From Pickup To Date To Pull: The Full Video

Not too long ago there was a post on Justin Wayne and his videotaped day game pickup. The more skeptical viewers wanted to know if Wayne is able to get anything more going with the girls he meets in public, like a date or sex. In answer to that, he’s got another video out which shows him meeting a girl, picking her up, going on a date with her, and taking her home. Outside of actually standing there watching him slip the chocobar into her snatch, I don’t think you could ask for better evidence of the effectiveness of game. But see for yourself.

It’s a long video, so you might want to take some time today to plow through it, like you would a recalcitrant lawyer chick. The meat of the video begins at the 7:00 minute mark. There’s a lot to discuss here, so I’ll throw this to the readership and let you guys hash it out. I’ll make a few points about things that stood out to me:

At 8:00, he uses the “innocent bystander” opener, and asks for directions. The open is from the front. No catching up to her required.

At 8:45, watch for the AMOG by the flower guy. Handled the best way — with a firm no.

At 9:24, she tries to disengage, but he neutralizes it by agreeing with her (“I understand what you need…”) and then just plows into another topic. Her focus is successfully redirected.

At 10:02, the girl is suspicious of his age and demands his ID. This rarely happens, but in those rare times it does, if you are concerned about your privacy, you should carry a fake ID. Anyhow, “logical” demands like these are mostly an Eastern Euro girl phenomenon. Wayne deflects superbly by offering a quid pro quo hug in exchange for the ID. She drops the subject. Shit test passed.

At 10:31, Wayne gives her his glasses to try on. I wouldn’t have done this. I’d be worried that a Ukrainian chick would run off with them.

At 10:35, she fishes for a compliment. Beta bait! Wayne replies “Wow, you look sooo….” Nice neg!

General observation: This chick is shit testing a lot. I’ve found it to be the case that East Euro girls will be incredibly bitchy when you first meet them, but if you pass their tests, they warm up quickly.

11:40: The bounce. This is important to make a girl feel like she’s known you longer than she has. AKA time compression.

12:22: “and if you like eating healthy…” Nice little qualifier.

12:56: “She’s white?” Slavs are refreshingly frank about race. American SWPLs, take note.

13:55: His persistence pays off. She follows his lead. Insta-date!

15:50 onward: This is actually kinda romantic.

General observation: She’s making what seem like a lot of demands of him (“Show me your music style”, “show me this thing”, etc), which can be construed as shit tests, qualifiers, or indicators of interest. I like to call these kinds of girls Show Me Sassies. You have to be careful not to comply too often with a Show Me Sassy, or she’ll lose interest to find a more challenging man.

17:26: Contrast is king!

18:00: Interesting that she’s confessing her (rational) fear of ghetto black guys to… a black guy.

At 19:14, Wayne asks “Why do you want to see me again?” Always assume the sale.

At 19:20, she demurs rather coldly. Most beta males would have crumbled into dust after hearing this.

19:23, she punches him in the shoulder. Major IOI. This is girlcode for attraction. Runaway attraction that must have its pressure released.

20:08, escalate the kino. By whatever means necessary.

20:53, kiss compliance test passed. She is now invested in him, and will be more pliable going forward. Her hamster has awakened from its slumber and has been kicked into rationalization mode by the kiss she planted on his cheek. Herein, she will look for ways to explain to herself why she’s falling for this guy. “Kiss tests” are very effective at flipping the seduction script so that the girl is chasing, or perceives that she is chasing.

General observation: Wayne flirts a lot. “As we hold hands, you’re going to start feeling some magic…” Flirting should be like breathing; you never want to think about it, and you never want to stop doing it.

Around 21:30, he’s hitting her up with a slew of beauty compliments. Rewards for her compliance, or cloying supplication? Stay tuned!

At 22:45, they go on a “day 2”. (Formally known as an “actual date”.) Is she wearing the same pants? She must like the way they flatter her butt. I predict sex.

23:30, intimate moments. I wonder how he arranged the camera in that scene?

General observation: Wayne shows confidence in his allure, bordering on sociopathic overconfidence, and as science proves that is the catnip to women that they can’t resist, the male ALPHA ATTITUDE that trumps all other male attractiveness traits except fame or immense wealth. If you don’t have this attitude, picking up girls will always feel like an uphill slog to you. If you have this attitude, pickup will feel as easy and familiar as riding a bike.

The last six minutes of the video feature his students doing practice pickup attempts. There’s some useful stuff, so watch till the end.

PS In order to avert a predictable and repetitive shitstorm, you will be limited to one race comment. Make it count!


  1. Invaliding a girl, when she’s trying to get it, is one of the easiest ways to win over a girl. And they fish for that validation earlier and earlier nowadays (desperate men?).


    • 8:30…before that I lived in Ocean City, MD..

      Yup…. The Atlantic beaches with their fresh batch of foreigners every summer…


      • on September 28, 2012 at 12:33 am kingofcockville

        wow. I’ve (successfully) fished in those exact waters. Crazy stuff. It was the easiest of my life, and foreign students > sloppy american chicks. Didn’t even look at a “local” ( or PA college slut) for years. And you could get laid like crazy working as a dishwasher ( I wasn’t but I’m just giving an example).

        My “game” was basically 100% aloofness. Looking back I realize I could have done a lot better, and somewhat got “lucky” from my natural demeanor.


      • I relocated primarily because of the “fishing”. It’s a great lifestyle. Roosh wrote a post about why DC sucks that was spot on.

        Down here is like paradise. The foreign girls I actually enjoy because of their sheer honesty… just like in the video… Even their shit tests are cute, rather than the bitchy/harpy kind you get in DC/SF/NY.

        I only mess with American girls in the winter. Mostly local comm colllege or state school grads and it’s ok, but summer is the best.

        I’ve gotten spoiled.


      • on September 28, 2012 at 11:20 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        hey herattsietseee!!!!

        i wanna read the thread titled:

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      • on September 28, 2012 at 11:34 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        having to choose between romney and obamma lzlzlzozzozozlz

        is like ben bernanke and tucker max showing up at your house
        and benny syaing
        “tucker max rheyms with godlamn sax is going to butthext you,
        what kind of lube would you like
        obamma or romney lube?”



    • on September 27, 2012 at 2:59 pm Obstinance Works

      American women are more direct now than ever. They will stand or sit next to you and stare at you, but will give you less than 30 seconds to make your move. They will probably storm off in a huff if you ignore them too long. Game and the 3-second rule is in full-effect at this time. You can be the beaten-down well-churched feminized beta or you can be the winner. It’s up to you.


      • Yes and who is conditioning them to have these expectations? Yep, you guessed it. Desperate American guys who think they’re players. Quit buying in to women’s frame and live life on your own terms.

        As soon as someone expects me to do something, I no longer want to do that thing.


      • I don’t get it. Whites have all the money, all the power, but THEIR country is going down the tubes? How did a black guy get to be on top? America is 70% white. WTF are you guys doing? Who is the REAL enemy? Blacks are not in control, so why are they such an annoyance? Hmmm…

        [heartiste: all right, we heard you the first time. feel better?]


    • I watched this ready to be skeptical, but I have to say the guy has solid game. Nothing spectacular, just good, solid game that is achievable by pretty much anybody if they put in the work. I’d say the number one thing that this guy does well is present a chill, fun, confident vibe in the face of a cold approach. At no time does he ever start to lose it. You get the feeling that even if she blew him off, he’d be like, “oh well, I’m still having a good time,” which is exactly the mindset you need. Like, “I’m having fun, come hang with me and you can too.”


  2. Citing:

    “He’s probably got some game, but he’s more a con artist as he’s ruined his image up by posting videos where he says how did a SDL with some stunning model/french girls etc.. but they contain no instructions or breakdown info! It’s just a video with a music soundtrack (suspicious!?!!) and him messing around with some random girls in the park, on a train, in a house..
    He could have met them at a party, a club, a bar or they could be his mates g/f’s!!?! Also the comments on his You Tube videos, all say the same few word replies (You are so good, you are the best pua, do you teach? etc..) and all posted on the same day..Hmmmmm…Annoyed

    Theres a guy on Daygame forum called “spinarooney” (who is Justin) and who only posts videos and comments about him. and the same poster has been called out on the “London Seduction Society” forums!”

    One world: scammer


    • Ahhh, to live in the internet age!

      I haven’t watched the video above (I come here more for the political/social posts nowadays. Besides I’d find aspects of it distasteful), so I can’t say whether I agree with you or not. I am aware, however, of some the dishonest practices you speak of. I post on a boxing forum every now and then, and occassionally you’ll get a poster who will rave about and praise a little cared about, mediocre boxer who no-one else gives a shit about. You do have to wonder if its a promoter trying to drum up support for his man. Similar things have happened elsewhere on the net: authors will write scathing reviews about fellow authors on Amazon, company execs. talking up their product on message boards to raise their stock, etc.

      On the other hand, if this guy’s hands are completely clean, it would be pretty hard for him to prove it.


      • Agree that it will be hard to prove.
        In Game/PUA world reputation is everything, especially when you coach people.

        I am not bad myself (London daygame, 90% direct Yad-style), what this guy does can be done by average player with 1-2 years self-development if you press on it.
        You can get 100 No and finally one Yes – record that and you are master-guru. Kudos to that – not many people are determined to get to this point at all.

        However, when you start spamming, mass-posting praises, editing comments on your blog, etc. – you lose all credibility.

        Also, somewhere he claimed that girl he laid knows about this blog and her homemade porn-video. In my experience – no girl will agree to that unless she’s seriously fucked up. I am calling that BS.

        It’s just too many red flags for me. IMHO – not worth my time.


      • +1… especially the 100 to 1 truism.

        It’s almost like a sports reel that shows the game-winning home run of the guy batting .098


      • “+1… especially the 100 to 1 truism.”

        Well, maybe not so bad 😀

        Depends what are you looking for… In London, scoring 8-9hb range takes like ca.20 approaches (getting #/instant date in 30% of cases, flakes 50% and I lay 30%), but it’s just me.

        Also, I tend to believe that daygame is much harder (I think you might score 2-3x more on nightgame), but you get much better quality (I am LTR focused).

        Anyway – I don’t see anything that makes this guy superior, but I see many red flags and tons of try-hards.


    • I can’t believe women could be such airheads and sleep with him just like that without knowing anything about him. Even my worst slutty girl friends are nothing like these girls discussed here. This is just beyond the pale.

      I agree; he appears like a conman, a snake oil salesman. I can’t take him too seriously. Maybe this works very often on very skanky girls.

      [heartiste: thank you maya for your predictable input.]


      • who the hell is maya?

        [heartiste: excessive denial. +1 giveitaway point.]


      • wtf???


      • I don’t think this is Maya, H. She uses the words “beyond the pale” and even “tantamount” below. Maya is much dumber than that.

        Hi, NiteLily.


      • Hi Jason.

        Who is Maya?


      • Who is [email protected]?

        you are.


      • Stand in front of the mirror and say Maya 3 times backwards, “ayam, ayam, ayam”, then she’ll appear.


      • Shut up, Maya.


      • Maya also has a huge crush on H right now, which I am in now way convinced is contrived.


      • I have a crush on him since I’ve first seen this blog! But it’s just an internet crush because we don’t know whether he’s a real person or not and even if he is I wouldn’t want to meet him 🙂


      • True! I’m not familiar with these words. I think I did see ‘tantamount’ before but I’d never use it. I’m not dumb btw.


      • Hi NiteLily, according to the manosphere here, Maya is any woman who believes all women are pure at heart even if their bodies ain’t. Women who claim all the time they are after intelligent kind generous men while doing the dirty with the impure, dirty ones. Yes, women who are as white and pure as lilies, but which bloom only at the darkest point in the night.


      • Thanks for the explanation. So Maya represents the hypocrisy of women???? BUT all women are like that at some point. Men too, as is evident by the Madonna/whore complex.

        Even the purest of women can eventually succumb to a man that tantalizes her femininity. The question is, how high her threshold of breaking down is. How easy she is when push comes to shove. When all is said and done, I don’t believe there is a woman on earth who can resist male advances, or male desires (as the Lord of the Chateau calls it), if the man understands how to awaken or appeal to her femininity.


      • Yes, both sexes are hypocritical to some extent but men’s excuse is that they are at least aware of it and readily admit it. Some will go as far as not to make any apologies for it. Their beef with women is that women are not even aware of their own hypocrisy, or if they are, won’t admit to it and come up with all sorts of “rational” explanations to explain away their internal inconsistencies – a la rationalization hamster.

        Oh by the way, I was just kidding around with the Maya thing. It could be Maya, Neecy, NiteLily, GeishaKate or even Alison. According to the world of heartise men, we are all like that.


      • Ha ha…. I wager there is some truth to this. I have noticed women are not honest inside about who they are and what they really want, particularly liberal women. I find liberal women have many dichotomies and contradictions within their psyche, which cause them many psychological issues and impaired logical thinking. They can’t cope with reality becoming very disillusioned, bitter, and resentful when the truth hits them straight in the face and they can’t escape it. Instead of accepting and embracing the truth, they become cynical and find ways to blame others. They’ll never admit it, and there is no reasoning with them. Don’t ever try to reason with a liberal woman, she’ll exasperate you, and you’ll be wasting your time.

        A conservative woman on the other hand, might have the same predispositions but at least she has more respect for the truth and looks at hypocrisy and double standards as discrepancies she should change. To liberals the truth was never that important. They’ll do everything to manipulate it in order to pass their liberal agenda or pontificate their illogical nonsense.

        That said, liberal men are not far behind when it comes to mental flaws and disorders. But at least you can use reason to prove to them their discrepancies and chip away at the heap of nonsense they built up as truth. Sometimes they come around. In fact, I suspect CH has many former liberal men readers that one day saw the light and came around. Not many women like those men exist though.

        Anyway, whether we’re talking sex, religion, or politics, it is all the same when it comes to inner contradictions, discrepancies, and inconsistencies. I think we should all be aware of them and fight them in order to come closer to the truth. We all need to be willing to embrace reality. Otherwise, we risk becoming delusional and cynical, where truth is meaningless.


      • @NiteLily

        “Even the purest of women can eventually succumb to a man that tantalizes her femininity … I don’t believe there is a woman on earth who can resist male advances, or male desires, if the man understands how to awaken or appeal to her femininity.”

        I didn’t understand what you wanted to say … What’s wrong with succumbing to male desire?! “Pure” women will try to resist this?! Why? I really don’t get it. (I’m not a conservative woman so this might be the reason I can’t comprehend your post …)


        “Oh by the way, I was just kidding around with the Maya thing. It could be Maya, Neecy, NiteLily, GeishaKate or even Alison. According to the world of heartise men, we are all like that.”

        No, I’m not like that, sorry. I’m not a hypocrite. And I think you shouldn’t take commenters here so seriously … Haven’t you noticed that most of them have very serious issues?


        “And you have a crush on the blogger too?”

        No, I love him.


        Thanks for making fun of my emotions.

        “It’s proof women could fall in love with a man’s essence when he projects Alpha behavior in writing or in speech (orally on the phone) without even seeing him in the flesh.”

        But you’re a woman, too! Maybe next week the same will happen to you!


      • She definitely does not represent the hypocrisy of women because she’s always been very frank about her deep fascination with alpha assholes.


      • So I take it Maya is someone that posts here? And she has a crush on the blogger? And you have a crush on the blogger too? LOL! It’s proof women could fall in love with a man’s essence when he projects Alpha behavior in writing or in speech (orally on the phone) without even seeing him in the flesh. And you girls admitting it is totally hilarious. Women love to fantasize about strong men. Nuff said.


      • nitelily, kristen IS [email protected]

        if you look at this comment:

        you’ll see [email protected]’s avatar is the same as kristen’s. which means their email addresses are the same.

        don’t feed the trolls. especially not the emotionally disturbed ones.


  3. NIGGER!

    Ahem. Ok. Moving on.


    • +1

      Spiralina took the words out of my mouth.


      • Ever notice that white women stopped respecting white men exactly when white men stopped fucking black women?

        When a man sees a woman with a man of another race, he might feel REVULSION. When a woman sees a man with a woman of another race, she always feels ATTRACTION.

        Women merely care about who’s WINNING. Plowing women of your own race is not a big deal, but plowing women of other races makes you stand out. Standing out = conquering = winning.

        [heartiste: i have noticed that women do get spitefully jealous when the men of their race date out.]


      • White dudes do indeed stay away from black American women, but Latina, Asian, and black non-American women all seem fair game, in my observation.


      • While I agree any White men may avoid Black women, many Black women also have no interest in White men as well. In fact, majority of Black women see White men as feminized and not very masculine when compared to Black men. They also believe White men are the biggest racists and perpetuators of racism and that also keeps many BW from having a lack of interest in White men.

        So the pendelum swings BOTH ways. Black womena nd White men avoid EACH OTHER. Its not simply that Black women want anymore to do with White men than White men want anymore to do with Black women.

        There are a small number of Black women (like myself and a minority of other Black women) who actually do find other races of men attractive and who are not stuck on Black men. but we are rare – at least in America…


      • Okay, but I don’t believe black women are turned off by white men’s supposed racism. I can buy that they aren’t masculine enough, but the racist part doesn’t ring true.


      • Lara,

        Trust me Black women do see White men as the ultimate enemy and have also been brainwashed from birth to believe it is the White male who has been the biggest perpetrator towards racism against Blacks. also many black women are taught about slavery history and the volatile relationships between black women and white males.

        Any black woman who would venture to this site would have her convictions confirmed about White men in general.

        A lot of black women simply don’t really think about white men on a greater scale. I believe it is the same with regards to how white men see black women. Overall we are just not on each others radar for the most part.

        There are still a minority in both groups that do find each other attractive and that’s really all that matters I guess.


      • “They also believe White men … ”

        You were doing so well. Your cohort are actually not that gullible. You’re probably projecting.

        Speaking from my experience, at least, I’ve found black women of two kinds, not far from each other psychologically:

        – Totally unpolitical, ranging from absolute brutes to good-natured (if a little gruff); often what appears to be a brute can be turned to a sweetie who calls you baby if you just use an ounce of game (think of going to the DMV)

        – Socially aware, who tend to agree with me when I talk about race; these women see the tokenism of blacks, see the exploitation and degradation of whites, and of course the colonization of our land by browns, and are gutsy enough to agree that it’s all wrong

        I’ve spent most of my life living around blacks, and not once have I met a black woman who believes Jewish dogma about white men. Of course I don’t have a direct line into their thoughts, but it is clearly a fleeting phenomenon, considering how often one receives such flattering opinions from other whites, and the kikes.


