Why Alimony Must End

A girl pal was telling me about the uncle of one of her friends. His wife had left him, moved way out of state, and met some new guy who became her live-in boyfriend. Get this: the ex-wife refused to marry the live-in bf because she wanted to keep the alimony spigot open. Years later, she’s still unmarried, still boffing the bf, and still collecting alimony from the ex-hubby beta uncle, who, by all accounts, is a stand-up guy that everyone (except, apparently, his ex-wife) really likes and admires. He doesn’t know where the money goes because the kids are with him most of the time. He thinks most of it funds his ex’s vacations with her lover.

The problem with America’s anti-male marriage and divorce industrial complex is that it allows women’s normally inhibited cuntery — when just and fair, and some might say patriarchal, rules constrain their choices — to effloresce beyond the bounds necessary to maintain a healthy, functioning society. A good rule of thumb: if a woman thinks she can get away with sticking the shiv in a beta to redound to her personal advantage, she will.

There is no feminist in the world who can twist her hamster logic enough to convince anyone worth convincing that legally forcing a man to pay alimony to an ex-wife who refuses to remarry so that the alimony gravy train keeps riding is even remotely within the universe of fairness. A fucking two year old can tell you that this is bullshit on stilts.

Since feminists are so irrational, it’s best to ignore them and focus on persuading people who matter of the rights or wrongs of certain laws and policies. Unfortunately, the number of persuadable people who matter is next to zero in the funhouse amusement theme park formerly known as America.

Assuming for a moment that the elites currently womanning the legal, political, academic and media institutions haven’t gone completely insane or malevolent (a big assumption nowadays), a sensible correction to this blatantly man-hating legal policy (greased by the oily secretions of the world’s number one parasites — divorce lawyers) is a new policy which states in unequivocal terms that any alimony to an ex-wife ends as soon as the tip of another man’s cock pierces her outer labia.

And that’s just a minor concession to fairness. In a truly sensible world which took account of the changed modern mating landscape, there would be no alimony at all. The whole thing’s a fucking sham — like just about everything else that oozes out of courtrooms, boardrooms, ad rooms and legislative committees these days — designed to steal redistribute wealth and prestige from rules-playing beta suckers to bloodsucking grievance groups. You wonder if someday the dutiful and honor-bound betas will wake up to their dispossession, but then you have to remember that impotently bending over and taking it up the poop chute again and again is probably encoded in their DNA, so they really can’t help themselves.


  1. Smash the matriarchy!


  2. Yes, this is one of the reason I decide not to marry. I am a kind of a beta but in current landscape marriage for me means social and financial suicide.
    Better I learn the game.


    • This is quite germane to the conversation. Heartiste is focusing on a very small subset of the Orwellian dystopia that is family law. We cannot lose sight of the structural malevolence towards men, and particularly men without power.

      Alimony is but a footsoldier in the Third Feminist Reich, and its power continues to grow as it re-purposes the nation’s social, political, economic and academic engines to its will. This is not a war that can be won by neutrality, as the past four decades have shown. The incentives exist for the elites to perpetuate this war machine’s influence till there is no escape, and all free men are but one false accusation away from imprisonment.

      The false dichotomy between PUA, MRA, MGTOW and all other permutations must end. Movements are created based upon mutually shared interests, not trivial disagreements. All men’s movements agree that family law as it stands must be abolished completely, and each individual must be accountable for his or her own financial subsistence. We can then move onto abolishing the vast state funding of affirmative action programs for females. Finally, we must destroy the pervasive favouritism in the judicial system, and ensure males and females are punished equally for equivalent crimes. The completion of these goals will help every man in this country, minus the very few elites and other parasites who stand to gain from the current paradigm.

      It is nigh time for men to consider the reality of our situation, and begin a genuine Manhattan project to end this war once and for all. We must not be fooled by bread and circus, for soon the circus will end and we will be left as caged animals, unable to escape from reality’s iron grasp.


      • I hereby give you a round of applause. Great comment.


      • “Third Feminist Reich”

        Considering Hitler said:

        “Let me say this to all the literary know-it-alls and philosophers of equality: Do not deceive yourselves! There are two separate arenas in the life of a nation”: that of men and that of women. Nature has rightly ordained that men head the family and are burdened with the task of protecting their people, the community. The world of the woman, when she is fortunate, is her family, her husband, her children, her home. From there she can see the whole. The two arenas together join to form a community that enables a people to survive. We want to build a common world of both sexes in which each sees its own tasks, tasks that it alone can do and therefore can and must do alone.

        If a woman jurist does the best possible work, but next to her lives a woman who has given birth to five, six or seven healthy children who are well educated, I would say the following: From the standpoint of the eternal values of our people, the woman who has borne and raised children has done more, given more, accomplished more for the future of our people!”

        Your statement’s not quite true.


      • It no doubt focuses on the totalitarian spirit of the Nazis rather than actual fact of their ruling philosophy.


      • The Third Reich passed laws making it a capital offense for a German man to have sex with a Russian woman. Accepting and adhering to that would have to be the most gamma thing a man could do and German alphas disobeyed it on the front I believe. That particular Hitler speech was meant to stroke the egos of (suck up to) a bunch of conservative housewives and, unlike Stalin, Hitler actually depended on the good will of this demographic to keep himself in power.


      • You’re right about the prohibition on contact with locals but actually, Germans didn’t have a lot of sexual contact with local women in the Soviet Union. Germans were very disciplined that way. It happened, but was generally exceptional. Rape was also rather exceptional. My Grandfather served in Russia. The OPTEMPO didn’t allow it for one, fear of partisans was another big reason. My grandfather lost a few men that way and they set the example. Men would be killed once they were in a compromising position.


      • I agree with your comments. In our present situation, what would you consider our version of the Manhattan project?


      • I would think it should as a minimum define what it is we wish to achieve and spell it out. Once that is defined, one could develop a strategy for how to achieve it at the state and local level. That’s what our enemies did. They were ruthless and well organized and remain so.


    • Bill, good call.

      And if you want to have your blood curdle, read “Taken Into Custody” by Baskerville; you will not FIN believe how evil things are, and how far the rot has spread; think you live under the constitution? Sorry pal!

      Since the passage of the Violence Against Women Act – you don’t. You can be tossed into the street and have your kids taken – without trial, without charges, without even being able to defend yourself. GTFO, pal, and thanks for playing.

      Every time I read an article about a man who shoots up an ex or a courthouse, I have to smile – they musta finally figured out their slave status and didn’t like it. Order the book and learn – it will be beyond the scariest movie or story you’ve ever heard.


  3. I just discovered that during the Carnaval in Mexico they have a special day called El Dia del Marido Oprimido—the day of the oppressed husband. Married men are officially granted one “day” of liberty from their obligations having 23.5 hours to do as they wish within the law and religious faith.

    So here we have a country officially acknowledging man’s enslavement to women in marriage. And yet…


    • They have variations of that day in all Carnival cultures. Usually its a day to commit adultry and everyone looks the other way.


  4. Good. Welcome in the MRA 🙂


  5. Take a look at this book review’s dissection of the modern divorce industry:



    I’m not sure how to reconcile my desire to start a family and facilitate a healthy environment for my children with the realization that getting into a marriage carries a huge risk of destroying everything I’ve worked for in my life.


    • The book is worth a read, but it’s nothing that we didn’t already know.

      Woman gets tired of beta hubby, considers affair, hamster blames hubby for her considering an affair, has an affair, hamster blames hubby for her having an affair, files for divorce, hamster blames hubby for divorce…

      Don’t marry.
      If you’re too dumb and still get married, be the most ruthless alpha that you can be, without forgetting the occasional sprinkles of betaness. Marry a young good girl with a low partner count, preferably a virgin.

      And don’t expect anything. Be ready to pack up your shit and leave. If she cheats, pack up your shit and leave. If you get cuckolded, you shouldn’t feel hurt, all women are whores anyway. You would only be a dishonorable beta if you tolerate her whoring around.


  6. As a dirty furriner, reading about this stuff always leaves me a bit perplexed. Your social legislation is so… I dunno… medieval. In this country, the alimony went the way of the Dodo in the ’40s. The 1940s, that is.

    I like and admire America. But it is increasingly difficult not to feel a bit of contempt for it as well. Between feminism and the worst case of Anglo-Sax white-knighting cultural heritage known to man, you really, really managed to turn yourselves into a betaboy nation. All of you. It’s not like your alphas get a pass on the divorce industry fun and frolics either.


  7. But then again, you come across omegas like this guy:


    A dweeb like that deserves everything he gets.


    • That’s how majority of men in America really think? I mean, the article isn’t a joke? If not, Americans are not betas, they are complete idiots.


    • Wow this is incredibly stupid, really outright delusional…

      “If [my wife] falls in love with somebody else, I trust that too.”

      Yeah, but do you trust yourself to have the balls to walk away and never look back if she betrays you? I doubt it.


    • Wait a second I think I get it. . . this guy is describing (unconditional) love , which is the domain of God.

      Not of a relationship. This is what happens when romantic love becomes a religion. Fail.


    • Apparently, SureshG never heard of, “Trust in God, but lock your car.”


    • Fuck ’em
      But then again, you come across omegas like this guy:


      A dweeb like that deserves everything he gets.

      This guy isn’t an omega — he’s just sick of his wife. Or else, he’s just assuaging the shallow conscience of any married/otherwise attached woman
      who might be interested in sharing his bed.

      If you have a woman and tell her you don’t give a damn whether she runs around on you, she won’t be happy to hear it. In fact, even if she’s already screwing around (or contemplating doing so) it will upset her. It’s essentially equivalent to telling your wife/girlfriend that she’s no better than a whore to you. There is almost no better way to pierce a woman’s swollen ego than to let her know you could care less if she’s screwing another guy.

      Of course, if you don’t really feel that way it will be obvious to her. And if you do, she will hate you for it, and may do everything in her power to destroy your life. This is exactly where the term “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” comes from.


      • You’re thinking from an alpha’s perspective, where the woman *wants* to make him jealous. This guy is advertising that he’s happy to slurp up the sloppy seconds of a woman who would normally be out of his league. He’s saying “I’ll pay for you, and look the other way when you cheat, just… please… let me be seen with you…”

        Note the first two comments on his post. Those women “love” him because he’s saying, you can be whores, I’ll still love you. That is precisely the reaction he wants.

        Men like this are plentiful, and useful. You get to fuck their women and they get to pay for them. Win-win.


