Game Is Universal

It’s not often Le Chateau gets emails like this one about gaming your mom. For those denialists of the human condition who completely misunderstand and fervently believe that game only works on bar sluts, behold its power to improve relationships with overbearing mothers.

This is a long reader-submitted story, but it’s worth your time.

I have been reading your website for a year and a half now, got a girlfriend for almost a year now, many thanks for the advice.

The purpose of this letter is to share with you how I overcame beta-ness and improved relationship with my mom.

I was a beta before your site. While I realized that my behaviour was not right (ie doesn’t attract girls), I did not know how to correct it. I am 20, live with parents, and go to university. After reading your site extensively I started putting conscious efforts in changing my mindset, adopting the alpha mentality and DHV, being more open to people, talking to girls in class and so on. I am not the kind of guy who goes to bars and clubs so a fair portion of your advice remained in “theory” stage for me…

So, looking for ways to apply your advice I started using it on my mom. Before being judgmental, hear me out. My mother is a strong-willed, opinionated, demanding woman. My father is an alpha. Even after many years of marriage, every time my mom talks to my dad, her eyes glitter and her voice softens and even becomes slightly nervous. However, every time she spoke to me, her tone switched to loud, demanding as if I was some asian kid who got a B on a math test instead of an A+. She would not appreciate anything I do, order and command me around the house, blame everything on me, sometimes even her own wrongdoings, and if I argued back she would become argumentative and shut me up (!!!) My dad didn’t care enough to play the judge, though if he heard blatant abuse, he would shamelessly put my mom in her place.

It took about 4-6 months to COMPLETELY change my mom’s attitude toward me.

-I started by ignoring her demands. (Your advice on Beta’s are reactive) So if she was relaxing in the basement and would command me to make her “a hot chocolate with marshmallows” while I was busy upstairs, I would just pretend that I didn’t hear it, turn the volume up etc.; If she persisted/confronted I would say “I’m busy” or “Get it yourself”. Similarly, I stopped responding immediately when called and would wait until she would call me about 2-4 times before showing any signs of life.

-I stopped being argumentative and confrontational. If any argument arose, I would loudly and clearly state my point of view ONCE, explain why she is wrong, and fully disengage from the situation. If she continued arguing, scolding, yelling and screaming at me I would ignore it and focus on something else like TV, txting, or just walking out. Now, she would always have the last word in every argument and with my disinterest to continue, the arguments eventually grew into ways of qualifying to me, as I would dismiss them.

-I stopped answering the house phone. (Your advice on subtle dominance plays) There was panic in the household for about a week as all calls went to the answering machine lol. However, naturally, after I stepped down from the role of the secretary my mom assumed the duty and BROUGHT the phone to ME, if somebody called.

-I learned to cook and started critiquing her cooking. (Your advice on having a checklist and knowing what you want) Every once in a while I started making really delicious meals for the family. Since she cooks most of the time if she burned food, made it bland, too dry, too salty you name it I would call her out on it and refuse to eat it. To the obvious comeback of: “well why don’t you cook then” naturally my reply was “I do, and its ALWAYS just right…”

-Finally, I started playfully negging, teasing and not taking her seriously. Don’t get the wrong idea here lol. [Ed: I hope not!] Anything she would say I would turn and twist around in a funny way, at times even in a dirty and sexual way. If she would stop and say “that’s inappropriate”, I would reply “We are all adults here, and can appreciate it for what it is” (DHV) After a couple of times she would just go with it.

The intricacy of this situation is that changing a relationship with your mother is much more complex than changing it with a girl you just met. You HAVE to remain polite and diplomatic at all times (or else you’ll get kicked out of the house and make everything worse) Looking back I realize why my mom treated me the way she did, and I don’t blame her. Now my mom treats me with respect, just as good as she treats my dad. No more batshit insane demands. Helping out around the house is now APPRECIATED. Now that is not to say that she agrees with everything I do and say; arguments arise MUCH more rarely than they used to and we are able to come to a peaceful resolution without screaming, and laugh it off in a couple of minutes.

You have full permission to use any part of this letter in your blog, though I ask you to not disclose my personal information.

Negging your mom is a great way to defuse her incipient female antagonism to a power vacuum.

I used to corner anti-game denialists on their “bar sluts” trope by asking the more honest of them to draw a comparison with “girl game”, aka youthnbeauty. Think of game as the male equivalent of female beauty: Does T&A work solely on “bar douchebags”, or does it work on all men?

The question is, of course, rhetorical. The allure of an unyielding rack, firm ass, slim waist and pretty face excites the libidos of low class and high class, young and old, douchy and awesome men alike. Equivalently, game, when executed with unforced grace and contextual refinement, arouses all kinds of women, from lawyers to nurses to teachers to SAHMs to foreigners to SWPLs to skanks to HR drones.

As this reader’s story demonstrates, not only is game effective on all types of women beyond the mythological bar slut, game is effective on family members! If you include sales and management (business or social circle) as a form of game, then you could argue that game is effective on men as well.

The only way game works is if it takes a realistic appraisal of human nature. Once game abandons the age-old truths that underlie all human behavior, it ceases to work. The fundamentals of game are as crucial to its success as the fundamentals of gravity and aerodynamics are to flight.


  1. The heads of ten thousand Game-denialists just exploded.


  2. Actually, he made his mother much happier.


  3. Pics or GTFO.


  4. Anyone who knows how to network effectively in a business setting already knows game. It works in a classroom setting (DHV to the teacher and classmates, negging intellectual opponents gently without getting shot down). It stands to reason that it works among family members too.


    • Of course. Mystery Method is rehashed Dale Carnegie adapted for dating. “How to Win Friends and Influence People” was first published in 1936 based on lectures Carnegie had been perfecting since 1912. Its all there right down to pegging.

      [Heartiste: Yes. Few people realize that a lot of MM was based on foundational work from Carnegie. However, Mystery was the first to formulaically break down the art of seduction. He deserves his kudos.]


  5. “-I stopped being argumentative and confrontational. If any argument arose, I would loudly and clearly state my point of view ONCE, explain why she is wrong, and fully disengage from the situation. ”

    I wish oh how I wish I could tell this to every man who is in a LTR.
    I can’t even begin to explain how much my LTR has changed since I implemented this.

    That really ugly back and forth throwing shit that many naturally do when disagreeing, it makes you look so fucking pathetic. You can’t win with that shit against your girlfriend.

    State your point of view ONCE, in a very clear and direct way, that’s it.


    • Exactly. You can’t win that shit. It goes back and forth and back and forth and when you finally defeated her with logic and both have aired their laundry list of shit that the other pulled the tears start rolling and you have lost by default.


    • If she continues to argue the time for talking is done, that’s when it’s time to introduce her to the back of your hand.


  6. on December 13, 2011 at 2:07 pm Once Upon a Time

    Game and Brides too. Does wonders. Though I wish there were more posts on LTR Game to further the play.


  7. I’ve said it many times – game completely changed my relationship with my two daughters (twelve and eighteen). For that alone The Chateau changed my life. I cannot thank you enough.


  8. A post on the business applications of game would be appreciated, in case study form as always.

    Not that it would present any new ideas, but its repetition in a “new” area would be interesting.


    • This is a good post, BTW. The emailer in the post is obviously honing his Jedi skills, and will be an accomplished gamesmen if he keeps putting in this solid work.

      A word of advice to the young man: pay attention to your Dad–the alpha ways he speaks, the way he relates to people, handles shit tests, teases, etc.

      You said he’s a natural alpha, and since you have his genes, his natural alpha mannerisms will feel easy and resonant to you, since you grew up with him around and as I said, since you share approximately 50% of his DNA.


  9. Funny this post because since i’ve been on here for the past 2 months it’s changed my entire attitude on how to react to tantrums from women. My parents flew over to visit me which happens once a year and i immediately get criticised on the state of the flat (even though i cleaned it to hospital standards) and on my belief in darwinism which she doesn’t appreciate etc.
    So now instead of argiung with her & getting sucked into it, i make my point and just ignore the subject altogether.

    Bottom line, i learned to shut the fuck up at the right moment.


  10. OT: Slut-shaming is not completely lost:

    “My dad wouldn’t even talk to me” === Alpha of the year.


  11. Wait until this guy tries it with the women at the office — especially if he works in an office of mostly women.

    I’ve always alpha’d my mom — and my dad’s wife, my half-sister, the neighbor and her grandmother. My game with women I was dating didn’t happen until my early 20s, but it’s not very different than how you act with platonic/familial relationships.

    Try it with female customers sometime, to really watch hamsters spin.


    • “Wait until this guy tries it with the women at the office”

      I laughed, because that was my thought too. If you are still stuck in a corporate cubicle farm, or you otherwise work where women flock (and, typically, do little real work), make sure you apply these lessons, guys (but steer clear of any hint of actual sexual interest).

      Trust me, you will be surprised at how that grouchy, menopausal VP of HR brightens up for you when you game her, rather than mince in like the other corporate, sexless drones.

