You Don’t Need To Be Witty To Have Game

Reader “disap” clarifies something which I’ve been meaning to explain but haven’t gotten around to doing so:

Once again people are so concerned with the perfect witty comeback. Not everyone can run game like a Californication script.

“We’d be together if you weren’t my mom’s age”

When in doubt, go laconic. Why do you dance to her qualification tune if you really have frame?

Easy responses : “LOL”
: “Totally.”

Or don’t take the shit test so seriously that “you’ve been challenged” and need to respond. This is the wrong mindset. She is just but another girl in the harem, don’t take her so seriously. Agree and Amplify, fallback number two.

Easy responses: “Kids these days, no respect for their elders.”
: “Pfft, I beat your mom at bingo at the senior center last week.”

Unless you got Hank Moody skills, falling back on Laconic/Agree and Amplify are the safest options. In other words, don’t swing for a triple when a simple single will do.

disap is LOL totally correct. Wit, while beneficial to picking up women, is not necessary. Wit, in fact, is a less vital attribute to possess than simply having an uncaring, outcome independent alpha male frame. Sometimes wit, when relied on to excess, can even get in the way of attracting women.

A lot of you beta readers wring your nutsacks whining about your lack of innate wit and how you struggle to find the right words for the pickup occasion. I don’t doubt your perceived inadequacies. Rapier-like wit, like height, has a significant genetic component; though, again like height, what is naturally there can be honed and improved upon by practice (nutrition) and knowledge accumulation (avoidance of environmental insults that stunt height potential) by observing witty men in action.

However, the good news is that, like disap wrote, a laconic, terse, devil-may-care frame will trump a string of try-hard witty ripostes almost every time. ALPHA FRAME, aka the ATTITUDE, is the foundational substructure that scaffolds the social savviness and personality peacocking that drapes over it like a virile raiment. Or, to put it in clearer terms, if you are all wit and no frame, you are an entertainment monkey who arouses women’s brains but leaves their pussies dry. In contrast, if you are all frame and no wit, you are a sexy beast women can’t help but find alluring, even as they gripe about your curt assholery to their friends.

Now, it should go without saying (though this blog does attract its share of stupids and ego-invested contrarians who need it said over and over) that it’s better to have frame AND wit, rather than frame alone. Hank Moody wit is a killer weapon to have in the field, even more potent than having top 10% looks. But, if you had to choose, frame is the better of the two. So banish from your thoughts doubts that your lack of wit consigns you to involuntary celibacy. I’ve witnessed too many overconfident lunkheads without a clever word to say but teeming with the right attitude effortlessly swoop babes to believe otherwise.

Maxim #55: Less talking is always sexier than more talking. If you struggle to find something witty to say to a girl, stop trying. Flailing for the “right” words is approval-seeking beta behavior that women can sniff from across a room.

Corollary to Maxim #55: A grunt or aloof gesture trumps a try-hard, strained, verbose comeback.

When this subject comes up in real life, I like to tell my guy friends to recall those times they were challenged or annoyed by their sisters or some female friends they didn’t find attractive. I ask them to remember how they felt, how they acted, and what they said. Invariably, they all say they remember being cool as cucumbers, dismissive, and even rude. They were careless with their words and cared even less what their sisters or unattractive female friends thought of them. They remember feeling like one might feel if a mosquito was buzzing around one’s head; they just wanted to shoo it away, or tell it to go find the nearest bug zapper. They certainly did not try to impress them with Shakespearean wit.

“Good,” I say. “Now that’s the way you should act when you talk to ATTRACTIVE girls.”

I hope the lesson isn’t lost on them.


  1. That is some tight writing man. So eloquent and articulate. Right on brother!


    • on August 9, 2012 at 5:31 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      “stay witty get more tiitty!!” –why da gbfm never drinks lzozolzol

      in my long life
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      a) it costs less
      b) no hangover.headaches
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    • on August 9, 2012 at 5:34 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      hey heratitess heartsites!!!!

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      “Rock Throwing Peasant says:
      August 9, 2012 at 1:32 pm
      Somewhere, in an office in central lzozozozozolol, GBFM drags his fingers through his hair, rubs the back of his neck and sighs mournfully, “I am become death, the destroyer of comments section.””

      i like it how christains are good and accepting and love der neighbor and love their eneemeiez as jesusth told them tooo!!!

      dey will all be going to blog heaven!!!

      while da poor gbfm will be rbnning burnring in blog hellzozolelozlozlzozlozzo


  2. Yea, someone in some forum somewhere solved the shit test riddle permanently for me. He said, “one thing I’ve noticed about the top PUAs, they don’t react to shit-tests at all. A girl will throw something at them and they will basically ignore it.”

