Alpha Male Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of year. Secularized America’s new number one holiday demands your careful consideration. As a man, you have one job every Halloween: dress in a costume that tells the world an alpha male is hiding underneath.

Rule #1: Don’t do “couples costumes”. Actually, that’s the only rule. Not only are couples costumes betatizing, they’re dorkifying. If you insist on doing a couples costume, make sure it’s a) something totally demeaning to polite company:

or b) something super sexy that leaves you with a semi all night:

In the above couples costume scenario, you’d be the guy holding the scissors to a piece of her tape. “hold this thread as i walk away… as i walk awaaay!…”

If the very limited selection of acceptable couples costumes isn’t your thing, you can go the conventional alpha male costume route:

Or, for you renegade alphas who love to both follow orders and break rules:

But the best alpha male costume is one I saw many years ago, if by “alpha male costume” we mean a costume that attracts battalions of beautiful babies. That is, after all, what alpha male is supposed to signify, right? A man of irresistible allure to women. Or, in this specific case, a costume that imbues a man with irresistible allure. Drumroll please….


Yeah, that’s it above. The most alpha male costume I ever saw, judging by the number of giggling women gathered round to admire and caress him, was a muscular guy wearing nothing but an over-sized diaper and baby bonnet, holding a rattle.

Talk about baby balls.

WARNING: Do NOT try this if you’re a soft, pasty, herbaceous manboob. It only works if there’s a contrast between the baby costume and your natural virile masculinity. This means if you look like John Scalzi, wearing a diaper will freak people out who might mistake you for some weird sexual pervert who strayed from his masturbatorium. Yes, even on Halloween.

Since we’re on the subject of diapers, it would be a tremendous alpha male coup if you could manage to dress up as the Engineer from Prometheus.

CH: “No body suit required.” 😉


  1. Where do I get nazi uniforms heartiste? they’re hard to come by.



    • on October 27, 2013 at 3:30 pm Eliezer Ben-Yehuda

      In real life the Nazi leadership was awash with outright homosexuals. Not to mention that Hitler didn’t ==touch== any of the many, many, many adoring German girls who were ready to carry his baby.

      In other news, Greenpeace faux-activists are in catatonic shock that breaking a law leads to actual imprisonment:


      • If you go as a Nazi, then you absolutely have to hit on Jewess tail all night long.

        Make her beg for it: “Oh fuck me Adolph, fuck me!”


      • The most epic post ever 🙂


      • Oh, is that why their uniforms were so “fabulous”…


      • on October 27, 2013 at 5:11 pm Modern Primitive

        That, and Hugo Boss designed them.


      • Gestapo had smoovest threads; the all black made the red and white of the swastika stand out. Riding boots and lots of leather completes the package.

        Oh yeah, don’t forget the riding crop.


      • Thwack being black and wearing an SS would probably score some massive fishhole. The girls would estimate the mass of your chocolate balls in solar units.


      • The key is correctly imitating the Gestapo “unlit cigarette holding technique” when you inter,

        er, ah, I mean TALK to a girl.

        Gloves should be worn or held at all times (incase aslapping opportunity presents itself)

        Epaulettes are not to be used for goves while wearing the uniform because it looks gay.


      • Agreement w/ Patriarch. You have de facto deflection ability from any cries of racism since you are the #1 most protected sacred cow status in all of Kazakhstan. So I say roll w/ the SS and hit on JAP bitches all night long…


      • Sure, J, dress in SS garb and those JAPs will give you access to their pussies all night long. Now, who’s delusional?


      • I dare to say a black dude could get away with full salute, armband and all.
        I knew a black guy in college who wore a knights of the kkk hood and robe to a Mardi Gras bash. He took pictures all night with people who just had to have their picturestaken with him for their facebooks. Maximum social status achievement unlocked.


      • Hugo Boss and the heirarchy did like a bit of Butch. Power suit, glasses… Agent Smith is about the most creepy creation since Chtulu anyway. Or, if you are Scalzi, go as Chtulu.


      • Most people are completely full of feces when it comes to that sort of thing.
        Most of the Cathedrals faithful are scared of any sign of caucasian racial pride.
        It’s easy for wanna be tough guy New Yorker badass wannabes to sit on a computer and say “if you wore that shit in my city I’d beat your ass…”
        I’ve worn a t shirt emblazoned with Confederate flags in 3 different New England cities. Nobody delievered.
        What do you expect from people who believe it’s their civic duty to hand over their culture heritage and testicles to any third world Shitholean brazen enough to set up shop.
        I pissed in the streets of New York…the worlds urinal.


      • A while back, somebody here at The Chateau was saying that he used to date a black/mulatto chick, and to humiliate her, he used to make her say, “Oh fuck me, Massa, please fuck me!”

        So obviously you need to be chasing some negro/mulatto tail if you go all Antietam on ’em.

        And if there ain’t no negro/mulatto tail, then you gotta hit on the most hopelessly obnoxious libtarded feminazi cunt at the party [who – dollars to donuts – is gonna be a Jewess].


      • Interesting spin on dominance/taboo thrills for the double Xers.

        It doesn’t suprise me. The only reason feminism is concerned with racism is because it’s fashionable, and a giant shit test.
        Women can’t fathom equality anymore than they can (or care) to fathom morality.
        They, being keen on social groupthink by evolutionary design, understand racism is taboo, therefore they pretend to be against it, giving you the opportunity to disregard her opinion and thrill her with your barbarism.
        It always amuses me to see posts here from people who claim to be aware of the ugly truth of human interaction while with the very next breath pay homage to the sacred cows of modern society.


      • My buddy has an asian girlfriend. He wears a US flag as a cape and makes her don one of those conical Vietnamese hats sometimes when he fucks her.


      • Driveallnight
        That’s how you stick it to Charlie.


      • OR nobody actually cares what you wear and most people piss in the streets there.


      • I love snarky retorts.

        You’re giving me a massive white boner, gao.
        Are you a ladyboy?


      • I’ve worn a t shirt emblazoned with Confederate flags in 3 different New England cities. Nobody delievered.

        An unreconstructed Reb is the white version of a ghetto thug in their minds. Remember that leftoids are cowards. All libtards out there aside, who is actually willing to fight and die for leftoidism?

        What do you expect from people who believe it’s their civic duty to hand over their culture heritage and testicles to any third world Shitholean brazen enough to set up shop.

        I’m still waiting for the 0bamacare disaster to deep-six the Dumbocrat party among the remaining white idiots who vote for them. It’ll take a while, just be patient…


      • Hehehe


      • I never had a problem with the Confederate flag, to be honest. Heck, we provided their secretary of state. 😉

        That said, we should have let the South go…I’m totally in favor of a peaceful secession.


      • That said, we should have let the South go…I’m totally in favor of a peaceful secession.

        0bamacare is bad enough. You seriously want to have wall-to-wall Dumbocrat presidents?? We’d have a flood of immigration, taxes through the roof, draconian restrictions on guns and home-schooling, etc. etc., like Canada or the U.K.

        No thanks. We need the South.


      • on October 28, 2013 at 4:07 am Carlos Danger

        The Waffen SS Officer Corps was superb, however, as were the rank and file. In war gaming, as well as in ORSA studies, German armies of WWI and WWII demonstrated an average of between 20 and 30% more combat power per force size than all other armies.


    • Your best bet is looking for a historical reenactment group, they will point you to sources. If you’re going to do that, I’d recommend the SS uniform. It’s the most beautiful of WWII uniforms. Note, it works best if you are slim and young and have that chiseled look. Here is an Italian website that sells it. It’ll set you back a few hundred Euros, including shipping.

      I doubt you have time to order it now, though.


      • Ew! That link made me puke, like the rest of you, Aryan worshiping NZs.


      • “I have often been called a Nazi, and, although it is unfair, I don’t let it bother me. I don’t let it bother me for one simple reason: No one has ever had a fantasy about being tied to a bed and sexually ravished by someone dressed as a liberal.”

        — P.J. O’Rourke


      • No one has ever had a fantasy about being tied to a bed and sexually ravished by someone dressed as a liberal.

        Haaaaaa. Never heard that one.


      • Once my views became more conservative, I found liberal men more appealing. When I was more liberal, it was the opposite.


      • The allure of the forbidden.


      • opposites


      • And the more you became a lesbian the more you were attracted to straight men, and the more you became straight the more you were attracted to lesbians?

        Don’t get mad Lara! I am only kidding!


      • *rubs your nose in your pool of puke* Next time, go puke in the toilet.


      • Nine time out of ten
        A woman uses “ew” tovfeign disgust at an arousing stimulus. ..


      • Lily, NZ is New Zealand. Nazi is NSDAP. Get it right. Besides, the NZ armed constabulary were good but the mounted infantry were better…


      • BIG difference between a German soldier (any era) and an NSDAP official or SS officer.


      • People love to forget that the past is full nationalism, racism, conquest and blood letting. The peace cannot last.
        Humanity is built for sex and violence.


      • Continue telling yourself this. Convince yourself of this bullshit. It means that you don’t believe humanity has any purpose other than to eat, drink, shit, kill and have sex – same as all animal functions. In this context, Nazi viewpoint makes perfect sense. That’s why it’s OK to start a war solely so you can destroy one group of people, and kill 60 million others in the process. That’s why it’s ok to murder, steal, maim…..after all, we’re only being human and this is how evolution made us, right? There is no right/wrong, good/bad, or God. There is only man’s will to do as he pleases. This was Hitler and his cohorts’ philosophy, and no wonder that people who think like you are also great admirers of his.

