Don’t Split The Housework If You Want The Love To Last

We here at Chateau Heartiste have been pretty uniform in our assertion that relationships and marriages are more loving, and more sexually fulfilling, when men and women abide their ancient biological roles. Happiness comes from respecting the god of biomechanics. Unhappiness from denying him.

In a study sure to make feminists apoplectic, it was discovered that couples who share household chores are more likely to divorce.

Divorce rates are far higher among “modern” couples who share the housework than in those where the woman does the lion’s share of the chores, a Norwegian study has found.

In what appears to be a slap in the face for gender equality, the report found the divorce rate among couples who shared housework equally was around 50 per cent higher than among those where the woman did most of the work.

“What we’ve seen is that sharing equal responsibility for work in the home doesn’t necessarily contribute to contentment,” said Thomas Hansen, co-author of the study entitled “Equality in the Home”. [ed: readers of this blog will not be surprised by these results.]

The lack of correlation between equality at home and quality of life was surprising, the researcher said.

“One would think that break-ups would occur more often in families with less equality at home, but our statistics show the opposite,” he said.

The figures clearly show that “the more a man does in the home, the higher the divorce rate,” he went on.

File under: Don’t listen to what women say, watch what they do.

Women have been claiming for God knows how long that they want a man who will do his share of the housework, but when he does, their vaginas dry up like the Sahara. You see, equality of the sexes is a myth. Women don’t *really* want equal husbands. What women want are strong husbands who don’t act like women, which means, in practice, not puttering around the house dusting, mopping, vacuuming, cooking, or doing the laundry. A strong, masculine man is too busy — and too proud — to do shit like that. He has a mission in life outside the home, and women love that about him, even when they claim otherwise.

The reasons, Mr Hansen said, lay only partially with the chores themselves.

“Maybe it’s sometimes seen as a good thing to have very clear roles with lots of clarity … where one person is not stepping on the other’s toes,” he suggested.

“There could be less quarrels, since you can easily get into squabbles if both have the same roles and one has the feeling that the other is not pulling his or her own weight.”

The sex’s division of labor evolved for a reason: it’s most compatible with the feminine and masculine sexual polarity. There are some pursuits and some kinds of work that are simply feminine in nature, and woe be the man who willingly takes up the woman’s work in an effort to appease her; he may as well grow a vagina, for that is how she will perceive his sexual attractiveness.

But when it comes to housework, women in Norway still account for most of it in seven out of 10 couples. The study emphasised women who did most of the chores did so of their own volition and were found to be as “happy” those in “modern” couples.

So much for the patriarchal power structure.

Dr Frank Furedi, Sociology professor at the University of Canterbury, said the study made sense as chore sharing took place more among couples from middle class professional backgrounds, where divorce rates are known to be high.

“These people are extremely sensitive to making sure everything is formal, laid out and contractual. That does make for a fairly fraught relationship,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

Middle class status striving: does a marriage bad!

“The more you organise your relationship, the more you work out diaries and schedules, the more it becomes a business relationship than an intimate, loving spontaneous one.”

Ain’t that the truth. Like CH has been trumpeting for years, spontaneity, unpredictability and a little bit of aloof frisson make Joe and Jane a happy couple. Pro-tip: Steer clear of ballcutting battle axes with honey-do lists.

“In a good relationship people simply don’t know who does what and don’t particularly care.”

America, fuck yeah! Just keep seducing your lover, and who does the “chores” becomes a non-issue.

The researchers expected to find that where men shouldered more of the burden, women’s happiness levels were higher. In fact they found that it was the men who were happier while their wives and girlfriends appeared to be largely unmoved.

Call this the Manboob-Schwyzer Syndrome. Guys do housework because they think it is the way to appease feminist shrikes, and then feel happy about contributing, while women get more depressed as their attraction for an apron-wearing kitchen bitch plummets.

Since women’s happiness largely dictates whether a marriage will last or dissolve, equality-minded husbands ought to be aware that their good deeds are going punished in the souls of their wives. You want to kill the sexual vibe in your wife? Start splitting the housework. She’ll never look at you as a sexy stud again. You want to keep the love strong? Let her clean the house. You’ll be in the garage tinkering on your motorcycle.

I really hope the harpies at Jizzebel read this and shake violently from surprise orgasm.


  1. Another possibility on why housework makes men happier could be the fact that men enjoy accomplishing tasks, just because. We get satisfaction from getting things done, from seeing clear results from our efforts and “housework” is really fucking easy compared to most of the things we do as men.


    • I don’t.


    • kitchenbetabitch.


    • Bro, did you even read the article?

      My wife tells me to do that stuff all the time, and I always get more when I don’t listen, don’t get flowers, don’t give in to her tests, don’t listen to her complaints, and generally act unpleasant when she gets out of line.

      When I was more agreeable, willing to “share the load” and that other BS; I always get more crap from her.

      Heartiste is spot on, as usual in his observations. Maybe you should read this article several more times, and than elaborate your last several failed attempts and compare the notes before you respond?


    • A middle-class guy whose (working) wife complains about the amount of housework that needs to be done, would do better by just hiring a cleaning lady to come in once or twice a week.

      Ideally, she should be 18, cute, and do the cleaning in skimpy shorts and a tube top.


      • Pretty much! As to society of late, hire a pool boy if she has a problem with your nubile young lovely in a tube top prancing around. That way everything is “equal.”


  2. File under O for Obvious.


  3. I think another reason guys who do housework “feel happy” is that that they don’t feel that doing housework is “real” work. Housework is probably what they’re doing INSTEAD of real work. So of course they’re happily lazy.


    • A certain alpha who loves to dust is going to have to fill us in on exactly how it makes him feel happy.

      Nothing like hearing directly from the horse’s… eh… mouth.


  4. Does this include cooking?


    • Depends. Are you cooking because you want to or because she wants you to?


    • Contextual.

      Over the past 20 years, the rockstarization of chefs, and SWPLs diet obsession, have placed food preparation so front and center of cool, that I doubt any woman would find some Iron Chef a deballed bitch, even if he happened to wield his craft in her kitchen.

      “Honey, it’s your turn to peel the potatoes today”, is quite different, tough.


      • Sandra Tsing Loh and her upper class SWPL friends HATE HATE HATE guys who cook. Even if they are accomplished. Gordon Ramsey or a famous chef? No problem. A guy who is merely accomplished is a “Kitchen Bitch” whom they openly loathe as non-masculine. Rule of thumb: if you have your own TV cooking show, go ahead, cook. Otherwise, she cooks or you get take-out.


      • That’s the big feminist joke that they all giggle so over:

        Hubby: “What did you make for dinner, dear?”

        Wifey: “Reservations.”


      • The other problem is most restaurants today are chains. Places like Olive Garden, Ouback, etc. are kind of mediocre and have loud, boisterous atmospheres. Most retaurants can’t compete with our own cooking.


      • Most women can’t cook, especially ethnic German dishes I like.


    • You’ll need to teach her how to cook, how to clean cast iron properly etc. Modern women are fucking clueless.


  5. If I left the cleaning duties solely to the women in my life, I would be surrounded by mountains of garbage. Have you ever seen how filthy most single women’s residences or dorms are compared to a man’s? Any female born after 1965 seems to be able to tolerate a level of filth that would make a pig vomit (another triumph of feminism). Getting women to clean up after themselves is just another civilizing aspect of being with a man.


    • No, you state your expectations clearly and enforce them. Failure to comply means she gets rotated.


      • Well, the 18 year old 9.5 is often the most useless in the kitchen.

        She gets a pass and will even move forward in the rotation to a more frequent call position.

        She just leaves more work for the (slightly) less attractive women.


      • You’ll get more out of her if you expect her to cook and serve you.


    • Yup, see any college or military barracks lately… both men and women are pigs when left to their own devices these days, sadly.


    • And yet Craigslist rental ads are 5/10 “FEMALES ONLY” or “FEMALE PREFERRED”.

      “They’re just cleaner.”

      Mmhm. And they don’t bring home their pot-dealing boyfriends at all hours or go on weeping jags on their cellphone.


      • uh
        And yet Craigslist rental ads are 5/10 “FEMALES ONLY” or “FEMALE PREFERRED”.

        “They’re just cleaner.”

        Mmhm. And they don’t bring home their pot-dealing boyfriends at all hours or go on weeping jags on their cellphone.

        Just let them burn. They will learn. The bad thing about female roomates is putting up with their sorry “boyfriends”. Girls are much more likely to hafta have a boyfriend, even if he is sorry. This leads them to have feral males and beta orbiters I gotta throw out the house for being loud at 2 in the morning. Every female roomate Ive ever had tried to move her boyfriend in; and he was always a sorry mofo. Meanwhile, every guy roomate always wanted time away from the girlfriend… just say no to female roommates.

        Also, they are NOT cleaner!


      • LOL. I’ve known several women who used the men’s restroom at one time or another and admitted it was much cleaner than the women’s.


      • I’ve heard the same, and considering the state of men’s restrooms I see, the women’s must be horrific!


    • on September 30, 2012 at 10:23 am gunslingergregi

      yea they might not clean for themselves but they will clean for you


  6. I have felt happier since I started doing more chores. Hmmmmm…..

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  7. I share some housework… every Thursday I mop the floor with her.

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    • does that mean what I think it means?


      • He has a big house and needs 2 people to mop it.


      • I see another jest has fallen flat, alas.

        Great art requires a great audience.


      • ‘with her back’ would’ve made it more clear and visual.


      • You must be very young… the idiom “mop the floor with” was apparently before your time.

        I bet you never heard anyone referred to as a “good skate” either. 😉


      • I am fairly young. I always hear “mop the floor with” during sports or video games… never heard it used to describe sex.

        Never heard of the “good skate” thing either :/


      • It could go either way… it usually means ‘thoroughly dominate physically’, like getting slapped around.


      • Greg Eliot

        I bet you never heard anyone referred to as a “good skate” either.

        I got the mop thing but never heard “skate” as a noun, but as a verb; and not a good one.

        For example: “Greg owes me 5 bucks but everytime I see him he skates on me”


      • “Getting Greg out of my life for five bucks is the best investment I ever made.”


  8. Bitches love being told what to do.


  9. Norwegians.:) Be careful causation and correlation are not necessarily the same thing.


    • Hey, sub-human, is my shirt ironed yet?


    • Which affirms it even more actually. In a ridiculously feminized region such as Scandinavia, women are happier when they are doing traditional roles. Another bullet into the corpse of Feminism.


    • The study author did note that the house work sharers were predominantly drawn from a high divorce risk group to begin with.

      And that does likely have lots to do with it. Many women who do most of the housework, are likely stay at home. Meaning less likely to be out and about, hit on by everyone from her boss to hairy game book authors looking for a flag. Also, the stay at homes are more likely to have kids; as in, some other biological purpose than trying to get pregnant.

      Furthermore, a stay at home woman, obviously has a husband with the socioeconomic standing to actually support her in that role. Meaning, someone with at least some traces of alphatude to begin with. I somehow doubt a bald, 4 foot tall unemployed gnome with no prospects, no past and no future, will somehow transform into Mr. exciting by simply refusing to dust the floor, so that he can instead sit on the couch, poking around with a tweezer, looking for his manhood.

      In other words, guys that have the social, economic and sexual capital to credibly be doing something more “important” than housework, are already ahead of those that don’t.

      Meaning, be a guy that has something more important going on than housework; not just some guy who has nothing going on, but still won’t do housework.


    • I think you bungled it, but I know what you were trying to say.

      This is becoming the standard response from those of a certain political persuasion to evidence that doesn’t gel with their ideology. “Just because men who raw dog each other in bathhouses have higher rates of AIDS, doesn’t mean AIDS can be spread through getting raw dogged in a bathhouse”.


  10. Let’s remember a caveat that today’s blog contributor forgot to add:

    You cut your balls off the day you give a woman a key to your home.

    An alpha is supposed to have a harem. Unless he’s doing well enough to have a separate apartment, he must keep his main squeeze from having a key to his place. This is obvious. Where are you going to have your way with the other women? If he is young and mooching off a woman who has a place of her own, he’s already a castrated bitch.

    In a few seconds the bell will ring with a visitor to my place. She needs to be gone within an hour because the main squeeze comes over then.

    If she had the key, she’d think of coming early while she believes I’m still out.

    That is the basic situation you should be working with.

    Now, a lot of cleaning up around the home is good for making sure the other girls did not leave any traces behind.

    Stuff goes into the laundry sometimes smelling like the perfume of other females.

    Long hairs can be in the sink.

    You see where I’m going here.

    The bachelor with the put together pad is the one less likely to get caught.

    And being a good cook is often what gets to them to your place on the second or third date.

    But always make them do the dishes.


    • In fact, I’d like to exchange ideas with guys who know what I’m talking about. What traces will get you caught? Where are the best, last second places to hide things? Can you flush condoms safely down the toilet or could they come back up somehow at the wrong time? I won’t take the chance on that.

      Wine corks. They almost got me caught a few times. They fly off and land on the floor somewhere. Or they remain on the corkscrew which prompts a “honey, what’s a cork doing on the corkscrew?”

      Remember when I wrote above that you should always let them do the dishes. That depends on who and when. Scenarios:

      2 wine glasses unwashed and with the unwashed dishes, not ready for the next dinner party like they are supposed to be.

      You’d think that’s a rookie mistake, but you’d be surprised.

      Two glasses or cups sitting side by side on the table.

      More tips?


      • Woe be to the man who gives his main squeeze free reign to clean the place top to bottom when harem members are keeping things like nightgowns and vibrators in hidden places. You don’t have to be Mr. Mom to have a part of the home, garage is OK but what if you don’t have one, where she is never allowed to clean. Best places to hide things?


      • I have a safe bolted into the concrete floor. Easy solution.

        As for clothes left behind: toss ’em during the security sweep on the morning after. If she’s too absentminded — or devious — to take her stuff when she leaves, she’ll learn after you throw it out. If she gets pissed, deny all knowledge. Let that hamster spin.


      • Why are you worried about getting caught? I have 2 to 3 FB’s. So I don’t have to worry about getting caught.


