Hookup Men Vs “For-Real” Men

Ah, the knee-slapping never ends when two feminist spinsters on a fast track to wall collision gab about their dating exploits and using men for either fun or profit. Naturally, their window for “using” men in any fashion is rapidly closing in lockstep with the degree of their drooping flesh, so any gchats that conspire bewteen these pitiful specimens often provide hours of voyeuristic entertainment watching what amounts to this:

Is anyone else down for a good, old-fashioned soul flaying? I know I am!

Chatting About Hookups and “For-Real” Dates with Sex Writer Tracy Clark-Flory

By Amanjaw Marcuntte

After reading Tracy Clark-Flory’s Salon piece from Saturday extolling the glories of traditional courtship, I knew I had to talk with her in more depth.

Clark-Flory’s (never trust a woman with a hyphenated name) swan song to her sexy and vital youth is basically an admission against interest that her high flying, alpha cock carouseling 20s are over and now that her sexual market options are dwindling she has to settle for boring dates with beta herbs who promise they will stick around like office fixtures instead of bolt while she’s coming off a multiple orgasm. Naturally, she hamsters this as a paean to the glories of “traditional courtship”. What’s the scientific term for this cognitive function? Oh yeah… making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Tracy, who has been writing about sex and relationships for years, often in defense of the casual hookup, expressed a more nuanced view of the entire situation,

“nuanced” = deluded.

explaining how her increased interest in taking-it-slow, more formalized dating

“increased interest” = panic.

doesn’t, in any way, mean that she thinks that a past of more casual hooking up was the wrong choice.

The odds of divorce for a woman go way up the more partners with whom she has premaritally casually hooked up. Clark-Flory needs to think with more clarity.

Her take really cuts to the heart of what so many pro-sex feminist commentators have been trying to say for years about dating and sex, so I grabbed her on Gchat yesterday to talk more about it.

What follows is a beautiful digital mutual clit diddling wherein two mangy cougars assert they can have their cake and eat it too.

Amanda: I really liked your piece on going on a for-real date.

Tracy: This was literally my first for-real date ever.

What a catch! You know men — or should I say, desirable men with options — just love throwing tons of money and time and sexless dates at has-beens who spent their prime pussy years hooking up for free with men who agreed with them that dates were an unnecessary nuisance.

Tracy: Well, I should be clear: I’ve online dated. I’ve gone on dates. But most often they’re presented super casually. Like, hey, “Let’s hang out.” This was the first time someone clearly said to me: I want to take you out on a date, and here is the plan. Typically, whether it’s with “hang out” dates or hookups, it’s very low-investment—emotionally, financially, you name it.

A man will invest only as much as is required to get in a woman’s pants. Clark was obviously a pump and dump stock in her 20s who’s now trading for pennies but acting like a tech IPO. You know who invests in loser companies? Suckers.

Tracy: Right. I think it’s great that people can get to know each other casually. Grab a burrito and a beer! Make out at the bar! But it’s also nice to not feel totally stuck with diminished romantic expectations—as in, I can’t expect more than a taqueria “hangout” arranged last-minute via text message.

You should have thought of the danger of diminished romantic expectations while you still had the goods to entice worthy buyers. PS Having a history of being a big fat slut is not exactly an advertisement that you’re marriage material.

Amanda: That’s something I’ve noticed that a lot of friends complain about since I’ve moved to NYC: They think a lot of guys are just a little too eager to keep it casual. Which makes me wonder if it’s just that now that I’m in my 30s, my friends are developing higher expectations, or if it’s a geographic thing, where men in Texas, where I used to live, were more serious from the get-go?

No, it’s just that now that your female friends are in their 30s, and looking even more like fuzzy Chinese Crested versions of Samantha, they’re desperate to get hitched before the god of biomechanics cruelly escorts them to spinsterland, where cats compete with noodly beta males for their attention and the men they really want peer around them like they’re annoying houseplants obstructing the view of hotter younger tighter women.

Although it is a refreshing change of pace to see cathedral mascot Amanjaw give redneck Texas men a shout out for their chivalric wooing. I guess SWPL manboobs are finally grinding on her? (Double entendre intended.)

Tracy: I think both are probably very real factors! For me, at least, “hookups” have been a great way of getting to know myself, getting to know other people and getting to know what I want, romantically and sexually.

Hilariously self-serving cliché. How many penises does she have to straddle to get to know herself? Does the penis imbue some sort of special “consciousness raising” enlightenment once it has parted the labia? Should high school guidance counselors tell graduating girls to hop on a cock for career advice? I bet Clark has no trouble, being a member in good standing of the feminist cooperative, explaining to her acolytes that women require penetration by erect penises to discover the strong goddess inside them.

Now, personally, I think that a good rogering does help clear a woman’s head, but I’m not sure feminists would be happy to hear that from me.

But as I’ve gotten older—how I hate that phrase—I’ve wanted a broader spectrum of romantic scripts. And that’s when the hookup/low-commitment default became frustrating.

“broader spectrum” = loosened standards. “romantic scripts” = hiding her slutty compulsions. “hookup/low-commitment default” = couldn’t get a high value guy to stick around. “frustrating” = pumped and dumped.

Amanda: I think that’s what I really liked—your high regard for diversity.

Gabba gabba hey.

It’s not that hookups are bad, you said, but that they seem mandatory.

When all you have is a lack of options, the world looks like a mandate.

Why do you think it got to that point?

Gee, I dunno… age, attitude, obliviousness?

Tracy: I can at least speak to my own experience: I think I gravitated toward casual hookups during a time when I wasn’t quite ready for more serious commitment. I needed some time to play and experiment.

It’s all fun and games until no one wants to play with you anymore.

I think many people feel that way in their 20s.

There’s a reason why, historically, women were encouraged to get married before they hit 30. People used to be wise to the fact that women can easily forget how little time is on their side.

Amanda: That’s something that really was brought home in Hanna Rosin’s Atlantic piece about hooking up. She spoke to researchers that said that women were driving the culture as much as men, in no small part because, frankly, boyfriends can get in the way of other goals like getting your career underway.

Higamous hogamous
man is polygamous
hogamous higamous
woman is oblivious.

Amanda: A lot of people still buy the line that it’s something that men impose on women, that men are taking advantage of women’s, uh, “easiness”.

Well, men won’t exactly look a gift whore in the mouth.

That always bothered me, because there was never really a clear line for me between how quickly you slept with someone and whether or not it turned into wuv.

Here’s a clear line for ya: The hotter you are, the more quickly it will turn into wuv for the man, the other party involved in the interaction.

Amanda: Your point was really satisfying,

“Thank you, I needed that.”
– Ego

which is that what we really need is the ability to diversify: hook up if we want, go slow if we want, just do a bunch of different stuff depending on where we’re at.

Feminists, and women more generally, hate the idea of judgment and of consequences for their actions. They want to slut it up, take it slow, hook up, hang out, drag it out, do the woo, and try a bunch of different stuff without the judgment of men or other women cramping their uteri, and without worrying about the consequences which might ensue as a result of their panoply of choices. This is what is known in the literature as a fantasyland: a wonderful place in the puffy white clouds where human nature doesn’t exist and actions don’t cause reactions, except those reactions that the feminist dearly desires, which desire is subject to change at any given moment depending on the feminist’s whim.

But reality, so ugly in its clunking machinery, has a different plan for such utopian fruitcakes. Women *will* gossip unfavorably about sluts because those sluts represent a mating threat to their interests. Men *will* push for sex faster, and avoid commitment more studiously, with women they perceive as slutty. Sluts really *do* have tells that experienced men can clue in on. Cockteasers really *do* risk losing alpha males if they drag out the waiting period for sex too long. Aging, unfeminine spinsters with hairy chins and cheese grater attitudes really *will* have to settle for less desirable men than they could have gotten when they were younger, better looking and more docile. And hamsters really *will* spin their wheels more feverishly the higher the pile of delusional self-medicating lies grows.

I think that sort of thing causes a lot of men anxiety, though. I’ve noticed a lot of men in online spaces clamoring for a script.

Nah, that’s just you noticing that men are noticing your stupidity.

Tracy: Yes! There’s anxiety now about falling back on the more traditional dating script (which is not an entirely bad thing, mind you).

Can you blame these men? I’d be anxious too, if I had to traditionally (i.e., sexlessly) date a woman I knew gave it away for free in the past. And maybe present.

I think it feels too desperate, too eager to many young men. And, of course, intimacy and vulnerability have always been absolutely terrifying.

Why do feminists assert nonsense that intimacy is terrifying to men? Answer: it’s a female-friendly response that explains in elaborate mental calligraphy why they can’t keep a man around for more than a few ruttings, conveniently sidestepping the role that their physical unattractiveness might play.

Men are terrified of large, charging predators, like bears or lions or drunk fat chicks. They are not terrified of showering your overworked vagina with their warm seed. Get some perspective, will ya?

Amanda: Did you go on a second date with flowers guy who wanted to do nothing more but make out on the first date? Do you mind my asking? (I’ve been in a relationship for over six years now, so other people’s stories are my entertainment.)

The parameters of her… relationship… must be unique. Try to imagine the epic manboob who would have to settle for Amanjaw for six years, and then try to picture how long a normal man, such as yourself, would be willing to listen to her insane yapping.

Tracy: Actually, we’ve gone on something like five dates in a little over a week!

Lessee… guy wants to do nothing but make out on the first date. Clark dismisses his rapist effrontery by going on five more dates with him in the span of a single week. The femborg will be disappointed to hear this.

Tracy: Yes! It’s incredibly refreshing. And a large part of it is that I’m ready for that for the first time in my life, you know?

We know, Tracy, we know. You’re ready… because you have to be ready. That door won’t stay open forever.

It’s not like I’ve been yearning for that this whole time and have only now found a guy willing to give it to me.

Funny how you suddenly yearn for the self-abdicating loving lovingness of a desperate beta willing to lap your weirdo feminist shit when your expiration date is coming into focus.

Amanda: LOL yeah, that strikes me as an incredibly critical point.

Strike while the ego is exposed.

But that really leads to the question I know a bunch of men are asking themselves, which is how do you know what script a woman is interested in?

You misspelled “how do you know what script a hot woman is interested in?”

How do you know if you should keep it light or show up with flowers and a request that you take it slow?

False dichotomy. A man can keep it heavy and fast, too. In fact, that’s the best way to get a woman into bed, if you’re needing a script that has a high success rate.

Worst script: Pre-sex flowers. Never do that, at least not with women who still have more than a few eggs left in the chamber.

Tracy: Well, see, I think timing is so much of it. It really isn’t something that can be faked.

Oh rilly? I’m pretty sure in the history of the world there were more than a few men who successfully faked long-term romantic intentions to get speedy sex.

You can only do what you’re ready to do.

Bromide pie to the face.

If you want to bring a woman flowers, do it.

Hey, you can do anything you want, but that doesn’t mean it’s an advantageous course of action.

If you want to have casual flings, do that.

What if Clark’s flower guy decides during week number two he wants a casual fling?

Eventually you’ll find a lady who wants the same thing.

A lady now! How polite of you, madam. Will a Furry who likes to masturbate into soft bunny costume velour eventually find a lady who wants the same thing? What about a Bronie? A street flasher? A serial killer?

Oops, scratch that last one.

Amanda: That’s something I think gets lost in the overflow of dating advice out there, which is that it really is something you can figure out for yourself.

Then why the hell are you flapping your gums? And more relevantly, why the hell do media outlets continue giving shell entities like yourself a publishing platform? Mysteries of the universe.

Allow me to cut a serrated swath through this post-gender, social constructivist swamp muck. Amanjaw Marcuntte and her ilk absolutely hate men in the abstract and loathe unrestricted male desire. They work tirelessly for a world, however ultimately fruitless the endeavor, where female sexuality is free to roam wild and unjudgeable and male sexuality is straitjacketed, regulated, restricted, demonized, ridiculed and made obedient through law or eunuch alliance to female, particularly feminist, caprice. This is modern, critical theory feminism in a desiccated ovum. It’s a farce, but the bigger joke is that media organs happily provide advocates of this farce a forum to dazzle their awomen choruses.

Her’s a little slice of truth… just a little mind you, enough to qualify as hope and change but not so much to entice pointing and sputtering… for the Slate and Salon crowds and the Clark-Flory-Hamster-Hi-I’m-A-Useless-Self-Gratifying-Hyphen contingent:

There is no difference between hookup men and “for-real” men. The men you skanky, aging broads want “for real” are the hookup men who weren’t interested in the same thing you wanted back when you had more to offer. So you dropped your standards and unilaterally declared the more pliable men willing to play by your newly-discovered “traditional cougar courtship” rules the “for-real” men you claim you always desired.

That hatetalk is drawn from real world observation. Mine, and the collected wisdom of millions of men like me. Now, if you don’t like common sense derived from real world observation, then you can always turn to science, which has a funny habit of frequently confirming what we can all see with our lying eyes, and of debunking cherished feminist narratives.

“Under the hormonal influence of ovulation, women delude themselves into thinking that the sexy bad boys will become devoted partners and better dads,” Durante said. “When looking at the sexy cad through ovulation goggles, Mr. Wrong looked exactly like Mr. Right.” […]

“When asked about what kind of father the sexy bad boy would make if he were to have children with another woman, women were quick to point out the bad boy’s shortcomings,” said Durante. “But when it came to their own child, ovulating women believed that the charismatic and adventurous cad would be a great father to their kids.”

“While this psychological distortion could be setting some women up to choose partners who are better suited to be short-term mates, missing a mating opportunity with a sexy cad might be too costly for some women to pass up,” said Durante. “After all, you never know if he could be the ‘one.’”

If you didn’t get that, what it means is that women want their alpha hookups to turn into “for-real” men, but, unlike Clark’s assertion that she’s the one making the choice in which men she considers “for-real” dates, it’s actually the men (coupled with her desperation fueled by her rapidly closing attractiveness window) who are indirectly deciding for her which of them she’ll have to settle with in happily “for-realness” after.

Yes, the hookup jerks chicks love are also the jerks chicks wish would stop dicking around and CHOO CHOO CHOOSE them.

If you are a man, the lesson is obvious:

Do you want to live free as a hookup man with the option to convert to a “for-real” man, or live knowing you’re the backup plan as a “for-real” man with no option to convert to a hookup man?

I think I know which man most men would prefer to emulate. But don’t tell it to Clark-Flory. She might ask you out on five straight dates in the same week after your tongue has been down her throat wooing the shit out of her.


  1. on October 12, 2012 at 4:15 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


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    • on October 12, 2012 at 4:15 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      GBFM, internet phenomenon lzozlzooz



    • A good song bears rehearing, and this one never gets old.


    • GBFM get a shot right where it hurts. Boom.

      You should write that in Amanjaw’s comments section, if she has one. Again, if you have already.


      • on October 13, 2012 at 10:43 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


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        who bougt der spinster ticket riding 1,000 poles



    • on October 13, 2012 at 12:00 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      da bernankified womanz ode lzolzlzozlzozlz

      ten alphas pumped and dumped me
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      empowered today with my haughty blogs
      calling on men to man up everywhere
      where cocks once penetratd my hole for logs
      jesus now forgives me via my prayer
      please jesus please heal my sore butthole
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      but now i desrve me a nice nice moneyed guy
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  2. > “What’s the scientific term for this cognitive function? Oh yeah… making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.”

    I think Nietzsche referred to it as “inversion of values.”


  3. You omitted the delicious fact that Dark-Forties admitted she rarely, if ever, climaxed while gorging her increasingly gaping maw on the sword of every gaucho in the churrascaria that is her life.


  4. ‘Should high school guidance counselors tell graduating girls to hop on a cock for career advice?’ Love it!!


  5. Why even bother reading the drivel from these bitches?


  6. Feminism has been a grossly destructive force overall, but I do have to say that it’s entertainment value is increasing as the years go by, and it’s devotees get older and uglier…


    • Yes, it was entertainment value 40 years ago to watch what were basically dykes and fugly looking girls spewing this deluded bullshit. No one particulary paid much attention to them or would ever believe that their nonsense could be taken seriously because it was just creepy or the rantings of the type of females found lodged in mental institutions. Perhaps we should have paid more attention as these girls started to get more coverage in the media and at colleges (but we had already graduated and it was no longer our world or of much interest what was going on). So the next generation who was brought up on this craziness and didn’t have the same common sense and “old fashioned” realistic view of how the female really thinks and behaves were brainwashed into believing that all of this feminist crap was normal. But no amount of brainwashing is really going to change Nature or how the male or female behaves, it just suppressed it for awhile. Now, things have come full circle and many men have awakened and are going back to just laughing at this big joke called feminism as men my age did. Let’s hope that it lasts many generations until some time in the future females again go insane and try these power plays.It’s a pity but as time goes by the new generation sort of forgets what happened in the past and it’s all just viewed as “ancient history” whether it was a couple of generations ago or 2k years ago.Well, I guess the future will have to take care of itself but for now feminism should just be viewed as a freak show like Jerry Springer.


      • @King Benny —

        IMO, second-wave feminism was accepted because it was very moralistic and shamed female behavior. It told women to avoid ‘chauvinist pigs’ (alpha/players), not to degrade themselves sexually, and act equitably. Yes, it served hypergamy, but it also functioned as a sort of liberal morality.

        The cat wasn’t really out of the bag until third wave ‘sex positive’ feminism took hold in 1990s. Then it was go-go-girl empowerment through facebook and butthex. A lot of guys got screwed in the transition, as the old set of exceptions flew completely out the window, and it’s not a coincidence that PUA tactics were invented at this time.

        The politicians and the media are still living in their second-wave universe, and have yet to come to grasp what a burning tire fire the dating market has become. Every now and again a story pops up and they dismiss it because they don’t know what to make of it. (there was just one today) When the backlash comes, it will hit hard.


      • This is GOLDEN. Second-wave, 1970s hairy-armpitted feminism was actually quite moralistic and puritanical in its ideology, and basically proposed replacing the patriarchy with an equally rigid and hierarchical matriarchy. It worked because it didn’t really alter the systems of cultural power, just replaced its figureheads.

        The shit didn’t hit the fan until the third wave, where you had girls arguing that getting wasted, slutting around, and generally behaving like the worst type of frat boys was empowering. In this case, political theory was abolished in favor of “me me me” subjectivity, and cultural chaos ensued. THAT’S when the backlash started to happen.


      • It’s a freak show that has made you a second class citizen. It’s quite dangerous.


    • Feminism’s self-destructiveness…


  7. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed this hard at an article before.


  8. on October 12, 2012 at 4:39 pm Lucky White Male


    A great way to start my weekend. I light my Davidoff Churchill to you – the tide is turning


  9. I’ve only read half of this post but felt inclined to comment before I even finished.

    This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. Brutal.


  10. “Men won’t look a gift whore in the mouth.”

    Mirth. Brought.


  11. Much like socialism/communism always does, if given enough time; feminism will eventually burn itself out. Like the guy above me said, articles like these are manifestations of the tide beginning it’s turn…


  12. Here’s a situation to chew on since I’ve never had a girl come back to me after she initially stopped contact with me.

    A gal I took on one coffee date has returned contact with me. At the time she couldn’t continue with me because she was also dating another guy and wanted to pursue that. She broke up with the guy. She buttered me up in her message and talked about getting reacquainted. I have an idea of what I should do…but I figured more brains in the game could tell me how they would handle it.