        In his own words about extoling paganism and hating morality:

        – “They refer to me as an uneducated barbarian. Yes, we are barbarians. We want to be barbarians, it is an honored title to us. We shall rejuvenate the world. This world is near its end.” (Rauschning, Hitler Speaks, p. 87)

        – “We are the joyous Hitler youth,
        We do not need any Christian virtue
        Our leader is our savior
        The Pope and Rabbi shall be gone
        We want to be pagans once again.” (Song sung by Hitler youth)

        – “The heaviest blow which ever struck humanity was Christianity; Bolshevism is Christianity’s illegitimate child. Both are inventions of the Jews.” (Norman Cameron, Hitler’s Table-Talk, p. 7)

        – “The law of selection justifies this incessant struggle, by allowing the survival of the fittest. Christianity is a rebellion against natural law, a protest against nature. Taken to its logical extreme, Christianity would mean the systematic cultivation of the human failure.” (Norman Cameron, Hitler’s Table-Talk, p. 51)

        This is the problem when people believe in evolution and stop believing in a provident creator who gave us rules of conduct to abide by, Hitler-type people are created. People who believe in God, are by far much more Good than people who don’t. It appears that believing in God helps people act more morally.

        You might hate the Jews, but their greatest genius has been morality, or appreciation of the good while rejecting the bad, which they wrote for themselves in the OT, but other nations borrowed from them. It’s why we have any semblance of morality and civilized behavior in the West. Your favorite mass murderer, Hitler, wanted to free humanity from the moral “shackles” of the Jews.

        – “THE TEN COMMANDMENTS HAVE LOST THEIR VALIDITY. CONSCIENCE IS A JEWISH INVENTION, it is a blemish like circumcision.” (Rauschning, Hitler Speaks, p. 220)

        – “Providence has ordained that I should be the greatest liberator of humanity. I am freeing man from the restraints of an intelligence that has taken charge, from the dirty and degrading self-mortification of a false vision called CONSCIENCE AND MORALITY, and from the demands of a freedom and independence which only a very few can bear.” (Rauschning, Hitler Speaks, p. 222)

        – “. . . THE DISCOVERY OF THE JEWISH VIRUS is one of the greatest revolutions that has taken place in the world. The battle in which we are engaged today is of the same sort as the battle waged, during the last century, by Pasteur and Koch. How many diseases have their origin in the Jewish virus! … We shall regain our health only be eliminating the Jew.” (Adolf Hitler, quoted in Burleigh and Wippermann, Racial State, p. 107)

        Many jealous Jew haters believed that having a Hitler-type society is infinitely better than the morality of the Jews. This is why Europe is looking the way it is right now. Seems Nazi philosophy backfired on it. There is moral justice after all. Europe is only going downhill now because it rejected morality.

        This is also why I will always be in the Jews corner, and not in the Nazi corner. I reject the Nazi viewpoint on all counts. It lacks morality, conscience, intelligence, elegance, beauty, and most importantly, God’s finger – truth.


      • TL, DR: Lilly only gets on her knees in front of the ultimate Alpha.
        The finger of God indeed.


      • “TL, DR:”

        Means exactly the opposite. BTW, didn’t like what your hero, Hitler, said to his faithful? Haha….

        You, alpha? My foot is more alpha than you.


      • Herr CH already asked us to cool it with the Juden spiel.
        Shut your gargle hole and clean the froth off of your monitor.


      • Oh please, the Nazis were alpha. They were so alpha they picked a fight with everyone, including their former allies, and lost. They were so alpha they were, man for man, the best fighters in the war, but that won’t help you when you’re outnumbered and fighting a war on two fronts.

        Lesson: you can be too alpha.


      • Italian? Figures.


      • The scent of garlic and despotism. ..


  2. Went out with my girl the other night and I was a judge with a massive gavel and a simple black robe and she was my bailiff/deputy. I think that passes the alpha test.


    • I hope she also had to call you “Your Honor”


    • Orange, rubberized cat suit; in chains.


    • My girl wanted us to be Danny and Sandy from Greece. I told her I was going to be wolverine and she could be Jean Gray if she wants. She went as Jean Gray even though she had never seen any X-men movies or tv show. She looked hot in that skin tight outfit.


  3. America’s number one secular holiday is the Super Bowl.



    • Don’t kid yourself, man.

      Amongst SWPL/Hipster types, it’s Halloween uber alles.

      I don’t think that most SWPL/Hipsters even watch football anymore [and they certainly don’t let their kids play football, for fear of concussions].

      The big question is whether any white tail is worth dressing yourself up in a ridiculous costume for.

      Remember Michael Dukakis in a tank helmet, John Kerry in a NASA bunny suit, or BHO II in his bike helmet?

      Truth be told, most of the time, the Alpha thing is to say, “Fuck that shit,” and stay home and go to bed early.

      It would have to be some supremely choice white girl SWPL/Hipster tail to be worth chasing under circumstances as ridiculous as the modern pagan festival known as Halloween.

      And even then, I’d still urge you to tell her, “Fuck that shit!”

      BTW, thanks go out to all of you Papist dudes, for your All Hallow’s Eve horseshit which degenerated into this abomination.


      • on October 27, 2013 at 5:15 pm Modern Primitive

        You realize that the “modern Pagan festival” is actually a few hundred years old now?


      • No, not in its current incarnation.

        Have you been near one of these college towns where the local police are on horseback and they cordon off the streets and like 50,000 college students engage in a crazy drunken bacchanalia all night long?

        That shit is completely new – it simply did not exist as recently as about 40 years ago.


      • BTW, if you want to see what “Halloween” looked like until fairly recently, then rent an old Kevin Costner movie, called “A Perfect World”:


      • Those awful kids nowadays. Getting a little long in the tooth, Zombie Shane. I see a Subway Masturbator award in your future.


      • Actually, little Mr Frankfurt School fifth columnist, kids are a lot worse these days.

        A whole lot worse.

        No small thanks to you and your Frankfurt School.


      • Yo subway, have you made your decision on a trench coat for this year?


  4. on October 27, 2013 at 12:50 pm Hair Slicked Back With Swag So Fresh


  5. Back when The Pickup Artist was still on VH1, I dressed up as Mystery and asked every chick if they flossed before or after. It was like Gameception.


  6. It’s all in the accessories.

    This won’t make it past moderation, but what the heck.


  7. THE JOKER is my costume of choice. And it’s FUN! I have checkered pants. a purple jacket, squirting carnation, NICE SHOES (important!), Green Hair and makeup. With Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger as very different, you can “make up your own” joker style.

    Also makes them dripping wet the more understated-psychotic you are….. Then take her home and have your way with her with the green hair and makeup on – giggling like a fucking percy freak. BANG HER … while pulling her hair and …. HoohooHoo Mmmmm HoohooHOO HA HA HAAAAA HEE HEE HEEEE!!!

    Great fun.


  8. Heh – I go as Agent Smith every year – though everyone says I look like the Agent in the roof fight. Got my first ONS that way.


  9. So basically if you’re a well built man, wear something that shows off your muscular physique?

    I approve of this message 🙂


  10. on October 27, 2013 at 2:19 pm Captain Schlamered

    Jeans, Button up shirt, cowboy hat, CAT diesel belt buckle, and two bags of cat treats tied to my belt… Optional cat toy on a stick.

    The Pussy Wrangler


  11. I like the idea of the engineer from prometheus or how about rorschach ya and i would say this quote when i arrive at the party.

    Me: None of you seem to understand. I’m not locked in here with you. You’re locked in here with *ME*!

    and drum rolls, curtain falls and ladies are on me for a good time.


    • Hey dude, im interested in the prometheus too! however i got no idea how to paint / make up it. If you got an idea it will be great! thanks


  12. Here’s a spooky-but-true tale from last week:

    6.5 single-mom had been upset with me — having doubts or whatever — ever since we had an argument where I got in her face about something (it was about me being with other women and I got sick of her whole ‘tell me who X is, tell me, I’ll beat her ass’ bullshit) So then, on Tuesday, she says she doesn’t feel that good (and she had been cramping really bad….which annoyed me cause it just meant I wasn’t getting it in), and that something feels ‘off.’

    Surprise! Home pregnancy test positive.
    That’s right. How did it happen? Who can say?

    …this is on a day when she’s supposed to be moving away somewhere for a few months lol. So obv I’m like ‘wtf…….I WAS ALMOST FREEEEEE’

    over the course of the week she miscarries (or maybe she had been miscarrying when she had the cramps, whichever). So we’re on the phone and she’s devastated bc this has never happened to her and says she just can’t put her body through having another kid. For some reason, my instant response was ‘well then we can’t be together.’ We get off the phone.

    And so…..I try to just X her out of my life forever. I can’t — this chick is the best sex of my life. Lust = love. I just say that we can be friends, and she one-word agrees. We both exchange txts about how sad it is and that we can’t be together bc of the circumstances (there’s other shit too). My primary plan is to just see her and try to fuck her again whenever she comes back.

    So then she’s like ‘we can’t do that anymore’


    ‘bc I don’t do that with friends’

    ‘even ones you’re in love with’

    ‘no. im not thinking of anything intimate or touching i want my body and space to be left alone’

    ‘find it hard to believe you don’t want me anymore’

    ‘are you fucking insane. i just had a miscarriage wtf is wrong with you’

    ‘I was just speaking generally’

    ‘lmfao you’re unbelievable look up what a miscarriage does to a woman. you never have the right thing to say you just care about yourself.’

    So tried to talk to her again today and she’s pretty set on this ‘you don’t care about anyone but you’ line. Fck. So I said I’d leave her alone…..did I get miscarriage friend-zoned? WTF. UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH.

    Only hope now is to just leave her alone and maybe under the guise of being friends we bang?

    How we gauging this situation here?

    Also, I haven’t told anyone about this. It’s so insane. When you have multiple girls, you can just kind of lean on the others to grieve. Like I slept over at the 7’s house (she’s like my bottom bitch…she takes care of me…I feel an ultimatum coming in my near future tho)…and she comforted me without me having to even talk about anything.

    Anyway…’s that for a spooky tale?!
    Pregnant, miscarriage…..phew. Jesus Christ. My life is stupid now.


    • Lol Scray this is great to read especially considering that one year ago it was far from reality.

      Here is my 2 cents and I provide some experience in this kind of area.

