Female Beauty Ranking: The Elusive 10

It is spoken of in reverent tones by men from all walks of life, yet who can honestly say they’ve seen, let alone banged, a genuine hard 10 in the real world? The 10 is perfect female beauty, above which there is no better, only differently perfect. Some men, vexed by the philosophical conundrum of perfection in a trait that is ultimately perceived in the deep recesses of the male brain, insist there is no such thing as a 10, only grades of 9 that asymptotically approach perfection, but never reach it. I do not agree with these poseur pseudo-aesthetes. Beauty is largely objective, and most men will agree with surprising uniformity how individual women rank in the beauty sweepstakes. Some rare women do live, and have lived, who possess the pinnacle of feminine beauty. Perhaps women will evolve toward ever greater beauty, in which scenario the 10s of today may very well be the 8s of tomorrow, but that is a discussion for another post. Here, we are concerned with what activates present day boners, not the boners of the far future.

This post attempts to capture the elusive 10 by discovering whether there can be widespread agreement among men that such women exist. I have chosen pics from the reader submitted female photo page that best represent the hottest that womankind has to offer. I have taken care to select women from different races and ethnicities to add an element of danger controversy curiosity to the voting. All of the following women were rated 10 by at least one reader (usually the original submitter of the photo), so my personal preference was kept to a minimum.

Your job is to rank the following photos. You will notice that the rankings only go from 7 to 10. That is because none of these women would be voted under a 7 by 99% of men in the world. The truncated ranking weeds out the nerds suffering from Internet Male Syndrome who will downgrade a hot chick for having pointy elbows. If you are one of these celibate dorks, understand that your opinion is of no consequence at all. And, likely, neither is your sad and lonely pecker.

If the true 10 exists in real life as opposed to fantasy, then there will be one or more photos from the collection below where the ranking clusters around the top score. A woman who scores, say, 60% or more “10” votes, could rightly be considered to be an actual 10. Majority male rule works when we accept the premise that most men share a mental template for what constitutes female beauty. Scientific evidence and real world observation suggest this premise is true.

Choosing from among all the photos the most beautiful was trickier than it sounds. I wanted a representative sample of non-photoshopped girls, so I tried to mix in some snapshot quality girls-next-door along with the celebrities. The problem with identifying 10s off the street is that their beauty is so rare and captivating they are soon swept from their humdrum daily lives and shuttled straight into the elite lifestyle of model, singer or actress. If you are a man who wants to deflower a 10 before she escapes to an insulated elite bubble, you had better go young; 18-21, and no older.

One more thing. There are likely some relatively minor differences between men of the big four races in their beauty preferences. It’s been widely noted by non-PC brainwashed automatons that black men, for instance, like bigger (some would say fatter) butts on their women. Conversely, Asian men may prefer flatter asses and broader faces. And white men may like longer legs and stronger cheekbones. These differences aren’t big enough to swamp the universal agreement among men on what satisfies the fundamental characteristics of female beauty (neoteny seems to be a universally shared preference), but that they probably exist means that an Ethiopian’s 10, while still beautiful, will look considerably different than a Finn’s 10. Given this, I’ve included a poll at the bottom asking you to identify your race. It will be interesting to see if, and how, the racial breakdown is reflected in the scores for each woman.

Related to this post: Agnostic has a good post on how beauty may have evolved in population groups that spent more time tending animals, and thus exposing themselves to greater parasite loads. (Beauty acts as a signaler that you have the genes to cope with disease.)

Put your dick back in your pants, and start the voting!

Rate Her (Boatgirl)

Rate Her (Lollygirl)

Rate Her (Cocoagirl)

Rate Her (Nextdoorgirl)

Rate Her (Butterycleavagegirl)

Rate Her (Zorrogirl)

Rate Her (Flawless)

Rate Her (Bolly...wood!)

Rate Her (Featheredhair)

Rate Her (Badactressbutwhocares)

Rate Her (Smooshedboobs)

Rate Her (Cockedheadgirl)

That’s it for the 10 voting. Now tell us your race.

My race is

Lightning Round!

Is there such a thing as a perfect body? Vote on the woman in this photo:

Rate Her (Bodfromthegods)

Beauty, like any other addiction, can often dull the senses if it is consumed absolute. The remedy is to stare at the beautiful woman when she is standing next to a plain or ugly woman. The difference is a stark reminder that beautiful women may as well be a separate species from unattractive women. Don’t believe me? Look at this pic:

The woman on the left is


  1. Using that set of pictures as sample, we conclude the female population is ~90% brunette


  2. There is no such thing as a an HB10 that you haven’t slept with. The last point to half point is ALWAYS earned on performance. I’m sure you wouldn’t buy a Lamborghini if it had a VW engine under the hood.

    That said, the scale also needs to be adjusted for geographic region. An HB 8 in Butte, Montana is an HB 5 in Los Angeles. You have to adjust the scale for concentration. Hot women don’t congregate in remote places, they go where they know their looks will serve them best. This then increases the standard for that place since the field of competition is deeper. An HB 9.5 in South Beach, Miami etc. is well beyond anything NYC, Houston or Chicago could offer up. The rating curve is more pronounced. Conversley a Miami HB 7, becomes an HB 9.5 in Boise, Idaho. However, after having lived in Hollywood, Las Vegas and Miami I think my standards are exceptionally high.


  3. Very difficult to do this with pictures. You do not forget seeing a 10 in person. It’s like knowing where you were during 9/11.


  4. Parsing the top women into ratings is a difficult yet pleasant affair.


  5. Most of those girls just don’t do it for me. I need a really pretty face.


  6. Roissy likes them skinny. He’d be the perfect wingman because I’d trade any one of these for a bustier babe. And East Europe is filled with the type shown here who are easy to meet.

    The black woman was my favorite because she had meat on her bones. I gave her a 9. It almost never happens that I’d prefer a non-white woman in a crowd of white girls. But she was my favorite above.

    In EE, I’ve found a lot of guys think like me in terms of wanting C cups or D cups and a bubble butt.

    Those similar to what I’d call a 10 – Mariah Carey when she was 19 – know they stand at the top of the hierarchy over here, at least with the type of big guy who insists on big breasted women.


  7. in an era of 27-step photoshop imaging, real folks seem a separate species from billboard and magazine images. This holds true for men as well as women.


  8. I was trying really hard to objectify these women and find the flaws, but my boner just wants to say 10 across the board.


  9. 9

    Lightning rd: she’s a 7


    Its weird rating white females because qualities that I look for big butt, hips, long hair, complexion, and FASHION SENSE are present in wihite females but they can become distorted ie… Orange tan, long hair is the norm, hips are present however they have to be in proportion.

    When I go out with my white buddys they always point out who’s hot and who’s not, just so I can have a better idea. Generally they rate younger (18-24), skinnier females highher than older females (24-30).

    And yes I have slept with a 10, she was 27… I knew she was a 10 when my black buddy and white buddy both told me to marry her.

    Great post


  10. Roissy,

    By Finnish did you mean the Saami people or the Uralic types?! I checked it just for the hell of it!

    And when’s the last time you’ve seen a Lapp that looks like this?



  11. My personal scale…

    7 = Pretty
    8 = Very Pretty, puts above average girls in their place
    9 = Her name rings out like Geronimo…so beautiful you know about her without even knowing her personally
    10 = She takes half in a divorce settlement and you’re not even mad about it

    My rankings…

    Boatgirl – 8, she has a very pretty face and better than average body

    Lollygirl – 7, she’s by far the weakest. I would have rated her a 6 if possible

    Cocoagirl – 9, after further review, the call on the field stands. It’s those almond eyes and that bangin’ backside.

    Nextdoorgirl – 7, she’s kinda regular…she’d have to say her name more than once for me to remember it

    Butterygirl – 8, she has a very pretty face, but she needs that ridiculous bangin’ body to step up to the next level. The 9/10 level is reserved for Kobe/Lebron and this chick is more like John Wall.

    Zorrogirl – 9, but after further review, she gets a 9.5. She definitely has the best face. And she’s all woman…no girl at all.

    Flawless – 8, isn’t that Kimberly Williams, Pete Sampras’ old girl? She’s very pretty, but her body’s not that tight, and I’d be cheating within the year if her personality wasn’t up to snuff

    Featheredhair – 7, maybe lower

    Ms. Fox – 9, she’s a master of the universe in my book

    Smooshed – 7, cute face but weak body.

    Cocked – 7, she has very clear skin, but her facial structure’s not that impressive.


  12. Nah. The black woman may look friendly and smart but, if she isn’t 5’9″ or taller, she is too short and skinny for me.

    She’s downgraded to 8 as I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers.

    Maybe some of the ones with head-shot photos only have at least C cups and a bubble butt.

    I’ve chosen to live in the epicenter of non-feminism and beauty so maybe I’m spoiled to death.

    It was a calculated decision to leave the US and go where the beauty is. First I chose to live exactly where the women were the best looking than anywhere else in the world and then I worried about how to settle down, etc.


  13. on October 29, 2010 at 1:54 pm Another Alpha

    Abstain. No decent Asians.



  14. Where the fuck are the Latinas? Disappointed.

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  15. Quite frankly I didn’t spot a 10 in the bunch. A couple 9s and a bunch of 7s & 8s IMO. In my entire life I’ve only spotted a handful of what I’d consider to be actual 10s. Maybe my perspective is skewed from all the years I lived overseas and traveled in Eastern Europe?


  16. Too skinny. By the way, I’m a gay homosexual.

    First, are there non-gay homosexuals?

    Second, wouldn’t a homosexual want the chick even skinnier, almost–dare we say it?–boyish?


  17. on October 29, 2010 at 2:00 pm Hungry Hungry Hippos

    Butterycleavage is an easy 10 and also has a much better body than Roissy’s supposed perfect one…. Actually almost all of these women are 10s or 9.x+ but butterycleavage wins easy in my book.


  18. Black girl is gross. All but the hottest black girls, or ones with substantial white admixture, look facially like black guys with long hair.


  19. “When I go out with my white buddys they always point out who’s hot and who’s not, just so I can have a better idea. Generally they rate younger (18-24), skinnier females highher than older females (24-30).”

    This is because white women age far more quickly than women of color. A white woman over 30 is over the hill and looks it. Many black women, on the other hand, look the same exact way at 30 as they did at 23. They don’t get crows feet, wrinkles, and spotty skin the way white women do.


  20. I’ve always preferred blondes, but the two I picked as tens were both brunette/dark hairs.

    FWIW, I’ve always considered this the standard:

    Before her “seal” was broken, obviously.


  21. Who are the nerditos who didn’t vote “perfect body” on that flawless woman? Damn guys, you have some harsh tastes.

    I voted “10” on the first blonde girl, the black and white “flawless girl” and Megan Fox (some may disagree but a “10” is mathematically in the 10% percentile of beautiful women, something I think Megan Fox does easily). The rest were 8 and 9s, the feather girl and the asian seemed like 7s to me.

    The best looking of the bunch was the first one and also the one w/ the uggo.

    Funny thing, even as a woman, I didn’t notice the uggo standing next to the stunner until the questions pointed her out.

    Who was your favorite?


  22. I’ve been kicking myself for settling down with a girl, with only one mistress on the side.

    Thank you for reminding me that she’s an unspoiled 10.


  23. roy c.

    The problem with identifying 10s off the street is that their beauty is so rare and captivating they are soon swept from their humdrum daily lives and shuttled straight into the elite lifestyle of model, singer or actress. If you are a man who wants to deflower a 10 before she escapes to an insulated elite bubble, you had better go young; 18-21, and no older.

    This elite lifestyle also bestows upon the tang an air of insufferable entitlement – as if genes are somehow earned.

    Unless one is equipped to run “Sasha Vujajic ‘Game’ or Orlando Bloom ‘Game'” to an escapable exit from her ultimate, Golddigger endgame – skip it.


  24. Catherine Z, flawless, and feathered hair got my 10s. I noticed the preponderance of brunettes as well. Not a prob here though as I prefer them to blondes.


  25. on October 29, 2010 at 2:06 pm Boblechasseur

    Is the “Lightning Round!” a dude ?
    Just sayin cause .. no face and the option “I’m a gay homosexual” meaning “I’m straight” leaves me no other choice but to select this one.


  26. The trouble I have with this is that although you may have attempted to find as natural looking shots as possible, just about every one of these girls has reeeeelly carefully done makeup. As in *at least* a half hour to look like that. Other than possibly CocoaGirl and NextDoorGirl, no girls will ever look like that au naturale. (To be clear, none of them are wearing heavy makeup. What I’m talking about is expertly done makeup, which is much trickier and looks much better.)

    So as presented, I suppose I could rank just about all of them (except Lollygirl, who does nothing for me) as a 10, although I’d need more angles to really know what they look like. You know the drill. To get the actual lay of their noses, or whether they have nice teeth, etc. Any of them could also be 9’s. Or 8’s. Or 7’s.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to piss on your survey. But as anyone who’s worked with models can tell you, the differences between natural versus “with make up” can be striking. To the point where I no longer trust single photos.


  27. It was distracting to see celebs, but I guess that proves the point that real 10’s don’t wind up working the toll plaza on the NJ turnpike.

    related: Onion article I can’t find, Girl on bus seems to pretty to be on bus.

    I seem to share R’s preference in body style. I think that the bod has to be relevant in handing out numbers to girls. Smooshboob and anonymous black dress girl get high-fives. First blonde too (cause it’s part of the picture). We already know that the 10’s we know (CZJ, et al) have banging bods. But would you take a luxurious sophia lauren over toned, in her prime jennifer anniston or other hot bod starlet?


  28. @Riff “be clear, noTo ne of them are wearing heavy makeup. What I’m talking about is expertly done makeup, which is much trickier and looks much better.”

    Oh come on, give credit where credit is due. You’d give up your firstborn to bed any of those women above. They are gorgeous, the lot of them. Being a 8-10 doesn’t mean being aesthetically perfect, it means being between the 20 to 1 percentile of attractive women. A team of Michelangelos couldn’t get my face to look like that. They’re a step above for sure.


  29. By the way, I’d dead serious when I say any of these girls (except Lollygirl) could be 10’s.

    By actress and model standards, sure we might start talking about which are 8’s or 9’s. But in our real lives? Seriously, if you run into *any* of these girls in your everyday life, don’t even start with the “she isn’t that great” lines.


  30. @Riff, that I can agree with for sure!

    I once saw a male 10 working at Starbucks. He was an out of work model, and I swear I was literally speechless. The world looked really ugly for a good half hour after looking at him.

    9s and 10s are on a different planet.


  31. BTW, it is a dog fight to be top girl.
    lightning round,
    Although, Kate Beckensale would probably beat them all in my book.
    For the normals,
    no pants>magic girl (makes the ugly disappear)>blondeboat>smooshie>red>crookednoseblonde>cockedhead>butter


  32. “Seriously, if you run into *any* of these girls in your everyday life, don’t even start with the “she isn’t that great” lines.”

    I wouldn’t say that. I’m just a harsh grader, so I’m very reluctant to call any woman a hard 10. I think most guys would be anxious to talk to a hard 7. The 10 is the Michael Jordan of women. Just because another Michael Jordan doesn’t come around every year doesn’t mean you abandon your draft altogether. There’s still a lot of talent out there.


  33. Most of those girls just don’t do it for me. I need a really pretty face.

    nice neg.


  34. lightning speed rankings
    although Beckinsale is best
    everyone else:
    magic girl (makes ugly dissappear)>no pants>blondeboat>smooshy>red>crookednoseblonde>butter


  35. on October 29, 2010 at 2:24 pm French Connection

    I’m with Jerry on this one, I prefer a bustier girl with a nice ass than typical skinny girls (I’m white).

    Having said that, boat girl is the only non celebrity I voted 10. Catherin Z gets a 10 (but perhaps better in her younger years), as would Salma Hayek (not pictured).


  36. Boatgirl looks a lot like my last g/f.

    Bollywood is closer to my ideal.

    Bodfromthegods is hot but made even more attractive by her graceful posture. Notice how her arms fall back and to her sides and her elbows curve inward? Sexy, sultry, and downright do-able.


  37. on October 29, 2010 at 2:25 pm The Rational Male

    Ooops….last comment was me…


  38. I am shocked that 90% of readers are white!


  39. If you’ve had any kind of experience with online dating, you become extremely skeptical of photos and automatically downgrade a woman at least 1.5 points from her photo. After all anyone, even men, having taken enough photos over time can get a pic that is at least 2 points higher than they really are.


  40. I think overall the girls aren’t comparable, as some have just face shots, some part body, and some whole body. All are waaaay too skinny. I agree with Jerry that perfect is C or D-cup and Bubble Butt. I gave a 10 to the one I think is Paulina Poriskova, for a perfect face, but I know that she is very skinny, and in a full shot wouldn’t have ranked over 8.

    The best of these in real life is Aiswarya Rai, who would rate probably a 10.

    BTW, the one listed as “Perfect body” is probably a post-op tranny…

    Where’s Monica Bellucci – the most beautiful woman in the world???

    Where Kim Kardashian??


  41. Since when are Finns not white?

    Anyways, it was a pleasurable minute rating them. I gave a 10 to the boat girl, flawless, zorrogirl and cockheadgirl; the black girl and butterycleavage came very close with a 9.

    While all of them are very beautiful, I need to say that confidence factored in a bit in my ratings. The prettiest girls also looked innocent in a way, and those with an excessively confident looks didn’t appear as beautiful for some reason.


  42. Perfect 10s: Paulina Porzikova, Catherine Zeta Jones, Megan Fox, boatgirl, smooshedboobs girl and cocked head girl. The rest are 8s or 9s. If I were a man my first choice would be Paulina because she has a good personality. My second choice might be girlnextdoor just because she looks fun.
    That model’s body is flawless. It wasn’t too smart for the plain woman to pose with the beautiful one.


  43. Some of the responses to this post are an ideal demonstration of the internet as the accountability-free zone.


  44. Even on looks alone, the girl who “on paper” is the hottest is usually not the most arousing. And seeing a 10 is visually arresting quite unlike a photo.

    I don’t get the appeal of the last two girls. They’re not in the same league as the others. They look average with great skin. Then again, I’m apparently alone in the belief that Kate Winslet in Titanic *not* hot.

