Ellipsis Game Applied

A reader recently ran “ellipsis game” on a girl, and he sent screen shots of the results.

This is very good text game. For the edification of our beta and omega readers, we’ll examine the conversation in closer detail. (Alpha readers may nod their heads knowingly for the duration.)

HER: did you survive the weekend without my company?

Classic beta bait. The typical beta male would happily entrap himself in her frame, and effuse about how empty his weekend was without her. The alpha male takes a different tack:

HIM: hey V [ed: note intriguing lack of eagerness in this greeting] what you doing thur night…

Her frame lays supine to his eschewal. No acknowledgement of the weekend, only a pointed request for her time on Thursday.

HER: Hi… I might be meeting a friend then! Are you here?

HIM: Ditch your friend.

Alpha move #1: Statement > question. Alpha move #2: Adherence to the golden ratio. (He sent three words to her eleven words. These things matter subconsciously.)

HER: Do you have a good reason?

Shit test concealing a desire to rationalize meeting him for sweet lovemaking.

HIM: …

Get ready, a clustercock has just been dropped on her ladylock.

HER: How long are you here for?

Perineal defenses: obliterated. No good reason given, and she doesn’t care, because her hamster is running wind sprints.

HIM: Dont know hun

Absent-minded lack of punctuation, slightly demeaning term of endearment, “get it while it’s hot” sales pitch = hamster fuel.

HER: …Ok so what do you wanna do if I ditch my friend?

HIM: use you for my pleasure

The foundation of flirting is a refusal to take a girl seriously. The moment you assume a woman is your linear, logical equal is the moment you lose her emotional subservience.

HER: …Ok stupid question… Can’t wait until Saturday? 😉

She sounds apologetic. This is good. A girl who feels bad about making even the paltriest demands of a man is a girl who deeply, truly feels the irresistible pull of his higher value. Tingles are born in the defensive crouch.

HIM: How about late thursday

Stand Your Ground isn’t just a Florida self-defense law; it’s also an effective form of Socratic seduction.

HER: I meet my friend around 6…we can meet after

HIM: Awesome

Punish promptly, reward intermittently. The time to show a softening of your alpha armor is well after her heated interest has been established to your satisfaction. She spent the entire text exchange backing away from her initial intransigency, but it was only until the end, when she succumbed completely, that he soothed her with a metaphorical pat on the head and a glimmer of attainability. The rest of the convo is just more of her turning herself out to accommodate his juicy alphaness.

This was quite a clinic in how to flirt with and psychologically dominate a woman. A man who can do this will give her better sex than a thousand beta males promising a million gifts of myrrh. If this text convo was blasted on a Jumbotron in the public square, I’ve no doubt the man would feel no shame at all. Only pride, as the assembled mutter their grudging respect.


  1. Elipsis Game? I’m gonna have to look into that because I never heard of it before until now.

    BTW, what mobile messenger app is that?


  2. “use you for my pleasure”
    that’s awesome


  3. > “A man who can do this will give her better sex than a thousand beta males promising a million gifts of myrrh.”


    Got any solid empiricals to back that up?

    Namely, that “Alpha” personality correlates strongly with female [multiple] orgasms, whereas “Beta” personality correlates strongly with absence of female orgasm?

    Maybe it does – maybe “Alpha” personality does correlate strongly with female orgasms – I’m not dismissing the idea out of hand.

    But, in general, I’m dubious.

    I could just as easily imagine that some of these true sociopaths wouldn’t give a damn one way or the other whether their women actually cum.

    There was a famous exchange in the Kenneth Starr transcripts, where poor Monica was BEGGING Bubba to give it to her, but he refused.

    Christopher Hitchens really went to war over that one – pointing out that Clinton was such a God-damned sociopath that he wouldn’t even throw the poor girl the bone of an orgasm here or there.


    • ” Got any solid empiricals to back that up? ”

      ” Empericals ” ? No. Personal/anecdotal YES.

      Men are visual then physical.

      Women are emotional then sensual.

      ” Namely, that “Alpha” personality correlates strongly with female [multiple] orgasms, whereas “Beta” personality correlates strongly with absence of female orgasm? ”

      Always there are outliers, but generally, yes.

      ” Maybe it does – maybe “Alpha” personality does correlate strongly with female orgasms – I’m not dismissing the idea out of hand.”

      Character attributes of alphatude are to women what a perfect, nubile body and beautiful face are to men.

      ” But, in general, I’m dubious.”

      No one likes a pedant.


    • either you are really, really young, or really not paying attention. or a chick.

      female orgasms are a lucky mistake of nature and you say sociopath like its a bad thing.

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      • > “female orgasms are a lucky mistake of nature”

        I’ve been with frigid chicks – nothing much can help them.

        At the other end of the bell curve, I’ve been with easily multiple-orgasm-ing chicks – they don’t need any help all.

        But for the vast majority of chicks, in the middle of the bell curve, who are capable of orgasm, but who need copious help for 20 or 30 minutes in order to get there, it’s very difficult to imagine that the man’s technique and experience and patience and stamina and encouragement don’t help.

        That shit is hard, hard, hard work – getting her to cum, and, at the same time, holding yours back until she is ready for it.

        Really hard work.

        And just I don’t see that the textbook sociopath [like a Bill Clinton, or, as below, Cleckley’s “Stanley”] would give enough of a damn to put in that kinda work at it.

        It’s much easier for me to imagine [as in the case of Clinton] that the sociopath would stick around just long enough to dump “the money shot” on her little blue dress, then zip it up, turn his back on her, and walk away.


      • average girl takes 4 min to orgasm.

        you got some fucked up chicks yo.


      • > “average girl takes 4 min to orgasm.”

        Okay, I honestly don’t know where you’re getting that shit from, man.

        Maybe you’re just joking?

        Or trolling?

        I dunno.

        But lotsa luck with that attitude.

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      • 20 or 30 minutes for a girl to cum?

        da fuck?

        Them SSRIs got you workin yo ass off.


      • Ok I LOL’d on that one! Yeah that is a hell of a ramp. I think I’m w/ the consensus that ZS is boning some eff’d up girls and you probably aren’t that far off the mark about SSRIs as the strongly correlates f-up-ed-ness.

        I had one GF that took 20 min to get off but there was a simple explanation which is that she thought using the “Ferarri” of vibrators was a good idea. It isn’t. Nothing a man could do to her could come close to that thing so she nailed her own coffin on that one.

