A Test Of Your Game: The Group Approach

Sidewinder writes:

In-the-field game question:

In an informal bar setting, lots of people standing and talking within their own social groups-

When approaching or opening (whether the target girl or her friend), a form of bitch shield goes immediately up. Not a rude bitch shield, but a short, indifferent “I-don’t-know-you-and-i’m-going-to-be-polite-for-5-seconds-before-I-stop-talking-to-you” vibe. They provide no opening to DHV. While polite, they seem as if I interrupted their discussion. I believe it to be geniune disinterest and not some form of shit test.

As an average looking man of average height and weight, I completely understand their polite indifference. But I don’t even get a chance to game them. Any tips on how to hook them into a convo?

This sounds like a problem of game fundamentals. Are you opening with a false time constraint? “Hey, guys, I only have a second, but my friend and I were wondering…”. Something along those lines. FTCs are a psychological ploy that put strangers at ease that you aren’t a weirdo who will loiter uncomfortably around their group seeking social validation. It also causes a listener to invest more attention into what you are about to say, since you won’t be around for long. It’s similar in principle to the sales technique of product or price constraint (“This model going fast!” “These rock bottom prices won’t last!”).

Also, are you approaching from an angle, looking at the group from over your shoulder? Body position is critical to approach success. A guy striding into a group head-on will trigger shields faster than a cool dude glancing over his shoulder. Try finding a spot next to the bar so that you can stand facing outward. It makes opening adjacent sets much easier.

Another thought: you might be blowing yourself out with bad body language or poor style. Either of those things can cause a group to immediately shut you out, but particularly the first. (Poor style can be compensated for with confident BL.)

I’d need to know more specifics to give you advice suited to your problem, such as what it is exactly you are saying or doing as you approach. In the meantime, I’ll toss this test-of-your-game discussion to the studio audience to hash out for your benefit (or their amusement).


Anonymous writes:

While looking like you’re writing a text, ask the group if anyone speaks Spanish (or another language one of them is likely to speak and you’re not likely to know as well).

The hottest woman will assume that someone other than she has your thoughts (the person you’re writing to mainly and the volunteer translator secondarily). It’s an open ended question as well, but be prepared to have an amusing sentence to translate, or a mysterious one, or one that confers status without it being obvious what you’re doing. Or all three.

Often you’ll get the translation and sit back down at your spot while they go about their conversation. That’s OK. You’re now an old friend to them or at least a known quantity. Your status is higher as a result. You can reopen with a different sentence to translate or open with something else. You’ve got good guy cred at that point.

Cell phones are now one of the best props ever.

Excellent DQ/DHV all in one. Might as well use technology to your maximum benefit. For even better results, ask girl(s) if anyone speaks Russian.


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  2. A lot of it has to do with reading the cues correctly- making the approach when a natural opening presents itself. Even the best body language, lines, etc. will not help if you’re not reading the group well.


  3. @GBFM- did you put those t-shirts up yourself? Pretty funny, but I’m not sure how wide an audience they’d have. Are they selling well-?


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      • This is like the alternative lyrics to that TQ song ‘Westside til I die’. “To all the…..” Any interest in crooning GBFM?


      • “i luvs you allls o ye of little faith” is the poem for our times.


      • “all creativity comes from not paying attention to the state”

        the state is a cold assocking monster
        the death of peoplelelzzzlzzlzlzlz


    • Anytime an “anonymous” wants to know who, we know enough about them to assume they cannot spot much irony.


  5. Since I rarely game women in bars, I’d probably have the worst game mode in this scenario.

    Still, I’ve gotten numbers and high IOIs while at bars, and I attribute almost all of it to my “everyone here is equal to me, meaning I don’t give a fuck about any of you” attitude. I don’t care if you’re a big fat Greek dude, a short fat college coed with short arms, or a perfect 10, you don’t matter to me because we will probably never see each other again.

    The focus, whenever I get IOIs from a decent looking broad (say, a 6.5 at worst), has always been direct “kino” when I’m congregating in the group she’s in. It’s not hard to break through a group’s barrier in a larger social scene, because no one knows if you’re friends with someone else. If there are guys present, they’re the easy lead into the group.

    When the decent looking broad says something I disagree with, I’ll grab her wrist and say “Hold it, that sounds wrong to me” and usually, quickly let go. For whatever reason, that act of a fast and really uncaring grab (remember, I don’t care one iota for her or any of them) has almost always reduced the challenge of her orbiters because I violated the holiest rule of betadom: never touch a woman.

