Reader F’in Mailbag!

Too many reader emails to do them all justice, so here is a sampling of some of the best ones from the past month.

Email #1

LD writes:

I imagine that hypergamy and neoteny are joined by perversity in the triangle of female darkness. Can you write about the history of mothers paedophiling their own daughters? It’s where things are heading now: I see it all around…at what point does slut culture and female sexual darkness manifest as the ultimate taboo for which women always blame men but for which they show stronger tendencies?

The Dark Triad of male psychological traits — narcissism, psychopathy, Machiavellianism — that are especially alluring to women has its equivalent in a female Dark Triad, which would include narcissism (hypergamy), caprice (emotional manipulation), and, like the reader says, perversity (alpha seed vs beta resource internal conflict). Female sexual and romantic innocence is the greatest trick the Cosmic Hamster has ever played on man.

When unleashed by social forces, the female sexual impulse is wilder, more dangerous and more perverse than the male sexual impulse. It is wilder because women have less experience than men controlling their horniness once it is activated. It is more dangerous because the wreckage a cheating whore leaves in her wake is much more extensive than that left behind by a cheating man (think cuckoldry). It is more perverse because women, being ultimately creatures of the body, at once enslaved by and enraptured by the rhythms of their physical sexuality and life-making force, are above no sexual or psychological degradation to a man of sufficient dominance, nor are they above participating in the transference of their sexuality to other women, even their own young daughters. The phenomenon of aging mothers whoring out their little daughters in pedophiliac beauty pageants is testament to the crass perversity that animates the female sexual psyche. Only strong social controls, taboos and shame can keep the dark nature of women in check.

The female Dark Triad is not particularly alluring to men, but the women who possess these traits are very good at manipulating men’s weaknesses for maximum resource extraction. A man would be wise to recognize the warning signs and avoid these kinds of women, or give them no more of himself but his detached penetration. Unfortunately, many female Dark Triads are also very pretty, and that makes it tough for inexperienced men, especially betas who aren’t used to sleeping with good-looking women, to keep them at a psychological arm’s length.

As for Western culture… well, yes. It is getting sluttier, crasser, more perverse, more uninhibited, and more pedophiliac, in spirit if not in action. And, feminists no doubt will be surprised by this, the pedo pushing is mostly done by women. From tot beauty pageants to schoolteachers having orgies with their alpha students, we are getting a glimpse of how woman appears when all constraints on the full expression of her id have been removed, and there is no leadership from an overarching patriarchal authority. Quite a sight to behold.

Email #2

A reader just wonders:

just wondering … im new to the game and once i read that we should make girls think we pick up a lot of chicks…not exactly  but we should act as if losing her doesnt matter..

Anyways on to the point…as a part of game…you should be selling yourself to chicks as the guy who gets laid a lot…and what if you use some sort of nickname to pass that kind of feel onto them..

Friends always call me stallone for a reason…and he’s a fucking badass of a guy….i was wondering if relying onto that nickname to to be known would be a good idea…or if it would make me look like a kid with lack of personality

Making a girl think you are good with women (preselection) is different than making her think you can live without her (alpha scarcity). You should be instilling both feelings in the women you meet. Nicknames can be useful, but I wouldn’t lean on them too much, because a nick can easily cross the line to goofiness. Nicknames shouldn’t be try-hard; that is, they shouldn’t sound like you’re conspicuously trying to puff out your chest. “Smash Master Jam” is right out. So is “Pussy Slayer”. Also, it’s always better if a girl hears your nickname from your friends rather than from yourself. Third party vouchsafing beats first party self-promotion.

Some experimental nicks you could try on for size: Boss, CEO, Casanova, Death Row, The Way (as in “he has a way with women”), Jacques or Pierre (don’t ask me why, but these French names evoke visions of pure romance in a lot of American women), Stone, Pace Car (good nicks are enigmatic and impel the girl to ask how you got it), Massive Furry Ballsack.

I’d also suggest you go around telling girls you only have a first name, and were adopted as an orphan by a hippie family.

Email #3

Reader asks:

I’m a 33 year old guy, completely average in every way and i can’t stand the dull uninspired drudgery my life has become, I recently started reading the site and you guys seem to have fun picking up girls so i thought maybe i would give it a try.

I scored a -3 on your test for men so the level i am starting off at is pretty low, I am not fat but not in the best shape either, I’m just under 6ft tall and about a 6 – 6.5 on the attactiveness scale but i’m probably not the best judge of that. My IQ is 150+ and I’m making just over £80,000 a year in a boring job that I am indifferent to.

I’ve never really had much luck with women, I don’t have much patience for the hoops they make you jump through, They don’t tend to notice my much anyway and to be perfectly honest i am not the best at socialising. I get easily bored with conversation and find it hard to pretend i am still interested. I don’t like smalltalk and i tend to fidget a lot.
I am highly critical of others and have a hard time keeping it to myself, I am often accused of being an arrogant arsehole.

So what can i do to turn my life around, to start enjoying socialising more and to have more success with women. Is there a definitive guide to game that will take me through the whole process or should i just give up and just continue paying hookers?

First, you need to reframe how you see yourself. You’re all negative, and there’s no need for you to perceive yourself that way. Try this spin instead:

“Things are pretty good for me. I’m tall, decent looking, and make good money. I demand more from women so I tend to get bored easily. Women can sense my high standards and they chase me to win me over. Things have been slow lately, but I expect it to pick up once I focus on getting out and meeting more women than I currently do.”

Say the above out loud to yourself. You should be feeling better within seconds. See how easy that was? The reframe is not only a powerful tool for leading women to your bedroom, it’s a great self-motivational technique. Inner game is not just mumbo-jumbo; you really can achieve more with the right mindset. Women will intuitively sense your positivity and they will gravitate to you, with little effort on your part.

As for guides, read the archives here. There are a slew of pickup books and website forums that you can read, too many to list here. Start with the Mystery Method to get grounded in the science and the art of seduction. STOP going to hookers. The act of paying for sex is feeding your negativity. You’re better off fapping, if you really need immediate sexual relief. The best alternative is to let your balls fill up with juice so that you have the inspiration to get out of the house and interact with women. Finally, I suggest hitting up a social event organized by a corporate entity, something like a cooking class. You have been out of the game for a while, and clubs might intimidate you at first. Ease into the scene by going to low-key, lower energy venues, and working your way up to venues with more energy (and more hot women).

Email #4

“Nate” writes:

Hey, thought I would share with you something about the mouth, and perhaps how it relates to women’s pleasure when giving ‘deep throat’ blow jobs.

Interestingly, babies are very good at this, and often try to continue doing this for a very specific reason.

Simply put your tongue against the roof of your mouth, and swallow. This will pull on your uvula in a very specific way. If you continue to do this, you will soon feel a very specific sexual pleasure in your pants. It is my thought that having a penis rammed up against the uvula gives a similar effect for the recipient of the cock.

News you can use, folks.

PS Tried it, achieved nothing but cotton mouth. However, I do think women get pleasure from throat jamming, but the reason has more to do with the good feelings that they experience by being orally degraded.

Email #5

The D.R.G. writes:

Mine is a niche market, created in part by following CH-principles…

Can the esteemed custodians of the Chateau and its commentariat offer any advice for dealing with (read: managing) pregnant girlfriends? Specifically, mid-20s Eastern European pregnant girlfriends who have never set foot in the U.S. (thank God) and whose beauty falls on the far right side of the bell curve.