  8. You fellas here with the “game’ are a big part in ending the madness.
    Don’t get married .don’t be a chump, and don’t knock one up. Oh yes and give the carousel riders the ride of their slut lives. Ride’m it so good that all beta chumps disappear from view.


    • What you said should also be reprinted and commented on by Heartiste. It should be spread with religious evangalizing fervor to all men as long as we have these misandrist laws which punish men in favor of women no matter what each does or fails to do under marriage and divorce. A man should also be careful who he screws around with even if single. Amen! Amen! Amen!


  9. Btw Heartiste on Dalrocks site he has an article titled game for pastors part 1
    Looks like you are going to have to be the man of all people to save western christianity. Doesn’t surprise me at all.


  10. “bullshit on stilts..” -CLASSIC!

    Alimony = All-my-money

    Hung outside courtroom recently (divorce court next door) and ALL of the lawyers were broads.. Consoling another broad on her options of direct deposit or check.. Wtf! Buncha crying and whining… it was like Desperate Housewives: Shark version.


  11. As much as I dislike the feminist system, the guy may have a way to use it against the ex-wife. Check with a lawyer about palimony rulings in the wife’s current state of reference. That is to say, check how long a couple must cohabit before a woman gains some legal claim on a man (i.e. common-law marriage). Then, work with the lawyer and a detective service to establish how long the ex-wife and live-in BF have been living together, and if it is long enough, sue to terminate the alimony based on a de facto state of remarriage.


    • Palimony is a myth. Even in the original Lee Marvin case, though his ex girlfriend won palimony in the lower court she lost it on appeal.

      Show me one case nationwide where palimony was awarded absent a written agreement.

      Maybe if a man makes a sworn statement before witnesses to support his girlfriend the rest of her life it would be up held. Otherwise not.


      • I had an accounting professor have to pay 50k to some woman he was living with. He was pissed about it.


      • My guess is it was a settlement and he had a bad divorce lawyer.

        Palimony is based on oral contract. She has the burden of proof. Now if there were witnesses, well then yeah.


    • In other word you are far better off living with a woman than marrying her, particularly in California, Mass. and no doubt some other states with lifetime alimony for 10 year and longer marriages.

      Note that in most states if you don’t start paying alimony but rather child support right after the divorce agreement/judgement even in long marriages you don’t have to pay it once the child support payments stop cause the kids age out. That’s not true in California, once a marriage hits the ten year mark you must support your wife through alimony for life. It’s not much more than child support=also stealth alimony while still paying that, but when that stops you’ve still got to pay her 40% of the difference between your after tax income and hers — FOR LIFE!!!!!!! (Or until she remarries or I think cohabitates for six months or more, but you can guess how often ex-wives stealing big alimony from their indentured servant husbands do that. Unless they can manage to marry someone richer.)


  12. A lawyer told me that, in all fairness, alimony is rarely awarded nowadays. Whether this is true or not, it’s like saying slavery is OK because few own slaves nowadays.
    In any case, I came down a very interesting Youtube channel with a series of interviews (of women included) that hammers feminism effects. And it is about the situation in United Kingdom which means the plague goes beyond US borders


    • Alimony is rarely awarded in ADDITION to child support. Basically because child support=also stealth alimony wrings a man dry of his after tax income. Though California does award alimony in marriages over ten years on top of child support in the following manner. A man owes 40% of the difference between his after tax plus after child support income, in excess of his wife’s after tax income. However unlike with men there’s no tendency to impute income on women if they aren’t working esp. if they have kids. Mass is not formulaic but turns out similar or worse.

      Alimony is absolutely abhorrent in an age when women can work at all levels of the workforce if they have the individual abilities and drive to do so. Women tend to lack the later once married but that’s on them.

      When a woman divorces her husband, and that’s who’s behind moving for a divorce 90% of the time in college educated marriages with kids, she no longer provides him anything of value to him post divorce. Why should he be legally compelled to keep on financially providing for him when she’s no longer providing sex, companionship, cooking or other wifely services?


      • Not for very long, though. In California alimony is awarded for a few years to allow a non-working spouse to rejoin the workforce.


      • Not in marriages of 10 or more years duration. Then it’s alimony FOR LIFE!!!!!! (Unless she remarries or I believe has lived together with another man for 6 months or more.)

        In shorter marriages it tends to be for half the duration of the marriage, if she’s not working and not getting child support=also stealth alimony.


    • A lot of states award alimony in the case of marriages over ten years if child support=also stealth alimony isn’t being paid and the man makes a lot more than his ex wife.

      Why they hell should he be required to keep her in the style to which she became accustomed when married to him. She didn’t make the marriage work. She lived in that style because she was married to him. When she divorces him she should clearly no longer have a right to that style on his indentured servitude back.

      The stealth alimony part of way jacked up in the early 90’s child support=also stealth alimony should also be ended. Simplest way to do that or at least move in that direction would be to assess the current percentage child support amounts on after tax rather than pre tax income, as Texas (alone so far as I know) does.


  13. I wondered a lot about Tiger Wood’s wife. I read she is getting married to someone, will she return the millions she got from Tiger. I wonder she would not!


  14. The fact that this is even a post, sucks.

    What is completely beyond me is that alimony isn’t any sort of secret government conspiracy or a far flung new theory about sub atomic particles. EVERYBODY knows about alimony and how it works.

    Would you get in a car and turn the key if you knew that there was a 50% chance that it’ll explode anytime you do? Would it be worth going for a ride? And yet all these dudes go out and buy rings. I get it, programming to procreate, woman having the gauntlet, etc etc. But really, the entire population’s will to fight is at zero?

    I’m 36 and not married. I often make the point about the lunacy of the concept as it stands today, framed by these laws of ball choppitude. Fuck all that.

    Also, they tell you at the airport now that “inappropriate comments” are all the TSA needs to arrest you. http://two.cedonulli.com/2011/11/holy-fucking-shit-police-state/


  15. What about if you never married the girl, she has the boy 98% of the time, (cost me 13k just to get that) and is married to someone else now? I’ve got the kid a modest college fund, health insurance, a life insurance policy on me with him as beneficiary…my car has 300k miles because she get court ordered 20% of my take home (tax-free of course, about 700 a month.) Am I a jerk for thinking that I should be able to save for my sons college myself, instead of paying for her vacations with the new beau? (I wanted to save one gold coin for each semester of college)…I can barely afford silver for him now.


    • Option 1: quit your job, empty your savings (which she & her BF are doing for you anyway), move to Thailand or other 3rd world country, bang hookers.

      Option 2: impregnate every girl you see. The marginal cost of child support for having 50 baby mamas vs. 1 baby mamma is very low. Why pay $700/mo. for 1 kid when you can pay $900 for 50?


      • Only one downside to that solution, the DoS no longer renews passports for people living overseas who owe back child support. Its been that way for about 4 years now. This option will still work if you leave, however, and just disappear before a divorce petition is filed. Your option still works with a third country passport, however.


    • 20% of take home rather than pre-tax income is one hell of a good deal. I mean relative to other states. You must live in Texas.


  16. “You wonder if someday the dutiful and honor-bound betas will wake up to their dispossession, but then you have to remember that impotently bending over and taking it up the poop chute again and again is probably encoded in their DNA, so they really can’t help themselves.”

    What the hell happened to the Alpha Betas? Is it going to take an ice age, nuclear war, or peak oil collapse to bring back that personality, that is in fact the moderate and normal state of the civilized man?

    I don’t understand how millions could fight for freedom just a few generations ago, but now the people won’t even bother to VOTE for their freedom. It’s not hard. They just don’t want it.

    I won’t buy that the “vote doesn’t matter” until someone like Ralph Nader or Ron Paul gets elected and fails to change things.


    • Idiot, you are brainwashed. Voting IS the cause for America’s decline.

      Do you think slavery ended in America because blacks voted against slavery? Or is it because people picked up GUNS and blasted the shit out of the south?


  17. You have a typo. Strikeout ‘redistribute’ and put back ‘steal’.




    Men rise up and demolish these cunts.

    Heartiste, no matter how azzholey is, is a man of truth and honor who never sold himself out.

    He is our leader, our advisor, our priest.

    And he has given his sermon.



  19. Any male that gets married is fully aware – going in to marriage – of the alimony dangers.
    I thus feel as much pain for them as I do Johnny Knoxville.

    Is lifetime alimony wrong? Damn right. So is Congressional insider trading, Wall Street Bailouts, GM Bailouts and a slew of other injustices.

    Problem is, until society grows a fucking brain…

    It’s poolside!


    • Any male that gets married is fully aware – going in to marriage – of the alimony dangers.

      This is definitely not true. Most men think alimony has disappeared at least in their state for newly divorced people. That was tending to happen in the late seventies and eighties but feminists have been bringing it back all over the place esp. for long marriages.

      Yeah there doesn’t tend to be alimony for two year long marriage or if the guy is paying child support=also stealth alimony. but see California and Mass among other places.


      • Doug1

        This is definitely not true. Most men think alimony has disappeared at least in their state for newly divorced people.

        This is the perfect example of the over emotional, sloppy reasoning these “men” apply to serious issues – and why such flaws will result in a movement comprised of vindictive, aspy, immature vigilantes

        “Most men think that…”
        Does that make it hella kwl if a man “thinks” he can fly with his Spirit Animal? Stick his dick in a light socket?

        A Schlemozzle who fails to cover his OWN ass does NOT deserve sympathy, even in our over-pampered, sissified, do-over America.

        Shoulda coulda woulda.
        Don’t assume a fucking thing.
        That makes an ass out of you.


  20. Ah yes. Dum casta clauses used to be common, but are now rare.
    AFAIK non-existent is the hard form of Dum casta, the one
    involving “…touches her labia”. There are of course problems
    of enforcement/proof here.

    Even the soft form – depending on the woman not remarrying,
    I don’t think is all that common. In any case, the whole issue is
    very often made moot, because the alimony comes hidden,
    in the form of child support.

    Question: What happens in the – still relatively rare – case
    when the man receives alimony? Divorce laws in e.g.
    California are nominallly gender blind (but there is supermassive
    disparate impact). Is the man’s alimony subject to dum casta?



    • In California and New York just about all very high earning women who marry men with lesser income demand prenups. They have no “shame” in their game. These same woman would be highly resistant to signing a no alimony and no splitting of the wealth prenup if they were marrying a much higher earning or rich man.


      • Any woman who is resistant to signing a prenup is raising a huge red flag.
        I don’t imagine a properly gamed woman in love resisting marriage for technical considerations. If she hesitates the slightest bit, the man should walk away. One can’t take any risks, not under the current legal climate.


