Comment Of The Week: Fat Chicks And Their Ludicrous Standards

In yesterday’s post, Days of Broken Arrows made the following observation:

“Fatties also have a problem of unreasonable standards. I don’t think I’ve ever met a fat chick who was not convinced that she was still entitled to a 99-point checklist [Ed: 463 bullet point checklist is the term of art] and a man every bit as desirable as what her younger, thinner self would have bagged.”

I’ve been going through online dating Web site profiles and this statement is DEFINITELY true. It’s disturbing and doesn’t bode well for the country that seriously obese women will put out profiles demanding men be a certain height and weight. WTF?

I don’t spend much time at online dating sites, but I’ve seen the same attitude in real life. It’s preposterous, laughable. Fat chicks who pull the “I’m too good for any man” card are engaging in a very transparent example of sour grapes. It’s easy and emotionally cost-free for a fat chick/old chick/ugly chick/single mommy to have standards no man will meet when most men who aren’t losers couldn’t be bothered to meet her standards in the first place. It’s analogous to crowing about being virtuous when there is no temptation to vice.

Anyhow, in response to DoBA, I wrote:

My take on what’s going on: When you have such horribly low Sexual Market Value that most men find you repulsive, it makes a certain amount of self-gratifying sense to carelessly throw realistic expectations out the window and feed (heh) your ego as a dopamine substitute.

And that’s why you see the perverse phenomenon of so many loser chicks flaunting an unrealistic checklist in men when they themselves have little to offer. It’s not about the men; it’s about them. Their egos must be salvaged before their love lives can be rescued.

Remember, too, that once a girl passes a threshold of sexual inactivity (on average, three to six months), she slips more easily into quasi-involuntary celibacy (quasi, because there is always a loser who will dump a five second fuck in a low SMV girl if she’s willing to swallow (heh) her pride) than a man would. Women are built like worker bees in that respect; once acclimated to celibacy and the dull drone of useless paper-pushing office life, they forget the joys sexual abandon. Or, perhaps, rather than forget, they simply don’t experience the same vital urgency to renew sexual relief the way men do. Consequently, it’s easier for a woman in asexual frigidity mode to maintain a facade of high standards that she must know on a subconscious level will never get her sex and commitment, or even a second date, from the men she wants.

And this phenomenon is more acute amongst fat chicks who were once thin. They fondly recall what it was like to be pursued by men, to turn away those who didn’t meet their expectations, and to experience the thrill of men attempting to satisfy their demands, doing it all for the top-notch nookie. But now, as a fatty (or a cougar or a single mom or an acid burn victim), the men they find desirable shun them and, adding insult to injury, the beta males who once lacked the confidence to approach now hit on them with a grating expectation of success.

What’s a put-upon woman to do? Right. Lie to herself. Happy feelings on the cheap. Better yet, surround herself with yenta friends who will abet her self-delusions.

But neither of the quotes above are the comment of the week. That honor belongs to “uh”, who replied to both of us:

There’s not enough neurochemical payoff for a [fat] woman in admitting the truth to herself if the choice is between that and easy self-affirmation. Given that choice, which may be thought of as a false consciousness imposed/reinforced from above (media), and laterally (other women), the woman becomes alienated from true acceptance of herself as a relational being and enters the narrow straits of denial. Neurochemically this almost resembles the pathway of cigarette addiction: cheap self-affirmation gives quick temporary rewards necessitated only by the presence of the toxin — the subnarrative itself.

This is a concise and penetrating explanation of the common female frailty herein known as Absurd Standards Syndrome (ASS). Insulated by the PC media, glam mags, academia, beta suckups and female friends, women have lost touch with their rank relative to other women and are thus finding it easy to slip into a comfortable bubble of self-delusion. Similar to cigarette addiction, the quick dopamine fix — necessitated by the subnarrative, as uh puts it — trumps the harsher acceptance of personal flaws that must be remedied by willpower and self-control (or simply accommodated) to achieve longer term and more fulfilling rewards, or to come to terms in a dignified manner with one’s diminution of mate choice. This subnarrative toxin, an effluvium of pretty lies, perpetuated by feminists, groupthink apparatchiks and fat acceptors alike, is the wicked poison that courses through the sludgy veins of the Western woman, corroding her from the inside out until she is a mere husk of the feminine ideal that once held sway over the hearts of men. Well done, uh.

Men — particularly internet nerds without a hope of meeting a woman in real life — suffer from this syndrome as well, but not nearly to the same degree that it perplexes women. As has been explained before on this blog, the reason ASS afflicts women more than men is because men, as the chosen sex, have to be more in touch with reality to get what they want in the dating market. A deluded man is quickly a celibate man. A woman in her prime, on the other hand, can stand around looking good, ignorant of the rules of mate choice reality, and men will hit on her… until reality rudely turns against her.

Interestingly, uh’s comment has parallels with the denial inherent in economists’ inability to grasp that the drive for relative status is a bigger motivator of human behavior than the urge to maximize utility. (Want to watch a libertardian squirm? Bring up the subject of status jockeying.) Economists, stuck in the narrow straits of the rational actor (their toxic subnarrative), have become alienated from the commonsensical wisdom that humans are relational beings who sometimes do seemingly inexplicable things just to gain status points over a neighbor. Like fat chicks on an ego-assuaging bender, economists in thrall to their theories have forsaken the long hard look at human nature in favor of the quick pleasure fix of aggregate demand and open borders circle jerk pontificating.

The impetus for our economic decisions is not so far removed from the mechanism guiding our mating decisions. Quite the contrary; economics is servant to sexuality — the one market to rule them all.

Solution: people of good (and not so good) intent must strike at the heart of the toxic subnarratives, killing them and salting the neuronal fields in which they grow, unafraid of the certain immune response it will spastically trigger, before the human psyche (and body) can be healed. The way to kill the subnarratives is one this blog has stressed countless times, and which we here happily, some might say sadistically, pursue — The Three Rs of human psychological manipulation:


Progress will be slow at first, but momentum will inevitably build. It only takes 10% of a population holding an unshakable belief to cause that belief to be adopted by the majority of the society. Your goal of spreading better ideas is not as out of reach as you imagine. Alinsky leftists and ideological warriors have known this fact about group dynamics for generations. It’s time for you to know it too.


  1. An anti-fat campaign must be organized. Consisting of demeaning posters in very public places, and rain scorn upon the whales among the ‘Plenty of Fish.’

    Imagine sitting in a subway train, and seeing the face of a fattie go through shock, shame, horror and indignation in a matter seconds. What I wouldn’t donate for that…

    I am completely serious.


  2. And yet women who aren’t fat talk the good talk.

    And stay well away from the buffet table as they say their fat friends are beautiful.


    • “And stay well away from the buffet table as they say their fat friends are beautiful.”

      You know what’s funny about that? Our fat friends never return the favor. In college, I was a roommate to two overweight girls, cousins, who would ALWAYS complain about their weight. Whenever one of them would talk about feeling fat, I was always the first to console them and tell them that they looked fine (they really didn’t – one of them had a large donut of fat mass where the waist should be). However, they would constantly make fun of my own frame (I’m short and skinny), sometimes poking my stomach and thighs or ridiculing my smaller breasts. I was often called ‘bony’, ‘skin and bones’ or a ‘skeleton’. I laughed it off, but it hurt.

      Yeah, fat girls are beautiful.


      • Maybe they just tried to get back at you for telling them bullshit?


      • Ha. I certainly won’t BS like that again.


      • Fu, check out kettleball swings as popularized by Tim Ferriss to fill out your bust and ass a bit.


      • I have no problem with my butt (I’m black), however, I will look into getting a kettleball because I want to gain a little weight. Thanks.


      • I’m sorry. I honestly feel terrible for you. I’m ashamed to say I know how your friends feel. I’m a little on the heavier side, but I hope my friends don’t describe me as having a “large donut of fat mass.” I’ve probably done that to my skinnier friends, but it is just because I feel insecure about my own weight. Yup, you guys are all right- fat girls feel insecure, and they cover it up with their own bravado. I hope you’re feelings weren’t too badly hurt.


      • Do I have body issues? Of course. Especially after being teased by the likes of my roommates. Do I take it out on others? No. I’ve never poked one of my larger friends in the stomach or openly called them hurtful names .

        If you’re going to partake in selective reading I have no time for you.


      • You sound as if you’re intelligent and capable of taking rational action. Godspeed.

        Check here for advice more targeted to women (some of it):


      • Sara,

        Worry less about feelings and more about losing weight.


      • Worry about losing weight,yes,but also worry about sucking my oversized bologna.


    • “And stay well away from the buffet table as they say their fat friends are beautiful.” Yup, the skinny chicks know exactly what they are doing …


      • Except its been shown that having fat friends leads to increased weight gain. Fat is a disease that spreads throughout an entire social group.


  3. Brilliant. The “toxic (sub)narrative of the rational actor”–this is a meme that needs to go viral. And that is indeed how we strike at its very heart, shining the bright light of consciousness onto the fact that sexuality IS the ultimate driver of all economic forces.

    This blog is doing that work. This is the realm of understanding true power, the avocation of real men.


    • Honestly, it already has — Herbert Simon was writing about “bounded rationality” decades ago; Kahneman has new a book out for people who couldn’t understand (me!) his volumes co-authored with Tvsersky. Pop psychology books have caught up pretty well in recent years. Ev Psych itself is basically a standing reproach to the rational actor memeplex (“free will”, “choice”, “ego” are all related concepts). Plenty of clinical psychologists are testing, retesting and counter-testing phenomena like illusion of control, optimism bias, all the permutations of loss aversion, etc.

      Denial itself is ultimately a psychological loss aversion arising usually in a subject that suffers from a pathological aversion to relational risk. In the fatty’s case (but not NEARLY limited thereto), she is averse to risking intimacy with a male she instinctively knows will have no permanent interest in her, but because she is alive and must go on, quickly finds herself saving face in the cheapest way she can, i.e. refuses to acknowledge the sunk cost of her being by lowering her expectations in accordance with her SMV. Wherever expectations run too high, you may be certain you are face to face with pathological denial: the human animal fleeing from what it is.

      Saving face is really the reduction of anxiety however possible. An animal will not live in a state of anxiety. If kept in that state for too long, it will of course go mad (ever seen a macaw pluck out all its feathers from the madness of neglect? hello, girls who chop their hair “because i was bored”!). Much of human behavior, and above all irrationality, can be reduced to avoidance of situational anxiety — from the beta’s nervous texting to the pathological extrovert’s engaging personality (not that the latter is aware of or has necessarily experienced it). The subnarrative is just institutionalized pandering. At this point, lateral power (diffusion of memes among the target populace) is definitively greater than media power. Once these ideas are unleashed, they can’t be undone. xsplat has written here & there, paralleling arguments I have made for years elsewhere, that modern society cannot be changed because technology cannot be reversed; it is as simple as that. Only catastrophes of a proportion likely involving multiple concurrent tidal waves or a big fucking meteorite can disrupt the unidirectionality of the material basis of these ideas which plague us. I have no doubt they, and therefore “empowered” fatties, shall plague us forever. Christianity’s still with us, isn’t it? This shit doesn’t die. These are vampire memes that can subsist FOREVER without ruthless totalitarian measures to disrupt the narrative loop.

      Also …

      Legalism will forever require the rational actor. Ascription bias is an evolutionary matter, so that’s another source of traction. Rothbardians aren’t responsible for it, they just worship it in a sort of bloodless homage to their own ability or desire to make money. A reading of not economics, but economists themselves, from the perspective of ev psych would reveal something like Feuerbach’s old critique of Christian mythology from Das Wesen des Christentums — also the starting point for Marx’s analysis of capitalist alienation:

      “In the consciousness of the infinite, the conscious subject has for his object the infinity of his own nature.”

      Sound familiar? the libertarian economist’s obsessive concern with an infinitely stable market for example?


      • “that modern society cannot be changed because technology cannot be reversed; it is as simple as that”

        Modern society is built on a foundation of cheap, abundant energy in the form of oil. As the oil runs out, the fatties will begin to disappear.


      • but then someone will simply figure out a way to melt the fatties down for oil.


      • Jesus Christ! Give him a little attention and he goes hog wild…


  4. on October 6, 2011 at 1:53 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    Great to see I made a blog entry (first time since 2008, I think).

    Here’s an even better story! Around five years ago, I discovered a blog by a thirtysomething fat chick living in my town. I mostly read it because after seeing her pics, I could not *believe* this woman was dating regularly. Who would go out with someone who looked this frightening? Are men really that hard-up?

    Anyway, her blog postings started to mention her “standards” and she mentioned several times that “now that women have their own money, they’re free to choose men based on looks and sexiness and don’t have to “settle.” I stopped reading.

