False Equivalence Of Desire

There is a muddying-the-water tactic that feminists and their sympathizers employ whenever the subject of chicks digging jerks comes up. They like to ask, under false pretenses, why men prefer hot bitches instead of hot non-bitches.

Unfortunately for them, the equivalence isn’t true, except in the minds of the most gullible. This feminist meme is simply an attempt to divert uncomfortable attention from the female predilection for assholes by asserting an imaginary equivalence with a supposed urge by men to date only hot slutty bitches.* The truth is that most men like hot, loving, devoted women. Very few men, betas or alphas, prefer the long term companionship of disloyal, bitchy sluts.

Men, whose eros is largely motivated by a woman’s looks, will of course occasionally dump a raunchy fuck in some hot, slutty bitch. But when a woman is under consideration as girlfriend or wife material, her bitchiness or sweetness plays an important role in how much commitment a man is willing to give her. The bitchier she is, the less likely a man will want more from her than a few nights of feral passion.

And of the men who do find themselves hitched to bitches, we often find an assortment of option-less betas who put up with the bitchiness for the pussy, but who would, given confidence in their ability to seduce women, leave the bitches for equally hot but temperamentally sweet women.

This is in stark contrast to women, who, in numbers far exceeding the meager few high value men who actively pursue bitches for LTRs, fall head over heels IN LOVE with assholes, stick with them for years after their assholery has become apparent, and who even bear the assholes’ children, risking the stigma of single momhood in the process. Furthermore, and unlike the beta males stuck with bitches, it is often the HOTTEST GIRLS with OPTIONS who willingly choose to be with assholes and suffer their putative torments.

No, the desire for jerks is, and has always been, mostly a female phenomenon. Stereotypes don’t materialize out of thin air; there is a basis in reality for them. And the stereotype of chicks digging jerks is as widely-held and historical as any other noted difference between the sexes. Perhaps moreso now, thanks to the tireless (and fun) efforts of this blog’s crusade to illuminate the truth.

*Hey, but at least feminists have tacitly admitted that chicks do indeed dig jerks.


  1. First!


  2. when i was a teenager, i was quite inexperienced with women. i came to the conclusion that “chicks like assholes” so i adopted alot of asshole tendencies.

    problem was that i wasn’t an asshole to begin with, and i was adopting into my interactions with ALL people. i basically hated what i was doing and how i was acting.

    with this blog, i know have a better understand of why they dig assholes, and no longer am i a misogynist, but i actually like women all the more for their handicap.


    • I also had this same problem when I first starting reading PUA material and eventually settled for blog/podcasts similar to this one. Almost cost me my career being an asshole to everyone and mistaking it for being a “stud”, “alpha”, etc. Luckily, I stumbled upon a roommate situation where basically everyone was good with women and yet did it with calm/confident tempers. Studying and hanging out with the real deal changed me for the better.


      • on July 27, 2011 at 6:54 pm Obstinance Works

        You were trying to be a copy cat and not for real. No wonder you failed.


      • @Obstinance, I wouldn’t call it being a copycat/fake. It’s with like learning anything, you’re taught it and then you go apply it yourself. You go overboard at first, make your mistakes, learn from them, and tweak/practice your technique until you find what naturally works for you.


  3. hot non-bitches?


  4. on July 27, 2011 at 4:30 pm Rollo Tomassi

    Every man loves a slut, he just wants her to be HIS slut.


    • every woman is a slut on the inside, it just takes the right man to bring it out.


      • on July 27, 2011 at 7:00 pm Obstinance Works

        I love sluts.


      • I would also like to mention that every man really does like a bitch, so long as she does it with class and is not a bitch to him. It really makes all the difference. Take a woman to a cocktail party and see how the best ones are subtle yet piercing. It is just a part of female competition.


      • No such thing as a bitch with class. Let’s not conflate assertiveness and subtle confidence (desirable qualities in a woman) with ‘bitchiness’ (undesirable quality in a woman). Unless a woman is competing with another woman for MY attention, cattiness or bitchiness of any kind is immediately off-putting.


      • Naahh Some women really do have low libidos.


      • Yes, but even the low libido girls who can’t be converted into medium or high libido girls will retain the urge to be a bad boys toy.


      • Truth right here. What does it take to fuck a girl? Bring her back to your pad alone. That’s pretty much all it takes. Her monkey brain basically consents to anything once that happens.


  5. on July 27, 2011 at 4:31 pm Ari Hinkelberger

    This chicks dig assholes series is depressing me. Can we get back to columns on game and how i can get better at scoring some class A pussy?

    Was rereading the Mystery Method over the weekend and you are exactly right, that book is the bread and butter of pickup. Ironic how all these PUA douchebags have moved away from the Gospel.

    Let’s get back to talking about building comfort, approaching, negging and trying to get their panties off.



    • on July 27, 2011 at 8:05 pm The Shocker

      Ari- one of the common criticisms with the Mystery Method is that it takes an adversarial approach to game- like two lawyers in a courtroom. You’re trying to come up with rebuttals based on what she says and what she does. It’s good for beginners since they can detach their identity from their performance (and suffer no ego consequences when they fail), but it’s really not that great of an approach to social interaction overall. Rock solid inner game always wins because you aren’t making assumptions about your target, you’re more agile and dynamic since it’s authentic, and ultimately is the image you’re trying to impress through Mystery’s scripts anyways. Women can tell the difference.

      Roissy is popular with inner-game types because he looks at the rules of attraction from a very high level. We’re not really looking for techniques here because we don’t need them- just a deeper understanding of the laws and strategies at play. It’s the difference between practicing chess openings from a book versus reading about game theory. Yale vs ITT Tech.


      • on July 28, 2011 at 3:38 am Original JB

        Actually, one of Mystery’s partners, Lovedrop, goes into that in serious depth in their materials – much of his instruction is about how to communicate high value to avoid getting blown out.


      • on July 28, 2011 at 10:42 am Reactionary_Konkvistador

        Mystery method is still a must read classic. Also his exposure of replication vs. survival value gives a good grounding for later accepting the reality of the rationalization hamster.

        Also his breakdown of the phases (attraction, comfort, seduction) is spot on. Yes many people need that spelled out!


  6. on July 27, 2011 at 4:37 pm respectful dissident

    Hm, I am not totally sure I agree with this post…no, I don’t think any guy likes being with an emasculating shrew…but it depends on how you define bitch right? A lot of the behavior you describe on this blog, testing men, using men etc…that can be pretty bitchy in practice. Maybe the utmost “alpha” men out there won’t put up with that…but realistically most guys are somewhere on the spectrum. I’ve seen a few of my girlfriends successfully use this behavior on guys who had other options. I think a girl with good “game” can get away with doing some bitchy things, as long as she makes the guy feel like he is chasing her…just my two cents


    • if the bitchy girl is a really good lay, then even a man with other options might put up with her bitchiness.


    • on July 27, 2011 at 4:57 pm Woman from Finland

      To shit test is in every woman’s nature, it’s not bitchiness. I know I still do it alot, although I’ve been trying to cut it down, ’cause it shouldn’t be necessary. But what can I do — to shit test it’s a natural way to respond in many situations. And I’m lucky enough to have a man, who knows just how to answer my shit tests 🙂

      To the topic: I think hotness leads to bitchiness in many cases. That’s why it seems to women, that men prefer biches, when they actually prefer the hotties.


    • This may be true, but the difference is that girls are actually ATTRACTED to the asshole qualities of men, while men PUT UP WITH the bitchy qualities of women. No man is going to complain about his girlfriend being “too nice.” But a girl who becomes enveloped by her man’s niceguy aura will soon tire of him and resort to either take full hand in the relationship, or cheating on/leaving him.


    • on July 27, 2011 at 8:17 pm The Shockah

      Have you been to a club in a big city? I was next to a girl at a bar last weekend, and she says to me, “Every guy here is the same. They’re good looking, they’ve got money and they’re assholes.”

      Beta response: I’m not any of those things!
      Asshole: Yeah, well until I see your bank account it looks like you’re 1 out of 3.

      Let her try and figure out which one.


  7. Billybob, contrary to the many detractors of game in general or this blog in particular, understanding the reasons for women’s seemingly irrational and contradictory behavior results in a decrease in misogyny, not an increase.

    The misogyny slur is a diversionary tactic by those upset at the lifting of the veil, pulling of the curtain, swallowing of the red pill, or whatever cliche you like.


    • on July 27, 2011 at 6:15 pm The Alchemist

      I myself think a little differently. Before i understood game, evo pysch and female mating behavior, girls were a big, frustrating mystery. I could never understand why all the girls at the party, bar or dance were all interested in only one or two guys there. There were so many “good” guys available and who really wanted to have a significant girlfriend. Especially since those couple of guys the girls focused on almost always were well known for lying, cheating, philandering and being amotivational scumbags. I used to chalk it up to the idiosynchracies of the particular girl i was observing in the moment. I took solace in the idea that these girls were just not right in the head and that somewhere out there there were girls who were rational like me and my friends and understood that these guys were no good. That these guys would be lousy, inattentive boyfriends, was obvious to me and, i thought, to any girl with a decent head on her shoulders. What girl in her right mind would invest their time, efforts and their bodies in that? Haha, I spent many difficult years laboring under this delusion. And watched from the sidelines as a couple of guys, always the same few, out of a large pool of decent guys, pilfered, plummaged and enjoyed the sex of multiple female partners (some guys routinely fucked multiple new girls per weekend, sometimes multiple in the same night…much to my niave astonishment!) and the bulk of guys went without.

      Now that i understand the behavior mechanistically, and realize that these pretty creatures that i’m so attracted to are operating on a genetic program that was designed to fleece the “nice guy” and use him to raise the offspring of these douchebags. I don’t know, man….it’s just not a pretty fact, at all. That i now know enough and have been able to implement my knowledge to work the system, so to speak….helps deal with it. But, it has planted a seed of distrust that is hard to shake.

      I have more pussy in my life now then ever, and the funny thing is, i’m less able to committ to a girl now than i have ever been in my life. My younger self would have definitely selected a steady girl out of the many i’ve been with. But now, i don’t find many girls that are worthy of committing to, which is simply a function of my knowledge. In fact, almost none are committment worthy, and that makes me a little unhappy. At heart, i’m a beta who’d like to have a good steady girl and maybe a wife…but, that looks less likely the more i know, the more i experience and the more i fuck. However, as sad as that is, I’m fully aware it’s still better to be having sex than to be a beta schlub not getting anything or married to some undeserving chick who has it in her head that she could land whatever alpha roams in her territory, were it not for her marriage. I enjoy life a great deal now-a-days. But, given the chance, i’d like to punch the fucker who invented this crazy mating game, right in the face.


      • the fucker who invented this crazy mating game would be…mother nature. and unlike every other woman on the face of the earth, she’s the one bitch who seeks validation from no one, does whatever she pleases, and truly doesn’t give a shit what anybody else thinks.

        take solace in the fact that having a large pool of pussy available to you increases your chances of finding that one girl you want to settle down with. you can’t find the needle without digging through the haystack first.


      • Wading through the large pool of pussy can be a bad way of finding the right woman, just check out Stephen Nash, “Playboy” in The Game’s story, or his book How to Get a Girlfriend. You need to know what you want in a woman – get some paper and a pen and make a list to begin. Focus on what your values are. This will create a frame for you by which to soundly judge women and their compatibility. It’s doing what eHarmony attempts to do. I would stay out of the pool, and instead, look down into the pool from above and use my criteria to screen for the right women. One will find a great LTR within months of doing this correctly.


      • or looking for the tootsie role in the pile of turds…


      • Lol too funny


      • Alchemist, you’re looking at this slightly the wrong way and that’s what is giving you the direly negative outlook. Women arettrying to du


      • Alchemist, you’re looking at this slightly the wrong way, but wrong enough so that it seems to be affecting you pretty hard. Man, girls don’t want to screw alphas and then dump the baby on a dumb beta. This isn’t the norm at all. Women want a man who is firm and masculine and will stick with them and raise their kids. They chase alphas while young because they turn them on, and then realize down the road that the alpha cannot provide, and then turn to a “nicer guy.” What a woman ideally wants is a man with balls. What I mean by that, is she wants a real man. They are rare, so they settle for assholes who have masculine traits they are attracted to by nature. You are looking at the big picture as if women are out to screw men over, and that will lead to misogynistic feelings, my friend. When you really understand the mating game, you grow to like it. Because you’ll find the more of a real man you are, the more attractive you become, and the higher quality women you’ll attract. I resent betas just as much as a woman would now, because they sicken me. They’re not aligned with their life’s purpose and they put women on the pedestal God or the life’s purpose should be on instead. I appreciate the fact that women aren’t going for betas, or else men would not have the incentive or drive to BE somebody and ACCOMPLISH something. I’m glad I had to make something of myself, or die trying, in order to get women, or else I would have always been a beta loser who DESERVEDLY got no women. I appreciate the game. Don’t ever think you’re a beta at heart – you’re a guy who wants a great wife, and is not truly an asshole like the so-called “alphas” (there’s non-asshole alphas). You’ll find a deserving woman as long as you understand that women want real men, and you line yourself up with your life’s purpose and don’t falter from the path. You’ll keep and earn her attention as long as you stay firm. Just like you wouldn’t put up with a girl get fat, slovenly and nasty, women won’t put up with us becoming pussies – and that’s good. I appreciate the stabilizing force a woman brings to my life. Check out The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida if you have not yet. it’s an astounding book about this subject. You’ll get rid of that negative view you have too, and free your mind and soul to be a true romantic of sorts.


      • But it’s still an “arms race to the bottom” today that’ll leave everyone unhappy and alone… women with multiple cats, men broke and children un-raised.

        Really, people are so spoiled and sheltered today, “Alpha” is being an insecure, vulgar selfish loudmouth jerk-off who won’t be responsible about anything… that’s arousingly “different” because being a spineless drone sucks especially if everyone else is too; life is so good for us, this is all we have for novel stimulation to enjoy now.


      • I don’t think it’s nearly an arms race to the bottom at all. If anything, we need to restore Christianity to dominance. When people turn from God they act immoral. Girls ride the cock carosel and men become bitter assholes. Things aren’t that bad. I am happy with the women I associate with.

