Pregnant Pause Game

In reference to my “eye contact game” post, reader “Sword” demurs:

Not bad, only comment is your suggestion that after holding eye contact you come up and dont talk to her, kind of reeks of beta the ‘hey i sure hope she notices me!’

I hope that wasn’t the impression I left, because I agree, sidling up to the girl and waiting for her to say something first while you smile and raise your eyebrows inquisitively in her general direction is truly, epically beta.

No, what I meant was that you should allow a second or two to pass before opening your mouth. This pregnant pause builds tension, which is one of the godly pillars of the kingdom of tingle. When you have exchanged eyeplay with a girl and walked up to her, she will expect you to start introducing yourself right away. For example:


{walk over, stand next to her}

Her: {oh boy oh boy he’s coming over. he’s here! i hope my hair looks ok}

You: Hey.

Her: Hey.

You: I’m Cornholio. {extends hand}

Boring. Sure, she already likes you, so you can afford to be a little predictable. But why fulfill her expectations so patently? Do you know what alpha males never do? Fulfill girls’ expectations! A desirable man demonstrates his higher status by making girls just a leeeetle bit uncomfortable in his presence. You want to get a girl thinking, “What the hell is this sculpted block of manhood going to do next?” For example:


{walk over, stand next to her}

Her: {oh boy oh boy he’s coming over. he’s here! i hope my vaj doesn’t stink}

You: {look at her. smile. bring your drink up to your lips. sip slowly. put drink down. look down. look back at her}

Her: {what’s this? Is he going to speak? criminy, my clit just buzzed. i feel so judgified}

You: They don’t make old fashioneds the way they used to. Oh, almost forgot… hi.


See the difference? The pregnant pause, coupled with the unexpected opener, are two of the macronutrients of the female romantic fantasy diet. Recommended daily allowance? Infinity percent!

Besides building welcome tension into a pickup by fucking with a girl’s expectations, the pregnant pause also serves as an underhanded tactic for gauging her running interest in you. If you’re the type of guy who likes to talk a lot, you might have a hard time accurately judging just how much a girl is really into you. You might be too busy yapping to read her body language signals. Plus, the less a girl talks, the less data you have to go on to assess her interest level. The calculated pregnant pause, which you can drop in a conversation at any time, allows you to judge a girl’s interest level by the quickness with which she restarts the conversation. A girl who likes you won’t feel comfortable letting the convo fall silent for very long; she will reinitiate because your silence will be read by her as your declining interest. A girl who is bored with you will use your pregnant pause as a chance to excuse herself.

Finally, the incontrovertible fact is that pregnant pauses are self-evidently ALPHA. Watch what betas do when they run out of things to say. They flail. They say stupid shit. Their voice pitch rises. They look around nervously. They pull at their shirt sleeves and do other sorts of insecurity revealing body language mistakes. THEY are the ones who get uncomfortable.

Then watch an alpha male when he wants to take a breather from talking. He stops. He smiles. He slowly exhales. He lets the silence waft over him and the girl like a perfumed veil. He doesn’t force the issue. He doesn’t tug at his clothes, or scratch some body part that doesn’t need scratching. SHE is the one who gets uncomfortable. Her discomfort translates into your perceived higher status, and nudges her into the chaser role where she inevitably feels compelled to reengage you. And from there, it’s like taking pellets from a hamster.


  1. Good point. If anyone needs an example you should watch the remake of the film “Drive” starring Ryan Gosling. He does it perfect on many counts and its more or less a part of hos his character talks. He doesn’t pause to think about whats hes going to say, he pauses because it builds tension and is deep.

    The films a decent action/drama as well.


    • Hey dummy. Ryan is a trained actor, you’re not. And besides, they may have had to do a 100 takes before he got it just right. You didn’t see the other 99 failures.


    • All great actors use pregnant pauses.

      Acting coaches tell actors to use the “fourth layer of the onion”. In other words, after the other person’s line, you pause — then shed first reaction — then shed second reaction –then shed third reaction — then, bam, display fourth reaction, which is unexpected. Sometimes a full five seconds after the dialogue has been stated.

