The Anti-False Rape Accusation Campaign

How would the Justice Department respond if 25% of all black murder suspects were falsely accused of the crime by white accusers? Eric Holder would call an immediate press conference and announce he was mobilizing the national guard, the Mexican Army, and everyone who works in law enforcement to end such blatant, hateful, racist discrimination. He would, with righteous indignation, say there is much work to be done to realize the most holy Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream. A 25% false black murderer accusation rate might even incline some to believe that white people had it in for black people.

Now what if I told you that studies over the last ten years have shown that false rape accusations are likely in the ballpark of 25%, and could even be as high as 40%? Aghast, you are? Would you be inclined to think that relations between the (American) sexes had deteriorated so much that women were virtually warring against men through legal channels? Can you guess the public’s reaction to this uncomfortable truth? That’s right….. crickets.

Crickets. Because, as this blog has astutely noted before, men are the expendable sex. It is true biologically, and since biology underpins culture, it is also true culturally.

It’s funny how those with the flimsiest evidence and the least facts to support their pet peeves are the loudest, most obnoxious motherfuckers eager to wave a sign or shout a slogan. Well, thanks to this bastion of shibboleth smashing, that’s about to end. Why should the freakazoids of American society have all the fun? It’s time for the sane people who understand the value of facts over wishful thinking and demogoguery to join in the festivities and start their own protest campaigns.

In that spirit, here is the CH approved anti-FRA campaign poster, coming soon to a bus side and billboard near you. (Any ad execs reading now should credit this blog.)

I like the bold, clean font and the stepladder geometry of the lines. Really reaches out and grabs you by the clitties. Underneath, in smaller font, would be the following PSA:

25% of the accused in rape cases are exonerated by DNA evidence. – U.S. Department of Justice
It’s time to end the lies.


Beautiful. Brings a tear to me eye, it does. Only one thing could swell my heart to bursting more than the pride of seeing this poster on a subway car: the look of horror and sputtering, impotent rage that would sweep across a feminist’s fat cunty face as she slowly digested what she was reading.

If the FRA rate is indeed on the rise, as the evidence hints at, why are women more than ever falsely accusing innocent men of rape? I have a couple of theories for that. One, female empowerment and the constant cultural feedback that women can do no wrong and there is no height to which their self-esteems cannot rise has emboldened many more women to act on their emotional impulses when they feel aggrieved or their egos are bruised, figuring their chances of getting caught and punished are very low. (They’re right.)

Two, we live in a cultural climate where sex has never been cheaper to get for alpha males. (Beta males are having a worse go of it.) Currently, women have little DMV leverage to entrap ensnare sweetly cajole alpha males into long term commitment. This diminishment of their traditional sexual power has left so many of them bitter and spiteful that they lash out against those men who would deny them the gift of an LTR, and they exact their revenge with the available tools at their disposal — namely, the long but crooked arm of the law, wielded by the shock troops of feminism’s front lines. A demondyke alliance between embittered women and legal feminism has arisen, and in their anti-male arsenal the false rape accusation has proven its effectiveness. FRAs serve well to make casual sex more expensive for men, thus helping to retilt the dating market playing field back in women’s favor.

If all this sounds hopelessly cynical to you, there’s always the option to shoot rainbows up your ass.

There is another way to level the dating field back in women’s favor that doesn’t involve jailing innocent men. But, strangely, feminists don’t seem too keen on that alternative. And so the last days of the West continue unfolding, right on cue.


  1. I have the “pleasure” of experience in dating Ph.Ds in feminine studies. They’re rockets in bed but their research papers are idiotic, and their own actions prove their theories wrong.

    I wish there was a study on what type of woman is a FRA. Rock chicks? Book nerds? Or is it the slutwalk fattie freaks who are lucky to bed a beta after a night of whiskey shots?



    • I should also note that I consider Wendy, the author, a “friend” based on years of interacting with her. She’s the founder of the iFeminist movement, on that isn’t misandrist and holds great respect for individualism and libertarian values.


    • Theorising on the type of woman who makes allegations is a great topic.

      Never experienced anything like this myself, though the girls that have gone ridiculously crazy on me are girls that have pegged me as having much higher value than themselves. To give an example of this, a big-BIG Hollywood actor of the 30s and 40s got so used to having rape allegations thrown at him that he photographed himself standing side-by-side smiling with girls before the deed to prevent further charges. It may have been Errol Flynn, but I cannot remember.


      • Either I have a lot to learn about reading signs and signals, or sometimes a girl who gave no signs and signals can suddenly snap.

        Makes little difference practically – women are dangerous and contingency plans must be in place.


      • Actually, just having the contingency plans in place helps to avoid trouble. When a girl knows you can travel and need not return, it alters her revenge plans, or baby making plans, or whatever trap she is working to build.

        Some months back I spent a few days in a hotel and said I was out of town.

        Oh – and having a steady job and place of work can fuck you up. One of my employees is not showing up for work lately as his psycho wife showed up lost her shit all over the place.


      • Regarding contingency plans, I’ve taken to carrying a few ounces of gold concealed on my person, along with data cards. Not concealed can be bank cards. Plus off-site data backups plus off-site gold cache plus off-site passport storage plus 2nd apartment plus cash on hand.

        People buy health insurance but neglect this type of insurance. Always have several back up plans.


    • The *precise* type of woman who makes these kind of accusations posts right here on this blog.


  2. Agreed

    Also, FIRST


    • First what?

      “Second place is just the first loser.” — Dale Earnhardt


    • First DOUCHE to respond with the omega-lame “FIRST”

      When will you cunts be the “first” of your friends to lose their virginity?


      • youre just pizzed u didn’t get FIRST. better luck next time, you can do it! i believe in you! just keep trying.


      • Since you can’t manage to be the “first” (or last) of your friends to see a naked woman (that didn’t require your forking over of $$ or risking arrest for peeping)…

        Seriously, wtf is the point of trying to be the “first” to reply?? And with something so ridiculously stupid as “FIRST”?!?!

        Frankly, I don’t understand how those comments get through moderation. It’s shallow, banal, and downright petty, but I lose respect for the moderator when I see those comments (which is especially disheartening after reading what is typically well thought out & constructed prose in his posts [genius, really]).

        If you people are THAT stupid, there’s no wonder you’re reading a blog on how to attract women.

        Clue #1: stop posting “FIRST” on internet blogs. You cunts.


  3. Rape and false rape accusation should have the same punishment, for the sake of gender equality.


    • False rape accusation should be a felony; and, more importantly, a conviction for this crime should put the accuser on the “sex offender” registry for life.

      If anyone is a “sex offender,” a falsely accusing cunt is.

      Considering the moralistic insanity of our culture, and the infinitely terrible consequences for any man even accused of a “sex offense,” false rape accusations must be seen as what they are: a uniquely terrible crime.


  4. I’ve gotten paranoid once or twice, crazy bitches getting that gleam in their eye when I’m bailing on their insanity. I’ve seen it, female capability to just about anything to get ‘revenge’.

    The worst part is that it’s MEN in more than many cases who are the judges in the court rooms, the lawyers representing these whores, their beta-entourage of guys providing them with cover.

    Solution a) get the fuck out or b) stay and stop being politically correct and quiet.

    I’m looking for some cheap tickets to Eastern Europe. Like Rome in its late days, to me this whole thing is a lost cause. The average chump has come to terms with just being a product:


  5. Condensed version:

    “The alpha stud who seduced me didn’t commit to me, it must have been rape and I’m angry enough to ruin his life.”

    Did I miss anything?


    • I would only add:

      “Or I got extremely drunk and fucked a beta”


      • Schopenhauer once famously declared that women are inherently immoral, because they are inherently dishonest.
        In his essay “On Women,” he compared their dishonesty to nature granting a lion his claws, the boar his tusks, or the shark his jaws.
        In my innocent youth, I remember dismissing this as old fashioned chauvanism.
        I now agree with him wholeheartedly, and have nearly made my peace with this ugly, ugly truth.
        Female bosses are, usually, dishonest, phony jerks. Mothers lie to their sons without thinking; female professors or teachers shamelessly repeat false, anti-male bullsh-t.
        Chesterfield once said that women are but children of a larger growth. Children, though precious and adorable, can’t distinguish fantasy from reality, truth from fiction, or fact from fable.
        This, I believe, is how to accept women. Humor them, love them, protect them if necessary, but accept who they are as people different from us.


      • Most women.


  6. I’m sure there are even more women who never report to the police that they were raped, especially those who were raped in childhood. This is a big problem as well, there’s still so much shame and fear around these things. I know a girl who claimed she was raped and nobody believed her. It’s really disgusting on the other hand that there are so many false rape accusations (is this some US phenomenon btw.? I’m sure that this doesn’t happen often in other countries) … These sluts are sooo pathetic – it’s their own fault if they have drunken one-night-stands … The poster is fantastic and it would probably make them think twice before getting drunk again. Or not.

    btw. Thanks for the link to dailycuteness :)))



      [Hearitste: Despite the adorable props, this picture falls short of cuteness. The dogs are pit bulls. Ugly and dysfunctional breed.]


    • Girls not reporting rape has absolutely nothing to do with false accusations. The old argument of “if we persecute the liars then no one will report it when it happens” is COMPLETE BULLSHIT!!!!

      If you are in a burning building do you think about the fact that people who pull the fire alarm falsely will get in trouble before you pull the alarm? NOOOO, cause you are in a fucking burning building.


      • Maybe I wasn’t clear enough. I wasn’t making any arguments or conclusions, actually. I agree with you that those two phenomenons are most likely not connected. I didn’t even know that this is an “old argument”. I just wanted to say that being raped makes you feel extremely ashamed and worthless (maybe it even has an evolutionary advantage – I’m quite aware of the fact that abused girls are not as sexy as non-abused are) so many girls rather never mention it to anyone – I definitely don’t want to lower my SMV by talking about this.

        The girl I was talking about never went to the police – she just told that to her friends and they didn’t believe her so I thought it’s no use telling anyone if they react like that.


      • Anecdotal experience from my life is that 7 girls I dated/hooked up with told me at various points during the relationship that they were “raped.” As far as I could tell, the “rape” involved having sex with someone, and then later regretting it. One girl even forgot that she told me she was “raped” and months and months later didn’t even recall she had fabricated the story.


      • Also it should be noted that it’s the liars who are doing the real victims a disservice.

        There is also no way to prove that a lot of women don’t report actual or imaginary rapes. By the same logic we could even construe that men are the primary victims of rape, being that they are by far the larger part of the prison population (where a lot of rape goes on supposedly) and that they are even less likely to report it for fear of social shaming and repercussions. No way to prove it.


      • Yes, men have even bigger problems reporting rape. Very good that you mentioned that.


      • That was not at all the point I was trying to make. There is simply no evidence to support my claim.


    • I know of a case in Gemany about a year and a half ago. The woman gave the man her cell phone number that same morning before leaving and only accused him of rape after 6+ months and heavy nagging from her girlfriend. The guy was sentenced to 8 years and lost everything. She got to pretend she was a victim and bask in some lame attention for a few hours as reward for not being accountable for her own decisions. Then there is Julian Assange. Ask him how easy it is to be convicted of rape in feminist Utopia, Sweden.


    • @Maya (“is this some US phenomenon btw.? I’m sure that this doesn’t happen often in other countries”):

      Well, there’s also Sweden doing its trip on Assange.


    • I know a man who has been to Mars and no one believed him!!


    • A rational feminist would be horrified at false rape accusations, since the more false rapes going around, the less people take real rape accusations.

      Unfortunately, most feminists are incapable of anything approaching reason.


    • @Maya (((“I’m sure there are even more women who never report to the police that they were raped”)))

      1) Women not reporting rape INCREASE the %of false rape accusations. And if NO woman would report a real rape, 100% of rape accusations would be false.

      2) That women don’t report rapes may be a proof that rapes are not that serious. I personally consider a man–>woman rape somewhere between a fall from a bicycle and a not-win in the lottery.


      • “I personally consider a man–>woman rape somewhere between a fall from a bicycle and a not-win in the lottery.”

        Than why, in your opinion, rapists are put in the prison for many years?


      • Because of the femifascist man-hating matriarchy we live in.


      • “That women don’t report rapes may be a proof that rapes are not that serious.”

        I’m the furthest away from what liberals call “feminist” as I can get. I find Maya’s observation regarding women who are actually-factually raped tending toward feeling ashamed to be right on target. From experience. I didn’t report it. It was serious because somebody took something I did not voluntarily give. It was also serious because feeling ashamed afterward took something even more important from me.

        My reason for not reporting was that (a) people I loved would have over-reacted and killed the guy, (b) I *hate* being the focus of public attention, and (c) the guy’s defense attorney would have done all s/he could to discredit me. So a third serious wrong was done: society is robbed of justice by its own legal system.

