Romney Is The Only (Viable) Republican Candidate

Randall Parker offers the clearest reason why Mitt Romney will wind up being anointed the Republican candidate for President.

Romney’s the best bet for the Republicans. He’s got very high analytical skills, understands finance, understands business management, and knows how to be a CEO. His Mormonism is not important. That he governed a liberal state from a moderate position was really the only choice he had as governor of Massachusetts. He’s not a nut case or a dummy like some of the other Republican candidates. He harkens back to an earlier (and better) Republican party when executive competence mattered and ideological zeal was suspect.

Note, the key qualifier is “viable”. Personally, I would vote for Ron Paul barring the emergence of a candidate who was strong on the only issue that really matters in 2012 for the U.S.: namely, immigration and the national question. But Paul is not a viable Republican candidate.

UPDATE: Ron Paul has moved into second place in the Iowa Poll. This race is wide open, folks.

If the middle-class economy really nosedives in 2012, Paul may be able to overcome elite antagonism to his candidacy and win the Republican primary.

I agree that the circumstantial evidence points to Gingrich having an intellect tilted too far in the direction of razzle-dazzle verbal fluency at the expense of critical thinking skills, but his standing in the polls is another reminder that it is in the nature of people to overvalue smooth talkers and to undervalue analytical thinkers. This cognitive bias likely has roots deep in our ancestral environment.

You need look no further than the dating market to see the same bias on full display. All else equal, who is getting the chicks? The math whiz or the silver-tongued salesman? Hell, even if you rig the comparison so that all else is not equal by, say, boosting the math whiz’s SMV with double the income and a two point advantage in looks over the salesman, the good money still bets on the latter to take the girl home and sully her cultivated purity.

Since this is a political post…

2012 prediction: the Eurozone experiment in forced financial busing implodes, taking the U.S. with it. Unemployment rises above 10%. A dark horse third-party candidate emerges sometime in April, stealing votes from both parties. Obama gently persuades Biden to retire and makes Hillary his VP. (Less likely: Obama quits the race and hands his candidacy over to Hillary.) Single women flock to his reelection bid in even greater numbers than they did in 2008, while white men vote in anti-Democrat numbers never before seen in U.S. politics. Racial and class polarization metastasizes. Obama and/or HIllary win, setting the stage for the final dissolution of the U.S. into a Balkanized banana republic. Feminists and equalists continue being stupid. Human nature continues flummoxing economists. No Child Left Behind continues leaving children behind. Mexico’s economy continues improving because their unskilled peasantry was offloaded on the U.S. for twenty years. Cheap chalupas remain more expensive than advertised because of negative externalities.

Women’s desire for alpha males stays, as always, unchanged.


  1. He’s not a nut case or a dummy like some of the other Republican candidates

    That just means the press hasn’t gotten around to destroying him yet. Coulter likes Romney too, saying something like he’s the first clean and articulate Mormon running for president.
    Democrats just hate this country, and they see immigration as a painfless, cost free way to gain power by replacing the more troublesome parts of the population who prefers freedom over government issued food pellets, housing. So sad, the left pulled this stunt throughout Europe.


  2. I don’t vote and haven’t in 19 years. I met Dr. Paul at a gold conference when I was in my early 20s and even then he came off as calm, collected, intelligent and articulate — I’d love to see the guy continue his life in politics now that he’s backed away from re-running for Congress.

    Everywhere I go, I hear from liberals AND conservatives that they’d vote for Ron Paul “if he could win.” I wonder why the campaign hasn’t done its own advertising slogan that would capture the fact that many more people would likely support him publicly if their friends did first.

    Something like “Your friend support Ron Paul, ask them about him.”

    Romney’s moderate position is still too liberal for my taste, regardless of the why (“Massachusetts”).


    • on December 5, 2011 at 1:27 am (r)Evoluzione

      People are waking up to the fact that their friends support Ron Paul. Social media’s doing much of this footwork.

      A TON of independents that supported Obama in ‘8 are repulsed by the fact that he simply perpetuated neocon policies on the drug war, the wars in Iraqistan, the war on terror–war in general.

      Now the tide of independents floods to Ron Paul. 2012 is his year.

      Oh, and Romney is a jellyfish. He himself has no idea who is looking back at him in the mirror, he’s changed positions so many times. He and the Newt are both classical politicians-for-hire.

      Whereas RP has been running on the same ideas for 30 years. He’s as stable as the atomic weight of gold.


    • [editor — erase the double post if it appears]

      A.B. Dada wrote: “Everywhere I go, I hear from liberals AND conservatives that they’d vote for Ron Paul ‘if he could win.'”

      Every voter is a pundit now. We don’t talk about which candidate we prefer, we talk about “electability,” i.e., basing our vote on how we imagine others will vote. It is a postmodern conceit, and just about the most absurd way to elect men to serve as our representatives. It is no surprise you haven’t voted for most of your adult life. It has become the province of hens, a gaggle of cackling gossips whose nipples harden and tummies tingle over the prospect of scandale. Who has time for that female nonsense?

      If you are a man, don’t worry about what the hausfraus will think. Vote for the candidate you respect as the best for the job, not on some comparative scale against the slate of his competitors — as if we are all journalists whose primary responsibility is to weigh the “horserace” carefully rather than register an official, individual opinion about the man most fit for the office.

      This is an awesome failure of our media. They chase the “story within the story” and end up chasing their tail. We consumers imitate their decadent pastime and wring our hands about how the electorate will react rather than conducting an interview for an applicant of a job like a boss.

      Our postmodern voting habits are interpretable by game in two ways that I can see, off the top of my head.

      1) Women are one-degree removed from the action, and so a republic in which women vote will reflect the habits of rumor, gossip, and scandal, the language most comfortable to women. Our modern media has become tabloid hell for a reason. Women are concerned with appearances, more caught up with what other people will think of their actions than the propriety of what they are actually doing (Gunwitch method?). Just as they will more readily be seduced by a man with apparently low SMV when their friends are not present to see and judge (fuck him, but be embarrassed to be seen with him!), our electorate will judge a candidate based entirely too much on what they perceive others think of the man. Luckily, we have a secret ballot, but even this cannot overcome the natural phenomenon of women voting primarily in light of another’s frame than their own.

      2) Given this feminine takeover of our body politic, the electorate can be gamed just like women. Put empty, safe, “beta” choices on the ballot and they will accrue momentum based on What She Thinks She Wants: the handsome, stable, white knight who is generous, docile, rich, and good with kids. Of course, this is political cuckoldry in the making: a weak piping chump inflated by status who will allow all kinds of indignities to be done to his wife/country, so long as they are discreet. (cf. Obama’s psychological need to apologize for his nation and his inability to even fathom the necessity of responding to open provocation.) Women cannot separate the traits of good leadership from the tyranny of what they’re supposed to think a good leader is.

      If Ron Paul is the best plausible man available for the job, vote for him and fuck what your dipshit amateur-pundit neighbors think.


      • on December 5, 2011 at 2:47 pm Obstinance Works

        Voting in large blocks can go either way. Intelligent people can vote in large blocks and win. That’s the way it works in the American system. If you aren’t voting for a viable candidate, you don’t matter.


    • on December 5, 2011 at 2:45 pm Obstinance Works

      Romney’s moderate position is still too liberal for my taste, regardless of the why (“Massachusetts”). You really have no understanding of politics. Romney did what he could in Massachusetts with an 85% democrat legislature.


      • I’ll take Romney any day on the Romney vs Obama scale (and that is as far as I go on that since our President does deserve respect no matter if I agree with his ideology or not)


  3. Your analysis is compelling although I continue to hope for a better showing from Governor Perry, largely because on my emotional need to kick butt and take names – ie win the Cold Civil War.

    Romney can execute – let others cheerlead.


  4. The euros will shoot their last bullet on Friday and it will be time to short the market again.


  5. I have to disagree that the most important issue is the national question and immigration. It is important, but the way we handle our debt problem will be much more impactful on the U.S. and the rest of the world. We lived fat for too long; the piper must be paid. Suffering will ensue as we either inflate out of our mess, default, or rely on future productivity (which requires a great deal of hunkering down – which is never fun).

    [Heartiste: Debt and changing demographics are intricately entwined.]


    • money problems aren’t really a problem, we just need to make more. But yeah, our deficit is about $2 trillion a year and no one knows where it’s going. It’s pure criminality what’s going on right now.


  6. Strange post, titled Romney is only viable candidate, then you state that its wide open due to Ron Paul.

    Romney sounds good, but like Bush he is a believer in keynesian economics and massive military spending. Establishment to the core. Ron Paul is the only real choice.


    Check out this book on Amazon:

    Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women

    What a joke….


  7. 2012 prediction: the Eurozone experiment in forced financial busing implodes, taking the U.S. with it. Unemployment rises above 10%. A dark horse third-party candidate emerges sometime in April, stealing votes from both parties. Obama gently persuades Biden to retire and makes Hillary his VP. (Less likely: Obama quits the race and hands his candidacy over to Hillary.) Single women flock to his reelection bid in even greater numbers than they did in 2008, while white men vote in anti-Democrat numbers never before seen in U.S. politics. Racial and class polarization metastasizes. Obama and/or HIllary win, setting the stage for the final dissolution of the U.S. into a Balkanized banana republic. Feminists and equalists continue being stupid. Human nature continues flummoxing economists. No Child Left Behind continues leaving children behind. Mexico’s economy continues improving because their unskilled peasantry was offloaded on the U.S. for twenty years. Cheap chalupas remain more expensive than advertised because of negative externalities.

    Nice little set of corrections, there. Secretly you are hoping the Eurozone will fail, which is the key for you.

    [Heartiste: Key for me? Wow, I didn’t know my livelihood was dependent upon the whole of the eurozone collapsing.]

    Rather, more likely is that the Eurozone will slowly recover and thus ease markets. As we are seeing, the unemployment rate is holding steady if not slightly decreasing with every monthly report.

    [How long do you think the game of musical debt chairs can be played before the bill comes due?]

    See below for your predictions just a year ago.

    [For the record, I didn’t make those predictions, but let’s see how they hold up for shits n giggles.]

    In six to eight months time you will make another series of corrections to overlook this set because your ideology just can’t quite hold up.


    My prediction for the 2012 general election:

    Obama will lose, but barely and despite an economy in the crapper that should have ensured a humiliating landslide loss, thanks to demographic shifts toward fewer whites and more Hispanics.

    [A razor thin loss vs a razor thin win. The point of the prediction is less who will win than how that person will win.]

    Republicans will gradually become the de facto white party. Identity politics will entrench, assured by an increasingly diverse and fragmented electorate. (Proximity + diversity = war.)

    [So far, this is holding up.]

