The Four Month Flake

Whoever says flaking doesn’t work on women has no experience giving it a go. Do you think the modern woman has so much self respect that she will balk to give a flaky man a second chance? Ha. It is to laugh. She will not only entertain the thought, she’ll eagerly anticipate the excitement such a feckless man will infuse into her dull, rudderless life.

A girl of about 27.5 years of age and glittering auburn hair tromped off a SWPL bus, (which route taken drives carefully within the confines of SWPLland, like some zoo safari jeep rumbling on paved roads behind electrified fence holding at bay a lone, bored cheetah licking his nuts a half mile away. The thrill!) I happened to be walking by with a load of bruised vegetables from the corner farmer’s market when the usual urge, normally stifled by officehive feigned sterility, propelled me to approach and gauge her buying temperature.


She snaps her head in my direction. “Hi.”

Good start so far.

“How was your ride on the Disney bus?”

Quizzically: “What?”

“The Disney bus. That’s what everyone calls it. Feels like a fun Disney ride through a magical neighborhood.”

“Wow, that’s the weirdest thing anyone’s said to me today.”

“Just today?”

“Ok, maybe this year.”

“That’s more like it.”

A pause to digest. “For your information, the ride was not so great. There was a couple arguing next to me.”

Score! Any girl who would run with this patently absurd discussion topic was the kind of girl straitjacketed by little moral or sexual restraint. “Oh, that’s too bad. Next time ask for your money back.”

We talked for ten more minutes, as it serendipitously turned out she lived two neighborhoods over. (Demarcations subject to revision without prior notice.) In a land grab of impudent proportions, I cut us short with a quick rejoinder to give me her number so we could talk another time. She keeled backward a bit, regrouped, then smiled as she read them off to me. I do not test girls’ numbers by calling or texting them on the spot; it betrays insecurity.

I didn’t call her until four months later (no need to explain the banal reasoning for my flakiness). Unsurprisingly, I got her voicemail. I spoke:

“Hi. It’s [Name redacted, or IgnatiusJReilly if you prefer]. It’s been a while since we met. Call me.”

No benefit would accrue to me by leaving a lengthy, or even not so lengthy, explanation why I waited four months to contact her. What kind of man offers excuses to a woman he has yet to sexiate? Excuses which are really camouflaged apologies — verbal blurts, as we all know, which are a defining characteristic of the beta mindset. A long-winded backstory would only present to her a platter-full of extraneous, lurid detail for her to quickly dismiss my terse entreaty as she basks in the glow of having gained hand.

A wise man feeds the hamster just enough pellet to make it hungry for more. Too little, and it remains unperturbed from its hamster ennui. Too much, and it lumbers away to sleep off a sated stupor.

As expected, she did not return my call right away. No, she waited twenty minutes.

“Wow, I’m surprised you called. You’re lucky I remember you, or I wouldn’t have called back. You were that guy from that day at [X], who said something ridiculous about [Y]?”

“Yes. And of course, I wouldn’t have called if I didn’t remember that either.”

“Four months is a long time to wait. Is that part of your game plan?”

Despite your inclination to do the opposite, it’s best to fess up the truth when you are conceding an obvious transgression on your part. The trick is to present just a hint of the truth; enough to quell her BS radar, but not so much to give her ammo to legalistically argue points of contention until her pussy has dried up like a slug under a mineralstorm of Morton’s.

“For personal reasons I won’t get into, I couldn’t call you at the time. I’ll leave it at that.”

“Guess I’ll have to accept that. So now you want to see me.”

“I hope it’s not too obvious.”

“It is. But I’ll take you up on it.”

Over drinks later, she said it was bold — even ballsy — of me to call her after four months of blowing her off. I said it required no balls at all, only desire. I told her she seemed the type to throw away the rulebook. She was pleased with this assessment.

There is a maxim somewhere in the archives. Seduction is the art of co-opting a woman’s tools of the trade, and using them against her, for a woman loves nothing more than a man who “gets it”, and what man gets it more than a man who understands that women need exactly what they dish out? Men would be well-advised to turn the tables on their quarry and flake on them every once in a while. It’s the stuff of legendary romance.


  1. Do you think these long term flake strategies work the best for Daygame, Social Circle game, or Night game? I imagine it works best for Social circle because the girl still remembers you, while in night game, chances are the girl has seen 100 guys since you 4 months ago.


    • It’s not a strategy, he was making a point. There’s a lot to read between the lines in his aloofness.

      She doesn’t get a joke? Doesn’t change what I’m going to say next


    • “Do you think these long term flake strategies work the best for Daygame, Social Circle game, or Night game?”

      Thats a valid question.