    • LOL Ask her if she’s up for a threesome with you and your girlfriend.


      • Okay, to be serious: tell her you have a semi-serious girlfriend, but can you call her if things go wrong and you break up? See how she feels about being the fallback.


    • Bang her and nod towards the cab money on the dresser the next morning; nothing more.

      Think about it: She paused with you to keep pursuing her shiny object. She’ll be doing the exact same thing to you if you commit.

      Pump and dump then next.


      • on October 14, 2012 at 7:04 pm AppleSauce&Mushrooms

        I once knew a girl, we’ll call her Jane, she was named as such. She said she liked “shiny object’s”. We banged, she claimed I raped her as much. Then we continued to bang, ’cause I didn’t believe I had done anything wrong when she fed me drugs and fucked me to her favorite song, after having a bubble bath. And then we banged again. ‘Cause she apologized for her claim, knowing it was wrong.


    • on October 12, 2012 at 5:58 pm Animal Mother

      Ask if reacquainted includes ass to mouth


    • on October 12, 2012 at 7:51 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      omg the same thing happend 2 me, but it went down a little bit different! (probabaly due toda girls i datez zlozlzlzo)

      Here’s a situation to chew on since I’ve never had a girl come back to me after she initially stopped contact with me.

      A gal I took on one coffee date has returned buttcontact with me. At the time she couldn’t continue butthexting with me because she was also butthexting another guy with a straponz and wanted to butthext that. She broke up with the guy. She buttthexedered me up in her message and talked about getting reacquainted with my butthole. I have an idea of what I should do…but I figured more buttholezzs in the game could tell me how they would handle it.

      i hear ya bro! !lzozlzoz


      • stick a ben bernanke dildo up her poo-hole.


      • on October 13, 2012 at 11:03 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        i didd dat but den she said i wasn’t man enough to tape it sectrely like tucker max rheymes with godlman sax who is featured in the weekly standardth where the lies about his asscocking height are rreligiouly repereated an dhis succeth is exggaerated so as to be lauded while women-run publihsing organaiznations religiously publish his assockcing books and wire hime hundredz of thousands of brnnake dollarz for his neeoocn heroic assocking workz zlzlzlzzlzzlzlllzlz


    • Other guy was too alpha for her and she came back to you.


    • If you want the lay:

      Txt “ya I’ll be at BarName tonight. You should come out. Dress sexy, I haven’t seen you in a while.”

      She’s likely to do it because she’s chasing you now, so you can set the frame. You’ve been fine without her for 2 months, if she doesn’t show or doesn’t dress up you don’t care and she knows that.

      When she shows up act unimpressed and make her qualify herself to you, approach the whole thing from the frame of she’s in the doghouse for banging some other guy and you haven’t decided if you want to fuck her or not yet, you’re on the fence about it and don’t care.

      Then at some point later in the night pick something she says/does (like her dancing) and act like you 180’ed into now wanting her because of that. ie – “I wasn’t sure about you but then you started dancing and…wow…” like you couldn’t take your eyes off her and she’s won you over. You could use something she says but I’d go with something physical she does like dancing or when she takes part of her clothes off because its hot or whatever…picking something physical sets a physical/sexual frame.

      At this point she’ll feel like she’s earned you and she’s had a night full of emotional drama, so you just cut to the chase and grab her and say “let’s get out of here.” and drag her by the hand out the door and into a cab.

      Don’t put any effort into this one, she’ll do all the work, you can pretty much just sit back and let it happen. If she gives you ANY hassle/resistance or tries to get YOU to come out to where SHE is (instead of her coming to see you aka her investing in you), just txt a “lol that’s cute” or something similar and then ignore her txts completely until she sends one later in the night or in a few days that shows she’s ready to play on your terms.


      • “When she shows up act unimpressed and make her qualify herself to you, approach the whole thing from the frame of she’s in the doghouse for banging some other guy and you haven’t decided if you want to fuck her or not yet, you’re on the fence about it and don’t care.

        Then at some point later in the night pick something she says/does (like her dancing) and act like you 180′ed into now wanting her because of that. ie – “I wasn’t sure about you but then you started dancing and…wow…” like you couldn’t take your eyes off her and she’s won you over.”

        I was thinking about such a tactic, which is more less mimicking a girl’s behaviour(tactic?) that’s played on us.
        If she wants you, she’ll surely understand it completely.
        Ya really rules


      • So in other words…how you should act with every girl you meet.


      • You got it. The only difference between this and another girl is that she’s tipped her hand in advance and given away her cards. You know she wants you or she wouldn’t have re-initiated talking to you. There is no reason this won’t work out unless you literally cockblock yourself…like you would have to actively try to fuck it up lol

        You could have some fun with it if you just want to fuck around and see some messed up female psychology in action but if she’s a cool chick there’s no reason to fuck with her head, and I’m assuming you actually want the lay lol

        Good luck either way!


      • Well, i was doing it in a mesomorfic way so far, which brought the results that i was satisfied with.
        I’m young and ready for try new approaches, since girls tend to be scared about entering LTR, because of constant negging, and mesomorfic approaches, so i was thinking about a change…


    • She has too much hand, backup dudes (“dicks in the jar”) don’t get sex, they get wrestled into a LTR
      Wait a couple days (ignoring her message) and invite her out to a bar/lounge with a few of your friends and game her there. Make sure you present yourself differently than when you guys last met up


  13. @tatearl, if you are thinking about what to do, you are not dating enough women…Worrying about getting it right automatically assigns her higher value. Don’t worry about it, just do what you feel


  14. Heartiste, your step-by-step cooentary had me giggling. Quit that.


  15. “Sluts really *do* have tells that experienced men can clue in on.”

    What are these clues that indicate a slut history to men?


  16. Really, I’m new.


    • 50 shades of maya


    • Try the reverse white handkerchief **** test. Drop something in her presence then observe if and how she picks it up. If she doesn’t pick it up, next. If she picks it up leaning over without bending her knees, next. If she picks it up and bends her knees so as not to have her *** in the air, you may have yourself a keeper.


      • That’s the stupidest thing I’ve read in a while.


      • Why? You’re testing for compliance/submission/grace all in a matter of seconds. What’s your method?


      • True submission puts the ass in the air…

        Grace? Meh…. nobody but women and gays ever thought Jackie O or Audrey Heburn were hawt.


      • Don’t be ridiculous. No man wants a woman who behaves that way in public. Why do you think Duchess Kate is becoming a cultural icon.


      • lloolllzzzlloooolllzzzzlloooolll

        Naked on the beach Kate? Soon to be, if not already, butthexed by Harry Kate? The cucumber-sandwitch set’s answer to Snooki Kate.

        Is that the Kate you mean?


      • DuchessGeishaKate is becoming a cultural icon…



      • The Grace Of Kate….


      • Those pictures were not taken in public. Try to keep up. Duchess Kate is the exact model young women should follow. Propriety in public and uninhibited in private.


      • Heh, heh…not in public… every graceful young princess on vacation should change into her bikini on the veranda balcony.

        You’re playing to a weak hand, sister… just fold, before you’re down to your skivvies.


      • I think both were hot.


      • No accounting for taste, bro.


      • I once worked with a black girl who was a lesbian. She was tough but stangely,not all that unattractive. She ahd a sweet feninin e girl who worked with ehr as her girlfriend. I eyed her and she app. was ready for some (albeit white)dick. The idea of being with these two women was intriguing. She in my presence,as you say,dropped something. I knew I was suposed to pick it up–but something stopped me and I didnt do it. I failed. Still wonder..negro lesbians..hmmmm…..


      • What exactly did she drop? LOL Well, in our times, I suppose picking up something for a woman would be beta. *sigh*


      • Geishakate is correct and its a good tip.

        Bending at the knees to pick something up from the ground is correct form. but more importantly, lifting yourself back up using your legs (like an elevator) demonstrates a woman is in BETTER shape than one who does not.

        The push back on this is from people who know their woman does the “ass in the air routine”. Another good one is any woman who will stand straight up from sitting “indian style” without touching anything with her hands.

        Try it.

        If you’ve ever dated a real female athelete, you know why these things are indicators and what they indicate.

        The key is to not prompt the woman, but to set up a situation to observe how she naturally moves.


      • The ‘reach-over-to-flip-the-car-door-button’ test is good enough for me.. anything else, I prefer a woman not be so demure… or athletic.

        A girl who won’t put her ass in the air is the same girl who walks with her arms folded across her chest… meh… first sign of ice princess and the perfunctory lay.

        No thanks.


      • Jackie O had four kids. Audrey Hepburn was a lady her entire career. I think she was quite ill for the later part of it. All women are sensual. It merely has to be brought out of them.


      • Not that it matters, but I thought Jackie only had 2 kids… Caroline and John John.

        Anyway, slim brunettes do nothing for me.


      • Awesome …


      • Bending at the knees is for lifting HEAVY objects. This is stupider then the finger length bull.


  17. We should probably just let them die, now.


  18. Tracy’s sexapades have been documented by hers truly. 20 years ago this would never have been printed due to cultural-shaming, but in today’s world, the bar is so low that feminist have deluded themselves into interpreting this lowering as some sort of sex-freeing, self-actualizing feminine adventure. Nay, its having sex with a disease-ridden male pornstar that is truly sad and worthy of our wagging fingers. Slutty as slutty gets http://www.salon.com/2012/03/28/bringing_home_a_porn_star/


    • This isn’t your run-of-the-mill slut. This is shock and awe level of slut. The brazenness that some of us feel reading about her exploits is blasé to the feminist ilk. The sluttitude is high with this one…


  19. For years, I made the mistake of getting numbers, taking women out for dinner, being the good guy bla bla bla, women want to be fucked. Take them out for drinks bring them to your place. Fuck them. Fuck them good & then comes the relationship if you want one. If you haven’t fucked her & you are showing up with flowers/trying to court her, you are wasting time.


  20. Man-jaw.


  21. on October 12, 2012 at 6:05 pm FuriousFerret

    ‘Yes, the hookup jerks chicks love are also the jerks chicks wish would stop dicking around and CHOO CHOO CHOOSE them.’

    Amanjaw Marcuntte to her current beta mangina:


  22. What I can’t figure out is the guy she’s “dating.” Does he not read Salon? Because if he does . . . “Sweetie, how come it’s our fourth date and you still haven’t sucked my dick yet? You wrote a whole essay about taking it up the ass from some stranger in a nightclub toilet five minutes after you met him.”

    Seriously, how can you just “go out” with a known slut? Is he maybe going for the ego boost of waiting until she begs for it?


  23. “Be interesting to know if cynicism affects men’s health negatively. I’m a pretty cynical guy. Maybe I should start being more happy clappy?”

    If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands 🙂


  24. “There is no difference between hookup men and “for-real” men.”

    Is there also no difference between “sluts” and “good girls”?


    • Any guy who would accept a “for real date” with you would probly rather just jump into bed with you. Women are the ones who hold out.

      How long you hold out on a guy is determined by how attracted you are to him. It’s not really a measure of sluttiness, but discernment, the triggers on some women are harder to find.

      If he’s on a date with you he’s attracted enough to bed you. If you prove your worth he may want something more, but he doesn’t decide that until after sex anyway.


      • So, are you saying that a kind, pleasant, intelligent, emotionally balanced, family oriented girl wouldn’t significantly lower her chances of becoming your wife by having sex with you on the first date? I find that hard to believe, but everyone’s different, I guess.


      • Lily to the rescue! Well-done, girl.


      • There might be some exceptions to that, but its a time honored rule for that very reason. If the date was the culmination of a long period of knowing one another/attraction, that is very different than if the date is your first opportunity to get to know one another.


      • Marriage doesn’t interest me, but a girl who gives it up too easily sacrifices her shot at a LTR. So we’re not in disagreement on that point, but to reiterate what CH said above, we don’t look a gift whore in the mouth.


      • This paradox is what confuses me…

        A man decides about the value of a woman after sex…yet if a woman has sex and he dumps her she has lessened her value to other man.

        Maybe it’s the last shred of humanity in me…or maybe it’s because I’m more into looking for a high valued women, but I don’t care for sloots who give it away easy. I know their value and I don’t want to settle for garbage. I’d rather have game to not bore the good ones with beta antics.


      • It is a paradox Earl. You gotta stay true to yourself otherwise you will always be disapointed. Don’t sell out in order to fit in. Stay on your horse…


      • Hey spud,
        It is confusing. You don’t want to act without conscience, but both parties need to recognize their responsibility as well.


      • Back in my whte knight days I turned down sex with girls I was attracted to because I didn’t want them to think I was only interested in sex. It’s a great tactic, if what you hope to accomplish is to desexualize yourself to them. That Mr.Nice Guy stuff will earn you a one ticket to the friend zone.

        I’ve dated girls whose personalities I really liked, but it turned out the sexual chemistry wasn’t that good. Which is why I’ll drop a girl if we’ve been going out for a sexless month.


      • Yeah, I admit to Sir Galahad’ing myself, back in the day… an initial ‘hard to get’ is okay… makes the hunted become the hunter for a moment, which can be fun.

        But never turn down their second effort if you want to avoid the LJBF express.


      • Have been thinking about this, Simon. Steve Harvey (Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man) says something similar except he extends it to men who even make the effort to approach you.

        It seems kind of odd to hold out on the ones women are attracted to, especially if they’re doing the whole Fur Real date for your benefit. Seems like those are the men women shouldn’t be holding out on. I’m not sure what you meant by sluttiness vs. discernment. What I was question above was whether or not the same girl would act differently in different circumstances and I think we’d all pretty much agree that she could.


      • Short version, and I’m only speaking for myself here. The window is between 2 weeks and 1 month. Too early and you’re a slut .( but thank you just the same.) Too late and you’re a prude. (who might be lame in the sack anyway so why should I wait months or longer ?)

        But your original point was based on false comparison between sluts/nice girls and hookup/ for real men. It was an apples to oranges comparison and that’s what I was trying to point out. It seemed you misunderstood what CH had written.

        If you view a guy as relationship material you should mind the window. He cannot be expected to hold out on you. If you hold out too long he’ll next you and if he doesn’t , you wont respect him. A man who will wait longer than a month for sex is a man without options.


  25. While I agree with your general assessment of this broad, I think you misread critical parts. She didn’t describe him as a “for-real man”, she described the date as a “for-real date” – meaning that he’s the first guy who went through formal dating rituals and took her out somewhere on a traditional date (rather than just dropping trou and banging her).

    Also, when she said “he wanted to do nothing more than make out”, she meant he didn’t want to go all the way (i.e., fuck her), not that that’s the only thing he wanted to do on the date.


    • ‘For-real date’ = code speak for ‘I don’t want to fuck him’.


      • ‘I don’t want to fuck him but it sounds like he may be footing the bill so we’ll see where this goes. God, I hate settling. I’m calling my fuck buddy tonight.’ “Oh, what were you saying John? Hahaha you’re so funny. Pass the steak sauce.”


    • Any many with a working penis wants to fuck the girl he’s making out with (whether she’s SNL or LTR material, it makes no difference). The fact that you don’t know this makes me think you’re a female, or a game-denying Female-Stockholm-Syndrome’d omega


  26. She is a man look at her neck and shoulders!


  27. I am reminded of this quote:

    “When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.”
    — Mark Twain


  28. What the fuck is wrong with these broads? I’m quite the omega, mostly because my severe mental illness prevents me from becoming a high beta, or lower alpha, but when I Googled her photo I expected to at least someone that I wished I could date and be in a relationship with.

    If these feminists are going to continue to write articles like, “Is it time to settle?” I would like to start seeing women I would want to stick my dick in more than once.

    And I’m sure these women would consider me delusional that I wouldn’t want anything more than a night of fucking, but even if they weren’t feminists there is not a lot attractive about them as I see, and I’m pretty low on the totem pole.


  29. (never trust a woman with a hyphenated name)

    Unless it’s a real one,eg. Parker-Bowles, not where the female just wants to tack her name onto her husband’s.
    The real hyphenated names are not common and probably stem from some joining of two prominent families centuries ago where they both wanted to keep their surnames. It’s in effect one name and it is not changed through marriage and the wife takes the hyphenated name. She does not append her surname to it.Ordinary people like the butcher, baker did not have these names.
    Today it’s just an affectation with these girls and some lamebrain idea of being equal to the husband.


    • My grandmothers family is English and she has three hyphenated last names. From birth plus married name . But only uses her married last name. Good womb man


  30. which is that what we really need is the ability to diversify: hook up if we want, go slow if we want, just do a bunch of different stuff depending on where we’re at.

    And men are expected to just go along with this and do whatever is best for ta wimminz. What if men don’t want to follow the script?


    • Men do the same thing. In the end you get what you settle for. Relationship or lack there of are a two way street. It’s just a matter how what people want/ are and aren’t willing to accept. It’s a human thing non specific to gender.


      • Dingbat woman, what do you not understand about the simple evolutionary concept, well-worn in coverage on this blog in particular, that eggs are dear and sperm is cheap?

        In short, as far as a healthy society goes, it’s not so good when men cat around, but it’s absolutely disastrous when women do it.


      • My sperm is valuable…my genes are resistant to all diseases.


      • Yes, well… there are always outliers. 🙄


      • on October 14, 2012 at 7:27 pm AppleSauce&Mushrooms

        So Greggorey, you’re actually a womyn?


      • Do I sound like woman, numbnut?

        This has been covered ad nauseum here at the chateau… women produce maybe 500 viable eggs in their lifetime… maybe… men produce billions of sperm… do the math.


  31. Everyone can have a publishing platform this is the internet.

    Can we please stop pretending men aren’t intimidated by “women”.


    • I sympathize more with the talibans than with the bleeding-heart humanists who want to save them poor little girls.


    • You seem very satisfied by the concept of men being intimidated by women.

      I wonder if she derived any satisfaction knowing she intimidated the men who put a bullet in her head.


    • For the record, being intimidated means you cower in fear, impotence, and inaction.

      When you actually DO something about a threat, real or imagined, that’s called anger.


      • +1

        The Taliban could be called many things, but cowardly is not one of them.


      • The hamster doesn’t spin that way, bruh.


      • Point taken.


      • Notice how lefty female US pols like Hillary! and Madeleine Albright respond to attacks against us by calling the perps cowards, even though terrorists are often obviously brave and calling them names makes us look weak and ineffectual. That kind of silliness is the grownup counterpart of women who think they intimidate men socially. Margaret Thatcher and Golda Meir didn’t talk like that.


      • I’m not angry at the wasp I squash – it’s a preemptive strike to end fear.


      • Hi Emma, how are you doing? I was reading your blog right now and I have to congratulate you for your courage!


      • I already know you dolls are afraid of insects…

        And I also know you call upon us guys to do the squashing.


    • Is there any limit to what can be blamed on “The Taliban?”

      Who is this person who claims to speak for the Taliban and why hasn’t he been shot?

      Is this “Taliban spokesman” using his real name?

      Then how do you know this nigga even exists?

      BTW, Afgan boys get shot everyday and all you hear is; “uh well… tough break nigga”

      But when a girl gets shot, we are supposed to drop everything and freak out about it?

      Its called war. its ugly, and nobody is safe in one.

      it has to be that way in order for people to have an incentive NOT to start them.


      • on October 12, 2012 at 11:48 pm gunslingergregi

        been a shitton more girls than that killed no sensationalized stories though


      • They don’t shoot little boys they make them dance.