      • I completely agree. Plus the alpha should shame the hell out of her at the first hint of her saying “that’s not very romantic” and other such assorted bullshit.

        It’s men’s duty to other men to make any women they might consider marrying to have children with to throughly ream their ass about how monstrously unfair family court and divorce law have become to men due to god damn feminists, and how totally they refuse to marry with a prenup and mimics living together in the event of a divorce.


      • Damn you heartist, take off this every time delay!!!!!!!!!!!!


  21. on November 14, 2011 at 9:21 am John Norman Howard

    What else is to be expected when you let mommies vote?


  22. Actually, it would be better if alimony ended after a fixed period of time, depending on the length of the marriage. I believe this is the case in California (of all places), but if you’re married for 10 years (even by one day), you’re on the hook paying alimony for life. Just ask Tom Cruise why he divorced Nicole Kidman (not that she couldn’t afford to pay her own way).

    Seriously, alimony should be treated like time-limited welfare. You get to go “on the dole” for a limited period of time, after which you’re on your own. The only way to get people to become contributing members of society again is to force them to become self-sufficient.


    • Hey I advise all California men who are married without a prenup to divorce their wives before year 10 in a marriage or to get a postnup on threat of doing so in the 9th year.


    • There shouldn’t be any alimony period. She should get a job. If she can’t get a good one that’s her problem. She’s the one that left the marriage in the great majority of cases. If she’s not providing wifely services to her ex husband any more she doesn’t deserve to live the same standard of living he provided, on his back post the marriage she walked out on.

      Having to pay alimony for life to a woman is incredibly unjust indentured servitude. It’s shocking to me that California enacted that fairly recently. Feminazis.


      • Doug1

        It’s shocking to me that California enacted that fairly recently.

        O Rly? You’re shocked
        that fucking CALIFORNIA
        passed another
        crazy liberal law?

        Then again, you’ve got more “shoulds” in your statement than you “should” have.

        Fantasy – like some great Cosmic Eye is going to right the wrong.
        Boy, will YOU have a rude awakening.


  23. Only revolution will work. And I don’t mean a peaceful one.

    Start with the lawyers, judges, and bureaucrats.


  24. Hence why the divorce industry is all in on gay marriage. Running out of straight customers because they have to ensure not only state authorized marriage continues, but that divorce does as well. It’s actually quite sickening to think that this industry has to produce customers no matter the real toll placed on each individual. And what’s even more eye opening, how people will fight for gay marriage rights as progressive yet dismiss straight marriage decline because we’re not “programmed” to be in monogamous relationships over the long haul. Yet gays are? What am I missing here?


  25. I spent a college quarter fucking the bottom out of some dude’s ex wife. She would use some of her alimony on Victoria’s Secret and then come to my apartment and fuck me as revenge. Women are bitches!

    A man can easily avoid the femcunt marriage laws, so I don’t mind taking advantage of the idiots who don’t. The only laws I am worried about are the child custody laws.


    • spending that much time during *college*(!!) w an old alimony coug really emphasizes the point that i made earlier about you, Koko.

      i suppose if you’re some christian fundamentalist, fucking a divorcee out of wedlock might be considered “evil”. but it sure as hell is not “alpha” considering how easy it is to pull prime tail in that social environment.


  26. Are we still trying to fix problems?
    I thought we (with the guidance of the chateau) already came up with the solution: no marriage / no kids.

    For those who can’t get rid of the last crumbs of beta bitchery, marriage is still an option but only with a tight game and drastic precautions.


  27. Good post.

    Equally repugnant is the soft-alimony that has become child support.

    Unlike alimony, child support is tax-free income to its recipient, and not tax deductible to the payer. Child support is usually set according to a formula, based upon the payer’s (let’s be honest, the man’s) income. The greater the man’s income, the greater the amount of after-tax dough he much fork over, regardless of the actual costs of caring for his children.

    In every instance I’ve ever seen where a high-earning man was paying child support, his funds were going more to support his ex-wife’s lifestyle than to benefit his children. De facto alimony, except for the tax treatment. And just like alimony, the woman can shack up with some dude and the income stream keeps on a-flowin’.


    • Yuup. Child support since the way jacked up rates has definitely become also stealth alimony particularly when paid by high income men. It’s generally 20-23% of before tax income for one kid, 25-28% for two, depending on the state. That can come to a rate of half his after tax income in high tax states like Cali, NY and Mass.


      • Why the hell isn’t child support audited?

        And why don’t we see any cases when junior turns 18 and sues mommy dearest for the money she blew that, you know, belonged to him?


    • I’m gonna be payin some hefty CS here soon, about $700/month in Kalifornia.

      I’ll be payin for about 13 more years. But, truth be told, I don’t mind. I’ll be 40 years old and free of it when all is done. Meanwhile, she’ll be using that CS to supplement a lazy lifestyle, never making a career, subjecting herself to 30-40 years of abject poverty should she never push herself.

      But, me, I’ll be making my PRIME money from 40 – 65, which she can’t touch. I’m figuring by the time I’m 40 years old I’ll be clearing $100k/yr.

      Having a kid when I was 22 was good and bad, but money wise, it was smart in the long haul


      • Anonymous

        I’m gonna be payin some hefty CS here soon, about $700/month in Kalifornia.

        I’ll be payin for about 13 more years. But, truth be told, I don’t mind. I’ll be 40 years old and free of it when all is done. Meanwhile, she’ll be using that CS to supplement a lazy lifestyle,

        Dayummm – that’s really showin’ her!

        After punishing her with $700/month for 13 years, the hb9s are rly rly gonna love your swingin’ free, 40 year old ass at the club.


      • lol u mad?

        u don’t get it dude. I’ve seen COUNTLESS women rely on child support to fund their lifestyle, living it up when the gettin’s good, and partying like a “rock star”.

        Then, when 40 years old hits, they realize they are too old to make significant headways into a career and they are destined to be in a menial job till they are fat and nasty.

        u think i care about $700/month when i can still afford to ride my crotch rocket? I’ll still have $2000 of disposable income a month as long as I don’t buy an expensive place. u mad i’m making $60k at 27?


      • Anonymous

        u mad i’m making $60k at 27?

        I’m just jealous you can brag about $700/month payments until you’re a sporty 40
        for stuff you no longer own.

        Party on,


      • That’s cause u don’t “get it”.

        It’s the last laugh that counts


      • i guess one point left out.

        do u think i was paying alimony or that i was married?! if so u be dumb. CS is not from marriage. u kno single guys can have to pay child support….right?

        And I had 5 years where i only paid a total of $1800 in child support. Thx to the state for pickin da rest up fo me!


      • Anonymous

        That’s cause u don’t “get it”.

        It’s the last laugh that counts

        u think i care about $700/month when i can still afford to ride my crotch rocket

        You’re a guy who had a kid at 22, with the future luxury of paying a minimum of $8400 a year for the next thirteen years.

        $8400 x 13 = $109,200.00

        All on a 60k salary in Califoolie – which means on that salary you live in a 400 sq. ft. apartment surrounded by homies. All while you, Mr. Dad, protects his kiddies by zipping around on a safe crotchrocket.

        That’s some “last laff” – you da man.


      • U mad that I have $150k in the bank, a present value $300k annuity, and dat growin paycheck?

        Yeah….u mad


      • just to make the point obviously clear, let me spell it out for you dumb’d down to the attention span of an American.

        Okay, you’re still here.

        Do you know the time commitment, duties, responsibilities, and energy required to raise a kid as a “single mom” or even “single dad”?

        Of course you don’t, let’s not fool anyone here.

        Because I only have my daughter on the weekends, I can pick any kind of job during the week. I’m working in banking, driving up to 150 miles away, getting per diem, staying in hotels, getting mileage rates, all during the week. That’s on top of the $60k btw.

        My ex? She’s stuck in the same place (ghetto at the moment), dependent on someone to watch my daughter when she can’t, and this locks her out of entry level corporate jobs unless she can find reliable cheap child care and also give up everything she gained from instead being a stay-at-home. Which is the stronger parental bond.

        That’s all divorced parents care about anyway, each one wants the child to love them more, or at least not want a favorite/hate them. But, that’s a side issue.

        Continuing, my ex has a rougher time being a single mom than I do being a single dad. Even something as simple as trying to find a better paying job. It obviously isn’t hard for me to find good employment. I’m traveling out of state for months initially, but I dont have to take my daughter out of school, get a baby sitter, feed her, plan for housing, or any of that. I’m simply leaving and taking care of myself, besides CS of course.

        In the 13 years I have left, I will have gained tremendous corporate experience, confidence, knowledge, and powerful life skills than she will never have the chance to acquire, merely because she has to put more time in with our daughter.

        Summarizing, the guys complaining about child support have no idea what it takes to raise a child PROPERLY versus having her fall through the cracks in life, or they have so much money they hire nannies to take care of it.


      • I like this assumption that the CS amount will never increase as you make more


      • Wait, what? Did you plan on it to happen?


      • you consider $700/month CS “hefty”? u serious? that’s barely more than $20/day to feed your kid. leaving change for clothes, sports etc.

        she might even lose $ on that deal, and you’re bitching about a few hundred so that your kid has a decent shot at life?


      • Learn to cook girl.


      • Your perspectives are gay.


      • U have the reading comprehension of a 5 year old


      • “u think i care about $700/month when i can still afford to ride my crotch rocket? I’ll still have $2000 of disposable income a month as long as I don’t buy an expensive place. u mad i’m making $60k at 27?”

        wow, you’re so cool! you make *60* a year? if im not mistaken, you act as if that’s a lot (hahaha). its fucking peanuts man. and its laughable how you’re bragging about cracking the 6-fig threshold at 40. being a mill isn’t a big deal these days, and you’re bragging about being lower-mid class.


      • Actually 60k puts him in the 86th percentile for single people.

        Your perspectives are gay.


      • lol says the “student”!!!! hahaha.,… lemme guess, u dun got dat dere Jesse James status! or, since i figure u be a woman wit dat dumb talk about $700/month not bein enuf for one kid, u must have dat jennifa lopez booty makin dat lettuce easy style.

        but truf be told, u kno i’m ballin. i got dat $60k startin paycheck, dat $150k in da bank, and dat dere $300k pv annuity. u mad i’m ballin and i don’t care about dat $700 a month peanuts?

        yeah….u mad


      • EA, your blog sucks. and your troll stalking is weak.

        Anon. u have no idea about what i do or how i roll. but i tell you this. finances are always a relative issue. to a somalian, you’re fucking warren buffet. to me, you’re lower-mid class. stop bragging, you dumb ass alimony trick.