        I’ve had some women that did need 10+ minutes though because they just needed a weird kind of (not normal) stimulation.

        But on average, yeah, sub-10 is pretty typical. And I agree w/ Simon Corso. A woman’s orgasm is probably about 75% mind 25% body. So your alphaness -absolutely- factors. I posted here a while down that I was once talking to a chick in my car and not gaming her. Out of the clear blue sky she told me she wanted to masturbate because of the way I was speaking. That is a little empirical anecdote there.

        Lastly, ZS is right on one point. Highly multi-orgasmic women generally do get off pretty well w/ anybody. Though being alpha and hence more sexually attractive certainly can’t -hurt-.


      • “she thought using the “Ferarri” of vibrators was a good idea.”

        Jay, was it the 2 speed, long white one with the tennis ball head on the end? A girl basically stole mine; she “borrowed it and never gave it back. She eventually burned it out! She KILLED it in a year of masturbating. And yes she was one of those “20 minutes to cum” (plus whatever pills she was taking) girls.


      • Absolute truth on the vibrator thing the other guys mentioned.
        I’ve run into quite a few girls that admit to frequent use of high speed vibrators being the cause of desensitized pleasure in real sex.
        I read something a long time ago about a study that showed extended vibration screws up nerves in the clit. Anyone who has used power tools (no pun intended) has experienced this in their hands. And those are no where near as delicate as what they’re assaulting with their toys.


      • Studies have shown that men achieve orgasm after 10 to 15 minutes of sexual activity, but men who are already adequately stimulated are able to reach their climax even earlier. This would not be a problem except for the fact that women have a longer average time for reaching their orgasm. Research has placed this at around 20 minutes. This is probably the reason why women don’t achieve an orgasm every time they have sex so men should consider controlling their climax.



      • probably written by women who need to justify staring at their beta provider while dreaming of their alpha fantasy.

        my statement stands. properly turned on a broad will orgasm in about 4 min.


      • > “Research has placed this at around 20 minutes.”

        Thank you.

        And note that that would be the AVERAGE on the bell curve.

        Plenty of chicks will be significantly worse off than that.

        > “men should consider controlling their climax”

        Uhh, ya think?

        It’s called “Lovemaking 101” – learn to hold back until she’s ready to cum with you.

        Dadgum, do we even need to talk about the basics on a board which is [at least ostensibly supposed to be] filled with “Playas”?


      • “And just I” = And I just


      • The standard answer to “do the women you’re with achieve orgasm” is “who gives a fuck?”


      • i use that as a conversation starter. hehehehe


      • > “The standard answer to “do the women you’re with achieve orgasm” is “who gives a fuck?””

        But that was exactly my original point: The TRUE Sociopath [not the determined Game Theorist who is trying to FAKE sociopathy, but the true Sociopath] won’t give a damn whether his woman orgasms or not.

        And I really have a hard time imagining that, as Heartiste says, a Sociopath who doesn’t give his woman orgasms “will give her better sex than a thousand beta males”.

        That’s why I asked for the empiricals.

        Show me the studies which indicate that sex with an “Alpha” is more likely to end in orgasm [and/or multiple orgasms] than is sex with a “Beta”.


      • Really interesting topic. My buddy the ex pimp with the foreign farm girl wife talked to me for hours last night about the importance of learning to be an orgasm delivering sex machine. He apparently took some sex class in college where there were 27 girls to 4 guys, and all the girls talked about was men not taking long enough to do foreplay, not giving them orgasms. He spent the longest time badgering me into going out to practice on a bunch of hookers.

        My sexual experience is very limited, since I’ve only cheated on my wife once, and 99% of my sex has been with one woman (I got with her as a virgin). Even so, representative of the average or not, that’s the sex partner I can analyze, and it doesn’t bear this idea out very well.

        For most of our marriage, I was the eat pussy for 30-45 minutes until she got off guy. I was the 9 1/2 weeks slow teasing guy. I was all about her pleasure, and I worked hard to get her off. Ironically so, since I never really liked her that well to begin with. It’s complicated.

        So as I have become more sociopathic in my evolution, our sex life has changed considerably. No more 9 1/2 weeks shit, no more lapping until lock-jaw trying to get her off. I’m using this ugly fat cum dumster as a masturbation machine, and nothing more. I don’t give a fuck about her pleasure. I hold back some to prolong mine, but don’t give a fuck about hers, and if I should ever manage to bust a nut without getting her off at all, I would consider it an accomplishment.

        This has had the ironic effect of her total lack of cooperation on a divorce. She could not be less interested in a divorce, even while I sit there on the couch openly reading “The Art of Seduction” and “Day Bang” and so forth in her open view, and while she is perfectly well aware of what I am trying to accomplish.

        That bitch is fucked up, yo.

        I’m trying to cope with this by thinking of myself as a gigolo fucking an ugly rich woman for money. It’s kind of true. I’m a lot wealthier with access to her income than without (to say nothing of paying alimony and child support!), and when I’m not obsessing over game and human sexuality crap, I like expensive toys. I can blow my budget on a lawyer and go live in a trailer, or I can go buy another guitar. What’s a man to do?

        But anyway, it seems the higher I turn the cruelty dial, the faster she gets off the first time, and the more times she gets off in quick succession. I conclude all the advice about 9 1/2 weeks kind of shit is for supplicating betas, and the way of the sadistic socipath is the way of the wet vagina, even if you never touch her vagina while you plow directly into her asshole.


      • Is “frigid chick” shorthand for a pussy you can’t get wet?


  4. on November 7, 2013 at 1:06 pm Catherine Reynolds

    interesting point of view – isn’t it a bit sociopathic to operate like that? serious question…


    • i won’t bite unti you expound on the premise(s) behind your question.


    • CH describes mimicry of sociopathic behavior. Such behavior would be natural to actual sociopaths, so CH, who writes this blog for psychologically healthy men capable of self-examination and personal responsibility, must describe mimicry of sociopathic behavior intended to be attractive to women since women are attracted to sociopathic behavior. If the readers and practitioners of “Game” were actual sociopaths, we wouldn’t need this blog for sharing practical advice. The blog content would contain instructions for appearing normal. Women want crazy, so we’re adapting.