    Five years passed.

    And then I saw her on that dating site I was perusing, listed as a “single mom.” So I found her blog again. Turns out she’s hit the skids financially, is a single mother at age 41 (!!!) and is complaining in every blog entry about how her guy left her and won’t pay child support. When she say him down and told him she was pregnant he just stared like a stone statute! So now she gonna take legal action!

    But gee, I thought now that women have their own money, they can just go for the sexiness? There was no blog entry on how her own “standards” got her to where she is. I assume that the self-awareness gene isn’t in her makeup.

    Oh, and she still a fatass.


  5. on October 6, 2011 at 1:54 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

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    Editor’s note: William J. Bennett, a CNN (communist neocon neoconning) contributor, is the author of “The Book of Man (lozozlzl he stole my title great books for men zlzoozlzzo butethexxx): Readings on the Path to Manhood. (to betahood mroe liekeit lzozlzlo)” Bennett is the Washington (inside the belytway with pro feminsist honah goldberg lzozozlz) fellow of the Claremont Institute (sucking on the in the beltway fiat teat zlzozooozozozz bankrupting the west both morally and spiritaully lzozozolzl). He was U.S. secretary of education from 1985 to 1988 and was director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy under President George H.W. Bush.
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    The data does not bode well for men. In 1970, men earned 60% of all college degrees. In 1980, the figure fell to 50%, by 2006 it was 43%. Women now surpass men in college degrees by almost three to two (IN DESOLED, GUTTED FEMINST DUMBDED DOWN DUMBED DOWN DUMBED DOWN FEMINST WELATH-TRANSFERIRNG, ASSOCKING PROMOTING CURRCLCUCIMUSM WHER ETEHY DOECSTURECED TEH GRET BOOKS HOMER VIRGIL MOSES SHSKEPSEARE DANTE YOU FAT FUCKITY FUCJTARD ZLzozozl). Women’s earnings grew 44% in real dollars from 1970 to 2007, compared with 6% growth for men.


    William J. Bennett
    In 1950, 5% of men at the prime working age were unemployed. As of last year, 20% were not working, the highest ever recorded. Men still maintain a majority of the highest paid and most powerful occupations, but women are catching them and will soon be passing them if this trend continues.


    The warning signs for men stretch far beyond their wallets. Men are more distant from a family or their children then they have ever been. The out-of-wedlock birthrate is more than 40% in America. In 1960, only 11% of children in the U.S. lived apart from their fathers. In 2010, that share had risen to 27%. Men are also less religious than ever before. According to Gallup polling, 39% of men reported attending church regularly in 2010, compared to 47% of women.

    (THAT"S BECUASE JESUS CHRIST AS BEEN PUSSIFIED AND asscoked by the ifat banking caretel and feminsist slzzozo lzozozlzl OGH WAIT I WORTE ABOUT tHIS:

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    lzozozolooz you fuckcity neocon fucktRAD

    If you don't believe the numbers, just ask young women about men today. You will find them talking about prolonged adolescence and men who refuse to grow up. I've heard too many young women asking, "Where are the decent single men?" There is a maturity deficit among men out there, and men are falling behind.


    This decline in founding virtues — work, marriage, and religion — has caught the eye of social commentators from all corners. In her seminal article, "The End of Men," Hanna Rosin unearthed the unprecedented role reversal that is taking place today. "Man has been the dominant sex since, well, the dawn of mankind. But for the first time in human history, that is changing—and with shocking speed," writes Rosin. The changes in modern labor — from backs to brains — have catapulted women to the top of the work force, leaving men in their dust.



    Hanna Rosin: Are women leaving men behind?
    Man's response has been pathetic. Today, 18-to- 34-year-old men spend more time playing video games a day than 12-to- 17-year-old boys.

    While women are graduating college and finding good jobs, too many men are not going to work, not getting married and not raising families. Women are beginning to take the place of men in many ways. This has led some to ask: do we even need men?


    So what's wrong? Increasingly, the messages to boys about what it means to be a man are confusing. The machismo of the street gang calls out with a swagger. (AS THE WEKLY STANDARD EXLATS SECTRIVE TAPER OF BUTTHEX AND BULLY TUCKE RMAX RHYMES IWTH GOLDMAN SAX WHILE JONAH GOLDEBER AEXLATS FMEINSISMS ZLOZOZOZ) Video games, television and music (CRETAED BY LEFTIST NEOEONCS LIKE BILL BENNETT) offer dubious lessons to boys who have been abandoned by their fathers. Some coaches and drill sergeants bark, "What kind of man are you?" but don't explain.

    Movies (CREATED BY BULL EBEBNENETES NEOCON FRIENDS LZOZOZ) are filled with stories of men who refuse to grow up and refuse to take responsibility in relationships. Men, some obsessed with sex (SOME OBSESED WIT BUTTHEX LILKKE THE ONES THE NEONECS PUBISH AND WIRE FIAT CASH ADVACED STOO), treat women as toys to be discarded when things get complicated (THIS IS BEVCAUSE THE WOMEN HAVE BEEN ASSOCKED AND DEOSULED BY NEOCNS). Through all these different and conflicting signals, our boys must decipher what it means to be a man, and for many of them it is harder to figure out.


    For boys to become men, they need to be guided through advice, habit, instruction, example and correction. It is true in all ages. Someone once characterized the two essential questions Plato posed as: Who teaches the children, and what do we teach them? Each generation of men and women have an obligation to teach the younger males (and females of course) coming behind them. William Wordsworth said, "What we have loved, others will love, and we will teach them how." When they fail in that obligation, trouble surely follows.
    We need to respond to this culture that sends confusing signals to young men, a culture that is agnostic about what it wants men to be, with a clear and achievable notion of manhood.
    The Founding Fathers believed, and the evidence still shows, that industriousness, marriage and religion are a very important basis for male empowerment and achievement. We may need to say to a number of our twenty-something men, "Get off the video games five hours a day, get yourself together, get a challenging job and get married." It's time for men to man up.


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    read all about it!!!!



  6. What’s ironic is that it’s historically been women who’ve had the most rigid standards for a physical ideal in men.

    You see, men will very readily cater their physical sexual “preferences” in accordance with what has proven sexually successful for them in past experiences. In other words, men tend to return to the same watering hole they found to be plentiful in the past.

    On the other hand, from a purely physical perspective, it’s women’s idealized masculine form that hasn’t changed in millennia. While there may have been a rubenesque epoch when men loved the fatties of the 1600′s, no such era ever existed for women’s physical preferences. The classic broad chest, wide shoulders, six-pack abs and squared jaws of greco-roman athleticism are still the idealized male form that has graced EVERY romance novel cover in existence.


  7. This is pure gold, Roissy.

    Reframe — If she matters to you in any way, you have to reframe. We men are rare creatures, there are not many of us and there are plenty who want to be part of our lives. You have to not just act this, but live this, constantly. I do this with pretty females, I also do it with customers, family and friends. If they don’t want to deal with it, they are free to GTFO.

    Reject — and often. When someone says something that’s idiotic or that has nothing to do with you, you have to enforce that your time is superior and you’re not taking crap. Also, reject anyone who doesn’t follow your rules. This includes hot women — LJBF them as fast as you can if they’re not falling in line.

    Ridicule — I only do this when I am in a position of great superiority and someone challenges it. There are a handful of people in my life that are superior to me (mentor, my dad in some situations, etc), but for the rest, if they’re jockeying for position, I put them down and I put them down hard. My business card says my title is “Asshole” and I mean it — if you want a nice guy, talk to one of my customer service employees. You’re dealing with me, and if you don’t like it, I’ll pound your confidence into the group. I’ll also do this with the whole “fat woman” thing — if she isn’t at least trying to lose weight. Encourage those, but the rest need to be shamed for their lack of responsibility hand-to-mouth.

    Don’t use excuses. Stop with being the weakest party in the room or in a group. Challenge others who draw lines, and let people fall into place behind you.

    You’re not an alpha if you’re not leading every part of your life: financial, work, sex, love, friends, whatever. You can’t fake leadership — women and men both can smell the lack of confidence that oozes out of fake leaders, fake alphas.

    Everything you say coalesces around confidence, pure and simple. You don’t have to be a cocky asshole, you just have to be 100% sure that you mean what you say, you can get whatever you want, and you’ll follow through on your promises without reminders.


    • it sounds like you’ve got a ‘sub-narrative’ yourself similar to the self-deluded woman in the example. but i have to say yours is more likely to bring about
      happier outcomes than hers.

      maybe it’s not that delusion per se should be criticized, but the quality of the delusion.


      • One man’s reality is another man’s delusion, I’m sure.

        But I do believe that we males are predesigned to naturally be this way. I know that I picked up plenty of knowledge just being my own boss at a young age — talent that I never would have thought to use in other relationships.

        Why? I’m certain that societal pressures and norms made me refrain or even refuse to treat people as commodities until they’ve proven their value in my life. Now that I know better, it all just happens naturally.

        If I have to take time to actually THINK of an action, I’m already failing. Over-thinking is a primary destroyer of a male’s alpha education. The difference between a man and a boy is that the man already trust his gut instincts.

        So is it delusional? My opinion is that it isn’t — it’s delusional for males to think they can act like boys (or girls!) and do well in life. THAT is delusional.


      • “If I have to take time to actually THINK of an action, I’m already failing.”

        A wise uh once said, An organism that must define itself before moving toward its maximal advantage is already doomed to extinction. This holds for microorganisms alike for our extended phenotype.

        One must rather define others, i.e. enforce frames and exploit their utility. Doesn’t matter if they’re false; what matters is not the truth value (or more commonly the heuristic valence given to a systematic analysis of relations: vice [harmful addictive or venal pleasures] does exist but Christianity only interpreted it as “sin” and “eternal damnation”) but the process behind the enforcing which is always everywhere exploitation of one organism by another. All “identity politics” for example is a mechanism designed for academic women by youknowwho to facilitate and reinforce the institutional thwarting of instinct in the white male to make him more compliant, unable to cohere and act politically in their own name and interests.

        Roissy is online classes in self-defense against the metanarrative.


      • uh wrote:

        “… what matters is not the truth value (or more commonly the heuristic valence given to a systematic analysis of relations: vice [harmful addictive or venal pleasures] does exist but Christianity only interpreted it as “sin” and “eternal damnation”) but the process behind the enforcing which is always everywhere exploitation of one organism by another. All “identity politics” for example is a mechanism designed for academic women….”

        This is sub-Nietzschean fuzzy thinking misapplied in the service of your crypto-Nazism, rather like Friedrich’s sister Elisabeth. Not that 95 out of 100 will follow you beyond the dog-whistle, but you dignify antisocial race theory with a pseudo-philosophy that few will have the capacity to recognize as the claptrap it is. All that most require to believe is a faith in something sufficiently fancy-sounding.

        Just so you know. We’re not all dupes here.

        You are paraphrasing the triumph of the Will to Power over the so-called Will to Truth. I am not sure whether you are gleaning it directly from the master or whether you are completely absorbed in the consignment-shop made up of his lesser students and secondary sources. We would be better off going directly to the original manufacture, Beyond Good and Evil.

        “Supposing that truth is a woman — what then?” You are applying Nietzsche’s inquiry to game way too literally.

        Yours is a “narrative” (gross postmodern word) dictated by the Hegelian-Marxist presumption of exploitation. Fine. Who can blame you for being unable to escape that box?

        My guess is you are somewhere in the vicinity of grad school. Philosophies of power are fun while you’re young — go get your fill. But they are painfully inadequate to the mature mind. As you grow you become more aware of the empty jargon surrounding you; the veil falls away from what, in a burst of enthusiasm, you mistook for genuine thought, causing you to descend into obscure intellectualizing and inert substitutes for wisdom, such as your nearly indecipherable ejaculation above. [hit reload as often as necessary]

        Talk about a “will to truth”! You provide an example of that which you condemn.

        Soon your epiphany will come, if you’re lucky. Maybe it will be an experience of art. Or the baffling urge to treat a person as an end rather than the means (memes?) to an end. Or breaking down in tears upon seeing a horse whipped. It will be an experience of the transcendent to shake you out of your dogmatism, a dogmatism you accidentally acquired in the dogmatic pursuit of destroying all dogma.

        “Over-thinking is a primary destroyer of a male’s alpha education.” You might want to look into that. You are slowly suffocating.


      • Cut. Print.



    • “Asshole” on your business card — while a little bit on the nose — reminds me of this encomium to Steve Jobs, world-famous prick … that everybody wanted to work for:

      If you take the long perspective, you realize this era of Man as Villain is already passing. The ten percent Roissy is talking about, the advocacy, the capacity for perpetual outrage at fat women bloggers — it’s all spittle-rage in the gathering rainstorm. Cathartic, but not driving the dynamic.

