An Alpha Male And His Women

On this Father’s Day, it makes to sense to honor the lives of men who have forsaken the path of beta domestication, fat mortgages and fat wives to live the swinging single life of the harem king.

Hugh Grant, middle-aged alpha male, canoodles with one two seven college coeds. His face is the picture of unbridled joy. This is one happy man. You will never see this kind of blissed-out look on the faces of men married for years to the same aging wives. Only young, fresh pussy can inspire such a glow.

The photo comes from an article by a 40-something careerist spinster who bemoans the fact that she can’t find love with the men she wants. In her words:

when I look around at my girlfriends – bright, attractive, successful, fabulous women in their 40s who are single – I sincerely begin to wonder: Is there even one solvent, kind, desirable, heterosexual single man in his 40s left in Britain?

My friends and I have a horrible suspicion that the answer is no.

The topic was much debated when I went on a detox holiday in Morocco at Easter with nine single women, ranging in age from mid-30s to late-40s and all looking for love.

At first I thought it would be an oestrogen-infused nightmare, but as I got to know the women, all well-educated and successful (including bankers, a lawyer, a top fashion buyer, a media executive and an art historian), we bonded over our inability to find our male match.

Some of the bankers confessed to resorting to affairs with married men at work, which was depressing, but mostly we concluded we were unable to find what we were looking for because like-minded men of our age didn’t exist.

Like most delusional, over-educated termagants, she believes her accomplishments and intelligence — those things that are more naturally suited to the domain of men — entitle her to a fabulously successful, good-looking and kind alpha male in his 40s. She is heartbroken to discover that most men her age want nothing to do with her, or her similarly situated klatsch of Cosmo readers. One of her friends moans:

My friend Lizzie, a 43-year-old art director, says it was a real surprise to start dating at 40 after her marriage ended.

‘I’ve always had boyfriends before, but I’ve been single for three years now, as I’m not so attractive a proposition any more. I’ve had a child and have responsibility, which these immature men of our age see as terrifying baggage – which is hypocritical when many of them have ex-wives who are bringing up their kids.’

Yes, the reason could only be “immaturity” why men don’t want to date aging single moms. Maybe the reason why men “see” your kid from a previous marriage as baggage is because… wait for it…

it is baggage!

The hamster is in overdrive in this one, his wee tongue hanging out, gasping for breath, the axel on his wheel coming off.

The author has even coined a cleverless gibe to describe these age appropriate men who dare to follow their hearts and date much younger women: “kidults”. She wonders why these older men — who BY RIGHTS should be dating HER, don’t you know it’s how things are done in polite society — treat her with such perfunctory disdain and act as if they are the prize. Well, lady, I got news for ya. When you have aged out of your prime attractiveness years (15-25), the men you want to date ARE the prize, compared to you.

On and on she bitches, with one insult after another hurled at the impertinent men who dare to pass her over for the younger, hotter competition. “Misogynist”. “Hateful”. “Arrogant”. “Vile presumption”. “Secretly hate women”. “Dysfunctional”. Such a colorful repertoire of psychological projection to soothe the butthurt ego. Unfortunately for her, the cold machinations of the sexual marketplace do not operate by adjectival decree. No, the answer why she goes unloved by the men she desires is much, much simpler:


  1. wow. that’s one hell of a jaw. other than that she doesn’t look so bad for 40 – at least she kept relatively thin.

    perhaps young men could learn a thing or two from the all-powerful hamster and start calling their peer females who date older alpha males ‘misandrist, hateful, arrogant, dysfunctional girls who secretly hate men.’ if the shaming tactics work on beta males, might they have an effect on beta ladies as well?


    • This is crazy 15-25yrs old was mentioned shouldnt unless you’re a pedophile. Im a makeup artist and see plenty of women of all ages without there makeup on. Men are idiots a woman doesnt magically fall apart from 25 to 26 yrs of age not unless youre in a disfiguring accident or have an extreme genetic disorder. That is the stupidist thing I’ve ever heard. This woman actually looks good and she doesnt have a wrinkly neck her slender legs are glistening. She has a nice pedicure and manicure. To the men and women all people develop differently and at different ages. Being that the younger generation our majority of the obese and overweight I wouldn’t say younger meant better looking. The only way someone ages rapidly is a couple reasons besides medically or a catastrophic accident, is tanning, smoking, drinks too much or they sleep in makeup. I hope my legs look that nice in my 40s wear a shorter skirt girl and rock it. Try eharmony.


      • See your optometrist.


      • Probably you are a gay man or a girl. You probably judge girls’ looks in an absolute aesthetic sense just the way I would judge the looks of a man or a dog. I can appreciate the good looks of a prize cocker spaniel, but I wouldn’t want to fuck it.

        The same is true about a 50 year old girl who has kept herself in reasonably good shape, has a well proportioned body, fine features, etc. I can appreciate her looks but she is not sexually attractive to me. Unless perhaps she has been my wife for the last 20 or 30 years and I remember her as she once was.


  2. Love that jaw. She once was a 6.5.


  3. I still see sexy women in their 40s. I like a lot of them, but when it comes to marriage and exclusivity, men will balk because they know the goods are at the 3 day before the sell by date point. Love that manjaw too. She could slay 10000 Philestene warriors with that jawbone. If only she could have a Samson!


  4. Yikes. For 45 and British it’s not too bad, but she has to realize the only guys that will put a ring on it are 60+ plumbers who have grown kids. An equivalent aged/statured male in Britain has a TON of options for poon anywhere in the world. Hell even college aged girls in the US swoon for a cultured man with an accent. At least for sex and that’s mostly all that matters.

    Oh and who knew nancy-boy Hugh Grant was such a player? First Liz Hurley’s smoking hotness in her prime and now college chicks after she gets older. Crazy.


  5. I’ve been through all of these professions…

    bankers: Too much access to private information.

    lawyers: High testosterone means great in the sack, but too combative for anything more than the sack. Worst possible LTR ever.

    fashion buyers: Retail clerks who now do the shopping, not a bad LTR possibility

    media executive: Watch ANY media for 5 minutes and you’ll understand the lack of any logi in this mind

    art historian: Tried two of these, and both of them are career academists. Since I typically detest college and see no purpose to it for most, combined with the fact that art historians do nothing but create more of them, I’d mark this as just 1 notch about the worst possible LTR material ever (the lawyer).

    When women ask me for advice (and they do so in droves it seems, especially at 31+), I tell them the same story: if you’re overqualified, you won’t find men worthy of LTR. Lose the qualifications, or hide them/mask them. I’m amazed at the women I know in their 30s who can’t find a guy for an LTR, but also verbalize (constantly) about wanting to get their Master’s or Ph.D’s.

    Of course, the bodies and faces tend to fall apart pretty quick after 26, but there’s still the rare bird who is pushing 40 and loves her an alpha, and goes out of her way to land one. Still, I think (for the most part), overqualification is more of an impediment for an LTR for a woman than looks alone.


    • A friend of mine graduated from Harvard BS and likes to joke about “dropping the H bomb”, which is to say mentioning that one has matriculated from Hah-vahd.

      She laments that when men drop the H bomb, women suddenly appear out of nowhere to cling to them.

      But when women mention that they have a Harvard MBA, she says, “Men scatter like someone farted.”


      • Every nerd who went to Harvard thinks that once they get that diploma, ass, money and power will be theirs. Surprise!

        Other people give far less a shit about the “H Bomb” than the one dropping it.


      • I have a few gal pals who have drooled over Harvard graduates in the past. If it increases SMV, it’s SMV regardless of how beta the fools were. As usual, the key is to never denounce a guy to a gal or you’ll end up raising their SMV. I know the long term results of women trying to be with professorial types (who, typically have access to plenty of coed poon!). Although I’ve never actually wanted a woman who digs the Ivy, I’ve been there to neg the hell out of them after they’re in pieces.

        When I do meet women who have their Northwestern Master’s, I usually drop a quick neg and back away. Let them give chase, they’re not getting 5 minutes of my time nor $5 of my money to pay down that debt they’ve incurred. Hell, those wasted years and bankruptcy-resistant debt is a future neg burden just asking to be dropped on a dame.

        I don’t share in anyone’s lifetime of misery.


      • on June 20, 2011 at 10:41 am Some Bullshit Handle

        Do you have a post on “Credentialism”?

        What I mean is, I am guessing that most of those girls that got their Masters at NW were not majoring in Engineering, Math, Physics, etc.


      • I actually have a few ex-dames who were in Engineering and I absolutely admire them for it — financial stability. One gal I’m seeing now is 19, from Nebraska, is majoring in Agri-engineering and not only has her college tuition covered with non-debt grants, but she’s already getting job offers for when she graduates (high pay, too). Plus, she isn’t a cuntface, she loves sex with this 37 year old, and she knows her place in public and in private. I’ll take 3 like her, if possible.

        You’re right: the degree DOES matter. Art History gives them a false sense of SMV, whereas the engineers, math and physics “geeks” tend to be pretty amazing, other than the ones who are studying it to become professors themselves.


      • U like children if you’re a grown man dating someone ur old enough to have. Pervert. A.B. Dada is sad I guess thats what his girlfriend calls him in sack dada dada dada. Thats a good joke I’m hilarious. I’m 31 and I look better than every girl in that pic of college coeds young is not the same thing as pretty. You can be ugly and young and you can be almost 40 and look like Anjelina Jolie or Halle Berry.


      • @Sharr, 19 is old enough to shag by any artificially introduced moral standard on earth. Are you then saying the age difference is what is wrong with this situation? I suppose then you would be equally appalled at a 50 year old man dating a women in her early 30’ since after all, she is young enough to be his daughter. News flash, no man with options is going to choose some used up wrinkly hippo when he is capable of bedding a hot 19 year old with a good head on her shoulders. Go crawl back in your hole and enjoy your last days of rapidly declining attractiveness. You seem to have a great personality though so I’m sure that will be enough to attract a good man.


      • sharr: Children? Did you READ the description of the 19 year old? Not only does she have really awesome jobs lined up (that pay almost 6 figures), but she has ZERO debt incurred. She owns her car (bought it herself, too), doesn’t go out to bars blowing stacks of cash, happens to be one of the best conversationalists when it comes to political discussion (something I actually never find in women). The fact that her body is perfect still is a big plus, but she’s well rounded AND she prefers mature guys who have their shit together.

        Who should a 19 year date? Some loser 23 year old with $100,000 in debt because of his Art History degree who works at the local Starbucks?


  6. It’s all attitude with these women. Case and point….I was at a dance party this weekend and two women were there. One was thinner, clearly hotter, bigger tits, perhaps a little younger than the other one who was fatter and a bit bigger overall.

    But the bigger one first of all was dressed much more elegantly, hid her paunch in her very elegant and sexy dress, had her make up done much better and was actually very responsive to my game.

    The other tighter, younger hotter one was just kind of dumb and didn’t respond to game, we super serious about herself.

    But of the two, the slightly older, even slightly pudgier one was much better to game and probably would have been great in bed.

    So for women to blame men as mysogynists, it’s really about packaging and attitude…

    A 40’s woman who acts like a woman, knows how to dress, talk and is responsive to game is much better placed to get a guy FOR A ONE NIGHT STAND than a snarky but sexier hotter one who is constantly shit-testing and giving off attitude…and of course…vice versa.

    [Editor: Fixed.]


  7. Yeah, she’s sadly delusional. There are hot women in their 40s, she’s just not one of them. I can’t imagine she was much better looking in her 20s and ugly girls in their 20s have trouble getting decent men, too. Plus ça change…


  8. Woah, reminds me of Brendan Fraser


  9. I was beginning to lament my ongoing status as a non-father today when I read your post and looked at its pictures/captions. They reminded me of the likely alternative outcome from many a past, ‘broken’ relationship and where I’d likely be today had one of those alternatives come to pass. Thanks, Roissy, and best wishes to your dad!


  10. The only reason women ever go to Morocco is to fuck (for money) teen and twenty arab boys. Boys who – lieing through their teeth – will tell the woman that she is the most beautiful desirable etc etc. The boys’ youth persuades the women that if the men are young then they must be so too. If the guys can get hard-ons they must be desirable (when all the boys want are British passports). Oh the delusion! In the words of the song ‘go granny go’.


  11. So brutally honest.


  12. Fuck Roissy this post is incredibly entertaining yet succinct, I particularly liked this bit:

    Unfortunately for her, the cold machinations of the sexual marketplace do not operate by adjectival decree


  13. If older men who refuse to date their own age are “kidults”, what does that make younger women who refuse to date THEIR own age?


    • “If older men who refuse to date their own age are “kidults”, what does that make younger women who refuse to date THEIR own age?”

      My next girlfriend.


  14. This is all well. But I think Roissy should put his money where his mouth is and write more about how to actually and practically become such an Alpha male. To a certain extent, an Alpha must figure it out on his own and ignore other people. But repeated admonitions to “be alpha” are kind of tiring when so little is written regarding how to go about such an enterprise.

    If Roissy put out an eBook, he could make zillions.


    • @vanderjohn

      This is all well. But I think Roissy should put his money where his mouth is and write more about how to actually and practically become such an Alpha male. To a certain extent, an Alpha must figure it out on his own and ignore other people. But repeated admonitions to “be alpha” are kind of tiring when so little is written regarding how to go about such an enterprise.

      If Roissy put out an eBook, he could make zillions.

      That’s the purpose of this blog. Start on the links menu on the right side with “16 Commandments of Poon,” then work your way through previous posts in the archives. It’s a library of game for your edification.


  15. Truth hurts! Hahha


  16. I wonder…how many of these bright, attractive, successful, fabulous (let’s not forget sassy, resourceful and feisty — middle aged womyn describing themselves use the names of what appear to be Dickensian law firms…) middle aged matrons, when they were 18-25, blew off guys their own age in order to date high status older men? But they do not seem to get the picture that this sets in motion a chain of events in which younger men are forced out of the dating market; but then they come back in middle ages and go out with younger women in order to make up for what they did not experience when they were 18-25.

    Karma, dudette, karma.

    Some of the bankers confessed to resorting to affairs with married men at work

    Hmmm…maybe single men are not interested in womyn who are committing adultery? Or maybe these womyn do not want commitment, so they get it on with married men? Or maybe like the archetypical primal female, these womyn want to be in the harem of some higher status male instead of getting married to a decent guy their own age?

    when I look around at my girlfriends – bright, attractive, successful, fabulous women in their 40s who are single – I sincerely begin to wonder: Is there even one solvent, kind, desirable, heterosexual single man in his 40s left in Britain?

    Having dated middle aged womyn, and my friends having dated middle aged womyn, and knowing middle aged womyn, here are some of the reasons that men do not find them particularly desirable:

    * Games. Too many bright, attractive, successful, fabulous middle aged womyn still think they can get away with the idiocy they played when they were 18-25 but still had the bodies to get away with it. Tease, flirt, play hard to get and any middle aged guy with an ounce of experience with females will dump you on the street curb. This is all the more so now with men learning PUA tactics via the Internet. See:
    * Flakiness. Make a date with Ms middle age bright, attractive, successul, fabulous, and she cancels out at the last minute, or just does not show up at all. What does this say about these womyn and commitment?
    * Nuttiness. Womyn in therapy. Womyn in recovery. Womyn who love too much. Womyn who can not love at all. Womyn who are convinced because they do two hours of yoga a week they are on first name basis with whatever divinity they can name.
    * Self-delusion. She goes to Morocco looking for love? Nothing wrong with some shagging young people of age, but if she believes that she is going to find love this way then perhaps she would care to come to the USA and buy a bridge in Brooklyn…
    * Quasi-feminism. They tell you that womyn can do anything that a man can do only better — except when it comes time for picking up the check. If these womyn are so successful then let’s see them pay the bill.
    * Feminism. Nothing attracts a man better than telling him that he is an oppressor and mirmidon of raypists. (I am being ironic.)
    * Exaggerated picture of herself. She thinks she is bright, attractive, successful, fabulous when she is another dull, dumpy, overworked, mediocre–at best.
    * Contempt for men. These womyn respond to their own inadequacies by hurling strings of insults at men (“kidult” et alia). Then she wonders why men do not want to be around her bright, attractive, successful, fabulous self.



    • on June 19, 2011 at 3:20 pm My Name Is Jim

      Yup that was me, I was clueless in the ways of the mating game, and now my girl is a lot younger. I’ve given up trying to spoon-feed these women the truth. If I were the cheater type I’d just be using their delusions to game them.


    • I have met, here and there, attractive women in their 40’s – they are few and far between.
      Most single 40 year old women are much as you described – I would add boring, pudgy, and sexless to your descriptions also.
      Younger women, besides being more fertile, attractive, and fit, are often more open minded, adventurous, libidinous, and happy.
      And you know what? So am I.

      Boring, ugly, negative, and sexless? Um, no thanks. Happy, healthy, horny, and hot? Yes please!


  17. The Daily Mail is always full of this kind of (admittedly very entertaining) rubbish from its gaggle of ageing harpies. Liz Jones is one of the worst offenders. It’s Sailer’s law of female journalism in all its glory.

    As I’ve learned from this blog and others over the years (and my own experience), I discuss these issues with women more and more. I know quite a few girls (and they are young – aged about 23-26) who swear blind that many women look better as they age (i.e. into their 40s and 50s). I point out patiently that apart from very, very rare outliers this simply isn’t true, but they won’t be told. I guess their subconscious is just trying to spread the meme in preparation for the increasingly difficult next 25 years of their own lives.


  18. She looks so confident. How can she possibly have trouble finding a man?

    [Editor: lol. She looks so DYNAMIC and MAGNETIC.]


  19. on June 19, 2011 at 1:17 pm Emma the Emo

    Why is a child baggage?

    [Editor: Kids are buzzkills if they’re not your own. (In fact, there is evidence kids are buzzkills even when they ARE your own.) For the single man who makes a living banging single moms (and yes, it is a living. Single moms are often so desperate for love they’ll pay their lovers’ way), the negatives are clear:

    You trip on their toys in your passionate haste to the bedroom to fuck. They makes demands on your time which could be better spent in romantic bliss. They require supervision. They are screechy and ill-tempered. They monopolize a lot of your lover’s time that could be used for fucking instead. They destroy the notion of spontaneous romance (“Hey, baby, let’s go to Paris.” “Who am I going to dump the kids off onto?”). They interfere with sexual adventurism. They make their moms too tired for sex and dating. They’re ingrates. They’re time and money sucks. They ruin most women’s bodies. And they are a continual reminder that another man’s cock was all up in the pussy you are currently plundering. So much for ethereal romantic bliss.
    But I could go on.]


    • Because they’re too big to be luggage (that would be child abuse).


    • The buzz kill for men’s own children is the baby stage. They are cute and amusing but overall it tends to be at a high cost in other areas. While women don’t like racking up the score on the diaper pail either, they fail to realize men don’t have the compensating orgasmic bliss of baby cuteness. Thus having children with stupid modern women aggravates it. It was obvious my father appreciated me more and more as I got older. So it does get better and there are few father who would have it any other way. We have a similar drive to be avuncular as the blog demonstrates.

      As for another man’s child? You in deep Sucka. I’d rather die than marry in to that.


  20. “The topic was much debated when I went on a detox holiday in Morocco at Easter with nine single women, ranging in age from mid-30s to late-40s and all looking for love.”


    That photo of Grant is historic. It should be archived. His face shows how much blood is rushing in his vain that it might explode. His brain is drugged with dopamine. The chick’s face looks as if she was anesthetized. They should teach this in med schools.


    • on June 19, 2011 at 8:41 pm whorefinder

      Hugh Grant: so Alpha he cheated on Liz Hurley when she was in her prime, was arrested for it, and had to confess on national TV about it.

      And he still got back in Hurley’s pants. Without a ring. And dumped her when she was past her prime. Alpha=extreme.

      Dude’s magnificent, even if he does do that whole stumbly-bumbly-mumbly cutesie nervous brit talker routine in every movie.


      • He stopped doing that stumbly bumbly mumbly nerd thing years ago. Now he plays heartless cads–and plays them very well, too.


  21. The two things that eternally infuriate women:

    – Men age better
    – We prefer youthful chicks.

    It kills them so deeply inside they want to strike back at men with great vengeance and furrrrrrious anger. Hahahahaha.


  22. She seems bitter as hell at men, too- no game, no wonder she doesn’t stand a chance. Poor cow.


  23. I call BS. No one’s mentioned that she’s vivacious. How can an older chick be magnetic and dynamic if she’s not also vivacious?


  24. Younger chicks are hotter and don’t have “issues,” enough said. Wake up and smell da coffee, babe!


  25. It really is sad when a daughter (presumably) takes after her father.

    I know you ladies want the alpha male genes but it can turn your daughters into cavemen. Give that pretty boy with the soft features a ride.


    • A daughter will rarely ever get a jaw line like that, no matter how caveman her father looks.

      Daughters that take after their fathers still have more feminine jaw lines then those fathers.

      Something clearly went wrong with that girl hormonally. I can’t imagine her ever looking hot.


  26. She has the head of a midget.


  27. Meanwhile in Kuwait…

    Men should be allowed sex slaves and female prisoners could do the job – and all this from a WOMAN politician from Kuwait

    Read more:–WOMAN-politician-Kuwait.html#ixzz1PkE0Pcr3


  28. on June 19, 2011 at 1:41 pm Emma the Emo

    Finding a man in your forties shouldn’t be too hard. Not all men that age can attract and date younger women. She mentioned another reason why she can’t find love – because many men her age have been negatively affected by divorce and they’re bitter. I wouldn’t blame them, but dating someone who has been burnt and display extreme bitterness is not a good idea.


    • on June 19, 2011 at 8:51 pm Born Again Alpha

      Ha ha. Whatever. Women label men in their 40s bitter divorcees when they date younger women and refuse to have “serious” relationships with women their own age.

      20 somethings are funner, happier, sexier, more skillful at pleasing men and more interesting than women in their 40s. And oh yeah – how could I forget – way less bitter.

      Btw – I’m enjoying a wonderful fathers day with my 3 children. Without some whiny bitch irritating us. And I managed to find time to visit my gf for a quick hour of fun. No 40 something cow would let you do that. And I didn’t have to listen to her drone on about home renos, petty jealousies about more successful friends, cliched vscations or telling me I should be doing boring domesticated bs that her friends beta husbands do.


