The Dark Tetrad

There’s a growing consensus in the social sciences that women swoon uncontrollably for men who possess the suite of psychological traits known colloquially as the Dark Triad. But now a new study has come out which throws an additional psychological trait into the mix of (mostly) male pathologies that cause women to cream their pretty pantaloons:


Behavioral confirmation of everyday sadism.

Past research on socially aversive personalities has focused on subclinical psychopathy, subclinical narcissism, and Machiavellianism-the “Dark Triad” of personality. In the research reported here, we evaluated whether an everyday form of sadism should be added to that list. Acts of apparent cruelty were captured using two laboratory procedures, and we showed that such behavior could be predicted with two measures of sadistic personality. Study 1 featured a bug-killing paradigm. As expected, sadists volunteered to kill bugs at greater rates than did nonsadists. Study 2 examined willingness to harm an innocent victim. When aggression was easy, sadism and Dark Triad measures predicted unprovoked aggression. However, only sadists were willing to work for the opportunity to hurt an innocent person. In both studies, sadism emerged as an independent predictor of behavior reflecting an appetite for cruelty. Together, these findings support the construct validity of everyday sadism and its incorporation into a new “Dark Tetrad” of personality.

“However, only sadists were willing to work for the opportunity to hurt an innocent person.”

Not sure why, but that line makes me 😆

“Yeah, tough day at the office. Didn’t get to backstab as many cheerful coworkers as I wanted to. May have to work overtime this weekend to make up for the knife twisting deficit.”

Naturally, the question that arises is if a man with an appetite for cruelty (why you lookin’ at me funny?) has the same effect on a woman’s desire as does a man with the traditional Dark Triad traits. Narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy… chicks dig men with them. How about we throw wanton cruelty into the demonic stew. Does the full flowering of the Dark Tetrad turn a skilled ladyslayer into a God of Gash? My anecdotal impression is that it does. Oh sure, no woman will actually admit to being turned on by a sadistic man, but just watch how they act after the bastard has uncorked some wholly unnecessary joke at some innocent naif’s expense.

Offhand, a few of history’s great womanizers had a streak of sadism, a thrill for the soulkill. Maybe, like the Dark Triad, sadism signals alpha male mating value. A cocky disregard for retribution or rules, an indifference to the feelings of others, a concern only for one’s own pleasure… this is the stuff of alluring men.

Or perhaps sadism is like charm: easily overdone. Too much charm is icky and provokes distrust in women. Too much sadism, or misdirected sadism, might do the same. But just a little bit, once in a while, is the spice that stirs a woman’s sexuality.


    • does anyone have any good news about women

      i guess on the plus side it forces you to make sure she’s attractive if you’re going to keep one of those monsters around


      • on October 14, 2013 at 6:58 am gunslingergregi

        when I was in car wreck woman came to see me check on me
        when I posted that shit earlier a woman called me
        think the exception
        so yea they can be there for ya too


      • This is good news about women.


      • “Or perhaps sadism is like charm: easily overdone.”

        Sadism can be overdone? Not at all.

        Serial killers, rappers, petty criminals, billionaires, pimps, wife-beaters, professional fighters, dictators, marathon bombers, nerd-bullying high school jocks, mass shooters, and other assorted sadists and their lovers disagree.


  1. second


  2. Rough sex works well. We all know that.


  3. THIS!

    As someone with a sadistic side I have seen it generate tingles.

    Field report:

    Went to a mid tier city lounge club. DJ from Vegas was spinning and the vibe was good. 6 weeks post break up and my emotional state is getting exponentially better.

    I open 2 girls at the bar, they take selfies and I say “Instagram photos already, you should take another later for comparison” they giggle and we chat for 15 mins. I see other girlies looking (qualification) but they were not cute enough so I got bored and left.

    I flirted with one of the waitresses which was über hot slutty with a sleeve tat but electric eyes and great cheekbones. I tell her “nice cheekbones we would make great babies” she gobbled it up strong kino from the start as attraction was there and my vibe was on fire. I put myself in the vibe by chatting people up and dancing to the music.

    Then I spot this hottie from Mexico she had freckles I pointed them out she giggled. Start talking about dancing how I loved merengue and salsa she said let’s dance I didn’t go just because then she was staring and I was like time to go it was 2am got sleepy.

    I noticed how tense my friends were one of them is 32 recently single good looking but no game he’s used to drunk pickup with 6s. I studied him to see what not to do I saw him with his hand in his pocket as he didn’t want to harm his already suffering ego due to fear and self doubt.

    The bartender was vibing me hard I talked to her for a bit but my game isn’t up to par for bartenders just yet. Only one way to learn and that is by trial and error.

    Pushing your comfort zone is the biggest issue for most men. I can easily bang 6s and some 7s but I notice how intimidated they are from me it’s cute but the attraction isn’t there as my last 3 LTR were hard 8s sexy as hell. Slowly but surely I’m pushing my limits and comfort zone to these hotter tighter girls which require way better game frame control and serious confidence like the rock of Gibraltar. It’s a different ball game in the world of 8s and up but that is the promised land no guts no glory.


    • > “my last 3 LTR were hard 8s sexy as hell”

      What’s your definition of “LTR”?

      For my definition, I’d have to go all the way back and include one of my high school girlfriends in order to get to 3 lifetime.

      BTW, did any of these 3 LTRs produce any live births?

      Because 3 LTRs [or at least what I would call an “LTR”], with zero children afterwards, is a heckuva lotta purposeless fornication.

      Unless maybe you’re being a smart-ass, and “LTR” means “a week or two”.


      • on October 13, 2013 at 6:37 pm Greatest Beta

        The three long terms were for as long as follows: 1.5 yrs, 4 yrs, 14 months

        LTR is 6 months or longer, in my book. Anything less is really a fling.


      • Okay, that’s a sum total of about six years of fornicating.

        Any live births from it?

        Or are we talking about a Total Fertility Rate of 0.0?


      • on October 13, 2013 at 7:56 pm Greatest Beta

        no live births but one abortion
        learning to reframe my game from lover boy to short term lover
        this will tons of work and trial and error but super excited about it


      • > “no live births but one abortion… super excited about it”

        Well, I guess you can just kiss the ol’ Tree of Life the hell goodbye.


  4. Perhaps those have sadism and the dark triad quality display alpha qualitys women like. If you this type of behavoiur i dont see how you can be beta. I think women like these qualities cuz of evokution. She wanted the stringest warrior to take care of herr. And these warriors totally must have sadism an dark teiad mentality.
    The only cultures keft tgat have this mentalty i think would be latin americavmiddle east russia.


  5. “innocent”



  6. Correct – The dark triad or tetrad will get you plenty of short term “damaged goods.”
    The women who are worth it in the long run have the emotional capacity to see through this (maybe not right away). They will mostly avoid the mess of the dark triad or tetrad. Chance are that they have stepped into the mess at least once before, but now are *smart* enough and emotionally strong enough to walk past it when they see it again.

    So, the men that possess these traits DO appear to get all the girls. But these are the damaged goods. For some men, that is exactly what they want, and we can teach them to capitalize on these traits to get more and more damaged goods…

    And this will continue to feed their theory that “all women are f*cked up.”
    Because all the women they have any chance with will INDEED be f*cked up.
    And the cycle will continue…


    • on October 13, 2013 at 12:20 pm Holden Caulfield

      As someone who works with many successful people, most of which have graduate degrees, I see a lot of educated “classy” women fall for some sadistic dark triad types. CEOs and other successful males often have the desired traits and attract women that aren’t originally of the damaged goods category. Its the beta males that end up with the damaged goods and the goods have often been “damaged” due to failed interactions with alpha males.

