Text Game Is Now Big Business

A reader needs some game advice from everyone here about how he handled a girl through text game.

Dude seriously…there’s some fucked up situation i’m in that i need help. I’ve been getting into game this year, and constantly hitting on girls. I think this year was the first one that i ever started hitting on chicks…and surprisingly things actually started happening..

I think i read here or somewhere else the validity of text game, and since im still getting the hang of chatting with chicks, i’ve been using SMS as my main flirting tool.

So deal is, i managed to flirt and get chicks willing to hangout, but when i need to close the deal, i’m lacking. Does their brain fucking reset? And they forget all the shit they were saying on texts and stuff?

Young women get a lot of attention, both tangible and intangible, from men, so yes, their brains do, in effect, “reset” if you let your alpha allure lapse.

From what i’ve gather so far, little teasing and banther does work well here in Brazil if you can land it in the right times. So i’ve been teasing this girls about her bitchy/tries to tell me what to do, attitude.

Heres one text exchange, which led me into believing she was into me, only to see her walk away go hang out with her fucking beta bff..

Me: cats on fire ( i was busy at work so i just sent something, she was bugging me, sent like 4 messages)
Her: hmm ok then sexy, see you kisses kisses
Me: ur making this too easy, i might want more
Her: Just in person now 😉
Me: is that a teasing attempt? Ill just get more if i want too
Her: hahaha

Count the number of words in her texts and in yours. Who’s writing more? Who’s putting in more effort? Who comes across as the aloof partner in this exchange with no investment in the interaction?

In short, you are failing the Jumbotron test.

So thats it and i think,…hmm its on she wants it…then i arrive to the club we are gonna meet…its her friends bday

Her: hey where are you?

I didnt bother answering…i assumed she was already in and then shitstorm happens.. she is with this friend…of her….and shes a fucking bitchy one…it was a easy tell. So i get a little bit nervous…my early game still lacks…and we started chatting

Her: Hey you….you’re drinking already
Me: What? This? How this thing get here?
She giggles and replies: but i thought you would take care of me if i got drunk?
Me: I’m pretty busy today, club is so full

This is a pretty good reply by you to her white knight bait shit test, but was she looking for more from you?

Then she started asking me if i knew the people that came with them, and i didnt gave much attention.. I tried some touching, grabbing her hand and she responded warmly, but i didn’t think she was ready to be kissed, her friend was standing there like a pole.

A girl’s anti-slut defenses are powered up higher when her friends are within view.

So from there the conversation dies off..not worthy mentioning… she tells me she will talk to her friend, the birthday guy, and that she will be back..

I remembered that i should not wait like a fucktard for one single girl, so i run off and go hit on other chicks…

No need to mention she never went back talking to me..and that when she saw me dancing and grinding on other girls (i made sure she would see mee with this hot blonde “friend” i met there ) she didn’t really show any signs of bother.

Preselection by other women can fail to work if 1. your primary target is not at all interested in you or 2. your primary target thinks you are unattainable and has decided to give up pursuing you. From what you have written of events that night, it’s hard for me to tell which dynamic is applicable, but I suspect the latter. If that’s the case, then you made a mistake not trying to move her to a quieter part of the club for more intimate talk.

So things is…where the fuck am i wrong? Is it text game that isn’t good enough?

Your text game was ok. Not great, but not incompetent enough to seriously hurt your appeal to her.

If they show signals that they would be ok with your tongue down their throat should u just fucking do it when you actually meet?

A lot of girls will tease and taunt men by acting slutty and verbalizing how much dirty stuff they would do. This is classic beta bait, meant to entrap and flush out beta males who would eagerly pounce on such bait by taking it at face value. If this is the case, you’re best answer to smelly beta bait is to playfully chide a girl to keep herself under control, you are not so easy.

On the other hand, if she was expressing serious intent (and if her tongue was down your throat, that’s serious intent), then the time for teasing is over and the time for bouncing her to your place is begun.

Like basic hi, staring and just go for it ? Hyperfast kissing culture in brazil might have something to do with it ?

I have heard that kissing on the first meeting doesn’t mean as much in Brazil as it does in America. So maybe if you are tonguing down some chick you should still behave as if she must chase you because you are the prize. That’s a pickle, because it would be tough for most men to avoid the temptation to assume hungry kissing is not a strong indicator of interest. You could get around this problem by gently pushing a girl away when she wants to kiss, and telling her that you “like to save kissing for when it matters”.