      Still, leaders will emerge and organize the inchoate emotion into something effective. It’s too bad the current pioneers and would-be field generals are so poon-obsessed that they sublimate a truly revolutionary force into harmless sexual hooliganism, like soccer does to a young man’s thirst for war. But I repeat myself.


      • I’m not so sure. In most of my businesses save one, the client bases are super beta and they just love my crass attitude. Hell, I am known for kicking out “customers” who window shop too much and waste my employees’ times. In the one business, I’m the lowest alpha on the totem pole — those guys above me are ridiculous in attitude.

        We need more leaders and fewer followers — the HMO Act of the 1970s really screwed men up by combining health care deductions with employment. Too many W2s, not enough 1099s.


      • Hell yes about not enough 1099s. Game and entrepreneurship are intimately related.

        Business at that primal level is one of the few areas of life still unpolluted by feminist cunt-stink. If your outfit is paying obesience to the gods of political correctness by policy, your operation is already too large. Got to keep it lean and mean, emphasis on the mean.


      • You are the fucking man.


    • What if you have a conflict with a nigger? I am afraid of niggers. How do you handle niggers?


      • A black man is usually better at violence one on one with equal weapons than a white man. A white man is usually better at arranging things so that it is not one on one with equal weapons.


      • What if you have a conflict with a troll? I am afraid of trolls. How do you handle trolls?


  8. You completely lost me (as well as the plot) when you started ragging on economics. There’s nothing in economics that preclude people from having utility functions that incorporate relative social standing as a component. Ditto for sexually derived motivations.


    • I look at all relationships from an economic perspective. I think everyone should.

      First of all, as Roissy states, you can not look at aggregate numbers to figure out anything specific — economies are individual in nature. Yes, tens of millions of people are being foreclosed on, or are single, or lost their jobs, but each individual situation is completely and totally unique. That’s what matters in economics — the individual.

      When it comes to love or sex, there are supply and demand values attributed. One person may just want casual sex, whereas another person may want marriage. There’s a pre-set supply of casual sex within that person’s market, and that supply is decreased as you increase parameters (weight, age, attractiveness, location, distance, time availability, etc). There’s a pre-set supply of people one can marry.

      If you look at YOUR market of available partners, and then look at how many other people like you also want access to that limited supply (we economists call that demand), there’s a point they meet — that’s the price for the transaction.

      The price for a really hot, really young, really fun, non-shit-testing virgin in any market is really high: and it’s not a financial price. That price is you have to be as much of a man as possible, because very few other males (“competitor”) can pay that price — they fail because they act like boys — and the product/service you’re “buying” won’t accept a low bid.

      It’s all economic. Everything. Even friends. But economic doesn’t mean “having to do with money” — it means “involving a supply and demand for a good or service or relationship.”


      • on October 7, 2011 at 10:08 am Laughing Shadow

        This is largely what I can’t quite internalize about this blog and many of its regular themes. I’ve had periods in my life in which women seemed to come fairly easily and others in which my efforts weren’t as effective. I’m not sure what caused the rise and fall of the mojo, but the point is that I never defined those successful periods of my life as happy because of all the sex.

        Like alcohol, sex is a fun stimulant, but nobody considers their life a success because they could drink whenever they wanted. Although various posts elevate sexual pursuits with references to our fundamental desire to reproduce or evolutionary psychology, sex and flirting seems to me to be ultimately nothing more than a fun activity that men and women have to balance against alternative goals on which to spend their time, especially in the modern world in which there is so much more to do than was available to our hunting and gathering ancestors.

        I know many, many successful men who are alpha at their job but beta with women. Similarly, there are quite a few beta shlubs at work who take on no serious responsibility but seem to be able to turn on the charm and draw people to them, including women, in other settings.

        I realize this is anecdotal, but I just rarely observe this “across the board” alpha-ness or beta-ness. People find something they are talented at and their self-confidence skyrockets. In other areas, they rationally take a back seat, realizing it’s something about which they could learn something. Around some women, I can out-alpha anyone. Around others, I haven’t a clue where they are coming from and would prefer reading a good book to trying to navigate the labyrinthine structure that conversations with them invariably take on. Many of the comments here to the effect that alpha-ness or high testerone either saturates your entire life or is simply absent strike me as inaccurate


      • You have low libido and your perception of social realities is off. That’s why you think of “sex” as trivia, just a bit of “fun” like “drinking.”

        No doubt you don’t drink hard either. You’re just another thing built more of words than facts — that’s why your thinking and action is so flavorless.

        Read a little Houellebecq to see how someone of your exact type *should* feel.


      • Perhaps. But are you suggesting that my life would be improved by having a higher libido? That strikes me as unlikely – like telling me that I’d be happier if I really gave heroine a chance. Why would I want to accentuate my instincts and minimize my intelligence?

        My guess is that most posters here are incapable of serious thinking and cling to instinctive pleasures by default. They just can’t do better. Sex is a drug. It can be addictive. Posting ways to maximize that addiction is not healthy, even if it gives you a temporary high.


      • on October 10, 2011 at 11:24 am Laughing Shadow

        And don’t patronize me, dude. I’ve accomplished more in my life than you ever will. High libido is hardly the road to success. Enjoy lots of “success” dating. And I quit drinking years ago. I know full well how stupid the constant pursuit of pleasure can become. Become educated. It’s not too late.


    • I agree, Stuki — individuals make economic decisions that are “rational” only in the sense that they are intended toward achieving a desired end state, and so they engage in economic activity that is calculated to achieve it (although often with imperfect calculation, or incomplete/inaccurate information).

      The rationality of that end state, in a general or abstract sense, is not really an issue. What matters is that people want what they want, and they do (or give up, or forgo) certain things in order to get it.


    • You’re only as good as your options.

      You’re on a 2nd date with an SMV 7 [Slut A]. At the first date you were able suck on boobs and give a good up the skirt reach around and tickle the kitty of [Slut A]. During this 2nd date you meet with a larger group of [Slut A]s friends and therby are introduced to SMV 8 [Slut B]. [Slut B] is giving off IOIs and attraction signals to you. After flirty exchange you have gina tingled both [Slut A] (via jealousy plotline) and [Slut B] (via DHV spikes and kino).

      What do you WANT do?

      Opt 1: Settle with [Slut A] and try and fuck close at the opportunity cost of foregoing [Slut B]? (Less risk to blow load that evening)

      Opt 2: Ditch [Slut A] with the cost of losing the account and opt for the chance to seduce [Slut B]. (More risk, better reward, really hot eat for breakfast ass).

      Economics, indeed.
      AB = 1
      Stuki = 0

      (Based on a true story, names were changed to protect the victimized.)

      Anyone guess which option I chose?


      • If you follow Roosh’s logic, Option 1 will lead to definite sex with Slut A now and probably with Slut B later (her interest is increased because you passed up a chance with her). Option 2 will generally lead to no sex at all


      • Opt 3: Include [Slut B] in your conversation circle with your focud on [Slut A]. [Slut A] is used to being second fiddle, so she will appreciate the fact that you’re giving her a little more attention, but you’re still inviting [Slut B] into the mix, whose hamster is telling her to beat down [Slut A] because [Slut B] is superior.

        Then, tell [Slut A] you’re taking her back to your place. She’ll agree. Right after she does, turn to [Slut B] and say “You’re coming, too.”

        Have plenty of extra towels handy.


      • Opt 4: address the fact that you’re likely seeking a sense of heightened self-worth by wearing the amount of sluts you’ve manipulated as an epithet.


      • I’ve said it a billion times on this site (and others) — I date long term. I don’t hook up with sluts, I can’t even recall any women I’ve slept with that I met at a bar or even while drinking.

        That being said, there still are opportunities to have fun. If you’re young and don’t have any roots or desire for any at this point in your life — focus on work and income and savings first. When you’re at a point that you have about 18 months of all your expenses socked away under the mattress, go out and have a blast, too.

        Toss game and pull numbers while you’re saving cash. Invite women out on the rare occasion that you’re not beat from the exhaustion of a few jobs — make them come to you. They’re likely not LTR material at that point anyway, so there’s nothing wrong with learning the tactics that ALL women of value will want in a guy LTR.

        I prefer LTRs and women worthy of some of my time in that mode, but I don’t disparage those who prefer ONS or short flings.


  9. I know a woman who was good looking in her prime and had a now ex-husband that was the kind of man that women would hit on. Some food allergies on top of getting older and less active hello obesity and like an aging baseball player still reminisces about the glory days. She still doesn’t quite get what she can get away with in terms of dating market value. Kind of sad in a way. We’ll all get old someday and unless your rich like that Spainish Duchess that’s pretty much it. Enjoy it while you can. Speaking of which, the guy she’s marrying alpha, beta, omega or snakea; you be the judge.


    • The man she’s marrying is a starving motherfucker.
      But he will benefit from alpha cred and preselection among the female corpses in the cemetery.


  10. I recently saw the woman who cuts my hair on a dating site. Ugly, fat, not getting any younger, with at least one kid. “As adults we all know there should be at least a little physical attraction.”

    I’m not sure the world has, or ever will see again so many ugly women so delusional about their looks.


    • I have some fun over at OKCupid — a little side research that I someday want to compile into a free e-book to toss around.

      The gist of my fun is to create a profile in some relatively big city — big like Chicago or at least large like Orlando.

      I have a host of photos of some random guy I found online — he’s a pretty handsome guy, cute but not boyish, nice smile, good hair, etc. I use this random dude’s photos.

      I set up the profile as any typical beta would, with nice quotes, books”I” read (typically whatever books I find that other women list on their profiles, commonly), whatever.

      The key to my research identities is that I usually put in a “fatal flaw” — I’ll make the guy 5’2″, or I’ll make him divorced with 2 kids, or I’ll say I’m actively looking for work and put my income as $0-$20,000 or whatever. Or just a high school education, etc.

      Then I’ll just write random women — hot ones, fat ones, lesbian ones, etc. I typically use the same pre-written introductions, although the last time I did this a few months ago, OKCupid flagged it as “you’ve said this before” so I have to change a few things.

      With probably 0.94 correlation, of the women who actually respond (after writing about 3000 introductions over 4 years across probably 35 identities in 35 cities), the fat ones always pick on the fatal flaw. All of them. “You seem wonderful, but I would like someone taller/employed/without children/etc”. It doesn’t matter what the fatal flaw is, I guarantee that a solid 50% of fatties who respond going to pick on it if they’re fat.

      What amazes me is how many decent looking (6-6.5) gals respond with interest. Hot women never respond, ever, if their profiles are even real. I haven’t had one average slim gal ever disparage the fatal flaw or even inquire about it — although I never respond to their responses, it’s just a test of the general female public’s dating situation.

      Fat women have GOT to be there just for the ego boost of receiving initiations from guys. I can not imagine that they’re able to actually make demands like they do.


      • An interesting, and I am sure entertaining, pass time. One thing to keep in mind is fat chicks have some immunity to social pressure. The slim girl is more likely to be self conscious and even sympathetic to feelings of inadequacy. You are not getting a bargain with fat chicks. They are usually worse in every way. No one is going to tell them what to do. They are so good that what handicaps someone else is of no consequence to them.


      • “…after writing about 3000 introductions over 4 years across probably 35 identities in 35 cities…”

        And with that, you just blew it. A man such as the one you would have us believe you are from your previous comments wouldn’t be wasting his time with this sort of activity.


      • He’s a liar. He has an anecdote that applies to every single prompt saying he already does the ‘alpha’ thing the post is talking about. It’s not even thinly veiled.

        Look at Stuki’s post right before this talking about economics. Dada’s response: “I look at all relationships from an economic perspective. I think everyone should.”

        I don’t know why he does this and I don’t care, he’s firmly in the category of people I wish would post less. Maybe it’s because he looks like a sex offender.

        I guess that’s the downside in trying to create a home for alpha-types. You’re going to get the blowhards women respond to. Doesn’t translate well online.


      • I don’t think A.B. Dada lies about jack. You’re a bad reader of people and texts.

        You need to be at that essential mangina site: HCWD.

        That’s the place for you; that’s the place for garden-variety haters.


      • Maybe I am a liar… Anything is possible on the Internet. I also might not actually BE A.B. Dada, just someone who set up a gravatar with a photo of some random guy I found online who would be the perfect decoy of myself. Hell, someone e-mailed last week thinking I might actually be an alter-ego of Roissy’s — that could be true, too.

        Whatever the case is, whoever I am, and whatever the truth is, I will be the first one to admit my flaws and faults — I’ve modified even my own opinions on certain matters because of opinions I’ve read on plenty of forums and blogs in my life. It’s why I like commenting — I reap a profit (“economics”) of knowledge from other people freely sharing their views. Hell, you can’t pay for the kind of information you get through reading and contemplating various views and opinions.