      First off, It makes no sense to purposefully wait 4 months before you contact any girl whose number you have swiped. This is obviously unnecessary.

      IgnatiusJReilly was pointing out that Flaking CAN be effective, and you should never – “not contact the girl” just because it has been a while – even 4 months.

      Now, to answer your question in order of most to least effective:


      Flake scenerio is effective during the day. This is because

      She approached far less frequently during the day – simply because most men don’t have the balls to approach until they are 5 beers deep. She will also be sober and have a better memory.


      This is the least effective scenerio in which to ‘flake on her’ at length.

      She is likely drunk and tossing out her number to any guy that looks decent and shows a bit of game.

      You are not going to remain in her memory for long, especially if your conversation is less than 5- 15 minutes. Even then, the length this brief interaction remains in her frontal lobe is debateable. Its quite likely that 4 months later, you put more stock into this routine interaction with little miss hottie than she does.

      Got number on a friday? Well, if you were ME, you would have banged her saturday morning. BUT if I were YOU i would always text something short ending with “blah blah blah -your name here”… that same night.

      This way she has your number in her phone, then Text or call on sunday. Chicks are bored on sunday, and depressed that she went yet another weekend without meeting any cool guys. Or she just got a ton of dick on saturday and you were too slow.

      Either way 4 months can’t help you, she will only forget the interaction.


  2. on October 17, 2011 at 4:12 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

    the more you flake
    the more your lotsa coickas
    chix shake’n’bake

    –GBFM haikuuu lzozlzlzlozol


  3. I’ve never pulled this off well, but still do it often. Usually, I forget I have a phone number, and then a few months later discover it in a coat pocket or on my desk under a pile of garbage.

    This is good stuff — fessing up is a step I definitely have not tried before.

    Lately, anyone I meet wants to go do something RIGHT AWAY, literally “I’m free now, let’s get coffee” sort of thing. Since I meet most people while I’m out running errands or what not, there’s absolutely no chance to blow off what I need to do, so I get the number and then…forget to call.

    Oh, and here’s your Maxim:


  4. Seems like this was an exception and not the rule. Yes, you turned the tables but (1) doesn’t calling 4 months later make you look a little needy and (2) are there many other instances where this worked for you?


    • “doesn’t calling 4 months later make you look a little needy”

      No. Here’s why:

      Think of game like exposures from a camera to the target (you being the camera.) The only exposures she got were alpha, attraction triggering exposures. So 4 months went on. Irrelevant. Now if he ‘exposed’ a beta/needy voice mail frame, that would indeed be needy. However it was not:

      “Hi. It’s [Name redacted, or IgnatiusJReilly if you prefer]. It’s been a while since we met. Call me.”

      Neutral, solid, short, decisive, directing. (the tone, pace, pauses and inflection of the voice are the most important, although we can’t hear them, i have faith in thee ye olde heartiste.)


  5. Very impressed with this post’s abundance of theology and geometry.

    As a man, if you’re living life properly, you’re inevitably going to be a flake. You’ll forget to call girls back. Life will get in the way of calling girls back. Crazy girls will delete female numbers from your phone, so you’ll seem to disappear.

    There was a reddit thread a while ago in which a guy texted something like “Hey girl, when are we going to fuck?” to every number in his phone. Started out as a joke, but he was surprised to get 10-20% postiive responses, often from girls he hadn’t spoken to in months.




  6. I had a similar thing happen, but I took it a bit further, and with great success. I did it on purpose, knowing very well that I could come off as a huge dickhead or perhaps a complete moron – either way, it could have backfired very badly.

    Anyway, I met a hot (solid 9) little brunette at a concert about 6 months ago and got her number. Called her 2 months later and set up a meet for drinks. When I saw her waiting at the bar, I walked up and said “hey I remember you, we met at the concert…” She looked perplexed and said “yea, I know. You are supposed to be meeting me here.” She looked at me like ‘I can’t fuckin’ believe this guy!’

    I said “oh my god, I thought I had called someone completely different, but I am certainly not disappointed.”

    She laughed faintly and was clearly taken aback by my comment and I thought she was gonna bail for a split second. She finally broke the lingering silence that ensued and we ended up drinking there for 3 hours and going back to my place. I still see her on occasion, as she ended being a really fun girl who had a good sense of humor about it all. She even mentioned that she was intrigued that I said that to her, but was even more intrigued because I never apologized for making the mistake, which many people would deem insulting.

    luck? maybe. But after reading this blog lately I think not.


  7. More like this post, Heartiste. Good original reporting.

    Patience and choosing your spots are awesome weapons in the ADHD culture. So simple, so effective, so inaccessible to the instant-gratification cocaine-pellet monkey chump.