        Alpha is not about those things whatsoever. Alpha is about being a real man, focused on your purpose, unyielding to the wild feminine energy which forces us to be men. The beta shlubs are a weak stock of humanity that is soft and won’t take risks and will be bred out of existence. They can rise above it, but rather play Warcraft and work lameass unsatisfying jobs til they die instead. Life is only soft and cushy if you choose to not take risks. The risk takers die an honorable death or emerge victorious, just like our ancestors. The rest are cowards who deserve nothing. You can be a Spartan or a helot, your choice. Life isn’t so easy that this is all we have, it’s just too many people think sex and money is all there is to life. I turned down riches just to do what my heart called me to do. I live for God, country, honor, my people, and it’s not the easy route but life tastes for me, and even in my darkest days I am a very satisfied man and embrace my inevitable death. Death is destiny, preordained, so fear of death and failing to take risk is utter foolishness. I just live for God and when I die, I’ll move on to paradise after having the immense honor of serving God on this planet, following the purpose He ordained for my life.


      • Err… what?

        Betas can billions of dollars per year, and still be “betas”, because recently how a person is defined as beta is just by how good he is with women, and how well can he lead men in “natural” (AKA – not related to his skills and achivements) situations.

        Is Mark Zuckerberg beta? You can bet your ass he is, and that he probably had sex with 1-2 women before facebook got big.

        Pepole need to go the opposite way of chrisitanity, and into atheism and agnosticism, realize what really makes us human, what makes us work, that’s how game was “created” in the first place by mystery and style, evo psych, field testing, no belief at all.
        Pepole need to make decisions based only on what is good for themselves and menkind, and not based on some belief that has no facts to support it.

        I see my dad as an absolute beta in terms of social skills and how he acts in groups, yet he is one of the men I admire most, he is a physician, he saves lives, and i’ve seen it happen more than once, the guy never calls for help unless he absolutely needs it, he would rather study how a system works when he finds out a problem (cars, computers, whatever) and solve it himself rather than letting other pepole solve it for him.


      • I don’t agree with this at all. Generation after generation of men in the West acted exactly the same as they did now, and women … who were constrained quite a bit, did not chase after A-holes the way they do now. Guys acted “beta” in the West because acting like an A-hole could get you killed right quick in any number of ways. Meanwhile female sexuality was suppressed (they could not chase the limited number of Alpha men constantly) along with Alphas (mistresses were limited to a few, not massive defacto harems).

        Women chase Aholes for as long as they can, then “settle” for a Kitchen Bitch beta male they openly despise, or increasingly just have a kid as a single mom from a Jerk. The Hottest, most beautiful women, who can have any man … want jerks. The jerkier the better.


      • BOB Thank you for saying this. Most women don’t know what true masculinity is. They go with the contrived over hyped hypermasculine male thinking he is the true representation of a real man. Its social conditioning at its worse. It seems only a few women & men can recognize this.


      • on July 28, 2011 at 2:34 am Neil Hansen

        Just out of curiosity, Neecy, what part of the states are you from?


      • West coast


      • me too.


      • WEST SIDE REPRESENT!! LoL What part of west coast? I’m in So Cal.


      • Seattle here. SoCal is nice, though. Been to San Diego and Long Beach many times. My fave city is San Fran, though. I do miss the sunshine.


      • Yes No Cal is nice. i grew up there. Definitley lots of nostalgia when I go up there. San Francisco is amazing. So Cal – bleh! Over it…

        Are you Scandanavian? A lot of Scandanavian men are in Seattle.


      • Irish and French background. I have a degree in English but now I want to go to culinary school. My last two gfs were Asian but why is it that whites and blacks seldom hook up? Must be cultural/historical. I would have no problem dating a black or hispanic girl. Are the men territorial in that regard? Whites and asians aren’t, I think.


      • That’s an interesting mix (French/Irish). From what i understand Seattle is the prime place for Black female and White male hook ups? The west coast in general. I used to belong to an Interracial board consisting of mainly Black women and a few who were married to/dating White men were from Seattle. There seems to be a big Scandanavian pop there and usually Scandanavians are alot more open to enter into relationships with Black women.

        I think with White men and Black women each tend to view their better halves as more desirable (i.e. WM typically prefer White women and Black women typically prefer Black men) and then there is this stigma that neither groups will date each other. So the ones that are open to or prefer dating out their race are afraid of approaching b/c they are not sure if the person will be attracted to them b/c of their race. Make sense?

        I think Asian women are very open about their willingess to date Whites (and vice versa) so it makes it easier for those hook ups to happen.

        That’s just my take on it.


      • on July 28, 2011 at 3:43 pm The Alchemist

        They chase alphas while young because they turn them on, and then realize down the road that the alpha cannot provide, and then turn to a “nicer guy.”

        This is incorrect. They don’t “turn” to the nicer guys. They settle for the nicer guys. And there is a world of difference in that distinction. The desire for the alpha male does not go away. The workings of the female hindbrain which have been hardwired by 10 of thousands of years of evolution don’t magically undue themselves at the age of 30 or whatever. It comes down to a matter of practicality…their forebrain logic comes to terms with the fact that they’re not going to land an alpha and so they settle for the beta. This leads to internal conflict which results in resentment. Usually that resentment is directed at the husband. Of course there are exceptions. But, if you look at a large population, you’d see that statistically, that type of arrangment is just not likely. And the wife who has the “corporate boyfriend” or flirts with the alpha guy from down the block or talks shit on her husband is more the rule.

        I’ve read David Deida and found it to be only marginally informative, for lack of a better word. Mostly feel good crap with no practical uses. In fact, i think a lot of the book is instructive on how to be beta. Most of it was foofy language that more or less says don’t be reactive to your girls emotional swings. Good advice to an extent. But, certainly wasn’t life changing..

        I appreciate your input, But, my life is fully in line with my purpose and i’m not looking to “earn” any womans approval


      • Bob seems to be talking about the way things ought to be. It’s actually that way in some countries.

        If it were that way here, we wouldn’t have this blog.


      • “I could never understand why all the girls at the party, bar or dance were all interested in only one or two guys there. There were so many “good” guys available and who really wanted to have a significant girlfriend. Especially since those couple of guys the girls focused on almost always were well known for lying, cheating, philandering and being amotivational scumbags. I used to chalk it up to the idiosynchracies of the particular girl i was observing in the moment. I took solace in the idea that these girls were just not right in the head and that somewhere out there there were girls who were rational like me and my friends and understood that these guys were no good. ”

        These girls ARE out there but not at the “party, bar or dance” as you put it.

        Check the library, protest on behalf of Tibet, or the alternative slam poetry jam fundraiser for insert cause.


  8. Alot of this blog, while I do enjoy it very much, seems to be focused on “how to be an asshole” that chicks dig.

    [Editor: Wrong. Don’t confuse ought with is.]

    I get that chicks dig assholes and alpha males and it seems that many of the qualities of both seem to intersect.

    I consider myself to be a confident nice guy, and I have never had problems pulling top notch pussy. I have admittedly, had problems keeping girlfriends and I think it’s because I don’t adopt enough Asshole/Alpha qualities. I’m pretty easygoing and don’t really get into much conflict during a realtionship, so perhaps women get bored and move on. I would love to see something about finding that perfect balance between being an asshole and a nice guy. When do you turn on that nice guy side and when do you turn on the inner asshole? That would make for some interesting reading.

    Cheers. This is by far the best blog out there and I will read no matter what the content. Just giving some suggestions.


    • Asshole: Ovulation

      Non-Asshole: Rest of the month

      At bare minimum.


      • Ovulation game. Brilliant. I know to start some good drama every now and again but now I know when to time it. Genius.


      • Nice. How do we tell. Andwhat if your gfis on the pill?


      • A chick on the pill still technically has a period, it’s just significantly weakened in many cases. It has always been real easy for me when to spot when a gf on the pill has a period. Half the time they still get some cramps and bleed a bit.


      • if she’s on the pill she doesn’t ovulate. it’s the definition of the pill.


    • on July 28, 2011 at 3:45 am Original JB

      “I would love to see something about finding that perfect balance between being an asshole and a nice guy. When do you turn on that nice guy side and when do you turn on the inner asshole?”

      The whole problem is approaching the issue mechanistically.

      In other words, “I do this now, I do that now”. As Shocker correctly pointed out, the issue is one of inner game, or self-esteem. One must have a sense of one’s own values and boundaries, and respond appropriately when they are violated.


  9. Can we draw a correlation between the degree of hot bitchy-slut, and attraction and extent of the Jerk.

    Autonomy is more likely.


  10. “it is often the HOTTEST GIRLS with OPTIONS who willingly choose to be with assholes and suffer their putative torments.”

    So now you are admitting that only a small percentage of women fit this ideal.

    [Editor: No. First, ideal has got nothing to do with it. Second, the fact that often it’s the hottest girls who go for assholes does not imply that less attractive girls don’t fall for assholes, or would be with them if they could. But since there are only so many asshole men to go around, the hottest girls tend to monopolize them, for two reasons: one, hot girls love assholes and two, assholes — like nearly all men — love hot girls.]


    • on July 27, 2011 at 8:35 pm The Shockeh

      Neecy- I commend you for an attempt at logic even though it’s horribly misguided and flawed.

      YOU don’t understand hot women because YOU are not attractive. Hot girls thrive in the presence of assholes, unattractive women don’t know how to act. It’s not their fault- ugly bitches just don’t get the same feedback and interaction as good looking women. Similar process with nerdy guys and attractive women, to an extent.


      • If being “hot” means attracting assholes and jerks that treat me like shit, and only put up with me for my “looks, then I’m happy to be the average girl who will attract decent men ANYDAY 🙂 Unfortuantley, i do attract assholes and hypermasculine men day to day and they are soooo overrated. Too bad those ‘hot chicks” haven’t figured that out yet. 🙂


      • on July 27, 2011 at 11:51 pm And Balls...

        Unfortuantley, men will put their penises in all sorts of holes.


      • And thats why smart women don’t take most of you seriously 🙂


      • Why smart women are often alone.


      • Being single doesn’t mean being alone. Would it be Grrrreat to meet a wonderfuless life and plan to keep it that way. All any woman really has is her body and emotional stability. Once she decides to l guy who isn’t a jackass? yep! However, I am at the point (especially after reading this blog) that I am very CONTENT with finding other ways to make myself and life happy and fulfilling. I guess you can say i am the female equivalent to the MGTOW. I’m sure more and more women will do this as they realize marriage and LTR isn’t in the cards (and for good reason) – who wants a damaged entitled woman hating jerk? I have a stress free drama-toss those two precious things into the hands of an asshole, its curtains. So If that means for me no b/f, no hubby, no assholes, no jerks, then I am already winning *shout out to Charlie Sheen!!!*. The beauty of it all? Being a WGHOW (woman going her own way), is if I need a good screw, i can still get laid annnnnytime I want by some young horny guy 🙂


      • “alone” with their emotional health/sanity and vaginas in tact


      • on July 28, 2011 at 5:15 am Emma the Emo

        It’s better to be alone than with an asshole.


      • True, Emma, but NAWALT.


      • Shockeh, good point about feedback and interaction. Living in the boondocks, my friends and I have noticed that we we get out to the coast that women are more responsive to game… I think that this is because they get gamed more, and are more alert and practiced.


    • No. First, ideal has got nothing to do with it. Second, the fact that often it’s the hottest girls who go for assholes does not imply that less attractive girls don’t fall for assholes, or would be with them if they could.

      But that doesn’t change the fact that you said MOST OFTEN it was the HOTTEST GIRLS WITH OPTIONS who willinly choose a-holes. And since these types of girls make up the small percentage of women, that would mean that most women don’t do this. Yes less attractive girls sometimes fall for these guys too, but based on what you said, that doesn’t happen too often.

      [Editor: You’re not comprehending. While there is only a small percentage of hot chicks, there is also only a small percentage of asshole men that chicks adore. Therefore, because all chicks love assholes to a lesser or greater degree, the assholes will choose the hotties over the notties, leaving the majority of women pining for the aloof asshole of their dreams.
      Or: It’s all about the settling.]


      • So its called “settling” for the women who can’t get assholes and jerks? LOL So in your view, are these “hotties” making out over the “notties” b/c they get the jerks? Just curious


      • on July 28, 2011 at 12:00 am And Balls...

        Yes. The hotties fuck (and extract resources from) the men that the notties fantasize about when they whip out the vbrator. Female 5s and below may adopt bitchy ego-preservation behaviors when in the prescence of “assholes,” but pine for those same assholes while eating dinner at a fancy restaurant with their pussy-whipped faggy boyfriends.


      • Let me try rephrasing b/c I am not sure you get what i am asking. If these hot women are choosing assholes (b/c they can) and the end result is these women are taken through an emotional rollercoaster with these men (as Roissy admits) – then who is really making out? In the end these hot women eventually are not so hot anymore and they are damaged. So should “hot” women relish in being temporairly sought after by bad boys for sex if the end result is not being in a healthy LTR or marriage?

        So who *really* makes out in the long term? The women who avoid or are avoided by such men or the women who are constantly on an emotional rollercoaster of being fk’d over by a bad boy? i’m going to go with the former.

        The only time a woman is really extracting resources from a man is if she is in a LTR or marriage where he is voluntarily doing things for her beyond what he would do for a few booty calls.


      • “So who *really* makes out in the long term?”

        The guy who got in her pants.


      • on July 28, 2011 at 3:49 am Original JB

        Haha. Now you’re confusing “ought” and “is.”


      • Honestly, jerks and a-holes are overrated. Just because a woman spares herself some drama by not getting with an ~alpha~ of this type, or can’t get with these types of ~alphas~, doesn’t automatically means that she’s ~settling~. Some women know to avoid these types of men and are the more happier for it. And some don’t care that they didn’t catch the eye of an ~alpha~. It’s not something that stays on their mind. There are more important things to worry about.


      • An overrating is still a high, or higher, rating. Urban real estate, european luxury cars, and trendy restaurants are also highly overrated, but because of that, they remain in high demand.
        Particularly by females – much like those aloof, narcissistic muscledouches you girls fall all over.
        Now if you’ll excuse me, my Omega is telling me it’s time to go to the gym. On my motorcycle.


      • It could be that less attractive women fall for assholes too, but because they are less attractive they rate less attractive assholes, and because the women are less attractive, no one else notices or cares who they mate with.


  11. It is indeed a lot harder to hate on someone once you see how little choice they have in doing the shit that annoys you. Of course, with that realization comes a profound loss of interest in trying to talk thru with that person the issues you might have with her behavior.


  12. Men don’t lik ebitches; they like hot women. Many hot women are bitchy. There’s a false connection that many feminists make.

    Of course, it’s s also true that really bitchy women are much, much easier to game. They don’t know anything about their own weaknesses. You can play into them.

    That said, … playing with them can be a dangerous game. A lot of men get caught. Or just tired.

    Bitchiness in and of itself isn’t attractive. But it does set up some unique circumstances that “nice girls” can’t generate.