    If you don’t care about them, you have no laws or rules to violate — what’s the worst that can happen?

    That being said, I really have a distaste for bar girls, unless it’s 5:15pm on a Friday in a corporate part of the city I’m in. At least this way, I know they have a likelihood of not being a bar skeeze loser.


    • Gaming in bars sucks, if only because of the sheer amount of cockblocks, you encounter, which throw me off bigtime. That’s one thing I’ve never been able to overcome, the dreaded cb. That said, I agree with you about the lack of quality of women in bars in general. Have I done it? Yes. Do I always regret it? Bigtime.

      I’ve pulled some of the craziest bitches you can imagine in bars. I dunno what it is, but they are always fucked in the head.


  6. Good theories.

    The problem with all of these things is the over-focus on ‘gaming’. Why not be the guy whose mere existence is such a force that it can not be ignored? Whose potential contribution to the girl’s life are so earth shakingly awesome that all this other talk is just that … talk?

    I decided to divulge some of the real meaning of chick crack, lucky ya’lls. Feast your brains:



    • You have a reasonable point here. I own a hard production shop in Chicago that owns a lot of baffling equipment — laser engravers, embroidery machines, silk screen presses, etc. My guys are constantly making ridiculous clothing and accessories, and I’ll wear the stuff on occasion to promote the business.

      I’ve had quite a few women in the past month or so initiating conversation randomly to admire my AK-47 wooden necklace or my laser etched jeans or a crazy t-shirt design my designers whipped together in-house for promotional purposes.

      Still, there’s no need to go all crazy like Mystery and his jackass hats and eyeliner. I can’t stand that ridiculousness. I’m a man, love me for that reason, not for my makeup and fuzzy scarf.


      • Definitely, no going ridiculous.

        Quite envious of the production shop, must be awesome. I want to come see it!!! 🙂


      • Should you ever be in Chicago, we have a relatively open-door policy, come visit.

        Plus, I am building out my Scotch whisky and smoking lounge in the back 800 square feet. I’ll have about 120 different batches and types of Scotch whisky to choose from — hopefully in the top 10 private lounges on the continent.


      • Also, Mystery is a JOKE. Don’t take my word for it, see this YouTube video of his performance. It’s painful, and yet oh so funny:



      • I think you got the link wrong:

        Ya, the guy is totally a joke. Hey where’s YOUR video where you’re making out with a bunch of girls at?

        I actually agree with your point about over-gaming. I just think you shouldn’t be trying to promote yourself by talking shit about a guy who’s done more for progressing the art of seduction for men in general than the rest of us combined.


      • Actually nvm my last paragraph there. I hadn’t read your link yet and didn’t realize your version of game was a complete lifestyle overhaul and massive time and money investment based ENTIRELY on supplicating to change your life into what you think girls will like by taking up dress making and trinket wearing and then trying to bribe girls into the sack with promises of free stuff, instead of simply embracing the Excel spreadsheet brick-laying guy you are and building attraction through solid social skills, charisma, and knowledge of what makes ginas tingle.

        You’re the same as the guy who thinks his Ferrari and expensive watch are the secrets to getting girls, except you’ve shrouded your nonsense in “being a creative force” to make it sound deeper. I’m sure you probably get laid, but it’s sure not an efficient or cheap route to it.


      • Nice vid. Mystery is the God of seduction as far as i’m concerned. He kind of fucked up badly in Jake’s footage, but that’s just Mystery in a (very) bad day.
        I take it as an encouragement, even the greatest players can fail miserably. It takes a lot of fuckups to build a harem like in the second video.


      • id agree w matador that this was him on a bad day but the fact remains myst included this vid as a demo of his PU prowess on his magnum opus product if im not mistaken. hes tactics obviously do work but myst was a serious nerd for most of his life and those old patterns are hard to shake. the mexican chick was certainly nothing to brag about and lucky she didn’t approach H who probably wouldve called ICE on her.

        as for the second video. most of the girls there are decent to cute. hair make-up and good/lucky photography can do a lot to make a decent girl look great to the avg eye in mood lighting. my understanding of both styles and mysterys gfs was that they tended to be much less attractive than how both men described them. but i don’t doubt they were great at PU, just that really quality women in LTRs value status and power much more than shiny, shimmery nightclub tricks.


      • Wow
        Talk about aspergers overanalyzation


    • Walk into a place with an armored motorcycle jacket, armored boots, and a helmet…

      Just make sure you have a motorcycle in front to prove you actually have one and ride it.