        Just my 2 cents worth.


      • @2Cents,

        A stranger dragged you kicking and screaming into an alley, beat the fuck out of you, threatened you with death by knife and then raped you?

        I ask because I’m not sure that’s exactly what happened and I’m pretty sure that if you were *raped* you wouldn’t be too worried about some cunt lawyer trying to “discredit” you.

        I mean, when you were finally able to take the stand after that week in the hospital, the bruises on your face still green and yellow — do you really think that lawyerly bitch is going to harp on your whoring past?



    • on September 22, 2011 at 2:45 pm | Reply Maya
      It’s really disgusting on the other hand that there are so many false rape accusations (is this some US phenomenon btw.? I’m sure that this doesn’t happen often in other countries) …

      I suspect that SOME “other countries”, known to actually prosecute, and harshly sentence, those who are found to have artfully borne false witness, WITHOUT prejudice, MAY have something to do with the apparently disparate demographics.


  7. Who is running this campaign? Is there a fund where people can donate? Links welcome.

    [Heartiste: Yep. The donate button at the upper right hand corner of this blog’s homepage.]

    The atheists did this, no reason why we can’t. I think this method of public ads is the best way of mainstreaming men’s rights. It needs to be heard and seen by the nation’s current and future elite: in New York, in Cambridge, in DC and in San Francisco.

    [My bet: If this ad were to go mainstream, 90% of them would be defaced within a week by enraged femcunts and their limp-wristed white knighters. A little bit of sunshine on an abyss of lies tends to have that effect on tolerance of opposing views.]


    • The left has done a good job at creating an environment of voluntary censorship. So, while the NFL will spend a month in pink, they refused to let Limbaugh buy a team, they’ll never (like city buses) allow mens’ rights stuff to be advertised.


      • Have you tried? Know someone that has?


      • “the NFL will spend a month in pink”

        Tell me you’re kidding.


      • The NFL has been wearing pink trim in October for breast cancer for at least three years now.

        It’s a cheap way to demonstrate easy virtue: Look everyone, we like women! We hate cancer!

        Promiscuous self-flattery combined with trendy ideology. Makes me vomit.

        Oh, and apparently September is Hispanic Heritage Month for the NFL. So we get to see discounts on tamales at stadiums, honorary coin flips from Anthony Munoz, a Futbol American chyron in the corner of NBC’s broadcast, etc.


      • In a culture where there is real momentum to disallow anonymity on the web, and where monsters have suggested that “global warming” “deniers” be considered criminals, does anyone imagine that one would not be *prosecuted* for putting up such a poster?

        You would be *jailed* if you continued to put up that poster after having been “warned.”

        It will require a particularly vicious world war in which American citizens on the American mainland are killed in large numbers to reverse these marxist/feminist trends.

        Remember what Travis muses to himself in the cab?


    • Check articles if this sort of discussion interests you.


    • @CH “My bet: If this ad were to go mainstream, 90% of them would be defaced within a week by enraged femcunts and their limp-wristed white knighters.”

      In my day-to-day interactions here in Canada, I’m discovering a growing upswell against the femicunt laws. Blue pill Men are noticing more and more the inequality of the system, but I’m even noticing it in women.

      There are girls I’ve met and bedded, who I could see making a FRA in the right circumstances (which I don’t allow to happen with me), but women are creatures of the crowd. Point out the obvious to them with this poster – when they haven’t just been pump-and-dumped – and they’ll agree with it. The more men and women who agree with it publically, the more the social pressure will exist to counter FRAs.

      Women are mostly hypocritical liars, but they don’t like being caught in their lies; if they’ve voiced an opinion against FRAs they’re less likely to actually make one.


  8. on September 22, 2011 at 2:47 pm Mr. Green Genes

    Here’s a heartwarming story relating to this topic, though it is just “sexual harassment” and not rape:

    I like the fact that he outed her by name at the end. A repulsive scrunt for certain.


  9. It would be great if you told you readers and raised awareness about the story of Eric Frimpong. Today a young man from Ghana who had potential to play professional soccer sits in a California prison rotting away for a crime he did not commit.


  10. Throwing every false-rape accuser in jail would be a catastrophe, if (and it’s really hard to find stats) there are allegedly between 300,000 and 400,000 women raped per year and 25-40% of them are false accusations that would cause crazy overcrowding; doesn’t sound like much but it’d basically be doubling the US female inmate population…every year.

    No, the way to go is a substantial fine (perhaps about $5000) for the waste of police time and resources and the potential collateral damage done to the guy she falsely accused (rape accusations cause men to lose their jobs and be kicked out of school) as well as placing her name on a national registry.

    The only reason false-rape accusations happen is because they can be done with almost 100% impunity. Time to end that.

    [Heartiste: I’d be happy with a fine and a public shaming for false rape accusers. And by public shaming, I mean in center square, 6pm when everyone is getting out from work, and a large dais upon which stands the perp, tomatoes being thrown at her head. Believe you me, that’ll fix the problem in a week.]


    • Exactly…some of the MRA sites want jail sentences but they don’t see that the States, already very much out of money and balls-deep in debt, would just end up spending more doing this (court proceedings, prison building, etc, etc).

      $5000 is a huge hit for 90% of people and nearly 100% of women and would bring some needed cash-flow in, even though women disregard everything except how they feel, do they forget that rape kits aren’t cheap?

      As for the registry, make it like the sex-offender registry; easily accessible by the public and by prospective employers. So the next time Frannie False-Accuser is being interviewed by an Alpha male for a job at his company, he can look at her public record and say ‘Damn, everything with a vagina that’s come through here in the last five years has been after my dick…should I really hire a bitch that already lied about being raped once?’


      • Add to that fine compensatory and punitive damages to be determined by a civil court. And why not put them in the actual sex offender registry?


      • I agree, I consider this a crime on par with actual rape and it should be treated as such for the damage it does to the lives of the innocent. If not jail then a substantial fine, far more than $5K.


      • You know what would actually be the most cruel and effective punishment? It’s not jail, it’s not public shaming, it’s not even a fine (though I would add in a fine for pissing away resources)…

        You get caught making a false-rape accusation? 3 months house arrest, with an ankle-bracelet, and you’re only allowed out to go to work.

        Why cruel? Think about a hot 21 year old girl, accusing some innocent guy she fucked willingly of rape because she ‘regretted it the next day’, not being able to leave the house for three months;

        – No clubbing.
        – No shopping.
        – No weekend trips.
        – No going to the coffeeshop or the nearby restaurant.
        – No concerts or sporting events.

        The only place she’ll be able to get male attention (and let’s face it; women like attention almost as much as they like sex) will be at work; a place where 90% of the guys will be betas that she wouldn’t look twice at, and the 10% she would be attracted to would have no place to escalate and honestly, if they knew she got accused of making a false-claim, wouldn’t want to anyways. What if during that three-months she ‘meets a really nice guy’ (for a hot 21 year old, ALL guys are ‘really nice’), but she can’t meet him for drinks because she has a lojack on?

        For a first offense;

        – $2500 fine.
        – 3-months house arrest.
        – Name on the National Sex Offender registry.


      • Nope. Jail them for this uniquely terrible crime and put them on the “sex offender” “registry” that they created.

        Female jails can handle so-called “overcrowding” far better than male institutions.

        Jail is not supposed to be “comfortable” or “fun.”

        It must be punishment.


      • and speaking of the offender registry, why the hell doesn’t a serial burglar, armed robber, or gang leader have to walk around to every house in the neighborhood announcing to each resident that he is going to be living there? Misandry is so ingrained in our culture that people don’t even question these things. Imagine being forced to do that shame-walk in your new neighborhood after being falsely accused of a sex crime. You would feel like destroying any society that could be so unjust.


      • There’s already a registry of sorts for this sort of thing:


    • “if (and it’s really hard to find stats) there are allegedly between 300,000 and 400,000 women raped per year”

      if the source includes the 90% of raped women who don’t come forward, then you can knock off a zero from the those figures.

      and wow amazing paper:

      “The imbalance of power between inmates and guards involves the use of direct physical force and indirect force based on the prisoners’ total
      dependency on officers for basic necessities and the guards’ ability to withhold privileges. ”

      Imbalance of power…… where have I heard these word before?

      “Records show correctional officials have subjected female inmates to rape, other sexual assault, sexual extortion, and groping
      during body searches. ”

      lol it’s equal opportunity. Female correctional official was sued by a male inmate for fondling his balls..

      ” From 1986 to 1996, the number of women sentenced to state prison for drug crimes increased from 2,370 to 23,700.
      (Bureau of Justice Statistics, Washington DC Prisoners in 1997) ”

      women are making progress!!


    • @Black Rebel (((“Throwing every false-rape accuser in jail would be a catastrophe”)))

      An alternative would be to cut out the tongues of false rape accusers, just like a lot of women currently shout “cut off their penisses!”

      If you don’t want to go that physical, you might consider obligatory stickers (“I falsely accused an innocent man of rape”) on the car an/or the identity cards, similar to what is in use now with sex offenders.

      Women who falsely accused someone of rape should never be able to get near a men again.


  11. Will the blog actually run the ads? If you have some assurance they will, people will give. Some idea of how much it would cost would be great.

    90% of them would be defaced within a week

    That may well add to their success. “Why is that sign half torn down?” Media circus ensues.

    The thing with the upper classes is that none of them will express controversial views until they are seen as within the realm of the acceptable. A friend of mine wrote editorials for an Ivy League paper advocating mild HBD, and received letters of support from people, saying roughly, thanks for saying the things I never had the courage to publicly say.

    (I’m [email protected], filled out the fields incorrectly.)


    • on September 22, 2011 at 3:57 pm Recovering Nice Guy

      Darn acronyms! I don’t know what “HBD” is, nor do I know what “DMV value” is, in the post. Tried googling them both, but of course got 80 different meanings for each one.

      [Heartiste: HBD = human biodiversity. aka “stereotypes ftw”. DMV = dating market value, as opposed to marriage market value, which is a different but parallel market. Not to be confused with the employer of the obstreperously unemployable.]


  12. Lets say that you secretly video tape your encounter with a women. She later accuses you of rape. Could the video tape be provided as evidence in your favor?

    [Heartiste: Sure. She’ll have a tough time explaining away those orgasmic moans.]


    • filming a sex act without consent is illegal last time I checked. The false rape society guys make the point.


    • Apparently you’ve never heard of the Hofstra rape case…

      Long story short: Girl gets gang banged by 4 dudes she just met, with another dude filming it. Boyfriend sees her right after, and she claims she was raped because she “didn’t want everyone to think of her as a slut.”

      4 immediately arrested, including 2 expelled, and 1 fired from his job. The final man maintained freedom until he had consulted an attorney and brought forth cell phone video of the consensual encounter. Nevermind the fact they even asked her to come with them after [which she even told the police!] and they used condoms, which they left at the scene of the “rape.”

      As far as I know she was only given community service and fucking counseling… Notice how the men who almost had their lives ruined.

      Here’s a very descriptive tale of the ordeal:

      Watch your backs. Women are of less intellectual mettle than children, and much more dangerous for men than even other men.


    • That’s how the Hofstra three got off on charges that they gang raped a female student. They had cell phone video of her asking the to have gangbang sex with her, and consensually doing it.


    • Oh man, does this mean we now have to secretively tape butthex encounters? llzollzllzollz what is the maytrx?


      • More or less a full video of the sex act is the only certain defense against a false rape allegation; in many countries an accusation of rape is considered a evidence of rape on its own regardless of circumstances, there is a presumption that an allegation of rape is true.

        Previous emails or SMSes in which the woman explicitly says she wants sex are very advisable too, but she can say she changed her mind during the act, and then the only possible contrary proof to that is the movie of the act itself.

        Note that in the Hofstra case it was the word of 4 men, and all the physical and circumstantial evidence, and her numerous changes of version all against her word, and almost certainly they would have been convicted regardless.


  13. Unfortunately according to U. S. law, drunken sex *is* rape. It’s just that girls never report it. But be warned: if you bang a girl who knows this, and she was drunk at the time, then you could end up in jail on charges of rape.

    Even if you are drunk as well! Apparently you can’t “enter into a contract while intoxicated”, but a guy claiming rape on the same grounds would never fly.

    *That* is how mired in misandry this country is.


    • Another reason to be extremely gentle and smooth when you dump a girl.
      It’s not a bad idea to be more romantic during the dumping, than during the pickup.