      With the older chicks, the ones that you know are lower value than you (SMV-wise) and it is going to stay that way, you get into this headspace of some point of leaving them better than you found them.

      Ya, I know, you earned what you’re getting no doubt. And for sure, I doubt this HB6.5 ever did much to alleviate all the shit handed to the AFCs out there. It’s not like you owe her anything to do right in this situation. You could burn this set to the ground and the universe would still be okay and you could be justified by doing it.

      But back to the point. What if she has about a good 3-4 years left to lock-down a guy who would “do right” by her and give a better chance of them having a family even with the bastard kid. There are tons of guys out there who would lock this girl down and wouldn’t even be caught checking out another hb6.5. Then again, your HB6.5 would probably lose attraction for those kind of guys. It’s a bit of a paradox.

      I was in a similar situ with an older woman that I broke things off with in early summer. Similar story-line to yours except no marriage/kids beforehand. Greatest sex and she would do all these nice things for me, etc etc. It got to a point though man, I knew if I kept dragging it along that she would miss her chance to lockdown a guy with long-term interest like hers.

      I ended it swiftly and unannounced and cut it off cold-turkey. It was a rare move in my book and I remember some nights during a dry spell that I was tempted to send out the feeler texts. That wasn’t even like me at all to do that either. It was this holistic point-of-view that I took. If the girl has been good to you, often times it’s best to let them go even if causes short-term pain.

      But whatever, I say that with the disclaimer that it’s your life and you’ll go down the path that best suits you.


      • She’s a divorced mom, I should say. And yeah….although, her whole thing now is like she’s NEVER getting involved with anyone ever again (lol). It really sucks, because she’s older –31 — but her age made her into a real fun person to hang out and kick it with.

        Shoulda known shit was serious when she was like ‘I just realized it….you’re just like my ex……..funny, sociable, everyone likes you……and it took me a long time to walk away from that, because it was a mistake.’

        Awwww faaawk.

        And I hear what you’re saying, but fuck man…..I’m still hella selfish. I’ll just force myself to leave her alone. It’s going to be hard. And what really sucks is that these other girls are so bad at sex in comparison lol


      • Wow dude lol great stuff, I agree with @Immoral. I’m 4 months in (Started in July) so I’m definitely excited.

        As for advice on multiple relationships, I’m sure you’ve read Blackdragon’s stuff, so yeah. Wish I could offer more than a pat on the back 😛


    • Man that is scary i tell you, reading all that without puking, you should give me a dollar you douche.


    • Yikes.

      Leave her alone and wait for her to contact you, if you still dig her.


      • Agreed. Any contact needs to be initiated by her.


      • it seems like (scray) you’re selfish enough (that is a compliment) to avoid needing to make it all better for her so i agree with these guys.

        for most guys, or maybe just me, i do get stuck like immoral said of “leaving them better than you found them.” and with all the stuff you just went through i think you’d be waaay better off searching for a replacement instead, plus it’s fun.


    • Wow, you dodged a bullet. Leave her alone, Scray. Right now she’s thinking you don’t give a damn about her except for sex, she’s sad about the miscarriage and her hormones are off the wall.

      She’ll probably contact you after a while.


    • on October 28, 2013 at 7:33 am RappaccinisDaughter

      SCRAY. What did I TELL you about wearing a rubber?!? YaReally warned you, too.

      Dude, you just dodged the biggest, nastiest bullet so close you probably felt it part your hair.

      Single mom + early 30s + younger dude with career prospects = OOPSIE I’M PREGGERS TEE HEE DON’T KNOW HOW THAT HAPPENED THE CONDOM MUSTA DONE BROKE TEE HEE GIVE ME MONEY


      • heeding advice is for nerds


      • on October 28, 2013 at 11:57 am RappaccinisDaughter

        And cool guys get to chunk out 1/3 of their income for the next 18 years, right?


      • hellz yeah. how a bawse move.


      • on October 28, 2013 at 12:40 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        I initially read that as a creative misspelling of “balls,” not “boss.” Maybe you could go with “bawss,” so the soft “s” is emphasized?


      • I’m perfectly fine with you and whoever else misreading it as balls, tho.


      • prison or lifetime-child-support are for the non-data receptive


      • wat you want me to do? Make good decisions? I feel like I’m going to have to learn all my lessons the hard way.


      • on October 28, 2013 at 4:00 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        Listen to your friend RappaccinisDaughter, Scray-lander. She’s a cool dude! She’s trying to help you out.

        I wish it weren’t so, Scray, but there are a lot of women out there who WILL lie to you about being on birth control, in hopes of “landing” a prospect (you) and/or getting free money (child support/Fiat dollarzz).

        Here’s what you need to know, if you don’t already.

        The two most reliable methods of temporary birth control are: hormonal-based (such as the Pill, the Ring, Depo-Provera, and Implanon) and intrauterine devices (IUDs like Mirena and Paragard).

        Of the hormone-based methods, the Pill is far and away the most popular. Unfortunately, it’s also far and away the hardest to tell if she’s taking it the way she’s supposed to…or, indeed, taking it at all. You have no idea how stupid some people are; I’ve met girls who only took their Pill on the days they had sex and then wondered why it didn’t work. When it comes to a woman who says she’s on the Pill, I wouldn’t trust it unless everything else about her was all buttoned down and five-by-five.

        One sign that she’s taking her Pill like she should is that her cycles are VERY regular. 28 days, more or less to the hour, lasting only a couple of days when it comes, and extremely light. As in, so light that you might not even notice it.

        Implanon is a little easier to tell. It leaves a small bump in the skin that is visible, if you know where to look. It must be re-implanted every five years.

        Depo-Provera leaves a tiny needle hole right when she has the injection, but that heals quickly. She has to get the shot every three months.

        As for the Ring, you won’t see it before you die, but you may be able to feel it during sex…but again, she has to remember to replace that every month.

        IUDs, on the other hand, are actually fairly easy to check. They have little “strings” that hang just outside the cervical os for removal. You should be able to feel them, erm, manually or otherwise.

        Long story short (too late, I know): Unless you can feel the strings or the ring, or unless you can see the implant, you should NOT trust that she is handling the birth control! Unless you literally would trust this woman with your life and your future, you really need to take control of things yourself.

        Sadly, the only options for men right now are condoms and vasectomy. That’s not fair and it sucks, but that’s the situation.


    • @Scray

      Leave them better than you found them, dude. Wtf is this “but waaaah I want the seeeex” shit. You’re developing a skillset that will take you places you can’t even imagine right now…don’t become a fuck-head along the way. Become the man other men want to be, not one of the trash-heap of guys who burn the world around them instead of making it better. This is value-taking behavior, not value-giving, and it’ll bite you in the ass down the road.

      There’s a reason selfish Naturals are successful but miserable when you catch them drunk and venting on a vulnerable night.

      brb watching Michael Jordan dominate a bunch of children at basketball because he wants to wiiiiiiiiin and who gives a fuck about the kids crying.

      Great power, great responsibility and all that shit. Let this chick go find a dude to settle with before she hits the wall.


      • ugh. It’s hard because I’m so not used to being with girls I actually like. This chick was cool and a good girl. She even had what a lot of women don’t seem to have — self-awareness. Her description of us once: “It’s like Benjamin Button. We’re kind of meeting in the middle, but you’re on the way up and I’m on the way down.” 😦

        It’s just going to be hard for me to let any of the cool ones go. Heartbreaking, really. Idk, that’s something that is kind of unsung around here. You get success but it still hurts. Even when you have control over it, or even if you’re the one who walks away or whatever. Still hurts.


      • You’ll endure that more and more as they like you more. I find they match my personality traits in what I would assume is a bid to make me like them more, mirroring my beliefs and likes and even my way of speaking. After the inevitable collapse, she reverts back to her old self, ready to change for the next guy.


      • @Scray

        lol ya I hear ya. Maybe I’ll do a post about it sometime, but it’s just a part of playing the game.

        What the majority of guys who get into game do is first they have no girls, then they learn some game and develop their new super-power, then the first 7-8 with a decent personality (or good sex) that they land, they quit the game and settle down with her because they’ve never felt that kind of connection before and are skeptical that they can find it again in another girl. (then they stop going out, revert to their old behaviors because they didn’t do it all long enough for that stuff to stick, and the girl cheats on them lol)

        The Benjamin Button thing is a good analogy. Ships passing in the night type thing. It always hurts a little bit at least, especially when you think “if things were just a LITTLE different, who knows where this could have gone.”

        I got a txt from a fuckbuddy that moved away, at like 2am one night months later (so she was out drunk and just missing me) that said “i liked you a lot you know…it’s too bad you weren’t open to that…” She was a cool chick and I miss her, but I’m not in a place where I’m looking to settle right now.

        There was another girl that I had insane sexual chemistry with but she was engaged to be married to a nice beta dude and we stopped hooking up as her wedding approached…I could’ve ended her engagement in ONE text, but ultimately he was going to provide her things that I wouldn’t (stability, money, a home, kids, faithfulness, etc.), so we stopped txting and I’ve never tried to re-instigate it even though I know I could easily. I miss that chick a lot, it actually took me like 6 months before I was even interested in other chicks ’cause I’d compare them to her lol

        The good side of this downside is that it teaches you to appreciate people and relationships while you have them, and not to take them for granted. In my mind every relationship will end someday, even if you’re together your whole lives one of you will die at some point and it’ll be over. So I’m grateful that we meet in the middle somewhere, whether it’s for years or for a few weeks, or a night. A lot of people take that stuff for granted.

        Like some people say “just don’t let any of them get too close”, and that’s a valid tactic too. You can keep the women you’re with at arm’s length and make sure you never develop feelings and dump them before you do. I know guys who do that. But personally I love women and I like some of those feelings, so I choose to embrace them but with the understanding that one day I’ll end up hurting because of it…but sometimes that’s worth it.