Can you actually game girls mostly by text ? I get kind of shy around them in person so im still getting the hang of it…

Practice your alpha aloofness through text, until the lessons are internalized, and then take that mentality out into the field. Eventually, you will have to face your demons and talk to girls in the face.

I know the text is a ramble, but if you could help me i would be really glad

Be a little less curtly unattainable and a little more engaged with her. To my eyes, it reads like you were very cognizant of giving off too much needy beta vibe, at the cost of just relaxing around her and teasing her for fun and poussy profit. I think she was looking for you to drive the conversation deeper, to banter with her more; but instead you stayed in “make her chase me” mode, and she drifted away. The aloofness that women find so intriguing must be balanced with active intent to close the deal, or at least with some small degree of displaying burgeoning interest in her. All aloof, all the time makes Juan a dull boy.


  1. what someone writes via electronic communication often does not translate to face to face communications. it is actually different parts of the brain working when communicating with a screen vs. communicating face to face.


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  2. on November 6, 2012 at 2:11 pm Some Young Guy

    What the fuck is with all the fucking F-bombs in this dude’s fucking message? Is this a tendency of betas trying to up their fucking alphaness, is it a Brazilian thing not generally fucking understood elsewhere, or what? I mean, what the fuck?


  3. I found 1 word laconic text game (a la your ‘nah man’) works better in almost all circumstances. They can’t help but analyze, you have less room to mess up, you set the proper frame, and you don’t have to rack your brain for a response.


  4. Laconic text game for the win. That’s your “duct tape” of txt game until you are able to move on to advanced stuff. Put simply, the first rule of txt game borrows from our overworked and over indebted friends, first do no harm.


  5. Ok guys here is a situation
    I am gonna go to Europe next month. Coincidentally(actually I don’t think its a coincident) an old acquaintance(pre game , 8 yrs ago) popped up on my whats app.
    she’ll be meeting me when I get there.wanna build some attraction beforehand. Tips. My trip is just 16 days away.


  6. Fucking fantastic analysis.

    That whole Jumbotron thing helped me quite a bit lately.


  7. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2227880/The-lonely-legacy-Sex-And-The-City-lifestyle-Claudia-Connell-gives-painfully-honest-account-came-living-middle-age.html#

    “I was part of the Sex And The City generation — successful, feisty women who made their own money, answered to no one and lived life to the full.

    When it came to men, our attitude to them was the same as it was towards the latest must-have handbag: only the best would do, no compromises should be made, and even then it would be quickly tired of and cast aside.

    In the Nineties, we professional, single women conducted our love-lives according to a best-selling book called The Rules — a dating bible that dictated that we should be aloof and hard to get, that we should not return phone calls, and we should always make a man pay on dates. Any man who didn’t conform was to be kicked to the curb until the next poor sap came along.

    What I never considered, though, was that one day they’d stop coming along altogether. I really wish I’d known that once you’re in your late 30s, men are pretty thin on the ground. And once you’re in your 40s, it’s as though they’ve been wiped off the face of the Earth.

    I also think it’s an uncomfortable truth that the sort of high-flying alpha males we were all holding out for didn’t want women like us. All the successful men I know have married sweet, uncomplicated women who are happy to forfeit their careers to support their husbands.

    The brutal reality remains, however, that Carrie Bradshaw and Bridget Jones — our fictional, singleton poster girls — ended up living happily ever after. Even the writers behind those characters couldn’t accept that they’d be happy to stay single for ever — which does make me feel a little cheated.

    Carrie and Bridget were lucky. The same can’t be said for the millions of women, like me, who were so inspired by them.”


    • I bet all the women following Sex and the City went crazy when the characters all got married and they were like “shit! I was supposed to do that?”

      Maybe they did that on purpose as a really cruel joke. Now my eggs are gone Doh!


    • All the successful men I know have married sweet, uncomplicated women who are happy to forfeit their careers to support their husbands.

      Ladies, this is your mantra.


    • I almost shed a tear…


    • on November 6, 2012 at 4:47 pm Hugh G. Rection

      I don’t know if someone should tell her that Carrie Bradshaw and Bridget Jones are fictional.


    • Brazillians love sexual double entendres. “I thought you were going to take care of me if I got drunk” sounds like an invitation for one, not so much a shit test. “Yeah I bet you want me to take care of you all night long and a little in the morning” with a wink would’ve probably been a better response. In many parts of Brazil the women like aggressive forceful men. A typical guy saying there is “If there isnt chemistry…try physics!” This is done while giving a motion of grabbing the girl and thrusting his hips. I believe they call it pegao.