    Then there’s beta men who aspire after hotter than they should have, given their game and social skills. They go after these women and get eaten alive.


    • “Bitchiness in and of itself isn’t attractive. But it does set up some unique circumstances that “nice girls” can’t generate.”

      Exactly. If you are attracted to her looks, she is sweet and agreeable, AND also challenging… this can send attraction through the roof for both of you! Of course only if you can effectively deal with her shit tests.

      I look for a woman with a bit of an edge… all other things being equal. If a girl is too nice, after a while I just get kind of bored.


  13. on July 27, 2011 at 4:51 pm Basil Ransom

    Dog Bites Man, Feminists Think Attractive Women Are Bitches.

    Maybe feminists spout this meme because they go around rationalizing why cool dudes are with hot girls, and not with her, the enlightened shrike. Ah, the girlfriend is a bitch, so that’s why he’s not into me! Nothing to do with my looks. Offshoot of “he ignores me because he like bimbos, and not independent women like me.”


    • Yes, the nearly endless variations of slander upon any male seeking a different type of female, and any different type of female attracting any male.

      That’s what women do – gossip about how others are doing it wrong, and if they were doing it right, they’d be trying to fuck/marry her.


    • You misspelled shrike.

      Should be “the enlightened shriek”.



    • on July 27, 2011 at 10:59 pm old guy, lower case

      “the enlightened shrike”

      Great name for a dyke bar.


  14. on July 27, 2011 at 5:04 pm Rollo Tomassi

    Hot women tend towards bitchiness for the same reasons Alphas tend towards arrogance – because they have the proven capacity to consistently generate sexual options. And, ironically, both genders will tolerate the asshole Alpha and the hot bitch for the same reason.


  15. on July 27, 2011 at 5:11 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

    in the same way women say they detest assholes, while promoting tehir secrteive tapings ofasscokcing books and repeating the ir PR lies about tehir exaggertaed height and wiring tehm hundreds of thousands of dolalrs from simon and schuster like priscilla painton did lzozlzlzl, the fed says that it’s main job is to fight inflation and prevent bubbles, while it creates both. lzozlzl. i mena how else are you gonna transfer fiat debt into physical property and welath without mba buzzwords and womenz wearing short skirts fronting the inflation and deflation of bubbles up and down up and down as tucker maxth’s cock goes in and out in and out in teh secrteive tpings of tbutthex without teh girl’s contehnt that female execitives and promointent female reproeters enjoy amn d promote zlolzlzl womenz lzozllzlz what is uyp with womenz and asscockers? i’m gonna have 2 ask dem zlzozll lzolzllzzllz lzzolzlz zlozlzlz.


  16. Even if it were the case that men prefer hot bitches instead of hot non-bitches (and it isn’t) there still wouldn’t be an equivalence since the operative word is “hot”. For women, assholeness is what makes the guy *hot*. Of course, one way women deny this is by internally translating asshole behavior into “cool behavior”. “He’s so cool.” she might think, when objectively, no — he’s just being an asshole.


  17. That is an awesome bot.


  18. Mattt Dammonnn


  19. I’ve noticed in some young guys who are out to play the field, the sweet routine often sets off the ‘pre-commitment freak out’ if she is too loving and homely towards him. There is an argument that men are put off by women who seem like they want to settle down.

    [Editor: Guys who just want NSA sex will avoid, in order of the seriousness of the red flag:

    girls who dress like prudes
    girls who make them wait
    girls who talk a lot about relationships and family
    girls who kiss on the cheek at the end of a first date.

    This doesn’t mean these guys prefer bitchy women. What happens is that the sluts who are good to go are also usually emotional drama queens, and any bitchiness they reveal is coincidental to what guys actually find attractive in them. So the avoidance by men seeking easy lays of “sweetness” is not proof of a craving for bitchiness.

    There is also a group of men who deliberately seek out sweet, modest girls for one night stands, relishing the challenge of violating their innocence.]


    • “There is also a group of men who deliberately seek out sweet, modest girls for one night stands, relishing the challenge of violating their innocence.”

      Hm, and yet you’re annoyed at women who are becoming more ruthless and ‘bitchy’? Women aren’t born that way, they learn and ‘toughen up’ through experience.

      [Editor: I didn’t say it was a big group, did I? Those men exist, but they are few in number, so most women will not cross paths with them.
      Anyhow, if you believe in the impregnability of your chasteness, you won’t have anything to worry about should you be the subject of flirtations from one of these men, right?]

      It’s a vicious cycle. Good luck to all.

      [Why wish luck when you don’t mean it?]


      • I do mean ‘good luck’! To both genders! We need it. I think we hold each other up to impossible standards now.

        Women can’t be too bitchy or too slutty, but neither can they be too prudish or too self-protective, can’t talk about relationships and settling down but can’t talk about career aspirations either…

        I won’t go on. I’m surprised as many people get married or end up in LTRs as they do, seems like it’s all down to luck. People think It helps if you’re good-looking and charming, but not always, the higher in the ‘leagues’ you are, the more brutal the dating circle.


      • the higher in the ‘leagues’ you are, the more brutal the dating circle.

        Truer words hath not spoken…

        [Editor: Options = instability.]


      • If modern women changed their cultural motives (not talking biological hardwiring) for relationships .. from seeking what they can get from a relationship.. status, approval, love of someone worthy by a set of screwed values ..to what they can give..and maybe healthy values? Do you think they would be happier?

        In my experience..I have never seen women more happy than with a busy productive life serving others. strange right? but true

        [Editor: Not so strange once you are willing to contemplate sex differences. This is why women flock to the life sciences.]

        And if so could you do it? And be open to guys that dont fit into your narrow set of requirements? And see what happens?

        I’d bet ..first you’d lose friends (meaningless ones) ..and after awhile you would start enjoying life more


      • Yes, it is true that women love taking care of others. However, women also want a husband or boyfriend who loves and treasures them and will be able to take care of their family. What about men? Do you not want to give love as well as receive love? Or is love something you begrudingly give to keep the woman happy? Surely a loving relationship comes from a mutual desire to take care of each other?


      • However, women also want a husband or boyfriend who loves and treasures them and will be able to take care of their family.

        you are allowed to ‘want’ anything you want, but you are not entitled to a man’s love. that must be earned.

        just because a man has no compelling urge or need to love (or be loved, for that matter), doesn’t mean that he is incapable of love. it means that his love is reserved for the precious few that are worthy of it.


      • Hah im part of. This group and thanks to.this blog I have had much success. Thanks roissy you are a total brooo. Mad Respect


    • on July 27, 2011 at 6:17 pm driveallnight

      Isn’t she cute? Picked off every time she wanders from first base….but the hamster *is* going to steal second eventually, dammit!

      “I will, I will I will!! Even if it kills me!!”


      • Cheers, people in real life never describe me as ‘cute’.


      • on July 27, 2011 at 6:39 pm driveallnight

        Keep making that lemonade, hamster.


      • I would say “reasonably attractive from the right angles”.


      • the energizer hamster. it keeps going….and going…..and going….


      • It’s cute that you guys resort to the old ‘troll’ and ‘hamster’ when you have no valid argument. Bear this in mind when you next complain about women rabbiting on about pointless shit.


      • on July 27, 2011 at 7:16 pm driveallnight

        Um, are *you* actually speaking of people having “no valid argument”?


        The Chateau and its posters have destroyed your assertions, almost across the board. Yet you continue flailing, even with every line of claptrap you post being pulverized by the logic hammer.


      • Um, *yes*.

        You have neither proposed nor contributed any valid arguments in this sub thread. So why are you still talking?

        My arguments were noticed and addressed by the Chateau and counter arguments made. So either join the debate or shut the fuck up.


      • on July 27, 2011 at 8:09 pm driveallnight

        Honey, I contribute regularly here. And I responded to one of your illogical posts on another thread, remember? So….as there’s no rule at The Chateau stipulating where people must post, nor is there any rule concerning the content of posts, your commanding me to stfu or post in the manner you wish me to is….wait for it….wait for it….as illogical as your other posts. You know, the ones that wouldn’t hold any water?

        My argument here is that you’ve made stupid arguments, and that you’ve been owned. I stand by this.

        (Nice try at diverting the discussion away from the illogic of your posts, btw.)


      • Again, why are you still talking? Evidently, you have not contributed to my arguments in this sub thread other than to say it’s ‘stupid’, which in itself is not an argument, you pea-brained idiot.

        Also, your prejudice against me from a previous thread does not invalidate my comments in this thread. So, either join the conversation, or shut the fuck up. Clearly this is too much to ask of you as you have limited reading and comprehension skills.


      • on July 27, 2011 at 8:42 pm driveallnight

        Still giving the orders around here, huh Queen Jenny? “I command thee to stfu or post in the manner I instruct you!”

        The ad-hominem attacks….the name-calling….the accusation of “prejudice”….

        You’re confirming the deficiency of your critical thinking and logic, deficiencies I pointed out in your previous posts. You do realize this?

        (NIce second try at diverting attention from your illogic, btw)


      • That comment makes zero sense.

        The “hamster” inside female brains is Roissyspeak for female self deception and rationalization.


      • on July 27, 2011 at 8:49 pm driveallnight

        She knows, man. She knows.

        Her poor critical thinking has been demonstrated ad nauseam, yet she just keeps on.


      • Driveall got his ass handed to him in that flamewar


      • on July 27, 2011 at 8:52 pm driveallnight

        Lol, sure thing AnonyJenny.


      • aka the solipsism of the female mind.

        Yeah both genders do it, but nothing CLOSE to equally. It’s a real gender difference. One among many.


    • on July 27, 2011 at 8:49 pm The Shaw-ka

      Jenny, in my experience, low energy commitment-ready girls are ripe for ‘the talk.’ The talk is when I say, ‘look, we’ve been having a lot of fun, but right now in my life I can’t be in a position where I’m spending all my free time having fun. I’m at a place in my career where I know I need to keep pushing myself.”

      Instant booty call, good for 2-4 months.


      • Oh dear, the old ‘it’s not the right time’ cliche. I hope for her sake, she said, ‘Well, if you know it’s not gonna work out, it’s better we cut our losses sooner rather than later.’


      • * I hope for her sake, she said, ‘Well, if you know it’s not gonna work out, it’s better we cut our losses sooner rather than later.’ *

        Jenny, I’ve never once seen nor even heard of a woman saying or, more to the point, doing that.

        In fact, when this [‘it’s not the right time’] is said, women hear “There will BE a right time someday” so they (the women in question) hang on even tighter.

        I’ve used the line more than once (both truthfully and untruthfully, I confess) and have always encountered the reaction I stated.


      • Nope, women say “I want to get married… someday” then proceed to get railed on the cock carousel until they have to actually be attentive, loving, etc. because their SMV is dropping.


      • on July 28, 2011 at 2:42 am Neil Hansen

        Good one. I have to write this down in my notes.


      • My comment is in moderation for too loong, so again …

        She’s commitment-ready and you say about her that she’s “instant booty call, good for 2-4 months”?!?! :S

        Or is there something I don’t understand?

        (Btw. Does anyone know how to not be addicted to this blog? I managed to stay away for one day only :S)


      • You should go back and read the archives starting with april 2007. Some of the posts are simply sublime. I’ve a good mind to photocopy them. Seriously.


      • What?

        Btw. Anyone minds answering my first question? About a commitment-ready girlfriend who is then useful only for a booty call, for a few months. Isn’t that insane?!

        (I’m not joking and I really have some problems with understanding now, but I’m too lazy to look up for all this slang in the dictionary, so if someone minds explaining … Thank you)


      • He’s just talking from a guy’s point of view…just a selfish guy that wants to pump n dump.


  20. Hey – it’s da Great Books For Men!


  21. on July 27, 2011 at 5:20 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

    HEY YOU DUMBYY FUCKS!!!! zlozlzlzlzlz

    this is nothing new zlozlzlzlz LET ME TAKE a few moment s out of my summer cvacatctinio vacation to educates y’allass sss

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    After he ascended the throne of Crete, Minos struggled with his brothers for the right to rule. Minos prayed to Poseidon to send him a snow-white bull, as a sign of approval. He was to sacrifice the bull in honor of Poseidon but decided to keep it instead because of its beauty. To punish Minos, Aphrodite made Pasiphaë, Minos’ wife, fall madly in love with the bull from the sea, the Cretan Bull.[6] She had the archetypal craftsman Daedalus make a hollow wooden cow for her (JUST LIKE HOW WOMEN BEOCME FATASS COWS THES DAYS ZLZOOZZOLOOZOZZO SO THAT DRUNK ALPAHA WILL FUCK FUCK FUCK EM ZLOZLZZOL). Pasiphaë climbed into this wooden cow in order to copulate with the white bull. The offspring of their coupling was the monstrous Minotaur. Pasiphaë nursed him in his infancy, but he grew and became ferocious; being the unnatural offspring of man and beast, he had no natural source of nourishment and thus devoured man for sustenance. Minos, after getting advice from the oracle at Delphi, had Daedalus construct a gigantic labyrinth to hold the Minotaur. Its location was near Minos’ palace in Knossos.

    does sso anayone herea dountbt the suprpeme geneiues of GBRF<M ??? zozlzlzlzlz


  22. on July 27, 2011 at 5:22 pm greatbooksformen GBFM


    kinda sounds like welfare babies who have a higher murder rate than non welfare fbabies zlzoozozlz

    with is why the neocon bankers a) deocnstruct the great books and b) promote wlefare/alpha bull fucking zlozzolzzo as they hate the good honets bememsnz loslslssszzzz


  23. on July 27, 2011 at 5:25 pm greatbooksformen GBFM


    one of the funny things is

    that because roissy hasn’t gotten a big huge book deal yet, they had to shut down ALL OF BORDERS!!! lzozozozozoozoo the entire chain

    because iwthout roissy’s books

    the only thing left to read is a bunch

    of twilight tucker max butthexhxhxx neoonccocno nutthexing crap



  24. GBFM must be a phishing virus. Please tell me ‘he’ is.


    • Jenny Hao,

      Time for your happy ending!

      You will be allowed to….. (wait for it, wait for it)……

      …. Detox my Buttox.



    • Of course women NEVER get exactly why GBFM is amazing.

      ’nuff shamin’ Banana-girl. We’ve enough twinkies ’round here to have general tsao for months.


      • I’m sure you’re not scared of me, Garvan, and I’m sure your prejudices allow you little, if any, respect for me. However, I am sure you will change your mind if I ever have the pleasure of wielding a scalpel over you. 🙂

        [Editor: I know you’re joking, but do you really think any medical board will take kindly to this comment?]