    Newbie gets shit-tested -> gets angry at the girl

    Gamer gets shit-tested -> agree and amplify (‘witty’)

    PUA gets shit-tested -> no reaction

    There are variations of this of course, but it also applies to compliance tests. You send a girl a compliance test and she doesn’t give in, or flakes, noobs try and ‘be witty,’ Gamers say “Next,” PUA doesn’t react and tries again later. Persistence works when it comes from a frame of non-reactivity, you guys are really too quick to Next around here (aka ego protection)

    [heartiste: no reaction can sometimes seem weird to girls, especially if that’s all you have in your pickup arsenal. agree & amplify is an excellent mode of thinking and a useful field tactic for maintaining frame and passing shit tests. plz don’t try and reinvent the wheel to score debate points over people who get under your skin.]


  3. Gamer > pua. You got it wrong shocker. The gamer would not react.


  4. Witty? No, just loud, selfish and impulsive (of course, that’s being immature… but maturity is for unexciting loser “Betas” chicks don’t want to fuck now anyway).


    • Witty can come off as try-hard because it’s impossible to be witty all the time.

      The extroverted guy and the guy that just shrugs are appealing to chicks because they both don’t give a shit. The extroverted guy shows he doesn’t care but saying whatever pops in his head.

      When shy guys try to be witty or extroverted, it comes off strained and too caring. That’s why a simple *meh* works better for the shy guys. Still, nothing cleans up better than a naturally extroverted guy.


    • Of, course, what we’re all really trying to do is this (below)… but it doesn’t work for some guys or with some girls.


  5. See, this is basic, but for those with inborn beta tendencies, it’s important to hear this stuff again and again. How many times have we seen guys be successful and then go soft in a relationship, or lose their edge when they are out of practice. This s*** is like going to AA meetings for betas haha


  6. Wit is a weapon, but the warrior is more important than the weapon he uses. A good warrior can slay with any weapon.


  7. I grunt alot, or stare at the girl and then look away aimlessly. A little mini-routine I often tell girls is “We need to start communicating mostly in grunts, shoves and pushes. And for you, moans”


  8. Too much wit quickly seems to turn to sarcasm and becomes irritating after a while. A man who doesn’t respond gets the hamster spinning in light speed. One cannot help questioning oneself when being ignored, especially by someone we find attractive.


    • Good point this. Too many women think that wit is spiteful unfunny banter. If you engage in wit their replies quickly become anti-men putdowns, especially if they are in the company of their girlfriends. If you challenge them at their own game (sarcasm, sharp observatiions) they get butthurt and start insulting you directly.


  9. Don’t give up the wit. I love it, however, at some point kissing should replace talking. One of my favorite things about men is their laugh. I hate to see guys become so cool they forget to laugh once in a while! 🙂 Re the last bit: women get the same advice.


  10. The sweet spot for witty retorts are ones that you make for your own amusement, and not necessarily to “zing” the chick. Of course, look away from her and accompany with a snort and half-smirk.

    [heartiste: good point.]


  11. I enjoy the exchange of wits for its own sake. Unfortunately they are not much in supply among younger women.

    When a girl gives back good as she got, I’m more likely to be amused and mildly surprised than I am to be resentful or defensive or try-hard witty. That’s all you need to distinguish yourself from 90% of the faceless male masses.

    It’s a “game,” right? That’s why we use the g-word. What’s the point of it if you’re not enjoying your playtime? If you break the tension with playfulness, she’s more likely to be playful herself. Defenses lowered, wit comes easier, everything is easier.

    So, to some degree, a focus on the mechanics of approach and response and pose defeats itself. Not only does your frame suffer, it actively detracts from the sheer fun of what should be a leisurely time above all.

    Are the two dudes sitting with the disaffected chick calibrating their responses and fine-tuning their attention to the lady, or are they relaxed and letting the vibe do all the work for them? By the end of that scene, the girl is frustrated, the guys are wasted, and she is sitting off to the side, arms crossed and pouting — but still hanging in there, every piece of attention she receives becomes like table scraps falling to the hungry puppy on the floor. Less is more.

