Diversity + Proximity = War

In the clearest illustration yet of this infamous Chateau maxim, a new study is out showing how increased diversity in the form of bordered territory is leading to more war.

Wars steadily increase for over a century, fed by more borders and cheaper conflict.

New research by the University of Warwick and Humboldt University shows that the frequency of wars between states increased steadily from 1870 to 2001 by 2% a year on average. The research argues that conflict is being fed by economic growth and the proliferation of new borders.

We may think the world enjoyed periods of relative freedom from war between the Cold War and 9/11 but the new research by Professor Mark Harrison from at the University of Warwick’s the Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy, and Professor Nikolaus Wolf from Humboldt University, shows that the number of conflicts between pairs of states rose steadily from 6 per year on average between 1870 and 1913 to 17 per year in the period of the two World Wars, 31 per year in the Cold War, and 36 per year in the 1990s.

Professor Mark Harrison from the University of Warwick said: “The number of conflicts has been rising on a stable trend. Because of two world wars, the pattern is obviously disturbed between 1914 and 1945 but remarkably, after 1945 the frequency of wars resumed its upward course on pretty much the same path as before 1913.”

One of the key drivers is the number of countries, which has risen dramatically – from 47 in 1870 to 187 in 2001.

People like to form into competing groups. This natural impulse is encoded in every human being’s DNA. It is a deeply embedded encoding, and can’t be excised. It can only be controlled by authoritarian measures, i.e. ultimately at the point of a gun. More 20th century borders is likely the manifestation of these ancient desires seeking to congeal into ever smaller, and thus more closely related, human tribes, and now being free to do so. It should be no surprise to a realist of human nature that more borders would lead to more war.

Naturally, the hopelessly naive among you might ask, “Why not just dissolve borders like we are doing here in the USA? Fewer borders should mean less war, right?” Incorrect. What instead will happen — and what we are seeing happening today in the USA — is a chaotic scramble — a BIOLOGICAL IMPERATIVE — to form de facto borders within the essentially borderless nation. (The modern USA is the closest approximation we have to an essentially borderless nation ruled by a legitimate government. There is no way to explain the unsupervised migration of 50 million Mexicans in 30 years that starts with the premise that we have a working border mechanism in place.)

De facto internal borders are based on race, ethnicity, religion, ideology, and social status, just as hard borders. La Raza is an internal border. The Congressional Black Caucus is an internal border. Journalism is an internal border (80-90% of journalists are registered Democrats). Cosmopolitan elites are an internal border. Schools are an internal border (ever notice how students congregate in a lunchroom cafeteria? How about the quickness with which urban white elites set off for the decidedly less diverse suburbs when the kids reach schooling age?). J-Date is an internal border. NASCAR is an internal border. Libertardian blogs are an internal border. Gay Pride and Puerto Rican Day parades are internal borders. Gerrymandered districts are internal borders. Neighborhoods are internal borders. Of course, one notable group has no recognized internal border at all. And we know what happens to undefended, borderless lands: they get overrun.

Active wars of bloodshed might not be the result of such internal border-making (though don’t count your ammo before it’s fired), but all the political machinations and propaganda of hot wars are there in spades in our relatively bloodless diversity wars. The only thing missing is the stack of dead, uniformed bodies. “Uniformed” being the operative word here.

A country as (formerly) gifted with human capital as the USA can live with a little bit of diversity. But like every other nation on earth, beholden as we all are to our Darwinian overlord, it can’t live with a lot of it. We’ll soon find that out.


  1. Sad, but true.
    That is the ultimate feeling of reality a man faces.

    Just don’t tell that to The Spearhead Hugz for Thugz Crew
    they “believe” we can all be As One.
    Happy Harmonious Rainbow Peoples


  2. I think the elites like the constant conflict of diversity, as it gives them more excuses to exercise greater amounts of control.


    • Exactly. Keeping the population divided (and if possible in continuous conflict) to maintain rule through fear of “the others” is standard operating procedure for both major parties.


      • Exactly, it’s why the Brits created Iraq as a nation with three distinct groups that hate each other, divide and conquer, divide to rule. As long as the border is drawn that way they will always need an outside influence to maintain peace. All of Africa is like this.


    • That’s too easy a projected, pat explanation:

      Do you really think you’d have harmony WITHOUT “elites” acting as some sort of “influential puppeteer?”


      • yes


      • You’re dreaming.
        But, I still want to hedge my bets: while you’re at the North Pole, see if you can get me that MP40 I asked Santa for when I was 6.


      • Elites would simply simply forth from the masses if none had previously existed. We’re not all exactly equal and strive to compete, even if we suppress the desire for purposes of daily peace. Primitive man was nearly always at war over women, horses, hunting or gathering grounds, etc. As long as men see the potential for profit in the use of force, they will use force. Women will too.


    • You give the gov’t too much credit; just look at how dumb many of the ruling elite are. Sheila Jackson Lee for starters. What a completely stupid bitch.

      The reason I don’t want to live around blacks has nothing to do with Uncle Sam (other than welfare handouts). I don’t want to get robbed.


  3. You’re right in the diagnosis, but not in the prescription. Rather than a point-of-the-gun authoritarian system, an everyone-has-a-gun anarchist system might really work. It’s this simple: no “forced integration.” Simply allow property owners to exclude whomever they wish from their properties, and before you know it, you’ll have self-organizing WASP defacto city-states, defacto Mexican city-states, defacto hipster city-states, etc. Does that mean giving up on the ambition of actually deporting the Mexican immigrants? Yes.

    I’ve mentioned him here once before, but Hans Hermann-Hoppe has done some excellent writing on this subject in “Democracy: The God that Failed.”


    • Spot on Gv….I strongly second your recommendation of Hoppe….you’re a learned gent.

      Seems many on this otherwise fine blog are quite trigger-happy to denounce libertarianism without truly understanding the subject…that’s simple douchbaggery.

      Read a few hundred pages (not 2 paragraphs) of Hoppe, Rothbard, and/or Mises and then see if you still feel compelled to use the silly (and uncreative) ‘libertardian’ or ‘lieberturdian’ labels…


      • on June 29, 2011 at 3:44 pm Libertardian


        “A nation without borders is no nation at all. After decades of misguided policies America has now become a free-for-all. Our leaders betrayed the middle class which is forced to compete with welfare-receiving illegal immigrants who will work for almost anything, just because the standards in their home countries are even lower.

        If these policies are not reversed, the future is grim. A poor, dependent and divided population is much easier to rule than a nation of self-confident individuals who can make a living on their own and who share the traditions and values that this country was founded upon. ”

        Seems to me like we’re on the same page here.


      • on June 30, 2011 at 2:05 am Hobbs Was Right

        Funny that he changes his view on immigration just in time for the election campaign.


      • on June 30, 2011 at 4:17 pm LibertardianLibertardian

        Don’t know who you’re thinking of but Paul has never been in favor of illegal immigration, let alone the smorgasboard we put in front of anyone who does it.


        That section reads like a sane person’s wish list.


      • That’s especially true when most of the opinions provided here are Libertarian. I don’t think some folks understand the term.


    • problem is imho this will be a worse solution becasue while even though there is balkanization happening in america, things are still fluid and therefore there is less consistency in mexican cohesion outside of california. Under your sceanario large parts of america will be paermanently lost and that is obvious. City states still act liek states and therefore will gripe with each other, but now each of these states are based around a critical mass at the center. While the mexicans will have a mother ship supporting them with everything in Mexico, these small states are basically defenseless. Who is going to defend the walls and intersets of WASP land??? or hipster land???, answer very few, in this new scenario initially most states outside of mexican city state will be at a disadvantage because the average wasp or hipster have to change their direction from investment banker/ dopehead to street toughs. And they have to rediscover their racial/ethnic pride which the mexcian state will have in spades. So in this scenario the mexican state will eventually roll over the disjointed weak american city states till they hit redneck land and blackland. but both will fall becasue they might be strong in spirit but they lack in any actual projection power both socially, politically and in armed conflict : industrially.


      • Maybe I haven’t spent enough time in the Southwest, but surely the Mexicans aren’t that imposing? L.A. may be a lost cause in terms of advanced Western culture, but I would question the Domino Theory notion that the immigrants would want to just keep rolling over everyone else, forever. Anyhow, in a system that valued property rights, anyone could be excluded on a business-by-business, block-by-block basis. Here in the Seattle, things are pretty whitebread. In that p.c. way, people up here proudly refer to our educated, atheistic, “eco-conscious” culture as “Norwegian.” Things would stay white. There are actually more Asians than blacks. People of Mexican decent are pretty culturally integrated. Also, a lot of the programmer types who comprise the upper-middle class seem to be pretty conceal-and-carry, libertarian-minded, if prodded. Ron Paul did well here in fundraising.

        City states may or may not “gripe” with each other, but I doubt war would be a serious threat (because people could up and more to a more peaceful place, and not pay war taxes!). Hoppe makes a strong argument that, even if they had mores about immigration that excluded each others’ populations, city states could still easily peacefully trade.


      • Actually, that system of government sounds like Ancient Greece and they were nearly constantly at war until first Macedon and then Rome took charge and put a stop to all that – with hard power, of course.


      • Well, I live in Orange County which borders LA county on the south. We have a roughly equal percentage of Hispanics. The children of the Hispanic immigrants learn English and participate in American popular culture, but for whatever reason they never seem to do as well in school or get as good-paying jobs as any other group, and they rarely date/marry non-Hispanics; it seems to me they have an even lower rate of intermarriage than blacks. East Asians (here in Orange County that is mostly Vietnamese) frequently date and marry Euros, and are the best performers in school and the workplace. The Mexicans aren’t really that “imposing”–they’re just kind of “there,” working in fast food and manual labor, but not really adding anything to the society beyond that.

        As to the “mothership,” these people receive nothing from Mexico. In fact, they drain California’s economy of billions of dollars every year because they send money back to Mexico to support family there. The Mexican economy is almost wholly dependent on immigration to the U.S.


      • The trouble is that Mexican illegals and many legals are net tax eaters, not net tax payers. They’re parasites on the body politic, i.e. taxpayers, though not on their low wage employers who aren’t made to pay for these externalities.


        If not, dumb.


      • Exactly, and when I’m in charge of Redneckland, I will lead a raid against Hipsterland and steal their women and enslave their “men.” We have all the guns and know how to hunt, fish, and fight. I could turn the pretty SWPL boys into eunuchs and make them sex toys or make them guard my harem of their former hipster girlfriends or make them mine Uranium, maybe all of that. When the hipster harem chicks get too old, I simply reward one of my redneck elite warriors with her favors if I like her,if not, off to the fields or to the kitchen with her. God I love the Ancient World. A guy could really express himself back then.


      • Once Geekland invents a mind control ray, we will be taking over the world. The Super Bowl will be replaced with the World Championships of Magic The Gathering, and the winner will be rewarded with an orgy with the Magic cheerleaders (a bunch of 10s wearing fake elf ears) because at long last WE will be the alphas


      • I live in Redneckland. All of the Yankees’ industry has been moving down here for some time.


  4. Too bad that mob in Illinois has the wrong target in their sights. It shouldn’t be kill whitey. It should be kill the politicians, the judges, the leftist, the feminist, the Al Sharpton’s of the world and so forth. Hell, I’d join them, a middle class blue collar white male.

    They aren’t just white males here guys that are the cause, but white women, black males, black women, Hispanics and Asians because all of that elitist diversity is the reason the nation is sinking.


  5. Good post, but I thought “Chateau maxims” were all related to Game.


  6. Good post. I don’t think that sheer proximity of so many groups will create our inevitable conflict. The government uses affirmative action and the media uses political correctness to raise some groups on pedestals, and also put other groups down (the group that loses in that game is the straight white non-Jewish male).

    To calm tensions, the government needs to end affirmative action, greatly limit welfare programs, reduce taxes for the middle class, and more wisely spend money to improve infrastructure, namely education. Poor black people will suffer for awhile, but I believe that within a few generations, the black family structure will become more whole again, the lack of which is at the root of their/our poverty and moral bankruptcy.

    Also, A lack of affirmative action will cause minorities and women to try harder (realizing their full potentials) and the naturally most talented to rise and succeed once again. I think that once affirmative action is gone, political correctness will fall by the wayside.

    Unfortunately, I am convinced that none of this will happen without our current government collapsing in part due to not addressing these very issues (but mainly overspending).


    • Good post. My remedy for the problem exactly. I would add that overspending is the result of all of this deliberate Balkanization, as it creates interest groups that demand to be rewarded and entitled to money from the state.


    • Death closes all: but something ere the end,
      Some work of noble note, may yet be done,
      Not unbecoming men that strove with Gods.
      … Come, my friends,
      ‘Tis not too late to seek a newer world.
      Push off, and sitting well in order smite
      The sounding furrows; for my purpose holds
      To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths
      Of all the western stars, until I die.

      Everyone is always living in the worst possible age. And then we whip ourselves into a frenzy of despair based on cherry-picked “evidence” and question-begging anecdotal observations.

      The times make the man, and the crisis makes the leader. Lead, or shut the fuck up. Women sit at home and excitedly whine about the vast forces beyond their control assembling themselves unto their demise. Men shape destiny to their will.

      I thought this was a forum of men.


      • Good post too. This is why I plan on becoming the King of Redneckland when society collapses. A rush and a push and this land is ours!