      People used to ask me “how the #$ do you get along with *her*? Easy: just be a man. The reason you make the effort, since you have no sexual interest? To improve your life, of course. Those gals are dying to give you the best office gossip, help you out, and otherwise make your life easier or more successful, but only if you come across as worth it to them. Give them a thrill by being a man in the office, and you will be surprised at the dividends it pays.


      • on December 14, 2011 at 2:35 pm The Chrome Microphone

        “Trust me, you will be surprised at how that grouchy, menopausal VP of HR brightens up for you when you game her, rather than mince in like the other corporate, sexless drones.”


        The hardest-hearted and most miserable of the cunts will start acting more upbeat and playful around you when you treat her like a woman


  12. Interesting insights yet again.

    Sometimes I feel places like Heartiste or the Spearhead…are literally the main trust in the ongoing gender war.

    Like, Stalingrad has passed and we, as men, are now counterattacking.

    And be it a slow and painful business (as it was back then), and even if many of us will suffer and lay down our lives for the cause…ultimately we will vanquish the feminazi Herren-Frauen and bring back the shining light of civilized masculine rationality to this infernal world of lies and emotional barbary.


  13. I’ve tried applying game to my mom as well, and in a moment, I’ll describe a success moment, followed by asking for advice.

    So, a background. She is divorced, and leaves alone with me. She is also ill (and this is almost entirely psychological in nature, as nearly every doctor she been to told her, a result of being unsatisfied with her life), rendering her incapable of surviving on her own (she hasn’t been out for months). An intriguing detail: about a year ago, she had a boyfriend for several months, and her problems magically disappeared for some time. She started going out regularly.

    I hate to admit this, she is quite spoiled and will frequently throw emotional/irrational tantrums when people do not behave in a manner she wants them to. She also whines, moans and complains about how bad her life is all the time (in fact, it’s not that bad at all, she just has too high standards and unrealistic expectations). She is extremely possessive, and I have to argue with her for hours whenever I want to go somewhere. In short, she is impossible to live with.

    Anyhow, the success moment. Normally, I would listen to her rants – which have probably caused my permanent psychological damage by now – but applying game, I developed an attitude and started routinely expressing disapproval, sometimes disgust, for her behavior. In one particular case, I yelled at her and closed the door of my room. I heard her cursing and yelling back for about 5 minutes but I paid no attention to it.

    After 5 minutes, she called me, now tamed and submissive, and asked me to kiss her on the cheek.

    Nevertheless, the state was only temporary. I always have the option of leaving the house and going to my Dad’s, but she needs my presence and assistance in order to survive. I plan to continue dealing with her as best as I can, but any specific advice would be appreciated.


    • Advice: Get the “Dog Whisperer (Cesar Milan)” DVDs. Watch them through at least twice and take notes. Train your mom in the same manner.


  14. I did the same thing with the rest of my family.

    My mom never needed much gaming, but things have improved even with her.

    My dad is a beta. Nice guy, built a house singlehandedly at the age of fifty, good with money, but also a coward and probably got beat up by girls as a kid. Mostly things here just involved saying “no”. Very frustrating how he acts and think, but ultimately unimportant.

    And then there is my sister, the real problem. She has always been insanely jealous whenever she thought i got more than her, always loud and demanding and screams her head off to get things her way. She doesn’t do that anymore. The less i pay attention to her, the less i care about her, the more tolerable she becomes. I don’t quite like her yet and probably never will, but at least she doesn’t act like an entitled princess anymore. Which has been good for all of us.

    The real problem for me is actually meeting some nice girls. Denmark is among the worst countries in the world for pickups (per one of your blogging colleagues – Roosh i think it was? as well as my own observations). Most of them are fat or communists. Doesn’t help that we live in an arctic wasteland and can’t go outside for a good part of the year.


  15. Holy shit. I have been gaming my mom my entire life….Maybe that is why we have such a good relationship.


  16. OT: Video worth a look here:


  17. These techniques work with EVERYONE. If ever you feel unappreciated, or if your friends could ditch you without giving a shit, just start not giving a shit in return and they’ll be drawn to you.


  18. Good for you, sounds like your mom was a big nightmare.


  19. Let the countdown begin until some Aspie sets up a complete strawman and runs with it…..4…3….2…


  20. Here’s the thing, most “denialists” scorn game for sentimental reasons, not for rational or evidentiary ones. Therefore they will change tack to “WOW I can’t believe you would treat your own mother like that!” with no regard for the fact that game improved the entire household situation.


  21. Masterful.


  22. The way a mother would be reacting to her son’s selfish behavior to answer the phone as basically the only thing he would even be doing to contribute to his rent free living arrangement does not follow the same rules as game that builds psychological tension and sexual attraction between two people. Sounds like she just gave up asking her freeloading adult son to make her a cop of hot cocoa, but I doubt she has developed some newfound sense of respect for him. This isn’t “game”. If I had a friend that I allowed to freeload on my couch for months as a favor and they were this unhelpful, I would ask them to leave. I would not develop a sense of respect as a result of their aloof attitude freeloading on my dime. People feel more of an obligation to not throw their family members out, but if this was a family friend instead of her adult son I don’t think his mother would really tolerate that kind of crap.


  23. Weak post, and no, this reader’s dad is not alpha if he let him grow up to be a pansy beta, which I suspect he still is from the way he writes and framed things.


    • An alpha father can destroy the self-esteem of a son if he is careless and doesn’t recognize the ways his son isn’t like him and fails to offer sufficient guidance and encouragement. This is especially true given the contrary messages he may be getting from school, media, and friends.


  24. That’s a cool story. The other weekend I was visiting my parents. My dad is away on a trip so I figured I could try and see how assholish behavior affects my mom/sister. I put my glass on the table, looked at them and said. “pour me a drink.” My mom gives me a disgusted look and says “why can’t you do it yourself?” So I respond “because I want someone else to do it for me.” My sister smiles, grabs the bottle and pours me a drink in full view of the shocked harridan eyes of my mom. A kodak moment if there ever was one.


  25. I wonder what dad thought about this, lol.


  26. “not only is game effective on all types of women beyond the mythological bar slut, game is effective on family members!”

    So then why doesn’t my game work on men? Why does my boss hate me when I neg him or when I try an alpha dominance move?

    [Heartiste: Men don’t respond to subtle dominance plays the way women do. Game for men must take into account the behavioral differences between the sexes.]


    • Women yearn to be submissive, and men yearn to be dominant. Game tactics are about putting your target in the proper submissive frame. So it works for women since they desire it. But it’s just going to piss off other men, both alphas and betas, although the betas are usually too cowardly to show it.


    • on December 14, 2011 at 1:25 am Obstinance Works

      Because your boss either doesn’t respect you or he’s an insecure prick and not really an alpha. If he needs constant validation, he’s a sissy underneath that abusive facade and can be easily manipulated. He’s probably just an idiot who kissed enough butts and bullshitted his way up. Keep negging him/complimenting him (push-pull have you) and show leadership and initiative/explain your positions like a man in control of his emotions and he’ll either have your respect or will continue to be fearful of you and put up a macho front. Read 48 Laws of Power and learn how to manipulate his peckish ass.


    • Game works on men. When the object is something other than trying to fuck them. If your goal is smells even slightly sexual — as the correspondent above took pains to stress wasn’t the case with his mother! — technique will have an opposite reaction, gaydar alarms from very subtle cues. Moms and other dudes aren’t playing that particular “game.”

      But they are playing the power game. Everyone is. Your female-oriented techniques like negging are designed to defuse a very specific sex-oriented female source of power, i.e., the social presumption that she is the pedestal object and you are the admirer by default. Of course it won’t work on dudes. Or moms (for the most part, more on that below).

      Establishing value or respect and an air of privilege works for sexual and non-sexual goals. If game is supposed to mean something more than the sex habit of alphas, that is.

      Your boss could “hate you” for attempting a “dominance move” for a different reasons. First, it could be because you suck at it, and men have an excellent instinct for real power versus blowhard mimics. Second, it could be because he believes his power to be greater than it is, like most men are trained to think these days. The same self-esteem movement that has created cow-women in our midst has taught men to have no use for humility and to imagine themselves “good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like me” quite independent of their actual merit. So he has an impervious defense shield, like you probably do yourself, and even if he silently agrees with your assessment of his inferiority, he has been taught never to openly acknowledge it. Your “dominance moves” can only therefore inspire indignation and defensiveness, particularly in uxorious betas who express outward manliness as compensation for their slavish home life, where they are kept men, where their wives keep their balls in a jar.

      You can sexually dominate your mom — “sexually” in the old sense of the term, not intercourse as it has come to mean, but “difference between the sexes.” Older, wiser, more cred: moms have a different kind of power than her husband, dad, or sons, a power unique to the female sex — passive, domestic, indirect. Once you are a man who has reached maturity, your brand of power will dominate over every woman’s because it is in direct form, the source of strength that women will attempt to manipulate (like Eve) to express their own power. Feminism means attempting to imitate rather than manipulate male-type power, with disastrous results.

