The Difference Between A Cheating Alpha And A Cheating Beta

When a beta cheats on a woman, NOTHING HE DOES WILL APPEASE HER.

When an alpha cheats on a woman, ALL IS FORGIVEN.

I’ve observed it many times. And you have, too. The good betaboy who slips up once and has an affair. The girlfriend or wife finds out (because, naturally, handwringing betas can’t live with a guilty conscience) and, if he’s lucky, he’s in the doghouse for months of celibate grindage. If he’s not so lucky, she uses his slip-up as a pretext to dump him so that she can shack up with the dude she’s been cheating with for years. Behold the beta who clumsily meddles with the forces of alpha: you’ve never seen such undignified contortionist remorse so ineffectually sway a woman to leniency.

But an alpha male who cheats, even repeatedly? If he’s really on top of his game, his jilted girlfriend will cry her eyes out in an orgy of self-blame wondering why she doesn’t please him, then bake him a cake. If she’s made of stronger stuff, she might chastise him for ten minutes, weep bitterly for an hour into her pillows, then bang his brains out in a monumental after-fight sesh.

To those whom much is given, little is expected. To those whom much is expected, little is given.


  1. To those whom much is given, little is expected. To those whom much is expected, little is given.
    –> “For those to whom much is given, little is expected. To those from whom much is expected, little is given” ?

    Anyway is it possible for a (repentant) beta to cheat, and then handle the aftermath in a strong way as to emerge as an alpha?


    • I think Heartiste went to church yesterday.

      From the liturgy of the Word on Sunday:

      For to everyone who has, more will be given and he will grow rich; but from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away.

      And throw this useless [beta] into the outer darkness, where there will be wailing and grinding of teeth.



      • Ok, so what did you think of the reading from Proverbs 31:10-13, 19-20, 30-31? I was a bit shocked, but only because I think there are so few “good” ones left.


      • Stingray wrote: “… so few ‘good’ ones left.”

        Few good what? Readings? The readings were game-resonant this week. As they usually are, in some way.

        About Proverbs: “Charm is deceptive and beauty fleeting. …” In one verse and six words, the core truth of pick-up followed by the eternal verity that weaponizes game. What other weapons are in that dusty vault we haven’t peered into since Sunday school?

        Every woman has those proverbs written on her heart. They comprise what she knows she should be, what she should strive to be, what she was intended to be — before indulging hypergamy became synonymous with political liberation. Feminism has made it gauche to mention the truth in polite company.

        But make no mistake, rabid atheist libertines will choose feminism over faith seven days a week and twice on Sunday, as you will witness anytime the original G word is mentioned in these precincts (and, I predict, in the presence of our innocuous little conversation here). They cannot so much as consider the possibility that there was Game before game, and they become apoplectic in the presence of the revelation that contradicts their undiagnosed wretchedness. This is what possession really means in the modern context. It’s not pea-soup puking and levitating off the bed; it’s the sharp impulse to spit and hiss when they witness two Christians like us speaking truth. Their criticism uniformly makes no sense. It is pure spiritual reaction, maniacal and diabolic.

        You should come to my study group. Wait, are you at my study group? The revolution begins in the upper room, it has already begun.


      • Few good what? Readings?

        Sorry. I meant wives. “When one finds a worthy wife”. My brain replaced worthy with good after I reread it before I replied to you. An unfortunately common thing in my world.

        I was stunned and grinning like an idiot during this reading on Sunday. I truly hope the women of the congregation were listening, but it is terribly difficult to take much (if not all) of the reading to heart for too many women. I believe many woman think they are reaching out to people to help, when in reality they do it for some strange kind of validation from their women friends. But caring for ones husband, “bring[ing] him good, and not evil” many women seem incapable of today. They tend to think “well my husband is a big boy and he can take care of himself.” I find it sad. Letting go of the selfishness and caring for ones husband is very rewarding (and it can be a hell of a lot of fun, too. Teasing is a wonderful thing). Women have lost so much since feminism arrived. And we have taken away too much from you all.

        Wait, are you at my study group?

        Alas, no. I am currently not in a study group.

        I became Catholic 6 years ago and when I went through RCIA I found I often had to keep my mouth shut as many of the women (and men) were highly feminized. I should have spoken out, but I did not have the courage (unfortunately I can write better than I can speak. I have time to form my thoughts completely. When in a conversation that has the potential to offend I tend to babble. I am working on it and improving). I am also at a relatively conservative diocece. I can’t even imagine how the heads would explode if I said at a bible study what I say here. Not that it doesn’t need to be said, mind you.


      • Stingray wrote: “As regards the hand holding, unfortunately our church still does that. We often do not (the kids enjoy it and we will do it with them). We do say His but leave out for us men in the Nicene Creed (we, as a family, add it in ourselves).”

        And here I thought you said your diocese was “conservative.” Or is your parish an outlier otherwise surrounded by traditionalism? God help us if the hand-holding kumbaya tambourine vibe is the new standard of conservatism. What’s the liberal side? This?

        There’s a reason the churches emptied out, especially the mainstream Protestant ones.

        I’m not sure what you mean by “beyond conservative.” I don’t place my faith in men or politics, and certainly not in political men. They are my servants; in a republic, I am sovereign. The parties are tools with which we mediate our sovereignty, and should they fail at their task, they will receive no loyalty from me. But right now we get the politicians we deserve. There will be no savior, only unconditional demands placed upon servants from their master, us.


      • And here I thought you said your diocese was “conservative.” Or is your parish an outlier otherwise surrounded by traditionalism?

        If what you mean by traditionalism is singing kumbaya to drums and guitar, then yes. This is what my diocese is surrounded by. Relatively speaking we are very conservative at my church. If we went to the church that is closest to us we would be sitting in chairs and would not kneel at any time in the service. It makes me sick. We get looks from other so-called Catholics when we tell them that we go to the Cathedral as opposed to the church they might go to. Looks that say, “Oh my. How can you stand something so conservative. They actually kneel and they make me feel . . . guilty. The women! They are oppressed! You mean you really do not believe there should be female priests?!” So yes, we do go to a conservative church. I am very envious that you have actually found a church that does not hold hands. But!! We do day “Him”, so all is not lost. ; )

        By beyond conservative, I guess I mean I am moving every further to the right. I grew up in a very conservative house and my dad has been lamenting that we are more conservative than he is now. Fiscally, we are moving into the libertarian side. Socially, no way.