    If you set the stage where you have to perform for her like a stand up, you will have to, you know, actually perform. It’s easier to just set the stage a little differently from the start.



  12. Much depends on the girl of course. Wit will turn her off if she lacks intellect, culture, or self confidence. (At least here in Europe.)
    In fact, wit is a good way to screen her for these traits, if you need to find out.

    The other thing is that you can only be really witty if you are not overwhelmed by her looks, so being witty is DHV if I understand the lingo.


  13. Since you’ve brought it up, it’s amusing how even my own sister changed how she treated me when I began to shed my beta behaviors. She
    is three years older than me, and growing up I was her “annoying, silly brother” who she felt little need to show respect for.

    Before I knew anything about game, out of frustration I began to change my behaviors from beta to alpha, albeit haphazardly, but better than nothing, and I still remember the time my sister noticed and said:

    “Wow, what’s with you lately? You’re getting uppity.”

    Uppity. I felt self-conscious that she noticed, but also pleased because I knew I was on the right track. Months and years passed and she grew to accept the new me, and get ready, to the point where I could sense my own sister was attracted to me. It was strange, but it was impossible not to notice.

    (I’m aware that incest is best, but no, we’ve never fooled around.)


    • I know what you mean bro. After I learned game I was able to have a 3 way with my mom and grandmother.

      Seriously though you’re still a faggot lol


    • Inneresting.

      I’ve felt similar attraction from my little sister after I was unconsciously running game in her presence (flirting with our hot waitress when we were out to dinner, for example, and getting big response).

      Women must be wired to react to the same alpha-behavior, whether blood or not-blood, it doesn’t matter. This stuff doesn’t have to be leading to sex, but more likely just to protection.


    • Would someone take this sick puppy for a walk


  14. on August 9, 2012 at 5:49 pm Oldest member

    In my experience, the best thing to do is to turn your head slowly and look at the girl with faint amusement. Take note of the word ‘slowly’.


  15. “cool as cucumbers”
    cooler than a polar bear’s toenails.


  16. Excellent post again. I’d be compelled to hear your thoughts on dating women at work. I’m a waiter part-time, and there are plentiful waitresses to seduce.


    • If you don’t care about your job, go right ahead. If you care about it, don’t mix business with pleasure. Every single one of those waitresses talks with the rest of the staff regularly. Unless you’re a master seducer, you’ll get fucked and not in the way you are hoping.


    • Geezer here. Been employee, manager, owner, contractor. Short firm answer for you — you can’t date women in your own work group.

      Way OT, but related to earlier posts, more great entertainment from the gift that keeps giving, Kristen Stewart:

      It’s business as usual for Kristen Stewart’s heavily tattooed mother Jules as her daughter hides away


    • Don’t dip your pen in company ink.


    • You don’t ever date women at work. However you should fuck as many of them as you can. Your main gig should be off limits unless you are a really good, but you are asking about your PT gig.

      The food service industry is pussy central and you should do well, unless you are a buffoon. The best time to bang is when you all go out as a group and all get drunk…which should be at least twice a week. I never worked in a restaurant, but the staffer are my favorite pulls. I live at the beach and there is fresh, tight, young meat every season…Yum


  17. the trick is to balance wit with not caring. be witty, but ignore her attempts to be so 2/3 of the time. you have to laugh sometimes though, otherwise she’ll think you’re scary or don’t like her. best solution is to laugh more at her instead of with her, that way you’ll have fun in a completely non-supplicting way = win.


  18. Best retort I’ve heard,girl “i am wise beyond my years.” Natural, “Oh yeah, whats 16 times 16”

    Great advice, I think a problem is the try hard witty remarks when the initial approach fails to illicit any interest on the part of the girl. As a AFC, I’ve felt the conversation slip away as I’ve found myself search for clever clever. The problem with smarts is the tendency to use them.


  19. Totally off topic, but wanted to throw our boy Heartiste a possible topic…taking a road trip thru the American south to see friends, and rented a car because the air con in mine sucks. Long story short, I’ve got Sirius xm octane on and I hear two songs I hadn’t previously come across. “Blood” by In this Moment and “I Miss the Misery” by Halestorm. Both play nicely into what we know about da wimminz and their affinity for drama, etc.


    • I have Sirius XM radio and noticed that as well. Channel 52 also has some good indicators (you’re bad, but I want you anyways, etc). Listen to the lyrics of female vocalists and you get a good peak into the female mindset. Quite disturbing.


