Gaming Bitchy Broads

The days of feminine, coy, flirty Western women are coming to a close. Blame fluoride, blame peer pressure, blame evolutionary forces, blame mass female employment, blame Turchinian cycles… the growly aggro-manjaw is now a fixture of the modern mating market.

Men can respond in three ways: drop out, dig in, or desexualize. Dropping out — i.e., perpetual fapping to internet porn and vidjya games — is an admission of defeat that’s easy to sustain via dopaminergic pathways. Not an option for men who love the company of beautiful babies. Desexualizing is psychological self-castration intended to ease the pain of romantic rejection and the sting of failing to live up to masculine norms, while leaving open the possibility of real live interaction with furry-faced feminists who measure success by their collection of manboobed sycophants. cf., John Scalzi.

Digging in… now that’s where the rubber meets the ho. You deal with the mating market you have, not the one you wish existed. And that means, for many American men, a practiced ability to confront and neutralize the bitchy cockblock.

A reader offers a relevant account,

Got this shit test a couple of nights ago in a club. Wondering about recommendations and assessment on how I handled it.

Walked up to a group of girls in the smoking area and opened with “you girls look like you’re having the most fun here”. Immediately one of them replies with “Um, We were trying to have a serious conversation here” with muchos attitude. My response was to address the group “Is she always like this?”

How did I do? How would you handle this situation better?

On paper, there’s nothing you did wrong here. That line — “Is she always like this?” — is straight from Ye Olde English pickup manual. But like all pickup tactics, there’s an ideal time and context in which they are maximally effective. I suspect, based on your abridged replay of events that night, that you deployed the line too soon and too jarringly. That line is a classic because it works, but the implied understanding is that the line works best embedded within a conversation that already has some legs under it. The girls are already open to talking to you, even if all they’re doing is shit testing you or giving you an opportunity to spit your pitch. In that state, they’re more receptive to your divide-and-conquer tactic.

It appears you cold approached, lay down a line that can sound corny if the girls really *do* look like they’re having a lot of fun, received an immediate and debilitating auto-bitch reply, followed up with the neg, and then went into a holding pattern waiting for a positive group reaction. That is, assuming you flamed out. You didn’t specify what happened after you said “Is she always like this?”.

If you were successful, then I’m not sure why you’re even asking the question. Carry on, soldier of furrow. If not, all I can recommend is that you promptly segue into a new conversational thread after delivering your neg. It’s much more effective that way. A neg that wafts unanchored into dead air will quickly land with a thud at the feet of the perplexed girls. But if the neg is bookended by unrelated chatter, it has room to work its subconscious magic. You ever notice how the best salesmen will chew off a customer’s ear until the point that he’s hooked, and then ease off to let the customer ask questions that rationalize the purchase to himself? It’s similar with picking up girls, except the product you’re selling is yourself.

If you want alternate suggestions for how to handle this scenario in the future, here are some replies that would work.

– “I can tell. You have steam coming out of your ears.”
– “Great! I love talking about Miley Cyrus.”
– “This is a weird place to have a debate team meeting.”
– “Damn, you hurt my feelings.” (exaggerated sad face)

etc. The concept is the same: charming condescension coupled with unflappable state control. But the difference in the details amounts to teasing the bitch without blatantly making a premature attempt to turn the group against her. Most bitches are queen bees; their loyal subjects won’t turn on her until they know it’s safe to do so. You have to earn some value first before you can drive a wedge between a cockblock and her posse.


  1. Here’s a segment of game every man should have…ad lib, improvise, play jazz.

    While it’s great to be the take charge guy….you also need to know how to react properly in a situation without seeming butthurt. Which means taking her response, turning it on its head, and making it your own (the examples were good). Calling her out in the beginning is judging her…and bitches hate that.


    • And this come from real life experiences…not a book.


      • > “a couple of nights ago in a club… Walked up to a group of girls in the smoking area and opened with…”


        No horseshit.

        Where are these clubs which do NOT have the music blaring at 110dB?

        And, conversely, if the music IS blaring at 110dB, then are both you and the bitches supposed to be lip readers?

        Or else mind readers?

        For my entire life, I have never understood how you are supposed to get any sort of a conversation going under those circumstances.

        Eye Contact Game – check.

        Strong Kino Game – check.

        Dance Floor Game – check.

        Outright Meat Market Raw Physical Attraction FTW Game – check.

        But Conversational Game, with clever witty innuendo-laden heavily-double-entendre-ed back-n-forth repartee?

        I have never understood how that occurs at >= 110dB.

        Unless maybe there’s some tradition of super-secret kool-kidz-only quiet-n-sophisticated conversational clubs out there which I’ve never been made aware of.


      • ^I’ve always wondered the exact same thing. All these witty statements look great on paper, but they’re not effective when you have to scream them at the top of your lungs to have a shot at 1/2 the words being understood.

        Seems like the purpose of a club is to level the playing field and make even the lowliest dregs seem bangable. Dark as fuck so you can barely see what people look like? Check. Loud as fuck so you can’t hear how dumb/boring/vapid people are? Check. Tons of alcohol to bring everyone up a notch on top of that? Check. It’s friggin communism.


      • on December 14, 2013 at 3:59 am haunted trilobite

        It’s certainly sinister – event management/how to run a club 101. The music is so loud that conversations are impossible, which forces people to drink heavily in order to have the false energy and courage to dance and gesticulate like a moron, which is now the only remaining way people can communicate. Show me a druglord who isn’t Machiavellian. DJs are also attention-seekers, who don’t want you to miss a single beat of ‘their’ music. You can usually protect your ears with simple earplugs or custom made ones, so you can still hear what people are saying.


      • There’s another kind of game: Physical Proximity Game; and the loud noise forces people to move closer together in order to hear each other.


      • Even in clubs with somewhat lower musical volume (Country), when a girl throws the ‘we are having a CONVERSATION!!!’ bitch-bomb, it means you are so not her type (read: too short/fug/old/poor/lo-status, as per her 1/1000th of a second evaluation) and she’s telling you to get THE FUCK LOST.
        In the Real World (not cyber space), any witty remarks, ‘game’ etc. will fall on deaf/ignorant ears. Even if they can hear them.
        Best night club ‘game’ : Be hot.
        Renders anything you say or the way you say it completely, utterly irrelevant.