        While I agree that politicians are supposed to be our servants (that is what America began with) they are moving beyond that now. They are passing laws, in secret, to get out of this servitude. Any political body that passes laws that make themselves exempt from the laws of the people are no longer servants. Insider trading, health care, sexual harassment, retirement, and I am sure many more that I am not familiar with. We are no longer a republic. I am not sure exactly when we tipped over the edge.


      • Ok . . . I couldn’t make it more than 50 seconds through that video you posted. I feel ill.


      • But make no mistake, rabid atheist libertines will choose feminism over faith seven days a week and twice on Sunday, as you will witness anytime the original G word is mentioned in these precincts (and, I predict, in the presence of our innocuous little conversation here).

        Today, yes. I’ll give you this. However, I do not think this is going to last. We are on the verge of turning a corner. Economic collapse (or at least a huge downfall) is coming and when it does, I think feminism will go by the wayside and I also think there will be (I pray) an increase in a return to the Church. With the new translation coming out in a couple of weeks and a return to a more masculine service I also hope for a large return of Men. At least at our church, the past two Sundays have been amazing in a return to a far stronger message. No coddling and hand holding, but a message to return to strength (to masculinity). It has been wonderful. My husband is extremely pleased.


      • Glad to see that you aren’t just a Christian girl but an engaged Catholic, too, Stingray. You are in all the right subsets. Even the adult conversion is a good sign: converts are likelier to have a more grounded and mature faith than the cradle-Catholics who struggle with an incomplete catechesis and wrestle with phantoms.

        Bl. John Paul and Benedict have begun the long slow reversal of the damage of Vatican II, and the new English translation is just one side effect of the counterrevolution. You can see the direction of the future church in the young priests, who aren’t just more temperamentally and philosophically conservative than the dying hippie-dippie boomer half-queer Jesuit crowd, they are fearless about the recovery of ecclesiastical manhood. Oh, and they know their stuff, cold.

        The elevation of unapologetic stalwarts like Archbishop Chaput in Philadelphia is another indication that the sea-change is underway. I recommend Fr. Robert Barron’s Word on Fire YouTube channel to get some whip-smart topical theology and cultural commentary that doesn’t slide into the touchy-feely pabulum that sent the church into a coma over the last four decades. (Here is his most recent commentary, which happens to be his take on the new translation: )

        Five of the nine justices on the Supreme Court are Catholic, and the Chief is very quietly strong in his faith. The face of conservatism for the next generation is Paul Ryan, who is cradle, and does bible study every Wednesday morning. The next president of the United States, Gingrich, is a late-life recent convert.

        The new mode is serenity and example, little proselytizing and no pushiness. We are everywhere, as befits the name of our church. The ghosts of prejudice are withering and have become faintly pathetic. It is time to stand up and be counted. Of all the desiccated institutions ravaged by feminist hubris, the church will be best positioned to lead civilization back to sanity.

        When I was a kid, we held hands during the Our Father. Some parishes de-gendered God with clunky turns of phrase. “May the Lord accept the sacrifice at your hands, for the praise and glory of God’s name, for our good and the good of all God’s church.” Instead of “His” and “His.” Really. Some old ladies still take the word “men” out of, “For us ___ and our salvation, he came down from heaven.” We know which god they do homage to. The new translation will put an end to this ideological perversity for good.

        The readings are fuel for the upcoming struggles. The frothing bitch feminism will not go down without some last-ditch savagery born of survival instinct, like the cornered animal she is. I am greatly heartened to find a person simpatico in an unlikely venue like this, because the connection between the truth spoken here and the eternal truth isn’t easy to make, much less sustain, much less promote.


      • I really like Father Barron’s Word on Fire but admit that I don’t follow him as much as I would like. We are very much looking forward to his “The Catholicism Project” I will take a look at that link on his thoughts on the new translation.

        As regards the hand holding, unfortunately our church still does that. We often do not (the kids enjoy it and we will do it with them). We do say His but leave out for us men in the Nicene Creed (we, as a family, add it in ourselves). As the new transalation starts in just a couple of weeks, they have started going over the new translation after a couple of masses to make the transition easier. I missed the first time they did this but was told that they are adding this part back in. We am very excited about this.

        As regards the five Justices, I am afraid I am losing any type of faith whatsoever in any politician these days. Nancy Pelosi is a Catholic as well and while I do not know much about those justices I find it hard to trust anyone involved in any type of political office. Most do not walk the walk. Paul Ryan, I will admit, does seem to be the only one truly trying (though I do like much of what Ron Paul has to say about fiscal issues). I have found that I am moving beyond conservatism as I have been burned by many so called conservatives (case in point – Eric Cantor.)

        I hope to somehow, in the future, put myself in a position to help women struggling with a return to masculinity in the church and in their lives. Giving up that control can be a truly scary thing, but on the other side lies a happiness I don’t think they can conceive of (that is if the men can also stand up and have the courage to be Men. I am sorry to say that I believe most of the responsibilty lies squarely on your shoulders). My goal is to help the women learn that standing behind their strong men is a noble place to be and that we should take great pride in that. Though, I admit, that right now I have no idea how to do that, especially given what is on my plate at this point in my life.

        I am greatly heartened to find a person simpatico in an unlikely venue like this, because the connection between the truth spoken here and the eternal truth isn’t easy to make, much less sustain, much less promote.

        Me as well. I hope that as things in society crumble that the eternal truth will be made more plain. A return to simpler times seems to push that eternal truth to the forefront. It forces one to open ones eyes. A man can choose strength, thievery, or death and we women will then choose what kind of man we want to stand behind. I believe that women have always followed the men. As men began to lose strength we women followed. We got scared and began this show of control called feminism.


    • Anyway is it possible for a (repentant) beta to cheat, and then handle the aftermath in a strong way as to emerge as an alpha?

      Sort of. If she already saw you as beta, it’s probably over for good. But you can certainly rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

      I was a married beta, mostly happy until a few months before the end. She didn’t cheat (at least that I know of) but she sure made it obvious that she could if she wanted to. I finally went off on her one day after an egregious insult, and she ADMITTED to deliberately pushing my buttons to make me jealous. I couldn’t look at her the same way after that and I eventually cheated and got caught. And that was that.

      I’ve been single for a couple years now and I’d consider myself a lesser alpha. I have no doubt that I could pull new tail every week if I didn’t have other priorities (work, gym, guitar, etc). I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone, but turning your life upside down has a way of bringing everything into much sharper focus.