      • If anyone wants to read a TEXTBOOK [literally, not figuratively] description of true sociopathy at work, then be advised that Professor Cleckley’s estate has put one chapter online for free download:

        Chapter 5, Stanley

        The rest of the book is here [in about a bazillion different editions]:


        True sociopaths do naturally what nice guys from good families have to discipline themselves to do.

        Or at least discipline themselves to fake – although, there again, if you fake sociopathy for a sufficiently long time, then are you in danger of becoming an actual sociopath yourself?


      • “Chapter 5, Stanley” = “Chapter 19, Stanley”

        Sorry about that.


      • Here’s an extended quote from Cleckley [it’s really fascinating – if horrifying – stuff]:


        In this discussion, I thought at moments I sensed some points about
        Stanley’s inner being that I could never formulate adequately, even to myself.

        I did not, of course, find it remarkable that such a man as he would be unfaithful to his wife, or that he made and broke promises of the sort just mentioned.

        Something in his attitude seemed to give fleeting and very imperfect hints of a
        difference far within that distinguished him in a very special way from the usual or ordinary human being who is unscrupulous and unconcerned about veracity or honor.

        When Stanley said, “My wife knows I’d never be unfaithful,” there was in his tone what seemed to be the very essence of truth and sincerity.

        There was pride in his voice that seemed rooted in this essence.

        Could it be that for the moment he lost awareness that he was lying?

        Perhaps even awareness of what truth is?

        If so, I think this oversight might have occurred because to him it mattered so little.

        Whether his sworn fidelity was real or not was apparently no more than an academic question empty of substance.

        The only tangible issue was whether or not it contributed toward gaining his ends.

        Whether the fidelity existed or his oath had been honored was, for Stanley, a matter that could interest only a sophist who concerned himself not with actualities, but with mere verbalistic capers.

        With Stanley’s attention focused on the real and important issue, this bit of irrelevant sophistry may not have edged its way clearly into his awareness.


      • it is a very good read. fascinating shit.


      • ZS, where do you see sociopathy in this text exchange? If you take out the “huns” this is exactly the way my boyfriend texts me and he’s definitely not a sociopath. This is normal guy text– short, to the point, casual, not overly invested.


      • It’s also worth reading for the comparisons with typical female behavior, as I noted briefly here: http://eumaios.wordpress.com/2012/11/20/psychopaths-relatively/


    • Operate like what? This is how guys typically text. I expect to be the talkative one. It’s weird if the guy talks/texts more.


    • on November 7, 2013 at 6:39 pm Sredni Vashtar

      Like what Raymond Chandler wrote: “…down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean …”

      Mimicking sociopaths works. Hell, the main purpose of all this theory of game is to allow a regular guy to mimick dark triad traits and thus boost attractiveness to women.

      You don’t have to become an actual sociopath.


  5. myrrh? no frankincense? definitely no wise men. and hopefully no conception, immaculate or otherwise, just a roll in the hay.


  6. Slightly relevant to this:

    girl -> texts -> IHAB -> girl: “but you might be able to talk to meeting you”. So obviously I skip that and just set the place and time. answer: “maybe yes, I have to think, where the part when you talk me into this?”. I have like million answers to this, but it seemed to me that I need to validate myself to her to make the jump.

    So question to people: what is the though process of a IHAB girl?

    I just ignored that question.


    • > “What is the though process of a IHAB girl?”

      That she’s looking for an excuse to cheat on him and/or leave him once and for all.

      If she were head over heels in love with him, if he were her prince charming on a white horse, if she wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of her life making & caring for his children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren, then she wouldn’t give you the time of day.

      If she will even text you in the first place, then she’s interested.

      As I was saying on another recent thread, one technique is simply to call her out directly for who she really is [honesty being such a powerful weapon]: “That is so awesome that you have a guy who cares so deeply for you. It is such a crying shame that you, on the other hand, are such an untrustworthy horny little slut who can’t return the favor. I guess I’ll just have to give you a nice hard spanking afterwards as punishment for sleeping with me.”

      Only thing I’d caution you on is that cheaters cheat.

      Remember how Gus Fring tried to warn Walter White, “Never trust an addict”?

      Well the same is true of cheaters: NEVER trust ’em.

      If she’ll cheat on him [and she will], then she’ll damned sure cheat on you.

      So don’t go forming any emotional attachment to the bitch [once she’s yours] -because it’ll only be a matter of time before she shoves the knife in your back just like she did to him.


    • Correct response is to hit question with a question.


      “Do guys normally just follow your every whim?”

      Silence means you got bitched.


  7. this is amazing game to get a girl to come over and play wii-fit with me. the pleasure of dominating her at tennis and then if the vibe is right, dominate her at mortal kombat


  8. “HER: …Ok stupid question… Can’t wait until Saturday?

    She sounds apologetic. This is good. A girl who feels bad about making even the paltriest demands of a man is a girl who deeply, truly feels the irresistible pull of his higher value. Tingles are born in the defensive crouch.”

    She’s also fishing for a compliment with the “can’t wait” question, which he completely ignores. Lol.

    [CH: good catch.]


  9. I would say this convo was flawless on his part. I can’t think of a better way he could’ve replied. It is so simple yet you could go on and on about how this represents different aspects of game.

    Not only did he disregard her first question by asking a question instead (he also did it in a way to not come off as too much of an asshole by first saying hey, and prevented her defensiveness) he also waited to reply the next day, which brought the conversation into his frame. Same thing when he replies with “Awesome.” He waited until the next day.

    He didn’t overgame. He kept it simple. He is assuming the sale so he doesn’t need to impress her. Bravo!


  10. two comments.. first, ellipsis game is SMS/whatsapp game. Period.

    Second, the girl was already into him since she started the conversation. The “pro”version of ellipsis game is how to start a conversation and then follow the ellipsois game

    [CH: she may have already been into him but as any man in the heart of the modern dating scene will tell you, it’s easy to lose a girl’s interest for seemingly no reason at all.]

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    • Agreed…. But the first thing I noticed was that the first message came from her.

      It is much harder when the guy has to start, which is my point..


      • I agree, however, you do have to note how well he played the initial text, even if it did come from her.

        [CH: yes, this was as close to perfect text game as you will see, at a decent difficulty level. but as gig said, it’s not the most difficult premise to start from. world-beating text game is one that initiates as well as closes.]