      • Bacha bazi… or, as was put in a certain redneck-bashing movie, “Squeal like a pig, boy!”


      • They terrorize the women to keep them in line, obviously.

        The women of Afghanistan do have it the worst: they’re caught between a decadent empire trying make fast McFeminists of them with book-learnin’ and “women’s health centers” (murder clinics), and their extremely traditional and religious menfolk who’ll have none of it.

        In real terms, there is no more “Taliban”. There are rural Pashtun men who resist the deadening hand of Western democracy. The insurgency is not “Islamist” — it’s Pashtun men fighting to keep their women as units of racial continuity. That’s it. Nothing else. It might arise in part of from male frustration and the ideology of jihad, but that is the bottom line. Greater Judea is there to put their women on the fast-track to alienation from folk and land.

        This metastasized long ago here in GJ, and we are the only possible resistance to such an advanced stage of cancer.


    • You idiot. You don’t understand the first thing about gang/tribal behavior, or you would STFU and stick to reading Jezebel and Fifty Shades of Grey.
      The Taliban operates like a gang. Gangs all around the world – from LA to Jalalabad – demand respect. The kid is defying the gang publicly. Really bad move. You defy the gang, they will make you an object lesson for why it’s a really, really bad idea to defy the gang. It’s about stomping out any ember of resistance that rears its head. It’s a public message: “you want to help our enemy? We gunned down a kid for backtalk. Guess what we’ll do for you and your family?”
      If the kid is killed, it will be the fault of all the morons telling her she should be a strong, independent woman, afraid of nothing. You don’t teach an impressionable kid to be fearless, you teach ’em to be smart. There’s a difference between the bully in the lunchroom and the motherfucking Taliban.


      • First, are you “Talibanian?”

        Matter of fact, are you even of terrorist descent?

        Are you at least brownskinned?

        nigga please. That entire area is corrupt because them niggas make a dollar a day and then white people show up with pallets of cash….

        Somebody DIDN’T GET PAID! Its nothing more than a case of “fuck you pay me!”


      • Bully is a bully. 90% frontin’ bitches. If everyone( enough %) won’t take there bull they’ll back the fuck down. Sometimes you’ll find a serious one. As you said they react because one person standing up to them is a real threat because it inspires courage in others.
        Romance novels are boring and strangely devoid of real romance a lot of the time. Jezebel is to full of whining for my taste although that could be said for a lot of the internet. Thanks for the recommendation in reading though.


      • on October 13, 2012 at 10:33 am Days of Broken Arrows

        Reality check: let’s not let some controlling bitch hijack this thread with her mindless cliched political agenda.

        Remember what that doctor said the other day about women coming on here and trying to control everyone

        Back to our regularly scheduled subject…


      • Says the woman who has never faced physical confrontation in her entire life. Your continued existence relies on proxy violence by these “bully frontin’ bitches.” Go get punched in the face a few times and then you may be able to understand why your statements are retarded.


      • Are you insane or just plain evil? Have you not been paying attention to the fact that the US has been fighting a goddamn WAR with these bastards for the past 10 years and they still havent given up? That isnt a “bully” who will “back down”. Weve gone after them with every disgusting vile murderous piece of machinery that our engineering could come up with, and they are mostly armed with tennis shoes and kalishnakovs.

        These are MEN. They dont give in to shit.

        You stupid useless fucking bitch.


      • Have to agreed… the broads around here are really hitting new lows for thought and political pablum… and that’s saying something.


    • Those aren’t men. Those are the dehydrated followers of a totalitarian desert god whose manhood has been contorted into the most perverse subhuman practices by mummified ideologies untouched in over a millennium.

      The burka is the ultimate indication of insecurity — like everything in Mahometism, they take a solid principle of civilization to such absurdly inbred-retarded lengths that they not just undermine the intent of it but obliterate it.

      If it were a religion of men, they wouldn’t have to prohibit certain practices upon the pain of death so much as officially discourage them while allowing fathers to individually do the rest. A daughter’s chastity is a family’s asset. You don’t therefore lock her up in a Josef Fritzl basement and disallow her cheeks from ever being kissed by direct sunlight. You raise her into discipline and steer her clear from occasions of abject debasement and acute hypergamic temptation. Then you otherwise leave her in the hands of providence. It works.

      A modest sun dress — the ingenious Western compromise between prudery and profligacy — is not an asexual amorphous lump like a burka. It indicates the sexual difference without eliciting boners in the church pews. It conceals and tantalizes and draws men into a mystery worth fighting to uncover, rather than attempting to eradicate sexual exchange altogether in public spaces. When that happens, as it does in the Ummah, the men turn to each other like prison bitches. Likewise, you don’t wear pantyless microminis and flash your gash on Instagram (it’s artistic!) and flush your only asset down the commode like a do-it-yourself abortion.

      Neither the Dionysians nor the Shakers are plausible social models. They are both vital notions taken to illogical extremes, and they are both suicidally unpleasant to enforce and endure. Puritanism and paganism are offshoots of genuine human needs which need to be dynamically balanced rather than fantasizing that the eradication of one will lead to the flourishing of the other.

      So the Mahometans? Of course they’re afraid of women. They have the opposite problem that we have. No, they didn’t insanely put them in charge like we did. Instead they locked them down so tightly they have misconstrued their nature for ten centuries. Instead of consummating with a woman’s passive qualities and vulnerable charms to create a civilization in the complementary contrast of manly strength, they turned their girls into bovine foreigners within their own countries.

      Now here comes the West who threatens to replace burkas with bikinis, now here comes a 14-year-old who babbles nonsensical “visions,” and the pedertastic goatherds loose their shit. Don’t diminish men by comparing us to the scarcely recognizable victims of a 1000-year soul torsion.



      • Yet any one of them could kill you easily. Unless you’ve got your own crew capable of taking them on, then they are the superior men.


      • Well, then it’s a damn good thing the King A is on the side of a civilization that has a gigantic army and nukes that could turn Afghanistan into a plain of glass if we were ever REALLY pissed.

        Looks like his “crew” check is passed.


      • King A (Matthew King)
        Now here comes the Jew who threatens to replace God with gold chains, drumbeats and pussy…

        There, fixed it for you


      • Credit where due. +1


      • I don’t know what the fuck you just said.too wordy


      • Dude, reading is fundamental…


      • But don’t sleep on King A. I have a particular disagreement here, but most of his comments are interesting and thoughtful. He is very knowledgable about Christianity. Always worth reading even if “wordy”


      • A modest sun dress… It indicates the sexual difference without eliciting boners in the church pews.

        Well, let’s not go crazy now.


      • The Taliban originally came into power to stop those abuses. The people practicing man boy love are actually the so-called allies of the US. See Michael Yons report http://www.michaelyon-online.com/death-in-the-corn-part-i-of-iii/page-2.htm

        The reality is that our going to war with that country set them back about 50 years, got all the moderate Pashtun tribal leaders killed by the anti-occupation Taliban, and may have helped destabilize Pakistan.

        These are not your typical Muslim. They are not your typical anything. These people are tough.

        We made a mistake going there, and we underestimated our opponent.


      • on October 14, 2012 at 7:37 pm AppleSauce&Mushrooms

        My Name given in birth is Matthew. I have many other Name’s I’ve gone by. I seriously agree with what you have to say.

        Much of it, at least.

        Our reputations precede us – [boros].

        K u k a i


      • For once I agree with Matt. The Mahometans, as he called them, are a sad and demented lot.

        A thorough reading of the historical record showed that the once-proud top echelon of Y chromosomes in the Mahometan line were wiped from the earth by Genghis Khan & his warriors when they came marching through in the 13th century, and that population of people never recovered.


      • For once I agree with Matt.

        Awfully white of you.


      • on October 16, 2012 at 9:49 am gunslingergregi

        the burka is because the woman want to be white yo
        its hot as fuck there
        and a sundress in the sun is gonna make you dark as fuck


      • BTW, I think this latest girl got shot for some “blaspheme” (que Lawanda Page) or whatever you call it in Islam.

        White people have been killed for the same thing, so whats with all the shock?

        If white people ain’t safe, nobody is.


      • We need strong US to kill all these mullahs..they are curse on the earth. Vote for Republican Party!


      • Pfffffft.


    • can you please stop polluting our beloved chateau with your irrelevant femspeak?


    • Indeed wingnut. Perhaps you should return home to jihad-central where you can be a woman and the men fear you. Here you only illicit at best sympathy for being a couple of deviations below average IQ… or the female side of Aspergers.


    • “Do Leftover Women Really Deserve Our Sympathy?”

      Gold, Chollie… Gold!


    • Are they reading this blog? Or maybe the huge population makes the problems more obvious.


      • No, they are not reading this blog. They have always been like that in China (not only in China, but in all traditional societies). Although I agree with most of their ideas I think they are often being very cruel and misogynistic. For example:

        “The tragedy is, they don’t realize that as women age, they are worth less and less, so by the time they get their M.A. or Ph.D., they are already old, like yellowed pearls.”

        While this is 100% true it’s cruel to call a girl that she is a yellowed pearl. I have a family member who says that I am a ‘withered flower’ and although I pretend that I don’t care it makes me feel so sad and depressed. By being constantly depressed I doubt you can get into a relationship with a hot guy. Everyone prefers happy girls and if you get constantly reminded that you are too old for any worthy man to fall in love with you, you can’t be happy. You are suddenly not good enough for the only most important thing in your life and there’s nothing you can do.

        “The main reason many girls become “leftover women” is that their standards for a partner are too high … As girls are not too picky, finding a partner should be as easy as blowing away a speck of dust.”

        Same shit that we read on this blog. Women should settle for a man they don’t love. I don’t get it why losers want that girls would settle for them? Is a depressive wife who only wants to have sex once a year really going to make them happy?


      • Kristen, yeah I feel your pain, but this shit is real simple.

        My mom told me the reason she went to college was to find a husband. She said among her classmates, if you didn’t get married right after college, “their is something wrong with you”

        Women today would make fun of my moms life as a “June Cleaver wannabe…”; but she had common senses. Much more sense than my 5 college educated miserable unmarried sisters


      • I don’t know … you don’t need to go to college to find a husband …

        from this article about Chinese girls …

        “Pretty girls don’t need a lot of education to marry into a rich and powerful family, but girls with an average or ugly appearance will find it difficult. These kinds of girls hope to further their education in order to increase their competitiveness.”

        This makes more sense to me.


      • Except average or ugly girls with a degree are still average or ugly. Their best bet is to go to a male dominated engineering school in a rural area. The girls in those schools are automatically bumped up 1-2 points in looks just because of scarcity. I went to one and the girls who would be barely passable became suddenly decent looking girls while the plain janes were bumped up to 8s.


      • Key phrase “hope to further their education in order to increase their competitiveness”. It then goes on to say, as most anyone here would, that IT DOESN’T WORK. If you have decided to hold out for a “hot guy”, there is little doubt where your problem lies. Spin it how ever you like, but that nice, average guy that may have asked you out before? He might have thought he was holding out for a “hot chick” (if you are lucky). The longer you wait, the more your position on the value scale switch. You can consider it mean, unkind, cruel, not fair…. etc. It is reality – deal with it or not. My wife is an identical twin (ten years younger than me). Her twin is playing your game. She only recently took my wife’s advice to grow her hair longer. She hasn’t made a sustained effort to lose weight. She has decided not to “settle” since she was once engaged to a well-to-do (inherited) good looking guy (who died in a motorcycle accident). My wife shakes her head at her dating choices (guys who are still a bit of the bad-boy or simply leaching off of her). She is 37. I see two end results for her at this point: marrying someone older than me or spinsterhood. Reality is tough. Either your tough enough to deal with it or you get what ever is left over when you wake up to it.


      • If you really want to get depressed about the way Asian men (and women) view women, read Taipan by James Clavell. The views expressed in that article aren’t necessary “wrong”, per their cultural viewpoints.

        I’m almost glad I lived over in Asia, in a culture like that, for a while – showed me that I needed to start taking my mom’s advice on prioritizing marriage over career seriously, and the idiocy of the feminist view of male sexuality. I am sorry for your family, though. That sounds awful.


      • well, i think she says that because i look tired and depressed and i’m too skinny for her standards and not because of my age … it’s just my problem that i filter everything what people say through my paranoid fear that i’m too old for love.


      • that’s why i obsessively read this blog … to feel a bit better (worse?)


      • “i’m too skinny for her standards”

        And yet just right for CH.


      • You’re not too old for love. You’re just too old to be young. There’s a difference.


      • “You’re not too old for love. You’re just too old to be young.”

        That’s ridiculous. I am young and I’m not too old to be young.


        by Robert Herrick

        GATHER ye rosebuds while ye may,
        Old time is still a-flying :
        And this same flower that smiles to-day
        To-morrow will be dying.

        The glorious lamp of heaven, the sun,
        The higher he’s a-getting,
        The sooner will his race be run,
        And nearer he’s to setting.

        That age is best which is the first,
        When youth and blood are warmer ;
        But being spent, the worse, and worst
        Times still succeed the former.

        Then be not coy, but use your time,
        And while ye may go marry :
        For having lost but once your prime
        You may for ever tarry.


      • Different culture, different expression of feminism, bigger problems, especially because of the gender imbalance.


      • If women would actually invent something we might believe that you are worth more than just making babies and taking jobs away from men.


      • Don’t speak like this.
        Raising children, is a hard and one of the most important tasks there is.


      • The most difficult job in the world, a la Bill Burr: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwPg2oarG_c


      • lol,
        that was great,
        PJ thing, lol.

        Still don’t think paperwork is harder than cooking, cleaning, and watching after children, esspecially if ther’s more of them, except that there’s no boss, to bust you for your fail.
        And this anon was really an ass, so i had to say something.


    • Sex ratio is really out of whack, something like 120 men per 100 women, and they still have leftover women?


      • The price the West pays for relative peace and a relatively civil society?


      • More men = More hypergamy = Same amount of spinsters


      • There’s that, I suppose. China and India, the two megacountries with surplus men, aren’t exactly known for producing a lot of Don Juans.


      • Why dont they import white men to bang these leftover women? Women get banged,have kids,with the much-prized white genes,nerds get their dream girls,everybody wins.


      • Xcept they women look like chimps


      • Because it’s easier for them to export the women to white countries as “students” (out for their MRS degree, of course). If she doesn’t look like an ugly nerdette — and about 90% of them do — some roundeye is bound to pick her up. As an added bonus, they keep their homelands racially pure.


      • what a retarded thinking!
        why there is still people who believe in this crap ehh


      • Male tastes haven’t changed, the number of appealing women (for Chinese tastes, due to changes driven by the one-child policy) has decreased… the appealing ones are snapped-up, the less appealing more modern ones are leftover. (Supply and demand– i.e., the 120:100 male-to-female sex ratio– hasn’t caught up with this yet.)


    • This one’s easy, and tragic. Another example of how modern society is destryoing itself.

      The one-child policy has left Chinese parents having to depend on a daughter for security in their old age (the eldery traditionally rely on male children for support in their retirement years). Additionally, there are no male children to compete for economic/educational resources within the family unit, and are no longer seen as expendable liabilities, but essential. Therefore, girl children are now supported/encouraged/forced/enabled to become highly educated and secure high-paying jobs.

      Combined with other elements – such as coming from a society that used to bind women’s feet in the not-too-distant past – this leaves young women with a far greater sense of pride, self-worth, and personal value than a Western woman gets from the same opportunities. The delta is much, much higher for Asian women than Westerns. Feminism, when it hits in Asian countries, is likely to have a far higher impact on women due to how oppressed/repressed they are in traditional culture. All those things men love about Asian women are the very reasons they rebel harder and faster against cultural norms once given the opportunity.

      I know what you guys might say about that, but there are abusive elements that aren’t something anybody should have to live with. For example, I have a Japanese friend who, within a year of being here in America, converted to Christianity, got beaten by her Japanese boyfriend for it, spent a lot of time going to church with my family and talking to my dad about how a decent American man treats his woman, and is trying to find a Westerner to marry now that she’s back in Japan, so she doesn’t have to put up with the way a Japanese man will inevitably treat her. She didn’t get ugly, sarcastic, or rude in the process, but she definitely internalized those aspects of feminism which allowed her reject the aspects of her culture that treated her badly. My point is, she rejected the norms of her society for far different reasons than an American woman might have.

      A career woman in China might completely and utterly reject the notion of getting married and having a family based on solid economic/cultural reasoning, whereas a standard American feminist still dreams about meeting an alpha and living happily ever after, and likley only adopted her views out of peer pressure, idiocy, or the irrational desire for tingles. For a Chinese woman, her education and personal wealth gives her the option of being autonomous and free; for an American woman, it really doesn’t do anything except make one miserable in her old age. Feminism equates to self-determination for Asian women, whereas for Western women, it basically just means the ability to act like a slut. Which one of those is a more powerful motivator?

      These women are “left-over” by a more specific and deliberate choice than their counterparts here in America. I’m sure at some point human nature (ie, wanting an LTR, stability with a man, and babies) kicks back in, but I’d wager it’s a far lower percentage over there than it is here. I’d guarantee you that, beyond the female palace guard of the CCP, Chinese women don’t give a shit about this issue. Female society in China is not realizing, as ours hopefully is beginning to, that there are long-term emotional consequences for feminism. The government is, however, realizing that overall societal decay is inevitable if women aren’t having babies. Falling birthrates, and young, frustrated males are not good for national stability, especially in a totalitarian nation like China.

      It’s instructive at some level – women over there are at the same level that Western suffragettes were once at (ie our past), while society is at risk for collapse because of it (ie, our future).


      • Saw something on TV the other week about how the 1-child policy in China has led to a huge surplus in boys. The class they showed – which was, as the show , to their credit, admitted, an extreme example – had something like 15 boys and 1 or 2 girls.
        They said that in some provinces, the ratio is skewed as much as 70-30 towards boys.
        That’s a LOT of boys who will have an even harder time finding ANY women (never mind desirable ones) than any guy who isn’t 22+6’5+Brad Pitt in a nightclub.


      • Makes sense. Chinese (of both sexes) only care about money, whereas Americans, and even Europeans, have kept religion at least to an extent. The birth rate in China is down to 1.5, which is below the average in Europe. Women in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and major Chinese cities have been down to about 1.0. The only reason they aren’t worse than German or Spanish women (the worst Europe has to offer) is because so many are still so poor and surrounded by frustrated men.


      • Parents will have someone to support them in their old age but their daughters will not… some self-sustaining social system.


      • “converted to Christianity, got beaten by her Japanese boyfriend for it”
        she deserved it. no one likes a traitor.


      • I heard he was prejudiced about race too.

        Every Dec 7th he went out and attacked Pearl Bailey.


      • The bitch that will live in infamy.


  32. w woman
    Men do not feel threatened by hot young women going out unchaperoned into the world. Their age-ing stay at home wives have good reason to feel threatened by it and are usually the force behind it restriction.
    The conversations before the typical “honor killing” goes something like this.
    Older females to the men, “If you don’t kill the little bitch we will do it and then you will look pretty ridiculous. And you not want to look ridiculous in this neighborhood, now do you?”


    • Rum is half mad but the man sure has clarity. That’s a good thing.