      • She didn’t cheat on you…riiiight. If the bitch made it obvious to you that she could, she already WAS screwing someone else behind your back. I know, I had the same BS pulled on me not once but twice with two differing women, one of which didn’t last 6 months in marriage to me and had cheated on me within weeks of being married to me…with someone that WAS one of my best friends at the time.

        As you say, turning your life upside down has a way of sharpening your focus on life and all around you. It has for me in recent times.


  2. Hm… confused on how the Ahnold fits into this then. I thought he was super Alpha?


    • Yes, he “was.”

      Now, single and free again, he may reclaim a bit of what he had lost.


    • Well, Ahhnold is super alpha OK, among regular folks.
      But beside his Kennedy-clan wife he is at best a middling beta.

      Those of us who lived in California remember how he started
      strong, going for some valuable reforms that might have
      slowed down the decline.

      But his reforms were put out as “initiatives”, Californiaspeak for
      plebiscites. And they lost, some narrowly, defeated mostly by
      massive spending by bidding cartels (aka labor unions).

      At that point, he turned tail and decided to make himself
      lovable to the biggovernmenthuggers, presumably starting
      with Maria Schriwer, his wife.



  3. I agree with this, generally speaking. There will come a time when a woman with high enough self esteem will leave her cheating alpha and shack up with a beta. She is that desperate to wring a reaction out of her alpha that she may even move in with a man she doesn’t love for a while.


    • When she is aging and knows her grip on the alpha is slipping, that is when she will do that. As ever, beta is backup.


  4. Have you ever observed a girl complain that her Beta SO is a cheating bastard but she doesn’t want to leave him?


  5. Maybe she’s cheating on the beta with another beta.


  6. Don’t beta males usually have communist tendencies?


  7. The insulting part about this “cheating” business is that women constantly whine about being “objectified” but have no problem acting like they own other human beings.

    Outside of monogamous marriage, an unmarried woman should not even get to complain about a man “cheating” on her like she had some exclusive right to his penis. Men and their penises are absolutely free to go wherever they want. Monogamous marriage is the signing away of that freedom. It says a lot about our culture that we take for granted that as soon as a man gets slightly intimate with an unmarried woman she should gain his exclusivity.

    And a man’s cheating, at most, means that the woman will have to share his resources. However, when women cheat…they entirely endanger the man’s reproductive success.

    And we talk about “The Patriarchy”?


    • If you agreed not to have sex with others, don’t have sex with others. You can argue all you want that not wanting your partner to have sex with others is just selfish and based on feelings of jealousy, but it’s not gonna help. It will forever feel wrong to most people, so I suggest not to mess with human nature like that, unless you think you can take it.
      Man cheating feels like betrayal and can even lead to STDs being given to the gf, it’s not about resources. If it was about them, what woman would care if her beloved cheated, as long as he left the other woman nothing?
      It’s natural to want to make your partner to only have sex with you alone. It’s not about ownership. My partner doesn’t own me, but he expects me to be faithful. If I’m not, the consequences will be bad, that’s all. And same goes for him.

      I agree that female cheating can have worse consequences than male cheating though. From a practical/legal perspective.


      • Men have no natural obligation of exclusivity to women. That’s why marriage was invented. You want exclusivity you get married. (Truth be told, that applies to men as well. Want to secure her womb? Marry it.)

        And you’re wrong about human nature. Plenty of women have no problem sharing. In general, women in our culture have been spoiled expecting married behavior when unmarried. You want loyalty, fidelity, “faithfulness” then get him to drop to his knee and marry you. It’s the whole point of the thing. Meanwhile, cowed men don’t realize that they are free creatures upon this earth and behave like married men without having signed a contract ensuring their exclusivity. It’s pathetic and if freedom means anything to you, offensive.

        Serial unmarried monogamy suits women just fine. It fits very well with their own (vertical) reproductive drive. In contrast, many men curtail their own freedom and neuter their natural (horizontal) reproductive drive when they have no reason to.

        They used to call unmarried monogamy “going steady”. There wasn’t any expectation of exclusivity before “going steady”. However, going steady without being married or planning to was just as stupid.

        The mentality of “automatic marriage-like exclusivity” as soon as you are near a woman is a slippery slope for men. Notice how the culture is moving toward de facto marriages?

        Other things:

        “I suggest not to mess with human nature like that” You do? LOL

        ” can even lead to STDs being given to the gf ” Are you aware STDs can be given to the bf as well when a woman cheats? Good lord!

        “it’s not about resources. If it was about them, what woman would care if her beloved cheated, as long as he left the other woman nothing?” LOL Re-read that.


      • “Men have no natural obligation of exclusivity to women.”
        That’s right. It’s not a natural thing, it’s a contract between 2 people. I don’t cheat on you, you don’t cheat on me. It should be explicit, not implied.
        Yeah, some women like to share, just not most of them. I rarely hear of them being ok with it. They might tolerate it for a while, but it’s toxic to their souls, the ones I’ve met. Monogamy is not natural – you want to have sex with other people, but you’d get awfully mad if your partner did the same.

        I don’t think marrying an alpha will stop him from cheating (does it ever?), so I don’t know why you suggest marriage for women who want to keep their men to themselves. What would marriage do to change any man’s mind about cheating?

        “The mentality of “automatic marriage-like exclusivity” as soon as you are near a woman is a slippery slope for men. Notice how the culture is moving toward de facto marriages?”
        You’re right about that, these things should be agreed on, not just implied.

        What you’re talking about if it’s worth it for a man to become monogamous. For some it’s not (like if you had no scruples about cheating and could always get more women), but for some men it is (like if he will find himself alone for a long time if he gets caught and dumped). I don’t expect any loyalty from any of those alpha guys and rich guys (as you said I shouldn’t), so I go only for betas with no money :).

        “”I suggest not to mess with human nature like that” You do? LOL”
        No I don’t…
        “can even lead to STDs being given to the gf ” Are you aware STDs can be given to the bf as well when a woman cheats? Good lord!”
        I’m aware of that. But we were discussing male cheating, weren’t we?

        ““it’s not about resources. If it was about them, what woman would care if her beloved cheated, as long as he left the other woman nothing?” LOL Re-read that.”
        Just tell me what’s wrong with it, if there is anything.


      • 1. It’s the proviso “as long as he left the other woman nothing”
        2. What guarantee does she have that his fling on the side won’t turn into something more serious and dump her because she’s got a few wrinkles? (answer: none)

        It’s true that resource driven jealousy is much more a male thing than a female thing but a woman who has invested decades in a marriage to a high status male (and possibly even helped him get there) has a lot to lose too. Legally speaking, she actually stands to make a bundle but that’s a recent thing; historically speaking (think pre civilization), a woman who gets kicked to the curb for being too old for her mate would have been unlikely to survive long.