      • Or just go back to 1960

        “He’s a rebel and he’ll never ever be any good” (she loves this guy)

        “That’s when I fell for the leader of the pack” (this one loves the bad boy too)

        “I want to be Bobby’s girl,
        That’s the most important thing to me… “( yep that’s it ,no other ambition)

        “Born too late for you to notice me
        To you I’m just a kid”(this kid wants it from the older guy)

        Yeah, females have changed a lot in 50 years lol


      • “My Boyfriend’s Back” (and you’re gonna be in trouble) (1963)


        “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'” (1966)

        “You’re So Vain” (1972)


      • “You Oughta Know” (1995)


      • That Shangri-Las group (Leader Of The Pack) also had one called He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss).


      • Some other girl whose name escapes me at the moment had a hit called Johnny Get Angry:

        Johnny get angry, Johnny get mad,
        Give me the biggest lecture I ever had…
        I want a brave man,
        I want a caveman.

        That “lecture” line doesn’t exactly ring true, but I guess the songwriter was trying to keep it non-sociopathic.


      • Songs on the radio were censored (they still are to a lessor degree) so if you wanted any airtime you had to tone it down. And this was at a time when radios were really the only option. So you really have to read between the lines of these old songs to get the meaning, the same as you did for any sex scenes in old films or lines with a double meaning.


  20. Smarts like any other aspect of your personality doesn’t attract a girl, it’s the application of them that does. If you can’t apply them appropriately for the situation, don’t use them.


  21. Great post. I ignore the racism and the trolls for this stuff.


  22. on August 10, 2012 at 4:06 am Steel Diamondback

    Wit is the lure. Frame is the hook.


  23. O/T but this needs to float around the manosphere and I figured the Chateau is a great place to start: Feminists are saints and men are sinners.


    • on August 10, 2012 at 10:11 am antirationalist

      Replace “men” with “blacks” or “Muslims”, and see how long any policy would last…


    • Ths is why we need to base laws on science instead of the empty shrills of single moms. The overwhelming majority of child molesters victimize children they know. They are the uncle, family friend, teacher, gym coach, etc. The random stranger pedophile happens very rarely (basically the same stats apply to women who get raped by men).


  24. Witty?! Game: Go to expat club, pick up barely legal freelance girl. Spend $20 for a night of real-pro-get-you-off-but-she-looks-like-an-innocent-teenager sex.

    Drop off girl next afternoon, go friends house, no shower, still smelling like cheap booze, cheap hookers, cheap sex. Tell story in every sordid detail. Observe “good girls”, including the recently married one, wanting to get fucked by your evil, sex-tourist cock.

    Just sayin, some of this witty-calibration discussion might be a little over-engineered (though interesting).


  25. on August 10, 2012 at 10:04 am firsttimecommenter

    I justr recently discovered this myself,.im a long time reader but sometimes I felt like if I didnt pitch a perfect game I wouldn’t close wich is so not the case.


  26. “Or, to put it in clearer terms, if you are all wit and no frame, you are an entertainment monkey who arouses women’s brains but leaves their pussies dry.”

    It’s nugget of goodness like this that keep me coming back. I should also note that i equally liked:

    “ALPHA FRAME, aka the ATTITUDE, is the foundational substructure that scaffolds the social savviness and personality peacocking that drapes over it like a virile raiment.”

    First time I’ve ever seen “scaffold” used as a verb. Well done all around, good sir.


  27. How she has become this popular? Do betas are capable of being this submissive to a woman even in their own fantasies?
    35 million total video views. Fucking seriously?


  28. Great article, hit the nail on the head. I kept seeing too many comments always searching for the perfect witty retort, as if they can find the magical word combination that will unlock the girl’s vagina. Or guys get stuck trying to brainstorm the perfect response to the shit-test. That is advanced level game, the sprinkling on top of the frame doughnut. Play for singles and you will get a lot father than hacking for HRs. Be the Ichiro of game.


  29. Response to the question, “Are you a player?” Yes.

    The more straitlaced and conservative the girl seems; the better it works.

    Seriously, it becomes fun after a while.


  30. “We’d be together if you weren’t my mom’s age”

    “Maybe I should be banging her?”


  31. on August 10, 2012 at 4:40 pm blackbird.young

    At a local bar approx. one week ago , following playing pool with two older male’s, both upper beta or Alpha status depending…we went outside for a cigarette.

