadth of Mind,
    So we left them to teach the Gorillas while we followed the March of Mankind.

    We moved as the Spirit listed. They never altered their pace,
    Being neither cloud nor wind-borne like the Gods of the Market-Place;
    But they always caught up with our progress, and presently word would come
    That a tribe had been wiped off its icefield, or the lights had gone out in Rome.

    With the Hopes that our World is built on they were utterly out of touch.
    They denied that the Moon was Stilton; they denied she was even Dutch.
    They denied that Wishes were Horses; they denied that a Pig had Wings.
    So we worshiped the Gods of the Market Who promised these beautiful things.

    When the Cambrian measures were forming, They promised perpetual peace.
    They swore, if we gave them our weapons, that the wars of the tribes would cease.
    But when we disarmed They sold us and delivered us bound to our foe,
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “Stick to the Devil you know.”

    On the first Feminian Sandstones we were promised the Fuller Life
    (Which started by loving our neighbor and ended by loving his wife)
    Till our women had no more children and the men lost reason and faith,
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “The Wages of Sin is Death.”

    In the Carboniferous Epoch we were promised abundance for all,
    By robbing selective Peter to pay for collective Paul;
    But, though we had plenty of money, there was nothing our money could buy,
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “If you don’t work you die.”

    Then the Gods of the Market tumbled, and their smooth-tongued wizards withdrew,
    And the hearts of the meanest were humbled and began to believe it was true
    That All is not Gold that Glitters, and Two and Two make Four —
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more.

    As it will be in the future, it was at the birth of Man —
    There are only four things certain since Social Progress began: —
    That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her mire,
    And the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire;
    And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins
    When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins,
    As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,
    The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return!

    (As explained by Glenn Beck below… note paragraph six, please.)


  23. Funny how people have to pay to listen to Glenn Beck now. Personally, I think I should be paid every time I have to listen to his paranoid drivel.


  24. So it’s the brown man’s fault… as usual… RACIST


  25. i don’t know if this embed tag’ll work but ….

    look at this mega-beta schlub slavoj zizek picking spergerly at himself as he attempts to rabble-rouse amid a flock of dumpy SWPLs



    i thought this was a fascinating article that goes in line with what you have always been saying.


  27. on October 12, 2011 at 12:29 pm morbidlyobeseftw

    On a related note, here’s evidence of decline of a once great American publication:

    Hef gets slim pickings in Houston.


  28. WMD

    What will reemerge after the collapse will be a smaller government, more local in nature, and a self regulated economy, where people trade things of value for things of value. It may get ugly for a while

    Ugly is an understatement. Collapse means the LA riots – with guns – unending, in a barter economy where food is traded for protection. Think Haiti and Rwanda stirred by heavily armed ethnic tribes. All civilization and peace vanishes into real war, where you sleep in freezing dirt, amazed you wake up alive.

    And, you make your enemy feel likewise. Only if you are prepared to endure until your enemy is destroyed will you survive.

    …but the US will always be free, and real (non-Liberal) Americans will always find a way to make it great.

    “Always” is a dangerous word.

    Especially in a US where I see no cohesive group to make it great – even in the midst of all this splendor.


    • I don’t agree.

      It will be bad. Those who don’t produce will die. I remember a relative telling stories about the Great Depression. Guys starving to death, coming to her back door, begging her family for a scrap of bread. They didn’t dare give one, both because of how little they had, and fear of attracting more beggars.

      But the ideas of wanton violence are over blown. Overwhelmingly, the people with guns are principled. Communities will become tighter, people will not go out at night, and there will be a lot of shooting, shutting up, and shoveling over when the rabble come to burgle a house in an neighborhood. Groups may even deal out vigilante justice.

      Most of the killing will be done by the sucessful today. They have the intellects, the trustworthyness to form cohesive groups, and the money. How many gang bangers will be able to afford a SCAR-17, be trustworthy enough to form a cohesive group, and smart enough to operate in a tactical environment? How many bangers will have copious ex-military in their ranks? How many bangers will be tight enough with their neighbors next door to call on them for backup?

      Overall, this will thin the ranks of the class which created the mess. Either the welfarites will leave for greener, more Socialist grasses, or they will die of starvation, or they will get killed while committing crimes, or they will learn to produce.