      • I have a routine after a girl leaves my place. With disposables, I immediately gather all evidence & throw it out. I then gather all trash bags from all cans & put them into the can in the garage. That way nobody will look into any garbage can while tossing a Kleenex & see something incriminating.

        All plates & glasses & such get run through the dishwasher right after that.

        Next: bed gets stripped & the bedclothes get laundered.

        I don’t worry about half-empty wine bottles. I’m known for drinking regularly, so it isn’t unusual to find one in my place.

        One major precaution: never, ever, EVER let a used condom out of your positive control while a girl’s with you. You risk 18 years of child support payments if you slack off just once with this rule.


      • >> One major precaution: never, ever, EVER let a used condom out of your positive control while a girl’s with you. You risk 18 years of child support payments if you slack off just once with this rule.<<

        After use, go into the bathroom, turn it inside out, rinse thoroughly, turn it back the right way. Then sprinkle in a bit of cayenne pepper from a little baggie you keep in your pocket and put it in the bathroom wastebasket.

        If later in the evening you start hearing screaming from the bathroom, that's your signal to put on your pants and leave.


      • Nice. That one gets filed under “to do.”


      • Dating, Dexter-style.


      • Here’s a tip: quit scurrying around in the shadows like a pussy and set the frame from the start of a relationship where you’re up-front about being non-monogamous and expect her to be monogamous.

        “But YaReally that can’t be done!”

        Sure it can. I’m in one (2 years so far) right now. It’s one of the most preferred types of LTRs for PUAs and there’s plenty of literature on how to arrange it. Hell, I left a bunch of details on how to do it in one of these comment sections, can’t remember which article off the top of my head though.

        And for the random girls, there’s a framed pic of my GF on my nightstand so they know not to expect monogamy/commitment from me either. (she gave it to me hoping it would scare off other girls lol)

        But some people get off on the drama of almost getting caught, like the guy here who clearly sprang a boner just TYPING about the wine corks and hairs in the bathroom and oh my what a scandal!!! So if that floats your boat more power to ya lol

        No respect for cheaters. If you’re not done playing the field, don’t promise a chick monogamy. Scurrying around like Gollum hiding your shit means 1) you’re too pussy to be honest about your desires/wants, 2) you have too much of a scarcity mindset and one-itis to risk losing the girl over it, or 3) you know your game is too shitty to get another girl just as good as her if she’s not on board with it.

        I do agree with not giving her your key though. I’ve literally told girls there’s no reason for them to have my key lol they give me theirs though. My GF asked me not to bang other girls in her apartment when she’s away…smart girl lol


      • Here, I dug it up for you. How to set up a relationship where you’re monogamous and she’s not:

        (you can get more strict with how much freedom she has depending on what you prefer but I like to let them choose not to sleep around rather than demand it because I trust my game/value and I can get another girl if she goes too far)


      • on September 30, 2012 at 7:33 am gunslingergregi

        just go back to my old comments you can see it in real time for 8 years


      • on September 30, 2012 at 7:50 am gunslingergregi

        ***A girl’s biggest fear isn’t that you’ll fuck some other girl. It’s that you’ll replace her with that other girl.***


        yea i have actually heard this and yea true.

        “I’m going to fuck what I want, but you’re not allowed to fuck anyone but me.”

        yea the chick needs to come up with this on her own if she has to be told it instead of making the descision herself it ain’t gonna be as rock solid

        and then your stuff about the her getting with some actor if she had the chance exactly when you know she wouldn’t thats when you know its the shit

        just like if she knows an actress or whoever the fuck ain’t gonna make you leave her.

        so yea the comfort of knowing that you won’t replace her why i tell mine together after death i don’t even want to replace her then plus that gives a picture in the head a good picture


      • That comment on the other post was well done YaReally. I don’t agree with the idea that a primary would be down with knowing that actual intercourse is happening with less hygienic women, but most of your “lesson” was well done.

        But as you often do when you AMOG here, you made my point or at least noted when an exception must be made.

        In my case, I had my Primary before I found this blog a few years ago.

        Like a married beta who had just learned game I could not change the rules on her. It is true that most of the other girls I date now, know she exists and that she is primary. It’s amazing how many women don’t care about cheating with another woman’s bf.

        While I’ve gotten away with her knowing all traces of herself don’t stay laying around when she leaves (because I keep my place in order), she has established that her best card to me is always on display. She is OK with me refusing to give her a key and putting all her stuff in a closet if she leaves it out, but hiding that birthday card would be an open declaration that I’m “cheating on her”.

        Sometimes, with the hottest of visitors, I hide the card knowing I will be smart enough to place it back in its rightful position before the Primary returns.

        So, yes, she’s been “grandmothered” in to the equation. If I had found this blog before I met her, maybe I wouldn’t have let her fall in love with me in the first place. She is marriage material and I don’t want marriage.

        And even with all your good points, a good security check between women is a good idea more often than not.

        And letting a 19 year old clean your house and find a document saying you’re 41 when she thought you’re 31, is a bad idea (I leave fake documents in drawers in case one ever gets the urge to clean more than just the kitchen).


      • on September 30, 2012 at 2:42 pm Always Be Fucking

        I do this.
        I make clear I fuck other women. But my gf has to be monogamous to get a title of gf.
        She routinely finds evidence. I make very minimal effort to clean my batchelor pad.


      • Here’s a tip: quit scurrying around in the shadows like a pussy and set the frame from the start of a relationship where you’re up-front about being non-monogamous and expect her to be monogamous.

        “But YaReally that can’t be done!”

        Sure it can. I’m in one (2 years so far) right now.

        There are reasons why polygyny has been common throughout history, but polyandry never gets off the ground, even in countries with a large surplus of males.


      • If you’re alpha, why do you need to hide your harem?


      • I like your attitude but it’s still a good idea to keep condom wrappers and long hairs from spoiling the mood of a new girl. And, as YaReally noted on that other thread, if your primary was your girl before you started reading this blog, you won’t be able to change the rules on her so easily and you’re best not letting traces show too much that you might be doing other girls in the bed she shares with you three nights per week. Cleaning up shows discretion.


      • “it’s still a good idea to keep condom wrappers and long hairs from spoiling the mood of a new girl.”

        lol I leave a condom wrapper on the ground just barely peeking out from under my bed. It says to new girls that I hook up with other girls without my having to actually say it out loud. Helps set the frame that we’re just casually fucking.

        But I do most of my escalating outside of the bedroom, I don’t hang out with girls listening to music and having drinks in my bedroom. So by the time I lead her into my room we’re already well on our way to sex so the condom wrapper doesn’t trigger her ASD/LMR the way it could if we went in before it was 100% on.

        Plus I’m the asshole right from the start so the wrapper and finding long hairs isn’t a surprise to them like it would be if I was pretending to be a gentleman.


      • As I think about it this I actually just a matter of congruency. My GF’s pic on my nightstand and condom wrappers and girl’s hair around etc is congruent with the personality/frame I have. It’s not “omg a wrapper” it’s “oh ya a wrapper, that makes sense” so they don’t freak out. If your style of game is more “oh no I’m not that kind of guy” then that stuff would be incongruent and they’d be more likely to freak out.

        Really a lot of game isn’t about “that’s offensive to me”, it’s about “that isn’t congruent to who I thought he was, and that unsettles me and makes me want to flake or get ASD/LMR etc”.

        Like the Joker says “Nobody panics when things go “according to plan”…even if the plan is HORRIFYING.” lol that actually describes the concept of congruency pretty well.


      • See this is where it’s really your beta peeking out, not the condom wrapper – alphas don’t have ‘rooms’, we have houses, estates, fuckshacks, pieds a terre, cabins, chalets, etc … the fact that you refer to your ‘room’ speaks to me of someone who’s in the omega spiral deep – you sure you didn’t mean ‘mom’s basement’? I’ll admit, there’s a certain ‘accomplishment’ to forcing your will on a woman to the effect of overriding her surface objections to you banging other chicks under her roof, but it’s kinda lame when that woman is your mother.


      • I came to the conclusion a few years ago that honesty is the best policy.

        At one point I was juggling 4 girls. One kept pushing for exclusive rights. I finally gave in, at least verbally, later got caught and ended up with the word BASTARD keyed into the side of my car. My comprehensive insurance rate increased $4.12 a month.

        Your main squeeze must understand that you are too independent and that you have too many options for ” that kind of commitment “. You can tell her she’s your favorite and that she means a lot to you. But do not, under any circumstance, sacrifice your independence.

        You don’t tell her that you’re sleeping with other girls but you don’t deny it either.

        Girls who come to my home immediately see evidence laying around in plain sight. Earrings on the microwave , bracelets on the coffee table, tampons in the cabinet under the bathroom sink.
        ” Whose is this ? ”
        ” I dunno .”
        ” What do you mean ‘ you don’t know ‘ ?”
        ” Can’t remember. ”
        ” ??? ”
        ” If I went snooping through your house would you be able to tell me where every single item came from ? ”

        Stressing yourself out about hiding all that evidence is a complete waste of your time. Women , for all the common sense they lack, are usually very perceptive when it comes to sensing how long it’s been since the last time you got some. Ditching the evidence will give you the ability to deny ,but she will still “feel” it. Sooner or later you’ll get sloppy or miss a detail and she’ll have the evidence to back up that feeling and you’ll end up with some unflattering word scrawled into the side of your car.

        Moreover not allowing exclusivity is a huge DHV. Keeps her on her toes to know she must compete for your affections. Never forget that most women would rather share an alpha than own a beta.

        Obviously this doesn’t always work. But it depends largely on the precedent that’s been set with your main. If you’ve offered or allowed a commitment she’s going to have trouble accepting new terms. If you’ve been straight up from the beginning then you’re just being congruent. She can accept your terms, or try her luck on the carousel.


      • Yep. I agree with all of this.

        There was a PUA a long time back named Bad Boy who recommended trying both hiding it and cleaning the hairs and earrings up and being up front about it and leaving it all out, and THEN deciding which one you prefer in terms of what fits your lifestyle and how guilty you do or don’t feel and which one brings you more drama and which one is congruent to your vibe etc.

        I recommend the same thing. Like I say, some people get off on the secrecy and risk of getting caught. I know plenty of girls who love when their BFs/husbands almost catch them cheating. I prefer the honest route tho because if I had a vehicle I wouldn’t want bad words carved into it lol


    • Before men took phone numbers on their phones, they piled up in pants pockets.

      Those who let wifey do the laundry were often caught.


    • It’s been my experience that women deliberatly leave stuff at your place so as to 1) establish a foothold towards a beachhead towards eventual move in; 2) Stake out her territory so as to sabotage any rivals sleeping over.


    • I’m in a similar situation.

      I’m always finding small hairbands seemingly strategically placed under pillows or under the bed, or long blonde hairs in the white porcelain bathroom sink, or various cosmetics/toiletries wrappers in every waste basket in the place.

      After a session I approach securing the perimeter as if it’s a game, or a souvenir hunt.

      I’m convinced the bitches do it on purpose.


    • on September 29, 2012 at 4:18 pm anonymous does not forgive

      A real alpha doesn’t need to hide his harem and can keep it openly, if his bottom bitch comes home he can make the girl hes currently fucking eat her out or something.


  11. The only work I do around the house is removing the bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin from the liquor cabinet, filling my cocktail glass, and putting it back again.

    And even then I’d prefer to have a young blonde hottie in a bikini do it for me.


  12. More truth from the quote socially equal sexually aware land of the Vikings end quote.
    When anyone can do something but no one has to do it then nobody will do it and everyone will be unhappy.
    Give a woman a task to do and she’s happy.


  13. I agree. thats why you ….. 💡 hire a housekeeper!

    problem solved and its a win-win 😀


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        Did you hear my prayer?

        Are you gonna answer it?




      • For Neecy,


      • LMAO!!!!

        That was awesome! And yet so true. I entertain Whorefinder b/c he is laughable at best. People who use the n word are trying to get an angry reaction and i laugh at them b/c it rolls right off my shoulder. No amount of n word can get under my skin from an obvious attempt to break me down. He sounds like the stupid outdated racists. It’s not his kind I worry about. It’s the closet racists that smile in your face and call you n words behind your back 😉 or pretend to like you and play all kinds of racist passive-aggressive games.


      • Note how Neecy the Nigger still believes that all her poor black brothers are held down by racism. Its evil whitey beating down her black ass, yo!


      • What, no comments that Romney was dead-on right about both the 47% and the Democrat’s strategy for Nov?


      • Don’t start with the German-baiting, Ruben.


      • Dude, you’ve got a real problem.



      • So does America.

        And they’re called niggers.


      • Black people are a problem but so are Mexicans and pretty much every immigrant of non-European descent.

        They are more likely to be on welfare, to commit more crime and to vote for the party that loves them so much they want to import millions more of them so they will come to our nations and demand even more welfare and commit even more crimes

        But then again the white liberal is an even bigger problem, he is a traitor,

        we used to hang traitors…


      • no, there called nigger lovers. Right Greg?


      • You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? I don’t see anyone else here… you must be talk to me.

        I don’t know what I keep getting pulled into these sub-battles… but FWIW, I prefer mudsharks.


      • He’s a dumbass that’s laughable. You can’t take idiots like him serious.


      • Haha. A negress calling anyone dumb is like a maggot calling something else disgusting.


    • Plus, if you got caught with a hottie in your home, you can say she’s the new housekeeper. And I’m not joking. This almost happened to me. Luckily, my SO didn’t have a key and I was able to lure her away from the door to the apartment with a phone call saying to meet me around the corner.


    • You mean like Maria Shriver did?


      • Oops. Forgot about that one. Whodathunk? Its not like that housekeper was attractive. But with men you neeeeva know! Good call!


      • Actually you do know: if she’s black, chances are the men don’t want her.


      • 💡 OMG i just realized why you stalk me so much. You love me! 💡 you just haven’t come to terms with it yet. Awwww!!


      • Yes, Neecy the Nigger: noticing your stupidity is “stalking.”

        I know you get off on the idea that somewhere, somehow, some non-ape wants you…but not here.


