Evidence That Peacocking Works

Peacocking — the art of wearing outrageous ensembles and eye-catching baubles — is much-maligned, both within and without the seduction community. Nowadays, when people hear the word “peacocking”, they scoff as their minds race to images of pickup artist Mystery and his gigantic furry hats, eye liner, jumbled bracelets, and Victorian long coats.

sure he looks ridiculous, but are you banging girls this hot?

sure he looks ridiculous, but are you banging girls this hot?

CH is on record as agnostic on the effectiveness of peacocking, at least as the term is conventionally understood. My impression is that there is a high risk that an improperly balanced effort to peacock will more harm than help a man’s pickup cause.

But in point of fact, I do peacock, if not nearly to the extent that pre-fatherhood Mystery did. My clothes won’t make me an automatic focal point at social events, but neither does my style ape the drabness of herbwear. I prefer styling myself with hints and suggestions of a free spirit residing within.

Into the cacophony of ridicule hurled by naysayers at men dressing like fops comes scientific evidence, albeit indirect, that peacocking will make a man more attractive to women.

Recent research has found that people with so-called “dark” personality traits are more physically attractive than others. […]

Nicholas Holtzman and Michael Strube of Washington University in St. Louis were interested in looking at the relationship between physical attractiveness and people’s tendencies towards narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism. They wanted to find out whether these three traits, referred to as the “dark triad,” are associated with a greater ability to successfully enhance one’s physical appearance.

To test this idea, they invited 111 college students (64 percent women) into their laboratory. Each student was photographed soon after they arrived.  Then, after taking this initial photograph, each student asked to change out of their own clothes and put on a pair of gray sweatpants and a t-shirt.  Women were instructed to remove any makeup, and anyone with long hair was asked to pull it back into a ponytail. The students were then photographed in this more natural state. Holtzman and Strube showed both sets of photographs to a group of strangers who rated them in terms of physical attractiveness. By comparing the attractiveness ratings of the dressed-down and dressed-up students, the researchers were able to determine how much each student was able to make themselves more appealing through flashy clothes, makeup, accessories, etc.

Next Holtzman and Strube assessed the students’ personalities and their tendencies towards narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism. They asked the students to rate themselves and to provide email addresses for a few of their friends so that the researchers could ask them to provide ratings as well. This combination of self and peer ratings was used to calculate a final set personality scores for each student. Furthermore, the students’ ratings on narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism were combined into create a composite “dark triad” score.

The dark triad score was positively correlated with their “dressed-up” attractiveness – a finding that mirrors previous findings. However, the dark triad score was not related to ratings of physical attractiveness in the dressed-down photos. In other words, people with dark personality traits are not seen as more physically attractive than others when you take away their freedom to wear their own clothes and makeup. People with dark personalities seem to be better at making themselves physically appealing.

The findings reinforce previous research showing that narcissists are more popular than others, literally at first sight.

People who are best at making the most of what they’ve got — a talent which can be accurately described as peacocking when applied to physical presentation — are very attractive to the opposite sex. Take away their ability to peacock, and suddenly they are not so attractive anymore, at least as measured by the pre-interactive appearance they radiate during first impressions. And those people who possess the “dark triad” personality suite are the most skilled peacockers and manipulators of others’ perceptions of them.

Keep a few points in mind about this study.

1. The researchers examined the physical aspect of people with and without dark triad personalities. This study says nothing about the charismatic pull that dark triads have over others beyond their physical appearance; what might otherwise be called dark triad game. Other studies have found that dark triads exert great attractive influence on others based on the strength of their charm and narcissistic self-regard as well.

2. The facial good looks or lack thereof of the study participants were irrelevant to its conclusions. Those dark triad students were the same, as far as facial bone structure is concerned, in both their self-constructed and “natural” photos. So it was not their facial shape that made the difference in people’s opinions of their attractiveness between their peacocked and natural photos. It was how they chose to dress and present themselves that made the difference in perceptions. The “only looks matter” trolls will have to search elsewhere to find a tool to massage their prostates.

3. This study is good news for average-looking men: you can bump up your raw physical attractiveness to women by adopting a more avant-garde style of dress and comporting yourself with the mannerisms of a sociopathic megalomaniac. And my personal observations confirms this: I know a few gnarly-looking men who are catnip to women because they dress like creations from a fantasy novel aimed at women. Even my perception of their objective looks is fooled.

Remember that a man’s “looks” encompasses far more variables than does a woman’s looks. Women get significant boosts to their beauty rating from wearing makeup, an augmentation which directly alters their facial countenance, but men get boosts from an assortment of lifestyle changes, including dress, body language and facial expression. This is because women rate a man’s “appearance” using a more holistic algorithm than that used by men when they are rating a woman’s appearance.

Before any of you haters, trolls, or robotic spergs comment here, I suggest you read this post. If it is clear to me you have not read that linked post, you will be summarily cast into the hellfire of Mount Dork. You’d probably enjoy that, wouldn’t you?


  1. Very first


    • on December 5, 2012 at 10:59 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


      sometimez i pee-cock wqhen i am satnding in fornt of a uringal and pee comes outta my cockaks lotsas cockaksk lzozlzozozoozo

      one time i wore a furry hat out and bracelets that jingle hjnagledz but then when i woke up i found myself with a single mom who made me push the stroller with the “mistake” some other dude made when he chummed in her gina hole instead of her buttonhole by mistsakez zz and ditched her with while she smooekd smoked a cigarretette and made me push da spawn spawn of da asshole she let cum inside her gina and not her buttholzizlzo in the same way the fmeinsinstz movements makes all the men normal good men into betas pushing the welfare wagon filled with the baby spawn of assshole assholes dat day bang and let cum noty just in der butttholez but in der gina hoelz ltootot took lzozlzlozzlzolzlzoz

      so i stopped peacockingz so as to stop attacking da adesoueld buttcoked mameirican skakknknz


    • Clothes, makeup, jewelry, hair are to women what weapons are to men. Discuss.


  2. A more subtle form of peacocking is to dress better than all the other guys around. This doesn’t mean wearing a tux at a casual event, it means dressing one level up. The willingness to stand out is a social risk and the dames are attracted to guys who take risks, even social ones.


    • I don’t understand how dressing how I want constitutes a social risk. Perhaps it’s “not attracted to guys who seem afraid to take risks,” or who advertise “I have the personality of oatmeal” in their dress. I mean, seriously, I peacock all the time — I have fairly unusual tastes and dress accordingly, and if there’s a social risk involved, man, it’s a DAMNED small one. You mean somebody might look at me funny? OH NOES!


      • Are you unable to grasp the concept of shame/ humility? Normally people who dress different or weird are outcasted from the tribe. It’s a kid mentality, learned from elementary school and conforming to social pressures to fit in.


      • Methinks you’ve got an issue with “able to grasp shame” being semantically equal to “pointless peer pressure poo-poo.” Why should an *adult* kowtow to grade-school bullshit?


      • on December 5, 2012 at 11:43 pm Johnny Caustic

        Re: happycrow “I don’t understand how dressing how I want constitutes a social risk.”

        I’ve heard/read from several seduction/dating coaches that when they take their clients shopping for a better wardrobe, they often encounter PROFOUND RESISTANCE to getting their clients to buy cool, un-lemming-like clothes. The coaches also report that most of their clients “know” what cool clothes are–they can point to them when asked–but won’t actually try them on without forceful prompting.

        Do not underestimate the intense resistance men feel when they are asked to do actions that are above their station in the social hierarchy. Of course, men don’t see themselves as fearful; they just don’t perceive the social risk until you try to make them take the risk. It simply never occurs to them to attempt the risky thing. It’s easier to believe you don’t want to do X, or that doing X is “inappropriate”, than to notice that you are afraid of doing X.

        In short: yes, dressing above your SMV is a huge social risk, and like you, most men do not perceive that fact.


      • The real rebel is the old guy wearing black socks with shorts at the beach. He really doesn’t give a shit what you think. Sorry I can’t remember who said that.


      • I dress to suit my sense of style, whether that’s vest and slacks in good 120s with bold colors, or Yoruba-and-seersucker-with tarsolj. So I find that bizarre, but your point’s gotta stand. The data doesn’t lie.

        As Heinlein says “freedom begins when you tell Mrs. Grundy to go fly a kite.” It’s sad that so many guys would be listening to some inner “expectations master” instead of themselves.


    • For us elder gents, absolutely. We can’t pull off young-man peacocking, but we can always dress a level up, no matter what the occasion. And develop a wardrobe that’s both stylish and compliments your looks.

      I bear a passing resemblance to this gentleman. What works for him ought to work for me.


    • Two kinds of men: those that wear uniforms and those that wear costumes.

      Dressing down can be as risk-taking and bold as dressing up. Its situationally dependent. To be impactful, one must know the context, then calibrate accordingly for the impact one desires.

      So three ingredients in effective, subtle peacocking (which I really wish we had a better term for). Social IQ to understand the unstated meaning of the “uniform” in that situation. Good style either one level up or one level down. And courage to do it. Most guys lack all three.

      I work in finance. There are two uniforms. Dark suit, hermes tie. Light blue shirt, khakis, navy blazer (I’ll do the former, but NEVER the latter – nothing screams wifey’s ATM more). As I’ve gotten more tenured, I quit caring, starting show up to meetings in retro nikes, jeans, tweed jackets, skull n crossbone socks and cuff links, cowboy boots (I’m from a small Texas town so I can pull that shit off in NYC) whatever my inner pimp desired.

      The results were astounding.


  3. Is that dude in the pic peacocking? He looks like most 20 somethings dressing causally in the city.

    [Heartiste: I chose that pic of him for subversive reasons.]


    • Plus a stroller. If that’s not peacocking, I don’t know what is.


      • Not sure what would be funnier:

        (1) A forty-something Herbal banging Mystery’s teen daughter, or (2) Bring Da Movies moving in with Mystery’s baby mama and living off Mystery’s child support.

        Would probably result in a lot of door-breaking by Mystery.


      • Careful now… schadenfreude is slated for a spot on the seven deadlies. 🙂


    • Mystery would be happy with that, given that he is 40.


    • He dresses like all the guys in my town. I get more attention and compliments from women when I wear a sharp suit or nice leather.
      When everyone is a peacock, being the anti-peacock works as well as vice versa.


      • “When everyone is a peacock, being the anti-peacock works as well as vice versa.”

        The anti-peacock is peacocking in spite of his peacocking peacock friends.


  4. The study looks credible, but I wouldn’t use mystery as an example of success. Look at the photo, dude’s pushing the stroller (a pink one nonetheless) while his Ugg-wearing, fast fading 8 tops (wife? I don’t even know) smokes a cig (which she probably does around the kid). Odd jewelry and dress may work well for particular personality/body types, but I’m not wasting my time with it. Building up real value: wealth, body, experience cold approaching women, is the real foundation upon which to build success.


    • The take-away from that photo for me is this. Would mystery be with that “fast fading 8” without the peacocking? If I didn’t know it was mystery in that photo, I would just see some random lanky douche with a girl that in my opinion is above his SMV. If a bit of peacocking can pull you a half point to a point higher SMV woman, then it seems to me like it would be worth investigating. You say “wealth, body, etc…” Well how do you make a woman aware of those advantageous SMV qualities that you possess without peacocking them? A flash of cash. A nice wrist watch. Clothing that would conform to the better-than-the-average-beta build that you’ve worked for. Are these not a form of peacocking?


      • I think you’re right. I don’t think mystery would be with this woman without the peacocking but that’s an integral part of his method which isn’t for me at all. The qualities I mentioned are tied to developing inner game which causes you to build confidence that leads you to approach and close attractive women. Expecting outward displays of wealth to attract quality women is the old fallacy that being rich will automatically get you hot women. Millionaires with no game are still banging prostitutes or gold digger wives (expensive prostitutes). To backtrack a bit I consider a quality girl one that you’d want to see again and potentially have you’re children with down the road. To me it looks like Mystery’s peacocking helped him get an attractive girl that he got pregnant (there’s no way I’d want that girl handling my baby, maybe that’s why Mystery is pushing the stroller, she looks like Katie Price after a night out from a Daily Mail article). If you’re looking for casual sex then use peacocking or whatever to get yourself incremental gains in the women you pull, I’m confident that without peacocking (of the jewelry, makeup, metrosexual clothing variety) you can get all the quality you’d be satisfied with by building yourself up through personal achievements that’ll cause you to radiate confidence or “amused mastery” through your behavior.


      • on December 5, 2012 at 6:12 pm immoralgables

        Jesus Christ. Are you really debating the benefits of peacocking.

        Go out in coconut grove in miami in a fur coat.

        Go out to a New York City rappers album release party in a grey sweater and Burberry polo underneath.

        Go out to Williamsburg, Brooklyn where all the hipsters are in a button up and slacks

        Every time I’ve done this I got noticed more and was able to parlay that into scenarios where I could game.

        Forget blending in with the crowds. Try some of this shit out and step away from the keyboard.


      • If I’m going to take peacocking advice, it will definitely be from immoralgables… get a load of that lid.

        /jes’ playin’, bro 🙂


      • “Try some of this shit out and step away from the keyboard”

        This. No one gives a shit what you “think” or “don’t think”. If you haven’t gone out and spent a few months peacocking, shut the fuck up with your theories cause you’re just mentally masturbating.


      • We get it, Lloyd and Harry. Keyboarders are evil. Big fish stories are all. You can now shut the fuck up about it.

        Even in a thread that has nothing to do with this particular burr up your ass, you snicker and snark like chubby BFF’s anyway. Have faith in yourself, make your point without feeling the need to ridicule the possibility of dissent. You expose your hidden doubts. Men who let their deeds/wisdom speak for them do not habitually characterize disagreement as the character flaws of everyone else in the world.

        For the record, I am 100% against mental masturbation. But, dudes, it’s much better than the mutual masturbation you two got going on there. Get a room, would ya? Or at least a bush behind the rest stop.



      • Peacocking works for girls to some extent, especially if they are 8 and up. My natural dress sense is Bohemian Chic. Even with my somewhat conservative corporate job, I bring some bohemian elements, velvet black pant suit or tiny mala necklace accent or leopard print loafers etc. Guys tell me I peaked their interest because of my “uniqueness”.

        In general a Guy who dresses somewhat differently from the rest of the group will get my (and most girls’) attention because it signifies that this Guy does not give a hoot about following trends, makes his own path which that signifies Alpha which creates girly tingles.


      • @King A
        Don’t worry, you can join us for a 3-some and be the middle spoon. ❤


        "Peacocking works for girls to some extent, especially if they are 8 and up."

        No shit, where do you think we learned it from? lol Most of Game is backwards engineered from shit hot girls do.


      • For fucks sake people. Even Mystery has said “if you can’t do this in jeans and a t-shirt, you can’t do it.” Peacocking helps with opening. I’ve always peacocked even before I knew the term, and it helps with opening and getting chicks to open me. But if all you have is peacocking and flash – no game, no skills, no confidence – then it’s fapping alone just the same.


      • But if all you have is peacocking and flash – no game, no skills, no confidence…

        There’s a word for this. Larping.

        Bad PR is good PR. But still, what’s the point of advertising a nullity? If the flash and dazzle are pointing to an essential emptiness, then attention-getting is a wasted effort. It’s in-your-face guerrilla marketing to sell a lukewarm glass of water. You can bait and switch as long as you have something to switch to, something that will hold her attention at least until she gets shitfaced enough to spread her legs.



      • You remind me of that guy that used to post here,I forgot his name,but he was acting all gangsta –he was white(said from Belfast)- and always talked about “swoopin” bitches. Every comment had a “swoop” reference. If he had been in a tsunami he’s day,”After climbing down from the trees I was able to swoop a couple of native girls. It was funny..


  5. […] Evidence That Peacocking Words […]


  6. He looks absolutely miserable.


    • He’s probably just relaxed and spent.


    • I think the woman is pretty but it is a bad sign that she’s smoking around her child. And making him push the stroller. How much does she value the union?


      • I thought the same thing. I think Mystery deserves better, as I think she is already thinking of trading up. Her body language indicates indifference as well.


      • Correction: How much does she value the unicorn


      • on December 5, 2012 at 7:27 pm Days of Broken Arrows

        LOL — that was the first thing I thought, regarding the stroller. Probably wouldn’t have thought that was had it not been for this blog…


      • What you are seeing is indifference. She realizes that he has others he spends time with, not just with her, and they probably argue a lot as a result, or she sulks for fear of losing him if she were to nag too much. She probably thought she could tame him being the silly slut she is, and when it didn’t work exactly as she thought, she is now in a constant stage of indifferent resentment at him.

        I really have to say she is a slut, especially after seeing the video YaReally posted. Any woman sleeping with him, is out of her mind. It’s not like she didn’t know what he’s about. I don’t get these girls.

        Is she his GF, or just a friend with benefits that got pregnant on him?

        He looks much better in this picture than he looks in the video participating in all his orgies. And she is a 7, no more than that. It’s hard to tell from this picture for sure, but her face is Ok. Her figure isn’t bad for having given birth though. I hate these unfeminine boots. I said that before.

        I don’t have a problem with him pushing the stroller. That’s actually a redeeming move on his part. It’s not like she asked him to do house work or change dippers. If he had a dog wouldn’t he walk it? It’s actually endearing, if not ironic given his history.

        I wonder now that he has a daughter, how would he raise her? Would he shelter her from men like him? I wonder if he cares?

        To raise her right and watch out from men like him, he’d have to marry the mother, live at home, and be a real father. He can’t be having a harem, or a circle of fuck bodies, and visit the mother and his daughter once a week. That’s not a father make. That’s why I think if PUAs want to live this lifestyle, they shouldn’t have children, unless they are ready to get married and raise children properly. Otherwise, they are just breeding defective children who will grow up with a slew of emotional problems that plague kids raised by single parents.