      • If you’re approaching girls who aren’t consistently acting like bitches the moment you open them,
        You need to pick hotter targets.


  2. Gaming down-market is always tougher. The lower the girl’s socio-economic class the harder you have to work.


    • I have found this as well, and it doesn’t make much sense per the laws of hypergamy. My pet theory is that at some point girls form an identification with a particular social class. If you are in a higher class, your vocabulary, dress, and interests disqualify you. It’s a defense mechanism that they have evolved. They have a comfort zone of their family and friends, and even if you have a great job, drive a nice car, and have a silver tongue (especially if you have a silver tongue), they aren’t interested if you don’t possess the signals of belonging to the same class.


      • > “Gaming down-market is always tougher.”


        Your clever one-liners which work on bitches of IQ 120 with Bachelors’ degrees simply will not work on blue-collar chicks with Associates’ Degrees and IQs of 105.

        Nor, for that matter, will those same one-liners work on bitches with PhDs and IQs of 135.

        Your Game must always be tailored to the fit the precise audience which is to be gamed.


      • “to the fit” = to fit


  3. I’ve found Asian hookers. way cheaper than bitches and nicer too.


    • This made me laugh! 🙂 Alas, we have all considered that option at one point or another. So … maybe if you haven’t had sex for two years, and you just have to get the need out of your system. But to partake of a professional man-pleaser’s services while trying to game would be demoralizing, I believe. Kind of how using cheat codes to beat a game makes it harder to get into the game without cheat codes from then on.


      • respectfully disagree. using hookers in a slump can help give a temporary artificial boost to the game psyche. much like medication can alleviate the symptoms of an illness until the body corrects itself. the trouble comes in the temptation to keep using the “medication” to maintain. as long as one understands that only the symptoms are alleviated, not the underlying illness, the mental boost from the hooker experience can help remind the slumping mind of the gamer what it’s like to be successful. and in that temporary state, the “muscle memory” of the gamer’s mind can be reignited and actual lead to success with non-hookers (not much of a difference really, one’s just more honest about it).


      • on December 13, 2013 at 6:41 pm Subarctic Hillbilly

        +1. Hiring a pro to bust a slump is a gamer’s move. It gets the stink of desperation off you.


      • “…the mental boost from the hooker experience can help remind the slumping mind of the gamer what it’s like to be successful.”

        But as Arbiter alluded to, you’re not really being successful; you’re cheating. I fail to see how anyone can get a mental boost from bribing your opponent to let you win.


      • Because, you’re still interracting with an incredibly attractive woman, and your brain can get accustomed to not freaking out around hot women. Think of the dj/stage announcer at a strip club. You think he’s gonna lose his frame if some hot girl takes her top off as she slides into the jacuzzi tub with him back at his apartment? It isn’t cheating, it’s training, like allowing a pack of dogs to bait a bear that’s safely chained to a tree, allowing them to get used to the bears operational tactics before tackling one head on for real.


      • Okay, so being with a prostitute (when you find one that is attractive) would be a boon if you can’t handle being around attractive women without getting nervous.

        I don’t have that problem, and anyone who has done his gaming homework should have gotten rid of that nervousness around women. And like I saw CH write somewhere, going to prostitutes kills your interaction with women. (If you do it too often. I suppose you could get away with one time.)

        As for feeling successful, I believe it would be the opposite. It would feel like a defeat. Just like playing tennis and paying the opponent to let you win would feel like a defeat. Sex is, after all, not just about the physical; it is the culmination of the chase. It is a great feeling when a woman gives it to you willingly because she wants you to spread her legs.

        But like I wrote earlier, I understand if a guy hasn’t had sex for years and just has to get it out of his system. Simply to have the physical desire satisfied.


      • Yeah, the problem comes in when you start using it as a go to for your sexual outlet versus just a few times to get yourself used to having sex with an incredibly attractive woman.
        Some poor losers lose their load the moment she takes her clothes off, having never seen the naked body of an attractive woman before.
        Crawling under machine gun fire gets you used to being in the line of fire, just don’t get used to it being aimed safely over your prone body.


  4. “A girl like you having a serious conversation? That’s a new one.”


    • Even I know that is not how to get laid. They don’t like being insulted that directly.


      • But if they’re in a group, some might be turned on by the guy brave enough to stand up to the bitchy one.


      • You got it AJ; but you gotta smirk while you say it, and press the attack with a follow up such as “you know they got a leash law in ________? (name of state) but you say it to the other ones

        attack attack attack!

        No mercy for bitches that try to wage war, you gotta grab the microphone and proceed to roar!


    • Too butthurt.


  5. The problem with digging in – sex leads to relationships, often leads to pregnancies, often leads to marriage/industrial divorce complex…

    If one is going to invest their energies in today’s sexual market, where are the odds the best that you won’t end up getting rough shafted in the 6 hole?


    • That’s pretty much why I’m not ready to try this stuff yet. I want a vasectomy first but I’m still a student with 0 income. Anyone in california gotten one for free?


  6. If I had a hundred years I could not title blog posts half as good as you…


    • if it’s mass quantities of clicks you want, you can’t go wrong with buzzfeed’s algorithm: “the 30 people you want to watch take a dump”


  7. on December 13, 2013 at 1:02 pm Hilary Clinton

    Sa signe no stag = RACIS. Shoul sens an diversit trainin b sen t brainw… EDUCATIO,


  8. “Great! I love talking about Miley Cyrus.”

    This is the correct answer. It instantly puts them on the defensive, and as we know, from defensive crouches tingles grow. Her natural reaction will be to deny the conversation was about Miley Cyrus; i.e. qualify herself to him.


    • It was also by far the funniest.


      • Indeed; this is the winning strategy. I’d offer up “Well while you are deliberating your next drink, could you fetch me a bourbon?”


    • That was my favorite of the bunch too.


    • I’ve been in this cold approach tactic many times with the alpha bitch queen and I’m going to say that her next and natural reaction will not to be denying the conversation at all.

      She will want to see how good you REALLY are, and if she is a hot slutty smoker chick, you better bring your fucking A game along.