    • This is actually a pretty amazingly-honest piece from a woman. I hope this is the kind of thing that gains traction with the XX contingent.


  8. Best to teach your young hot extremely buyable secretary to respond to all texts.. you are busy ..and ask if she’d like to make an appt..

    text game is sort of like alpha squirrel looking for a nut game


  9. Met a girl for a few drinks last night. Things were going pretty well at the end of the night, but logistics made getting her home not come together…at first. Get home and send a simple “get home ok?”. This is what followed:

    Her: “now”
    Me “good”
    H: “u like kissing me?!!”
    H: “ha”
    Me: “can’t be sure. come over and we can try some more.”
    H: “ha”
    “u safe?”
    “come here”
    M: “address”
    H: [sent address]
    She called a couple minutes later to make sure I was on my way.

    10 minutes later I’m in her place.
    5 minutes after that she’s insisting that we aren’t having sex, and I just respond with “ok”, and keep doing what I was doing.
    another 10 minutes and we were going for broke.


  10. Going on a date with a girl when she’s with her friends? That’s a reciped for being on the edge of every conversation, trying to join someone else’s party. if she doesn’t want to meet you one-on-one, she’s not worth the effort.


  11. Is there some recipe to getting a girl that you gave the impression of ‘unattainable’ to?
    Not long before I became reacquintead with a girl i knew since i was about 12. She was crazy about me back then but I didn’t give her the slightest of interest, even made a little fun of her. I found out she was single now and good looking and I tried to get in contact with her ( bare in mind this was before the red-pill ) and just winged it which means I went out with her 2 times, didn’t do ANY moves and eventually no contact.

    After about one week of no contact she called me starting a silly conversation that had no real basis in .. anything. I didn’t pick up on the fact that it was an IOI and maintained no contact since conversations with her were lacking, we had about NO common interests ( this happens with a lot of people so might not be her fault entirely ).

    In retrospect I know I lacked in comfort, escalation, conversational skills .. pretty much everything. BUT I do think I gave the vibe that I was not interested in her, I was pretty stone cold the whole way, maybe one or two little beta moments but overall I think it was the other thing.

    How would you approach a girl that might still be interested ( although peripherally ) but thinks you are not?


    • on November 7, 2012 at 1:15 am Days of Broken Arrows

      Haha — this used to happen to me. Girls would call me in college about “assignments” and I would be like “WTF?” and blow them off because we had nada in common (especially since I had no effing idea what the assignments were). I later found out these calls were excuses just to call me. Oops.

      How do you get back in the game? Damn good question. If the woman you speak of interpreted your lack of aggression as lack of interest or rejection, she might behave like a **total bitch** to you. This happened to me. Women do not take rejection well. Especially if you wait for over a year to get back in touch (cough cough).

      My advice: tread carefully and if you see any signs of hostility, you’d better come up with an excuse as to why you “rejected” her (in her mind it’s rejection, remember). “My dog died” comes to mind as an excuse, but maybe you can do better. You could also say you were distracted because of problems with another woman but you felt it was rude to tell her this at the time (this makes you look both Alpha and polite).


  12. Seems like we’re gonna have fun for four more motherfucking years with da prez.

    Let that bitch burn to the ground.


  13. Me: cats on fire
    Her: hmm ok then sexy, see you kisses kisses

    Me: ur making this too easy, i might want more
    Her: Just in person now
    Me: is that a teasing attempt? Ill just get more if i want too

    Her: hahaha

    Sorry, I’m either retarded or autistic. I have no idea what those 3 middle lines mean.


  14. Every few months (in my LTR), I ‘accidentally’ text my girlfriend one of the following:

    “you too” (implied reply to “I love you”)
    “ok see you then” (implied social activity without her)
    “haha :p” (smiley is gay, but implies a girl flirting with me)

    As long as you don’t ‘accidentally’ text too often – she’ll catch on or at least think you’re genuinely retarded – it’s a great, easy move for keeping a hamster running. If you want a slight jolt, have a solid alibi, such as actually going to meet up with a male friend. If you want a severe jolt, have an extremely shaky alibi, or don’t offer one at all.


    • You know what really works? Real texts from another broad. Since I got a girlfriend my marriage has never been better.


  15. “The aloofness that women find so intriguing must be balanced with active intent to close the deal, or at least with some small degree of displaying burgeoning interest in her. All aloof, all the time makes Juan a dull boy.”

    You posted this two weeks too late dude.