    • He turned a shit-testing attention-seeker into a solid meet, which makes it a good example of text game.


    • I’ve only seen one text in these ‘txt’ game posts that I actually thought was pretty good — and that was the spice girl text (I think it was the spice girls, at least).

      This stuff is just ‘maintenance FAG,’ which has its place, but most men aren’t here because they attract women then lose that attraction. Most men are here because they want to know how to attract them in the first place.

      If you want to attract a woman and DHV through texts — this is not the way. Not even close. And ya the best solution is to DHV in person, but again, not every situation is ideal…so having the DHV txt skillset can help any aspiring PUA immensely.


      • three phases or evolution to the tactics of game imo.

        one: in person
        two: text
        three: the rewind button (ie: lose the girl, get her back, rinse repeat)

        sounds like you are still stuck on number one.


      • yes, i do this shit all the time. short ambiguous answers, randomly taking forever to reply etc. i can attest that this only works if she is already attracted to you. this shit is relatively easy as it is more about not fucking up then it is about running game, what made her attracted in the first place?


      • Of course you can attest to that because it’s the truth lol.


      • You bring this gripe to every single text-related post on CH.

        Do you realize that there are dozens…nay, hundreds of resources on the web that will carefully walk you through the mechanics of generating initial attraction?

        I can find a multitude of relevant articles in about 7 seconds and link them here, but I don’t work for free.


      • As long as you agree that this is just fuck-up avoidance and not any sort of ‘generating attraction’ game, I’m cool wit it. A lot of men confuse the two.


      • My thoughts exactly. There is a flip side to the terse, sophomoric, texting.
        Most guys already do this due to stupidity, so other than the time delay tactic, which is incredibly effective up to a point, then demonstrating you have a vocabulary that can express desire and inspire lust, can be far more effective in nontard women.
        From an exchange today, with a married hotty (and no, this is not an “Am I alpha” submission)-
        Me: (cutting out the lead up conversation)
        I don’t pursue something I want half halfheartedly.
        (sidenote: I find it very effective to subliminally use terms of romance in descriptive ways but not directly offered to her. It inspires an, oh he has that side to him too, that caters to the barbie dreamhouse little girl in every.one.of.them. but without supplicating and thus devaluing yourself.)

        Kristi: It’s very plausible! Plus I wouldn’t mind a good massage here and there w/ some good dick lol

        Multiple short inquiring texts of hers follow, culminating in a very long detailed elaboration of exactly what I plan to do to her while her husband is at work…

        Me: “…knowing that while we’re standing there talking and he’s none the wiser, that your hungry mouth was consuming me like a starving animal a few moments before. That my cum is still dripping down the inside of your thigh and that you still have the taste of me on your lips.” …
        “…good girl, …pounding you open like a whore… grasping the back of your neck as I ride you” etc etc

        Kristi: God you should write erotica I swear lol
        You make me want to be bad.
        If you fuck as well as you write we will have no problems whatsoever lol

        Multiple nude pics of her flood into my email and plans begin to form for next week. Done.

        It can’t be overstated just how starved for this kind of shit married women are. Why do you think they masturbate away to 50 Shades of pathetically weak sadism….
        This kind of literate game is antithetical to “ellipses” game (that’s fucking retarded that it now has it’s own sub-genre, really?) and the like, but has provided me with virgins, reliable phone sex for when needing a quick fix, sex slaves, married women, and everything in between.

        While agreed, it works far better on a certain type, I’ve had success with anything from 18 yo virgins to 35 yo housewives. Most men just can’t offer that fantasy world, and after pump and dump experiences as prescribed here or neglectfully aloof husbands wear thin, they eat it up. (So thanks guys 🙂 The nastier, more demeaning, and dehumanizing the better.
        When you have seemingly normal, successful, white, married women begging to drink your piss (yes, and more frequent than you’d imagine), then it can be a jarring realization about the inherent mental dysfunction that women walk around hiding.
        If I was going to give it my own retarded sub genre classification, I’d call it
        Sneaky Fucker Romantic Sociopathic Sadist Game.

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  11. Surprised that CH didn’t comment on the guy answering the day after. It was the first I was interested in checking 😉 I also noticed the ratio of words

    Great example and analysis!


  12. I have never “texted”. How does one not look gay typing into those tiny glass keyboards? Cock the beret at a rakish angle while smirking as you type? Affect a wide, dominant stance? This baffles me.


  13. It’s interesting. Girls I’m gaming are starting to mimic my text game.

    I go short, they go short.

    I use … they start using it.

    In one case, I was able to turn it around with a girl who I met on OKC and who initially wanted to meet then flaked. Suddenly she started showing interest by viewing my profile.

    She started trying to tool me: “I’m bored, i deleted your number, what is it?

    Me: Blah blah blah.

    a few weeks go by…suddenly she starts viewing my profile. After 3 times viewing it:

    Me: what is it about my profile that fascinates you so much?

    Her: don’t know.

    Me: …

    Her: …….

    me: .

    Her: Let’s meet up.

    Me: what’s your number?

    then i went silent for a while.

    her: no reply?

    The problem i see is that guys, and I’ve been guilty of this, are too eager and then it interrupts the girl’s own decision-making process.

    I read somewhere that when you appear to eager or accessible the girl starts to wonder if she’s you’re only option and that turns her off.

    We talk a lot about aloofness here. You have to establish attraction somehow.

    But girls rarely forget a guy who has sparked attraction.


  14. Women pretend to have legit emotions to use that s*it against us.


    • Spot on. See my response to Zombie Shane’s reference to The Mask of Sanity above. Women experience emotions of a significantly lower strength than do men. Men who have well-disciplined daughters should know what I’m talking about. They explode to tantrum, but can turn on a dime. They get high by dramatizing their emotions in positive feedback loops.

      Men learn control early because they experience emotions so powerfully that the alternative to control is violence, enacted either by or upon the boy.


  15. on November 7, 2013 at 5:53 pm Sredni Vashtar

    One question- given the beta pitfalls involved in texting, is it better to try to start phone approach using voice?

    It mightn’t always be feasible, in an age of smartphones, but it seems that terse conversation might be less prone to over-gaming or betaness than texting her.

    Or is ellipsis game superior?