      You will now enter into some verbal jousting / riposte and you will need to walk the razor’s edge of enough snark and wit to keep all the XX’s entertained but not crossing into full on butt-hurt insult mode.

      This is why an approach the like the one described in the post is usually a suicidal crash and burn for a novice. If you can consistently keep her off balance for a few more salvos, she will then see you as credible and will “dial it down” a few notches.

      Again, YMMV, but that is usually how I’ve seen it go.


      • Yep, I’ve been in the group with the “alpha” girl who will actually *take on* the guy who approaches, eviscerating him with snarky banter.

        That’s why I like (and I’ve seen) the “is she always like this?” reply… because you can direct it to the girl in the group who is smiling at you or looks the friendliest. It’s a great neg, because that alpha girl IS always like that, every time the group goes out, and the other girls probably tease her about it. So at least one of them will laugh. (I do)


      • on December 16, 2013 at 10:21 am Never Mind the Balzac

        Can the hags trolling this site please stop using the word ‘alpha’ to describe snarky bitches.

        Once and for all: There is no such thing as an ‘alpha female’ there are only mother hens.


      • A couple days ago I approached a group of grad students, and the fat boisterous girl blurts, “did you know the red color of your sweatshirt is the same color douche bags come in?”

        My reply: “you mean the ones you put in your vagina? The ones marked xl?”

        We both said “oh!” High fived. And I was in with the group.


      • > “a group of grad students… the same color douche bags come in…”


        That’s so depressing that I almost want to pretend that I never even read it.

        These filthy stinking cunts are supposed to give birth to the future of Western Civilization?

        God have mercy on us.

        I mean, God damn it, that’s flat-out NIGGER TALK coming out of that whore’s mouth.

        Now I’m starting to get angry.


  9. This one has nuked every girl I have ever launched it on. Put it in the archives, men.

    “They teach you that at charm school?”

    Works every time.


    • Blame fluoride

      Jack D. Ripper (Sterling Hayden)! On our “precious bodily fluids”.

      You deal with the mating market you have, not the one you wish existed.

      Donald Rumsfeld! There is a Defense Department theme to this post. those who remember the Rumsfeld years and his press-conference style may enjoy this:

      On topic: this is good general info, but it all comes down to being able to read people and situations. Canned lines are no good unles they fit into the social context. it seems like in this case the dude kinda barged in, making it more like direct game than indirect game, i.e., starting an interaction on a natural pretext, with a good hook, and laying the game techniques on after that point. Without that it probably came across as clueless and artificial. Direct game should actually be more bold than that, eschewing standard negs and starting an immediate sexual/dominant/predatory vibe. (Some may recall the “apocalypse opener” series of posts a few years back.) Doesn’t work as well except for certain contexts.


    • Charm school is sort of a dated reference, for earlier generations of women and a lost ideal of womanhood. I bet your typical young urban professnioal/slut barely knows what it is, unless she watches Turner Classic Movies a lot.


      • That’s the humor and subtlety that makes it work. Make it a little less confrontational than “you learn that at dumb cunt university?”

        Do what you wish but it’s never failed me with college girls or twenties girls.


    • Gotta say this sounds like a winner. Women compete on a social dominance scale that men do find interesting/do not understand—just look at any “group of women thrown together” reality show—Real Housewives, Mob Wives,or older shows (Laguna Beach, anyone?). You will see these shows are about intra-female competition for social dominance–making the right social move at the right time. Not wearing the right clothes to an event may make a man appear foolish, but he is rarely that hurt by it and rebounds quickly; but for a woman, to wear an unflattering ensemble to an event can wreck her emotionally for a year or more.

      So when a man calls a woman out on her lack of social graces in public, it’s triple grating: first because of the personal sting; second, because she is embarrassed socially in front of other girls for a social faux paux; and third, because a straight man is doing it–which is both a huge neg and a very out-of-character act. This is how gays have gotten to women—by offering them social critiques.

      I’m stealing this line without attribution. But thank you, Jack H, your blog is now bookmarked.



  10. Some openers seem to invite bitchiness. “you girls look like you’re having the most fun here” seems like it’s from Ye Olde Manual also.


  11. I believe the entire approach was wrong. Walking up to a group of girls you don’t know and saying, “You girls look like you’re having the most fun here”, that is such an obvious attempt at being accepted into the conversation. There is pretty much no way of successfully, on your own, approaching a group of girls where you don’t know a single one of them. Not unless you’re a hot hunk, in which case you don’t need any methods.

    You might say, “What does it matter? If you don’t succeed, at least you tried.” But failure in that situation will make it far less likely that you will be able to game any of the girls later, when you see her stray from the herd. They might also tell their friends that you did a lame approach, which lowers your chances with the friends as well.

    Which makes me think of the matter of gaining a bad reputation. This is a very real risk when you do cold opens, especially if you do many of them in an area or social setting where women are likely to learn about it from each other. Yet this is something I never see gaming forums or blogs address, probably because so few actually approach enough women that it becomes a possibility.

    [CH: if you believe that talking to women and enduring the insecurities of one caustic bitch gains you a bad reputation, you’ve failed before you even approached.]


    • No, CH. (And boy did I know that what I said would be misrepresented.) I am talking about a guy approaching a GROUP of women with a cheesy canned line without much chance of success. The risk of being rejected is far higher when he is trying the canned line on a group than on a lone woman, since even if one of the girls in the group might otherwise be interested in talking to him, she can’t show her interest while the others are watching; not when he is so obviously trying to hit on them all at the same time, accepting any takers.

      If you don’t know how a guy gets a bad reputation at a night club as “that guy with the lame lines who will hit on anyone” and what that does to his chances, then, well….

      [CH: if you know how to deliver, canned lines can work fine. most women won’t know they’re canned anyhow, because most women don’t read game material.]


      • I just posted something like this which seems to have disappeared.


      • are you an octoroon?


      • “The risk of being rejected is far higher when he is trying the canned line on a group than on a lone woman, since even if one of the girls in the group might otherwise be interested in talking to him, she can’t show her interest while the others are watching; not when he is so obviously trying to hit on them all at the same time, accepting any takers.”