      • The guy i am seeing now wants me 😀

        M’kay your allotted Neecy attention time has expired for the day!!



      • Yes, some self-loathing, Obama-voting, prius-driving, shrivelled-dick little white lefty is proving his bona fides by sticking his half-erect member into your herpes-infested canyon of sluttage.



      • Hey Whorefinder!!! I found something to keep you busy for the next 8 hours 😀

        SHAKA ZULU IS ON CENTRIE ALL DAY!!!!!!! You might get a pop quiz later so your ass better watch every second of it. Now run along!!!


      • Goats, cows (the four legged ones), have been known to be attractive, to guys having only a fraction of the testosterone of a bodybuilder on a cycle.


      • LOL! That…puts it in perspective!


    • I refuse to get a housekeeper on principle; it encourages parasitism. Experience with hard work builds character and establishes an appreciation in people that success and luxury have a price.


    • The housekeeper idea is sound – if you live in a country with a good (read: cheap) supply of unskilled labor. Even the US qualifies, due to illegal immigrants etc. Most Western European countries – you can’t find good help anymore (this is a classic term), unless you are rich. But if you can swing it, go for it, in any kind of relationship.



      • Yeah on the west coast you can find cheap laborers anf housekeepers. In my apt complex everyone uses this mexican couple and they only charge $60-$100. It’s not like you need them every week. Once or twice a month isn’t gonna break the bank and they do a damn good job.


      • Then women spend the day either getting a career, which limits my quality of life immensely, or hanging out with other, entitled, bored, spoiled women and turning into selfish bitches. A woman in love wants to make her man happy. All that other stuff is a distractor.


      • on October 1, 2012 at 9:32 am gunslingergregi

        a nanny to watch the kids is important so your woman can spend more time on you but a housekeeper naaaa my woman still washed my clothes by hand and i liked it.


      • Ha! See now I feel differnetly. A nanny takes time away from the bonding and raising a mother should be doing with her children. I never understood how so many women can just toss htier kids off onto nannies to the point hte nanny is literally raising the kids.

        but i am all for housekeepers. How can you be okay with literally another person damn near raising your kids but not okay with them cleaning your house?


      • on October 1, 2012 at 3:07 pm gunslingergregi

        a housekeeper takes time away from the bonding and loving a woman should be doing with her husband. I can get 10 live in nanny housekeeper but my wife smart enough to know not to outsourse herself lol
        she does outsource everything else though. Na she still raising kid but if it is me time there is always someone to watch him


      • on October 1, 2012 at 3:12 pm gunslingergregi

        cause if i see the housekeepers ass cleaning my floors and scrubbing the ceramic tiles in the bathroom its gonna be the houskeeper i take into the room to fuck


      • How on EARTH does a housekeeper take away bonding time with a woman and her husband??? LOL

        And, Uh i htink you guys are thinking the housekeeprs of today are like the hot french maids of yesterday. Not where i live. usually they are women who already have a ton of kids themselves, probably somewhat illegal, past 40’s and defintiley don’t look like french maids.

        But a woman can still balance raising her children (somehting her husband should ALSO be contributing to as well) and giving attention to her husband. Now whether some women *do that* is another topic. but it can be done.

        Having a baby sitter or nanny to watch them at certain times or for ocassion is not a problem. but literally being on call 24/7 to help with raising kids is not what a good parent IMO does or rather someone who really wants to be a parent.


      • on October 1, 2012 at 3:37 pm gunslingergregi

        cause cleaning the house keeps her in shape and me seeing her put in effort to make my surroundings nice makes me horny which is good for her because she loves when i fuck her its a viscious circle lol

        and little kids are the biggest cockblockers on the planet. Need someone 24 7 to be able to take them.

        To be a good parent you have to be a good team and that doesn’t involve letting the kid run the team it involves the man running the team.
        and on maids yea well where i am from they tend to look decent he he he


      • on October 1, 2012 at 3:40 pm gunslingergregi

        and a heads up but any chick that you gonna let clean your mans house he may throw a fuck to no matter how she looks because guys are supposed to give a fuck to who takes care of their environment


      • Kids are not cockblockers!! LOL There are a number of ways a couple can still have a satisfing and spontaneous sex life even with kids.

        But kids do need attention constantly – so that is why only people who are really up for parenting should have them. Yes, you may have to be a bit more creative about how you “get some” on certain occassions, but its not as bad as people make it out to be.

        I agree parenting is a team effort and I also don’t agree that women should forget about or brush off their husbands once the kids come along. that’s not right either.


      • So what you’re saying is that men are turned on by seeing a woman in big yellow gloves, a tub of bleach bending over and cleaning a toilet?



      • on October 1, 2012 at 3:52 pm gunslingergregi

        no she never puts on big yellow gloves.
        all our floors are ceramic tile and she has a broom that is like 2 feet long lol so when she sweeps the floors her ass is always in the air. They all have same type of broom its funny as shit cause they all know whats going up (dicks) he he he
        but yea seeing her hand wash my clothes yea hot.


      • OMG LOL! You crack me up!


      • on October 1, 2012 at 3:54 pm gunslingergregi

        Kids are not cockblockers!! LOL There are a number of ways a couple can still have a satisfing and spontaneous sex life even with kids.

        But kids do need attention constantly – so that is why only people who are really up for parenting should have them.

        do you note a contradiction there lollzzzzzz


      • on October 1, 2012 at 3:58 pm gunslingergregi

        and yea at the place i’m at now when i have my ho come over. I don’t even have water she got to go old school out of buckets. She comes in picks up all my shit organizes everything cleans out my ashtray washes out the shelves at the top of my bed makes the bed rearanges the flowers cleans up my kitchen takes out the trash puts my clothes away gets me a drink and whatever other shit she does like making sure pics of her visable and leaving some of her shit in certain places but yea i can feel some love from it and yea it makes me hot and yea it makes me attached a bit.


      • on October 1, 2012 at 4:03 pm gunslingergregi

        then i fuck her for couple hours


      • on October 1, 2012 at 4:12 pm gunslingergregi

        called a woman having some game though what daily game you got for a marriage coming home and talking about your workday


      • How is paying a housekeeper $60-$100 once or twice a month equaling to being an “entitled, spolied, bored, bitch”? Especially if it keeps your woman from bitching about you not helping her out?

        We’re not talking live in housekeepers people!

        Not sure how getting a housekeeper once or twice a month equals to a woman not wanting to make her man happy. if anything, it gives her more time to focus on him andnot bitching about him not cleaning up or doing helping her with the chores.

        The only place where I feel housekeepers shouldn’t go is in doing people’s laundry.


      • on October 1, 2012 at 3:09 pm gunslingergregi

        like people allready said if your woman bitches bout not helping her out it is game over.
        who said once or twice a month. I think people assumed daily or something what the hell once or twice a month gonna do.


      • on October 1, 2012 at 3:10 pm gunslingergregi

        once or twice a month is obviously a non issue then pretty much


      • on October 1, 2012 at 3:14 pm gunslingergregi

        yea your definetly out of the loop on just how much time it takes to take care of a man like me he he he
        but yea housekeepers once twice a month lolzzzzzzz
        my ashtray alone needs emptied and cleaned at least hourly lol


      • on October 1, 2012 at 3:16 pm gunslingergregi

        bedding changed every day to every other day my drink needs refilled when it is low food needs to be cooked when i am hungry and when i want to fuck at whatever time need to not have her have responsibilities that get in the way of that


      • LOL well if your wife likes it then that is all that matters… I tend to date guys who are less needy and the only thing they expect or need is sexual healing and support. All the other stuff they compromise on and are usually independent in that sense.


      • on October 1, 2012 at 3:46 pm gunslingergregi

        All the other stuff they compromise on and are usually independent in that sense.


        lol maybe that is why they need sexual healing and support cause they have never been in a relationship where their womans pussy was wet for them every minute of the day cause she thinking about and doing stuff for them every minute of the day.


      • If a woman’s vajayay stayed wet all day, we’d never get anything accomplished!

        [heartiste: and?]


      • And…so… that is why we can’t be wet all day….LOL


      • on October 1, 2012 at 4:16 pm gunslingergregi

        she wet all day cause my pussy never knows when i am gonna pounce she gets shit done cause she knows it pleases me because she knows it pleases me it turns her on another viscious circle


      • on October 1, 2012 at 4:17 pm gunslingergregi

        but yea she has no crappy career to worry about other than me and some businesses she hires other people to do


      • on October 1, 2012 at 4:20 pm gunslingergregi

        which she also does to please me and tells me she is excited for me to be back so i can see what she has done for us and say she has done a good job with what i have given her and be proud of her. Its cute and when i get there again she will still have her time for me and the business will pretty much run themselves so yea i guess a woman can have it all just got to have the right priorities.


  14. A Man who do homework is a chump effeminate omega. That’s the reason of the high divorce.


  15. I’m looking forward to hearing from Jason on this subject.


    • Aw, thanks.

      I just ran the numbers. My wife does about 15 hours of housework for every 1 of my own. The reason: the kitchen is completely and utterly hers — I only go in to make protein shakes. Supposedly I clean the house, but she ends up doing most of it once every couple of weeks, because I’m too freakin’ busy with my 12-to-13-hour workdays.

      H is dead on with the idea of a middle-class style “honey-do” list being the death of a vibrant, loving relationship. Keeping up with the Joneses will kill your soul. And “contractual” is the perfect adjective to describe it. I’m thinking of American Beauty, that Spacey/Bening relationship. (I’ve striven to NOT ever live like that. We’re too spontaneous anyways.)

      But it’s too much to say that men shouldn’t ever do any housework. Women really do appreciate trash disposal, as well as heavy scrubbing from a masculine arm when some stain just won’t come out. Plus spiders, bugs, etc.

      Lastly, the days are long gone when men didn’t even know how to do laundry because they’d moved straight from mom’s house into wife’s house. Today’s extended bachelorhood, like my own, necessitates learning some household arts, unless you’re a stinking pig.


      • In some ways that extended bachelorhood is a hindrance becuase then not only are you not doing things the way mom did them, but also not the way he does them. However, some men living alone a long time might just be happy not to have to do that stuff however it gets done 🙂


      • > However, some men living alone a long time might just be happy not to have to do that stuff however it gets done

        “Most men,” I would hazard to guess…


      • Really? That’s good news! 🙂


  16. The idea that men never did equal housework was always bullshit—men have always done housework…it’s just work done largely outside the home. When the man is raking leaves, cutting the lawn, cleaning the gutters & garage, taking out the trash, washing the car, paving the driveway, etc he’s doing the “housework” that a man is supposed to be doing. Few women want to pull weeds or get up on 20 ft ladders and shit—but guys will do it and some of us even like it. Which is part of why feminists act like it doesn’t count as real “housework”…feminists hate it when men are having fun or contributing within their traditional gender role.

    A man’s domain is outside the home, a woman’s domain is inside. Simple, clear delineated boundaries that have stood the test of time. It’s not more complicated than that.


    • Thanks to urbanization, manly housework (like shooting and dressing the dinner) has been rendered obsolete. Heck, manliness in general has been rendered obsolete by urbanization.


    • Heh, heh, you hit it.

      If we enjoy doing it, it doesn’t count.


      • Back in the day, I coached my sons in baseball and spent innumerable hours with them, both before they did Little League and high school ball, and especially during those years… some years it was a veritable part-time job tacked onto the performance of my usual profession.

        My wife would occasionally try to upbraid me for “not spending time with the kids” because I would often take several hours respite in the ol’ man cave on the week-ends.

        After the “WTF?” moment and my mentioning how many hours I spent with them both during the week AND on the week-ends, she said: “But you LIKE baseball.”

        That was an epiphany into the female mind, let me tell you.


      • she said: “But you LIKE baseball.”


        Black version:

        “buy you LIKE barbecuing”


      • lol..nice one—cuz blacks don’t like baseball! i get it!


      • You can only teach your sons so much barbecuing. 😉


      • That would assume black guys take care of their kids. Now that’s an lol.


      • Even if we don’t enjoy doing it, it doesn’t count. It has to be on her list of recognized tasks, namely hers.


      • Yes—to feminists, it only counts when a man is contributing outside of his traditional role.

        These people are scum.


    • Great point.

      Will be using that outdoor/indoor housework line whenever the opportunity arises to confound/exasperate an annoying feminist or liberal.


  17. The jezzies are not fans of the study lol:

    As you can tell from the URL, it doesn’t even make it two sentences into the first paragraph before getting sarcastic and tossing it away and rationalizing everything to fit the “ignore what’s in front of you and just do what we tell you” feminist brainwashing lol


    There’s a link to an amazing “debunking” of the study which includes gems such as a hamster exploding 10x in one paragraph:

    “Studies, though, whether we like what they have to say or not, need always to be taken with a grain (or many) of salt, because they’re just studies. They often focus on small numbers of people of particular backgrounds or nationalities. They are not universal. They are simply a look at a certain part of a population. Data can be manipulated to serve a variety of purposes. And not every researcher is completely objective”

    Funny how all those caveats (the full paragraph is even longer) are never mentioned on Jezzie when the study is about how shitty and useless men are.

    It ends with this brilliant conclusion:

    “But, yeah, clearly sharing housework is not the reason couples split. Come on, people.”

    Well I’M convinced. Pass me my apron with the pink frills!


    • on September 30, 2012 at 7:29 am gunslingergregi

      look at the lack of comments


    • Standard operating procedure. “Who you gonna believe, gals, us or your lyin’ eyes?”


    • “Funny how all those caveats (the full paragraph is even longer) are never mentioned on Jezzie…”

      Exactly YaReally.

      Talk about FRAME CONTROL, something you talk about with Game.

      The current mainstream media has Frame Control locked down.

      They simply ignore facts, or make new facts up.


  18. I do the laundry and buy the groceries, which I always did before I was married anyway. She does the dishes and makes the bed, which I hate doing. We pay someone to do everything else. I am retired and what I do at home is easier that what I used to when working. It has not led to anything bad in the bedroom so far. We have been married 28 years. Every year at Thanksgiving and Christmas, she is amazed at what new stuff and prices are in the grocery store.