    The economy will stay bad, actually will get worse. Unemployment will hit 12-15%, the dollar will continue losing value and maybe its spot as the world’s currency, inflation will kick into high gear, gold will hit record highs, amnesty* will encourage another massive inflow of immigrants from Mexico and Central America, and steadily and inexorably rising oil prices putting the screws to any nascent recovery will be the backdrop to it all.

    [Unemployment is at 9%. I predict 10% in 2012. 12-15% is a bit high, so that is off.
    Gold is still high and climbing.
    Inflation is up in commodities. Inflation is a wildcard. The weakest prediction.
    Amnesty is still in the cards.
    Oil is climbing.]

    Total speculation informed by a dash of psychological and electoral diagnosis: Chris Christie and Marco Rubio will be the Republican ticket.

    [The prediction of Christie was off, unless he changes his mind. Rubio is the dark horse R candidate. I have no idea who will be a dark horse 3rd party candidate, other than Paul.]

    *We are entering a very dangerous lame duck session of Congress. Expect Pelosi & co. to pull off an amnesty coup in the next couple of months. She’s that egotistical.

    [Don’t write off a possible amnesty coup yet.]


  8. Romney and the Mormons cannot help siding with womyn against “sexual abusers.” Look at the case of the “5 Browns”: they are seeking to end the statute of limitations on all “sex crimes”. Romney knew enough to shut up quickly after he started to condemn Cain’s “sexual harassment” of womyn. But he started to show his true colors at that moment.


  9. Women’s desire for alpha males stays, as always, unchanged.

    However, their desire to snag one and put a ring on his finger will increase drastically as women’s useless jobs will be some of the first to go.


    • We’ll see. White women may not be as acquiescent in their dethroning as white men have been. And at any rate, white men will still be around to excuse every transgression.


  10. what about the mayas


  11. Politics, above all US politics, is a form of entertainment for high IQ people, puts a little meaning and excitement into their otherwise pointless lives, generally better to just ignore it.


    • You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you.

      The political decisions we make affect our daily, personal lives. If you give up, don’t complain about the outcome.


    • Politics today is just another spectator sport. Why take it seriously?


      • Why just spectate? You CAN get involved, with some minimal time commitment, at the local level.

        If YOU don’t someone else will.

        I despise defeatists.


  12. On the lead-in: The deficit will kill the country a lot faster than immigration will.

    On the predictions: Obama will lose against whoever the Republican candidate is. However, if he decides (or is put through a double arm-twist and knees in the groin by the party strategists) – anyway, does not run for a
    second term, Hillary will be the candidate by public acklamation and
    she COULD win, as she carries less baggage and less insanity.

    The media did a full-press demolition job on Mr. Cain. Decades old
    sexual harassment? A cell phone bill that shows the numbers of the
    CALLERS to the cellphone. The only thing missing is a letter written
    in a font that did not exist at the time of writing. And the demolition
    job WORKED! Not that Cain was any good at disaster mitigation.



    • Consider that Pat Robertson ran for President in 1988 and the media then reported that his first child was born 10 weeks after he got married. Cain was stupid to think they weren’t going to dig up dirt on him, and the Tea Party aren’t quite as forgiving of immortality as the Left is.

      If you want to court the conservative vote, you deal with the double standard…by holding yourself up to the higher of the two standards. Otherwise don’t bother running.


  13. Gary Johnson has a good chance at being that dark horse 3rd party candidate to give Obama reelection.


    • who wants to vote for Gary Johnson instead of Ron Paul? the guy compromises on every libertarian position.


      • on December 5, 2011 at 3:00 pm Obstinance Works

        Gary Johnson actually did a very good job at his governorship. He’s way more qualified than Ron Paul that’s for sure. But, generally, you have to run more than one time to win the Republican mnomination.


  14. Ron Paul 2012!


  15. RON PAUL all the way!!!!!!!!


  16. Such a stirring endoresement – He is not a nut case or a dummy like some of the other Republican candidates. Hearing Bill Clinton on the Daily Show made me realize what a bunch of mental midgets the Republican candidates are.


    • and yet all of his accomplishments are luck or the direct result of Newt Gingrich gaining power. If you need to feel good about yourself over Obama’s malfeasance and simultaneous competences by stroking it to bubba, have at it. But, the dumbest republican can govern this country better than the smartest liberal (and you know, libs sort of overestimate themselves).


  17. This is turning into a very nasty election especially due to the continual onslaught of class warfare and the “us vs them” mentality. I’m waiting for the Greek style riots to start taking place all over this country. The OWS demonstrations were just the beginning but I feel the next round will be even nastier and violent.

    Not to sound depressing or anything, just being realistic. Also, we have so many of our fellow countrymen who feel entitled (and will continue voting for the Democrats to ensure their welfare,etc) and we have a massive amount of people in this country who do not follow politics or have no idea what is going on.


    • Those fucks don’t understand what an enfilade is. I personally can’t wait till the cold civil war goes hot.


  18. its really telling how ron pauls most salient policy platforms (abolishing fed, returning to gold std, ending hopeless wars of aggression from ME to drug) are the ones he is most ridiculed for.

    and yet, most of the non-wall st elites i know are down w ron paul. its just too bad the education syst of the US (best education syst in the world for the very few who are able to afford it) is so fucked that so few are aware of whats going on and what needs to be done about it. but im glad the Chateau is one of the enlightened ones.


    • Outside of the self-selected neocon extremists which make up the Republican party, Paul’s isolationist foreign policy is his most salable point. However, in the general election he would doomed by his extremist libertarian domestic policy positions (eliminating the FDA, EPA, etc).

      The implications of the gold standard is too complex for the average voter to get. If you convinced people it would be bad for Wall Street banks, they’d be favorable to the idea, but the actual implications of going back on gold would be horrifying to the average middle class debt-slave.


      • hes non-intervenionist, not isolationist. he supports free trade, just not military alliances. any country dumb enough to attack or declare war on the US would end up like Japan and Germany.

        as for the gold standard, the chance to restore it has long past. maybe before the housing bubble popped it could have been done, but not now after all the trillions in bailouts. if it was tried now, gold would have to rise to at least $20,000 an ozt, and more likely $35,000. Ron Pauls plan is much simpler – legalize competing currencies. eliminate all capital gains tax on gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium. and get rid of all legal tender laws. then people can spend and loan PM’s like money.

        the Euro and China will collapse, its inevitable. the US needs to take advantage of the time we have left and get our financial house in order. because the markets will turn on the US if left ignored. it will just be a matter of when.


      • Restoring the gold standard is not a viable alternative and never was. A fixed resource simply cannot accommodate a growing economy. The currency will always inflate (or: goods and services or will deflate) until each unit is so valuable people just stop using it as a medium of exchange, which is the whole point of a currency.


      • Ron Paul’s an Aspie. His foreign policy is the typical Aspie “sitting duck” social naivete roaring its ugly head.


    • Anyone who thinks returning to the gold standard would solve any problems lacks a fundamental understanding of the role currency plays in an economy.


  19. Obama will win. See Clinton ’96.


    • I’m sorry, I don’t see Perot ’12 to make it happen.


    • I disagree. I’m fairly moderate, voted for Obama because of Palin being on the Republican ticket. I know a lot of white guys like me that voted Obama in ’08 that will never in a million years pull the lever for him again. Unless Palin, Trump or Bachman were to steal the Republican ticket, I think Gingerich, Romney, Huntsman (and possibly Paul) would beat Obama.


      • What idiocy, you voter for an avowed socialist with no resume, who – on purpose – took brainless Joe Biden in as Veep, because you bought into a stereotype about the GOP’s candidate’s Veep candidate. I guess America gets what it deserves…our grandparents got the Great Depression because they were stupid enough to vote for FDR four times.


      • Voting is largely a social marker (e.g. 90% of southern whites vote GOP, 90% of the LA basin votes Dem). For the few swing moderate voters, the in-bred wing of the republican party is an extremely negative association.

        FWIW, moderates don’t make that much difference in the election, so berating them online is not going to help you. The big factor is turnout rates of “low information voters”, namely single mothers that vote Dem. Right now, Obama looks pretty neutered, so IMO the GOP can beat him on Daddy Figure/Gina Tingle factors alone.


      • Sidewinder’s right about what happened Joe. There were tons of men who would not have that right wing feminist Palin anywhere near the White House and that’s how Obama got elected. If she’d gotten in, we’d have more federal feminist laws now and a few right wing fems for Supreme Court justices. At least Obama has gotten the reputation for shutting women out of meetings and has a relatively hot wife. McCain would have groveled constantly to the female vote.

        Her getting rejected since, and the continued rejection of proxies like Bachmann, has taught the GOP a lesson…hopefully. The lesson was that American men were not buying the crap about needing to compete with the Democrats for the female vote.

        If we get a serial philanderer like Gingrich in the Oval Office, that would be a step in the right direction for a party that is supposed to look out for the male interest (where it should not matter who we’re screwing in order to be considered qualified).


      • Remember also that Barr voters gave Obama 2 red states. They were mostly rational Constitutionist conservative males and I’d guess they weren’t too thrilled with Palin. McCain cluelessly thought he’d shore up the female vote with his VP pick, not realizing that it was possible for the wrong female to tick off a lot of male voters who’d otherwise be “in the bag”.


      • “There were tons of men who would not have that right wing feminist Palin anywhere near the White House and that’s how Obama got elected.”

        um….you mean men like Matt Damon? People who believed every lie told about her?

        Again, she was the vice presidential candidate, McCain was the actual nominee, and all these idiot men voted for a guy for whom we are now having actual discussions over whether he’s doing this stuff on purpose (i.e., Cloward Piven) or if he really is that incompetent.

        Or to put it another way, I have no idea what “If she’d gotten in, we’d have more federal feminist laws now and a few right wing fems for Supreme Court justices” is supposed to mean, but I can guarantee you we wouldn’t be sporting $2trillion annual deficits, that NLRB would punish Boeing for going to South Carolina, attacked Libya, stiffed GM’s bondholders and bailed out their union thug unions, Supreme Court Justice Kagan and Sotomayer, and the Ben Bernake wouldn’t be printing and buying our own debt.


      • As someone who has worked for government, there is a key component you are not considering: competence. Ideology is only one part of a functioning executive branch. Execution is a bigger part of it. Palin cannot give a substantive response to the most direct of questions. She did not know that there was not a country named “Africa”.

        I think Obama’s policies are misguided, and he is inept at making the deal. But we’re talking the difference between a poor major league baseball player and a girl on the tee ball team. Not even in the same league. Palin could NEVER be the President of the United States.


      • There’s an answer to the Africa idiocy at the 1:10am mark. It’s bad enough that the other side can slander conservative and semi-conservative nominees at will, at least allegedly intelligent voters would start vetting these lies. That’s the problem, everyone is too quick to shit on conservative female nominees.