The solid game, aloofness and jealousy-inspiring deeds that got me here are now described as “insensitive.” Declarations of my caring intentions and loyalty are being kindly requested on a daily basis.

It appears that 99% of what is covered in this venerable blog focuses on initial attraction and LTR game, but what of pregnant, hyperactive hormone, HB9, young EE game? The goal is to transition from cad to dad (a mighty challenge in and of itself!) and maintain the relationship without straying into minefield of betatude and loosing the alpha edge that got me to where I am today.

Details for consideration:

She is 7 years my junior, university-educated, a professional model (though not or much longer), New Age-ish, of middle-class origins, and very traditional regarding gender roles.

I am American, university-educated, work abroad nine months out of the year (willing to change but will take a huge pay cut if I do), currently make five times as much as her, and am also very traditional regarding gender roles.

I’m not fully informed on the science involved in this specific circumstance, but I’d guess your pregnant girlfriend was experiencing a flush of the “beta male reassessment” hormone oxytocin. This hormone is responsible for coaxing women to appreciate the particular benefits that a stable, reliable, provider beta male brings to the table. When a baby is about to land in her lap, the last thing she can afford is abandonment by a sexy cad who suddenly finds her unfuckable.

While this blog focuses on cad game because it is the type of game that most men don’t understand and fail to execute properly, “dad” game, aka “vulnerability game“, is just as vital to impressing yourself on women that you are a seductive, well-rounded, high quality man. After all, women only ovulate one week out of the month. The rest of the time, they are open to the (limited) charms of the emotionally rich man who can connect with them on a level beyond intriguing aloofness.

So I’m not surprised your girlfriend is with insecurity as much as she is with child. You probably won her with alpha charm, and now she needs some more signs of beta attachment. She is, on a very primal level, worried that you might leave her at the critical moment. So give her those signs. Backrubs, occasional compliments (pregnant women love reassurances that they are still sexy, even though most men are disgusted by the thought of fucking a woman with a giant bloated belly full of baby), and timely comparisons to other women that favor her are all perfectly acceptable “beta male” game tactics that will put her mind at ease and grow the love. If you are a natural alpha male, this kind of stuff might come to you with some difficulty, so you will have to make a concentrated, deliberate effort to soften your jagged edges and play the doting herb once in a while.

Just don’t go overboard. A little bit of beta goes a LOOOOOOONG way. And don’t give her the declarations of commitment when she expects them, like immediately after she has mewled for attention. Chicks HATE HATE HATE when their demands are promptly met. It’s one of the universe’s great paradoxes. Better to shrug her off teasingly after she has a spell of neediness, and accost her later with a warm hug and sweet nothing when she doesn’t expect it.


  1. on October 5, 2012 at 2:25 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


    da gbfm loves da heartiste and all da readerz!!!

    dis song goes out 2 all da heartistse readerz!! lzozozozoz

    “da professional womenz ode”

    alpha fucks and beta bucks
    dat is how we roll
    da butthexting cockass we fucks and sucks
    and in our anuthes it doth deosul
    alpha fucks and beta bucks
    it is da way of da fed
    to transfer assetss to dose who butthext
    cuckold dose who pay for our bread
    beta bucks and alpha fucks
    it’s what day teach us we;’re entitled too
    da assetts from betas we plucks
    after da alphas desol us through our hole for poo
    cuckold da betas cockhold da alphas
    datsz what day taught us in mba grad school
    as da feiisnsits see no truth nor justice in their laws
    and say da great books for menz was all fools.
    yes, yes, i did very good on my gmats
    dey bernenakifed my soul away, left me with cats



    • on October 6, 2012 at 9:35 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      OK OK i admit it!!! da GBFM has been found out andBUSTED!!! I stole da “professional womenz odes” form VIRGIL’s ECOLOGUES and forgeot to give him creditz zlzozzolozzo

      “Da professionalem womenz ópera”

      futuit alpha et beta illos leones,
      dat Qualiter autem nos revolvet
      da butthexting cockass nos futuit et sugit
      et in nostri anuthes nocet deosul
      futuit alpha et beta illos leones,
      est da viam da pascebant
      transferre assetss ad dose qui butthext
      incestum dose qui solvere pro panem nostrum
      beta illos leones, et alpha futuit
      suus ‘quo die doce nos et nos;’ reintrauerunt inscribitur quoque
      da assetts a betas nos vellit
      post da Eliphaz desol nobis per nostra violet, poo
      incestum da betas cockhold da Eliphaz
      datsz quo die nos docuit in MBA paulatim schola
      sicut da feiisnsits videre nulla veritas neque iustitia in suis legibus
      et dices da libris magni pro menz erat omne stultos.
      Verum ego me ipsum non gmats
      Dey bernenakifed animam meam, reliquit mihi feles



      • on October 7, 2012 at 10:44 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        hey heartistess! herateistsesss!!

        hope you had a good wekeeiendz with your lostsasc cockas down deep in her throretasz!! throataz!! lzozozzlzl

        one of the gretets compliments i receiev is when commenters at otherblogs and this one think that I, the GBFM, am really HEARTISESS!!!!

        (this also often happens when i am with a chcickcz and right beofre i splooge on her buttoccks she says “Yes yesy yes yesy yes yes YES! Oh Heratistes!!” but i do not mind for getting called hearteist during sex means that you are doing da doggy style as it must and ought be done zlzolzlzozozozo–hard and fast and )

        Dear Michael,

        What is more important–one’s grammar or one’s soul?

        Tucker Max (whose name rhymes with Goldman Sax) sodomizes women and tapes it secretly. Then, the “conservative” Weekly Standard repeats his lies about his succeth and his height, labeling him as a six-foot-tall butthexual hero, while ignoring the true heroes jumping on grenades in foreign wars on foreign shores.

        How come good Christians do not speak out against this? Did not Moses et al. teach against adultery and fornication and butthext?

        Why do I mention butthext in the context of fiat currencies and counterfeiters? It is because Dante and Milton associated all these things, as did many others. In Dante’s Inferno the butthexters are placed on the same level of hell as the counterfeiters, as both engage in unnatural acts that produce no true wealth, but only debauch and degrade.

        The counterfeiters funded the women’s movement and encourage butthexters to desoul and debauch your future wife, robbing her of value and you of an intact family. While such atrocities are occurring in mass, the funny thing is that the myopic Christians here are saying, “GBFM said butthext! I’m offended!” at the very same moment that their future wife is being butthexted and desouled while it is secretly taped. Never will the “good christian” speak out against the butthexting of their wives, but they will instead persecute the prophet trying to save the future wives from sore buttholes, no kids, and cats; whence she is robbed of her greater destiny as a beloved wife, mother, and grandmother.

        Then Dalrock states that men need Game–they need to learn how to satiate their pre-buttcocked wive’s anal cravings. Whereas da GBFM states that what we need is a renaissance, whence the literature of the land teaches women the far greater wealth of serving the higher ideals as opposed to the fiat bottom line. Dalrock is focusing on getting laid, while GBFM is focusing on the future of civilization. And so da GBFM is persecuted, for Jesus also focused not on getting laid, but on the higher ideals of His Father and the future of civilization.

        And so I lozozzlzlzlzozo that I may not weep.




  2. on October 5, 2012 at 2:27 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

    yah man feel free to use it all anywhere lzozlzolzzoz i thk the matrix post would be funny in digital animation:

    alos one cock rule would rock as a animated rap:

    OMG both of you betado9uches above are violating THE ONE COCK RULE!!!