      I believe “alpha fuks, beta bucks” might be appropriate as soft background music here.


      • I’m really getting tired of women who trigger this whole alpha fux-beta bux scheme. They either want your dick or money based on what part of their life they are in, what emotions are flowing through their head, or what decisions they made.

        Well for me they are a packaged deal.

        Men have continued to stupidly allow this nonsense.


      • > “I see a lot of educated “classy” women fall for some sadistic dark triad types. CEOs and other successful males often have the desired traits and attract women that aren’t originally of the damaged goods category.”

        This problem of our elites increasingly being of the sociopathic hyper-narcissistic personality types does not bode well for the future of our civilization.

        With a handful of possible exceptions – maybe a Gouverneur Morris or a Thomas Paine – it’s not a personality type that you saw in our Founding Fathers.

        And as recently as about a century ago, we had Captains of Industry – guys like Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford and the Wright Brothers who:

        A) Actually made a better mousetrap than their competition [rather than merely shuffling around fiat electrons on a spreadsheet], and

        B) Actually seemed to give a damn about the future of this country and of Western Civilization in general.

        Hell, I’d gladly take a oddball kook from 50 years ago, like a Howard Hughes, over any of the elitist nihilist vermin whom we have in charge of most large businesses today.


      • Sadly, Carnegie and Ford Foundations are both guilty of supporting the destruction of Western Civilization. If there is a “progressive” cause out there, they help fund it. The harm they have long ago eclipsed the good.


      • > “Sadly, Carnegie and Ford Foundations are both guilty of supporting the destruction of Western Civilization.”

        The vermin move in and infiltrate and infest the foundations and destroy them.

        It would be really fascinating to know whether any of these guys anticipated what would become of their wealth.

        Ford might have suspected it, if he only he had taken time to think about it – very early on he was aware of The Frankfurt School and their shenanigans.

        And Ford definitely foresaw the disaster which is the Federal Reserve and their fiat electrons.

        Also, Ford died rather suddenly, and he probably wasn’t able to get his affairs in order the way he might have liked:


      • ” … Sadly, Carnegie and Ford Foundations are both guilty of supporting the destruction of Western Civilization…. ”

        they didn’t start out that way, but like so many others, they eventually became infected with the leftist-PC-“diversity is our greatest strenght!”-anti-Western-Civilization/anti-white male virus

        it infects almost everything, and it is getting worse everyday

        even the Republican party is now where liberals were only a few years ago


    • Quality women are only attracted to weak nice-guy losers? Tell me more!


      • i know, it didn’t even make sense as written, either:

        “Chance are that they have stepped into the mess at least once before”

        that’s what being damaged goods is, but that’s who he says are smarter now. no, they’re not smarter, they’re intolerable, they’re thinking about the bad boys they bedded down with and they’re bitter. forever. good luck and enjoy.


    • Well said ShipShape.
      Never, ever feel sorry for a woman that’s been f*cked over by a “dark triad man”; she most likely deserved it.
      In other words, if you are going to tap dance with the devil, you better wear your tap dancing shoes baby, but don’t be suprised if you get burnt.


    • Question: What do you get when you take a white knight and give him a small dose of Red Pill knowledge?

      Answer: White Knight 2.0. Infiltrating the manosphere, these fools dilute the message by mixing white knighting nonsense with bits of truth.

      White Knight 2.0 (TM): Even more annoying than the old version.


    • Wow. Just wow.


    • tits or gtfo honey…..


  7. on October 13, 2013 at 12:29 pm Holden Caulfield

    I’d love to see a CH post or YaReally comment on bartender game, as in picking up hot female bartenders. Seems to be a skill one needs to develop to round out their seduction repertoire.


    • on October 13, 2013 at 1:00 pm Greatest Beta

      100 percent. There’s a few bartenders I have in mind that are hot 🙂

      Wisdom in this area greatly appreciated


    • I tended bar in college, but I was engaged at the time. This was a place that mainly hired hot young women as staff. I did notice a certain guys managed to sleep with other bartenders. A few things to keep in mind depending on where you live:

      – One night stands are more difficult to pull off because bartenders go home with cash and are paranoid about safety/being robbed.
      – Female bartenders get lots of stalkers and unwanted attention that they have to put up with for tips, so social proof is necessary.
      – In some states bartenders aren’t allowed to drink behind the bar so often they’re the only sober girls in the place.
      – Bartenders abhor customer drama because it affects their money, which is why they’re much more likely to sleep with male coworkers. So you need to make it clear you’re not going to show up stalking or causing a scene.

      The guys I noticed pulling bartenders were mostly “cool” regulars – they came in frequently, were friends with staff and management, and fit in well with the culture of the place. I don’t think aloof/mysterious game works well here unless you’re very rich or handsome – otherwise you’re just the weird lone guy at the end of the bar. If you can make friends with the doormen, managers, or (better yet) the owner, you will have social status within the small incestuous subculture of the bar, and female staff will go out of their way to flirt with you. I will leave it to CH or YaReally to talk about the finer points of Game here, just leaving a few observations!


      • on October 13, 2013 at 1:21 pm Greatest Beta

        Good points thanks you. Know the staffing and being s regular is a must for bartender game.


      • @spiral. This is true of any social circle game. There has to be a mix of aloof mystery: “Who is that guy who comes in here all the time, orders an Old Fashioned, tips well, always seems busy…dresses well…who is he!??”

        Vs: Who’s the mangy creep at the bar cradling his Bud Lite staring at me until closing time blind drunk?

        Your description is interesting because it lends itself to this type of analysis but it contains all the elements of attraction:

        1) Leader of men:
        2) protector of women and children: aloof but still paying, keeping your crap together in contrast to the other clientele
        3) pre-selected by other women —i’m sure those guys banging bar-tenders showed up with girls at some point.


      • on October 14, 2013 at 5:16 am The Burninator

        Agree the_spiral. Random dudes showing up for the first night – not happening. The reasons you outline pretty much cover all of the bases. It helps as well if you happen to go to the same bars she may go to (naturally, not as a stalker) when she’s off duty.

        What really, really helps is being a male bartender as well, especially if you’re a co-worker of hers. Even if she doesn’t take the bait, she’s a great source of credibility and social introductions to other bartender women. You’re already past the whole “is this guy a creep stalker” right from the get go in that scenario. Plus, bartending is great fun, assuming you’re not the one routinely left to clean the shitters at the end of the night, or mop up vomit.


      • Great point there. If a man is really interested in pulling female bartenders, getting himself a bartending job—even one night a week—is a great way to gain instant social proof along with a steady stream of female attention (from both bar staff and customers.) I really can’t think of a job more highly recommended for younger college-aged men to build social skills and meet women.


    • its easier than you think but your inner game and frame must be perfect.

      it’s a bad idea for a newbie because if you fuck up you are persona nongrata or every girl in there


    • I had a pretty damned hot, very bohemian chick bartender who used to show up at my place years ago. We could not be less alike, as I was a getting out of the military and generally pretty ordered, if a wild man when I cut loose. I’d just go and have a bourbon and read the paper at the end of the bar some evenings.

      We’d chat, low pressure. One day she asked where I lived, just up the road. Two visits later as I walked out I told her I’d leave a key at Spot X, it’s a third floor walk up, Apt. #4, if my door was open, c’mon in. Two nights later I felt somebody slide in bed.