        This will happen to you again in the future, and with a girl who’s even better for you. You’ll look at her while you’re cuddled up after sex with her asleep on your chest and think “Some day I’m going to break your heart. :(” And then it’ll happen again again after her with another girl that’s even better than that one. And down the road someday when you’re ready you’ll finally choose to settle with one of them, but it’ll be on your terms, not because she dropped an ultimatum (guilt) or because you were afraid that you won’t be able to find another girl you LIKE-like (scarcity).

        You have to objectively look at what you want in life as you go. If what you want right now is to settle into a relationship at your age, you can go for it, but understand that there’s a good chance that that will be IT. You don’t get to come back to the game without massive baggage after a 5 year relationship (you’d probably have a kid, a divorce, a wife you’re cheating on, no game because you stopped going out, etc.).

        And at the same time you have to look at what’s best for her. Are you the best man for her? Can, or will, you give her the things that she needs in the long-term? If she was 21, she’d have time to go find those things if it didn’t work out with you. But at 31, you know she’s hitting the wall soon and what’s best for her might be some other guy who’s not nearly as fun in bed as you, but who will marry her and buy a house and build a family with her. You might give her a few fun years, but if you aren’t willing to commit further than that, you’re going to just leave her an old lonely spinster.

        You can give your kid cookies for supper every night because you hate seeing him cry and it feels good when he says he loves you, but is that in his best interest? Sometimes you have to be the “bad guy” and do what’s best for the other person, even if it hurts.

        This is the meaning of “Leave them better than you found them”. It’s a lot easier to say than to do lol


      • Scray,

        My B if i made it seem like I was some stone-cold Alpha motherfucker in my sotry. I wasn’t. I actually got a bit emotional right after I did it and then I immediately went to the gym to get my mind off it.

        Still felt bad for a little bit after because the pain I caused and I know it oh so well after having been on the receiving end. 4 months of no contact later and no mindfuckery from me and I’m sure she has had ample room to recover and reflect. Had i reached out durying my dry spell it would have fucked up her feeling.

        If you don’t feel a twinge of pain, an emotional response, something. Then you are too far gone. I’m not judging man. Yeah the shit hurts and it doesn’t go away the more you do it; you learn how to respond and deal with it. Same with rejection homie.

        Remember this though. This HB6.5 might be your one and only, but she won’t be your only one.


  13. Yeah, I think dressing up as the SS officer is just going to get your ass kicked. By some other alpha trying to impress everyone at the party.


    • You’re attending the wrong parties then.


      • He’s not going to parties to make a political statement, fucking idiot. He’s going to meet people, drink, and have a good time, especially meet women. He isn’t going to get the right attention wearing that evil thing. So yes, you’re right; he’s not attending your type of butthurt bash, where all they do is talk about the Joojooz ruling their ass. I doubt your type of parties is what he’s after, old man.


      • So what if someone wants to dress up like SS or other assorted nefarious figures in history to score some tang? I don’t like suicide bombers, but I certainly laugh my ass off when I see someone dressed as one. Point is there’s no need to get butthurt over a halloween costume. What if a couple went as the guy a rabbi and the girl a SS? That would be pretty damn ironic, unless your an ADL type the most innocent joke is something to be taken with life-or-death seriousness.


      • “So what if someone wants to dress up like SS or other assorted nefarious figures in history to score some tang?”

        He won’t be scoring anything besides getting into fights. Is he looking to pick up girls, or is he looking to make political statements about his WN sympathies?

        Another thing, WNism isn’t bad per se. It’s actually a positive movement. The only problem with it is that it’s been hijacked by neo NZs and Adolf worshipers. If it just focused on the trampled rights of Whites in the quest of the culture to equalize everything, it would be more acceptable to a lot of people. The point is, fighting for the rights of whites doesn’t have to be only in the context of hate of other races, especially hate of the Jew.

        Of course, it’s very hard for WNs not to hate Jews, as most WNs are nothing more than jealous frustrated losers who couldn’t sell lemonade on their local street corner, let alone develop products, run corporations, and cure diseases. That’s why WNs always talk about Jew success and money, and show their uncontrolled envy with very verbal utterance.


      • Thou dost protest too much, Lily.


      • >Of course, it’s very hard for WNs not to hate Jews, as most WNs are nothing more than jealous frustrated losers who couldn’t sell lemonade on their local street corner, let alone develop products, run corporations, and cure diseases.

        So this means you are in love with Jews because they are successful and powerful and have money to buy those Gucci and prada’s you want, Well you won’t find those Joos here, so don’t waste time meet some Joos in your local Synagogues and remember to kiss the Jerusalem wall.

        You hate me for being a pacifist and wanting a good relationship with Muslims because you find them being “terrorist” but you won’t mind those Joos for being parasitic who keep on leeching over the world’s oil and forcibly take power over other nations (Palestine, America), I say Israel is the evil country of the world and Joos are disgusting little pigs who should have been exterminated by Hitler in the “Oh so deadly holocaust” i even find this claim to be untrue about “6 million” jews being terminated, I say if it’s true well He did killed some cockroaches.


      • I am not protesting. I am making an observation on the character of the Jew hater; I have him down to his hair follicle. It’s just business as usual here at the comment section of CH. It’s not like these things I didn’t say here before. Business as usual, business as usual.


      • Lily,
        The solution is simple.
        If your status among your friends isn’t high enough for you to get away with wearing nationalist socialist paraphernalia…

        Get new friends. You’re a sidekick.


      • Well, obviously your solution would work. But what kind of party is your 20 friends with a couple of new faces and some chicks, when you can go to a real bash with all kind of people and lots of chicks you have never seen before? Broaden your horizon.

        The point is, nationalist socialist paraphernalia is only accepted among WNs. You can’t get away with it among normal people. So, if you like limiting yourself to the same old, same old WNs and their women, then yes, wear the uniform to your hearts’ content. Harland was being realistic though.


      • Lily
        The point is…
        You’re analyzing this from a womans point of view.
        Post after post of soft political correctness.
        YOU may not be allowed to get away with wearing it…
        Some of us are above the rules you’re subject to.


      • “Some of us are above the rules you’re subject to.”

        Maybe I am not making my point clear enough for you to understand. Or, maybe your hubris is preventing you from thinking in commonsensical/realistic terms. So let me spoon feed it to you s l o w l y.

        The fact you think the rules don’t apply to you, or that you’re above the rules, is your perception, it doesn’t make it true or shrewd. You greatly miscalculate. You’re a victim of hubris. Who else miscalculated recently and paid the ultimate price? There are many such evil characters, but the best example is your hero, Hitler. He though he was above the rules. Where did it get him?

        The best use of history is its learning value.

        The point is, no matter how much you think you have no limits on your behavior, you do. Only fools think they are not subjects to any rules. It’s one of the greatest problems plaguing the Left. It’s also one of the reasons why communism and Nazism are two sides of the same coin, in spite of Nazi attempt to make them seem like opposing philosophies.

        Your hubris is the reason you think you can do what you want, and you preach to Harland this nonsense. He wants to go out and have fun with chicks, not prove to like-minded idiots he can get away with wearing a fucking murdering Nazi outfit. Don’t get me wrong; he might get away with it initially, but that will only stimulate his appetite (like a serial murderer after his first successful killing) to try more daring stuff in the future. In the end, his own avarice and stupidity will destroy him. Therefore, yes, you do have to play by the rules and consider society’s acceptance if you want to be part of it. There are still certain things that are never going to be accepted by ethical people, and that’s celebrating mass murder. A society that celebrates hate and murder can never live long enough to not destroy itself in the process. Sorry, I have a moral outlook, while you’re being both highly immoral and unrealistic.


        “Post after post of soft political correctness.”

        You miss the point again. This is not political correctness. First, these are my beliefs. Second, this is reality. You can push the envelope just so far, but you can’t go all out. You’re not the Almighty. You are subject to boundaries. The wise realizes this. The foolish idiot, a la Hitler, thinks he is God. I guess, God showed him who is God, eh?

        Furthermore, if you are such a powerful man, and the rules don’t apply to you, why are you afraid of getting arrested? I guess, you’re not so powerful after all, and the rules do apply to you, don’t they? You’re subject to the Police, aren’t you?

        Think of CH, and how he does it. He walks up to a certain boundary and he doesn’t cross it. He knows he is subject to rules that he has no power to shake – none of us can. I believe it’s what prevents him from becoming a victim of hubris. Take heed!

        [CH: r u trying to kill my preen?]


      • I’m a great admirer of your tactics 😉


      • To be on Lilly and her Gods side…
        You have to hate the right groups of people. Yawn.


      • Oh, you’re right; how silly of me. How can you hate a murdering group – the kind that gassed and baked people in ovens, made soap out of them and used their skin in lampshades. Such low morality should be celebrated and elevated, eh?

        As I said, your statements reflect your ethics. They stink. People who think like you are a danger to civilization.

        [CH: can we give the tribe talk a break for one day? one day people. that’s not asking much.]


      • Remember when Prince Harry wore a Nazi outfit at party in 2005? Do u think that hurt his ability to meet chicks? Again, it goes back to status. If Channing Tatum wears a Nazi outfit at a party, he’ll still pull chicks. If a fat, nerd spergy loser dresses like superman, he still won’t pull chicks. How is wearing an SS costume any different than wearing Freddie Kruger, Jason, Mike Meyers, Osama Bin Laden? The party I went to last year with a couple hundred people had a guy dressed like Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, Jerry Sandusky, and probably a lot of other offensive and insensitive costumes. There was only 1 shortly ended fight and none of those people were involved.I think you are being a little too sensitive about some past historical event where a bunch of people were senselessly killed. If you even spend 1 minute of life in anger over the loss of every single life taken, you will spend many lives over in fury over something that you have no control over. Let bygones be bygones, and please don’t assault anyone because you don’t appreciate their taste in Halloween costumes.