      “What do you ride?” They open.

      Just don’t fuck up.


      • r u trying to open guys? because girls dgaf about machines, esp crotch rockets. bonus points for walking into a watering hole looking like storm trooper. the star wars kind (not the WW2 badass either)…


  7. on October 11, 2011 at 2:14 pm greatbooksformen GBFM



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    All wch reasons incline us to preferr a coynage of good copper according to the intrinsic value of the metall.




  8. Body language. You have to look as though you know your approach will succeed even before you move. You have to believe it yourself.

    Practice – all the time. At the bus stop, in the super-market, at the bar, in the elevato – everywhere. Get used to talking to strangers. Get a part time job as a sales assistant, barman, just something to get you talking.

    Get a girl onside. If you’re in a bar with a good looking girl with you, there will be no trouble in gaining attention.

    Live in your own world – if girls act disinterested and aloof, remind yourself: you’re better than them. Your world is much more vibrant and alive than theirs.


  9. Try my ultra-confident line for groups of 5+ women:

    You: Invade their space
    Girls: stop talking and look at you
    You: “Do you know what’s the problem with this group?” asking everybody
    Girls: surprised with the weird question, WTF look at each other
    You: “The problem is that I wanna take all of you to my place…” – pause
    Girls: WTF look at you
    You: “…but there’s room for only 4 in my car.”
    Girls conscience: laughs
    Girls sub conscience: figure out this possibility
    You: “How could we solve it?”


    • “You: “The problem is that I wanna take all of you to my place…” – pause
      Girls: WTF look at you
      You: “…but there’s room for only 4 in my car.” ”

      [what actually happens]

      Girls sub conscience [sic]: wtf? [followed by] intense feeling of fear [this line has been probly been used by silence-of-the-lambs-type serial killers]

      Girls conscience [sic]: [dialling 9…1….]


  10. on October 11, 2011 at 2:34 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

    once upon a time
    teh great reformes said things like
    “a chicken in every pot”
    “A car in every garage”
    “A family in every home”

    todya the eneeoocn berenankerkieisi say, “lotsas cockas in every buttholeelllzlzolooloio lzozozl”


  11. FTCs have a better effect if used after a decent opener, no KJ.


  12. The time constraint and body angle are really pretty small considerations with huge signals to other people. It’s something I’m constantly forgetting about, but when it’s pointed out I re-realize again and again how big of a difference it makes to the people being approached, how much it signals about me.

    Anyway, thanks for the reminder.


  13. While looking like you’re writing a text, ask the group if anyone speaks Spanish (or another language one of them is likely to speak and you’re not likely to know as well).

    The hottest woman will assume that someone other than she has your thoughts (the person you’re writing to mainly and the volunteer translator secondarily). It’s an open ended question as well, but be prepared to have an amusing sentence to translate, or a mysterious one, or one that confers status without it being obvious what you’re doing. Or all three.

    Often you’ll get the translation and sit back down at your spot while they go about their conversation. That’s OK. You’re now an old friend to them or at least a known quantity. Your status is higher as a result. You can reopen with a different sentence to translate or open with something else. You’ve got good guy cred at that point.

    Cell phones are now one of the best props ever.

    [Heartiste: This is a great disqualification/DHV opener. A+]


    • Start with: Do you know how to say “Where are you?” in xyz language?

      Then go with: How do I say, “what are you wearing?”


    • How do you say, “Bring the movies?” in Spanish?


    • Thanks Heartiste for the first A+ in two years (I posted that as Anonymous while traveling). I used Spanish as an example because of the American readership on this blog (4300 readers per day, mostly in the US) and the way American girls tend to learn Spanish in school. But then I realized after hitting submit that the language a guy chooses will be calculated to be what the hottest woman most likely speaks. Russians are most likely to be among the hottest women so you’d use that gambit more often.


  14. FTC’s are essential to my game.

    Let’s the set know you don’t intend to hound them all night.


  15. If it happens all the time, the problem is you.

    If it happens sometimes, surprise! You have a bitch detector.


  16. On the train I always notice the body language. One couple in particular is a fascinating case. Its decent looking women of about 40 or so with, I’d guess, a 50 something guy. Its interesting to see her frequently turning into him at 90 degree angles. I see her profile all the time, a constant T-bone. He occasionally leans in with a 45 degree angle, but also at a much lower rate. Based upon the body language, I’d say he won the bidding with some margin.

    When you see it, is so clear that you should never, never T-bone her.