  19. Amen to this post.


  20. I like how these two DJs I heard on the radio put it:
    “While you’re vacuuming the carpet and doing the dishes, your wife will be out fucking the guy in the leather jacket and tattoos ——– who never vacuums the carpet or does the dishes.”


  21. “The more you organise your relationship, the more you work out diaries and schedules, the more it becomes a business relationship than an intimate, loving spontaneous one.”

    News Flash:

    white man discovers ice is cold.

    Story at 11


    • “white man discovers ice is cold.”

      Cold is a social construct perpetuated by the oligarchy.


    • lmao. Because niggers have such intimate, loving spontaneous relationships.


      More like two wildebeests meeting for two minutes on the Serengeti.

      I love when niggers try to explain how they know all about healthy civilized relationships.

      Back to the ghetto wit you, yo!


      • Look, niggers invented game; so how can you kill Ike Turner when you want to BE Ike Turner.


      • I want to be Dumas… word has it, he was part white!


      • @thwack:

        Look, niggers invented game

        —roflmao. Another laughable nigger lie, along with

        “We built the pyramids!”

        “Jesus was black!”

        “Racism holds us down!”

        “we’re civilized!”

        “all crime disparities are caused by racism!”

        “we’re just as smart as anyone!”

        lol. You niggers really are stupid enough to believe all this, aren’t you?


  22. Correlation or causation?

    I’d say correlation. A couple that “shares the chores” is most likely a couple in which the wife is bitching about the “equality” of sharing the housework…aka “shit testing” and the husband is failing these tests by doing the housework in an attempt to placate and supplicate.

    We all know how that ends up over time.


  23. Yesterday evening I stop at a red light and glance out the side window. There’s a guy pushing a baby stroller down the sidewalk and I have rarely seen such a downtrodden figure – shoulders slumped, feet shuffling along, his pasty, glum features oozing omegadom from every pore. Exactly the kind of guy no man wants to be and no woman wants to fuck. He looked so defeated by life.

    I don’t care which path society takes – if we are soon confronted with an unlikely wave of infantilized househusbands, so be it. But this contemporary ideal of male domesticity – therein lies the shit test. Up to you what you choose to make of your life.


  24. on September 29, 2012 at 4:49 pm Chicken_Welfare

    Corellation is not causality. And a very obvious corellation here is likely to have presented a distorted picture: ultra-religious traditional couples such as the Amish or Southern Baptists (not so much Evangelicals, who are “modernized” fundies that have made peace with modernity leaving aside evolution) demand that the woman do all the housework, and (owing to social pressures) very rarely get divorced.

    Too put it mildly, it’s pretty unscientific to assert from this that refusing to help your wife cook makes her orgasm.


    • The ‘Aunt Jemima Treatment’ has long been known to fan female desire.


    • Heard this same argument from people who defended the virgin bride / divorce rate statistics.

      Correlation is not causation. They’re most likely religious. Etc…

      Fucking hamster spinning on overdrive.


    • The study was done in norway. I’m sure there are not many amish and southern baptists there. And it’s probably one of the most atheist countries.

      I’ll stick to the occam’s razor: kitchenbitches dry up pussies, no matter what.


    • on September 30, 2012 at 6:44 am ThatNorwegianGuy

      There’s a certain lack of “ultra-religious traditional couples”, as you put it, in Norway. Scandinavia is notoriously culturally liberal/politically correct.


  25. As I sit here reading this at Starbucks, two HB6.5s (a chubby one and a thin butterface) are talking about North American men. The chubby one is explaining that all the excess estrogen from women’s birth control is entering the water supply and feminizing men. Butterface chimes in: “And of course the culture wants that too”. The chubby one: “It’s kind of annoying actually”.


    • Perfect example of the thinner one trying to sabotage her chubby friend’s happiness on a subliminal level.


    • Unfortunately, the friggin hormones are real. Not just birth control, but poultry is pumped full of this. Stay away from chicken unless labeled “organic”. This is not a joke – I normally diss the “organic”, some trace
      insecticide in the apple won’t matter. But chickens pumped full of stilbensol does stuff. Male sperm count in the US is down 50% since about 50 years ago. Seriously.



  26. So far nobody has mentioned the probable cause for the higher divorce rate. If they are prosperous, and both work, they will not be limited in seeking divorce by economic constraints. I don’t think this study controlled for this variable.


    • There are many sub-reasons for divorce, but all of them boil down to just one thing in the end: Too much independence by women is the main cause for divorce. Whether it’s sexual, economic, academic, or any other type of freedom, it all means female independence. That seems to be the common denominator connecting all the reasons for divorce in the West.

      Whether we like it or not, men need to own their women in order to trust and love. Once a woman is too independent (in whatever fashion), it interferes with that process and he ceases to be and feel an Alpha male. A woman senses it and she becomes increasingly unhappy, her attraction to him diminishing. Once that process begins to overtake the marriage, it’s downhill from there. Sometimes it takes many years for a marriage to end, but it was dying already a long time ago, being held together only for the sake of responsibilities. I say almost all marriages are in trouble, unless they are highly traditional relationships. Unfortunately, most people cannot accept this because they were taught equality and egalitarianism; hence, the future of marriage in the West is very bleak.


      • Very nice. +1


      • Women don’t feel safe and loved unless the man owns her heart either. This is interpreted as caring because you are setting standards for her to follow.


      • Of course. Love is not permanent and cannot sustain a marriage on its own, a woman who’s completely independent has no incentive to stay in a marriage once ‘love’ has expired. Marriage is dead and gone, all hail State-controlled upbringing!


  27. Share housework, become kitchenbitch… end up paying half your salary to you ex-wife so she can be banged by someone who wouldn’t share housework.


    • It’s men’s fault. They bought too much into the feminist egalitarian mambo jumbo thinking it pleases women in the long run. Hogwash! It doesn’t please women at all. They hate it without knowing why. Had he trained his wife accordingly, divorce would be a figment of someone’s imagination.

      At this point, after 45 years of this crap, I only blame men for not ending this experiment and shutting up feminists once and for all. Ok, we already know it doesn’t work, NEXT. And since when pleasing women is ever a good thing? It’s not about pleasing the woman or doing what’s good for the man, it’s about doing what’s good for the marriage/relationship so that it’ll endure. The marriage/relationship should be treated as an entity, independent of the partners, just as a corporation is an entity in itself, independent of its shareholders. You do what’s good for the longevity of the corporation, not what’s good for one individual shareholder. Marriage/relationship must be treated by its leader in the same way of a corporation by its CEO. Oh, I forgot – corporations are not people to Liberals, so I guess marriages are not people either.


  28. There’s so much stark truth in your posts that it still makes my head spin.

    Imagine what it does to women. I believe it’s something akin to seizure — your choice of apoplectic is significant — and almost wrote a paper on it once, likening leftist intolerance to hyperventilation.


  29. You mess with who we are as genders….you get divorce and unhappiness.

    The simplest terms is man is outward bound…home is the place to recharge the batteries and then go back out to invade the world with his awesomeness.
    We are Germany and this world is our Poland.

    The woman is inward bound…home is where she builds the nest for the man, kids, guests, what have you. Inside work is woman’s work. Internally is where the woman’s awesomeness is located.


    • “We are Germany and this world is our Poland.”

      omg that is beautiful.


      • *cough*
        Looks like the Czechs didn’t get the memo?


      • Sorry, the ration of WWII sympathy has been exhausted in the West.

        Besides, German people were being tormented in that area prior to the war… one of the reasons, I believe, Hitler wanted that territory back.

        What are you trying to do, horn in on the Holocaust?

        Let me check the books, that may be a hate crime now.


      • “What you do to the least of you, you do to me.”


      • When you lefties killed off Jesus-worshiping in the west, you lost that bit of scripture for your purpose, Pointyface.


      • Right. Lefties killed Jesus.

        Who the fuck are you fooling but yourself? Not even Jews would stoop to this level of semantic fuckery.

        Again: whorefinder says that lefties killed Jesus. LEFTIES.

        “I have no problem with Jews; in fact, I welcome and want them, being more intelligent, as a group, than the average.” — whorefinder


      • No, they killed off Jesus worshipping. The Sanhedrin killed off Jesus with Roman agency. Mr. Pointyface, being an admitted atheist if quoting scripture to prove a point. Whorefinder is calling him a hypocrite for it.


      • Whorefinder is lying. What are you doing?


      • Explaining how you misnterpreted what Whorefinder said. Whether or not he’s lying is immaterial to my post. I don’t care if he’s a Jew or not as it is. I find a lot of what he says to be ridiculous.


      • Fuck all of you.
        Whorefinder speaks the truth.


      • lol. uh is one stupid motherfucker.

        Seems he can’t read properly, or else tries to take all criticisms of lefties and change them around so lefties don’t get hurt.

        Again: now that the left has killed off Jesus-worshiping in the west , quoting scripture will not help leftists in pushing their totalitarian, anti-white goals. Let me elaborate: now that the left has reduced Christianity to a mere joke in Western intellectual and cultural circles and destroyed all mentions of the Christian god except in mockery, for a leftist moron like Mr. Pointyface to suddenly start quoting Christian scripture to argue his point is Double PlusUnGood.

        Poor wittle SPWLs.Probably hurts their wee little brains to understand that last paragraph. I know Mr. Pointyface is intellectually incapable of understanding my point.

        On a side note, why does everyone suddenly think I’m Jewish? I’m not Jewish, but its funny this meme has started.

        And Anon is dead on. I’m right about everything.


      • You’re a lying toad and you fucking know it. So is Firepower. Fuck you both. And fuck Ryu for whatever reason he tolerates it.


      • We can ill-afford in-fighting, boys.

        It makes Pointyface turn into Smileyface, and I begrudge him the satisfaction. 😀


      • OK, so you’re saying Jesus’s timeless wisdom is… for you.. but not for me?

        Also, are you really a genocidal maniac, or is that just sort of twisted humor? Remember, I always say “kissyface, kissyface, kissyface the blues away.” Smoochies to yoU!


      • OK, so you’re saying Jesus’s timeless wisdom is… for you.. but not for me?

        Saith the Lord: ““I AM THE LIVING GOD, The Good Shepherd. I know mine and am known by mine.”

        “For the LORD watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked will perish.”

        In short, Jesus’ “timeless wisdom” is for those with ears to hear it… not for snarks who don’t believe, but attempt to use scripture as a debating foil.

        This isn’t rocket science.


      • Christ dude, whose side are you on?

        Blog keeps blocking a long comment I wrote up in the wee hours detailing this cunt’s mendacity wrt the tribe.

        Look at his blog! In every place where JEW ought to be, he meticulously uses “leftist” instead, making for some queer reading.

        This blog is about smashing lies. Whorefinder pushes a lie: that it’s political orientation, not sociobiology (i.e. biomechanics) that matters when discussing whose pulling the strings in media, academia, the economy, and government.

        If you can’t back me up here, what good are you to this thing of ours?


      • @Uh

        You’re a lying toad and you fucking know it. So is Firepower. Fuck you both. And fuck Ryu for whatever reason he tolerates it.

        —lol. Looks like uh, being caught looking stupid, is doubling down on the stupid to try to defend himself. Like a woman, he thinks that if he keeps repeating an untruth, it makes it true.


      • @Mr. Pussyface:

        OK, so you’re saying Jesus’s timeless wisdom is… for you.. but not for me?

        —Note how the lefty changes the argument when caught. Now its not that Jesus has authority, its that he has “timeless wisdom”…which is still an appeal to authority, especially considering Pussyface quoted something that is completely religious and not “timeless” if you don’t subscribe to a Christian worldview.

        So he lies while also changing the rules. Typical leftist.

        I’ll make it simple for you, numbnuts: you murdered Jesus-worship in the west. His esoteric sayings carry no more weight here anymore. Try the faggots of the Episcopalian church for that crap.

        Also, are you really a genocidal maniac, or is that just sort of twisted humor?
        —All niggers should be exterminated.


      • @uh:

        Christ dude, whose side are you on?
        —My own.

        Look at his blog! In every place where JEW ought to be, he meticulously uses “leftist” instead
        —Because I have experience living amongst SWPLs in the northeast, and the vast majority of these pussy faggots lefties have not been Jewish. However, the vast majority of criminals I’ve seen are black/.

        that it’s political orientation, not sociobiology (i.e. biomechanics) that matters when discussing whose pulling the strings in media, academia, the economy, and government
        —-Yawn. Do Jews disproportionately support leftism? Yes. But non-Jews are the vast majority of SWPLs who are leftists and push it. The vast majority of anti-social scum in the world, however, are black.

        If you can’t back me up here, what good are you to this thing of ours?
        —Heartiste and his predecessors are about game, not anti-niggerdom or anti-Jewdom.


      • In my lost comment, I acknowledge misreading your remark. It was early in the morning, but there it is: I misread it.

        Even so, you are lying about the political reality of the very subjects you cover by replacing everything Jew-related with “leftists”.

        I don’t know why, but you do live in the City, so you’re probably compromised in some way.

        Like a woman, he thinks that if he keeps repeating an untruth, it makes it true.

        THIS IS WHAT YOU DO THROUGHOUT YOUR BLOG. You just keeping repeating “leftists”, “lefties”, “the left”, and keep hammering at niggers niggers niggers niggers, and COMPLETELY, very conspicuously, ignore the role of Jews EVEN WHEN YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT THEM.

        Something extremely suspicious about you and Firepower. The latter always was soft on this subject.

        I have no problem with Jews; in fact, I welcome and want them, being more intelligent, as a group, than the average. However, their leaning towards leftism and totalitarianism as a whole is a problem for the West,” — whorefinder

        So you keep hammering at blacks here, and I’ll keep hammering at you.


      • @Uh:

        In my lost comment, I acknowledge misreading your remark. It was early in the morning, but there it is: I misread it.

        —-So all those times you called me a liar, you’re taking that back, right? Unless you have another basis for calling me a liar.

