A Little Pain Warms The Female Heart

As the Kristen Stewart affair (re)confirms, women, particularly young, slender women with high mate values, possess a seeming masochistic tendency to seek out relationship drama and wallow in it. All women have this urge, although the degree to which the urge expresses itself varies in its intensity among women. A very rough estimate by yours truly puts it at 1/3 women crave sadistic assholes (who may even beat them), 1/3 of women are drawn to men who provide non-thuggish but nonetheless insecurity-amplifying drama, and another 1/3 are put off by thuggishness and prolonged drama-inducement but who do enjoy some minimal amount of relationship tension, whether manufactured by the man or organically arising from his higher value relative to hers.

Furthermore, this craving for asshole men diminishes slowly with age, and with declining beauty. The elicited excitement and allure of the jerk tends to be strongest in very pretty, slender women aged 16-25, and weakest in ugly women over age 35. The reasons for this dynamic are obvious: very attractive and maximally fertile women — that is, those women with the most options in the sexual market — are best able to capture the attention of an asshole, and extract commitment from him. Older, uglier, fatter women are not even on assholes’ radars; their options are limited and their ability to extract commitment from men is kneecapped, so they tend to de-emphasize their longing for badboys and emphasize their appreciation for the secure reliability of lower value niceguys.

A few feminists are only now beginning to grapple with these hypergamous truths of female nature, not least in part because of the efforts of alternative blogs belched up from the bowels of hell, like this one, but they have yet to fully imbibe the meaning behind the evidence that confronts them. Many of them will attempt to scaffold their tattered ideology and hide the beast from their sights by making feeble assertions to the contrary, with no evidence in hand, that for instance, to pick a classic example of the genre, men “like drama-inducing bitches just as much as women like drama-inducing jerks”.

Well, ain’t that an ego salver! Too bad it isn’t true. There is very little real world evidence, either in the scientific literature or in anecdotal observation, that men crave relationship drama and the bitches who can give it nearly as much as women crave the badboys who can give them drama. Dark triad traits? Benefit men’s desirability; do nothing for women’s desirability, or even hurt it. Female groupies for male prisoners? So well-known that there are even websites devoted to letting women air their grievances with the prison system and detail their efforts to get conjugal visits with their killer lovers. And then of course, there are the women who, despite plenty of resources and peer pressure to guide them to better choices, freely opt to love and love again abusive men who turned their faces into mashed pulp.

Men do not share with women this masochistic compulsion for relationship drama. Men who are stuck with abusive women are often losers who know they couldn’t find another woman to save their lives. Men who have options will leave bitchy women without a second’s thought. Men, in fact, are the total opposite of women in this regard: the typical man will usually RUN AWAY FROM bitchy women in favor of sweet, feminine women, given equal looks. Even given unequal looks, most men will choose, for example, a sweet, caring 7 over a bitchy, sadistic 9, at least for long-term consideration. (For a one night stand or short term fling, men will put up with some shit in exchange for the pleasure of defiling exquisite beauty.)

So it is with this sex difference in drama-seeking in mind that the theme of this post emerges.

Maxim #19: Making a woman feel a little emotional pain will reward you a thousandfold in returned physical pleasure.

You don’t have to be fists-of-fury Chris Brown to pick up a Rihanna and make her fall in deep, profound love with you, but don’t let the lesson of their relationship be lost on you. If you are a beta male — and odds are you are — you can superglue your relationship bond by instilling in your woman a calculated level of discomfort and insecurity. You won’t feel bad about this, because you will know that the discomfort you create is subconsciously DESIRED by your girl. Despite her outward appearance of frustration and timorous appeasement, you will know that inside, she is lit up like a vagina tree, with a squirting orgasm shooting out of the star on top.

The more beta you are, and the hotter your girlfriend or wife, the more necessary will be the application of drama inducement game (DIG).

Reader David Collard comments:

I have written a poem about virginity and defloration, mainly to annoy skanky feminists:


As I have said before, deflowering my wife was unpleasant, and painful for her, but I am glad I got to do it, not some man before me. […]

I have seen a serious scientific (evol psych) argument that the pain of childbirth gets a woman to bond to her child, and the pain of defloration gets her to bond to a man. On the other hand, my wife says my deflowering her put her off sex for quite some time. She had a very tough hymen.

It is an intriguing theory that women are, in some primal sense, attracted to the freeing chains of pain. The pain — physical or emotional — seems to release in woman animal lusts, which then stampede beyond her control. This loss of control is something women secretly yearn to experience, and the alpha males who so delight them are the men most adept at stripping women of their superficial veneer of control.

David writes that childbirth and defloration are both major masochist milestones in a woman’s life that also represent pinnacles of pain. In the crucible of this pain (physical in these two instances), a bond so powerful, so unbreakable, is formed, that the woman will be forever merged in psyche, soul and snatch with the child and the man, respectively, who visited this pain upon her. I believe this is the best argument there is for beta males to actively seek out and deflower virgins, for the resultant bond will be so strong that they can then coast in their betaness for many years afterward without threat of cuckolding.

“Anonymous” writes:

Quoting Kristen Stewart: “I feel boring. I feel like, Why is everything so easy for me? I can’t wait for something crazy to fucking happen to me. Just life. I want someone to fuck me over! Do you know what I mean?”

So, she wants to play some Russian Roulette? Why are women so masochistic? You have a tenuous alpha/beta analysis when it isn’t even 100% clear that Alpha’s are better for survival or fitness then beta (why are there so many betas if alpha is the better gene)? I won’t quibble over this because your pop science has a much more serious problem. The central problem with female fitness in modernity has nothing to do with alpha/beta but is delayed pregnancy. What are the psychological consequences of going 15-20-35 years after menstruation and failing to get preggers? Ancient women were ALWAYS pregnant, like in stone age societies. Women are designed to be constantly knocked up and hauling 5 kids. How can their psychology pull the 180 to barren femcunt lawyer slut? Or barren and bored slut actress? You don’t think this makes them masochistic freaks? They are built for pain (pregnancy and hauling kids). Your Alpha/Beta analysis works, but the bigger issue is masochism and other psych problems from being chronically barren.

I understand anonymous’ wrenching repugnance at women’s callow and seemingly self-annihilating unimpeded sexual behavior, but that is a confusion remedied by a widening of perspective and a depth of experience. This odd drive by women for the powerful, charming, dominant men, even when it threatens a solid and secure relationship, must have served some benefit to our distant female ancestors, including the mothers of the infinite mothers of your mothers.

But then, as anonymous rightly states, there has always been, until relatively recently, a natural curb — an auto-pilot emergency brake — on this female hypergamous impulse, that would engage when the impulse became destructive. This natural curb was PREGNANCY. Ancestral women used to get knocked up quickly, at very young ages, and then be burdened with child after child until the wall removed from them the last hope of fulfilling a latent hypergamous urge. A Kristen Stewart, shorn of the props and rebar and condoms and abortifacents and Pills of modern society, would not, in the ancient times, have had the luxury of chasing down and fucking multiple alpha males to satisfy her id-shaped itch. In times bygone, her downlow would have meant the abandonment and eventual death of her child by her beta provider (Robert Pattinson) and the ostracization by her tribe’s women. Her alpha lover (the director) would not have agreed to help much in the raising of the children she had borne from previous men. There would not have been a media-savvy slut-excusing PR machine, aided and abetted by feminists and manboobed robots, to carry her through the ordeal to a safe landing ensconced in the lap of a replacement alpha male.

Instead, a modern Western Kristen Stewart gets to skip all that pain that would have been hers in prior eras, and indulge her hypergamy nearly free of consequence. Perhaps anonymous has a point; the mitigation to almost total irrelevance of this primal pain that was once the birthright of women has rendered their sex so psychologically scarred, so emotionally gutted, that they deliberately seek destructiveness in their relationships to feel anything at all. This destructiveness, once harnessed, feeds on itself, and there is no cure save sexual obsolescence, which must come, as it does for all women, sooner than they think.

The barren woman. The spinster. The pathetic partying cougar. The slutty alpha female. The delayed marriage and childbirth. The 0.5 child SWPL mother. Is it all coming together in a vortex of unhappiness and self-despoilment? Is the answer a reconnection with the animal spirits — and the animal dangers — that used to animate our free choices?

Kristen Stewart and millions of women in similar circumstances as hers will realize their fates too late. Worse for them, the Robert Pattinsons of the world are beginning to wake up and realize their fates as well. The interesting times are just beginning.

This post sealed with a kiss for Billyboy Bennett.


  1. on July 30, 2012 at 4:39 pm Dr. Grzlickson

    Did you just acknowledge global warming in that tweet?


    • on July 30, 2012 at 5:02 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


      dis remindz me of da FEMINST NIGHTMARE POST ON DALROCK’S BLOG zlozoz

      da fminist nightmare celebrated in my poetry
      as da gbfm feels sympatihieszz

      for all da assocked
      embitterd deosuled uttcocked woemnz

      who serve their gina and butt tinglez

      over god turth marriage freedom religionz


      i luvs you allls o ye of little faith

      to all the spinsters with cats
      who teh fed tricked into spinsterhood/serving debt lxolllozlzl
      to all the fanboys in ther single mom’s basements
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      and the bible too about sodom and gomorroah did yuknow taht sodomycame form sodom and gonnoreah came from gommroah? lzozllz kidding about that second one i doubt it did but maybe who knows i have never had eitehr sodomy nor gonorreah and i ahve never been to sodom nor gomoorrah

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      sometimes i wonder if poets and prophets can still change the world?

      or have they trainde too, too many women to hate, and dumbed down and drugged up too many menz? have they destoryed too many fathers and killed to many families? have the y deocnstructed tyoo many books and spilled too much blood and aborted too many fetuthes as one is one too many. have they prescribed ritalin to too many cretaive sols in chool in prozac to too many who need to be depressed and face it when they abort fetuses as god gave us feelings and makes us not pay attention to boring stae corproate teachers as all creativity comes from not paying attention to the state lzozlzzll and now it is diagnoses as a diseas lzozlzlz.


      well juust wanted to say i luv u all and nice 2 know ya and welcomes abords lzozlzl

      and 2 asnwer my own above questions
      let me jsut say
      teh great books
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      if they weren’t immortal
      and they offer us redemption
      the moment we start living by tehir ideasl
      and epic higher stories
      so put down your hate and your secretive butthex tape
      and pick up a cross
      and come follow me
      and let me shoulderyour burden
      for my yoke is light
      dante wrote la vita nuova–the new life
      and it is time 4 u to find your new life
      for to loseth one’s old way is to fuind the new path
      so do not fear
      lozlzlzlzlzlz omg wtf am i saying lzozlzlz
      i almost blew my cover here as teh messiah lzozlzllll i hide it beind all my lzozlzllzlzlzlzlzlzlles but a couple of you ahve caught on lzozlzlzlzllzlzl



    • on July 30, 2012 at 5:11 pm Whammer's real dad

      Only omega losers believe in climate change
      hahahahaha 🙂


      • No, climate change is real, and it’s obvious, if you don’t “believe” in climate change, you’re an idiot.
        The question isn’t “if” but “why”, i’m not sure wether it’s because of different sun activity, atmosphercial changes or regular Earth changes, andI sure as hell don’t know if human amplify the changes or not.


      • The climate always changes. I could say I “believe in” climate change the same way I’d talk about God, but environmentalists who think the climate should be static all the time or we’ll all die are also idiots.


      • Well duh.


      • on July 30, 2012 at 5:44 pm Whammer's real dad

        I know I’m an idiot. It runs in the family
        hahahahaha 🙂


      • So you’re saying that you believe in something but can’t prove or do you know the reason for it.Isn’t that like called religion?
        I can’t even get an accurate report on the weather and whether it’s going to rain or not unless it’s already raining and then the weatherman will just say it’s raining and look at this radar to prove it 🙂
        But yet you can tell me it’s a proved fact that there is global warming.Thawing and refreezing of polar icecaps has always been going on, we just noticed it and are trying to draw some conclusion from it about the earth’s temperature. In the 70’s they were predicting another ice age and had a lot of data to prove it.


      • on July 30, 2012 at 9:03 pm Whammer's real dad

        That’s my son 🙂
        I knew that the beta who raised him thinking that it’s his real son would show him books and stuff 🙂
        I’m just a garbage man but his mom was very fond of me 🙂
        I wouldn’t have done a very good job at raising him hahaha

        But it’s nice to see that he smiles constantly like an idiot. That his real family’s signature 🙂
        hahahaha lol


      • You’ve just shown the world that you’re nothing but a little punk pusillanimous pipsqueak. Go play with your sexbot blowup doll kid. You probably don’t even understand how omega you look when you make up some copycat name because your weetle baby omega feewings got hurt when someone called you out on your game BS 🙂


      • on July 30, 2012 at 10:32 pm Whammer's slutmom

        Whammy, that’s not a way to talk to your dad. Show some respect, he went through a lot of trouble to find you 😦


      • on July 30, 2012 at 10:33 pm Whammer's real dad

        It’s ok Ursula 🙂 lol

        Our kid is proud and impetuous. Just like my young self, remember? 🙂


      • on July 30, 2012 at 10:34 pm Whammer's slutmom Ursula

        ooh Big Whammer don’t be so naughty…
        You’re gonna make me all wet 🙂


      • Hahahahahahahaha


      • on July 30, 2012 at 9:13 pm (R)Evoluzione

        So you’re saying you can’t read a historical weather map & note the prevalence of historical high temperatures? There is no doubt that in the last century, the planet has warmed considerably. That much is, without a doubt, certain.