      • Oh Ed, you’re talking about morals and ethics on the wrong website.

        [Editor: Actually I’m talking pragmatism.]

        I could argue that some of the emotional trauma some of the actions in your blog have proclaimed to inflict upon women would gain more compensation than Mr Garvan would get in any hypothetical medical malpractice suit.

        [Big difference: the “emotional trauma” is a figment of your imagination. Where it could conceivably be said to exist, it is suffered by men and women equally (or did you conveniently forget all those beta of the month posts? Of course you did) and is always a function of the reader disliking the theme of what he/she is reading, rather than any direct sort of unprovoked attack.
        On the other hand, you have obliquely threatened to slice to ribbons a commenter should he be in the unfortunate position of being on your operating table for surgery. I merely point out that a medical board, stuffed suits all of them, would likely not take too kindly to such emotional outbursts by future doctors seeking their recognition, however flippant the threat.]

        Is it more painful to be emotionally or physically hurt?

        [Cuts like a wife.]


      • For the record, I meant Mr Garvan would respect me after I dramatically save his life in the operating theatre and I would strip away all his prejudice for the people he describes as akin to foodstuffs.

        [Editor: Smooth!]

        Ed, I’m insulted you assumed that I was threatening to inflict any kind of bodily harm or that I would behave in a manner any less than with the utmost professionalism.

        [What do you think of women who cut off their husbands’ dicks for cheating?]


      • Haha, i’d say you’ve been watching too much tv. I’ll let you know if I ever see a case in real life though.


      • Typical empowerment fantasy. Like the nerd who dreams of one day showing up to his high school reunion in a Lamborghini.


      • on July 27, 2011 at 8:56 pm driveallnight

        Lol, AnonyJenny!


      • Christ.

        Get a life. And a sense of humour.

        Some of you gents have some serious misogyny anger issues.

        It’s just a bit of banter.


      • Jenny, it seems that you DON’T watch enough tv, or read.

        Woman arrested for cutting off husband’s penis
        Tuesday, July 12, 2011
        GARDEN GROVE, Calif. (KABC) — Garden Grove police arrested a woman for allegedly tying her estranged husband up and cutting off his penis with a 10-inch knife.

        However, I am sure you will change your mind if I ever have the pleasure of wielding a scalpel over you. 🙂

        And Jenny, I took that as a very credible threat.


    • He typically phists with yeast.


    • gbfm is the confucius of our time.


    • He’s the guy whose posts I skip over as soon as I notice the lozzles. Not often I get a chance to Next a dude… He’s for real, but real annoying. Until the lozzle nutjobbery stops, I won’t be reading enough of his screeds to find out if there’s anything in them. Or if there’s anything non-lozzle in them.


    • Boring.


  25. Hooray, GBFM! It’s been so long, I was afraid he’d been put into a reeducation camp by Bernanke’s goons.


  26. Its just a run of the mill logical fallacy(division). People who are not logical don’t know what that is. Its the hotness men want.


  27. GBFM is still my favorite commentator.

    International cartel of bankers decide the foreign and monetary policy of all major countries, lend out as the de-facto currency of said major countries, as debt to them, with interest. Kills presidents who stand in their way, fund feminism and international crime, then convince their home country to borrow from them to help stave of international crime. brainwash public into:

    -not trusting men
    -aborting 50,000,000
    -taking it in the ass as the pinnacle role of empowerment.



  28. There is a weird new idea among MGTOW and MRA types that anyone who is a PUA is a ‘p*ssy-worshipper’ :


    Yeah, learning how to get something quickly and easily, at very low cost, is the same as ‘worshipping’ it like a mangina.

    This is their strategy to counter the claim that MGTOWs are just sour-grapes.


  29. Please make GBFM go away…


  30. Interesting article about an increase in suicide amongst Middle aged women. Could this be the first sign of consequences for the first generation of women to freely ride the alpha train and not be happy with the results?



    • No, really?! The emptiness of getting pumped, dumped and broken-hearted all the time hurts mental well-being… folk are (re)discovering this finally.


  31. I want to re-ask my question from the other topic:

    Have any of you, Roissy included, attempted to Game a girl “in love” with a worthless piece of shit lowlife?


    • by worthless piece of shit lowlife, do you mean a man who wouldn’t think twice about seriously injuring or killing you if you tried to game the girl in love with him?

      don’t know about you, but i haven’t met any woman who was worth more than my life.

      live to fuck another day…


      • That’s rational… thinking with ballz can get many a suburban PUA jacked by a real “Alpha” (by their standards) with a felony rap sheet for annoying his f*cktoy, though.


  32. Hot women learn early that they can get away with more, so little princesses often turn into big bitches.

    This is why a lot of 6,7,8 women are able to marry at or even above their level — because they can’t rely on their looks learn to be nice and interesting and maybe even skilled lovers instead.

    Indeed, it often seems like plainer women are more successful when it comes to “catching a man” than the real hotties who go from one dysfunctional relationship to another and wonder why everyone wants to bed them but no one wants to marry them.


    • on July 27, 2011 at 6:09 pm Peregrine John

      I find the girls who aren’t so pretty are diamonds in the rough,
      ‘Cause pretty girls may look good but the ugly know their stuff.
      – Hey Nonny Nonny, by The Poxy Boggards


    • Hot women tend to attract eligible guys. These eligible guys, whilst they like to date hot women, probably won’t marry them because they want to keep their options open for more hot women and don’t want to settle down yet. Thus, these hot women may become more dishearted and ‘bitchy’ because they’ve been rejected and hurt. Dating between hot women and eligible men is a more lucrative game with low success rate.

      Plainer women, don’t attract the eligible womanisers as much and thus, attract more realistic partners, who are mutually more likely to recognise when they have ‘as good as they’re gonna get’ and settle down. Dating amongst this circle, I believe, has higher success rate.

      It’s like a dating caste system. The upper tiers are more dissatisfied because there’s a ‘not yet’ and ‘I can do better’ mentality going on between both sexes.


      • … neither are the “upper caste” very religious. You can say what you want, but the reason mankind invented religion, is to organize a mass of people into doing something that mass of people won’t normally do.


      • The solution for hotter marriage minded girls is to date considerably older hot and “eligible” guys. Like ten years older.

        Or they can settle for less hot guys who are still eligible but not so much gina tinglers (greater betas with good jobs) who are closer to their own age. They often aren’t willing to thus settle until nearing or passing 30 in these United States.


      • Because a lot of 35+ yo alphas are ready to settle down and have a family, finally.

        He may cheat though.

        But so what? It should be so what. Male cheating, esp. many options highly experienced alpha male cheating does not lead to his not wanting to still have sex with and love his wife. Other things might, but not that. The same isn’t true whatsoever the other way around. Female cheating does lead to her losing sexual attraction completely for her husband in many, many cases, stop wanting sex with him, and thus dissolving her feelings of pair bondedness or being in love with her husband. Not it all women but by far most. Another real sex difference.


      • Higamous, potamous, men are polygamous, women monogamous.

        Make that serially monogamous for women, if we take of all society restraints, and polygamous/promiscuous for men if we do the same. (Of course we have huge divorce cost restraints on men being formally polygamous in western society.)


      • Hogamous, higamous, men are polygamous. Higamous, hogamous, women monogamous.


  33. Hey you’ve been channeling me again:

    “The depravity of women is often even worse than that of men. Ron, like a lot of men, finds certain physical attributes attractive, even when found on a horrible person. But he wasn’t attracted by her horribleness.

    However, at least some women can become attracted to men because of certain immoral acts that they do. Women are attracted to status and some of the things that men do to demonstrate their status are downright immoral. But women are often attracted by those actions anyway.”



  34. Ugly girls are not so bad. Not the fat ones, but the ones with a nose that could use a light house or who have empty racks. They are not so bad as long as they know who and what they are. The problem is that there is a large swine herd of loathsome sows that has crashed the barn door and call for more than the hogs they deserve.


  35. on July 27, 2011 at 6:38 pm greatbooksformen GBFM


    who do not like

    da GBFM



    cockas in der buttas

    u know its true!! !lzozozlzl pw3d!!!!


  36. on July 27, 2011 at 6:46 pm greatbooksformen GBFM


    i’m kinda the stariaght straight man to roissy’s funny clown lzozllzozl

    i’m the seinfeld to roissy’s kramer & gerge lzozlzozllzo

    i’m the seriou sdrma to roissy’s comic relief zlzoolzlzloz

    i’m the dep profound exlated philosophy to roissy’s song and dance lzozlzlzlz


    or maybe it’s the otehr wyaa around

    but who gives a fuck


    4 da



  37. on July 27, 2011 at 6:59 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

    “The depravity of women is often even worse than that of men. Ron, like a lot of men, finds certain physical attributes attractive, even when found on a horrible person. But he wasn’t attracted by her horribleness.”


    Man’s love is of man’s life a thing apart,
    ‘Tis woman’s whole existence.
    LORD BYRON, Don Juan

    In revenge and in love woman is more barbaric than man is.

    FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE, Beyond Good and Evi

    Of all things upon earth that bleed and grow,
    A herb most bruised is woman. (not a beta-herb you dumbufks zlozlzlz)
    EURIPIDES, Medea

    The sexual life of adult women is a “dark continent” for psychology.

    SIGMUND FREUD, The Question of Lay Analysis

    Woman’s mind
    Oft’ shifts her passions, like th’inconstant wind;
    Sudden she rages, like the troubled main,
    Now sinks the storm, and all is calm again.
    JOHN GAY, Dione

    The man’s desire is for the woman; but the woman’s desire is rarely other than for the desire of the man.

    SAMUEL TAYLOR COLERIDGE, Table Talk, July 23, 1827

    Everything about woman is a riddle, and everything about woman has a single solution: that is, pregnancy.

    FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE, Thus Spake Zarathustra

    For I cannot think that GOD Almighty ever made them [women] so delicate, so glorious creatures; and furnished them with such charms, so agreeable and so delightful to mankind; with souls capable of the same accomplishments with men: and all, to be only Stewards of our Houses, Cooks, and Slaves.

    DANIEL DEFOE, The Education of Women

    All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy.

    OSCAR WILDE, The Importance of Being Earnes

    lzozozozlzl ’tis


    th eleftist bankers

    dumbed down the univeristsisies and

    detsoryed all wetsern ulture lzozlzlz

    except for
    batman and ocmic books zlozozlz

    whwere hereoes

    have to wear thier underwear

    on the outside


  38. I prefer a hot non-bitch. However, that leaves feminists out, hot or not.


    • Ditto. Hot non-bitch, hot bitch, non-hot non-bitch, non-hot bitch, feminazis (if not covered by non-hot bitch already) in order of preference.


  39. on July 27, 2011 at 7:02 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

    here’s da link

    to da


    music video for THREE COCK RULE lzozll



  40. on July 27, 2011 at 7:05 pm Haughty Naughty

    Personally I can’t stand bitchy women. I would rather be screwing a feminine 7 that quietly cooks me dinner while I plug away at my Ipad than a 9 who constantly shit tests me and is never happy. With bitchy women my game has to be constantly on, at least with more feminine women I can put that shit into sleep mode on occasion. Maybe it is my advancing age, but I don’t care to be constantly on anymore. I’m beyond the days where you have to bring the neg game on full force to score the 9 at the bar. Yeah it used to be fun to neg the shit out of some fembot who would then find herself AUFD on my bed, in handcuffs, while I gave her one anal session she won’t ever forget, but I’m sort of over that stage. I’ll leave that for the younger guys and belly up to bar next to the 7 who will actually appreciate my attention.


  41. on July 27, 2011 at 7:14 pm greatbooksformen GBFM


    i can’t ebeleieve how many of you guys pay money to pick chcix up at barz lzozozlz

    those same chicks

    hang out in coffee shops
    go groeceeyr shopping grcoery
    sit by the pool
    walk sdown ths treet

    might as well sigle on up & say, “my name is gbfm sorry i did not meet u in the bar last night but i don’t gotta pt 2 play if ya know what i mean here’s my card. lzozllzzo”


    hell one tme i got a chicks email walking out of the grcoery store asking her if she was at the law school party a socuple weeks back at my friends house. i knew she wasn’t but right away she knwew i had a freind in law school which girls like lzozlzzo and spread for zlozz

    and so she came over that very same night and borught the winde shed just bought

    and we front sexed (not buttessex) on the couch as i licked her couch and she licked and sucked on my balls CAREFUL!!! i thought to myself as she sucked on my beans lzozozzo ya kow what i meanz lzozlzlzl

    but bars are for betas zlozolzlz


  42. I prefer sluts.


  43. @jenny

    hot women attract ALL guys but choose the ones that are BAD for them because of a unhealthy learned set of values.. women with strong healthy values are apt to attract value and respect the same..


    • Yes, I agree, I’d like to beat these women with a wet fish and make them unlearn. Unfortunately, these women don’t have the strength to leave the asshole or feel they have invested too much to call it quits.


      • Women with low self-esteem pine to be treated like a slave by a hot man because that makes them feel good about themselves as women when they’d be better off having more self-respect and the character to feel they deserve better.


      • @jenny – so would you date an average nice guy ..not looking for the mythical chemistry feeling…maybe bring chemistry to it..

        lol beat with wet fish ..that how you do it..to funny


  44. hot women attract ALL guys but choose the ones that are BAD for them because of a unhealthy learned set of values.. women with strong healthy values are apt to attract and respect the same..


  45. I have heard excuses from women that the tend to cling to really positive memories from their asshole boyfriends and they don’t cut them loose because they are afraid that said asshole might be “the one” for them. It kind of exhausts you to hear their excuses.

    [Editor: Yeah, I’ve heard all manner of paper-thin excuses from girls who date assholes. The easy way to force a bit of the ol’ ultraintrospection on them is to use their excuses against them. For instance, you could tell them how funny it is that they have so many positive memories with assholes in the first place. And where are the niceguy “ones”? They had no trouble cutting them off.]


    • It’s why police in Aruba still haven’t found Natalee Holloway’s body. (But Joran van der Sloot was so hot with his lackeys, the Kalpoe brothers,… )


  46. You gotta love Tom Leykis… Chicks to dig jerks… And their irrational responses…


  47. on July 27, 2011 at 7:45 pm Obstinance Works

    OT, but I’ve been looking for a good blog or instructive website on Game Theory (if you know what that is). Anyone know of one?


  48. The best response if a feminist brings up the topic of men liking bitchy women: “No, sorry, I’m not attracted to you.”


  49. “OT, but I’ve been looking for a good blog or instructive website on Game Theory (if you know what that is). Anyone know of one?”

    yah i do!!!

    it is @


    game on zlozlozl!!!!


