Comment Of The Week: One-Way Judgment

Hugh G. Rection correctly notes:

Women basically want a monopoly on judgement. She can judge reject men as she chooses, but men are not free to reject/judge her or her choices, ever.

This is eau de feminism. The very essence of the grievance whore industry. The animating lifeblood of the degenerate freak mafia and crass SWPL status whores.

Freedom to judge for me, but not for thee.

And as if right on cue, here’s an indignant fat anchorwoman (meme alert!) spending four minutes of televised air time complaining about being bullied for her big beautiful womanliness by a viewer who wrote her a rather innocuous letter lightly chastising her for not trying to lose weight. (“There’re no bones in the ass, lady!”) Spot the irony: she judges the letter writer for being a “bully” while she herself should remain exempt from all judgment. I’ve got real news for ya, lady. You are a bad role model for young girls. Fatness is a character defect, and your inability to lose weight after years of television exposure is a stretch mark on your soul.

(I do like how the femcunt foot soldierettes tried to “out” the letter writer and discovered he is a muscular athletic bicyclist. Immediately they were robbed of hours of joyous but totally irrelevant ego assuaging snark.)

Runner-up comment winner award goes to Matt Parrott:

Before civilization added multiple layers of complexity, there were essentially two super-categories of humans:

Environmentally Selected Humans: These are populations which survived in low population deserts, rainforests, tundra, remote islands, and such. For them, the greatest obstacles to mating were freezing to death, dying of thirst, being eaten by a tiger, or whatever. They had relatively high testosterone levels, robust skeletal structures, and long penises. Why our common ancestor had a long penis is an important question which I’m going to set aside for now.

Sexually Selected Humans: These are populations which survived in the fertile temperate habitats, especially the major river valleys and deltas. For them, the greatest obstacles to mating were other males, increasingly intelligent and vicious males hellbent on killing you and taking your wife, mom, sisters, and daughters for themselves.

The human brain isn’t large enough to decipher differential calculus and program Facebook apps because that’s environmentally adaptive. It’s not. It’s environmentally maladaptive…a massive calorie sink, a nightmare for child delivery, and a huge vulnerability in terms of instincts becoming secondary to whichever abstractions are dumped into it.

It’s our anthropocentric vanity that lulls us into seeing environmental selection for intelligence as natural…despite common sense and the record clearly demonstrating otherwise. The only (and I do mean only) reason human intelligence exists as it does is as an instrument of male territorial aggression. The human male brain is designed by and for war. And human females have massive brains for the same reason human males have nipples.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about penises. I’m merely sketching up the background hypothesis so that the answer makes sense.

Male territorial aggression in the most fertile (and therefore populous) regions was ubiquitous before the transition to sedentary civilization, resulting in a chronic gender imbalance. While polygyny ensured that all fertile females would be mated with, neoteny and attractiveness determined whether a female would manage to mate with the most powerful (intelligent and therefore militarily successful) males.

The acute selection for neoteny and feminine attractiveness selects against testosterone and other “manliness factors”, including, incidentally and accidentally, male penis size. It’s one of those gender selection trade-offs, like how women who are busty have brothers with bitch tits.

1. The greater the percentage of temperate zone ancestry, the smaller the penis.

2. The more recent the temperate zone ancestry, the smaller the penis.

The final wrinkle with this is that Caucasians have rather recently stumbled across a series of adaptations which serve as misleading indicators of neoteny: white skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair. This changed the equation, easing the selective pressure on the “master switch” of testosterone which was evolution’s only option for making Asian females more attractive. White females could retain the lantern jaws, broad shoulders, and other less feminine features because they had cheat codes which made them appear more feminized than they actually are.

The comment section on this renegade outpost of the internet may be more like a lunchroom food fight than a roundtable of erudite punditry, but one thing you can say about CH commenters is their willingness to tackle tough, impolite subjects with truly open minds. You won’t find gems like this one illuminating the pages of the Washington Trope or the NewYorkBetaTImes. Or National Review.


  1. on October 8, 2012 at 10:19 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


    now i know why da GBFMhas da lotasas cockas!!!!! and a passion for square-jawed blonde womenz zlzozozlzllzzz (though not their butthole like tukker max rhryems with godlman sax lzozlzlz)

    hey heartistsess!! da schoalrs are studying meeee!!!!!

    The Genius of Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM)

    ” I went searching for one of my favorite Great Books For Men comments and found that, indeed, in this case GBFM had double-dipped from his own blog. In response to Heartiste’s “Dominance Plays” GBFM offers some new comments, and then slides in an additional classic chestnut posted earlier on his home blog:
    Today the master fiat class gives the first rights of your wife to an endless array of douchetards, starting in elementary school, commanding her to see lying, peacocking, manipulative, girly beta males as alphas, while seeing manly alphas as betas; as her mother exiled her true father long ago, under command of the fiat masters.
    From an early age they teach her that her ginatingles rule the world, not Jesus, nor Thor, nor Zeus, nor Moses. When she gets knocked up, they reward her with fiat dollars which Ben Benanke hand delivers in his helicopter. . . .
    But GBFM is really on a role. He immediately follows up with the first instance I’d encountered of one of his ‘rewrites’ on the essay Heartiste has just delivered:
    hey heartiststtetsts!!!!
    i have notcied a couple speleleing errororos errors in your ways words and i have fixed them vbecasuee you beemever know when neoocn womenz like chalrortte allen will be dropping by here to check your rgramamamrz grammarz lzozlzllzozozlzozozozo
    GBFM moonlighting as copyeditor has become one of his most endearing, and sublimely surreal, conceits. Here he is in glittering form on a recent entry on the viability of the Romney campaign, complete with a trademark–
    hery hey heartistssee i love your preiddtionss peredictions and i know you work hard so sometimes you mispless missplell things misspells how the fuck do you spelll msisisisisissspelelll? lzozzloololzozzlozol omg it dirves me babaananananaaananannaananansssssananaaas
    anyayawzy i have coreecttred your gramamar and spelelings lzozlzozo::
    2012 prediction: the Eurozone experiment in forced financial buthhexting implodes, taking a cock in the ass and the U.S. with it. . . .
    The corrections for “gramamar and spelelings” consist in inserting curse words and scatology, especially wherever the construction allows some sort of logical homophony between Heartiste’s original complaint (usually these are quite salty in themselves) and GBFM’s obsessive unmasking of “buthhexting” and “assocking”, sodomy being his neo-Dantean metaphor for usury and, well, sodomy, the instrument by which the neoconservatives “desoul” modern women through what Milton would call (I’m digging this one up on my own, but GBFM’s very free to use it if he hasn’t already) “Casual fruition” (PL Bk IV l. 767). Once desouling has taken place, the woman will serve(ice) the fiat masters forever, destroying marriage and family so Bernanke and his conspirators can sit atop their inflationary empires.
    And no, I have not even begun to scrape the magnificent, tragicomic depths of GBFM’s scalding, multilayered vision. GBFM uses a toolbox of commonly recurring key phrases and concepts, yet manages to deploy them in a bewilderingly fertile fashion. He would be side-splittingly funny even if he didn’t, frankly; but that he continually manages to slyly posture behind surprising new parodistic frames (one vintage spiel of fabulous intricacy involves him doing a corrected read-out of the computer screen’s revealing scroll in The Matrix) adds a sense of wonder to his replies. And I haven’t even yet reminded you that “You’ve been ——–fied !” Or however it’s being spelelt these days, lzzoozlz!!!”



  2. on October 8, 2012 at 10:27 am Days of Broken Arrows

    I’m glad to see you got around to unmasking the hypocrisy of that fat news anchor.

    My feeling is that the judgement of her critic is a response to the way women behave. As I wrote on here previously, women on surveyed say 80 percent of the men on there are “unattractive.” One inch in height in the wrong direction or a few thousand less in salary, and men are immediately rejected.

    And this is just in the online dating realm.

    Criticisms of women like the fat news anchor received are a response to women’s own hyper-judgmental behavior, not random “bullying.”


  3. I couldn’t believe it when I saw a picture of fat Anchorwoman’s husband. He wasn’t a bad looking guy. Just goes to show how desperate and brainwashed most men in this country are.

    How many American men would be proud to have fat Anchorwoman as their wife? Sadly, quite a few.


  4. I kid you not: the ad Youtube linked under the video was for a car called Skoda Yeti.
    Thing is, that “woman” wouldn’t fit in a Skoda.


  5. When are they going to make this into a Lifetime movie.

    “Fat Anchorwoman.” Tag line, “A mean e-mail made her cry, she knew she had to make a stand, tell the world she would not be bullied, but first she had to stop at KFC for some gravy.”


  6. on October 8, 2012 at 11:06 am Spoos in August

    Except that the r-selected humans in temperate/tropical climes were and are stupider with larger penises. The average IQ in Africa is 70, for example, and not all of that is due to micronutrient deficits.

    The brain is a huge calorie-sink, until you need to be clever enough to track and hunt prey that are a lot thinner on the ground. The lack of environmental selection is one reason human cranial volumes have actually been decreasing for the last 20,000 years or so.

    As for Caucasoid craniofacial structure, some of that is probably a result of Neanderthal admixture. In Asia, subsequent admixture with an additional hominid, as well as differential environmental selection produced a different distribution of face-types. East Asians are also heavily K-selected, which is likely the reason their average IQ is higher than Europeans’.

    Selection for parental investment leads to higher oxytocin/vasopressin and lower serum testosterone. Which is why Asian men have smaller penises. Too, agricultural societies are relatively more K-selected, despite food being more available, because of the institution of monogamy in order to preserve accumulated resources for men’s biological offspring, and the degree to which successful farming depends on knowledge passed down from generation to generation.

    The reason we’re getting more r-selected in the West today is that food is plentiful, we’ve dismantled cultural pressure toward K-selected mating, and we have subsidized the women who have massive broods of children by various absent fathers.

    K-selection is mostly environmentally-driven, whereas r-selected mating is all about sexual competition in the relative absence of environmental pressure.


    • One should note that there is a difference between IQ and creative intelligence. IQ has been standardized and skewed toward females, and so is not really indicative of true creative intelligence. This is one reason why Asians may test higher, but must look toward the West for real technological breakthroughs.

      Creative intelligence is a function of the frontal lobes. The Nordic is the group with the highest level of frontal cortex and thus has developed the high culture of Western Civilization. Thus while Asians may have a higher IQ, and can maintain a slowly devolving or static civilization, only those with creative intelligence can develop and advance a high civilization.

      Until fairly recently, about the last 1,000 years, Nordic societies were also largely warrior societies. After being civilized by the Catholic Church, and using their warrior ethic to stop the invasion of Islamics, they went on to conquer the world. It has only been in the last 100 years that they have been “tamed” by the system, and only in the last 50 years they have been forced to be PCF. Perhaps this is why Nordic penis size remains high.


  7. Women crave group acceptance and stamp of approval for their actions in a way that men just do not. Of course, like sex, not all approval is created equal. The approval (and by extension the domination) of an Alpha male is of course best.

    Of course, in our castrated society, there’s not enough Alpha male acceptance to go around. So the state alpha male surrogate steps in, and is redesigned to give these women the acceptance they crave. Media is used to promote non-judgement as the new majority opinion, hate (read: thought) crime legislation, anti-bullying legislation and new “rape” laws are passed against anything and everything, and anyone who isn’t marching to the new drum beat is bullied and shamed into line. Ironic indeed.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to one day see feminist groups pushing for attacks on weight, appearance, or dress to be classified as hate crimes. Except if you’re a beta male, of course. Then it’s open season.


  8. What was more alarming to me than that single fattie’s bullying accusations is the legion of people giving her props for it.

    This vilifying of any judgment (especially any judgment


  9. What was more alarming to me than that single fattie’s bullying accusations is the legion of people giving her props for it.

    This vilifying of any judgment (especially any judgment passed on females), is reflective of the collective death of our society’s concept of individual responsibility.


  10. She’s overweight and plain but I’ll bet she tries to not date overweight plain men.

    Why was she even hired in the first place, looking like that?


    • Her husband’s the lead anchor or some shit like that.


      • This newswoman’s husband is either 1) gay or 2) sleeping around consistently, a la John Edwards.

        One of the things that kept John Edwards’s wife from leaving him was her weight. Not only did she believe the Edwards-as-abortion-bringer-to-all idea, and not only did she stay for the kids, but her ugliness kept her from ringing the divorce bell. She knew a handsome, rich, outgoing man like Edwards was sleeping around with poon much hotter than she ever was; but her fatness made her unlikely to ever leave, since she could never do any better than him, and probably not get anything besides a loser black guy.

        Good riddance to her sorry, bloated, cancer-ridden carcass,


      • This newswoman’s husband is either 1) gay or 2) sleeping around consistently, a la John Edwards.

        I’m confused. Are you saying John Edwards is doing 2? Or both 1 and 2?


      • John Edwards did #2 consistently. He was never gay, AFAIK.


      • on October 9, 2012 at 7:25 am Days of Broken Arrows

        I was gonna mention the gay thing. Even my gay friends will comment that they think a guy is gay if he’s with a woman who is too overweight.


    • If she lost the spare tire and basketball, she could be pretty attractive…at least a 6.

      If there is anything in this world that is sad…it’s when a good looking woman is covered in lard.


      • THIS. It bugs me so much when I’m on a site like Facebook and see a girl with a cute face, only to look further into her photos and find out she’s a ham beast. One girl I found on OKCupid had a face that looked like Catherine Zeta-Jones, and a body that looked like Rosie O’Donnell. If she actually took the time to get down to a healthy weight I’d imagine she would be an 8 or a 9, easily.

        And on a side note, I just can’t respect anyone who is overweight. Granted, some people have health problems that cause them to gain weight uncontrollably, but the other 98% of the population should learn that it’s easy to eat well and exercise. Sure, it sucks the first week or 2, but after that you start feeling really great about it, and you’ll start seeing the results. As an avid runner, I have to say that I can’t respect anyone who is fat, male or female, because I take the time and care to stay thin and in shape. If someone can’t be bothered to keep their health in check, then what else are they slacking on? Jobs? Friendships? Relationships?


      • Ding ding ding ding ding! We live on a planet in which limbless people manage to maintain a healthy body weight. If you can’t show me your lab results, noting depressed thyroid and pitutary output, don’t tell me that your size is the result of “glands”. I bike three times a week with a dozen other disabled veterans. One of them is a woman who lost her lower left leg in an IED attack. Three times a week, I see her strap her flipper onto the specially designed left pedal and ride 10 miles with the rest of us. She’s no Scarlett Johanssen or Lee Meriwether, but her proportions meet my chest plus hips minus waist = over 40 inches equation.


    • She could’ve worn something low cut to show off the rack a little, at least.


  11. I remember when I was 17 my Russian teacher told me at presence of an entire class I was obese and at age of 40 I would look like an elephant. The only reasonable reaction to these words for me was take action instead of complain to her superiors and my parents so I answered at presence of an entire class: “You’re right” and I lost nearly 15 kilos within a year.


  12. You could make two normal-size anchorwomen out of all that…


    • Let that sink in for a moment. We could sustain two attractive slender women with all the food that a fattie eats.

      I have no words to describe how angry that makes me.


  13. It’s looking up, gentlemen. Rule by SWPLs and the affirmative action regime is coming to an end, faster than you think. Barry was the sign of progressive endtimes, he just didn’t know it.

    The Swiss, who are experts at staying out of other people’s stupid wars and making big bucks off it, think Europe may melt down completely, and soon:

    Can the US of A (a Brazil with nuclear weapons and worse weather) be far behind?

    I see no downside in any of this for real men.


    • Sounds good to me.

      Famine = Fewer fatties

      Poverty = Fewer liberal ivory towers

      Economic depression = Fewer immigrants


    • The swiss army has outdated equipment. That’s why they buy new things…several days ago a german politician critizised the lacking equipment for the Bundeswehr, but that’s not an indicator that germany starts preparing for WW III…


  14. This one writes itself … you’d think they made up this story just for this blog.

    Joran, hey he killed a few gals, but he’s hawt!

    She “forgot” to take her b/c pills.

    Can’t make this sh*t up … Alphas can literally get away with anything.


  15. […] the world a safer place for fupas everywhere!More on bullying and fat acceptance by Jack Frost More from HeartisteTell your friends how great I amMore This entry was posted in Fitness, Humor and tagged bullying, […]


  16. One of the reasons why men don’t judge women anymore for their deplorable behavior is the oneitis, putting them on a pedestal mentality they have. They are too afraid that telling her she is hurting herself or others will cause her to leave…so they don’t do it.

    If anybody needs a slap of logic to the hamster, it’s a woman. If nobody invades and shakes up her perfect world…anything she does is okay. Getting obese, cheating with an alpha and causing the beta to raise his kid, taking a man to the cleaners because she is “unhappy”.

    Kudos to the guy who wrote that anchor. At no point did he put her down…he just told the truth. Remember when you tell the truth…the more they screech.


    • One of the reasons why men don’t judge women anymore for their deplorable behavior is the oneitis, putting them on a pedestal mentality they have. They are too afraid that telling her she is hurting herself or others will cause her to leave…so they don’t do it.