      Without fail once or twice a week she’d slide in at 3AM, I’d bang her most nights, just let snooze others, and leave very early for the gym and work, seeing her a few nights later at the bar or in bed.

      Don’t know if there’s a lesson there, but damn that was a good six months.


  8. Sadists are sadists because of their desire for power, domination and control. Those traits cover up a weak, damaged self. Bully on top, coward underneath.

    I’ve seen a few these guys badly beaten…for five seconds. After which they collapsed and started begging. My contempt for them is complete.


    • I think all men desire power and domination to a certain extent… these type of guys can be either alpha or omega imo, not really anywhere in between. Betas aren’t really ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ they are just the masses with no values at all and just follow the reigning authority.


    • Your point about sadistic behaviour emanating from a damaged self is a good one, but not every bully is a coward. Some criminals bikers gangsters are genuinely tough. Saddam Hussein, weird as the example may seem to some, was a tyrannical sadistic monster but he wasn’t a coward.


  9. What happens if you beat the shit out of a Dark Triad Guy™ in front of his girlfriend right after one of his mischiefs? Psychopaths and the sorts are guys who push the boundaries of power further away than do the average guys. They don’t respect the social “status-quo”. They get in other people’s business.

    Pretty easy to do when 95% of guys out there are walking pussies. But if you oppose your power to the Dark Triad, the pussy will swarm your direction. Better yet, guys will swarm your direction, and good guys too.

    Can’t we talk about game from a power point of view every now and then on this blog? Eventually that’s where we will have to go anyway.


    • Except that evil men have more male friends, too. Dudes don’t really like hanging out with nice guys either. There goes your imagined series of events.


      • Every gangster memoir I ever read mentioned the cast of male characters–famous and otherwise–who just loved to hang around them.


    • dumbest comment on ch this month. thats saying something too.


    • Beating the shit out of one of them won’t make the pussy swarm to you, beating someone just because he “got into your business” isn’t a sign of alphaness but of temper problems, which is all but attractive.

      Also, Dark Tetrad guys don’t have the same boundaries normal people have, which makes that action inherently dangerous, but if you’re stupid enough to think it will make the pussy flow, go and fight one.


      • I agree as a general proposition. But there is an exception that I’ve seen work. If the guy is acting like an ass, the entire place is tired of him, and he does something that most people think deserves a good smack, then you will reap the rewards of putting a beat down. In this case, the guy was acting like an ass and then he started picking on a girl. The guy put on a beat down and won himself a girlfriend that he had been failing to get all night.

        As for it being inherently dangerous, an alpha don’t care.


      • I’ve flipped through a few books on the subject but I could never find defined to my satisfaction, the inherent differences between the Dark Tetrad types who end up in jail or an early grave, and the kind who become Masters of the Universe.


  10. Female selection preference of genes that have the necessary qualities for perpetuation. Women’s nature in one sentence.


  11. on October 13, 2013 at 1:02 pm lagunabeachfogey

    Time and again we observe that chicks dig guys who are violent or appear to have the ready capacity for violence.


    • Well yeah, duh, it isn’t too hard to figure out! If she can get on his good side then his violent tendencies can help to protect her.


      • Yeah, that’s her hamster rationalization wheel in overdrive. Men who are violent by nature will turn that violence against her in time, no matter how sweetly the hamster whispers. But then she might like it anyway, much to her surprise.


  12. Off topic but it appears that the lefties are winning the game of “freeping” articles attacking Ted Cruz and the right on Obamacare.

    Of all places, has a so-called conservative blogger named Josh who is really as far left as you can get. He’s publishing a series of articles that childishly say that Ted Cruz is From Another Planet. But this is a major business website. They are supposed to be grown ups there but they are not on this one subject. The lefties are upvoting all the comments that agree with Josh but the ratio is only along the lines of 30 votes left vs 12 votes right.

    One visit to the blog by the readers of this one blog could blow away those numbers.

    Since this blog supports conservatism, it shouldn’t be too much trouble for the blogger to set up minor “freeps” which means send us to articles where the lefties have upclicked radical left wing comments.

    Unfortunately it would seem that CH would have to ask us to “freep” the comments which means upvote the stuff we agree with at the very least.

    It’s not too hard to do this. It wouldn’t be beta. The other side are getting paid to do upvote lefty nonsense but it’s easy to overrun them.


  13. Why is anyone surprised at women’s affinity for the depraved aspects of human nature? Women are as warped by sin as we men are. If you want a cool-headed and clear-eyed assessment of the wretched malevolence in all of our hearts, just crack open the nearest New Testament. Give John 3, Romans 1 and Romans 3 extra attention. No candy-coated feel-good warm fuzzy affirmation there, folks.

    Just keep in mind that an accurate understanding of how things are is not enough to tell you how things ought to be … nor will it even tell you that things will always be this way. Humanity can’t change itself, but humanity may be changed someday nonetheless.


    • Humanity can and is changing itself, through choices in how breeding happens. The biggest lie progressives tell themselves is that not consciously, explicitly choosing means not choosing.

      It’s like they’re hoping for sane defaults or something. Now, the dating market in England five hundred years ago was pretty conducive to cultivating a civilized people. That’s not what we have anymore.

      Why sadism?

      Sadism is an honest signal that indicates to everyone that you don’t expect to ever have to depend on the person you’re being cruel to. Of course chicks dig it.

      Ever wonder why niggers like to beat the people they rob? Ever been shocked by their sadistic brutality? Now you know why they do it.

      They evolved to.

      In their native habitat, niggers don’t form families the way the other races of Homo Sapiens do. Nigger does are economically self-sufficient, so they are looking for the sexist, highest-status buck to breed them. In their native habitat, niggers make social gestures like narcissism and cruelty because it helps them to breed all the nigger does in the vicinity.

      The worst thing about progressivism is, the same evolutionary logic that makes niggers beat blind men while a security camera watches, or shoot tourists who have already handed over their wallets, *will* also act on Whites.

      How long did it take for the English to become the kind of civic-minded people who would help anyone in the area, who preferred the good of their nation over the impulse towards nepotism and corruption?

      To be the kind of people who would ever try to pretend that everyone is the same, and should have the same basic rights, including people who are manifestly not them?

      How long will it take for the average American to become as cruel, narcissistic, and incapable of sustaining civilization, as the average nigger?


  14. There may be something to this. For example, not all psychopaths are compulsively violent; the traits are distinct. One would imagine that not all psychopaths are cruel, either. They are just indifferent to such should it be necessary.

    I’m going to have to investigate. Staffan might also be interested in this.


    • on October 13, 2013 at 1:57 pm Full-Fledged Fiasco

      “I’m going to have to investigate.”

      This guy…


    • If I think of movie villains, I can think of some sadistic ones that were sexy. Like Amon Goeth in Schindler’s list. He was sexy. And his major defining characteristic was sadism.

      But I find it hard to envision people I actually know as sadistic. I can easily say who is narcicisstic. That is a trait that you can see within minutes of knowing someone, psychopathic and machievellian take at least a year for me to notice. But sadism? I must know some sadistic people IRL, yet I seem not to know who they are.


      • You may be lucky enough not to know any, but that’s unlikely. What’s more likely is that you deeply want to believe that no one is a sadist. So you blind yourself to the evidence.