      • Prince Harry is no proper example to prove your point. First, he’s one of the most sought after bachelors in the world. Most women will overlook past anything he does to get close to him or marry him, and his grandmother, the Queen of England, won’t disown him. That said, it caused a major uproar, and he came across either stupid/oblivious of history, or a Nazi himself – both doesn’t bode well for someone of his station. His family told him never again. Why? Because despite any statements a bunch of stupid Nazis of the likes who frequent the comment section make, it’s not acceptable for decent people to be Nazi sympathizers. It reflects badly on one’s moral character, since the Nazis stand for mass murder, hate, and pain. Who in their right mind wants to be associated with those connotations? You have to be a complete idiot and/or evil to want to be associated with that moral mess. I still don’t know why some of you guys argue that “Nazi” has anything positive associated with it.

        Second, Prince Harry proves my point, not yours. If wearing a Nazi uniform wasn’t such a big deal, why were his family embarrassed and made him apologize “ for all the pain I have caused”? As I have mentioned before, wearing the Nazi uniform isn’t the issue per se. The problem is the association that uniform has, and the reflection it makes upon the moral character of the wearer. No one in their right mind wants to be associated with anything Nazi, unless he is sympathetic to them. I guarantee you, there is nothing you can do to rehabilitate the image of the Nazis, since they don’t deserve it, and since they had no redeeming qualities for most normal people who aren’t harboring the same Nazi resentments.

        Furthermore, If Channing Tatum wore a Nazi outfit at a party, his career would be over. There is no way people could overlook his personal beliefs or suspend their sense of disbelief to evaluate him independent of his Nazi sympathies. It would be a career killer, just as being homosexual is a career killer, since the audience can’t suspend its sense of disbelief and accept that actor in love scenes with women.

        “How is wearing an SS costume any different than wearing Freddie Kruger, Jason, Mike Meyers, Osama Bin Laden?”

        C’mon! Are you comparing Freddie Kruger, Jason, Mike Meyers with Hitler, or SS officers? Are you stupid or just intellectually dishonest? For goodness sake, these characters are fake. They are fantasy, like Dracula and Frankenstein are. They never killed anyone, except in fantasy. We all love monsters, just not real ones who inflict devastation.

        As far as Osama Bin Laden, he’s as offensive as Hitler is. The man is responsible for the murder and maiming of thousands of people. He represents the evil struggle to bring America to its knees. If he could, he, and now his followers, would nuke us. Why celebrate him in a Halloween costume? Are any of you patriots? Furthermore, I bet you, if any of your friends or family members were victims of 9/11 you wouldn’t talk like this. The difference is, I don’t have to be a victim of evil men not to feel any sympathy or affinity with them. It’s a given for me that such people shouldn’t be exalted. I rather celebrate goodness, and people who achieved greatness in the process of doing good things for humanity.

        For all the talk you guys do about women enjoying evil and getting pussy tingles out of it, it sounds like you guys are more enthralled by such evil than any woman ever can. I think you’re projecting your own appreciation for the deeds of evil men, and you think that your admiration will attract women to you. You know who will flock to you? Women with low standards, who either are too oblivious of history, or have no morality about good/bad, right/wrong. I want to see you preach marrying women who open their legs to men who murder. Such women will make such great moms, won’t they?

        “I think you are being a little too sensitive about some past historical event where a bunch of people were senselessly killed. If you even spend 1 minute of life in anger over the loss of every single life taken, you will spend many lives over in fury over something that you have no control over. Let bygones be bygones, and please don’t assault anyone because you don’t appreciate their taste in Halloween costumes. “

        Too sensitive? It’s not about sensitivity. Fuck sensitivity. It’s about doing the right thing. Certain things aren’t good, like celebrating evil. Either you have a clear demarcation line between good/bad, right/wrong, or you’re just a person who doesn’t know what they are, and how to differentiate between them, something plaguing most liberals these days.

        As far as forgiveness, it’s not up to me. First, I wasn’t affected, and no one that I know has. It’s up to the people who were perpetrated against whether or not to forgive. Second, as it happens, Israel and the Jews in general forgave the German people. Israel has excellent relations with Germany. It appears the Jews have indeed let bygones be bygones. I don’t think there are a people in history that could forgive such assault on their members. I guarantee you, no other nation would put up with this if its people were gassed and burned to death by the millions. I have to give great credit to the Jews for moving on and not letting it simmer inside. On the other hand, these neo Nazis here make up anti-Jew conspiracy theories in order to foment hate against the Jews. They make up imaginary grievances against the Jews, while the Jews have forgiven their fathers and grandfathers. It seems, it’s the neo Nazis and Aryans that are perpetuating this hate and not letting bygones be bygones, as evident by the daily comments here.


      • on October 29, 2013 at 6:03 pm FuriousFerret

        “[CH: can we give the tribe talk a break for one day? one day people. that’s not asking much.]”

        LOL. She just kept going. Didn’t even think about it.


      • No. Will Powers just kept on going. Why not say anything against him, eh Fart?

        I responded to him after all of his baseless attacks. FYI, more tribe talk has taken place since. You’re too late to the party, Fartty.


      • on October 29, 2013 at 6:36 pm FuriousFerret

        She’s like cat who is shredding the drapes. You can tell the cat to stop but it will just stare at you like you’re a retard and keep going.

        No fucks are given.


      • LOL. Butthurt? Must be a slow night for you, Fartty No fucks, indeed.


      • Seeee Ferret….
        Will made a comment and Lily JUST HADDDDD to respond…
        If you dangle the string in front of her she has no other option to paw at it…
        I’d like to bolt a locked box to her floor while she’s away and watch from a safe distance as she destroys her house trying to get into it…


      • “Will made a comment and Lily JUST HADDDDD to respond…”

        Don’t you just have to respond too? You have responded to almost every comments on this thread, and then some. I find it a bit hypocritical that you are calling me on the same activity you engage in. Gee, I think I just caught another example of the pot calling the kettle. They are rampant here. And besides, you don’t get to attack me and get a free pass, which is what all of you wish would happen. You’re irked that you’re getting pounded. 😆

        Furthermore, let’s all of us be honest here about your motives for complaining. If I was making comments you liked, like others’ antisemetic rants all day long, you wouldn’t be attacking me. You’d be adding and amplifying all day long. Thus, whoever complains about my posts, is usually an antisemtie who can’t stand it that I dismantle his bullshit. That also includes a silent antisemtie like Fartty the ferret, who gets irritated that I disprove his buddies anti-Jew propaganda. I mean, why else would he constantly protest? He’s truly the case of thou protest too much. He’s very transparent.

        That’s why I don’t give a shit about your fake whining. I still say what I want to say regardless of your butthurt moaning and ad hominem attacks, and I love watching you squirming each time you’re subjected to my demolishing your nonsense. BTW, there is a reply for you down below. Let’s see if you can handle it. Something tells me though, you’re not evolved enough morally to grasp it. But you asked, so I obliged. BTW, in case you haven’t noticed, most of my posts here have been replies to you. That makes you even more of a butthurt moaner.


      • on October 29, 2013 at 9:21 pm FuriousFerret

        It’s all the jews fault Lily. Really it is.


      • You know in your mind you shouldn’t aggrevate the cat but you can’t help messing with it until it’s all pissed off because it’s just too funny.


      • I think it’s time for both of you to call it quits. You have seriously exhausted this thread, not to mention this subthread, and you milked it for all it got (pun intended), to the point both of you look like butthurt buffoons feverishly looking for any leftover ammunition to hurl at me in your feeble attempt. 😆 Fear not; there will be other rounds in which you could continue looking like incompetent antisemites.


      • I would really love the idea of wearing a Nadzi uniform and with that i would also do a hitler moustache just to get a laugh at those silly stereotypes and i would then bang some joos assess to show my sympathy for those “6 million” joos hitler killed, Good riddance.


      • Remember we are dealing with people who wouldn’t bat an eye at a Ceaser or centurion costume. The Romans were far more extensive in their savagery. Victors write the rules on what is accepted and what is taboo.
        Que es veritas?


      • Thats what i think about all of this joos hysteria, i mean in today’s PC culture you cannot do anything to piss some of those so called minorities, i cannot call black “Niggers” and can’t called Joos out over their obsession on power and money and can’t even say women are batshit insane crazy and fart and poop just like normal people, comeon I will certainly wear a Nadzi uniform just to piss off some of those obama ass kissers and PC drones and best of all i would certainly piss off those neocons assholes with my HITLER COSTUME, pretty girls don’t even see me being a anti Semitic because they won’t mind the company of a ruthless killer.


      • Absolutely right, That’s what i think about all this Joos hysteria, i mean come on you’re offended by me being in a SS costume and wearing a Hitler moustache because it reminds you of the severe whipping and ass raping you got in the concentration camp, PC bullshit are not applied in halloween and if it does I SAY FUCK IT, i would love to go with an SS uniform with a hitler moustache and a hail hitler salute to everyone i meet with at the bash and also it is pretty fun to piss off those minority lovers and PC drones and with that you can also rape some of those neocons with it too, It is hunting 2 birds with 1 stone really.

        I would then go by the name of Adolf Eichmann “he was ruthless and handsome”. and your statement about victors writing the rules is on the spot.


      • “I will certainly wear a Nadzi uniform just to piss off some of those obama ass kissers and PC drones and best of all i would certainly piss off those neocons assholes with my HITLER COSTUME,”

        The point you’re missing is, wearing a Nazi outfit doesn’t prove that you’re pissing off people for fun. It reflects your values, the same way your nasty comments here reflect who you are.

        However, immoral people lacking values can’t evaluate accurately how their actions reflect their character. Therefore, this is like asking water from a rock. It has none to give. Carry on!


      • Poo Poo Patriarch. He have him big chest. He hate Jew. Him big Patriarch. Big, hero man. Him shovel little Jew girl in oven. Big man. Strong man.


      • LOL. Notice how all of the neo NZs emerged simultaneously from their septic swamp the moment they saw the NZ uniform CH was teasing them with. Like a heroin addict seeing his favorite mirage, so are these neo NZ crazies seeing those puke-inducing uniforms. Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!