        I agree with other comenters, the causes are in question–it may be cyclical, it likely has a connection to natural solar cycles, and yes, humans, just maybe, had something to do with it. It’s an open question. As it’s said, a lack of evidence is not evidence against. It’s simply the cause for more research.

        Also: proved = proven. You’re welcome.


      • The temperature at the equator has not changed at all or have the sea levels.


      • OK I’ll use the US “proven” if it makes you happy 🙂


      • on July 30, 2012 at 11:03 pm (R)Evoluzione

        So equatorial temps haven’t changed much (they have risen, just not as much as at the poles) That’s like gaining a bunch of weight and then saying you’re not any fatter because your ankles aren’t very much bigger. I see the logic, and it’s clearly hamster logic. You must be female.


      • Yeah, that’s exactly what I say, saying “I don’t know” is that basis of all science.
        I “believe” in gravity, I know perfectly well the equations that determine the gravitational force between objects.

        Do I know what subatomic particles cause gravitation to exist? Nope.


    • Whatever. The other side isn’t going to be wrong about EVERYTHING. Politics isn’t some cosmic struggle between good and evil where one side’s always right and the other is always wrong. There are groups of people who organize and advocate for their interests, and you decide if one or the other group is better for your interests.

      In this case the Democrats have a strong feminist and NAM contingent, not to mention a large leftist pro-immigration influence that I think is bad for the USA, so I am not voting for them. But they are right about evolution, global warming, etc. IMHO.

      Anyway, global warming is bad for the USA. Look at what that drought’s doing to our food supply. The USA has always been one of the few countries not subject to starvation in the case of an embargo because we can theoretically grow our own food. That’s a huge strategic advantage I’d hate to see disappear.

      Also, whatever you think of the East Coast, if MIT gets flooded it’s not going to be a good thing. And obnoxious as Hollywood are, they’re one of our few remaining exports.


      • For one thing, they quit calling it global warming; now, it’s “climate change”, which means that no matter what happens, international socialism is the only way to save the environment (lozlzolzloz). Their religion is built on a shabby premise–the notion that nature maintains some kind of constant “delicate balance”; bullshit, nature is constantly building and destroying and recreating itself.

        No, environmentalism provides the semblance of a spiritual religion for the left; it is a new metaphysical altar for human sacrifices.


      • Yeah, it’s whatever the frick the left/libtards want to call it so we’re sypmathetic and let them impose a new socialist way of life upon us until unicorns with rainbows coming out of their butts abound (or we collapse in a Road Warrior-type chaotic anarchy and muslims take over & impose Sharia Game for us to get chicks with again).


      • SFG-you and the other boys don’t get it.Man made global warming is just a ruse used by the left to make $$$. First of all, even if the temp. of the earth is going to increae naturally over the next 100 years by a couple of degrees it would benefit more places than it would harm.
        You obviously don’t have much of an education regarding geography or climate if you think the US is one of the few countries that can provide their own food. Even India exports grain and the problems some countries have of feeding themselves have more to do with wars and politics than with climate. I guess you never heard about the Dust Bowl or why Greenland (at least the southern part) got its name.Or why their were commercial grape vineyards in England and other parts of Europe that no longer exist in those locations.
        Besides, if it can be proved that there is really global warming and that it’s Manmade, and that it will harm more places than it will benefit then the solution is simple and will cost 0. Have a policy to decrease the human population on earth.


    • on August 1, 2012 at 5:17 am Mr. Pointyface

      I have a lot of faith– in what I see.

      Not so much in delusional beliefs that those who have little imagination adopt because they were told to by others.


  2. Pain is one of the most primal, basic, and ancient emotions. It registers in that part of our brain that we share with reptiles. Women who are starved for feeling alive or “in control” will opt for pain over boredom (most cutters are women). I knew a woman who could have orgasms from pain outside of sex; many rape victims have orgasms during their attack; even some women have orgasms during childbirth. Even memories are forged more concretely if the experience is coupled with pain.


    • on July 30, 2012 at 8:39 pm Thasswhatimtalkinbout

      pain is also one thing we have trouble remembering. we remember having been in pain, but not the actual feeling of pain.


  3. You usually see the guys get crucified(Arnold, Tiger, Jesse James, etc) even though women cheat more often. It’s nice to finally start seeing bitches like Stewart and Kardashian get crucified publicly. In today’s environment, Julia Roberts(who left Kiefer at the alter to hook up with his best friend Jason Patrick and who stole a married man while publicly mocking his wife) wouldn’t have survived scratch-free. Are the tides turning?


    • From the horse’s mouth. Note that she mentions both explicit expressions of jealousy and aggressive chasing as bad-boy attractive.

      More to be said about how to be jealous and how to chase in a non-beta way. (Was Othello alpha? Rhetorical question, right?)


      • “Men, in fact, are the total opposite of women in this regard: the typical man will usually RUN AWAY FROM bitchy women in favor of sweet, feminine women, given equal looks.”

        Male asshole =/= Female bitch.

        Male asshole = Female whore.

        Women like assholes, and men like WHORES. Yes, men like whores. Look at the guys who get off on various actresses, models, porn stars, etc. and would jump at a chance to claim them. Those women are ALL whores.

        As proof, how many straight guys get their boners killed when seeing a porn star get hammered? And how many straight guys get a boner walking past the nunnery?

        Women like to mouth off on how they would love to have a nice guy just like guys like to mouth off on how they would love to have a chaste girl. It’s a dirty little, hypocritical secret of the genders.

        Nature doesn’t give a shit about societal niceties. It’s all about reproduction and survival of the species. And assholes and whores are the two groups that are most likely to propagate offspring.


      • Men would fuck whores but have them for long term relationships? Fuck no.


      • I’ve known men to do just that and actually hookers can make excellent wives. Successful hookers work the trade a few years and then move to a new place wshere no one knows them and go straight. It just depends on the man’s game and his indifference to going where others have been before.


      • Men like whores? That is like saying people like water. That is true in the desert but not during a hurricane. Would you rather ride on or invest in a free taxi service? Men like women they invest in to be chaste to the point of being exclusive to themselves, while women they have no stake in become opportunities. That’s a private plot for him, and your back yard turned into a park.

        The reason why men get boners watching porn is because they have a perceived shot at sex. You should also note these women are always advertised as “sluts, whores, and fuck meat” because a low fence is an opportunity for the wolf but a liability for the shepherd. So as sexual interest goes up, desire to invest goes down to the point of being repulsed after cheap sex. The idea is to ensure a man has sex but then to have a cuckold defense which is to despise the slut afterwards.


      • “The idea is to ensure a man has sex but then to have a cuckold defense which is to despise the slut afterwards.”

        This is a fascinating nugget. So, if something seems too easy to a man, his biology will kick in and tell him to despise the woman? Just as women despise men who display weakness, etc. Its something theoretically beyond their control?


      • In a sense yes. I think mileage may vary. I for one have never felt the sudden urge to leave a woman after I have slept with her, no matter what her past or SMV. I’ve known men for whom this feeling is nearly automatic and universal regardless. If I sleep with a woman its an acknowledgement that I respect her at least a little as a person and want to bond with her more closely. I think I’m more the anomoly among men in this regard, however.


      • I think this cuckold defense is by now rather obvious given how porn is portrayed. Short term sex values and long term mate value seem inversely related. You can see this further in primates. Gorillas have stingy sperm pay loads while chimps have massive pay loads and sperm warfare. Gorillas mate guard and chimps have short term flings. The battle is the same but on another scale. Humans are somewhat in the middle.

        Now consider what a man might do given a sexual opportunity with other men. His sexual response may ramp up like a chimp with a “slut”, insuring that enough sperm will be drafted to compete. The sperm war will be a battle that appears as sexual pleasure. In the case of investment worthy females, jealously and mate guarding, aka gorilla response appears.

        That is why I thing prostitutes are murdered from time to time. Some men have over active instincts to be repulsed to the point of murderous hate. I also think that cuckold fantasy is on the opposite end of male “dysfunction”. Men become addicted to the pleasure response of male competition and seem tuned too highly for the pleasure response. I assume that it is adaptive to get your sperm in line quickly.



      • Tyrone,

        I knew one guy who said he was filled with hate after sex. At the time I did not really know why and thought it a bit odd. The more usual case was lack of interest. However now I see he was an extreme r selection male.


      • “just like guys like to mouth off on how they would love to have a chaste girl.”

        I’ve been wondering about that for some time. It really does seem like its lip service.


      • It is. I never really understood the fascination with virginity. Its at best a nice to have in my book but not critical to happiness.


      • Well, I’m not “fascinated”, but I think it’s perfectly understandable. Having a potentially ever-recurrent mental image of your wife fucked by other guys can be haunting (of course, it depends on force of imagination & visual intensity). I would extend it to the situation of IR sex. Let’ say you see a glass of water filled with turd. Then, glass is cleaned & even sterilized. But- will you drink from that same glass, after you’ve seen what you’ve seen ?


      • I don’t really ever visualize other men screwing my woman. I see your point, it just doesn’t bother me very much, perhaps because I choose not to ponder it. All humans are capable of I see deflowering a girl as a huge responsibility and I would feel a strong moral obligation to follow through with her expectations of something more permanent.


      • ever heard of the “madonna-whore complex” ?


    • I can think of a number of seething feminist harpies that would want to make a rug out of her skin if they were to see this.

      It’s refreshingly frank.


  4. on July 30, 2012 at 5:05 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

    when bill bennett & kay hymowitz say “man up,” what they reallys meanz is “lube up.” “Bend over–you and your future wife–and take it ike a man form our neoocn heroic tucker max rhymes with godmans sax assocking mahcinesz zzlooxozlzllz”


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  5. on July 30, 2012 at 5:09 pm Whammer's real dad

    The anonymous who wrote that comment is an omega loser.
    Haha hahahahaha


  6. on July 30, 2012 at 5:11 pm RappaccinisDaughter

    “What are the psychological consequences of going 15-20-35 years after menstruation and failing to get preggers?”

    I couldn’t tell you about the 35-year thing; I’ll have to get back to you on that. But I began menarche very young, so I can tell you about the psychological consequences of 20 years’ worth of studiously, religiously avoiding pregnancy:


    And now that I’ve had the Essure, I don’t even have to stress out if I’m a day late. Did wonders for my quality of life.


    • You may have a vagina, but ultimately you’re a dude. Your opinions on girly matters don’t count.

      I’m all about giving you and your fellow mannish hags freedom and equal opportunities, but you shouldn’t have the right to be organized and fuck up civilization and the majority’s way of live


      • on July 30, 2012 at 6:40 pm Days of Broken Arrows

        LOL! Another woman who seeks to butt into men’s discussions and invade men’s spaces claiming she’s “normal.” Maybe that is normal for this screwed up society, though.


      • on July 31, 2012 at 10:12 am RappaccinisDaughter

        Hey, he asked. I answered.


      • on July 31, 2012 at 10:18 am RappaccinisDaughter

        A fair enough point in para 1, I suppose.

        As for para 2, you also have a point. Now that we have freedom and equal opportunities, and have had for a long time, feminism has turned from a laudable and noble movement to something that is destroying gender relations and the structure of the family.

        I want to help you make it stop. Without rolling us back to 1890.


      • Shoot for 1820. By 1890 things were already going rapidly in the wrong direction.


      • There never was social inequality in 1890 in the first place. To end feminism as it is today, one has to realize that social forces could not afford to carry out its whims. People were trying to survive. The average woman needed to raise 6 children without washing machines and microwave Salisbury stakes for her dirt farmer husband. Sure women were routinely turned into chattel and raped when one nation defeated the other in war, but the men were killed.

        Feminism today acts as if social injustice lasted for thousands of years aimed particularly at women. The so called right to vote is but a sliver in time difference to men since democracy allowing men to vote is but a few generations longer. And then with the means to tally them did it note make more sense to vote by household?

        There can be no progress until the myth of universal persecution is recognized as ugly, fat feminist propaganda in the first place.

        Women’s suffrage is merely a reasonable recognition that the old order of things is not quite what it was much like with the arrival of the automobile , road signs needed to address the new reality. So too since a woman on the frontier would no longer be the love toy of a Comanche on her own, she may as well be allowed to own a home in Texas.


    • on July 30, 2012 at 9:05 pm (R)Evoluzione

      “But I began menarche very young, so I can tell you about the psychological consequences of 20 years’ worth of studiously, religiously avoiding pregnancy:

      Nothing. ” ~ incomplete answer. Nothing a. that you can tell, and b. nothing so far.

      We know from epidemiology that early menarche combined with nulliparity (never given birth) equals a much higher cancer rate of several different types of cancers. Often they manifest later in life.

      Further, speaking more to point A, above, you can’t say what your life would be like if you had kids, or had been pregnant, because you a haven’t had that experience, so you don’t know how it would change you.


      • on July 31, 2012 at 10:25 am RappaccinisDaughter

        I have seen the studies showing a slightly higher risk of breast cancer, although I haven’t seen any firm proof that nulliparity causes it, or if it’s the fact that nulliparous women tend to have denser breast tissue from never having breastfed. This dense tissue is more opaque to a radiologist, making early detection more difficult.