    Anyone with cultivated long-term relationships understands just how easily two people can pick up where they left off, even after being separated by countries and decades. In fact, the less contact the better while apart. (This can be a challenge in our hyper-connected world.)

    Your relationship is frozen in the moment you departed — which is good news for HS & college reunions, where youthful vim is instantly reanimated. You revert to the hallmarks of personality that originally made the connection a success, as if not a day or minute had passed.

    Familiarity breeds contempt. The bus chick demonstrates the opposite of that truth. To revisit one brief but focused moment among the many thousands in the past four months is like Proust biting into the madeleine. It whisks her on a journey … something exciting and new …

    … come aboard …

    She’s expecting you …

    The Love Bussss… soon we’ll be making another stop…


  8. “A wise man feeds the hamster just enough pellet to make it hungry for more. Too little, and it remains unperturbed from its hamster ennui. Too much, and it lumbers away to sleep off a sated stupor.”

    What a metaphor? What little boy hasn’t owned a hamster at one point. I had two. A boy and a girl. And one night the girl chewed the man’s ear off, (literally) and he died that night of either blood loss or a broken heart.

    It’s a good field report! I just wrote one too, Check it out…


    • I too had a pair of hamsters. The male was a bushy orange creamsicle, all sweet betatude for the human monster handling him. The female predictably coarse-haired and dark, sharp snout, bad attitude. She bore five or six young, which by two weeks were growing well into her phenotype — until the night she ate off all their heads. Not a scrap left from any of the bodies. This is of course well-known behavior among captive, and especially female, pets.

      As bizarre as that was to a boy, the male’s subsequent behavior was still more curious. He turned completely inward, huddling in one corner of the aquarium buried in chips and cotton, in resolute fetal position. If he ventured over for food (I don’t know why I didn’t move the damn food dish) he risked very prompt and unprovoked lashings from the female, and would quickly retreat. Eventually my father in sympathy flushed the female, and the male was free of her malign presence.

      Yet his traumatized behavior persisted. He did not budge from his corner. He remained that way for so long, we didn’t notice he had died, and when we finally investigated found him as hard as a rock. He must’ve died days, possibly a week or more prior to this discovery.

      … Suddenly this is looking like more than a metaphor, n’est-ce pas?


      • Great metaphor.

        Caravaggio was all over this mark of feminine nature four centuries ago:

        The reason it is a masterwork isn’t because of the near-photo realism of his paint strokes. It is the sociopathic expression on Judith’s face. Just the slightest hint of human consternation and compassion, as though she is witnessing a wrinkled shirt emerge from the dryer. “Oh, bother.” She’s almost communicating … curiosity. So true to the sex, so unspeakable and so real.

        This painting will be my blog header. Just the top half, to focus on the literal unmasking of woman’s true face. Monstrum in fronte, monstrum in animo.


      • Huh. I would’ve said the meaning is watch out for Jew broads, but all that is quite legible in Judith’s expression, as plain contempt is in the face of the crone beside her.

        A price above rubies indeed. Looking forward to your blog, be sure to advertise in recent posts.


    • Addendum to that.

      A year ago my grandmother acquired an old female macaw which had picked itself clean of frontal and dorsal feathers, studiously depilating any new growth until the follicles were destroyed. This is a very common problem in these birds and is caused simply by loneliness and boredom.

      The relevant difference between the hamster and the parrot is that hamsters do not pairbond, while parrots do, forming a very close bond to one other bird (or human), which becomes their main source of social interaction. The female hamster probably ate the heads off her young to protect them from a real or perceived threat from the male (if real — he may have been wary of their coloration), while the macaw had denuded itself owing to lack of companionship, yet still spreads its wings in display.

      Are not these two maladaptive responses utterly characteristic of our women? She is incapable of a stable pairbond because she overperceives threats from men, or simply becomes bored and peckish, but left alone her nerves fray and she mutilates herself — which actually occurs among human females who fitfully cut & dye their hair into absurd rags because “[I] was bored”. It is one neurosis or the other, the violent trials of domesticity or the ugly wages of isolation.


    • “Chinese hamster females are known for being aggressive toward the male if kept together for too long. In some cases, male Chinese hamsters can die after being attacked by the female. If breeding Chinese hamsters, it is recommended to separate the pair after mating or the hamsters will attack each other.

      “Syrian hamster females are also very aggressive toward male hamsters and must be separated immediately after breeding in order to prevent an attack. Female hamsters are also particularly sensitive to disturbances while giving birth and may even eat her own young if she thinks they are in danger, although sometimes she is just carrying the pups in her cheek pouches.