      • Maybe I’ve just got some seriously pro-beta tendencies, but as far as I’m concerned, any man who balks at doing a diaper needs to look in his pants and see if he has any balls. Diapers are WAY less nasty than a lot of stuff I’ve dealth with just as a matter of having a job.


      • Yeah, diapers are nothing… and the way the kids hug your neck for balance when you’re done and pulling up their pants is priceless.


      • Haha. Yareally lives in a world where puas have broken down situations where kids are involved.

        And we’ve been through this shit when King A used to argue with Yareally.


      • We’re working on it. You can start here:


        I haven’t read his “How To Create and Maintain Open Relationships With Women” and “How To Create Or Convert To An Open Marriage” eBooks myself yet, but skimming the summaries of their content and given Blackdragon’s reputation (one of the top PUAs on open long-term relationships) I would recommend them.

        Hell, I’ll probably pick them up myself for the future even though I already have a solid handle on short-term (0-2 years) Open Relationships because down the road when I get older I’ll probably be interested in longer-term ORs. If I do, I’ll review them for y’all.

        I’m not spamming his shit, I’m just saying this is a guy who knows what he’s talking about and is well respected in the PUA community on this topic, and personally I would give his eBooks a look if you’re a guy who wants to get into Open Relationships…you could just Google for all his posts on PUA forums (mostly sedFast) but the eBooks are probably more concise compliations of information than skimming through forum threads.


      • P.S. There’s a lifetime refund guarantee on his eBooks. “I will refund all of your money, anytime, no questions asked. I have no problem offering this kind of guarantee because I know for a fact these techniques work.”

        He also admits that this setup isn’t perfect or anything, it’s impossible to have a perfect arrangement…but compared to the Disney monogamy marriage where one or both of you ends up cheating, you get crippled in a divorce, you spend years going without sex, etc., it’s an alternative worth exploring lol Why settle into a system you know going in is completely broken?


    • on December 5, 2012 at 5:13 pm RappaccinisDaughter

      Can’t tell. All guys pushing strollers look miserable to me.


      • +1
        dad’s prob don’t get any enjoyment until they can make kids grab beer from fridge or play catch with them.


      • What, you’ve never played Grand Theft Infant before? Dude, you’re missing out.


      • That’s what my dad said, he liked it once I could get him a beer.


      • Naw… kids are blast, once they start recognizing you and smiling somewhere around 2 months.

        Don’t know too much about strollers, but I made this tricycle with a long handle on the back for my first son, and used you jog with him around the neighborhood before he could peddle… good times, sigh… good times.


      • Having a little guy running towards you when he sees you while he says “dad!” and wrapping his chubby little arms around your neck is a joy unmatched in this world. Unconditional love is an amazing thing, and so is being a father.


      • Hurray! Some actual joy and hope in this cynical forum. 🙂
        Parenthood is awesome.


      • I totally agree. Nothing else like it in this life.


      • Shit you guys are gonna make me cry…
        /sarcasm off.


  7. on December 5, 2012 at 4:15 pm FuriousFerret

    Longish blond hair with leather jacket combined with pressed blue jeans and black solid shirt. Total classic look that peacocks just a little without being over the top.


  8. Interesting. I always figured that peacocking was prizing the intensity of a reaction over its direction, to shrink the potential pool but see a bigger increase in your conversion rate, as you announce your style of game up front, so you filter for those receptive to it or generally DTF. Banging 20% of 30% of women is more bangs than 10% of 50% after all.

    [Heartiste: Peacocking apparently works two ways for the PUA: 1. It evokes shit tests from DTF women, as you say, which makes it easier for the man to DHV by passing those shit tests and 2. It has self-evident value because it makes the man more physically attractive to all women.]


  9. Mystery Meme of the decade????

    Drum roooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll…..



  10. What is an avant-garde style of dress? Can somebody elaborate?


    • That is a bit contextual. I work in a company that allows casual dress with some dress code rules in place. No flip-flops for example. So since the employees are free to dress how they would normally dress were they not confined by a higher company standard, they pretty much wear some variety of jeans and a T-shirt. Relative peacocking is easy to do here. Just wear some form of pant better than jeans, like khakis or slacks, and collared shirt and enjoy the extra female attention from your stand out from the crowd plumage. If you work in the suit and tie world, um…. be tall.


      • Suit world? Tailored suits with decent English shoes (think Church). Maybe, just maybe, a slightly out of the ordinary shirt color. Expensive watch if you have to.


  11. Unfortunately (or fortunately) you don’t have to do much to stand out in America, since most men do dress like herbs. My key is to have some nice shoes (Oxfords or loafers), a few nice blazers, and dark jeans. American Eagle jeans are great for showing off your package a little (women love to glance). You can even throw a blazer on over a nice t shirt and look “dressed up” these days, especially if your shoes are dressy. Wear mostly dark colors with some touches of brightness, whatever works best for you. That and walk like a fucking stallion. You’ll outdo the khaki-clad, slumped-shouldered, man boobed herbs with ease.


  12. on December 5, 2012 at 4:46 pm Johnycomelately

    So Mystery is a limp wristed stroller pushing douche after all…..


    • Dude looks more conformist than peacock to me, but dude, pushing a stroller can actually be a lot of fun — may sound whacked, but if me and my wife were out with the munchkin, she’d better be nice if she wants the stroller.


      • It isn’t whacked for a man to push a stroller. It would be whacked if he were too obsessed with not being seen as a pussy to push the stroller. Which would in actuality make him a pussy.


      • I’m not sure, but I don’t think this woman is the girl’s mother, and that’s probably why she is not pushing the stroller.


      • Got no idea who he is, but if she’s not the Mom, then one suspects CH picked him because of the stroller, not the utterly unremarkable hat.


      • Could be he’s just picking up a few bucks on the side, babysitting?


  13. The little girl is dressed for summer and the girlfriend is dressed for winter.


  14. any of the manly men here done manscara for the rock n roll look? might be a little bit much for L2 and such in DC. but then again, with all the arabs here…


    • Yes, I used to do it in the early 80s in honor of the Ig-man, Iggy Pop. It got me in a few fights and got me laid a few times. I found it works well enough. BTW, I think Mystery could have done better for a wife to settle down with.


  15. The reason women would this attractive is because he is confident enough to wear a silly looking hat.


    • No, women would find him attractive in that picture because he has been pre-selected by another high SMV woman. Take the woman and stroller out of the photo, and he is just some dude wearing a silly looking hat whose confidence cannot be known without interacting with him to see if he will pass a few preliminary shit tests. Aaaahhhh the glorious power of pre-selection.


      • True. It’s the hot girlfriend, and the cute daughter with possibly a different woman, that will get a new woman’s interest.


      • Mostly, yes … But if he has a look of a narcissist in his eyes, and an alpha aloof walk, he would have been a mysterious man with all these traits that indicate high value, and than wears that funny hat.

        that would be peackoking.


  16. CH always busts on mystery for banging 8’s.

    [Heartiste: ?]


    • Maybe I misread it but everytime M is mentioned, there seems to be a crack about how hot his girls are, sarcasm-like (IIRC like “be like mystery and you could be pulling 8’s too”). So here, “are you banging girls this hot?” could be well, she’s got a nice pooper, butter face … or CH is serious. (not to be pointy elbows internet nerd brigade about it).

      [Heartiste: No sarcasm. Mystery bangs hot chicks. The pic was chosen to irritate those anti-game haters who like to claim PUAs don’t have the stuff to convince women to bear their children. Well, and also to laugh a little at a great seducer pushing a stroller.]


      • I read “CH always busts on mystery” the wrong way.


      • on December 5, 2012 at 5:51 pm driveallnight

        “Wrong way” as in Mystery catching a money shot? Wow.

        Wait, is Mystery’s surname Schweizer?


      • Well, and also to laugh a little at a great seducer pushing a stroller.

        Yeah, it’s not like you’d want a great seducer like a BHO Sr or a Frank Marshall Davis [or whoever the hell actually knocked her up] to hang around and help poor Stanley Ann Dunham raise her bastard son.

        I guess that that beta-provider, Lolo Soetoro, did what he could to try to instill some character in the child [I mean – Allahu Akbar – Lolo did his best to inculcate the child in the teachings of The Prophet, peace be upon him], but the little bastard still grew up to be a world-class narcissistic megalomaniac.

        Future of Civilization and whatnot…


      • Narcissists don’t remove mirrors from the walls of the White House. They also don’t take the time to personally answer ten letters from constituents every night.


      • You really believe that? What about his lifetime membership in Man Country?


    • the girl is hot and just gave birth so she was hotter when he seduced her.

      I see this picture as both an endorsement of Mystery’s skills, and a chuckle that a guy who preached the foundation of “survive and replicate” has seemed to have replicated to the detriment of his happiness.


      • “…detriment of his happines”.
        You know what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger(with few scars though)
        When (if ?) they weather this present problems out, they will be more satisfied together.

        Hardship exists because you’re in some kind of change, and reshaping, and once you reshape, and change according to factors that force you to change, you’re happy again. Or you can either remove the factors that force to change yourself, and be happy again, whatever is more expedient to you.

        Happiness is like a weather some time sunny, sometimes not. If clouds are now over you, just stand the ground and sun will rise, eventually.


  17. Well-dressed men are so rare in some locales that wearing a fine pair of gabardines is indeed a form of peacocking. I’ve had many women swivel their heads in my direction because of those pants like it’s a fishin lure or something.

    Many times those gals are in the company of their herbally dressed but otherwise good-looking boyfriends. You can sense them salivating wistfully as they check out a guy who’d dressed like an adult male instead of the pathetic cargo-panted attire of their soulmates.

    And they last for years. I’ve gone through 5 pairs of “jeans” for every pair of men’s fine slacks.


    • Man, ain’t that the truth. Drop a grand on a week’s worth of clothes, and you’ll have the stuff for as long as you want to own it. Drop 150 on the same kit, and be ready to replace the shit next year.


      • Or you could learn some basic mending skills.


      • The crude, thick cotton fibers of jeans tend to fray at the slightest snag, then come unraveled after a few warshings. Whereas the tight, durable weave of the gabardine resists damage by rough surface and therefor lasts indefinitely.

        Rugged enough for jungle trekking, yet elegant enough for the dance floor.

        Perfect for your gentleman’s get-away bag, as might be featured in a classic early-70’s Playboy or Penthouse liquor ad. Where frankly, the self-satisfied smirk reigns supreme.


      • White woman — you need to learn fabrics as well as just which end of the needle goes where, and why thimbles are a good idea no matter how macho you’re feeling. Gabardine, or the high-quality wools (and inexpensive 100s can do the job just as well as the more spendy 120s) are MILES more durable than the cheap crap that comes from places like Old Navy and Target.


      • Send a grand (or two) worth of the fancy clothing over to me, and I’d be more than happy to test this.


      • Sorry, I only dress women I’m sleeping with.
        (that said, “learn to mend IS a good solid response — ::applause::)


      • Send a grand (or two) worth of the fancy clothing over to me, and I’d be more than happy to test this.

        I’m sure that would make you happy… but he wouldn’t be feeling too grand.


    • It depends on the situation. I’m a 55-year-old professor that hits the gym hard and wears jeans and a t-shirt to work. Young women aren’t impressed by a suit and necktie. They’re designed to hide your physique.


      • on December 5, 2012 at 8:39 pm immoralgables

        Props to you man


      • Me too. I’m 55 too. And you’re gonna need a cravat soon to hide the neck wrinkles. Young women are impressed by the gabardines and a classy shirt. Suit and tie is a little overkill. If you are a college prof then you have a different scenario than most. You have a duty to work it for the rest of us.


      • Vests, on the other hand, if they’re properly tailored, DO show your physique, which is why I do the vest/pants deal, rather than jacket/pants. In a business-casual environment, a well-done vest/slacks setup stands out among the polo shirts and inane khaki schoolboy pants.


      • Hmmm. Also mid-fifties, also working hard to stay in shape, and also a professor (STEM) but in a school with something of a dress code. I usually where business casual (loafers, dark slacks, dress shirt and tie) but in fall and winter I wear a leather jacket rather than suit jacket. Students do respond to a well-dressed professor, especially if there’s a little edge to the outfit. Also has a positive effect on colleagues and deans.


      • Absolutely – students have a keen eye for bullshit and slacking, and notice immediately when they see you going the extra mile. Helps establish the cred you need in order to handle the cellphone issue with mild mockery from a position of dominance, rather than letting them run roughshod over the class.


      • My old man was a college prof at a military grad school. Many years ago we went to the local newspaper office to get something notarized. He had been working in the yard and was wearing t-shirt and painter pants. They refused him. So he went home, put on one of his $500 shirt and ties (in 1970s money), and returned to the office, speaking in manly, professional tones. They snapped to attention and notarized his document compliantly.

        Had an EE prof once who wore leather pants. Total asshole.


      • BULLSEYE, teach!
        A hot bod is worth 10,000 ‘games’.


      • “OMG! Are you, like, a bartender?”


    • “wearing a fine pair of gabardines is indeed a form of peacocking.”

      LOL, gabardines? How old are you, Uncle Elmer? Who still wears gabardines?

      I swear, I never laughed harder than I am doing reading this thread. Each comment is hilarious.


      • @Southern Man

        Just curious. Do you guys date your students? I assume you’re not banging the fellow old-hag professors?


      • Go ahead and laff. Textile technology led to Jaquard’s automated loom in 1804, from which Babbage borrowed the ingenious “punch-card” concept for his Calculation Engines. Hollerith took it further with his refinement of punch-cards to provide counting-machines for the overloaded US Census (though he had no knowledge of Babbage’s efforts). From there “IBM” was started by Tom Watson (who perfected “Salesmanship” as a profession) and from which we got a crude electro-mechanical computer in the 1940s. The rest was just embellishment on the idea, progressing to “the internet” and your callous remark typed into a keyboard, which also originated from quaint Victorian technology.

        wikipedia :

        Gabardine was invented in 1879 by Thomas Burberry, founder of the Burberry fashion house in Basingstoke, and patented in 1888. The original fabric was water-proofed before weaving and was worsted or worsted/cotton, tightly woven and water-repellant but more comfortable than rubberized fabrics. The fabric takes its name from the word “gaberdine”, originally a long, loose cloak or gown worn in the Middle Ages, but later signifying a rain cloak or protective smock-frock.

        Burberry clothing of gabardine was worn by polar explorers including Roald Amundsen, the first man to reach the South Pole, in 1911, and Ernest Shackleton, who led a 1914 expedition to cross Antarctica. A jacket made of this material was worn by George Mallory on his ill-fated attempt on Mount Everest in 1924.

        Gabardine was also used widely in the 1950s to produce colourful patterned casual jackets, trousers and suits. Companies like J. C. Penney, Sport Chief, Campus, Four Star, and California Trends were all producing short waisted jackets, sometimes reversible, commonly known as weekender jackets. These jackets, depending on pattern and rarity are highly sought after in the “rockabilly” subcultures around the world.


      • Textile manufacture used to be high technology. You don’t learn this stuff until you have a few suits made and learn the difference between good and low quality fabrics.


      • The pros know how it works. John T. Malloy in “Dress for Success” describes how to twist the arm of a jacket to assess the material quality. What dame could resist a man who understands and insists on the highest quality?

        Yesterday was evaluating a a company’s management team and saw one of their board members with the classic man’s “curly perm” framing his tanned, leathery face. Also sporting the expensive shirt and jacket sans tie. Obviously a real player with refined peacocking skills.


      • Interesting!

        I just meant that Gabardine is a bit of an antiquated fabric and I didn’t know it was still readily available in clothing nowadays.


      • …Ernest Shackleton, who led a 1914 expedition to cross Antarctica

        About ten years ago on PBS they had a three hour documentary on Shackelton’s expedition, I taped it on a video-cassette which I still have somewhere in a box.

        Anyway this is one of the most fascinating documentaries I have ever watched and I have watched hundreds and hundreds of documentaries. ( I have watched more documentaries than Hollywood movies, yes I am funny that way )

        The courage and determination of those men is absolutely astonishing, they survived atrocious things and never gave up.

        they were real men

        But that was back when white men were still interested in advancing Western Civilization as opposed to advancing a liberal anti-white agenda

        Sadly those days are long gone now…


      • I had to google gabardine,

        it seems to be a kind of raincoat like men who wear suit would put on on rainy days.

        a twenty year old man might look silly in it, but a man over fourthy would look elegant

        in my arrogant opinion…


  18. I’m sorry, Mystery’s baby mama is not hot. She looks like a total bitch taking a a drag and wearing those ridiculous boots. She’s thin, but that’s it. Looks like a total pill.


    • I spent half this thread not knowing who Mystery was (had to google him), but she’s pretty cute, in a show that shows her in an unflattering outfit and crapping framing (for the purpose of seeingher). She’s a solid 7 in circumstances where a lot of pseudo-8s/9s would look like cows.

      I’m a tough sell and rate hard, but just b/c they both look frazzled don’t mean she’s a coyote.


    • just because you feel you personally couldn’t handle her shit tests and bad attitude deftly enough to get her attracted to you, that doesn’t mean she is not physically hot.


  19. Is the guy in the picture called Mystery? He doesn’t look like the Mystery from the TV show.

    And I hate those type of boots. They are not feminine enough and make her legs look emaciated. But, he’s definitely someone I’d pay attention to if he was walking down the street. I don’t think he looks ridiculous at all. He just stands out a bit, which is the point.