      What will be left after the cleansing will be a leaner, more loyal, more productive society, which believes in welfare less, and which values freedom, loyalty, and morals more.

      A cop kills a pedophile, and maybe the shoot isn’t “legit?” They will give him the benefit of the doubt. A Liberals says it would be immoral to torture a terrorist to save Americans from an attack? The Liberal will be ridiculed, and maybe even beaten down, by a group which won’t tolerate their disloyal stupidity, the way today’s populace will. This will radically change the nature of the nation, for the better.

      It will be uncomfortable. Bartering will be difficult, compared with simple currency based trade. Personal security, the violent arts, and situational awareness will become second nature, and will occaisionally even be needed (again, culling the Liberals from our populace.) We will have to be careful, learn to drive like madmen, and develop a level of savy which is largely absent from the masses today. But we will do it, and it will just become second nature.

      In the end, the Liberal, through their own pansy-assed stupidity, will bring about the very circumstances which will cull our population for Conservatism.

      They may break France for a while, Britain may follow temporarily, Greec will have a lot of pain. And God have mercy on whatever poor Socialist shithole is best off financially, as they will see a flood of undesirables, of all colors.

      But America has a kick ass strain of human which will dominate those selective circumstances, and emerge as the majority. Once that strain takes over, we will rapidly dominate the world, and civility will return quite quickly.

      We will also be a nation you won’t want to fuck with, because we will be made up of people who won’t brook any fantasy-world, lets love our enemies, pacifist shit.


      • And all this hatred, anger, and distrust helps you with women how? Or do you just try to game women who go to gun shows? Just because someone has a different opinion and plan for how society should operate doesn’t mean they have less morals or are less loyal. How about trying to focus on what can fixed in society versus focusing on trying to create a society that sounds like something from Pakistan’s tribal regions. All this anger may start affecting your blood pressure-might want to check it


      • I didn’t sense any anger or hatred from his post just a desire to go back to a world that makes sense. You know where the producers actually flourish and free loaders die? I don’t want to pay welfare for some single mother and her 6 kids. I don’t really care if her children die because if you cant afford them dont have them. We’ve been tolerating people’s irresponsible choices for too long and that’s part of why we are in the mess we are today.


      • Corporate welfare is a much bigger drain on society than a few women with a few kids. It takes 2 people to make a kid-what’s your opinion on the role guys play in creating these supposed freeloaders? Is it an opinion of Alpha males can fuck whomever they want and walk away from a pregnant woman because Alphas gotta do what Alphas gotta do? Go back to a world that makes sense? You have lots of different societies and lots of different eras to pick from, I will be interested in reading about what you think a good template is for your idea of a world that makes sense.


      • The problem is, you don’t look ahead. The few women with a few kids, becomes a lot of women with a lot of kids, becomes more fucking kids than we can afford to support.

        It’s made worse by the fact that some women start turning out as many kids as they can, to get as much money as they can.

        Mathematically, over many generations, that is bad, especially given the low birthrates of the responsible citizens.

        Here’s a model of a good world for you. If you work, you keep what you earn. If someone else fucks up, they bear the burden of their fuckup, themselves. That serves as a disincentive to fucking up, and it will prevent fuckups in the future.

        Under the Liberal model, if someone works, their reward is siezed. If someone else fucks up, they are paid for their fuckup from the workers earnings. That will serve as an incentive to fuckup, and it will produce an ever increasing number of fuckups which will be paid for by the guy who works.

        Is it me, or is that fucking insane?


      • It’s you. The situation of technology replacing the need for as many workers as in the past and corporations outsourcing work to foreign countries is a greater danger to the average working person than having some of the workers ” reward ” being taken. There is such a thing as the common good. You sound like a very anti-social guy. Sounds like a cabin in the Idaho mountains would be ideal for you


      • First, Chicks dig real men.

        Second, Don’t take this personally, but you’re a Liberal pussie. As a result, you can’t read other people, and don’t understand real men. Anything beyond a Kumbaya Hippie pacifist circle jerk is viewed by you as angry. My post wasn’t angry, it was contemptuous. There is a difference.