  28. Marriage for men in the know is over. After learning a hard lesson twice where giving her a payoff was cheaper than paying her AND the robber lawyer, I cannot see a case where in the rest of my life I will marry. The legal system, even in divorce friendly states, is stacked against the man in 98% of the cases where he has the higher salary, even if she’s the one who did all the bad shit. I’ll fuck them, toy with them, possibly have a LTR, but marry one again? Never.


  29. From each according to his ability to each according to her needs.


  30. Only one problem I see with the suggested policy change, how do you prove another man is screwing your ex wife without a camera in the bedroom? An alternative might be to place a time limit on alimony. Better yet, eliminate it all together.


  31. Alimony and no fault divorce can not both exist in a fair world. Let the women keep their no fault divorce, but end alimony and child support. Custody can be 50% / 50%.


  32. Why are you so hostile toward betas?


    • Our host(s)?! I don’t see how it’s possible to be kinder to betas than heartiste is. I believe the expression is ‘tough love’–something betas desperately need.


  33. If you marry, despite the risks, at least make her work the whole time you are married. Never let her become a stay at home mom. Never. Never. Never. And that advice is even more true when you have kids.

    Oh, I know, after the first kid, she will start to talk about staying home rather than using daycare. Stay cool and simply say, “Nah, I think I would rather stay home and let you keep working.” If she cries, don’t bother responding except with, “Why do you get to stay home, not me?” Say no more. But never relent.

    I have seen more than a few later-30s to late-40s successful, hard-working man lose everything to a fickle, stay-at-home, yoga-panted, manicured woman who has decided to keep all the financial benefits of her marriage, while making the husband move out into an unfurnished studio apartment. Lawyers bleed him. Courts bleed him. He never sees his kids, and when he does, some smirking boyfriend is at his former house, feet on the couch.

    Better still, the divorce was usually preceded by 5-10 years of little to no sex, as the wife cut him off, and he moped along, hoping things would change.

    All that ugliness starts as soon as the wife’s workout girlfriend mentions over her mid-morning, country-club latte that the girlfriend now gets the house, car, $8,000/month in alimony for ten years, and child support of $4,000/month. Oh, and she gets to (openly, rather than hiding it) have sex with the Punishing Love Hammer she hooked at the gym last month. (Oh, and did you know, Mr. Hammer has a buddy called Hard Rider McRamfuck? /knowing look among the women)

    Her hamster starts spinning at that point, thinking “Gee, I get all that money, the kids, the house, and maybe Punishing Love Hammer’s hot buddy, to boot?” She then looks at her husband (tired from working his ass off, mind you), and thinks, “Sigh…he just doesn’t listen to me any more, or see me for the special person I really am….” lol Game over!

    Guys, if you must marry, keep her working, and don’t let your (traceable) earnings dwarf hers. At least you can avoid alimony. You still risk the rest of it, however.


    • Easier still, make her homeschool the kids. That way she gets to stay home, the kids get a far superior education and with 3-4 kids running around she is never going to have time to do any of the things that you write about in your post. It’s a win-win.


    • Don’t marry unless you want kids imminently. While shacked up, require a prenup that mimics living together in the event of a divorce. Ask her what will getting married do for you that living together doesn’t do.


    • I don’t buy that. Work means handsome colleagues, charismatic bosses, temptation.
      It may also mean stress over meaningless crap, complaints about pretty much everything, increasing levels of shit-testing…

      You shouldn’t get married if you’re a workaholic. Working 14 hours a day is like asking her to fuck the poolboy. But you should be the man, the breadwinner. It’s harder nowadays but if one can afford it, he should not hesitate.

      Man works, woman stays at home. That’s how it’s supposed to be. If she’s high energy, don’t marry her, she’s a fling. A good mother is a low-to-medium energy chick.
      Anyway, she should be kept on her toes and gamed relentlessly till death do you apart.

      I think it makes more sense than sending her to corporate hell. Push her to do benevolent work or something that’s more of a hobby than a real job.


      • “Man works, woman stays at home”

        this is why alimony exists. i don’t like alimony because there is high potential for abuse, but when women can provide for themselves alimony rarely enters into the equation.


      • Not if she cheats, not if she decides not to remarry on purpose. A nation that forces men to fund their women’s whoring is corrupt to the core.

        In my opinion, alimony should not apply when the woman files for divorce. Precisely because of the potential for abuse.

        Alimony was maybe a good idea in the 60s, to render justice to the aging wives who were callously dumped by men who ran off with young hotties. Times have changed, men and women changed a little bit too.


      • “In my opinion, alimony should not apply when the woman files for divorce. Precisely because of the potential for abuse.”

        women don’t always seek divorce because theyd rather be with the pool boy. if you want a wife, make sure she has a career. times have changed somewhat (women getting educated mainly), but the equitable justification remains in many cases (its hard enough getting a job as a young college grad. imagine what its like for a 40 yr old woman whose been cooking and cleaning for 10+ yrs).

        i do agree that alimony should be limited to reasonable limits. there was a recent (2006) supreme court case in canada where an aging domestic got alimony for 8 years after her husband left her for the chick he was cheating with (it goes both ways, as you admit). now, i agree with her getting alimony initially, but 8 years is a huge time period to pay for. especially since the dude was unemployed and claimed he couldn’t afford it. which is why i say again, *be happy that girls are getting good jobs*. many guys on here would rather they stay in the kitchen. well fine, i just wish those guys would stop bitching about alimony wholesale. isn’t it the same reason we loathe feminists: because they want to have their cake and eat it too? because they see themselves as eternal victims of a gender conspiracy when things don’t work out they way they think is fair (for them)?


      • Who the fuck are you trying to kid, sockpuppet? You are a feminist.


      • hey ty. you clearly spend a lot of your personal time here writing dozens of tweets that add nothing to the conversation. your only notable contributions are when you tell us about ur shitty kiev apartment and your great grampas “horse dick” and how your wife tells great jokes while you pull her ears. you share absolutely pointless details of your uneventful married life as if ppl here are your shoot-the-shit pals who give a fuck about your doldrums. but heres the thing: *no one cares*. you are clearly a bitter loser with little better to do than cyber-stalk me after every post i write to troll me w the same lame lines.

        i could get no greater compliment than to have a loser like you angrily disagree w my opinions with junior high PMS insults. now, fuck off.


      • Your perspective is gay!


      • “Evil Alpha” (lol): self-imposed nicknames are so lame. i remember dabbling in a social group where the biggest losers would try and give themselves ‘cool’ nicknames. its kind of the like the seinfeld episode where george tries to call himself “t-bone” @ work. your nickname is even lamer than that, which suggests to me that you’re even more pathetic than him.


      • Student–

        if you want a wife, make sure she has a career.

        It’s her responsibility to have a career, if she doesn’t want to risk being lower middle class for awhile post a divorce. Entirely her responsibility.

        Women have agency under our post feminist society, haven’t you heard? Or are you like most girls, insistent on having it both ways?


      • “Women have agency under our post feminist society, haven’t you heard? Or are you like most girls, insistent on having it both ways?”

        yeah, and a guy has the responsibility to get married (or not) in a way that will minimize risks in the high likelihood it won’t work out. agency, right?


      • Then quit being such an equalist mangina and feminist boot licker. You’ve swallowed the blue pill and don’t seem to realize it. You’ve already said too many feminist positive things for me and most others here to take you seriously when you criticize them and claim you loathe them, hence the sock puppet label. I’ve been here since 2008 and before, so someone likes what I write. I even know our host’s real name! Am I cool or what!

        May you be a loser like me in life. Most will consider you to be a big success. This is a place where pretty lies perish; you have perpetuated them thus far. You’ve worked on your camoflage since I first pointed you out, but its not sufficient to cover you altogether.


      • yeah, and a guy has the responsibility to get married (or not) in a way that will minimize risks in the high likelihood it won’t work out. agency, right?

        You can say that. You can think it. You can want it, and dream it, and pray for it, and try to make others believe it.

        But in the end people are motivated by selfish desires.

        Few of us admit it, as there is a social cost. So we ALL maintain an outward persona, and a separate inner life. This leads to the saying that if you want to know someone, watch what they do – not what they say.

        A man’s responsibility is to satisfy his selfish desires. You can pretty it up, but that won’t change what men do.

        I openly admit my selfish desire to tame and domesticate women, with no commitment, and with little regard for their future career.

        As the internet is anonymous, I can afford to let my outward persona be not group oriented.


      • wowwwwww Ty! youve been reading since 08? there’s some strong evidence that ppl here like you enough to ignore 95% of what you write! oh you know Rs real name? no shit, so do i! i even know where he works and lived at.

        your second para makes no sense. therefore it speaks for itself.


      • *alimony should not apply in cases of adultery and when the woman files for divorce*

        That’s more like it.


      • Alimony shouldn’t apply period. Ever.

        Marriage is no longer for life and is no longer usually ended by men seeking a younger model while his wife has been a model sex providing staying slim wife. That’s rare as hen’s teeth. Further women can work at all levels of the workforce depending on her individual abilities and drive. If she’s taken a huge time out from the workforce to be a stay at home mom, 1) she’ll be getting child support=also alimony until her youngest is 18 unless she’s been incredibly lazy and not worked for more than 18 years (and this is all on her, no American husband can legally or with cultural support force his wife to be a stay at home mom” and 2) tough. She deserves absolutely zero financial support when she’s no longer giving her ex husband anything in return.

        It’s not like they made an enforceable lifetime commitment to support each other in various ways. She made no enforced commitment to him whatsoever in today’s no fault feminist marriage regime, where it’s feminism declared rape (!!!) if he has sex with his own wife when she’s not in the mood.

        Alimony is obscenely prejudical against men in current American marriage and divorce law. In 2007 96% of alimony was paid by men to women. Now there’s gender equity for yah!!


      • Alimony has no place in society, since it presumes a sexist incapability of self-support that is incompatible with modern thought. And clearly custody should by default be given to the party actually capable of supporting the children, for the sake of the children. Child support is thus an entirely superfluous concept. (Though other arrangements can of course be made by voluntary agreement.)


      • Damn you Hartiste, turn this automatic delay off!!!


      • I disagree. I was suspicious too when the comments started to be moderated, but there’s no doubt that the quality of the comments has dramatically increased.

        The comment section was a mess when the comments were not moderated. Remember neecy, anyone?

        It’s frustrating to wait but it’s worth it.



    The marriage rate is decreasing, and the out of wedlock birthrate is increasing because men are waking up. Any guy who is too stupid or too beta to figure out how to beat the system deserves marriage.