    You are alloowing chix to bring other COCKS into your mind lozlzlzzoz zlozllzl. The second a chick makes me think of another cock she is outta my house outta my mind or if she’s texting on a date which almost never happens because i almost never date i go “i gotta use the men’s room lzozlzl” and then i leave her with the bill. she can text her ten other cocks to comne over and pay for her drniks/dinner lzozlzlzllzlzlz and then,. after paying, they have full right to gizizizizizalizzz all over her lzozlz

    “I’ve been seeing this girl for a year. We live together and I’ve still got hand.”

    OMG lzozzlzll wtf are fuckity fucks doing with chix in your homes? lzozlzlzlz omg lozlzlzlzlzl looozers lzozlzlzlz1!! hzhzh



    O U T OUT! lzozlzlzl

    OMG lozlzlzozlozozolzl wft r u doing dating a chick 4 a yer did your dick fall off? Were yu chosen by Beernanke and given an award and medal to support today’s slutty slutt vampiressses cuckholders cockcutters?

    sounds 2 me it is the latter as u have no cock lzozlzlzlzl lzzozl

    and she made you think of another cock

    fucktard haven’t u heard of the one cock rule?

    hey yo!! let’s teach these douches somethin ’bout nbein a man yo!

    throw a beat over this way.
    yo yo yo yo
    yo yo yo

    now hit it!

    one cock rule one cock rule
    i ain’t no beta fool i ain’t no beta tool
    about another cock ya make me think
    i’m gone, yo bitch,
    let the betas buy yas yer next drink

    one cock rule one cock rule
    i ain’t no beats fool i ain’t no beta tool
    over vampires and werewolfe you ginas all drool
    letting their cocks touch your deep down stool
    then you blame the betas in school
    and transfer wealth for the bernanke gene pool
    jonah goldberg sends our alphas 2 die on foreign shores
    stuffing his face with dc pizza as they die in fiat wars
    neocon womenz repeating butthexers lies in their mags
    even after menopause and no need for da ragz
    telling young chickas to lust after vampires
    as they build their fiat empires

    one cock rule one cock rule
    i ain’t no fool i ain’t no tool
    about another cock ya make me think
    i’m gone, yo bitch,
    let the betas buy yas yer next drink

    let the betas pay to raise your bastard kids
    let the betas sign teh fiat masters marriage contracts
    theft in fiat inflation is hid
    as they swing their bankrupting axe
    i don’t care what last night u did,
    ever since i kicked ya gina out, i been relaxed.

    as they promote butthex across the land
    ripping out fetuses from parenthood planned
    as fathers form teh homes the neocons ban
    the atalnatic authoresses just don’t undertsand

    but when chix wakes up and her butt is sore
    it’s not my fault no–it’s cause she’s a whore
    as the fiat masters desoul women with butthex cock
    teach them to transfer wealth with pre-teen strumpet rock

    one cock rule one cock rule
    i ain’t no fool i ain’t no tool
    about another cock ya make me think
    i’m gone, yo bitch,
    let the betas buy yas yer next drink

    womenz womenz bernanke took advanatge of you
    you wasted your best years on vampires and werewolves
    and now you cry your tears cause of your sore anus
    stamp your little feet saying, “you betas must pay for this!!!”

    and aging neocon women promoting butthexing vampires
    teacxhing women to lust after the undead
    as the neocons suck the western world dry
    bankrupting it all,m enlsaving it debt
    while selfish womenz at the atalnatic monthly
    cry cry cry
    cry cry cry
    not for you or me
    but for themselves
    not for the 50,000,000 aborted souls
    but for their dried up ginas and sore assholes
    so many chances they had to marry a nice guy
    but he left her dry
    so whe butthexed with the asshole
    and now see her cry
    and wonder why
    and transofrm the entire univeristy
    into a program to further the fiat lie
    to transfer wealth and wage war and death
    to about fifty million more
    and redefine fifty cocks in her ass as empowered
    and not a whore

    all together now!

    lzozllzzl lozlzlz zlozozoz
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    one cock rule one cock rule
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    about another cock ya make me think
    i’m gone, yo bitch,
    let the betas buy yas yer next drink
    alreayd seen yer pink stink
    bent ya over the sink

    and howscomes the bankers southpark never does satarize
    because everything is fair game–truth love honor–excpet for fiat butthexing lies.

    all together now!

    lzozllzzl lozlzlz zlozozoz
    lozlzl lzozozlz ozlzooz zlo9oo
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    ^^^^ to the 24 for or so tardbetadouches who voted my “one cock rule” rap down


    what do ya want?

    a two cock rule rap?

    or three cock rule?

    three cock rule, three cock rule,
    i’m a beta herb my own cock won’t do
    i need a chick to cuckold me
    i need a chick on me to pee
    three cock rule, three cock rule,
    i love being the greater fool
    one cock in her mouth, one in her anus,
    i keep mine in my pants,
    and pay her bills and rent and fare for da bus.
    so she can club and grind, on denim cocks dance.
    three cock rule, three cock rule,
    i treat my lady like a nice guy,
    give her chivarly while with 2 others she doth lie,
    three cock rule, three cock rule,
    while your cock doth touch her stool,
    i play videogames @ home in my single mom’s basement,
    as teh fed fianance feminsits studies @ school,
    teaching her to love and bail out the butthexers,
    to persucte me 4 letting her live 4 free,
    while she tickles drummer/druggie cock until it goes
    splooge splooge splooge! tee hee tee hee!
    three cock rule, three cock rule,
    i’m the beta herb, teh cuckholded fool,
    i respect her, keep my cock in my pants,
    fund her with other cocks to dance.


    or would u betaherbs prefer a five cock rule rap! omg i bet someofya would like dat! lzozl



    • on October 5, 2012 at 4:40 pm Holden Caulfield

      Instant classic.


      • Instant Classic? in what demographic? College dropouts?
        Maybe there is some decent content buried in that jibberish but whenever I see all those z’s and l’s I just scroll on down the page.


    • Hey GBFM – dont tell YaReally about the One Cock Rule

      He claims several of his girls like 2 cocks at once, he is lead at bat ( or is it clean up)



    • tldr


      • on October 6, 2012 at 3:39 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        i think u meant 2 wirte:


        whihc means “too long did butthetx”



    • You, Sir, are a genius.


