Street Smarts, Game And The White Underclass

How’s that for an omnibus blog post title?

A reader sent a link to a hilarious blog called ‘Texts From Bennett’ which is a compendium of text message conversations between some dude and his 17-year-old white cousin who, with great pride, thinks, or rather wishes, he’s part black.

I’ve been a reader for about two years now and your site has changed my life, so thanks.

I’m sure by now you have heard of Texts From Bennett. It is a blog that went viral a few weeks ago.

One of the posts shows the cousin asking Bennett why he always gets LJBF’d. The cousin is a beta who, according to Bennett, “crys wen u watch football,” and “enjoys capshuring butterflys.” So when he asks Bennett what to do, Bennett gives some apt adviceMore here.

Despite his lack of education, Bennett understands game and I have no doubt he cleans up with the dregs of Kansas City.

Let’s assume for the sake of expediency that Texts From Bennett is a warehouse of legitimate conversations by a real teenage whigger living in the crappy part of Kansas City expounding on the issues of the day, and not a clever hoax for the amusement of the blog host. (The numerous assurances by the blogger that the texts are real makes one suspicious of its authenticity, but whatevs.) Even if fake, Bennett is an iconic Millennial generation representative of the white underclass. He is funny because he strikes so many true chords: the thug-lite attitude, the exaltation of ghetto black dysfunction, the proud anti-intellectualism and its substitution with the elevation of street smarts, the defiant middle finger to the mores of the SWPL and upper classes… all lamentable customs and affectations if the survival and thriving of first world civilization is your thing.

But hidden amongst the pile of manure is a gem of a discovery. As the reader notes, Bennett has game, and he has the best kind of game: primitive natural game that knows not what it’s doing.

Here, for instance, is Bennett showing that he understands women don’t swoon for betaboy idealistic romanticism:

Who can deny the wisdom in these words? Weepy, emotionally available betas are LJBFed. Insensitively aloof alphas are sexually pleasured. And this is particularly true of women in the prime of their attractiveness and allure, that glorious window between ages 15 and 25.

Here’s Bennett on the interchangeability of women as sexual pursuits and the universal female attraction for the badboy:

Bennett is a great illustration of the sour stereotype that dumb but socially savvy men will do better with women than smart but nerdy men. No one would imagine that Bennett is acing Algebra II. But a lot of people can easily imagine him pulling more ass — and higher quality ass* — than the typical studious middle-class white boy.

*Higher quality in the context of the sexual market refers to a woman’s most valuable attributes: namely, her looks and the cut of her curves. They may be dregs by socioeconomic standards, but that won’t prevent them from stimulating wood in the most landed of gentry.

It’s been remarked here before that thugs and assorted assholes and asshole-wannabes often exhibit more natural game than smart, agreeable professionals who second-guess themselves at every turn. This is completely understandable once you come to terms with the reality of the prime motivating force behind vagina tingles: a man’s attitude. The right attitude — an insouciant mix of devil-may-care whimsy, impulsiveness, self-centeredness, vanity, cruelty and often-undeserved confidence — is the winning formula for scoring lots of hot babes. Or, if monogamy is your thing, for piquing the interest of that one hot girlfriend, to be leavened later by shows of provision and calculated vulnerability.

A hopeless fap-happy beta can’t go wrong observing the fauna of regressives like Bennett in action and heeding his crudely reductive advice. This fact of life surely disheartens a lot of you educated and sophisticated readers. A visual is drawn of some of you cursing the dbags on Jersey Shore and the hot ass they’re tagging that you aren’t.

If the country is filling up with Bennetts — and Bennetts exist in all classes — this says something about the nature and demands of women, who, after all, are the gatekeepers of sex and the primary molders of male behavior. Even if Bennett is a fantasy character devised by a mischievous imp trolling coastal reporters salivating at the thought of interviewing a white trash caricature who rationalizes their hate, a rising sea of his kind is undoubtedly swamping the US, hidden in plain sight from gated communities and invidiously creating a new norm, like dumbfuck kudzu. A culture teeming with shameless Bennetts and dotted with islands of antagonistic SWPLs and tribalistic snarkers is a doomed culture, too far gone to resuscitate. Stick a fork in it, it’s done.

On the upside, the sex lives of alphas may be experiencing its cultural zenith. And Bennett, like the “Umm, sorry?” guy, are our time’s prophets.


  1. I disagree, there is a real class divide in running game.


    • I know some wanna-be-black-DJs in Chicago with no money, no DJ skills, no knowledge of how to dress themselves, who haven’t showered in weeks and literally don’t have cash to take the bus home — and they’re some of the most enriched guys in terms of game ever.

      There’s no class divide running game. If you have game, you have game, and don’t really need for cosmetic enhancements. Sure, those cosmetic enhancements to game can help, but they’re not necessary.


      • Let’s just say, I”ve never known a “Bennet” type to actually be successful with women in real life. most of the charismatic blue-collar kids from my high school ended up with dogs(as I can see on facebook). something about this post strikes me as false.

        but I don’t doubt about your DJ friends. i wuld say they are probably pretty smart despite their lifestyles though.


      • Know one man in particular who’s very like Bennett. He’s borderline retarded (shtupped a hooker without a rubber, on the grounds that “he had a shower afterwards”), devoid of humour, despised by most of his male “friends”, yet has a constant supply of very good looking girls (they flee him after a week or two, when the full horror of his personality strikes home, but he’s sampled the goods by then).

        A natural, if there ever was one: He has astonishingly good game. And the ugliest girl we ever saw him with was a 6.5. Indeed, he seems to do better with “high class” women.


      • Holding a chicks hand in public and having her as arm candy is different from fucking her. Cuddling and showing off women in public is beta. It screams “look I finally got a girl to like me!”. Bennets fuck then leave, the less you take a chick out in public and the more you deny her existence the more pussy you will get. Ever heard of push-pull? littered affection and contact does wonders

        Do you need to see gravity to know that it exist?

        You have a rationalization hamster like a woman. Alpha, some people just have it, hourly are obviously not one of those people.


      • They ended up with dogs because the hotties they got while they were alpha deteriorated very quickly as would be expected.

        I think you’re saying that the less intelligent young alphas are often not able to extend the period of their alphatude beyond a certain age. This is why the children that result from age difference relationships tend to be more intelligent than average: the type of alpha who is alpha later in life, or remains alpha over a long period of time, has to have some brains.

        The blogger doesn’t imply that Alpha or Beta are permanent statuses. They are learned behavioral patterns that dumb men (and married men) often unlearn by their thirties.


      • well, i disagree with this. those who pull quality girls when young can pull quality girls until they’re well past middle age. that includes those from the blue-collar class.

        no, I’m talking about guys who are only 25 being stuck with a 32-year old woman. the same guys who got into fights in high school, who i would have sworn no girls could ever resist. as it turned out, they were never really alpha, not even in high school…


      • Alphas are purely genetic products. The behavior is a byproduct of the genetically inherent in the person. Michael Vera and Mark Zuckerberg can never be alpha. No matter how much game they learn they will still be weak chinned betas.

        Somethings money just cant disguise.

        Natural Alphas have the following attributes.

        Exaggerated shoulder to waist ratio (the more exaggerated the better)
        Strong jawline and symmetrical face
        High levels of testosterone which manufactures alpha behaviors (confidence/game)
        Strong presence of type 2 and skeletal muscle fiber (myofibrillar not sarcoplasmic hypertrophy)
        Longer limbs for combat efficiency (protector)
        Nervous system control, smooth motor function, and locomotion (alpha walk/gait/dance)
        Deep voice from high levels of pubertal testosterone
        Ability to command attention from groups, good or bad (leader of men)


      • Your third and last points are the most relevant because you are mostly describing football players, not alphas. Maybe these are the cads in the cad/dad theory, but alpha is different.
        I have most of the physical features that you’re describing and yet, I never got laid until after I read the mystery method. And I was amog-ed by shorter, uglier, awkward looking guys.

        Women value male physical fitness, but only to a point. Their attraction triggers are not designed to put too much emphasis on looks. Looks may only be a proxy for status and dominance. Their attraction towards cads is most probably an impulse to submit to a dominant male.

        You don’t need a strong chin, big arms, and deep voice to make women, attractive women, desperately fall in love with you, during and outside their ovulatory phase. You only need a subtle cocktail of psychological dominance and attainability. This issue has already been covered in here, with that recent post about male looks.

        But looking like a freaking god doesn’t hurt, that’s for sure.


      • And yet testosterone is influence by actions and social positions.

        Men in any position can have a spiraling feedback loop of increasing testosterone.

        So it’s not a completely black and white nature/nurture issue.

        Yes, nature plays a huge role in what alpha traits are easiest to develop. But most all of us can develop something or other.


      • If you would understand Game in a word,that word would be “nigger”. All the rest is commentary.


    • I guess you’ve never seen a bunch of professional chicks on vacation. Don’t confuse dating the “help”, with getting fucked by the “help”


      • OT but has anyone seen the film “The Help”? Interesting period piece of the south in the 60s but the left wing script grates. The disgusting revenge one black maid does to a racist white girl was completely over the top and would have resulted in more serious counter-revenge. Those on the left, or the right for that matter, often dream of getting “justice” that, in reality, would only infuriate those “justice” is served upon.


  2. all lamentable customs and affectations if the survival and thriving of first world civilization is your thing.

    mmm, first world. I prefer first world problems over third world problems, or inner city problems, that’s for sure.

    (the problem with the reality of Bennet is that fuck if you could spell that bad on a cell phone IM and not get your shit kicked with autocorrect)

    fucking idiotic kudzu, eh?

    Here’s the problem, in my rarefied world, like many AFC’s and whatnot, we’re all whitebread as fuck. There’s no social overlap with a Bennett type. And as such, are being bred to be unable to survive in the real-world sexual market place, like how those purse-dogs are incapable of caring for themselves once they’re out of style and no longer carried everywhere by a mercurial bitch.