  50. ABSOLUTELY true what you wrote, there is no way a man of value will put up with a disloyal slut, even hot, for a longterm relationship…


    • Pump and dump… recreational splooge release only, at best. (Hey, she’s willing, so why not?)


  51. One way you can tell this isn’t true is that women don’t even say that men like bitches unless they’re trying to rebut that women like jerks. Left to their own devices, they’ll say that men like the exact opposite. From Julie Klausner:

    “There’s nothing scary about Pam [from The Office], because there’s no mystery: she’s just like the boys who like her; mousy and shy.”


  52. Roissy, it would be great if you could do some series, like “Roissy’s origins” or “How did i become Roissy”. You certainly show deep insight into game and relationships, but i have always wondered how did you gain such insight.

    My guess is that you are not a natural alpha, only a extremely smart beta, who became alpha trough his (traumatic?) experiences and observation.

    Anyway, just a suggestion if you want to consider.


    • Roissy is an impeccable writer, astute observer, and great disseminator of insight, but a lot of this stuff is timeless knowledge. There was a generation skipped in the handing down of this knowledge, because of feminism, so we are starved for the information.

      If you go back and watch old movies with strong male leads, you will frequently see game in action. Watch Carnal Knowledge with Jack Nicholson, and tons of other movies from the 70s. Watch Bogart movies. Read old detective or war novels. Also, listen to the Tom Leykis radio archives, available for free download.

      There has been plenty of alpha theory presented in the media, but never in such a comprehensive and beneficial fashion as it is here.


  53. The myth of hot, bitchy women. Ah, yes.

    But you know who is calling those hot women bitches most of the time? Less hot women and the men who those hot women will not date. The former are angry at the hotter women for the obvious reason. And come to think of it, the unacceptable men who wish the hotties would date them are also angry at the hot women for an obvious reason.

    So like the fox calling the grapes sour, the hot women are called bitches by women who want to be hot women and men who want to be in hot women.

    Funny thing, though. Most hot women I have known were just fine, or at least no more likely to be a bitch than any other gals. I compare that with the number of nasty looking gals who were mean, and I just don’t see a correlation between attractiveness and bitchiness. Purely anecdotal, of course.

    [Editor: Good points. If you have game and your girl really likes you, she won’t be bitchy with you no matter how hot she is. A lot of hot chicks who have to put up a cool persona in public (to keep away the jackals and hyenas) are secretly relieved to melt into a puddle of warm lovingness with the right kind of man.]


  54. Hot girls are attracted to assholes but not to all types of assholes. Some girls are attracted to thugs but the vast majority of hot girls are not. Also the type of thug that some women are attracted to are not stupid, mindlessly order following thugs, but gang leader or high lieutenant arrogant street clever thugs. Being a socially unaware nerdy asshole will not cause the hotties to come running – in your direction.

    The kind of asshole that most hot women are most attracted to are cocky, confident, not caring what people think of him, socially savvy, risk taking, drama creating assholes.

    Also different girls are attracted to different flavors of asshole.

    The word “asshole” is used in the game community in part to shock “nice guy” betas into realizing how thoroughly their mindset as to what works to get cute and hot women has to change to be successful.

    [Editor: People often confuse the kind of assholes girls love with the kinds of assholes nobody likes. The difference is how invested the asshole is in his quarry. Uncaring, aloof assholes are magnets to women. Caring, insecure assholes are not much better than weak betas.]


  55. as an aside. what’s wrong with being an asshole? it takes a lot of guts to be an asshole actually (in most non super liberal places)

    [Editor: Precisely. Most betas don’t have the temperamental fortitude to pull off the asshole act for any length of time. Being a niceguy is a lot easier than being an asshole.]


    • Which is odd, since most super liberal folk are A-holes.


      • Well, wussy pains-in-ass maginas/feminazis with no ballz, actually… but you get the idea.


    • ed, men are nice guys because of their moral training-golden rule and all that-making it tougher for them to violate social convention or worse, their consciences. thank god for that or we wouldn’t have a civilization worth saving


  56. *Hey, but at least feminists have tacitly admitted that chicks do indeed dig jerks.”..

    Any time a feminist agrees with anything one has to look at their motives at doing so. They have constantly denied that “False Rape” even existed and pursued a “the rape happened because she said so” does not compete with reality and at the same time that false accuser is released, no charges laid and is free to accuse the next sucker stupid enough to think that he is an exception.

    Chasing pussy will eventually be your downfall and there are plenty of guys in jail who can verify that..

    Helping the Men’s Movement achieve it’s goals should an honourable action and should be encourage by those of you who have not been infected by feminism..
    If there are any left, that is..


  57. This isn’t even worth dissecting. A feminist who would argue this is going to believe that all hot women are bitches.


  58. I’m sorry i know plenty of beautiful attractive women who are not bitchy and who also don’t fall for assholes. I can agree that these days women in general (hot or not) do gravitate towards bad boys. I won’t argue that. But I’m not so sure its innate as its cultural, conditioning & ego. the Bad boy is glamourized as the “catch”. It’s a TEMPORARY ego boost for any girl to be “that one” (even though that ego boost comes at the expense of her sanity and emotional needs.) Once she’s become invested its hard for her to turn back (even though she’s regretting it) b/c – its too embarrassing. A hot chick being played is the last thing any ego driven woman wants to admit to, so she sticks it out with the jerk. After that it becomes a never ending chase and challenge to find that “jerk” that she can tame. it never happens though.

    Women are not taught or shown what real masculinity is in men and therefore gravitate towards the hyper masculine male who treats her bad. The nice guy is promoted as unexciting, plain and boring. This is not always true, but Perceptions become reality. Conditioning is a mofo and plenty of people live it day to day without knowing it.
    With better social conditioning towards women choosing better mates, the tide can turn. Hyper-masculine assholes are overrated, contrived and obvious IMO. It takes a certain kind of woman to be turned on by that – especially if she hasn’t seen REAL masculinity in action. But in the world we live in today its all about smoke and mirrors *shrugs*


    • After losing out to destructive assholes and being wanted only for an emotional tampon (and, at best, the sloppy seconds from said assholes as second choice to them) by women who pine for them despite getting screwed-over (literally) for doing so, most men think most women are idiotic and unsafe (like Amy WInehouse with drugs) to be with.


      • So the not so hot chicks are not losing out after all. Any woman who avoids assholes voluntarily or by no other choice (b/c she isn’t “hot enough to get a jerk” LOL) is the real winner in this all.


      • True, but men with character will still tend to view most women like shoplifters (especially nowadays with divorce theft and “I’m not happy” leading to “needing space” with another man) for not looking for character attached to a bid dick/skills first. Bad men will still look at them as next-best pieces of ass when hotter ones can’t be had, regardless.


      • Well Well any woman that forsakes a good man/relationship for an asshole deserves her fate.


      • Far too many women deserve their fate… it’s sure not stopping ’em these days.

        F*ck the FriendZone… they want emotional connection, they should commit to physical connection too. Ass, gas or cash; nobody rides for free.


      • The reason its not “stopping” some women is b/c once you cross the threshhold of selling your self respect, sanity and emotional stability short, there’s no turning back. It becomes a desperation for trying to “tame” the beast who keeps eating you alive.

        Sane women today who want emotional connections (like myself) are realizing we won’t find it in men anymore and thus have found other ways to fulfill that void. Sex is an easy void to fill for any woman who goes into it with eyes wide open. I have a feeling this is what it going to become of male/female relationships. no more emotional attachments, simply NSA sex. It is what it is…


      • NSA = jerking off, what’s the difference? You have an orgasm and then what? If there’s nothing else, there’s no difference.


      • NSA sex with a young horny guy who just wants to get laid and “prove” himself is not jerking off. I don’t want to have to resort to that, but I know plenty of women who have once the realization occurs to them they they are not going to be in in a LTR or marraige with a decent guy. I’m saying the emotional happiness that would come with being in a relaitonship with a good guy can be replaced with other things in a woman’s life if she focuses on those things and stops pining for the impossible. the sex part is pretty easy if she just needs to have some injections now and then. Hopefully she’ll be able to chose a trusting guy she can easily connect with sexually when she needs it.


      • Uh-oh, hamster spinout…


    • Thx Roissy:) You know what I’m talkng about – very alpha of you….


  59. Nicely done roissy. Another false equivalence I’ve seen is when women talk about *scoring*, as if they are alpha males, and not hot young women. It’s a weird thing. I recall this from my youth. And I probably saw more of this braggartry among women than men, who I actually rarely saw it.

    Feminists want to make male/female sexuality the same. So you’ll see female sex bloggers acting like this alot. (kind of the whole sex and the city vibe I guess). As you said, false equivalence.


  60. My ex-wife was hot and a bitch…I hated her.


  61. What gets me is how the guys here seem to just shrug and simply accept that guys will put up with bitchiness if the girl is good in bed and hot. No personal accountability.

    You may not be attracted to her bitchiness, but simply putting up with it because she’s sexy and great in bed is as stupid as a woman staying with a complete asshole because he’s seemingly ~alpha~ and she’s ~in love~.

    Why can’t guys realize that they’re better than that (even if it’s just for sex). Everyone keeps talking about how women should have self-respect. Well, the same goes for men. And with all the complaints from men about their bitchy wives, obviously, some men are putting priority on the wrongs things or ignoring other attributes of their potential significant other, LTR, etc.


    • on July 28, 2011 at 12:32 am And Balls...

      Alphas–most def–and assholes have self-respect. Read the comments from men who beat up hot pussy on the reg. We’ll put up with hot bitches for sex, but she ain’t gonna be my baby momma.


    • What gets me is how the guys here seem to just shrug and simply accept that guys will put up with bitchiness if the girl is good in bed and hot. No personal accountability.

      Well, I can put up with it as a fuck-buddy, until I grow tired of it and dump her.

      And with all the complaints from men about their bitchy wives, obviously, some men are putting priority on the wrongs things or ignoring other attributes of their potential significant other, LTR, etc.

      We call them “betas”. “Alphas” don’t usually stay around long enough to complain.


      • Yup. F*ck it, on to the next ‘ho!


      • Here’s one thing that bothers me. Whenever someone discusses a characteristic/habit/whatever of men that displays weakness, flaws, ect., then everyone is like “Oh he’s a beta”. It’s like men separate themselves from certain behaviors and weaknesses by claiming that certain men possibly do that and that they would HAVE to be beta. Men are put into groups and women are lump together for the most part. It kind of reminds me of the “just world theory”.


      • If it sucks or you’re not good at it, it’s “beta.” (Sorta slightly more mature than calling it “gay,” but I digress.)


    • Why can’t guys realize that they’re better than that (even if it’s just for sex).

      we realize that it’s okay to compromise a bit to get what we want. we weigh the girl’s level of bitchiness against her hotness and fucking ability and then decide whether to put up with her or not.

      Everyone keeps talking about how women should have self-respect. Well, the same goes for men.

      a man who chooses to put up with a young hot girl’s bitchy attitude because she fucks like a champ does not lose self respect. it’s actually got nothing to do with self respect, the girl is merely a means to an end.


    • @Renee

      “What gets me is how the guys here seem to just shrug and simply accept that guys will put up with bitchiness if the girl is good in bed and hot. No personal accountability.”

      Interesting. What led you to that conclusion? Nightly shrieks of eagles?


  62. @renee it’s a supply side problem actually.


  63. I think a lot of it is, hot women have to become bitches for self protection.

    Less attractive women are mean to hot women, assume every accomplishment they achieve was given to them because they are pretty, and assume they are dumb.

    They also have to put with a horde of betas following them with their eyes, buzzing around them, and hitting them with lame game.

    They turn on the bitch to protect themselves.

    When they meet women who are nice to them or attractive males they are a lot nicer.

    So the answer to the Feminist counter charge that guys like bitchy hot women is, they are just bitchy to low lifes like yourself.


    • “When they meet women who are nice to them or attractive males they”

      …..don’t change. Which is the very definition of a bitch.


    • on August 1, 2011 at 4:47 am grizzledwolf

      Actually, the use of the “bitch shield” is just like the use of torture. There is a practical application at first, but the more you use it, the more monstrous you become. Women who use the bitch shield constantly will slowly forget how to turn it off, just as the torturer who temporarily turns off his humanity eventually forgets how to turn it on.

      The analogy is bit dramatic, but I cannot think of another equivalent.


  64. on July 28, 2011 at 1:00 am social norm is BULLSHIT women need more self respect

    wow lol u do know this is a load of shit

    ….the way i see it is.. women need to change.. they complain that men treat them like shit … it’s because the number of women in society that just let men walk all over them… e.g the text above u just sent me. so now it is just social norm that if a woman has self respect she will be pushed aside because men want what is easy and if they can get it they will… they think with their dick… so this makes a self respected woman fall into a deep pit of depression some becoming bitter and lonely others reforming to the social norm… on an endless lookout for happiness which they will never achieve this way.. so eventually when a woman is becoming more and more desperate for happiness or what the media tells her what happiness is (such as in chick flicks, articles she reads) things she confides in because even though she has grown older she still can not find herself… she will settle for an average man she really does not love but for stability and the possibility that she could ‘learn’ to love him…however this will not dull the craving for something more.. something she believes only fairy tales have…she will think it is boredom but really she still doesn’t know herself. So she will most probably fuck any fuckwit like the dude above who wrote that article … because he seems like he knows what he wants.. (women are attracted to men with diretion because women want direction) when really he’s just a sad lil boy deep down inside who’s mummy never filled the gap or showed him love.. and because that didn’t happen he feels like he has to put on a front and bang as many chicks to fill this never ending void and ultra ego that will only take him so far. But what happens when he’s old and lonely… he’l wish he had someone to love him… though all the things he says about trust… that is his insecurity.. and this has made him bitter and reform. maybe then he will become a second rate for a woman and it will be his turn to be cheated on.. oh how sad…. but you see this could all change if woman had more self respect, they belittle themselves way to much. If they had more self respect men would be at their feet… or there would be a lot more gay men out there…but that article was definitely right how it pointed out that women are directed by their emotions.. if this was not the case and women had a ‘realisation’ that the ball could be in their court and men only treat them his way because they let them then I’m sure love would exist once again.. though I do believe in love and as a female i would never fuck the guy above as I DO have self respect and if no man gives me what I want in a relationship then I will not give him what he wants and if that leads me to old and lonely so be it I’d rather be that than despite and never satisfied


    • Grow da F up wimmens… find someone you actually like that you want to f*ck (our grandparents knew this) otherwise it won’t last.