      • “it’s not about resources. If it was about them, what woman would care if her beloved cheated, as long as he left the other woman nothing?”

        You make the rookie mistake in believing that jealousy is a conscious mechanism. When a woman is jealous or devastated because she was cheated on, she doesn’t feel that way because she is afraid about resources.
        Women just evolved that way. Jealousy is an effective evolutionary advantage that increases the odds of insuring the male partner’s resources to her and her kids.

        Read some evo psych. It’s annoying to see people disagreeing on this blog without even understanding its premises.


      • Actually, I knew those things. It was exactly my point. That cheating hurts, even if no actual resources are involved, and we are naturally like that, and it’s not a conscious mechanism. I might have misunderstood what Brazen meant. It sounded like he was saying women should always be ok with men cheating. It’s not gonna happen, due to how women are naturally.


      • This is largely an Anglosphere thing.

        French women more or less expect their alphaish or even greater beta, high status husbands to take a lover/mistress after a number of years of marriage. Fewer, but many, french wives do as well after say six years or so. It’s considered very guache for either a husband or wife to divorce for this reason, as long as the spouse is otherwise a dutiful and good husband/wife.


      • Oh. Well, I gotta admit I know a few Russian women who are sort of ok with their husbands sleeping around, but it seems more like they are tolerating it with some effort. Closing their eyes to it. It doesn’t seem natural for women to be fine after finding out their man is cheating. I thought women were usually upset by it even if the man didn’t leave. Plus there is a difference between having an agreement of monogamy and finding out your man cheated; and having no such agreement to begin with.


      • “That’s right. It’s not a natural thing, it’s a contract between 2 people. I don’t cheat on you, you don’t cheat on me. It should be explicit, not implied.”

        The explicit contract between two people is what is called marriage. There is no “implied” contract. It’s a credit to women’s power over emasculated docile men that they go along with the women’s assumption of ownership but in reality there are of no “implied” contracts. A lot of men forgot that they are free when no commitment has been given. “Why Won’t Men Commit?”, “Why won’t he commit to me?” women whine. Because freedom is preferable. The idea that unmarried men can “cheat” is only women having some success in browbeating men into behaving as if they were married when they are not.

        You don’t seem to realize how privileged you are that you can entertain the obligations of marriage while being unmarried. It’s great for women but completely imbecilic for men. The reality remains that if a man hasn’t taken a woman as spouse he is completely free to “explore his options”, so to speak. He can simultaneously date as many women as he wants to and there is no cheating in that. He is free. Uncommitted.

        Men shouldn’t be surprised about the legal system moving towards de facto marriages because the mentality of it is already pervasive.

        “It sounded like he was saying women should always be ok with men cheating. It’s not gonna happen, due to how women are naturally.”

        Doug1 makes a great point about French women but really Latin culture in general. Some Italian women will be disappointed if they’re the only woman you’re seeing. “What kind of a man is that?” type of reactions. I’ve been there and learned that lesson. For many women, a good man is one that is worth stealing away from other women. They have that need to compete for and win some worthy man. It’s validating to their beauty, femininity and their status over other women.

        Cultures do vary. And so does feminism and emasculation.

        “so I go only for betas with no money :)”

        Well, that explains a lot about our little convo. You’re playing the game wrong. Don’t project yourself unto every woman (you’re not Chaka Khan or Whitney Houston).


      • Right. Sorry about that. Your statement just seemed to apply to everyone. But nevermind my choices… Why would marriage allow an average woman the right to expect fidelity? It’s not like marriage makes fidelity “worth it” for the man (it’s a bad deal for a man today, isn’t it?).


    • I stopped reading reddit months ago. What a shitty site full of beta nerds.


    • Just saw this from the tweet. I call bullshit. It has to be fake or exaggerated. All of the detail? The bullet points? “His dick was the best she has ever taken. 9″ (he made her fucking measure it during one of their sex games)…” Sounds like a bad cuckold fanfic fantasy.

      I’m so sorry, honey! It was the best sex ever! I’ll do anything to stay with you after I took nine sweet inches from that best looking man I’ve ever seen who fucked me all weekend but I’m so sorry that he fed his own cum to me but I’ll do anything if you’ll raise another man’s baby even though it is the evil product of the best sex I ever experienced.

      I don’t understand the happy cuckold mindset, the very thought of it makes my testicles undescend. Some guys like to be shit on, dress up as babies, get their balls stomped by stiletto heels, cf. Rule 34 of the Internet. These guys exist, and they sound just like this. Fuck my wife, please! What?


      • Agreed that it sounds like bullshit.

        Reddit is still home of the mangina though.


      • No site is as mangina as Something Awful. The mangina crowd there actually unironically uses the term “the patriarchy” and not in the sense of “I wish we still had a patriarchy”


    • the fact that the guy is asking people on an online forum whether he should stay with his whore of a girlfriend who is pregnant with another man’s child makes him omega, not beta.


    • Cuckold erotica served up as bait for the gullible.


      • A good friend of mine was asked to father a child with a woman who was married and despised her husband.

        After fucking her brains out for a few months until he knocked her up, she went crying to her husband and said that she got drunk at a party and fucked some dude and is pregnant.

        She told him that if he allowed her to keep and raise the baby, that she would fuck him once a month!

        He agreed.

        She later dumped him and is trying to get my friend to admit paternity. He’s already married however and is trying to extract himself from that situation with the minimum amount of drama before he can claim is progeny.

        Anyway…this shit really does happen. But we normally don’t hear about it.


      • How anyone can be so stupid that he agrees to have a baby with such an immoral woman? Scary … I really feel sorry for his child.


      • Your friend is a fucking retard and deserves any drama thrown his way for being a retard and bringing into this world a child he had no intention of fathering.


      • “The petty man hates whatever is superior to him, while the great man admires it. The petty man pities whatever is beneath him, while the great man scorns it, if it merits his scorn, or he helps it up.”



      • Nietzsche was stupid and lazy.


      • The idiot quotes Nietzsche inappropriately. The point is not whether the friend was alpha enough to be attracted to the slutwife. The point is that he put himself in a potentially compromising position by cooperating with a known cheater and liar, and is now in fact getting compromised.


      • redpoleq wrote: “Anyway…this shit really does happen. But we normally don’t hear about it.”