      • How would you shape our nations destiny to your will?


      • Arcey: How would you shape our nations destiny to your will?

        “DICK: First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

        Second thing we do, is develop self-mastery. You are no good fat and bloated and distracted by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

        You are equally useless for having not educated yourself in the classics — you know? those venerable titles describing struggles very similar to ours from long ago (yes, it was even worse, and, yes, they engineered glorious victory).

        Finally, get your hand out of your pants. PUA-Game talk is 60-70% fantasy and masturbation. However else you want to characterize it, face facts: dudes talking with dudes about cock action is quintessentially homosexual. Another 25% is feminine, gossipy sewing-circle chit chat in lieu of action.


      • These blogs are 21st century Men’s Clubs, relegated to anonymous online ghettos as they must be in the age of the Female Ascendant. Men are forced here, and we are forced to whisper.

        But the unnecessary and adventitious focus on the groin in forums like these dissipate the simmering discontent among men. Directing all of this exhilarating truth towards the feeble end of taking advantage of women is short sighted, self-defeating, and exasperating. As the great Steve Sailer commented early on in this very blog, “[W]hy stop with the conquest of babes in bars when the conquest of the world is waiting?” (Sept 18, 2009 “How Much Can Game Do” / comment section)

        Unfortunately, Sailer’s call to arms found no takers. Or worse, there are takers in the form of PUAs turned MRAs, filled with more anger and snark than practical wisdom. We see in the post at the top of this page what happens when one-track PUAs attempt to diversify their skill set. They manufacture incoherent political screeds that alienate anyone with a rudimentary background in political philosophy.

        Men will not follow charlatans and emotionally incontinent leaders for long. A true alpha maintains the integrity of his pack through self-command and example. He does not encourage all men to mimic dominant behaviors inimical to their supporting roles. The proclaimed leaders in the “seduction community” are, in truth, lone wolves and alpha impostors selling weak-minded serial-celibates a bill of goods.

        In other words, you “shape the destiny of nations” by first getting control of yourself. PUA blogs encourage the opposite and invite internecine sexual competition rather than cooperation. But for now, these virtual watering holes are the only Tun Taverns open for business.



      • on July 1, 2011 at 10:53 am Douche Bigelow

        “The proclaimed leaders in the “seduction community” are, in truth, lone wolves and alpha impostors selling weak-minded serial-celibates a bill of goods”


        [Editor: You personally know all the “seduction community” leaders? I’ve met a few. They were very sociable and hits with the ladies.]

        There are some pretty basic truths that need to be understood, but, beyond that, the whole “act like douche X and you’ll get hot babes” is snake oil.

        [Rihanna wept… pussy juice.]

        What exactly would a manful and effective response to the dystopia look like, though?

        We all know our women – our mothers, sisters, daughters…the objects of our affection, and the half of humanity that is supposed to make life emotionally worth living – is against us.

        So what now? WTF could possibly be done?

        [Stop griping and learn game. It’ll make you happy.]


      • “So what now? WTF could possibly be done?”

        Man up. Commit to a project bigger than yourself.

        Nothing worth doing is completed in our lifetime; therefore we must be saved by hope. Nothing true or beautiful makes complete sense in any immediate context of history; therefore we must be saved by faith. Nothing we do, however virtuous, can be accomplished alone; therefore, we are saved by love. — Reinhold Niebuhr

        You don’t turn around a monumental clusterfuck 200-years in the making like feminism by next Tuesday. The PUA project sets men in competition with each other and fritters away our energy in a Search for the Lost City of Eternal Pussy. At the same time, though, they have accomplished the first step in the long journey: Be a man. Not just in a club but in your marriage (“LTR Game”) and at your work (“Office Game”) and in your mind (“State”). Soon enough you see the utility and reap the rewards of self-assertion beyond simple pick up.

        Why do you think this blog has become more of a political soapbox than ever lately, with the occasional pick-up tip interrupting a string of posts on Open Borders and Evolutionary Sciences? It’s because the readership — and even the author himself — has exhausted the limits of game narrowly applied and wants to see its wisdom extended broadly to life outside of the panty hamper.

        WTF could possibly be done is what we’re already doing. But it takes time and cooperation and a mature understanding of what the war of the sexes truly is. Women fight indirectly, and they do it much better than we do, and that’s why we swallowed their egalitarian nonsense in the first place.

        If feminism were an army amassed on the hillside, we’d know what to do: take that hill. But the opposition is more like an integrated insurgency, woven into our communities and dividing households and splitting the middle of our souls. To counteract their entrenched position will require a facile mastery of gamesmanship, not unlike the psychological awareness of “Venusian Arts,” but retrofitted back to Martial purposes and aimed toward nobler ends.


      • This blog is what it is, and services the demand quite well in its niche. Instead of haranguing the owner and readers for it not being what you think it should be, go start your own blog and get a readership if you think you can make it interesting.

        Oh, but that would be a lot of work.


  7. People enjoy small experiences of diversity. It’s like going to a large urban city and seeing all the various ethnic cultures and shops and then going back home to their SWPL neighborhood and think how wonderful exciting and different it was while complaining of their bland and ordinary life. However, they never realize that their fond remembrance of it is only because it was a transitory experience.

    It’s similar to the way SWPL people like camping. Sure, some may find roughing it over a weekend sort of fun but that’s only because they don’t have to live like that all the time. If they truly had to rough it all the time they would absolutely hate it and long for all the creature comforts of a modern technological life.


    • Good point. And note that while SWPL are always decrying the lack of diversity in any city, they are always the first to move out when minorities move in (because they can afford to do so).


    • Exactly. I learned this lesson in the Army. I think we should have a universal draft for this very reason.


  8. There is a race war going on right now in this country. Black “youths” are attacking and beating whites in many urban and suburban areas. Flash mobs, wilding, etc. is occurring on a daily basis — and the attackers are always blacks and the victims are always whites. Check out Stuff Black People Don’t Like for the true scoop. As the southern cracker used to say on the Howard Stern show: Wake up, white people!


    • This doesn’t happen in conceal and carry states very much I bet. You’re right. That video of the tranny being beaten by the two black girls convinced me of that. I’ve also seen some other incidents. One recently in California where a city worker was attacked by a bunch of black teens after he told them to stop throwing rocks. He was mobbed by about 40 or 50 teenagers.They put him in the hospital.


    • and they will never be charged with “Hate Crimes”. you have to be a straight white male to be charged with that.


  9. on June 29, 2011 at 1:11 pm A French guy living in CA

    Did anybody here watch the ‘Gold Cup’ soccer final match Mexico vs. USA on Saturday night? It was played at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Mexifornia. ‘Los Gringos’ were leading 2-0, but they ended loosing 4-2 to Mexico. There was a 80% Mexican attendance in the Stadium and the award ceremony was held in Spanish. Guys, seriously, whether you integrate those folks quickly or begin drawing the border lines of a racial partition of the USA. That is, Southern California, Arizona and New Mexico to Mexicans; Northern California for Asian people; Lousiana and Alabama for Black people. Florida for Cubans. Utah for Mormons and the Rest for Whiteys.


  10. We need MORE WAR to thin the herd.

    Not the Afghan or Iraq types of war that kill 3 dudes a day, but wars like the Civil War and WW I that can eliminate 10,000 dudes a day.

    The greatest progress of economic and technological growth in America came after the Civil War, WW I and WW II.

    We dont need any more dudes to sit around the trailer park or hood and making more babies riased by working men’s taxes.


    • on June 29, 2011 at 2:09 pm Difference Maker

      You’d have to actually recruit those layabouts into frontline combat units first, instead of the patriotic and gullible


    • on June 29, 2011 at 2:40 pm A French guy living in CA

      Sure, and who are going to be on the trenches? The heavily Black-Mexican infantry divisions of the US Army vs the buch of feminized White males?


    • All too often its those shit birds that survive. Who dies is random. Germans had only 2% of their combat troops go through the entire 4 years of the Eastern front and not be killed or wounded. Soviet statistics are worse. But you have a point. I liken war to be like a storm that clears the air and makes new creativity possible. It is a release of previously pent up social forces that could not be expressed in the older circumstances because those circumstances had to play themselves out, culminating in war. It seems to be a natural cycle.


  11. Like

  12. Unbelievable, I always thought humanity was invariably good and wars were just the result of some accidental mutation in our psyches.


    • I know, right? Tribal peoples (who we all know are sacred and never evil) never engaged in wars. They just fight until 1 guy in each 10-person tribe is dead, then they stop. Oh wait, that’s 10% of the population.


    • Lol dont know if you are joking or not. Humans have biological and material imperitives that are at work just like all animals. As long as these needs are met or are not impinged upon it’s humanity looks good, as soon as that balance is upended it leads to friction which given time and frequency might lead to armed conflict ( which to the naive average American is aberration becasue humanity is good and the aberrations needs to be cured through UN and progressive NGO acitivities ) . Theres no good or bad in nature, just instinct and action. And there is no such thing as humanity, it’s just a romanticized word used to underpin utopian goals.


      • “As long as these needs are met or are not impinged upon it’s humanity looks good”.

        Baloney…there are some who are never satisfied and their greed causes most of the problems in the this world. (Usually they are Jewish too, do some research)

        White men: check out PLEs (Pioneering Little Europe) for more defacto bordering. If you decide to start a PLE…keep it under the radar. Even though Whitey is horrible and “hateful”, non-Whites will follow him to the ends of the earth and they’ll move heaven and earth to force you to accept them.


      • It’s Da Juice! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

        It’s interesting how this PR job of ancient Egyptians persists. Also shows that no good deed goes unpunished. When Solomon liberated Egypt from Hyksos (=Amalek quasi Arabs), the gratitude lasted only several decades. Hatshepsut’s granchild thought Da Juice have too much wealth and that a wealth transfer is in order. If you want to know what was the content of the Jerusalem’s Temple, you can find it out on an Egyptian conquest mural, inventoried to the last item.

        Occurrence of greed transcends tribal/ethnic boundaries. It’s just a segment of some groups are better at it, probably related to an overall level of intelligence. Did you know that a disproportionate number of Nobel Prizes in science is held by Jews? Yeah, atta conspiracy! How dare they to overachieve!

        But yeah, scapegoating’s a favorite pastime since time immemorial. Be it Jews throughout centuries, or Armenians at the beginning of 20th century and Kurds in modern Turkey.. It’s always the same playbook.

        I mean, what an audacity it is to want a sliver of a country so you don’t get gassed, hacked or shot with an uncanny regularity.

        Re the Evil Juice–Soros is less Jewish than I, and I am not Jewish at all. He is actually a representative of the type of people that can be called “self-hating Jew”.


      • True again Whisky Squared, especially that last statement.


      • A great book to read is “War Before Civilization”. Early man was very brutal, and didn’t fight wars because they didn’t understand the concept of logistics. They’d fight until the sun went down and they were out of arrows.


  13. It’s evident that areas such as much of southern California have been reclaimed by Mexico. Not to mention the other county areas all along the national border invaded and controlled by Mexican drug cartels.


  14. on June 29, 2011 at 2:10 pm Hobbs Was Right

    But what’s the solution?

    Even if you deport all non-whites there’s still the fact that Europeans and people of Euro-descent have never hesitated slaughtering each other by the million.

    Just look at the 20th Century. Or the 19th Century, or the thousand years preceding.

    If there are no ethnic divisions, we’ll find some other excuse to kill each other.


    • on June 29, 2011 at 2:20 pm A French guy living in CA

      But you would get rid of many triggers of social violence by having a more homogeneous cultural society. A nation-state needs a racial and cultural identity to be naturally bound, the State closes the bond by enacting laws and enforce them.


      • French guy, are you still taught much about Medieval French heroes like Geoffroi de Bohemonde or King Louis IV in school? The men who lead the first Crusade were pretty amazing figures. Pure determination led to success despite all odds and poor logistics.


    • That’s teh case for everyone in history, By everyone i mean every nation inexistence on earth has killed people of competing/neighbouring nations. We only dwell on european history since it’s been the most fascinating for the last 400 years and also because westerners are europeans, and lately we have been focusing too much on the ” bad ” side of european histgory. What you afre missing is the rest of the world has the same dynamics and prolly has more bloddhsed per capita in their history.Hostorically, most eurpean wars has been small scale affairs compared to conflicts in the east.


  15. Steve Sailer: Matthew Yglesias responds to my pointing out that much of the push for immigration is due to absurd Jewish paranoia about a white gentile majority oppressing them by saying But That’s a Good Thing. *** Diversity trumps even progressivism. Why? Because massive immigration from backwards cultures, even of Muslims, is self-evidently Good for the Jews. How do we know that? Because the gentiles, who are The Real Threat, think it’s Bad for Them, so that’s all the proof you need to know.


    There’s no question that Jewish pundits and other media voices have forever lead in the campaign to label all immigration restriction efforts and opposition to giving amnesty to illegal immigrants as racist, racist, racist.


  16. Some long for the rebirth of nationalism, and not just the disingenious fascist propaganda fuelled kind.

    But it’s pretty obvious we are all worshiping the hammer and sickle if it wasn’t for all that British, German and American hardware conveniently sitting in Germany around 1945. Thank god Hitler invaded Poland to defend ethnic Germans from the Communist jewry to the east, nationalism saved a continent once, and will do so again and again.