        The sex-offender thing is interesting to me — I don’t think I’ve gotten that before. I do like sex, but I’ve never been accused of rape or molestation or any of the rest, so I don’t see how you make that connection just because of how I look. I pride myself on being a relatively unattractive man who still has the power and clout to bring decent looking women into my life who take care of needs of mine that I suck at taking care of on my own.

        And then it boils down to your anonymous coward status — for all I know, you could be some guy I cockblocked at the Chinese restaurant a few days ago, or one of my many enemies. So be it.


      • If you think Dada is a fabulist, Anonymous, you obviously don’t know many liars. Nothing about his demeanor says dishonesty. Quite the opposite, in fact.

        He is a great resource on this site. You should listen closely to him rather than weep resentment all over our computer screens.

        It’s one thing to privately stew about your betters. It’s another thing to take it public (and anonymously). Envy is unbecoming an alpha aspirant. You need to surround yourself with more and stronger brothers. Then his type wouldn’t seem so foreign to you. Authenticity looks like fraudulence when your world is a fraud.

        A beta looks at strong men and thinks, “competition.” An alpha looks at strong men and thinks, “ally.” Game gurus could use a little more emphasis on the bros-before-hos mentality. If you can lead men, gaming women — while certainly a different kettle of fish — becomes a much more natural endeavor.


      • haha, nailed it


      • Kind of had a similar feeling…


      • on October 7, 2011 at 4:16 pm Alpha and Omega

        I have a feeling that e-book will not be one of the future’s Great Books For Men. lololllllzzzzzzz!!!!


      • What’s wrong with spending an hour or two a month in research? Most guys I know spend double that every day playing video games…

        I spend about 16 hours a month in airports. You best believe I don’t nap, I just whip out my communication device of choice, and follow through with things I’m curious about.

        Posting fake, pre-written inquiries on dating site — or craigslist — takes ten minutes to send 10 initiations. Ctrl-V a bunch, click send a bunch. No skin off my back.


      • That’s really cool.

        So it turns out that they are so committed to the defense mechanism of “having” highly particular standards, i.e. an ideal mate to shield them from men who have exploited them, that they develop a perspective bias selecting for those traits, or indeed the one trait, in a generally acceptable mate that fails the corresponding criterion.

        If my theory is correct — pathological denial — what we’re seeing is a reflex of that, the unrealistic standards being arranged around her trauma (real or anticipated) precisely to thwart on-comers. The pay-off is dual: she saves herself from risky exploitation (for the nonce! lolzozlzz) and gratifies hers ego.

        Not to be left out is that you did this online, which allows for more rational selection. If you were coming on in real life, they’d probably fall for it, and you’d be stuck with a two hundred extra pounds.

        What becomes important to the subject in denial, as to any headcase, is the surrogate satisfaction — the truly satisfying, fully human reward being blocked.


  11. I don’t think Adam Smith got laid much so that’s probably why economics is the way it is.


  12. Good post, and likely to cause much agita among female fatties who dare darken the door of this website. I have noticed that their ASS syndrome is often aided and abetted by their (thinner) girlfriends, who say stuff like “Any man would be lucky to have you–you have so much to offer!” (They’re right, but only accidentally) And “you go girl, don’t compromise!” Meanwhile the thinner girl gets the pink hammer and fatty goes home to another evening of Lifetime and Haagen-Dazs. It’s sad, but this is reality. Thin women need to tell it like it is to their friends, but they’re either held back by political correctness or some perverse cruel joy they get in watching men ignore their friends and instead focus on *them.* I suspect it’s the latter.


  13. Roissy, your 3 R’s are amazing. I’ve been musing lately in my personal philosophical papers on realist economics (rather than the rational actor framework), and have come up with something eerily similar. Indeed, power structure is the very framework of society and nature in itself.

    As a reader for roughly 2 years now (off of spearhead…thank god I don’t read that crap anymore), but only lurking, I say bravo and keep laying the axiomatic smack-down.


  14. Fat chicks need lovin’, too.

    ‘Cept they gotta pay.


    • This video has been posted frequently. I still click on it every time though. It’s very well done and the chick is cute. Nothing cuts more effectively to the quick than satire. The song is worth a dozen blog posts of earnest pleading to man up.

      It begs for a post-game sequel, but I don’t think that folk-singing ginger has gotten the memo.

      Wait, Roissy plays guitar, right?


  15. I am afraid it is one of those strange but incontrivertible laws that the more gross a woman is, the more demanding she becomes. (I say that principally from my experience as a Doivorce Lawyer.) Perhaps by getting the attack in first she feels that this will disarm you from noticing her unattractiveness – it doesn’t. The More attractive woman, however, seem to be more reasonable. Probably fat chicks like to reject first so that you don’t reject them. Moral: screen out the unattractive.


    • on October 6, 2011 at 4:27 pm Days of Broken Arrows

      “Moral: screen out the unattractive.”

      This is actually excellent advice. It runs counter to the BS Hollywood feeds us — such as movies like “Shallow Hal.” But experience has taught me (the hard way) that nasty looking girls (especially artsy ones) tend to be the nastiest while nice looking girls are sweetest.

      Just take whatever Hollywood tells you and reverse it and there you’ll find the truth.


  16. A couple of times, I’ve been willing to overlook some pounds, but only in women who are utterly submissive. Any backtalk whatsoever, any clinging or nagging, and over the railing they go to rejoin their whale pod.

    But then, it’s only fair. I apply the same rules to the hot ones. They’re just not as desperate as the fatties should be.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. “(Want to watch a libertardian squirm? Bring up the subject of status jockeying.) ”

    I’d guess you’re reading some poor sources of libertarianism if you think that’s substantive criticism.


  18. What’s happening is obvious. This site never mentions it. There’s been a demographic shift. I would guess that males are almost equal to, or perhaps even slightly outnumber females in the general population. I am convinced of this. It would explain feminism, multi-culturalism, and the acceptance of out-of-wedlock bastards who are raised on the public tit. Some people will argue and say these policies came into being from a female majority who vote for these things. This is not entirely correct. It comes from a large number of women who push for these things, but it also comes from an even larger male population who willingly plays along in the hopes of getting laid.

    A list of standards is like a sign that says “I have options.” And when fat chicks have options, ego, and attitude, something unusual is going on. When women behave poorly, and do so willfully because they know they’ll get away with it, something unusual is happening.

    Traditionally, females who were of reproductive age outnumbered their male counterparts. The great fear of parents of female children was making sure she had enough redeeming qualities to find a suitable husband. Those who were slutty, bitchy, etc, were doomed to a life of spinsterhood, prostitution, etc. Why? Because men had options. They didn’t have to settle for a 34 year old with a caramel colored bastard, and an ego as inflated as their waistline. Those women were discarded and left to live on the fringe. If you were a male with a skilled trade, and no serious vices, there were 6s and 7s waiting on every corner to be faithful to you, and cook you dinner each night.

    Traditionally, men were the true minority. And they were the largest minority which is the most desired position to be in because it makes you the most sought after. It’s why Ferrari calculated that the number of people who could and would buy an Enzo to be at 400, so they built 399 to ensure there would always be demand for it, and so it would maintain it’s exclusivity, mystique, etc.

    Women today spend a decade after college riding the cock carousel before deciding to marry in their early to mid 30s. Once they have their one or two kids to bind their husband into a seemingly lifelong financial obligation, it’s back to the carousel. They do this because they can. Because the number of options for men is declining. Because even sluts who spend 10-15 years on the carousel can still find someone who will excuse their past behaviors.

    If you look at men and women as commodities, the market for women clearly indicates an increase in demand for a deteriorating supply.

    Encourage your male friends to start driving a little faster. Encourage them to rely on violence to solve their problems. When you hear one say “hey y’all, watch this,” give them your undivided attention to make sure they eliminate themselves from the gene pool in a blaze of glory.


    • Men tend to be the older in the pair, and declining birthrates generally means a shortfall of young women even at 1 to 1 ratios. Increasing birth rates tend to make happy men, still at the 1 to 1 ratio. That is besides the lower mortality rates in men.


    • Jason, you’ve got the basics right.

      There’s a relatively short shrift of young, hot, tight girls. But’s not due to birth or pure numbers, it’s entirely “thanks” to the obesity epidemic. It’s not due to pure demographics. Statistsically speaking, 51% of all live births are female, and male babies suffer more infant deaths, so even right out the gate, they outnumber us. Even in pure e So yes, the young hotties know they have options. It increases their SMV, because they have their same-age, mostly gameless peers chasing them, and then a lot of older, also mostly gameless dudes. So they get hit on a lot.

      But interesting things happen demographically. Men do die off quicker, but we also peak out much later in life, so there is a phase shift in market value for men with game that gives US the advantage in our mid-30’s. The only thing that even slows us down is the societal misandric messages that girls get about dating their same-age peers being more acceptable than dating other guys. But girls have a genetic tendency to find older men attractive. We just have to screen for them… and have tight game.

      Nothing ground breaking here. This is all stuff you’ll find easily by reading the archives here.


    • Once you consider prison populations and early deaths, there are fewer men than women. But gals often consider the bottom 50-60% of men in any population of men utterly undateable. It is a filter they apply without even consciously being aware of it, I think. They call it “standards” when it is in fact simply their hypergamous wiring firing away.

      The other day someone cited a New York Times article, where college gals at North Carolina (?) claimed that something like a third of the young men on campus were unacceptable dating material. Think about that. Men at a good school, in their prime. Undateable. Heck, put women in the room with the biggest rock band, and they will all want the lead singer. If they only get the drummer, they think they are settling.


    • (r)Ev ,

      Males outnumber females at birth by 105 to 100.


  19. Reframe.

    Are there resources here or elsewhere for effective uses of each?

    I’d like to learn this effectively.


  20. open borders circle jerk pontificating

    I noticed this, why are these economists blind to idea of a community protecting its ideals, values, etc.?

    Anyway, I too have noticed that fat chicks are bitchy as a proactive self-defense. But they typically smell, so who cares. But, as a younger more beta-er guy, I noticed this and I bet a lot of other men thought of the implications, if this war-pig is pre-emptively rejecting me, then I must really suck. And that’s another reason gaming the lower SMV girls is bad, it messes with your perceived smv.


    • This happens anywhere on the scale. I get slim but unremarkable 6’s rejecting where 8’s light up.


    • “proactive self-defense” …. i wish i could be so succinct. damn. i really am chomskybot.

      “I noticed this, why are these economists blind to idea of a community protecting its ideals, values, etc.?”

      they view such things as delimiting restrictions upon the absolutely free market in which they prosper; rothbard wrote somewhere, apparently, that even the requirement to feed one’s children is a coercive factor acting against the fully “free” economic agent.
      this is why the average libertarian will feed you the lie that the nazis were “left-wing”, despite importing close to 50% of their grain and lipid oils from the soviet union, some of which was in transit on june 21, 1941. in their minds this fact would mean they were in collusion with the soviets and therefore not classically “right”. in fact it was the communists participating in a war-time exchange market.


      • Pre-emption. I am not a libertarian. A conservative or a classical liberal may be the correct label in my case.

        Objection. The main building blocks of he Nazi ideology were leftist. Whether they imported grain and lipids or not or where from is irrelevant,

        When you look at the internal policies of Nazi Germany, you can clearly see it. The only diff with other leftist trends was proclaimed nationalism in contrast to the facade of internationalism (in reality a ruse, internationalism was fine as long as everyone agreed with Moscow). the other ideological differences were merely cosmetic, different means but the results were similar.

        Have you ever been in GDR (East Germany before unification)? it was quite elucidating how the legacy of Nazi Germany survived there, but no traces were discernable in Western Germany, in 1980 when I visited both. Even today, most neo-nazis hail from the eastern German states. For me that’s not surprising, because the dividing line between the communist and nazi ideologies is in the same side of the political spectrum.

        For the lack of time and as it is quite off topic, I won’t go into a detailed comparison and relevant evidence, but if you want that, I’ll check here at some later time and post it.


  21. America NEEDS fat chicks with unrealistic standards:
    How else will black guys get laid.


  22. And that’s why you see the perverse phenomenon of so many loser chicks flaunting an unrealistic checklist in men when they themselves have little to offer.

    To be fair, the same could be said for PUA keyboard jockeys and their insistence on “HB8+”.


  23. My corpulent little angel – with these words, I thee neg.


    • I’d neg her as soon as I’d wed her. What would be the purpose of playing on a fatbody’s insecurities? Just on general principle?


      • Yeah, no point in negging her for two reasons.

        One–why, if you’re not interested. I’m not. Next!

        Two, assuming you’re interested, (gag!!) it’s clear she has self esteem like peanut brittle, and you’re likely to leave her in a puddle of mewling, bawling insecurity with anything but the most mild neg.