      • At least Obama has gotten the reputation for shutting women out of meetings and has a relatively hot wife.



      • At least Obama has gotten the reputation for shutting women out of meetings and has a relatively hot wife.

        If I thought Obama’s wife was hot I’d post as Anonymous too.


      • dude must be living in 2008 when the press was shameless about building up the god king and his chocolate princess of a wife, how Michelle outshone Carla Bruni in Paris, oh those were the days…Now it’s apparent that obama’s a stuttering clusterfuck of a miserable failure married to not very pleasant person who, let’s not forget, earned $300K doing nothing except driving up the costs of healthcare in Illinois.



    “The elephants, please.”

    Gingrich won’t last. He may be *very* smart, but he’s a complete dirtbag, and everybody knows it.

    This is finally the perfect setup for Ron Paul. The rest of the Republican field is a joke.

    He’s going to win the presidency.

    And if for some inexplicable reason he doesn’t, take it as a sign: this fucking country is through.


    • I don’t think so.

      Ron Paul’s acceptability to Republicans and Republican-leaning independents: acceptable to 34%, unacceptable to 62%.

      His freakin’ cult is frankly tiresome at this point. It’s primarily idiot Millenials.


  21. Romney has got to be thinking “WTF? I thought I had this in the bag”

    Paul does take a strong stance on immigration, it seems to me. Using our troops to protect our own borders, rather than the borders of Iraq/Afghanistan, is a point he often makes. Ditto for eliminating welfare or “social services” to illegals. I believe he opposes student visas from places like Saudi Arabia as well

    Newt is a windbag – the guy who THINKS he’s the smartest in the room


  22. You may be right about viability, but given your predictions of our economy and the continued equalist conventional wisdom, I think Gingerich is the only candidate with the combination of intellect, political experience and audacity to suggest ideas that are outside the box. Perfect of example of this was highlighted on Meet the Beta Press this morning:

    Gingerich suggested exempting some forms of labor from child labor laws to allow underprivileged youth to get work experience and to develop a work ethic that many children of single parent homes never develop. The liberals on their roundtable went crazy on this idea, saying he was blaming the victim, insulting the working poor… Point is, Romney would never have the balls to suggest something like that. He wouldn’t even state a position on the budget supercommittee fiasco before Thanksgiving, and then takes pot shots at Obama after the fact for not marshalling an agreement. Gingerich had a 10 point plan for the super committee.

    Romney would be a good business-as-usual candidate, but I agree with the editor, I do not believe 2012 will be business as usual circumstances in this country.

    I like Ron Paul, but he doesn’t know how to run Washington. He doesn’t understand the art of the deal like Romney and Gingerich.


    • Gingrich challenges the narrative. Romney swims along with the current.


    • dude, i like gingrich in a lot of ways, but to anyone not predisposed to be a republican, he looks just like what don imus said, a fat arrogant pig. women will hate that guy. all the gop needs is a candidate who doesn’t offend or turn off large numbers of people and they win. i disagree with chateau that an economic meltdown would do anything other than seal obama’s loss, but given he can’t get over 44% approval ratings he’s toast if the gop doesn’t nominate a gingrich or a bachmann that turns off the 60% of people who aren’t already republican.


  23. What’s your beef with Ron Paul? He is only viable candidate who can save America. More importantly, he is the only one who actually gets it and realizes that the current path is unsustainable.


  24. I think we all know what the most important part of this post is:

    Women’s desire for alpha males stays, as always, unchanged.

    Thank God for that! Of course, women will always desire alpha males.

    It’s good to see that you’re a Paul fan! I always figured the writers of this blog (if they be more than one and changing every so often as I suspect) to be conservatives – mostly because of the largely unmatched intelligence that comes across in the writing.

    After all, Liberalism is for women and uneducated young men.


    • Liberalism is for women and uneducated young men-thanks for the laugh. Keep thinking conservatism has the interests of your average day working man close to the heart. Newsflash-It doesn’t. You people in red states and with red state beliefs keep cutting your nose off to spite your face-and you keep coming back for more. Some of the shallowest thinking keeps from conservatives-Cut taxes! Anything else? Um, oh yeah, Cut taxes! In a global economy, the working man is expendable And conservatives in power only care about making the rich richer.


      • Some of the shallowest thinking keeps from conservatives-Cut taxes! Anything else? Um, oh yeah, Cut taxes! In a global economy, the working man is expendable And conservatives in power only care about making the rich richer.

        FO&D, ignorant fool. You project your own failings on to people and ideas you can’t understand. It’s not rocket surgery when America has one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world, and businesses are leaving for other shores, of course we should be more competitive. Your union-thug ignorance about expendable working men has killed more American jobs than anything else. Couple that with a regulatory environment in which it’s basically insanity to produce anything here (why does China produce ipads?) and a regime practice of granting waivers to big business and the well-connected, you’ve seen smaller, unconnected businesses get creamed and “working man” jobs shipped overseas. Shallow thinking, my ass.


      • on December 6, 2011 at 7:37 pm AnonymousDog.

        And remember, when liberals talk about “working men and women”, they really mean “union members”. Democrats have done very little for non-union earners, and have actively done their best to screw over the self-employed. So far as they are concerned, if you don’t belong to a union, or at least draw hourly wages, you are THE RICH. There is no place for self-employment or any kind of economic independence in their universe.


      • Here’s some light viewing for your pleasure, Rick, you dolt.

        How you and your smug allies, smugly spent trillions and got nothing for it.


      • What will the Republicans do for the self-employed? Do they even know about the 15.3% self-employment tax and the regulations that keep corporations on top? The answer certainly wouldn’t lead you to Mitt Romney. The answer is here:

        The same self-employed farmer who birddogged the Democrats for the last two presidential primaries is back in New Hampshire for the same reason: to look for a candidate willing to really help the self-employed. His name is Mark Dunau. Full disclosure: I helped Mark with these videos.


  25. I’m a chick but I think like a guy, always have even since I can remember as a child, and I don’t vote with my vajayjay–plus I don’t vote in general, it’s a rigged gameboard… 🙂

    I just love Ron Paul. Respect him like the elder statesman he is, like a wise grandfather. Have volunteered for his campaign alot and gotten the opportunity to speak to people about him (overall I actually don’t say much, facts and figures and the minutae of political theory truly isn’t my bag… I just keep it brief speak to ethics, intelligence, constitutionalism, and the sovereignty we all deserve).

    He’s showing more fire this time, though. Makes me happy.

    It’s easy to see through most of these clowns put up by the mainstream media and business as usual politicking, well, probably easier for guys to see through them. My fellow chicks usually will go by whoever they see on TV most often :-(… however I encourage girls I meet to think critically about it and even got one gal to really back Paul.

    And truly… how could any girl in all honesty be attracted to these sanitized puppets like Romney, Perry et al? ick! I think slowly we’re starting to see right through them, all of us.They reek of sunday school moralism and stale crackers.



    • It’s a good point to bring up whether the GOP candidate can attract women (has any game). Romney sure can’t because he comes across as pure beta, as does Perry. It isn’t because of the abortion issue that women tend to feel repulsed by the church going men. Gingrich being a cad can’t hurt him as long as he doesn’t do what Cain did, which was to be beta and deny everything (a form of groveling). Ron Paul is the cool grandpa to women, which is a plus for him.

      For those who don’t want Ron Paul because they fear that Iran will get the bomb:

      We’ve had 10 years to deal with Iran since 911.

      Why haven’t we already dealt with their nuke program (except for the recent acts of sabotage in the form of mysterious explosions)?

      Could it be because the military-industrial complex wanted endless war like the writers of a long-term soap opera take care to make sure the narrative plays out indecisively over a long term? The elites still have 13 months to deal with Iran if that has really been on their agenda. Bush wasn’t any better than Obama in that regard.


  26. Ron Paul – “The American people like a strong president. So how can I run for office and say I want to be a weak president? Well the truth is we should have a strong president….strong enough to resist the temptation of taking power that a president shouldn’t have.”

    Ron Paul’s the real effing deal. The rest are creations of the media, see Rick Perry’s rise (and fall).


  27. on December 4, 2011 at 6:11 pm Corporal Hicks

    Single women are the scourge of any country.

    Women are friggin’ idiots. Single women are EXTRA gullible friggin’ idiots.

    Expect Hillary as VP.


  28. Republican caucus and primary voters will only select Ron Paul or Newt Gingrich if they want to flirt with losing the election. Mitt Romney is the only Republican candidate who should, all else being equal, beat Barack Obama.

    Women still seem to love Obama, the magic negro, but this might change when they get to know Romney better. Most people [including even some young women] now know that Obama is a weak, incompetent pussy. Romney, on the other hand, has the looks of a strong, or at least competent leader. He should be able to make women feel “safe” and “protected” [isn’t that women really want?]. After all, Romney looks like he just walked off the set of Mad Men. Obama, on the other hand, looks like he just walked off the dais of a touchy-feely, vaguely gay “Occupy Movement” community organizing session.

    The wild card is, of course, the economy. If the economy tanks in a big way in the next few months [as now seems entirely possible], then the Republicans should be able to win with just about anyone – even Ron Paul or Newt Gingrich. However, the possibility of Obama ceding the Democratic nomination to Hilary is exceedingly remote, no matter how bad things get. A challenge from Dennis Kucinich on Obama’s left flank would be more likely.


    • what the fuck is the DIFFERENCE between Romney and Obama? the man supports all the wars, the inidividual mandate on health care, amnesty for illegals, expanding welfare, government sponsored make-work jobs. hes even fine with the subsidies that cater to green socialists and blow up, like Solyandra did.

      seriously, you neocons/socons are fucking morons. the R in front of Romney’s does not magically mean the country will be saved from endless wars, endless deficit spending, and currency death of the US dollar.


  29. Gingrich will be the next president. You heard it here first. Or at worst, second, since he says it a lot himself.

    Romney is a case of the man not matching the moment. Gingrich’s grandiosity has hampered him in the past, but in this cycle it has served him. Most other election years when we can afford a sacrificial lamb, Romney would have cruised. He has a 59-point plan. For serious. At a hinge of history, Republicans will not nominate, and voters will not elect, a technocrat.

    Whoever is taken with the “electability” argument because of Romney’s feints toward moderation should think back to three years ago and the utter disaster of that too-clever-by-half strategy. The last thing the tea party will stand for is putting up a sacrificial lamb/empty suit candidate in the Ford-Bush-Dole-McCain vein. McCain was a war hero, a press darling, a senator of eclectic (read: left-leaning) tendencies, and a “maverick” with a penchant for iconoclasm against his own party. The left savaged him as the Antichrist anyway.