  35. We agree on the injustice of alimony and the injustice of the entire feminist program, but disagree that it should end. In the long run is worse not better?


  36. Eh. Also the alimony-receiving women should thank us alimony-paying doofuses for keeping them from marrying at all – it can only work out badly, considering their track record. However, I like to think that it also keeps them from marrying any man more capable of supporting them at a much higher level than my pittance. So the trick’s on them.


  37. “Since feminists are so irrational, it’s best to ignore them and focus on persuading people who matter of the rights or wrongs of certain laws and policies. Unfortunately, the number of persuadable people who matter is next to zero in the funhouse amusement theme park formerly known as America.”

    The first sentence is absolutely true. The second sentence I would beg to differ with. While there are a lot of die-hard manginas and white knights out there, there is also a huge pool of untapped, pent-up, beta rage out there that just needs to be directed to its proper target.

    Despite the misgivings of certain people (cough, Elam) the MRA movement and the spread of PUA knowledge are slowly but surely mobilizing an army of really pissed off men. When you truly connect the dots for the average beta guy, he reacts like a chunk of sodium in water, and what emerges is a man who will forever be adverse to any fembot shenanigans. There are very few fembots who actually recognize this fact, and even fewer who remotely understand it – which is a blessing for us (thanks, hamsters!).

    I, personally, have spread the anti-fembot gospel to at least 20 men in my circle, and although it has taken 1-2 years for the ideas to take hold, all save for one are on the same page as most of the manosphere. The fembot ideology is nothing less than an existential threat to the average beta male, and the only reason it is not widely perceived as such is due to heavy, heavy amounts of cultural indoctrination, coupled with a virtual media blackout of the situation on the ground.

    I will continue to spread the word, because each man who wakes up is another nail in the coffin for the cultural Marxist matriarchy.

    Susan Faludi thought she saw a backlash in the early 90’s. She just saw the tip of the iceberg.


    • The fembot ideology is nothing less than an existential threat to the average beta male, and the only reason it is not widely perceived as such is due to heavy, heavy amounts of cultural indoctrination, coupled with a virtual media blackout of the situation on the ground.

      Truer words were never spoken.


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  41. The frustrating thing is everyone knows the divorce/custody industry is a scam and nobody does a single thing about it (except bitch on the internet).

    Imagine an actually effective men’s right movement. They would fund studies which made a public policy argument. They would form alliances with anyone who might be sympathetic, either ‘family’ groups on the right or ‘children’ groups on the left. They would enlist lawyers to create the legal language. They would lobby state legislatures and candidates. They would have moderate, persuasive leaders that didn’t talk about scary shit like marital rape and domestic violence.

    As far as I can tell, none of this is happening.


    • on November 14, 2011 at 12:26 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM)


      you learn well my grasshopperrr!!!

      This is because the neocons co-opted the conservative movement, just as they co-opted the Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party movements.

      All these movements are but one movement supporting the increase in debt to fund warfare, welfare, feminisms, and biggere governement–to fund teh detsruction of the fmaily, fatherhood, god, and da GREAT BOOKS FOR MEN, to augment asskcocong and rewrd assocckers to punish men lzozlzlozozol

      Check out how the ocnservatiev jonah goldberg supports warmoberging, augmenting debt to go warmongering, sending otehrs to die on foroeiegn wars in foereeign shores, and fmeiniosms more fmeinssism to conquer teh world withd ebt zlzllzlzozo:


      nd Jonah Goldberg’s Primal “Lord of The Flies Neocon Savagery” Tamed by His Beuatiful (lozl) Wife!!

      omg lozlzl chekc out jonah goldberg’s wife!!

      “nuff said!” lzozlzl!

      a most civilizing force that tamed the savage, primal jonah goldberg!!

      jonah writes:

      “March 10, 2010 12:00 A.M.
      Where Feminists Get It Right
      Women civilize men. ’Nuff said.

      “nuff said!” lzozlzl!

      The reason strikes me as fairly simple. Women civilize men. As a general rule, men will only be as civilized as female expectations and demands force them to be. “Liberate” men from those expectations, and Lord of the Flies logic kicks in. Liberate women from this barbarism, and male decency will soon follow.


      without jonah goldberg’s wife’s arresting beauty (lozllz!), neocon woman expectations, and neocon woman demands (lzozll! omg lozlzlz!), jonah goldberg would be out playing lord of the flies, running around with no shirt on down K street, rockin’ out with his goldberg neocon cock (neocock) out, ducking into bars to ravage all that his rightfully his as an untamed beta-male neocon. lozlzlzl!

      why do neocons think that we are all like them?

      also, throughout the history of mankind, it has been men who have laid down the law–from homer and moses on down–not pussified neoconning goldberg’s wife & her feminist friends. lzozll! i mean lookw hat the fmeinist movement has done to the family lzzozlzl! WTF is goldberg thinking????? Single mother familes r good?? Have you ever dated a few chicks with no fatehrs goldberg? If so, and you still wnat fatherless families, where teh neocons repalce teh father with debt-based fiat dolalrs, you hate women & love ur kinky kink & shiznit yo.

      The cherubic, fat-faced Jonah Goldberg writes,

      “March 10, 2010 12:00 A.M.
      Where Feminists Get It Right
      Women civilize men. ’Nuff said.

      The reason strikes me as fairly simple. Women civilize men. As a general rule, men will only be as civilized as female expectations and demands force them to be. “Liberate” men from those expectations, and Lord of the Flies logic kicks in. Liberate women from this barbarism, and male decency will soon follow.


      hahahahah! what goldberg is saying that is if his wife didn’t lay down the law, he would be a beasty man alpha male, smacking women around, rocking out with his cock out, as that is in Jonah Goldberg’s true, deep, neocon nature. lozllz! he admits it! and then he projects his neocon nature on the entire world as neocons do to justify their pre-emptive, illegal, unconstitutional wars! lzozll!

      you guys do understand that feminism is an illegal, pre-emptive war waged against men, the family, and children to profit the fiat neocons, right? lozlzl!


      for they make their profits by debauching currencies and cultures. lolzlzl! neocons r funny!

      jonah goldberg states we don’t have enough feminismlozllzlz! how many more families must be destoryed by feminism. how many more babies might be murdered by the neocon’s/feminist’s abortion regime?

      how many more fathers must be incarcerated by teh neocon fiat state and have tehir children taken from them by goldberg et al.’s feminist police state, before it is enough for goldberg?

      does the neocon’s lust for debauchery, destruction, and dehumanization know no bounds. or what? lzolzl!

      everyone ought read this book!


      “59 5-Star Reviews on Amazon: “totalitarian,” “reign of terror,” “Nazi,” “bolshevik,” say readers about the divorce machinery” writes baskerville @ http://stephenbaskerville.blogspot.com/


      bolshevik!! that is soooooooooooo neoconnish!!




      “Neo-cons: the modern day Bolsheviks”

      Jonah Goldberg is soooooooooooooo Bolshevik. lzozllz.

      “To say that liberalism is rooted in fascism because Mussolini had once been a socialist says that Goldberg’s …neo-conservatism must be rooted in Communism. Look at the roots of prominent neocons: Irving Kristol is a former Trotskyist and Josh Muravchik is a YPSL alum. …Jonah Goldberg …therefore Bolshevik Conservatives? … ” –http://www.danielpipes.org/comments/117981

      finally, check out on how the fiat masters re-engineered women via feminism–the feminism jonah goldberg exalts lzozllzlz!!


      Feminism is an excellent example of how the Rockefeller mega cartel uses the awesome power of the mass media (i.e. propaganda.) to control society.

      In 40 short years, many women have lost touch with their natural loving instincts. Consequently, the family is in disarray, sexual depravity is rampant and birth rates have plummeted.


      Goldberg sees depopulation and the decline of birth rates as a good thing. lozlzlzlzl !!!

      “Forgetting the question of decency and morality for a moment, there’s the matter of national interests. Female equality seems to be a pretty reliable treatment for many of the world’s worst pathologies. Population growth in the Third World tends to go down as female literacy goes up. Indeed, female empowerment might be the single best weapon in the “root causes” arsenal in the war on terror.” –http://article.nationalreview.com/427383/where-feminists-get-it-right/jonah-goldberg?page=2

      as a neocon it is jonah goldberg’s DIVINE RIGHT to plan and effect the world’s population. lozlzl!

      is it any wonder the trotskyite, power-hungry, neocons had to kill the memory of edmund burke, moses, jesus, homer, and russell kirk? lozlzlz! to make room for jonah goldberg’s chubby face & endless neocon betamale prattling, as his wife keeps him tame, dulling his true, inherent, lord of the flies nature? lozlzl


  42. on November 14, 2011 at 1:10 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM)

    Until roisy starts wearing his pants too tight and skinny jeans and talks in a high-pitched, nasally voice and lectures us on the proepr grammar and how to comb one’s butt hairs to prepapre for proeper assocckking sessions, and how one must be jseuss like and turn the other butt-cheek during all asscocking sesssions no matter how hard or fats one is assoccked dldlozolzlzl — he wil NOT osund like an MRA lzozzlzlozlz. zlozozlzlzloz omg zoozozolzlozolozzo


  43. its always hilarious to read all those news clips about men needing to “man up” and get married. women are just angry that even the dumbest of men are still smart enough to realize that marriage has absolutely no value for them. get rid of all financial compensation for divorce outside of prenuptial agreements, and then maybe men will reconsider marriage.

    theres already people trying to institute “common law marriage” on a national scale, where if you live together long enough, youre legally married and can seek financial compensation. all that will do is just put a time table for when men will end the LTR.


    • “all that will do is just put a time table for when men will end the LTR.”

      Might increase the murder rate..


      • Shhh. “Accident” rate.


      • I’m reminded of a story of an old timey bootlegger, who found himself targetted by some efficient and uncorruptable police. Unable to use his mighty payola to avoid prison, he put his trust in his wife to manage his affairs while behind bars.

        As I watched the documentary, I knew, in the pit of my stomach, what was to unfold. Of course his most cherished and trusted wife, the only person on earth who he did trust and did trust with his life and soul, immediately ran out and found some man to help carve up his fortunes.

        That’s just female nature. If you don’t see that coming, you don’t yet understand women.

        When he got out of jail, he shot her.

        As he was a trained and practiced lawyer, he pleaded his own case in the courts, with the plea of temporary insanity.

        If you again understand human nature, you can guess the judgment.

        The jury let him go.

        That’s just human nature.