      Most modern urban sluts are equipped to deal with breakups, but if you suspect that you’re dealing with a psycho bitch, proceed along those lines:

      “You did me a great favor, one that i could never forget. I have hope again, hope that some girls are truly worth it. You have a good heart. You know it and i know it. I’m in a kind of phase where i feel unworthy to have a girl like you. I have things to figure out on my own and that will take time, i don’t wanna waste yours… You deserve what’s best. I’m not sure that i’m the best thing that could happen to you, even if a part of me yearns to be that person… I hope we can meet another time, i hope that you won’t be mad because of me. I hope that i could help you to find what you’re looking for”

      With the right tone and BL, chicks lap up that shit, even when they know that it’s total crap. An alpha impersonating a beta is powerful stuff. You’re reducing attraction and encouraging bonding. Bonding can mean friendship, and friendship means ability to never call her again.


      • Or you could do the camouflaged omega drone break a date, call 10 times a day, talk about the future together, and say you lost your job. Should work every time to get her to erase you from her mind.


      • Nah, goes badly. When she sees you making out with a girl prettier than her and holding hands a week later she goes crazy. She’s much more likely to go crazy if you make her think that. Giving her false hope isn’t good.

        I mean, don’t be super rude, but being too romantic at the end can backfire big, especially when she realizes it was her who wasn’t good enough, not you.


    • In criminal law as opposed to some / many campus conduct codes drunken sex isn’t rape unless she’s incapacitated. That is unless she either physically can’t say no, or doesn’t know what’s going on. Basically if she can walk and talk even if in an impaired way, it isn’t rape.


  14. Any thoughts on anti-false rape accusations tactics? Anyone who is engaging in ONS and callous pump & dumps should be aware of the risks of FRAs, just like STDs, unwanted pregnancies and stealth trannies (… believe it or not, shit happens).

    Actually, if the next girl that i encounter decides to do that shit, i’m basically fucked. I never had a stalker, or any kind of psychodrama after a ONS, but this 25% figure is scary as hell.

    I’m thinking hidden recorders. But i’m sure everyone thinks about it, but nobody does it.

    [Heartiste: Probably the easiest way to lower your risk of suffering an FRA is to stick around the next morning at least for breakfast.]


    • secretly taping a sexual encounter might be illegal in some jurisdictions.


    • Matador, I keep all texts, emails, voicemails, etc. I receive from a pump-and-dump in which she states how good I was in bed, asks when she will see me again, etc. I haven’t need to break any of these out yet, but I would love to see the look on a false accuser’s face when I produce a text in which she marvels at what a good fuck I am and wants to set up our next fuckfest asap, after an event that she alleges was forcible rape.


  15. O/T but hilarious:

    Feminists are pissed off about a new skeleton-ish Halloween costume for girls called “Anna Rexia”.

    “This outfit offends me not only as a feminist, but as a member of the eating disorder community,” said one of the harpies on Femifisting.

    By the way, anyone who doesn’t see the irony of feminists whining about eating disorders might want to read this:


  16. I reworked the poster design to make it a bit more suited for college dormitory hallways:


  17. A great list of articles to go along with thread topic: accusations

    MRA is strong and growing.


  18. I would speculate that false rape charges are more like 1 in 3 or 1 in 2 since the definition of rape has been expanded beyond reason.

    Currently, most localities define rape as sexual intercourse without consent where the lack of consent can mean a number of things.

    Heartiste, I believe a big part of the campaign needs to clarify more of what rape IS and then work from there. Simply going by what it is not leaves the feminist’s door wide open for them to reinterpret how they please.


  19. on September 22, 2011 at 6:12 pm Johnny Hammersticks

    There is a discontinuity in the message of the ad. The bulk of the ad deals with “date rape” situations, where there is little dispute that sex occurred or about the identity of the alleged rapist, and the false accusation concerns consent. Exonerations by DNA evidence generally involve stranger rape cases where identity of the alleged attacker is the issue, not date rape cases (because DNA isn’t probative of consent).

    Moreover, most of the mistaken identity in stranger rape cases is due to sloppy or coercive police work, unreliable eyewitness testimony, etc., not false accusations by the victim. In other words, someone really was raped, but they didn’t know by whom and the police got the wrong guy. That’s unfortunate, but that happens in all kinds of criminal cases. (Ask Troy Davis … oops.) It’s not really compelling evidence of the FRA phenomenon that the ad is trying to highlight.

    Some of the mistaken identity in stranger rape cases may be due to false accusations, e.g., woman wasn’t raped at all, claimed rape to explain a pregnancy, then police found a poor (black) sucker who was in the wrong place at the wrong time to pin it on. But that scenario doesn’t really fit with the rest of the ad either.

    I like the idea of the ad, but I think that really undercuts the credibility of its message.


  20. On another note… Anybody watch the recent Conan O’Brien interview of Nicole Scherzinger? She wears revealing outfit and expects him not to stare. Classic.


  21. My simplistic solution is to make the crimes of false accusation of rape and rape punishable the same. Never would happen because it would not be politically popular but really whats the downside? Its the equivalent of making someone filing a nuisance case pay the court costs of the victim while the true victims still get justice.


  22. The real problem with FRA and all other feminist crap is the surplus male population. There is an endless sea of beta males who will bend over backwards to appease femcunts in the hope that it will increase their odds of getting laid. When FRAs are made, who goes to arrest the “perp”? Male cops (and many have suggested that cops are beta tyrants.) Where are laws that pander to femcunt demands passed? In legislative bodies that are predominantly male. When men get their asses handed to them in divorce court, what are the odds it was a male judge?

    It has been said that males are expendable, and this is true. Society will gladly turn its back on a bachelor who is down on his luck, but that same society will always make room at the table for a woman under similar circumstances.

    You want to put an end to FRA, feminism, multiculturalism, and most of the things that are ailing society? Eliminate the surplus males. The group that yields the most power is the group that is the largest minority. In the 25 years following WW2, white males were the largest minority. We put a man on the moon. Any white man who wanted a job, a wife, a home, and some kids, had it.

    Now look at the demographic shift and compare it to what’s going on today with women as the largest minority. Wages are stagnant, the middle class is declining, men and specifically white men are under constant attack, and we now have to hitch a ride with Russia just to get into orbit. Forget about the moon. The moon landings may as well have been staged because the likelihood of returning in my lifetime decreases by the day.

    The majority is typically linked to the largest minority. The largest minority has influence over the majority because the largest minority typically has something the majority wants. In the past the behavior of woman was largely self regulating because their options were limited and they all wanted a husband/provider. Slut behavior was not an option. Nowadays women get to do what they want because even 1s and 2s have options.

    Women value risk taking, but they don’t value the risk itself. What is the result? Omega sits at home drawing pictures of the rocket ship he wants to build one day. Beta has intellectual discussions with his female friends about the technical aspects of space travel. These women wonder why they have sandy vaginal discharges when in his company. Alpha puts on an astronaut suit, goes to a bar and talks shit about flying to Mars. Who do you think is going to get laid?


  23. on September 22, 2011 at 7:33 pm lightningweasel

    ‘There is another way to level the dating field back in women’s favor that doesn’t involve jailing innocent men.’

    The problem is, it’s usually other men that are doing the jailing.


  24. My opinion is that little Mary Smith can’t handle a 10 incher from a black guy like she thought he could. So when her mother asks her why she’s walking bow legged, she say’s she was raped.


  25. Man I’m not trying to piss in your gatorade, but the justice dept report doesn’t say what you’re saying out says. What it says is that 25% of the time, the prime suspect in rape investigations is exonerated by DNA evidence.

    It doesn’t necessarily mean that none of those women were actually raped. Are these cases where a woman accused a guy she knew of date rape, or is it more like some woman who was raped on a dark alley picking some poor random schmo out of a photo line up because he kinda sorta looked like the guy?

    Who really knows how high claims of false rape are? Probably higher than 2%, but it’s one of those things that can’t really be measured because of the he-said-she-said nature of most cases, and especially since not everyone agrees on what actually constitutes rape. Jus sayin’.

    Also, Matador ftw w/ the stealth tranny, shit happens. Lmao!


    • “What it says is that 25% of the time, the prime suspect in rape investigations is exonerated by DNA evidence.

      It doesn’t necessarily mean that none of those women were actually raped.

      It doesn’t necessarily mean any of those women were actually raped, either.

      All this statistic gleaned from FOX News means is that 25% of the time the man those women accused couldn’t possibly have raped them as they claimed. In a few cases this may be due to an honest case of mistaken identification, often it’s due to deliberate lying as the late Cathleen Crowell Webb infamously did.

      That leaves the other 75% of cases to be where one will find all the phony accusations of so-called “date rape” mentioned in the poster – the cases in which the accuser really did have sex with the man she accused but it was consensual, not “rape!” or “rape-rape” or any kind of rape at all. Crystal Gail Mangum is a notorious example of someone in that other 75%.


  26. I was falsely accused of rape, and am in no way shape or form an alpha. I would think women would be out for blood if they made “the mistake” of sleeping with a beta, more so than they would an alpha. Not saying alpha’s don’t face their share of false rape charges as well.

    [Hearitste: Good point. Women save their worst vengeance for betas they “accidentally” sleep with.]


    • on September 25, 2011 at 6:36 am Maythetrollbewithyou

      “Women save their worst vengeance for betas they “accidentally” sleep with.”

      Why would women have casual sex with betas?

      [Heartiste: Horniness? Convenience? Loneliness? Services for payment rendered?]

      I can’t imagine anyone doing this except if she was really heavily drunk

      [So in your world the millions of women who occasionally have sex with betas every year are drunk when they do it? Or is it that in your world you’re just an idiiot?]

      … Are there any other reasons for sleeping with betas “accidentally”?

      [You did notice that accidentally was in quotes, indicating that the writer understood there was no such thing.]


  27. file this under “things that will never happen.”


  28. One should never forget the second half of the equation. Women need to be made afraid, very afraid, of pulling the trigger on a rape accusation that she knows to be false. The details will be worked out, by and by.


  29. On the bright side menopausal women are also biologically irrelevant. ‘Tis the termite mound round their feminine schtick. Old women are often depicted as a witches or old prunes. They are very often depicted as victimizing young women like in every other Disney film. The karma is restored in state sponsored bed soars. The society has its stake in alpha males and fertile females. The alpha male is first, fertile females second. Menopausal women and betas form the sludge that settles at the bottom of this society.


  30. Public shame? Bahahahahaha! WTF do you think all the hoopla is still about with religion? We rid the culture of it so no shame, or blame, or even roles could be defined. Too bad it brought out a whole ton of sociopathic men and women but whereas those same women have privilege, men don’t.

    As long as the myth of the weak oppressed woman prevails, you will never rid her of one ounce of shame. Lies all of it but increasingly we see for our own eyes what these same women are capable of when it comes to their own children. And if you think game or being a man makes you less vulnerable to that twisted behavior, you need to wake up.


  31. Dont trip Roissy, I have something under my sleeve that will not only level the playing field for men, but it will in fact cripple the ability to call this bullshit. In the next two years you will see it unveil and these femicunts will be grasping at straws.

    I almost had my life destroyed because of it, it certainly crippled my ability to game for some of my younger years and I know there are men out there who fear (and rightly so) that women look at rape like a discerning man argues that tv he bought from sony doesn’t work. They equivocate lack of satisfaction with being forced. It’s a trick they learn as children and they grow up with a legal system that supports this broken behavior.

    Stay tuned…:)


  32. This is… impressive.

    This makes as much sense as saying that, because some people were wrongly convicted of murder, those “murders” must have actually been suicides. In other words, none. I don’t really care about the political implications of it, or whose fat faces will be distorted with rage. The data simply have no bearing on the rate of false accusations.

    The study doesn’t show cases where the woman was lying about being raped; it shows where the DNA found inside her came from some dude other than the one who was convicted. If anything, this suggest it was *not* a false rape accusation – if she got nailed by some alpha and later regretted it, she’d still have his DNA inside her. This is about how hard it is to identify the guy after the fact; it says nothing about whether the sex was or was not consensual.

    The false rate accusation rate may well be 25%, or 1%, or 99%. The evidence from this study tells us very little about it, though. But never let a lack of evidence get in the way of moral outrage, I suppose.


    • Wow, that’s an absurd logical leap. If the DNA found inside her came from some dude other than the one who was convicted, HOW, pray tell, does it suggest that it was *NOT* a false rape accusation? Putting aside the idea that you’re simply assuming that a women who “regrets” her decision to have alpha sperm inside of her at some later date after the fact should legally be considered rape, let’s walk through this:

      1.) A man who DIDN’T RAPE HER is falsely accused of rape. I’d call that a false rape accusation.

      2.) The woman making the accusation either doesn’t know that THIS guy is her presumed attacker but decides to ruin his life by proceeding with the accusation, OR actively KNOWS it isn’t, and yet continues to pursue the matter. The former is morally bereft and shouldn’t be defended by the law, the latter is straight up a FALSE RAPE ACCUSATION.

      Using your tenuous analogy, if someone is murdered, I didn’t do it, and I get sent to jail, I’m still being falsely accused of murder. See how that works?