    I guess the white collar crowd needs to toughen up.


    • “Here’s the problem, in my rarefied world, like many AFC’s and whatnot, we’re all whitebread as fuck. There’s no social overlap with a Bennett type. ”

      Whitebread doesn’t have to mean pushover. I grew up in a small town with plenty of white dudes with very different interests from “Bennett” but the same attitude. And that’s what it’s about: Attitude.

      I guarantee you that there are dudes with game in your office environment who are going out and getting girls during happy hours and weekends. It’s more subtle, but it’s there.


    • 78% of America still has feature phones, not smartphones. Bennett states he can’t get pictures on his phone in one of the texts. My guess is that he has a prepaid phone or some very base model phone (think flip-phone), and those do not usually have auto-correct. Some have T9 for texts, but you can easily just be on regular text and type whatever you want.

      That is why textspeak began in the first place. To type “you,” one would have to hit 9 3 times, 6 3 times and then 8 twice. Or just hit 8 twice for “u” – Voila


      • “78% of America still has feature phones, not smartphones. Bennett states he can’t get pictures on his phone in one of the texts. My guess is that he has a prepaid phone or some very base model phone (think flip-phone), and those do not usually have auto-correct”

        Besides, you can turn auto correct off on smartphones. (HTC EVO 4)
        Or, if like Bennett, not be smart enough to figure out how to turn it on.
        And yes, auto correct can fuck you over when you can least afford it.


  3. And yeah you’re right about “be cruel” etc., but seriously, I have never known an uneducated guy to be able to get anywhere near a college coed without getting laughed down in the meanest manner. you are overreaching with this post.


    • Yes, constantly. You are being deliberately obtuse.


      • what does obtuse mean?


      • Ha ha. remember the scene from that prison movie with Susan Sarandons husband? (name escapes me). He tells the warden he knows he is scamming the prison,but will keep quiet if let out. The warden refuses. Susans husband says,”Why are you being so obtuse?”. “Obtuse? Obtuse??!!” Funny use of that word.


      • I think you are referring to the brilliant Shawshank Redemption


    • You don’t know enough “uneducated” guys and you obviously don’t know enough coeds.


      • in fact i know plenty of both, but it doesn’t matter. what is your idea of a “stupid alpha”?


      • Some of the 25yo post high school grads that work as bartenders, waiters and local blue collar small business labor in the beach town where I live. They are much tougher “competition” for the professional chicks and coeds that slum here during the summer than are the young suits that also visit.


      • Ever see the film “Breaking Away” about a “cutter” trying to date U of Indiana Bloomington coeds? How accurate was it?


    • Umm your college doesn’t have athletes? I’ve seen plenty of guys that were stone retarded find common ground with psychology and english majors. Common ground meaning the guy was alpha and the girls were borderline retarded themselves. Educated doesn’t mean smart.


    • Friend,

      You know little about men and women.

      If all there was to game was a nice college degree, most of us wouldn’t be posting here.

      The Bennetts of the world exist, and we would do well to follow their example.


    • My stepbrother, a religious pothead and yoga master who watches cartoons on YouTube and plays video games, routinely scores with college women … not even girls. He’s fucked so many girls he is just bored with it, and has moved on to fit 30-somethings who can engage him. Naturally bright kid. Father was a violent murderer — what’s that tell you.


  4. He sounds like a hip-hop GBFM .

    Loooozzzzzl nigggggga.


  5. on December 19, 2011 at 4:31 pm johnnymilfquest


    I think that Bennett is satire, but I don’t mind. Its good satire.


  6. on December 19, 2011 at 4:48 pm Holden Caulfield

    I think Roosh tweeted this recently:

    Best quote:

    The high-status males in their own milieu have access to sweeter types who work in childcare and the like — far more attractive women they can’t hope to compete with.


  7. Except the Bennetts fail spectacularly. Their women are walruses. Hot white trash is going the way of the two parent black family.

    I’d take being a beta SWPL dating the female equivalent before banging ghetto fabulous broads.


    • Old Mexican alphas will pull hotter and younger women than their effete English speaking, public educated grand kids that can go to college free in Texas and Cali.

      Ghetto fabulous for a SWPL is one step above aboriginal chicks; your example is pretty bad considering that game with calibration can work on every race and almost all of the lower and middle class women. A white boy that can game a ghetto black chick would probably be twice as deadly against your SWPL beta boy’s girlfriend. She’d buy him orange julius afterwards too, I’d bet.


      • on December 20, 2011 at 4:14 am Obstinance Works

        Yeah hispanics can swoop. A lot around here; when I on the rare go out to the hiphop clubs I hang with them before I would the black dudes or wiggers (most wiggers are pussy).


    • Hot white trash still work all the executive functions and bachelor parties that I’ve attended in the last 5 years. Chicks overall are indeed getting fatter, not just poor chicks. SWPL aren’t immune.


  8. Wake up white mannnnnnnnnnnn


  9. Here is the dude who is running the Texts from Bennett blog:

    In an older song he raps about Wilco. He probably does like dolphins.


  10. “dumbfuck kudzu”



  11. Heartiste

    Let’s assume for the sake of expediency that Texts From Bennett is a warehouse of legitimate conversations

    Dear, sweet, ever-trusting, goodhearted…

    Bennet is likely
    gbfm’s lil’


  12. Default User nailed it. I can see why CH would entertain doubts about the provenance of this. There is a thin line between clever and stupid, and this is just… a little too clever. Like a sit-com writer who had this great idea that didn’t provide quite enough material for an episode milking it for all its worth on the internet.

    I dunno, whatever it is it’s fucking hilarious.


  13. Gran Torino, the Clint Eastwood movie, has a scene with exactly this kind of idiot. A white kid pretending to be black. He appeared to be better (more expensively) dressed and all, but was trying to talk the talk. You’ll not that the Asian girl that Clint saves when the wannabe says she maybe wasn’t on a date or something to the effect, but it wasn’t entirely believable. It looked more like trying to curry favor with the father figure/older alpha by distancing herself from him. Seeing/hearing more white kids listening more frequently to rap is a bad sign. A small amount of rap can be amusing or interesting, but constantly? It is the reverse of Baroque music which stimulates the mind due to its intricacy. Rap being a beat in search of a song deadens it.


    • I grew up on rap and don’t have these issues. I guess I was never a “wigger.” Most of the white rappers I listen to aren’t wiggerish, and the black ones are mostly educated and articulate. It seems more of a generational thing to me, rather than a rap thing. I mean, I knew some wiggers my age, but they were a far cry from even the non-wigger white kids from the facebook/texting generation. I don’t even check for much new music other than that being put out by people I discovered in the 80s and 90s that are still around. I guess there’s always been ignorant dumb-downed rap, ut it seems more celebrated these days.

      I guess I’m more stimulated by words than music, and good hip-hop has better lyrical content than any genre, IMO. I don’t know that I’ve ever listened to anything that was based on a beat more than lyrics, except for a couple instrumental albums I have that are more “alternative” hip-hop ( and intricate).

      I think most of the hip-hop white guys of my age ( early 30s) and older are different. I communicate with a lot of rappers and rap fans, and none of them write/speak like Bennett.

      As an example, the author of the Bennett tumblr is a white rapper named Mac Lethal. So in the conversations between them, Bennett’s cousin ( not Bennett) is the rapping hip-hop head. I’ve never heard Mac Lethal’s music, but I belong to some of the same forums and read/respond to some of his posts. He seems like a more “normal” ( though apparently beta) white guy, and not some retarded wannabe wigger. At least 3 other very successful white rappers post at those forums, and they are all articulate. The Bennetts exist, but they are the type of guys who get made fun of by hip-hop heads. They don’t represent a typical white guy involved in hip-hop.


  14. Obviously fake and therefore unenjoyable. Though I’m all for making ridiculing people–especially whites–who talk and think like this.


  15. The country just needs a great leader to submit to. Without one, people submit to women and FAAAAAILLLLLLLL.

    Bennett is just the beginning of the anarchy.


  16. on December 19, 2011 at 7:32 pm Obstinance Works

    Notice all the hot bitches following that shit. Eat babies indeed.


  17. I have permanently forgotten how to spell several words because of this.


  18. It’s not the Bennetts that are the problem. America was built by no-account crackas. We have statues of some of them and towns named after others.

    It’s the SWPL types who are killing Western Civilization. When the collapse finally comes, the Bennetts of the world will thrive and rebuild. The SWPLers will perish.


    • Good point.

      I’m reminded of Hawthorne’s classic (and sadly under-appreciated) book The House of Seven Gables ; pick it up, it’s not long at all.

      n the book, Hawthorne traces the history and ownership of a house from the 1600s to the 1850s. Now, Hawthorne had a severe SWPL-guilt complex about his ancestry in America, but still his writing resonates when he talks about the power struggles and nasty, brutish fighting that went on for control of the property.

      Those white men who built this nation were rough, tough men, not the process-oriented leftist fags of today.


    • Mm. Lots of Bennetts in the construction sector.


    • It won’t be the Bennetts of the world, it will be the Country and Western types who rebuild it. Bennett type wiggers are a leading indicator of decadence. Confident, superior societies, don’t imitate their inferiors.


      • “We say grace and we say Ma’am if ya ain’t into that we don’t give a damn. We can skin a buck, we can run a troutline and a country boy can survive, a country boy can survive.”

        And the immortal line of that song- “Well ya can’t starve us out and ya can’t make us run, coz we’re them old boys raised on shotguns.”

        “We come from North California and South Alabam and little country towns all over this land.”

        Hank Williams Jr.

        That sentiment, gentlemen, is what made America great.

        It will be the South that saves this nation of ours.