    • Old bitches are seriously anti slut towards young woman but only because it doesn’t work to tell men to keep their dicks to themselves. Old men are by in large delusional if they think young chicks are attracted to them. Old men have their charm but most men don’t age well. Most people want someone of equaling or better looks etc. If you see someone with a vast age difference they made a trade off on something or have a fetish/personal preference. En mass minus huge kill off of young men (war etc) it’s not going to catch on but people are paranoid on a personal level.


      • Hi cunt.
        Back with the PMS again?


      • EvilA is that you? I don’t pms believe it or not woman don’t all pms nor should you dismiss them and the things they say or do with that reasoning.


      • on October 12, 2012 at 11:16 pm gunslingergregi

        everyone always makes a tradeoff


      • Yeah, young women and old men is just weird and creepy, but the current state of America, as well as the rest of the Western world, well, there is nothing abnormal about it at all, and things will continue to keep getting better and better for all government propped up and dependent ladies.

        Or, I’m sorry, I mean things will continue getting better and better and this is the new normal for all you bernenakifed slutttttzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


      • I think we send the wrong people to war.
        Instead of sending 19-year olds, some of whom are already fathers in a society where having kids VERY EARLY in life is standard, and who are in high demand among women 16-55, why not send unmarried, childless guys from 32-60 or thereabouts?
        No one wants ’em anyway, the only ones who will legitimately miss them are their parents (if still alive) and their pets.
        Modern warfare being what it is, athleticism or cardiovascular endurance aren’t nearly as important as they were, say, 150 years ago. I don’t care if you’re a 5-time Olympic gold medal sprinter, you cannot outrun a machine gun blast or an RPG.


      • But can you fight on a cup of rice and 3 sardines per day like Victor Charlie?


      • Exactly… hell, a 3-sardine day was a holiday for Charlie… and half a roasted rat was really livin’ large.

        The white man isn’t there yet. All we can do is drop fire from a safe distance in the skies.


      • Given my lifestyle, I probably could.
        Most Americans most likely could not, but that has nothing to do with age. The young ones are just as overfed as the oldies.


      • on October 16, 2012 at 12:16 am gunslingergregi

        they are doing that in war now anyone can go
        why you think there wasen’t a draft they had contractors of all ages


  33. Hook-up men are “bastards” who don’t commit, but “for-real” men are too boring to attract interest. Grow up, bitches, before you wind-up old, alone and raising multiple cats.


    • Crude and mean of me, yes, but this is where we’re heading… or are now, unfortunately. There was a reason good men were valued and started families, not discarded to the “Friend Zone.”


      • Call me nuts, but multiple cats – as opposed to multiple crazy-ass bitches – actually doesn’t sound so bad. Way too many people in this world anyway.


  34. Awesome article!

    For the record, this is what both of these broads look like. LOOK AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!


    I saw Amanda in real life during a SXSW panel. She’s even worse in the flesh.


  35. Younger/= tighter just fyi.


  36. Ww
    If guys are not following the women-folks-hive mind collectives commands to keep their dicks to themselves, what are they doing with them instead?
    If guys, even older guys, are getting lucky, with whom are they getting their dicks wettened? Women who turn them off? Why would they bother?


    • I don’t read this as hive mind besides men are very monkey see monkey do.
      This is why a lot of woman don’t like their husbands spending nights out with single men friends. I never said woman who turn them off… just woman of a more equal age. There are lookers and busteds in every age range as well as personality qualities. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen but most people should be practical or not get their hopes up if they try. If you’re a 40 something bald fat divorced dude you in all likely hood aren’t going to start fucking 18 year old virgins or anything close. I’m not saying don’t try just don’t get ones hope up unless you likely gold diggers or head cases.
      1. Porn
      4. Strippers
      6. Real dolls….phone sex hot lines etc etc
      7. talking to other men about how to improve their “game” 🙂


      • I’d put hookers at the bottom. Have you [i]seen[/i] hookers? When they dress up a policewoman as a ‘hooker’ for one of those on-TV ‘stings’, many of the apprehended would-be Johns claim they have never stopped for a prostitutre before. I’m incvlined to believe most of them. That police lady is prolly the cleanest, prettiest, healthiest looking hooker any of them had ever laid eyes on…..


      • on October 14, 2012 at 8:24 pm AppleSauce&Mushrooms

        Now there’s a truth.


      • Looks vary mostly by price and location.


  37. For some men, all females are “tight”.


  38. Reminds me of a girl this summer who told me to “stop being such a one night-stander, you have so much more to offer.”

    Then I found out she’s been fucking a french guy for months who is practically engaged to another woman.

    LOL. Girls.


  39. “For me, at least, “hookups” have been a great way of getting to know myself, getting to know other people and getting to know what I want, romantically and sexually.”
    I wonder how many epiphanies she’s had whilst riding a vibrator?


  40. OT (more relevant to the previous thread)

    Last big bang theory episode (6×03) is definitely red-pill.
    Besides the awesome involuntary alpha moves by Sheldom, there’s a discussion about preselection and hamsterish panicking.

    You gotta salute the show runners, they’re most probably reading you.


    • Many of these writers are older guys who weren’t brainwashed by pc. Of course, they were constrained by the studios and feminism from writing what they really wanted to write by have been subtlely sneaking stuff in for years especially on those cartoon type shows. The fact that they’re being more open now means that pc and feminism are dead. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see 1970 type attitudes return quickly in a year or two and feminism and pc return to the laughing stock it always was.


    • Check out “The Office”. Loads of Redpill stuff hidden in there.


      • I haven’t seen that episode, but there’s been multiple scenes throughout the show relating to Game. In one episode, Wolowitz basically goes PUA, but it’s mostly mocking.

        However, in another scene early in the show, Sheldon explains to Leonard about being an “alpha” and increasing his relative sexual status. From that scene, I imagine at least a writer or two reads this blog.


    • Chuck Lorre who also created Two and a Half Men created that show. Interesting that his shows always have a more alpha male and a blantant beta male.


      • While mildly entertaining for a few seasons, both those shows are bogus. In real life, a character like ‘Charlie Harper’ would be obese (he eats nothing but crap, drinks tons of booze and just sits on the couch all day) and riddled with a half dozen or so STDs (half the women he bangs are prostitutes). He’s neither very tall nor exceptionally good looking nor young, so his Malibu beach house and Mercedes/Jaguar are his only way to get hot women. How does a second-rate jingle writer make that kind of money?
        His brother, a despiccable neurotic wreck of a sub-Delta, would NEVER lay a hand on even an ugly woman. He may be able to trick them into Charlie’s beach house, but as soon as they find out he’s basically a house guest who sleeps on a hide-a-bed, they’re outta there like shot from a cannon.
        The most realistic character on ‘Big Bang’ may be the Indian guy. The Jewish mam’s boy would have likely killed himself before he got to be an adult, people like Data, erm, ‘Sheldon’ don’t really exist and there is NO WAY IN HELL someone like ‘Leonard’ ever lays a hand on the ‘hottie next door’ (who, imho, isn’t really that hot, maybe a 7) unless he’s a billionaire.


      • on October 15, 2012 at 3:20 pm ApplesaucedMushyroom

        I agree.


      • Not sure I agree about Leonard. The point is that Penny has had sex with 30+ guys and is finally deciding she wants a nice beta boy. I question why HE would want HER.


  41. You made one mistake.

    In the original TFC article she claimed to have never had an orgasm.

    Not only is she marriage kryptonite about to hit a cement wall at the speed of light but all the prior sex sucked.

    Other than that, great article.


    • Yup, she never had an orgasm. So sad. I think feminists only have sex to boast that they are able to have sex like men, without emotions. (although I’m not sure men can actually have sex without emotions).


      • Clearly she needs a rapegasm. ‘Tis the only way with deracinated urban twats.


      • Yes, we can.


      • I still don’t believe that. I think men saying they can sleep with girls without being in love is some kind of a shit test for women. It’s possible that men indeed sleep with women they don’t love but that’s because they also don’t like these women. If they had any respect for them, they would not use them for sex. When there was no birth control this would result in a single mother without anyone to protect her and her child.


      • Back in the day, women didn’t slut around… and protected their virtue for the very reason you point out.

        And of course, most had fathers, uncles, brothers, friends of the family who would dissuade would-be Lotharios… with extreme prejudice.

        Today, it’s the father or brother who ends up in jail… or at least socially tarred and feathered… for daring to take protective measures.

        And women applaud their ‘liberation’ and ’empowerment’.

        Welcome to Babylon… help yourself to a hand basket.


      • I was not talking about that. I said that I don’t believe normal men can sleep with a girl they don’t love. Because without birth control this would result in pregnancy and the mother would be left alone with her child.


      • Whether you realize it or not, that WAS what you’re talking about… you said “normal” men can’t sleep with a girl unless they feel something akin to love, and otherwise said men (not being “normal”, ha!) don’t truly like/respect the women they’re out there banging.

        My point was there’s no “normal” about it… men used to be “normal” in their relationships with women because of a) women NOT slutting around like they do today, and b) any man who would otherwise trifle would have to answer to other men.

        Women DO slut around today because of a) birth control and b) putting the kibosh on the alleged “patriarchy” that used to protect them from other men of ill intent, and to be quite frank, protect women from their OWN hypergamous inclinations.

        Point is, you’re saying men who cat around nowadays and use women are not “normal”… when in fact, it’s the women and the society they’ve created with their liberation and empowerment that have blown up in their face and made otherwise “normal” men now act like the “unnormal” men of yesteryear.


      • He Always has somthething clever to say these femcunts.


      • on October 13, 2012 at 2:28 pm Holden Caulfield

        Men can indeed have sex without emotions, unless you count satisfaction as an emotion.


      • Or pleasure.


      • on October 13, 2012 at 6:38 pm driveallnight

        Immediately tying the condom in a knot and flushing it down? That’s always emotional.


      • on October 14, 2012 at 8:25 pm Holden Caulfield

        and smart.


  42. Women often construe reality falsely to save themselves emotional pain. They say they are over their bad-boy phase; they say they have matured. In reality, it has nothing to do with that. The bad boys have moved onto a fresher batch of women. Some of the women 30 and over will move on to older alphas, whereas others will don their angel masks and market themselves to betas willing to marry. The latter isn’t as easy as it seems though. The higher betas will have obtained a modicum of wisdom by 30. They won’t pick up the slack. They want their time in the sun.

    The responsibility of giving the spinster a wedding and kids falls to the middle and lower beta (this is why for women 30 and over, the dating scene is an bottomless source of complaint).Often, this will be too much to bear, and she will wait around gazing at the horizon in the hopes there is still a quality man who will marry her. In doing this she risks joing the women who spent their 30s with older alphas and enter their 40s with neither husband nor child. They will go on to say “I’m happy to be single”, in much the same way an accident survivor with 1 leg and no arms says “I’m happy just to be alive”.

    Then there is the university bulldyke, who does not possess even the sliver of awareness the single 30s do. She emerges from the university doors waiving her degree thinking it is a drawcard only to find it is about as enticing as a parking ticket. She may get a cock or 2 somewhere through the decades if her ideas get some masochistic mangina’s dick hard. But her outlook is generally grim.


    • It’s funny. Ten years ago, I knew a bunch of 32ish women desperately trying to nail down that beta hubby before they hit the wall. (A few of them were successful too.)

      But now, I see tons of women that age just cake on more make-up and continue to doink whatever they can get, mostly older uncommitted guys, or younger hard-up dudes. The propaganda effect of “Sex in the City” shouldn’t be underestimated, they really believe they can still land the “Mr Big”.


      • I think it’s hilarious to watch the 32-55-ish has-been hotties or never-were hotties try to compete with the young actual hotties for the 22-year old bartenders/bouncers/firefighters/football players.


      • Yeah, it’s pathetic, but with ~50% of the male population left with their weeners in their hand, it’s a logical strategy.For any women who missed her prime reproductive period, the other option is to stay fit and ride dicks all the way down the nursing home.

        I know Chateau likes to think they get fat with cats, but that’s not what I’m seeing anymore. Cock carousel forever, I’d guess. Long live the new flesh.


  43. If your goal is, for some weird ass reason , to simply induce a knee buckling orgasm in the hind-brain of the average human female be sure to bring along a kit with all the right tools.
    Be sure you have on hand at least a half pound of simmering hot Coconut Oil It can do things that are hard to explain or even imagine. if your conscience will always be clear no matter what takes place…And lots of those really big cable-ties.; the kind that can control all the desperate motions of terrified wild animals.


  44. on October 12, 2012 at 11:19 pm gunslingergregi

    i like to do it au natural builds my ego thats why like to be the best at what i do


  45. Good show. People other than Heartiste should join in fisking these forlorn fishrotten fuglies on a regular basis. Even if a blogger can’t achieve so high a level of satire, it’s important to strive for a broad level of counterpoise. They will not be annihilated by quality so much as quantity: the only reason they are not laughed into humiliated retreat is because they are ubiquitous. Their dogshit is everywhere and we only have one pooper-scooper among us?



  46. on October 12, 2012 at 11:21 pm gunslingergregi

    she was bent up into a shape that was humanly imposible and still loving it
    maybe i should add some cable ties into the repertoire at some point though


  47. A few observations….girls say they want “dates”…but the reality seems to be that “date” puts a huge amount of pressure on the situation creating a kind of fake intimacy. It’s like saying “This is a test” and immediately every movement a guy makes is put under scrutiny.

    Women may like dates because it puts them in control, they can then be the assessor and the chooser and men are placed in “chaser” mode.

    Here’s what I’ve been doing with great success since learning game.

    1. Drinks—it’s easy, show up, have a cocktail, stay or leave
    2. set up a false time constraing: I’ve got to meet some friends so we can meet early or late—if it’s late, the subtext is, it will lead to sex
    3. Dinner—rarely but sometimes I do, but it’s usually ultra casual and a place that doesn’t scream “date”, but rather a more convenient place for a meal, or ‘grabe a bite”.

    Also, many of the girls I’ve banged, I’ve met online and have chatted with to the point that our first meeting is for drinks that immediately leads to going back to my place.

    No girl would ever admit this is what they want, but it is….

    The “Date” is dead, long-live the hook up.


    • @walawala —

      That’s always been the case. If a girl is not that into you, she’ll demand a series of elaborate dates where you attempt to keep her entertained, only to have it mysteriously fizzle out during date #3. On the other hand, if she’s got the tingles, she’ll keep it extremely casual and move quickly to close the deal. (Even if she’s “not that type of girl”, she’ll at least make out.)

      In the latter case, the first date is a great opportunity to flip the script and get her to her qualify herself. This is especially useful if you’re planning gaming her in the long term, everything from your lips will be biblical truth in her mind.


      • Right on. Add also that girls who demand dates are those that 1) are approaching the end of their shelf life as a single woman, and 2) no alpha is currently paying attention to


    • Just tell ’em you and her can “hang out”… and bring the condoms (but tell her to bring the movies, though).


  48. I don’t get the “she won’t be able to get married” stuff. Do you all know a lot of people that can’t get married?

    Everybody I know who wants to get married is married. The unmarried people are the ones who don’t want to get married. They might say they want to get married, but their actions show they aren’t serious. They are too busy or have trust issues or need a lot of alone time or whatever.

    When people get serious about marriage, they get married.

    Now I know widows who do not get remarried. But they are still in love with their husband. No other man will be good enough.


    • That’s not true. There are so many singles everywhere. Most of us are relatively low SMV (eg. women over 25) but we’re too childish to be able to settle and still believe that someday we will meet the love of our lives.


      • Hypergamy is rooted in a legitmate concern, although it has been allowed to run rampant. It is the female equivalent of fear of committment. Women fear choosing the wrong person and regretting it as much as men do. Essentially, they don’t want to marry someone only to fall in love with someone else later. Hypergamy is an instinct to protect against that by going for the most attractive man. So we WON”T fall out of love with you later, which is pretty much the worst thing that can happen to both the man and woman in the relationship. Nobody likes to be rejected, but, on the flip side, if one isn’t EXACTLY what the other person wants, you’re only courting trouble in the long run. Don’t give up on marriage, gents, just screen and marry smart.


      • Burn after reading.


      • Quit after posting.


      • You did say you were divorced, did you not, little snowflake?


      • Everyone knows that. Stop being a miserable pissant, and, once again, stop following me. I will not respond to further baiting.


      • Sigh… they’re all Princess Grace until you disagree with their solipsisms.


      • Until recently, women had relatively very few potential mates to choose from. And perhaps more importantly, they didn’t have mass media and the internet inflating their perceived mating prospects to astronomical levels. Hypergamous buyer’s remorse was never meant to operate under these conditions.


      • Kristen, quit your depressed whining and pull yourself together. Set some goals and do what’s necessary to achieve them. You want a husband and a family, but can’t fathom settling for a man you don’t find physically attractive?
        Okay. Then go to a place where there are a lot of men and very few women, do the best you can with your looks, and your 5 will automatically attract an 8 or your 6 a 9. If I may suggest Willingston, North Dakota or any place around oil rigs or military bases in Alaska. Those guys are in the hard work mode instead of the party mode already, and they are aching for some feminine warmth and nurturing support. Even hookers and strippers tend to be ugly around those parts (because they can be and still earn a living hooking and stripping), so if you aren’t a total beast, the guys won’t feel like they are giving up anything by settling down. Oh, and those men are desperate not just for intimacy, but for basic comforts like warm clean laundry when they get up to work in the freezing cold, dark morning and a hot meal when they get off after a 12 hour shift. You could seriously bag a looker over there just by keeping your hair long, smiling, calling him “honey”, lying there with your legs spread once in a while and making some scrambled eggs. And with a little more effort than that you could make him think that he has the best wife in the world.

        Women have been going to the harsh country in order to greatly improve their marriage prospects for a couple of centuries now. Except today you won’t have to risk being far away from a good hospital or lose contact with your family.

        If you have college loans to pay off, those locations usually pay $15/hr to wait tables and pour coffee. And you can put your college loands on hold for up to a year.


    • Yes. Plenty of men who have gone on “marriage strike” (officially or not), due to the devastating potential of divorce. Plenty of women who lost their “good years” being strung along in live-in-engagement-limbo.

      All the “good” marriages I know of, the bride was under 24 and the groom knew he was getting a steal. After that, the window closes.


      • I can think of precisely 1 reason to get married: tax breaks.


      • That’s not a reason, it’s an excuse you make to yourself. Been married, didn’t like it very much, and you would be surprised how many women will play lip service when you tell them you’re never getting married again.

        Will women never learn that when a solid man makes up his mind, you’re *not* going to change it or him?


  49. They are “dates” because modern women want or expect the benefits of traditional courting while rejecting the traditional expectations of a woman.

    They want to have their cock; I mean cake and eat it too.


  50. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/10/12/opinion/global/chinas-leftover-women.html?smid=tw-share&_r=1&

    as discovered here (because I sure as hell wasn’t reading the NYT) :


    ‘“Overcoming the Big Four Emotional Blocks: Leftover Women Can Break out of Being Single.” “Eight Simple Moves to Escape the Leftover Women Trap.” And my personal favorite: “Do Leftover Women Really Deserve Our Sympathy?”

    These eye-catching topics do not appear in supermarket-aisle gossip magazines. They are articles about single, professional women published on the Web site of China’s state feminist agency, the All-China Women’s Federation.

