Comment Of The Week

KarlK writes:

[Harry] Caray was a notorious pussy pounder. One rumor has it that he lost the St. Louis cardinals announcing job because he was banging the wife of Augie Busch.

Imagine the scene….”Holy Cow! This cock’s for you…”

Your working assumption should always be that any high status man is ploughing through pussy like yoke oxen on a water-logged subcontinental delta. Maybe then there will be less hero worship by Joe Six-pack.


  1. first


    how hot
    Mrs. Auggie WAS


  3. is mc hammer making a comeback album?


  4. the one exception to this:

    Tim Tebow is a virgin and will be to the day he gets married.

    We can all support Tebow.


  5. Hero worship (especially of an athlete with few actual accomplishments outside sports) shows the decline of our times.

    Used to be, heros were famous warriors, or intellectual leaders.

    Now its some dood who throws a fastball like, wicked haard, dood and he pounds Vaj!

    My advice: if you’re going to idolize someone – its good if they get laid, but anyone with the status of even a B or C level celebrity gets laid like crazy – Pick someone worth modeling, someone who contributes value to society beyond the fairly commonplace, boring and ultimately meaningless activities of baseball and sex.


  6. on August 5, 2011 at 11:29 am Artful Dodger

    I don’t see anything wrong with being a fan of a pro athlete. You’re not boosting his value in the eyes of the girls in your company. If they cared about athletes that much, they would already be following them around with the rest of the groupies. And most girls in the 6-8 range aren’t within Derek Jeter’s field of view, anyway.


    • Ask how that worked for the guy was engaged to Jamie Jungers, when she happened to cross paths with his idol…Tiger Woods.

      The act of wearing a jersey with some other guy’s name on it signals beta tendencies. It says that you worship this other guy, that some other flesh-and-blood human is so beyond your own stature. It implies you wish you were this other guy, which is cool when you’re a kid and have limited means to improve your life, but not so cool when you’re supposed to be a grown man in control of your life. It signals herd behavior, which is a beta signal. And finally, it makes you look inferior to other guys who aren’t running around worshipping athletes.


      • Jamie got Tiger’s BBC and that guy got da dump… don’t worry she’s gotten busted for DUI and on the Lindsey Lohan party circuit now.


  7. on August 5, 2011 at 12:01 pm Obstinance Works

    If you think that’s bad, read up on Mickey Mantle.


  8. on August 5, 2011 at 12:02 pm Obstinance Works

    Ask a Gator fan if she’s ever been T-boned.


  9. Tim Tebag