  17. Body language and style are both subconscious for the most part, it seems like if you’re lacking in those, it’ an ‘overall game’ issue. You can tell someone ‘what to do with their hands’ in a social situation, but unless it’s awkward it’s still going to look awkward.

    An FTC sounds like it would work great in theory, but then you actually have to make a quick escalation. The last thing you want is a girl saying “Didn’t you have to get back to your friends?”.

    I hate to duck out, but I’d much rather avoid picking up a girl in a group setting. When she’s alone – master that first.


    • “An FTC sounds like it would work great in theory, but then you actually have to make a quick escalation. The last thing you want is a girl saying “Didn’t you have to get back to your friends?”.”

      No offense or anything, but don’t keyboard jockey, go out and actually TRY it for a couple months before you rule it out with KJ theory. There’s a reason the FTC has been stressed since the Neil Strauss days.

      When you DO go out and try it, you’ll find that if you’re cool, you don’t get an actual “don’t you have to get back to your friends?” comment because they don’t WANT to remind you you have to leave. If a smokin’ hot supermodel came up to you and said she had to get back to her friends but wanted to give you a BJ and she’s in the middle of unzipping your pants would you go “uhh, excuse me miss, didn’t you say you had to get back to your friends?”

      If the girl ISN’T interested or if you’re creeping the group out, she might bring it up. That’s when you socialize with other people and gain some social proof and then come back later when you have more value (Short Set Method).

      If a cockblock brings it up but you’re past the hook point with your target you just brush it off with a “eh, they’re fine, you girls are fun.” and keep going.


    • Scar:

      Dead wrong. I’ve never had a target ask a logical question to qualify my FTC. I game every week, night and day game. Sometimes I don’t use an FTC, but when I do it is never challenged.

      An FTC opener can be as simple as: “hey real quick, was wondering ___?”

      Fill in blank with environmental/situation question.


  18. Use “Short Set Method”. It’s for both the “low-key bar full of regulars” and the “too loud to have a long conversation” situations:

    – Make a funny/playful off-hand comment, tease, cold-read, etc.

    – Bail and be social with other people

    – Re-open later

    Regulars aren’t used to people sitting down and taking over their group for the night and you should be socially competent enough to understand their perspective. When you say something funny/playful off-hand and bail they get curious about who you are and discuss with their group “what was that?? lol” and will notice you chatting up other groups and all the social proofy stuff you’re doing (because you’re doing social proofy stuff to DHV yourself, right? Waitresses are flirting and hugging you? Bartenders are shaking your hand? You’re making random groups of people smile and laugh?).

    If they’re curious and confident, they’ll re-open you later. If they’re curious but shy, they’ll give you a chance to re-open them by standing near you later in the night. If they’re curious but shy and lazy, they’ll just be more receptive when you come back later. Even if a girl is completely rude to you, when she sees that everyone else likes you, often her attitude will 180 completely because now her hamster is going “Shit, everyone else likes this guy, who IS he?? Did I just tell a movie star to fuck off?? Those girls like him, what do they know that I don’t know?? Oh no I hope I didn’t mess up my chance…”

    This method is a lot more work than just sitting down and zeroing in on her magically plowing through every obstacle like a super-ninja which it sounds like is the solution the guy in the article is hoping for…but this method is what actually CONSISTENTLY works, and consistency is the goal. If the girl loves you right off the bat by fluke, you can just sit down with her group but that’s just crossing your fingers and playing the numbers game and hoping you’re handed an opportunity on a silver platter.

    Create your OWN opportunities with some strategic game.


    • Agree 100%

      And IMO this is better game. Open, hit hard with confidence ‘interest spike’ then roll off. Reopen later. Work the venue.

      Gold, good reply.


  19. False time constraint? Opening over the shoulder?


    Get back to 2004 bitch.

    [Heartiste: Some things are timeless.]


  20. The way I solved a rather similar situation – I was with a wing so we could both occupy 1 girl at a time – after gettign bored of the pointless empty convo and her bored/annoyed face. I went ahead and asked “So.. do you have a boyfriend?” Really direct approach. She said she is taking a break with her bf – she has been lying – and then I set up a date immediately afterwards with her and changed phone numbers. Of course it doesnt work on all the girls, and it might have been a special situation, but direct game did its magic.


  21. This clip is interesting for the mistakes as much as for the strategies. Yes, it’s a movie, but the choreography and the epic fail are explained well.