  29. But she’s so glamorous. And look at her smile. She seems so strong and confident,


  30. The “British” woman’s name in question is Anna Pasternak.


  31. Her point is what, that she think she’s attractive and should be sleeping with Jude Law? Or wait, she wants the patriarchal vision, a ring from an alpha, and kids. All that stuff her silly mind was filled with mumbo jumbo saying that that was wrong. But now “For once [the same men they shat on for 2 decades], they feel in a position of power in the sex war – and they are exploiting it for all it’s worth,” Yeah, how did that 436 point checklist go?
    Also note that she was married to a younger guy at one point, red flag.


    • @askjoe
      Also note that she was married to a younger guy at one point, red flag.

      Ha! I guess what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander in her eyes. She can reproduce with a younger man, but men her age who are sexually attracted to younger women are childish. What a hypocrite she is!


  32. Here is a good perspective on marriage. My friend Ace met a hot, much younger foreign girl online. He broached with me the subject of possibly marrying her, as this seems to be of interest to her. A short background on Ace: he is forty, a cool guy, never-married, and like most non-alphas, unable to pull the kinds of women he likes, which is twenty-something and not warpigs. Thus, he visits high-end professionals.

    So he was undecided on thinking marriage with this new chick.

    I asked him: Do you want children? If yes, knock her up and marry her ASAP.

    He does not want kids. So I told him this:

    Factoring out children, you and I both have two out of three very important things in life. I have sex, affection, but my freedom is curtailed by normal family responsibilities. You, on the other hand, have sex and freedom, but no affection. And if you marry this woman and the marriage goes bad, you will have neither sex, nor affection, nor freedom.

    This clarified things for him.


  33. Just yesterday a woman I know was telling me about her sister’s recent divorce. She’s getting:

    – A huge lump sum payment because he’s keeping the house
    – $1500 a month. That doesn’t even sound accurate to me. Maybe she got the number wrong? I don’t know, but that’s what she said.
    – And here’s the kicker: when he retires she’ll be getting HALF of his pension for the rest of her life. Half.

    This is a perfectly healthy woman capable of taking care of herself. If that happened to me I’d be “bitter” too. More like angry at our thieving anti-male courts.


    • Lemme guess, she said she was “not happy” and fucked around on her husband too.

      Ex-Hubby bitter? I wondert why.


      • Yep. I actually forgot to mention that in my post, the most important part, she cheated on him. That’s why they’re getting divorced.


  34. That photo of Grant looks photo-shopped.


  35. Emma – are you in your forties?? True not all men in the forties can attract a younger woman, lucky there is a big world outside the UK/USA etc.

    On a side note, Liz Jones from the Daily Mail just had a facelift because she hated the way she looked.

    White women simply age badly!!


    • on June 19, 2011 at 2:50 pm Emma the Emo

      Haven’t thought about that. Oh well, some of them can’t afford it. And some don’t do it, for whatever reason (maybe because they don’t know what options they really have). I’m not in my forties, but I’m optimistic about dating in my forties, if I’d have to.


  36. As with many things, it is a matter of setting realistic goals.
    A woman who is reasonably well-preserved and 40 has
    a problem attracting men her age, for all the reasons above.

    How about that 60 year old plumber? Or any other profession
    for that matter. Not rich but “solvent”. Not particularly good-looking
    but with OK appearance (or even NOT OK appearance).
    Not flashy but just NICE?

    An older man who has remained single all his life
    probably does not WANT marriage, or he would have married.

    But at age 50+ there are a lot of divorced – and some widowed – men.
    Widowers are rarer, but tend to have fewer issues, hurts, etc.



  37. on June 19, 2011 at 2:11 pm johnnymilfquest

    The irony of Hugh Grant’s career is that he is an alpha horndog in real life who has made a living playing romantic beta chumps on screen so that middle-aged women like Anna Pasternak can jerk off to the fantasy.


  38. photoshopped? see more here


  39. on June 19, 2011 at 2:18 pm Killer Instinct

    That picture is hideous.
    Question: Why do these women insist on love/being worshipped by the men they seek? They’re in their 40s. Why not just have some goddamn fun? Divorced men are rarely looking for a relationship since they know their time on this earth is now much shorter.


    • I had my first involvement with women in their late 30s and early 40s in the last 2 years. I’ve openly admitted that my attraction to women has been correlated to their age but is caused more by good attitudes, dames who like to chase, who aren’t burdened with financial or relationship debt (“drama”), etc. The recent comers who are my age or a touch older have one thing in common: they’re self-employed but not super successful.

      None of them wanted to marry me or tie me down, they just wanted a fun and exciting guy who isn’t moaning about alimony, child support, the value of my house, how shitty my job is, or any of that crap. They’re extremely rare though — self-employed women who have a good outlook on their lives. Typically I meet women who are in their 30s, and their concept of fun has been wiped blank. Bitch, moan, spew venom, repeat.


    • My suspicion has always been they actually fear old age and the loneliness that it would entail even surrounded by cats, without being actually able to articulate it.

      The screeching need for a man too justify/mollify past actions and soothe the onset of increasing irrelevance.

      Wisdom, if it comes, often brushes past them fleetingly in the prime of youth


  40. I swear, all of her complaints sounds exactly like beta complaints about 20-something women.

    “These men are so adept at sizing you up – your wealth and your looks – that they don’t bother to see who you really are.”

    “…they feel in a position of power in the sex war – and they are exploiting it for all it’s worth.”


    • I was thinking the exact same thing, and this comes from first hand experience. As a big-time beta in my 20s (as I hate to admit), I always felt sized-up, judged, and passed over by the attractive women, and usually passed over for the asshole no less. It felt very unfair. This stemmed from an inability to see the reality of the situation: that the selectee cannot determine the criteria for the selector. Reading PUA literature, and this blog, has allowed me to ask as objectively as possible “what does the opposite sex actually find attractive” and adjust accordingly. Ms. Pasternak and her friends have sadly never done this.


    • I agree…why would you show such personal disdain for someone that’s simply not interested? Just find someone else…


    • @Brandon Larsen

      I swear, all of her complaints sounds exactly like beta complaints about 20-something women.

      Exactly. Women revert to male-beta-like mewling as they age (“I should be accepted and desired for being myself”) while most men, if they’re informed, can leverage their natural status improvements into better sexual market value as they age (their financial stability, greater confidence, craggy manly looks, etc). That script-flipping between the sexes is remarkable, and is a great pleasure to me as I enter middle age now myself.


    • I bet those women treated men shitty when they were younger and better looking and are not shocked to discover that even the type of men whom they would have routinely discarded when younger don’t even want them now.


  41. Send her over here… as long as she stays in shape, I’ll give her the raunchin’ she desires.


  42. She has a jaw like Jay Leno…..(shudders)


    • Hey you’re a real looker! What’s with all the jaw jokes? She never said she was a beauty…She’s well put together..

      [Editor: “well put together” is femspeak for “ugly, but knows to wears shirts with the tag on the inside”.]

      and beauty is in the eye of the beholder..

      [No it’s not. Beauty is objectively measurable. That’s why there are no playboy centerfolds who look like rosie odonell.]

      It really is a pretty juvenile jab for all these ” Studley Hungmores” to be making..

      [Cruelty is as natural as love.]

      She has a right to her thoughts..

      [And others have a right to mock her for them.]

      She didn’t say she was gorgeous or that she was looking for someone with movie star looks….

      [IF she’s trying to date employed men, she’s shooting out of her league.]

      The situation is frustrating for her…the comments about her looks are just cruel ..something you’d hear in junior high school.. She stated her thoughts about the men of a certain age with whom she comes in contact and who seem to only go after younger women.

      [Biology is a bitch.]

      Hey, they have a right to their preferences and she has the right to her theories..

      [Rights ain’t got nothing to do with it.]

      One is that they are reverting to an earlier stage of being like a kid..without responsibility..

      [Or maybe men just aren’t as sexually attracted to older broads.]

      The chin jab IS juvenile and does pretty much demonstrate that many of the men who have responded here are quite immature..

      [Manjaws are unattractive on women. So is middle age.]

      makes sense that they’d prefer an immature women..

      [You misspelled younger, hotter, tighter.]

      If the idea is to find someone for anything more than a roll in the hay..something longterm..intelligence and emotional maturity really do matter.

      [Younger, hotter, tighter and emotional maturity are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Judging by her delusions, madam manjaw has the emotional maturity of a whiny 2 year old brat.]


      • Shuh-Vawn dahling,

        We’re not here to wax on about the proper etiquette. The comments aren’t juvenile; they are the unvarnished truth. We accept that women judge men by our status and accomplishments. Likewise, women are judged by their looks. This woman has a jaw…no it’s a fucking MANDIBLE. From hell. She could chew diamonds with that fucker. And being over 40 is the kiss of death. I’m over 40 and I won’t even give the time of day to a woman over 30…maybe 32. But you get the point. Why didn’t she learn to cook and clean like women did for oh…thousands of years? She could have had that hubby and kids if she had learned to fetch slippers.


      • The art of fetching slippers is as lost as is the art of getting your mate to fetch your slippers.


      • The first thing I did upon opening this thread was to search for “Jay Leno”. I’m glad I’m not the only one.


  43. Anna Pasternak’s alter ego?


  44. This just reinforces a truth: for a woman to win in the sexual marketplace, she wants a connection and a permanent long-term relationship with a man, with commitment and exclusivity.

    For a man, he pretty much just wants to get laid on his own terms.

    Different goals, despite the screeching cries of equality-feminists.


    • Guys like us, yes.

      But I’m inclined to believe men are a non- homogeneous system of castes with competing strategies.

      You’ll here many loud voices here proclaiming again and again their fascination with lifetime monogamy.

      For people like you and me, we simply don’t hear them. It seems such a nonsensical notion that it doesn’t really register.

      I’m forever disparaging that sexual strategy, and those with it are forever disparaging mine. Our various male strategies are at war. The family man provider is real. The happy successful lothario is real. They will never really understand or accept each other. We can barely even acknowledge each other with a passing hat tip.


      • Yes..finally, a truthful, thoughtful response..minus the na na na na na..”you have a big chin” each his own. I’m certain if this woman sets her sites on finding a nice man her age…either for some short term companionship or a more longterm relationship, there are plenty of men out there ..professional, intelligent men if that is what she’s looking for.

        [Editor: You seem not to understand how the sexual market works, or that there exists a sexual market. Madam manjaw is gonna have a lot harder time finding a man at her age and in her condition than she would have at age 21, when she was likely riding the cock carousel until the ticket master ran out of stubs.]


      • And I’m certain there are plenty of professional, intelligent men who are blind and deaf and have no other faculties of discrimination.

        If by plenty you mean an impossibly rare few.


      • ‘”Sexual market?”… So within the “sexual market” would you be considered prime cut, ground round, or shriveled bacon? You’re saying that any woman over forty is off the market? . When I was in my late forties, married , working professionally and not ‘in the market” I had men as young as thirty trying to hit on me all the time., ..And I know many beautiful women over forty. . You just need to get out more..


      • Oh, look. Don’t like the analysis? Proper response? Attack the looks of the man speaking. Great work, lady. If the Elephant Man provides a good analysis of human sexuality, noting his condition does not negate the point made. Address the point made, or don’t bother.

        “When I was in my late forties, married , working professionally and not ‘in the market’ I had men as young as thirty trying to hit on me all the time., ..”

        Oh, god. Not one of these. I remember these from my time as a young urban professional: middle-aged, menopausal women who acted all minxey and flirtatious towards younger men. We guys just wanted to pull a paycheck, get some experience and be left alone to make our way…and get to know the 24 year old receptionist out front.

        The middle-aged gals never saw *their* behavior as sexual harassment or obnoxious, of course, because they were *sure* they were sexual catnip to all the hard-bodied young men. (They had titles, and money. Surely we found them attractive, right?) We young guys were polite and acted shy or clueless, as a way to avoid them. At worst, if cornered by the org chart in the middle-aged gal’s department, we would play along in a mild way, as if she was attractive, to keep the peace, until we could find new work elsewhere. The whole time we wanted to tell them their polyester pantsuit didn’t hide the matron’s hips, and the skirts showed the cankles. And their boozy advances at the Christmas party wanted to make you puke. Half the time their husband was there, embarassed as all hell, as she made an ass of herself.

        The middle-aged gals always hated the pretty receptionist, I note.

        “And I know many beautiful women over forty. . You just need to get out more..”

        Because she is a better arbiter of what men find beautiful than men are. Write this one off.


      • Depends on which sexual market. A good looking woman over forty can still get laid without having to go to Morocco to pay for it, but she unlikely to get into a relationship, even with men considerably older than herself.


      • Forty year old women do not find nice men their age, or even nasty men their age, unless they pay them

        The reason groups of single woman go on tours to Morocco is that they cannot give sex away any more, and have to pay men to fuck them.

        If a bunch of middle aged males go to Chang Mai without their wives or girlfriends, you know what they are up to, and if a bunch of single women go to Morocco, you know what they are up to.

        The rule is twice your age minus fourteen, which for a forty year old woman means a male of around sixty six, but at forty, the rule starts to run out of puff. They are apt to find it difficult to find men of any age – except, of course, by paying cash for a quick roll in Morocco.


  45. This is why their grandmorthers (or maybe great-grandmothers) knew to marry young while they were still highly attractive and lock a decent guy in for the duration. What women have to sell is a wasting asset.


  46. “Emma – are you in your forties?? True not all men in the forties can attract a younger woman, lucky there is a big world outside the UK/USA etc.”

    But if they’re only interested in the men who can attract younger women…


  47. I need some bleach for my eyes.


  48. And smacking her jiggly jowl-jaw with The Righteous 2-by-4 of Truth helps … how? These women aren’t in denial, they are denial personified. They are the lost generation.

    And yet their ideology continues to rule the day with no viable challenger in sight. Their Simone-de-Beauvoir fantasies have trumped the truth centuries after their expiration date, long after the original liars are moldering in the grave. They will continue to dominate because those few with the courage to bluntly speak truth are self-centered, self-interested, and ultimately self-destructive. Great criticism wasted.

    Yes, that barren abandoned chick is rotten fruit dropped from the ugly tree onto a pile of scat, desperately trying to reconcile her life’s choices to her mid-life circumstances. We all get a chuckle. Now what?

    Pasternak bitches, Chateau giggles, both are equally useless. In the meantime the Pasternakian bitchery defines the culture because truth-tellers are too busy exploiting the truth to … what? Get their rocks off? It’s childish, unbecoming a man interested in living in a world of men.

    This abdication is how men acquiesced to feminism in the first place. A sudden vacuum of leadership was filled by estrogen and Western liberal beta-blockers. Just like Pasternak is doing, published in the most mainstream of vehicles with ten-times the exposure of Chateau. If the best we can do is look at that Hugh Grant picture and woof-woof like a house of frat boys — based on the ridiculous “Seduction Community” sales pitch that Every Man Can Be Just Like Hugh! — then embittered spinster blogstresses will gladly step in and provide the prevailing narrative. They have lots of time on their hands and the frustration of a thousand premenopausal suns to fuel them. While we blast our load and fall asleep.

    Enough of the recon, enough of the fabulist “field reports” and pregame pep rallies. The men need marching orders.


    • @King A
      Enough of the recon, enough of the fabulist “field reports” and pregame pep rallies. The men need marching orders.

      Okay, we’re listening. If we’re neither allowed to make sexual use of the sluts who offer themselves up, nor use mockery and psychological deconstruction to discourage women from taking society further down the feminist path, then what exactly do you suggest?

      The pussy’s out of the bag, and feminism controls the national political, legal, and professional stage. We can hardly roll back suffrage.


      • Listening? Really?

        Have you never read an account of history
        on how Justice is accomplished?

        Do you need a blue print, instructions – permission?


    • I’ve only just read this and this is probably a day late and a dollar short but I feel compelled to say it’s just brilliant!


  49. on June 19, 2011 at 3:06 pm Superfly Jimmy Snuka

    Screw it, I’d throw her a mercy-fuck!


  50. Silly rabbit-

    We don’t secretly hate women – we just openly detest ugliness, both internal and external.

    It is only the magic window of time in our youth when your tight skin disguises the latent hideousness, aided by our hormonal overdrive that makes most women relatively acceptable. God has ensured reproduction by making young men horny and young women attractive. Eventually, both of those ships sail off in differing directions.


    Never, never, never wait until the bartender turns the lights on to start looking for your your last-call leading man.

    The florescent lights act as uncorruptible revealers of truth, even as the fog of alcohol drifts away.

    Likewise, never wait until the florescent light of female aging hits full strength even as the logic-debilitating hormones of male youth recede.


    • get ugly too…and some of their penises shrivel up like bacon….Did your mother beat you or something? You sound like a total asshole..I believe in truth..but you sound arrogant and to most women, that’s a repulsive trait….bet you don’t get laid often…they shrivel up from lack of use..I suggest you get whacking.

      [Editor: Did you know you can use an aging spinster’s labia as a duvet? Bet you didn’t!]


      • Your shaming rhetoric is impotent here, old lady.

        We are men who can very easily tell when our strategies for getting laid work, or don’t work. Your advice is not helpful to the project. Your shaming just makes you look apoplectic and grasping at the only straw you have. A weak, useless, impotent straw.


      • I didn’t realize this was a “project”..I intentionally revealed my age to offer a different perspective from someone who has lived longer..and who happens to still be very much alive.I can see I have stumbled upon some very ignorant snots, but I do enjoy discussions about all kinds of topics…I have kids in their twenties and thirties so am not cut off from the modern world. .I find it interesting that you would call me “old lady”.,Is that meant to put ME to “shame” because it’s not working.. I have energy to burn and if you met me, you’d think I was in my early forties.. My mother is 90 so relatively speaking, I’m not old at all…..but throughout my life, men who have been considerably younger ( by as much as 15 years) than I have tried to hit on me. I am 60 and it still happens. I also have many female friends forty and over. Most are attractive, and some are gorgeous. Of the ones who are single, they tend to date men within five years of their own age. So if my experience, which is obviously so different than yours offends you, it is your problem, not mine..I have two beautiful daughters, one in her late twenties and another, a musician, in her thirties..Neither of them would look twice at a forty year old man. You can not generalize about attraction… Genetics have much to do with it.. . I just find it insulting the way you accuse me of “shaming”,,and carefully choose the words “weak” and” impotent.’ But it is fine for some of these men to shame this woman because of her opinion that reflects her experience..and to mocking her looks like you are such big prizes….I can’t imagine than any of you doing this are all that handsome. You’d be out getting laid instead if that were the case, right? Why not discuss her opinion without acting like such a dick! You may be a man but if you need a “strategy for getting laid” you are either not that good looking yourself, have no personality, or you’re traveling in the wrong circles. I also have two sons close in age to that of my daughters They are so much more respectful in their attitudes toward women than some of the men here..and they have no difficulties in meeting women and in “getting laid” Again I didn’t know this was a “project” or that there was an age limit..that should be stated here if that’s the case.. ..I can see there are quite a few people here who are shallow, judgmental, not willing to accept any opinion other than their own, and disrespectful of people who have lived longer,..In my experience, having connections to people of all ages..most prefer to be in relationships with people who are within five to seven years of their own age.. Men get older and uglier too…don’t kid will be there one day if you’re not already….people generally hook up with someone of equal intelligence, earning power and looks..Accept that fact unless you’re a multimillionaire…


      • Have a look at the rest of the articles on this site, especially ‘Dating Market Value Test For Women’ and you’ll learn… maybe.


      • Neither of them would look twice at a 40 year old man.

        Many alphas in their 40s would tell a woman they were in their 30s, so I’m sure the daughters have been having sex with men in their 40s if they’ve been active.


      • Whoa, you’re a wordy one. Izzat a stream of consciousness?

        My first wifey was the same as as me. We were 24. My second wifey was 11 years younger (30). My third… would that be a serail… ah! consorts! average age is 26.

        Despite your prompting to look for wench of my age (hell no! I don’t want to see a 57 yo beached whale hag on permanent basis! Not even for an eternal minute.), I think I’ll stick to my consorts. They re reasonably intelligent (no genius among them, but all seem to have a good heart) , lush, pretty, hot and charming. And lovely. And how they smell nice! Fresh. But that’s just a part of it. The one important details is that they get my package up and running. And that’s the truth and nothing but the truth.

        Yea, I can still discus Proust, on occasion with the past expiry date matron (40+), but if she thinks she has a smidgen of a chance, she’s deluding herself.

        When I married my first wifey, that death till us part… I were serious. But things worked other ways, both of them ended up in search of themselves, whatever that was supposed to mean. And my sincere thanks to them. They provided me with the needed lesson. I couldn’t be happier how things worked out.


      • Siobhan you don’t seem to get that men are ruthlessly judged on their height, status, finances, social standing, house, car, job title, head of hair, relationship with mother, and on and on and on with your 486-point checklist of the “requirements” to be good relationship material. Men put up with this bullshit in their twenties because they believe they have no other choice. Once they wise up to the true nature of women, they realize that women have nothing to offer at all except her looks, and that if we are to be judged ruthlessly on our accomplishments, then it is fair to be a harsh judge of women’s beauty.
        The other thing you are not getting is that women past their twenties are almost all bitter, angry, spiteful, jaded, malcontents who pine for some asshole alpha who dumped them years ago. It’s called BAGGAGE. Younger women don’t have it, so they are fun to be around. Older women universally have very ugly baggage. Older men have baggage too, but a lifetime of being told to “suck it up” means that they have usually dealt with their baggage in a way that doesn’t effect other people too much.


      • Gold.


      • Too bad you aren’t wise enough in your old age to break that horrendous wall-o-text into paragraphs.

        tl; dr


      • That would require structure, and her stream of text is unstructured. No use breaking it up, because there are no paragraphs contained in it.

        Unreadable. I made it half way through before realizing “what the fuck am I doing!”.


      • Male aging is not the sad disaster that female aging is. Male reproductive span is double that of females, and thus evolutionary psychology predicts, and we observe, that female attractiveness declines twice as fast, hence the rule double your age minus fourteen.

        Of course, that rule applies for relationships, not sex. All women under forty, and many women above forty, can still have sex with men their own age or younger without having to pay for it, although when a bunch of aging females take a trip to Morocco, that is a pretty good indication that they are paying for it.