        I want for my fellow Americans to be free. I welcome the uncertainty of freedom in life. I take responsibility for my actions. As a result, I would be ashamed to use force of government to take what another had earned, either for myself or for others. That is a gross abridgment of the freedom of the American I stole from, and I would be ashamed to do it.

        As a result, I view myself as principled. And I view every Liberal as a coward, who would hide behind force of government, in a cowardly attempt to take success from others. I view it as a Liberal’s cowardice and envy leading them to try and elevate their own relative position by tearing down the successful, while deceptivly claiming it is being done to be nice.

        As a result, I view Liberals contemptuosly. It’s an intellectual and philospohical copntempt for an inferior specimen, which is wholly different from anger.

        You said :”Just because someone has a different opinion and plan for how society should operate doesn’t mean they have less morals or are less loyal.”

        Actually Liberal Professor John Jost. from NYU, has made a career studying the personality traits of political ideology. In his papers he is quite clear, Liberals are less “rule governed” in social interactions (read moral) and less loyal to in-group. He actually cites adherence to rules and loyalty as two of the fundamental factors separating ideologies. I can get you the cites, if you want.

        I mean Libs wanted to release the Al Qaida Uighurs at Gitmo onto the streets of DC so as to not infringe on their “rights,” by sending them back to China, where they originally came from and where they wanted to kill innocent people. Liberals had actually arranged the release into DC with a Uighur cultural group in Virginia. These are radical Islamic terrorists our guys caught as they fled an Al Qaida terrorist camp we bombed in Afghanistan during the initial invasion (They headed to Afghanistan after Sept 11 to join the Jihad). When it came out this was about to happen, Obama changed tack, and last I heard (in the NY Times) the Uigers were living a fully US subsidized life on a cliff-side house, overlooking a beach in Bermuda.

        Let me repeat, Islamic terrorists who traveled to Afghanistan after Sept 11 to kill our troops, which our military captured and sent to Gitmo, were sent to Bermuda, where Libs are using US taxpayer dollars to fund their Bermuda vacation lifestyle.

        If taking every American’s dollars, and giving it to these terrorists, for a cliffside beach house in Bermuda isn’t disloyalty to Americans, or immoral theft, I don’t know what is. If you aren’t ashamed of it, or try to defend it, you are disloyal to our nation too, and immoral, and don’t even know it.

        To thine own self, be true, cockbreath.


  29. I know I sound like a broken record, but it isn’t top down governmental policies that are destroying our society. We are decaying from the inside out. Our fundamental reproductive unit (the family) is toast. Debating the cause is fruitless. The fact is that women as married mothers is a shrinking demographic. The traditional moral mouthpieces (church, community, family) have been muted or coopted by the present psycho-therapy assumptions of individual-centered happiness seeking.

    And I see no quick fix. I don’t think we can put the genie back in the bottle. Traditional, dogmatic religion based upon irrational mythology is not going to come back. Somehow as a society we have to move forward through the looking glass and find new social institutions and moral consensus that supports success, responbility, and self-imposed morality through critical thinking and empathy towards otheres. Not an easy task.


  30. WMD

    Those who don’t produce will die.

    Those who don’t produce rob, rape and steal. Just as they do currently.

    But the ideas of wanton violence are over blown

    Your premise is based on the glorious past’s “Gentlemen Hobos.” Hollywood iconified plain, simple, plucky folks just looking to get by – not modern America’s racial demographic looking for revenge.

    There’s a big difference between the population of whites, the black and hispanic of 1930 and today. There’s a big difference between humbly seeking shelter in a barn after a hard day of hopping freight cars and today’s MSM suppressed, encouraged, racial payback.

    While I despise Liberals as much as you (probably more), you must never underestimate the stupid. Numerically superior dimwits enraged by payback turned the Eastern Front into crushing victory.

    Most of the killing will be done by the sucessful today. They have the intellects, the trustworthyness to form cohesive groups, and the money. How many gang bangers will be able to afford a SCAR-17

    Don’t put all your faith in a revamped FN-FAL. If a gang wants a weapon, they buy it with drug money, stolen goods or just steal it.

    Gangs now have AR-15’s, Remington and Mossberg combat shotguns, police scanners and scoped .308s. A History Channel Gangland showed LA gangs employing such ordnance. Zetas now have Barrett .50s. Many US urban gangs do, also.