  16. on November 7, 2013 at 6:17 pm Lucky White Male

    Killer analysis as usual CH

    On business trip, got some instant tingle reaction from broad with following exchange at bar last night

    Her – “Excuse me is this seat taken” pointing to my sweater draped over seat

    ” yes taken by my sweater but you can sit one over” cheeky grin

    She gives me a once over ” You mean you didn’t save it for me?” ( total stranger)

    ” You have to get me early hon, I’ve been here a while already”

    She orders a Cosmo with side looks and smile ” So Where are you from?”

    I tell her home state she says ” Hmmm I’ve never been there , tell me what it’s like. What do you do like to do there”

    ” I plunder, which includes making money but involves all kinds of conquering . That is how I have my fun”

    Her eyes spazz out ” oh my god You just told me so much about yourself right there”

    At that point I was off to the races. When you can do anything but be yet another milquetoast guy ( naturally) you leap miles ahead of other guys


    • “I’m an axe murderer, but I’m on holiday.”

      If you can manage just the right flavour of relaxed uncaring cocky aloofness.

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      • “I need u 2 hide my gun”


        “do it, now!”

        “wht gun?”

        “undr yor bed, do it now!”

        “Are u sur? I dnt see it?”

        (don’t respond for two more texts)

        You: “ahhh, made you look”

        her: “asshole!”


    • Next time she asks where are you from say, “can’t you guess?”

      If she says no say “humor me.”

      Frame stolen.


    • Hotel bars are the -best-. Because “married business chick” her probably keeps her package tight is looking for some strange. Even when I wasn’t traveling I’d make an effort to hit up DC hotel bars because if you have even average game the women there are generally DTF completely. Pharmaceutical sales reps, any sales chick, marketing, etc. are almost like shooting fish in a barrel.


    • “I plunder” is good.


  17. “because her hamster is running wind sprints.”

    I loled


  18. ttclod, human nature is sociopathic, and thus sociopathic means are needed. Only the veneer of civilization hides this.


    • i prefer to say the artifice of civilization.

      the last 60 years is pretty much peak female.no other time in history can they act like this.


  19. ellipsis game is try hard, two dot game superior

    “…” vs. “..”

    ellipsis conveys bitch i am dissappoint but seems to be a deliberate butthext cry for power. how long it take u to drop all them periods, u mad bro??/

    two dotzs fills requisite admonishment while also sending hamster wheel spinning. did he mean to just send a dot? was it an ellipsis? typo??? it is DHV for . resource containment.

    in summation, two dots the skittles guy of ellipsis

    [CH: not bad. i chuckled.]


  20. I would say that the IRL version of ellipsis game is looking at a chick, taking a deep deliberate breath in, and exhaling forcefully.


  21. on November 7, 2013 at 8:36 pm Reservoir Tip

    What do I do when being pressured to commit to a girl?

    I really like her, and see her whenever I go back home but don’t really want to commit, mainly because I’d cheat and I don’t want to do that to her.


  22. It appears the reader had already banged the girl prior to having this convo.

    Question: would “use you for my pleasure” work prior to a bang or would it activate ASD?


  23. Do we always have to be so impatient, cold, and authoritative? (I know…these are alpha qualities). The guy just wanted sex like any beta, he just played his cards to perfection.

    This game stuff is way over my head. Why do some guys use “lolzlolzlolz”, “nah”, “8========D–“, immature shit, and shitty spelling game yet others are direct like this guy?

    Some situations call for acting like this but It really fucks with your head. Are you always supposed to act so cold and impersonal? Is there any other way around this shit?

    Maybe it’s because I’m beta but it must be unfulfilling when you’re alpha and the only way you can relate to them is if you treat like a disposable fuck hole. Getting women is a fucked up 24/7/365 mind game.

    Side question. What happened if the guy say “late thursday okay” then she says she is busy? What then? No response? “…”? “gay”?

    I get it specific techniques don’t matter, it’s the alpha mindset that instantly produces these techniques, and this guy had it in spades…it still fucks with me how women are so fucked up like this.

    It’s like they want neglect and indifference. Fuck…


    • When I first started learning, I thought it was waaay too much to take in as well. But that’s not much different from learning anything, really. One important thing to keep in mind, however, is that “game” is basically just a set of guidelines. Certain girls respond to different things, attitudes, etc…

      Nothing is really set in stone, that’s why the alpha must be flexible, and know his prey.


      • Nothing is really set in stone, that’s why the alpha must be flexible, and know his prey.

        Pretty much this. You have to be situationally appropriate. In the same way I wouldn’t walk into the boardroom in a T-shirt or I would set foot into a dive bar with a three piece suit on. (Though that isn’t as bad)

        Assess the scenario and the woman, and make the appropriate judgement call. If I’m spitting game at an early 20 something I’m going to go for the more immature texts. If I’m pushing up towards the 30 range and she doesn’t appear to be a totally vapid bimbo, then you can be more nuanced.


    • Side question. What happened if the guy say “late thursday okay” then she says she is busy? What then? No response? “…”? “gay”?

      I just had a similar situation (she texted back about having lots of homework), and I dropped the “…” since “gay” would have sounded butthurt, and an acknowledgement like “ok”, “that sucks”, or “later then” would have been taking her beta bait. (Another possibility I rejected was “whatever”.) She didn’t give a response to my ellipsis, but the point is that my reaction should’ve come off as more alpha than it would have otherwise.

      I think “gay” works better once you’ve actually closed with the girl and she’s nuts over you, rather than beforehand when she’s still trying to suss out your alpha cred.


      • Tell her, “you’re a little bit nerdier than I originally thought.”


      • Edit: a better response would have been…


      • someone on here used “ghey”….I picked up on it…and now use that for effect…


      • Hmm, it really depends on the progress of the relationship.

        If you picked her up at bar, if she doesn’t know that much about you, if you haven’t hooked up, then yes, the text response of “gay”, or some variation thereof, can come off as immature, silly, or even hurt or angry.

        If you haven’t consummated your relationship, then ideally you’re still qualifying her. “You’re a little bit nerdier than I originally thought,” is a qualifying statement that will likely get her playing defensive. You’re communicating that 1) you’re not a bitch and that 2) it’s her behavior by itself that warrants a chuckle, not how she behaved toward you.

        If you’ve banged her out a couple times “gay” is appropriate. How you respond depends on strength of the rapport and who has power.


      • @darkhorse, agree. I was suggesting the word “ghey” instead of “gay”…someone here used it and I thought it was hilarious. I started using it.