        Anyway… we all don’t live in the trailer court. Which might be a factor in why we “normally don’t hear about it.”

        Look, when you smash apart the family like a sledgehammer to a grandfather clock, random/crazy things will happen. When the rich celebrity culture — promiscuity, divorce, adultery, drugs — is imported to the poor lumpenproletariat, random/crazy things will happen. The former have money to make that kind of family-peripheral lifestyle seem sustainable. The educated upper classes are having no problem. Their illegitimacy and divorce rates are low, while the lower classes’ deviancy indicators have gone through the roof only recently.

        Jerry-Springerian white-trash shitbags read tabloids, erotica, and game blogs and are stupid enough to mimic them, especially when they’re inebriated, which is usually. The only educated people who think of indulging their adultery/cuckoldry/promiscuity impulses to the levels you’re talking about are the ones who have the resources to start over from the shambles. All the rest are hayseed dupes who think they’re living a Red Shoes Diary episode. Theirs is the behavior of the scuzziest color on the social darwinism spectrum, busy extincting themselves.

        Thought experiment: how many good looking, rich, young, and successful people do you think belong to swingers associations? Or nudist colonies? Or any fetish “community” whatsoever? It is not just because they are fat and ugly and have no options, though this is a major contributing factor of course. It is because they are also dumb, excitable, and easily misled. They are least able to see how unnatural behavior corrodes the bonds that allow for social stability, and they are least capable of countervailing measures. This behavior always and everywhere leads to self-destruction. The “brimstone and fire” of Gomorrah is metaphorical.

        Which is why I don’t preach against the epicurean error so much as I shrug. Living like white trash is its own worst punishment, and a million individual selfish/hedonistic decisions do little more than self-select a squalid subculture and its chief indulgers into oblivion. Have at yourselves, animals.


      • “Theirs is the behavior of the scuzziest color on the social darwinism spectrum, busy extincting themselves.

        Not so, not anymore. Until a few generations ago, this kind
        of behavior was self-correcting to a large extent.

        With welfare in many guises, the natural consequences of
        trashy behavior are mostly mitigated, so the process goes
        on unabated and uncorrected.



      • Whenever a women offers something so low-down, run don’t walk away. Say not just No but F*ck No!


      • Think of it as evolution in action.


      • Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas.


    • He should tell her to GTFO and leave the checkbook. She’s proved she’s a no-good ‘ho, so out with her.


  8. Alpha MAN-tra #10:

    “Treat women like mushrooms! Feed em shit and keep em in the dark”

    Two/ Half Men —
    Charlie H gf: “charlie, are u cheating on me?”
    Charlie H: “why do u ask? love is a two way street blah blah blah .(sex after)
    Alan H gf: “alan, are u cheating on me?”
    Alan H: “wha, wha, what do u mean? of of course not, not not me.. (pause) “how did u know?”
    (no sex, just more explanations)


  9. […] The Difference Between A Cheating Alpha And A Cheating Beta: When a beta cheats on a woman, NOTHING HE DOES WILL APPEASE HER. […]


  10. I never got caught cheating.

    Before Game, I never thought of the rationale for deliberately exposing my cheatin’ heart. Maybe I missed out on cool makeup sex but I just plain never wanted to deal with any more female bullshit than I had to.


    • on November 14, 2011 at 12:04 pm David Rockefeller

      My approach too.

      Sometimes I felt bad for cheating. Most of the time I didn’t.

      Either way, there was no upside to confessing.

      The one time I copped to fucking another girl, it was to get back at my GF. But then, that relationship was collapsing and it was just a matter of time before it ended.


  11. on November 14, 2011 at 9:23 am Crack Epidemic

    All one needs to do is watch an episode of ‘Cheaters’ to see this phenomenon. They almost always go back unless the completely plays himself (beta)


  12. Five minutes of alpha is worth a lifetime of beta…except where the beta is footing the bill. When a beta cheats, he’s pretty much screwing himself. Mind you, a beta probably wouldn’t cheat if his physical needs were being met, so the typical female logic that justifies cheating is applicable here. However, that logic unfortunately doesn’t extend to a man when he cheats on a woman because he cheated for the “wrong reason.”

    A woman will forgive an alpha’s cheating as long as he “eats dinner at home.” When her beauty isn’t enough to keep him anymore, a woman will follow one of two paths: (1) if she’s married to him, divorce him and take half or more of his wealth, then get a boy toy for fun, or (2) if she’s not married to him, find a beta sucker who can keep her in style (while having boy toys on the side). The beta will be honored to have the burned leftovers of an alpha, as he will think he’s psuedo-alpha by association.


  13. Yes. And an important key to success is not to discuss, explain or rationalize your “cheating” (what a stupid word; needs to be moth-balled). Let her use her imagination.


  14. Ahnold lost his super Alpha cred when he married a Kennedy bitch.


  15. I can confirm everything in this post to be true


  16. The hallmark of alpha validation in the context of been-caught-cheating is when your scorned girlfriend meekly says “I’m still mad at you, you know” after submitting to hot order-restoring sex.

    “Yeah,” is all you have to say in response. Acknowledge her precious feelings then fuck her again. It’s almost comical how this plays out.

    The hamster is in full bewilderment mode.


    • First she gets even by going out and fucking some other schmuck. Then she submits to hot soul-destroying butthex so the alpha can emerge victorious. Then she feigns anger b/c it might be useful leverage later.


  17. It’s all relative. An Alpha in Kansas City is a Beta on Wall Street. A lot of intellectual masturbation on this blog, although it’s entertaining. I wonder how many dudes on here do nothing else but pontificate on this blog. reality to me ? Cool dudes with creativity, that are decent looking get women. You can be alpha all you want, but if you’re not “cool”, the chicks go bye-bye.

    [Heartiste: “cool” is alpha.]


    • Alpha Bet, this blog is indeed amusing peppered with some useful observations and insights into the male/female dynamic. I do think that if not read with a tempered levity, or observationally like a science experiment, some suggestions here if taken too seriously could induce a proto-psychopathic persona in some. Lacking conscience, empathy or remorse is to be ostracized, not held highly. Considering the mind has no firewall we must be careful about what we feed it.
      Reducing your “cool dude” supposition; it’s male confidence these guys have, and this is incidental to power, which gets women dripping. When men realize their potential, concentrate on their life’s work and exercise meaningful leadership, the women come (and come again). A man should genuinely be less concerned with shoving himself up a woman’s birth canal, but ironically, such opportunity goes up when that mindset is adopted. A friend of mine once said “the ‘pot of gold’ between a womans legs is nothing more than a bucket of fish”.