    The bar-maiden at this pub – a local hole-in-the-wall with hole’s in the wall, open from 7AM until past my state’s legal hour’s – is easily a 10. She is the only bartender I’ve ever seen there, and one of maybe two women under the age of 38 I’ve seen inside that place.

    It’s mainly full of straight from the page Bukowskian Ham on Rye alcoholics (all with but one thing in common: they were drinking heavily around siesta time): biker’s, failed lawyers, construction workers, retiree’s, ex-convicts, near-homeless, manic depressives, gamblers, ramblers, con-men, every day working class, divorce-trial husbands, failed lawyers, pool sharks, and the occasional younger alcoholic who stumbles in and feels finally at home, for what few minutes he’s able to manage the lack of money in his wallet being divulged along with his every secret to the beautiful woman behind the counter.

    The bar is made up of regulars, almost exclusively. Everybody knows every body. And every now and again someone like me and those other guys I was to play pool with walk in, about twenty times the value of every other male hunched over their respective stool’s, all red-faced, disgruntled guttural-voiced, laughing at all as if all is as funny as it isn’t, and making snide sexual innuendos at the hot chick serving their bud light’s – or if their feeling lucky due to the ten dollar scratcher they won – a Stone IPA, the fanciest beer in the bar; unless of course they are the ones getting off a hard day’s work of “crunching numbers” having lost their wives and kids in some legal battle costing them half their worth, drinking their double gin & tonics; or the retiree’s drinking the vodka-vodka’s with a splash of vodka and a dash of sprite.These regulars are all shook up when someone like me walks in – a stranger, and a young on at that, at this hour…?/… I don’t belong, or do i?

    [this all relate’s to the article above in the end, so keep reading if you have time]

    I order my drinks, converse lightly with various personages drowning their sorrow’s in a bottle full of piss. Play around with various ideas in my head, until finally playing pool. I don’t win every game, but win most. Though the games were centered around or circumvented by or reduced to a means through which us then three men could converse.

    The two beside me who I challenged to a game were infinitely more valuable monetarily and lifestyle-wise (as far as I could tell – as far as I began to learn), as well as in skill level which comes with 20 years of playing pool, and had twice my value aesthetically speaking regarding the obvious monetary worth in dress and physique in grown manhood if that even makes sense: with nice watches and each bearing expensive rings or at least one signifying their marriage, and casually dressed however clearly adorned in pricey clothes compared to my shabby-used-two-year-worn entire outfit of mine which could be considered hip if I weren’t in a bar called The Office, and bearing a confidence expressed by the vocalization of whatsoever they were conversing about – which I joined in, eventually making the game null, winner careless, and purpose of banging sticks against balls trivial; though this is where Game stepped in, conversation skills: how could I compete, or match up to these established men besides displaying an obvious ability to play pool to the point of being willing to challenge them?

    As I order drinks and play pool and talk with these guys about Townes van Zandt, Brian Eno, the meaning of music, Rachmaninav, marriage, children, rock star’s, Django, self-taught vs. trained, liars & thieves, pool shark’s, craigslist, the rental space they are using to record music in, etc…throughout it all, it’s as if they are shit testing me (well one of them, who saw me as competition because he wanted to land a spot playing music with the other guy’s band, who seemed increasingly interested in me, as I play music as well, and was able to relate more with the ambient-experimental-avant-garde John Zorn meets early Eno meets Nurse With Wound idea, instead of other Alpha-pseudo-Alpha’s hyper coke-like state of wanna be a fat old rock star). Throughout all of this I was negging the bar-maiden. Eye contact always. Not one moment of me looking away first. Having her buy me a drink. Having her want me to want her to do something. What peaked her interest at first was that I noticed a tattoo on the back of her neck. It was in Hebrew. I’m not Jewish. However I’m not like the rest of the drunken fool’s in there. I say, YHVH (YAHWEY) on your neck? And her interest in me peaked.

    Well, I let it all flow naturally, everything, though would loudly establish my own view with these other guys (I wanted to use their recording space, and did in fact get the guys info cause he wants me to jam with them), or ask them questions to relate themselves to me and I to them; so anyway Game dynamics working in social setting in bar with people not my age, and then with this chick.

    Now the interesting part: I want a cigarette, old guy with recording space wants a cigarette, other guy doesn’t smoke. We go out to smoke, in the back. I manage to, in one confident and brazen swoop of an offering, exchange a single cigarette for SEVEN dollars with the guy who had the recording space. Following that, they are all fine and we’re discussing music.