    • From that perspective, the German objective to stop Bolshevism in their invasion of the Soviet Union ultimately proved successful.


  17. on June 29, 2011 at 3:33 pm PowerBerries

    We need anti-miscegenation laws back.

    The lower and middle class whites are far too easily influenced by the Jewish run media. You hardly ever see a white couple on television anymore. The commercials are dedicated to interracial relationships.

    White people need to realize that we are a herd, a tribe, a clan, and every time a man or woman leaves the clan it weakens the whole. The ideas of “freedom and personal choice as long as it hurts no one else” are selfish and short-sighted. The idea of a ‘mud colored’ elite based upon IQ is also laughable.

    Once whites have mated themselves to extinction to the glee of MTV executives…We will turn into Brazil, and the Ethnic Groups with High IQ’s (Jews) who didn’t fall for the propaganda will have de facto control over everything. As the IQ continues to lower over the course of centuries, what will happen next? Slavery.


    • on June 29, 2011 at 3:52 pm A French guy living in CA

      Do you think American meritocracy would stand for that? Affirmative action and misandrist laws harm American society more than Tigers Woods having his harem of White women or Heidi Klum marrying Seal.


      • on June 29, 2011 at 5:27 pm PowerBerries

        What do we mean by Harm America? I personally don’t care about America. I care about European Americans. My allegiance to my people is stronger then my allegiance to this country.

        So that being said, I am against everything that harms and weakens my fellow white americans of any class. Affirmative action is evil and falls under that category.

        But MTV constantly promotes interracial relationships to the point where in my neighbhorhood about 50% of the couples under 30 I see when I sit in Starubcks are interracial. If a white man marries a non-white woman and has kids….that’s a loss of several children that could have been allies of my children.

        Every drop counts.


      • on June 29, 2011 at 5:33 pm PowerBerries

        The bottom line is…..A healthy white population expands.

        An unhealthy population contracts.

        Anything that encourages the white population to expand is good.

        Any Personal Decision (interracial relationships), Law, Government Policy, Tax, etc….that cause less white babies to be born…IS BAD. It doesn’t matter how you rationalize it with frou-frout concepts…if the end result is less white babies…it’s bad.


      • on June 30, 2011 at 2:15 am Hobbs Was Right

        Powerberries, are you female?


      • Its the great elephant in the living room, but you are correct and I see it too. I won’t have anything to do with a woman who has been with black men. I simply don’t respect her anymore.


      • “Tyrone,”
        I am a black man that’s been with lots of your white women and I’m 100% sure that I’ve also contributed more positive elements to American society than you ever will.


      • on June 30, 2011 at 4:37 pm PowerBerries

        I believe anonymous just proved our point. A black man sleeps with white women so that he can say “I’ve slept with your women” and feed his ego.

        Point. Proven.


  18. USG is not legitimate


  19. Here is where we are headed as stated by Derbyshire: we can either be a Latin American country a la Guatemala, with a few pale-skinned elites at the top running the show and millions of brown lumpenproletariat at the bottom.

    Or we can go the way of Sweden, a bossy egalitarian country with a single-payer health care system.

    It will probably be a hybrid. In other words, a dirty-brown nation of proles with free health care being ruled by an elite cadre of white skinned elites at the top.


  20. Jewish run media? More like gay run media. Add to that the corporate idiocy of say Indra Noori (Pepsi’s CEO ashamed of Pepsi) and Bill Gates, you get a different picture than the World Zionist Congress meeting in secret and issuing orders to Al Sharpton, Moammar Khadafi, and Hu Jintao.

    The mover in favor of “diversity” you are looking for is … White women. Who find diversity the mother of all sh*t tests to separate out true Alphas from Beta pretenders. In a diverse (read: anti-White hellhole) society only the most Alpha of Alphas will have status as a White man. Problem of who to have sex with solved! Yes this is monumentally stupid and the product of “feeling” rather than careful thought, but that’s the operation procedure of most White women in the gay-dominated Media (and its gay-dominated because White women make up the main audience for Media).

    Latest Poll off Hotair.com shows Obama loses White men by a large factor, but is tied among White women. Duh! He’s BLACK!


    • whiskey said: “The mover in favor of “diversity” you are looking for is … White women. Who find diversity the mother of all sh*t tests to separate out true Alphas from Beta pretenders.”

      I.e., if you can beat out Big Black Cock (TM) with our hypergamous modern women just emotionally itchin’ to get schtupped and bred by the best, you must be Alpha!


  21. Proof: Chicago, today.

    What a mess. Got back from there recently. Holy shit, what a disaster of a “community”.

    God Help Me but I may end up in NYC if the economy keeps heading in this direction. But Chicago? Never.


  22. You can be a nationalist libertarian; there’s no inherent conflict. That some prominent libertarians aren’t just reflect where they came to libertarianism from.

    I arrived there from the left, but I’ve largely recovered; lots I know came from the right, and they were always border-security nationalists.

    A lot of lefties talk libertarian but they’re not libertarian at all.


    • on June 30, 2011 at 2:19 am Hobbs Was Right

      “You can be a nationalist libertarian; there’s no inherent conflict”


      No free movement of labor = no free market.


      • This is stupid ideological purity as Milton Friedman has long pointed out. Free movement of labor across borders does not work according to free market economic principles in a welfare state whose Supreme Court has held owe the full benefits of which to illegal immigrants so long as they remain undeported residents.

        Think, at least a little.


  23. on June 29, 2011 at 4:46 pm Skeleton Hands

    Increasing “diversity” is mainly the result of the globalist agenda of those who really govern the world (corporations, corporate NGOs, the elite class, Bilderberg, CFR, Trilateral Commission, RIIA, United Nations, European Union, Club of Rome, etc.). These people want a homogeneous world (under the premise of “multiculturalism” and “diversity”, no less) and massive immigration is how they achieve it. It’s the final solution to the problem of nationalism. It allows them to destroy the native cultures of every nation on Earth (right now it’s the West, through massive third-world immigration, and the Islamic world, through conquest and liberal “human rights” replacing its traditional conservative culture). The goal is to standardize the globe under one culture, one economic system (centralized banking) and one governmental system under regional amalgamations and the UN. This is why no Western nation is allowed to restrict immigration from third world, incompatible peoples. This is why the globalist Soros is pumping millions into eastern Europe to fund propaganda to make the majority feel guilt and self-hatred over supposed historical wrongdoings like most Whites do in the West. Anyone looking for an understanding of the machinations behind the changes we’re seeing in the world would be wise to check out the work of Alan Watt. Here is one of his talks on this subject: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omqhosMfVjg


  24. on June 29, 2011 at 4:57 pm Skeleton Hands

    In response to Whiskey: your whole post rest on the premise that mass third-world immigration is something the masses asked for. It never was. Society is run from the top-down, and certainly not for the good of the commoners. Sure, women tend to prefer diversity more than men, but women are more politically liberal than men by nature. Stop trying to use Game as the unified theory of the universe.

    This is a CLASS issue. We modern westerners have lost the understanding of what class is, and its importance. The nations are run by elites, for elites, and to them everyone else is competition. Diversity is how they wage war against the lower classes (upper-middle class and below). Divide and conquer, it’s strategy 101.


  25. “When you see a variable that follows a simple trend, almost any other trending variable will fit it: miles driven, my age, the Canadian population, total deaths, food prices, cumulative rainfall, whatever.” AKA, where’s the causation?

    But don’t let that stop you from spouting your closed borders nonsense.


  26. @Hobbs was right,

    If there are no ethnic divisions, we’ll find some other excuse to kill each other.

    Submitted, you’re right.

    So it’s a natural human tendency.

    But why exacerbate it?

    it’s a natural tendency to kill a wife/her lover when you find them together and get jealous. Crimes of passion, et al.

    Should we therefore arm husbands or wives when they go home and cheer them on in the streets when they murder adulterers?

    Just because humans are fractious and factional, should we deliberately create more factions and exacerbate differences within societies?

    Please. Learn the right lesson.

    Immigration can work; we’ve done it before. But this absolutely requires the immigrants to assimilate. if they can’t, it doesn’t matter why: Genetic temperament differences, language differences, disabilities, cultural resistance. The fact of non-assimilation is a problem.

    Simply inviting immigrants in and hoping for the best is stupid.

    If anything, these facts should make us less tolerant of ongoing cultural segregation (self-segregation especially: see black America; much more forced assimilation should be adopted, paternalistic or otherwise, the culture is just so fucked up it’s not worth saving). it should also make up wary of waves of immigrants who refuse to assimilate (Hispanic America).

    of course we can absorb a few high-class, high-IQ immigrants. But this is a completely different issue of no connection to millions of poor, low-IQ low-skill Hispanic immigrants or wave after wave of Somali goat herders who hate non-Muslims.

    Canada and Australia notwithstanding.


    • on June 29, 2011 at 6:15 pm The Contrast Is Hilarious

      “If anything, these facts should make us less tolerant of ongoing cultural segregation (self-segregation especially: see black America; much more forced assimilation should be adopted, paternalistic or otherwise, the culture is just so fucked up it’s not worth saving).”

      Kill me off is the conclusion? Did you do research before coming to this radical idea? You speak of Blacks doing self-segregation, yet this hasn’t been the case since the 1500s. When Blacks did try (see Reconstruction Era 1865–1877, Tulsa race riot and Civil Rights Movement; Malcolm X, Black Panther Party) it was destroyed by government intervention or para-military groups (KKK). Blacks have been trying to assimilate into society since the beginning of the USA, it just has been shut down entirely ( unless it was segregation by natural causes, see Gullah AA’s). Anyone who wasn’t of Britannic stock was consider inferior, so the concept of White-American didn’t exist in its totality until 1950s came about after World War 2 when anyone of European ancestry (anyone with white physical characteristics i.e. very light skin) was given house loans,veterans grants,etc for participation in the war and the baby boom of that time. Blacks weren’t given any of the following above, yet they practice Christianity just like whites, spoke English just like whites, try to look just like whites ( see Dark vs Light Skinned Blacks, AA Doll Test,etc) and even went to great measures to disassociate from their own or anything else consider African ( Uncle Tom anyone?).

      Contrary to popular belief, the “black economy” is doing better then in the past because of this multiculturalism even though racial tension still wanders around, such as on this blog. The culture isn’t fucked up beyond repair and the media (being white owned) always has lumped us inside of one category, the ghetto or lower class blacks. Even though i and the majority of my family are middle class and higher( Yes our Dads are around). In other words, Black-Americans are the least of your worries. Constant immigration is an issue not by ethnicity but by ideology and religion. If everyone is Baptist Christian, eating well and progressing with capitalist values, everyone wins. Its not about culture, in the end its about money i.e. Wealth vs Poverty.


  27. on June 29, 2011 at 5:26 pm The Contrast Is Hilarious

    Its comical how this blog attracts so many pro-Nazism, though fascist-denying, “2012 is the Worlds End!”, “The White Race is Dying!” lunatics when he writes posts that every man needs to know on dating and relationships. You have some posters talking about declaring war as if they were choosing whats for Thanksgiving dinner, unfucking believable This contrast his hilarious like my name.


    • So, what is it that makes every race hate blacks so much?


    • The stats don’t lie. Blacks aren’t as smart as other races. Asians are also smarter, on average, than whites. Does that make me a white asian nationalist?

      Blacks also commit far more crimes.

      All of these stats have been controlled for poverty.

      See for yourself: http://unamusementpark.wordpress.com/2011/06/26/once-again-black-people-are-more-criminal-than-white-people/

      Of course you’ll most likely call me a nazi to avoid the harsh, factual truth.


      • Asians are also smarter, on average, than whites.

        The only Asians which have a claim to being smarter than whites are NE Asians from three countries only, Japan, Korea and China. (I’m somewhat skeptical about China really coming in at ~105 IQ as the first two do because I’m somewhat skeptical that representative samples of China’s population, as opposed to just some it’s coastal cities have been IQ tested. But there’s every reason to think they’re at least as high as whites/Euros). All other Asians come in a t markedly low IQ’s than Euro ancestry peoples.

        As well all of NE Asians higher IQ score comes from higher scores on the visiospatial part of IQ tests, which contribute to math abilities. They actually score slightly lower than Euros on the verbal/logic side. The later is the more important to score highly on, in the vast majority of elite positions in advanced nations. Additionally the lower testosterone levels of NE Asians may contribute to they’re being less rebellious, more conformist, and less innovative than Euros.


      • The Indians we get in the US are smarter than whites on average but that’s because due to how they get immigration visas to here, they’re a very cherry picked slice of India’s population. India’s average IQ is below 85, in Indian environmental conditions.


  28. on June 29, 2011 at 5:41 pm Skeleton Hands

    ^Please cite examples of Nazism. No, simply believing in racial differences is not Nazism. Believing we should have borders is not Nazism. In fact, the posters here overwhelmingly favor limited government, which is at the opposite end of the political spectrum from Nazism (National SOCIALISM).


    • Nazis belived in racial difference
      Nazis belived in close borders
      The only difference is the “limited goverment” (which is funny considering you want absolute goverment authority in cases like immigration)
      Considering Nazis=Socialist is more absurd

      Though it is interesting
      Soviet Union under stalin was anti gay , anti abortion , pro family values
      seems like a conservative heaven eh ;P


      • on June 30, 2011 at 9:48 am Edmund Burke

        Lannister, that was without doubt the dumbest post I’ve ever read. You are either a 12 year old or an English guardian reader, either way, go read a history book for yourself son.