    Think of Mogadishu. Think of all those countries we’ve “won” in – but still can’t walk around. Today’s successful (as you call them) are the very same who fought and bled for the right for Ja’mare to collect welfare; not too smart.

    I agree fully with your warrior mentality, but the groups you champion have no idea how to play offense – just defense.


    • First, what you describe will be an incredibly strong selective pressure on our population. After ten years of it, will there be more, or less Liberals? Will those Liberals left be more or less vociferous in their calls for Liberalism?

      I’m guessing most Liberals will flee to a less “diverse,” more socially Liberal environment like Canada. The remaining majority of pissed off Conservatives left will pretty much shut up what Libs are left with ridicule, and in personal settings, probably subtle threats of violence, since they will blame Liberal stupidity for a very real threat to their way of life.

      Second, will the welfarites be better off or worse off, once the handouts stop? I don’t know the numbers, but I’d bet all of the drug/theft/criminal revenue presently entering the ghetto pales in comparison to the federal welfare payouts presently flooding in. If the Welfare ends, I suspect the criminal income will not fill the void, or even come close. The result will be a ghetto where people don’t have the excess resources to fund a sustained, effective campaign against those who earn. It will be like Africa during a famine – everybody will be too busy trying to survive to go out and battle others. Those few who do get a sizable criminal fortune amassed, will rapidly become targets in the ghetto, and have their hands full.

      “Don’t put all your faith in a revamped FN-FAL. ”

      I don’t, you blasphemous bastard (you’ve got to admit, you want one). I put it in the Americans like you and me who have weapons, know how to use them, and are familiar with the social (and otherwise) terrain of their neghborhood.

      “Today’s successful (as you call them) are the very same who fought and bled for the right for Ja’mare to collect welfare; not too smart.”

      As I said, the coming difficulties will rectify that, and once they do, the cultural equation will be radically changed. Cops will have a freer hand, and they will use it because these thugs will be threatening their families too. Violence by police on the criminals will be tolerated. Politicains who oppose it will lose offices. The ACLU will be viewed as hopelessly stupid, and even the enemy of decent Americans. Welfare will not be given so freely, as people take back their money in favor of charities, where they can disbuse the money specifically to the deserving. And Big Government, big spending Liberalism will be seen as the cause of the collaspe, and all of the ills it produces.

      “Think of Mogadishu. Think of all those countries we’ve “won” in – but still can’t walk around.”

      But a surge strategy can change things. Here, we will have millions of Americans spread out into communities, and working together, to keep the peace, and create safety.

      “I agree fully with your warrior mentality, but the groups you champion have no idea how to play offense – just defense.”

      Americans have a long history of getting caught flat-footed in battles that we were ill prepared to fight, and then adapting and winning in record time.

      In the end, Liberalism is going to be the first casualty of this. Liberals will leave, die, or go into hiding. As soon as they do, expect National Concealed Carry, the shooting of thieves on sight, regardless of threat, and Cops gone wild.

      Even today, Texas just had a case of a guy who saw a burglar in his neighbor’s house. He called 911, and was told Cops were coming. He told the Operator he was going to go outside, and kill the thief. The operator said no, don’t do that, but he did anyway, because the theif was getting away. Shot the kid in his neighbor’s yard, in the back, with a shotgun, as the kid was leaving with the Neighbor’s TV. No charges were even filed, and when the local community organizer showed up to protest, everyone came out of their house, formed a mob, and chased him off.That Texas legislation will go national, as will that attitude.

      Basically, Americans *are* great, and we will overcome. I could even make a case that evolution designed (non-Liberal) human beings more for what is coming, than it did for sitting in a cubicle and taking shit from some pencilnecked boss.

      When it is all over (and it will end, just as the Depression did), we will have fewer welfare sloths, fewer Liberals, greater loyalty to each other, and we will live in a society which values individual freedom. Such a society will thrive, and suddenly, greatness will reemerge.

      Never bet against Americans.


  31. You bet I want one – I want everything.

    I thought like you, but I’ve modified that projected result of future America to look not like 1776 2.0, but like Rome 600 A.D. A territory overrun by barbarians unfit to maintain the roads, engineer or read; only fit to slop pigs.