        I’ve seen it happen a lot. I once took a woman aside and told her that her boyfriend was controlling and sadistic. She didn’t take it well. She told me I didn’t know him, blah, blah, blah. Six months later, she left him because he was controlling and sadistic.


      • That has happened to me a dozen times.

        It was useless trying to help those women.

        Only with time would they eventually see the “light” or once the abuse went too far.

        But even then as we all know most women tend to go back to the abuser or seek a new abuser.

        It is in their nature, they can not fight it and are only half aware of it.


      • I’ve only done it twice. Then I stopped because they don’t want to hear it when they’re feeling the tingles. But they sometimes learn. That women asked my opinion of her latest boyfriend.


      • The whole point of this entry by CH is that women ( in general ) do not see it as sadism but as something they find attractive or sexy.

        Feministx you are a woman, thus you probably can not easily tell which ones are sadists.

        [CH: Not only is she a woman, but she’s a woman who frequents male-oriented blogs and dashes off comments by the basketful. This makes her, like most of the broads commenting here, highly unrepresentative of the typical woman.]


    • I always wondered about that. It doesn’t hold that sociopaths must be inherently cruel and hateful towards others. Just supremely indifferent and only interested in using others. Since some of them are so adept at pretending to be good when it suits them.


  15. In my experience, demanding that a woman give you anal sex—or any other sex that is distinctly and deliberately painful—is kryptonite to women: Once they take it painfully, they surrender completely.

    The old John Mellencamp tune is completely on the money: “Hurts So Good”.


    • I just heard today that Miles Davis, ,after a stroke,was instructed to take up drawing as therapy. He became an obsessive artist and his works were sometimes displayed publicly. One such showing was a two man affair:Miles’ work was shown alongside that of… Johnny Cougar Mellencamp. Weird aint it? But Cougar sent $10,000 to the colored boys in LA who beat up the white guy. He is an asshole.


  16. Isn’t it just a symptom of psychopathy?


  17. This is all good and fine but as I say: “Siempre ahi alguien mas chingon que uno”. Esto es precisamente por lo que siempre trato de no pasarme de vergas. Ya si es inevitable pues a matar o morir ni modo, si me chingan bien y si no mejor. Pero como dije mejor ahi que evitar los problemas.

    You may think your a tough guy but there is always someone tougher than you. This is precisely why I try to avoid conflicts. If it is unavoidable and it comes to kill or be killed, then whatever man I’ll do my best to survive. If the outcome is I die good and if not even better. But as I said it’s better to avoid problems.


    • Great wisdom amigo. I think what happens is people often conflate sadism with courage and good with weak. I believe that good combined with courage trumps sadism most of the time. As someone with low sadism but above average bravery I have been involved a number of brawls and near-brawls, and am currently running about .700. The key is having other allies who are good, but also narcissistic and courageous. Avoiding conflict if not necessary is obviously the best choice, but occasionally some sadistic fuck delivers it to you so the fight is unavoidable.

      On the other hand, as far as social settings I have experienced people who are otherwise balanced on the psychopathy/narcissism/Machiavellian aka charming but sadistic totally ruining parties, events, and other assorted gatherings. They did not get pussy that night and ruined a number of relationships and opportunities for pussy in the future. I have seen these same people keep their sadism under wraps and it was good for everybody involved and their beneficial traits shined.

      Just to avoid any confusion, yanking a girls hair, mild choking, bossing them around, slapping their ass and calling them a bitch and telling them to shut the fuck up during sex is NOT sadism because you aren’t really trying to hurt them, you’re just giving them a thrill that they actually enjoy.


  18. No. No, no, no. Gentleness, all the way. Aggression in any kind of man is a major turn-off for a long-term relationship. If you want to be a short-term fling or an emotional crutch or a mistake, go ahead and exploit this pattern, but don’t expect to get very far.

    Of course, some of you only want a quick bang if you can even get one. Treat women – and people in general – like this site suggests and prepare to be alone.


    • I totally agree! At least one guy — Gerald Rogers– obviously wasn’t gentle enough:

      “I was married for about 16 years to an amazing, remarkable woman. I think for most of our marriage, I was under the illusion that everything was perfect. I felt like I was a good husband…”


    • hehehehehe


    • “Treat women – and people in general – like this site suggests and prepare to be alone.”

      We found places like this cause we were tired of being alone treating them gently and nicely. So you make no sense to us


    • When guys get rough, both get off, not just the girl. She definitely loves it, and any red-blooded man expects to dominate. Everyone is happier when she is getting choked and pounded. Side note: women are both naturally wired as well as socially conditioned not to acknowledge this desire, but it is very real and irrepressible. Ties in with their submissive nature. Even feminists can’t deny it forever, and will eventually buy the experience (in the form of fiction or pornography) if they can’t get it from partners.

      The subject of rape fantasy has never arisen verbally with my wife, but this weekend it manifested itself physically in an excellent way. I was over at a buddy’s house with a couple of friends having drinks and cigars after work, having a great time. I don’t do that very often, but when I do I really enjoy myself and spend a long time with them. Well I was there for four hours or so, and we were having this great conversation (I’m trying to get these guys to take the red pill which both desperately need), but around 9 my wife starts phoning me every few minutes which I ignored. When I got home she is acting angry and saying how disrespected she feels. I responded far less than I would ordinarily have done, but I did do something that I knew would make her ‘act’ angry, in hopes that the results would be good. I made the moves on her. She was still acting very angry though, and I was tired so I just fell asleep, thinking I can clear this up in the morning.

      Sure enough, the next day she goes straight to the same subject and is yammering about how upset she is that I wouldn’t answer the phone. I said, “Let me cheer you up.” She tried very weakly to resist this, and then followed volcanic union, with her using all of the following words repeatedly: “Stop it! I don’t want this! No. Get off of me! You can’t do this I’m mad at you.” Now I always lightly grasp her throat when we bang, but with all of her positive physical response combined with the contrary verbals and denials, I couldn’t resist squeezing pretty hard. The proof of how much she loved it was that her “no no no” did not intensify at that point, she just sounded very calm and her body became totally relaxed.

      Bonus: she kept pretending to be mad afterwards, which was an unspoken extension of the mental rape that had occurred. We also banged on Sunday, and she has dropped the subject of Friday’s hangout with no apology necessary from me.

      One more thing: if you don’t like the idea of having to trick/seduce/beg your wife into complying physically, here’s a hint: take her, break her, and make her like it. (You won’t have to try very hard.)


      • That’s rape. Sorry, but that’s rape. There’s no two ways about it. She said no and you did it anyway, and that’s rape.

        I’m speechless. And crying a bit too.


    • Works for both flings and LTR, you’re rationalizing.


  19. I cannot think of a way to prove it, but I believe the biggest mistake evo-psyche people make is to over-estimate the importance of long term provisioning and protection by a “dad” in the mate choosing hind-brain wiring deep inside the female id. Very, very few few mammalian species have females that depend at all for either from the male of their choosing. They can choose solely on the basis of His fittness unto himself.
    If the human female sexual activation module was designed to be primarily tuned to find good providers and protectors the last traits revealed by males that would be allowed to resonate into gina tingles would be the dark ones like Sadism. Seriously, how would that work in real life? Sadists = Keeps his wife safe and well fed? Not “Has the strong qualities that would allow him to succeed as a Sadist” but the actual manifestation of cruelty for its own sake. There is quite a large difference between the 2 and I find it hard to believe that natural selection would not deal harshly with female IDs that could not tell the difference – unless female dependency on a stable Dad is such a recent fact that changes in their brains to accomodate its necessities are highly incomplete.