      • The south is full of bennets.


  19. The fact that Bennets have access to any technology whatsoever is the problem.

    In other countries, if you are poor, you are not getting transfer payments from nice beta grinders so you can have a touchscreen.

    Instead, the left-tails who want to eat and survive send their women to middle-class houses to do domestic work. Win-win for everybody.


  20. >”intercourse directed toward the vagina is historically fetishized, and procreative intercourse is historically fetishized. this made me realize that there was a biological component to this practice that hadnt occurred to me before. not that there is a biological drive to do it or any of that ev psych shit, but that there is a reason that women are fucked, and it has something to do with the fact that we are impregnable. hmm!”


    Are radical feminists really so retarded that it takes a fucking book to make them realize sex originated as a means to procreation?

    short answer: yes.
    long answer: yes.]


    • “this made me realize that there was a biological component to this practice that hadnt occurred to me before.”

      This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard in my life.

      Really, this is next level retard.


      • Says it all, really: “The discussions on this blog are reserved for women. Female-born, women-identified women are welcome to take part. This means that no male-born or male-identified person is given a platform to speak in this space. An amazing thing happens when women-identified women have the chance to speak, away from the carnivorous and necrophiliac behaviors of men. Our conversations get deep, rich, interesting, and fun. This atmosphere is valued and will be protected.”

        [heartiste: hilarious.
        “An amazing thing happens when women-identified women have the chance to speak, away from the carnivorous and necrophiliac behaviors of men and their scary penises violently stabbing our dusty muffs to death. Our conversations get crazier than a rabid fox strung out on meth.”

        how much you wanna bet 9 out of 10 of those broads — and i use that term in the geometric sense — who post on that forum are ugly enough to strip chrome off a hitch?]


    • That is some seriously toxic shit. For some masochistic reason I looked at that website. These are people who live their whole lives fuming in anger, and are just waiting to suck other people into their misery. Seriously, I think this stuff is better left alone. No one is ever going to convince them of anything, and they are experts at getting underneath people’s skin. That is all they have.


    • wooohhhhhhh

      where is that found there?


  21. Excellent post.

    Incidentally, the womanizing/faggizing of generic white and east asian culture may also show why black ghetto culture is so worshiped by both the SWPLs AND the proles.

    For the SWPL class, it is a safe (re: “perepetual victim”) class which is allowed to act masculine/thuggish, since it was “oppressed” for so long.

    For the white underclass, the denigration of white and east asian culture unless it is subservient and weak and beta makes it unappealing—they see them as constantly underfoot, weak, wispy, faggy, and, most importantly, not getting laid except by uglier, fatter SWPL chicks. Black ghetto culture appeals better because, while they do go harpooning, they aren’t afraid of swimsuit-model types who look like real, hot women.

    I’ve often noticed (and pointed out before) that in “black” TV shows—-i.e. sitcoms and dramas with a predominantly black cast and aimed at black viewers—the compromise and conflict between traditional masculinity and modern culture is explored much more seriously, and traditional masculinity can come out on top.

    The old UPN (and the current CW sometimes), for all its faults, had a variety of shows that appealed to the black middle class and showed upwardly mobile, non-thuggish black people–think Friends , but with black people. However, unlike Friends , many of their shows showed black men disliking becoming househusbands and purse holders, and serious plot lines developed on these subjects. Living Single , which I liked, had an entire romance/conflict about this between the show alpha and the feminist attorney female—-and, in a twist that would never work on SWPL TV, the feminist attorney female was shown to be wrong and too emasculating much more than the alpha male’s masculinity was shown to be wrong.


  22. “When the collapse finally comes, the Bennetts of the world will thrive and rebuild. The SWPLers will perish.”

    I strongly doubt this. Try actually spending some time around the low born, and then get back to me.


    • You’re right. The welfare state has allowed mindless thugs to survive without minds, but these bums are held up as heroes of the game movement. My definition of “Alpha” includes being self-sufficient and self-reliant, and the Bennetts of the world would be the first to starve in this collapse that the losers are always fantasizing about.


      • Why be self sufficient and reliant when I can just strong arm you for your shit?


      • on December 20, 2011 at 12:47 pm John Norman Howard

        Mssrs. Smith & Wesson laugh at your strong arm, nigger.


      • You can’t, because I’m smarter than you and I have more guns than you.


      • I shoot straighter than you. I don’t have to jump to a gun to compensate for lack of confidence in my physical prowess either. Real life is different from the range Zuckebergian phaggot.


      • on December 21, 2011 at 10:11 am John Norman Howard

        Yeah, you sound like a straight shooter, Shaka Zulu.

        For those of us a bit older and wiser now, Colt keeps us on a level playing field with you big-mouthed self-styled Lockinvars.

        Keep tap-dancing on the land mine, Sambo.


      • I’m pretty big, know how to fight, know about things like defense in depth and interlocking fields of fire and would drop you and all your wigger friends at 800 meters. I wouldn’t even have to clean up the mess at that range, Nigga!


      • Physical Prowess? More rapey criminality from the black set.


      • Your understanding of “Alpha male” is flawed. It does not mean “rich”, “tough”, “educated” or “successful in all facets of life”.

        It means “good with women”.


      • on December 21, 2011 at 12:56 pm Beta Sock Puppet Troll

        Keep telling yourselves that, gamesters.

        [heartiste: the dead giveaway that you are a sock puppet troll is use of the word gamester.]

        The Oblivious Super Alphas,

        [super alphas didn’t get to their stations in life by being oblivious.]

        are all those things. Tough, educated, AND good with women.

        [tough? maybe. educated? not necessarily. but we don’t need to list all the super alphas who didn’t go to harvard. what you should be aware of, though, is the fact that super alphas run game, whether they do so intentionally or not.]

        As the Wu-Tang Clan said – diversify ya bonds!

        [no fat chicks.]


      • I game my wife quite a bit and always have. Works great for me and I have more than all I need from her. She started reading here more often and goes to great lengths now to convince me that game doesn’t work and I tell her she’s absolutely right and laugh my ass off inside my head. That is why game will always work. Women deny it is possible in the first place so as to balm their bruised egos at being found out.


  23. Wus da night afo’ Crizzmus, and all thru da hood,
    everybody be sleepin’ and da sleepin’ be good.
    We hunged up our stockins, an hoped like all heck,
    dat Obama gunna brang us our welfare checks.

    All of da family, was layin’ on da flo’,
    my sister wif her gurlfriend, my brother wif some ho.
    Ashtrays was all full, empty beer cans and all
    when I heared such a fuss, I thunk….”Sh’eet, must be da law”.

    I pulled the sheet off da window and what I’ze could see,
    I was spectin’ the sherrif, wif a warrent fo’ me.
    But what did I see, made me say, “Lawd look ‘a dat!”
    Dere was a huge watermelon, pulled by eight big-ass rats.

    Now ovah da years, Santy Claws he be white,
    but it looks like us brotha’s, got a black un’ tonight.
    Faster than a poe’lice car, my homeboy he came,
    and whupped up on dem rats, as he called dem by name.

    On Biden, On Jessie, On Pelosi and Hillary Who,
    On Fannie, On Freddie, On Ayers, and Slick Willy too.
    Obama landed dat melon, right there in da street,
    I knowed it fo’ sho’, – can you believe that Sheet?

    Dat Santy didn’t need no chimley, he picked da lock on my do’,
    an I sez to myself, “Son o’ bitch..he don did dis befo!”
    He had a big bag, full of presents – at first I suspeck?
    Wif “Air Jordans” and fake gold, to wear roun’ my neck.

    But he left me no presents, just started stealin my shit.
    He got my guns and my crack, and my new burglers kit.
    Den, wif my shit in his bag, out da windo’ he flew,
    I sho’ woulda shanked him, but he snagged my blade too!

    He jumped back on dat melon, wif out even a hitch,
    and waz gone in two seconds, da democrat sonofabitch.
    So nex year I be hopin’, a white Santy we git,
    ’cause a black Santy Claws, just ain’t worf a shit!


  24. And following the example of the gutter alphas is something necessary, but not a matter for rejoicing.

    They’re a symptom of a sick and dying society.

    But for normal schlubs who want pretty women, it’s necessary to adapt and learn from them.

    Although, if this Bennett guy is real, he seems to combine high intelligence with a third-grade education. Another thing we can thank the teachers’ unions for.


  25. So much forced posturing

    [heartiste: forced?]

    on this blog about how pleasureable the attentions of women are,

    [correction: the attentions of beautiful women.]

    almost as if you’re having to remind yourself.

    [or remind others of what they’re missing.]

    In one breath you announce your love for them and their attentions, in the next you lament their rotten core. Pick a fucking side already.

    [life is contradiction. now what kind of person is it who can’t bear to live with contradictions? hmm…]


    • A person who can’t bear contradictions is a person who has a chance, at least initially.

      [heartiste: yeah, a chance to freak out when encountering every tiny obstacle.]

      The rest are already lost.

      [to stupidity.]


  26. I’ve never been too impressed with lower class white game in the U.S. (England is another story).

    I’ve never seen a wigger who had really tight game. After all, they look, talk and act pretty foolish and everyone – male, female, black, white – knows it is an act. But God bless ’em if it gets ’em laid.

    The non-wigger lower class whites I knew were the ones I met in the military. I recall a few who had some game, but most seemed somewhat religious betas who were happy to have a fat cow wife even in their early 20s.

    Rich whites and upper-middle class whites seem to have the best game among American whites.


    • I’ve seen many lower-class whites pull hot low-class skanks, but it’s always because they have access to drugs. If coke, grass and methamphetamines hadn’t been in the mix those tramps would’ve laughed at their idiotic “YO YO YO YO YO!” act.


    • Chav-tastic!