      Yes, for those close to her. For strangers, there’s the “Maury Povich defense” – “you don’t know me”. Our society seems to have decided useless context, real or imagined, trumps any and all judgements. The Maury Povich defense crudely expresses, “my rationalization is just as good as your judgement”. Is there a sentiment more quintessentially American?


    • on October 9, 2012 at 3:05 pm Loved and Loving

      Sir, listen to me very carefully. Or rather, read me.
      The best criticism a woman can get is from another woman. Period.
      See, men, they may chastise her, and she will not care. She will perceive him as an asshole/idiot/whatever she can think of. Result: he won’t have her, and if she’s vengeful enough, she will make sure no woman from her circle give herself to him. I’ve seen this billions of times. Putting a woman to shame gets you nowhere with her AND it may hurt your status with other women. It happens in all societies, not only feminist ones. Preselection is even more crucial in normal societies than feminist ones. So this guy made a mistake and has been vilified to a whole country. No kudos for him.
      Oneitis, whatever that is, is irrelevant. Men have not been created to put women to shame. The only effective thing they can do is refuse to sleep with one. A gentleman who simply says “Sorry, I’m not attracted to you” (no specifying of a reason) will hurt more than a man who calls her out to drop weight.
      The ones that are fit to, have the needed weaponry and are more than willing to use it in combat, are other women. They are created to keep each other in line. They spit, they gossip, they hurt deliberately and with punctual accuracy that a man is incapable of. It’s called competition. Women who gossip and hurt are vilified in men’ and society’s eyes, but they’re doing them a favor. A single woman (and sometimes even a married one) will not care that much what men/husband say about her as what other women say about her.


  17. First comment / response was excellent, but the second just reeks of “I just read sperm wars and I have some theories of my own”


  18. I’d like to comment on number 1., and by way of a story, which has the inestimable advantage of being true.

    In a certain european city is a running group for women. You get 8 weeks of running for a three figure sum. A man (how dare he!) put a notice on the clubs Facabook page, which went something like this: ‘Ladies, don’t take this the wrong way, but I see that of the three designated instructors [all female] not one claims to be qualified to teach running. They are respectively a fitness instructor, a physiotherapist and a choreographer. It really seems to me to be wrong to take money off people in those circumstances, when were your members to join an athletics club, they would teach you running for FREE’

    Naturally this put the ladies into a vitriolic spin and much bandwidth was wasted.

    The web site of the club has biographies and comments and one of the commenters describes the twice weekly running as ‘like being at a hen night’. Quite!


  19. on October 8, 2012 at 12:41 pm (R)Evoluzione

    Matt Parrot’s epic comment is quite interesting. It presuppposes much, and I think he might be stretching the existing data to fit his model.

    Far be it from me to call bullshit on that–a lack of evidence is not evidence against–but I would like to hear about or see the source data, books or articles, that has given Matt the inspiration for his thesis.


    • @(R)Evoluzione,

      The proposition and framework are far from original. The short answer on why you haven’t heard of it before is that it’s taboo. Within the relatively small and marginalized HBD community, the tail of closeted early 20th century racialism wags the dog (most of which is not WN).

      For instance, Prof. Rushton (PBUH) insisted on referring to East Asians as “North Asians”. I believe this is precisely the sort of “stretching the existing data” you’re worried about me engaging in. The scientific data from a variety of disciplines suggests that they’re truly indigenous to the Chinese Basin…which is hardly “North”.

      There are North Asians…Eskimeaux, Yakut, and Northern Amerindian populations. I asked him about this apparent flaw in his model at the 2008 AmRen conference and his response was that perhaps there’s a sweet spot for selection which isn’t “too far North”.

      A sweet spot North of which people are darker and more robust? Even though Vitamin D deficiencies supposedly pervasively selected for fairness in latitudes closer to the equator than their own?

      And the whole “Nordic” thing is a fiction within a Western context. The Aryan/Indo-European invaders were likely from around the Black Sea, not “the North”. Oddly, one can go to Scandinavia, home of “Nordic” people, and find Saami nomads who are actually indigenous and have some Asiatic characteristics. They’re heavily hybridized, but it’s straightforward to infer that their original phenotype was some to North Asian and Amerindian phenotypes.

      If Nordic people are selected for cold and harsh environments, then why weren’t they even capable of supplanting Saami nomads back before they were modern and feminized?

      My answer? Whites and East Asians evolved in and are optimized for the most mild habitats.

      War Before Civilization, Lawrence Keeley
      Evo and Proud Blog
      Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex, Darwin


  20. Matt Parrott is raising another man’s kids (and a bunch of cats).


  21. “Matt Parrott is raising another man’s kids (and a bunch of cats).”

    Max Planck´s son tried to kill Hitler, so obviously his proportionality constant is bunk.


  22. OT: Lena Dunham just inked a new book deal worth 3.5 million.

    The industry I work in depresses the fuck out of me.


  23. Women are thin-skinned and have fragile egos and can’t handle any criticism about themselves. Our entire society is being structured to protect the sensitive feelings of women. Of course, it’s still open season on men.

    The hypocrisy of that doesn’t even occur to women on any level because they are INNATELY solipsistic.


  24. This large penis theory certainly explains why you see a lot of white guys with Asian women.


  25. on October 8, 2012 at 1:44 pm Dr Van Nostrand

    To be fair to National Review-didnt Kevin Williamson have a chicks dig jerks column a few months back?


  26. on October 8, 2012 at 1:50 pm Dr Van Nostrand

    Ok, why the fuck does this station have a fat anchor in the first place? Surely there should some clause in the contract regarding your appearance?I mean this is VISUAL media!
    That guy who wrote to her was being as polite and PC as he possibly could without neutering himself!
    Say what you want about FoxNews ,but Im pretty sure their security prevents fatties from even entering the building!


    • I used to work in television…there is one about appearance. It just depends on how serious the station is on implementing that clause.


      • Most likely the husband got her a job as a pacifier for his infidelity or DL behavior. I agree with WF above on this point. He probably has enough pull there to keep the heat off of her. There’s a heifer who works at CNN as well.


    • Roger Ailes is famous for turning the TV on mute when evaluating on-air talent. Since TV is a visual medium, he wants to see if he’s drawn to how someone looks and behaves visually.

      It’s how he picked O’Reilly from tabloid-TV obscurity and found out he was a star stuck in the mud.It’s how he find the really hot chicks that dominate his female news anchors.

      The only one that doesn’t make sense in this is Greta Van Susteron. She looks awful on camera. Her body of work/intelligence must have overridden his visual acumen.


      • I never understood the presence of Greta Van Susteren on Fox News. She’s not pleasant to look at or listen to. She’s a partisan hack with no charm or warmth. Why is she there?


      • My guess is that Ailes wanted to have a legit female lead anchor to head off any anti-woman attacks by feminazis; its hard to call you sexist when an ugly but established woman is part of your primetime leadership.


      • Maybe the OJ Simpson trial connection has something to do with it. When I see Greta V-S, i immediately think of the OJ trial. Instant association. It made her, professionally. Maybe her reporting on the trial earned her the viewership’s long-term trust, same as a Walter Cronkite or Brian Williams.

        Ultimately, though, it’s about selling ads. If advertisers don’t buy ads when your on, you’re gone. Case in point: As good as Glenn Beck was at pushing people’s buttons, he couldn’t sell ads, so he got axed. Sell ads or die.


      • Actually Glen Beck intentionally didnt re-new his contract so he could do his internets tv and radio business. Also, I think he did just fine selling with the adds. He was the second highest rated news show behind only Bill Orielly himself. (his ratings alone dwarf the rival and other non-cable station’s entire news line up.


      • Yeah, Beck was very good at selling things. Beck wanted to start his own network/internet channel/music production and left; its what he’s been up to since.


    • This doesn’t make any sense. Usually, TV stations don’t hire unappealing or fat women.

      This must be an unprofessional TV station. Who knows, maybe she was already working for the station before she got like that (after having 3 children), or maybe she got the job already looking like that with her husband’s help. Does anyone know how long she has been with that station?

      Either way, I guarantee the owner(s) of the station must be a feminist (male or female or both), and the woman and her husband are liberals. I can’t see a conservative TV station hiring her, I can’t see a conservative women looking like that, and I can’t see a conservative man allowing his wife to look like that.

      In any case, I don’t think she was bullied. The author of the letter was criticizing her looks, yes, but he was very respectful. She should have just ignored him if it bothered her. But of course she was looking for sympathy from the viewers, as well as she wanted to use the incident like she’s standing up to bullies. It’s all self-serving indignation.

      About a year ago there was a case of a man anchor in San Diego who sued a TV station on the grounds that he wouldn’t get hired because he’s a man and the TV station prefers hiring only esthetic looking females. Gloria Allred is/was representing him, from all people. LOL!

      We haven’t heard anything about it since, and the story died quietly. Maybe the station settled out of court with him to end the matter swiftly, and he being a man didn’t drag it out like a woman might for the publicity. But the station is not obliged to settle with him, and I think you can still discriminate in America based on looks. However, I bet you if it were an unattractive woman denied an anchor job and using it to sue, the outcry would be humongous with feminists screaming on various court-TV shows that women are not sex objects and that business shouldn’t be able to discriminate based on looks.

      For the record, we can’t discriminate based on race, creed, sex, or sexual preference, as the government is sticking its nose in people’s business and telling us how to think since the early 1960s, but one can still discriminate based on looks. It’s the only discrimination allowed legally in America. However, if the feminists have their way, Hooters will have to hire 200 lb. cows soon. How many times did Hooters get sued by fat cows screaming discrimination?


  27. And of course, the liberals over at were braying her anti-bullying trumpet loud and proud.

    An aside: does anybody know why Yahoo has been pushing this “anti-bullying” angle over the last year? How did this suddenly become such a hot topic?


    • My theory is that, as minority percentages grow greater towards majority in many schools and areas, the bullying lifestyle is common place, and suddenly a lot of SWPLs are starting to get a taste of true diversity.

      Rather than sound racist, they couch it under anti-bullying.

      I believe the same holds true for stalking and sexual harassment law proliferation.

      Usual disclaimer: yeah, yeah, we all know that some whites bully and stalk and sexually harass. But compared to blacks and hispanics, well… there’s really no comparison… anyone who has gone to an all-white school or neighborhood versus 30% or greater minority (that seems to be the ‘tipping point’) knows exactly what I’m talking about.


      • I meant, of course, anyone who has experienced both types of schools and/or neighborhoods.


      • I was in a predominantly white area when I ran across some kind of high school group. I don’t know if the kids were from the local high school or somewhere else, but it was 40% black (and only 1 black female).

        The white boys were hanging out by themselves, no girls. Clearly beta. Guess who the white girls were hanging out with?

        Oh, the black kids were uttering “nigga” this and “nigga” that… all in front of the white (female, of course) teacher who acted as if it was appropriate behavior.

        Goodbye America.


      • Blacks commit more rape than Whites and Hispanics combined. Is rape sex-bullying or isn’t it?

        All I know is, I’ve slept with two white girls who had been raped by blacks, and none raped by white men. (Though most had been willingly sodomized, gagged, gang-banged, and otherwise defiled by white men.)

        I’ve been advancing a theory to my friends: rape by white men is mostly a myth, a Big Lie constructed and pushed by vengeful feminists to promote an illusion of omnipresent threat to women, the better to weaken the position of white men in their own society. If all men are potential rapists, then they can all be treated with suspicion and hostility, even subjected to regulations which limit their conduct in public*, like that incident on a Virgin flight from Australia where a man was moved from his seat next to a minor, making them in effect all men without game, pre-criminal.

        Take the fact that women lie more about others (while men lie most about themselves; group-orientation vs. self-orientation), that they lie about rape, that they do just about everything they can to put themselves in harm’s way — are we seeing a “rape culture” or a culture of lying about rape?

        *(This was discussed by Foucault, et al., in The Danger of Child Sexuality. Foucault says: «We’re going to have a society of dangers, with, on the one side, those who are in danger, and on the other, those who are dangerous. And sexuality will no longer be a kind of behavior hedged in by precise prohibitions, but a kind of roaming danger, a sort of omnipresent phantom, a phantom that will be played out between men and women, children and adults, and possibly between adults themselves, etc. Sexuality will become a threat in all social relations, in all relations between members of different age groups, in all relations between individuals. It is on this shadow, this phantom, this fear that the authorities would try to get a grip through an apparently generous and, at least general, legislation and through a series of particular interventions that would probably be made by the legal institutions, with the support of the medical institutions. And what we will have there is a new regime for the supervision of sexuality; in the second half of the 20th century it may well be decriminalized, but only to appear in the form of a danger, a universal danger, and this represents a considerable change. I would say that the danger lay there.»)


      • “All I know is, I’ve slept with two white girls who had been raped by blacks, and none raped by white men. (Though most had been willingly sodomized, gagged, gang-banged, and otherwise defiled by white men.)”

        LMAO! What kind of skanks are you bedding? Can’t find better quality women to sleep with?

        I hate to say it, but girls like this usually bring this upon themselves. It’s like they either want to become a statistic because of low self-esteem, or they actively search for this stuff – dirty sex because it gets them off. They had no business hanging around those black guys to begin with if they weren’t asking for it, and the fact they willingly did it with white guys is just proof of it.

        But honestly, how hard do you have to try to bed such girls? I can’t imagine you need game for those types. Such sluts are the easiest thing to bed. In other words, why are you squandering your game training on bedding such horrid sluts with STDs galore? Oh, and one more thing, women that waste themselves like this and have no standards can’t be that pretty either, so I assume there wasn’t much in the looks Dept. either. Uh, you need to reevaluate your strategies.


      • One of the worst kinds of women on Earth are those who fake rape stories. Every borderline personality skank has a “raped by a Black guy” story.


      • A pleasing theory, but too neat. The incidents which sparked the anti-bullying mawkishness were all related to teenage suicides, some of them gay. It taps right into young women’s patronizing emotionalism. Women orient to the group, and what’s the biggest group? “Everyone.” And any who disagree become not-Everyone, the enemy.


      • Something like four teenage fags in a population of 300 million off themselves in the past year, and SWPLs go make an “anti-bullying” cause out of it. Ridonk.


  28. Hey, Joran van der Sloot’s knocked up a woman while in prison… proof in today’s SMP that women think w/ their va-JJs and the only thing that matters about being Alpha is getting ass.


    • “Leidi” uses the birth control pill but had apparently forgotten to take it and she would not have an abortion due to her Catholic faith.

      Girl’s gotta get that Alpha’s baby in their belly. No matter how or what…


      • Hypergamy’s answer to Fat Bastard?

        “GET IN MAH BELLY!”


      • What’s a Catholic girl doing taking contraception anyway?

        Yeah, typical BS, get pregnant by whatever means necessary.

        If it were in America, would the murderer be liable for child support while in prison?


  29. Count me among the people glad you did a post on that news anchor. I can’t tell you how many people on other forums I go to applaud her for being a ‘hero’ Unreal.


  30. Beta male son away at boarding school about to buy some clam he just met a piece of expensive jewelry. What do I say To him so he doesn’t get his back up when all he has is pussy on his mind?


    • on October 8, 2012 at 8:08 pm Thasswhatimtalkinbout

      isn’t getting laid against the rules in prep school? it was at my school. tell him he’ll be humiliated when word gets out — preppies really don’t do jewelry anyway and the person doing the humiliating may well be the girl he’s trying to impress.


    • Tell him that what he’s doing is the express train to Let’s-Just-Be-Friendsville.

      And then show him a few salient articles from this blog which explains it.


  31. on October 8, 2012 at 3:07 pm Hugh G. Rection

    So let me recap: He writes her a personal letter, which her idiot husband then posts on the internet, whereupon the reality distortion brigade descends on him and she calls him out on TV, all the while she totally agrees with the content of the letter. And he’s the bully? A bully picks on the weak and defenseless, and usually has tons of (female) enablers.


    • I get defending your wife…but that’s if the attacks are unwarranted. If he had enough sack he’d be telling her the same thing.


      • on October 8, 2012 at 4:02 pm Hugh G. Rection

        Oh no, if he told her he didn’t like the way she looks that would be “domestic violence” 😉


      • If you don’t defend your mate whether attacks are warranted or not, she’s not your mate. She’s some chick you shag because it’s convenient.


      • Lying to is not Defending.


      • What lie did he tell her?


      • That she looks great despite weighing half a ton.


      • Your opinion. Since she is not entirely ugly, despite her weight, it is just your opinion.


      • Very postmodern of you. If she’s a 4, she’s “not entirely ugly”, but one would be lying to call her “great” (8+).


      • Corvinus, I take it you’ve never met a woman who had anything to offer but her body. So when you look into a woman’s eyes, and she’s looking at you with love, you’re looking at her with…nothing.

        How is this better? How is this what we are supposed to be striving to please? Emotional corpses?


      • Corvinus, I take it you’ve never met a woman who had anything to offer but her body. So when you look into a woman’s eyes, and she’s looking at you with love, you’re looking at her with…nothing.

        Often, yes. That’s because it happens all the time, and therefore means little to me, unless she’s really attractive. A woman trying to give her love is like a man trying to get laid (give sex). It’s as common as dirt. Ergo, pick the 8+’s that do so and let the rest settle for betas.