      • “Considering Nazis=Socialist is more absurd”

        yeah dude, National Socialism suggests totally otherwise.

        “Soviet Union under stalin was anti gay , anti abortion , pro family values
        seems like a conservative heaven eh ;P”

        even an insane dictator has to see the light someday. need more army!!


    • on June 29, 2011 at 6:35 pm The Contrast Is Hilarious

      Your right, Nazism is more then just Racism, its an Ideology.

      1. Anonymous post a video: ” How the Jews Opened Americas Borders” – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazi_propaganda

      2. A French guy living in CA: “A nation-state needs a racial and cultural identity to be naturally bound, the State closes the bond by enacting laws and enforce them.” – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aryan_race#Nazism_and_Neo-Nazism

      3. Gorbachev post:If anything, these facts should make us less tolerant of ongoing cultural segregation (self-segregation especially: see black America; much more forced assimilation should be adopted, paternalistic or otherwise, the culture is just so fucked up it’s not worth saving). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Final_Solution

      I’m to lazy to go to old threads but i have seen it to many a time on this Blog.


      • good little boy, you learned to love the kool-aid Big Brother gave you.

        All the countries that fought Nazi Germany in WW2 were “neo-nazi” only a couple of decades ago. France in the 1960s was a “neo-nazi” country, i.e. no masses of third world immigrants + no institutionalized anti-white discrimination, like Canda in the 1950s, like the UK before 1970s, like the USA from 1790 to 1960, etc.

        go back to the kindergarden, you shouldn’t be on a adult blog trying to win a point using immature strawman arguments


      • and you would argue that black culture IS worth saving? lol.

        yep drug slanging gangsters with gold fronts who drive around robbing and shooting white teens is a real nice ‘culture’.

        just because you claim to be a statistical outlier, does not at all change the facts and stats that show the truth about black intelligence, crime, ambition, sense of justice, etc


  29. Well, I still think we should make somalia the 51st state.


  30. Diversity + Blog = Chateau’s Hamster on Overdrive.


  31. on June 29, 2011 at 6:17 pm Reality Check

    …Of course, one notable group has no recognized internal border at all. And we know what happens to undefended, borderless lands: they get overrun.

    Yup, the Northern European, Celto-Germanic American Majority — America’s historical Founding Stock.


  32. dude, chill the fuck out. There has been more nasty, very costly wars or conflicts between people of the same race than people of different races. The nastiest wars in asian are between asians, the nastiest war in europe are between europeans, etcetera

    [Editor: You’re forgetting the proximity part of the equation.]


    • [Editor: You’re forgetting the proximity part of the equation.]

      So your theory of the history of human conflicts is diversity + proximity = war.

      That is just stupid. Resources, dominance, glory, etc are the core reasons.

      [Editor: Are resources more likely to be equitably shared with kin or with nonkin?]

      The persians or athenians or romans were not busy looking for strong cultural differences to determine their order of attack. They were looking for easy targets and resources.

      [They had easier targets with resources within their own population. Yet they looked outward, at outsiders.]

      Racism does make stupid, i guess.


      Seriously, go read history.

      [People who start sentences with “seriously” have proven that nothing they say next will be worth serious consideration. Seriously.]

      (i am just laughing my arse off here, thinking of somebody like you trying to explain thucydides “history of the peloponnesian wars” with promixity +diversity = war. HAHAHAHHA. straight, capital F. Just idiotic)

      [That catchy little slogan really got under your skin, eh? I wonder why…]


  33. I love the how avarage wasps turn racist when their dominion is threatened

    stop hiding behind its in evolution/in in our genes/we are tribal pseudoscience and admit that you are racists

    evolutionary speaking if i kill a man and rape his women its beneficial for my S&R. that doesnt make it right though


    • You’re only calling them racists because they’re White.

      No one is flooding African countries with millions of non-Africans, and giving them Affirmative Action, special rights, privileges and free health-care.

      No one is flooding Asian countries with millions of non-Asians, and giving them Affirmative Action, special rights, privileges and free health-care.

      Only White countries are doing this; only White leaders are supporting it, only White children are suffering from it. It is GENOCIDE.


      • Africa is a shit hole
        just like europe in middle ages (which people migrated or butchered their way through the rich / developed eastern christian/islamic territories)

        Wherever there is wealth people will try to grab it , be it invasion , colonization , immigration from lowest blue collar to executive officer

        cant say deal with it becasue you already try to struggle in this highly competitive so called free capitalist world.

        For asians
        Some of thme are the most racist fucktards i ever seen
        Difference with European Racist is they have enormous power
        Imagine KKK having %10-20 of the votes

        As a White from Nordic descent I find the term “white nations” “white people” stupid and backwards.No one choses their parents nor there is a shared “heritage” sins/accomplishments of your ancestors should not effect your worthy/unworthyness

        If i would associate myself with “white people” last persons would be the ones who have racist agenda.

        Actualy the racism goes through the comments disgust me


      • Trion

        If i would associate myself with “white people” last persons would be the ones who have racist agenda.

        Then, take your family, kids, parents w/e and move to LA or Detroit.

        Don’t forget to take all your possessions – and car, too.


      • Europe in the middle ages was far more advanced than sub Saharan Africa before whites colonized parts and then finally most of it by the end of the 19th century.


      • .””No one choses their parents””

        The Classical liberal argument. That freedom of choice is the only determinate of moral good.

        The problem with that is that things which you do NOT choose such as ethnicity or Gender are far more important primarily because you can’t choose them. They define who you are without any choice being made. They are also likely to be the first two things you notice about any given person.

        As someone who seems to think that choice is paramount and that inborn differences have no real life effect what the hell are you doing on a game website?

        You do realise that game is entirely based on a rejection of the fundamental liberal assertion of Tabula Rasa, the idea that nurture is king and nature irrelevent?

        Liberal orthodoxy states that gender and ethnicity are social constructs that must be destroyed. This is clearly absurd.

        If you need to be told why it is absurd, you need to get out more.


  34. I do business with some Canadians and I need to go up there frequently. I drove through Ontario Province and on to Chicago and back. What pisses me off is this.

    Every minor city I passed through in the US was a shithole. For crying out loud, virtually anything worth going to in Niagara Falls is in Canada. Niagara Falls NY rivals Detroit for decay and demolition.

    These are Canadians: Nice folk, but seriously? Canadians? We’re the same people, but they don’t seem to have fucked themselves so completely. But I did my Wikipedia self-education. Until 50 years ago Canada was a country of outhouses and backwards shit-eaters. WTF did they do – and why is it that they can take their Niagara Falls and create a tacky but decent town, and we can’t take a gift and make it anything but a shitty, crime-infested abandoned slum?


    The line of this article made me want to weep:
    The mist caught the sun and made that famous rainbow. It reached up toward that tantalizing Canadian skyline, before dissipating into the air, a little short of prosperity.

    Okay, so I crossed from Windsor Canada into Detroit. The little towns and neighborhoods in Canada were all tidy, clean, maybe not rich but none of them were hurting badly.

    Detroit was – well, let’s just say it looks like a war zone. It’s a national humiliation.

    Rural Ontario province was gorgeous, well-maintained, quiet but happy. Upstate NY was decaying, frayed, and filled with fat slobs and bars on windows.

    And don’t get me started on Chicago.

    I offer one contrast:

    Toronto Canada and Chicago.

    Chicago has some nice suburbs, but everything reeks of living on the edge. The downtown core is segregated. Blacks live on their own, and when you’re in their neighborhoods, the trash, dodgy characters and boarded up businesses make me feel almost at home.

    Blacks and whites almost never mix. The media talk up white and black couples, but there are virtually none on the street. The only blacks I see are fat women with kids and little groups of black men staring at everyone else looking for marks.

    Call me a racist for noticing, but the city is a shithole. It has no redeeming features except the architecture of the downtown core – a feature of a bygone age. It’s a relic of what once was. Nothing new or decent in two decades. The place is a fucking disaster.

    While i was there, I checked out the recent spate of news about black mobs trashing the city and beating/killing locals for no good reason. I thought Unamused was just piling on hyperbole.

    No way: Chicago is a city under siege. Everyone was willing to talk about it, and they laid the blame squarely where it was: All of the criminals were black; All of the victims were non-black. It’s like a declaration of racial warfare – by blacks against whites and Asians.

    And everyone knows it. Even the owner of a TV production studio I was meeting talked about it, and laughed – he spends most of his time in Palos Verdes in Socal, so he commutes and has as little to do with the wasteland that is Chicago as he can. He wondered why I was asking such racially dangerous questions.

    Okay, so I work on one project with a Canadian company and their head office is in Toronto. I stop in to schmooze on my way back. Here’s Toronto, compared to Chicago.

    In Toronto, they have diversity that shocks the shit out of me. Mixed couples are everywhere on the streets. Not just men and women – friends and families, too. The old couple behind me is this graying black guy and his fat old white wife. The daughter’s with a white guy. I chat them up and my SO talks to the girl. Turns out they never thought about her being half black. Never was an issue. The dad is Trinidadian.

    In the street, I see so many mixed Asian-White couples it’s not even interesting.

    And you know what pisses me off?

    The city isn’t some paradise, but compared to Chicago, it’s clean, the neighborhoods are tidy, filled with quiet little Euro-style houses and laneways, there’s no parking because they have so much traffic they bitch about it – but this means there’s people and money moving all over. Chicago had lots of fucking parking. And whole neighborhoods looked like the kinds of places where if you park your car, it’s gone half an hour later.

    Toronto was wealthy, happy, filled with charming (cold) people and hot chicks in summer dresses.

    Chicago was filled with fat, bitchy women (read: fat. So much fatness it just made me weep for America). The streets were dangerous. “Cool” neighborhoods had graffiti everywhere and weren’t places I’d let my SO wander around after dark.

    Not one neighborhood I saw in Canada was a place I’d feel uncomfortable in after dark.

    I go to Asia in a month. I know it’s going to depress the shit out of me again, because the shitty neighborhoods there are still safer, nicer and better maintained than the good neighborhoods here.

    Why can’t we have nice things? Why can’t we have Niagara Falls Canada, instead of Shitty Shitville, New York? Why do I have to make excuses for the toilet bowl my country has become to Asian friends?

    If it wasn’t for the fake economy (read: colleges) in my own town, it would be worse off than Chicago.

    Is it me or does this free trade thing seem to be benefiting some countries (read: Canadians and Mexicans) more than it’s benefiting us?

    You people go do this trip and tell me I’m not wrong. We’re getting the shitty end of the stick, here. Cheap Mexican hoods and “workers” who add nothing to our country, blacks that slip further and further into the sewer and whites that get fat, lazy and stupid.

    And the Canadians seem to be sitting up there, waiting to take over.

    There’s a movie deal in there, somewhere. I’d write up a good script but it’s too fucking depressing.


    • on June 29, 2011 at 11:10 pm incubus the tickler

      The main reasons Niagara Falls NY and Detroit are doing so poorly is primarily because their local governments were controlled for decades by unions and mafiosi. The death of low-skill but high wage earning factory jobs hurt these cities, but their utter refusal to lower tax structures or provide decent services for the middle class (paved & plowed streets, usable public schools) virtually guaranteed that professionals and skilled workers would leave.
      Concurrently, huge numbers of African Americans migrated here from the South. Often, their educations and skills were not so great, and they relied almost completely on government jobs or government benefits (neither of which provided much beyond subsistence level, excepting a lucky few in public unions or politics).
      These people now decide elections in virtually every Rust Belt city. Obviously, they do not vote for pro-business candidates. Businesses flee, and the city circles the drain ever more rapidly.

      It is true that successful urban Canadians welcome ethnic diversity, but they are a far more homogeneous country than the US. The vast majority of Canadians are of British ancestry; a sizable number are French, a few are from former British colonies, and a small number take advantage of Canada’s very liberal immigration policies.
      But even then, upon arrival, the newly naturalized Canadian is given a heavy dose of the Canadian love of conformity. I adore Canadian manners – they are (except when driving) some of the kindest, most polite people in the world.
      There is, I think, a lot to be said for American individualism, but there can be a dark side to unenlightened self interest, & it can manifest itself in the heavily littered, neglected, squalid inner cities of the Rust Belt, where fat crooked cops, mafia infested unions, race hustlers, politicos, and welfare cheats squeeze the educated and hard working out of once proud cities, and into the gooey prosperity of the suburbs or the Sunbelt.


      • Canada allows high skills (or high capital) immigration only, except for it’s excessive amounts of refuge immigration. (I really think the West should stop taking refugees from half way around the world. How many does Japan or Korea take?)

        We don’t have problems with our H1B immigrants either, aside from them lowering the salaries and numbers of jobs available to our citizen STEM graduates.


    • Dear Gorbachev:

      First of all, I would like to tell you how much I appreciate your comments, particularly in Chateau’s political posts. You are a voice of hard-edged sanity in what otherwise is a sea of mindless racists, dittoheads, or Jew-baiters (lest I be accused of anti-semitism here, see: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Jew%20baiter). There are a few other exceptions to that dismal rule here, but you shine among them.