  27. Am I the only person not surprised the white supremacist system is producing guys like Bennett?

    What do you expect?

    There are only 4 stages in the white supremacy system with refinement being the final phase.

    Its become so refined that even white people are getting confused.

    Thats not irony,

    its karma.


    • Am I the only person not surprised the white supremacist system is producing guys like Bennett?

      holy SHIT!

      you guys see that jewish hamster run by just now??


    • wtf?

      You’re saying that whites are so racist they act like black people to be racist? Huh? Did you hit your head on something really hard this morning?


  28. The fact that women are programmed to find men like Bennett attractive truly shows why our ancestors had to control women’s sexual impulses. Do I hate or blame women for who they find attractive? Not at all, they are only following their genetic wiring. However, do I blame men in the past for having to keep women on a tight leash? Nope, women want Bennett’s and will go after them if they can, and civilization cannot exist with a bunch of Bennetts.


    • You have to go to pre-civilized societies to find women with a preference for thugs. Western society thrived because it could be both intelligent and martial to a high degree of success. Fighting used to be the domain of the nobility. That’s what gives quality women gina tingles in a healthy society. Socrates was an Athenian hoplite long before he became a philosopher at large.


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  33. I’ve never been too impressed with lower class white game in the U.S. (England is another story).


    Well, rough guys tend to rack up high numbers of mediocre-looking women, but most of them never seem to get anything above a 7. Its funny that Heartiste brought up Jersey Shore, since those guys have never seemed to get anything above a 7 either.

    The few real alphas I’ve encountered – and I mean men that slept with truely beautiful women – were decent and respected members of society who acted genially towards other men, but dominant towards women. They tended to be pretty firmly established in the middle-class also, typically working some service sector job such as real estate salesman(this seems like a favorite), bartender, waiter, bouncer(at an upscale club), etc. Not exactly homeless drugdealer DJs.


  34. So when is the whole gangster “black people are intrinsically cool” fad going to wear out?

    Honestly, the whole thug thing has become the most overplayed, trite, contrived meme on the planet. Usually these things burn out, but it just keeps going. Had some amusing bits in the past but is just a bore now. How about something original?


    • on December 20, 2011 at 12:56 pm John Norman Howard

      Everyone thinks blacks are cool… until they have to live near them or work alongside them.

      But as long as White yutes are inundated by MSM images and Hebe South Park/Comedy Central religion, there’s no hope of a turnaround to normalcy.

      Apocalypse Now, says I.


  35. its satire. Earl Bennett plays WR for the Chicago Bears. It’s a fake site making fun of him.


  36. Gran Torino is not half bad. Clint showed us an honorable form of an Exit. One that taught many lessons to many of the ones who needed a good lesson in how to tidy things up … when yur time comes.


    • on December 20, 2011 at 12:58 pm John Norman Howard

      Better for him to have burned down the gang house and then trade gunfight with the punks… or then face jail himself. That’s the lesson the Legion Of Old White Men should be teaching.


  37. Dalrymple in Life at the Bottom touched on that. Chavs who are trash-violent clean up, professional nurses love them and detest the ordinary, non-violent guys around them, until menopause. The hottest chicks go for the thuggiest thugs.

    This is true on campus too. “Scoreboard, Baby” about the UW Football program under Neuheisel covers one crime, that starts with a bunch of hot, naive freshman sorority girls (blonde, hot) hanging around sub-literate (if that) Black football players, with predictable awful consequences. Women if given any choice at all, without constraining factors, find intelligence and all the things that go with it, repellent. While impulsive thuggishness is sexy times indeed. [The opposite is true for most guys, intelligence among women is more sexy than stupidity, at least for girlfriends, since higher IQ = less likelihood of cheating.]

    The more this goes on, the more guys adopt a thug-it-up attitude, because it works. Its the steroids approach to bodybuilding, a cheat that is “good enough” because it works. Even if there are serious consequences. [Spot on the Black thing, being the only acceptable model of masculinity. Again that’s at least in part a general female revolt against the “ickiness” of higher IQ which they generally … HATE HATE HATE.]

    Who would you rather be? Kevin Federline with five kids, all by hot women, or … some sexless drone in a cubicle?


    • Wow lol. The smartest chicks I’ve known are also routinely slutty feminist-brainwashed skanks (I went to an Ivy for undergrad). I don’t think you have any real experience in the field, sir. Outwitting someone = wet pussies. Making clever observations or jokes = soaking pussies. Confidence = dripping pussies.

      If there is a lack of truly confident men in a given social situation, such as freshman year of college, falsely-bold wannabe-thugs can probably pick up pussy by default. But in no way is that somehow the ideal mating strategy to get high levels of quality pussy at all times during adult life and in a vast variety of situations. Instead it almost certainly leads to “remember back in college when we fucked a lot?” kinds of reminiscing.

      False dichotomy with the sexless cubicle-jockey. Not even close to the only two gaming strategies.

      Oh and dumber chicks are routinely sexier than intelligent ones.


      • Yeah but who wants to fuck chicks older than freshman year of college? Eww old ladies are OLD!

        [heartiste: troll.]


      • GENERALLY smart girls tend to have fewer sex partners, and do less bed-hopping, and in marriage cheat less. Because they can see the outcome particularly if they have kids — sons and daughters without fathers and the bad outcomes that produces, most of the time.

        Smart guys tend to be PC-driven, often future time oriented (and thus less aggressive), more attuned to abstract thinking than feelings/emotions. And again, more cooperative and less aggressive. Chicks love aggression and hate agreeableness, particularly when there is no penalty, hence the disdain for engineering majors by chicks in college and the love of thuggish (often Black) athletes. That book “Scoreboard, Baby” was revealing, the e-mail text sent by one of the Black athletes was subliterate. Making “Bennet” look like the poet Blake. I’m sure the general lack of intelligence was not a barrier but a PLUS to the girls from High IQ families (one girl had a high profile, lawyer father, brother another higher IQ profession).


      • The last sentence is why white men need to man up and learn some non-intellectual skills like fighting and marksmanship. Women like the soldier poet model the best of all.


      • Well i have experience in the field. The smartest chicks at top American Universities are not the sluttiest. Drama majors aren’t smart. They’re just whores.


      • State schools are a mix of SWPLish ‘intellectual’ culture and whole bunch of vocational students who just want to be paramedics or yoga instructors. In my experience, the athlete groupies were mainly the latter – blue collar background, communication degrees, etc.


    • Once again, I have to disagree. Women don’t find intelligence repellent. They’d prefer an intelligent man, its just not the priority. Just like men would prefer a woman who is beautiful and intelligent, but they will take beautiful alone if they have to.


    • I’m going to agree with Whiskey and disagree with the other two replies.

      In addition, smart guys are more likely to be steeped in PC beta behaviors.


      • Whiskey is as right as bourbon in branchwater.

        Lissen up, betas: if you high-g, best find a way to get high-t or you never gon get the good stuff.–


    • Sorry, Whiskey, if you’ve followed fembitch thought, you’d know that the rapeyness to which you refer is the politically correct kind, if it was a lacrosse team that did these things, then slut-walkzzzz 4 liffezzz!

      Otherwise, you get this attitude: White woman is raped by a Haitian man – white patriarchy is to blame


      • i like how she rants on and on about the evil white patriarchy, but when it came down to describing the actual rape, all she could say was ‘it hurt’.

        getting forcibly asscocked by a mandingo while doing humanitarian work in a third world country is basically every swpl girl’s rape fantasy come true.

        some clever guy could probably find a way to make good money off of this.


      • I pleaded with him to honor my commitment to Haiti, to him as a brother in the mutual struggle for an end to our common oppression, but to no avail.

        ya think?

        What a dolt.

        Rereading that makes me think that the some of the reader’s maxims are true, women dream of power, so therefore they project this desire on to men when it comes to sex. Also, it’s quite clear that, if you white boyz are beta because you lack swagger or whatever it is black people like the rapist in Haiti have that’s alpha, then bitches hate hate hate betas. Here she was getting assaulted and she’s thinking she’s become “a receptacle for a Black man’s rage at the white world,” and she’s fine with that as she “choose to continue to love and educate instead. My brothers can be sensitized to women’s realities in Haiti and the world over if these are presented to them by using their own clashes with racism and oppression as a starting point.”

        yeah, so there’s a big asterisk next to the whole no means no thing, eh? betas need not apply, alphas step right on in.


  38. A lot of women leave positive comments on that site. Real or not, they seem drawn to it.


  39. Bennett’s writing style reminds me a lot of Big Ghost’s (, but with greater disregard for our innocent language. He gets the point across though.


  40. Street smarts, social savvy, game, etc. is more attractive to women than money, looks, education, etc.

    Girls categorize you into one of 4 categories when they first observe/meet you:

    1) Provider beta (rich/smart guy who flashes his Rolex and talks about his last trip to Paris or his medical degree)

    2) Fuckworthy alpha (guy who demonstrates alpha characteristics and makes their gina tingle)

    Those are the relevant two for this article. Examples of them:

    Low class idiot wigger Bennett types who have no money or job etc. and treat her like she’s nothing special = doesn’t act like a beta (no butterflies and dolphins), makes her gina tingle, and CLEARLY has no means to be a provider = Fuckworthy alpha.

    High class rich BMW guy with a mansion trying to impress and get her approval = acts like a beta (“let me wine and dine you my dear”, “so I was in Paris last week and…”) and CLEARLY would be an excellent provider = Provider beta.

    Which guy does the girl fuck the first night because she knows not to expect more than a good fuck?

    And which guy does she wait a bunch of dates and expensive dinners before putting out for, in hopes of not coming off as a slut and being providing-worthy?

    Really simple shit here. If you haven’t seen this in action, you don’t hang out with a big enough variety of social circles and should interact with more people in both high and low classes.


    • What are the two other categories?