        Kill the bitch. We’ll all understand.


  44. on November 14, 2011 at 1:38 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM)


    the fiat-funded government’s takeover of the familes lzozozlzolzoz:

    they bernankify your future wife in colleege and then bernaikfy your children in daycare, removing the Father–the true FATHER from the home, and thus rmeoving GOD form the home, drugging up ad doumbing down your chgidldren, while criminiznzializing the good father, senidning forth more men to assock his wife, and making jhim pay for it making him pay and fund the assockcing of his very own wife.

    such is the power of tehe neoths goldebebrgian STATE lzozlzllozozoz
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    once upon a ama time a man got a virginal, loyal wife and a dowery

    today he gest an assocked pre-asscoked std’d belligerent temptress looking to assockickc him hin divroce court wokring for teh fed to sezizie his childernne and asstststsst lzozozlzl as the fed promises her with finaicicnlai fiat incentives that if she divorces her hudsnsband and sdteorsoyss the fmaily and denies god, wher husband will be made to unffufn her assocking future assocking sessisissonss, which she so liked in collelege wheree wsheh was doeusled and ebebrnakifieid lzozlzlzle lzozlzlzlzlzloz


  45. on November 14, 2011 at 1:48 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM)

    The Rose Lyrics – Bette Midler song

    Some say love, it is a river

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    Some say love, it is a hunger

    An endless aching need

    I say love, it is a flower

    And you–the beta, its only seed

    It’s the heart, afraid of breaking

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    (Just remember in the winter

    Far beneath the bitter snow

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    That with the fed’s butthexing love, in the spring

    Becomes da divoricing hoes)



  46. on November 14, 2011 at 1:54 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM)


    aeosmenenenststs!!! awesomefest!!!!!!!

    check out the asscoking ebenrnanke state nvaiding invading geldoff’s home in PINK FLOYD’S THE WALL:

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  47. Oh thank God, I thought it was mine. She must have had a busy weekend.

    (Seriously: horrible story. Poor guy.)


    • Assuming he’s not a cuckold fetishist troll, and that’s a big assumption, It’s only a horrible story cause he’s a dickless prideless beta.

      Female infidelity is bad, but not that bad if you suck it up and dump her whoring ass.


  48. Out of pure self-interest, I must respectfully disagree with this post.

    After all, my mistress’ ex-husband is paying for her beautiful love nest/condo, paying for her sexy lingere, and paying for the food that she so artfully prepares for me for my visits.

    She only works part-time at a boutique girly business that he financed out of the settlement – that way she can take yoga classes and remain unstressed for my pleasure.

    Sorry, I wouldn’t want it any other way.


  49. Heartiste Twitter “One of the most sordid, yet distressingly common, tales of beta humiliation and female manipulation you will ever read”, linking to a Reddit story of a beta’s hot girlfriend being knocked up by a superhot stranger:

    Best comment in that article, after the Beta pleads “what shoudl I do:”

    The magic cock guy was clearly a vampire, and he glamed her into doing all those things, you see.

    Oh wait, vampires don’t exist. Ok:

    It was many long hours of the best sex you’ll never have, made of a great many individual moments of weakness. It could have happened to anybody. Ok no, wait, I’ve got this:

    Lots of guys are cuckoos and raise kick-ass kids of some alpha dude who fucked your wife so much better than you ever could. It’s cool bro.

    Plus, if you stay, it’ll send a clear signal that your undying love for her is stronger than your self-respect, and chicks love that stuff.

    And just think, she’ll be super-nice to you for at least 2 more months, before she realizes you’re a goddamn pussy and that she can treat you however she wants for as long as she decides to keep you around.

    There are no downsides here.

    The problem with guys who are heartbroken because they lost thier love, they’re forgetting my classic comment here, about how all girls are interchangeable, no girl is special. Except if she loves you; that makes her special. If she no longer loves you, her specialness is gone, and she is relegated back to all the interchangeable girls.

    By the way, that Reddit cuckcold is now in a wonderful position to be cruel to the cheating bitch. She clearly doesn’t want to abort the alpha baby. She appears to be a member of a social class in which single motherhood is social death. She is 30, and appears aware of her plummeting SMV.

    Man, what an opportunity for th ebeta boyfriend to fuck with her head from here to eternity, After dumping her and finding another grilfreind, that is.

    On a more somber note, the beta is fucking lucky. He ought to thank God for his luck in finding out he’s cucked before the kid is born. Most cuckolded men find out after many years, after they have had a chance to bond with the child and only then discover that their gratest love (the kid) is their greatest betrayal and a mockery of their life.


  50. I hear in some places they are working toward making defacto relationships the same as marriage after a certain period of a few years. So now they even have anybody in a long term relation in their sights.


    • Canada has that now I think in all provinces. Two to three years cohabitation in most of them. Which is appalling.

      No US state has that so far.

      I really don’t see what right the state has to do that. It might be unconstitutional in the US.


      • Two to three years is all I need to get tired of fucking the same old pussy.
        Hell, make it one year, I won’t complain.


      • Ontario resident here. When they moved the metric from 3 years to 2, they told NO ONE (except the divorce industry), thus trapping lots of men who thought they were safe. Keep in mind most men don’t know the rules of this game; most people are just living their life. I was. In the last 15 months I’ve gotten a thorough, expensive education.

        Doug, if you want another client I could use your advice rebuilding my life. [email protected]


  51. What really frightens men away from marriage are child custody laws. I think I could handle parting with some of my money, but having my (hypothetical) children stolen from me is far more distressing.


    • Why the hell should you have to give her more than half of your savings and investments when she is no longer going to do anything for you in return? Why the hell should you have to then support her ass through alimony? It’s deeply unjust in an age when women can earn at all levels of the workforce depending upon their individual abilities and drive. The fact that women tend to hypergamously marry up in earnings power should have no bearing on what she gets when she decides she no longer wants to stay wife to her husband or failed to make the marriage work.


      • When did I say that I was fine with alimony? What i said was that I think I could handle it, whereas losing my(hypothetical) children would destroy me.


  52. @twitter post about http://t.co/NBUp9YKK

    Damn Heartiste, you’re right. Sexy Son Hypothesis. She doesn’t know why she doesn’t want to abort, it’s instinct. Reading between the lines, she’s willing to do anything, even get beaten up, to give birth to her alpha lover’s child. Shit man.


    • Except she’s just as likely to have UGLY DAUGHTERS as Sexy Sons. Take a gander at Bruce Willis’s daughters. No doubt they are his — they have his chin and brow. As guys they’d be sexy and masculine. As girls which they are, they are … unsexy and masculine. Like linebackers in drag. Most unfortunate. Lantern jaws and bulging brows do not a pretty woman make.


  53. Alimony is very rare in my jurisdiction. You basically have to be married more than 10 years, an unemployed housewife with kids with a husband that makes 6 figures.

    In most marriages today (past 10 years) both husband and wife work, have a similar education level. The real gender wars are being fought over child custody and support.

    For lack of a better alternative, the amount of child support is in part determined by how much time each parent has the child(ren). If a woman has the kids 90% of the time, she will get more support than if she has them 60% of the time, since it costs money to feed the kids on the days they are in your care.

    The real battles are when both mother and father want the kids. Some jurisdictions are going to an almost default 50/50 custody rule, with the parent making more money paying the minimum amount of support. Many jurisdictions still exercise a de facto maternal preference, giving the woman more custody, and more support. But even in the 50/50 jurisdictions the question should be asked, why are we redistributing money at all in that situation?


    • That’s the deal with my current mistress. Her ex made a killing on mortages; she worked full time to support the family until the ship came in and then had a kid with him. Even then she worked part-time. She’s no spring chicken although still pretty damn hot and 10 years younger than me. She has a case for continued alimony until her business gets going and their child is out of high school. If she were dumped cold on the labor market she would have difficulties supporting herself, at least for awhile and then at a considerable decrement in lifestyle. He has an MBA and she has a HS diploma.

      There can be cases where alimony is justified but those are surprisingly rare.


    • If the man has the kids 40% of the time he shouldn’t be paying ANY child support to his ex wife. That’s close enough to 50%.

      Women used to not get child support at all when there was close to a fifty fifty agreed custody split, but feminist brought it back in “to at least partly equalize the living standards the child will experience in each household.” WFT???? Completely unjust.


    • “Alimony is very rare in my jurisdiction. You basically have to be married more than 10 years, an unemployed housewife with kids with a husband that makes 6 figures.”

      this is exactly how alimony works. its amazing how many ppl here are oblivious to this fact. they assume the second you marry anyone, they are automatically entitled to use you as an ATM for as long as poss. alimony exists because guys like keeping their wives domestic and then when things don’t work out, don’t mind throwing them out w/o any tangible works skills for them to support themselves/kids.

      if guys want to avoid alimony, a) they shouldn’t get married, or b) make sure their wife has a real job. its not that hard.


      • Alimony should not be paid if she cheated even if she was a stay-at-home. I think it’s the main reason for all the anger around the manosphere, and the original post by H emphasizes the part where she cheated, AND refused to remarry.

        There are too much cases where alimony is simply infuriating for men. Of course, I wouldn’t mind paying it to a decent wife who supported me for years, and if we separated for reasons other than adultery on her part.
        But what is the percentage of decent wives nowadays? Rhetorical.

        Therefore, alimony should be suppressed, because it will never be adjusted according to *old* moral values that the *enlightened* contemporary decision-makers deem as *retrograde*.
        The only valid arguments that we can present are women’s unprecedented access to professional careers, and child support being the stealth alimony that it actually is.

        Something has to give. Alimony is a symbol. It has to fall.


      • I would mind paying alimony under all circumstances. I mind paying the stealth alimony component of child support, which is very great. Consider that child support=also stealth alimony only goes up by a quarter to a third from one kid to two. That’s a dead give away right there. As is the outlandish amounts of child support=also stealth alimony extracted from very high earning men. It’s clearly mostly alimony.

        Why the hell should a man have an obligation to support his former wife for life or 20 years when she has no obligation to stay married, provide wifely services, and make the marriage work. Particularly when women can work at all levels of the workforce these days depending on their individual abilities and drives. If she stays home and lazily doesn’t work for ten years etc. that’s on her. She can still get some kind of job. Or she can make the marriage work.


      • Because you may be the kind of man who doesn’t want his wife to stay at home. I want my wife, the mother of my kids to stay at home, I demand it. Therefore, I wouldn’t mind assuming the consequences.

        But if she cheats, I would rather have my head cut rather than paying her a single dime.