      • on October 6, 2012 at 9:42 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        lzoozlz THANKZ YOU EVRY MUCH!

        but reallies i can’t take all da creditz as i found it all in da LATIN VULGATE BIBLE :

        iaculari verberauerunt super hoc modo.
        io io io io
        io io io

        nunc ledo it!

        unum gallum regula unum gallum regula
        i non est non beta stultus i non est non beta tool
        circa alium gallus ya fac me cogitare
        Im ‘abiisset, io ferreo canis exprimamus,
        Sit betas buy yas yer postero potus

        unum gallum regula unum gallum regula
        i non est non pulsat stultus i non est non beta tool
        super lamia et werewolfe vos ginas omnes drool
        sinerentque gallos gallinaceos tange profunde sellam
        tunc vos reprehendo, betas in schola
        et translationem opes bernanke gene piscinam
        Ionas Goldberg mittit nostra Eliphaz II moriuntur externa litora
        spissamento faciem eius dc pizza sicut moriuntur in fiat bella
        neocon womenz ingeminans butthexers iacit in eorum mags
        etiam post menopause, non est necesse da ragz
        narrantes iuvenes chickas ad concupiscendum lamia
        sicut et illi aedificatis eorum fiat imperia

        unum gallum regula unum gallum regula
        i non est non fatui i non est non tool
        circa alium gallus ya fac me cogitare
        Im ‘abiisset, io ferreo canis exprimamus,
        Sit betas buy yas yer postero potus

        Sit betas redde ut erigo vestri bastardus kids
        Sit betas subscribere semel fiat dominis nuptialibus
        furtum fiat inflatio est abscondita
        sicut et illi OSCILLATIO eorum bankrupting ax
        i non curo, quod ultimum nocte u fecit,
        umquam utpote i recalcitravit ya Gina foras, i fuerit remittenda.

        sicut promovendum butthex fundum
        pariter avellentes de foetus a paternitate meditatum
        ut patres formare semel sedibus neocons ban
        in atalnatic authoresses justi non undertsand

        sed cum chix expergiscitur et eius blandeque coruscant est valde
        suus ‘non mea culpa haud-suus’ causa illa scortum
        sicut fiat dominis desoul mulieres cum butthex gallus
        docere eos transferre divitiis cum pre-teen prostibuli petra

        unum gallum regula unum gallum regula
        i non est non fatui i non est non tool
        circa alium gallus ya fac me cogitare
        Im ‘abiisset, io ferreo canis exprimamus,
        Sit betas buy yas yer postero potus

        womenz womenz bernanke tulit advanatge de vobis
        consumpsti vestri optimus annos in lamia et werewolves
        et tu nunc clamabunt lacrimis tuis causa tuae ulcus anus
        inculcaret, parvulus vester pedes dicens, “tibi betas pretium est, pro hoc!”

        et senescentis neocon mulieres promovens butthexing lamia
        teacxhing mulieres ad concupiscendum immortuorum
        sicut neocons suges orbi occidentali arida
        bankrupting eam omnia, m enlsaving eam debitum
        dum contentiones womenz ad atalnatic menstrua
        clamabunt clamabunt clamor
        clamabunt clamabunt clamor
        non propter te an me
        sed pro se
        non pro 50.000.000 abortivi animas
        sed pro EXSICCATUS ginas et pessima assholes
        tot casibus habebant nubere a nice guy
        sed ille dimisit eam arida
        sic Cui cum butthexed cum culus
        et nunc videmus exclamatio eius
        et admiramini cur
        et transofrm totius univeristy
        in progressio ut promoveant, fiat mendacium
        transferre opes et militamus: et mors
        ad circiter quinquaginta million plus
        et redefine quinquaginta gallos gallinaceos in asino tanquam habentes potestatem
        et non scortum

        omnes simul now!

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        unum gallum regula unum gallum regula
        i non est non fatui i non est non tool
        circa alium gallus ya fac me cogitare
        Im ‘abiisset, io ferreo canis exprimamus,
        Sit betas buy yas yer postero potus
        alreayd videri yer rosea fetere
        intendérunt ya super submersa

        et howscomes numulariis southpark numquam vero satarize
        quia omne pulchrum est venatus verum amor honorem-excpet pro fiat butthexing jacet.

        omnes simul now!

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        ^ ^ ^ ^ Ad XXIV pro vel sic tardbetadouches censerent mea “unum gallum constet” TALITRUM descendit


        quid ya volunt?

        a duos gallus regula TALITRUM?

        vel tres gallus imperium?

        tres gallus regula, tres gallus regula,
        Sum beta herba mea gallus non faciam
        ego postulo pullus ad incestum me
        ego postulo pullus me nec MINGO
        tres gallus regula, tres gallus regula,
        i amare sit stultiorem
        unum gallum in os suum in ano,
        bracis meis servo meo,
        et redde eam rostro, scissa et fare pro da bus.
        sic illa can clava et tere, die denim gallos gallinaceos chorea.
        tres gallus regula, tres gallus regula,
        i tractare domina mea sicut a nice inquiens,
        date eam chivarly dum II aliis, quibus ipsa óccupans,
        tres gallus regula, tres gallus regula,
        dum tua gallus exsultans tangeres eam sellam,
        i ludere videogames @ sedibus in uno mom scriptor BASIS,
        sicut semel pascebant fianance feminsits studiis @ scholam,
        docens eam ad amorem et PRAESTATIO sicco butthexers,
        ad persucte me IV inmisso eam vivunt IV liberum,
        dum titillaverit tympanistam / druggie gallus donec is goes
        splooge splooge splooge! Tee hee Tee hee!
        tres gallus regula, tres gallus regula,
        Ego sum beta herbam, semel cuckholded stultus,
        i accipis eam, mea custodiant gallus in mea braccas
        PECUNIA eam cum aliis gallos gallinaceos saltandi.



  3. on October 5, 2012 at 2:32 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

    hey heartsistezzzee!!!

    reagridndg niknamamaesz, what do you thinkz about


    my firend thought it was over da top, but den again she iain’t ever seen my lostas cockakss zlzozolzzoz


  4. @ #3,

    Forget game books and guides at first and start with Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

    [heartiste: carnegie is basically proto-game.]

    Stack a positive mental attitude on top of good people skills and you have a rock solid foundation for life. Then the tiniest bit of game will go great lengths.

    [for the amount of time and effort it takes to make lots of money and achieve career success, you could do just as well with women learning game and applying it within three months time. this is not to say one shouldn’t make money or strive in all fields; just that, bang for your mental buck, game trumps everything else.]


    • on October 5, 2012 at 3:01 pm immoralgables

      Great words spoken by the both of you.



    • True, I guess if you are starting out, the quickness of game and scoring a few lays will boost your confidence quickest and get you started down the path to alphadom. Guess I was kinda lucky in not really having trouble getting some, despite starting late, so I could work on other aspects of life.

      I’m still a believer in positive energy nets positive energy so all game with no career success or giving back is going to lead to a sad empty life. Game with positive societal contributions is going to score you a good fulfilling life and great fucking tail.


    • on October 5, 2012 at 3:22 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      yah heartistse is right!!!!!

      game > moneeyz!!!!

      once upon a time money a decent salalry bought you a wife and home and kidz.

      today all a billion fiat bernanke dollars will buy you is a billion fiat berannkified chcicks who have been tuaght and programmed to cut of your dickxxkxkszkzkz lzozlzoz

      who take it in da butt in college
      from tucker max rhemes with goldman sax
      and then use the butthexting knowledge
      to fuck their fmaily in the ass with sass
      to take a man’z assets give it to the state fedzz
      who thusly enslave the man she wedz



  5. on October 5, 2012 at 3:22 pm Jokah Macpherson

    If this guy’s IQ is 150+ then he is not average in every way.


    • You forgot to convert British iq to US iq. It’s like currency.


    • No, but this something to offer that can’t be spent toward being an appealling jerk-ass… unless he’s a rat-evil mo’fo like a villian in a Bruce Willis movie.


    • on October 6, 2012 at 2:39 am Large Hardon Collider

      Claims of 150+ IQ in the states are pretty commonplace. Intellect is a status symbol; I’ve met people who confess to being unattractive, unhealthy, unhappy, or out of shape, but none who admit to even average intelligence. Though there’s always Keanu Reeves though, leading by example:

      “I’m a meathead, man. You’ve got smart people, and you’ve got dumb people. I just happen to be dumb.”