    “Pretty girls dont need a lot of education to marry into a rich and powerful family, but girls with an average or ugly appearance will find it difficult. These kinds of girls hope to further their education in order to increase their competitiveness. The tragedy is, they dont realize that as women age, they are worth less and less, so by the time they get their M.A. or Ph.D., they are already old, like yellowed pearls.”

    “Many highly educated leftover women are very progressive in their thinking and enjoy going to nightclubs to search for a one-night stand, or they become the mistress of a high official or rich man. It is only when they have lost their youth and are kicked out by the man, that they decide to look for a life partner. Therefore, most leftover women do not deserve our sympathy.”

    “When holding out for a man, if you say he must be rich and brilliant, romantic and hardworking … this is just being willful. Does this kind of perfect man exist? Maybe he does exist, but why on earth would he want to marry you?”

    “When you find out that he is having an affair, you may be in a towering rage, but you must know that if you make a fuss, you are denying the man face … No man is capable of spending a lifetime being loyal to an outmoded wife who never changes … Try changing your hairstyle or your fashion. Women must constantly change for the better.”‘

    Plenty of snark included in the NYT article, if that’s your thing.


    • JFC Libertardian, if those articles are accurately representing what the official “feminist” organization of China is saying I need to grab a Chinese wife asap. All of the things in the Chinese media that were being dismissed by the article sounded so pragmatic and realistic.


      • You do not want a Chinese wife. There are many strains of traditionalism intact in China, but China is certainly the most Westernized country in Asia, culturally speaking (yes, more than Japan–especially as far as gender is concerned). This is because of the influence of Marxism, which had its roots in the French revolution and the entire Western project of enlightenment–with its enormous emphasis on rationality and equality.

        [It might be thought by many here that Marxism is foreign to much of the Western project, but that is not really true–in many ways, it is very much a logical outgrowth, albeit only one, of the Western intellectual and political tradition over the last half millenium. And this fact accounts for its influence. And indeed Marxism transmits this entire tradition when it transmits itself (being a development therefrom), which is why Marxism has by far been the most powerful force in Westernizing the East in the 20th century.]

        Although the embrace of capitalism has forced the transformation of many aspects of culture in Asian societies, only in China did the forced implementation of a wide variety of Western cultural norms not necessarily related to capitalism occur. This means that you lose almost everything that Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, and traditional cultural concepts give as an advantage to Asian women.

        Let’s not forget that most Chinese women (born to affluent families) are single children. If you take into account, further, the extremely jingoistic (and frightening) ideologies of their government–that reach all the way to early pedagogy–then, in my opinion and experience, any reasonably well-off Chinese woman (in Chinese terms) is a recipe for disaster.

        If you want the best, go with Japanese or South Korean. If you want the worst–in some cases, easily on par with the worst of the American dating scene–by all means, try your hand at the Chinese.


  51. the irony or paradox of game, for me anyway, has been that before I understood it, I was investing tons of time in dates that lead no where. I have no goal and the girls would have to either make it clearer that they wanted to fuck me or would simply use me as an orbiter.

    Now…after I bang the girls a few times…THEN we start going on what you might call a “date”—dinner, drinks, movies, walks etc. But usually that’s to kill time before banging.

    I’m not sure that this is only a perception, a reality or my own reality that I’ve created as a result of becoming more atuned to what women are actually looking for.

    There’s one girl I’m now gaming who wants to spend time, is shit testing, but it’s clear that she’s only setting up some time in her head so that when we do eventually bang each other, it will be more acceptable that we “dated” a few times.

    But the reality is, we’re just hanging out, drinks, hanging off each other, flirty texts etc.

    The “date” as I now see it was a substitute for “Comfort building”. But “comfort” and rapport building can take various forms and the time frame is irrelevant because tight game can accelerate this making the need for “Dating” irrelevant.

    I go to restaurants or out for drinks and I see guys who don’t get it out with girls they’re clearly “dating”—nothing to say to each other, no IOI’s from the girl, it’s just killing time. Myeh.


    • In the modern age, with non-virginal women, never invest any money in them until : 1) you have rogered them rotten; and 2) they are exclusive to you.

      No drinks, no dinner, no free cab rides, no gifts…everything dutch.

      Sluts don’t get free shit.


    • “I was investing tons of time in dates that lead no where. I have no goal and the girls would have to either make it clearer that they wanted to fuck me or would simply use me as an orbiter.”

      Yep. Most guys are waiting for it to “just happen” or seeking blatant green light permission. And they choose dates that have terrible logistics for getting laid. It’s just a waste of time…you can “get to know her” over morning cuddles and going for breakfast with crazy sex hair.

      “The “date” as I now see it was a substitute for “Comfort building”. But “comfort” and rapport building can take various forms and the time frame is irrelevant because tight game can accelerate this making the need for “Dating” irrelevant.”

      This is a perfect way of describing it. I literally can’t even imagine what it’s like to go on a date anymore. It’s just not a thing I need to do. Either I’m going for the same night lay when I meet her or I build enough comfort via txting that she’ll come over or be up for a bullshit “date” where we just grab a drink and head to one if our places to bang. The concept of meeting up on a Saturday night for dinner and a movie is completely alien to me and sounds awkward and boring and expensive lol especially if the girl is boring which you don’t find out until you’re on the date shelling out a bunch of $ on the expensive dinner…it’s just not a good investment for your time/money

      I tell girls flat out that I’m more picky about who I go to dinner with than who I fuck. (stole that from Paul Janka but its actually true) Going from fuckbuddy to girlfriend is easy, all I have to do is take them to dinner after we’ve been banging…because they know my view on that, they go “omg he LIKES me!!” and it means way more than if I had done a traditional date at the start.

      It’s very very very easy to go from fuckbuddies to serious dating. That’s why the anti-gamers who say PUA is just about ONS and no good for finding an LTR are retarded lol. I could have a new serious GF tomorrow if I wanted to, but why would I want to?


      • If you never want to marry…then that route is fine. If you are looking for a woman to marry, then they can’t be a gal who bangs you that easy.

        But I agree about not investing a whole lot in them early. The most any woman gets from me unless she chooses me is drinks or activities where I’ll at least have fun like bowling. No flowers, dinners, jewelry…I feel dirty if I spend more than 20 dollars. I don’t think I’ve gone on an actual Friday or Saturday date in years.


      • “If you are looking for a woman to marry”

        If you are looking for a woman to marry then you haven’t been paying attention to this blog:



        But hey, you’re probably special. You’ll make it work as soon as you find that special good girl who doesn’t put out too soon for your Madonna/whore complex. Make sure when you meet her you treat her differently than every other girl because “you don’t understand guys, this one isn’t like those slutty girls this one is special.” That will certainly work out well lol


      • on October 15, 2012 at 3:53 pm Sauce of Appleseed's on a Mushroom

        Problem is, some men have deeply embedded emotional frame’s too. Being raised by a single mother (who wasn’t even there, replaced by a young hot 10 nanny [essentially an escort]), hence, being a Little Man, growing up too fast, then taking care of a family I should’ve been raised by, then becoming the Father in being the Scapegoat, then wanting [what one didn’t have] a childhood (and a mother) & being unable to find it via numerous (and counting) women (who put out too easily, as one could perceive) until finding one [they] “love” as per learned by what they were taught & witnessed as love while a child via the replacement Mother (Theotokos) – ultimately being betrayed by said Love, becoming a player (Alpha) [desiring to be] a Beta (thus becoming a Beta) & cycling through & through again and again.

        I’ve been in every “Alpha” scenario spoken of [minus an orgy – though have had the option], and desired only every “Beta” fem-speak notion of love conjured, as it seems the most welcoming & calming, though in being a White Knight I’ve been a Slave to Love as I’ve never truly cared nor wanted to save or change the women I’m with, simply wanted them to love me like what love I project I didn’t receive as a child (though did, clearly, as I’m alive) – which women pick up on, and think as they’re taught to believe that the only way to relieve my anxiety is by sexually satisfying me (to the point where I don’t even need to speak any more to get sexual satisfaction, & of course don’t pay for anything, I just need to walk outside, see who I like, get their number, send them a message when I feel like it, and have them come over discreetly, though never secretly, as women talk & word gets ’round, and my reputation is put on a pedestal & as a princess I get what I want – [though that’d be the feminized way of looking at it]), when in all reality the only way I’d feel love is if I knew their loyalty & desire to be loyal to me. So, as a Lesbian I attract a lot of women’s attention, & have learned how to direct it sexually, thus am an Alpha Male as a Delta Zed Naught, get my drift?

        Though I could be lying, I wouldn’t discount my entitled opinion, as I’ve earned it. The oral pleasure I awoke to receiving yesterday from a HB9 (possibly near virginal [as in, maybe only traumatically in childhood was she sexually altered, though now as an adult she’s ready to explore with men who don’t fuck around like me], from what I can tell) may be one example of how. Or how I make the women prove they are legally old enough and consenting to my treatment of them before even telling them my full name. Or how none can find out who I am as all know deep down just who it is that I am, which is a reflection of them. And in being a good person I’m made out to be a bad guy & therefore of course all the slutty girls learn to fall in love with me & find a beta guy who they can marry and stick to, after having been both fucked & treated with respect by me, and guys like me. The Alpha’s and the Omega’s. The eventual Beta’s. Or, the never Beta & always Alpha’s, dependent upon how one looks at it, and dependent upon what I choose to do with myself. And how I choose to perceive what choices I make.



      • Some examples of the non-date, dates…there’s now a girl I met on OK Cupid, 25. I replied to her with the following message:
        “You look interesting….innocent look but it seems to mask a wild side”

        She replied: “Why do you think I have a wild side…” from there it was on.

        It’s a good response—like the “Cold read”….

        We chatted and we agreed that this was about fucking. She is cute, 7, big tits, but completely horny, submissive and into everything.

        Date? I think she would be creeped out.

        Two other examples….i would more call it hanging out. I gamed one at a club, then number closed her, from there we met up for a dinner and hang out, then when I came back through for business, another dinner, then by the third or fourth time, I banged her. Now when I come through,we bang, then we go for some outing…

        The “dates” i’ve had…have gone absolutely no where.

        So pre-qualification, setting the frame early, making it clear you want to fuck them—all go towards weeding out the time wasters.

        If you get a “Are you just into meeting me for sex?”

        Response: I’m a man, too many women are sexually frustrated, because men aren’t up front, so everyone ends up frustrated and unhappy. I’m not like that. If you don’t want to meet, ok, no problem. But I’m a man, you’re a woman”—I paraphrased and simplified this from Krauser.

        Works every time. Chicks will always say “Oh, yah, I see what you mean”…

        A “date” might be going to a concert or grabbing something to eat, but not with some pre determined outcome.

        The outcome has to be somehow negotiated verbally or non-verbally early.


      • Solid stuff dude.

        “So pre-qualification, setting the frame early, making it clear you want to fuck them—all go towards weeding out the time wasters.”

        Yep exactly. And the more you do it the more you learn to calibrate to how innocent/slutty she is. Over time you can get the good girls to put out as fast as the slutty ones, you just need to use more discretion because of the fear of judgement and ASD and all that.

        If you get stuck going on dates, she’s looking at you through the provider frame instead of the fuckworthy frame. When you lay all the groundwork in advance setting the frame so she KNOWS to only expect sex from you, she won’t even ask for a date. Hell even to HER that’s a waste of time, like your submissive chick who would be weirded out by a date.

        “If you get a “Are you just into meeting me for sex?””

        Your response is solid. I have a GF right now so I tell them I’m no good for boyfriend material because I’m already taken but we have killer chemistry, life is short, and I like to be up front about my intentions because I’d rather be honest and have you say “I’m not cool with that” and we just be friends, than lie to you and be that guy who tells you he loves you just to get in your pants, I have buddies who do that and I don’t respect it.

        Pretty much a done deal from there. However you set the frame, the important thing is just to be 100% congruent to it. A Nice Guy saying that would trigger her red flags and a super blatant player saying “no you’re special I’m in love with you” would trigger them too.

        Again like the Joker says: nobody panics when everything goes according to plan, even if that plan is horrifying. That’s basically what congruency is and it’s why responses like this work for guys like you and I but wouldn’t work for a Nice Guy or one of the “aimless dinner and a movie date” guys.

        “The outcome has to be somehow negotiated verbally or non-verbally early.”

        This is very important. If I DO go on a “day 2l with a girl (PUAs called it that back in the day because “date” put too much pressure and expectations on guys so to help avoid falling into the traditional mindset we used a different word to get guys to focus more on hanging out than a dinner/movie date), we both know we’re going to fuck and that the hanging out is purely a formality, or a chance for her to loosen up a bit and for me to build some quick comfort, or if she’s an Internet chick it’s for us to make sure we have chemistry in person and generally she just wants to make sure I’m as flirty and fun in person as I am over the net and txting. Either way, she knows she’s getting fucked that night.

        My buddies go on dates or invite girls out with us with ZERO plan in their head on how they’re going to get her alone and actually fuck her. The girls end up frustrated in the end too, because they wanted the guy to lead things to sex but he dropped the ball.

        I’ve literally choreographed entire nights with certain buddies who get game. “Okay let’s put our jackets and shit on this chair so your girl will sit there with you, and mine will have to sit on the couch with me cause yours is on but I need to build more comfort with mine, and I’ll sit on this half of the couch so she has to face away from you guys when we talk. You vanish with your girl and bang her in the bathroom before we head to the bar and make it loud so it’s obvious and that’ll set the tone for the night and make mine jealous her friend is getting laid…” etc. etc. (that one worked out exactly as planned, we even laughed about how flawless it went the next day and we banged the two of them for months lol)

        Anyway, nothing “just happens”. Too many guys go on dates hoping something “just happens”. Girls are the ones who need it to “just happen”, guys are supposed to MAKE it happen. I’ve seen situations where I actually feel bad for the girl as my no-game buddy won’t escalate things and some of them have girl-coded their frustration to me and I’ve literally told them “I KNOW!! Fuck I’m sorry, I feel bad for you, he likes you and I’m trying to get him to fuck you but he’s such a fucking gentleman. Just give him some time he’ll figure it out.”


      • ” or I build enough comfort via txting that she’ll come over or be up for a bullshit “date” where we just grab a drink and head to one if our places to bang.”

        YaReally do you have any resources or advice on how to get better at texting? I usually say too little so I don’t shoot myself in the foot as I have done plenty of times in the past and I’d rather err on the side of caution.

        But it’s a part of my game that is fundamentally lacking. I try pushing the boundaries here and there and can do fine once a girl and I have been fucking. I would still like to get better at using texting in the same way you describe. I’ve read some of your comments in the past about it and feel like I’m coming up a bit short.

        If it’s something that I’ll get better with through experience then no worries.


      • Don’t worry, most guys suck ass at txting lol Usually the “say as little as possible” rule is good to follow, just because a lot of guys will shoot themselves in the foot because they suck. But I’ve been doing this for a while, so even when I txt really long txts I’m still following basic PUA principles (leading, escalating, teasing, spiking her buying temp, causing drama, etc.). I’m pretty much running my real life verbal game via txt. I text fully proper too, punctuation and capital letters and no “u?” or “y?” shit…I don’t care if it makes them think I’m too invested, I was raised to type proper lol

        Here’s the fastest training method I’ve found to get good at text game:

        1) Make a FAKE profile on a free dating site like Plenty of Fish. Google for a pic of a dude who looks similar to you in terms of looks ’cause online girls will change their behavior based on your pic and the point of this is to get a realistic grasp of game, not rack up a bunch of girls you can’t even meet up with because you aren’t the Superman you used in your profile pic lol

        2) Grab a fake E-Mail address too. Ideally if you can arrange a fake phone number, that’s a bonus, just ’cause you’re going to crash and burn a bunch and you might not want your real full name coming up in these conversations lol But don’t worry about the phone # if that’s too much trouble, you can do it all by E-Mail and/or an instant messenger prog.

        3) Message a fuck-ton of girls, doesn’t matter what they look like or how hot they are. Message the ones that don’t have pictures even. Doesn’t matter, all you care about is that you have a bunch lined up to practice on. Pick a pretty non-offensive opener, you just need to get into the convo, even a gay one about the weather.

        4) Now the important part: Turn every conversation sexual as fast as possible. Literally try to turn it sexual after her first response. Take ANYTHING she says, and figure out a way to turn it into her hitting on you, something to do with sex, or something to do with the two of you having sex in the future. Check out her profile for topics you can bring up to turn sexual too. Doesn’t matter if it’s direct and in her face or if it’s self-depreciating and not serious at all…all that matters is that the conversation gets sexual and she knows you have a penis.

        You’ll lose a LOT of girls at this stage until you get the calibration down lol A method I use is to drop some innuendo and then follow it up with a boring plain question. That way if she ignores the innuendo and just answers the plain question, I know she’s not thinking sexual yet and I have a lot of work to do…if she riffs off the innuendo and then answers the plain question, I know I can escalate more and keep the conversation going back and forth between sexual and comfort-building. If she just riffs off the innuendo and ignores the plain question, I can go super direct and get naked pics asap.

        her: “i’m a teacher”
        you: “hmm, remind me to try to get detention. 😉 what do you teach?”

        If she responds with “i teach geography. what do you do?”, she’s cold still. Do a plain boring message or two, then drop more innuendo followed by a plain question again. You’re basically doing “two steps forward, one step back, rinse, repeat” like you would to disarm Last Minute Resistance in the bedroom (google it).

        If she responds with “lol careful i have a ruler and i’m not afraid to use it. 😉 i teach geography, what do you do?” you respond with something that keeps the innuendo thread going but also keeps the plain thread going. So something like “uhoh, geography is my worst subject. Remind me to steal that ruler when you’re writing on the chalkboard…if I’m not too distracted by the view 😉 lol I’m an investment banker. (blah blah insert some shit here) Do you actually skydive or did you just list that in your hobbies to sound like a badass?”

        The pattern is that you’re making sure to keep a sexual thread going and guaging how she responds to it. When she’s fully into the flirt, you can escalate more.

        5) Try to get naked pics lol or at least topless ones. Two catches: 1) do it without sending her any pics of yourself aside from your face, no pics of your wang or 6-pack or anything, do it purely with your words, and 2) do it in a day or two of conversation max. Don’t waste a week+ on this, you should only need one or two decent conversations to end up with some sexy pics. If you’re online have her E-Mail them to your fake E-Mail addy.

        Doesn’t matter if she’s ugly lol you can google porn if you just want to spank the monkey. The point of this is to get good at turning conversations sexual early on.

        6) When she’s horny, push for a meet-up at your place or hers, give her a fake address if she asks for your addy. No date, no drinks, no dinner, etc. just when she’s flirty enough, a “you should come over, what time are you off work?” type txt.

        Bail on her after she agrees to meet up. That’s all you were looking for, is her wanting to meet up. Give it an hour or two and then make up an excuse (say your ex-GF saw your profile online and got jealous and you guys talked and you’re getting back together) and wish her the best of luck and then never respond to her again (unless you want to practice gaming girls while having a GF, in which case you can respond again later and practice setting that frame up).

        7) Do the same thing with your normal real online profile, but stick to girls you’re actually attracted to. Push for a phone number soon as possible and do it all via txt if you can. Here’s how to get a # asap: Make her laugh, then add “txting on POF is gay lol what’s your #?”

        8) Apply the skills you gain from this to girls you actually get numbers from in real life.