        However, I would endorse your position, because alimony can be hijacked in too many ways. The parsimony law should make alimony outlawed.


      • I think in a case like this, separate maintenance might be in order but it should be capped at 5 years. She’s going to get most of your mutual property anyway. Basically, for marriage to really work, men need to have a better than 50% cost benefit ratio, not an absolutely equal bargain. Equal custody and no mandaory child support beyond true costs to raise a child either.


      • Doug1

        I would mind paying alimony under all circumstances. I mind paying the stealth alimony component of child support

        Well, I MIND paying welfare for YOUR destitute kids that YOU decided to have because you didn’t pull out in time.

        They’re yours – you pay for them. If you can’t afford them, don’t have kids.


      • I don’t agree with welfare either. As far as I’m concerned the stupid poor can starve to death.

        I’d not let a kid of mine starve. I’d take custody and raise him/her if the mother were that incompetent, which is highly unlikely among the many girl’s I’ve banged.

        However, sure, set child support at the level of benefits of welfare, when and if the woman is so eligible. Otherwise all child support should be voluntary — up to the bio dad — who was probably ooped with the kid consciously or sub consciously in any event.


      • Doug1

        I don’t agree with welfare either. As far as I’m concerned the stupid poor can starve to death.

        That pitiless attitude is also appropriate for the guy who sticks his dick in a beartrap despite repeated warnings, publications, bloggery and word of mouth etc. etc.

        I’d take custody and raise him/her if the mother were that incompetent

        You know better that internet toughtalk takes a backseat to whether the judge (maybe a feminist and a grrl?) decides to LET YOU “take” custody. Until then – moot point.

        Otherwise all child support should be voluntary — up to the bio dad

        10 million incarcerated black convicts, assorted spick gangbangers and future illegal immigrant papitos thank you for your largesse toward their 134 million babies and babymommas.


      • If a woman decides to be a stay at home mom for prolonged periods of time that’s her responsibility. No husband can legally or morally with any cultural support whatsoever force his wife to be a prolonged stay at home mom, or one at all for that matter.

        By far most divorces are initiated or pushed for by women (e.g. leaving their husband or refusing to end an in love with another man affair that has resulted in a complete cut off of sex for the husband). Divorce attorneys say that among college educated couples 90% of the time divorces are wanted by the wife. Often she’s been having an affair her husband doesn’t know about. Out of all American divorces, women file for divorce 2.5x as often as men do, and often when men do it’s because their wife won’t stop an affair and/or hasn’t been willing to have sex with him for hella long.

        Alimony is outrageous in a era of no fault divorces, filed for far more by women, and the ability of women to work at all levels of the workforce depending on their individual abilities and drive. The fact that women most often hypergamously marry up in terms of income is neither here nor there. Her choice. She shouldn’t get to enjoy any of his income after she stops giving him anything in return. Marriage is no longer a lifetime commitment for many women. It sure as hell isn’t any way legally such a commitment. It shouldn’t result in lifetime financial obligation to ex wives either.

        I’d never consider marrying any woman without a prenup that waives all alimony. She’s thereby forewarned about being a stay at home mom. I also would require that property be split in the same way as living together property is. Whoever has title to it, owns it or bought it unless it clearly was a gift, gets it if and when the couple split up.


      • Why the hell would someone marry a slutty college bernakified chick, act all beta around her, and expect anything less than a well-deserved ass rape in the divorce courts?

        Screening for a good wife is the man’s responsibility. If you want your wife to work, you shouldn’t get married. Marriage is not for you.
        A wife should raise kids. That’s what wives do. And they have to display motherly qualities. Staying at home is an optimal way to raise kids. Having a demanding modern job is not. And if one can’t afford to provide for a whole family, he should not get married.

        No-fault divorces and alimony are incompatible. But making having a job as a necessary prereq for a WIFE strikes me as borderline retarded.


      • Anonymous

        Why the hell would someone marry a slutty college bernakified chick, act all beta around her, and expect anything less than a well-deserved ass rape in the divorce courts?

        cuz dood, he’s got a bitchin’ rad jobberoonie making 60k a year wit cheddar 2 spare

        before he gets assocked


      • whacchuu talkin bout willis?

        i know a guy wit tree kids wit a girl and he still won’t marrie duh bitch. Marriage is D E A D.

        every guy knows its a losing proposition to have kids AND be married. Way better to have da kids single and then stay livin togetha


      • Doug, I agree about the division of assets. the bottom line is guys gotta keep their heads up. ppl divorce for all kinds of reasons. shit gets ugly. any kind of litigation is a crapshoot. guys who get into a catfight w/o taking precautions can’t expect to get out unscathed.


      • Although I’m very sympathetic to your point of view, Doug1, I think most divorces initiated by women are at least nominally due to the women finding out her husband has been “cheating” on her.


      • Wrong. That really is wrong. It’s probably more often due to her cheating on him usually without his knowing, which dissolves the remaining sexual attraction she has for her husband. That or dreaming about finding new love again, which women call “drifted apart”. Or sometimes they call the nagging they do to their husbands all the time with occasional angry outbursts from him in response “emotional abuse” these days. That after all is what the TV and women’s magazine propaganda tell her to think.


      • Dude, just acknowledge when you’ve been soundly beaten and stick to what you’re best at: defending famous pederasts.


      • Wrong!

        Where do you get your alimony fact… feminist blogs?


  54. At the tender age of 34 I got slapped with $2,000/mo alimony to my cheating wife so you are preaching to the choir bro. Alimony must end.


    • Nah, you bitch-slapped yourself when you got married.

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    • For how long? No kids? How long was the marriage?


    • “Tender age?”

      Was that a typo – were you really 14?

      If you stepped in a pile of shit at 34 – that’s your problem.


      • It’s a tender age not because that’s when he got married, but because very few 34 year olds make enough money to afford $2k a month in alimony.


      • yup. got married at 22. making 100k since 28. got raped in divorce after 12 years. alimony ended fast (thankfully) because she was pregnant with another guy and married him. but still, alimony is total BS.

        will be paying CS on my 2 kids for the next 10 years. 1500/mo


  55. Any man who marries today without a prenup waving all alimony period is an idiot and a moral coward. Stand up for yourself. Demand it.

    As well I wouldn’t split accumulated wealth down the middle either. Instead do it by who has title or regular use and possession. The house you might split fifty fifty but have an agreement that it must be sold unless the parties agree otherwise. Don’t take on any university debt she might have as well.


    • Why are you even talking about pre-nup? As long as Feminist-marriage-by-law is in all 50 states, it’s wrong of any man to get married in this country.


      • Upper middle and above class men and certainly their women tend to think they need to be married if they’re gonna have children. That tends to be what their social circle and work pretty much demands. Well not as much if previously married it seems.

        I’m divorced, no kids. I’ll never remarry. I’ll also not have kids. My live together young gf can’t have them, so that makes that easier.


  56. Ten years or more is considered a Long Term marriage in California. Alimony can be awarded for the rest of her life, unless she gets married or it can be proven she’s living with a guy.
    I was told by two different attorneys that I would most likely pay between 600-800 dollars per month based on hers and mine incomes. I said screw that shit and worked out a deal with her where I would let her keep the house in exchange for no alimony


  57. Do these alimony laws not give men an advantage if they marry a woman who earns more than them?

    Don’t get me wrong, to marry a woman earning more than you would require a new level of submissive betatude, but I’m just wondering if legally men can claim alimony from richer ex-wives.



  58. Thoughts*


  59. In most states alimony is entirely or very much in the judge’s discretion. There is far more of a tendency for judges to award it to women who “sacrificed” to be stay at home moms or part time working ones etc. than to men who did exactly the same thing.

    I’ve never heard of a wife who had to pay alimony who wasn’t pissed about it.


  60. I caught a girl being a flake with her birth control after a bang.

    Needless to say I didn’t discourage her to see another man whom she depicted as romantic. I expect she rethought her pill use after denying her future sex, but who knows.

    Fun fact: her mom is a lawyercunt who just got divorced, is taking the son, and all ready seeing 3 different men. her dad is a doctor who now has some emotional problems.


  61. “I hear in some places they are working toward making defacto relationships the same as marriage after a certain period of a few years. So now they even have anybody in a long term relation in their sights.”

    Defacto Marriage laws are coming to the UK soon. The Law Society made their recommendations to the UK goverment and those are being reviewed. Under the recommendations cohabitation for 2 years = Defacto Marriage unless you have children in which case cohabitaion for 3 months = Defacto Mariage.

    Also VAWA like DV legislation is being trialled in several UK cities where withholding funds or raising ones voice is DV. Under the new DV legislation a man can be evicted from his own home for up to 28 days at a time if cupcake feels “threatened”.


  62. My divorce cost me my house, 8 years worth of my retirement, and 70 thousand dollars from my TSP fund. I dont have to pay child support though because my kids are grown. Bitch waited til all the lids graduated high school before she started acting stupid.
    Fortunately I had stashed about 50 grand which I used to get into another house.


  63. This isn’t a problem you solve for yourself by changing alimony laws.

    Just post an airtight prenup.

    Practical advice, Heartiste.


    • Prenups about alimony are invalid in Calfornia, the only state in the US with that rule, surprise. Not sure if it is based on where the marriage was entered, lived in or terminated. But some men when they see a divorce coming up (regardless of fault or who files) will move to a different state or country with better laws, BEFORE anything is filed. Even better if the wife can be enticed to come along. Yet another instance of jurisdictional arbitrage.



      • Property settlements or adjudications in divorce are always based on where the principal residence is prior to someone filing divorce papers.

        You’re wrong about prenups about alimony being invalid in California, unless the law changed quite recently. They can’t totally vitiate it in Mass or Conn. unless there’s a big property payout. Alimony can be totally waived in most states including NY, FL and many others, unless otherwise the woman would be a public charge (eligible for welfare). Even then it would only be enforced for a few years.

        If you live in a state in which alimony can’t be enforcably waived, particularly if there’s lifetime alimony for ten year long marriages, refuse to marry her full stop.


      • Or insist on living in a state or country with laws more to your liking.
        This is a good idea for a lot of things, not just marriage.



  64. Forget alimony. The entire “liberation” must end. And with it game and all other distractionary pursuits that allow us to jerk off while our civilization goes down the drain.


  65. on November 14, 2011 at 10:56 pm John Norman Howard

    No such thing as an airtight prenup… unless you’re willing to bring your Ruger and iron will to the office of the lawyer who would dare to challenge it on behalf of she-to-whom-vows-mean-nothing.


  66. My friend once said,

    “I’m so proud of my son… only two and already supporting his mother.”