      • on October 6, 2012 at 8:34 am The Chrome Microphone

        And apparently keanu in reality is immensely intelligent

        Just a rumour I heard though


      • Will never forget an interview in which he’s asked about reaction to his pregnant wife’s death, and expressed his disdain for people who rely on cheap sentiments like “everything happens for a reason” to cope with life.

        Dumb but wise. Also keeps his mouth shut.


      • The pick-up artist, Steve, who CH spotlighted recently, looks exactly like Keanu Reeves.


      • “I’ve met people who confess to being unattractive, unhealthy, unhappy, or out of shape, but none who admit to even average intelligence.”

        It takes intelligence to realize that one is dumb.


  6. “The female Dark Triad is not particularly alluring to men, but the women who possess these traits are very good at manipulating men’s weaknesses for maximum resource extraction. ”

    She can hide those traits pretty well from guys by looking desirable. Your fatties, uggos, and feminists can only unleash those traits on a hapless beta.


  7. Fatty news anchor goes off the rails after viewer email:


    • “I am more than just a number on a scale.”

      Agreed; you are at least 343 numbers on a scale.


      • Oh wait, she says “I am MUCH MORE than a number on a scale.”

        Damn straight!


      • The guy should send a second email saying “Sorry if I hurt your feelins, I thought I expressed my concern as politely as possible. Maybe you should take that hurt and let it motivate you to get you ass on a treadmill or eat a fucking salad instead of a Big Mac once in a while.

        You should see all the sickening support her and her beta hubby have gotten on facebook. Unreal.


      • Or used that nasty logic such as….your body doesn’t care about your hurt feelings about feeling fat. The heart works better when it doesn’t have to pump blood around a bunch of lard.


      • >christian player



    • We talked about this in another comments thread, but its worth talking about more. The guy who wrote that email wasn’t in any way a ‘bully’ he very politely expressed his concern. And more to the point, he was right, she is setting a bad example.


    • What the fuck is wrong with society that there are ‘hundreds and hundreds of people that gave me support’?

      Further, what the hell is with #4 sexual release by how you are swallowing, what was wrong with that guy?


    • on October 5, 2012 at 9:07 pm Smash Master YaReally

      Check out the dude’s response to the world hating him. Alpha of the month right here, almost as good as Sean Connery’s slapping women response:

      It’s Friday, go out and talk to girls.


  8. Since this is the F’in Mailbag, I’ll ask my question here. Can anyone explain the relationship between game, hypergamy, and evo. psych with the Florence Nightingale syndrome? Unless I’m missing something, a nurse falling in love with her patient would seem to contradict Alpha game. Would this be an example of Beta game?


    • Not always; we talk about game a lot here, but tend to forgot the chemicals going on, such as dopamine and oxytocin (for women). Unlike many professions, nurses witness death and can sometimes carry an attitude of living only in the moment. If she’s concerned about her patient and he even makes a slight move, this fear of death (think ubiquitous dread game that you’re not even instilling in her) may drive her into your arms, especially if you tickle her dopamine triggers.

      Some patients may get better and then worse and then better, meaning that a woman’s emotions are constantly in a state of flux. In a sense, without even trying, the patient has a stage to win her over (but it’s not intentional).


    • Rollo discussed this quote recently:

      “We can go on and on about how most women LOVE good beta traits, but they simply ARE. NOT. TURNED. ON. BY. THEM”


    • He might already be alpha. Years ago, a local celebrity was in the hospital for a few days. A nurse, who worked there, told me the nurses fought over who got to take care of him.


    • I suspect it isnt beta game at all. I saw something a while ago talking about the amount of injuries the average prehistoric humans had and they said the only thing comparable in modern times was a rodeo bull rider. So I suspect those movie scenes where the woman is mending the action heroes wounds speaks to a primitive part in women-here is man who is unafraid (also why chicks dig scars). It would be interesting to see if the Florence Nightingale syndrome was related to injury type (say sports injury vs something clumsy like falling down the staircase)




    • I keep reading this slogan here.
      Wtf does it mean?


      • Never mind. I just remembered that there’s this fantastic thing out there called google. And it’s my friend.


      • Which allowed me to find this gem: “It’s a hot night. The mind races. You think about your knife: the only friend who hasn’t betrayed you, the only friend who won’t be dead by sunup. Sleep tight mates, in your quilted chambray night shirts.” – Eddie Sherman (from the Seinfeld episode “The Fatigues) 🙂


  10. As to Email #1, “The Memoirs of Casanova” contains a great chapter where he bonks a mom and her daughter at the same time.

    Same old, same old. People don’t really change.

    His autobiography is a great read, BTW. This man was more than a man with a way with women, he was a great man living during interesting times.


  11. You pick on mothers, but I think Daddy is the problem too. Spoiling daddy is why SWPL girls don’t get married. When do you hear: I’m throwing you out of the house unless you “get a job” and your daughter “get a husband.” Spoiling parents are the reason why SWPL women are so insufferable. Show me a 20 year old girl whose parents are bastards and I’ll show you a 20 year old primed for marriage. The 20 year old with the helicopter parents is doomed to getting sportfucked through her 20’s. I am convinced that many women would be better off as orphans than their controlling, infantilizing and coddling parents refusing to let go of their daughter.


  12. What about MY dilemma, Heartiste?

    I fucked twin sisters by accident on two separate occasions. The first gave me syphillis.


  13. on October 5, 2012 at 5:46 pm Half Canadian

    Estrogen production in pregnant women is MUCH higher than normal. There’s something chemical going for attraction during this time.
    I think, primarily, its to assist with keeping the baby, but tertiary effects also happen.


  14. Heartiste used the word “fapping”. I can die in peace now.


  15. on October 5, 2012 at 7:19 pm gunslingergregi

    Hey, thought I would share with you something about the mouth, and perhaps how it relates to women’s pleasure when giving ‘deep throat’ blow jobs.
    well when done correctly every time she goes down basically her body reacts as in orgasm
    put your fingers in her “vagina” lol and yea its gonna be convulsing along with the gag
    so if she can practice the technique yea i don’t know i can’t tell diference between real and gag orgasm he he he


  16. lol @ the IQ of over 150. A person this smart probably would have graduated from high school at 13 or 14 and got a PhD in nuclear physics before his 20th birthday.


  17. OT

    Beta researchers listening to what women say:

    “researchers found that females didn’t necessarily believe men should be more dominate in sexual situations”


    • on October 6, 2012 at 3:42 pm Days of Broken Arrows

      They should follow this up with one of those surveys where they all say the thing they value most is “a sense of humor” then ask why Carrot Top isn’t considered the Ultimate Male.


  18. In the Medicine-World everyone knows about hot nurses – and more commonly hotter nursing students – who find excuses to jerk-off or fellate spinal-cord injured young men confined to bed or wheel chairs. It seems to be an accepted, almost expected turn of events.(just dont get caught) It is actually easier when the guys have the more devastating higher cervical injuries. They make better erections , and being Quadroplegic, are less able to get away if they desire to do so. And if they have a trach and need a ventilator they are not going to complain much, nicht var?
    I have only ever heard the nurses side of why they feel compelled to do this. A weirdly high percentage of nurses who act this way went to a school where all of the teachers were Nuns.


    • nicht wahr

      German is cool.


    • Are there even any hot nurses left? They all seem to be ‘sassy’ landwhales or otherwise unemployable hood rats. Seriously look at the nursing school commercials during the day sometime. “Are you an otherwise unemployable peice of ghetto trash single mom? Come learn to be a nurse.”