  16. All aloof, all the time makes Juan a dull boy.

    Here’s a text game that I started with a girl who got hot, then cold.

    Me: strawberries or chocolate?

    Her: For what?

    Me: More sensual

    Her: Chocolate

    Me: +1

    Me: heels or flats

    Her: heels, duh

    Me: +2

    it goes on for a while, then I am it up:

    Me: Brazilian or Hollywood?

    Her; Brazilian

    Me: -1

    Her: Why?

    and it goes on from there. I’m in the middle of text game with this girl. But this seems to get things moving in a direction that is setting the frame I want.


    • Update, after amping up the text game so that she was playing along with her own questions:

      Her: Reverse cowgirl or me on top?

      Me: Reverse, so I can pull your hair

      We moved it to Skype. I just sat there chilled. She was cute. She liked that “you’re very composed”.

      This was acting on my part. I just fired off outrageous questions and kept my cool.

      We’re meeting up Saturday for drinks—late, after midnight. It’s on.

      This xxx or yyyy text game amping it up has worked for me twice.

      Chicks reveal a lot about themselves in this way and it depersonalizes it by making it a choice.

      Start with something innocent but on the periphery of sex:

      “Heels or flats”

      then offer points. + 1 or -1


      • Good job, dude. Props. It’s a very solid routine.


      • @YaReally this afternoon, while I’m waiting for my flight. I start a Skype written chat. Building up an erotic fantasy for her.

        She’s eating up with “My colleagues are looking at me now”

        I board. When I land 4 hours later, I have a text, it’s a photo of her in her panties.

        Me: “Oh.”
        Her: You say “oh” a lot

        Me: You will too when we meet up

        bounce from topic to topic.

        All the rules apply, keep it light, short avoid following her frame unless you can trump it with a better line. Then switch.

        We’re supposed to meet up Saturday.


  17. This is my analysis of the election. And this is my manifesto.

    Here you had a sitting president that had everything going against him in voter sentiment, ambivalent economic data, if not bad data, a general lack of confidence of his ability to be a significant leader, and still he could not be beaten by his opponent.

    This has been the on going theme of my comments. Women are winning. Women are going to win and impose the changes on society that they wish and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

    The reason Obama won this election and why the Republicans were not able to gain any ground in the legislature was women. Pure and Simply. This election was about women. And the men lost. If the economy had improved even by a few percent more, then the election would never have been this close. Obama appealed to women and would blown Romney away. Romney was only in the race because of his ability to run on the economy and the antipathy that conservative white voters have towards Obama. In the Senate races, Woman won every race except for Maine where an independent candidate won, and the woman came in second. The conservative came in last.

    The forces arrayed against you, socially, economically, and politically are insurmountable. You can scream, whine, blog, comment, whatever, and you will not turn back the march of history. Even if the number of Red Pill aware men increases ten fold in the next few years, it still will not stop the inevitable erosion of the position of men, not only in America, but throughout the rest of the world.

    Now, I am going to tell you in no uncertain terms, if you have a dick then you are on your own and the forces of the world are arrayed against you. You can expect no political support, no social support, no support in the workplace, no support in the courts, with the police. Whether you realize it or not, women are a bigger enemy to you than any Arab, any Iranian, any Chinese.

    Your last chance to even slow this march was just lost. Democrats made a lot of hay about the Clint Eastwood presentation during the Republican convention where he used a chair a prop and addressed a hypothetical Barrack Obama in the chair. It was said that was essence of the Republican party, angry, old white men railing in their anger at a black Democratic president. And more and more of are those old, angry, white men going to die and not be replaced in the pipeline. In 2016 there will be even fewer of them and more and more non-white voters will move onto the voting rolls to replace those white male voters that will die over the next four years. Obama received 93% of the black vote, 69% of the hispanic vote, and 74% of the Asian vote. Romney won 59% of white voters. There will a smaller percentage of white voters in every election cycle from here on out.

    But the real issue was the gender gap. Women favored Obama, 54 percent to 44 percent, while men chose Romney by an almost identical margin, 53 percent to 45 percent. Mothers were more likely to support Obama (55 percent to 45 percent), while fathers sided with Romney (55 percent to 43 percent).

    “Democrats effectively made the case that issues important to women, not just issues like abortion and reproductive rights but economic issues of equal pay and access to jobs, those issues resonated with women,” said Ron Schurin, a political scientist at the University of Connecticut. “The Romney campaign seemed at times to be tone deaf on those issues. They tried to make a case, they just didn’t do it effectively.”