  20. So this is the culmination of years of game? I felt pretty bad for this guy after reading The Game, but now I really pity him. This is one of the greatest PUAs of our time (if you believe the hype, which I do). More importantly, he’s world traveled, well above 6 feet tall, semi-famous, and he still ends up another goofball beta, pushing a stroller with an average looking wife/babymom? STILL?

    [Heartiste: Plz refrain from pointy elbow internet nerd syndrome. The chick is hot. Hotter than most girls. As for the kid… well, goes to show that girls want to have the babies of alpha PUAs after all.]

    This is one of the most depressing photos I’ve ever seen.

    [I think it’s more humorous than depressing.]

    Focusing on money, fitness, and relationship game are better time investments than mastering pick-up. Fuck ending up like this.

    [Clearly you are a troll who did not read the linked post and craves the soft caresses of Mount Dork.]


    • Sorry, what was that you were saying?


    • on December 5, 2012 at 6:58 pm immoralgables

      Dear KJ…oops I meant EJ

      a lot of the puas were good at approaching and getting the lay. They were not good at keeping the girls and a lot of them went beta and lost them long-term.

      That’s why it’s good for keyboard jockeys like you to read here at heartiste and learn how to up the alpha and keep the babe…when you get the babe. Which you prob wont do since you’re furiously arguing theory at your keyboard and shitting on the guy who helped advance the cause more than you ever will.


    • You might get 1/4 to 1/3 of a woman’s essential attractiveness from one single-angle two-dimensional snapshot — basically like the first round of a tournament, where you separate the pretenders from the contenders (the fat/deformed from the average/probable). You can’t make any definitive judgment through a photo, especially one taken candidly. Photography is a lie that poses as verisimilitude.

      The predicament is only “depressing” out of context, where the hater can fill in the blanks with assumptions that, not coincidentally, support his predetermined judgment of the man.

      Mystery Markovic is an iconoclast. I doubt he is experiencing the hangdog sadness you’d attribute to any man visually frozen in the circumstance depicted. He spent his life ignoring the social markers that drive the judgment of the tabloid masses. He’s not going to care what any person thinks of his current situation, particularly if that person has not been where he has been. The domestic experience does not yield photographic evidence of its worthiness, except in idealized Norman Rockwell paintings. Few of the best experiences in life do.

      Your envy is showing, and it’s ugly. It tells us that you have no understanding of the ennui of apex-success, which implies how far up this particular mountain you have managed to climb.

      How much of his “depression” is actual? That’s beside your point: in your fantasy, it is impossible for the perfect man to be caught supplying photographic “evidence” of such obvious imperfection. Indeed such evidence invalidates him. The analysis of the paparazzo.

      At the same time, there is an incongruity to mention. If Mystery cared about the ratification of his past-life’s wisdom, he wouldn’t have allowed this image to become public. But like I said, iconoclasts don’t care.

      For the rest of you, it’s enough to realize that old PUA’s never die, they just fade into the bourgeoisie later than most. The advice to focus on “money, fitness, and relationship” is actually very smart, and not mutually exclusive with the short-term successes of the PUA.

      But your criticism makes the same zero-sum mistake the PUA’s do: you believe an emphasis on one mode of life necessarily means a detraction from the other. The middle-way wisdom is timeless. Construct in advance an exit strategy, or the vicissitudes of circumstance will construct it for you with the materials available at the least opportune time — that is, when you are exhausted and jaded and desperate to make up for decades of lost opportunity, eschewed in the name of hoarding strange vag.



      • Well said, I was basically on this very same page. The people decrying that this girl is “only” a 7.5 are absurdly comical to me. Look at that body again, that is after having shit out one kid already. Find me 1 out of 10 American women that are 18 years of age that even have that body with NO kids. From the comments here you would think everyone is pulling 8+’s all day which bespeaks as you noted, hot air and jealousy more than anything else. I have enough natural game that I’ve had my share of 8s and a few 9s here and there. When it comes to the time in life to realize that you can have an amazing ride on the pussy wagon but at some point realizing that what you may really want is a classic relationship a good jumping off point is with a solid 8 that will take you into old age.

        And as you noted, I highly doubt he cares what anyone thinks, if I had fucked a baby into that tight little package walking next to him, nor would I. And the cries of “butter face”. Really? Really? First off, she is looking down and we cannot see her face in a full frontal shot. But as someone alluded to above, she has a very even bone structure and has a sort of Megan Fox thing going on. Small angular nose highish cheekbones, etc.

        As the ‘father of game’ the guy could probably have landed a 9 or 10 for that same role, but, to what end? When you are in baby making mode the pure physical rating scale is an adjunct to the other qualities you’d look for in a woman. Is she loyal, supportive, caring, easy to deal with, feminine, etc? If I can find a HB8 with these qualities I’d lock her down without hesitation. 9s and 10s require just about constant vigilance and it is nothing I’d want for long term.

        Lastly, as for ‘peacocking’ there are so many grades to this and so much of it is situational. Wearing expensive stuff is likely to impress nobody maybe excepting golddiggers which is the very opposite of what you’d want to attract. Having your own sense of style that is very different than the norm is all you need to get the edge up in a sea of clones. For older guys, dress younger for younger guys, dress differently than your peers. I wear “spikes” down the sides of my face which are long pointy sideburns that taper. Nobody I see in DC is wearing these and my dress is just different enough to stand out as well. If I start throwing game on some girl in a bar, I notice that these dumb 20 something girls will start in with mad IOIs because oh wait… that guy looks different than the ocean of hipster clones or jersey shore knock-offs. And it just goes north from there. Nothing on planet earth is better ‘peacock’ than having a conversation with an attractive girl or, if you are so blessed, having a girl wingman that is attractive. I use to have one back in the day and I never in my life was swimming in more vag than at that time. As has been pointed out on CH before how you look is almost arbitrary compared to how hot the woman you have with you is.


      • “when you are exhausted and jaded and desperate to make up for decades of lost opportunity”

        Case in point: You, Queen B.

        A married, jesus loving, old, angry, deluded jr. college teacher that tries so hard to fight the very life that you yearned for. The envy reeks stronger with every reply.

        You make claims that you have seduction experience yet don’t exhibit any knowledge but only argue against. There is never any discussion with Queen B. Only criticism, deluded grandiosity fueled diatribes, long wordy lectures and mental masturbation rhetoric.

        You’ve been exposed for the sad, crotchety and deluded geek that you are.

        I challenge you straight up: for once reply with a beneficial experience related to a tactical game post. Discuss and share.

        We both know you won’t do it…and you’ll just cycle another ASCII temper tantrum…


      • Another beta in alpha makeup still smoldering with resentment. The old embers never really go out, do they?

        What is it about me that frustrates you consistently enough to break the silence regularly? What is it about this post in particular that really puts you off your feed? Think about that.

        I claim no “seduction” experience here. I think those who do are sad little braggarts caught in a cycle most well-adjusted men transcended in high school or college. Some of us do not feel an acute need to make claims to faceless, exaggerating chumps who clamor for equality with other chumps and thereby project their insecurities over everyone.

        You’re a dork for being so obsessed with the details of the “seduction” “industry,” “Ripp.” In an endeavor that requires artistry, you’ve vivisected the methodology to death. That tells me what I need to know about you: you are an excitable mimic of symptoms rather than someone who is familiar enough with essence to manipulate it. Unsolicited, you pop your head up once every couple weeks to piss and moan about those of us who aren’t stuck in the rut you imagine we all must “envy.”

        If you want/need tactical advice that sounds like the most basic common sense to me, look elsewhere. How should I look at this chick? What can I do to help my confidence? What’s the best way to neg a 3-set? How can short guys score? Do I look fat in these peacock pants? I don’t do the “Flirting for Dummies” shtick. I praise those who toil in those salt mines, especially the host of this site — there is a desperate market out there to be served, a market you’re trapped so deep in the middle of you can’t fathom a world elsewhere.

        I’ll see you in another three months when you have forgotten your place and try to “expose” me in bold letters again. In the meantime keep guessing about the details of my life, and fill in the blanks any way that helps you feel superior. Guys like you need that artificial, positive reinforcement — I get it. Hard as it may be to get through your skull: I never needed that fake spiritual uplift, but I have learned to empathize with your deficiencies.

        TTFN, my wife is calling for supper and I’ve got a bunch of tests to correct. Imma give them all F’s because they’re fucking hotties and I have to jack off next to my snoring blunderbuss of a wife. Is there anything I left out of your fantasies of grandeur? I’m here to help.



      • I claim no “seduction” experience here.

        Aw, poor queen B.

        Try humility, Matt. And respect the fact you criticize a subject matter you have no experience in.

        Difference between you and CH:
        *CH discusses all aspects of game and it’s related subjects. This includes shared personal experiences, studies, and real-time examples critiqued for the purpose of sharing knowledge.
        *You only lecture about your beliefs and make claims that are inconsistent with reality. And never participate in ‘discussion’ by sharing experience and promoting knowledge transfer.

        Judge Mystery. Judge “PUAs”. Keep blogging on the internet all day and get upset and rant when I “pop in” and get a rise out of you- when you’re big useless vocabulary, ideals and assumptions about game are accurately assessed as complete bullshit. (To use the technical vernacular).

        Oh and go outside and meet some new people. You’re welcome in advance.

        See you in a couple of months.


      • she is a good looking gal and HE is probably not depressed. however, the photo, itself, IS kinda depressing


    • So true. This chick is hotter than most chicks any anti-gamer will ever grovelingly succeed with. Personally, I’d rather have a 7.5 who gives good head and isn’t an idiot and gives me crap than a 10 who is too good to put that thing in her mouth and constantly shit-tests me. Just sayin …


    • They don’t look like grown ups. They look like idiots. Both of them.


  21. This post reminds me of you, dear editor :


    Some great 70’s era advertising fashions. Amazing the money they must have spent arranging some of those shots.


  22. At some point, different for every man, this stuff becomes demeaning.


  23. The usual peacocking refresher:

    1) peacocking just means standing out. Suit at a dive/average bar, t-shirt at a formal event, same result. Clean cut around rockers, tatoo’ed up around iBankers, same result.

    2) it instantly indicates you can handle shit from men and women (confidence), and allows her to shit-test you to open you (passing shit-tests = attraction booster = faster/easier lays)

    3) despite how he dresses, mystery advocates just one interesting thing for normal guys in average enviros. Your “cool necklace” won’t get you noticed by the 10s in high-end Hollywood/Vegas nightclubs where girls look like this:

    And your male competition is LITERALLY celebrities.

    But when mystery walks by in his fucked up costumes those girls all go “omg who is THAT??” and half the work is done for him. You don’t need to dress that crazy in your shitty local bar where the guys are wearing striped polos and flip-flops.

    4) if you’re out of state you will just look like a weirdly dressed idiot lol half of peacocking successfully is mentally believing you look awesome (aka confidence and frame control). If you fail shit-tests about your peacocking you will look even more retarded than if you hadn’t peacocked at all…pass them and you get laid easier. It’s a double-edged sword.

    5) Tyler and most of the RSD guys don’t really peacock anymore except for special occasions (besides simply dressing well). Mystery takes off his props and games the bar in his VH1 show (2nd season, 1st ep I believe). It’s really not a necessary skill and ironically now that peacocking is mainstream, in some environments NOT peacocking IS peacocking lol

    6) it really does work. Try it for a few months and see…that’s what us PUAs all did. I dress normal now because my game is tight enough without peacocking and my competition where I’m currently living is super peacocky (everyone in suits or affliction or a stylish combination of the two). For my current enviro a plain black t-shirt or dress shirt with no skulls or sparkles is unique lol. If I took a trip to LA or Vegas I would probably step it up a few notches.


    • 7) fucking LOL at Mystery’s FML face in that pic. I know those feels.


      • on December 5, 2012 at 8:43 pm the latent sadist

        Youre on fire lately. Word…couldnt have said it better. It communicates youre used to standing out and can deal with it. Status. Its incredible how horribly unstylish most men are. You dont gotta be mr gq magazine, but buy some fuckin jeans that fit man! And ditch the fucking converse all stars…they are gay, cliche, and instantly make any man look like a boy. Get some slick boots instead. Almost every guy i see wearing converse i can almost guarentee is not getting pussy.


    • “suits or affliction or a stylish combination of the two”

      Bwahahahahahahahahaha, Greatest fashion troll ever.


  24. Carhart bibs have slain more pussy for me than anything I’ve learned from game. Those things are fucking gold.

    P.S. Punk rock mastered peacocking when Mystery was still a twinkle in his daddy’s lanky eye.


  25. She’s a very lovely girl. Actually, from this angle she looks a lot like Megan Fox. In person, even on the set in full makeup Megan Fox looks like that (which isn’t actually the way she looks on film…weird what the camera can do).


  26. The Private Man is right, dressing better than those around you elevates your value. But some of the other comments here seem confused about the whole subject of male style. Defending what you wear in CH comments is unconvincing, in terms of using clothes as an aid to game. This incomprehension is not surprising, as one of the things that feminised men lack, is an understanding of male style. This has an effect on the general public perception of men’s style.

    As I understand it Peacocking and dressing for high social value have two different intents. Heartiste has succinctly defined Peacocking above.

    Dressing for social value is different. As part of your Game you show women that you understand style and deploy it in your own individual way. Remember women are taught about clothes and style from the moment they are old enough to speak. They understand your style instinctively (this is a proven fact).

    This is a big area of study but some simple rules always apply. Women find good shoes attractive. Classic Brogues (Alden or Church) go better with casual clothes than Oxfords. If you want to see Brogues cut for clubbing style go see the English brand Grenson. If you want insanely sexy shoes for men see the English brand Jeffrey West.

    Always buy the best you can, Ralph Lauren over Gap. They always look, fit and wear better. Women see this and assess it in a millisecond.

    Fit is king. Suits work if (A) they have a modern (slim) cut and fit and (B) there is some excitement in the fabric. Brands that do this well are Ted Baker (Budget), Canali (Mid-price). Your end goal should be bespoke, the ultimate good fit.

    And Heartiste is right about this all being holistic. Do not forget men’s perfumes. Women are hugely turned on by men’s perfumes, in ways that men are not biologically equipped to understand. Do a little research and buy a good perfume, either from a major brand or from one of the new niche perfume houses.

    Learn how to wear it. I am currently wearing 1740 from Histoire De Perfums. Not only does it knock women dead (as my mate Michael Caine used to say) but I feel like a sex god wearing it. Or if you want to stay with a US house, try Ineke of San Francisco. Her “Derring-Do” or “Evening Edged in Gold” are masterpieces of men’s perfume. Be warned, “Evening” is big, make sure you have the swagger to carry it off.

    Once you have the basics, the detailing is the next step. Accessorise so that your clothes fit your individual image. There are lots of ways to do this.


    • Zelli’s got a nice range, too, if you don’t have the budget for Jeffery West, or you aren’t in love with their sleek pointy-toe look.


    • I used febreeze as cologne for a while. I’m not kidding, tho girls thought I was when I told them lol


      • It is amazing and it works. I have a friend Pete, who we call “the Serial Shagger” for his ability to get women with no effort. He wears atrocious cheap stuff that comes in those bottles with sportsman on the packaging. But he says that, regardless of the actual scent, the simple act of wearing something, anything, puts him ahead of the pack.


      • Reality is girls just don’t care.

        If she’s attracted to you, whatever scent you’re wearing becomes sexy to her. If she’s not attracted, it doesn’t matter what you wear.

        It all comes back to game.


      • +1


  27. How do I get a hot girl to cuckold me?


  28. I love the comments from guys saying that Mystery’s gf is ugly when they haven’t fucked half the cute girls that Mystery has, much less the hotter ones. Mystery could take an ugly wife and for the rest of his life he’d have more attractive girls than most men do in their lifetime. It’s like the classic “would not bang” meme except they’re serious:


    • Oh, stop. That’s a hot girl in your picture and so is the woman on the face of the YouTube video YaReally posted. But Mystery’s girl is really about a 7. She might have a nice figure after giving birth, but I agree with those that say she is too skinny. The camera puts about 10 lbs on you, so she is even thinner and scrawnier in real life. Being too thin is not that sexy. That’s why she only rates a 7.


  29. An experiment:
    Go to Walmart and buy a dress shirt that sort of fits you and is within a sub-20 dollar budget.
    Next, go to an upscale establishment and get something as near as possible to the colour and style of the Walmart bit.but this time your budget is 100 plus dollars and let the fitting be precise.
    Go out with one or the other to the same kind of place and similar kinds of people.


    • I have done this. It makes no difference. My $17.99 Stafford JC Penny shirts work just as well if not better than expensive brands.

      It’s not the shirt, its the wearer. Hell, my Carhart bibs have gotten me laid more than any $100 Ralph Lauren bullshit ever could.


      • Try a 1000USD++ tailored Italian (Cerrutti, Loro Piana etc) Super 150s suit vs whatever crap BrooksBrothers has on display this week. Night and day.


      • The more money you spend on an outfit, though, the more you’ll cry if you ruin it.


      • The Doctor is correct.
        Besides, Walmart has NO shirts that fit me (the way they’re supposed to), unless I go into the kids/teen section.


      • Kids clothes?

        how short are you???


      • @ Canadian Friend – 5’10, 142 lbs.
        = Walmart shirt size ‘L 16’………


      • @ Wolfie65

        I hope you don’t mind me saying this. I’m genuinely trying to help.

        Finally, I figure it out. You need to put on 20 lbs. You’re too skinny. You should be between 155-165 for your height, depending on your build.

        If you had told me you’re 6’1” and 160 lbs, I also would have said you are too skinny. At 6’1” a man should be around 180. So I don’t think it’s your height because at 5’10” you’re not short. You’re even above average (5’9”). But you are too skinny and I think it’s why you’re not attracting more women. Women don’t like too skinny. Try to put on 20 lbs in weight, and even 5 lbs in muscle. There are shakes that help put on lbs. I saw guys in my gym drinking them. Gold Standard or something they are called. Do that before moving.