    • Obv you have never been a pregnant woman! Back in old times pregnant/nursing mothers would likely die without a provider


      • on October 13, 2013 at 4:11 pm gunslingergregi

        I don’t believe that


      • How is a woman supposed to hunt down game with morning sickness, with a huge pregnant belly, or when she has a tiny nursing newborn to look after? lol


      • on October 13, 2013 at 4:26 pm gunslingergregi

        I’ve seen it done


      • Women didn’t hunt much, they gathered, duh. Why would you make such enormous statements about the entire human race if you know so little?


      • on October 13, 2013 at 11:55 pm Eliezer Ben-Yehuda

        no hominid culture ever survived by gathering without hunting. Hominids can’t digest cellulose.

        you are not describing any known hominid culture. You are describing herds of herbivorous four-legged animals. Like ones who chew their cud.

        Biology is destiny.


  20. I prefer inflicting the pain upon myself either through weightlifting heavy sets, the punching bag, fasting, or testing my limits…it is quite fun.

    Who cares if it does or does not generate tingles in a woman, she responsible for those…what I do generates tingles in me.


  21. Daily reminder that you should be choking your woman during sex.
    There are two ways to do this: First, put your hand on her neck, and with thumb on one side and fingers on the other, squeeze, slowing the flow of blood to her head. All women like this.
    Second, you can actually push down on her throat and actually choke her, preventing her from breathing. Only the most masochistic bitches enjoy this.
    If you’re nervous about doing either, just put your hand on her throat during sex, and there’s a good chance she’ll give you the go-ahead to choke her.
    This is by far my favorite position: her on her back, me on top, with my hand on her throat, and her hands holding onto my arm, as if she’s trying to resist.
    Extra points if I can get her to say ‘no’ or ‘stop.’ My current girl doesn’t like to say ‘no’, which is pretty much my only problem with her performance.

    I’m a certifiable class-2 sexual sadist. It’s about time Heartiste got with it and wrote about the female preference for, not just assholes, but sadistic assholes. Last week I spanked ma blonde with a belt because she was acting crazy, and It led to a crazy cock-worshiping good time. Though I wouldn’t recommend such behavior (’cause it can land you in jail) it worked out really well for me.

    Also worth mentioning that not only are woman attracted to sadism, but women’s sexuality is fundamentally masochistic. Think about it: the whole sexual act, for a female, involves getting repeatedly stabbed (with cock) in their most private area.


    • Real talk… thanks for the update. We have “Proud Sadist” telling us all like it is in the beta male supplicating cunt world of BSDM how it all looks. You NEVER choke anyone or squeeze anywhere until you’ve established a “safe word” which is betaspeak for “you are scaring me”.

      I seriously cannot add anything more than you said above about the “Two Methods” of how to sadistically fuck a woman into obedience / unconsciousness. I use to bang the BADDEST Paris Hilton knockoff. 6 foot 130lb. whore and she required pain during sex. It was a thing of beauty… to be honest. Anal sex with me pushing her head down by the neck, your 2nd method.

      VERY few men here, know about this or ever will. It is like when CH attempts to describe how truly Alpha Males live. The rest simply don’t understand the cascade of available pussy that is available.


      • on October 13, 2013 at 10:52 pm gunslingergregi

        fuck choking a bitch during sex that’s passé killing a bitch now that’s whats up
        just stabbing the shit out of her and she fuckin loving every second of it asking for more
        but really just be a little carefull how far down the rabiit hole ya go
        put limits on yourself cause a chick will do anything


    • You are over-looking the availability of labor-saving devices like high strength nylon cable-ties. Or duct-tape (widely and cheaply available since the 1950s). I mean, unless you want to get yourself hurt.


    • Yes, this is very true. I love it when my husband spanks me, puts one hand on my throat when we’re making love, or pins both wrists over my head. I think he first started doing it just because he noticed it made me go crazy, but now it really turns him on too. Being more dominant in bed is a good way to flip the power dynamic in marriage. It automatically shifts the wife’s perspective from “I have the sexual power and he must beg from me” to “he has the sexual power and I must please him.”


    • Your over-the-top comment aside, you’re experience matches me. I’ve found that putting your hand on a woman’s throat and gently squeezing while you kiss her passionately is the fasted way to ratchet up a woman’s desire.



    Beta of the century here. Notice his grimace as he slowly realizes his huge mistake.


    • on October 13, 2013 at 4:33 pm gunslingergregi

      omfg lol
      that was a good one


      • on October 13, 2013 at 4:35 pm gunslingergregi

        he started reaching for cell phone might of set the correct precedent if he took it and threw it across road
        course warpig so already fucking up


      • Seriously. That was his LAST chance to gain hand in his marriage. Take the phone right out of her hand and put it in his pocket, with a faint head shake and grimace of disdain, then tell her right off behind the scenes. But he’s a beta marrying a fat whore who lacks the basic decency to even pay attention during her wedding; he’s lost already.


    • Agreed. Also, he has a pink tie and she’s fat.


  23. The fact that pregnant HUMAN females need a provider and protector is true. At least until the appearance of the Welfare State. But if one accepts that human females evolved from an endless parade of fore-sisters who did not and if one accepts that neuro-evolution happens mainly by the addition of fore-brain controls onto more primitive hind brain reflexes the picture of the female hind brain craving something quite different than what the “logical” fore-brain thinks it should comes into clear focus.


  24. Assuming that is a limit to sadism being effective for game, the traditional Dark Triad would have an advantage over a true sadist or a Dark Tetrad. The sadist is motivated to keep causing pain and will want to keep increasing the cruelty past that limit. The Dark Triad traits of Machiavellianism and psychopathy allow one to act sadistically as long as it is having a positive effect and then stop just as easily when it isn’t helping. Sadism is just one more tool one can use for manipulation.

    But like I said, the above is assuming that is a limit to sadism being effective for game. I’ve never found one.


  25. I find it weird that so many people here think they know all about sadists but don’t seem to have a clue about BDSM or the kink community, even with our higher profile after 50 Shades got famous.

    The services of a sadist who knows how to inflict pain and humiliation safely and skillfully are always in high demand among all genders and orientations. There are huge numbers of women with masochistic fantasies (although it’s definitely not all – this is an actual case of Not All Women Are Like That) and giving off a sadistic vibe will capture their interest easily.

    Also, sadist and psychopath are definitely not synonymous. A sadist is just someone who enjoys inflicting pain; psychopathy is a psychological disorder characterized by several different specific qualities (none of which are ‘enjoys inflicting pain’).


  26. I’d throw out almost all of this ‘be an asshole cad’ stuff and reduce down to two variables — X: how many people (in whatever social setting) react to your actions, and Y: the extent of their reaction.

    X*Y = amperes/meter of your pussy magnet.

    That’s the scrayquation.


    • The units are how I can tell that you’ve completed your undergrad in pussyology, now on to the PhD. *devilish grin*


  27. I’m in agreement with -some- of the thoughts above vis-a-vis sadist vs. psychopath. But even using the word psychopath to talk about the post is a misnomer. Sociopath is more appropriate. Either way you slice it true sadist or true sociopath this is something that must be walked on a razor thin edge for all the reasons stated above.

    Women like men that other men fear, this is not news or rocket science. However, as the delicate little easily breakable snowflakes they are, their own well being possibly in jeopardy will send them running for the hills.