  33. on September 22, 2011 at 11:18 pm Proud-to-be-an-Omega-Male

    Where are the sexbots? sexbots shall liberate me from the narrow limitations of conventional heterosexuality. I can’t wait until I can dump my cum into a machine, without fear of electrocution.


  34. Would audio recording be illegal and serve as proof in a court?


  35. You know, we should be raising money to publish this as a full page advert in Cosmo. It would be the greatest troll of all time.


  36. on September 22, 2011 at 11:28 pm The Chrome Microphone

    I think the lack of response to the FRA figure is because absolutely fucking nobody is surprised

    FRAs are common knowledge and I expect that the accurate figure is higher

    I’d shudder to think of a celebrity FRA statistic. That shit would be over 80%


  37. Just because a woman wants to have sex and has sex doesn’t mean she’s not been raped.

    Women are treated as children by courts – unable to exercise moral agency. They’re hewpwess wittle babies in the eyes of feminists.

    Rape now means so little that forcible sexy seems like mass murder by comparison to many rape charges.

    Colleges have multi-million dollar complexes to combat rapes that almost never happen – the number of college rapes is so absurdly low that it hardly bears mention. Yet in poor urban areas, women are raped all the time – really raped – and not a penny is spent protecting on these (often black) women.

    It’s a Superior Rights movement for upper-class college girls, sponsored by elitist notions of propriety. Sexual health centers vacillate between promoting rampant, unchecked and morally neutral promiscuity as natural and categorizing all men as vicious predators waiting to murder and assault women.

    Schizophrenia, just a bit?


  38. Put up the billboards. Hold “Take Back The Day” rallies for “FRA” (an acronym already? really?). March on Washington. Write your congress-person. Etc.

    It’s called blowback. Deal with it. You want a wide-open culture of promiscuity in which herds upon herds of the young and skankfied are free to roam about and rub up against each other and exchange intimacies and body fluids without any consequence?

    Women have been stripped defenseless by the culture. They will seek blunt remedies in law now that dads have put away their shotguns and the rough justice dispensed since ancient times has become obsolete, illegal, or considered declasse.

    Sex alters a person. It especially alters a woman. Pretending it is all just so much friction to be forgotten upon withdrawal is as much of a lie as anything feminists perpetrate. Women who insist “it was no big deal” are not eliminating the power of the encounter through denial so much as they are repressing it and forcing it to manifest in chaotic ways. “When you have sex your body makes a promise whether you do or not.”

    We used to have channels for these impulses, ways to deal with these realities. When all sexual standards were eviscerated, so were the standards of rationality and fairness with regard to all things sexual. The baby was thrown out with the bathwater. You cannot effect justice over the 25-40% FRA rate without offering some recompense for the betrayal of “the promise.” With each false accusation, women are attempting to piece together the dignity that was stolen from them, that the official culture (and you) insists can be freely pillaged from them without recompense — and they should be okay with it, what’s the big deal, go join a Slutwalk or something, slut, it’s a term of empowerment now, don’t you know?

    Something has to give.


    • We didn’t sign for it. The sexual liberation of women was not demanded by men. We are simply “looting on the post-apocalyptic ruins” as you like to say.
      Blame feminism, the pill, the sexual freedom, but not men. We just had to adapt, join the natural alphas in their unfair hoarding of all the fuckable females.
      I don’t know if the odds to be falsely accused are high enough to justify the passion, but this FRA blowback is unfair. And even if we are ultimately powerless, we have every reason to vent and protest… rightfully.


      • “The sexual liberation of women was not demanded by men,” but it was permitted by men, Matador. It’s moot anyway, since it was permitted by people long dead. We never signed onto it, we have inherited another generation’s idiocies.

        “This FRA blowback is unfair.” Absolutely inarguable. But the remedy can be worse than the disease. Approaching the injustice with “awareness campaigns” and pleas to legislatures and courts is straight out of the feminist playbook, transferring responsibility for the correction to the masters who created the unjust climate in the first place.

        As egregious as these injustices are, we have to avoid the siren song of activism. We cannot uphold selective portions of the sexual order that redound to our advantage while undermining the rest. It is ineffectual (and ironic) to rely on formal justice pleas while otherwise thriving on and encouraging the anarchy. Either we approach these claims comprehensively and in a civilized manner or we accept the advantages and disadvantages of calling the state of nature back into our lives.

        This is the Wild West. Or it is the submission of men to the social contract. It can’t be both for very long. An attempt to have only the good and none of the bad for your team, enforced by the police power of the state, is precisely what feminism has accomplished to everyone’s ultimate disadvantage, including the very women they attempted to advance and protect. The problem is, once you chip away at the social contract for particular gain, its integrity as a whole is cracked and eventually shattered, serving no one.

        You can’t have waivers to the basic agreement that allows for society and then seek society’s protections through special pleading. I mean, you technically can, but the fraud doesn’t last long before it is overwhelmed from all sides.

        The sexual order will always reassert itself, whether by state fiat, the preponderance of culture, or a billion individual revenges spontaneously precipitated by the aggrieved. People can only stand the chaos for so long before fleeing to those who promise them refuge. Right now, our only recourse is to the preposterous fictions of feminist legalism, the very absurdity that impeached a feminist president of the United States for awkwardly hitting on a groupie.

        They can have all the formal levers of power, so long as we can take back the culture. Without the latter, the former is impotent.


    • KA,

      To write that sex “alters a person” is exaggeration. Most sexual encounters are perfectly forgettable. People have *always* had casual sex. It is a basic instinct and it will not be confined. It’s like eating and shitting. I’ve had memorable dumps, dinners, and muff-dives: almost none of them altered anything except my mood at the time.

      There is no “blowback.” What we suffer from is an infamous alignment between the interests of sexually desperate beta males and man-hating feminists. It is a legal phenomenon that exists at the long tail end of this stale peace.

      The “something that has to give” is this disgusted peace. Total war makes clear what Roissy correctly calls the biology that underlies culture: men assert their perogatives. Feminism and faggotry come to an end. because people have a living memory of deadly violence. Until the useful savagery of a total war turns the soil, we’ll have these weeds to regret.

      I enjoyed your comments in yesterday’s thread. Cheers.


      • “[I]nfamous alignment between the interests of sexually desperate beta males and man-hating feminists” is well-put, n/a. I am all about recovering the martial metaphor (and in spots allowing it to become literal): “disgusted peace,” “total war,” “deadly violence,” “useful savagery.” Years of inapt analogizing like “War on Poverty” or “The Culture War” or “War on Drugs” has reduced its metaphorical power. War is certainly a more familiar vehicle than this namby-pamby “Male Rights Activism.”

        This flight to politics and law is feminine. Men don’t whine to the principal about infelicities in life. We set about conquering obstacles directly by our own hand. Men aren’t activists; we are active, we are actors, yes, we act to shape the environs to our will. We don’t cower under codes and legalism and the vicarious power of faceless bureaucracy, like girls running to their daddies. Activism is self-referential busy-bodiness designed to blow off steam while deferring responsibility to one’s problem-solving superiors.

        A man doesn’t complain to the magistrate about his daughter being disrespected; he and her uncles beat the piss out of the punk (or credibly threaten to). Everything else is fancy impotence. Under a regime where men can take care of themselves and their own, a girl is risking a lot more than contempt of court by lying about sex. She is placing a proud family’s honor in the balance, the abuse of which would entail far more personal consequences. (In Islamic countries, she’s killed for being raped, much less crying rape.)

        Men are not allowed their due anywhere in modern life, except perhaps in sports. So why fixate on such a small corner of this blanket injustice? It does more harm than good to utilize the perverse legal structure in service of a minor correction, which requires us to implicitly condone its authority as a whole. The legal code has been amended to include the special interests of a million aggrieved parties at the expense of undermining the social contract at its core and devaluing the status of mere citizenship. To heap one more complaint on the pile, to carve out one more exception, is to add to the general problem.

        To write that sex “alters a person” is exaggeration. Most sexual encounters are perfectly forgettable. People have *always* had casual sex. It is a basic instinct and it will not be confined. It’s like eating and shitting. I’ve had memorable dumps, dinners, and muff-dives: almost none of them altered anything except my mood at the time.

        We can leave this aside for now and perhaps agree that it affects women more than men. It is much more than “eating and shitting,” however, considering that sex is a biological-cultural imperative that requires the involvement of more than one person. Masturbation might be closer to your digestion comparisons.

        Bottom line is, if you want to solve an injustice, you have to first properly discern what animates that injustice. False rape accusations are a substitution for something. If you tamp them down, they will appear in other forms. Either way, it serves no one to pretend women will be able to handle the consequences of their affairs without recourse to a civic mythology more substantial than what both PUAs and feminism are offering them (“It’s just sex, baby” and “All sex is rape, womyn!” respectively).


      • KA,

        False rape accusation is a terrible crime that ruins lives in an especially evil way; therefore, we must never compare the possibly bruised feelings of some female, however close to the eternal feminine these creatures may be in your soulful estimation, with the wrecked life of a man ruined by some stupid bitch.

        Your Christian commitments force you to sentimentalize women, and this misplaced coddling of their supposed sensitivities leads you to excuse their ever-increasing abusiveness as completely and wrongly as the most fanatic feminist. Women are not children; there is no serious analogy there. Men are not sissified – as your rhetoric slyly insists – by recourse to legal remedies for FRA, nor are they compromised in any way by “activist” engagement in the political arena.

        When one is confronted by an evil as serious and urgent as epidemic false rape accusation, any and all means of attacking it are more than justified. The idea that some miraculous reversal of this abuse will occur if only we address some fantasized “root causes” is a monstrous absurdity. As long as we live in a society which encourages women to merely whisper the magic word “rape” in order to destroy innocent men, we must agree that *by any means necessary* is the apt phrase.


      • We will disagree about the nature of women then. I have always found their attempts at manipulation childish and easily neutralized — even now with so much feminist wind at their back. Chalk it up to the diversity of experience.

        Let there be nothing “sly” about my “rhetoric”: men are sissified when they run to another to fix their problems — particularly to the diffuse “other” of the state, or to the capricious “other” of public opinion through ad campaigns. It is an implied concession to that other’s superiority. The state is not my boss; in a republic, the citizen is sovereign, I am the boss, and the state is my servant, my employee. I take my civic prerogatives seriously. So should all freeborn men.

        “As long as we live in a society which encourages women to merely whisper the magic word ‘rape’ in order to destroy innocent men….” I’m glad you put it in those terms, “a society which encourages.” There is our final difference. Lasting change means overturning the society, not pleading for band-aids which only reinforce that society’s authority over us by means of its disbursal of particular favors.

        Giving them the comprehensive power to adjudicate false rape scenarios also gives them the power to reinforce their other, random fiats, like sexual harassment regulations. It may win you particular justice but it strengthens their hand, perversely creating the very climate that encourages such false accusations: when you appease the goddess of favors to procure a favor, you foster an economy of favoritism. When a woman sees the legal apparatus is absolute, she will risk pushing a false charge through it because her victim has agreed to be subservient to its judgment.

        “By any means necessary” also includes the “means” which run contrary to your ultimate purposes. Yours is a kind of sputtering apoplexy over an injustice that breeds impatience, sloppiness, and ultimately ineffectiveness.

        I don’t “sentimentalize” women, and there isn’t the least thing “Christian” about my evaluation of this issue. You’d do well to drop the prejudice and pay attention to what I say, rather than guessing at the dark concepts you think I am attempting to sneak past everyone.


      • KA,

        Your scare quotes don’t scare me, friend. 😉 I can spit a ripe Ciceronian period with the best of them, and I know the wiles of *mere* rhetoric well enough. So there it is.

        The concepts that you’re peddling are hardly dark; indeed, one would have to admit they are most obviously and manifestly visible at all times.

        No matter how much Fred Cred you imagine you receive by repeatedly citing that walrus-mustachioed beta male known as Nietzsche, some will understand what this elementary move of the shell means, and what it means is: knowing your enemy is not the same as besting him.

        You *do* sentimentalize the poor dear creatures, and that’s why oratory-addled females like Stingray and scarcely recovered beta males like Matador are so duly and dully impressed: you tell them the lies they want to hear.

        I understand what you want; but you will not get it. There will be no “overturning” of the current society that finds us, miraculously, straight-backed in the pews, modest daughters in their pastels, the Sunday roast, done to a turn, served by the silver-haired lady you lovingly address as “Mother.”

        It’s gone and gone forever. I see the momentary appeal of the antiquarian ideal; it’s the Gemütlichkeit accrued over a long brandyish evening with good Dickens and sunset through a well-framed bay.

        I recommend a corrective that has the consoling merit of being sublime:

        Take care.