    The key race in the election cycle, the bellweather indicator of things to come, was the race between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren. Expect this formula to be repeated by Democrats in subsequent elections. Elizabeth Warren was an academic, a law professor from Harvard, with a specialization in Bankrupty. So expect more races where a female former professor without any political baggage or experience will run, and win, on women’s issues that are masked as issues for families, for the “middle class”. It is my opinion that Elizabeth Warren will run for president in 2016 and will become the nominee. And more and more women will move into elected office and those women will push issues favorable to women as their primary agenda masking those issues as “for children”, “for education”, “for families”.

    Also, the story of the next four years will be stagnation on issues involving spending, spending cuts, unless it is a measure that effects women. Then public opinion, the media, and the army of women will coerce the Republican legislature into caving. When there are cuts or spending deals to be made, expect the deal not to cut things would have a more direct effect on women and pushed towards cuts that will affect men. If defense is cut, that effects men, fewer soliders, fewer defense contracts. Expect less stimulus spending on infrastructure, again more jobs for men. Expect this ongoing deal, tax cuts for the wealthy or business in exchange for what women want. Expect head start, health benefits, food stamp progams, education, aid to dependent children to be untouched. Expect more legislation like WAVA and IMBRA. Expect an EEO interpretation that further broadens sexual harrassment and sexual discrimination.

    You all need to understand in no uncertain terms, women despise you, they think little of you. They believe you brutish and violent, bull headed, and fundamentally stupid. The see you as big children that must be controlled and disciplined in order make you useful to them. And if you are not useful to them, if you do not provide those things that they wish from you, actually, more correct to say, those things they need from you, then you will not be a part of their lives.

    And they are earnest and driven in structuring society and the law in such a manner that you are no longer needed.

    They are now avoiding marriage in droves, deferring pregnancy and motherhood, and using men, more and more, as forms of recreation and, less and less, as a necessary partner in the scheme of life as they are defining it. Their job and their female friends are more important to them than you are. They are celebrating and defining single motherhood as the form of child rearing preferrable to a two parent household.

    And you should expect the bad behavior of women in relationships and in social situations to only get worse. There is a massive demographic shift that has been occuring since the end of the birth control. Compare the dearth of child bearing age women against the number of men from 19-55 that chase those women, men that throw deals and enticements at the feet of those women, with the rise in social media mechanisms available today that permit women to be approached and have those deals thrown at their feet, and you have recipe for more trouble ahead for men. Pity the poor boy born in 2007 when there was a birth rate of 4.32 babies born per 1000 people to the birth rate in 2011 of 1.9. There will be no girls for 50% of those boys, given that men tend to pair with younger women. If you wish to see the impact of demographic discrepancy on female behavior, study the history of Wyoming. Men literally had to pay women to have relationships and she shopped for the best offer. She would go a dance with one man and leave with another because she received the better offer.

    So, I say to all of you, on this key date, this moment of national introspection that occurs every 4 years on election night when the character of our society unveils itself in the form of the ballot, we most certainly have entered into a new era of history. I call it the PostModern because I can only define it right now as what it isn’t and I am not yet able to define it for what it is. You can call it Post Industrial. You can call it the Third Wave, the first being agriculture, the second being industrial.

    But you can expect to see the world, society, and the relationships between men and women begin to organize in other means, other forms, other measures, than anything that has ever come before. The Modern Era, for as long as we have any sort of social memory has been organized along the lines of the family and the marriage between men and women. Everything was based on this, from work, to taxes, to even how houses are aligned along steets, neighborhoods are built, and how maps are drawn.

    You need a new paradigm, new thinking about how you filter the information that your senses provide you and what you make of it. You need to question any value, any moral, any religion, your patriotism, your chivalry, your male code of conduct, any generalization, any stereotype, any caricature, anything that is an artifact from the Modern Era. And you need to replace it something, something more PostModern. You can’t look back any fucking. Those days are gone and will never, never return.

    Start with this statement right here and make it the first declaration in who you are, what you will be, and will do, what you won’t be and what you won’t do, and how you judge and think about the world

    “I will be nobody’s fucking slave and nobody’s fool”.

    You owe nobody nothing. You owe women nothing. You owe society nothing. All of those things, those forces, those structures wish to impose a slavery on you and need begin to reject it right now. You need redefine to yourself, “What it means to be a man.” And you need to begin to live that declaration of what it could, should, and would to be a man if you filter that determination with the first filter.

    “I will be nobody’s slave and nobody’s fool”.