    But some of the replies are just delusional like the one about successful men not having any amount of this in them or this gem: Aggression in any kind of man is a major turn-off for a long-term relationship.

    Says some chick who wants the guy to bend to her every need and emotional cue whilst secretly longing for someone who still has his testicles at least, laying around in a jar somewhere perhaps. Get real…

    Most highly driven successful men display some sociopathic tendency because being a captain of industry requires nothing less. Morality has always been a slippery slope in the business world. Fuck too many people over, and yes you move into the “outcast” territory described above by multiple commenters. But, skillfully applied sociopathic tendency is how to build empire. The simplest definition of the sociopath is a person who simply has no emotion whereas a “normal” person would respond appropriately to a given situation. This also makes them highly less risk aversive than your average person. Again, absolute requirement for empire building.

    If I need to layoff the entire accounting department. I know that 50 people are out of work, their families will have no income. Can I be up nights about this? No. You do it and sleep like a baby that night.

    The same can be said for sadism. The guy talking about BDSM. That is NOT sadism. That is a bunch of beta assholes dressing up and playing pretend. In TRUE sadism there is no fucking “safe word”. You do what you do because you want to. You can like it, or like it a lot. Decide.

    But once again, just shadows of this is important. Running around strangling baby kittens never got anyone any additional ass that I’m aware of. But, if you were to say, end up getting in a scrap and decided to “go that extra mile” on a guy that is already down. If this is witnessed by your woman it tells her that she needn’t ever have fear of her physically safety from outside when you are around, but… would he ever display such unbridled rage on me? I wonder…

    And lastly– I don’t know if there is really sadist / sociopath “game” per se. My experience is most dudes are just built out that way or they are not. If you are, then you already know that just like anything else you don’t tilt those cards up front and definitely not all at once. You drip it out to the point where she is not on edge all the time, but certainly knows that the result of a “text message breakup” with you is not anything she’d like to gamble on. Because she remembers what happened to that one guy…


    • Aren’t you the sicko that gets off on aborting babies?


    • “guy talking about BDSM. That is NOT sadism. That is a bunch of beta assholes dressing up and playing pretend. In TRUE sadism there is no fucking “safe word”. You do what you do because you want to. You can like it, or like it a lot. Decide.”

      It’s very tantalizing without the safe word, and as close as possible to the real thing. BUT, women should only do this with men they trust. Trust him with your life, that is, so that you could give him implicit consensual non-consent, where he does what he wants to you according to his judgment and according to what he knows you can handle. Women who like this type of control shouldn’t trust just any man. The first thing a woman needs in order to enjoy this safely and satisfyingly is a dominate husband. Women can’t trust most fly-by-night BFs on such a deep level. Any woman who puts her life in the hand of any man, like a 1-night stand, a FWB, or a fly-by-night BF is a thrill-seeking slut who isn’t too selective. Between husband and wife though, this could be great fuel to their sex life, and can keep their relationship sizzling for decades if the woman can gives her hubby complete control over her.

      Women definitely love a bit of danger and sadism in their men. However, a woman also has to feel that while he might hurt her physically a little (but not enough to cause injury), he loves her and will protect her from other men. LOL. That’s the female psyche.


      “Women like men that other men fear, this is not news or rocket science. However, as the delicate little easily breakable snowflakes they are, their own well being possibly in jeopardy will send them running for the hills.”

      Haha! You’ll definitely have me running for the hills.

      I’m curious. When you choke girls you sleep with, do you do it within an inch of their lives? Do they ever pass out? How do you know when to stop?

      Aren’t you afraid of making a mistake? What if you don’t know when to stop and end up killing a woman, aren’t you worried about that, or does the danger thrill you as it does her?

      “you already know that just like anything else you don’t tilt those cards up front and definitely not all at once. You drip it out to the point where she is not on edge all the time, but certainly knows that the result of a “text message breakup” with you is not anything she’d like to gamble on. Because she remembers what happened to that one guy…”

      So you’ll hit her if she breaks up with you over texting? Cuz with a guy like you, I think it’s the best way to break up lol.


      • Sorry just saw this. Briefly– Not within an inch of their lives not even close. They never pass out from just the choke but more in a “sensory overload” sort of way and they really aren’t out just seriously out of it and unable to function never truly unconscious. Also, just as you said about trusting the man, I feel women out about this. Some as I described really require a legit amount of pain, for others it is simply the idea of danger that does it so the rough sex is the “lite” model. I’ve only ever twice had girls that truly let me just completely take control with no limits but they were very mentally fucked in other ways too so it wasn’t a huge surprise.

        I didn’t say I would hit her. I’ve never struck a woman. The implication is that her level of anxiety about what you MIGHT do will curb such behaviors.


  28. If you want to have some fun; mess with women’s hamster and see how far you can push it; create a fake online dating profile along with fake photos of some male model, pass yourself off as having a well paying, “glamorous” job and see how far and fast you can get the hamster to spin.


    • why do that when you can actually go out and meet women and bang them? This kind of thing isn’t game…it’s being a loser who just gets thrills from playing tricks and deceiving women. That isn’t the true nature of game or the spirit of this post.


  29. on October 13, 2013 at 6:17 pm gunslingergregi

    nigs won
    like 5000 nigs who don’t care vs 3 white dudes
    give em credit where its due
    although I would have the power to make her not be on street so there is that I suppose husband don’t


    • on October 13, 2013 at 6:21 pm gunslingergregi

      fuck Iraq and Syria we need to wage war here at home


      • on October 13, 2013 at 6:27 pm gunslingergregi

        I was willing to give my life for this country in iraq i’m real close to being willing to go out hard in this motherfuker someone got to fucking represent
        prob is we got shit to lose they don’t but why the fuck was I willing to die in Iraq
        time to go back to old me I guess toss on the blue and red


      • Good luck with that.
        The Elite will continue to invent new wars for the young “patriots” to go and fight. On the bright side, you will help the good olde US of A secure enough oil to keep things rolling along a little longer and help secure what is good for the future of Israel.


      • on October 13, 2013 at 8:47 pm gunslingergregi

        did it 5 years then I come back to this nig infested shithole


      • on October 13, 2013 at 9:02 pm gunslingergregi

        maybe im just jealous too pussy to deal drugs and kill people and shit and beat the fuck out of ho’s


      • Maybe, just maybe if you weren’t living in a Cryptofascist Kleptocracy, where the top 1% have some 20% of the wealth and the top 10% have 50% of the wealth; those said “nigs” and might have the opportunity for a decent job and thus some viable incentive to make better of themselves.

        Things would certainly not be perfect, but they sure as hell could be better.

        Ohhh but you expect said “nigs” to work 2 – 3 jobs at minimum wage and do the right thing to progress and do better?

        The “nigs” are just the visible scapegoat for a far bigger set of problems that are not going to go away any time soon.


      • on October 13, 2013 at 11:02 pm gunslingergregi

        its because we wealthy otherwise they would be too busy looking for food


      • on October 13, 2013 at 11:03 pm gunslingergregi

        still bunch of food in my freezer from the exchick


      • on October 13, 2013 at 11:12 pm gunslingergregi

        I guess it ain’t that bad everyone know I got loot and ain’t been robbed at gunpoint yet although now that I said it
        been at door a few times with knife in my hand though
        and hey I guess I can pay to have people beat down now by the crew
        so that’s kind of exciting


      • on October 13, 2013 at 11:21 pm gunslingergregi

        I guess really much more of a normal life when I lived with the black chick


      • My black chick was criminally insane. A Medical Doctor. A serious weight-lifter. Now lives in the Castro and calls me after 3 am, from time to time.