      • I’m going to assume:

        -A broke beta.
        -A rich alpha.


      • A)fag B) You.


      • Yareally, please ignore these two losers and may I repeat the question: what are the two other categories?


      • 3) Provider Alphas – If you think you’re in this category, then you’re not. These guys have transcended so far past the rest of the world’s social conditioning that they don’t even realize they’re in this category. They’re not just alpha behaving guys with some money, most of those guys are still insecure. They’re guys like Brad Pitt:

        They’re not relevant for this discussion because really, none of us reading this blog are these guys. These guys are out doing good for the world not having penis size contests over who gets laid more or knows more about game. 🙂

        This level hits when you’re so surrounded by abundance on so many levels that it just stops meaning anything to you.

        4) Fuckworthy Betas – lol I was just fuckin around here, 4th category doesn’t exist


      • Brad Pitt has too many beta tendencies to be used as an example.


      • When you transcend it all, you can break all the rules because the labels no longer matter to you.

        I thought this was common knowledge. It’s like the rule about not buying a girl a drink, you don’t do it when you’re a newbie because it comes from the wrong place, but as you grow into your alpha attributes you can break that rule and buy girls drinks if you feel like it because it no longer comes from the same place. This is just that on a massive scale that covers all facets of life instead of just being in a bar chatting up a girl.

        Robbie Williams can make gay jokes about himself like this:

        Because he can get a crowd of chicks creaming themselves just with his eye contact like this:

        Russell Brand can act like a super flamey homo and dress ridiculous because he can hit on Britney Spears with no hesitation:

        And scold her, the girl millions of guys jacked off to growing up, he can treat like a silly child:

        And is well known to have fucked a ton of women.

        Brad Pitt can have beta tendencies here and there because it doesn’t matter anymore. Do you think a woman with Angelina Jolie’s personality would be attracted to a beta male instead of just chewing him up and spitting him out?

        The guys still caught up in the cartoon character stereotype of “that’s not what an ALPHA would do!!!” are guys who aren’t at that level. That’s why I automatically exclude basically everyone in this blog’s comment section since guys like Brad Pitt and Russell Brand aren’t commenting on blogs discussing whether George Clooney is alpha or beta. They don’t give a shit.


      • Brand. That’s more like it.
        Pitt and he are apples and oranges, though. One gives silly pop interviews. The other owns the interviewer, the scene and the camera. One got cheated on by his girl. The other cheats on his girl. One married an old lady from friends. The other married a ripe, tight hottie from church.

        If chicks’ hind brains don’t dig it, then it ain’t alpha! And Pitt does a lot of beta shit.


      • I like Brad because he plays a good stoner and he was a good Achilles too. He seems like a regular guy you could have a beer with.


      • on December 20, 2011 at 7:39 pm Obstinance Works

        Heh. Good one.


    • Agreed.


  41. A Proposal for defining the Feminist vs Anti-Feminist Problem


  42. i’ve seen this at medical conferences. Get a few drinkes in. The girls get nasty. They become freaks. Makes me sad.


  43. Elevating to the status of international role model for alphas, a couple of dumb, mumbling, monosyllabic adolescents masquerading their insecurities as bravado. Now I’ve seen everything. This is not an indicator of the power of alpha but of the stupidity of slut.


    • on December 20, 2011 at 1:02 pm John Norman Howard

      Not so much the power of alpha but the stupidity of slut… that’s gold, baby… gold,


      • It actually defines the problem quite accurately. Its pretty much how the Ancients saw women too, if they didn’t prove themselves otherwise.


  44. South park said it the most succinctly. “Chicks dig confidence” even if that confidence is based on a false sense of self worth. BTW, I was wondering what your thought on the recent Courtney Stodden/Doug Hutchison flap/P.R. Stunt?
    Specifically what interests me is the immediate and visceral condemnation of said relationship by famous beta’s like Anderson Cooper. As a 34 year old guy with a beer belly and a porno stache that only fucks women 25 or younger (and only keeps around those 8 or above) I understand what the reaction is, and because of guys like you I even understand why the reaction happens (no woman likes to admit that her value peaks by her late 20’s at the latest) but I’d like to know what your thoughts are, specifically whether you think they way they throw their relationship in the face of the media castrati is part of an attempt to educate the beta masses or if you think (as I do) that’s its nothing more than an alpha showing off his trophy in order to arouse jealousy (and though they would never admit it) and respect in the beta herd?


    • Doug is a beta. She is an attention whore with a slutty demeanor.
      She will chew him up and spit him out.

      An old guy can’t just attract young hotties like that with fame/status/money and expect eternal love. He gotta do some screening first and be alpha as fuck.

      Hutchinson is a mewling beta who doesn’t know shit about women.


      • The concept of “eternal love” itself is inherently beta. The only bitches that will love you no matter what have 6 nipples, 4 legs and a tail. Given that a bitch can be have value over her entire life, while a woman is only useful from 16-28ish, this is a good thing.


      • I bet he’s enjoying the ride while it lasts. She’s sexy as hell and it looks like she’s giving him lots of pussy too judging from her body language. I think you’re jealous.


      • Yeah, I recognize that I sounded jealous.

        But I’m not, I have my share of pussy. Not always top quality, but I’m doing fine. I’m more worried for the guy, I watched one of their interviews and he sounds like the typical nice guy, and she sounds like a vapid whore.

        He MARRIED her for fuck sake. Enjoying the ride while it lasts is best done when you’re not legally tied with a potentially ass-raping contract.
        He’s gonna suffer, just a matter of time.


      • Given the age difference and her being a born again Christian, he probably had to marry her. I think his chances are better than most think, actually. I think she really loves him. They’ve been married over a year and are still showing goo goo eyes- her especially. My guess is he’s boning her 3 times a day and she’s loving it. Much of her attention whoring is her age.


      • Exactly, use them while they’re fresh and kick them to the curb once they get stale.


  45. OT but are men going to fight back against Obama’s new 2012 campaign focus to “give women more rights and participation”?

    Here’s a really unrelated article: American ferries are having their safe passenger load limits recalculated to reflect fatter people:


  46. Wigger teenagers can get hot girls in high school but it mostly ends there. Because upper class women are now generally much more attractive than lower class women (because of obesity, tattoos, drugs, etc.) wigger losers do not have ACCESS to these women post-18. If you’re an upper middle class educated male who’s decent looking and have a good group of friends/social network you are likely to have an attractive girlfriend. Game in that context is basically just confidence and not being a pushover. Guys like Bennett are excluded from the hottest girls after 20.


    • That’s a valid point, and is probably one of the big reasons people marry more within their social class than out of it. Upper-class women now are in the office (and at the out-of-town convention) with their male counterparts. So the secretary from Queens isn’t going to snag an executive any more; the female executive from Vassar gets him, since she’s prettier and won’t require any remodeling before he can take her to parties.

      Unless, of course, the Queens girl is startlingly hot.


    • You miss though, that as a rule, the HOTTEST girls are all BELOW 20.

      If a girl is a 10, 90% of the time she’s jailbait.

      The most an over 21 girl can ever be is an 8, maybe a 9


    • Agree. Once the social circle drys so does the pussy. I’m 23 and see this all the time, sometimes the world is fair.


    • Nope. You obviously like your women on a pedestal.

      20 somethings professional chicks fuck the Bennetts of the world until they feel 30 calling and then desperately try to find a sucker beta.


      • And that’s the problem I see that I mentioned above with respect to the high-ed career track world (i.e., whitebread), they’re all being programmed to be sucker-betas. It’s not about being a pushover, it’s about expectations.


      • As I see it, the best option for Beta’s in the current climate is to play wolf in sheep’s clothing. In other words fuck the desperate 30 somethings under the guise of looking to settle down with them. Yeah it may take him 3 dates, but once he breaks ice, she’ll be easy for him to ride until the wheels come off. And then he can get another one.

        Of course the above scenario NEVER happens, because beta’s don’t have the balls to use women… even ones that are using him.


      • what’s the point in doing that?


      • Efficiency.

        A beta over educated, white-bread, cubicle monkey that is alpha challenged, may do better swimming with the current rather than against it. I say use that “sucker” tattoo on their foreheads as bait. My old apartment complex was fulll of attractive reformed sluts looking to settle down because of their biological clocks. Beta’s can’t pump and dump but they can string along…


      • “attractive reformed sluts”



      • Over your head huh JHK?


  47. Wegro game. Hilarious. I’ll be sure to look into it if I’m ever into the type of women it works on, fat white women with mulatto spawn.


  48. Well, lets be honest here. He may now how to game, but usually a whigger who has game usually gets white trash women, with maybe a few exceptions. Even if he is good looking and has game, his STATUS as a low-income numbskull will drive away most other women.


  49. Mark C said: As a 34 year old guy with a beer belly and a porno stache that only fucks women 25 or younger (and only keeps around those 8 or above)

    A question for you: I have a friend who is convinced that women dig skinny guys. He is about ten pounds overweight on an otherwise ectomorph frame. But he has spent the last decade, literally, knocking himself out at the gym trying to “lose the pounds” as he puts it. Because he is convinced that if he does knock off ten pounds, women will start flocking to him for no-strings-attached sex. (Let me note he is late middle ages.)

    He seems to go on the assumption that “the babes,” as he refers to attractive young women, are just as horny and sexually frustrated as he is, and for some reason home in on slender guys. He rarely dates, and his main source of contact with females is by going to strip clubs.

    Question: what is your take on this?



    • He is projecting his desires onto women. He is assuming that women care about his appearance/weight the same magnitude that he cares about the appearance and weight of women.


    • Losing weight can help, but without game losing weight won’t mean jack. At the same time, game can overcome being overweight(unless you’re obese).