    We will stop being men that are useful to women, useful to society and start being men that live life on their terms. You have a power that you give away. We voluntarily let chains be placed on you because we think that is what “The Good Man” does.

    Re-evaluate everything.


    You cannot change where the world and society is going. But you have the power to change your life so that you live it on your own terms. There will no “macro” solution to the angst that you are feeling. There will be no grand social movement to correct the wrongs that you experience in your dealings with women and in how society views and what it expects from men.

    But you have the solution in your hands.


    Not just “Game” as pick-up lines, but “Game” as a way of viewing women, as a way of viewing life, as a way of reconstructing what is right and what is wrong, as a way of reacting to the changes that are beyond your control, as a way of dealing with the structural and social changes that already have come and inevitably are coming.

    Don’t worry about the world, worry about your world.

    “I will be nobody’s slave and nobody’s fool.


    So when future historians look back on this PostModern time and make generalizations of this age, let them say:

    “It was time when the men started being men, free men, that lived free, and no longer accepted the roles as slaves that society and women had imposed on them.”


    • IOW, “poolside”.
      Although you err too much on the mgtow part of the spectrum.


    • Good strategy for the individual. But if white men care to do anything as a group to resurrect their good society, they must talk less and be more violent. Or at least the clear and indubitable intention to employ violence.

      There is no “convincing” our women, or niggers, or jews, or mestizos that our will to power is virtuous or even valid. As men, Force is the greatest weapon we have, which is why it has been defined out of the lexicon of legitimate political action. We must use it.


    • Good post. I am a bit more optimistic, however. For the same reason that game works, natural laws will in time trump the political manueverings of women and minorities. For all their personal autonomy, women are not happy. Those that go the route you speak of end up lonely and broke and bitter. Sure, they get to take all their frustrations out on the man every 4 years, but in their natural unhappiness lies an opportunity for them to be shown a better way.

      The republicans have done a terrible job of standing up to this erosion of our society. They are acting as appeasers, incrementally becoming more and more socially and morally relativistic, trying to chase voting blocs that will never vote for them. The republicans are too out of touch and too far gone.

      Instead of compassionate conservativism and blatant sell-outs to foreign interests and corporations, the time is ripe for european-american nationalism. Be successful. Game hot women and keep them in line. Set an example of success. It may take a generation or two, but women will act in their self interest if given a full picture of their choices and likely outcomes.


    • Bush made me a lifelong democrat, Fuck you George W, i wish you were a democrat so I could vote R. Fuck you George W, the first president that was in power when I started paying attention to politics, Fuck you George W, you raided the cupboards before leaving, fuck you George W, you’re the reason why I couldn’t trust Romney or any product of the Repub machine.


    • If you’re addressing incorrigible beta males, then yes, you’d be exactly correct. Women despise beta males because they are halfmen. They aren’t fully male.

      Those of us here, on the other hand, are either beta males who are learning, or are alphas.


    • Yup. Southeast Asia, FTW.


  18. http://www.economist.com/news/science-and-technology/21564825-man%E2%80%99s-muscle-power-influences-his-beliefs

    “Dr Petersen and Dr Sznycer found that, regardless of country of origin or apparent ideology, strong men argued for their self interest: the poor for redistribution, the rich against it. No surprises there. Weaklings, however, were far less inclined to make the case that self-interest suggested they would. Among women, by contrast, strength had no correlation with opinion. Rich women wanted to stay rich; poor women to become so.

    The researchers’ conclusion, then, is that if, like a subordinate Harris sparrow, you are not in a position to fight your corner, it makes sense not to provoke trouble. In the distant past, when such instincts would have evolved, doing so would have been dangerous, and possibly fatal.”

    This explains white anti-racists and male feminists.


  19. The reader sounds like the usual guy new to the game who thinks he owns everything already.

    Man, you’re gonna fail again, tons and tons and tons. This isn’t supposed to be easy, and if it feels like it is, you’re doing it wrong.


  20. I fucking hate texting, especially with girls I haven’t banged yet.

    However with girls who have already seen my O face, texting can be fun. Unless we’re handling last-minute logistics, I respond to their nonsense with variations on the following (never use punctuation):

    “My dick is a rocketship”



    “hold on” (then maintain silence for 12 hours)

    “um what”

    “i know right”


    [heartiste: these are very good. the force is strong in you. the modern american woman deserves nothing less than total condescension. and she gets what she wants. what she has always wanted.
    btw, another good dismissive reply is: “wow. just wow.”]


    • @ Heartiste.