  51. on June 19, 2011 at 3:07 pm redsunrising

    Haha, love the picture. Saved it to a file on my computer called ‘Motivation’. 😉

    I have a couple of off-topic questions I’d like to throw out to you guys, especially those of you who are experienced players. I discovered game on the Internet probably over a year ago at this point and though I’ve had to go through several evolutions to get comfortable with the whole thing (e.g., Susan Walsh’s article on shit testing fucked me up for a few days) I’m finally ready to sit down and learn how to play. Toward that end I’ve plugged into loads of pickup-related resources here on the Internet and am reading a couple of books, etc. Haven’t yet made the first approach, but my excitement about the whole thing is building pretty rapidly so I’m not sure I will be able to stop myself from getting out there within the next week or two.

    Point being, I’m as new to game as I can be. This means my imagination is running full blast day and night as I wonder just what glorious sexual escapades are possible for me. It also means I don’t really know what is possible for me. I am beginning to fear that I’m putting way too much faith in game and that my imaginings are incredibly naive (as I tend to be unfortunately). My question for you guys, then, is this: Just what are a man’s sexual horizons? What is the upper limit of a man’s achievements in this area? Are there really no other limits than the ones he accepts for himself? Can every man really become a Richard La Ruina or a Roosh V if he will just do what is necessary? The answer so obviously seems to be ‘yes’, but it’s incredibly hard to believe I myself could become like that. I’d like to hear from you gents what you believe is possible for the average man in terms of game.

    Second question: How long does it take to get good at game? In other words, when do you really start to form solid inner game? I’m hearing different answers to this question. Gambler says about six months. Others say it takes a few years. Thoughts?

    Thanks and happy hunting.


    • How old are you?

      Yes, you can get lots of pussy the minute you stop acting like one. The PUA-for-profit community treats it like a science, but it’s more of an art, which makes Roissy’s pro bono artistry better than ten books on the Biomechanics of Flirting. Put the books away and start practicing on hood rats. Imitate naturals. Trial and error and perseverance and error and perseverence. Above all get in the game.


      • on June 19, 2011 at 11:09 pm redsunrising

        Twenty five with… next to nil experience. Tough starting point.

        Yeah, the one message I get repeatedly is ‘you just gotta do it.’ Makes sense.

        The PUA guys confuse me. Can you trust them, etc. I seem to see a lot of contradictions. Probably there are contradictions but I don’t know how to make sense out of them because I lack experience and the understanding that comes with it.


    • Prepare to be disappoint

      At best you can get pussy 2 points higher than what you are already getting.

      So unless you’re already getting at least 5s, it’s not worth it.


    • @redsunrising

      As you study resources such as this blog and put them into practice around the women you come into contact with (even those who you have no intention of dating or bedding), then you will slowly but surely internalize the changes that will make you the man you were born to be. Game isn’t manipulation or a lie (no more than makeup and display of cleavage are for women), it’s biology’s instructions for making you attractive to the opposite sex and able to stand strong against the exaggerated feminine influence that held sway over your life up to now.

      Men used to know this stuff and it was passed down naturally from father to son. The 60s generation in particular began deteriorating the concepts of complementary masculinity and femininity. Generations of young men were lost about what their best nature could be until Game reopened the gates of knowledge. It’s not all about the perk of bedding more of who you want to bed; the deeper power of it is being in control of your own emotions and clearly understanding the opposite sex, better than they understand themselves. This power fosters a confidence that will carry over into all areas of your life. People will see you and treat you differently, with more respect and more desire.


  52. I wish someone had told me that being intelligent, logical, and career-driven does not determine a woman’s attractiveness. I always hoped in college that as men grew up, they would stop caring about how hot their girlfriend was and want someone that’s interesting and doesn’t play games. This label of the successful woman as desirable has to be one of the most pervasive myths in higher education.


    • The pervasive myth is that men are women and women are men, that men and woman are equal. Thus because women want successful and confident men, women believe that men want successful and confident women.

      We don’t.


    • What is attractiveness?..A cultural standard…. I am sorry, but your focus on attractiveness makes no sense in this situation..All the men are totally steamrolling over this woman because she is not the “standard”..Surely there is an average looking guy who would find her attractive..and you can’t all be George Clooney’s here! ..Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. I married a handsome guy and of course, his looks attracted me to him before I got to know about his character. But, as one of the envied “hotties” of my day (I had alot of men “after me”), one of the most attractive boyfriends I ever had (and it was a strong attraction on my part) was not by other’s standards a good match for me..Everyone would ask “what do you see in him?” “His eyes are so small..his nose is kind of big”..but I loved his face. It might not be as common with men, but I have known many who would be considered better looking than their mates..and as I said to someone else here…this woman did not say, “I’m gorgeous so where are the men?” She referred to herself as attractive …and yet the men commenting are that superficial that they would describe her as ugly. because she has a big chin..Maybe some guy would love that chin! For some people intelligence is a big turn on. For me, I had to like his looks, but sense of humor and personality were even more important..Without that, it wouldn’t matter how “hot” he was. In fact, the sense of humor and great personality increased an average looking guys’s hottness for me…So I think most of you guys are purposely avoiding her question about the availability of men her age..I happen to think she’s wrong and she’s looking in the wrong places..I do think she has a point though..many men are intimidated by successful women..But they are most likely of average intelligence and with a lower earning power…She wouldn’t be able to relate to someone who wasn’t as bright as she was anyway…this kind of a mismatch rarely lasts if one is looking for something longterm..There is such shallowness here and very few really willing to help her understand that she does have options..Somehow, I doubt every guy here is all that, and that the young “hotties” are falling all over’s ridiculous.


      • Siobhan: What is attractiveness?..A cultural standard….

        No. I make it so simple that even 2 years old with 2 brain cells would understand.

        An attractive woman gives me a hard on. It’s that simple.

        I may diverge from what you call cultural standards–my wenches need to have wider hips than these boyish stick models pushed by gay designers. Not fat, not skin and bones, just right.


      • Attractiveness is a cultural standard? Wow… the Hamster is strong in this one.

        No, perception of attractiveness is almost completely universal and biologically programmed in humans. Symmetric features, hip to waist ratio, etc. Period.


    • Well, if a man is going to leave a woman when she gets wrinkles, its a damn good idea to have a career. If a woman is not attractive to a man after she “hits the wall” at 26 — the obvious answer to this is make sure you can support yourself if he leaves. You can stay skinny all you want, but aging still happens. And education, intelligence, and career sucess won’t fuck you, but not having a man is far less painful then begging on the streets or watching your kids go without because your man left you when you got wrinkles.

      And as we can see on this site — marriage and LRTs do not protect a woman from the “sexual marketplace.” Your husband can leave you and your children and you can end up poor and old. Once your parents pass, who is going to take care of you when your husband leaves you? And why wouldn’t he leave you if they can’t stand older women? Best case– maybe he’ll cheat on you and bring home some STDs. If you buy into the way the world works in this blog the obvious conclusion is that a woman must have her own career because even if you are beautiful, everybody gets old someday.

      As this post shows — you cannot count on another man supporting you. You’d better be able to support yourself if you don’t want to end up a bag lady on the streets trying to feed your kids, because as you can see from this post and the posters, you cannot depend on a man to stick around when you age and loose your looks. [Some will stay, but only the men who care about more then looks and actually, you know, love you. Other men just want a wife for social status reasons and sex — they don’t actually love her — she just fills a role in their life.]


      • Alex, 75% of divorces are initiated by women. It would seem that a majority of women aren’t interested in lifetime marriage or VLTR. I’ve been married twice, and the breakups were initiated by wifeys–god bless their selfish hearts, cuz I were blind and now I see, and I guess I would have to go through 6 marriages to find the One. Life’s too sort and I’m wiser.


      • Hey – I hope everything works out for you. I’m sorry they left you, and no dobt woman can betray people and leave marraiges & spouses/children. I know many middle-aged men won’t leave their wives and many men are not picky about looks if she’s reasonably in-shape and pretty.


      • I’m sorry they left you

        I’m NOT! It worked out fine for me. Freed me to enfold my inner alpha, unencumbered.


      • every woman has the power to make her marriage last for life, or close to it. problem is, none of them can be bothered to do the things that would be required. It’s so simple, our ancestors have been doing it for millions of years honey! Here is your checklist to ensure that you snag a good man who will not leave you when you age:
        1) do not sleep with any more than 1-2 other men before marriage
        2) marry by age 24
        3) have children right away if your husband wants them
        4) make fitness and attractiveness among your top lifelong priorities
        5) make pleasing your husband a top priority
        6) learn how to cook, clean, parent, and maintain a household
        7) be faithful and devoted to your husband through life’s ups and downs
        8) build up your husband’s ego and confidence by telling him how great he is
        9) never, ever use sex as a weapon or reduce the amount you are putting out
        10) always use sex as a way to please your man by dressing up, trying new things, being spontaneous, etc.

        It’s really so easy a cavewoman could do it. But you spoiled 21st century bitches think you are too good to do any of this, so fuck you!!!


      • bwhahaha! I’m in a long term marraige kid. You don’t know me from Adam, and I wouldn’t take marriage advice from somebody who sounds like a wet-behind the ears pup.

        In order to have a sucessful marraige — Girls need to give up their Princess/ Prince Charming Disney fantasies. Boys need to give up the male version of that fantasy.


      • on June 20, 2011 at 3:55 pm Some Bullshit Handle

        In order to have a sucessful marraige — Girls need to give up their Princess/ Prince Charming Disney fantasies. Boys need to give up the male version of that fantasy.

        Alex, I can honestly say that I can not think of a single guy that had any sort of “fantasy” when entering marriage. Unless “fantasy” includes things like: I hope to god that she does not get fat(ter). I hope that she is more stable than unstable. I hope…etc.

        I am sure that there are still some blithering idiots out there who do have completely unreasonable beliefs about their marriage will be like, but I do not know them.


      • Some of the posters give the impression that they expect women to not age. That’s not going to work in a marriage. And if these guys are going to freak out over some pussy/ass hair, how are they going to react to baby throw up or to watching their wife breast feeding the kid? What if her nipples crack and bleed at the beginning? It’s like they don’t think their wives will be mammals.


      • on June 20, 2011 at 10:15 pm Some Bullshit Handle

        Some of the posters give the impression that they expect women to not age.

        Yes, a few will go off the hinge, but, if I could speak for the aggregate, the basic message would be this: STOP GETTING SO FUCKING FAT!

        Looks are important. If you care about your man, then make your looks a priority WITHOUT being a victim about it.


      • on June 20, 2011 at 4:58 pm DiamondEyes

        That fact that you referred to my list as a fantasy tells the readers all they need to know about women’s perception. All of the things on that list were understood as contractual in all marriages, as recently as two generations ago. It could be summed up in just three points, all of which are no-brainers: be feminine, be fit, and be pleasing. In return, a man becomes your lifelong financial slave. Who gets the better end of that deal?


      • 1) Almost all women are expected by their husband to hold a job. The WWII “Leave it to Beaver” compromise of he works and takes care of the family finances while she’s a stay-at-home wife is not offered to most women.

        2) I am always surprised when people break up, because it’s unthinkable to me — but I do see both men and women fucking up in marriages. Biggest mistake women make is breaking over stress and leaving at that point. Or they save up all of these unspoken grievances and then freak out and leave. The male mistake is more along the lines of being socially inept and missing signs of emotional distress — usually stress or she feels unloved. Both men and women in these cases have communication problems and usually the trust has been compromised for various reasons.


      • Excellent advice. Too bad so few women will listen.


      • A man doesn’t need to get divorced to enjoy younger hotter tighter on the side.


  53. Redsunrising: mastering game is like mastering a martial art or a musical instrument. Theory, then practice practice practice. You now got the fundamentals of theory. You will approach a chick. She will respond to you. Your brain will go blank.

    With practice, you will develop inner game, aka confidence. The pickup will run on its own, with you just gently guiding it.

    The good news for the short term is this: if there is nothing obviously wrong with you, your mere reading in game will go a long way toward keeping you from making the basic errors you probably had been doing until now.


    • on June 19, 2011 at 11:06 pm redsunrising

      PA – Thanks. About how long does it take to get good at this stuff? – to that point where “the pickup will run on its own, with you just gently guiding it.”


      • 3 months to 2 years, depending on where you start out at and how much you go out. Average is probably about a year.


      • Red Sun Rising, it takes one success “to get good at this stuff.” You build on your little conquests, and it becomes a virtuous cycle. You see the fire in their eyes, the blush, the unexpected stammer, and you know the script has been flipped. And then they start coming to you.

        You are already too conscious and too calculating in your approach. They will smell that on you like cheap cologne.

        [Editor: Not if you’re a charming fucker.]

        Tao of Steve: First, eliminate your desire. You can’t fake that part. It has to be annihilated in you, cold, dead, or else you will radiate neediness from your face without knowing it, no matter what your mouth is saying.

        Second, be excellent. Don’t fake excellence either. I heard some poseur PUA advise his charges to scrounge high-balance receipts out of an ATM bin and “accidentally” leave it somewhere for the mark to find.

        [You may not like it, but tricks like that work.]

        There is a huge industry of shitty-clever romance advice for men; most of it is as useless for men as Cosmo is useless for women. Excellence is your day job, the 90% of your life that allows you to conquer the other 10% on the prowl. There is simply no substitute for being good at something, and you must be able to modestly and indirectly demonstrate that excellence.

        [Success in other endeavors is an adjunct to game. Too many men with successful careers and interests find that it doesn’t do much to attract women.]

        Finally, make tracks. Sorry, you’re needed elsewhere. “We pursue that which retreats from us.” A sixty-second impression will fuel a vagina for months if not years. Women have a rich fantasy life, they will fill in the gaps. Be sure to provide plenty of gaps. The more you tinker, the more you spoil.

        You have to prospect for leads, deal with rejection, and ask for the close like a salesman. The rest is math. You can sell ice to Eskimos through sheer perseverance and volume. But it helps immeasurably if you believe in your product. That product is you. Our self-esteem culture sours us on this fundamental reality, teaching us that we can be shit so long as we believe ourselves to be gold. We have to flip the script on that too. Be gold so you don’t have to sell shit. Women are particularly susceptible to “pretty lies.” But why consign yourself to a life of lies? I know it sounds obvious, but we have forgotten the obvious: be excellent and all else will follow.

        [Why slave for decades trying to become excellence when game will get you there in a fraction of the time?]

        Could Hugh Grant maintain that harem photo through sheer trickery? Maybe, but not for long. Those chicks are flies to a bug-zapper because he is a widely known symbol of excellence.

        [Fame is the greatest attractor of female interest. It trumps wealth, looks and even game (most of the time. though I’ve heard stories of famous guys failing with women once they opened their mouths.)]


  54. she’s high-t, stay away


  55. on June 19, 2011 at 3:29 pm Original JB

    “This label of the successful woman as desirable has to be one of the most pervasive myths in higher education.”

    You wuz lied to. Time for a class action lawsuit against the US institutions of higher learning.


    • Canadian, actually. I wasn’t referring to any coursework or something institution related, but the opinions and attitudes of the professors and students.


  56. @Hezzbot
    I wish someone had told me that being intelligent, logical, and career-driven does not determine a woman’s attractiveness. I always hoped in college that as men grew up, they would stop caring about how hot their girlfriend was and want someone that’s interesting and doesn’t play games. This label of the successful woman as desirable has to be one of the most pervasive myths in higher education.

    Those things are fine. But men are sexual beings, and we’re primarily visual. Look at porn. it’s not like this is a mystery. Perhaps your sisters misled you about what men are like. One wonders why you were looking to female-led propaganda to determine what men wanted.

    And as far as what you thought men wanted:

    Projection. This is what *you* wanted in men. The genders are not the same, no matter how you want to believe it.

    Perhaps too late now.


    • Your comment about projection is accurate enough. I’m not sure what you mean by too late. If you strictly mean age, I’m still in the 15-25 age group. If you mean too late for me to be happy acting like a dumb but pretty girl, you bet it is.


      • My observation is that no woman sleeps with a man who genuinely treats her as an equal, even if that man is her husband, indeed especially if that man is her husband.

        Observe that in any marriage, they share the housework in that the man does man’s work and the woman does women’s work. You don’t see marriages where they actually share the work equally because the woman invariably loses all respect for the man and divorces him.


      • yeah, and I wish someone had told me in my teens or twenties that women do NOT want a man who:
        is honest
        is “nice”
        treats women with respect before they earn it
        treats her well most of the time
        sees women as equals
        argues in favor of feminism and against sexism
        allows women to be more than just a pretty face


      • Very fair point. I’ll take two or three of those things, but I might be one in a hundred.


    • “One wonders why you were looking to female-led propaganda to determine what men wanted”

      What men want: Show up naked. Bring beer. Swallow. Get the fuck out.


  57. This just reinforces a truth: for a woman to win in the sexual marketplace, she wants a connection and a permanent long-term relationship with a man, with commitment and exclusivity.

    For a man, he pretty much just wants to get laid on his own terms.

    Different goals, despite the screeching cries of equality-feminists.

    Guys like us, yes.

    But I’m inclined to believe men are a non- homogeneous system of castes with competing strategies.

    You’ll here many loud voices here proclaiming again and again their fascination with lifetime monogamy.

    For people like you and me, we simply don’t hear them. It seems such a nonsensical notion that it doesn’t really register.

    I’m forever disparaging that sexual strategy, and those with it are forever disparaging mine. Our various male strategies are at war. The family man provider is real. The happy successful lothario is real. They will never really understand or accept each other. We can barely even acknowledge each other with a passing hat tip.


    she’s high-t, stay away

    Ah – a man who values low risk low libido over high risk high libido. You belong to a caste of like minded, low sociosexual score men.


  58. on June 19, 2011 at 3:46 pm Frank Rizzo

    Wow, Bill Romanowski really looks different off the juice.


  59. You omitted the best part!
    “Relationship counsellor Tom McCabe says: ‘There is a stunting of male emotional growth from about the age of 14, which they cover up with charm, good looks or cleverness as they grow up. If these men are still single in their 40s, or become single again, they look in the mirror and want to be 18, whereas a forty-something woman is more realistic about herself. ”

    An exercise in self-delusion coming from a “relationship counsellor” no less.


  60. At xamuel, it makes them whoring, old, and immature according to this spinsters illogical logic


  61. on June 19, 2011 at 3:52 pm My Name Is Jim

    Looking at that pic I feel another meme-fest coming on …




  62. Attention aging carousel riders, your Rationalization Hamster is actually trying to destroy you… caught on video in his own words:




    Hehe. Schadenfreude – the humor grown popular from the anonymous internet. Her willful self delusion makes her suffering sweet to watch.

    “I want a man who loves me for who I really am.”

    “I have a very attractive degree”

    “If you could accept your true low station in life, you disgusting kidman, you’d respect me as a woman properly, which is equal to being physically attracted to me, and you’d forcefully take me like a real man!”

    “I have a tastefully decorated house and a good job. Those are mate fitness signals, right? Oh, wait…”

    “It’s not whats on the inside or outside that counts. It’s that you suck more than I do. So fuck me already”.



  64. Nothing (too) wrong with their age.

    What accomplished women don’t understand is that a straight MAN seeks a WOMAN and not another MAN to share his bed with.

    It has nothing to do with “feeling threatened” by a high-T woman. Well, actually it does a bit: a man’s relation to the world in one of struggle. His home and his loving one are supposed to be his refuge. A man doesn’t seek for a competitor in a woman.


    • High-T women are no problem: Be direct (which they prefer) and treat ’em like a bro… although one you can fuck, of course. (Look for the index finger shorter than their ring finger… like yours.) No stupid female games, you can actually have a discussion with them and when they screw they want to do it hard and get off like you do. They may be reluctant to commit because when they do it’s serious (just like you would, use that to your advantage). Bro Code operates with ’em, too– have her back, she’ll have yours (have her do Bros Before ‘Hos with you and you’re golden… don’t cheat on her, ’cause payback will suck and probably be physically painful). All the women in my family have stubby index fingers– with traditional morals and “Marriage 1.0” values, they’re definitely into commitment and shaming cheaters… not a lot of Rationalization Hamster play allowed either. Definitely avoid ‘ho-ish ones with feminazi, non-moral values, though… those will screw around like dirtbag guys.


  65. A man doesn’t seek for a competitor in a woman.

    Which is why I don’t understand why men are shy to say that they want a subordinate in a woman.

    Instead you hear the opposite. You hear apologies and denials about Asians – “If you think Asian women are submissive, you wrong!”

    There is nothing wrong with wanting a submissive mate. It is manly to be the man of the house. The dominant head and authority. It is womanly to be doting.


    • I think its the fact that this society is obsessed with everyone being independent and dominant. In this society most of all submissiveness is interpreted as weakness. So even though submissiveness comes naturally to feminine women and they want to/do act submissive, if you ask them face to face if they are they will always deny it. It’s kind of like the dont ask dont tell rule in the military. They will act submissive but dont ask them if they do.


    • @Redsunrising

      @Xsplat’s essays on submissiveness were some of the most useful material I put to use in the past 2 years since starting to learn game online. I’m still in shock at the number of hot young white women who NEED to be told what to do like a servant or they won’t respect a man. It came as counter-intuitive at first and I initially only used this strategy in cases where all else seemed to be lost. I haven’t yet gotten to the point where I will tell a woman in the initial opening sequence that I expect her to do my bidding. It probably wouldn’t hurt. I just haven’t figured out the wording of that yet.


  66. This women is too high T. Big jaw, big nose, masculine face shape. Some high T girls are hot because their testosterone is not extremely high and so they have a good mixture of masculine and feminine features. And, like someone said before high T woman are too combative so they are no good for LTR. At best this girl is a one night stand you dont tell your friends about.


    • Except for the ones who’re strippers, like guns and screw like crazy… as a soldier here, what’s not to like? (Oh, right, they’re a pain in the ass otherwise… forgot, my little head was doing the thinking.)


  67. Pasternak does not understand self-irony: she’s adopted the frame of dykes.

    Darwin’s Law should throttle her genes out of the pool rather quickly.

    Before this century is out, all XX will be protected in utero — testing for testosterone will be mandated.

    Like cleft palates, what can be prevented, man-jaw, will be.