      Second, I agree with you entirely as to the dismal state of modern U.S. urban life. It sucks. It stinks like dung on ice. And when compared with places such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, it sucks and stinks all the more.

      Third, I think that you have nailed it in an earlier comment here when you said that the only way to avoid the problems that we have as a result of large tribal groups in the U.S. is through assimilation of those groups into the more general society.

      Fourth, though, is my own point: the U.S. has failed in that process of assimilation because it has failed in its educational system. I don’t think it a coincidence that the worst pest holes (e.g. Detroit, Washington D.C. and my own Los Angeles) have the worst public educational systems in the country, and apparently, in the world. Nor is it a coincidence that Canada, New Zealand and Australia have better (or at least, more effective) school systems than the U.S.

      Which leads to my fifth and final point: rather than bitching (which is by its nature an activity of females) about the lousy state of the U.S., we can diagnose the problem (as you and I have done), and we might even think of doing something about it. Or at least, the men among us might.


      • The solutions are obvious.

        1) Get rid of marxist solutions to poverty. They’ve cursed black America and the rest of us as well.
        2) Liberals and the Dems have near-total contempt for blacks. Every time they lower standards or say that “Maybe single moms are normal” and “future-time orientation expectations are racist” they lower the bar for blacks and guarantee they won’t even bother to try to raise themselves up. it’s a kind of paternalistic racism.
        3) Focus on wealth generation. Drop minimum wages (we’re competing with China, not Germany). Lower taxes on small businesses that manufacture.
        4) tax the financial sector
        5) Tax media (don’t fool yourselves: media companies pay zero tax; it’s all a dodge)
        6) balance budgets. It means stopping payments for social services; so be it. Empower charities. There’s no other solution. Socialists or capitalists, borrow money you don’t have and you make tears.

        Bankruptcy will bring the socialists to heel. They can bitch and whine about disparate impact and women losing parasitic government jobs (funny how it’s not a problem if men lose them) and health care contracting and whatnot–

        and it’ll suck for a generation–

        but assuming that blacks don’t glom onto shiftless hucksters like Jackson and choose to rise to the occasion – and they can be helped to this by being abandoned by social programs and literally forced to rely on themselves or die in the streets while others watch – then they’ll likely have a black American renaissance.

        None of this shit will be government led. The government has to basically pare down and close its doors to all but the most important state functions.

        Empower cities to create police forces, maybe volunteer ones. Think back to 1850. Minimal state.

        Stay out of foreign wars. We can’t spend a trillion dollars to fight for others.

        But racists may or may not be right – it’s irrelevant.

        Blacks are here. That’s it. Nothing to do about it.

        They’ll continue mobbing and killing and raping unless they’re assisted – properly.

        We should do nothing -the right kind of nothing.

        When the only way to get into a college is by studying, then blacks will either get jobs in Starbucks, go to prison or study. Right now, they don’t need to do anything – Big Daddy gives it all to them.

        if you don’t pay for it, you don’t value it. Black culture in 2011 is all about getting something for nothing.

        if we want to save the country, we need to cut the trash loose and let it survive on its own, and exterminate (imprison) the flotsam that can’t make it.

        Right now we tax and waste virtually every dollar.

        Our whole economic policy seems to be to redistribute instead of to generate new revenue. And new revenue is just new taxes: we can;t nurture new industries.

        Go to Asia and see how an efficient economy works. These people are going to economically bury us. We need to stop spending money and start making it, and this means getting rid of most of our extremely expensive perks.

        Socialists and dems be damned. It’s over. The shell game they played where we could have our cake and eat it too is gone.

        White guilt is now too expensive. White laziness is too expensive. White greed (defined as wanting without working) is too expensive.

        The bills are coming due. Socialism is killing us.

        My bets:

        Treat blacks like human adults and not like children, and lots will fall through the cracks. But the ones who don’t will make fine citizens. Welcome them because we have no choice.

        Hispanics: Illegals all get to go home, and we have this trillion dollar army. There’s a good use for it.

        Let Mexico bitch. if they want to make money here that badly, then issue a work visa program that gives incentives to go the fuck home when the job is done, so you can come back next year. Punish law-breakers brutally but give them a little carrot to make it go down better.

        being a hard-assed racist accomplishes nothing. You’re not going to set up gulags for the extermination of undesirables or create new Liberias for ex-slaves.

        All we have to do is stop pandering and start thinking. Adopt a poits immigration system. No need to be overtly racist. If it so happens that those without decent IQs can’t get in – tough shit. Standards are standards. it’s not like we’re, … racist.

        You can sell all this. If Canada can have a eugenic immigration policy, or Australia, then we can. it’s not perfect but it’s a step up.

        We can bitch and whine about how wretched black Americans are and how hispanics are breeding like rabbits and their IQs are actually dropping, but the ones we have aren’t going anywhere.

        We have to make use of them somehow.

        Our cities are shit. They’re shit because the people are shit. or some of them are.

        We can’t have nice things because some of our people are barely human.

        We either make them human or gets used to living in the ruins of America.

        Step #1: Get rid of our delusional elites.


      • on June 30, 2011 at 5:58 pm DiamondEyes

        one little problem – everything you listed would be called racist by the screeching indignants and their media enablers.

        you basically have to take the attitude that if you are going to be called racist for having common sense, then so be it, wear the badge proudly and without reservation.


      • Stop being an idiot. Blacks just arent as smart and there is no more hiding it. Look at all the fucked up places. What do they have in common?


      • Yes I agree and a good part of why they aren’t is genetic, the bulk of the evidence shows.

        However blacks could be a whole lot more constructive and less destructive to American life than they are now, with culture change.

        I actually blame the left liberal elites most of all, because they make it impossible for American society generally to shame large numbers of blacks for bad behavior. See e.g. the media near total censorship of who is doing the hate crime robbing and beating variety of flash mobbing in accelerating frequency.


  35. http://www.youtube.com/user/TheAlexJonesChannel?blend=1&ob=5#p/a/u/0/oVCW2zDIHwY

    is he crying or pretending? according to AJ, they are fucking with our hormones.


  36. shit skeleton hands has been watching AJ clearly


    • on June 29, 2011 at 9:48 pm Skeleton Hands

      Not much. Alan Watt is ten times the researcher/presenter Alex is. I figure Alex is most likely bought off anyway and will make the movement look ridiculous at a critical moment (he already does this with a lot of his rants).


  37. Really?

    Black america is doing great?

    Take a trip to Detroit or Chicago.

    Not so fucking great.

    Both cities: national humiliations.

    BTW, despite the fact that Niagara Falls is dirt poor and half-abandoned, virtually all of the crime there is black. Same poverty as whites; completely different response.

    Riddle me that.


    • on June 29, 2011 at 6:43 pm The Contrast Is Hilarious

      I never said Black America was doing great, from my point of view as a black man, its doing horribly but it is moving forward and not backwards. If what you say about Niagara Falls is true, gentrification has won!


      • Niagara Falls is apparently so destitute and poor, it has a lower unemployment rate than average – because everyone has dropped out of the employment market for lack of jobs for so long.

        The place looks like shit, smells like shit, and even the shitty businesses (the old stinky industries) are gone, boarded up, with collapsing buildings.

        I saw not one boarded up building in Niagara Falls Canada, and almost no for lease signs. Niagara Falls NY was almost completely abandoned and there were few functioning businesses.

        50 years ago, it was the reverse.

        I went through Buffalo last time. Canadians used to drive to Buffalo for a good time after WWII. Now, Buffalo is a blight on the landscape – good for landfill and bulldozing. There’s virtually no reason to go there and nothing worth saving.

        Toronto rivals the capitals of Asia as some kind of Future City. It reminded me of the science-fiction dreams of America about 80 years ago. I have no idea what it’s like to live there, but shit – it looks awesome.

        I was in the capital Ottawa last summer. It’s no Berlin, but it’s quiet, quaint and charming, with green gardens and no shit anywhere. Well-maintained, pretty, clean.

        Vancouver was grimier but compare it to Seattle and the difference is obvious. It’s been a while and I was hunting when I was there (no fat chicks in Vancouver, the city is filled with babes), but that was one fine city.

        What the fuck is wrong with our country?

        I’ll tell you this:

        Niagara Falls: Almost all random violent crime and, from what I read, rapes: Back men.
        Chicago: Almost all violent crime: Black men and women.
        Detroit: it makes blacks in Chicago look like Uebermenschen. Must be something in the air or water, but we should declare it a disaster zone and just build walls around it. Nothing to save there. The schools? Hopeless. Why? because the students are crap.

        In my own city, blacks commit a wildly disproportionate amount of crime – basically, when you see groups of black men, you stay the fuck away, because you’re taking your life into your own hands by getting close to them. It’s like living with wandering herds of vicious, nasty predators.

        Blacks are doing well?

        Give me a break.

        My father grew up in small town NE and knew blacks. They were respectful, mild-mannered, studious. They worked hard.

        The grandkids of these people are almost universally useless, lazy, stupid, can’t get into colleges without AA removing all admissions standards, never study, fuck everything that moves (and that’s saying a lot coming from me) and have children without even thinking about getting a man.

        When my dad was growing up, there was a case for racism: A black man, no matter how respectable, was treated like shit. My father resisted this, even though he’s a racist bastard. My sister brought one home, and after a grueling period of proving himself no white guy would have to go through, and justifiably, my father accepted him. He never apologized for it BUT he never insulted my brother in law.

        The honest truth: Blacks in America are sinking into a toilet. Maybe it’s a bifurcation: A few elite are moving up (like my BIL’s family) and the masses are becoming a class of indigent, half-civilized savage animals.

        But whatever, the various misanthropies I collected on my sojourn to Chicago are hitting me now. Fat, fat, fat, fat entitled white Middle America, animals masquerading as black Americans, pretending to be human, rich liberals who make decisions and don’t spend time with anyone close to a prole, pretending to be superior and liberal when they live in gated communities and spend more time in airports and second houses than they do in “communities”, and–

        Smug, superior Canadians telling me how my country is shit. And me realizing there’s nothing I can say about it – because, as I read every day and see all the time, my country is shit.

        When I travel in Asia, I’m beginning to get an inferiority complex because of my passport.

        Canada isn’t going bankrupt. Compared to us, they have more money than the Rockefellers up there. They have a trade SURPLUS for God’s sake.

        When the hell do you remember the US having a trade surplus? The late sixties?

        And the women in Canada were hotter and less fat. A friend of my SO in Toronto, an American expat she went to school with, said the same thing: When she visits her family in Virginia, she finds out every women – every woman, all of them, all the people she went to school with – are fat, bloated cows. Some are obese.

        In Toronto – almost none.

        No, I did see some fat Indian women. But not the young ones.

        So many complaints, so little time.

        But above them all:

        The response of poor whites: the response of poor blacks.

        Which ones become killers, thieves, random muggers and rapists?

        You tell me.


      • Good post. We have created the circumstances to destroy our cities. It started with bussing, welfare, and affirmative action. It ends with Black and criminal city leadership that seeks to drive out the productive and punish them unitl nothing is left. Black politicians all seem to go to the Robert Mugabe School of Management. American blacks have created a criminal mentality that has been encouraged by the left and pop culture. American black culture is a drag on the rest of the nation.


      • It’s mostly moving forward through government jobs for black women and some men, disparate impact standards for hiring and other forms of affirmative action, etc.

        A good part of why inner city largely black schools have become so bad is because leftist courts and government policies had destroyed the mechanisms by which discipline used to be kept.


    • 1991 Harold Washington Library Center,
      1991 U.S. Cellular Field, Home of the White Sox
      1991 Museum of Contemporary Art
      1992 77 West Wacker Drive
      2004 Millennium Park
      2009 Trump International Hotel and Tower
      2010 Aqua Tower


    • How many Jews and non-Whites in government in Canada?


  38. on June 29, 2011 at 6:48 pm incubus the tickler

    To some extant, most Americans (and residents of America) have shared values – whether they know it or not.
    We elect our own government, to some extent, and we want to keep the money we earn.
    It is true, as she alludes to, that a century or so of wars, technological advances, and most of all hideously flawed and misguided political movements tore asunder many of our nation’s strongest foundations – from the nuclear family to the primacy of (male) logic, reason, discipline, hard work, and sweat equity – but much of America remains untouched by the stupidity of politics and the enervating weakness of the welfare state.
    We are, mostly, Americans. We were never ruled by kings and cathedrals. We never had nor will we have a formalized aristocracy.
    The rewards are still there for hard work and intelligence. There is still strong demand for skilled labor, whether in quantitative disciplines or in specialized trades.
    There are still women who need protection and leadership (no matter how they protest). There are still many specialties, niches, and professions that reward strength, courage, and brains.
    It is still far better to be a man than to be a slave.


  39. 1991 Harold Washington Library Center,
    1991 U.S. Cellular Field, Home of the White Sox
    1991 Museum of Contemporary Art
    1992 77 West Wacker Drive
    2004 Millennium Park
    2009 Trump International Hotel and Tower
    2010 Aqua Tower

    You from Chicago?

    I just got back from your city.

    A little bit of glitter surrounded by a sea of crap. Dirty.


    Every single one of those buildings that went up – is this a comprehensive list?

    I spend half my time in Seoul and Shanghai.