      On the pluse side at least this new crop of nurses will never have any problems finding a vein.



    Could this psychological construct explain the existence of liberals/progressives?

    “developed a new scale for measuring individual differences in this attribute, the Identification With All Humanity scale (IWAH). The scale involves a series of questions assessing the degree to which someone identifies with “all humans everywhere” (“identifying” includes things like feeling love toward, feeling similar to, and believing in), independent of how much they identify with people in their own community and country. ”

    “Not surprisingly, people high in IWAH tend to be higher in the personality traits of openness to experience and agreeableness. But it turns out that they are also higher in neuroticism, a trait characterized by anxiety and negativity.”

    “he main purpose of this research was to develop a scale to capture IWAH, but the researchers also speculate, in their conclusion, about why some people become high in IWAH and others do not. One possible explanation is that a loving, secure childhood environment allows people to feel less threatened by those who are different from themselves (and indeed, attachment security primes have been shown to reduce intergroup bias). This reasoning led the researchers to question whether IWAH might be somewhat of a luxury, something that a person can only focus on when their own basic physical and psychological needs are met. In other words, maybe it’s only the privileged who have the time and resources to concern themselves with global human welfare.”


  20. #1

    Exhibit A: JonBenet Ramsey. There have been very persistent rumors that her parents were renting her for weekends to child pornographers. Her father may have found the connections through his work as a defense contractor. All of which probably figured into her death. The ransom note was almost certainly penned by her mother, analysts believed.

    (All of which gives the title “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” a whole new subterranean connotation.)

    This world is full of evil motherfuckers.

    Nice post, H.


  21. #3
    “”I’ve never really had much luck with women, I don’t have much patience for the hoops they make you jump through, They don’t tend to notice my much anyway and to be perfectly honest i am not the best at socialising.””

    I’m considered successful and good looking, but by many women’s standards and current social norms, at 47 i’m “older”.

    I look at friends my age, out of shape, many married, bad dressers etc.

    Then I look at me: I’m banging girls 23-35, 7-9’s, flight attendants, hot dressers, who put out for me the way I want. In fact, i’ve got more women than time now.

    I am now constantly upgrading by learning and practicing game. It doesn’t always work but things work more often than they don’t.

    The turning point was a very beta moment in which i CHASED a girl who ended up treating me like the beta I was: one-itis, poor self-image.

    With the help of these blogs and a determination to change my lot, I just ploughed on.

    Inner game is the secret to outer game. Setbacks and being dumped should be seen as learnings.

    For this guy, he needs to change his attitude. Recognition of the problem is the first step towards solving it. Sure, he’s a misanthrop, aren’t we all.

    But it’s acting, it’s fake it till you make it. You don’t say whatever’s on you mind whenever.

    That arrogance he speaks of is an insecurity that fees on itself. Stop hating everything because you can’t have it.

    Start with liking one thing. focus on that, then move on.

    There’s so much material, but the game and pua haters pick away at the set backs instead of focusing on the successes.

    I dress better, look or “seem” younger. Now chicks don’t even a, whateversk my age. If they do, I use one of the many shit-test replies and reframe it.

    Be realistic in your goals, set some bench marks. Chat up the girl at the convenience store, the subway whatever.

    Take some interest classes—language classes, dance, pottery whatever. Start to neg the girl next to you. Take it from there.

    The thing about attitudes is they can change.


  22. I’ve noticed lately that high IQ people tend not to like small talk. It might be they need to re-frame communication as almost speaking a foreign language to make people comfortable and get some depth to the conversation. That guy seems highly critical of himself and negative about his life. He’s sounds passionless. Defiantly stop using hookers it’s a crutch. Make his life interesting and be more interested in other people and what’s important to them. Limit the amount of small talk at first to manageable amounts and gradually increase it. Join a group of high IQ people and find fellow small talk haters might be more enjoyable and less effort.

    Throat thing doesn’t work.

    Chicks don’t hide those traits people just willfully ignore them. Love gogles are more powerful than beer goggles.

    As far as nicknames go stick with the French Mon Cherie.;)

    Be nice to preggers chick, being pregnant makes woman feel vulnerable. I can explain the don’t do things right away. Listening and remembering count for something more then simple obeying so we shut up.


  23. Pregnant chicks ain’t that bad.
    It’s just that you need more variety when your girl is pregnant. I don’t get men who are repulsed by preggers, ok it’s not that sexy (fetishists apart) but not to the point of repulsion like with a triple chinned landwhale.

    I can’t really go for 5-6 months (where the belly reaches critical proportions) fucking only preggos, but I wouldn’t ignore her either. I would just really long for more action on the side.


  24. […] Reader F’in Mailbag! « Chateau Heartiste […]


  25. Your response to letter one was very interesting. You might have won me as a visitor to your site now. I go on a voice for men a lot and listen to their podcasts. Basically all I care about right now is waking up, escaping from the matrix of the matriarchy and materialistic consumeristic culture. I do not consider myself an MRA but I want to break free in the mind and heart and be able to see life as it is. Part of that involves understanding a woman’s nature and her sexuality, as it also involves understanding traditional model of men and women relationships, and how that has changed since feminism in it’s various waves has come to us. I used to be involved in PUA for a few years, when I was in my early twenties as I was confused and desperate. I was about to say horny, but I don’t think that’s really it. I was more looking for validation and acceptance by woman and society, as I think many of us are, rather than just a hole to put my prick into. Anyway, I do not consider myself a pua or even interested in being a player. I want to find a quality woman to be with and marry, as I think a lot of us do. Even those who don’t, I think, are missing out. I think of marriage and children now as a wholesome well balanced meal, whereas pua for one’s life is eating donuts to sustain oneself, although the marriage has to be with a quality woman and I know the danger in our culture, which is just about rotten to the core, and is very unsafe for marriage, so I cannot blame men for opting out, especially when there is also confusion involved about basic facts.

    Anyway I am starting to ramble. I just wanted to say I liked your analysis of female sexuality when it is unleashed and how women can be very manipulative, and very carnal in the body. I think they depend more on sex than men do actually, because genetically men have had to adapt to not having any woman, if they were gamma males, whereas every woman was expected to give birth. That’s why I think we see men capable of MGTOW, but to woman, that is less likely. Although in our world we see every possible combination and I think humans are complex creatures, not set up for one particular diet or sexual diet perhaps (promiscuity versus monogomy, I do not refer to homosexuality in any way, which I think is unnatural.). I kind of ramble, but I just wanted to say I found your article a place of insight, esp the first part, that ties together many theories and ideas which inspire me from a Mens movement point of view, where I am now more at, but doesn’t shy away from a more on the ground game knowledge point of view, so I will be coming here more. I am sorry this is so abstract and vague. I want to participate and be part of a community, when I feel like it, but most of all I want to set my life up so I can get that mate and have children, but the obstacles are great in the world today for many reasons, many stemming from feminism and not just regarding gender relations but also how they have plunged the economy into debt, etc. I know I have an uphill battle but it is knowledge such as what you are providing that will be very helpful. I have just finished listening to the Game podcast on AVFM. I had to see what you were about here, though I’d been here before once actually.