        Of course I cannot say for sure how my life would have changed, but I have a good imagination. I would have been miserable.


      • Don’t be so sure. Womens’ emotions change dramatically after a child. Its easy to make that claim in hindsight. Methinks your comments are little more than an effort to rationalize a now permanent decision and are heavily influenced by ideology and your feminist zeitgeist.


      • on July 31, 2012 at 11:44 am RappaccinisDaughter

        Allow me to clarify. My reasons for having the procedure are not ideological. I have known that I did not want to have children since before I knew how they were made. It’s personal, not political.

        I do consider myself a feminist, yes, but probably not in the sense that you are thinking. The reason I read this blog and comment here is because I think the pendulum has swung way past equality and into the actual legal suppression of men’s rights.


      • Most women are literally made for motherhood. But, some, aren’t. This is a small percentage, akin to gays. But-authentic.


      • Yes it has and payback will be a bitch too. No offense intended, just my assessment of the coming age.

        I remain skeptical of any woman who tells me she never wanted children, however. I’ve never met one who wasn’t lying about it to herself at some level.


      • on July 31, 2012 at 3:41 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        That’s what I’m hoping to avoid–the payback. If I could be falsely accused of rape, risk prison and personal ruin, while my accuser (if exposed) faced no consequences whatsoever…well, fury wouldn’t begin to describe it. There has got to be a way to make things fair again.

        Re: childlessness by choice. It doesn’t really matter if you believe me or not. I’m used to people not believing me. I’m just looking forward to turning 40, when several of my male friends are going to have to cough up. None of them believed me either, and I’ve got several hundred-dollar bets out there that I won’t have spawned by then.


      • They exist, trust me. IMO, these females with dominantly male brain (that doesn’t mean they’re homosex/lesbians) are to be found among male-dominated professions & among high achieving scientists- I’d say Nobel prize geneticist Barbara McClintock was one of them.

        Many comments on CH are, IMO, dogmatic, in the either-or form. It’s not the way life works. More realistic approach would be: “majority of 80 or 90% blah blah”.


      • I never wanted to be a father, I imagine a female could feel the same way. She has the added disincentive of pain and possible death from childbirth.


      • “That’s what I’m hoping to avoid–the payback. If I could be falsely accused of rape, risk prison and personal ruin, while my accuser (if exposed) faced no consequences whatsoever…well, fury wouldn’t begin to describe it. There has got to be a way to make things fair again.”

        I’m sure there is, but feminists/Marxists will never allow it without violent overthrow of their regime. Once we reach that point, all bets are off.


      • Does your imagination cause you to weep for a sixth finger?


      • on August 1, 2012 at 11:45 am RappaccinisDaughter

        Not until just now, when you suggested it. If only it could be a duplicated middle finger. Then I could communicate twice as effectively in traffic.

        (Just kidding, I don’t raise the rigid digit in traffic. I do like to “crush their heads” with my forefinger and thumb, though.)


    • So you’re a cum dumpster. Good for you luv.


      • on July 31, 2012 at 1:10 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        I’m going to ignore the insult because I’m genuinely interested in why you would say that. Why does voluntarily sterility equate to promiscuity for you, nugganu? I fail to see a connection there.


    • “so I can tell you about the psychological consequences of 20 years’ worth of studiously, religiously avoiding pregnancy:


      Respectfully, how would you know? How you feel is water to a fish. What we do know is that your attitudes are radically different than the vast majority most women for thousands of years.


  7. That’s why spanking is so effective in having a woman bond to you.

    Pain + Loss of control = joy!

    Not only must you psychologically dominate, but the physical control you use seals the deal in their minds.

    Just picking a woman up off the floor is a big step in the right direction.


  8. Betas make a woman’s emotions go:


    What gets them wet is:


    There’s a reason they watch Soap Operas (“he’s such a good guy, omg now he’s possessed by his brother’s ghost and evil, omg he’s a good guy again, oh no there was a car accident!!”) and Twilight (“he loves her, but he might kill her, but he loves her and they want to be together, but they can’t because he just tried to bite her, omg omg!!!1”) and stay in abusive relationships (“omg he beat me, but he loves me, he beat me again but it was my fault, omg he bought me flowers see he’s just troubled”).

    The hotter the girl, the bigger the emotional spikes she needs.

    Related videos:

    Frying her circuits (running her thru a bunch of polarizing emotions quickly, this shit works I used to use it a lot lol):

    Creating massive drama (give her the fantasy, then take it away…this is for the hot girls, it’s overkill for the average ones):


    • Yareally, where can we read more of your writings? Other blogs, forums, websites? Same username? And by the way, thanks man. You’ve really helped me make positive changes in my life


      • Glad to have helped!

        I only post here and at rationalmale.wordpress.com though I went back and forth with Aunt Sue for like 5 pages starting at http://www.hookingupsmart.com/2012/06/03/relationshipstrategies/how-women-really-feel-about-male-dominance/comment-page-3/#comment-126856 which is a funny read in places because I keep countering everything she says with rational logic and her hamster keeps going haywire.

        I’m too lazy to start a blog and write articles and shit, I just like dropping in on already existing discussions. I mostly stick to Heartiste because this was one of the first Manosphere blogs I read and I like the “not afraid to go into the dark side” attitude here. The pussy “half-gamers” at places like sosuave or Roosh’s forum (not to be confused with Roosh’s blog itself, which I read) are painful to read because they try to pick and choose “dark” traits while trying desperately to keep their “I’m a don juan” politically correct reputations in-tact. “You can’t be half a gangster.” Heartiste is just like “fuck it, here’s some real talk, let’s get down and dirty” lol


      • I used to go to sosuave.com years ago. For a while after I left, it was pretty crappy, basically degenerating into a bunch of snot-nosed highschoolers asking stupid “duh” questions about chicks, but from a cursory glance at their discussion board, CH is having a definite influence over there now.


      • “a bunch of snot-nosed highschoolers asking stupid “duh” questions about chicks”

        To me, they are just waaaaay behind in pickup tech. And I get the vibe that they pride themselves on that, because they don’t want to be evil manipulative horrible “PUAs”, they want to be smooth “Don Juan’s” which are SO much better than PUAs…reality is that’s all just ego bullshit and it’s holding them back from exploring the deep psychology that PUAs have explored. It’s like they won’t dare cross certain White Knight lines under any circumstances, so they struggle to piece together shards of half of a system to try to make it work. Reality is, you have to cross the lines to know where they are and to fully understand something you have to explore the dark side of it as well as the light…PUAs will often be like “Okay, here’s something super fucked up I found you can do…Don’t do it, I don’t do it anymore, but try it it works and it’s fucking crazy!!” and then we break down why that stuff works.

        The RSD forum crowd is the other end of the spectrum…they’re like “how can I just fuck a girl’s mind as much as possible hahaha take that bitches!!!!” lol

        Before pickup went mainstream the main forum was more of a middle-ground between pushing boundaries to learn but pulling it back to be socially calibrated. The fasterseduction.com forum is probably the one I’d send new guys to these days…it’s a spin-off of fastseduction.com which was the original huge PUA board and has some oldschool PUAs on it so it tries to keep a similar middle-ground attitude.


      • on July 31, 2012 at 10:27 am SheCantSayNo


        To the Fast-Tracking Familiarity post from a while ago you responded with:

        “This concept of familiarity goes beyond seduction of women, it’s a good people skill in general. You can use it to get a girl opening up about her bisexual experiences and what color underwear she’s wearing 2 minutes after meeting her, or you can use it to land yourself a job in an interview or free drinks from AMOGs or get help from strangers or help people who are depressed.

        I make guy-friends easily because I build a connection with them quickly. Often it’s guys with high status that are intrigued (so I get job offers, invites to stuff, introduced to their social circles, etc) because they’re used to playing the fake-polite-persona game with other high status guys where everyone is kind of bullshitting eachother and you don’t really get to know the other person’s real personality for a while. Then I come in and plow through all that and show I’m not putting on a front (authenticity) so they drop their persona and we connect deeper and faster (no homo) than normal to them which is a surreal experience to them and they grasp at keeping in touch because they know they just ran into something special (no homo lol)”

        How do you build these quick connections with random people? In addition to going out alot, what would you advise people wanting to learn this? How/what to practice, what to focus on, etc.


      • Here come’s a biggun:

        “How do you build these quick connections with random people?”

        Juggler’s Method was probably the best for learning this.

        (I’m not sure if this is Juggler’s actual book, or just some guy’s summary of the method, but either way Juggler doesn’t seem to be selling the book anymore so this is the only way to access this VERY useful/important comfort/social-vibing technique information):

        There’s 65 pages worth of learning what you want to learn. 🙂

        Of course these days most people just want the instant magic pill, so here’s a really basic summary of how I do it:

        – Be authentic with them. Don’t tell them what you think they want to hear, tell them exactly what you think/feel, and don’t backtrack or apologize for it. They’ll respect you for it, even if their beliefs are totally the opposite, and they’ll know you respect them enough to not bullshit them.

        – Similarily, cut through their bullshit. Most people will try to front, it’s okay to call them out on it and let them know that you know (because you’re socially calibrated and you’ve met a lot of people) that you know what they’re REALLY thinking.

        – Relate to what they’re saying and show them you “know that feel bro”. If they talk about how they just got dumped, think back to a time you got dumped or a friend of yours got dumped, and tell that story and use that to relate to how they feel/felt. This starts creating an “us VS them” mentality (you and whoever you’re talking to are in a special bubble VS the entire world who just can’t relate to the feelings you two are bonding over)

        – Ask them questions about their situation and vibe over their answers. Answer any questions they ask you with 100% honesty. Them asking you questions is them investing in you.

        – Then start to re-direct the conversation and lead them to somewhere positive. This is like coming out of a tragedy together, you instantly bond with the other survivors because you’ve gone through a lot of emotions together. Most people will just sit and stew in one emotion all day, so you need to be the guy that turns things around into something that leaves them feeling good. They’ll assosciate you with those good feelings.

        – Now you’re best buddies.

        Essentially what you’re doing is pacing their reality, then directing it. Like you see someone jogging while you’re running so you slow up to jog with them and encourage them to run with you so when you speed up to a run (or slow to a walk) they join you.

        A few quick scenarios so you can see how this is applied:

        Shy dude at the bar:
        PUA (can tell the guy feels awkward): “This place is loud, hey?” (I know that feel, bro)
        Dude: “Ya I can’t even talk in here…”
        PUA: “How are we supposed to get laid if we can’t even talk to girls?? lol” (authentic, know what he’s thinking)
        Dude: “lol”
        PUA: “Personally I love the girls here, they’re gorgeous, but I hate trying to talk to them in this place.” (relating)
        Dude: “I wouldn’t even know what to say to them…”
        PUA: “Well on the plus side, even if you say stupid shit, they probably can’t hear how dumb it is. :)” (redirect positively)
        Dude: “lol!!”

        And now you’re best buds.

        Angry guy who just got cheated on by his girl:
        Dude: “Grrr I’m gonna kick that guy’s ass…”
        PUA: “Woah dude, you’re angry as fuck, it’s killin my mojo here what’s up man?” (authentic, know what he’s thinking)
        Dude: “Fuck off man, I’m in a shitty mood.”
        PUA: “No shit lol what happened dude?” (authentic, asking Qs)
        Dude: “My girl cheated on me and I’m gonna kill the guy she cheated with, he’s just some scrawny little faggot”
        PUA: “Ah fuck man, sorry. A buddy of mine just found out his girl cheated a month ago and he’s been drinkin his face off all month. The worst part is the guy she cheated with is ugly as FUCK lol Why do girls always pick the shittiest guys to cheat with?” (relating, share a story, I know that feel bro)
        Dude: “It’s fucking bullshit, I could kill this kid with one punch”
        PUA: “lol probably, you’re huge as fuck dude. But shit, I say if a girl wants to trade down to some loser then good riddance. There are probably 5 chicks who look just like her in this bar and they’ve probably got better taste. That’s why they’re here, dying for us to fuck them lol” (authentic, share a story, re-direct)
        Dude: “lol I just want my girl. :(”
        PUA: “ahhh I hear that man. But fuck it, not gonna’ get her back tonight. Tonight should just be about drowning your sorrows, lemme buy ya a shot ’cause I been there and all I wanted to do was get fucked up hammered lol” (authentic, relate, re-direct)

        And now you’re best buds AND you probably saved some dude from getting his ass killed lol

        Early on with a chick you wanna bang:
        Chick: “You just want to get in my pants.”
        PUA: “Well that’s true, I’m a guy after all lol We’re bad with that, especially at a meat-market like this hey? You and your girls must be getting hit on all night.” (authentic, relate, know what she’s thinking, etc.)
        Chick: “Ya it’s so annoying!”
        PUA: “lol I bet. Most guys are like “pffft whatever, you get free drinks out of it at least” but nothing is worse than getting a free drink but being stuck having to talk to some creeper just ’cause you don’t want to be rude and walk away. It’s never worth the drink lol” (know that feel bro, know what she’s thinking)
        Chick: “omg I know, it’s always the creepiest guys too”
        PUA: “Well the creepy guys are usually the most ballsy. I mean here I am talking to you and I’m obviously the creepiest dude in here 😉 lol” (authentic, re-direct positively)
        Chick: “lol no you’re okay”
        PUA: “Just OKAY?? I am crushed–” (and take it from there with normal game)

        And now you’ve built a shitload of comfort in a short time with her and 180’ed her opinion of you and have a nice clear path to game her etc. etc.