        Even so, you are lying about the political reality of the very subjects you cover by replacing everything Jew-related with “leftists”.
        —-Boy, the vast majority of the left in this country aren’t Jewish. That’s a fact. The babykillers, the nigger-lovers, the anti-males—these aren’t, by a large portion, members of the tribe.

        In contrast, the vast majority of violent crime is done by blacks. The vast majority of the low IQs belong to black people.

        Do you see the difference there?

        THIS IS WHAT YOU DO THROUGHOUT YOUR BLOG. You just keeping repeating “leftists”, “lefties”, “the left”, and keep hammering at niggers niggers niggers niggers, and COMPLETELY, very conspicuously, ignore the role of Jews EVEN WHEN YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT THEM.

        —lo. Because, dumbass, the vast majority of leftists in this country ARE NOT JEWISH, while the vast majority of violent criminals ARE BLACK.

        Take this hypothetica: if tomorrow, all the Jews in this country magically disappeared, leftism would still have 95% of its followers, and would still push forward with child-murder, nigger-loving, and anti-whiteness. However, if tomorrow, all the blacks disappeared, the violent crime rate would plummet almost 40%, and the welfare rolls would be chopped down 60-75%.

        Take Europe as another example: extremely leftist, extremely kind to savages, but very hostile to Israel. Would Jew-dominated movements allow that last bit to stand? No? Then leftism isn’t dependent or a majority Jewish.


        Something extremely suspicious about you and Firepower. The latter always was soft on this subject.
        —Violent, random crime and racial animosity is closer to our hearts (and eyes and bodies) than ivory-tower debates.

        “I have no problem with Jews; in fact, I welcome and want them, being more intelligent, as a group, than the average. However, their leaning towards leftism and totalitarianism as a whole is a problem for the West,” — whorefinder. So you keep hammering at blacks here, and I’ll keep hammering at you.
        ——I want an intelligent, civilized society, and Jews are intelligent and civilized as a whole. Their disappearance would not stop left-wing degeneracy in the slightest. Niggers, however, are neither intelligent nor civilized.


      • *It appears I did misread the Jesus remark. I can’t believe it, but this is what my eyes are telling me. Oh well, SORRY.

        There is no name. I started this, and you know it. Stop lying and preening.

        You’re fooling two idiots and yourself: making three idiots.

        I repeat: you are a Jew or behold to a Jew, and I am outing you. I don’t know about Firepower; perhaps you both are — you both exhibit the aggressively defensive stance of men with something to hide.

        And I’ll tell you why I am singling you out: because your dishonesty is so singularly absurd and … I’m actually sick of you saying nigger all the time. We get it: you hate them. Yes, they drag America down and make life worse.

        But this is precisely the game Unamused runs at Unamusement Park: throwing blacks under the bus while it’s hands off the Jews, who are “highly intelligent” and “welcome”, despite having unleashed blacks on us. You exhibit all the signs of a crypto, and even in a post about the evil Nazi trope which lacks all reference to Jews as creators of this cultural monomania, you say this:

        “Much better to depict an enemy as a 2-dimensional monster. Dehumanization always works best for enemies, and makes the destruction easier on the psyche—ask those Nazis who were “just following orders.”

        Not above the old argumentum ad Hitlerum. You write a whooooole post about how absurd the eeeevil Naaaazi fantasy is, yet end with a cheap affirmation of it.

        Well, as long as you’re here, I’ll be here, and if you want to dog Neecy and thwack with niggerniggernigger, I’ll be dogging you with kikekikekike until you crack. Understood, kike?

        PS — A rather long comment I made detailing your impressive chicanery seems to have been suppressed or gone missing, so I reproduce it here:


        It could have something to do with your meticulous legerdemain in reducing the whole kulturkampf to the old nebulous standby of “the left”.

        At every point where it would be enlightening for your uninitiated readers to know that behind Obama stands Jew x, or at the top of the Chicago government Jew y, or that Jews are responsible for Hollyweird tropes, you take the chickenshit goodgoy path of remaining at the level of political orientation. I’ll give you an example of just what I mean; here:

        Yesterday, an animal ran up to me and bit my leg as I was walking home. I really hate animals sometimes. They fuck everything up for me. Someone should get these animals under control, because they’re making it hard for people to live peaceably in their own neighborhoods. Animal-owners who don’t properly contain their animals ought to be fined or worse. Animals ruin in everything.

        Now, it will be clear to anyone that what is meant are dogs. This is the device employed on your blog, and one sees it everywhere on the fake-right. John Derbyshire is the classic example. The hammer falls repeatedly on blacks and this magical unspecific breed circumspectly called — “leftists”.

        Here is perhaps the most instructive example from your own blog:

        A long, detailed post discussing all those anti-white Hollyweird tropes, whitey as bad goy, Nazis, wise black peopo’, etc., and your conclusion?

        “This is why LEFTISTS in Hollywood never give nuance to Nazis and Klan members in depictions: they know the whole house of cards of leftism and blacks-as-Jesus would fall apart if anyone started studying where such bad guys come from. ”

        I do not have to point out to you or anyone that even Jews admit that Hollyweird is their playground, the fucking command center of their cultural propaganda which has not only altered the minds of Americans, but peoples of other nations no less. It would be awesomely bizarre if this were news to you. Having to go through lists of Jews in Hollywood, Jewish producers, directors, screenwriters, script writers, financiers, talent scouts, agents, and struggle to give you some idea of the kibbutz-like atmosphere of the typical Hollywood shindig — this is shit I shouldn’t have to do in 2012. If you want “proof”, you can read Neil Gabler’s An Empire of Their Own: How Jews Invented Hollywood. You see that title? Not “How Jews CONTROL Hollywood”, but “How Jews INVENTED Hollywood”.

        Yet for whorefinder, wise whorefinder from New York City who knows better, this fact does not even rate mention when he writes an entire post analyzing backward Hollywood social themes.

        You go on and on about niggers, niggers, niggers, as though you have an understanding of sociobiological reality, but when it comes to Jews, this is what you have to say:

        I have no problem with Jews; in fact, I welcome and want them, being more intelligent, as a group, than the average. However, their leaning towards leftism and totalitarianism as a whole is a problem for the West,”

        You welcome and want them … yet you acknowledge that they have a leaning in the direction of the enormously consequential political movements that have activated all of the things you despise.

        Firepower took the opportunity to insult my intelligence, there. That’s fine; he’s a cunt and I still love his writing, though I see he’s been doing some Jew-dodging himself at Eradica.

        Now, here is the dilemma: you are obviously not stupid nor elementary in your thinking, as two minutes reading your blog would prove to anyone. Yet you are mysteriously elementary and stupid when it comes to a full reckoning of Jewish commitment to causes and movements which have brought about a state of affairs so alienating to us white folk.

        In general this means that you either are MOT, are married or shtupping one, have Jewish readers you don’t want to offend, or some other tangential relation. These relations don’t even have to be current — for such is the power of the Jews over goyim that former friends, neighbors, business partners, even girlfriends cause them to be blindly pro-Jew for life. Perhaps that is the case with you.

        There is also “deep cover” of the sort practiced by Jared Taylor. I have only recently been made aware that Taylor isn’t the shabbos goy he studiously appears to be, but as everyone knows, Jews have antennae longer than stalk-eyed flies and perceive “ANTI-SEMITISM!!!” everywhere regardless, that being their cheapest and most decisive weapon in directing goyish minds into the appropriate channels (guilt, defensiveness, supplication).

        All I can say is that you grossly underestimate the impact they have had on American society. The material is out there for you to acquaint yourself with the full depth of this problem. If you won’t do it, you are, as I say, either MOT, married to one, or afraid of one.

        Firepower is running the same routine. Recently he posted some pro-Israel tripe on Eradica that made me lolzlz big time. You are both highly suspicious. Firepower’s case is especially interesting as his collaborator, Ryu, is known for ferreting out philosemites from WN. He came down squarely against Unamused when the latter crawled out of the ol’ woodpile.

        Anyway, I like your blog and your writing, but sorry bro — you reek of lox.


      • Let’s put WWII and Hitler in perspective. The people who caused the largest number of deaths:

        Mao (about 70 mill, but there are no good statistics)

        Rachel Carson (about 50 million)
        Stalin (photo finish, about another 50 million)

        Hitler, in fourth place, with maybe 20 million, including war dead.

        In terms of PERCENTAGE, however, Pol Pot wins with about a third
        of the population.



      • @Greg Eliot

        “Besides, German people were being tormented in that area prior to the war… one of the reasons, I believe, Hitler wanted that territory back.”

        Oh, they were sooo oppressed! They had to learn Czech in school! The audacity! Sorta similar to Luzicki Srbi in east Germany, they got quite a bit more oppression than Sudetten Deutche, there was no room for their language in German schools (they had no schools of heir own, nor any paper or other publications were allowed), period.

        Of course, Goebels did not miss any opportunity to utilize any minute ethnic tension to his advantage and from an anthill make a mighty mountain. Since Nazi got into power, Nazis utilized fully services of provocateur agents in Sudetten that were paid based on performance and they performed!.

        But, oddly enough, when Nazi Germany annexed Sudetten, the Czechs were expelled, without compensation for any properties they had and dear Sudetten Germans got to divide the spoils.. And that was not enough. Next year, Germany occupied Bohmen und Marhen.. And you know what? Most of the Gestapo agents in B u M were recruited from Sudetten Germans. They were responsible for execution of about 120,000 Czechs, Jews and other ethnic groups.

        So yea, there was quite a bit of bad blood. It does not excuse an atrocities committed by each respective party, but provides a wider perspective than you narrow narrative.


    • Speaking of random quotes, I just came up with this one:

      “Men’s achievements are the buildings you see around you. Women’s achievements are the people you see inside them.”
      – St Olympius


    • “We are Germany and this world is our Poland.”

      How did that work out for Germany?


  30. My father does housework. Always has.

    And his cunt wife throws hormonal fits at him every other week for no reason. She is so stressed staying home every day taking calls on her laptop and smoking pot.

    He is passive about it, but in a totally aloof manner. He is too disdainful to be provoked. But in consequence, it doesn’t stop.


    • “She is so stressed staying home every day taking calls on her laptop and smoking pot.”

      I take it she is not your mother. Did your father marry a slut? What’s with the smoking pot? Yuck!


    • My father does housework. Always has.

      And his cunt wife throws hormonal fits at him every other week for no reason.

      I am 52 years old, I have had 24 girlfriends and I have tried a couple of times to do more housework and be ” nicer”.

      It got me more of their hormonal fits, more bitchiness — not less — every time I tried that approach…


      • 24 GFs is a lot of practice with females, and I’m sure you had many more 1-night stands and short flings too. Did you figure out women by now? Or are they still a mystery?


      • NiteLily,

        Hard to believe but I have had only 3 one night stands, back when I was in my early twenties, that is it.

        Short flings? maybe two or three that lasted a month or two, but in most cases my relationships lasted over a year.

        I am definitely not a pick a pick up artist and have always wanted to find the “one” and settle down.

        I am often asked why I always end up leaving them and keep trying with a new woman and it has little to do with sex – I love sex, when I was in my thirties I would have sex 3 to 5 times in one night – but that is not why my relationships do not last, I am not addicted to sex and I am not a pick up artist

        but the answer makes me look awfully pretentious;

        I just can not find a woman that is worthy of me.

        I know some of you have just thrown up a little in your mouth reading this, but that is the truth.

        If I was 7 foot tall ( for the record, I am actually 5’8″ ) and I said I could not find a woman as tall as me no one would say I am pretentious or delusional

        well I am a great catch (for many reasons) and I just can not find a woman as ” tall ” as I am if you know what I mean

        First of all,
        I have a very IQ ( scored highest in a school of 600 pupils when I was 11 years old, then at age 32 scored ” off of the charts” in 5 out of 7 categories; visual, understanding text * etc etc… ) and this makes it hard for me to connect or relate to most people, male or female.

        * I know my written English does not make me look like a high IQ person but French is my first language; My English is mostly self taught and is thus simple or limited.

        Although I have never had such a diagnostic, I think I might be a very light case of Asperger as I am too honest for my own good and lying is close to impossible for me.

        I am unusually kind, caring, almost selfless, yet most people and most women are horribly selfish

        I am also what is called a highly sensitive person ( yet definitely manly, but won’t bother you with a list of why ) and most people are not highly sensitive; they usually do not give a crap about other people.

        It is a myth ( that got even bigger with the feminist movement) or misconception that being sensitive is a female thing ; most women are neither very sensitive nor delicate nor feminine nor motherly.

        Most men are not either 100% Alpha or 100% beta, they are somewhere in between.
        I think I am probably 65 % Alpha /35% Beta ( although with age I am more Alpha )

        Are women still a mystery to me?

        well… humans are a mystery to me as I feel like an alien most of the time but women even more as most of them are so irrational.

        Most women are about as irrational or illogical as a 3 or 4 year old, even women with University degrees and succesful careers.
        It boggles the mind how they can be so irrational.

        I will never fully understand the female mind – how can anyone understand something that is complete chaos ???- but I am understanding better how to deal with it as I am getting older.

        Intelligent, rational, reasonable women who have enough general knowledge ( and who are not brainwashed by the current PC/feminist/liberal insanity ) are so rare I am always pleased when I can have a conversation with one…

        Which makes me still not fully convinced you really are a woman… ; -)


      • on October 1, 2012 at 9:23 am gunslingergregi

        your in the wrong place probably and get a woman with no degree is the key


      • on October 1, 2012 at 9:25 am gunslingergregi

        unless it is an exception to the rule but really degrees seem to make them dangerous in a bad way rather than learning things on their own. look at all the people talkin bout causation and whatever seems like the only thing they teach you in college or something


      • I have to agree with you on the college thing, because all they teach em in those know-nothing universities is garbage nonsense – the women especially get bitcherizzed and masculinized in schools. When I get a chance, I’ll post a story about what happened to me once in college with one professor. But better than a woman with no college degree, is a traditional woman. I think that’s what he needs. He needs a kindhearted woman with a bit of humility and some good-old fashion values mixed in just for good measure. In fact, I recommend it for most men posting here. Problem is finding one is easier said than done. Also, that kind of woman doesn’t put up resistance doing things for her man.