      So negging mom is similar to negging a girl in that they are both conditioned to naturally respond to a certain display of male power. You cast awe over women, hold them in your thrall. What you do with that thrall is up to you: bedding them, leading them on, crushing them, exploiting them, loving them. It all depends on who they are and what your goal is. But they all react the same way to a display of power.


    • If you try treating your boss like a woman when he is a man (and not gay)… then you need to start at page 1 of what game is. The very first thing you should have picked up on is that men do not think the same as women. Period. If someone tried treating me like his bitch, even when I was more a beta, depending on the circumstance he may have found himself laying on the ground after a brief warning. Men are more likely to interpret it as someone trying to bully them.


    • With men, you don’t claim dominance– you claim VALUE. There’s a difference.

      Men do not want to be dominated, but, like women, they want to associate with people of high value. DHVs work really well with men, and you’ll be surprised by how much favor you receive.

      I was taught by my parents humility. And until I read a book which probably was a precursor to the “game” taught here, I was bullied, pushed around, and humiliated. The solution, according to them? Be NICER!

      Fuck no. I’m sick of being nice. I’m sick of “putting people at ease” by “not having an ego”. Life is a damned war, and to the victor go the spoils.


  27. Game is the antidote to the poison called feminism.


  28. TBH, gaming your mom is kinda gay. Can’t say I haven’t done so, though

    On an unrelated note, I went to some sort of an exam yesterday and spent the whole day in a room with 30 girls my age (most were 7-8’s) and a guy with some severe disabilities. Turns out femalemale ratio really does changes girls’ attitude in extreme proportions.


  29. Ugh, I can relate to the story since my own mother is also demanding and overbearing. Sometimes I wonder if having such a mother is why I was so beta growing up, and why a lot of betas are beta. Certainly having a mother who conditions you to be fearful of and intimidated by women isn’t going to help develop a child into an alpha male.


    • I think personality plays a large role growing up. Put a group of relatives together and they’ll sort themselves on their own. Mothers are supposed to be dominant over their children– while they are children. But I think it’s more the absence of positive influence and guidance (usually from a male relative and reinforced by culture) that delays a passive, obedient, low-self-esteem boy’s rite of passage to manhood.


    • Check the rate of single mothers. Check the current state of western men.

      There you go.


  30. Superb post. Well done.

    Key points: “…executed with unforced grace and contextual refinement…”,

    “The only way game works is if it takes a realistic appraisal of human nature. ”
    emphasis on the realistic appraisal of human nature.

    and, “…age-old truths that underlie all human behaviour…”

    I’ve also seen some of the improvements that this man writes about. In this case it seems to boil down to a growing self confidence.


  31. “Why are guys such aloof assholes”. Because it is what works with women.

    Men are rational pragmatic problem solving creatures of logic who upon trying a mutitude of things to get the poonanny will naturally gravitate towards the things that work.

    I was practicing game before there was ever a thinged named as such. Every single thing on this site has been already seen by this old dude first hand before it was ever defined and made so easy for the young men of today.

    That my friends is game in a nutshell. Do what works to get the thing you want. If it isnt working change it until it does then define and refine until you become the poon slayer you were meant to be.


  32. I like this letter. I have a mother with a strong personality and application of game is the only thing that helps us get along. I want to treat her well, because she is my mother, but I don’t like to be pushed around. I think most mothers would prefer a son who gamed her into her place, but still had a good relationship with her and treated her well, rather than a son who avoided her.


  33. Wow. Just wow.


  34. “Looking back I realize why my mom treated me the way she did, and I don’t blame her.”

    You don’t blame her? For treating her son — her own flesh and blood — with that much disrespect? If there’s one person in the world who should love you and be able to overcome her own worship-the-dark-triad biases, it’s one’s own mother.

    My hat is off to you for what you accomplished, but if boys now have to “game” their own mothers, society really is finished.

    [Heartiste: I wonder if his mom acted the way she did because she was secretly disappointed that her son was not as alpha as her husband.]


    • Perhaps it was subconsciously tough love. She sensed his inner weakness and took advantage of it to open his eyes, not consciously though. If she pampered him no matter how beta he acted, that wasnt going to prepare him for the outside world.


    • [Heartiste: I wonder if his mom acted the way she did because she was secretly disappointed that her son was not as alpha as her husband.]

      That analysis is spot on. A woman will treat her beta husbands the same way when he’s not the alpha she craves. Been there, done that.


    • Mother is a women after all. She didn’t know any better. No more sense in getting mad at her than getting mad at a dog for barking.


    • Welcome to women


    • I agree.

      She probably sniffed out his beta-ness and unconsciously wanted to punish him. Women are hardwired to PUNISH betas, even if they’re their own children.

      I’m sure it wasn’t too long ago in human history that mothers let the runts die by passive neglect and doted on the stronger kids. Numerous research shows that mothers pay less attention to ugly kids and that ugly kids get into accidents & die more often than their good looking siblings.

      Still, the 20 year old boy is misguided for gaming his mom for SIX MONTHS.

      He just needs to game the chicks at school. I guarantee his mom will have a major attitude adjustment when she sees hot chicks leaving his room.


  35. Bravo to this man.


  36. As I was sitting here jabbing at my keyboard summizing my thought it occurred to me that every conversation that attempts to make a difference uses some aspect of game. Its a dialect of action and nothing else. It’s parsimony in action.

    [Heartiste: Correct. Almost all language — all conversation — is goal-oriented in nature, a form of manipulation. Game is a codification of the language — verbal and nonverbal — which is most effective at attaining one’s sexual and relationship goals.]

    Can you think of a conversation where you made a change in your life or someone elses that didn’t involve some aspect of game?

    [You can use anti-game to deliberately persuade a girl to leave you.]


  37. on December 13, 2011 at 4:34 pm View from inside a hot chick

    I gamed yer mom.


  38. “… not only is game effective on all types of women beyond the mythological bar slut, game is effective on family members!”

    Sadly, youthandbeauty girl game works on family members, too.


  39. I love game denialists. I go out with hipster girls who have been surrounded by game-denying, emaciated betas most of their lives. They always say “I don’t know anyone like you” or “I’ve never been fucked like that before” – after she pulls her panties out of her mouth, that is.


  40. on December 13, 2011 at 4:44 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM)




    • The Manjaw Apocalypse — not one truly feminine beauty in the bunch, except for Made — and even her face has a certain masculine rigor temporarily masked by dewiness.

      These thin harridans supply the soft lobotomy of believed banalities in a most exquisite way — that must be said.

      Finally, even the rare larger tits look like obscurely disheartened albino cantaloupes.

      If you know what I mean.–


      • “These thin harridans supply the soft lobotomy of believed banalities in a most exquisite way”

        what does this mean? youve clearly put a lot of thought into it, but im afraid that, expressed thusly, itll be lost on those not adept at your mastery of intellectual KJery.

        also, your judgements on the depicted models (chosen to be depicted for the PCC for a very specific audience and reason) is amusing. i bet you get much better in real life, yes?


      • If you can read, you can understand it.


      • you might find this hard to believe, but in most circles (particularly the social stratosphere which id guess is where you wish you were), people like you who gratuitously drop $5 and $7 words to express simple concepts on straightfwd matters (such as modelling for a tire company) come across as utter tools.


      • I find it hard to believe.

        And you owe me 12 bucks.


      • “If you know what I mean.”

        Can’t say I do, or care, for that matter.


      • Then I’m surprised you left a reply, brusque one.


  41. I’d just like to say that thanks to the advice on this site I too have applied game to all the women in my life,family included, with results similiar to the ones noted here. It’s made life a lot better for both me and every woman who deals with me. Especially my wife, who, after some initial resistance, has been turned into what I can only describe as a love slave. No, this isn’t snark.


  42. To tell the truth,the story kind of excited me a little bit. Man i am a sicko!


  43. What a great demonstration of the extent to which game works. Bravo to this young man! He is taking the reigns of his life and driving it whereever he wants to go. Of course, he is probably what we call a “Caged Alpha,” since he has his Father to model, even unconsciously, his whole life. Blogs like the Chateau, and websites like our own, are sometimes the key for young men to unlock that caged Alpha so he can maximize the inheritance afforded him by his Y Chromozome. It is always awesome to see an Alpha emerge.I feel sorry for the caged betas out there- someone usually has to unlock the door for him- another great reason for these types ofwebsites to exist… there is hope for escape from betadom, gents! This post from this young alpha is proof!

    That being said, that last part about game working on men should be underlined and highlighted. It is right on the money- and while gaming other men into following you, even to an extent greater Alphas, is different, there is still a “game” in your interactions with men. We didn’t just play king of the mountain when we were kids because it was fun- our brains were trying to tell us something. The game with betas is about being straight forward, establishing your dominance- while gaming other Alphas is about mutual respect and collaboration- you can “out alpha” anyone and estabish yourself as a leader of all men, even other alpha types. Not matter what, life is a game: it is called survival of the fittest.