    It is a recurring fantasy of the GOP that nominating someone palatable to the left will moderate his vilification in the general. And against the first black president? To confirm their multiculti victory? You think they will give Romney more slack than Gingrich? Give me a break.

    The difference with Gingrich is he is nimble enough to fight back and destroy criticism against him, face-to-face. Not through intermediaries. Romney’s Baier interview is all you need to see to understand just what a liability it is to be unable to defend yourself mano-a-mano. I’d recommend Heartiste study the video and take note all of his screaming beta signals. These intangibles mean everything, particularly with men voters.

    Gingrich’s bombast and historical perspective will serve him well: puffery though it is, the hot air expands to fill the moment. He is a high-risk candidate in a certain way, and low-risk in another way. While he does tend to see himself too historically, which leads to overestimating his own importance (he got game!), his four decades in public life means all of his skeletons have been driven out of the closet (unlike Cain or Perry). And other than Ronald Reagan, no other conservative in the last eighty years can plausibly take credit for a genuine and lasting political revolution.

    The polls aren’t a fluke. Gingrich will win Iowa and NH. Romney will have a final chance before SC and Florida to capitalize on buyer’s remorse. The outlook there is cloudy since “a week is a lifetime in politics.” Three of the most intense months on the political calendar could yield another big surprise. As big a surprise as Gingrich’s success has been.

    This isn’t an endorsement, though I am now for Gingrich by default. The GOP has failed to produce any of the five people who would have delivered them a historic landslide in November: Ryan, Christie, Giuliani, J. Bush, Daniels. All of those men have the crucial prosecutorial trait of delivering a devastating cross examination and final argument. Of the men remaining in the GOP race, Gingrich comes closest to those skills and no one else is even in the same class.

    You need look no further than the dating market to see the same bias on full display. All else equal, who is getting the chicks? The math whiz or the silver-tongued salesman? Hell, even if you rig the comparison so that all else is not equal by, say, boosting the math whiz’s SMV with double the income and a two point advantage in looks over the salesman, the good money still bets on the latter to take the girl home and sully her cultivated purity.

    In this analogy, is Gingrich supposed to be the whiz or the salesman? And who is Romney supposed to be? It’s not obvious. There is a case to be made that Gingrich is a combination of both, whereas Romney is neither. The Mormon’s inability to break out of 20% support despite having the chance all year indicates he is the kinda-good looking chump (at least better than the rest of them) with zero game. And here comes portly, elfin looking Gingrich into the bar (the debates) towing decades of baggage, dismissed by everyone. And then he opens his mouth. He reaches the tipping point of viability and suddenly he leaps to double-digit leads in every significant poll. I’d say that he embodies the nearest equivalent of game in this dynamic.

    Of course, he could always fuck it up in the next line. “What beautiful eyes you have, GOP voters. May I kiss you?” I’m not getting that vibe with Gingrich, though. He might peacock it up with his delusions of grandeur, but in thirty-plus years of public life, he has never shown a tendency to deliberately soften his message in the counterproductive attempt — shared by betas and most GOP candidates alike — to appear more cuddly and more wuvvabuww.

    Are we supposed to believe that the Mormon who has never had a beer and never smoked and never cheated on his wife is the candidate best positioned to “take the girl home and sully her cultivated purity”?

    Gingrich is the fuck-it candidate. We spent all century at the casino blowing our family fortune, and we’re down to our last couple bucks. Are we going to make a mousy little bet on a low-reward table, or are we going to go for the big money? Fuck it.


    • on December 5, 2011 at 2:15 pm (r)Evoluzione

      No way. General elections are built on the independent voters, who easily see through Noot, and can tell him for the sell-out, political whore that he is.

      Independents will not vote for Gingrich. No way, no how. Only Ron Paul has the wide political support of independents and disillusioned liberals. Only Ron Paul can beat Obama.


      • I’m an independent who would vote for Newt, and I voted for Obama in 2008. I disagree with King A’s suggestion that playing to the middle hurts republicans. I think McCain would have won that election with Romney as his vice president. Palin was simply unpalatable for independents (and a lot of moderate republicans) because she is a moron.


      • And Biden was the shit, I guess. And Obama was as awesome as advertised, and you totally didn’t fall for media hype about the hopey changey mcfaily.


      • Are you seriously believing a multi-term senator is worse than some gold digging quitter housewife who thinks every question asked of her is a ” gotcha ” question? The main reason leaders should be leaders is because of their experience and intellect. If I wanted some bimbo in power, any chick on the local club dance floor on a Saturday night would suffice.


      • yes, I am seriously stating that. A guy who hid in the senate in a safe seat with no actual accomplishments who bullshitted his way into the vice presidency. The only remaining senator who voted against the alaska oil pipeline, among other idiotic things, like suggesting that —on 9/13/2001, now would be the perfect time to write a no strings check of $200 million to Iran. Slow Joe is a liability to the president and a nonentity when he was in the senate.


      • Biden “Being interviewed by Katie Couric on the “CBS Evening News,” Biden said: “When the stock market crashed, Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the television and didn’t just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed. He said, ‘Look, here’s what happened.'”

        so, slow joe got the president wrong and doesn’t know when TV was invented.


      • Newt is stirring up the Tea Party against OWS, employing the divide and conquer strategy of the one-percenters. I was leaning toward him for a while, but he should not be trusted. He does share a passion with us for emptying his balls with a variety of women, but other than that, is not one of us.


    • Cogent analysis.

      Gingrich is a political alpha, Romney’s a beta, Paul is a gamma.


  30. I think the boot will stomp on the face forever. There is nothing that can possibly stop the current system. The beta males who did the greatest murder-suicide in history simply can’t be stopped, due to sheer numbers. Not enough genetic alphas of good quality can stand up to the educational system, even they gave a damn to.

    Everyone inside the late USSR knew it was dying, and so it did. The degenerate remains of the west West are so demented, it’s effectively undead, an unstoppable zombie. It’s held up by pure evil, some sort of ancient demon destined to enslave humanity for eternity.

    Might as well vote for Ron Paul, if only for fun.


    • My biggest electorial mistake was voting for Ross Perot in 1992, Bush 41 wasn’t so bad after all, especially compared to Clinton.


      • I supported Harry Browne and still have my button and sticker from that year. I have absolutely no regret — he’s still my favorite libertarian in history who has run for office.


  31. What amazes me is that people who make less than $1M a year are even entertaining the thought of voting Republican. This party proved itself to be organically incapable of looking after the interests of society – they are a corporate mouthpiece. GOP politicians don’t really have a choice because their campaign funds are corporate driven and those who attempt at doing something reasonable and not in line with big money interests are quickly ousted. GOP politicians are forced to sign a pledge that they won’t raise (corporate) taxes. On the other hand, they had no qualms proposing a health care plan that would pay a decreasing amount of money to senior citizens for covering their medical expenses – that’s where the savings were supposed to come from.

    So you have big corporations who operate in the US with only the CEO, upper management, and some stakeholders being US based and you have Republicans protecting them tooth and nail saying that they are “job creators”. What they fail to mention is that the 30K people hired by company X last year are all based in Pune, India and the American society, other than the millionaire shareholders, won’t get jack shit from the deal.

    The GOP has radicalized itself so much over the past decade that they cannot field even one feasible presidential candidate. Romney’s mormonism will be a problem for voters because a large contingent of GOP supporters are evangelical nut jobs. Furthermore, Romney will be undone by the virtue of the successful health care plan he implemented in Mass. which I am sure he thought would be the cornerstone of his campaign, but now puts him in a ridiculous position of having to say: “yes it worked in my state, but… it’s not going to work anywhere else, swear to god!!”. Even Bismarck would have a problem weaseling out of that conundrum.


    • Voting is a collective bad habit exploited by two wings of the enemy of peoples.


    • Way to parrott the DNC talking points. The next step is to explain to us what sets the Democrats apart from all the accusations you have just leveled at the GOP.


      • I’ll take a shot at that. The national Democrat strategy is to coopt GOP positions while appearing to be the “adults in the room”. So if you want the Bush tax cuts, entitlement cuts, and endless war in Af-Pak, you can’t really go wrong with the Democrats. Plus they’re more socially acceptable to your rich coastal buddies.


    • Do you shave or wax your vagina?


    • on December 5, 2011 at 11:45 am David Rockefeller

      Thanks. You’re the one sane person on this thread.

      For 6 years, Mitt’s done nothing but run for the White House — and his support among Repubs hovers in the 20-25% range. As the Repub freaks and clowns get culled form the herd, Newt’s picking off their supporters — who will simply not vote for Mitt.

      And Newt’s an undisciplined mess, a man who has no business coming anywhere near the levers of power.

      In an election where moderates/independents are not so much voting for someone as against someone (or staying home), either Newt or Mitt getting the nomination will be a disaster for the Repubs. Another 1964.

      The Repub big money boys are on their knees praying that neither Mitt nor Newt show up at the convention in Minneapolis with enough votes for a first ballot win. (Delegates are pledged to their candidate only for one ballot. After that they can vote for anyone they want.)

      A convention deadlocked between 2 candidates the party really doesn’t, neither strong enough to take on Obama, turns to . . . Jeb Bush.

      Yup, Jeb Bush will be the 2012 Repub presidential nominee.

      Sure, he’s got that toxic Bush name. But he’s the smart one in the family, the one who was supposed to be president, not the his dumbass older brother, the worst president in history. A serious person who knows how to govern (as opposed to give speeches and press conference and introduce legislation that’s unlikely to get enacted.) He will raise all the money he needs and the party will close ranks around him because he’s the only Repub standing between Obama romping to a landslide victory.

      Will he win — who knows? But he’s the Repubs’ only hope.



    • I think you hit on the achilles’ heel of the republican party. Is it truly a party about economic growth, or economic protectionism for the entrenched interests (corporations)? Most republicans I know do not want to confront this question, or try to reconcile corporate interests as being completely aligned with small business interests. They clearly are not, and I’m surprised this fight hasn’t surfaced within the republican party.

      As a united states citizen, however, the republican party is the only party with a small hope of representing the collective interests of the united states as a whole. The democrats are no longer a national party. They are a bizarre collection of minority interests that are actually opposed to the best interests of the country in most cases for the benefit of their own fractional interest. I look at it as republicans represent a 10% hope for the country, the democrats 1%.


      • Look. Everything you need to know about American politics you can learn from pre-empire Roman politics. Optimates vs Populares. People who fight for the rights of the wealthy, versus people who use the rabble to fight for their own oligarchy.

        Thats how it is today. Republicans as politicians may as well be renamed “EZ Plutocracy PAR-T.” All the badgering about economic advantage has been, and will be used to outsource, cut costs, etc. It is about the maintenance of wealth. You cant blame the wealthy for it, but it’s got nothing to do with general opportunity for the rest of us.