      Gosling is really good at that stuff. Watch him in Lars and the Real Girl. He’s a natural actor. It’s no wonder that he pulled off such a good PUA in Crazy Stupid Love.


      • very good observation. totally agree. but how many civilians could pull off a wait-until-4th-reaction move during an unscripted encounter with a hot girl you’ve only just met?


      • Not many, unless they trained themselves. Which is the whole point anyway: Consistent success with women requires a lot of dedication.


      • One-on-one pretty much everyone can, if they are aware that it is beneficial. Not with slickness and coolness like Gosling, but simply by forcing oneself to count 1001-1002-1003.

        In a bar setting, with other (buzzed) people vying for attention, it takes one heck of a set alpha to freeze the whole set until his 1001-1002-1003 counting is done. Famous people can, as long as everyone else are “civilians”, since they (often rightfully) believe everyone in the set is only interested in what they have to say, anyway. Great storytellers, or simply someone with really great stories to tell, can sometimes pull off a similar feat.


  2. Good Article!

    Off Topic:

    I woke up to this bullshit!

    According to relationship expert Cooper Lawrence, women are better cheaters, because they are better at keeping secrets! Lawrence says cheating is up among women in committed relationships because women now have the means and the motive. Women are financially independent and more likely to walk away from a relationship that isn’t satisfying. For many fans, celebrity couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were the perfect match. So it came as a shock when word spread that the break-up was reportedly caused by infidelity, and it was Stewart who did the cheating!

    My theory is that men get caught more because nowadays chicks like to post pictures and broadcast it via twitter and Facebook.

    If I’m banging a chick that has a boyfriend I’m not saying shit. On the other hand, your side chick catches feelings and tells the neighborhood.



    • And check out this mess from Dr. Keith Ablow…

      “Inside the mind of Kristen Stewart,” 2 Aug 2012

      “It is the expression of the need for a soulful, spiritual, loving connection with another human being when that need is not—or not fully—being served by the person to whom the individual is ‘committed.’

      Like it or not, longer-standing relationships, even ones that deserve to continue, may not provide that opportunity.”


      “In my psychiatric office, if Pattinson were to insist on jettisoning Stewart from his life exclusively because she had expressed herself sexually with another man, I would tell him he had never truly loved her. And I would be right.”

      Say what? And, by his above reasoning, if Pattinson had been the one to pork someone else he would’ve never trult loved her either. Sheesh. Advocate of “Game” or quisling Mangina? You be the judge.


    • I disagree with Cooper’s premise. Most men get caught because those who do it often and well just don’t care. And for the amatuers; the unrelenting suspiciosness of the female species ineveitably catches up with them.

      You are right though, women aren’t better at keeping secrets. Men generally just can’t see the signs (or refuse to) and we simply are much more trusting, especially when under the influence of the Blue Pill.


      • Remember the white kid who thought the mulatto baby of his white girlfriend was his, and he needed a dna test to get his two braincells to put one and one together.


    • I reckon women are better at cheating because a) hamster reality field b) they have a lot of material and social capital to lose. Men probably get caught more because they don’t have it down to a fine art, it’s pretty tiring and if the only deterrent is an argument with your girlfriend then you’re not gonna go out your way to cover your tracks.


    • I like when Cooper expresses being perplexed at how men are more likely to end a relationship if the girlfriend cheats than vice versa. Hello?! You’re a woman! Besides, I think men and women instinctively know that a relationship is dead if the woman cheats, but not necessarily if the man does.

      If I’m banging a chick that has a boyfriend I’m not saying shit. On the other hand, your side chick catches feelings and tells the neighborhood.

      “Catches feelings”, ha, that could be it too. What do men talk about? Generally, their careers and hobbies. What do women talk about? Relationships and shit.

      Remember the white kid who thought the mulatto baby of his white girlfriend was his, and he needed a dna test to get his two braincells to put one and one together.

      Yes, another factor. While in a relationship, men, especially betas, tend to get drugged into complacency to an amazing degree, whereas women tend to expect their man to cheat, especially if he’s more alpha.