        Retarded. You’ve never actually approached groups of girls. If one girl is strongly interested, and her friends aren’t total cunts, the rest of the group will “fall away” and leave you two alone. I’ve had times where I approached a group, and after a couple of minutes of high energy conversation, found myself alone with a girl giving me strong IOIs who wasn’t even my original target. The rest of the group simply knew from women’s intuition that she was the most interested in me and gave us some space.


    • “There is pretty much no way of successfully, on your own, approaching a group of girls where you don’t know a single one of them.”

      …you understand that pretty much the entire concept of cold approach pickup is based around approaching groups of girls (and sometimes guys) you don’t know, right?

      Like, PUAs (including myself) have been getting laid that way for 10+ years lol

      “The risk of being rejected is far higher when he is trying the canned line on a group”

      So? Lol rejection won’t kill you.

      “even if one of the girls in the group might otherwise be interested in talking to him, she can’t show her interest while the others are watching; not when he is so obviously trying to hit on them all at the same time, accepting any takers.”

      Jesus. This is so far off base that I have to assume you’re trolling. If you’re serious then it’s time to re-read Mystery Method and group theory yo.


      • I’m with you on all of this, but you MUST admit that the opener could have been 100% better. That is a line I don’t think I’ve ever used or ever would. It automatically puts you on a defensive posture as Arbiter said.

        Cold opening a set is already a challenge enough without starting it off from a “recovery” frame.

        The fact that they were smoking would have been my “can opener” to pry the top off that canned vag and then start to work one off from the herd. I don’t smoke almost ever but you should at least be able to inhale off a cig. You can bum a light from some chicks and smoothly open right from that alone.

        “Why the fuck do they keep us all in this little area like a herd of retards?” *take a drag*, you have now a commonality they sympathize with— proceed with attack vector…


      • on December 13, 2013 at 4:09 pm haunted trilobite

        I’ve tried the conspiratorial approach too, but haven’t had any success with “oh man, we’re not going to look half as cool when in the throes of the slow agonising death that’s looming larger with each one of these we smoke” *takes a drag*


      • I’ve had a lot of success by passing around X-rays of my black, black lungs.


      • “but you MUST admit that the opener could have been 100% better.”

        Oh the guy was uncalibrated and shit, I’m not defending him lol. But the actual opener he used goes over just fine when you use it on the right girls at the right time. Canned openers work just fine cold approaching groups, and have for years.

        It’s not really your opener that matters, it’s how you handle the response/vibe/etc (aka calibration) when you open, that matters.


    • Arbiter, you’re confusing high risk/high reward with ‘it’s hopeless.’ Cold approach is a risky business because let’s face it, there are a lot of random variables that can fuck you up. However, as someone who is pretty unremarkable and who HAS done this…whenever you hook, you hook. When you get -good- at hooking (not even getting laid), you are as a God, boy.

      My reputation at all of the venues where I flamed out (crashed and burned many many many many many times)? Golden. I know the staff, I know promoters, I can jump the line. People wish me luck lol. Do you know what it does to your social proof when a bouncer walks by and says ‘oh hey Scray, hahahah chatting up some more honeys, good luck tonight!’ Probably because perception is reality — to them I’m always chatting up girls with a smile on my face. I never plow hard enough to piss women off or cause a scene, and I’m always gracious and nice about rejection when it happens.

      I mean, most of the time now I just end up out with my friends or with one of the girls (down to 2 now) I see. Ya, every time I go out there are a few cute girls at the bar who either AI me or notice me in the group. Me. Shitty old me.

      So no one addresses it because if you have an ounce of social calibration you will avoid gaining a bad reputation. People will wish you well and admire you.


      • Are you still actively trying to day game or are you chilling on that front?
        Srs question


      • I’ve chilled with everything. I lightly flirt when out with friends and shit, but I’m still working through some feelings and wondering how to extricate myself from she-who-will-not-be-named.


      • Lol yup I feel you. When you’re ready to attack another monster let me know.

        I just finished a quasi 30 Day challenge….just 2 direct approaches a day via daygame Mon-Fri and got some insight that you and the readership might find valuable


  12. I’ve encountered this only once, and I immediately went over the top smart ass- “Shoes??? OMG I love shoes!!!!” (yes I actually verbalized O M G) while looking at/laughing with her cute friend like it was a joke between us about the cunt in question.

    Traded numbers with said friend, banged out after movie and wine the following week.


    • And yes, the cunt friend was salty at me for the rest of the night but she left us alone to talk


      • I find it best to use the humorous deflection on a bitch attack.
        Anything else seems combative.
        “You don’t look half bad in those glasses.”
        “Ok, and your point?”
        Turning to her ugly friend and crossing one eye,
        “Starting to think I need glasses myself”
        Smile as less attractive friend laughs
        “Blah blah blah ” talking to uggo, target starts trying to chime in and then I gradually start talking to just her.
        Never acknowledged her behavior. Unaffectable.


    • Excellent. The flirty fag hagging response is gold. Meooow also works in this situation – but heed Jay’s advice above

      “. . . She will want to see how good you REALLY are, and if she is a hot slutty smoker chick, you better bring your fucking A game along.”

      Verbal gymnastics indeed.


    • “Shoes?” is even better than the Miley Cyrus line. Suitable for all ages. Quick thinking. Well done.


  13. From my experience: even if you come back with a great response,they will become defensive and it will go nowhere.
    Just don’t approach bitchy broads.Although its not easy with current market to find not bitchy ones.


    • Not that it’s ever an excuse for being bitchy, but if the girls are close together and in deep conversation, isn’t that a disincentive to approach? As opposed to a group with a more “open” look (glancing around, minimal conversation, facing crowd, etc).


      • They don’t glance and face crowd anymore,they are all deep in their smartphones having “deep conversations”.

        Only very hot ones (yes I know,weird huh) and drunk ones tend to drift away from a group and are open to conversations.


      • > “They don’t glance and face crowd anymore,they are all deep in their smartphones having “deep conversations”.”

        Getting a little off-topic, but I’ve read that in Japan, the young men and the young women are becoming so engrossed in the anti-reality of the online world that they don’t even copulate with one another anymore.

        If the online world continues to become ever more addictive to most folks, then it’s gonna be Amish Luddite Fertility Game FTW.

        Cause no one else is gonna be having babies anymore.


      • true. Japan is now the land of Drones on Phones.