      “It should also be noted that if a captive hamster is left for extended periods (3–4 weeks and more) with her litter, there is a high possibility that she will cannibalize the litter. It is therefore imperative that the litter be split up by the time the young can collect their own food and water.”

      Familiarity breeds contempt. — King A

      Especially in dyssocial species, including modern women.


  9. I love CH’s personal stories. Gives me a chance to attempt to mimic them xD


  10. Also, unrelated: Fat girl looking for ‘hot rich man’. Sad part is that I’m not sure if its a joke or not…


    • Damn! Even the myspace angle doesn’t work on this one.


    • Wow, unbelievable! Must be a joke, I mean even in Columbus she must be near the bottom of the attractiveness scale


    • on October 17, 2011 at 8:04 pm drunicusequus

      There seems to be a uniquely female ability to completely detach from reality.
      I think our recent culture inexplicably decided to instill in them the idea that they’re all “princesses.”
      Even when they’re clearly tub-sized washerwomen.


  11. I wouldn’t recommend collecting numbers only to call them 4 months later all the time though. That would get you nowhere. It would work on some girls, but very few. I like to just wait 2 days and do what Roosh recommends in Bang. It’s the ideal method.


  12. You know you made an Alpha Impression when, two years into an LTR, she’s still asking you “What were you thinking when you said X when we met?” and asking if you remember her answers to the throw-away comfort-building routine you used.


  13. Guys, this is not meant to be a tutorial on day game or how to wait 4 months to call a girl back. Look at the big picture.


  14. This really works.

    I remember another game guy who advocated, for a girl who flakes on you/ignores you:

    wait a few months (3+).

    Then text her randomly with a nonsensical question/statement. : “I’m pregnant. I’m pretty sure its yours”; or “Do you ever think about what our children would look like?” or “Man, you’ve got to stop texting me so much.”

    By that point, she’ll have deleted your number, so she’ll be confused by the text, and ask “who is this?” Then go into some teasing game: “I can’t believe you don’t remember me! Now you have to buy me drinks to make up for it.”, etc.

    If she’s game, she’ll give some lol/smiley face responses. Then you can proceed to set a time/place (note—make sure it’s public, since she’ll be a little weirded out. And of course, a week night.). When she asks what you look like, play coy: “You don’t remember? Wow, now I’m ordering the lobster, too.” or “Male. White. I can’t believe you need more than that. So mean.”)

    This works! I have managed to get back to girls who did flake beforehand, but now, 3-4 months later, have forgotten me/why they flaked. They start to think you just blew them off, which, in line with this article, intrigues them. If they’re responding, they’re DTF on some level.

    It’s like recycling bad parts for good ones.


  15. This is timely for me because of something that just happened yesterday. I chatted up a girl (HB8) at a coffee shop. Got lots of IOI and we talked vaguely about getting together again sometime, though she hedged about the upcoming week because she’s in the middle of exams. For reasons I won’t bore you with, I have her my number but did not get hers. I told her to text me when she’s ready. I figured it was 50/50 that she would contact me.

    Last night I get a text from an unfamiliar number that I assume is her:

    “Sorry. Commuting and school is taking it out of me. Don’t have the capacity for much else right now.”

    I responded with “Who is this?” Then “Wait, is this HB8?”

    I didn’t hear back from her. So now I’m thinking I’ll wait a couple weeks and ask her about Halloween plans. In our conversation she mentioned she might go to a concert but wasn’t sure she wanted to. So maybe I can suggest an alternative?

    Or should I wait even longer? I think she’s interested, otherwise why even bother to text me in the first place?


    • No. I would wait till the new year. Fresh start, let her clear her head and forget you (read my above post). Besides, she’s in the middle of the semester, it might be legit. In January, the semester hasn’t started yet.

      Then again, she did show really strong interest in texting you first. Thoughts guys?


    • I hate to say it — and I hope someone calls me out on this if they disagree — but to me that’s a nice blow off, but it is a blow off.

      She apologizes for not being into you enough.

      She gives an excuse for why she’s not into you enough.

      My translation:

      “Sorry I’m not into you enough. I could say that commuting and school is taking it out of me, but I’m not into you enough. Don’t have the capacity for much else right now, unless a guy comes around who I’m really into.”

      She likely COULD be really busy — that may be truthful, but I’ve dated women in college who were supremely busy, and they always made time to see me if they were into me enough.

      I wouldn’t press it. You sent a response, she didn’t write back. Now the ball is in her court.

      Guys always complain when a woman flakes and fades without reason — in this case, she DID at least say she was too busy to date (you).

      Don’t get ONEITIS. Aim for 3 more just like her.


      • My 2 cents:

        1st Mistake: giving her your #, and not getting hers.