      • That’s undoubtedly true. I can imagine white lumpenbetas would not appeal to black women, any more than mousy, quiet East Asian men appeal to white women.


      • on September 28, 2012 at 1:53 am gunslingergregi



      • “many Black women also have no interest in White men as well. In fact, majority of Black women see White men as feminized and not very masculine when compared to Black men.”

        You must be delusional. Black women would give anything to get White men interested in them. At least with White men they have more chances of marriage and no baby daddy situations, not to mention a way to get into a higher socioeconomic group. As far as White men being feminized, I think Black women rather have a feminized male who is civilized, a good provider, and good marriage material, than some hoodlum in the hood. Get a grip on reality woman.

        Oh and BTW, most white people in this country are not racist. Did you notice they voted Obama into office because of imaginary White guilt? The guy is incompetent and his policies show. Unfortunately, it’s amateur hour in the White House these days. In fact, Blacks have been radicalized in this country, so the real racism is coming from Blacks towards Whites, and Obama and all of his buddies in the administration are race baiters. If he loses the White House in 2012, I see riots in the street. If he wins, there will be riots in 2016. Stay tuned.

        Another thing, Black men are not more masculine than Whites. They seem that way to the untrained eye because they treat women like shit and not in the Alpha good way. I’m sure you know the difference between Alpha behavior that creates attraction between the sexes, and just illogical violence against women.


      • Oh and BTW, most white people in this country are not racist. Did you notice they voted Obama into office because of imaginary White guilt?

        I think some of it had to do with the Republicans’ hardheaded support for Israel, which in no way advances American interests. The immensely costly Iraq War, for example, was perceived as an instance of going to war for Israel, and now that Romney is backing Netanyahu against Iran and suggesting we attack Syria, it ain’t looking too good for him either.


      • You must be delusional.

        DELUSIONAL? Says the obvious White chic who wants to believe in her own mind that Tons of Black women are dying to date White men and only a small number of White men want to sate Black women. LOL So typical of a White woman with an obvious AGENDA and yet so transparent.

        YOU are a typical delusional ENTITED white chick who believes she knows everything and doesn’t know JACK! Remember I am not one of your beloved White men so I don’t take your word for everything and agree with you for the sake of doing so.

        Black women would give anything to get White men interested in them.

        LOL. Do you actually believe that if you keep STALKING ME and saying it, it will come true? Ok DOROTHY keep clicking your red glitter heels and saying that to yourself and maybe it will actually come true.
        Let me EDUCATE you since you are too lazy or delusional to actually research the realities of this matter.

        1) The numbers and stats speak for themselves. MOST WOMEN of all races prefer their own kind. And studies have shown that Black women are significantly more “racist” when it comes to dating out the race than other races of women. EVEN in spite of being abandoned and mistreated by thier own race of men!

        2) And Black women are raised from birth to believe and accept Black men as the only options b/c of racial “solidarity in the face of racism. Black women are also raised and shown how White men treated them violently during slavery. So many Black women grow up with ideas of White men based on HISTORY and how they treated Black people and Black women during such times. Of course they can also venture to sites like this and in 2012 see that a lot of White men are still blatantly racist and be completely turned off.
        3) Black women take a great deal of responsibility and pride on being the pillars and carries of the Black community (whereas most men of other races have taken on this role in their cultures and communities) and therefore would least likely cross the color divide b/c she feels a need to continue on helping and supporting Blacks, Black communities and Black men for her lineage. THEREFORE it makes sense that bc Black women are typically the pillars of their communities, they would least likely find interest in the group they feel are the OPPRESSORS of Black in general.

        Now whether what they believe in their minds about race, White men being racist is accurate or not, its their perception and that perception becomes reality.

        SO MISS KNOW IT ALL WHITE WOMAN, do your freakin research on Black women FIRST before you come on a game blog trying to tell a BLACK WOMAN what we want.

        4) I have had more FIGHTS and arguments with anti-interracial dating Black women THAN BLACK MEN. There are a lot of Black women who harass Black women like myself and others who chose to date out of our race. What does that tell you? THEY ARE HIGHLY AGAINST IT! Even so to the point they harass OTHER BLACK WOMEN who do it!

        5) There are tons of blogs by Black women who are literally trying to PULL BLACK WOMEN into the idea of dating other races for her own benefits and more Black women fight against this idea of interracial dating as a better option for her. They refuse to accept or agree with it b/c they are stuck on Black men even when Black men have proven to be shitty.


        7) NEXT. Another reason Black women are least likely to find White males appealing is b/c we are taught or made to believe that the hyper masculinity of Black males is what is truly masculine behavior. Do I agree with that? NO. But obviously a shitoad of other Black women do b/c even when I or other enlightened Black women (who date interracially) have tried to talk them into interracial dating and expanding their options, they get mad and come up with all kinds of reasons why they won’t and start taking about “BLACK LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL” even in the face of being shitted on by Black men. SO once again YOU LOSE White girl b/c you are clearly delusional about what is really going on with Black women and their lack of desire on a greater scale to date interracially.!

        8) Since White men tend to not be hyper masculine and hyper sexualized as Black men, Black women do not see this as a cultural turn on for the most part. That is why even the most attractive and together of Black women would rather SHARE a no good Black man with other Black women than date out of her race.

        9) You don’t know JACK as I stated 3 times! You are not a Black woman so please stay in your lane. You are so TYPICAL delusional White woman. You don’t and CANNOT speak for me as a Black woman, the life I lived and other Black women, just like I cannot speak for all White women since I am not one and have not lived my life as one.

        10) You keep stalking me around these boards to keep repeating something you, WANT to believe in your own brain. Hey whatever helps you sleep better at night!
        I have said it before and I will say it again. You are neither a BLACK WOMAN or a WHITE MAN. You don’t know ANYTHINGT about what we TRULY LIKE and WANT so just stop trying to figure this thing out – you are way off base and beyond DELUSIONAL.
        And as far as the rest of your post – I have no interest in politics and dang sure no interest in debating it with YOU oh miss DELUSIONAL ONE.
        And feel free to stop stalking me with the same BS.


      • @ UH

        The black women you are speaking of are the minority of Black women who typically date interracially. The more likely a Black women is to date White men, the less likely she is to believe and agree with all the typical Black groupthink, the more indifferent she becomes to the “plight of Black men” and the less believable she becomes of all the BS she is raised to believe about race and White men in general.
        THIS is why there is such a great effort by Black men and Black communities to keep Black women from crossing the color lines. This is why there is such a great effort for the Black community to keep Black women undesirable to other races of men. Because when we leave, there is no more Black community. Our interests then become racially balanced and we will no longer have a need to fight “Black causes” as we do now b/c our loyalty and interest will be with the men whom we’ve married and pro created with. if those are men of other races, then that speaks for itself.

        A Black woman like myself can come to a board like this and read posts by racist White men all day long and it still does not twist my views about White men OVERALL and why I see them as still viable mates.

        But a Black woman who is still indoctrinated in Black people groupthink (which a majority of Black women are) will MOST LIKELY believe that all White men are racists and would believe in the propaganda that Black men are not really racist towards their own women but that it’s the “BIG BAD WHITE MAN” who forces Black men to act that way.

        YES there are actually Black women who BLAME WHITE MEN for why Black men date out tier race and abandoned their communities. A ton of Black women blame White men for a lot of shit. Unbelievable? YES. Crazy? YES but my point is, when you are indoctrinated to think this way, you don’t truly see how irrational it is.


      • Instead of your anecdotes let’s look at some actual data:

        Black women respond to white men more than any other race apart from pacific islanders. As far as dating goes, being a white man is as good as it gets.


      • Tartarus,

        Yes you are talking About black women who are open to interracial dating. And yes black women who date interracial will more likely prefer White b/c culturally we have more in common with white men than other ethnic men.


      • No, I’m talking about black women, period. OkCupid is not an interracial dating site, it’s a run of the mill dating site.

        Even if you were right and black women in general did think of white men as racists, I have some bad news for you: if anything, this would turn them ON. It’s a DHV that will make her think she’s extra special if he gets past his prejudices just for her.

        Brain: He’s white.
        Hamster: I like vanilla ice cream.
        Brain: He has a giant stack of wooden crosses next to gasoline canisters in his shed.
        Hamster: He’s a religious family man and takes good care of his car.
        Brain: He named his dog “Coon”.
        Hamster: It’s a cute dog.
        Brain: There’s a pair of handcuffs and blood all over the basement walls.
        Hamster: He’s into kinky sex, I could live with that.
        Brain: There’s a dead black preacher attached to the handcuffs.
        Hamster: I bet he was a child molester and had it coming.
        Brain: He has a monster truck with a confederate flag and swastika painted on it and a horn that shouts “run nigger run” when you honk it.
        Hamster: He only borrowed it from a friend at the local boy scouts until he can get a Prius next week.
        Brain: He has a shaved head and Hitler ‘stache.
        Hamster: He can invade my Rhineland anytime.


      • @ TATAURUS,

        LOL I have to admit that brain vs. hamster talk made me laugh really hard. Especially the Black preacher part and vanilla ice cream. LOL GOOD STUFF! 😉

        But please don’t tell me you are suggesting that Black women are dying to drop their panties for racist White men and see them as “high value” if they are racist? PLEASE tell me you don’t believe this?? LOL!


      • I am saying that an impression of racism is more likely to help than hurt. Women will turn the worst of traits into good things if they otherwise like the man. Particularly if the guy turns out to not actually be racist (defying expectations works in the man’s favor). If he plays his cards right he’ll be shooting cumton torpedoes into her bird of prey in no time.


      • “keeps many BW from having a lack of interest in White men.”
        Freudian slip, methinks.


      • Neecy is absolutely right, most of us put black women in the off limits column due to race, perceived drama, cultural differences, lack of social networking, and a host of other issues, and vice versa. In the exceedingly rare instance where two people get past these issues then its just the basic bio-mechanics at work.


      • Let’s back up.

        Tell us just when there was a mass-movement of white men fucking black women.

        I’ve never seen it. No one I’ve ever known has seen it, including niggers. So far it seems to exist in your and thwack’s minds. That’s about all.


      • We don’t need a mass movement of white men screwing black women. Only the few good ones count 😉

        Plus I find white men who date black women have a high dose of confidence and game cause the sisters are not an easy bunch to please. I also find the minority of white men who openly date black women are very masculine in nature and follow and play by their own rules.

        IOW’S. They Are FEARLESS! The only kind of man that counts in my book 😉 if that is only 10/10,0000,0000,000 white men that works for the sisters. Cause maybe only 3% of black women are open to dating out their race which means we only need 3% of white men. The rest we don’t need. The numbers actually work out quite well.


      • This is all true. No quarrel.

        I’ll tell you what frustrates me, living in South Florida — Caribbean black women always check me out. But of course, being a skinhead and absolutely removed from them culturally, there’s nothing I can do to capitalize on this.

        Ah well. At least they’re honest.


      • Oh idmlike to add to anon’s very astute assessment. A white girl gets reeeeal nasty and sometimes hateful if she even THINKS an attractive black woman is with aha,fway decent looking white guy. His desirable factor goes up a lot b/c white girls know black women don’t just take up with white dudes casually which says to them he must have something “special” going on.

        I was out a couple weeks ago at a casino and the dealer was a young attractive white girl. We were laughing and having a good time and then I asked her about one of the “hot” white deAlers T another table. SUDDENLY she and even the female put boss (who was also attractive Latin woman) suddenly got all interested in this guy. The white dealer said “humph I would have never guessed you were into white guys!!” . The rest of the night this dealer went out of her way to get his Attention and we both were painfully flirting with him. She was not thinking one iota about this guy until I said something.


      • “Cause maybe only 3% of black women are open to dating out their race ”

        Let’s cut the apple in half and say… 80%.
        Most sistahs are race traitors. It’s actually ok to want to upgrade your offspring’s genes when you’re at the bottom of the gene pool.

        While niggers can fuck everything that moves, white men only find 10% of black chicks max worthy of their plowing (Don’t worry, you’re one of them swwetheart).

        If we apply the 80% race betrayal ratio to the10% attractive black chicks; we have 8% of sistahs who don’t mind having sex ouside their race and do indeed have sex ouside their race because they can.

        This 8% is low enough to make you think that it’s only 3%. But you ignored the greater dynamics.


      • I kind of have to agree with you, a classic case is Michael Fassbender, now he seems to like black, coloured women (i mean did he date Zoe Kravitz and moved onto another black girl, gorgeous though) and all these white girls are hahaha flipping out. I mean the blog i occasionally visit hahaha. Comments like he’s got a big **** (apparently in the movie shame) and is attractive and he’s scoring black girls like for dang, he must be good… They seem to have forgotten that he’s an actor and the likelihood of getting with them is 0.000001 chance.


      • Olympus I think we’re using a different set of percentages. You are using whole percentages I assume (i.e. 80%/100% Black women). Sorry babe but that is just waaay too high! Most women of all races are more racist when it comes to dating out and studies have shown that Black women rate significantly higher on the “racist” scale when it comes to men of other races (superman has a study on his blog that points out how women are more racist when it comes to dating men of other races over thier own. It seems to be an evolutionary thing or something).

        Anyway, I am taking the percentage of the 12% of the whole Black population. Dividing that in about half (which would mean Blck women are about 6% total in the usa and then taking half of that number to get the 2-3%. So only 2-3% out of 6% which would generously mean only half but i think in whole numbers you used it would be less than half. More like 10-20%/100% of Black women would be open to dating interracially).

        Now to break down the White male numbers. It has been statistically shown that about 10% of WHite males are open to interracial dating. Out of that 10% I would say maybe only 3-4% would be open to dating BLACK WOMEN. In whole numbers. Whites are about 74% of hte American pop. Take half of that and you have about 35% of WHite men total. Then I would say 10%/100% would be open to DATING, MARRYING (not just screwing b/c we know ALL or MOST men – even the most racist skinhead would screw a hot woman of another race if nobody was looking).

        i can post the link if you wnt oif that study.


      • SEB,

        Yes I have read and even seen comments on the Michael Fassenberg issue and these White chicks are having a damn HISSY fit of maximum porpotions. You wanna see a racist WHite woman? Let a hot attractive White man show interest or be with a Black woman. Yes and the WHite women who date Black men are the WORSE when it comes to this.

        Uts a lot easier to make Black owmen out to be the only group of women to hte on interracial relationships between tier menand othe rwomen. Its just easy for everyone to point he finger sat us b/c unlike White women Black women typicaly are not PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE and we say how we feel.

        White women play a lot of passive-aggressive games so a lot of times they will not openly say how they feel but will show it in many ways.


      • “only 3% of black women are open to dating out their race”

        Look at hot black female celebrities, they are all dating white men(Halle Berry, Zoe Zaldana, that gitl from Destinys Child, etc). The truth is that the hotter a black woman is the more likely it is that she will date whites, the same correlation is true for intelligence,


      • Anonymous,

        I will say that at least White men for the most part have standards when they do date out the race. usually the Black girl is on the same aesthetic level as he is or she is very attractive. Hardly and actually never do I see a WHite man with an ugly Black woman unless they are both ugly (which makes sense b/c people shoud be seeking equal in terms of thier looks). LOL


      • Let me correct you a little on this one. White girls don’t get spitefully jealous about a few White guys being attracted to Black girls, as most White guys don’t date Black girls. However, I know for a fact that Black girls get very irritated when Black men chase after any white woman they can get. And, I can’t blame Black girls for feeling this way. They have many hurdles to overcome if they are looking for a real relationship and not just some baby daddy, so the last thing they want is to lose their men to White women. I have noticed that Black men have abandoned Black women and are chasing white women now.

        BTW, Anon, “When a woman sees a man with a woman of another race, she always feels ATTRACTION,” is not necessarily true. It’s true only if the man is hot. Now, if the woman is beautiful and no matter how beautiful you are, you are still jealous OF HER. Women are very jealous of each other, that’s a fact. They’ll even badmouth other women to elevate themselves. There is a fierce competition amongst women, even over imaginary stuff. Now if the guy is unattractive, then there is no jealousy; no one cares.


      • NITLILY,

        No let me CORRECT YOU. Yes White women get spitefully jealous of any WHite guy and EVEN BLACK GUYS (who are attractive) that shows any interest in a Black chick. It’s like “HUH? WHY HER OVER ME!” B/C in a White women’s mind she should always be the first chosen and the center of attraction over all over women (ESPCIALLY us “LOWLY BLACK WOMEN”).
        Because White women generally have entitlement issues and superiority complexes when it comes to the mating arena (which I don’t blame you for b/c you didn’t create the monsters; your men did and continue to do so; and its just inevitable that if you are told from birth you are the shit you would develop such complexes).
        But the thought of White men possibly finding a woman you deem “beneath you” on the totum pole in the mating game makes you insanley jealous. I don’t care how small the number is of White men who are interested (BTW I love how you so eloquently pointed out how only a “SMALL NUMBRER” of White men are interested in Black women, yet made a whole post saying how I was lying about the small number of Black women interested in White men. You are so effin transparent its not even funny. But I will continue to entertain your blatant & PREDICATBLE White woman biases and IGNORANCE and BAITING b/c I enjoy letting a White chick like you know how DELUSIONAL you really are.

        i cannot tell you how many times online there will be a White actor or famous WHite guy who is with a Black woman and White women start with their racist jealous taunt and antics “why is he with that Black ___________ (you fill in the blank)? he can do so much better”.

        Now let’s talk REAL LIFE. I have dated and also been in situations with WHite men on a platonic level. The looks and stares we get from ENTITLED WHite women is so obvious its not even funny. I can also attest to the horrible treatment I and other Black women have received while eating out with White men (intimate dates and strictly platonic) . I can tell you how I have gone out with sweet White female co workers and friends who suddenly turned into BITCHES when they feel I may be getting more attention than they “ALLOT ME” as their “Black female friend”. HA! YES even when its from MY OWN RACE OF MEN. Yes you white chicks are soooo caught up in your own “superiority” that you even take offense when attractive Black MEN are pursuing an attractive Black woman OVER YOU!! LOL!
        Your entitlement as a White women makes you believe that no one else should be sought after more than you.