      • Nobody is hating Jew man, you’re being paranoid, you and your self righteousness is what created this PC bullshit in the first place, I say do you not like people if they show you some of what’s in their mind, I mean you hate feminist because they hate men and they berate men on every forum but once you see a man in a SS uniform you go all batshit crazy about how anti Semitic, how utterly inappropriate it is, I mean come on quit being a emotional fool, this is a free world and freedom of expression is not bound by anyone, If i see a man in a Nazi uniform does that offends Jews sure it does, but whats the point of being offended by a piece of clothing, i mean arn’t we being what we hate, You are thinking just like a feminist here and also you’re using a shaming language from their books.


      • Anne Frankes…
        They plump when you cook em.


    • I’d do it just to provoke the white knights/hebrews.


      • Once they come at you, and certainly in the presence of their females, make sure to laugh them off and invite their females to a “secret” ritual black mass that you have staged for 3am, when the evil is at it’s apex.
        Watch their jaws hit the floor as you leave with their best looking girls.
        Bonus points if you actually have a satanic rite to bring them to. Nothing moistens panties like pure evil.


      • Nothing moistens panties like pure evil.

        True. Remember what happened in the Garden of Eden. A woman’s soul was created below…


      • You totally should have gone for “Pweenus” for my name.


    • Dude shows up wearing a correct SS uniform and he’s gonna drink for free.


      • That depends on whether his attitude conveys the dread associated with the deaths head on his cap.

        Looking evil is half the battle.
        Exuding it is the other.


      • “Looking evil is half the battle.
        Exuding it is the other.”

        Which in your case, shouldn’t be a problem. Apparently, you take great pride in being evil yourself. Hence, someone like you shouldn’t be preaching on who’s evil. And judging by the number of comments you have made here, it seem you have no one to practice that evil with. Where is J complaining about you answering every post?


      • Lily is demonstrating how some women will react when you walk into the party, ready to test your resolve. Hang in there!
        Remember the creature you are dealing with is only testing whether you will cave to her groupthink mentality, and thus in her mind desexualizing you as just another hen.
        Smile, click your glossy black shined boots together,and remind her in a low voice that it’s
        Volk uber alles as you walk past, turning your head to view her vulnerable backside.


      • Again, you miscalculate if you think wearing that Nazi uniform is going to prove to me you’re alpha. Wearing a Nazi uniform reflects on your values, who you are morally; not your measure of alphaness. You can exude alpha sexuality without proving you have no moral fiber in your body. Think about it. If you have no morality yourself, then you have no authority over her, or standing to lead her. Masculine moral strength is what kept women on the straight and narrow since time immemorial. It’s only in recent decades that masculine moral authority has been eroded, and by men themselves, not just women.

        If it’s true that women are turned on sexually by evil, then why let her indulge in what’s bad for her? Teach her otherwise, and you become the biggest alpha she ever came in contact with. Otherwise, you’re just as weak as she is. Woman needs guardians and boundary setters, as opposed to someone who is going to allow them to indulge in every bad behavior.

        BTW, not all women are totally turned on by evil. There are levels. Yes, there are women that need serial-killer evil to feel their man is strong and dangerous, and the sex with him is the only way they can be satisfied. But there are also women that won’t let that basic instinct rule them. They search for other masculine cues in male activity to stimulate their gina tingles. Those are better quality women.


      • on October 28, 2013 at 3:57 am Carlos Danger

        Waffen SS men aren’t evil, they were just tough and held to high standards of character and conduct. The ones I have met had the same aura as other former members of elite units that had seen a lot of combat- like WWII Pacific Theater Marines. French Foreign Legion, SF, etc.


    • on October 28, 2013 at 4:00 am Carlos Danger

      Most people today wouldn’t even know what it is. They’d ask if you just got back from Afghanistan. The ones who did know would likely buy you a drink.


    • on October 28, 2013 at 4:17 am Carlos Danger

      It’s a popular costume in Britain or used to be, for women- to wear the coat and hat and fishnet stockings and black HH pumps. It was pretty sexy.The East German uniforms are the same cut and color, as are the hats. Getting the ribbons, etc. would be the challenge.


    • I went as Governer Tarkin (from the original Star Wars) once. He has a very Nazi-ish uniform. It worked out well.


  14. Be the wage gap


  15. Weekend FR-

    Really weird, fast progression this weekend. However, at the same time I’ve realized that I’m not doing enough given the time I have to approach. Going to set some hourly goals (attempting to makeout 3 times in 5 hours IS BAD lol). At least 10 in an hour sounds more plausible.

    Before I get to the meat of the weekend, had a strange encounter with a girl on the train. Made eye contact as she took the seat next to me, we talked for 5-10 mins and then she invited me to her place to chill/smoke. Never done this with a girl before in my life (besides one time in college) so I was like “waaahhhat is happening”. Now our conversation was honestly very like straightforward, as in she’s an upfront person and I’m sure if she wanted to have sex with me she would’ve just said it or given me some IOI or SOMETHING. She talked about how great she is at giving blowjobs, but she had a bf and we talked about race and how awkward people are and stuff like that and what kinds of guys she finds attractive. But I wasn’t trying to push anything forward in a creepy way cuz again wasn’t sure if she was just being herself or actually wanting to do things sexually. Her friend even showed up as we talked on the couch and nothing was weird at all (??) so I feel like she does this all the time or SOMETHING. There was no kino except for a hug so like, I’m honestly stumped by this. My gut tells me she was being friendly… my pua learning tells me she wanted to blow me but like… I dunno, she said she had a bf! If she had touched me in some way sexually or at least just a little bit, I would’ve escalated but she kept her distance like a normal person who just met a stranger would lol

    I was just going to chalk this up as a random funny story I could keep for future reference. She asked for my number and I’m like cool, you seem cool too. We agree to hangout more and I’m just like how do I get to where I was heading to meet my friend? And then I meet another girl on train and we’re flirting the whole time. Whatever, random encounters. This was all way outside my comfort zone so… yay?

    Anyway, apparently there are Halloween parties the week before Haloween so I unfortunately I would have to move right into makeout mission mode. Thought It would be easy, but like everything I’ve tried to do in pickup, it ends up being scarier than I thought. Opened a lot of sets, but pulled the trigger on way less than half of them. Got not even a makeout because I pussied out (i’m insecure about my kissing ability – really annoying). Ended up being just a really nice kiss. She was cute, not exactly hottest girl ever, but hey, I tried. Except when I attempted the second time I was scared and the girl could tell so she turned me down after initially being receptive. Fucking A, dudes, I want to just go for it, but I was just scared. I admit it. I’m not a badass, I’m just trying to go past my comfort zone. Met two cute girls I met months ago over the summer, but that one failed because me and my fearful inner core. One of them makes a joke about them only sexing each other in the bedroom and instead of ramping it up I’m kind of like “Eh, yeah, I’ll just point the camera and watch” (wtf? lol) so they were like eh, okay, bye. The third makeout attempt I make eye contact with this girl walking out with her friends, we look at each other and i’m like “Give me a hug”. She gives me an awesome hug (lol sorry, i’m still awkward about full on hugging) we look into each others eyes but I don’t make the move. I instead ask her to kiss me, she laughs and says thats okay and pats my chest down and plays with my hoodie. She was definitely bangin… sigh,

    These opportunities are throwing themselves in my face… I’m happy things are moving forward, but I’m just not comfortable enough to push past my normal boundaries. I realize this is apart of the process, so not too bummed out.

    This next weekend will be another makeout mission attempt. 10 attempts per hour.

    P.S. Opened a lot of sets, these are just the most notable where lessons have been learned. A few rejections, but whatever. For people who are reading these who don’t go out, keep this in mind, it’s not just a lot of perfect siutations and success all around. Point is rejection isnt’ a thing anymore for me so whatever.

    Also Yareally’s post on high, low energy really helped. Was just making an ass out of myself and enjoying the night. Most important part. Read that post guys, that stuff works. I’m naturally high energy, so the pro-active tips made things that much better. Still working on the pro-active parts 🙂


    • It’s great you’re getting out there, man. And you’re starting to come out of your shell bit by bit. Take it at your own pace. If I were you, I’d start trying to remember more specifics of your interactions.

      Like, try to mentally record the conversations you have with each set (or as many sets as you can), and try to remember EVERYTHING. Remember how you said what you said, remember the vibe you got from them, and remember how they verbalized their responses. The more of that you throw up here, the more everyone can help with re: to tactics.

      What you’re doing right now is great though, like…you’re starting to develop your game past ‘see girls on dancefloor and try to bump n’grind.’ It seems like you’re good-looking/eye-grabbing enough to pull off the whole ‘hey gimme a hug’ stuff…which is awesome. Direct game might be for you.

      I’m gonna get out there to sarge soon. I haven’t posted a FR in so long. So fucking lazy. I’m sure hopping back into cold approach from trying to manage multiple relationships will be a shock. I expect nothing lol


      • Just replying here to say, get back into the game man! You can do it. After reading everyone’s responses to your story, I think you should keep going. I personally have never been in a relationship so, not exactly the best person to listen to (though I have been crushed really badly like any beta dude). But yeah, the sooner you accept heartbreak and pain as a part of the process, the more logically you’ll react to your emotions. You’ll be able to disconnect with your emotions (at least, with each successive heartbreak) and be much better equipped for the next relationship.

        Really appreciate the advice man. I actually remember every little detail of my interactions, I’ve just been focusing on building the skills from Ya’s checklist:

        But yeah, I’ll post a detailed one this weekend.

        “What you’re doing right now is great though, like…you’re starting to develop your game past ‘see girls on dancefloor and try to bump n’grind.’ It seems like you’re good-looking/eye-grabbing enough to pull off the whole ‘hey gimme a hug’ stuff…which is awesome. Direct game might be for you.”