      • “(to the girl as suit-man walks or stands nearby) wow check out that guy’s suit, that’s fucking pimp. He looks like James Bond. I feel so underdressed in this T-Shirt. You should fuck him, no guy spends that much money on a suit unless he’s got a huge cock under it. I’m just saying, mine is tiny, you would be so disappointed in it. Hey, I saw that, you’re looking at my crotch. (grab her in close, put her hands around my shoulders, my hands around her hips) Fucking pervert, why are you so obsessed with my crotch? I’m totally not putting out tonight you know, you’re not even my type (cheeky grin), I think you’re hideous. 😉 (makeout)”

        Or in situs where the guy is in set or enters my set or tried pouncing on my girl while I was taking a piss:

        “(to the guy) wow that’s an awesome suit man, you look like fucking James Bond. (to the girl) this guy is awesome, you’re lucky your boyfriend dresses up when you guys go out, my ex never dressed up. Oh? He’s not your boyfriend? Oh shit sorry, awkward lol well he fuckin SHOULD be. The man has a SUIT, god. What more could you want? If you don’t date him you’re gonna be stuck with the rest of us ugly poor fuckers. Look at me I’m in a fuckin t-shirt. (side-step, turn her away from the suit guy) I gotta get a suit, what do you think, would I look hot in a suit? Ya? God, why are you so SHALLOW. You’re supposed to love me for my personality, not my ridiculously handsome good looks. I hate you, you shallow shallow bitch. Aww no, I’m kidding, I love you. Can you love me even in my t-shirt? (cut the space and get closer, put her arms up around my shoulders and mine at her waist). Because it seems like you love me already. I’m just saying. (knowingly cheesy) Don’t hold back your feelings, this is destiny. (get closer). But don’t think I’m going to kiss you, you’re not my type, being so shallow and all. I only like sweet (kiss) innocent (kiss) girls who (makeout)…what was I saying again?”

        Don’t waste $1000 on a suit till you have game lol


  30. There are so many things wrong about that picture.

    CH, I see what you did there.

    Tryin’ to rustle my jimmies again.


  31. on December 5, 2012 at 7:58 pm Full-Fledged Fiasco

    Mystery has a baby girl? I love it.

    Heartiste, you think 18 years from now that girl will be hearing this line from random dudes: “Hey, I’m sorry to bother you, but who you think lies the most, men or women?”

    That would be swell.


    • “18 years from now”

      Ha. Try 9 years.
      The rising generation is even more freaky.
      BTW, that little guy from CH twitter should be Alpha of the year

      He’s got better game than 99%¨of the grown-ups.
      r-selection FTW!


  32. Just remember that if whatever you wear works, other guys will copy your style. Always be one step ahead, and ready to change.

    Also, be mindful of your target audience. In some circles, having something that requires knowing someone important is a sign of status. Being able to say, “This was a gift from (designer, artist, band),” means more than having a name on a label. Next best is having things that are exclusive to a particular event.


    • Or, know a clothier, and have him make you what suits your style. It’s considerably less work to develop your own style and get it made by somebody who’s professionally ready to provide that, than to give a shit about fashion, constantly running the treadmill of other people’s (frequently retarded) clothing ideas.


      • You don’t have to be rich, either. I’m a reformed academic with a very weird resume who works a day gig for a totally unremarkable salary. All you need to dress well is an ability to budget out past the next month’s set of bills.


  33. The girl in the picture is pretty hot. Of considerably more importance is that she is trying as hard as she can to be hot.


    • Fair, but that kind of thing is supposed to stop when a gal is attached. Her dress and body language says she is unattached.


      • That’s my observation too. she’s good looking, but looks bored and listless. She’s not giving off any signals she’s in love.


      • she does not look in love, does not look happy, and it seems she does not even want to be there.

        and she’s too skinny…


      • Way too skinny. The camera puts about 10 lbs on you, so she is even thinner and scrawnier in real life. Too thin is not that sexy. That’s why she only rates a 7.


    • I’ll be specific. I’m not hating on the girl. She looks alright. What she’s displaying though, is that she has no respect for the man she’s with.

      Looking hot for your husband/committed partner means looking at or above your class, and if your point is that you’re hot arm candy, that should be sexy but not slutty. A skirt/dress above the knee is fine, but nobody should see that soft bit of the inner thigh. If your pads are showing when you walk or bend, you’re inviting other guys to look longer than to simply note your beauty.

      If one wants to show off a good set of legs, and it is sweater weather, tights should be worn. Bare flesh and sweater and boots in contrast is a slut sign. One either dresses for the weather or one doesn’t.

      She also seems to be hugging the wall like if it weren’t there, she’d be walking even farther away from him.

      Maybe I’m overly submissive, but this just seems all kinds of wrong.


      • “She also seems to be hugging the wall like if it weren’t there, she’d be walking even farther away from him.

        Well, they just don’t look in love. And there is definitely an air of sluttiness about her. Whether it’s the smoking or the outfit (although the outfit isn’t that bad), or just the fact that we know she has a child out of wedlock and we can’t suspend our disbelief about her virtue, she is definitely reeking sleazy.

        But her look is not the point of the thread. The point is how Mystery is dressed, and he definitely stands out.


      • When you are dating or married to a guy, you are part of his wardrobe. Men are generally very forgiving about beauty when it comes to love, but they are still very visual.

        Some guys instruct their woman on how to dress, while others simply observe and understand what position she should be in by how she dresses. If he doesn’t mind that she’s dressed like she’s ready for a quick bathroom tryst with whoever comes along, then maybe it’s because he wishes someone would, so he has an excuse to be rid of her.

        So those mourning his exit from living the game shall likely not fret long.


      • You’re definitely highly submissive, Nicole.

        Maybe that’s why you’re so attracted to this blog 🙂


      • Yeah…gives me something to do other than binding shoes.


      • >> She also seems to be hugging the wall like if it weren’t there, she’d be walking even farther away from him. <<

        Or perhaps she just doesn't want the kid to breathe any of her cigarette smoke.


      • That would be solved by simply not smoking.


  34. on December 5, 2012 at 8:24 pm Mast Vajority

    Would like some advice. First things first…shes a coworker…has a child. Judge elsewhere i dont care. We established a sexual vibe..and shes sent me a few photos..one in thong. So i layed off the sexual vibe a bit and tactfully went for the meetup. I tried making plans three times total..this is where i need an anylsis. The first time was prior to sexual vibe. I pushed for her to come straight over to my place, no date. She sorta balked but in a way that allowed things to continue. The second time we set it up for the next evening. She said she couldnt get a sitter, but offered to meet up at like 1 or 2. I texted back “-10pts”…I wanted sleep and i passed. Then she “made it up to me” with the panty photo. So heres where it goes south. I hit her up yest, and swap a few terse texts and then said ” lets meetup tmrw”. She took a little while and said “i cant tmrw…sorry”. No counter offer. So this being the third time…i wrote back “gay”. Then she goes something like “lol what i gotta do stuff for my daughters bday” and i just wrote ” shabadadoo”. Then she just wrote “freak”. Lol!! Wtf? So i sent her a final one…couldnt resist. Just said…get real ive tried to make plans three times. Its odd cuz she seemed so easy. So is this a game failure? I just went with my gut after not getting a definite plan after three times. Maybe i needed more comfort? But i def should have ignored the “freak” comment


    • Dude – there’s a time for being an asshole and a time for being a gentleman.

      So try this: “Hey, why we don’t do something in the afternoon with your daughter?”

      If it’s the summertime, then you pack a picnic basket and a blanket and an ice chest with a couple of bottles of wine and some wineglasses, and you take the two of them to the nicest park in town, and while the little girl is down by the fish pond throwing bread crumbs to the swans, you and the Mom are back up on the blanket, drunk off your asses, and practically fornicating in public.

      And if it’s the wintertime, then you take them to the movies: You bring one flask of Seagram’s 7 [in case the Mom likes Sprite] and one flask of Bacardi [in case the Mom likes Coke], and as soon as the lights go down, you mix your cocktails, and wiithin 20 minutes, you and the Mom will be feeling each other up like fricking rabbits in heat.

      PS: Real men LOVE kids.

      The only “males” who hate kids are fags.


      • and while the little girl is down by the fish pond throwing bread crumbs to the swans, you and the Mom are back up on the blanket, drunk off your asses, and practically fornicating in public

        For the record the record, I’m envisionig a fish pond that’s 18″ to 24″ deep, and the little girl is maybe 36″ tall – obviously you wouldn’t want her to be unattended near a pond where she could actually fall in and DROWN.

        Also, if you take out a single Mom and her child, then you are now THE MAN IN THE FAMILY, which means, among other things, that you are on constant lookout for child molesters – those motherfuckers are everywhere.

        And if you do see some God-damned child molester cozying up to the child, then, well, that’s why God invented the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution.


      • Forget about any alone time with mom until snookie-uggams is safe in her bed.

        Any time you’re out and about with kids, eternal vigilance is the price… and I’m not talking about child molesters, I’m just talking about kids’ uncanny ability to find a way to get into mischief or get hurt in the blink of an eye under the otherwise most innocuous situations.


      • I’m thinking that you take Mom & the little girl for the 11AM matinee on Saturday morning – you mix your covert cocktails and you’ve got Mom drunk by 11:30AM, and then, after the movie [and maybe after a short stop at Chick Filet for lunch], the little girl falls asleep in the car on the way home, and when you get to their house, Mom puts the little girl in bed for her nap, and then you and Mom spend the rest of the afternoon, down the hall, in Mom’s room, working off that hangover by fornicating each others’ brains out.

        Anyway, “Mast Vajority” needs to text Mom and axe for a do-over.

        “Screw this babysitter shit – let’s just do something during the day and bring your daughter with us.”


      • you mix your covert cocktails and you’ve got Mom drunk by 11:30AM, and then, after the movie [and maybe after a short stop at Chick Filet for lunch]

        BTW, any sorry-assed PUA-wannabee poseur can mix some covert cocktails in the darkness of a movie theater.

        But if you really wanna step it up a notch, and take a walk on the wild side, then try mixing some covert cocktails in a corner booth at Chick Filet, with all the Soccer Moms and the Herb Dads watching in jealousy…


      • you mix your covert cocktails and you’ve got Mom drunk by 11:30AM, and then, after the movie [and maybe after a short stop at Chick Filet for lunch]

        BTW, any sorry-assed PUA-wannabee poseur can mix some covert cocktails in the darkness of a movie theater.

        But if you really wanna step it up a notch, and take a walk on the wild side, then try mixing some covert cocktails in a corner booth at Chick Filet, with all the Soccer Moms and the Herb Dads watching in jealousy…


  35. ‘That’s the thing about female creators. They aren’t really ‘that talented’, they just bitch abt having a period and wondering why so many guys use them as cum receptacles as if there is some ‘sense’ 2 make of it. They eat, cry, laugh, love, pray, dance, and do other shit that seems ‘euphoric’, but it is all just a temporary distraction from the eternal sadness inside of all women.’ – carles, referring to lena dunham



  36. on December 5, 2012 at 8:36 pm the latent sadist

    Peacocking works. You will stand out and communicate to girls that you “get it”. Just do it tastefully. I have a cool leather bracelet i wear sometimes. Got some custom john lennon sunglasses with deep red lenses. Evil looking. And i wear clothes that fit well and are flattering. Invest in your style dudes its very worth it. Just dont obsess and be gay about ur hair and shit. I like to dress as i mentioned and i let the stubble grow…dontwash my (short) hair. I believe the oils that accumulate.give off my natural scent. Looks the same if not better than constant wash. and i leave it basically messy. You enter metrosexual territory if u try to perfect every last little detail. Aim for a stylish nonchalance.


  37. It is not really hard to figure out the basis for the eternal sadness inside of women
    Here it is: A younger woman with nice tits holds all the trump cards over an older, plainer woman with an earned PhD in Math, or an MD with specialty Boards.
    fairness = not.
    Of course, some of us were put here on earth to put the right kind of healing deep inside that sadness….


    • A younger woman with nice tits holds all the trump cards over an older, plainer woman with an earned PhD in Math, or an MD with specialty Boards.

      May we assume that the PUA community is smart enough to realize that – in general – if Nice Tits pushes out all the babies, whereas Ms PhD Specialty Boards grows old and gray and barren, all alone with her cats, then we’re talking about the kind of dysgenic fertility which will destroy our civilization?

      In my neck of the woods, if Ms PhD Specialty Boards has a warm personality, a kind heart, and a fertile womb, then she’s what we call “A Keeper”.


  38. Peacocking, like any other Game tool, can be great, but must be done right.


  39. cmon ..photo..looks like a guy who doesn’t give a shit at best .. chic is hot?? WTF ..by what standard.. Monica Belluci as a 10 and Anne Hathaway as a 7 ..maybe..6..

    peacocking is trying to hard unless it comes as a natural inner expression of who you are ..sort of Johnny Depp .. as opposed to Jake Gyllenhaal .. bs way of life for the average guy who wants to move up fast


  40. ‘Peacocking’ ain’t how he got that girl.
    He’s a good foot taller than her, that’s how he got the girl.
    Plus, I’m guessing she might be eastern European, by the extra skinny legs and the cigarette.
    Telling her he’s ‘Murcan was all the ‘game’ it took to land that fish.
    Next item: Whose kid?
    If not his: BETA MAX!!! Delta, even.


    • Not sure if troll or someone who doesn’t add any value when he comments.

      Wah wah wah I’m not tall enough. STFU


      • No kidding…I’m tall and complained it was the rich good looking men that got the women.

        All height does is open doors…it won’t pull the women in.


      • Height gets her attention, game gets her body, and funny gets her cooking.



      • I have a theory about this. Tall slender guys seem to get a disproportionate amount of play from Western women, especially considering the biological value in big muscles. As much as the modern western woman denies that she’s fat, she is, and she knows it. What better way to make sure her offspring are less fat than find a tall slender guy?

        [Heartiste: One problem with that strategy (fategy?): tall, thin men, like most men, don’t want to fuck fatties, let along have kids with them.]


      • Very true, but damn if they don’t try.


    • I’m 6’3.


    • “Plus, I’m guessing she might be eastern European, by the extra skinny legs and the cigarette.”

      Not necessarily. She could be Canadian. They smoke in Canada, not as much as in Europe, but more than in the USA.

      She doesn’t have an Eastern European look.


      • The province of Quebec – where I am – is where the French speaking Canadians all are – about 7 millions of us – the rest of Canada , what we call English Canada , has maybe 1 or 2 % of French speaking people

        and guess which Canadians are the biggest cigarette smokers?

        French speaking Quebecers!

        But I have never smoked, in many ways I’m a black sheep…


      • Mystery is Canadian, if I’m not mistaken, and since Canadians do smoke, more than peeps in the USA, I’m guessing she is a Canadian he met back home.

        Yeah, you being a black sheep is an understatement. How many conservative-leanings, Bush-lovin’ people are there is Canada? My guess, 2%, maybe. LOL! Hey, but that’s why you make more sense than the other 98%.


      • Well…

        In the west of Canada there are more conservatives than you might think, our prime minister Stephen Harper elected in 2006 is a conservative and he is doing a fantastic job

        the two provinces that have a lot of leftists are Ontario ( large population of third world immigrants so no surprise that they vote liberal, our immigrants also want a lot of free stuff and liberals give it to them as if money grew on trees ) and my province of Quebec which is the most leftist, most socialist of all Canada

        most French quebecers complain that Obama is not socialist enough!

        in my province I am definitely a black sheep but I would not be so much in the rest of the country

        I’m a black sheep at home and a black sheep on USA blogs…a lot of people wonder what a French Canadian is doing here and why does he care so much about what is going on in the USA?

        Well I have always been fascinated by the USA for its being more successful and more powerful than any other nation in the history of the world and having gotten there in only a couple of centuries
        but when I began investing money I realized that at least 75% of everything Canada produces from lumber, to petrol including maple syrup and what have you is purchased by the USA

        in other words if your economy is bad enough that you buy less of our stuff, our economy will suffer too and then we won’t be able to buy stuff either…

        that is always the argument I use when I talk with anti-USA Quebecers; if you wish the USA bad things such as an economic crisis, you are wishing we go trough one ourselves; be careful what you wish for…

        I love Canada but we are like the little dingy boat tied behind the humongous ship, we go where you go, if you go trough rough times, we go trough rough times, and if you sink, we sink with you…


      • For the record, Stephen Harper is my favorite world leader right now. He’s the only one shining in the West. The rest are not worth the paper their name is written on, with the exception of one or two. I hope Stephen Harper stays for more terms. I hate to see another socialist take over the country again. I am still perplexed on how he won. Miracles do happen.

        Just curious, did you want Quebec to separate from the rest of Canada? I assume not from what you say.

        Your assessment of the US economy direct influence on Canada, as well as on the rest of the world, is spot on, but then again you can think logically, a rare commodity these days. Trouble is, most people can’t think logically because their brain has been formatted by left-thinking, which causes real damage to brain cells, and I don’t mean that as a joke.

        What you describe is not just characteristic of Quebec . People in almost all countries hate the USA, even from supposedly friendly countries such as Canada. Their hate and dislike stems from a deep-seated jealousy toward the successful US, and they would like nothing more than to see this country going down in flames.

        I have some friends from the UK that live here, and they spew the same anti-American left-inspired rhetoric, which is exasperating to hear. I get the same attitude from other European nations. You really have to live in the USA for about 10 years to start realizing that your old formatting from the mother country is WRONG. It’s when you start to realize that socialism isn’t what it promises to be, and that indeed the US system is much more superior. It takes time for this to develop.