        I went out with an attractive ex White female friend to a Sports bar. Boy was she on a high when all the black dudes were trying to get at her. me I couldn’t care less b/c I really am not in to Black men generally. But man oh man when the White dudes started coming up to me and talking and hitting on me, this BIATCH got her thongs in a bunch. Her face even got red at one point. She wanted to leave! WHY? because she was being ignored. Many WHite women feel they should be the center of all male attention and when they aren’t they become real effin NASTY and hateful.

        Now you can sit here and call me a LIAR, but once again you ARE NOT A BLACK WOMAN and can only speak from your own EXPERIENCE, ASSUMPTIONS. IOW’s you are on the outside looking in sweetie.


      • Neecy, you’re way overreacting, and your long-winded posts are too much to read, as I can’t stand ranting and raving that repeat the same thing over and over again.

        And don’t flatter yourself honey. I’m not stalking you, I’m reacting to some of your misinformation and delusional beliefs.

        Oh, and you should direct your anger towards Black men who prefer dating Whites to Blacks. It appears Black men have forsaken their Black sistahs in favor of some white pussy footin’.

        Regarding White girls that date Black men, I don’t think most of the guys here respect women like that. I like quality and I don‘t find Black men are quality, not that I find all White men quality either mind you. On the other hand, unbelievably, I find Black girls that date White men are more quality oriented. And , no I don’t freak out when I see a White guy dating a Black girl. I just assume he isn’t Alpha, and probably someone with a totally different mindset, so who cares – he wouldn’t be someone I’m interested in. It’s his choice; let him stew in it. I don’t give him a second look.


      • This is my last post/response to you:

        NEWSFLASH – I don’t care what you like, who you like, who you don’t like, what you think about white men, black men blah blah blah…,

        Lol tell someone who actually cares!


      • Anon
        Ever notice that white women stopped respecting white men exactly when white men stopped fucking black women?

        excuse me, but white males never stopped fucking blk females; thats a trick/propaganda designed to make black girls give up the pussy easy


      • nigger LOVER! (only thing worse than a nigger)


    • Stupid white trash redneck trailer park honky cracker bitch!!!

      😀 😈


    • All these pickup videos are of tourists picking up tourists

      Simple Pickup has good SIMPLE videos and they usually have kiss closes. And there’s no nigger/tourist novelty.


  4. I absolutely LOVE how much effort people put into game now. My god this guy really enjoys the interactions of game as a game. That I respect. Mystery and all those other guys saw it as an awakening, this guy sees it as a blessing/entertainment.

    I like that. He puts the same tenacity and caring I do into curing cancer and building giant robots as he does fucking girls. Whatever you do in life, just do it that way. It’s kick ass.

    It’s all about interactions — hundreds of years ago this was just “being worldly”.

    For each zone of influence 80% of interactions (just bullshitting a number here but the 80/20 rule really does seem to work in situations like these) will be shared across societies, which means that after acclimation (two months?) and enough study with mastery of the language the worlds pussy is wrapped around your fingertips.

    I’d like to see a competition of the worlds best see if I they can get a ten in 100 countries. That would please me. A true test of skill.


  5. I liked the girl in the red tunic at 9:10. That question about ID almost never happens especially with foreign girls.


  6. Seems he was putting in way too much effort to prove a point.

    After the shit-testing with the ID and the other push back and the “I have to go to the subway”….I would have just left.


  7. Here we go again…..


  8. I look forward to the day when we can scare away black predators the way a collie dog drives off coyotes. White women belong to White men. They are not the sexual playthings of non-whites, they are the future mothers of the White race, and this black is doing everything possible to genocide that woman’s family line. A few seconds of that video was making me feel very violent.


    • Do you really want the next generation of White girls to have half the genes of these STD-ridden skanks?


      • Yeah, I don’t know where CH is going by continuing to entertain this Justin Wayne subject

        you already did a post on it, what are you trying to prove?

        I feel the influence of Roosh and Virgie K on their buddy (?) CH

        Roosh clearly has an agenda to trash talk “Whites” and “Anglos”. In my opinion, this chip on his shoulder kills the otherwise awesome content over at Roosh V

        With this second Wayne post, I feel the great CH now being pulled into orbit of choosing between “his friends” and his own audience as to “who’s side are you on with this race thing”

        As far as shitstorm – every other race defends their own, except – whites apparently are not allowed now? Why not?

        You’ve got black posters gratuitously baiting whites here, yet if white posters respond in kind, its a white shitstorm?

        As to Justin Wayne, the verdict is same as last time: a try-hard, too much minstrel show. No one would be paying the least attention here if he was white


      • As far as shitstorm – every other race defends their own, except – whites apparently are not allowed now? Why not?

        You’ve got black posters gratuitously baiting whites here, yet if white posters respond in kind, its a white shitstorm?

        That’s pretty much the case for damn near every site on the ‘net… conveniently ignored by the nervous nellie SWPLs and the antiwhite baiters.

        It’s only immoral, bitter, small-dicked, jealous, closet-homo, wow… just wow RAY-CISSSSSSM when it’s their ox getting gored.


      • “You’ve got black posters gratuitously baiting whites here, yet if white posters respond in kind, its a white shitstorm?”
        Well that’s what this neecy is doing here by spweing shit about how Black girls never ever, ever never, want to date White men. What bullshi! Anyone who believes this doesn’t know reality. It’s exactly the opposite and she knows it. Even Uh was falling for it. What’s the matter with him?


      • Uhm EXCUSE ME? Are you a Black woman? How many Black women have you known and interacted with all of your life. You don’t know jack sweetheart!!

        Funny how you want to call *ME* out for saying that most Black women or Black owmen on average are not into White men for various reasons. YET you don’t call out the WHite men who say the same about Black women? yeah i see your agenda.

        And I didn’t say Black women “never ever ever” wanted to date White men. i said the MAJORITY don’t.

        I could easily say that White men are lying too about never ever ever wanting to be with a Black girl b/c often times they will say shit to sound good in front of other White men and especially White women whose “superiority” self esteem they have to keep in tact from being jealous.

        But I will take a White man’s word for it (bevauseif he is White and male he has obviously lived his life as one ansd has known, interacted with more White males his life than I as a Black woman or even YOU as a White woman) and if he says that most or the majority White men don’t consider Black women on a greater scale, which is the same thing that I AS A BLACK WOMAN THAT HAS LIVED MY LIFE AS A BLACK WOMAN THAT HAS INTERACTED AND KNOWN MORE BLACK WOMEN THAN YOU would know – then I am more apt to believe hin on some level.


      • on September 28, 2012 at 8:58 am gunslingergregi

        i know when i was young black chicks be offering pussy for a bikeride lol


      • Neecy doesn’t gratuitously bait, like most of her kind… she’s one of the few who speaks what she believes is true and seems sincere.

        That why I luvs her. 😉


      • @ GREG 1 (the one who slings guns)

        LOL You crack me up!

        @ GREG 2

        Thanks babe!! 😀


      • Am I the only one still physically repulsed by seeing whites and blacks kissing — in public no less? My little cock and private cuckold fetish notwithstanding, of course.

        Look, there has to be a cap on the rhetoric. Comboxes revert to least-common-denominator racism in the space of two replies. That is an iron law of the internet. A lot of the racist commentary is stupid and gratuitous and little more than catharsis for the impotent.

        But a lot more of it, especially in a place like this, is simple honest observation in a culture of stupid taboos. Where else can I own up to my physical queasiness over miscegenation than a forum like this? Everywhere else I would be hit with inane psychosexual explanations about my “true” fears and shortcomings unconsciously expressed. Nowhere else can we call a spade a spade. Everywhere else, this is the conversation. The most obvious conclusions are missed because ideology disallows acknowledgment of the real dynamic in front of everyone’s faces.

        And I just cannot relate to a black man picking up white streetwalkers. I don’t reside on that planet, and I can’t pretend I do. Sure, there are universal tenets of male-female interaction that apply to everyone. But other universal tenets (like the natural revulsion against race mixing) skew the analysis in an unspoken and officially unspeakable way because we are too cowardly to declare them the controlling factor. Except here. At this site. Sometimes.



      • “But other universal tenets (like the natural revulsion against race mixing)…”

        It’s not a universal tenet, Matt. Billions of people throughout history, myself included, have felt no revulsion at race-mixing. All of human history consists of unpredictable gene flow … often via war or enslavement.

        [heartiste: exceptions aside, the majority of people of all races feel a natural revulsion in varying degrees when the men of out-group tribes carnally take their tribe’s women. this feeling is as natural as hunger, and throughout human history has served a beneficial purpose: namely, that of not allowing your genetic legacy to go extinct.]

        I know it’s hard for you to believe from your perch on top of Mt. Homily, but you don’t speak for the entirety of the human race. You only speak for yourself.

        [generalizations are useful, even the ones that make you uncomfortable.]


      • That’s because you’re a cuckold fetishist. Let me guess, you also don’t care about women’s sexual past and you don’t mind marrying a whore… People like you have been reduced to silence throughout History when the civilizations are strong and led by real men who care about the future of their own blood.
        As soon as any civilization reaches a critical point, the loser mafia of faggots, cuckold fetishists, mannish hags and other punk lefties comes crawling out of the woodwork glorifying among other destructive stupidities, “race-mixing” and “unpredictable gene flow”.

        You are the winner in this era, congratulations, but rest assured that many of your ilk you will suffer in the future.


      • I’d love to see statistics, H, but I imagine they’re very hard to find. I’m guessing that “exceptions” like me are likely in the hundreds of millions (out of the 7 billion total). And I bet it correlates loosely with education.

        [heartiste: people feel repulsed by miscegenation to varying degrees, though the feeling is likely present in everyone to some extent, and if they are honest with themselves they will admit to it. because of status whoring, most people are not honest with themselves, let alone others, and especially others whom they deem to be their semantical and ideological foes. liberals do have higher disgust thresholds than conservatives, (see: haidt) and so it’s no surprise that libs would be less viscerally repulsed by interracial intimacy than cons. this higher disgust threshold can be either beneficial or deleterious, depending on context. it is very bad when tribes constantly rub up against one another — as they do in a multicult society like the US — and genetic extinction is a real threat. it is useful as a psychological template for encouraging innovation and artistic expression that would improve the reproductive fitness of the innovator or artist.]

        @ Olympius: Gene flow isn’t a destructive stupidity. It’s a fact of life. But trying to harness that gene flow can be viewed as stupid.


      • H,

        You make a point. HOWEVER, I find men if ANY RACE only feel strongly about tribal protection when it’s THEIR race of women being sought after by another race. I hardly ever see or hear WHITE MEN thinking about how ASIAN men must feel when they see many WHITE MEN going after their women in droves – even coming to their Asoan countries and taking their women?

        Frankly it’s just s bunch if contradiction and hypocrisy when men if any race make a big whoop about muscegenation b/c when these same men have an opportunity to pursue an attractive woman outside if their race they do it and see no probs whatsoever and damn sure aren’t thinking about how that particular race if men feels.

        If this were a vid of a white dude picking up attractive Asian chicks no would would say a word and it would be “all good”. If an Asian man would speak out against such vid he’d be called all kinds of “haters”

        So IMO practice what you preach! If you are truly about sticking with your own kind then you would not make exceptions and excuse it only when it’s not your race being pursued by others.

        And yes BLACK MALES are guilty of this too. Typically the black men who have no issues with themselves or other black men pursuing other races are the same black men giving black women a hard time about dating out the race.

        Men are full of shit!


      • Neecy, Neecy, Neecy… haven’t you learned anything here at the chateau?

        The ‘double standard’ has long been admitted and dissected as to its rationality and validity.


      • Neecy, Neecy, Neecy… haven’t you learned anything here at the chateau?

        The ‘double standard’ has long been admitted and dissected as to its rationality and validity.

        Must be that male HAMSTER– I mean MANSTER at work huh?

        I’m not shocked or anything – i’m just calling it out. Double standards happen all the time on both sides of the coin.

        At the end of the day, men are gonna vote with thier penises. A man is a man with a penis before he is anything – i.e. particular race or even a White, Black, Asian natoinalist.

        His penis and his mouth and his brain often do and say different things but it’s the PENIS that gets the final say.


      • Billions of people throughout history, myself included, have felt no revulsion at race-mixing.

        Largely intra-subspecies, of course, which you are conflating with the real issue (white women going with black men), and further conflating with your subjective experience (you going with non-white women). You may be assisted in reading what follows in a spirit of fairness by knowing I, too, have dallied outside my race and am not ashamed.

        I understand that I shall have to define subspecies for you as race, which presently you will deny, as you must. In the language of genetics, one would say for example “conspecific populations that differ from each other morphologically”, though I prefer to be stricter and speak only of discrete mutational sets. You’ll reject this too, of course, because you believe you’re fighting the good fight.

        All of human history consists of unpredictable gene flow … often via war or enslavement.

        From the site linked above: ” … two subspecies will not remain distinct if they occupy the same locale over evolutionary time … ”

        Or try Goethe: “Crossing obliterates characteristics.”

        So all of you agree that unpredictable gene flow constitutes a threat to one discrete mutational set, which implies an advantage to another, or more than one.

        In other words, you acknowledge by acknowledge that whites are under threat. Only, you approve of this — at least, you enjoy rubbing our noses in it and acting superior.


      • *acknowledge by implication

        From your subsequent comment:

        I’d love to see statistics, H, but I imagine they’re very hard to find.

        But he has already done this: search for his posts on OKCupid response rate / user race statistics.

        Wait, I can save you the trouble:

        White men write predominantly to white and Asian women
        White women write predominantly to white men
        Black men write predominantly to white women
        Black women write predominantly to … I forget, it doesn’t matter
        Asians go Godzirra, godzirra, I wuk faw Micwosawf!!! and scatter like bugs.

        Another thing you’ve missed in your purpose of pretending that it’s perfectly natural for white girls to be molested in high school bathrooms by kaffir thugs — which is the form such pairings usually take — and publicly shamed by their communities if they dissent, is that Latinos and Asians are reported to be more likely than whites or blacks to “date” outside their races, anyway. Why aren’t we grinding those two down for their racial heresy? Oh, yes, because you are white and we are white, and we have this pesky “unsociable sociability” between us, which has us constantly trying to outsmart and out-moralize each other.

        And what of “white flight”, ya know, white people voting with their feet en masse to not live around blacks (dutifully corrected by jews having them bussed into their school districts)? This doesn’t fit with your picture of black cock-hungry white girls.

        I’ll be the first to agree that miscegeny is at an all-time high for white girls. But the cause of it is not some mystical NEED TO OUTBREED, a completely fictitious device you use here to browbeat those of your own kind who, you manifestly fear, would condemn you for crossing the race barrier; the cause is the same as what makes them the godless flighty manipulative entitled stupid whores whose unchecked misbehavior brought us all here: LIBERATION and URBANIZATION.

        Every girl you meet encounters more strange men on the average weekend than her ancestors encountered in their whole lives. Worse, she is free to suck, fuck and pretend to love whomever she wishes. What’s remarkable is that black-on-white pairings don’t occur more often; and in fact we find white women least likely to date outside their race, despite 90% of all young whites loudly proclaiming their approval of interracial dating, ya know, so they can note each other’s hip progressiveness.

        But again, this little controversy comes from one source only: your personal angst at encountering men of your own race who generally frown upon miscegenation, the most grievous, the ugliest heresy to a nation of whiteskin dupes.

        You are the homily-wallah here. We are not hearing your pro-kaffir beatitudes. Your efforts are totally futile, and you can go away at your leisure.


      • Now THAT’S what I call a Cyberian beat down… well done, uh.


      • Heartiste seems to be concluding that a “natural revulsion” to seeing “other” men date “your” women must have a genetic basis. I don’t think it’s as simple as that. He would be remiss to discount ideology and history. I never for example saw revulsion from Thai men at the many non-Thai men you’d see walking arm-in-arm with Thai women in the streets of Bangkok. Both blacks and whites had histories of intermarrying with Native Americans, there didn’t seem to be any revulsion against this from them. Even look at the treatment of black slaves in America vs England. When British freed their black slaves, they basically intermarried into the British population and blacks all but vanished as a distinguishable population group(the current blacks are recent immigrants not descendants of slaves). White Americans made blacks into what the Dalits are in India.

        For many white Americans, blacks are still to some extent, the untouchable class from our legacy racial caste system which was rooted in slavery. Asians, Native Americans and Hispanics occupied an intermediary position with whites as the High caste. That’s why many white males will disregard any white female that has slept with a black(regardless of his personal status and value), but not do so if it was a Hispanic or Asian. It’s all social conditioning, so old and entrenched in our culture that must don’t even think about it on the conscious level. America was FOUNDED on racial hierarchy. Americans have a very difficult and complex history with race and there are a lot of racial hangups in this country to this day. If you were raised in a different part of the world without that history, there’s a good chance you guys wouldn’t even be tripping over Justin Wayne’s video, or least not to nearly the same extent.


      • Matt, does it only annoy you cause you see it? (negros poaching YOUR women)

        Or are you annoyed with the possibility that it happens?

        If Im gonna get attacked for some shit I didn’t do, I might as well do it right?


      • If cops are gonna get attacked for shooting niggers,they might as well do it,right? Leys hope you get Trayvonned real soon!


      • You’re not scoring points here, kaffir. We are explicitly informing you that we are annoyed both by the sight and the possibility. And if we had our way … yeah.


      • There’s a great few paragraphs about this sort of thing by Robert E. Howard that I can’t seem to locate but remember… something along the lines of how men will drink and befriend men of other races, and at times might even think about their women… but when he sees foreigners go after his own women with intent, something awakens the fight within him.

        He said it much for eloquently than I… and perhaps he was talking about men who were true ‘keeping it real’ sort of men, in the fashion of the survival of the fittest Conan types which graced his stories.


      • something along the lines of how men will drink and befriend men of other races, and at times might even think about their women… but when he sees foreigners go after his own women with intent, something awakens the fight within him.

        kind of like how we love plowing 18 year old girls, but don’t you dare even think about touching my 18 year old daughter…


      • I will NEVER drink men of other races.


      • “but don’t you dare even think about touching my 18 year old daughter”

        Any 30 year-old greater beta-lesser alpha with a decent status would be welcome to MARRY my 18 year-old daughter if I had one. She would have to accept of course, but your whole job as a daughter’s father is to prepare her for this ultimate acceptance of your authority. Giving the groom some red pill literature might help too.

        There’s no guarantee of results, but it sure as hell beats letting her waste her salad years dating lowlife thugs and musicians or attending some overrated college aka modern brothel (I heard chicks go there to find a husband).


      • Enough of a beat-down for you, alphie?

        Geez, when even heartsy has to come down from the mountain to get a few shots in… that would be a disgrace to the Aborigine race.


      • No. It bugs most of us.


      • Hits a little close to home.

        I just found out my recent former side piece (an ER nurse) just started fucking a big black field nigger she met at the hospital.

        I know this sounds a little like incipient oneitis, but I just about fucking hurled when I found out about this. And she is really bent out of shape because I advised her that this means no more Raven cock for her, EVER. All the whoring around she does didn’t bother me a bit…but this is a bell she can’t unring….and she’s FRANTIC about it. What I don’t get is that I’ve known her for ten years. She knows how I feel about white girls fucking niggers, and she’s still shocked that I unceremoniously booted her mudshark ass to the curb so fast.


      • She knows she crossed a line.


      • The ultimate, and literal, shit test.

        She failed… you passed.


      • Wel, why should anyone care about your feelings when you don’t care about the feelings of the interracial kissyfacing people? Would you rather see a lynching? In fact, it’s simply none of your business who people want to kikissyface with.


      • Let’s fast forward to every white nationalist’s favorite fantasy: the Day of the Rope.

        Our host is facing the Folk’s Tribunal. He is brought before a judge, an older, gaunt, gray-eyed, impassive man betraying little but a flair for efficiency. The exchange might go something like this:

        Judge: You were proprietor of the popular “PUA” blog known ultimately as Chateu Heartiste, is that correct?

        Heartiste: Right.

        Judge: Well then, you are an honest man and I won’t waste our time together. You did your part to smash the Big Lie and for that we are grateful; you will be remembered warmly in the hearts of your kinsmen, regardless of the outcome of this trial. Nonetheless, there is the matter of your personal friendship with the anti-white blogger, Roosh, who seems to have specialized in seducing white women throughout Europe. Now, one honest man to another, I shall concede that most of those white women were not nearly of pristine virtue, and perhaps deserved such treatment; but what of those who did not? And anyhow, he has — oh, you thought he was eliminated in the last Yearly Purge? no, we had to delay pending your own hearing — he has, as I say, a palpable grudge against our kind, despite the benefits he exploited while living and traveling among us. He sampled more white pussy, to be frank, than most white men ever will in their whole lives. And you two, you were friends, no?

        Heartiste: That’s right. Not, you know, bosom fucking buddies, but we met in person a few times. Most of our friendship was virtual.

        Judge: So he told us. Now, of course you know the situation: we want to keep you alive, but are bound by doctrine to eliminate him. How do you feel about this? would you say that you agree with his venomously low opinion of our people? You won’t be tortured or anything like that; speak freely.


        How does Heartiste respond?


      • Only God and Heartiste know what’s in Heartiste’s heart.

        Like the rest of us, a Volksstrafgericht might be the least of his worries.


      • Why does he entertain this JW subject? Hmmm..Traffic?

        I know I pull out the popcorn whenever this shit arrives.


      • Exactly! Common sense. Who needs STD-ridden skanks?

        [heartiste: depends. are they slender, good-looking skanks?]

        Anyway, this video is a waste of time. Just watched the first 3 minutes and I had enough. Sounds like an infomercial for suckers. Also, he probably takes great pleasure in showing the White man he can have his women. All of you guys are reacting appropriately.

        [read the post again. you have to start watching at 7 minutes in to get past the marketing. are you here to learn and discuss, or to vent your hatred and loathing of male desire?]


      • Judging by her comments a couple of threads ago, Nitelily is an anti-feminist and definitely not a man-hater.
        If there’s no material reason like ip address to think she’s a sock-puppet, then she’s most probably not.
        But I understand that her aversion of players triggers your mighty wrath. Afaic, she’s a decent conservative woman.


      • … who has still got a lot to learn about modern women.


      • If you’re not that way naturally, it’s difficult for you to imagine it. It’s a sort of mental block.


      • Olympius, I’m commenting on your post above.

        “Any 30 year-old greater beta-lesser alpha with a decent status would be welcome to MARRY my 18 year-old daughter if I had one.”

        Now that’s what I call being reasonable. I think the most desirable type of man is an Alpha that has some beta elements slightly softening his alpha nature, because a pure Alpha male might be too much of a caveman for most girls looking for love and a real relationship. My ideal man is an Alpha willing to fall in love and get married – build a home together. Not some rascal who lives his whole life to bed as many women as possible. I’ll leave those type of men to women like the one in the video. They seem to thrive on those cads.

        And yes, being a strong father is very important for girls to develop a high self-esteem, which doesn’t translate to being bitches or man-haters, but which means the girls have self-respect and don’t whore themselves with worthless men or every passerby.


      • “Judging by her comments a couple of threads ago, Nitelily is an anti-feminist and definitely not a man-hater.
        If there’s no material reason like ip address to think she’s a sock-puppet, then she’s most probably not.”
        Thank you Olympius. But I think the Lord of the Chateau definitely knows that I’m not a man-hater and he definitely knows I dislike feminists. I think he just like to irk and irritate girls on purpose. It gives him something to do when he wakes up in the morning. Ha ha ha ha…let’s face it, most posters here had various degrees of aversion to this video, yet I am the only one who raised his ire. Now he calls me a loather of male desires, from all things.

        Back to feminism, I do hate feminists, because feminism destroyed male–female relations. A man can’t even give woman a compliment in the office, such as ‘you look pretty today’, without risking a harassment action against him, which means both men and women can’t be their true self anymore.

        That said, I still think these “street clowns” are not manly enough in my book. I like serious men with accomplishments; that’s why I like older men. This street game is too crude for my taste. It’s definitely not a way to pick me up.


      • OK, c’mon….. let’s get serious here. No matter how slender and good looking she is, it’s not worth bedding an STD-ridden skank, unless you don’t mind getting those nasty bugs yourself. By her actions, this girl looks like a walking STD petri dish. Honestly, it’s one thing if you have a GF who isn’t a virgin but she still has standards and wouldn’t let a guy like the one in the video touch her. But, it’s a totally different situation when the girl is a total whore who goes home with random men just because they sweet-talked her and she felt her puss getting wet. Now, I can’t blame Olympus for deciding not to marry anyone unless she is a virgin. Why would he want to mix genes with a skank like this one and her ilk?

        OK I should have watched the whole video, but 30 minutes is too long for me to waste on a “street clown” as Greg calls him lol. And BTW, no I don’t loath male desires. Quite the opposite; I love male desires, and I have never been judgmental about these desires as some paranoid women are. They always disparage men for being men. I hate that. In fact, I think it’s no fun without male desires. A woman is not really reaching her full feminine potential without male desires, so stop your unfounded attacks please.


    • This “mindweapon” guy is a pussy-pedestalizer. Very, very beta.


  9. on September 27, 2012 at 12:08 pm hiphopanonamous

    The reason people were skeptical (nevermind the blatant racism) was that he was coming in with all-or-nothing direct in the earlier videos. He was coming in with the exact game he was making fun of at 17:20.

    There’s an obvious stereotype that, as a black guy, you probably shouldn’t play into or else be cast aside as “one of many”….the “whasssup girl” type game will do that. Same for me though, I’m short (5’4″) so if I go too strong or too dickheaded with ego, I’m getting the little man syndrome label right off the bat. It’s not pretty lol so I’ve got to do my best to avoid it.

    That’s what I think game is at this point….breaking the mold that most people would cast you and standing out “because you’re different” i.e. cool…no matter who you are or what your easily stereotype is.

    I thought this was much more cool and chill than the game I saw in his other videos. Props to him that was good and she was hot.


  10. Black guys need to stick to hitting on black women.


    • well if the black women here are representative at all…..can you blame the black guys for not wanting to?


    • Yeah, nah.. Free for all mate. Or are you afraid of the competition?


      • Afraid, bitter, jealous, closeted fag, small-dicked… there, your litany is completed.

        Can we institute a Godwin’s Law or some such thing for this litany? Like, whoever says it first automatically gets their post printed backwards… or a boxing glove on a spring pop out of their monitor?


      • Sure … and be sure to install it onto your handle, “Greg Eliot”, whenever you type your usual ten words of eschatological the-end-is-night home-schooled bullshit.


      • *the-end-is-nigh*


      • Your stalking embarrasses you, alphie.

        Now run off an wipe the crumbs from the kitchen island before wifey cuts you down to once a month.


      • Of course I’m responding to you. Every time I look at this site — which is every two days — you’ve left 50% of all fucking comments. Which marks you as a complete tool.

        With all that extra time, I’m guessing you’re unemployed (despite claims otherwise). Which puts you shoulder-to-shoulder with you-know-who in the bread line …. and which explains a whole hell of a lot about your own psychology.

        Type more, omegie.


      • Your outhouse psychoanalytical skills are right up there with your choice of pet names.


      • You do post an awful lot, Greggie poo.


      • Already admitted it several times… but thanks for yet again bringing it to my attention.


      • I like Greg, he strikes me as having a good sense of humour. For all of the frequent posters I can recall, he’s one of the few that I haven’t found myself eventually scrolling past out of boredom/irritation.

        In fact, I’m inclined to give you extra points just for having people like Jason complain about how often you’re posting. Up the ante, I’d say, he seems on the verge of a tantrum already.


      • Thank you, my friend… the majority of my posts are quick one- or two-liners, meant to entertain… and a lot are simple ‘atta-boy!’ pats on the back for when another poster says something worth reading.

        Alas, it hurts my heart when folks complain… I do so try to brighten their lives.


      • If you don’t tolerate “competition” it means you’re afraid of it? So I assume capitulating to the competition makes you brave?

        Interesting stuff, this leftthink.

        [heartiste: since when are anti-capitalist leftists champions of competition? oh yeah, when it allows them to shit in the faces of white men. yet again.]


      • Bravo!


      • This seems to be a common theme on the left: “You’re (a xenophobe/a homophobe/afraid of a strong, independent woman)!!”

        They conflate finding something undesirable and objectionable with being fearful of it. Are they projecting onto us their own weaker fight response and their stronger flight response?

        [heartiste: insightful. lefties are projecting their default chickenshit flight response.]


      • Lefties have a flight-or-shite-response.


      • Insightful indeed… as his posts invariably are. Can’t say “well done!” enough.


      • Calling it fear/phobia is quick-and-dirty frame control, not projection. Forces most into defense, impossible to recover without sounding like a pleading bitch. Better to hit ’em with negs:

        [xenophone!] And?

        [homophobe!] “Homophobe,” said the fecophile. (Alex Linder)

        [afraid of a strong independent woman!] I do hate those cunts.

        or: You mean the ones who paved the roads, wired the electricity in your apartment, built the apartment building, inflated the tires in your car so you could drive here, and extracted the gas and oil to power it? those women?


      • Re: Urbanization, have you read Ludovici’s works? He deals with urbanization:

        So far I’ve only read his “The Child: An Adult’s Problem” and “A Defence of Aristocracy”, but I’ve converted all the books on his website into kindle ebooks and I plan on reading them all. It’s quite a treasure trove.


      • Ludovici is the best Nietzsche scholar I have encountered, his website is indeed a treasure trove. He translated many of Nietzsche’s works and was a prolific writer himself. I recommend his essay “Who is to be Master of the World?”.


      • Yes, he was one of my formative influences. When I was young I stole a whole set of the old Oscar Levy translations of Nietzsche, and there were advertisements on the back pages for the works of Ludovici. Intrigued, I stole a few of those too.

        I’ve since lost them though and ought to download some material.


      • Woh, this is excellent. Thank you!


      • on September 28, 2012 at 2:25 am gunslingergregi

        booo yaaaa!!!!!
        where is the competition there is none minorities don’t have to compete with white males by law


      • A kaffir 11B? Bullshit….there’s about six of them in the whole damn Army.


    • Uh…Most do, even the ones that also hit on white women. If that weren’t the case explain why the black race isn’t extinct.


  11. ~sigh~

    Well Heartiste, if it’s any consolation, I believe your heart is in the right place 🙂


  12. I really like the video breakdown of what he did.

    The best way to learn though is to break down every stage of the process and to not worry about the details of the conversation. It’s exactly how i learned.

    Through experience, i realised that you need comfort, then you need to go straight into the attraction process. So in this case, it’s playful banter and flirtation. After that, you need to build a connection. The stronger this is, the better the chance of them seeing you again which makes sense why instant dates work.

    Of course the better you are at building connections with people, the less time you need and in most cases, bypass instant dates completely.

    So to sum up: Comfort – Attraction – Connection – Close

    Everything in between like passing tests, holding your frame and calibrating are all things you will fine tune over time.

    The most important part of all in my experience however is the connection phase. If a girl is deeply connected with you and feels you understand her. Its game over. Escalation becomes a piece of cake.

    Its impossible to focus on the details without experience.

    Definitely a thumbs up from me.


  13. The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, nor bread to the wise, nor riches to the intelligent, nor favor to the men of skill; but time and chance happen to them all.



    • on September 27, 2012 at 3:09 pm Obstinance Works

      Probably the most relevant book in the Bible related to pickup. I have an IQ, but I have learned that my IQ slows me down, because I become lazy and too unreactive because of it. Hard work is the best way always.


  14. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

    St. Paul


  15. smh @ RPud and KSlut. Betas’s gonna beta.


  16. tl;dw


  17. this girl is 5/10 at most

    not a single dick twitch was had


  18. Totally off topic, but for your daily reinforcement of everything you know to be true, I present The Hamster of the Day:


    • A truly horrifying article, thanks. If this is where the US is going, I’m moving to Bangkok.


      • +1 “We’re divorced professional mothers, and our kids are fine.” Well, by your standards, they’re fine– they don’t see their dads as examples, but for you that’s fine. Female denial about fact that 50% of divorce kids have bad effects from divorce.


  19. on September 27, 2012 at 2:43 pm theres-cum-in-my-koolaid

    Oh no!

    Hide your recessive genes y’all, another Justin Wayne vid.


  20. H’s positioning on race matters is weird. He sympathizes with tribalism and at the same time doesn’t mind miscegenation as long as there’s no ghetto trash nigger involved.
    While reason dictates that as long as you’re a race realist, no amount of nigger literacy or refinement can justify the loss of recessive white genes in favor of the negro lowest common denominator.

    Jew spirit in action, or H simply doesn’t give a fuck about the falling roman empire.


    • Dude, I’m not siding with the blackies but shut the fuck up with that faggot shit. This is not Stormfront.


    • Funny you mention “as long as there’s no ghetto trash…”

      The guy in this video reminds me of:


    • on September 27, 2012 at 3:12 pm Obstinance Works

      It’s hard enough for us race-realists out here without these fairy tales.


    • Why are you so confused?

      One word sums it up…. and that word is poolside


    • It’s not really about genes for me. I just equate a white woman fucking a black guy to her fucking a dog or any other animal . Would I really want to go where a dog has been before ? Blacks are not the same species as us.


      • “Blacks are not the same species as us.”

        This was widely believed for most of history (pre-PC history).

        The old anthropology books classified them as a different species. Interesting stuff.

        Food for thought….


      • on September 29, 2012 at 4:05 am Mr Kissyface. .

        We all love looking down. (Morcheeba) Maybe you very upset racists should consult Jesus when criticizing the flavors you don’t like. “Get the plank out of your eye before you get the speck out of mine. ”

        “What you do to the least of you, you did it to me. ”

        I just think everyone should kissyface, kissyface, kissyface. Even homos, if it makes them happy. Everyone should just kissyface kissyface whenever they want.

        Some people apparently would rather see real vigorous anger and violence between races. That doesn’t sound like a lot of fun.


      • kissyface could become the new lolzlzlzlz


    • In a free society, people have the right to date and have sex with whomever they choose to do that act with. White women do not have to ask the permission of white males to sleep with a non-white anymore than you white males need their approval to bed a non-white woman. Men do no OWN women and women have the right to sleep or associate with whomever they choose.

      We already had a society where interracial marriage was illegal. That issue was put to rest decades ago. We’re not going back to that. Society has moved on. Public opinion polls show that interracial marriages are more accepted with each generation. For fuck’s sake we have a president that is the result of one these “taboo” marriages. Deal with it. Your side has lost the battle on this issue.


  21. Nigger. tb;dw.


  22. on September 27, 2012 at 2:51 pm Obstinance Works

    Outside of actually standing there watching him slip the chocobar into her snatch<<<<

    The exact angle the clueless ones are going for. Have faith and learn. Indirect-direct works so well based on the principle of active disinterest. If a girl is hovering in you proximity, she is probably interested. As a man who DHV, simply ignoring her is a soft neg in and of itself. This is close to impossible on the street, so indirect-direct is the best best. Aloof wins again.


  23. It doesn’t seem to me like white genes are recessive. I’m always surprised at how white biracial people are.


    • on September 27, 2012 at 3:06 pm Obstinance Works

      Hey you can’t place all the blame on blacks. Whites brought them over here and whites gave them rights, which would have happened anyway. There are intelligent blacks, but the they are called Uncle Toms when they speak the truth. Whites must embrace the intelligent blacks and end their “white guilt.”


      • Honest Abe was going to cut a deal with the emancipated slave leadership and send them to Liberia as colonists. This would have been a second wave of settlement there, as we had already controlled the place for some 40 years. That probably would have been the best possible solution, but emotions were hot after the Civil War. In reality, the Federal Government could have declared slavery illegal and bought out the slave holders. It would have been far cheaper than a civil war.


      • on October 2, 2012 at 6:47 pm Obstinance Works

        The problem is the War of Northern Aggression was not fought because of slavery.

        Eugenics has always been a progressives and liberals platform. Abortion was made legal for the purpose of thinning out the black race and it is working. Over half of black babies are aborted every year. Most identiy politics are fascist in nature.


    • Lara (total white girl name)

      there is no such thing as “white genes”. If there were, black people couldn’t have them.

      There exists human genes. When a person has a certain collection of certain types, and its alright with Greg Elliot, that person is a white person.

      In other words, moon rocks are not made of “moon atoms. Rocks from the moon are made of the same elements as rocks on the Earth, or Mars…


      • When you have to start dissecting semantics, well… that’s pretty much a universal Cyberian trait of playing to a weak hand.


      • Greg, do you have any “black genes?”

        Do the other white guys look at you suspiciously when you slam dunk on niggers at the basketball court?

        Do you wake up in the middle of the night with a craving for gold chains, drumbeats and pussy?

        Do you buy watermelons whole? or those special pre cut 5 to 7 seedless chunks in the see thru plastic container?

        What size shoe do you wear?


      • 1. I look all white but my dad was black.

        2. Only on the 8′ rim courts.

        3. Yes, yes, and yes.

        4. Ah grows mah own. The homestead has 4 acres of arable land.

        5. 12


      • And my fine-looking suit is really made out of sack.


      • “Do you wake up in the middle of the night with a craving for gold chains, drumbeats and pussy?”

        Jesus Lawdy, oh me oh my, who don’t??


      • lol. Poor defenseless nigger. When science and history outsmart them, turn to wordplay….


      • there is no such thing as “white genes”. If there were, black people couldn’t have them.

        Allow me to introduce you to Svante Pääbo, a Finnish scientist working for the Human Genome Project, and their discovery that all non-African populations exhibit a H. neanderthalensis component in their DNA.

        These would be the “white genes”, black boy.

        Beyond that, “a certain collection of certain types”, which among the civilized is known as a haplogroup, defined as “a group of similar haplotypes that share a common ancestor having the same single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) mutation in both haplotypes.

        Insomuch as you think at all, little black boy, you may think of SNPs as signposts for discrete subspecies (‘races’). If you don’t believe me, consult the work of Luigi Cavalli-Sforza, a population geneticist who knows much better than either of us.

        In other words, moon rocks are not made of “moon atoms. Rocks from the moon are made of the same elements as rocks on the Earth, or Mars…

        False analogy, of course. So we’re clear, insofar as your wool-growing cranium is capable of logical clarity, this is defined as “an argument based upon an assumed similarity between two things, people, or situations when in fact the two things being compared are not similar in the manner invoked. Saying that the probability of a complex organism evolving by chance is the same as a tornado ripping through a junkyard and created a 747 by chance is a false analogy. Evolution, in fact, does not work by chance but is the non-random accumulation of favorable changes.

        The key difference of elements in space and genetic components is complexity, or if you like … diversity. Rocks in space do not undergo genetic mutation; they are subject to inorganic pressures from other spatial bodies. That’s it.

        Now fuck off, nigger.


      • Charm School Award! It takes a REAL man to hate someone he doesn’t even know!!


      • Allow me to introduce you to Svante Pääbo, a Finnish scientist working for the Human Genome Project, and their discovery that all non-African populations exhibit a H. neanderthalensis component in their DNA.

        These would be the “white genes”, black boy.

        How are they “white genes” if all non-Africans have them? That would mean Asians, Native Americans and Native Australians have them too. So what exactly is what about Neanderthal DNA? It’s amusing that amongst WN circles, Neanderthal DNA has become a point of pride. Hey, the niggers don’t have it so it must be a good thing, right? Even though Neanderthals looked like the missing link.

        Btw, given how much WNs claim that race-mixing is unnatural, I’d love to see them explain why ancient European homo sapiens mixed with them. Neanderthals weren’t simply a different variety of homo sapien like Africans are, they were a whole damn different species! And whites mixed with them! So much for the lies about race-mixing being due to liberal propaganda. Your ancient white ancestors actually boned these chics:


      • You won’t survive here long.


      • On the other hand, moon rocks from rocks here on earth are different enough that looking at them under the microscope reveals unambiguously that a rock came from the moon.

        Then there is the issue of Mars being red, and Luna being greyish, something to do with the different atomic and molecular makeup of the respective planets I’m told.


    • Its usually because the black parent, typically, bails on the entire family to go back to his watermelons, and thus the white parent raises the child in a semi-civilized manner.


  24. Re: the tweet on that awful (awfully long) cougar article. What the hell? As a man, I was instantly overwhelmed by its prolixity. Then I realized, bitches can just yap on the phone for hours, so all she did was probably transcribe a couple of her lunch get together and telephone calls with her other aging, horrible friends.

    and yes, TL;DR has got to be some new weapon against the female credentialist class.


    • She took the male fantasy of a bunch of female friends getting drunk and hopping into a hot tub into a wretched nightmare of old, ugly, yappy broads bitching about how they aren’t princesses yet.


    • I read it yesterday in print and yes, that’s exactly what it was — a long transcription of a conversation between four divorced women (and one married one) bitching about men … AFTER the women had extracted all possible resources from the ex-husbands.

      She even categorized men according to the type of resource he offers (financial man, emotional man, genetic man). Presumably to help younger women extract more efficiently.

      Damn. Sandra Tsing Loh is usually better than that. It’s disappointing. Especially in an otherwise great magazine.

      [heartiste: women who start talking about “extraction” in the context of finding men are, it’s been my observation, bitter has-beens trying to pump up their rapidly imploding egos. most truly feminine, desirable women talk about finding love, and bless them for it.]


      • Haha SWPL. Calling the Atlantic a “great” magazine is a sure sign you’re a beta lefty bitch.

        Any magazine that employs “Token Ta-Nehis” and James Fallows, celebrated when it had AIDS-deimentia complex Andy Sullivan as a writer, and thinks Megan McCardle is a libertarian is a lefty hack magazine.


      • Just think, what’s the meaning of life? Get married and divorce butt-raped by bitter hags like STL? There’s got to be more.

        [heartiste: people scoffed when i said game — aka learned charisma — was necessary for men to navigate the new girl order, and to right the sinking ship of the west. but game helps give men options. and options means being able to avoid cunts like tsing loh. we’ll see how long they continue to scoff.]


      • Indeed, I don’t know about tsing loh but I’ll bet that she’s not finding being divorced, forty+, and fabulous as awesome as sex & the city made it out to be. They’re now competing against girls half their age (as we’ve read many a femmy complain about).

        As for the guys, learned charisma will help them choose between the path of Yareally’s boner-dad or duchovney. I think the femmy projection which is that unmarried men “wind up alone in the nursing home” (when you take everything to their extremes) to be bullshit when you hear about all the stds and sex that taking place now. You can, as a guy, apparently harem until your mind conks out.

        Until that point, hopefully, men can prevent this type of rejection, or get over it quicker with the old knowledge of manliness being reintroduced to the world.


      • I can’t resist asking: What in the world is a “boner-dad”??


      • damn, man, you may not have noticed but that was the jpeg’s title of the old guy you posted opposite to dave duchoney in response to anonymous in some other thread where he talked about lying about being old


      • lol I totally didn’t notice that. File-naming fail!


      • But the gook bitch doesn’t really like men so none of that matters. She is without the delusional SATC fantasies that so many feminists have. It’s all about expectations, really


      • “[heartiste: women who start talking about “extraction” in the context of finding men are, it’s been my observation, bitter has-beens trying to pump up their rapidly imploding egos. most truly feminine, desirable women talk about finding love, and bless them for it.]”

        Interesting. Although I never talk about “extracting” anything from men (it would be really offensive) I think about this a lot. For example, I wonder if it’s better to have someone who is good-looking or someone who has relatively higher social status. That’s how you start to think when you notice you’ll have to make compromises. And I’m not a bitter has-been, I’m just trying to be realistic. If following your heart doesn’t give you any results, you need to start using your brain. But it’s funny in a way that I started to think like that because I’ve always been way too romantic (=childish and naive) but now I believe that people who are truly grown up don’t fall in love like teenagers do. I don’t think I’m unfeminine or undesirable because of that, I’m just grown up. Adults are less emotional and more rational than children are and that’s it.


    • I gave up a quarter of the way in. I hate these wannabe-quirky bitches who break their sentences up with pointless asides and references no one gives a shit about.

      “Men take such long time to read newspapers (I counted this dude who read for 3 hours (omg, even that dude in that one novel only read his for 10 pages (yeah, I love that novel))) anyway, I was saying…”

      Bitch, shut the fuck up and learn how to write.


  25. Lolz, a solid game related post taking apart a complete seduction has garnered no game related comments.

    I agree that the lady is not exactly hot, does that disqual this as helpful? Were there real bitch shields, etc?

    The instadate…maybe we get a column on making that happen one of these days.

    [heartiste: there wasn’t a clear shot of her face, but it looked to me like she could easily qualify as a high 6 or a 7. def pump-able. she did have a large butt for a white woman, and maybe that’s why wayne targeted her.
    the instadate wayne pulled was actually very charming and romantic — a quick hop to a late night eatery in manhattan, the neon and windows and traffic framing everything. insta-dates would be much harder to pull off in the suburbs, where you have to drive to get anywhere worth getting.]


    • Even with the below Roosh comment possibly exposing this thing as a sham, what sticks in my mind is Mystery et al., saying “game” is only for truly hot girls, 8.5+. But, you know, for most guys, cold closing a 6 walking by on the street is still a day dream, one of life’s many missed opps.

      anyway, suburb dwellers don’t have quite the same poolside access as you city slickers living walking distance to bars.

      [heartiste: the risk of overgaming is real, which is why game is, in practice, very contextual. the hardcore neg that bedazzles the 9 would irritate the 7 and destroy the 4. the lesser beta man who hits on a 7 will need more game than if he were to hit on a 3. the super alpha who games the 5 will push her away, but the same game on a 10 will draw her in.]


      • [heartiste: the risk of overgaming is real, which is why game is, in practice, very contextual. the hardcore neg that bedazzles the 9 would irritate the 7 and destroy the 4. the lesser beta man who hits on a 7 will need more game than if he were to hit on a 3. the super alpha who games the 5 will push her away, but the same game on a 10 will draw her in.]

        Hah, I remember your post about handsome man/ugly woman syndrome. I managed to get rid of a clingy 6 via hardcore asshole game at a house party put on by her friend, an 8. She got depressed and went back to her ex who had been stalking her. Her 8 friend started a relationship with some other guy over the summer, but after I ran into her the other day, it was quite obvious she had been very impressed with yours truly.


    • there wasn’t a clear shot of her face, but it looked to me like she could easily qualify as a high 6 or a 7. def pump-able

      Yup. Definitely dickable. Watch the HD version and you can see her face full at 13:38 or so. Good mug, not great…but because she has a so so lower half I give the Ukranian a 6?

      Anybody find a shot of her tits?


  26. HaHa. Good video, since we now have a visual on some nigger fuckers.

    So boys, you ever see some of these women, you know: 1) they are easy (because sleep with jungle bunnies, or, at least are open to the idea); and 2) they aren’t worth anything beyond a fuck buddy. Pump-‘n-dump time, baby!

    We need more of these videos! If only to demonstrate what gutter trash most women are nowadays. Thank you, Justin Wayne!


  27. Didn’t Justin Wayne recently get exposed as a fraud?


  28. Wayne got exposed recently. His whole thing was a fraud. He met women via Craigslist ads where he said he was working for MTV to shoot for a reality television show, which is how he got those girls on camera. Then he went around and pushed those videos to lonely guys as ads to sell expensive bootcamps. Pretty ingenious if you ask me.


    • “Genius” and variations thereof should be tossed around like manhole covers, not frisbees.


    • on September 27, 2012 at 4:06 pm BrazilianSylvester

      and thats why we stick to master Roosh lessons lol


    • I always though this dudes style was somehow “off”. That or he had a hyperactivity disorder of some sort.


    • Not surprising. His videos seem very fake and staged and there’s obviously some sock puppetry going on with the “OMG you changed my life Justin Wayne!!!” comments.


    • Oh really… get your facts straight. Where’s your pick up videos. The issue was not about me “faking” pick ups, the issue was that one of the girls I met from a project got mad at me…


      • 😯 UHHHH OHHHHH! You’re a brave man coming here. LOL The stromfront crew will be here with full ammo in 5,4,3,2…….


      • Save it bitch. You’re fried.


      • Justin is right here. The immediate controversy is not over videos being faked.

        You’d have to google to find the video of an American woman who wants to be a feminist lawyer, getting revenge on him on september 4 for having secretly filmed her as he tried to seduce her. The video shows him trying to convince her over the phone to chill out and not expose him or sue him to delete all the unauthorized hidden cam videos of other women and not just of her.

        If the world were a smaller community, the woman in the above video would have her reputation trashed, so she wouldn’t have authorized it’s release. I can see a future husband finally seeing this and deciding to get a divorce.

        This is why I would personally never film a woman secretly doing something that could be perceived by other men as slutty. I will watch them for free for their extreme education effect, however. We seem to think that, if one of the women finds out and complains, the video will be taken down. But remember that a woman doesn’t get too many chances with men in life because her window is much shorter. Just one guy seeing this video and rejecting her because of it could ruin her life, especially if the guy is her husband and he rejects her when he sees the video 15 years from now when she’s older.

        These videos are educational as hell so it’s a tough issue.


      • I think integrity is more important that posting pickup videos relying on foreign women, which has no relevance on those of us living in the US.

        The forum spamming is also pretty pathetic. If you have a quality product, it would sell itself, it doesn’t need to be plastered on every forum. Pretty interesting that the only defense you get is you continual sockpuppetry.


      • Definitely… the sock puppet chime-ins put the kibosh on it all.

        There are a few alleged PUAs on this site as well that pat themselves on the back that way.


    • Too funny. Thank you for that one Roosh


  29. But how was he exposed? Any details?


  30. Roosh’s tweet, lolz the fatty’s also wearing sandals.


  31. One of the few guys showing proof and others have the nerve to shit talk


    • lol. Nigger defends lying nigger despite every comment above about how lying nigger made up all his pick-ups.

      You can’t make these people up. They could only exist in BRA—aka Obama’s America.


    • First of all, he got called out for being a fake.

      Second of all, if you think a video on the internet is “proof” of anything, you are a fucking dipshit.


  32. Many people will not bred outside their race, and I don’t hate them for it. What I can not understand is why people hate other people (mainly blacks) for mixing with white women. I can’t fathom why. If you want to just have sex with your gender thats fine, but ruining it for the other people who want something new (black girls are disgusting, fat and repulsive) is just….


    • Bestiality is always worse than merely dating outside your race.

      Think about it.


    • Hussein can’t fathom why white men would preserve the smallest vestige of the mate-guarding instinct which the men of his race preserve ad absurdum.

      Darwin Award over here.


    • I’m not a white nationalist. I don’t mind seeing White women date other races like Hispanics, Asians, Arabs, Indians, etc because they all bring something to the table. They are actual human beings. They have attractive and submissive women. Those races are portrayed accurately by our news and entertainment media. They’re not propped up by anybody.

      Blacks on the other hand bring nothing to the table. They’re inferior to all races. Their women are unattractive and diseased. They are violent and uncivilized. If it wasn’t for the Jewish controlled press covering up and refusing to report black crime, or the Jewish controlled entertainment media propping up blacks and creating a totally false and artificial image of them which gets transmitted to the entire country, no Black would ever have the chance of getting to “mix” with a white woman. Even the whales and the trashiest white women would be repulsed by blacks.

      How many White women do you think are aware of the fact that Blacks rape almost 40,000 White women every year ? How many are aware of the wide disparities in STD and HIV rates between blacks and non blacks ?


      • Starks

        How many White women do you think are aware of the fact that Blacks rape almost 40,000 White women every year ?

        Starks, the attractive blond white woman with the big black DANGEROUS negro field buck is the white female equivalent of the handsome white male lion trainer at the circus making vicious tigers and bears do stupid tricks…

        it gets attention.

        I call it the TARZAN effect. White people love it when they can control dangerous animals using only vocal commands.

        *white magic*


  33. Pray for apocalypse


  34. Straight-up, anyone posting about how this is bullshit, fake, she’s an actor, etc. is just tipping their hand showing they don’t go out and sarge regularly.

    Even if she WAS a hired actress, there’s nothing he’s doing in this video that’s impossible or unbelievable. This is just a normal day-game pickup. Some are smoother, some are more chaotic, but this is entirely do-able when you’re intermediate+ in the game.

    The guys saying he’s try-hard and she’s just being polite etc are also tipping their hand. You have to lead the interaction through all the bullshit the girl will throw up at you. In night game you won’t get as much hassle because girls know the night might lead to sex but for a chick walking around during the day, the LAST thing she’s expecting is to end up making out or sleeping with some stranger.

    Like literally the “proof” that this can work is: GO OUT AND DO IT YOURSELF lol

    Are any of the commenters who go out still here or has this place been taken over by Stormfront keyboard jockeys?


    • P.S. No idea who Justin Wayne is. He’s in the middle ground between the Manosphere and PUAs so I don’t care about his stuff or his reputation or marketing. I’m just going by this video and saying that what you’re seeing in this particular video isn’t anything special or impossible when you do pickup, whether this video is legit or not.


      • Yep, more lefty bullshit here. Now its “it doesn’t matter if the video is fake” when he can’t deny it any longer.

        How does working for the Obama campaign pay, bitch?


      • CHARM SCHOOL RUNNER-UP.+1 For frank manliness.


    • “Fake but accurate”, right, nigger-lover?

      He claims this is real, turns out it is fake. But its ok, he’s black, he can lie so long as its “close” to what you think is real.

      Such a maroon. Definitely an Obama-voter.


      • Look at it this way, its no more fake than some of the tactical gun training vids Ive seen on youtube. Its not a real gunfight, and they are often slowed down… but do you need to see an actual gunfight in order to understand the dynamics?


      • Actually, yes, past a very basic level of training.


      • lmao rofl. This just prove another axioms about niggers: “A darkie will always defend another darkie’s stupidity in front of whites.”

        Here, we have a clear cut case of a brother LYING and pretending he has the ability to pull nigger-fucking whores….and it turns out that he can’t. He had to pay them/offer them fame to read from his script.

        Another nigger who ran his mouth and got smacked by reality. But the brothers (and sistas) are too dumb to understand that.


      • .suolaej tsuj er’uoY


      • Impressive.


      • Looks like that Godwin variation has been activated. 😉


      • Brave keyboard jockey, just wondering, would you spout verbal race sewage like this around a bunch of black guys who might assault you and beat you down into a quivering pulp? You’ve got your six-shooter right? Kisses!


      • lol. Typical SWPL fag: dreaming of the day when all white men are gang attacked and murdered by black people, and then white women are gang raped by the nigs. It’s diversity, homie!

        I don’t need to say anything around a group of monkeys to get them chimping out. As witnessed by FBI crime statistics and e-raced news reports, I must merely be in the vicinity of more than 2 of them to be attacked—for no reason other than “we wuz bored, yo!”

        Please go hang out in Bed-Sty, bitch, to prove this hypothesis for me.


      • It’s easy to taunt others as ‘keyboard jockey’ from the safety of your keyboard.


      • You’re just…so dumb.


    • The stormfront keyboard jockeys don’t assert that he’s a fraud, but that he’s a nigger.
      I like your PUA input, but deep down you will always remain a leftie faggot.


    • The Stormfront keyboard jockeys all seemed to show up when the “Heartiste” blog emerged. I’m guessing among the group of writers now at least one of them is a WN, hence the continuous race-baiting posts.


      • “Race-baiting”, n. Anti-white frame control; used to deflect from the many instances of merciless race-baiting to which white people are subjected on a daily basis and without end, by falsely exaggerating any instance of whites standing up for themselves as foul play.


    • Are any of the commenters who go out still here or has this place been taken over by Stormfront keyboard jockeys?

      To be fair, one would expect that alpha and wannabe alpha white guys are more likely to be white nationalist than the average beta out there. In a high-T environment, men tend to get a We’re-No.-1 attitude. On the other hand, omegas are much more likely to turn gay.


      • Yareally views WNs at best as douchey meatheads that he can amog with some RSD tactic and steal their girl etc… While I don’t doubt that he must be skilled and experienced, he wrongly assumes that those who are critical of women’s liberation and race-mixing are crippled with internal limitations and can’t rival his skills at seducing women.
        It may be true for some WNs and it’s definitely true for many lefties, but he underestimates men’s ability to be duplicitous, and not let their ideology get in the way of their pussy pursuits.
        I’m very critical of negroes but I will not act weird and risk social ostracization if I ever stumble upon one of them in an uppity swpl context. Actually I stumble upon them very often.
        Same with sluts, I have a love-hate relationship with them but I never let them feel too slutty in my presence, or treat them like trash the next morning etc…

        This is the most basic social etiquette and only a gremlin aspie with no game knowledge and severe lack of social skills can do the mistakes that yareally emphasizes to discredit WNs and MRAs and all those who a tad more serious than his airhead-lol approach to pickup.


      • True. Most of us live in the real world where out-and-out WN opinions would be frowned upon due to the dominant postmodernist paradigm bathing civilization right now. Being socially savvy and airing WN opinions only on message boards and comments sections is far more common than SWPLs can guess.

        I mean, from reading, say, the comments section of any online newspaper article on politically incorrect topics such as illegal immigration, or minority issues, or Muslims — unless it’s a leftist stronghold like the Daily Kos or the Huff Post, one would think that the broader public was WNs with a handful of lefties who get smacked down, ridiculed, and thumbs-down’ed.


      • Homosexuality is biological. Heartiste has even posted about this, and how male relatives of gay guys have more reproductive success.

        As for alpha’s being white nationalists, bullshit. Roosh was right when he chalked up the white nationalist, HBD crowd as being a bunch of angry frustrated white guys who take out their lack of game on black dudes. Guys who are having success don’t really give a fuck. The Roosh Forum’s Obama vs Romney poll had Obama get 67% of the vote if that’s any indication of how players vote, which was surprised by considering that a lot of posters are very far right.

        Reading the comments here it becomes painfully obvious the WN’s aren’t actually practicing game. The reason H doesn’t care about miscegenation is because as a player he’s fucked and wants to fuck girls regardless of their race as long as they’re hot. The same is true for all players even if they prefer one race of girl over the other. They’re not white nationalist because for the most part WN and Game are incompatible due the the above, due to the fact that an alpha isn’t going to have an irrational insecurity of black dudes fucking “their women” and because they don’t fucking pedestalize the shit out of white girls like WN’s do, which ironically contributes to girls fucking dudes from other races.

        Heartiste, your comment sections have become a laughing stock because of all these WN’s. If they had game and weren’t pathetic snivelling betas I can see why you’d keep them, but they’ve made your blog a laughing stock. Purge the StormFront keyboard jockeys Soviet Russia style.

        [heartiste: sure. and then we’ll top the night off with a good old-fashioned book burning.]


      • Homosexuality is biological. Heartiste has even posted about this, and how male relatives of gay guys have more reproductive success.

        Being omega has a biological factor also, even though I blame it more on upbringing. I’ve seen it over and over and over again: guys who come out as gay were usually omegas before they came out. One guy I know had a girlfriend (she’s still his fag hag) but said he became gay because he respected women too much!

        The Roosh Forum’s Obama vs Romney poll had Obama get 67% of the vote if that’s any indication of how players vote, which was surprised by considering that a lot of posters are very far right.

        If we assume that 100% of the nonwhite and non-American posters vote for Obama — which is quite reasonable — it would easily explain the majority. Don’t be ridiculous.

        They’re not white nationalist because for the most part WN and Game are incompatible due the the above, due to the fact that an alpha isn’t going to have an irrational insecurity of black dudes fucking “their women” and because they don’t fucking pedestalize the shit out of white girls like WN’s do, which ironically contributes to girls fucking dudes from other races.

        I’m WN, but I really don’t give a shit if black guys fuck white girls. And yes, I have had a pedestalization problem, and continue to, but that’s why I’m here. You’re making some very wrong assumptions, and are going into “WNs are insecure and have small dicks” territory. Heck, I’m see a lot of suggestion that WNs are child molesters too.


      • Beautifully said. It really is a laughing stock of (poorly veiled) white male insecurity in these comments.

        I thought the community was more mature than this.


      • Actually, this ‘beautifully said’ screed was little more than the same-ol’-same usual suspect “you’re just jealous” folderol that gets repeated ad nauseum on the ‘net in general and PUA sites in particular.

        I know it’s difficult for your kind to fathom that there are men out there only secondarily concerned with dipping their wicks at any and every opportunity…

        And who take a moment each day to deem manhood more than the appendage between their thighs…

        And their brain more than a mere life-support system for said appendage.


      • OK Greg, can I get an award for pulling white girls and NOT fucking them?

        Come on homes, follow through on your logic. If white girls are as great as you say, are you gonna knight niggers who refuse to date them?

        Well you can start with Louis Farakhan (but no, you hate that nigger worse than me)

        Matter of fact, why am I expected to turn down good pussy at all?

        Should I turn down a free line of cocaine because its white?



      • I hate neither you nor Farakhan…

        As a matter of fact, there’s a lot to respect about Farakhan, or any leader (self-styled or no) who encourages racial nationalism as a higher order of things, in the fight against the Babylonian night of lowest common denominator.

        The ironic thing is, if he wasn’t black, and all you heard was his message, you self-styled Lochinvars of the bedroom would be bombarding him with tweets the litany of ‘religious beta/bitter/jealous/closet fag/small dick’.


      • thwack, dude!
        NEVER turn down free fucking coke. zlzlzozozozlzlzlllz


      • The chateau is often like a party with the promise of free coke… you wait around for hours and all you get is a few good lines.


      • Wah wah wah.

        What these shmucks will never understand is this: WN can be absolute hamster-nip if spun right. I’ve done it. My pal Classic Sparkle does it better. [He has money to spend.]

        Guess who titillates the bitch first: the tattooed guy confidently spouting clever heresies, or the fey vegetarian pandering to all of her preconceived anti-opinions?

        Whatever though — it’s abundantly obvious thwack and the “suck my cock” club of anti-white protesters rely on a straw-man of timid white boys who can’t handle women and hulking niggers just out of prison to feel morally superior. Just look at them fall on their faces for that biased asshole Roosh.

        White people. All fucked up.


      • @littlepdog: Very well said. I agree 100%.

        I’ve said it before, PUA boards aren’t full of racist shit because when you actually go out a lot and socialize with a lot of people you meet people from other cultures/races (even if you don’t chat them up directly, you meet them via your wide social circles, or the girl’s social circles, etc) and you realize that all races work the same: most people are pretty cool and normal but there’s a handful of fucktards in the group (like WNs) who are an embarrassment to the rest of the group.

        That’s why I don’t respond to the “scathing” Obama-voter nigger-lover insults. It’s the equivalent of 5yo’s calling me a poo-poo head. The 5yo thinks he’s really burned me because in his world that’s a devestating insult but the reality is he’s just a retarded child lol


      • Absolutely. Cheers, dude. (clink)


      • Yet many do “go out a lot and socialize with a lot of people you meet people from other cultures/races” and come to the conclusion that there are concrete differences between the races.

        YaReally craves the simplistic world where one need only to “go out a lot and socialize with a lot of people” to arrive at the “correct” answer. (Which just happens to be the same answer he has been force-fed all his life)


      • on October 2, 2012 at 11:00 am gunslingergregi

        take a look at neecy and talk about insecurity

        naa they really don’t work the same way one side is way way way more dangerous to your health and well being than the other


      • Much of the HBD crowd is composed of grad students, professors, and chicks. And you’re expecting them to, what, out-alpha you on the weekend? Give it a rest and we will, how about that.

        By the way, if you’ll direct your attention to the blogroll, you’ll notice a few links to HBD websites. So you fear science when it offends thy social prejudice; good job.

        Guys who are having success don’t really give a fuck.

        As a guy having moderate success, I do give a fuck. Always have, always will. There! Theory disproved.


      • The HDB crowd base their views on scientific findings, which can be found by anyone with a few simple Google searches. But according to you they are just “bunch of angry frustrated white guys who take out their lack of game on black dudes.”, keep being retarded.


      • Look at the IQ test results from tribes in sub-Saharan Africa, if they were real the entire society would be literally retarded and incapable of heaving built the society that they have. Turns out a lot of HBD studies actually never measured the IQ’s of Africans, they approximated them using the averages of 12 year old Americans. If Africans do have lower intelligence, how come black immigrants from the continent are the most highly educated immigrant group in America? How come there is zero correlation between intelligence and % European ancestry in African Americans?


      • lmao. I love the denial of the nigger-loving set. Spin diversity hamster, spin!


    • Guys, guys, take your mouths off my cock for one minute here, I think the important issue that we SHOULD be addressing is the whole Greg + children issue.

      Although I don’t believe he was ever ACTUALLY convicted of touching his 5yo neice, you guys have to agree that doing that is pretty fucked up.


  35. Here is a good example of Beta, no matter how good looking, famous and rich you are, Beta in the core.

    Look at first picture


    • Heh, heh… “baby goose” Gosling gets goosed on the wrong end.

      If that’s the guy that was in Blue Valentine, I’m still scratching my head as to how he ever got to be a ‘leading man’.


      • Same for that beady eyed doofus Joseph Gordon-Levitt,as well as that lil prick LeBoef(sp???). I know Gordon-Levitt & LaBoef(sp?) are both (sorry) Jewish and Laboef is well known for sucking on Speilbergs fat anaconda. I think maybe Hollywood thinks Gosling is jewish cuz he once played the lead in a movie about a Jew who joined the Neo-Nazis and wound up killing himself. He was pretty good. It was based on the story of Frank Colin,a 1/2 jew who joined the Nazis in Chicago. There was another guy like that in NY.too.


      • 500 Days of Summer is a depressingly educational movie for the guys. An Education will do the same for the ladies.


    • Ryan Gosling is pretty much a player. He pumps and dumps movie stars.

      He’s not exactly that Robert Patterson guy.

      I don’t think one picture is evidence of him being a beta.

      Plus Rooney Mara. Who gives a fuck. The reason she even has a job is because of the Pittsburgh Steelers.


      • Canadian beta…not Canadian bacon…

        Raised by single mom
        Liberal pussy.
        Dates old chicks..

        “I think like a girl, Gosling told the paper in October. I was literally raised by my mother and my sister.”

        Good thing he has fame and height and money eh?


      • The reason she even has a job is because of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

        Or the New York Giants. Or both.

        Now take that plain face, bleach her eyebrows, carve up some severe bangs, pockmark her face with piercings, and have her play the lead (literal) ballcutter in the wet-dream femino-fantasy of a dead Swedish sits-down-to-pee “thriller” author (whose breakthrough work was called Men Who Hate Women in his native country), and the chub flees forever.

        Her sister Kate presents herself better.


    • Gosling is not a beta.

      He’s known as a major player in hollywood. Basically pumping and dumping movie stars.

      ‘Gosling has been linked with the likes of Olivia Wilde, Evan Rachel Wood, Sandra Bullock and Blake Lively ‘


  36. This is ‘lil Wayne?


  37. even if this vid is “fake”, every guy here is free to run his own game experiment. Just spend an entire evening practicing pulling girls out of clubs. You can even do “catch and release”; pull them out of the club to see if you can, then take them back and start over again somewhere else?

    What works for you works for you, no need to argue about it.


  38. She’s pretty fat for a Ukrainian.


  39. Heartiste, equalism has not spared you, its wretched tentacles have penetrated your psyche, too.

    You’re [implicitly] giving sanction to miscegenation with posts like this. It’s wrong, for a variety of reasons, both miscegenation and your implicit promotion of it.

    White women of childbearing age or younger are ~2 to 3 percent of the world population. The entire anti-White system promotes this nonsense 24/7, why contribute?

    I don’t understand how you can be so astute in the realms of politics and female nature, and a near dunce in regard to the anti-White realities of our time and the application of those realities to the programs dismantling the West, and that are destroying the historic majority of our once great country.

    This is not about hating blacks. Blacks simply are not equal to Whites, and that inequality has NOTHING to do with the melanin content of their skins.

    Just look at a painting of any part of ancient Rome that was painted hundreds and hundreds of years ago, and then compare that painting to a picture of modern Africa.

    No. Your eyes won’t be lying to you.

    What happens when a black and White reproduce? Net gain for Africans (intellectually and aesthetically), net loss for European descended peoples, i.e., me, you and the majority of your readership, deracinated as they may be.

    You’re in the wrong, and because the lies of equalism have not spared you, you subconsciously express your non-racist bona fides by posting that video under the pretense of game study.

    In reality, you’re ingratiating yourself to liberalism, the modern face of evil, and assisting our lords and masters as they drag us, kicking and screaming, to ever greater levels of “progress”.

    Please stop.


    • Try-hard tin-foil dribble that only an emo white high school student would write.

      When a black and white couple reproduce there’s actually net gains for the Europeans considering that Africans have superior skin, hair, eyes, and immune systems; blue eyes are most prone to color-blindlesss, skin without melanin is more prone to cancer, damage, and disease, hair without melanin is less resistant to chemicals (in fashion brunette hair is more resilient to color dying damage), the environment, and whatnot.

      There’s plenty of black geniuses in the world (basement racists and neo-nazis like to proudly perpetrate that the biggest race difference is intelligence), however a white person can never ever overcome these physical inferiorities.

      It’s you who needs to stop. Heartiste is 5x more intelligent than you will never be.


      • *Citation Needed


      • Sickle cell … may I address you as Sickle cell?


        Heartiste does posses more cognitive horsepower than I do. So what, ad hominem me all day, everything I wrote is true and your insane reply is proof of its authenticity.

        Now fly away.


    • Oh if you’re going to make a comparison like that then compare ancient Rome to ancient Egypt; an African society that presided Rome and was, for all intents and purposes, superior.

      It’s astounding how unintelligent the average person like you is.


      • For the record, I believe in the original poster’s case, “African” was not taken to signify mere geographical location… otherwise he should probably have said “sub-Saharan”.

        Additionally, although Egypt preceded Rome, the former’s glorious dynasties were not the handiwork or brainchildren of negroes, despite what your community college African Studies professor might have told you.


      • off-topic somewhat, but are these beneficial traits more likely to be inherited and dominant if the father is white and the mother black, or vice-versa, or is there no significant indicator?

        This would be interesting, and productive as an area for study, since it changes matters for the children in one way or another anyway, like the invasion of spain by the moorish, and the obliteration of the blonde-haired race there by the ensuing mass rape, common to most conquering races.

        Allegedly, this is why middle easterns, particularly Israelite Jews have greater resistance to diseases common to that neck of the woods, because of their breeding laws, which selected couples with robust health, and gave their children that resistance as a dominant trait, which recurred as a dominant trait over and over for every successive generation.

        In South Africa, the dutch interbred with the locals and gained for their children improved resistance to malaria and waterborne illness, or so i’m told


      • She will kick and scream the closer she arrives at the truth.


      • The Egyptians enslaved blacks and thought they were inferior. Their genetic makeup is much closer to that of the modern Egyptian than that of the sub-Saharan (DNA extracted from mummies)

        Sorry kiddo, there has never been a society composed of > 95% black that wasn’t hell on earth. (Detroit, for instance)

        So much for that theory.


  40. She very quickly protects herself from the booby touch at the end there, he might not have closed the deal.


  41. I work nearly every day with a black guy who is a complete natural alpha. And we understand each other without having to say much. It is all, “Pick yur fights carefully and never come between a man and some pussy without an extremely good reason”. Especially when there is no shortage.
    I suspect he even reads CH; but that never comes up at work. We both have mouths to feed. And he is smart enough to realize that he can plunder all the chocolate slippery squeeze on the planet without shortening his life-line.


  42. I’m brazilian. While Brazil have a lot of good stuff the racial condition isn’t one of them… Like Roosh said brazilian women have a “sexy vibe”, but many times lack on looks (and they invest a lot of them in it). Do you know what are the prettiest region in Brazil? The south, the whitest. The second? The southeast, the second whitest… Man, the city I used to live in Brazil was like 75% black/mestizo and people were fucking ugly. Btw, I’m white from portuguese, spanish, irish background.
    Gisele Bundchen, for example, is a southern brazilian girl.


  43. Different martial arts work for different body types. What worked for genuine tough guy Dolph Lundgren (full contact karate champion) won’t work for a guy smaller, like say Jet Li. That’s why both martial artists have vastly different styles. They don’t fight the same way, their bodies are too different in the amount of punishment each can take and dish out with a blow — if Lundgren lands one punch he can really hurt you (he sent Stallone to the hospital with one blow in one of the Rocky movies). Jet Li, not so much.

    That’s why I don’t see the value for the White and Nerdy set for Justin Wayne. They’re not going to do street pickup. They’re not aggressive, confident, and don’t benefit from the slack given Black men by pretty much everyone but particularly White women. A Black guy picks up girls (even if real and not staged) on the street, water wet, film at 11.

    Is the average nerdy White guy ever going to display “learned charisma” on the street to pick up even an average girl? My guess is 90 out of 100 times, no. And perfect practice of that will create perfect failure. For those on the nerdy side, social context day game would seem to be more productive. Not a cold but introduced (by social context) approach. That’s traditionally been the Nerdy White guy heaven, and the decline of social institutions that create that has really hurt that group. A nerdy White guy is capable (after training) of making a non-cold approach in a coffee house, a library, a book store, Whole Paycheck, etc. Street stuff? Its like asking those guys to street fight — they won’t be very good, is the safe bet.


  44. Whiskey
    I am, like, too old to fight like that. MY dick works better than my knees,, at least today , But I live in Texas,(Thank Christ) and so I have got a really useful carry license that the cops will respect and will be useful to me for slaughtering whole class=rooms full of bad guys and girls..becacuase I duid in fact grow up in the shadow of the Alamoo/ Hint: The most popular rifle system now being sold in America(Texas)_are the ultra-accurate AR clones with the thousand doillar tactical sight mounted on a Gilly Rail
    It is like what the Navy Seals use – if they could all afford them.
    I go regularly to my local gun range. No one even pretends anymore to be sighting in for deer season. I wish it were not so but everyone
    nowadays is practice firing with murder on my heart for the judge, or at least the ones who deserve it.


    • What in the hippie-fuck is a Gilly rail? Do you mean a Picatinny rail? And a thousand dollar scope…shit…I have scope MOUNTS that cost that.


      • I’ve been calling ’em Weaver rails, even though the specs are slightly different… a local professor got fired for using the word niggardly, so I don’t want to take any chances.


      • a Picaninny Rail is what you use to corral antique farm equipment.


  45. Awesome, Heartiste has become a vibrant pusher!


  46. on September 28, 2012 at 2:52 am gunslingergregi

    in my town see it a bit with the jungle shit but i went to cincinatti hanging out with black chick in nice areas and didn’t see any. Even in the shitty areas was none. People were looking at us like we was nuts. White chicks mouthing at me out of cars like wtf was i doing. black dudes racing out in front of us in traffic and shit lol
    same chick from before i picked up hit in one actual date but yea she still texting multiple times a day she misses me and shit. Black chick beat the shit out of a white chick i see downtown wonder why hmmmmm
    what it really is with the white chicks is this a black dude will put up with a hell of a lot more shit to be with a white chick than a white dude will.


    • White chicks mouthing “wtf are you doing” and black men trying to run you off the road b/c you were with a black woman?


      WAIT! STOP THE PRESSES! This story can’t be true b/c everyone knows ONLY BLACK WOMEN are jealous of people in interracial relationships! (sarcasm off)


    • This is quite an interesting story! So please tell me about the black click who got hit on the date. Hit by a car? You hit er? Hit by another person? And why.

      Oh and then you ad a white woman and black woman fighting over you?


    • White chicks mouthing at me out of cars like wtf was i doing. black dudes racing out in front of us in traffic and shit lol

      WAIT! STOP THE PRESSES! This can’t be true only Black women are jealous of seeing interracial relationship *sarcasm off*


  47. on September 28, 2012 at 2:59 am gunslingergregi

    and they usually end up in jail doing what they do for a long time and the chick is free which even i got to say dam that ain’t equal. Just like that pimp that went to jail for 10 years or some shit and the chicks didn’t get much time. Shit like that. None these chicks angels drug dealers getting robbed on a continuous basis by em and i don’t see the chicks disapearing just getting beat up.


  48. on September 28, 2012 at 3:03 am gunslingergregi

    ok this one bitch does got me though lol i put up with some shit but none of the other ho’s get that leway
    chick like you want to make 5k me fuck no
    like i said people with no future time orientation it fucks em up
    bitches asking me to be a drug dealer or their pimp i just say no
    just like in the garden of eden baby wtf
    its the woman that are evil for realllzzzzzzzzz


  49. on September 28, 2012 at 3:05 am gunslingergregi

    seriously though bitches the ones actually running the street and everyone convinced its dudes its not really the case with their coniving ways they the ones getting peeps put in jail and fucked up and instigating most the shit that goes on.


  50. on September 28, 2012 at 3:09 am gunslingergregi

    i can see how dudes end up getting fucked up cause chicks be temptestresses and you better mutherfucking maintain your frame. I am thinking a lot of dudes getting sucked into that lifestyle because the woman pushed em into it and yet it is the dude who pays the price not the chick. Wild shit.


  51. on September 28, 2012 at 3:42 am gunslingergregi

    or there is no downside to a chick who gets with a drug dealer she gets the benefits and if shit goes wrong he fucked.


  52. on September 28, 2012 at 3:43 am gunslingergregi

    so its like congress they the only ones serving a continuous term dudes come in and out the game through dieing or going to jail.


  53. on September 28, 2012 at 3:52 am gunslingergregi

    seriously though woman are insidious on some other fucking level men are not even fucking aware of.


  54. on September 28, 2012 at 3:55 am gunslingergregi

    course pretty much all the laws are anti men pro woman so go figure


  55. on September 28, 2012 at 5:00 am gunslingergregi

    that jesebel article on the twitter lol
    the whole point is woman actually held responsible for nothing men held responsible for everything.


  56. on September 28, 2012 at 8:52 am gunslingergregi

    nope not screwing you molly but ty for offer


  57. I was going to gainsay you, but I see you’re a strong, empowered woman… and I got scared.


  58. Read over some of the comments until I couldn’t stomach it anymore.

    The fact that Wayne discussions always devolve into race is a sign of massive insecurity in your average white male internet racist. I almost spit my drink out with the amount of low blows, half-truths, and faulty assumptions being perpetrated here about African-Americans.

    This is why we can’t have nice things; we’re here to discuss pickup. Not passively aggressively attack Wayne’s race because he has more balls, smoothness, and game than 99% of the white middle-aged basement dwellers here who comment regularly. Looks like men can have hampsters too.

    Get it together. Great video Heartiste.


    • “I almost spit my drink out with the amount of low blows, half-truths, and faulty assumptions being perpetrated here about African-Americans.”

      Please feel free to attempt in their debunking then. Should be no problem for you.

      Most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it.

      Believe me buddy. I wish it wasn’t true either.


    • Have the dude hit on black chicks… in unstaged videos… problem solved.

      This isn’t rocket science.

      I don’t think he’s man enough to pull a sistah with any kind of integrity (no working girls, now)… how do you like them apples?

      BTW, sock-puppet, we keep slapping down your bloviating in immediate replies to your posts, but you just fire up more of the same-ol’-same “you’re just jealous” bullshit later on in the thread. What’s up with that?


      • Greg, you’re behaving more non-christian now. be a good boy and example.


      • Heh… I ain’t no monument to justice.

        Besides, you’d probably say the same thing to Christ upon seeing the first moneychanger fly headforemost into the street.


      • Greg, does JW have a choice? What woman is going to allow a vid of her being picked up to be posted on the internet?

        The only way he can really do this is to disguise himself so it can’t be traced back to him.


      • The wicked flee when none pursueth.

        A young man in the prime of his life shouldn’t be pursuing endeavors about which a trace back to himself weighs heavily on his mind.


  59. The Video reminds me of those (if you have seen them), now, twenty year old, Dutch Porn Videos in the Excuse Me series. At first they look genuine, where a genuinely persuasive and smooth talking guy – unlike the frequently awkward black guy above – talks a young woman into going back to his hotel – largely by playing to her vanity but of course they aren’t genuine and neither is this. I call fake on it.

    I should also say that I have a number of times in my life picked up women in the street and gone off and had sex – but it doesn’t take anything like the time he takes to get a woman back – nor the endless chat.

    In reality he would be more likely to end up with her calling 911 for assistance.


  60. So many of these comments have gone full retard. I don’t care if the video is real or fake, I just know the scenario is completely plausible because I have done it, and friends have done it.

    Anyone who thinks this can’t be done is clearly a KJ.

    H, you really need to start moderating some of the idiots on here. The discussion can be quite good at times, but other times it can be awful.


    • Telling us that some street minstrel can, on occasional, cold play a random lady of indeterminate virtue on any given Sunset Boulevard that is the West is not a revelation, chum.

      Nobody here doubts that.

      A stronger reading comprehension would be in order before the idiots and full retards are Rooney rifled.


      • Case in point. You bring the worthless drivel in full force. I don’t care if the video is fake or not, and I also don’t care if da black menz are dickin’ da white wommenz. I’m white, but I’ve dicked the white wommenz, asian wommenz, black wommenz, hispanic wommenz and even one poonjab womenz.

        Instead of bitching about everything, I actually put game principals to practical use, fuck a variety of hot chicks, and have the ability to settle down with a chick that I deem acceptable based on my criteria. All other discussion about some dudes named Dontrelle or Jamarcus, or how this video can’t possibly be real is pointless.


      • Case in point: You seem to do your fair share of bitching.

        As far as your own journey through the mine fields of STDs, well… that’s what is pointless to this discussion at hand.


      • I guess your overweight wife would have to actually have sex with you for you to catch an STD hey Greg? Way better option than picking up girls for sure.

        I agree 100% with everything Jason773 wrote there.


      • You presume a great deal, fecophile.

        Heh, the endorsement of a self-styled Lothario whose conquests need fear both STDs and FTDs.

        High praise, indeed.


  61. on September 27, 2012 at 11:13 pm | Reply uh

    Allow me to introduce you to Svante Pääbo, a Finnish scientist working for the Human Genome Project, and their discovery that all non-African populations exhibit a H. neanderthalensis component in their DNA.

    These would be the “white genes”, black boy.


    OK, and the question every nonwhite person should ask themselves is:

    Does a 5 year old white child need to know all that before he calls you:






    spoon (cross between a spic and a coon)


    Just like game, white guys always tryin to make things more complex than they really are.

    (((shakin my head)))


    • I would have thought that by the time a black child is five, he would be inured to the word nigger from having heard it so often from his own kind.


      • Good point as well as logical, which means it will either go above thwack’s head or he’ll ignore it as not fitting into his narrow paradigm…


  62. on September 28, 2012 at 1:34 pm gunslingergregi

    i didn’t hear the word nigger till i got to ohio in 6th grade guess where i heard it at


    • First time I dropped the N-bomb was in first grade, when one of my friends pointed at Niger on a globe and asked me what that said.


  63. I find this mentality of “what can I extract from a person”, especially a loved one, terra incognita.

    Here be monsters, indeed.


  64. on September 28, 2012 at 3:36 pm gunslingergregi

    Chick i’m trying to help get off the shit. I had to redo peramaters after she robbed me talkin with her bout it like i can help you get to clinic and shit but i don’t have a future with a chick who has no respect. Figured i could talk to god i tried later to help someone when i had the time and money. She fallin asleep standing up i’m like i’ll take you home to sleep or sleep here starts crying i don’t want to go. Cries for hour and half then walks out door. Texts me talkin bout suicide on phone i’m trying to encourage her to call 911 and get in hospital asking her where she is. Tells me bye love ya then sent me pic of her slit wrist. i’m in the police station giving them info and finally get through she like she gonna slit her throat and other wrist and send me pics. Cop talks to her they pick her up somewhere and they tell me she ran. Then i get ahold of her again put her on with cop she like she not trying to kill herself i guess getting me back.
    I got to quit trying to be captain save a ho jesus christ my heads fucked.
    So i guess it worked.


  65. on September 28, 2012 at 4:02 pm gunslingergregi

    scream for help but i can’t do no more man fuck


  66. on September 28, 2012 at 4:20 pm gunslingergregi

    i told this chick i care about her i loved her was in love with the pussy basically but that ain’t it got to pass my tests and it takes years and we got to get to know each other. Chick was ready to move in and shit. I was like slow down.


  67. on September 28, 2012 at 4:27 pm gunslingergregi

    i need to get the fuck out of the us back home


  68. on September 28, 2012 at 4:40 pm gunslingergregi

    real thing was too chick is a yeller bringing her back from hospital she was yelling at her husband and slappin shit out his ass so yea i can’t ever deal with a screaming abusive chick like that actually the other side of her was ugly


    • Gregi are you okay? I’m getting worried about you. You sound really stressed about something with your posts?


      • on September 29, 2012 at 3:49 am gunslingergregi

        chick talkin bout putting sugar in gas tank but yea i’m ok i guess. yesterday was more fucked in head i don’t like blood that shit was nasty. but yea catalyst for change though so hopefully work out ok i guess. Chicks that go crazy what can ya do.


      • on September 30, 2012 at 5:33 am gunslingergregi

        course why i like this chick is i learn things from her. When i really thought she was gonna off herself that shit hurt bad cause i really did care about her. Made me have empathy for people around me when i talk about wanting to kill myself too even though i also say i can’t do it. But yea i am gonna try to only talk that shit to people paid to hear it and not people who love me cause maybe i didn’t realize how much i might of been hurting them by saying that type of shit. Been some eye opening shit like ok maybe i was in hell at times but also putting other people in hell too and maybe i need to shut the fuck up about it.


      • on September 30, 2012 at 5:42 am gunslingergregi

        yea i got the fuck out of dodge cause two suicidal people on a collision course is not the best recipe for things to not go wrong. But yea she calmed down i dropped off her shit that she left around house. Maybe we can break for now hope i see her in the next life. I didn’t answer the million texts and phone calls and the other chicks calling over and over i skipped too. Her friend calling me today only so far over and over so getting better i guess. Then she gonna act like nothing happened and be cool again and its gonna be the real test. Allthough a chick cutting her wrist to teach me a valuable lesson got to be real love right. Cause i know i told her bout my suicidal shit before that and uhh yea she told me to shut the fuck up about it. She got balls than me though actually drew blood it is kind of hot. This chick really is about equal cause i mean she will take a beating then come back at the dude fearless like he gonna have to kill her cause she gonna get revenge and shit. So i guess beating a chick can have its negative side cause if she that hardcore you never gonna beat the spunk out of her and she gonna be slapping shit out of your ass and punking the shit out of you. The husband beat the shit out of her a month ago and she was still slapping shit out of dude so yea i guess it can be a road that is not pretty at all. Just escalates and escalates.


      • on September 30, 2012 at 6:08 am gunslingergregi

        maybe i’m not captain save a ho maybe i respect the chick cause she so fucking hard and when i get the soft side its like winning the lottery or some shit and then the challenge of getting a chick to take a massive pay cut to be with me is probably pretty fucking smexy


      • on September 30, 2012 at 6:09 am gunslingergregi

        so yea still not home and thinking i need to go visit a friend gtfo of my town for a while


      • on October 1, 2012 at 8:48 am gunslingergregi

        jesus its like looking in the mirror and yea i never want to be in that type of situation with her cause i’m thinkheaded as fuck too and we both just a little to hard. Put my hand over her mouth for robbing me and was explaining to her how that is not acceptable. Eyes got big cause people don’t think i can be evil too but i mean shit why you think i am so calm all the time. Told her when i was bringing her to house i was gonna beat that ass for repercussions and also told her i could drop her off somewhere else and didn’t have to do it. I was like if you come to house you getting ass whoopin. She didn’t want me to drop her off. She like remember i fight back. Well no just like any other chick i have had to talk to there is no fighting back and she only got level 2 calm demon. just pinned her she said her life flashed before her and thought she was gonna die. I guess it is the shock of the total yin and yang cause i am kind majority of my life which is why i have righteous anger when someone tries to fuck me up cause i know i don’t deserve to be. She gave me the satisfaction so was cool but i see how it could be worse and no i don’t want it to devolve into some having to beat her once a week shit once a lifetime is all that kind of attention a chick will get from me and then they don’t change i think they are unchangeable. So you got to be carefull in that type of shit because yea you might just have a chick that likes the shit and it is not a deterant but a call to her for you to constantly have to do it and fuck that cause there is no challenge in it and at time it can go very bad at some point when she gets you to go over the wall and lose the calm and only have the demon. This was while ago though but when i saw her and husband shit i was like yea can’t be with this chick gonna try to get me to compromise my manhood at some point and beat her like a man but that is not my thing.


  69. Game recognize Game…


  70. Nice vid, but what counts here massively is the foreigner effect. She’s in a strange city where she doesn’t know other people and it’s time to experiment. She does not have to fear to be seen as a “slut”.
    This effect is thousands times stronger because the dude is black. In Ukraine there are not so many blacks.
    For a ukrainian girl she is ugly. She’s probably happy that somebody is finally interested in her. In NY she has average looks. In ukraine people probably doesnt even notice her.
    She wants to see the ID to know if he’s old enough for her (east-european chicks like older guys), and to check he’s not a lowclass immigrant.
    East-european girls are very sensitive to leading. She is programmed to follow a man’s orders. Here I have to give this guy credits.
    To be honest I don’t find this dude his game so special. He sounds pretty nervous talking and hes pretty indirect. He just has the circumstances working for him.


  71. In this thread:



  72. This was in NYC where half of the people are either from some foreign country or another State.When people are in another area they tend to have a false sense of security for some unknown reason. You’ll notice that this Negro “pick up artiste” targets the most vulnerable girls and the ones who are not likely to just tell him to get lost nigga as a real New Yorker would to any black approaching them or trying to talk to them on the street. Interactions with Negroes usually end up to the detriment of the White person and everyone knows it.
    So the Negro in this video is just playing to the fact that the girl is a foreigner and doesn’t want to look “racist” to the negro. More hip girls would walk away from him and not give a rat’s arse what this street person thinks. And btw, does this guy have a real job that pays at least $150k that allows him to even live in Manhattan? I notice that he pulls his little spiel down on Union Sq, why doesn’t he try it uptown around Rockefeller Center or the upper east side.
    We can’t see the girl’s face on that video and besides females don’t walk around alone at night unless they’re hookers in NY. How much did the negro pay her? Prostitutes won’t go with negro men so all of that talk was just to get the whore to go with him for money. What a loser!


  73. This blog’s comment section is morally, the equivalent of a sewer.

    To the half-a-brain, hypocrite commenters who asked for “citations” on the part of the other (non-racist) commenter claims. How about posting your own citations? The burden of proof is on you, idiot, you made your claim first.

    For example, lets take the idea that Ancient Egypt was not black, (the Egyptians spoke an African language, practiced circumcision, ancestor worship and many wore dreadlocks) an idea that is completely laughable. And you have real recourse, no evidence to the contrary. Just empty Stormfront copy-and-paste rhetoric. Reality wins.

    On the pencil dicks who level “nigger lover” and “mudshark” accusations of “white” women making use of their own free will and right to love or fuck whomever they please, I have nothing to say, except you probably don’t get laid.

    Carry on with your pointless internet race-war. Cowards.


    • No, what’s laughable is presenting an Afrocentric fringe theory that’s not taken seriously by any respected Egyptologist as “reality”.


    • You’re an idiot like all US negroes. You learn that crap during negro history month? Real Africans know history


      • You can’t provide a shred of real evidence to the contrary. Just rhetoric.

        Self-fulfilling prophecy.

        See how that works?



      • Hey, here’s a simple task for any of you clowns. Do you think you can do it? Google every one of my points (ancestor worship, dreadlocks, african language, circumcision) and see what you find. Ignore the eurocentric Egyptologists’ say on the matter (a useless red herring). Consider the evidence first.

        If you can do that you will have earned (a modicum of) my respect.

        Or alternatively just carry on your primitive stormfront grunts and pitter-patter as amongst yourselves. Your choice.


      • Ignore the eurocentric Egyptologists’ say on the matter (a useless red herring). Consider the evidence first.



      • Do you likewise ignore credentialed doctors in favor of the local shaman?


    • “For example, lets take the idea that Ancient Egypt was not black, (the Egyptians spoke an African language, practiced circumcision, ancestor worship and many wore dreadlocks) an idea that is completely laughable.”

      Not a single one of those things are limited to or unique to blacks in anyway.

      The Berbers spoke an “African Language”.

      Tons of non-blacks practice circumcision.

      Ancestor worship is found just about everywhere.

      Dreadlocks are also found just about everywhere. Dreadlocked styled hair naturally occurs when you neglect you hair.

      Not only are you grasping at straws, you’re not even grasping at the right ones.

      Ancient Egyptians share 90% of their genes with modern Egyptians.

      Frank Yurco, “An Egyptological Review” in Mary R. Lefkowitz and Guy MacLean Rogers, eds. Black Athena Revisited. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1996. p. 62-100


      • “Dan Fletcher” I’m not grasping at straws at all. I knew exactly what I was doing. 🙂

        Can you name a single non-African people from the surrounding area of the the Egyptians that had all of those traits (dreadlocks, African language,ancestor worship, circumcision) upon which they could draw from? Did the Egyptians paint Berbers the same color as themselves? (I’ll give you a hint: no)

        And even supposing you are correct in that the Egyptians were non-black (which you are not), you would indeed have admit that they got their “culture” from black peoples, no? In that sense, whether they were actually “black” or not would be irrelevant. Everything they knew and did would be informed and influenced by black people.

        You lose.


      • “Black” people (in our parlance here) means negro or admixture thereof, with predominant negro features in the case of mix.

        Saying the Egyptians were “black” is ridiculous… you’re not entitled to your own facts, only your own opinion.

        And if today’s negroes want to take credit for ancient Egypt, I guess they should STFU about slavery then, right?


      • Meant to add, we’re talking about the glory day of Egypt dynasties here, not some of the effete later ones when she was obviously in decline from various factors… mixing of disparate elements not the least of which.


      • It’s a WN / Anglo-supremacist myth that old empires “fell” due to race-mixing. Doesn’t happen on that scale — because racial boundaries are naturally quite stable.

        Christianity, and Jewish guilt-tripping, have disabled this impulse in whites, which was already singularly weak due to exogamy and a shift to contractual relationships.


      • Mixing of disparate populations accounts in a large part for why the people who build republics wind up being quite different (or at the very least “watered down”) by the time civilizations start teetering.

        No one ever said it was “race mixing en masse” between Caucasians, Negroes, and/or Orientals.


      • If Egyptians “got their culture” from negroes, that would mean the negroes in Africa had a pretty good headstart on the rest of the Occident.

        In which case, the painfully obvious question is: “What happened?” that such a superior folk reverted to today’s near-equivalent of Stone Age?


      • What African country is in the stone-age?


      • Don’t be obtuse.


      • Note I said “near equivalent”… and if you’re going to try to continue this discussion, address the other points about slavery and the early dynasties.

        Then again, never mind. The first five Pharaohs could reincarnate and tell you you’re wrong, but it wouldn’t change your mind.


      • “What African country is in the stone-age?”



      • “superiority” is a product of culture (and virtue) not race. And individuals are the primary cultural inputs. Not groups, meaning races included.

        A “race” is merely an anatomical designation.

        China for example, was once “superior” to the Europe. No longer.

        Hence why “headstarts” mean nothing, looking from history.

        Get it? (You probably don’t, but I tried at least.)

        About you other arguments regarding the race of the Egyptians, they are invalid, so there is no discussion to continue.


      • ““superiority” is a product of culture (and virtue) not race. And individuals are the primary cultural inputs. Not groups, meaning races included.”

        Individuals are the primary cultural inputs, and genes play a large role in how individuals develop. Therefore, by your own argument, culture are in part a product of genes.

        Compare any predominately black area with predominately white area for an example

        “A “race” is merely an anatomical designation.”

        Care to elaborate?

        “bout you other arguments regarding the race of the Egyptians, they are invalid”

        Proof by assertion.


      • Dan Fletcher, the genes that relate to race (limb proportions, hair, facial structure etc) and the ones that relate to likely behavioral predilections and intelligence are two separate issues. Hence genes = race is an overly simplistic straw-man argument.

        In any case, free will, combined with individualism, renders all deterministic arguments (i.e. racism) invalid.


      • “Dan Fletcher, the genes that relate to race (limb proportions, hair, facial structure etc) and the ones that relate to likely behavioral predilections and intelligence are two separate issues.”

        I’m not in the white supremacist camp by a long shot, but this time the burden of proof is on you. Why would there not be a connection? If physical traits can develop differently in isolated populations, why would behavioral predilections not do the same (and then inevitably be correlated with the contemporaneous physical developments?) The science against you is pretty loud on this one.


      • “the genes that relate to race (limb proportions, hair, facial structure etc) and the ones that relate to likely behavioral predilections and intelligence are two separate issues.”

        Provide even a shred of evidence for this because I know you just pulled it out of your ass.

        “genes = race is an overly simplistic straw-man argument.”

        You can determine someone’s race soley from analyzing their DNA.


      • “Can you name a single non-African people from the surrounding area of the the Egyptians that had all of those traits (dreadlocks, African language,ancestor worship, circumcision) upon which they could draw from?”

        I already refuted this. This argument is over if the Ancient Egyptians were blacks as we know them today. None of those features are unique to blacks and the fact that the ancient Egyptians practiced them does not mean they were blacks. How would it?

        “And even supposing you are correct in that the Egyptians were non-black (which you are not),”

        Already got this one covered too. See my above post, paying particular attention to the bit about DNA.

        Modern Egyptians = not black.
        Ancient Egyptians = same DNA as modern Egyptians.
        Therefore, ancient Egyptians were not black.

        Listen sport, I know you cling so dearly to the idea of a black Egypt because it is one of the few examples of negro achievement your pathetic lot can muster. When you try to bend the truth to your preconceived notions, don’t cry when someone calls you out on it.

        Oh, and the people of the bottom of the picture you posted are how the Egyptians perceived themselves. The top is how they viewed others (notice the blacks in the top row, quite distinct).

        Just do an image search for Ancient Egyptian Art. They are clearly tanned but not black.


      • “I already refuted this.”

        No you didn’t. The problem is you can’t name a *nearby*, non-black group with which they could derive all of these characteristics from (not piecemeal). Saying that they “come in other non-black cultures” is a true straw-man argument. My point is the confluence of evidence points to them being black. And the evidence piles ever so highly.

        “Already got this one covered too. See my above post, paying particular attention to the bit about DNA. ”

        If the Egyptians are 90% similar to the way they were thousands of years ago, does that mean that the darker (and more visibly African featured) southern Egyptians are also 90% the same?

        So this man is not black to you, no?

        “Oh, and the people of the bottom of the picture you posted are how the Egyptians perceived themselves. The top is how they viewed others (notice the blacks in the top row, quite distinct). ”

        Not all blacks look the same.


        White people were far more “pathetic” than blacks during the Egyptian period, (and largely before the 15th century) with few exemplary exceptions.

        “Don’t throw stones form a glass house” as they say.


      • “No you didn’t. The problem is you can’t name a *nearby*, non-black group with which they could derive all of these characteristics from”

        Which doesn’t support your argument for them being black in anyway. Being one of the first civilizations, they likely came up with a lot of that stuff themselves.

        Even if true, how would the fact that they adopted ideas from black tribes make the Egyptians black?

        “My point is the confluence of evidence points to them being black.”

        Evidence which has still yet to be provided.

        “So this man is not black to you, no?”

        Can’t really tell from that low quality image. Could just be really tanned/dark-skinned. Not to mention a picture of dark skinned person on a donkey is not evidence of anything.

        “White people were far more “pathetic” than blacks during the Egyptian period, (and largely before the 15th century) with few exemplary exceptions.”

        Jesus, learn a little history. Ever heard of the Greeks, Romans or Macedonians?

        In contrasts, sub-Saharan Africa is just as shitty as it always was.

        Please point out what you think to be the greatest black achievements.

        “Not all blacks look the same.”

        Could just as easily be used to counter your argument.


      • Forget it, Dan… notice the similarity of gibberish and babble in these types of “discussions”… they are a race more enamored with the sound of words, rather than their meaning.


      • ^ Translation: I am defeated.


      • lllllllooooollllzzzzzllllooooollllzzzzz

        You have to actually be in the game to defeat someone, Jasper.


      • I wonder if you have ever seen modern Egyptians. They are not Sub-Saharan blacks, of course. They have preserved Coptic speech in the Christian church. Coptic is not spoken by any Sub-Saharan black population. Egyptian gods are not found among any Sub-Saharan black population. Funeral rites, buildings, irrigation, and everything else is lacking in ancient — and recent — black populations; so you’re weasel’s attempt to claim Egyptian culture came from niggers fails at the outset by a simple exercise in comparative anthropology.

        What you refuse to understand is that for “the ancient Egyptians” to have been black, as we understand the world, the entire population of ancient Egypt must have been replaced by another. The Egyptians’ own historical records, famously meticulous, and the Romans’ records upon acquiring possession of the territory, do not reflect such an event; nor do genetics and plain observation suggest a gradual replacement. (However, Cairo today sports a few Ethiopian, Eritrean and Sub-Saharan ghettos, with predictable results.)

        Large populations are like tectonic plates: they may shift and rub against each other, causing the friction of war and genetic drift, but they do not usually change places — because they’re too big.

        Very few instances of mass-scale population replacement in history. One of them is the Mexican invasion of America, which is ongoing.

        Of course, North African populations such as the Berbers, Moors proper, Kabyle, Egyptians all cluster nearer each other in genetic maps, and nearer in turn to southern Europeans, than they do to Sub-Saharan blacks. I don’t know where they stand with respect to Ethiopians.

        The confusion comes from reducing all Africans to “black”, or Sub-Saharan identity, which is just old Nation of Islam jive for: “GIBSMEDAT!”

        Like it or not, Sub-Saharans are the people history — and human evolution — left behind. Our tragedy is that some Anglos and French enfranchised them for cheap labor.


      • Not bad, considering Mr. Dreadly fancies us “defeated” on this issue.


        /I’m starting to appreciate the GBFM method


      • “Have you seen modern egyptians?”

        Yes (haha). That’s why your statement is so funny.

        Bear in mind, Egyptians gradually get darker the further south you go. I addressed this earlier.

        If Egyptians are 90% the same, that must also mean the more darker skinned, curly haired southern Egyptians also also 90% the same as they were 3000 years ago.

        “Coptic is not spoken by any Sub-Saharan black population.”

        Coptic is an afro-asiatic language. Over 90% of which are *only* spoken in Africa (and among black populations) because the root languages derived from Africa. Hence it is an African language. See how that works?

        “Egyptian gods are not found among any Sub-Saharan black population. ”

        Nubians (sudanese) worshiped Egyptian gods. Also the Egyptian pantheon, like mummification, mostly pre-dated the founding of the first dynasty. Google ‘qustul incense burner’.

        Rest assured, you have no argument.


        I don’t understand why you people don’t talk about the vikings, celts etc. (aka your real history) and your obsession with Egypt.

        It even pains me to say none of you would do anything but stick out like a sore thumb dropped in the middle of Cairo or especially Luxor.

        Blonde hair, blue eyes, light, pinkish skin and scraggly, thin hair and (other typical white people features) is not native to anywhere near Egypt.


      • You seem to be mistaken that someone is claiming ancient Egypt as Nordic Aryans. Fail more.

        And if someone with blonde hair, blue eyes, light skin, and straight hair were dropped in the middle of Cairo (or any other place in the world), her suitors would be hewing hard at one another. It’s the gold standard of beauty.

        Of course, do that with enough blondes and eventually blondes disappear altogether… which is pretty much the point constantly missed by those who screech the usual antiwhite litany masked as antiracism.


      • “If Egyptians are 90% the same, that must also mean the more darker skinned, curly haired southern Egyptians also also 90% the same as they were 3000 years ago.”

        Dark-skinned does not mean negroid as has already been mentioned. Nice last ditch attempt at refuting the DNA evidence though. Unfortunately that is one of the many nails in your argument’s sarcophagus.

        First hand accounts seem to agree:

        Black people resided not in the Nile valley but in a far land, by the fountain of the sun – Xenophanes

        That whole section (and book) is a great read. A meticulous refutation of desperate afro-centrist propaganda.

        No surprise really. Afrocentrist have tried to steal credit for many of the accomplishments of other peoples. When you don’t have any of your own, you aren’t left with much choice.

        We understand why you protected you sacred cow with such fervor. It was your last one. Unfortunately it just got slaughtered.


      • Heh, heh… nail in the sarcophagus… droll indeed.


      • Oh you’ve come back? You should have stopped while you were ahead.

        “Dark-skinned does not mean negroid as has already been mentioned.”

        Not all blacks are “negroid” (a stereotype). Africans are more diverse than Europeans. And you left out the part where I said “curly haired”. Sorry, you can’t cherry-pick your arguments.

        And my piint still stands. Southern Egyptians are still 90% the same (dark and curly haired). Haha.

        Southern Egypt:

        “First hand accounts seem to agree:”

        How do you know it is a first hand account? You chose one account as against the many contradicting it. Won’t work.

        “No surprise really. Afrocentrist have tried to steal credit for many of the accomplishments of other peoples. When you don’t have any of your own, you aren’t left with much choice. ”

        Pointing out facts is not “stealing credit”. No amount of playing on words and rhetorical kung-fu is changing that.

        White people came relatively late to the party. In fact, (white people) they were a rarity in most of the ancient world. With few exceptions. Your domain is the vikings. Talk about that illustrious history.

        Oh an by the way, its not the “only” thing that “we” have. 🙂 Try again.


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    • And for that reason, I really can’t assume that he banged the in this post girl since he’s already been caught lying about banging girls in the past


  75. on September 29, 2012 at 4:29 am gunslingergregi

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  76. They never addressed the fact that racism is a form of collectivism. How can a white guy be a PUA when he has to toe the racist collectivist line or get cast out?

    Plus, its a given that the racist collective always ends up full of the sorriest white guys because its the lowest “rung” of the ability ladder. thats why girls are unimpressed. You want cred for just standing there all pale and blond like you did something…

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    • They never addressed the fact that racism is a form of collectivism. How can a white guy be a PUA when he has to toe the racist collectivist line or get cast out?

      I hadn’t noticed an overabundance of individuality in the Afrocentrist camp either… but the bruthuhs be doing fine, right?


    • uh’s groid-lator:

      “They never addressed the fact that racism is a form of collectivism.” — Hey bossberg! I learned to talk backwud-woz like you’n.

      “How can a white guy be a PUA when he has to toe the racist collectivist line or get cast out?” — Mah nigga toe mo bigg’n YO’ nigga toe!

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  77. I once got chased down the street by a bunch of Thai men because I was riding in a samlar with a Thai woman. I had to pay the samlar driver extra to pedal faster. I knew exactly why they were angry.

    BTW, Neecy, you take a nice picture.


    • Feminism denies that females are a sexual commodity that must be guarded from alien males, which prevents the ability to understand why a pack of males would chase an alien male with one of “their” women. Of course it isn’t “racism” when Thai, Israeli, or black men do it.


      • Those Thai men sound like insecure, bitter, jealous, small-dicked closet fags.

        /OUCH! WTF? A damn boxing glove on a spring just came out of my monitor.


    • It’s really a simple sexual economy of approx. 400 eggs vs. many billions of sperm over the sexes’ life cycle.

      An investment in the future of your kind which requires nine months of care and food surplus will require greater social control than a relatively disposable commodity like sperm.

      But this leaves a bad taste in feminists’ mouths. LOL.


  78. So, there was nothing conclusive, is this real or fake?

    And do you guys all know each other? Seems like a little family in here.


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  80. This race stuff is quite stupid…… when someone says blacks are stupid/useless/dumb/whatever other derogatory term they can come up with, I think about Collin Powel, Ben Carson and other examples of exceptional black men and women…… Just proves that racists are idiots and racism is an idiotic pursuit. We are all people.


    • I don’t get it. Whites have all the money, all the power, but THEIR country is going down the tubes? How did a black guy get to be on top? America is 70% white. WTF are you guys doing? Who is the REAL enemy? Blacks are not in control, so why are they such an annoyance? Hmmm…


  81. Interesting. I was surprised to see this work. His tone is completely different from everything I do, and VERY different from most black guys. Not cocky or playful at all. I would have called her on shit a lot more, especially a Russian. Also would have been less sketchy about bouncing. Seemed like he was trying to conceal his reason for inviting her. His girlfriend is gorgeous though, so he’s doing something right.


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    Then here he is practicing jewish (#1) science in pursuit of fecundity (a mexican trait, #3). It’s about as quintessentially anti-white as you could imagine, and then oh yeah race-mixing too.