    The current ‘natural experiment’ in dyke elevation will run its course. At some point social pathologists will have enough data to terrify society.


    • Hmm I wonder if estrogen in male fetus’s will be tested for as well. I believe most of the sexual problems nowadays is that men are born too feminized and become further feminized through the enviroment. If we can make all girls high E and all boys high T I think society will be a better place. I mean men dont want manly women and so I dont blame women for not wanting girly men.


  68. Random

    If these men are still single in their 40s, or become single again, they look in the mirror and want to be 18, whereas a forty-something woman is more realistic about herself. ”

    An exercise in self-delusion coming from a “relationship counsellor” no less.

    When building a map of social interaction, I always begin by aiming my gaze at motivation. It’s useless to aim at what is right, and what is wrong, or even at what is rational or what is socially good. You can only build an accurate map by starting with motivation.

    This broads beliefs have a clear motivation. That’s all she has – motivation. No logic. No sense of checking her version with an external world to refine her science of vision. All she has is a motivation to keep men from fucking younger girls, and to value older women.

    As if saying it made it so.


    • That was a “male” relationship counselor who said that. “His” motivation would have been to impress the ladies and maybe get some…from women like Anna. Most of the nauseating quotes in that article were from this “male,” not Anna.

      Note that Anna doesn’t even consider guys like this relationship counselor, who might gladly commit to her considering how much he wants to suck up to her, as being within her field of vision even after she’s complained about successful decent guys over 40 not existing. He’s an invisible beta at best (Anna wasn’t considering him as a man when she wrote the article and got his quotes) which should make everyone wonder why any male carries water for feminists like that.


  69. Some of this mating failure must be due to the growing absence of men in families. Hiw will daughters and sons gain insight into the mind of a man if they are raised by mothers, taughts by women, and entertained by culture driven by feminists?

    Daughters and sons are harmed in different ways by the absent father, but they are both harmed. Look to the groups with the most and the least incidence of absent fathers.


  70. Londoner: Well, maybe 20-30 % of women look better in clothes and with makeup at 32 than at 22, but only 2-3 % look better naked, and that is normally women who, for some reason, were eating like pigs when young and later realized that they have to shape up to not lose out totally.


  71. Holy shit at that old bitch. With these looks she would be lucky to get pumped and dumped by an omega with premature ejaculation.


  72. This was definitely a “boom, taste my nightstick” post.


  73. Check out her saggy ass titts without a bra they probable hang to her waist and where oh where do you find a head like that maybe she needs to go to the barrio instead of Morocco they don’t care what women look like as long as she has white skin.


  74. Roissy, here’s an old Alpha at work. Notice the grip he uses.


  75. “There is nothing wrong with wanting a submissive mate. It is manly to be the man of the house. The dominant head and authority. It is womanly to be doting.”

    Because “submission is bad” and that may be at the heart of everything wrong today.

    Submission is a fact and sustains everything in human order. More than fact, it is a principle of civilization, and as a principle it began to be loathed in the Renaissance. Since then the loathing only grew stronger, until we got to a point in which no man is to be submissive except to himself. Every man a king!

    Then came the democratic and egalitarian ideals and women were likened to men, becoming, too, sovereign beings, no matter how opposed to their nature sovereignty was. Every woman a king!

    And the result is a legion of frustrated big-jaw women, which should only grow bigger. I see schadenfreude here and I can’t help but feel it too, though I’m quite aware I’m being unfair: Miss Jaw was led to error and should be pitied, not scorned, for she isn’t even aware of her mistakes.

    This is our ethos. It has been indoctrinated in our heads since we were little, and nowadays even fathers will want their daughters to be kings. But worry not, nature beats nurture: most women instinctively act submissively, as long as you don’t point your finger to that fact and let the little man she was injected with react.


  76. Xamuel
    “If older men who refuse to date their own age are “kidults”, what does that make younger women who refuse to date THEIR own age?”



  77. I’ve had a child and have responsibility, which these immature men of our age see as terrifying baggage – which is hypocritical when many of them have ex-wives who are bringing up their kids.


    “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

    It is not hypocritical to want to avoid the bad side of a deal, even if you’d like to be on the good side. It wasn’t hypocritical of the English to bomb the Germans even while engaging in air defense of their own cities (oh the hypocrisy!), and it’s not hypocritical for a guy who’s been screwed over by one woman to want to avoid picking up after another.

    Hypocrisy is perhaps today’s most over- and mis-used accusation of bad faith.

    It’s also not “immature” to recognize and avoid a bad deal (marriage, especially to a proven failure with heavy financial and emotional baggage).


  78. on June 19, 2011 at 5:13 pm David Casson

    I pity these women. They are deluded and learn too late, if ever, what it takes to draw a man into their lives. Yes, her stupidity is willful, but she is paying dearly for it, whether we mock her for it or not. We get one life and she’s missed the boat a thousand times already. Too bad.

    “All she has is a motivation to keep men from fucking younger girls, and to value older women.”

    Indeed. And really, her shaming tactics are harmless, at least against those who are already unplugged from the Matrix. An alpha will read a little of her nonsense, laugh in sad amusement, turn off the computer, and go out to bang some twenty-something hottie. Meanwhile, this poor woman will spend the evening by herself in her well-decorated home, admiring her degrees and her certificates of career achievement, sip a glass of wine and wonder aloud where the ‘real men’ are as she plops down on the couch for another placating evening of Sex and the City. Who’s losing out here?

    This woman’s shaming techniques bother me not in the slightest. We know what the reality is here. And we’re not the ones losing out on it.


    • on June 19, 2011 at 5:27 pm My Name Is Jim

      Do you feel pity for similarly aged long time betas? (Honest question)


      • on June 19, 2011 at 5:42 pm David Casson

        Yes, of course. Whom are they hurting? Themselves above all else.

        I derive no benefit from kicking others who are already down. I’d much rather cheer the older beta on and watch him start getting the life he wants.

        Same with this old crone, as bitchy and nasty as she appears to be. There’s nothing but a scared and lonely little girl inside her. Her willful stupidity? She’s just too scared to step out of her shell, that’s all. Sometimes you need a hand – women especially.


      • on June 19, 2011 at 5:54 pm David Casson

        We are all bitching about this woman’s mannishness but in a way she is acting very much like a woman. She’s mewing helplessly for a powerful alpha male to come along and rock her world inside and out. I bet if a man did that for her and reawakened her inner feminine super whore we would never see her write a blog post like this again, even if the same alpha did not commit to a LTR with her.


  79. Emma the Emo –
    “because many men her age have been negatively affected by divorce and they’re bitter. I wouldn’t blame them, but dating someone who has been burnt”

    means we are not committing and setting ourselves up to be burnt again and again and again. Pump & dump babe. ump & dump.
    If I want companionship, I have two dogs. << They have NEVER turned on me.


    • on June 19, 2011 at 6:42 pm Emma the Emo

      Exactly. Men like that can take their anger out on a woman, even if she means well. This is why women who want commitment should approach them with caution, maybe avoid alltogether.


      • Emo, nope. There may have been some bitterness, eons ago. But is not any more. Lesson learned and on moved. I am but amused by any wench that indicates a long term interest. Statistically, she knows not of her inner hamster. It’s essentially very uncomplicated now.


      • No anger. Just not setting myself up for another heartbreak when the bitch decideds the grass is greener….
        My first marriage, I treated her the way I saw my dad treat my mom while I was growing up. Never cheated, never hit, placed her on a pedestal. That lasted 18 years & left me emotionally emasculated. Took her walking out to make me realize & shed the uber beta.
        Now? It’s all about me & orgasms. If she happens to have one in the time it takes me to have one, lucky her. If not, Duracell of Energizer.


  80. Damn, this bitch hit the wall hard. She has a long oblong horse face, to say nothing of her lantern jaw you could use to crack open walnuts.

    Its even sadder that she has to use poor posture in an effort to use her saggy tits to cover up her pot belly. Also, her skin looks leathery and tight.

    Her man hands could probably open a non-twist-off.


  81. David,
    ““All she has is a motivation to keep men from fucking younger girls”

    Really? Motivation? No sex on the first date equals no second date.
    How motivated do you really think she is?


  82. here’s a similar article
    Since reading this blog I started to smell the coffee much better:)


  83. “If I want companionship, I have two dogs. << They have NEVER turned on me."

    Nor have they turned you on.

    Admit it, you'd not shun a young doe eyed love slave dressed in a french maid outfit. Admit it beats a dog.


    • No, they haven’t turned me on. THAT’S what the young, doe eyed lass is for. But for a LTR or marriage, pffft. Women just ain’t worth the investment, to have divorce proceedings initiated by, a couple of years down the road. BTDT After 18 years, she felt the grass was greener…..


  84. Really? Motivation? No sex on the first date equals no second date.
    How motivated do you really think she is?

    You’re in my sociosexual camp then. Many men won’t give a second date to a girl who puts out on the first. Girls who put out quickly get categorized as pump and dumps.

    I’m with you – if they aren’t giving full effort from the get go, why take em seriously?


    • “if they aren’t giving full effort from the get go, why take em seriously?”

      Even if they are, who cares?

      Old joke:
      Q: What does it take to make a woman have an orgasm?

      A: Who cares?


  85. on June 19, 2011 at 5:34 pm David Casson

    rickb223, not following, sorry.

    the evidence that she’s motivated to keep men from fucking younger girls is the article she wrote.


  86. on June 19, 2011 at 5:37 pm David Casson

    ah i follow. well she is of course avoiding reality. easier to sit around and bitch and blame the rest of the world for your problems (a la the omega) than go out and do what it takes to get what you want.

    then, too, who said she’s getting first dates?


  87. “When building a map of social interaction, I always begin by aiming my gaze at motivation. It’s useless to aim at what is right, and what is wrong, or even at what is rational or what is socially good. You can only build an accurate map by starting with motivation.”

    Yes. I tend to replace “motivation” with “incentives and perceptions”—but you are absolutely correct that what is “right”, “wrong” or “rational” is not relevant when assessing social behaviors and interactions.


    • on June 22, 2011 at 2:58 am Bill Brasky

      I think of it in terms of “values”…interesting how these all mean pretty much the same


  88. Question: Why do these women insist on love/being worshipped by the men they seek? They’re in their 40s. Why not just have some goddamn fun?

    These womyn still believe they can relive the glory days of their youth. That they can trade sex for love, as per SOP. They do not get the picture that the only reason they could get “love” way back when was because there were a lot of desperate young guys out there who would say anything to get sex.

    There is also the endless media propaganda which tells them that things always end with Meet-Mr-Rite-fall-in-love-happy-ever-after. It’s on the 500 channels of hi-def TV and chick fliks; in her tedious romance novels; it’s what the Oprahs and Dr Phils tell her. These womyn do not want to face up to the reality which glares back at them every time they look into the mirror.

    Another point to be considered is that if her published screed is any indicator of her character, she is simply unlovable.


  89. This was my comment:

    “Yes. I tend to replace “motivation” with “incentives and perceptions”—but you are absolutely correct that what is “right”, “wrong” or “rational” is not relevant when assessing social behaviors and interactions.”

    Sorry about the anonymous…


  90. Reading that woman’s sorry attempt at blaming men for her age, it occurs to me that there really is no “market” (that is, need to be filled) for a female version of this website.

    The How To Be A Female Alpha blog’s advice would be as follows: Stay young, be pretty. The rest you can work on, but it is far less important than those two things. Far. Less. Important.

    And that, my friends is the very last thing a woman like this wants to read.


  91. Heartless and hilarious.

    As a young woman, I have no sympathy for her. The more delusional women there are, the more men there are for me to choose from and marry. 🙂

    However, her story serves as a cautionary tale. Any young woman reading this should know that being single at 40 is a worst possible scenario. Treat your man well and be grateful.–IS-Mr-Big.html

    Her ideal man is Mr. Big, and thus, will remain single forever. I wonder how many cats she has yet?


  92. It is perverse and disgusting that that women in their thirties try to date men in their thirties. In the ancestral environment, as today, a woman’s reproductive lifetime was half that of a man. Thus, the rule for men, half your age plus seven, and the rule for women, double your age minus fourteen.

    Of course that applies to relationships. For sex, women have the upper hand, so can screw men of whatever age takes their fancy, thus feminists have deluded themselves they can socially enforce a new rule: Supposedly, the new rule is that one should date people of one’s own age. But that rule just is not going to take. It can no more be made a social rule, than there can be a word for “gay” that is not a slur.

    If a woman wants to marry a man her own age, she should stick like glue to her first love, marry him, and start spawning. If a woman wants to fuck around, her fuck buddies can be any age she likes, but if she wants to change boyfriends from time to time, her boyfriends will be getting older at twice the rate she is..


  93. I also note how that article turned off the comments.

    Can you imagine the comments that were piling up?

    10,000 comments from guys sneering at her for thinking that she has some right to male attention, which she seems to think she does.

    25,000 comments from pathetic losers telling her to ignore the haters and assuring her she is beautiful and a rare butterfly of a soul.

    250,000 comments from women telling she is Hot! Sexy! Confident! and Better Than Ever! Only the man-boys are afraid of her, Real Men want her even more than ever. Etc.

    In short, the whole world her very own facebook post and comment thread.

    But the paper likely could not bear that 10,000 bits of truth.


    • on June 19, 2011 at 6:31 pm My Name Is Jim

      That’s been a pattern of feminist-controlled mainstream media sites for a long time. Yahoo News did it before they axed their comment system entirely, Slate did it by putting the more controversial material in double x, away from the main site. As soon as the subject matter lends itself to men inserting the red pill into the MSM, all of a sudden the comments sections disappear.


  94. Wow..I’m a sixty year old woman and still pretty well preserved..married to the same guy for thirty three years now…Sure, we both look at fine young specimens of the opposite sex. when they walk by….we’re not dead yet! But we have enough love and respect for each other and honestly, even with four adult kids and three grandchildren, the sex is as good as it was when we were both considered “hot.” He’s not the same young rippled bodied guy I met, but when he speaks with intelligence and wit, and smiles with the same china blue eyes that sort of twinkle when his jokes amuse himself even more than they do me..I melt..and inside, in my head, I’m not the 60 year old woman..I’m that 26 year old…He’s quite handsome for a man of his age and even younger women think so..but he looks at me the same way he did when he was all full of testosterone and couldn’t get enough of me.. All I can say is I’m glad I was born when I was..The young men I knew had so much more respect for people and would not have made this young women’s chin the focus of ridicule. ..My sons take after my husband although they are not alot younger than you lads..intelligent, respectful MEN …My guess is that the ones who have responded here are low on grey matter or butt ugly with no prospects…It’s doubtful this woman would give any of you a second look….All you arrogant fellas who think your shit is made of ice cream don’t realize that you come off as immature, arrogant pricks. Real prizes! .Dream’ll attract what you project..losers with neither self esteem nor class..Oh yes, and here’s some motherly advice: If you manage to get one of these young (stupid) lovelies in the sack..wear two rubbers at a know..just to be on the safe side..


    • You are lying.


    • on June 19, 2011 at 8:18 pm NoQuarterForCatLadies

      Did you actually read her article? It’s a non-stop spouting at venom against men who dare not to be attracted to her. If you grant no quarter to anyone else, you can’t expect to receive it in return.

      Which is kind of the point. The young men you grew up with didn’t have to grow up with women treating the average guy like they were undateable garbage. Their parents knocked some sense into them, and made them realize that if they turned down guy after guy to try to chase after some fantasy, they’d end up like this woman: old, bitter, unattractive, alone, and surrounded by dozens of cats.

      Today it’s different. Today’s women don’t want the average guy – he’s not good enough, not sexy or interesting or mysterious enough. She’s strong, confident, awesome, and thinks she can spend her twenties waiting for Mr. Perfect – and turning down everyone else. All the average guy hears today is “no, no, no” – and often he hears it in the bitchiest possible terms, as if he’s an asshole for even daring to talk to her.

      Then the thirties happen, and the worm turns. Suddenly she’s not as attractive. Suddenly Mr. Perfect stops taking her calls. Now all the sudden she wants the attention of the average guy.

      But the average guy isn’t an idiot. We’re learning to do just what she did – act in our own god damned interests, and go for the most attractive person we can get. Now she suddenly wants me to stop being a “kidult” and date her wrinkly, shriveled ass even though I’m now the one who’s attractive, and women in their twenties are finally paying attention to me?

      She can go fuck herself, and so can you. If she wanted me to be with her when she was old and wrinkly, she should have been with me when she was young and hot. I’m not giving up my time in the sun for someone who wouldn’t give me the time of day when she had options.


      • You do have it right in one sense. She is now angry at at 40+, she has no takers she feels are worthy of her. On the other side of that, she likely never considered the feelings of the 20 year old guys she spurned, who similarly fel they could not find takers worthy of them.

        Guys feel it at the beginning of the walk, and have a chance to compensate and perhaps even watch the power flip at age 30. Gals are, quite oddly, seemingly unaware of their limited time frames. Earlier generations seemed to understand, when you read historical writings, but the current generations seem clueless. Perhaps it is because women are able to keep time’s ravages at bay (in their minds) for another decade via dyed hair, botox, gymn memberships, and creams. Perhaps it is the relentless drumbeat of “you are only getting better, hot mamas!” found in media.


    • Baby Boomers: The Worst Generation


    • so you claim you were married at 27 and it’s lasted till today. here’s your homework assignments:
      1) go look at the statistics regarding marriage and divorce, and get a good idea of what percentage of married couples make it past 12 years of marriage. Also get a good look at the percentage of women who file for divorce as opposed to men.

      2) do an informal poll of women you know. How many of them, at 27 years of age, are looking to enter a committed, lifelong marriage that produces several children?
      what I see is that women don’t start considering this path in life until 37 – at which point it is too late for them – which is the point of this post.


  95. Thus, the rule for men, half your age plus seven

    That’s not the rule.

    The rule is ” from 19 to 25″.


      • Yes, I do wish. And I’ve been getting that wish for every year for over a decade now, many many times. The last girl I broke with was 19. We lived together for 5 months.

        It’s a good wish.

        Look, there is no rule. We wish for what is best for us, and the best we can get.

        That wish is from 19 to 25. What we wish for doesn’t grow any older, just because we do. There is no such thing as female maturity.


      • Thanks, don’t agree with what seems to be your general philosophy on life. But this was something I needed to hear to counter the bullshit and lies drummed into my soul.


      • @James

        I appreciated most of what you wrote above but @Xsplat is mostly correct on the “rule”. Except the real rule is Age of Consent to 25 and the host of this blog would confirm that (it’s his rule too). If you see the film “Machete” it features more than one actor in his 50s. such as Steven Segall, doing well with the youngest and best looking women. That isn’t just film fantasy but reality for men of that age who behave like they expect to get women in that age group (it would definitely be the reality in Mexico these days). Heck, Don Johnson played the father of a 17 year old in “Nash Bridges” while he was actually having sex with the young actress in his trailer between shots. Reality mostly beats the politically correct stuff you see in films and TV shows.

        You don’t need money of fame to get someone age of consent to 25 no matter what your age (say below 70) as long as you have tons of attitude and you’ve been hitting the gym more than the young guys. But even if someone has a quibble with that, once money is on the table, you can throw the “let’s be realistic” argument completely out the window and down 50 stories. And we’re not talking big money either. We’re talking the woman’s rent money.

        IMO, the biggest inner game failure of all is to set “realistic age limitations” for yourself.

        I would commit suicide if I had to follow a half my age plus 7 rule of even a half my age rule.


      • You may have already done so. Your prejudice would have assisted him in lying to you about being two decades younger.

        Steven Segall isn’t sexy because he’s a movie star but because he’s part of a cohort of maybe 5% of males who take care of themselves and look great at 60. A guy with his looks could easily walk onto a college campus and say he’s 40.

        And, in all fairness, there are a few websites that show Scandinavian women over 60 who are sexier than 19 year olds. I’d want their genes for my daughter but, alas, they probably can’t have kids anymore.

        A top doctor just told me yesterday, by the way, that the recent Wall Street Journal article stating that older men’s children have a higher likelihood of being defective was pure feminist propaganda. He said the children of older men tend to be smarter.


      • The above was in reply to a post, now missing, that said “I’d never get involved with a man in his fifties because he’d be too ugly and couldn’t get it up”.


        It works both ways but age and looks (two different things when describing a male’s SMV) are not the top factors for women while looks is the top factor for men. So you see trade-offs happening all the time.

        This blog helps men trade game for looks (women want to be played right more than they want to see a good looking hunk next to them). Other blogs might help men trade money or power for looks.

        What you don’t like is that all of these blogs are directly teaching men of all ages and appearances how to avoid dating you if you’re over 30 and not so hot looking anymore. I can see how that can piss you off but you might as well be pissed off at God and the evolutionary biology He created.

        Consider reading books on arbitrage or economics. Trade happens when one side values something more than the other side and visa versa.

        An “Alpha” is a male who practices arbitrage.

        The only way we’d see “equality” is if women valued looks in men as much as men value looks in women. That would be a nightmare society where the older male producers would emigrate and contribute to building other civilizations elsewhere.

        But, even then, in the nightmare society where women are encouraged to value a man’s appearance above all other factors, men in their thirties would mostly look better than men in their twenties so you’d STILL get much of the current situation older women hate so much but will never be able to change with laws or shaming.


  96. on June 19, 2011 at 6:07 pm David Casson

    Siobhan: Keep dreaming.

    Happy to hear about your marriage, but your comment confirms everything we say around these parts. You married young and stuck to your man. If you hadn’t? Ah, it’d be a different picture for you. You may ‘feel’ like you’re 25 but you don’t like 25 to any who sees you, except, perhaps, your husband, whose bond you’ve reinforced with years of marriage and experience. You married relatively young and you didn’t divorce your husband. Smart woman.

    We don’t take much stock in your admonitions. Not when all the realities of the sexual marketplace that we face every day obliterate them one by one.

    Best wishes in your marriage. Good luck to any young women you know. Tell them to marry as soon as possible and think twice about divorce. We guys aren’t here to let them fuck us over.


    • David…I know full well I don’t look 25..My daughters are 26 and 30 and I’m not so delusional as to think I could be their sister.!.