      • And, yes, I do appreciate the comment I commented to above… she is right. Most women, though, need to have their Rationalization Hamster shocked into submission to realize what she described.


    • I agree with your post. Women should have more self-respect and keep believing in fairy tales/romantic love. I know I will. Like you, I rather become old and lonely and keep my self-respect and realistic world view. I know I could have fun now, but I won’t. If nobody wants to accept me with all my woman’s feelings and interests I’m not giving my body away.


      • keep believing in fairy tales


        believing in romantic love is fine. but life is life, not a fairy tale.


    • What bullshit. The big tragedy in your rambling post is a girl “settling for an average guy”. Let’s cry about that.

      News Flash: You are average. In fact you might be less than average. You do not deserve anything more than an average guy. It is not settling, it is recognizing your true worth. 99% of the human population are average, semi-attractive people, who marry other average, semi-attractive people.

      The most unhappy women out there are the ones who have fooled themselves into believing that they deserve so much more than the “average” guys who have been presented to them. If they just hold out longer, that supreme alpha will come along and see her as the princess she is. A fantasy is all it is, and it slowly drains the life out of you day by day until you spent so much time chasing the fantasy that you are old, bitter and alone. Lucky to get the affections of one of those average betas you’ve been shunning. Just like our friend Maya here, still so deluded that a late twenties girl with mental issues is going to be swept up and made a wife by Mr. Perfect. It’s a sad joke, because it hurts not only you, but all the good men you reject along the way.


      • What the GOOD WOMEN of days past used to do, was find a good average man from her community that had good character, and then work at making him a better, more alpha man, by building him up, admiring him, trusting him, and letting him lead. You do that, and you have your alpha who is 100% devoted to you and your family. Stupid bitches.


      • Ladies, print that out in 72 point font, read it every day until it is SEARED into your tiny little pea brains. Then LIVE it.


      • Because otherwise (like today) y’all are f*cking it all up for everyone.


      • DE .killin it..


      • Hi 🙂

        I agree with your post as well as with hers. I don’t think she said that being deluded that you deserve more than what you can get is a good idea.
        Besides, I don’t really know why do you think I’m deluded? Your posts seem interesting, so if you write something on that, I’ll be grateful.

        I think that girls who slept with many super alpha extremely good-looking guys are much more deluded about their SMV than I am. I mentioned many times that I’m looking for an (alpha?) asshole, but that doesn’t mean I’m looking for Mr. Perfect! Look, I don’t like lazy or needy men, so I’m not going to settle for that. Why should I? I can’t imagine having sex with a man I’m not attracted to. In the past I was rejecting men for reasons other than thinking they are not good enough for me, so I don’t think this is a problem.

        One other thing is that right now I don’t have much mental issues (besides being a little childish for my age and being addicted to this blog, which will both heal by itself, soon).

        I know I’m average. You are average, too. And I don’t think this is bad at all.


      • Maya I say you are deluded because you seem to only view men in two categories: weak, needy, lazy betas, and superior asshole alphas.

        What you are missing is that the type of men you claim to be holding out for are the ones who have their choice of almost any girl they want. By and large they will go for women younger, better looking, and more pliable than yourself. If you have not been consistently approached by these types of men since you were 16 years old, then you are not on their menu, period. If you had been approached by them, you would not still be an unmarried virgin.

        You might be better served to see men on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being omega, 10 supreme alpha. Then admit to yourself that landing a 6 or 7 is the best you can hope for.

        If you insist that you deserve the most sought after type of man, then you must post a picture and let the audience be the judge of your qualifications. My guess is that you fall far short of what you expect in a mate.


      • DiamondEyes,

        I really wasn’t clear enough then. I don’t view men only in two categories. I never said that. Maybe you made this conclusion because I frequently use these words you mentioned – week, needy, lazy, asshole, alphas etc. I mentioned sometimes that I believe a good man is what we women really want, but soon everyone replied that this is only what I think I want, women hate betas, blah blah blah. So you probably have not noticed these posts.

        I’m not “holding out” for a supreme alpha man. I’ve just noticed that I’m very attracted to these kind of men, but it doesn’t mean that I’m waiting for one of them. I’m waiting for a guy I will be able to fall in love with/feel attraction towards him. Why should I settle for someone I’m not attracted to?

        “If you insist that you deserve the most sought after type of man, then you must post a picture and let the audience be the judge of your qualifications.”

        I can’t FORCE a man to fall in love with me. Therefore talking about deserving or not deserving someone is irrelevant. I never used the word ‘deserve’ in this context and it’s a product of your imagination that I “insist on deserving” an alpha.

        I don’t need the audience here to judge my qualifications. Why?

        “My guess is that you fall far short of what you expect in a mate.”

        Hope you have a harem of sexy teenage 10s who worship you as a god.


      • Not week, but weak … Sorry.


    • are you gbfm’s little sister?


    • on July 30, 2011 at 11:09 am Emma the Emo

      Not sure if anyone will relate, but here is goes:
      Being alone is not the same as being lonely, as I know from personal experience (although some people need more human contact to not feel lonely). Being together with someone you have little in common with, and trying to desperately learn to love them or just get used to them will only intensify the loneliness. At least when you’re all alone, you know what to expect. When you’re with someone, you are still trying to get some intimacy out of them and you’re reminded each time you talk of how it’s not working… At least when you’re alone, you’re with someone who cares about you and understands you (unless you hate yourself and are confused, then it’s bad).


      • I understand the point of view, but at a certain point (near the pre-30-year mark) it becomes just like a guy trying to sell his 1987 Honda Civic for $15,000 because it has ‘nostalgic and sentimental’ value. The value is only deemed that high by the holder of the merchandise, and no one else. And so it sits and rusts, unsold.

        If that is your attitude, you may as well come right out and proudly admit that you plan on being a spinster or a lesbian.

        I don’t understand this passive approach of waiting for a guy to come along and be good enough for/to you that you are able to fall in love with him. Again, for the hundredth time, if that has not happened to you dozens of times before age 24, when you are in your prime, what makes you think it will happen now that your prime years are fading in the rearview?


      • “I don’t understand this passive approach of waiting for a guy to come along and be good enough for/to you that you are able to fall in love with him.”

        Just waiting in the house is not a good idea, I agree. Actively looking for someone is much better. But chasing a guy is desperate, in my opinion.

        “Again, for the hundredth time, if that has not happened to you dozens of times before age 24, when you are in your prime, what makes you think it will happen now that your prime years are fading in the rearview?”

        Good question. What makes me think that this will happen now when my prime years are fading? The fact that guys were interested in me in the past – and still are, but out of fear I didn’t want to interact much with them, because I was sure I have no right to say ‘no’ to anyone’s sexual advances (strange, I know, but that’s how I was brought up) + I thought I’m not a person anyone could ever like when they find out who I really am (strange, again, and this was the reason I didn’t let any guy to come too close).
        Look, I know that at 26 my chances are lower than they were a few years ago, but should I give up now, when I finally feel good with myself? Again, I can’t imagine settling for someone with whom I feel no sexual attraction. How the sex would look like, then?! Mutual masturbation? I’d rather be a spinster or a lesbian then. Or maybe have sex without contraception with a guy I like and then raise the kid alone. I know everyone recommends settling these days, but when I hear them complaining about their boyfriends all the time, and especially about their sex, and eventually breaking up with them … I don’t think this is a good idea. I’ll stay a virgin then. I don’t care. I’ll have cats … It’s okay. I’ll still have friends, because I’m a kind person and I also have my family and I’ll help other people. I’m not joking. I’ll be a catlady then. But right now I’m still optimistic and I’m sure brain have some mechanisms to make some kind of compromises if necessary, so I’ll keep believing in romantic love.


      • on July 30, 2011 at 2:37 pm Emma the Emo

        Who says you have to passively wait for a guy? And there is no need to have sky-high standards either. The fact is that the person has to be a net positive in your life, not a net negative. I don’t date men who have little to nothing in common with me, it’s not about them not being good enough. I don’t want to waste their time or mine. I have tried this before. This doesn’t apply to romance only, it also applies to friends. I remember trying to have one on one interaction with people very different from me for longer periods of time. It’s torture, and drains energy so bad. It’s not their fault, but it’s not working.
        People who hit on me are those I usually have no possibility of connecting with. Because I look unapproachable, I don’t go to bars, don’t party and don’t have much internet presence. So only the boldest ones try. Just because a girl is not approached by the guys that fit her better, doesn’t mean she should stick with those that approach her. It might also mean she isn’t hanging out at the right places, or that the guys she wants are not brave enough to approach anyone. You’re right – a girl shouldn’t just wait for a good man to appear, she should look for him.


      • on July 30, 2011 at 6:00 pm Neil Hansen

        are you norwegian, emma?


      • on July 30, 2011 at 8:28 pm Emma the Emo

        Why do you ask?


      • If you’re Arpagus’s girlfriend, I just figured you were Norwegian. But then it occurred to me that is not necessarily the case; your name, Nataliya, sounds Russian.


      • on July 31, 2011 at 9:33 am Emma the Emo

        Actually, you asked me that once already and I answered that I was Russian, but lived in Norway for 10 years now. You must not have noticed it… But here you go 🙂


      • Emma the Emo

        Not sure if anyone will relate, but here is goes:
        Being alone is not the same as being lonely, as I know from personal experience

        stop picking such abusive men or female partners. raise your self-esteem


      • on July 30, 2011 at 2:43 pm Emma the Emo

        It’s ok, I wasn’t picking abusive partners, they weren’t even my partners, I was just hanging out with them for a while. They failed to connect with me and I was mean to them for it. It was very shitty of me and I regret it. That’s why dating 17 year old girls who cut and tattoo themselves can be bad.


      • At least you are the mature one of the 3 girls that circulate here


  65. Social norm…

    Listen to me. I will only say this once.
    Successful blog commenting is no different, at all, from successful bill board advertizing on high speed freeways. You have only got 3 or 4 seconds of anyones attention.
    So, make it vivid and make it short. Boring = death.
    You may go now…


  66. on July 28, 2011 at 1:35 am the realist


    The GBFM is a parody of what all you aspergery man-o-sphere douches should be concentrating on!


  67. She doesn’t need to like you, she just needs be lower than you, to be attracted to you; you don’t need to be friendly, you just need to fuck with her, to express yourself without filter, and without need; the answers are not in a book, they are right in front of you.


  68. Can a die hard beta successfully keep up an act of being a asshole for any length of time?


    • If he makes the word “fuck” a regular part of his language like they do in a warzone…


  69. The only exception being when you’re intentionally getting into serial LTRs with bitchy girls to keep your game in tip-top shape.


  70. The male equivalent of the asshole-as-catnip-to-women is not the bitch, but the crazy girl. That’s the one with a perpetually drama-filled life, lots of problems, hysterical crying spells, extreme mood swings, who requires constant support (emotional, financial, physical, whatever the guy can provide). While gold-diggers sometimes copy her behavior, the real crazy girl isn’t especially greedy, just super needy. She isn’t a bitch because it’s not cold and calculated behavior, and while she may be mean at times (like during one of her hysterical meltdowns), her distinguishing characteristics are really instability, unreliability and emotionality.

    Other women will look at (the often very attractive, successful) men who date/marry these women, and wonder why they put up with them. Such women can never be trusted with anything (since they might have a mental breakdown at any point) and dating/marrying one means a lifetime of hard (mostly unappreciated) work. But (most) men love them. I think it’s because they are usually very feminine, and appeal to men’s instinct to protect the weak. Perhaps it’s also a sexual attraction issue (just like women with bad boys), because everyone says sex with a crazy girl is in general way better.

    Unlike men who might put up with very attractive bitchy women, in the crazy girl’s case part of her attraction is precisely the crazy behavior. If you observe carefully, you will see many, many men with options choosing such girls.


    • I guess most men eventually date a BPD nutball. At least once.

      Yes, it’s like crack cocaine. You don’t really want a long term relationship with it. But sometimes things slide away from you, and you can’t live without it.

      Until you can. And that’s the point where you know not to do crack cocaine any more.


      • Without getting into the gory details other “alternative” relationships can be similarly addictive, and damaging to your psyche if you allow it.


    • Good point. I’ve noticed this myself.


    • on July 29, 2011 at 12:48 am old guy, lower case

      Crazy in the head, crazy in bed, is true.

      Ride the roller coaster, know when to get off the ride, wave as she continues on.


  71. OT – a Finnish reporter lays the blame for Norway’s recent tragedy on women.



    • Those silent, withdrawn young men do not and would not appreciate the attention of girls willing to date or shag them because they’ve been raised by feminists and/or lost women.

      I know this from many painful experiences being the ex girlfriend who was “great” but always somehow never good enough…never pretty enough to cause loss panic, or weak enough to make guys want to protect me (or smart enough to conceal my strength), basically.

      It is my hope that if the women here learn nothing else from reading this blog and the comments, it is that they should worry less about being good women and more about being just women. Do not settle. Do not mercy shag the weak unwilling to speak up when they see a woman who interests them, yet incessantly complaining that they are overlooked. Wait for a man, and sort from among the ones who at least had the sack to open their mouths.

      Giving sex to men who don’t want you and are just settling for you because you manned up and made the first move and/or dragged them along a relationship is like throwing money into the sea. You reduce your value or take yourself off the market for someone who cannot appreciate you and would rather be with a porn fantasy.

      These types of men don’t live in the real world, or else they would be asking you or someone else out instead of skulking around like the pussy fairy is going to drop a Victoria’s Secret model into their laps.

      They are psychic vampires who thrive on pity, or wankers for whom no flesh and blood woman will ever be good enough.

      So rather than dating the dude brooding in the corner, give the guy a chance who might not look like much now, but is drinking milk and actually speaks up and asks you out.


  72. To my fellow men,you need not be “assholes”,just be confident men with a goal or purpose in life and the ability to obtain your desires. Women love and I mean LOVE a man who will hold his ground and beliefs without being adamant concerning the situation,and still keep his woman in check without having to go Chris Brown on them(fuck them good, long and hard in the bedroom),delightfully play with/stimulate there emotions outside the bedroom and repeat process, in addition NEVER get over emotional or butthurt with the words that come out of her mouth and she will not only respect you but damn near worship the ground you work on because of
    your SELF CONTROL.Women LOVE men whom they RESPECT/DHV, but will NEVER love a man who they DON’T respect/ DLV. To all the younger men in training in this battlefield called Life and Love. Remember this rule well: You lose money chasing women, but never lose women while chasing money. Remember these two things and you will have peace of mind, save precious time and gain financial acumen as well.