      • So, Corvinus, if you do manage to find this woman attractive enough for you to “love”, and you breed, what are you going to do if your child isn’t a baby 8+?

        What are you going to do when she gets older, and is no longer an 8+?

        You see my problem with your way of thinking here? You provide no incentive. Women, even very pretty ones, would rather be loved despite their flaws…not necessarily have their flaws ignored, but loved and kept despite the fact that we are imperfect and mortal.

        If you are incapable of loving anyone, then who are you to sit in judgement over someone who is? You’re the defective one.


      • So, Corvinus, if you do manage to find this woman attractive enough for you to “love”, and you breed, what are you going to do if your child isn’t a baby 8+?

        Irrelevant, as long as it’s mine.

        What are you going to do when she gets older, and is no longer an 8+?

        Again, irrelevant, especially if she’s ten years younger.

        You see my problem with your way of thinking here? You provide no incentive. Women, even very pretty ones, would rather be loved despite their flaws…not necessarily have their flaws ignored, but loved and kept despite the fact that we are imperfect and mortal.

        If you are incapable of loving anyone, then who are you to sit in judgement over someone who is? You’re the defective one.

        Never said I was incapable. Been there done that. That’s why I’m here.


      • Corvinus, what I’m saying is that love without compassion and a bit of crazy isn’t love. It’s penile and/or social convenience. Granted, this is what most people experience and call love, but if we’re about truth here, I don’t think it quite hits the bar.

        So I’ll rephrase the question: how is it a lie when her husband, who probably loves her, tells her his opinion that she “looks great” even though she has a visible flaw?

        Whether he has real compassion for her, or finds her convenient for his sexuality, how is it a lie? Because you have a different opinion?


      • I’ll admit that one reason I’m curious is that, except for a momentary lapse, I made the decision that while I am in the process of losing weight, I’ll avoid romantic relationships. I am in “hit it and forget it” mode, but friendly because at the moment, being big and all, they expect me to be jolly.

        I would just rather someone not get attached to me as I currently look, with all the social crap that comes with it. I’m not so hard core as I used to be about sheep shagging because too many independent thinkers are broken and problematic. So I’m open to the idea that someday I’ll find a socially dependent mundane who will provide enzymes until I age out.

        I’m kinda wondering how much compassion I should expect, if any, in what passes for a relationship these days. If this is just how people are, then maybe I should, being currently flawed, and old in the future, always keep a foot out the door…love them like pets or something.

        The idea of giving someone a FTW 100% that would outlast whatever, when they’re only ever going to give me a small fraction, and conditional on whether or not I conform, is not appetizing.


      • That’s a handy definition of mate.


      • I’m sure that attitude is good for your “race”.


      • Don’t put my race in quotes, nigger sow.


      • A nobody who is evolutionarily irrelevant should probably have bigger worries than “niggers”…or are you blaming us for your inability to sack up?


      • If it’s sacking up you’ll be wanting, well… I’m the Santa Claus of luv… and I’m cumming to town.


  32. …when you are an attractive woman and have sex with a minor, you don’t go to federal pound in the ass prison.


  33. I was really looking forward to the essays that the “manosphere” would turn out on this topic. You have not disappointed. Some of the witty comments have me in stitches.

    The most annoying part of this for me is that, diagnosed line by line, every point of the letter was true. In her rebuttal she even conceded some of his points, but then waves her wand and negates the truth of his opinion because it knocked over her flimsy self-esteem.

    What do we learn from the rebuttal and reactions to this minute solitary incident? 1) It is unacceptable to say true things if they make someone else uneasy. 2)That truth is only truth if it makes you feel good. 3)Tolerance equals the suppression of truth and good conversation. This woman, and all her supporters, are worse examples than this man originally assumed.

    The man wasn’t unkind, didn’t call her names, and didn’t degrade her ability as an anchor; yet she set up a campaign to flay him alive for pointing out her personal inconsistency.

    I hope all the media attention makes him a few dollars at least.


  34. “complaining about being bullied for her big beautiful womanliness by a viewer who wrote her a rather innocuous letter”

    Bullied, the stupid witch, doesn’t know the meaning of the word.


  35. I’d also like to comment on this line: “She can judge reject men as she chooses, but men are not free to reject/judge her or her choices, ever.”

    This is so true, and is the basis for so much female behavior. I’m assuming this is why things like rejection and dread game make women want you even MORE. Since they hate to be rejected, judged, kicked aside, etc., they’ll work harder to prove that they’re worthy.

    How many of you have actually been the one to break up with a girl? In my entire life I haven’t been able to, the girls have always initiated it. I’ve been in a FWB situation for about 6 months now, and she’s been getting too clingy, so recently we had a talk and I told her I wanted to end things. She’s still in the picture, though, and refuses to leave. She’s doing anything she can to meet my approval so that I don’t reject her. But I guarantee that if she’s the one to end things, she’ll be onto the next guy with no qualms and no remorse or sadness.

    I’ve found a good bit of game to use at bars is to talk to a girl or dance with her, then just turn around and go to the bathroom or get another drink without telling her anything. Sometimes she’ll follow, other times she’ll jump at you the next time she sees you. Last night I was dancing with a girl who seemed kind of into it, but not fully. I stepped in front of her, put my drink down on a table next to her, and walked away. She immediately grabbed my arm and pulled me back, and soon we were bumping and grinding. If I hadn’t done that she probably would’ve vamoosed a lot sooner.


    • What you’re talking about in the bars/clubs is Push/Pull basics. I recommned talking to other girls when you step away.

      Dumping a girl is the most effective DHV that exists outside of being George Clooney. It says ” I don’t need you. ” If you think for one second that you’re losing hand or you begin to feel that that she’s losing interest in a relationship. Then it’s time for ” I think we should see other people. ” Do not hesitate and do not retract.

      You can, of course, lose her this way, but if you’re losing hand or attraction it’s better to cut your losses on your own terms. With experience you’ll learn to judge and calibrate this. If it works, then you’ve spun the hamster well enough to reap rewards. If it doesn’t then it’s always better to be the dumper than the dumpee.


      • This is very true. And this is also why I think women are so fucked up. Women equate abandonment and loss with love. If a man thought this way we’d call him crazy. But then again, women with serious mental conditions walk around freely every day because this behavior has been so normalized by them and we have to treat them with kiddie gloves and respect them for who they are.


      • As I like to mention, Tyler Durden used to keep his casual fuckbuddies loyal to him while he was off traveling by breaking up with them right before leaving. I don’t think he’d even tell them he was traveling, just start a fight, break it off, and go off the grid. I don’t remember exactly though.

        It kept the hamster spinning till he got back. For a demonstration of this effect, there’s this classic video lol:


    • How many of you have actually been the one to break up with a girl? In my entire life I haven’t been able to, the girls have always initiated it. I’ve been in a FWB situation for about 6 months now, and she’s been getting too clingy, so recently we had a talk and I told her I wanted to end things. She’s still in the picture, though, and refuses to leave.

      Right. Telling her you want to end things doesn’t work. My brother tried that too with the psycho he was dating before he found his wife, and she kept coming back. What does work is hardcore Asshole Game, of the type used to pick up 9s and 10s. It will crush the spirit of a 6, and she’ll let you go. Search Heartiste’s columns for when “reverse game” is needed.


  36. Here is the main point this article makes me think about – we live in a “violence” based culture where we don’t actually communicate, all we do is moralistically judge each other repeatedly until someone gets the best zinger and “wins” the argument. This entire debate has such low standards, mostly from the side of the reporter. If someone wrote to me in this way, I’d honor the intent graciously and think about what was said.

    I say we let the reporter steamroll her way through this argument, just like she steamrolls through everything else in life.(her husband, her children , her twinkles,her pizzas,her fajitas, etc) Let’s come back in 10 years and see if she’s better off. If all this momentum that she has started was used only partially on weight loss, psychotherapy, reflective thinking, or education, both of the members (the reporter and the man who wrote in) would be better off. Now, only the man that wrote it is going to better off, and the reporter will eat a box of Twinkies to celebrate.

    This is all coming from a man who need to lose at least 50-75 pounds – when family and friends tell me “take care of yourself!” it’s heard exactly as that.


  37. A bit off-topic, but the decline is starting to show… Detroit posts Enter at Your Own Risk signs at its city limits (thank you, liberals):


  38. Hey Heartiste, Bros, I need some help. I’m a bit Autistic so I take most statements at face value.

    Last week I drop my date off at her house and she says “Oh, looks like my parents aren’t home”. And at the time, I totally didn’t understand she was probing my interest and urging me to ask to come in.

    So we reach her door, we hug and kiss, and I leave (since to my mind she didn’t invite me in). Now, she turned me down for a second date.

    My question isn’t about her (whatever), but being able to see the implications hidden in statements.

    Any advice or experiences you can share?


    • Escalate, escalate, escalate, at all fucking times. Always push toward sex. That is your job as a man when it comes to courtship. Fuck trying to decipher their statements. Your problem in that situation was she was asking for sex while sexual escalation was the LAST thing on your mind. Put it at the front.


  39. So iceland and africa have big penises due to harsh environments?

    I could see that making sense, until you look at India. It’s a hellhole to try and survive in, predators, venemous snakes and just as harsh as africa weather-wise.

    So why do they (allegedly) have among the smallest penises in the world?


  40. She can judge/reject men as she chooses – yep, she sure can looking like this:


  41. Now aside from all the other comments around about this I just want to pout out one small comment that the lady made that was pretty innocuous. At the end when appealing to bullied children she groups being fat in with a set of immutable traits (sexual orientation, race). I would say that this is dangerous as well. The idea that “fat is who I am” is both dangerous to the individual and society. Body weight is something that can be changed, not easily, but it is possible. And being obese piut the individual at an increased health risk, and obese people put a large strain on our health care system. And to say that being fat is something you can’t change like the News woman insinuated is a dangerous mentality.


    • All people who eat sugar, wheat, GMO’s, and hydrogenated fats, refined salt, canola, corn, cottonseed, soy and other unsaturated vegetable oils, and unfermented soy products put a strain on healthcare systems. Why penalize only the fat?

      I mean, if we’re going to go after all the unhealthy people, then damn those courting pancreatic and breast cancers, liver diseases, and infertility by choosing to eat what’s most easily available to them instead of taking the extra effort?


    • Great point. I also thought the appeal to bullied children was borderline offensive. Bullied kids sometimes face nightmarish harrassment and assualt on a daily basis and she is comparing polite criticism in an email to that? Fuck you you melodramatic cunt.


      • The herd and good sense have never been close companions.


      • And women v. logic is a battle as old as time.


      • The winners of that battle are whores.


      • Actually, this is the point where I could see this anchorwoman is being irrational rather than asserting her social power.

        An actress, a model, or anyone in the public eye for some reason other than achievement of some sort, is basically a kind of whore. It’s their job to speak well and be pretty unless there’s some reason their role calls for not pretty.

        So though I don’t think she’s a particularly bad example of humanity, she is a bad whore for not being interested in serving her clients. It’s like a fat whore complaining that slim whores get more business, and that a fat whore is not who the johns want to see when they visit their two dimensional brothel.

        Were I to be pursuing a career in television, I would conform to the minimal standards unless being fat would make me more money. There is a market for the approachable shepherd. If that wasn’t the point then hey, pass the meth and mind the stitches!


  42. File under: “Academic hamster” —

    Abstract: Females’ tendency to place a high value on protecting their own lives enhanced their reproductive success in the environment
    of evolutionary adaptation because infant survival depended more upon maternal than on paternal care and defence. The evolved mech-
    anism by which the costs of aggression (and other forms of risk taking) are weighted more heavily for females may be a lower threshold
    for fear in situations which pose a direct threat of bodily injury. Females’ concern with personal survival also has implications for sex dif-
    ferences in dominance hierarchies because the risks associated with hierarchy formation in nonbonded exogamous females are not off-
    set by increased reproductive success. Hence among females, disputes do not carry implications for status with them as they do among
    males, but are chiefly connected with the acquisition and defence of scarce resources. Consequently, female competition is more likely
    to take the form of indirect aggression or low-level direct combat than among males. Under patriarchy, men have held the power to prop-
    agate images and attributions which are favourable to the continuance of their control.
    Women’s aggression has been viewed as a gen-
    der-incongruent aberration or dismissed as evidence of irrationality. These cultural interpretations have “enhanced” evolutionarily based
    sex differences by a process of imposition which stigmatises the expression of aggression by females and causes women to offer excul-
    patory (rather than justificatory) accounts of their own aggression.

    ID EST: Men, or “patriarchy” i.e. sexism, is responsible for the eternal solipsism of the female mind.

    Has NOTHING to do with the reduced effectiveness of a strategy, and psychological cost of commitment to it, once an unconscious player is made aware that the other player has it figured out.


  43. Thanks for the hidden shoutout, Heartiste.

    On fat chicks: That right-wing comedian, Rodney, has a good line:

    “I have never gone home with a fat chick. But I have woken up next to a few.”

    I would love to go drinking with Rodney, Jeff Dunham (the puppet guy, also right wing) and Ron White, and throw in Larry the Cable Guy (who’s act is actually a lot more clever than he gets credit for). They’re each about 4 shots away from really letting rip on the “urban blight” in our country.


    • This Rodney Dangerfield?


      • Good point… I was going to include a mention of his Easy Money, wherein his daughter is given to a half-negro Puerto Rican, and for all the laughs in the movie, he treats the pairing with kid gloves, when it could have been a field day of unPC wisecracks.


  44. At the end of the day, she is still an anchorwoman who is more popular now for tooling a…tool who is overly obsessed with what he sees on the idiot box.

    It’s television for crying out loud.

    About bullying, well…I’m a firm believer in might makes right. You have the right to talk shit to and about me, but I have the same right to use whatever means within my power to make you regret it. One should be careful when they fire a shot, as it gives away their position.

    He did put her down when he called her a bad example. What if she’s a good example of someone who survived depression without blowing their brains out?

    He doesn’t know her or know anything about her except that she’s on television. All the known to be drug sniffing, frankensteinian cyborgs, and taking half harpies on television, and he gets it up his ass to write a nasty letter to the fat chick.

    Some of you might think being fat is worse than being on meth or castrating one’s husbands and sons, but I disagree. I’m sure some of you will have some choice words for me because I disagree, but such is life. Not everybody is going to agree. The difference between us though, is that I don’t think disagreeing is what would make you a piece of shit. Treating people badly for no good reason, and cheering on others who do that, is what makes you a piece of shit.

    Just remember how you treated others when life teaches you that you are also mortal and flawed. It happens to us all.


    • AMEN! That’s pretty much all I can say lol…

      I just can’t imagine spending time and energy getting worked up over someone being fat. The most I would do is wonder how they got that big and be like “Sheesh”….and that’s it. And that’s only if they’re really obese, or just fat and wearing something that doesn’t flatter them at all.


    • I would just like to mention that Nicole has done a very good job trolling the thread, controlling the discussion so it’s all about her and her victim complex. She came here for validation, and it was given to her. How great would it have been to see the post above just twisting in the wind, with no responses, and the conversation continuing normally the next post down?

      And yes, I’m aware of the irony of replying to denounce replying, so you needn’t bother pointing that out.


  45. I find it kind of funny with all the fat bashing that goes on here, y’all would get so butt hurt when one of us stands up for herself.

    If you’re not shagging a woman or paying her bills, it’s not your business. Change the channel.


    • It’s easy to stand up for yourself… weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.

      /jes’ playin’ witcha, sistah… I likes mah wimmen big. 😉


    • Hey warpig,

      You’re a fattie., She’s a fattie. And its disgusting.

      Fix your face. Put down the ice cream.



      • Hey whore. You’re a tool, and it’s disgusting. You suffer much more from being a tool than I do from being fat. Anything that doesn’t fit your stepford utopian worldview programmed into you by feminists who want spindly old cyborgs with jaws like Optimus Prime, whose prunelike skin is stretched out like some creatures from whichever was the worst Star Trek movie to be considered the ideal beauty, offends you.

        It must suck to walk around offended all the time.


      • lol. Poor little war pig—upset that her “love the fatties!” brigades so easily crumble in front of a few men unwilling to put up with your bullshit.

        Must suck to be so weak and disgusting. Almost as much as it must suck to be a failure in your relationships….


      • What brigades? I speak for myself and am quite happy to do so. Unlike yourself, an idea being popular does not make it better in my view.

        I am not crumbling. I’m merely pointing out that you are bleating the same song feminists have been singing for 100 years about “breeders”.


      • What brigades?
        –You can’t feel the earthquakes from the elephant march?

        an idea being popular does not make it better in my view.
        —lol. You are a weak-minded woman. About the only way you support an idea as “real” or not is whether there is a support group behind it.

        I am not crumbling.
        —Methinks the warpig doth protest too much. And squeals a bit too loud.

        I’m merely pointing out that you are bleating the same song feminists have been singing for 100 years about “breeders”.
        —remember guys: the reason you like in-shape, slender, feminine women is because a bunch of BULL DYKE FEMINAZIS made you this way.

        lol. Somethings are so ridiculous, only a woman could believe them.


      • Who is this imaginary person your are frothing at who has a problem with guys liking women who are in shape?


    • Being fat is a choice – it is not something that you cannot control. Heaps of willpower but no wontpower.