      • Let there be nothing “sly” about my “rhetoric”: men are sissified when they run to another to fix their problems — particularly to the diffuse “other” of the state, or to the capricious “other” of public opinion through ad campaigns

        The “other” is the problem. The state has legal power over individuals. You can go to jail. We “run” to stop putting us into jail.

        But you would advise us to be more sly with bullies, and if we do get into trouble, to just suck it up. For the greater good.

        If my understanding of what you are saying is correct, then your greater good is plainly and obviously evil.


      • An overall your style is like that of the professional catholic theologian. A great deal of self referential bloviation that rests on axioms that don’t hold up to examination.

        What you take as givens are your lego blocks of your structure – but your lego blocks are just fantasies with little correspondence to reality. A fantasy castle of self referential philosophies.


      • Also, King, I don’t take issue with your writing style, exactly. I take issue with how your writing style gets in the way of clear thought. It takes intelligence to think your way out of reality into a fantasy land of sky thought castles. But for me a clear signal that the thoughts are clear is concision. Sophia did a post that touched on this here . While that article is titled Liberal Reasoning, the take away idea is “you have to be very learned to be that wrong.”

        If you are unable or unwilling to summarize your ideas at the end of each post into one or two simple sentences, then your ideas are concealing how wrong they are by being overly complicated.



        Liberal social engineer, conservative social engineer – same pathology.


      • “scarcely recovered beta males like Matador are so duly and dully impressed: you tell them the lies they want to hear”

        Easy, brah! I appreciate his skills at rhetoric. Period.
        I only agree with his patriarchal stance. Considering women as children (even if with the daddy state, they are like children hanging around with AK-47s) is an efficient inner belief to GAME them.

        Recovered beta male? Can’t deny that. Just don’t push it with adverbs like scarcely. Well, except if it makes you feel more alpha.

        No one wants to hear lies, there are more truths in the archives of this blog to outweigh them all. I only enjoy the occasional well-articulated points.
        Once you take the red pill, there is no way to spit it out. My deep beliefs are even darker than yours.


      • From xsplat to King A:

        “If you are unable or unwilling to summarize your ideas at the end of each post into one or two simple sentences, then your ideas are concealing how wrong they are by being overly complicated.”

        Agree. That is King A’s mantra. However I wouldn’t give him the compliment of ‘overly complicated.’ I think ‘unnecessarily erratic’ is more fitting.

        Also notice how he consistently refutes the posts here at CH, yet provides no grounded personal experiences to support his rhetorical drum of alphabet soup.


  39. False rape accusations are good for society, as they are a constant reminder of why actual proof was a precondition for conviction back in the civilized era.

    Just think about it: For every guy who gets falsely accused and convicted of “rape”, we have one more enlightened who may finally realize, despite a century of progressive indoctrination, that compared to America anno now, neither Afghanistan, Mogadishu, 9/11 “terrorists” nor Tim McVeigh are anything but a blessing. And that, given our current station, is a good thing.


    • Perhaps good for our cause Stuki, but certainly not good for the poor schmuck languishing behind bars for a crime he did not commit …


  40. If a woman must cry rape to recover her innocence, a large number will do it, even if the recovery is purely symbolic. You cannot have perfect license to plunder pussy at will, to exploit them and brag about your exploits, and then run crying to the law when the game is turned back on you. It’s all in the game. Women’s virtue will be protected, before or after the fact, by the victims or by their loved ones, through custom or through force of law, no matter what the official mythologies insist.

    Fraudulent accusation with regard to anything is an injustice, straight up. But you are misunderstanding the source of this widespread phenomenon. A cackling feminist conspiracy is not holding the nation in thrall to an outrageous miscarriage of law. It is an attempt to redress an imbalance that everyone intuits, the official culture denies, and you make a lifestyle out of: women are fantastically vulnerable and easily exploited. (NOW gets the vapors.)

    There’s a reason why “25% of all black murder suspects” are not “falsely accused of the crime by white accusers” while absurdities like date rape and sexual harassment have been enshrined in the U.S. Code. It’s because a black criminal’s trial and incarceration is not a rough substitute for justice in a cultural vacuum. A woman crying rape is.

    You can’t have everything. You want to gambol with the free-range cows, you’re going to deal with bullshit. It’s all fun and games — carousel hoppin slags and game-playing stags — until real damage is done, which happens every time to the woman, whether you know it or not, whether she detects it or not. When we are damaged we seek justice by every means available. The feminist-inspired code has provided one of those means, and it’s rich to hear you ask for special protection from the stampede, even as you proudly make a life of laying back and culling the lame from the herd.


    • What a bunch of crap.

      Once again, the “women are all innocent snowflakes and aren’t responsible for their choices so it must be all men’s fault” meme strikes.

      If the woman wasn’t truly raped, then she chose to have sex and the consequences to her SMV and MMV are hers to bear ALONE.

      The key to debunking any steaming pile of BS like this is to look for the choices.


      • Yeah, this is simply Dworkinite “all sex is rape, all men are rapists” gender feminism repackaged with a socon/white knight label on it.

        Except instead of “all sex”, it’s “any act of sex that a woman has the least bit of regret about after the fact”.


      • I am glad that people are calling bullshit on our sometimes lamentable lover of the rhetorical arts, KA. It’s a fact that people with some literary facility will often write themselves straight out of reality.

        “Women” are not an undifferentiated mass; each one is a unique moral agent that makes a terrible choice, with full knowledge and understanding, to ruin a man’s life beyond all repair.

        A special ruination attends those who have been accused of so-called “sex crimes,” and those who falsely accuse them, knowing the uniquely terrible and unending consequences, are not seeking “rough justice,” they are consciously doing great evil.

        If I was king these lying whores would find their heads in a basket.


      • Let me put it this way. The strong type is strong enough to endure the petty, built-in resentments of the law so that he might redirect the indictment back to his condemners. Ultimately, we will all have to face this challenge anyway, appeasing feminism will only get you castrated last.

        Leaders step into the breach first. They say, yes, here I am, that was me, I fucked her because that’s what I do. You want to interpret it as illegal, that is your business, but I will not apologize for what I am. I am the known quantity, I am the tornado she ran out into the field to meet rather than sheltering herself in the basement.

        That the lambs are upset about the great predatory birds is not a strange thing, and the fact that they snatch away small lambs provides no reason for holding anything against these large birds of prey.
        — Nietzsche, On the Genealogy of Morals, I.12

        To retreat in the face of false accusation is to miss an opportunity to expose ressentiment for what it is. To conduct a campaign that eliminates false accusation is to give free rein to its presumptive authority. No, the solution is to overcome, to transcend the circumstance and to be the case law that annihilates the institutionalized injustice. The fallout of the Duke Lacrosse case, to note one example, is already exposing the inequity.

        Or take the hero who is rotting in jail for contempt of court because he won’t enable the “judge” to assist his ex-wife in the punitive, legalized theft known as “alimony.” He is doing his time rather than releasing the whereabouts of his funds. His sacrifice draws attention to an absurdity by embracing absurd legal principles tight, principles which are never fully manifest because everyone else pleads-out rather than heightens the contradictions.

        Right now we live in the Slutwalk Nation, where the most casual of off-hand remarks by a single beat cop inspires women around the world to march in defense of an untenable absurdity. Meanwhile everyone knows it is untenable, we smirk and laugh and joke about the fat pigs who stomp around in their bloomers holding protest placards. But these controlling myths are not punctured by satire, nor are they countered by activism and subway ad campaigns. They are destroyed by courageous example, by daring the world to condemn a man whom everyone knows is innocent à la Thomas More, and thereby laying bare the contradiction at the heart of their control.


      • Widespread false-rape accusations are not a failure of law so much as a failure of game. Will a satisfied if slightly ashamed woman retroactively interpret an encounter as rape, or will the sloppy blunderings and blusterings of an eager puppy-boy more likely precipitate a legal response? Under some radical definitions, all man-on-woman sex can be construed as rape; the onus is on you to define the experience before and during the deed, rather than leaving it to her uterine pangs after.

        The female mind-scramble is a standard component of her erotic experience. It creates something of a blank slate onto which a master might redefine her identity. If you deliver like a pro rather than a chump, she will be more secretly delighted by the carnal concussion than openly ashamed. And of the private shame that does remain, she will keep it like a curio in her thumping little heart. If you blow it, the shame will fuel revenge rather than submission. So yes, it is your fault. You should welcome that scenario.

        Men embrace responsibility, they don’t flee a confrontation. “Women are all innocent snowflakes and aren’t responsible for their choices so it must be all men’s fault” is perfectly fine with me. I will take the “fault” because that necessarily means I retain the concomitant power over the relationship. Holding a woman responsible is like holding a child responsible. It is of limited social utility leading to the very disasters of politics and law that you are currently bitching about (see sexual harassment, Title IX, The Family Leave Act, campaigns against “date rape,” relaxation of judicial principles in “sexual assault cases,” etc.).


      • “”Women are all innocent snowflakes and aren’t responsible for their choices so it must be all men’s fault” is perfectly fine with me. I will take the “fault” because that necessarily means I retain the concomitant power over the relationship. Holding a woman responsible is like holding a child responsible.”

        I love the partiarchal stance. Dude, if your real life game is remotely close to your keyboard game, you should get like 8 wives and 27 kids,

        It’s actually enough to convince me that you’re partially right. Even if i wish that you would be more sympathetic towards PUAs. The poor little reformed betas are only trying to get a piece of the cake that has been hidden from them.
        And concerning the civilizational considerations, you have to consider that we may very well be fucking our way back to the old system. It has to get a lot worse before it gets better.


  41. This shit’s getting even worse in college, can’t find the link right now, but it looks like I got out just in time.

    Basically, a lot of schools will start moving towards the 50.1% rule on sexual assault cases in the upcoming years. Preponderance of evidence standard maybe is what it’s called? Whatever it’s official name is, “Guilty until proven innocent” has never been more accurate.


  42. Pit bulls ugly and dysfunctional? More like high-drive dogs that need owners who can channel their energy into positive outlets. Too bad they appeal primarily to the dregs of society. They do have the potential to be excellent working dogs on par with the GSD/Malinois. Sorry, off topic. Carry on..


  43. on September 23, 2011 at 2:36 am PayingAttention&Pissed

    There should also be a line on the poster , “lying about oneself is not rape”, or something to that effect.

    I recently read about a guy in Israel charged with “rape” because the chick-she was Jew- was pissed to find out he was Arab, but falsely claimed he was Jew prior to screwing.


  44. on September 23, 2011 at 3:16 am Johnycomelately

    “I’m quite aware of the fact that abused girls are not as sexy as non-abused are”

    Absolute bullshit, from personal experience if anything abused girls slut it up even more than the norm.


  45. ***TRUE FRA STORY***

    Very delighted to read this post. This is something that needs to be acknowledged.

    One of my best friends was the victim of FRA. I was the guy doing everything I could from the outside, the one who pieced the evening back together, the one who called his dad and broke the news. I was full of rage at this bitch who did this.

    Here is the most horrible disgusting part of the story: All the bitch had to do was go to the police station, cry and makeup a story. No rape kit performed. No evidence. No visible signs of any foul play (because there was none). Nothing. Abso-fucking-lutely not 1 god damn factual scientific shred of anything was brought forth. The cunt went to the police, cried, and bounced. Here is what happened to my friend:

    Cops came, arrested him. Put him in jail and charged him with felony rape. Bail was set at $1M. I broke the news to his Dad. Dad hired lawyer (poof, -$15K). Dad pulls $100K out of home equity line to get his son out of this downtown inner city jail. Lawyer advises not to do this because the govt is so fucked up it could be years before getting the money back from this type of crazy charge. Dad has to break news to his boy that he has to tough it out for 72 hours. My friend didn’t eat/sleep or talk to anyone. He was locked in a felony violent offender holding cell for 3 days. He said he just curled up in a ball and stayed in a corner. Fyi this was the downtown jail at one of the biggest cities in the west. My friend is a big guy, can handle himself. But this wasn’t a country club, it was hell.

    Lawyer follows up. No other statements, evidence or other attourney involved from the accusing cunt bitch. No formal charges from the DA. Nothing. The bitch never returned calls etc. Nothing nothing nothing. The fucking cunt went about her life as usual. After doing some online reading I learned that as long as the supposed victim “believes” she was raped, she can’t be accused of false allegations. And the cops are obligated to pursue the complaint by jailing and charging the suspect.

    My friend was out of work for a full week. Fortunately his parents had a good relationship with his work, so nobody found out anything, said he was sick and just lost 5 days vacation time.

    Meanwhile on the social end of it I worked my ass of diffusing the story and being there for my friend. I got in peoples faces and told them to bury this shit. Never joke about it, never bring it up, it goes to the grave.