  67. Perhaps if you hadn’t been so fucking shallow in your evaluation of women in the first place ( are her legs long enough? Is she a 7 or at least a 6.5? ), if you had actually taken the time to get to know the state of a woman’s soul before sleeping with her and oops, having a child, you might manage to eke out a family life that lasts. True, a woman with traditional values might not put out, but then she probably won’t steal your kids away either. That does mean trolling the bars for 8s is not the ideal method for choosing a mate — such a shame because that is where the hot sluts who put out are to be found. So, nevermind. sow the wind, reap the whirlwind, gamers. Whether that whirlwind be a lonely pathetic old age, still “gaming”, or being an alienated parent, does it matter? Two sides of the same pathetic coin.

    [Heartiste: You values fetishists really love this “bar girl” smear. Newsflash: game works on women outside of bars, too.]


    • “the state of a woman’s soul,” eh?

      more like the dewpoint of her quim I should say


    • “True, a woman with traditional values might not put out, but then she probably won’t steal your kids away either.”

      True, a revolver loaded with 3 out of 6 bullets might not fire, but then it probably won’t kill you if you put it against your head and pull the trigger either.

      Traditional values or not, the laws need to change, homey.


      • Right, so don’t take any chances. Stay safe! OMG! Life is so scary, don’t try to actually live it.


      • You still don’t get it, do you?

        I will leave you with this link, and that’s all.


        If you can’t figure it out from here, I hope you get everything you have coming to you for thinking that finding someone with “traditional values” alone is going to protect you from the fembot zeitgeist.


    • BS. I had a kid with a “traditional” girl and by the end of our “relationship” she was all daggers.

      Money corrupts all.


    • According to Dalrock, traditionalist Christian (that’s capital C) churches boast about “only” having a 38% divorce rate. Yeah that’s better than 48%, but not exactly small risk.


    • Ha, I got Heartiste to say “Newsflash”. Guess I hit a nerve!

      [Heartiste: You wish.]

      FYI “Bar” is shorthand for any old place PUA’s like to troll for sluts. I’m trying to keep it short and sweet, Big H, it is a comments section after all.

      [FYI, game works in church, on churchgoing girls, too. No woman is exempt from or immune to the laws of attraction.]


  68. Alimony will end when men don’t get married. This ain’t rocket science.

    Why do we have to repeat this so often.


    Young men would be surprised to know how little value older men place on women. They are empty headed and vain. Good for their beauty when young, etc., but, nothing to keep around for the long haul.

    Now, there is always that special someone who would make an ideal life-long companion, but what’s the odds you’ll met one like that?


    • Gramps

      Alimony will end when men don’t get married. This ain’t rocket science.

      Why do we have to repeat this so often.

      Why? Because: We’re now dealing with the ever-deteriorating dregs of a dumbed-down culture and education system.

      When you have to repeat to “junior” 509 times a day to quit sticking a fork in his eye, he’s
      eventually too blind
      to appreciate


  69. I think you’ll find that in most progressive states alimony is largely a thing of the past, unless the couple has been married for a very long time and one spouse hasn’t been working for a very long time.

    So if you do decide to get married, make sure your spouse continues working. If he/she refuses to work, you have to quit your job too and divorce the spouse. Then you can start working again.

    All in all it’s not really worth it, unless you can marry rich. If you can marry rich, then by all means do so.


    • Nope.

      Women have all sorts of ways to extract undue money from men. Alimony is still one of them. Blue state or not.



    • California is not exactly a non progressive state.

      Their basic alimony formula is the husband owes alimony of 40% of his after tax income minus any child support he’s paying, in excess of his ex wife’s after tax income. (They don’t add in the child support she’s getting cause that’s not for her you know (yeah right)). He’ll owe it for half the length of the marriage for short marriages, and for life (or until she remarries or he can prove she’s lived together with another guy for six months) – which isn’t real likely if he’s paying her hefty alimony.

      Oh and they don’t impute income or higher income to women almost ever, they’re so gender fair.

      Automatic lifetime alimony after ten years is a fairly new thing in California. Within last ten years I think. Yeah feminists are getting worse and worse.


  70. “…greased by the oily secretions of the world’s number one parasites — divorce lawyers”

    No, no, Heartiste; they are “dedicated family practice attorneys”.

    I’m surprised they haven’t put you in a re-education camp yet.


  71. on November 15, 2011 at 1:53 am The Real Vince

    Making national headlines a week ago, I’m sure it was a big topic here…

    A woman down in San Diego divorced her husband, in part for sexual assault (she recorded the attack, he was convicted and sent to the clink). He requested alimony on account of her six figure income… and he won. She’s paying him one g a month.

    Alimony is not completely without merit. Many men want their wives to stay at home (especially the “patriarchy” crowd in the around here). The absence of a work history, even gaps in a work history, make it difficult to have a career and generate income. It gets insane when a judge rules that a man (or a woman, in theory) needs to pay more than 100% of their income, because the calculation’s based on a high point in the working spouse’s career. A depressing example is what happened to Dave Foley (see Marc Maron’s WTF podcast). Foley basically tours comedy clubs in order to scrap together alimony money, as do many comics. This is one reason why Bill Burr says he’ll never get married (“Is this the line to lose half my shit?”)

    It’s rather simple: if you don’t want to pay alimony/vaginamony/whatever, then do not get married.


    • Alimony is not completely without merit. Many men want their wives to stay at home (especially the “patriarchy” crowd in the around here). The absence of a work history, even gaps in a work history, make it difficult to have a career and generate income.

      Yes it is mangina. She has agency.

      It’s completely on her if she doesn’t get and maintain a career.

      Further, while the start may be slow, she can restart a career by dropping back in pay for awhile, etc. Choices have consequences. It’s entirely up to her if she chose to be a stay at home mom, but not make her marriage work.

      She has absolutely no business staying at home if she doesn’t have kids. If she does she’ll get child support=also stealth alimony. If she stays at home once the kids are in school instead of restarting her career, that’s incredibly lazy. She deserves what she gets post divorce without alimony.

      Women need to be discouraged from divorcing so damn much in America for one thing. Esp. when there are kids involved. Women file for divorce 2.5 times as often as men do in all marriages, and a far higher ratio than that in college educated couples with kids.


      • Naturally, this is bullshit.

        A man has agency NOT to sign a marriage contract.

        Marriage is primarily about raising children, and so it makes sense that women would continue the role they have historically taken: staying home and raising the kids.

        In my view, I think a woman should return to her job after pushing out a couple kids, but unlike you, I’m not going to legislate for that role as human desires and circumstances vary. Regardless, a woman can never dedicate as much time to her career as she’s still the primary care-giver to her children. So she’s understandably less ambitious, willing to take on less workplace responsibility (commensurate with compensation).


      • “Women file for divorce 2.5 times as often as men do in all marriages, and a far higher ratio than that in college educated couples with kids.”



  72. “artvandelay:
    Wow that’s horrible. Is there anything done about it?”

    No. Its all part of the planned destruction of Man/Woman/Family relationships and using Women as a wealth transfer mechanism from Men to the state.

    Eventually Men [with brains] will simply cease cohabiting with Women.


  73. The big picture issue that needs to be addressed is that the people, through their laws as enacted by State legislatures, need to make an unequivocal moral judgment that public policy will strongly support marriages. From that starting point, each aspect of the family law system needs to be re-evaluated to determine whether the incentives and deterrants are calibrated to support the overall public policy that society wants marriages to survive (especially when there are children).

    Currently, the statistics demonstrate that women perceive, correctly or not, that they possess incentives under the present system to divorce. Two things need to happen: 1) people need to be better informed as to the economic realities of divorce, and 2) the statutes need to be revised so as to remove any economic incentive for a woman to file where there isn’t substantial abuse, drug use, or adultry taking place. If a man or woman wishes to bail on a marriage with a no-fault divorce, our laws should reflect society’s disfavor with that decision/outcome.


    • I don’t think male adultery if reasonably discreet and if unaccompanied by him sexually and emotionally abandoning his wife, ought to be grounds for divorce, or under our current no fault scheme, for extra good property settlement of alimony, etc. It didn’t used to be grounds for fault divorce prior to first wave feminism. It still pretty much isn’t e.g. in France, where divorcing for such a reason is thought to be in very poor taste.


      • Oh and the wife wailing about it to all her friends doesn’t constitute the husband not being reasonably discreet.

        It’s really the public humiliation and pressure that American (and to a somewhat lesser extent British) wives bring upon themselves when they go blabbing to their female friends that leads most often to divorce for this asserted reason.


    • All I can say is God Bless Texas. No alimony.


  74. There is no feminist in the world who can twist her hamster logic enough to convince anyone worth convincing that legally forcing a man to pay alimony to an ex-wife who refuses to remarry so that the alimony gravy train keeps riding is even remotely within the universe of fairness. A fucking two year old can tell you that this is bullshit on stilts.

    Surely it’s the same justification that Leftists give why it’s entirely cool that Mugabe/Mbeki take land from white farmers and give it to their black supporters — it’s “collective guilt”; it’s “restitution for a thousand years of injustice and oppression”

    It’s still bullshit, but it’s internally consistent bullshit.


  75. My parents divorced when I was two. My father fought for my full custody, in exchange, my mother didn’t have to pay support fees and can only visit when my father allows.

    I don’t exactly know what prompted the divorce (and the deep hatred that now exists between them), but I know it seemed that my mother, at least partly, married my father so she can come to America (we are Chinese), take classes at the college where he studied. She even brought my maternal grandmother from China to take care of me while she was off taking classes (and working, which my father disputed).

    My father is now happily married again to my step-mother, who’s more than 10 years younger than him, I have two half-siblings who look up to me.

    So I’m wondering…why can’t more people fight for their kids’ full custody, thus avoiding this alimony business?


  76. That reddit post you tweeted. wow. every man should read it 10 times, especially the gory details. If that doesn’t cure you of pedestalism, nothing will.

    as a bonus treat, the post detailed how the Long Dong Alpha spanked and slapped the Beta McChum’s gf, and how he would always follow it with a passionate or sweet act ‘before she could even feel the pain’. That’s a nice little takeaway right there.


    • That post has GOT to be troll bait. No one would ask for or post details like that. Whats < Omega in the lingo cause that would be the definition.


      • That’s probably true – hell, it was probably written by ch himself. Which doesn’t change the fact that a vast majority of women would fuck an alpha stranger and not fess up to the provider bf unless backed into a corner.


  77. NYT article on Family Courts denying public access… making them all but completely unaccountable…