    • So now, WOMEN are better at keeping secrets????? WTF???


  3. on August 3, 2012 at 11:26 am Alexandre Takahashi

    You, sir, are a genius!
    The kind of game explained here at the Chateau is a subtle, yet strong, demonstration of the micro subcomunication between men and woman.


  4. like taking pellets from a hamster


  5. OT:


    Never heard of it ’till today. Check out the link. Poor 13 year old girl looks 40. Sad….Really sad, when considering the realities of the SMP.


  6. All correct and always works. where I use to fall short was, not having the confidence to believe that she was infact interested. I would let the eye fuck hang and rot for too long. By the time i mustered up enough confidence, it was fizzled.You have to be confident and dominant better to try and fail than to do nothing.


  7. F*cking gold and oh so true. Great, great article.


  8. Eyebrow game. You can raise only one.


  9. Off topic, but in response to “Chicks dig murderers: PostSecret edition.”

    I know the above is true, but my mind still surprises me at times.

    Last night I had a dream that I was having sex with Adolf Eichmann in a somewhat populated movie theater. A movie showing executions was playing. I asked him during sex: “Are you really behind all those murders? They’re what you want?” He replied with a small smile, “Yes.”

    I was delighted that he responded that way.


  10. “Recommended daily allowance? Infinity percent!”

    Fucking lol’ed at this line. The exclamation mark sells it. Oh hey you know what percent of that thing you should have? …INFINITY PERCENT!! lololol

    ..I’m not drunk. Yet.


  11. pregnant pause or just pausing works. But you have to be in control of what you’re saying and know more or less what you want to say next.

    It’s like improv comedy. or some other form of improvisation.

    You wait, then speak.

    I just tried this in running The Cube on a cute 26 year old I was gaming. I began first by telling her about the personality test.

    Then slowed it down when I saw she was interested.


    “You sure?”

    etc etc


    • on August 3, 2012 at 3:52 pm thasswhati'mtalkinbout

      exactly. pausing requires knowing what comes next. hard to do if you’re nervous or inexperienced. acting class, especially improv, is a great way to get comfortable communicating with and without saying anything.


    • Running “the cube” lol <<<will never get your circle squared 🙂


  12. I’m not saying to do this as a tactic, but I took a percocet a few months back and went to an event. Shit mellowed me down quite a bit and my speech and demeanor were mucho pregnant-pause-ish. Looking back, I did get much more positive female feedback than usual that day (and I opened more too). Usually, I’d try to fill speech pauses, but that day I was too mellow to care. Pregnant pause, or percocet pause, that shit works.


  13. Heartiste. I know you believe in love despite the focus on sex. Question that bugs me is….can real love exist regardless of your social standing? Is love simply the exchange of her pussy for your status? I accept game completelty….and that real love is rare. but does it ever exist outside of these conditional requirements?


  14. Watch Breaking Bad and pay attention to how Mike talks. He’s an old ass man who’s also the most badass alpha on that show. Why? He talks super slow. He takes his time to breathe. He always have this “you’re annoying to me” look on his face. And he never fucking smiles. Oh, and he kills people with extreme expertise. So alpha even my penis tingles.


    • Except it was Walt who blew Gus’s face off and before this show is over he’ll whack “tough guy” Mike too. Mike is just another dumb crooked cop who thinks he’s tough but Walt’s brains will always trump idiots like him. In fact, Mike was so stupid that he put money in his grandchild’s name in some offshore acount that we all know can be accessed (legally or illegally) by US government agents. That’s how the DEA knew about it. Now he’ll be keptunder a microscope while Walt is still invisible and not even on the radar.


    • Yeah n the biggest fuckup of that show is that his wife doesn’t respond to his alphaness in an appropriate. Even the nastiest ballcutting freak would be dripping wet in his presence, at least sometimes.

      The show must be written by a bunch of bluepill betas.