        Haha, while I still kinda do that, it’s no longer my only weapon. My gorgeous eyes are another… lol the girl’s words, not mine hehe

        You can do this bro! You’re gonna beast it.


  16. Last minute idea= first place


  17. Christian (“Shades of”) Grey is the can’t miss costume this year. White linen shirt, black jeans, grey tie, bracelets with a touch of B&D.


  18. That’s it I’m going in diapers and using Goo Goo Ga Ga Game.


    • If you’re not confident enough to defecate in said diaper in front of hot women, it isn’t going to work.


      • Ya I know. Wasn’t going out anyway.


      • No need to go out. Get a Santa Clause suit.
        Paint your face like a skull.
        Sit outside and give out candy. Obnoxiously hit on all the women you see without a guy physically with them. You’re gonna fail misreably.
        Learn to enjoy the rejection.
        You can’t box if you’re afraid of being punched.


      • I’ve hit on a total of 6-8 women all my life. 4 of them directly, and around 3 or so indirectly. Pretty certain the number is less than 10.

        Handing out candy by harassing women scares me, even if my face is painted. I would be scared even if I wore a mask and they couldn’t see my face. That’s how fucked up I am.

        Women get creeped out by me even during regular conversations and they usually end up leaving.

        This also happens when I`m walking on the street and a woman is walking towards me on the sidewalk and I’m walking towards her. They usually pretend to fiddle around with their eyes by rubbing it and looking down so they avoid me, or they just walk across the road to the other sidewalk.

        It’s kind of a traumatic experience when this happens so I just try and avoid these situations. It also makes me angry, depressed, and humiliated when they reject me like this. And then I go home and constantly think about it for a few hours or a day if it’s really hurtful.


      • Well patrice…
        Visit Amsterdam.
        Nail attractive hookers.


  19. It is a very telling point of history that the SS got their uniforms from Hugo Boss, while the NKVD seemingly got their uniforms from a gimp store.

    Both wore leather dusters and trench-coats, only one looked damn fine in them.


    • The only thing more insulting to the Chosen than enslaving him for your profit,

      Is to look better while doing so.


    • Commie uniforms are simply an appropriate match for the commie economy.


    • on October 28, 2013 at 4:19 am Carlos Danger

      Who killed more people though?


      • The Roman civilization killed more than both world wars combined.
        Leftist philosophy is feminine by nature.
        White people rule the world, so liberalism naturally rebels against it as a cultural shit test.
        It’s simple.


      • on October 28, 2013 at 1:23 pm Joachim Peiper

        I don’t think that’s true even allowing for 1200 years of empire. 110 million deaths in both world wars versus a total population of 50 million for the empire.


      • Just throwing numbers out there for “fun”

        WWI lasted 4 years ( 1914-1948 ) and WWII lasted about 6 years (1939-1945),
        a of total roughly 10 years

        110 million killed / 10 years= about 11 million killed a year

        yes 11,000,000 year (on average)

        now take the Roman empire that lasted 1200 years

        they only would have needed to kill about 92 thousand people a year for 1200 years to reach a total of 110 million

        No one knows the exact numbers ( as no one back then kept precise records/census etc ) but is seems entirely possible the Romans killed at least 92,000.

        1200 years is a damn long time, and far more than 92,000 new births per year happened in the regions affected by the Roman empire


      • There were a lot fewer people in the world in Roman times. If you look at the Wiki lists of war deaths or genocides, China features highly in both.

        say 70 million in WW2 but out of a large world population. The Mongol Conquests probably killed more of the world population, 600 years earlier – and the Warring States period killed maybe 10 million – all of 2,300 years ago.


    • Well, it’s a german thing, like Ferdinand Porsche made for Nazi’s some outstanding vehicles too .. with or without a cannon


  20. what about the joker? he seems to be a very attractive character


    • See above.

      The costume in and of itself is not alpha or beta.
      It’s the guy inside.
      A college football playing frat brother could wrap himself in papertowels stained with brown paint and go as a “giant fucking shit” and it would be considered funny and cool, feminists would line up to swallow his genetic code.
      Take some loser nobody and put him in a movie quality reproduction Batman suit, and he’s seen as a nerdy comic book creeper.
      Women do not see the world as men do.
      I knew a football player in highschool who ran around squeezing girls tits saying “honk honk”, and it was all fun and games.
      Had one of the band drummers attempted this, rape charges.


      • Ya, the rules don’t change. A beta is still a beta in an alpha costume and an alpha is still an alpha in a beta costume.

        I knew a football player in highschool who ran around squeezing girls tits saying “honk honk”, and it was all fun and games.
        Had one of the band drummers attempted this, rape charges.

        An alpha could surprise them with anal rape and they would love it. A beta could smile at them and he’d be in handcuffs by the time his lips to go back to their normal position.

        It’s disturbing how women have no standards for alpha males and impossible ones for betas. They will justify serial homicide if he’s alpha, but a beta can’t have any lint on his jacket during date night or it’s over.

        It really fucks with your head when you think about how fucked up women are.

        Morality as we know it doesn’t exist.


      • “It really fucks with your head when you think about how fucked up women are.”

        No it’s not, gayboy.

        Read “Sperm Wars” and “The Selfish Gene” and apply your astute powers of observation to the real-world.

        Come back when you’ve grown some hair on your balls, son.


      • Exactly, and good reads both of those. Don’t forget to read My Secret Garden as well, that’s some interesting sexual fantasies to wrap your thoughts around. I actually gave that book to a chick once, she loved it.

        Then you can understand how easy it is when you have a woman over and she says: “We’re not going to have sex.” You laugh and say no problem, there’s time. And talk more, kiss and grope a bit, then she goes home. Later she rings you up to come stay the night – and loves getting fucked every way from Sunday.

        Amusing as hell, every step of the way she’s been mousy and quiet and you’ve been your bad self. Then when you’re fucking her she comes out with a ton of dirty talk and breathlessly says that she’s always been incredibly randy and sexual and needs regular doses of fucking.

        There are abundant women in this world. Easy come, easy go, all of them are poisonous some way inside.


      • The Gospel…
        According to Black Poison Soul.


      • ” … They will justify serial homicide if he’s alpha, but a beta can’t have any lint on his jacket during date night or it’s over…. ”

        You could not be more right about women ( or about 95% of them )


      • Patrice, just like Immoral Gables implies, stop thrashing around wishing existence was other than it is.

        Freud say:

        “Man’s primary love object is women, woman’s primary love object is her children.” This make perfect biological sense and largely explains women’s greater detachment from men than vice versa.

        It’s simply the way the universe worked itself up. To wish it was otherwise is a total waste of your energy, and by your resulting whining, others’ energy.

        It’s not only not going to change in your lifetime, it’s not going to change in , like, a million years.


      • Was morality created as a tool by the strong to control the weak or did the weak create morality to secure a piece of the pie from the strong?


  21. Samhain is originally the last of the Celtic harvest festivals, the blood harvest, when livestock that cannot be fed through the winter is slaughtered. The associated bacchanalia is also as old as the hills, except we (White Europeans/Americans) took a partial break from it while groaning under the yoke of a religion imported from the Middle East, who declared all such things as EEEEEVILLLL.
    Regarding costumes, if you’ve got the bod and the temperatures comply, go Tarzan. The more muscle and the less ropa, the better the girls will like it. See Prometheus, above.
    My Halloween plans have been hit with a little bit of a curveball, the by far best night club in town is insisting on shooting themselves in the foot by having Dueling Pianos, where they set up 2 pianos ON THE FRICKIN” DANCEFLOOR!!!!! and have the crowd (if there is one) request songs. Party killer supreme! According to the staff, the pianists have ‘good energy’ -which they will need, since they will probably be playing mostly to each other – and that they usually ‘draw a good crowd for a Sunday’.
    Excellent. Just what you want on a Halloween night: A good crowd for a Sunday……
    I will be going to another party/dance a few nights prior to Halloween, the costume is Robin Hood, entirely self-made except for the belt and the socks.
    Dance-friendly, tough enough to last many years and will also hold up to forecast weather. The Maids Marian I can expect there will mostly be on the High School side, but a few more adult ones also find their way there.
    On the 31st – my original plans having been foiled by Dueling Pianos – I can then choose between either watching heavily tattooed gangsta vatas wiggle their multiple rolls of fat in French Maid or ‘Sexy Cat’ outfits designed for someone 10 sizes smaller in the largest (but grotty) night club in the state, or I can go downtown and celebrate El Dia de los Muertos with the Latino, Black, Gay and Alternative communities…..
    Fun, fun, fun.
    I need to move.


    • All is fair in peace love and war. And war is there between Thor and Jesus Christ.

      Hence wolfie’s lies. Obviously, I’m on the other side of the battleline.


  22. Those costumes are ridiculous in a dumb way.

    I went out last night to the club. What I seen most of the girls donning was cat woman suits and bunny outfits. Might be old but worth it


  23. it is a little bit of a cop-out, but i was traveling and had a party a few years back with friends out of town. i went costume-less. black shirt, jeans. a lot of people were staying at the hotel next door so i had a room that required a key to get up to them. like $10 more. anyway i was in a good mental state, great shape at the time, and with the opener “why haven’t i met you yet” and some easy small talk just before shutdown, ended up with a same night lay of what i consider a solid 8.

    anyway, got some post-party feedback when we were planning her visit back out to me:

    Haha, when did you get to the party? I was like the 4th person there. I vaguely remember seeing you when I was sitting with the M&M’s getting drunk on the Fog Cutter drinks. Mmmmm so tasty, but so very dangerous! I was thinking “who is that hot guy that thinks he is too good to wear a costume at a Halloween party?!”

    anyway let me tell you all, i am not bad looking, i am tall, i can be good looking, but i’m sorry– when the shirt’s off at spring break no one is _ever_ calling me ‘hot’, period. i’m too big. it was attitude and my head that did it that night. she had actually come to the party with another guy who was in love with her.

    anyway, for what it’s worth. costume-free and care-free can work.