    Shanghai invented a city as impressive as Chicago in 8 years without the crime or the decay.

    Seoul: They build the equivalent of all of these buildings but they do it every year. It’s stunning. Americans seem bankrupt and lazy by comparison – and this is no exaggeration. Go there. They think big.

    The Canadians do it slowly but every time I go there there are cranes and buildings going up. It’s never stopped in 4 years of trips to see places.

    The one – one – bad neighborhood I ever saw in any trip to Canada was in Vancouver, a downtown area maybe 3 blocks that looked like a semi-bad area of NYC.

    Exactly one.

    I admit I haven’t seen every dirtville Canada – just the big ones, and some of the local smaller towns. I imagine there are rough patches, somewhere, right?

    But try to create a city like Vancouver or Montreal or Toronto in the US. You get Memphis or Chicago.

    I’d like to get more Koreans here. They come with their own problems, but the energy that drives Seoul is amazing. They could rebuild NYC and make it somewhere you’d actually want to visit and not the wretched hive of scum and villainy it is now.

    Don’t know much about DC. Anyone who knows about it is free to chip in.

    I suspect it’s a storied town of black and white harmony, where all the black men you meet live in Georgetown and drive Mercedes and send their kids to big, expensive colleges.


    • NYC is doing pretty well. Why you have such a poor impression of it is beyond me.

      Almost everywhere in Manhattan south of Harlem is pretty safe at night. Even Harlem is way better now than it was in say the 70s and early 80s. Many parts of Brooklyn are too; others – the poor black parts, not. Same is true of Queens. The Hispanics we have in NYC are mostly not a problem, even though their numbers have gone way up. NYC actually lost blacks between the 2000 and 2010 census, probably for the same reason DC did. Priced out. Though there’s a lot of rent control (called rent stabalization) in NYC.


  40. @White woman.

    Jews and non-whites?

    I asked this time. Apparently, lots of non-whites, but they’re Asians and if they’re black, Caribbeans. Asians are into everything up there. The Governor of Canada was Asian apparently. Lots of Indians there, but I’m not impressed with the Pakistanis generally, and other people seemed to be of the same opinion. Okay, the two I talked to said the same thing. Maybe everyone else loves them.

    Jews: All the people I dealt with were Jews or French Canadians. It’s the media after all. The anglos seem to run the banks and companies.


  41. Niagara Falls.

    Should be tourism capital of the North East.

    it is: For Canada.


    But the face of crime: Still black.



  42. Bankruptcy, failure, decay, default, deficit, debt:

    Is this our future?

    I’d expatriate except that Canada is cold, Europe is filled with hate-filled Muslims and the taxes are insane, when America goes into the toilet permanently we won’t be welcome in Asia, and Australia…

    That’s it, then. Australia.

    Time to learn about Australia.

    If I spoke Spanish, I could move to Chile. But I don’t.

    Some place where hot, young pussy isn’t forbidden, the streets are reasonably safe and your kids have a future.


  43. @Trion,

    Asians are the most racist people on Earth, and for good reason.

    Koreans and Japanese look out on the rest of the world and they see what they see.

    That’s what makes them racist.

    They don’t need white people to see what blacks are all about. You just need to look.

    BTW, they feel the same way about SE Asians – and, also, for good reasons.

    The Philippines started better off than Korea. Funny how the Koreans put the Philippines behind them within one decade. I wonder why.

    Oh: And the Philippines had more aid and support from the US, too; and the Korean government was, if anything, more corrupt and less functional. And a brutal military dictatorship.

    But surely, the Koreans must be racist fucktards for no good reason.


    • I divide by culture/way of thinking
      not by skin colour

      At least their racism isnt stupid its dangerous yes but not silly
      Japs and Koreans hate each other like bloods and cribs

      Jap Empire under WW2 was extremly racist even to the other asians
      which is the reasons why most of the asians still hate the jappanesse


      • Skin color is a leftist canard. All college educated Americans and many more besides know that the south Indians we get here, though often having skin color as dark as most blacks, are on average way smarter, way less violent, and altogether different from African Americans.

        Race is much more than skin deep. Race is about ancestry, and as such usually goes along with culture hand in hand. IQ, aggressiveness and even personality traits are substantially heritable as twin studies and other evidence shows. Culture both macro and micro (family, friends, schoolmates) matters too but it’s usually partly associated with race.


    • Asians, including Indians have not been brainwashed through their media for decades like the U.S. has. Give the Jews and the minions time though and they will do to Canada, Asia etc. what they’ve done to the U.S.

      They see it as their job to make all of humanity one faceless brown mass that has no loyalty to their fellow humans…that way they can buy and sell us as they see fit.

      It ain’t over yet though.


  44. Howard Bloom has been writing about this sort of stuff for years.


    Check out his book:

    The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition Into The Forces of History


  45. Australia, New Zealand and Canada are good. Parts of Europe, maybe, if/when they abandon multiculturalism. Still, I don’t want to just abandon America. We can salvage something out of this mess, surely.


  46. As a maxim, “diversity + proximity = war,” is only true in the most tautological sense. If two groups are warring, then by definition there is some difference that forces people onto different sides.

    In reality, some of the worst conflicts arise between groups of people that are genetically and culturally similar. Just how much “diversity” is there between bloods and crips, MS 13 and the the 18th st gang, the Gambinos and the Colombos, the Hatfields and the McCoys? Even among warring groups that are different, the greatest rivalries are often among groups that have more in common than not, like Irish Catholics and Irish Protestants or Hutus and Tutsis.

    People tend to self-select into various groups, but the idea that there is some universal biological need to “stay with your own kind” is absurd. Plenty of people don’t select into ethnic groups at all; instead, they select by level of education, socio-economic status, profession, love of a hobby, etc. Just because you guys feel one way, it doesn’t mean that everyone else does as well.

    [Editor: Evidence suggests you are wrong on your last contention. And, again, like I mentioned to another commenter, you’re forgetting the proximity part of the equation. Euros fought each other because they were diverse AND they were in relative close contact.]


  47. Wake up white man.


  48. “Australia, New Zealand and Canada are good. Parts of Europe, maybe, if/when they abandon multiculturalism. Still, I don’t want to just abandon America. We can salvage something out of this mess, surely.”

    Ohh yeah? How is Australia good?
    We have had over a decade of 100 000+ immigrants per annum from China, India and the rest of Asia.
    To put things in perspective, our population is 21 million.


    • Take a look at Chicago, Birmingham or Detroit. Compare your Indians and Chinese to American jungle or the European Caliphate.


  49. Was expecting this to be about the recent Chicago gang attacks.

    Does the study bother having a with/without Africa comparison?


  50. For someone whose mind is so sharp and scientific when discussing game, it is amazing how unscientific you are with these racial diversity posts. The “grand equation” presented is simplistic and at best naive, it is amazing to me how such a sharp mind can fall for this kind of irrational crap, pretty lies alive and well. There are historical examples of diverse communities which did not erupt in war. Most wars happen for resources anyway not because the people in the neighboring town have different shades of skin. In general a lot of people get along well within multicultural circles, but you select your data to suit your agenda, Like the video you posted a few months ago of some black women slapping a white girl in Mcdonalds, as evidence that races can’t live together, it is arbitrary you could just as easily posted e.g. a link to the news story of the white supremacist family where the kid shot his dad a couple of months ago as evidence that white segregationists can’t live together.

    Humans are genetically programmed to live in small packs and tribes of up to 200 people; what bonds them to each other is not similarities of genes (since a healthy tribe will breed with outsiders) but shared experiences, shared risks, common interests, investment of time in each other – and you know all this from game anyway. To equate the tribe with the modern day nation-state with its millions of citizens, or some abstraction like the White Race, is bad science, it is a confusion of scale.


    • “shared experiences, shared risks, common interests, investment of time in each other”

      Over time that results in shared genes.

      [Editor: Bullseye. I love these liberals who think culture and genes are separate realms, and never the two shall meet.]


      • Lara it can but not necessarily. But in any case remember that the small groupings humans lived in during the vast vast majority of our evolutionary history is one thing and the scale of modern societies today is another, the parameters change drastically.

        Heartiste I am no liberal but keep projecting whatever suits your fancy, your positions regarding racial diversity are obviously not based on rational analysis of facts anyway, i guess you need your hamster too. Are you proud of the high quality of fans you are attracting here by the way?


    • Genetics would prove you different. Many traits are inherited – including “criminal” traits. It is why one racial groups law irritates another racial groups law. White men want to see murderers, rapists, child molestors and homosexuals permenantely removed from society. What do you think makes them Sheep? Other colors – tolerate them – it is genetic. There will be NO peace for the white man – until he can have his own space, and own place. The Jew knows this – which is why diversity/white guilt is forced down his throat. Nothing a Jew loves more to see than a coalburner destroying their own race.

      The White Race engineered and built modern civilization. It will COLLAPSE when the White man goes away – as we are seeing today – for it is too complex and intellectual for the other races to understand – including the Jew. In the end, the other races will die out in a cannabilistic orgy, and the few pure remaining Whites will rebuild. Hopefully they will be wise enough to not give shelter to those below them.


      • Hahaha sorry but I couldn’t understand your post, you are too complex and intellectual for me.


    • White “Supremacist” shot by his kid? Never happened. You still believe everything the media tells you?


    • Some abstraction like the White race? White people don’t exist? And yet we are responsible for all the evil in the world? F that.


  51. “a healthy tribe will breed with outsiders”

    Duh. By poaching their women, not giving away their own.


    • If you find a good mate for your daughter or niece, outside your tribe, it makes evolutionary sense to be happy about it.


  52. “some abstraction like the White Race”

    It’s not an abstraction if I can identify it with my senses.


  53. @RVT,

    Australia, New Zealand and Canada are good. Parts of Europe, maybe, if/when they abandon multiculturalism. Still, I don’t want to just abandon America. We can salvage something out of this mess, surely.

    Europe– been there. France is nice, but overrun with Muslim “youth” trashing cities. The French public are less politically correct, but the elites are from a different planet. Germans can’t even say Boo without their elites calling down the curse of Hitler on them, so Germany is likely a lost cause. Also, they have the only real money in Europe, so so long as that keeps up, the growing hordes of Deutsch-haters amidst them won’t bother anyone overly. The UK has been a shithole since 1946. it got a little bit better but nobody *moves* there. It’s expensive, there are unemployed thugs everywhere, and an elite that we told to fuck off 250 years ago: they haven’t changed in all that time, either.

    Canada: Seems fine, but too politically correct (but this shit works). I vote: they have a tacitly eugenic immigration policy. We get Latin America’s shit; Canada gets away with very un-PC point system immigration. It’s not perfect but it’s a bazillion times better than what we have. We can’t even talk about it without being called racist: they’ve been doing it for 3 generations and nobody says boo. BTW, they get almost no black immigrants. Fancy that. Gotta have the points. No AA in immigration. I’m guessing the only blacks they get are wealthy/educated connected types and mostly refugees – the back door everywhere. Too many muslims from what I could tell.

    And too damned cold.

    Australia: I know nothing about it, but it sounds like fantasy lala land for guys like me. I think a trip is in order.

    NZ: Too many sheep. Very small.


    • In Australia in depends on where you go. In my home town the population would be about 98% white, the rest Asians or ‘aboriginals’ (most of who would have at least 50% white ancestry). There’s no crime of note, the streets are clean, no graffiti and I would imagine that rural towns in Australia have the highest standard of living for working and middle class people in the world.

      In the suburb of Melbourne that I now live in you can be the only white person on a train carriage with 20-30 people on it. Over the last week the main news story has been a number of gun battles on the streets of the northern suburbs between Middle Eastern gangs. A great deal of crime in general, but surprisingly not much hatred to towards whitey from any immigrant groups.


  54. Built in the fifties, demolished in the 70’s:

    How the hell did anyone every think this public housing development in St Louis would be anything but a hellhole?

    Great blog on decay and ruin:

    “changing economies” – and note the worst offenders in the general population in each city. Hint: Not wasps.


    Not going to recover:

    As the US collapsed, if you think black poverty is bad, watch it get much worse.

    Blacks rely on bogus government jobs and AA appointments. As governments fall apart, these jobs will disappear. Welfare dries up. Public services vanish.

    These cities are in permanent, irreversible decay because the actual residents are trash and can’t adapt to any economy, let alone the modern one, and the free money and free jobs are history.

    In this sense, we’ll all be libertarians. There’s no more tax money to collect; socialism is useless if the state is bankrupt; and the subjects of this nascent pity socialism aren’t playing ball. They have no interest in jobs and normal life.

    In essence, black America as it is now has no future.

    All the low-wage but serviceable jobs are gone. They’re not coming back.

    Unless these people can suddenly jump up and start moving into colleges on their own steam, black America is going to spiral down into further irrelevancy.

    Asian and White America will end up being the elite.


  55. Melbourne (Australia) is steadily becoming an Asian/Indian city.

    The masses of immigrants that came over from the 1950s onwards (mostly in the 1960’s) have had time to integrate and their culture/religion was more compatable with the existing Anglo culture that they came into.
    As far as letting in problem groups, it would have to be the muslim Lebanese and the Vietnamese that were let in during the 1970s and 1980s. These two groups tend to be over-represented in the crime statistics and have a predilection for getting involved in the fast money of the drug trade and other illegal activities.