      • I’m certain you are right. There is no precedent ( for handing negroids a turnkey modern civilization and watching them revert it back towards subsistence living and decay. None! (


      • Ohhh but you expect said “nigs” to work 2 – 3 jobs at minimum wage and do the right thing to progress and do better?

        Oh yeah, poor, hardworking black folks slaving away at two, three jobs is by the most common stereotype of niggers, lol.


      • MrC, please explain to us how the successful 1% ( and we know by that you mean white people ) is keeping blacks from having success of their own.

        Please tell us how affirmative action is keeping the black man down

        Please tell us who forces black men to wear their pants on the ground and look like the last person you would hire to work for you

        Please tell us who forces black men in places such as Chicago to murder each other by the dozen every weekend

        and I could go on all day

        Please explain this to us

        I would love to hear your explanation

        nah…one more just for fun,

        Please tell us who forces blacks to pronounce the word “asked” ; “axed” and sound so retarded.


  30. “Every woman adores a Fascist,
    The boot in the face, the brute
    Brute heart of a brute like you.”

    – Sylvia Plath


    • Liberal chicks especially go nuts for the neo-confederate thing. I think it’s a matter of breaking taboo and letting it be known that I’m not afraid of yahoodies and groids. Everyone knows, consciously or not, that yahoodies and groids are at the top tiers of our culture (ykw, financially; ‘groes, culturally) and it takes balls to take them on.


  31. Dunno ’bout actual sadism, but I have noticed that women do seem to be allergic to guys who are good with kids and animals, which is, naturally, the exact opposite of what they always claim.


    • on October 14, 2013 at 5:33 am The Burninator

      Animals? The best dog trainers (and horse trainers/handlers) have real “alpha” down pat. In fact, people who know the ins and outs of training dogs and making even the most snarling dangerous killer into a submissive belly showing pup are using pretty much every aspect of Game as used on women, with exactly the same results. There are still (gasp!) hunters who use dogs or use dogs for utility work (farmers for example). What has this to do then with making men into betas (“allergic to guys who”)

      If you meant cats and such, then yeah.


  32. on October 13, 2013 at 7:36 pm captain shadow

    So true. I ash in girl’s hair when i’m getting a blowie if I feel like it. This one girl I held in particular disregard so fuck it. I just stubbed my roach out on her arm. Instead of complaining she just moaned and sword swallowed. I had to try this out more as she could have been an anomaly. EVERY girl I this to, even the big ego fem hoes never complain they just gag harder. They love a sadist.


  33. Good post. This is why not reacting to a woman’s hysterics is seen as “cruel”.

    It becomes clear to me that posts like this re-affirm the counter-intuitive nature of male/female sexual relationships.

    In a work situation you should give a 360 review and constant feedback. This helps employees grow and advance their careers.

    Doing that with a girl: “I don’t like when you do xxxx can you please try to avoid that”–only makes her want to do xxxx even more.

    They file that shit away to get under your skin.

    So while deliberate cruelty is socially unacceptable, the idea that a guy covertly punishes a girl with a soft-next, or flirting with other girls, or canceling dates or whatever suddenly triggers a woman’s attraction.

    I need to read and re-read this idea to re-enforce that a logical argument will only backfire on a girl you’re having problems with.


    • ya…logic is the last refuge of the weak. Women want power. Logic is weakness.


    • on October 14, 2013 at 12:12 pm Hugh G. Rection

      In a work situation you should give a 360 review and constant feedback. This helps employees grow and advance their careers.

      To me that sounds like just another brand of bullshit.


  34. I gotta say that if this is true, humanity is fucked big time.

    It’s really sad that the worst traits in humanity for civilization are selected for by a bunch of dimwitted girls who don’t have the self control to stay away from fire.


  35. Neanderthal genes= World Championship Hovercraft racing. Towcester, Stockholm. Berlin, Lac Tolerme, Weston Manor. It is all on utube and its all absolutely true.


  36. […] There’s a growing consensus in the social sciences that women swoon uncontrollably for men who possess the suite of psychological traits known colloquially as the Dark Triad.  […]


  37. What calling higher than being a soulshiv to a haughty female?


  38. Um, CH, some of your commenters these days, dude, seriously. Can’t something be done?


    • That’s the joy of open-communication platforms. There are some posters I always read: PA, Ya Really, Immoralgables and others that offer no insights I just scroll over. Personally I like when guys post asking for help and display some real insights into where they may have fucked up.


      • The problem is that when so much utter junk clogs the threads not only is it depressing in its own right, scrolling past posts quickly becomes a habit and I’m sure I’m missing out on some of the good stuff as a result. Still, I prefer a free-for-all like this over some leftard site moderated along pee-cee “anti-racist” (aka anti-reality) principles.


    • on October 14, 2013 at 6:48 am gunslingergregi

      what you haten that people sharing their stories now like not so much before I like readin em
      good to see some success


  39. on October 14, 2013 at 8:09 am RappaccinisDaughter

    OK, you hit on this topic in the “women dig serial killers” post, and again in this one.

    Cool Story, Bro! time.

    When I was in college, I crossed paths with a man who later turned out to be an actual, no-shit, serial killer.

    Yes, it is very likely you’ve heard of him. No, I’m not going to tell you who he was. Doing so might actually give you some clues as to who I am.

    I had a car, but I wasn’t allowed to keep it on campus as a freshman. So I paid to garage it off-campus in kind of a shitty neighborhood. When I wanted the car, I’d take a bus out to get it.

    With public transportation, you tend to get a cast of “regulars” on certain routes at certain times. Almost always, there was this one guy who would be on the bus when I needed it. And almost every time, he’d try to find a way to sit near me. He rarely spoke. He would just…watch me. He wouldn’t stare directly at me; he’d just quietly observe me with his peripheral vision.

    I was 18. I’d grown up in a fairly sheltered, middle-class home. I didn’t have a lot of life experience. What I did have, though, was an awful, crawly feeling like there were maggots trying to worm their way beneath my skin. He hadn’t done or said anything specific to set me off; I just had this overwhelming, suffocating feeling of being in the presence of evil.

    It didn’t turn me on. It didn’t give me *tiiiingles.*

    [CH: And yet you remember him while the wisps of memories of a thousand beta males remain lost to time.]

    I wasn’t intrigued by him. I didn’t know exactly why, but I was physically nauseated. I would do anything to get away from him, including standing up and walking away while the bus was in motion. Although I was technically not allowed to have a weapon of any kind, I bought a lead-filled sap (illegal as shit at the time) and carried it with me every time I had to get on that bus…and it was him I was thinking about when my hand would wrap around it in my pocket.

    He was caught a few years later, after I’d graduated and moved away. I saw the pictures of his victims. He had a type. My type. They could have been my sisters.

    [cool story, brea.

    ps anecdote is not a trend.]


    • on October 14, 2013 at 10:40 am RappaccinisDaughter

      It’s true that the plural of “anecdote” is not “data.” But I think you’re waaayyy overstating the “women dig bad boys” meme. There’s a big difference between thinking that MMA fighter with his cauliflower ears and scarred knuckles is sexy, and being attracted to actual evil.

      Have you ever been in the presence of evil? Real evil? It’s not hot. It’s nauseating.

      And of course I remember him. You would, too. In fact, like I said, you probably do.