        Flirty chick:
        Chick: “Come dance with me!!”
        PUA: “No way. My dancing is shit, and then you’ll think I’m bad in bed.” (authentic, share a story)
        Chick: “lol are you bad in bed?”
        PUA: “See? Now you’re thinking about it already. Now I’ll never get in your pants.” (authentic, know what she’s thinking)
        Chick: “lol as if you were gonna’ anyway!!”
        PUA: “You don’t have to play hard to get, I know you’re already in love with me and want to have 10,000 of my babies.” (calling her know, know what she’s thinking)
        Chick: “lol oh ya totally”
        PUA: “Careful, that’s how it starts. First you fall in love with me, then we have crazy wild monkey sex, then you get all clingy, and then I have to break your heart.” (know what she’s thinking, share a story)
        Chick: “lol I’d break YOUR heart.”
        PUA: “I bet you would. You must leave a trail of broken hearts wherever you go, toying with men like a puppet-master for your own evil amusement. There are probably like 3 guys in your group tonight who have a crush on you.” (relate, know what she’s thinking)
        Chick: “lol actually there IS one lol”
        PUA: “But you don’t want to hook up with him because he’d get all clingy and it’d be awkward?” (relate, know what she’s thinking)
        Chick: “I had that happen before!”
        PUA: “lol I know what that’s like. A few years ago I hooked up with a friend and she went from cool to stalker-city on me. Now we can’t even hang out ’cause it’s too weird.” (relate, share a story)
        Chick: “omg I hate when that happens”
        PUA: “Well in our case you’ll be fine. I’m totally not into you so there’s no way I’d stalk you.” (re-direct positively)
        Chick: “lol ya right, you love me”
        PUA: “I do love that ass. As for the rest of you, I dunno…lol” (keep re-directing and escalate sexually)
        Chick: “omg you’re such a jerk!!”

        And now you’ve built a shitload of comfort in a short time, and led the conversation toward sexual topics. She feels like you know and understand her and you’ve basically laid the groundwork for a casual fuckbuddy relationship with her.

        So there you go. A lot of the calibration in this (reading people’s body language and being able to put yourself in their shoes to understand what their perspective is at the moment) comes from going out and interacting with a ton of people. Spend a few months just working on your comfort/rapport game. I think some people recommend talking to people until you find at least one interesting thing about them, that kind of forces you to dig beneath the surface.

        Most people don’t run into this kind of deep connection, ESPECIALLY in a bar/club environment, so it really floors them when it happens. That’s what I mean about the “they grasp at keeping in touch because they know they just ran into something special (no homo lol)” thing. To me, as a PUA, it’s just another night out, just another set in the night. But to them it’s like, the one person who understands them that they’ll meet all year or ever in their life so it’s epic to them and they’ll chase it.

        It helps if you actually LIKE people and LIKE socializing lol If you don’t, then you should work on fixing that first. 🙂


      • on July 31, 2012 at 8:52 pm hiphopanonamous

        That’s money. I’ve been in in sort of a rut in daygame lately because all of the numbers have been flakes. I knew I needed to do something to make myself a bit more memorable but I couldn’t figure out how. Those examples give me something to work with to change it up.

        I’ll report back when I try it.


      • “That’s money. I’ve been in in sort of a rut in daygame lately because all of the numbers have been flakes. I knew I needed to do something to make myself a bit more memorable”

        Ya, usually the reason you get flakes is that you’re 1) not building enough comfort/rapport and 2) she’s not investing in you. I can aggressively push for numbers from a dozen girls each under a minute and that looks cool and my friends think it’s amazing but the reality is that it’s not solid game and probably all 12 of those numbers will flake.

        Try pushing for more of a connection, find SOMETHING about the girl to qualify her on. Like tweak your #-close to shit like “you’re funny, not many girls can make me laugh…we should hang out sometime.” Now her brain says you’re interested in her for more than the fact she has a pussy so it’s okay to meet up with you.

        Also spend a few months NOT asking for phone numbers. Make THEM ask YOU to keep in touch. ONLY take numbers if they push for it first. You’ll lose some cool chicks (whatever, abundance mentality lol) but you’ll learn to get them hooked to where they’re the ones chasing you and wanting to see you again. Once you have a girl hooked, she won’t flake. Once you nail this skill-set, then you can go back to asking for their number but with solid comfort/rapport mixed in and your conversion rate of #s to meetups will rocket upward.

        Good luck! I highly recommend reading that Juggler stuff.


      • Tight mostly but is that really how to handle a flirty girl asking you to dance???


      • “is that really how to handle a flirty girl asking you to dance???”

        Depends on what’s congruent for you. I have a bunch of my own routines to avoid dancing lol There’s two types of dancing:

        1) early on, when she wants you to just “dance” with her and her group or whatever. This is just gay friendly dancing or a dance-off and pretty much totally asexual. I avoid this like the plague because I don’t know how to dance well, I don’t like dancing, and I have no rhythm. Plus a girl will dance with you like this all night and still go home with someone else. She’ll even grind on you but it’s in a friend zone way or for her to show off and isn’t sexual at all for her. This is the scenario I meant in my example.

        2) later in the night when she wants to grind because she’s attracted to you and horny. This, I’ll do, because I like grinding and it’s easy to physically escalate there.

        Some guys can dance all hip-hop breakdancy and shit and that’s cool, good on em. But if they don’t escalate that dancing with some game they just end up sweaty and alone at the end of the night.


      • on August 1, 2012 at 7:15 am SheCantSayNo

        That’s fucking awesome man, thanks alot! (I will definitely read that juggler material)

        For me this has been pretty much a hit and miss affair, but now that you’ve spelled out the steps involved I see that when I fuck up it’s usually bc of redirecting way too soon (after I’ve “figured them out” but before establishing that magic bubble of mutual understanding). I guess instead of letting you guide them they then shut you out because they don’t yet feel that you understand them; they experience it as you just rudely imposing your reality upon theirs.

        “It helps if you actually LIKE people and LIKE socializing lol If you don’t, then you should work on fixing that first.”

        I love people as individuals but hate them as groups. I probably just suck ass with groups, lol, but what I’m always curious about is what a person is passionate about in life, what makes him tick, etc. One-on-one such authentic connections develop naturally over time (building connections slowly is easy), but in groups people all put up this front and seem reluctant to let go of the role they happened to adopt for fear of being judged. Is it possible to open up a whole group at once, or is the best you can do connecting with its leader (who isn’t afraid of the group’s judgment) so that he’ll welcome you in, after which you can connect with other members one-on-one if you feel so inclined?


      • You’ll do fine, you have the right attitude. And the “rudely imposing my reality on them” is what’s happening…once you have a connection then it’s not rude.

        In a group go for the leader first, or go for your target first but be VERY aware of who and where the leader is so that the instant you can tell the leader is wondering “who the fuck is THIS guy?” you can initiate the interaction with them and introduce yourself, win them over, then go back to your target.

        All people care about is judgement. So in a group people put up a front because no one is ever really who they are around their group, everyone is putting on a facade to get social approval. Oddly, the most honest group you’ll ever meet are a 2-set of young girls who are BFFs, because they’ll both fuck guys, cheat on BFs/husbands, etc around eachother and won’t judge eachother. Put those same girls in a group of their mutual friends and they’ll be perfect angels.

        So ideally you want to isolate your girl from her group ASAP. Win the leader over so the group won’t cockblock you (this can even involve ignoring your target to focus on the rest of the group for a bit first) and then venue change your girl, even if all it is is “let’s go get a drink” and you walk her to the bar across the room.

        Hell, isolation can be as simple as taking a few steps to the side so that she rotates so her back is to her group, or you pull her just a few steps off to the side to sit at a table or whatever. Once you have isolation where she doesn’t feel like what she says will be judged by her peers, you can start building a connection easier.

        You can DO it in the middle of a group but it’s not optimal, there are way more distractions and random variables to worry about. Plus if you’re really breaking thru to her core as a person, that can be embarrassing for her, that someone can call her out on the facade she’s spent her whole life building, so they’re more comfortable being in private for that.

        An exception is the loud in-your-face aggressive attention-whore cockblock girl. Calling these girls out in front of the group can rock her world and make her feel silly enough to calm the fuck down and act like a normal person lol but it can also backfire hard if you don’t have the personality type to handle the fallout (I do, I love these girls) so I don’t recommend it.

        Hope that helps. This stuff I’m saying is really old school tight game principles. Like the fundamentals of pickup. Win over the leader, isolate your target, build comfort/rapport, once you pass the hook point then go for the close. These days there’s so many ideas and techniques and styles out there that people often forget or gloss over the little details of solid game that we have to make sure are in there, and it helps to step back and go “okay I need to return to the basics for a bit.” 🙂

        Good luck!


    • Of course all of this talk about “hotgirl” traits is just BS because all females behave in the same way whether hot or fugly. The reason that you always talk about hotgirls is because these are the females you can’t get regardless of all your “pickup” training by the guy in the goofy hat. All of these so called “game” techniques are just a rationalisation for why you can’t get the top females. Oh I know! I’m not giving her enough drama, or pain or blah blah blah 🙂 Of course, the real reason is that some men just naturally have a combination of traits that appeal to all females (you don’t) and no amount of book learnin’ is going to make you an Alpha. Keep dreaming.


      • on July 30, 2012 at 9:10 pm Whammer's real dad

        Show them goofy faggots the real truth. 🙂
        I’m so proud of you son that you can show these idiots how to get pussy.
        We got that in our blood. That’s why I had an affair with your mom while her hubby was working hahahaha 🙂

        The only way to be a pussy magnet is to inherit charm and charisma. All the dreamers in here can’t have what we have 🙂

        You can only thank your real dad for it hahaha 🙂


      • @Whammy’s Dad,

        I read this on a crowded subway yesterday and burst out laughing – got ugly stares from those nearest to me.

        You and Whammy need to keep this routine up, it’s hilarious!


      • Such a deterministic worldview, what a peasant.


      • on July 30, 2012 at 9:20 pm Whammer's real dad

        Leave my son alone.
        He’s gonna tire and leave anyway.

        This place is too omega for him lol hahaha 🙂


      • on July 30, 2012 at 9:38 pm Days of Broken Arrows

        I’m disappointed in you for raising such a butt boy. I hope you have another son, somewhere, who isn’t running down the energy supply with his electric butt plug.


      • on July 30, 2012 at 9:50 pm Whammer's real dad

        I did not raise him 🙂

        I just blasted in his mommy’s baby maker a long time ago hahahaha

        But the fact that he’s been away from his real dad for such a long time has certainly had an impact on his personality and general well-being lol 🙂

        He copes with it by smiling all the time and trying to feel superior towards others hahahaha.

        He’s a good boy though 🙂 he’s my son after all hahahaha


      • You’re not old enough Mr Gen X to have any view because you have seen nothing. When you grow up then perhaps you may have an opinion.


      • Well I’m banging hot chicks so It must either be natural… because game works… or a combo…


      • I guess it all depends what you consider hawt out there in hillbilly country 🙂


      • on July 30, 2012 at 10:30 pm Whammer's real dad

        No son. You come from a long lineage of hillbiliies lol 🙂

        Don’t spit on our heritage hahahah


      • Yawn.
        I live at the beach.


      • A sand dune billy?


      • lol who the fuck is this dipshit?

        Trolling used to mean something lol


      • The guy trolling the troll actually makes things (slightly) interesting


      • It’s all so meta lol


  9. You could say that the SWPL bunch has a gag reflex when they look at rednecks popping them out, which leads to years of degrees and jobs until they feel “ready.” Then they promptly have that 0.5 child. They need to feel that educational and financial superiority before they jump.

    I say that SWPLs are getting it wrong. They shouldn’t want to isolate themselves with mothball inducing degrees and mottos and creeds (“I haven’t discovered myself yet.”) They shouldn’t strive to feel set. Instead they should demand more freedom to shame and punish lower class people. Obtain their superiority via dominance.

    I seriously believe that sex is related to laying the smack on someone. Low class people do it in a socially destructive way, drinking and brawling and braggadocio. Too gross for intellectuals, who choose to do it by having loftier credentials and more worldly experience. The problem is that the intellectual level has been upbid completely out of the sexual market. Now the middle class has to act lower class- think white suburban tweens loving lil wayne, to stay in the sexual market.

    Is a smart man going to get laid after going to a club and dancing to lil weezys SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS or his he going to get laid after shutting the club down for its moral degeneracy? Food for thought.

    End of story, the middle class has no more social or legal freedom to punish immorality and low class behavior. So for now, we will continue on to hell-in-a-handbasket.


  10. Interesting points and theory, but I think the basic driver for the female love of drama and relationship turbulence is the need for submission, not a desire for actual physical pain. Misbehavior in relationships, which could range from infidelity to garden-variety bitchiness, may be a cry not for pain or beat-downs, but just to be called on their behavior- put in their place by a domiannt partner. (The commentary on Stewart’s situation in that regard in recent posts and comments points this up.) In that sense, the impulse toward unecessery relationship drama is just another form of shit-test, a kind of sonar ping to suss out her mate’s alphaness on a regular basis. This seems more likely to me than any primal/Oedipal narrative of love born from physical pain.