  15. Sooooo fucking true. And i am becoming a master at this. I go to courthouses and deal with female clerks every day for the past year. Most regulars (were called court runners) are nervously chatting and fidgeting with the women…who are always bored. I say hello..and if i cant think of something i sit there. Still. They always reengage because theyre wondering….why isnt he trying to impress me…so then they try. Never ever be afraid to be silent…it drives women wild. The hotter they are the more vulnerable they are to ur silence. Theyre simply unaccustomed to men who are comfortable not trying to find common ground with them.


  16. lol you people are idiots. True I’m a guy, but if another guy tried this “pause” shit with me and took breaks, I’d leave the conversation at once. It’s deeply offensive, a lot of the stuff recommended here. I have no doubt it works on insecure twats, but posts like the one about Breaking Bad, are you kidding me, that’s called an *asshole* and no self-respecting man puts up with talking to a guy who makes pauses like that or who talks too slow. Also if a girl makes pauses while talking to me, I get rid of her.

    A gap in a conversation is a failure of the conversation, and a sign that something is wrong. If I suspect motivations like the ones in this post, that means that your interlocutor is trying to tool you and it’s time to leave. I also don’t put up with men talking too slow or with other “alpha” behavior, this shit will get you beaten up or at least ostracized if you’re in an environment that’s not SWPL.

    Most of the stuff on this blog is stuff that would get you beaten up in an environment with real men. It’s why the definition of “alpha” is so relative, to SWPL environment. In most other places you have to know how to throw a punch if you’re going to try strutting like this especially in front of other men. You’re not picking up any girls when you’re picking your teeth off the floor brah…


    • “True I’m a guy, but if another guy tried this “pause” shit with me and took breaks…”



    • You are a guy. Your argument is invalid. Women are illogical beings who stick with guys who hit them and abuse them, what we guys think will work, won’t.


    • LMAO men are loyal to their bros because the other bro is loyal to them, however be loyal to a woman and see what she gives you.

      Guy rules dont work on women.


    • Get out of here you white knight beta bitch know one is listening to you.

      I stopped reading your post at “lol”



    • Heh’s right. N00bs tend to forget that women aren’t men.


      • Except that a lot of the posters here are also recommending you act this way around other men. As if other men will think you’re awesome and “badass” if you act this way…


      • I wasn’t aware of that. Some game concepts do indeed help in the workplace, or dealing with AMOGs, but certain others are obviously just meant for women. One must use common sense in deciding, I guess.


    • “True I’m a guy, but if another guy tried this “pause” shit with me and took breaks, I’d leave the conversation at once.”

      No you wouldn’t, if they were congruent to it. Like an old guy with a Godfather vibe. Or a cop with authority questioning you.

      I’m not saying you’re full of shit though, because you WOULD be able to sniff out guys who are incongruent to doing this very quickly and would be weirded out by them. You’re just lumping everyone into one category, the same way girls lump guys into “any guy who tried that PUA stuff on me, I’d tell them to fuck off”.

      “A gap in a conversation is a failure of the conversation, and a sign that something is wrong.”

      Gaps in conversation are perfectly normal. Or when you’re chilling on your buddy’s patio with a beer or hanging out with your live-in GF or wife do you talk 24/7 like a used car salesman? No? You mean there are times where you can chill with them and the silence isn’t awkward?

      “I also don’t put up with men talking too slow or with other “alpha” behavior”

      Maybe you should cut back on the Redbulls lol

      “this shit will get you beaten up”

      No it won’t. Now you’re just being stupid.

      “or at least ostracized”

      No it won’t.

      “if you’re in an environment that’s not SWPL.”

      I definitely can’t think of any chill alpha black guys who talk slow with lots of pauses. They’re all like Chris Tucker, right?

      “Most of the stuff on this blog is stuff that would get you beaten up in an environment with real men.”

      You’re an idiot, and I take girls off guys like you regularly.

      “In most other places you have to know how to throw a punch if you’re going to try strutting like this especially in front of other men.”

      Alpha respects alpha. As long as you’re congruent. I’ve gamed girls and befriended guys in biker bars, cowboy bars, and plenty of non-white clubs/bars (with asian/brown gangs).