        The were never the most socially adept people on the planet, and now they can’t even hold a conversation. For most of their history, parents would arrange marriages between their children. Now I see why this was necessary.


      • I have NEVER seen or heard women talking about anything other than men, shopping and sex. No matter how much you all enjoy it, it isn’t half as fun as the charming presence of a cocksure man.


      • So… There’s a great reply right there. “Oh good. What’s the topic? Men, shopping or sex?


      • There’s a naughty little subtopic in there for the smarter chicks who are clever enough to wonder, “Ah, shouldn’t the greater topic of ‘Men’ already include the lesser topic of ‘Sex?'”

        Depravity Game FTW.

        Death of Civilization.


      • If they want to have a deep conversation without suitors jumping in, then they shouldn’t be at a bar/club in the first place. They can do that at home.


    • Maybe your comeback looks reactive.
      If she snarks and you respond, she controls the frame.
      Let her say what she wants, doesn’t matter to you.


  14. Saint Thomas Aquinas may have been chaste, but he was a master of the well placed neg.

    One time St Thomas heard about a nun who was levitating in religious ecstasy. Sure enough, when St Thomas got there he found an entranced nun floating in the air, surrounded by a crowd of awestruck peasants.

    His response? He casually observed that the nun had rather large feet.

    The nun immediately came to and indignantly protested St Thomas’ rude comment, prompting him to inform her that she ought to work on her humility.


    • One time St Thomas heard about a nun who was levitating in religious ecstasy.

      I didn’t know they had vibrators back then.


    • Heh…everyone sees a miracle and he points out a flaw.

      I would think being chaste would make remarks like that much easier since you aren’t begging for sex anyway…hell negs are half the fun with women.


      • Game is real hard if you’re begging for sex. I doubt I could ever have succeeded like that.

        If you’re doing that, jerk off before going out. Anyway I’ve got to be relaxed.


  15. When in doubt Fake it til you make it:


    • Lost me. I don’t respect men who proudly and without shame wear the names of other men.


      • Dude, its the green suit (LOL) those gooks can’t read English.

        BTW- Pacquiao made his name coming up by destroying all the top Mexican fighters; he was known as the “Mexicutioner”


  16. As CH is a worldwide forum, this advice is for only those readers in a locale where it’s legal.

    Here’s some advice: Once in your life, go see a high-class escort in the $400-800/hr range. One hour is enough.

    Before the Spergs, Herbs, & Haters respond with some misinformation they “heard” from “somebody”, let me tell you how that actually works.

    Imagine you dated the hottest girl of your life, but she moved to NYC to be a Victoria’s Secret model. You’re in town on a business trip and you chance to look her up. Not only is she really excited to hear from you and catch up, she tells you that she’s ragingly horny and instead of dinner, how about you come booty call her?

    So you show up at her impeccably kept, seriously upscale condo and she greats you with the enthusiasm normally reserved for vets coming back from Afghanistan.

    “But Mr. Stark, I thought that hookers don’t kiss?”
    Hookers don’t, kid. Expensive escorts, OTOH are some of the best kissers in the history of the art. Hell, if you ask nicely she’ll give you lessons. She’s a professional – take advantage of that.

    You will experience the truth of the CH maxim that postulates that little Willie’s enthusiasm is exponentially proportional to the hotness of the girl. Whereas with little Suzy Rottencrotch you might be a one-and-done kind-of guy, with a supermodel three or five times in a row is not out of the question. The chairs will be tipped over, the mattress will be half off the bed, the sheets will be hanging from the ceiling fan, and you will be a better man for it.

    The point is this: Not only will you leave her company with your grapes dessicated to raisins, but you’ll have an HB10 under your belt; you’ll know what it feels like to be George Clooney (if only for an hour); you’ll be a man with Options. The next time you open a 7 or 8 at a bar, they won’t seem so impressive to you… and all this will telegraph.

    As my friend Ferris sais, “If you have the means, I highly recommend it.”

    PS. All high-end escorts are reviewed. Locate a review site and do some research. That way you’ll know a third party has recently confirmed that the girl in question is, in fact, “OMFG”.


    • because if there is one thing i love more than forced affection from professional cum dumpsters, its dropping a grand for the privilege

      george clooney sure knows what its like to embody beta bux, thats how he has so many options!!

      take this shit and GTFO plz, niggas know about backpage already


      • or pay $15 for the same service just south of the border.


      • As if on cue, a “clueless hater” jumps out of the bushes. Just need a “clueless sperg” and a “clueless herb” to complete the set.

        Blaux, is your remarkably illiterate sentence construction just something you failed to learn in school or are you trying to do that? Asking for a friend.

        Everybody Else: Stay away from backpage. All you’ll find there is female versions of “blaux”, anyway.


    • on December 13, 2013 at 7:21 pm Subarctic Hillbilly

      Yup. As I replied to an earlier comment, hiring a pro is the ultimate depedestalizing move. Plus it makes you realize the transactional basis of the mating market, and allows you to calibrate accordingly. All the honeys have some currency for which they are exchanging their vertical smiles – be it money, social proof, attention, fun, adventure.

      That’s not to say it should become a habit. I’ve resorted to the tricks of the trade, so to speak, a mere half dozen times in my half-plus century on this azure orb. It not only helped dissipate the distracting frustration of sexual release denied, allowing me to put the proper focus on my core mission, it cleared away the detritus of failed relationships. Consider it wiping the slate clean.


      • How does it help remove hot girls from the pedestal when you play into the whole concept that a hot girl’s pussy is worth $800?

        That looks like a pretty goddamn high pedestal to me. No piece of ass is worth that kind of money; I don’t care how good she looks.


      • At that price, it becomes competitive to go abroad to get laid.


      • You’ve got to have a lot of bling to get an HB10 in, say, Hong Kong. And air tickets are getting very pricey.

        Now moving overseas for a while to experience a different social environment is a strategic move that makes a lot of sense. But booking air travel and hotels just to get your rocks off in a foreign country where they probably take advantage of newbies who don’t know their way around — that sounds foolish.


    • agree, but i suggest doing it more than once if you can at this range (which, btw, is not high class range; this is mid-class range).

      Rape is unnecessary for the willing.