  44. I’m guessing you aren’t going to get lots of high fives from the PUAs out there but I, for one, want to thank you for this post. It is a reminder that game is a state of mind, not just a “pick up technique”.

    As I apply more and more of what game has taught me I’ve found that my interactions with ALL women have improved. I take them less seriously and they take me more seriously. I challenge them and they perform. I playfully tease them and they seek to qualify themselves.


    • Nah we high five the shit out of him. We use game principles on everyone. From attracting hot girls to repelling uggos to dealing with bullies to changing close relationships to handling business relationships etc etc a person can go too far and become annoying and unable to “shut it off” but usually that’s a phase that passes once they learn to calibrate and pull it back.

      Game is all-encompassing. The whole getting laid part is awesome and a big focus, but a good PUA can charm pretty much anyone. It’s not just about our techniques but also about our field experience…we learn to summarize and categorize people extremely quickly and because we’ve met so many different types of people we’ve learned what they respond to, whether it’s an overbearing mother or a cold-hearted business partner or a ditzy bar star or a feminazi mother hen.

      There’s a good clip where a top PUA is talking to a bootcamp crowd and he stops and asks one guy “are you Russian?” “ya how did you know?” “because I’ve met thousands of people lol I can just tell now”

      Game ultimately is about shaping your life into what you want it to be, in all aspects.


  45. Timely post for me…need some advice and inputs…

    The girl I have gamed and gone out with this past year…is now pulling away…we’re basically all but officially broken up with.

    We barely speak, she no more banging for 2 weeks, she’s completely pulled away and so have I.

    There was beta backsliding on my part.


    There are two other new girls I have successfully gamed for the past few months. They are both friends…they are both separately texting me, and I game them separately: push-pull, teasing, negs, shows of interest followed by aloofness.

    They’re both completely crazy about me: IOI’s….all the classic signs.

    I think my old AFC is creeping out and I’m at a bit of a cross-roads.

    How to chose? How do I not fuck up the two friends…while pulling away from the gf who is frankly acting very badly.

    Any tips to avoid further beta backsliding while managing the other two so I can not fuck it all up?

    I’m surprised at my success while understanding where I went wrong, but am at a crossroads….


    • Don’t choose, go in field.
      Also, try finding a new “enviorment” in which you can make new social circles, in which you act from the get-go as the new “you”.


    • Dump your girlfriend and ignore her. If she doesn’t come back, you have options, so who cares?


    • There are basically three reasons a girl pulls away from a guy (other than some major thing cause one of them to move away from the other, uni, grad school, much better job offer for him or some girls):

      1) he backslides to beta;

      2) it’s been awhile (a year qualifies, barely) and he looks like he won’t really commit; and

      3) he acts too alpha asshole well into the relationship too much, and doesn’t offer enough comfort.

      In your case I’d guess it’s either 1 or 2, leaning towards 1 but not sure. A combo is possible too.

      If either are the case acting more alpha towards her is the ticket.

      If you’re attracted to each of the new girls about equally, escalate with both of them. Get a competition going on. You may or may not be able to bang both of them for long, but it’s not fatal to do it at the beginning if you have an alpha vibe going.

      Use one or both of them as not obviously intentional social proof with your semi ex. Though she sounds like maybe too much work if she isn’t gorgeous. Maybe even if she is.


    • Dump the girl, escalate with the hotter one of the other two.


    • Completely ice the old girl. No contact. If you encounter her, let her come to you. If she does, be polite but distant, no smiles, no hugs. Shortly into the conversation, after preliminary greetings and “how are yous” tell you have to go. Say something bland in parting like, “odd meeting you here”, as you walk away. No hugs, no smiles, no nothing. if she initiates a hug, just put your hand on her upper arm to acknowledge the embrace, nothing more. Pull away slightly to make sure she gets the message: stay away. Forget her. move on.

      As for the other two, stop being so wound up about them. They are just two potentials. Find others. Focus more on developing your life and your future. Women should not interfere with that, women should supplement that.


    • There is little advice that will work for someone who cares too much, other than just to stop caring so much.


    • I’m not clear what your question is.

      You have two prospects, and one girl who isn’t into you any more. So pursue both prospects at the same time. It doesn’t even matter if they know each other. The one who is into you the most will put up with the most shit and stifle her jealousy in a gambit to hold out longer than the other, and so win you.


    • Life is short, fuck both the new girls. There’s more girls out there, you can make new friends if you fuck it up.

      Then if your GF gets jealous when she finds out her beta BF can still get girls, fuck her too. Thats a win/win/win situation. 😉 If she doesn’t get jealous, go find a new one, your relationship with your GF is dead in the water as it is.


      • @YaReally and all…Thanks.

        Here’s the crossroads dilemma. Since learning game, I’m getting good at it. I can practically get any girl I set eyes on.

        They respond quickly and sexually.

        The problem is what happens after I bang them.

        I’ve been in an LTR for the past year where it went from great to her becoming a needy possessive jealous angry mess… I began beta backsliding and as outlined in these pages, she loses respect.

        It’s a good lesson overall….


  46. ha ha so very true the cognitive dissonance levels will reach endemic proportions


  47. Game works on bar sluts….and YOUR MOM!


  48. If you’re a genuine alpha male with game, I’d really appreciate your advice…

    I was born and raised in a Christian family – from day one I was taught the old-fashioned belief that sex should be saved for marriage. I’m now 21 and recently decided for myself that I’m NOT going to live my life according to the Bible.

    To make up for lost time, I’ve been learning from this life-changing blog: so far, I’ve successfuly number-closed three bangable girls… one I took for drinks last weekend, two I’m taking for drinks this week. (There have been other number-closes, but I don’t count them since they haven’t led to dates yet).

    The girl I met last weekend is an 8.5 (Abercrombie model). I put into practice what I learned from Heartiste and Roosh and, if anything, their advice worked too well…

    … By 2am, we were on her bed – and she was naked and wet.

    Having never had sex before, I panicked. I told her we should wait until next week because ‘I’m waiting for results from the clinic and, even though I’m 99.9% sure I’m clean, I want to be sure.’ (Jesus!)

    This excuse was congruent because her impression of me is that I’m a ladies man – a mutual friend told her that I regularly get with girls because we hit bars often and I frequently make-out with girls (he doesn’t know that, up until recently, I deliberate chose not to sleep with them).

    She dealt with my bullshit excuse very well: she offered to get tested too (I said ‘don’t worry’) and she also offered a blowjob.

    Anyway, my question is this…

    Should I explain my Christian background and tell her it’s my first time… Or should I keep it to myself and fuck her as well as I can?

    I’m reading sex literature and feel capable of a good sexual performance first time out, but maybe I’m being naive…

    Any helpful advice you can offer will be hugely appreciated,



    • Congratulations for breaking free early. I’m like you except I didn’t break free from that Bible bullshit till I was 27, and by then was hopelessly behind.


    • Since you are rookie, this is how you give her a good time in bed. Do not follow the sex books you’ve been reading. Too much pressure.

      Instead… Order her around. Make her strip for you. Be the boss. Fuck her multiple times. Use her. Women don’t need to have orgasms to enjoy sex. Just make it’s really enjoyable for her once a week and that’s enough.


      • Yeah I agree with this.

        As well, just tell yourself, fuck it. Who cares? So what if you fuck up your first time. There will be others. Plenty of others.

        Abundance man. Abundance.


      • The biggest performance problem a virgin’s likely to have is to come too quickly.

        Have sex or jerk off the day before or maybe that morning at your age esp.

        If your building up to come. Just stop for a bit, pull out, maybe give her some oral, or pretend to be teasing her.

        And yeah DO NOT tell her it’s your first time.


    • #1 have 1 or two drinks max. itll help relax you. quality red wine works best. this assumes you have a good alcohol tolerance.

      #2 do not overdrink. alcohol impedes blood flow down there.

      #3 do not ever talk logically with women about anything sexual or romantic.

      #4 never make excuses for anything. if you can’t get it up because you’re nervous, immediately get up and do something else. raid her fridge. let her hamster fill in the blank.

      #5 do not talk about your sexual history. ever. whether youre a stud or virgin. girls are curious. intrigue is like catnip for them. exploit.

      #6 key for the inexperienced is staying power. practise stop/starts by yourself.

      #7 don’t worry about technique. just let your body flow at a natural rhythm. take the lead but observe the vibe shes in. diff strokes for diff chicks.

      #8 don’t try anything weird. technique wise, go missionary and maybe switch up for an unambitious position or two if possible.

      #9 watch mainstream porn. take cues from how the dudes lead re position changes etc.

      #10 relax. girls are very forgiving when they like you. once you fuck em, theyll almost always let you come again, even if the first time is a bust.