      • on October 2, 2012 at 8:17 am gunslingergregi

        yea there are plenty of hard charging woman who are feminine just they are found in wierd places in the west and a lot more in the east


      • Interesting. Funny thing is, I am in a similar situation. I married
        a woman I met at a Libertarian rally more than 30 years ago,
        and I am now a widower. She was one of the few who were
        “good enough”, IQ of the charts but in a different direction than
        mine. I am now a widower. And most women just don’t interest me. In fact most men don’t either (no I am not gay but I mean that most men are not worth talking to for more than five minutes, as far as I am concerned).

        And by the way, my mother tongue is not English, either.

        And I believe many people on this blog share some of the same characteristics, to varying degrees. Of course, one solution is to stay away from LTRs and use women for fun – this is not a criticism; most men can deal with a woman’s shortcomings and just have a romp in the hay. And yes, many people in this blog are or at least started out being ugly ducklings or at least without any game whatsoever. And I suspect at least marginal cases of Aspbergers are common here. Consider this a self-help group, with CH as the leader of the group therapy.

        (Long paren: I could write pages about group therapy, which takes many forms. Consider especially “directed group therapy: This process is value-neutral but can be used for good or evil. Among the examles:

        Weight Watchers
        Alcoholics Anonymous and similar self-help gropus
        “Brain washing” as practiced by North Korea.
        See also the Bugs Bunny in Disneyland. Google for
        Bugs Bunny Disneyland
        You will find among other hits

        There is lots more on the subject, people who try to outdo each other on who has the juiciest memories of Bugs Bunny in Disneyland. End long paren)

        So, again, this blog is partly a rumpus room for high-achieving men, some of whom have or have had problems with women.


        P.S. However, I find the statement
        “women are neither very sensitive nor delicate nor feminine nor motherly.”
        curious, and presumably derived from some standard of “feminine” that
        is too high. The statement says more about the speaker than about women
        in general.


      • “P.S. However, I find the statement
        “women are neither very sensitive nor delicate nor feminine nor motherly.”
        curious, and presumably derived from some standard of “feminine” that
        is too high. The statement says more about the speaker than about women
        in general.”

        I’m a woman and I’m telling you Canadian Friend is every close to the truth with this statement, especially the kindness part. Women are not as kind as we all think they are, and in my opinion men can be a lot kinder to women than woman are to other women or to men. If I had to go in front of a female judge or a male judge, I’d choose the male judge over the female one without a second thought. Just some food for thought there for you.


      • I was not arguing the facts but the logic. “Most women aren’t very feminine”. What does that mean. It sounds to me like “most women are way below the median in femininity”, which is logically impossible. My point is that the writer has a notion of “very feminine” that, according to the writer, most women fail to fulfill. Or else “very feminine” means something like “above the 90th percentile, a level which most women fail to exceed by definition. “Very feminine” us just to fuzzy a definition.



      • Thor, I can’t reply to you below so I’ll do it here.

        “How can you be judgmental or consider “bad behavior” without some standard of good and evil?”

        Agreed! I just didn’t want to go into more details in this piece, which I enjoyed writing for Canadian Friend. But since you mentioned it, I have to agree that you can’t consider what is good and evil, or what is the right thing to do without having the standards – the answers key, is what I call it. So what is our standard? What should be the standard?

        None of us would have known the difference between good and evil, or what is the right thing to do, had it not been for that one place where all of this is laid out for us. And don’t think for a second that human psyche and rational wouldn’t justify bad behavior. Even the worst sins against humanity have been justified and rationalized by people who didn’t consider the answers key, as we have seen throughout the 20th century.

        Therefore, the only place to consult is the law in the Bible, which is the bedrock of western civilization – its very soul. The soul of the West is the Bible (while the brain is Greek). The soul is highly connected to spirituality, hence good and evil, right and wrong, are spiritual issues that can’t be qualitatively measured by the intellect. That’s why Biblical law should be our guideline. I believe the main reason for the West thriving over the East is the direct result of its adoption of Biblical values and principles. Even Common Law, the British Justice system, which is the basis of the law in all English-speaking countries including the USA, is based highly on Biblical doctrines, even though the liberals would never admit it.

        So to answer your question, “How can you be judgmental or consider “bad behavior” without some standard of good and evil?,” the law in the Bible is the standard. There is nothing else for humanity that has been a better or a more faithful guide. When it was taken out of the public schools, it was the beginning of the end for the West.

        Your next point is exactly related to this as well, “Women in academia: It is quite possible for women (and for men) to be intelligent and rational about an academic subject, or any other work-related issue, and yet be irrational in their personal lives.”

        Bingo!!!! People compartmentalize issues. In one compartment, they’ll rationalize one thing is bad to do, and in another comportment, they’ll rationalize another thing is OK to do, even though both things might be related and the same standards should be adhered to. Therefore, people are inconsistent and hypocritical, not to mention self-serving, which is how they justify and rationalize different types of impropriety. Likewise, in work-related issues, people could act like they know what they’re doing and make good and rational decisions, as a result of training, while in personal issues like sex, religion, and politics, they’re total idiots and find ways to justify and rationalize the worst behavior possible, since they never took a moment to think and consider the consequences of their choices.

        Lastly, regarding education, you should suggest to your granddaughter’s parents to pull her out of public school and put her in private school or home school her, unless they want a disaster brewing on their hands. I realize it’s an expenditure while public education is free, but public education in this country is worthless. There was a time when people graduating from high school had the same level of knowledge as one getting a bachelor’s degree today. It’s the dumbing down of our society. This is how low we sunk in quality throughout all social areas, not just education.


      • NiteLily’s comments within quotes.
        “That’s why Biblical law should be our guideline. I believe the main reason for the West thriving over the East is the direct result of its adoption of Biblical values and principles.”

        Oddly enough, although I am an agnostic, I agree. The Ten Commandments are optimized to reduce intra-tribal strife, and it makes whatever tribe that adopts them much stronger. This is factual, whether you believe in divine inspiration or not.

        “Even Common Law, the British Justice system, which is the basis of the law in all English-speaking countries including the USA, is based highly on Biblical doctrines, even though the liberals would never admit it.”

        Actually, Anglo-Saxon Common Law and its brethren such as Norse Common Law are based on Germanic tradition that pre-dates Christianity, at least in those parts of the world.

        Further, you talk about people who have one set of beliefs for some issues, and another set for other issues, typically in a very self-serving manner. Well, some people seem immune to cognitive dissonance, which almost seems
        strange to me.

        Finally, about my granddaughter, the parents will never spring for private school, the mother is utterly unaware of the value of education, and the father is only marginally aware. And I cannot, at this point, spring for it. Sadly.




      • on October 1, 2012 at 11:24 am gunslingergregi

        its like my counseler said about my wife feeding me and basically doing anything for me its the culture or something and then when american chicks do it because they are desperate lolzzzzz
        she like she wouldn’t feed her man i’m surrreee
        then she says well maybe for a hundred dollars hahahahahahahaha
        but seriously what is with the chicks with degrees thinking they aren’t supposed to do shit for their men.
        Not that bitches with degrees don’t feed me too.


      • on October 1, 2012 at 11:32 am gunslingergregi

        then the same dumass bitch gonna stress about doing shit her work wants her to do and stress about i mean god dam are degreed woman fucking stupid


      • What is your IQ?


      • on October 2, 2012 at 8:15 am gunslingergregi

        iq is a joke mine can’t be measured


      • Canadian friend,

        Thank you for your detailed reply. I noticed your insight and experiences with women have touched a nerve here as you can see by the many responses your comment has triggered. I‘m glad I asked you because I think that the Alpha/Beta guy is not discussed here as much, since so many men are afraid to admit they have both sides to their personality. In my opinion, to understand what makes women tick (however screwed up they are at times), a man needs to be able to put himself in the woman’s shoes and try to feel and think like her. Same thing with men; to understand them, a woman needs to be willing to put herself in a man’s shoes and try to feel and think like him. Unfortunately, I find men can do this better than women can, as women are much more narcissistic and egocentric, almost like children are. It’s especially true for a woman who hasn’t been taught to cultivate the analytical side of her brain or to understand her emotions, which basically describes most liberal/non-traditional women.

        I think Alpha/Beta is the most desirable way for a man to be. I have mentioned in another thread that my ideal man is an Alpha that has some beta elements slightly softening his alpha nature, because a pure Alpha male might be too much of a caveman for most girls looking for love and a real relationship. My ideal man is an Alpha willing to fall in love and get married – build a home together. Not some rascal who lives his whole life to bed as many women as possible, collecting notches on his belt. I’ll leave those types of men to women looking to sleep around. It’s not for me.

        In any case, again I agree with you 100% on everything you have written here. I have to quote you because you are spot on: “…..most people are not highly sensitive; they usually do not give a crap about other people. It is a myth (that got even bigger with the feminist movement) or misconception that being sensitive is a female thing ; most women are neither very sensitive nor delicate nor feminine nor motherly.“

        I want to add to this that one of the reasons most people don’t care about other people is the deliberate demise in our society of good-old-fashion values. Once we removed the notion of good and evil and made people feel judgmental and intolerant when speaking out against various degrees of bad behavior, people’s decency went out the window along with those good-old-fashion values. People don’t really know how to behave. I find women displaying this in more devious ways than men. It’s not blatant disregard, but behind the scenes, they pull the strings against men and traditional values in all the social circles like in academia, the courts, the armed forces, the private sector, and anywhere else they can insert the government to grab power form those who earned it, and transfer it to those that didn’t and never will. Therefore, I blame mostly women for the deliberate demise of good-old-fashion values, as well as the end of traditional marriage. Pretty soon, all marriage is going to be seen as an old-fashion notion looked down upon by the mainstream. Birth rates will plummet even more, as women with traditional values increasingly become relics (sigh), which brings me to your next point.

        I’ll quote you again: “Well… humans are a mystery to me as I feel like an alien most of the time but women even more as most of them are so irrational. Most women are about as irrational or illogical as a 3 or 4 year old, even women with University degrees and succesful careers. It boggles the mind how they can be so irrational.”

        Believe me I know this. I fight with them all day long. They call me a female woman hater. I explain that I don’t hate women, only trying to open their eyes to the truth, but to no avail. I have said this also in another thread here that you can’t reason with a liberal woman, she’ll exasperate you, and you’ll be wasting your time. Hence, I can understand your frustrations with them. No one could reach them, even if you can prove you’re right beyond a reasonable doubt. It’s why I call women delusional, and the older they get the more delusional they become. At least younger girls are more open to suggestion. Delusional people have strongly held beliefs, despite superior evidence to the contrary. Delusions are always pathological. Thus, delusional people are beyond help. There is no talking to delusional people. I have tried to tell feminist non-wed women that married women don’t need the government. The government is taking the place of the husband while it’s curtailing the freedoms of all the people, as it’s morphing into the nanny from hell. So you know what they tell me? They say I am too young to understand that you can’t trust a man and that I am setting myself up…. yada, yada, yada. To those idiots, the government is more trustworthy than men. LOL! Last time I checked, it was various governments that waged mass murder on their citizens, not private corporations, or strong men protecting their families.

        Lastly three things:

        First, I wish you’d believe me – I am a female, no fooling. We’re discussing too many important things here to play games. I believe that I think differently from most women because I was raised by conservative parents who taught both my sister and I to think for ourselves based on guidelines that we already know are true. Therefore, any nonsense we heard in the media or academia we learned to tune out. And we’re not the product of the public schools either. We went to private schools. I realize we‘re a rare breed, but there are women who think like us. Not many, but they exist.

        Second, your English is excellent; it doesn’t sound like a second language. I say you write better than many American products of the public schools, or college graduates. Education is not as good as it used to be a few decades ago, but that’s another discussion.

        Third, don’t despair looking for the “one.” As the old adage goes, every pot has a cover. I love to remind people that there is always hope, as long as one doesn’t give up the fight. You’ll find someone worthy of you, as you put it. In the meantime, as another reader said it here (Thor), don’t be a loner. Enjoy whatever women you have at your disposal for short-term fun. As far as we know, it’s still not a crime to enjoy women.


      • In general, I agree, nice piece. However:

        “Once we removed the notion of good and evil and made people feel judgmental and intolerant when speaking out against various degrees of bad behavior,”
        Logic somersault again. How can you be judgmental or consider “bad behavior” without some standard of good and evil?

        Women in academia: It is quite possible for women (and for men) to be intelligent and rational about an academic subject, or any other work-related issue, and yet be irrational in their personal lives.

        “Delusions are always pathological”. Yeah, by definition.

        “taught both my sister and I”
        … and me

        “American products of the public schools”
        My granddaughter brought home a booklet produced by her school, about various presidents, which informed her that “FDR was elected to three terms” and that “Obama is this countries current president”. I believe we should re-introduce corporal punishment in schools, but start with the teachers.



      • Women? A mystery??
        lol lolz lmao


      • I think women are a mystery to men and that’s the reason so many of you are reading here. Ha ha ha….If you knew all about females you wouldn’t be so captivated by the Chateau.

        For all their faults, there is no shame in admitting that women can be mysterious and mystical creatures. Especially a woman you fell for. There is just something about her that’s very magical and elusive. Men’s essence is extroverted and unconcealed; with women their essence is all internal. That’s why it’s a mystery. No shame in admitting that.


      • Women are no longer a mystery since the Mystery Method.
        And CH is the last place where you wanna throw that line.


      • Not really. Women are painfully obvious. Intellectually shallow, materialistic, irrational, spiteful. The mystery only lies in how to deal with and control them properly.


      • “Women are no longer a mystery since the Mystery Method.
        And CH is the last place where you wanna throw that line.”

        LOL! I’ll stick to my guns on that one for now.


        And this is for Turbo (below):

        Like I said, for all their faults they are still nothing like men; hence lies the mystery. And, if you’re still trying to figure out how to deal and control them effectively, then they are still a mystery.