      If you’re getting punched, it’s because you’re giving off a shitty vibe.

      “You’re not picking up any girls when you’re picking your teeth off the floor brah…”

      Wow, I bet you train UFC!!!!11 How many TapOut shirts do you have?


    • Wantonly throwing punches only works in the movies. You wanna actually do some damage without damaging yourself (why boxers and mma dudes wear gloves) you throw an elbow across a jaw or open palm to the nose… “brah”


    • Well, I’m a girl and I agree with you. Maybe that doesn’t mean much, since no one here is looking for a girl to tell them how to pick up girls, but I have had guys do that, and I don’t find it attractive. Once I sense that anyone is playing games, I cut out.

      I guess it could work on some girls; I’m not trying to say that I’m the exception to the rule or anything, I just agree with you. I don’t even know you, but I already admire that you put your own opinion out there and are defending it. Heartiste talks about beta orbiters, but I think he has orbiters- guys who are going to agree with anything he says, no matter what it is.


  17. Where does an alpha male place his gaze when he wants to take a break from talking?


  18. What she’s really thinking-

    Her: (Oh no, the little creep who was staring at me is now coming over. Does this little 5′ nothing dweeb in his cheap square toed Kenneth Cole shoes believe he can approach a girl like me?)

    You: Hey.

    Her: (silence, hoping he’ll go away)

    You: I’m Cornholio. {extends hand}

    Her: (Thinking) I’m not touching this little wanker’s hand it may still have cum on it. Cornholio?!! And the creep is going to anal rape me) Where’s that 300 lb bouncer?


  19. on August 3, 2012 at 4:58 pm blackbird.young

    I want to write a long rant about shit, but it’s pointless. Men are loyal because they can be, women aren’t because they cannot be. Simple as that. Men love, fall in love; women watch men fall in love and think it’s cute or creepy, depending on how well you are, or if you are in fact fucking her. Women exist to have children, and the further they remove themselves from that reality, the less happy they become, and the less happy the men they involve themselves with are growing.

    I’m in need of some advice – not ethically speaking, but logistically – when taking a girls virginity what should one know beforehand; and furthermore, is it worth doing so?


    • Only worth doing so if you’re going to bang her more than once.

      You can train her exactly according to your tastes.


    • Women exist to have children, and the further they remove themselves from that reality, the less happy they become, and the less happy the men they involve themselves with are growing.

      That explains a hell of a lot, right there.


      • on August 4, 2012 at 11:36 pm blackbird.young

        I don’t think many will get it, though.

        And I shouldn’t have taken her virginity according to pretty much every advice I could’ve been given, and every doubt that I would’ve due to it being what it was concerning who she is, yet I did. I even made her provide legal documentation.That direct. But considering I only knew her for two days, it’s just proven Game is the very same evil that causes women to be how we don’t want them to be or are flustered by them being. And how I’m still fucking my ex who is a woman who is how I don’t want women to be, however has a body I’d rather not get rid of experiencing, shows the same thing to me – in a derivative fashion: Everything is derivative, all of it, derivative, all of it, derivative. And yet I will use my knowledge to ensure I can always have these women as I please, whoever they are, despite never achieving the ideal that as a Quixotic Fool I once wished to continue to hallucinating experience.

        The love I once offerred was pure and existed freely based on certain morals I had. The love I now give is more realistic and takes, rather than months of giving, minutes of dominant courtship to achieve and leave. It doesn’t make me feel better, but it doesn’t make me feel worse. I am thus a learned sociopath, plus it’s realistic in that it works better.

        Sorry future boyfriend/husband who realizes what happened to the love of his life by a drunken asshole like myself. Who even time and again tells women the only way I’ll go through with what they want is if they accept and openly admit to doing what they know is wrong for them. To make the choice themselves, so I at least am not the one to blame for some stupid accusation they’d otherwise have if I didn’t behave in a way they “wanted” in “feeling” whatever they had.

        Men, women, family, strangers, whoever, are all susceptible to the manipulations of simply realizing the void-of-meaning existence we live in, and acting according to that knowledge, and choosing to respond to the claims other’s like myself make are making them decide to do what they do accordingly as I learned by them, in reaction.