    • Yeah but if you can’t afford to be calm assertive dominant, a few punches will help you prevent cuckoldry.
      It takes allure, presence and charisma in order for your dominance attempts to be taken seriously. Men can work on those things, but a sizeable bunch will never be able to mimick or internalize true alpha dominance.
      They’re better pff taming their bitches with the old tools. If they’re too passive, they’re gonna be cuckolded. If they lash out like a frustrated insecure beta faggot, the girl is gonna freak out and will sooner or later seek dominance somewhere else.


    • My dad did it by out-ranting her, as if to say “my shit is far more important than yours, so STFU”


      • My dad did that shit too! But mom got to sit at home and watch soap operas all day while dad worked 80 hour work weeks. I think mom got the better end of the deal.


      • The best way is like Clint Eastwood- firm but low tone of voice and no giving in combined with the willingness to just walk out with an air of indifference. Shouting, etc. just puts you on their level.


  11. @Anonymous
    “but the bigger issue is masochism and other psych problems from being chronically barren.”

    Aha! I suspect the whole business of women going off to
    “find themselves” after 10-20 years of marriage (poster girl,
    Tipper Gore, but she had extenuating circumstances being
    married to such a narcissistic turd) have a very natural reaction.

    The deep wiring logic goes “this guy cannot make me pregnant – maybe somebody else can.”. I don’t remember the details but IIRC Jewish culture has some kind of opt-out clause for both men and women after something like 10 childless years.

    So even if the woman consciously uses birth control, the deep wiring with kick after some time and dump the man after enough childless years, ESPECIALLY when she is nearing menopause. And having a child or two early may or may not be enough to stave off this ur-impulse.



  12. I’m as prophetic as GBFM, if not more. Four years ago I wrote on this blog that one R. does more for moral traditionalism than one hundred Bill Bennetts.



  13. This is true. I’ve found the only two things that have kept my hypergamy in check are having a baby, at least temporarily, and getting older.


    • Not to be a smart ass, but you mean like reality? real life? having to be responsible or bad stuff would happen? (Otherwise, we’ve had too good for too long and gotten spoiled.)


    • You can also exercise some self-control and take responsibility for your own actions rather than act like a pathetic little child and say HYPERGAMYDIDIT


      • You got it ass backwards. Women cannot control that impulse. They proved it again and again during the few past million years.
        Subjugation of females is the only way. If we can’t do it, future humans will.


      • Like muslims have… shaddup bitch or be stoned!


      • Yeah but the muz don’t know why they’re doing it.
        Their whores and liberal fags will take over soon enough and will try to emulate western civilization. They probably think that women’s liberation is a factor of economic and social progress, while it’s merely a symptom of prosperity.

        Muslims don’t really have a strong grasp of reality. They just have customs and myths that are being useful for now. When they’ll start to question their religion and when their r-selected id lashes out, they will be as successful as their southern neighbours. Islam, when it is moderate, is doing a pretty good job at keeping arabs civilized if you ask me.

        Any future subjugation of females must rely on a thorough understanding of female nature, not myths and hearsays. But if Nietzsche was correct and that civilization cannot be sustainable without God or Allah, then the muslims have a pretty good shot at ruling the world in a couple of centuries.


      • The muslims got it right for about……2000 years? Why change how we are supposed treat women now? If it worked for that long then it’s probably correct?

        feel free to correct me on this.


      • for the same reason there is no revolt against cars, despite being terribly bad for the environment, they’re also terribly convenient, and generally thought to do more good than harm.

        Women’s subjugation arose out of economic dependence upon men, as well as from the need for physical protection from other males. However, a population that only utilizes half the workforce of its population is underachieving, to say the least.

        Women’s economic independence and reproductive liberation allows society utilize its entire workforce. What “worked for that long” was actually a terribly inefficient way of doing things, not to mention placed the entire burden of work on men while women got to do, well, nothing. They were basically elevated house pets with little to no responsibility other than conform to their prescribed gender role.

        Free women in society means less work for men and more pussy for men. It means men are finally wising up to the secret ways in which women have been playing them for years.


    • I was referring to the hypergamous instinct, not my behavior.


    • You left out the 3rd thing Lara. You’re just too fugly to do any better 🙂


  14. I think you will enjoy these studies:

    “Unrestricted sociosexuality was generally associated with greater attractiveness in female composites and real female faces and greater masculinity in male composites.”


    Also from wikipedia:

    “It has been found that symmetrical men (and women) have a tendency to begin to have sexual intercourse at an earlier age, to have more sexual partners, and to have more one-night stands.”


    This study finds self perceived attractiveness and masculinity in women both predict high sociosexuality. So women who think they are hot have more casual sex in addition to masculine women having more casual sex:


    This study finds women with certain genes makes them both more attractive to men and have more sex partners during their lifetime


    This study finds that women high on estradiol are both more physically attractive and tend to have more LTR, become more easily dissatisfied with their LTR and so break up more often and cheat more when in those LTR, but not more interested in casual sex. So women that are high SMV because of this hormone are, although not more likely to have one night stands, likely to get higher numbers because they both jump from man to man and cheat when in those relationships. Cheating means having sex before having gotten commitment from the one she cheats with. So although these women are no more likely to get into bed for a same night lay, they probably make up a substantial number of the men players meet, make out and exchange numbers with and then bed on day 2s day 3s or day 4s (which are the majority of players numbers anyway) when the women are looking for affairs.

    “MIKACH and BAILEY (1999) have found that women with a physically attractive body shape (designated by a low waist-to-hip ratio, SINGH 1993) follow a more unrestricted (short-term) sexual strategy than women with a less attractive figure. The desirability of these women ensures that they remain desirable to men and compensates for the disadvantages associated with the selection of a potentially promiscuous partner. Furthermore, SINGH (2004) showed that both men and women expect women with an attractive body shape to be less faithful than less desirable women, suggesting that other individuals are aware of a relationship between attractiveness and promiscuity. Despite expecting women with an attractive body shape to be less faithful than their less attractive counterparts, men rated these women as more desirable. Thus physically attractive women would be able to enjoy the benefits of short-term relationships and remain attractive as a long-term partner.”

    “Although engaging in short-term relationships may lower a woman’s overall mate value, this may not affect physically attractive women due to their continued physical desirability. The finding that men in the present study rated physically attractive women as more desirable for a relationship despite their apparent promiscuity supports this assertion. The fact that these women remain desirable for a relationship may suggest that the aim of inferring a woman’s promiscuity is not to reject these women as potential partners. Instead, this inference could prompt behaviours such as mate guarding which may reduce the risk of cuckoldry”


  15. “Men who have options will leave bitchy women without a second’s thought.”

    Like Bill Cosby did ?


  16. Little Bobby Dylan nailed it with a single lyric-fragment from “Stuck Inside of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again”

    ‘Your (whatever) just knows what you need.
    But I know what you want.”


    • on July 30, 2012 at 8:14 pm Days of Broken Arrows

      The line is “your debutante just knows what you need.”

      I think a better example from Dylan’s lyrics to illustrate this post comes from two songs down on the album with “Just Like a Woman.” It’s pretty funny that Baby Boomer liberals love this guy, yet he wrote some of the nastiest anti-woman songs you’ll ever hear.


      • Why is that funny? It’s you Gen X and Y boys who are the biggest manginas.


      • on July 30, 2012 at 9:18 pm Whammer's real dad


        why didn’t you smile?


      • All the lyrics

        Nobody feels any pain
        Tonight as I stand inside the rain
        Ev’rybody knows
        That Baby’s got new clothes
        But lately I see her ribbons and her bows
        Have fallen from her curls
        She takes just like a woman, yes she does
        She makes love just like a woman, yes she does
        And she aches just like a woman
        But she breaks just like a little girl.

        Queen Mary, she’s my friend
        Yes, I believe I’ll go see her again
        Nobody has to guess
        That Baby can’t be blessed
        Till she finally sees that she’s like all the rest
        With her fog, her amphetamine and her pearls
        She takes just like a woman, yes she does
        She makes love just like a woman, yes she does
        And she aches just like a woman
        But she breaks just like a little girl.

        It’s was raining from the first
        And I was dying there of thirst
        So I came in here
        And your long-time curse hurts
        But what’s worse
        Is this pain in here
        I can’t stay in here
        Ain’t it clear that.

        I just can’t fit
        Yes, I believe it’s time for us to quit
        When we meet again
        Introduced as friends
        Please don’t let on that you knew me when
        I was hungry and it was your world
        Ah, you fake just like a woman, yes you do
        You make love just like a woman, yes you do
        Then you ache just like a woman
        But you break just like a little girl.

        and Richie Havens does the best version of it


      • Better than Dylan? Please . . .


  17. Just got some weird texts from a girl I met the other night:

    Her: Wanna come over and watch a movie?
    Me: Can’t tonight, sry
    Her: Boo, please?
    Me: No
    Her: Well will u at least send me a pic of ur dick so I can rub one out later?



  18. Or is it just the fame?

    Remember the Silent Bob Lookalike?

    Fame fungible with game?


  19. on July 30, 2012 at 8:03 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    This also explains why so many women are vegetarian or vegan. First there’s the potential drama about telling people about the “label” and second, it’s all a way they can live under an iron fist when there’s no man around to provide one. This also explains women’s obsession with religions with odd rules, exercise “regiments” etc.


  20. The need for pain and drama inside most Modern Western White women is a function of affluence and dullness. Something likely to end. The “boring beta male” conundrum was little known before 1955. Its likely to be little known after today’s time too. Most of the time, physical safety, then food to eat, then shelter, then clothes, then support for kids, was found by most Western women only through beta males. An Alpha would not care to provide that for most women save a very few mistresses.

    Women freed from compromise through affluence are free to embrace the primate ancestry of a single alpha male who monopolizes the females. That’s basically what’s at work among modern Western women.

    This is likely to be self-correcting, both an end to widespread affluence, and a general alpha-ing up of most beta males into ahole territory. It’s hard to be Russell Brand, but any guy can be a thug. Bonus points in that being a dominant thug is generally a way to survive chaotic and hard times, up to a point. Russell Brand aholery doesn’t work very well in survival situations, its part of urban affluence and surplus.

    Stewart has in any case destroyed her career. She’s shattered the illusions of million of Twilight fans, utterly, and won’t get much in the way of movie roles because of the surefire negative reactions by said fans. Unless she’s some cheating villainess who gets hers in the end, victim, hooker, etc. Her days of stardom are over. Pattinson is severely damaged, from fantasy bad boy to cuckolded loser. His publicist needs to hook him up with woman after woman like George Clooney did after being dumped twice by his wives. But that’s fixable, Stewart destroying the illusions of Twitards is not, and she’ll pay the price in her career.

    The moral of the story is that the wife of the director forgave him almost immediately. His cheating was just more confirmation he was worth having.


    • The moral of the story is that the wife of the director forgave him almost immediately.

      “You nailed the Twilight chick?? TAKE ME!” –Liberty Ross


      • The moral of the story is that the wife of the director forgave him almost immediately.


      • sorry I forgot to quote that.
        Regarding to the director’s wife forgiving him, I laughed a bit on that one.


    • Stewart has in any case destroyed her career

      nah, girls these days are allowed to get away with anything. why would her fans hate her for living the american female dream?

      she’s young and innocent. surely rupert seduced her. it just happened; it wasn’t her fault. she still loves pattinson, that’s what matters in the end.

      the female collective will come together as it always does in support of one of their own.


      • It takes two to tango, so assuming that Rupert didn’t tie her up and rape her both parties are equally responsible.

        Then again, the feminist’s view of equality is retarded beyond belief so chances are people are going to put Steward on a pedestal anyways.


    • You’re way too optimistic.
      Kristen is gonna become a mega superstar. Cheating whores are now female heroes. They are liberated females who defeated patriarchy… yippeee!
      Unless a charitable soul shows to rob pattinson the existence of this blog, and unless he goes through the effort of reading the archives for a couple of months, he’s gonna remain a cuckold wandering from a hollywood slut to another.

      Females win. The conditions of patriarchal karmic justice are far from being met.


  21. atropa

    a girl? How big is her dick? Or, on how many sites do want to see your name and your junk?
    We have all done it, fwiw. But I limit it to chicks I can get sent to jail for felonies,if push comes to shove.


    • I wouldn’t believe a single word atropa says. he’s a schizophrenic keyboard jockey

      LOL. At least change your handle, dumbass.


    • This chick is a healthy 7, and has a sense of humor (so it seems). To send or not to send… I think she’s gaming me…potentially

      If I send she might think it’s sexy and I’m showing confidence

      If I don’t send she might think I’m a prude

      Then again, what if she’s just shitting me, but I actually send her a picture of my willis, and then she barfs on her bowl of popcorn and tells all her friends? Ah this chick is driving me crazy

      poll, I’ll decide based on the first three responses


      • Don’t send a pic of your dong. Send something like “he’s predisposed with visitors at the moment” or “the phone camera lens isn’t big enough.” Don’t jump through her hoops.


      • “the phone camera lens isn’t big enough” is the winner
        I wish I would have thought of that three hours ago…


      • don’t be naive, if you send her a pic of your cock she’ll tweet it onto the interwebz. at the very least, she’ll laugh at it with her friends.

        only send a chick pics of your cock if you’re already banging her AND she sends you titty pics on a regular basis.