      • What I found hilarious was that this African beast, almost a caricature of the fat black mammy, and distended in every part from a lifetime of gorging on processed foods, wildly pointed at me as an indiscriminate eater.

        I am 5’9″ and weigh 155 pounds on a bad day.

        That said, the bicyclist’s e-mail was trolling. The appeal to being a “role model” is nonsense: young girls don’t even watch the news and weather, much less model their eating habits on those of anchorwomen. There will always be a healthy number of females concerned for their weight enough to skip a meal or two each day, for in spite of their protestations, we are animals and we are driven by fundamental instincts, one of which is to appear to be more, not less, attractive.


      • Uh, I have lost more than half your weight in the past three years, and I have photos. You are nobody who can verify nothing. So fuck off. Your faggotry is becoming too sad to be amusing.


      • Uh, I have lost more than half your weight in the past three years,
        —-do it 3 more times, and you’ll be under 200lbs!

        and I have photos.
        —In which you’re still fat.


      • Yes, I do have photos in which I am still fat. I notice that you, whore, have no photos in which you can show yourself to be anything. For all I know, and from the hysterical responses to my posts, you could be female or the size of three of me.

        Pussy shouldn’t be so damned unpleasant.


      • Yes, I do have photos in which I am still fat
        —–You mean you ARE still fat.

        I notice that you, whore, have no photos in which you can show yourself to be anything.
        —A man need never define himself by his looks. Women must.

        you could be female
        –unlikely. I use logic, not emotion.

        or the size of three of me.
        —Honey, if that were true, there’d be world-wide famine.

        Pussy shouldn’t be so damned unpleasant.
        —And yet everyday, after encountering women like you, we find out it is so damned unpleasant.


      • Well, whore, since your posts are so shrill and hysterical, I supposed that the only thing, if anything, that you have going for you may be your looks.

        :: shrug ::


      • @warpig:

        Well, whore, since your posts are so shrill and hysterical,
        —Projection: hear some from a leftist today!

        I supposed that the only thing, if anything, that you have going for you may be your looks.
        —Don’t forget my 15 inch cock.

        :: shrug ::


      • Well sorry, whore, but I’m female, and it’s kind of my job to be weak and sensitive. Besides, these things can’t really be settled online.

        Anytime you are ready to prove your superioritaaah, I’m easy to find. Until then, feel free to have the last word. It’s all you have.


      • @warpig:

        Well sorry, whore, but I’m female, and it’s kind of my job to be weak and sensitive.
        —Actually, its your job to make me a goddamn sammich.

        Besides, these things can’t really be settled online.
        —Agreed. Back in the kitchen!

        Anytime you are ready to prove your superioritaaah,
        –The proof is all around you, dim bulb.

        I’m easy to find.
        —look for the slowly rolling black mountain of lard.

        It’s all you have.
        —And a 15 inch cock.


      • Whore, I don’t know what you think you’ve proven, but without so much as a photo, and definitely no physical fighting, all you’ve proven is that your opinions are different from mine. You don’t even really exist as a person, just a persona behind a stream of text diarrhea.


      • When are you two love birds going to get married?


      • HEY! I SAW HER FIRST!!!


      • on October 9, 2012 at 7:45 am Hugh G. Rection

        Hard to miss really, eh Greg 😉


      • *roll model


      • I’m not seeing much thinspiration here.

        My scale for sexy/masculine is a bit higher than most women the guys here usually pursue, but I don’t think it’s an invalid question to ask, what’s in it for western women nowadays to be weak or put above a certain amount of comfortable effort into being thin the old fashioned way with diet and exercise rather than surgery and drugs.

        I live in Israel where I can get a sleeve gastrectomy for free. I could also get on Concerta for maybe 10% of the normal price. Illegally, I could easily get meth or ritalin. If I really wanted to be thin and didn’t care about much else, I could be thin. So yes, it is a choice.

        What makes the choice not to get on drugs or have surgery better than the choice to do so? Because really, with the way most people are told their diet should be, almost vegetarian and full of fake food, that’s what it takes.

        Why are we dissing this woman who could obviously afford to be skinny the same way most models and celebs are, instead of maybe trying to help her in a real way other than the usual canned “lose some weight”?


      • This is worse than Maya and Neecy together. Where is Neecy? Bring Neecy back.


      • Oh wonderful, you are a fat JEW pig, the best type. Just go away.


      • on October 9, 2012 at 7:53 am Hugh G. Rection

        Nobody said anything about going vegetarian, surgery or meth, don’t act like these are your only choices just so you can feel better about being weak.


      • Well, if the pressure is to lose weight, not to eat right and exercise, but to lose weight, then these are the fastest ways to achieve it and get you people off our backs.

        Bonus, you care so little for other features of beauty (in the U.S.) that you don’t care if we’re literally rotting from the inside out.

        Drugs and surgery may not be the only choices, but the alternative is to do it through diet and exercise and well…experience what you see happening to me here. How many other women do you know who could take the kind of judgement and harassment I go through when I venture into this den of recovering American sheeple who haven’t quite got there yet, and not take the easier ways?

        I have two friends who took the surgery option, and one who’s on drugs. I don’t judge any of them for their choices, because before, they were nearly suicidal from the crap they got from people on a daily basis…and the crap here in Israel is rather minimal compared to the U.S.

        I have more friends I’ve convinced to go natural, and they’re happier for it. It was an easy sell for the Israelis, but a much harder sell for the Americans because the brainwashing is that deep.

        Now, I understand I’m not going to convince anyone here of the virtues of compassion, but the least you could do is understand the damage you’re doing when you do it. If you’re going to be evil, be intelligent. If your objective is to cull from the herd, anybody who can’t live on 1000 calories a day of genetically modified crap, then good job. Keep the hate fires blazing.

        If however, your objective is to have a healthier nation, you’re kidding yourself that becoming the alphas in the herd makes you any less scheduled for the slaughter.


      • on October 9, 2012 at 11:36 am Hugh G. Rection

        It’s funny how I’m responsible for other people’s mental health all of the sudden, meanwhile any crap I do or say will be held up to the highest level of scrutiny. If your confidence and self-esteem is based on constant denial and it’s enablers, it’ll easily be shaken. And that confidence isn’t going to help you better yourself because it isn’t based in achievement but in lies. The damage is already done.

        There is no easy way. People who tell you that are just as guilty of perpetuating the problem as those who are always right there when it comes to finding excuses and shutting down any criticism, but nowhere to be found when it comes to solutions because they refuse to see their problem as a problem.

        You want compassion? Nobody else will give you compassion, it’s not about how you feel about yourself, it’s about they feel about themselves. Every time I see a slim female complimenting one of her blimpanzee “friends” on an ugly, butch haircut, or write something like “gorgeous” under some photo of her porking it up in inappropriate attire on Facebook I wanna slap them. It’s the same kind of girl that’ll usually shame you when you do go to the gym or go on a diet, and just ask a girl who trains really hard about the dirty looks she’s getting.

        You’ll get my compassion if you honestly try and fail, or if you honestly try and other people keep on sabotaging you (which will happen a lot). I got compassion for people who got into a situation through no fault of their own, not for people who keep living a long string of bad choices and then blame it on somebody else – that blame is not going to help you, even if you blame the right people, which usually means the Jews (just kidding).

        I honestly believe that the lives for a lot of women (and men) will be immensely improved if they choose to lose weight. Mockery might not be the right method, but I don’t think the patronizing attitude of always finding excuses for them is either.


      • Hugh, I may not be responsible for other people’s mental health, but I am responsible for my actions. Knowing the devastating impact my words can have on someone, especially someone emotionally vulnerable and socially dependent (as the vast majority of people are), I am careful what I say to people. Everybody has limits.

        Forget the suicidal. How about the homicidal? I have a distant relative who reached his limits fairly recently, and now he and a few others he took with him are dead. It was mostly about his wife (skinny by the way) leaving him because she felt she could do better financially, and the company he worked for making cuts that may or may not have included him. We don’t know all the finer details, but still…

        This is a man who was berated and humiliated through his childhood, and though he escaped when he got to big for his parents and others to thump on him indiscriminately, I am sure people’s words related to his weight affected him. So he hit the gym, and by the time he went on the shooting spree, was quite fit.

        Does a mass murderer get some points in your eyes for being fit? It’s okay that he shot a bunch of people because he had beautiful biceps?

        Not a peep about that incident here, which would have been a great example of how beating someone down for years could lead them to lash out. There are others though, that have been posted about…and yet some of you sit here on your high horses and claim out of one side of your neck that mockery would influence someone positively, and out of the other that it doesn’t influence anything. Make up your damned minds.

        I don’t want to be the reason anyone who hasn’t and doesn’t intend to harm anyone except at the most themselves, goes on a shooting spree, an eating binge, or gets their gutts cut up because they figure it’s better than enduring more crap from people.

        The pen is mightier than the sword, so what do you figure your tongue is doing?

        You’re just making excuses not to take any personal responsibility for your actions towards others.


      • Knowing the devastating impact my words can have on someone, especially someone emotionally vulnerable and socially dependent (as the vast majority of people are), I am careful what I say to people.


        I’m sure you imagine yourself to be that way, female hamsters being what they are.l.. but the reality is quite different, my dear.

        The vast majority of the abuse you take on this site is because of the way you shoot your mouth off… and not merely because of your weight and/or colour… ‘though that’s the way your hamster processes it.

        If I’m wrong, then let others pipe in and dissuade my misconception.


      • Most of the “abuse” I get here is because you and a couple others have no self control. You don’t even actually read my posts, just react like mindless zombies yelling nigger, fat, whatever. Your reactions aren’t to the content and contain no relevant content to the topic. You’re just reacting to my existence and the fact that I have an actual identity that, from a presumption that you/your persona are perfect in every way, you have place to look down on me.

        There is a line where being offended ceases to be an excuse, and that’s when you start hooting like the baboon while the person you’re accusing of being the subhuman, isn’t.


      • Also, unlike yourself, Greg, I don’t need cheerleaders. I stand alone in these little pissing matches because rightfully, the real men avoid them. We are girls having a catfight.


      • More hamster spin… sigh.

        And try not to confuse my postings with those of the more epithet-driven… live up to your self-proclaimed clear thinking individualism for once.


      • on October 9, 2012 at 2:36 pm Hugh G. Rection

        Yes, you are responsible for your actions, not someone completely fragile and out of his mind snapping. In your example, I think the brunt of the blame belongs to him and his shitty family. And I did not even suggest tormenting and actually bullying – as opposed to what happened in our news “anchor” example where he merely wrote a private email – is an effective strategy. A man will also have no one jump to his defense, a woman usually has a large support network coming to her defense no matter how true the accusation.

        What I am suggesting is that instead of constantly being concerned about someones feeling in the short term, show some long term concern about their well being and get them to address their insecurities. With fat people in the USA, this happens on a nationwide scale. You can’t call a fat person fat, you can’t even call an obese person obese any more without raising ire. Some doctors don’t even tell their patients to lose weight, for fear of repercussions A man can’t even say (around women) that he prefers slender women without getting some snark back. And all the while, everybody agrees in quiet. Fat people are “discriminated” against, it’s human nature to treat beautiful people better. Obesity correlates strongly with physical and mental health issues, and is costing in the billions in healthcare costs – even though a single fat person might be healthy this doesn’t apply to the (literally) huge (literally) mass.

        And this goes on with a lot of topics. Single Motherhood is another example. Immigration another. Faux compassion trumps truth.

        Meanwhile, boys playing video games and watching porn is a national crisis. How is that some choices are sacrosanct, and almost lifted up to the state of being natural and immutable (like race or sexual orientation) while other targets are a free for all?

        Because of the feminization of public discourse, along with the rise of “political correctness” you can’t make any value judgement anymore without just being shut out of the debate as a bully, misogynist, racist, *-shamer or whatever. And this makes for a society that is complacent in being substandard and declining.


      • Greg, you seem to be having a memory lapse. Use the edit-find feature of your browser and type your name in there. Then ask yourself why I would count you among the Kvetching Kollectivist Klones.

        Hugh, sorry, but that’s just the nature of the beast when it comes to social dynamics. There is no such thing as a tolerant utopia, and to shoot for that is futile. Every society decides what is and isn’t tolerated within it, and after a many decades long paradoxical war on obesity while saturating the market with crap, some people have decided that sanctimonious soy munchers are worse.

        So the best way to go is not to rely on society to tell you what you should look or sound like, and just treat people with respect unless or until they earn your disrespect. If that is too much for you then either you are way too socially dependent and jonesing so bad for a target that it doesn’t matter to you what happens to them, or perhaps a narcissist, which nowadays isn’t so uncommon.

        Still, when one narcissist is complaining that another’s narcissism is inconvenient to their narcissism, it just looks like a bunch of nonsense to me. “Why do they get to insult people for no good reason, and I can’t?” Because they have the money. You make the kind of money they do, and you can be a twit and get away with it too.

        Truth is that we are all going to die. That’s truth. No truth justifies mistreating others who’ve done nothing wrong to you. I believe that verbal abuse harms the vast majority of people, who aren’t independent enough thinkers to resist social pressure. You can minimize it as much as you like, but the same science that shows pretty people are treated better shows that people who are mistreated suffer from higher levels of stress, and are more likely to become obese or otherwise ugly. None of that truth says, “and therefore it is okay for you to heap more troubles on their head to ‘save their lives’.”

        More truth: people prone to mistreating others may make hot chicks hot, but alienating 95% of people to shag and dump that 5% of chicks at the top of the heap is not going to make you seem like a cool person to be around. There’s a tradeoff.

        I can’t see you as a good person while you are being evil to people. My opinion probably doesn’t matter to you…fine…but like many alphas before you, sometimes the price of being an ass is that people will want to take you out. That’s just how this things work. Choose your poison, suck it up, and stop bitching about not being able to have it all. Same advice I give to bitchy women.


      • Greg, you seem to be having a memory lapse. Use the edit-find feature of your browser and type your name in there. Then ask yourself why I would count you among the Kvetching Kollectivist Klones.

        The memory lapse is yours… find a post of mine where I referred to you as a ‘nigger’ or ‘subhuman’… in fact, find one of mine where I got mean with anyone who didn’t start their shit first, and I’ll buy you a plate of raw vegetables.

        Then again, women are noted for remembering things that never happened.


    • In Dystopia, we are paying her bill. Which is exactly the problem.


      • If she makes more money than you, in what way are you paying her bills? Seriously, it amazes me that broke ass keyboard jockeys who haven’t picked up anything heavier than their laptop in weeks have issues with someone else’s fitness who, fully dressed, they have no idea of assessing.


      • lol. They’re called taxes, bitch. Look them up.

        How do you know he’s broke? Personally, I think Stuki is a millionaire.


      • Millionaires don’t generally complain that other rich people who have health insurance are using their taxes or some other nonsense. Only someone broke and ignorant would be complaining about their tax money going to someone who pays for their own health insurance and also pays taxes. It doesn’t make any sense.


      • Millionaires don’t generally complain that other rich people who have health insurance are using their taxes or some other nonsense.
        —-Because they’re not freeloaders like you. Millionaires do complain about lazy, shiftless parasites like yourself freeloading off their hard work.

        Only someone broke and ignorant would be complaining about their tax money going to someone who pays for their own health insurance and also pays taxes
        —-lol. Yes, its ignorance to hate parasites. Freedom is slavery, comrade!

        Listen up, warpig: there’s a reckoning coming for your leeching off the body politic. And all the kumbayas and drum circles and womyn’s support groups won’t stop it.

        Reality is a true bitch, piggy. Squeal well.


      • Whore, I pay about half of what I make in taxes. Again, I live in ISRAEL, not the U.S. In addition to taxes, I have to pay health insurance even though, being quite healthy and whatnot, I might see a doctor once a year so he can marvel at my test results being so awesome, and make sure I don’t have cervical or breast cancer. It’s what old people do.

        So I am definitely no freeloader, and don’t view other business owners and taxpayers as freeloaders.

        Apparently though, you do. Thank you for giving me yet another reason to consider you beneath me. Keep throwing yourself under my feet in order to put me in my place.


    • You know what else is funny…when your blood pressure is sky high because the heart has to pump through a bunch of lard, or the body becomes resistant to insulin, or you stop breathing in your sleep, or the constant aches and pains from having to support all that lard.

      Reality and your body doesn’t care about your feelings. A healthy weight makes for an attractive and properly working body.


      • Tate, you might be a little late to this bandwagon of let’s all pick on Nicole for being fat, but I have none of the issues of which you speak. When I posted some years ago about the need to go natural, I was told that I was a stupid cunt and a crackpot for not believing that the USDA had our best interests in mind when making dietary recommendations.

        So you’re preaching to what used to be a choir and is now just a bit heavy individual who hates hypocrisy more than sugar. You should view my posts in that context.


      • Ah solipsism…”I have none of these issues.”

        That doesn’t mean you are healthy…or that they won’t pop up in the future. I have yet to see an obese person live a life where one or more of those issues doesn’t pop up.

        You want motivation…being thin prevents those issues.


      • Well, tadaaaah…Now you’ve at least virtually met an overweight person who is not a step from death because she has not been eating fake food for years.