      #11 oh yeah, almost forgot: make her blow you before you penetrate. its a great primer, sets the tone, and itll make you last longer.

      good on you for abandoning that religion shit.


    • King A wept…


    • thanks for the advice guys, it’s really helpful (in particular, evilalpha and especially student).

      will play good music and try my best to be relaxed, confident and dominant. (i’m secure about my ‘staying power’, so hopefully the thrusting will come naturally.)

      told her we’ll watch a film, drink red wine, and play some more – she’s excited.

      for anyone interested in discovering how the night goes, i’ll update here next week (probably tuesday).

      thanks again,



      • yup, let us kno. careful about the music thing. don’t make it a whole production. just have a couple of drinks, watch a flick, and go from there.


      • Don’t listen to the “she doesn’t need to orgasm” crowd. Their girls cheat on them with me lol When I was a virgin before I learned game I did the same shit you did, reading up on sex so that when I finally DID get a girl in bed I’d be able to rock her world. Hell, I still look up new stuff and try new things out.

        I’ve dragged girls around the room by their hair spitting in their face, spanking them till they have bruises the next day, ripping clothespins off their pussy as they cum, deep-throating them till they literally puke on my cock…and I’ve also lit a bunch of candles, played soft romantic music, and sensually teased their bodies for hours before letting them have my cock. I understand the psychology of what gets different types of women off and make it a point to figure it out quickly when I first meet them, and that all comes from the dreaded “reading sex literature” and “wanting to give her a good time in bed”.

        Making sure a chick gets off doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any kind of alpha shit. It’s not beta to focus on her pleasure so you both get off.

        She doesn’t need to know she’s your first time. Go in with a ton of confidence, ’cause most guys don’t know shit in the bedroom so if you have even the vaguest idea of how to get a girl off you’ll be mind-blowing to her.

        Focusing on her will also help you relax as a virgin…you might feel some pressure like “hey, it’s the amazing virgin show, how will his cock perform? Let’s throw a spotlight on it and critique everything he does with it! Uh-oh, it’s not hard enough, what’s wrong with this loser?? Oops he finished too soon, hey everyone, look at the loser virgin!!” By focusing on her for a bit the spotlight is on her and you can mentally warm up to the whole situation and relax and see/feel her enjoying it all, and with the spotlight off your cock it might be easier to not stress yourself out. 🙂

        As a virgin there’s a chance your junk won’t work due to nerves, and if that happens play it cool and laugh it off and she’ll just assume she’s not hot enough and get paranoid and come back to prove she can get you off. If you freak out about it and can’t play it cool, just blame alcohol.

        The other common possibility as a virgin is that you’ll last FOREVER and be hard and fucking away but not be able to cum and you’ll start thinking “omg why can’t I cum?? I have to cum!! C’mon, cum dammit!!” which’ll just stress you out more and make itmore impossible. Don’t worry if this happens, she’ll just think you’re amazing because you lasted forever, but be aware that after a while a chick’s vag’ll start getting sore/raw from it. It’s fine to pull out and finish other ways. Hell, if you can’t seem to cum from sex/BJ, jack yourself off like you do watching porn and get her to finish you if you have to…as you get used to sex you’ll be able to cum from more stuff, but the first time transitioning from spanking it to porn on your computer to actually having another human being touching your cock can be trippy.

        Really, a virgin’s worst enemy is himself. 🙂 Have a couple glasses of wine to loosen yourself up and shut your brain down a little bit. Like Doug1 said, there will be other times and you’ll just get better and better at it. Relax and enjoy the whole thing, from the wine and music to the moaning and wet bedsheets.

        Use a condom, not sure if your religion discourages that, but seriously I know virgins who’ve caught stuff from seemingly innocent shy “good girls” on their first time ’cause they raw-dogged it. And I know guys who’ve gotten girls pregnant their first time ’cause they raw-dogged it and pulled out (let alone finishing IN her). You’re just starting your sexual adventures, don’t end ’em right away. Don’t be a fool, wrap yer tool 😉


      • You give the shittiest advice.

        This is T’s first time out and he is nervous. You should give him tips that will help, not confuse. Is it a good idea to teach a new driver on a manual shift car? Hell No!!!!. Best to learn on an automatic. Simply for success!

        The KISS principle, motherfucker.


      • He’s not an idiot. He’s kissed girls and had this chick in his bed ready to give him head, and he’s attributed it to following what naturals would consider “complicated advice”.

        He’ll be just fine, not everyone needs to crash their car to learn not to drive into walls.



      • Fucking with a condom is like eating a slice of pizza through the bag.

        Here’s my advice: blow your first load in her mouth. Tell her: I wanna see how fast you can make me come.

        Then, after you’ve enjoyed that and set the tone, fuck her. No hefty bags.

        Enjoy it.

        You’re a young guy, so make sure you don’t think the fucking is done because you came. You should come a few times over a few hours.

        The whole point is your enjoyment. She’ll enjoy that most of all.


      • Im inclined to agree w EA here. YR’s response seems -at least to me- more applicable for early-intermediate types, not first timers.

        the key to enjoying the experience and making it a memorable one is not overthinking it and instead trusting your instincts. not sure if youve ever played sports at a competitive level but the best players in any given sport tend to go on instinct and react in real time, rather than actually thinking or planning. sex is pretty instinctual, once you get in there your reptilian brain takes over and as long as you aren’t too herky-jerky and last more than a few min shell probly be satisfied for the first time or two.

        when you feel close to the edge, decisively switch positions. tell her to get on top of you, let her do the work. that tends to be the best position for lasting longer. its also the easiest one for many girls to get off on. missionary is actually the worst position for anything other than ease and intimacy; the more muscles you use in a given position the quicker youll come. missionary is safe because its easy and because chicks bond w you the first time you fuck em and building intimacy from the start is a smart play for someone you want to see again. anyway man. it isn’t that hard, really; getting a girl in bed is a lot harder than satisfying her in it. just fool around for a bit, make sure shes wet and when shes raring to go (itll be obvious) give it to her (its also much easier to penetrate when shes rlly wet than when not, which would be another potentially awkward moment). when youve got a bit more experience you can have more fun by ripping her clothes off, pulling hair, etc…


      • You’re still listening. Good.

        Do not forget to practice using a condom before the day of the date. You don’t want any shakey hands or fumbling. Rub one out in the thing if you must. Just be proficient.

        Also, doggy style is a good position for nerves as it gives you control, and time for composure… she can’t see your face… and you can’t see hers.

        And don’t worry about her orgasm. Girls enjoy affection, teasing and being dominated as much as anything

        Break a leg.


      • quick update…

        i rescheduled with this girl. (i received an interesting writing/publishing opportunity that deserved my immediate attention – third commandment of poon.)

        now seeing her after christmas.

        student, evilalpha and yareally, thanks for the advice

        i’ll be back to let you know how it goes


    • T wrote:

      I was born and raised in a Christian family – from day one I was taught the old-fashioned belief that sex should be saved for marriage. I’m now 21 and recently decided for myself that I’m NOT going to live my life according to the Bible.

      Quelle surprise. Get back to us when you’re 30 (or these days, 40?) when you realize you basically didn’t know shit when you were 21.

      Take this gem, for example:

      Should I explain my Christian background and tell her it’s my first time… Or should I keep it to myself and fuck her as well as I can?

      Did they serve your communion out of a lead-lined ciborium as a kid? You poor child, did you really need to ask about this anonymously on a website? This is what I mean about youthful idiocy.

      You’ve gamed her up, she’s “naked and wet” on your bed, and this is the first time you’ve prepared yourself for the moment of truth? This is the first time you realized how what you think and believe might affect your performance toward your goal? You deserve the humiliation.

      When you return, prodigal, your father will be waiting. In the meantime, don’t give the faith any more of a bad name with hot-to-trot tartlets by attempting to “explain [your] Christian background” while under the influence of barely-post-teen hormonal horniness.

      ‘I’m waiting for results from the clinic and, even though I’m 99.9% sure I’m clean, I want to be sure.’

      This could possibly be the lamest pseudo-player line I’ve ever heard. Like a Christian Camp survivor had put away his WWJD bracelet and replaced it with What Would Roosh Do? sharpied onto the condom he’s madly fingering in his pocket. You are the proverbial dog who caught the car.

      I guess the fakery is better than earnest honesty at that point in the game, but let’s do you a favor and call your bad impromptu out for what it is. Again, prepare yourself for these situations. There isn’t much true spontaneity from pre-game to post-game with a woman; there is only getting caught off-guard, and that’s your fault. Do better next time.

      To start with, stop living a lie. Game blogs teach you deception, but deception is for newbies, permanent-newbies, and losers. The longer you have to think up lines to bail you out, the longer you will be a n00b. If you are lying women into bed much longer, you will turn into one of those self-parodies who has no idea how ridiculous he is. Get your sea-legs with this tart, and after that, stop apologizing to yourself for how you were raised and who you are. At some point in your twenties you will realize you are what you are, and the whiff of that on a man is what sets hearts and vaginae aflutter, not slick salesman bullshit.