        BTW, Intellectually shallow, irrational, and spiteful, I’ll agree with 100%. However, materialistic, men can be afflicted with it too, except it’s called greed not materialism when men are influenced by it.

        But honestly, there is nothing wrong with materialism/greed, so long as one isn’t sacrificing the soul for it. i.e. a woman marrying a man she doesn’t love just for his money. Otherwise, I have no problems with people wanting to be wealthy or making money. Too many people dumping on wealthy people in our society with Obama and his minions calling them greedy. Appalling!


  31. Encouraging news from my homeland. They generally suppress reality up there.


  32. Of course, the alternative explanation is this: the type of couple likely to divide housework is probably less “traditional,” meaning that the two would be more likely to consider divorce if things weren’t going well. A couple that is into the whole division of labor thing is less likely to view divorce as an option in the first place…the study doesn’t say that women doing housework are happier than other women — they are “as happy,” but less likely to divorce. They could very well be miserable in their marriages and still be completely against divorce.

    Obviously, this is all speculation. But the study shows a correlation, not a causation — and you’re jumping to conclusions.


    • It’s always “jumping to conclusions” and “correlation not causation!” when the result doesn’t favor the female will to power.

      Blacks living in high crime areas? Correlation not causation.

      Non-traditional couples divorcing more than traditional? Correlation not causation.

      Vegetarianism and infertility? Correlation not causation.

      Jews in government and disastrous social / economic / international policy? Correlation not causation.

      Mass-immigration from Latin America and the rise of latrino gangs in American cities? Correlation not causation.

      “Sexually liberated” white girls and hundreds of thousands of F-1 Asians on campus and the disappearance of white men from the same? Correlation not causation.

      “Sexually liberated” white girls and the rise of Asperger’s among young white males? Correlation not causation.

      “Sexually liberated” white girls tramping through inner-cities at night in miniskirts and heels after bar-hopping, and rape? Correlation not causation.

      Just jumping to conclusions all over the place are we. It’s never right when a cunt is proved to be wrong.

      Welp, back to the old drawing board, Heartiste! I guess all these thousands of posts have been neatly called into question by ANDREA who reminds us that CORRELATION IS NOT CAUSATION and feels we are JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS.


    • I can see that you’re not a sexually satisfied woman. A sexually satisfied woman wants to please her man.


    • Hey Andrea. Good to see you here. Lay it down for the boys, cause you’re the real deal… and I think you could learn a few things here that would increase your own personal happiness.


  33. Above all else, women want to secure a place in the clan… yes, the higher the place the better. Performing menial tasks that are necessary to the survival of the clan secures that place. It’s the same with children. They want to know that they are needed and valued by the clan. To not put your woman to work for the greater need of the clan is to deprive her of this primal need, and she will be unsatisfied for it. It’s not that difficult. Delegate with clear boundaries. Those delegated to, will love you for it.


    • This is another way of putting what I was saying above about servants breeding parasitism. Its well explained here.


    • If people aren’t given satisfaction in serving the clan, they will work towards its destruction.


      • Since when can niggers be in the klan?


      • Dude, seriously, stop being a loser. If you’re going to talk shit on behalf of some group, at have enough respect for that group to learn and implement proper English and grammar. Otherwise, that group is better off with you keeping your mouth shut when it comes to representing that group. Just concentrate on yourself until you’re respectable enough to represent a larger group. You are embarrassing.


  34. OT:

    59. Teletubi says:
    September 1, 2012 at 11:54 am

    I usually don’t post here. But I got to get this off of my chest, and there are really no other place to talk about this. Ever since I’ve been a very small child, I’ve been “excited” whenever I thought about women being dominated by a man and worse. I can not be with a partner without me fantasizing about more extreme circumstances. I am a woman myself.

    I’ve taken the step to no longer engage in sexual activities until I’m no longer affected in that way by extreme pictures (like the third picture in this article).
    I’m convinced I’ve gotten this way by mass-media. There’s no way I could have been born with such a sick mind?


  35. This post is dedicated to Will Wilkinson.


  36. Yeah, no surprises here. When a husband tries to split housework he’s lowering himself and, in her eyes, has ceased to be a man whether she admits it consciously or not…that’s when the jig is up. The funny thing is that before I started reading CH, I probably would’ve been like “wait, what, but why????????”….now I’m like “yup, figures”.

    In the words of Patrice O’Neal, women don’t want to win, they want a winner. All the omegas and white knights on feminism’s leash can’t seem to realize that basic truth.


  37. Nice, I started a thread about this on RVF earlier in the week


  38. LMAO


  39. Its not if you split the housework.

    Its if you split it because of her or because you decided to on your own.


  40. Jobs I have never done; running laundry, serving meals (even when I cook), ironing, mopping. Not in 26 years.


  41. All the commentators on jezzebel are just rambling incoherently about how they hate how their husbands load the dishwasher

    Self awareness fail


    • First time and last time i ever looked at jezzebel what a mess of hamster pellets (not the food kind)


    • Logic fails on women.
      We’ll have to lead them out of feminism, or watch our ethnic group die.


      • Yea? Your buddy whorefinder’s a kike. Are kikes on our side?


      • lol. Still not Jewish, little man. Nice try.


      • You’re a Jew or compromised by a Jew. Or you are so egotistical that you have really convinced yourself that an abstract political orientation (“leftism”) is more fundamental to Jews than their ethnic identity.

        Any case: you are a philo-semite who comes down all the harder on the hapless darkies for being willfully or necessarily blind to Jewish involvement in empowering/apologizing for them.

        You’re probably old and can’t change your thinking. That’s fine. By the way, the condescension act is useless. You are hiding something and you know it.


      • @uh:

        You’re a Jew
        –No, I am not.

        or compromised by a Jew
        —What does that mean? I have had black and Jewish friends; I’m not compromised on niggers, am I?

        Or you are so egotistical that you have really convinced yourself that an abstract political orientation (“leftism”) is more fundamental to Jews than their ethnic identity.
        —-Nigger, what? No, I just notice that leftism is the enemy here, and that removing Jews does little to destroy that enemy.

        Any case: you are a philo-semite who comes down all the harder on the hapless darkies
        —Hapless darkies! lmao. Yes, niggers don’t know they’re savages. Got it. This is all just one long winded way of excusing black behavior, again; this time, by blaming the Jews. A novel approach to me.

        for being willfully or necessarily blind to Jewish involvement in empowering/apologizing for them.
        —As I have repeatedly stated, the vast majority of leftist nigger-lovers are non-Jews. Their empowering of niggers will not end with Jews being removed from the population. Leftism is what has given rise to darkies and allowed their pathologies to fester, and leftism is not dependent on Jews.

        Are you really this daft?

        . By the way, the condescension act is useless.
        —“Stops hurting my feelins, yo!”

        You are hiding something and you know it.
        —lol. My secret bar mitzfah!


      • p.s. I’m sick of this shit on Heartiste. Take up any further arguments with me and my “compromised jewishness” (or whatever excuse you have now) on my blog.


      • What are exactly your grievances against jews? Parasitism? Leftism?

        I’m confused because there’s also a leftist anti-semitism, blaming jewish bankers and businessmen for “capitalism”. Do you consider that to be parasitism too?

        Then you would be anti-“capitalist”. Thus socialist. Or national-socialist; which also happens to be leftism.

        NSDAPism will never make sense to me. Your guide was ranting against marxismus and at the same time endorsed the essential part of the marxist economic doctrine.

        You guys got it right on the social spectrum, but your economic views are inspired by jews, but that doesn’t prevent you from wanting to burn them all.

        Instead you should be grateful, because you both share the same goal of burning the pillars upon which the West was built.


      • uh
        “You’re a Jew or compromised by a Jew.”

        Whats that look like?


      • Paul Newman?


      • “No, I just notice that leftism is the enemy here, and that removing Jews does little to destroy that enemy.”
        Exactly right! The enemy is leftism, not Jews. Not all Jews are leftist anyway, and Judaism is as anti-left as a religion comes. It’s modern Jews (Jews in name only) misinterpreting Judaism that are leftists. Carle Marx was Jewish, but he hated Judaism and never practiced it, so he misinterpreted some verses in the Bible instructing us to care for the poor, the widow, and the orphan. Those instructions are intended for individual people to encourage compassion for the downtrodden, but they’re a choice not a must. They aren’t instructions for governments or for the collective to spend tax money on the misfortunate. Charity and good deeds in general have to be an individual choice, so that one can reap reward for his good deeds by God. It can’t be something one is compelled to do because then it ceases to be a good deed. It becomes involuntary, and no reward is bestowed on involuntary action. Marx and the subsequent liberals that followed his ideology don’t understand this.

        BTW, liberals also hate Jews since they equate them with having money and they hate everyone with wealth, always looking for schemes and reasons to make sure less money remains in the hands of the people. Also, liberals equate Jews with the Bible and God’s Law and they loath that law since it’s anti all of their policies, including homosexuality and curtailing individual rights. Jews are so blind they can’t see that liberals are not their friend.

        I can go on forever about this with many more examples, but suffice it to say that Liberals are the enemy, not Jews. I don’t care if they are white, black, man, woman, Jewish or Christian. Liberals must go.


      • Your points on that charity has to be individual choice are theologically sound and commonsensically sound.



      • But I’ll agree with you here. Men definitely have to do the leading out of feminism.


    • Haha, so true. The evidence is not only right in front of them, it’s also coming out of their own mouths.


  42. on September 30, 2012 at 4:46 am gunslingergregi

    I knew that shit in 4th grade when i refused to do the fucking dishes


  43. […] Don’t Split The Housework If You Want The Love To Last « Chateau Heartiste […]


  44. OMG …

    Comments are interesting, too.

    “I could give a shit what she does, I am just totally disgusted by men who prize virginity, it’s incredibly creepy. If you want good sex, you don’t look for a virgin, so their intent is just pure perviness.”

    “Yeah, I’m freaked out by guys who will pay money for an intact hymen. They are essentially turned on by you being child-like. Creepy as fuck.”

    “who would pay to have sex with someone with no experience? You are paying money (a lot of it) for an inevitably awkward and uncomfortable experience. So unappealing.”

    “Part of me feels annoyed that virginity is so prized it can be commodified like this, and then the other half of me is annoyed I only got shame for my first time, instead of a cool 160 grand.”

    And read this … terms and conditions …

    “The female virgin will undergo a medical examination by an accredited gynecologist and provide the winning bidder with medical evidence of her virginity. The virgin must provide a document from the gynecologist that certifies her claim to virginity. The accompanying medical certificate will be a statutory declaration that supports her claim to virginity.

    Given the difficulty in certifying a male’s claim to virginity we ask that you take into consideration the chosen participant, his story and his demeanor when considering his claims to sexual abstinence. Although there can be no medical examination to prove the male’s virginity, the male and two family members will provide statutory declarations to support his claim.

    The virgin must engage in sexual intercourse with the highest bidder. The penis entering the vagina defines consummated sex in this instance.”

    “The winning bidder cannot:

    – Kiss the virgin.”

    “the minimum consummation time is one hour.”


  45. on September 30, 2012 at 6:17 am gunslingergregi

    how often do woman abandon babies that need them to do everything for them not very fucking often why they fucking know they are needed and they like that feeling. My woman know i need them cause i just won’t do a shitload of things.


  46. on September 30, 2012 at 7:01 am gunslingergregi

    whats up with the middle class has higher divorce rate when over 1 million times it has been saying they have a lower divorce rate than the poor
    higher divorce rate than who martians lol


  47. The only thing Jizzabel is good for is throwing a grenade in there and then walking away.

    Rattling the cage is one of the many ways I entertain myself.


  48. on September 30, 2012 at 7:08 am gunslingergregi

    and for those guys who say well what about cooking she is a shit cook i have to do it so its good again your fucking up.
    She needs to be working at that shit and every time she tries she is trying for YOU
    if she is not she don’t give a fuck
    you taking over some area where she is deficient like she can’t do it is competing with her and yea sure a guy could compete with a woman in every facet of household chores and win but you don’t win is the whole point you lose.
    just like the sick bitches that come on here talking bout strapping it on to compete in that area with a man lol ahh i don’t think that gonna be win win either


  49. What does everybody think of outside-the-house work? My wife is very traditional (i was her first, she was 22) She does all of the laundry and the cleaning. I do the yard work, car maintenance, and pay the bills. She cooks 90% of the time (I grill a fair amount). She also works full time.


  50. I think the lesson here is that while keeping a housewife (or woman who’s primary responsibility is in the home) will fuck you over if you do get divorced, it will make you less likely to divorce. Division of labor coupled with tight relationship game is a recipe for a happy marriage. Everybody here goes on about parasitism and alimony, but if you’re really going to enter into a marriage you should be planning for its success not for its failure.


  51. Men are supposed to do productive work. Past a bare minimum, housework is not productive. Unproductive work is a waste of time, and should only be done if you enjoy whatever unproductive work you’re doing (ex. Sports). If you don’t enjoy it, then you’re doing it because you’re a bitch. Deep down women get this, and will treat you accordingly.


  52. “A man may work from dusk to dawn, but a woman’s work is never done”

    If this were ever true (ha!), it never ceases to amaze that women still act as if it were.

    The martyrdom syndrome is galling and should be slapped down every time.


  53. Sorry, CH, but this time I believe that you have barked up the wrong tree.

    Mainly, correlation is not causation, as you and many others have pointed out from time to time. The simpler explanation of the data is that women who are OK with doing all or most of the housework are ipso facto those that are less likely to dump their husbands, to begin with.

    I know at least two marriages where the wife divorced their respective husbands at least largely over being sick of getting stuck with housework.
    One of them involved my sister, the other a very good friend.

    Now, there are probably counterexamples, but the “statistic” do not prove anything at all.


    • Housework is all the work left over when a man’s work is done, like yard work, mechanical work, electrical work, plumbing, carpentry, hunting, farming, and of course, real job work. Women do housework because they’re not really capable of doing a man’s work.

      If a man is doing housework, it’s because he can’t bring man’s work to the table. And, if he gets left for not doing housework it’s because he couldn’t bring enough man’s work to the table.