        Some of my left-thinking friends think that Obama is preferred by much of the world and that because of him we are respected again. Obviously they and their premise is stupid. The rest of the world doesn’t have America’s best interest at heart. If the rest of the world wants Obama, it’s because they know he’s going to turn the US into a mirror of their own falling leftist economies, such as socialism. They can’t stand the thought that there is a capitalist country on earth flourishing, while theirs are falling apart. It’s a danger to their own systems. That’s why their governments and their media trashes the US to no end. They don’t want their citizens to start thinking the US system is much better.

        In addition, many want America’s power and influence to diminish as well, which means a weaker America. And who is better for that than Obama?

        Therefore, Americans should not listen to the rest of the world and what it wants for America. The rest of the world shouldn’t be allowed to influence our elections, but unfortunately it does. The left keeps saying how the rest of the world likes Obama, and thus stupid people in this country think it’s a good reason to vote for him. It has definitely been one of the arguments the left used to brainwash people into voting for Obama. If people had half a brain they would know this point is moot, or better yet an indicator for voting the opposite.


      • Anti- Americanism is “subtly” embedded into almost everything in many nations, the same way PC brainwashing ( gays, blacks, feminists are good, white men are bad etc etc ) is embedded in almost all tv shows, movies and tv news in the USA

        I have access to Anglophone Canadian TV, Francophone Canadian tv, French tv from France, English tv from England, and they all do it, they all – without saying it in so many words- brainwash people into hating the USA.

        Most people no matter how educated or if they have high IQs are completely ignorant of reality and repeat the most absurd things about the USA

        If I had a dollar for everytime an educated intelligent adult told me something completely false and absurd about the USA I would be rich!

        I once saw a documentary on PBS and then a couple of month later they translated it to french so I watched it again but they had removed at least 10 minutes out of the 1 hour documentary, and which parts did they remove? the parts where positive things were said about the USA!!!

        all the parts where people were accusing the USA of doing bad things were left in, of course

        when George Bush said in an address to the nation; ” we are addicted to oil and this must change”

        here in Canada they only showed the part where he said ” we are addicted to oil” and from there they began discussions on those evil Americans who admit they are addicted to oil which is why they attack nations that have oil and blahblahblah…

        this is common practise here especially from our state sponsored tv station the CBC ( or radio-Canada in French ) they heavily edit stuff to make Americans look bad ( except with Obama , because of the color of his skin he gets a pass, of course … )

        If I was a rich man I would pay to have this analyzed extensively and exposed.

        This hatred of the USA is like a virus that has infected the whole planet, but we know who is behind it; the left.

        no matter if a news source is Canadian, French or British, or whatever if it is anti- USA you can be sure they are also very much to the left politically

        the left is evil and they control almost everything

        this hatred of the USA is something that was engineered and embedded into everything to brainwash people in many nations just as the PC messages that are in almost every tv shows and movies in the USA are,

        this was not something that was spontaneous, it was all orchestrated by the left


      • So true. Every word you said is GOLD.

        You are spot on regarding the left.

        I think you need to start your own political blog, even in French, if that’s better for you. You probably don’t have time, but your message is right on target and should be heard.

        That’s why I get annoyed when Greg Eliot tries to substitute Jews for the left. Many Jews are leftist, there is no doubt, but many leftists are not Jews, as evident form what you yourself said:

        “This hatred of the USA is like a virus that has infected the whole planet, but we know who is behind it; the left. No matter if a news source is Canadian, French or British, or whatever if it is anti- USA you can be sure they are also very much to the left politically”

        The Jews are not prevalent in the rest of the world and they are not running the media, yet in these countries the left is even more virulent than in the US. The example you gave of French TV and the shenanigans it play with the truth is a prime example. It’s important to keep our eyes on the ball.


      • NiteLily,

        thanks for the compliment

        I could have my own blog, yes, how do one gets people to read it ?

        Very few people care about those issues and to be fair it is time consuming .

        the MSM only presents one side of things, and a very simplified version of it, and most people only read the headlines anyway

        very few people have the time, energy or the curiosity to spend hours reading trough all the details, to evaluate both sides of a story, to analyze the numbers etc etc

        when I try to explain the meaning of some event to my girlfriend I realize that there is so little she knows about politics, and even less she knows about how the left controls everything and brainwashes everyone that it would take too long, she would get bored before I am done, so I cut corners and present to her a super simplified version before she is distracted by a shiny object

        For example, she was telling me about the Movie : “the family stone ” and as I tried to make her realize that that movie is like an orgy of leftist brainwahsing ( a gay couple in which one is not only black but the other is handicapped – a trifecta a of victim groups – who adopt a black baby and bring it to their parents who are liberal pot smokers etc etc ) and as I tried to make her understand that the scene where Sarah Jessica Parker ( who is an evil white conservative in this movie ) points at the black guy because in the game they are playing she must have others guess a color, all the others turn on her and make her feel like an evil racist.

        had she pointed at my eyes for the color blue it would have been fine, but she pointed at a black guy for the color black and they publicly humiliated her???

        frankly the hater in that scene is not her; it is the intolerant liberals who see racism under every beds and behind every tree and humiliate her

        anyway as I was trying to make my girlfriend understand that this is part of the ongoing brainwashing embedded in everything we watch, ( gays, blacks, feminists, liberals=good and white male conservative, Christian = BAD BAD BAD ) I realized that I would have to educate her on many other things as she is not very familiar with all this, so I gave up

        there is so much a person has to learn before they can understand why leftism is doing very bad things – without them knowing it – that it looks like a mountain of information to them, and they lose interest

        people don’t care about these things and it takes a certain effort, it is almost as much work as learning a new language to figure out how the left has infected everything and how they are dragging us down while pretending with big smiles and a sparkle in their eyes that ” diversity is our greatest strenght!!! ”

        if it was, Detroit would not be a hell hole and if it was, 57% of mexicans would not come to the USA to be on welfare and if it was, 86% of HIV cases would not be gay men, and if it was 80% of crimes would not be committed by blacks, and so on and so forth

        Diversity is is our greatest WEAKNESS. denying this is INSANE.

        How could 57% of tens of millions of Mexicans on welfare be the greatest strenght of the USA when you are a hair trigger from going bankrupt with your debt over your GDP???

        Sadly very few people care and those who care, how would they learn about my blog???

        I am a loner, I have very few friends, I have never been good at creating social networks

        there is already a Francophone site called Antagoniste who does a good job of exposing the left but very few people visit his site…

        people simply do not care…and in my corner of the world they mostly care about very local issues ( some say they like to look at their own navel…)


      • I can’t agree with you more about “The Family Stone. ” The subtle messages of the left are embedded even in kitty TV. Children’s shows on Nickelodeon, Disney, and PBS have leftists messages in them, especially multiculturalism. They start brainwashing our children form their days in diapers. It’s a catastrophe what’s going on.

        It’s very depressing what you say about French Canadians being so far to the left. Maybe it’s better for the rest of Canada to separate from Quebec. When is the next referendum?

        I am ready to break up the sates as well. I heard Judge Napolitano saying recently that he’s afraid the decline of America is going to develop into a dictatorship. He says he doesn’t see a way out, unless the Supreme Court can stop the madness, but with Justice Roberts who knows how he’s going to vote. Also, if Obama gets to appoint another Justice to the Supreme Court, it’s pretty much the end of the country.

        I think there is a stronger awareness in the US now. People recognize that we’re in big trouble because of leftists polices. The message is finally sinking in. Don’t give up repeating it to whoever wants to hear. Explaining the left’s sinister tactics and ideology through movies is actually a great way to teach your GF about it. After you discuss with her a few more movies, she might start to recognize the signs on her own.


      • Yes about French Canadians wanting to separate from the rest of Canada, it is a weird thing,

        on one hand they say they want to protect their language and culture from English Canada ( and American influence trough pop culture )- which I can understand , it is valid concern – although I myself prefer the English language.

        but on the other hand they also want to separate because they claim that their being less educated and less successful than Anglophones ( was true for centuries but French Canadian are narrowing the gap ) was because Anglophones were keeping them down!!! ( and of course it is a lie )

        yes EXACTLY as blacks and Hyspanics in the USA – despite affirmative action and hundreds of other programs made to lift them up – still can’t succeed as well as whites because of their own dysfunction, but blame whitey instead,

        we have our own “white niggers” here – French Canadians Separatists – who have blamed and are to this day blaming the anglos for all their failures but this a big lie.

        it would take too long, but here is a quick example of how they kept them selves down;

        for centuries and until only a few decades ago, French Canadians had very large families, 10 to 15 kids was very common, the parents did not see the importance of a good education ( cultura thing ) and pulled their kid out of school at around 13 years old on average either to have them help at home with the dozen of other kids
        , to work on the farm or go work at the shop with daddy so they could help pay to feed the other 10 or 12 mouths.

        while the Anglos in Canada traditionally had smaller families, 3 to 5 kids, they would encourage them to get a good education etc etc

        so guess who ended up being the accountants and the bankers and the shop owners? and who was the uneducated cheap labor?

        well French Canadians were not being exploited or kept down, they did it to themselves

        they chose to remain uneducated

        just as blacks and hyspanics chose to quit school and go on welfare in the USA , or turn to a life of drug and crime and even though NO white person put a gun to their head to make them do it , they still claim whitey is to blame despite affirmative action and about a hundred other programs whitey created to lift up the colored man

        I am a race realist but I have to admit that in this case – The French Canadian ” nigger” in Canada – it is seems to be a culture and not race difference that made them ” inferior” to another group of people

        I say it seems because as we understand more about DNA maybe someday we will find tiny differences in the genes of French and Anglos which will explain this difference in behavior?

        Ironically, although it is French Canadians who want to separate, it would be the rest of Canada – the Anglos – who would benefit the most as Quebec has the lowest GDP of Canada ( Quebec’s socialism is killing our GDP ) and all other Canadians pay more taxes that are then REDISTRIBUTED to help support Quebec’s bad socialist economy,

        and Quebecers – as a thank you – say to the rest of Canada: ” We hate you so much that We will separate from you, we HATE HATE HATE you!!! but until we separate; keep sending us money you evil oppressors”

        How could I relate to people who keep themselves down , blame others for their own dysfunction and then bite the hand that feeds them?


      • Very interesting. And you’re honest about it, which is even more remarkable. These are your own people and you are willing to see the truth about them without whitewashing reality. It’s very rare. Most people like to blame others for their troubles, often feeling very jealous of successful people. They think these successful people are oppressing them, or made it on their backs. They refuse to see that perhaps their behavior is the culprit for them staying behind. Every demagogue that comes along who understands their frustrations and resentment can fill their heads with anything from relatively innocuous separation to mass murder. It just depends how lethal and toxic the demagogue is.

        BTW, Quebec is not the only province that wants to separate these days . There are referendums coming up in Scotland and Spain next year. The Scots want to separate from the UK and the Catalans from Spain. This is going to be much more prevalent in the next decade or two, which is why I think the US will also break up to parts. The North, the South, and the mid-West are still til this day three different countries. Of course, today there are more micro-sections than during the Civil War, which is making us even more divided. I don’t know how this country is going to hold it together longer than a decade or two.


      • NiteLily,

        Now secession is often mentioned in comment threads but a few years ago it was rarely ever mentioned,

        but after I had read many articles on illegal immigrants from Mexico and all the troubles they bring ( and knowing what I already knew about other race’s super high rates of crime and all the decay “forced down your throat” multiculturalism brings everywhere it is imposed)
        I came to the conclusion that things could not go on that way.

        It is IMpossible that whites will simply take it sitting down forever.

        Of course my first thought was that at some point somewhere someone or a group of white people will have had suffered one injustice too many and blow their top;( ex; the police do not do anything anymore when a store owner places a call because 20 or 30 blacks in a “flash mob” are stealing thousands of dollars of merchandise, the white owner is on his own but forbidden to defend himself or his property )

        violence will erupt, civil unrest and this could lead to civil war as the authorities will take the side of the third word criminals as if they were victims

        this will infuriate whites even more and throw oil on the fire

        I still believe this has a high chance of happening especially now that more people know that if you defend your life against a colored person, the media will doctor the evidence to portray you as an evil white racist ( Trayvon Martin case for which ABC half apologized for doctoring the tapes ) and the media will actually work real hard to make sure you the white victim of a scam end up in prison ( La Crosse team )

        the tyranny of the left on white people is getting worse ever year, more and more people are becoming aware of this tyranny of the left, and the pressure in the kettle is mounting,

        eventually someone somewhere like Breivik will snap and this will devolve into something bigger

        and whatever it is, it will then lead to some states seceding which makes sense as it would be the only – the ONLY – way to escape the tyranny of leftism.

        How else can leftism and imposed diversity be reversed?

        Stop immigration? too late, they reproduce like rabbits

        make it illegal that immigrants have more than one baby per family as in Mao’s China? that will never happen

        send them back to their country? who would have the courage to do that? and this in itself would cause a civil war

        the only really “peaceful” way of escaping the tyranny of leftism is to secede.

        Ten years ago I would have said secession is a stupid idea but I have educated my self on such matters and in light of new facts such as 57% of Mexicans are on welfare ( and the number is growing ever year! ) and that over 80% of crimes are commited by blacks and in light of how the left is more audacious and gaining ground every year,

        I can but conclude that

        Secession is the only way to escape the tyranny of leftism

        If anyone has a better idea – one that does not involve unicorns and rainbows or the words you evil white racist – I would love to hear it.


      • Again, I totally agree with you, on every point you have made. Secession might be the only way out. That’s what I said the day after the election. But I have to add that I have since found out that most red states will turn blue within an election or two. That’s because liberal activists have been intentionally moving into red states in order to tilt the demographic liberal. It’s mostly noticeable in states like Texas and Utah. But many other states are also affected. So it’s going to be very hard to secede, and even if secession is possible the liberals in these states will start all over again and make the same exact mistakes, and unless the conservatives prevent them from getting into academia and the government, history will repeat itself. But that’s a long way off. First, we have to either secede or find a way to lessen the influence of the left. You see liberalism is like a cancer. Once it starts spreading, it’s almost impossible to halt. The left found many ways to infect the population with its deadly disease.

        The only way to lessen the left’s influence (in the absence of secession) is through education. Maybe it’s almost impossible for conservatives to control academia again, but we can educate the population through alternative methods like the Internet and talk radio. We just have to keep doing it. Many here don’t like Fox News and Fox Business, but at least they are better than MSNBC and CNN. So thank God for Fox. Many here don’t like Rush Limbaugh, Ann Culture, and others like them and accuse them of being neocons, which is a false accusation BTW, but they are doing a lot of good for the conservative movement, and I thank God for them too. Otherwise our message wouldn’t have been heard or even made, if not for these people pounding the left day in and day out. It’s the only way to fight the left, keep pounding it hard, fighting fire with fire and calling it out for the disgusting, destructive, damaging, demeaning ideology it is. Words shouldn’t be spared when fighting the left. Anyone who thinks you have to be nice and catch more flies with honey, doesn’t understand the left, and is not a true hard-core conservative like us. That’s why both McCain and Romney lost. We need candidates and anti-left warriors that are not afraid to call the left out, without being worried about upsetting people or being called names like racists, misogynists, homophobes, etc…

        And let’s not forget the Internet blogs and conservative websites, which also help us spread our message. Sites like the Drudge Report, Breitbart, the Blaze, and even this blog are part of the new media. The new media doesn’t play by the same rules. It seeks to breakdown all the old rules that protect the demagoguery of the left shattering its lies, and it’s working. I think more white people are conservative now than ever before. The only reason we can’t win elections is because we have trash immigrants and people from the 3rd world the liberals transported over here so the democrats can have a de facto government for ever. The immigrants titled the scales in the Left’s favor.


  41. ps you only have 100% of your attention to use and it matters where you choose to focus it as there are only 24 hours in a day.. math says ..peacocking is a DEAD END for most..


    • Your stated facts lend no credence to your comment.


      • sure of that..? unless you have a trust fund ..cash counts in all that matters.. to acquire cash you need to prioritize resources … clothes costumes and artist vibe aint getting a mumbling broke dork laid..fact


      • Peacocking as defined by the OP is essentially not just improving your appearance, but improving it above others or changing it so that you stand out and are the more intriguing/attractive in whichever environment you’re in. It’s not a solution to everything, just like handing a mumbling dork a bunch of cash isn’t.


      • improving it above others? .. ever been to an artist’s party .. a circus freak show of..wannabe low intelligence ..no discernable difference = no edge.. or other end of spectrum .. a bunch of empty rich people in expensive clothes

        ..fashion is bs.. and as a focus is BAD advice for young men.. compared to owning your house or apt.. car ..no debt.. a type of work that allows freedom to do what you want when you want how you want .. owning your life as soon as possible is the best attraction for women ..period

        any advice that puts a young man’s focus on attracting women on feminine terms such as clothes is a waste of resources unless that young man has a trust fund..

        [Heartiste: Are you just going to studiously ignore the study posted right above in this post to troll the night away? Because if you are, Mount Dork is waiting for you.]


      • on December 6, 2012 at 12:44 pm Hugh G. Rection

        Own house, own car, no debt signals “stable”, not “sexy”.


  42. Girl in pic obviously wants to go to the right kind of church.. The kind of church where some guys underwear-shorts will postively end up on the floor./along with hers.
    Maybe they were all just dancing,in their own way
    Genghiss Khan did not do a lot of dancing. He had more serious work to do The estimates vary but he may have given the deep thrusting and fire-hose deliverey that thousands and thousands of very young semi-neanderthal wenches craved.to make babies ..G. Khan himself acted, in his time, more like a Neanderthal clan leader than the small-brained wanna-be humanoids that we are currented stuck with.