        Ron Paul is honest, but naive. You can’t stop entrenched interests, on the left or the right.


    • Awesome post-nice to read a illuminating and logical comment


  32. Too funny, too true and too accurate.

    Even in the unlikely chance that Ron Paul became president, a hostile congress would ensure he didn’t accomplish anything meaningful.

    The moral of the story: enjoy your panem et circenses until the Visigoths storm the gates.


  33. “He harkens back to an earlier (and better) Republican party when executive competence mattered and ideological zeal was suspect”

    Sandals Parker is wrong. Remember GHW Bush and his “vision thing”? The reason that the country has been moving left is because there had been no push-back from the Republican Party against the Democrats’ own ideological zeal.

    I will only vote for a GOP candidate that has ideological zeal.


  34. Thanks for the update on Ron Paul. I for one, truely believe there has never been a better shot for a fringe candidate with radical beliefs than right now. I for one, will vote Ron Paul in 2012.


  35. Romney’s not my first choice but in my (often incorrect) assessment he’s the most electable of the bunch. I’ll take that, given the Stupid Party’s history of throwing away perfectly winnable elections. I just hope he has more stomach for the lynching that the MSM has waiting for him than did Cain and makes it clear that he’s running on conservative principles. Republicans who run as conservatives historically do well; those who run as centrists do not.

    I don’t think that Ron Paul can win the general election. I also think he will have more influence over stuff that matter as a Senator than he would as VP, so I hope he stays right where he is for another decade or so. I hope a lot of his ideas make it into policy.

    Obama’s handling of Hillary was pretty adept; by appointing her into a high position he effectively neutralized her (and the formidable Clinton machine) as an opponent. The question is, will she run as his VP, hope they win, and play for the big chair next time around, or does she sit it out, hope he loses, and run against the incumbent R next time? It’s quite a gamble; if she declines and he wins, she’s done; if she accepts and they lose, she’s damaged goods and probably done. And regardless of what words come out of her mouth at press conferences, she does not want to be done. Is there any other reason that she’s still married to Bill?


    • Ron Paul is not running for re-election in Congress. if he doesnt win the Presidential election, hes retiring from politics altogether.


  36. If Romney is an unprincipled flip flopper, that at least means he could be brought over to a sane position on immigration (read: ten year moratorium on immigration, deportation of all illegals). I doubt this will happen.

    Augustus found Rome clay and left it marble, but what do you do when you find shit?


  37. Once the welfare net collapses more so than it has now I can see women’s desire for alpha males returning. There’s a reason beta males haven’t been bred out of society- they’re quite good at staying alive in tough times, without welfare. Alphas, not so much.


    • Nietzsche wrote somewhere that one of the few advantages for the man of great will to living in a democratic age is that it is incredibly easy to survive.

      As far as energic quanta, the beta pack-animal and the alpha manipulator are level, expending themselves in different pursuits. Alphas require the broad-base pyramid for their exploits.


    • This is comlpetely absurb, you appear to not even know what Alpha is. An alpha will not provide for a woman, a beta will. It is the welfare net that has led women to spurn beta’s because provision is made for them.


  38. I don’t think Romney has a chance. They got this knife on his neck which will screw him eventually. Giving him the nomination is equivalent to giving the presidency to Obama.

    Paul has a longshot, but just compare his race from 4 years ago to today. Back then they said he was unelectable and I kinda believed it deep down.

    But somehow now is different, they guy’s polling consistent double digits everywhere. This will be a very interesting primary.


  39. >>>
    He harkens back to an earlier (and better) Republican party when executive competence mattered and ideological zeal was suspect.

    A “better” Republican party??? George H.W. Bush and Bob Dole match this description and they had their clocks cleaned by Clinton. WTF, does this guy want the return of John Lindsay?

    I think you are spot-on with your prediction of VP Hillary. Not looking forward to that, although she does have a bigger sack than either Plugs Biden or Snob-ama.


  40. You are a fucking genius.


  41. “UPDATE: Ron Paul has moved into second place in the Iowa Poll. This race is wide open, folks.”

    I wouldn’t get too excited. Sure, he has the 18-29 year old demo (aka the “self-entitled Millenial monsters”) all locked up, but these idiots are hardly going to convince too many actual adults.

    For a guy who sees how much trouble the US is in, your pick is…Romney? OK, then, he can efficiently manage the decline while not wanting to upset too much his Democratic buddies with any strong talk. Obama’s not a socialist, he’s a “liberal”. Real profile in courage, this one.


    • the self-entitled millenials are the ones in OWS, demanded government pay their student loans debt, credit card debt, mortgages, health care, etc. im curious how young libertarians pushing for Ron Paul can be construed as “entitled.” unless you think theyre monsters because they refuse to pay into a Social Security that will not exist 30-40 years from now when they themselves retire?


  42. Michelle Bachmann is wrong on foreign policy but she is stronger than Paul on immigration; I’ve got it down to those two. Paul was the only Republican candidate who was right on WMD and Iraq.


    • Ron Paul wants to secure our borders and take away entitlements from illegal immigrants. what more do you want from him?


  43. Ron Paul would be this country’s last, best hope, if it had a hope. Sadly, he will have an “accident” before he gets anywhere near the bully pulpit (by his own admission).


  44. on December 4, 2011 at 8:24 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM)


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  45. Paul & Gingrich can’t win, Romney has a 50/50 shot. If I thought the repub electorate were brighter, I’d say that Romney was a shoo-in. Fortunately for the dems, they’re not.


  46. on December 4, 2011 at 8:36 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM)


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    Women’s desire for alpha males stays, as always, unchanged, as theda neoocnsths write more articlelels exlating da six foot tall tapers of secrteieve taper sof butthex without teh rgietrltshs ocnthene while without teh girthlsstshs contehenent while ignoring da true alphas dying on foeereign wars in tehir foreieeghn shores zlozozlzlozolzl


  47. Romney should be the candidate. I have a hunch that he’s more instinctively conservative than he lets on. He’s a white bread mormon for christ’s sake. They know what up with blacks and mexicans. At least, I hope they do. But many people have this lingering fear with Romeny (not without merit) that he is just a MIG republican; and that could very well be true. Quite frankly, America doesn’t need Romney to lead us out of this recession if he’s going to be an outsourcing globalist who continues to leave the border wide open and the welfare state thieving from the beta (white) males who do the REAL work in this country and world. It’s the betas who are the real heroes, the real Atlas’. And that aint simiply just beta rationalization.

    And yes, picking up women is ultimately about being a fast talker or a salesman. AKA a BULLSHIT ARTIST. Yet another reason why women should never have had anything close to equal rights. Women’s suffrage was the beginning of the end.


  48. Ron Paul is okay, but he’s nuts on foreign policy. Yeah, okay we can and should not be defending Korea and Germany (for free, at least). But it’s okay to just let Iran get a nuke? Please.


    • But it’s okay to just let Iran get a nuke?


      And this is where the Neocon chicken hawks are “nuts on foreign policy.”
      If Iran desires a nuke Iran will have a nuke. Sending the Americans (not you or your children most likely) to die on the other side of the planet will not stop this. The more a sabre rattling from Team America World Police, the more justification and motivation Iran has to develop a nuclear weapon.


    • We’ve had 10 years to deal with Iran since 911. The fact that we didn’t makes me suspicious that the elites want endless “war”.


      • Specifically, the 2004 election was a mandate to finish the WOT. But Bush failed to do that. Instead, he signed VAWA.


      • 2004 was a mandate to stay and finish the job in Iraq, not to open a new front in Iran. That was not politically feasible whatsoever.


      • It’s happening now if is to be believed (they’re right half the time)


      • “endless” war, right. This dystopia BS always imagines the worst motives and plans for America.

        Let’s see, W got demolished for landing on aircraft carrier with a mission accomplished banner on it. W got hamstrung because some libs leaked a report that falsely said that Iran wasn’t preparing nukes. That ended any real leverage that W would have to do something about Iran. The left had already decided to politicize Iraq, so he had to spend all his remaining capital on the surge and not losing iraq and not dealing with Iran.

        One way to not be a foreign policy nut, tell yourself “brown people and our enemies have moral agency to do the right thing or the wrong thing, regardless of what we do.”


    • who cares if Iran has nukes? unless you think the US should actually give a shit about Israel and Palestine’s asinine dispute over some piece of land in the Middle East. if Iran and Israel nuke each other into oblivion, thats perfectly fine with me. the Christian evangelicals who think Israel is some kind of holyland that needs to be protected should just move to Israel and defend it themselves.


  49. on December 4, 2011 at 9:00 pm David Rockefeller

    Jesus. I hate political posts. All the freaks and hysterics crawl out of their holes and start posting.

    Can’t we stay focused on landing hot babes?


  50. on December 4, 2011 at 9:01 pm Stick to women, not politics!

    You make some good points about women but your 2012 prediction is laughable. You need to go hang out with the other tinfoil hat cave dwellers.


  51. Mitt Romney being a Mormon is not really a handicap because for the swing, decisive voter (White Professional women, mostly unmarried) he’s “the Book of Mormon.” The Broadway Musical by the South Park guys. Yes the Republican Base HATES HATES HATES Romney because he’s Mormon (that is the Evangelical wing of the Party that has hated Mormons since before Mark Twain).

    But Blacks and Hispanics vote Democrat in overwhelming numbers as do rich Whites. Everyone else votes Repulican, save White Professional females. Get enough of them and you win. That is why both sides when smart court them. Dems run hunky, “JFK type” sort of guys, or try to suggest their guys is the next iteration of JFK. Romney is the only guy out there handsome, together, and dare I say it, Alpha enough to compete with Mr. Dream Idol Obama (because of media worship).

    [Paul is a non-starter because he wants open borders. He says so he can “escape” to Mexico if the US sends in the Black helicopters or something, its just another Hispander like Newt and Perry.]

    Romney is the favorite, since the Candidate is not the Candidate. Rather his organization. Obama was Plouffe, Axelrod, and that was better than Hillary’s Soap-opera watching Campaign head. Romney has people and an organization to turn out voters, Newt had to buy off his latest wife with a $1 million shopping spree at Tiffany’s, and Paul is DOA in New Hampshire. The US is likely to be hit hard by inflation since the Fed is virtually printing money (simply declaring it) to lend to the IMF/ECB/EFSF in a vain attempt to bail out Europe. Which will fail anyway, bringing commodity prices surges and an economic downturn (even worse). I don’t see a serious third party candidacy, but I do see Obama in a panic if he loses, he’s made so many enemies politically while being so crooked his only option is jail or win. I fully expect him if it looks like he’ll lose to cancel elections and attempt a Fujimori Self-Coup. His post-Presidency path in 2013 is not the lecture circuit but jail, he’s made too many enemies all over the place and few new friends to protect him (because they were in on the graft). He was not a smart a crook as Clinton.