  22. From CH’s latest tweet he linked to:

    “Ancient Athens was probably the most productive civilization in history, and never did a society have less sexual repression for men than Athens did, where the government was kind enough to subsidize prostitution so that men were never in need for sex, and where women had absolutely no rights, and so could not interfere with the productive energy of men.”

    I’m perplexed. Isn’t the reason society is in decay today and men never grow up is in large part due to easy sex? The main theme from this blog has been don’t be the sucker working the 9-5 your whole life to marry that 5/10 when you can just learn game and get consistent 7 and 8s.

    But our civilization was built on hard work so this is a destructive trend (for society) when our sexual energy is being harnessed not for society, but for hedonistic interests.

    If sex was easy in Ancient Greece then why weren’t the men just super-complacent with their lives instead of building a legendary civilization?


    • Straw Troll.


    • sex is at the base of maslow’s hierarchy of needs, i.e. it’s a basic need. the top of the pyramid is self-actualization, and that’s key to building up a civilization. now that women are “equal” it leads to a lot of men stugglin for poon, which in a way has a similar effect to a food shortage or whatever.


    • “men never grow up is in large part due to easy sex”

      WTF? Only alphas have an easy access to sex.
      Men who don’t grow up are generally socially awkward geeks who don’t know how to get women. That’s at least 50% of the male population. They lack the motivation to grow up because:

      – They don’t have the strength of a sexually sated man.
      – Most modern women are damaged goods anyway, full of alpha sperm, and clueless about female and male nature. Good luck finding an inspirational wife in order to “build civilization”.

      Since modern women aren’t worth it, fuck ’em and fuck civilization too. I’m gonna focus on my hedonistic interests.
      Game on.


      • Since modern women aren’t worth it, fuck ‘em and fuck civilization too.

        you just reduced all fifteen volumes of h.d. thoreau’s collected works into one sentence

        A+++++++ zozozozlzozozozz;lozzoz


  23. on October 11, 2011 at 11:42 pm Proud-to-be-an-Omega-Male

    CH’s gonna have a field day with this one. New research confirms one of the Chateau’s maxims:

    Women don’t mind fat men as long as they are rich.


    Here’s the study abstract:

    We construct a matching model on the marriage market along more than one characteristic, where individuals have preferences over physical attractiveness and socioeconomic characteristics that can be summarized by a one-dimensional index combining these various attributes. We show that under a (testable) separability assumption, the indices are ordinally identified. We estimate the model using data from the PSID. Our separability tests do not reject. We find that among men, a 10% increase in BMI can be compensated by a higher wage of around 3%. Similarly, for women, an additional year of education may compensate up to three BMI units.


    A man’s money makes him beautiful, from a female perspective.


    • Couldn’t care less about the education of a woman if she’s attractive and “street smart”. And the whole study sounds a little bit off (what about game?)

      Putting on weight is risky for a man’s cuckold-free status, even if he’s rich.
      A woman may have more orgasms with a rich man, only because her hindbrain wants to keep him and his assets around by sending the signal that she’s sexually satisfied and less likely to stray.

      Women evolved to be cunning. Can’t trust one only with money, you also gotta be the best cad that you can be (that is, if you’re dumb enough to get married).


  24. Check out this horror story from the next issue of The Atlantic: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2011/11/all-the-single-ladies/8654/1/. Spinster rejects a great guy for no reason when she’s 28 because she valued her “independence” and thought there would always be plenty of men who would want her. She simultaneously laments the fact that 10 years later, no one wants her while each year men want her less when they could have younger, hotter women, and tries to rationalize her asinine decisions. This is what feminism does to people. As you learn in the article, her mom gave her these feminist ideals. She basically mind-raped her daughter into being a lifelong lonely spinster, left rationalizing her loneliness as something good in an epic essay for the world to read and lol at.


    • “He was (and remains) an exceptional person, intelligent, good-looking, loyal, kind.”

      IOW, a high caliber beta. Good for him, better dumped than cuckolded.
      These women don’t deserve anything, even spinsterhood is an indulgent fate.
      Have no sympathy for feminists and the women who blindly follow their teachings. They were not “influenced”, they simply awakened their unfeminine misandrist core.

      “Today I am 39, with too many ex-boyfriends to count”

      Congratulations, bitch, that’s called the cock carousel. Good luck finding the uber alpha who won’t mind the sloppy hundredths and the decaying body, for more than a tired empty fuck.