    • Weird comment.

      I have read that approximately 25% of modern Mongolia (population: 2 million, so about 500,000 people) is directly descended from Genghis Khan. No other human, as far as I know, can claim that.

      But at what expense? Thousands of cuckolded beta males (husbands, fathers, brothers, etc) who served and feared him.


      • Yeah. But it’s still far from the millions (billions?) of post-sexual liberation cuckolds.
        Choose your camp, comrade.


  43. Would like the commentariat’s feedback on a text exchange from today. Met this girl at a party last night. I’m not really concerned with the meet up but would like to know if there was any spot I fucked up or could tighten up in the future.

    I’m sticking with default scripts/lines I learned from Heartiste, other commenters and Decibel and it’s working for me until I get better so yeah.

    Got her number at the venue and said I would text her something naughty:

    Me: Something naughty
    Me: It’s IG

    Her: 🙂

    Me: Turns out I’m 28-32% more incredible today. How’s your day.
    (Sent this early afternoon next day)

    Her: Who told u that
    Her: So far so good…

    Me: Um. Every single girl giving me the bedroom eyes when I walk past them on the street.

    Her: U coulda just had cum on your face

    Me: Naughty girl. No gifts from Santa this year *spank*

    Her: Lol sorry lol
    Her: How’s your day tho?

    Me: Stop thinking about me so much and get back to work
    (about 1.5hrs later)

    Her: Cocky too??? Smh

    Me: What is it about cocky guys that you’re so attracted too

    Her: I guess u gonna have to show me

    Me: Fine but want ur opinion on something

    Her: What’s that

    Me: What body part do u find sexiest on men

    Her: Chest

    Me: That says a lot abt u

    Her: What does it say?

    Me: That you like it rough

    Her: No I don’t actually

    Me: Oh.
    (Props to Walawala on that one)
    Me: Free tomorrow night
    (Sent this a few hours later)

    Her: After 11

    Me: I should be out in XYZ part of the city where u going to be at

    Her: ABC part of the city

    Me: Ok let’s meet up around then. I’ll think of a spot on west side of town

    Her: I know a spot

    Me: Name

    Her: On xy and ab steet. I believe the name is xyz ill check and tell u at 11

    Me: Ok cool

    I think I did ok overall. Could have shunned her or punished for the cum on your face comment but good exercise and taking it sexual early on. Or at least trying to.


    [Heartiste: Not bad. Btw, the “U coulda just had cum on your face” line is really skanky for a girl to text after you just met her. To me, this indicates she will need some fuel injected shots of assholery. I suggest being a little gruff and aloof with her. Also, skip the wit and keep your replies short n sweet, always shorter than hers. The minute you exhibit neediness she will bolt.]


    • on December 6, 2012 at 2:45 pm immoralgables

      Saw your comment/edit and thank you Heartiste.


      • “Stop thinking about me so much and get back to work”
        I use that all the time. Such a good one.

        Even without seeing the time stamps I’d put this subject in what I call ‘high compliance’. Which is a good indicator to go for a meet close sooner rather than later- props.

        Re the cum txt- which was unusual this early, but was a sexual frame and not a bad thing (def not LTR material). A great response is [SILENCE]. For half day or so. Give her the jolt of the unknown. Then re-open with a ‘CF random’ (or cocky funny random) like:

        Ripp: “456, 457, 4….5…….8……ugh…”

        Her: what r u doin

        Ripp: “one armed pushups…don’t interrupt fuck…”

        Or you can purposely fall into the frame and do what I call an ’embrace and expand’. This is a great tactic when a chic makes fun of you about anything…

        Her: “U coulda just had cum on your face”

        Ripp: “shit…you saw that?”

        …see how she responds. If a chic starts a sexual frame it can be opp to probe her sexually. It doesnt have to be logical at all.

        Her: “U coulda just had cum on your face”

        Ripp: “woh so that happens to you lots”

        My gut says she’d respond positively to that…


      • on December 8, 2012 at 1:55 pm immoralgables

        “I use that all the time. Such a good one.”
        Where do you think I got it from. I saved your treatise on texting last year studied it, and use it. A lot of good stuff. That “So what does Miss xx want from Santa this year?” followed by the “Too naughty for that” is pure gold. It’s been such an effective way to open a lead gone cold.

        Thanks a lot for the analysis I appreciate the contributions.

        I like the embrace and expand, either it was here or elsewhere but it’s the same thing as agree and amplify and it works so goddamn well. That’s been one of the key things that have helped just in life in general.

        I put a Word Doc that compiled yours, yareallys, shockers, decibels texting game and a few other nuggets of gold that can be downloaded of mediafire. If you want the link just let me know. Either way, good looks Ripp!


    • to me the “cum on your face” comment seems to indicate she will disrespect you regularly. the fact she said such a thing so early in the exchange is a bad sign

      either that or she sucks a lot of cocks and talking about “cum on the face” is to her like talking about the weather

      or worse, was she alluding to you sucking cocks/being gay?

      either way – to me in my arrogant opinion – that seems to indicate she is disrespectful and might be a lot of trouble


      • A woman feeling the freedom to say this to a guy is a young feminist who will soon become an old-hag skanky feminist bitterly spewing hate against men.


      • In my opinion, the cum on your face comment was her belittling him, it does not sound at all as her sending signals she would like to have sex with him

        such a denigrating reply indicates she has a low opinion of him

        it was not even funny

        after that cum on your face reply I would have stopped communicating with her, might even have told her to go to hell, possibly would have called her a stupid bitch

        but then again I’m from a different generation


      • on December 8, 2012 at 1:57 pm immoralgables

        No I feel you on that Canadian. I kept pushing the exchange along just for practice and to see what works and what doesn’t. It’s all practice to me. I blew myself out in quite a few texts this week but was able to push the envelope and see what works and what doesn’t —> calibration.

        She ended up texting me thursday night to see if we were still on. I just texted back “Nah” and went out elsewhere. Thanks for the feedback though.


      • “She ended up texting me thursday night to see if we were still on. I just texted back “Nah” and went out elsewhere.”



        Bunch of fucking prudes in this place, jeebus. “I want to fuck this girl but she made a dirty joke eeww I don’t want to fuck her anymore” lol

        way I read it you didn’t have her very interested at the start. But you plowed and just didn’t care that she wasn’t giving you much to work with because you love yourself so much and that won her over. Brad from RSD had a video recently where he explains when he runs into girls who don’t respond to him like cold shoulder style he’ll just ramble and go “oh you’re not talking? That’s cool I love hearing the sound of my own voice, and I wouldn’t be listening to you anyway because anything I say is obviously going to be more interesting than what you would say” etc until she lightens up lol

        “How’s ur day tho?” is her ioi, that’s where she goes from statements/burns and not holding up the convo to investing in it. You got that because you passed the cum-face shit-test. She was just throwing out something offensive and sexual to see what you’d do. If you reacted like a guy who’s never had sex or like a prude, you’d be done, but you scolded her in a flirty sexual way (naughty girl, spank) which tells her “ok this guy isn’t lame”, thus the ioi.

        She probably likes it rough but she’s just shit-testing you a bunch. One of those girls who’ll argue for the sake of not agreeing lol usually means the sex will be good/passionate “hate-fuck” style sex when you do get the lay.

        I think you can fuck her, so pursue it if you’re into her. Stick to the cocky dominant asshole, she responds to that. I would say you don’t need to do much to get her to meet up, she seems up for it already so spending hours sexting her might cockblock you more than anything (trigger her ASD). I would keep things lightly sexually flirty with the occasional dip into super sexual, but then back off on it. Show you can cross the line but aren’t desperate enough to have to stay there. She sounds like the type that would rather you just meet up and escalate in person than play gay txting escalation games, because she gives so much shit…usually that type is the “show me don’t tell me” type (vs a “nicer” girl where you’d need to escalate slowly via txt more).

        If you meet up with her, grab her and get in her space and greet her with a make out, that’s the type she probably responds to. You would disappoint her if you met up for a traditional date and were a polite gentleman.

        Also as much as I gave the ???!?!?!! up above to canceling lol that was actually a good move. She was getting you to meet her on her territory. Never ever ever meet her on her territory before you’ve had full-out sex with her.

        Is she going to pick a place where she doesn’t know anyone and can slut it up like a whore? Or is she going to pick a place where she’s socially proofed and high value and has a bunch of friends to save her if you’re lame and a bunch of orbiters to make you jealous and test you with etc?

        So canceling was good. In her defense you created that situ with “I’ll think of a spot” and giving her the opportunity to suggest a spot and then going along with her choice. Something like “k I’ll meet you at Blah on the west side.” where Blah is a good place you can escalate with good logistics and ideally some social proof for you but if not then at least a place where you’re both anonymous strangers so she can let loose.

        This is part of why PUAs tend to have very specific repeatable “Day 2” scenarios…take her here where the staff know you, then to here to get such and such then here where a reason to go back to his place is then here and oh we’re just a couple blocks from my place lets drink there instead of wasting our money at this bar etc etc. So when they say lets meet up they don’t have to still think of a place. They already have 3 or 4 options that they’ve planned out will lead to good logistics for sex. 🙂

        if I was you I would give this chick another go and pick a place where you’ll look like a boss that’s not too hard for her to get to and just make sure you’ll be meeting up on your territory. Also txt her some cocky/funny shit and naughty flirting like you’ve been doing.

        She’ll be a good lay lol she’s clearly comfortable with sex etc, probably a freak in bed. Love that type lol

        Good luck! You did good in general, you’re leading/dominating the frame way more now.


  44. I don’t like her skinny legs

    her hips could be curvier

    her bra seems to have double padding but her breasts still look smallish…

    she’s a 7


    • “I don’t like her skinny legs
      her hips could be curvier“

      The camera puts on another 10 lbs, so she is even skinnier in RL. Most of us had her pegged at about 7. I wonder how she looks like in RL, though – the same, or worse.


  45. She isn’t the hottest girl Mystery has been with. Having looked at this and other pictures I’d peg her at about a 7.


    • As others on this thread have noted, a 7 who is good company, affectionate, and willing to perform on demand, is better than a bitchy 9. The question for gamers is “Do I aim for somebody at my limit of retention, and have to continually work at keeping her, or do I relax with somebody below my limits who I can have devoted to me?”


      • I agree

        I would swap my nagging,complaining, self-centered bitchy 8 girlfriend for a nice pleasant 7 if I could, maybe even a 6 if she was really really nice


      • Here in Los Angeles, it’s the same two-point spread, just pushed further up the bell curve. Here, a smart man ditches the bitchy, self-centered 10 and marries the great 8.

        Best move of my life, so far.


      • Keep saying it Jason. You set a good example. These guys need to hear from a happily-married man.

        For all the conservative speak on this blog , at least you have done the traditional thing. You got married and assumed responsibility, as opposed to the garden variety PUA who tries to perfect his circus act day in and day out. First sign of growing up is stepping up to the plate and taking on responsibility.


      • on December 9, 2012 at 4:50 am Death's Preamble

        Why did you take may name?


  46. I pegged her at 7 too, but I have to take another point for smoking.

    Can you imagine kissing that cigarette-smelling mouth, and looking at these yellow teeth?


    • Well, women are the biggest haters…


      • I think we are just more aware of what constitutes beauty when we see it in other people. I don’t smoke and my teeth are perfectly straight and not yellow. I think a beautiful smile adds a lot to a woman’s facial beauty. Smoking ruins it. But, then maybe I have higher standards as with everything else.


      • It’s very difficult to be objective about another woman. We’re all in competition with each other for the best man we can get. (unless she’s a lesbian, of course. They transfer all that hate onto the men who might be trying to steal away the hottest members of their community)


      • I really think that women stare at other women, just as hard as men do, if not more intently, picking apart every aspect of her body. Nobody stares at men all that much. Women stare more at other women than they do men, and men don’t stare at men as intently as women stare at other women. I said it recently in another thread, and apparently, I was right.

        Here is a study that confirms what we already knew as women:

        “We don’t break people down to their parts, except when it comes to women, which is really striking. Women were perceived in the same ways that objects are viewed,”

        “It could be related to different motives. Men might be doing it because they’re interested in potential mates, while women may do it more of a comparison with themselves.”


        “So, you know how you can’t help but get a little bit miffed whenever you catch your manchecking out another woman’s breasts? (Even if he thinks he’s being subtle? Because he’s soooo not.) Well, according to a recent study, we really have nothing to get upset about. No, not because we’re “imagining things” or because it’s “just what guys do” and “isn’t a big deal,” but because apparently we ladies are just as likely to stare at boobs.”

        Here’s a woman’s confession:

        “I look at women’s asses — and tits,…”

        “Women do eye women, no surprise there. What has struck me is that looking at other women’s bodies is, for me, a habit as ingrained as tucking my hair behind my ears. It’s a tune I can’t get out of my head. When teenage girls with their cigarettes out mob past me on the sidewalk; when the weary cashier hands me my change folded into the receipt; when a friend shifts her weight as together we push playground swings — I realize I am doing it. It’s my machinery buzzing, and I can’t turn it off.” http://www.salon.com/2003/01/30/gaze_3/

        All women do it, and that’s why I think a woman is better able to pick apart other women and evaluate them more accurately. If a woman says another woman is a 7, she is a 7.


      • Many interesting points

        but there is more jealousy and competition between women , so I am not so sure they are impartial judges…


      • Fair enough, but think about this – if women take apart body parts and judge each one separately, they find flaws much more than men do, who see the whole picture as one unit, and which these study suggest. That’s why I say, women are better judges of female beauty than men.

        On the other hand, it’s good news for women. Women are too hard on themselves because they think men notice every flaw. Well, according to the studies they don’t. Men see the whole picture, so if a woman looks good overall, that’s what matters to them. They don’t care about every little detail of her every limb. That’s why they are able to give higher numbers, while women give lower numbers. This is why you are able to say in another comments in this thread that Scarlett Johansson is the ideal curvaceous female, in spite of her cellulite, which to me (a woman) looks awful.

        Reading studies is one thing, but knowing how to interpret the data correctly is another thing. Do you see the implications of this study? Men and women view things differently, as if we didn’t know that already, and they don’t notice every female flaw like women do, so women shouldn’t be that tough on themselves. Female beauty could indeed be judged as a whole, not as body parts. That’s how Scarlet Johansson could be considered beautiful in the eyes of most men (maybe 8/9), but in the eyes of women she rates only 6/7.


  47. To me, a girl who smokes is a beta girl. Of course, I will tap that ass in the photo, but I will think nothing of it. Regarding game, unless one wants to bang every attractive girl who crosses one’s path, newbies like myself can get by by keeping to the basics of game. If I can demonstrate high value to counter female hypergamy,my job is done. Peacocking is one such technique of DMV, but numerous others exist that have been discussed in this blog. So, each individual must sample through all the available DMV techniques to see what works for them.


    • I have always refused to date women who smoke no matter how hot or how interested in me they were

      to me it says,
      ” I do not respect my own body ”

      I also have always refused to date women with tattoos or face piercings, it is a form of self mutilation and looks very slutty


      • She looks Ukrainian or maybe Russian. If you’re out in that neck of the woods, refusing to date a smoker is tantamount to signing up for a monastery — non-smokers are quite rare.


      • Many smoke socially, but most don’t smoke at all.


      • This is changing to some extent, but everyone and their cousin smokes pretty much from cradle to the grave in Europe, gets worse the further east you go.
        How do I know?
        Spent the first 23 years of my life there, that’s how.
        You don’t even need to fly to Estonia or Russia to find out, just look in on the occasional PBS news show (BBC World News America, Newsline, European Journal, etc.). Whenever they have anything on eastern/central Europe, everyone over 13 is holding a cigarette, just like I remember it.
        I find it amusing how on those Russain ‘mail order bride’ sites, none of the girls smoke or drink, and a good number of (fake) profiles say stuff like ‘I like to prepare tasy desserts for my beloved prince’.
        One look at the pictures will tell you that that girl has never prepared (or even eaten) a ‘tasty dessert ‘ in her life. She lives on carrots, celery sticks and boiled chicken, runs 5 hours a day and has never driven a car. Which is why she’s so unbelievably beach body tight, trim and fit, she practically squeaks when she walks.
        The ‘tasty dessert’ bullshit being very obviously aimed at the middle-aged-and-above Western man demographic who are online looking for a domestic slave who looks like a young stripper/lifeguard.


      • I’m not complaining, some of your comment are very interesting, some are funny, but may I ask why you are so cynical?


      • I could never kiss an ashtray

        there are other fish in the sea


  48. so thats Mystery on a “regular day” huh? pretty tame to me, but then again i’m no female. as for the supposed “8” by his side? maybe it’s a cultural thing; but i wouldn’t give her a second look. can’t dress, wearing uggs on a hot day, and WAY to skinny. chic looks like your typical ‘boyishly skinny, so i think i’m hot’ white trash.

    but i’m sure plenty of guys go crazy over her, so [in her mind at least] her false self worth is justified.


  49. Be careful how you dress otherwise you will look like a stupid nigger walking around like a welfare eating motherfucker. All niggers should be set on fire. Their slut women want the white dick anyway.


    • Well what good is a game thread if you don’t set some black people on fire?

      I bet if you did a thread on scotch tape, somebody would be screamin about niggers

      BTW– its difficult to peacock at a black club because all the brothers are trying to peacock at the same time.