    • He has NEVER advocated open borders. Way to reduce everything into a sound bite. He just opposes a border fence or wall for that reason.

      As Jefferson said “The means of defense against foreign danger have historically become instruments of tyranny at home.”


  52. Ron Paul has to win if Americans want a real solution to their current problem.


  53. Wake up white man. There is only ONE that matters.

    Saving America (and Europe) from the Third World catastrophe that awaits.


  54. Even if we deported every Illegal Mexican/Central American tomorrow- we would still be screwed; they’ve fornicated and made a solid % the next generation into US citizens- the progeny of the low IQ peasents isn’t going anywhere.

    The only thing I “realistically” see happening is preventing further immigrants from coming in- but at this point its akin to the dutch boy putting his finger to stop the leak in the dike when the water is already up to his hips.


  55. “there is a great deal of ruin in a nation.” — Adam Smith, a thinker who understood human nature well enough.

    2012 is too soon. Collapse here will come later. But it comes.


  56. Generally agreed although it’s not wise to be so sure of Romney. Indeed, hasn’t the Republican Party deteriorated from its high point under – no, not Reagan but … yes! Nixon, a remarkably talented and shrewd administrator, and a very skilled, pragmatic politician (the first to go to China, so to speak, and one of the very very very very few to come back and win the Presidency after defeat eight years prior – not bad, but not the kind of things the SWPL’s will ever doff their hat to).

    McCain should’ve won in 2008 and he was the last of the “competant” GOP candidates. I always compared Obama to that salesman in the Simpsons who sells Springfield a monorail which they don’t need, can’t afford and don’t really want.

    Who’s sorry now?

    And I’m not even American! I’m a fag and I live in Dublin, Ireland, Europe!

    The Euro looks like it’s going to collapse and usher in a huge depression in western Europe which will hammer the US. Don’t worry about China and India – the bullshit in the SWPL media about them is, well SWPL. Their economies are having a massive boom based on building and credit (sounds like Ireland was five years ago, yes, yes!) and our crash will be theirs.

    Besides, they’re not even properly functioning democracies (particularly China which doesn’t even pretend to be a democracy). Prosperity needs political freedom and a certain amount of justice – China and India have neither, they’re just on a squander-binge.


  57. on December 4, 2011 at 9:46 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM)

    IN 2012 the pussy renaisisian renaissance is cumming to an end! yah!! lzozozozozoozoz


    • The guy in the video has no clue that women age fast. A much better argument he could have made is that, for individual females, the “renaissance” will end within 5 years and they will have to settle for a beta but he won’t be one of those betas. He will go off to Costa Rica and marry a teenager.

      But he didn’t say that. He actually played into the feminist frame that the individual women will always be able to “shake the hootchie cootchie” and he only said, unrealistically, that some sort of morality movement will happen within the next ten years that will put a stop to the fun for those individual women. Cmon, at best, the poverty of a great depression would do that.

      It’s thousands of times more effective to let the women know that their individual period of fun will come to an end fast because of a fast aging process.

      Ironically, it will be the older women, the former sex addicts, who will be a driving force behind any future “morality movement”.


  58. CH is right in his prediction I fear: in France, Marine Le Pen might well win it, because she is unbelievably articulate and EVERYthing she says is spot on.

    I’ve spent hundreds of hours watching her debate cynical, sneering white males whose demeanour seems to say : “What do YOU know, you stupid white bitch? I’m a white male and I’m in charge, your anti-globalist program will never work.”

    God DAMN the rise of MLP in France is FASCINATING! It validates so many of the things about HBD said here on this blog.

    In a sane society, MLP would of course be a male, but now that males – white males in particular – are political liability, the New RIght in France has wisely chosen to pass the flambeau to an incredibly well-versed, great debater such as Marine.

    Sometimes though you can tell that her innate feminine vulnerability gets the best of her, when she’s not on her best game for example because she’s only 42 and probably on her period.

    Otherwise I gotta say it “haut et fort”: Marine Le Pen is a SPECTACULAR force of political nature. God I pray, PRAY that she wins in 2012.


  59. The title of this post made my eyes water in the same manner as when walking into a public restroom wherein someone has just laid a stinking, putrid turd such as those after a bender of cheap beer and pizza.

    UPDATE: The air seems to have cleared out a little. Some nice people from Desmoines seemed to have turned a fan on, (but only set to low speed), and the stink of the mainstream candidates seems to be wafting only a little less strongly than a week-dead horse on a Mississippi summer afternoon.


  60. I laughed while reading this. in reality if your prediction materialized, life would become very sad very quickly for a lot of people who have been living in a waking dream world for too long. stop subsidizing females. they don’t deserve it.


  61. […] Mitt Romney, etc Re: Romney Is The Only (Viable) Republican Candidate . […]


  62. Judging from the number of votes last presidential election, a single vote is worth 0.0000008%

    This is why I personally don’t much care who is “viable” and vote with whom I agree with the most.

    >He harkens back to an earlier (and better) Republican party when executive competence mattered and ideological zeal was suspect.

    And since then the government hasn’t been enforcing immigration laws, unless he’s going all the way back to Eisenhower.

    Ron Paul’s positions on immigration are as good as you can get without opening up the “national question” as you put it.


  63. Wrote a post in reply: don’t know if that WordPress trackback thing will for or not.


  64. I really don’t understand the mentality of these “tea party” folks. They hate Romney because they claim he is part of the Washington establishment despite the fact that he has never served in Washington and only served one term as governor. Yet, they clamor for Newt who is the epitome of the Washington establishment and who took money from Fannie and Freddie.

    They hate Romney because they say he is a flip-flopper, yet they are lining up behind Newt – a guy who changes his positions from week to week.

    They hate Romney because he has said in the past that he believes that man made global warming may be a reality, yet they rush to Newt who sat on a couch with Piglosi and said we needed to do something about climate change.

    They hate Romney because claim he is a liberal, yet they support Newt who supports amnesty and who is to the left of Romney on most issues.

    They hate Romney — a man who has worked in the private sector for most of his life and who has been married to the same woman for years — because they claim he has no integrity; yet, they support Newt who does the bidding of whoever pays him the most money and who has been married 3 times, twice to women he cheated on while he was married to the previous spouse.

    For better or worse, Romney is the most viable candidate. He understands the economy in an election year when this will be the main issue. He takes a hard-line on illegal immigration. He is not near as much of a neocon warmongerer as the rest of the establishment candidates. And, he won’t scare the crap out of independents.

    If Newt gets the nomination, I officially do not care anymore. Not that it really matters anyway. I haven’t voted in years. Statistically, voting is the most irrational thing a human being can do. Your vote will never be the deciding vote in any election in your lifetime, so why waste an hour of your life to stand in line at the polls?


  65. What kills me about this shit is that it would be so easy for someone to steal the republican nomination simoly by beating the antiimmigration drum and showing the stats on alabama unemployment post law change and national crime/welfare usage.

    The failure of the so called conservative party to field a single canditate that is antiimmigration is telling. I guess they are going to ride the pro corporate bandwagon til the wheels fall off.

    Overall, I agree with your assessment. I think romney will end up with the nomination but lose due to votes being split to a third party candidate, probably ron paul.


  66. Not RINOmney, the dude who brought us RomneyCare… shudder.


    • on December 5, 2011 at 2:14 pm Obstinance Works

      Romney is solid on illegal immigration and wants to bring in more affluent immigrants.

      And yet he’s anti-Obama Care and as pro-capitalist as you will get. Read No Apology. Gingrich had a much more liberal postion on health care.


      • What do you mean anti-Obamacare? He created Obamacare in his constituent state?

        And don’t say he’s PRO anything, let alone against anything.

        he’s pro-TARP and against TARP, he’s pro-choice and pro-life.

        He’s whatever the moment requires him to be. Come on…


  67. Well then, what about this ?

    Republicans Worried Women Won’t Vote For Assholes

    You keep telling us that women love assholes. So I don’t get it.


    • They allegedly loved Clinton, right? But the biggest thing that raises women’s hackles are conservative women. I think it’s that our female politicians are arguably more attractive than most of the fat slovenly women out there, so there’s just hate hate hate for them, whether it’s a Palin, Bachman, or god help us, O’donnel. Hillary doesn’t threaten them, nor would Debbie Shultz, Madeline notsoBright or Moochelle.


    • on December 5, 2011 at 2:15 pm Obstinance Works

      They like having sex with assholes, but are they too sure an asshole will give in to women’s lib?


  68. ron paul: 75% pure truth and common sense, 25% batshit insanity.


    • on December 5, 2011 at 2:18 pm (r)Evoluzione

      Better numbers than any of the other 7 intellectual and moral dwarves running.


    • on December 5, 2011 at 2:18 pm Obstinance Works

      Ron Paul’s solutions are 99% blow up the entire system then reboot. It’s the same type of fallacy all these overthrow the government types face. You still have to establish and maintain an order based on a populace opinion at some point.


      • He just stated that he couldn’t and won’t blow up Medicare and the Fed as President, because that would be like pulling apart a human being racked with cancer (he used a different metaphor). He has made it clear that he will govern rationally.


      • Medicare has to blow up. its unsustainable. just look at the rampant Medicare fraud going on by retirees in Florida. over a hundred billion – per year! Ron Paul only promised Social Security. and with the cuts on every other government useless program, its easy to keep Social Security going for the baby boomers even while letting young people opt out.


      • no ones talking about abolishing the government. just cutting out all the bloat of the federal government, which is just about everything not related to national defense and the court system.


      • oh no, the government operates at 100% efficiency and to cut a dollar would cause people to die. Any argument to the contrary comes from anti-government radicals. and racists. mustn’t forget the racists.


  69. Oh, fuck politics. Start a separate goddamn blog for this crap!


  70. Some pretty safe, but probably good, predictions, there…


  71. every establishment candidate the media appoints eventually bombs out. theres really no way Ron Paul doesnt win the nomination. especially when you look at all the liberals who are switching over to vote for him, the “blue Republicans.” theyre staunchly antiwar and are bailing on Obama after Libya.

    also, Newt Gingrich has switched sides so many times that nobody but the necons can stand him. and even they have a problem with him after he said he supports free education and health care for illegal immigrants.


    • oh and just want to add one thing. here in NYC, i cant tell you the number of times ive heard some liberal woman i met say that if they were voting in the Republican primaries, they would vote Perry. why? because hes rich and handsome, and they would love nothing more than to have his babies. that post CH did before about women and first principles was 100% on the money. even the most hardcore feminist would drop everything and become a Republican- conservative, devout Christian, pro-life and all that, if thats what it took to get an alpha male.