        Being thin doesn’t happen overnight when you start from where I was. I’m not making excuses. I’m simply informing you that I have been through a lot and you have no place to judge me. You have the right to say whatever you like, but your saying things doesn’t make them truth. Your assumptions are meaningless in my life and irrelevant to my path.

        You do however, provide a good case in point for why women like me lose weight and turn into bitches. After years of enduring crap from people like you, once we do gain some power from being perceived as better and more valuable, we use it quite mercilessly.

        So keep hating. It makes me more certain that most men are suckers and I should embrace my hypergamy so I don’t get saddled with one.


      • Fat girls don’t lose weight and turn into bitches. They just turn into fuckable bitches.


      • If you can get close enough.


      • It must suck to be a fat girl, doesn’t it? When you’re fat no man would fuck you. And when you’re finally fuckable, your former-fatty ego prevents you from letting yourself be fucked. Lose lose.


      • Nicole, so-called “fake food” is 99-44/100% hollow hysteria. You want to be healthy? Here’s how to do it: Restrict calories and lose weight. Not rocket science. Go on a 1000-1500 calorie diet (depending on your body size and other simple factors) — I don’t care who you are — I guarantee you will lose weight and BECOME A LOT HEALTHIER. All this BS — “carbs” “natural” “sugar” “processed food” “no-GMO” “Atkins” “Paleo” “Zone diet” “the government” “the corporations” etc., etc., yadda yadda, barf — it’s ALL a tiny sideshow, and is WAY over-inflated hysteria that diverts attention from the REAL DEAL, health-wise, which is RESTRICTING CALORIES and LOSING WEIGHT, The pain of real, true, uncomfortable calorie restriction drives fat people to hallucinate excuse after excuse, such as “my metabolism” or “corporate GMOs” or “the government” or “sugar” or whatever the latest cop-out nonsense is. Fuck all of that. Go ahead — eat sugar, eat fat, eat GMO junk food, eat whatever — but whatever you do, Number One, COUNT CALORIES and LOSE WEIGHT. It works — EVERYTIME. (Of course it’s easier to sit in an easy chair and eat a dozen organic gluten-free donuts while whimpering about “refined salt” and other scientific absurdities.) [BTW, I’ve walked my talk.]

        You wrote: “Your assumptions are meaningless in my life and irrelevant to my path.” Nicole: There is one path only to losing weight and the huge health benefits that come with that: Restrict calories. Either you are doing this, or you are not. Everything else walks.


      • Good comment. I practice calorie restriction: 1400 calories per day. That and walking / running are all one really needs. However, while the fads are absurd, the Paleo diet is incontrovertible anthropologically: no one Nicole’s size was trundling about in any deep ancestral environment. Fat people do not lose weight eating grains. At most it should be a minimal percent of their diet.


      • Adam, you are living in a fantasy world where any woman with all her parts under the age of 65 has trouble getting a dick.


      • 2121, after having lost in excess of 80 lbs, I don’t need weight loss advice from someone who’s maybe had to lose 5. Really.

        When you’re eating right, your body regulates calorie intake for itself, and when you’ve gotten enough nutrition, you’ve gotten enough food. The problem with most fat people in the west is that their regulation system is broken. They are not going to fix that long term and actually keep the weight off with calorie restriction while eating crap.

        I understand that you work very hard and that it is much easier than you think to lose weight and keep it off would invalidate your efforts, but that is not my problem. There’s hard and then there’s efficient. I opt for efficient.


      • I said man, not chump. No self-respecting man would lower himself enough to stick his dick inside a land whale. Fatties get betas, as they deserve each other.


      • Adam, nobody with self respect looks down on other human beings for simply having a harder time of it than themselves.

        There’s a difference between self respect and self indulgence.


      • Your fatty tears oil my pan of sautéed vegetables — which you should eat more often.


      • Adam, thanks but I prefer my vegetables like I prefer my truth: raw.


      • Here’s a clue: the intensity with which you villify ugliness as a moral failure indicates the level at which you pedestalize beauty as a moral virtue.


      • Sorry. Overall, better-looking people are in fact more pleasant and aren’t as psycho.


      • Like you would know pleasant and non sociopathic.

        Are you gonna break my dolls if I don’t practice perfect stoicism?


  46. I really don’t think it is helpful to brush fatness aside as a “character problem.”

    It is much more correctly described as a problem of a degenerate environment. One in which people are forced to hire people, regardless of how they feel about it, lest they are being accused, “found” guilty of “discrimination” (as if being a discriminating individual is somehow a bad thing). And in which people are also forced to pay other people’s health care bills. Etc., etc.

    That’s where the problems lay. Not with someone’s character. When there is no negative consequences of being fat, why not be fat? It’s not like anyone else was put on earth to aesthetically please bloggers and web commenters.


  47. on October 8, 2012 at 6:05 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    I just got word that Danny DeVito is getting divorced.

    Get ready for the very same people who decried the way this news anchor was treated to start insulting the short, stout DeVito. I’m actually sitting in wait to point out the hypocrisy to any Facebook friends of mine who do this.


    • To be fair, we all know that women who aren’t right wing are perfect angels of goodness, light, and perfection who can never be criticized.


    • Heh, heh… Rhea Perlman, and well past the wall at that, with hypergamy.

      The mind boggles… wouldn’t want to [email protected] around with that hamster.


  48. We all know that being fat isn’t healthy. That’s obvious.

    My thing is, who cares if the anchorwoman is fat? She knows she fat, so what was the point of this random guy writing her that letter? Did he actually think that would work??? As for the whole role-model thing, I HIGHLY doubt that many girls out there really care about this particular woman. And anyway, she’s there to give the news, and that’s it. This whole focus on her looks (or any anchorwoman’s looks period) is a bit ridiculous. Now with that being said, I expect anchormen and women to look respectable on the job lol.

    Lets be honest, we all have judged someone on their fatness before, usually behind someone’s back. But seriously, I just don’t agree that simply being fat is a character defect. I just don’t base someone’s entire character on that person’s size. There’s more to them than that.


    • I can base the fact they are unhappy with themselves and/or lack discipline. Otherwise why would you stay in such a condition.

      I found it was almost too easy to lose weight when I liked myself instead of beating myself up.


      • Well I think people of all sizes suffer from lack of discipline and laziness at some point in their lives, myself included. But that shouldn’t be the end-all-be-all of a person’s character. As for why someone would stay in such a condition, what makes you think that someone who’s fat hasn’t been trying? Or perhaps the weight gain is due to medication. For some people loosing weight is easy. And for some it’s very difficult. Unless I ask, I don’t know that person’s story, and I sure enough won’t assume.


      • “Love yourself and improve your life you worthless fucking cunt!” LOL!


    • on October 8, 2012 at 9:35 pm Gluttony Kills

      The point of writing that somewhat derisive letter was to elicit a reaction. It’s the same reason why the above commenters are poking fun at Nicole (who is totally unaware she is being taken for a ride), whose elicited reactions range from hysterical to indignant. People think this sort of thing is entertaining.

      But let’s be realisitic here. Being fat, especially obese, is a serious health issue. You could die early of heart disease, a heart attack, stroke or some other fat-related complication. While hurting someone’s feelings might be a bit harsh, dying early is far worse. If a fat person is humiliated and is motivated to change their eating habits, it could save their life.


      • So in your fantasy world, humiliating people and causing them extra stress on top of whatever stress their heart is enduring from carrying extra weight, can save their life.

        You heard it here first, making the socially dependent want to die can save their life. LOL!


      • This straw man fallacy is funny at best and pathetic at worst.

        If you can’t understood how harsh criticism, particularly in the context of applying it to cause obese people to change their eating habits (a context which you failed to mentioned), produces better health if successful and therefore decreases the chances of heart attack, heart disease, stroke and other fat-related complications, then clearly you are the one living in a “fantasy world,” to use your odd term.

        Obese people aren’t socially depedent because plenty of them work professional jobs and have a life.

        Being harshly criticized or rebuked doesn’t make the overwhelming majority of people want to end their lives. I and countless others have endured far harsher criticisms, and not once did it make me want to take my own life. What this means is that you were projecting your neuroticism and suicidal ideation that you feel when you are harshly criticized onto others who don’t share your emotional instability.

        For the future, I suggest that you learn how to contain your hysteria to avoid writing stupid, irrational posts. Doing so would also attract far less (if any) bored people who enjoy poking you with a stick so to speak and laughing when you blow up.


      • Jew media have encouraged the weak in their tantrums. Wah wah wah, I was made of, now I HAVE TO KILL MYSELF.

        When idiots and weaklings are indulged, they become more melodramatic in extracting attention from spectators.


      • Uh, you of all personas, should be aware of the social impact of humiliation. Some Black girl kicked your ass in school or rejected you or some Black guy got a girl you wanted…whatever…and now you fancy yourself a White nationalist and cry constantly about how the existence of anybody non White is an insult to you.

        You’re one of the top whiners in the pity party.


      • QED supra.


      • So by your logic, there should be no fat people in the U.S.

        If harassment and harsh criticism of fat people worked, there would be none already. Wake up.


      • on October 8, 2012 at 11:16 pm Gluttony Kills

        Just so everyone knows, I (Gluttony Kills) was the “Anonymous” person featured above. I don’t know why WordPress didn’t show my name.


      • And yet you come here trying to humiliate people at every turn. What a fucking hypocrite.


      • You, who drew first blood, should not complain that your intended victim was a more skilled warrior.


      • Oh and please explain how a person simply asserting that they are not subhuman is humiliating you. This should be a fun read.


      • I rather think we’re allowing ourselves to be ridden by this self-righteous she-boon from kikestan.

        This is clearly a woman who has absolutely nothing better to do with her time than respond to every. single. comment. appearing here. Why, you can without much imagination picture the huge black pancake buttocks spreading over the sides of her beleaguered swivel chair as she gracefully tack-tack-tacks her hamstery rage into the ether.

        And we are reacting to this wretch of a human?


      • You know, since you supposedly think so little of me, I can’t figure the answer to that question except that you are influenced by social pressure. You feel free to mock me here even though there are many sites that I myself own where you could have serious discussions with me, but you choose to do it here because here you feel safe to.

        You feel safe to do it here also because you mistake race realists and HBD’ers for White supremacists and ignore the posts wherein people clearly state that viability and adaptability are king and queen. So you think you are in a place where your self pity has a willing audience.

        You are hurt by my rebuttals and have to turn every discussion of issues into a pissing match about how fat and ugly I am, and how worthless I must be because I’m Black, because you are oversensitive and take the insistent humanity of someone you wish was subhuman as an insult.

        You rage at me because you have rage against people who don’t kiss your ass. You believe you deserve to have your ass kissed, and anyone who doesn’t is a meanie and being unfair to you.

        How does this make you any better than this oversensitive anchorwoman bitching about some insignificant health nut’s unasked for opinion?

        You both need to get over it.


      • No more feeding from me. I advise my broskis to do the same so the next post doesn’t become Nicole Victim / Superiority Complex Hour.



      • I’m not the anything nationalist here crying about reality. Still, good on you. Should have done that in the first place.


      • I guess no more good-natured barbs either… sigh.

        Well, okay… done.


      • on October 9, 2012 at 7:51 pm Gluttony Kills

        “No more feeding from me. I advise my broskis to do the same so the next post doesn’t become Nicole Victim / Superiority Complex Hour.”


        Nicole is like a child’s inflatable punching toy. You punch it down, and it always comes back up ready to get another smacking. Eventually hitting it becomes boring, just like Nicole.

        I didn’t bother responding to her half-assed response to me consisting of a very poor all-or-nothing fallacy. She basically said that because an idea or plan isn’t effective for everyone, it must not be effective for anyone. That’s as stupid as arguing that because game doesn’t work for everyone, it must not work at all. But you’re right: you can only talk with an idiot for so long before you feel your IQ drop.


      • As I figured, trying to appeal to sheeple’s sense of morality, honor, or even hard social science is ineffective. I guess you won’t be happy until you get your ass kicked for being a dick.


      • Why, you can without much imagination picture the huge black pancake buttocks spreading over the sides of her beleaguered swivel chair as she gracefully tack-tack-tacks her hamstery rage into the ether.

        Aw, you got me at ‘gracefully’… fap, fap, fap, fap… hey, I can find something about every woman that I like, so full of nature am I… fap, fap, fap, fap… quick, what is she wearing?… fap… fap… fap… fap


      • So very civilized.


      • “civilized”…. looolllzzzzooolllllooolllll


      • But let’s be realisitic here. Being fat, especially obese, is a serious health issue. You could die early of heart disease, a heart attack, stroke or some other fat-related complication. While hurting someone’s feelings might be a bit harsh, dying early is far worse. If a fat person is humiliated and is motivated to change their eating habits, it could save their life.

        But what business of it is his, you, or anyone else if a person is fat or obese? I can understand if he/she is a relative of yours, but if you don’t know the person at all, it really isn’t any of your or anyone else’s business. I’m sure they know that they’re endangering their life the longer they stay that big, but we aren’t the health police. And really, did that man, or any of us REALLY care about the health of a fat/obese person?

        As for humiliation and it leading to motivation….I think not. In fact, I’m pretty sure that many times, it has the opposite effect. There are ways to motivate someone to change and not humiliate them in the process.


      • I *used* to work as a paramedics. A decade of carrying overweight people to and fro has literally shredded almost every tendons from my knee to my toes. On a good day, I can just about pick up a child or a heavy box sans knee or ankle fatigue. If fat people were happy with being fat (or, at least, had the decency to tell emergency personnel about their weight issues), my problems with them would be petty. Instead, I’d have to deal with at least one near-immobile behemoth a day. A person who couldn’t support her own weight, a person whose size made her impossible to carry, a person who (on occasion) would fucking fall over and injure the people who were there to help her. My last ride involved myself (6′, 180 lbs), my partner (5’9″, 160 lb female weight trainer) and our driver (5’4″, 110 lb affirmative action hire). Our patient was a 400 lb woman. She collapsed onto my partner and shattered her leg and hip. If the patient hadn’t been morbidly obese, my partner wouldn’t have had to medically retire from military service. If i hadn’t spent years wearing my knee and ankle joints to the bone in carrying around wars of oversized protoplasm human-mimics, *I’d* still be in the military.

        So, yes, fat acceptance is not my cup of tea.


    • renee wrote: Did he actually think that would work???

      my comment: Yes, stinging public criticism can definitely work. soothing consolation often fails.


    • Shut up, hamster.


  49. re: fat people: like, what part of “eat 1000 calories a day” do you not understand?


    • Is this a suggested weightloss regime for overweight women, or a maintenance plan for woman of a pleasing shape? Or both?


    • on October 8, 2012 at 11:00 pm gunslingerhero

      eat two kilos of steak 2 kilos of potatoes a day whenever you hungry and cadburry chocolate bar no other snackfood and have sex a lot will lose weight


  50. The irony; the same sorts of women (read:feminists) defending the fat woman’s right to be on the show are the same one’s who decry attractive and slim models taking up any spotlight in the media and claiming they are bad role models.

    Obesity is a worse social problem in magnitude (there’s a pun here) than anorexia, and role-modelling slimness and attractiveness in the media has far more positive social value than role-modelling obesity.


  51. Is there anything a woman can do about having a manjaw?


  52. @Renee
    “My thing is, who cares if the anchorwoman is fat?”

    It’s called hoisting people on their own petard.

    Feminists are trying to push through a meta-political strategy or ideology which puts feminists sexual-reproductive interests above those of everyone else.

    Now, if the justification used by feminists for not allowing certain representations/role-models in the media is that it causes social problems/harm to society, which feminists then use to direct their ire at those things which don’t enhance their interests, then non/anti-feminists are allowed to use that same argument to direct their ire at those things which enhance feminist’s interests.


  53. Slightly off-topic, but… Game comes to woman-short, newly Capitalistic average-is-not-good-enough China where there are men going without women.
    “Bachelor Padding,” by Roseann Lake, Foreign Policy, 8 Oct 2012,0

    Has also spawned the Chinese Heartiste(from article above):
    “Sensing the challenges faced by Chinese men in the dating and marriage departments, 29-year-old Vincent Qi is trying to make a difference. Born in China, he went to college in Britain and speaks English like an over-caffeinated grad student. Now in Beijing, he calls himself ‘The Lady Whisperer’ and markets himself as an online guru on how to get women. Qi also teaches online classes on confidence-building, self-improvement, and how to be an all-around better man.”


  54. Penis size is selected for in environments where females are especially promiscuous (r selected). The penis’ shape is designed to remove the semen of males who’ve previously had sex with the woman in question. Larger penises are better at this then smaller, creating the correlation between high r and larger penises. Hence why Africans have an average 7 inch penis while Asians only 4. Europeans, Indians and Middle Easterners falling inbetween both in penis size and r selection.


  55. Who changed the fucking border color

    It looks ::gay::


  56. In the US your spot on, however, if you are relatively wealthy, and l I have 150k and am 22 and good looking and have had the good fortune to live in the Czech Republic for a year, and live in Central or Eastern Europe the women fight (sometimes literally) and I mean 8’s and 9’s fighting, over you. In the US I don’t try to date cause I hate US girls now. But, over in Europe, FSU countries in particular, if you have some money you got your pick. When I would take my 9+ girlfriend out to the clubs she would dance protectively grinding on me, get me drinks, stare other girls down and then smile at me, and shout at women in Czech if they so much as looked at me. If you got a little game, even with little to no money you can clean up too. My friends were poor students, but had game, so, they played the field when we went out as a group, (me, my girlfriend, and them) I don’t really have that much “game” but what is great is over there they are fighting over you so you can just focus on your shit and have a great time with the sex and their feminity and companionship when you need it.