    Months later the cunt randomly sends my friend an IM on yahoo. Unbelievable. The truth is the stupid bitch had a BF and was drunk. Had been playing my friend on the side and had drunk regret after getting fucked.

    People this shit is real, and its serious.

    I’ve had to block 2 phone #s this summer. I disagree with ending things through diplomacy and trying to be nice. If you have an inkling that she is fucking crazy, leave. Block phone, block email, stay at a friends house, file police report.

    Run the ad.


    • By this logic, people should be able to get away with anything as long as they “believe” something to be true.

      How long will women get away with this kind of injustice? Guys, it’s time to put our feet down.


      • Not only they get away with if they “believe” it true, there is no way to prove they did not believe it, unless they explicitly say so, because “believe” in the law is a purely subjective thing and nobody can prove what you believe or not believe.

        But the much worse situation is that in many countries a rape allegation (but only one by a female) is considered a reliable witness statement and not an accusation, and is in itself proof of the crime having taking place, unless there is irrefutable material evidence to the contrary (such as a video recording of the whole sexual act, or the accused being having an irrefutable alibi).

        The official theory behind this is that only the victim knows whether she consented or not, and if she bears witness that she did not consent, nobody can dispute her testimony as to her belief but irrefutable material evidence.

        Then unofficial theory behind all this is that letting one rapist or domestic abuser (or pedophile or terrorist) go unpunished because of “lawyering up” is much worse than convicting ten innocent people.

        “Better safe than sorry”, “You cannot be too safe”. This is also entirely the rationale behind letting women get away with false rape accusations (and behind torture of suspects).

        There is a deeper rationale behind the above theory, and it is that female voters, especially middle aged and older ones, are critical to fund raising and electoral victory in many uncertain elections, and politicians will do anything to pander to these voters, who are in general both extremely scared and very conservative, and thus politicians will constantly talk “law and order”. Some police forces even have targets (with bonuses) for rape and domestic abuse prosecutions, and politicians use the resulting statistics to show female, especially older female voters, that they take “better safe than sorry” very seriously.

        There is another wider ranging story here: it used to be that almost all false rape accusations were made against colored people, leading to frequent lynchings, again under the “better safe than sorry” and “cannot be too safe” theory, as colored men were considered feral, vicious beasts to keep down.

        That was awful, but now all males in the USA are considered feral, vicious beasts to keep down.

        I think that is because it gives females as a category a feeling of power.

        The biggest power trip a female can have is to tell a (white knight) man: “that guy gave me a nasty look, are you a wimp or are you going to teach him a lesson?”, and then see two men beat each other up because she wished it.

        Extreme, drastic laws about rape, abuse, harassment, etc. may be a society-wide way for females to play that game, setting up men to hurt each other on their say-so, by relying on the instinct men have to protect/look strong for the females who own them.


    • sometimes one needs to simply choke a bitch.


    • It’s not going to be acknowledged in the circle jerk but shouldn’t there be some corroboration or at least skepticism before something that skillfuly pulls on every emotional hair on your nuts gets splashed on Heartiste’s Twitter?


    • Wah wah. Go cry with Kobe Bryant and Ben (2X) Roethlisberger. Your friend fucked up by mismanaging the encounter.

      This is the cost of business, fellas. Reassess your budget process if you can’t handle these very predictable known quantities. False charges, stage-five clingers, stalkers, public scenes; none of these are random strikes of fate, they are trackable like weather patterns, and each can be elided into an advantage. If you need assistance in managing the consequences of your affairs, you need assistance in rudimentary game, where the seeds of these incidents are planted.

      “When you actively bang/date/game many women consistently, FRA is a true risk.” No shit. You’re so awesome, such a lothario, piling up beaver pelts and accumulating bedpost notches with your total mastery of game. But you need help like a mongoloid kid cleaning up his own mess?

      “FRA” bitchery is like complaining that society isn’t supplying your sloppy retarded ass with enough diapers.


      • I’m not following what you suggest to do about FRA. Suck it up? Avoid it? Please be specific.


      • I am suggesting you don’t treat it like a sociology project to be studied. Don’t make awareness campaigns and activist groups about it. A great first step would be to drop the gay acronym.

        What you do about it is first, prevent it, by tightening control of your relationships. Now this is not always 100% possible and we all slip up; women are irrational and they have the vast apparatus of state in their corner (for now). But it is important to be cognizant of all the failures going on: it’s not just The Oppressive Mindless Matriarchy (OMM?). It’s you.

        Second, if and when it does happen, stand your ground, like Duke Lacrosse, Bryant, and Roethlisberger. Yes, there will be martyrs, but that is how the landscape changes. Letter writing campaigns and blog posts are worse than useless: they relieve frustration, like so much jerking off, rather than addressing the source of that frustration.

        It’s called “heightening the contradictions.” Standard revolutionary methodology.

        I am not excusing or forgetting the devastating injustice of fraudulent accusation, especially one so fundamentally intertwined with feminist bullshit. I am saying there are better, more lasting paths to correcting this injustice than making general pleas to the populace, making one’s sex seem pitiable and victimized, and relying on litigation, legislation, and criminal law — the very enablers of the injustice.


      • What does heightening the contradictions mean?


      • I don’t see any negatives to working to alter the accepted feminized propaganda that passes for accepted wisdom regarding rape.

        It’s not only useful, but it’s fun.


      • on September 25, 2011 at 6:03 am Maya Doing Her Troll Act Again

        King A,

        ““When you actively bang/date/game many women consistently, FRA is a true risk.” No shit. You’re so awesome, such a lothario, piling up beaver pelts and accumulating bedpost notches with your total mastery of game. But you need help like a mongoloid kid cleaning up his own mess?”

        Didn’t think about that before reading your post. While I still feel that FRAs are terrible, I now think PUAs probably should accept the risk of FRA like heavily drunk half-naked teenage girls should accept the risk of being raped.

        Casual sex is very unnatural for women (especially for young, single girls), usually done when drunk and with girls who are not completely sane. There is a very real risk for FRA if you have sex like that.

        OT: I’d love it if these posters appeared in public – I’m very interested in how people would respond.

        What I would conclude when seeing this poster:

        Drunken sex is not rape.
        =Men are so disgusting that they would abuse a girl when she’s drunk? (it’s a fact that’s impossible to give consent/fight back when you are very drunk)

        [Heartiste: Most of the time a man is having sex with a drunk girl, he is drunk too. So if drunkenness absolves a woman from responsibility for her actions, it absolves a man too.
        OR: if you don’t like having drunk sex with men, don’t get drunk.]

        Broken promises are not rape.
        =Men are liars? (disgusting!)

        [So are women. Neither sex has a monopoly on lying. Doesn’t stop men and women from desiring each other.]

        Leaving before you wake up is not rape.
        =Men are disgusting creatures who just want to fuck you and leave you (possibly pregnant)?

        [Maybe he had a football game to go watch.]

        =men are disgusting pigs. (ps this doesn’t equal ‘sexy asshole’ although Roo)shV makes my gina tingle.

        [Your fascinaton with Roosh is duly noted. Why don’t you go over to his blog and hash it out with him there instead of trolling like a rancid shitty little schoolmarmish cunt here?]


      • “Why don’t you go over to his blog and hash it out with him there instead of trolling like a rancid shitty little schoolmarmish cunt here?”

        Now now, Heartisté, when you get mad at trolls it means they are successful.


      • I can’t see that he’s ever gotten angry with you.


      • And if you accept their abuse without getting mad, they are also successful.

        So there is no use in trying hard to not have emotions around a crank. The trick is that if you give them negative attention, make it a type that they didn’t want.

        I do this with girls. They want negative attention? I give 100 times more than they asked for.

        Next time they don’t ask for negative attention.


      • @ Maya
        Casual sex is very unnatural for women (especially for young, single girls), usually done when drunk and with girls who are not completely sane.

        What planet do you live on?


      • “Casual sex is very unnatural for women”

        The female reproductive system disagrees; the shape of a man’s penis disagrees: i.e., the shape and size of a man’s penis is sexually selected by women to act like a plunger to pull out other men’s sperm. Bigger dick, better plunger; which is why the human male’s member is the largest in the primate kingdom in proportion to the entire body.

        If women didn’t have, in our evolutionary history, multiple men’s sperm in them at the same time then men’s penises would be smaller since the genes that produced the largest member would not have been selected in any other scenario.


      • “Your friend fucked up by mismanaging the encounter.”

        Wrong. He is one of my closest friends, like a brother to me. The next few nights none of us (his closest friends) could sleep and we all chatted on a conf. call often realizing *the circumstances could have happened to any of us.* Clearly you have no strong male alignments or a thriving social life. If you did, you’d understand the implications that a false rape allegation can cause. Actually it was a successful seduction. He fucked the shit out of her…for hours. And she woke up the next morning…

        “Regret is not rape”
        “Drunken sex is not rape.”

        Heartiste nailed the 2 core reasons above.

        King A,

        1) You have never experienced FRA personally, or experienced it happening to a close friend, and only read about it. Thus you have no experience to draw from other than contrived mental masturbation.

        2) You have no game. You have nothing to offer here at this blog. You are angry at your own life and have had very limited success with women. You have a homely wife. Had you experienced sex with better looking women and possessed the skill set to consistently bed beautiful women you would understand my post and thus inquire further about the details instead of jumping to aimless conclusions.

        Let’s look at your other above comment:
        “No shit. You’re so awesome, such a lothario, piling up beaver pelts and accumulating bedpost notches with your total mastery of game”

        What’s with the anger directed at me? For being there for my best friend and sharing a true story? For augmenting and confirming the merits of the original post from the author?

        “But you need help like a mongoloid kid cleaning up his own mess?”

        No. It’s called friendship.

        “None of these are random strikes of fate, they are trackable like weather patterns, and each can be elided into an advantage. If you need assistance in managing the consequences of your affairs, you need assistance in rudimentary game, where the seeds of these incidents are planted.”

        None of these are random strikes of fate. Huh? Trackable like weather patterns? Um…yah, ok. You stick to that weather pattern theory…(and continue beating off in your brain).

        Your inexperience with gaming women glares out behind your frustrated, maligned and ignorant statements.

        But I’ll give you an opportunity here: Based on your above “trackable like weather patterns” statement. Enlighten us. Share with us some of your tactics and stories that allow one to predict occurrences in FRA while dating women. Back up your tactics with personal experiences.



      • This is what women do. They take a personal experience and assume the world will reorganize itself around her deeply-felt emotions. When you point out to her that there are some difficulties with making her sentiments into a categorical imperative so that a single injustice might be rectified, she just turns up the volume and says, in various ways, “You can never understand what I went through!” Like Ripp does above.

        False accusations about sex are a symptom of a much deeper problem. You advocate band-aids and awareness campaigns and moist-eyed testimonies and candle light vigils for hope. I advocate deep social surgery. To each her own.

        Part of that deep surgery will require enduring and surviving injustices, in little ways and in large. Or let me put it this way: fuck your friend. He’s a precious little snowflake in an avalanche.

        The shrewish insistence fiat justitia ruat caelum is what built the feminist superhighway that fender-bendered your buddy.


    • Similar thing happened to one of my college roommates. He was a football player who picked up a girl at a party and slept with her. She happened to be engaged to beta dude (beta was a sucker as she cheated frequently). Fiance found out, girl cried rape. State police come in and interviewed people across campus (destroyed his rep).

      He was lucky, however, in that she was an idiot. State police interviewed her friends, who mentioned how the girl told them the morning after how she bragged about hooking up with the guy.

      Too late for the guy’s rep, though. It being a small campus, he never got a single date the next 3 years and was barred from a number of “list” parties.


  46. On a university campus, my automatic assumption is that any rape accusation is false.


  47. Yet more evidence that discrimination against certain types of people will never end because it’s in human nature to do so. All that changes is who it is socially acceptable to discriminate against. At the moment it’s men, particularly white men.


  48. This kind of shit will continue to happen as long as society ALLOWS it to happen. Unfortunately, the weak ass nancy boys who know its bullshit will refuse to standup and say so. This means the unfortunate souls that are falsely accused usually have no one to back them up, despite multiple people knowing its all false. That is majorly fucked up. And make no mistake – women do NOT care if you are falsely accused.


  49. What are we going to do to revolt against the beta and omega white knights that have fucked us so well and proper? They are the true and present danger. Without them, women are too stupid and unorganized to codify misandry like they have. Without them, violent, hate-filled minorities and other assorted garbage would be put out of society’s way.

    The liberals are definitely white knights, but the conservatives have their own special brand of white knightery that is even more insidious and powerful because it’s backed by the church. We are screwed from all sides, left and right, top and bottom. The man in the powdered wig will send you away for life on a false charge, and the ghetto negro will kill a man for besmirching the reputation of his drug-addicted, abusive, whore mother.