  72. One point in favor of Paul, all his thought are to freedom, which is (GBFM to the contrary) our greatest gift. More true liberalism, less of this totalitarianism wearing the clothes of the liberal.


  73. Frankly, I don’t care WHO wins as long as it isn’t Obama who is the biggest charlatan to grace the Oval Office since James Buchanan.

    There are three things the next President has to do: (1) get our debt under control; (2) create an environment that fosters business growth (via reasonable taxation and regulation); and (3) work to ameliorate the systemic risks created by interconnected financial institutions.

    No Democrat will ever be able to do this.


    • Amen. To harp on the current debt some more, we are apparently spending about $4trillion a year without a budget, we only take in about $2trillion. The Fed Reserve is apparently bailing out foreign banks and buying our own debt, including the unsellable debt of otherwise bankrupt, corrupt local jurisdictions. You know, the ones where the public sector union thugs retire with $150K pensions at 40 (to do that in the real world, you’d probably need to amass a few million dollars). Basically, we’ve started monetizing our debt, inflation is through the roof, and no one cares. Or if they do care, they blame everything but the problem (uh…boosh did it, banks are greedy, we don’t tax enough, wall street makes too much…no, we’re being fleeced by the governing class, and their owners).

      i have to agree with Ron Paul on the outcome, if not the path, the Fed should be abolished. It’s gone rogue.


  74. The bias in favor of slick talkers over analytical minds, is likely a fairly recent artifact; or at least one that was not until recently very widespread. Talking smack without being able to deliver, gets you killed in civilized societies, not anointed. Only once people are so far down the rabbithole as to abdicate this duty, can slick talking BSers thrive.

    Of course, not everyone with oratorial skills are incompetent as an analyst, and in less specialized societies, the guys who could formulate coherent sentences repeatedly, may well also have been the ones able to count further than their number of fingers.

    Gingrich looks to have gotten the timing of his ascent roughly right. If Romney is to dislodge him before he starts looking entrenched, he really needs to do so quickly. And even if he succeeds, it’s no certainty that Paul won’t pick up enough of the footloose “anyone but Romney” electorate to pull of a surprise win in the early primaries / caucuses. And then the whole “Paul is not electable” meme suddenly starts looking real shaky.

    I do agree that unless Paul wins, America is probably toast. It may well be toast regardless, but at least there is some hope. The rest of the bunch simply either don’t get anything, or are solely concerned with being Mr. President. Either way, sans Paul, the country would probably be better off if someone dug up Tim McVeigh and put him in the White House, than with any of the other candidates, from both parties. When things no longer work, and the final Hail Mary attempt to fix it has inexorably failed, there’s some nobility in at least leaving a clean sheet for those who come later.


  75. Would anyone like to know why things won’t get better in the United States? Why the majority will never even be allowed to consider the national question, or anything tangentially related to it?

    Add that to the long list. Start keeping a list if you aren’t already. Then add this.

    The United States will have to experience a French Revolution-style meltdown before any significant change takes place. Has the mass of people in any country ever moved against a rotten, corrupt power structure like the one we have here, without there first being serious and widespread privations? Nothing will happen until poverty and privation are ubiquitous. As long as the economy continues to stagger along and dumbass Americans can drive their SUVs, buy iPads and $6 coffee, watch sitcoms and eat cheese, we’re stuck.

    Since that’s the case, barring the nomination of Ron Paul, the reelection of Barack Obama is the best possible outcome. We need to take good care of him and his bankster buddies. We need the continued incompetence of this empty black suit, affirmative action baby to speed us to the end of liberalism.


    • … wait.

      Are you telling me Jews are a power in American politics?

      LOL, that’s absurd. Everyone knows they are eternal victims with Gentiles’ best interests at heart!


      • In the United States, the most remarkable thing the Jews have done was to sway so many Americans to believe that a) Israel is our ally and b) that our interests in the Middle East are identical. This despite the USS Liberty, the Lavon Affair, Jonathan Pollard, Larry Franklin and Steven Rosen at AIPAC, the ADL bitterly denouncing any opposition from whites (Pat Buchanan’s latest book) to America’s ongoing deracination, on and on and on. With allies like that, shit son.

        Of course, critics of undue, undemocratic Jewish influence over non-Jewish countries have consistently pointed out that Jews can be masters of manipulation and deceit. This always comes right before those critics are kicked in the balls, sometimes literally, by the Jewish supremacist propaganda machine.


      • c) blacks are holy and infallible
        d) miscegenation is wonderful
        e) abortion is freedom, and consonant with “human rights”
        f) there is no such thing as the white race — you and i do not exist


      • They are the most victimized and powerless people ever, if you say otherwise they will destroy you.


  76. on December 5, 2011 at 2:24 am Michael Maier

    Romney made Obamacare before Obama did. He’s not going to get elected. He’s a liberal douchebag to the bone, a Democrat-Lite version of Obama.

    No Republican with a conscience will vote for his unprincipled ass. Reasons?
    1 pro-choice
    2 Mormon
    3 Romney-care

    That will cause a good amount of the Republican electorate to stay home, worse than with McCain in da Membrane.

    And no liberal will vote for him over Obama. Too much invested in their identity politics.

    Game over.

    The only way the Repukes win is by shaking it all up.

    Ron Paul is the only grown up in the room. He offers a stark choice of difficult choices, as opposed to leaning on the Fed to bail us out til the currency collapses.


  77. My policy is to vote for whoever the media doesn’t want to win. It’s yet to fail me..

    [Heartiste: You can’t go wrong with that policy.]


    • so true. everytime ron paul gets on TV, hes asked “why do you think the US *deserved* 9/11?” “why do you want iran to get the bomb?”

      as to the former, journalists dont seem to be aware that even the CIA thinks the US “deserved” 9/11.

      my favorite matt taibbi quote is that MSM journalists are stupid not just because they are sell outs, but that they are so stupid, they don’t seem to realize there are more lucrative avenues for selling out than journalism.


      • Then we should fire and possibly jail those CIA officers. 9-11 wasn’t a commentary on whatever the left thinks it was, or an uprising of neo-marxist impoverished third world poor. It was an operation in an ongoing war against Western Civilization by radical muslims. It’s damnable that people can go ten years without bothering to look outside their own prejudices to view these events. Every lefty kook, anti-semetic kook, and isolationist kooks looks at 9-11 through their own prejudices, ignoring the actual motivations of the attackers. Does Al Qaeda hate Isreal, sure, but so what? They hate a lot of things, none of which we should forfeit or apologize for.

        Deserve? Bullshit.


      • CIA refers to it as “blowback”. youll note “deserve” was in quotations. the MSM tends to conflate “blowback” with “justify”. furthermore, they disingenuously take progressive politicians like paul to task for daring to look for motive for the crime rather than a never-ending cavalcade of indignant self-pity.


      • did you think the US could kill civilians in the Middle East for decades with impunity? it was only a matter of time before they grouped together into “resistance fighters” and started going after American civilians. the US is now their invader, the same way the Soviet Union once was.


      • “kill civilians in the Middle East for decades”
        say what? You’ve heard of Ghadafy, Hussein, Yasser Arafat, etc.? Al Qaeda being headed by a spoiled rich son of Saud and by hundreds of bored Saudi psuedo-princesses. What does that even mean? Who was killed for decades? Getting killed is a way of life over there.


    • that reminds me of the old saying “always vote out the incumbent, because it takes the new guy a while to figure out how to steal from the people.”


  78. Anyone who thinks Newt’s intellect extends only to his verbal skills hasn’t read any of his books.

    Unfortunately his perceived relationship dissolution problems most likely make him nonviable as a candidate.


  79. Ron Paul has no chance because he is the only candidate that could save America. You saw what they did to Cain. Imagine what they would do to Ron Paul.

    Should Ron Paul, despite everything, actually be elected, they will react as they do to a voter initiative forbidding gay marriage or affirmative action – just simply ignore the election outcome.


  80. He harkens back to an earlier (and better) Republican party when executive competence mattered and ideological zeal was suspect.

    What the hell is he talking about? The Republicans haven’t had any ideological zeal since Goldwater. They haven’t had any ideology period except that rich people are neato. Is he talking about fanatical ideologues like Gerald Ford and Bob Dole? The “Compassionate Conservative” George W. Bush? Even Reagan was no great shakes ideologically speaking, didn’t do a damn thing domestically. They haven’t had any zeal either. Zeal isn’t for the subservient – pleasantness is. Republicans are bland civic boosters whose only real offer is to run the PC state more efficiently than the Democrats (“executive competence”), and only ask for a little cut for themselves and their Wall Street buddies. What’s not to love about our two-party system? Lack of ideological zeal is just another way of saying crooked and cowardly. On second thought, Romney’s an excellent Republican candidate.


  81. Boy suspended from school for calling his female teacher “cute”:

    This is now the definition of “sexual harassment”.

    Seriously, we should send the principal of this school to Guantanamo where he belongs.


  82. I don’t give a fuck who gets the Republican nomination, I’m voting for Ron Paul.

    He’s the only guy that would make an honest attempt to fix things. There’s too little of a difference between Obama or Romney, so it won’t matter if Romney replaces Obaaaaama or not..


  83. What about Huntsman?


  84. A Perry/Bachmann ticket would be awesome (ly farcical) but here’s hoping. Throw in Palin as secretary of state, and Limbaugh as national drug czar. Sweet. A nation of morons.


  85. The problem is not simply a question of candidates. To diagnose the disease the US is suffering you must remember the symptoms:

    The New Left, including, but not limited to Femiminism, the ACLU, etc. etc.

    The US has major unemployment – for the LOWER classes. Precisely the income group illegal immigrants flood. But what happens when Alabama scares of their illegals with new legislation? Does the 200lbs single mother in Detroit with two brats haul her fat ass down there to work in the fields for 8 dollars an hour? No! Americans sit and bitch in their living rooms in front of their TV while she stuffs her ugly snout with KFC before writing a letter to Obama to make herself feel important. Like Europeans, almost as bad as Europeans.

    The illegals MUST be deported, stygmatized, whatever it takes to make them go back to Latin America. NOT because any single illegal is a bad person, but their aggregate numbers will spell the death of this country. Likewise the citizenship of children to illegals with DUAL citizenships must likewise be revoked.

    An immediate tariff (VAT 25%) must be imposed on all imports from nations that artiificially devalue their currencies viz-a-vis the US dollar. The money will invariably come from US consumers who no longer will be able to buy cheap imports, but then it is only fair it is used to foot the bill for the deficit, which US consumers must pay for, sooner or later.