    I’m talking with the other guys back facing the door. As I’m saying really loudly, “you mean that fucking hot bar-maiden that is half the reason these guys come here in the first place?”.Out walks the hottie. Of course three or four fucking dudes from the bar walk out with her, like dogs wanting a treat of a conversation beyond being served a beverage. She hears, is both flattered and disgusted, I could tell.

    Douchebag fatty rock star then ‘calls me out’ on something trivial to make me the center of attention, to see if I’d cower.

    And then, encircled by eight dudes, one of which I just hustled seven dollars for form a cigarette, and the other guy (the two I was playing pool with) clearly trying to AMOG me or whatever that’s called, says some dick thing about so you’re arrogant eh? Think you’re funny? Let’s hear a joke!

    They all join in except the dude that lost 7 dollars for an American Spirit.

    Hot girl: Yeah I wanna hear a joke funny guy!?

    Looking right at me.

    Other guys: Yeah, comment comment comment not really listening just laughing at all of them.

    All eyes on me. Everyone EXPECTING me to fail somehow from this major shit test thrown at me by a group now in front of the girl they all heard me say was hot as an egg on an Arizona sidewalk mid-July.

    You wanna hear a joke? I considered belittling the man next to me for paying the seven bucks. Or saying something, anything, scrambling to say something, but then I remembered what’s written above, about saying less is far better than saying more, or trying to appease the demands of fellows who want to make a fool of me to build themselves up.

    Instead: I walk directly up to the bar-maiden slowly (no one’s talking at this point), still smoking my cigarette. Looking at me like this was my last chance to prove to her something (which why would I if she’s just a gigantic lie of bringing money into a bar in the first place?). I mean seven or eight grown men around me urging me to tell a joke, and then the hot bar maiden, and oh yeah some other woman who was looking at me and the bar chick like pfff this kid.

    I’m then maybe three inches away from her face, Eye to eye, I say:

    “No. I’d like a gin and tonic.”

    I put out my cigarette. She’s confused as all hell, everyone starts awkwardly talking again. She has to put out her smoke, and walks back in to pour me a drink.

    After that moment, and since that day, all eye’s are on me when I’m there, and her eye’s I mean.

    I then got a free pizza from some dude. And another guy bought me a drink.

    Were there other women there at 3:30 in the afternoon, besides the woman beside her outside who later gave me her number, and was named Amber – who went on to tell me about Red Flag #1 her boyfriend was abusive and Red Flag #2 she knows which bars are open at 7AM and Red Flag #3 after she finishes her drink she’s going to go back to work.

    Moral of the story is: confidence makes even older men who could stomp you into the ground whither like dying flower’s if used jokingly appropriately.

    Use your disadvantaged looks to your advantage. Currently I’m out of shape from recent surgery, and I wear glasses. Who looks weakest is often oddly strongest.

    Now, that was way too much typing to tell a simple story of how saying less always says more. However this is all situational. All of it.

    Game = Eye Contact, Stand Tall, Speak Firmly, Don’t Be Afraid of What Can’t Hurt You, Say What You Know & What You Mean (& Comprehend)

    Also, I finally realize why drinking is such a hindrance to Game. It may give you this false sense of confidence. But what happens when you come down?

    Here’s some good music for you all to understand some stuffs.

    Devil Makes Three – Black Irish

    Devil Makes Three – Gracefully Facedown

    Cheer’s. Quit drinking, otherwise you’ll end up paying someone like me seven dollars for a cigarette you don’t even like smoking.

    – blackbird.young (is making a return after what I can only liken to playing with the Devil’s Trumpet – Datura – blessed be all of ye)

    shit waking up during a detox this late sucks I gotta go


    • You lost me at “we went outside for a cigarette”… smoking pollutes the soul.


      • on August 10, 2012 at 7:58 pm blackbird.young

        drugs are bad. smoking included.

        there are a few people using this e-mail account, btw.

        so i’m not sure which one posted this.

        however, I’d delete the comment if I could.


  32. wtf was that?
    I’m just trying to figure out for what purpose were you associating with the dregs of society. And were you surprised at the details of the bartender’s (a 10?!) personal life?
    Big fish in a small pond. Try that where the sharks swim and let me know how you do.


    Classic post Heartisiststse!!


    • You most certainly do. With the young it’s amatter of who is less dumb. They simply do not have the experience an older man does.