      One other thing, shaver. You have been taught the pussified version of Christ. It’s not your fault how you were brought up. But you are a man now, and perpetuating dysfunction has become your fault. No more complaining about how mommy and daddy did thus and so, and that’s why you do this or that. In other words, you can’t help how you were raised, but the “raising” is over. You are responsible from this moment forward.

      And the sob-story you are peddling about my faith will not do. You have to figure out how facile these game gurus are about certain principles, and you have to gain the requisite manliness to stand up to them. Standing up to your Sunday School teachings and declaring it all to be lies (“recently decided for myself that I’m NOT going to live my life according to the Bible”) is pseudo-courage. It’s what everybody does in their twenties. At this point in the culture, declaring your independence from youthful influences is the opposite of rebellious. It is a rite of passage. It is as predictable as goth-wear for the abused girl too ugly/nebbish/fat to break into the exotic dancer industry. The sheep who gather in a herd of “individualism” are still sheep.

      So you have given up your birthright for a mess of pottage. Good luck with that, and try to survive it without fucking up too badly. Your have a long life ahead of you, longer than you could realize now, but also shorter than you imagine. Everything about your perception at this age is compressed into one almighty temptation to self-centeredness. It only works for a time, and you create three problems for every one you solve. This is wisdom that can only be suffered into; I will pray your suffering is brief but long enough to be instructive. Warnings from those who have been there have no effect (realizing that is part of the wisdom of having been there). Suffice it to say, think ahead. There is a world past your 20s, and a certain kind of game is good for your 20s, and a certain kind is good for your 30s, and so on.

      The anti-clericalism of gameboys (and modern culture in general) is the residue of larger social forces at work, mutually self-reinforcing, coincidental, and false. It is retarding their subculture and keeping it applicable to only an exceedingly limited set of circumstances. The sooner you and they understand those limitations, the sooner you will be able to overcome them.


      Don’t take my Lord’s name in vain, apostate.


  49. I have a 5 year old son that is instintively learning this. The dirty little secret is that “game’ is not just pulling ass but female psychology. Thanks Heartiste for the work you put in.


  50. How do you game an alpha father? That’s what I want to know. My mom’s passive-aggressive, which has it’s own problems, but my dad’s the one I have to deal with. It seems like negs and getting him to laugh are helpful. But I have a feeling my framing effects my reaction to his criticisms and opinions about my career, the money I make, etc.


    • if his criticisms aren’t constructive, then don’t take them too seriously. listen to what he says, extract any useful advice if any, and ignore the rest. do it respectfully, he’s your father, after all.

      here’s the thing about parents: they shape us, for better AND for worse. at some point, you just gotta get the fuck away from them. (and if you’re not currently living with them, why do you need to even listen to what they say?)

      be your own man. answer to no one but yourself.


  51. Shipit1time

    Weak post, and no, this reader’s dad is not alpha if he let him grow up to be a pansy beta, which I suspect he still is from the way he writes and framed things.

    That is often wrong in the case of natural alphas that haven’t read up on game. Their tendency to dominance can extend to their son. It’s not that they usually want to lead their son’s to fail with women, it’s that they usually just thinkmen are naturally dominant or not, without realizing how much social conditioning matters too.


  52. This makes me hate humanity even more.


  53. test post


  54. lol @ mjay
    it’s obvious stuff really.. And as was said many times here, 2.5 men while bad when they try to make funny is priceless game wise.
    I have another problem though – I pretty much internalized game attitude at this point and chicks do eat it up. However here’s my current situation:
    * my standards increased slightly even for same night bang, plain 5-6’s don’t do it unless I get wasted
    * better quality chicks still require slight investment – dating, calling them, prolonged actual gaming (vs just being an asshole lolz) – I’m not all that physically myself, so that would be expected
    * and I’m just not feeling like it, just lazy, would rather drink and shoot shit with my buddies or stay at home and work or watch tv than talk to some bimbo.
    It’s almost like girls question is resolved and I’m not that interested anymore… Going on a 4th week without getting laid now, damn.


  55. Gaming your mom? kinda weird. But I have two female supervisors. They can get kind of bitchy. How to game them, while still being respectful and improving my standing at work?


  56. A budding young Oedipus games his mom with help from heartiste story at 11.


  57. It’s true. Sometimes I have to help my mom handle my sister (by teaching my mom game…), because she’s a mean little bitch with a major entitlement complex. But she’s perfectly pleasant when I’m around. She’s fully aware of it too, she actually helps her boyfriend tighten up his game.


  58. Anti-game is game! My favorite way to break up with a girl. It also leaves the power solely in your hands.

    The only conversation I can think of that isn’t technically game is the utility conversations based in great halls of intelligence such as this. We are not gaming each other; we are merely exchanging with eachother ideas of the greatest benefit so that all of us may grow, and our enemies may wither.


  59. It’s just been reported that Derek Jeter gives out autographed memorabilia to his one nights stands. One of the sluts was upset because Jeter pulled this stunt a second time after fucking her. She was angry because this baseball star who can fuck any girl he wants didn’t remember giving her autographed stuff after the first time they banged.

    Instead of celebrating his massive game the media will instead focus on what a “bad guy” Jeter is.


    • “Instead of celebrating his massive game the media will instead focus on what a “bad guy” Jeter is”

      Ir doesn’t really matter. What matters is if he will pass the media shit test and keep moving on his glorious path, or freak out like tiger woods and apologize like a scared little pussy


      • Tiger Woods apologized to try to keep most of his endorsements. That’s where he makes his real money. He had a nice clean guy image, unusual for a sorta black guy top athlete.


  60. This has got to be a troll.


  61. reading this post, reminded me of the books I read about 2 years ago, “How to Deal with Emotionally Explosive People” by Albert Bernstein and “No More Mr Nice Guy” by Robert Glover.

    two great books for those interested in a further understanding of the game concepts discussed on this blog.


  62. I have this cousin. She uses to be uber-hot.She was a rock star and she fucked a lot of rock stars. Nowadays she has had a couple of husbands and a couple of kids. I would still do her; but I would not put any effort into doing it, Cousin sex is cool, if the craziness can be contained.
    Last time I saw her, I was wreathed in massive social proof. Other cousins were ranting strongly that I was seriously rich, and smart, and exotic, and more. The deal was nearly closed.
    But I could see all too clearly – the future. That she was a true relative of mine… gifted … but never more than millimeters away from total raving madness.


  63. Doesn’t matter who the female is – most will try to get away with what they can if you allow it. If you don’t push back it just gets worse and worse. Some will start right away, and some will ease into it. No matter how long it takes them to start, rest assured that they’ll henpeck you to death if you allow it.


  64. At one time I was one of those betas who dismissed game as working on the bar “sluts,” something that douchebags ran on whores, and something I wanted nothing to do with and didn’t fit my personality. FWIW, I think in retrospect I have natural alpha tendencies but I’ve been beta-ized by illness and some other things, but that’s another story. Also, I had an overbearing mother.

    I used game ( which came more naturally to me after altering my diet and taking control of my health in other ways) to put my wife in her place.

    Now I use it on my young daughter ( yeah, really don’t get the wrong idea).


  65. I finished the Treatise of Love last night and although the dudes English is a little difficult to understand sometimes, I feel like a light bulb just lit up in my ass. (non gay way).

    When I was in my late teens I had friends with benefits as we called them. They cried about falling in love with me and shit and I never knew why.Three of them even somehow by some magical power met each other. (I guess I was not good at keeping them far apart, they knew some mutual friends of mine). The jokingly said to each other one day that they all know what I look like naked. The one that was still in love with me broke down and cried later, telling me about it. *best sex followed*.

    My one beta friend from school one day told me that he doesn’t understand why girls go for the assholes. I didn’t either in fact but I always managed to hook one for a few sessions and then the cycle started with them falling in love, crying, get their hearts broken and me being the asshole.

    Now, I’m married and finally understand why the hell she’s always so scared of me leaving her and gets pissy if I look at other women etc etc. Very jealous.

    After reading this blog for about two weeks (I’m on page 109 going backwards), and finishing Treatise of Love, I finally understand why I was always labelled the asshole. I found some good advice too on how to “handle” my marriage and make sure I don’t turn into some pussy-whipped beta.

    In my family, I have 2 siblings. Older brother and younger sister. My mom always values my opinion higher than my older brother (which pisses him off a lot). Never understood why, but looking back at how I behaved, I finally know.



    LOL, huffpo is crying about evil men who prey on college students by offering them money for sex.

    Hey huffpo, how about a piece on chicks who get endless free dining/travel/lodging/gifts/emotional tampons/etc etc etc from their beta orbiters without ever so much as letting them on first base. Well, I guess the first rule of the Matrix is you don’t talk about the Matrix.