    Feminism, and the institutionalized pedestaling of women by weak men of all stripes, is the seed of destruction planted within civilized society. It is the reason humanity is stuck in this big time loop, civilization endlessly rising and falling…each time men build it up, women come along and destroy it because they know the price of everything and the value of nothing. Women speed the destruction by aiding and abetting the takeover from the lower classes, encouraging mass hordes of male immigrants with their liberal lawmaking. Encouraging hedonism and materialism over honest labor and spirituality. Eventually the betas are sacked by the immigrants, through sheer numbers, and the whole thing crumbles and starts over. The immigrants can take over by squirting out superior numbers of children, but putting them at the levers of society is as big a fail as sitting a monkey at a laptop.

    This idea that we have an obligation to be nice to women, minorities, immigrants, and deviants – get it out of your fucking head or we’re all dead men. Our forefathers were smart and civil, but they were also bad-ass, ruthless sons of bitches who wouldn’t hesitate to kill a man with their bare hands or smack a bitch across the mouth for talking back. You need to be smart AND ruthless to win in this game.

    It’s almost absurd, but this blog and it’s demolishing of the pretty lies that none other dare touch, is one of the only signs of hope on the web.


  50. I bet the % of false rape claims roughly equals the % of fake racial incidents, too. The nooses, racial slurs, etc., where it turns out the minority was the one who put it there in order to win some kind of advantage for themselves. False accusations should be prosecuted the same as the original charge. If the Duke rape accuser had been prosecuted for her proven false rape charge, she’d be in jail instead of out killing her johns. If a couple of minorities got thrown in jail when it turned out they hung a noose in front of their own front door, I bet we’d see a lot less nooses!


  51. My friend’s dad was accused falsely and it wasn’t even because of a sexual incident. An incompetent office secretary he had to fire for laziness and missing work. She filed a report out of vengeance and he was arrested. Had his name published in the newspaper (this is a mid-sized city so people know each other, especially at the level of business leaders). Had to drop a bunch of $$$ on attorney’s fees.

    Needless to say, after the bitch’s blood cooled down, she admitted to making the whole thing up and the charges were dropped. But her name was never published in the paper, her reputation was never ruined, and her bank account remained untouched. She paid absolutely zero price for her lies. My friend’s dad eventually moved to a different town.


  52. in order for punishment to fit the crime there needs to be some form of government sanctioned rape (actual not metaphorical) that is carried out against the false rape accuser. It could also be a fulfilling job for some poor lesser beta in that he would have an endless stream of pussy coming his way. I see this as just, but also a potentially double edged sword in the 10% of women who are just too hideous to get laid filing obviously false charges in order to get their junk slapped around.


  53. A gender which rallies behind the idea that a woman who receives a flattering complement at work is being “sexual harassed”, and this is so traumatizing to the victim that it requires $2.6 million dollars to help her cope, cannot be trusted in any matters where justice is concerned.

    Off topic, notice how the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were largely sold to voters by appealing to women and white knights, with descriptions of Taliban oppression of women.

    In fact every major war we’ve been in has been the result of white men playing white knight to some damsel in distress. Think of the bloodshed caused by that.


  54. I was seeing this crazy bi-polar chick last summer. She lived in the same apt. as my good friend and they were platonic friends for years. My friend is the nicest, non-violent person who could ever meet.

    Crazy bitch accused him of letting her cat out causing resulting in it getting pregnant which ended up costing her $30. Friend said she’s nuts and he doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about.

    She told him either pay her $30 or she’s going to tell everyone he raped her.

    She even txt messaged me that “if Joe blow doesn’t give me $30, i’m going to tell everyone he raped me”.

    He told her to screw off and she did exactly what she promised. She then cried to one big dumb goon and he bought her story. She even texted me that “i’ll cry and make up the story and believe me, i’m pretty good at it”.

    She never went to police but it isn’t that far of a stretch to go from telling everyone in her social circle that she was raped and going to the authorities.

    There were also a few incidents recently in Canada where young (usually quite attractive) women don’t want to pay a taxi fair and when called out on it have accused the poor, brown immigrant taxi driver of attempting rape/sexual assault.

    Stupid, drunk bitches never realized that taxi cabs have camera’s now.

    I’m amazed at how gullible alpha type prole males are when a women cries.


    • Did you hold on to those messages as a safeguard?


      • No……this was over a year ago and she’s moved on to other sketchy shit. Everyone, except people she recently met, knows she’s fucked in the head anyways.

        Dumb women even tried to convince me i got her pregnant……..and i knew she missed her period/could be preggo before we banged cause she kept going on about the morning after pill and how much a loser her bf is and how he wouldn’t be able to support a child.


    • Dude, start collecting any and all evidence you get like this. Save the texts and screenshots and whatever else. It’s the only way to be safe.


  55. Nothing to see here, just a bunch of keyboard jockeys who are too smart by half to execute their own plans. After all, they *know* it will fail, so why even try?


  56. I’ll be called a white knighter for this, but I’m not so sure the FRA rate is as high as 25%. It might be less, it might be more. The article mentions one study that showed 25%, but there are others that show as low as 8%. More than the commonly cited 2% figure, but still much lower than 1/4. I don’t think much is known about false rape figures, so we ought to suspend judgment on just how much false accusation is going on.


    • James,

      It looks like the point of discussion is not how many false rape accusations are made, but how much pain it causes the ones falsely accused. They are presumed guilty with attendant publicity, instead of being considered as innocent until proven guilty. And if they get falsely imprisoned then they’ve just lost time from their lives that cannot be returned to them. And that’s just a howling shame!


      • Nobody’s denying that falsely accusing someone of rape is a massively shitty thing to do. However, the OP was clearly about how at least 25% of rape claims were fraudulent. All I’m saying is that that might be true, or it might be less, or it might be more. I don’t think anyone has much of an idea right now.


    • You’ll be called what you are.


    • This works the other way around too. How many of those convicted are really innocent?


  57. “… Because, as this blog has astutely noted before, men are the expendable sex. It is true biologically, and since biology underpins culture, it is also true culturally.

    How long will this misconception go on? …”

    We’re not in the raw state of nature any more; men might be ‘biologically’ less useful in that a generation could theoretically be created with relatively few men, but what society could function this way? In civilized societies, men have a different reproductive value than women, but they are far from ‘expendable’.

    What would a modern, advanced society look like if we truly went back to ‘state of nature’ style reproduction in which only a tiny fraction of males reproduced successfully? The answer is that such a society would sink like a rock and be replaced by other societies which have a more equitable reproductive playing field.

    We are far past the stage in which men are reproductively expendable; in fact, today women probably don’t have an edge at all, or perhaps a very small one, because fewer people are needed for society to operate, and the ones who are needed must be of higher quality than before. For instance, how can men be said to be of lower reproductive value when they are more likely to possess high IQs (say above 120), and modern society needs greater intelligence?

    The basic point is that the environment of today is way different from the environment in which women could be said to have been much more reproductively valuable; today’s environment is much more about quality as opposed to quantity, and in any environment such as this men are probably equally reproductively important because they contribute just as much to high quality offspring (if not more). It’s perhaps true that women are more valuable when only quantity matters (i.e. sperm is cheap, eggs are expensive), but that isn’t our current environment.

    Put this way, sperm isn’t really cheap if it’s used in nearly the same manner as eggs (i.e. more selectively).


    • you’re missing the point. it doesn’t matter what society we’re in. think of it this way… in this society… we’re fat, we get too much food… but that doesn’t make fatty/sugary foods taste any less delicious… does it? They’re delicious because we’re programmed to find them delicious because the environment we evolved in had less than plentiful resources, and the humans who ate up fatty high calorie foods had higher survival rates. Just because we don’t need that particular programming anymore… doesn’t mean it goes away.


      • I understand completely, but it doesnt make sense for us to continue to operate under old rules when those rules are no longer functional. It is true that we evolved that way, but evolution doesnt stop; one behavior might be functional in one environment but dysfunctional in another. My point is that it doesnt make sense to continue to prize women for being reproductively more valuable when our current environment is so different. It would be like someone who continues to select for the traits which made the Vikings successful and then gets frustrated when their kids dont turn out to be deep-thinking philosophers…


  58. on September 23, 2011 at 2:08 pm goodnight irene

    A few years back a friend called me and said that my ex-boyfriend had tried to rape one of our mutual friends. Baffled, I asked for the story and here it is:

    They were both semi-drunk and making-out intensely. He was about to penetrate. She said stop. He stopped.

    When I told her that was the opposite of rape she was not happy with me. When I spoke to the victim/accuser she also felt angry and betrayed, like I sided with my ex-boyfriend (who I could give a damn about). She never pressed charges or anything but if they went around telling people he tried to rape her … the damage is done.

    I don’t know how to explain the mind-set or prevailing notions that lead to this. It is bad news for everyone, especially for people who are assaulted and then not taken seriously.


    • especially for people who are assaulted and then not taken seriously.

      No, it’s especially bad news for innocent men who are falsely accused, potentially destroying their lives. That’s first and foremost, not women in the abstract who are genuinely assaulted. That’s a way distant second.


    • They almost did it, she dicided (emotionally) she didn’t like him right then, then because she “almost did it with him” (Eww!) told everybody, especially girlfriends who’d support her version, that he tried to rape instead to get back at him for almost letting her have sex with him. (This makes sense to women or, at least, their Rationalization Hamster.)


      • the funny thing is, it’s possible that had he penetrated her, she wouldn’t have regretted ‘almost doing him’ later and accused him of ‘trying’ to rape her. sometimes a woman’s resistance to being impaled by the pork sword is a massive shit test; the alpha pushes forward, the chump backs down.


    • Normally I take the misogyny around here with a grain of salt, but reading about this sort of thing makes it painfully clear why some men find it so easy to hate the fairer sex.

      Men, please be wise about who you target. I feel for you because I get the impression that your perpetual horniness makes you more liable to opt for low-hanging fruit in an effort satisfy your appetite, but is this level of ‘crazy’ seriously worth it?


  59. “the look of horror and sputtering, impotent rage that would sweep across a feminist’s fat cunty face as she slowly digested what she was reading.”

    Wow. Way to alienate 50%+ of the population. And I don’t mean just women.

    Like any issue, fair people of both sexes will be with you on the fairness aspect, If 99.9% of the women get upset by that advertisement, it is because they know, that this issue isn’t JUSt about women falsely accusing men of rape, it is also about men who rape women. How convenient of you to forget that.

    If 40% of accusations are false, that means the other 60% are women ARE raped. A woman looks at this ad and realizes that her chance of prosecuting date rape went from near zero to sub zero and thus her chances of date rape just went waaaaay up. Women won’t feel impotent rage when they see that, they will feel fearful of being raped.

    This is just advertisement is just going to remind 50% of the population that, percentage wise, date rape is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. It may make men feel vindicated, but it is a bad strategy for your end goal.


    • Wow. Way to alienate 50%+ of the population. And I don’t mean just women.

      May I, sister? Who Becky is talking about:

      This is not about “the fairness aspect.” If it were simply a matter of justice in isolation, there would be no debate. Rather, the controversy is about why this particular crime is treated with a particularly lax evidentiary process.

      Stumped? Accused rapists are treated cavalierly in compensation for a protection that feminism fails to provide — beyond promises of justice after-the-fact, an arrangement so patently inadequate that Becky seeks to justify a cultural and legal totalitarianism surrounding all discussion of this issue. Much like saying, prison isn’t good enough for this criminal, I hope he gets raped on top of his sentence. A component of justice will be enforced extrajudicially when the formal process is built to fail.

      That is a breakdown in feminist ideology, not a commentary on our essential nature as men. So long as this fatal flaw in feminism is denied, women like Becky will ask society to labor under the absurdity that we must treat all men as rapists-in-waiting, requiring us to make exceptions to venerable judicial procedures like the right to face one’s accuser, restrictions against hearsay testimony, and the concept of innocent until proven guilty.


      • I get all alzheimery when I’m sleepy. In the morning your post will probably snap together nicely, but just now the pieces are a jumble in my mind. Your last paragraph seemed to have something in it – could you re-write your idea more succinctly and clearly?


    • “If 40% of accusations are false, that means the other 60% are women ARE raped.”

      False. It just means we’re dead sure about 40% of your accusations. This does NOT put the other 60% beyond doubt.

      Try again. And next time, make an effort to avoid feeding the Females Aren’t Capable of Logic stereotype. Please.


  60. Feminists should, support this campaign.

    One of the main reasons that it is difficult to convict in rape cases is that everyone actually knows that there are false accusations. They know human nature, and know that in any type of crime there are accusations which are lies, not about the perpetrator but about whether a crime took place or not. Rape is an especially attractive one to false claims – it happens in private, but also the claim is a success even if the accused is never convicted, whatever the reason for the accusation.