      • 99% sure it was me. cause i love ‘ghey’ instead of ‘gay.’ i think it’s in an FR or two.


      • Corvinus: I wouldn’t necessarily take a simple “ok” as meaning you’re disappointed I can’t make it. In the text frame that guy established with the girl in the OP, I’d take “ok” as a true “whatever”– you really don’t give a rat’s rear either way because you’ve got three other girls you can hit up for Thursday.


      • Hmm… or perhaps “k”


      • “Side question. What happened if the guy say “late thursday okay” then she says she is busy? What then? No response?”

        I’ve great success with a succinct, alright. And then dropping the conversation. No butthurt quality. Acknowledges the message but then indicates disinterest.
        Conversationally (in person or on the phone), a flat, emotionless, ok.
        Invariably drives them into a , that drives me crazy, what do you mean by that, are you mad.
        To which you reply with a visual or audible smirk, all I said was ok. Implying, bitch are you crazy? It’ll likely kill that particular conversation, but facilitate a better more submissive desire to please in subsequent ones.

        “It’s like they want neglect and indifference. Fuck…”
        In a way yes. Most of the advice on this site (negs, aloofness, etc) plays on the desire for that to demonstrate a higher sexual market value (btw, I seriously hate acronyms and it makes this site unintelligible to newcomers). Spell things out and communicate like grown men.


    • you don´t HAVE to be some aloof badass mastermind,
      some of it really is basically treating the girls like they treat you when there interest level is not very high, i.e taking time to reply, short answers not using alot of emoticons etc etc.


    • Oh wow look at how this ellipsis shit breaks down when the situs are more marginal. Who woulda thunkit….

      they don’t want neglect and indifference, they want value. any way they can get it. if the chick is still trying to cancel or flake or whatever, the best thing to do is build more value. However, your primary goal should be — do whatever it takes to get her to where you need her to be.

      So sometimes that’s doing FAG — ‘gay’ ‘….’ ‘8===D’
      Sometimes it’s trying to drum up some sympathy: ‘this makes me very sad tho :(‘ ‘but im so very lonely and just need someone to cuddle with’
      Sometimes it’s playing up your feelings: ‘i’d really like to see you tho’ ‘i got you a present tho’ (no you didn’t lol but who gives a shit just get her to your place)
      Sometimes it’s being funny: ‘FINE. u r uninvited to my birthday party now. u forced my hand.’ ‘ok well this is over then I guess. pls give me back my (just any stupid thing she may have of yours)’
      Sometimes it’s being an asshole: ‘fuck off just come here i kno you aren’t busy.’

      You need to know what pushes the girl’s buttons. Btw that ‘present’ one works so good when they walk in and ask you what the present is and you just smirk while giving them the double eyebrow raise.


    • They do want neglect and indifference. They want to be used like a vibrator.

      Just listen to Lady Gaga’s latest. “Do what you want with my body, treat me like shit. You can’t have my heart, you can’t have my mind.” Training for the next crop of virgin holes to harvest.



      Btw wtf happened to GBFM?


      • Does she write her own lyrics, then?

        And here I was, assuming she’s the empty-headed tool of her record company’s marketing department. Them and their hirelings in the Lyrics Office.


      • on November 9, 2013 at 8:11 pm haunted trilobite

        Not far off. Quite possibly something more sinister


      • What you take away from this blog illustrates the exact problem with CH’s colorful flights of prosy. The people who can separate truth from art will be fine, but the people who get caught up in the lies necessary to captivate, titillate, and intrigue are forever doomed to wander the bars, neglecting and indifferenting their way home alone every night, lamenting ‘gay….gay’ as they go.


      • Just to be clear…I mean that in the resembling prose sense, not the witless sense. ❤


    • ‘Some situations call for acting like this but It really fucks with your head. Are you always supposed to act so cold and impersonal? Is there any other way around this shit?

      Maybe it’s because I’m beta but it must be unfulfilling when you’re alpha and the only way you can relate to them is if you treat like a disposable fuck hole. Getting women is a fucked up 24/7/365 mind game.’

      No one told you to act cold and impersonal. Aloof never has to mean ‘cold and impersonal.’ What you’re doing right now is letting out a lot of anger you have at women — which is not a bad thing. But, honestly, none of this is required. You can treat women nicely, and you can treat them poorly.

      Attracting women is about value. Once you start building that, you will realize that women will come to love you. What you do with that love is on you. As long as you have the value, you can be as nice as you want to a woman — and she’ll adore you for it. You can be as mean as you want, as well —- and she’ll still be attracted.

      But neglect and indifference is one of the largest misconceptions on this board. It’s like a shitty magic trick where everyone focuses on what’s happening at the prestige, instead of focusing on how the magician got there. People look a guy who texts ‘…’ or ‘gay’ and say ‘hahahaha! that’s it, just three dots or gay and she’ll suck my dick for sure!’ They never ask ‘what did that guy do to make that girl so attracted to him that he can coast on cruise control and just play Fuck-up Avoidance with it?’

      Ultimately, what will make you more attractive is a strong reality (aka confidence). Have you ever been around any sort of leader? You know how they make you feel? Like everything’s gonna be all right, they can shoulder the group’s burden, they will make sure nothing bad happens to the group. That’s what women like and want and what attracts them. Unfortunately, there’s no way to directly measure that quality.

      So there are several proxies — unreactivity, strong boundaries, C&F, dressing with a certain style, etc etc etc. — that women (and people in general) go by. These proxies != neglect and indifference. The reason terse texts and conversations are suggested is because ya, the more shit you say, the more you risk betraying low-value behaviors or thoughts. But if you could talk the way RDJ or Russell Brand talked, no one would care if you sent screen long txts.

      I’m just writing this so that you gain some perspective. If women don’t like you right now, it’s because you lack value not because you are failing to treat them like shit. If a woman doesn’t think you are high value, then ya your affection means shit. But if a woman DOES think you are high value, then — like I said — she will CRAVE it.


  24. on November 7, 2013 at 9:17 pm Hammer of Love

    Why pay for the cow, when you can get the milk for free ? No pun intended.



  25. This is going to sound very trollish or weird, but do alphas ever get a chance to love a woman the way a beta does?

    You know, the same lovey dovey ‘let’s make love’ shit that betas do? Even for a split second? Or do we always have to have our guard up?