    • on December 14, 2011 at 3:46 pm Holden Caulfield

      Quote from the above article: “I realize I’m not going to have it forever,” Jennifer says, brushing her blond, wavy hair off to one side. “While I’ve still got it, I’m going to milk it for all it’s worth. I mean, maybe I’ll get swept off my feet. Really, anything could happen.”

      Proof that women know their sexual market value is ephemeral. This is also why older women scream and yell about men their age pursuing younger women. The older women have long since expired and are virtually invisible to most men. Chateau concepts abound this holiday season.


  67. Yeah, game works on female relatives. Obviously, you have to modify some aspects of it, unless you really want to sleep with that one hot aunt. That aside, being confident, aloof, and funny really help to keep the womenfolk in line.


  68. Slightly off-topic, BUT: Maureen Dowd recently took a cheap swing at Newt Gingrich in the New York Times, in an Op-Ed entitled : “Out Of Africa And Into Iowa”.

    It’s funny that this hag would go after Newt – one of the most anti-white GOP candidates out there – in a piece with “Africa” in the title, of all things:

    I couldn’t resist, and using some of the things I’ve learned from the Heartiste Bible, I sent the following letter to Dowd :

    Dear Miss Dowd :

    You will be sixty next year, in 2012. We think it’s safe to say that because you were (possibly) once “deliciously fu*kable”, but are now a sexually irrelevant menopausal has-been in terms of reproductive ability, your relentless attacks on all things patriarchal and conservative are informed by a bitterness that can only belong to an aging white woman intelligent enough to know that the society she so fervently seeks to undermine is a society that has no more use for her, from a strict HBD point of view at the very least.

    In a better world, in a better civilization, an intelligent but no longer sexually viable woman like yourself would be toiling away at improving society. There are many examples of such esteemed women in the glorious history of Western Civilization. You, however, seek only to undermine This Civilization, in your shallow, fashionable PC assault on the West and the dreaded patriarchy (in your eyes) that made it possible. If you could have your way, it seems, America’s cities would fill up even further with single (minority) mothers, all white males would die, and the West would slumber so as to allow non-Westerners the chance at global greatness your forefathers always prevented them from having (by your reckoning).

    It is a sad thing to behold, something our ancestors would have shuddered at.

    Sorry Miss Dowd: weather you like it or not, half your powers of persuasion disappeared when your womb dried up.


    – Maxwell de Gheaubinaux

    ps: We know this is an ugly letter, and we apologize for it. But you are the one who started it by siding with the PC-fashionable, anti-West NYT.


    Heartiste readers: too much? Not enough?


  69. “I started by ignoring her demands. (Your advice on Beta’s are reactive) So if she was relaxing in the basement and would command me to make her “a hot chocolate with marshmallows” while I was busy upstairs, I would just pretend that I didn’t hear it, turn the volume up etc.; If she persisted/confronted I would say “I’m busy” or “Get it yourself””

    Seems kind of rude and ungrateful, no?


  70. In some ways the guy has changed, but in other ways, he’s become more beta. He uses a lot of passive aggression which is inherently beta. At the same time, he treads a fine line between standing up for himself and getting tossed on his ass. So I can’t necessarily blame him for the way he chooses to act.

    In the bigger picture, is anyone surprised that his mother responded in a positive way to his change in behavior? I think a lot of emphasis is placed on the superficial aspects of game (i.e. negging, teasing, etc.) 80% of solid game is conveying to women (actually, people in general) that you’re not going to take shit from anyone. This is sometimes called self confidence.

    Self confidence is what eliminates the insane demands, most shit tests, and the general lack of respect that people have for you. This is what puts you in contention for the final prize.

    The negs, teasing, push-pull, etc, are what seals the deal.


    • Passive-aggression is beta, but in the case of living under the same roof as a woman, it might at times be necessary. He might not be up for an argument with his mom, but still might not want to do exactly what she wants him to. Being passive-aggressive in a good natured way, with humor, isn’t so bad. It sounds like he needed to do that. If he is really angry and trying to get back at her, it is more beta.


      • I agree that passive-aggression is beta in a man, but we also should admit that it is almost a constant emotional state for a woman, or at least a default state, and it is considered normal in women.


  71. Some game denialists consider this normal social interactions.

    … No, it’s not.


  72. on December 14, 2011 at 4:00 am House of Jacques

    I’ve been trying to game my mom for a while now, with disastrous results. She still gets to me, because she’s demanding, manipulative and never listens to me. I can’t seem to keep my cool around her, I always explode.


  73. It is sad if you have to game your own mother. If your mom is similar to the one described in the letter it might be necessary, but its still pretty sad.


  74. Damn, I guess its up to me to bring this up….doesnt it seem like he is only a few steps away from ahem..”closing the deal” with his mom!


  75. on December 14, 2011 at 4:53 am Dr Van Nostrand

    Boy Im an knucklehead, I put email and Name in the wrong fields.Would appreciate if you could fix that.



  76. Yet, game is looked down upon by men of honor. The highest quality women go for guys willing to sacrifice themselves to their country and mate. The history of game beings at Nuremberg, where the men best willing to do whatever they were told were murdered for their duty. Insubordination and disobedience are the norm now instead of personal excellence.

    People are really going to miss the white knights one day, and the white virgin women. White people too. Eventually, East Asians…..


  77. So people are coming to sense about the irrational nature of women, pretty obvious to mankind throughout history until moronic yankees started talking about “suffrage” and “equality” a century ago


  78. I often wonder if I should be gaming my 6 year old daughter. Seriously. Her mom and I are divorced. I probably try too hard to gain her love and affection. I probably seem like a needy beta bitch to her.

    The brinksmanship and i-dont-care-if-you-leave attitude that has worked so well with the ladies, doesnt seem to have a place with my daughter.


    • Do it.


    • Assume the sale.

      You’re an awesome dad and your daughter loves it when she visits. When she has to go it’s her lost and she’s be waiting until she can visit again.


      She is trying to butter you up to stay around her awesome dad as much as possible.

      Good luck.


    • Be teasing and playful, and gently aloof. Don’t try to qualify yourself to her, that’s beta-bitchery at its finest. Don’t be too fucking nice. Being nice feels right, but like all beta intuitions, it’s not.

      Just game her without the asshole part. Daughters are cute, but you can’t fight biology.


  79. How beta do you have to be to lack the respect of your mom… I mean he’s taller than her right? That alone should be enough. But jesus christ.. Negging your mom? Come on.. Ignoring certain commands, and changing the tone of your voice should be enough, I want my mom to feel comfortable talking to me, not afraid she’s going to fuck up something.

    The guy lives with his parents the least he could do is be nice. Refusing to eat the dinner your mom made? Jesus fucking christ….


  80. @ walawala

    If I were in your shoes and the current relationship wasn’t panning out. I would mosey on over to the other two gals. Simply state to the girlfriend, you’re not feeling the situation and you need to do your thing. Abandon that sinking ship bro, otherwise women everywhere and men can see the distress call for ass. I’ve always dismissed women on poor behavior, or if they’re not enticing my boner as effectively as they should. Now if this were a serious relationship, I would raise my market value to such a point, leaving her would cause little to no concern at all since I could find better. She would in turn work on herself and change her attitude for the future of our relationship. In essence this is done before (pre-relationship material) or during turbulent periods in the relationship. People are bored all the time, the people that need other people are always in trouble or dependant on others. As an alpha male it is our duty to find ways so other people need us. We choose to expend our energy or to battle for the cause wrong or right. When it comes to memories and emotional changes in women, behind those doors, ask yourself who’s the sexual image they see, feel, taste in their thoughts and fantasies? If it’s not you then you’re doing something wrong. If she wants you badly and needs you, she’ll make it happen regardless of being incredibly distant.


  81. Here is a handy glossary when you’re ready to take game beyond the pick-up arts.

    Alpha = power
    Beta = supplication
    Game = manliness

    Further, all of life is a will to power.

    We have to acknowledge something … disturbing: the fact that from the highest biological standpoint, conditions of justice must always be only exceptional conditions, partial restrictions on the basic will to live, which is set on power; they are subordinate to the total purpose of this will as individual means, that is, as means to create larger units of power. A legal system conceived of as sovereign and universal, not as a means in the struggle of power complexes, but as a means against all struggles in general, something along the lines of … communist cliché in which each will must be considered as equal to every will, that would be a principle hostile to life, a destroyer and dissolver of human beings, an assassination attempt on the future of human beings, a sign of exhaustion, a secret path to nothingness.

    Nietzsche, Genealogy of Morals
    ” [bold added]

    If life is will to power, and power is synonymous with alpha, and game is an examination of the alpha, then game is applicable to all of life.

    Life –> Power –> Alpha –> Game

    It applies to mommy, it applies to daddy, it applies to the girl you want to screw, it applies to the subordinate you want to screw-over, it applies to the boss you want to overthrow.

    I’ll be ready for Game 2.0 whenever all y’all are.