        Her txt was just a polite “not interested”, the fact she texted is, well, infrequent, but polite. Your benefit: you now have her #.

        The excuse that any women gives, NEVER take seriously. EVER. Doesn’t matter if she’s the fucking mayor’s executive assistant. If she is into you, she will make the time.

        As AB said, don’t trap yourself in ONEITIS.

        -Stick her number in what I like to call “cold rotation”. Txt her in about 1 – 3 months. Move on immediately to prospect new targets.

        Cold openers I use:
        > “wanted to touch base in case you got rich” (credit: Artisan)
        > “I swear I met your twin the other day”
        > “hey [name] good to see u at [fun event]” (implying you have 2 or 3 of the same name’s in your contact list. might be hard with a weird name)

        notice they are all statements. I have different strategies for response times and 2nd and 3rd tier txts…but too much to go into…


      • You’re exactly right. D, don’t pursue this one, you are operating from a position of great weakness in this situation. If you happen to bump into her again 2 months from now, feign unfamiliarity and see if she responds or acknowledges any eye contact. As AB Dada said, she could be interested, but I think rather than school being the issue, she’s got a fella, and you are now in line should he need replacing. In fact, I’m almost certain that’s what it is. The ball remains in her court. Proceed onward with other possibilities for now.


    • Agree with Adam. Was about to say so before I refreshed and saw his assessment.

      Blow-off. Also: “middle of exams” is as often as not an excuse for blowing one off.

      I used to haunt universities up & down the east coast and sometimes, it seemed the girls were busy with “exams” all year. I would put money I do not have on this having become a standard dodge.

      At least she told you though. That indicates a sense of responsibility and guilt. You found a girl with a conscience, not one who digs you enough to ditch her textbooks for a night out — which you know she will do anyhow.


    • “I didn’t hear back from her.”

      and you still want to ask her out? good lord man. its not like shes sending mixed signals.

      you’re in costanza mode right now. print this confession out, and from now on do the opposite until it comes naturally.


    • Had a similar scenario that I’ve shared and is a “work-in-progress”.

      Met smoking hot flight attendant at party.

      Flight attendant tells me “I’ve seen you at least 16 times you never said hi”…etc etc., we dance, build comfort etc etc. End of night, I get her email. Set up a date. She meets up with me at a gather the night prior, all goes well.

      3 hours before our date the next day same thing: “hi great meeting you last night, sorry but not feeling well, hope you understand. have a great rest of the day”.

      Here’s what I did:

      1) immediately set up another date for that evening

      2) I waited until 5 minutes after our previously agreed time to reply, that is…3 hours after she sent me her flake text and replied: “Oh. Just got this. If we meet up again ur buying”.

      She replied an hour later with “Ok, I’ll save up and let you know when my piggy bank is full”.

      She travels so I took that to be some face-saving way of saying she’ll get in touch. But the point is, I didn’t fall into her “Oh hope you feel better” shit-test.

      I reframed it. She replied. If this pans out, I”ll report here, but it’s been more than a week and no contact so I’ve basically written it off unless she makes the outreach.

      Hope that helps put your situation into perspective.


  16. That’s why ugly girls pursuit me: I naturally flake hard on them.


    • on October 17, 2011 at 10:14 pm 1st time caller

      Story of my life….


    • You should have seen the east Indian woman with the major deformity above her right eye that effectively kept in constantly closed chasing me around a seedy bar last week asking me to fuck her. I was like a fox trying to chew my own leg of getting out of that trap.


  17. Flaking is not attractive per se. It only “works” on people already attracted to the flaking party. Ergo – The initial approach attracted her, in which case you could have easily met with her the same week.

    In fact – the strength and attraction built in the INITIAL APPROACH is what allowed you to flake, and NOT the flaking itself, which was attractive. Further more, your successfully succint answer as to why you flaked is what allowed her to get over it – again – the flaking itself is NOT the reason she is attracted.

    The only reason to flake on a girl is if you are already seeing several other girls at the time, or one girl you really fancy, if that is your style. Flaking itself is not a tactic, and I would beware speaking of it as such, especially to the unordained.

    There is a difference between attraction and driving-crazy. The latter you can ONLY do on someone already attracted. So while flaking CAN drive someone crazy – I will admit that much, as I was both on the giving and recieving end – it does NOT attract in and of itself. In fact, in order for flaking to drive one crazy, attraction is a PREREQUISIT.

    [Heartiste: I disagree. Flaking IS a female attractant on its own merits (or demerits). It subcommunicates higher value. The man who flakes (at least in the beginning) is perceived as a man who doesn’t feel much need to invest in her, and thus as a man with options. In LTRs, flakiness can quickly become beta, because it erodes a primary LTR attraction for women — namely, a strong solid reliable alpha presence.]