    It almost seems like a form of betrayal, in society, against the kind guy. I don’t like the word ‘nice guy’ or ‘beta male’ but the goodwilled guy. Proof that so called ‘alphas’ who at one time were betas or worse are not really alphas is that the only real thing that’s really making the difference is the information and understanding they possess. Compared with how it is in primate groups. So we have changed the meaning of the term. SO called alphas today are more like hackers or code breakers, but that is a new meaning of the word. But if/when the system crashes…

    I realize the more things change the more they stay the same. E.g. traditionally, a man’s retirement fund was children, to support him in old age. Now it is soc. security. So people have less children, which means less people to pay into SS. Some able bodied people have to be there to drive the cars and dig the ditches no matter how much wealth shows up on paper. So they thought they could beat the system but they prove in Italy with low birth rate, that they can’t. Fools. So they import workers, and give away their culture. It is same with men and women. See, women are benefiting from a government welfare state that men are paying into disproportionately. They are essentially “wives and mistresses of the state” without any sexual obligations to the abstract state. They won the right to vote and they voted for socialism, which has psychological and romantic familial ramifications. They have all the bargaining power today, which means they are fickle in what men they select, and moreover, they have been made childish with our indulgence of them, which means they don’t want to eat their vegetables (marriage and fidelity). Then they learn about sexuality. Plus we have boys being raised without fathers or strong fathers, and so the boys are wussies as DD calls them, so they can’t attract women. You see where I’m going? I am saying it’s a perfect storm, and the collapse of our culture or at least the healing crises or judgement come to our society. Bad days are ahead, and Obama is just a pimp, throwing women cookies at man’s expense, and the kind ordinary men are bitter, and rightly so, and when the PUAs call these men idiots or whiners, often they are calling respectable men crybabies. Maybe it is them, the younger puas, trying to get back at their absent or weak fathers in a displacement sort of way. Anyway the system still needs labor to be run and the more we change the system, the more it stays the same, and when men stop putting into it, even if they still go pick up, maybe like you Heartiste, if they don’t indulge women, things will crash. Things may not go back to how they were before with gender roles but there will at least be equity and balance, but first there must be a lot of pain. The social bargain was broken and men have no bargaining power, esp those who want marriage. I am not trying to complain. I am just trying to state facts. Two more things: I think a lot of you men are seeking sex but it has I think a lot to do with approval and acceptance and status, more than just the physical satisfaction or even the intimacy. Note the language you use- of “scoring”. What does “scoring” have to do with love or even pleasure? It is status.

    We also live in a culture of fear and guilt. Women are afraid of being raped and men feel guilty for being men. This helps break the trust. We also live in a culture in the US of foreskin deficiency syndrome, which also affects the love bonding during sex. We have too many “independent” women who are not really independent. They simply have broken into the public deposit and stolen things with their strong alliances with the government leaders and the courts and lawyers and judges. These things hamper love to form. Then when their sexuality is discovered, we get a lot of narcissistic and shallow. They are trained to think in terms of their rights and entitlements, never mind what men are going through.

    You all may pick up as much as you want, but I advise you to exercise caution with whom you sleep with and how far you stick your neck out, in terms of unwanted pregnancy, rape allegations, etc etc. I think that needs to be talked about in the PUA community more, and I think heartiste probably does that. I also think you should find it interesting to associate at times with men in male spaces only. Bromance. I think this brings an emotional fulfillment not found elsewhere in general. Sam Keen talked about this. I think it’s an emotional experience we expect to get fulfilled from women but it doesn’t happen. Male spaces are great things. Women often can’t accept them and want to invade them, which is interesting in itself. In a sense, I think that’s one allure of the pua community, is that it is a large male space, but try to experience this in other domains as well. Talk about what it means to be a man in a male group, and you will get, I think, a lot of the same benefit, and maybe more, since you are not one sidedly talking about pussy. Sorry for this rant.


  26. Fantastic and very positive advice in all cases. Bravo.


  27. Heartiste, you still get approach anxiety?


  28. Obsessive beauty pageant mothers highlight another massively society-destroying aspect of feminism. As men lose hand in the family, kids grow up in a generally shittier environment. The stats for the last decade show biological mothers abusing their kids at greater than twice the rate of fathers.(about 40% of abuse is committed by biological mothers, about 17% by fathers). With nothing at all to hold them back, and feeling their narcissistic ground give way while in the peak stages of hitting the wall, many women use their own children as the outlet for their negative emotions.


  29. A pregnant woman’s belly is pretty sexy if it’s your kid in there.

    Also, pregnant women are sex lunatics during the second trimester.


  30. on October 6, 2012 at 6:00 pm Full-Fledged Fiasco

    Hey Heartiste, you are gonna love this.


  31. I read that it is difficult to communicate ideas across one standard deviation in IQ and its almost impossible across two standard deviations.

    Average IQ is 100, a standard deviation in IQ is 15 points, if you have have a 150 IQ you are completely fucked, you are destined to live your life as an outsider that is unable to effectively communicate with the vast majority of people.


    • If someone is really that smart, they can put their prodigious brains to work and think of a way to communicate those ideas to someone less gifted.

      Most super smart people cannot be bothered to though as they are too busy rationalizing their own superiority.


  32. “(pregnant women love reassurances that they are still sexy, even though most men are disgusted by the thought of fucking a woman with a giant bloated belly full of baby”

    LOL! I disagree that men hate sex with pregnant women, but lmao.


  33. Email #3 needs to use escorts until he gets his self respect back. He can afford it and he might find it’s the best use of his time and money anyway. Escorts sometimes fall for their clients. That used to be my goal. It worked several times.


  34. E-mailer #5 doesn’t care about advice. He just wanted to brag about himself.

    And ya, I’m being a hater. So what?


  35. Yeah, German is cool. Once, I ran the Berlin Marathon. There were showers provided for everyone at the finish-line. In the Kurfurstendamm – at the time the most up-scale avenue on the planet – girls to be put on one side, guys on the other, and no side curtains, This was old Berlin, afterall .That whole scene was surreal on a level hard to explain, even today. The cold war had just ended in a flash. East Germans were pissing on Stasis Head Quarters and burning Trabis like marshmellows from the ends of steel cables of construction cranes right on the Unter de Linden.
    By the end of the foot race my mind was flickering somewhat but a few memories survive. I do remember bits and pieces from the scene at the end..Literally hundreds of German girls feeling no un-ease at all getting a naked rinse-down imore or less in public within 20 yards of a bunch of guys doing the same thing.
    100% of the girl marathon finishers looked stone cold perfect as their naked, showering selves ; they knew it, everyone knew it – that being the case, there was nothing much to say.
    And the very present German Law Enforcement,, East and West, not yet deballed by PC ,would have kept order. Lots of order.But the miracle was – just how Pagan the whole scene really was That nothing seemed weird in displaying a couple hundred of their most fuckable jungerie naked to themale winning foot-racers within a few screened off blocks of the Ku Damm.


  36. Looking at some footage from that series “to catch a predator”. Is it just me or do most of those guys qualify as beta material?


  37. […] Chateau Heartiste – Reply To A Common Shit Test, Penis Size Around The World, The Dark Romance Genre, How To Remain Unflustered. . ., The Problem With Single Women Having The Vote, Reader F’ing Mailbag […]


  38. email #3. Reframing is important because the negativity acts as a rationalization for not doing anything: too short, too average, my SMV was low etc etc.

    Add to that the societal pressures put on guys to date “age appropriate women” etc and it’s an uphill battle.

    I stumbled on game and manosphere 2 years ago following a disastrous one-itis situation that I now realize I could have turned around had I understood inner game, game, male-female attraction, Mystery Method, comfort etc.