      The only way to stand out is to look retarded and act stoopid


      • thwack- I’ve said it before, and some HARCORE WN’s have observed niggers trying to befriend those that are willing to kill, well most of you… If I were you, I’d do the same. But it won’t save you in the long run, just prolong the inevitable. That being said; being born and bred in DC, I know much about nigger culture including your above video. As much as bucks love white women, black women are well how do I say? 10X as willing to at least try to allow white sperm to br fucked into them. It is a very safe bet if you can get it which most black sows never can. There is a genetic reason white women are the most desirable beings on planet erth by all races.


      • Can somebody translate for Gay in DC?

        What is he trying to say?

        That he can fuck black women?

        What country is he from?


      • Didn’t Audrey Hepburn wear that hat in Breakfast At Tiffanys?

        Or maybe it was Capote.


    • “All niggers should be set on fire.”

      That’s really disgusting.


  50. All this talk of peacocking…won’t somebody think of the peachicks?


  51. Off-topic: Indian villagers are putting an end to the hypergamy of single women choosing to elope with (contextual) alphas instead of the betas they’ve been promised to for marriage.

    Also, married women in the village are banned from using cell phones, which they’ve been using to collect alpha seed during peak fertility instead of bearing children for their beta husbands.

    Money quote from the Indian feminists (learning rapidly from their western sisters-in-arms): “women’s rights activists called it an assault on freedom that could potentially end up harming women by stripping them of one source of protection from trouble, such as unwanted advances by [beta] men.”



  52. In reading some of the posts on this blog, I’ve realised that my boyfriend is a natural alpha – and it’s great. Not a super alpha, but he definitely does all of these things you describe here effortlessly and naturally.

    Background: My previous boyfriend was a ripped fireman, significantly older than me – and the one before that is now a strong man. They were a little bit dumb, but both tall and dominant men. (These relationships were both 2yrs+).

    Anyways, so I’m at this garden-party 2 years ago, and this guy walks in with his shirt totally open with a pudgy, pasty mid-section, cigarette in his mouth and with an air of “I just don’t give a fuck”.

    So his attitude was laconic, aloof and totally overconfident. He spoke to me in short sentences and looked bored. And his overconfidence pissed me off. I thought internally “how dare you be that confident – being so out of shape!!”

    Anyway, after dragging his heels for 6 months we started dating and I hear people say (who don’t know him) that he’s the one punching above his weight. (I used to be a model before becoming a professional). But NOBODY who knows him says that. Simply because of his natural superior vibes. I love it.


    • Thanks for bragging


    • “(I used to be a model before becoming a professional)”

      A professional what? got pics?


      • Oh look: A Penthouse letter in reverse.


      • It is so obvious she is a dude…seriously…”laconic”, what girl uses that word.


      • yeah the first word that came to mind when i read that post was ‘homo’.


      • lol. i was thinking that right away too..the whole story sounds so fabricated..just too damn perfect.
        like some hollywood script..but question is why bother?


      • Especially ex-professional models, known the world around for their extraordinarily erudite lexicon…


      • She might memorize one $2.50 word each week.
        Ex professional model hater!


      • Haha. Nice.


      • Why not?
        (1) Men who are more intelligent are more likely to attain higher status than men who are less intelligent.
        (2) Higher-status men are more likely to mate with more beautiful women than lower-status men.
        (3) Intelligence is heritable.
        (4) Beauty is heritable.
        If all four assumptions are empirically true, then the conclusion that beautiful people are more intelligent is logically true, making it a proven theorem.


      • A girl who has been described in the past as ‘sardonic’ by one of her exes. A girl who topped her English class in school etc etc. Didn’t you know that there is no actual difference between the IQs of men and women?


  53. Dear Chateau

    I’m dating a girl who’s what you would consider possesses the 3 qualities for a GF: she exercises and stayed in shape before me, never talks shit about anyone (that wasn’t totally warranted), and doesn’t have a high N count. Actually she’s a virgin (age 25, Christian) and we just started dating. She’s flirty in a conservative way and doesn’t really go out. I’d say an 8 naturally who dresses very well, smell good and has an endearing feminine personality which makes her in my mind a 9+. She’s not overly talkative but knows what to say and when to say it to make everyone feel good in her company.

    However, through her relationships with her gf’s and with others including myself, I can tell she’s a very superficial person. She’s only interested in a harmonious communal environment around her and generally doesn’t break past the surface in conversations. Basically you’re typical kinda dumb can’t see past superficial relationships type of person, doesn’t have the mentality of a leader etc. This annoys me because I’m the opposite, highly intellectual and am always striving to dig deep and achieve big things in life.

    I’m asking your opinion of her: yay or nay? I know she fits good “gf standards” but the superficiality bothers me. Do you think I’m just a being a bitch and she’s good material, or it’s a concern?

    Thank You

    [Heartiste: I say nay. Girls who can’t talk about anything except banalities and gossip are great for men just as dumb as they are or men who choose to focus all their energies into work and don’t want to bother with cultivating a relationship with a woman beyond the services of her womb to his posterity. There are plenty of sharp and interesting girls who are also good gf material.]


  54. I have peacocked to the extreme…I have a black fur scarf, a cav hat, a leather vest, 5finger shoes, and other articles, like a mojo bag. I have been opened by hot babes who asked about something I was wearing.

    One time, I carried a plastic yellow piggybank with the letters “MCP”(He was Male Chauvanist Pig) and ended up talking to several ladies that night.

    I guarantee Mystery did not start out with furry hats, goggles, pirate clothes and fur boa all at once. I bet he added one piece at a time and added more as he got comfortable.

    I recommend all guys peacock a step beyond what they are comfortable with, and see how it makes a difference. Then dial it back one step…after tryong the extreme. You will be comfortable while still peacocking.

    Forget the expensive watch. Forget the designer $500 jeans. There will always be a guy with a more expensive watch and $600 jeans. Go with something nobody else is wearing.


  55. I don’t know, pushing the stroller was one of the highlights of being a dad when my boys were that age.


  56. This chick is hot man. an 8. Sure she could use some protein powder and a gym membership..or maybe she should try and quit smoking and then she would gain 10-15 pounds.
    Either way i think she is attractive and feminine looking. She probably has a cool party chick personality that turns Mystery on.
    Looks like they are taking thier sunday stroll down skid row? – i dont see any white picket fences….plus regarding the vibe…they are both probably thinking “shit another paparazzi..and i look/feel like shit right now”.


  57. I think the kid’s got a baby snarl working.


  58. Nothing like looking at a hot chick for everyone to scour her flaws.

    I give her props not being overweight and having long hair. That puts her above half of the American women population.


  59. Yeah peacocking is one of the great things to come out of the Mystery Method, i’ll give him that.

    Fully agree with this one.

    Where most guys wrong is they try to pull off wildly innaproriate peacocking and don’t have the value and confidence to back it up.


  60. First GF was an 8. I was a 5. Back in my pre-game days, I was a mis-socialized homeschool kid who simply expected society to accept him even if he chose to run around in a flowing black cloak.

    And accept me society did (mostly), and fall for me hot girls did. But I had no clue what I was doing and couldn’t keep ’em, immediately pedestalizing them. Hell, if you told me what peacocking was, I would have mocked it while wearing my cloak with my HB8 under my arm.

    These days I have toned it down somewhat, but my wife’s desktop pic is me in the cloak.


  61. She reminds me of a less prim and proper Kate Middleton.


  62. “but are you banging girls this hot?”

    I think you meant, “are you pushing the stroller for a girl this hot while she casually smokes a cigarette?”

    [Heartiste: “But but but, no girl will want a relationship and kids with a PUA dork!!” — every anti-game hater in the world.]


  63. I forwarded the definitions in the linked post to Mr. JB and first of all, got in shit for sending NSFW material to his work address.

    Oops, my bad.

    He says Natural Alpha EXCEPT the concurrent relationship thing. No tag teaming was a rule he learned as an undergraduate when he watched two girls physically scrap over one of the guys on his floor. He thought it was embarassing for the guy, because it meant he could not keep his shit together.

    As for peacocking, I’m not certain this works for me. I respond to confidence and dominance, for certain. But a guy in dusty jeans and a plaid shirt will always appeal to me more than a suited up Alpha, no matter what the situation.

    I have a thing for farm boys. When I catch Mr. JB checking out hot women, he says “Honey, I’m married, not dead”. Yep.

    Mr.JB has a lot of plaid shirts.


  64. Looks like low class trash to me. I could see banging her but…

    Does he need game for this?

    He’s rich, semi-famous and way taller than her.

    What was the point?


    • I’m classy, but sometimes I like men who go out with trashy women.


      • I’m trashy, but sometimes I like men who go out with classy women.


      • I’m classy and I like clean-cut guys – no smoking, no tattoos, no piercing, and no ghetto attire. I like my man in suits, but an old pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt will do too. Mystery is not dressed bad at all for a Sunday stroll. Nothing wrong with what he’s wearing, and he isn’t outrageously peacocking either. Although, the neck piece is a bit too much. Too much jewelry on a guy is a no, no. I guess only a PUA can get away with it.


      • Too much jewelry on a guy is a no, no. I guess only a PUA can get away with it.
        maybe he is related to Mr. T?


  65. Most posters are saying his companion is EE? Nah, judging by the Uggs. They wouldn’t be caught dead in those. Would more likely be wearing color-coordinated tights & heeled boots. Would also dress the child for the weather since image and presentation are so important in their culture.


  66. Another bonus is that little does anyone suspect that by night, I’m the Scarlet Pimpernel.


  67. She looks a lot like Lindsay Lohan, don’t see why everyone can’t see her excellent facial bone structure…


    • I wouldn’t take too much notice of the commentators, a lot of them seem to be pointy heads and keyboard warriors. Although she’s not my type, anyone who hasn’t gone blind from wanking too much ( or is a homo) can see she has a tight bod and good facial structure. BTW, we’re not comparing apples with apples here. This is her post baby body. How man cuties blow out to sea cows after they push their first spawn out?

      He’s done quite well.


    • Jealousy mostly.


  68. http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Mystery_(pickup_artist)&redirect=no

    This is what Mistery has on a wikipedia on him in english


    And this is what is about him in French…

    C’mon guys if he’s so great write something usefull…

    By the way Mystery is a Croat, living in Canada. LOL


  69. I just can’t get over the fact that, after years of seducing gorgeous women, this guy would procreate with one who looks like a twelve-year-old boy stealing a smoke.

    [Heartiste: Come on man, give me a break. She has hips and tits. It’s obvious she has a womanly body, unless you’re the type of guy who likes ’em “””curvy”””. For that matter, there are a lot more men who like their women extra lean than there are men who like their women extra fatabulous.]


    • That girl’s waist-hip ratio is way too high — it looks to be about .9. Her legs are like chopsticks. Her knees look knobby.

      She’s just too damn skinny. No disrespect to her, but making love to a skinny woman is like making love to a tray of silverware. My wife looks much better than that.

      But here’s the best woman of all:


      She starts singing at :27. Holy smokes is she a jawdropper. And unlike many women, she actually gets MORE attractive the second she opens her mouth.


      • lol. Anyone else surprised that Sweetheart extolls a nigger-fucking slut as hot? And that he disparages “skinny” women?

        Jason’s either 1) black or 2) a beta boy convinced that black men are king. You know he’s watching interracial cuckhold porn and jacking off to it. “Oh please Mr. Superior Sir, take my woman, I am weak and you are perfection!”


      • You are completely insane.


      • lol. C’mon Sweetheart, tell us all about how you love black on white porn. And fat chicks.


      • Note how the beta-male Sweetheart reacts when his disgusting sexual fanatsies are called out:

        repetition of a meaningless mantra.

        You know, like 8 year old girls do…no thought process, no actual argument, just screaming and ranting.

        Beta males truly are metaphorical eunuchs. Just put a dress on Sweetheart and call him Dolly. lol.


      • Be sure to keep yapping so everybody can verify how insane you are.

        By the way, what were the names of the first three black prostitutes you smacked around last weekend? If you can’t remember the first three, just name any.


      • Sweetheart said:

        keep yapping so everybody can verify how insane you are.

        lol. Since most people here agree with me, little man, I guess your definition of “everybody” means “the five brainless beta pussies and two moronic cunts who come here for abuse.”

        How lefty of you: dehumanizing people who disagree with you.

        By the way, what were the names of the first three black prostitutes you smacked around last weekend?
        —Your mom, your sister, and your aunt never give their names while they’re swallowing my jizz. Sorry baby.

        BTW, MIchael Clarke Duncan deserved to die. And saturated fat does not cause heart disease.

        Your welcome for the red pill, Sweetheart.


      • ^^^^^

        Total batshit. Keep it coming, hypocritefinder. Don’t stop there — what else you got? Hate for every single person on earth?


      • what else you got
        —Your mom’s birth control pills. She left them on the counter.


      • Don’t stop there — be sure to trash talk my dead mother even MORE. It’s amazingly tasteful.

        Keep it coming! GODDAMN IT, WE ARE DEPENDING ON YOU.


      • @Sweetheart:

        be sure to trash talk my dead mother even MORE

        —lol.Challenge accepted.

        I raped your mother’s corpse before the funeral. Then a came on the face, took a picture, and posted it in the background of one of your favorite porn videos.

        You know, the one where the black sambo cuckholds a white guy right in front of him.

        Wait, too many of them to narrow it down? You need help, son.


      • ^^^^^^

        Exhibit ZZZ of man’s inhumanity to man. Congratulations.


      • @Sweetheart:

        Exhibit ZZZ of man’s inhumanity to man
        —-Nah, that’s just me playin’ wit you. You’d know if I were being inhumane, Little Britches; your blood would be on the floor.


      • Oh, I have no doubt that you’ve spilt rivers of blood. Especially black blood.

        But sometimes bloodless killings are more intimate. I’m curious: what’s the look on a woman’s face like as she dies of strangulation? Does her vagina constrict? How do you dispose of the body? What’s your modus operandi?


      • @Sweetheart:

        I have no doubt that you’ve spilt rivers of blood. .

        —Note how the weak-beta-male-lefty mind works: anyone who dares tell the truths of the world and mock his silliness is thereby a noted vicious killer. It’s almost as if he’s re-creating some scene from Law & Order, where all the killers are whitey. Or projecting his own, beta-spree-shooting ego…

        Also, what a pussy. Can’t take a little teasing. 😛

        I’m curious: what’s the look on a woman’s face like as she dies of strangulation?
        —Projection is a bitch, ain’t it.

        Does her vagina constrict?
        —I would say “you tell me” but your micropenis couldn’t feel it anyway.

        How do you dispose of the body? What’s your modus operandi?
        —Betas first, baby.


      • I’m serious — tell us all about your sordid, violent past. Names, dates, places. Show us that you walk the walk and don’t just talk the talk.

        Otherwise, you’re just a pussified wingnut keyboard jockey. I’m not joking. Prove that you’re a real man who commits violence. You’ll lose face without evidence, man.


      • @Sweetheart:

        tell us all about your sordid, violent past.
        —You didn’t say please. Or kiss my feet. No dice.

        , you’re just a pussified wingnut keyboard jockey.
        —-The beta male gets angry!

        Prove that you’re a real man who commits violence.
        —-lol. Your mom could testify…..


      • Yo, whorefinder… it’s Dec. 7th… let’s go attack Pearl Bailey.


      • You truly are a keyboard jockey.

        A real man would describe how, where, and when he destroyed his enemies. With no compunction, no embarrassment, no regard for anything except his own principles.

        Damn — what a disappointment. Whorefinder turns out to be a trash-talking weakling.


      • @Sweetheart:

        A real man would describe how, where, and when he destroyed his enemies.
        — Nothing like a beta male lefty to describe what a “real man” is. Or to not understand mockery directed at him.

        turns out to be a trash-talking weakling.
        —-lmao. Are you going to insult my momma next, Sweetheart?

        ‘Cause yours is still dead.



      • A real man would describe how, where, and when he destroyed his enemies. With no compunction, no embarrassment, no regard for anything except his own principles.

        I killed a fifth of bourbon the other day… no provocation… just did it to watch ‘im die.


      • @Greg Eliot:

        -I punched out Hitler once. They changed my name to Captain America and made a comic book out of it.

        -I was the man on the grassy knoll.

        -Hinckley was MY patsy.

        -I started the Crown Heights Riots (wait, no that was MSNBC host Al Sharpton).

        -I was the killer OJ was looking for.


      • @Greg Eliot:

        Did you hear I raped Sweetheart Jason’s mom? True story.

        Also, I was the sixth Beatle. Killed the fifth one and got kicked out. Bloody buggers.


      • Notice the evasion. Whorefinder won’t discuss his own violent past. It’s surely not because of any twinge of conscience — that was surely beaten out of him from a young age by a drunken father.

        I’m a bit disappointed. Whorefinder won’t provide proof of his manliness.

        And here’s poor me — the scrawny, weak, beta herb that I am (llolllllzzzdd). I’d built up the vision of a perfect alpha male somewhere, taking time out from his perfect alpha male day, to trash talk ME PERSONALLY, a stranger thousands of miles away, across the Internet. I could’ve learned so much from him (lllolllllzzzd).

        Gosh…. maybe, maybe I should reevaluate that image. Maybe whorefinder ISN’T an alpha male after all. Maybe my poor, scrawny, beta herb self should sit here — all ninety weak shivering pounds of it (again, loollllllzzzzlddsl)– and try to figure out how to live my life without that star to steer by..

        Whorefinder, don’t let me down. This pathetic, shivering, leftist, omega male needs someone like you. I NEED to know how to attack women, blacks, gays, and all other minorities.

        Show me the way.



      • @Sweetheart:

        won’t discuss his own violent past.
        —lol. just lol. This is like watching a puppy pee himself.

        that was surely beaten out of him from a young age by a drunken father.
        —-now, now, just b/c your daddy didn’t love you…

        the scrawny, weak, beta herb that I am
        —Admitting it is the first step.

        to trash talk ME PERSONALLY, a stranger thousands of miles away, across the Internet.
        —I live next door, baby.