    • alphas are the only men that are ever truly loved. what you choose to do with thatis up to you.


    • hang in there Patrice i’m sure the right girl is waiting for you. you just havent found her yet. it going to be tough just have to stick with learning game. theres alot of people here that are here to help you through it.


    • Of course, and because the flowers, or back rubs, or whatever, are rewards coming from us and not bribes for sex, it’s a much more enjoyable experience for everyone.

      Also, keep in mind there are a lot of personalities that can be ‘alpha.’ I’m sure you can think of some men who can get any women who would probably prefer slow sex as their MO.


    • The thing is that being “lovey dovey” is an universal turnoff. Tom Cruise has more status than half of the world’s men combined, he is by all accounts a natural alpha, and remember the joke he became after that whole “I love Katie Holmes so much I’ll jump up and down Oprah’s couch” episode.

      If you need to pour your heart out to a girl about how much you love her, that has more to do with you seeking her approval or releasing tension than being in love. Real men can handle the pressure. I imagine you can’t hold eye contact for long.

      You can be in love, just don’t be ridiculous.


    • Patrice, I highly suggest you read Rollo aka The Rational Male’s writings on love. He’s a happily married man of 17ish years with a teenage daughter.


      If there’s one brutal truth of TRP that shocked me more than others, it’s that no woman on Earth will ever love you the way your mother does/did. Act accordingly.


    • Slow down, Patrice. You’ve got a few too many presuppositions there.

      1. alphas are somehow losing something by winning so much
      2. a beta’s love is good for the beta
      3. love is real

      There are a few negatives to being alpha like jealousy of betas and scorn of warpigs. They are very manipulative and can fuck shit up for you if you don’t manage them. Also, logistically setting up multiple rendezvous with your harem can be a nightmare.

      A beta’s love is detrimental to the survivability of the beta. It is not ‘love’. It is neediness. It is obsession and infatuation. Often it is one sided where the object of need doesn’t reciprocate. When ‘love’ is ‘lost’ the body and brain respond viscerally. Logical thought is abandoned and impossible. It quite literally is insanity. Can’t eat. Can’t sleep. Thoughts of suicide. Actual suicide. Best not to pedestalize it.

      Romantic love is not real anyway. It’s a fabrication of the mind.



      • Eh… romantic love has been written about since the time of the Greeks which was just a weeeeeeee bit before 800 years ago. Romantic love is quite real as I have experienced this on more than one occasion in my life. I won’t question the psychological effects mentioned in the article as they are very valid and provable. But to say romantic love is a hoax is a bit over the top.

        I have found though, as I got older and wiser to keep myself from going full bore into such a state even if I have a GF I’m very happy with at the time.


      • Romantic love that one sees on TV and the movies is not real. That shit from “Love, Actually” is what most betas think love actually is. Sad.


      • I agree that, as a concept, love being a hoax is hard to accept. Maybe it is real. Maybe not.
        The octogenarian existential philosopher and professor that wrote the book regularly debated the subject and welcomed anyone to challenge his theories. He has refuted all examples so far and has them on his site.
        The red pill is bigger than we think.


      • Women’s love equates to lust.

        Romance is a pretty lie – this is where pretty lies perish and you learn to use romance just as another tool in your kit.


      • on November 10, 2013 at 8:27 am Never Mind the Balzac

        “Heigh-ho, sing heigh-ho, unto the green holly.
        Most friendship is feigning, most loving mere folly.”

        W. Shakespeare. (As You Like It)


  26. Been approaching all week cuz… there really isn’t a reason not too. Waiting until the weekend doesn’t make sense.

    Got a few numbers. Texted some yareally style texts. No responses cuz I didn’t calibrate. Whateves lol next time.

    My biggest problem is saying stuff after the opener. As this is day/early evening game, it’s really easy to express interest. But I have this issue where I just stand there thinking of stuff to say. I figure the solution is to cold read so I’m just gonna do some cold read and qualifying challenges during the day/evening and then later on in the night I’ll practice isolating and escalating challenges.

    I bail whenever the girl says she has a bf (which is a lot). I’m just gonna plow forward tomorrow. They usually linger after I tell them that so definitely going to bring up other topics.

    I’m still pretty reactive as well, so going to work on that for sure. Maintaining my frame no matter what the girl’s reaction.


  27. I am confused about a sitaution with a girl. I met this girl through a mutual female friend in class who always saves me seats. At first I thought she was pretty cool and didnt consider her more than a friend, so I didnt run lines, routines, cock/funny, etc. I never noticed she was into me until my friend asked how long weve been dating because she would wait for me when i told her to after class. She was very compliant in almost anything I asked her, shed always sit with me in my classes and wed end up walking from class to class together. My friend, also in the same class, told me I sit with her so often, so one day when the girl sat with me before class and when she went to the washroom my frined got me to sit with him somewhere else where we could see the girls seat but she couldnt see us as well. When the girl returned she was noticably confused as to where i went and looked around with a confused look on her face. After class she waited for me and asked why I ditched her. Once when she sent me some notes for class and she did andI tild her to send me love poems. She sent three, her last one was, “roses are red, violets are blue vodka is cheaper than dinner for two”

    Eventually I began kind of liking the girl and got her number (she asked why i didnt ask for it earlier) and then I set up a date with her but she flaked the day of claiming she needed to help her brother, “set something up”. I ignored her for a week afterwards, I was cordial when we talked tete a tete and made no mentionof her flaking. A week later I waz gonna go clubbong woth my bros forna halloween event and invited her. Again she flaked on me after sending the poem above. I ignored her entirely for a week and asked for drinks yesterday. It took a day for her to reply, but she did saying the she couldnt do the day i initially suggested and was asking when im available next week.

    I am so confused about whats going on with this girl? first shes complaint rhen not, says she wants a date then flakes. What should i do next? Please help!


    • Have this girl in my math class who isn’t half bad. I walked in one day during the summer and I was on fire. Turned to her, pointed at her, and told her to fan me, which she proceeded to do until I told her to stop.

      She was probably at it a good two minutes. Almost forgot about her as I was talking to another girl.

      I’m thinking, “My gosh she’s in the palm of my hand.”

      So I grab her number one day and she never texts back. I only texted her once, but whatever. Girls are weird creatures.

      One minute they’re fanning you, and another they won’t return your texts.