        God died when Man created Him; and instead gods were born amongst us – who saw the Light as being something we could decide to make, or the shadow as something we could choose to hide within.

        Love failed when men realized they didn’t need it, and other’s listened to the lies that we reinforce like Santa Claus, Money, or Politics as being true up until a certain pointless age that we’re taught to teach is acceptable deception.

        My existence is meaningless and I will die very soon. I once was worried, now I look forward to it, because there’s not much in terms of happiness I’ll be able to achieve if I have to live much longer anyway. However, likely that acceptance will cause me to outlive the majority of you and fuck more women than you and earn less money without caring as much about it while creating more things I want to as a member of a Secret Society directing your Will here and there as I pretend to please like I’m milking a mooing cow reality.

        However much of a lie this is, there is much more truth in it than I would’ve liked to have accepted before realizing the ease with which one may use and experience what the crimson art’s can allow one to.

        No one will fully understand just how Dark this shit get’s until they go about doing it as they are fully capable of. Remove morals and ethics and always consider consequences but never act according to taught fallacies which fail to do as they should time and again and you’ll see the Ritual we’re all a part of for reasons that are of a purely sexual, biological, and evolutionarily psychological spiritual consciousness we’ve learned to teach to learn to hide to teach learning abou’s reason.

        (This is an exercise in writing, however it is true).

        I am hesitant to release this insanity. But here I go. Darkly.


      • English isn’t your first language is it? Get a grip, man.


  20. Instead of old dashion i like dirty girlscouts. Hard to find a barkeep who knowd how to make them.


  21. I’m not sure if it was mentioned in the other post about eye contact, but it has to be said that eye contact before an open can sometimes be lethal to the chances of the open in many circumstances, such as out on a street at night or even the day.

    One big rule I follow in day game is to quickly change my walking trajectory if I peripherally see a very hot woman so she doesn’t see me looking at her before I make the trajectory change that converges our paths and sets up a more or less indirect open such as a request for directions.

    Obviously, a man has no choice but to go direct in the opener if eye contact has been made because asking for directions just looks stupid under those conditions.

    The other day I was in a taxi when I spotted and, unfortunately, made eye contact with a really hot woman standing with her friend. I immediately asked the taxi driver to stop and let me out. I paid him and then I approached the women asking for directions to the place I had been going. She seemed to really know the score and stood back almost derisively as her fat friend gave me the directions.

    In that instance, I should have come clean with what she and I both knew and gone more direct. But, in this case, I decided to next her and move on because I really didn’t respect her negativity and I see better behavior every day when I approach others. I believe it was too bad that the eye contact was made before I told the taxi to stop.

    I can see getting flamed for writing the above, but under real life conditions, it is a factor and it’s an important reason why the 3 second rule is valid (the rule that says you shouldn’t hesitate before you approach and open).

    On another topic, what does everyone think about that left wing corporate CFO in Arizona who uploaded a video on youtube showing how he berated a drive through cashier at Chic Fil A for working at that company?

    The video has gone viral and he has been fired.

    He is lying about not being gay. He’s definitely metrosexual.

    I’m glad the progressivist prick was fired, but I don’t like the way all the “conservatives” in the comments hate on him because he berated a female as opposed to a male. Too much chivalry there. I’ll lecture a teenage girl any day of the week, but I probably wouldn’t do so with a hot girl just because she worked at the left wing Ben n Jerry’s.

    And while I don’t want this progressivist to remain a professor at UA, I don’t agree with the “conservatives” who say “This is clearly the kind of guy who would exploit his teaching relationship to sleep with his students, our daughters”.

    Nobody in the comment sections ever challenges when white knighters on the right go off on pedestalization tangents.

    We need to see some CH readers chiming in on such comment sections.

    Meanwhile, Jon Stewart has a surprisingly even-handed approach to the CFA controversy (except for part of his conclusion):—chik-fil-a-appreciation-day

    Can you believe the mayors of 3 major American cities flouting the Constitution in saying this guy couldn’t open chicken sandwich restaurants in their cities? That liberal big government arrogance shows the downfall of America.