    I love your blog when I’m in the US and bored as shit, but you gotta realize, its not the same everywhere. The US is more the exception than the rule when it comes to gender relationships and the social experiment will end when the criminals completely take over and women flock to stable areas and providers.

    It has to be said too, as much as I hate American girls, American girls who met my girlifriend, they were generally nice.


    • What do the Warsaw Pact chicks think of American girls? Do they find American girls disgusting or do they envy the American girls?


    • I get where you’re coming from, but girls shouting and fighting with other girls over you is not exactly a feminine act.


  57. Dear Heartiste and Fellow Readers,

    Perhaps you can help me understand something. I have been reading your site and the Manosphere in general for quite a while. During that time, I’ve seen many analyses of female behavior like your anchorwoman story above. That female behavior is often explained as coming from hypocrisy, desire for unilateral freedom, wanting to be free from judgment, solipsism, wanting to be the chooser/rejecter, looking for unconditional acceptance, rationalization, vilifying and bullying men, emotionality, lack of reason, “hamsters”, “screeching”, etc.

    Although these explanations are colorful and pleasing for frustrated men, I believe they are missing the ultimate point. All of these female behaviors are not simply the result of craziness or hamsters. Rather, they are tools for power and control. Few, if any, discussions seem to illustrate that though.

    Why do the analyses and comments stop before that ultimate explanation? Why do men stop with these “surface” level explanations, before realizing it all boils down to women wanting to gain power and control over every situation at all times? Why do we get stuck talking about rationalization hamsters and female solipsism, when the real issue is a power struggle for women’s dominance and control over the hearts and minds of men? That is the single, unifying goal of all of these seemingly crazy and illogical female actions.

    Feminism doesn’t trifle itself with these petty distinctions. Women are firmly focused on the underlying dynamics of power and control. For example, while most of the guys above are busy cracking jokes, the women above are attempting to subvert the discussion and take control of the thread.

    Particularly, Nicole above, at comment # 374294, says, “About bullying, well…I’m a firm believer in might makes right. You have the right to talk shit to and about me, but I have the same right to use whatever means within my power to make you regret it. One should be careful when they fire a shot, as it gives away their position.”

    That isn’t just shaming, hamster-ing, or screeching guys. Please take note. That is a focus on who is more powerful, dominant, and in control. She isn’t looking for approval. She is positioning to attempt to get obedience and compliance.

    Later, Renee too tries to diffuse and reorient the thread. She is initially soothing and persuasive. She says “Lets be honest, we all have judged someone on their fatness before, usually behind someone’s back. But seriously, I just don’t agree that simply being fat is a character defect. I just don’t base someone’s entire character on that person’s size. There’s more to them than that.”

    That isn’t just “framing”. That isn’t just female solipsism. Dismissing it as “female emotionality” misses the very important point. That is an attempt to control the discussion, dialogue, and opinion of others. It is a bid for power. So are “fitness tests”, tantrums, and every other bit of female behavior under discussion on here.

    Overall, I’m just confused. I’m sitting here scratching my head, watching guys make jokes and worry about getting laid with thin women, when women are focusing on a much bigger picture. I’m wondering why guys don’t seem to see it, even when it is right under their noses in this very discussion thread. Bravo for taking the “red pill”. Bravo for not falling into some of these traps and getting laid now and again. But, many guys still seem to be blind to the larger power dynamic going on here – the struggle for overall control. Being Alpha and getting laid is only a byproduct of that overall control and power. So, why are we not talking about it that way?

    The women certainly are…


    • Women will always want control. We will always continue to not take them seriously.


      • That should be the end of discussion, quite frankly. Dr. J is attributing way more power and influence to women than we do. It’s okay Dr. J, a dog can get riled up but we don’t avoid making them housepets.


    • on October 9, 2012 at 7:47 pm Hugh G. Rection

      And I totally fell for that shit. Debating women like I would debate men. It’s pointless. The righter you are the earlier she will try to escalate it into the personal, open other fronts and make you be wrong by responding to the bait.


      • No, what you fell for was the very same common, modern butt-hurtism that you’re accusing the anchorwoman of. This is not a debate. This is a pointing out your hypocrisy smackdown.

        If you insist that you have the right to assert whatever social or physical power you have over others, then you should respect the fact that if you don’t kill the people in the process, they could someday gain more power than you and, give you some payback. You should also look at history and understand that revolution is seldom clean. It’s also usually a shift from getting fucked with no lubricant to leaders who just use more lubricant. Eventually they don’t even bother with that.

        People who have been put down in their past naturally either stay down or become monsters themselves. It’s very rare for someone to have the strength to be balanced, and in those cases, balance is usually a strategy, not a moral thing. This is just how life works. Shit on people, and they’re going to want to pay you back by whatever means are at their disposal.

        I think it’s hypocritical for guys in the habit of talking shit about people, get butthurt when someone gives them a return…not even violence for speech, but speech for speech. It’s just as hypocritical as someone sanctimoniously berating someone for being sanctimonious. Crabs in the same bucket.

        I don’t get too deeply into the moral side of it in conversations here because, as I said before, there is no such thing as morality or honor for at least 99% of people. Fear is the only language you understand. What you experience as morality is actually just fear of being ostracized and/or loss of resources and access as a result. You don’t honestly have an idea of fairness. You would eat, and many of you do brutally beat and exploit your young for the sake of fitting into whatever branch of the herd you’re blindly following.

        So I’m just keeping it about the facts. By and large, might makes right, and only the mighty can be truly righteous. Only those who have true power can choose to be moral or truly show kindness, and everybody else is just capitulating from fear.

        Since men are generally a tad less socially dependent, you’re more likely to get that, so instead of being angry with me for breaking it down for you, you should be happy someone even bothered to notify you when you’re being tooled.


      • lol you think you’re making some kind of huge threats and Braveheart speeches around here but seriously, nobody cares what you think. Just being a woman, we know automatically to put your comments in the “roll our eyes” category. And most of us would laugh if a man tried to get all “pay you back with whatever means are at my disposal” e-badass, let alone a woman doing it.

        Seriously, LiveJournal, think about it.


    • Jeremy, you’ve made some astute observations. I’ll help a bit in your assessment of me as amoral, perhaps immoral, and how I got to be that way.

      I have no doubt that part of it is being female. Add to that though, that I learned from some unpleasantness at a very young age, that continued into my teens, that if I did not stand up for myself, I would be both physically and psychologically beaten to a pulp.

      My experiences are not unique, and I assure you that I am aware that much of it was caused or made worse by feminism. I learned very well that one cannot appeal to a socially dependent person’s morality. Things like honor, trust, and loyalty mean absolutely nothing to them. If the herd says beat your kids until they bleed, this is what they will do. If the herd says it’s okay to berate whoever for whatever reason, this is what they will do.

      Therefore, when I am speaking to others, most of whom are likely to be herdlike, reminding them that might makes right touches that fear of ostracism or loss of resources due to such, much more effectively than, “Please, oh please be nice to people.”

      I understand very well that socially dependent people who have power over me, or believe they do, will harm me if given the chance. They screw each other over all the time just because they can. If someone raises their head, they do all they can to push that person down. If someone doesn’t conform, they do all they can to make that person die, so long as it wouldn’t cost them something more important to them than seeing the freak suffer.

      Is it overly feminine to make such observations? Perhaps. However, bear in mind that I am one of the few females you’ll encounter who is on the side of might truly making right, and men needing to not be psychologically cowed into an unnatural submission.


      • Nicole,

        I would say pragmatic…not amoral. Power is all that there is out there. I find no fault for women trying to amass power and ensure their own interests. I’m just looking for a balance of power, where men don’t get supplicated or victimized either. For that to happen, men need to wake up and realize how this “game” is really played. It isn’t about attraction. It isn’t about shaming. It isn’t about leaving. It is about amassing power and control, to ensure your needs are met, and others trade fairly with you. I give that advice to both men and women. It just seems like the men are a bit hard-of-hearing sometimes…which worries me.


    • Lol It’s just an opinion I have. No one is trying to control anyone or anything. A bid for power??? No reason to be paranoid. A female posted a comment; take it for what it is….a comment on a blog.


      • Renee,

        I respectfully disagree. You were attempting to be persuasive above. I’m not finding fault with it. But, I am labeling it for what it is…

        Even calling my behavior “paranoid” is controlling and influential. You are attempting to shame me into compliance (called Negative Altercasting), so that I change my behavior toward you. You are also attempting to downplay the importance of your comments, to minimize how others think about them – increasing their persuasive impact, and minimizing the responsibility you have to take for them too.

        I will grant you that these controlling and influential behaviors of yours may not be conscious or intentional. People are often controlling all the time, without being aware of it. Much of the female behavior analyzed on this site, for example, is both unconscious and controlling. Yours is no exception.

        So, before you prove my point further and label me as “paranoid”, you might want to reconsider. I am not paranoid. Rather, I am exceedingly well educated on the psychological dynamics of power and influence. I am well aware of what you are doing – even if you are not.

        Beyond that, I am also not judging you negatively for it. This is just how the world works. I’m simply trying to educate the men on this site of that fact, so they can start taking these things seriously and stop getting manipulated – by women who may not even realize what they are doing is, in fact, control, influence, and manipulation.


      • on October 11, 2012 at 9:29 pm Days of Broken Arrows

        “…increasing their persuasive impact, and minimizing the responsibility you have to take for them too.”

        Kind of like the way women like to wear skimpy clothes in public, then claim to be absolutely dumbfounded when they get looks or catcalls from men?


      • Exactly like that…


    • on October 9, 2012 at 10:45 pm Days of Broken Arrows

      Well, I think you make some valid points.

      I think men do see this as a control issue, but don’t define it as such because they’re busy trying to outwit such women, etc. The focus here after all is game, not psychology.

      This would be worth exploring in one of your columns, IMO. One observation I’ve made is that the sexier a woman dresses the bigger the control freak she usually turns out to be — especially after her sexiness starts to age out.


      • Good point. Sometimes I forget that I’m looking at game through the lens of psychology – while the Manosphere is looking at psychology through the lens of game 🙂

        I will definitely outline this more in one of my posts. I enjoy the dialogue and think we can learn a lot from each other, approaching things from opposite ends. Thanks for the suggestion and support!


    • on October 9, 2012 at 11:00 pm gunslingergregi



    • “Why do the analyses and comments stop before that ultimate explanation? Why do men stop with these “surface” level explanations, before realizing it all boils down to women wanting to gain power and control over every situation at all times? Why do we get stuck talking about rationalization hamsters and female solipsism, when the real issue is a power struggle for women’s dominance and control over the hearts and minds of men? That is the single, unifying goal of all of these seemingly crazy and illogical female actions.”

      Social movements don’t spring forth fully formed like Athena from the head of Zeus. They take years and years to develop.

      5-10 years ago men only became conscious of the fact that the norms sold to us by society for how to attract women were flawed.

      Today, building upon what they have learned of the flawed norms sold to us a decade ago with respect to what attracts women, men are now only just becoming conscious of the fact that society is being organised to exploit men.

      I suspect it will take another 5-10 years before this understanding has been intellectually systematised, from which the evolution of the consciousness of this social movement will trend in the direction you have indicated.

      Of course, when and if the gloves come off, it won’t be pretty. The problem with the realisation that right and wrong all comes down to power, is that it tends toward nihilism. Stare into the abyss and it stares back into you, and all that kinda stuff.


      • on October 10, 2012 at 3:30 pm Days of Broken Arrows

        Good points, all Chris.


      • Chris,

        Thank you for that explanation. I agree that social change is slow. I tend to be an impatient fellow 🙂

        I’m not sure that nihilism is the inevitable outcome though. Morality and values still have their place. That place of morals and values, however, is not to discourage the discussion or even attainment of power thought. That is a modern (and often destructive) interpretation. The place of morals/values, rather, is to inform and balance the use of power once it is attained.

        Social problems don’t result because people have power – they result from how that power is used. Problems arise when any group amasses power and control, and uses it beyond “getting needs met”, to completely dominate and subjugate the entire other group. That is where we are going now with feminism. The complete subjugation of men. That is because women have been encouraged to gain unlimited power, without any moral/value structure to guide them. There is never “enough”. There is also no “good/bad” way for women to use it – whatever they want is socially approved.

        That doesn’t mean power is bad. It doesn’t even mean that women using it to ensure their needs are met is bad. But, the use of power WITHOUT guiding morality IS the problem. Moving towards the domination of others is the problem. The solipsism that results from power without morality – and not caring about hurting others – is the problem.

        However, men do have a choice. They can either “swing the pendulum” back around all the way and try to dominate women, stay how it is and get dominated, or move the pendulum back to the middle with a truce. The choices men make to keep things in the middle – not getting dominated, but also not dominating women – comes from the guiding morals and values that can be instilled in a men’s movement. Many of these values are already in men anyway – which is why so many desire to be “good”. They just don’t want to be abused in that goodness.

        First, however, men need to realize that they are dis-empowered and understand the power dynamics. Second, they need to amass power to be able to equalize treatment. THEN, men operating with values and morals, restraining their use of power to keep a fair trade, can avoid nihilism.

        On a micro level, this can be seen in individual relationships. A man can be a powerless “beta” and be used by women for money, meals, etc. He can be a powerful “alpha” and manipulate women for his own sexual needs without concern for her needs. OR, he can have power AND values, which guide him to create and enforce a mutually-satisfying exchange between himself and a women (or women). Again, that third choice of power plus values guides a man away from nihilism. It is also this third choice, beyond the alpha/beta dichotomy, that I’m suggesting we include in these discussions.

        For some, this might also be labeled as true Chivalry. Being powerful and not letting others walk all over you. Yet, also not using that power to exploit others. Rather, using the power to ensure a beneficial interaction for everyone. Of course that requires understanding and amassing power. It ALSO requires having standards for treatment – AND getting over hating the other group for past wrongs. Those are tall orders…and will take time. But, the sooner we enter those options into the dialogue, the sooner we’ll get there.


    • Dear Dr. Jeremy

      “Rather, they are tools for power and control.”

      Women don’t really want power and control. They think they do, and feminism tells them they do, until they actually GET it, and then they don’t know what to do with it and hope someone comes along to take the reins from them.

      “Why do men stop with these “surface” level explanations, before realizing it all boils down to women wanting to gain power and control over every situation at all times?”

      The same reason Chess players don’t waste time discussing how their oppenent’s moves all boil down to their opponent wanting to gain power and control over every situation at all times. It’s like, duh, we know. The back and forth is what the game IS.

      Basically it’s unproductive mental masturbation. I’m going to go out on a limb (not really) and guess you don’t go out and cold approach girls, and are instead happier discussing theory about social/sexual dynamics on message boards.

      “For example, while most of the guys above are busy cracking jokes, the women above are attempting to subvert the discussion and take control of the thread.”

      Yes, that’s what women do. We all know it and we don’t pay it any real mind. It’s like you’re saying “But the 5 year old tugging at your pant leg is trying to get you to do something for him! WE MUST STOP THIS!! Why is no one discussing this?!?!! You blind fools!!”

      It’s just not relevant.

      “She is positioning to attempt to get obedience and compliance.”

      And how has that worked out for her so far? Nobody gives a shit about Nicole threatening us lol

      “That is an attempt to control the discussion, dialogue, and opinion of others.”

      Again, how’s that working out? Any better than the 5yo demanding to eat cookies for supper in an attempt to control her father?

      “So are “fitness tests””

      You can say “shit-tests”, we’re all adults here, there’s no PC-police here.

      “Overall, I’m just confused.”

      No you’re not. You’re trying to instigate a fight that isn’t there. What happened to this shit you posted at hookingupsmart:

      “Finally…the frames of “war” and “battle of the sexes” is also one of those pesky socially normed beliefs that this article is about! Ask yourself…how true is it? Is EVERYONE really fighting for a one-sided win?”

      Over there you’re saying you don’t believe in a war, and here you’re trying to goad us into starting one.

      You’re more interested in an “intellectual” debate about psychology than what’s relevant/applicable in actual male/female interactions. We’re looking at “what can I start applying in my life, right now, to improve my interactions with women?”. Giving any real substance to the male/female power struggle that is obviously going on is a waste of effort and fosters a negative headspace that’s ultimately unproductive.

      There’s no war, it’s not a battle. It’s just a game.


      • Thanks you for your response…

        As I explained much better in my comment above to Chris, I am looking for a balance of power…not war. At least for me, sometimes that means knowing the other person has conscious or unconscious tendencies to control that must be addressed. Sometimes that means social power is unequal and might benefit from redirection. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that re-balancing has to be done in a mean or hateful manner. Amused Mastery, as I believe Rollo phrases it, is a good example of taking control and balancing power, without a war mentality.