    Flawless giraffe, Zeta prime and bolly are top. Lolly girl has a strong white trash look to her.

    Seeing a 10


  45. I agree, BodfromtheGods has hips like a teenage boy and looks like a post-op tranny. The choices should have read for her:

    Perfect body. By the way, I’m a gay homosexual.
    Almost perfect body
    Too skinny.


  46. on October 29, 2010 at 2:42 pm Horatio Sanchez

    Lollygirl is kind of nasty. I think Smooshedboobs was my favorite… great face, clothes, and body. Oh yeah. Butterycleavagegirl gets an honorable mention. Notice that both have nice feminine features: no manjaws or any of that shit.

    Somewhat unrelated, but I wonder if porn consumption makes you more critical of female beauty? Not that every porn actress is a banger, but there has to be a reason I’m generally more critical of female beauty than your average dude.


  47. Only boat girl earned my 10. Blondeness is an essential point for me.

    Sadly, girl next door is a waste of golden strands.


  48. I think Lollygirl is naturally pretty, it’s just her make-up looks like it was done at one of those glamour shot places at the mall. Her facial expression is trying too hard to be sexy and makes her look dumb.


  49. Not as Izabella Scorupco remembers, but i was fishing with her a few times when i was a kid. Me and a polish childhood friend, and Izabella sat in a wooden boat in the outskirts of Stockholm on sweet summer days, catching fish. Good days it was.


  50. This makes me realize just how rabidly partial I am to redheads. Lolly girl set my loins on fire – whereas she was ranked lowest on the list, maybe next to the black girl…

    And I agree with the ‘perfectbod’ being too skinny, and the ‘I’m a gay homosexual’ being misplaced and illogical – and not just because it’s redundant. A woman who is too slender and whose hips are too narrow does not exude fertility – which is a primary subconcious driver of what men find attractive. Within a range of course… Add 10-15 pounds in all of the right places, and she’d be perfect.


  51. Thank you for nerd-filtering zeros-thru-sixes froms the voting choices.

    Boatgirl: supercute in an Amy Smart sort of way. Instawood

    Lollygirl: does nothing for me

    Cocoagirl: ditto; stache-like shadow on upper lip, for one.

    Nextdoor girl: too much booty for me

    Buttery cleavage: cute; perfect for a rough fsck

    Zorro girl: I like intelligence in a woman’s face

    Flawless: ditto; icy, though.

    Bolly wood: at she cleanses my retinas of that corpses-in-Ganges photo-journalism piece you twitted.

    Feathered hair girl: looks like a young Tanya Roberts in Beastmaster. I watched that move with a VCR remote in one hand, and (cough) in the other

    Bad actress but who cares: hot, but does not hit my attraction buttons

    Smooshed boobs: perfect body for me. With a rich dark GNP on a petite girl like that, she’s is perfect.

    Cokehead girl: hotter than the average woman but not in leagues with the top beauties.

    Bod from gods: that is a perfect body

    My race: NE European


  52. PA,
    I think girl next door is sticking her butt out for the picture, not really sure why she feels the need to do that.


  53. interesting, the hate on lollygirl and the love for butterboobs (what? everything’s great but her boobs?). I dissent.

    I see what red did there, she’s trying to lolita slut it up and it didn’t work, but overall nice face, pouty lips. Hot, reminds me of the jailbait ladyfriend of ken marino in Party Down.

    Butter? not even a hot asian. just some chick with her bewbs showing.


  54. These are 10s only in USA.

    In E Euro they would ALL be 8s.

    I would advise all PUAs to spend your next 6 vacations in E Euro.

    Oh. your broke but still a hitter?

    Then look up the Polish National Home, Ukrainian Church group, or Meet up language groups of baltic nations. So in NYC you go to lower east side or Greenpoint brooklyn, in Chicago the Orthdox Churches or Xmas parties. Many of these places have free events and will even feed you free pirogies.

    A Geek?

    Then do Russian language filter on Match.com Min 10 women will show up.

    After you have exposed yourself to that beauty level look back at this post, and laugh.

    I have banged 5 E. Euro women this summer. Im 41 and offered vodka shots at my place. No dinner, no bottle service. Just ice.


  55. Another Alpha

    Abstain. No decent Asians.

    Ash Rai doesn’t look smokin hot to you? Your nuts.


  56. I reconsidered the “bod from gods” girl after looking at Smooshedboobs more closely. BodGods is near-perfect. Smooshed has that girlish softness where Gods is hard-edged


  57. They’re nearly all 9s and 10s. If you’re rating these girls as average or merely pretty, you’ve morbidly high standards.

    Only once ever saw a 10. She was commuting to work in New York and everyone in the carriage was staring at her. Her beauty was heartbreaking.

    Nice to know who the flawless girl was, and whether the face of the girl with the stunning body matched her face (and lets hope it wasn’t a joke by our host).


  58. Warsaw Party NYC

    18yo Polish babes



  59. My kids’ babysitter looks a lot like smooshedboobs girl.


  60. The Selection was weak, only 3 of the girls there deserved to be there, the rest were terrrible


  61. Haha

    This post is a huge pork slap to cows like Nicole that live in denial and spread PC BS camp. Did I make you hungry with that statement?

    Thank you R, nothing is more conclusive than pictures to define and prove beauty.


  62. haha… Finnish. I know whose vids you watch. Nice inside joke.


  63. hmm, somehow this post is in error. Didn’t we learn from yesterday that the obese are discriminated against? How come we don’t get no cows here? Because of that, CR sends a damaging message to the 93 million Americans affected by the epidemic, many of them children.


  64. My personal 10s:


  65. I gave 10s to Boatgirl, Fox, Aishwarya Rai, young Zeta Jones, and Flawless.

    Hundreds of famous women easily qualify as 10s, which is why they were winnowed into the spotlight to make people money. Scarlett Johansson, Christina Hendricks, Taylor Swift, Adriana Lima, Hayden Panettiere, Kate Beckinsale, Melissa Theuriau, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Milla Jovovich, and many more.

    Many more who may or may not currently qualify as 10s, like Angelina Jolie, Alicia Silverstone, Christina Ricci, Zeta Jones, Halle Berry, and Salma Hayek, certainly qualified as 10s in their teens and 20s.


  66. Testimony to the power of Photoshop:
    the young guy who helped paint my house went off to NYC to model for men’s clothing in magazines. With the power of some photoshop, he looked stunning and sexy; I had never considered him particularly handsome. Also, I met a male nurse who had spent many years modeling; now, in his thirties, he looks oKay, but I not model worthy.


  67. My favorite is the boat girl. Her natural beauty-no fuss appeal is what makes her very appealing and yes the slimness of her body. She looks good without trying. Just wondering…..Even if a girl is a 10 in looks, would her nasty personality demote her to a lower number? The question is ..is it just the looks that make a girl a 10 or is it a combination of factors?


  68. on October 29, 2010 at 3:35 pm Great Pearls of Roissy Comments [GPRC]

    Seeing a perfect 10: “It’s like knowing where you were during 9/11.”


  69. “Zorrogirl” has a perfect face: most importantly, her cheekbones are femininely delicate, despite her being obviously thin. Too bad the rest of her can’t be seen; still, I judged her a perfect ten.

    “Flawless” is quite, well, flawless, but her cheekbones are way too masculine to my liking.

    “Smooshedboobs” is also cute and feminine, and got the perfect ten from me — I didn’t even recognize the flat chest at first! I guess I’m just not a tit-man nor an ass-man, but a chin-man.

    (I’m a white Finnish guy, if that explains the chin-obsession. I have found that our women often have quite delicate chins, so foreign women easily look eerily masculine; either that, or it’s the Internet Male Syndrome kicking in.)


  70. All my choices were just about in line with everyone else, Smooshedboobs girl being my favorite. She not particularly flashy or semi-exotic like Megan Fox, but she’s just a perfect brunette. So my type. I love skinny girls.

    The “perfect body” girl is not a tranny, don’t worry it’s not a trap. I’ve seen her face. Her amazingly long legs drive me nuts, but I can understand some guys might think she’s too skinny. Here’s some more pictures of her:


  71. I definitely agree that all these girls are 7 or higher, but no 10’s for me. That’s only because my particular taste didn’t show up. Butterycleavage girl came close.

    “Perhaps women will evolve toward ever greater beauty, in which scenario the 10s of today may very well be the 8s of tomorrow,”

    In the US, we’re having the opposite right now due to the increasing scarcity of girls who aren’t obese.


  72. the woman on the left is boatgirl in different clothes,,
    (ah well, i have no clue, but they look a bit similar. )


  73. Of the Mad Men women, I’d take Joan:


    But a giantess would be the real fantasy 10:

    Geena Davis is over 6 feet and is about the only Hollywood actress I’d date. Madonna, from what I hear, is the shortest of them all. The media doesn’t talk about how small she is.


  74. Scratch that: I wouldn’t date Joan of Mad Men. I just saw other photos and she’s not my type at all.


  75. Two observations:

    1. It’s easier to be hot at all if a girl is blonde. But the hottest girls are brunette.

    2. Practically all of Roissy’s readers are white. Kind of hard to believe.


  76. “I wouldn’t date Joan of Mad Men. I just saw other photos and she’s not my type at all.”

    Internet Fucking Male Syndrome.


  77. Boatgirl is Jennifer Hawkins – Miss Australia.

    Roissy used her twice.

    “Boatgirl” = “The woman on the left is”


  78. Boatgirl looks like she could be in a SI swimsuit edition. 10.

    Hollygirl has done lesbian porn. I know what her body looks like so I can’t rate the headshot alone (altogether she’s a 6, she can get too anorexic for my taste)

    I don’t think Cocoagirl’s body is that unique, but her face is really nice. 8

    Nextdoorgirl was tough, I really gave her the benefit of the doubt with a 9. After seeing Tommy’s other pictures of her though, I feel vindicated.

    Butterycleavagegirl has that fake look to her, but she’s probably an 8.

    CZJ is a 9, she’s literally perfect except for her chest. So close to perfection.

    Flawless has a 10 face, so that’s what I gave her.

    Bollywood is an 8 from that picture.

    Featheredhair is an 8 and was probably a 9 when she was younger.

    Megan Fox I have to give a 9, with possible downgrade to 8 for the crappy tattoos. Her value is going to plummet in the next 10 years though.

    I can’t get over the get up on Smooshedboobs, so I have to extend a 7 to her. Better picture would help.

    I’m cynical on Cockedheadgirl’s picture. The picture says 9 or 10, but I don’t see the striking features which makes me think it’s just a really good picture. 8

    Bodfromthegods is almost perfect.

    The woman on the left is beautiful. I just feel bad for the girl on the right.


  79. The body shot looks like a mannequin. It’s great, but the legs would look even better with some more definition.


  80. I’m an Asian female and right, the Butterycleavage girl gets an 8 (with makeup) from me cause can’t you all see how much makeup she has on? I’ve seen plenty better looking Asian women without so much makeup. Just you wait until she take it all off…or is it her cleavage that is distracting you all?


  81. wrt mad men, some the new Mrs. Don Draper>old Mrs. Draper>Joan


  82. This wpman is heavier than Roissy’s taste, but its close to the 25 year old woman I’m in an LTR with now:


    At this weight she has to constantly eat right and exercise because its borderline. But I’m attracted to this breeder type. She’d produce solid, healthy children.


  83. Good eyes bictopia. I didn’t notice that until you pointed it out.


  84. “The problem with identifying 10s off the street is that their beauty is so rare and captivating…”

    Wait. How “rare” can it be when you include a post-plastic surgery pic of Megan Fox?
    If an element of the beauty is manufactured (not like makeup or hair style, but foundational), does that affect the ranking?

    Anyway, I thought she looked hotter pre- than post-.


  85. I’m with Riff Dog on this.

    The ratings for 10s are as usual too hard. May people award a 10 to their idea of one of the 20 or 50 prettiest women they’ve ever seen recently or in the past, including in all types of media (which pull in a good chunk of the prettiest women in the world), which I think is absurd. We should allow the rating of 10.5 for that. I think you’d get little agreement among guys as who who’s a 10.5, unless the woman is famous as being one of the most beautiful in the world, and she’s one of the guy’s favorite ethnicities. E.g. Monaca Belluci if not famous for being beautiful would probably get a 9 by a lot of guys.

    These girls are all clearly and easily 10s in my book (I mean who do you people think you’re kidding):

    Zorrogirl (Catherine Zeta-Jones)
    Flawless (Paulina Porzikova)
    Bollywood (Ash Rai)
    BadActress (Megan Fox)

    Cocked head who doesn’t look like she’s had a super makeup job should also be considered a 10 as well. Woman on the left as well. Feathered hair looks like she’s in her late thirties but well made up and maybe airbrushed. I’d bet she was a 10 in her early to mid 20s.

    I think if a girl is something like 1 in 100,000 in beauty in your preferred race, and certainly if 1 in 1 million, she should get a 10. I.e. most of the young Hollywood actress and swimsuit models who are famous for being beautiful, if they also have a body type you dig, should be considered 10s, or at least 9s. And more than a small handful should get a 10.


  86. Is 10 a rating just on the face or it is about the whole package? What about the way she moves? I asked earlier–her personality? Would that demote a 10 or increase a 7?


  87. I thought they looked the same…
    Clothes can make such a big difference…


  88. I liked Lollygirl the best, don’t know why she’s supposed to be so bad.

    They’re all at least 8 in my book. But I think the distribution of responses shows that being a “10” is truly subjective and individual — there are lots of women who by general agreement are at least 9, but none whom a majority of men rate as 10.

    I’ve written elsewhere about my interpretations of the 1-10 scale. It is NOT a uniform distribution, the commenters here who think that a 10 is in anyone in the top 10% are deluded. The distribution is roughly normal and population-dependent when you control for race and weight (the two variables that have a large enough impact to cause a departure from statistical normality, because of racially distinct male preferences and the size of the penalty for fatness). And of course we are assuming a fixed age cohort to be fair, say 17-25.

    I estimate that for white American women between 17 and 25 who are not fat, as rated by white American men, there is a mean of 6.5 and a standard deviation of 1. Thus, with rounding about 1/3 are 7’s, about 1/7 are 8’s. about 1/50 are 9’s, about 1/900 are 10’s. [and 1/4300 or so are 11’s but we’ll call them all 10’s.]

    Furthermore the distribution is relatively symmetrical, with only about 1/40 being 4.5 or below (rounding to 4’s or less). But if you don’t control for age, race, and weight the distribution becomes very far from statistically normal; a normal distribution is what you get when something depends on lots of small independent factors but only when you hold constant single factors with a large impact.


  89. Izabella scorupco


  90. Zorrogirl (Catherine Zeta Jones) and Flawless (Pornikova) are tied for first place as 10s, with boat girl next, and then badactress (Megan Fox) and (Ash Rai) almost tied after that.

    Not far off what I said. (I’d give boat girl a 9).


  91. A 10 is a 9 who happens to be exactly your type.


  92. bictopia–



  93. perfect body is perfect.


  94. The boat girl is the women on the left and I think her legs are better than the body shot legs…more toned.


  95. “We should allow the rating of 10.5 for that”

    Oh Doug, typical American, lowering the standards. Probably to get more diversity in there 😉


  96. Bic, that girl is beautiful. But so are you!!!


  97. Harry,

    A 10 is a 9 who happens to be exactly your type.

    You said that much better than I did. Of course once you fall completely in love with someone she is a 10 to you even if she was only a 7 to begin with.


  98. Polymath–

    On Roissy’s scale of 1 through 10, the mean is 5.5 not 6.5.

    I’d be interested in seeing you run your bell curve analysis again using that

    (I think that very few guys into game consider 1/3 of non fat white girls between 17 and 25 to be 7’s.)

    I agree with you that leaving aside the skewing effect of fatness, that beauty is distributed along a bell curve. Your use of 1 as the standard deviation is a bit arbitrary but I you’d get interesting results that might fit pretty well if you correct the mean.


  99. Boatgirl: 9. She’s almost perfect but had to knock a point off because I’m tired of blondes.

    lollygirl: 7: She looks hot but I have a feeling without make-up not so much.

    cocoagirl: 7: Pretty face.

    Nextdoorgirl: 7. Big nose. Pointy elbows.

    Butterflycleavage: 10. Fucking beautiful. Silky hair. Nothing beats a brunette.

    Zeta Jones: 10. Incredible. A face like that can’t happen by chance through evolution. God exists.

    Paulina Porizkova: 10. One of my old favorites. Rick Ocasek must have had some crazy game.

    Bollywood: 9. She’s gorgeous yes, but I’ve never been a big fan.

    Natalya Simonova: 9. Fell in love with her after seeing Goldeneye. Not a great pic of her though.

    Megan Fox: 8. Overrated. That’s right I said it. Pointy elbows, sharp knees, and large pinky toes. Honestly she’s pretty but her “harsh” features turn me off.

    Smooshedboobs: 10. My favorite on the list. I like the cute shorts too. She looks like she smells good.

    Cockedhead: 9. A classic brunette beauty but I don’t like the shape of her head, so not a 10.

    Bodfromthegods: 10. I have a skinny girl fetish so she’s just right for me, and the best legs I’ve ever seen. I’m not a fan of big thighs.

    Pic of two girls: If that’s boat girl I’m gonna have to give her a 10 here.

    Bonus: Bictopia: 8 until further notice.


  100. Polymath–

    Damn moderation.

    The mean of the 1 through 10 beauty scale is 5.5 not 6.5. Also no way are 1/3 of non fat white girls 17 to 25 7’s. That’s not how anyone grades. More like that number are 6’s maybe.


  101. Anyone know lollygirl’s name?


  102. Tom

    My personal 10s:


    I’ll give your second girl a 10.


  103. If boat girl is Jennifer Hawkins, then for all those who votes her 10, just take a look at her FLAT BOOTY and weep:


  104. I found the girl labeled “flawless” to be among the least attractive of the first group. Just thought I’d point out that.

    Also, thank you for pointing out that the Finns are their own weird race. My European friends all insist that they evolved from dolphins. Racism is weirder and funnier across the Atlantic.


  105. I find some of the pictures difficult to rank because although I pay close attention to the face, the body is a very important element that follows in choosing an appropriate ranking.

    take a look at this music video for instant:

    Girl 1 – has the prettiest face but you can see the bones protrude from her hips and she seems to have small boobs, I would rate her an 8.5.