  24. American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman. Wear a fit suit, under a blood stained raincoat with messy hair and an axe. Issue death treats to nines in meticulous detail without flinching an eye. Needless to say you have to be ready to get slapped when you don’t do this to the right girl.
    oh yeah, also bring extra condoms.


  25. Strategically placed Prometheus DVD.


  26. I’ve convinved my man to go as Betty and Don Draper.. The only couples costume I could get him to do for a friends couples costume contest without him saying “fuck that shit.”


  27. ANYONE KNOW HOW TO DO THE MAKE-UP PART OF THE PROMETHEUS ENGINEER PART? like do i use white paint or something to make my whole body white? also they muscles outline.. dont know what to do there? O.o would appreciate help!



  28. on October 28, 2013 at 8:44 am RappaccinisDaughter

    Wednesday Addams Game (works for guys, too): Wear your regular clothes. When someone asks you what your costume is supposed to be, deadpan: “I’m a deranged psychopathic killer. They look like everybody else.”


  29. on October 28, 2013 at 8:49 am Lucky White Male

    Watch couple (from 1:45 on) unwittingly deliver an anti-marriage PSA. 36 minutes ago

    No surprise sex not enjoyable for her – because look at who you married.

    Throw an Alpha/Sigma man in that seat and she becomes very interested very fucking fast

    Where is this guy’s Masculinity? Even a fat cow like the wife cannot feel anything when this guy is putting the moves on her

    She “felt like she needed to have sex” because – SHE ALREADY HAS EVERYTHING SHE FUCKING WANTS

    1. Beta/Delta Financial Provider to milk like a cow and bleed dry

    2. Children

    3. A Captured Male Who Has Actually Agreed, Before 100 People At a Wedding Publicly, To Restrict His Almighty Male Cock to ONE FUCKING PUSSY FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE

    The marriage counselor – ‘You can arrange desire, negotiate desire’


    Rollo Tomassi – “Genuine desire can never be negotiated”


  30. Q: What would a Renegade Alpha wear to a Halloween costume party?


  31. Americans,dressed as nazis,thats HILARIOUS! 😀


  32. Haven’t liked dressing up for Halloween since collecting candy became uncool at around 13 years old. Dressing up as something else just has a weird beta feel to it for me.


    • I’ll have to remind my dick about that after having had it polished almost year without fail every Halloween by slutty chicks in super slutty outfits. Take the normal whorishness one encounters and amplify by about 25% in both overtly sexual clothing and the mindset to go with it. This is known as Halloween. I drink deeply of this overly sexualized pagan rite of drink and fornication.

      pro tip: Wear something a chick can SEE your face or body in and your results may be a bit better. It is hard to game through a fuckin’ stormtrooper helmet.


  33. The diaper one is hilarious.


  34. BTW— Fuck each of you for not respecting our host on his “moratorium on the tribe”

    We are all ‘in the know’ and you won’t convince anyone otherwise to your position. It is a modern Maginot Line. Intractable and entrenched. You are either Lily or our newly arrived Patriarch. I posted that YHW feminism list on the scat thread to take the piss utterly, which clearly no one got. (Lily, didn’t but I didn’t expect her to either).

    You spin everything tribal and you will find yourself marginalized in short order. Said another way— “don’t fuck up our playground”. I like it here as an intersection of game, feminism, racial issues, politics, Western ideology, et. al. so don’t fuck it up please. Or if that is your intent than perhaps that banhammer that was spoken of shall be dispensed like Thor riding the Nordic Lightning down to Midgard from Asgard.


    • You should totally join my group.
      We have free popcorn on Wednesdays.
      ONE bag per person.


    • “I posted that YHW feminism list on the scat thread to take the piss utterly, which clearly no one got. (Lily, didn’t but I didn’t expect her to either).”

      Sweetheart. If you post truth, I won’t have to, or be able to refute it. However, if your facts are wrong or misleading, I will get you, as I did with that stupid YKW feminism. Not only is feminism and MOST feminists not YKW, but also of those pictured there were women that aren’t even feminists. It was an anti- YKW propaganda which only your ilk will jump at the chance to post without checking facts.

      That said, you’re the only one smart enough here to realize that “You spin everything tribal and you will find yourself marginalized in short order.” That is definitely what many here are doing (including you with the YKW feminism as an example) so that they lack integrity and believability when there is real criticism. It’s like the boy who cried wolf too many times. After a while, no one listened to him anymore. This rule of thumb works in all of life’s facets.


      • The question is Lily,
        Wby do you feel the need to police this place?

        Why do you give a shit what I believe, or think I would give a shit what your opinion is?
        There’s something far deeper than politics to this incessant yipping on the heels of everyone you disagree with.


      • We should really cool it with the tribe posts, as CH asked. But I will give you a detailed response in the hopes this will close the matter.

        BTW, I could ask you the same questions too. Why do you feel the need to litter this place with your incessant Jew hatred? Why do you post anti-Jew propaganda in every thread, even in non-political threads? It’s got to be something psychological, and I know it is.

        “Why do you give a shit what I believe, or think I would give a shit what your opinion is?”

        I wouldn’t give a shit if you kept your beliefs to yourself, and didn’t feel the need to litter this place with your lies. From the Nazis’ own words: Repeat a lie long enough and it becomes truth. They knew it, and you guys know this to be true, which is why you’re engaging in it at every chance you get.

        The Nazis were the biggest propagandists on earth. Islam comes a close second. Both of them employ(ed) a variety of fallacies, exaggerations, omissions, misinterpretations, and outright lies in an attempt to demonize the Jew, foment hate against him, and bring about violence that not only injures the Jew, but millions of other bystanders. Is that a good thing for humanity? Is that good for our culture? Will it solve our cultural mess to substitute Jew for lefty, or for liberal?

        This is exactly what you guys and your shills on the internet are doing every day. You’re not really interested in solving our cultural dilemmas, you just need a way to channel and funnel your Jew hatred, which isn’t even rooted in reality. It’s mostly the product of being intensely butthurt and unsuccessful in life, as well as jealous of the Jew’s success, which most of the time you guys can’t emulate because you don’t have the same work ethics he does.

        So, the answer is, plain and simple, the truth. Can there be anything more important on earth than truth? How could you figure out anything without truth?

        Oh, wait a minute. A man in love with Nazi ideology and its pagan roots, is not going to understand or value truth, a concept based in Judeo-Christian philosophy. So, I will spoon feed you s l o w l y, once more.

        I find it extremely dangerous and disingenuous to substitute Jew for liberal or lefty, since there are many White Gentiles that are liberal, and they are as corrosive to our culture as any liberal Jew is. In fact, there are more Gentile liberals than there are Jews, since Jews only make up about 2% of the population. Therefore, the issue is not Jew vs. White Gentile, as some would love to make it. Instead, it’s an issue of two opposing philosophies – leftism/liberalism/fascism/progressivism/no personal rights vs. right/conservatism/old-fashioned values/unalienable rights. What is very interesting is that even on the right, many have adopted leftists values. Liberalism has transmitted itself to the conservative side of the political spectrum like a contagious disease. Therefore, this makes it even more retarded to blame the Jews. Our entire culture is engulfed in leftism. It’s not Jew vs, White Gentile.

        Therefore, I find most people who like to focus only on the Jews, while disregarding the millions of White Gentiles who vote democrat, have a Jew hate agenda. They are not really interested in saving our culture or solving our problems. They use any morsel of information about any liberal Jew they come across as an example that all Jews are the same. They are the purveyors of Jew hate, and they use Nazi tactics to achieve their goals of agitating Jew hatred.

        I find substituting Jew for lefty or liberal extremely dangerous. Instead of solving our issues we’re hating on the Jew, while overlooking the real problems engulfing us, or disregarding real threats like radical Islam knocking on our collective doorstep. If there is anything to be learned from the Nazis, it’s how not to solve cultural problems. Their actions ended backfiring on Europe, which is on the verge of collapse. Why would I want that kind of mess to come to my country?


      • Maybe Lilly….
        I don’t hate anyone, including you.
        Maybe I don’t believe in anything, an amoral nihilist who enjoys watching you spiral out of control at the slightest provocation,
        Knowing full well you can’t let things slide.
        You enjoyed expressing your righteous indignation.
        We both got something.
        You’re welcome.


      • “Maybe I don’t believe in anything, an amoral nihilist”

        Bingo! This is the first truthful thing you have said to me since we started our discussion. Maybe, I helped you realize things about yourself. Self-awareness is always welcomed, don’t you think?

        “You enjoyed expressing your righteous indignation.”

        Perhaps. However, I rather discuss male/female relations. It’s more fun than refuting anti-Joojoo hate.

        “We both got something.
        You’re welcome.”



      • Lilly has no idea when someone is truly just fucking with her to watch her spaz out. Solipsism is a bitch…


      • I took your words as you said them. Am I supposed to know you’re fucking with me? And, if you are, good. Have a good time. It ain’t no slack off my shoulder. We all got to find entertainment somewhere, right?


  35. “Moderation” makes me sad… WordPress or not… just sayin. I tried to council busted at life Patrice about this but find myself, non-offensively in the same place.


  36. […] bad this guy didn’t read CH’s post Alpha Male Halloween Costumes as he would have learned that Rule #1 for men […]


  37. These are definitely suitable for those winter days along with evenings. About a quarter of the ABC affiliate stations that ran NYPD Blue, refused to show the episode the AFA complained about. Abercrombie and fitch has become the top most ones. If you see something you really like but it happens to be really expensive(example, a logo teeshirt from Abercrombie Fitch, price is $30 $35.00) wait until it goes in the clearance section. It a great store for browsing or hardcore shopping. I one of those women who need something bigger than a size 10. This American retailer focuses on casual wear for millennials ages 18 through 22 with over 300 locations (dimly lit and booming like nightclubs) in the United States and is expanding abroad.