    • on October 14, 2013 at 10:42 am gunslingergregi

      nice story but how the hell did you know it was him on the news or whatever after you graduated and moved away there something you are not telling us like you aborted his baby or something?
      he he he
      guess might partly explain all the guy friends


  40. It mirrors their dark, childish, shoal, sheol natures. Their ultimate “comfort.”


  41. Oscar Wilde knew what was up “I am afraid that woman appreciate cruelty, downright cruelty, more than anything else. They have wonderfully primitive instincts. We have emancipated them, but they remain slaves looking for their masters, all the same. They love being dominated.”


    • on October 14, 2013 at 12:11 pm The Burninator

      Not surprising, given that he was practically a woman himself, that he’d have proper insights on the gender who shared his sexual preferences.


      • Out of curiousity, how does this correspond with your comment in the previous thread:

        “Why fictional? The sexless husband is so prevalent in Western society that it’s a known joke these days. See a guy in khaki shorts and a three button polo shirt, sitting dutifully at his daughter’s soccer game with a smug looking wife and you can basically know that he’s sexless or nearly so.”

        If women are really slaves seeking masters, why is it that when you give them the ability to seek whatever they want, they find beta husbands that they deprive of sex?

        Why is it that we observe a decline of testosterone in men when we allow women to choose freely?

        If women were really all seeking masters deep down in their hearts, would we not observe stronger men in a post feminist society?


      • on October 14, 2013 at 2:05 pm The Burninator

        There’s nothing to correspond. Women still choose the abusive alpha cads (read abuse however you wish) for mating. However, the Pill and abortion removes hordes of alpha spawn from running around, the Welfare state covers the financial support of being an Alpha Widow, leaving Ms. Poppenfresh the ability to choose guys who make bucks without having to worry about sexually compensating them. If the beta protests, she has the State to use to rape him and then she can further fall back on the State to get “assistance” in anything else she needs. Meanwhile, odds are she still longs for the abusive jerk and may even be actively seeking him while denying her sheep faux male sexual liasons.

        Declines in testosterone are directly attributable to the decline overall of general physical fitness. Go to the gym daily and your testosterone blasts up to the same level as Grandpa’s was when he was out storming Normandy. Surely there’s no question that we’ve become a sedentary society.

        Also of interest is the effect of the Pill in determining what kind of men women seek. On the Pill regularly and you look more for the doey eyed schlub. Make yourself fertile and the alpha leader suddenly gets your shorts in a bunch. Plenty of articles on that in the manosphere.

        In fact, how are my comments not congruent with the standard wisdom in any way? Or haven’t you investigated the other arguments/articles closely in regards to your question?


      • “If women were really all seeking masters deep down in their hearts, would we not observe stronger men in a post feminist society?”

        I think the more feminine a woman is, the more she wants a master. Feminists/lesbians/highly liberal women’s minds are conditioned to react to different sexual cues, than in generations past – maybe because of hormonal tampering influenced by the pill, or feminist blabber causing women to look for egalitarian men.

        Furthermore, hotter girls who are usually used to getting lots of male attention, have better discernment skills and tend to prefer sexier men.


      • Women often say and do the opposite of what they want…and they often do not even know what they want.

        Arlequin romance novels were once the most sold books on the planet – yes on the planet – and in each and everyone the story was the same; a woman was extremely attracted to an alpha male but kept behaving as if she did not want anything to do with him …until the man would eventually grab her and kiss her ” by force” ( border line rape ) and that was what the woman had wanted all along even though for months she had behaved as if she wanted him to go away

        yes those are “only” romance novels but women love those books because they can relate. They feel and think exactly as the heroine does in the book.

        women are confused creatures who push away men they want, who marry beta men they hate, who say no when they mean yes, who go back again and again to men who abuse them, etc, etc…


  42. Dude who passed out drunk and woke up being straddled is now a public advocate for so-called “male victims of female rape” which he says is an invisible epidemic.


  43. Not sure what to make, either, of CNN’s sequencing of clips and headlines for their interview with Elizabeth Smart. But the sequence is definitely meaningful, if not intentionally sallacious. Part one is called, “Elizabeth Smart: Days consisted of rape”. Part two is called? “Smart: I couldn’t be happier now”. You have to LOL!

    By the way Elizabeth doesn’t look upset or traumatized during these interviews. She seems to be reveling in the attention, for what it’s worth. Also: at the 3 min mark in the first video, Elizabeth specifically says, “If you’re going to rape me, please do it here.” That of course is in retrospect many years later, but a damn strange response to an intruder in your bedroom.


  44. Great news for russia today!


  45. To sum this post up:

    “Because (allegedly) women like sadists, I should become a sadist (in order to get pussy)”

    Interesting how you posture about morals and standards when you clearly have none.

    [CH: Must’ve missed the part of the post that was proscriptive.]


    • You can just as easily ape the behaviors of a sadist. I find when I talk about work with girls I’m seeing, their eyes light up the most if I cast a story as one where I am humiliating and otherwise defeating a foe. So, a typical day where maybe I have some minor day-to-day victory in a non-adversarial context turns into “haha yeah, killed it on that XYZ today I told you about. Thought the other guy was gonna burst into tears; poor fuck.” Every single girl has seemed tickled by the cruelty.


    • The reformulation of the red pill from the female perspective, if a man cannot be a MAN it should not bother wasting his and the females’ he interacts with time. That includes to choke a bitch when the need arrives.

      A display of manly disregard for infliction of pain in pursuit of goal is a good reassurance of fitness for tougher times. For Hamster, already preconditioned to tolerate pain, a small amount of temporary pain is a small price to pay for that reassurance.


  46. At least, I’m glad that the majority of men today have more constructive traits and skills so that we can live with modern medicine and the Internet…


  47. Since we’re discussing BDSM (more or less):

    There seems to be something of a dichotomy where the publicly available groups are mostly omegas (I swear, I have never seen such fat people in my life). There’s a big overlap with the computer community. I suspect this is a matter of ‘fat chicks suck dick because they have to’, only even more extreme–you’ve got to be pretty desperate to let yourself get tied up and whipped. And, given the size of some of those porkers, I can see them being that desperate. The whole thing was surreal.

    Apparently there are less well-known groups where the pretty (or at least less ugly) people hang out and tie each other up…someone told me about one, and having looked at the pictures they posted on a networking site, it seems to be the case. Having never actually gained access, I can’t tell you if they’re betas, alphas, or nonexistent.

    While I suppose alphas can beat girls up and get away with it, jail time strikes me as a bad risk.


  48. Women are natural masochists. They love being in pain; they have to. Childbirth, losing virginity, etc. aren’t exactly pleasant, but they enjoy that pain. It only makes sense that they would dig men who inflict some lovely, oxytocin producing pain upon them.


    • Even though I have dated many women along the years ( I’m 54) I still am always shocked ( but not all that surprised anymore) by how much difference there is between the image women project on the first 2 or 3 dates and what they really are once the mask falls.

      At first they behave like little virgins who are delicate and fragile and almost pure little flowers, as if the slightest allusion to sex offends them… and then after a couple of weeks of sex, they ask to be rough handled in ways that would make whores blush.

      When I was a young man I was so naive I was sure masochistic women were an extremely rare thing, they are not.

      Most women are masochistic. ( to various degrees )

      Most women want to be tied up and sexually abused.

      Don’t take my word for it, just consider the fact close to 100 million copies of ” Fifty shades of Grey” have been bought by women.


    • on October 15, 2013 at 12:27 pm gunslingergregi

      they also like comfort though