    My view has shifted recently because while we (and those who think as we do) could produce the results you write, those younger than us who’ll eventually replace us are inferior and not up to the task.

    While I would never bet against the Americans of the past, today’s Americans routinely display the downward trend of inadequate character.

    A glimpse of that (yet again) is that only you and I remain here discussing this serious issue.

    So, perhaps on some future, sodden field full of smoke and mayhem, we can meet and exchange a password relating to our discussion today and extend a hand in comradeship.


    • on October 14, 2011 at 5:19 pm MilXtianFndmntlst

      You neocons. I would almost welcome you into the fold, were you not so full of nihilist existential confusion. Maybe you’re the only ones left discussing, because you’re on a nihilist sex blog where most men are looking to decieve women (and themselves, if they’re good enough) for cheap thrill. To quote a liberal studies professor (lol, serious) Darwinism is a threat to your species.

      “I began this lecture by mentioning that many people in North America flatly refuse to accept Darwin’s ideas. As a final footnote to this cursory discussion, one might observe that there is a Darwinian explanation for the refusal to accept Darwin. Given the very pessimistic conclusions about moral purpose to which his theory drives us, and given the importance of a sense of moral purpose in helping us cope with life, a refusal to believe Darwin’s theory may have important survival value.”


      • “Maybe you’re the only ones left discussing, because you’re on a nihilist sex blog where most men are looking to decieve women (and themselves, if they’re good enough) for cheap thrill. ”

        Probably true, we don’t belong here. I cruised over after someone pointed me here, due to some analysis I posted on behavior. I stayed and posted because I am curious what the psychologies are that operate here. Roissy seems to be a Conservative/Libertarian, despite his semi negative views on women and promiscuous mating strategy – both Liberal traits. I’m hoping he will let slip something which will explain the psychological origin of this, but he is probably sharp enough to not let it out.

        I can see why some Conservatives would hang here, though. This place is a goldmine for those who are fascinated by behavior and psychology.

        “To quote a liberal studies professor (lol, serious) Darwinism is a threat to your species.”

        I wouldn’t quote Liberal studies professors. Any imbecile can take Liberal Studies courses ad infinitum, get straight A’s, and end up with a PhD – and precious few job prospects.

        And as one would expect, in the end, he got it exactly backwards. Liberals are the ones who fear Darwin (for good reason), and feel everyone else ought to as well. Everytime Conservatives propose a social structure that is determined by merit based competitions, Liberals are the ones who decry it by screaming “Social Darwinism.” As if everyone should recoil in the face of the word “Darwin.” Then there is Gun Control. Armed conflict with criminals is Darwinian. Yet Liberals want everyone disarmed, and everyone to just surrender to the criminal, and hope he doesn’t hurt them. And then there were Marx’s writings. And Hobbes. and Alinsky. Liberals hate Darwin, the state of nature, or any environment with merit based winners and losers.(Now why would that be?)

        If Darwin is such a threat to the Conservative species, why do we embrace it, while you run from it? (Rhetorical question. Obviously your aversion to a free competitive environment, and your desire to punish success, are Darwinian adaptations themselves, designed to grant an inferior specimen advantage in a population of superiors who are competing with each other, and attaining success.)

        See you at the Darwinian cleansing that’s coming. For about two seconds.

        Ta ta.


    • Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship….

      As for the rest, you might be right. But natural selection is a powerful force. We saw the Dark ages before, after an extended period of civilization-limited natural selection. Then the Black Plague swept through, and preferentially killed those who lived in cramped quarters, dense populations, and were malnourished (ie, the poor city dwellers).

      Very quickly the Renaissance began.

      If the Libs and the Welfarites flee to greener socialist pastures elsewhere due to an absence of national tolerance of them, America’s best days will arrive quite quickly.

      Have faith, and keep your powder dry.


  32. My prediction is that by the end of 2020, despite America’s better efforts; you will have a great big Chinese dick up your ass.


  33. “The Jewish people as a whole will become its own Messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship.

    In this New World Order the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.”

    I think this quote has been proven a hoax but it is nonetheless true to the motives of international jewry in their successful campaign to destroy western civilization.


  34. “Quantitative easing is like filling a car with petrol when the tank is disconnected from the engine.”

    Simon Jenkins – The Guardian