  22. Borderline Personality Disorder is a hyperfemale disease. If you want to see the female traits amplified spend a little time with a BPD chick. Hear them speak gory detail about the orgasmic release they feel when they painfully slice open their forearms.

    Some wise ass could be making themselves a buck by incorporating “Game Theory” into other therapies to treat these unfortunate souls.
    (25% of BPD cases are “male”)


    • NOBODY should spend time with a BPD chick. Speaking from verrry painful experience here.

      “Hyperfemale disease” is absolutely right. It’s the worst of female traits — inconstancy, drama, idiocy, risk-taking behavior — multiplied tenfold.


    • Game fixed my BPD wife. 10 years of hell turned around in 3 months.


      • That’s….actually impressive. Not sure how game can work on someone who has BPD (the results of game backfiring on you is amplified), but if you managed to fix her, then thumbs up.


  23. The essence of BDSM is the pain-to-pleasure neuro-chemical flip that the body triggers AFTER breaking through the wall of pain.

    FYI, the body produces its own counter-shock pain reducers/ pleasure chemicals — as an adjunct to thwarting prompt death due to trauma. This is how guys can take battle wounds and stay in the fight — even though mortally wounded.

    For mothers, childbirth is the ultimate wall of pain. Without modern medicine it’s life threatening, too. Who would want to be Mrs. Cartwright?


    Young children are a CONSTANT cauldron of swinging emotions. Young mothers are DNA wired to map against that dynamic.

    Without children of their own, their only recourse is to join the bachelorette herd — and pig it out through soaps.

    Pregnancy is a huge energy burn. Without it we’ve whale sign writ large.

    Menacing menses curbs enthusiasm — the psychotropic mood elevation of pregnancy goes missing.


    • “Young children are a CONSTANT cauldron of swinging emotions. Young mothers are DNA wired to map against that dynamic.

      Without children of their own, their only recourse is to join the bachelorette herd — and pig it out through soaps.”

      This is a really, really good point. Who’s to say the female need for drama isn’t geared to prepare women for the life-altering experience of pregnancy, childbirth and child raising? (All of which provide PLENTY of emotional drama, speaking from experience.) It only becomes pathologized when the woman is deprived – or deprives herself – of the resource that would calm her hindbrain down: children.


    • See Marie from Breaking Bad. Shit – if ONLY she had kids of her own, Skylar would not have freaked out on her during Sunday night’s episode.


      • You know what, fuck you man.
        I didn’t know breaking bad was on, and it would’ve been better to wait for the season to complete and download all the episodes at once.
        Now I have to wait for the next episode for a whoooole week like a faggot.

        Fuck you!


      • my bad ;]


    • That I believe is behind thrill seeking like sky diving. People become addicted to the high of surviving. In fact, it can act in a more “virtuous” cycle than addictive processes for a time because with experience the terror diminishes while exhilaration increases, creating a shallow punishment phase and a deeper reward phase. Sky diving will end with more high than crash unlike meth.


  24. Excellent reply to my pregnancy question.

    My fundamental issue is Alpha / Beta game vs. masochism defense game with 18-23 yo 10’s. This site has an empowering message that with just enough alpha/beta game, you can avert infidelity and becoming an R-pat. This is simplistic. Your enemy isn’t just your own betaness, it is her masochism.

    For example, she does a nuclear shittest, you deftly counter with dread game. Stupid Alpha move. When you leave for the night thinking you are scaring her, she calls your bluff and fucks your friend.

    What’s funny is this guy emailed about a 19 year old who “refused to wear an engagement ring because people are judgmental” You leave your 19 year old fiance alone and you think she’s going to wear an engagement ring?

    Same problem with your “Alpha” coke parties. Now you’re dealing with coke fueled shit tests with your teenage masochistic LTR and you’ll be lucky if the cops don’t show up. You like being “dominant” and tying her up and encouraging her masochism? Wait till she fulfills her gang bang fantasy while you are on a business trip and she’s pissed you left her alone.

    Alpha boy likes flirting with other girls in front of her? Wait for her to retaliate and she’s hitting on a male model. I hope you are secure.

    Marriage and knocking her up seems beta, but it is good defense game with limited alpha options. Not perfect, but it does reduce her self-destructive impulses. Your theory above vindicates that pregnancy tames hot young girls who are otherwise always on the cusp of blowing up their lives.

    The reality is that dating 18-23 model types with marriage potential is a harrowing ordeal that is more defense game than Alpha game. One infidelity from a stupid girl and you just blew your future wifey and how many years of your monogamy. There is no room for error when the stakes are this high.

    If R-pat were married to her, knocked her up and didn’t run off to the other side of the country, his tight defense game would have probably prevented the infidelity and maybe cooled her masochism. Truth though is that R-pat is alpha and happy she cheated to dump the bitch when his agent wouldn’t let him for fear of pissing off his fans.


    • I can retaliate every one of your points by stating that if you fail to do what the man in your post did, chances are that she will do it to you first.

      unless you can prove otherwise.


    • Your problem is oneitis.


    • Tyler Durden used to suddenly angrily break up with his GFs before traveling. They’d be so obsessed thinking about him and worrying and trying to get him to call them back that they didn’t have the time or inclination to cheat.

      A little sociopathic but smart lol


  25. on July 30, 2012 at 9:26 pm Avid Reader

    The pain of taking a girl’s virginity isn’t just in the first time you fuck. It’s around for the first 5-10 times you fuck as you break her in. I’d surmise that to maximize the “virginity bond” you should be the guy to fuck her for those first 5-10 times. Sort of like seeing a chemical reaction all the way to completion.


    • True from my experience. On our wedding night, she was scared and she said “that’s supposed to fit inside me”. By the end of the honeymoon she started enjoying it. Three kids and 20+ years later we are still happily married.


  26. Why is the ‘slutty alpha female’ included in the list at the end?


  27. Just as men don’t want fuglies women don’t want “nice” guys? Who knew? Heaven forbid that women who have the highest sexual market price would desire men with the lowest sexual market price.


  28. on July 30, 2012 at 10:41 pm thefrollickingmole

    An important component of the unser 5 ladies is access to “drama” writing. It used to be babara Cartland and the romance books, then theres all the ‘my daddy sold me for a packet of cigarrettes for a Tijuana donkey show while mum worked as the donkey fluffer”, all of which add drama (someone else) to their lives.


  29. I can’t help but wonder what impact the 74000 year old Toba Catastrophe has had upon the psyche men and women. Supposedly this reduced the population of Homo Sapiens to a mere 1000 breeding pairs and brought upon a devastating cooling cycle that lasted 1000 years.

    Is it possible that those who were able to survive this extinction level event were the Darkest of the Dark Triads and they subsequently were the ones who repopulated the earth? Naturally women have been pining for these survivor type males ever since.

    Toba Selection Hypothesis http://justbeamanaboutit.wordpress.com/2012/07/18/echos-from-eons-past-toba-selection-revisited/


  30. “Pain is pleasure and pressure busts pipes.
    And you look like the “I like it rough” type.”
    – Jay-Z


  31. what goes on in good looking, white, middle class girls’ brains concerning men at various life stages:

    0-12: My daddy is so awesome. He buys me whatever he wants. He’s kind of an asshole sometimes, and I kinda love my mommy more, but he’s still cool as shit because he buys me Barbies and Puffalumps and lets me go shopping at Justice! Goodie!

    13-18: My dad is an ass except when he’s buying me a car (even though it’s not the exact one I wanted). Like, he won’t let wear this skirt, and won’t me go out and get drunk and be a slut and fuck losers. I think skanky fuck up bad boys are sooOOoo totally cute. I’m so horny and I don’t even know why!

    18-25: If he doesn’t impress my friends, I ain’t dating him. I might fuck him because I’m horny, but I’m on the pill, and I’ll make the SOB wear a condom, or, as a last resort, I could always just get a schmasmortion. But the guy with the house and awesome job…he gets to go bareback…YeAh. Cum in me daddy.

    25-34: Fuck this dumb shit. Dumb fucks stay away. Can’t you see I’m busy!

    35-50: My hubby is kind of annoying and gross at time, but he buys me shit and because he works full time, I only have to work part time, and only for my own sanity. My income is for fun! His pays the bills. Life is awesome.


  32. My game: pretty bad.

    21 year old virgin. And I have been reading this blog for 2 years.

    People fucking scare me, man.


    • Do you jerk off? Stop jerking off for at least a week if not more. See how you feel, I think you will be less anxious.


      • yes, this is actually a fantastic method. However, sometimes I don’t get the testosterone boost after masturbation “fasting” (lol).

        Even with the testosterone boost, it’s hard to kick my brain into it’s “social” gear and come up with things to say.


  33. I for one just can’t seem to execute this properly.

    Example : There was a woman who really liked me, and we were a good fit in personality, but as only a 6 in looks, I wasn’t really that interested in her. I decided to use her to practice my aloof/non-caring Game.

    I met her on a Friday for drinks, for our 4th date (we had had sex an earlier time). I asked her to make me a traditional (Iranian) meal the next night, Saturday, knowing this was short notice. She agreed.

    I went over there, had the nice dinner, screwed, left in the morning.

    I decided to have no contact with her for another 8-9 days, not even a ‘thank you’ for the meal. And then contact her about meeting up again on short notice. I had hoped it would convey that I was not all that grateful or appreciative that she cooked up a fine meal for me.

    She agreed to meet, but the next day said no, and said she can’t see me anymore since I didn’t respect her enough. I did not apologize, but was still polite, but I couldn’t get her turn around and beg to see me.

    So I am not sure how to do what I was attempting. I used her for practice of my asshole Game, but clearly just could not pull it off (it is not natural for me), and led to her breaking it off.



    • It sounds like you had a nice girl with decent looks and a sweet personality. Real nice girls, like this one might be, are not going to respond to your rude behavior like girls with self-esteem issues probably would.

      My guess is she may have only been a 6 in looks, but educated enough to smell a rat who doesn’t even thank her for cooking him a nice dinner. You should have thanked her for the meal, then not called her for a week, then tried the short notice bit… It just sounds like you’re putting the asshole on a little too thick. Do you have any idea how rare it is to find a woman who can cook a decent meal these days? She knows her value, you obviously need to re-evaluate this woman.

      Or the sex wasn’t all that good. Make sure you always give the girl head, and make her cum, even girls you’re just hooking up with, even if it’s just a one night stand. Not being able to make her orgasm makes her vagina scream “OMEGA!!! BEWARE!!!”


      • She did orgasm. In fact, when I made her orgasm by sucking her nipples, she admitted that it was a first for her, and that she didn’t even know she could orgasm that way.

        She was available to cook for me on Sat night, with just 24 hours notice.

        She cooks, and had a relatively low partner count (she was Iranian-American) but was also 35 (same age as me), so no, her value is not *that* high…

        After I went silent, and then contacted her 8-9 days later, she said she was hurt by the silence…

        Maybe I should have thanked her and *then* gone silent. But the point is, I can’t seem to conceptualize this asshole game vibe. It is just not my nature…


      • So you gave this woman an orgasm by sucking her nipples? Is that a joke? I’m not a stud or anything, but I’ve been with enough women to know the female orgasm is one mind-boggling, complicated, hard as shit to master aspect of providing female pleasure. And, it always, always, always involves lots of fantasy build up/ dirty talk beforehand, and then something involving licking/rubbing/putting a vibrator on her clit, and not just any type of stimulation, but the exact amount of softness or hardness at the right time, and with the exactly right rhythm…

        It took me months (with a very experienced girl giving me explicit instructions) to even begin to comprehend what it takes to get a girl off. And then I learned all girls want different kinds of touches and rhythms, so you almost never get it right the first few times.

        The chances of you being with a woman who was capable of nipple orgasms is a statistical anomaly in the first place, and the fact that it was you who gave her one (rather than her telling you she could have them) sounds completely implausible, if not utterly ridiculous.


      • Not really. I have brought multiple women to orgasm with my tongue on her nipples. For many, this was normal.

        With this woman, what was odd was that she never had orgasm that way before, and did not even know she could until I brought her to it.

        But that is not the point. The point is that I wanted advice on how my aloof/asshole Game could work, and not only do I not have a clue how to do it, but it seems none of the guys here responding do either, unfortunately.

        It seems like a tightrope to walk, and very hard to execute.


      • “I have brought multiple women to orgasm with my tongue on her nipples.”

        No you haven’t.

        Unless your tongue was on her nipples while she held a vibrator on her clit.

        Can Heartiste please do a segment on female orgasm to enlighten the ignorant masses?

        Also, I did give you advice on your game.


      • It’s not that different from a girl to another. Maybe women on the wrong side of 30 who are looking for a beta provider are more sensitive to details. But girls in their prime are quite similar in what gets them off, ie a commanding alpha who talks dirty and makes them squirt but ultimately doesn’t give a shit if all their buttons are pushed or not. Chicks dig jerks and selfish (masterful) lovers, remember this next time.

        Read sex god method or something. Your attitude in the bedroom is ok but it needs some restructuring. You fall for women’s snowflaking agenda.


      • She did orgasm. In fact, when I made her orgasm by sucking her nipples, she admitted that it was a first for her, and that she didn’t even know she could orgasm that way.

        Well, a woman’s tits are an erogenous zone. That’s why they’re censored on American TV. They go into ecstasy when I stimulate their tits with my mouth, and offer themselves up pretty quickly after that. Making out to tits to vagina. Boom.