      …there is no question that the natural “fading” (like a flower I suppose) happens to both men and women..and in our case, maybe my husband and I have been together so long we’re blind to those changes. because our love and friendship over 33 years is strong…He doesn’t look 25 either but he looks good to me and I know I do to him …Someone said they wondered what he’d say about that..It’s pretty clear a lot of guys here have been betrayed.. ..I just realized this is a place for older guys (divorced? burned by their wives maybe?) looking for younger women. Someone named Zunder just asked me wtf I was doing on a pick up blog I was 60? LOL>.guess this senile old lady got lost ! I stumbled upon here and was fascinated with the subject..and I definitely ruffled a few feathers.not meaning to..standing up for this poor woman who probably doesn’t even know she’s being ridiculed..I wondered why everyone was so hostile toward me? .There’s alot of cynicism among these guys..that’s sad but a natural reaction if your experiences have been that bad .sounds like many of you HAVE been “fucked over”…Good Luck to you as well. And thanks for responding in a respectful way without attacking me like some of these other hotheads have….Maybe the rules have changed. Maybe some of the men are projecting their anger about past betrayals by making fun of this woman’s looks…just made me feel bad for her.. Guess the ‘old bitch” better move along now!


      • on June 20, 2011 at 10:58 am David Casson

        Siobhan, I appreciate where you’re coming from, but you are indeed ruffling feathers. The woman who is the subject of this post (and the succeeding commentary) hits a sensitive nerve for a lot of guys old(er) and young. You are inadvertently plucking at that nerve. Clearly that is not your intention. You see us attacking this woman and you don’t understand why and of course you are motivated to defend her. That’s par for the course as our society goes. We are the violent offenders, she the innocent victim of our misplaced aggression. Needless to say, we don’t see it that way. What people have been trying to explain to you, sometimes nicely, sometimes not so nicely, is that there are many serious reasons why guys here are everything from mildly irritated with to downright hateful of this woman. Your comments show you are not at all familiar with those reasons nor do you give much impression that you care to know. Hence you are not being well-received.

        I won’t try much to explain our perspective – it’s not something people come to understand because of one comment, at least from my experience – but I will say that this woman is no isolated phenomenon in the lives of men, especially younger men. We younger guys have grown up listening to this woman’s voice. Some older men here have heard this woman’s voice speaking through a court system that destroyed their families and nearly destroyed the men themselves. We men are living in what we call a gynocentric culture that neither understands what men are nor cares to know, and the damage done to men (and women and children) has been tremendous. Included in the victim count is actually that square-jawed woman who just doesn’t get why she’s single right now. Check out Roissy’s tagline: “Where pretty lies perish.” What do you think that means? Is it really just the immature voice of an unwanted and maladjusted loser male trying to find legitimacy through the Internet or is it possible Roissy is actually saying something meaningful, whatever his aggression may be as he does so? (BTW, there is no shortage of women for Roissy.) And about that aggression – what is its origin? Its easy to dismiss it as unacknowledged mommy issues. Some guys here probably have had bad experiences with their mothers. Okay. But could there be more to us than that? Well, you know, there is. It’s all right on this very page and all over this blog if you’re willing to find it.

        So there’s a reason the posts here at the Chateau routinely get 100+ comments, and it’s not just because guys like talking about sex. What’s involved here is a worldview and a refuge from a world that is, in fact, totally indifferent to who we are as men and often working exactly contrary to our interests – and usually to satisfy some exaggerated female demand. The fundamental problem is that we men have become invisible to the eyes of the world. And as hard as you probably find this to believe, game really does help to form the beginning of a solution for today’s men. There is loads more to say on these matters, but this is just to give a sense of where we’re coming from.

        As for the vitriol, I know it’s tough to hear as a total newcomer. You must feel like you walked unwittingly into a hornet’s nest. Been there, done that. I’ve stirred a few hornet’s nests around here myself, especially when I first came along. That’s okay. The intensity of our vitriol matches the pervasiveness and insidiousness of those ‘pretty little lies’. We fight back here, and we fight back hard. It’s not personal. But we have a warrior mentality around here.

        Hope this serves to smooth your feathers a bit. Take a look around and enjoy. You may find there’s a lot of interesting stuff here. Maybe you will begin to see our perspective more along the way.

        Happy commenting and welcome to the Chateau.


      • Siobhan don’t leave. I appreciate your comments. I also believe that most men here are bitter divorceees who got taken to the bank by their ex wives. OR younger guys who cant really get the women they want so they come here with their fantacies of getting laid by “hot young tight girls”. Yeah okay. I am sure a young 20 something year old girl is going to want to be with some 40 year old over a hot young stud her same age!

        There is waaay too much female hatred here to believe these so called guys on here are just out getting laid by 20 somethings every night.

        Men who are truly getting laid by young women are not on blogs putting down women or judging the looks of women they aren’t “attracted” to.

        [Editor: You have no idea just how cruel alpha men can be.]


  97. To be honest the first paragraph left me expecting to read some hilarious beta bashing in this chump’s day rather than the typical spinter stuff.
    If women want to achieve a career (yeah philosophy, useless languages, etc don’t count), fine, as long as they don’t interrupt their quest for a husband. Hell, nothing stop them from finishing their career if they somehow get married along the way. Although not necessary, I’d rather have a knowledgeable wife than a shallow empty-minded woman with nothing more than gossip, moral, religion and fashion trends on her head.


  98. Emma — No it is hard for women in their forties to find a mate. Why? Because they can’t have kids, mostly, and come with their own kids by another man. Few men want to raise someone else’s kids. Simple as that. A successful woman in her forties finds her male analog able to attract women significantly hotter, younger, without kids, and able to bear HIS kids not some other guy’s.

    To find a mate, women in their forties need to pursue a guy in his late fifties who already has a family, or adjust downwards to loser-ville at the same age.

    What women bring to a START of a relationship is sex, then sex, then sex, then more sex, and finally, the ability to have a guy’s kids (and not some other guy’s kids.) Certainly after twenty years of marriage it is a relationship based on companion-values rather than raw sex. But not at the start. To put it bluntly, a woman in her forties is like an icky Beta Male in a Star Trek costume. That’s true for even the hottest.

    [Editor: Gripping analogy. Fat women are like the star trek nerd, too.]


    • I agree. A woman in that position needs to take a good, hard look at herself, work on figure, wardrobe, and manners – then realize that the uber-Alpha men in the 40-something age bracket are out of her reach. 50-somethings, maybe. Accomplished-but-ugly men are a possibility.


    • on June 20, 2011 at 4:56 am Emma the Emo

      Well there you go – a woman in her forties can get someone, just not a successful alpha.


    • Women have a great chance for love in their 40s if they got a man while in their 20s, had his children while becoming essentially family and good friends. This is especially true if they don’t fatten up and can still arouse into their 40s to a man a good 10 years older. These women on the other hand don’t seem to see the difference.


  99. Siobahn’s husband’s honest post at this site would devastate her, no doubt; women are not ready to hear the unvarnished truth from any man, even one that loves them and wishes them no ill.

    They want those pretty lies. They need those pretty lies. But men? Men who live with pretty lives in their head face ruin in a world that is eager to give what they have to others.


  100. Crikey, what a jaw.


  101. She’s engaged to her therapist.


  102. I googled her. her case doesn’t sound that desperate to me :

    However, i think she was just in a good day. A feminist spinster will always remain an endangered species.


  103. After 30, but more especially after 35, women lose their fertility. Wanting to have and raise children is really the only legitimate reason to get married. Everything else can be done in a LTR. So if a woman has lost her fertility she has lost any reason a man has to marry her.


    • This makes perfect sense until you ask the question; “what benefit is there for a man and his future children to marry that he doesn’t get in an LTR”.

      I’ve never heard a satisfactory answer. All the answers basically say “because then you’d be married”.


      • Under the current system, nothing. In fact, it seems he’s probably going to have a more stable relationship w/o the marriage.

        But there have been other forms of marriage that generally worked pretty well. The simplest would be a prenup, polygamy-permitting marriage that was the old testament norm.

        It stabilizes society and allows a man of means to father children throughout his life. Also, no sane man is going to be thrilled to see his daughter thrown to the curb, hence the need for penalties if the man (son in law) wishes to separate.

        On the other hand, no alimony, no last minute changing of the prenup, what you signed is what you paid out (or got paid unless you fucked up).

        Simple, stable, accounts for all the hardwired desires in each gender. Then we had to get clever and fuck with it.


      • An ancient Muslim practice is gaining renewed popularity in Indonesia. It’s the practice of the rental wife. You sign a contract for a few years, and stipulate the price.

        Quite popular with the Koreans and Japanese who visit here, I’m told.


      • That’s just loophole legalized prostitution. The problem is that it ends up with a used and no longer viable woman sitting on the curb with a few kids no one feels like taking care of. Basically your standard LTR. If you want to go that route, I say just do it and chuck the legal bullshit.

        Btw, in an ideal world I would not compel fathers to provide for children in a LTR. I would force women to be responsible for their choice in not waiting for marriage. For that matter I wouldn’t even allow child support to exist at all if it wasn’t covered in the prenup. If a woman feels like being stupid, that’s her problem. Next time she should listen to her mother. However, we live in a very sick world where marriage seems to be designed to break up families.

        Same goes for social security, it’s not charity if you collect it at the point of a Federal gun.

        I admit I’m biased, but I think the idea of a prenup with an upper limit on extra wives would solve a lot of problems.


    • “So if a woman has lost her fertility she has lost any reason A MAN has to marry her.”

      A real man wouldn’t, but there are enough optionless betaboys out there who would, and thus spread the wrong message.


  104. OT, about paleo
    “The medical and nutritional establishments hate paleo, because we’re exposing the fact that they’ve been wrong for decades and have killed millions of people with their bad advice.
    The agribusinesses and industrial food processors hate paleo, because we’re hurting their business by not buying their highly profitable grain- and soy-based products.
    The mainstream media hates paleo, because they profit handsomely from advertising those grain- and soy-based products.
    The government hates paleo, because they’re the enforcement arm of big agribusinesses..”


    • You silly. Didn’t you know it takes more than 10 kilos of grain to produce one kilo of beef?


      • I just started a cattle farm last month outside of Houston (300 head of cattle!). We’re doing a grass-fed and grass-finished product, which is healthier than the grain fed product by a huge margin. Also costlier (3 year growth cycle versus 18-24 months).

        The mainstread media does hate paleo, but I’ve returned to my high school weight and physique with zero exercise doing it. I won’t go back. The women I date are jealous, but all of them have started the same path, and I am absolutely shocked what losing 5# can do on a gal already slim. I caught myself doing a double-take of a gal I’ve been with 18 months (!!!) when we went wine shopping yesterday. She looks THAT good, and 6 months ago I wouldn’t have looked twice.


      • Spreading the message of paleo! Good job!


  105. In Morocco, any over the hill white broad with Pounds or Dollars is Queen.
    It’s where these women go to have their hampster wheel lubed up to spin freely; if only for a short time.


    • Bali. Jamaica.

      I always had doubts about my Mom and Aunts trips to Jamaica, and their endless spinning of their Bob Marley disc on return.


  106. “This makes perfect sense until you ask the question; “what benefit is there for a man and his future children to marry that he doesn’t get in an LTR”.”

    A legal marriage gives certain legal benefits. Some of this stuff can be done via lawyer, but there’s no way to get, say, relocate to some couintries with an LRT on a work visa. It’s the same reasons that gay people want the legal right to marry.

    1) hospital/ medical rights if your partner is incapacitated to make medical decisions/ visit, ect. 2) inheritance if you die interstate (or your partner dies interstate) is clear. 3) Social security/ pensions goes to your partner in the case of death. 4) health insurance benefits. 5) if you want to move to a foreign country to take a job, your spouse can move with you if married. 6) if married you have an automatic legal right to the children. (for example – you’re in an LRT and have kids and you have an argument & she splits takes the kid back home to another country or state. Then she tells everybody that he isn’t your kid and moves in with an old boyfriend. Will the country (or state) order genetic testing to prove your claim? Can she legally resist the genetic test if she claims you are not the father? But if you’re married you are the recognized father in the eyes of the law.)

    This stuff goes both ways — if you’re out of work and she’s got health benefits — you’ll be able to get that benefit. When you retire, if she dies first, you can go on her SS until you take your own SS (and increase your SS.) If she has a pension, you are entitled to it after her death. If her family has money, or if she has money — those assets will go to you after her death. (unless she wills it to somebody else.)

    If you’re with somebody who doesn’t have any assets, family money, or a job — well, then it’s all about protecting your kid in case you die young. (Or protecting your partner, if you care what happens to her.) In any case, if you care about your kids, and are unmarried, getting a lawyer to write up a will & directives is critical if you don’t get married. But it doesn’t fix all of this stuff.


    • It seems the only stuff some other paperwork can’t take care of is:
      3) Social security/ pensions goes to your partner in the case of death.
      4) health insurance benefits.
      . 5) if you want to move to a foreign country to take a job, your spouse can move with you if married.
      6) if married you have an automatic legal right to the children.

      In rebuttal:
      3) private savings can be handled by a will, which might make government pensions unimportant.
      4) Health insurance and automobile insurance rates are cheaper as a couple than as an individual, however again for some this is a trivial cost.
      5) Depending on the country, there are ways around this. She can visit as a tourist, or get her own work visa.
      6) Really? That’s not what I hear.


      • 3) yeah – if you’re wealthy enough a pension doesn’t matter. I would think a pension would preserve the assets to be passed down to the children, but if you’re wealthy it’s enough of an issue to make a difference. For the majority of the population, however, a pension would be a great advantage in retirement.

        4) only if you’re wealthy. That’s not most of the people in the world.

        5) Tourist visa means she has to leave occasionally. That’s not going to work well with kids if they’re in school. And getting a work visa is very hard in many countries where is it desirable to work and she may not get one in the same city as you. We’re thinking a couple with kids — again, a problem. (Think about an English couple moving to the US with their kids because the husband is on a skilled work visa — what a mess if they’re not married.)

        6) I’m not a legal expert and I would imagine that your name on the birth certificate would help. But a legal husband is assumed to be the father and thus has certain rights over children a live-in-partner does not have without proof of fatherhood.


      • Ok, so we agree that if you are well off and either not planning on working out of the country or if you do so your mate need not work, then there is little benefit to marrying, other than
        6). But custody usually goes to the wife after she leaves him, and the kids become a vehicle for stealth alimony. Marriage is a net loss in that case.


      • well -Not well off — Wealthy. How many people wouldn’t be helped by a pension of 3.5 K/ month? And COBRA is expensive if you’re out of work — marriage solves that problem pretty fast.

        I personally don’t care if people get married or not. (and in any case, you’re common-law married anyways in many states in LRTs – esp. in the western states. I think Colorado is 2 weeks and a joint checking account. Boom! your’re married!)

        But on the strict question of is there ANY benefit to men and their children: I’d say the answer is yes for 1) health insurance 2) pensions 3) social security bennies 4) since I work outside the country, I’m happy my spouse can also work — much easier because we’re married. 5) you’re assuming she doesn’t have any assets to pass to her husband – family money, pension, ect. Unless in a trust or if she wills these assets to somebody else — they go to her husband.

        6)Child support legally is still a problem for LRTs, even if the couple is not married. Judges don’t assign less child support because there is no legal marriage.

        But look, if people have any doubts they should not get married. If ANY doubts don’t do it.

        But if ANY doubts you probably shouldn’t have kids with somebody in an LRT, either, because if that breaks up, it’s also going to also be a big mess, legally and emotionally.


      • I’m a self employed expat, so I have no idea what a government pension even is. Does everyone get one of those? What’s a COBRA?

        Your argument still comes down to pensions and social insurance. I submit that health and car insurance savings are trivial compared to the cost of the risk of paying stealth alimony.

        The issue of work travel being more convenient if married could be dealt with if and when the situation arose. Hardly a reason to marry without the immediate need. And workarounds may prove easy.

        Marriage doesn’t give you ownership of your kids. The woman and the female friendly courts owns the kids. For men they own stealth alimony. This is not helped by marriage, and is in fact quite hurt by it.


      • And one last thing — there can be issues with your partner being deported in the States if you’re not married and you’re partner is not American.


      • Well, it sounds like there is no benefit to you in getting married, as long as you have a lawyer and smooth out the ability to make medical decisions for each other if in an accident, ect. But you asked if there was any benefit in marriage. In the US, because there are no federally recognized domestic partnerships — there is a benefit. Whether that benefit is worth it to somebody is another question.

        COBRA is for the States — if you leave a job you can pay for you health insurance for a certain ammount of time, but it’s expensive.

        I don’t get your stealth alimony argument — I’m assuming this is child support? People in LRTs still have to pay child support. Nobody I know who has gotten divorced pays alimony — it’s all about child support.

        Example of somebody I know who got screwed in an LRT: He’s been in a LRT for 20 years, living together in a house with the title owned by her. She broke up with him, and he had to move out of the house. He’s taking her to court, and she’s claiming that all he did was pay rent. He paid for the stove, ect. Don’t know how it’ll turn out, but if they had married he’d have more protection against her claiming that he was paying rent instead of paying half the mortgage. I definitely don’t think that people should get married because of this — but there are rights you get with marriage along with obligations. That goes for the kids also — the kids are presumed to be yours & you have legal rights over them. This can really screw somebody big time if she cheats & the kid isn’t yours. If you have a relationship you can be forced to pay child support. But the other side of the obligation is the right. If you love that kid you can claim it and cut out the biological father — legally you can keep that kid and the courts will recognize you as the legal father. Bio-dad gets screwed if he wants the kid. If you want to claim the kid — he’s yours and nobody can take him away from you — as long as you’re married to the woman.


  107. The Geography of a Woman
    Between the ages of 18 – 21 a woman is like Africa or Australia. She is half discovered, half wild and naturally beautiful with bushland around the fertile deltas.

    Between the ages of 21 – 30 a woman is like America or Japan. Completely discovered, very well developed and open to trade especially with countries with cash or cars.

    Between the ages of 30 – 35, she is like India or Spain. Very hot, relaxed and convinced of its own beauty.

    Between the ages of 35 – 40 a woman is like France or Argentina. She may have been half destroyed during the war but can still be a warm and desirable place to visit. Sometimes …. for a short time.

    Between the ages of 40 – 50 she is like Yugoslavia or Iraq. She lost the war and is haunted by past mistakes. Massive reconstruction is now necessary.

    Between the ages of 50 – 60 she is like Russia or Canada. Very wide, quiet and the borders are practically unpatrolled but the frigid climate keeps people away.

    Between the ages of 60 – 70 a woman is like England or Mongolia. With a glorious and all conquering past but alas no future After 70, they become Albania or Afghanistan. Everyone knows where it is, but no one wants to go there.


  108. It seems that its women these days that go on and on about “careers”.
    Most men don’t give a shit about a career, we just want a well paying job doing something that we enjoy.


    • Socially inept women are the same as socially inept men. Due to a lack of experience or inability to form an accurate mental map of other people motivations, they fill in the blanks with projection of what they want in a mate. Clueless women assume men are attracted to what women are attracted to. Confidence. Dynamism. Status. Authority. Clueless men assume women want what they say they want, and that they feel love in the same way that men do. This leads them to be easily manipulated and pussy whipped, at best.

      Before the internet, a very rare few men had any chance of gaining firsthand a fraction of the collective knowledge now easily found on just this one blog. The rules of engagement have massively changed. The rules of engagement in the war of the sexes has been re-written by men on the internet.


      • Amen to that !



        This is why I have no issue dating feminists (and tend to prefer it).

        Women, all women, have the duality brain issue going on — the inner brain (“hamster”) that is what they really want, and the outer brain (“feminist/cock-carouseler/etc”) that is what they say and typically do.

        When you play poker, you watch for the tells of your opponent. Women with tells (“feminists” always do) are safer bets because I know when to attack, and I know when to back off before their outer brain does.

        Projection = the reason why Game works


  109. If I were in her shoes I’d lower my standards…it’s really crazy what’s happening now. My friends and I are in our early 20s and they’re dating guys in their 30s and 40s. I haven’t gone there b/c I mainly stick to older within my range, but they go on and on about how amazing these older men are. It makes me wonder what’s left for women in their late 30s / 40s / 50s, if they don’t have a great attitude and / or good looks.


    • I had no idea of this trend. Ten years ago a guy would have to go to Asia to easily date younger women.

      The fark post on this same subect also has men saying that it’s now common for women to date older guys.


      I wonder if I still like white meat?


      • That’s natural, healthy heterosexuality. Feminism was a short-term historical aberration.

        Frodo: I wish [Feminism] had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.

        Gandalf: So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.


  110. “Is there even one solvent, kind, desirable, heterosexual single man in his 40s left in Britain?”

    Key word here is DESIRABLE, by which she and her friends mean, “alpha who wants to date 40 YO women”. Actually there probably ARE some but they’re in their late ’60s.


  111. “The Homecoming Song [PTSD],” by Justin Green… enjoy!


    • If Jared Brandon Justin feels so anxious to write a song about coming home
      wtf did he join the military in the first place for.

      Dood coulda wrote a whole symphony if he was in Saipan.
      You know, that stuff you saw
      on TV


  112. Siobhan
    “Wow..I’m a sixty year old woman and still pretty well”

    Excuse me, what the fuck is a 60 year old woman doing on a pick-up blog?


    • Siobhan,
      Your full of bullshit, or LadyRaines mother.
      What 60 year old woman uses terminology such as “lads” and “butt-ugly”?

      And you probably look like Jabba the Hutt.


    • Trying to “socialize” men, apparently.

      Grandma’s work for the sisterhood.


    • y’all were on Megan McArdle’s blog a while back. Commentators who read this blog came over there to defend PUAs and Roissy. It was interesting, to say the least, for people who usually read that blog for a little economic commentary.


    • Wow..what are you so pissed off about? I was interested in the subject…And no, I didn’t know it was a pick up blog…so shoot for my use of certain words?..hmm..I guess I’m a “tween”..My elderly mum says “lads”..My son uses the term :butt-ugly..My point was that in my experience, there are alot of good looking older women around least where I live ..south of Boston on Cape Cod..I am told I am still good looking for my age and look younger. My thirty year old daughter looks 20 and the 26 year old looks about 18..We have good genes I guess..I am not saying I haven’t aged for Christ sake..someone suggested I thought I looked 25..I’m not a moron! I just don’t get this putting down middle aged women, assuming they can’t be beautiful and especially ripping this woman a new asshole for expressing her opinion about the ‘market”..She’s just trying to do what you’re trying to do..assuming you’re a guy… I didn’t know this was a blog for forty somethings looking for a game plan to screw younger women. What..was it that got you so ballistic… the earlier comment about my daughters disinterest in men in their forties? Ok..this explains all the hostility toward me…I definitely don’t belong here..Oh..and Zunder…Why don’t you just go ahead and fuck yourself..might be easier! Have a lovely day.