    • well said..v nice


    • I don’t mean to pick on you, but some of your comments are good examples of the misguided, or unbalanced, advice that I posted about (see my post below).

      “you need not be ‘assholes’,just be confident men with a goal or purpose in life and the ability to obtain your desires.”

      If by “ability to obtain your desires” you include the ability to attract women sexually, then your advice is circular. “Attract women by being able to attract women.” Is that useful?

      “You lose money chasing women, but never lose women while chasing money.”

      That sounds nice, and should be true in a normal world. But the point has been made before that the U.S., or should we say the Anglosphere, is far from normal.

      I’ve known guys who were confident, and had a strong goal or purpose, and were also basically friendly and even good looking, who rarely had dates. This was in Silicon Valley. It’s just how it is there, and if you know any Silicon Valley veterans who say it’s a great environment for meeting tons of hot babes, I’d like to hear about it.

      I also knew a guy who made lots of money by working oil rigs in Alaska. There were no women there except the ones who worked in the strip clubs.

      Then there are guys who left the U.S. and teach ESL in S.E. Asia or S. America, making less money but having more and hotter girlfriends. If you think you can convince them that coming back to their high-paying job in cubicle-land will not put a dent in their sex life, well, feel free to try, my friend!

      I would modify your advice as follows: when young, chase money (even if it means being celibate), because that’s when it’s easier to make it. Then, when older, you’ll have the time and the wealth to play around.


  73. My God. This is brilliant. It all makes sense now.


  74. Right….I could be a bitch ….sometimes! …I don’t even have to use words! hehe! why waste the energy. You’ll get the message…


  75. This is my first post on this blog. I’ve enjoyed reading the articles and comments, particularly the previous article, “Chicks Dig Jerks: The Veil Of Self-Deception.” I think that article is a fair rebuttal to the various women who have posted previously, saying, “no we don’t really want blah blah blah.” Actions speak louder than words.

    However, I would like to point out that many men, even Alpha men, engage in a fair amount of self-delusion too. A prime example is that a lot of men like to say things like “all it takes is…”, “all you need is…”, “if you do X you’ll get Y” (for example, “all you need is confidence”, “just be your own man”, “stop chasing them, stop caring about what they think, stop people-pleasing, stop being attached to the results, and then you’ll have all the women you could possibly want”). How many times have we seen guys write this kind of stuff in these blogs?

    The reality is, every aphorism you could possibly spout off is like a medicine. If it worked for you, then it might work for the people who have the same illness you had. But it’s self-delusion to think all men are coming from where you came from. Would you tell a patient with anemia to take two aspirin and call you in the morning?

    Case in point: many men were raised by a single woman, so they did not have a male role model. Many of these guys are probably the ones who would benefit the most from being told to stop being a wuss, grow some balls, be your own man, stop people-pleasing, etc. It’s valid to try to bring them from a pathological extreme to the healthy middle. On the other hand, there are a smaller number of guys who were raised by a single man. Perhaps they learned everything there is to know about being your own man, being the “rugged individualist”, but know almost nothing about how to read women’s signals, or even care about learning how to do that. They are not geared toward making efforts to please others because they feel they are good enough already. This is a kind of confidence. But it’s the kind of confidence that pleases neither the woman’s hamster, nor her beaver.

    Guess what, compared to the latter guys, the Alpha Game experts are people-pleasers. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong — just do what works. But not admitting what you’re doing is self-delusion.

    I remember hanging out in a bar with a younger guy who seems to pull a lot of women. He claimed that he doesn’t chase them, just lets things come to him. But I observed him making more effort to chase than I would ever do. I also found out that he goes to bars/clubs 3 or 4 nights a week, far more that I would. Would he go if there were zero chance of getting laid? Of course not. In my view, time is money, and he doesn’t realize that he is paying, in a sense, for his results. I made the comment to him, “I may get only 10% of the girls you get, but I do it with 1% of the effort.” I’m not saying this to brag, just to show that a lot of men delude themselves. They tell themselves that they’re not chasing, not people-pleasing, and not making any expenditure of any kind, when actually, that’s what they’re doing.

    So, all you guys who like to say, “all women want is”, “all you need to do is”, etc., remind yourself that you may actually be doing more than “all you need to do.” And remind yourself that your advice may be applicable only to a small audience, that is, people like yourself. There are other men who are already doing what you’re talking about, and whatever it is they need may be something outside your experience or comprehension. In fact, guys coming from the opposite extreme of where you came from might need to do the opposite of what you did (e.g., some guys are rugged individualists, have balls to the max, and truly don’t give a shit, but they’re alone, and might get better results by giving more of a shit — and don’t assume they don’t exist just because you haven’t met one).

    Not trying to be argumentative, just trying to help shed some light on what seems to be a dark corner of this subject matter, for the benefit of the discussion. Perhaps it’s not realistic to expect women to recover from their self-delusion, but I believe men can, as long as they become aware of it first.


  76. The signal to noise ration here is getting particularly bad….


  77. After lurking here for a long time it occurs to me that GBFM plays the fool in Roissy’s court. The Chateau Jester perhaps? Ignore him at your peril. Lozozllozol-ese isn’t any harder to learn than Ebonics. Give it a try, you might learn something.


    • I pay homage:

      Once he spoke with two sluts, who admitted to one night stands, wondering why men don’t commit. He asked them why would men pay when they can get it hotter and tighter free? They sat in stunned silence, so he went “lozozllozol”

      At some point, one more note made Beethoven’s 9th what it is. That note was “lozozllozol”.


  78. Maybe we’re looking at different demographics (i interact mostly with 23-30 year olds, small city), but I don’t see “asshole” as the ideal that most of these women seek out in men. On the hierarchy, asshole is definitely higher than beta suck up, but a confident man who is neutral towards women and doesn’t try to impress or be an asshole, with objective status in his relevant social circle, definitely outranks the asshole bad boy. I find the asshole badboy type seems to reasonate most strongly with girls that do not have close relationships with their fathers.


    • “a confident man who is neutral towards women and doesn’t try to impress or be an asshole, with objective status in his relevant social circle, definitely outranks the asshole bad boy”

      This is how it should be, but doesn’t necessarily play out in an abnormal society (see my comments above about Silicon Valley, the Anglosphere, etc.).


  79. Oh my God your comment hits close to home. Just getting out of a marriage to a girl with BPD and Dissociative tendencies. Very feminine, very submissive and kinky in bed. Completely unstable. And once you see the “man behind the curtain” of their ever-adapting social fronts, you realize that all they do is use people to try to get what they want. They also appear to act contrary to the rules of game because of this: they cannot form love attachments with men, so they often avoid men with options in the dating market and seek out men that they can manipulate with their looks and sex. What makes them such excellent con artists, and explains the tendency that you have observed, is that they have no self-awareness of what they are doing themselves, and are often victims of their own self-destructive tendencies. They believe their own con.


  80. You are somehow wrong

    Maybe you are talking about how men used to be, or how they should be, or how you are, but not how most men are nowadays.

    They were all raised by feminist moms who taught them to admire masculine traits on women, which they perceive as strong personality, attitude, etc. You forgot that these men were raised to behave and think like women do.

    To illustrate my point of view, I will tell you a story. The most-desired girl among my friends – a pretty, sexy, hot bitch, who was a drug user (pot, cocaine, ecstasy, etc), who engaged in promiscuous sex and even orgies, who lacked empathy in all possible ways met this guy, who just came back to my country (South America) from New Zealand. His long-term New Zealander girlfriend flew all way around to SA, gave up her job to start a new life, etc. He was a hot, attractive guy who could get any girl he wanted.

    Head over heels about the bitch, he dumps his girlfriend and starts dating the bitch. After some months, his father kills himself in front of him. And then, at his most fragile moment, at the time he needed a supporting partner to overcome this trauma, the bitch starts cheating on him with numerous partners. Did he dump her? Obviously NOT. He stayed for a long time until she finally dumped him. And this was just one story among many others of guys who left their pregnant wives and etc, for her.

    At this time I thought it was so curious of how guys considered her strong, full of attitude chick and, most of all, dating material when they would say that I was this sweet little girl. I was even turned down by a guy who was I never attracted to (our friends wants us to go out together and then they told him to ask me out) because “you are so beautiful, but you are too sweet and you probably are needy too” when the only thing I ever done was treating him with some respect and not acting… like a bitch. Then I realized that I should start dating older men, who admired feminine traits on women, who would be the person in charge of the relationship, and not a doormat from this new generation, and I’ve been happy so far.

    Stop being delusional: most men nowadays are WEAK. Even if they are good-looking or if they seem to have a strong personality, they have been mainly raised by women who taught them to like crazy bitches like themselves. And it’s getting worse and worse.


    • I agree with this. Too many western men under 45 nowadays are kind of weak and don’t know how else to be.

      It’s good that you started dating older men. Whatever was ignorance and not just stupidity usually works itself out of a guy around 40-45. At that point, he’s usually had enough life experience to sort himself out. Until then, it’s a crap shoot.


  81. It’s better to be alone than with an asshole.

    women who say this are women who just haven’t met the right asshole.


    • Oh pray tell us ITSME. What and who is the “right” asshole? Could it just be some women are content with having a drama free life, no yeast/bacterial vaginal infections and peace of mind?


      • on July 28, 2011 at 11:50 am driveallnight

        And their cats, Neecy. Don’t forget about the cats.


      • Hmmm *weighing the options* Fluffy Or Fonzy. Yeah i’m gonna say Fluffy – she’ll help her live longer (people with pets live longer), while Fonzy the jackass will bring her stress and drama thus shortening her life span.


  82. on July 28, 2011 at 11:37 am greatbooksformen GBFM

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  83. Feminists are like PR advisors for the female gender. They talk up all women’s good qualities while trying to excuse and blame away all their flaws. They remind me of White House press secretaries who have to try and give the appearance that the President can do no wrong, even when everyone can tell even the press secretary doesn’t believe it.


  84. on July 28, 2011 at 1:05 pm bitchesloveme

    The minute I see a “first!” on a comment board, I realise the blog community is retarded. Looks like I was right.


  85. To Old Nerd Guy your modified statement was essentially my intentions, and how I wanted my comment to be viewed,thanks for clarifying my statement. But I still stand on not having to be an asshole tho. It’s just my perception or definition of what an asshole is. If being an asshole is synamous to being a selfish inconsiderate prick for the sake of obtaing any goal or for the sake of poon, then no, being an asshole is not worthy of emulation or admiration. That’s just me.


    • Cool. I was just trying to caution people against overgeneralizing and presenting idealistic views of how the world is. There’s an epidemic of that out there. In general, whenever people say “if you just do X, you will get Y”, it strikes me as flawed because there are so many different variables and situations in the real world.

      On assholery: It’s a matter of degree. Sometimes being selfish and manipulative is useful, in fact it turns some women on. I don’t think anyone is advocating beating women, sexually abusing their kids, or anything like that. In “the sixteen commandments of poon” I don’t think there’s anything that extreme, and the response from “iz” (https://heartiste.wordpress.com/the-sixteen-commandments-of-poon/#comment-117609) is a classic and hilarious inadvertent admission from a woman that it does, in fact, work, and for mutual benefit. We can all choose what to admire, but I think there’s something admirable in a man doing what works, as long as no one is truly victimized. That doesn’t mean I have to emulate what other men do. I may take pieces of what others have done, but ultimately, it’s up to me to create my life in a way that makes me admire myself (even if my way reduces my opportunities in some areas).

      Based on your comments, I think we probably agree, but there ought to be a FAQ on “what do we mean by ‘asshole’.”


  86. The crazy chick is definitely the equivalent of the asshole. The craziness is precisely what creates attraction/ pull to nest. It will cause a guy to leave his sweet, boring, hot, submissive wife/ girlfriend and risk his sanity to save her from herself. This is exactly the trap that women fall into with assholes. They want to be the one that causes him to change his asshole behavior and it never happens (same with the crazy).

    Granted, an emotionally stable (older and ready to settle down) guy won’t fall for this, much like an emotionally stable (ready to settle down) girl won’t fall for the bad boy. But some people are just damaged and even when they are ready to settle down, their emotional scars keeps them attracted to assholes and crazy bitches.

    I’m not going to lie, I’ve been the emotional girl who just needed rescuing in the past both genuinely and not so genuinely… and it works. Being a really attractive and genuinely sweet girl gets you lots of offers for dates and obviously sex disguised as dates. But nothing causes a young guy to want to settle down more than a girl who has just the right amount of instability in her life that he thinks he can fix.

    I’ve now settled down with a great guy and many of my problems have resolved themselves. But once in a while I let my fiance “save me” a little and I think he loves me more for it.

    So girls, no need to read up on girlgame or the rules. Just be as hot as you can, as sweet and feminine as you can (or smart and tough enough to hide that you are really uncaring and ruthless), as “on-paper” together as you can, then throw in some problems that you will just die if he doesn’t help you fix, and the most macho alpha will be putty in your hands. Hopefully, you will find a guy eventually where there is no need for any games, except for the occasional destabilizing force. But until then, if you just want to play around and feel a little powerful in slaying the most unattainable alpha in your social circle, PLAY CRAZY!


  87. Lmfao, I cant believe u made an entire post based on my comparison! It is the same, some people make stupid choices with who they date and marry. Most people, in fact! Enjoy your blog with your loser alpha-wannabe followers. You’re all pathetic! Now, put this through and call me feminist for disagreeing with u! 😉 Dont worry, I wont b back to argue. Bye!


  88. A, get over yourself. You’re not the first person to make that comparison…not by far. I remember saying something a couple of years ago about way too many broken men preferring bitches. I’ve since learned not to care much about those guys or the bitter graduates of bitch chasing academy calling themselves MGTOW.

    You probably should too, so that you can notice the majority who don’t like waking up to drama and conflict every day. Guys will put up with a lot of it’s normalized or they don’t think they have other options, but given a choice, most would not knowingly go into a relationship with a harpy.

    In fact, I’m living proof that a woman who’s not so pretty can raise her value by not being bitchy. You should try it.


  89. I like bikers who have been to jail at least 1 time. Long hair is better than short, but bald is good too. I like guys raised by single mama’s. I like guys who have lots of kids, like say 3 with 4 women. I like it when they pull my hair and drag me into the kitchen and say “bitch cook me some gourmet food”. I love skilttles for presents, especially the ones that are stolen from candy store bins. When they kick my dog I know they love me because they’re saying “hey bitch, I’m alpha dog, respect me.” I am jerkless right now, but I can see that I have a lot to choose from here. Yay!


  90. See above for my email addy all potential suitors! 😉
    If you didn’t laugh you’re totally my type of guy….just sayin’.