      I don’t understand this whole don’t use punctuation thing. After gaming and successfully beding older women than I am, (Me 19) They 20+ I’ve found that these older girls respond a lot better to having punctuation instead of the standard “i know right” instead of something like “Yeah. I know right.”

      Sure the no punctuation can come across as you don’t give a fuck, but it also makes you look like a 12 year old retarded child. Not using it almost seems like a lack of self respect for yourself and your intelligence.


  21. As a brazilian, I say Heartiste is right when he stated that, in Brazil, kissing in the first date isn’t that important for the girl – i.e., it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s really into you no matter how much erotic hunger she puts in her kisses. I didn’t read Roosh V’s “Bang Brazil”, but as far as I could read his blog, his “gringo” observations about our dating culture are quite precise.

    Strangers usually don’t understand this odd and contradictory behavior of the average brazilian girl: hyperfast and horny kissing (when you manage to game her properly, of course) doesn’t usually means she crazily wants you to fuck her – or at least not with the same speed you managed to kiss her. Kissing is seen as something very very trivial here. She will impose resistence until she drops her panties, especially if you don’t have much money/charisma/fame/outcome independency/other appeals which makes you stand out from other men she knows. Plus, if you consider our average girl’s slutiness, lack of formal education, peer dependency and superficiality, these behaviors make classical Game somewhat difficult to play in Brazil.

    In fact, if you’re a stranger coming from USA, Canada or western europe, have good Game and reasonable brazilian language/culture knowledge, you can come to our shores and easily score girls because they just LOVE 1st world educated “gringos” (blame – or thank – it on our colonial past, whose axiom “everything that comes from outside is better” still remains in many minds here). Bonus points if you’re blond, have blue/green eyes and isn’t as ugly as a dead and gored cat.


  22. on November 7, 2012 at 2:39 pm BrazilianSylvester

    I wonder whether world-game ( aka nice confident beta ) or american game works best for the usual non americanized brazilian chick


  23. I’ve got pretty good (text) game with girls, but there’s one girl I’m falling flat with repeatedly. I should note that we’re both college-aged, and she’s in an LDR. She’s mentioned a couple times that she hates texting/facebook chatting/etc. (mostly because her BF is clingy and texts/calls her *all* the time), and I’ve kept that in mind. So I don’t text her often because I’m wary of the beta/clingy shit. But there are nights when we’ll be hanging out with mutual friends, and it feels like everything is going great (as it always is between the two of us — people have asked if the two of us are a couple on more than one occasion) and building up to a possible lay, but when the night is coming to a close, her anti-slut defenses kick into high gear and she scurries away ASAP.

    Then nothing after that. No text, no nothing. I’ve tried texting/chatting her up the day after, but the conversation is always heavily one-ended and she comes across as disinterested. A complete 180 from the night prior. She really does seem to hate texting/fb chatting. And I’ve got pretty good text game with other girls.

    I’m not sure what to do. She’s a solid 8 looks-wise and is pretty intelligent with a promising future. I’m not hung up on her, I just want to get some opinions on how to possibly solidify the deal. She’s also rather keen on game (by this I mean not receptive to guys who are obvious amateurs), so I’ve been able to hone my own quite a bit from our interactions.

    To sum it up, she’s receptive and seems interested face-to-face, but is the opposite when we text. Should I give up on trying text game with her? I’m also sick of waiting around, we have great interactions that never lead to anything, and as such, I’ve considered going the “nuclear bomb” route with her. Perhaps that’s what it would take to get a response out of her via text…


    • “people have asked if the two of us are a couple on more than one occasion”

      In my experience this is a bad sign. She’s using you as a surrogate bf while you guys are out.


  24. Good post. Aloof alpha is good for the A1 stage. Once you’ve built up attraction, its time to focus on the girl who deserves your attention. Sounds like this guy had attraction, she gave a solid indication of her interest in him, and he came across as a player (i.e. alpha poser). Once identified as a player, my experience has been that the quality girls back away. You have to walk a tightrope, avoiding beta neediness on the one hand, and player insincerity on the other. Between those two, the confident yet insincere player is going to do better. But quality chicks want to at least consciously believe that your interest in them is sincere, and that their beauty and charm has inspired your interest. In theory it may not seem like this guy did anything wrong, but when I actually think about the quality single chicks I know, if they were flirting with me and then saw me grinding on some blond friend on the dance floor minutes later, they wouldn’t take me seriously as a possible mate. Its not that they would be jealous (or not), it would just appear randomly obnoxious (incongruent) to them. Too much bouncing around. My advice to this guy would be that once you’ve got a girl expressing interest in you, and you want to bed her, then do your push/pull stuff within the context of your focused interaction with her, don’t go back to stage one and try to play the preselection card.