        After I went silent, and then contacted her 8-9 days later, she said she was hurt by the silence…

        If she still screws you and makes you dinner, I’d say you’re doing fine. Did you even read the title of this post, dude?


      • If she still screws you and makes you dinner, I’d say you’re doing fine.

        As you can read from my original comment, she broke up with me after my deliberate silence of 8-9 days, and then calling her up as if it was nothing.

        It was an experiment in asshole Game, and I clearly did not do it properly.


      • on August 1, 2012 at 3:06 am Rihanna Deserved It

        Extreme asshole game works magic on young and hot girls. Your “practice” woman was clearly neither. When you aren’t that interested in a 6, actively implementing game tactics is overkill: your subconscious disinterest is more than enough to keep her wanting more.


    • Well…

      you got the douchebag part down, but not the charming guy who engages her as an individual.

      Work on that.


      • Not true. We were hitting it off well, and this was our 5th date (and we were already having sex). I just wanted to experiment as I didn’t value this woman that much.

        I was always polite. I just went silent for 8-9 days after she made dinner and we had a great evening, and then called her up about meeting under the assumption that she is always available to me on short notice.

        But I was never impolite or anything.

        I should also add that she was a US-born Iranian, so perhaps not as ‘damaged’ as the typical Amero-slut, and still valued traditional forms of interaction. Maybe…


      • Yeah. Apologize for being a dick on that occasion (you’re really busy, etc.) to make it up to her, then proceed w/ less asshole and more engagement as an individual. Make her cum like crazy, too.


      • But this way u are adapting ur behavior to fit her demands. That is close to pedestalizing, and Andon is not outcome-independent. If u’re not into her, just make the notch and move on.


    • LMAO. Dude, that kind of game only works on young/hot chick with high social value. An older, uglier woman will be repelled by it because she knows better and her clock if ticking away for a beta. The older the girl, the more she responses to beta game and feel repulsed by asshole game. If you wanted to have her as a fuck buddy, then you should have played the beta card. Not counting the fact that her Iranian culture probably made her more susceptible to betas than assholes.


    • It is becoming clear that none of the guys responding have the slightest clue either, on how to execute the right type of aloof/non-caring Game.

      I don’t know how to do it. It appears the others here don’t either.


  34. But this way u are adapting ur behavior to fit her demands. That is close to pedestalizing, and Andon is not outcome-independent. If u’re not into her, just make the notch and move on.


  35. God, I’m loving the Bill Bennett burns at the end of these posts.


  36. on July 31, 2012 at 2:44 am Anti Blue pill

    Comedian Jim Jefferies on women,gay’s and lebos.

    watch till 7:10

    funny shit right here.


  37. Before we take too much cheer at and read too much into the destruction of Stewart, consider the true source of the ire. It’s not because she cheated on her celeb boyfriend. (After all, men are pigs and are subject to womens’ “feelings”.) It’s because Stewart humiliated and destroyed the life of another woman — the director’s wife. Plus the wife is older and her ancient womb and decaying ova must not be forsaken by a nubile female.


    • She’s the mother of his kids. Her “ancient womb and decaying ova” were given fully to that man in bearing and raising his genetic progeny, so I’d say she’s deserving of some modicum of loyalty. Men who trade in loyal women for younger models are scumbags just as much as the women who “Eat Pray Love” their husbands. Both sides are tearing down society.

      HOWEVER, if she’s married to a high-powered man, she should allow him a few discreet “indiscretions” here and there. It’s just bad when it’s splashed all over tabloid covers, because then he’s humiliated his own children. It’s better to keep it undercover with escorts or longterm mistresses who know how to shut up.


    • The marriage will survive. Its a very curious phenonenon, but the director will not leave his wife, nor do I feel she will leave him. Nor, unlike the Elin/Woods situation do I think she should. Although she undoubtedly feels pain, she is now set for life. Yet, I feel Rob is perfectly justified in leaving Kristen.

      Now that he has hurt her in this way, he will do whatever it takes- i.e. spend the rest of his life- making it up to her. The affection he felt towards Kristen will turn against her as she becomes the enemy who aided him in harming his wife. She has unwittingly helped them affirm their committment to each other. Not that the wife seemed lacking before- moving away from her home for his career, etc.

      The losers here are Kristen and Rob. Rob will move on, Kristen will come out of it the worst. Sorry, Kristen, but you don’t fuck with people’s marriages. Its an old, old rule. I believe its a commandment.


      • If a woman is screwing around, she is NOT in love with her husband. Men can screw around and still be in love with their wives. This fact may be a tad difficult for a female to understand. The director won’t leave his wife, unless she gets rid of him. AFAIK, the wife’s ire is directed mainly at Stewart.


      • Well, that is to be expected. Although the director is obviously part to blame, who was driving the car? She is a child who was playing in the grown-ups world. I remember reading/hearing their public statements and being stuck by how selfish they came across.


      • There are clear biological reasons for your observation, corvinus, that probably do not require repeating here. Well, maybe. The act of a wife getting pregnant by another man (before abortion) was an act of war on the marriage. It does not work the other way. Not good, but not fatal.


      • @ corvinus,

        True. Men cheat with their dicks , Women cheat with their hearts.


      • Not really what I meant. Biologically, if a woman gets pregnant by another man and you are still protecting her and providing for her you are supporting someone else’s offspring. Also, you can get her pregnant yourself.

        If a man cheats and gets a woman pregnant, in the wild this meant nothing. He could return home like nothing happened.

        I think this is the evolutionary reason why women cheating is so much more offensive and your statement is often true.


      • Sorry, typo. “You CAN’T get her pregnant yourself.” (Not “can.”)


  38. Trading in for a younger model is — generally — reprehensible if the woman gave her best years to a man.

    [heartiste: the god of biomechanics is nothing if not a mischievous prick.]

    If a guy ends up marrying a 40-year-old and then she turns saggy and menopausal in a few years while giving him no children, all bets should be off.

    A man cheating on his wife will not necessarily tear apart a marriage or society. Women ditching their husbands and/or cheating on them will destroy society.

    No question this director should have been more responsible. If he had to cheat, he should have chosen better. The woman deserves to be honored by her husband. That is the source of the outrage. (My original point.)


    • If a guy ends up marrying a 40-year-old and then she turns saggy and menopausal in a few years while giving him no children, all bets should be off.

      If the guy is 60 y.o. and declining physically, and either doesn’t want children or has already had some, an infertile 40 y.o. woman may be just fine for him.


      • She might be “fine” but still it’s not the same as a young woman bearing a man’s children and raising them with him and then declining in beauty. A husband can’t say “I just feel that you’re not the right person for me anymore” the way so many wives are saying.


  39. In contradiction to your closing argument about pregnancy, this study found an average of under 5 childbirths per woman among the !Kung hunter-gatherers.

    [heartiste: that’s not a contradiction doofus. 5 kids is way more than 1.5 kids, in case you haven’t noticed. plus, age at first birth matters. hunter gatherer women have kids way earlier than do western women. everything you write here actually goes to proving my theory.]


    The explanation for this is fascinating and highly relevant: extended breast-feeding seems to have provided a form of birth control that could last up to three years after each birth.

    (And in some hunter-gatherer societies, seasonal nutritional deficiencies seem also to have made it impossible to become pregnant at certain times of the year, e.g. when certain organ meats were unavailable.)

    The natural conclusion is that, compared to human history and pre-history as a whole, both the medical birth control of the past sixty years and the high fertility of the human agricultural period beginning around 10kya, especially the extraordinary fertility found under non-Malthusian agricultural conditions such as frontier America, were equally exceptional to the long-term human norm of ‘punctuated birth control.’ The high fertility of humanity after the agricultural revolution is in large part a result of changing female labor patterns that ended the previous norm of extended breast feeding.

    When we add the nine months of pregnancy to the three years of breast-feeding (and potentially add in several barren months caused by seasonal nutritional deficits), we find four year periods in which sex involved zero pregnancy risk, punctuated by much briefer periods in which pregnancy was likely, probably lasting only a few months to a year at most.

    To sum up: (punctuated) birth control is paleo. Corollary: more than 80% of sex in the paleolithic world was purely recreational, with virtually zero risk of pregnancy–and undoubtedly known to be such by early humans.

    [where is the evidence that early humans “undoubtedly” knew when women were at high or low risk for pregnancy? i don’t think your last assertion is tenable without more info suggesting its veracity. as for breast feeding and barrenness, that’s the first i’ve heard of it shutting down a woman’s cycle for three+ years. it doesn’t seem to make much sense in light of the evidence we have that penises evolved their shapes to compete with other sperm in women’s vaginas for access to the ovum. three or four years is a big slice out of a woman’s fertility age, which in the ancient environment was likely only a 20 year span. evolutionarily, it doesn’t add up that women would have evolved such a reproductive system that limited that chances they had of passing on more copies of their genes. i’m not saying the study is wrong, but i’d like to see some peer reviewed replication of it before i sign on fully.]


    • That would kind of lend credence to the idea that a woman is most directed towards “down low” hypergamous encounters with high status males *precisely* when she is most likely to become pregnant. The remainining time, she would be keen on building a pair bond with the “steady Eddy” who would support her and her offspring.


    • Well, lookey here, Eliot 🙂

      I’ve never heard this no period for up to three years claim before. I think I read up to one year. I nursed for one year (exclusively for five months before I started incorporating some solids such as baby cereal mixed with breast milk and then moving on to adding in some fruits and vegetables). My period returned after six months.


      • The studies seem to indicate that for the method to be successful, the baby has to subsist solely on milk, and the feeding has to be frequent throughout the day, with no pumping. In other words, the baby has to be constantly with the mother.

        I had never heard of this phenomenon before looking it up today, but the body of evidence supporting it seems to be quite large.


      • Well, I did it every three-four hours round the clock and did not do any significant pumping till month eight when I had to return to work.

        So, what are we saying? Babies are a form of birth control? I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell you 🙂 🙂 🙂


      • “At all ages under 2 years, fewer than 25% of 15 minute observations of the mother-infant pair elapsed without a nursing session…. prolactin is promptly secreted in response to nipple stimulation in human females, increasing 2 to 20 fold in plasma during 5 to 15 minutes of mechanical stimulation, with a half-life in plasma of 10 to 30 minutes.”


        Apparently it needs to be hourly.


      • That’s Mr. Eliot to you, momma.


    • Heartiste, there’s no need to be so sensitive and sling around names if you are actually serious about getting the ideas right.

      [heartiste: hey it’s my style. but seriously, if you’re gonna come swinging out of the gate telling me straight off that my theory is contradicted by evidence which obviously doesn’t contradict it, i’m not going to shower you with politesse.]

      I didn’t say your general theory was wrong, but that your argument about near continuous pregnancy in the human past was wrong.

      [literary license. i’m not writing a dissertation here that requires precision of detail. clearly, though, ancient women had more kids during their lifetimes than modern western women do. this must have had some impact on their psychologies, not to mention their bodies.]

      If you want to refine your theory you’d do well to get the details right, otherwise the risk of confirmation bias increases.

      [confirmation bias, like “pseudo-science”, is the bleat of the lazy contrarian. if you want nerdier precision, send grant money my way. i’ll tighten it up then.]

      In fact there are many many peer-reviewed studies that you can look up on PubMed very quickly which show the contraceptive effect of breast-feeding.

      [i don’t doubt this. in fact, i’ve read about the breast feeding effect. but three years or more seems excessively fitness reducing.]

      Wikipedia even has an article on the phenomenon which indicates that breast-feeding is 99% effective contraception for at least six months after pregnancy.

      [ok, six months i can buy.]


      And here is another, more recent and even more thorough peer-reviewed study:


      “Traditional nomadic hunter-gatherer societies have long birth intervals of at least 4 years brought about by the contraceptive effect of extended lactation. In some developing countries, lactational infertility continues to prevent more births than any of the modern contraceptives.”

      [to be honest, i’m not sure how this study on breast feeding even contradicts my theory. it’s orthogonal to it. breast feeding, if anything, would support the notion that some kind of preoccupation, with either pain or child rearing, increases a woman’s bond to her man or to her child, at the expense of indulging her hypergamous urge.]


      • Your theory may indeed be right, in which case there’s certainly no harm in getting the evidence for it right as well. I offered the information on hunter-gatherer fertility because I thought it suggested an interesting possible direction for thinking.

        It’s also worth remembering that in a stable hunter-gatherer population, the women would have averaged around two surviving children by definition. The actual total births would be at least double that, because infant mortality, and childhood mortality, were extremely high in primitive societies.


      • In the ancient world, it took about 8 to 10 children to get 2 that survived to breeding age. Over half died before age 2.


      • Actually, 5.6 children, with a range of 3.5 to 7.9. Infant mortality (under 1 year) averaged about 30%. So, depending on the disease load of their environment, hunter-gatherers were not necessarily r-selected, and some of them–I’m guessing those living in moderate climates outside of the jungle–consistently ended up raising fewer than three children, as in modern societies.



      • I don’t agree with your sources. Classical scholars say 8 to 10 almost universally with an infant mortality rate of 75% on average. 30% is much too low for a neolithic society as are the other figures. I’m pretty sure that is consistent with turn of the century Calcutta or Shanghai as well, which is where classicists go for recent examples on life in the Ancient World. That would mean for a woman who lives 40 years, she would be almost constantly pregnant or nursing or both.