    • “…wonder how many dudes on here do nothing else but pontificate…”? Uhm,Mr. Dada?


    • Uninsightful comment.

      I bet your little brain couldn’t come up with something clever to rivalize with the overall excellence of our host and some other valuable commenters. Therefore, your spiteful hating Id came up with a typical hater’s diatribe.

      Choke on it, beta pet.


  18. Yes indeed, I’ve seen all this before too, firsthand.

    One note: for some young naturals, those gameless lesser alphas who, through good fortune and balls happen to end up with a hot and fiesty woman, the moment of cheating can be the shift from alpha behaviors to beta. If her histrionics cause a man to supplicate, apologize, cry, beg for forgiveness–all is lost.

    If he can stoically remain unmoved in the face of her tears and not back off one iota from “I slipped,” he can maintain alpha cred. If not, the betatization will come back to haunt him, or more accurately, by conceding to indiscretion, she’ll throw that back in his face as a bargaining chip whenever she wants to get her way in the future. These are shit-tests he must pass. A man cannot tolerate allowing those things from the past to be used as leverage. If she brings it up again, show her the door.


    • Good point. That’s the disadvantage of being a natural, they can slip at any given type. They just developed random behaviors that happened to be effective, they don’t have a “strategy”. In my experience, very few naturals seem to really get it, they’re just a bunch of lucky bastards.

      Being a reformed blue pill/beta has the advantage of becoming more effective in LTR management. But the list of shortcomings (and missed opportunities) is so long that it’s not even worth it to start making comparisons.


      • *at any given time*


      • Do you know many “naturals”. I have noticed that they can slip, but as they do and the woman takes advantage of the slip, they immediately grow tired of her BS and go right back to where they were before. Basically, give some beta and if it flies back in his face, they come back with the alpha-HARD. They seem to have very little patience for BS and go right back to their own lives and inviting their women back with them only if they fall back in line. (Heh, I have some personal experience with this one. Not cheating, but me trying to take advantage of some offered beta in my younger days).


      • That first sentence may sound like I am contradicting your claim. I asked the question out of true curiosity of your experiences, not in an argumentary fashion.


      • Maybe our definitions of a natural would differ. I mean lotharios who don’t have problems attracting women. You probably mean strong dominant men who don’t necessarily have an impressive notch count.

        Well, I’m gonna stick with my (/this blog’s) definition because that’s what me and (r)evoluzione were talking about. I know a bunch of (what I consider) naturals. And I encountered many during the last few years. I even recall a few in high school.

        But my experience stops right there, I know how they play the field but I don’t really know how they manage their long-term relationships.

        However, from what I saw, I’m not impressed. I would expect that a natural alpha in a LTR has a committment-whipped girlfriend who constantly showers him with adoring eyes.
        I suspect that most naturals end up in an equalist ltr pattern, they don’t really lead their relationships. Maybe they tend to give up, and assume that game is over, when it just started.

        I also suspect that even a natural alpha who leads his relationship is more likely to lose control in an area of turbulence. That’s why I think (r)evoluzione is spot-on. A natural alpha cannot hold his alpha frame is he’s deeply in love, as efficiently as someone who knows exactly how the female psyche operates. If he truly suspects that his SO is gonna leave him (eg because he cheated), he won’t have the knowledge to avoid falling into beta supplication.

        During my whole life, I met 4-5 guys who may be role models in handling their girlfriends/wives. A strong leading alpha to women is just not that common.


      • Yes, our definitions are different. I understand now and I can see how a lothario alpha could suffer that after cheating.


  19. “The one who cares the least controls a relationship.”

    Those are words to live by and explains so much. The alpha doesn’t care since any relationship is just a convenience – if it isn’t, it’s time to move on. But to the beta – he will do anything to stay in the relationship and the woman knows it and will make him pay every day of his miserable life.


  20. My approach uses the 12th law of “48 Laws of Power”:

    “Use Selective Honesty and Generosity to Disarm your Victim:
    One sincere and honest move will cover over dozens of dishonest ones. Open-hearted gestures of honesty and generosity bring down the guard of even the most suspicious people. Once your selective honesty opens a hole in their armor, you can deceive and manipulate them at will.”

    Any girl knows that is surreal a man like me not chasing other pussies. I don’t want to convince her of the opposite. So I spontaneously tell her 1% of my cheatings and pose as the most honest man on Earth.


  21. Somewhat on this topic. I was talking to an ex and she was going on about how none of her girlfriends had a boyfriend, but they all had “a guy”. These are 30ish professional women who ‘still got it’ (kinda). Obviously this was a shit test of sorts, so I asked if they were happy. She responded of course they were, maybe a little defensively, and I said it was a good thing then.

    Thought it was interesting because these are the type of women that used to make a last ditch attempt at marriage/babies/etc. But even they have given up on this nonsense and just settled into some guy’s rotation.


  22. Luke 12:48 “to whom much is given, much will be expected”. Stan Lee paraphrased it as, “With great power comes great responsibility”

    Turning that phrase on its head to mean the opposite has problems when you still use the word “given”. The original phrase assumes the existence of a higher power whose expectations don’t necessarily conform to those of men(or women).


  23. So true! I remember my initiation into alpha-hood. My first wife was an unrepentent hippy and fat and ugly. The marriage had been a classic case of “Southern Shotgun Wedding” and her grandfather had been chief of police in the city so the threat was explicit.

    I had finally had enough and found myself some action on the side with a mutual friend. I could tell that the wife knew but was powerless to object as she was completely dependent on me for support and keeping life organized and survivable for us and our three sons.

    That relative power I suddenly found was an eye-opener!

    But the secret is continue to threat them with respect and consideration.


  24. Enough of that, and beta males will either just thug it up (see Chav Britain) or drop out for Call of Duty and beer. That sort of thing, the double standard for men, is not ultimately sustainable past a couple of decades. I think we are already seeing it.


  25. Props for use of the word “grindage”. I just saw ‘Encino Man’ on cable too.


  26. Weird side note to do with myself. About 8 years ago, my best friend found out his live in girlfriend of 3 years was fucking one of his best buddies. She ended up marrying the other man, and sadly, this other man passed away last year.