  24. economists in thrall to their theories have forsaken the long hard look at human nature in favor of the quick pleasure fix of aggregate demand and open borders circle jerk pontificating

    Sad but true.


  25. I agree with all of this post except the economics part. What does that have to do with Game? If anything, Game could be called a result of applying economic theories (market value, supply and demand, Nash game theory, etc) to sexuality. Although yes, people do irrational things too, but economy (and Game) often account for that as well.


  26. Insulated by the PC media, glam mags, academia, beta suckups and female friends, women have lost touch with their rank relative to other women and are thus finding it easy to slip into a comfortable bubble of self-delusion. Similar to cigarette addiction, the quick dopamine fix — necessitated by the subnarrative, as uh puts it — trumps the harsher acceptance of personal flaws that must be remedied by willpower and self-control (or simply accommodated) to achieve longer term and more fulfilling rewards, or to come to terms in a dignified manner with one’s diminution of mate choice.


    Five quarts of Ben and jerry’s equals five years of Beta.

    I propose a new Ben and Jerry’s flavor:

    “Better than Beta”

    What’s in it?
    Hah! What’s not in it…


  27. I wish you explained once to your readers what these women you talk about should do?! I guess your answer is that we should settle for a guy we don’t like/love/are not attracted to?!

    Do you recommend we swallow our pride just to not be alone? No one is going to do that, you know?

    You offer solutions that wouldn’t really work. If men now ridiculed me, I doubt it would help me in any way.


    • “You offer solutions that wouldn’t really work. ”

      The right diet works.


    • Maya. Still waiting for Godot.

      Like the puppy whose owner died. Every time she hears footsteps on the walk, she rushes up to the window in anticipation, faces disappointment … and then goes right back to anticipation. Bless your broken little heart, baby doll.


    • “Do you recommend we swallow”



    • we were talking about fat women. are you now a fat woman?


    • Maya you are a lost cause anyways 😉

      It’s more about the men than the women really. Women can’t help themselves, although frequent reader Neecy suggested that it might be prudent not to give away sex that easily if you want to actually be pursued and see investment by men. This of course is a two way street, there will just be less men getting laid while the masters still get their share.

      When you are fat your option is always to lose weight. Ugliness is hard to cure (as fatties are always delighted to point out). After all, if you loathe yourself how can you not disrespect the person who chooses to be with you?


      • although frequent reader Neecy suggested that it might be prudent not to give away sex that easily if you want to actually be pursued and see investment by men.

        ah, the ‘since sluts give it up so easily, if i make the chump wait he won’t think i’m a slut’ aka ‘i’m worth the wait’ gambit.

        quite possibly worse than a man taking dating advice from a woman is a woman taking dating advice from a woman. not to mention a white woman taking dating advice from a black woman.

        rollo covers this issue pretty well here:


      • It only works on a grand scale of course, not for a single person as a man can just move on to a slut. So it’s kind of a moot point.


      • on a grand scale, the alphas get screened out and only the betas will be the ones left ‘waiting’. it’s a good strategy if the woman wants a beta provider, but then again, maya has made it known in no uncertain terms that she wants to be asscocked by the likes of roissy and roosh.


    • Maya, here’s what you do–a 100% foolproof, money-back guaranteed way to make more men, and hotter men, attracted to you:

      1. Get the diet right. Eat paleo/primal exclusively.
      2. Work out. Hard. But only 2-3x weekly.
      3. get clothes that flatter you.
      4. learn a bit of makeup skill. Not a lot, a little goes a long way.
      5. grow your hair out, and wear it in a flattering style.
      6. act feminine. Don’t cuss. learn to cook & give great massages and world class head.

      A woman I know lost 70 pounds, count ’em SEVENTY, and this after her second kid, by simply following points #1 and 2 above for about 6 months. She has sizable breasts from being fat, but now you can see her abs and the definition on her legs and arms. That’s a very.. compelling combination. At 5’2″ and 110 lbs, she is several orders of magnitude hotter that when she was 180 lbs (after baby weight!)

      Let me tell you, this girl’s level of male attention has increased by a magnitude of 1000. Men ignored her before, and how they drool when she walks by.


      • When I met my current main gal, she was my #3 (my women always know about each other, but not because I talk). She was pretty, but a size 8 and wasn’t very feminine. On the flip side, my #1 was a knock-out, best body I’ve ever seen, 13 years younger than me. My #1 started to become more aggressive and overconfident, so that relationship expired. During that time, the #3 went partial paleo (mostly cutting out wheat, grains, oats, and packaged foods) and went from a size 8 to a size 2 in about 6 months. She went from a cute 6 to a pretty 7, and lately with a little exercise she’s pushing past that.

        She’s told me that she’s never had attention from guys very much, but now it’s constant. Guys offer to carry her grocery bags, guys at work come by her office. I don’t have the jealous gene, plus I know she only wants confidence and that’s why she loves me as much as she does — I keep her in place, I lead her instead of follow her, etc. Her rating change only serves to make me want her more. I even throw in a second date on various weeks to reinforce that her weight change pleases me, and she should always watch for weight gain.

        Even better, she told me that she loves how much more I appear to like sex and she’s excited to lose another 5-8# over a few months. I guarantee that a woman who loses weight is a woman with less problems with her man.


    • Walk for an hour every day and build up to doing this every day

      Never eat junk food again

      Never snack

      Take Muay Thai classes


    • Thanks to everyone for your dieting advice but I’m not fat. I’m just old 😦
      However, Naomi Wolf had similar problems at my age but is now okay so I might start reading her books to feel better.


    • Here’s my advice for fat women: More moving, less mooing.


    • “Do you recommend we swallow our pride just to not be alone?” Well for one thing, you can stop swallowing so much goddamn Ben and Jerry’s …


  28. Is it beta to write a novel with a non-stripper female lead?


  29. Why is the struggle for status a problem for libertarians and economists? The struggle for status is at its most vicious, distressing and destructive when economic differences are small and irrelevant, as in academia, or completely nonexistent, as in high school. When economic differences are substantial, people tend to focus on getting nice stuff and forget about status, behave in a way that is a pretty good approximation to homo economicus.


    • “getting nice stuff and forget about status”


      The one couldn’t have anything to do with the other, could it?

      For hetero economicus, it sure does.


  30. on October 6, 2011 at 5:02 pm Proud-to-be-an-Omega-Male

    This is so true and it’s rather quite paradoxical as well. The females who have always said the nastiest things to me have always been fat bitches, women with no bodies, old bitches (30 and over), women with bumps all over the face, single mommies and negresses. I have never been dissed by a truly attractive woman in the same way that I have been dissed by some colossally huge land whale, some black as pitch negress or some female with the body of an adolescent boy. This has got to be one of the strangest things I’ve ever encountered; so strange in fact, that it’s counterintuitive. I actually feel far more confident approaching really hot women, then some fat bitch or some woman with acne all over her face. If the world were a logical place, it would be hot women I’d fear the most; however, it isn’t. It’s fat bitches, 30-year-old women, women with bodies shaped like young boys etc. who scare the crap out of me. I guess the saying really is true: nasty on the outside, nasty on the inside.

    An example. One time I went to a bar and I started getting real nasty stares from some real large fat bitch. This fat bitch had a double chin, a stomach hanging over her belt and a huge fat ass. You know, the works. Now, to put this in perspective, I’m a total omega, but I’m ripped… I’m 180 lbs of solid, rock hard muscle. I pretty much look like a bodybuilder. Now, here we have this fat bitch, sticking her nose in the air, telling her fatty friends about how hot she is and how she turns down hundreds of hot, ripped guys everyday. Man, I’m telling you. Modern western women are so narcissistic and delusional, it’s unbelievable. I’ve actually gotten nothing but nasty stares from fat bitches. Fat bitches turn me down, even when I’ve never even asked a fat bitch out in my entire life. It’s always the fat bitches saying nasty things to me. And to top it off, fat bitches are the ones always going out of their way to stick their fat asses in my face in order to say rude, ignorant and nasty things, even though I try to avoid fat bitches like the bubonic plague.


    • Getting hit on by someone they are not interested in reminds them of their obvious short comings and they lash out in an attempt to regain their perceived status. Hot women know they have status and are, therefore, not threatened. Ugly women, no matter what makes them ugly, know what is wrong with them deep down, no matter what other people tell them. Hence, the lashing out.


    • Now, to put this in perspective, I’m a total omega, but I’m ripped… I’m 180 lbs of solid, rock hard muscle. I pretty much look like a bodybuilder.

      So how – and why – do you characterize yourself as an “omega” then, my friend??


  31. Maya-

    I think that the point is that womens’ attraction triggers have been hopelessly corrupted.

    Having “tasted” the alpha carousel, they have to choose between spending the rest of their sexual half-life getting pumped and dumped by men with options or “settling” for a beta they detest.

    Of course, they could always go lezbo or jump off a bridge, or whatever – I’m just listing the two most obvious options.


    • ASS is a symptom of the first stage of hippodom, denial. At the end is acceptance when they discover they were a lesbian all along and never needed a man in the first place.


    • Jack,

      “I think that the point is that womens’ attraction triggers have been hopelessly corrupted. Having “tasted” the alpha carousel …”

      This could be a problem, but not all women have tasted this “alpha carousel” – it’s enough that she was once thin and is now fat or she was young and is now old.

      I’ve found this fantastic post: and I’m glad that I managed to skip the first two stages (Denial and Anger), I had a month of Bargaining and I’m a bit sad right now (Depression). The next stage is Acceptance (“Maybe settling isn’t so bad. That homeless guy outside Whole Foods has nice hair.”), but I seriously doubt that I’ll ever be able to settle. I’m really worried about this because I know that I won’t be happy if doing so. I simply can’t believe that settling could make anyone happy. Even if a decent guy settled for me I would feel that this is ridiculous when he has other, better options.


  32. I think you should do another post on this topic which discusses the differences between ASS in American vs. Foreign (particularly European) women. Based on my experience, I would say that this disorder afflicts American women at much, much higher rates than Euro women. In fact I say that in most European countries this is non-existent. Perhaps one piece of the puzzle is that European women tend to be much slimmer; stroll the streets of Amsterdam and tell me how many chubby women you see, let alone truly fat women! Most European women would never even pretend that they can put demands on men when they lack the element most critical to a woman’s SMV.

    [Heartiste: Female obesity has been a nightmare for betas. With fewer slender babes, the remaining hot chicks’ market value goes up and any man less than an alpha gets priced out. It’s no surprise that in Europe (particularly EE), where more women are thin, their attitudes are better. That is a direct result of there being more female to female competition for male attention.]


  33. Do you recommend we swallow our pride just to not be alone? No one is going to do that, you know?

    Whattabout a diet?


  34. Great Master Heartiste, teach us, mortals, how to work with “The Three R’s”.

    Great Master Google, don’t know about it.


  35. Enjoy it while you can. Speaking of which, the guy she’s marrying alpha, beta, omega or snakea; you be the judge

    For a 61-old public servant in collapsing Spain, it seems to be a pretty good deal. Hey, most men do not have either Berlusconi’s stamina or status at that age.


  36. Watch Al Bundy for great examples of Reframe, Reject, and Ridicule.


    • That video was funny. Shame we can no longer skewer deserving targets. The Tolerance Hypocrites only allow men to be ridiculed now.


  37. This has to be up there as one of the better entries that has appeared on this blog. First class.


  38. The Three Rs of human psychological manipulation:

    “Reframe. Reject. Ridicule.”

    Ladies and gentlemen, this information is dynamite. Nay, it is a 500 kiloton thermonuclear device. No fuck that, it is a fully armed and operational death star. For experienced handlers only.


  39. damn, is this blog cosmo for guys? and someone said “pink hammer” hahahahaha! truly wild and VERY unappealing… enjoy yourselves, stop bugging about other guys approval, it gives a serious tone of inadequacy to the whole forum. ya shabab… live your lives and check your bravado (or don’t — but at least don’t cancel it out by actually bragging about it)


  40. Ask not for whom the rationalization hamster spins… it spins for thee, hippos.


  41. Obesity is not just an american problem. In Britain and Ireland, it is a borderline pandemic among females.

    As a result, any slim woman has a ludicrously increased SMV.

    A lot of folks here recall the slimness of American women with great tenderness, which should give you an idea of how screwed up things are here.


  42. Thanks bro.


  43. I know a lady who’s slim and pretty. Takes exercise seriously, and watches what she eats. Looks great as a result.

    A lot of her female friends and family are on the fat side, and are always undermining her – trying to get her to join them in the trough.

    She has a beautiful figure, and they’re hell-bent on destroying it.