    • My take is a little different than the PUAs. The flaw in your friend’s reasoning is not that women do not like slender guys. They do. They like smart guys, good looking guys, rich guys. The problem with this thinking is that it is a form of magical thinking: as if some physical trait is going to magically melt the social barriers to allow him access to young women he does not have access to now.

      Realistic, non-creepy access to hot chicks is the key, not coming up with the secret formula that will make you irresistable to women who don’t know you. Game is a way of potentially gaining access to women that you don’t know, and is useful in using with girls you do know. But your friend would be better served to take a co-ed cooking class, volunteer with women at a kitchen, or to attend a bible study group for singles than to spend his time “perfecting” his physique. My two cents


      • If women REALLY liked slender/rich/smart guys SO much then the social barriers WOULD magically melt… yet they don’t. That’s why the PUA’s (we) have it right and you have it ALL wrong.


      • Dude, you didn’t even read my post. You missed the point entirely. I just said that those qualities do NOT magically melt the barriers. The key is getting yourself out in circulation with women. And pickups with unknowns at bars are low percentage. The best thing you can do is develop a social life, where you stay in the loop with a lot of people, and meet new women through friend introductions.


      • “And pickups with unknowns at bars are low percentage. The best thing you can do is develop a social life, where you stay in the loop with a lot of people, and meet new women through friend introductions.”

        This is true. If you just want a steady stream of pussy, focus on expanding your social circles. Social circle lays are pretty much the easiest way to get laid frequently.

        Guys who do cold-approach pickup don’t do it because they think it’s high percentage, they do it because it’s a challenge and they know 99% of other guys couldn’t do it.

        Climbing Mount Everest isn’t the fastest or easiest way to get around the mountain. But some people care more about the climb than reaching the destination. 🙂

        (this isn’t to say either one is good or bad, if you’re a horny fucker with a high sex drive and need to get laid constantly, social circle is great for you, if you can handle some dry spells and are more interested in the psychology of social interactions cold-approach is great for you, it’s all personal preference)


      • Oh. I read it.

        This guy can’t get laid by the chicks he is already around, and your solution is to get access to more chicks. Why? So he can not get laid some more? Networking seems to be your magic.

        Picking up unknown women is a fundamental skill that must be learned and practiced regularly


      • You missed this sentence in the original post: “He rarely dates, and his main source of contact with females is by going to strip clubs.”

        Obviously being a herb, beta-puss is not going to help someone out, regardless of how many women they are around. I’m not saying that. But I do know of a few “good listeners” quasi-gay friend guys that get lucky from time to time because they are always around girls. And even within the PUA community, the first rule is approach, approach, approach.

        I’m not anti-PUA and I love this blog, but some of you dudes get so narrow-minded on this shit that you forget a key concept: girls want to hook up with guys. They’ve been doing it for millions of years. The odds are in your favor.. You can be as alpha as you want to be, but if you’re not in proximity to women, it won’t matter.


      • The odds are only in some guys favor, sidewinder. For most guys, its quite a difficult thing to achieve.


      • Matt,

        I’ve known some pretty lame dudes that found girlfriends. Even omegas. But you gotta make the moves.


      • Sidewinder,

        Unless a man lives in a cave… or a submarine, he is in proximity of hundreds of women by default. You truly don’t understand the basics.


      • @Sidewinder
        “But your friend would be better served to take a co-ed cooking class, volunteer with women at a kitchen, or to attend a bible study group for singles than to spend his time “perfecting” his physique. My two cents”

        I agree with you. It shows that he’s normal and well rounded. A lot of those guys who are really into weight lifting are weird.


    • It’s easier for him to blame something he subconsciously has no intention of fixing (if he really wanted to lose the weight 10lbs is nothing) than to admit he’s unattractice to women as a man overall. “I’d be tearing it up with women if I was thinner, if I lost this weight they’d be all OVER me.”

      No, they wouldn’t. He’d be the same insecure approval seeking beta he is now, but thinner. Even if he got more looks from girls being thinner the fact that he doesn’t have enough game to make a girl overlook 10lbs means he wouldn’t be able to get the hot ones since his confidence is so weak and externally dependent and they’ll sniff that out instantly.

      The really hot girls don’t care about weight or money because they’re SURROUNDED by hot rich guys hitting on them. They’re the ones that respond to peacocking and alpha frame control shit because that’s saying “I don’t seek other people’s approval, I do what I want” and is attractive in a sea of guys insecurely seeking her validation asking “do you like my biceps now?” and “baby let me fly you to Paris!”

      That’s why game was built for the hottest girls. That’s why average girl’s think Mystery looks like a retard, they’re looking for the rich 6-pack guy since those guys dont pay them any attention. But smokin hot strippers and club girls are drawn to him when they see him, cause they’re surrounded by 6-pack rich guys and they know his confidence walking thru that crowd in a fuzzy hat is something rare.

      Go to any pool party in Vegas and look at the dudes. EVERY guy there is buff and ripped cause most of them are in the entertainment industry (bartenders bouncers strippers etc). The girls there are surrounded by those guys but most of them are like your friend “gotta get another inch on my biceps. THEN the bitches’ll love me!!!”

      Other guys do this same thing with money, cars, jobs, etc. “soon as I get that promotion”. The worst are the guys who pick an attribute to blame that they actually CAN’T fix, like short guys blaming their height. Your friend can work out and lose the 10lbs but a short guy can’t grow a foot taller.

      Those guys who hide behind shit as an excuse are in for the saddest, most depressing reality bitchslap when they overcome the excuse and realize it did nothing because it was all in their head. Witness the rich CEO in his Ferrari with his Rolex wondering why girls won’t fuck him unless he pays them. Imagine suddenly realizing all the shit you dedicated your life to was irrellevant when it came to your actual goal you thought it’d help you achieve. Mind-fuck.


      • I must admit. That was some good shit. You’re learning.


      • That is a really good summary of how I felt, before I read this blog, that I only needed a little bit bigger biceps, more six-pack abs, more $ in the account, and THEN things will happen. Read Krauser, see how he, a bald guy who may or may not remind the ladies of Jason Stathom, transcends this stuff.

        It’s a basic mistake to project your desires on to girls but they don’t think like men, and their definition of hot is fluid and based on presence or status.

        From what I’ve heard, If you’re really desperate to break the rules of the Matrix, get into the swinger lifestyle or have a gram or two of coke with you when you go out (some hot bitches love to “party” and in certain cities, it’s like a a magic power-up or female skeleton key), but otherwise it seems that you’re stuck with accepting your flaws and that piece of mind will change your frame for the better. Then, you can learn how to hit on girls without raising complete bitch shield or shooting yourself in the foot.


      • “but otherwise it seems that you’re stuck with accepting your flaws and that piece of mind will change your frame for the better.”

        It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything. 🙂

        That’s why guys with big egos who build their identity around something external (“being rich” “being jacked” “girls all love me” “I’m an alpha male” “i’m an introvert” “I’m just not good with this”) have the hardest time seeing significant progress with game and get massively depressed when the world isn’t aligning with it (they get fat or lose their job or a girl shoots them down).

        Only after they throw all that away and learn to base their identity on their core (“what do I value?” “what are my boundaries?” “what behavior do I accept from myself and others?” “what are my goals in life?” “who AM I?”) are they finally free from the shackles of limiting beliefs and ego protection and ready to really step into their potential with game.

        Brad Pitt is rich and a celebrity and is married to Angelina fucking Jolie. But do you think he identifies himself by ANY of that? No, that’s why people love him. He’ll go play with Ethiopian kids, tease George Clooney, shoot the shit with old people. He wouldn’t even be bragging about what blockbuster movie he’s working on, you’d have to drag it out of him and even then he’d be humble about it.

        That’s the same world a really hot high status girl lives in. The same way Brad Pitt, if you met him and chilled for a beer, would judge you based on who you are and not whether you pulled up to the bar in a Ferrari. Everyone around him in his world is driving a Ferrari…who cares? The real question is: who are YOU?

        If the 10lbs friend achieved his goal weight then ate a few cheeseburgers he would no longer feel high value and change his behavior around people because he wouldn’t allow himself to feel high value since his identity is attached to his weight. That’s how fragile his confidence is. Brad Pitt could lose all his money and get his face mangled in a car accident and he’d still behave the high value way he does with people around him.


      • But exercises are very important just to be healthy, feel good, have oxygenated brain, offload any stress, have vigor to fuck, sleep better, functioning longer, live longer, have good body posture, etc, etc, etc.
        Exercises are very important but from proper point of view.


      • *oh dear God i know I’m gonna regret doing this and I’m gonna get it from my buddies 😮 for posting but…*

        i know you’re talking more to men and game here, but as a woman I really like this whole concept of what you are saying and It can definitley apply to almost anyone of any gender in parts of their lives.

        I just felt compelled to say this was really Good stuff – especially this part


        Only after they throw all that away and learn to base their identity on their core (“what do I value?” “what are my boundaries?” “what behavior do I accept from myself and others?” “what are my goals in life?” “who AM I?”) are they finally free from the shackles of limiting beliefs


        I always look for inspirational things for the new year and that was a good piece of info for me to use – THANKS!!!! 😀

        *backing out of thread slowly with guns drawn and finger on the trigger in case someone decides to be a jerk :mad:* 😀 😀

        Happy holidays !!!!


      • BAM BAM BAM BAM!



      • Its something everyone needs to examine in order to be happy. Its like engineering, define the problem first then seek a solution for it with the available resources. Most folks aren’t internally directed this way.


      • Tyrone,

        You’re right. i think its easier for most people to simply do the easiest external things to feel accepted by others as opposed to really working from within which takes a LOT of work. i think doing external things can and do work if its about improving yourself, but if that is all a person has or all they are defined by without the core, they’ll be really dissatisfied later down the road.

        I find people in general these days are very fickle anyway. So if you keep changing yourself to appease most people today you’ll never have a solid foundation to build from.