    Now, my best friend always took the high road, however, myself, I wasn’t necessarily particularly nasty to her, but I made it known that I had a problem with her fucking over my best friend like that, and I made it known often. I have never done anything to her personally, short of scowling at her etc. whenever I saw her, and not being overly friendly. Well, she and my best friends got back on speaking terms again at the funeral for this other man. Yes, he was that cool about it that he even attended his former best pal’s funeral.

    However, the mere mention of my name from my best friend to his cheating ex sends her into irrational rants of hatred towards me, and endless diatribes about what an arsehole I am. Amazing. After everything she’s caused, and all the karma that came back to bite her on the arse, she is still incapable of any sort of introspection or humility. All she’s left with is projection of her profound guilt for what she did those many years ago, and she can only project it onto me, given how well my best friend handled it all over the years.

    Amazing isn’t it?


    • There is very common psychological phenomenon at work here.
      Mainly, for many people, the shakier their position is,
      (morally, legally or whatever), the more vigorously, instantaneously
      and angrily will they defend their position against any attack or
      attacker, real or imagined.

      The classical case is the professional con man selling
      e.g. nice home-printed stock certificates to retirees.
      Any suggestion that the stocks are not all they are cracked
      up to be is met with utmost indignation – at least.

      Some researchers believe that the con artist on some
      psychological level actually “believes his own lies”, not
      as a cliché but as a real belief. (“What? I printed them
      with such tender loving care… – maybe”).



    • it’s my experience that whens girls talk about how much they hate a guy it’s actually about how much they want to fuck them.


    • I was expecting another beta story, with your friend forgiving her, and ultimately proposing to her.
      I’m relieved. Tell him to stay from the cheating skank.


      • No, he never forgave her and only had contact again because of the funeral for his ex-friend who stole his girl.

        I think with her, she feels all is forgiven in her head because my best friend hasn’t been rude to her at all, and even comforted her during her short period of mourning.

        This is a woman who is an amateur singer in a band, always requires the centre of attention, and is used to everyone kissing her arse constantly.

        Her loathing of me is partially because I have never knelt at her feet like so many others have.

        Which leads me to my theory about white Canadian and American women from Urban centres – whilst many women will be attracted to a man with a spine and confidence, many are openly in contempt of us – they have been spoiled so rotten where I come from, and have so many men kissing their arses, that quite a few are repelled outwardly by a man who does not do this.

        Now, many of my American and English brothers her may not understand this phenomenon as much, but keep in mind Canada is much farther down the fembot entitlement rabbit hole than either of your two countries. Simply put, women here have had it made better than any other group of women in the world. The only others I would compare Canadian urban women to are Kiwi women when it comes to being spoiled, selfish, entitled, solipsistic bitches.


      • Yep. Canadian women, esp. the out-of-control cunts in Toronto, are the worst women I’ve ever encountered.

        It’s a striking fact, even to a man used to LA and NYC.


      • Second that. I’m in Toronto and see it all the time. And from multiple trips to NYC and LA, Toronto does seem to be worse. Narcissistic Personality Disorder abounds. (not to mention Borderline, but don’t get me started on that).

        Walk west on Queen from University, any busy shopping afternoon… and see all the greedy, pinched, petty, squinty, judgmental looks on female faces as they walk by.

        No, they’re not afraid for their safety, it’s totally safe here. And no, they don’t have the bitch shield up because otherwise they’d be mobbed by approaches. From what I’ve seen living downtown for almost 20 years, that just doesn’t happen much here.

        It astounds me. These women have every advantage, every comfort, convenience and privilege handed to them. The world is lined up for them. Their lot is as good or better than any group in the history of the planet. You’d think they’d be all smiles, the universe unfolding so well.

        But apparently it’s not enough for them. Either that or they just enjoy being cunts.

        When I see women in major Western cities in this light, I find myself absolved of whatever duty I once felt to try and make them happy.


    • Not amazing at all. She knew that you were right, but admitting that to herself or anyone else would violate the First Law of Female Accountability (thou shalt never hold thyself accountable for thine own actions) and she’d be excommunicated from her gender.


  27. Beta cheating would actually feel worse. You kinda expect it from an alpha… For a guy, it’s kinda like a difference between the rare good girl and a slut. I’ve been told this is the female version of the Madonna/whore complex, but I think it’s just probability…


  28. Could it be that women subconsciously expect alphas to cheat, so they are prepared for it? As opposed to betas who aren’t expected to cheat.

    [Heartiste: Shifting morality. Gotta love it.
    …and bog wept.]


  29. If you ever get caught cheating deny, deny, deny. It is those men who profusely apologize & try to appease their woman after the fact that end up eating dirt and lose her for good.


    • Screw that. They won’t believe you if you DO deny it. Best plan of action is to take an Alpha type position if you’re wanting to keep her (Really? Why were you cheating on her then?) and shift at least part of the blame back on her- which is liable to be the truth in the first place.

      But then, I’d not be cheating (sneaking around) in the first place- I’d tell it to her face I was off fucking someone else. Yes, it might mean the end of the relationship. The big question you’ve got to ask yourself is this…if you’re doing it, cheating, was the relationship still there to begin with?


  30. Your insights on this is so true.

    I’ve seen it play out endless amounts of time.

    We all have.


  31. 100% agreed. Many of my own, and close friends experiences suport this.

    Even when “casually dating” and the women randomly cross paths and find out they’re both dating you: attraction spikes, and both wonder “is he not satisfied by me?” “Is he more into her? Why?”


  32. When a beta cheats on a woman, NOTHING HE DOES WILL APPEASE HER. @Heartiste

    The better question really is: If a ‘beta’ cheats… IS HE STILL REALLY A ‘BETA’ AFTER ALL…?!?!?



    • Heh… Yes, he can be- depends on how he handles this. Like Heartsie said, when a Beta cheats, there’s nothing that he will be able to say/do to appease her or convince her it never happened if he’s caught out in the slightest way. NOTHING. If he tries to smooth it over…he’s still a Beta.


  33. Then there’s the other side of the coin – I recall dating a woman who was below me in the looks department – she was always insecure and accusing me of cheating, to which I of course reacted mostly with indifference. However, she ended up stepping out on me – preemptively as it were, because lo and behold I actually had not been cheating on her.


    • Heh…entertaining. She felt you were cheating, so I strongly suspect she ended up stepping out on you because she believed, based on her feelings, that you were and she just couldn’t “prove” it.

      There’s a reason I tell everyone, “Feelings LIE”.


  34. This post is just wrong. Getting caught cheating is the best thing that can happen to a beta. It would take years of marriage counselling to get the same effect as your wife realizing you don’t need her to get laid.