    Tax-reform that removes all tax deductions, even for mortgages. This could bring in as much as 1 trillion dollars! New income tax brackets at 5, 15 and 25% to bring down the debt, a corporate tax at less than 10% and a flat-rate capital tax at 15%. Will be lowered further as debt to GDP ratio falls below 50%. Reform of the mortgage system to offer covered bonds for mortgage financing to ensure lower interest rates for ordinary Americans and free up liquidity and earnings for higher savings, which will be encouraged because there are no tax-deductions for DEBT.

    An end to every Federal aspect of government except foreign, executive, national security and defence policy. Perhaps a secretary of education to coordinate education standards, but not more than that.

    Intelligence reform so US intelligence agencies are integrated into a hierachy with the President at the top and inter-state crime at the bottom. Actually, the KGB was organized this way with their “sections”. Allowed for synergies and information sharing which increased their efficiency.

    The US should maintain defence spending at between 4 and 5% of GDP and engage her enemies, like Iran and North Korea NOW while the balance of power is still in our favor. We should let Afghanistan fall and intervene their only when a new regime requires toppling. If they want perpetual civil war, let them have it. We’ll move in only when and if the Taliban or some sister movement takes over. The missile defence shield to be expanded as it is America’s only defence against the lunatics who would send a missile against our shores given the chance and to negate Russia and China’s otherwise nuclear advantage – for their convetional forces are no match for the US, but with nuclear weapons they do have a say in world affairs. In an ideal world, we should make it clear should islamic terrorism ever again launch a mass-attack against America, we will turn Mecca into a giant, glass crater and for every terrorist attack against the US, another muslim holy city will be wiped off the face of the Earth forever. MAD version 2.0.

    Thank you notes appreciated


    • Brilliant ideas.

      Now, what do you propose we do about the improvident and mostly savage black undertow?


    • Wow almost skipped over this out of laziness, but everyone one of these ideas seems spot on, especially the part concerning tax deductions.


  86. gingricht is another far left neoCON artist you people are clueless about. As much as i like Romney(hes clearly not deranged/sociopathic like gingricht and perry), i don’t think he has the clarity of new ideas or fortitude to see them through. I think we all know at this point that the role of the executive is severely compromised as far as the ability to enact real change, so its all down to ideology and the question is do you want guaranteed more of the same or real change?

    Ron Paul-now thats change we can believe in.


  87. I don’t have time to write about it here too much (I might tackle it later on my own blog), but I have always thought that Paul is the Alpha Male candidate. One major reason is that he wants to scale back the current biggest attempted neuterer of Alphas: the nanny state, and its departments, schools, etc.

    One hypothesis I have been throwing around lately is that politics (and school systems and other systems, but that is another post) gives beta males a chance to control others. The Alphas are too successful running businesses, being excellent at what they do, so the scorned beta runs for office as a way to regulate and destroy the Alphas, because he could never compete with them outside of regulating. It happens in teaching too. The kid that hated the alphas goes into education, so he can get revenge on all the alphas that were successful in school. It’s not true in all cases, but for the most part, politicians are/turn into sniveling passive-aggressive beta males that lack transparency, and smile while they screw you secretly. Paul, who I definitely think is an Alpha, of course, is above board, straightforward, and wants the government out of our business.


  88. While I agree that the Eurozone will implode sometime in the future, the idea that it will happen in the short term does not follow naturally. It may take several years for that to happen.

    People focus too much on the PIIGS, but the country which must become insolvent for the house of cards to implode is Germany. Adn Germany is absorbing lots of bad debt from the PIIGS through indirect channels, but not enough to break her.

    Last but not leastly, America does semm poised for a rebound, if not in 2012, certainly in 2013. Private sector deleveraging has been going well, the public debt grows only 3% or 4% above nominal GDP, farmland prices are rebounding and house prices have, if not bottomed, at least gotten very close to it. Residential investment is poised fo0r a rebound which could come as early as late 2012.



    read this speech by romney and you will notice that the guy is a closet hitler.


    • “I will begin discussions with Israel to increase the level of our military assistance and coordination. And I will again reiterate that Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon is unacceptable. … And I will bolster and repair our alliances. Our friends should never fear that we will not stand by them in an hour of need. I will reaffirm as a vital national interest Israel’s existence as a Jewish state. ”

      Sounds more like an out-of-the-closet Zionist puppet to me.


  90. My opinion (Warning: Not an US resident here).

    “Ron Paul can’t win” is just the bullshit mainstream media programming that says “Only Repubs and Dems can win elections” which a)Is one of the sources fo this mess and b)Is more rationalization for the Obama apologists.

    A vote for Ron Paul is a vote of defiance against the Bankstas. So fucking what if he “can’t win”?, sure beats voting for the usual cadre of Corporate whores.


  91. on December 5, 2011 at 8:48 am someguyontheinternet

    I’m conflicted. On one hand, I want Ron Paul to win, because I think the alternative is the collapse of the American experiment. If we get anyone but Paul, I think they’ll take us into Iran, and the ease with which that could transition into conflict with Russia or China or both at once is enough to chill the blood. I don’t think it’s overly dramatic to say that Ron Paul might be our last chance to avoid World War III. And that’s not even to mention the economic crisis or the ever-encroaching police state. I think America is on the road to hell, and Paul is the only candidate even talking about turning it around.

    Otoh, the whole American system is so corrupt, so vile, so bloated with engorged parasites, that a large part of me just wants to watch it burn, even if I go too. That part of me thinks that a grinding, starving depression and/or the rain of nuclear hellfire might be a sort of ok.

    So, I’ll vote for Paul, but if some lone gunman shoots him I won’t shed any tears. I’ll just smile a secret smile and know that the universe bends towards justice.


  92. Every election cycle is the same old dog & pony show because AMERICAN DEMOCRACY IS CORRUPT.

    Voting makes you a CO-CONSPIRATOR in the corruption.

    That’s how the government maintains its power: it makes you FEEL like you’re actually doing something by casting a ballot or sitting in the snow & waving a sign against Wall St. when you’re actually doing NOTHING. The government pretty much treats us like chicks operating on feelings rather than logic or RESULTS.

    It might as well be American Idol. In fact, voting is actually a Mr. America contest. Since the advent of TV, how often have we had a bald president or an average height president?

    Jefferson said the tree liberty must be watered with the blood of revolutionaries every couple of generations. Looks like that tree died a couple hundred years ago.


  93. Sorry for off topic; how do you guys reply to a txt when a girl rationalizes for a reason after you’ve asked her out?

    Basically, me: “lets go for a coffee next wed, “, reply: “Uhh, why would we?”

    [Heartiste: This isn’t a shit test. She doesn’t “see you that way”, or she had no idea you were interested in her and you caught her off-guard. I wouldn’t bother replying.]


  94. The tea leaves are pretty clear. If it’s Romney or Gingrich, a libertarian 3rd party candidate will also run and carve away enough votes to throw the election to Obama. Obama will take the gloves off and he and his cabal will complete the job of bringing the United States to its knees. Europe will collapse in 2012, Japan (see Kyle Bass for more) and China are not far behind. The conditions will be perfect for establishing de facto police states in all three regions. The likelihood of nuclear war is rising very fast and that will complete the transition to the next phase of world history – a new dark Orwellian age.


  95. I’m voting for Ron Paul this time. This will probably be the last time I vote. I didn’t vote for Obama or McCain.


  96. I can’t imagine this election is good for anyone

    obama/clinton wins –> total collapse of the dollar
    republican wins –> total collapse of the dollar
    Ron Paul wins –> austere policies with no immediate effect, democrat consequently takes 2016 election, back to start

    Best case scenario

    Ron Paul wins –> austere policies with convincing effects while he is in office, increases in national production, more personal freedoms

    Things which could happen under a Ron Paul influence

    no federal government subsidized abortions and birth control
    no federal government subsidized education (will colleges cut chemistry or woman’s studies first?)

    but one big one should be especially talked about; allowing closed bordered states.

    again, what things become a matter of is government subsidy. Take away the incentive for immigrants to come and immigrants stop coming.


  97. Whatever. More Zionist puppetry.

    Off topic — would like a rating of this beauty, who physically’s a cool 10 in my book:

    Also guess nationality / race, if inclined.


    • Looks Turkish to me and the face is only about a 6.5 – 7 without seeing the body. She has a bit of a thick jaw don’t you think?


      • From the taut angle of the strap of her top, I’d infer some decent mammary action, and she doesn’t look obese or anything that would suggest a bad body.

        Jaw is a little thick, yea. She’s just what I like. A gracile Asian seems to send Chateau readers out of their heads, so I wondered what they’d make of my dream-girl.

        Armenian btw! I often use this girl when proving a point about the racial similarity of Armenians, Turks, Caucasians (from the mountains) and Jews.


      • My wife is Turkish BTW. European Turk though. Decendents from Greece and Bosnia. Of course the whole Turkish ethnicity thing can get very convoluted and controversial especially when trying to discuss with Turks by a Non-Turk.


      • Holy shit, dude. You almost made my head explode with that one.

        As for debating it, I don’t bother, as well as being only casually informed of the finer points at best. In spite of that your wife is definitively not the “Homo syriacus” / Armenoid type exemplified by my anonymous beauty. Actually she’s more what comes to my mind, at least, when I think “Turkish broad”, if only because that’s one type I’ve seen again and again. Have also seen a Serbian and a Turkmeni girl who resembled her.


      • PS – LOL at her … less than stunning friends. (Though I’ve banged about half a dozen Mayans like the one on the right.)


  98. Ron Paul all the way. I’ve been screaming at people for weeks “He’s not a viable candidate cuz of you dumbasses saying he’s not a viable candidate”

    If you like him….vote for him!

    Ron Paul 2012!


    • They say he’s not “viable” because the media has reframed the discussion about the nominees. They make it seem as if Ron Paul is not a legitimate candidate, and all the while his grassroots support keeps growing.

      Our host wrote a post about reframe a little while back.

      Your vote is worth 0.0000008%. Act accordingly.


  99. Owebozo got elected by blowing smoke up America’s ass, vaguely promising the unearned, and making kids think he was cool. But the Republicans were flailing at the time as well, after 8 years of 24/7 smear attacks from the liberal MSM and the Iraq War, Katrina, etc. I think they were exhausted. They could not have picked a worse one to run against Owebozo than John “Uncool Old Guy” McCain. Well, that’s all over now. Owebummerkare was the last straw, it brought American conservatism back to life with a vengeance and the Congressional elections of 2010 are testament to this. In 2012, the joke is on Owebozo–the language, politics and policies that worked with parasites will not work when the country needs producers, and the parasites who thought the sky was going to rain with cash are not going to bother in 2012. This time, the honeymoon is over and I think most Americans would rather work and prosper than watch their country fall apart for another 4 years.


  100. America: Democracy fail