        Therefore, it was not my intention to be contradictory to my previous statements or instigating to others, although it regrettably seemed to come across that way. I was just a bit puzzled and frustrated at what I thought were really unbalanced interactions and guys getting tooled. After your response (and others above), I think that I mistook such amused mastery and non-reactivity for lack of awareness. Now I know. Personally, I tend to be less lenient and jovial about disrespectful and challenging behavior – more HOH/TIH, less PUA/Gamer, so to speak. So, I jump to “correction”, rather than joking, downplaying, or devaluing.

        I was honestly confused though. I was looking for discussion to try to understand. Where I am coming from is just very different. As I write in my own blog, my mind tends to start with theory and move to application. In this case, I start with the theoretical notion that this is a “power dynamic”, see how others are being persuasive or controlling, and work to correct that. I thought such an over-arching perspective might be helpful to others too. But, it sounds like I might be getting a bit too academic for the goals here, or stating the obvious that goes in the “duh” column. No problem. I will leave that stuff for my own writing or private discussion for anyone who cares.

        As for my preferences… I enjoy both interacting with women and intellectual discussion. I have just started to indulge discussion on comments and boards recently, because I do tend to get sucked into talking. But, I have been following game since my divorce in 2005 and logged my time meeting women. I don’t consider myself a hardcore player, because I tend to prefer managing LTRs and have a steady primary. Nevertheless, I do have enough real-life experience to be more than just a keyboard jockey.

        Given all that, when I’m on here, I will stick to discussing practical application. Now I know the audience and I’m not confused. Thanks again Dr. Ya 🙂


      • “After your response (and others above), I think that I mistook such amused mastery and non-reactivity for lack of awareness. Now I know.”

        It’s cool, it probably comes across that way. In the wild, the jackals think the lion ignoring their nipping at him to laze in the sun is a pushover…they don’t realize he’s aware of what’s going on, he just doesn’t give a fuck. At a blog where people are just taking the red pill VS a blog where a lot of guys are already years into having taken it, you’d probably find more of what you were expecting.

        “Personally, I tend to be less lenient and jovial about disrespectful and challenging behavior – more HOH/TIH, less PUA/Gamer, so to speak. So, I jump to “correction”, rather than joking, downplaying, or devaluing.”

        As a guy who likes mental gymnastics, consider this: Why don’t you tolerate disrespect from people you don’t necessarily know well (ie – women you’ve just met or people who aren’t extremely close to you)? What’s the reason that it bothers you that someone who is, for all intents and purposes, insignificant in your life, disrespecting or embarrassing you? You can extrapolate this to other guys tooling you and trying to pick a fight or embarrass you as well. Why do you tend to react like Marty McFly (“Chicken?? Did you just call me CHICKEN??”) VS being unreactive?

        Generally it has to do with your ego (not the cocky one, but the “sense of identity” type one) and seeking external validation to determine your self worth. ie – “someone disrespected me, I must make them respect me because they clearly don’t think I’m worth respecting and that affects my feelings of self-worth and challenges my view of myself”

        A large part of internal game in PUA is based around basing your worth on internal validation. ie – the whole world can think I’m a loser, but I know I’m awesome and their opinion doesn’t matter to me (unless they’re someone who I hold in extremely high regard like a close friend, of course). This is why when a girl tries to gain power or shit-tests or another man tries to pick a fight, someone who’s internally validated brushes it off. They know what’s going on, but they attribute no value/power whatsoever to the other person so it becomes as insignificant as a 5yo calling you a “poo poo head”. It’s cute and worth a chuckle at best.

        Here’s a video you might find interesting, especially as you start to participate in discussions where you will inevitably run into people who do and don’t like what you say:

        (skip to 8:40, 13:25 is a good point too as well, stick it through to the end of the video, the whole thing is great really)


      • Good points. Thanks again. Frankly, “lean to pick your battles” is something I’m still fine-tuning.

        Clearly, dialing it back with internet trolls is important. On the other hand, there are real social, political, and interpersonal issues going on here. So, at what point do men cease to be amused lions, ignoring nips they can tolerate…and become unaware and inactive lions, ignoring slowly being nipped to death? Having high self-esteem and not being reactive is one thing, but being delusional with an over-inflated ego that you cannot be hurt is another.

        Granted, being reactive to every little thing is not cool. But, not knowing when it is time to react isn’t either. It is like boiling a frog…if you turn the heat up slow, they won’t jump out of the pot. The change is small, they can handle and adapt to it, they ignore it, get used to it, and don’t react. Until, they boil.

        I don’t want to jump at every little change in the water…but I also don’t want to be so non-reactive that I get boiled alive. I lean too much toward the first – but I wonder whether some other guys here do lean too much to the second. At some point, moving to take greater action is necessary. If not now, when do we get to that point?


      • on October 19, 2012 at 5:00 am YaReally'sEgo

        ““lean to pick your battles” is something I’m still fine-tuning.”

        You’ll never survive the Internet without it lol It actually related to pick-up in a way. One of my Natural buddies and I have a saying that we remind eachother of when we’re txting girls “You don’t have to respond to EVERY text.”

        “On the other hand, there are real social, political, and interpersonal issues going on here.”

        That’s the equivalent of the guy who gets into a fight at a bar because in the moment he feels like there’s a very real slight to his “honor” going on and he has to step up to “be a man”. The reality is that fight is retarded and what it’s over is insignificant in the long-run but in the moment the man is giving it way more value than it deserves.

        This is just an Internet blog, 90% of the guys on here don’t go out, half the women on here are dudes, and the only people who read this blog are people who are already receptive to its’ ideas. No discussion we have here is going to end up on the front page of Jezebel with feminists rallying behind us going “That’s true, that’s a good point you guys!! We’re changing our thinking!”

        With that in mind, there’s just no point to doing mental gymnastics over “women want power!”. It’s a fun exercise, but it doesn’t really benefit anyone. It’s like me saying “Guys, why aren’t we discussing that the sky is BLUE??” I mean, we CAN, but it’s not relevant to our goals.

        “So, at what point do men cease to be amused lions, ignoring nips they can tolerate…and become unaware and inactive lions, ignoring slowly being nipped to death?”

        The day after the Honeymoon. lol

        I’d argue that there’s no reason the first lion HAS to become the next. Becoming inactive and slipping from active disinterest into apathy is a choice.

        If I had to define it, I’d say it’s when a man lets his ego/identity control him. The movie Revolver has a lot of good stuff on this, especially the apology scene and the elevator scene.

        You can watch both scenes here:

        Essentially what this is trying to convey is the way your ego/identity controls you and holds you back in life, and how the only way you can beat it is understand it exists and confront it.

        Do you WANT to punch someone right now? Are you a violent person? Do you REALLY want to risk a lawsuit, permanent injuries on your part or theirs, crippling someone or being crippled, becoming someone who gets into bar scraps, etc.? Is that who you are?

        Now what if I put someone in front of you who’s talking shit about you. They’re calling you fat, ugly, stupid. It’s some big guy at the bar. And you’ve been talking to this cute girl and he’s making fun of you in front of her and you feel like a total chump. You really like this girl and she’s looking at you like “aren’t you going to hit him??” and he’s challenging you and telling you to step outside and she’s looking at you with her beautiful eyes and you can TELL she’s thinking “come on, stand up for yourself, I’m losing attraction for you here…”

        What do you do? If you step outside and get into a fight you didn’t want to get into, you’re letting your ego/identity control you. You’re caving to social pressure. You’re not solid enough in your beliefs and personal code to stand by your decision. Maybe you tried, but it was “really hard” because everyone was looking at you waiting for you to step up. Where’s your pride, after all? So of COURSE you have to step up.

        We can extrapolate this to a lot of areas. Approach Anxiety. You want to approach, but your ego/identity convinces you not to (“you’ll get shot down…what if she says no…you’ll be so embarrassed…what if she has a boyfriend who’s going to kill you…you can approach later, go get a drink first…she’s talking to her friends…”) and you listen to it and don’t approach. You’re the frog slowly getting cooked in the water because every little decision like that cranks the temperature up a little bit more until eventually you’re living a life that you’re completely dissatisfied with.

        Do you drink? Say you don’t. Then someone offers you a drink. What do you do? They pressure you and pressure you and this cute girl you’re into pressures you and everyone is looking at you wanting to to participate in the fun. They’re holding the drink right in front of you. Do you take it? Which lion are you if you can overcome all that pressure and ignore it and stay on your path?

        Now the catch is some people WANT to fight. So by fighting, they’d actually be living in congruence. But in all these cases, you want to drill down into the elements as far as possible. What’s the motivation/cause/reason for them wanting to fight? Do they truly enjoy it, in a Bruce Lee way where he’s just someone who lives for fighting? Or does he fight because he can’t stand being called chicken and his identity is challenged if he’s not respected and he’s chasing that validation?

        Take that drilling down back to Approach Anxiety and not drinking. Do you have AA for a LEGIT reason? No, of course not. Unless like, you’re a black dude in a racist bar full of white people, maybe the AA is justified. But in the majority of the cases, the reasoning behind it is bullshit and driven by fear and ego protection. Why does the person not want to drink? Is it because they value their health and legitimately like to take care of their body so that not drinking is congruent to that? Or is it because they’d LIKE to join everyone but they’re scared to really let themselves go and risk making a fool of themselves in front of everyone so their ego is controlling them?

        “but being delusional with an over-inflated ego that you cannot be hurt is another.”

        What makes it delusional? People can only hurt you if you allow them to. There are poor people and disabled people and people who’ve been through seriously tough lives, who’ve come out on the other end to be positive productive role models. The difference between them and someone who wallows and stews in misery because the restaraunt messed their dinner order up with the wrong sauce, is that they have an optimistic up-beat confident attitude that they can overcome anything.

        “But, not knowing when it is time to react isn’t either.”

        You are the only person who defines when it’s time to react. No one should be able to define that for you. In fact, if you WANT to react to everyone who slights you, and then I tell you you shouldn’t, and you stop doing it, you’re letting me define your rules for you. But, I would recommend that you do some self-analysis and look at specifically WHY you feel the need to react and at exactly what point reacting is worth or not worth your time.

        I think the biggest problem men have today is that they don’t really know themselves. They don’t know their beliefs, their values, their morals, and they don’t have a personal code they stand by…and if they DO have any of those things, they throw them out the window at the first sign that following them will be “difficult”. As a society we’re not really encouraged to look at that stuff, because it’s better for society as a whole if we all just pick the same goals and follow the same rules.

        An entrepreneur will be told by everyone around him that he’s crazy and that he should give up and just get a job like everyone else. And a lot of them will do that. But some of them will believe in their goals and not let anyone sway them from their path.

        This also relates to game because part of why women shit-test a man is to see how strong his resolve is. Can she make him cave on his own values just because she has a pair of tits? If some silly little girl can control him like that (or get him to react when she disrespects him), how the fuck is he supposed to handle the rest of the WORLD if she gets into a relationship with him? He can’t even handle some little chick he just met at the bar. This is part of why women get more attracted when you pass a shit-test…she’s realizing “This is a man who will hold his ground and no one can make him deviate from his beliefs or his path.”

        “but I also don’t want to be so non-reactive that I get boiled alive.”

        Define being boiled alive. Seriously.

        Like exactly what is this great boiling that you’re afraid will happen to you? That you’ll get trapped in a sexless marriage? That you’ll get killed by someone? That society will ignore or reject you as a person?


      • YaReally,

        I could not embed this below your comment…

        Thank you for your thoughts on ego, identity, and self-control. They are very insightful. I appreciate you taking the time to share them.

        I think I can explain my “boiling” concerns a bit better with another metaphor. Suppose you want to play with a puppy who nips at you. The puppy cannot bite hard, so it is no big deal. If you only want to play with it for a night, or even a few weeks, then you can just ignore the behavior. But, if the behavior is just ignored in the long-run, that puppy will eventually grow into a big dog that bites hard and chews up everything. So, to create a good dog in the long-term, it is important to be a leader and correct the even mild behavior problems early on. Otherwise, they stay unchecked, the puppy doesn’t learn, and they escalate into big problems. Then, the dog ends up dominant in the situation, as the owner desperately reacts, cleans up, and simply tries to minimize the damage.

        The same principle applies to dating/relationships. AFCs are afraid when the woman even nips and shit-tests. So, they are taught to be PUAs and ignore it with amused mastery. That allows them to play with the woman short term (ONS or STR). But, they are not really leading, shaping, or directing the situation by ignoring it, merely selectively avoiding for short-term goals. So, when they try to interact with her long-term by those same methods, they find that she escalates, bites harder, and the relationship gets out of control. Thus, many men either avoid LTRs or get “dominated” in them, because they don’t establish leadership and power, by correcting those “nips” early on.

        The principles also apply to social and legal change. Men ignore as the legal and social systems nip at them. They adjust a little bit when a new law is passed. They laugh at a new taboo or politically-correct expression. They switch to dealing with women in the short-term or go MGTOW. Then, they get “bit hard” by the fact that this change is cumulative and they didn’t stop it early. They have lost all parental rights. They get robbed in divorce. They can get arrested for no reason. Their very masculinity is a crime. Sure, some men cope by not getting married, not becoming fathers, or moving to another country – but that doesn’t mean they are in control. Their freedom has still been compromised from their inaction, regardless of their individual identity and feelings. They are still, overall, submissive and reactive to the situation.

        Sure, there are still guys out there who don’t feel infringed upon yet. PUAs are still quite happy gaming women for STR/ONS. They can ignore the “nips”. Unchecked, however, it will most likely become a problem for them too. One day, consensual sex may be redefined from “not saying no” to “enthusiastic consent”. One day, men setting boundaries and expectations with a woman will be controlling and domestic violence (already happening in England). Social change is not stopping. Power and civil rights balances are continuing to shift away from equal, to the detriment of men. Therefore, at some point, we will all get bit and boiled. If everyone waits until it is “serious” for them, it might very well be too late.

        Given that, some of my effort is indeed misplaced arguing with women trolling on the internet. Some might even be misplaced on this website, if guys on here primarily are keyboard jockeys and AFCs. Therefore, I do need to pick my audience and battles more carefully. But, I saw a bunch of guys on her who seemed to be stressed that women were out of control on a personal level, and society was screwing them on a global level. So, I figured I would try to share with them, beyond a few jokes, lines, and self-improvement tips, how they might begin to address that larger problem. Perhaps they don’t care. Maybe I should just stick to giving concrete advice on finding a date and getting laid. However, every once in awhile, I’m compelled to try and share some insight into the larger social dynamics.


      • I’d say the crossed wires here are that you may not be aware of our Soft/Hard Next concepts:

        We don’t completely ignore what’s going on, because like you say that leads to discipline problems. We just don’t react the way normal guys do.

        To run with the dog analogy, if the dog nips at you, your way is like yelling “NO!!!” and smacking it with a newspaper and getting yourself worked up over it. We simply pull a Dog Whisperer and sub-communicate “this is not behavior that will be tolerated” through claiming our space (metaphorically, in application this would be like saying “im not having this discussion.”, communicating who’s setting the rules) and withdrawing attention and rewarding good behavior.

        Give the stuff in the link above a read. You said you had read a bunch of game stuff so I figured you already knew about this kind of thing. The lion analogy was probably a bad example because a lion isn’t disciplining the jackals so that’s my bad. The concept of being unreactive is difficult to explain.

        The dog training analogy is much better. Often, reacting to the dog just gets it more riled up and when people pet it while its barking at the door as someone new enters the house that just teaches it that being in that state will get the reward of attention and petting. Whereas if you claim your space and dominate like you expect the dog to fall in line, and ignore its barking, it’ll calm down and then you can reward it in its calm state. The Dog Whisperer actually has a lot of good techniques for handling women, but don’t let feminists hear me say that lol

        Hope it’s more clear now. The reacting that you do when you scold them is actually the short-term solution…it teaches her “ooo I’m in trouble…but if I ever need his attention, this is how to get it!” Whereas Soft and Hard Next’ing are simply a withdrawal of attention which teaches her long-term “acting out causes him to withdraw completely, he has no fear of losing me, omg I’d better stop doing that because he must be able to go out and get another girl!”

        This is for actual relationships…like with males, a random guy talking shit you can ignore completely lion-style. But a male friend who crosses a boundary or behaves in a way you don’t tolerate, the hard/soft next works as well. A girl you don’t know who shit-tests you, ignore it and plow and assume she’ll love you. A girl you’re starting a relationship with, soft/hard next training comes into play.


      • YaReally,

        Thanks for those links. Your Soft/Hard Next concept is indeed more active and in line with what I’m suggesting. In behavior modification, that would be known as Extinction. If a guy wanted to further take charge with a specific woman, then he could also reinforce an alternative behavior. Here is an article of mine on those points too.


  58. Totally OT, but speaking of judgement, how does one come to support the hiring of someone to run a business (or a country) that would not provide their college GPA and transcripts, at minimum, to their interviewer? The media and those who voted for Obama last time didn’t seem to care. Absolutely bizarre. P.S. I wonder what grade O. got in Econ, assuming he took it.


  59. I hate getting sprayed by more sociobiology mental masturbation. Got news for you… modern man and woman bears zippo resemblance to those “temperate???” wtf? people?