    Say what you like about us fellows, but not one man in a million would try to undermine a friend or brother in the same way.


    • That’s ludicrous, men just go about it in a different way but they’re just as destructive. It is an exceedingly rare man who encourages others to be their best. Most, as in 95% are mired in fear based black crab strategies, the day I learned that was the day I literally stopped giving a fuck about 95 % of the population.
      This foolishness with fat women is the same dynamic just expressed a different way.
      When I was younger, I would find myself at work surrounded by fat women constantly jabbering on about the hot guy of the moment, be it a celebrity or electrician, the implication though was obvious, “He’s hot, you’re not” and I tried the online dating thing only to be shot down for whatever reason. Now, I’m in a different head and all I can say for these fucks, men and women, payback is cold and hard.

      I’ve never seen a woman or man successfully lose a significant amount of weight and keep it off for any signifcant amount of time. The majority of woman will get fat and fatter over a few years.

      Avoid fat people at all costs, they are evil.


  44. “Economists, stuck in the narrow straits of the rational actor (their toxic subnarrative), have become alienated from the commonsensical wisdom that humans are relational beings who sometimes do seemingly inexplicable things just to gain status points over a neighbor.”

    According to economics people’s ends are ultimately given and subjective and their action in pursuing these ends are necessarily rational.

    Even if your desired end is having a front lawn that’s prettier than your asshole neighbor’s because then you believe it’ll improve your chances scoring with the hot divorcee across the street.

    By employing the means YOU BELIEVE are most appropriate, you are behaving rationally. Maybe wrong, but still rational.

    You should really read up on modern subjectivist economics. Try Mises, he’s a breath of fresh air.


  45. I may have missed something, correct me if I did.

    Guys of lower value rarely set standards that women cannot attain, to assuage pangs of knowing they will never get laid. Most guys of lower value will lower their own standards until they find a vagina that will accept their penis, even if that vagina is attached to a rhinoceros.


    • I must be the exception to the rule:

      As a low value fat guy, I find my standards to be quite inflexible with regards to looks. I simply cannot get hard for anything less than a 7.

      The old cliche “The heart wants what the heart wants”

      The dick wants what the dick wants.


  46. When I was overweight I didn’t want anyone that would want me fat. If someone asked me for a date, I usually told them I didn’t date. It really had nothing to do with them, I just didn’t want anyone that would want me fat. Maybe other women feel this way too.


    • I doubt it. I’ve never heard any woman own up to this. Most cry about wanting to be accepted as they are, while making no attempt to change themselves.


  47. Beta males are utterly complicit in the enfattening.

    Field notes from an hour ago:

    Hanging out in the kitchen with the alpha, being instructed on cooking up two grass-fed bacon-brie burgers (PRIMAL ALL THE WAY!), when the fat, nerdy, very sweet and intelligent roommate comes home and asks us why we’re not having buns and fries with our burger.

    Me: I’m trying to drop five pounds.

    Beta roommate [gasps, both hands to face]: YOU? No way, you’re soooo thin. You could stand to gain a few. I just want to make you a sandwich.

    Alpha [looks me up and down coldly, critically, then puts a hand on my ass like I’m being sold at market]: She could firm this up a bit. She can start by bending over and getting me a beer [cocky smile].

    Look on the roommate’s face is priceless.

    [Heartiste: lol. good stuff. that beta is such a fuckin beta. rings so true.]


  48. on October 6, 2011 at 10:52 pm greatbooksformen GBFM


    • hear, hear


    • i’d be there myself if i wasn’t so convinced ows is an exercise in futility.

      the wall st looters are getting while the getting is good. they are positioning themselves to survive the massive cull (the 99%) when tshf, i.e. peak oil and the impact of that on the earth’s carrying capacity.

      still you gotta hand it to them. they won’t go without a fight.


    • What an orator. Give ’em hell, son.


    • those Occupy Wall Street peeps are clueless.


    • CptnMidnite in the video is not your typical clueless ows protester. I’m new here. Y’all tell me if he’s got game or not.


  49. well, there are sub-narratives and there are sub-narratives.

    for every case of the pathetic loser woman you showcase here there may be one who is successful in holding to unrealistic high standards; she is not of the reality-based community. like bush-cheney and co.,she makes her own reality, somewhat like some of the aphas who comment here. she may be a practitioner of a subversive ‘inner game’. she does what she wants and screw ’em if they can’t take a joke.

    to be sure these may be the outliers, psychological manipulators nonpareil, but their existence shows it’s possible however rare or common they may be. i’m sure even our blogmeister has seen such cases, women so arrogant and confident that their social success has everything to do with pure chutzpah and nothing else.

    having said that, having a clear vision is probably the best for most of us who are not gifted with sustainable grandiosity or talent for dazzling with brilliance.

    so which is it: do you advise us to delude ourselves that we possess a higher smv than we in fact have? or is this advice only applicable to guys?


    • carolyn,

      You have been chosen……

      It shall be your privilege and goal to…..

      ……Detox my Buttox.

      Now quit talksin’ and start detoxin’…..


    • Men can get away with acting higher status than they are – observe how women fall for thugs and criminals, who have extremely low status among other males. Women cannot get away with acting prettier than they are.


    • What you are referring to is an attention whore of the highest vaginal caliber. A short lived characteristic with intermittent peaks usually occurring at night venues where the male/female ratio is greater than 2 to 1.

      I assure you she is not a practitioner of sharp inner game, or a practitioner of anything other than feeding her ego with cheap compliment suds to be soaked up by her bloated hamster. Good work you beta shit heads. Ya know, the ones that post “damn girl you are gorgeous” comments on her facebook immediately following a posted pic of her most recent night of attention whoring adventure.

      But to answer your snippety little question: neither.

      1) goto gym
      2) don’t whore for attention & validation from men
      3) swallow cum
      4) make sandwich(s)

      You may not be able to dazzle with brilliance, but with a semen map of hawaii across your breast you can glisten and sparkle in the right light.


    • Be aware that you are abusing this term “subnarrative”.

      My use of subnarrative is intended to convey the instrumentality of certain strains of rhetoric in popular discourse to the “totalizing metanarrative” that we may call “leftist” for convenience. Think of it as a tentacle coming from the body, choking off this or that segment of true reporting of the individual’s umwelt. A metanarrative is or seeks to become the total ideational umgebung of the target populace and to this end relies on subnarratives tailored for those intended to act as political agents against the dominant (or formerly dominant) group. Miscegenation for example acts as a very efficient subnarrative relying on propinquity to capitalize on white people’s tendency to trans-racial acceptance; everyone knows someone who is half-caste, or has a half-caste child, boyfriend, band mate, etc. Thus lateral pressure is exerted to accept out-breeding of white genes, as a matter of politeness.

      Your statement “there are …” seems to suggest that you took the term to mean what I prefer to call “internal rhetoric”, psychologists prefer “rationalization”, or if you like personal narrative that constitutes the individual’s neocortical bearing toward the world.

      It can be called any number of things. The thing to keep in mind is that a subnarrative, whether taken up from culture (political) or by innovation (psychosis), is basically a semantic method of reducing anxiety and maintaining relative advantage against other bodies; psychological orientation. This is why, in decon lingo, we see the word “bodies” employed so conspicuously; they really think of people as so many “sexed, politicized bodies” standing in some (according to them, always unfavorable) power relation — which latter is quite right, of course.

      The rhetoric of fatty egotism is one branch of the larger branch of liberal self-authorship (“you can be who you want to be”) which stems from a) American social mythology arising from real social opportunities / permissiveness, New England transcendentalism, English liberalism as precursor, b) the Continental destruction of the pure subject (Kantianism), heavily plied in SWPL universities since the 60s, c) Boasian relativism / cultural anthropology, which has amounted to a paradoxical universalizing relativity that is basically coded anti-white / anti-male agitation, d) loss of will on the part of white Christian men due to the breakdown of faith, urbanism, borders eroded by formerly proscribed white ethnic groups (Irish, Italians) to Jews etc., mere propinquity (free then enfranchised blacks, women in the workplace from the factory era, etc.), and of course e) the great wars exhausting the legitimacy of white ethnic politics and the once very competitive racialist narrative upheld by Anglo-Americans & Germans. France was already rotten to the very core with its colonials and Jew PMs.


      • ok, got it.(after the 5th reading) i was wondering about the dense prose but i guess in the discourse of deconstructualism it’s par for the course.

        ‘fatty egotism’: you can see it as a less than desirable consequence of a trickling down of american exceptionalism, reinventing oneself,’i gotta be me’, we’re all special snowbflakes’ way of thinking. as well as all the things you listed-‘propagandized in swpl universities’ (i love it). that is, the same phenomenon that produced a steve jobs as well as every mover and shaker in american history.

        you have to take the good with the bad. fat people’s thinking is a product of the culture as well.


      • Steve Jobs dropped out of college after a few weeks because he thought it was a waste of his parents’ money. Pick a different example.


  50. Just saw this from a chubby chick with a busted face only a mother can love…

    “Looking for a man who:
    1. want my heart, not my body.
    2. loyal to me, not to every other girl.
    3. respect my opinion and doesn’t force his opinion to me.
    4. love me, care for me just the way I am.
    5. always support me with all of the things I hv been doing my entire life.
    6. doesn’t smoke any kind of smoke and not a drunker.
    7. love kids.”

    I couldn’t get past #1 without a good ROFLMAO. Who the hell wants that body?


  51. Around the time of the French Revolution the Marquis de Sade wrote a book called “Justine”. Nothing about this work could be considered Politically Correct – in this century or any other, for that matter. He was kept for much of his later years in the Bastille; the legendary fortress prison of Paris, for what he had written. Nonetheless, he was sometimes a Light Bringer, like Obama.
    A character he created was a fat monk with a small, deformed penis. And this blighted monk regularly had his way with sweet, innocent, little Justine. Often he would explain to the girl that he knew his package could give minimal pleasure to any woman but he felt no reason to care about that. He got off every time. Then it was “get the fuck outta my room!” He was deeply unconcerned for the quality of the womans experience because he was so sure of his power and status relative to hers.
    In the last few decades, the West has been mass producing female Sadists. First, by telling them how much they outrank men and secondly by teaching them how little a mans feelings should matter. For modern women, being unpleasing to men while expecting pleasurable sex from them is just a channeling of the Meme of SADISM.
    Why shouldn’t you want to commit for life to a Fat Sadist? What is wrong with you slackers? It is time for you guys to Man-Up (TM) Bill Bennett.


  52. “Looking for a man who:
    1. want my heart, not my body.”

    she’s looking for a blind man. is there a blind man in the house?


    • Check up on the archives, blind men prefer the same optimal hip-waist ratio that the rest of us like.


      • dang! even blind man can’t be fooled then! hahahahaha!!!


      • Remember in the movie, “Ray,” when he met a chick, he took her hand, then felt all the way up her arm? He couldn’t be super-obvious by feeling up her body, so he ran his hand up her arm to see if it was thin and/or toned. That gave him a general idea of what he was dealing with.


  53. on October 7, 2011 at 2:46 am Proud-to-be-an-Omega-Male

    Here’s why fat bitches have such unrealistic expectations and become narcissistic and arrogant as a result.

    It’s because guys have lower standards than women and at the end of the day, there’s always going to be some guy (loser) who’ll fuck anything that moves. So, because of this, any woman, including fat bitches, old bitches (late 20s, over 30s), fuglies, and single moms can get laid and married whenever they want. The fat bitch sees the parade of losers lined up in front of her, desperate to touch her fat ass. All these losers tell the fat bitch how beautiful she is and these compliments go to her head, but it’s obviously because they want to get inside the fat bitch’s pants. The fat bitch, completely delusional and taking these compliments at literal face value, actually begins to think she is beautiful. Thinking she is beautiful, she overestimates her SMV. Hence, why the western world is filled to the bursting point with arrogant fat bitches who think their shit don’t stink.


  54. on October 7, 2011 at 2:52 am Proud-to-be-an-Omega-Male

    Has anyone seen the movie “Shallow Hal”? It’s total fucking bullshit, a fairytale. In reality, the worse the woman looks, the bigger the bitch she is. Ugly bitches, fat bitches, black bitches, bitches with kids and bitches over 30 are some of the worst bitches in existence. This don’t judge a book by its cover is useless garbage. Fat = nasty bitch.


  55. on October 7, 2011 at 3:44 am Netherland Man

    I’ve been married for 2.5 years now and I’m very happy with my wife. I still love her and we share a very special soulmate bond thingie. We’ve been trough very hard times in our relationship and also personal problems we’ve had almost drove us apart in 2010. Let’s just say the subject children and an inablitly to conceive puts the greatest pressure imaginable on a husband and wife. However we’ve overcome (we are bent on adopting children from Africa).