      • I saw what the Ex governor of NY paid for a 6.5 and could only shake my head at what a fool he was. He paid upwards of 8k for women that could be had for a couple of hundred dollars. That tells me that high price is not the same as high value.


      • Jeffrey Ross (Friar’s Club Roast Host) had the best line about the whole Spizter scandal:

        “Are you offended as New Yorker?”
        “I’m offended as a Jew. He paid retail!”


      • He didn’t pay for her body, he paid for her silence. Only reason he was caught was because the logistics were completly wrong and left a massive paper trail. The Treasury caught him because of the paper not the whispers of the slits he split.


      • He likely also paid just to be paying. Back in the ’80s, a neighbor was trying to sell his house for $50,000. Nobody would buy it. Dad suggested that he raise his price to $80,000, and sure enough, the house sold quickly.

        The guy who bought the house looked at it earlier, and jumped on it as soon as he saw the price went up. When asked why he paid an extra $30,000 for the house, he said, “We didn’t want to live in a $50,000 house, but an $80,000 house, now that’s something!”

        I imagine the same principle probably applies to a piece of ass when some rich guy with money to burn is looking for the best of the best of the best.

        So yeah, maybe the $800 hooker actually gets more business than the $100 hooker, depending on the market conditions. If I were going to bang a hooker, I would indeed be more inclined to shop up market. But no, there’s no way I’m paying even $100. It’s just a pussy.


    • “… you’ll know what it feels like to be George Clooney.”

      George Clooney: “On my very first day in LA, my cousin Miguel took me for a drive up Sunset Boulevard. All these girls came up asking if we wanted to party. I said, ‘Girls love me, man!’ Miguel just replied, ‘They’re hookers, you idiot’.”


    • This is pretty sound advice for your average dude. When you get to the $600-800/hr range you are basically going to fuck a HB10 supermodel. She will lick your asshole clean, allow for anal, and all the rest. This is a thing your average mortal will never experience. Utterly defiling a woman who is supermodel hot is always a good thing even if you have to pay top dollar for it once. I don’t recommend making this a habit, but it is a fine accomplishment for a bucket list.


      • But you have to use a rubber and feel nothing.


      • Yeah, setting aside the entire problem with the moral conundrum of it all, my very first thought was, “Human Papilloma Virus FTL.”


      • This actually shows how limited career opportunities are for HB10’s. The competition is intense and they are aging every day.

        If there’s an HB10 you want, you just may be able to get her. On a longterm / permanent basis. She’s all too aware that the hotness business is brutal. She won’t have the illusions, or hopes or wishes, of say an HB8. She’ll just want a dignified exit, mainly. Men are scared of her, other women hate her, she sticks out like a sore thumb anywhere..

        Or else she’ll have to hook. And most women don’t want to do that.


  17. on December 13, 2013 at 4:32 pm Charlie Dont Surf

    “Um, We were trying to have a serious conversation here”

    I’d have said nothing to that – asked the cutest of the bunch to borrow her lighter – then walked off with it … and had a smoke in her field of view. When she came to get her lighter back – THEN: I’d ask “Is she always like that” ….

    Most bitches are queen bees; their loyal subjects won’t turn on her until they know it’s safe to do so.

    Why attempt to kick over the nest?


    • Interesting perspective.

      And that queen bee is about an HB8. An HB10 won’t have that opportunity, other women will stay away from her. She cannot gain the “common touch” to have a gang or gaggle around her.


  18. The best game will almost always be the shit that girls do to guys. I would suggest, before delivering your “is she always like this” line, pause and look at her like a woman would do to a beta/gamma weirdo who said something that was socially awkward and completely out of left field.

    Remember, it’s not what you say but how you say it.


    • > “pause and look at her”

      I’d stop right there, man.

      If the conditions are right – if it’s not absolutely necessary that you put her in her place – then consider just pausing and looking at her and frowning and walking away [maybe even with that little half-grimace, like Clint Eastwood does].

      Remember, when you are out shit-talking, YOU ARE THE PRIZE, not her.

      In particular: It is not you who needs to prove yourself as her sexual partner.

      Instead, it is SHE who must prove that she deserves to sleep with you.

      To be a true Alpha, it is imperative that you master this attitude: YOU ARE THE PRIZE.


  19. “We are trying to have a serious conversation here.”
    “In a bar?”

    Naah – wouldn’t work as a pickup line. Chicks dislike being called out when they lie. But it would be fun to say.


  20. on December 13, 2013 at 6:52 pm North Vinlander

    On the topic of bitches and white knights, look at this guy defending a woman resisting arrest saying “You know she’s a girl right?”:


  21. Hottie Natalie Platt tells “nice guys” to hang in there. We still want you to be there for us when we start getting old and the “hot” guys don’t want us anymore…

    To all you dudes on the fence about taking the Red Pill and learning game, take a look at this article. Which guy would you rather be?


  22. Off topic, but I’ve got an interesting recent experience to relay involving the absolute depravity of women WRT pretty blatant and over the top DHVs.

    In the recent past i was working DigPro training/excercises with some pretty hard dudes that I can’t officially identify, other than say they’ve been associated in the past with darkly colored fluids.

    We’ve been working mainly high threat profile PSD missions in the rural Midwest, with a pretty scruffy play actor pretending to be the scion of an obscure European noble house.

    Now the whole point of running a high threat profile is obscurity goes out the window and its a pretty blatant “don’t fuck with us” posture.

    It’s been very interesting to say the least as to how females have reacted. Let me guarantee you, there is probably no greater DHV than having a convoy of armored suburbans whip in, and you emerge surrounded by a dozen hard meateaters in suits, with barely concealed sub gun bulges, sunburned faces, and hardened expressions that speak of triple digit body counts, who proceed to enter and fucking OWN a space.

    The end result? A small but growing number of women who claimed to have fucked the Prince of Lufthansa.

    I’m starting to think there might be an application of “bodyguard game” that can get even the ugliest bastard laid.


  23. I just had this situation with a bitchy entitled princess and here’s how it went, I leave it to your comments for how I handled it:

    I invite cute 26 year old to dance in my Latin dance night.

    She was looking down at the very time I approached so I had to stand over her rather than the customary eye contact.