    Girl 2 – this girl has less prettier face then girl 1 but she is more rounder (tonned) in the right places and seemed to have bigger boobs, I would rate her a 9.

    girl 3 – the least prettiest face and I am not too crazy about her stomach, I would rate her a 7.


  106. I find it comical that, as that “perfect body” poll implies, a man is gay if he *doesn’t* like women who are built like teenage boys.

    Seriously, if you care that little about tits and ass, save time and money and just fuck men.


  107. lollygirl is heather carolin. she’s way skinny. all of these girls are way skinny.

    if you like the “bodfromthegods” girl, that’s fine, but please be aware that you’re in a very small (<1%) of the male population, and you're almost certainly not very high-T. as others have pointed out, zero hips=not fertile=not sexy to most men.

    although, most girls and gay guys would like her, sure.


  108. *but pretty – i think heather is hot in that pic.


  109. You can’t go wrong anywhere but that said, I like nextdoorgirl. Beautiful ass and what appears to be nice tits. I like a little meat on the bones. Would love to do a little reverse cowgirl with her.


  110. on October 29, 2010 at 5:03 pm Caesar Augustus

    I was more interested in seeing how my own tastes aligned with everyone elses. My picks were often what the majority felt as well. Some form of peer validation in that I suppose.

    Like someone else observed the girls for this contest were mostly celebs and very few were from “real life”, which was disappointing but also very telling.


  111. Doug1,

    You’re overlooking that I was already taking a more attractive subset to begin with, so it has a higher mean.

    And many people round down (so a 9.9 is not a 10 and a 6.9 is still a 6). If you do it that way, then only 1/4 are 7’s, 1/17 are 8’s, 1/170 are 9’s, and 1/4000 or so are 10’s.

    Does that accord with your probabilities better?

    By the way, I made an error calculating “11’s” — by my earlier definition they would be about 1/30000 not 1/4000. By the revised definition above an 11 would have to be +4.5 standard deviations or higher, which is 1 in 300,000 or so — there would only be a few dozen girls like that in the whole country of the appropriate age group, so you might as well say they’re all 10’s.


  112. on October 29, 2010 at 5:14 pm Rant Casey - Brazil

    I rated Boat Girl a 10. And Cocked Head Brunette a 9.

    But I would rather fuck Cocked Head.

    Dont know why.

    The others… there is a bunch of 10’s there in my rating. Bollywood girl even looks supernatural in her beauty.

    Guess I have some “girl next door fetish”, could be that.


  113. True, high-T, low IQ men would be willing to overlook a plethora of faults and fupas. I think that most cultures produce HT(LIQ or not) because there has to be some powerful biological reason for those men to ignore their eyes to bang what “women” their home countries produced. I’m not even going to say preferring perfect is a sign of HighIQ, medium T. The same HTLIQ would hit perfect girl like a drum if they could.
    You’d also observe that perfect has what’s known as a hips and a waist. and perfect legs that go, I think there term is, all the way up. That’s feminine and fit.
    Teh gheys, I believe, look for an inverted V, not an hourglass.


  114. The “too skinny” answer would be A LOT more popular without the gay clause that ruins the question.

    That is an attractive, “tasteful” kind of figure, but far from any sort of classical or sexually arousing ideal.

    Big Hips-Big Tits belong to the perfect 10 body.


  115. Boatgirl – 8 – Definitely hot, but her face isn’t “9-10 pretty” for some reason, I don’t know exactly what it is.

    lollygirl – 7 – I think she’s probably the least attractive of these girls. Weird nose, small mouth and eyes. Still hot of course.

    cocoagirl – 9 – If not for the slightly hairy upper lip, I would have given her a 10.

    Nextdoorgirl – 7 – Big nose and “boring” face. Again, I can’t pinpoint it, but she’s off looking to me. Again, not calling her ugly, just saying…

    Butterflycleavage – 10 – Perfect skin and hair. Possibly the best looking of the list.

    Zeta Jones – 10 – Incredible. A face like that hits every innate desire that has built in to my brain by evolution. Sexual selection is a beautiful thing.

    Paulina Porizkova – 9.5 – Perfect except for the masculine jaw.

    Bollywood – 9 – Beautiful, but with a smaller nose and darker eyes, she’d be even better.

    Natalya Simonova – 7 – I don’t know who she is and haven’t seen any other pictures of her, and can’t tell much from that pic.

    Megan Fox – 9 – Obvious hottie is obvious.

    Smooshedboobs – 10 – Could be a tie for best looking of these girls.

    Cockedhead – 8 – Hot, but again, has something about her face that makes her off looking and takes away from her beauty.

    Bodfromthegods – 10 – from what I can see, she is perfect.


  116. on October 29, 2010 at 5:31 pm Rant Casey - Brazil

    Agree, Rain And.

    Hence I answered “Too skinny”.

    Monica Belucci is also the one I would choose to illustrate the full body 10 babe.

    I do not suffer of “Brazilithys Gigantoasses”… that girl needs some 10 pounds, seriously.


  117. If they swallow they are all a 10


  118. cocoa girl has a mustache


  119. on October 29, 2010 at 5:49 pm Johnycomelately

    Whatever happened to BOOOOBS….seriously, mannequin ironing boards remind me of little teen boys.

    Ever see those truck mud flap silhouettes? Try making that out of one of these chicks.


  120. on October 29, 2010 at 5:56 pm Georgie Porgie

    Was hoping you’d get around to another of these posts. By and large, I’ve found the female photo-submissions underwhelming. When evaluating ‘beauty’ I judge a woman from the neck up. As long as she is slender with well-shaped and proportionate feminine curves, the face will always be more important to a woman’s raw score than the T or A.

    I don’t believe in universal 10s. Personal 10s? Sure. And I employ a class rather than a numeral hierarchy because it’s easier to parse women into smaller subsets immediately than to pin down an exact number. Lower class (1-2); lower-middle class (3-4); middle class (5-6); upper-middle class (7-8); upper class (9-10). To determine which class a girl falls into, I ask myself whether she could, on her best day, pass for the next class up. If I believe a clearly hot girl can pass for a 10 on her best day, she’s a natural 9. If not, she’s an 8. Half points are awarded if some feature is particularly outstanding.

    Boat Girl – Clearly attractive in a very cookie cutter way. Doesn’t do much for me here but no doubt would turn my head on the street. Lovely, playful smile. Hard to go by one picture. Could pass for 9, I’d guess, but not 10. An 8 for me.

    Lolly – Pretty red hair. The eyes are an attractive shade of blue but empty looking. Overall, face is flat and round with poor bone structure and as the saying goes, “beauty is in the bones”. Not a face that will age well. Could pass for a 7 now, is therefore a 6.5 (half point for the fiery mane, which appears natural).

    Cocoa – Beautiful example of a darker skinned black woman. Gorgeous long, thick wavy hair. Rich, flawless skin tone. Delicate bone structure. Full eyebrows framing seductive almond eyes. Lush, sexy lips. Curvy but not too curvy. Could pass for a 9, maybe a 10. An 8.5 for me.

    Nextdoor Girl – Blah. Better than the average frumpstress, no question, but nothing stands out to me at all. Blandly attractive. A 7.

    Buttery – Hard to tell. Nice rack, well-groomed, seems to have a well-structured face. Just going by this picture I’d say 8.

    CZJ – One of my few personal 10s in her prime. Even as recently as “No Reservations” she was mesmerizing to behold on screen. Oddly, I don’t find her all that photogenic but this is a good likeness. Has aged suddenly and poorly in last few years. Looks a good 10 years older (assuming she hasn’t been lying about her age all along). A lifetime of smoking will do that to you. There has long been speculation that she had a nose job and cheek implants, but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

    Porizkova – 9-9.5. Top tier beauty, absolutely. Flawless? Well, I’ve always wished her face were a little less square. But we’re chasing the elusive 10 here, comparing mortal women to ideals. For all intents and purposes, this is as close to perfection as it gets.

    Aishwarya – 9.5 Something’s askew. Eyes are a little buggy sometimes. I’d say she’s a 10 in this picture.

    Izabella – Another of those women who are far prettier on screen than in photographs. Bit of a 5-head. An 8-8.5 for me.

    Megan Fox – Pre-surgery Megan was cute but no stunner. 7.5-8. Post-surgery Megan is an improvement. An artificial 9.5 who is prettier when less made-up.

    Nina “Smooshedboobs” Dobrev – Don’t get the hype for this one at all. Massively overrated in my opinion. Hair is nice and face is cute in a high school crush sort of way. But that’s it. Skinny, but so what? 7.5

    Cocked Head – Warm, appealing eyes and smile. Not a lot to go on here, and head is at a tricky angle, but probably an 8-8.5 in this picture.

    I disagree with Confidunce that blonde hair is easier to pull off than dark hair. If anything, I’ve found the opposite true, and believe this is why there has been a blonde backlash in popular culture in recent years. The only women who look good blonde are natural blondes who have the coloring to make it work. A natural, mediocre-looking brunette will be washed out with bleached locks unless she slathers herself with a whole palette of makeup. And bottled blonde inevitably produces a cheap-looking one-dimensional “Playboy” yellow. You don’t get the striking flaxen, cornsilk, and candlelight shades you encounter in a natural blonde. Because there are fewer adult blondes who come by it genetically, there are understandably fewer blonde beauties than raven haired ones. Most bottled blondes would make better looking brunettes or bottled redheads.


  121. The problem with the big tit/big hip advocates is that BHBT can be used as an excuse to hide fupas or man arms, fat legs, or whatever else. No one is against tatas.


  122. oh snap
    last chick is BANGIN

    charlie sheen just schooled tiger woods and actually got a hot porn chick and not an old nasty one


  123. @Georgie Porgie

    Good post, esp. the last bit.


  124. Ranking the hotness of women is going to vary tremendously among different ethnicities of men. That is why you have some guys who think Kim Kardashian is the hottest woman on Earth and some who are repulsed by her.

    I love this blog. It is definitely the best resource on the Web. Thank you.


  125. Btw roissy, do you advocate paying to sleep with a porstitute/call girl who is a 10? I can pull decent women 7-8 but never been with a true ten…it seems that ten are left to famous celebrities or rich ballers (in north america)

    the reason is, a friend of mine got back from amsterdam and showed me a some pics of a couple of women he slept with in the red light district and they are in the high 9s (some similar to the pics above). he is now unphased in front of 7s and 8s since he got a taste of the forbidden fruit.

    what do you think? imagine then the effect of sleeping with a 10 call-girl on an inexperienced guy for example, I think that will give him a huuuuge boost of confidence!


  126. I liked boatgirl the best, but my theory is that 10% of all women are 10’s, so that is pretty much all of them.


  127. my rankings:

    1. butterycleavage – softish face, smooth skin, lovely hair, pink lips, seems like she has a great body too. my type. is she half asian?
    2. flawless – objectively speaking this girl is probably the best looking of the group. her jawline is a little bit too well defined and angular, i prefer girls with a softer face.
    3. badactressbutwhocares – looks great in this photo, but i’ve seen her with a man-jaw in some pictures.
    4. cockedhead – could use a nosejob.
    5. zorro – for some reason i have always found it difficult to judge zita-jones.
    smooshedboobs – hip-ratio insufficient. lover her hair though.
    6. bollywood – love her eyes. nose a bit too masculine, jawline and chin a bit too hard.
    7. nextdoor – very hard photo to judge. need to see a better photo. whore fashion sense, don’t like her pee-blonde hair colour.
    8. lolly – softer face but extremely unflattering crack-whore porn star photo with small eyes and whore lips, but i suspect she would be cute in a better picture
    9. boat – don’t like hair colour, body flat (no hips), face too masculine, jaw too defined/angular/sharp/”hard”
    10. featheredhair – average looking girl, she is out of her depth in this group.
    11. cocoa – sorry, black girls don’t really do it for me. plus the lower-half of her face is so manly it could belong to a world champion boxer.

    my ideal girl:
    body – http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/50/Vintage_photo_nude_woman_2.jpg
    face – http://roissy.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/leftorright.jpg (right, NOT left)


  128. on October 29, 2010 at 6:58 pm Turd of Misery

    Disgraceful, shameful, an embarrassment to masculinity. Not a single D-cup on the list 😦 There is something inherently wrong with skinny girls, and the “men” who like them.

    But oh well. More hooters for me 🙂


  129. on October 29, 2010 at 6:59 pm Turd of Misery

    Craigslist John is on the right track. Kardashian may be silicone, but at least she has curves…


  130. Polymath—

    Well I don’t think most white guys considering game would say that ¼ of girls are 7’s (definitely pretty), even if we restrict the group to young white non fatties. In some hot nightclub maybe.

    To this white guy it should maybe be modeled something like this among non fat white girls 18-26 :

    5’s (plain, average) = 25%

    6’s (cute, kinda pretty) = 25%

    7’s (pretty) = 15% (1/7)

    8’s (very pretty, beautiful) = 4% (1/25)

    9’s (gorgeous, very beautiful) = 1% or 0.5% (1/200)

    10’s (a rare beauty) = 1/100,000 or some such.

    That’s putting ~20% of non fat girls as hot girls, which is pretty high but maybe not wrong, though only 4-5% at real hot (8-10). That seems about right to me. (By this metric every girl featured above would have to get at least an 8 and most a 9 or 10, except maybe girlnextdoor who might get a 7.)

    Of course any exactness in these numbers is pointless but some non linear, roughly Gaussian distribution seems right.

    Many would restrict 9’s and 10’s to even a smaller percentage but I think that’s kinda pointless, especially with the 9 rank. I think something like what I gave above is more the way guys rank chicks they meet or see in public or in clubs. It seems to me that 9’s should exist in more than trace amounts in hot spots in hot cities for the scale to be useful.

    Roissy says that roughly 15% of guys are alpha (male 8 to 10) – which I think operationally means guys who can pickup hot girls 7 and up for sex (that may only be casual) pretty quickly and who can sometimes get their own sex rank, 8 or up. Remember we’re talking gina tingle here, not marriage market or even LTR. Myself I’d think that breaks out at something like 12% of guys at lesser alpha (not that quickly or easily unless we’re talking him going after 6’s or at most 7’s) at 3% solid alpha. As with female 10’s, super alphas are present in only small numbers. That generally requires celebrity combined with game.


  131. KK–

    Very good taste. I agree that all your liked girls are in the 9-10 real world (non wanna be pua keyboard jockey) range, except the 4th from the top. Too manly/domme looking for me.


  132. I objectively give megan fox a 10 scale where 10’s exist but I’m not really attracted to her. She LOOKs pretty dumb, for one thing (and acts it as well).

    By my real world scale above:

    Boat – 9
    Lolly – 9
    Cocoa – 8
    Nextdoor – 7.5
    Buttery – 9
    Zeta Jones – 10
    Porizkova – 10
    Bollywood – 10
    Feathered – 8.5 (older though)
    Megan Fox – 10
    Smooshed – 8.5
    Cockedhead – 9.5


  133. 9
    9 (Love you long time? Hahahahaha!)


    Almost Perfect Body (Insufficient data: no picture from the rear)

    There’s another woman?

    Excellent experiment. I used to believe that 10’s couldn’t exist without CGI and airbrushing, though having seen a few out and about lately, I have to say that they do exist but are extremely rare. The way I see it in North America, in an average suburban market it is;

    1-4: 40/100
    5-6: 25/100
    7: 20/100
    8: 10/100
    9: 4/100
    10: <1/100

    Of course in a place like Maracaibo, Venezuela or Brno, Czech Republic it's probably about;

    1-4: 15/100
    5-6: 35/100
    7: 15/100
    8: 20/100
    9: 10/100
    10: 5/100

    Land of the fallen.


  134. Doug

    Very good taste.

    Why would you care one way or the other about which women some other guy thinks are hot?


  135. Not to sound racist, but the black girl is merely just a 5. I don’t know how she got in the list.

    All the other are 9.5-10s except nextdoorgirl which is 8 and Butterycleavagegirl is 6-7 – not my type.

    And in the last pic, yes she is made beautiful by comparison, in fact she is definitely beautiful if even alone and a 10!.


  136. a “10″ is mathematically in the 10% percentile of beautiful women

    I don’t think that’s how most guys figure it. If it’s a simple linear scale, with 10% of women being 10s, then all these women are 10s easily. Think about it: if you walk into an average bar and there are 10 women there, what’s the chance that 2 of them will be hotter than any of these girls?

    I think most guys grade on a bell curve, like IQ. So 10s might represent 1% of the population or less (and so would 1s), while the 5-6 range might cover 40% or more. In fact, that’s kind of Roissy’s question: how small is the percentage of women that the average man considers 10s?


  137. Nextdoor is probably the least beautiful of the lot, and she is still among the best looking women I have ever seen. Any man would need Nuclear levels of game to land any of these lovely creatures.

    Or a few billion. Or a NFL career.


  138. Disagree on Megan Fox, only because she looks like a prostitute in that photo. She’s hypersexualised. Now, this is just my personal opinion; I am indeed heterosexual. Yes, I would bone her; however, I wouldn’t want to build a civilization for her. That photo makes me want to bone her and then $100 on her nightstand.


  139. I did not rate boat girl the highest, because she wasn’t as astonishingly perfect-looking as a couple of the others. Yet she is my favorite. My heart melts when I look at her. She meets all of my criteria, exactly in order of importance:

    1. Pretty
    2. Young
    3. Skinny
    4. Blonde


  140. I won’t vote because ’10’ beauty is not capturable in a photo. A ’10’ can only be judged in person. It is beyond the common standard of pretty, cute, or sexy. It is beyond human power to produce artificially, such as with lighting or make-up or even with art. A ’10’ girl stands out more for subtleties than striking features. No description of words can adequately express them. ’10’ beauty is beyond the limits of imagination to create or recreate in the mind; she must be seen live. In short, ’10’ beauty is non-transferable; it can only be defined and appreciated by itself. The girl’s look evokes a higher power. A true ’10’ evokes a temptation to worship her beauty, such as seeking a long-term romantic relationship solely on the basis of appearance and to drink in her beauty as long as it lasts.