    You hardly see any Aboriginals in Melbourne; perhaps our weather is just not conducive to their predilection for sitting around outside and doing nothing.


    • Gorbachev, if you ever decide to visit Melbourne, I’d be happy to show you around the place.


    • By the way, in the 1950’s and 1960’s immigration to Australia was mainly from the UK and from Europle; Greece, Italy, the former Yugoslavia etc.


  56. on June 30, 2011 at 12:58 am A French guy living in CA

    To all of you guys who are bringing up historical references about bloody wars among same race peoples to discredit the equation ‘Proximity + Diversity = War’, you need to understand the context of such expression. Sure, the bloodiest and most vicious wars in History have been waged among same race peoples. Germans slaughtering French, Japanese slaughtering Chinese, French Visigoths slaughtering French Normands, Danish slaughtering Swedish, Aztecs slaughtering Tlaxcalis , etc. Wars are about money, they are always about money. The new context of the ongoing ethnic and cultural wars we are seeing Today is the fact that due to technological progress (transportation), economic dynamics (mass migration of the cheap labor Big Money wants) and the open decadence of political institutions (don’t blame the politicians, they are just working girls) you can have two or more different ethnic or cultural groups competing for the same space, the same resources and the same political power in a very short period of time. That’s conflict. In the past, physical invasions, displacements and cultural wars were slower and in shorter areas. European nations have waged the most brutal and horrendous wars in a space shorter than Texas. Empires like Russia were built over the span of centuries, little by little, so the peoples of Central Russia don’t relate that process as an invasion, but as assimilation. But when you have a mass migration of people who don’t share your background competing for the same space, the same resources and the same power over night you’re inviting war.


  57. ““a healthy tribe will breed with outsiders”

    Duh. By poaching their women, not giving away their own”

    Perhaps another reason why everyone hates the Jews.
    You aren’t considered a real Jew unless your mother was a Jew.


  58. [Editor: Evidence suggests you are wrong on your last contention. And, again, like I mentioned to another commenter, you’re forgetting the proximity part of the equation. Euros fought each other because they were diverse AND they were in relative close contact.]

    Only cherry-picked evidence. Some people care a great deal about race and ethnicity, some don’t care at all. And actually, if you look for the places where race matters most, you generally find the least educated and least enlightened elements of society, prison for instance.

    [Editor: The Chinese have a high average IQ yet they don’t go in for this open borders nonsense. And they have some, shall we say, colorful opinions of other races.]

    And again, you are essentially arguing in favor of a tautology. It’s banal. By definition, any two groups engaged in a dispute are by definition “diverse” in that they are on two sides of an issue.

    [You are confusing cause and effect. The dispute doesn’t lead to diversity, except perhaps in the very limited scope of ideology diversity, where a dispute can work to harden prior opinions. The diversity, particularly of the racial, ethnic or religious kind, leads to disputes, which come more naturally to groups who can identify opposition parties as outsiders.]

    Irish Catholics and Irish Protestants are divided by their allegiance to Britain and by their acceptance of the Catholic church, but they’re both white, Northern European Christians. You could hardly argue that there is some deep-seated genetic reason for those two groups to be in opposition.


  59. I love it when CH scratches his political itch. It’s cute. Like a dog riding a bicycle.

    This site could use an editor. Someone trustworthy enough to say, “Hwrah-çee, Sha-toe, Heartsie — whatever you’re calling yourself today — buddy, let’s sleep on this post overnight and see how it looks in the morning.”

    I mean, what conscious non-vaginized American male isn’t generally sympathetic to the politics above? We all are. But the randomness of expression, the pseudo-social-scientism, the libertardian passion … it’s diluting your brand, baby. Write what you know.

    Giada de Laurentiis pushes her tits together and pretends she is teaching us how to cook “Everyday Italian.” She doesn’t devote every sixth episode to her opinion about how geopolitical pressures are impacting the value of the euro. It’s just off-theme, see?


    • You add nothing – so I’ll something: you are a fucking fag.


      • I can see how half-baked Unabomber ramblings might entice a dimwit like you to chirp up in their defense. You have a hard time discriminating wisdom from spleen because his political observations match the blunt tone of his other, far more cogent posts on feminism and pick-up. So I’ll permit the retarded taunt.

        But be real. The white-trash “proximity war” manifesto above is the kind of paranoid garbage you expect to overhear in a trailer-court lawn-chair powwow or slurred at the dark end of bumpkin bar. It is unsupportable and dumb. It breaks the feng shui flow of an otherwise tour-de-force blog.


  60. Gorbachev — Australia is over-run with Muslims, who demand the burqua for every one and are taking over. With help from feminists. A feminist is PM, she’s calling for basically outright surrender to Islam (figures). They’re going Green so flushing toilets, lightbulbs, showers, hygiene are all out. Better get used to that outhouse.

    WHY is Canada doing better than the USA? Because they don’t have a boatload of Blacks (12% of the US pop) and Hispanics (about 23% and growing like crazy) who HATE HATE HATE Whites and do everything they can to destroy them.

    Plus in America, the key mover is White women. White women find beta males disgusting. They HATE HATE HATE them. Being White and male is automatically “icky” unless you are Alpha. Black and Hispanic folks are “nice White lady props” and also useful to purge Beta Males (aka abou 90% of White guys) from existence. Everytime a White guy gets his head beat in, White women generally applaud. On the principal that if he was “really” Alpha he would have stopped it by being famous, dangerous, with a pack, etc. Its why White women weep over gay Matthew Shephard but don’t give a damn about Reginald Denny or Carter Strange (or any White women who befalls a Black/Hispanic super-predator).


    • on June 30, 2011 at 6:11 am NoMan'sLand

      I would hardly call Australia overrun by Muslims with only 1.5 – 2 % of the population being Muslim. This is no-where near the levels of Europe and the Muslims here are of higher social capital than the ones found in Europe due to our stricter point system.


    • Its why White women weep over gay Matthew Shephard but don’t give a damn about Reginald Denny or Carter Strange* (or any White women who befalls a Black/Hispanic super-predator).

      Not ONE msm paper/mag/network/station/reporter

      even acknowledged this story

      even with grisly photos.
      EVERY US news entity will run with grisly photos.


    • Whiskey–Hispanics (about 23% and growing like crazy)

      Why is there something factually very wrong in virtually everything you say. Legal and illegal Hispanics as of the 2010 census are 16% of the pop. – but they are growing like crazy. Blacks went down slightly as a percentage and will keep doing so, though not quite as quickly as whites on current Jewish enforced (through the media) immigration policy.


  61. Let me add that all sorts of micro-slices of White folks have identity groups and strong powers: Gays and Lesbians (collectively less than 3% of the population), disabled, the DEAF for crying out loud. But White guys? No! And it is White women who prevent it. White guy identity = sexual marketplace loser. Because White women really HATE HATE HATE most White guys. Since the average White guy is her social equal or slight inferior. Women HATE them for it, with a passion.

    White guys don’t form identity groups like say, the DEAF or Gays or Lesbians because women punish them severely for doing so: “loser” and “racist” and “icky” and “creepy.” Meanwhile White women have no problem with the local biker group (F/X’s “Sons of Anarchy” is a fave with White women) or so on.

    The West is collapsing because we made most women fully equal to most men. And instantly most White women found most White men utterly beneath their contempt. And all that flows from White men. White male is a form of insult, for women it is basically “so Beta not even a fat girl would screw you.”


  62. I am not as well read on specific authors as many on this thread are. So, I cannot hold a stand in debate.

    for the record, I do not accept the racial stance of the OP, and I reject the arguments that whites are better than other groups. It sickens me to read some of the posts here.

    The reason the cities many have cited here are shitholes is not due to racial proximity. It is due to liberal policies. Policies that enslave a population to government dependency. Policies that punish success in the name of helping the unsuccessful.

    Couple those policies with dense populations and you have the makings of a shithole.

    Much of the midwest, outside of heavy populated areas such as chicago and st louis, is as calm and clean as toronto.
    Why is canada so clean comparatively is because Canada is not heavily populated. What the USA needs is a rejection of liberalism. We need prosperity.

    What has caused a dramatic destruction of the USA in the past couple decades is that law makers have found they cannot be re-elected by raising taxes on the populace. The way they get around this is to vilify an industry and punish that industry through fees and regulations.


  63. dont know why anyone would praise australia. our pollies solution is to undermine our culture and history at every chance. but i dont know if it will work

    they are trying to do what nz did – make peace with the natives….instead make peace with the immigrants…they sometimes go too far – try to stop national amthem at schools due to offending other races, no allowance of religeion and general pandering….at the end of it all no one knows what australia is anymore really but we pretty much get along mostly….

    last time i was in sydney took the train and there was 10 dif languages each time round us…we were the only ones speaking english…..its asia/india now/middle east.

    we kinda got it right. few asians are slobs tho. they deserve their place because they pickup the slack from the lazy aussies.

    sydney is dirty and old, same brisbane. i thought i was walking thru china there was so much non-oz there. and i was outof china town before very long.

    as for china, their building puts all to shame…dams power stations, bujildings, entire new cities!,roads,transport infrastructure… and many separate ones at a time! just waiting for people to move in…they have compressed what america did in 50 years into prob 10.

    they are buying us out now bit by bit

    usa sort urself out. cos we’re all fucked…

    nz and canada are paradise compared to this….they have it good atm jujst a bit cold tho. i love my country but seems everyone wants to escape to the outback/north queensland.

    china and india will have their day…when they r as fat as us and get bored with t.v

    the declines a bitch motherf’ers


    • on June 30, 2011 at 6:18 am NoMan'sLand

      The Asian population poses a huge threat to white Australians and I will tell you why.

      Asians outperform whites so dramatically that we risk losing control of the economy to them much like has happened to the ethnics groups in SE Asia. If you ever have tried to apply for a part time job at a super market or any fast food place you will see that most of the employees are Chinese or Indian. Ethnic groups always select for their own when it comes to opportunities.


      • If you ever have tried to apply for a part time job at a super market or any fast food place you will see that most of the employees are Chinese or Indian.

        Where are you living, exactly? Because my town is at least 75% white (not sure of the census numbers), and except for a couple Chinese-owned restaurants, most service jobs are filled by whites here – although even said restaurants have a white server or two.


    • India probably won’t. Can’t compete with China. Not nearly as smart a population on average.


  64. That’s right Anonymous…nothing inherently better about Chinese or India…they are just in a different stage than White countries.

    Instead of getting in a race war, we need to get at the “social engineers” in their glass towers. It will happen.


    • on June 30, 2011 at 6:03 am NoMan'sLand

      Higher average IQ of the Chinese population compared to the European populations as well as Double Relaxed Darwinian Selection in European populations (the whole West) means the social capital of our populations is decreasing while that of China is increasing.


      • IQ’s not the only important factor. The only reason China is doing so well is that the capitalists have descended on them because they’re cheap labor. Once the capitalists gut the place and move on (it will take a while) the Chinese will go back to their rice paddies. Europeans in the same situation will rebuild.


  65. The problem with the Chinese and Indians is this.

    There are far far too many of them and they all want a Western type standard of living.

    For this to happen, chances are that Western standards of living (for the non-rich) will have to go down so that theirs can go up.


  66. http://www.chicagonewsreport.com/2011/06/black-mob-attacks-michigan-avenue.html

    And this apology for blacks:
    You are here: Home / Brothers Corner / Young Black Men, and The Power of Flash Mobs!!
    Young Black Men, and The Power of Flash Mobs!!

    June 13, 2011 by Staff
    Filed under Brothers Corner, News, Opinion, Weekly Columns


    (ThyBlackMan.com) We cannot police hopelessness and despair!

    There are those who are angered and surprised by the violence of urban “Flash Mobs” (quickly forming groups of young people using technology to organize), especially crowds of young Black men, descending on mostly White, affluent downtown American cities. However, if we analyze this phenomenon, it is not so surprising. In fact, it is highly predictable. While there is no justification for young Black men to rob and beat people of any race, the activities of flash mobs are easily understandable in the context of recent social history and current economic conditions.

    Most of these young men are poor, desperate and hopeless. They come from broken families and broken communities. They have been failed by their schools and by social and faith organizations in their communities. They don’t have jobs and many of them will never have jobs. They live at the bottom rung of society. The kind of havoc they wreak among us through “flash mobbing” is the kind of havoc they have lived with their entire young lives. For them, there is a perverse kind of justice and sense of fairness in their ability to create flash mobs that breathe terror into the hearts of other Americans.

    Predictive factors for young Black males participating in the activities of violent flash mobs in Chicago are shown by recent data:

    * This summer, 90% of young Black men in Chicago between 16 and 19 years old are unemployed.
    * Only 44% of Black males graduate with a high school diploma from Chicago public schools.
    * Only three out of 100 Black boys who start kindergarten in the Chicago Public Schools earn a bachelors degree by age 25.
    * 70% of Black children in America are born into and live in single, female-headed households that are usually impoverished.
    * Black males are 6% of Illinois’ population but they represent 60% of the state’s prison population.

    The power and strength of a flash mob are in its large number of congregants and in its ability to assemble quickly and to disband equally as fast. The word “flash” is an allusion to social media — texting, smart phones Twitter and Facebook. Flash media, an effective tool for organizing a social cause, is the same media that brought down the government of Egypt. Now inner-city youth are using this same media, but instead of toppling governments, they “topple” Macy’s, Neiman Marcus and Old Navy, and they steal IPads and IPhones from defenseless citizens.