    • Still can’t understand the guys who are attracted to flaky chicks. Flaking in a girl is utterly unattractive. I have more respect for a girl who outright rejects me than a girl who flakes.
      Flaking is only a good strategy to convey higher status. Men are generally not interested in a higher status girl. Anyone cares to shed light on this?


      • All chicks are flaky, given a perception that they have a higher than you SMV. They’re not trying to turn you on, they’re just exploring other options.


      • I’ve had my share of flakes — more this year than in the previous 10 years — and my basic response is to just wipe them from my phone. I’m also blessed to live in a city with a reasonable number of decent look dames, and all of my offices are within a mile of large-ish universities, so I tend to run into younger and less fat women on my daily errands.

        On the rare occasion that I don’t just delete their number the minute they flake, I raise the barrier to entry going forward. If they flake, I’ll provide neutral direction for them to make it up to me, if they continue to show interest.

        The key to handling a flake is: did she apologize, or at the very least ACKNOWLEDGE that she flaked? If not, then you’re chasing pain.

        The average guy who finds challenge in a flake is probably a beta. He doesn’t realize that she’s not into him at all, but the fact that she gave him ANY attention is enough to get him fantasizing about her and entering into ONEITIS mode, so he will let her play her games, and he’ll become an orbiter among orbiters.


      • If you have enough women orbiting you, you can even afford to give them a hurtful little send-off.

        “You’re rather too fat to be a flake.”
        “It’s too bad, shagging you would have helped your complexion some.”
        “Don’t imagine anyone will try harder than this for you, love.”
        “How old did say you are? 26? 26 and tick, tick, ticking … ”

        I’m a staunch believer in giving back. WHAT CAN I SAY, I’m a giver!

        lotsa cocckas for da laddieezzizzz!!!!


      • The only response from a woman flaking is no response. Don’t call them on it, in fact, don’t call them again. I’ve had a girl flake on me and then I was fucking her a week later. I simply didn’t react to her flakeout, I said, “No worries, perhaps we’ll get together some other time.” 1 week later she called and I went out with her, took her home, and gave her a good rogering – and she paid for my drinks too.


    • First have to say: FUCK! GOD DAMN FLAKEY STUPID BITCHES!

      Ok, had to get that out.


      Women flake, all the time, for no reason. Women will flake on other women, their friends, they will even flake on their OWN set plans. So in essence, they flake on themselves. They just do. It’s part of their illogical, irrational, emotional driven bullshit generator.

      My token response to a flake is “no response.” Silence. Crickets. Nothing. No call, no txt. And very rarely have I ever purposely set up a flake, at this moment I can’t think of a time. I do need to try this tactic and see how it plays out for myself. So I can’t draw from experience to agree/disagree with the tactic.

      After a flake I usually wait 3 days, ignore all calls or txts incoming (if any) and open a new thread via txt at sometime on the third day. The content of the txt will vary, I will even go as ballsy as to setup a meet: “i’m available tonight, meet me ~9ish”. I’ve had some success with this. I gauge this by the prior compliance history.

      The frame I set is always very aloof, neutral and peculiar. Any txt along those lines:
      “hey wanted to ask u something”
      “checked out [new venue]?”
      “please shower today -management”

      Then when/if I receive a reply, I ignore for at least a day.

      If I know them from the outer social circle, or something about them, I’ll make up some shit along those lines in my txt.

      With the above method I’ve had great success with getting the chic back into compliance so I can continue tractor-beaming her to make out with my dick.

      I’ve had all kinds of strange bounce backs:
      -chic goes silent for 2 weeks, then calls
      -chic complies to a new date right away
      -chic calls and apologizes on 3rd day
      -chic goes silent for years, then emails out of blue (yes true story)
      -run into chic out at bar, take her home then
      -chic disappears forever
      -find out chic has a boyfriend (heh)
      -chic flakes again, but remains in high compliance (so strange)
      -chic finally gets back to me and nexts me for illogical reason
      -chic goes cold then I re-open with cold rotation and eventually meet a few months down the road.

      My inner game frames:
      1) Never react or respond to a flake. Give it no energy, and it will have none.
      2) Never get outwardly angry/mad/upset/frustrated or any other beta display to the chic, ever. She will never know that I even gave a shit.(that means no addressing the flake, no asking about it, etc. bury it. even if she brings it up, you forgot.)
      3) Chics are random when committing to a meet. This can also work IN YOUR FAVOR, thus her choosing to kick it with you instead of beta guy, or BF or family, or nail appt. etc.