    If the accusation is an excuse for sex that the accuser feels should not have happened (cheating, feels others will think she is a slut) then the accusation is enough excuse, she just needs to keep up the claim. If she wishes to punish a man then the process of prosecution and the response of those around him can be devastating, even if not convicted. It can destroy his life, he can lose his job and friends.

    On the other side false accusations are very rarely prosecuted. The woman is very unlikely to suffer or be punished.

    So every juror knows that women can make false accusations, those accusations will almost certainly achieve their aim and the woman has very little to lose. So how much credibility do the women who are raped have when in the witness box?

    The best way to increase the value of the victim’s testimony in rape cases is to crack down heavily on false accusations.

    Sorry to be a link whore, but I blogged about this a couple of years ago when our then government was trying to increase rape convictions.

    Feminists will not, of course, support this campaign.


  61. […] AGAINST false rape accusations. “How would the Justice Department respond if 25% of all black murder suspects were falsely […]


  62. As an old-time lawyer (now safely retired) , whose practice saw both sides of the rape-shield law revolution, my honest opinion is that the old way the law looked at the issue was better.

    The old jury instructions made sense, and accurately reflected human nature: fresh complaint, corroboration, and , most of all, consideration of the alleged victim’s character.

    Be very wary any time prosecutors tell us they want to change the law because it’s too hard for them to get convictions: it’s supposed to be hard.


  63. They type of woman who will file a false rape claim is not going to be “educated” by these ads. Come on! Think of the mindset of the woman who does this; she cares as much for her victim as a true rapist does.

    So who are these ads appealing to?

    [Heartiste: Politicians who think they might find it convenient to side with feminists.]

    Not women, they just increase paranoia as I noted in above. If women women hear 3 date rape stories for every bogus one touted by your side, this is only increasing the fear factor for women. It may appeal to men, but the type of women who would file a false rape charge will only read it an think, “I hadn’t thought of it, but, ya!, that’s what I’ll do!!”

    This is self-defeating. What it will do is fill the pockets of womens groups offended by the advertisement, who will then fund additional ads that remind everyone that 75% of date rapes are real. Or 60%, whatever, the odds are not on your side to use such an inflammatory tactic.

    [If the ad is so self-defeating…. why does it bother you so much?]


    • “So who are these ads appealing to?”

      Besides those whom the Heartiste identified, I’ll add to the list women capable of some clear-headed, honest thinking.

      “If women women hear 3 date rape stories for every bogus one touted by your side, this is only increasing the fear factor for women.”


      Ha ha, as if your “if” somehow invalidates the fact that false rape accusations from females are commonplace.

      Your female-to-female rumor mill also passes around stories of the females who bragged about making false rape accusations and getting away with it. The proposed posters are likely to make other females tempted to try FRAs themselves think twice before lying. Still, maybe you’re correct for having such a low opinion of all women, Becky. I’ll think on it.


    • I don’t think it’s a bad idea to increase the fear factor though. Just thinking about the idiotic slutwalker campaign…


  64. Re: Why does it bother me so much? Because I can hear the Ca-Ching of the paypal buttons for the feminist groups. Maybe you are really just a feminist in disguise, trying to stir up some cash for your dwindling grievance group -ha.

    So you can piss off ordinary women by pretending were are all bitches or you can work with those of us who agree that it is unfair.

    You pissed me off, and I was your ally. That’s why it is self-defeating.

    Why not go for the long win instead of the shock? Why not continue ot highlight the stories of men who have been wronged while still acknowleding that this is a two-sided sword affecting people on both sides?

    Wouldn’t it be more constructive to take the long view and work to make the laws more fair for men? Most women would agree that a date rape by someone, she willingly put herself in a sexual situation with, is traumatic, but LESS traumatic than being dragged behind the bushes by some grotesque boogey man.

    Why not fight to reduce penalites of date rapes, where the woman put herself in a sexual situation?

    Why not fight to have men convicted of such a date rape from not having to register as a sexual offenders unless there is a repeated pattern of convictions?

    That’s just off the top of my head. But then, this is not my issue. I was just was giving my two cents.


    • Yawn. Another woman who claims FRAs are “unfair” but then won’t lift a finger to support ways to combat it, and reflexively sides with Team Woman. As usual, it’s always, always about the woman and your damn FEEEEEEEEEEELINGS.

      You don’t like this ad? What have you ever done to combat FRAs? Have you ever fought to make the laws fair? Have you ever shamed women and the white knights who peddle false rape statistics? Of course you haven’t.

      And you don’t think this is your issue? Do you realize how many women are now hoarding cats because men don’t want to deal with their craziness? Injecting sanity into the public discourse is never unproductive.

      I’ve seen too many FRA stories to even believe most claims of rape at all. I automatically assume most “rape” stories are complete LIES at this point.


  65. I wonder what the percentage of manic depressives/borderline personality disorder types are FRA’s. I understand that people with those disorders often lie for various reasons.

    When I was younger I was a bit naive about lying- I knew that people would lie for large sums of money, to get off of murder charges, etc.

    What I never imagined is that many people just lie for the thrill- the thrill of pulling one on people. Even when that lie causes irreperable harm.


  66. Becky & the Other Women here

    What you need to understand is that when a woman accuses a man of ANY sexual misdeed a great deal of damage is done to the mans life regardless of what the formal penalty might be or even how quickly the whole thing is revealed to be bogus. This, “Less jail time is its date rape” is completely missing the point. The point is that the process of facing a formal accusation puts a mans life in danger – it is like being shot at. Even if the bullets do not hit the guy it still has a way of permanently altering his entire nervous system – and not in a good way.
    No, the only worthwhile solution is to prevent unjustifiable accusations, because there is no undoing the harm once it gets rolling.
    This is all too much like teenage girl suicides – another impulsive thing that young women do that cannot be undone. The ancient Greeks had a way to deter such foolishness. Any young woman who killed herself would have her body tied up by the city gate – utterly naked – and left to rot into complete ugliness in front of the whole community. That was not compatible with their sense of vanity. So much so that the threat of it helped them control their own emotional instabilities.
    Women who get caught lie-ing about rape need to face something their guts really are afraid of. Otherwise they will keep doing it.


  67. JHCOAC.

    If I survive my wife, I’m snuggling up with porn and lubricant. Small wonder today’s young men are staying at home and playing video games. Dating nowadays (does anybody still “date”?) is a freaking crap shoot. Young women have been pampered, propped up, and propagandized for a generation and they are worse for it. Were not raising women anymore: we’re raising candy-assed Women’s Studies lightweights who would deserve the scorn of their great-grandmothers.


  68. “25% of the accused in rape cases are exonerated by DNA evidence. – U.S. Department of Justice”

    Is that actually true, or is it:

    “25% of those who are DNA-tested in a rape case are exonerated.”?

    Also, is this testing happening before a formal accusation is made, or after?

    Those two claims are NOT the same thing, and lead to different conclusions.


  69. Now what if I told you that studies over the last ten years have shown that false rape accusations are likely in the ballpark of 25%, and could even be as high as 40%? Aghast, you are? Would you be inclined to think that relations between the (American) sexes had deteriorated so much that women were virtually warring against men through legal channels?

    No. All other things being equal, I’d have expected the figure to be 50%. The usual feminist counter-argument is that rape is such a terrible thing no woman would ever falsely accuse anyone of it. But one could just as easily argue in reverse that rape is such a terrible thing no man would ever do it. We’re talking about rare, sicko deviants on both sides, and it sounds like the male sicko deviants still outnumber the females, just not by as lopsided a margin as the feminists generally proclaim.


  70. There is another way to level the dating field back in women’s favor that doesn’t involve jailing innocent men.


    Come on, Heartiste. We talked about this already It prevents her from gettng vit. D




    This is a current feminist issue apparently.

    The other point would be what of the claim most rape goes unreported, or is it a third of rapes, whatever it is, more than likely lies. Sex and lies.


  72. If the 25% figure you cite is based just on men exonerated by dna evidence, it grossly underestimates the number of false accusations. DNA will exonerate only in cases where there was sex, either rape or consensual, but the wrong man was identified. But how about where there was sex, and the right man was identified, but the woman is lying about whether the sex was consensual. In that case, dna will help prove the prosecutions case, even if the sex was actual consensual. Thus the real false accusation figure must be far in excess of 25%.

    [Heartiste: Good point. The purpose of highlighting the exoneration-by-DNA cases is that it puts the lie to those feminists who would believe that the rate of FRAs is vanishingly small. Accurate numbers will be harder to come by, but as the old saying goes, where there’s smoke…]


  73. Rape is a fairly unique crime in that property isn’t taken, and it can occur with (theoretically) few injuries.
    It used to be called “he said, she said.” Now, it’s often, “she said, she said.”
    Violent, forcible rape is rare, but it does happen. These incidents are usually clear – there are injuries, real, physical injuries, and evidence one would associats with any violent crime – signs of a struggle, restraints, and no known association between victim and rapist besides opportunity.
    I do know roughly equal numbers of women who’ve been either roofed or assaulted – with clear reason to believe them – and men who’ve been accused , falsely, of some sort of sexual misconduct by clinically neurotic, emotionally unbalanced women.
    It’s best, for us, to be sure.
    Make sure she’s sober enough to give consent – conscious, coherent, and horny. Get a picture of her smiling in your arms. Treat her decently afterwords, or, if this isn’t possible,give her a nickname or just your initials – “Hi, I’m PJ/TJ/JP.”
    Never leave your business card, phone number, credit card receipt, etc, unless you’re planning on a second date, or possibly a girlfriend.
    Use a hotel, so she’ll be on camera, happily going up to your room. Use a condom, flush it when done, and wash your hands and genitals off asap.
    Above all, never say anything rude afterwards. I know of several incidents where some stupid Fratty McDouche called her a slut, or implied he’d used ger, or upset her in some way.
    Not an excuse for perjury, slander, or false arrest, but we must realize that women simply aren’t honest. They don’t posses that concept.
    And, as Roisy and Roosh both say, they have no concept of justice. (This is likely why, frighteningly, they are dominating what remains of our legal system, as attorneys, social workers, and judges.)
    Plan accordingly. Be aware, and beware.


  74. Just TWO ideas:

    1. Women found guilty of false accusations should be required to tell all men they meet that they are a convicted False Rape Accuser. I’m not from US, but there is this law, with sexual offenders, which is about the same.

    “Will you buy me a drink?”
    “Oh, and by the way, I’m a convicted False Rape Accuser..”

    2. I’ve been thinking about this for some while; installing a hidden camera in my room. When shit hits the fan, I’ll let it build in the courts, until my HD CandidSlutCam serves up some fresh footage of her doing jumping jacks on my cock & generally behaving like a turboslut..

    No, really, but simply having a candid cam could save you a lot of hassle. I don’t know how it is with rules for what evidence you can present in US courts, but in Scandinavia pretty much anything goes.

    And speaking of courts, in Norway, the prosecutors are arguing to stop having jury trials for rape cases, because “too many offenders are found not guilty”. Yes, it’s that bad.. :-


  75. Hot and steaming, fresh from the toilet of toilets:

    New feminist definition of rape: *everything* is rape.

    How does that sound, gentlemen?

    The comments to the article are even worse. Fucking monsters.–


  76. I just found this post (not sure how I missed it).

    If I can give everyone a word of advice, never, ever, ever, and I mean EVER date or sleep with an illegal immigrant. (If the term “illegal immigrant” offends you, then I will substitute it with “somebody who didn’t follow U.S. immigration laws to get into the U.S. – and if that’s OK with you, then you won’t mind if I break the law by cheating on my taxes, using leaded gas and clubbing baby seals.”)

    I am a transactional attorney in my day job and a few months ago a friend called me. He’d been seeing a woman illegally in the country and he’d just split up with her. She filed a rape charge against him after the breakup. I was completely shocked.

    It turns out that the government passed a law preventing the deportation of persons involved in testifying in human trafficking cases and some lawyers were using this law as a way to prevent illegal aliens from being deported. What a scam – the law’s intention was help prevent modern day slavery and now scumbag lawyers were using it as a way to circumvent U.S. immigration law. All some illegal alien has to do is sleep with an unsuspecting guy, cry “rape” and now she has the ability to stay in the country.

    I don’t do any criminal work and referred my friend to a colleague. Thankfully the case never made it to a grand jury and the charge was dropped. Unfortunately my friend racked up a few grand in bills.

    I am so ashamed of my profession. Think I’ll just get tribal tatts and be a bartender.


  77. By the way, anyone else noticed that a few episodes ago on the Jersey Shore, Snooki almost accused Vinnie of date rape in order to get out of admitting to her ex-boyfriend that she not only hooked up with Vincezno, she also finally managed to get his watermelon in her squeak hole?