  141. “(some may disagree but a “10″ is mathematically in the 10% percentile of beautiful women, something I think Megan Fox does easily)”

    You’re right “some disagree.” A 10 is at least +3 SD, or in the top 0.1%.


  142. If I could vote over again, I’d have rated the first girl a 10 instead of a 9.

    I wish the poll would have included .5’s. Some of the girls I voted for as 9’s were only 9’s because I couldn’t vote them 9.5’s or 9.75’s.
    The girl, “Flawless”, in my opinion, deserves credit (I voted her a 10) for being, well………flawless, over and above the merely superhot 9.5’s.

    The only way that some of the girls could have been improved upon in these pics are bigger tits. As Ive gotten older, Ive become enamoured of big tits.


  143. I hate/love being the minority in the race question. Too bad it’s never happened, until right now.

    The finns will take over. Russia couldn’t stop us, no one can./


  144. […] Renegade (aka Roissy) has  a poll.  It’s fun to vote, or just look and consider. I gave her a […]


  145. Ladies — examples of a male 10?


  146. on October 29, 2010 at 9:11 pm Michael Maier

    I only put Zorrogirl as a 9 and no 10s.

    I’ve seen women in person that made me stop in my tracks. It’s only happened a few times in my life and none of these women are close.


  147. on October 29, 2010 at 9:12 pm Michael Maier

    Steyny “Not to sound racist, but the black girl is merely just a 5. I don’t know how she got in the list.”

    You are on crack. Easily an 8.


  148. I’ve dated plenty of very attractive women over the course of my life, but only one true ten. The difference between going out with a ten as opposed to a nine (much less an eight) is, quite frankly, startling. A nine turns heads, no doubt, but a true ten is a show stopper.

    Walk into a restaurant with a nine, even a place that already has plenty of attractive women in it, and people will notice. Guys will nudge their buddies, and girls will look. But walk in with a ten, and people of all ages and sexes will literally stop eating, or whatever it is that they are doing. It’s like time stops, and everyone understands that something very unusal, very rare, has happened. One of the weirdest damn things I’ve ever experienced. It was like one of those scenes in the movies where you are still moving, but everybody else is frozen in place.

    Also strange when my buddies met her – guys who were never at a loss for words were, of course, at a loss for words. It was odd to see the expressions on their face – had never seen them before. All very, very strange.

    And that’s the standard I used in the ratings. Would a particular girl elicit that kind of reaction, a reaction which you really have to see in order to believe. Boatgirl would, any quibbles about her body aside. Her face is strikingly beautiful, and would register as such with most people. You very rarely see a face like that. Badactress would also do this. Flawless certainly would and possibly, just possibly, cockedheadgirl, though I’m not sure on that one. None of the others even come close. Some would be considered very attractive, of course, but they aren’t going to disrupt the time/space continuum like a true ten would.

    Based on personal experience: an 8 (which, frankly, is what I tend to prefer, if we throw a .5 in) doesn’t cause much of a noticeable public reaction, though people will certainly think that she is attractive, and tell you so in conversation. She will get plenty of compliments, of course, but that’s not the same as making time stand still. With 9’s it’s more like “godamm,” as they do create some degree of shock. But with the 10, it’s pure awe. It’s like something from another world has entered the room. Some of the pictured girls achieve that, others clearly don’t.

    As a sidenote, I wasn’t aware that so many non-whites read this board. Would it be illegal to IP ban them, clean the place up a little? I mean, this place is on the verge of getting lousy with Asians. Just kidding, more or less, but I know that some will expect a racial angle from me, and I do so hate to disappoint.


  149. badactressbutwhocares > zorrogirl > flawless > smooshedboobs > boatgirl > everyone else


  150. I guess I’m one of those “poseur pseudo-aesthetes”.

    There’s no such thing as a 10. A ’10’ is a hypothetical, an ideal, an upper limit (hence the term “perfect 10”: but there are no literally perfect women). There are of course HB’s who approach 10-ness, but the highest you could score them is 9.9

    Too much HB Inflation going on. It’s been a pet peeve of mine since I began reading the Chateau and other game sites. The guys who want to rate every HB a 9 or a 10 ought to go work for the Fed, they like inflation too.

    But I’ve always had peculiar tastes in girls compared to other guys. Case in point, I think overall the two best looking HB’s in the survery are the redhead (Lollygirl), and Smashedboobs girl


  151. You could have picked a way better black woman. I mean she looks cute but there are way prettier black women hmmm Jessica White, Selita Ebanks, Chanel Iman, Megan Good..well I guess she will do. All you guys are losers and probably get negative pussy.


  152. on October 29, 2010 at 10:33 pm Johnny Caustic

    I dated a 10. I feel confident in saying so in part because I once showed a photograph of her to Mystery, and he instantly said “That’s a 10!” Also, I have not seen a prettier woman ever, though maybe a handful of equally pretty.

    She had one of the most animated faces I’ve ever seen. As beautiful as she looks in my photographs of her, they do her no justice, because she was so much more entrancing live. A different supercute facial expression every moment, like having 10 women in one.

    She was also a sexual fireball. She was simply on a higher plane of sexuality than any other woman I’ve been with. Fantastic deep throating, raw and creative fucking, unbelievable enthusiasm. Nothing turned her on more than giving head, and her palpable arousal was infectious. She had notebooks where she doodled “Porn Star Sex” in fancy letters in her idle moments.

    It ended nine months later when she stole my credit cards and started racking up charges. She also stole the credit card bills from my mailbox so I wouldn’t discover the fraud for a few months. She did the same thing to her Mom.

    Even so, I will die feeling I lived a full life.


  153. on October 29, 2010 at 10:35 pm Johnny Caustic

    All you folks who say “There’s no such thing as a 10” are just bragging about having a nine-point scale. “I have superior taste because my scale has less resolution than yours!”


  154. I think this post just proved my point a black MODEL doesn’t have features that the typical white guy wants, someone mentions her chin looking like a boxers, no Michelle Obama has a boxers chin, this black chick is a 8+

    Im wondering how would you guys categorize Tyra Banks?


  155. I never realized there was a name for “Internet Male Syndrome”!

    As for the girls, how could any of them be below 8.5? (OK, well maybe the…umm..if you read my blog you can probably figure out which one.)


  156. did someone finally chop nicole’s fingers off and shove them down her throat?


  157. BlackGreer,

    When Tyra was younger, I’d rate her a 9


  158. Looking at these young ladies I find myself making Three Stooges noises, fortunately I am alone in the house.


  159. on October 29, 2010 at 11:37 pm Gunslingergregi

    You should put indian as a choice of race.


  160. on October 29, 2010 at 11:42 pm Gunslingergregi

    Not looking at pic since I am on pic strike on my comp since family everywhere.

    And america is right to worship money as a god instead of some supernatural being.

    Money is the only thing that makes change happen.

    Money is the diference between life and death pain and no pain.


  161. My preference is for blond, nordic girls. I am white, by the way.

    Also, I have never understood the black preference for fat arses on women.


  162. It is hard to judge, because body is very important to me. Need to examine the entire package. On a rare occasion I may see a striking 10, just exotic and stunning. Skinny does not do it for me.

    I always thought salma was 10!


  163. on October 30, 2010 at 12:17 am Gunslingergregi

    Get money straight you can buy a ten.


  164. BTW, the perfect face for me, would be either of these two:

    1. Young Monica Vitti:

    2. Young Virginia Madsen:


  165. I’m just a bit puzzled why Rosario Dawson is never mentioned here when you list famous examples of attractive, sexy women.
    Not only does Rosario Dawson look great from head to toe, but also she comes across with an appealing personality & charisma in her movie performances (IMO). Spirited & sexy.

    This discussion of standards for what consititues a “ten” makes me realize how much difference a woman’s voice can make, and her femininity in general.
    Also the light in her eyes.
    Salma Hayek is a good example of having these attractions.


  166. Dana says, “did someone finally chop nicole’s fingers off and shove them down her throat?”

    …and your pics are where?

    At least I’m not here pretending to be someone I’m not, or obscuring who I am so as to escape criticism.

    I can take as good as I give, and approach the subjects of game and men’s rights from a position of “every woman”. I’m not someone who needs everybody to kiss my ass, and hides when a situation comes up where guys might have something bad to say about me.

    You are an overly entitled bitch.

    I may be ugly, fat, whatever, but at least I have a fucking clue.


  167. What I meant to say is, a woman can have a pretty face and a great body, but her other traits can go a long way to neutralizing her looks for making me feel attracted to her.

    Or those other traits can magnify her great looks, such that she seems like some kind of sex goddess to me.

    I was NOT saying an unattractive woman with a sexy voice and very feminine demeanor would be attractive to me despite her looks.

    Too bad. Life would be easier if we could just choose to feel a strong attraction for any woman who would otherwise be a great match for us.


  168. cockedheadgirl is Odette Yustman, best known as the lead in the Jewish-themed horror movie “The Unborn.” I think she looks pretty good in this picture, but in the movie she wasn’t nearly as hot. Most notably, she has about the worst skin I’ve seen on a starlet, which seems to have been photoshopped out in the picture here (or maybe she’s been doing lots of Accutane).


  169. Boatgirl is Jennifer Hawkins. Aussie Miss Universe winner about 5 years ago. I have spoken to her briefly once at a charity event in Melbourne.

    She’s very beautiful, no doubt. Not perfect, but I’d say she is a 9. She is also very friendly and down to earth.


  170. BTW, based on this article:

    Different male personalities are attracted to different female phenotypes:

    So, men who like the “large” figure (the one who’s tall and has t&a) are the more ambitious ones, the Boobman sounds like a social guy’s guy, and the Assman sounds like a Type A businessman. It’s possible to interpret this pattern as showing that the Boobman is more likely to settle down with one woman, while the Assman would be the polygynous executive type.


  171. they’re all hotties.

    stop being such idiots. you’d be enraptured to hit it.


  172. Where’s the diversity in this list? All I see is a bunch of average white chicks and an average black girl. Sure there are some pretty girls in this list but NONE I would call dimes. Some of these girls aren’t even sevens. What happened to a little thing called standards? Lollipop girl is like a four at best. Butterycleavegirl is average. Smooshedboobs is the definition of AVERAGE. She’s a notch below average actually. Only Boatgirl, Nextdoorgirl and Megan Fox were worth posting. These other broads are NOTHING SPECIAL. And the only thing the headless woman had going for her was that she was slim. If this these are the chicks guys consider seven and ups then you guys should really step your standards game up. This list was absolutely DREADFUL who picked this list?


  173. If this poll is done again there should be some chicks with nice asses too. Preferably some big round asses. Thanks.


  174. How come no one liked the red head?


  175. Ace is the prime example of the internet nerd that Roissy mentioned in the photo explanations.


  176. on October 30, 2010 at 4:30 am Gunslingergregi

    I want to fuck buttercleavageychickathing.

    I def want to fuck the badactress.

    I want to bite that tendon.

    Flawless gives me no chub.


  177. on October 30, 2010 at 4:33 am Gunslingergregi

    Smashboobs proves woman should jog in high heels.


  178. on October 30, 2010 at 4:41 am Gunslingergregi

    For some reason I couldn’t hear red shirt guy but with the body language I am pretty sure he could get a bitch he he he

    Read the transcript though and yea he could support a bitch in game no problem.


  179. There’s an Ev Bio reason why the comments are split between those who agree that concentration camp victims are 10s and those who want more T&A. 😉

    Let’s say Roissy’s Ur-Ancestor ran a cave complex and collected all the above women into his harem.

    He’d kill anyone else who wanted some of that action.

    Then my Ur-Ancestor comes along with a tall full breasted woman or two and Roissy’s granddad laughs but then feels like he can trust the guy.

    Sure enough, this guy can be trusted with the leader’s harem (without having his balls cut off) and, for that, he gets rewarded with part of the “kingdom” and any full-figured woman the leader of the pack has influence over (which would be a lot of women).

    Both cavemen end up with a different great cave harem. Neither covets each other’s women. Their progeny ends up in the hundreds of millions while the other guys in the cave either ended up dead or mated with the dregs.

    The world now has skinny “10s” and full-figured “10s” + the two types of guys who prefer them and who continue to this day to help each other out (I’m simplifying here).

    I make sure to be good friends with the type of guy who prefers concentration camp victims because I can collect them easily and hand them over as gifts (trading like baseball cards).

    In return, these guys will introduce me to the Mariah Carey types with D-Cups or at least C-Cups.

    Preselection is, of course, traded both ways.

    Evolutionary biology would, therefore, argue against the theory that we’re all competing for the same women.

    Symbiosis is what I thought having wingmen was all about.


  180. Long, beautiful hair that is real and not dyed/curled/etc. is one of the most important indicators of superior genetic quality. Only Lollygirl has hair that implies this kind of genetic superiority: full bodied, wavy, and a color that less than 1% of the population can boast. Google “heather carolin” to see more pics of her.

    Boatgirl for example, has limp, dyed hair. Look at the roots: she isn’t even a blonde.

    The rest of the girls have average hair, at best.


  181. @Queserasera

    You’re friend is right. Once you’ve had a 10 by any means, you will be more unphased with 8s, possibly to the point of never again being able to settle for 8s.

    A 10 is, in a logarithmic progression, 100 times better looking than an 8.

    But stay away from pros and you don’t need to fly to Amsterdam because you can just ask the girl next door to gather her friends and strip for a keg of beer and a roast turkey with cranberry sauce. All it takes is an added incentive like that. The less you offer, the higher the neg effect, but asking a woman to strip for an incentive is a high enough neg right there. You’ll just have to offer something token enough to get the ball rolling on more than one woman coming over. Stripping eventually leads to other things sooner or later.

    She may think you’re an asshole for suggesting that, but women like assholes. You’ll be surprised when she calls you the next day and says her friends are cool with the idea.

    In her mind, she would have decided overnight that you’re not the kind of guy who’s going to try to marry her by impressing her with his morality, so she and her friends might also drop the veneer of propriety (if not, she’s likely not to disrespect you for being what she’ll assume is “a typical guy”).

    While you are right that the type of women shown in the above photos are well represented in the Amsterdam Red Light District for 50 euros a pop, keep in mind that they’re shutting down the Amsterdam red light district largely because those rooms don’t have showers and its a hygiene nightmare.

    You’re friend would have escaped disease free only because a lot of young 9s and 10s rent those “storefronts” for only one or two weeks out of their entire lives (to fulfill their whore fantasies at the peak moment of their attractiveness as much as to raise quick cash).

    Plus there are 1s and 2s in those windows as well. Its a shock to see a 2 in one window and a 10 in another. That, in itself, suggests that different men have different tastes.


  182. Don’t know why my browser changed your to you’re twice in that last comment.


  183. I guess I’m conventional and boring.

    I voted with the majority on all of these.


  184. That was fun! A more or less innocent pleasure. Thanks, Roissy.


  185. Most beautiful:

    Buttery cleavage girl


  186. CZJ: photos don’t really do her justice. For some reason, I think she often looks a bit motherly in pics, much hotter in movies.

    Flawless: the only one I rated a 10, but in retrospect boatgirl should have been there too.

    Cocoagirl: hey girl, wanna miscegenate?

    Smooshedboobs: I have a thing for sulky.

    Cockedheadgirl: skin looks a bit unnatural. Photoshopped?

    Lollygirl: hot playboy shoot, but damn, she’s hit the wall hard and before 30 at that. Heed the warning, women.

    Nextdoorgirl: uh … average. 5-6?


  187. Not as Izabella Scorupco remembers, but i was fishing with her a few times when i was a kid. Me and a polish childhood friend, and Izabella sat in a wooden boat in the outskirts of Stockholm on sweet summer days, catching fish. Good days it was.

    But did you make out?


  188. Zorrogirl Zeta-Jones definitely take the cake as a 10 in the “face department”. One poster here remarked that “she is all woman and no girl”, and another spoke of the “intelligence” connotated by here face. I concur wholeheartedly with those two comments. Face is very important to me…to truly fall for a woman, I have to see a women whose face says to me “I’m as intelligent as a Goddess or a Devil; I might even be smarter and more of a mental challenge than you; my children are going to be serious evil-genius material AND ultra-attractive”.
    CZJ has that kind of face (as shown in the example pic) and it is one of the most rare female physical feature distinctions of all in my opinion.

    Lots of women still have bangable bodies, and some even have boner-ache inciting almost perfect bodies..but only a few have the kind of face that could “launch a thousand ships” and thus stir even my cynical cold-heart to feel admiration and attraction.

    In the body department, I actually prefer “smooshedboobs” girl over all others presented here (boatgirl comes in second place). Yet, this near-ideal female body type isn’t so rare as to be almost entirely inaccessible beauty that speaks volumes about their ultra-high value …not in the way that CZJ’s perfect-10-face is. Smooshedboobs is very fuckable and has a cute face, but I doubt that I could actually “fall in love at first sight” with her on that account alone. She’d still have to demonstrate distinct rarer and greater value in other ways for that “love” thing to happen in me. I have fucked several women who looked as good or even better than smooshedboobs in my lifetime, but I can’t honestly say that I was “in love” with them nor truly entirely “respected” them as being “in my league”….they just weren’t distinct and rare enough for that. On the other hand, I have never fucked a woman whose face was so “majestically beautiful” as CZJ’s…but I won’t stop trying until I do.

    PS. I do believe this might be the shortest comment I have ever offered up to this blog. I guess it is much easier to make myself clear with brevity about the sort of women I want then on matters of race, politics and philosophy.


  189. Not enough blondes in this list 😦


  190. Gentlemen,

    I need some help with my Game.

    I was scheduled to go overseas for a few weeks. About a month before that, I met an HB 8.5. Our first date was amazing, with a serious makeout. She admired everything about me, and she was one of those women who brought out the best Game I had. Everything I did was smooth, in her presence.

    We went on 3 more dates, a lot of great sex, everything went splendidly. I was at her house, etc.

    Then, I went overseas from Oct 8 to 28th. She proactively emailed me twice in that time, saying “I am very excited for you to return!!”.

    That was just about the best thing I could hope for, right?

    Well, sure enough, now that I am back, she is not returning the one message I left.

    I was worried that having a 20-day absence at such an early stage could cause the relationship to lose momentum, but she went from saying “I am so excited for you to return!!” on October 13 to the silent treatment on Oct 29. Since we have had 4 dates and already fucked, it is a bit too far along to just go silent.