    It also sounds like the “Christian” CEO of Chick Fil A would support organizations that work with feminists to stop “sex trafficking” and raise the age of consent to 21.

    The controversy is mostly progressives vs progressives.


    • on August 6, 2012 at 3:01 pm Mr. Pointyface

      beating up on working class people psychologically ( I hate to tell you as you obviously know nothing about the history of labor unions) is not exactly progressive. It’s the opposite. Two demerits from MPF for ignorance of labor history and piling onto a loser.




  23. Nice Heartiste! I wrote something similar about pauses yesterday… Keep up the great work as always.


  24. If you listen to a lot of the great orators of the 20th century, you’ll notice that they always have pregnant pauses in their cadence. Amused mastery of public speaking: alpha


  25. on August 4, 2012 at 3:45 am Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, D.R.G.

    Spot on analysis from Heartiste, as usual. I would add that aside from the initial encounter, another time pregnant pauses are effective is when a girl asks a question designed elicit your level of affection of loyalty. This is a great time to heighten her apprehension (WHY isn’t he answering me?!?). Pregnant pauses in this instance can be followed by some vague, super succinct answer followed by a frame changing or statement designed to eliminate her annoying follow on questions and bring her deeper into your world while leaving the sense of mystery hanging in the air.

    Girl: Do you love me?
    Man: (pause) Sure. Listen, I’m going bouldering after work. You should join me.

    Girl: I called you last night but you didn’t answer. Where were you?
    Man: (pause) Bar. Oh (pause), the cabin is free this weekend. Don’t make plans, we’re going skiing.

    A similar tactic is to ignore a girl’s question or statement entirely and go about as if she never said anything. Is this rude? Absolutely, but who cares. Doing this conveys your higher status to the girl by making it seem like her words have no import or you’re busy contemplating more important things. I learned this from girls who did this to me. I’d ask a question, they’d ignore me, and I couldn’t help but feel 1) I might have said something stupid or 2) she’s got more important things on her mind. Either way, these are thoughts you want girls you’re gaming to have, so don’t be afraid to practice a little judo and use their own tactics against them.


  26. Along the same lines, being comfortable with moments of silence shows that you are comfortable and not panicky in a hot girl’s presence. When people fill in silent pauses with unimportant jibberish, women pick up right away and get turned off.


  27. just thought i’d mention this
    “In a lot of ways I’m glad I was considered unattractive as a kid–there is an upside to ugly. I developed a sharp sense of humor, a defense against the taunts.”


  28. Pauses like the ones advocated here really do work. And even if they don’t always, it still feels good to be in control of what you say and when you say it. If I don’t have anything worthwhile to say, I don’t say it. If I don’t feel like sharing a great insight with a girl who I think is too stupid or bored to react with the appreciation that is due me and my genius, I don’t say it. When I’m too bored to say it, I don’t say it. (I might write it down, though.) If she doesn’t feel like waiting for what I am going to say, she leaves, unenlightened. C’est la vie.

    P.S. I love this blog. Some of the things sound a bit angry from time to time, but I understand that’s part of the fun. Try to keep an eye on the logic, though: “Do you know what alpha males never do? Fulfill girls’ expectations!” you say. True, but what if a girl expects you to be alpha? Then by being alpha, you fulfill her expectation, which would mean not being alpha. The only way out of this apparent contradiction would be to say that a girl cannot expect you to be alpha… could that be true? Again, great blog.


  29. ^ That line wasn’t to be taken literally, obviously. Don’t sperg out.

    Succinctness, and pregnant pauses, used correctly, are magnetic.

    Off topic musing: girl I’m casually dating is a virgin (religious) but has been finger banged by 5 guys. (No ass love, no blowjobs). Slutty behaviour by anyone’s standards?