    Me: You were looking down, I wasn’t sure if you had suddenly gone to sleep.

    Her: Laughing, No I was sweating, so I was wiping it off

    Me: Ew….gross, slippery.

    After we dance first one:

    Me: Thanks sweaty girl…

    Her: That’s rude!

    Me: Me or you?

    Her: You!

    Me: No, it’s VERY rude…that’s me.

    Her: pausing…confused, suddenly starts laughing, “I’m very rude too…”

    Me: I may need to pull your hair….then I do

    Her: You don’t have any

    Me: Behave…. Pulls her earing

    Her; pulls me ear

    Me: You’re Julie right?

    Her; surprised No! I’m Maggie

    Me: Do you know my name?

    Her: Wala wala

    Me; Rude Walawala…or Mr. Rude

    Her: You can call me Miss Rude

    we danced some more, then I said: “Would it be rude to ask you again?”

    She started laughing said she wanted to take a break. It turned out it was her birthday and she was lining guys up to take photos with her….As I was leaving, I approached her to wish her a Happy Birthday; “Behave yourself…”

    She laughed.

    Since it’s a social circle I didn’t close, I usually leave these interactions open to gauge whether this is genuine interest or just flirting.

    But the whole interaction just oozed sexual tension which I kept by smiling and talking slowly.

    I think the last line about asking her again was lame.


    • > “Me: Behave…. Pulls her earing”

      Strong Kino like that is awesome, if you are absolutely certain that she is single [unattached] and that the moment is ripe for it.

      But if she belongs to the wrong kind of a dude, who witnesses you doing it [or even only hears about it, secondhand, from one of his homeboys], then his ass just might pick up a chair and crack your fucking skull wide open.

      Or he might be standing there in the parking lot afterwards, waiting for you, holding a 9mm 1911 with a full clip and a round in the firing chamber.

      High risk, high reward – true dat.

      But as Nassim Nicholas Taleb would warn you: It’s callled High RISK for a reason.


      • @zombie, interesting dynamic. I do this with several girls. It totally turns them on.

        The guys in my social circle are “nice” to the girls which means that I have a differentiator.

        The downside is that some girls “talk about me”….ie put me down as a player.

        but the girls I’ve banged are basically hypnotized and don’t quite know why.


      • > “I do this with several girls. It totally turns them on.”

        Well if you keep doing it, and if eventually one of them has a serious boyfriend, then you’d better hope that he doesn’t have much of a temper.


      • “But if she belongs to the wrong kind of a dude, who witnesses you doing it [or even only hears about it, secondhand, from one of his homeboys], then his ass just might pick up a chair and crack your fucking skull wide open.

        Or he might be standing there in the parking lot afterwards, waiting for you, holding a 9mm 1911 with a full clip and a round in the firing chamber.”

        Lol You live in a fantasy land. Leave your basement once in a while and interact with real human beings.

        Solid sarge wala, very solid. It’s genuine interest, enough that you could probably fan the spark into a flame when you see her again.


      • @YaReally

        Also, it’s done in a more discrete way not in a Charlie Brown and Lucy way.

        It’s the very intimate nature of that tease that gets the girl so excited.

        It has to be linked to something…like if the girl steps on my feet or can’t follow, I use that as a kind of “teaching” moment and that gets them totally excited.

        I’ve had girls tell me “Will you be pulling my hair?” a few weeks after I’ve done it.

        It also brings up the idea of “anchoring”….something not really understood in game.

        Wearing a specific piece of clothing, a cologne, pulling hair or something that anchors the girl’s experience with you into something positive (or negative) if you want to instill dread or anger or a sense of loss.


      • Ah, NLP. We don’t discuss it enough.


  24. I have one for you guys with a bitchy girl I was gaming at my weekly Latin dance night. She’s cute, 26 and a bit of a princess, evidenced by how she has various lame guys lining up to invite her.

    I approached her and as I was about to lock in, she looked down to pick up something leaving me in this awkward position of standing in front of her, so I tapped her and she looked up surprised.

    Me: Thought you suddenly went to sleep.

    Her: laughing, No just sweaty, wiping some off.

    Me: ew…

    We dance and after the first dance I say:

    Me: Thanks sweaty girl.

    Her: That’s rude!

    Me: Me or you?

    Her; YOU!

    Me: Very rude…you’re Julie right? ( I knew this wasn’t her name)

    Her: NO! I’m (something else)

    Me: Do you know my name?

    Her: Walawala

    Me: RUDE Walawala…or just Mr. Rude

    Her: Laughing….I’m rude too

    Me: It’s part of my charm. I lock in and start eye fucking her.

    Her: pauses..smles….So?

    Me: You’re still here….

    Her: So?

    Me: We dance…

    This goes on for the second dance….

    I tell her I may need to pull her hair and do that….

    She tells me I dont’ have enough to pull.

    Me: Now that’s rude…

    Her: I’m Miss Rude….

    I pull her earring…she pulls my ear…

    We finished up the set.

    Me: Would it be rude to ask you again?

    Her; Laughing…thanks, I’m going to take a break…

    Later someone introduced me to the group as an organizer of an upcoming event…She looked over and smiled.

    It turned out it was her birthday and she was surrounded by orbiters. As I was leaving I saw her sitting with her friends….I approached and gave her a customary kiss on the cheek and hug European style and said: “Behave” and left.

    I game a lot of girls in my social circle this way and when they give off more IOI’s I escalate if I know they’re up for it.

    comments welcome. The asking her for a second round was lame in retrospect but it did make my intentions known beyond the strictly social.

    The whole interaction was filled with a sexual tension.

    She was not quite clear what to make of me because the other orbiters are kissing her ass. My negs totally lit up her eyes.


    • The fact that she can even entertain the idea of competing against world wide professional men speaks volumes. The Williams sisters are disgusting, roid-injecting, she-boons. I’m fairly certain Serena now has a clit-dick measuring at least 2 inches in length.

      Dafuq?! It is a “woman” in name only…


      • > “she-boons”

        Word of the Day.

        BTW, there’s a persistent internet rumor out there which holds that one of the Williams sisters attacked Michael Chang in the “Green Room” of some tournament, and threw him up against a locker, and ruined his shoulder [or some part of his anatomy], which forced him to retire from the ATP.