      Running game is also part of a man’s work, since women aren’t capable of sustaining the gina tingle on there own.


    • I agree with Thor. If they are not OK with doing most of the housework, it won’t matter whether the man helps or not. The marriage is doomed.


    • “I know at least two marriages where the wife divorced their respective husbands at least largely over being sick of getting stuck with housework.

      I really doubt this was the principal reason. Women initiate divorce because they think they have more to gain — emotionally and economically — from walking away from their vows. They may give the ol’ “he won’t share in the housework” or “he won’t communicate with me” as a convenient excuse, but ultimately it’s because womend can divorce men so easily these days that they do divorce men for such stupid-ass reasons.


    • Yup, correlation is not causation. As a matter of fact the type of women that are demanding castrating wives are more likely to “find” something to get a divorce over.


  54. For the longest time, I had a great problem with questioning love. I seriously considered going Sufi because I couldn’t bear the thought of living without love, of having a life without love; it was the absolute for me, I guess you could say.
    At the root of my desire for love was the persistent, erroneous belief to which I was clinging – ‘I have to have love/be in love to be happy.’ I eradicated this belief by realizing that it was, after all, a belief, and I thought about how much more interesting life had been since I began the breakdown of my social identity.

    When I gave up my belief – suddenly a potential girlfriend came into my life. The great thing about her sudden appearance is that it gave me a first-hand opportunity to watch how love functioned inside of me.

    Okay, so I learned REALLY fast the negative side of love – the sense of longing for the person when they weren’t present, the disappointment after sexual contact, the jealousy and worry over their whereabouts, the dependency, the fear that the other party would perhaps commit adultery – and so, too, I quickly decided that I wasn’t going to deal with this love thing any longer. I find it humorous that my friend, Richard, referred to love as a ‘holy cow’ (or something similar) at some point when describing his experiences during the period where he was ‘enlightened.’ Then again, that description is pretty accurate.

    Something interesting that I recalled today was that long ago, I had realized that ‘love’ was somehow based in the instincts, especially romantic love. That is, I understood that ‘love’ was intimately related to the human sex drive, and that the driving force beneath all those sugary-sweet words was to fuck (no sense in sugar coating the word at this point, either; in fact, making the point in crude language further emphasizes the falsehoods of love). So in other words, love is about some sort of trade-off, ‘I’ll be nice and sweet to you as long as you make my sex organs feel good, as long as you make my life meaningful, as long as I have you to live for.’ In some respects, love is largely a socially acceptable way of expressing sexual instincts.

    Another point is that it goes back to the condemnation of the physical world, i.e., ‘sex is bad because the body is bad because being physical is bad because the physical world is less than the spiritual world.’

    What nonsense!

    So with questioning my belief in love, a whole ‘pillar’ of my social identity began to topple! Not only do I not need love to be happy, I do not need a relationship (though it is an option, a choice I can freely make) to be happy, I do not need sex to be happy, I do not need a companion to be happy. Because I do not need a relationship to be happy, I do not need to struggle to feel ‘alpha.’ Because I do not need to struggle to feel ‘alpha,’ I can accept my mind as-it-is. Because I can accept my mind as-it-is, I can more readily accept other people as-they-are. Because I do not need to struggle to feel alpha, I do not need to compete with other males to attempt to gain more partners than they, I do not need to concern myself with an individual’s sexual identity to see if they are a possible companion, I do not need to concern myself with whether or not the person is beautiful enough for me, I do not need to justify my self-perceived ‘level’ of beauty by attempting to impose upon another my perceived level of their beauty, and so on and so forth. Because I do not need to feel ‘alpha enough’ to attract a companion, I do not have to feel fear of rejection for not being alpha enough.

    So the tag-team days of nurture and desire are quickly ending. Yay! I thought I would write these things here so that others might benefit from them; I’m sure others who come on here have had similar experiences to mine. My focus is shifting more to dealing with death and my persistent belief that something endures after physical death.

    Obviously, the root is fear, and what a fear it is!

    On to peace, happiness, and harmlessness, baby!


    • ” love is largely a socially acceptable way of expressing sexual instincts. ”

      Oh yes. And it is – or at least was – a fantastically useful social constructs.
      The old Hebrews understood this, thus the commandment about adultery.

      The point is, pairing people off in monogamous relationships that are socially enforced is useful to the tribe, in that it lessens (like all the “practical” commandments among the 10) the amount of intra-tribal strife, freeing up time and energy for work that is not zero-sum or negative-sum.

      Makes people work on building instead of hustling each other’s wives. Pretty successful, that one. Works whether you believe in the underlying theology or not, as long as there are social penalties for breaking the rules.



    • You probably would have helped those who may be interested a little more by at least plugging the book: Eckhart Tolle ” A New Earth”


  55. Sufism was/is just hippy bullshit. Rumi only wrote poetry to get his dick wet.


  56. […] Chateau Heartiste – Don’t Split The Housework […]



    In the comments section all the women are saying that if they think the guy is relationship material they won’t hook up with him but if they think he isn’t then they will.

    If there is a better reason not to be relationship material, I don’t know what it is.

    There is nothing more twisted than women thinking forcing a guy to pay full price for what she would have otherwise given him for free had he not expended such effort to become long-term material, is some sort of a reward.

    It’s not a reward, it’s a loss. And when you reward ‘supposedly’ good behaviour with losses instead of gains, expect less of that behaviour. Stupid broads.


    • chris
      In the comments section all the women are saying that if they think the guy is relationship material they won’t hook up with him but if they think he isn’t then they will.
      Makes sense, but maybe not for the reasons you think. Hook up culture for girls means they take on masculine traits such as being much more willing to make a sexual investment in another person and less willing to make an emotional one. The emotional one is much more dangerous to get dumped from.
      Girls don’t like getting their hearts broken, so they fuck guys they don’t consider husband material…


      • That was his point. Don’t be relationship material to these sluts if you want to get laid.


      • My point is, a guy can be so hot a girl will not sleep with him despite all the asshole game he uses. Have you not experienced that?


    • They’re not stupid. Their strategy has worked for millions of years.
      It seems stupid now because you educated yourself, but if anything, most of us men are born stupid and clueless to women’s games.


      • No it is stupid…now. The internet made it that way. I get your point that it worked for millions of years, but in 2012 there is google and facebook..


  58. on October 1, 2012 at 7:18 am freedomloverboy

    In general, everyday chores should be done by women (cleaning, doing the dishes, everyday cooking). If there is something important that must be done right (such as repairs), the man ought to step up or risk disaster.


  59. An interesting passage from a blog post I was reading.

    “The formulaic ending of the romantic adventure is that whereas the innocent, submissive heroine may earlier have been sexually deflowered by the alpha hero, now he’s emotionally deflowered by her. Her Magic Hoo Hoo has, after all, both tamed and conquered him, so at last he may become the strong, steady, safe and protective mate of the heroine’s dreams.”

    Women want to emotionally deflower men.


    • Hence why men who’re too emotional, sappy and overly-reliable are a put-off: They’re used goods.


  60. There was an interesting BBC series on TV a few years ago called 1900 House. You can find the whole thing on YouTube. It took a modern middle-class family and put them in a house with only 1900 technology, clothes, etc. One of the constant topics of conversation was housework. They had to do it all day long!

    Of course, being a BBC production, the whole point of the show was to demonstrate how awful life supposedly was before the days of modern socialism and feminism. But the result was that, to the Game-aware man, it only highlighted how far Western society has fallen.

    One of the most memorable lines came from the young maid the family finally hired to do some cleaning, because the mother in the family, a modern working-woman post-feminist scrunt, couldn’t hack it any longer. The maid was stunned at how much work was involved, just in basic stuff.

    She figured out right away that it was not politics or intellectuals that allowed feminism to take root — it was the vacuum cleaner and the dishwasher and clothes dryer, etc.

    Nowadays, housework takes a maximum of 1 hour per day. The way women typically do this hour of work is to allow it to expand to 6 hours, and even then, they constantly leave the clothes and dishes half-done in mid-cycle. With modern chemicals and devices, there’s just no excuse not to have a spotless house. My garage is one of the cleanest places I know. It’s like a laboratory in there.

    Men are supposed to get shit done. We do yard work, repair houses, and fix cars. Men’s work is usually outside, difficult, and occasionally dangerous.


  61. There is something a lot bigger going on in the results of this study than who does the chores around the house. Housework itself likely has nothing to do whatsoever with marital/relationship happiness. What the results indicate is this: couples adhering to traditional male/female sex roles are happier than today’s “modern” egalitarian partnerships. Those relationships where the women do the housework are much more likely to be generally conservative male/female relationships whereas those where the housework is shared are more likely “equal” modern relationships. That is why there is such a strong correlation to housework labor, even though housework itself doesn’t contribute anything as a cause to the happiness or lack thereof.

    Probably another key hidden variable in the results is that the more traditional couples (women doing housework), are also more likely one-income households with the woman staying home with children. In my estimation, this is the key factor to female happiness – once her SMV starts to decline, a woman’s relationship with her offspring becomes her primary drive. The woman who is doing all the housework is likely doing all the housework because she doesn’t have a job and she is home with her babies.

    There are a lot of correlations that stem from this. My guess is that women with hyphenated last names or who refuse to take their husband’s names also register less happiness than those who take their husband’s last name.

    In dealing with a girlfriend in her early twenties, I think one of the critical roles of the boyfriend is to help unlock her true natural desires. Without being an authoritative preacher about it, you have to begin a lifelong conversation with her about what she truly wants out of life. Do not be discouraged along the way. They have been programmed since birth to want to be careerist men. Their peer group does not speak highly of girls who drop out of the rat race to be good wives and mothers. You have to be her refuge and be understanding to the pressures she faces in her social world, while supporting her decisions to follow her true nature. The man also has to be strong and committed to her. If she thinks you are a cad, she’s not going to feel comfortable enough to put her professional life on hold to pursue a family with you. Every step she takes towards submitted to you she will be looking at your behavior with a very critical eye. It doesn’t mean you should be supplicating beta, but as she cautiously takes steps to follow your lead, you have reassure her with your behavior that you are there for her.


    • ” Their peer group does not speak highly of girls who drop out of the rat race to be good wives and mothers. ”
      And then there is the type of woman who NEITHER has a significant job (lesbian underwater macramé does not count ) NOR wants to take care of house/husband/children. You see, this stuff would interfere with her LIFE. What is left to the imagination is exactly what her “LIFE” is supposed to be about. My best guess is that her “LIFE” consists of lunching with her
      like-minded friends…



  62. I’d think living with a woman is hell…

    And I believe all women cheat. Even if you’re alpha. Long-term relationship is a fraud. It can only work when the husband has a lot of socially-enforced power in the home, which is not the case today. Even in those cases, women find ways to cheat a lot.


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  64. […] norsk studie [visar] att ju mer mannen arbetar hemma, desto högre sannolikheten är för skillsmässa. Delar man på […]


  65. Recent article asserting the opposite:

    “Among dual-earner couples, husbands with the least education do as much or more housework than their more educated counterparts. Men who have made these adjustments report happier marriages — and better sex lives.”

    [heartiste: the first part is unsurprising. husbands with low status — relative to their wives — have to compensate in other ways, one of which is puttering more diligently around the house. but what man worth his marbles wants that for a life?
    btw, cuntz didn’t provide a link for the above assertion in her article. i suspect feminist dissembling. wouldn’t be the first time.]


  66. “Divorce rates are far higher among “modern” couples who share the housework than in those where the woman does the lion’s share of the chores, a Norwegian study has found.”

    Of course – women do not want a man they can control who isn’t “dangerous” or otherwise exciting. A man who does the house work isn’t either of those things. So she’s going to dry up and be unhappy. When women get what they want, they will always be unhappy – so the simple solution is to never give her what she thinks she wants – because it is what will turn her off fastest. So if she demands you help with the house-work, toss her the keys to the car and tell her to change the oil and you’ll do the kitchen. Guaranteed to shut her up…

    Women want MEN, not eunuchs… That is why you can have sex with as many women as you want, and other women will ALWAYS come to you. Enjoy being a man – you really do have the best of all worlds. It’s just that most men do not use it for all that it is worth. Never do what a woman asks unless it is to bang her till she can’t see straight. Otherwise, pass…. She’ll bitch about you to all of her friends – which will get them hot for you as well…


    • on October 2, 2012 at 3:19 pm gunslingergregi

      Never do what a woman asks unless it is to bang her till she can’t see straight. Otherwise, pass…. She’ll bitch about you to all of her friends – which will get them hot for you as well…

      she’ll brag about you

      but yea true


  67. on October 2, 2012 at 9:12 am gunslingergregi

    yea they trying to get all the woman with degrees to think it would be cool to marry a house husband


  68. Actually completely false. There is nothing biological about gender roles. Look at other cultures. Ridiculousness.


    • Barf. I rarely criticize others on this blog or elsewhere, but the hypothesis that gender roles are entirely cultural has been soundly debunked many times. And, yes, looking at other cultures supports this.

      Sure, much of the details are culturally defined, but not the highlights. Paleolithic hunters do not work on cars. But put a six month old unrelated infant in a woman’s lap and she will start cooing. Very few men will. Anywhere on Earth. And yes, there are individual variations here, but this is the way to bet. Women TEND to do the caring jobs, men tend to go hunting or its modern equivalent in the office/factory/farm jungle.




  69. After reading most of the comments on this topic i am seriously asking myself what kind of women every one of you knows and/or dates.
    My parents are happily married for over 35 years and believe it or not, it’s not a sexless marriage. Both are working. Most of the time my mother is doing the household chores here deemed womanly. She’s cooking, cleaning,…but when she has to work on weekends my father is doing the cooking and basic cleaning. My fathers’ position as head od the house was never in question. My brother and i were brought up to know our way around everything there is to do in a house. From cooking to changing a fuse, gardening and renovating the roof. I’m married for over 12 years now. And just because my husband is sometimes cleaning the kitchen or doing the dishes, his position as “alpha” is never in any danger.
    The recipe for a good marriage or relationship is in helping each other and never taking anything the other does for granted.