    You are too hocked up styling yourself an ALPHA as a rationalization for your years of blank shooting barrenness to realize that the girl in the bar isnt a neotenous cave girl, and you arent a war chieftan. You are two very silly and hopelessly deluded creatures of modern cult of narcissism in a coddling decadent society. Your petty sadism doesnt make you alpha, or a war chieftain, it makes you a bored fool. You wouldnt last a week in a stone age war party. You are just another silly spoiled brat attempting to add gradiosity and vanity to a feckless existence. The idea that stone age social norms bears any resemblance to modernity with our welfare statism, she-men and poseur blankshooters leaves something to be desired.

    That girl in the bar is a Lasch Culture of Narcissm brat more than she is a submissive cave girl, and game is really about adjusting men to MODERN women rather than any pretenses of stone age pedigree.

    1. game works on modern men, in business relations, as much as women. Most game techniques, other than the sexual or weird, could be found in any book of negotiation or sales.
    2. Humans circa 2012 are more creatures of the last few hundred years. see Jews. The diaspora created a whole new species. American blacks vs. native africans. Instead of talking stone age, I suggest that you check out the last few hundred years in more detail for more relevant data.
    3. Women were radically altered by the last 40 years. Modern women are stone age prostitutes as measured by promiscuity levels. In other words, the girl in the bar is as modern as a PC, not a stone age relic.


  60. Lord Valtrex- I got some time and am in the mood for reminiscing so here goes.

    Well I can’t speak for all of them, but I will relay as best I can remember the conversations I had with my girlfriend concerning Americans and American girls in particular. Keep in mind my girlfriend comes from a tough background, but when she was 14 moved into her sister’s family, which, was upper upper middle class, her own car, etc..
    me: What do you think of American’s?
    her: They spoiled, rich, obnoxious, fat.
    me: Hey I’m American!
    her: Your different! Your like an adult.

    After dating me she became more proud of America and kind of used me as a status symbol sometimes. Like she would make excuses to show me off to her friends, relatives..I didn’t mind. I was happy to be dating a really beautiful girl for so long, coming from the land of USA skank whores. You know first love type shit. Anyway lived there year of 2011 and am moving back permanently next March.

    Another convo we had.
    me: Some sappy ass comment about how pretty she is and how I don’t think I will ever date an American again and talk about how they can be bossy.
    her: Awww, Yeah I heard (looks at me) you guys like us because we don’t act like that.
    She also told/asked me this (i kid you not)
    her:I heard that like in America the women are the bosses?
    me: Well…not in all relationships, only if the guy is weak.

    I took her to Italy once for a mini vacation to Florence and ran into a 28 year old American chick who looked decent, but had a beer belly, but looked like she used to be real good looking. My girlfriend told me she wanted to ask her to go out with us so we went over and said hi and offered to get a drink together later. After 5 minutes the look on my girlfriends face was priceless. She was not one too hide her dislike and it was funny cause this American chick wanted to make friends with her for some reason real bad.
    After convo ended with the American chick she goes:
    Omg I wish I had known she was like that,
    Me: Don’t worry we don’t have to go out with her,
    her: Yeah, lets just get some wine just us 2.

    There were some American girls orbiting our social group, but she generally avoided them preferring her Czech friends, also I think she was really worried about me picking one of them so she saw them as competetion to be ruthlessly excluded from my line of sight. A couple of Canadian chunkies had a crush on me and hit on me in front of her. Woe to chick who hits on a Czech girls man. Her evil stare made it clear she wanted none of that and promptly said she wanted to leave and go someplace else.

    Do they envy them? No.
    My girlfriend, if she had a fault is that she she obsessed with her looks and clothes. She loved to wear high heels. She loved her long hair, and she loved being sexy. I mean this girl was a 9 plus (depending on type she was my type-thin 5-3, nice natural breasts, long hair-getting a hard on just thinking about her!) but still had self-doubt about being good looking enough for me!

    Girls over there, once your in a relationship, they become yours so to speak. Your not fighting them constantly in a power struggle like it is over here. Doesn’t matter what your profession either as long as you make money. In my opinion over there game is 80% money. If you combine that with a little game/good looks its heaven on earth.

    I am a more serious guy, into reading, politics, so I never got great ass in the states even though I am good looking. Over there I was the prize for beautiful girls to fight over. Where you think I’m going to end up with my money?
    Live and use my money in USA where I’m treated like shit for being quiet and my tax dollars go to fund my misery or live in Europe and date beautiful girls? I’ll admit I’m a little quiet, but I am still human! I want to be in a relationship…. Just have to vent…been back in the states since Jan… One things for sure after you live over there you will HATE American chicks…


    • I heard many american friends complaining about high maintenance american girlfriends and i guess you are right, at least to a certain degree. But thinking that eastern europe is the solution, you are in for a big disappointment. Girls over there are upfront in their intentions. As long as you have money and/or they can use you to better their social/economic situation they would do everything for you, if not they will dump you. If you think that the US is a capitalist country then you never really experienced Russia, Poland, Hungary and all the other former communist states. Not to forget that they only have a relatively small timeframe. Have you ever looked at older women over there?
      If you are intelligent and good looking you won’t have a problem finding a decent girlfriend, you probably looked in all the wrong places…


    • As a successful man with a six-figure income and an Albanian GF, I wholeheartedly agree: Once you go Warsaw Pact, you never go back 🙂


    • American Man,

      Thank you for the information. What you wrote, about the foreign perspective on American women, agrees with what other sources have told me.

      Both a Chinese woman and a French man, where I work, have remarked American women act like men. Always wanting to fight with their man. Who wants to deal with that (after a long day)?

      One clarification, please. By envy I was referring to the social position American women occupy, not their (sub-standard) looks. The typical American women lives a life of extreme material abundance, can boss her man around (backed up by the State). Basically, the world most coddled, sassy, spoiled brat. Do Eastern European envy that social dominance of women in America?


  61. on October 9, 2012 at 3:58 am Anti Blue pill

    The Alpha national anthem? yes.


  62. “Honey Boo Boo’s guide to thrifty living”

    “She’s also skilled at wrangling up child support checks from each of her four children’s fathers and, of course, cashing in on each episode filmed by TLC.”

    What is this shit? Is that honey boo boo stuff for real?


    • on October 9, 2012 at 8:12 am Hugh G. Rection

      Couldn’t believe it, I thought South Park made it up.


    • If there’s ever a clear example of feminism, Honey Boo Boo is it. A fat whale with a litter of bastard spawns, feeding off former lovers while whoring out her daughters whenever she can. You go grrrrl!


      • More proof that there is no limit to the torture that women can impose upon betas.

        There truly is no god in a world where George Clooney can consort with the hottest women in the world without any consequences while legions of betas have no hope other than a fat hippo who makes them pay for 18 years for fucking her rawdog.

        The Third World guys who live in and scavenge trash landfills have better looking women.


    • The Jon Benet Ramsey of the trailer park.


    • Honey Boo Boo’s father lives with and supports them too… he’s a simple good ol’ boy and works seven days a week… he wants to marry the mom, but for some reason she doesn’t want to get married… maybe it means the fathers of the two older girls won’t be liable for child support or something, who knows.

      The mother is a coupon queen and they supposedly process a lot of their own meat from hunting and (yeah, I know) the occasional road kill… the latter might have been just an idea from the producers to fit the hick stereotype… point is, she does stretch a buck.

      But what the hell… they all seem happy, and it’s a stable family, so far as it goes… and they certainly don’t mind laughing at themselves and providing amusement for others…. plus, the camera crew can show up in their neighborhood and not worry about their wallets, equipment, and skin.

      I read somewhere they get $2000 per episode.

      What can I say, it’s a guilty pleasure.


    • That’s just plain disgusting. After watching an episode on youtube i’m not wondering anymore where all the clichés about americans are coming from…


  63. If not even having a 6-pack or ripped muscles, but just simply being a healthy level of thin and in shape and dressing/grooming myself well, meant that I would have a solid 20-30+ years of the prime of my life with the world bending over backwards to appease me and begging to give me anything I wanted, from people falling over themselves to go out of their way to do me favors, to skipping lines and fees and paying for anything, to being handed jobs/careers over my competition, to having women beg me to let them buy me shit and take me on vacations and spend all their money on me, and to basically have no restrictions of my behavior or consequences for my actions across the mass of society, and for all that I didn’t need to have money, get an education, work hard, have a career, or basically put any effort whatsoever into developing myself as a human being in any way because I’d still get all that stuff as long as I was fit and healthy …you can sure as shit bet I would drive past McDonald’s and make myself a healthy salad. Even more so if I had a thyroid problem.

    That’s the sad part to me, is that women have basically ONE requirement to have the world at their feet. Good looking dudes get a break too now and then but it’s nowhere near the same scale as women (a guy would need to be an 11/10 for even half that shit, whereas a decent 8 or 9 chick gets it), and we have to excel in a bunch of categories (confidence, leadership, dominance, etc) to be attractive…whereas a chick with a decent body who knows how to dress and do her makeup can work at Wal-Mart and live with her parents and there’ll still be a lineup of guys chasing her.

    If I had a daughter, I’d find some good way to convey this concept to her without triggering an eating disorder. Hell, just not taking her to McDonald’s every week might be enough lol


    • Very few women have it like that actually. Most, if not all of them are White unless they meet an Osama bin Laden or something.

      Young, fit women get treated like they’re disposable, even by some guys who think they are nice, if they are at all socially inconvenient.

      Sheeple don’t deviate from herd rules.


    • “That’s the sad part to me, is that women have basically ONE requirement to have the world at their feet.”

      This is worthy of a post itself. Off to to peruse the Chateau archives.


  64. At this point in the discussion, all the sheep are starting to look the same, but as an individualist, I do not want to make the mistake of lumping everyone in together. So if everybody who’s decided I’m Satan would please briefly state your position by finishing this sentence:

    I hate/dislike Nicole because __________.

    I just want to be sure I’m not mixing up the racists with the USDA “war on obesity” (which is working about as well as the war on drugs) folks or the “humiliation is good, look how well I turned out, I almost don’t have a heart left and I feel gr—nothing”.


    • I actually have to addmit I quite like Nicole and she is getting piled on quite unfairly IMO.


    • I hate Nicole because she’s obviously under the pay of her Israeli cohorts to pollute this site with her cognitive dissonance and antiwhite sophistries.

      Other than that, though, she’s a swell mama and I’d like to spank her until she cums.


    • Why do you guys give this fat attention whore the attention she craves? Ignore it and it’ll go get it’s fix elsewhere.


      • Thank you, someone with a brain. I usually only breeze through here every once in awhile, and like to think of myself as having graduated from the school of reality that is this blog. Since applying much of the wisdom I’ve gleaned here to real life, I’m a much happier and more sexually successful person than the confused one-step-from-bitter, over entitled bitch, that I was when I first arrived.

        This time around, I had some extra time and I find it polluted with self pitying hard cases who entirely miss the point. So I decided to play a little. It’s not trolling per se, more like understanding in advance that my presence would be received by certain personas as blood in the water.

        Still, like my posts promoting a natural/paleo/primal diet in the past, I’m sure eventually truth will sink in, and a few years from now, Uh will probably be calling racism plantation politics like he invented the connection.

        I go in, I remind dudes they’re here to learn game and that part of that includes becoming men someone would want to put effort into pleasing, and I go out. So don’t worry. At the point of whipping them up into a frenzied bandwagon of haterade, then asking them to sort themselves, thus highlighting the fact they need to recover from herd behavior to be more alpha, it’s about over for me.

        …and at the age of 42, that is true in more ways than one. At this point in my life, having done the marriage and breeding thing, I’d just like to have fun the rest of the time, while hopefully leaving this world better than I found it.


    • i hate nicole because she reminds me of my dad.


  65. As for fatties, my ex has become like this. Have to agree with the poster who mentioned otherwise formerly beautiful women being covered in lard. The bitchiness has increased 10 fold in her as well, which is why I don’t feel too bad engaging in schadenfreude, when I consider that she is 37, no husband, no prospects, and no children. Whilst I am a happy single father who loves getting his dick sucked by his sexy French Canadian gf.


  66. on October 9, 2012 at 10:37 am duck of death

    shit like this is why I’m going to find a wife from the third world.


  67. I approve of this video:


    • So I guess she would be happy to be called a hoe with a cameltoe who wears too much makeup and sits like she didn’t have parents. How is this shemale a better role model for women than a fat chick?

      Don’t you have a video of someone slim and feminine who just doesn’t think people in the public eye should get butt hurt about criticism?


  68. This blog is devolving from PUA into intellectual masturbation and complaining about….EVERYTHING.


    • on October 9, 2012 at 12:59 pm Holden Caulfield

      That’s what trolling does to the comment section.


      • Then again, there’s only so many times the same tale bears repeating in re tickling the hamster of the fair-to-middling female.

        And it’s a big world out there, once you’ve gotten laid.


  69. Congratulations, my friend, you’ve arrived:

    “Heartiste is the best of these PUA bloggers. He’s literate, funny, scientifically well-informed, politically conservative, and utterly cynical. His language, unfortunately, doesn’t lend itself to direct quotation on a family website, but I’ll give you the gist.”


  70. Anonymous- I prefer them. Their not all greedy succubus’s like you make out. Especially the country girls. And you’d be suprised, some of them age quite well. And do I think going over there is the solution? For me at least, yes. I’m self-employed, can work anywhere, I prefer their femininity to the bitch shields of American girls. Plus, not a fattie in sight usually. You think I’d ever be dumb enough to get fleeced by one of them? Not happening. But do I like spoiling them for good girlfriend behavior? Absolutely.
    Would I rather take a 9+ to nice Restaurant sitting outside on the city streets of Prague where she appreciates that I’m paying for the meal and dresses to the nines or
    Take a 7 American Chick who thinks nothing of the fact that I’m paying and doesn’t even remotely appreciate the time and effort I put in.
    The fact is I can afford a girlfriend. My point is they are better looking, sweeter, and better in bed than American girls, at least in my experience. Why should I not go back permanently?
    My parents don’t understand why I’m leaving permentantly either so I guess I’m just venting, this is just my perspective.


    • You misunderstood me. I don’t think they are all greedy. I totally understand why you want to stay in the czech republic, it is simply beautiful there. I just know many relathionships turned sour between eastern europeans and non-eastern europeans due to unrealistic expectations.


  71. American Man – i am not criticizing your decision, i completely understand you. I just know many people whose relationships turned sour and who had been in the position you are now. The czech republic is beautiful. As far as sex is concerned…i guess that’s due to the more liberal view of sex as opposed to the sexual repression in the US.


  72. OT: happy guys finish last

    But we already knew this.

    What I found funny was the caveat put in there that this was about gut level attraction and not relationship or marriage quality, as though being sexually attracted to someone has nothing to do with whether you decide to get in a relationship with someone.


  73. Anonymous- I feel you what your saying. I’m young too, though, I’m not looking to shack up for marriage or anything like that either, which, I can see go bad with a Czech girl, because the one I went out, although she could cook all right did not think long term and although stunning, stunningly messy and a little bit lazy too. Which, according to heartiste means she is slutty he he.

    But I feel like I am a better and smarter man than most American Men too. I feel like people whose relationships have gone bad that your talking about probably did have unrealistic expectations and/or were weak, made too little money, and let their girlfriend push them around. From experience, these girls are more feminine, yes, but that doesn’t mean there not tougher than American girls. A lot of them are tough as nails. I once told my girl I thought she was the nicest girl I ever met and she said she didn’t think so, she thought she was mean. I noticed that she WAS mean to a lot of people just real nice to me, so, I guess your points are well given, maybe in 5 years she will be a different person. But, also something that is nice, is that larger age differences are more accepted over there too. Like if your 33 its perfectly acceptable to date an 18 year old if your doing well.
    I sound kind of cold and calculating, but I’m actually more of a tenderheart than anything else when it comes to girls.


    • American Man – having high standards is nothing to be ashamed about. It all depends on what you are looking for. If you are not looking for anything longterm, you will have the time of your life 🙂


  74. -Anonymous- I like your points actually. Truth is I can see how unrealistic expectations, a weaker chump American, and just bad chemistry could make it go bad between people from different cultures. Like my girl, really, really nice and sweet to me, but tough as nails. These girls may be sweeter to their man, but they are A LOT tougher than American girls when it comes to actual toughness and I guess the people you knew let their girls walk all over them and we all know from reading this site-that is a big no no, especially over there. But its all individuals is what it comes down to. I prefer it over there, but I know American guys with sexy American girlfriends, who think I’m crazy, who really like it here in the states. I also know an American over there who gets a new sexy girl every couple months, but I think he might be paying prostitutes to be his girlfriends for two months. To each his own in my opinion. I like how gender roles are more stringent over there and plus the American guys I know with sexy bitches in the states are either way richer than me or way more arrogant/have better alpha “game.” I am a more humble kind of person, so, I don’t really like doing the whole dance to get an American girl. Plus I have high standards and in the states it’s very difficult for me to be satisfied.


  75. on October 9, 2012 at 10:49 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    Just an FYI to Heartiste: my reply comments are disappearing. Not being “held” for moderation, but simply not showing up at all. I’m not using links or inappropriate words and I’ve been a regular commenter since the beginning — 2007 — so I don’t know what’s up.


  76. so now i understand why my schlong is long.
    but i still don’t understand why this bitch is fat.


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