        This pathetic, shivering, leftist, omega male
        —Feel it, baby. Well, not like that.

        I NEED to know how to attack women, blacks, gays, and all other minorities.
        —Classic lefty line: telling the truth about nigs, broads, and fags—facts known for hundreds, if not thousands of years, and only denied recently–is “attacking” them.

        Show me the way.
        —The birdge is down the road.

        —Now, now, That’s great books for me, not me, baby.


      • Let’s pretend for a moment that Whorefinder really is a violent criminal, you really think he would reveal the time and place and the identity of his victims so that the police could come and pick him up?

        He has probably never hurt anyone and all this talk about violent acts against blacks is simply him letting steam out.

        But then again I have absolutely no idea as anybody can pretend to be anybody on the internet


      • I wouldn’t put that grassy knoll thing past him, though.


      • @Greg Eliot:

        I wouldn’t put that grassy knoll thing past him, though.

        —Don’t blow me cover, man.


      • on December 7, 2012 at 2:46 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        I’m on Paleo, so I don’t eat popcorn anymore, but I did go through about 30 pistachio nuts reading this thread. I’m just waiting for the part where you two strip down and wrestle in the K-Y Jelly. Don’t forget the webcam!


      • I wish they would just get a room already.


      • agreed; on the first part. Scarlet Johnson is a decent example of a “thin/lean” chic with “curves” or a “womanly” figure.

        but it’s not worth arguing over. i believe we are now in the minutia of personal preferences.


      • ScarJo isn’t anywhere close to thin.


      • lol. And Joss “Nigger Fucker” Stone isn’t anywhere close to pretty.


      • Scarlett not thin???

        Are you saying she is over weight?

        look at this relatively recent photo of her



      • Due, she’s not a mudshark. To Jason, she’s ugly. Don’t you get it?


      • I think Google is about to send me a bill for over use!

        I had to Google mudshark…

        the Urban dictionary is also lot of help


      • Scarlet Johnson is thin, but she has bad cellulite on her butt and her hips. Did you see her in a bikini recently? She is not the ideal woman with curves.

        Here is her cellulite


        Here is her midsection, not thin either.


        Here is an example of curves and no fat

        Madalina Ghenea, Romanian model



      • Nope,, the Roman model is not curvacious enough
        I understand that to many men she is their ideal woman but to me, not curvy enough

        I would pick Scarlett despite her (barely noticeable) cellulite


      • Interesting. So you like real curves, eh? Those come from fat, not bone structure, as in the case of Scarlett. Hey, but to each his own.

        I thought Scarlett is the example of a woman with bad cellulite (and she is still in her 20s). I guess, that’s acceptable then. Very interesting.


      • Women’s curves do come from fat, it is not a question of what I prefer, it is how nature made us ( or how God made us if you prefer )

        men look good when they have a certain amount of muscles, fat plays a very small role in giving the man a nice body shape
        Other than a little fat in our buttocks fat does not help a man look good.

        it is the opposite with women
        women’s curves that men have admired for thousands of years do not come from muscles, they are mostly from fat.

        the bone structure plays a role – such as wider hips on women than men – but what makes a woman sexy is how much and where the fat on her body is.

        what makes a woman’s thigh or hip curvy and feminine is not bone or muscle but where the fat is, how it is “spread”

        breasts are mostly fat and if a woman due to bad genes has saggy breasts, she could do a thousand push-ups a day and have the most toned pectorals on the planet, her breasts would still be saggy because they are mostly fat

        muscle on a woman does not help much and in fact often takes away some feminity

        how this fat is ” spread” around , as long as there is not too much of it , is what makes one woman more sexy and more feminine than another.

        too little fat and she looks like an 8 year old skinny boy

        I am not into 8 year old skinny boys


      • No, you misunderstand me. I don’t mean curves that come from muscle. I mean curves that come from bone structure. Men are built more like a log, straight, no curves. Women have wider hips, not just from fat but also because of a wider build. If a woman has too many curves from fat, she is fat – either overweight or cellulite like cottage cheese.

        But I get your point about having fat in all the right places. Except, in Scarlett’s case I think she has too much cellulite for her age, not even 30 yet. It’s only going to get worse. I don’t think she is overweight, just has bad genes.


      • llozozozozozozlzllzlzlozozozozllll

        Smokes grass and mudsharks, to boot… yeah, a real “best woman of all”.



      • Cherry picked the worst pic possible. That’s low. There’s a thousand better photos out there.

        No idea about her activities, or her personality. She’s just hotter than hell when she sings.


      • Naw, there were even worse pictures out there… but I’m a mythology fan, so I picked the Medusa.


      • See, Sweetheart’s not like you “stupid men.” He’s a beta boy who realizes that Real Sensitive Guys don’t pay attention to how “ugly” a woman’s outside is, but her talent and fame—because that’s what women value in men, so men should like the same in women, regardless of their being ugly, disgusting mud-sharks. Those who refuse this ideal and cling to physical beauty are unevolved and should be exterminated or re-educated.

        Sweetheart knows this because his feminazi leaders told him so. This is also why he wears a chastity belt for them—to prevent his “maleness” from every affecting his “logic.”



      • See, Sweetheart’s not like you “stupid men.” He’s a beta boy who realizes that Real Sensitive Guys don’t pay attention to how “ugly” a woman’s outside is, but her talent and fame—because that’s what women value in men, so men should like the same in women, regardless of their being ugly, disgusting mud-sharks. Those who refuse this ideal and cling to physical beauty are unevolved and should be exterminated or re-educated.

        Sweetheart knows this because his feminazi leaders told him so. This is also why he wears a chastity belt for them—to prevent his “maleness” from every affecting his “logic.”



      • ^^^^^^

        Wow. The batshit is waist deep now. I’m taking orders from feminazi leaders — lolz.

        I can’t wait to see what’s next. Gonna sell some popcorn and make some $$$ on this performance.


      • I’m taking orders from feminazi leaders

        —We all know you’re not smart enough to come up with this tripe by yourself, little man. 😛


      • I’d love for whorefinder to detail, out here in public, all of the violence that he’s committed in his life. Beginning with assault, then progressing to rape, then culminating in murder.

        We love salacious details — especially dates, times, and places.


      • @Sweetheart:

        all of the violence that he’s committed in his life.
        —Why, I’m just an innocent little lamb [bats eyes].

        Beginning with assault, then progressing to rape, then culminating in murder.
        —lol. The mind of a beta, when exposed to the truth and mockery of his precious p.c.-ness, reacts as any feminized mind would: hamster rationalization.

        We love salacious details
        —Now, now, your fantasies are not my business.


      • I’m taking orders from feminazi leaders

        —We all know you’re not smart enough to come up with this tripe by yourself, little man. 😛


      • Keep it coming! Let’s feel the hate! How much do you have, whorefinder? WHERE IS THE HATE?

        You’re not a real man until you’ve posted forty-five hateful comments in a single half-hour. LET’S MOVE IT MAGGOT.

        (sits back, waits)


      • Let’s feel the hate!
        —And Sweetheart’s homoeroticism reaches a new level.

        You’re not a real man until you’ve posted forty-five hateful comments in a single half-hour.
        —-Sweetheart, we know that your definition of a “real man” involves a limp-wristed queer bent over and taking a back black dildo up the ass by a fat chick with a moustache.


      • Excellent! Let’s hear more hate! MORE HATE, WHOREFINDER, DO YOU HEAR ME — MORE HATE. It’s inspirational!

        Seriously, that’s all you got? Come on, pussy — there must be some demographic, somewhere, that you haven’t attacked yet! HURRY UP — PEOPLE NEED YOU!

        (sits back)


      • Calm down, Jason… it’s getting embarrassing.

        Even the Lord hates.


      • @Greg Eliot:

        Nah, this is way more fun. I’m bored and up late, and who better than a deranged, self-hating beta lefty fag to smack around?

        I can hear him now, furiously masturbating out his one-note answers and screaming in pleasure as he inserts another pin into his scrotum.


      • We’ll let the readers figure who’s deranged, “whorefinder”.


      • @Sweetheart:

        let the readers figure who’s deranged

        —Prolly the one who keeps getting verbally raped and demanding more, Sweetheart.

        p.s how’s your mom?


      • I have to agree with Jason, she’s way too skinny. And the camera puts another 10 lbs on you, so in RL she is even skinner. No hips and no legs. You don’t have to be fat to have some curves and beautiful legs. Good curves are related to bone structure, especially hips. Fat curves come from being fat or overweight – that’s not what we’re talking about.

        But why fight over it? Everyone has his/her taste. Jason always said he doesn’t like petite girls, while Heartiste always said he likes shorter smaller girls. And Whorefinder just like whores, all varieties are welcomed.


      • “whore” is not a body type 🙂


      • @ Canadian Friend

        “He has probably never hurt anyone and all this talk about violent acts against blacks is simply him letting steam out.”

        Whether he did or didn’t is irrelevant. It’s this highly abusive language about Jason’s mother that’s worrying me the most. That was totally uncalled for, and if someone said it about your mom you’d be upset too. That’s not classy. I thought whorefinder used to make funny comments, which didn’t bother me all that much, even his observations about Blacks in the ghettos. But after saying he’d knock a girl’s teeth if she hit him, and the abuse he spewed about Jason’s mother, I see him in a different light. Some people just don’t understand when they have crossed the line.

        Maybe as you said he’s really angry about what he sees in the world and he just unleashes it here, but there is a limit.


  70. If the insides of your girls thighs make a sound when she walks?

    She needs to get on a diet and exercise program.

    If they don’t touch?

    tell her to keep them that way.

    Do weekly inspections.


    • If the insides of your girls thighs make a sound when she walks? She needs to get on a diet and exercise program.
      —The inside of a non-black girl’s thighs scraping is a mating call of the North American Jigaboo; like deer urine for male bucks.


  71. My comment about Neanderthal heritage might of seemed weird but here is the MFing thing, It is testable via DNA analysis. Modern Euros are 1 to 4% Neanderthal. Exactly who is more or less is stunningly of interest.
    But I must say no more. Thought crimes and all that.


  72. Hint: Neanderthals grew bigger brains faster and had more unstable dopamine systems than moderns.
    It is even possible to listen to their kind of music. . It is on Youtube.
    Pentangle, Cruel Sister.


  73. Winston Leonard fucking Spencer Churchill would have registered in the 10% range for neanderthalism A. Einstein maybe more. Or not.


  74. Has anyone considered that they don’t even know each other? Do we know that this is Mystery’s woman? Maybe the photographer just took the picture of Mystery walking his daughter past this woman minding her own business and smoking a square.


  75. Your entire blog reminds me of a song:

    I’m So Ronery
    So ronery
    So ronery and sadry arone

    There’s no one
    Just me onry
    Sitting on my rittle throne
    I work rearry hard and make up great prans
    But nobody ristens, no one understands
    Seems like no one takes me serirousry

    And so I’m ronery
    A rittle ronery
    Poor rittle me

    There’s nobody
    I can rerate to
    Feel rike a bird in a cage
    It’s kinda sihry
    But not rearry
    Because it’s fihring my body with rage

    I’m the smartest most crever most physicarry fit
    But nobody else seems to rearize it
    When I change the world maybe they’ll notice me
    But until then I’rr just be ronery
    Rittle ronery, poor rittle me

    I’m so ronery

    [Heartiste: Whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep at night, little one.]


    • lol. Yep, anyone who says the truth about women “must” be a lonely, pathetic loser.

      Hang on, my cock’s caught in your mouth, I couldn’t hear your response. 😉


    • Soooo, ahh… dumb bitch disparaging gooks/chinks on a blog that disparages white whores and niggers? Ok…. awesome! Viva la 2012…. you are SOOOOO progressive and hip for posting this, I’m simply, right now, in awe of you; or something…


      • I think the JAP was trying to sound like a little kid, not an Oriental.

        (((Heh, heh… see what I did there?)))


    • Princess Yahudi seems put-off by the chateau’s decor… go figure.


      • And leave it to Greg to point out her Jewishness, and you say you’re not obsessed with Jews? LMAO!!!! Never laughed harder at the constant confirmation.


  76. Peacocking does work, but you can’t just put it on. You need to actually like what you’re wearing and own it. In other words, control your frame.

    A good example is with niggers. Most do peacock, often ridiculously so. However, they do not “own the frame.” Being mentally immature, they merely act like a teenage boy trying to get attention—label whores, ostentatious instead of stylish, etc. Because non-blacks usually don’t call them on it and blacks are too stupid to see it, they get away with it a lot.

    But if you do confidently call them out on it, they melt away like sullen teenage boys, especially since they’re not used to a style-whooping.

    I was once out at a lounge in NYC, chatting up a girl at the next couch. A nigger came by and sat next to her, trying to “swoop” while I was clearly in the middle of hitting on her. Faux pas even if I wasn’t a flaming racist.

    With a smirk, and looking as steady-eyed and confident as I could, I said, “You know, it’s really rude to interrupt a man when he’s talking to a lady.”

    Whatever his response was (I ignored it), I surveyed his outfit. it was a label-whore’s dream, but baggy.

    When he finished his response, I gave him an obvious elevator glance–obvious enough for the girl to see—, paused, and said, “It’s too bad you don’t know how to buy clothes that fit you.”

    “These fit just fine.”

    “Sure they do. And those shoes—did a twelve year old help you pick them out?”

    “These are Gucci! You know nothing!”

    “Looks like you raided your Daddy’s wardrobe and picked out everything you thought was flashy. You’d think by your age you’d know how to dress yourself.”

    He was sputtering now, trying to figure out his frame. My turn: I stood and put out my hand to the girl, who instinctively took it and went with me as I gently pulled. “C’mon, honey. Let’s leave the kids section and go get ourselves an adult beverage.” We headed to the bar.

    She giggled as I said this. And Nigger Man heard it.

    Case closed. He was done in her mind.

    I don’t know if he was with some people or alone. I do know I looked back to see him shout something over at me (music was loud, didn’t hear) and then sit there, alone on the couch, stewing for a minute. He eventually got up and headed to the opposite side of the bar for a drink (staring at us while I made a few jokes to make her laugh, keeping her back to him) before stomping out of the bar in a temper tantrum.

    Bottom line: If you don’t own your frame on what you wear, you’re easy pickings. Mystery owns his ridiculous clothing frame, so you can’t unframe him. But fakery is very easy to undermine. This is also why some players can get away with dressing like slobs—you can attack their dress all you want, it won’t throw them off their game.

    Also, don’t hit on a girl someone else is clearly working. Terrible form, and you deserve whatever punishment you get.

    And: don’t be black.


  77. Angela Corey;
    She needs to confess to her personal guru and then slitllt her own throat and die on prime-time Florida tv.
    Go for it. Try to find another answer…


  78. She’s attractive, but those stupid boots make her look like George Carlin in “Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey.”



    • “Rufus!”

      “69, dudes!”

      The movie had a lot of key dirty moments that really flew over my head as a kid. A good example of clever double entendres.


  79. @NiteLily – Putting on fat weight is easy, we all know that. Increasing the size of your muscles beyond your genetic potential is extremely hard without using steroids – which is why steroids are so popular with athletes, body builde4rs, etc.
    I lift weights 4 times a week, bike almost everywhere and ride skateboards for fun. I’m not ‘skinny’, unless you consider cyclists,skaters, swimmers ‘skinny’.
    Problem No.1 by a landslide and a half is that virtually all the women I’m interested in are taken (boyfriend/fiance/husband) and that prying them away from such relationships is HUGELY harder in real life than the choir of ‘game’ fanboyz will ever be willing to publicly acknowledge.They HAVE to believe that ‘this stuff works’ , because they have no other shot.
    This week’s exploits – so far – are a perfect example.
    Tuesday: Student/model, Thursday: National Guard girl, both had boyfriends, but they were thinking about it, I could practically see their little hamsters doubleclutching the wheel. Both in their 20’s, both solid 8’s.
    No ‘normal’ (= overweight & boring) guy in his 40’s and no PUA would stand a chance even getting to dance with either one of them.
    Not in real life, anyway.
    On a blog…sure…..and they were 10’s,dood……..


    • You don’t really want to take a woman away from another man – if she leaves him for you, she will leave you eventually for someone else. Of course, it depends what you are looking for. If it’s just some fun, then such a girl will be right. However, if you are looking for something more long term, then you’d be better off with a single girl. Even if she is not an 8+, but at least you will have some peace of mind and companionship/fulfillment. She doesn’t have to be overweight and boring, just decent. Too many skanks out there.


    • Wolfie to put on mass you should be getting 12 calories per pound *1.2 or 1.3 given your activity level + 500 on top of that for the gain with no fast carbs or bad food.

      -At least start there. You may need to up your activity factor to 1.4 times your cals.

      Out of your total cals, 1 gram per pound of bodyweight should be protein. Christian Bale did 1.5 for the Batman Begins diet, some crazy people like Lee Haney do 2.

      Also, Drink A Recovery Shake -no later than 30 minutes after your workout to defeat catabolism and replenish glycogen.
      It should be 1/2 your bodyweight in grams of fast carbs, like glucose, and 1/4 your bodyweight in grams of protein. -If you want to gain even more, double that amount.

      Lift Heavy, like GVT, 2-3 reps of the heaviest you can lift, after warmup.

      You may be lifting 1 day too many. You need both sleep And rest.

      Best of luck!


  80. I’d take the no make-up pony tail chick wearing a nondescript sweater and skirt at Barnes n Noble with the secret smoking hot body any day. Lower maintenance, higher return on investment.