  82. on December 14, 2011 at 11:50 am Johnny Hammersticks

    Requested post for the Chateau: how to handle a girl’s family (esp. parents) in a LTR.


  83. So, are the proprietors in the habit of taking down posts that don’t slob all over their gorilla cocks like the rest of the fanboys? I wrote the second comment for this post, essentially saying that this entry was sub-par at best, based on chateau standards, and it got taken down.

    I love most of the posts on here and look forward to reading them, but if a little criticism can’t be had when it is due, then the egos here at the chateau may be as fragile as that of a 13yo girl just hitting puberty.


    • When the recent post about faking orgasms mysteriously vanished, I typed in a question about that, but my question was never posted for others to see.
      WTF + WTF


  84. on December 14, 2011 at 12:38 pm Hung One On You

    In other news, the percentage of people who are married has plunged almost 7% in 10 years. Down almost 25% over the last 50 years. The percentage of the population that will be married is set to be a minority in just under a decade. The median age of those who marry has risen by more than 8 years and the percentage of the population that is living together but not marrying has skyrocketed.

    I think ch has been calling this for about four years. Just a total testament to everything that is discussed on this blog.

    And the conservatives think it’s the fags and hookers ruining the joint. Funny; no where in the article is the word female hypergamy.

    Link here:


  85. tsk tsk
    This post should’ve
    been done on
    Mother’s Day
    and you just know it


  86. I’m skeptical about how well gaming your mom can work in the long-run, assuming you live at home and don’t have a robust social/romantic life. If you’re there all the time, its going to be hard to convince her you have high value.


    • I don’t think that’s the point here. The point is just to get her to not act so bitchy. You don’t need to call in all the guns to do that.


      • If we assume that the reason she was so bitchy was because she thought her son was beta, then living at home and not getting out much probably has a lot to do with it. I don’t see how he can stop the contempt without making more substantive changes.


    • You underestimate the power of being a selfish uncaring aloof bastard on women. It’s all about passing shit tests, ignoring, reframing…
      It’s probably not a good idea to waste your life by not having social activities, but you can still be alpha, and thus earn respect, even if you choose to play wow all day long in your mom’s basement.

      Same goes for a wife or ltr. You will have a hard time if you’re broke, but she won’t stop respecting you or even loving you if you maintain an alpha frame.


  87. I wonder if game would make it possible for someone to literally fuck his mom.
    Now that would be something!

    (Shit, now I feel guilty. Can we change the topic please?)


  88. Kaz,
    Thanks for the comment…
    Gaming you mother!?!?!?! WTF!!!

    Any child who does not offer “proper” respect to their mother is a pathetic sack of dog feces. Especially if you are living under her roof ( I said “proper respect”… if mom is a trailer park pole dancer, a cougar, has tattoos, a rap sheet etc, you get a disrespect pass, but a child should show proper respect to their mother if at all possible)


  89. Zambo
    Gaming your mom? kinda weird. But I have two female supervisors. They can get kind of bitchy. How to game them, while still being respectful and improving my standing at work?



    You can start by never responding to statements they make with statements of your own. Only respond to questions and/or ask questions yourself.

    Its gonna feel real tacky at first, are you man enough to handle it?

    You’re gonna hafta do it everyday in order for people to understand they must QUALIFY for your attention regarding anything other than you completing what you came to work to do.

    Basically, less talk about doing and more doing.

    Become a one man lynch mob.

    Our communication has become as pussified as the people in it and the “back-n-forth” badminton like discussions consisting of both parties tossing out statements instead of asking question is a symptom of it; people unsure of themselves and/or their purpose…

    Try not to be one of them (at work)


  90. Anonymous

    Gaming you mother!?!?!?! WTF!!!

    Any child who does not offer “proper” respect to their mother is a pathetic sack of dog feces.

    Paging Susan Smith…


  91. I am so glad my mother loves me and is mature enough to be diplomatic about things rather than just trying to shout over me.


  92. off topic, but, I am interviewing a HB 9 tomorrow and would like some tips on what to do in the interview process aside from the normal hiring procedures. I don’t have the hours for staffing and the only reason I am interviewing here is to bang her.
    when i first laid eyes on here I realized I wanted to put babies in her belly.
    totally unethical, totally don’t care.
    any and all tips, comments, and carry-ons are invited and accepted.



  93. wow, lots of incest haters on here.


  94. It’s no surprise game works on moms – they come from an older generation of women, and still remember when men were masculine and women were feminine.


  95. “So then why doesn’t my game work on men? Why does my boss hate me when I neg him or when I try an alpha dominance move?

    [Heartiste: Men don’t respond to subtle dominance plays the way women do. Game for men must take into account the behavioral differences between the sexes.]”

    Men do respond to game, but you need to alter the tone – stoic and restrained, rather than arrogant and preening. For instance, disagreeing with a male boss but arguing your position respectfully and logically can be seen as a “neg”(though obviously this doesn’t apply if you’re working some job at Walmart).


  96. Eldest Child here of 3.

    Raised in an Islamic household.

    My brother ignores my mother and plays starcraft all fukking day.

    i bust my ass routinely since Day 1 doing laundry and getting good grades and taking out trash cuz thats the right thing todo.. i had nothing growing up. I do this sh!t because I see weakness and fatigue in my parents eyes and do it. Went to school, did my thang on the DL, came home and helped out with chores whenever asked. Valued the stability of my home which was a clash between traditional morals and newer ones.

    Little brother leaves the bathroom a mess. Mom whines like a naggy b!tch about him to me. Little brother leaves sh!t in the sink. Scattered toys downstair. His room is a mess. Mom goes DOWNSTAIRS asks the fucker What he wants for his birthday SUPPLICATES to him “Is that okay if I get you this and this?” and when we’re tight on cash. I wanted to punch the woman in the fucking face. Disrespect, incompetence, and irresponsibility disgust me.

    Right on fucking point.
    Sad part is that I had faith in my religion (Islam) to curb these hypegamous behaviors and really aprpeciate the values hard work, sacrifice, diligence, obedience, getting things done, academic ambition and all the traits I conveyed. Was sorely mistaken.. thanks for the raincall.

    Splitting off relations with her but going to buy a house. Only weakens me. What’s sad is that whenever she’s angry with my lil bro she’ll say I’m 100X better than him, but wouldn’t buy me jacksh!t. Father abused the fukk outta me, disrespected me at every whim.

    Glad to let out hte bitter truth. Selfishness and not taking sh!t is the way to go. What’s funny is that I’ve always tried to choose te task which was MORE difficult and acting up/talking back is easy as hell for me to do. I see it all the time in my more modern friends and I think its lowly ungrateful behavior. I show flashes of agner very occasionally but they work. My dad’s home has been a volley of petty insults and pissing contests since Day ! and I vowed never to be like him. My bro is my dad withotu the competence, skill, and hes essentially a drain on their wallets.

    Yes i’m misguided jealous and perfectionist type but i deeply cared about being excellent.

    Lil bro submits/listens to me though. Dsepite the whiny ranting I’m still a strong, fearless, charming, well-rounded leader type.

    thanks for reaffirming the confusing truth.


  97. This post kinda creeped me out.


  98. OT: Where’s the post that discussed how females bond by belittling others?


  99. My grandma was a bastard born out of wedlock in the 1900’s her dad was catholic, mom was protestant so they could’nt get married but that didnt stop the catholic!

    That same grandma (the bastard) was engaged to someone, then she met my grandpa. No one can deny game, i can see it in my family tree.


  100. This game is powerful stuff. I cannot believe how well it works. I am a 48-year-old man and not in terribly good shape. My clothes fit, are ironed, and clean. Three times in the last month, while practicing my game, I had a younger woman eating out of the palm of my hand.

    One was a hair-stylist, and I ran an ethical scenario by her. She was begging for my number. (OK, granted, picking up a hair stylist isn’t particularly difficult, but I have blown that before. We’re talking practice here. )

    Two — this one I couldn’t believe. About 22 years old. I negged and teased her while placing an order in an empty pizza place. She had a diamond piercing in her cheek and I said it was time to get rid of that, don’t you think? I was just practicing! I didn’t mean it! She didn’t take it that way … all over me. She said, yes, I need to get rid of that, and never mind the rest …

    The third was also a surprise. I walked in a bar and there was this women in her mid-30s with a great ass. Normally, I would have frozen up at The Ass. Instead, I looked up, decided to tease her like you would a little sister, and DHV. She was married. It didn’t matter.

    I’m still working on this … I still revert to old habits. But boy, when you’re in the right mindset, not only do you succeed, it really doesn’t matter to you if you don’t succeed.


    • This is a great f’ing post! You shd pick a name.

      This is the comment of the month!

      “Time to get rid of that, don’t you think.” Truly superb negging.–


  101. […] actually have talked about this with Olive, but I frequently ran game on my mom as described in this post over at the Chateau. I did this before having the red pill as a form of […]