    Imagine this. If you feel that the woman you’re with is your soulmate. That no matter how hot other women may be, you’d still rather be with her than with the hottest celebrity / model / pornstar no matter wat, then you know. Love is more than worrying about not being able to fuck around with other woman.

    Alsof if your marriage fails, it fails. Best to accept it then, not the end of the world.

    I can recommend marriage. However I may argue knowing someone for 2 years may mean that you’ve not fully explored each other emotionally.

    I would not leave my wife anytime. She is soooo precious to me, my soul belongs to her. She is my angel. If she would end up in a wheelchair, become horrbily skinny or obviously overweigth, still I’d prefer being with her. When you put your forehead against her forehead in an emotional moment and you feel like this is the best place to be at this given time you will know that you want to be with her forever.

    Hell, even if my wife and I would divorce at some time by unforseen hardships that have pushed the limits of tolerable emotional pain, I’m still convinced that our love will be eternal, even after death. She’s my wife bloody hell and I’d have it no other way.

    In my hearth for ever until I die!


  56. Rather than ragging on fat chicks…I think the real learning from all this is for guys to get inner game.

    I mean if some fat chick can carp on and on about standards, it’s clear guys who are dumpster diving rather than getting focused on setting standards can increase their own possibilities.

    The “unshakeable belief” in one’s self is a cornerstone of game….

    If some fat chick can land a beta provider, no reason any guy with a bit more confidence can’t get his own crap together and land an HB7 or 8….


  57. on October 7, 2011 at 4:25 am A single quisling

    So there is hope afterall.
    Progress will be slow?
    I’m unclear on this, what am I supposed to be trying to get adopted by wider western society?
    What is here I don’t want to see composted exactly?


  58. “It’s analogous to crowing about being virtuous when there is no temptation to vice.”

    Gough Whitlam, the former Australian prime minister said: “Only the impotent are pure.”


  59. In the field game question:

    In an informal bar setting, lots of people standing and talking within their own social groups-

    When approaching or opening (whether the target girl or her friend), a form of bitch shield goes immediately up. Not a rude bitch shield, but a short, indifferent “i-don’t-know-you-and-i’m-going-to-be-polite-for-5 seconds0before I-I-stop-talking-toyou” vibe. They provide no opening to DHV. While polite, they seem as if I interrupted their discussion. I believe it to be geniune disinterest and not some form of shit test.

    As an average looking man of average height and weight, I completely understand their polite indifference. But I don’t even get a chance to game them. T Any tips on how to hook them into a convo?


  60. Can someone explain me who was anoukange and what happened to her? There are so many interesting people here on this blog 😛


  61. on October 7, 2011 at 12:40 pm Proud-to-be-an-Omega-Male

    Thank god for a strong male libido, because without it fat bitches wouldn’t be getting shit.

    The fact that any fat bitch can land any number of beta providers/lifetime free meal ticket at some beta male’s expense proves that men are the ones with the stronger sexual desires.


  62. The one thing I have noticed – is that while the less sexually attractive females demand more – in a LTR – the more sexually attractive females demand more $$$ in exchange for their attention. I.E. Porn – There is an increasing number of very attractive females, with attractive bodies, who are being paid $$$ I don’t know for doing the most vile acts. It is almost as there is a contest to see who can do the most vile acts. Stuff like – ATM – Ass to Mouth; ATM Contest – From one chicks ass to anothers mouth -repeatedly; Rimming on an open and previously penetrated asshole. WTF.

    Men may be pigs – but only if they learn how to be. Women – they are truly filthy whores – who will do anything for money. Of course, these women have nothing to offer, but their bodies and their looks. What a woman won’t do for love… she’ll do for money everytime.


    • I know some gals in Chicago pretty well who do amateur porn in the ever-growing Chicago porn industry. They ALL have BPD — 100% of them. I don’t think most women could handle doing porn without cracking nearly instantly. The ones who do porn have no personalities or identities to begin with — they need something else to define them.


    • Case in point: Two Girls One Cup or Church of Fudge. Go ahead. Google it. Have a bucket ready.


  63. hmm, perhaps i should put more time into “alpha swag” than “eat fit, get fat,” because you all seem much more interested in the former.




  65. Get a load of this post on my friend’s Facebook:

    “A while back, at the entrance of a gym, there was a picture of a very thin and beautiful woman. The caption was “This summer, do you want to be a mermaid or a whale?”

    The story goes, a woman (of clothing size unknown) answered the following way:

    “Dear people, whales are always surrounded by friends (dolphins, seals, curious humans), they are sexually active and raise their children with great tenderness.
    They entertain like crazy with dolphins and eat lots of prawns. They swim all day and travel to fantastic places like Patagonia, the Barents Sea or the coral reefs of Polynesia.
    They sing incredibly well and sometimes even are on cds. They are impressive and dearly loved animals, which everyone defend and admires.

    Mermaids do not exist.

    But if they existed, they would line up to see a psychologist because of a problem of split personality: woman or fish?
    They would have no sex life and could not bear children.
    Yes, they would be lovely, but lonely and sad.
    And, who wants a girl that smells like fish by his side?

    Without a doubt, I’d rather be a whale.

    At a time when the media tells us that only thin is beautiful, I prefer to eat ice cream with my kids, to have dinner with my husband, to eat and drink and have fun with my friends.

    We women, we gain weight because we accumulate so much wisdom and knowledge that there isn’t enough space in our heads, and it spreads all over our bodies.
    We are not fat, we are greatly cultivated.
    Every time I see my curves in the mirror, I tell myself: “How amazing am I ?! ”


    The only thing they’re cultivating is a sedentary lifestyle with poor eating choices. Justification of obesity is beyond sad.


  66. Somewhat OT, but relevant: the worst way for a woman to disrespect her manfriend is to fatten up after the relationship has started. It’s analogous to a man quitting his job, whining about every petty setback, refusing to take a leadership position, etc. In other words, it is disrespect through reduction in SMV.

    BTW, in your view Heartiste, why is it that Western European women (such as Dutch, Belgian, etc.) stay much thinner than there American counterparts? The answer is more straightforward when discussing Eastern Europeans — the sexual market is very different over there. However, Western Europe is probably closer to America is terms of demographics (sex ratio, etc.) and yet the women of Western Europe still cultivate their feminity and stay much sexier than American women. What’s the deal?


    • As an American in Belgium, the answer is self-evident:
      1) diet – much higher quality of food in general (fresh ingredients, more home cooking, less processed junk)
      2) exercise – much more active lifestyle, e.g. cycling, walking. I’m convinced the main reason for so many thin hotties in Amsterdam is the pervasive cycling culture where nearly everybody uses a bike in normal life. Think riding a bike for 1-2 hours per day might keep a body slim?

      Those two factors would account for most of the difference, but also the entitlement attitudes of women are lower here (although still kinda high), so they are more motivated to keep up appearances. And the women here are not as naturally attractive as places east and south of here, so I think they know they need to take care of business. An American warpig in the middle of Indiana does not see beautiful Polish or Russian girls on the street on a daily basis but that is normal around most of Europe ==> competition, baby!


      • Yes, I think those factors do go a long way in explaining the very large gap, but still I think there are other elements as well. Perhaps it is somewhat genetic? For some reason, even without a balanced diet and adequate exercise, I just can’t picture the babes of Amsterdam getting fat.

        Seriously, a huge percentage of women in Amsterdam could become models in the states if they wanted to; in America if you see a slender babe, you’re response is: ‘Oh my God, we found one!’ But over there it’s an amazing sight to see a woman who is out of shape.

        Oh well; American women had really invest a great deal in making sure that these women are kept secret, because if any man saw them why would they ever even consider an American woman?


  67. GBFM,

    Thank you for posting that video.


  68. […] the comments over at a recent heartiste post, it’s mentioned that fat chicks pre-reject suitable suitors. Its mentally less painful to […]


  69. on October 7, 2011 at 9:47 pm Non-libertard

    Roissy, you do a great job on the majority of this blog, but your blanket ridicule of libertarianism makes you sound ignorant.

    People will behave rationally based upon their preferences, which won’t necessarily maximize their material well-being. Austrian (libertarian) economists don’t attempt to pass a value judgment on these preferences, or even discover what they are (aside from general logic); they simply seek to explain behavior as a result of making choices based on these preferences.

    With this in mind, status jockeying is perfectly compatible with the Austrian perspective. For example, people who place greater value on the appearance of wealth than the reality of it will take out massive loans to fund a lavish lifestyle simply to appear “cool” to their friends, when from a purely rational standpoint this is a terrible decision in terms of life-long prosperity.

    Your frequent criticism of libertarianism as a result of its “open-borders” proponents is also justified based on this logic. Yes, labor is a resource and should flow to where it’s most effectively utilized, all else being equal. Arguing for allowing massive amounts of non-European immigrants into the country does not take into account the preferences of these people. All else is NOT equal. As you’ve ably demonstrated in your previous posts, Hispanics especially might be hard-wired towards liberalism. When considering labor as a resource, it needs to consider the pros and cons of the person as a whole. Yes, they might work more cheaply, but their preferences are at odds with ours, and thus we lose more than we gain.

    Based on the same logic, I don’t think women should be allowed to vote. As the sex with a preference ranking system based more on emotion than logic, their decisions become inherently suspect when attempting to maximize utility across a nation, which is the only way to ensure, as you aptly put it, “civilization building.”

    There are some “libertardians” out there, but don’t miss the forest for the trees.


    • The thing about libertarianism is that you have to take it all the way for it to make real sense. Taking it all the way means anarcho-capitalism. If you half-ass libertarianism, you end up a minarchist and anyone moderately intelligent can see how illogical that position is. I honestly think that if Roissy read up on and understood the an-cap/competitive government/free cities/bottom-up-instead-of-top-down type of viewpoint… he’d “get it”. Right now I don’t really think he has a firm political ideal, just a jumble of ideas that make sense and some that don’t.

      You can’t solve social problems efficiently from the top-down. You have to let the complex adaptive system of markets solve them from the bottom-up. Let people interact freely. Let them organize, buy, sell, do what they want and you get a prosperous society.

      As far as girls not being allowed to vote… no one should be voting. Voting is a complete waste of time… I know how Roissy feels about Bryan Caplan… but his “Myth of the Rational Voter” is a totally groundbreaking book on public choice. democracy is a failure and it’ll be proven so by the competitive free cities of the future. Hong Kong, Singapore, and Dubai already prove it to an extent. I wish I knew roissy’s address so I could send him my annotated copy of David Friedman’s ‘Machinery of Freedom’.


  70. “And that’s why you see the perverse phenomenon of so many loser chicks flaunting an unrealistic checklist in men when they themselves have little to offer. It’s not about the men; it’s about them.”

    Too true. The focus is on what one has to offer. I would say that generally speaking, guys have the opposite problem: they have no idea what they have to offer. In fact, they don’t even have a checklist with minimal standards.

    A woman with a checklist is your cue to run. Not only is she a taker, but she is delusional enough to believe a set of characteristics will make her happy.


  71. “why is it that Western European women (such as Dutch, Belgian, etc.) stay much thinner than there American counterparts”

    Not directed at me but allow me to be rude. American food. Too much sugar and fat. Portion sizes, big plates and free refill sodas. Body dysmorphic delusions of being thinner than they are. Being surrounded by fatties normalizes being fat. Dutch and Belgian chicks cycle everywhere and have more traditional diets.


    • They don’t even have sugar in America, they use High Fructose Corn Syrup in everything instead of sugar because of all the corn subsidies. Try a soft drink made in Europe vs. a soft drink made in America, you’ll taste the difference even if it’s the exact same brand (say Coca Cola). Fructose is metabolized differently.


  72. “We women, we gain weight because we accumulate so much wisdom and knowledge that there isn’t enough space in our heads, and it spreads all over our bodies.
    We are not fat, we are greatly cultivated.
    Every time I see my curves in the mirror, I tell myself: “How amazing am I ?! “”

    I don’t even know how to respond to that.

    At least a fat man can admit to himself that he had too many beers and fast food burgers and is indeed fat, no need for some bizarre, child-like hamster wheel fantasy.


  73. Have you guys seen that “Do you want to be a whale or mermaid?” shit trolling around facebook and other internet venues?

    It exemplifies this exact behavior in fat women. They aren’t overweight, they’re “curvy.”

    Anyway, I wrote a post on it and tore that shit to pieces – maybe some of you would get a kick out of it.


  74. on October 8, 2011 at 12:10 pm greatbooksformen GBFM


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    7. send men to die on foreign shores in foreign neoocn wars
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    34. tell men they need to man up.


    what aalalz am i mizssing here:???