  113. Right after reading this post I feel the urge to yell: “FOR SPARTAAAA!!!!!!”


  114. on June 19, 2011 at 8:39 pm Cody Gaines

    What do you think about girls who make Facebook pages for their cats:


  115. It’s not just her jaw. It’s her desperate trying-to-look-happy expression. Hilarious.


  116. She cited examples from Sex and the City and a Jennifer Aniston movie…


  117. on June 19, 2011 at 8:56 pm Miley_Cyrax

    The South Park episode Creme Fraiche (the shakeweight episode) captured the solopsism, despair, and loneliness of middle-aged women perfectly. “Cheryl. You are so charming and elegant with so many interesting, witty things to say. Please tell me more about the women in your office and how they annoy you.” And then later… “almost there. keep going. homestrech. just a bit more. harder. faster…. boodoodoop. here is your cab fare. sleep mode…”


  118. Fixed it:

    Believe me, in all this it’s not a case of us men being unrealistic or fussy. It’s our female counterparts who are more exacting, arrogant and demanding than we could ever be, and who have this vile presumption that they are some kind of sought-after prize that we would be so lucky to ‘get’.

    For now, they feel in a position of power in the sex war – and they are exploiting it for all it’s worth.

    These women are so adept at sizing you up – your wealth and your looks – that they don’t bother to see who you really are. And they don’t care that an intelligent twenty-something man like me seeks a spark of recognition, of mutual companionship and respect.

    …payback is a bitch.


    • on June 19, 2011 at 10:11 pm wrath of hell

      Preach it, brother.

      Me personally – yeah, I’m not about to give one smelly little almond from my worst shit about any one of these women who bitch to High Heaven about PUAs. Why is that? ‘Cause that is precisely, precisely the attitude they take toward us. Fuck them and fuck this saggy-titted whore coming around with her cane to lecture us. What the fuck does she know about us? Her comments are oblivious and transparently self-serving, as just about all women’s comments are. Lady, you are so out of your domain of understanding that you don’t even have a fucking clue what you’re saying to us. Hobble on back to your retirement home and sit down and watch Days of Our Lives and leave us the fuck alone already. When you take a fucking interest in our problems and have something intelligent to say about them, that’s the day I’ll fucking listen to you. As it stands you sound like a clueless, bored old woman still living in the 60s who wandered onto this website, saw some inflammatory words, and reacted mindlessly. You don’t have the understanding to spar with us or change our minds about anything. Go where you can discuss things you are actually knowledgeable about or shut the fuck up and learn what it is that we have to say about our own fucking lives. What a twit. Why don’t I come up and berate you about your healthcare choices? Don’t you think that’d be a bit presumptuous? Shut the fuck up.

      “For now, they feel in a position of power in the sex war – and they are exploiting it for all it’s worth.”

      They’re holding the ace, but you know what? We guys have some cards of our own and we’re learning pretty damn well how to play our hand. God help these chicks because they are setting the ROE and those rules are pretty fucking mercenary. The world they have created is dog eat dog and we men are not about to show them mercy when we gain power with them. … which, one by one, we are learning how to do.


  119. Upon reading roissy, has Anna Pasternak killed herself yet?


  120. on June 19, 2011 at 9:49 pm Miley_Cyrax

    The woman in the photo looks like psychiastrist Abigail Tylor in the Fourth Kind. Not the character Milla Jovovich plays, but the “real” Abigail Tylor. Bigger nightmare fuel than the owls, freaky facial expressions, or disgusting body contortions.


  121. on June 19, 2011 at 9:53 pm never again

    I wonder how many of these women have gone through their cougar phase, and had nothing but disdain for men their own age? And now that they’ve been pumped and dumped by all the toy-boys, they wonder why guys their own age want nothing to do with them.




  123. Looks like a recovering case of chinballitis to me.


  124. on June 19, 2011 at 10:10 pm Pro Libertate

    Every bit guilty as blamed: I’m 48, I have a 20 year younger woman. Like many men, I was rejected by women my age when I was in my 20s – not enough status and money etc. Now when I see the women I dated – or wanted to date – back then, I thank my lucky star that never happened. They aged terribly! I’d hate to be in a relationship with any of them.

    My wife is beautiful and fun and our daughter is an incredibly cute baby I can really enjoy now. I’d have been completely at a loss about how to deal with such a child in my 20s and 30s, so it looks like our genetic intelligence is spot on.


  125. That lady is ugly….
    Maybe a 65 year old beta might consider dating her, but then again she wants to chase Mr. Big.


  126. on June 19, 2011 at 10:35 pm From the can

    I read “bright, attractive, successful, fabulous women in their 40s who are single” and think “used up.” Some women just do not get it. They are the equivalent of the men bringing flowers to first dates.

    Roissy, you’ve dropped about all the science there is on attraction but only a male audience is listening (with some exceptions). Why not call up some female media like Cosmo or The View? If you cause just one woman to stay in shape, act more effeminate or get plastic surgery its as great a victory as any beta to alpha male transformation you’ve caused through this blog.


    • Naw… look what happened when the PUA’s went “mainstream”
      It’s utterly useless to change things now. Just wait for the apocalypse, shit’s gonna get interesting! Slowly but surely, men are starting to wake up. There’s gonna be a war any day now.


    • It’s feminine, not “effeminate” which describes the behavior of metrosexuals and gays. I nitpick because I like your idea.


  127. So many women seem unable or unwilling to understand the consequences of feminism, modern life, & their own idiotic choices as both individuals and as a political group.
    Females who don’t offer much seem to expect an awful lot, frequently in inverse proportion.
    That is to say, the bitchiest uggos want what even the horny, happy hotties have trouble snaring.


  128. Pro Libertate,

    You are the man.


  129. Imagine the kind of curve ball that has been tossed at women like her. I mean, for a good, solid decade she probably could rather effortlessly find an eager cock belonging to a semi-decent man at least for the night. But when the change-over began to take hold, how was she to know? She obviously does not understand how men think. But remember, for a long time she did not need to in order to get guys into her bed who would flatter her to the sky along the way to draining their balls. The fading away of her authentic hot-ness did not occur all at once.
    It all happened to her by stealth, in a way. How was she to know better if her early experience pointed the wrong way and the whole culture lies about this? It is obvious she never got any realistic advice from her “friends” and her older female relatives probably never even considered trying her life-plan and so never gained any wisdom about its unworkability.
    By contrast, a similarly deluded man her age could learn game and his nightmare might vanish like the morning mist just as hers was turning into an endless night of real horrors..

    Nancy Astor a Female M.P – at a party., “Winston Churchill, you are drunk!”
    Winston C., “Yes, Madame, I am. But in the morning I will be sober and you will still be fat and ugly.”.
    Thus was Hitler beaten when his time came. Lots of great things can happen when the right truths get weaponized


    • on June 20, 2011 at 10:04 am Some Bullshit Handle

      Rum, that is a fairly considerate POV.

      When she is looking to educate her nieces, how considerate do you think she will be of some young man’s POV?


  130. incubus,

    Women are unable or unwilling to see the consequences of feminism, modern life, and their own idiotic choices because they are women.

    Typically is was their men folk who helped them make sense of the world – the reality. Feminism ruined that.


  131. on June 20, 2011 at 12:06 am Run away... run away...

    I have seen that kind of glassy-eyed forced smile many times before, on the faces of girls with low SMV who have deluded themselves that positive thinking and a positive attitude can overcome all. These girls also tend to be some of the most positive, upbeat and engaging in conversation, but they are clearly trying too hard, and unable to see that it turns anyone with higher SMV off. As a result, they are often the most hurt, or the most butthurt when rejected. Worse than a woman scorned is the woman who has had her self delusions peeled away to expose cold, harsh reality, and still tries to deny it.


  132. “I’m enjoying a wonderful fathers day with my 3 children. Without some whiny bitch irritating us. And I managed to find time to visit my gf for a quick hour of fun. ”

    Congratulations Breeder…Fathers literally win at life! What did your gf cook you for on your special day? My daughter and I made tortillas from scratch for tripple pepper tacos (his favorite) while he took our son shooting. Glad to hear you had a great day too!

    Happy Father’s Day all you successful breeders! Hope you were all appreciated as the true Lords of the Manor you are!


  133. This isn’t enough, we need to go to war with feminism. I’m tired of old delusional hags complaining about why men don’t want them, I’m tired of watching AFCs ego-investing themselves into an ideology that castrates them, I’m tired of feminists using banal examples to fuel a thought paradigm that has been proven to be stupid over and over again, and I’m tired of watching society deteriorate because of it’s own supposedly “liberating” (but actually enslaving) ideals.


  134. on June 20, 2011 at 1:10 am thefrollickingmole

    Im by no means an Alpha, but following a few of the suggestions on this site has seen my sex life improve in my long term relationship by letting my girl know shes not overly “special”.

    My best ever move was by accident, I was so shitty with her I left the house and went for a walk for a few hours around midnight. Didnt tell her anything, left the phone behind etc. It put the fear of god in her, I think she assessed what she would lose and her relative worth if she started again.

    Im still in a mind to leave her, but it seems every time I neg her latest shit test her behaviour improves (at least for a while)

    Heres a little story of how a long term beta feels when he sees the (old) object of his devotion brought low.

    Many years ago when I was but a hatchling I had a primary school crush on a girl by the name of Susan.
    She had pigtails, freckles and a nicely developing little body with sweet, sweet tits.
    My family owned a store at the time and, being unwise in the ways of seduction sought to bribe my way into her heart. I brought her in some sweets, lollies and chips as often as she asked for them, for nearly a year.
    At the end of the year there was a school camp where most of us kids snuck off for a game of kissy.. That consisted of all us boys lining up and each of the girls coming along and kissing each of us down the line.
    I waited expectantly, having got to kiss a few of the girls for Susan to come along and give me the kiss I had been dreaming of.. Sure enough after a few of the girls came through there was my Susan, low top showing her perky little boobs, she kissed the first 5 blokes down the line then stood in front of me, I gazed at her adoringly as she said “Im not kissing you”, and proceeded to kiss all the other boys down the line.

    A week or 2 later primary school finished, we went to different high schools then.

    Fast forward 15 years….

    I go to the checkout and serving behind the counter is Susan, not the Susan of my childhood dreams but Susan the bush pig. Fat, greasy skin and hair (still in pig tails) with terrible teeth and nails. Her figure wrecked and having to rely on a menial basic wage, soul destroying drudge job to live.
    She recognized me and began to flirt in a ponderous, desperate sort of way, flipping her hair like she used to and tilting her head.
    I spoke to her for a while, she was now a single mum, 3 kids, state house in the shittiest part of town with no man on the scene.. From what I could tell shes deeply unhappy at her wasted life and weight gain, no longer attracting men is her idea of hell.

    I was evil, I shouldnt have done it, I told her how happy I was, how successful, and how my life was much, much better in my 40’s than it had ever been as a kid…

    Then I asked her for her number, just to watch the flare of hope, and, yes desire, race through her now corpulent piggy eyes.
    I threw the number away as soon as I left the store, Im happier than I could ever imagine at someone elses misery, 15 years of bile has been released… And I never knew I was carrying it until then.

    Revenge, a dish best served cold..


    • Paid back, and with interest.

      No guilt – never. You did the right thing.

      I hope she lives a long, lonely life.


  135. What part of “the perfect man is handsome and high-status and the perfect woman is good-looking and easy” don’t people get? She complains the single men are all duds as though she and her near-menopausable friends are prime catches. It’s like water – it’s highly abundant on Earth but less than 10% is fit to drink.


  136. It is posts like this that I absolutely love. I am so glad I found this blog in my 20s before I made any dumabss mistakes that will screw me over in life.

    Between her and my hand I would choose my hand. What a delusional vile pig.


    • In her delusional mind, the fact that she can afford the clothes, handbags and holidays that make her the envy of her similarly career oriented friends equates to her entitled to score that elusive man of her (delusional) dreams.

      I remember watching some very early episodes of Sex and the City where the subject matter of this thread touched on in faux interviews with men in their 30’s – 40’s.
      The writers probably soon realised that including this sort of reality check of a male perspective in the series probably alienated their main target audience and the show went on to become the fuel that powered millions Hamster Wheels across the globe.


  137. Slightly on-topic: does anyone have a copy of the infamous 1995 Jay Leno interview with Hugh Grant? I can’t find it on YouTube or anywhere else. I think NBC/Universal/GE/Comcast has the clip on lockdown.


    • That’s the one where Leno asks Grant … “What were you thinking?”

      Leno would know better, his hookers are high class and discrete.


  138. If there was more honesty in the world, tv shows, movies, women’s magazines and fashion etc aimed at women would come with a product warning along the lines of.

    “This product may lead you to have delusional thoughts about your value as a woman. Consume responsibly and with care.”


    • Yep…same reason I love watching Sex and the City but with a certain understanding that the situations are, well, somewhat unrealistic.


  139. I blame democracy itself. In democratic countries, everybody thinks that, just because they have a right to vote, they also have a right to the man/woman of their dreams. And guess what, that ain’t the case.


  140. on June 20, 2011 at 4:39 am Blush Response

    I’m kind of surprised that people aren’t seeing the symmetries here. This is essentially the genderflip of the “butthurt nice guy” who has feminists responding “You aren’t entitled to sex because you were nice to a woman”. And they’re indeed correct in saying so.

    Here, we are saying “Lady, you are not entitled to sex because of your achievements”. And again, we are quite correct in saying so.

    The truth is that our sexual impulses run in a fashion that is almost entirely contrary to the morals which our society depends upon. Perhaps that is why sex had traditionally been held so taboo.

    Of course, this raises an interesting spectre. The people priveledged by the sexual marketplace are, for the most part, pretty awful.

    The sexiest men are narcissistic sociopaths, because the Dark Triad is catnip to women.

    The sexiest women are ones who achieve nothing other than looking pretty. Because to accomplish anything else means spending your prime attractiveness years learning other skills and it reduces the pool of men who achieve attractive due to the hypergamous impulse.

    So who are the losers? Guys who have a shred of decency and women who actually bother to do something worthwhile with their lives. And they all scream into the wind through syndicated columns and blogs and it doesn’t change a thing.

    This really is the ugly truth of the sexual marketplace. The people who occupy its highest tiers, whom men and women respectively lust after, are not the very best but the very worst our species has to offer.


    • Spot on commentary.


    • This is cockamamie malarky bullshit, Blush. I don’t agree with any of this.

      Back in ancient times, men literally fought each other for an ovulating woman. The woman naturally procreated with the strongest man, the king of the hill, because it meant her offspring would have a better chance of being a strong man, too. She surely didn’t sleep with the putz you got pummel by a club and who couldn’t give her food and protection during her pregnancy.

      Today, men are unable to pummel each other into the ground, nor do we need to because food and safety are plentiful for all. Our genes still need to express themselves, and genes don’t change overnight — probably not at all in mammals at least.

      When I make a woman chase me, I am being good to her. When I doormat myself, I am being bad to her. Her inner brain (“hamster”) wants a man who, genetically speaking, is most likely to give her offspring who will be strong and willed and won’t be sleeping on her couch at 35 because of his art history major and ballet experience.

      I am not an awful man to women. I have had more than one woman say that I am god-like because of how I treat them. My attitude requires that they stay healthy, that they look pretty, that they dress feminine, that they’re demure in public and sexual beasts in private. Guess what happens when a woman follows these requirements? HER LIFE IS BETTER, outside of her relationship with me. She’s respected at work, she’s not walked all over by her friends or by vulture men. She feels good about herself and she’s confident, all because she has a guy in her life that requires that she keeps her standards high and her attitude pure.

      Anyone who thinks the sexual marketplace is ugly has no idea how good it is to be a determined and strong-willed man, or a woman who knows what is best for her.

      I am doing women a favor: I am being nice to their inner brain, to their most primal needs.


      • on June 21, 2011 at 5:42 am Blush Response

        Wait, so you thought my comments on high tier men refer to you? That’s just adorable, good work on the confidence.


  141. “This really is the ugly truth of the sexual marketplace. The people who occupy its highest tiers, whom men and women respectively lust after, are not the very best but the very worst our species has to offer.”

    That may be so, but the tiers that they occupy and temporary; particularly so for women.
    When the source of your value comes from your looks and fuckability alone, then one’s time at the top has a use by date. Most women overestimate its time of expiry , live in denial that it exists or delude themselves into thinking that they can evade it.


  142. If you’re going to link to this harridan’s articles, at least pick the most hilarious ones.


  143. on June 20, 2011 at 5:46 am Chris from Dublin

    Another great post.   I’m a fag but the same rules apply – we’re all men at the end of the day, and the Chateau is a great blog of understanding masculinity.   A good British friend of mine is 27, a boxer, a doorman and a fitness trainer.   Just like Hugh Grant, he gets sex on tap and is as open and frank and honest about it as if he were drinking water.   There is an abundance of photos of him with hot young guys wrapped around him and exactly the same smile on his face as Hugh.   Just like Hugh (allegedly) he has very bad breath (in the case of my friend from heavy smoking and a rich diet) but this has not stopped his sex life one bit – hot pussy and ass get wet for their Alpha, even a smelly Alpha. My friend’s breath is incredible – eye-watering, it reaches across the room when he enters. He’s been told repeatedly but he doesn’t give a shit – as long as the cute young asses open for his cock, he’s happy. Like the proud Alpha he is, he fucks to make himself happy. He doesn’t worry about the owner of the hole he’s entering.
    Compare to the Angry Beta.   A couple of weeks ago, in a Dublin restaurant, I got into a verbal fracas with a blousy, ugly, fat woman in her fifties who was annoying me by interrupting a conversation between me and someone else.   I got the restaurant security to threaten to remove her.   The head waiter said, in secret to me, that if I moved to another table, he’d give me my entire meal for free, and anything I wanted off the menu.   How could I refuse?   I got a free meal in a top restaurant, so I came out winning.   However, this washed up old spunkbag was accompanied by some grey, invisible guy who I think was her husband.   Either way he was a sorry specimen of a man – either he should have defended his woman or told her to shut the fuck up.   The gormless way he sat there was disgusting.   Time again I meet betas accompanied by these horrendous shrikes of women who have that terrible hypocrisy – they say they’re “It”, they’re “modern women”, but they despise (with a hatred greater than that of a rapist) these doormat men who have fallen for the misandrist bullshit.   The man gets more and more and more embarrassed and confused and the woman gets angrier and angrier and angrier – until she leaves him for some other guy who knocks shit out of her and won’t let her switch on the TV after 6pm.  
    Betas are, essentially, angry men.   Do not imagine that they are passive or gentle – usually they’re far from it.   Usually they are the worst bullies of all because they will try to take out their self-loathing on you.


    • This is very true. I picked up most of my alpha traits from one of my first business partners, a gay (very masculine) guy who I met when I was 17 through another business partner.

      Hell, I’ve had women castigate me for not replacing 2 teeth I had knocked out and not centering my jaw (majorly offset from extreme sports accidents). I don’t give two shits what they say, and I tell them that if I feel like wasting a few seconds of breath.

      Gay, straight, doesn’t matter — if you have Game, you’re getting polarized love or hate. The more natural your Game is, the more polarized the love/hate is.


      • on June 20, 2011 at 12:07 pm Some Bullshit Handle

        Is the hate because of the pre-selection?

        So, some chick sees some confident guy, but can tell that she is, basically, not good enough for him.


      • Typically the hate is because she’s projecting her own feeling of ugliness.

        When I was younger (15 years or so ago), I used to strong neg women who did that to me: “Don’t be jealous because I don’t have cellulite” — which worked, but tagged me as a jerk. I prefer to be the confident suave Casanova versus the jerk asshole. Same tingles, but better reputation = DHV from women I know or have known.

        Women project like crazy. This is why Game works. There is no other reason. A good man knows how to read women’s signals that her inner brain (“hamster”) is projecting.


      • Wow, typing from my cell makes me appear to be retarded.


      • Oh, you’re in prison; that explains a lot.


      • on June 20, 2011 at 2:31 pm Chris from Dublin

        What particularly strikes me is the look of honest joy on Hugh Grant’s face. Jack (not real name) has the same look. It’s not even lecherous or sleazy because he’s too honest and open about his love of fucking to feel even slightly self-conscious. Jack loves to fuck the way other men love to play golf or ride horses. It’s his openness that continues to get him knee deep in the best 17 yr old ass when he wants it. He also plays the lads off each other – he can’t fuck lad 1 tonight because he’s fucking boy 2 and so on.

        As already said – he’s a very nice man. He’s got a great body, very rugged face, he’s a great boxer. He’s even such a good sport he’s not even shy or self-conscious when his mates make jokes about his permanently rotten breath. (Altho he’d not get away with it in the US. That’s Brits … !) He farts openly and in public and refuses to apologise or be embarrassed. He’s my hero.

        Compare to the bitter, angry, self-loathing betas we’ve all met …


  144. Jeez, what a horse-face.
    She should be happy she found someone at all in her youth ti impregnate her.
    When the nose wasn´t that long and the elbow like chin with the barbarian jaw still kinda blended into the teen/tween cuteness.

    God, ugly British broads really are fugly.


  145. Is this the female equivalent of a guy not having game/being AFC?


  146. I’ve been practicing “game” for about 5 months now. By practicing, I mean I’ve focused on changing my mindset/appearance/attitude before going up to any woman. I wear lifts since i’m short (5’5). I’ve whitened my teeth. Started working out. I read Roissy religiously. But the biggest change is that I stopped feeling sorry for myself-it was hard at first but I opted to “fake it till I make it”. I’m an avg. looking guy w/ a decent career and good prospects, so that’s not a terrible starting point-I’ve got enough to live how I want and make no apologies for it.

    so far i’ve noticed 3 things

    1: i’m having a much easier time talking to women, no matter how they look. Whereas before I would be intimidated by anything over an 8, I now routinely open 9s-even in groups. I find that 90% of the women I meet are very approachable, and that helps with the confidence. It’s common sense. You say hello, act like you own the place, and she’ll likely follow along until she’s got reason not to. They’re human beings, after all.