    • invite her to a group event with other people. she is a little scared to be alone with you.


      • She’s not afraid, she’s just a tease and a flake. She’s only mildly interested now because she thinks she can bail last minute and he’ll still be around. He should ignore her. When she asks again about availability he should say he’s not sure what’s up yet. Continue to ignore until she asks again, then say he’ll be at X that night or whenever if she wants to stop by. No setting up of special date/time to meet, she has to come to him or it’s a no go.


      • if the post is to be believed then the first paragraph says you are wrong. he friend zoned her. but you probably aren’t wrong ultimately though, as she doesn’t really want him, just her competitive “whats wrong with me” kicking in.

        ultimately, he will get tossed at the first show of humanity/weakness. why bother with an attention whore.


  28. I’m reading the Mystery Method and his routine for newbies is to go out 4 times a week and game for 4 hours, 3 sets each hour. Scary stuff for a guy like me.

    I’ve approached maybe 10 girls all my life and I’ve got social anxiety. Right now I’m fiddling around with online dating sites and not using a profile pic. The rejection isn’t bad at all, I just feel that it might sting more and get scary if I use an actual picture. When you’re anonymous you don’t feel as bad when you get rejected and you have the freedom to try things without fear of embarrassment.

    Should I use try online dating first using a real pic then start talking to girls in real life when I get used to the rejection?

    Or is online dating not a good place to start because women’s value online is much higher than it normally is in the real world?

    I just think I have nothing of value to talk about. Eventually I’m supposed to share something am I right and I’ve got nothing going for me. Nothing.

    Maybe I should start chatting everyone up (men, old people….) and get used to holding a general conversation before I dive into gaming women?


    • I’d say definitely work at chatting everyone up. Treat women like you’d treat the old ladies that you have no interest in, only don’t show the young ones the respect that you would the seniors.

      But overall conversation practice is good. Baby steps, Patrice. You can do this.


    • Online dating complete waste of time for the new guy. Better to expand your social circle/influence/status.


  29. I’m with the people who say it sounds like they’ve fucked before, or at least have some degree of rapport already built up.

    If you just met a girl and immediately go to brief, indifferent texts, how does that separate you from all the other dull losers who haphazardly do the same thing, not because of game but because they’re too dumb to think of anything else to say? The theory of sociopath text game appears to rely on the assumption that she already has something invested in you, in which case you’ve already accomplished the hard part.


    • You are qualifying yourself as not being as dumb as all those other dumb guys. “choose me, choose me!” Sorry to exaggerate for emphasis.

      You don’t know your own power. They may not have fucked before, but she saw him, maybe smelled him, had a bit of game interaction, she is attracted. She girl, he boy, that’s all it takes really once you cut away enough other bs.


  30. […] A reader recently ran “ellipsis game” on a girl, and he sent screen shots of the results. This is very good text game. For the edification of our beta and omega readers, we’ll examine the conversation in closer detail.  […]


  31. Thanks to women unmasking themselves so often…you don’t really have to emote to them anymore. Don’t even talk that much to them.

    The sooner guys realize this…the better.


  32. Perfect Game


    • He is good, but it doesn’t change the fact that he is a leftoid shit-bag that deserves to be exiled to the wilderness.

      Also, again, note the depravity of women. A married woman, supposedly in love, flirts to inappropriate levels.


    • on November 9, 2013 at 7:39 pm haunted trilobite

      It’s hollywood. I wouldn’t be too much in awe of a contrived situation


  33. You write, “note intriguing lack of eagerness in this greeting”.

    Not only does the wording show a lack of eagerness, but his reply is *24 hours* after her text! ISTM (I’m no expert) to be very well-played, in that she is showing an interest in his actions, but framing it in a way that makes almost any reply an indication of beta-ness. He counters by waiting a long time and not acknowledging her question, just demanding her attendance, exploiting her interest but denying her frame.

    BTW, looking at the screen shots makes me wonder if it would be good to use a rotating series of photos of hot ex’s as phone backgrounds.


  34. just thought I’d add one observation: notice how all of the girl’s texts are questions, only 2 of the dude’s texts are questions and he states them rather than asks them (no question marks)


  35. […] [Ellipsis Game Applied] […]


  36. :


  37. I think wala does the laconic thing well, but he may need some more wit or flavor to re-direct the conversation to get them talking more.


  38. Dam whose that sexy girl in the background pic


  39. The strategy of tough, tough, tough, tough, finally easy to set the hook is how I negotiated to buy my first house. I was negotating with a guy whose job is to negotiate contracts with athletes, and I got almost everything I wanted.

    Don’t see why it wouldn’t apply as well in “game” with females.


  40. @YaReally and anyone interested in Elipses game and the impact of No Contact….( not sure if these posts are actually getting lost)

    My ex gf who I’ve been in No Contact with apart from Elipses game 10 days ago came out to our weekly event. I blanked her.

    Then around 2am I get 3 texts: “What is …?”

    “You disappeared from class” reference to blowing off a class we had signed up for

    “You chased me out elevator, then disappeared” -Not true, more like I ran into her and then went back up. She came running back up only to see me chatting up with another girl.

    Then, at 4am 2 calls 2 hours later–no message. And a final text: “you disappeared”.

    I didn’t reply. Should I?

    Is this just the hamster spinning out of control fueled by competitive anxiety and no contact? On that night it was my other ex gf’s birthday so we had a little ceremony for her.

    So I followed your advice and just kept silent without taking any of this bait.
    It just looks like an attempt to provoke a girl’s insatiable appetite for drama and conflict which put the guy in a position of losing hand and being in her frame.

    Girl wants me to blow my top so she can rationalize breaking up with me. The silence is driving her crazy as she realized her behavior make me “disappear”.


    • When do you know when her hamster has burned itself out and she’s good to be approached anew?


    • real question is why you’re giving a fuck about someone that isn’t fucking you

      keep spinning plates and doing you and if she wises up she’ll find a way to her reinsert herself into the rotation or find someone else to insert and rotate


  41. “This is very good text game. For the edification of our beta and omega readers, we’ll examine the conversation in closer detail. (Alpha readers may nod their heads knowingly for the duration.)”

    C’mon, do you still believe “Alphas” read this kind of blog? It’s paradoxal.

    [CH: nice last minute hater contribution. thought no one would notice eh?]


  42. ha love this ‘…’ business. tried it out today: