We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Hamster

Sometimes, in moments of deep reflection, I wonder… just what delusional depths can the typical American woman plumb? I thought I’ve seen it all… attack lawyers bitching off the shoulder of sensitive niceguys… I watched cockblocks glower in the bar near the target babe. All those delusions will be spun in time, like hamsters on wheels. Time to self-deceive.

But now I see there is more out there. A bigger, better, faster hamster. A rodent so enormous on a wheel spinning so violently it creates its own black hole of irrationality, sucking in logic, reason and common sense to an event horizon doom.

Behold: The Hamster of Hamsters. The Mother of All Rodents. The MOAR you know… the more you despair that America is in the grips of a virulent, and wholly undeserved, narcissism determined to sink the nation ship with the utmost alacrity.

The beast hungers:

In that sense, vanity is yet another stick with which people are beaten — because women are told, constantly and without any real deviation from the message, that they have to look a certain way to be worthwhile, to be of value. To be REAL, in some sense.

This is, of course, utter bullshit. Because any woman who identifies as a woman is a real woman. There’s a lot of different ways that can look and they are all valid.

“Because any woman who identifies as a woman is a real woman.” Is this the ur-tautology? Or just the usual gibberish from the usual losers unable to cope with the revelations from clear thinking?

Leaving aside for the moment any presumption this particular breed of hamster vessel knows what she means by the word “valid”, it is absolute falsehood that all women have value no matter what they look like. A morbidly obese land whale has almost zero romantic value to nearly all men. A woman who is so disgustingly fat she ceases to retain even the merest shimmer of womanly shape is a female of very low physical value.

Her post seems melancholy to me in some ways, caught and struggling in the web of the social expectations that are thrust upon women.

Expectations exist because we are biological machines with biologically-based desires that react to specific body types. When those body types deviate from the desirous norm, we recoil as if we have seen a monstrous creature of the nightmare world.

if you are fat and you accept your body as it is, you are often bombarded with “Your fat!” (they never get the “you’re” right)  [ed: female humor] in email and comments and sometimes in person, as though you need the reminder because you’ve risen above your station.

If you accept your fatness, then you wouldn’t be bothered by people calling you fat. Is Donald Trump bothered when people say to him “You’re rich!”?

One of the best things I ever did for myself was to consciously make an effort not to judge people’s bodies.

Here comes the patented feminist self-contradiction within two sentences…

I do not care if your hipbones stick out.

But you noticed, didn’t you, Judgy McJudgemytwoextrabeefpattiesonasesameseedbunfueledwideloadass? The “hipbones stick out” descriptive excess is classic fatgirl speak for healthy weight, slender women, hidden under an obfuscating layer of plausible deniability that she “does not care” about those skinny girls and their jutting hipbones. Fat shits just love their propaganda that the world is about to be overrun with thin women on the verge of mortal anorexia.

Your body is awesome.

Yes it is.

I do not care how many chins you are packing.

Men do. And that’s what matters.

Your body is awesome.

No it’s not.

So is mine.

I’ll be the judge of that.

Awesome, indeed. Awesomely rotund.

“So is mine.”

It’s like listening to a small child argue. The mind on display here is underdeveloped like a child’s, but at least children have the excuse that their brains are still a work in progress. This is an adult woman talking like this. Acting out like a petulant brat that reality is what she says it is, and so there!

“There’s no place like my body. There’s no place like my body. There’s no place like my body. Yay, I’m happy with myself again!”

If you wish for it hard enough… well, you’re still a fat crap.

My vanity — when I am not compromised by my own intrinsic self-doubt (two days before my period, like CLOCKWORK) — is of the traditional form. My vanity is in thinking that I am absolutely worth being looked at, absolutely worth being seen. Absolutely worth thinking of myself as talented.

Correction: You’re not worth being looked at, you’re not worth being seen, and goshdarnit, you’re absolutely not worth thinking of yourself as an alternative and equally worthy female form. And this fact will not change no matter how much you lie to yourself otherwise. It will never change until you change the fact itself, by losing weight and slimming down to a reasonable facsimile of a sexy woman. In your case, the fact itself looks to weigh about 100 unnecessary pounds.

Vanity is distasteful in people who at least can claim some justification for feeling vain; we may not like it but we understand. In contrast, vanity is farcical delusion in people who don’t possess a scintilla of real world evidence to justify their bloated self-regard. The vanity untethered from reality is a joke; it’s Generation Lookatme! on uppers, their heaving bulk held aloft by a helium-filled entitlement complex. The best thing for society would be to have these BubbleBoars disabused of their fanciful self-delusions. Of course, it might take more than a few stabs with the soulkilling shiv until they get the message. There’s a lot of ego blubber to cut through.

I wouldn’t call that inflated. I wouldn’t call that undue. I’d call that actually having a pretty good grasp on being confident that I am, in fact, a worthwhile human being.

A person’s actual worth is inversely proportional to the efforts she takes to convince herself of her worth.

Other than the death fatness and the blue hair, I’m actually pretty conventional in my appearance, according to the social beauty imperative: I am white, I have a clear complexion (mostly), I have thick curly hair on my head but little body hair. I have an hourglassy shape.

You’d have to be sober-ish to think she’s hourglassy. Hey, I thought all body types are worthwhile? She shouldn’t preen about her clear complexion and hourglassy shape. Is there something wrong with hirsute women?

I am still going to advocate for everyone being at least a little vain though. Because “pretty” should not be the sole criterion for “worth being seen.” Because “pretty” is actually kind of a bullshit narrow construct.

The hamster has gone suborbital.

In fact, when people who do not fit into the effing oppressive beauty standard that is going on in America are vain as hell, I love it.

“I am a beautiful, healthy woman. Fuck you, dad!”

I think it’s powerful and subversive and political and awesome.

No, it’s just retarded and transparent and silly and self-defeating.

Because fuck those folks who think you don’t deserve to be seen.

The problem is that there’s too much of you to see.

It’s worth clarifying as well — not only is no one required to participate in beauty culture,

No one is required to participate in breathing oxygen, either, but there are consequences if you choose non-participation.

you are still awesome and worth being seen [for the degenerate freak show you are] if you reject beauty culture entirely.


If vanity is about excessive pride in our appearance, well, let’s just say I’ll be damned before I look in a mirror and hate what I see just to avoid being vain.

Interesting reasoning. I didn’t know the opposite of vanity was self-hatred.

My only caveat regarding the awesomeness of vanity? Your intense and concentrated awesomeness does not mean other people are not also awesome.

I bet she doesn’t think Todd Akin is awesome.

Jane and the xoEditors actually have a whole new project in the works that will celebrate all things VAIN. It’s pretty hella exciting.

I used to think that setting these insipid behemoths straight would require nothing more than ignoring them. The sexual market is cruelly indifferent to one’s constructed vanity, and fat shits would find in short order how unloved they were by men with options. But now, I dunno… cold indifference doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. Pointing and ridiculing is the next step in the campaign against raging American female egotism, and if that doesn’t work, well, there’s always diabetes, chopped feet, and early death.

Why do I put crazed egomaniacs like this woman on the breaking wheel? What’s the point of being so mean to someone who is probably nice to puppies when she isn’t eating them? I do it to set an example for the others. To push back against evil ideologies that infect innocent minds. And make no mistake, this woman’s message is evil. If other women who had not yet ruined their bodies by blowing up to her repulsive dimensions took her words to heart, they might feel entitled to let themselves go, figuring that their body is beautiful no matter what it looks like, and shame on you for saying differently.

And then the world would be a little bit sadder, a lotta bit uglier, and a hella lot fatter. And that would be decidedly un-awesome.


  1. “Nice guy? I don’t give a shit. Good father? Fuck you! Go home and play with your kids. If you want to work here, close.”


  2. It’s getting increasingly hard not walking around without absolute condescension dripping off of my face the longer I live in this “let’s celebrate mediocrity” society.

    Congratulations. You’re fat. Do you want a prize? The only prize we have available is diabetes.


  3. Good god. Where did you find this disgusting monstrosity?

    It even talks!!

    Surely the gates of hell must have belched open and puked up this abberation to torment all those who love feminine beauty. We need a hero to vanquish this huttish demon. Surely not me! The thought of any encounter with this planet sized husk beast would lower my passion for life and my willingness to continue on.

    My dick is SO offended!


  4. She could actually be attractive if she lost 100+ lbs. She’s clearly given up on herself.


    • “She could actually be attractive if she lost 100+ lbs. She’s clearly given up on herself.”

      No, I’d say that ship has sailed. Although it’s fair to say that some guy will want to romance her, and probably has.

      It’s really not my job to judge what other dudes find attractive, the more guys willing to settle for these “voluptuous women” and give them the loving those of us with self-respect will not.


      • It’s really not my job to judge what other dudes find attractive…

        I dunno – within the genre of trailer-trash BDSM bulldyke pr0n, you might be able to do something with it.

        Stage the video in a rusty old single wide, and firsrt some prune-skinned octogenarian hag – presumably a close relative, like an aunt or a great aunt – fists her in the ass, and then maybe she gets down on all fours, and the family pitbull comes into the room, and mounts her from behind, for a little bestiality action, and then rather than climaxing in her vajayjay, the pitbull pulls out, moves around front, and gives her the money shot in the face…

        PETA wouldn’t like it, but I’d bet there’d be some Blue State sickos* out there who’d pay to watch…

        *Seems like the sort of thing that would be right up Michael Moore’s alley…


      • on December 21, 2012 at 5:54 pm Hugh G. Rection

        How do you fit her in that single wide? Construct it around her?


      • Hey, I’m fine with these dudes. Just means more for me.


      • on December 22, 2012 at 3:45 pm NoQuarterForCatLadies

        It means more fatties for everyone. Those guys are convincing women in general that it’s OK or even attractive to be a giant blubbery warpig with clown makeup on. If no men gave them any positive attention, the warpigs would stop shoveling twinkies into their mouths and become someone normal men can be attracted to. Thus, more suitable women for you. They all need to be shamed and forced to hide on the darkest corners of the Internet.


      • Does the internet have any light corners?


      • You’ve clearly seen Mrs. Moore.

        I have. Wish it were otherwise.


      • SUCH a great fantasy life you have. I can only imagine what you are jerking off to tonight!


    • Oh, God! If you can see any beauty in this woman, I am giving up on you. I just lost my appetite looking at her.

      My zumba class has a couple of those thinking they can shake their butts and belly dance their way to shapeliness. All they do is take up space on the dance floor and eye you wretchedly. That’s the hamster in action.


      • Your point?


      • NiteLily, if you think fat people should lost weight, maybe you shouldn’t complain about them exercising…

        They’re probably there because they’re trying to lose weight. More fat people would probably be willing to go to the gym and exercise in public if they didn’t have to deal with assholes hating them for being fat WHILE THEY ARE TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT.


      • At least they’re doing something. You may want to refer them to some paleo sites, and make it about the health of their joints more than weight loss, so they don’t shut you out for seeming what they’d view as judgmental. Have no guilt about fooling people who want to be fooled, when it’s for a good purpose.


      • Nicole
        You may want to refer them to some paleo sites, and make it about the health of their joints more than weight loss,


        because at the end of the day, you need to decide what your purpose is for raising the issue of fat chicks and what outcome you seek to produce?

        Do you want them to get in shape?

        or stay fat and serve as targets for ridicule…?

        The shame weapon is like the word “nigger”; deploy it too much, and not only does it lose its effectiveness, but it can also generate a sense of “comfortable familiarity” in its intended target, similar to the person who doesn’t reckognize when they need a shower, or likes the smell of their own farts…

        The goal should always be to change behavior because once you make your goal to hang a person from a tree, they have no choice but to oppose you no matter how much sense you make.


      • For most people it is about the hangin’. This is why it’s best that a person truly work on themselves instead of asking others to accept them.

        If someone wants to really be helpful, they find a way to do it that doesn’t convince the person they’re helping that they’re beyond help.


      • What is interesting is that her advice is pretty good, for men. It matches what Heartiste says about irrational confidence being a real turn on for women. The woman is just projecting what women find attractive onto men.


    • “I eat, therefore I am”


    • Doesn’t matter. Can’t erase the ugliness of her mind and self-delusion.


    • This. The male equivalent of this is being (a) ignorant and unemployed and living with mom at 40 and/or (b) snaggle-toothed and perpetually unwashed and/or (c) nauseatingly beta. And they can cry about how “women won’t love me for me”, but they will get ZERO sympathy as they take their genes to their graves.


    • on December 22, 2012 at 12:12 pm Latavious Washington

      “…need bigger hamster.” Good Jaws reference. Hope everybody got that! Only thing Speilberg ever did that was worth a damn.


    • It doesn’t matter if she loses 100 pounds. The bitterness and self-delusion are indicators that she would be very bad girlfriend material even if she was shaped like a Playboy centerfold.


      • on December 22, 2012 at 10:11 pm AlmostAnonymous

        True, but how much of that bitterness and self-delusion is a direct result of her decision to be a massive landwhale?

        If she had stayed slim, maybe her attitude would have been healthier?

        Oh, who am I kidding? She’s a white American female.


  5. Here comes the patented feminist self-contradiction within two sentences…
    I do not care if your hipbones stick out.
    But you noticed, didn’t you judgy.

    Haha. Nailed it right there.


  6. on December 21, 2012 at 1:43 pm the latent sadist

    Goddamit. I think the next phase of the manosphere should see the heavyweight bloggers devising ways to counter this shit. Expounding on game theory is fantastic, and useful. But cant we all band together and plot some attacks on the fem-world? Nothing psycho. But for instance, i got inspired to print out several copies of key articles here at the chateau, roosh, and rollo…..and insert them into newspapers on those stands that u pay a quarter to open. You could open it…and shove a bunch into each copy. Imagine if we all did that shit? What we need is stronger presence, and more men being jolted out of their fog. Lets get fight club on this fucking shit and get organized. you could make a stencil of the url to the chateau
    ..and spray paint it on sidewalks or high volume areas.


  7. Great starting ref to Blade Runner!


  8. Look likes we found an untouched, un-Photoshopped photo of FeministX. Well, except that she’s covered her skin in her lesbian lover’s cunt-cream.


  9. Remind me again: why do we allow manatees on the internet?


  10. on December 21, 2012 at 1:55 pm RappaccinisDaughter

    Pass the Methotrexate, because I’m pretty sure that column gave me cancer. Her writing is so junior-high-school bad, I kept expecting to see little hearts and smiley faces dotting her “i”s. If she’s going to tell pretty lies, shouldn’t she at least take the time to make them pretty?


    • on December 21, 2012 at 2:27 pm brookingstyler

      The ability to delude oneself and the scatter brained logic I often see in the fairer sex must have a biological component. Maybe that proclivity for unconditional motherly love where your child can do no wrong is at the root of all this.


      • I was looking at Chaucer’s Wife of Bath Prologue in the Canterbury Tales the other day …

        (not that this happens often)

        … and she, the Wife of Bath, was saying all sorts of red-pill stuff about female nature. It would be right at home here at the Chateau.


      • Yup. Some highlights:

        “Those husbands that I had, three of them were good and two were bad. The three that I call ‘good’ were rich and old…”

        “No one can be so bold- I mean no man- at lies and swearing as a woman can.”

        “A knowing wife if she is worth her salt can always prove her husband is at fault.”

        “Lies, tears, and spinning are the things God gives by nature to a woman, while she lives.”

        “Now of my fifth, last husband let me tell…though he had beaten me in every bone he still could wheedle me to love, I own. I think I loved him best, I’ll tell no lie. He was distainful in his love, that’s why. We women have a curious fantasy in such affairs, or so it seems to me. When something’s difficult, or can’t be had, we cravy and cry for it all day like mad.”

        Oh, just read the whole thing. Her tale too.


  11. She doesn’t participant in the beauty culture but has no problem bragging about your “society approved” convential appearance. Looking at the picture she’s like every woman who proclaims to be above it all, she wants to be accepted but doesn’t want to put the major work in (losing weight).


  12. I think I’ve lost my instinctual attraction to large breasts. Whenever I see them in the US, they are attached to some morbidly obese non-human like the above. The negative feedback over a period of years has destroyed my healthy biological impulses.


    • As Heartiste said: “Women obsess too much over boob size. A firm ass and young, pretty face are more attractive to men than huge knockers, if such a choice had to be made. Big boobs eventually sag and become pendulous udders. And fat chicks love to flaunt their bloated funbags to distract from the fact the rest of their bodies are disgusting, mistakenly thbinking that boob size is all that matters to men, when in fact boob size plus boob constitution together are what matter in terms of overall boob quality.”


    • on December 21, 2012 at 2:30 pm brookingstyler

      Unfortunately, when you get to be this woman’s size, one could say she has any number of breasts. Just that there are only 2 that have nipples.


    • Yup.
      “Teacup breasts” tend to be favored in higher-class joints for a reason.


    • Those are breasts?

      I though she was giving a plumber a bizarro-world piggyback.


    • on December 21, 2012 at 3:59 pm RappaccinisDaughter

      Sorry, bro. Breasts are mostly made of fat; actual mammary tissue is only a small percentage of the total volume. Now, there does exist a small, gifted percentage of the female population that naturally deposits fat there, resulting in slim girls with naturally large breasts. But alas, for most of us, it’s either be thin and wear a push-up, or get implants, or just deal with being an a-cup.

      The upside is that small ones do take a lot longer to sag.


      • Or find men who appreciate a quality teacup breast when they bite one. 🙂


      • Occasionally God gifts a woman with an excess of dense tissue and an abundance of connective tissue such that they have gloriously perky breasts well past the point that anyone would believe that they’re not fake; so it is possible to have C-sized breasts that pass the Cosmo “pencil test” at 30+. God is not fair, but if you get a winning genetic ticket, He is awesome. This is a heritable trait… a girl I dated was professionally modeling bikinis for catalogs into her early 30s and claimed that her mom still had the rack of a teenager into her 50s.


      • I knew a girl that was slim with larger breasts than any girl her size should have.

        However, that’s her only selling point, sure she’s thin, which puts her over a lot of girls, but it’s just a wierd appearance and she’s not very good with hygiene. You would have to see it to believe it.

        I also think she is pretty high-T, she had about the narrowest hips you could imagine for a girl.


      • Yes. Women who develop late can be particularly awesome. The most perfect breasts I’ve “had” were on a mid-30’s Chinese woman, but they were firm like a teenager’s with giant-pencil-eraser nipples. She said they hadn’t finished developing until she was in her early-to-mid 20’s.


      • It’s funny, because I remember all the girls that were my peers and were hot at 14, and now they are all quite the opposite.

        There has to be a sweet spot, a spot a girl hits in her development whenever she is attractive, and will keep her looks until her late 20s at least.


      • Women who develop late can be particularly awesome.

        Depends on how and why. Breasts are reactive to estrogen. Some women produce/circulate more than others. My mom’s only recently stabilized at a cup size (post-menopause). Menopause also made my mother insane, because guess what, estrogen does crazy things to the female brain. I’ve got up four sizes in the past eight years, which is irritating, especially considering my BMI is stable. I am not looking forward to my late 40s.


        Although, yes, a lot of Asian woman have very nice breasts (but Chinese women can be crazy, so…).


      • Now, there does exist a small, gifted percentage of the female population that naturally deposits fat there, resulting in slim girls with naturally large breasts.

        … who reside disproportionately (ha) in Eastern Europe.

        It’s not a “small … percentage,” but I admire your moxie in defense of the itty bitty titty. Yours is a myth that helps the underendowed feel body-positive, which results in a reverse-justification for putting-on/keeping chub.

        This is moot if your idea of “slim” is the anorexic’s. We’re talking a natural layer of softness on a young woman’s frame, not rib-jutting boney or bodybuilder muscley.



      • Agreed. Plenty of women naturally sport more than an A-cup. The above attempt at justification is the flat chested equivalent of the above fatty’s hamster.


      • Eh, YMMV. An A-cup is a good trade-off for decent muscle tone. Depends on her ass, really.


      • Spoken like a flat chested woman


  13. Normally these fat broads focus on having sexy stylish hair. This one can’t even get that one right


    • Yeah. Fat girls always have nice hair. Superhot skinny girls can look sexy with shaved heads, which means hair isn’t actually important. But if you’re bloated and ugly, hair’s what you’ve got.


  14. When I saw the title I thought it was the Olympic runner hooker. Who has a bigger hamster – her or Rhianna[sic]?


  15. As if my fellow American beta males didn’t have enough to put up with, what with the majority of 5’s and 6’s acting like they deserve Alphas, now we get these tubs of goo joining the average/slighthly above average American female ranks?


  16. Bwahaha!!! Awesome post today heartiste. Glad I tuned in.


  17. Looking at her picture she’s like every woman who claims to be above it all, she wants to be accepted but doesn’t want to put the major work in or acknowledge her lower smv.


  18. Is it just me, or is she a bit lighter in her profile photo? http://www.xojane.com/author/marianne

    Her boobs look smaller. That could be just the sitting scrunch effect. I don’t know. I don’t know fat girl scrunch well enough to be sure.

    But I digress. Why, perchance has she not updated it to depict her now fatter self?


  19. “Hourglassy shape”

    I was stunned. Really, hourglassy? My eyes get glassy when I see her, in the spaced out, sad for society way.

    Did you see this one?


    I cut a couple choice quotes out (and a picture from her escort service roll) here:



  20. on December 21, 2012 at 2:06 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    Thanks for that photo. Really needed to see that,


  21. “A person’s actual worth is inversely proportional to the efforts she takes to convince herself of her worth.”

    …and is made even more infinitesimal by efforts she takes to convince *others* of her worth.


    • This.

      As I mentioned in my other comment, true acceptance is a personal thing. You don’t have to let everyone else know that you accept yourself, which is insecurity.

      Latest Post: Some Sound Advice


      • Women are going to be insecure. Even I have my moments from time to time. One just can’t spend their whole life so worried about what other people think that every interaction turns into a plea for acceptance, whether or not that is masked by, “I love myself.”

        I understand not everybody is going to be okay with me for a variety of reasons, and those people don’t get to benefit from my existence, not that they’d want to. All I care about is that those who look down on me just stay away and stay out of my way. When they don’t, then Nature decides who’s fittest. I’m cool with Nature.

        We all have defects, and we all have to deal with the balance between acceptance and need for improvement where possible or feasible. I am not okay with some people, and I don’t want those people pressuring me to be okay with them. So I wouldn’t try to press myself on someone else.

        Women don’t usually think this way though. Social reality is reality for them, and if people have a problem with something they are, it is very difficult for them to just take it on the chin and move on. This is why I don’t like the idea of ridicule as a cure for a physical defect. Swiping two examples from feminists who like to bring these up as social pressure, ridicule didn’t stop foot binding or extreme corsetry. Enough people had to get tired of suffering.

        It will happen with fat too, and probably sooner since real feminists hate fat as much as men do. Fat acceptance with feminism, especially using the fertility icon parallel, is new and losing steam in line with insurance covered weight loss surgery. There are very few fat women left in Israel, to the point that many shops that specialized in plus size clothes are shutting down. I expect the same will happen in the U.S. soon as well.


      • I stopped reading after I saw “Nicole”


      • Good job staying out of the way. You get a gold star.


      • tl;dr; stupid woman writing.

        Warpig, just give up. Please pull a David Foster Wallace. You’re like Obsidian with love handles.


      • Whore, responding to one of your posts that you are empty and broken was not necessarily an invitation for you to continue to prove it.


      • Foot binding stopped because the Communists outlawed it (probably because it was harder to make women work in the fields and in the backyard smelters with bound feet) and corsets went out of fashion (well, probably for comfort, but women still would be one-upping each other if some Parisian fashion designer didn’t decide to get rid of the damn things). But that actually brings up a different point.

        I agree with you, with a bit of a caveat – ridicule from men towards women means nothing, because us women know at an instinctive (read: probably subconscious) level they don’t really give a shit about fashion and are probably still going to fuck us, no matter what’s in vogue. Ridicule from other women, however, means a hell of a lot. None of us wants to be outdone by another woman. Means we’ve lost, and another woman’s won, a potentially better mate. Things like corsets and foot-binding were all about women enhancing their physical attractiveness over other women – “if her daughter’s feet are small and she got a man like that, I’m going to make sure I make my daughter’s feet even smaller!”

        I hope the fat thing starts to go away soon. Not only is it physically repulsive, but there are significant health consequences to carrying that much extra weight around. I’m not so optimistic as you though – here in the States, women are fatter than ever, and it seems like plus-size clothing stores are everywhere. (As an aside, it’s also a heck of a lot easier to find DD+ cup bras in normal department stores, and even Victoria Secret’s has finally gone up to a DD in its stock. Nice for this 32E girl that they’re finally selling lacy bras in her size, but typically, the stock for that cup size starts at a 38 band and goes up from there)


      • Just wait until Obamacare kicks in. Notice that they’re treating obesity like the epidemic when the real epidemic is diabetes, cancer, and pre diabetes and cancer conditions mostly caused by industrial “food” and sedentariness.

        The reason obesity is getting more attention is because it is easily solvable for a price. In countries with national or pervasive healthcare, they’ve already started giving out weight loss surgeries and drugs that cost no more than one’s insurance payments or health tax.

        Once this is available in the U.S. the same thing will happen that did here. Everybody will be able to afford to get their stomach volume reduced and their belly carved off, and nobody will be left but a few specialty shops for older ladies.

        People will still get diabetes and crazy cancers, but since hardly anybody will be fat, I guess everybody will be happy. I personally don’t care how stupid people select themselves out. So long as they don’t pave over every scrap of Nature and blow the sides off of every mountain, I’m good.


      • “In countries with national or pervasive healthcare, they’ve already started giving out weight loss surgeries and drugs that cost no more than one’s insurance payments or health tax.”

        No it’s not. In such countries if you are too fat, you don’t get free surgery. You get nothing, nil, zero. They blame your health problems on your weight. They find many excuses to cut costs in these countries because they are drowning from under.

        And where did you hear that obesity could be solved with drugs or surgery? Drugs don’t work, and the surgery only works in certain individuals.

        Medical science is looking for other solutions though. Maybe more effective drugs that do work. I know there is something in the works.


      • Lily, I am living in one such country and watching it happen before my eyes. I also have a close friend who is a doctor, and have dated two of them here. If anything, they find every reason they can to treat you for whatever. Old people go to the doctor because they’re bored and it passes the time.

        There is just more money in some things than others, and obesity is big bucks.

        Doctors get paid by the insurance companies for every person they see, and also get paid by drug companies for suggesting their brand of medication. Kickbacks from drug companies are supposed to be illegal, but many go it anyway. I don’t know if I’d say most, but definitely many.

        The reason they blame all of a person’s health problems on obesity is because there is more money in that than treating complications from being off feed. Treating the food issues in earnest would also mean admitting that something was wrong with the sort of food people eat to supposedly reduce their cholesterol. There is also money in the cholesterol treatment.

        When someone has breast or prostate cancer, there won’t be enough doctors to handle them in a timely manner, but if you need your stomach staple, surgeons will suddenly show up from all sides. It is a racket.

        I am losing count of my friends who’ve had weight loss surgery, partly because some do it but don’t tell. None of them could afford it before obesity itself became officially a disease to the insurance companies. They were processed within a month of requesting the surgery.


      • OK stop saying “This”.


      • Come stop me, lil’ boy.


  22. Oh, God, not that site. It’s like the female version of a pedophile forum. But their pathology is a thousand times more savage and more terrifying.


  23. LOL, go to the link of the article and click her name under the title to get to her bio page.

    Look at the last question; I Have Faked An Orgasm (Yes/No): Yes, but then I broke up with that guy.
    Broke up with him or broke him?

    Gotta love the hamster though. ‘i’m fat and that’s okay, besides if it wasn’t for the fat i’d be normal anyway.’


  24. The core tenet of the religion that she worships is “social constructs”. They cling to it for dear life for the reasons you stated. Not surprised she took a little shot at herself for being white. I’m sure Mrs. Non-Judgmental hates her own kind (if they’re men).

    “Don’t judge me!” is their recent rallying cry, but it’s impossible to go through life without “judging” people, things, everything, all day, every day. Unless you’re dead, or undead. Even zombies judge.


  25. This woman is so ugly she isn’t worth rape.


  26. But, but her boobs are big.

    So that makes up for all the other parts of her body that seem to have been infected with an alien disease and morphed into a monstrosity.

    Six pack abs on a skinny wimp man and big tits on a land whale simply mean fuck all in the SMP.


  27. And…. I’m gonna need a bigger harpoon.


  28. People who are truly self confident don’t have to wear ironically retro 1950s librarian glasses to show everyone else how unique they are.


  29. Alas those fat women’s hamsters is somewhat reality-based. Today, even the most revolting land-beluga avoids sexual oblivion. She will be able to get cock (if not quality commitment) from young, tall, aggressive muscular men — sexual scabs, if you will, well-tanned picket-line crossers.

    So the orca’s arrogant grin is not entirely hamster-generated.

    Yes, I’ve had revoltingly fat, triple-fupa, potato-faced, pulled-up-bleached blonde hair, malt-liquor-pimpled, young white women who make homosexuality an attractive alternative give me — ME — a tall charming rouge with killer eyes, who only seduced the finest (at least while sober) — preemptive “can’t have that” glare a time or two.


  30. on December 21, 2012 at 2:23 pm brookingstyler

    ooohh…keeps a small bag of flour in her purse. The sad thing is that she has put so much stock into her looks and then has so little (no irony intended) to show for it. She’s all over the place with logic and black and white thinking. No one is saying she has to be invisible to men, etc. but vanity and faux “awesomeness” I have had enough of.


  31. What the fuck are with the fat folds on her tits? It looks like her arms connect part way down her boobs.

    And while we’re on the subject of tits, notice how all these fat girls who go on and on about how “looks don’t matter!” “it doesn’t matter what men think!” always make sure to show off their breasts.


    • Any women (well, over C or D-cup) can get armpit boob-folds. Typically caused by wearing a cup size below what she needs. This poor woman probably doesn’t have a prayer of that.


    • Those aren’t fat folds, that’s gravitational lensing…


  32. Made the mistake of looking at the comments…

    People drowning in a sea of desperation.


  33. I see fatties attempt to hamsterbate their pathetic state through mutual friends. At least one of them tried to put some tiny effort into losing weight and failed. It was of course not her fault. Guzzling beer and candybars had nothing to do with it, I’m sure. Since this failure she has literally given up altogether and rapidly bloats into some thing that not even a black guy would hit. She also realizes that in her 30s, the show is pretty much over for her. I smile when i think about how yet another fat leftist feminist race traitor slut will not be reproducing. How much longer can they keep this up before they disappear completely?


    • The thing I hate about bitter old and/or unattractive feminist women is that they try also to convince young pretty girls not to reproduce.


  34. lozzzzlzozlzzolzolzzzz to her referring to her shape as hourglassy lolzzzzzzlzzzzzz #dead


  35. Ok, gents, It looks like time for an impromptu contest!

    Your mission:

    Go into that article-


    -and dig up the most pathetic comments you can find.

    I’ve already snagged two, um, winners,
    including this one:

    “Your Mom’s Bra Laura • a day ago
    I liked it and started following it. (I am project sara, what’s UP!) and I will check it out in another browser laaater. I went and looked at other posts and I’m not seeing the pictures in those either. I’ve just started getting into tulle, so I feel like your blog could probably be instrumental to my well-being and good feelings. I need this, Laura. NEED.”

    and this lovely gem right here:

    “sarcastictexan Your Mom’s Bra • 19 hours ago
    I am freaking amazing at my job. And I’m really good at making up new lyrics to show tunes so that they’re about my cats. I don’t know! I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, because I’m seeing the aforementioned girl who has no compunction about talking about her athletic prowess, or her intelligence, or how people tell her that they’re attracted to her- it’s not even in a braggy way, it’s just “Oh hey, this is how life is”. And it’s fascinating! I definitely have the ingrained thing of playing down my accomplishments, not wanting to seem arrogant, etc. But shit! I bet I’m pretty cool!”

    Seriously, this article is a comedy goldmine. See if you can dig up anything better.


  36. soon she’ll discover she was a lesbian all along like all the other fatties with no options.


  37. on December 21, 2012 at 3:00 pm The Chrome Microphone

    She even has that annoying superior feminist smirk

    If you have the requisite over active hamster and hatred for men to join the club you get 3 “benefits” to mix and match

    A pompous smirk, a lantern jaw and 150 extra pounds

    And what the fuck is this beauty culture nonsense

    Is it one of those retarded femcunt concepts like rape culture that’s meaningless to all real people


    • It’s not a smirk. It’s a fat girl defensive smile. If she actually smiles a broad smile with teeth, her fat cheeks will look even more chipmunkesque and they’ll ride up to her eyes, making her look Chinese.


  38. It looks like she had two plumber’s cracks wedged into her shirt.

    I still say nonsense like this is nothing more than an attempt by the blubbery hordes to sabotage their competition.


  39. on December 21, 2012 at 3:06 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    On a more serious note, ANYONE who “likes” any female’s photo on Facebook is a loser Beta male taking Beta bait. Heartiste should do an entire post about this. I pisses me off seeing the Facebook Queen Bees and their Beta orbiters. The quickest way to disqualify yourself from getting laid by a woman is to “like” her photo or make some slobbering comment under it.

    The more I read the comments under this article, the more I think we live in a culture full of narcissistic females whose egos we don’t need to feed.


  40. Ah, the little word “real”. By claiming to want “real” something, you set a presumably high but utterly unspecified bar. I want “real” democracy, “real” food, “real” education etc. And in the end, a “real” man or a “real” woman. All is about telling the world “I am really picky, but you have to find out the
    details of what I want”.


    • In Latino ghetto culture ‘Kippin’ it rill,yo’ means lots of tats, lots of jail time and lots of kids by age 14.


  41. on December 21, 2012 at 3:16 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    Last comment disappeared.

    I wanted to mention what a self-obsessed jerk-off fest the comments under this article were…and why NO MAN should ever “like” a woman’s pic on Facebook for any reason ever.

    “Liking” photos = being immediately thrown into the Beta Orbiter category.


    • I’ve ‘liked’ precisely 1 thing on Facebook, ever: a band with a hot singer/guitarist – whom I actually danced with.


  42. Her boobs have…side dimples?

    Can the hamster be so powerful so as to manifest itself this way?


  43. If beauty is irrelevant why does she post a picture showing her breasts while in full face cake make-up mode and a pretty dress. If she completely doesn’t judge herself, she should be au naturelle – no make-up, no done up hair, no bra and wearing the most comfortable t-shirt/sweater money can buy.




  45. I thought the age of the airship was over…


  46. this post is an overreaction if there ever was one.

    maybe she just doesn’t give a shit what you or anyone else thinks.


    • “This post is an overreaction”….it is not. The original action which is the article this post is critiquing is a large action.


    • Unless she is defective on additional levels, it cares what men think about it, no matter how much it protests to the contrary.


    • Given that fact that obesity rates in western society stick out like a sore thumb and continue to rise, especially with regard to women, it represents a behavioral plague that can’t be disincentived enough.


      • you are absolutely right. what we’re witnessing is nothing less than a public health crisis. but it may have more to do with the standard american diet than it does a precipitous collapse of american moral fiber as is implicit in our host’s accusations.

        could the causes of modern day obesity have more to do with the interests of big ag and the regulatory capture of the fda than it does americans suddenly getting gluttonous and exercise-phobic? time will tell.


      • nah, its the collapse of moral fiber


      • You lost, boy?


      • Maybe not govt regulation, per say, but there definitely are serious problems with the average American diet. It’s driven by prices, though. Things that don’t spoil – ie, processed shit that is terrible for you – are far, far cheaper and are therefore oftentimes the best options. I’ve got celiac’s, and basically can’t eat 99% of processed food anymore. I have to do most of my own cooking, from scratch. As a single woman, my grocery bill for the week is sometimes in excess of $90, but at least I maintain a healthy weight. Most people can’t afford to eat that way. All the exercise in the world is not going to fix the damage that processed food wrecks on the body.


      • I can relate.

        Although doctors never agreed on what I have ( and there are no test to confirm this ), I seem to have irritable bowel syndrome and/or Chronic fatigue syndrome

        Like you I must avoid most processed foods and my weekly food bill is about 90$

        I have had those health problems since 1996 but I eventually created my own diet ( I eventually gave up on doctors who did not seem to understand anything about my health problems ) and I am feeling much better now.

        Some processed foods are like poison to me


      • My mom had a similar situation. She’d been sick since I was born, and she’d had IBS and fatigue in varying degrees since the 80s. We finally get her out of the mainstream health care system, found her a naturopath physician, and within a month, she had a workable diagnosis. She’d had something called candidiasis for sixteen years (fungal growth in the intestines that usually happens after long rounds of antibiotics). A few months of a specialized diet and a few rounds of antifungals, and she was well on her way to recovery. Similarly, they thought my dad had colon cancer, and were about three weeks away from starting him on chemo, when the (same doctor) figured out it was celiac’s.

        Not saying any of that’s your problem, but the modern medical system IS a serious issue. Physicians are trained to give drugs; if it can’t be treated with drugs, the source problem can’t be treated at all. No doctor is going to prescribe a solution that equates to dietary changes (unless, of course, it involves medication as well). Sorry they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with you, but good for you for figuring it out for yourself.

        The worst part is, how horribly obvious it is once you’ve been through it. I look at people now sometimes, and they just all look ill. I don’t mind the celiac’s, really – it helps me keep my weight down, and I don’t look like a used bag, the way a lot of women start looking in their late twenties.


      • Yes candida albicans

        I did not mention it, I did not want to make my comment too long.

        but it seems to be what was causing my health problems

        If I am carefull I can be symptom free for weeks

        but if I eat a lot of refined sugar, it comes back, the first sign is bloating, then I start to feel tired all the time, and then there is at least a dozen otherweird symptoms

        but as I said now that I have created my own diet based on what I read and on what works for me, I am much better, I do not look sick, I lift weights regularly

        and if I am not carefull and the symptoms come back and I have flare ups, then it takes a long time to fix the problem

        I have to eat weird things for a couple weeks until my system starts acting norml again

        I think this kind of problem – the candida over growht in the digestive tract – is far more common than people realize.

        I am convinced that a lot of people who think they are depressed or can not explain why they gain weight
        … sorry for the graphic details but in the first few years of my health problem ( about 12 years ago ), I had diarhea 4 or 5 times a day but gained almost 20 pounds , which all doctors I saw told me was impossible, some told me to my face that I was lying , that I was not having diarhea 5 times a day but I was. I was not lying.
        and yet i was gaining weight ( I know sounds like a contradiction ) as I was always very hungry( it turns out that when you have a candida overgrowth in your digestive system you do not absorb nutrient very well , which explains why you are constantly hungry… and being tired all the time you feel like eatng will provide you with some energy but it does not )

        so some depressed people and some over weight people are actually stuck with a candida overgrowth in their digective tract, but either they have never heard of ti or they don t believe it is possible that simply changing your diet will change your life

        it took me a few years to believe it myself.

        at fist I was simply refusing to believe that if avoided sugar for a couple weeks I would feel like a new man
        and that if I ate too much sugar and too much process food I would become sick again – not temporarily but for a long long time.

        I am sure tens of thousands of people have that problem but they don t know or don t believe it,

        Now that I have analyzed this thing for 16 years – and took notes for 16 years – and have read thousands of things on health and nutrition, I am convinced at least two dozen health problems are linked to this

        and you are right, if the doctor can not find a pill or a surgical intervention for it then they tell you it is all in your head or something.

        I did not want to expand on it but it seems I have now…

        I hate to admit having any weaknesses or flaws, but then again I do not know anyone here and will never meet any of you.

        but as I said I am much better, I look as good as when I was twenty years younger and I feel quite good


      • No contradiction at all on the weight gain. I had a candida problem for a while, thanks to eight months of antibiotics for latent TB, and it was awful. Bloating and weight gain and everything else. It was like having parasites (a different experience I wish I could expunge from my mind) but on a smaller scale. Very uncomfortable, very draining, and your body can’t get the nutrition it needs. Same thing with celiacs. I’d acquired so much intestinal damage by the time I found out about all of it that at least one meal a day for the first two years after was juiced.

        There are OTC products out there you can get to deal with candida, though. Usually means giving money to the hipster palace of Whole Foods, but it can really be worth it. That full die-off is the least pleasant thing imaginable, but it’s so good too.

        In general, I agree that there are significant, easily-corrected issues with regards to weight. Americans… we all seem to like our fixes packaged in a pill capsule, regardless of the side effects, but personally, I’d rather deal with daily leek juice than a pill that has a ton of side-effects. It’s not that hard to be healthy. Just requires a little decoupling. Something, I suspect, that’s going to be a hell of a lot harder once the idiocy of Obamacare kicks fully in.


      • You are probably right. The fattest countries in the world are all arab countries. They are also the most patriarchial countries in the world. Still, overfat woman about there. Apparently all that focus on male dominance there doesn’t keep the women thin.


      • My guess is, it’s CAPITALISM.


    • If she didn’t give a shit, she wouldn’t be writing something like this. The very act of protesting/attempting to alter healthy society’s opinion of her is an act of saying she deeply, deeply cares about what that opinion is.


    • Which would be equal cause for severe mockery… society doesn’t need a bunch of land whales clogging up the streets with their don’t-give-a-shit presence, nor clogging up Cyberia with their inane bloviating.


      • you know, every day in nyc i come across people who i think are a waste of space, better off dead. like homeless bums, doddering elderly barely able to negotiate the sidewalk. i could go on.

        but i doubt that if the question were put to them, _they_ would think so. their lives are of value to them, thank you very much. or if they’re not in the mood to be so polite…fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

        this was the core message of the woman’s rant.


      • You obviously miss the point. Either that, or you enjoy fucking fatties.

        Either way, you’re brain-damaged.


      • ‘you’re brain-damaged’

        hmmmm… i think you’re the one who missed the point. i agree she’s likely sexually irrelevant to all but a small minority of men. so what? let’s assume you’re her male equivalent, a basement dwelling omega. is a beautiful day any less beautiful because of your condition? pleasures any less keen? at least when you’re not obsessing over your plight, which is hard to do 24/7.

        it’s true she may not be of any value to anyone else what with her being outside the parameters of a desirable female, but that doesn’t mean she values herself any less.


      • “it’s true she may not be of any value to anyone else what with her being outside the parameters of a desirable female, but that doesn’t mean she values herself any less.”

        The issue isn’t whether she values her rolls of lard, its that she’s actively encouraging other chubsters to eschew self-maintenance and physical beauty. That has a ripple effect. Not cool.


      • Wow. Objective and self-aware? What on earth are you doing here?


      • The problem is when it’s not a simple statement of, “I value myself so fuck you.” That would be admirable. It’s when it uses the same weapon of the so-called oppressors and shame is the main tactic used to fend off attackers.

        I used to be like that until I went natural, which probably alters the brain chemistry in a way that one can think these things through more clearly. Why do I need to shame someone into liking me? Is that even possible? Why not just let them have their opinion or if I feel like bothering to argue at all, clear up any false assumptions? Should I care that billions of other men are not going to find me attractive so long as I have one who does?

        These are the kinds of questions one who actually loves themselves and is doing the best they can under their circumstances asks themselves before approaching the issue of insert whatever defect or difference in a social context. Thinking good, not thinking bad. If people judge, let them judge. Just be the best you can within your means, boost your allies, and crush your enemies. If one feels at the mercy of others, that is the main problem to solve. Begging for mercy from humans…never worked ever.


      • Sadly the answer is yes. They are actually less aware. The vividness of the interpretation of your life through your senses is directly correlated to your physical and mental health.

        The paths they have chosen give them less valuable, actionable (and for most people enjoyable) sense and data to interpret and furthermore less actual power to execute choices in the day with dwindling social leverage that stifles any chance for recovery.

        I used to make pretty thoughts too. She does actually value herself less and it’s a clear tell in by posting this she does.


      • Yes, they do experience life’s pleasures less powerfully. Status alters brain function, and in turn experience. If you ever manage to earn meaningful social standing,you will gain with it a heightened appreciation for the pleasurable. My own growing success as a womanizer (nods, ch) has made this very clear to me. It has been almost a year since my first threesome, and food still tastes better. Bringing your egalitarianism into matters of the heart is foolish.


      • Indeed, Rayge. One of my favorite sayings on that is that pity has no place in mate selection. There are many things that I can accept and even like about a matey that I could not accept or like about a mate. I learned that lesson the hard way.

        So long as a person’s standards are realistic, not pessimistic, and maybe a bit optimistic since we are talking about activities and relationships that should include some pleasure, it’s good to have standards. If someone wants to date at a higher standard, they should live at a higher standard.

        It’s not always about external social status. One’s personal feelings about one’s self being grounded in reality and Nature is important and, in my opinion, truly makes one’s status. If you believe you’re worth taking care of, nurturing, and strengthening, then you do that and raise your status to yourself. Others may or may not validate that, but certainly worthy potential mates will.

        I am still fat, but I am not crying in my cupcakes sitting on my ass waiting for the skinny fairy or running to the surgeon. I live my life and do my best with what I have, and in that doing, have met and attracted a better class of potentials. My circumstances aside of that may still be kinda crappy, but I don’t mind so much anymore. I have to admit that still having some pull at my age, and that people who’ve known me awhile comment that I’m doing well along the way, is very nice.

        That extra few seconds of hug that says you’ve graduated from “I really like your personality,” to, “I’d hit that,” is cool too.


      • Being a New Yorker is a bloody waste of space.


    • on December 21, 2012 at 6:25 pm Hugh G. Rection

      I got two objections to that, one to your assumption and the other to not giving a shit:
      1. If she doesn’t give a shit (hers must be enormous), why would she write such a piece full of self assurances of her beauty, why would she want to deter others from using objective standards of beauty. “I don’t give a shit” is the response of someone trying to retreat from an argument they clearly lost. It’s akin to sticking the your fingers in your ears and singing loudly.

      2. What other people think about you is of very high importance whenever you interact with someone. The better opinion they have of you the better they will treat you, increasing your mutual quality of life. It’s a testament to good character if you try to be pleasant to other people. I’m currently reading old danimal newsgroups postings (sick at home…), this one I found quite fitting:

      If you see someone who chooses to shove food into his/her face and pork up to 300 pounds of hideous blubber, you already know a whole bunch of things about that person which will clearly differ from a person who chooses to work out hard six times per week and control his/her eating. But don’t take my word for it, just try dating two women –—the first an aerobics instructor with a perfectly honed body, and the second a corpulent, bloated couch potato. (Without loss of generality, the same experiment works if we reverse the genders.) You cannot fail to detect an enormous number of behavioral and personality differences between these two women that will impact your relationships with them. When you look at these women’s bodies, part of what you are seeing is the difference between their life values. The aerobics instructor cares more about the opinions of others. She is willing to forego the immediate pleasures of sloth and gluttony so she can give you more pleasure in the long run by looking the way you (statistically, probably) want her to look. The obese woman, on the other hand, cares less about your pleasure than about *HER* pleasure. Instead of catering to your preference, she is primarily interested in catering to her own needs. She will either be in denial about your preference or actively campaigning to change it for her benefit –— indicating that she has a fundamental problem grasping and coping with reality. Furthermore, it is very unlikely that these profound differences in outlook will isolate themselves just to the areas of diet and exercise. There are many areas of life where a person’s impulsiveness and tendency to discount the future influence the choices they will make.

      If she doesn’t care about us, why should we care about her? Why should we even show her common courtesy?


      • If she doesn’t care about us, why should we care about her?

        you don’t need to.

        Why should we even show her common courtesy?

        because you may care what other people think about you. you may find her contemptible, but dare not treat her disrespectfully because of what witnesses of any manifestation of disrespect may think.

        besides, being an armed society, it behooves us to be a polite one. 🙂


      • besides, being an armed society, it behooves us to be a polite one. 🙂

        Says the fellow from the city who keeps reelecting a certain gun-grabbing Mr. Bloomberg as their mayor.


      • on December 22, 2012 at 12:23 pm Hugh G. Rection

        I’d heed your advice, but fatty bashing is just too much fun. And as a libcunt she probably isn’t armed, although you probably need hollow point ammo to get through that natural kevlar vest.


      • on December 22, 2012 at 1:55 pm Holden Caulfield

        Elephant gun might work…


      • And it isn’t just the opinions of others that is at issue here. It’s their own self-worth. A person is good shape is taking the time to try to be healthy and develop habits like exercise.

        It isn’t easy to get to the gym and exert all that effort. It’s easier to stay at home and watch TV and eat. I’m an ectomorph and it’s hard as hell trying to add muscle mass to our lanky, bony, dorky frames, so whenever I see an ectomorph who has put on mass, I think “testify, brother.”

        As harsh as guys might be on fat chicks, it pales in comparison to how women treat “short guys.”


      • ‘It isn’t easy to get to the gym and exert all that effort. It’s easier to stay at home and watch TV and eat.’

        you got that right. all my life i’ve had a challenge in that department, dammit. however, so much is genetic, i’m afraid. as a comparison in a different field, my arrogant self used to think academic stuff that came so easily to me was all a question of will. hey, whatsamatta with you flunking whatever. study already!

        not so. there’s a genetic baseline for sure. it’s just plain easier for some than for others. the best advice to give the ‘metabolically challenged’ so to speak, is to tell them they must be extra vigilant.

        hey, life is unfair.


      • ‘As harsh as guys might be on fat chicks, it pales in comparison to how women treat “short guys.”’

        absolutely. jesus. my boys are minimum 6 footers, thank you god.


      • on December 22, 2012 at 12:56 pm Latavious Washington

        What about being stuck with a small dick!!!?!?? I mean,uhm,if you have that problem,not that I mySELFwould have any concerns,you see, heh heh heh.I mean,I am worried about some of YOU guys….


      • @Rick Derris @newyorker

        Regarding shortness, we all have a cross to bear. There isn’t a human on the planet that doesn’t have an issue or two with himself/herself that bothers him/her. It’s how we’re created. What we need to do is learn to accept it and then find ways around it in spite of it. It’s about coping, not harping. So many shorter guys in this blog complaining about their height, as if sitting around and complaining is going to help them at all. And then you have some short guys reporting success way above an allowable rationing. Two extremes. There has to be something in the middle.

        Regarding not siting round and watching TV, it’s called discipline. Everybody should acquire some. Nothing comes easy. If it did, we’d have no problems and no choices need be made ever. Life is all about making choices and then living with these choices – reaping the rewards or paying the price.


      • Uh, lol. No. Some people have bigger crosses than others. I think it’s fine to find somewhere to complain about the burden you have to bear. Sure, don’t let it consume your life, and yeah, try to compensate. But there’s nothing wrong with me also noting that ‘if you’re a short male in the United States, you have be twice as good as the next guy to have a shot.’ It’s simply -untrue- that everyone has a ‘flaw’ or ‘handicap’ of that magnitude.

        That’s why I’ll never have any sympathy for any woman who was dumped or rejected because she is/was fat/ugly/etc. The annoying part isn’t the ‘burden,’ it’s the near insanity of the double-standard that gets pushed on all men. Women no longer have ‘faults.’ Everything about who they are is perfect and wonderful — lord help you if you legitimately call an HB 5+ out on her bullshit. Watch what happens. You’ve got her feminazi cockblocker friends, her and her huge raging hamster, and a bajillion brainwashed white knights all ready to go to the mat. Even guys who are good with women won’t call women they’re trying to bang out on their bullshit — that’s how ridiculous it is.

        Turn it around — men can get shot down for any reason whatsoever. Look at her the wrong way, you’re a ‘creep.’ Fail to keep any part of your life up to her (again, usually not personally maintained or adhered to) standards? You’re a ‘loser.’ And if you’re short — well, they can just openly diss you on that. Women can openly diss men for pretty much any reason with impunity.

        Men are just expected to suck it up and take huge amounts of abuse. So yeah, I can go ahead and work on myself, accept the Matrix for what it is, and go on my way — but I can still point out how dumb it all is. That’s why the advice of women, here and elsewhere, just tends to read like nonsense. It comes from an alien perspective that never seems to track male reality.


      • Well, there is nothing wrong with venting and might even be good for the psyche to get it all out of your system. So I didn’t mean that irked people shouldn’t complain, only that they accompany it with actions. What use is complaining if you can’t get motivated to try to offset your issues or find ways to compensate for them? I find too much complaining beta.

        And as far as “Some people have bigger crosses than others,” everyone feels his/her issue/problem/flaw/cross is the worst hardest thing to bear. It’s just how humans are; we’re egocentric. My only purpose was to make people realize this in order to alleviate the anguish. It helps keeping in perspective that everyone of us has issues we think are major when sometimes they are quite common. So I understand that if you’re a 5’4” man it’s a problems, but there are ways to counteract it.

        Lastly, being resentful of women because they like taller men is not fair; it’s part of their biology and they can’t help it. It’s equivalent to feminists blasting men for overwhelmingly liking much younger women. It’s part of men’s biology and it’s not right to trash them for it, just like it’s not right to blast women for liking taller men. I know it’s hard for shorter guys to be altruistic about this reality, but they must or they’ll be filled with lots of hatred and resentment toward women, which will not help them with women at all.


    • hahahahahhahahahahahaha



    • If she did, she wouldn’t have written a novella about it.


  47. At the end of the xoJane article we have: “The only rule: don’t neg yourself or apologize.” Since when do fems or outsiders use the term ‘neg’? Is neg a mainstream term or is the writer familiar with PUA jargon?


  48. Awesome reference. One of the best monologues ever:


    • Interesting Heartiste would make a Blade Runner reference–my last post was about the J.F. Sebastian beta.

      Great work as usual, CH. Probably your best anti-fat rant.

      “I need you ice cream. You’re my best and only friend!”


  49. Hey, I’m trying to eat here.


  50. While I do think it’s silly and quite counterproductive to judge yourself by mainstream, supermodel standards, I can’t help but be put off by the excuses made by “curvy” women.

    First, I do think there is a real problem of acceptance. If there was true acceptance (loving yourself as you are), then you wouldn’t be concerned with the bodies of smaller women.

    Secondly, there is a legitimate concern about health and lifestyle. Yes, some women can’t change their bodies due to disorders they have no control over. But that is rare. I would think that anyone who truly loved themselves and is able to change would venture to make a positive change and take care of everything: their body, their health, cleaning their living space, etc. All of these should be taken care of from a position of acceptance and not a position of self-disgust.

    Latest Post: Some Sound Advice


  51. She’ll find someone to ride her. Fatty fuckers, foot fetishists, scat and golden shower fans….all the same sick rainbow.


    • I have this theory that fetishes and perversions are a survival strategy. When you have no options, and the only other option is extinction, you develop a taste for something most consider unpalatable. You specialize.


  52. If vanity is about excessive pride in our appearance, well, let’s just say I’ll be damned before I look in a mirror and hate what I see just to avoid being vain.

    If you’re proud of your body, why would you shovel shovel donuts into it? You take care of things you’re proud of.

    A year ago I looked at my (27-year-old, male) body and decided I took enough pride in myself to put in the effort to get rid of a bit of pudge that had build up. I cut down on the sugar and carbs. Now the pudge isn’t there anymore. That’s pride.


  53. No matter how fat, how ugly, how entitled, vain and mentally insane a women is, there is always some guy willing to fuck her. There is always some guy desperate enough to put up with it.

    [Heartiste: Not always. Some truly hideous creatures spend their whole lives without even a pity fuck from a dude.]

    These days, in this dating market, that includes even some of most physically fit guys.

    [No, there are vanishingly few physically fit, high value men who are boffing fat chicks. Most morbidly obese chicks endure long dry spells or perfunctory one night stands with total losers who can’t do any better. Of course, the fact that an omega woman has a slightly easier time getting laid than an omega man has tends to tilt the mating field toward there being more irrationally self-entitled broads than men.]

    It makes me sick.

    [That grotesque rolls of fat are plenty enough to make one sick.]


    • Aren’t fat women a fetish for some men, too?

      [Heartiste: A tiny minority of men, comparable to goat fuckers and cuckold fetishists. The supply side of the fat chick curve FAR outstrips the demand side.]


      • Which is the BEST argument you can make for chicks losing weight — yes, there ARE chubby-chasers out there, but in the current environment they’ve been hunted you extinction and are almost all taken already — unless a gal wants to radically reduce her dating pool, she’d better lay off the soda and doritos.


      • I don’t even believe there are actual chubby chasers. I believe that there are men who realize that chubby women are all they can get, so they just convince themselves that they are attracted to chubby women. Like men who say they like nerds, and then you see them showing up with an uggo in glasses.


      • Yup! I think the same of fat white women/black men combos (not athletes) and omega loser guys/asian chicks (especially portly ones. If you’re with a chubby asian, you are the herbiest of all herbs).


      • I think most nerds want another nerd for compatibility reasons. Female nerds have no reason to look good given the way the ratio swings in their favor, so they don’t. (You may recall Jacqueline Passey, the ‘high quality woman’, was some ungodly age before she realized beauty was important–she had so many nerds after her.)

        I’m inclined to believe there are a few actual chubby chasers, given the variety of male fetishes, and a larger pool of men who have settled. Admittedly, if you’re an omega or cynical beta, it’s a lot less trouble than putting up with the shit-testing of a higher-quality girl.


      • Oh, I get that it’s a ridiculously small percentage of men who are into it. It actually surprises me that anybody would find it appealing.


      • I used to be naive and then I saw what is out there on the internet

        not only are some men into super fat women but all the weird things you can imagine or can not imagine for that matter, there are people who are into that

        I once saw a video where different men insert needles into their own penis while masturbating, one masturbates while banging his penis on a cactus, one skinny man is hung from the ceiling by his scrotum and so on and so forth

        they are a minority but there are more sick people out there than I thought


    • I don’t see to many physically fit guys with with chicks this ugly and fat, unless they are black guys. But it’s definitely no longer abnormal to see attractive guys who are in pretty good shape trying to hang onto some 5 or 6.


    • True that… alas.


    • “Even a 1 can get fucks dumped in her by a drooling parade of Quasimodos.” – CH


    • Celibacy or my hand make a better option than a fatty.


  54. Fatties like this are nothing but totally awesome as long as they’re on a subsistence diet of kale and eggwhites, and riding the elliptical into a sweaty frenzy like it’s the only cock on earth that hasn’t gone on strike. Sometimes a proper ad-hominem evisceration is necessary to remind everyone why this is. KUDOS I SAY!

    The only bit I’m conflicted about is this:

    “Why do I put crazed egomaniacs like this woman on the breaking wheel?”

    It seems pretty clear that her vanity is a threadbare bandanna draped over an amorphous pile of self-hatred. The fat, self-hating feminist is indeed a “type,” but unless you’re branding her an “egomaniac” in the sense that she cannot psychologically afford to upend the ego-investment she’s made in physical relativism, I’d say that genuine ego is one area where she and her ilk are sorely lacking.


  55. Two thoughts:

    Sure, a woman can have value as a female, separate from her looks, where she defines herself by other aspects of her femininity. And, of course, most non-lipstick lesbians will tell you that a woman’s appearance means jack shit when it comes to sexual attraction. But this leads into my other thought.

    I desperately wanted to sleep with the first women I was ever emotionally attracted to. But she is repulsively fat and I just never could do it. It’s a tragedy, since she’d be cute if she lost even 50 lbs. Per the feminist/lesbian handbook that makes me a terrible person, and I feel bad about it (since us ladies aren’t supposed to care about those sorts of things), but… yeah, it was probably the first moment in my life when I realized how full of shit these kinds of women are.


    • LOL! I can’t believe I’m still reading this thread, CH sounds traumatized by fat women. Every few weeks he puts another cow in the spotlight. But OK, whatev. It seems to amuse a lot of people.

      But then I came across your comment and I have to ask you. When you become emotionally attracted to a woman, as per your words, how does it translate into wanting to be intimate with her? What draws you sexually to a girl? It can’t be just emotional closeness, could it? I have emotional closeness with girl friends but I don’t want to touch them sexually. Just curious.


      • CH does some strange stuff sometimes. Like, why bother pointing this out, the only thing it does is strengthen her hamster.

        [Heartiste: As a message for the others. And also because cruelty is fun in itself. >} ]

        But regarding my friends… it’s really weird. Been trying to figure that out myself.

        A lot of the other bisexuals I know (and by this, I don’t mean drunk college girls looking for attention) say it’s the person who attracts them first. Like, you look at people for what they are first, what kind of plumbing they have second. It’s like… what attracts you to a man? For me, I have the response to both – what’s appealing in the person is who, not what, they are. I have purely physical attraction to certain people (the roomie in college who spent most of her time naked almost killed me) but there needs to be more to it. Physically speaking, most bisexual women seem to be interested in other women the same way men are interested in women. We value the same sorts of things. (which means it’s harder to date lesbians because they just don’t care how they look, but that’s okay, they tend to be nasty about the whole bi thing anyway). I think I’ve seen science about that, actually. Our brains are a little more “mannish” or something.

        Specifically, in regards to my friend, she’s bi, too, and we’ve been through a lot together and she’s a lovely, lovely person. The kind of person who’d be great to be in a more intimate relationship with. But the physical stuff is just like this block in my brain when it comes down to it. (Worst part is, she knows she’s got a problem, but she’s just never been able to drop the weight.)


      • Interesting! Interesting that you weren’t able to give me a more definitive answer. I guess, maybe there is no answer. We have discussed female bisexuality here before and I always thought it could be an emotional thing for some women. I didn’t think the brain is more mannish on bi women, but maybe it is???? Perhaps it’s the combination of emotional need and a more mannish brain directing that need to come from a girl and not from a man.

        Personally, I love beautiful women. I think women are a work of art. I stare at beautiful women just like men do, but without the fantasy of being intimate, which I assume a man will engage in when he sees a gorgeous girl. So no sexual interest in them for me.

        And I don’t feel a need to be emotionally close to a woman in such deep ways either. Yet, I need it from a man.

        It has always been men for me. The first time I realized it is when I was 11 and watching Gone with the Wind. Rhett Butler taking Scarlett upstairs is sexy without being explicit, and yet even an 11-year-old girl understood what it meant. It stirred me to the core. You just can’t get that feeling being with a woman. There is no way a woman could make me feel like this. So emotionally a woman could never satisfy me.

        This is another difference between men and women. For men, as long as they are getting off, it’s all that counts, which is why some are happy being gay. But for women it’s different. It’s not enough to get off, we need the emotional/spiritual connection to accompany the getting off. That’s why female orgasm starts in the brain, not necessarily the product of physical stimulation. If a man can “steal” her brain, he could get her off – quickly and powerfully.

        So when some women say they need the emotional closeness of a woman, it leads me to believe that indeed their brain is a bit mannish. It’s associating the emotional feeling a woman gets from a man and substituting it with a woman. And which is why you say:

        “I have the response to both – what’s appealing in the person is who, not what, they are. I have purely physical attraction to certain people (the roomie in college who spent most of her time naked almost killed me) but there needs to be more to it. Physically speaking, most bisexual women seem to be interested in other women the same way men are interested in women. We value the same sorts of things.”

        Anyway, it’s very interesting a subject, for which I don’t think we have answers yet, and it’s why I asked you and I thank you for responding.


      • Ah, so you noticed it’s not very definitive, right? For me, it’s not. Bisexuality’s a weird animal. I thought I was gay for the longest time, until I fell in love with a man – realized that door swung both ways, and it wasn’t a simple matter to answer why. Actually, I’m more physically attracted to women (I’ve never had the same kind of reaction to a man’s body that I have to females) but more emotionally attracted to men (until my friend, I’d never been to that point with another woman).

        I’ve been trying to figure it out, from a purely intellectual standpoint, but it’s difficult. There’s no way to get an unbiased opinion on the subject. Lesbians think we’re just fooling ourselves, men tend to think we’re just making it up, and it’s hard to find other bixsexuals who aren’t nymphos, kinky, into polygamy, or sexually damaged from childhood. The whole LGBT thing, too, is so left-wing political (and so dead-set on making sure nobody looks at anything else than OMG WE WERE BORN THIS WAY YOU OPPRESSING STRAIGHT DICKHEADS) that it’s impossible to get anything out of them other than the GLAAD party line. The politics, really, are preventing any answers from being found – answers which I suspect amount to “human sexuality is a weird thing and nobody can ever really point to one source or cause for it”.

        But again, most bisexuals believe that last point. It’s complicated, and we all need to stop stressing so much about who sleeps with what.

        I do agree with you, though – there are subtly different emotions triggered by the choice of a male or female partner, and different appealing aspects in each. I don’t think I could ever make a LTR with another woman work. Possibly, but in the long run, I’d rather marry a man. I wouldn’t want to raise children without a father around, and I still have that part of me that wants to be wrapped up and comforted by a male presence. If it was a woman, I would be the more dominant partner, and I’m not sure I’d want to be that for the rest of my life.


      • Thanks for elaborating. I find your comments very interesting.

        You need to cultivate your feminine side, not your lesbian side.

        Let’s narrow it down. You’re not a butch, a nymph, kinky, polygamist, or sexually damaged. You’re not so left-wing politically, you’re not willing to say you were born this way as you’re not sure and you have an open mind, and you’re still attracted to men and you want to be wrapped and comforted by a male presence. You possibly want children too and you want their father around. Sounds pretty traditional to me. That’s more than most feminists want. Hell, that’s more than many women want these days. Your attitudes put you ahead to attract a man. From what you write you will be much happier with a man. So don’t yearn for this friend to lose weight, or another woman to come into your life to bond with you emotionally. Keep her as a friend and look for a guy. You’ll be happier in the long run.


      • @NightLily

        Oh yeah, I know! It’s strange how few “normal” people there are in the LGBT community, no matter how many PSAs Neil Patrick Harris makes with that adorable baby of his to convince the American public otherwise. I have zero interest in getting any deeper into lesbian culture than I already am – the whole thing drives me crazy, actually. If you aren’t left-wing and aren’t willing to agree with feminist/gender role/moral relativist BS, you’re not welcome. They are militant about their beliefs, and it can get really, really ugly.

        The rest of it… well, I’m old enough to know our personal choices have consequences for other people. If I thought I could find another bi/lesbian woman with compatible views to mine, and we could raise our kids within walking distance of their uncle or grandfather, I’d seriously consider it. But that’s never going to happen, the way the community is. The right choice for a family is a man (if that’s even possible anymore, with guys in my generation being a majority of manboobage and a minority of red-pill men who think I’m going to gut them once I get bored with it all)


  56. I wanna suck those tits, though. They probably lactate gravy.


    • or high fructose corn syrup


    • shes a cannibals wet dream.


    • Gross, some men love huge tits.


      • At Xhamster – a porn site for those who did not know – they have a category where one can watch women as fat or fatter than the woman above

        It seems there are enough men who like fatties to justify having a whole part of the website dedicated to it

        I wonder if this is a new phenomenom, I mean if as women are getting fatter every decade, more men are “adapting” and are turned on by fat women or if there was always a certain percentage of men who liked fat women?


      • I tried to jerk off to bbw porn once. Not for me. But at least I tried.


      • Interesting.

        I once tried to jerk off watching black women porn but I could not do it.

        If that makes me a racist then what does it make a man who can not jerk off to fat porn?

        a fattyist?

        a bodytypist?


      • A man with normal tastes.


      • Who the hell knows, your guess is as good as mine, although I have a hard time believing normal real hot-blooded males like ‘em fat. There is a hips to waist ratio that has been proven to be the norm across the board in every society going back thousands of years. Fatties are not going to be successful that quickly (40 years so far) in changing the male brain. They need to lose weight, is what they need. Nuff Said!


      • No not a change in the brain as 40 years is too short a period

        but we know humans can be made to perceie a lot of things as the new normal when only a couple decades earlier the same thing would have been unthinkeable

        liberalism has made a lot of things that were totally unnacceptable or unthinkeable the new normal and a lot of people simply go along with it

        Now we see men kissing in movies, women wearing repulsive black nail polish etc etc

        with the right coaxing or brainwashing what was ugly or unnacceptable yesterday is the new cool thing today

        Humans are malleable ( a little too much )


      • Look at the most views or most favorite videos on any porn site, and they’ll all be svelte young hotties. Nary a fat fuck fucking in the top 10,000.


  57. She’s slightly skinnier in her profile photo.


  58. Everyone should upvote me and defend me in the comments section. I’m taking her to task.


  59. The kind of femcunt who would cut off her baby’s dick



  60. How do fat people have sex? Seriously, how? Anytime I see a fat dude and a fat woman walking around pushing a stroller, I wonder how insemination happens with all those layers of fat blocking everything. Do you have to mutually pull back your genitalia protecting gunt flaps? Is that foreplay? Can you imagine the stank from a blubberous, fat cradled cunt? It would probably knock a normal man. Maybe the dick fat flap acts as a vapor barrier?


  61. The camera does add 10 lbs.


  62. on December 21, 2012 at 6:00 pm Hugh G. Rection

    I think we have found Nigel’s end boss.


  63. That thing is as large as the titanic and appears to have her sights set on taking as many people down with her as humanly possible with her stupidity.


  64. if today was the last day of the world (heh), i don’t think anyone would pork that beast


  65. *even if


  66. on December 21, 2012 at 6:35 pm Hugh G. Rection

    She needs a lot of words to really write “I’ve given up and it shows”.


  67. Her jugs have their own side-cleavage, for fk sake.

    I guess as you get fatter, your shape becomes fractal, sporting additional cranstons all over the place.

    Make it stop, please.


  68. That fat creature’s high self regard is not entirely hamster-driven. It is, unfortunatley, somewhat reality-based. Repulsive barely-huan-looking bags of jiggling lard can get cock from tall, muscular, dominant — and well tanned — men whenever they want to.

    THAT is why lower class feale obesity exploded in the early 90s. Eve if a given fattie sticks with white cock, her market value is inflated by even fatter women.


  69. The real harm done by this sort of effusion is to change the scale of what’s reasonable. A “normal” fatty who would suffer respectable shame in rigtheous cultures will now be marginally more likely to say to herself “I’m not that bad!” thus changing the center of gravity (heh) of claimed feminine pulchritude.

    This is the same kind of nonsense that the left promulgated for years. Having Castro lovers and academic Marxists running around spouting nonsense made it possible for treasonous “liberals” to claim that they were marginally left of center.

    Same technique for the greens.

    Sadly it seems to have worked. The US is more leftist, beta, and fatter, than it’s ever been in history.

    Sic transit gloria mundi.


    • Wise words.

      “The US is more leftist, beta, and fatter, than it’s ever been in history.” And the sad thing is there is no way back from this abyss.


  70. OT

    Omega Pickup

    Alpha Pickup

    Virginity is for losers


  71. She’s hideous.

    However, I need to point out the fact that Narcissus was a man.


  72. The reason ignoring them doesn’t work is because they still get nailed. I know it’s hard to believe, but even that wildebeest can hit the bars and get laid after a few nights. You would be shocked at how many men would go home with her over the course of a month of bar hopping.

    I’ve never understood it myself. Even in the middle of long dry spells I’ve never banged something that looked like that. Fat repulses me. I literally can’t get it up for fat. But most of my friends have, at one time or another, banged a fattie.

    Yeah, the land whale gets dumped the very next morning. But she still gets some. Her hamster can continue to tell her she’s beautiful and desirable and no one will commit because ‘men are pigs’ (all the while missing the irony). Her hamster never lets her realize they won’t commit because she’s a sweaty hog. Most women never truly understand the difference between a pump-n-dump and commitment. To them if you’ll put it in, then there’s nothing wrong with them that would prevent you from committing. If you don’t commit then there’s something wrong with you.

    So no, ignoring them will not work. But I don’t know if shaming will work either. The shields projected by their hamsters could protect the Death Star. Just read her post again. What power on Earth could possibly overcome delusion of that magnitude?


    • “Most women never truly understand the difference between a pump-n-dump and commitment. To them if you’ll put it in, then there’s nothing wrong with them that would prevent you from committing. If you don’t commit then there’s something wrong with you.”

      Unfortunately, it is very true. If women knew the difference, they wouldn’t let you put it in so quick.


  73. I’d also like to get H’s perspective on the upcoming television program Double Divas.


    My wife and I both did spit-takes when we saw that promo. The fat one looks like she’s going to be the power-behind-the-hamster.


  74. Looking at that picture reminds me of what I used to look like to women when I was a NiceGuy™.


  75. In the spirit of the season, I bring the gift of song. These lyrics are sung to the carol “Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree.” Bonus if you can hear these sung in the voice of Johnny Mathis:

    “Obesity, obesity
    Oh you so fat
    You a real wide load
    Your fanny has
    Its own ZIP Code
    Obesity, obesity

    By way of editorial, I’m surprised no one has brought up the Ancient Internet Wisdom that “Tits on a fat chick are like washboard abs on a super-skinny guy. They don’t count.” So I got that for ya, too, Merry Christmas!


    • on December 23, 2012 at 2:05 am Days of Broken Arrows

      LOL! I made up this exact song to that same tune years ago, but the opening lines were better. Mine were:

      Obesity, obesity
      You’re so damn fat, you sicken me


  76. I found her eHarmony profile.

    It read: “Body Type: ABOUT AVERAGE”


    • Ah… eHarmony. So politically correct that it relegates looks to a minor concern, and is full of desperate fatties and betas.

      On that site, I wouldn’t be surprised if her body type is about average.


    • “About Average” for what? The ghetto????!!


    • About average is a BMI over 25.


    • About average for the County Fair Blue Ribbon Farm Extravaganza.


    • This is about average? That’s ridiculous. Especially when you consider the options on Match to describe body type are the following:

      No answer
      Big and beautiful
      About average
      Athletic and toned
      A few extra pounds

      Out of these ten options, there are only two (“slender” and “athletic and toned”) that have any kind of positive connotation.


  77. After all of those rants about beauty culture she goes on to describe herself as”hourglassy” and mention her complexion and hairless body. WTF

    I get it now. I really get the hamster thing.


  78. Come the actual Apocalypse, it might be usefull to have a few of her type around should the need arise for more soap to be made.


  79. This beauty is buddies with Kate Harding: http://www.xojane.com/author/marianne

    Kate Harding is the plump feminist author of the recent “Fuck you MRAs” screed on jezebel.

    Anybody surprised?


    • on December 23, 2012 at 2:07 am Days of Broken Arrows

      No, and here is the title of the porky pair’s book: ” Lessons from the Fat-o-sphere: Quit Dieting and Declare a Truce with Your Body.”

      Imagine buy that for someone as a Xmas gift.


  80. We know why you do it. Those who don’t, can’t. No need to splain it out, monsieur.


  81. Catering to the inflated self-esteem of unhealthily fat, narcissistic women is a savvy business model. It wouldn’t surprise me that XO Jane published that navelgazing tripe for no other reason than boosting its page views. That sort of thing is attractive not only to other fat narcissists, who are probably disproportionately unemployed and hence freer to waste their time on online mental rot, but also healthier people who can’t resist gawking at human train wrecks. It’s probably a win-win for the publisher.

    Sickeningly, there are now reality shows on the same topic. In addition to “Double Divas,” which was mentioned upthread, there is a revolting show on one of the trashy cable channels called “Big Sexy,” featuring obviously insecure BBW’s trying to make themselves look sexy but succeeding mainly in making themselves look narcissistic. As it happened, the women I saw on the teasers for “Big Sexy” were significantly thinner and more shapely than our “awesome” essayist; I assume the producers didn’t want the aesthetics to become so grotesque and absurd as to repel the audience and cost the network its ratings.

    I have trouble imagining women with real personalities or interests making asses of themselves by publicly wallowing in something as shallow as their obesity, except maybe as a calculated mercenary thing (possibly what the Honey Boo Boo family is doing). It has to be an exceptionally soul-sapping act to keep up if one is at all self-aware or thoughtful. It’s helpful in that kind of work to be, for lack of a better concise term, stupid. And with the wonders of the internet and cable television, a geographically dispersed audience of unmotivated, hugely fat women can be brought together and momentarily lifted out of their ennui with inspiring stories of other women who used their obesity and rather insipid personalities to gain fame.

    It’s Jerry Springer for fatties. And the audience, so to speak, is growing.


  82. Nature tends to weed out such outliers, regardless of ill guided cultural pressures.


  83. About small breasts. One of the women I have known had small breasts, almost flat chested. She had a beautiful female body in all other respects, and not some skinny androgenous body type either. And, toned and fit.


    Anyway, she got pregnant and had a child. Her figure, 3 months after having the kid, was just as good as ever. Her breasts, and her body, were the same as ever. Who could ask for more?


    • on December 22, 2012 at 12:45 pm Hugh G. Rection

      Who could ask for more? Me. Bigger tits would have been nice, I’m a bird watcher.

      “Hey baby, imma tell you a joke so funny your tits will fall of… Never mind, you already heard it.”


    • I’d hit that.


    • It should all equal out. Nine months of eating 300 extra calories a day during pregnancy to feed the baby and then nine months to a year of breastfeeding that burns up to 300 calories a day. You should end up where you started.


  84. Oh jesus i wasn’t prepared for that image…

    One thing i know for certain, if somebody needs to proclaim to the world how much they love themselves and how secure they are in their own body, it is because they are deeply insecure and unhappy. The person who is genuinely happy with themselves simply does not have those issues on their mind.

    This warpig needs to lose 100 pounds and be happy, rather than inflicting her misery on the rest of society.

    Agree fully with the premise of the article, if we accept and encourage this type of body image it’s doing a terrible disservice to humanity. People simply are not healthy at that weight, and the costs of obesity are growing rapidly. If it requires shaming them into losing weight then so be it.

    As for newyorker’s comments that it comes easily for some not others, i call bullshit as someone who has lost a lot of weight (the one caveat being that 1% of the population that have legitimate medical issues such as with their thyroid). Genetics have a significant effect once you get towards natural limits (ie very lean, or your natural limits for muscle mass). Genetics simply do not prevent you from being in a normal weight range, that is all mental. I’m just sick of that excuse for obese people because it is complete rubbish. They are obese because they eat too much and don’t move enough, it’s as simple as that.


    • ‘Sacly.
      There is such a thing as the ‘fat gene’, but it only affects about 1/100th of 1% of the population, in the US, that would mean 1 samll town in the abandoned NW corner of Iowa.
      The rest of ’em are fat because of triplefatburgers with super-sized fries and rolling around on the couch playing video games.


  85. Funny, because overeating is completely unnecessary.

    If you get the right # of calories each day and manage the density of the ones you get, you should never feel hungry enough to screw up.

    I’ve gotten to ~8% bodyfat, and it’s not as difficult as you think. It just takes time and discipline.


    • Exactly. I use the perfect example of chicken and chips. a 4 oz piece of white meat chicken has about 120 calories. A handful of about 10 potato chips has about 120 calories. Which do you think is going to fill you up more, be more satisfying and take your body longer to process, leaving you feeling full longer?

      I know this chick, just made 30, hitting close to 300 lbs. Fug in the face, gross in the body. The only reason I’d rate her a 2 is because she has four limbs, properly proportioned, doesn’t smell bad, and doesn’t wear clothes made for a woman half her size. Four kids, three of whom have developmental issues (the fourth is too young to be tested yet) so maybe four, on CHOLESTEROL MEDICATION and has been for years (so you’re 20-something on meds normal reserved for the average 60-something), broke as joke living in a dirty trailer, talking about getting gastric bypass (lap band, dummy) because, and I quote, “Ive tried everyyyyyyyyyyyything to lose weight and nothing works.” ordering cakes and confections from me. Eats fried chicken, four cheese pasta, cheesecake, etc., on a very regular basis, leads a very sedentary lifestyle. The last time she brought it up, I just flat out told her, “We’ve already talked about your problem. It’s your poor diet and sedentary lifestyle.” You can imagine I got NO response until a few days later, she commented on my site about something I made for someone else and then ordered it. She won’t go walk the FREE walking trail at the local park, she won’t buy a 10.00 workout DVD and do it in her home, she won’t take 35.00 a month and join the local gym with none of the fancy amenities that’s only there for people to work out and not act like it’s a spa day, she won’t take responsibility for anything in her life. I’ve actually refused to take her order for some things and she keeps coming back.

      I feel so sorry for her ‘husband’. Been with her for 10 years, and I’ll bet if I got him alone, he’d admit to being miserable and regretting his decision to stay with her so long but now feels trapped by four kids. Sad thing is he has a decent job, (chooses to work nights so he doesn’t have to deal with her too much (she’s a SAHM, and not much of one at all)) and he’s a really nice looking guy. About 6’1″, nice build though he could stand to lose about 40 lbs, and can actually hold a conversation. I swear, if I knew some single chick who had no qualms about screwing up their family, I would introduce them. That’s how much I can’t stand that fat, ugly, irresponsible bitch.


      • people who are fat and eat the worse food and refuse to do anything about their excess weight are like heroin or crack addicts; they are self destructing/self mutilating, they are committing slow motion suicide

        I understand what they do is addictive and hard to stop but it is them who chose to do it and keep doing it, no one put a gun to heir head

        They are doing it to themselves, they are not victims ( except maybe a very tiny percentage who may have hormonal or other problems that keep them over weight)

        It is hard to have empathy for people who chose to self destruct


      • You don’t have to be raised with self-discipline to learn it. You just have to make a choice to do the right thing for yourself, your family and whatever else is important to you.

        It’s not like years and years ago when there was limited information out there; there’s a ton of anything you want to learn. If she chose to, she could search the Internet and find out all she needs to know. The fact is, it’s just not important enough to her and it’s easier to be a victim than to be anything else on Earth. Especially your own victim because you don’t have another person trying to reason with you. You can justify anything you want in your own mind. The chick who wrote this article is just another perfect example of the same.

        No, she just doesn’t care enough. She doesn’t even care about the three boys she has, only the girl. Two of them are twins and they are so far behind in learning the school system would not let them attend school this year. Does she take this as an opportunity to start teaching them? Nope. She did take the Newtown school shooting as an opportunity to say, “Gee, I’m so glad I decided to keep the boys out of school this year.”

        Then she had the nerve to ask someone else I know whose husband has a really good job and is a SAHM who can afford to do things, “Well, I just don’t understand what my husband is doing wrong.” Really, bitch? You ever think maybe it’s not HIM who’s making poor decisions? But again, it’s easier to be a victim… just this time, she’s his.

        Not that I need it much, but she’s just motivation in my life to never become that person.


      • on December 23, 2012 at 10:34 pm AlmostAnonymous


        People who let themselves go like that often have a whole host of problems in their personal life. The fatness is a symptom, which then in turn can become part of the cause.

        What you’ve just described is a perfect trainwreck with her hamster in charge of the engine.

        Toot toot!


      • That’s a key word: apathy.

        Young women who get fat and have the attitudes of entitled femcunts don’t care.
        Young men who remain betas and live in their parents’ basements with no ambition don’t care either.

        They’re perfect for each other. And, they aren’t quick to find each other.

        Heh… at least it has a eugenic effect on the population.


      • But wait… I just found out that the *ahem* friend who always defends this chick’s decisions, basically tells her everything is hunky-dory and it’s the world’s problem, not yours, is, in the understatement of the new year, HUGEEEE! She can’t be more than late 20’s, early 30’s herself, and she has to weigh at least 300 lbs. Probably more, but it’s hard to tell because she’s hiding behind everyone in a portrait I found.

        So yeah, she has motivation to allow the chick to get fatter to catch up with her and maybe not always be the fattest girl in the room. The chick has motivation to keep eating and not bettering herself because she has her friend there to show her how awesome life is at some huge size…


  86. More proof of women love assholes.

    Family devastated as Argentinian woman agrees to marry the man who killed her twin sister



  87. …it puts the chips and dip in the basket…


  88. Meh, another fat woman. She is worth looking at for some men, I have seen many such types eating on videos and getting paid by men fapping to them. Minority of not, these guys aren’t a vanishing minority.

    However, I doubt this woman doesn’t give a shit. It seems kind of like she does. People who are really into fat seem to be more into clustering together and enjoying their fat, rather than posting angry rants, but I can’t be sure.

    She says there is an oppressive beauty standard. Has anyone been killed for not being beautiful? For being deformed, or obese, or having strange skin coloration? Has anyone been robbed of rights because they don’t fit into the standard? I really want to know. That’s what oppressive means.


    • These days, “people staring at me” = oppression.


    • As for the oppression, that’s just another example of making the definition fit what you want the word to mean. Same thing with same sex marriage. There was another comment a few days ago referencing Humpty Dumpty, who’s pretty famous for one line: “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.”

      So in the backwards world where things don’t actually mean what you want them to mean, you just throw a fit and act like Humpty Dumpty. Some people need to fall off a wall.


  89. Although technically, you do get lots of perks for being pretty, by everyone, including potential employers, because their judgement of you is not based purely on your character and skills. I guess this isn’t fair, but what we start with in life is never going to be fair. Someone will have better technical talent, some better talking skills, some better looks. If someone is allowed to use their smarts to get ahead in life, why not looks?


  90. Let me see if I’ve missed anything:

    — Women seem particularly prone to rationalizing, which is a coping strategy (not the best one, obviously).
    — Even obese women can get laid from time to time — and plenty of them even manage to get married nowadays. It seems they get enough sex to squeak by. Whereas the three-times-greater male suicide rate, and other unequally distributed serious results of despair, offer good evidence that much greater numbers of men are getting little to no sex at all.
    — Mainstream society now offers overwhelming, constant encouragement for women to “love themselves as they are.” There is even some recent health research which supports the notion that obesity is harmless — and that of course is a hamster-spun interpretation of the whole truth.
    — Men OR women who are capable of making a serious life-changing impression on individual fat women are extremely rare. Obviously, alpha males, who perhaps COULD make such an impression, won’t be bothering; and the medical world is increasingly guilty of failure to do its duty, at least in terms of public advocacy.

    Therefore, for these and several other reasons that could be added, the situation is likely to get even worse; reversing it would require incentives or disincentives far, far beyond anything that’s realistically possible for the foreseeable future.

    What interests me most these days is women’s onboard hamster: How is it a natural-selection survival advantage? Seems to me CH speculated on this in the past, anyone remember? In the fatness scenario, it just sounds like making the best of the bad situation brought about by all the fat-encouraging factors outlined above. But there must be more to it.


  91. You know what to expect from a URL like this:


    • Wow, that was like watching a traffic accident. I didn’t want to watch but I couldn’t turn away. I think I need counseling.


    • Shaking my head in shame =/


    • Well… it most definitely cannot be called p0rn.


    • I can’t knock it since the photographer says it’s about freedom of taste, and not trying to promote them as a kind of healthy ideal. As a female, it doesn’t strike me as worse than visible ribs and the ability to easily pass a toaster between someone’s legs. Neither can touch the pin-up type, so I suppose they might as well enjoy themselves if that’s what does it for them.


      • I’ll take visible ribs.


      • Most men would. Doesn’t make it healthy. What I’m saying is that though most of attraction is unconscious recognition of health markers, not all of it is. Some of it is about vulnerability/femininity markets and hobbled is hobbled.

        Pin-up types with curves in all the right places rule the world over. Even where guys prefer women a bit thinner like France or a bit thicker like in Mexico, there are feminine proportions that scream fertility, and you know them when you see them. Outside that optimal range, society decides what’s an acceptable fetish to have. We’re seeing now a shift towards fat fetish over super-thin fetish because being fat is becoming more common and socially acceptable.

        Because of the vulnerability as femininity factor though, I don’t think it will stick any more than the amazon cyborg ideal stuck. Women want to look relatively weak and small because this is what most men like. Healthy is a dude thing. It’s a dude thing I enjoy, but it’s still a dude thing.


      • 8==============D


    • What I just can not understand is that to become that fat and have a body so disgusting takes years and years – you don’t catch that overnight like you catch a cold or herpes – it is a slow process, a completely preventable slow process , but for some strange reasons as they watched their own body get uglier and uglier it never occured to them to start doing something about it.

      they simply let it happen

      some of them are so fat they can not even wipe their own ass after they go to the bathroom , yet they go back and order four more big macs with super sized fries

      what the hell is wrong with people like that???

      I could never let myself go like that and I can not understand how anyone can

      a few of those women have nice faces – or rather had nice faces at some point – but they destroyed their bodies

      I just can not understand why they do that


      • It starts with believing that you are already repulsive, and there is nothing to save, or believing that the world is repulsive, and there is nothing to save it for. It’s the same reason people continue to do technically non addictive drugs beyond the point that it is damaging their physical appearance. This accounts for the extremely obese though, not those who are just carrying a bit too much extra.

        Most fat women in the U.S. and U.K. are just fatter than they should be for normal reasons like a crap diet, low energy due to a crap diet, and lack of motivation to do much about it, partly due to misinformation or bigger concerns like paying the rent. Most people are broke or close.

        It’s hard to motivate people to do things that people who love themselves do when they hate themselves. It is futile to expect people to spontaneously do things free thinkers do when they are socially dependent. It is also misguided to demand that the poor behave as if they are rich.

        So, you either reach people at their level or not at all. The media is good at this. I seldom watch television, but the little bit I do in which people on natural diets are portrayed, they are always paranoid health nuts who take things to silly extremes.

        The extremely obese are usually either physically or mentally ill or both, so they’re a wash except for experts who specialize in helping them. The vast majority of women who are overly fat just need to see us not portrayed as idiots, especially since the science is on our side.

        I’ve been tossing around the idea of writing some fiction that includes people who are incidentally natural dieters. The reality of our lives is so far away from normal people. Even the sex is better. I think I would like to give a go at writing some fucked up strong people with serious endurance erotica.


      • So true. I would also add that I have friends who are obese specifically because they know it stops men from looking at them – defensive measure brought on by childhood sex abuse. At the end of the day, it’s impossible to help people whose mental state is wrapped up in their physical appearance. Obesity has to be linked somehow to the deteriorating mental health of females in modern society.


      • Cynthia, I don’t think it’s sex abuse that does it. Sexual abuse drives damn near every real survivor (not feminist “sexual assault” dick sizer turning childhood play, cat calls, or regretted hypergamy into rape) I know to the gym, the mat, or the mountain, not to the all you can eat buffet. If it is so, that survivor is also usually more the tough cookie sturdy sort who just likes to eat, and burns as good as she chugs.

        For the regular fat and not seriously sickly obese or strongwomen type, I think it’s simpler. Seems to me that it’s from being essentially rejected and unloved. During the years women should be finding a husband these days, they’re discouraged and/or redirected to value damaging behaviors until they’re past their prime. Men are also being discouraged from selecting for loyalty, so the girls who should be having consistent sex with the same guy who actually gives a crap about them, and then mothering someone, are languishing too long. This is one reason so many are bitter and don’t know why. They would compensate with a good personality, but most don’t know what a good personality is anymore.

        So it’s a cycle they get caught up in.


      • I’m not saying EVERY case of obesity is because of this. It’s one of many triggers that can cause it. Everybody reacts to sexual abuse – especially childhood sexual abuse – differently. Some grow up and raise good families, some turn to homosexuality, some to drugs, some to suicide, and some eat themselves so fat no man will ever want to touch them again. Depends on the person.

        I would agree about the rest. There’s definitely an element of self-hatred involved. But why give it that much credit? Some people are simply lazy slobs who do not care, and have been taught from childhood that they don’t have to care, because who is anyone else to judge? Why would their unhealthy eating habits possibly have social consequences.


      • @Cynthia

        I know you and Nicole were discussing something else, but since you mentioned it I want to agree with you that many people who were sexually abused as children become homosexuals.

        Many gays and straights alike won’t acknowledge this fact, often selling themselves and the public in general the delusional story that gays were born that way. Therefore, homosexuality is mostly a choice, or a condition that develops early in childhood.

        I have sympathy for gays that just want to live their lives quietly without making themselves and their gay relationships public or turning it into a spectacle. It’s the militant gay community trying to push its lifestyle down our throats that I resent. I think they think there is safety in numbers, and turning more people onto the gay lifestyle is definitely one of their aims.

        As you mentioned in another comment, you know “our personal choices have consequences for other people”; it’s too bad most gays don’t think of the larger picture. It’s only about them and their selfish needs.

        I fear that well-meaning people who stupidly think that gays don’t have rights will help pass same-sex marriage, and homosexuality in turn will become part of the mainstream and seep into our schools. I am sorry to say but most same-sex couple shouldn’t raise kids. Kids really need a father and a mother.


      • @NightLily

        It’s sad, isn’t it? The greatest tragedy for the gay community over the past fifty years has been militant thought.

        Militant activists brook no dissent and no deviations from the official “born this way” mantra. You’re labeled and assigned everything from political to religious beliefs, and are expected to conform to certain standards of behavior. Adults in the community are forced to adopt those standards, if they want any access at all. You can’t say “homosexuality/human sexuality is far more complex than we can possibly understand and yes, there are other triggers for homosexual tendencies” because it ruins the Narrative.

        The biggest tragedy here is that gays will never have a full understanding of themselves as people. The questions aren’t allowed to be asked, so there are no answers. Trying to explain how we got to where we are on all this would take far more room than I’ve got in this little comments box, but I think this lack of answers, lack of honesty, and viciously narrow definition of what being gay “must” mean creates a lot of rage. And scratch deep enough under the surface of any gay person, and you’re going to find a vast reservoir of rage.

        OT, but this is what breaks my heart about things like LGBT clubs in high school, teenagers declaring themselves “asexual” because they’re just uncomfortable with hypersexualized teen culture, parents deciding that their little boy who likes dresses MUST be transsexual. Children aren’t self-aware enough to be able to decide for themselves what they want to be, and by getting shunted into a “sexuality” too young, their entire life is reworked for them. They’re effectively forced to adopt an entire life, a life that’s been manufactured to serve the political interests of the gay elite, and they’ll never be able to be anything else.

        I ask myself, if the militant lesbians had gotten ahold of me at twelve or thirteen, would I be calling myself a gay woman now, and hating my life? Why can’t we help children who are sexually abused find some peace – and their inborn heterosexuality – rather than torture them with stories about how, even though daddy bad-touched them, it’s all in the genes.


      • Yup…if you hate yourself you’ll either starve yourself to death or eat yourself to death.

        There are jolly fat guys…but how many fat women do you know who are happy? I have yet to meet one. In fact I would argue your hot spoiled entitled princess has a slightly better attitude towards men than fat girls.


      • My ex is quite large now. She was much happier in her 20’s when she was my cute, sexy girlfriend. Then she changed. She has a pemanent scowl on her face, especially when I’m around. Now she’s fat, embittered, and an alpha widow. I expect her to get bigger.


      • Initially, it may happen quite fast. I’ve seen perfectly slim girls blow up in the course of just a few months, with them being a number of years in college. For some, it doesn’t take more than a year to actually double in mass. But by then, chances were they already catched a guy in their web.


      • This is exactly the type of woman who needs to be taught how to eat naturally. In these cases, the reason they were thin is that they were struggling at it, and when they let up a little, because they were always eating crap but now just more of it, they blow up.

        If they go natural, there’s no struggling and no blowing up.


      • I share your sentiments CF. I mentioned in a post a while back, perhaps my low self esteem prevents me from even being mid range in my bmi, I prefer to be on the lower end of my bmi range and only have fat on my boobs and butt. Everywhere else is toned and almost unpinchable but I had a phase of acute stressors where I began emotionally eating. I gained10lbs but because I am short it was significant. I saw myself naked in the mirror one day and that was all I needed to get back to my active lifestyle. I don’t get how anyone can systematically over a period of years let themselves get that fat. I really don’t. Perhaps they are the ones with high self esteem and confidence, perhaps I lack that.


      • … Perhaps they are the ones with high self esteem and confidence, perhaps I lack that.

        Interesting observation

        I have always lifted weights and watched my weight – not out of vanity – but in good part because I have a lack of self confidence, and anything on me that could be perceived by others as a flaw or a weakness or a defect affects negatively my self confidence level

        it seems indeed that some fat people have too much self confidence and too much self esteem


      • Some people are perfectionists, and that can comes across as lacking self-confidence. That’s another thing we’re lacking, perfection. Most people are mediocre.


      • As soon as I opened the link, I x-ed it out. I can’t see it. I’ll admit, ugly people put me in a bad mood and beautiful people put me in a good mood. I’m not a shallow person, as per the liberals. I just like beauty so screw them.

        Yesterday at Zumba I asked one of the fat girls how old she is. The real fat ones that eye you wretchedly weren’t there. Two of the slightly less fatties were there. The one I asked told me she is 19. My jaw dropped. I swear she looked 35. Even 26/27 wouldn’t have had me so bewildered, but 19 – wow! And why would a 19-year old girl be this fat? That’s how it starts, so by the time she is 35 she looks like one of those in the link. That’s it! I am not asking anyone anything else. I know enough.

        You know, I went to a private high school, not a public school. No one in my class or school was obese. Some kids were slightly full, but most were skinny. I think it’s the public schools that contribute to this. They don’t shame you for misbehaving or for doing drugs or having sex. They say it lowers self-esteem. They try to equalize everyone and make all choices acceptable and on par with true proper behavior, kind of a retarded type of watered-down morality. They take away your drive for competition, achievement, and self-excellence, and instill fake self-worth that shouldn’t be part of you unless you actually merit it. This is the liberal school system in action. This girl had to be at least 60/70 lbs. overweight. I wonder what she thinks when she sees the toned bodies around her. Self-esteem much?


      • I think fat ages women prematurely. Because, seriously, the effects of aging (the weakening of the underlying collagen/support layers/whatever) are supposedly exacerbated by gravity, and gravity has more to pull on when you’re 50lbs overweight. Or maybe it’s a combination of unhealthy diet/lack of exercise/stressed body that does it.

        Huh. I went to a private school, too. We didn’t have too many fat girls – and the ones who were were typically first-generation Mexican-Americans or country-club tennis brats. Never really thought about that.


      • Being malnourished ages people prematurely. Whether they’re fat or skinny, not getting enough of what your body needs, even if you’re getting too much of what it doesn’t, ages you. It’s just that as I mentioned before, super thin was a more socially acceptable fetish, so old raisins get more action than old prunes. Women who look young get more action than either though.

        So rather than worry about stuff you’ll never have to worry about, and along the way of convincing your fat friends to eat better, make it very clear that it’s important to eat well to age well. Old hippie vegetarian chicks look like crap if they don’t do fermentation and at least get some micromeat.

        If they don’t do it to get rid of the excess subcutaneous flesh, maybe they’ll do it for the surface.


    • on December 23, 2012 at 12:34 am AlmostAnonymous

      I’m finding that difficult to masterbate to.


    • You should have wrote a warning sign or something, rather then telling people to click on it, Fucks some of us dudes here have stomach problem.


  92. I also think the brain rots if you don’t exercise your body enough. I always feel like I can’t think as quickly if I take even a few days off from the gym.


  93. Methinks she doth protest too much.

    The fatties usually have never had to learn any sort of discipline and perseverance, usually from childhood up. And then when they balloon upward in weight, they probably even try to lose it at some point or two or three.

    The problem is that, without experience doing difficult things and accomplishing goals, they have no well to draw from to lose the weight. They go into their attempts to slim down with the wrong plan, the wrong mindset, and then give up too soon when results are not instantaneous (thanks mass media and consumer society).

    Next, their brain has to now rationalize their failures, their inability to do what it takes, why they do not measure up. So you have (1) a growing fat acceptance movement, (2) the constant moaning motif about it being “genetic”, and (3) shifting goal posts in what people see as “normal.” The hamster has moved out of the psyche and into society at large. Cows like this simply feed it.

    I was injured playing sports back in my 30s. Doctors could not figure out what was wrong and it was bad enough that my physical activity dropped like a rock. Though my diet was “okay”, it was as such that the pounds started packing on. I eventually ballooned up to about 225lbs (5’9″). I looked like shit, knew it, but felt terribly constrained in terms of what I could do about it. Eventually, I gave up on even trying to stave off additional pounds with long walks. I felt that if there was no diagnosis on the injury and if even moderate physical activity was painful, I had no choice to be face up to being fat in my middle age. I knew from where that problem came, I did what I could do to mitigate it, that was not going to be enough, my options dwindled, and I was NOT happy about it. I was fat, knew it, and was pissed, even a little depressed.

    One day I tore an abdominal muscle working in the yard, saw a doctor, was scheduled for surgery. They found a double hernia. Fixed it. Once I healed I decided to see if the surgery also fixed the old injury. I started doing weights, walking more, etc. When I found out that the old injury seemed to have been fixed, I radically adjusted my diet, committed to a workout regime and dropped 55lbs and put on lots of lean muscle. At 45, I look pretty damn good now. Though I was not totally responsible for all of my fat gains (I did have a legit injury and saw about 10 doctors, none of whom could figure out what was wrong), once I had an opportunity to lose it, I committed to that with gusto and did what it took to fix it.

    My point is that if I had not learned the rewards of discipline and determination from my past (I have a Ph.D., I’ve weight trained before, used to play organize sports, etc.) I would not have had the reserves to draw on when it came to committing to getting back into reasonable shape.

    Our society as a whole is one of comfort, narcissism, easy access to calories, trophies for all the kids, orgies of self-esteem building, etc. So not only have things like mass media and feminism warped women’s understanding of the world, but also the spoiled lives people live lead them to be totally clueless in terms of what it takes to be in shape and stay that way. Since it is hard and requires work, it is easier to rationalize it away. And because there are so many people in the same boat, it is not hard to find a chorus of “you go girl” supporters, all looking for the same justification for needless corpulence.

    And the Hamster gets fatter and spins faster by the day. But only now it has escaped its cage and is running amok across society.


  94. Has she reached t-rex status when it comes to wiping her butt? *shudders at the thought*


  95. Female hypergamy is not an “animal”; it’s a machine. A cold machine, which silently computes which is the best male. For it, it doesn’t matter the feelings or the male intentions, it matters only the status male.

    It didn’t mattered how I loved women, it only mattered that I was not an alpha male. So the machine inside women mind computed that I am not worthy as a partner for that woman. Learning the game means learning to drive that machine.


  96. I understand the mayor of Lakehurst has awarded her the key to the city… one of the perks therein is free lifetime docking.


    • Greg, I think that reference went over the heads of the younger crowd here; but Its a good one.

      “oh the humanity…”


  97. Yes, indeed, she does care. This person has an eating disorder:


    Lets not be so mean here. She accepts her body because the alternative lead her to diet herself up to 300 lbs (yo-yo loop is a bitch?..)…


    • on December 23, 2012 at 12:44 am AlmostAnonymous


      Control what you eat and the amount while maintaining moderate physical activity.

      Dieting yoyoing happens because you go too extreme one way and your body bounces back hard.

      Eat moderately, avoid the rich carbohydrates and sugars, eat healthy foods and slim is in. No dieting. You can even splurge when you want to and still keep a healthy weight.

      Self-indulgent piggery, such as what this sow engages her snout in, should be ridiculed.

      Cries of “it’s not my fault” are only true when someone else held them down and force fed all that shit into them. I don’t see her claiming that, do you?


      • From what I understand, an eating disorder can mean you can’t eat normally. You either not eat, or overeat. If you reached a point where these dieting attempts lead to long term weight gain, it’s irrational to go on exactly as you did the last 20 years (if you’re honest with yourself and this is really the problem). It means you have no control over your eating habits, time for a major change.

        Your first suggestion is good (no dieting + healthy food), second one (ridicule)… wouldn’t count on it solving this woman’s issues.

        [Heartiste: Most of the fat fucks who got that way in the past 50 years in America are not suffeirng from inherited eating abnormalities. They just stuff too much food in their mouths. And, no, low-fat pastries are not a healthy diet.]


      • on December 23, 2012 at 8:47 pm AlmostAnonymous


        Here is a man not suffering under an atomic powered hamster.

        “eating disorder” is a hamster term for, “I’m too self indulgent to actually exercise any rational self control while stuffing my snout because it feels good”

        Even men can suffer that under the whips of that hamster, even though we know better.

        No, I believe there really are few actual eating disorders, although I’d accept real evidence to the contrary. I know that a lot of the heavily processed foods are making “eating disorders” a more common problem. Once I cut down on that crap, my “eating disorder” disappeared completely.

        Imagine that.


      • The kind of eating disorder most western people have is triggered by being off feed. If you eat crap food (example hydrogenated oils, white sugar) or foods you are not adapted to handle (example, Europeans eating plants in the nightshade family that originated in the Americas) it breaks the mechanisms your body would use to tell you when you’ve had enough calories. It is almost as if you have a genetic disorder, as certainly your pancreas and liver aren’t doing what they should to prevent over stretching of your stomach.

        Stomach capacity increases when people are not getting enough nutrients in the food they eat. So it is much more important to teach people how to eat properly than it is to scold them to eating less. The latter is ineffective whereas the former is extremely effective.


      • on December 24, 2012 at 1:30 am AlmostAnonymous

        it is much more important to teach people how to eat properly than

        I’ll give you this, but people know this already. So why are they not doing it?


      • I don’t know what people you’re talking about. I don’t know anybody who isn’t explicitly and consciously a natural dieter of some sort who actually knows things like canola oil are bad for you. They’re still talking a lot of low fat, low cholesterol, grains are always good for you garbage.


  98. Your words will hopefully be the stomach staples some reader needs to not recreate this sad illusion of self worth.

    Shes white, so I don’t get why did this to herself. Our finest move is publicly promoting people in the form of a demotion and calling it empowerment.

    “this girl is so powerful for being raped and talking about it!”

    The people that actually matter note that person as a fucking freak and move the fuck on. It’s the same with anything that shatters the perfect forms of market interest. It’s cold. It’s calculating. It’s _fair_.

    Also – for the record, people with mental problems who tout them everywhere as “depression” or an “eating disorder” sadly get the brunt of the hatefuck level spite that comes with the broadcast of that malady BECAUSE of these loud unfixables like this level 900 raid boss dirigible.

    Your reality is always your prison, and every word you say against your dreams is another fucking brick in the wall.

    I hope she finds these words so potent they catch fire her soul and the flame melts her fat away.

    I am tired of seeing walking prisons in the terms of folds, dowdy looks, and distraction camoflauge (really people you color your hair so you hide the fact you have acne? sleep on a fucking towel or wash your fucking sheets for christ sake) or just get out of the game.


    • As I was reading your post I couldn’t help but wonder how that woman would respond to waking up one day to having a flat stomach, bony hips, toned arms, and stretch mark-free breasts, only to wake up in her real body a few days later.


  99. Since she’s celebrating vanity let us cater to her ego by using her pic in a Fat Girl Meme.

    It’s only a matter of time.


  100. on December 22, 2012 at 4:23 pm Hugh G. Rection

    I always love when fat fucks accuse skinny people of having an eating disorder. As if being so disfiguringly fat is not…


    • LOL! pretty soon they’ll put pressure to make a BMI of 18.5 or 19 anorexic.


      • BMI is a good system for goal-setting, let’s not mess with it any more, hm? I’m just under 21 right now, but I’m slimming right now. My ultimate goal bmi is 19.


    • That’s the typical fatty re-frame: healthy slim girls are “anorexic” while the fat fucks are “normal.”


  101. I kind of agree with your stance here, but just to point it out, aren’t you employing the same “shaming tactics” that you accuse feminists of using against men here? Correct me if I’m wrong.


    • I’m sure CH doesn’t need me to defend him, but I can’t help but point out the obvious to you. He is engaging in something similar, BUT there is one big difference. Obesity is not normal; it’s not how nature made us. It’s the result of nurture. Nurture can be changed.

      On the other hand, men and their sexuality is part of their nature, so to shame them is totally futile, if not downright hateful. Stupid or hateful feminists refuse to accept reality and try to shame men into turning to something they say they prefer. But screwing with men’s sexuality only renders them unattractive to women. So what feminists say they prefer, is delusional or downright diabolical.

      I honestly believe there are some feminists looking to make men obsolete. They think if they do, then nature will cancel them out and render them unnecessary so there will be only one sex (female) in a few thousand years. What’s the name of that horrid feminist who asked if men are necessary? Maureen Dowd? Yet, ironically she always cries about how she was never able to find a man to marry. Can she be more delusional? Who would come near her with her hateful attitudes and delusional drivel?


      • More to the point, it’s make the betas unnecessary, but keep the alphas. But it really is true at the end of the day that nawalt.


      • Well, men should go back to being alpha – listen to their inner voice – not the feminist culture. Women too, should listen to their inner feminine voice, not the idiotic feminists leading them astray.

        However, getting rid of the betas is not what this shrill feminist has in mind. She wants all men to disappear; she holds great resentment against them.


      • Catherine Zeta Jones stole Michael Douglas away from Maureen Dowd. Anytime an article by Dowd is posted at Free Republic, it is policy that a slew of sexy Zeta Jones pics is posted in the comments section. That is the cold hard reality for feminists like Dowd.


      • Ha, ha, ha……..I had no idea. That’s pump n’ dump in action.

        All I know is that Catherine didn’t sleep with him right away like he’s used to. She took her sweet time letting him touch her. Smart girl.


  102. on December 22, 2012 at 4:45 pm gregory cochran

    Why the intense illogic? It is their interest of their intestinal bacteria. It is only logical that intestinal bacteria require carbos and egg on their hosts to crave a carbo-rich diet over a rational outlook on life. Ice cream over marriage? Sure, I’ll take the rocky road (literally). The American hyper carbo rich diet feeds these little puppeteers. Nothing a few doses of penicillin can’t cure.


  103. A nigger would totally hit that.


    • Yeah, but there are white men who would pay cash to fuck her while she ate a sandwich.

      I thought I had my masters in “Honkeyology”; then I discovered internet porn.

      Somebody is paying to view this material and it ain’t niggers. (cause niggers are broke)

      Grannies, hollowco$t victims, midgets, amputees… when it comes to sex, white people boldly go where no man has gone before.

      Not hatin, just sayin.


      • on December 23, 2012 at 12:48 am AlmostAnonymous

        It’s why they conquered the world.


      • Don’t bother trying to understand white people, thwack. We’re beyond your limited comprehension.


      • I thought I had my masters in “Honkeyology”…

        Nice to see that the curriculum at Howard is expanding… and more demanding these days.


      • Paying for porn? who pays for porn?

        There are plenty of free sites on the internet

        At Xhamster for example there are more videos than I could watch if I did that all day 24/7

        and they are all free

        and why would white men watch more porn than blacks?

        is that another thing you pulled out of your ass thwack?


    • Which is sometimes why a black guy asking me out is something of a backwards insult. Like, is he calling me fat? (which is horrible of me, but it’s a kneejerk reaction at this point)


      • Cynthia has got a point

        judging from what is available at porn sites, it is black men who are into fat white women,


      • fucking neggers


      • cynthia
        Which is sometimes why a black guy asking me out is something of a backwards insult. Like, is he calling me fat?

        cynthia, post a photo of a women who resembles your body from the rear and I can tell you whats going on.

        While it is true that black males have a greater tolerance for fat on a woman; it is incorrect to assume we are attracted to fat women. I suspect the difference in definitions of “fat woman” between white and black males is part cultural and part evolution based.

        In many parts of the world, you only have 2 seasons, wet and dry. In these areas, the ability of a woman to store some extra pounds on her ass and tits could be seen as a good thing since that “dry season” may mean restricted caloric intake for a few months…

        There is a reason why camels have a hump; some have two humps.

        In addition, for white people, skinny is seen as a strong indicator of youth. White women who stay skinny into there 30s, 40s and 50s… are very proud of it (I had a few of those) and are some of the most vicious critics of fat women; especially young ones.

        The white culture is a youth worshiping one. It wasn’t always like that but it is now.
        Their obsession with thinness is now a feature, not a bug, because all white woman are guarrenteed to have more than enough to eat.

        Just sayin.


      • White women who stay skinny into there 30s, 40s and 50s… are very proud of it (I had a few of those) and are some of the most vicious critics of fat women; especially young ones.

        It used to be Grandma and Mom keeping their daughters thin by shame. In many cases, they’ve relinquished their duty, with disastrous results. Either that, or the young sows think their elders are dolts who are wrong about everything anyway.

        Their obsession with thinness is now a feature, not a bug, because all white woman are guarrenteed to have more than enough to eat.

        I wouldn’t call it an “obsession” but a healthy concern, since they realize they’ll look like shit if they don’t watch how much they eat, and it is so easy to get fat nowadays.

        There’s also some classism going on; if they’re not feminist bulldykes themselves, upper and middle class white women see getting fat as something gross that those lower-class People of Wal-Mart do. If classism keeps them skinny, that’s fine with me.


      • Corvinus
        I wouldn’t call it an “obsession” but a healthy concern, since they realize they’ll look like shit if they don’t watch how much they eat, and it is so easy to get fat nowadays.

        Have you ever heard of anorexia? or Bulimia?

        Those are two things white people came up with that I thought were completely crazy until I understood the culture of youth worship and the role thinness plays in it.

        I didn’t believe it when I first heard about it.

        Later I had a few white female roommates and saw some of the weird shit they ate to lose weight.

        One of them would drink what she called “shakes”; those things gave her “the shakes”, fucked up her blood sugar… sloppy drunk off one glass of wine.

        You know those Raman noodles?

        I caught her eating some of those raw, straight out of the package.

        Bless her heart, but she was a mess.


      • You had white female roommates

        are you sure you are not a girl ?


      • “It used to be Grandma and Mom keeping their daughters thin by shame. In many cases, they’ve relinquished their duty, with disastrous results.”

        My, my, my……how things have changed!

        Not only they don’t shame their daughters into looking as beautiful as possible in order to catch a husband, but they also lead them astray with feminism bullshit. I have some girlfriends who even mentioned that their own mothers told them to experiment with men sexually and have as many lovers as possible so they can tell the difference between what they like and don’t like sexually. I can’t believe this is the advice some girls are getting form their mothers. My mother was astonished when I told her this. Of course, if I had confided in them what my mother told me they would have called my mom old-fashioned, outdated, and primitive.


      • Oh, I know it’s about women who have a bit more curve, and not necessarily being attracted to the rolling plains of obesity. I really do.

        I have proportionally larger-than-normal T&A (thank you, fucking Viking genes). I was chubby in high school, and I spent a lot of time getting whistled at/cat-called/harassed by Nigerians when I was living in Japan, so I’m a little sensitive at this point.


      • Whats also a backhanded insult is when fat white women and fat women in general initiate an interest in you because they assume that you would accept them because you are black. Like,do they think all black men like fat bitches? Some of us actually have better taste and choose or persue accordingly despite the stereotype that’s prejudged on the group. And I have seen guys with big girls that i know could do better. But hey, take em off the market. One less guy in the game.


  104. This reminds me of another time when Heartiste posted a similar classic thrashing against someone who was derailing “thin privilege,” to use her horrific term to denigrate women who make an effort to stay in-shape and boost her ego.

    I’m apalled when fat women try to rationalize being fat, or worse try to demoralize fitness. I used to be overweight, but I worked really hard to knock off the excess pounds. I stopped the soda pop, hamburgers and fast food and ate healthy foods like apples, bananas and vegetables. I also went the gym daily. My deligence paid off in the long-term. Losing weight isn’t hard when you put forth the necessary effort, and anyone who tries to rationalize fatness is making excuses for laziness and a lack of self-discipline.


  105. Man the harpoons!


  106. I bought a new pair of four inch high-heeled shoes today. Why is it that wearing high heels makes me feel so feminine? They’re almost addicting…


    • Work it!


    • To fully answer that question, we need a pic of you in them whilst wearing a bikini.

      Post and we can talk.


    • High-heels, sexy lingerie, makeup, intoxicating perfume, pencil skirts, tight black dresses, pretty sheer tops – they all work magic. Think about it; it’s like wearing a costume and going on stage to play a part in a play. All of a sudden you become that character.

      Likewise, if you never wear feminine stuff, it’s hard to feel feminine and act feminine. You start losing your sexual identity if for years you’re not looking like a girl. So enjoy the heels, and buy more stuff.

      Pay attention to how feminists look – short hair, overweight, no lipstick in sight, flat shoes, pants suits. Yuck all the way!


      • form-fitting > revealing


      • I differ from you there. Being sexual and feminine are constant, dominant traits in me, not a role I put on. Sure, I’m not always consciously thinking of about them when I’m working, grocery shopping, etc. But would I rather have my stockinged feet wrapped around my fiance? Always. I’m just a female who loves the polarity, the sexual tension, that can occur between a man and a woman who play up gender differences.


      • I don’t mean femininity is a role you need to enter into once in a while to feel like a woman. I mean, by always looking hot you’re constantly reinforcing your sexual identity. You’re always aware of your female sexuality.

        I say this because many women opt for comfort and not for sexy. In your original statement you asked:

        “Why is it that wearing high heels makes me feel so feminine? They’re almost addicting…”

        So I am answering you. Feminine clothing reinforce your femininity. And it even makes the sexual polarity heightened. None gender-specific clothing don’t stimulate the female brain and even reverse the feeling of femininity.


      • That does make sense. I certainly wear the heels in my relationship. = )

        To go on a bit of a tangent, do you think it’s possible to wear high heels most of the time and still be taken seriously as a person and as a woman by those around one?


      • That’s a super important question because we women struggle with this all the time. We want to look feminine but we also want to be taken seriously. The answer might surprise you. I think looking feminine is more acceptable and respectable than trying to look androgynous, manly, or subdue the feminine aspects of your look. That’s especially more powerful if you’re not an air head, or at least you know your field well. It makes you more interesting and alluring when you have a pretty female look (not sleazy) and you also know your stuff.

        Therefore, it doesn’t mean you can wear to work Fredrick’s of Hollywood high-heel stripper shoes, like this


        or this


        These are a bit too risqué for work. It’s not appropriate. LOL!

        But there is nothing wrong with this pair


        I’d wear it to work. However, if you don’t feel comfortable with such a high heel, you can do a shorter heel, which makes it less sexy, and still look feminine.

        The point is you can adjust it to your comfort level and to your needs and setting. Everything has a time and a place. Just don’t try to look none gender-specific or play down your femininity too much on purpose. And the worst thing is looking manly. That’s why you see feminists cutting their hair short and wearing pants suits and flats.

        This goes for everything feminine, not just high-heel shoes.


    • High Heel is what men prefers in a woman, add stockings and garter belts with a corset on, I just love that.


  107. This bitch is crazy. I weep inside for the world. Lying about anything will only detract from having any personal freedom in this world. Look at the way she argues in circles yet it’s clear she knows on some level that she is disgusting inside and out for what she perpetrates on the world. If your reading this fat lady, no that what you sow you reap. You sow delicious insecurity, you reap soul raping insecurity.


  108. You guys missed the best part.

    This behemoth has a “make out list”. Her “list” has David Motherfucking Bowie on it (as well as a boy who wasn’t legal when he starred in his first movie.) She isn’t shooting for the moon, she’s trying to reach escape velocity from the entire solar system.


    • david bowie isn’t constrained by the artificial sexual orientation limits imposed by the heteropatriarchy. i wouldn’t be surprised if he’d dump a load in that thing.


      • Right.

        David Bowie fucked Mick Jagger, is now married to a black woman; and he performed on soul train back in the day

        Dude is a well known trysexual.

        He will try anything.


      • Saying that Bowie would fuck her because he’s a trysexual is like saying that people who eat fried scorpions or capybaras while on vacation would *like, totally* eat feces at home. There are bounds of reason. I happen to like fuller-figured women, but I’m not trying to fuck someone who looks like she’s imagining what I’d taste like coated in teriyaki sauce (which is every woman I’ve ever met who outweighs me.)


  109. Can I add one to the fat-glorification pop culture garbage? I think it’s a nice intersection of female entitlement and fat-pride.


    Best part is that the fiancee spends the whole episode talking about how much he loves her cleavage. Or perhaps how the gay fashion consultant tries not to cringe when describing “bigger brides”.

    They also have the spin-off on Netflix, Say Yes To The Dress: Big Bliss.


  110. I wonder how many guys has this ugly girl rejected while thinking “I deserve better”


    • I think the reason for writing this rant is because she didn’t got any proposals YET, which is why she is feeling the need to validate her failures as success.


  111. “Because any woman who identifies as a woman is a real woman.” Is this the ur-tautology?

    Not to a leftist. “Indentifies as a woman” is not just a reference to one’s physical sex, but also whether one conforms to certain (leftist) political views. Feminists say they’re nonconformists, but that’s a lie. Believe or say unapproved things and you will be accused of not properly “identifying as a woman”, which is the kiss of death to any good leftist woman.


  112. Is it wrong that I came here this late/early to see that disgusting picture, just for the vomit in the back of my mouth?


  113. had a hard 7 get stationed in new orleans with me. she flaked on my advances back in italy. then she got to new orleans and i hit it the night she got in and stayed at my place.

    after 6 months in new orleans she began to put on weight. and NO has some SERIOUS banging girls out there. once she started putting on weight, local guys ignored her. she actually had to buy her own drinks *GASP*.

    when she came to me about it (since i’m born and raised in NO) i told her point blank, “you’ve gotten fat, and we have too many hotties out here. now you’re invisible to the local guys. i hit it when you got here and were cute. i wouldn’t touch you now.”

    she never spoke to me again. boo hoo hoo.


    • I often feel like this exchange goes on in the hamster’s mind.


    • she never spoke to me again. boo hoo hoo.

      Reacting like that, rather than saying, “Oh… well, perhaps I’ll lay off the quarter-pounders” and slimming down, shows she has absolutely no humility or self-criticism. NEXT


  114. 21 year old Canadian art student:


    • We used to put people like that in padded rooms.

      now in this liberal culture where up is down and night is day, the more fucked up they are the more celebrated they are

      Years ago the Canadian government gave many thousands of dollars to an ” artist” who was taking naked pictures of himself with fake blood coming out his ass

      that artist should have been institutionalized or medicated but he was rewarded with our tax dollars

      and some wonder why I hate liberals…


      • Nobody should be institutionalized and medicated for being weird, the most unliberal thing is to ignore them.


      • Right, we should ignore them. Isn’t it what they did with Adam Lanza and look what he did?

        ITAW Canadian Friend. The liberal culture breeds nutjobs because it’s too forgiving. It never shames, criticizes, or judges distorted deviant behavior. If society made it clear such behavior is not acceptable or proper and you are a freak, then many would stop, save the really crazy ones. So once we can isolate the real nutjobs we’ll know who to lock up. Goodness!


      • Yes, locking someone up before they do anything like threaten, say they will do something bad, is morally wrong and you’re an idiot for agreeing. If you agree, who is the perfectly impartial person you’d like to award with the power over whether you remain free, or get locked up and have your brain slowly destroyed by chemicals? And who gets to decide what is “crazy” behavior? Your family? What if they decide you’re being too quiet and need to be locked up, because being quiet is a sure sign of someone harboring murderous plans?

        And once you give those perfectly impartial people the power to lock you up without as much as doing anything wrong, who’s to stop the government from locking up political dissidents?

        You see, when you talk about locking people up “to prevent massacres”, you never think it will be happening to you. But in my country, you (yes, you) might already be in jail under psychaitric investigation for some of those things you might have said on the internet and forgot.

        Some massacres could not have been prevented, lets leave it at that. If you’re ok with locking up anyone who is “weird”, you’re like a feminist who is ok with jailing men for rape without evidence, because “it prevents rape, it’s good for women”.


      • All I know is Adam Lanza’s mother tried to lock him up a few months before he murderedm, but the ACLU helped him stay out. The ACLU talks like you using bogus reasoning.

        And…..I’m not talking about “impartial people” deciding who goes to the loony bin and who stays out and catching some poor harmless kid who acts out and locking him up. I mean there has to be a way to evaluate real crazy people who really need to be locked up.

        Now there is also info Lanza was a Satanist. Satanists were implicated in many grotesque murders. If that’s true, it proves my point. You would never advocate locking up Satanists, right? I do, at least watching them closly. When you’re as crazy as Adam Lanza was, locking him up was a must, not a choice.

        People like you think everyone is harmless. That’s why I said we need to shame people for acting like idiots. Then somewhat normal people will be embarrassed and stop. And the totally normal people will not start because they won’t want to be thought of as losers. That will leave only the crazy people who can’t help themselves. By process of elimination we can see who really needs help. The culture is too accepting. That was my whole point. Not locking up wired people who are harmless.




      • Yes, they should be ignored.

        That is a liberal tendency to either give money to people for being weird or “help” them. Why can’t we simply leave them to it?

        It’s either arrest drug addicts or force them into a program, criminalize prostitution or tax and regulate.

        How about leaving people alone to do what they do?

        The answer? They want a cut.


    • Her whole performance is a shit test — she’s looking for a man who can sort her out. She’s extremely hot so this is probably going to work for her. Imagine the balls of the man who could awe her into behaving like a normal, feminine woman. She is probably not fully aware of what she’s doing.


  115. This post made me kind of sad. Who allowed this girl to get that big? Doesn’t she have a mother who cares for her? All the rationalization in the world won’t changed the fact that she is utterly repulsive. The thought of having to sit next to her on an airplane makes me feel queasy. All that warm, squishing ickiness pressed against me.

    I can’t imagine a man wanting to have sex with her. Yuck.

    Her message is so brutally cruel to younger women, too. Those girls just on the cusp of losing it. Maybe 20 lbs overweight. Enough to make a girl look and feel ugly, but still manageable. 10 weeks of work and a girl could be back to fighting weight, easily. But this woman is telling that girl on the edge to just forget about it. Get huge. Be disgusting. The problem is with MEN who will just have to learn to love fat.

    But men won’t. Ladies this fat are giving up on love. And in their bitterness, they encourage other women to give up too.

    It’s pretty sad.


  116. Evolutionary Psychologists looking at PUA/Game now.



    In the New York Times bestselling book The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists (2006), the world was granted its first exclusive introduction to the steadily growing dating coach and pick-up artist community. Many of its most prominent authorities claim to use insights and information gleaned both through first-hand experience as well as empirical research in evolutionary psychology. One of the industry’s most well-respected authorities, the illusionist Erik von Markovik, promotes a three-phase model of human courtship: Attraction, building mutual Comfort and Trust, and Seduction. The following review argues that many of these claims are in fact grounded in solid empirical findings from social, physiological and evolutionary psychology. Two texts which represent much of this literature are critiqued and their implications discussed.”

    Link to the full article:



  117. Hey, guess what, all you stupid motherfuckers? Marianne’s happily married. Guess your idiotic thesis needs some revision.


    • Hey dumbass. Nobody here has denied that fat sows like her couldn’t get lots of low-quality dick, or the possibility that she’s married to an omega or a fat fetishist.


    • She could probably have attracted a more generally desirable partner had she not been that fat. She decided to let herself get back and her husband decided to be content with a big woman. they may be happy with the compromises they have made.

      We all make our compromises. I won’t judge them for theirs. But I don’t really agree with Marianne’s belief that she can tell everyone that they should think their body is awesome. I don’t think my body is awesome. I do not think all bodies are equal either. I don’t care for Marianne’s opinining on my body.


    • To a man who lets her delight in her self destruction. Yeah I’m guessing he wears the cargo pants, fedora, and man purse in the relationship.


    • It’s not her fat that bugs me quite so much as her cunty feminist attitude. That said, I cannot fathom how guys can get it up for fat bitches. I was friends with one and tried having sex with her and I’m still likely in need of therapy. One lesson I learned was to watch my alcohol intake, cause I do not want to be in that situation again.


      • “One lesson I learned was to watch my alcohol intake, cause I do not want to be in that situation again.”

        Ha ha ha….. I can just imagine the situation unfolding – you and her alone – touching, kissing, caressing the layers, the folds……..


    • For every fatty there’s a desperate loser who deludes himself into thinking she has “inner beauty.” The question is, where’s your fatty?


      • I don’t think this is any worse than a desperate loser who dates a hoe and/or harpy because she’s either media hot or legitimately physically beautiful, convincing himself that it’s because she has some hidden inner beauty. I feel more sorry for a man who gets mistreated than I do for a man dating someone who’s any kind of physically ugly.

        The female equivalent would be dating an alpha with a wandering eye while telling one’s self that she’s different and he’d never cheat on her.


      • Wasn’t there a scene in the movie “Precious” where Mariah Cary scolds the fat girl:

        ” you can either be thin and mean, or fat and happy; but you cannot be both fat and mean!”

        That was interesting.


      • It is true.

        One of my bros has a neurological problem that causes him to have Parkinson’s like shakes. When he was younger, he used to be very picky about looks and not picky enough about character. He also had a self pitying type of hostile attitude that most women found “creepy”. Since I found this very odd for a guy, I probed a bit into the whys.

        There was a part of him that did not like the idea that a woman would need to be kind in order to like him. It’s a pride thing. Some people resent needing the kindness of others. Usually it’s because that kindness was fake and came with a price.

        We’ve worked on this, partly with me leading by example. I show guys nothing but my good side unless or until they wrong me, and then I am gone and/or decisively cruel, depending on what’s needed. I am appreciative, but not a pushover.

        A lot of women think being sweet means they will be taken advantage of. They are thinking too far ahead. One can be sweet when it is called for and vicious when it is called for. There is no need to put up a shield or go on the offense all the time, especially since those high walls can blind you to dangers that dig.


      • I should add that this is because (being well raised) I understand that men are far more nurturing and forgiving of mere physical flaws than they’re sold to be. Men are generally the farthest thing from shallow. Having preferences does not preclude having the ability to love someone who doesn’t perfectly fit within them. Men tend to perceive suitability differently than they perceive beauty so that one overrides and becomes the other in their minds. I think this happens for the same reason most can distinguish love from lust.

        So the man actually in love with the ugly woman may well perceive her as beautiful or having enough to turn him on. The man with the nasty or mean woman is another story. He’s actually being made miserable.


      • Nicole
        I should add that this is because (being well raised) I understand that men are far more nurturing and forgiving of mere physical flaws than they’re sold to be. Men are generally the farthest thing from shallow.
        Let me help you with what you are trying to say:

        Men are BETTER than women.

        *you’re welcome*


      • I think men are good at what they do and women are good at what we do. Everybody just needs to be clear on what it is they’re supposed to be doing.

        Part of what men do better is truly romantic, deathgrip, against all odds love for their mate. Least women could do is not make this too difficult by being the odds and the death.


    • …happily married.

      I’d like to hear it from the hubster saddled with the chubster.

      Besides. like another man just said, it’s as much the attitude as the weight that makes women like this truly off-putting.


  118. nugganu
    . I was friends with one and tried having sex with her and I’m still likely in need of therapy.
    I THOUGHT I once had a fat girlfriend, but now that I think about it, she wasn’t really fat like this woman who is fat IN THE FACE. The “fat” girl I dated was what I would call “chunky”; but she still had a waist and you could not tell she was fat by looking at just her face.

    She was a good fun fuck but I caution you guys about these types because two years later I saw her and was shocked to see she had become huge, ROUND and fully fat in the face.

    It was shocking.

    Moms and sisters should always be studied for possible clues of how a girls wieght will change as she ages.

    Its very easy for a girl to go from cigarette boat to Lead Zepellin.


    • Which brings us to another aspect off all this – one gets old enough, and with the advent of the internet, to become permanently traumatized by fat chicks, once he beholds what his various former lovers habe become. I currently see two former girlfriends quite often and it always leaves me in an almost despair when I see what has become of them. It is like bits of my past glories are being slowly torn away from me, leaving a gaping chasm where once there were the warm memories of youth and sexual conquest.

      I hate my former girlfriemds for getting fat and destroying my youthful experiences like that. Those memories are now permanently replaced with, “dear God, I can’t believe I fucked that…..that….thing…..”


      • “It is like bits of my past glories are being slowly torn away from me, leaving a gaping chasm where once there were the warm memories of youth and sexual conquest.”


        You can make something so sober sound so poetic.


  119. Ah, xoJane. A website that somehow managed to out-“class” Jizzabel.

    There’s also this [url=”http://www.xojane.com/relationships/the-myth-of-the-perfect-guy”]gem of a woman[/url] musing about the Perfect Guy, along with a list, of course.

    Or that [url=”http://www.xojane.com/healthy/sex-ostomy-the-single-girl”]girl[/url] telling us about her intimate moments with her über-beta boyfriend and her colostomy bag.


  120. Fat people bring down plane.

    (((shakin my head)))


  121. On another note check out this astounding bit of logic i came accross. Fired for being “too sexy”



  122. She has horizontal and vertical cleavage.


  123. I found a copy of “The Mystery Method” at my local public library. Not even joking.

    Truly the cocking and desouling of da great books for men & classics.



  124. on December 24, 2012 at 1:26 am AlmostAnonymous

    That’s helped bring down the plan, helped. The key figure mentioned is an average 20 lbs increase in weight since the 30s.


  125. As a comment on the OP — yeah, this is the attitude I see most women between 18-30 having. It’s like this unearned ‘everything I do is awesome and I you will never hold me accountable for anything bad I do.’ So this woman’s post is just the next step — ‘we probably can look like shit and still be great!’ Nonsense.


    So, I had two cool experiences, and I will break them down. None count as cold approaches, though, which really sucks. Before I get to them, just general info: I’m still doing this whole identity thing. The weirdest part about it is that -so many- things make me angry/annoy me. I never focused on it before, but it’s true. And, you know, I guess I’m acting out now…trying to acknowledge my emotions instead of just ignoring them altogether. Resulted in a funny scene the other day at a game where I ended up sitting on the outside of the group — and you know how that is, can’t hear shit. It just pissed me right off, to the point where I was just like ‘this is fucking stupid, speak up goddammit, no one can hear you over here.’ So…just think a lot of little moments like that spread over this past week or two. To my surprise, the reaction of my friends has been more surprise and ‘hey, you okay man?’ type of stuff. I get the feeling that expressing my emotions in a ‘cool’ way will take a lot of time, but whatever, it feels WAY better just being like ‘fuck it this is how I feel right now.’

    Experience one:

    At a kickback (classic sitch of a get together being advertised as a party and ending up with only like eleven people :P), this one girl we all know came, and she’s pretty cool, I kind of like her. She brings three friends — one of them is a clear dyke, the other is questionable, and the other is straight (seems pretty straight, anyway) and a HB 7. So, after everyone says hi to her, I say hi, and we chat for a few seconds. Nothing important here, I’m just being social rather than trying to game.

    Then….here it comes…she makes a joke:
    “What was your name again?”

    BOOM. Laughter all around. She knew my name, and it was a joke. But man….it instantly pissed me off. And yeah, I could have attempted to ignore it, but the first step is just dwelling in the emotion…the second step is learning to properly deal with it. So, before, I would have gone along with it. Instead, I just kind of……well…..

    “…man, that really hurts. I really like you. You know who I am.”
    “Aw, come on, I’m just kidding.”

    …then I just rise up from my chair, shake my head, and just walk away. She laughs, they carry on. So, I’m thinking, ‘whatever…’ I told the truth in a sort of jokey way. Check this out…later on, they’re standing away from the main group talking, and I go over there under the guise of pouring wine for someone else (that someone was so drunk they wouldn’t know the difference anyway). So anyway, the girl I’m kind of crushing on is like

    “Hey, you know I’m just messing with you, right?”

    “My heart was broken then…but that’s all behind me now. I’ve moved on with my life.”

    “(nods with a laugh) Okay, good to hear it.”


    At this time, cross-talk happens and the HB 7 comments on the entire party behind us. She says something loud like “they’re all talking in alphabetical order!” Her dyke friend immediately moves to make fun of her, by turning to me and repeating what she said. And I blink…and just nod like ‘YEAH THEY ARE.’ And the dyke is like ‘noooo, she just said it in such a dramatic way.’ And I just put my hand in front of her face and looked at the HB 7.

    “They were fucking talking in alphabetical order, for sure, and your friend is a huge fucking hater. Deal with it.”

    The HB 7’s mouth drops, and the dyke starts to tag-team me with the other ‘questionable’ girl. In that moment, I felt something I’d never felt in a social interaction — domination. They were insulting me, but there was something different in it — they were supplicating. Trying to prove to me and justify to me that what they did was correct, and that the HB 7 did, in fact, use an overly dramatic tone. My response was almost instinctive, I just pretended not to hear them and danced a little in place, swirling around my cup of wine. HB 7 and my original ‘don’t know your name’ friend start laughing. Then, the HB 7 suddenly steps closer and is like ‘can I have your number?’ No bullshit here, and I saw — I felt! — the attraction radiating from her toward me. I blinked, and before I could say even one word, my original friend pushes her more toward me and is like ‘yeah, get each other’s info…get married…go for it.’ I managed to get her number, but got almost no interaction with her after that…her friends like, swooped in on her, surrounding her like a cockblocking wall. They left 10 minutes later to find a better party. (I wish that the party would have been larger!)

    So yeah…what do we make of that? I’m unsure. I’m pretty sure I did like most everything wrong and caught a spot of luck, but I gotta say, it just feels good trying to channel how I feel into something verbal.

    Next situation:

    At another party — thankfully, this one is a real damned party. So, friend’s girlfriend is an HB 6. I swipe this expensive three-button long-sleeved shirt from one of my friends, pop the collar, and just kind of cruise the party. I wander outside where friend and his gf are there with two other people, including the friend who I jacked the shirt from, and I’m like ‘who the FUCK is out here?’ -Everyone- but her seems unmoved by my entrance, but she laughs. My friend is like ‘hey that’s a nice sweater, you look really good in it.’ I’m like ‘ah, this old thing, you know…I have good taste.’ At this point the HB 6 starts telling me to model the shirt, and you know, I’m like ‘yeah, I guess I can just be a dancing monkey here, screw it.’ So I do it — and I notice that she’s touching me a lot, but I’m just like…’whatever, her bf’s right here, obviously she’s just touchy.’ So, after her finally asking me to turn around to see if I have the right butt to model the shirt (she approves), and I think that’s the end of it.

    Later, her bf is nowhere around, but she’s there, and she’s like ‘still popping that collar eh?’ And I’m like, ‘fucking right, you pop the collar when you’re bringing the funk.’ She responds ‘…it’s a real short funk, eh?’

    And at this point, I just do the same thing I’ve been doing — and the cool thing is that, what’s going to happen, someone yell at me for saying something offensive? Who gives a shit. So I just stop and look straight at her

    ‘I will FUCK the shit out of you.’

    Her eyes widen and she just laughs it off, then I start dancing — she starts dancing with me. FYI — totally not the kind of dancing bf’s are okay with. In fact, her boyfriend walked in when me and her were near the end of the song. And you know, he laughs — she backs off and is like ‘oooooh, it’s just the shirt, can’t resist it. It’s a great shirt.’ I just sort of nod. Now I’m starting to think something is happening…

    More of the night passes, and we end up going to a bar. So our friends are all kind of spread out, and somehow, it ends up that everyone else is either playing pool, ordering drinks, or in the restroom — including her boyfriend — and it’s just me and her. So she looks over at me and is like

    “So where’s your girlfriend?”

    “Don’t have one.”

    “Oh yeah, you’re a pretty hot guy….are you gay?”

    See, in my mind I’m like ‘why the FUCK are people saying I’m gay?! Goddammit!’ But I have enough sense to try and process the whole message.

    “Are you interested?” is the first thing I can think of. Meh.

    She laughs, but I just stare at her. Like….just hardcore stare. She looks away.

    “If I didn’t have a boyfriend, yeah probably…”

    Then, I just sense that the moment is right and the frame has shifted. So I grin at her and I’m like…

    “…hey, it’s okay…I’m gay, remember.”

    Instant laugh and her. hand. goes on my thigh (!!!!?!?!?!!!) along with

    “…you’re a problem.”

    Her hand leaves my thigh, I just shrug with a smile, and then her bf comes back. They leave shortly thereafter.

    So….you know….these weren’t cold approaches, but I feel like some dots are accidentally being connected sometimes in some ways 😀


    • Nice. Keep at it.


    • Ready? ’cause I’m about to blow your fucking mind here lol You can tell that some kind of dots are somehow accidentally being connected but can’t quite place your finger on how, why, or what the dots are…I’m about to draw you a big ol’ word diagram explaining all those dots and their connections so you can consciously and competantly see the shit you can feel is there. 🙂

      “None count as cold approaches, though, which really sucks.”

      It’s all good. You have plenty of time to get into cold approaching down the road. Celebrate all your victories. 🙂

      “The weirdest part about it is that -so many- things make me angry/annoy me. I never focused on it before, but it’s true. And, you know, I guess I’m acting out now…trying to acknowledge my emotions instead of just ignoring them altogether.”

      So before when you’d approach a girl or she’d test you or anything, you probably didn’t even realize you were angry/annoyed but likely you were sub-communicating this frustration and, since girls learn to subconsciously read those sub-communications from the time they grow tits, they were probably picking up on this weird “No I’m fine 🙂 (internally: “AHHH FUCK THIS IS STUPID”)” incongruence lol

      Thing is, you can be an angry guy, and get attraction…because the congruence is more attractive than the behavior itself. ie – when a nice but suspicious person approaches you on the street at night, you’re on your guard and wary. But the fucking crazy drunk loon rolling around on the ground shouting about aliens, well, you know exactly what that guy’s about and you know there are no surprises in interacting with him…in a way you TRUST him more than you trust the nice but suspicious person who seems to have some kind of ulterior motive.

      This is why a lot of assholes get girls…because they’re genuinely assholes and up front about that and not hiding who they are or what they think/believe/feel. On the flip side, some genuinely nice guys get girls, like a lot of high-value cool guys who are just chill and friendly with everyone and compliment women etc…those guys succeed because they’re legitimately expressing themselves.

      The disconnect for most AFC guys is that they THINK they’re that second guy I described, and are like “wtf I’m a Nice Guy, why can’t I get a girl??” and they don’t realize that that’s exactly the same vibe you’re just realizing you’ve had where you’re not REALLY being honest about what you think/feel…and that’s not even your fault, society conditions us not to really self-analyze and to just plod along thinking we’re special snowflakes. But it’s a consistent thing. That’s why the Red Pill is hard to swallow for a lot of Nice Guys, because they have to accept “shit, all this time I’ve thought I was like this, but in reality I’m ACTUALLY like THIS, and THIS isn’t really that good a person…wow…I have some work to do :(”

      “It just pissed me right off, to the point where I was just like ‘this is fucking stupid, speak up goddammit, no one can hear you over here.’”

      lol 🙂 You’re on the right path now. You’ll find that a lot of pickup is based in being so frustrated by something that you finally take action to change it. Like a guy coming up to steal your girl and you’re just like “No fuck this!! Not again!!!” and pick her up over your shoulder and carry her away from the guy mid-conversation and then she fucking loves you lol

      A common one that I run into is say there’s 2 girls and my buddy and I start talking to them. His girl is into him and my girl is into me (like she’s giving me EC and trying to hear what I say) but because she’s across from me and my buddy’s girl is across from him, we’re all intersecting awkwardly trying to have two separate conversations through eachother.

      So I’ll just go “This is stupid, come here.” and put my hand out and pull her awkwardly through my buddy and his girl’s conversation over to me and now her and I can have a conversation while my buddy can work his girl. The moment is awkward, but the reality is that the frustration is forcing me to express what I really want and take action, so the end result is attraction instead of “wow that was really awkward”.

      “the reaction of my friends has been more surprise and ‘hey, you okay man?’ type of stuff.”

      lol ya, this is part of why we recommend going out solo, making new friends, and practicing on strangers. Changing your behavior will weird some of your friends out, and there are times where they’ll actively try to force you back into the role they’re used to you playing. “Dude, are you okay man? You seem stressed, you’re never like this…dude, chill out man, you’re creeping those girls out, why are you saying that stuff? Why are you being an asshole to her man? You used to be a nice guy, what’s up man, are you stressed or something? That’s not cool dude, you shouldn’t talk like that…”

      If their pressure is too hard to deal with, you may have to stop hanging out with them. That part sucks. A lot, actually. You sometimes find out that you really only had 1 or 2 REAL friends in a group who want you to work on yourself and improve your life, and all the other friends that you thought were really close buddies will actually just try to keep you down and stifle your self-development.

      Sometimes they’re right, that you’re doing weird/creepy shit. You’re going to be crossing a lot of boundaries to learn where those boundaries ARE, so you WILL do some legit awkward stuff…but if you can calmly explain “Sorry man, it’s just that this has always kind of bugged me and I’ve just never said anything, you know? I’m not trying to be a dick, I’ve just been watching this Tony Robbins shit and he talks about how you should express your feelings and right now I’m feeling like this kind of blows lol”, or something along those lines that fits your personality, and they don’t support you, well, they might not have your best interests at heart and it could be time to find new friends.

      “I get the feeling that expressing my emotions in a ‘cool’ way will take a lot of time”

      Yup, you’ll learn to do it. It’s like before you were way into the Nice Guy zone, and now you’re going to swing way into the Asshole zone because being abrasive/etc. will get you some results even if it alienates some people and that’s addicting so you’ll take it and run with it…but down the road you’ll swing back a bit into the middle and find what fits you best. We all go through it as we learn about ourselves, a lot of the stuff I did when I started out I don’t do anymore because I’ve figured out my Identity.

      “it feels WAY better just being like ‘fuck it this is how I feel right now.’”

      🙂 You’re finally being honest, both with other people around you and with yourself. Understand that you were never a bad person, or a liar or anything, you were just socially conditioned like 99% of the world and you’re finally waking up to that and breaking out of it…it’s like taking weights off your limbs and being able to finally move again…that feeling of freedom is a big part of why PUA sucks people in.

      On a deep note, I feel like I live an extremely honest, congruent life, compared to pretty much everyone else I know. I know who I am, what I want, what I approve and don’t approve of, what I expect from the people around me and my relationships, and I’m very up-front about all that and don’t apologize for it. People might not like my views, but they respect that I’m honest. Where on the flip side I know guys cheating on their GFs, or girls lying about how they feel because they’re scared to rock the boat in their relationships with their family, or people who cut loose and act completely different when they’re drunk and all the repressed shit comes out, etc. etc. and to me it’s just a bunch of people who are often genuinely good people, but they’re trapped in this suffocating web where they can’t express or go for what they really want (or even admit it to themselves). In a way it’s sad to me, because being my friends, I wish they could break free and live honestly and lead happier lives. (some of them actually thrive off the drama though lol)

      “Then….here it comes…she makes a joke:”

      Her teasing you is an Indicator of Interest, though she might not even realize it. Would you tease a 400lb fat girl to her face? Probably not. But you might call the hottie you’re into a nerd for wearing a Transformers shirt. 🙂

      On the flip side, would she say that to you if you were some gross homeless bum off the street? No, she’d want to end the convo as quick as possible and stay off your radar.

      “But man….it instantly pissed me off.”

      🙂 In time, you’ll legitimately laugh it off in your head. Like your internal dialogue will change completely from how it is now. So don’t worry that you got pissed, you’re still at the “fake it till you make it” stage.

      “And yeah, I could have attempted to ignore it”

      A lot of guys here will recommend that you be all James Bond style and just raise an eyebrow. And that’s cool, but step back and look at this emotionlessly from a logical Game perspective:

      1) She shit-tested you.
      2) Shit-testing you is actually an Indicator of Interest.
      3) Passing a shit-test demonstrates congruency and increases her attraction for you.

      Add that all up and you basically have a PERFECT opportunity to increase her attraction, by demonstrating your personality. Raising an eyebrow James Bond style doesn’t demonstrate much. But doing something like you do here, where you roleplay that your heart is broken, that you’re in love, making her feel drama like maybe you’re really hurt by her or pissed at her so she’s thinking about your interaction after you’ve left, etc…how much BETTER is that in terms of building an emotional reaction in her to you?

      So you handled this perfectly. Breakdown:

      “So, before, I would have gone along with it.”

      And you would have been lying/dishonest/incongruent and not expressing yourself and your personality (aka your Identity). And a little notch of frustration would be added to all that pent up “I get really pissed off at stuff around me that I didn’t realize actually bugs me!” energy you’ve had for probably years.

      “What was your name again?”

      Here she tries to take/set the frame: aka tell me your name, do what I want/expect because I’m a girl and men do what I want.

      “…man, that really hurts. I really like you. You know who I am.”

      Here you avoid her frame and keep/set yours: you’re not answering her question, you’re scolding her, and you’re fucking with her emotions a bit proclaiming your really liking her (she thinks “?? is he serious? is he a creeper? does he like me? wtf?” and it’s not an attracted reaction, but it’s ANY kind of reaction, and that’s better than NO reaction…you’re appearing on her radar. You can make a bad first impression or a good first impression, it really doesn’t matter (as long as you know how to recover from the bad one), as long as you make SOME impression you’re polarizing yourself and standing out from the crowd of Nice Guys she runs into)

      “Aw, come on, I’m just kidding.”

      Here she tries to take the frame: implies you’re over-reacting and really the response she’s expecting here is a butt-hurt “oh okay, sorry I over-reacted…” But what do YOU do? lol:


      lol awesome. Here you’re shitting all over her frame: you’re not backing down from what you said, you’re not doing what she wants, and in fact you’re exaggerating way over the top the very thing she told you to basically tone down. This is the classic way of passing shit-tests. Like “How many girls have you slept with?” “Just one.” “No way, tell me the truth!!” “Okay, one billion.” (no apology, not doing what she wants, exaggerating, basically showing her that you aren’t so captivated with her for having tits that you won’t fuck around and amuse yourself in the interaction).

      You probably didn’t do it on purpose, but you actually handled this in an optimal manner. 🙂

      “So, I’m thinking, ‘whatever…’ I told the truth in a sort of jokey way.”

      Yep. As you go, you’ll learn to express the truth but with a self-amused grin internally and externally, instead of being pissed on the inside and having to consciously filter it through a “how to present this in a non-butt-hurt way”. Like it legitimately won’t bother you and you’ll see it for what it is (a chance to demonstrate your personality and build attraction) and you’ll be HAPPY when she does shit like that because you’ll know she’s helping you lead things to sex. 🙂

      “So anyway, the girl I’m kind of crushing on is like”

      🙂 As expected. You’re on her radar and you left her thinking about the interaction and you and not knowing what the deal is exactly…are you mad at her? Do you love her? Why did you react like that? Who ARE you? What’s your deal?? And you allowed her the opportunity to re-open you easily. She doesn’t necessarily want to fuck you or is super attracted or anything, but your last interaction basically left her with an itch that she needs to scratch.

      Try walking away from a girl who’s talking to you mid-sentence sometime. lol Like don’t say anything or pretend to see a friend across the room or anything, just literally go from staring at her making eye-contact while she talks, to just walking away and getting a drink or whatever and standing elsewhere or making small-talk with someone else. It’s almost guaranteed that she’ll approach you again or be relieved when you come back to her…again it’s not necessarily attraction, but it’s an itch she needs to scratch and makes her wonder wtf just happened there, which means she’s thinking about YOU and not some other dude…this is basically getting her to react emotionally to you.

      “Hey, you know I’m just messing with you, right?”

      Same exact frame-grab attempt as she did before, except worded differently. She implies you’re over-reacting and really the response she’s expecting here is a butt-hurt “oh okay, sorry I over-reacted…” But again what do you do?:

      “My heart was broken then…but that’s all behind me now. I’ve moved on with my life.”

      No apologies for your actions, not doing what she wants, and exaggerating the stuff she wanted you to tone down. But now you’ve added to the role-play and are amusing yourself and this is the point where she goes from “not sure what this guy’s deal is” to “ohhhhh he’s just fucking with me!! lol what a fucker!!!”

      THIS is the point where Attraction is sparked. Essentially what you’ve done is filled her with a bunch of anxious emotions (“omg is he mad at me, did I say something wrong, who is he, does he think I’m an asshole”) and let her stew on it for a bit, then pulled the cork and swooooosh all that anxiety rushes out like air out of a balloon and she’s relieved and can relax.

      It’s the same feeling of relief as when you gotta’ run home to take a shit and just barely make it to the can in time. 🙂 You’re never more appreciative of that toilet than that moment lol because you had so much anxiety leading up to it.

      Now she knows you’re a guy that does whatever he wants and just fucks around with girls who look like her, and that you’re not intimidated and won’t fall into her frame and you’re smart enough to fool her and she feels silly for falling for it. How many guys do you think do all that to her the first time they meet her?

      “(nods with a laugh) Okay, good to hear it.”

      She’s legit attracted and curious here, but as a girl she doesn’t really have any game lol So she doesn’t know what to follow up with. This is why PUAs stress Leading, because this is where it’s like the reins are on the ground and the horse wants to go somewhere, but it needs you to pick up those reins and go “Let’s go get a drink.” etc.


      lol not the optimal way of responding (neither of you is taking the reins here and leading things forward), but not terrible or anything. It’s just one of those “you won $50 but you could’ve won $500” moments that you’ll learn to spot in the future as your game becomes more streamlined and efficient.

      “She says something loud like “they’re all talking in alphabetical order!” Her dyke friend immediately moves to make fun of her, by turning to me and repeating what she said.”

      Understand that at this point THEY HAVE TALKED ABOUT YOU lol Like when you were off talking to whoever about whatever after you told her you love her and walked off, guaranteed the convo involved the HB7 going “Who was THAT??” and the girls gossipping about you and your relationship with CrushGirl etc. (just as a heads-up, Field Reports are why we give girls names like HBCrush and ChubbyDyke etc., so it’s easier to keep track of who’s who in the report, so I’m calling your crush CrushGirl from here)

      Also, girls speak loudly when they WANT you to hear what they’re saying and they want SOMEONE to react. My Natural buddy does it too, as a girl’s passing he’ll say something a little extra loud, often something offensive (lol), to make them react to him and then he can bring them into the conversation.

      Dyke isn’t necessarily cock-blocking, but she is technically an obstacle. Fortunately you again handle this flawlessly for a guy who’s new to game:

      “And I blink…and just nod like ‘YEAH THEY ARE.’”

      lol. She tried to set the frame of “we’re making fun of HB7, back me up!!” and you shit on her frame and said “no, HB7’s frame is correct.” So of course she has to fight that and try to get you to cave:

      “And the dyke is like ‘noooo, she just said it in such a dramatic way.’”

      She’s probably pretty aggressive personality-wise and used to people caving to her frame. So she’s like “c’mon, agree with me damn you!! you’re supposed to agree with me I’m the queen of the universe and you’re just some boy!!”

      But instead:

      “And I just put my hand in front of her face”

      Fucking LOL. I bet if you could have seen her face behind your hand it would’ve been the funniest thing in the world.

      “and looked at the HB 7.”

      Solid. You’re good at this “showing intent” thing, where you cut from joking around (spiking their Buying Temperature) to “here’s a moment of realness. I want you.” etc. This kind of thing will often freeze girls in their tracks like a deer in headlights.

      “They were fucking talking in alphabetical order, for sure, and your friend is a huge fucking hater. Deal with it.”

      Like a BOSS. Understand that this Dyke chick probably has these girls and random guys all cave to her frame all the time, and you just stomped on her frame and laid out how shit is gonna’ work. You are the dominant authority figure of this interaction. That shit is SUPER Attractive.

      Bringing it back to your height, remember how I said that being tall is just a quick indicator of “this guy is probably dominant and authoritative and can protect me and handle his shit”…it’s not that the height itself is attractive, it’s what that height represents to her, the same way we don’t find a tight dress itself attractive if it’s just laying on the floor, it’s when it’s on her body and showing off “this is a sexually attractive woman” that we’re attracted. Put that same dress on a fatty uggo and we’re not attracted so the dress itself has no magic powers.

      So what you just did here, was demonstrate the same things that they expect tall guys to demonstrate. You dominated, were authoritative, held your frame, and showed the HB7 who was about to be made fun of by her friend that you can protect her and handle any shit the world throws at her. All the same things she expects a tall guy to be able to do based on his height…you’ve demonstrated through your personality.

      “The HB 7’s mouth drops”

      She was probably staring at you with giant wide anime-eyes as it dropped lol We call this the “Doggy dinner-bowl look” (DDB), like a dog looking up at it’s owner as it brings food to pour into it’s bowl, like it’s owner is the most special wonderful amazing magnificent thing its ever seen in it’s LIFE lol This means you have massive Attraction, and usually happens after you “fry her circuits” by spiking her Buying Temperature way up which is what you did here by obliterating the Dyke’s tests lol

      Of course, that comes with reprocussions 😉

      “and the dyke starts to tag-team me with the other ‘questionable’ girl.”

      lol often the dynamic at this point is like, you can be staring your HB7 down hardcore looking into her DDB eyes and for her the entire world fades into the background and the Dyke and her friend are just yip-yapping at you, trying to get your attention back like a child tugging at your pant-leg and if you just keep staring at your HB7 unphased by the Dyke and friend, it just builds massive Attraction.

      If you started responding to the Dyke and friend and falling into their frame explaining yourself like they were like “fuck you, you’re short you can’t put your hand in my face like that!!” and you got all “whatever fuck you I’m short but you’re ugly, I’ll do what I want” “you’re an asshole” “well fuck you!”, you would have completely lost all the attraction the HB7 had at this point for you because that would have been incongruent with the badass Boss display you just put on. But instead:

      “My response was almost instinctive, I just pretended not to hear them and danced a little in place, swirling around my cup of wine.”

      You did great here.
      Like I say, staring her down would be flawless, but this was solid, and waaaay better than engaging the Dyke and falling into her frame.

      “I felt something I’d never felt in a social interaction — domination. They were insulting me, but there was something different in it — they were supplicating.”

      🙂 Pretty different feeling than when that girl on the dance floor sneered at you hey? Imagine how this moment looked to anyone in the room watching (and people do watch lol especially girls)…you’ve got 2 girls begging for your approval, and 2 girls laughing and eye-fucking you and probably girl-coding eachother (ie – looking into eachother’s eyes subtly communicating to eachother, learn to watch for this and read it lol) about how awesome you are, and the whole time you’re just standing there like a boss dominating them all, ignoring the supplicating girls and defending your HB7 from them.

      Like, what a fucking scene lol You’re now the guy who’s making girls react to him, instead of the guy reacting to the girls around him. It’s a difficult nuance to explain, but that feeling you felt is the result of it and you can probably FEEL how Attractive that must be to a woman who wants a dominant alpha male.

      Okay a lot of little things are about to happen in this last bit of the interaction and I’ll break them down bit by bit…you’ll find it’s kind of like a fight where it all happens quick and you look back on it and you’re like “wow that escalated fast” when you take it apart. As you gain competance, like becoming a good fighter, time starts to slow down in the moment and you can see the guy’s punch coming in slow motion…it’s the same thing with social dynamics, you feel 10 steps ahead of everyone when you’re good.

      “HB 7 and my original ‘don’t know your name’ friend start laughing.”

      They both want to fuck you btw lol CrushGirl wasn’t super attracted before, but you pinged on her radar, and rocked all of this, and now she can tell HB7 is into you because girls can sense other girls’ Buying Temperature so now you’ve got social proof, after doing all that boss shit, and now she’s attracted to you too.

      “Then, the HB 7 suddenly steps closer and is like ‘can I have your number?'”

      Have you grown 2 feet taller since that HB6 on the dance floor a few weeks back sneered at you? OR, have you started learning to express yourself and socially dominate your interactions with women? 🙂

      “No bullshit here, and I saw — I felt! — the attraction radiating from her toward me.”

      lol You weren’t imagining it. Logically based on the stuff you’ve described, it makes perfect consistent sense in terms of PUA principles.

      “I blinked, and before I could say even one word,”

      lol this’ll happen a lot. You’ll hit some kind of unexpected success that’ll blind-side you and you’ll often lose the girl because you freeze in a moment of “holy shit did that just happen?? what do I–oops moment is over” 🙂 It’s that same feeling as if you were trapped in a dark cave and then crawled through a dark little doorway in it and bam, there’s this huge beautiful sunny beach on the other side and you’re just like “…woah…”

      As you experience more and more of these situations, you’ll get used to them and expect them and be ready to pounce. It’s why really pro guys can escalate so fast, they’re used to it…but even then, a really pro guy who’s banged a thousand girls in bed will probably still be mind-blown by his first bathroom blowjob or threesome etc. There’s always new experiences out there. 🙂

      “my original friend pushes her more toward me and is like ‘yeah, get each other’s info…get married…go for it.’ ”

      lol because she’s jealous now. 🙂 She’s trying to AMOG you a little bit and fuck it up with the “get married, go for it!” bit. Like with a dude and a girl I’ll tell him “oh ya, this guy’s perfect for you, you guys should fuck right now there’s a bathroom over there, you guys are perfect together” etc. and it’s a way of sabotaging things by escalating them too fast lol

      It’s basically a big shit-test and you just ignore it and focus on your goal, getting your girl’s number.

      “I managed to get her number”

      Props! Not sure if it’ll flake. It’s hard to tell in these situations because for all you know her Dyke friend and your CrushGirl sabotaged you once they all left the party…like if Dyke was pissed or CrushGirl was jealous enough she could just talk smack about you until HB7 would feel too socially judged by her peer group if she dared fuck you.

      “but got almost no interaction with her after that…her friends like, swooped in on her, surrounding her like a cockblocking wall. They left 10 minutes later to find a better party.”

      lol ya, this is why we try to isolate the girl (usually at that DDB stage). If you can get her alone, you can escalate it and probably fuck her that night, but when there’s all these other obstacles around you can lose a perfectly “on” lay and it’s pretty frustrating. 🙂

      “So yeah…what do we make of that?”

      You did a lot better than you realize lol. Again I don’t know if she’ll flake or not, you left an amazing impression on her but a lot can happen between getting the number and meeting up again. This is why we like to go for the lay and consider the phone number a fallback plan “if we HAVE to”…but even then we try to use getting the number to set up a Time Bridge (Mystery Method stuff here) where instead of “give me your number” it’s “give me your number and I’ll take you to that place with the thing we talked about”.

      “I’m pretty sure I did like most everything wrong and caught a spot of luck”

      lol you did great.

      I would txt her and try to set up an isolated Day 2, VS “my buddies and I will be at Club Blah on Friday, you should come out” because her friends and your friends will all cockblock you guys. So shoot for like, drinks and throwing darts at a quiet pub somewhere, or inviting her along to some kind of hobby you have, etc. You don’t have to be totally alone, you can be in a crowded environment, but just make sure that IN that environment, you and her don’t know anyone (or at least SHE doesn’t know anyone and you only know people who will make you look good and give you props and help you, not AMOG/cockblock you). Then you can build comfort/rapport since you’ve already got Attraction and escalate to the lay.

      You might still fuck it up, remember we’re setting the frame that you don’t fully expect to get laid till spring or summer here, you’re still learning. So don’t beat yourself if you do fuck it up…but you should absolutely definitely txt her and TRY to push for a Day 2.

      Immoralgables compiled some texting stuff here: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?ou36b9mx5d44h31 – Give that a read if you have time, but the jist of what you want to do is spike her Buying Temperature through flirting/teasing via txt, then when you know she’s in a good mood from that, push for the Day 2 and get her to agree to it solidly (if she’s wishy-washy, pull the offer away or flake on her and try again next week).

      I like to get them to a quiet pub near my place early, like 6 or 7, where I know we won’t run into anyone we know, and pitch it like “then if you turn out to be crazy, it’s early enough that I can sneak out the pub’s bathroom window and meet up with my friends while you ask the waiter to check on me lol” (as if you’re still qualifying her and not sure about her). Then when you guys meet up, flirt and tease, build comfort/rapport, escalate, and take her back to your place (“As much as I like paying $10 for a rye and coke, I have a bottle of wine at my place just up the street. Let’s go there and drink instead.”) and stay in and fuck all night. 🙂

      “Next situation:”

      This one will be fun. lol

      “and I’m like ‘who the FUCK is out here?’”

      lol nothing wrong with making an entrance. Especially if you’re feeling good and dominant and like you own the party. Stiffler’s introductions in the American Pie movies are great examples of this, where the camera follows him just dominating the room. Some people think he’s awesome, some think he’s an asshole, but everyone is reacting to him and every girl watching the movie thinks “I would so fuck that guy”.

      “-Everyone- but her seems unmoved by my entrance, but she laughs.”

      lol this is fine. She’s a girl, she recognizes unstifled behavior which signifies confidence etc. so you stand out on her radar. When Mystery walks into the room every guy thinks “what a tool” and ignores him, and even a lot of average girls think that he’s just some weirdo, but the hot peacocked girls go “hey THIS is a guy who has confidence!” and smile.

      Your girl is only an HB6 and all that, but remember that there’s your rating of her, other guy’s rating of her, her OWN rating of her, and her rating in that moment in that environment. So a cocky bitchy Vegas 6 in some podunk small town pub things she’s an HB10 and you have to treat her as such and Neg the fuck out of her. But an innocent humble shy small-town 10 in a high-end Vegas nightclub surrounded by Playboy looking chicks might feel like she’s an HB6 compared to them, so you’d have to treat her as such and not be Negging her. This is calibration that you’ll learn as you meet more and more women in different environments with different personality types.

      “My friend is like ‘hey that’s a nice sweater, you look really good in it.’”

      Nice! That’s a good friend. An alpha AMOG type might try to tool you in front of girls and those are the guys you’ll often have to start hanging out with less. You should only be surrounded by people who support you and make you feel good about yourself.

      “At this point the HB 6 starts telling me to model the shirt”

      lol it sounds like you’re a decent looking dude like the working out is going good for you and stuff. And you don’t handle this badly here because she gets a chance to cop a feel (lol), but it’s another case of “$50 vs $500” like earlier.

      Check out John Mayer at 20 seconds into this clip when she asks about his tattoos:

      He instinctively knows this girl thinks he’s attractive, and starts teasing her about it. The “spin me around, you want to spin me around?” thing fries her circuits. Of course once you start spiking her BT, her boyfriend might get jealous lol

      “and you know, I’m like ‘yeah, I guess I can just be a dancing monkey here, screw it.’ So I do it”

      Ya, you always fall into bragging/qualifying your muscles (“traps are too big to be drawn” AMOG comment from before, etc.). In THIS case it’s okay because she’s already attracted to you off your entrance and your friend giving you props on the shirt and whatever else she knows about you, but keep an eye on this in the future because a lot of times hotter girls will dangle an easy hoop/reward in front of you (spin around for me so I can feel you up!) but in jumping through that hoop you’ll lose her attraction.

      Mystery calls this Hoop Theory, where if she sets up a hoop (“model for me!”), you can DO what she wants, BUT you should set your own hoop up for her to jump through first…it can be ANYTHING, something minor like “hold my drink for me.” or something major like “you first, that’s a sexy dress. ;)” If she doesn’t jump through your hoop, you don’t jump through her hoop.

      It’s a way of supplicating for a mutually benefitial reward (she wants to feel you up and you want her to feel you up so it’s win/win) without doing it from a supplicating frame where you can lose attraction. Again in this situ you were okay, but with like an HB9 you can fuck yourself over…I’m just pointing it out because it might be a pattern for you, especially as you continue working out and liking your body more and more.

      “and I notice that she’s touching me a lot,”

      ’cause she wants to booooone you. lol

      “whatever, her bf’s right here, obviously she’s just touchy.”

      You’ll be surprised at 1) how blatantly girls will flirt with you in front of their BFs, and 2) how OBLIVIOUS those BFs will often be TO her flirting.

      I’ve had a LOT of awkward situations in my social circles where my buddy’s GFs/wives will flirt with me hardcore because I’m doing my thing on other girls in the group or bar and they see it and are attracted, and to ME it’s like this blatant flashing neon sign above their head but I look at my buddy and he’s just completely unaware of all the sub-communications going on, and I have to remove myself from the interaction ASAP for the sake of not creating drama in my social circle.

      Make no mistake though, she wants to fuck you. Don’t do it if her BF is your friend though, there are other girls out there. Tons of em. 🙂
      “asking me to turn around to see if I have the right butt to model the shirt”

      lol because that makes logical sense. This is blatant flirting on her part. I would have a field-day with this if she weren’t my friend’s girlfriend lol 🙂

      “(she approves)”

      Of course she does. Because she wants to boooooone youuuuu

      “and she’s like ‘still popping that collar eh?'”

      Shit-test. Trying to get you to apologize for who you are or be embarrassed and qualify yourself to her etc.

      “And I’m like, ‘fucking right, you pop the collar when you’re bringing the funk.'”

      Handled like a boss lol Objectively someone might read this and be like “bringing the funk?? who the fuck says that, bro that’s lame don’t say that girls will think you’re lame” but the reality is that you can say whatever you want when you’re feeling in state and confident, even if it doesn’t make sense or is dorky, and the girl, because she’s attracted, will think it’s awesome.

      It’s that saying of “I don’t do it because it’s cool, it’s cool because I do it.” 🙂

      “She responds ‘…it’s a real short funk, eh?’”

      Shit-test lol She’s trying to throw herself out of state because she’s attracted to you and sub-consciously knows she wants to fuck you and her Anti-Slut Defense is fucking with her because your friend is her boyfriend so she’s not SUPPOSED to be attracted.

      So a shit-test is to make sure you’re congruent, but the reason they want to find out if you’re congruent is because they want to fuck you…so they’re like a car rolling down a hill toward a wall, they start pumping the brakes trying to stop the car. If you fail the shit-test they go “whew!! I knew it, he’s not that confident/cool/etc., now I can be unattracted ahhhh” which is why if you fail a shit-test, the attraction dies FAST as fuck usually and ONE failed shit-test can bomb an entire sarge even at the last second in the bedroom with the really hot girls.

      BUT…if you PASS the shit-tests, then the girl realizes as she jams on the brakes that the brake-lines have been cut and oh shit she can’t stop the car and her emotions spike through the roof. She jams the brakes again, over and over, sometimes just a few times, sometimes all the way till your dick is in her, but she keeps trying to throw herself out of state to not fuck you and it doesn’t work lol

      You passed her collar shit-test, so now she tries a height shit-test. You’ll notice that a lot of girls won’t shit-test you on your height right away, they’ll try shit-testing you on looking gay or popping your collar or whatever, and it’s when you don’t react to THAT that they step it up and start targeting your height because they think “shit, I can’t get to him…but he’s short, and short guys are always insecure, so I’m gonna’ drop the big nuke and shit-test him about his height! HAH!!”

      You’ll also notice that the more they think a shit-test SHOULD get you to react, and you pass it smoothly, the MORE their attraction will spike, because you’re handling a tougher shit-test.

      …and if you happen to handle it like THIS:

      “So I just stop and look straight at her ‘I will FUCK the shit out of you.’”

      lololololol I literally snorted my drink out my nose reading that. That was so unexpected, but absolutely perfect.

      Again, I don’t think you consciously knew what you were doing but basically you demonstrated the behavior of a guy who saw “this girl wants me, she’s trying to tease me but I can tell she wants to fuck me, because all girls want to fuck me, and I’m going to escalate on her now” which is what a Natural high-value player type does…he senses when she’s attracted and considers all her tests as just flirting and confidently plows through and escalates and assumes attraction.

      Now as a short guy especially, this is great, because some girls will label you as asexual the way they do with asians etc. where it’s like, they just don’t see you as someone they could fuck. So what you’re doing here is smashing her in the face with “I’m a sexual guy, sure I’m short but I fuck like a goddamn lion” and you get the DDB wide eyed look as she creams herself because you’ve taken yourself out of the asexual non-threat category/label and put yourself into the “if you’re around me, I’m going to fuck the shit out of you” category that’s attractive.

      The irony is probably now in the future a chick will say “you’re short” and you’ll go “I’ll fuck the shit out of you” hoping to get the same reaction and it’ll bomb completely because you’ll be doing it with outcome dependance instead of this “what’s going to happen, someone yell at me for saying something offensive? Who gives a shit.” vibe you had here lol This happens to us all, but you’re game will evolve and you’ll come up with new ways to destroy this shit-test that get the same result, no worries. 🙂

      “Her eyes widen”

      DDB look.

      “and she just laughs it off”

      You’ve fried her circuits here, she doesn’t know what to do…deer in the head-lights style. If you walked away right now or someone else came over or a friend took her to the bathroom, her BT would settle down and she might even give you the cold shoulder later or feel like you think she’s a slut or something and start drama.

      Or if you got into a rational discussion with her about how she wants to fuck you, that could fuck it up too because then you’re forcing her to acknowledge that she’s a slut which triggers her ASD etc.

      “then I start dancing — she starts dancing with me. FYI — totally not the kind of dancing bf’s are okay with.”

      But because you just drop the subject and let it hang in the air and just start dancing, she stops talking too, and from here it’s all physical.

      You could take her into the bathroom right now and fuck her. Like, this is that moment. All you’d have to do is say “come with me.” take her by the hand and lead her to the bathroom (ie – isolate her), pin her against the wall and make out, and put her hand on your cock over your pants and it’d snowball from there.

      Keep in mind that that was just in that moment. If you run into her today, you’ll be starting over back at square one, with at best a little attraction but often no attraction or even ANTI-attraction because she feels slutty for the thoughts she was thinking while you danced (or her BF chewed her out at home after etc.) lol So you can’t just run into her on the street and pull her into a bathroom…this was an eclipse of the moon lined up perfectly for a moment, an open window that’s shut now.

      At the same time, the next time she gets drunk and you’re around and you do some alpha badass shit around her and she falls back into this feeling again, and you guys have isolation, she’ll probably get flirty again and you could probably escalate it to fuck her if you played it right.

      THAT SAID…I don’t think you should try to fuck her, since she’s your buddy’s GF and all and it will fuck your social circle up hardcore drama-wise and right now you need good friends and party invites and all that shit more than you need one lay followed by a bunch of drama, fighting, and being ostracized from your social circles.

      But it’s important that you know that that moment was there 100%. Again you didn’t grow 2 feet taller, you just presented yourself better and demonstrated some alpha shit.

      “And you know, he laughs — she backs off and is like ‘oooooh, it’s just the shirt, can’t resist it. It’s a great shirt.’”

      this is Hypergamy, rationalization hamster, avoiding responsibility for her actions, etc. in action. 🙂

      Now I’m starting to think something is happening…”

      For the record, I’d have called her wanting to fuck you back at modelling your ass in the shirt…possibly even before that at the modelling it in general. Like, that’s where guys like myself and my Natural buddies would place the “she wants to fuck” flag in this interaction and where a light would flick on in our heads and put her on our radar of wanting to fuck us. This comes in time with reference experiences.

      “So she looks over at me and is like”

      This is the same as CrushGirl re-opening you. You’re on her radar, intrigued her, and she wants to interact more and scratch that itch.

      “So where’s your girlfriend?”

      Huuuuuuuuuuuge ioi. This is how girls test the water to see if you’re taken or not when they want to fuck you. They’ll say “my friend wants to know if you’re single” or “where’s your girlfriend” or “your girlfriend is a lucky girl” etc. where they give you the chance to say “oh I don’t have one.”

      There’s a lot you can respond here depending on your personality and what you want out of the interaction. Like if I want her to set me up with her friend I’ll say “oh we broke up recently, I’m pretty out of it now…your friend is super cute though, but I think I should just take a break from dating, you know?” and she’ll insist on introducing me to her. Or if I want to fuck her and know she has a BF I’ll say “Don’t have one, I don’t do the relationship thing…it makes me feel trapped, like sometimes you meet someone and you just want to see where it goes but most people will judge you for it because you’re dating someone. Personally I think people are too hung up about sex, sometimes it’s just fun to fuck around with no strings attached…” and set the framework where she can start rationalizing to herself that it’s okay for us to fuck, and then we can bang later behind her BFs back.

      Again I don’t recommend that for you lol I wouldn’t do it at your stage where you need social circles, but even now I wouldn’t do it if I knew the BF let alone if I was friends with him. Personal code and all, but decide for yourself what’s important to you since that’s the whole theme of all this. 🙂

      “Don’t have one.”

      Nice and simple. You can say pretty much anything here, it’s again the “$50 vs $500” thing where if you WANTED to, you could use this as a foothold to escalate the interaction toward a specific goal, but this is a solid neutral “let’s just see where this chick takes this because I’m intrigued by all this shit tonight” response where no one could be like “dude quit flirting with my girl!”

      “Oh yeah, you’re a pretty hot guy…”

      Indicator of Interest, obviously.

      “are you gay?”

      This could be a shit-test, BUT possibly not. You’d have to figure it out from reading her vibe and calibrating which it is.

      It’s either:

      1) Again, she’s attracted, she knows it, she knows she’s making a fool of herself and her ASD is shouting at her “keep it in your pants woman!!! we can’t fuck this guy!!! even tho omg we want to!!!” So she’s trying to throw herself out of state by shit-testing you hoping you’ll fail. This is usually early in the interaction or from dudes or from girls being bitchy (Dyke from before).

      or 2) Later in the sarge, like this, when Attraction is already built up, it’s an actual question on her part. Like she thinks you’re so magnificent that she’s like “…how is he single?? How has no girl swept him up??”

      I would suspect it’s actually number 2, not 1, because you two are past the “teasing game” stage and now she’s just got attraction and horniness swirling aroud in her mind…but again, you’d have to judge based on whether you feel she was asking sincerely/wonderously or like she was teasing you.

      “See, in my mind I’m like ‘why the FUCK are people saying I’m gay?! Goddammit!’”

      lol 🙂

      “But I have enough sense to try and process the whole message.”

      Good. This’ll get easier in time.

      “”Are you interested?” is the first thing I can think of. Meh.”

      This is actually really solid. You’re doing the same thing as before with the “fuck the shit out of you” line where you’re just assuming attraction. That’s the behavior of a guy who’s used to women wanting to fuck him, it implies that you have reason to expect girls to want to fuck you, etc.

      You’re not answering her question, you’re not doing what she wants, and you’re escalating through that window of attraction.

      “She laughs, but I just stare at her. Like….just hardcore stare. She looks away.”

      Perfect. You’re not backing down or laughing it off. What you’ve done is sort of a Statement of Intent. Like you’ve let her know “I’m serious. I’m thinking about fucking you, we’re past joking around here.” just by staring her down.

      “If I didn’t have a boyfriend, yeah probably…”

      And there’s your reward for pushing things like you did. You’ve just collected a reference experience where a girl with a BF who’s your friend will admit to you that she’d fuck you if he wasn’t in the picture. Again you didn’t grow 2 feet taller, you’ve just run really solid game.

      Also note that her ASD kicked in here. She still wanted to fuck you, but her ASD went “BOYYYFRIEEEENDDDD!!! Don’t be a sluuuuutttt!!!!” and forced her to snuff her feelings out under the boyfriend comment.

      In these situations we like to handle this stuff ahead of time, like my response above where I talk about sex not being a big deal and relationships being stifling etc. where it plants in her head that I’m not a guy who will judge her for fucking around on her boyfriend…as a result, I tend not to get this kind of ASD or it’s really minimal and I can easily plow through it for the lay. 🙂

      Again it’s good that you didn’t, because the guy is your friend and it’ll bite you in the ass later. But it’s important that you know this was all happening.

      “Then, I just sense that the moment is right and the frame has shifted.”

      Yup. Now she’s feeling kind of dirty/slutty/ashamed of her feelings and she isn’t sure what you think about her and is probably worried that you might think she’s a slut and all these negative thoughts are looping through her head…remember the balloon expelling all it’s anxiety air?

      “So I grin at her and I’m like… “…hey, it’s okay…I’m gay, remember.”

      Perfect. phwooooosh goes the air out of the anxiety balloon as relief washes over her. This was actually a really socially calibrated move on your part. It’s good that you can “sense the vibe”, that’ll help you a lot in pickup.

      “Instant laugh and her. hand. goes on my thigh (!!!!?!?!?!!!)”

      lol 🙂 Same relief as the girl from before felt where her attraction spikes a bit. With the CrushGirl it was early in the interaction so it wasn’t as massive as with this girl because this girl and you have been through a whole night of sexual tension and adventure together.

      You’ve also demonstrated that understand her feelings, but that you won’t judge her or tell on her. If you had said like “ya, he’s a good guy”, she’d’ve felt worse. If you said “whatever, I’m hotter than him” you’d’ve looked like a jerk. But you basically said “hey, it’s cool to feel how you feel, I won’t judge you for feeling attracted to me ;)” This is the same kind of thing I get with girls with BFs that I hook up with when I disable their ASD about it.

      “along with “…you’re a problem.””

      lol She’d actually still be up for a fuck if you partied together, demonstrated some value, got her alone, and isolated yourselves. Again I don’t think you should do it, but it’s there. This is her saying “god, you turn me on and you’re not doing anything to dry my pussy up…if I hang around you, I’m in serious danger of getting the shit fucked out of me, and I know I SHOULD feel bad about wanting that but fuck, I don’t! You are a problem lol”

      “and then her bf comes back. They leave shortly thereafter.”

      I bet she fucked the shit out of him that night, while thinking of you lol

      And there you go. Good stuff man. Hope this helps connect a bunch of dots for you and you start noticing the consistent patterns (why girls shit-test, how to pass them, why they boost attraction, how social proof and social dominance builds attraction, how girls will try to get you to jump through hoops, etc.).

      You’re doing great, keep it up! 🙂


  126. “If I didn’t have a boyfriend, yeah probably…”
    Then, I just sense that the moment is right and the frame has shifted. So I grin at her and I’m like…
    “…hey, it’s okay…I’m gay, remember.”

    You should have keep going. Shit test failed.


  127. on December 24, 2012 at 7:34 am Dr Van Nostrand

    She is just cranky because she is out of her habitat.Once she is airlifted (hopefully not at taxpayer expense) and eased back into the Arctic Ocean where she can frolic with other walrus and whales,she wont be acting up as much.


  128. How could I know where I stand in the 1-10 looks scale, without asking people to rate me? How could I self-rate? (I’m a girl)


    • on December 24, 2012 at 10:20 am AlmostAnonymous

      Post a picture of yourself here. You’ll get an accurate, if brutally honest, assessment here.


    • girls are notoriously bad at assessing their own looks.

      we ignore self-ratings.


      • Right. There was that girl last month who said she was really hot, but was only a 6 at best. Girls always overrate their own attractiveness.


      • Older women always think they are hotter than they really are. It’s hard for them to get used to the fact they are aging and their value reduced. But older men have the same issue. They often think they can still attract younger women when in reality their value has also dwindled. There are so many of them scouring the bars and downtown scene and lying to girls about their age thinking they can get away with saying they are 10 years younger when they clearly look their age. So both men and women become unrealistic about their attractiveness and value as they age. That’s why as a man ages he needs something else to offer a woman besides his younger looks in order to attracted her. Either money, a job of authority and power, a good career, etc….. Let’s face it, successful men attract women.

        BTW, women know they are attractive or hot only by the way men react to them. Pretty girls often think they are unattractive, or not as pretty, which is why they have a very low opinion of themselves and their hotness, and which is also why they need constant assurances from men. Assurances to pretty women are like aphrodisiacs. A girl can’t be happy unless she hears 10 times a day how pretty she is. It’s a constant feeding of the beast.


    • Waist to hip ratio as close to .7.

      BMI in the normal range.

      Look like a female.

      That would put you in the 7-8 range in America easily.


  129. Funny, I’ve never been obese but the more weight I lose, the more judgmental I am of fat women. I can’t stand to look at them much anymore. It’s vile to think to even think of sex with them.

    The kicker for me was having someone with a weight problem posting this on Facebook:

    when she has posted “fat acceptance” BS in the past. If HE can do it, virtually no one has any excuse.

    I think I’m going to start responding to all “fat acceptance” pleas with “how many steps can you take before you lose your breath”? And “can you actually manage to chase your toddler into traffic to save his life?


    • +1 on that youtube link… one could say a former paratrooper has a good foundation of discipline to fall back on, but that was flat-out tear-to-the-eye inspiring.


    • The more work you put in yourself the more harsh you are on others.


      • I don’t think this is true. Most very fit people I know are not harsh on others because they are grateful. Granted, when I say fit people I know, I’m talking about mountain climbers, martial artists, fishermen, and people who are very in touch with their mortality.


  130. The girl in the pic that CH posted has a perfect figure: 44-44-44.


  131. Lets please all get together and troll the fuck out of her dumbass blog. therotund.com – i even hate the name of it


  132. I would DIE if I was THAT fat. Oh the horror!!!


  133. Greg Eliot
    I thought I had my masters in “Honkeyology”…

    Nice to see that the curriculum at Howard is expanding… and more demanding these days.

    Actually Greg, its all the same curriculum: white supremacy.

    If you do not understand white supremacy, what it is, and how it works; everything else you THINK you understand will only confuse you.

    Merry Christmas


  134. Other than the death fatness and the blue hair, I’m actually pretty conventional in my appearance, according to the social beauty imperative: I am white

    Check out the White pride. It came out weird, as something she’s ashamed to be proud of and only proud of because she has nothing else.

    There’s no shame in White pride.


  135. This article merited my first comment on heartiste for the sole fact that it was a total boner-killer and has made me feel queasy.

    Looking at the comments on that page is just as bad.

    “thinking somebody is ‘too hot’ for you puts them in a weird social position that doesn’t actually exist beyond us creating it.”

    Sickening. Yes, I am ‘too hot’ for all of them, if they qualify as women. If they are of a size to which they cannot physically see whether they have a vagina or not, then they fall out of my definition of a woman.


  136. on December 30, 2012 at 8:23 pm Knowledgeseeker

    Amish modesty would improve this hag:


  137. CH,

    I’m very late to this party, but I was unaware of this blog until yesterday, when a friend sent me a link to this post along with the observation “This is probably too mean even for you.” That should give you a rough idea of my own approach to the topic of obesity apologists and denialists. But my friend’s comment is in a sense misleading, because I although have a reflective distaste for many of the same bloggers you have no doubt read — I’ll call them “health at any size” types and they are almost all women — my reasons are different.

    About a dozen years ago I belonged to a now-defunct message board for distance runners. A law professor and relatively obscure newspaper columnist named Paul Campos, at the time a recreational jogger to some extent, used to “contribute” to the board and tended to fixate on the idea that losing weight wasn’t essential to good health, and that there was in fact a growing body of evidence to support the idea that the health risks of obesity and overweight were not only exaggerated, but manufactured. It was clear at the time that he was biased for a number of reasons: He was portly himself, he’s a fucking crank, and as a lawyer by training his job is to argue, not seek truth.

    Well, in the years since then he’s taken his ramshackle ideas much further, having written a book called “The Obesity Myth” and — with the publication of this laughable piece of ignorance- and dishonesty-choked shit clearly giving his cranky ideas more gravitas in his mind if not in reality — has continued to press this issue in not only the Rocky Mountain News but elsewhere. He’s become the patron saint of fat-activist groups around the Web, and he recently reached a new pinnacle — and the New York Times a new low — when his column about a recent meta-analysis suggesting that being somewhat heavy rather than lean is actually healthier appeared in the pages of this once-august publication. If you care to read more on the matter, I blogged about this yesterday, linking to the NY Times column as well as one of many responses to it from medicos that blow it out of the fucking water with colossal force: http://chimprefuge.com/2013/01/30/paul-campos-and-his-enablers-in-the-media-a-new-low/

    Anyway, at one point in my dissection of Campos’ nonsense I linked to a few posts on “Big Fat Blog” explaining why Campos’ ideas simply did not hold water. I quoted scientists from the Harvard School of Public Health and drew upon my own medical background to dismantle his and the BFB crowds’ arguments. They noticed, and they did not like me much. A few of them observed that they would sooner go without sex than “grind bone against bone” (I’m a pretty slender guy, especially from the standpoint of a fat person) and picked apart my physical appearance. I didn’t give a shit, because like you I knew exactly where they were coming from, and knew that they knew it too: It’s okay to “malign” thinness for the same reason we can all rip apart the wealthy — the truth is that essentially everyone would like to be thin and rich and better-looking. As you highlight so fiercely in your post here, stating otherwise is nothing more than a floundering and often pathetic exercise in trying to dispel cognitive dissonance. For example, fat activists boldly say that they are happy with their bodies and would much rather be called “fat” than “obese,” but I would bet money that if I walked up to one of them and said “Hi! My name’s Kevin. You’re quite fat,” I would get an extremely hostile reception.

    The thing is, I’ve always been careful not to get into issues of physical attractiveness and so on — I’m bothered only by the staunch resistance to reason for the same reason I malign fundamentalist Christianity: Intellectual dishonesty, especially when coupled to the likelihood of adverse consequences to society at large, pisses me off. Instead, I pound away at the fact that no amount of hermeneutical bullshit and scurrilous re-framing of research results will make the clear and significant health impacts of being fat and sedentary disappear. The only reason a significant number of people accept that these risks are a myth is because the U.S. now has more fat or getting-fat people than lean ones. But I digress. What I came here to write is that, while I admit enjoying your style and having a few guilty guffaws when I reward your post, I don’t see a lot of value in stressing just how sexually unattractive fat people are compared to leaner versions of themselves that the vast majority of them are never going to see outside of the reach of their own imagination. You almost-but-not-quite directly note this yourself:

    “I used to think that setting these insipid behemoths straight would require nothing more than ignoring them. The sexual market is cruelly indifferent to one’s constructed vanity, and fat shits would find in short order how unloved they were by men with options. But now, I dunno… cold indifference doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. Pointing and ridiculing is the next step in the campaign against raging American female egotism…”

    Don’t you think that really fat women understand their predicament? They are hellishly aware that virtually no one really wants to fuck them — it’s why they start blogs to the contrary in the first place. They also convince themselves that their mates are genuinely attracted to them, even though it is cruelly plain that the men they wind up with are also specimens that almost no one would find anything but repulsive from a sexual standpoint. The phrase “water seeks its own level” applies here, except it ain’t water we’re talking about.

    If you have any genuine angst over this at all, and are not simply doing what most bloggers (myself included) like to do from time to time and flexing your wordsmithing and punitive-sarcasm muscles for self-indulgent effect, it seems to be over a concern that more and more women will follow in the xojane blogger’s ponderous footsteps and start pigging out and bloating out-of-control in droves. I don’t see this happening, though; it’s more likely that women who are already fat are just going to give up and get fatter when they read things like xojane’s bilge and Paul Campos’ far-flung lies, whereas people who are sufficently “vain” will continue cranking out elliptical workouts, doing hot yoga and getting breast implants.

    I guess I just balk at serving up additional heapings of shame on people already suffering from it. I know that will come across as patronizing to some, but I believe it. I’m all for rooting out bad arguments as vigorously as circumstances dictate, but gloating at the expense of people who already don’t like themselves much seems gratuitous and unproductive in the extreme.