      • That’s twice you’ve mentioned this, and twice I’ve failed to find any evidence of it. And my google-fu is pretty legit. Of course, maybe they scrubbed it.


      • Jay in DC

        . The Williams sisters are disgusting, roid-injecting, she-boons.

        “roid injecting?”

        What is the criteria for suspicion?

        Is it because she wins too much?

        To this day there are still white people who don’t believe Lance Armstrong was cheating but think Serena is?

        True, most black women are fat and out of shape but if they trained as hard as the Williams sisters they could get her physique without PEDs. Hell, Im a black man that barely works out and I still have a faint “six pack”and decent gunz; if I trained hard I could be cut like a muhfuggah.

        (disclosure: I have natural low body fat; I swim well but don’t really float)

        In addition, its interesting the girl with the most tits and ass in tennis is accused of being “masculine” and using male hormones?

        Billy Jean King?

        Martina “Tom Petty” Navratilova?

        Im sorry, did I break your concentration?

        Please continue, you were saying something about “roid injecting tennis players?

        Oh you were finished?

        Well please allow me to retort:

        Why can’t you accept Serena for what she is; a great athlete who trains hard, maintains a serious work ethic and destroys the comp with no mercy?

        Besides, you can’t get technique and skill from PEDs.

        Check out her windup; she takes her racket so far back it hits a slave ship.


  25. Guys, behold! This seems to be the perfect app for reading all manosphere blogs from start to finish:

    Tested and working on:

    and many more.


  26. “gaming bitchy broads”…why exactly?
    Oh, yes, you can hold your nose and (maybe) get laid. I’d recommend a trip to Thailand. It’s cheaper, and the women aren’t usually bitches.


  27. From a guy who is 2 knuckles deep entrenched or “dug in”

    I don’t understand why heartiste attacks those who have “dropped out”

    I have plenty of friends fully aware of game, able to use it, who just prefer solitude to dealing with employing the dark arts.

    Tell me, because women have fallen so far off, is it such a bad thing men drop out?

    Men dropping out and complaining they don’t get laid is *one thing*. I’m just not seeing anything wrong with a man who drops out, keeps his head down, and develops an enjoyable life for himself.

    But the manosphere either glorifies the MGTOW or the PUA sleaze, nothing in between. VERY few MGTOWs are Clint Eastwood alphas, and MOST PUAs are omega males fronting as alphas (their inability to maintain a harem speaks volumes to this)


    • Interesting. Game is just a tool to get what you want. It can’t define you as a man. If the girls of today aren’t what you want, then a man can do something else. Should a viable target appear, play the game. I have found the tips, tricks, and above all, Real Knowledge shared on this site invaluable in dealing with the women in my life. They’re 50% of the population, so you’re going to have to deal with them. Whether you want to fuck them or not, Game handles women. Train daily in a true fighting art, and you have the other 50% handled.

      Is Game more like hunting or fishing? Are you waiting hours for a “one shot, one kill” moment, or are you reeling in lots of throwbacks while still casting for a suitable meal. The Non-PUA, Non-MGTOW man you describe above appears to camping. Still, Game would be useful if a trophy were to wander into his campsite.

      But if there’s no happy hunting ground or stocked pond near you, move. No amount of Game will make up for inferior game. As Roosh has done, get out of the USSA. Yes, they still make women in other parts of the world. Or, if you stay, forget about -USSian chicks and get ready for Civil War II.


  28. also this guy has no game.

    Not only did the line YOU called out be pickup manual 101, but the one he said before it was also.



  29. thwacko, kindly check on the etymology of the word “slave”.


    • Yeah I was making a joke, I know where it comes from…

      I know these guys are trying to sell a device, but they are dead on regarding the importance of hip rotation, torque, timing… but the key is, you hafta do what works for YOUR BODY. Roddick has a sick serve, but everybody can’t hip twist as far as him without getting hurt.

      You or I may need to choose a different “stage” of the rocket to go balls out on (legs, arm, wrist…) in order to achieve our personal best.

      This is where the good coaches earn their money. They help you determine a consistent reliable approach for YOU to put the energy of your ENTIRE body into one moment of force,

      and not get hurt. Cause you can get hurt; as in you gotta eat dinner with your left hand (LOL)

      Roddick aint that tall, but he compensates with hip rotation. It works for HIM. Look how far his right hip turns before he hits the ball?

      Now imagine the power if he was able to serve the way Louis Tiant used to pitch?


      • Sorry guys but Im dealing with a serious tennis jones:

        Here is a good vid deconstructing mens and womens tennis. Scroll to the 12:30 mark and you will see how despite Serena’s “power” and “athleticism”… she still hits like a girl.

        She can’t do it the way the men do it because women ain’t built that way. Look at Federers arm? he ain’t gotta reach way back behind his head to wind up enough power to smash it.

        Its part of the reason the men play a faster, harder game and ultimately cannot be defeated by the women.

        OK Im done.


      • Haven’t watched that half hour vid yet, but I want to. So in serving (Roddick video) when Roddick DOES reach back “like a girl” you get the strongest serve ever. Tennis has come a long way and has much further to go. I remember when we had wooden rackets. Tennis was a pretty hard game then, with the tiny sweet spot and inefficient racket. Now it’s much more fun.

        I saw Roddick serve up close once. He was doing an advertisement near Times Square and I walked by (and of course stopped) on my way to work. He’s like a serving machine, he wasn’t even trying and the ball went …. real fast. They were taping it so he did it a bunch of times, then after each time he said some line into the camera.


  30. (the WTA tennis jones continues)

    Regarding the analyst’s prediction that women will “evolve” to the ATP forhand; I have my own prediction/s

    1. More blown out elbows, shoulders and wrists among good female players who adopt the technique.

    2. Increased use of “medications” (injections) to compensate for #1

    3. More WTA players eating, bathing and masturbating with their left hands.


  31. […] Gaming Bitchy Broads by Heartiste.  Where Heartiste, probably the first manosphere blogger, shines the brightest are his game posts. They are little bits of wisdom to consume and memorize. Here he tackles the issue of what to say when you approach a group of girls and they say that they are having a serious conversation (while in a club/bar… yeah, I know..). Because you know those girls are hot. […]