        9) Apply it in real-time in real life when you’re talking to the girl, and prosper. 🙂

        If you need help with the innuendo mentality, watch a bunch of Russell Brand interviews, clips, movies, etc. and Californication. There’s a lot more to it, but you’ll learn a lot of it through practice. Good luck! 🙂


      • I owe you one. Good stuff and it makes a lot more sense now.

        That is great advice through and through I learned a fuckton just from reading. Thanks again YR.

        I’ll report back when I start improving.


      • Interesting stuff. I could be better at the innuendo.


      • Innuendo is powerful. My game is pretty verbal as opposed to physically caveman aggressive so I build a lot of attraction through innuendo, misinterpretation (in a sexual way) and role-playing/future-projection. It shows that you’re confident enough to expect to get away with it, that you aren’t afraid to cross social boundaries, and that you’re used to people reacting well to it…and of course it gets her hamster thinking about you two in a sexual light.

        You’ll find the more you do it the more you notice patterns and run into certain responses just like any other area of social interaction. I have a bunch of my own personal responses to stuff like “you’re funny” or “where are you from?” etc that turn those innocent questions into innuendo.

        A key thing to remember is that she doesn’t really give a shit about a logical answer. When she asks “what do you do?” she doesn’t REALLY care. She just doesn’t have anything more interesting to ask and she’s still feeling your vibe out for attraction, especially online or via txt. You can ANSWER the question, because it keeps the convo going, but throw in some innuendo first.

        Her: “so what do you do?”
        Most Guy’s Response: “I’m a dentist. You?”
        Her: “that’s cool…I’m a teacher.”
        MGR: “cool, that’s impressive.”


        Her: “so what do you do?”
        Better Response: “blatantly flirt with cute blonde girls (if she’s blonde). I’m a dentist. There are oral jokes in there, but I’m too much of a gentleman to make them this soon lol what do you do?”
        Her: “lol that’s terrible!! I’m a teacher…”
        BR: “Then you’ll have to teach me some manners. It could require many late-night study sessions. 😉 yes, I was the loud obnoxious one in class when I was a kid lol”

        Same conversation, same information exchanged, much better vibe for getting laid fast or getting naked pics. This is why I can get away with sending long txts, my txts are designed to build attraction instead of just killing time in the friend zone. When she reads my txts she gets the //// emotions she wants, VS most guys who’s txts are a flatline ——- of emotions.

        Her txt the next day after meeting her at the bar “what u doin?”

        Other guys: “just hanging out watching the game. How was the bar last night? Did you have fun?”

        Me: “rubbing one out to your Facebook photos. How was the bar last night? Did you get hammered and dance topless on the bar? Or am I the only one who does that? lol”

        Which txt sets a sexual frame and spikes her emotions? My txt has more words, but there’s a purpose to them.


      • If you game a girl and get her number, then text game should consist of very simple outreach.

        A girl I met at a party, I followed all the gaming routines and rules here.

        The first time she was supposed to meet up to hang out, she texted to cancel because she was “sick”.

        I waited until 10 minutes after we were supposed to me and replied:

        “Oh. just got this. next time we meet up, you’re buying”

        That got it going.

        From there, when I met her, I’d game her.

        Then I’d usually text one word or two words. Often stuff that didn’t make any sense.

        She is Korean, so I’d just text “Juche”—the North Korean survivalist strategy. makes no sense. She thought it was hilarious.

        Finally, after about 9 months of this back and forth….she came over on a lay over not wearing any underwear and banged my brains out.

        But I had at least 4 other girls on the go.

        So now with texting, i usually start with “Ok, question, strawberries or chocolate?” Whatever they answer, I reply with : -5, xxx is sexier.

        “Heels or Flats” if she replies “heels” + 5 is my reply.

        So…it gets to be quite easy with practice.

        The problem in the beginning isn’t the length of texts, it’s hoping, wonder, thinking whether the girl will respond. When you start thinking like this, your coolness goes out the window and you start acting needy.


      • “The problem in the beginning isn’t the length of texts, it’s hoping, wonder, thinking whether the girl will respond.”

        Yup. Or worrying about “is what I say going to keep the conversation going?” more than “how is what I’m saying making her feel at this moment?”

        It’s Friday night, 8pm-ish. Some girl you met last weekend is pre-drinking with her GFs and they’re all shooting out txts to guys they know to find a party or have some orbiters chase them around all night to stroke their egos

        You receive: “hey babe my girls and i are drinking wine lol what r u doing tonight?”

        You can respond like most guys: “hey sexy, I’m out with my boys. Where are you going tonight? Maybe I’ll drop by and have a drink”

        Or you can respond with: “eat shit”, which will get the “????” response and 30 min later you send “just kidding I love you. I’m at BarName tonight you girls should come.”

        Which text got the party of girls talking about the guy for 30 min and obsessing over why he’d send something like that and is he an asshole or is he legit mad at something or etc etc hamster doing acrobatics in the wheel…followed by relief that it was a joke and the entire group of girls all varying in emotion from “that was so funny we were so dumb to worry whew” to “what an asshole you shouldn’t date that guy he’s a jerk lets go bitch him out for treating you so mean!!” etc.

        The first guy sends his txt thinking “I hope she responds!! Should I have used a smiley face? Omg it’s been 5 min and no response…maybe I should txt her again? Was I rude? Maybe I should tell her I had fun last week and can’t wait to see her again…”

        The second guy sends his txt thinking “lol I’m so awesome.” and doesn’t really give a shit when she txts back or if he’s destroyed the sarge with his txt etc. he knows he’ll turn it around.


  52. She also was one of the writers that publicized the “Great Campus Rape” meme that said 20-25% of women were “drugged or gotten drunk” and then raped. Hamsterbation at its best. No Anti-Slut Defense here. Nope.

    Really, the reader should Google “Tracy Clark-Ford” in Google Images and you can see the whole time-lime of her aging chronology. She is about 37 minutes away from being a real beast. And I am sure those photos are a good version of how she looks and nothing like what that beast looks like at 7 in the morning.

    There is a joke.

    A college aged Tracy Clark-Ford goes over the Alpha frat house. The guys give her tequila. When she gets really drunk they bang her.

    Next night she comes back and the same thing.

    When she comes back over on the third night and the guys offer her tequilla, she says, “No thanks, that tequila makes my muffy sore.”


  53. The Taliban are just a bunch of angry frustrated chumps because their culture and religion makes it too damn hard to get laid outside of or before marriage.
    Then they are expected to STAY married and father a fuckload of little talibans.


    • It’s also how they’ve managed to slay 2,000 American soldiers. I guess some “chumps” still choose folk and homeland over this shit. Imagine. Why don’t they welcome a life of drinking, banging, and reading Heartiste’s hilarious feminist-flaying?


      • I think the old Muslim countries have already been where we are now with women like 5000 years ago . They learned their lesson and have taken back control. Thats why they sit back and laugh at our backward culture.


    • Sounds like the Christian West of yesteryear… while they were busy building the civilization whose (ahem) fruits we all enjoy today.

      Hmmmmm… sounds like an outline for some SWPL Wymyn’s Studies grad school thesis:

      “The Effect Of Bitter/Jealous/Small-Dicked/Can’t-Get-Laid/Religious Bigots On Turning Republics Into Civilizations”


  54. How men treat good girls and skanks doesn’t change.

    it’s just that we have a lot more sluts and a lot fewer good girls nowadays.


  55. Off-topic question:

    Anybody else notice that feminists (and manginas) use the word “bad-ass” constantly? “Asshat” is a close second.


    • “Bad-ass” is ok. It was used in the 70s in the Midwest but it does not seem lame or dated to me. “Asshat” is a gay New York word, and it is dated there too.


    • Manginas and feminazis make it sound like this… aplogies to the honey badger.


  56. Tracy Clark-Flory is my age. I feel so sorry for her, like me, she was a victim of feminism. I hope she’ll still be able to find love.


    • Why do you act as if you have no agency? My mom could have sport fucked for over 20 years but instead married my dad and got to work producing cool dudes like me.

      Both of you suffer from “spoiled white girl syndrome”

      Get out! (snaps fingers and points away)


      • To be fair, a lot of decent women (and men) are now spending their 40s alone because of the idiocy forced on little girls from grade school. I don’t know what can be done for those of us who’ve already fallen victim to feminism, except try to pass those lessons on to the younger generation.


      • “…because of the idiocy forced on little girls from grade school.”

        So a lot of women are spinsters because of what schools taught them? Are you suggesting that most women don’t have a mind of their own? It’s more likely that you are projecting your loneliness and blaming anyone or anything other than yourself for it. Instead of whining about your situation, why don’t you actually try to change it?

        And by the way, men who are single in their 40s have a lot more SMV than women in their 40s, and the dynamics are completely different for each gender. I don’t know why you would group men and women together for the point you tried to make.


      • I meant that men get divorce foisted upon them by their wives, but you’re probably right, not as big of a problem for the men as it is for the women.

        I’m actually in my 20s, and I’m not whining about my situation – single, but I’m trying to change that. I’m talking about all the women I know who are in the 40s and lonely, because they thought that feminism/sexual empowerment was the answer. My mom has a friend who killed herself, because of this very thing. It’s really quite sad.

        Of course girls can think for themselves, but the forces of culture (and the more intimate, localized peer pressure at school) are far, far more powerful than you might think, especially on a little girl’s mind. Feminism is the predominant cultural message right now. It’s forced on girls from day one, and for those coming from broken homes, with no dad around, left dependant on pop culture and angry divorcee mom… it has a lasting impact.


      • My grandparents (both sets) produced a total of seven (7) children– that’s one set with three (3) kids and the other with four (4)– before all that crap started. Those 7 children belonging to the Baby Boomer generation begat five (5) whole Gen X offspring. Of those 5 in the Gen X cohort, now in our early 40s, only two (2) married (both now divorced) with only one (1) child of their own to show for it. Tell me feminism hasn’t hurt us.


      • P.S. Posted before, but worth it again…


    • Kristen, Tracy took the feminist blue pill… look what it’s done for her.


  57. Off topic …

    “@Marucla happy clappy is different than happy. the latter is an organic whole body vibe. the former is determined optimism. 11 hours ago”

    Can you tell me how to be more happy clappy? I know I have no ability to be happy but at least I want to fake it.


  58. … that men are taking advantage of women’s, uh, “easiness”.

    she meant to type “women’s uh-easiness” lzozoozozozzlzlzlz ltosaosaoaoaocoklsklllzlzz


    • on October 13, 2012 at 10:53 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      finally soeme you are leanring how to spellsz properly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      go to da head of da class
      but do not put da head of your cock
      in her ass
      like tukker max rhyems with goldman sax does
      and then tapes it secrtey in sceret
      like a secrte secrete meeting of da fed lzlzlzlzlzlzzl


  59. These women have a hell of a lot to answer for morally. They and their third-wave academic cronies are responsible for destroying an entire generation of American women.

    The fact that they’re just realizing NOW that there’s a better way won’t save the damaged, bitter, broken women who took their advice. The damage is done.


  60. Unrelated but check this out:

    black girl on bus verbally assaults bus driver(also black), bus driver uppercuts her and throws her off the bus.. says “she want to be a man, Im’ma treat you like a man”. hilarity



  61. ” I’ll get my GREAT grand daughter to whip yo ass”


    A black man in his 80s told me that growing up in Kansas City Missouri, driving a bus was a job for white men. The bus driver carried a side arm and was basically a law enforcement officer while on the bus.

    It was like being the captain of a ship.


  62. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve read in a while.

    I am not so sure. I have never seen scientific proof, but there were several gayness tests like these when I was a teen. Example: ask a guy to look at his nails. The “manly” way to do it is to turn the palm of his hand toward his face and flex the fingers. The gay way is to keep the back of the hand towards his face and keep the fingers extended. Try it. It is quite obvious.

    You can also ask a guy to look at the sole or back of his foot. The gay way is to flex the knee and look at the feet from your back. The straight way is to grab your feet with your hand and look at it. Both ways are done while standing.

    Anyway, boys had dozens of equivalent tests in school. And we were are sure to remember any mistake for a long time


    • There was another one. Ask some suspect queer to look at your dick. The gay way was for him to get on his knees and, have a look.

      Bad joke, i know, but i do remember that example, of the looking at the nails. And yes, i failed that test.


  63. The women of Afghanistan do have it the worst: they’re caught between a decadent empire trying make fast McFeminists of them with book-learnin’ and “women’s health centers” (murder clinics), and their extremely traditional and religious menfolk who’ll have none of i

    Afghan women are ugly. It doesn’t matter that a single girl a generation ago made it to the cover of national geographic, that proves their beauty as much as the eventual miss proves the beauty of bolivian women

    Nations of ugly women and stupid men benefit hugely of the most deranged aspects of Islamic barbarism


  64. This one’s easy, and tragic. Another example of how modern society is destryoing itself.

    Sorry but in my sexist logic This is a very sane policy that bodes very well for the future china

    Stupid Americans may boost now about their ninth generation fighter. But a generation or two from know I doubt that America will have the cognitive ability to maintain the fighters wasps are building today….


  65. Looking at Tracy Clark-Flory there are two things that surprise me (even though they probably shouldn’t):

    1) How can someone like her be so oblivious to the fact that men aren’t exactly looking for long term relationships with women who a) have fucked everybody and their brother and b) have written to all the world about it?

    2) How can a bag-face like her pull a top male performer (read: pornstar) into bed. I mean, ouch, she’s at best a six, and only so when she’s been to a good hairdresser…


    • on October 13, 2012 at 10:38 am Days of Broken Arrows


      1). Because her feminists professors told her that and women are natural followers who believe any bullshit anyone in authority says (hence why game works).

      2). Porn stars are paid to fuck and will fuck practically anything. Male porn stars are asked to fuck men, and over the hill sluts who are age 60, all for money, so in that light TCF isn’t so bad.

      I just wish this bitch wasn’t profiting off her sluttiness like Lewinsky. All this brouhaha is a prelude to a book deal.

      Speaking of which, we all need to keep women from profiting off the Manosphere. No one should ever hit Susan Walsh’s crappy blog.


    • He was probably tired of fucking 8-9s and wanted to bang a 3.5 for novelty’s sake.


    • How could she pull such into bed? Did you not see her neck and shoulders?


  66. Copied from http://www.theuniversityofman.com/blog/2012/10/6/marriage-and-fatherhood-are-you-ready.html#comment19089010

    I encourage other men to marry.

    Who else is going to slave away keeping the wheels of this ‘hopes and dreams’ based ponzi scheme we call society running? Certainly not me.

    So, dream away friends. There must be a diamond out there in that landfill. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    They must be bitter.


  67. A sex blogger who’s never had an orgasm. Typical feminist.


  68. From the article in Salon: “But being given flowers? Whoa.”

    You have to wonder, if these same females were not reaching their expiration dates, would they still be impressed with flowers? Back when they were 19 and some fellow showed up with flowers, would they have said, “Ghee, you’re a NiceGuy(tm), but …[you ain’t never gonna see me drop my pants].”

    But as they hit the icewall of 30, they see the time has come to cash out on casual sex and cash in on some supposed “courtship” which will bestow the mantle of honest womananity upon their middle aged anatomies. In her 20s, a female may gain status by the number of casual sex partners she has had. But by the time she reaches (an early) middle age, that same status comes from snagging in a guy. Regardless of the public agitprop over the glories of the cougar sisterhood, middle aged women acting 20-ish has people shaking their heads behind their backs. And they know it. So authors such as this one trumpet the virtues of “courtship” in order to one-up their aging female peers, and raise their supposed sexual marketplace value. It’s still the same old story, a fight for love and glory.

    Worst script: Pre-sex flowers. Never do that, at least not with women who still have more than a few eggs left in the chamber.

    This is so. It comes across as a symptom of the NiceGuy(tm) syndrome, which kills female interest most of the time.

    Why do feminists assert nonsense that intimacy is terrifying to men? Answer: it’s a female-friendly response that explains in elaborate mental calligraphy why they can’t keep a man around for more than a few ruttings, conveniently sidestepping the role that their physical unattractiveness might play.

    It is, of course, feminizts who live in terror, not men. Look at their foot-stamping, underwear wetting tantrums over date-raype and sexual harassment. Strong independent feisty intelligent sassy females stampede to their Big Boyfriend the Government because of an off-color remark in the workplace. And hide behind the skirts of sub-beta males who march alongside of them in their slutwalks.

    As for intimacy, what females say they want is seldom what they really want. There are plenty of warm and fuzzy males who would line up to be intimate with them. But these are the guys whom females blow off as wusses, and worse. It’s the aloof alphas for whom the vaginae lubricate.

    (Oh yeah, I spell “feminazi” with a “z” as a conflation of “feminazi.”)


    • on October 14, 2012 at 10:50 am Days of Broken Arrows

      You have to wonder, if these same females were not reaching their expiration dates, would they still be impressed with flowers?

      I don’t have to wonder because I saw what happened when some foolish guys in my dorm mistakenly did this to “woo” women they liked on their hall for Valentine’s Day.

      Here is what they got in return: a mocking classified ad placed by the women in the school newspaper saying thanks for the flowers, “they were bootiful.” Not only didn’t they get any action, they didn’t even get dinner dates.

      The same thing happened to a friend of mine who gave a rose to a woman whose roommate I was dating. I saw the flower on her desk and asked about it. Her response: “It wilted, which is a symbol of what happened with him and me.”

      Save the flowers for after you get multiple bangs. And make sure they’re for an anniversary or death in the family or something like that.


    • I enjoyed reading the hamster-spinning of the bitch who wrote that article.


    • Here’s the thing that wrote it:



    • Apparently, the author is a big fan of black studies. Who would have guessed?



      • From that link:

        When we published Naomi Schaefer Riley’s blog posting on Brainstorm last week (“The Most Persuasive Case for Eliminating Black Studies? Just Read the Dissertations”),



      • … for which Mrs. Riley got shitcanned. She thought she could get away with speaking the mildest racial truth because her husband is black (though his voice sounds like a black man making fun of a white man’s accent).

        Silly miscegenating cracker. Not only will you never get the immunity to say nigga just by marrying into the race, didn’t you know that Uncle Toms like Mr. Riley are race traitors and worse than whitey himself?

        Of course, this most important element of the story is not just buried but hidden so far out of sight that you’d have to do some Steve Saileresque digging just to know the Rileys are mixed. As the great Sailer says, the most interesting stories are not being reported because of our debilitating national paranoia. And Attorney General Holder calls us “a nation of cowards” for not wanting a “frank” discussion about race? That’s the pot calling the kettle blakk.



      • File this RIley shitstorm under the growing compendium of The Comedy That Writes Itself.


      • I would have.

        White supremacy is the ultimate “shit test” so of course people study us to determine what works and what don’t work when dealing with a superior power.

        *who taught you to hate yourself?*


      • White supremacy is the ultimate “shit test” … *who taught you to hate yourself?*

        Crystal clear assessment. And one reason why all the commenters put off by racial topics on this forum need to pipe down with their concern trolling. Because the topics are inextricable: untruth is untruth, and when we shed light on one sector of their comprehensive lies (feminism), they scurry like roaches to the other side of the darkness (anti-white hatred that goes by the name “multiculturalism”).

        A white man who “goes along to get along” with the unchallenged program of inherited self-hatred is ipso facto not in the strongest position to speak truth to the feminist lie. He has to take care to pussyfoot around certain truths while cowering from the zeitgeist of official disingenuousness. What better way to link between the two struggles for truth than to describe it as a shit test?