    I know full well that trying to contact her too much would appear needy and kill attraction, so I am not adding to the one voicemail I have into her. I am not sending emails either.

    What should I do?

    I know….don’t attach too much value to any one woman. But the thing is, I never got this far with a woman this hot before. I would be saddened in going overseas for 20 days simply killed the most promising nascent relationship I have had in years.

    What should I do?


  191. on October 30, 2010 at 8:44 am lover of woman

    I find rating woman to be a trap …a game a “mind” that has a bug or virus like a computer plays to divide categorize and waste time because it is OPERATING from fear. Over time this mind becomes small, petty, ideosyncratic eventually stealing from a person utility, function and most of all pure enjoyment of life like a computer operating system with a bug or virus does.

    No doubt a natural healthy attribute of human attraction is beauty …which of course over thousands of years has a noticable set of basic criteria ..yet from my personal experience..it certainly takes the fun out of ACTUAL living to worship something defined by what other people think as opposed to your mind being virus free with no ENJOYMENT killing preconcieved notions.

    There is no greater inherent quality to life from having a great healthy relationship with 1, 6 or a 10.

    For sure allowing this belief into our minds destroys our ability to live in the moment, creatively and be spontaneously effective.

    The only imagined benefit comes again from what other people think which is of very limited value and has a shallow flimsy foundation. A comfort and feeding of an individuals weakness not strength .. a catering to what cripples.

    We are very careful what and who we allow into our computer’s operating systems ..rightly so.. to retain a systems full utility. The same should be done for each individuals mind

    …understanding what particular beliefs and attitudes especially those developed by others and unconciously transmitted have on our ability to grow learn experience and enjoy a high quality of life is paramount.

    I question moving in a direction that adds to the confusion. There is no doubt that a fundamental knowledge of game and developing the ability to use it in effectively to combat the poisonous social environment is useful and perhaps necessary for young men today, as everyone cant just move to Eastern Europe, Thailand or Brazil.

    However eventually becoming expert in game is a useful stage, a road that should bring you to a firm unshakeable knowledge and grounding in yourself.

    And this has NOTHING to do with ..what other people think ..of your woman car clothes job or life.


  192. My voting was on the pictures, not the actual women. Rating of actual women is dependent of my own feelings and the woman’s behavior and fluctuations of hotness. I have never met a woman that I would call a perfect 10 over time and in every situation.


  193. If 10 means something like 1-2 percent of the total female population I guess that they are all 10:s.


  194. “they’re all hotties.stop being such idiots. you’d be enraptured to hit it.”

    Sorry, but I would not fuck lollygirl unless she brought a friend with her.


  195. Re. the body shot.

    She’s dangerously close to the teenage boy model look the gay fashionistas love. Bigger cans and real hips, kthx.

    And I’m white as white bread.


  196. Catherine Zeta jones. That is all.


  197. Ryder “I know that some will expect a racial angle from me, and I do so hate to disappoint.”
    –> Haha dont worry hon’
    Its hard to disappoint people who dont remember who you are.


  198. im sorry nicole, does “did someone finally chop nicoles fingers off and shove them down her throat” mean “nicole is fat and ugly” in whatever garbled argot your “brain” perceives language?


  199. Doug 1:

    “To this white guy it should maybe be modeled something like this among non fat white girls 18-26 :

    5’s (plain, average) = 25%

    6’s (cute, kinda pretty) = 25%

    7’s (pretty) = 15% (1/7)

    8’s (very pretty, beautiful) = 4% (1/25)

    9’s (gorgeous, very beautiful) = 1% or 0.5% (1/200)

    10’s (a rare beauty) = 1/100,000 or some such.

    That’s putting ~20% of non fat girls as hot girls, which is pretty high but maybe not wrong, though only 4-5% at real hot (8-10). That seems about right to me. (By this metric every girl featured above would have to get at least an 8 and most a 9 or 10, except maybe girlnextdoor who might get a 7.) ”

    USA has about 100 million white women. About 8 million are in the ages 18-26. About half of them are not fat.

    So out of these 8 million women about 80 are 10:s and about 40-80 000 are 9:s. Seems about right.


  200. Lover, in reprogramming one’s self against socially imposed standards that are harmful, learning to rate beauty is crucial.

    I don’t expect much advancement in this from the current generation, but *any* small step in the right direction is a good thing.

    Certain aspects of what’s fairly universal beauty are indicators of fertility, nurturing tendencies, intelligence, resourcefulness, and coming from an upbringing with high male investment. Since the 1910’s, and even more intensely since the 1970’s, feminists have been working very hard to twist male desire as far away from this as they could.

    Worse, they and the multicult have attempted to downplay regional adaptations that would cause certain traits to be expressed differently. So rather than allow men to freely express their tendency towards variety, they’ve made the standard so narrow that even fit, beautiful women are getting devalued for things like having a soft face. Skinny women are having the fat sucked out of their chins and cheeks to attain a “harder” look. It’s sick.

    Men need to take back their right to rate. People are sheep, but they’re sheep with a knack for survival. So men need to bring these issues out into the open, and discuss them. When you’re talking about having a civilized culture, they need to do this in order to reinforce the values of their society.

    They also need to, in the west, discuss the various markers in terms of their short term and long term value. A man may want his hoes a bit on the boyish side, but not their wife. The merging of wife and whore roles has been devastating to the institution of marriage.

    At the end of the day, it’s not the 10’s who suffer or benefit from a twist or a balance of standards. They’ll be alright no matter what. It’s the perhaps non ideal but still feminine natured sub-sevens who suffer when the ideal is twisted, and benefit when the ideal is balanced, since we’re the majority of women.

    We’re the ones doing most of the getting shagged, dated, and married, so we suffer when the ideal is masculinized and men are too tolerant of the wrong kind of ugly. If the ideal is feminine, then a woman who is imperfect, but has sufficient feminine beauty to spark attraction, she has some way to be appreciated.

    So figuring out what’s a 10 helps men to figure out what’s an acceptable 7…or 2. Some guys fall in love with women who have severe defects. It’s better, if he has the stones for this, that he pick the one whose eyes show there’s a good woman inside, than one who is a bitch with a chip on her shoulder because the television told him that harpy indicators are attractive.


  201. Dana, your bringing me up just to get a dig in is sick regardless of the exact insult you meant to pinch out of the mislocated buttocks you call your brain.

    I’m fresh out of mercy this week. If you want a game of dozens, it’s not going to end well for you.


  202. nicole you take the interwebz very very seriously, don’t you?


  203. Not seriously enough to make racial slurs against someone I don’t know just because they kick my pedestal.


  204. Banged a swedish 10 once, when I was about 16 and way out of my depth. I vividly remember slurping her vag lasciviously and energetically, and being disturbed by the taste of pussy-juice deep in my nostrils like post-nasal drip for hours after. She had a hairy-ish bush, and to this day I enjoy that look on a chick. She was young, too; the gods aligned fate perfectly. My game was terrible, but timidity was not one of my problems.

    I personally have a “type”, which I’ve never been able to properly articulate. It’s a kind of Rachel Weisz look, certain features in the aggregate I can’t pinpoint, fuck… a “je-ne-sais-quoi”, rosy youthful glow in the cheeks, delicate yet strong features. Balls. It’s probably rooted deep in the hindbrain, evading the top-layer chunks of the brain part devoted to description.

    If a girl has that “look”, she jumps up a few points. Objectively other’s might rank her as a 7, but she’s a 9 or 10 to me if she’s got that rare, particular template that my brain is wired to find incredibly attractive.


  205. Longtime reader here. Nicole is one of the most interesting people on this blog. She’s highly intelligent, witty, and has a good heart. I think she’s beautiful, inside and out.

    Dana, on the other hand seems to be a self-hating, broken ugly shadow of a person. She probably looks like a man, too.


  206. Dana, Nicole,

    I think you two are funny! lol!!…


  207. I think there’s a distinction to be made between “would fuck/wouldn’t kick out of bed” and being able to make a semi-detached assessment on an aesthetic level. It’s not likely that I’d kick any of these girls out of bed and even in the pictures alone they all have their own ‘charm’, but that doesn’t stop me saying I dislike Lolly Girl’s slightly porcine face, Megan Fox’s typical Hollywood ‘fakeness’, Cocoagirl’s stache and so on. It is not necessarily an attempt to sound like an alpha with many options. Meatspace is such a crucial variable, for example in pictures my mate’s girlfriend has horrid manjaw but she’s incredibly charming and alluring in real life.


  208. Jorg, thank you for the compliment. 🙂


  209. on October 30, 2010 at 10:42 am Gunslingergregi

    Well Jorg if you feel that way about her then what is stopping you from trying to get with maybe a soulmate?


  210. on October 30, 2010 at 10:47 am Gunslingergregi

    And Ryder has actually had a ten.

    Good commenter he he he

    So apparently the secret to getting a ten is to be pro your own race.


  211. I always get a huge laugh when women like Dream Puppy tell us what women THEY think are the most beautiful. Women still think there opinion really matters here. LOL!!!!!

    I guess as men we need to better about telling them their opinion of feminine beauty means absolutely NOTHING.

    NOTHING, despite what the feminizied press tries to tell us.


  212. Roissy, good move to eliminate 1-6, but all it’s done is herd all the keyboard jockey virgins into the 7 slot. That’s the only explanation I can fathom for why so many of these women were given 7s. I gave a few 8s, but mostly 9s and 10s.

    If any guy who is actually getting laid is giving out a bunch of 7s based on these pics alone (and I agree that it’s doubtful many of these girls will look as good in real life without professionally applied makeup), then you are either one picky motherfucker or you only roll in super high quality vag.


  213. nmh

    really nothing has showed me this more than these ranking exercises here and the comments–i am always with the men on who is a 9-10, but i always think the 7-8s are 9s and 10s too–obviously the boner can discern things my eye simply cant


  214. >That model’s body is flawless. It wasn’t too smart for the plain woman to pose with the beautiful one.
    And maybe not everyone is constantly thinking about their dating market value, and how they can effectively marginalize their friends to their own benefit.

    Well, I guess I should think about the website I’m posting on, eh?


  215. Gentlemen,

    I’m curious about your thoughts.

    Assuming none of these women were celebs/models/ etc. Is the woman whom you think is the most beautiful in these photos ALSO the one at the top of your fuck list? I would most like to bang nextdoorgirl (Texas rack and Oakland booty), followed by Zeta Jones (most beautiful to me) then cocoa girl (such a tight ass with flawless, hairless, smooth body) and then buttery cleavage (cause she is so San Jose state. mmmm. I reminisce).

    Please keep your comment to only these posted photos, because your ranking of lots of these ladies will change drastically if you google their pics.


  216. Interesting that there are more Asians who read this site than Blacks and Hispanics, since there are far more of either Blacks or Hispanics in the general population than Asians. But then again, Asian men have a greater propensity towards beta-hood than men of other races, so I guess its not surprising (I’m half-Asian, in case anyone wants to slam me for making that observation).


  217. Dream Puppy, Dana, Nicole, and all of the rest of these women will still go to Dove.com to learn that ALL women are beauty in their own special way……

    And they still feel the right to come onto a male oriented site to tell us what they think of feminine beauty…….


  218. @NMH
    Relax dude. They aren’t dictating to you what you should find beautiful. Just ignore them.

    As much as I get annoyed when women (or men) make inane comments here, one of the things I like about CR and most MRA sites is they allow anyone to comment, unlike feminist sites, which will shut down commenters with the quickness. Feministing is a perfect example – look at how quickly they shut down comments for each blog post; wouldn’t want to get too much sunshine in to disinfect their dark, damp holes.


  219. I agree with the guys on here that as flawless as that model’s body might be is isn’t super sexy. It just looks like a barbie doll and it is rare to see that. I think the average in shape college girl is cuter, though.


  220. NMH,

    More girls read this site than you’d expect. I do agree with you though, us girls should not give our two cents, this content was not intended for our judgment. For a woman to give her opinion on a poll such as this, comes off a condescending.

    Hence why me and my friends stick to lurking. Its an interesting site and has changed more than a few girls opinions, but our opinions are neither asked for nor needed.


  221. She is probably a little too tall for the average man also.


  222. um, i completely refrained from saying what i thought of them SPECIFICALLY because ive realized my view is unrelated to the male view by dint of me being female–which is what i said in agreement with you. im not sure why i was lumped into that


  223. >>And they still feel the right to come onto a male oriented site to tell us what they think of feminine beauty…….
    You have to realize girls like her are constantly judging each other like that as well, to affirm their place in some asinine hierarchy. They see males doing it and think it’s the same thing.

    This entire post is BS anyway. I don’t rank girls like that. Mostly because I don’t think about sex constantly, only about what any particular girl can offer me. I mean, models in magazines are nice to look at, but I won’t lose sleep over the fact that I’ll never get to bone one.

    Find something to be happy about. Believe the lies that make you braver, stronger, better. Ignore the power struggles that will only hurt you. And don’t hurt other people, since that’s a great way to be sure that you’re the one who ends up hurting.

    You people will probably never learn. You represent the worst of humanity.


  224. The I-Pod runner girl was my favorite 🙂


  225. Yes, interesting about the lack of real blondes. I would have to vote Valentina Zelyaeva (the blonde Ralph Lauren model) as the loveliest blonde out there. Young Naomi Watts as well.

    Somewhat unflattering pic of Natalya Simoneva BTW. If her hair were styled differently results would be different. Nina Dobrev (Hungarian actress, the IPod runner girl) has an unmatched youthfulness and softness.

    Anyone remember that Croatian fencing champ from a few years ago, wow, those green eyes and shiny brown hair…

    Would have to hand the perfect 10 to Paulina Porizkova. She has had no facial modifications, unlike Zeta-Jones and Fox (see awfulplasticsurgery.com for before/after on both women). If we are rewarding true beauty then the surgically altered have to go.

    On to the body shot, it’s perfect for fashion but not feminine enough for me. Looks like that person is six feet tall with long skinny feet and has spreading toes.


  226. “She is probably a little too tall for the average man also.”

    I don’t think most female models are as tall as you think they are. Bunnies average 5 foot 6. The average dude is 4 -5 inches taller.


  227. I am with the black guys. Body matters a lot, and asses should be “plentiful”. I would take Mariana or Camila Davalos (colombian models, google has lots of pics of them) over any of the girls above, except Megan Fox and Catherine Zeta Jones. The Feres sisters (Bia and Branca) tie with the Davalos twins.

    The Feres and Davalos sisters are probably the best womankind has to offer, in face and body

    That Bollywood girl has an almost boyish body, which is a common feature of Indian girls. But her face is perfect.


  228. The biased form of describing these girls ruins the validity of the scoring. “Flawless” undoubtedly got a higher score than she would have gotten if you had named her “big ears.” Really, are you trying to rig the outcome? “Butterycleavage” loses points because of the negative connotation of butterface. “Bolly-wood” is negative for many because of the cheapo Indian film industry connotations. Megan Fox should not be in the test because she is so often held up as the perfect 10 that you skew other results downward.

    Riff’s point on makeup is right on. Most of these girls are made up by pros, artists really, who really know what they are doing. My only quibble with his point is I’m sure it takes far more than 30 minutes to get them looking this way. 30 minutes for the hair alone, maybe, to make it look like they just walked in off the street with perfectly windblown shiny tresses. Lighting alone can make a big difference. Look at the paparazzi photos of Zeta Jones sometimes. No one would call her a 10 in those on-the-street photos.


  229. A friend says that he like Indian girls because they are culturally similar and have bodies that seem to be drawn by cartoonists. Tiny frames, huge boobs. When I see one of these creatures, it is a head turner.

    Watched Friday Night Lights and will submit a slender yet busty babe for your approval (that show was filled with hotness back in season 1), Aimee Teagarten. She’s got talent. and curves for you fat apologists.


  230. The biased form of describing these girls ruins the validity of the scoring. “Flawless” undoubtedly got a higher score than she would have gotten if you had named her “big ears.” Really, are you trying to rig the outcome? “Butterycleavage” loses points because of the negative connotation of butterface. “Bolly-wood” is negative for many because of the cheapo Indian film industry connotations. Megan Fox should not be in the test because she is so often held up as the perfect 10 that you skew other results downward.

    blah blah blah

    Confess, you would rather have a post about RPG than one with pics of girls.


  231. They are all gorgeous, hard to rank. I think any man would feel damn lucky to bang one let alone date one. It’s funny to me how picky men are in text and then not at all in real life. Well except for you dear editor. 😉


  232. NMH (which probably stands for Numbskulled Mental Hermaphrodite) bleated, “I guess as men we need to better about telling them their opinion of feminine beauty means absolutely NOTHING.

    NOTHING, despite what the feminizied press tries to tell us.”

    That’s what I just got done saying, you dolt.


  233. “She is probably a little too tall for the average man also.”

    Nice end-of-sentence preposition. Anyway, I like girls that are one or a few inches taller than me (I’m 5’10”), I find it to be hot. Unfortunately, women typically do not typically like shorter men.


  234. Any one of us would be damn lucky to be tapping a lady as fine as any one of these. Folks can argue all they want about which one is better looking, (and one man’s 9 might be another’s 10), but to deny their foxiness is not reasonable.

    And not many men would turn down a chance to shtup Joan from Mad men.


  235. And Paulina Porizkova is so beautiful she hurts my eyes.


  236. aoefe,
    I agree. Most men aren’t that picky in real life.
    Jay & Evil Alpha,
    I’m pretty tall myself and it’s hard to be cute when you’re tall. After a certain age it doesn’t matter as much and thankfully some men do like tall women.


  237. “I think any man would feel damn lucky to bang one let alone date one. It’s funny to me how picky men are in text and then not at all in real life. Well except for you dear editor. ;)”


    Are you stupid or something? Actually we are that picky in real life… Just because we’ll bang a 7 doesn’t mean we think she’s a 10. I’m sure you know that first hand.


  238. on October 30, 2010 at 1:42 pm The Real Vince

    In most cases my votes more or less aligned with convention, but I’d be lucky for my dick to regularly “mistake” sixes for nines. Who cares what another man thinks? It’s only important to read the public when determining a woman’s sexual marketplace value, but even still “negging” etc ultimately depends on her self-evaluation. As noted above, transport a woman from the countryside to Miami Beach, her rating takes a hit. Put her in a situation where men vastly outnumber girls and her value rises like the price of water in a federally declared disaster zone.