    The message from the flash mob to us is even more threatening than the mob itself. That message is, “You can’t control us! You don’t scare us! Your police don’t scare us! Your prisons don’t scare us! We are mightier than you! We will take what you have because you have given us few other options in life for earning similar things. And most importantly, we will take your peace of mind. Just as we in our communities cannot ever feel secure, now neither can you! We are more afraid of continuing to live our lives as they are than we are of you locking us up. What do we have to lose? For once, we are more powerful than you!”

    The writer says we haven’t give these thugs jobs. Um, … we forced them to do drugs instead of study? we forced their mothers to get knocked up without having a man? We forced them to lay around all their lives on welfare? WE DIDN’T GIVE THEM JOBS.

    WE have GIVEN you few options? I’m pretty sure you didn’t need any help with that – you did it to yourselves.

    I say arm the people and give them the right to shoot people in black flash mobs as soon as violence or theft starts. We’ll see how many black flash mobs form. Conceal and carry. The black flash mob thugs have given up their right for protection under the law: hunt them. Do this for their communities, too: by eliminating these monsters, you free their communities from the terror of this kind of thug.


    And from Peoria:
    Peorians living in fear

    This eye-witness account is from Paul Wilkinson, president of the Altamont Park Neighborhood Association:

    Tonight, around 11 p.m., a group of at least 60-70 African American youth marched down one of the side streets (W. Thrush) to the 4 lane main drag (Sheridan). They were yelling threats to white residents. Things such as we need to kill alll the white people around here. They were physically intimidating anyone calling for help from the police. They were surrounding cars. Cars on the main drag had to slam on their brakes to either avoid the youth blocking not only all four lanes, but a large section of the side street as well. fights were breaking out among them. They were rushing residents who looked out their doors, going on to porches, yelling threats to people calling the police for help.

    Cars were doing U turns on the streets just to avoid the mob, mostly male. One youth stated his grandfather was white and several assaulted him on the spot. One police officer answered the call. The youth split into two large groups, one heading north, the other south. They were also yelling racial threats to the police officer but he was outnumbered. Another police car did not show up until after the youth finally dispersed and the patty wagon (van) also eventually showed up.

    Residents are very shaken, both black and white alike. This is the fifth large mob action in about a month with smaller groups of 10-12 are out threatening children and adults a few evenings a week or later into the night. The times vary, even occuring during the day. In talking to the police officer, they are short staffed. Residents were advised to simply keep inside and to lock their doors. In other words buckle down, it’s not even safe to sit on your porch or go into your yards.

    “The fifth large mob action in about a month.” Wow. This is really outrageous. Why is this neighborhood having to put up with this? “Residents were advised to simply keep inside and to lock their doors”? Seriously? That’s the best we can do for our fellow citizens’ safety?


    • fwiw
      Free speech is only fo’ black folks.


    • We are supposed to believe that these are “impoverished youth”, while they use their smart phones and laptops to organize flash mobs, pile into their cadillacs and oldsmobiles with $10k gold rims, drive around with thousands of dollars worth of guns and drugs in the trunk, and search out white victims. What a crock of shit. Liberal journalists have a special place when the SHTF.


  67. Instead of getting in a race war, we need to get at the “social engineers” in their glass towers. It will happen.

    Indeed. The sooner the Enlightened™ become the Extinguished, the better off we’ll all be.


  68. on June 30, 2011 at 5:58 am NoMan'sLand

    I live in Sydney and often I feel like a foreigner as there are so damn many Chinese in this city. I like them well enough but many do not integrate at all and can get by without speaking any English.

    The other problem is they outperform native whites rather dramatically in terms of education and entrepreneurship. This is a problem because a similar situation can be found in SE Asia where they essentially control the economy of most of those countries, with great resentment from the natives.

    I went to Parramatta the other day and I barely saw any whites. There were a bunch of school kids waiting at the bus stops and most of them were Asian, Arab or African. The white kids that were there were white trash that hung out with the black kids and had adopted a ghetto image.

    What really bugs me is that this country was founded as an Anglo country with strong ties to the UK. As you bring in people who have no tie to the history of the country you increasingly move away from that and very little emphasis is placed on it. I think one day Anzac day will be deleted.
    Also, immigrants naturally favour increased immigration to Australia so the more you get the more you start getting in an almost exponential fashion.

    We bring in these people because people are too busy having a good time to actually care about the future of the nation. Don’t want to breed, thats fine. Don’t be shocked when the future taxpayers of this country (Immigrants) are not interested in paying for old white boomers in nursing homes.

    I must admit I feel like women have betrayed their civilization and men somewhat too. I will do what I can to preserve our civilization but at the same time if the shit does hit the fan I will take great pleasure in watching the cunts that caused this suffer the consequences.


  69. maybe looking at the ratio of total population to the no. of countries or to another valid partition of the total number of existing humans would reveal that there exists a sort of (constant over time) ‘critical mass’, and the propensity towards war then only depends on the difference of wealth or standard of living (for instance in a context of money or civil rights or…) between these groups. of course, proximity given, this would just support the initial statement


  70. And modern day Europe? Peaceful and diverse.

    Japan isn’t diverse and it’s wealthy.
    North Korea isn’t diverse and it’s a shithole.

    Argentina is all white and they’re worse off than than diverse Brazil and mixed white/indigenous Chile.

    Mongolia has less immigrants than China, and certainly isn’t better off.


  71. @JR
    “And actually, if you look for the places where race matters most, you generally find the least educated and least enlightened elements of society, prison for instance.”

    That might just be because lower middle class whites often live in close proximity to blacks and go to the same schools.


    • And because lower intelligence proles are too dumb to be fooled by PC liberal jewish propaganda. It takes a so-called intelligent person to be convinced that black is white and up is down. Dumb people simply know what they see with their own eyes.


  72. I have a slightly more optimistic view, so long as we are able to recognize and then tolerate these factions within the country. It is the ‘melting pot’ mentality, or as the editor put it, the one class without borders, that is my concern. So long as different factions are up-front with their existence and their interests, they can be accomodated with a correlating slice of the pie and can interact with other factions.

    The two party system makes this very difficult however. I think a parlimentary style system of proportionate representation would probably be more sustaining in the long term.

    Until anglo-european culture within the US stands up for itself and forms a cohesive faction seeking the fulfiliment of its itnerests,


  73. The problem is that black Americans belong here.

    So we have to get it through the thick skulls of the apologists that black culture has to change.

    We aren’t going to make them all nuclear physicists, but a decent culture might make them …

    Say, not criminals.


  74. “Wars steadily increase for over a century, fed by more borders and cheaper conflict.”

    More borders means more similar people are separating from dissimilar neighbors. So in-country diversity should *decrease*. So there’s less reason for civil war based on D+P=W…If D+P=W is leading to more conflict BASED ON PEOPLE SEPARATING BY RACE/ETHNICITY/RELIGION then doesn’t this mean America becoming more diverse is good?


  75. I just read the article. It was totally misinterpretend by this blog’s author(s). My previous comment is correct. More countries = less diverse countries —> more external wars. That’s what the study is saying.

    [Editor: No. The inhabitants of these smaller countries aren’t fighting their own countrymen. They are fighting the people of other countries, which they now have more opportunity to fight, and to *want* to fight, because of the increase in number of tribes.]

    How the hell did he get D+P=W? Diversity in countries? Then that means BRA/USA/UK/CAN/FRA are on the right track to a more peaceful future, while KOR/JPN/FIN/NOR should be watched carefully.


  76. on June 30, 2011 at 1:24 pm Trimegistus

    Sidewinder: NO, NO, NO! Proportional/Parliamentary style representation makes all this tribal-identity crap EVEN WORSE. Because each tribe has its own little political party, and in order to build coalitions they have to cater to the whims of small swing vote factions.

    For all their flaws, big-tent parties like the American Big Two do have to appeal to a fairly broad cross-section of the population.


  77. Whiskey–Jewish run media? More like gay run media.

    More Whiskey inanity.

    The MSM is not entirely Jewish run (though Hollywood and TV entertainment largely are), but it’s very heavily Jewish network influenced. 50% of the 100 leading pundits are Jewish for example.


  78. Gorbachev–

    So we have to get it through the thick skulls of the apologists that black culture has to change.

    We aren’t going to make them all nuclear physicists, but a decent culture might make them …

    Say, not criminals.

    There was a whole lot less crime before the white guilt mongers and apologists went mainstream in the 60’s. Previously that had mainly been commies, literally, or at the least fellow travelers.


  79. on June 30, 2011 at 5:07 pm John Norman Howard

    The MSM is not entirely Jewish run (though Hollywood and TV entertainment largely are), but it’s very heavily Jewish network influenced. 50% of the 100 leading pundits are Jewish for example.

    Whew! Boy, am I relieved that it’s not ENTIRELY Jewish run… for a moment there I was worried about undue influence.


    • yh rockefeller owns one half and rothschild the other.

      So it’s cool, only one half jewish!! nothing strange to see here….


  80. @Diamondeyes,
    one little problem – everything you listed would be called racist by the screeching indignants and their media enablers.

    you basically have to take the attitude that if you are going to be called racist for having common sense, then so be it, wear the badge proudly and without reservation.

    You point out how lowering standards and patronizing blacks is even more racist: AA is the biggest insult to blacks, admitting useless blacks into positions they never earned, setting these particular blacks up for failure and ridicule.

    College admissions can be singled out for this. How about respecting black achievement:

    You do this by, um, respecting black achievement. No more AA. You lose a generation, but the blacks who get up there do it on their own steam and have no apologies to make to anyone.

    Maybe then average blacks will, say, do an hour a week of homework or read a book from time to time -when society rewards them for it.


    • I agree, that’s the only tack to take when discussing the issue with others. Unfortunately many of my liberal friends have not been swayed by that argument. They still think that AA and HUD housing etc are necessary to compensate for past wrongs.

      It will take time, but I think the ‘soft bigotry of low expectations’ argument will eventually take hold.

      On a related note, the many tenets of feminism that simultaneously demand that women be treated like helpless children, while also acknowledging them as equals, can be pointed out whenever possible.


  81. [Editor: No. The inhabitants of these smaller countries aren’t fighting their own countrymen. They are fighting the people of other countries, which they now have more opportunity to fight, and to *want* to fight, because of the increase in number of tribes.]

    But why fight people who live far away? If 10M foreigns move away it doesn’t make any sense for America to then say: “ok, now let’s get ’em!” Weird result.


  82. A couple of thoughts on this:

    It depends on the population(s) involved. Switzerland lives with
    three or four distinct language groups, and does just fine.
    Of course, they have a long tradition, but it did get
    started somehow. So diversity CAN work. The devil is
    in the details.

    I am an associate member of the Los Angeles Press Club.
    They had their annual awards dinner on June 26.
    I just sat through the awards ceremony.

    Not as hard left – on balance – as one might expect, Matt Welch and
    Balko of Reason magazine snagged some awards, and many
    others were for investigating government malfeasance.

    But the Nadir of the spectacle was Leslie Stahl, one of the
    anchorpersons for 60 minutes (CBS?), and other news shows.

    She appeared on videotape and explained that she unfortunately could
    not come in person. OK so far. Then she went on about how it used to be
    that the media were roughly in agreement (I believe she primarily meant
    the TV channels, not sure).

    And she bitterly complained that due to technological advances people read
    what they want and no longer are uniform, and the country is divided.

    She said something to the effect that they were working on inventing some
    method to counter this.

    We have lost our monopoly-opinion mill. How dare people
    get alternate opinions. We must fix this.


    Were did “Ein Land, ein Volk, ein Oligopol in Medien” go?
    I want take BACK my oligopoly.

    Now, it should come as no surprise that Ms. Stahl (=steel in German, BTW)
    thinks like that, but I did not expect her to come out and say so openly.

    Oldthinkers unbellyfeel Ingsoc, I s’pose.



    • How double-plus un-p.c. of you.

      Do please keep up the good work, Thor.


    • on July 3, 2011 at 11:40 am John Norman Howard

      Switzerland’s diversity isn’t overt racial diversity… and the fact that the Germanic side of things still pretty much defines the culture and runs the show is why this allegedly ‘diverse’ little operation seems to work.


  83. “People like to form into competing groups. This natural impulse is encoded in every human being’s DNA. It is a deeply embedded encoding, and can’t be excised.”

    it’s called inclusive fitness (more or less).


  84. […] – “Diversity + Proximity = War“, “An Old Chateau Concept Confirmed by Science“, “DSK and False Rape […]


  85. Africa is a shit hole
    just like europe in middle ages

    So where are the great Cathedrals, the paintings and the poems written by Africans?

    ops, I forgot, that subsaharan Africa lacked both a written language and three-storey buildings before European colonization.


  86. Argentina is all white and they’re worse off than than diverse Brazil and mixed white/indigenous Chile.

    And yet Argentina managed to be much better than Brazil and Chile for 190 of the last 200 years. And a case could be made that living standards in Argentna today are quite close to Brazil’s and Chile’s.

    And Brazil’s South, Southeast and Midwest are mostly as white as, and sometimes whiter than Argentina. Guess which parts of Brazil sustain the Federal Government..