      Lastly I want to mention a great shit-test counter measure and knowledge mining tactic:
      You’re out with a girl you are gaming. She’s on her phone txting then shit tests you with something like “god this guy I met the other day and gave him my number always txts me.” or “my ex bf is so mean, he gets mad if i dont call him back” or “so random this guy i dated a month ago just txt me.” OR whatever…you get the idea.

      My suggestion: Embrace it. Inquire about it. Ask them about the guy. “was he cool?” “what did you like about him?” “why did you stop seeing him?” “don’t be rude, at least txt him back.” “what did you do to make your ex BF so mad?” “how is he annoying you?” “what did he say…is he a tool?”

      I stand firmly by this because I have had so much success with it. And from this I get inside the mind of the “flakey chic.” I’m so cool and so casual about her orbiters and “other guys” that she is comfortable spilling her pretty little beans. And now you can USB 3.0 directly into her dome and get some insight about her and what’s going on in her world. Her txting patterns. etc. You can also use this thread to talk about “annoying chics” etc. However the best transition for this shit test counter measure is to inquire about the sexual relations with the guys, delicately, if she hooks then perfect. You’re talking about cock and cum and pussy and fucking and orgasms (and make sure you kino-ing while you’re doing it, dumbass).


  18. Very interesting. I have done this without consciously thinking about it.

    In one case a woman who was supposed to visit me for a week flaked.

    In this case, I did express anger and that immediately flipped the switch and she wanted to come. Seems her anti-slut defense was up and she felt it was wrong timing etc etc.

    My burst of anger was just beta enough to demonstrate I was interested.

    But when she set up some new dates….I kept changing.

    When I finally did meet up with her, it was on my terms, for a night while I was traveling.

    She banged me silly.

    Even now, I keep flaking and she keeps asking when I’m visiting.


  19. Get it today!!!

    “Your Cheating Heart: iPhone App Finds Wife With Another Man,” ABC via Yahoo! News, 17 Oct 2011

    “Thank you Apple, thank you App Store, thank you all. These beautiful treasure trove of screen shots [sic] going to play well when I meet her … at the lawyer’s office in a few weeks.”


  20. on October 17, 2011 at 10:20 pm So, do the Zonk

    I am at least as impressed by the absurdist initial chat-up.

    Most amusing. Not a novice’s play.


  21. on October 17, 2011 at 10:28 pm But inside doesn't matter

    This reminds me of that Mystery meme:




  22. One question: How is this different from Reviving a Cold Lead?

    In this scenario, you’re “assuming the sale”.

    In the Reviving a Cold Lead, you’re calling back someone who you number closed? Is there a difference in the initial time spent, or did you go on an outing and then disappear?


  23. I’ll just leave this here:

    18-year-old freshman English major gets played by 28-year-old grad student, agrees to an open relationship, can’t understand why the stylish hipster alpha of her dreams doesn’t want to commit and be exclusive.

    The punchline, from the author bio:

    Mila is an ex-English major from Ohio State University and recent transplant to Washington D.C., where she works as a journalism intern.

    Heartiste, you know what to do…


    • Best part—she now claims she’s gay.

      But of course, she’ll keep “accidentally” sleeping with men.

      Man, why did we think giving these dumb creatures the right to vote was a good plan?


      • I posted:
        nugganu 16 minutes ago

        So you’re gay, yet you accidentally became part of some man’s soft harem in your other story. Uh-huh. This sounds like you’re merely doing it for attention after said fella brushed you off ruthlessly. It’s actually kind of insulting to people who are truly gay, because it seems like you’re co-opting the lifestyle for some imaginary play at achieving yet more victim status, which many of your writings seem to want to evoke. Sorry, but I gotta call BS on this one. Totally histrionic.


      • addendum: Or you are trying to artificially inflate your sexual market value as young men think lesbians are ‘hot’. I reckon that is the answer as I see it often. Yep, it’s histrionic, and somewhere down the line when you meet a guy you like who is not turned on by it, you will drop the lesbian pantomime and continue down the road of heterosexuality.


  24. on October 18, 2011 at 12:44 am Anti Blue pill

    I have been lurking this sight for seven months,first time commenting here
    first let me say this sight is fukin awesome keep up the great work and fight the
    fem-matrix. and second long story short i cut contact with my Flaky smv 3 fuk buddy,man o man never again.


  25. on October 18, 2011 at 1:26 am paidthecosttobetheboss

    Confederacy of Dunces, nice. Ignatius was the original peacock.

    You flew too low on the maxim here. Flaking doesn’t get the girl isn’t thinking about how you ‘get it’, and can use the tricks that women use back against them. You calling her without apology after 4 months conveys that you’ve got shit to do, and that some girl you met on the street doesn’t immediately fly to the top of your priority list. i e “Make your mission, not your woman, your priority”.