  34. The thing i usually do which generally works for me is that i start off talking to her in an enthusiastic and interested vibe; always smiling, nodding etc.
    After about a minute, i start to deliberately close it off, which makes then go bat shit crazy.

    They start investing more and more into the interaction because the psychology of the whole thing is that she’s now getting the impression that she’s done something wrong to turn you off and is now her job to regain your validation.

    From there, you can then steer the conversation to wherever you want it to go… A very powerful and effective strategy that works all the time, when calibrated correctly.

    Of course, the more genuine it is and the girl is ‘really’ doing something wrong, the more powerful it is.


  35. I think wit is something you develop over the years (just like game). For me it’s like second nature to have quick and clever come backs and i think thats mostly because i grew up with 5 siblings ( with 3 being annoying ass sisters).


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  37. Anymore actual responses to this particular shit test? The age thing? Does ignoring truly work? It seems like an issue to them. I had been thinking about this. I had thought about saying “You’re just falling for conditioning that old bitties who are jealous of you want to you to believe. They don’t want to compete with you. So they put this shit in your mind. You know it takes time to be a substantial man”.

    I know that in general you have to keep manosphere shit from them like another post where you said if you use words “alpha male” and “expiry date” then you are as good as dead.

    But I think this particular little shit test might need to be handled by something other than just ignoring it. Or maybe not. I hope that ignoring it is sufficient. But I am going to come up against it often.

    So far Tomassi had the best response but the Oldest Member guy said he just looks at them with faint amusement.


  38. I’d take a witty extroverted alpha over an aloof mysterious alpha. Though both are a good way to play it. Just my personal preference.
    I also think that on a first date wit and laughter are necessary.

    two examples of where this worked out in his (my?) favor,

    The two best dates I’ve had this year led to sex. How? These men were extremely witty. And they both handled “shit test” with “agree and amplify.”
    I have an odd way of flirting, most men *betas* think I hate them. I’ll act smug and bitchy in what I deem to be an ironic way. If you pay attention you can easily see that I am joking and in a rather good/playful mood but weaker men just get intimidated. It’s a fairly easy way to weed the betas out. For me at least.

    These two great men, took my light teasing well and later on the date they would dish it back. The best dates are full of laughter and witty retorts. They were both insanely quick and I think they were naturally extroverted so nothing was forced. This is rare. I would even say there were traces of boyish playfulness.

    good example: I live in nyc, on the way over to his place from the bar, I really had no time to rethink my choice to go home with him because I was too busy laughing and talking about Mad Men and Game of Thrones. This is probably good to note if you are living in nyc because it takes a bit longer to get home at night on a weekend and you can’t have the girl thinking too much about whether she is making a slutty move. These things don’t really concern me but it would for the average chick.

    Anyway…back to the trip to his place. We are one stop away on the platform. Men are staring at me which is not unusual I’m pretty beautiful and on this night I was definitely a solid 8.8. They are looking at him because I am laughing so hard I have to hold onto something. At some point he told me he had begun to watch Game of Thrones and that’s my favorite show so I wanted to mention something to him about a particular character and he was feigning horror at the possibility of me spoiling it. when I tried to speak he hid behind one of those large beams and we kind of did a weird cat and mouse thing. I was sort of chasing him around the beam. This lasted for a split second but I loved it. It was a pretty memorable moment. It was first date magic.

    It wasn’t an “entertainment monkey” move because we were already well into the date, around 3 hours, and he was getting wittier/funnier and braver with his teasing. He didn’t give a shit and it was obvious and very attractive. I later found out he has a huge penis. Maybe that has something to do with it.


    • Down to the 10th of a point accuracy on the objectification measure is unusual for anyone who does not do a lot of tail watching. A tad Aspergery for a chick don’t cha think? Its a shame too. I can’t tell you how many times she was off a 10th on bang-a-nine nights.


      • A tad Aspergery for a chick don’t cha think?

        Assuming the writer is a chick… my gaydar readings challenge that assumption.


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  40. The whole quiet alpha thing doesn’t work in reality unless you have high social proof of being a ‘cool guy’.

    Celebrities can get away with being boring conversationalists, as can ‘jocks’ (athletic/skater/surfer types), but if you’re not in those category then you need to be outgoing, charming, witty, interesting etc.


  41. Greatest scene in movie history.

    “am I a clown?”….

    Although being funny is Alpha, being a clown is paradoxically beta because you are slavishly entertaining people. Why would an alpha give a shit about making people laugh?