  25. Mindset: “You have something great to offer, which only you can give them.”

    If you’re a big shot, oscar-winning actor who’s been asked to tryout for a small, local play, will you come off as nervous, hoping that you make the cut?

    or instead, will you be cool, calm, and confident, knowing that you will add so much to the production?

    I get it. You’re not a hot shot with status. But you’d be deluding yourself if you don’t realize that women are in heavy demand [if not, need] for solid masculine energy.

    Nothing to lose, everything to give. Just watch how you effortlessly convey these tactics (false time constraint, not being creepy) without thought.


  26. Should be this one…


  27. Isn’t the reason society is in decay today and men never grow up is in large part due to easy sex?

    No. Sex is more problematic now than it has ever been. Even at the height of Christian moralism, a man could usually walk to the pub and bang a barmaid. All these pudgy white girls with beady blue eyes you see today, strutting about like underserved princesses with surreal expectations? These were the scullery girls of yore who prayed to Jesus for pot-bellied drunks to marry them. Society is in decay due to: feminism; multiracialism; unrestricted corporatism; trash media; and the alien racial body promoting all of it.

    If sex was easy in Ancient Greece then why weren’t the men just super-complacent with their lives instead of building a legendary civilization?

    Answer: Omitted-variable bias. This narrows the focus to sexuality in ancient Greece. Of course, there is another bias at work visible in actually capitalized “ancient” — that the ancient Greek polloi were a coherent political entity about which reliable ascription, in nationalist terms, may be made.

    A legendary civilization (i.e. a major agricultural complex) is built on the backs of slaves. Simple as that. Mayans? Slaves. Egyptians? Slaves (hello, Juden!). Americans? Slaves. Greeks? Slaves. Harappa? Slaves. Without compulsory labor, no “legendary” civilization — only legends (pre-Harappa Indo-Aryan lore).

    Let’s say that in those times, when certain memes had not been unleashed because the conditions were not nearly ripe, women in Greece were fully subordinate on a dual Aryan-Semitic model (movable property) which removed them as a troublesome variable in the average. Don’t forget that what we read in the Great Books for Men represents the .001% cognitive elite of sprawling grain-fed peoples, the rest of whom lived in huts or slums; and this itself tended to expand the slaving populace insomuch as the slavers required their satisfaction to perpetuate the system.

    Easy access to women / wives (although legends like the Rape of the Sabine Women speak against it being ever so easy) simply allows these simpler men to go about their lives. Maybe that’s why Europe is better off? In Austria you can pay a 14 year old for sex without breaking a law. But then maybe also because Austria never made the mistake of importing thousands of head of melanoid human chattel for cheap labor.


    • on October 13, 2011 at 11:06 am The Chrome Microphone

      Also, in ancient Greece women were only for breeding as they were considered infererior, intellectually and otherwise

      Most sex was between men or men and adolescent boys


  28. heres a pickup opportunity for you ‘artists’




  29. I used to roll by Great book for Men posts as I thought it was a troll….but I read his stuff today…conclusion…
    Great Books For Men: Evil Genius


  30. Is there any situation in which you’d say “it sounds like they’re really not interested in talking to you – leave them alone”? Or is every situation in which women are in public one in which it’s fair game for you to go up to them and hit on them, even if they’re communicating that they’d rather you left them alone? Do you understand that the more women get gamed, the more they will recognize and be irritated by your techniques?


    • No, it isn’t a problem. The women who get gamed the most appreciate a man who does it right for a change.


    • Good to know you worry about the tender feelings of these knob-gobblers, mangina.

      It would be terrible to “irritate” them, terrible…


    • i like to corner and hit on uglyish geek girls in elevators at 3 in the morning. it gives them a much needed ego boost to be seduced by a high value male, and gives me a 100% bang close rate because there’s nowhere for them to run.

      win-win all around.


  31. I have a suspicion that Heartiste doesn’t yet know about this:


    Female police officer given paid leave at a huge salary because she’s depressed about being dumped by a married male while in her forties…


  32. on October 14, 2011 at 2:23 pm (r)Evoluzione

    My recent success with the group approach has been to approach obliquely, as if I’m going to get a drink (plausible deniability.) Body language = disinterest and self-reliance. Loiter in the area, half-listening, half-watching the TV nearby, and wait for an opening to insert witticism/neg/joke, preferably when the group is interacting with a bartender or other third party. Invest only mildly at first, wait for IOIs after my investment, and just sort of naturally join the conversation.

    This was something that had me cowering in fear before. I can at least attempt it now, and maintaining plausible deniability gives me an out if it goes the wrong way.