    I’ve gone from being an angry bitter beta to someone who this week banged 3 different chicks: 23, 26 and late 30’s and I’m 47.

    Inner game defines who you are. If you don’t think it’s worth the time to spend chatting with women, you need to dig deeper to overcome whatever obstacles are keeping you from moving forward—otherwise the self-loathing defines who you are.


  39. “Tried it, achieved nothing but cotton mouth”



  40. I won’t bore you by going through the litany of failure of all my love affairs. One thing from my teenage years I find worth mentioning is that whenever I ‘fell in love’ with a girl it was a curious thing. To be accurate and honest, what had happened was that – using the current jargon – I had ‘fallen in lust’. At that age, I would do anything to get into a girl’s knickers, and then along would come a set of totally confusing and bewildering hormonal-fuelled emotions that sort of ‘came with the territory’. In particular I remember my first serious love affair. We were both about sweet sixteen and very horny; the complication being my fear of getting her pregnant. The sexual tension mounted to an excruciating level, but I was terrified of the consequences of going ‘all the way’. After one excruciating evening of ‘almost’, she suddenly disappeared out of my life, only to turn up dating someone else. Sure enough, she immediately became pregnant by him, and I heaved a sigh of relief. But it did seem odd at the time – was that all she had been with me for? And what about love?


    • You were an idiot 16 year old and love does not exist. Only lust for sex. You chased pussy. I don’t think much changes, guys are still chasing. She was a cheating whore, thats to be expected. Never invest all your emotions into one girl, ever.


  41. on October 7, 2012 at 3:21 pm Full-Fledged Fiasco

    Hey Heartiste, check this out – GBFM without the lolzzolozzlolzz: WTF!


  42. File under: When women become men and men women. Ads pushing narrative of supportive hubby for ambitious wife. (Tweet)

    Look at the way she is starting to scrunch her forehead into the American Bitch DeathGlare when he is eating the pizza.


  43. “The Dark Triad of male psychological traits — narcissism, psychopathy, Machiavellianism — that are especially alluring to women has its equivalent in a female Dark Triad, which would include narcissism (hypergamy), caprice (emotional manipulation), and, like the reader says, perversity (alpha seed vs beta resource internal conflict). Female sexual and romantic innocence is the greatest trick the Cosmic Hamster has ever played on man.”

    An LTR between a man and woman with strong Dark Triad characteristics would be an epic battle of wills worth televising.

    Who would you put your money on?


  44. “File under: When women become men and men women. Ads pushing narrative of supportive hubby for ambitious wife.”

    I disagree. The commercial had a different vibe to me—like a young couple where the wife was trying to get in shape and the husband was supporting her. In this land of obesity he’d be a fool not to.

    Now when you see a commercial with the husband feeding the baby and scrubbing the floors with his wife in a career suit heading off to her big promotion—that’s a lot more suspect.


    • Did you see the guy’s supplicating eyes and beta body language?

      Definitely a herb supporting a swpl career chick who got her share of alpha cock.


      • Also see at 0:22 her eyes scrunching into an American Cunt DeathStare when she catches him relaxing and eating a pizza.


  45. This script sold last year for 6 figures. Titled SEX ON THE FIRST DATE. It’s about a cock carousel slut who meets the man of her dream after he gets an epiphany that she’s really a good girl despite the fact that she fucks strangers on the first night. Written by 2 hamsters approaching the wall.

    Have a read if you want a good laugh (or rage), but keep in mind that this juvenile drivel sold for around $300,000-$800,000.

    Please publish a book or write that novel, bro. I’m sick of this shit.


  46. Hey Heartiste, Bros, I need some help. I’m a bit Autistic so I take most statements at face value.

    Last week I drop my date off at her house and she says “Oh, looks like my parents aren’t home”. And at the time, I totally didn’t understand she was probing my interest and urging me to ask to come in.

    So we reach her door, we hug and kiss, and I leave (since to my mind she didn’t invite me in). Now, she turned me down for a second date.

    My question isn’t about her, but being able to see the implications hidden in statements.

    Any advice or experiences you can share?


  47. I wrote up a response to the last reader (pregnant girlfriend). Hopefully it’s of some help.


  48. “File under: When women become men and men women. Ads pushing narrative of supportive hubby for ambitious wife.”

    I saw this and couldn’t help but think, “yeah, I may be an omega but there is no way in hell I will ever be a beta bitch like this.”


  49. I wonder how many children he will end up fathering behind bars. My bet is on at least 5.


  50. on October 8, 2012 at 1:33 pm RappaccinisDaughter

    E-mail #4: Dafuq did I just read?

    I assure you that the pleasure inherent in delivering a beej is, though real, completely psychological. Until you learn The Trick, the physical experience revolves almost entirely around trying not to gag.

    What is The Trick?

    It is impossible to gag while you’re smiling. So…smile like a doughnut, ‘ho!


  51. When the press in Colombia wants to get eyes and ears for TV stories or readers for newspaper articles, they drag out stories on the kid prostitution trade.

    Keep in mind that the age of consent in Colombia is 14 and as long as you don’t get a girl older than 14 drunk or give her drugs, or break some law called, astupro, then she’s pretty fair game, even to uncles, under the law. Astupro is defined as using fraud or deceit. It is an old law that does way and entails telling the girl you would marry her just so you could fuck her. A girl less than 18 can’t legally work in bars with prostitutes, but they’re out on the street and the taxi guys know where they hang. You can find 15 year old out and about at 2 in the morning. And Colombian men talk in “months” about what ages they like in girls. They drop the “one hundred”. So a girl that is 14 is 168 months, a 15 year old is 180, a 16 year old is 192. So if a Colombian guys says “I like 86″. That means he thinks a girl that is 15 and 1/2 is cutest.

    So we’re talking 13 and under when your talking underage in Colombia. And most Americans know that they are bound by a law that prohibits any American from having sex with a girl under 18 anywhere in the world. I have yet to hear of a single guy that chased younger than 18. It probably happens but all that I have ever ran into is like 80% of men going to meet a girlfriend they met on line and the other 20% going for girls in legitimate places where they are all over 18.

    The kid prostituion stories are designed to grab the ears of mothers to outrage them that those bad bad men are paying money to have sex with kids. It makes them think the police are on the ball and busting crime. Arrest 100 muggers and it”s no big deal. Arrest one foreigner with a kid and it’s front page news. The reason it’s front page is that it happens so rarely that one gets arrested. Colombians all believe that gringos are the ones driving this trade.

    So what happens is you go over to some part of town, which foreigners have no idea exists, and you ask the guy that sells cigarettes and gum from a box, “Do you know of a young girl that wants a good time”. He makes a cell call and guess who comes over to make the deal with the guy?

    The girls mother or her aunt.

    There aren’t enough foreigners that go to Colombia to support anything, much less underage prostitution. I have taken 8 trips to Colombia and have spent an enormous amount of time there, many months at a time. Most of my flights have no foreigners on them. I can go weeks and not see another American. Maybe in the most famous tourist spots in Cartagena. But even in Medellin I can go quite a period of time and never see another American. It ain’t Americans that support prostitution in Colombia, it’s Colombians. And for every little girl that is being pimped, there is a mother or an aunt that is doing the pimping.


  52. Number one advantage of sex with pregnant women: if you’ve never had anal, there’s no better time than when her tummy is swollen. Women love anal when they’re knocked up. Unless they have haemorrhoids.