  25. With brazilian girls you can be faster and more aggressive with kino, have more intense and sexual conversations, while not being a jerk.
    You have to tease her a lot.
    When I started learning game, I went on approach machine mode. You can suckface A LOT OF GIRLS on one night (me and my buddies used to compete who got more girls) while having a little notch count using that method.
    I’d like to read the opinions of brazilian readers about which game works best for a native here!


  26. The one fundamental thing I can push to anyone, is that no matter how charming your texts are, make sure your timing is perfect.

    It took me a summer worth of flakes and fuck around to realize that I was texting way too fucking much.

    I try to keep it to texting as much as you need to to get her comfortable and ready for phone talk. Granted you’re charming, talking on the phone is ten times more efficient and will leave her with a decided feeling of you where-as text will let her decide her feeling of you because she can opt out of it whenever she wants.


  27. [heartiste: these are very good. the force is strong in you. the modern american woman deserves nothing less than total condescension. and she gets what she wants. what she has always wanted.
    btw, another good dismissive reply is: “wow. just wow.”]


    I have been working with Facebook and text game.

    There was this blonde 9+ who had been in one of my classes. I had DHV in class, and we chatted occasionally outside of class walking away. Anyway, she asked if I could study with her for the midterm on Facebook. I used laconic FB, and later text, game (she shot me her number without my asking), but she dropped the class. It would appear she liked me, but she found the class too hard for her. Shortly afterwards, she did one weird thing: add a rare job I have in my facebook employment history to her own (uh, what?). Problem is, she has a BF.

    So that was two weeks ago. Last Friday evening, one of my buddy’s bands was playing at this one place so I sent out a text to her and a second girl: “good shytt playing at phils place*, come on down” (name changed slightly, but gives proper format). She didn’t come, but a couple of her sorority sisters came about an hour later and hung around: a tall redhead 9+ (who had once shown up in the class with her), and a blonde 8.5, neither of which I have seen in that bar before. The redhead spent some time whispering sweet nothings into the ears of some dude there, while the blonde looked around bored, and rather ticked off, as if her friend had dragged her there, and her bitch shield was on full strength, so I didn’t bother to say hi.

    If I had to guess, I would say that the blonde who dropped my class saw my text and sent the redhead to scope out the joint, and the redhead dragged along the other girl.

    The second girl I texted, but who didn’t reply in any way, is another slightly less hot blonde in another class I have (her face is a 7, but she also has Stacy Keibler legs). BUT, she just invited me over for a study session next weekend, after a FB chat that she started last night. I had been acting a little bit over eager earlier, but had been ignoring her for the past couple of weeks.

    Any advice would be appreciated, but just to let y’all know what I’ve been doing in the field.


  28. OT:

    Seen this?


    “I … think it’s an uncomfortable truth that the sort of high-flying alpha males we were all holding out for didn’t want women like us. All the successful men I know have married sweet, uncomplicated women who are happy to forfeit their careers to support their husbands.”

    I almost feel sorry for her. Almost.


  29. Terse GBFM text help my text game.



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  32. […] A reader needs some game advice from everyone here about how he handled a girl through text game. Dude seriously…there’s some fucked up situation i’m in that i need help. I’ve been getting into game this year, and constantly hitting on girls. I think this year was the first one that i ever started hitting on chicks…and surprisingly things actually started happening.. I think i read here or somewhere else the validity of text game, and since im still getting the hang of chatting with chicks, i’ve been using SMS as my main flirting tool. So deal is, i managed to flirt and Source: Chateau Heartiste   […]


  33. on November 14, 2012 at 3:12 pm Bharatiyaa Brouhaha


    Whites must convert to islam.

    The fuhrer said it: “if we were mahometans, we would have become the masters of the world”.

    on November 7, 2012 at 11:59 pm | Reply corvinus

    We were the masters of the world, until after WW2.

    on November 12, 2012 at 6:18 pm | Reply Afonso Henriques

    until after 1965
    The year white America handed its pussy to whoever wanted to fuck her.
    Everybody enjoys fucking whores but nobody thinks they worth a thing.


    Hey I though you guys were for men worldwide uniting? Now you want to “master” other men, your brothers?!?!?

    Also, drop the fascination with Islam. Its a crappy Abrahamic desert religion with no philosophy and extremely dualistic thinking.