    • LOL It happens to the best of us Aoefe.


      • LOL. Yeah….I loved my handle though…it was lovemsomejerkslongtime. Blond momento…and that’s happens ALL the time gotta admit. 😉


      • let’s just hope some crazy doesn’t begin stalking you. That’s the best than can happen right? Lol


      • Been there, done that. Was very unpleasant. Thank God it was internet stalking, not irl, that said my internet addy (above) is on my blog and I do like emails, so that’s not such a big deal to me all n’ all.


  91. on July 31, 2011 at 7:20 am Girl, too easily interrupted

    Diamond eyes
    I don’t understand this passive approach of waiting for a guy to come along and be good enough for/to you that you are able to fall in love with him. Again, for the hundredth time, if that has not happened to you dozens of times before age 24, when you are in your prime, what makes you think it will happen now that your prime years are fading in the rearview?

    This whole concept is actually a very strong case for waiting to get married until 30 or so. Because if what you’re saying is true (questionable) then if we settle down early then isn’t it more likely that we’re just getting a man who, however “alpha”, is only going to be into us while we are young and hot? And will be exponentially more likely to leave us than the guy who marries us at 30?

    Food for thought. The consequences of your points are not what you think they are.


  92. but an alpha wouldn’t marry a woman who is merely young and hot. an alpha would marry a woman who also has the important long term qualities – personality, femininity, ability to be a good wife and mother.

    everybody ages, we understand that. but if you take care of your body (most importantly, do not get fat, and you possess those other qualities, the alpha won’t leave you. he may get some young hot pussy on the side (this is the price of being with an alpha), but he won’t leave.

    the older women get, the less likely they are to become wives of alphas. think about it – with every year that passes, you get older, but the pool of available younger hotter women increases. and while it’s true that most of these women won’t have the desirable ltr qualities an alpha’s looking for, there will inevitably be some – and their numbers also increase every year.

    so if you’re 30, you’re competing with all of these younger women. maybe you’ve got a very feminine personality and you’d be a great wife and mother, but the same could be said for a number of those younger women. so why would an alpha choose you over them?


  93. 9/10 conservative, feminine, wifey ladies will usually have met a future potential husband by their SMV peak 18-21. Particularly if they are dating older men. The EPIC FAIL these ladies make is rejecting the offer. Given their declining looks, accumulating number, etc…. it is unlikely that they will ever find such a good offer again. They then, like a lousy day trader, hold on to their single status hoping for good luck and for their SMV to go up when it is imploding. They can’t psychologically come to grips that they rejected an appealing man and will NEVER get another like him other than as a fuck and chuck. After riding the cock carousel, they just get embittered and lose the sheen off of their flower. Eventually settle without love after emotional devastation. I’ve known girls to reject celebs / handsome multimillionaires with marriage offers at 20 only later to be impoverished single mothers living with their parents. Cultural marxism insists that the little snowflake’s sexual freedom is paramount.. and not to settle and to experience the world without being chained down. So they reject love and marriage to an epic guy for the carousel ride.


    • Why is the alpha in youth the best option? A feminine woman can meet a high beta at a later date who will not only take care of her financially, but not cheat on her. Plus she gets to ride several alpha cocks in her youth? I’m not seeing where the epic fail is?

      [H: The epic fail is in your premise. A “high demand beta” won’t want to settle for a used-up cougar with a dog-eared cock carousel ticket. If he’s really that high demand, he’ll go for, and get, the younger hotter tighter babe.]

      On one hand: marry young, miss out on great cock, become a dutiful wife who gets cheated on.

      On the other hand: marry when you are ready, ride that very fun cock carousel (if you want), get a man with means to marry and take care of you, have less chance of being cheated on, if you are bored with beta cock, cheat (if you want).

      The latter seems like a better plan for women. You are only discouraging this because it goes against male interests (mostly the interests of beta males- which is why I think the majority of you posters are beta).

      I actually did get in a serious relationship young (20) to a high status catch (not sure if I would call him alpha or high beta) and we are getting married next year. I’m never tempted to sleep with anyone else, but sometimes a little more time to play the field seems fun.


      • on August 1, 2011 at 7:12 pm (R)Evoluzione

        “..but sometimes a little more time to play the field seems fun.”

        Bella, your hamster’s loose again. Better go catch it, before some alpha catches it and stuffs it balls deep before your fiance can even whisper “Darling, here’s our prenuptual agreement. I need you to initial here, here, and here, and sign, date & fingerprint at the bottom.”

        BTW, if he’s marrying you,especially with no prenup, and he’s younger than 30, odds are he’s not a true alpha, but a higher beta. If he’s 35 or older, and marrying your 20 year old ass, assuming you’re reasonably attractive, he may be an alpha. And the hotter you are, and/or the older he his, the more alpha he appears.


      • That reminds me, I need to ask him about our prenup again. At the beginning of our relationship he said he’d never get married without a prenup and later when we just started living together. I agreed with him.

        And now that we’re engaged, I brought it up twice and he seems uninterested. I’m going to ask him about it again tomorrow night. Ugh, another thing to take care of before the wedding.


      • I don’t see any fun in the idea of the cock carousel. I only got to ride the cock broomstick with the yarn mane and an old purse strap for reins in my youth, and even that kinda sucked.

        I live in an area with lots of pubs and see girls coming off the bus ride of shame, making the walk of shame, and if they’re lucky, getting the car ride of shame every Saturday morning. They do not look happy.

        So don’t think you’re missing anything. As I’m told, you’re not even missing orgasms or being treated like you were really wanted. You’re just missing being a step up from a hand.


      • i think there’s a word for women who have lots of fun on the cock carousel….


      • @Nicole if you don’t find it fun, then don’t ride it. Go get a nice guy. It’s really that simple. Or is it that even though you aren’t riding the carousel, you aren’t attractive enough to find a guy who will commit? I hope that’s not jealousy in your response because that would be unbecoming.

        Anyhow, my friends are enjoying the benefits of being single. They tell me (I think out of pity) that I’m so lucky to have gotten a guy like mine (I am) and that we are such a gorgeous couple (we are). But the truth is that every one of my friends have had serious offers from guys the caliber of my fiancé (or almost) and they turned it down because of the life they get as young single women. Never in your life again will you get so much for absolutely nothing but being… The gifts, the trips etc just to be in your company. They dont have sex with these men who are vying for their attention unless they are in a relationship and they are picky about who they give their exclusivity to so their local sex number is very low. The fact that they go out with these guys long term and dont give it up makes them even more intriguing for men. And when they travel, they have the most fun sexual flings. (casual sex is reserved for super high alphas not in their locale). And they are all still perceived as good girls and great catches because they were virginal or close to it throughout high school and college. And fir some reason it seems the rep and persona you build during those years pretty much follow you through young adulthood since post grad sex is so easy to conceal and women are more able to handle their emotions and think clearly so they don’t become emotionally scarred like the hussy who started in 9th grade. Staying consciously single until 24 and getting some great perks like gifts, experiences and hot alpha sex, then finding a beta who is ecstatic to have you (because so many illogical women are trying to get exclusivity from men who never will be and who are out of their league) is a great plan and certainly isn’t settling. Chances are objectively the high beta is perfectly marched if you female hypergamy didn’t exist.


      • Your friends do not pity you. They are b.s.ing. If they actually do pity you, they’re insane or you have got the wrong friends and need to replace them before they end up helping you to break up your relationship.

        Misery loves company.

        Your chances do not get better with age. 23-24 is the light skinned mini-wall. If you are White, Hispanic, or Asian and not of the incredibly gifted Japanese soaked in seaweed and fish oils since puberty sort, you have hit the first wall by then. Men do notice.

        I won’t even get into photosensitivity issues and blotchiness. Don’t let the chicks fool you. 24 is not the new 18.

        Also, no man with functioning testicles is ever happy with a used up woman.


      • Why the misquotation? I believe it said “high beta” not “high demand beta.”. A beta is not high demand by definition. With hoards of women even much lower status than themselves putting their attention on the alphas, who’s left to submit to an beta? Women much lower in ratings than they are. When a woman of their level or even just slightly below gives a high beta attention, he jumps at the opportunity. And as a beta, he’s willing to be a provider and emotional supporter. Win win. She gets a faithful man on her level or even slightly above and he gets what he perceives as the hottest girl he’s going to get because the majority of illogical chicks even a few points below him won’t give him the time of day. They are busy chasing alpha cock that won’t committ and stray faithful to even a 10…at least not in the way she likely wants (faithful marriage).


  94. The latter seems like a better plan for women. You are only discouraging this because it goes against male interests

    pointing out that the older a woman gets the less likely she is to score an alpha isn’t discouragement, it’s constructive criticism.

    if that woman is willing to settle for a beta, then yes, it is a workable plan. it’s either that, or stay single.


    • Settle for a beta?

      [Heartiste: Yes.]

      Settle for not getting cheated on and being provided for?

      [That is not what excites a woman. Her heart will be with those long ago assholes who drove her mad with lust.]

      You guys are delusional!

      [so certain r u?]

      If she wants alpha cock, it is not scarce.

      [In numbers, it is. Alpha by definition is a small subset of all men. But if all she wants is a cock up her cunt, then she can get in line with the other fifty women vying for the same ride. Most women, peculiarly, aren’t too keen on that arrangement, though. Seems the desire to extract commitment from a man is much stronger in women than in men.]

      Go grab one and screw, before or after marriage.

      [What “high demand beta” is going to want to marry some hobag who screwed a parade of alpha cocks for free before deigning to accept some overpriced ring from him?]

      And I don’t want to hear talk about whether female cheating is more damaging than male cheating. We are not talking about what “ought” to be here. 😉

      [Just because you don’t want to hear that talk doesn’t mean it’s not true.]


      • Settle for a beta? Settle for not getting cheated on and being provided for? You guys are delusional!

        ummm….you were the one who first suggested that this was ‘a better plan for women’.


  95. hahaha just had to come back and laugh at the idea of “scoring” an alpha! An alpha scores and woman, not the other way around.

    A woman scores when a man is devoted to her and wants to provide for her… and that’s beta. If you want to discuss ‘gina tingles then that has nothing to do with marriage. Clearly, people can sleep with whomever they wish whether they are married or not. Just make sure the action is worth the consequences so be discrete, find a high beta that gives you the tingles, or stay with dessert puss for the rest of your life. Those are the options ladies, so just get comfortable with them and get to work.


    • A woman scores when a man is devoted to her and wants to provide for her… and that’s beta.

      no. alpha as defined in this context is a man who is desired by many hot high quality women. some alphas do in fact want to settle down and have a family – this does not reduce his desirability to the aforementioned women, so it does not make him any less alpha.

      because of this large pool of women vying for the alpha’s cock, love, and resources, the alpha gets to choose the creme de la creme. that woman he chooses to marry has, in effect, ‘scored’ the alpha – she has beaten all of her competitors and won him.

      it can be also said that the alpha has ‘scored’ the woman, in the sense that the type of woman an alpha wants to settle down with is so rare. finding that gem in mountains of coal is a score.


      • A woman scores when she gets a the best deal out of a marriage/ commitment. That means resources and emotional support. If it was just about the tingles below, a woman would never get married because even a 6 female can get regular sex from a 8.5 male, just not likely commitment and resources.

        Alphas are the ones scoring because regardless of how willing women are to have sex with an alpha compared to a beta, the alpha is the one pursuing…hence some of the posts in this site. (see test your game)

        Women don’t score when it comes to sex or with regards to sexual desire-ever. They just enjoy the experience. They only score when they get resources, emotional commitment and protection. You’ll get the most of that from a beta. The higher, the better.


  96. A woman scores when she gets a the best deal out of a marriage/ commitment.

    we’re arguing semantics then. what you call ‘scoring’, i call ‘settling’. there’s no inherent negative connotation to settling; the woman’s decided she wants to be married, and for most women, this will be with a beta because it is what she has decided to be the best set of compromises for her and because most women don’t have the combination of qualities that an alpha looks for in a wife. the beta, by virtue of being a beta, isn’t going to be nearly as picky as an alpha. the beta is the easier choice. i don’t consider making the easier choice, the easy win, ‘scoring’. but again, semantics.

    alphas do pursue, but amongst established social circles, women also pursue the alphas. the ‘test your game’ post isn’t a good example because it was a cold approach; the girl had never seen heartsie before that moment and the setting provided no clue as to his smv.

    They only score when they get resources, emotional commitment and protection.

    a woman who an alpha loves will get all of this, even if he is banging other pussy on the side.


    • Based on your response, it is not just semantics. Many of these women who choose a beta do so because it is the better choice for a husband than the alpha, not because she did not possess the qualities that alpha would choose for a wife. I have plenty of friends who have turned down long term offers from alphas because they aren’t illogical women. I’m not denying that alpha qualities generate desire, but alpha qualities don’t make one a good husband. After marriage, you are likely left emotionally cold if you choose an alpha, even if he loves you very much. And you can guarantee that you will be cheated on. Who wants the possibility (or increased chances) of the resources that was to be for you and your children going to another woman and the child your alpha husband gave to her because you chose to be with a man who gave you tingles instead of the one who gives you the world and doesn’t realize how amazing of a catch he is?
      Maybe it is because I was never taught that marriage was only about romantic love as many who grew up in the US and much of the Western world believes. Marriage is a strategic choice. As many men are attracted to hot, slutty, crazy bitches and use them accordingly, high caliber women who were taught well by their parents know not to get into a long term relationship with a man whose top priority in life is his hedonistic urges (be that money, fame, power or sex), which describes most alphas. Instead go for someone who values success and also values family and who can get very emotionally attached to the point of denying other women, usually betas. So even if you have all the qualities that attract and alpha for marriage, a smart woman would avoid him like a plague for LTRs, but not before she gets her sexual curiosity satisfied in her early 20s.


    • “They only score when they get resources, emotional commitment and protection.
      a woman who an alpha loves will get all of this, even if he is banging other pussy on the side.”
      No she will not maximize this with an alpha. Most women view non- consentual extramarital sex as a lack of emotional commitment. It displays lack of protection because of the emotional pain it may cause the woman, not the mention the physical pain of a possible STD or loss of resources that may result from an outside child. Basically, go for an alpha for the tingles (which probably wont last long, even for an alpha) and go for a high beta for the best resources, commitment, protection, security and probably some tingles too.


  97. p.s. marrying a beta doesn’t guarantee sexual commitment, either. men are men; we like variety. betas have less choices than alphas and those choices tend to be lower quality. you might not feel all that bad if you find out your alpha husband is banging a hot young model. but how will you feel if you find out your beta husband is banging an ugly skanky troll?