      • Make that child mortality rate of 75%. My sources always use 50% mortality by age 2, so there is little disagreement there. I can see the additional 20% dropping off in year two rather easily in primitive conditions.


      • Tyrone, I am referring to hunter-gatherers, which you would know if you had bothered to follow the link or read the words in my comment. Agrarian societies have both higher fertility and mortality than hunter-gatherer societies. Our evolutionary past was not agrarian until 10kya at the earliest and much later in many parts of the world.


      • || breast feeding, if anything, would support the notion that some kind of preoccupation, with either pain or child rearing, increases a woman’s bond to her man or to her child, at the expense of indulging her hypergamous urge.

        Not to mention the fact that breast feeding can be painful. FYI, a child’s cry is supposed to be the perfect pitch to evoke ear pain and displeasure. Convenient too eh?


    • Sex drives fall through the floor when starving. Even more so when handing off whatever little food you manage to consume to a breastfeeding infant. Production of sex hormones is a luxury reserved for the somewhat well fed.


      • Sorry but low sex-drive doesn’t explain low hunter-gatherer fertility. See this book for instance:



      • But a lower sex drive does contribute to lower fertility. No single factor, in isolation, likely explains it. But chances are, reduced caloric intake per expenditure is a (perhaps not the only) root cause of many of the higher order factors that reduce fertility.

        It is awfully difficult to tweak evolutionary models, such that the evolutionary winners, are those that possess traits that cause them to voluntarily restrict their number of offspring, to below what they can amass sufficient resources to successfully raise. Particularly in a low technology world (in the nuke age, spending all one’s resources on raising and educating one Oppenheimer, and some artificial womb inventor, just may beat out brute force by numbers offspring maximization.)

        Which is why pretty much all of us, isolated tribes like Kung possibly excepted, are descendents of those few, or many, hunter-gatherers who had it in them to go for all the kids they could have, as soon as agriculture provided them with the resources.

        And, why those of “us” still around some hundreds of years from now, will be the descendants of those that still possess the traits that cause them to act similarly. Not of those that believe they are somehow too “advanced” for such considerations.


  40. One further note. Average age at menarche was around 16 in hunter-gatherer societies, as it was in the 19th century western world–4 years higher than the current average age. Average age at first birth was around 19. Here is one example with even later ages:



  41. people only enjoy stuff that they either don’t have yet or the one’s which they can loose at any time; therefore women’s masochistic nature


  42. on July 31, 2012 at 9:53 am Dr. Murray F. Rottencrotch

    Let’s see how Love Systems appreciates being called out on fertility awareness.



  43. it’s taken me years and many promises of lively wrinkles to realize this is true.


  44. Ah, the “hypergamous truths of female nature.” Why do women practice hypergamy? In theory, it all boils down to security for herself and her offspring—plenty of meat, a big cave, and (most importantly) protection from other males. The key here is that women’s actions are not the result of her own instincts, but the interactions of the males around her.

    Males of all ranks attack females, but protection of females against other males involves mainly the alpha male, since lower-ranking males hesitate to direct aggression up the hierarchy (Goodall 1986). Once males began to respect the mating privileges of their allies and to offer protection from other males to their long-term mates, promiscuous females would be susceptible to violence, and less likely to act like sluts.

    In other words, these women are “unprotectable,” (your deepest fear). Your deepest instinct is not to impregnate women, provide them with food or other resources, or to help them raise children… your deepest instinct is to protect them from other men so that you can have them for yourselves. In exchange, you expect the woman you are protecting to mate with you more-or-less exclusively.

    Women are portrayed as dangerous and polluting in societies because they threaten male solidarity. By portraying women in this way, men blame women for male sexual exploits and direct attention away from the real source of danger—the underlying sexual competition between men that continuously threatens male solidarity. By depicting women as whores, high status men can attribute their sexual exploits to the women’s voracious sexuality, drawing attention away from the coercive tactics they employ to gain access to these women.

    “So it is with this sex difference in drama-seeking in mind that the theme of this post emerges”

    I argue that it is the avoidance of drama with which women seek out alpha males. Being with a beta male is inherently more dangerous to her own safety than being with an alpha male who could protect her from the advances and violence of beta males wishing to mate with her.

    The argument made by the author that women “deliberately seek destructiveness in their relationships to feel anything at all” is ironic because female behavior, especially hypergamous behavior, appears to have evolved from a desire to avoid destructiveness.

    Likewise, the ability of the human race to change biological instincts is natural, and part of what makes us the greatest species on earth. We’re supposed to find better ways to conduct ourselves than instinct. We’re supposed to replace old-fashioned behaviors with new ones. That’s why we’re able to do it.

    “The barren woman… the delayed marriage and childbirth…Is it all coming together in a vortex of unhappiness and self-despoilment? Is the answer a reconnection with the animal spirits — and the animal dangers — that used to animate our free choices?”

    I would argue… hell no. When women face pregnancy as a result of sexual intercourse, they are, inevitably, more selective about whom they mate with, and the frequency with which they mate. Their free choice would mean less choice for you, as males. If your goal on this site is to gain more access to women, logically, reverting back to the old ways of things would serve to halt evolution, decrease your chances of getting laid, decrease male solidarity, and dramatically increase your workload.


    • I think we have a germ of an agreement – sex without risk/chance/opportunity of pregnancy is less interesting that sex with the risk/intent of pregnancy.

      That’s why guys who are solely notch counters (and wear condoms) seem to be wasting their energies to me. It can be one valid reproductive strategy for men but worked much better in pre-contraceptive days. With contraception, might as well yank off.

      I once had a vascetomy and after a few years of shooting blanks I saw my mistake – it sapped the will to bonk. I got it reversed (painfully) and regained that zest for life that comes from chasing poon. The absolute BEST sex is when intending to impregnate!


    • Sounds like the rantings of a feminist to me, gotta love how you speak of ‘male coercion’ and ‘male sexual exploits’, while painting women as essentially wallflowers.


      • yes, we are on a site dedicated to ‘male sexual exploits’ so I have no problem using this term. I did not intend to portray women as wallflowers, I intended to portray them as people reacting to certain scenarios.

        No woman every gave a flying buttplug about getting pregnant. Fear of pregnancy never stopped a woman from having sex, even in the days before birth control. Women will fuck just about anyone and anything they please (in a safe environment). Women will not fuck whoever they please whenever they please when doing so makes them susceptible to violence from others in society, verbal or physical.

        What this means for you is that when you’re railing on Kristen Stewart for doing something sexual, you’re not widening your pool of women who are willing and able to have sex with you– you’re essentially reestablishing the necessity for women have slut defenses in the first place.


      • atropa, I do not have time to read everything you wrote again, and I might not get it entirely but it seems you are omitting a key point.

        A female screwing lots of males is usually practicing deception on a provider male — i.e., her “husband” or “boyfriend.” She tricks the provider male (Pattinson) that their relationship is exclusive when it’s not.

        I saw a documentary about Australian parrots where the female did the same thing. She tricked 10 different males into bringing her food, but when she was fertile she only screwed the best male parrot. Almost all her chics were from one male even though she had an orbit of males all thinking they were fathers.

        THIS IS THE TREACHERY that males fear. This is why Muslims stone women to death. (Not saying that is OK, just giving the reason.) It is not competition between males but deception by the females. Often the offending male does not even know the female has a steady guy that she consorts with or provides for her. That is a false assumption.


  45. One of Heartiste’s best I think.

    I recall once flying to NYC (La Guardia) from Washington National (now RR) and overheard (she was sitting next to me ) a young female lawyer saying how she hoped they were taping the soaps for her (where she lived) as she could not bear to miss her favourites (I forget which ones). Now, I lost interest in soaps when I was about thirteen, but what are soaps, merely fighting and making up; drama and release. One might have hoped a lawyer would aspire to something better but I was less clued in those days.

    Reminds me of that client of mine who was married to the local axe-murderer indeed he pulled a knife on a Judge for which he went down for two years yet she said, that she would miss it when it was al lover – she actually got thrilled by the drama of being married (and divorcing) that monster – for whom I did feel some sympathy. Women like drama and women like to submit.


  46. on July 31, 2012 at 3:23 pm cuckooclock

    I can confirm how hard it is to find a woman who’s dominant and not masochistic. None of them want to satisfy my fantasy. Also I think they’re all severely delusional, even after I tell them about my strange fetish they still stay with me and pretend it’s not true. It takes a long time for them to start becoming distant and to leave me. Women will take almost anything from a man they like, and will shut out even evidence from his own mouth that he’s a major perv. Literally no girl I’ve been with so far has left me instantly because I asked them to dominate me or to satisfy a voyeuristic cuckold fetish I have. They usually pretend I never told them or they try to “reform” me.

    Women are born masochists but I don’t know about the childbirth thing. I’m a male masochist, and there are many male masochists. There’s some natural explanation but not sure it has to do with childbirth or with becoming bonded to the “sadist.” I don’t become “bonded” to a man or woman who dominates me sexually or who causes me physical or psychological pain. It’s something else that this satisfies.


  47. Serious question on hypergamy theory-

    Is “alpha” hypergamously determined by objective characteristics such that theoretically 50% of the male population could be alpha if they all learned game, improved their station in life and looks?


    Is “alpha” inherently defined in relation to other males such that alpha will always be a small percentage of men, regardless of the objective alpha traits they may display? i.e. even if 80% of men learned game and were objectively attractive to women, women would hypergamously select only the top 10-20% as alpha?


    • If 80% of men could cause tingles then we would see a more “democratic” pussy distribution. And while the 20% would surely do better, the other 60% would do ok.


  48. “…This odd drive by women for the powerful, charming, dominant men….”
    Why is his odd?

    What is odd, is that we live in an era where acting like an asshole, is perceived as signalling one is a “powerful, charming, dominant m(a)n.”

    The reason for that, is that we are now all pathetic, little servants to an all dominant state, who backs up assholes whenever those slighted by them do what they in earlier times would have no problem doing.

    Being more powerful than the next guy in a fists-and-clubs civilized (as in government free) society, did allow one a bit more leeway to offend; but offend two or three guys simultaneously (or even just come across as someone who may do so), and you’re not alpha, but rather sub-omega, as in dead.

    The equalizing nature of firearms, makes being an asshole even more precarious, as anyone can kill you anytime, as long as you aren’t enough of a niceguy so that most other guys will stand up for you. Noone will do that for some asshole suspected of scheming to boink other guys’ wifes. So, back to dust the asshole goes, and civilization is preserved.

    Take away massa gommiment, and Director’s wife’s family my well have simply stoned little miss whore. In more civilized parts of the world, they do. Would anyone bother risking life, limb and reputation to fight for her “honor”. Don’t think so.


    • on August 1, 2012 at 6:08 am Mr. Pointyface

      yeah, I see you leaving for those “civilized” places real soon now.


      • They’re coming here 🙂 Or, more accurately, their children are. Unless some critical mass of us public school indoctrinated, progressivism and feminism apologistis, evolutionary dead-ends, civilize up sufficiently to stand at least some ground.


  49. Would love to see Kristen Stewart do a film with Ron Jeremy.


  50. male mate guarding? You mean hareming?


  51. I married a very old fashioned 20 yo. On our wedding night she was scared to death and asked how what I was fixing to stick in her was supposed to fit. Her Mom had warned her and told her it was her duty, so she submitted. It took a few times until she started to really enjoy it. Over 20 years and three kids later, we are still happy. The pair bonding is deep. My wife is totally drama free. Maybe that first week of marraige and the pain of bearing and raising three kids fills that need.


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  53. Women’s Hypergamy practice – A case of women treating men like success objects (in other words – biological shopping)


  54. Hahahahaha. Kristen Stewart says she will wind up a crazy cat lady:

    No matter what happens with Bear, Stewart won’t be totally solo in her new life — she seemingly will maintain sole custody of her 8-year-old cat named Max.
    “They both love me in very different ways,” she told Teen when asked which of her pets loves her more. “Max is like . . . I mean, we live together. He’s like my roommate.”
    And he may soon be the closest thing she has to Pattinson, as well.
    “We have a really strong, really weird codependent, almost Bella/Edward relationship,” she told People in 2010. “I’m going to be a crazy cat lady one day, I’m sure.”

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/omg/kristen-stewart-robert-pattinson-custody-dispute-dog-report-article-1.1125619#ixzz22IyATTlH


  55. My father used to beat me, does it count?


  56. When I found out that Kristen cheated on Robert, I sensed a disturbance in the force. It is as if two billion fat girls cried out all at once and went silent.


  57. I read your post and then I remembered my Bible study. I have never been much for Biblical literalism, but what you say accords with the story of the Fall from grace.

    Genesis 3:16 says: –

    To the woman he said,

    “I will make your pregnancy very painful;
    in pain you will bear children.
    You will desire your husband,
    but he will rule over you.”

    So you are going to desire a jerk and he is going to control you and the jerk will get you pregnant and it will be immensely painful, yet you will come back for more.


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  59. No idea how I ended up here…but the op sounds like he’s never been in love; may sound like a naive critique, but people who’ve experience being truly in love know very well that the feeling is very very far from regarding the person you’re with as a fresh/stale tomato with a given market value. Sad, I guess, open up to the chance, you’ll live truly then.


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