    Also agree with the commenter who said “a 10 is a 9 who happens to be exactly your type.” Tastes can also change over time, where you find yourself preferring dark hair/light eyes more than ten years ago.


  239. @laura,

    What height is pretty tall and what age is after a certain age?


  240. I’m almost 5’8″. I just meant after a certain age a woman isn’t really considered cute anyway, maybe by your mid 20s.


  241. Evil Alpha,
    If you are banging us, then you like us and therefore you aren’t that picky.


  242. @Laura

    If you are banging us, then you like us and therefore you aren’t that picky.


    chicks I’ll bang < chicks I'll date < chicks I'd commit to

    Laura, this type of reasoning is why female 6s turn down male 6s and 7s. Because they think the fact that male 8s and occasional 9s will bang them means that they can eventually land an 8 or a 9.


  243. he bangs me = he likes me. No. Just no. Very bad logic there. A man has standards, but I would venture to guess that almost every guy has at least snogged one girl he thought was beneath him because he just wanted a bit of snatch.


  244. Jay M,
    I like shorter men. My husband is shorter than you and he never seemed short to me. I actually think shorter men liked me better than taller men did. Maybe I was all they could get.


  245. “If you are banging us, then you like us and therefore you aren’t that picky.”


    I thought I saw your name on the “Duke Rejection List” thread, but maybe that was a different Laura???

    Anyway, here’s the relevant quote that you REALLY, REALLY need to comprehend.

    “Don’t you know it’s different for women? Failing to get laid is not how women are rejected; they are rejected when they don’t receive romance, love, and long term commitment from the men who fuck them.”

    In short, male pickiness is not defined by who we let suck us off.


  246. I’m all about boat girl, and I don’t even like blondes. As for buttery cleavage girl, I boned a filipina who looked exactly like her a couple of weeks ago, and didn’t call her back and refused her my phone number -implied I was married. Her hoo-ha smelled of cabbage and she had the personality of celery; decent in the sack though, and a great body. Call me an internet tough guy if you wish; it’s god’s own truth. She’s a 7 when you stop staring at her tits.

    The lightning round could be a post op tranny has some have suggested; the leanness, broad shoulders and narrow hips kind of imply that. It’s still pretty hot.

    While I realize it’s hard to do this objectively, these girls really can’t be compared. Some are head shots, some are cheesecake, and some are half naked. This is going to skew the results like mad. Either compare all face, all body, or all cheesecake photos. I think the cheesecake photos are the least fair, as women can really skew their attractiveness by dressing properly. Makeup ain’t fair either, but it’s not as unfair to the average unthinking dude as a girl displaying her gazongers.


  247. Without a FULL BODY picture I cannot vote.

    Face is only part of the score, I need to see ass, legs, and waist.


  248. http://starswithoutmakeup.blogspot.com/2008/07/stars-without-makeup.html

    for those of you who have brought up the make up issue … I wonder sometimes if men realize exactly what make up can do for a girl, if you want a good example, here is a youtube video with many before and afters. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YSd0TdFT6A&feature=related

    If you all knew about the fake eyelashes, eye glue (to make eyes appear larger), round contacts (this is mostly an Asian phenomenon, but is spilling over to the US to give a deer in the headlights type of look), clip in/glue in/weave in hair extensions (makes hair appear longer and more voluminous- almost all celebs use these), foundation (changes skin tone and hide blemishes), and etc…. You would be afraid.

    The true test of facial beauty is if a woman is still a 10 when she just gets out of the shower

    seriously tho, It is amazing what us girls can do to make ourselves look like a completely different girl.

    [Editor: Until the next morning. Heh.]


  249. ReaderLon,
    I think that woman with 15 children has a really nice looking family. I think she should just keep having them for as long as she can.


  250. Without a FULL BODY picture I cannot vote.



  251. http://izismile.com/2009/03/05/two_sides_of_the_medal_61_pics.html

    perhaps some better examples….although who knows if any of these women are considered 10’s by you guys even with makeup anyway.


  252. What is the point of this post? I appreciate how much efffort it took but this is eye candy. Talk about putting bictches up on a pedestal.

    What happened to “ignore her beauty” to “magically transform your interactions?”

    I guess it’s just more proof that this whole community has been overrun by nerds. Could you imagine any of the old school guys doing shit like this? Or faggot Facebook? Or twitter? Or complimenting a beta who so “wonderfully passed her shit tests” when in reality his multi sentence responses are the homosexual neurotic bleets of an insecure and inexperienced nerdoob.

    What the fuck happed to “one-word game?” You want to talk about backsliding, there you go.

    Not one of these bitches has done a single thing to impress you. You want some work? Print out these pictures and practice finding things to neg them on and delivering it. Your brain doesn’t know the difference.

    God, sometimes I feel like the only fucker trying.

    [Editor: Relax, dude. These posts have been done before here. It’s just for fun. Actually, the neg suggestion is pretty good.]


  253. @Horatio

    “Somewhat unrelated, but I wonder if porn consumption makes you more critical of female beauty? Not that every porn actress is a banger, but there has to be a reason I’m generally more critical of female beauty than your average dude.”

    Try this: unless you’re in bed with a girl, keep it in your pants the next two or three months. It makes a huge difference. Not just in how women look, but in how you act around them, how you respond (ahem) to them, how you make love to them. Everyone can benefit from this, but betas especially should take note: with each lonely blast at your computer you appease your already low libido, and reinforce an absurdly strong association of sexuality with the sideshow sights and sounds of porn to the point that even the tender touch of a 10 would not be enough to please you.


  254. @Gary
    I tried this, not for the reasons you suggest but because I’m interested in sexual transmutation. Unexpectedly, my lay rate went up.


  255. What’s all this with dudes trying to push their skinny chic fetish on us real men. Real men like women who are potential breeders, so some T&A and at least 22% body fat – less than that and she’s infertile.

    I trust my cock more than any PC BS or over-thinking stuff like attraction. A few years ago was with a very pretty faced chick who was kinda skinny, but was really into me, so we ended up at her place, and things started out well, but when she got on all fours for a bit of doggie style, and all I had to grab onto was bony hips, I started to loose wood, then when I saw defined ribs, it was all over – I couldn’t do it…

    Meanwhile, my current wife is all T&A, D-Cup, with a big, fat booty, and the first time we got together, she started doing a little striptease for me. Before she even had her bra or panties off, I had to rush to the bathroom to splash cold water on my face and cock, to try not and blow my load too soon – much to her amusement. We hit it hard, then 30 minutes later did it again – I’m a guy in my 40’s. All I can say is trust the wisdom of the cock!

    Here are some pics of Cuban model Vida Guerra, who has a so-so face, but slammin’ body, that should give any red-blooded, real man an “instaboner” tm.


  256. Gig,
    The Davalos twins are pretty hot, I’d give them a 9, if they had wider hips a 10.

    The Feres twins are a little too slim for my liking, but pretty cute.


  257. Rollo said:
    “…rating curve is more pronounced. Conversley a Miami HB 7, becomes an HB 9.5 in Boise, Idaho. However, after having lived in Hollywood, Las Vegas and Miami…”

    I disagree quite strongly. I grew up in a neighborhood in the upper-midwest that was mostly Scandinavian in heritage. Though they were not common, at least 10 to 15% of the women were this hot there and so did not require substantial “game” to get but rather just seemed to be happy enough that I looked good and had a very high status. Non-fat Scandinavian-genes women definitely outpace most other human sub groups in producing hotties.

    I have an extensive philandering history in the mountain west and other parts of flyover country though I currently work in a big city on the left coast and frequently travel abroad so I’m not sheltered to hotties of the world at all.

    The problem with the girls in the mountain west/midwest/etc… area is the norms of attire that they wear. Dressing up hot and using makeup are generally not done as much there.


  258. I’m surprised how many people gave “butterycleavage” anything other than a 7. I see girls almost every day that I would rate 8 or 9 so I don’t class myself as an unduly harsh rater, yet…it may be a racial issue to some extent, but she’s incredibly mediocre-looking in comparison to the 10s (Megan Fox, Zeta Jones & woman on left in bottom picture) in my opinion. Perhaps only a 6 for me.

    A really good-looking ethnically distant woman, such as Aishwara Rai, still gets a 9 from me. But she would surely be a 10 for most Indian men.

    It’s also difficult to rate featheredhair because she’s probably a 9 relative to her age group, but in a universal rating scheme she fares badly relative to younger women in their prime and only got an 8 from me.


  259. @ Pyscho,

    What the fuck are you talking about?

    If ignoring her beauty was meant to be followed literally then banging dimes would be no different than banging nickels. “Ignore her beauty” is a recommendation of how your present yourself to her, not how she should register to your nutsack.


  260. People gave Megan Fox a 9?

    That makes it official for me, the majority of the commenters of this blog are fucking nerd virgins, for sure.


  261. Perfect tits, firm ass, beautiful face, and a mouth that is locked in semi-blowjob stance even when she’s NOT SPEAKING?

    And a NINE?

    Fuck you geeks! 😀


  262. Giving girls decimal scores (other than 1/2) is kinda stupid so I’ll just give a power poll:

    1) Paulina: 10
    2) Megan Fox: 10
    3) Catherine Zeta Jones: 10
    4) Cocoagirl (I submitted her BTW): 9.5
    5) Butterycleavagegirl: 9.5
    6) Boatgirl: 9
    7) Bollywood: 9
    8) Smooshedboobs: 8
    9) Featheredhair: 8
    10) Cockedheadgirl:8
    11) Nextdoorgirl: 7
    12) Lollygirl: 5

    My preference is for petite women with dark hair. As for the faceless body, as ridiculous as this sounds I thought her legs were too long.


  263. CZJ has had alot of plastic surgery, so her rating is a little skewed to say the least. All the mentioned ladies are sexy in there own way and almost every dude here would sell there mom to spend time with these lovelies.

    A woman with a nice body is like a gift from GOD. Recently, I was with this girl with a face I wanted to punch but a body that had me hooked like a crack baby. She was a former swimmer and yes a EE.


  264. Check out these 10s from:


    Especially pages 19, 31, 43, 46, 48, and 70.

    You’re welcome 😉 Those perfect 10s are the kind of lady whom a man would actually want to buy dinners and museum trips for. Then, when in a long term relationship to randomly surprise her with roses when she least expects it. Those models are probably dating guys like Mark Zuckerburg and Richard Branson. They worked hard enough so they deserve it (especially Zuckerburg, who went to Exeter for secondary).

    I know idealization is very beta, but I honestly do not care, how could anyone not put that sort of beauty on a pedestal?

    Not that anyone would care, but my tie on my blog picture is the same color and pattern s page 56-57 from here, the fleur-de-lis:


    It is a wild tie in my opinion since it is something other than a burgundy or navy solid, or a burgundy and navy stripped tie.


  265. nice blog post, those are some attractive broads. I’m not black but thought the black girl should be rated higher.


  266. “Jay M,
    I like shorter men. My husband is shorter than you and he never seemed short to me. I actually think shorter men liked me better than taller men did. Maybe I was all they could get.”

    They liked you better because taller men are typically a higher value and thus shorter men put more effort into a relationship and try harder.

    “I’m pretty tall myself and it’s hard to be cute when you’re tall.”

    Tall is more beautiful and awe-inspiring, while short and certain features are cute. “Cute” isn’t merely a look, but to have a certain je ne sais quoi in the personality. A certain innocent and clean (and if sexy only a dab) feminine spontaneity as far as actions go qualify as cute. A certain seriousness could also be cute, but “cute” always has a sort of emotion behind it.

    Tall (especially tall and thin, naturally and healthily thin that is, not an anorexic) girls, by contrast, inspire an awe and admiration, and seem like they have more feminine power.


  267. Letter to the editor:

    The ratings are FAR TOO LOW… most of those girls are the hottest women on earth from their respective eras. So they are mostly 10’s.

    We must vote 9, however, because you didn’t show enough pics!! As a rule, fewer pics mean that the woman is hiding something.

    The body pic, for example… are her breasts perky or not? That is the question we are all asking.. your pic doesn’t tell us. How do you expect us the reader TO JUDGE A PERFECT BODY IF WE CAN’T SEE IF THE TITS ARE PERKY!?!?! WTF?

    I cancel my subscription!


  268. Laura: I do not get it. I think the perfect match is a woman who is 10 % shorter, which means a guy around 6 3 for you. Are they uncommon where you live?

    I am 6 3 and most of my colleagues are the same height.


  269. @Evil Alpha:

    “…and then buttery cleavage (cause she is so San Jose state. mmmm. I reminisce). ”

    check this out:

    Probably seems like nothing to most of the readers here but once you’ve been out here a while….whew!….


  270. chainring:

    “chicks I’ll bang < chicks I'll date < chicks I'd commit to

    Laura, this type of reasoning is why female 6s turn down male 6s and 7s. Because they think the fact that male 8s and occasional 9s will bang them means that they can eventually land an 8 or a 9."

    For a minority of guys it's

    "chicks I’ll bang = chicks I'll date = chicks I'd commit to"

    It is hard to say which type is most frustrating to a female 6. A male 8-9 who will not date them or commit to them or a male 8-9 who will not even bang them.


  271. To any men who criticise the girls posted here:

    You’d violently and spasmodically jizz your pants if she brushed up against you in real life.

    Face-wise (ignoring her skinny boyish frame), in her prime, Milla Jovovich was a 10.


  272. Evil says, “In short, male pickiness is not defined by who we let suck us off.”

    …says the guy who would fall for the waiting game.


  273. Lavazza, a male 8-10 doesn’t give a fuck how you’d rate the women he’d commit to.

    Not one flying fuck.


  274. …and dangit, where is GBFM?

    Someone needs to ask how much butthex these women have taped. :: giggle ::


  275. this was scewed. First you post only one pic of a blk woman and the blk woman dameie lewis isn’t that good looking. Why not use Kenya Moore Or Gabrielle Union?


  276. overall most of these women are very very very good looking. I voted smashed boobs girl, the first girl and buttery boobs the best looking.

    cocca girl, lolly girl and meghan fox were my least favorite.

    katherine zeta-jones(one of the best faces ever) body was damged by the birth of her two children but she still looks better than most women her age.


  277. Generally I think these chicks’ tits are too small to be considered 10. I agree that they are mostly good looking but a small tittied 10?. Where’s the bubble butts?

    To really accurately evaluate chicks this tightly spaced 10 you need more than 1 static picture. You need to:
    1. eliminate clothes as a variable.
    2. see from all angles and profiles – we need body shots.
    3. eliminate makeup as a variable
    4. facial expressions count for beauty, both static and dynamic animation are important for beauty. they have to have a good flirt face
    5. graceful broader body language also is needed for a 10 – you know how some chicks just seem to float across the room where others flop around like they have CP.


  278. Another thing is if you just fixate on the nose you’ll find most of these chicks have some problems and I don’t see how you could argue that they are “perfect” if they have a problem like that – top 10% of same age chicks perhaps but not one in a thousand. I also think a “10” should have features that age well.

    (1) The “cocked head” chick’s nose is too wide and it doesn’t match her face either.

    (2) Some of these chicks have nasolabial angle at 90% already. Nasolabial angle is a big thing for me and should be for all men if looking at a long-term partner as chicks noses will elongate over time and they’ll look like shit as they age. Nextdoor girl will look like a witch in 10 years and also seems to have a slight overprojection already

    (3) “Flawless” has too much columellar show.

    So 1/2 these chicks could probably improve from a nose job.

    Another thing is the bony structure and muscles underlying the face. Don’t forget that the facial bones dissolve and shrink over time. Some of these chicks have the estrogen bloom of youth superficially covering up a Hellen Tomas of the future.


  279. Is douchbaggery objective? Cuz y’all are a bunch of douchbags.


  280. Laura wrote
    My kids’ babysitter looks a lot like smooshedboobs girl

    Let me guess, your husband picked her right:)

    Callahan Would love to do a little reverse cowgirl with her.


    *wags finger at callahan*

    You just wrote that so matter of factly like you’re making a list of things you’re going to get from the supermarket.

    btw, Butter cleavage girl is a popular mixed race Asian Model by the name of Irina. She has a book and a blog too.


  281. queserasera the reason is, a friend of mine got back from amsterdam and showed me a some pics of a couple of women he slept with in the red light district and they are in the high 9s

    I saw one 9 and one 8 in the windows. Some of those women were harsh. I saw a few who looked like MOMs. That sort of life is tuff.

    nicole I’m fresh out of mercy this week. If you want a game of dozens, it’s not going to end well for you.
    *chic noir tiptoes away from an angry nicole and pulls dana behind her*

    legion I vividly remember slurping her vag lasciviously and energetically, and being disturbed by the taste of pussy-juice deep in my nostrils like post-nasal drip for hours after.

    *dead faint*

    NMH I guess as men we need to better about telling them their opinion of feminine beauty means absolutely NOTHING
    It’s not that we think our opinion matters so to speak. It’s just that woman like looking as beautiful men AND WOMEN as much as men do.


  282. A nasolabial angle at 90%, holy jumping shitballs.


  283. jerkdogg is bringing the lolz


  284. on October 30, 2010 at 10:14 pm Queen Sara the Great

    Zero to all of them. Who cares? What does it mean to me? Or anyone? What is a picture worth? Nada.


  285. on October 30, 2010 at 10:14 pm Gunslingergregi

    ”””’As for buttery cleavage girl, I boned a filipina who looked exactly like her a couple of weeks ago””””

    Yea it is funny people saying if you saw woman like this in real life you would go nuts.

    Well I see em all the fucking time.

    If that is the body type.

    They are a dime a dozen.

    Like the running girl def a dime a dozen.


  286. on October 30, 2010 at 10:19 pm Gunslingergregi

    Yea psycho relax on female photo submission page it is usually woman fighting over how beautifull other woman are and submitting pics.

    The whole point is you don’t have to actually try you just need to save money and move and have your pick of bitches that look like this.


  287. These women are all too bulky for being useful for the best sex ever— the airplane fuck.


  288. Queen Sara says, “Zero to all of them. Who cares? What does it mean to me? Or anyone? What is a picture worth? Nada.”