        Because a shit test is the perfect description of their con game. If you dare to notice, much less speak publicly about the plain truth in front of everyone’s eyes, the race hustlers and SWPL self-haters will test your resolve: Do you believe us, or your own lying eyes? When you defer to their intimidation, that is proof of your docility and compliance with the lie, and they have nothing to fear from a collaborating little quisling like you. When you throw the shit test back in their face, the wrath of every right-thinking race-obsessive, whose livelihood and mental peace depends on perpetuating the opposite of the truth, comes down on you from every quarter.

        This is why I side with the racists and supremacists. They are on the freakish margins of society, and yet they are the only ones with the testicular fortitude to speak plainly, if crudely. And between refined lies and impolite truth, I am a partisan of the latter. The race cults are responsible for the intensity of the divide. If my white truthtelling brothers occasionally get carried away, well, that is to be expected given the extremity of their marginalization. The deafer one’s audience is, the louder one has to shout.



      • Brother Theodore to his audience:

        “My one fear tonight was that I would outnumber you.”


      • on October 15, 2012 at 4:03 pm Sauce of Appleseed's on a Mushroom

        This was fucking awesome.


      • on October 15, 2012 at 4:04 pm Sauce of Appleseed's on a Mushroom

        I mean, well written. Seriously.


      • I hereby cancel any standing fatwa I may have declared upon King A.


      • Mighty white of you.



  69. Offtopic, but you need to see this, whereever you live:
    “A Declaration of War” – From the Youth of France

    Vives la France!
    Lang lebe Deutschland!


    • Yup, awesome stuff there.


    • Too bad it’s too late.
      France is one of the most demographically fucked countries in Europe.
      40%+ of the population is of non-european or mixed ancestry, it’s gonna be hard to save the sinking ship, however brave those warriors may be.

      And the french mainstream and school system are even more leftie PC (even though a tad less feminist) than the US.
      The clock is ticking and if there is a status quo for another 10 years, then France will definitely be beyond salvation.


      • It’s already well beyond saving. It was ten, probably twenty years ago. They can’t be returned. And they’ve interbred, which means sympathies are divided, with the usual ripple effect into whole white families who feel obliged to make exceptions.

        We’re finished.


    • France has taken in more Muslims and Africans than any other European country, but they haven’t given up their identity nearly as much as Britain (the #2 country) has. I’m glad to see actual white French youth finally getting pissed at the cultural Marxists. The behavior of the nearly all-black team they fielded in the 2010 World Cup was a huge wake-up call.

      The Ron Paul movement here in the USA was a result of many of the same causes, but missed the mark in many respects.


      • Europe; land of 30 year old students and 50 year old retirees


      • but also the land where you don’t leave the university being in debt nearly beyond salvation. The age of retirement in Germany is 67 years. No one retires at 50, not even in Greece.
        France is a country where you are not allowed to wear any religious symbol while working for the state. They also require you to speak french when you are living there…no pre-translated forms for anything….and guess what, integration there works better than anywhere else…


      • What that simply means is that all their muslim and african trash speak good French, and you can’t be a Catholic in public. Whether this is helpful for the country is a different question.


      • The first step to integration is the language, as you should know regarding the millions of hispanics in the US. You can be catholic in public, nobody cares. But as long as you are working as a representant for the state and only during your working hours, you are not allowed to wear any religious symbol. That is because the state is strictly neutral. If you are attending a public school as a student, the same goes.


      • Sure, sure. The state is neutral. Neutrally filling France with millions of non-whites and allowing their offspring to run amok among the French people.

        Neutral, neutral.


      • There are a lot of early retirees there. Thwack is right.


      • People have to pay back Barfoeg. It’s a state loan. Only tuition is free. Books, lab supplies, living expenses are born by the student. Cost is spread pretty evenly in Germany. There are a million little fees for everything. They have chronically higher unemployment until recently. Young people who stay single are paying upwards of 60% in taxes and social contributions. America will never be as well run as Gemany if we were to adopt socialism because we are not 95% white, for one, nor do we hjave anything like their cultural discipline. We are opportunists and would soon bankrupt the state. Hey! maybe it’s already happened!


      • You are right, Bafög is a state loan, but you only have to pay back alf of it and even without any interest. Taxes and social contributions are up to 52 %.
        Opportunists are everywhere, not only in the US. Germany has enough problems as it is. A social system on the brink of breakdown, chronically underfinanced policeforce and military. But Germany has not a socialist system, i don’t know where you got that impression from.


      • Blockheads taught the Jews how to be cheap and niggling over every detail.


      • And nine out of every ten non-white Europeans lives within five miles of a large city. When I lived in Germany, i was astonished at the amount of rural men with “hunting rifles”/”game shotguns”. Suffice to say, rural German Arabs were *far* more assimilation-minded than their urban counterparts.


    • I liked it… now let’s see one from some truly beautiful blondes in the Northern climes… videos like these carry more weight than 1000 discussions.


    • Never “off topic,” RandomGerman. Always on.

      Leave it to the Frogs to imbue the truth with a frisson of Le drame. Black and white, unblinking stare, and close-up frame. In matters of passion the French remain nonpareil.

      Vive la France, mes frères.


      • Point taken, though I would have preferred a different scenario. 😉
        “Vive la mort, vive la guerre, vive le sacré mercenaire!”


  70. The guy was probably on an anti depressant and couldn’t have sex if he wanted too…


  71. Interesting video. The last time I got drunk with some ordinary working class Brits and Euros those kind of sentiments were close to the surface.
    For you females here. You should watch the recent Liam N. movie “The Grey”. You will not enjoy the experience. Guys have trouble enjoying it but most of them can appreciate what it is trying to remind them of. Rescue helicopters will not be sent just because you will die if they are not. So, learn to look things in the eye.

    Girls, your hypergamous sexual instincts combined with 1:1 monogamous marriage means that most of you will never get what you deep down want most of all (and think you need) – total commitment and faithfulness from a real alpha. Holding out for it will not make it happen. For most of you, it cannot happen.


    • “most of you will never get what you deep down want most of all (and think you need)”

      What are your definitions of “want” and “need” here? Nobody needs a relationship to survive in the modern world. And to be happy, what you truly want IS what you need. It’s like saying that men only think that they need pretty girls under 25 and without a second chin, but in reality that’s just what they want. If the personal goal is to stay alive, they don’t need a pretty girl or any girl at all. If the personal goal is fulfillment and contentment, then yes they do need pretty, slender young girls. And if by “you want” and “you think you need”, you mean “society needs you to”, then just say so.


  72. worldnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/10/08/14292913-report-imprisoned-van-der-sloot-impregnates-woman


    • Pish. He’s 6’2″, white, and in Latin America. Even a total sleazeball can knock up quality tail there.


  73. Every man I’ve seen married to a woman with a hyphenated name screamed herb, beta or closet homo.


  74. Actually, is Amanda Marcotte in true bitch fashion setting up Clark-Fleury here, for Amanda makes it quite clear she is in a solid relationship – six years – whereas poor Tracy is still slutting it up and reveals that she has been out five times in little over a week with some hapless Beta, who can’t or won’t get it up. This man needs to be outed for that – perhaps it’s Manboobs, Futrelle?


  75. This quote stuck out to me – “If you want to bring a woman flowers, do it.” Why are they giving men advice on how to approach women? These liberated woman should be concerned about their own approaches. But, of course, progressive as they are they still want the men to do all the work.

    Tracy’s whole gig seems to be going out with guys and then critiquing them, as if she’s not part of the equation, she’s just a spectator or something.

    The solipsism and entitlement is boggling.


  76. This is the most potent kind of post you make. The scuttling of the deluded wayward femboat. It highlights the fundamental issue I have with women. The sheer inability to take responsibility for not only their actions but even their thoughts and desires. I fucking hate dealing with it. And as such, I can’t exactly be optimistic when screening for one to date since this behavior is never far from who they are. And doubly so because I know it doesn’t take much to turn a lady into a whore. I’ve seen too much. Now I see through these bitches with a ten-thousand yard stare.


    • I feel ya. That’s one reason why I high-tailed it out of there and am now living good in Asia, enjoying the fruits which have not been spoiled by Western feminism.


      • I’ve been considering other options. Is it really that different over there? Can you elaborate?


      • Asia is a place where being feminine is valued and expected in its women, in just about every country over here. I live in Shanghai now, previously lived in Seoul and Bangkok, and the femininity of many of the women have been quite potent. And for whatever reason, being white and from the US (as I am) gives you a certain status that opens the doors to a lot of pleasureable experiences with many of these women, if one were so inclined. I personally indulge frequently.

        That being said I haven’t dated a white girl from the States since I came here. There’s really just no comparison. It’s double the fun cause on top of the banging you could be doing, is the realization that the fembots who come over here are essentially ignored by both expats and natives alike.

        Of course, you gotta be open to living in a new country, culture, all that kind of thing. But knowing what I know now, and experiencing not only the thrill of raw doggin multiple 95 lb, 21 year old Asian beauties with perky tits and silky black hair but also the thrill of travel itself, I can’t imagine going back to the States anytime soon.


      • on October 15, 2012 at 1:00 pm AlmostAnonymous

        Yes, it really is that different.

        There are cultural issues to cross, but worth it if you have the patience to make the effort.

        I’ve been here for over 20 years now and married fantastically well for over 12.


    • Women are the New Flat Earth Society. Expect them to deny gravity itself if you can back them into that corner.


  77. da wymnz want equality, but only when its convenient. When the shit hits the fan, they want chivalry.

    Rights without responsibilities! go feminism. woop.


  78. Offtopic, but you need to see this, whereever you live:
    “A Declaration of War” – From the Youth of France<

    The best thing I saw from France since alizee singing la isla bonita


  79. OT

    No Sex in the City: What It’s Like to Be Female and Foreign in Japan


    • The hamster is strong in that one… geez, what a cunt! Listen to how she describes white men… and of course, the usual claptrap about Japanese men being ‘too intimidated’ to ask a foreign white woman out for a date.


    • Lived there, done that. This is sour grapes, yeah, but it’s based in reality.

      Typically, as a Western woman, you have two main, dependable options for casual sex; Africans, and white expats who’ve gotten tired of no-curve Japanese girls. There are also the tourist guys who are too initimidated to approach Japanese girls, the bars in Roppongi that are full of vacationing Australians and horny American soldiers… and the list goes on and on. If you’re not obese, there’s plenty of sex to be had once you figure out the rules. If you want a relationship, it’s probably not going to happen.

      This woman’s complaints are bizarre, though. You almost never see a white girl on a Japanese man’s arm. I saw this maybe once in the two years I was there. It’s just not the way it works over there. I have no idea why a Western women would WANT to date a Japanese guy; from an American perspective, they’re horrible to women, they’re not physically attractive, and they dress like they’re gay (which is a widespread observation amongst the female expats).

      But yes, the Japanese guys are somewhat intimidated by us, but mostly because they see us as stampeding wilderbeasts of entitled, dumpy arrogance.


      • But yes, the Japanese guys are somewhat intimidated by us, but mostly because they see us as stampeding wilderbeasts of entitled, dumpy arrogance.

        I know hamsters like to think they have a right to their own dictionary… but that’s not intimidation, sweetie… that’s loathing.


      • I’d agree that for some of them there’s a healthy amount of disgust involved, but I’ve also heard Japanese of both sexes apply “initimating” to the issue as well. The principle remains the same, though – they have pretty much zero interest in Western women.


      • Yes, well English would be their second language.

        The ‘principle’ was never zero interest… that wasn’t disputed.

        The principle was the reason, and to further parry the use of agitprop shaming language…. ‘intimidated’ shifts the burden onto the motives (projected, at that) of the somehow-not-man-enough men.


      • Ah, got it. I wasn’t trying to imply that Japanese men aren’t “men”. They’re definitely alpha in their own environment.

        However, most Western women, even those with the 17-23 BMI, are both taller, heavier, and have more body hair than almost all Japanese women. Add into that a standard-issue sarcastic, forward, confrontational personality, and a reputation for sexual aggressiveness, and you’ve got a female that a short, slender man, used to petite, deferential women, is going to have trouble dealing with. It’s intimidating in that same way that dealing with a female gorilla would be intimidating.

        I wouldn’t say that applies to all Asian men, though. Chinese men – who are closer to the average height/weight of Western men – would be more disgusted than anything else. So all things being equal, I’m inclined to agree with you.


      • The Japs flew planes into our ships. I doubt they’re intimidated by larger-sized, entitled, western sluts. Just because men prefer more feminine women doesn’t mean they’re intimidated by masculine ones.


      • Ah, well, we can all breathe a sigh of fucking relief.

        The bitch agrees. Kinda. After drawing it out, explaining it to herself, making sure she wasn’t too meekly going along with what some evil patriarchal bastards were saying.

        She is inclined to agree! hosannah!


      • I suspect American women, who live in Asia, become more feminine from the time spent over there, and are more appealing once they get back to the States. This may also be true for Eastern and Southern Europe.


      • Depends on the woman, really. While you’re there, you have to adapt somewhat to the culture, but for Western women, that can actually mean turning into a complete slut to compensate – there’s very little way to compete with Japanese girls for the higher-quality ex-pat men, unless you’re thin/flat enough to go shopping there, for example.

        Me, personally, I took it as the learning opportunity it was. Good insight into the male mind.


      • I got that impression also. If a guy wants a slender, attractive American girl without attitude, expat and get them in a “single woman hell” like Asia or Eastern Europe.

        The diet there helps also. I lost ten pounds in six weeks myself, and I didn’t even constantly feel hungry. We can thank Fedgov’s ridiculous subsidizing of the corn industry for our obesity problem.


      • @corvinus

        The only problem with that is, once you bring that nice Asian girl to the States, she’s going to start absorbing the local female culture. The only way to keep her completely “Japanese” is to stay in Japan.

        The diet’s pretty good, but the genes help a lot. The Japanese have different metabolisms than us fat-hoarding Northern Europeans, though, which helps a lot. I personally am more than a little suspicious of the predominance of soy in cuisine over there. (I think it might have something to do with how feminine their men are these days, actually, as soy can wreck havoc with a person’s estrogen levels, but that’s a whole different kettle of fish)


      • Bring an asian bitch in here and she will become like this:


        US culture is toxic.


      • cynthia

        The only problem with that is, once you bring that nice Asian girl to the States, she’s going to start absorbing the local female culture
        The local female culture is Jew culture.

        You must innoculate your self and others around you with healthy folk culture.

        Like this:


      • “But yes, the Japanese guys are somewhat intimidated by us, but mostly because they see us as stampeding wilderbeasts of entitled, dumpy arrogance.”

        Sounds like revulsion to me. I had a similar reaction reading your sluttish drivel.


  80. My gina is soooooo tight!


  81. “”A Declaration of War” – from the youth of France. alturl.com/zevqj Brutally candid. The phoenix of Houellebecq.”

    You should try to find some translated stuff from Alain Soral. He represents this youth (although he is not directly affiliated with them), and the global atmosphere in France right now.

    That’s a pretty good presentation.

    Bonus: he’s a massive player, and wrote some stuff on the matter (Sociologie du Dragueur (“sociology of the womaniser”) and made a movie (Confessions du dragueur, a womaniser’s confessions), which is basically “an alpha meets a beta”. The very beginning of the movie is self-explaining: http://rutube.ru/video/29edb7a2a754504314a742a2f935ceb1/#.UHohsob8Q_g

    Our political figures are fucking traitors. This guy here is what France really looks like.


    • Soral is the man. He’s also written one or two books criticizing feminism and p.c. directly.

      if I had money for his books, I’d translate every word for my broskis.


      • Alain Sorals analysis of Feminism is epic.

        On a similar note to the Soral interview above Greek-Australian economist Yiannis Varoufakis has repeatedly how the Eurozone and the Euro is a poisoned chalice and as things stand countries like Greece don’t stand a chance.


  82. […] Chateau Heartiste – Comment Of The Week, Why So Many Vegetarians Are Dumpy, I Didn’t Need Game To Land My Wife, Did Obama Have Game, Why Women Have A Sixth Sense, Great Scenes Of Game In The Movies, Hookup Men Vs Real Men […]


  83. “The phoenix of Houellebecq”

    Well put


  84. heartiste –

    happy to see your link to that génération identitaire video. they’ve been gathering quiet momentum the past few years as the front national has lost its bearings through the departure of the old man.

    they have a lot of style and some good-looking kids on board. also their music has improved. hotel stella’s an important band in their scene. also a hardcore band i like, insurrection:

    the germans have had to adopt a different strategy because of tighter laws. here’s an example of what they’re doing:

    werde unsterblich means “become undead”, which refers to their main theme of volkstod, “race-death”, referring explicitly to the fertility differential.


  85. I hope Tracy caught AIDS from that porn star.


  86. “Men are terrified of large, charging predators, like bears or lions or drunk fat chicks. They are not terrified of showering your overworked vagina with their warm seed. Get some perspective, will ya?”



  87. Hypergamy meets dating… woman has new “soul mate” every month.

    “Addicted to Love,” by Julie Dutton, match.com on Yahoo!, 14 Oct 2012

    “‘I had a new “soul mate” every month,’ says Vare, a writer living in Los Angeles. (One time, the giddy rush inspired her to move in with a man the same day they met.) But inevitably, each relationship would fizzle out: either her boyfriend would leave her, or she’d grow bored and kick him to the curb herself. …”


  88. on October 14, 2012 at 4:14 pm Trebuchet Warrior

    An absolute beauty by chris rock. Heartiste please read this, and fucking share this to enlighten the masses.
    No wonder they say black men have more game. They keep as it real as the colour of their skin.


    • on October 15, 2012 at 8:35 pm gunslingergregi

      that is the only prenump that works been said here along with what about woman having to provide some shit too then to make it equal and all


  89. Lost intrest the same time you started judging bronys


  90. Regarding bringing Japanese to the US: Japanese men have one of the lowest rates of prostate cancer worldwide.
    Doctors speculate that it may have something to do with the diet, possibly the high consumption of fish, since Icelandic men, somewhat surprisingly, also do very well in that regard, much in contrast to their northern European cousins.
    It’s not in the genes in this case, because Japanese Americans (who consume a standard American diet) have prostate cancer rates almost equal to those of White Americans.


    • If the West ate as much fish as the Japanese would there be enough natural fish stocks in the world to sustain consumption beyond say 2040 ?


  91. Start watching at the 1:00 mark. You won’t be shocked to see Tracy Clark-Flory sporting a mustache.

    No self-respecting man – Alpha or Beta – would bang that!


  92. It is really hard for me to have much sympathy for women who wasted their youth. I mean, logically, you know you only have so many years to make a baby safely, so whatever the circumstances are, if that’s one of your dreams, you need to figure a way to make it happen.

    I did it the old fashioned way, in a marriage, but I have a friend who was a single mom…kind of. She had all her kids with the same man, but just didn’t marry him because he was loving but broken.

    Either way, we did our thing before it was too late. Now we’re in our 40’s and both on the market, but with a whole different set of priorities than the waiters…waiting for that perfect man or perfect situation.

    My idea of a serious partner at this point in my life basically amounts to friendly, respectful, consistent dick. Best if it’s someone married and in a similar situation, or at least already divorced with kids. I’m not 20 years old, and would prefer not to get into relationships with people in 20 year old situations.