    Don’t apologize – blame it on her for not taking care of your needs, My mother said “That’s good”, when I told her the line I took.

    [Heartiste: I agree that the cheating itself is good for a beta’s sexual appeal, but we are talking about the typical beta’s *reaction* to getting caught for cheating, and that reaction is usually of the sort that totally kills any tingle credit built up by the infidelity.]


    • Glad we agree. If it hadn’t been for this blog I may never have cheated in the first place. You had a post 2-3 years ago recommending cheating as a way to revive dead relationships. I couldn’t find it quickly but I think the idea was it built the guy up internally and that made him more attractive to his wife. That’s not quite how it worked out in my case, but thanks for the advice 🙂


  35. Cheating would by definition make a guy a bit more alpha, right?


    • I don’t agree with this. Betraying a woman behind her back is a weak, spineless thing to do. Actually, betraying anyone (and trying to keep it hidden so you don’t get caught) is beyond beta. I subscribe to the opinion that a real alpha leaves a woman better than he found her.


  36. Chateau,

    I’ve got a relationship management question for you, but with a twist, this is not for the betas. A bit of background, I’m lucky my generation (I’m 21) has grown up with the sluttiest girls (honestly we where passing round amateur videos on our mobile phones when we where 16) and we have all had access to the Internet and this kind of writing since we where young teens. We are more prepared, maybe it’s my city but most of my friends don’t fall into this self defeating beta attitude we see spoken about so much.

    So, as for me things are pretty rosey, girls come and go and now knee deep in a second year plus relationship with a bonfide hottie. She’s cool, pays her way, wears sexy underwear every night, is sweet, is submissive in bed and everything a guy could want (yeah right I want the world and everything in it Chico 😉 ). She doesn’t ever give me this hassle for no reason that I see written about, and the only grief I get is the occasional “will u be the first to break up with me?” “sometimes I feel I met you too young and you need some time to get with other girls” etc. this I deal with by some casual teasing and that suits me fine.

    The only time we ever fight is when I genuinely do something wrong, like make her wait for 30 mins 3 days in a row and then chastise her for being late 2 mins The problem is with my generation is I think sometimes we are too hard. We won’t ever say sorry or just be cool if it’s not a big deal and just accept it if we did something that was genuine assholery. There is a lot of scare mongering out there with this whole beta thing and all the stories of guys getting fucked over, that sometimes I know we swing the pendulum too far one way, or will be too dogmatic by trying to always be right that we lose a bit of class and smoothness by not just saying yeah and moving on.

    What a long winded post but my question is: If the pussy is wet, the sex is good and the girl is sweet and you genuinely do something not serious but definately wrong like make her wait in the cold for 20 mins (I.e something that if you did to your friend would be a “sorry bro” and move on) how do you act? Do you refuse to ever say sorry as taught or is this advice aimed at the beta male?

    A reply and more posts dedicated to those with women and game would be amazing Thanks


  37. Amanda Marcotte has an EXTREMELY low 2D:4D digit ratio. Low ratios are correlated with masculine characteristics.

    Sorry I’m plugging my new site.


  38. I used to occasionally read stuff which you write, but always thought you were way too cynical and way too extreme. Until this happened to me.

    This is not in the field of seduction but another social relationship but it exemplifies this point to the tee. I have a good friend who I basically got a job in my company (all credit goes to me, he admits it himself). He then worked under me. I then got him very good projects at work (again he agrees that it was all me). I literally fought for the guy in many situations in front of my boss where my boss was pissed off with him, sometimes even at own expense. If we worked on the same project together, even if I would do a majority of the work, I would not aggressively take credit because I thought I should not make him look bad. I am sure you get the picture. (btw, in case you think, I am not homo). I did all this because I thought he was nice person and I should help him.

    I have helped him out in so many ways in his personal life and professional life that its not even funny. For all this I never expected anything in return and just did this as a good deed for a fellow human being and a friend.

    Then recently I find out that he has been doing things which are implicitly making me look bad at work. For projects where we I did majority of the work, he is getting most of the credit. He has been subconsciously been doing lots of small things which are making me look bad and making him look good. Result is, my boss thinks he is the star and I am a dud.

    Classic case of From whom much is expected but little is given. I was so pissed off with this. Compare this with other random guys he looks up to, takes advice from and who he respects as if they are living gods on earth. None of them have had anywhere near the amount of measurable positive impact on his life as I have had. Makes me think of the other phrase. To those whom much is given and little is expected.

    I now think that learning these basic principles of human interactions should be made compulsory for everyone. It does not help me, does not help the people around you to appreciate and value you as much.

    Thank you for writing this blog. PUA has done a lot for me in every sphere of my life and I appreciate what you have contributed to it. I have this bad habit of slipping into a thought pattern that no, this situation is different or this woman is different or principles of game don’t apply here or to this person. Its moments like this which remind me that in the end, we are all human and behave in similar predictable ways. Understanding it and accepting it helps not just me in life, but everyone around me as well who appreciate me more as a result.


    • See law #2 of “48 Laws of Power”:

      Never put too Much Trust in Friends, Learn how to use Enemies

      Be wary of friends-they will betray you more quickly, for they are easily aroused to envy. They also become spoiled and tyrannical. But hire a former enemy and he will be more loyal than a friend, because he has more to prove. In fact, you have more to fear from friends than from enemies. If you have no enemies, find a way to make them.


  39. […] However, reparations are not necessarily a function of how hard or loud the victims cry. America has 5% of the world’s population but 25% of the world’s prison population, with an overwhelming majority being locked up for nonviolent crimes, and probably at least a third of them being wrongly imprisoned. It’s not like they want to be in there. They probably want the hardest out of anyone alive to be free… but nobody cares. However, people do care about sexual harassment cases and award tens of millions of dollars (read: twenty average joes’ entire life savings (read: the sweat, toil, story, experiences, relationships, and dreams of the lives of twenty other people)) to rubbing some nobody woman because some nobody man rubbed her ass the wrong way. […]


  40. Heh… How many Alphas would actually be in a position to “cheat” (Cheating is sneaking about having sex with someone else behind your solo partner’s back…)- I thought most of them would be running a small harem either in area or in a long-distance sense (i.e. you have 1-2 in one location, 1-2 in another based on where work, etc. takes you…) instead of serial monogamy. I thought Betas practiced that one at most…

    I guess I could be wrong there- and I’d expect the difference to be shown if it did pan out that way.