    Oh but you’re wrong. Well, wrong if you have a sex drive and like men at all anyway.

    When you know what the ideal looks like, you know how closely you resemble it. You can also avoid uglifying yourself because of silly trends that would leave you just as far or farther away from it than you started.

    One of my strongest motivators of staying on a natural diet instead of going under the knife (which I could do for free within 2 weeks where I live) is that this would just make me a skinny, floppy, wrinkly old prune. My fupa would just turn into a skirt that I’d have to get surgically removed, and then I’d just be replacing it with a permanent scar.

    “Slow and steady wins the race” for me because I understand that in raw terms, I’m less ugly as a plump, smooth, bubbly yet sturdy woman than a saggy old prune.


  289. Nicole, a few posts back I suggested that you should go get hit by a bus.

    I want to retract that.

    I don’t want the bus to get damaged by hitting a hippo like you. My marginal tax income tax rate is 45%, so I’m paying for that shit.

    Whether you’re better as a “plump” (obese) old bitch or a saggy old prune is splitting hairs. You’re better off not with us. Please just kill yourself instead and spare the poor bus. And for God’s sake, quit posting your drivel here and go over to feministing.com where they’ll welcome your self-absorbed drivel with open arms.


  290. Surely there are some 10s in The Girl Rebel Force of Competitive Swimmers: http://bit.ly/cwsbxW


  291. Greenlander, I bet you’re on the same exercise plan as gig, which is why you hysterically suggest that a fat woman who’s on your fucking side with regards to game and men’s rights should die for not being your cup of tea.

    You would have been one of those dudes trying but unable to get into my pants when I was younger, because I didn’t do pussies unless they were attached to an actual female.

    So take your punk ass death wishes to a whore who gets paid to tolerate your inadequacy issues.


  292. Nothing worse than a hysterical bitch but a copycat hysterical bitch.


  293. Maybe you’d have an easier time fucking hot chicks if you weren’t so busy fucking yourself.


  294. on October 31, 2010 at 3:53 am Gunslingergregi

    Although looks like cali is legalizing weed so might be interesting to be a working and saving pothead.


  295. Here’s a clue:

    If a *man* thinks someone really needs killing, he goes out and gets it done or at least sees to it that it gets done. Men usually don’t start thinking in that direction unless or until someone does or at least says something that warrants that.

    If a *girl* thinks someone needs killing, they whine and bitch about it endlessly. They’re also petty, and decide people need to die for stupid reasons like upsetting their perceived social order.

    I have dealt with punks like you, Greenlander, since childhood. I know the nature of your beast.

    I only give Roissy a pass because in between outbursts of punkassedness, he usually has something constructive to say. I consider him wounded, so I show some degree of mercy because I understand that he is out there in the trenches recovering his balls.

    You, on the other hand, are taking his outbursts to mean that this isolated behavior in and of itself is alpha, just because a guy you consider alpha is doing it. You don’t see it as a moment of weakness or frustration. You think it’s the cool thing to do and the most important thing to you is to fit in and look cool, but sadly to the wrong people.

    As long as you are following behind the wrong thing, and can’t take it in context, you will continually fuck yourself. The kind of women you want (who are actually much like the kind of woman I was 20 years ago) hate a pussy. Guys like you would shag a tree if the television told you that 9 out of 10 celebrities enjoyed tree fucking.

    You’re as socially malleable as weak women who follow in behind the queen bee while she’s trying to neutralize the competition, often girls who are prettier than her hive, but just on the other side of the popularity curve.

    Stop worrying so much about being popular, and focus on being a man.

    …and when you have an actual man like problem with me, we’ll debate. Until then, when you act like a girl, I will textually, smack you down like a girl.


  296. I gotta question the framing effects you introduced when discussing the “should the perfect 10 even exist” issue right before showing the pictures.

    Made me hesitate on the 9 to 10 line, cuz I had just been thinking about it.


  297. on October 31, 2010 at 6:42 am Gunslingergregi

    The asian chicks getting tall though rum.

    Soon no helicopter he he he

    My woman 5 7 or so.


  298. on October 31, 2010 at 7:41 am Willard Libby

    That Guy

    If boat girl is Jennifer Hawkins, then for all those who votes her 10, just take a look at her FLAT BOOTY and weep:

    To a lot of White guys that’s considered a huge, frightening ass.

    Remember for your average White boy a woman should be built so as not to accentuate his underdeveloped genitalia.

    Contrast is key.

    Thin, underdeveloped women, Asian chicks, the bony and the bootyless make them feel like more of a man by comparison.


  299. Greenlander, I bet you’re on the same exercise plan as gig, which is why you hysterically suggest that a fat woman who’s on your fucking side with regards to game and men’s rights should die for not being your cup of tea


    So you started to support the rodeo of the fatties?? Because THAT is “being on my fucking side”

    that and also eliminating income taxes


  300. on October 31, 2010 at 10:05 am ironrailsironweights

    It is impossible for me to rate any of these women because we cannot see the only characteristic that really counts.



  301. Gig, did you think typing that made you look cool?

    See, I’m not deluded enough to think that being witty makes me prettier.

    What makes you think that being more of a pussy makes you more alpha?


  302. Ah, Johnny Caustic. Played by a 7.5.

    Nice shootin’, Tex.


  303. http://www.fashionmodeldirectory.com/models/alexandria_mills/photos/photos.htm

    perfect 10. Ms. World, she’s 18. Most perfect 10’s are 16-23 years old. they are very rare beyond 26.


  304. on October 31, 2010 at 11:23 am Gunslingergregi

    Americas 63 million dollar contribution to the world fair in china.


    ””””””’A highlight for many of our guests will be the feature film in the pavilion’s main theater. The story is simple and compelling. The Garden tells an inspirational story of a little girl who dreams that a vacant urban lot visible from her window can become a garden; she wants to make her corner of the city a better place. A strong sense of optimism, community spirit, and perseverance in the face of challenge runs through this story — traits that run deep within the American character. Through its ethnically diverse cast of Americans, the presentation can be seen as a universal story reflective of how different countries must work together to achieve common goals, collectively forging a better world. ”””””””

    Compared to 1893

    ””’Secretary Clinton’s travels this week included Kyiv, Ukraine, where this photo appears in the U.S. Ambassador’s residence as part of a special exhibit focusing on the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893. This pivotal event in U.S. engineering and architectural history celebrates innovation and technology.

    Planners for the World’s Fair were looking for ideas that were “original, daring and unique.” Yet they dismissed 33-year-old George Washington Gale Ferris as a crackpot when he first proposed the idea of a revolving observation wheel. Nevertheless, Ferris found engineers to back up his plan and investors to supply the $400, 000 to build it. At its opening on June 21, 1893, the Ferris Wheel became the eye-catching attraction of the entire fair.

    When it was built, the Ferris Wheel was considered the model of efficiency and engineering. The wheel was 264 feet high, the supports were 140 feet high, and the axle — the largest piece of steel ever forged in the United States – weighed 46 1/2 tons. The wheel carried 36 elegantly outfitted passenger cars, each of which could fit 40 people sitting or 60 people standing. The wheel was spun by either of two 1,000 horsepower steam engines, and stopped by an oversized air brake.”””””””””””

    funny shit.


  305. on October 31, 2010 at 11:37 am Gunslingergregi


    Gamers with money should have been here 75 million people in one spot.


  306. “Generally I think these chicks’ tits are too small to be considered 10. I agree that they are mostly good looking but a small tittied 10?. Where’s the bubble butts?”

    Some of us just aren’t into big breast and butts. I like flatter girls with “no butts” myself, since they tend to be good girls who are smart.


  307. Someday, aliens will come from space and finally populate the world with a few women worth of you studs.


  308. I’m bemused by some of the rating choices from my peers. The best ones are – easily – cocoa, buttery, smooshed and cocked. I voted 8 or 9 for every other one, except Lolly who got a 7 but I would’ve given her less had I had the choice.

    I didn’t feel like any of the celebs warranted a 10. It’s common knowledge that they’ve all had some kind of work, do a quick web search and you’ll soon find the pre-op pics revealing that none of them were 10s before they had their faces remoulded.

    I’m a white guy but I have a thing for exotic women which is probably why I rated both cocoa and buttery a 10 without hesitation, but I feel that even besides this fact they’re both stunning and perfect in their own ways.

    For the lightning round I picked ‘too skinny’. Her body is definitely neither perfect nor almost perfect, but she isn’t too skinny either. For this reason I could only pick ‘too skinny’. I prefer women to have a thicker figure. Also, by including those ludicrous comments next to some ratings you skewed the voting, discouraging people from voting how they really felt.

    I voted Flawless an 8. She’s flawless, and as such deserves a high rating, but to reach the upper echelons of beauty you must have some kind of quirk, something interesting, awe-inspiring looks, or something to hold on to. She has none of these things, so does not deserve higher than 8.

    There are situations where I might recognise one woman as a 9 and another as a 10 but still prefer the 9. Beauty is objective to a large extent, but as individual beings we all have our own preferences. Things that might set it apart for me are exotic looks and a rounder figure. I also prefer brunettes to blondes. The list goes on. However, it is extremely rare that I could find any reason to pick an 8 over a 10 and would never ever pick a 7 over a 10.

    The comparison picture. In this instance, there was no affect by comparison. For example, an 8 looks better by comparison in the face of a 6 because they are somewhat close and comparable, but the two women in that picture are so far apart (a 9 or 10 with a 4 or 5) that it wouldn’t make a difference if the girl next to the HB was a landwhale.

    I think I’ve covered just about everything there.


  309. I just came back from an evening out with an X, a girl who I I had a platonic mutual crush on when she was 11, her super hot sister, and her super hot sisters super hot friend. The youngest is now sixteen, and her sister is 19. The crush continues, only now it’s spread out some.

    After dinner we went to karaoke, and this informs my opinion about a 10.

    Look at any beauty pageant. Beauty is a big picture phenomena. Beauty is overall attractiveness, which includes voice, posture, and how she walks. It is how she carries herself, as well as her face. Even a face must carry a posture.

    Damn, those 19 years olds made me young tonight. Not to mention the 15 year old. There is some sexual tension there.

    Life can be good for rolling stones, amongst the ups and downs.


  310. I wish I weren’t such an anonymity freak. I’d like nothing better than to post pictures of the expressions on these hot girls faces when in the company of my ugly mug. Defies all western expectations. They seem alive and even turned on, as if I’m some big deal to be close to.

    So, for any good wingmen who know a few words of indonesian, consider visiting. I’ve got an empty floor available to stay in, for the price of buying a piece of furniture or major appliance or other portion of renovation.


  311. Rum

    These women are all too bulky for being useful for the best sex ever— the airplane fuck.

    I’ve dated super-micro-mini girls before. Toy miniatures. But I can’t imagine being able to spin one. Seems like a weird myth to me.


  312. “Some of us just aren’t into big breast and butts. I like flatter girls with “no butts” myself, since they tend to be good girls who are smart.”

    A girl’s (natural) T&A has nothing to do with whether or not they are good/smart. That is a ridiculous overgeneralization.


  313. And voice timber and shiver your timbers. There is no ten without a ten voice.


  314. A girl’s (natural) T&A has nothing to do with whether or not they are good/smart. That is a ridiculous overgeneralization.

    Guys who have only fucked three girls their whole life draw generalizations from their full range of experience.


  315. Worlds most beautiful woman.
    With & without makeup a natural 10.


  316. Anonymous – the difference is not from makeup. It’s from lighting.


  317. “Some of us just aren’t into big breast and butts. I like flatter girls with “no butts” myself, since they tend to be good girls who are smart.”

    A funny observation. I have no idea whether “tend” is true or not but there’s one odd outlier that I know of:

    The smartest chick I know also happens to have the nicest butt I have ever seen – and she’s in her late 30’s so I can only imagine what it was like 15 years ago. She’s not “good” though…


  318. If the above are celebrities (I wouldn’t know because they’re fairly standard for the streets of East Europe) then its because they passed the Hollywood casting couch test early on (no, it wouldn’t be true that various studios would have looked upon “a perfect 10” and decided to compete with each other by, for instance, refusing to insult her with demands for sex).

    I think some of the guys here are allowing the “preselection” of fame to help them rate a woman higher than if she was wasn’t famous. Just like Sylvester Stallone is really a midget, a lot of these girls would be miniature and/or unnoticeable on the street.

    Everyone knows that almost all attractive young women (and men) who are given a chance in Hollywood STILL have to get on their knees regardless of any feminist laws applicable in California.

    That wouldn’t make them “whores” so much as normal young women. Certainly nothing to pedestalize about however.

    I’m surprised that nobody’s taken up my discussion on how men who prefer different phenotypes cooperate with each other in real life and have, for millenia, symbiotically helped each other build separate harems. Maybe its because the Internet provides the opportunity for everyone to express the secret shock they feel about how other guys could be attracted to what they’re not interested in themselves.

    It shouldn’t be a shock. There are good reasons why some men prefer big breasts and breeder hips and I guess there must be some kind of ev bio explanation on why other men find the women in the above photos attractive.

    The most irrational comment of all of the above was the one that said that men who like large breasts and breeder hips don’t really exist but are really losers who would, in real life, “violently jizz their pants” if they brush past a small breasted woman. I wonder if that guy has ever left his computer for the street above his mom’s basement.

    Anyone who has ever used a wingman knows that the whole benefit of a wingman is that he’s probably someone with a different phenotype preference who will meet and feed his type to him and visa versa.


  319. @Darren

    Nobody’s answered you and the girl may have contacted you over the past day, but, if you never initiated contact with her for the entire month you were in Europe, and the last time you had contact was when she initiated communication on the 13th of October, then you may have accidentally made it too clear she’s not that important to you. You would have wanted to write something quick from Europe last week telling her that you look forward to seeing her again when you get back.

    If you lose her because you were too cool, you might want to study “vulnerability game” more. Vulnerability game says it really is OK to act Beta now and then. Just make sure it contrasts sharply with your behavior in general.


  320. To the people talking about how all of these chicks would be average in Eastern Europe, I’d like some proof. Where are these hotter Eastern European women?


  321. Last I checked, here in Eastern Europe. 😉

    But everyone knows they’re the best looking women in the DC area or London as well. Silver Fox knows all about that.

    Roissy knows that as well and should have put the caveat in the above post that the above women are common scenery in Tallinn, Estonia.

    There are only 3 other guys who post regularly here who have more than a “feeling” about what life must really be like in EE however. Because of this lack of travelers, I have to shut up about what my life is really like because guys in the west simply would not believe it could be true for any guy.

    For instance, groups of college students going home with an American because their dorm has locked them out? It would seem like an elaborate fantasy. Men raised in feminist cultures cannot imagine how women in non-feminist (but pro sex) cultures might behave.

    First, there is Roissy himself, who may yet move to Estonia after several vacations.

    Second there is @Gorbachev who has never been to EE but knows that, when he lived in Korea, life for him as a westerner was one in which 9s and 10s were constantly dating him.

    Third there is @Xsplat who’s in Indonesia, which isn’t a feminist culture.

    Seriously, its a big part of the feminist agenda to try to convince the easily fooled western males that its somehow all a myth that things are better in EE. Mostly feminists have tried, with major success, in establishing the irrational concept that only social misfits would leave the west, even for a vacation, to socialize with a population of better looking non-feminist women.

    @Gorbachev, @Roissy @Xsplat:

    Have at it. Describe how western males basically think its only a “rumor” that things are so much better outside the west.


  322. Biggest mistake I ever made was in not permanently moving to the former Warsaw Pack and STAYING THERE after the Berlin Wall fell. I did do this in the early 2000s but I lost 10 years hesitating.

    As it happened, I tried moving there right after the wall fell but ran into difficulty making a living, so I decided to go back and have a great career in the USA, which I did. Huge mistake.

    Because $6K in California gets you much less of a life than $3K in EE or Russia. And that’s before taking feminism and the fat problem into account.

    I should have stuck to it and slowly figured out how to make at least a few thousand per month in EE.

    The advice to any western male is to move NOW, not later.

    Feminism is making major inroads over here.

    There isn’t that much time left unless western society crashes faster than its already crashing.


  323. a spell-checker changed Warsaw Pact to Warsaw Pack. 😉


  324. […] Chateau – “America’s Future Soldiers are Unfit for Duty“, “Teasing Should be Like Breathing“, “Marie Claire Blogger Spills Truth, Fatties Erupt on Cue“, “Female Beauty Ranking: The Elusive 10” […]


  325. on October 31, 2010 at 5:46 pm Grateful Borderline Beta

    Great post. Can’t give a ten to boatgirl or any chick with dark roots, not when there are so many natural blondes.

    Do this: find a pic of a bunch of hot whored up girls and rank them (we do this at 4chan a lot); if you’re like me there will be a near perfect positive correlation between lightness of hair and hotness. Has Roissy covered that blondes are attractive because light hair denotes youth and we’re all pedos?

    I was one of the few who gave Lolly Girl a ten, that nose, those lips. Might be genetic similarity attraction (GSA) at play as I am half Irish.

    Poor Cocoagirl. They don’t tell the black women who come here to Canada that nobody will fuck them, especially the black guys, and now we have thousands of pissed off cock starved black women running rampant.

    Nextdoorgirl would be a ten except for the borderline mom jeans.

    Zorrogirl is ten, period. Remember her ass in that spy movie trailer?

    Meagan Fox goes to eleven, baby, notwithstanding her misandry.

    Smooshedboobs? Try noboobs.

    I like women with an ass like a ten year old boy. But I do! When exactly did “fat ass” go from an insult to a compliment? 15 years ago? Bah, stupid mainstreaming of Black culture.


  326. I voted, which is probably bad because I’m female, but all my votes lined up with most of the male readers…in pretty much every case half of people voted the same as me…except for where I voted that the woman has a perfect body. Because she does.


  327. Jerry

    Are the women you pay to strip big, fat pigs like the one you posted?


  328. @Anonymous Coward

    You’d be gristle on the pavement if, in real life, you tried to call my girlfriend a fat pig.

    Then again, I guess I did say the above girls were skeletons and concentration camp victims to me.

    The problem is hostile Internet cowards aren’t actually practicing game in their socialist feminist western hellholes.