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    • I have something to add: lzzolzolzzlolz lzzolzolzzlolz lzozoozozo lzzolzolzzlolz lzzolzolzzlolz lzzolzolzzlolz lzozoozozo lzzolzolzzlolz lzozoozozo lzzolzolzzlolz lzzolzolzzlolz lzzolzolzzlolz lzozoozozo.

      This was surprisingly coherent by your standards 😉


  75. on October 8, 2011 at 12:56 pm greatbooksformen GBFM


    Heartistse cartoon:

    This is how the neoocns neocons have redefined manhood:

    more butthexua activieties
    more sodomy
    more relativims
    more worhsipping the fiat dolalr
    more worshipping materialism
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    more dying in foreign fiat wars on foreighn shores
    “””””Working in an office full of women, many of whom are young, single gals, I hear all the time, “Where are all the good men out there?” Even in this post-feminist age of asserting independence from men and having both a career and a family, women still want their prince and these days, he can be really tough to find.””””””””

    Read more:


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    as grade inflation all teh suckups do pass
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    why they have a rash
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    omg that tuckermax goldmansax butthex felt sooooo good and i want more and more and more so treat me like a whore, but like where have all teh good men gone?



  76. on October 8, 2011 at 1:01 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

    check out the where have all the good men gone cartoon drawn by the etalelented heartistse!!! lzozozoolz

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    i have another idea for a cartoon.

    a woman down on all fours getting doggystled by a man while sucking on anotehr’s cock as a couple others spluge on her.

    and with the cock just outside her mouth and her hand wrapped around it she says, looking innocently at we the viewer, “why are there no good men left?”

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    i just came up with a magnificent way of combing the above cartoons!!!!

    a woman down on all fours getting doggystled by a man while sucking on anotehr’s cock as a couple others spluge on her.

    and with the cock just outside her mouth and her hand wrapped around it she says, looking innocently at we the viewer, “why isn’t there no good men left?” (only the i in isn’t isn’t dotted)

    lzozzllzozlzllzlzlzllz lzozlzlzlzlzl

    then a neocon grammar police woman, standing there watching the ganbang with a ruler in her hand says, “be sure 2 dot her i’s!”

    get it?

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  77. I just bumped into a girl I knew growing up.

    At sixteen – A solid 8, with a petite waist, a slim build, and brown hair that went down to her waist.

    At 21 – 30 pounds overweight, fake-blond hair, and brownish leathery skin. I kid you not, she looks at least 40. I nearly didn’t recognize

    She’s worthless now. Her life is over before it ever begun. What the hell is happening to this country?


  78. on October 8, 2011 at 1:35 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

    no cuntry for old men



    lzozozozozozoozzozlolz wrinkled dusty ginas and std-addles anausholes ravaged in college nby sectrive tapeing beoncocon assockers lzozzlz


    • “Where have all the good men gone?” more or less equals “Who is John Galt?”

      It’s even asked in the same fashion, like the questioner doesn’t know why she’s asking it or if she wants to really know the answer.


  79. Had a fat chick accusing me of being gay in the pub because I didn’t hit on her. lolzlolzolzolzolz

    Liked by 1 person

    • on October 10, 2011 at 3:52 pm Proud-to-be-an-Omega-Male

      What is it with fat bitches? Just because I don’t want your fat ass doesn’t make me gay.


  80. RVT – I’m 40 and recently began bumping into a woman who I used to shag when I was 21. She’s 38 now and has gone from a 8-8.5/10 to one of the most pig ugly fatties you can imagine. I can’t even give her a 1 out of 10. Surprise, she’s single, childless and a radical feminist. You can really tell she rode a lot of cocks in her life too – which only adds to the disaster.


  81. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the effects of social networking sites as it pertains to women’s over-inflation of their sexual worth and attractiveness at large. I find it comical whenever I log into facebook for instance and see women who are a 5 at best get showered with undue compliments, series of likes, and overall pedestalizing from the thirstiest of men. This only leads to women being further confused and deluded about where they stand in the sexual market with relation to other women. It’s a terrible thing really.

    Of course this isn’t only exclusive to facebook, but can be seen in any and all social sites where men and women can interact. If a women can post a pic showing a quarter of her face and a good shot of her cleavage, she’ll have endless ego boosting around the clock, even when she’s asleep. It’s absolutely no wonder that women have become so arrogant and overly entitled when dating.


  82. 20 year old girl here who recently stumbled onto this site. I think it’s very interesting, equally for the insight into the male mindset, the humour, and the economic/psychological analysis in posts such as this one. 100% agree that it’s incredibly common to trick yourself into thinking that your celibacy/lack of attention is due to YOUR high standards, as opposed to the reality that you’re not meeting anyone else’s standards. You see this behavior in other aspects of life too–the person who states that they would never want to attend an Ivy League school, work at X company, live in a million-dollar McMansion, own X new piece of technology, etc–when the reality is they actually aren’t qualified or can’t afford to.

    I think this behavior is inherent to the nature of online dating as well. You have (in theory) so many options, and so little chance of outright rejection, that you end up adopting different strategies. Men will wink at 1000 women lightyears out of their league, on the off-chance that 1 out of 1000 will respond, and women will post laundry lists of desired characteristics, on the off-chance that one of of thousands will meet those requirements AND find her desirable. And of course any woman on an online dating site is going to get SOME male attention, so it’s easy to convince yourself that you’re the desirable one doing the rejection.


  83. One of the tactics fat chicks online use is to attack “skinny bitches.” Or they attempt to shame men into fucking them, by challenging them to “handle” a “real woman.” The funny thing is, I see so many fat chicks posting caricatures of big girls, but no actual pics of themselves. They’re challenging you to step up, while simultaneously hiding. Others post actual pics, but their taglines are defensive (“I’m a BBW…if you’re not into that pass by my profile.”). The site I’m on has a feature where you can post questions on someone’s page, and if you want, it can be posted anonymously. I got one such anonymous posting on my page that went something like this: “BBWs are as beautiful as thin women – why can’t men show BBWs real love?” I should have blasted her, but was diplomatic instead. I replied that beauty is always subjective, and that she should focus on men that DO find her attractive. They’re out there, but you have to put yourself in a position for them to find you.

    There are dating sites out there for BBWs, so she should get on some of those where you know most of the guys like fat chicks. Just don’t whine about men not wanting you at this stage of your life. You’ve known this since your waistline first started expanding, and dudes stopped talking to you. Either attempt to change, or adapt.


    • on October 10, 2011 at 4:02 pm Proud-to-be-an-Omega-Male

      BBWs can still get guys and hordes of them. They’re just mad because they can’t get the dominant alpha males that every young hot and skinny girl craves.

      It’s like those women – mostly fat bitches, mind you – who were complaining about there being a shortage of guys on the University of N. Carolina campus. In reality, there’s no shortage of guys, just a shortage of dominant males into fat ass.

      Anyway, without fat bitches, how would losers get laid and have famblies?


  84. FAT TAX in denmark. hehehe.


  85. “Economics is servant to sexuality — the one market to rule them all” That’s the core reason why feminism will destroy occident.


  86. Why isn’t Roissy writing the advice column for Maxim? I mean, seriously, there would be shrieks from here to the heavens but that could only be good for business.


  87. God damn it, the night after I read this post I had an awkward dream about some boss-stage in a very realistic game which turned out to be a fat American woman.

    this blog is fucking with my brains…

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  88. Boy do you guys not get it.

    Women can have standards because they would rather not date than date men that they don’t enjoy being with. Personally, I find it shallow when those standards center on physical attributes, but no one ever said women had to be immune from shallowness when men certainly are not. Plenty of overweight men seem to be able to get any woman they want, so why not an overweight women? Sexiness comes from things other than mathematical poundage.

    It is offensive and foolish to make sure broad generalizations about women because of a few negative experiences with women who also happened to be overweight.

    And since when has ANYONE on a dating site listed realistic standards? Why should heavier women be exempt from the same dillusions that take over pretty much everyone creating a profile? So only people who meet YOUR insane standards are allowed to be deluded, and the rest are not? Hardly fair, now is it.

    This page is full of the ridiculous ramblings of those who aren’t in love and aren’t ready to find it. We’ll talk again when you’ve managed to make a relationship work for a decade or more.


  89. Fat chicks can have these unrealistic standards because there is no enforcement.

    You want to see enforcement? Look here:

    Full nudity on TV in Argentina. What do we get? Nancy fucking Grace giving us a nip slip.

    The whales are in charge of TV and media.

    How do I overcome this? I workout out 3-5x per week, Work on my golden ratio body, and of course, visit here to surround myself with likeminded people.


  90. I know these women as friends, and the reason fat chicks still have a 463 bullet-point checklist is because they still get major play. Even a fat girl with attitude gets laid more often than the best guys I know with game. There’s no end to guys willing to bang a fattie. I would advise guys to stop banging these fatties, but since they are the majority it’s often that or nothing at all, and insane competition for the few hotties. Only solution: Follow Roosh offshore.


  91. on October 12, 2011 at 11:48 am DevastatinglyFemale

    i don’t think i ever made a joke or insinuation about other girls [heavy] weight. and i still get teased by them all the time [like, even yesterday]. it’s unbelievable how comfortable they are to comment on someone else’s eating habits. or weight and even dressing style. and they love to do it in front of other people. it used to bother me a lot and i could never make friends with chubby girls.

    it’s even more unbelievable how they are convinced that ‘if they ate like me they would be – huge’. none of them ever notice that i never have a need to eat in between meals. that i’m not interested in food after 7pm unless it’s an entertaining night. that i never ever reach for their usual prop – a so called ‘diet soda’. that i’m constantly active and walking fast everywhere. they just monitor my apparently big portions?!
    i’m at the point where this predictability actually bores me. at first they are uptight and sort of intimidated, then they realize i’m too busy and too warm to be a threat and then the teasing starts.

    and the major difference between overweight girls in the states and in europe: europeans will insinuate you’re not smart enough, americans – you are not feminine enough. so an european will use every occasion to highlight how she spent last night studying derrida, while you were watching an action movie and cooking for your man. an american will make a joke how you’re always buttoned up, without ‘the girls’ showing or how you eat a lot.

    but god forbid you answer to any of that.


  92. I’m a bit late to this, but here’s my take on it.

    Getting the vast majority of American women to lose weight is just polishing a turd. If you shag a fat bitch or a skinny bitch, you are still dicking the dog.

    So status jockeying about whose bitches weigh more or less and why lighter bitches are somehow better is just comedy once you’ve seen enough of what bitches of all shapes and sizes can do.

    American women are fat because American people are fat. American women have an overinflated ego because American people have an overinflated ego. American women are out of touch because American people are out of touch. You all live in a bubble that I hope bursts good and hard so you’ll get your collective heads out of your asses.

    Americans are bitches with too high an opinion of their worth. If a fat woman behaved humbly, you would punish her for it, so they don’t behave humbly because well, American men are bitches who compare their status with women. If you were above that, you’d be claiming that it’s such a shame that so many nice women with so much to offer otherwise, are fat (like most alphas I know do).

    These fat posts and the shockwaves are beta relapses. Y’all need to get over it. Move forward and stop worrying too much about women you don’t want to shag.

    No fat chick is going to take half from you. None are going to regret sex with you and accuse you of rape. No fat chick is going to have an oops pregnancy from you. No fat chick is getting close enough to you to harm you because you’re not banging them or even dating them.

    Stop looking back before you turn into a pillar of salt.


  93. […] way beyond their level of attractiveness. This is another item off Roosh’s list of 42. Fat girls here don’t lower their standards. They do not limit themselves to a guy with a similar BMI. They want a dude with 10-12% body fat, […]


  94. […] way beyond their level of attractiveness. This is another item off Roosh’s list of 42. Fat girls here don’t lower their standards. They do not limit themselves to a guy with a similar BMI. They want a dude with 10-12% body fat, […]


  95. “”I know these women as friends, and the reason fat chicks still have a 463 bullet-point checklist is because they still get major play. Even a fat girl with attitude gets laid more often than the best guys I know with game. There’s no end to guys willing to bang a fattie. I would advise guys to stop banging these fatties, but since they are the majority it’s often that or nothing at all, and insane competition for the few hotties. Only solution: Follow Roosh offshore.””

    Other than morbidly obese women that attract their own small subset of “admirers” (freaks), fat chicks (that aren’t ugly) are more often than not, like the proverbial tricycle or scooter.

    They can be fun to take for a short ride, but you wouldn’t want your freinds to see you doing it.


  96. “once acclimated to celibacy and the dull drone of useless paper-pushing office life, they forget the joys sexual abandon”

    …. Shit! This is me man. That is terrible, I have gone so long without, it is ME that has forgotten the joys of sexual abandon – if indeed I ever really understood it in the first place. Perhaps I didn’t, have never.

    Damn man, I need to start getting good with women fast and get myself out of this hole I am clearly in!

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