  30. Red headed snowboarder Shaun White nailing Bar Rafaeli – good man!!


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  32. Advice police help me:

    >dating profile. Her: 6.5.
    >profile reads: “I am desiring male company for excursions and sex
    criteria for the position:
    1.You must have some sort of ambitions and a life (whether a student or you have a career I don’t care)”
    >message her with some comment/questions about her pictures
    >answers back bla blba bla
    >I say something to the effect of I find the directness of her profile refreshing and ask if she wants to get to know each other.
    >she responds with “How do you suggest us meeting goes down?”
    >thinking of responding back with “hopefully with lots of hair pulling and spanking!”

    So, is this good? Should I build rapport with a date, or just invite her over to my place right away?



  33. Another game concept confirmed:

    Smiling as an indicator of lower-class status

    (h/t: Mangan’s Breviary)


  34. Off Topic.

    But is it ever good to show jealousy? I was viewing this video where the broad says that one of the attractive things about bad boys is jealousy. 90% of the time I’d say definitely no, but the idea of someone “staking their claim” seems to have a sense of dominance to it. Just wondering what your take was.


    • Depends on the jealousy. Chris Brown slapping Rihanna type of jealousy = alpha. Bitching at a woman because she won’t leave her boyfriend = beta.


      • Thanks, I was thinking along those lines. What would you say is the difference between where each type of jealousy is coming from in the two instances? I think this is the crux of the matter. I have an idea but am having a hard time trying to put it into words. Maybe you or someone else can explain it.


      • Ok, I’ll narrow it down to if the girl is with the guy.

        If the guy is in a dominant position, and is displaying jealousy because she disrespected him, and he’s making it clear he won’t put up with it, that’s alpha. If he gets in a huff because another guy was talking to her and trying to pick her up, even though she was not flirting with him, that’s beta.

        It all depends upon if it’s the woman’s fault the jealousy-inducing behavior was happening.


  35. holy shit

    Obama is really dialing up the propaganda to get the womens vote campaign:

    Sports stars and Obama tell men to not hit women. LOLOL is this real life??


    • His old man died at 48 and mama at 52. Obama is 51. So all I can say is keep smoking those Kools Bammy 🙂 Take up downhill skiing and skydiving too as a hobby 🙂


    • Obama, AKA “do whatever she tells you”. This is what happens when a beta gets promoted to the highest office in the land by pure PC forces.


  36. Over the hill and desperate:

    Single Astrologer plans wedding with no groom:

    Now if she was half the age she is now…


  37. “A supremely beta, feminist suckup psychiatrist says men have to prove their love by forgiving unfaithful whores.”

    When the male revolution arises, the lickspittle beta feminists like this psycho psychiatrist will join women in the kitchen, where they truly belong.


    • The Lords of Lies are relentless and this tool is a perfect example. I’d say I’m surprised to see this on Fox but Murdoch cares only about his bottom line and I guess this shit sells to the single female demographic.

      And the kitchen? So he can poison food instead of the minds of treason victims? I’d go with firing squad myself, if it wasn’t a waste of bullets.


    • Nah, they will be shot and made an example of. In older times, being a beta=/= being a lickspittle pansy.


    • I noticed that he talks about how he’s a liberal and of mixed-race, and brings up “white privilege”. He also lives in Airstrip One, world capital of political correctness.

      Whatever. More chicks for us.


    • “Yes, it [feminism] benefits me because I detest gender roles and I like to wear pink and eyeliner!”

      ’nuff said.


    • “I also laugh when people question my sexuality when I say I am a feminist, like believing in equality for both genders makes me homosexual somehow.”

      Ok, but what about the pink and eyeliner? …


  38. “It’s also said that Swedish women are among the most eager of the world’s women to sample the cock of the Other.”

    And quite often they sample it whether they want to or not, and even if not, dismiss the rape as just another expression of “multiculturalism”.


  39. Great post. Pauses and being comfortable holding silence while looking at a girl makes you look like more of a man. When I’m out with a girl, something I consciously often think is “slow… down….” That will make you appear more alpha and change the atmosphere to make it more sexualised.


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  41. Nice one. The pause is hard to do, but does is it effective. Useful for normal conversation too.