      • 100% Agreed.


    • Bottom line, its all about attitude. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ve probably read better explanations than I can give, but the what it boils down to is that I refuse to accept that I need to compromise so I don’t. I also refuse to accept that i need to worry about my “looks” beyond combing my hair, showering, and other basic maintenance. I don’t wear perfume, I never “dress up” (unless Im in a work situation and 99% of the women I work with don’t meet my standards) and I laugh at the “pretty boys” who try (Actually a great way of DHVing in the right circumstances). My attitude is “its the woman’s job to look pretty, its the man’s job to be a Man” and it works for me. But then, that;s because that’s who I am. My advice to your friend? Don’t worry about your gut, or getting thin, that’s a woman’s job. You think Genghis Khan ever worried about his beer belly? You ever seen a portrait of Ben Franklin? Guy had a beak like a vulture, eyes like a pig, was bowlegged and had a pot belly, yet he was a stone cold pimp. Same goes for virtually every great man in history. (not saying to be a slob, but can you imagine Bill Clinton being afraid to hit on a chick cause he was in a tracksuit munching down on a big mac?)

      And one last weird but (in my experience effective) piece of advice. Tell your buddy to watch “dog whisperer” and treat women the way Ceasear treats problem. dogs. (not joking, even the tssst and the little pinch works wonders if used right) Dominant, not aggressive, confidant not defensive. Watch your posture, tone, and body language and more than anything else, make sure you believe, that you are what they want, because if you believe it, so will they.

      Also might want to send him the link to this blog.


      • lol I’ve used Dog Whisperer concepts on girls and guys. There really is some good stuff in that show if you look at it through a pickup lens.


      • I never “dress up” (unless Im in a work situation and 99% of the women I work with don’t meet my standards) and I laugh at the “pretty boys” who try

        And yet pimps swear by the power of peacocking.


      • You understand that wearing a t-shirt and sneakers to an event full of dressy people IS peacocking, right?

        “Peacocking” is just standing out from the crowd. Wearing a white suit when others are wearing black. Wearing a fuzzy hat when no one else is. Wearing plain clothes when other people are dressed up.

        If you have a strong frame like the guy above who 100% believes pretty boys look stupid, then you can handle the shit-tests and girl’s are attracted. If you have a shitty weak frame and can’t handle the shit-tests then you look like a social retard and get no love.

        Re-read your basics. 😛

        [heartiste: this is true. i once wore a track suit to a swanky holiday party (for reasons which shall not be expounded upon here) and i was the talk of the town!]


      • Fine. Standing out can be good.

        But that doesn’t mean that everything reduces down to confidence and attitude.


      • Im not saying peacocking can’t work, just that’s its not me. Also, I was under the impression pimps use peacocking more as a form of social status among other pimps and/or form of advertising than anything else. But I could be wrong.


      • Girls will sometimes talk of the mans threads turning her on.

        It’s just another attraction trigger. You don’t have to work it, just like you don’t have to work wealth, or muscles, or height, or dance skills, or storytelling skills, or ability to approach and entertain crowds.

        It’s one attraction trigger among many. It’s disposable.

        But it is a real, valid, valuable attraction trigger, in it’s own right. It isn’t a proxy for confidence, or a proxy for something other than what it is in and of itself.


      • Last paragraph is solid.

        No bullshit, treat them like a dog, playfully. Like a bratty younger school girl. “Behave young lady, or you’re on time out.” [Grope ass].

        Non-verbal communication is the silver bullet. Believe your own bullshit, and they will too. With solid non-verbal you can “say” anything.


    • Is this the same guy that thinks strippers will love him if he lets them stay at his house? (I know you from Niceguys). Do him a favor and send him to this blog. He sounds hopeless, however.


    • First thing’s last: if he’s spent 10 years trying to lose 10 lbs, he’s not an ectomorph. A real ecto can lose 10 lbs by sneezing.

      Second, it’s better to be fat than skinny, although large and muscular is optimal. Body size is a major indicator of gender. Both sexes know this instinctively. It’s why high school guys pick up weights and drink weight gainer shakes in order to pack on mass, while HS girls (who are at the slimmest they’ll ever be) want to get even thinner.

      Another major indication is the fact that gay guys are skinnier, have smaller bone structures, than straight men. Body size is huge.


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    • Mate I reckon you are a nerd with the muscle mass of 98 year old ethopian that sits on his pewter wanking himself to tranny porn.
      Your the kind of geek id smack the fuck out of if you got in my way at the pub.
      Come down to Kiwi land play some rugby, have a beer, be a man instead of lzollzzzz your shit on this blog.


      • LOL.

        I like GBFM for some odd reason. But that reply was fucking funny.

        Zunder you remind me of this scrawny brit I used to work with. He was pale and had big bug eyes but was a cocky/witty motherfucker. Always tooling peeps, farting and eating apples.

        “Be a man instead of lolzzlolzlzlzllz your shit on this blog.”

        Haha awesome.


      • on December 21, 2011 at 1:16 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM)


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  51. First world problems:

    Alternative title: The Next Generation of SWPL Hipsters Who Will Further Destroy America.


  52. Something of note within the original links:
    A significant portion if not majority who are reblogging, liking, and expressing amusement by his antics are women.

    [heartiste: no one here should be surprised by that.]


  53. […] only as Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) offers some lyrical reflections.  In part (scroll at the link to […]


  54. Serious question on this topic:

    What, if anything, do you do with your game if you do possess a good deal of provider traits? What if you are highly educated, articulate, make a good salary, and not a wigger low life guy? What if women are attracted to you because you are a “good catch”?

    I get the point Bennett is making about not being gay about dolphins, team edward, or being a good listener. And I’m not saying that you’re advocating this, but it would be impossible for me to start acting like Bennett, or even a modified form of him.

    Is it that provider beta is bad, or that it just isn’t enough to attract quality girls? If ou have the provider traits that women are looking for in a long term mate, should you hide them? Should you self-handicap. that you are educated, have money, in a high status profession?


    • A quality woman will find your beta provider traits very attractive. And yes there are quality women who are attractive – and YES THERE ARE YOUNG ONES too (for those who may say only older women past prime find provider beta traits attractive).

      But I think you just have to ask yourself what you want. Do you want quick easy access to sex by hot or skanky kinds of women who have little to no substance and who are turned on by the Bennetts of the world?

      or are you looking for a quality and attractive woman that may not be stripper hot, but attractive enough and sexually available without the skankiness, and who has a head on her shoulders and appreciates a form of masculinity that does not revolve around your sexual prowness?

      The last thing this world needs are responsible good men dumbing themselves down to get some quick easy hot tail.

      God help us all when good truly masculine men feel caught in the middle of trying to figure out whether they should become low lives instead of being proud of being real men.

      makes me wanna 😥


      • You can’t just come back in here and pretend nothing happened.
        Where have you been? Why have you decided to come back? More precisely, why THE FUCK did you decide to come back?

        And most importantly, when do you plan to get the hell out again?


      • “or are you looking for a quality and attractive woman that may not be stripper hot, but attractive enough and sexually available without the skankiness, and who has a head on her shoulders and appreciates a form of masculinity that does not revolve around your sexual prowness?”

        I want a quality attractive woman who primarily caters to, and is attracted by, my sexual prowess. That’s what I don’t get with this beta = successful, alpha = non-caring loser paradigm. The same competitive testosterone that helps me succeed in my career makes me want to dominate a woman in bed.

        I don’t think the provider traits in themselves are unattractive to women, but they may make assumptions based on those traits that are non-alpha.


      • i don’t think the average woman is actually aware of what Alpha/Beta traits are. Most women just know and respond to certain behaviors that men have. I also don’t know *ANY* woman that would say a guy with a good career, money, who is articulate is unnattractive unless he was socially awkward.

        I think those traits you have could be used to your advantage if you merged them with the traits you used to be as successful as you are in your work/career – (i.e. assertiveness and confidence).

        Also dominating a woman in bed is not hard – once you get her there 😉

        I just wanted to say that you should never feel bad about your accomplishments or try to hide them and things you have achieved simply b/c some women may not appreciate that. The problem is them and not you IMO if they can’t see a good man or good “catch”. You shouldn’t feel like you have to adjust or lower yourself to appease women who have no substance and who would reward some ebonic, low life loser with sex.

        However, if you are socially inept or socially awkward of course you want to work on that b/c confidence is needed these days for a man to get almost anywhere with women.

        I was just sad that you felt possibly that you needed to hide your accomplishments b/c some women are too stupid to appreciate good men.


      • Thanks for your concern. I didn’t mean for my question to become about me. Its really a question of how women categorize men. It makes no sense whatsoever for a woman to be repelled by positive provider traits. I don’t buy evilalpha’s contarian comments. But it may be true that being a “good catch” puts a guy on an all-or-nothing track with a woman, and raises the expectations. And I’m concerned that receiving that initial interest as a “good catch” carries with it the stereotype that the man possesses negative traits associated with high education – i.e. he’s too cognitive, not physical; socially-awkward; a conformist; good at following direction, but not a leader…

        And this is where it becomes all-or-nothing: if the guy successfully demonstrates dominant male characteristics, the girl is sold and wants something serious. If he fulfills the stereotype, maybe she strings him along, or after a few dates she “just doesn’t feel it.”

        [heartiste: here’s the short n sweet of it: hold off on demonstrating provider traits until after you’ve sexed the chick.]


      • It makes no sense whatsoever for a woman to be repelled by positive provider traits.

        since when were women sensible?

        And this is where it becomes all-or-nothing: if the guy successfully demonstrates dominant male characteristics, the girl is sold and wants something serious.

        but as the alpha, you get to decide if it becomes serious with her or not. and as an alpha with options, you get to decide which of the girls – if any – get benefit from your provider traits. they have to earn that privilege from you.

        i.e. alpha first, provider later (if at all).