    2: My closing stats are shyt. For every 20 approaches I’ll hook up with maybe 1 or 2, and get friendzoned our outright rejected with the rest. While opening is easy, I find it difficult to get them in the sack, or to convey that sleeping w/ them is my goal after we exchange numbers. I don’t know what else to do short of blurt it out. I’ve had women tell me i’m too aggressive, and then others tell me they had no idea I was hitting on them when I make a move. It’s quite ridiculous, really-the level of calibration this game requires. I’m either a bull in a china shop or a mosquito. Compounding my problems is the fact that I don’t drink, which makes women hesitant to loosen up or drink themselves when we’re out.

    3: I’m quite terrible with shyt tests. In the past 3 weeks I’ve hurt one’s feelings, pissed off another with what she took to be a sarcastic/ condescending remark, and got read the riot act for being “an a-hole”, Once you have to get on the defensive it’s pretty much over.

    I’m thankful for the fruit I’ve been able to bear so far-and I CERTAINLY don’t want to go back to the loser who never got anywhere before. But I ain’t exactly on my way to being Hugh Grant either.

    so here are my questions;

    1- how do you keep it light with a chick who’s intent on talking to you about serious (serious as in you’re friendzoned the minute you act supportive) things? Or do you have to blow her off?

    2-can you seduce without the use of alcohol?

    3-if one girl in a group rejects you, how feasible is it to try for another in that same group?

    4-once you’re friendzoned, do you blow her off? or can you use her as a conduit to potentially hooking up with her friends?

    5-why do women tell you they have a boyfriend but give you their number anyway? Is that a waste of your time?

    6-if a chick tells you upfront she’s looking for a relationship, do you have to lie to her to keep it going? or are you obligated to immediately toss her aside to prevent blowback?

    7-Although I can approach women in clubs and social events, once in a while i’ll see an absolute stunner in the street. Are they normally open to meeting random guys in the street? my female friends ALL unanimously say they reject any stranger who approaches that way. But I wonder what you battle tested vets say?

    8-Some people suggest I approach more 5s and 6s to up my closing %, although they don’t do it for me. Do you recommend gaming avg.-below avg. women even if you’re not happy w/ that?

    9-do you have to be “on” all the time every time? sometimes I don’t really feel like a smart a$$ response and want to be genuine. but then I remember where I end up with that and forge ahead. But it feels like I’m talking to mannequins all the time. Or is there no room for relating and real discussion at all when you’re gaming?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Keep up the good work


    • Being short is a problem, but not a deal breaker. I’m 5’8″ and don’t wear lifts. What I did is lose a ton of weight (go paleo/primal) and now that I’m starting to do some exercise, my body is getting that inverted triangle shape. I do get my shirts tailored (nothing fits) and wear proper pants for my size, and most women I date (plus friends) are surprised I’m only 5’8″. Maximize your body profile to appear taller, and don’t slouch.

      To answer your questions:

      1. Don’t talk serious to women you’re not getting something out of ALREADY. The 2:3 rule applies here, but I prefer the 1:3 rule: talk serious 1 time out of 3 times you’re getting what you want. When I get into serious discussions with women I’m having sex with, I shut it off quickly by saying “Hey, we’re getting into girlfriend territory here, and I am not your fucking girlfriend. Are you following me out to have a good time, or are you staying here and being a downer?” Don’t take shit from women. Don’t.

      2. I never seduce with alcohol. Never. Seduction comes from women chasing and not winning. Give them reason to chase.

      3. I get rejected by women constantly in groups, I just point out that they’re flawed to the other girls and someone in the group typically will cling on to me. Nothing is better for SMV and DHV than making women laugh at the bitch in the group.

      4. If I am friendzoned, I treat her like a friend. I rarely respond to her texts, I see her no more than once a month (and only if she’s smoking hot), and I make her wonder if she fucked up by friendzoning me. MOST of my hot gal pals are in the friend zone because I lost interest, not the other way around, but I will never throw away a hot gal who can help raise my SMV in public. I just treat her like shit and see how often she comes back for more.

      5. Who knows, it’s a shit test (or as I call it, a testosterone test). Don’t let it faze you. If a woman tells me she has a boyfriend, I just put the strong will on and ignore the comment. Sometimes I’ll say “Mmhmm, let’s have that number.” Easy enough.

      6. “Isn’t everyone?” That’s my response to that malarky.

      7. I always talk to hot women on the street. Always. I fail WAY more than I get a number, but who gives a shit? My armor is bulletproof BECAUSE of all the bullets I’ve dodged, but I’ve always entered the war. Hot women anywhere are good to practice on. Practice, brother.

      8. I never game 5s. I’ll game 6s if they appear to be fun gals. Nothing wrong with an average gal if she has above average stats elsewhere (say, horseface with a hot bod, or beautiful face with an average bod). I typically prefer 7s and 9s over 6s, 8s or 10s.

      9. You relate to your guy friends when they need you. You relate to your employees when they need you. You don’t relate to people who are competing with you (boss, coworker, women). It’s not that I’m always on, I’m just never off.

      I had a major fail this weekend (invited someone over to my place who has shunned me in the past) and didn’t get anywhere with me, but I was still on and I could tell her hamster was squeaking even though “she has a boyfriend.” Was it a failure, for real? No, because I was’t off at all and I still got my ego stroked. Not my fault she has muddy shoes.


    • Just my take. I’m not the tallest guy in the world (5’8″) so this may be relevant in that way. If you’re a shorter guy, odds are that you’ve been conditioned (more than most in this society, which is saying something) to be beta.

      1- I’m very much interested in serious topics (civilizational decline, music theory, etc.) BUT in a social atmosphere, there’s a way to talk about even those things in a light way. “Keep it light.” The evening is your playground. The coffee shop is your playground. You mentioned that you find yourself offering “support.” To be avoided. There are ways to lead a conversation – to positively reenforce certain enticing conversation topics, and reply in a minimal way to others. If I’m talking with a girl I recently met, and she mentions her ex-boyfriend or her battle with depression, I make damn well sure to not become her on-the-spot therapist. It’s honestly not fair to me. It doesn’t mean you don’t have empathy for her plight, just that you value you own time and enjoyment. To really offer support, be her pillar, not her girlfriend.

      2- Yes. In fact, by being sober, you have more of a natural air of control (which begins with self-control), especially in the context of a drunk environment. For whatever reason, I’ve often consummated things while the girl and I were both sober. That said, I do benefit from the IQ-shaving effects of drinking, so you might want to try to act slightly less sharp just to get along with those who are drinking.

      3 – Not feasible. That’s why it’s good to hold back overt signs of affection while you assess the environment. One can only realistically get with one girl in a group of close friends, which is why it’s important to make your move wisely. Certain things are irreversible, but fortunately, this is a populous planet. Maybe some hyper-game people would disagree, but that’s how it’s been for me.

      4 – No need to burn bridges, but never let yourself get strung along in a social dynamic that you don’t appreciate. So yeah, that would probably mean to blow her off, but still be positive-yet-aloof if you run into her.

      5 – Never had that happen personally. Were you insisting on the number? Was the fact that she had a boyfriend an unavoidable reality that had to be mentioned (i.e. he was about to show up to the party)? If she mentioned that she had a boyfriend but all other signs are pointing to her being all tingly for you, just roll forward with it. His days are numbered.

      6 – Any relationship is a moment-by-moment thing. You can keep things going as long as you enjoy them. No need to tell her some elaborate lie about wanting a relationship (though perhaps you at heart do want one?), which is where the positive aloofness comes in. Certainly you want it implied that there would be downsides to you in entering a relationship, so she has to work for it.

      7 – Not enough of a battle-tested vet. I don’t pick up girls on the sidewalk.

      8 – Don’t know. I just think it’s important to always know in your heart of hearts that you don’t need “woman.”

      9 – You do have to be on all the time, at least while getting a woman to fall for you. You must let yourself enjoy the flirtation/seduction process. Sounds like it’s a bit of a chore for you sometimes. Doesn’t mean you can’t leave the house unless you’re alpha’d out, just that you should expect to be fairly invisible when doing so. It is possible to have a conversation with a girl where real ideas are being exchanged, albeit in a roundabout, emotionally titillating way. If I want to find out what a girl thinks of X important subject, I’ll find out, but it’s still a playful game-mode conversation (i.e. “you should be glad to have my powerful but potentially fleeting attentions”). When I look back on some great relationships I’ve had, ones where the communication was gratifying, that was where I was really gaming hard at the outset (consciously or not, often not), and where I was always alpha enough in the relationship to turn on my gaming behavior at any time. I have dated some ball-busting beauties who wore me down with their endless shit-testing, though. Fucking feminists. With all due respect. I regret letting them make me think that THEY wanted me to be a friend more than a lover. They didn’t consciously know what they wanted, but I guarantee you they wanted me to remain the dashing gentleman who seduced them.


  147. From the Instapundit, the Second Wives Club is against alimony (first wives are now forcing second, younger, wives to help pay the alimony especially since family court judges are factoring in the 2nd wife’s income to determine adjustable alimony amounts):


  148. Who’s got details on the Supreme Court’s decision today in favor of Walmart in the sex discrimination case? This is a good day in the fight against feminism.

    I hear that Obama’s new justices took the feminist side (the losing side unless he gets a second term and another such case comes up) but I also heard that the decision to block the class action against Walmart (all women vs Walmart instead of specific plaintiffs vs Walmart) was unanimous. Or am I wrong on that?

    As usual, the MSM won’t go into such details as if readers are all 6 years old and wouldn’t care to know how the specific justices voted. In my opinion, the main reason to vote for one US presidential candidate over another is the effect it will have on the Supreme Court.


    • My uber-feminist lawyer sister was involved in this case, as clerk for a 9th circuit justice. Looking forward to hearing her response. As the song goes: Today was a good day.


  149. She’s a fugly grandma.


  150. I will bet a hundred bucks to any takers that the NOW will be protesting outside the Supreme Court with a crowd of sexual discrimination/harassment “victims” before sunset today. The photos of the protest will plaster the MSM tomorrow.

    Predictability is the NOW (and the American media’s) middle name.


  151. there is no question that the natural “fading” (like a flower I suppose) happens to both men and women

    men age like wine, women age like milk.


  152. on June 20, 2011 at 12:32 pm A French guy living in CA

    This kind of shit can only can come from the UK. Have you seen the poor piss condition of British women lately? They are nothing but a collection of fat, nagging, entitled bitches who live in a self delution world. Any woman from the rest of Europe is a better deal, and that says a lot. And yes, I am a French, and I hate the Britons! LOL!


    • Q:

      why are French streets lined with trees?

      A: So German soldiers can march in the shade.


      • Q: Why are English streets lined with trees?
        A: So Pakis can pimp out English teenage girls in the shade.

        “It’s a good thing we won the war, or else we’d all be speaking German right now. Herp derp.”

        – English pensioner who has just lost his bed in a care home because some Paki slag somewhere just popped out her 20th little Mohammed that needs to be fed.


      • Today is the 70th anniversary of Operation Barbarossa


  153. funny timing. over the weekend this 40-something year old divorced woman i know announces her engagement to her boyfriend of four months, a 30 year old cop.

    would anybody like to take a guess at where this marriage is heading?

    (no peeking at the tramp stamp she’s trying to hide, that’s cheating.)


  154. Reading Siobhan, I now know what tinnitus would look like if you could put it in text form.

    Anyway, ugly old women do not have a prayer in husband shopping. Is that fair or right? Probably not, but it is a reality that cannot be denied.

    If women insist on frittering away the glow of youth gambling in the alpha casino, let them.

    But when their purse is empty, they should expect to hitchhike home, rather than be driven home in a limo.

    Spend your brief window of attractiveness carefully, gals. Most guys want to screw you. Very few want to marry you. That will become more evident as you age.


  155. on June 20, 2011 at 1:25 pm Rollo Tomassi

    At an outing with a group of mid-thirties ‘girlfriends’:

    HER: “I just don’t understand it, men just suck these days. Maybe things are different in this era, no guys seem to know how to be gentlemen anymore. They wont man-up and settle down. Rollo, what happened to all the nice men?”

    ROLLO: “They’re where you left them, back in your 20s.”


  156. Siobhan get ugly too…and some of their penises shrivel up like bacon….Did your mother beat you or something? You sound like a total asshole..I believe in truth..but you sound arrogant and to most women, that’s a repulsive trait….bet you don’t get laid often…they shrivel up from lack of use..I suggest you get whacking.

    I thought ugly old fat broads loved bacon? And bacon, combined with an old woman’s liver spots makes for a meat-lovers-special.

    As far as being an asshole, so what if I am? The femtards have not made that illegal yet, and therefore I proudly luxuriate in one of the most enjoyable of male avocations.

    Too bad assholery doesn’t come in womens’ sizes – you’d like it – you really would. But when women try to wear the mantle of male assholery, it never fits quite right, and is unattractive. So its best for the ladies to stay in something that fits them better. Like sweetness.

    Try smiling a lot more, for starters. Maybe caress my bicep while making that cute ducklip face – that’s always a winner. A coquettish tilt of the head would not go amiss either.

    We often tell the ladies “you’re beautiful when you’re angry”. Which is true, but the unspoken caveat is that it’s true only if you’re also beautiful when you’re not angry.

    Just sayin.


  157. on June 20, 2011 at 2:47 pm Justin Bieber

    This is so far my favourite article on this website, and I’ve read hundreds.

    I’m considering sending this to my ex.

    All women should read this article – they should know that the designaters of high value in men do not apply for women.


  158. hertiste

    Hugh Grant, middle-aged alpha male, canoodles with one two seven college coeds.

    That gol ‘durned Mystery
    making me read about stacks, A1 & A3
    When he SHOULDA taught me about
    being English, handsome, famous and taking acting lessons.


  159. Yeah, so let’s sum it up…

    When a woman can’t find a man, it’s the fault of all the men out there. Yeah, that’s the ticket… OK, back to reality.

    Either the woman has a serious personality issue, or the woman has been blowing off potential partners and ending relationships for 20 years, and then after blowing off relationships dozens of times, she wants to complain that those men are no longer at her beck and call. Any woman who thinks this way is in no way, shape or form desirable to any man out there. I hate to break it to the lady, but a relationship is a two-way street, and if you want to land a desirable man, he’s not gonna land in yer lap when you snap your fingers. If you’ve spent the better part of forty years blowing off any desirable man that headed your way, then you better believe it’s gonna get harder to find one, because they’ve all moved on with their lives.


  160. One of the things little recognized outside of the Roissysphere… such high achieving women are often cunts. I’m not intimidated by them: I’m repelled.
    Example: I went on a date with a lady CEO entrepreneur type who … text messaged her partner on her iphone while on a date, and was surprised when I left without trying to nail her or even giving her a smooch down. Yeah, whatever: there were ways to “appear alpha” or jack up my game or whatever; none of these things were necessary -she made it clear she wanted dong, stat. I couldn’t figure out a reason why to bother getting a boner.


    • What is really frightening about that article is the comments: 99% of them are from people who don’t understand that 16 is still legal almost everywhere. And more than 50% of the comments used the word “disgusting” when, if she were actually good looking, it most certainly would not be.

      Americans are the most intolerant, feminized people on Earth.

      The only thing strange about this coupling is that he’s too good looking for her. If she looks that old at 16, she will age way too fast.


    • Nope
      god doesn’t put a ring on it
      he nails another one

      Don’t you people payattention here?

      When they divorce
      take a wild guess WHO gets soaked.


  161. […] Unfortunately, all too many women don’t outgrow their liberal arts stage as evidenced by the extreme example of contemporary feminists and career women who don’t understand why they’re single. […]


  162. on June 20, 2011 at 6:40 pm Obstinance Works

    That guy looks like me kinda, except my chicks are hotter.


  163. I have to thank women like this. Really, I do. When I ended up divorced at over 50 I assumed that if I was able to get anyone, it would be someone in her 50s or maybe her 40s. I went out alot but was surprised at how picky and nasty these older women were. Granted, I didn’t think I was an Alpha but between a good job, 6-figure income, intelligence, and being a “nice guy” I thought I’d have no problem getting them. But it didn’t work out that way. Coincidentally, I started dating a couple of 30-somethings, then even a couple of 20-somethings and had a bit of success.

    Now my batting average is still not that great but when I looked at it I realized I was doing just as well with the 20 and 30-somethings than I was with the 50-somethings. So now I focus on the younger ones almost exclusively.

    Why do I thank this type of woman? Because if the members of her ilk had given it up to me easily and often, I would have settled, never realizing that there are younger and hotter ones for me to have. Life now is getting better all the time. Much better!


  164. Just another “it’s their fault” shout out by a woman who made some big wrong choices. If she had only read Roissy before she got knocked up by a “younger man.” What the hell was she thinking? He would stay with her? Then she criticizes men who chase younger women? Christ, the guy probably thought she was on birth control. Arrgh.. The bile doth rise.

    I thought it was interesting that she feels things are worse in Britain than in the USA. Men in the USA, unmarried, are viewed more unfavorably in the USA than in Britain, she claimed. I guess the grass is always greener elsewhere.

    We all know the real problem. These women are all about what makes them happy, and nothing about what makes a man happy. Me, me, me. Pathetic, it was. I am so wonderful I want a wonderful guy who will be just about perfect. She will reject any man that would have her because he doesn’t met her high standards. The princess syndrome seems to last at least into the menopause.

    These women are worth our attention only for what they can teach us about the female mind.

    Unpleasant, huh?

    Well, to leave you with a happy thought. Instead of being concerned with the likes of that woman, recently while enjoying a pleasant “private” room with a favorite stripper, we composed a short poem. I just fed her the first line and helped out, but she wrote most of it.

    There once was a stripper named Ann,
    Who liked to dance on a man.
    She would get up on top
    And just wouldn’t stop
    Until he got up and ran.

    Some people are just creative.

    Happy Father’s Day! (And don’t let the B.S. get you down.)


  165. which university it that? so many cute girls!


  166. on June 20, 2011 at 9:00 pm Beautiful Truths Ignored

    “You will never see this kind of blissed-out look on the faces of men married for years to the same aging wives.”

    Wrong again.

    I see an even more blissful expression on my father’s face when he holds his smiling baby grandson in his arms – a grandson who never would have existed if he had taken your advice as a young man, instead of settling down and getting married.

    [Editor: Wrong comparison. Does he get that same blissed-out look gazing at his aging wife? Simons SAYS… most husbands don’t.]

    Libertarianism is often (justly) mocked as the Marxism of the Right.

    Ask yourself – is the Chateau the Feminism of the Right?

    [Only to those without the eyes to see.]


    • BRA-VO. You can just hear the withered prunes bleating and mooing.


    • In the comments there are women explaining how “archaic” “outdated” laws that were “written in a time when people didn’t expect to live long and so got married earlier” need to “of course, be changed” to “reflect our modern culture”.

      In response to comments that say “in other countries this is normal” there are older women commenters who really believe it when they reply “no, it’s not normal unless the girl is being used as a slave”.

      They are 100% convinced that they are right and America is following the progressive path of justice for all.

      What this says is that the trend in raising the Age of Consent will continue unless the men’s movement or the Roissysphere meme goes mainstream on the issue and more White Knighters are converted (slapped up the side of the head and told to wake up).

      There were only two comments that remarked how most of the women saying “Ewww” would be perfectly fine with two gay men porking each other and marrying. But both of those comments were from White Knighters who also felt the 51 year old actor should be shot and killed for this.

      The most depressing are the comments from early twenties American women who write ‘eww” all over the place. That kind of arrogant misandry from presumably sexually attractive young women isn’t present outside the anglosphere even if a sizable percentage of young foreign women are not OK with dating older men themselves.

      I didn’t bother commenting at all there.


      • The bottom line as seen from the hysterical comments is that, in America, it is far far better (more socially acceptable) for two men to have sex than for a man over 35 to have sex with a woman under 20.

        And to think I actually served that country militarily.


    • she looks more like 26

      good lad tho still


  167. Manjawed 40-something career woman asks.. “Where are all the good men?”

    Answer: Back in your 20s where you left them.


  168. These women are all about what makes them happy,

    These womyn can be happy that without the burden of men in their lives, they will have plenty of time to eat-pray-love.


  169. hahaha! blame the men. not the fact that she’s ugly.
    run hamster! run!


  170. forgot to post my name. that’s my post above this one.


  171. Is that David Coulthard in drag?


  172. She looks more like a transvestite to me.


  173. The shot of Hugh looks mega-photoshopped.


  174. I speak of grim truths… a married woman’s best fate when she lurches into her 30’s is to have many children, become a lovely adoring wife, sexually open and a good friend to her husband… While fighting the unwinnable war against the ravages of aging with all the vigor she can summon.. Make marriage golden handcuffs. Because, despite what her divorce lawyer and jealous friends tell her, her fate outside of marriage will be more hellish than she could ever imagine. “Trading up” is a nearly insurmountable task for her but cake for her dumped hubby. There will be hordes of 20-somethings who know that divorced men are best because they marry and aren’t bachelors to the bitter end.


    • While I don’t disagree regarding the dating prospects of a 30+ divorced woman with kids, what makes you think its any better for divorced single dads in their 30s? I’m not trying to be argumentative. As a 34 year old divorced dad of two, I would love to know how to succeed with younger women. I’m relatively successful and not bad looking, but I’ve had girls literally walk away mid-conversation upon learning of my divorced w/ kids status. What are the keys to divorced with kids game for men?


      • Friend–married/divorced, kids/no kids–you don’t need special game, just good old fashioned game. Own your shit. Age (and its rightful companions, wisdom and accomplishment) is the highest DHV. Laugh at girls who ask how old you are and say “Why, do you have a limit little girl?”