    Also, “A firm rule must be imposed upon our nation before it destroys itself. The United States needs some theology and geometry, some taste and decency. I suspect that we are teetering on the edge of the abyss.” -Ignatius J Reilly


  26. “…mineralstorm of Morton’s.”

    Got a good chuckle out of that. Subtly shows your age b/c these young emasculates probably couldn’t even hack the sight of salted slug.

    They call PETA. Lol.–

    [Heartiste: Salting slugs is still in fashion in the less uptight parts of the country. I caught a 4yo relative doing it.]


    • I vote for “slug-salting” as the best expression for any activity by the female to discourage a slow, slimy, unworthy crawl her-ward.


  27. This routine is best done sparingly.


  28. A Confederacy of Dunces is such a great book!

    Any thoughts on an upcoming post on the game of Ignatius J Reilly?


    • Yes, and he’ll call it post-mortal game. You get the digits only after you commit suicide like O’Toole.


    • No. The Shark-Infested Custard is a great book. Dunces is more like snark-infested tryhard. Tedious, unfunny fat dull book. Like salted slug on hard rye.

      CH, I’m not kidding when I say you would *love* Charles Willeford. His memoir “Something About A Soldier” is a masterwork of inner/outer alpha antics.

      Fillipina pissing contests and Honeymoon Lotion. Incredible!

      Check him out. I’m going to try and go for a week now w/o recommending Willeford to the unawoken ingrates of the Chateau.


  29. Women are evil:,0,55239,full.story

    Each of these women knew exactly what they were paying for and they deserve to go to jail for as long as the PI/cops or longer.


  30. on October 18, 2011 at 1:20 pm Yellow Kid Weil

    This works extremely well on my campus. I don’t think I’ve initiated a call/text on more than 2 prospects in the past 3 semesters. I just charm them at parties then get their number and put it on ice since I know I’ll run into them again sooner or later. When I run into them and they ask why I haven’t contacted them I know I made enough of an impression and switch to offense.


  31. Considering this from the girl’s perspective, it’s a smart strategy.

    To illustrate: today I had two different guys approach me, initiate a short conversation, and ask for my number. I give out my number pretty easily, even if it’s someone I’m not interested in, because I know that they won’t call 75% of the time, and either way it’s easier to ignore a text than to refuse or make up a fake number on the spot. I don’t expect either of the guys to contact me, and if they do it’s not likely that I’ll go out of my way to see someone outside of my normal routine or social circle.

    Whereas if I run into either again, I’ll be 10x more receptive since they’ve already established an initial rapport. And if one of them texts me, say, three weeks later instead of the next day, I’m going to be intrigued. Because it demonstrates that a) they have enough going on that they can afford to wait and b) I made enough of an impression that they remember who I am even after some time has passed.

    On the other hand, four months from now I’ll be out of the country and won’t have the same phone number. So bad strategy if you’re legitimately interested and just trying to play games–four months is overkill. But good strategy if you’re talking to multiple girls every day and aren’t more than vaguely interested in any of them. And in that case you’re not “gaming,” you’re just naturally busy and in demand.


  32. My response to a girl flaking:


    Every time I do it, granted she’s into u regardless of hotness I get 3-5 texts of apologies and attempts to qualify


  33. I’m in a LTR right now. It started with a hookup, but for a number of reasons, I’m still with her a year+ on. I have not stopped number closing chicks (mostly day game), and have a very long list to go down when this relationship eventually ends. Going in the order acquired will also help, because I will blow my ‘getting back into the swing of it’ mistakes on the ones I am least likely to close (time passing).

    This worked well last time I was in a LTR, and helped me get back up fast when it ended suddenly.


  34. I love it when a chick says, “For your information . . . ” because I then I know the wild filly can (and will) be broken.


  35. When the girl stepped off the bus, Heartiste immediately noticed that she was about 27.5 years old. He has an incredible ability to assess girl’s age in a second. What’s the difference between 27.5 and 28? Or 27 and 27.5?

    [Heartiste: Did your sense of humor abandon you when daddy let his hand linger on your bad place a little too long?]


  36. oh leave her be, she’s honest and self-effacing and she’s clearly learning. I enjoyed her write up of the whole mess.

    maybe this is the fork in the road where she gets a little more serious about life/love/pairings, i.e. not initiating things and seeing if she wants to be less ‘experimental’ with her genitals, perhaps getting serious with one good alpha after some time of qualifications.

    or maybe she continues to wild out and get her freak on, either way most of you guys here will have something snarky and unforgiving to say about it, haha.