      • Side winder I see what you are saying. And you are right, no quality woman (or hell even trashy woman) would ever be repulsed by provider traits. that’s pure idiotic to me, that a woman would find a man who has good provider traits as repulsive – ONLY unless he’s socially awkward/inept. I think what happens is sometimes guys with provider beta traits are very socially inept or awkward or cannot transfer that confidence, drive and dominance he has in the workplace to socializing/getting women. THAT is what is repulsive to women – a guy who lacks confidence or is socially inept – not a guy with provider traits.

        But I also see where the others are right too. possibly you should hold off on telling women you just meet about your accomplishments b/c honestly there are some really shity/trashy women out there these days that will use you and/or string you along for your resources, while they give it up to a loser or low life who isn’t doing anything for them.

        Really the only kinds of women you should be willing to discuss your personal accomplishments with should be women who have proven to be really good LTR potential and whom you have gotten to know a little better and they have proven to be of higher quality than the average woman you’d meet these days.

        I just hate seeing good men being used in favor of losers and low lives b/c all it does is breed more losers and low lives in the SMP. so, protect yourself !



      • Naw, they don’t get past the beta traits to get to testosterone… they just go for the sizzle, hoping there’s bacon later elsewhere (boohoo, where are all the good men!)


    • Excellent questions. I would say that you want to advertise these traits but not hand them over. In fact, this is the best of both worlds. You are educated, smart, rich, and yet you act cool and non-needy. You don’t spend money on just any bitch.

      As much of a clown as he is, think of the air that Donald Trump gives off. He’s rich, yet he takes no shit.

      Most rich guys think they have to pony up big bucks for the woman to even be with them. The don’t enhance themselves with their money and education, they use those things as a crutch. Your good traits should be the icing, not the cake. Your inner confidence and, yes, “game” should be your core.

      The point that, I think, is making is that a guy can pull chicks without any of that icing, if he’s got tasty enough cake. If your cake is tasty and you’ve got loads of icing too, then you’re an uber-catch.


      • I’m not rich, but throughout my social circle it is known that I am an employed professional, I dress well and have a neat appearance, and I speak in an intelligent manner.

        And I’m not a nerdy weakling. I’m in good shape, play sports, good sense of humor, etc.

        I guess what I’m trying to tease out from Heartiste and from some of the commentators is whether provider traits are in themselves tingle killing. I like your analogy with the icing and the cake. I tend to believe that good provider traits are at least neutral, if not pluses with women. But on the other hand, people base their impressions of people on limited information, and often make assumptions based on that limiated information. For this reason, I’ve found the most success with contrast game. Girls go out expecting an intellecutal nerd, and I’ll show up with tight-fitting t-shirt, jeans and cowboy boots. Its worked alright so far.


    • game is always necessary. even more so when you’re the ideal provider, because a rich, highly educated man with a high status profession with no game is just a future victim.

      women are not primally attracted to providers. providers may attract women, but that’s not the same as the women being attracted to them.


      • Ok, but they aren’t repelled by those provider traits, are they? Are they neutral at worst?


      • Maybe you should just quit your job, and then you’ll find out.


      • Lara,

        Detox my Buttox…


      • Women are repelled by provider traits… particularly at a young age. A man always needs enough alpha traits to offset the beta disgust registering in a woman’s hind braid. It really works in same way that good looking women can get away with repulsive traits.


      • Explain that one for me. I get that provider traits alone may not be tingle-inducing. But please explain the evolutionary reasoning as to why a woman’s hindbrain would be repelled by provider traits.


      • Women are not repelled by provider traits, I have no idea what evilalpha is talking about. They just aren’t really turned on by them, that’s all. Young women aren’t as practical as older ones, so they are going to be more swayed by what turns them on, rather than what is good for a stable life.


      • Anyway, Sidewinder, a lot of women will probably assume you’re broke after your divorce, so I wouldn’t worry about it.


      • Lara, are you stalking me? Divorce worked out fine. Money isn’t a problem. Having kids to care for the majority of the time on the other hand…


      • Provider traits are what they hope are there… jerkwad asshole traits are what they look for first (because they can “change” the rat bastard, you see… )


      • I didn’t mean anything by it, I was just trying to answer your question, which I thought was good. I know you have a good job, but because you have kids and other expenses, I didn’t think you would be rich enough for a woman to only want you for your money. I don’t really know your situation, however.


      • Do lionesses mate with lions that bring them food (providers) or the ones that eat her kills, slaughter her cubs, and mount her sisters?

        Provider = sucker in women’s hind brain. Everywoman has within her that bitch that was for getting all those free meals.

        Lara deceives. What she defines as older women choosing the stable life is called “settling”kinda like desperate dudes at last call looking for a drunk, easy, fat chick.


    • “What if you are highly educated, articulate, make a good salary, and not a wigger low life guy?”

      lol that’s the kicker. 🙂 When you have game, before you’re successful you go “this is great, I got in this for casual sex and I’m gettin it left and right even though I don’t have shit lol”

      Once you become a success you go “man, as soon as they see I’d make a good provider they want me to take them on dates instead of just fucking, and they fall in love right away, and now I’ve got all this drama with clingers and jealousy and stalkers and blackmail to deal with”

      A beta who works at Taco Bell tells girls he’s a doctor.

      An alpha who’s a doctor tells girls he works at Taco Bell.

      “it would be impossible for me to start acting like Bennett, or even a modified form of him.”

      You just need a rough edge to yourself. Like showing up to happy hour with your co-workers while wearing a t-shirt or plain dress shirt instead of a full Armani suit. Or drop a few swears here and there while the other guys are trying to be polite. Or make sexual innuendo or talk about sexual topics when girls are around. Just show that you don’t fit the stereotype.

      “Is it that provider beta is bad, or that it just isn’t enough to attract quality girls?”

      It isn’t enough and it can change how she interacts with you the same way you might be friendly and loud while you drink with your buddies, but when you pass 3 sketchy looking guys on a street corner at night later you’re quiet and trying to look tough so you don’t get stabbed. You’ve categorized your friends as safe to joke around with, and sketchy thugs as not safe to joke around with. A girl categorizes Bennett as fuckable, and Dolphin Guy as easy to milk resources from…even though she’s the SAME girl the way you’re the same guy in the above scenarios.

      So many girls will fuck me while they make a nice provider guy (they LEGITIMATELY like and hope for a relationship with) wait for a month before they’ll put out. I’ll even help them out and give them advice lol They don’t even comprehend the fact that they’re behaving differently. Secret Society concept in action.

      “what I’m trying to tease out from Heartiste and from some of the commentators is whether provider traits are in themselves tingle killing.”

      “Are they neutral at worst?”

      That’s a good way of saying it. A knife is neutral, your intent with it and purpose for bringing it out of the drawer is what determines how people react to it. If I pull it out to make you a sandwich, you come to the kitchen. If I pull it out to stab you, you run from me.


  55. on December 21, 2011 at 4:05 pm the_alpha_male


    Regarding the Salon piece celebrating fatness. Here’s a counter article:

    Only read the first page and it seemed kosher.


  56. john
    If you would understand Game in a word,that word would be “nigger”. All the rest is commentary.

    Ok John,

    So are you a nigger?

    Your comment is too cryptic to determine if you support or oppose game?


    • on December 21, 2011 at 8:04 pm John Norman Howard

      Whoever denies game denies reality…

      Don’t know why my objection to your anti-White nigger bullshit on this site is now being questioned in re my ideas about game…

      Except maybe for the fact that most of your ilk sport as much bone in the head as through the nose.


  57. Race Riot in Aisle 9
    paging piggy and OneSTDV!


  58. Mr. Howard, I didn’t mean to offend you, Im sorry for not understanding your statement; am I the only one it confused?

    Your statement seemed to equate game with being a nigger?

    Is that correct?

    If so, how can a white man have game without turning into some kind of self hating nigger?

    Why don’t you just say what you mean?


    • here’s what he means:
      have more swagger than value
      more confidence than brains
      more bling than wealth
      more loudmouth than stuff to say
      more ignorance, less introspection
      more compulsive, child-like behavior, less thoughtful, careful action
      more of an immediate gratification mindset, less of a long view


    • And this is DHV-ing?


  59. on December 22, 2011 at 3:23 pm John Norman Howard

    I see the confusion… the john who made the original “game=nigger” statement wasn’t John Norman Howard.


  60. There is a very good article on César Tort’s website entitled, The Future of White Women—A Speculation.

    The article was written by William Ventvogel. César wrote a lead-in which is at the link below. Ventvogel’s article follows.


  61. DE, your comment is even more confusing.

    What Im trying to understand is if JNH’s statement is pro or anti game?

    Even if everything you said is true, does it support or counter game?

    It seems like its anti game? (pro nigger?)

    or am I missing something?

    In other words, is the ultimate goal of game to become an “Alpha nigger?”


  62. Sexual Liberation & Racial Suicide

    Now, sexual choices, especially for women, are analogous to a man’s in regard to his calling. Inherently, they cannot be made as easy and reversible as choosing flavors of ice cream. But this is what sexual liberation attempts to do. The underlying motive seems to be precisely a fear of difficult choices and a desire to eliminate the need for them. For example, a woman does not have to think about a man’s qualifications to be a father to her children if a pill or a routine medical procedure can remove that possibility. There is no reason to consider carefully the alternative between career and marriage if motherhood can be safely postponed until the age of forty (as large numbers of women now apparently believe). What we have here is not a clear gain in the amount of choice, but a shift from one sense of the word to another—from serious, reflective commitment to merely doing as one desires at any given time. Like the dilettante who dabbles in five professions without finally pursuing any, the liberated woman and the playboy want to keep all their options open forever: they want eternal youth.