    I don’t understand where these women figure they are going to find these men who are looking for a 30+ year old for a 20 year old situation. Over 40, everything is a hookup. If you’re fortunate enough at that age to be able to inspire erections, you take that as a blessing and move on the second anything that remotely smells like waning interest happens. Just be glad you got yours (and do get yours…no point in faking and protecting egos when it has no interest in protecting yours), and add it to your memoirs.


  93. A lot of our problems could merely be gotten rid of by getting rid of the income tax and getting rid of laws against restrictive covenants. I suggested this online to a feminist single mother as a compromise between what she thought was reasonable and what I thought was reasonable. I dont see any reason why people who share absolutely nothing in common – biological or moral should be forced to cooperate with one another. This would not be unfair to anyone.


  94. If women need men like fish need a bicycle, then why does it seem that so many young women (especially feminists) can only “find themselves” or “discover who they are” by getting as much dick as possible?


  95. OFFTOPIC: I always see CH post Maxim# this Maxim# that.Do you have a compiled list of all the Maxims or do you spit them out as you go along? Please respond


  96. Once again the joke is on us.

    You couldn’t have a better symbol of the consequences of the 60s


  97. omggmgo heartiste!!! lzozozzzzlzlzz

    another eternal victim screechinng that menz are not butthexed enuff yet!!! lozllzollozlzlzlz



    • Interesting… It may also be why it seems that higher T men are more honest about their intentions, aside of knowing they’re able to get away with it. This topic definitely needs more love.


  98. Romney’s five sons are data points for the sex-selection theory that endowed alpha male traits are more useful in sons than in daughters.

    Hence the Chinese, Korean, and Indian obsession with sex-selecting for sons makes even less sense. If they selected for daughters, they would at least have a chance of genetically taking over the world.

    People wonder, if beta males are so asexual to women, how do they get married? Don’t underestimate how nervous women get by their late 20s.

    In Catholic countries, there was a prayer that unmarried women would say on St. Catherine’s Day. When they were young and hot, their prayers would ask for a wealthy, handsome man, but as they get older — i.e., about 28 or so — their check list would be thrown totally out the window. Hilarious.


  99. Marty: The last time Tap toured America, they where, uh, booked into 10,000 seat arenas, and 15,000 seat venues, and it seems that now, on their current tour they’re being booked into 1,200 seat arenas, 1,500 seat arenas, and uh I was just wondering, does this mean uh…the popularity of the group is waning?

    Ian: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no…no, no, not at all. I, I, I just think that the.. uh.. their appeal is becoming more selective.


    • Partially depends on the venue.A fairly popular Country band played club A here about a year ago, the place was packed and the stage was crowded by a good 2 dozen or so young hotties taking smartphone video and spilling their breasts onto the stage. The same band played club B recently, to a cavernously deserted house of mostly 40+ leftover bar hags who couldn’t get off their stools with a crane.


  100. “People wonder, if beta males are so asexual to women, how do they get married? Don’t underestimate how nervous women get by their late 20s. 28 minutes ago”

    What do you mean? That these late 20s women marry out of desperation and not love? I know you will not answer but anyway.


    • Their desperations convince them that it’s love. Spin, spin, spin, spin…


      • I don’t think desperation can produce the feeling of love. Desperation is just anxiety and depression and would probably decrease your libido not increase.


      • Fuck off, troll. Women’s desperation usually lead them to believe they are “maturing” because they like to date nice boys now instead of riding alphas. Re-read the OP, please.


      • I think desperation can produce feelings of love. Women have funny way of loving men they really need. The more crucial the need, the more she loves him.


  101. If the West ate as much fish as the Japanese would there be enough natural fish stocks in the world to sustain consumption beyond say 2040 ?

    Yes, certainly, but not at the current prices. Minorities would be hit the hardest by the skyrocketing fish prices


  102. I’d much rather have my humble 6″ cock and be the good looking guy that I am than that double-chinned dweeb with the 13″ cock.


    • Nothing humble about 6″. Six inches is a big OUCH without arousal and forplay. A double chinned dweeb with a 13 incher spells nothing but pain and agony because my body wouldn’t recognize the creature as male to begin with, so it wouldn’t be in a receptive mode for the ridiculously large member. Like going to the gyno- the body announces that this looks like neither the time nor the place and locks the gates shut. And then, I walk funny for a week.


  103. I don’t have to wonder [about giving females flowers up front] because I saw what happened when some foolish guys in my dorm mistakenly did this to “woo” women they liked on their hall for Valentine’s Day.

    Here and there about the blog-o-sphere you see articles written by men telling other men that they ought to “woo” their women. “Woo.” Don’t you just looooove that word with its implications of sub-beta males bouncing about, hoping to get the attention of females? Sometimes I wonder if the males who write these articles are not simply trying to cause other men to pursue failed tactics in order to reduce the competition. As for a female who would claim she wants to be “wooed,” perhaps this is another sh*t test ™?

    As the poster above noted, sending flowers and that sort of thing (at least prior to sex) quickly causes a wilting of female interest. The moment that a guy softens up and tries to do romantic things for a gal, the female in question senses his behavior as weakness and then does everything she can to cut him down.

    Prior to the Age of the Internet, most men could learn this only by hard experience. Today, men are sharing information around the electronic camp fire.


  104. And now for your daily dose of Schadenfreude. Looks like Tracy Hyphen-Ho (and the rest of her fellow propagandists) may be looking for work soon:


    “7. Salon.com

    Launched in 1995, Salon.com is one of the pioneering news and commentary sites on the web. In recent years, it has been eclipsed by larger and better financed sites such as The Atlantic and Washington Post (NYSE: WPO)-owned Slate. Of course, today there are thousands of websites that comment on the news each day. Some of these, like The Blaze, which is owned by Glenn Beck, are well funded. In a sign that Salon is very close to being shuttered, the company “lost” its CEO and CFO recently. Chief technology officer, Cynthia Jeffers, was put in charge. But Salon will need a great deal more than new management. At the end of the final quarter of 2011, Salon had $149,000 in the bank against short-term liabilities that included $12.7 million in loans. During the same quarter, Salon lost $997,000 on revenue of $1.03 million. Rumors are that John Warnock, the cofounder of Adobe Systems (NASDAQ: ADBE), and investment banker Bill Hambrecht fund the company. But as it falls apart at the seams, more money is unlikely to be forthcoming.”

    Here’s to hoping that prophecy comes true.


  105. Australian sex therapist, journalist and clinical psychologist Bettina Arndt is one of the few, if not only female journalists that even comes close to giving a balanced commentary or view on how men are faring in modern Australian society.

    Here is her most recent article in the Australian Fairfax Media:


    Of marriage and men: stereotypes that ignore half the story.

    It’s time society listened to men struggling to find the tools for survival in their relationships, writes Bettina Arndt.

    “There’s got to be something more than this!” This howl of discontent comes from Alex, a thirtysomething married executive, one of four Aussie males romping their way through Certified Male, the blokey comedy playing around Australia.

    Alex rarely questions the 65-plus working hours he puts in each week. He’s always agreed with his wife, Sam, that he has to work long hours so she can be there for the kids. Besides, she’s got her charity work and, as she says, there’s no point in her taking up a job just for the sake of earning money, is there? All her friends at book club totally agree.

    But during the days Alex spends with his mates on a work retreat, his alienation in his marriage starts to surface. ”I get into bed next to my wife and it’s the loneliest place on earth.” He determines he’s going to have it out with her.

    This conversation starts well. ”It’s just that I’d like some time with the kids, too. Perhaps you could take up some part-time work?”

    The response is a solid jab to the head. His long list of concerns don’t get a look in. ”What do you mean I don’t appreciate you?” He wails as her punches hit home. He’s reduced to pitiful bleating: ”Of course, you’re a good mum.” (THUMP.) ”I love it when your parents stay the weekend.” (WALLOP.) ”I was not looking at your cellulite.” (BASH – and he’s knocked out.)

    Welcome to the world of modern marriage – a world where men’s needs, wants and desires don’t always feature highly on the agenda. Marriage has changed dramatically over the past 40 years since the sociologist Jessie Bernard wrote her influential book, The Future of Marriage. There was his marriage, which offered power and satisfaction, while her marriage brought stress, dissatisfaction and loss of self. Bernard’s depiction of women suffering through marriage as a kind of psychological torture drew on Betty Friedan’s discovery, a decade earlier, of ”the problem that had no name” – wives’ unvoiced frustrations with their confined, housewifely role.

    Marriage was good for men and bad for women, Bernard concluded.

    But has that all changed? Women’s lives and marriages have been transformed, but now many men are wondering if they may be the ones being offered a dud deal. It’s rare that they complain openly about their lot but, beneath the surface, there’s an undercurrent of discontent, suggests the men’s health expert Steve Carroll.

    Carroll has spent more than 30 years travelling around rural Australia talking to groups of men about their health – conversations that often end up focusing on relationships. He reports of men bewildered to find themselves in marriages where they never get it right, or get any thanks for what they do. A typical lament to Carroll: ”Why in the f— am I doing all this when I don’t get given the time of day?”

    Carroll mentions a 35-year-old agricultural worker in Hay, who felt after he married ”the noose got tightened” and he was no longer given support or respect. Rather, he was just there to ”do the heavy lifting”. A 42-year-old miner from Broken Hill said his wife had ”all the important stuff and my stuff is just not important”. Carroll’s conversations reveal a mood of resignation and despondency in many married men: ”They can’t understand why they are always in trouble with their wives.”

    Others are noticing that men’s stuff doesn’t make it on to the marital agenda. Spend any Saturday at Deus Ex Machina in Camperdown and there’ll be a bunch of men wandering around, gazing at the ultimate male excitement machine – a custom-made motorcycle. The shop’s owner Dare Jennings – a co-founder of Mambo – regularly talks to men who yearn to lash out on one of his dream bikes. They are mainly married men, he says, many clearly well-heeled. Yet as much as they are tempted to indulge themselves, they rarely take that step without checking with the wife. Flushed with enthusiasm, they rush home – and rarely come back.

    Jennings argues that men’s dreams are clearly not a high priority in modern marriage. ”The wives play the safety card, arguing the bikes are just too dangerous.” But he adds: ”I’ve had women joke to me that they’ve got the men under control and don’t want trouble. These days married men are on an incredibly short leash.”

    Think about men’s leisure time – or what’s left of it. If men ever dare to reflect wistfully on past glory days of patriarchy, high on the list would be the freedom enjoyed by the man of the house to come and go as he pleased. Gone are the days when married men were free to drop off at the pub for a beer or three on the way home from work. Or spend most weekends playing golf, or at the dogs, or tinkering under a car. Men’s discretionary leisure time has been shrinking for years, the New England University sociology professor, Michael Bittman, says. He discovered it fell by more than two hours a week between 1974 and 1987. Bureau of Statistics time-use data shows a further drop between 1992 and 2006 of about 45 minutes, with the latest figures showing men average 37 minutes free time a day compared with 30 minutes for women.

    Men rarely talk about their leisure, or lack of it. But is that because they spend their lives on the back foot cowering from constant complaints about their failure to share the domestic load, the burden of childcare and housework carried largely by women? Women’s dual shift – doing most of the domestic work while many also have paid jobs – is very real. But it is odd that public discussion of this issue, including regular reports from the ABS, somehow fails to mention that there is no difference in the total work load of men and women, if you add paid and unpaid work.

    Men are doing more hours of paid work than ever – two to three hours a week more than in 1985, according to a National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling report. Housework hours for men in dual full-time-earner families increased from 14 hours in 1986 to 17 hours in 2005, according to recent research by Belinda Hewitt and colleagues from the University of Queensland.

    ”Men notice they don’t get much kudos for all that they do,” says Steve Carroll, pointing out many men are doing it tough, spending years doing jobs they don’t like, facing job uncertainty, seeing little of their children. ”When they were growing up, dad’s contribution was acknowledged and respected. You know, ‘Dad’s home! Come on, kids, don’t bother your dad. He needs some peace.’ ”

    Comedy is one of the few outlets for men’s disappointment about their changing deal in marriage. Witness the ABC’s recent comedy series Agony Uncles, with constant jokes about men in trouble with their partners for missing the target in late-night trips to the loo, for not cutting their nose hair, for not doing enough housework, and so on. And the risks of getting it wrong, ending up divorced and losing a house. There are endless jokes about men’s post-divorce finances, like the one about the man who goes to buy a Barbie doll for his daughter. He’s offered a range of different dolls, all selling for $19.95, except for Divorced Barbie. This one comes with the hefty price tag of $265. He asks why? ”Well, it’s like this: Divorced Barbie comes with Ken’s house, Ken’s car, Ken’s boat, Ken’s furniture …”

    The truth, of course, is more complex. Well-heeled men often recover financially from divorce more easily than their ex-wives and some evade all responsibilities. But a recent Australian Institute of Family Studies report found a quarter of older divorced men who remain single experience financial hardship.

    Men are also aware of the legacy of decades of legal decisions favouring mothers in custody battles. They’ve witnessed the public agony of men denied a proper role in their children’s lives. Singer-activist Sir Bob Geldof – in an essay in Andrew Bainham’s book Children and Their Families – wrote about being offered ”access” to his children: ”A huge emptiness would well in my stomach, a deep loathing for those who would deign to tell me that they would ALLOW ACCESS to my children – those I loved above all, those I created, those who give meaning to everything I did, those that were the very best of us two and the absolute physical manifestation of our once binding love.

    ”Who the f— are they that they should ALLOW anything? REASONABLE CONTACT! Is the law mad? Am I a criminal?”

    Generations of males have watched friends, relatives and perhaps their own fathers lose contact with children through divorce. Almost 50,000 Australian children are affected by their parents’ divorce each year and almost a quarter of people aged 18 to 34 experienced such a break-up as children. Half of all children not living with their divorced fathers see them less than once a fortnight, a quarter have contact once a year or less (ABS, Australian Social Trends March 2012). So huge numbers of young men have grown up seeing their fathers alienated from their families. These young men know what they have to lose if a marriage goes wrong. And in two-thirds of divorces it is the mother’s decision to leave.

    Despite new freedoms and choices available to women, their happiness – their subjective well-being – has actually declined over the past 35 years, according to research by the economics professor Betsey Stevenson and colleagues at the Wharton School in Philadelphia. Women have become less happy with their marriages over that time, perhaps due to the gap between their expectations and reality. For men this is a disaster. Think of that truism: happy wife, happy life. The reverse is even more true.

    ”Men have a very real fear of being turfed out or becoming redundant,” says the clinical psychologist Owen Pershouse, who has spent more than 15 years helping men through separation and divorce through his Brisbane group MENDS. ”Men know they often pay a huge price if a marriage ends and can be held hostage by women who are usually the ones to pull the plug.” Pershouse notes that many men only question the costs of marriage after it is all over.

    Many divorced men are now very publicly questioning whether the risks of marriage work mainly in women’s favour, which may be why we so often hear complaints about men’s reluctance to commit. There’s been a huge drop in the crude marriage rate (the number of marriages per 1000 people) over the past five decades, dropping from 9.3 in 1970 to 5.5 in 2010. Yet this is mainly due to more couples in de facto relationships. There is overseas research suggesting cohabiting men are more likely to resist the shift to marriage.

    They may have good reason. For a start, marriage may well mean less sex. There’s no Australian research on the subject but a 1992 US national sex survey shows co-habiting men have more sex than husbands do.

    That really matters to men. ”Men want sex more often than women at the start of a relationship, in the middle and after many years,” says Florida State University psychology professor Roy F. Baumeister, an expert on sexual drive.

    There’s been the most extraordinary shift from the 1950s, when sex was among a wife’s marital duties, to the current situation where so many wives feel entitled to shut up shop if they are not interested. The men taking part in my recent research projects (published in The Sex Diaries and What Men Want) poured their hearts out about their misery at finding themselves in marriages where they had to grovel for sexual favours. One man went for 19 years with no sex in his marriage. His wife announced when his second child was born that their sex life was over.

    There’s a sad letter on my website forum, from a 40-year-old father of two who wonders if he should leave a marriage in which he enjoys very little sex. He has averaged 5.6 times a year for the previous decade. Oh yes, he’s been counting! But he is also unhappy that he receives little affection or intimacy of any kind. ”Should I stay or should I go?” he asked. He received 163 responses, mainly from men. They debated the cost of losing his family versus spending the rest of his life starved for physical love. Most argued he should leave.

    But these murmurs of discontent are largely hidden from public view, as was the case back in the 1960s when Betty Friedan wrote in The Feminine Mystique about ”the problem which has no name”. Friedan gave voice to women’s frustrations about the limitations imposed on them by the wifely role and decades of consciousness-raising followed. Now women grasp every opportunity to state their case, loud and clear.

    Yet most men still lead unexamined lives. Their ”problem which has no name” – marital discontent – remains unexplored. But one day that too will change.


  106. Very sad. I’ve gotten some mixed messages from the Land Down Under. Many of the Aussies I met in Europe were easily among the funnest party animals and world champion travelers anyone could hope to meet, while many of the Aussies I met in the US were a bunch of combative assholes with a chip on their shoulder who seemed to feel they had to prove every step of the way that absolutely everything in Australia is better than everything in the US, particularly California. Not sure why. Like many other non-Australians, I had the notion that Aussie was a rough & rugged land of Outback adventure, but have since found out that at least the inhabited parts seem to be more of a giant version of a 1950’s Kansas suburb. If you add the above article, that presents a somwhat less than appealing picture.


    • Anyone who surfs can recall the fierce rivalry between the US (Seppos, Aussie slang short for septic tank) and Australia back in the Curren vs.Occy days.


  107. on October 16, 2012 at 11:58 am Rumpole Stilskin

    Men are terrified of large, charging predators, like bears or lions or drunk fat chicks.

    Should that not read…

    Men are terrified of large, charging predators, like bears, lions, cougars or drunk fat chicks.


  108. I left this comment on Salon.com in the post of Tracy Clark-Flory:

    Tracy, I’m appalled by this post. I have enjoyed for years your posts about casual sex, kinky and feminism but, from some time on, you are behaving in strange ways.

    Some time ago, you make a post about how you want to have children. Now this post about traditional courtship.

    Beware, Tracy. The patriarchy is slowly creeping into your heart. You are in a slippery slope, Tracy. If you don’t pay attention, you will end barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen with a man controlling your sexuality.

    What good would have been all these years of feminism if you end up repeating outdated models who belong to the past? If you are willing to trade your exciting freedom for boring safety?

    You have to be strong, Tracy. The patriarchy is messing with your head. I guess everybody is telling you to settle, to get a boring guy to be your only partner. Don’t pay attention to them, Tracy. Misery wants company. Marriage is overrated and an oppression to women.

    I think you will do better if you go back to casual sex. That is liberating and get the patriarchs raging, because they don’t value women’s freedom, because they want to control women’s sexuality.

    I would like for you to recover your true self and go back to casual sex. As you have said in your Slate article:” for me, at least, hookups have been a great way of getting to know myself”. I know that sticking a “candle in your butt” can be enlightening, Tracy (but be careful not to kindle it: we are talking about safe sex here).

    When Socrates said “Know thyself”, he referred exactly to this: having sex with lots of partners. With some hundred partners more, your way to wisdom is on the good track. Peace.