    So they hang out here thinking they’re cool by insulting Nicole for admitting she’s in her late 30s and a few pounds overweight and otherwise showing they don’t have any field reports to make and don’t care that people like Nicole are very much on the side of Men’s Rights Advocates.


  329. Jerry please don’t beat me up for calling a picture on the Internet fat! Your internet threats are extra scary! Much scarier than anyone else’s because of how awesome you’ve told everyone you are for paying women to strip.

    You are so Alpha I’m scared to death…please please Master, teach me how to pay fatties to strip. You could run a bootcamp for that, paying money to Mud Duck with your eyes.


  330. “…says the guy who would fall for the waiting game”


    Ummm. What are you talking about? You make very little sense.


  331. @Roissy

    You’ve really got to moderate the fags who wouldn’t pay a woman $20 to strip at any time or place. Most are feminist lurkers. This is a huge agenda item for feminists and they think they’ve got the PUA movement “tied down” by pretending its the same as paying for drinks in a bar. Its no different from Feministing to have to argue the point.


  332. By the way, here’s a photo of Mariah Carey in a bikini 20 years ago:


    This is a 10 to me.

    Notice the large enough breasts and breeder hips.

    Eastern Europe is filled with this type and the type Roissy likes.

    Some are LTR material and some are super-flirt types (mercenary). If one wants to experience as many of what he considers a 10 as possible, he behaves appropriately depending on the circumstances.

    Meanwhile the fact that someone made this one famous doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of women who look the same way but aren’t famous and aren’t feeling entitled or otherwise priced off the market.

    Mariah Carey is very replaceable and, indeed, this is what she looked like 20 years ago.


  333. This thread is hella funny.


  334. on October 31, 2010 at 10:31 pm Alpha Motherfucker...

    I do love the chateua writers, but you guys are yet again trying to shape shit to your own world view, like the comment insinuating that if a dude doesn’t like a waif thin woman with a 12 y/o’s body that he must be deficient or gay. Are you kidding?

    I know from experience bieng a testosterone filled booty chaser that many many of my amigos who are into the “model” thin looking girls are quite often picky little bitches bordering on the super duper metro sexual or even line gay side of the masculinity scale.

    But I say hey, to each his own here fellas, just stop taking cheap shots on the dudes that like real woman with some nice thick tits and a little muscle in their thighs. Fuck maybe some of these tiny sprite looking bitches are the only thing that can make some of you feel more manly I’m guessing.



  335. She wants something, you get her that…

    I found your post a good read so I have added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…


  336. dont find smooshed boobs attractive at all, probly has no ass also.

    heres a better pic of cocogirl


    that body is a 10/10, imo preferable to girl in lightning round


  337. I see girls like this all the time. However still agree 10/10 for all of the girls.

    Where 10/10 = “I’d hit it, twice.”


  338. I much prefer full body pics for these. How can I tell what a girl’s rating is by only looking at her face?


  339. on November 1, 2010 at 1:21 am teetering on the brink



  340. X2
    Alpha Motherfucker


  341. Evil says, “You make very little sense.”

    I’m flattered…and I’m not going to tell you why.


  342. Jennifer Hawkins is attractive but very overexposed in Australia , her image is freaking everywhere and I’m getting rather tired of her white girl look.

    Before and after she became famous …

    Her ass is nice , but not spectacular.


  343. She is attractive. It doesn’t sound like Australian men put women up on pedestals so she is probably fairly down to earth.


  344. that ass isnt nice its downright shameful

    thats actually the living definition of “having no ass”

    i’d be scared to look at it if she werent wearing heels


  345. I understand guys who prefer fuller figured girls as oppose to thin and slender like the bodfromthegods girl, but this whole “looks like a 12 year old teenage boy” thing gets on my fucking nerves.

    This looks like a boy to you:

    Same girl. If that girl was standing in front of you with that dress your “12 year old boy” bullshit would sound stupid as fuck.


  346. on November 1, 2010 at 11:05 am almost 40 year old virgin

    No matter how she looks, somewhere somebody has had enough of her shit.


  347. @That Guy

    If boat girl is Jennifer Hawkins, then for all those who votes her 10, just take a look at her FLAT BOOTY and weep:

    Ugh. Drops her from a 10 to an 8. Still I’d love to have her in my bed, so I can stare at her face while I’m fucking a girl with a butt that doesn’t look like it was steam-rolled.


  348. Must be a matter of taste. To me her a** is perfect.


  349. on November 1, 2010 at 11:24 am the_alpha_male

    Can’t understand the hate on Lollygirl…..she does it for me and besides, i love gingers. Rated her an 8.5.

    Cocoa Girl – would have rated her a 4 if i could. I’ve seen much more beautiful black women then her.

    Next Door Girl – rated her 7 but would have given her a 5 if i could. Doesn’t do a damn thing for me.

    Flawless was my personal favourite.


  350. sharpcool,
    I agree, that is definitely not the body of a 12 year old boy.


  351. That is a typical thin white woman’s behind. I don’t understand what is so unattractive about it.


  352. Jerry, if you see this, please send me an email at chainring(dot)mgtow(at)gmail. I’m an American thinking about moving abroad at some point, and my preference is Eastern Europe (have been to a few countries on vacation), but not sure about jobs there for English-only speakers and how much coin I need to save up to live a good life there. Thanks.


  353. Willard Libby said:
    To a lot of White guys that’s considered a huge, frightening ass.

    Remember for your average White boy a woman should be built so as not to accentuate his underdeveloped genitalia.

    Contrast is key.

    Thin, underdeveloped women, Asian chicks, the bony and the bootyless make them feel like more of a man by comparison.

    BINGO! You’ve hit the nail on the head! The guys here who rave about super-skinny, flat booty girls are – possibly sub-consciously – making allowances for the the fact that they come up “short” in the cock department.

    As a guy who has had women refuse to have sex with them, because I was too big, I veer the other way. I need a woman who is comfortable taking a pounding, so look for wide hipped, bubble butt babes – who welcome a magnum clad monster 😉

    Grateful Borderline Beta,
    stupid mainstreaming of Black culture.

    This has nothing to do with “Black culture”. Whenever I go to a party or club, I know my main competition for the really attractive – i.e. thick booty – girls, will be Black guys. But I didn’t grow up in the US, nor am I Black… the commonality is elsewhere…


  354. Sure. But basic advice is to get a company from your home country to let you work remotely. The Internet lets everyone live wherever they want now.

    That’s why I have to stop blaming myself for not moving east sooner, such as in 1989 or even before the Warsaw Pact collapsed – there was no business Internet back then so it would have been murder making western levels of money.

    And the air, food and water has only really been clean for the past 10 years. In the 90s one could smell anthracite coal in the air of all cities and towns.


  355. “I find rating woman to be a trap ”

    I think the vaj is a trap, a trap that works.


  356. Jerry,

    Your advice to pack all your shit up and move NOW is a little extreme. EE surely has a higher percentage of good pussy than the USA, but there is still plenty of good American pussy.

    Russian, Ukranians, Romanian, and Pols etc. work the hospitality industry of the east coast beaches in the summer. Clumps of like 8 girls will live in one apartment to save money. All those ladies piled up in one spot can make for some really fun nights.

    So I would suggest that any guy with the EE bug sample them first before going all expat and what not. Comparing and contrasting the EE girls with on break American college girls is always a fun summer project.


  357. You guys are fools! Womans TRUE beauty comes from whats inside:her confidence,her inner strength,what she has accomplished,how she has endured lifes trials. Those lines on her face have been EARNED! They rae to be treasured! (giggle)


  358. “That is a typical thin white woman’s behind. I don’t understand what is so unattractive about it.”


    Typical doesn’t make it good…

    She’s thin and white too. See the difference?



  359. Laura, for some guys, her butt is fine. Others like a little ‘pop’ in the butt. See, for example, Sasha Grey (thin white girl with a small, but perky, booty: (NSFW) http://www.club-sashagrey.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/Sasha-Grey-Hairy-02.jpg


  360. Jerry, Evil Alpha,

    I agree with EA, in many large US cities there are pockets of Eastern European girls, who are ready and willing.

    In New York, just go to Greenpoint and hang out at the clubs there, places like “Club Europa”

    Of course, if you’re slightly older or not hot yourself, you’d do better in EE itself.

    There are many places in the world where a European/American can score 9 or 10’s much easier than in the US though. My brother lived in Brazil a few years, and dated the lead dancer of the Fortaleza carnival, from the previous year. This was a super hot chick, who danced naked – except for some sparkly paint on certain areas – at the front of the carnival procession.

    When he lived in Seoul, South Korea, he had as many Koreans chicks as he could handle – they just loved Caucasians.

    He also lived in Saratov, Russia – 800 miles East of Moscow – for a year, and said he had never seen as many blonde bombshells in his life. This was about 12 years ago, and he was one of the first non-Russians in the city, so was a minor celeb wherever he went.


  361. @Jerry
    So language barrier is not a problem? Which country are you living in?


  362. @ChainRing

    Language barrier is huge as its the more traditional women you may want who don’t learn English. I will write to you. Your main concern will be learning a language well enough to converse socially.


    True enough, in fact one notices that many of the English speaking women have already left EE for the beaches of the US east coast or Monte Carlo so you might be getting the best there in a diluted form (if one theorizes that those who learn English are superior, which I tend not to agree with). But still a guy can’t go wrong hanging out a few years in their mother countries and learning the languages. Once he’s gotten good at a few of their languages, if he goes back to the US and meets groups of them on the beaches or in the casinos of Italy, Monaco and France, he has that much more of an advantage.

    But a traditional type girl who wants to stay near her family can keep a man from wanting to go back. Few traditional types want to move to the US anymore. They’ve seen Sex and the City and want to keep their distance. 😉


  363. Chainring,

    Speaking of language, a great way to travel is to take a quick course in “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” (TEFL), and then get a placement abroad. This is what my brother did initially.
    More Here:

    The pay is not great, but you get a job, plus room and board in a country of your choice – not a bad deal!


  364. @That Guy
    Thanks, that’s not a bad idea. Although I’d love to be able to set up a real business there or telecommute and make better coin.


  365. Chainring,
    Well my brother is now fleunt in Portuguese, and speaks enough Korean and Russian to get by.

    While in Brazil he was offered a job, by a friend of a friend, as a salesman for a major engineering company, as they wanted a guy with fleunt English, and all american looking, to help with international sales…


  366. on November 1, 2010 at 8:17 pm You Know I'm Right

    Regarding my above post about “Caprice” being a 10, the only problem I see with her is that she looks to be too thin to bear healthy children and might even be hovering in the dangerously thin range; see – http://www.kindgirls.com/photo2/w4b/caprice_37694/caprice/14/13/09-2010/

    However, Ms, Caprice is still a definite 10 — perfect as far as I can see…though if she gained about 15-20 pounds she’d be even hotter (and more fertile).

    [Editor: No, her body is nice as is. 20 more pounds would put her dangerously close to chubster territory. She can afford 10 extra pounds, tops. But she’s not a 10; her face is too nondescript and her eyes are small. She’s a 9.]


  367. Just passing through. I wanted to clarify once and for all that buttercleavagegirl is Korean popstar, Hyori Lee. She’s regarded as one of Korea’s sexiest women.


  368. on November 1, 2010 at 8:32 pm You Know I'm Right

    Xamuel:”Using that set of pictures as sample, we conclude the female population is ~90% brunette”

    It’s over 90%. Most of the world is Asiatic or African – or some variant/mix thereof, e.g. Latin American – and all of them have black, dark brown, or brunette hair of some type since the only regular variations in hair color (and eye color) exist amongst the White race which only composes about 10-12% of the world’s total population (and even the majority of Whites are still brunettes).


  369. @THATGUY – your brother is a serious trooper and I so envy him.

    EE has to be experienced to believe it, Communism did something to these people which is hard to explain. In Hungary they have hot streetwalkers parading the streets 24/7. They hung out near the local supermarket wearing nothing but g-strings and a warm coat.

    My problem is the standard of living that we have in North America, I know it is not everything but we get everything here. I could not find certain foods in Hungary (Salmon and good beef). As an American/Canadian man in these countries women will be all over you like white on rice, albeit alot are looking for the green card.

    A fat girl in EE is something you rarely see, the competition is so fierce that women that are approaching age 30 start to get panicky. I met a few who ended up moving to the UK, for work of course (wink). They seem to have a better grasp of reality, meaning no false sense of who they are.

    There are places like the Baltic states that I was not able to reach, from what I hear it is the same quality pussy as the EE states.


  370. Here is a much better picture of buttercleavagegirl Hyori Lee….


    This picture..she’s a 10.


  371. Have you seen seen Sasha Grey in the movie , The Girlfriend Experience ?


    I thought she was kinda mehhhhh in that.


  372. I find the Hot For Words chick a 10.


  373. Gig—

    I would take Mariana or Camila Davalos (colombian models, google has lots of pics of them) over any of the girls above, except Megan Fox and Catherine Zeta Jones.

    Yep, they’re gorgeous. 10’s alright.



  374. Mr C

    Have you seen seen Sasha Grey in the movie , The Girlfriend Experience ?

    Since she started fucking black guys, she’s tainted.
    Her next descent: donkey anal gangbang #59


  375. To the guy who was saying that all of these women would be average in Eastern Europe, I demand proof. I’m sure EE women are better looking on average, but seriously. That’s a pretty ridiculous assertion to make without showing something to back it up.


  376. @Firepower

    “Since she started fucking black guys, she’s tainted.”
    Her next descent: donkey anal gangbang #59

    She was doing black guys from day one (2006). And what does “tainted” mean? The bitch does mainstream porn and you act like you wanna marry her or something.


  377. Not one of those women would give you losers the time of day, DREAM ON — and men’s looks DO matter — what are you maybe a -5


  378. Tainted hey.

    All porn actors and porn “stars” are in the gutter , being flushed into the sewer is only a matter of time.


  379. Evil Alpha


    “Since she started fucking black guys, she’s tainted.”
    Her next descent: donkey anal gangbang #59

    She was doing black guys from day one (2006). And what does “tainted” mean? The bitch does mainstream porn and you act like you wanna marry her or something.

    Ok, I’ll explain, sonny: Tainted means that even a hot porn bitch taking 300 cocks up her snatch a week is rendered unfuckable by choosing to bone even one splib.

    But, it’s sweet of you to keep a four year watch on the little slut.


  380. @Firepower

    “Ok, I’ll explain, sonny: Tainted means that even a hot porn bitch taking 300 cocks up her snatch a week is rendered unfuckable by choosing to bone even one splib.

    But, it’s sweet of you to keep a four year watch on the little slut.”

    LMAO. Oh. I see. You got issues.

    Sasha Grey was famously mainstream in 06 and billed as the next big thing. One needs to “follow” her as much as one needs to “follow” Jenna Jameson… the previous big thing.


  381. Black Rebel, I have actually thought about it so much that I have written some numbers down that I believe to be accurate, relating to the percentage of girls in the one to ten scale.

    Of course, I did it based on my travellings and area of residence in Portugal/Spain but it seems to be extremely close to what you claim to see in a “average suburban market” in North America.

    That, couppled with my experience with other white women (tourists + one week in West London) I came to expand my findings to all European Girls (white Girls).

    I admit that some variation may exist ethnically amongst white girls but it would be too little.

    The main variations that I recognise is RACE (but I’m only talking about European girls so race is already homogenised here) and economic power: Usually, within a society, the hotter girls will cluster along with those who have more money / power / are more alpha. That’s why trendy clubs have more hotties than shitty clubs.

    My list:

    1 – 1%
    2 – 4%
    3 – 10%
    4 – 25%
    5 – 5% (What the fuck is a five? Is a girl which is not a six, but is not as bad as a 4 so… )
    6 – 25%
    7 – 15%
    8 – 10%
    9 – 4%
    10 – 1%

    P.S. – Venezuelan Girls Are Usually Hideous.


  382. Evil Alpha

    LMAO. Oh. I see. You got issues.

    Sasha Grey was famously mainstream in 06 and billed as the next big thing. One needs to “follow” her as much as one needs to “follow” Jenna Jameson… the previous big thing.

    It’s not an issue I have with any PUA guy who brands himself an evil alpha, for the LED beltbuckle proclaiming the same at The Club usually proves just the opposite.


    Still, your vast knowledge of Porn Stars (both past and present) is intriguing.


  383. For those who asks how EE women look like,
    this is a site of Russian women, EE is somewhat the same.


    The differences is that the Slavic countries in EE, are similar to Russians, the Balkans has a mix of Slavic and Turkish. Hungary is not easy, they can look anyhow, I look more Balkan as im darker then the average Hungarian in hair color and skin.
    Balkans can be further divided, Croatia most people are blond, whereas in Serbia, its 50-50 blond/brown etc and similar differences in the other Balkan countries with variables in hair and skin color


  384. “Still, your vast knowledge of Porn Stars (both past and present) is intriguing.”


    That you consider such obvious facts as “vast knowledge” is intriguing to me. Are you not from America? Do you not have a TV? Are you a baby boomer?


  385. 1. I’m white hetero.

    2. These girls are all way too skinny, some ridiculously so.

    3. Lollygirl by far the most gorgeous. I find none of the ethnics even remotely attractive. The black girl is outright gross.


  386. As if I really needed the confirmation, turns out 80% of the readers are white.


  387. Evil Alpha

    “Still, your vast knowledge of Porn Stars (both past and present) is intriguing.”


    That you consider such obvious facts as “vast knowledge” is intriguing to me. Are you not from America? Do you not have a TV? Are you a baby boomer?

    I see it’s my turn to be intrigued that your intrigued regarding my intrigue – but I must pass. Gotta get ready for a weekend.

    Hey: Don’t spend it all at sashagray.com for yours.


  388. @Firepower

    “I see it’s my turn to be intrigued that your intrigued regarding my intrigue – but I must pass. Gotta get ready for a weekend.

    Alright, that was pretty funny.

    But you really do need to get a tv or something. Even clergy have heard the name sasha grey and jenna jameson.


  389. […] votes have been tallied and the verdict is […]


  390. The mouse over captions rule!, once again. “It’s actually Justin Biener” hahahaha


  391. The hottest girl, IMHO, is that redhead, Lollygirl or whatever.


  392. Paladin is a prime example of a guy that is not attracted to women. As evidenced by his choosings of the mudducks on this list.