        Not all hot 20-year olds will be into older guys but most will, and some just don’t know it. Roissy has a couple posts on it but just generally: 1) don’t be needy! 2) act your age 3) talk down to her in terms of her experience. 3) bears elaboration…

        Regardless of how you first create attraction, you want to pull her into a polarized frame where you are the Major and she is the Minor (not literally a minor. ha ha.). Don’t be her buddy. Talk about being a “man” vs. all the “boys” she’s previously been dating. Let her be your sidekick and make fun of her lack of experience. Disorient her by bringing her into YOUR world–take her to an opening or on your friend’s boat. Most of all, bring her into the frame of YOU as her gateway to new, mature experience. I like to tell girls that I’m their Sex Coach, as I drop gems of Roissy wisdom that keep their heads spinning and their ‘ginas tingling.

        Read posts by A.B. Dada and Gorbachev on this site, too.

        Oh, and fuck their brains out.


      • @Sidewinder

        What happened to your marriage?! This past September I helped you get a date with Church Girl but I never implied that this should destroy the mainstay in the harem your nature was calling you to build (your marriage).

        In contrast, my LT relationship with my 26 year old “wife” is as strong as ever because I’ve been very discrete about the existence of other MLTR members and because I practice Vulnerability Game with her (on-off beta activity like giving her flowers and full attention when I’m with her).

        From what I remember, you were way too honest with the wife. Right? Explain pls what went down since September. What is your Child Support bill monthly going to be?

        Will there be alimony? (See

        What happened to Church Girl? Is she still loyal to hubby? Did you even kiss her?

        What about Starbucks? Some of us gave you live advice on how to open two 19 year olds and you were doing well with them until an older female professor broke it up. You’re tall and good looking and your biggest problem right now should be in avoiding getting caught up in your state’s age of consent laws (a 17 year old female would gladly sleep with a 34 year old male who is 6’2″ like I remember you describing yourself as – this would be one year before they take their first Women’s Studies Course).

        It’s your confidence that is your biggest hurdle.

        I didn’t know that telling a woman you have kids is a turn-off. Is it because they are seeing that you’ll be losing monthly income?

        I guess you can’t tell women your wife died. That is a turn on for women, however.

        Give this forum more of a running commentary pls. Your situation is interesting.


        Great comment. Note that Gorby doesn’t date women in their early 20s or late teens, which I know will be Sidewinder’s targets (I think Church Girl was 25). Gorby has described himself as less tall and good looking than Sidewinder as well as being about five years older (age doesn’t matter as much as height and looks). Gorby’s great advice has been largely along the lines of keeping a late twenties girlfriend who seems to be “out of his league” and more than ten years younger but still not all that young.
        Sidewinder will be wanting to learn how to open/meet younger women and get past the first lay/date, etc. ABD would be more appropriate for that, but his super alpha game alone may not be for beginners. I use ABD’s advice in a mixture with the advice of others like Roosh, etc (plus my own experience which knows what works for me – one cannot ignore one’s own positive feedback loop).

        Xsplat and Silver Fox, among others, would be great advisers to Sidewinder as well IMO. Both are older than 42 and date with 20+ year age differences.

        Only Xsplat seems to be familiar with the art of arranging foursomes and fivesomes and the fact that young women these days can be more perverted than anyone on this forum could ever imagine being (all you have to do is ask some women if they and their friends would be willing to do a group activity). Xsplat has had a huge influence on this forum.


      • Jerry,

        Couple things: I’m just under 6 foot, not 6′ 2″. I’m in the best shape of my life and fairly muscular, but naturally slim (160 lbs). I’m balding, have a big head, attractive face. All things considered, I’d probably say my looks are a 7? I think probably a non-factor for most girls. Not natural alpha good looking, but not unattractive. Personality-wise, I’ve always been pretty dominant as the oldest of 3 brothers. I have a good career/income, and a good professional reputation in town. I’m not shy in opening or talking with girls, but I do need to work on closing. I need to work on non-awkward transitions to get phone numbers.

        Re my marriage and church girl. I’m not going to comment other than saying that I did not want the divorce and church girl and I do not talk or see each other in any capacity. I no longer attend that church. However, truth be told, my wife was emotionally checking out of the marriage long before any of that. Having had time and lots of counseling to put things in perspective, church girl was a really an act of desperation on my part to connect with another person. My ex-wife has legitimate mental health issues that I suffered through for a long time. Although my wife and I rarely fought, and had great sex, there was no mental/emotional connection whatsoever as a result of her inability to engage and communicate. I knew there was mutual attaction with the church girl for a long time. I just got so lonely at one point that instead of my usual polite “good morning, how are you?”, I opened her after church on a Sunday my wife wasn’t there. I’m not particularly proud of that episode and now that I’m single again, I’m leaving that in the past.

        Regarding my dating prospects, i’m not too concerned with my age. I agree that I do need to work on my confidence. The big hurdle with a lot of younger girls is going to be my kids. They are 2 and 7, and I have custody of them 50% of the time. 3-4 days a week I am actively caring for my kids. The one silver lining is that I do feel that I am a top candidate for hot divorced women with kids. Women that I could not pull if we were both single w/o kids. I imagine that within my social group, my name would be the first that would come up if any divorced woman were asking about available men. But like my ex-wife, a lot of hot divorced women are divorced for a reason.


      • @Jerry, thanks for the props! I’m new to this board but not to the game: i’m 41y.o., with a gorgeous 5-yr old son and an alcoholic slag of a lawyer wife.

        After the first time I had to get my own apt., I rediscovered the game I once had 13 years ago when I first met my wife who was modeling and hosting cable television shows at the time. I’m not technically divorced but I get as much action as any of the single guys I know.

        The fights with my wife and her drunken binges left me in a daze. I started prowling just to keep my sanity, to try to find a sympathetic ear. But after lying to girls about my age, my marital status and my intentions, one night this young caterer saw the child seat in my car and asked me if I was married on the way to a bar. I said “That’s right honey, and I’m the best goddamn father in the world.” as I glared a little wildly into her eyes.

        Needless to say she rode me that night in the car before I dropped her off at the house where she was living with her

        I understand your tentativeness and your battered ego. But you will have to suck it up in order to be the father to your kids you’d like to be.

        One thing massively in your favor is this: game gives you the liquidity to convert your vast pool of experiential assets into sexual currency. The older the guy, the bigger the pool; the more successful, the deeper the pool as well.

        Maintain all the elements of normal game: show amused mastery, look your best, juggle several women. Be cool, be fun, dress stylishly but ultimately, at the threshold of sexual escalation, always highlight rather than de-emphasize the asset of your experience and your masculine insight.

        It can be as simple as calling her “kiddo.”

        It can be as obvious as cold reading her with “You act out because you don’t think any guy can handle you. But inside you just want a real man who’ll put you in your place and make you feel safe. If I’m wrong I’ll drink…”

        It can be as romantic as telling her the story of your first time fucking an older woman and wanting to share with her the secrets of how to please a man. If she has a BF, even better! Then all three of you benefit. Trust me, she’ll see it your way if you persist (without being needy, of course).

        It can be as sneaky as taking her somewhere unexpectedly formal so she’s under-dressed. Maybe abandoning her for a while. Then not once mentioning it but hinting that all the guys were checking her out as you bang her that night and you make her call you “Daddy.”

        Every co-ed wants to bang their teacher. You did, didn’t you? Be the real-life Sex Ed teacher that she’s yearning for…!


  175. CORRECTION: No “hot,”–and I’m not talking about the last-minute scrap last-call bar sluts you all fuck with your “alphaness”–I’m talking so far out of your fucking league hot and credentialed that such women are in space compared to you –will ever be into ANY of you wanna-be assholes. None of you would ever have a shot with me, but I guarantee you’d hit on me if you could (and then, of course, when I reject you because you’re fugly and an asshole, you’ll come whining about all how women are bitches and have “bitch shields” because surprise! no one wants to sleep with a tubby loser who’s miserable–including yourselves.) You all come on here talking so f*cking big, but guess what, if you were HALF the man you say you all are you wouldn’t be voraciously following this blog like some beady-eyed little fat kid who’s jut been given an pound of ice cream. A real man wouldn’t need to validate his own dick by putting down some hapless woman who happened to write about the trouble she’s having finding a date–the same fucking thing you are all doing. Oh, but guess what? She does it with dignity and class.

    And when I don’t address your responses to this comment, that’s because silence is my comment because you’re all a) too stupid to understand the nature of this comment b) you’ll respond to this comment with some dumb, indirect statement that’s like a neg and then you will jack off to your perceive victory at my supposed bafflement. c) you’ll irrelevantly engage one fraction of something I’ve said d) you’ll attack my looks, my age, call me a fattie or a troll

    And none of matters because I know I’m hot, and I have so much more going for me than any of you oldies will ever have.

    NB: For all the actually nice guys who read this blog, this comment does not apply to you.

    Someone who will reject you


    • i’m a nice guy will you be my girlfriend?


    • detoxx fiat cocka butthex


    • @Anonymous

      You’re missing the point, again.

      If it makes you feel better, two years ago the bulk of this blog’s commenters were younger guys who wouldn’t give a damn one way or the other about this woman’s continued longing for a man her own age. That was because, two years ago, a lot of the young PUAs here were assuming, like her, that it’s natural to basically date in your own age group. They may have even responded to this 40 something woman’s plight by saying that maybe she was having a dating problem because “too many older guys have no game and can’t impress her like they should”.

      They’d have agreed with her. They would have been disgusted at the idea of a forty something male competing with them for the hot women in their late teens and early twenties. They felt like their own age group was their territory and didn’t want interlopers from older generations.

      And they would fly off the handle at the idea (threat) that an older guy might pry a hottie away from them using an unfair tactic like money, the discussion of which was, even 9 months ago, seriously against the rules of the comment section here (and mostly still is).

      But the commentariat has gotten older on average, but still retained its youthful readership, as the host has barraged readers with essays that show that the different aging speed between men and women make it so everything about dating, including the age difference, will need to be very unequal.

      Younger guys here have caught on that, when they’re as young as 25 the feminists will be calling them sex offenders for trying to get with legal 17 year olds. Younger guys are catching on that this “you’re too old” meme from the feminists will starting biting them in the dick early and often.

      Now you might ask what Anna has done that deserves derision from intellectuals. Here is what she did:

      1 – She attempted to use major media, a top British newspaper, to make/underscore the wild assumption that society should expect people to date their own age and that men who don’t buy into that are “immature” and need to be shamed. That newspaper only allowed one comment under her article that disagreed with this point of view.

      2 – While doing this, she showed complete ignorance of her own fallen SMV and insulted men in their 60s who might give her a chance. One can say that the men here are doing a public service announcement to all younger women not to follow this woman’s mistaken path of dating one’s own age.

      3 – She propagated the wildly stupid feminist idea that men would be sexually attracted to a woman because of where she goes on vacation, what school she went to or what she has accomplished in a career or how much money she has. While I would agree that being interesting and fun to talk with is a huge plus for smart men who are dying to finally hang out with an intelligent woman after sleeping with bimbos, it’s still only worth 1 point on a 10 scale of attractiveness (used to put a measurement on attraction – there is nothing intellectually wrong with trying to quantify attraction).

      4 – Although half the men here would agree with her on this, and she didn’t directly say this, but she’s implying that monogamy is the norm and that a good man her age would give up all younger women forever, in order to be with her.

      If she’d said she’d like to be at least a part of a man’s harem, that she could contribute to a household with her income and could organize the labor efforts of younger harem members, that might have gotten some interest from powerful British men.

      Again, the men here were doing a public service announcement to women such as yourself to consider taking a different attitude than Anna and from an earlier age.

      If you’re still in college, stop studying and start looking for a rich beta in his thirties who will get “one itis” for you. Then stay loyal to him. If you’re older and still hot, find a guy more than 10 years older and get him to fall in love with you.

      That’s good advice if you’ll take it.


    • You’re so sweet… so decided to peer into my crystal ball on your behalf, several decades ahead. And it’s true–I can confirm that you have there in that time some wonderful, fulfilling relationships.

      With 11 cats.


    • Oh noez. Looks like Pasternak has joined Anonymous.


    • “so far out of your fucking league hot and credentialed”


      Wallah, what a train wreck.


      • on June 22, 2011 at 9:30 am Some Bullshit Handle

        The timing is sorta perfect. I was trying to ask AB Dada about “Credentialism” and this is exactly what I was trying to get to.

        Regardless of how “Credentialed” she may be, how much would you want to bet that those Credentials are not in anything that would produce concrete skills.


      • I also found the “credentialed” adjective to be the most interesting part of her post. While some degree of the female fascination/obsession with credentials can be explained as projecting onto themselves what they find desirable in men, I think there’s more to it than that. Not all, but a sizeable percentage of intelligent women become obsessed with their school or work. Maybe its just self-centeredness, but many women place their “career” to such a high level of importance that it almost becomes the primary component of their identity. Having read a good deal of marriage therapy literature the past year, some therapists have classified this female career obsession as a form of infidelity to the family and marrage. And its no coincidence that the vast majority of female infidelity takes place in connection with her workplace.

        I wonder if in addition to projection, this obsession stems from an unconscious recognition of their declining attractiveness. Its like the 40 year old women at the gym: while they know that men aren’t especially attracted to muscular, hard-bodied women, its really the best option for them considering the alternative of sagging cellulite. Maybe girls latch on to school and work in their 20s because they feel its the only thing they can do to try to mitigate their inevitable declining looks as they approach their 30s and 40s.


      • on June 22, 2011 at 11:07 am Some Bullshit Handle

        Women latch onto credentials for the same reason that religious people latch onto religion.

        Again, you will notice how few of these women ever get any credentials in something that would certify useful skills (i.e. Math, Engineering, Physics, almost any hard science, etc).

        If it wasn’t for the Girl Scout Merit Badges Credentials, how would they be able to measure any success? If they measured success by having and raising a family, well, why the fuck go to college and get a “career” as an HR Rep, or Leasing Agent, or Buying Manager? If some girl did that, she would be using up her most energetic and fertile years.

        And, if they do become a Leasing Agent without any credentials, well, how “successful” would you rate them?

        So, for the masses, we have credentials. Again, PC is the new religion, and credentials are a big part of our modern PC culture.


  176. What happens to women as they age is just horrible. They gradually stop becoming attractive to ANY man at all, not just to men their own age. Meanwhile, those men are as attractive or MORE attractive than they used to be. This is just crushingly, maddeningly unfair. It’s fucking tragic.

    Sure, they’re denying reality when they complain about it, or try to pretend that men are immature for being attracted to attractive women. But isn’t pointing that out really twisting the knife? We’re the ones who get to have awesome sex with young hotties in our 40s. Can we not afford to let the victims of the biological lottery have whatever harmless delusion they need to ease their pain? Booze, pills, religion, whatever. They ARE victims, after all. It’s not their fault they were born XX and thus expire more quickly than XY.

    [Editor: It’s called knowing their place. If women who are losers in the sexual market want to persist in their delusions and claim they are actually winners, then this blog will be there to smash those delusions.]


  177. Seen on a blackboard outside a florist supplies business in Perth, Western Australia

    ‘A woman always marries down’


  178. on June 22, 2011 at 5:55 am Throbbing Gristle

    That tapped out harridan considers herself an ‘alpha female’, according to this article chronciling yet more of her failed relationships.

    Small wonder she’s well on course to dying alone.


  179. Have you guys seen how the Ron Paul movement has taken note of the Tom Ball suicide that the media has been pretending didn’t happen last week? They’re agreeing he was caught up in the wheel of government after a phone call the wife did not want to make but had to because child protective services threatened to take the children away from both of them after she had asked them by phone if it was OK that her husband had slapped one of their children (the Ron Paul commenters are marketing the suicide as not being part of a war between men and women but a war between people and government):

    If some of this blog’s readers have been really slow in catching on to what’s been happening the past week (or depending on the mainstream media to tell them what the news is), they may have missed out on how a very smart guy, with writing skills similar to the host of this blog, committed suicide in a burst of flame last week in front of a family court building in Keene, New Hampshire.

    Here’s Inmalafide’s take on it here:

    And here:

    Also this is a Youtube video editorial about the Tom Ball suicide (obviously not from the main stream media which ignores it):


  180. The Tom Ball suicide is going mainstream in terms of the libertarian Internet sphere:

    Note the link to the old hag Ann Coulter’s arrogant hatred of (rant against) Ron Paul’s call to get the government out of marriage.


  181. George Clooney is a pure unadulterated alpha male fuck machine. God bless him.


  182. The Thomas Ball story is tragic and infuriating. He can’t be dismissed simply as a crank.

    “Government is no different than the food in a refrigerator. Given enough time both will go bad.”


  183. Man, I can’t get enough of this blog.
    Everyhing’s so true…


  184. Maybe its just self-centeredness, but many women place their “career” to such a high level of importance that it almost becomes the primary component of their identity. Having read a good deal of marriage therapy literature the past year, some therapists have classified this female career obsession as a form of infidelity to the family and marrage.

    Which is why in long term intimate relationships the man should leverage his financial position into hand. Get the girl to become financially reliant on him. Ideally, have her work for you as your personal assistant.

    You are the center of the world. Without you, she has nothing. She relies on you for all that is good and required to be happy.

    Walawala takes the view that the girl should be financially independent, otherwise she is using you. I take the strategy that having her dependent gives you hand and power, which naturally increases real affection.

    Women love pragmatically – never forget it.


    • Xsplat,

      Have you seen Blue Valentine? I thought the female character’s obsession with her work was very believable. And the subtle down-talking that her co-workers directed to her regarding her husband was chillingly spot on. It was one of those well-scripted scenes that in a very short amount of screen time, conveyed to the audience an idea of what had been occurring in the marriage for some time. The only thing I did not find believable was her apparent niavete and disinterest in the doctor. Given her sexual past and focus on her job, I would think that she would 1) welcome the doctor’s advances and 2) in the very least, not be surprised when he rather innocently suggested that they would be able to spend time together at his new office.

      I could go on and on about this movie.


  185. Above is xsplat.


  186. lol


  187. Childish German newspaper article saying “Look What Someone Else Will Now Be Getting, Mr. George Clooney”:

    There is no byline but you know this “conservative” tabloid article was written by a bitter female. The endless praise of the 32 year old dumped woman’s “extreme beauty” is nauseating and there are other links to articles written yesterday about how beautiful the dumped woman is. Technically Elizabeth gave up on George who said all along he wouldn’t marry but she thought she could be the one to convince him otherwise.

    There is shaming in the article including the German equivalent of “Tsk,” (Tja). The basic gist is still “You made a mistake George, someone else will be getting this beauty now”.

    Give me a break. I doubt any blog reader here would take his ex now. Clooney would have kept her around long after he was doing other women, politely waiting for her to take the hint and go away.


  188. @Rookie, I remember my first days, fun and confusing times =)
    In response to your questions:
    1) If she starts bringing up relationships, re-direct, avoid the question, or tell her flat-out that you don’t want one. Assuming you don’t want a relationship that is. I’d rather blow it with a chick than get locked into a commitment I didin’t want
    2) Yes, you absolutely can seduce without alcohol. I personally like to drink and I have a blast when I go out, and girls are attracted to that, so I myself drink. I’ve seduced when I was wasted and the girl was sober, it all depends on the situation and if you can keep up with the drunken antics.
    3) If a girl in a group rejects you, it may not be feasible to work on another girl in that same group, but it sure will be fun. Charlie Sheen’s character in two and a half men is your role model for this situation
    4) This one’s important- I stopped “getting friendzoned” a while back. I divide women into one of two camps- women I want to sleep with, and women I don’t want to sleep with. This is actually really powerful, because it puts you in charge of who’s in who’s friendzones. If a woman is not attractive to me for some reason- friend zone if I do like her- bang zone. I treat the two differently. I open up to girls in my friend zone. I tease mercilessly and make fun of girls in my bang zone. You be the decider. My platonic female friends come from my pool of girls I don’t want to bang.
    5) This is one of two things. Either she’s not interested and gave you her number so you’d go away, or she’s interested. If she’s interested, she may or may not have a boyfriend. Even if she does, she may want to cheat.
    6) See answer to question 1
    7) I don’t usually open in the street, but when I do open in public (not a party, club or social gathering) something casual works, along the lines of “hey, how are you” or “man this rain sucks, I have to walk ten blocks, you think a guy could get a break…”
    8) Like some other people have said, I choose not to associate with 5s and 6s unless I have to. You can practice on them, but beware- when you start getting good, they’ll throw themselves at you (sometimes literally), so use caution.
    9) I’m not sure what you mean by being “on” all the time. If you mean being vulnerable and talking about your desires and fears, weaknesses and things from your past, those are best left until you’re deep into a loving relationship, if ever. At a certain point, you begin to internalize alpha characteristics, make them a part of who you are and it will come as easily as breathing (it took this blog for me to be able to do that). Conversation has an ebb and flow, just like the tides. Break the Ice, make a joke, point out someone funny looking where you are, talk about that person, people who are like them, then move into something you’re passionate about, something she’s passionate about, another joke, etc. Your conversations with women should be more like a poker game and less like an interview.

    P.s. Something that works wonders for me is a cocky smirk and a wink after a neg, or a joke, teasing, or whenever I feel like it. I’ll say something like “It’s too bad we’ve never hung out before, I’m awesome” Smile, wink. Then laugh. When they see that cocky smile, they melt like butter.


  189. […] – “An Alpha Male and His Women“, “A Father’s Question“, “The Pedophile Libel“, “Is […]


  190. The answer to the old bags question of “where are all the 40 year old men?”
    They’re banging your daughter. Deal with it.


  191. that must be a new maxim: When you have aged out of your prime attractiveness years (15-25), the men you want to date ARE the prize, compared to you


  192. […] Les hommes sont attirés par les femmes mignonnes, gentilles et jolies. Les femmes sont attirées par les hommes virils et rudes (souriants, en revanche, pas vraiment). L’humain étant membre d’une espèce animale comme les autres, tous ses comportements sont basés sur la survie et la reproduction. C’est la raison pour laquelle, quelle que soit la société observée, les traits cités précédemment sont mis en exergue pour chaque sexe. Ne pas travailler ces traits, c’est diminuer sa valeur aux yeux de l’autre sexe et, par conséquent, diminuer ses chances de trouver un partenaire de bonne qualité pour avoir une descendance de bonne qualité. C’est, par conséquent, se condamner à finir seul, frustré et malheureux. […]


  193. Let’s face it the beauty youth thing works both ways. Men in their 20s look better than their older counter parts, are more agile, usually more tight and fit, more hair and are also more fun loving and outgoing and better in bed. .